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What Naughty Daughters 2

What Naughty Daughters 2

on his daughter's tits.

Missy was trembling, waiting, praying her father would do what she ... daughter play with
herself. In seconds, his prick was throbbing, aching painfully in the
tight ... for his young daughter, but
couldn't tear himself away from the door. He had to watch.

Missy... Continue»
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What Naughty Daughters


Chapter 2

Tammy, Missy's older s****r, stood in the doorway separating their two ... creaming ...

Missy lifted her head and saw what she had done to her s****r's tits ... . "

Douglas Fiore, having heard noises coming from his daughter's bedroom,
had climbed the stairs. Curious... Continue»
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What Naughty Daughters 3

... her young writhing body, his
mouth hungry, working frantically over his daughter's neck. He kneaded ... found the small plump mounds of his daughter's
tits. He sucked hard, making Missy whimper with glee ... his way down his daughter's

virgin body, crawled between her long slender legs. "You... Continue»
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naughty mother, even naughter daughter - story 2

... . Her daughter was in the lounge and Pam asked her what time she’d gotten home.

“late. I think you ... reminded of the last one we had in the UK, 1999.

Pam, I and her daughter drove off to the south coast ... daughter to be out Friday night, to give Pam and I a bit of time together. Surprisingly enough she agreed... Continue»
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I.T and bording

... with me show me what makes my daughter smile all the time”, I removed her bra her tits where firm hard ... on a regular basis then letting her 2 girls enjoy the scraps, what you would call a house of horny ... lapped up what I had just put in Alice, I sat and watched Barry please 2 horny women before he shot his... Continue»
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Trigonometric Function S-Series

... him was when I was in grade school. He has this daughter who's two years older than me.

One day ... , about me going to college. Then I opened up about her daughter.

"How's Geo?" I asked.

"She's ... " I said.

"Nah. Tuition there is too expensive compared to here." He said.

"Well, sometimes what... Continue»
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5 women pt 2

... , on the way Penny asked if we should meet up with her 2 mates the 2 that were at the party Ellie ... huge balls they where full and these 2 where the lucky winners as I slowly squeezed my rod controlling ... tits and pussy as Andy slipped 2 fingers into Penny and finger fucked her fast Penny shook... Continue»
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Three Male Slaves, One Mistress

... ." Without another word, she herded Runa and Lucia, my two adopted daughters, out the door. I knew she would ... the others. I will tell you what I need you to do once I have gathered them there as well."
Falkren does ... to myself. 'I will make it up to him shortly. Besides he is a slave and he has to do what I tell him to do... Continue»
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Setting Up of Wifes

... my cheek saying naughty fellow.

Uncle and aunty bid us goodbye and left with their daughter ... his cock. I gestured him to slip under the bed. He understood what I wanted and then ducked under ... computer room. I asked him what was wrong with his computer. He winked and said "nothing". It was just... Continue»
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My real story

... to do anything."

Now what I had written was the following:
"Young 48 year old, looking for an older ... and decide what our roles would be and then keep them going whenever we meet. I am a submissive who ... in the area and we could see if we are compatible. I include pictures so that you can see what you... Continue»
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The Awakening. Part 1. "Megan"

... the moms of my friends differently even. They were just the grown up versions of what their daughters ... what any virgin would feel the first time they had their naughty parts touched.....but I wasn't ... ***k (I puked in a trashcan next to my bed for 2 hours), the first time I got high ( I fell asl**p... Continue»
Posted by crymedogg 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Lesbian Sex  |  

Episode 23 - 18th Birthday Party

... and underneath soft curve of her fantastic breasts whenever she leans forwards.
Mum and daughter set off ... her fingers wildly across the screen and panting gently.
"What are you playing, that looks like ... this is dodgy area of town for three ladies to be parked up, what exactly are you doing here?"
Blonde Becki... Continue»
Posted by dasx 4 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Masturbation  |  
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Friends for everything

... of deep cleavage of her round breasts. Mom caught his hand and spoke. Mom: what are you doing Mohit ... s****r was in the mood and there was going to be some action tonight and we went to spy on what ... sucking his long shaft and balls saying that it was the biggest she had ever seen. She knew what she... Continue»
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Watching Tne Detectives

... ,
wasn't good at sport much to the disappointment of my rugby mad father.
I didn’t fit in with what ... , but no one
called it that back then. What I got called was fairy and pansy and
sissy and bullied ... and run to my room and pull on
the knickers and the bra and a dress. God knows what I looked like... Continue»
Posted by nikkiesilk 5 months ago  |  Categories: Shemales  |  
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My mother inlaw introduces me to leather 1

... on what to wear but i suppose 2 minds are better than 1 !! I'll make my way over now then so I'll see you ... quite hard as it had always been just the 2 of them and now that jess and me were moving in together ... but I just have to deal with that due to how close mother and daughter are..

Now my mother inlaw... Continue»
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A daughter's Homecumming. Part 3

... little daughter will be down as soon as she has decided what to wear for you."

Or not wear, I ... wait to see what his sexy little daughter is going to wear for us."

I went back to pantie selection ... At long last, a continuation of the events when Kim and Andy's young daughter Helen returned home... Continue»
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mum and dad

... had a daughter who lived with Clare mother as Clare had a 1 bed flat and was saving to get a bigger ... if she would like to move in and have the daughter live with us as well Clare agreed and they both ... that night about the course and what it contained. The start of the week came and Clare left... Continue»
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Playing With s*s

... flipped into the recliner, and twirled around in it for a few seconds. "What do you feel like eating ... , who seemed very, very interested in what was on. As she watched the guy in the movie pump his huge ... a prude." This gave Tabitha an idea.

" So, I'm a prude, am I?"

"That's what I said."

"Then why... Continue»
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BIG man !

... thirty years older than you, what would .. could
you possibly want with me?" He asked me

"I ... ) Hadn't had sex AT ALL for six years 2) He hadn't come for months and 3) He hadn't fucked ... , Gary, that's naughty!"

He proceeded to pull me into him and began to fuck, with all... Continue»
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Unexpected Visitor in the Shower

... to be

inside me.

My pussy is so wet and warm, I knew he couldn’t tell what was water from the shower ...

and what was juice from my melting pussy, but he could feel how slippery I was. My lips

were so ... was…

friends daughter
Tags: hidden camera, masterbationMy friend Jeff has a daughter... Continue»
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