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When I met Henry and Helene!

When I met Henry and Helene! (2)

... So last time I told you about the experience on the limo with Henry and Helene, an attractive ... . “You have a very nice house!” I blurted. Helene smiled and said thank you while Henry ... ?!
It was Helene who spoke first “Henry, I want to keep her! She is very good!” She... Continue»
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When I met Henry and Helene! (3)

... numbers and they never gave me their new address but I will never forget the time when I met Henry and Helene. ... So I had been staying with Henry and Helene at their manor house for a few days now... They were ... way. I was turned on and one look at Henry’s boxers told me that so was he! Helene restarted... Continue»
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When I met Henry and Helene!

... and I took the guys arm. “I am Henry and this is my wife Helene” He had a slight French ... to open the door for us. Me first then Helene and Henry after. Inside the limo I started to think ... . When I finally stopped shaking, Helene said in a cheerfully way “4 minutes and 58 seconds! You... Continue»
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When I met Annie

... in her mouth, she licked them without a protest. I grabbed her phone and dialled my number
"I'll call you" I said when she ran out of the door
... campingsite on seaside. I was surprised, I had lost touch with the guy years ago. First I though I ... of the people in there. Then I had busy couple of weeks at work and really needed a break. So what... Continue»
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When I met my wife

... and pass out by the end of the night. That's how I met her was at a party. We were out at the bars ... or high and still drinking. That's when I first saw my future wife. She was young and just turned ... and when she looked up I saw it was her, she looked so wasted, later I found out she was on extacy... Continue»
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story of when I met a man and his wife

... This is a story of when I met a man and his wife who loved using a

Let me ... introduce you to my friends, John and his wife Sandy. I had met
John when I was doing some painting ... front and was sitting there when they came out. They
acted like nothing happened. I just smiled... Continue»
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When I first met Joanne

... getting to the chase. I rang the doorbell and I was met by a very attractive woman.

She ... I was home in Melbourne looking over Craigslist seeing what was on for offer.

I enjoy pussy ... shemale porn and so sent a message.

It wasn't too long that I got a response from Joanne.

Anyway... Continue»
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Niagara (continued)

... .

"Do you trust me, Cully?"

"I really don't know you, Henri. We met but a few hours ago."

"Do ... was delectable.

We were half way thru dinner and well into our second bottle of the bubbly when I ... as the nuit we were ascending to.

"Ohhhhhhhhh........." I couldn't help myself.

Henri traced... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... the same besides I hate
bandaging and dosing when he cut his toe with the razor paring his ... mouth almighty and his boiled eyes of all the big stupoes I ever
met and thats called a solicitor only ...
kiss long and hot down to your soul almost paralyses you then I hate that
confession when I used... Continue»
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Lusts of the Flesh

... friend's arm an affectionate squeeze. 'I was touring the States last year and I met her when I ... on her mouth. 'I had a boyfriend when I was at Art College,' she told him, a significant edge to her ... . 'Check out how they bounce when I ride your cock!'

She was off in an instant, Rhianna reaching down... Continue»
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Geil im Fotostudio (gefunden im Netzt)

... Frau begleitet hatte, aber das sollte sich sehr schnell ändern.

Jimmy hatte eine Flasche Massageöl ... , sondern Realität. Ich fühle mich nass und schmutzig. Ich sehe einige Meter entfernt den Schwarzen stehen ... und meine Frau auch.

Dann unterbrachen sie kurz das Spiel. Aber nur um die Positionen zu ändern... Continue»
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Danni the Door Dolly:-Jordans Surprise part 1 ( A

... mind but outside when their eyes had met she couldn't deny there'd been chemistry there,she'd felt ... be talked into this,her plans for a weekend of clubbing and partying in London had fell apart when Julie had ... sorry I tried ringing you to cancel but couldn't get an answer" Julie explained through coughs... Continue»
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Annelot probeert iets nieuws deel 1

... makes you think. And when the sun shines, you forget all your problems." Ja klopt, achter de wolken ... van het dienblad en depte haar bovenlip. "You know. I don't talk much with people when I'm camping. Especially ... ze tegen haar. "I've been lying awake for hours.." Darnell was even stil, "May I come in and talk?" vroeg ze zacht... Continue»
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The Red Miniskirt

... that she came up and when I asked her what the delay was , she smiled and said the waiter and Henri had ... lacey stockings tops and a bit of creamy thigh. When Henri brought the drinks I saw his eyes flick over ... mound. When Henri suggested more drinks , I got up “to go to the car.”

I went outside where I... Continue»
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A Foreign Affair

... condition. The guys showered after the game, and when I met her by the car, she was waiting with Angela ... When I first started dating Yolanda in high-school, it made me a minor celebrity. I had always been ... , and when the slow dance started, kept her on the floor. About 1/2 into the dance, I yielded to my urges... Continue»
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Rachel and Stephanie (part 3 - new temptations)

... , to make arrangements for the coming Wednesday. I had met Joel and Helen before at parties ... they were courting. They were in the hall ready to leave when I arrive and looking very smart, Helen ... intimate games I assumed that it was Rachel doing this, teasing me in a situation when I could not really... Continue»
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Before We Met Part 2 – more background

... and the other where she was a total HOT WIFE – which is what I always wanted. She’s telling me these ... me if I wanted to know how she became a HOT WIFE which I immediately answered yes – and she began ... wife SD) and Dee W got up when the alarm went off at 5:00 AM – barracks wake up time. SD hadn’t... Continue»
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''What's a man to do''...

... you'll soon liven up when things get going, I know what a horny fuck you are''.
''That's my husband ... I am, well she has the body for it.
When she sheds some of her clothes and goes round in her ... out ready to take an eye out.
I watched her move round the room chatting and flirting. Our eyes met... Continue»
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... . I imagined one couple, Helen and Richard, who probably lived their lives without anyone ever knowing ... and Richard worked for the same bottle factory and they had met there 15 years ago when ... under Helen’s plump asscheeks. Helen moaned when Esther reached her clit and began to suck on it, her... Continue»
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Chapter 7 Chrissie Recovers

... and Helen would probably bind right from the start.

When Friday morning came around I woke early ... first before we spoke. We eventually stumbled onto
the same cafe Helen and I had met Derek just a week ... . When I say we were 'sort of' lovers what I mean is
that we didn't have full on sex until after my... Continue»
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