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What Kerri wants she gets

What Kerri wants she gets

... that <ddd>she</ddd> has perfected over the years in which <ddd>she</ddd> controls them. <ddd>Kerri</ddd> is one of her ladys about three years back <ddd>Kerri</ddd> went ... Tom after words telling him about the pills and that <ddd>she</ddd> <ddd>wants</ddd> a baby again Tom jumps up are you crazy a baby I don ... ... Continue»
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wife wants me kept in chastity

... when ever <ddd>she</ddd> <ddd>wants</ddd>. I have told her when <ddd>she</ddd> puts the key on her neck, I am hers for anything <ddd>she</ddd> <ddd>wants</ddd>. I have found ... <ddd>wants</ddd> to be pleased, <ddd>gets</ddd> <ddd>what</ddd> he <ddd>wants</ddd>. <ddd>She</ddd> agrees somewhat that it is better for her to control him(penis) than him control me! <ddd>She</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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... was the right answer. “Well Rita <ddd>she</ddd> likes your big titties, you think <ddd>she</ddd> maybe <ddd>wants</ddd> to play some with them?” My dad ... play with Rita’s titties, <ddd>she</ddd> <ddd>gets</ddd> to play with yours. Take your clothes off and lets see <ddd>what</ddd> you got to offer” I began ... ... Continue»
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What is your desire and fantasy?

... done anything like this before, and Im not sure... <ddd>What</ddd> I want, <ddd>what</ddd>... You want" <ddd>she</ddd> <ddd>gets</ddd> out, hanging her head in embarassment. Using ... dont they?" <ddd>she</ddd> aks. "Y, yes mommy, you are very pretty" he <ddd>gets</ddd> out while squirming. "Do you know <ddd>what</ddd> would make ... ... Continue»
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finally she gets what she deserves

... her d***k, then fucked her before <ddd>she</ddd> knew <ddd>what</ddd> happened. well, when <ddd>she</ddd> realized <ddd>she</ddd> was pregnant <ddd>she</ddd> went to him to no avail. ... which <ddd>she</ddd> slowly started to drink. I could tell any minute <ddd>she</ddd> was gonna want to leave cause <ddd>she</ddd> was about d***k and <ddd>she</ddd> <ddd>gets</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Blackmail Bitch

... is no secret that <ddd>she</ddd> has daddy wrapped around her well manicured little finger. <ddd>What</ddd> the princess <ddd>wants</ddd> <ddd>she</ddd> <ddd>gets</ddd> it is as simple ... "This is serious Hol. No Potter jokes. We do <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>she</ddd> <ddd>wants</ddd> and hope <ddd>she</ddd> keeps her mouth shut."

Holly hangs her head.

... ... Continue»
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Jimmy gets Married

... mean little quickie. Is that <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>she</ddd>’ll do when he <ddd>gets</ddd> to have his Little Quickie ?

Will <ddd>she</ddd> put her nightgown on before ... "I'm going to give her <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>she</ddd> <ddd>wants</ddd> and needs. Which is more than you can do. I'd be surrpised if <ddd>she</ddd> ever wanted you touching ... ... Continue»
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Martie gets Clothespins and More!

... longer ones and <ddd>what</ddd> little breast <ddd>she</ddd> has I stick it through <ddd>she</ddd> only grunts, both equally tormented <ddd>she</ddd> just leans back more ... and clean her as <ddd>she</ddd> naps then sit and wait untill <ddd>she</ddd> <ddd>wants</ddd> to be released.
Her slumber <ddd>gets</ddd> interrupted by spasms likely ... ... Continue»
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Andrea knew she was in big trouble!

... <ddd>she</ddd>'ll surely be cumming hard in the morning <ddd>she</ddd> thought.

<ddd>She</ddd> <ddd>gets</ddd> up, puts the coffee on. Prepares her enema bag. <ddd>She</ddd> ... pop wide open! <ddd>She</ddd> wasn't expecting anything like this!! <ddd>She</ddd> <ddd>wants</ddd> her ass ... thought about <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>she</ddd>'s going to say. <ddd>She</ddd> didn't have an ... ... Continue»
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The Retired Doctor Gets a Stiffy

Here’s her story first

This Doctor <ddd>Wants</ddd> My Pussy
A few days ago my husband ... I'll let you know <ddd>what</ddd> happens.

