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Unexpected enjoyable night

Unexpected enjoyable night

... I sore her “wow” we where in for a good <ddd>night</ddd>.

We got to this pub about 7ish, Rob was due ... well so the three of us could join him for a <ddd>night</ddd>-cap back at his hotel.

We walked outside the bar ... ... Continue»
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Unexpected Hot Night With Mom

... start urinating. I started to think that this could be the <ddd>night</ddd> that something could happen. I went back to the table and ... overnighter, so we’ll only have one <ddd>night</ddd> together. Oh well, one <ddd>night</ddd> is better than nothing. I was ecstatic non the ... ... Continue»
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Hall Pass Pt 1

... moved into their room with the stagger that pointed to a <ddd>enjoyable</ddd> <ddd>night</ddd>, got undressed, dissolved into the bed and drifted off ... well as looks?"

"Who?" asked her husband curious by this <ddd>unexpected</ddd> outburst. She laughed gently

"The guy down the hall ... ... Continue»
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... tell that this is going to be an <ddd>enjoyable</ddd> <ddd>night</ddd>, between the buzz of the drink, the ... I look over at Patricia.

"Wow, that was <ddd>unexpected</ddd>. But I think that if I get to see ... but I could tell this might be a fun <ddd>night</ddd>.

I look over at Patricia and make ... ... Continue»
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... -lawsbycolecash©
It all started on Saturday <ddd>night</ddd> when my wife (Patricia) and myself ( ... tell that this is going to be an <ddd>enjoyable</ddd> <ddd>night</ddd>, between the buzz of the drink, ... I look over at Patricia.

"Wow, that was <ddd>unexpected</ddd>. But I think that if I get to ... ... Continue»
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Date Night (femdom classic)

... say sarcastically.
Startled out of my peacefulness by this <ddd>unexpected</ddd> remark, I looked up to
see him standing there ... Pat
said," Slut has had a busy <ddd>night</ddd>, pour yourself a drink Dearie. " Grateful
for this <ddd>unexpected</ddd> kindness, I poured myself a glass ... ... Continue»
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"Waiting for you. To come down here. To start our <ddd>night</ddd>," he said in a deeply seductive voice.

Shelby shivered with ... her head over him giving him a slightly uncoordinated but still <ddd>enjoyable</ddd> blow job. Shelby was struggling with her hands above her ... ... Continue»
Posted by sexaddict66 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 3576  |  

Kara's Unexpected Menage Trois

... cheerfully,"It's Johnny...from the restaurant, I've got the <ddd>night</ddd> off and I wondered if you'd like to get together!"
... she was caught completely off guard by this sudden and <ddd>unexpected</ddd> revelation. Her first inclination was to respond with a resounding," ... ... Continue»
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One Silent Night

... probably married, or living with somebody. Probably had a k**, and took a <ddd>night</ddd> job so that she could spend time with the ... doing, thinking about his mouth like she wanted a taste?

A sudden, <ddd>unexpected</ddd> dimple made its way to surface when he gave a small ... ... Continue»
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It happened one night....

... pleasant for you, I cant know if its as <ddd>enjoyable</ddd> as the touch of my mouth on your ... off home now, but it will always be a <ddd>night</ddd> to remember.[/image]

We've spent a few ... pleasant for you, I cant know if its as <ddd>enjoyable</ddd> as the touch of my mouth on your ... ... Continue»
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... his father's hard, throbbing erection.

Things had definitely taken an <ddd>unexpected</ddd> turn, and Jake was never one to deal with a change ... was declined in the least subtle way imaginable.

Late that <ddd>night</ddd>, Jake couldn't sl**p. He lay awake in his bed, having ... ... Continue»
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Unexpected sex

... none of the sl**py, relaxed sex of the previous <ddd>night</ddd> – this was basic, a****listic fucking, the pure lust of two ... up – accompanied by a round of applause from my housemates downstairs!
<ddd>Unexpected</ddd> sex – definitely the best! ... Continue»
Posted by friskyminxx 1 year ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Masturbation, Voyeur  |  Views: 3100  |  
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A night with my co-worker

... drinks and then headed for her house to call it a <ddd>night</ddd>. I was felling pretty horny from the drinks our conversations, and ... and then pulled my shirt off over my head.(compleatly <ddd>unexpected</ddd>) Ann leaned in and put my hard nipple in her ... ... Continue»
Posted by kellyjones3 1 year ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex  |  Views: 2133  |  
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My First Unexpected Bi-MMF Threesome

... it only as a random experimental thing, it was one VERY <ddd>unexpected</ddd> <ddd>night</ddd> that would change all of that for me.

I had moved ... and Tom 69'd on the couch ;). I've never forgotten that <ddd>night</ddd>, it's possibly my favorite sexual encounter I've had. Unfortunately ... ... Continue»
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the night we changed part 1 (corrected) & part

... exactly as you will read it

The <ddd>night</ddd> we changed

I wanted to make that <ddd>night</ddd> special. We had just returned from a ... to see him even if I wanted to, really added some <ddd>unexpected</ddd> preassure and intensity to an already intense situation.
A shiver ran ... ... Continue»
Posted by ebonfire 10 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, First Time, Hardcore  |  Views: 436  |  

Winter Night Threesome

... <ddd>unexpected</ddd>. The day started out pretty normal, my girlfriend Abagail and I had plans to go out to see a movie later that <ddd>night</ddd>. Fast forward to after the movie because that is where my story really begins to take a turn for the <ddd>unexpected</ddd> ... ... Continue»
Posted by waz94 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Lesbian Sex  |  Views: 2379  |  

Sex NightUnexpected Surprises

... out the new lingerie and blindfold I had bought for this <ddd>night</ddd>. I ran a bubble bath in the soaker tub for her and ... . I agreed and asked her if I had surprised her with this <ddd>unexpected</ddd> day long adventure. She laughed and said absolutely, but I have ... ... Continue»
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An Unexpected Convience (Part 2)

... ?"
"Oh it didn't. I'm just wondering if you even remember last <ddd>night</ddd> at all."
"Well.. Nope. I think I slept with some dude though ... !”
“Let me have it on my ass!”

This was an <ddd>unexpected</ddd> location, but we quickly changed positions and I shot my load ... ... Continue»
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My hotel maid my hostess and unexpected friend

... were when you called to reception.

This was taking an <ddd>unexpected</ddd> turn.

Well where is she i asked.

Oh, i'll call her ... suite to continue our fun and some where in the <ddd>night</ddd> fell asl**p entwined together.

I woke up to the sight of ... ... Continue»
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Oh What a Night

... stylist and standing on her feet all day, listening to <ddd>enjoyable</ddd> stories from her clients but more often than not listening ... a patch of neatly trimmed hair right above her clitoris. The <ddd>night</ddd> lite gave just enough exposure that I could see her touching ... ... Continue»
Posted by adel5000 2 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Mature  |  Views: 1107  |  
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