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What A Master/Mistress Should do to a Slave

What A Master/Mistress Should do to a Slave

... in the world that will make a slave feel less loved than to have a Master/Mistress who ignores her ... with You no matter what You do....even if You do not speak to her or include her in Your activities.

34 ... with each step. (This is harder to do that You might think....)

42. Master the art of the meaningful... Continue»
Posted by AlexArsenal 5 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Hardcore  |  
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What a fuck

... , as he had told a couple of friends I was online and horny. He said to go naked and leave the cucumber ... people watching what was going on, on my cam!

The top told the guys to shove the cucumber back in my ... left. The new guy went to my computer and answered a few of the messages that were flooding in. He... Continue»
Posted by Needitdeeper 7 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, Gay Male  |  

... ' he said to me, 'This is what daddy likes', I smiled in response, showing a nice set of teeth, he ... and very blond, I was opposite to my Thai counterparts, also young but dark.
I felt like a Queen ... chatting me-up and offered to take me shopping.
We went into a bar, where he threw darts and gave my... Continue»
Posted by MarieL 5 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Group Sex, Interracial Sex  |  
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A Chefe do Meu Setor

... andar é 5 andar e o resto do setor fica no 6 andar, devido a ser um setor que recebe os produtos da ... meu pau era muito maior que o do marido dela, ai começamos um a vai e vem delicioso ela começou a ...
Trabalho em uma empresa há mais ou menos 5 anos e a 6 meses.
Foram trocados todos os diretores... Continue»
Posted by Arllok 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Mature, Taboo  |  
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He Taught Me A New Way To Relax :-)

... another year to go. We discussed the apartment and what to do when they left. They suggested several of ... partied with my friends but soon found myself spending more time alone, not wanting to be a third wheel ... attention to what he was saying at this point; I was enjoying the sensations he was creating in my... Continue»
Posted by 38DDDmema 9 months ago  |  Categories: Voyeur  |  
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A tora do

... , mas o tempo foi passando e eu comecei a perceber certos fatos... Eu sempre adorei beber um ... que não poderia recolher leite para mim, eu comecei a chorar dizendo que queria o meu leitinho, daí o ... que o Pedro(esse é o nome do peão) me falou sobre o leitinho de tora. Naquela noite eu dormi decidida... Continue»
Posted by petrik0023 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Masturbation, Voyeur  |  

Being Slaved By Master And Mistress At Delhi

... to that they said hey it’s okay be casual.

Then he inquired with me that what I was doing to which I ... was cursing as I had got the middle seat that too in the last beside the toilet, but again I can do ... , and then they introduced them as husband and wife so with regards I asked then that should I shift aside as I... Continue»
Posted by bottomnaked4u 1 year ago  |  Categories: BDSM, First Time, Group Sex  |  

A mulher do chefe e deliciosa

... A mulher do chefe e deliciosa


Oi, sou Wandeco de tantas outras ... o contrario estão mentindo, gostam de sentir a pressão na parede do útero e aquela dor se ... celular. Antes de ir embora falei ao pé do seu ouvido:----Amanhã vou a sua casa arrumar uma cama lá... Continue»
Posted by bukkub 3 years ago  |  Categories: Anal  |  

A Ex Mulher do Meu Melhor Amigo

... curtindo a festa da virada do ano junto com vários amigos e amigas, dentre todas as pessoas estava ... Josi a ex-mulher do meu melhor amigo Andre. Ela estava com um vestido curto deixando suas coxas à ... que seja uma bunda que agrada a qualquer homem, a parte de cima do vestido é desses que não tem alça... Continue»
Posted by Arllok 3 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Fetish, Hardcore  |  
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what a sexy story


charta ke kokhon banale dinnath, tumi to saradin ei baritei porey thako.
dinnath bhujhlo kina ke jane ... moja pas bujhi. ta tui chudis kokhon re, tui to thakis ei baritei.parar lokra eshe abar chude jayna to ... niye aayto, pratap narayan bolen
madhu jol niye ase.

