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Waves Of Passion - Holiday Romance Erotica

The Tunnel of Love - Catesby

... The Tunnel of Love - Catesby

Jenny and I had been married for five years when we took a holiday ... love about going on beach holidays with my wife is the chance to watch other men ogling her in her ... that all they felt was jealousy.
A few days into our holiday we moved on further down the coast... Continue»
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Mother n Son Lust, Love n Marraige

... what” I thought silently in my head

“Mohan , I am sorry to disturb you on your holiday” He said ... with your office” she said “why cant they leave you peacefully on your holiday”

“well, I have ... will tell office that today isn’t a holiday for me as I worked” I added “I will take another... Continue»
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... needs, which needs her husband no longer fulfilled. The original passion that among other things had ... for a fortnight. The woman and her husband had taken frequent houseboat holidays and she was given to pointing ... of the "romance" to their marriage. Alone on the houseboat and in one of the isolated places the river... Continue»
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... of passion. When Claire felt like it,
she would climb on top of him and moved up and down until ...
on it but the cold, heavy feel of a steel chain around his ankle. Tom's
predicament caused a sudden wave of panic ... that had showed the gay erotica had been switched off since the
fourth loop and as far as Tom could tell... Continue»
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Boss takes over my wife.

... slow-motion waves on her chest.

Dick staggered to his feet and collapsed back onto the love seat ... and a little more passionate. Then I could see Jack's hand under the blanket, snaking up Carol's thigh ... .

It seemed like we walked for miles. Then I saw two men waving at us. Jack waved back.

As we got... Continue»
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Swinger lifestyle

... Holiday in Cap d'Agde

This is Dan. My wife Mandy and I spent a two-week holiday in Cap d'Agde ... has a reputation as a place where couples come to have fun after the f****y holiday season has ... finished. We had such a wild time that we just had to write down our holiday experiences so that you can... Continue»
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... – have passion for two persons at once, desire both, though you can only have one. Should only have ... though the other love had . . it's own passion. Eventually, my other man move to California, then we ... . . that is Maddy and I abstained for the past month, to have lots of passion for our wedding night... Continue»
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Christmas time


Introduction: This is a romance between two young people thrown together by an unlikely set ... for a tale of romance and

generosity, a story about growth and selflessness, I hope you will read ... will kill me."

"If you have the opportunity on holiday breaks from school or work, you may work... Continue»
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A Loving f****y Part Two

A Loving f****y - Samantha's Story - Part Two

A f****y holiday is taken and Samantha goes ... not been written simply as erotica, but is a story which attempts to explore

events in Samantha’s ... of town and very soon picked up

small modest signs to their holiday site. Then they were... Continue»
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... example of the lust part. The sex that I had
with Dad was pure passion. To that point, he ... then leaned forward and started kissing Dad passionately. I knew they
were doing that even though I ... .

Sex on a twin bed is hard, but we managed. David was incredibly passionate
in his kissing. He... Continue»
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Alexis and Amber - A night to remember.

... this is a bit lengthy - one part romance, two parts erotica. I tried my best to recall the story! We ... with wave after wave. The experience builds my own mounting excitement as I extract my two fingers ... hands and places a passionate kiss on my lips. "I think this is going to be a wonderful vacation... Continue»
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Rachel's Reward

... their photos of a hot accelerating romance. The holiday snaps from Kyla’s Hawaiian home had been ... much sense of romance. Maybe the proximity of the groom was spoiling her for any other man ... the proffering of the book along with the vivid eroticism within its pages had resulted in deliciously... Continue»
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Cuckold part 1

... the romance novel orgasm of crashing waves. Her whole body seemed to convulse, her breath was f***ed out ... with a Canadian guy we met while we were on holiday in Queensland. He and a blonde with a body to die for were ... to shave herself completely for the holiday and now I was glad I had. Even in this dim light, I seemed... Continue»
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Doctor, Doctor!

... time. I had my tray and I turned
to find a seat, I noticed a man waving. It was Dr. HUNK! Gran's ... Doctor
was sitting a few tables away waving me over to sit with him. I was
surprised, a bit ... of the passion
ignited by our kiss.

"Come, we need to get out of here before someone comes... Continue»
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Christine: Transgenderism (reposted)

... is an extract from my novel "Sarah's Garden". It is not a work of erotica as such so if you've come ... . It was not unattractive by any means for he had thick brown hair with a natural wave and a healthy gloss. “What ... a tantrum because he thinks I’m going to have his hair cut off!”
Sarah’s antennae were up and waving... Continue»
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A May-December Romance

... together and the wine flowed freely. Grace and her f****y had often holidayed in the area, knew it well ... , there had been only intermittent dating, and nowhere near the amount of affection, romance, or zesty ... that overlooked the ocean, and it was impossible to overlook the understated romance of the setting. The smell... Continue»
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... and Grandpa took their yearning for each other to the next level.

Filled with all the fire and passion ... on a hot summer night the first time I saw mom and Uncle Steve fuck. We had gathered for some holiday ... were not one of stress or fright, but it was an erotica cry of joy.

As I approached the half open... Continue»
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BDSM At The Office

... normal one of the group. With her, it's a date, a good time, a romance. She very passionate and very ... in the sand. The sun was shinning on me and the waves were rolling. That's all I remember. Kind of strange ... , the next two hours were magnificent. Susan is a very giving, passionate lady. We caressed and cuddled... Continue»
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It was after the school holidays, while I was at college actually. Sue and I had been friends ... on occasion for a movie or lunch with friends. But then, toward the end of the school holidays, shit hit ... it unlocked, stepping in, I am met by a flurry of arms as she pulls me into a hug and deep passionate kiss... Continue»
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A Wonderful Holiday

... not really one for holiday romances, and besides, I wouldn’t want to bring anyone back ... of taking our parents away for a holiday in the sun to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary ... sure if it was going anywhere. The plan was for the f****y holiday to happen in September... Continue»
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