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... and he heard her talking. "Daddy, this is Marie. Marie, this is my dad, he came in for a visit ... her best when he first laid eyes on her. She finally settled on the low cut bra and cotton blouse ... to the kitchen to fix him a Coke, halfway feeling his eyes as they burnt into her ass when she walked away... Continue»
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... When Nicole’s dad, Frank, arrived at the airport, I was in charge of the k**s, luggage, and being ... .

When Nicole was fifteen and learning to drive her dad’s Bronco, he had taken those moments ... penetration with me in her ass and her dad in her cunt. She had always wanted that since her visit back home... Continue»
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Dad's Visit

... Her dad was visiting for a week and he was beginning to look bored and restless. She knew he ... real horny when I take you to dad. He won't want to waste any time with foreplay. Spread your legs ... . The daughter decided she would eat in the other room and when she walked out her dad put the young whore... Continue»
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... . But because of my weight I always worn baggy clothes and spent most of my time studying. When I visited my ... body and mind. I was about to speak when he spanked me. I knew my face and eyes told my dad I ... was sucking on the head of his cock. I was hoping my dad was still watching when Alejandro took my... Continue»
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Visiting my Dad in spain

... My Dad was in Spain for a 2 month consultancy and it was the perfect excuse to have a holiday ... and looked around for the guy that had been sent from Dad’s office to collect me. The arrivals hall was like ... brought my Dad home several times. He said that my Father was very handsome and muscular for a man of 50... Continue»
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When Gemma's friend visited

... Once when we talked about our fantasies we got into a very horny conversation, for me, about how ... double ended dildo fun. When I asked her who she would take to bed, she gave me a few film and soap ... toy giving her pleasure. When she played with our favourite vibrators I liked to watch the expression... Continue»
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When Moms Away Dad & Rachel Play Pt 2

... . I did what most step-dads do whilst mom's away, put the washing on, cleaned the house, took ... this afternoon baby, it's just that you make me so horny when I know what you have been up to.
"It's ok... Continue»
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When mom's away, Dad & Rachel play. pt 1

... a cheap street walker, I walked over to her.
"I am going to bed dad, I will treat you when I get up ... Rachel, this was the conversation.
"Hi dad,can you pick me up" ?
"Where are you ? It's 1.30 ... "
"Fucking hell dad, just pick me up will you"
"Hey,careful how you speak to me you little slut,I... Continue»
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Clare has her first gangbang when we visited our f

... pussy. I remember a few months ago when she was protesting that she didn't want to join a swingers ... while this stud of a guy was fucking her and boy was I hard especially when she had a huge orgasm... Continue»
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Who needs a Fleshlight, when I visit

... 'Mom, can I have my shirt', he called down the stairs. I looked up towards where his voice drifted from, and got an eyeful, he was leaning over the banister in a pair of skin-tight briefs and a broad... Continue»
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A f****y Friend 7: Revenge

... !

“Dad we need to talk…” I said to my father as he was eating his breakfast. “What is it son?’ he ... to completely knock him out. This was part 3 of the plan.

When Artie came to, he would find himself lying ... holes over and over. And when it came time, we both spewed our load into his face. “Sweet justice” I... Continue»
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Khaandani Randiyaan – Part II

... are now discharged from the hospital premises, but please do make regular visits to the hospital ... to enable us to check on operation’s success.

Dr. Sunder

P.S. please make the regular visits ... this open behaviour and to get to know more about her, when someone’s fingers just entered my vagina... Continue»
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Whiskey Road 3

... to his dad and was due to be passed down to him. When Laney, his mom, got sick everything changed ... . Why did you cum when you did?

I shrugged the thoughts off. I came because Allie was rubbing my cock ... and barbecue every day, chase frogs and try to find foxes and rabbits to take back home as pets.

When we... Continue»
Posted by samfreak 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Gay Male, Hardcore  |  
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When it's Good, it's Damn Good

... with a visit while my fiance was at work.

I was sl**ping on the couch, which was pretty normal, when ... nothing. When I saw her though, that void was filled, I saw where she came from and who she was, and I ... be another 5 years until we fucked for the first time.

When I first met her, I was engaged... Continue»
Posted by SoullessOne 2 months ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  
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My First Real Boyfriend

... not far from home but dad had been offerred a pretty lucrative job in VA. We had a lot ... and dad would move and take the new job. It would be our first time apart and was hard to think ... about.

I had to work full time to pay my way through school and rent and such. Dad helped out... Continue»
Posted by honeypuss 3 years ago  |  Categories: Masturbation  |  
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Cape Ann Caper

... not believe in artificial birth control and began forcing Willi to ejaculate on her rather than in her when ... when he was ask, which was often. He spent as much as a week away from home preparing, fishing ... on the North Atlantic is not for everyone.

Jean took over as CEO of her f****y business 5 years ago, when... Continue»
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Policeman's Boy 4

... was a bit reluctant to suck the dirty cock but he didn't want to
refuse his dad anything. So, when ... hadn't heard his
dad get out of bed. He stretched out, went for a piss and then headed
downstairs ... to see what his dad was doing. He heard Nick's voice coming from
the kitchen and paused to listen... Continue»
Posted by john1195 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Gay Male, Masturbation  |  

Lesley part 31

... her arse, then her tits.....she called for more. When he battered her rectum she stuffed three ... it on film, but was sure she could get him to do it again.

Fifteen minutes later, when Rob ... !"

"Who the fuck is close to you? Nobody visits you...your an old pariah."

"Charmed I'm fucking... Continue»
Posted by Les1111 8 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, Mature, Voyeur  |  

The Adventures of Candy Cummins

... this slutty little mouth piece when you visit him in the Pen? Or does he just fill your little cunt ... questioned the girl about her visits with her Dad. Candy’s tongue was roaming freely over Bo’s ... Candy knocked hard on the back door trying to get the bouncers attention. When he finally came... Continue»
Posted by StickyGyrl 4 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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Supermarket lesbo pick up

... when a Black lady bumped into us, she apologised immediatley and Donna said it was Ok. When we arrived ... "She seemes really nice we'll do her tonight", I replied "Ok". When we got to our house, Debbie ... trust men. She worked in a local bank and lived on her own.

Her mum and dad and two s****rs... Continue»
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