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Ways to Humiliate Your Husband

Ways to Humiliate Your Husband

... your husband in front of him and your lovers.

76. Have your lovers humiliate your husband.

77 ... 1. Tease your husband with sex and sexual ideas.

2. Comment on how good other men look to you ... .

3. Tell your husband you like big dicks.

4. Tell your husband his dick is not big enough... Continue»
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Humiliate your Husband

... Humiliating your husband is creating mortification leading to a state of being humbled. Here ... is a list of how to humiliate your husband:
Tease your husband with the idea of, you sl**ping ... humiliate your husband.
Have your lovers slap your husband.
Teach your daughters to have sex... Continue»
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Tickling his Testicles

... stick it any hole you like, spank me, humiliate me whatever you want Roy – I’m yours ... and a skirt halfway up her bum. Even the way she greeted him in that low sultry voice gave him an erection ... you take all your clothes off.” She said, “And I’ll just put it on gentle and tickle your testicles... Continue»
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Online Master

... task is going to be more humiliating, because you had your husband pleasure you when you weren’t ... mean sex with your husband I didn’t say you could.”

“But Master you didn’t say I couldn’t have ... contact at all from your husband or yourself, until the next picture is done. Do you understand... Continue»
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... shoes. Passing a f****y in the hallway, I think I nearly gave the husband a heart attack, and his ... , I continued on my way, not bothering to discover the identity of the tall blonde with the huge ... in a very nice pin stripe suit, I guessed his age to be about 60 as he navigated his way into the limo... Continue»
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the teacher [2]

... you for your elp last week, want to take her out on saturdee an i want yoo to dress her and make her ... his idea of a walk was probably different to mine, either-way there I was pressing their bell ... of the way.
She took my hand and led me to Jacks bedroom in what had once been the lounge, he... Continue»
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Married Preachers Daughter Sedcution Ch 12 Rachell

... whispered, "you pervert, you are having a affair with my s****r, you are sl**ping with your friends wife ... are beautiful. I know it is wrong, but I cant help fucking your s****r, she is hot as hell, and you are just ... on me. Fear, shame, humiliation, lust, confusion, all at once. She had let me kiss her and kissed me... Continue»
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House Guest - Day 1

... your husband. One of his friends who he hasn't seen in a long time and has been invited to stay over ... to bed and after a few more cocktails your husband would feel the urge to sl**p as well. I would stay up ... all the way down your slut throat until you gag on it! No one is going to come in here to save you... Continue»
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... the safe is, we are going to take it in turns to fuck your husband. We are going to pull down his ... , then we are going to remove our trousers, wet our fingers, to moisten our clit, sit on your husband ... , he's all yours!

Sorry, I don't know what they did to the husband after I left. : )
... Continue»
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Cajun Ass Queen Part 5

... saw his cock gets hard at the site of me. I had an affair with many of husband but yours were so much ... .
“Oh you’re quite pathetic. Yes that it kiss. I show enjoyed sucking your husband dick. Watch ... and faster as her watch her husband fuck. Despite her humiliation she was getting turn on from watch her... Continue»
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The Flight of the naked Goddess - Chapter 3

... boy ejaculates with a humiliating groan. On the other side a extremely pretty young girl is doomed ... and a very solid snaplock in the back. »It's for your own protection!«, he fights my growing confusion ... , and then he teases me further: »I will make sure that your a****l instincts will be decently satisfied... Continue»
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One of my many sexual adventures ch:1

... you out in the bars while your husband is away on business. I will call you after you receive ... curves, she had so much sexual fun in a variety of ways and not just sexual intercourse. Sure, she ... husband works away on business trips a fair amount which gives Katy a good opportunity to go out... Continue»
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The New Boss in Charge PT 2

... was very un-comfortable with my husband last night after I sucked your cock and swallowed your cum ... ... tell me how you feelin' what will you tell your husband"?
Amy: "what do you mean?? I am ... , That should be good enough"!
Leroy: "Ha.. Amy the old management never caught on to your lil game... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 9: Passion Renewed

... you randy bugger. I suppose I'd better at least give you a blow
job or you'll be chasing your ... husband's legs to
take care of his morning problem she smiled to think how far she'd come in
just ... else. And the best part was he knew she felt the same way.

And, so, Sean went through his day... Continue»
Posted by brianbigdogsmith 11 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Mature  |  
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Wash n Blow - BBBBTS

... just got these shoes today. There suppose to tone your butt, hips and thighs. My husband always ... on the phone. "Hi! My name Buck Kelly. I stopped to get a car wash from your girls this afternoon. I just ... cheerleaders damaged your SUV?" she said. "I think so. The marks were not on there before I pulled... Continue»
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Carole and Mandy pt 2

... worry she said they know all about you and your pathetic sissy ways" I could feel myself getting very ... red indeed, I wanted to run out and change but Vicky stood in the way of the door, Steve was still ... better, but still humiliated. The redness left my face and Vicky sat down next to Carole and Steve... Continue»
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Preachers Wife Chapter 7 and Young Mother from gar

... something ass and was rimming me, she was learning. I asked her, do you do this for your husband and she ... humiliating moment was her hard ass fucking and mostly when I had her and Jaimie, my 23 year old number ... - surprise to them both.

First I called Katrina and told her to get he low life husband or a friend... Continue»
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Jessica 2

... that will

totally alter your personality. You will learn servitude, humiliation, and

above all obedience ... to your master or masters."

"Three, don't think your husband can help. We've had your ... telephone re-

routed here, and your mail as well. When your husband calls, we have... Continue»
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punished by parent in laws chapter 14 the last cha

... , and my husband, Michael, for the drive back to the airport and the flight home.

I dived ... box, but Michael reached out before me and took them from her

"Take your jeans and panties right ... underneath me.

"Now I want you to put two fingers deep into your pussy and keep them there until we... Continue»
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There Can Be Only One Ch 23

... the fucking light is off in here !!!


Fuck I have had enough of your fucking , fuck... deny ... to fucking do ¦gonna fucking put your whole fucking diary on fucking twitter that's what I am going ... they were by her side...her right, clasping her bra.

Drop the bra and play with your titsRoss's... Continue»
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