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When I still dressed Chapter I

When I still dressed Chapter I

... getting into dressing. Almost passing as one i went out to one of our local locations in Hillcrest ... it was thursday night and the place had quite a few people there I had arrived already dressed in my car i ... heels with 6" heels and where she got them i bought her the next round of drinks when she said you know... Continue»
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When I Still Dressed Chaper II

... the living roomshe finally grabed onto the sofa so she would stay in one place and thats when i shoved my ... that when i stoped shoopiong into her ass she sat up and pushed me ontop my back and slid her cock ... We layed on her carpet fro a few more menutes than i started to suck her cock again going down here... Continue»
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Dressed in holiday style I

... Dressed in holiday style I

I watched the speed limit, which is unusual for me, as I pointed ... .

I usually don’t dress and drive, but it was a special occasion. I was about to lose my virginity ... as a gurl.

I had met Dean and Sandy online, when they had messaged me, admiring some... Continue»
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When I was posted in Germany

... -length,
chestnut tresses in a yellow, knit mini-dress - is also surveying
the crowd. Our eyes meet. I ... shoulder at me. Her
crazy half-smile laughs at me when she turns back to the stage.
Sorry, Ian, I ...
grinding hungrily against mine. I feel her hardened nipples
pressing through her dress and my T... Continue»
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when i was in japan.

... it will ruin the surprise. so i get off work get dressed up and get this tazi or as they called ... number when it was done but the best part was when i was getting one of them to ride my cock while ... the other rode my face and cummed in my mouth. i was getting ready to blow and when i said i... Continue»
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When I was the star

... on the mattress watching Mr. Ronald wipe his huge cock, when I felt the bed move. I looked over my ... . Carl raised from my butt and began to lick my butt cheeks. I was enjoying the treatment when ... , I was getting concerned that he might had died with his cock still in my butt. Finally Carl begin... Continue»
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When I met Annie

... widened a bit but she still did't show any signs that situation might be uncomfortable to her.
I ... since my cum was still in her, giving extra lubrication. Since I already had one release ... the pace. I really enjoyed the view. Her tits were so small that they stood still even though she... Continue»
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When I Learn To Fly

... complicated. Esme still turned me on, and I still longed for her company. I missed her when she got ... orgasm sent my bunching fists for the sheets.

I still bleated from the aftershocks when he flipped ... in my bedroom last night. If I sucked my fingers hard enough, I could probably still taste her.

Two... Continue»
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Meeting when I was a schoolboy

... This story happened when I was 16 with two university students during the school year.
The first ... with the ass and black stockings
Delphine was dressed in a slightly less provocative, but still with a nice ... hands had slipped on her buttocks and on my own cheeks. We stopped when she felt I bands like an ass... Continue»
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My s****r when I sl**p

... CHAPTER ONE – The Surprise Visit

I tossed and turned in my single-sized bed, unable to fall ... completely still, breathing as little as necessary so as to listen as best I could, I waited ... definitely knew it wasn't that.

I was dressed only in briefs and a light shirt. It wasn't cold enough... Continue»
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... to dress again. When I was turning my back to him and leaning down to pick up my swimsuit, he gave me ... I had sex in the dressing cabin of our local indoor swimming pool. It was not long after a former ... girl and 3 guys). I didn't find much joy in swimming that day as I was still angry and frustrated... Continue»
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How I got started dressing

... while him and his gf went to go do something. I said yea and when they left the house I wasn't sure ... downstairs and went in the bathroom. I smelled the panties and they still had the sweet scent of dirty ... getting more and more tight as I raised them higher. I was so aroused that when I raised them over my... Continue»
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He knew when I was ready....

... who I was.
I'd only ever had girlfriends... never been attracted to men.
I still wasn't. I ... didn't walk along the street and check out guys. I looked at, and admired, females.
But when I got ... .

Then here we were, late on a Friday night, back in the 90s.
I was later than usual, but I still... Continue»
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Why I Sneeze When I see a Pussy!

... was taking a walk down Memory Lane when I remembered something, and the two things finally made ... ). When we went to bed that first night I smelled her perfume all night long, and I learned what ... the term “blue balls” meant. But when I ate her pussy I got a BIG dose of b*by powder in my nose. I... Continue»
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When I met Henry and Helene!

... or any prospect of it ever happening. So when I caught him jerking off to a picture of my friend I ... scene, so when I went to my friend (the same one my boyfriend was jerking off to) she smiled ... lipstick. When I looked in the mirror I swear I did not recognised the sexual being looking back! I felt... Continue»
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What the Hell Am I Doing?- Chapter 4

... . It was dark out, anyways, but in the light of one walkway in the distance, I could still see a little ... , and then beat feet to my room. I had made one step, past the corner and into further darkness, when I stopped ... , too, obviously didn’t want to get caught, mainly because of how bad it would look. I was dressed... Continue»
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My fantasy part III chapter I

... my pussy would smell beautiful. I finished up in the shower and went to my bedroom to get dressed ... didn't need to wait on me to long. He called me when he got to my place and I told him I would ... . I set across the bar that the cabinet that held the glasses was above. When he reached up to get... Continue»
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I think We Should Talk Chapter 2

... wondering if I still loved her. Worse if she still loved me. When we got back out in the car I did cry ... Chapter 2
I awoke all by myself Sarah had obviously moved upstairs and left me to sl**p down ... in the living room. I was still in the cuffs with the spreader bar between my knees. I could feel... Continue»
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I remember how old I was when I put it in.

... I was eight when I put my finger in myself, back and front, shocking, yes of course it is, but I ... sucking, cum, fucking, and anal.

When at eleven and a half, I found my dad's girlfriend's vibrator ... , 'Are you fucking Mariel', I nodded I had.

'When', he asked with interest, 'Not long ago', I replied... Continue»
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The Escape - First chapter of an erotica that I�

... of this, but still quite uncomfortable and she knew what was to come. “Do I smell desire?”

That sent a cold chill ... CHAPTER 1

Shondai Roturn, heiress to Lord Emmerin Roturn, head of the Northern Gendarus ... .

Her ball gown, the last thing she had been wearing when she was taken from her Cotillion Junoesque... Continue»
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