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Used at School 7

Used at School 7

... girl's were still awake and they looked so tired and used, their bodies covered in sweat and cum and the machines ... fully over their orgasm's yet.

"right girls enjoy your day at school, I shall pop in to see you from time to time ... ... Continue»
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Chapter Two of Meg Brown at school

... real person however the stories are fictional,sadly.

Meg at School ………. Back to the present.

Meg ... ldquo;You were lucky” smiled Sally “I used to get eight or even more”
“But ... ... Continue»
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Used at School

... which immediately went hard and she looked up at her Master and he told her that she ... shirt and blazer and she was ready for school. Her master turned the controller of the egg ... big orgasm. He then grabbed her hair and used it to f***ed his cock all the way ... ... Continue»
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Used at School 3

... I am nothing more than an object - an instrument to be used by my Master for his pleasures.
6. I acknowledge that my body ... with only a small amount squirting over her white school shirt. David looked at her and smiled before
un hooking the chain.

" ... ... Continue»
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At school

... started to get nice shapes, just like her.
I used to admire her a little extra on the sly, but ... and legs began to relax as if it got used to the feel of my hand. I could ... Now I came to think that we were actually at school, even if it it was when all the ... ... Continue»
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used at school 8

... for it. Both Olivia and Claire looked at each other and they both new that they ... were going to be cumming a lot more before school the next morning. David turned the machine off ... the round balltight against their pussies and used the last bit of rope to tie ... ... Continue»
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f***ed at school

... that he wanted to see her after school.

There was only 1/2 an hour left at school when Sammy came walking into the office ... 2 class rooms and the far end of the school that did not get used much and he took me into one and ... ... Continue»
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A special day at school..

... a resistance and as I realized this cute little girl, my boss at school, wanted my sperm in her mouth I couldn’t hold back anymore ... you?” – I really did not, I can admit. I packed away my used dick at the very same second the same teacher from before walked ... ... Continue»
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Used at School 2

... quickly handed Olivia a pair of tight blue school shorts and a clean shirt and told her ... for a couple of miles before turning up at this huge house and they went up to ... and watch TV or something.

Claire looked at him for a few seconds before getting up ... ... Continue»
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Used at School 6

... down the side of his face. David resisted at first but found he liked having her riding ... picked up the strap-on that she had used on Claire yesterday and she started to put ... very soon the two girls heard a knock at the door and when they opened they found ... ... Continue»
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Used at School 5

... when I get home."

The two girls looked at each other and smile and headed their different ... girls slutty mouths and they both looked at each other and commented on how slutty ... the two girls covered in cum and used ready for when their Master does get back ... ... Continue»
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Used at School 4

... ready slave?"

She did not say anything at first but then replied "Yes Master"

"Good ... before pulling his cock out of her used pussy.

"Right Slaves I want you ... all to be down before I get back at five tonight"

"Yes Master" they both replied ... ... Continue»
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A cute young thai boy at school

... online.
On our campus we had a math teacher who stayed at school until eight pm every night to help students with math ... he was looking at me the same way I was looking at him. At this point, we were alone in a public school classroom, making out ... ... Continue»
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Clubhouse Part Five Stud at school

The following week at school, it was almost like there was ... pulled away, then said, "Please be prompt after school Peter." She took my artwork to her desk, ... to your student that you kept after school.

She brightened at that and said she would try. I ... ... Continue»
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Sex With Girlfriend's Best Friend At School

... first time sex with my new
girlfriend Misty yesterday. I arrive at school early
and find Misty's friend Shirley waiting. She's 18, ... with matching heels.

I follow them to a trailer behind the school. "Ok y'all
take a seat in the front." We watch ... ... Continue»
Posted by kinghut 10 months ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Hardcore, Taboo  |  

One day at school

One day at school came this new girl named Susan. She was a very pretty girl in her school uniform. Her black shoes with ... you what you deserve, a loud spanking. Remove your uniform at once!”

Susan did what was commanded and undressed herself ... ... Continue»
Posted by virgin805 5 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, BDSM, Fetish  |  
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I visit my BBC slut daughter at school

... I was missing Jennifer and decided to surprise her at school. I drove up on a Friday morning since ... not last long as I was really good at sucking BBC and could deep throat any size ... having a orgasm and James tongue lapped at her pussy. since He was still hard ... ... Continue»
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Fucking my teacher at school

... 30ish and fucking hot. I kept making eyes at him and sucking my pen like i was ... his cock inside me. It hurt a bit at first but when he got going omfg was ... fucked properly. I fucked him almost every day at school for about 8 months until he got transfered. ... ... Continue»
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St Monicas School

... window. "Where'd you find her?"
"She's my teacher at school," offered Trisha in response.

Jenna felt like passing out. ... office. "I wonder who's calling me here at the school?" Jenna
wasn't used to such disturbances and her curiosity was killing ... ... Continue»
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High School Girls

... from underneath them, grimacing. A D-? He was no great shakes at
school - Darren and Sam usually helped him out - but he ... intently the school trophies.

He turned to look at Joe. The blonde girl's face was drawn. Darren
wasn't used to Joe being ... ... Continue»
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