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Used at School 2

Used at School 3

... and

1. I am a sex slave and nothing more.
2. I will not speak without my master’s permission ... the time.
5. I acknowledge that I am nothing more than an object - an instrument to be used by my ... . I am allowed to suggest ways to further my training or use of me as long as I address my Master... Continue»
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School 2

... School 2

Please read School before reading School 2.

Kathy calls me about 9 PM Sunday night ... . I tell her I would be glad to do that for her.

Monday at school both Sherry and April ... is fixing supper for us and will be in the kitchen if we need her. April sits down and we finish... Continue»
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Used at School 2

... a choice as she could not walk round the school looking like she did, so she slowly undressed and sat ... herself up and quickly handed Olivia a pair of tight blue school shorts and a clean shirt and told her... Continue»
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Used at School

... on all day so her nipples will remain hard and that she will not be wearing a bra under her school ... was ready for school. Her master turned the controller of the egg shaped vibrators on and set them ... Master and then left for school. She soon found that the more she walked the more intense the vibrations... Continue»
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The school counsellor, part 2

... tied tight. I was ready. Ready to be used. The school counsellor, the football team slut.
I returned ... Part 2.

“I knew you’d be back!” Gary said as he greeted me.
“Of course, you did say the job ... calls me sweetie, and she’s gorgeous, just like you, thanks,” he said.

I ate my lunch. Tuna salad... Continue»
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Katie the school slut - 2

A couple of weeks had passed since my first story, during that time I ... had dated a few guys at nights, had a quick feel of their cock around the school corridors ... shirt, I wasn’t wearing a bra so my nipples pushed at the material making 2 hard lumps in the smooth... Continue»
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Slut School pt. 2

Part 2 of Slut School ... is told, and Mandy uses 2 small leather belts to strap Sarah's arms to it so she cannot escape. She ... reacts in disgust. "I hate cum!"

"You do? Oh dear, good job you came to slut school then, I'm... Continue»
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used at school 8

... then turned the stimulators on and she struggled to her feet and walked slowly along the hall way using ... have to call your friend over her and do a little show for us and then you can take your clothes ... what do you want us to do" Claire asked

"Well first I want you to undress down to your diaper... Continue»
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School Girl Bullies pt. 2

... , for the first time in my life I was looking forward to the school day ahead of me.

Throughout the first ... , fart-face, miss us?" She grinned.

"Very much so." I murmered trying to sound uninterested.

"I ... that fact.

"Right, we got him girls!" Kaylee cheered victoriously. The other 2 smiled and congratulated... Continue»
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Our School club Part 2

... the room.
At last Friday arrived for us expectant girls; we had decided to increase our numbers ... in the school, this earnt her the nickname, Messy Nessy.
As founder members the original six decided ... that there is absolutely no chance they would run to the staff and squeal on us." Opined Ingrid.
Jay countered... Continue»
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Used at School 7

... and they looked so tired and used, their bodies covered in sweat and cum and the machines were still ... into his room and grabbed the remote controlled vibrator's and a spare set that he had used on Olivia ... when she was in school and he came back into the girl's room and he got on to Claire's bed first... Continue»
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The Beardsley School for Girls Chapter 2 - Justine

... the Meeting (Part 2)

"Come in," Michael commanded. He looked up as the door opened, pleasantly ... . The Board would like to see her bound in some, slowly stripped naked, and you using some of the more painful ... her paces. Thursday after class would be fine; the school would almost be empty. I haven't seen all... Continue»
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used 2

... of it.

"That was a pretty great show you put on for us last night," Matt exclaimed. Melissa ... in his hand. Melissa gasped as the cold water hit her, but used the opportunity to try and scrub off most ... to squeal in pain. "Now push out all of those anal beads without using your hands" Matt commanded. Melissa... Continue»
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Tgirl dominated by school Mistress part 2

... I am what I am.
I got called to see Miss Jones, the teacher in charge of discipline at my school ... . Understand me about that."
"Yes Miss Jones, I understand" I was back in her school office again. Again ... what you are made of, strip"
I took off my school uniform and stood there. Miss Jones walked round me... Continue»
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School Daze Pt.2

... separated us,the tip of his blue veined cock grazed the base of my chin.

"Please,Mr.Wilkins? Please ... of us. He then lifted the remote and pressed a button,bringing the image of Sheila back to life ... .

Someone had handed her a vibrator,and I stared in rapt fascination,as she used the long,thin,pink... Continue»
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High school days 2

... in the passenger side window and told us that Cindy ate something earlier that didn't agree ... arrangement since neither of us really made a point about the rules of our sexy story exchange ... her son about her high school sex life. Although, I may have appeared confident, I was sweating... Continue»
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Slag for use Part 2

... Slag for use Part 2

It was two days later when he called me, I had thought of little else ... to be used to service his friends and that all I was to them was a cheap dirty shag. Shaking I arrived ... stared at me rubbing their cocks harder.
‘this is our slag boys. Ours to use. all weekend, she’s... Continue»
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Used by My High School Bully: Chapter 1

... that there was really no big difference
between us.

Even in high school we looked like maybe, at least partially ... of my existence, Eddie, brought to an end another
school day. He flipped me off to an equally loud ... Eddie and he hated me. Since we met in middle school we had had
perhaps one of the worst... Continue»
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... job had been to bring joy to my f****y, and the 2 girls who became temporary members, and I had done ... torso to his nipples - oh, a man's aroused nipples are so sexy, so tiny but passionate - and then used ... back at his neck, and used my hands to grasp gently his manhood, so in need of attention, and he... Continue»
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f***ed at school part 2

... us go.
Sir. I have not finnished wih you yet slut, I am going to have alot more fun with you ... took it in turns fucking me and cumming inside me one after the other, but all the time I had 2 cocks ... on to my cock until we both cum.

they then untied us and took us down stairs and out to one... Continue»
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