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Watching wife with BBC (Part 1)

Watching wife with BBC (Part 2)

... some effort to say anything I was so entranced at <ddd>watching</ddd> her <ddd>with</ddd> her first black man. Jeff was moaning as he pumped ... chance to object. Without further ado he pushed his <ddd>BBC</ddd> into my <ddd>wife</ddd>’s pussy. Wow, there are no adequate words to describe ... ... Continue»
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Watching wife with BBC (Part 1)

... of single guys hanging around, <ddd>watching</ddd> and pulling their cocks. My <ddd>wife</ddd> and Jeff kept groping each ... had teased her for years about wanting some <ddd>BBC</ddd> and now she’s having it. She ... cool <ddd>with</ddd> me taking pics…

We made it to his room and went in…

<ddd>Part</ddd> 2 ... ... Continue»
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Wife getting her first BBC part 2

... an erotic turn on <ddd>watching</ddd> her turn into a sexual slave <ddd>with</ddd> no boundaries.

I stood back and watched my <ddd>wife</ddd> on her knees in ... finally stopped pumping and <ddd>with</ddd> a loud growl he unloaded his nigger cum into her mouth. He pulled <ddd>part</ddd> way out to allow ... ... Continue»
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wife takes bbc home

... beginning of summer and Dawn was working a <ddd>part</ddd> time job at walmart after her full ... <ddd>with</ddd> <ddd>bbc</ddd> while in bed. And she would often get me horny and tell me to beg her to go fuck a <ddd>bbc</ddd> ... a word.

She had to start slow <ddd>with</ddd> allowing his black cock inside her ... ... Continue»
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How I Learned My Wife Cheats With BBC And That I G

... <ddd>wife</ddd>'s <ddd>BBC</ddd> used pussy my young friend sucked me hard and than I got me some young pussy which I filled <ddd>with</ddd> ... she continued to say things about me <ddd>watching</ddd> her suck him , fucking him and ... after they left I voiced it to my <ddd>wife</ddd> <ddd>with</ddd> her replying he is not the ... ... Continue»
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Anita white slut wife for BBC

... <ddd>wife</ddd> for <ddd>BBC</ddd>

Two days after coming back from our Caribbean vacation, my sweet <ddd>wife</ddd> ... out and started stroking it while <ddd>watching</ddd> my lovely Anita being a perfect ... <ddd>wife</ddd>’s asshole. I think she was close to feel an orgasm and when he started filling her ass <ddd>with</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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joining wife for bbc

... <ddd>watching</ddd> my <ddd>wife</ddd> <ddd>with</ddd> guys (she is bi ,so watch and joined a lot)she admitted that she had a lifelong(she was 12)obsession <ddd>with</ddd> ... licking that young black all over..........
now i am a full blown <ddd>bbc</ddd> lover,very turned on by latino's,even large white guys ... ... Continue»
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Island Fun with BBC

... time that I had ever seen my <ddd>wife</ddd> <ddd>with</ddd> a black man and I could not wait ... only the beginning. I was so hot <ddd>watching</ddd> the two of them that I ... <ddd>with</ddd> his hands caressing her stockings, Donna took my cock in her mouth. Having watched the earlier scene and <ddd>watching</ddd> ... ... Continue»
Posted by santacruz001 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Interracial Sex  |  Views: 2168  |  
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My Wife Is Now Her Bosses Slut.

... that Frank was <ddd>with</ddd> my <ddd>wife</ddd> and secondly because I knew that from now on I'd have to share my <ddd>wife</ddd> <ddd>with</ddd> Frank!

<ddd>PART</ddd> 2 - The Adult Book ... He tweaked her nipples roughly knowing that the men were <ddd>watching</ddd>. When Lisa moaned in pleasure/pain the other men ... ... Continue»
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wife swapping with friends - part 2

... yeah, nah its cool " i say " my <ddd>wife</ddd> was just sucking mikes cock "
" i know....i was <ddd>watching</ddd> it <ddd>with</ddd> you ! " she giggles " did it ... they are magnificent to hold and i'm feeling super horny now <ddd>watching</ddd> my <ddd>wife</ddd> <ddd>with</ddd> my best mates big cock, i drop my hand ... ... Continue»
Posted by fisherfun 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Voyeur  |  Views: 1768  |  
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Fuck with Police, Part 2

