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Waiter holiday that was...............

Waiter holiday that was...............

... poor man frustrated.

At mealtimes we had a wonderful waiter called Marco, he was local, 24 and quite tall for a Spanish ... knickers. We kissed again and said that was just for starters for the holiday………………&hellip ... ... Continue»
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Holiday that changed our lives - 1: The Pub Lunch

... we were on holiday whilst we ... that was wonderful but I don't know what you would think of me if you knew what I was ... that I had just filled to overflowing, along with her enlightened attitude seemed to egg me on. As I snapped away, she observed that I was ... ... Continue»
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A good boy that was good pt 1

... looked sexy, a little top that left nothing to the imagination, short skirt and sexy smelling perfume that was making me horny enough ... She turned and said” that was worth waiting for I have never been fucked like it where did you learn that?” I shrugged my ... ... Continue»
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Amanda, the Domina that was really a sub - Part 2

... , while giggling a bit. She would later be punished for that giggle. That was also her last attempt of resisting. I threw her on the ... became obvious that she had not ever been deepthroated. Her blowjob was sloppy and rushed, and felt as if she was doing it ... ... Continue»
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Amanda, the Domina that was really a sub - Part 3

... drip. No, it was not pee, it was the vaginal juices of a long dry and unused vagina that was just starting to wake up again.

I was ... ... Continue»
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18 years old - that was a fun time pt 1

... . This was a place that we knew that we could always get weed and cock.

This night was ... looking to get fucked. The funny thing was that was what we were.

We would go out ... draw so we could get the party started. That was not a problem with any of us ... ... Continue»
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Swinger lifestyle

... spoil the fun."

And so we ended up coming on a holiday that was to change our lives and lead us into sexual adventures ... steak restaurant was almost full and the waiter showed us to one of the last vacant tables. It was then that Mandy realized that ... ... Continue»
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holiday surprise

... was a little surprised, he thought I was in my late fifties. We discussed the holiday ... was our anniversary, it was only supposed to be a single fuck, so I could have my turn. Not only that, I was tied to that ... ... Continue»
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My mum's holiday part 8

... that I was either too timid, or too dumbstruck, to do so. It was a bizarre situation. He carried on making light conversation about our holiday ... ... Continue»
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Suzy's Holiday Service.

... of them and very soon after the room service waiter arrived pushing a trolley of several bottles and plates ... neither one had any doubt that Suzy was very much “his” and both would be entirely contented with that. It was certainly a memorable holiday. ... ... Continue»
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After the holiday.....a night out

... holiday. Tonight was one of those nights, she was going out, she was ... her thought an attractive waiter appeared. He was dressed in a black ... that was a while ago. Besides, these people are strangers……then it dawned on her. ‘That’s why it was so good, I was ... ... Continue»
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Kinky Holiday

... saw in a magazine I bought yesterday”. Before she could comment the waiter walks over and seats us.

We spend a very pleasant ... chat about the holiday and playing card games, then Jo says, “oh yeah what was in that magazine that was so funny, I’d forgot ... ... Continue»
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... Spanish barman.

“Hi, im Jonnie and I will be your waiter, what would you like?”
Michelle quick to reply “twenty ... married bitch, well use to having married English holiday makers, jonnie knew that it was just a holiday fuck.

Leaning in to debs ear ... ... Continue»
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Holiday Pleasure

... sat at her table a young waiter approached “good evening madam ... that was it I didn’t care if he was on solids or breast feeding I wanted his body, I shivered saying I was chilly now this was ... sexual holiday. She set off in-land to a town that was rather ... ... Continue»
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Jamaican Holiday Ch. 11

... naked on my knees in front of the waiter, and the humiliation of knowing I was about to be photographed flipped submissive switches ... his cream run out of me but Samuel told them that that was for my husband and stuffed my thong into my cunt ... ... Continue»
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My Mum's Holiday (part 4)

... gave her a hug. That was priceless, I said, did you enjoy that? Mum just giggled, and ... I was gratified to see that mum warranted a second and a third look from the waiter ... her with the usual questions; was she on holiday, where was she staying etc. Before ... ... Continue»
Posted by coradia 1 year ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 2393  |  
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The Lecturer – Part 1

... not seeing anything I wanted or that was right for tonight. I was getting fed up and there was only a few shops left in ... the champagne to the room please” he said before the waiter left.
that was a lovely meal, thank you” I said, your welcome, now ... ... Continue»
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Jamaican Holiday Ch. 03

... said she thought that was a good idea, especially me eating her immediately after I came, as she was still at her peak ... was naked underneath and a short skirt. I wondered if she had anything on underneath that. She flirted shamelessly with the Black waiter. ... ... Continue»
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Jamaican Holiday Ch. 04

... another.

"That was amazing, Jaye! You were amazing!"

"Yeah it was pretty - Oh yeah! - wild!"

"Did you plan that?" "No, but ... flirted with the waiter. After, we changed for the Z'Club. I was mentally supercharged, wondering what Jaye was going to ... ... Continue»
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Jamaican Holiday Ch. 07

... to the dining room - only a T-shirt and shorts. The waiter, Andre, did his usual flirting,

"Missy, ja look ... actually "our" adventure as I was having one also watching and participating – that was ok by me. I told her again I was actually proud of ... ... Continue»
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