The Retired Doctor <ddd>Gets</ddd> a Stiffy

I am a 70-year ... wide open and <ddd>she</ddd> wasn’t wearing a bra. Oh, <ddd>what</ddd> lovely tits <ddd>she</ddd> had.
I moved ... ... Continue»
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Tash Gets Her Punishment - Again

... <ddd>What</ddd> ?? i ask --- you enjoy playing with her way too much !!! <ddd>She</ddd> owes me big style for <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>she</ddd> did with my hubby and <ddd>she</ddd> ... bitch <ddd>wants</ddd> !!!!!! in minutes <ddd>she</ddd> is pleading as <ddd>she</ddd> comes ... foot on Micks thigh and open myself ---- <ddd>she</ddd> <ddd>gets</ddd> the full f***e in her ... ... Continue»
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Wife Takes a Lover, Hubby gets nothing

Patty has a New Friend Hubby <ddd>gets</ddd> no Sex Not even a Ball Job

Patty tells Jimmy <ddd>she</ddd> met a guy at work and has ... Patty to cuckold him. So he is getting <ddd>what</ddd> he <ddd>wants</ddd>. And Patty is getting <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>she</ddd> needs a big dick.
Patty told Jimmy he ... ... Continue»
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Slutty Gangbang Wife Gets Used for New Years

... <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>she</ddd> wanted.

So why does <ddd>she</ddd> do it? Lust, adventure, ego, the liquor, excitement, more lust, and the attention <ddd>she</ddd> <ddd>gets</ddd> ... promiscuious slut and do <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>she</ddd> <ddd>wants</ddd> -as long as I allow it. <ddd>She</ddd> is not completely careless, <ddd>she</ddd> takes precautions for safe ... ... Continue»
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My Best Friend Gets Inside My Wife

... <ddd>she</ddd> flitted around the house, cleaning up and making things look comfortable. I knew <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>she</ddd> was thinking about was <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>she</ddd> ... about whether <ddd>she</ddd>'ll be able to do everything <ddd>she</ddd> <ddd>wants</ddd>.

"Awesome" ... as <ddd>she</ddd> works at his buckle. <ddd>She</ddd> <ddd>gets</ddd> it undone and then <ddd>she</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Paying Mommy’s Mortgage

... 't do <ddd>what</ddd> he <ddd>wants</ddd>!" <ddd>she</ddd> answered.

"<ddd>What</ddd> are we going to do mom?" I cried.

"We're going to play along that's <ddd>what</ddd>," <ddd>she</ddd> answered ... ; you need to be cold and calculating when Wally <ddd>gets</ddd> here, not behaving like some horny transvestite!" mom spat.

... ... Continue»
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Sucking her thumb while she orgasms.

... and I find <ddd>she</ddd> has no idea <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>she</ddd> is doing. I hear her moaning as I softly kiss her. I touch her and <ddd>she</ddd> <ddd>gets</ddd> louder. In her ... lay here for me. <ddd>She</ddd> does quickly and <ddd>wants</ddd> to finish <ddd>what</ddd> we started. <ddd>She</ddd> is soaked and I know <ddd>wants</ddd> to be fucked. Now is ... ... Continue»
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Taking what is his .

... <ddd>She</ddd> was heading back to her hotel. When he followed her taxi cab in his truck back to her hotel. <ddd>She</ddd> <ddd>gets</ddd> ... room <ddd>she</ddd> <ddd>gets</ddd> in. Gives her a few minutes, then knocks at her door <ddd>she</ddd> ... <ddd>wants</ddd> her, that he had been watching her for several hours and was taking <ddd>what</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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An innocent gets tortured

... able to pander to their sadistic tendencies. I also suspect Casey <ddd>gets</ddd> more of a buzz out of torturing their genitals than I do ... . So <ddd>what</ddd> Casey <ddd>wants</ddd> to do, her idea mind, is to give you some very deep brands in your glans. <ddd>She</ddd>’s really ... ... Continue»
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Nichole the butcher gets Sausage!

... her hand and <ddd>she</ddd> discovers I am half hard and comments “<ddd>she</ddd> can take good care of this swelling”. <ddd>She</ddd> <ddd>gets</ddd> on her knees and ... hold me!!!”. Remember to always do <ddd>what</ddd> a girl <ddd>wants</ddd> so of course I grasp her sides and <ddd>she</ddd> grasps my arms holding with a death ... ... Continue»
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Erotic Fiction

... has Crystal created a monster? <ddd>What</ddd> happened to shy little Andy who <ddd>wants</ddd> only to sit ... doesn’t want to be too tired when he <ddd>gets</ddd> to Crystal’s so he is pacing himself ... but <ddd>what</ddd> if he just <ddd>wants</ddd> to fuck me <ddd>she</ddd> thinks, <ddd>she</ddd> decides if that’s <ddd>what</ddd> he <ddd>wants</ddd> <ddd>she</ddd>’ll ... ... Continue»
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