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What Naughty Daughters 2

What Naughty Daughters 2

on his daughter's tits.

Missy was trembling, waiting, praying her father would do what she ... daughter play with
herself. In seconds, his prick was throbbing, aching painfully in the
tight ... for his young daughter, but
couldn't tear himself away from the door. He had to watch.

Missy... Continue»
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What Naughty Daughters


Chapter 2

Tammy, Missy's older s****r, stood in the doorway separating their two ... creaming ...

Missy lifted her head and saw what she had done to her s****r's tits ... . "

Douglas Fiore, having heard noises coming from his daughter's bedroom,
had climbed the stairs. Curious... Continue»
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What Naughty Daughters 3

... her young writhing body, his
mouth hungry, working frantically over his daughter's neck. He kneaded ... found the small plump mounds of his daughter's
tits. He sucked hard, making Missy whimper with glee ... his way down his daughter's

virgin body, crawled between her long slender legs. "You... Continue»
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naughty mother, even naughter daughter - story 2

... . Her daughter was in the lounge and Pam asked her what time she’d gotten home.

“late. I think you ... reminded of the last one we had in the UK, 1999.

Pam, I and her daughter drove off to the south coast ... daughter to be out Friday night, to give Pam and I a bit of time together. Surprisingly enough she agreed... Continue»
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Daddy's Naughty Daughters 2

... creaming ... unnnn!" Crissy lifted her head and saw what she had done to her s****r's tits ... daughter's bedroom, had climbed the stairs. Curious, he peeked into Crissy's bedroom. A hot jolt ... of passion churned his gut. He gulped and leered at his two naked daughters. Instantly, he had a hard... Continue»
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With my office collegue

... got to know more about her. She was married and having a daughter. We reached Mumbai at 3.00 pm ... to work pressure she has send this message.

The next 2 days were totally busy, we were working from 8 ... to 10. After 2 days we got a break of half day. We went to hotel and had planned to have lunch... Continue»
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Play date memories..

... write this throughout 2 days, adding little parts and edits, whenever and wherever idle ... a play date today?

With her expected hesitation I can still see a twinkle of naughty ness in her eye ... them I don't feel well and come home by 10:00am..that will give you enough time to get our daughter... Continue»
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Lizzie's Mistress

... "Give me your daughter," The woman said with a feral smile to the trembling man in front of her ... . She figured that it'd come in handy later to not be hampered, but that was for later.

"What.. My ... daughter?" Mark Saulsky said with a strange tone. The woman in front of him was the one... Continue»
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The Italian Job 16

... everyone including all their relatives both dead and alive, so when Sonia’s daughter decided to get married ... to Bolognia to see what was happening in the big world outside the village, I had a meal and went ... and she had come to work in Italy for a holiday 2 years ago, spoke good Italian, was single and had... Continue»
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What Lies Beneath

... nervously.

"What is it?" she asked. "You have a naughty gleam in your eye..."

"After we do ... still working on The Collar 2 and it will be up pretty soon.
Marcus smoothed the piece of fabric ... on it a week, monitoring and programming her sl**p. She had no idea what he was doing, but he asked her... Continue»
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I'm coming, dad!

... Roman told friends about the beauty wife Vseslava and little daughter Varya. On the wings he flew ... by Roman route to what was intended . In fact, why do it here? He has taken away those who were dearer ... sarcastically . - It examined all the legends about me? What have you to do this , woman? You lose a life... Continue»
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Crystal The Hot Neighbour

... Crystal always had me fascinated from a young age. The eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Clifton ... a baby was driving me wild at night and fueling a lot of my fantasies as I lay awake. What position did ... they have sex in? What did Crystal look like nude? Did she shave down below or have a bush? I'll bet... Continue»
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3 Short Sex Stories, that make me Wet.

... cunts, and filling them with warm semen.

2. Daughter's and their Divorced Fathers ... knees shook, as a strange man looking at me in such a manner and about what I was doing as he watched ... .

There are men who fulfil a dark secret when bathing their daughters, and my father was such a man, not that I... Continue»
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That time with my cousins daughter.

... someone to take care of her daughter till she comes back later. Well I told her I'd love to take care ... for a change. Haven't seen 'lil Sue in forever, I'm excited to see her tonight!

Chapter 2:
It's been ... or anything.. It's just my cousins daughter, plus.. I'm not a messy guy. I just have a lot of paper everywhere... Continue»
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Christine ad the Neigbor

... of being a naughty girl for Mr. Goodman. So what the hell, I thought.”

“Early Saturday afternoon ... . What a nice surprise to see you again. I hope you enjoyed the show the other night.”

“Why yes,” he ... the lawn looking half decent. What do you say?”

I asked how much exactly he was willing to pay... Continue»
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How mom did with her brother

... daughter (Pinki) from UK will be here 2 days from now we
should pick her up at the airport. Sure ... is at right age for fun.
Aunt: I told her all bout fun.
Me what do u mean told her?
Aunt: I told ... her all about you and my son AJ and maid and Raja.

Me: you are naughty aunty

Aunt: woman got... Continue»
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Lateshay and Eric cum to an Arrangement

... , that’s what Lateshay’s tits and ass do to me…If you’re a man, I’m sure she will affect you in a similar ... message. What’s up?”

There are half a dozen people whose phone calls and e-mails I feel the need ... climax and urged me on, “Oh fuck yeah, baby, get what you need.”

Max is explaining a stock split... Continue»
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Father's weekend a black and white affair

... It was early just this last November, and winter wasn't too bad so far and my Daughter Amy called ... to ask me what I was doing on the up coming weekend? If you've read some of my other stories you may ... know that my Amy, my daughter is at Ohio state. Amy invited me to fathers weekend... Continue»
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... .
However, I decided to call the telephone number and see what it was all
about. A pleasant lady's ... on the phone. "Mr. Jamieson is here
for an interview, Give him space!"

"What job are you giving ...
desk, a 3-person couch and what looked like a physiotherapy table. The
decoration was extremely... Continue»
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The Best Fuck in the Month of September....

... .

Here is the scene: it is about 2:00 on a Saturday morning. I am naked, standing on the balcony ... on the left side a cup filled with booze. As she stands a mere 5 feet 2 inches tall her huge, gourd shaped ... —oh my goodness, what has it been, twelve hours already? I have indeed been on a fuck-binge. She... Continue»
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