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Always keep an open mind

... he asked. “I think, as an open-minded woman, you’d find it very interesting. I’ve been told ... recognised how open-minded she was! And not just an open-minded woman, but an open-minded ... ’d always put him off. And that wasn’t very open-minded of her, was it? Or ... ... Continue»
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... ." I whispered back.

I helped her stand and noticed she had shed very little bl**d. We told the f****y, who did more watching than ... quiver. Reaching down with her hands, she spread her lips open letting the warm water pulse over her inner flesh and ... ... Continue»
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a very hairy girl 2

... getting a little tipsy.. That made her very open, and all of a sudden she asked me ... Her pubic hair was very dark, almost black, and it was very dense... But what ... ... She smelled really strong, a mix of a very horny girl with pee, irrisistable.. I started ... ... Continue»
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My first threesome with two young woman, a very re

... , very gothic, short, long black hair, a nose ring, tats, and the cutest b cups I have ever seen. she was very open, bi sexual, very much ... my hands from my head down to my balls with a very loose grip. The pre cum now covering my shaft lubing ... ... Continue»
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A Very Small Thing

... full advantage once it presented itself. Our f****y had always been very open and free. We never locked doors and often did not ... never thought much about it; we were f****y.

My parents were very loving and were not shy about showing affection in public ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday My Secret Garden Women’s Sexual

... Not a frightening picture – on the contrary, I felt very
large and accommodating, very wide and open, waiting for him
to fill me up ... that some experimentation actually did take place, as they
were very open-minded and at times had our dog shut in the ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday Forbidden Flowers MORE WOMEN’S

... never able to be
very open about sex, because my husband … is the romantic
sort, and believes very much in the sanctity ... be very open about sex, because: my
husband, although having a large carnal appetite, is the romantic
sort and believes very much ... ... Continue»
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... . He is restrained, spread wide open, still very nude. His cock is soft but ... were splayed open, giving her easy access to his pubic area. They were open very wide, ... sprawled out to the side, leaving him very open and very vulnerable. The massive ball sac ... ... Continue»
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... obviously, were very horny. I thought I knew my wife really well but didn’t expect her reaction. She was a good lover, very open to new ideas but I didn’t expect her to be as open about letting her two sons ... ... Continue»
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Power Line

... as Jason
put it he is very open and is willing to explain things ... with separate rooms our showers are very open afterward many of
the guys once clean ... very sheepish so I tackle those first, I think you two know the reason so
let's get it out in the open ... ... Continue»
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The Craving - Must Read

... of girl talk. She was usually very open with me, telling me what boys ... my bedroom door, which was already open part way, creek open all the way. I glanced ... very tight," I instructed. "Almost impossibly so. But after you get inside, it will start to open ... ... Continue»
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Sex With Hubby's Friend

... I had consumed, the conversation became very open and honest. We talked about a bunch of very personal things that surprised my husband. ... for the bra to open he was transfixed with a very focused look. I unhooked the bra and very slowly left the straps ... ... Continue»
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Sex makes the heart ponder and grow fonder

... . “Well?”, she asked expectantly.

“Well, what?” I asked very sheepishly.

“Do you approve or not?”, she said.

... very open mouth, entwining her tongue throughout your mouth, sucking your tongue into her, playing with your lips, and breathing very ... ... Continue»
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... . I started to move up
and down on his cock very slowly and not very far. I
could feel his cock bumping my hymen ... feels good the do it.
That’s my motto"

"We have a very open relationship" mom told us.

"We play with other people sometimes ... ... Continue»
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Return of the Teen, Morphed to a Sexual Woman

... . “Well?”, she asked expectantly.

“Well, what?” I asked very sheepishly.

“Do you approve or not?”, she said.

... very open mouth, entwining her tongue throughout your mouth, sucking your tongue into her, playing with your lips, and breathing very ... ... Continue»
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Chapter V Lesbian Love & sodomy

... goodbye and then we both broke down, and we exchanged a very very long kiss. I must say from talking with Sonia tardn ... with ease, it was still very open. Sonia's pussy licked eagerly Sandrine, licking my balls too at times. Very excited I gave blow k**ney ... ... Continue»
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A very beautiful sexy bold charming housewife

... in my home when I open that packet and found a very nice book on friendship and ... open in zip as it was very tight she was just remove my hand don’t want to allow me to open ... it was very good chance I just left her boobs.. and started open her jeans.. I ... ... Continue»
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Maid on Terrace to Mom on Bed

... very clean and neat in her work as well as her hygiene. She was very open with ... to Sunita's room was half open and when she pushed open the door she found Sunita ...

"Sunita, then what happened?" mom was in a very excited state. She wanted every detail, ... ... Continue»
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Lusting for Granny

... really never set a lot of rules. They very liberal in their thinking and always have very open minds.

I am a pretty average student, much ... way too bookwormish and dowdy.

"You know your mother has a very open mind. It might not occur to her on her own ... ... Continue»
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A Weekend Trip

... women.
You love that about the American black male, so very open sexually, so abrasive with their intent. They are looking ... notice that Shaun’s glances have advanced to stares and very open flirtations. Damon, catching on to it, respects the fact ... ... Continue»
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