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Uncle Moe

Uncle Gary

... my hands and knees, wiggling my butt
slightly in Uncle Gary's direction. Uncle Gary's hands first gripped my
ankles and slowly worked ... day and found myself with my erection digging into
Uncle Gary's fat. Uncle Gary was still asl**p, but he too had a ... ... Continue»
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Uncle Charlie finally has both his s****r and his

... the video and talking to mom, I knew what it was."
Uncle Charlie

Uncle Charlie didn't say a word. Just sipped his drink. Finally ... us both. “Does that mean you won’t spank us, Uncle Charlie?” Uncle Charlie laughed. “Oh no! I intend to spank the hell ... ... Continue»
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Arousing Sex With Uncle’s Wife In Her Bedroo

... her second hand on the neck of uncle. Uncle rubbing aunt pussy and aunt rubbing uncle penis. Now I have seen the under arm ... . Now aunt bent down and she remove the trouser of uncle. Uncle is now only in his underwear. I can see the erection ... ... Continue»
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Me and uncle jack

... father walked into the dining room and behind him Uncle Jack. Uncle Jack was wearing his pink shirt with the blue stripes ... was still shy about getting a hard on with his uncle.

"Yeah Uncle Jack. I"m glad I take after you." He managed ... ... Continue»
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Megan's Uncle Ch. 01

... tightening of her nipples.

"What's for dinner, Uncle Dan?" she asked casually.

"Pasta Alfredo with garlic ... ."

"What brought on that workout session?" Uncle Dan asked. "You normally take it easy?"

... ... Continue»
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Megan's Uncle Ch. 02

... that her ankles had been strapped to the bed and Uncle Dan was licking her wet cunt.

"Oh ... taking vitamin supplements."

Seven and a half months later Uncle Dan was fucking his highly pregnant wife (they'd told ... ... Continue»
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Uncle Darrens Farm

... straight after those words. "oh fuck that feels
fucking great uncle Darren". He started fucking my ass even harder after
those ... fuck me as well.

The night after I gave my uncle a good fucking, Uncle Darren had some mates
over and I had this feeling ... ... Continue»
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My Uncle David and I.

... purring pussy. That was the first night I masturbated over my uncle.

The next morning I woke up to silence, everybody was ... , gripping onto the rail and moaning so loud.
“Oh yes Uncle David! Harder! I’m gonna cum!” I screamed. I felt him pump his ... ... Continue»
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Uncle and I

... ass.” “Would you do that uncle John.” Uncle John moved closer to the bed ... with ecstasy. “Cum with me uncle John, cum with me.” Uncle John increased his speed and I ... it’s tip. “You measure 7 3/4 inches uncle John.” Now I measured the diameter at its ... ... Continue»
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... but again, nothing titillating. Off the living room was Uncle Jerry's office and while she'd glimpsed inside before she'd ... this pattern until Janie was almost humping his leg.

"Please, Uncle Jerry," she muttered, "please..."

"That's right Janie, beg ... ... Continue»
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... time, I just can't sl**p!" I wailed out the last words.

Uncle Jack scratched his head. He looked thoughtful.

"You're stressed ... were continuing, and I knew at that shocking moment, it was Uncle Jack's tongue doing the stroking. For a brief moment I was ... ... Continue»
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... , a sexy blonde woman was busy sucking her uncle's cock... Her uncle's big cock, for what Kelly could see from ... Kelly murmured.

"I'm coming.... Fuck, I'm coming!" She exclaimed. "Harder, uncle Bobbie! Make me come!"

And Bobbie obeyed. Slamming his dick ... ... Continue»
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Emma Watson and Alexa Vega With Uncle Steve's

... side entrance. As we went around a corner, I immediately saw
Uncle Steve. He was walking towards us along a hedgerow.

“There’s ... cum!”

Without thinking, I rolled my eyes as I said, “Thanks Uncle Steve,
you’ve got a really – really nice penis.” I ... ... Continue»
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... You gave me the hardest spanking I can ever remember."

Uncle Charlie's hand stopped moving. "I remember. You had dressed ... there and suddenly the liquor soured in my stomach.

Uncle Charlie smiled, then laughed. He laughed hysterically. "Outsmarted ... ... Continue»
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My Uncle Who I Can't Refuse

... further.

"Y-Yes, I did." I answered.

"Good," Uncle Geoff replied. "I'm glad you've started to find your sexuality ... ignore your close friends wants, can I Uncle Geoff?" I submissively responded.

"Hah!" Uncle Geoff spat out, "Really Lily, you ... ... Continue»
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Uncle Joe Comes to Visit his Niece Chrissy

... material.

"My shower was great thanks, very......satisfying." My uncle smiled knowingly and my blush deepened. He knew I was caught ... belly, unable to cover my breasts as I spoke to Uncle Joe.

"Umm..uncle? Should we be doing this ... I mean, y-you're ... ... Continue»
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Helping my aunt and uncle pt 1

... and my pecker was now completely soft.

"Cathleen." I heard my uncle saying softly from the other side of the bed.

"I think ... without much fanfare.

"Then don't use your hand Cathleen." My uncle told her.

"I told you Bob, I will not go farther ... ... Continue»
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Uncle Mitch part 1

... attach a leash to your dog.

There was the possibility that Uncle Mitch wanted something more, something sinister. It was a visceral ... my picture taken, of standing in the corner vanished. Uncle Mitch, my Uncle Mitch, was some kind of pervert. And he ... ... Continue»
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Uncle Mitch part 2

... and I'd gotten nowhere near an orgasm. Both times.

Uncle Mitch's deliberate fucking was guaranteed to make me cum ... slid against each other.

I positioned myself carefully in front of Uncle Mitch's door. I wasn't quite sure what ... ... Continue»
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My Uncle's Dirty pictures

... suit stuff but I just don't have anything here..." Uncle Jeff commented. Suddenly I remembered! I had my bathing suit ... shots, figure shots, costume things. All kinds of pictures." Uncle Jeff lit up a cigarette and continued. "If a ... ... Continue»
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