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Serviceslave Vicky (Teil 02)

... Paul zu Khalid. "Los zieh an!!", fauchte er zu Vicky rüber.

Vicky fuhr aus ihren Gedanken hoch. "Ja, .. Herr", ... Schwester füllte einen Plastikbecher mit Mineralwasser und gab Vicky vorsichtig davon. Vicky trank wie eine Verdurstende.

"Nicht so hastig. ... ... Continue»
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Serviceslave Vicky (Teil 03)

... wieder ungehalten die Augenbrauen zusammen und sah Vicky dabei energisch an. Für den Moment wollte Vicky ihn nicht noch mehr verärgern. Also ... und ließ sich entspannt in den Sitz neben Vicky fallen. Er begann damit Vicky genau zu erläutern, wie sie sich in ... ... Continue»
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Serviceslave Vicky

... bedeutete ihr sich wieder zu setzten. Vicky sah ihren Chef funkelnd an. "Gut!" Vicky gab sich einen Ruck und ... einfach zuviel auf dem Spiel."

Sprachlos blickte Vicky Mr. Osborn an. "Sie meinen ...", Vicky schluckte;"... damit bin ich wirklich entlassen?" ... ... Continue»
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Vicky's new job, part one.

... measurements.

"Great! When do I start?", Vicky responded enthusiastically.

Before the man responded, Vicky abruptly squealed as she felt a ... move. It slowly lowered Vicky onto the cold, silver metal truck bed. Exhausted, Vicky welcomed the release as ... ... Continue»
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Vicky's Pink Diary 02

... girls. But I'm Vicky, and as my usual thoughts about being Vicky permanently flash through my ... quite impressed, but Vicky was as jealous as hell! As Vicky I wanted those beauties ... pocket, but not for Kevin, for Vicky. Vicky wears Donna's knickers to bed. I ... ... Continue»
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Vicky's Pink Diary 01

... knee him in the balls I don't know, but Vicky wouldn't do that, Vicky would just have to accept what was ... . I have to tell myself I am Vicky, this is Vicky kissing and jerking her Uncle's dick. This is Vicky letting Uncle Creep explore her ... ... Continue»
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... There were only six of us then plus Vicky the secretary, a woman of 41years of age, ... I hade cause to go into recetion where Vicky was sat typing at her desk, I had ... . "not really" I replied. At this Vicky stood up, shit I thought thats the end ... ... Continue»
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vicky`s fun

... of my mouth

"get on your back vicky! he demands

I quickly obliged

"I`m gunna fuck ... loving it, you dirty little bitch vicky!"

"oh fucking yes! FUCK ME, FUCK ME ... in satisfaction.

"your one lovely little whore vicky" he says as he strokes my hair ... ... Continue»
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Vicky Gold aus Hinterm Sofa an....

... nicht mehr halten kann vor Geilheit. ,, Mhhh ich komme gleich Vicky..ich will dir auf die dicken Titten spritzen"

Sie lächelt ,, dann steh auf!"

Stelle mich vor Vicky und sie packt ihre ganze Oberweite aus dem Top und ... ... Continue»
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Vicky's Apartment

As i drove Vicky home i found out that "pretty close" actually ment next door ... and if i was needed for them. Now it was just Vicky and me, our hands running up and down each other ... ... Continue»
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... middle-aged woman stood up and came towards them.

"Vicky!" She exclaimed.

"Hey!" Vicky said excitedly as they both hugged.

"Sweetie, ... 's getting big again. It wants to fuck pussy." Vicky whined.

Vicky's ass began to bounce on her son working his ... ... Continue»
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Tante Karen - Teil 9 - Überrascht (Netzfund)

... Millimeter für Millimeter wandern sie tiefer zwischen die Schenkel, kommen Vicky´s Paradies beachtlich nahe. Ein letzter Druck auf ... noch einmal schmecken!“ Verwundert stelle ich fest, dass Vicky meine Tante wieder „sietzt“, obwohl sie zwischenzeitlich schon ... ... Continue»
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... dream looking at her ass.

Mom and Vicky disagreed about everything especially Vicky's choice in men. Vicky couldn't stand mom and the ... around the loveseat to the couch where Vicky and I were sitting. Vicky was really close but had time to straighten ... ... Continue»
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There Can Be Only One Chapters 1 & 2

... straining against my shorts.

“Come here Vicky”

Vicky didn’t move.

“For goodness sake Vicky” Cathy piped in, “get over ...

Cathy walked over to Vicky and held her wet fingers up to Vicky’s mouth.

Vicky accepted her friend’s ... ... Continue»
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... going. Vicky and I looked on and I mouthed to her “He’s enormous”! Vicky mouthed to ... Sara waggled Mark’s cock right in Vicky’s face and Vicky poked out her tongue ... Vicky and, placing her head right next to Vicky, she then took over sucking Mark’s cock. Vicky ... ... Continue»
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... einundvierzig frisch abgesamten Bullen ins FKK Dorf
begleitet. Vicky konnte es nicht lassen, einigen besonders lüstern
... ins Gesicht spritzen konnte. "Letzte Entsamung
vorm Schlafengehen", Vicky läutete einen finalen Partystern ein. Wir
verstanden ... ... Continue»
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Loren's Tuesday

... jerk.

I took a quick glance between Vicky’s legs toward Nina to see Ted standing near Vicky's thigh with a gloriously hard big ... to put his dick in Vicky's pussy doggie style. This f***e Vicky's clit back on my mouth. Vicky said “don’t you just ... ... Continue»
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My Group Experience rewritten for Loren

... jerk.

I took a quick glance between Vicky’s legs toward Nina to see Ted standing near Vicky's thigh with a gloriously hard big ... to put his dick in Vicky's pussy doggie style. This f***e Vicky's clit back on my mouth. Vicky said “don’t you just ... ... Continue»
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There Can Be Only One Chapters 5 & 6

... Mum directed the last sentence looking directly at Vicky.

Vicky dropped her skirt. “Please don’t tell mum…please ... but got between Vicky’s legs. I watched intensely as she lowered her head between Vicky’s outstretched thighs. Vicky spread her ... ... Continue»
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There Can Be Only One Chapters 7 & 8

... next time I will be more gentle. Vicky smiled.

Vicky shifted position so that she was ... soon as Cathy came in contact with Vicky, Vicky let out a soft moan. That girl ... his eyes off Vicky. Vicky and I sat down with me making sure that Vicky sat next to ... ... Continue»
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