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Visiting my Dad in spain

Visiting my Dad in spain

... My Dad was in Spain for a 2 month consultancy and it was the perfect excuse to have a holiday ... brought my Dad home several times. He said that my Father was very handsome and muscular for a man of 50 ... seductively in my ear. My Dad could see me, Quim had his back to us.
“Sex my friend, beautiful sex... Continue»
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Lesley just needs some love.

... left not long after the twins were born, she was alone. Her dad helped but he was an old man ... deserved a break. Her friends had organised a trip to Spain for her 50th but she had to organise c ... she was looking at was to visit a recently discharged 64 year old man twice daily for a month... Continue»
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A sexy weekend at home

... . Weeks since she had seen her Dad and her b*****r. Her lovers.

She rolled onto her back, her hands ... behind her head, her eyes shut again as she thought back. It was over a year since Ian, her Dad, had ... , they had gone to London for the weekend, to visit a job fair. At the last minute, their plans had almost... Continue»
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My s****r, And Her Friends

... . "No, not exactly! I'll tell you a secret, though. My dad's a cop, you know. He's got handcuffs ... ? is that you?" Mike was my deadbeat dad's name. We haven't seen him in over ten years.

There's a wineglass ... it wasn't all that abnormal. This story takes place in the later 80's. I was living at home with my... Continue»
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just story telling hope yall like it

... of it."

"This?....My dad gave it to me when i was five. He said this is an heirloom passed down ... ."

"She the eldest?"

"Yep...My dad gave her a rosary cross in a form ... !"

"That trick. My dad taught me."

*Stares at the layed out bodies... Continue»
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Stephanie seduces her handsome father

... over my shaking knee and up and down my inner thigh.

"God it's only six-thirty Dad, why are you up ... .

"Jesus baby, gently," Dad ordered, still panting, as one of my hands continued to pump him relentlessly ... , stopping only when my trembling knees gently brushed against the silk sheets on his king size bed... Continue»
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... .

Since then my feelings about her had become so muddled and confused.

When I had been in Spain ... couples do, even my mum and dad who clearly do not love each other. But at least, it was clear ... immediately disliked him. Jealousy or feeling sorry for my dad? I wasn't really sure, but as we... Continue»
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... dads all the time, he leaves the bathroom open for me and my s****r to see him naked. Been doing ... and one 3 years younger who were well known for visiting other expats houses to lend money or last ... whilst my wife was out working for a local Realtor. Around 11am there was a knock on the door... Continue»
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... down completely for two weeks to get in some fishing. My dad had buddy who owned a cabin in Arkansas ... on a private lake. I had been there a few years back, fishing with my dad. The cabin was great ... a little fishing, have a little fun and brainstorm without the everyday pressures of daily business. My dad... Continue»
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My mom's slutty side

... waist, round ass curved like a peach with 36DD tits. Originating from Spain, she was quite fair ... skinned and had long jet black hair.

Like all families I'm sure, my parents had their up's and downs ... , often arguments leading to fights which then lead to either them being separate for a while or dad... Continue»
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"DADDY" I whisper

... terrible things," I said, my body now trembling in his arms.

"What things Steffie?" Dad asked ... it's only six-thirty Dad, why are you up so early anyway?" I complained as I pushed my knee further ... one eye, savoring its taste as it slithered down my throat.

"Jesus baby, gently," Dad ordered... Continue»
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Blond Boy Gets Lucky in Puerto Rico

... there, cutey, my name is William Miller,” extending his limp wrist which Sean took and shook firmly ... . “OK s*s, I know you are gay too, so there is no need to pretend with me by shaking my hand like ... was a cop like his dad before him and he hoped his only son would follow in the honorable f****y... Continue»
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Nissa's Story

... by the
name of Sir Thomas visited his friend at the mission and was greeted
by the c***dren there, some ...
acquaintances of Lord Adam and Sir Thomas began to visit the remote
mission, some of whom also took ...

NISSA'S STORY Part 1/3 C/W 1999 Dino Dave

My name is Nissa... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... always edging to get up under my petticoats especially
then still I like that in him polite to old ...
have the two of them under my nose all the time like that slut that Mary we
had in Ontario terrace ... that she could eat at our table on Christmas
if you please O no thank you not in my house stealing... Continue»
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A sexy weekend in Paris

... that included a visit to the same city. There had been a mix up over the hotel booking. The two rooms ... others mouths, their lips locked together as Susie pressed her mound against her Dad's hard bulge ... they broke apart, their breathing heavy. Susie looked at her Dad, and then dropped slowly to her knees... Continue»
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... enjoyed my writing which will encourage me to continue.

In the morning both boys woke up ... rock hard. That's it, he thought to himself, there is no decision here. This is my first Spring ... needs Reality when One could have Fantasy!” Oh, that has to added to my gay Thesaurus.

“Oh Well... Continue»
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... away and he'd returned to live in his native Spain. After some mediation, Jacqueline was given ... visitation rights with her father.

Jacquie had been estranged from Martin somewhere between Three ... in many things. Through his warmth and affection that her Dad displayed to her, Jacquie did not dislike... Continue»
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A sexy weekend in Spain

... by side on the plane heading for Spain, he closed his eyes and thought back to how it had all come about ... , the rest of the f****y had gone to Spain, and had spent the day in Barcelona, a city Susie had always ... wanted to visit. When they got back, Susie was quite jealous of them for having been... Continue»
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Step Mummy was so helpful

... met in Spain where Carl and Jeff (Carl’s dad) had gone on holiday, Sharon was real sexy looking ... beside her and put my hand up her skirt, yep she was panty less.

Sharon phoned dad telling him Karen ... chatted about my holiday, I asked how things where with dad, Sharon pulled over and burst out crying... Continue»
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b*****rly Lust Part 3

... time tonight when Dad and Mum took Gran to visit some other relatives, They where both working out ... 6.30pm when Mum,Dad and Gran left to go visiting for the evening, Scott was sitting in the living ... will look after each other”

“Ok goodnight, if you need me call me on my mobile”

“Will do Dad enjoy... Continue»
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