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The rest of the day went on as normal and there was no talk ... in the factory itself – the ladies did have to bribe the supervisor – but it was no secret that many of the women who worked at that factory ... ... Continue»
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... others. I thought I would post it again.


It was Ania’s first ... the odour from that morning with her mother and the strange woman.
Veronika gave Ania a peck on the cheek and said “Welcome to the factory”.

THE ... ... Continue»
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Welcome to the Gayborhood.

... part of town. It was quant and quiet and none of my friends lived close by, so I had lots of time to ... to feed me cum. We made out on the couch for a little while and then I said I had to get home. It was the best welcome to the ... ... Continue»
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Welcome to the f****y

... the bed, she straightened herself and as she opened the door to her hotel room, winked at me and said, “welcome to the ... ... Continue»
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Wasteland in Amsterdam - Welcome to the world of B

... her to wriggle out of another outfit, a couple came into the shop and started talking to the cat ... to ignore the stares of the multitude that distinguishes the truly gorgeous - and self-obsessed.

"Welcome to the World of BDSM", chuckled Slut, who's been to ... ... Continue»
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welcome to the neighborhood.

... the spout and turning on the heater i let the water warm while i removed my dinner.

Listening to the night noises of summer i heard the ... sex session we relaxed until almost midnight. Needless to say it was the best welcome to the neighborhood i've ever ... ... Continue»
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Sara and My Long Awaited Trip to the Sun PART 2

Sara and My Long Awaited Trip to the Sun PART 2
When Sara finishes giving me an earth-shattering orgasm, I cannot ... from the plane.
She tries to cover herself, with one hand.

“Girls I heard all that’s been happening in here! You left the door to the ... ... Continue»
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Trip to the lake part 1

... to the lake part 1

Here in the vicinity there is an area in the mountains with three small lakes around some hills, woods, and Ofcourse to the ... **p in the sun, the wind breathed easily through the bushes which resulted the best work started to become ... ... Continue»
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Slaves of the Amethyst (Part Seven)

... part of her body, an extension of her fingertips.
As she played Rebecca entered the room looking for her and drawn to the ... her “Not at all Alice. On the contrary! It sounds all too familiar. Welcome to the House of Mathom s****r!”
“I aven’t even thanked ... ... Continue»
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Welcome to the Neighborhood

... a gold tooth in the front.

Fred released Walker's hand. "I was starting to think I wasn't welcome here. You never ... Amber honey, that wasn't part of the deal," said Walker.

Amber dropped the pillow and slid into her chair. ... ... Continue»
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Sex Slave to the Neighbours - Part 5 - The Finale

... on the welcome mat of this very house. She stroked and sucked so gently and with such care that I didn't want to give ... his turn to have me suck his dick. I look forward to cocks in my mouth or licking a pussy. It's part of a threat to my ... ... Continue»
Posted by smallfurrycreature 2 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Mature  |  Views: 1179  |  
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Slaves of the Amethyst (Part Two)

... delighted to see Rebecca and had embraced her in fatherly fashion. Rebecca had introduced Jennifer to him.
Welcome to the cellars ... gloom and shadowy passageways but for the most part the functional areas of the cellars were surprisingly warm and well ... ... Continue»
Posted by Mikebasil 2 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Lesbian Sex  |  Views: 366  |  
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Sex Slave To The Neighbours Part 4

... welcome mat. I didn't care that it was mid morning. Or that the old lady next door saw me while she took the recycling to the ... ... Continue»
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Welcome to the park

... hills playing tag or hide and go seek. To me the best part of the park wasn’t the mountains. I don’t know what type of tree ... to the side and slid your two thick fingers in my wet cunt hard enough to send chills down my spine. I could see the ... ... Continue»
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A visit to the ABS part 2

... went back out in to the store. "The bathroom is over there" the clerk said pointing to the other side of the store area. I went ... to me, knowing it would not be the last. I went back out in to the store and thanked the clerk who said that I was welcome ... ... Continue»
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welcome to the famil. 1

... skins visual, on the magic part of his body. He was everything beautiful about a boy playing with himself, from the ten year ... was a gentle yellow light on the spa, in the beautifully dim evening. Dale did flaunt on the way to the spa, lowering in his manly ... ... Continue»
Posted by robd1 1 year ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 1946  |  
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welcome to the famil. 2

... was a banner at the top of the room reading 'Welcum to the f****y!' and all the men in the room were dressed as ... to the thrill of the boy whose dick was wet. They were curious little boys, but the older s****r who loved to watch gave them the courage to ... ... Continue»
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Sex Slave To My Neighbours Part 2

... to the Neighbours Part 2

This is Part 2 of 5 in which I go back to the house where I had been humiliated and excited, not to ... a mystery to me - and a threat. They had those pictures and a video.

In Part 3, I am refused admission to the house for a ... ... Continue»
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Coyote and the Wolf part 7

... up on the shaft a bit then rocked back again taking half of it up his ass, nearly down to the thickest part. Lobo moaned in pleasure as the fox moved forward to try again. He f***ed himself ... ... Continue»
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What we both learned on the trip to the states

... to be carted off to the doctors with a busted arm.

Ken had me prepared for the key party part of the day. After describing the ... for another pick.

The ladies went back to the main part of the house, found their key owners and began to gather up their ... ... Continue»
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