... <ddd>with</ddd> Police, <ddd>Part</ddd> 2.
f****y fuck Cops, <ddd>Part</ddd> 2
Tony lowered the mirror and ... to see Sally’s face heading towards his <ddd>wife</ddd>’s cunt and he thought that this would ... <ddd>watching</ddd> her and the road ahead. It was too much for him to control as his cock erupted <ddd>with</ddd> ... ... Continue»
Posted by royby 1 year ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Hardcore, Taboo  |  Views: 573  |  
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BBW Wife Gone Wild Part II

... this is a continuation from BBW <ddd>Wife</ddd> Gone Wild <ddd>Part</ddd> I. My BBW <ddd>wife</ddd> has now had sex <ddd>with</ddd> two different guys and has ... and recliners <ddd>watching</ddd> porn. One was a stalky dark haired guy, one skinny redhead, and another skinny dark haired guy <ddd>with</ddd> a goattee. ... ... Continue»
Posted by thisboneris4u 1 year ago  |  Categories: Anal, Group Sex, Voyeur  |  Views: 921  |  
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A Friend with Benefits (part 2)

... Friend <ddd>with</ddd> Benefits (<ddd>part</ddd> 2)
Rob and I have had a friendship that has lasted four months ... sitting around <ddd>watching</ddd> television. He has been to my home and I have been to his. As time has passed our <ddd>wife</ddd>’s have ... ... Continue»
Posted by nl1951cvx20 4 months ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  Views: 1624  |  
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Wife Caught With Boss Part 1

... mirror, what a sight it was, I could not believe I was <ddd>watching</ddd> my <ddd>wife</ddd> <ddd>with</ddd> another man's cock in her hands, it looked like I was ... in time <ddd>with</ddd> my <ddd>wife</ddd>'s hands, it felt amazing.

Then, all of a sudden the floorboard creaked under my foot, my <ddd>wife</ddd> stopped ... ... Continue»
Posted by milfgodess 2 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Group Sex, Voyeur  |  Views: 3026  |  

Sharing the Christmas Elf wife with the guys.

... remote control butterfly shaped vibrator that would <ddd>part</ddd> her pussy lips and vibrate ... <ddd>wife</ddd>. <ddd>With</ddd> the costume, makeup, and ears she really did look like a skinny, boyish Elf <ddd>Wife</ddd> ... off together I felt more sexual impatient <ddd>watching</ddd>. The ninth or tenth load in ... ... Continue»
Posted by gdhubby 1 year ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Mature  |  Views: 1206  |  
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Watching Porn with Aunt Mary

... my <ddd>wife</ddd>’s aged aunt walked in when we were <ddd>watching</ddd> a lesbian porn video and joined in <ddd>with</ddd> unexpected enthusiasm (see http:// ... little cock. Anne, who was <ddd>watching</ddd> but not taking <ddd>part</ddd> later admitted that she got off <ddd>watching</ddd> me pleasure her aunties pussy. ... ... Continue»
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Catching the wife with her parents

... his lap <ddd>watching</ddd> television <ddd>with</ddd> her head laid back on his shoulder when her mom walked in the living room <ddd>with</ddd> her robe ... let alone from a sexy 16 year old girl while <ddd>watching</ddd> my <ddd>wife</ddd> fuck around <ddd>with</ddd> her parents.

"Are you sure" i asked

"Yes" she ... ... Continue»
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Meeting With Mark part 1

Meeting <ddd>With</ddd> Mark . <ddd>Part</ddd> 1
It had been six months since our holiday in Thailand where we had had our sexual adventure <ddd>with</ddd> Mark ... returned home but the memory of <ddd>watching</ddd> another man thrusting his hard cock into my <ddd>wife</ddd>’s wet pussy was an image fixed ... ... Continue»
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Cousin with Benefits part 4 (Turning her out)

... smiling and nodding his head.
Martinez had grown tired of <ddd>watching</ddd> Marcus get his cock sucked. He wanted his too. “Up ... . I had a fantasy about this type of thing and eaten my <ddd>wife</ddd> <ddd>with</ddd> my own cum inside her, but nothing like this. She ... ... Continue»
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Catching my wife with her mom and dad and her lil

... his lap <ddd>watching</ddd> television <ddd>with</ddd> her head laid back on his shoulder when her mom walked in the living room <ddd>with</ddd> her robe ... let alone from a sexy 16 year old girl while <ddd>watching</ddd> my <ddd>wife</ddd> fuck around <ddd>with</ddd> her parents.

"Are you sure" i asked

"Yes" she ... ... Continue»
Posted by robd1 1 year ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 11829  |  
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