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Waiting for my uncle Jim to get back home. Part 4

Living with Uncle Jim pt. 4

... to climb out and get dressed.

"When you get home you will come to my room and wake me." Jim ... and waiting for him when he gets home” he whispers in my ear before closing the door on me ... straight home and make yourself ready for when he gets in" he smiles at me as he passes on the last part... Continue»
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My Last Summer at Home (Part 4)

... pits. My stereo was killer, my uncle Stu bought it for me when dad and I finished restoring my ’72 ... the seat. When we finished installing it my dad and uncle Stu made me raise my right hand and swear ... Urban on my phone. I crank those when I get out on the country roads, out of ear shot of dad. We blasted... Continue»
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... wandered back to last night. Jim managed to untangle himself from the sheets and made his way quietly ... carefully back down.

Jim looked at his mother again she stood in front of him naked, looking a bit ... stood there, she would move her body so that Jim could get best access, but apart from the occasional... Continue»
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Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 4

... Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 4

Continued from.. ... Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 3

I spread my legs for Uncle.. He parked his cock inside me.. Kissed my ... to turn me on”
Uncle Charlie gets wilder and faster, “Yeah my whore, I bet you love being used so bad... Continue»
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Moving in with Jim and Candy - Part 4

... hole. When I got home, Jim and Candy were getting ready to go to work at their respective jobs. Jim ... and I decided to see how far I could get him in. The first time he hit the back of my throat, I gagged ... . I have to get back to the shop and turn in my truck."

As he walked inside, I looked at Janice... Continue»
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My Last Summer at Home (Part 3)

... My Last Summer at Home (Part 3)

"Well baby, there you stand. With your little head, down ... home from the gravel pits, thank god my parents were already
in bed. I know I smelled like ... with the back of my
hand. I started to doze off, and began to dream of escaping my little hick
town... Continue»
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Wait till your father gets home final part

... Well after my encounter with my step daughter the little minx was always teasing me,just to get ... back in the chair, Jenny knelt down and sucked my limp cock she took my hand and led me to her ... a good fucking in that your pussy of hers. I was at home one day,having a work at home day as her... Continue»
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My First MILF - Part 4

... this chapter …

My First MILF
Chapter 4

Of course, the night after my first ever fuck, I was back ... for sitting, she apologized for getting home so late. She explained that it took her a while ... to make sure Jim would be d***k enough to be totally out of it when they got home.
I was a bit... Continue»
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My girlfriends mom part 4

... and it was almost impossible for Mala to get out of
the house with her hubby around. I had plans of my ... went home took a shower and had a
late lunch. It was almost 4 by the time I got down to go ... drink and I nodded
and said yes. She got up and went to the kitchen to get me a drink and
I put my... Continue»
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A holiday with my Uncle part 2

... saying anything and about an hour later my uncle came back on with 2 other guys and I thought I ... The Next morning I was woken up by my uncle forcing his cock into my ass and one of his friends ... by alot more men and maybe even some of the woman.
My uncle started of fucking my ass and once he had... Continue»
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"Getting Pregnant By My Uncle Todd"

... in me welcomed the sadistic treatment of my exposed testicles.
I went back to deep-throating Uncle ...

By: Bouncesbare

My Uncle ... to supply various building projects. I'd usually see my Uncle as I was leaving for school. He'd greet me... Continue»
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Getting Back At My Wife Pt.4

... Her pussy juices coating my face I licked and fingered her like I never have before to any woman ... she was moaning "Oooooh daddy I can't wait until you're up in this!" I replied "Mmmm me neither baby ... and told her "You ain't getting away from this orgasm I'm bout to give you!" she just cried and screamed... Continue»
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Part 6 – Back Home

... , after some soul searching she decided to move closer to home and try to get herself under control ... was the girlfriend of one of my co-workers. So when my buddies decided I needed to get laid, he ... questions, about my past sex history. Have you ever watched someone get fucked? Again I said no. She... Continue»
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At Night Before My Husband Gets Home

... outfits and lay in wait for my husband.
On the nights he knows I'm waiting for him, he gets home ... , but for the most part, we are in different areas of the company. Often before I go home ... will be "ready" for him when he gets home.
When I get home, I pour myself a glass of wine and run a bath... Continue»
Posted by naughtiergirl 3 years ago  |  Categories: Masturbation, Hardcore  |  
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How my wife became a Hotwife Part 4

... . As with part 3...this part was told to me as well by my wife some two weeks after the event. Bonnie had ... something I'll remember forever". I took my wife home without the first clue of what had happened ... and getting out of my car. Bonnie walks out of the house dressed like a million dollars. She is working... Continue»
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Getting Fucked Off My Mates Uncle (True)

... their for a few hours and most the older f****y members went home and jakes uncle ross came over ... down my jeans then boxers

He told me to get down on my knees so I did

He got on his knees ...
Hi, This Is A True Story

This Happened About 2 years Ago When I Was Just 17.

My Friend Jake... Continue»
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My Eighteenth Birthday Part 4

... This is not my work, its cut and paste.
In parts one, two ... I joined my father in his study, the very room where my seduction had begun. "I can't wait for some ... magic wand. I'll lose my mind, I'm sure." He caressed my rosy cheek with the back of his hand... Continue»
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Sharing my sister part 4


Part four Sharon gets shared
I had been sl**ping with Sharon for just over 3 months by now ... in the den in the evening has he had been pestering me to tell him where I was getting my ideas from, kept ... was getting bored with doing it on the bed sp with my heart in my mouth asked her if we could try... Continue»
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my first sex part 4

... to and ask...: won't you fuck me ?
I nodded my head I was speechless..
So get up and move that fat ass ... ...she went to the doggy-style position....
I was getting my durex... She refused... I want your dick ... ..and did my back to ...she turned me all over . By the time she massaged all my body...I went to sl**p... Continue»
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My wiffe and I Fucke by 4 men Part 2

... My Wife and me fucked by 4 men part 2

Well, it had to happen, just when we thought that we were ... back to the car.
We were dropped off at the bus stop and made our way home. Once inside I said to my ... was to wait for my wife to be present, and then watch the content of the pendrive. We were to follow... Continue»
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