de khaiye do jol.

madhu jol mukher khache... Continue»
Posted by aslamtarek 1 year ago  |  Categories: Anal, Taboo, Hardcore  |  


... ficar no corredor quando eu vinha do banheiro, enrolada no toalhão. Isto quando a mulher não rondava ... , mesmo assim era imprudente, pensei. Enxuguei-me, embrulhei-me no toalhão, apenas a parte do peito ... Lisboa.
- Estás como queres, meu grande a****l! Debaixo do mesmo tecto tens cama, mesa, roupa... Continue»
Posted by pakitotiago 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Sex Humor, Hardcore  |  
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Shadi Bhai ki Suhaag Raat Hum Dono ki

... grown up boy who is Gay but does not totally understand what a joy it is to be a Gay man and then ... less but it does not mean we should do less and hope for the nature to take over.

Now enjoy this ... desired and needed things come to us unannounced and charm us for long. This story is an example of a... Continue»
Posted by londebaaz 1 month ago  |  Categories: First Time, Gay Male  |  

Flyboy- superhero i****t story

... picture showed the metal pole bent. “Imagine what I could do to that cock” was a message. She sure didn’t ... know what worst...your attacks or your puns” Fly boy Said. He was new to being a hero discovering his ... time they didn’t have a lot to say but love to talk about random shit, namely what worms they eat... Continue»
Posted by lilguy41 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Sex Humor, Taboo  |  
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Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 01

... , tell your mistress what you want her to do?"

The humiliation was getting to me but the sex ... moan louder, "Please Mistress fuck me, sit on my cock and fuck me I need to cum so bad." What a ... filling my pussy. Eat me and lick his cock slut. Show your Master and Mistress what a cock loving pussy... Continue»
Posted by naughty_bi_interest 4 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, Gay Male, Group Sex  |  
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... of what is to come alone excites me. It took me a lot of trouble to make the weekend off, and the past ... some chat, and what to do for the cam, fun have you decided to go to my invitation to agree to agree ... . From now on I want you to always address me with two words. Do you understand? "You mutters a" Yes... Continue»
Posted by No3More 1 year ago  |  Categories: BDSM  |  

Extraits du Baiser Moi

... sex, i****t and masturbation.
In Bed
Early one Sunday morning Tony roused from a wet dream to find a ... demanded "that's my job on Sundays" leaning over to stroke Giselle's damp arse cheeks. On the radio a news ... , a few boys trying to hide erections. When they spotted the guests they walked demurely to another... Continue»
Posted by dasx 4 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo, Shemales  |  
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sub fantasy

... a regular boyfriend and two girlfriends with whom I enjoy playing. I like having them do things to ... remember that I'm in control of them.

This story is about what I do to my boyfriend and what I have ... this note. "Hello, slave. Do what I say and you will have an interesting evening. Take the string in... Continue»
Posted by russcus 4 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM  |  

From J. Joyce

... what
could she do besides theyre not brutes enough to go and hang a woman surely
are they ... in me now what am I to do Friday
Saturday Sunday wouldnt that pester the soul out of a body ... had an offensive odour what did he
want me to do but the one thing gold maybe what a question if I... Continue»
Posted by LightSquirrel 4 years ago  |  Categories: Voyeur  |  
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My Visit Home

... the thought of what these massive Jamaican cocks were going to do to me. But I looked forward to it ... slut bitch whore slave who could not refuse anything a man did to her. They responded that would not ... wooden stock to put a woman in to satisfy her. And needless to say he was in a hurry to show me his... Continue»
Posted by shaunariley 10 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Interracial Sex, Hardcore  |  
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The Day Of Eid [ Eid Ka Din]

Eid Ka Din

By: Londebaaz

A fun sex story to enjoy and relish for all it is worth.
i ... exists more than we want to admit for the simple reason of insisting to live as a close knit f****y. The ... & sex is not a taboo any more in our culture as well learning to cherish and enjoy sex responsibly... Continue»
Posted by londebaaz 5 months ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |