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Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 2

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Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 6

Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 6

Continued from.. Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 1 Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 2 Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 3 Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 4 Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 5

Uncle Charlie loving the scenery around him.. "I hope you'll are enjoying Ashley"
As he said that, he stopped the camcorder and got up from the couch and said “Guys, I am getting very horny and I am in no more mood of sharing my little whore, could we continue our poker game the next week at Steve’s, I promise I will get Ashley too” The three men were very unhappy about it, and agreed. After all I was Uncle charlie’s.

They all got off me and gave me a last round of fingering, left a lot of money for me on the table, got dressed and left. Uncle Charlie looked very pleased and asked me to go shower and wait for him inside the bedroom. I did just as he told me. A while later uncle Charlie came up with the nipple and pussy puff toys he had bought “The men really did enjoy you, look at the amount of tip you’ve earned my little slut” uncle Charlie got on to the bed and laid me flat on my back and sat over me holding the nipple and pussy puffs he had bought “My little Ashley, I want to feast on some lovely puffy nipples and pussy tonight” he said and began to puffy my nipples, both my nipples were puffed and he did the same to my pussy.
I was all puffed up and he loved it. “Wow, What amazing nipples you have there” he said fiddling with them, they were all sensitive now and got me very horny and wet, he stooped lower and began to suck them while I laid naked under him. My nipples pained as they were highly puffed, I was moaning in pain and pleasure and uncle Charlie loved that. He kept sucking and chewing on them alternately. “Oh Ashley, Why didn’t I have you before. These are the best nipples ever” he said and grabbed my 36c breasts and gave them a hard squeeze.
“Ah uncle Charlie, You know just how to turn me on and get me wet so quick, I am happy you were greedy tonight and didn’t want to share me with your friends, They had indeed put me through a lot of pain” “Pain hu? I thought you loved that. You can’t imagine how much pain I will put you through darling, and trust me little whore you are going to love it.” And his hand slowly slid onto my puffed pussy, it was red and sore by the amount uncle Charlie had puffed it up. “Look at that hump on the pussy, looks lovely and tempting” and soon uncle was eating and sucking my pussy I was getting very very horny and turned on, Uncle Charlie allowed my to cum while he was eating me and drank all my juices. He then came to my mouth and gave me a deep tongue kiss in which I could taste my juices, and oh my did I taste yum.

Uncle Charlie now asked me to get up and undress him and ride his hard cock. I undressed him and pushed him on the bed and sat on his groaning feeling his rock hard cock touch my ass. “Uncle Charlie, Which hole do you want tonight?” He slapped my ass and squeezed it tight. Then wacked my pussy harder, I knew he was going to fuck both my holes tonight. And my puffed up pussy first. He lifted my hips and adjusted me on his cock teasing my puffed pussy which his rock hard cock and then in a single thrust shoved his thick hard cock inside my sore pussy, “Ahhhhh” wow it hurt me but once the cock was inside I felt pleasure. He was now riding me slowly and softly. “Oh yesss, Ahh hmm fuck me harder oh yess pleaseee” Soon he became rough and was fucking me like there is no tomorrow and My gosh what pleasure did I feel. “Oh my uncle charlieeeee, Ahh yesss just like thatttt,, Hmmmm.”

He pulled my forward and put his hard cock inside my tight ass hole now WOW that hurt a lot more that that single thrust and his cock inside my pussy, but the pleasure it gave me was mind blowing and then he took my boob in his mouth and started to suck it bad and then began to ride me hard and rough. His cock was very tight for my ass… “Ahhhh UNCLE CHARLIE your cock feels very huge in my ass, its gaping it” He kept chewing on my boob, slapping my ass and ridding me like a wild horse.
His huge thick cock was r****g my ass and he was loving it and so was I. Soon his hand slipped to my pussy and he had 3fingures deep in and was using them roughly and making my feel pleasure.. “Oh my god, yess just like that ahh haaa…” In a few mins my pussy was cumming because of the intense fingering, ass r****g and boob eating.

I was on cloud nine and in a few mins uncle Charlie shot a load of hot sticky cum deep inside my ass.. and wow did it feel good. “Do you love that little whore, my little fucktoy? This is very fun and you come so fast when you are being touched all over” cum was oozing out of my ass while he was still fucking my hard and bad. He then came again inside my ass and asked me to now to suck his cock dry.. I got off his cock and went down to his cock while he laid on the bed. On my knees I was sucking licking his cock and he enjoyed it as he also got a view of my boobs hanging and bouncing as I was wildly sucking his cock. He shot a load full of hot cum into my mouth I ate it all up then he deep throated me and made me gag a littke. It has been hours since we were fucking and eating each other up and now uncle Charlie got me up and pushed my on the bed and squeezed my boobs and kissed me deeply on my mouth.

“We need a shower dear, I shall fill the tub up, till then why don’t you get the remaining toys kept on the poker table” he said and we got up and his eyes admired my beauty and he gave my ass a small little squeeze. I knew what he wanted now, a long nasty shower fuck where he wanted to use all the toys on me. He was going to fuck me deep n badly inside the tub and there might be no sl**ping tonight. Luckily my pussy was no longer sore and the puffiness had gone. Before I went down he sat up bent me over his lap where I could still feel his hard cock against my stomach and he gave my ass a lovely spank which again got me wet. He spanked me for about 20mins on my ass, then flipped my over and ogled at my sweet bald pussy. Spanked my boobs till they were all red and as he did that, well how could he leave my pussy. He finger fucked my wet pussy quick and bad.

I loved this feeling, and I was very sore and numb now. But a part of my didn’t want the nasty bath time which I guess wasn’t going to end very soon but a part of me wanted to know what was going to happen in the bath. Uncle Charlie did love his adventitious fuck time and me the most.

Part 7 Up Next.
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Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 4

Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 4

Continued from.. Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 1 Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 2 Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 3

I spread my legs for Uncle.. He parked his cock inside me.. Kissed my mouth, Sucked a little on my boobs and snuggled up agains me.. pressing my into his chest while his cock was inside my pussy, Deep in and we both fell asl**p after a long fuckfull evening and night

The next day, I woke up late to find uncle charlie's cock still inside me even though he was awake.. As soon as i wake up Uncle Charlie went down to my breasts.. "They were looking so tempting but i didn't want to wake you up" he said and began to suck on my boobs.. He slowly removed his dick out of my pussy.. "I think it slept very well inside you and is fresh for today's wildness" He chuckles and gets up from the bed saying "I'm making breakfast.. Come down quick, No clothes babe"

I head down to the kitchen.. Only one chair a lot of food and juice was kept on the table... Uncle Charlie wore an apron and 'The Simpsons' boxers.. I walked down the stair case naked, boobs bouncing..
“Come sit babe" he says patting the table.. I sit on the table, My legs wide open & my pussy facing Uncle Charlie

We finish eating and the first thing Uncle Charlie does is, He starts licking my bare pussy.. “Oh babe, i can eat your young pussy forever” and he continues to bite my pussy turning me on “Ohhh yeahhhhh , Ahhhhhhh COME ON UNCLE!!!!” i moan, i lay on the table as he climbs up on me, 3fingures inside me as he is sucking my boobs.. “Ahhhh, Uncle, yeahhhh! You know just the way how to turn me on”
Uncle Charlie gets wilder and faster, “Yeah my whore, I bet you love being used so bad” he was practically fisting me, licking me all over... i could feel his rock hard dick agains my skin

“I'm going to fuck you hard babe!, We all are” And he sticks his dick deep inside me
“Awwwwwwwwwwwooooocccccchhhhhhhhhh” I moan feeling a fist and his thick meat inside me
“We? Who we??” I ask.. “My friends and Me, Its Friday night, Poker day.. and you'll errr, be our toy and our server” he winks, Thrusting deeper... “Ahhhh, Yeah babe, like that?” Thrusting deeper and harder.. Removing his fist after a while... Still fucking me on the table.. “How would your ass like a sausage, Aint it hunger? We should feed it, or can it wait till my guys come over?” Thrusting me... His balls slamming agains me... Thick mean tearing my pussy walls.. “My little fucktoy, i love having you around, Ahhhh... i'm loving the fuck” He fucks me for an hour.. deep and bad.. and cums in my mouth and inside my pussy several times in this one hour.. Making me have multiple orgasms
It was lunch time and we were to tired... I was now on the couch resting and he was watching his news..
“Lets call for Pizza?” He says and calls for 2 pizzas
In 15mins the delivery boy comes, Another young boy.. I knew the drill... I got up Naked and open the door for him.. “How much?” Uncle Charlie asked from behind.. back into his boxers
“Thats 18$ Miss..” Staring at my boobs.. “Heyy, why dont you like, i dont know.. hmm Play her a little Eh?” Uncle charlie tells the pizza boy... “Hell yeah..” He says fodding with my breasts and his one hand reaches my pussy, “Damn your wet girl” he says and finger fucks me a little and sucks on my breasts..I moan a little, Enjoying the fire of a stranger doing all of this to me in a very public position “May i?” He asked as he went on his knees in the front yard and sticks his tongue into my pussy... bitting and licking me all he may... “Thats enough... There you go” Uncle charlie gives this on a 25$ and closes the door..
“I need to go out for a bit now.. why dont you clear up the place and shower and rest..” Uncle charlie says and dresses up and heads out..

Uncle charlie came back at 5:30pm. With food and a garments bag..
Crouches thongs, Cup-less bras and a whore maid outfit
and in the other bag were toys.. A thick dildo, a gel bottle and a puffer for the pussy and nipples..
“I love puffiness” Uncle charlie winks and hands me my new gifts
I go up and change into the maids outfit, knowing that was for tonight.. It was open at the pussy the ass and the boobs and was made my a see though material.. I put them on and headed down where i see the poker table set and food on the kitchen counter
toys kept on the side table

It was around 6:30.. Uncle charlie's friends bring booze & walk into the house finding a semi-naked girl opening the door for them.. Ogling at the view, they stare at me.. “Woah, Charlie done good”
Uncle charlie comes into the kitchen.. “Serve my little whore, And dont forget to keep my guest happy, they have any kind of freedom in my house and they tip well ;)”
Woah, A gangbang it is.. I think to myself.. and i am going to love it.. 4hot young men and one little pussy.

I grab the trair of food and head outside setting all the food and drinks on the table, boobs hanging and ass out from my outfit as i would bend
The men enjoying the view they were seeing.

Part 5 coming soon,
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Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 5

Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 5

Continued from.. Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 1 Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 2 Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 3 Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 4

Grabbing the food tray, I head out to serve my uncle and his friends.. 4 hot men (Steve, John, Alex and Charlie ) sitting on the poker table with drinks by their sides, I head out with the tray. All the men taking the starters and touching me on my ass, rubbing it and saying.. "Oh, Hell yes this will be the best poker night so far Charlie ;)"

A few rounds of poker down, A few drinks later Alex takes the tray out of my hands and keeps it on the side and makes me sit on his lap.. "Hey there sexy, Well its come to my notice your here for us. So we are going to do what we like to you.. I hope Charlie has told you that" "Yes, i do know that, I'm suppose to serve you'll in every way i can and i have no say" "So then get rid of the apron and show us that pussy of yours" John hoots..
I get rid of the apron and stand infront of the men.. "Lets start the bang guys" Uncle Charlie announces.

They get up and clear the poker table and ask me go come and sit on in.. I do just a s they tell me.. Sitting on the table with my legs spread wide open.. Alex starts to finger my pussy "Damn girl, Your tight"
John and Steve start sucking my boobs and bitting my nipples, Taking one breast each..
Uncle Charlie standing and looking at us, "Hope you guys have fun and enjoy.. She is all yours for tonight, I think 3 is good for her for now. The toys are all there, I'll sit back and enjoy" He says, removing a cam, "May I?" he asked me.. "Sure, as long as you and me are the only one with the taping"
He starts to record his friends and me

Alex had 3 fingers into my tight cunt, "Oh baby, Your darn tight" he said stroking his fingers in and out fast and hard "Guys, She loves it rough, Trust me." Uncle charlie tells them
Alex winking at me.. "Oh yeah babe likes it rough and wild? eh?.. well she is going to have a blast tonight" Stroking harder and faster
"Ohh yeahh Alex, Ahhhh yeah thats how i like it hun.. Ahhhhh" i was moaning Alexs name which was driving him wilder and he now and 4 fingers deep in, Gapping my pussy up for his thick cock.

John and Steve were enjoying my firm huge breasts, "Oh babe, Your a true keeper, Just feel the boobs. Amazing.. Love your nipples" Steve says while john continued to bite and suck my breast as hard as he could. "Lets get you out of the clothes.. Eh?" and John starts to remove my clothes.. I was completely naked now and standing infront of the boys and a camera..
"Woah babe, Your a beauty, I need to fuck you quick" John said. Steve hops onto the table and says "I am going to ass fuck you bad babe, Wild and bad." Nervous.. I had never ass fucked before.. Uncle charlie keeps the cam on the stand and comes and hands John the gel for my ass, "Lets all fuck her together guys" Uncle charlie says.. "We will use the nipple puff on her for a while.. I have toys guys.
Alex with the pussy, Steve with the Ass and John with her wonderful mouth, Well john she is amazing in deep throating buddy"

Alex puts the gell in my ass and suddenly i feel 2 fingers slowly trying to gap my ass hole for Steve's cock. Steve is laying down on the floor and asks me to come and place my tight firm round ass on his dick. I spread my ass checks and try sitting down.. but my hole is to tight, He rams his dick into my ass "Ahhhhhhhhhh, Jeezzzzzz" i yell.. "Yeah bitch, Your going to get it bad, Your too tight, and the tighter the more i enjoy gaping it" steve tells me.. Now slowly stroking his dick in and out of my ass, applying more gell.. i am in a squat position.. my boobs bouncing a little.. Uncle charlie comes with his Nipple puffs and puffs them up, Tight and Very Very puffy. "Oh i love the sight of your nipples hun, lets keep it on for a while"
I am made to lay on top of Steve.. and Alex starts to ram him hard thick cock inside me, All the cocks were as thick and big as my uncles cock.

John hands me his cock, "Stroke it well bitch ;) try giving the best handjob you can"
I start to stroke his cock for him, while i am getting double penetrated in my ass and my cunt moaning and moaning by the pain and pleasure they are giving me.. "Ohh yesssss, Ahh yeahh ahhh ahh,, faster Alex, Use me bad... Ahhhh yeah ahhhhh" Giving John a great handjob, Getting him very hard..
Steve moaning, "Move is girl, Faster.." His thick cock, r****g my ass while i am loving it all

Uncle Charlie loving the scenery around him.. "I hope you'll are enjoying Ashley"

Part 6,Coming soon.
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Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 3

Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 3

Continued from.. Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 1 Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 2

Uncle Charlie moving towards the bar, pouring himself a Large Whiskey and a Large Vodka for me, Neat.

We sat on the couch, naked.. his dick was still pretty hard and i was still dirty in cum.. As we downed our drink, having 2 more shots making me pretty high..
He looked at me, "So its time to get fucked now baby" I looked at him.. I spread my legs a little and said "I'm ready when your ready" as i said that.. i saw a wild sparkel in his eyes..

Uncle Charlie stood up.. staring at my bald pussy his dick hard and thick.. "I wonder how will this fit inside you.." He announced.. i wondered the same to.. he was pretty thick and i was to tight for such a think cock inside me "Well, you will just have to.. 14 days.. your pussy will adjust i think" he said stroking his shaved dick infront of me while his balls were hanging.... looking wonderful

"Lay down on the couch my sexy.. i need you get inside you" he said.. and slowly bent over me as i laid on his couch.. he adjusted my hips.. i open my legs wider and helped my ankles over his shoulder touching my pussy.. it was still wet and throbbing after the wild finger fuck i just got from my Uncle Charlie

He slowly bent forward and the head of his dick was now on my pussy.."you better not scream to loud once this thick meat is inside you" Uncle charlie giggled...
Slowly... he bend forward letting his cock gently inside my pussy hole
i could feel pain.. little, he was trying to be gental "ahhhh" i let out a slight moan as his cock was half inside me... i knew there was more to come.. it was only half that he had still fitted inside.. "ohhh yeahhhhhhhhhh" i gasped as he thrusted the remaining half of his meat inside me.. in on go... God it felt amazing... i could feel my pussy clinging on to his thick cock inside me

"oh yess uncle charlie.." i moaned, "deeper...AHhhh yeahh" his thick cock was inside now.. deep..
he slowly began to move my hips in a circular motion making his cork drill my pussy hole to open a little wider

he started thrusting me.. slowly first then faster.. deeper rougher wilder and faster his dick was moving In - Out, In- Out of my pussy.. making it hurt even more... but there was 10times the pleasure than pain..

"Do you like your uncle's dick inside you, ehh? like it rough deep? dont you my slutty niece?" he said as we was fucking me.. out of my brains.. deep and fast!
i was gasping and moaning in pain.. "Oh yess uncle charlie i love this... i love the way you fuck me soo good.. its the best, OHH YEAHHHH" i was in pain lots of pain.. but he didn't stop... i never asked him to.. i felt pleasure with the pain
His dick slamming into my pussy.. his balls smacking my ass.. he kept thrusting deeper and deeper..
he removed his cork after 15mins... i sighed.. i knew he wanted to cum, so did i.. after getting me so horny, suck an amazing fuck i too needed to cum.. but then again.. i needed permission
he let off my ankels from his shoulders and moved towards my face.." want to eat some or want it on you face" he asked me.. i wanted to eat his yummy cum.. i wanted to swallow it.. i winked and opened my mouth and said" I'd love to eat it.." he started jacking off.. He came loads in my mouth.. i swallowed all his cum.. every drop hot creamy cum..

He walked back to my pussy.. he spread my legs wide.... my hole was swollen, he looked at me and smiled. "I love the look of your pussy, its so red and swollen.. looks abused.. but its not, is it?" he winked.. "its not.. not abused at all, i'm enjoying it as much as you are Uncle Charlie" i winked back at him.. "may i please cum.. i need to.. feels like i'll explode.." i was begging him..

"I was you to have a multiple orgasm.. can you? will you for me? well.. you have too" he said and in one thrust he shoved his thick cock into my pussy and said "cum as much as you want to..." and started fucking me once again like a wild man... enjoying fucking me hard deep, thrusting his cock into me.. deeper..
"Ahhh, Yeah! ;) FUCK ME" i was moaning... in the matter of 5mins i was cumin... cumin like the way i've never cum before.. he didn't once stop.. he let my juices pour out of me.. but he did stop.. fucking me harder and wilder while i screamt with pain and the rush of my orgasms.. i lost all my counts the moment i reached my 5th one in the matter on minutes...

"Ohh yesss my slut likes it, doesn't she?" he fucked me harder.... "Its my turn now.." he winked and began shooting loads of cum inside my pussy... white cum oozing out of my hole as he still didn't stop.. i felt cum all inside me.. deeper he went and kept cumin..
he removed his rock hard cock from my hole and went onto his knees and began to finger me before.. scooping cum into his palms.. and spread it onto my tummy.... "there you go, cum all over you now.." He winked.. "I hope your on the pill my darling, because i hate using a condom" i nodded... "Yes, i am on the pill uncle, no need to worry" i smiles

he went back to my pussy.. licking it.. drinking my juices.. this made me even more horny and i came again.. He liked the taste of my juices.. He drank it all up..

He stood up and headed to the stairs... "you look filthy my whore, we need to shower you, come on up into the shower room, i'll preparer the water for us"
He said that and walked up right into the master bedroom which had the room size shower

I got up, sticky.. cum all over me.. My pussy was sore and hurting.. it was numb, paining.. difficult to walk but i had to reach up quickly.. i didnt want to be so messy
I walked slowly into the master shower.. i saw Uncle Charlie under the hot running water, he was standing, stroking his hard dick

"What took you so long love, get inside quickly.." he said.. calling me towards him
i walked into the shower room.. he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the shower..

Warm water sliding down my hair, my face, my neck, my boobs, dripping from my nipples onto my belly and down to my pussy and to my legs..

I felt warm... It felt amazing a hot water shower after such a long and wild fuck..
He turned to me face him, his hands on my hips.. getting his face close to mine.. He kisses me deep and full of passion.. Grabbing my hair, pushing my to the wall he kisses me deeper ..... on my mouth, to my jaw down my to neck and stops at my nipples and being to suck them again..
"Ohhh yeahh Uncle Charlie, AHHH" i let out a moan.. enjoying the feeling
he was sucking my boobs and and then came back up to my mouth, then to my ear kissing me all over he whispered "This is fun, isn't it babe? and guess.. this is just the starting.. 13 such nights.. Woah, thinking about it gets me so hard" and he slides his cork slowly inside me again.. "Ohh yeahhh yesss ahhhhhh" i moaned

He fucked my gently this time.. He fucked me long in the shower.. He came inside me once.. The feeling was amazing.. Having someone cum inside you. warm cum inside the pussy.. dripping out of the hole once the dick is removed.. Amazing..
he kissed me more and nicely cleaned my body nicely..

We got out of the shower.. he applied an amazing smelling lotion onto my skin and wrapped my hair with a soft towel.. wiping my body then he wiped his..
"Lets hop into bed, No clothes.. Ok?" he said and went set the heater and drew the curtains
It was pretty late.. We had being fucking since hours now.. My pussy sore, I had bite marks all over me..
i looked at my self in the full length mirror.. i made my hair, applied some perfume and hopped inside the blanket.. Uncle Charlie slipped inside the blanked after a few minutes... Facing me he said "Ashley, you are beautiful" and smiled..

he took my boob and started playing with it..
"Open up Ashley, My cock is waiting..." he said.. and i nodded.. I spread my legs for Uncle.. He parked his cock inside me.. kissed my mouth, sucked a little on my boobs and snuggled up agains me.. pressing my into his chest while his cock was inside my pussy, Deep in and we both fell asl**p after a long fuckfull evening and night

Part 4,
Coming soon.
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Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 1

Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 1

I lived in a small town with my parents, i was 17
My father was a business man and my mother worked with him, i was a rich spoilt c***d and always got what i wanted, even the hottest guys in school..
My parents had to go out of town for 2weeks and they didnt want to leave me home alone, i was to old to have a nanny so they decided to leave me at my Uncle Charlie's house for those 2 weeks,

Uncle Charlie was a Hot bachelor, Rich.. He was my mother's cousin b*****r.. he was 28 years old, A horny guy..
Muscular built, blonde hair, hazel eyes, a total stud.. His house was huge like a bachelor pad, he had girls over every single night, a Huge kitchen.. Huge Bathroom, 3 rooms, a living room with a huge TV to watch his porn on, a garden with a swimming pool and a quite and posh neighborhood..
This was going to be my house for the next two weeks, i didnt mind it at all.. i'd get my own room and i could get my boys over and have a great time for the next two weeks..
He stayed 10 blocks away from my house.. my parents dropped my off at Uncle Charlie's house on their way to the airport.
I rang his door bell.. a suitcase i strolled wearing boots, a tight white tee and shorts.

"Hii Uncle Charlie, How are you?" I said walking into the door, He spread out his arms and gave me a warm and tight hug "Heyy there cutie, Seeing you after a long time."
"Let me show you your room?" He said, taking my bag and guiding me into a huge room..
Keeping my bag on the bed "Like the room?" I nodded, "Its pretty"

"Lets go down for dinner? we'll order in.. i dont like cooking much" He said, "Sure.. Pizza? you place the order? :)"

He goes down and places the order for the pizza
i follow him down.. looking around the house..
"Well, your mother must have told you i like my rules to be followed? Didnt she?" he asked.. "Yes, she did.. she said i should listent and obey all your rules"

"Well here are my rules, What happens here for the next two weeks stays here, doesnt reach anyone else.." i nodded my head, "Yes, Cool.."
"If you dont listen to me, well i've done research on you and i know who all you've fucked, and i know your parents dont know about this so if you dont want the information to reach them, you better obey all my rules"
charmed by my uncles attitude, "Woah, research on me, Nice.. " I giggle "We have a deal, i'll listen to all your rules ;) uncle charlie"
"So what do your rules go like?"

"I know what a slut you are! ;) So here are how my rules go..."
"You have to never have panties on shorts on, only a short or long tee.. No bra!
You must always be wet.. Very Wet ;)
I fuck you when i may,
you will be my little fuck toy slave slut..." he said, with a smile on his face
"you see... these arnt any new special rules for you, all the girls in my house obey them, and you are a girl so you too have to obey them.., your here for 2 weeks .. so no girls over for me.. it will be me and you and our lovely fuck time.. 24x7"

"Woah, these actually sound fun, i'm game.. and this wil be out secret, about us and the guys i've fucked.. ;) Deal?"
"Deal.., now lets get to your room, hand me all your clothes and btw, thats my room, we'll share it sexy"
we walk up.. into the room.. i open my suite case, hand all my clothes to him, only keep my tees with me.. thinking 'this is scary'

the bell rings, it will be the pizza guy i guess i think.. i walk to open the door,
"wait, the rules apply from now.. strip down my fucktoy" he tells me..
wondering.. this is pretty weird, but then again.. i was an angle for my parents and i'd like to stay that way.. "Ok" i say.. removing my boots, shorts, panties, and my tee and bra.. "Woah, your a HOTtie" uncle charlie winks.. "now, let the tee be off for a while, let the boobs breath" he giggles
"Open the door, and the cash is on the coffee table.."
i've never really done this.. flashing a pizza guy randomly.. opening the door naked for a guy to see me..
"Your pizza ma'am" he was a young guy, a college student.. must be 20 shocked to see whats opened the door for him.. 'woah' he gasped, "your a keeper ;)"
handing out the pizza he brushes his hand against my firm boobs, sending a current down my body.. "Thats 18$, but.. you pay me 5$ if....." he looks at my boobs
Uncle Charlie comes from behind.. "If?" he winks at the delivery boy "Go ahead buddy ;) have a suck"
He leans ahead and sucks my right boob, woah.. this is random! i think and weird...
the guy is done sucking my boobs "Thanx man" he say.. my uncle handing him a 20.. "Keep the change ;) " closing the door..

"So how did you like that my little niece?" he winks.. "you are going to go through worse in the next 14 days or More ;)"
"That was weird.. very weird.." i say, covering my boobs with the pizza box
"Well you know that the rules have started to apply, and what i say must be done, so are you wet as yet down there?" he askes looking down at my shave pussy... "Thats a cute little bald pussy you got there, i love.. and woah.." moving the pizza boxes from my hand.. "check out the nipples, hard already, just with a suck.. i like that... so raw and pink are those hard nipples on the firm boobs.." licking his lips..
"Let Fuck... err.. i mean, lets Eat.."

Sitting on the dining table, "well.. i'm not geting a proper vier of the scenery i own, sit here.. on table.. let your pussy face me" he said patting the table.. i get up from my chair and go and sit on the table, "woah an amazing view i must say"

we finished our food, "lets hit the couch" he said
still naked i walk and sit on the couch, he starts to remove his clothes, his pj's then his tee.. only in his boxers he was standing..
"So what shall we do? ;)" he thinks.. getting on to his knees.. as i was sitting on the couch.. he come closer and spreads my legs wide open.. "Someone is getting wet" he winks..... Continue»
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Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 2

Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 2

Continued from Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 1

Uncle Charlie starts to remove his clothes, his pj's then his tee.. only in his boxers he was standing..
"So what shall we do? ;)" he thinks.. getting on to his knees.. as i was sitting on the couch.. he come closer and spreads my legs wide open.. "Someone is getting wet" he winks..

Coming closer to my pussy, he says.. "You smell so wonderful, just like the desert i was expecting, I'm sure you taste as good as you smell" he slowly slides his tongue into my hole.. a rush ran down my spine.. thinking to my self 'this is wrong, but fuck it feels so good' i let out a slight moan... "Ohhhhh Yeah!"
At first was gental, slowly licking and playing with my pussy with his tongue.. then after few mins, woah he became wild, He was eating my pussy, bitting licking it.. hard and rough...
i could feel his teeth biting me hard and harder... "Oucchhh" i let out a scream.. He looked up at my, "You like that, dont you my fucktoy slut.. the pain, me eating you? dont you?" i looked down.. "Yes.. i doo, your going to make me cum!" i moaned

"Not so fast k**do, you cum when i say you cum, if u do before that, you will have to pay" he giggled and got back to eating me... It was wonderful.. he got my pussy all numb and sore by just biting and eating it.. after around half an hour, he announced "Your ready for me.." i looked confused about what was he saying... then he got up and slid off his boxers he was rock hard he must be about 9 inches+, Shaved and clean.. He took my hand and made my stand, my boobs bounced, he liked it when my boobs bounced, i could see it in his eyes,

He pulled me closer and took my nipples in his mouth, and began to suck it, wilder than the pizza boy, he was bitting my nipples, sucking and sucking.. he then took my left boob in his mouth, bitting harder sucking it... it felt nice.. but painful.. My nipples were swollen by the time he was done sucking and eating my boobs.. i had tiny bites on my both my boobs and my pussy...

"Its the First night your hear and i'm loving it, 14 such nights.. We Are Going To Fuck All Day and Night.. ;)" He said, hearing that i was actually thinking how fun it would be, being someone slut fucktoy.. "Let Ride" i replied with a grin.. but the couch isnt that comfy, how about some other place.." i said looking around, "Lets just use this floor for today" he replied.. and pulled me into the kitchen and place me on the counter "Spread your legs hun" i nodded and did just what he said, my legs were spread, my pussy, wet and numb.. Placing his hands on the bite marks, He said.. "i love the art work i've created on the pussy down here.." and slowly slides 2 fingers inside and says "Oh yeah, your warm and wet, and God your tight ;) i like it" and he starts to finger fuck me fast and deep, slowly the 2 fingers become 3 and the 3 fingers become 4... "Woah baby! i'm loving this.. " he says and continues finger fucking me faster and harder.... he enjoyed it rough and wild...
"Ohhh Yeahhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh" i moaned as i was enjoying the f***e but was still in pain.. "Yeah Uncle Charlie, Ohhhh yeahhh ahh haaa ahhhhhhhhhhhh" i moaned louder as i enjoyed it all..

As he finger fucked me, his mouth found my boobs and began to eat then, he was hunger for me... Biting me sucking me and we wilding f***ed his 4 fingers in and out of my hold.. making me want to come, hurting me.. "OH yeahhhhhh Uncle, AHhhhhhh" i screamed... "Can i please cum, ahhh? please.. i want to cum, ahh yeahhh" i enjoyed but i needed to cum, i could feel it building, it was like multiple orgasms waiting to explode..

He bit my nipples harder as i asked his if i could cum.. he look and and said a simple "NO"
and went back to eat me... He was even harder, I could feel his cork fully raised up...
His 4 fingers came out of my pussy and he licked him.. "Yummie"

"Get on your knees you slut" i said and slamed his cork on my boobs as i got down to my knees "Ever given a blowjob? or is your mouth a virgin like your ass?" he knew i'd never ass fucked? howw? i thought, how much research had me done on me, it was creepy... I looked up and answered "Yes, My mouth is a virgin, but looks like you will be stealing it" i winked and open my mouth... and he rammed his cork into my mouth.. i could feel his huge thick cork in my throat, deep inside.. and he slowing starting to mouth fuck me.. deeper and deeper, it then got faster wilder and deeper... his cork was moving in and out in and out... i was chocking and gagging... i was turing red as his 9 inches corks was fucking my mouth, he still continued harder deeper... and then he said. "Woah, your pretty mouth is going to make me cum so quick " and the next thing i knew he was shooting loads of cum down my mouth into my throat.. "Swallow it babe, this is your dessert" my mouth was filled with hot cum dripping out of my mouth falling onto my boobs, i swallowed.. yumm, it did taste nice, warm and nice... He finished cuming in my mouth, it was messy.. Cum all over my face and boobs.. he mouth fucked me a little bit more and this time, before cuming he removed his cork from my mouth and he let his cum out on my face my boobs and all over me... he rubbed it nicely all over my skin.. "There you go, dont you just love being my fucktoy, and you look wonderful with cum all over you.." he said and moved towards the bar, pouring himself a Large Whiskey and a Large Vodka for me, Neat.

Part 3
Coming Soon.
... Continue»
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Uncle Charlie finally has both his s****r and his

"Hello Uncle Charlie. Hi this is Tiffany. Are you by chance going up to your cabin this weekend?"

"Great! Do you think I could come up and spend the weekend."

"No nothings wrong, I just feel a bit burned out. I figured a weekend without the phone or friends would recharge my batteries."

"You still call me baby girl after all these years."

"Thanks Uncle Charlie, you're the best." I hung up the phone and smiled as I lay back on my bed. I had planned this moment for months.

I thought back to the time that caused me to feel this way. I was 16 and lived with my mom. My dad left us soon after I was born. Being one of 7 c***dren my mom had lots of s****rs and b*****rs. But Uncle Charlie was my favorite. He was younger than mom but always acted older than she was. She always looked up to him and it was just natural that he would be like a second dad to me. He was there for every birthday, Christmas, good time and bad.

He was also the one who gave me most of my spankings. The last time Uncle Charlie spanked me I was 16. Mom had to go out of town on business and he volunteered to stay with me. Since he was at our house most of the time, it was no big deal. Anyway, I was supposed to go to a party that Friday night. It was a costume party and I was going dressed like a slut.

My costume was a sweater two sizes too small, a skirt that barely covered my cunt and ass, high heels and no underwear. I was also taking smokes and a bottle of wine. Uncle Charlie was sitting in the living room when I was ready to go. He knew about the party but didn't know what kind of party it was going to be. We had finished dinner and he was drinking his favorite drink as he watched TV. He always called me his best bartender. It was my job to fix all his drinks. I had made his last two kind of strong hoping he would fall asl**p before I left. I was ready to go out the door when Uncle Charlie called me to the living room.

"Let me see what you're wearing. Can't have you going out looking like some easy pickup for all the horny boys out there." With that he made me open my coat. His eyes got wide when he saw how I was dressed. "You must have lost all the little bit of sense I thought you had. If you think that you are leaving this house dressed like that, you have another thing coming."

I begged and pleaded with him to let me go dressed as I was. I told him that I would be OK. I knew everyone at the party and wouldn't let anything happen that I didn't want to. At 16 I had lost my virginity awhile ago.

"It's what you may want to happen that scares me. Either change your clothes or don't go. That's my final word." There was one thing that I knew about Uncle Charlie. When he gave his final word on something, even mom didn't go against him. I was either going as I was or stubborn k** that I was, I wasn't going.

Well I have always been a stubborn, hardheaded k** so I there I was sitting in my room pouting. I'd show Uncle Charlie, I sat on my bed, drinking wine from the bottle. I should have known that uncle Charlie would stick his head in to check on me. Even when he was mad and had given me a spanking, he would still check on me and tell me that he was sorry he had to spank me. Well this time when he stuck his head in the door, (without knocking) he found me propped up on my bed. I was still dressed in my sweater and skirt.

That wasn't so bad, except that I had the bottle of wine in my hand, a cigarette in my mouth and a dildo between my legs.

I had been thinking about the club that I was supposed to join at the party. A few of the girls belonged to a double-fuck club. That was where a girl was being fucked in both holes at the same time. That was part of the reason for my costume. He stood there staring at me and I saw his eyes grow cold. Oh shit! I was in for it now. There would be no excuse I could give him that would sooth his anger.

"Get your nasty ass in the living room." He left the door open and I reluctantly got up and with head bowed went into the living room. He sat in his chair, smoke rising around his head as he puffed hard on his cigarette. It looked almost like smoke was rising from his head but I dare not laugh. He was madder than I had seen him in a long time. I stood in front of his chair.

"I could have forgiven you for wearing that slut outfit. I could have even let it go that you were ready to sneak out the house wearing it. But that disgusting spectacle I saw as I opened your door, that I would not forgive." I stood there in my outfit and for the first time since I put it on, I felt dirty. "Take that shit off."

I turned to go to my room.

"Where the fuck are you going? Take off those clothes. Right here! Right now!" This was going to be a bad spanking. I was just a bit smaller than I am now. At 16, my tits were developed; my ass was just a bit smaller than it is now and I had been having sex for the last 2yrs, so I know my pussy was just as grown up as it is now. I stood before Uncle Charlie and pulled the sweater over my head. My twin mounds were firm.

They stood up with no support. I dare not look at Uncle Charlie as my fingers hooked my skirt and pushed it down over my hips. I stood before him now totally naked. He looked at me for a few moments, then grabbed my hand and pulled me over his lap. His hand rested on my soft ass. I knew that my ass was soft and round. Many boys would rub and squeeze my ass whenever they got the chance. Uncle Charlie didn't seem interested in my soft ass.

He raised his hand and liquid fire landed on my ass. I remember screaming and kicking my legs. Over and over his hand landed on my ass. Somewhere during the spanking, things changed. I remember feeling a fire begin to simmer between my legs. I know that my moans changed pitch. Uncle Charlie was rubbing my ass as he scolded me. "I will not allow you to run around looking like some cheap whore. Your mom and I have worked too hard to make you into a lady. I never again want to see you dressing the way you did tonight. No more smoking! No more drinking! At least not until you become of age. Then you can do whatever you want."

I could feel wetness between my legs. I hoped that it wasn't showing on Uncle Charlie's robe. Suddenly he began to spank me again. This time though, he was spanking me on my thighs. His big rough hands were landing on my ass, my thighs and even between my legs. Sometimes his hand would slap the lips of my pussy and I know I moaned when he did. Not from pain, I had stopped feeling pain. Instead I felt the fire burning hotter.

I was moaning and calling his name when he finally stopped. I stood up and turned to look at my uncle. There was no mistaking the big lump in his robe. He sent me to my room and told me to close the door. I can only guess that he must have given his hard dick a good workout. Back in my room, I couldn't help but finger my hot pussy till I came. I didn't connect his spanking with my horniness until years later.

Now here I was almost 10 years later. I never forgot the feeling that Uncle Charlie's spanking gave me. Nor have I found anyone who could make me feel that way. I learned a lot since my last spanking from Uncle Charlie. I found out that there was a lot more between him and my mom than I thought. But that is a story all by itself. I had planned a very elaborate scheme to get Uncle Charlie to spank me again. Friday came more quickly than I would have wanted.

I met Uncle Charlie after work and we took the ride to Pennsylvania in his jeep. We stopped at the liquor store and also stopped at the supermarket. I asked Uncle Charlie to start a fire as soon as we got to the cabin. We talked all during the time we made dinner. After dinner when we were sitting before the fire, I said I was going to take a shower. I went to my room and took a quick shower. Then I dressed in the lingerie I had picked specifically for this moment and put my robe on over it. Uncle Charlie had also gone and took a shower. He was sitting in his robe before the fire when I came out my room.

When I was younger I would sit on the rug by his side. Many times, mom would sit across from him. I would sit and listen as the two of them talked about things I couldn't understand. Now at 25, I was sitting on the rug at uncle Charlie's feet. We were both sipping the drinks I had made. I still made his drinks, only this time; I made his twice as strong as mine. I leaned my head on his knee and just like when I was a c***d, his hand dropped down on my head and he twined his hand in my hair.

"Remember when I was small Uncle Charlie? You were just like a dad to me. You were there whenever I needed you. You bought me presents, told me what to do and even spanked me when I was bad."

Uncle Charlie laughed. "And as I remember, there were times when you were very bad." I could tell that the drinks were having their effect on him. It was time to play my ace card. I laughed along with him. "Remember when I was 16 and tried to sneak out to that party. You gave me the hardest spanking I can ever remember."

Uncle Charlie's hand stopped moving. "I remember. You had dressed like a slut to go to some party. I said no and you went into your room. When I came to check on you, you were sitting up in bed, drinking from a wind bottle. You had a cigarette sticking out your mouth." He stopped talking then.

"You can say it Uncle Charlie. I'm a lot older and wiser now. I was sitting on my bed with a dildo stuck in my cunt. You made me undress and lay across your lap. You gave me a spanking I have remembered all these years. But something else happened that night."

I let things hang unsaid. Uncle Charlie didn't say a word. His hand started stroking my head again. Only this time it was softer, gentler. "Uncle Charlie?"

"Yes baby girl."

I smiled at hearing him call me by my pet name. "Can I tell you a secret?"

"Honey, you know that you can tell me anything. What's the matter?"

"Remember the night you spanked me? Well sometime during that spanking, things began to change. All of a sudden the spanking made me feel so hot and funny. I didn't know it then, but that spanking turned me on in such a way, I've never felt like that since. I've tried to find that feeling with other men, but nothing ever duplicated it."

I could feel Uncle Charlie as his breathing changed. He was starting to breathe a bit faster. "What are you trying to say baby girl?" I turned around and looked at Uncle Charlie. He was older than when I was 16, but he still had a way of making me feel so good inside. It was now or never. I had to take a chance and put all my marbles in one pocket. His eyes looked down at me. I just know he knew what I was about to say. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

"I want you to spank me Uncle Charlie. Spank me the way you spanked me when I was 16. I have to know if what I'm feeling is real." I felt his hand clench as he held my hair. It hurt but I dare not cry out. I bit my lower lip until it almost bled.

"I can't baby girl. Please don't ask me to do that. You don't know what almost happened the last time I spanked you." I was not about to let his fear stop me at this point. I had planned too long and gotten too close to what I wanted. No! What I needed. I turned until I was kneeling before him. Between his legs the way I used to do when I was a c***d.

"I do know what happened Uncle Charlie. I saw the erection you had. I know how close you came to making love to me. The way you felt my ass, the way you squeezed and kneaded my flesh. I need you to do this Uncle Charlie. I have to know if what I felt was only because it was you spanking me. Will you make me go from man to man like the slut you saw me dressed as? Is that what you want me to do Uncle Charlie?"

I opened my robe and let it fall. Uncle Charlie looked at me. I was dressed in an outfit that left nothing to the imagination. The material was sheer enough to seem invisible. He could see my hard nipples and the hair on my cunt.

Uncle Charlie was breathing heavy. I could see him lick his lips. His hand shook and he half lifted it then let it fall. A soft sob escaped his throat. "Do you want to think about some pervert spanking me? Do you think he'll care about me the way you do? Or will he hurt me? I need you to do this for me. I need you like I never needed you before. Do this for me Uncle Charlie. Do this for us." I laid myself across his lap and held my breath. I felt his hand, still rough, still strong as he set it on my ass. He was slowly squeezing my cheeks. I began to breathe again.

I felt the wetness between my legs begin to grow. Uncle Charlie raised his hand. For almost 10yrs I thought I remembered how his hand felt. But I wasn't ready for the liquid fire that burst upon my ass. It hurt like hell but the only thing I could do was moan. "Oh Uncle Charlie", was all I could say. His hand raised and lowered again and again. I felt the hot tears roll down my cheek. I also felt something else. It was him. It was the spanking that Uncle Charlie gave me that made me so hot. The ember that had simmered in my pussy all these years burst into a blazing inferno. He didn't hold back. He spanked me with his bare hand and I felt like a c***d again. But this time I was a woman. And I had knowledge that would make this night like no other night in my life.

Uncle Charlie spanked me again and again. I cried and I came, over and over. When his hand stopped, he was rubbing my ass. His hand slipped between my thighs and I opened them gladly. When his fingers touched my throbbing pussy I moaned and welcomed his probing digits. I knew what I had to do now. I slipped from his lap. As I knew it would be, his dick was hard as stone. I knelt between his legs and as my hand sought his throbbing cock, he wrapped my hair in his hand. As my mouth slipped over the pulsing head of his cock, his hand tightened in my hair. He pulled hard until I moaned as my tongue washed his cockhead. I knew what he would do next and I steadied myself.

As I knew he would, he began to work my head up and down. He was forcing me to take his entire dick down my throat. I was ready for him. As a matter of fact, I had practiced on a few boys just getting ready for this moment. I knew he wouldn't cum this way. I smiled to myself even as I felt the gag reflex begin. I gagged and choked just like he expected me to. He pulled my head off his dick and smiled down at me. Had I not known what to expect, that smile would have scared me half to death. He was no longer the loving, caring and sweet uncle I so loved. He was a man consumed with his own private lust.

He pulled me up onto his lap. My legs straddled the chair, facing him as he pulled me close to him. Even though I was ready for his intrusion, the sheer f***e of it made me scream. He pulled me down on his throbbing cock as hard as he could. Then he raised me up and slammed me back down on it. I knew what he wanted to hear. I grabbed his shoulders.

My nails dug in hard. I knew they were drawing bl**d but I had come too far to back down now. "Make me behave. Fuck me till I promise not to act like a slut anymore. Oh Charlie! You i****tuous bastard. Give it to me." I knew those words would inflame him even more. My pussy felt like he was ripping it apart. I had never felt a more delicious feeling in my life. There was no going back, no stopping him from this point on. He was mine and I was his until the ride stopped. With his strength alone, he picked me up.

Still attached to his throbbing shaft that was buried deeper in my cunt than any other man had ever been, my legs wrapped tightly around his waist, he walked with me to the bedroom. I grunted as we fell on the bed and he slid in even further. The muscles in my cunt were going berserk. I don't know how many times I had cum already. But he was just getting started. I just hoped I could last thru what was to come.

Uncle Charlie pulled his dick out until just the tip was in. Then looking down at me, he slowly slid it up into my pussy until I grunted from the full insertion. My nails were ripping into his back something fierce. He fucked me slow.

I begged; I pleaded but he wouldn't stop. Then he pulled out. I lay moaning my legs splayed open before me. He grabbed my ankles and turned me over on my stomach. I felt him pull me up by my waist. His tongue was red hot as he licked my puckered hole. Only two men have ever fucked me up the ass. Both of their dicks were much smaller than Uncle Charlie's and they had been gentle. Uncle Charlie would not be gentle. His tongue stabbed into my asshole repeatedly. I knew he was getting me ready for his assault.

I tried to relax and calm my breathing but nothing worked. Then I felt his thumbs prying my cheeks apart. I took a deep breath and held it. Nothing could have prepared me for the searing pain. I though he had ruined me for life. I remember screaming and then I think I passed out. The next thing I remember was hearing him grunt every time he shoved that red-hot poker up my ass. I lay there crying and screaming from the pain.

Then I felt him stiffen. He shook all over then let out a loud scream. It felt like he was shooting gallons of cum up my ass. The hot cream scalded me at first then seemed to bath my tender, ravaged asshole with a soothing balm. I don't know if I came from his brutal assfucking. But I felt more alive than I ever felt in my life. He collapsed on top of me and held me tight.

I cried out as he pulled his withering cock from my ass. Then I turned in his arms and held him. 'Why baby girl? Why did you make me do this?"

I could only shower his face with kisses as I kept repeating, "Thank you Uncle Charlie. Thank you!" I held him in my arms as he cried.

After what seemed like an eternity, he drew back and looked into my eyes. I was crying too. "I love you Uncle Charlie. I always have. I needed you to give me what no other man ever could."

"But how did you know? No don't answer. I'm afraid to find out." I snuggled close to him and whispered in his ear. '"You want to know. I know you too well Uncle Charlie. I know you won't dare ask mom so I will tell you."

I kissed him long and hard on the lips. Reluctantly his lips parted and his tongue sought mine. I broke the kiss and smiled at him. Even with my asshole screaming, my cunt throbbing, I wanted more of this man. I wanted him like I never wanted any man in my life. I smiled at him and he gave me a crooked smile in return. "I'll tell you. But not before we take a shower. I need another drink. Jeez! I've never been fucked like that in my life." I got up and went into the bathroom. He followed me in and we washed each other in the shower.

We were seated back before the fire. Drinks in our hands as we stared into the dancing flames. "When I was 18, after working for awhile, I decided to by mom a new mattress and boxed spring. She was out of town on business and I was going to surprise her when she got back. Well I took the old stuff and turned it on its side. I was dragging out the boxed spring when I heard something rattle. Inspecting I found a bag had been pushed up into a hole in it. I took the bag out and opened it up. I found a bunch of pictures tied with rubber bands. The first picture had mom dressed in a see-thru nightie. Being curious, I looked thru all of them. One picture showed her with her lips wrapped around a dick. Thinking they were pictures of my dad, I kept looking. Imagine my shock and surprise when I saw a picture of you lying on the bed naked. The sheets were the same as the ones she was laying on so I guessed you had taken pictures of her and she you. Along with the pictures was a videotape. It showed you fucking mom the same way you just fucked me. That's how I knew what to say and what to expect. Well when mom came home and found I had changed her mattress and boxed spring she freaked. She was ranting and raving about me messing with her things. When I handed her the bag, she looked at me and knew I had seen what was inside. She broke down and cried. That night she told me everything about the two of you. That's when I made up my mind that I had to make you fuck me. I'm not jealous of mom Uncle Charlie. This has nothing to do with her. Since the time you spanked me there has been a big hole in my life. No matter what man I was with, they never seemed to satisfy me completely. There was always something missing. After seeing the pictures, the video and talking to mom, I knew what it was."
Uncle Charlie

Uncle Charlie didn't say a word. Just sipped his drink. Finally after forever he said, "did your mom know what you planned to do?"

I sat my drink down and turned his face to look at me. "Uncle Charlie. If mom knew, do you think she would have let me? Hell no, she wouldn't. I had to plan and scheme to think up just how I was going to pull this off." I rubbed my painful ass. "Even knowing what you would do, I was not prepared for what happened. I have never been fucked with such f***e before."

He sipped his drink. Oh how I wished I could have read his mind. He looked at me and smiled. "You will have to tell her exactly what happened here. I mean that baby girl. I have never lied or deceived your mom and I won't start now. Since you planned all this, it's your job to tell her what happened."

If anything could have dashed me with the cold water of sobriety, it was his statement. How was I supposed to tell my mom that I schemed to have my uncle, her b*****r, **** me? He was the man I looked to as dad. I sat there and suddenly the liquor soured in my stomach.

Uncle Charlie smiled, then laughed. He laughed hysterically. "Outsmarted yourself this time didn't you baby girl. Oh I'm going to love sitting in on this conversation." He was still laughing as he pulled my head down on his hard again dick.
Uncle Charlie Ch. 2

"Mom? You got 4 days off next week, right?" I was sitting in the kitchen sipping on my cup of coffee. My mom was sitting across from me making notes on the balance sheet she was working on. Mom had raised me as a single parent, but she had also worked damn hard to attain her position in the company she worked for. And her hard work paid off. She lived in a nice home and even though she worked hard, she often had 4-day weekends. Mom looked up at me and smiled. At 49, mom still looked good. She had worked just as hard to lose her fat as she had to attain her job. She looked more like a woman in her 30's. Everybody thinks that their mom looks good, but even looking at her from a woman's point of view, my mom was drop-dead gorgeous.

Like Uncle Charlie, mom was tall. But it was the way her body was shaped that really set off her looks. Mom's tits were firm enough that she could have gone without a bra and they would have stood up on their own. Her waist was tapered enough to set off her round ass. And she had long, muscular thighs that tapered down to slim ankles and the prettiest feet you ever wanted to see. Mom smiled at me, and her pearly white teeth shone lighting up her whole face. "Oh yes! And I'm gonna rest for all 4 days." I sipped my coffee and looked at her. Then I set my cup down. "I got a better idea. I have some time off from work too. Let's go up to Uncle Charlie's cabin and have a girl's weekend. We haven't done that in ages."

Mom looked at me and got a strange look on her face. Ever since I found those pictures of her and her b*****r fucking, we didn't mention Uncle Charlie's name much. But mom knew that he was still my favorite uncle. How favorite I intended for her to find out. "I don't know Tiffany! Uncle Charlie may have plans to use his cabin." I laughed. "No he doesn't! I already checked. I even talked him into coming up on Sunday and cooking his famous Filet Mignon for us for dinner." That made mom laugh. "Mmmm! I haven't had those delicious steaks in a long time. And nobody can make them like he can. But I don't know, Tiffany?"

I got up from the table and walked around to mom's side. I knelt down next to her. "Mom look at me." Mom turned around in her chair and looked down at me. "We can't go back and pretend that things didn't happen. What took place between you and Uncle Charlie happened. But you can't lock yourself away and deny it. Besides, what 28-year-old would ask you to have a girl's weekend with her? We both need this time together to just be mother and daughter. To girl talk, giggle and act like fools. Besides, we haven't really had time to spend together. This would be the right time to do it." I could see that she was warming to my suggestion. "Let me think about it? I'll give you my answer after work. Are you coming by for dinner?" I smiled. "Cooking chicken?" Mom laughed. "You're gonna grow feathers."

After mom went to work, I stayed at the house to wash the dishes and make some phone calls. But soon after her car drove off, I walked into her bedroom. In her closet, behind her shoeboxes, I found the packet of pictures and her dildo. I lay in my mom's bed, staring at the pictures of her and Uncle Charlie as I slowly fucked my pussy. "Oh yes mom, this would be a girl's weekend. But if things worked out like I wanted them to, Uncle Charlie would be spanking and fucking both of us." The thought of actually watching Uncle Charlie fucking his s****r, my mom, made me cry out my climax. Good thing I used a towel beneath me, I came buckets.

Well mom did agree to go and we arrived at the cabin around 5:30 Friday night. We soon had a roaring fire going. Dinner was a chicken salad. We acted like s****rs, as we puttered around in the kitchen. Tossing lettuce at each other and laughing. I made sure that the wine flowed heavy while we ate. By 9:30 we were sitting back in front of the fire in our pajamas. Mine were a type of baby doll and mom wore one of those gowns that barely covered your ass and cunt. I couldn't help but sneak peeks at her hard tits as she walked. She wore a pair of matching panties and her soft, chocolate ass swayed as she walked. I could tell that she was feeling good from the wine. She smiled and giggled a lot.

We sat sipping more wine as we stared at the fire. I was trying to find a way to start telling mom about Uncle Charlie and me. But everything I thought about just didn't seem right. We were both curled up on the couch staring at the flames. Then mom sighed. "What you thinking, mom?" I looked over at her and she had a funny look on her face. Then she turned to look at me. "Tiffany! What did you think when you found the pictures of Uncle Charlie and me?" I couldn't believe my luck. Mom had given me the opening I needed. I sipped my drink then placed it on the table. I looked at mom and I could tell she really wanted to know how I felt.

"Mom, can we talk honest and adult? I mean I know I'm your daughter, but I want to talk to you like a woman friend now." Mom looked at me and slowly nodded her head yes. I got up and poured us both full glasses of wine. Then I sat down, but this time I sat closer to her. I handed mom her glass and smiled as she took a big gulp. Mom never was much of a drinker and I knew that the wine would loosen her up but good. Mom looked at me, waiting for me to say something. I took a deep breath. Then I smiled at her. We both broke out in the giggles, and it took a few minutes for us to stop. Then I let my face relax and looked at mom.

"I know that it was rough trying to raise me all by yourself. And I know that uncle Charlie was always there to help. Even as a small k**, I could see that the guys you went out with only wanted you for your body. But hey, who would listen to a small k**? You would have thought I was just being possessive. I wasn't always asl**p when you had company. I would hear the way they talked to you and the things they did. And I wasn't always asl**p when you would cry yourself to sl**p, or work your frustrations out with your dildo." Mom gasped and looked at me. This time I did laugh.

"Oh mom! Even as a small k**, I knew what a man looked like. I would sneak peeks when the guys would go to the bathroom. So I knew that it was just a fake dick. When I found the pictures, I was shocked at first. No k** thinks of their mom doing such erotic things. You're suppose to be old and not concerned with sex." That made both of us begin to giggle all over again. Mom play boxed me on the arm. "Hey! I'm not that old you know?" this time I did laugh out loud. "Mom! Even I didn't do some of the things I saw in those pictures. Although, after seeing them, I did. But how did things get started with you two? You told me that it just happened after a night of drinking, but I think it started before that."

Mom took another sip from her glass. Then she looked at me and giggled. The wine was really getting to her now. "You remember that there was a time when I used to drink a lot?" Mom was looking straight at me, so I nodded my head. "Well Charlie always hated to see me drink. He told me that I was a lousy d***k, who didn't have control. I used to k** him about acting like our dad. He threatened to spank me like dad did. I didn't think too much of it, he always made threats to me as a k**. Well one day when you were in School, he came by. I had been drinking and he got mad. He pulled me across his lap and pulled my housecoat up to my waist. He said that I had been asking for this for a long time, and it was high time I got it.

Mom's eyes grew glassy and she got a far away look in them. "I always connected my dad's spankings with his love for me. While Uncle Charlie had me across his knee, his hard palm spanking my ass, something happened. I started to realize that he loved me too. That was why he was angry enough to spank me. And the thought made me excited. Other men used me to satisfy their hard dicks. And when I got hot, I generally let them do what ever they wanted to me. But Uncle Charlie just loved me. As I felt his hard palm smacking the tender cheeks of my ass, I began to get hot. At first I had just been screaming and kicking my legs. But the hotter I got; I opened my legs and began to lift my ass in the air. Then I felt him squeezing and massaging my ass with each spank. Then his fingers stroked my pussy. Jeez, but I was soaking wet."

Mom's story was getting me wet! I could remember feeling the same way when Uncle Charlie had spanked me. Mom was breathing heavier now. I could see she was getting excited, reliving her spanking, so I shut up and let her talk. But I wanted to stroke my pussy so bad. Mom closed her eyes and her voice grew softer. "I felt him push his fingers beneath my panty and he stroked my pussy. I know I was moaning, cause it just felt so good, so right. When he started to slowly finger me, I began to cry. He was loving me. Loving me like none of my men friends ever did. Not even your father. I remember lifting my ass in the air, begging him not to stop. But he did. He pulled his hands free and made me stand up and look at him."

Mom's hand had strayed to her tits and I watched her stroke them and make the nipples hard and pointy. Her other hand was rubbing between her thighs. Shit! Mom was rubbing her finger up and down her slit. "Charlie told me that he loved me. That he had always loved me. And being his s****r, had stopped him from showing me how much he loved me. But he could see how much I needed to be loved. And he wanted to love me. But I had to understand what it was we were about to do. He did not want me to feel guilty later. I stood before him and slowly undressed. I never spoke a word. Then I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants." Mom's hand had pulled the gown up. She was openly fingering her pussy and I could see all the dark hair between her thighs. Mom had always been hairy.

Suddenly mom's eyes opened and she got a frantic look on her face. She reached out and grabbed my arms. I thought she had come to her senses and realized that she was talking to me. But her look was wild. "You have to understand, Tiffany! I don't know what came over me. When I took his dick in my mouth, his hard, throbbing shaft, touched my lips, I lost it. I think I came as soon as my lips closed around it. He let me lick it and suck it at first. Then he grabbed my head and began to work it up and down. Sometimes he even made me gag and choke. Then he stopped me. He lifted my head up and made me look into his eyes. As he kissed me he told me he loved me. We fucked all morning and most of the afternoon. Then he left before you came home. But not before I promised him that our love would not end there."

Mom was crying softly. "That weekend we got a sitter for you and he brought me up here. It was the best weekend of my life. Oh damn! I think he fucked me in every position and in ever hole until I couldn't take it any more. And all weekend he spanked me. Charlie and I were lovers until you reached 17. Then he told me that we had to stop so you wouldn't find out. He didn't know how you would take it, having your mom fucking your uncle. Oh Tiffany! I miss him so much and yet, I was afraid of what you would think of us." I moved over and held mom as she softly wept on my shoulder. I brushed her hair out of her eyes and looked at her.

"Mom look at me." She lifted her head up and looked at me. "You know that I have looked at your pictures many times. And I have looked at the video too. You looked so happy with Uncle Charlie. It was easy to see that the two of you really loved each other. And don't be so quick to think that I don't know how you feel. I'm gonna tell you a story and I don't want you to say a word until I finish. OK?" Mom sniffed back her tears and nodded her head. I handed her her glass and took mine too. I sipped from my glass and looked at her. It was now or never, all or nothing.

"Remember when I was in my late teens, and you had to go out of town on business? You made stay with Uncle Charlie. I guess you were afraid to leave me alone. Well anyway, there was a costume party that night. I wanted to go real bad. So I dressed up in my costume, which was me looking like a slut. I had a short skirt that barely covered my ass and pussy. High-heels, and a tight, tight sweater that showed off my tits. Oh, I didn't wear any underwear either. Well Uncle Charlie caught me and made me show him my costume. He told me I had to go and change. That no niece of his was going out looking like that.

This time I was sent to my room and told I wasn't going to the party. I got so mad at him that I went to my room and pouted. Well I had intended tot take cigarettes and wine to the party. Since I wasn't going, I decided to smoke and drink the wine. I started thinking about a club that I was supposed to join that night. It was called the double fuck club. Where a girl is fucked in both holes at the same time." I saw mom's eyebrows arch up, but she didn't say a word. "Any way I started thinking about how I would have joined the club. I got hot and took out my dildo, and started fucking myself. That was when Uncle Charlie opened the door to check on me."

He got so mad he made me strip. Then he put me across his lap. Telling me that he didn't raise a cheap whore, he spanked the hell out of me. Sometime during the spanking, I got so hot. I actually started raising my ass so he could spank me harder. He was spanking me so hard and fast that he spanked my inner thighs and even hit my pussy a few times. When he stood me up, I could see the big bulge in his pants. He must have known I got off on him spanking me. He sent me to my room. I couldn't help it mom, I laid there and fucked myself to the biggest orgasm."

I could see the unasked questions on her face. "No mom, he never tried to touch me or anything. But I know that after he was in his room, he jerked off. I could hear him thru the door. For the next ten years, I got fucked by a lot of different men and a few women. But there always seemed to be something missing. I mean it felt good, but not spectacular. Know what I mean?" mom nodded her head. Well anyway, about three months ago, a friend of mine let me hold one of their videos. It was about a girl getting spanked then fucked. Mom I got so turned on by watching it, I had to turn it off so I could make myself cum. That was when I started thinking about the spanking that Uncle Charlie gave me years ago.

I knew that I had to get spanked and I didn't want anyone but him to do it. So I schemed him into bringing me up here for a nice relaxing weekend. I told him I needed to get away to recharge my batteries. We had been drinking wine, and I told him about how his spanking effected me. Then I seduced him. Oh he tried to fight it. But I described to him in detail about how it got me so hot. I had worn a sexy see-thru and I opened my robe so he could see me. Then I laid over his lap with my ass in the air. He begged me not to do it. Told me that I didn't know what almost happened when he had spanked me before. I could feel him getting hard beneath me. Then his hand touched my ass.

Spanking me as an adult hurt a lot more than the spanking he had given me as a k**. But all I could do was moan. In between spanks, he rubbed and massaged my ass. He even stroked my pussy thru my open legs. Mom, all I could think about was how good it felt and how hot I was getting. I think I came a few times, even as he spanked me. Then when he finished, he fingered my pussy. Do you know what I did when he finished?" Mom smiled at me. "Knelt between his thighs and sucked his dick, like I did." We both laughed at that. Mom hugged me. "Tiffany, I can't say that I'm happy about what you did. But I think I understand why you did it."

I looked at mom. "Think about something for me? From the time you're a c***d, your parents are always telling you that they are spanking you because they love you. With each punishment, they say it's for your own good. So why does society condemn them for taking that love to another level?" I poured our glasses again. Damn, but we were getting sloshed! Mom looked at me and said that it was time we went to bed before we were too d***k to even walk. When she turned to go into Uncle Charlie's room I went in with her. She looked at me and I smiled. "Are we finished talking? Or are we just getting comfortable so we can just fall asl**p while we talk?" Mom laughed as we both lay on the bed.

We were turned towards each other, propped up on our elbows. We sipped from our glasses and said nothing. Then mom looked at me funny. "So how long have you been BI-sexual?" I laughed but the sound was nervous. Was she angry? "Since college. Don't tell me you never touched another woman, mom?" Mom sipped her wine. "No! I've never found anyone that turned me on." then she laughed. I walked into a lezzy bar once by accident. A rough looking woman came on to me and scared me so bad, I almost peed my panties as I ran to my car and blasted out of there. I never went back and I never wanted to be some butch's plaything."

I looked at mom and something in me made me do what I did. I bent my head and my lips touched hers. An electric spark shot thru me. Mom stiffened at first, then she just relaxed. I pressed her lips harder and moved closer to her. Then I felt her just let go. I stopped and took her glass and put it on the table with mine. Then I turned back to her. This time when I kissed her, I felt her arms hold me. When my tongue slipped between her soft full lips, I heard her sigh. Her breath and mouth tasted of the wine we had d***k. I could feel her hesitation, apprehension and uncertainty. But when my hand caressed her tit, I heard a small whimper escape her mouth. I lifted up and looked down at her.

"Just like Uncle Charlie told you, I want you to understand what is going to happen if you let me keep going." Mom's tits were rising and falling with her increased breathing. She looked into my eyes. Then she smiled and tilted her mouth up to mine. I kissed her so tenderly. I gently rolled mom until she lay on her back. Then I started at her neck. I tenderly kissed and licked her neck as I worked towards her tits. I heard her sighing. I slipped the straps off her shoulders. I push the gown over her tits. The areolas are darker than the rest of her, and small tiny bumps cover it.

I lick around the circle. I can hear mom whimpering. "Oh Tiffy! Oh baby! Oh Tiffy! Oh baby!" Over and over she whispers my name. The tip of my tongue licked around the circle slowly and tenderly. Then I slowly sucked the nipple into my mouth. Damn but mom felt and tasted good. I sucked the nipple until it was a hard nub, all the time lashing it with my tongue. And I could feel mom getting more and more excited. I went to the other nipple and did the same thing until I heard her whimpering. I worked the gown down her body, tracing her skin with my short nails. Mom's sides are very sensitive. She lifted her hips so I could pull the gown free. Then she lay in just her panty.

I could see the damp spot between her thighs. But I didn't want to talk to her or hear anything but her moans. My mouth began a slow trail down her stomach. Mom's bellybutton is an inverted one. I circled it with my tongue tip then slowly fucked the tiny hole. I felt her stomach muscle spasm again and again. Then I licked along the waistband of her panty. I pulled the material down slowly as my tongue licked her exposed skin. Mom was moaning and pushing her hips up off the bed. "Do it Tiffy. Show me! Please show me!" I smiled, at hearing her plead for my attention. I stopped and pulled her panty back up.

I licked mom thru her panty. Her pussy lips were so swollen. And she was so wet. I licked up and down her slit. Then I pushed my lips against the material and sucked hard. Mom's juices strained thru and filled my mouth. Damn but she tasted so good. I sucked again. Then licked up and down the channel until she was begging me to take her. I pulled her panty aside and sucked one of her lips. Her pussy smell was intensely intoxicating. I sucked the other lip and she moaned. Then I slowly began to tongue fuck her hole. Over and over again I did it. Mom bounced her hips on the bed, pushing her pussy into my face. I would have loved to finger her pussy but this was supposed to be special. So I made it slow and easy for her.
I pulled mom's panty free of her long black thighs. Then I slowly pushed them open and gazed at her open cunt. Even thru the thick hair, I could see her pink pussy meat as her lips parted. I could smell her even more as the scent filled the room. I bent down and sniffed hard. "Your pussy smells so good, mom!" I pushed mom's thighs up and back. This opened her even more. Then I began to slowly lick her. I started at the puckered hole of her ass. Then I slowly licked all the way up her slit to her clit and beyond. Mom's whole body shook.

I licked her slit over and over. Then placed my mouth over her hole and slowly tongue fucked her. Mom bucked beneath me. Crying out louder and louder, as she humped her pussy. "Yes! Oh yes, Tiffy! Lick it! Suck mommy's pussy! Oh it's so fuckin good! Don't stop! Please don't stop! Harder! Faster! Do me, baby! Do mommy! I'm gonna cum! Oh shit Tiffany! Your gonna make your mother cum with your tongue. Fuck me with it! Make me cum! Yes! Yes! YES! YES! IEEEEEEEEEEE!" Mom came. And boy did her pussy flow! She filled my mouth once, twice and it kept flowing. Then she screamed and stiffened.

Guess mom had not cum that hard in a long time. I sucked hard and fast to swallow it all. I guess mom didn't realize that she squirted a bit of pee into my mouth as she came. But she fell back onto the bed and I swear, I thought she had feinted. I let her lay like that for a while. Then I crawled up to lay next to her. I kissed her lips and she grabbed me and pulled me hard to her. 'Ooh baby! I've never felt anything like that before. I never knew I could cum so hard. Not even Charlie ever made me cum that hard. Will you show me how to please you this way?" I couldn't help but laugh.

"Tomorrow mom. Right now, I think we could both use sl**p, more than climaxes. Besides, I came while I was sucking your pussy. I think I must have swallowed a gallon and not all of it was cum." I could feel mom blush. "Oh honey, I'm so sorry. I couldn't help it. I came so hard, it just shot out of me." I laughed at her. "Don't worry mom, you're not the first woman who ever did that. In fact, many times when someone is sucking my pussy hard, I sometimes let go on purpose. And women do the same thing to me." Mom's eyes were shining. "Will you tell me all about the other women, Tiffany?"

I kissed mom tenderly on her lips. "Tomorrow! But right now, let's go to sl**p." Mom turned on her side and I spooned behind her. If I had been born with a dick, her pussy and ass would have gotten a good workout as she lay like that. But I heard her sigh, as I rubbed her nipples. Then her even breathing told me she had fallen asl**p. Oh well, I could wait to see what developed in the morning.
Uncle Charlie Ch. 3

I awoke to mom's gently shaking me. "Wake up sl**py head, the days wasting." I turned my head and looked at the clock. 7am! "Mom! Do you know what time it is?" I heard her laugh. "Yes! Time to get up and take a walk. Come on, you promised me a girl's weekend. Here's your coffee. Wash up and brush your teeth. You can shower when we get back." After washing up, and having two cups of coffee, I was ready to face the world. Why the hell did she have to feel so health conscious. I wanted to just sl**p. Well, sl**p and teach her to please me. But I put on my sweats and off we went.

There is a lake that takes about 2 hours to walk around. We walked towards the sun. "So tell me about some of your girlfriends." I smiled. I told mom about some of the girls that I had enjoyed sex with. But it was when I told her about Crystal that I think I shocked her. Crystal was one of my more aggressive lovers. And describing to mom how she would strap on a dick and fuck my holes with it made her hot I could tell. About halfway around the lake, mom stopped and pulled me into the bushes. "I have to get rid of this coffee. Keep a look out."

With that, mom pushed her sweat pants down to her ankles. Like I did, she had not worn any panties. For the first time in my life, I stared down at my mom as she leaned against a tree and peed. She pushed her fingers to her cunt and pressed down hard. A heavy thick stream, of hot yellow liquid, shot from between her hairy pussy lips and splattered on the ground. I got hot watching her relieve herself before me. And watching her made me have to go also. I laughed as I propped myself against a tree and peed as mom watched me. She licked her lips as she looked at me rubbing my pussy while the yellow stream shot from my cunt.

There was no tissue to wipe myself or her. Laughing, we just pulled up our pants. Before we walked off, mom grabbed me. She pulled me to her and kissed me hard. Her tongue pushed into my mouth. We both groaned as our lips mashed against each other. I felt her hand push into my pants and she fingered me hard and fast. Just when I thought I would cum, she stopped. Laughing she grabbed my hand and led me back to the path. When we got back to the cabin and had locked the door, I turned to see her smiling at me. "Hey! I get to shower first", I told her.

Mom shook her head no. "We shower together. I hope you don't mind?" I smiled at her. "Hell No! I would have come in while you showered anyway." We laughed and arm in arm walked into the shower. During our shower, mom soaped me up as I soaped her up. I could feel myself getting hot as mom's hands worked over my tits and ass. Then I gasped as she pushed her finger deep iin my ass. I groaned as I pushed my ass against her finger. "So Crystal fucked you in this hole too? Did Uncle Charlie fuck you here too?" I turned to her.

"Mom! Do you mind that you will be sharing Uncle Charlie with me?" Mom lifted her hand and caressed my face. Her soapy touch was so gentle and caring. "Do you mind sharing your new lover with him?" The way she had said it, my heart swelled and I wanted to cry. My mother loved me. Not just as my mother, but also as my lover. We finished washing up and rinsed off. Then, still wet, mom led me into the bedroom. She lay me down gently on the bed. Then she crawled above me and kissed me. "Now show me how to love you." I caressed her wet hair and face. Then I laughed.

"Mom! Do the things to me that you would want a gentle and caring lover to do to you. Think about the way he would lick you and suck your nipples. Think about the way you would want him to lick and suck your pussy. Then do that to me. There is no right or wrong way. Whatever your lover allows is ok." Mom smiled and nodded her head. Then she bent down and kissed me. She was so gentle, and yet so anxious. She kissed me all over my face, licking off the droplets of water. Then she worked down to my tits.

Mom licked the water from my tits. Then she sucked my nipples. One time she sucked too hard and bit down to hard. I winced and sucked in air against the pain. "Gently, mom! Remember your lover." Mom lifted her head and looked at me. "I'm sorry baby! I just want to do it so good for you." I laughed. "Oh you are mom. My pussy is throbbing and pulsing. I can't wait till your tongue gets to it. But take your time. Make me ready for it. Make me beg for it." Mom laughed. "Did Charlie make you beg for it?" She bent her head and her tongue sent a shock thru my tit.

"Mmmmmm! No! The first time Uncle Charlie fucked me, I screamed into the pillows. He fucked me so deep and i screamed so loud, I thought the cops would show up. Damn, but he was rough!" Mom laughed. "Yea! He can be so gentle at times and then he turns into the Marquee Du Sade. I'll tell you about something he did to me once. But after I finish." Mom bent her head and continued. By the time her lips touched my pussy, I was ready for her. Hell! I was begging for her. Her tongue licked my pussy lips the way I had licked hers. Then she slowly tongue-fucked my hole. Damn, but her tongue felt long as she worked it in and out. "Please mom! Don't tease me like this! I need it! I need you to make me cum! Tongue fuck me! Fuck my hot pussy with your sweet tongue! Harder! Deeper! Oh you bitch! I'm almost there! I'm gonna! I'm gonna! Oh mom! Oh mom! Ahhhhhhhh!"

I felt her mouth sucking hard as I came. And I came and came and came! And all thru it, mom kept sucking me. I know I made her drink more than my cum. I did it on purpose. And she never stopped sucking me. Then I fell back on the bed. Mom held me and kissed me repeatedly. "I love you baby. I've loved you all your life." mom held me tight against her. Then she started to laugh. "You look a lot like Charlie when you cum. Only your eyes don't roll up in your head." I started to laugh. I looked upward and began to jerk my hips. "Ugh! Ugh! Take it! Take it all! Oh you bitch!" We fell back on the bed laughing like ninnies

Later in the day, mom took me shopping. She took me to a store I had never seen. It sold sexy, raunchy outfits. Mom acted like we were s****rs as we walked around the store. The guy behind the counter looked like one of those perverts you see in porno theaters. Bald, sweaty and having a hard time breathing. But his eyes stayed glued to us as we walked around. Mom picked out three sets of matching outfits and took them to the counter. "You two look like your related." Mom laughed. "Yes! My husband likes to do my s****r and me together! Or watch us do each other." She turned to me and kissed my lips. "Remember when he did me while I had to lick you clean?" She picked up our package and we left the store.

We laughed so hard in the car; I almost peed my pants. Then we went to another store I had not noticed before. This one sold sex items. Mom walked the isles picking out things. She brought a couple of dildos, vibrators and even two butt plugs. Then she shocked me. Mom walked to the stand and took down a strap on dick. She turned to me. "Think you can teach me how to do it like Crystal?" I nodded dumbly. Crystal had taught me how to imitate a man to the point that i fucked her like one. But the strapon that mom brought, had enough dick to fill two pussies. Looking at the back, I saw how the wearer pushed half into her cunt then fucked her partner with the other half. What did she have in mind for us?

By the time we got back to the cabin, I have to admit my pussy was wet. Mom kept reaching over and rubbing it thru my pants as she drove. I wanted to fuck the minute we got in the door, but she said she was saving that for tonight. The day dragged on as we watched TV and talked. Mostly about sex! Sex with my partners, and with hers. Especially, about sex with Uncle Charlie. She told me about their relationship. Uncle Charlie had made mom submit to him in more ways than I thought. Mom told me the story as we sat on the couch in front of a fire.

The weekend he took her away, after their first fuck, he brought her to the cabin. During the time he had her on her back, he was using just the head of his dick. He had her so hot; she was begging him for it. But he kept teasing her with his dickhead. Then he stopped. He told her that she was going to be his, totally. That she could either submit to him completely, or this would be the last time she ever felt his dick. Mom was so hot, she readily agreed to anything he told her. Then he fucked her hard. Mom said that he made her scream as he rammed her pussy over and over. Then he flipped her over on her stomach. She said that he fucked her ass like she had never been fucked before. And that was just the first night of their weekend together.

The next night, he took her to a club. Mom told me that the club catered to the spanking lifestyle. She watched as different men and women were openly spanked up on a stage. She admitted that watching all of it made her hot. But then Uncle Charlie grabbed her hand and pulled her to the stage. He sat in the chair and pulled her across his lap. Mom told me she struggled and tried to get up, but he held her down. Then he pulled up her dress and ripped her panties off. Right there, in front of everyone, he began to spank her. But he didn't just spank her. In-between spanks, he teased her pussy. She got so hot, she was begging for more. It no longer mattered who was watching. That made it even more exciting for her. Then he fingered her asshole. Mom said that he kept bringing her to the brink of cumming only to stop.

He had someone toss him a dildo. Then placing her in front of him, he eased her back until his dick pushed up into her ass. Mom said that she cried out in pain. Her ass was still sore from his fucking the day before. But he pulled her down until she took it all. Then spreading her thighs open so everyone could see, he made her slowly fuck her pussy. The whole place cheered and shouted as she came. Then he pulled out of her and led her from the stage. That night she said he fucked her like a mad man. Making her cum again and again. She never got a chance to visit that club again. But she would get hot each time she thought about it. I have to admit I would like to have Uncle Charlie take me there.

Mom had me so hot with her story. And yet, she kept teasing me by just touching me, but never really letting me get too excited. I decided to fix her. I would tell her about Crystal. I got up and made two wine spritzers. No use in getting too sloshed to have fun later that night! I sat back on the couch and stared at my mom. So much had happened in such a short time. And yet, there was so much more I wanted to share with her. I laughed and she looked at me. "What's so funny this time?" I stared at her, looking her body over. Then I bent my head and kissed her lips. Mom gave into the kiss with no hesitation. I broke the kiss and sipped my drink.

"Well from the way you looked as I told you about Crystal, and your buying that strapon, I guess you would like to know more?" Mom sipped her drink and looked at me over the rim of her glass. "I want to know all about your lovers. Especially Crystal!" The way she said it, we both laughed. I let my fingers trail up and down the soft skin of her thigh. "Gee mom! I don't know? Things between Crystal and I got pretty intense at times. Maybe you really don't want to know?"

Mom looked over the rim of her glass then she set it down. She smiled at me as she slipped her hand behind me and rubbed my back. Then she grabbed me by my hair and at the same time shoved her hand beneath my skirt. Her fingers pushed up into my pussy, which was already wet from her tale. Her thumb rubbed my clit and I moaned. "Don't tease me, Tiffany! I know you can't wait to tell me what you let some slut do to you. And no matter how intense it gets, I bet you loved every second of it." With that, she pulled her finger from my cunt, coated my lips with the juice on it, and then kissed me. I was breathing hard by that point.

I swallowed hard to control myself. Mom's little act had almost made me cum. It was the suddenness of it. Mom picked up her drink like nothing had happened and smiled at me. I looked at her. Like Uncle Charlie, mom had a hard streak to her also. "Well mom, Crystal was a real small woman. She must have only been about 5 feet tall and she couldn't have weighed over 110. But she had a nice pair of tits and a real tiny ass. I met her at a party. She saw me staring at her and started talking to me. From her conversation, she let me know that she was Bi. The way she stroked my arm as we talked and the way she kept referring to how beautiful I was.

She was mixed, oriental and black. But she had the prettiest smile; you could get lost in it. Well, some jerks started to fight and she asked me if I wanted to go to her apartment for drinks. I said yes and followed her to her place. It was nice. We were sitting on the couch when she kissed me. It felt so good and she was so small. My hands rubbed her tits and she moaned. She broke the kiss and looked at me. "I don't like to be teased. Are you ready to go all the way?" I smiled but didn't answer her. I just started to unbutton her blouse. Damn, but that girl loved to eat pussy. She had the sweetest tongue and loved to fuck my holes with it. I could cum and cum while she tongue-fucked me.

When she straddled my head, her crθme was so thick and sweet. I couldn't get enough of it and sucked her dry. Then she started to fuck me with a dildo. She was so slow and gentle, bringing me to the edge then stopping to kiss me." Mom laughed. "Like you did to me last night, baby?" I reached out and rubbed mom's already hard nipples. She closed her eyes and pushed against my hand. "When I started to suck on Crystal's tits, she cradled my head and pushed me into them. She made me suck them hard and bite them until she whimpered in pain. Even when I used the dildo on her pussy or ass, it was always hard. She would cry sometimes and call me auntie.

I found out that her aunt had seduced Crystal to get at her s****r, Crystal's mom. They had some falling out over a stolen boyfriend. Anyway, Crystal's aunt had made Crystal into her own personal sex slave. And she was never gentle when they fucked, either. Anyway! Crystal asked me, if I had ever been fucked by a woman with a strapon? I told her no and she said I would love it. When she first walked into the room with it on, I almost burst out laughing. This pretty woman, so small with this black fake dick dangling between her thighs.

But I soon learned that crystal could use that dildo even better than some men can use a real dick. Sometimes she would just use the head until I begged for more. Then she would slowly fuck me, until I wanted to scream. A women with a strapon, doesn't get soft or tired like men do. And she sometimes had me so sore; it was hard to walk. She taught me how to use it on her like her aunt did. But whenever I fucked her I had to make sure that she screamed from my hard fucking. And all the time, crystal would cry and call me auntie.

One night we had gotten pretty well blitzed. Crystal decided to tie me up. I trusted her and we had tied each other before so I didn't worry. But this time things went very wrong. After Crystal had me tied up on my stomach, she pushed a ball gag in my mouth. She had never done that before and I got kind of scared. Then she started rubbing my ass. She started talking about her aunt and her mom and she grew angrier and angrier. She pushed her finger in my ass and fingered me hard. I could only groan and grunt. That was when she walked in front of me. She lifted my head to look at her.

"I'm gonna fuck you like my auntie fucks me. I'm gonna let you know what I have to go thru just cause that bitch hates my mom. That gag will stop your screams just like she stops mine. And no matter how hard I fuck you, no body will hear it." Then crystal put on the dick. There was enough room in the rope for her to pull me up on my knees. Then she placed the dick at my pussy. "If you move and make me stop, I'll make it a lot harder on you." Mom, I got so scared. She was like a mad woman. When she rammed that dick in my cunt, I screamed but the gag muffled it. She pulled out and rammed it in again.

Mom's eyes were glued to mine as I told her my story. "And all the time she was fucking me, she kept talking to me like I was her and she was her aunt." Mom's hand stroked my face. "Did any of it excite you, baby?" I had to giggle. "Well mom, all the time she was ramming that dick into me, she kept repeating that this was for my own good. That she was doing this because she loved me. I know that even thru the pain, I came twice. I think it was what she was saying, that turned me on. Then, she pulled out. I know I was soaked, because I could feel it running down my legs. Crystal got underneath me and licked it up. All the time she kept telling me that it was for my own good. That she loved me so much.

I felt her tongue on my ass. Then she was pulling my cheeks apart. I started getting so hot when she tongue-fucked my asshole. I know I was pushing back to get more of her sweet tongue. Then I felt her pushing the dick in my ass. This time she fucked me even harder. I know I screamed myself hoarse. It hurt so bad! All I could do was struggle and cry. And she kept telling me she loved me, that this was for my own good. Then it was over. She held me as I cried myself to sl**p. Our relationship broke up soon after that. She just wanted our sex to hurt all the time."

I could see that mom was touched by my story. It looked like she wanted to cry. Then she pulled me to her. As mom hugged me and kissed my face, she told me that she would never treat me like that. That she loved me too much. I tilted my face and felt mom's tender lips touch mine. As we kissed, my hand slipped beneath her skirt. Mom moaned as my fingers found the waistband of her panty. Then she just pressed against me as I slowly fingered her. Mom threw her head back and was breathing thru her mouth.

"So you want me to teach you how to fuck me, mom? You want me to strap on that fake dick and slowly fuck you with it? Make you suck it clean after I fuck your wet pussy? Do you want me to tie you up too? Tease you with my fingers and tongue? Make you beg like Uncle Charlie made you beg? Is that what you want, mom?" mom was humping her pussy at my fingers. "Yes Tiffany! Oh yes! I want all those things! I want to share them with you. It will be our secret. Even Uncle Charlie won't know about it. Please, baby! Let's make it our own secret? Please?"

I pulled my fingers from her pussy. Damn, but mom grew wetter with each second. I sucked my fingers as she watched. "Did Uncle Charlie really make you his slave?" Mom smiled. Then she pushed me back on the couch. I laughed and giggled until her mouth pressed into my pussy. Then I could only moan and hold her head. But mom stopped before I got a chance to cum. It was about 6 so we made dinner. It was light, just chicken breast and salad. But mom made sure that we had a lot of wine with dinner and after. Then she had me take a shower and put on one of the outfits she had brought.

When I got out the shower, the bedroom was bathed in candlelight. Mom took her shower and came out wearing her outfit. She looked so hot; I wanted to attack her right then and there. But we started out just kissing slowly and tenderly. I was laying on my back, when mom brought out one of the dildos. From the way she fucked me with it, I knew that she was no stranger to its use. She used the tip and made me beg for more. And beg I did! Then she gave me one and had me use it on her. But she told me not to let her cum. It was deliciously frustrating.

Then mom brought out the strapon. She gave it to me and had me put it on. "Here, baby! You've used one before. Teach me how to fuck you after you fuck me first." I strapped it on and rubbed oil on it until it shown. Then I began to slowly fuck her pussy with it. I just used the head. "Oh Tiffany! You're fucking me just like Charlie does." I was using my arms to prop me up above her. This way I could look down at her, as I slowly fucked her pussy. Every couple of strokes, I would sink the dick in all the way. Mom went crazy on the dick. Then I pulled out and watched her suck it clean.
I placed mom on her hands and knees and got behind her. I fucked her pussy slowly. But I made sure that she got all she could take with each stroke. I started out slowly, but soon had a nice rhythm going. And mom kept moaning and calling my name as I fucked her. "Yes Tiffany! Oh baby! Shit! Fuck me Tiffany! Work that dick in my pussy! Fuck me! Oh you sweet baby! Yes! Oh yes!" Then I began to spank her. SMACK! "Tell me you love it, mom!" SMACK! "I want you to do the same things for me you did for Uncle Charlie." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Mom was slowly working her ass back and forth. Taking more and more dick up into her pussy. "Talk to me Baby! Talk to me while you fuck me. Talk dirty like Uncle Charlie did." SMACK! SMACK! "So you liked being his slut!" SMACK! SMACK! "I bet you came hard when he took you to that club." SMACK! SMACK! "Letting all those people watch him fuck your ass, while you fucked your pussy." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Then she went over the edge. "Tiffany! Oh baby! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh shit! Oh you sweet bitch! Fuck me harder! Faster!"

I grabbed mom's hips and fucked her like Uncle Charlie had fucked me. I was ramming my dick in her cunt over and over. Then I pulled my dick out. Mom cried out and collapsed on the bed. I pulled her over and grabbed her thighs. I pulled them open and sucked her pussy like I had been starving for it all my life. And mom pumped all her crθme into my mouth. It was so fuckin fantastic! I felt her cum again and then I stopped and just held her. Mom held me back and I felt her having micro-orgasms over and over.

We sat sipping wine after mom had gotten herself together. "Oh baby! I never knew it would be so good! I can't believe how wonderful it felt. Getting fucked by my own sweet baby. Oh thank you. Thank you." Mom kissed me over and over again. Then it was her turn. Mom had to work at getting her hips to keep up a good rhythm, but with a couple of false starts, she was soon doing a fair job of fucking me. With a little practice, she would be as good as Uncle Charlie is. And I intended to let her have a lot of practice.

The phone rang and mom answered it. It was Uncle Charlie! Mom talked to him, telling him that we did have a nice weekend. And yes we did get to talk a lot. She told him that she was glad I had suggested that we take the time together. All during the time that mom talked to Uncle Charlie, I was slowly sucking her tits and fingering her pussy. Mom kept talking like nothing was going on. Then she told him that she wanted him to come up early enough to have breakfast with us. She almost laughed as I knelt down and sucked the fake dick as she talked. Then she said goodbye and hung up. Laughing, she pushed me on my back and fucked me even better than she already had. We fell asl**p locked in a 69. But when I felt her move in the morning, we were side by side.
Uncle Charlie Ch. 4

Mom had fixed the coffee machine sometime during the night, I guess. Because, when she got up, I could hear it start. But I just lay in bed savoring the memory of last night. Damn but mom learned to use the strapon quick. I heard a car drive up and then the door opened. “Hey Michelle!” I heard Uncle Charlie’s voice. “Hey handsome! I put on the coffee. Guess you could use a cup after that long drive.” I got up and walked to the door. From where I stood, I could see into the kitchen. Uncle Charlie looked as good as he always did.

“Do you mind if we have our coffee out back? I would like to talk to you.” I watched Uncle Charlie and mom walk to the back door. This door let out onto a porch. The windows were next to the chairs. Mom wanted me to hear their conversation. They sat down and Uncle Charlie lit a cigarette. They sipped coffee in silence, and then mom took a deep breath. She turned towards Uncle Charlie. The window was cracked a bit so I could hear them plain. “How have things been Charlie? You look as good as ever.” Uncle Charlie laughed. “What’s the matter kitten? You always start a conversation with that I’m looking good thing when you are nervous.”

Mom too a bigger breath and looked at him. Uncle Charlie looked back at her. “Charlie! You remember when you told me that you wanted to move us away from here. To have us living as man and wife while we raised Tiffany?” Uncle Charlie nodded his head and sipped his coffee. I didn’t know anything about this. Mom continued and I listened carefully. “I told you that I couldn’t because she was growing up and would never understand. I lied to you Charlie. Tiffany would have loved to have you as her dad. But I was scared. I knew the woman you had turned me into. And don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it.

But after you asked me, I thought about it long and hard. I knew that as Tiffany grew older, she would act like all teenagers acted and have to get a spanking from you. And forgive me, but the idea of her lying across your lap, her naked ass in the air excited me. I knew that it would excite you too. And I also knew that if you wanted her, I would have gladly trained her to satisfy you the way you trained me to do it. I knew that I would also want her. The feelings were there whenever I looked at her and imagined her getting spanked. That’s why I never could give her a spanking. Just the thought of it made me excited.

But Tiffany and I talked a lot this weekend. I was wrong. I should have gone with you. Letting you enjoy her, and me as Tiffany grew up. Oh Charlie! I let so much time go by. I’m sorry. I still love you Charlie. I have always loved you.” Uncle Charlie sipped his coffee without saying a word. I had to remind myself to breathe. I was holding my breath. Would Uncle Charlie get mad? Would he leave without talking? Then he sat his coffee down and smiled. He looked over at the window and stared into my face. “Come out here Tiffany. And bring a cup of coffee for yourself.” I sheepishly walked out on the porch. I had sense enough to put on a robe.

I sat next to mom and we both stared at Uncle Charlie. He looked at the two of us and smiled. “Did you hear everything your mom said?” I nodded my head yes. “Well Michelle, you were right. If we had run away and started a f****y together, the day would have come when I would have had to spank Tiffany. And even as a k**, she had your body. It would have excited me and I would have wanted to fuck her. Oh I know that must make me sound like the “i****tuous bastard” that Tiffany called me the first time I fucked her. She did tell you about that didn’t she?”

Mom nodded her head. Uncle Charlie looked at me. “I told you that I wanted to be with you when you told her. I will have to spank you good for not listening. But Back to what I was saying. Michelle, you gladly submitted to me. You held nothing back, and did everything I could have ever wanted you to do. And I know that I would have trained Tiffany to be the same way. I am an i****tuous bastard. And I knew that if your pussy was so good, Tiffany’s pussy would have been so sweet and tender I would want it too. Michelle, the first time I fucked Tiffany, it was pure lust. Oh I wanted it. I’ve wanted it from the time I spanked her so long ago. But when she seduced me, the only thing I wanted was satisfaction.

But the next time we fucked, it was lust and love. Did Tiffany tell you about the second time I fucked her?” Mom shook her head no. Uncle Charlie looked at me. “The next time I fucked her was at my apartment. All the time I undressed her, I told her how much like you she looked. I only let her call me Uncle Charlie. I wanted her to know that it was i****t that we were doing. Every time I made her suck my dick, I told her how much I loved having her mom, my s****r sucking the same dick. When I spanked her I thought about how wonderful it felt spanking you. And knowing that I had fucked both my s****r and her daughter made me fuck her even harder. Yes, I would have fucked both of you if we had lived together.”

I sat sipping my coffee, watching the two of them. Michelle turned and looked at Tiffany. Something passed between them unsaid, and they both smiled. ‘Would you fuck us both now, Charlie?” Michelle stood up and opened her robe. Uncle Charlie looked her up and down and I could see the bulge in his pants growing. Then I stood up. “Yes Uncle Charlie! We both want you. And we want you to fuck and spank both of us.” Michelle bent down and kissed me. It was one of the slow, long sensuous kisses I guess they shared with each other so long ago. Then it was my turn. I stepped in when mom stepped back and gave him the same type kiss. Then we took his hands and led him into the house.

When we entered the bedroom, the scent of our earlier sexual fun still permeated the room. Uncle Charlie stood still as mom and I slowly undressed him. When we finally had him step out of his drawers, his hard black dick stood straight out from his body. I looked at mom and she looked back at me. Then we both sank to our knees. We took turns slowly sucking the head of Uncle Charlie’s dick. It became a contest to see who could take the most without choking. Of course mom won. Or, I let her win. I had been deep throating dicks for a long time. Mom and I stood up and kissed each other. Then, I took their hands in mine and led them to the bed.

I stood between them as I turned around. “The two of you waited a long time to be reunited. I think that this moment belongs to just the two of you.” I was about to turn and leave them alone when I felt two sets of hands on my shoulders. I looked up and both of them were looking at me. It was mom who spoke. “No, baby! This is going to work only if the three of us are together. There will be enough time for Charlie to enjoy us by ourselves. Right now, the three of us are going to make love together.” She turned to Uncle Charlie. “I hope you’re up to some strenuous work, my boy!” then she turned to me.

The smile on her face told me how she felt. And I couldn’t have found the words to tell her how I was feeling. I tried hard not to start crying. We turned to Uncle Charlie and gently laid him back on the bed. Then mom slowly climbed up on him. I guided his hard throbbing dick up into her pussy. Mom moaned as his dick slipped up into her. I watched as she slowly worked her hips up and down on his dick. My hands were rubbing her body as she slowly fucked Uncle Charlie. Then I captured one of her tits. I sucked and licked it, as mom continued to fuck her b*****r. I felt their hands rubbing over my tits. Then they found my pussy.

I opened my thighs eagerly as two sets of fingers rubbed and stroked me. “Yes mom! Fuck your b*****r. Feel how deep his dick goes up in your juicy pussy.” I rubbed down until I felt Uncle Charlie’s wet dick sliding in and out of her pussy. “Feel it Uncle Charlie! Does it feel like my pussy? Is mom tight? Does she grip your hard dick like my pussy does?” Mom was moaning as she worked harder on Uncle Charlie’s dick. She was lifting her ass and dropping down hard on his dick. And she grunted with each penetration. “Oh Charlie! I’ve missed this dick so much. No other man ever made me feel the way you do.”

Mom lifted up off of Uncle Charlie’s dick. Gobs of cum dripped from her pussy and covered his dick and balls. Then she guided my head to his lap. As I licked and sucked the sweet crθme from his dick and balls, I felt mom’s fingers stroking my ass crack. She lifted my face and kissed me. Then she guided me to straddle his hips. I groaned as his hard dick filled me. My pussy was still a bit sore from mom’s frantic fucking the night before. But he felt so good sunken deep in me the way he was. “Fuck her Charlie! Fuck your niece and my daughter. We belong to you now. And we’re always gonna be yours.”

I bent down and kissed Uncle Charlie’s lips. He held me to him. That was when I felt mom’s fingers rubbing my asshole. I groaned into Uncle Charlie’s mouth as her finger started to fuck my ass. “Oh mom! You’re fucking my ass while Uncle Charlie fucks my pussy.” I worked my hips back and forth to the double rhythm. Then mom pulled her finger free. She sucked my nipples harder than I had sucked hers. Then she straddled Uncle Charlie’s face. She was turned so we faced each other. I could feel her excitement as he tongued her. We kissed and rubbed tits as both of us received pleasure from him.

Mom started to moan that she was gonna cum. I didn’t want it to stop just yet, so I pushed her off him. Then I crawled between her thighs and licked her pussy. I turned so that she had to lick my pussy. Uncle Charlie lay there watching us. Then I whispered into his ear. Uncle Charlie laughed as he got up off the bed. Then he pulled me to the edge. He directed mom to get in the same position. We were on our hands and knees, our asses stuck in the air with Uncle Charlie behind us. I turned to watch him give mom’s ass a sweet tonguing. Mom moaned and pushed her ass back at him. Then he turned his attention to me. Damn, but his tongue felt good!

Then Uncle Charlie got behind mom. I watched as he used his hands to spread her cheeks. Then mom groaned and grunted, as Uncle Charlie began to fuck her ass. Mom turned to me. “He fucks my ass so deep. And his dick is so long and thick. Oh Tiffany! Please rub my pussy.” SMACK! SMACK! The loud slaps echoed in the room. “I didn’t tell you that she could touch you. You’re my slut now!” Mom moaned. “Oh Charlie! It’s been so long.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! ‘Well get used to it, s****r dear. I’m gonna be spanking this ass a lot.” He turned to me and smiled.

“Don’t worry Tiffy! Your ass is next and I intend to spank you even harder.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “So you enjoyed other men while you denied me your body!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did you suck their dicks?” SMACK! SMACK! “Yes Charlie!” SMACK! SMACK! “Did they fuck this asshole?” SMACK! SMACK! “Oh yes Charlie! But not like you do.” Uncle Charlie held mom’s hips and began to slam his dick up into her ass. “Oh! Oh Charlie! Oh shit! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Shove it in deep! Harder! Oh you bastard! You like fucking my daughter, don’t you? Do you make her beg the way you make me beg? Oh Charlie! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Mom’s body jerked as she came. And her whine turned into a scream as I saw the crθme flow down her thighs. Uncle Charlie held mom until she stopped shaking. Then he pulled out. Mom groaned as he pulled his still hard dick free. Then he turned to me. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “So you like watching me fuck your mom! I bet you want to crawl between her thighs and suck her juicy pussy.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Oh Uncle Charlie!” SMACK! SMACK! “Didn’t I tell you that I wanted to be there when you told your mom I fucked you?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Yes! But we just started talking.”

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “You’ll learn to do as I tell you. Just like your mom does.” Then he shoved his dick in my ass. Uncle Charlie shoved hard and buried the length of his dick up my ass. He fucked me hard and rough. And all the time he slapped my ass while he fucked it. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m cumming Uncle Charlie! Oh mom! Uncle Charlie’s dick is making me cum. Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, you motherfucker! You fucked my mom in her ass, and now you’ve got your hard dick up my ass. Oh shit! I’m cumming, now!”

Uncle Charlie held me as I came. Then he pulled out. I cried out as his dick pulled free. Then I collapsed on the bed beside mom. She turned me to her and hugged me. We kissed, as Uncle Charlie walked into the bathroom. The water ran and we heard him washing up. Then he came out and washed both our asses. He turned us on our back and gently licked us to another orgasm each. Uncle Charlie climbed into bed between us. He kept kissing us telling us that he loved us both. “Does that mean you won’t spank us, Uncle Charlie?” Uncle Charlie laughed. “Oh no! I intend to spank the hell out of you after we rest. Michelle for allowing me to leave her. And you for not waiting to tell her I fucked you.” laughing, we hugged each other.

The rest of the morning went about how I expected it to. Uncle Charlie took turns fucking mom and me. And we took turns licking, sucking and enjoying him and each other. We told Uncle Charlie about our trip into town. I made him promise to take mom and me back to the club he had taken her. I told him I wanted him to fuck me on stage while everyone watched. As mom worked her head up and down his dick, I told him I wanted him to spank mom and me on stage too. We could pose as s****rs who belonged to him. The idea made him cause mom to choke and gag as he fucked her throat deep.

Dinner was delicious. Uncle Charlie made his fabulous filet mignon. And like mom said, it melted in your mouth. After dinner, we told Uncle Charlie to take his shower first. Then mom and I took ours he was seated before the fire when we walked out. We had dressed in our hottest outfits and his dick came to instant attention when we walked before him. Mom and I took turns fucking him. Then we cleaned his dick and each other’s pussies. Then he told us that it was time for our punishment. I had to go first. Mom was to hold me, as Uncle Charlie spanked me.

Uncle Charlie sat on the couch. I lay across his lap with my head on mom’s lap. Uncle Charlie pulled my panty until it had ridden up the crack of my ass. This left my cheeks bare. His rough hand rubbed my ass. “I told you to wait to tell your mom.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “I told you that I wanted to be there when you told her.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “The two of you took turns sucking each other’s pussies last night didn’t you?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did you have fun sucking your mom’s wet pussy?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did you fuck her with a dildo?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

My ass was on fire. He had never spanked me this hard or long before. I was crying and digging my nails into mom’s tender thighs. But she never uttered a sound. She only stroked my hair and whispered that she loved me very much. Then the spanking was over. There was no sexual play. Uncle Charlie didn’t try to excite me. He only spanked me. Then it was mom’s turn. He put her in the same position with her head in my lap. I sniffed back tears as he pulled her panty into a wedgie. His hand rubbed her ass and she grabbed my thigh. I almost gasped as her nails dug into my soft skin. She knew that he would spank her even harder than he had spanked me.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The sound of his hand slapping mom’s ass was so much louder than when he had smacked mine. Mom opened her mouth to scream but shut it without uttering more than a whimper. ”So you want me to take you back, huh?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did you enjoy letting other men fuck you?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Knowing that I wanted you so much, it hurt to think about you.” SMACK! SMACK! “Did you think of me while they fucked you?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Answer me you no good bitch!”

Mom was crying openly. “Oh Charlie! I do want you back. Even when I let other men touch me, I thought only about you. I missed your touch, your spanking and using me the way you did. I’m sorry Charlie! I’m so sorry!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Not as sorry as you’re gonna be! I gave you my love.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “I would have given you the world, Michelle! All I wanted was your love and your submission. And yes I wanted your daughter. We both knew that.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

“Did you enjoy sucking her pussy last night? Did you fill her mouth with your thick cum?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Yes Charlie! Oh please, it hurts!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did the two of you use dildos on each other?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Yes Charlie! I made her beg for it. And she did the same thing to me. We licked each other’s pussies after we came.” I looked at mom’s ass. Even thru her chocolate color, I could see how red his spanking had made it.

“I know how much you like to be fucked after a good hard spanking.” SMACK! SMACK! “But instead of letting you enjoy my dick, I’m gonna lay here and fuck your daughter.” SMACK! SMACK! “And when I finish, you can clean us both.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Mom moaned, as Uncle Charlie’s fingers found her slit and clit. She lifted her ass up off his lap. “Fuck me Charlie! Ahhh! Oh my pussy is on fire.” Charlie laughed. As he pushed his finger up mom’s cunt, he turned to me. “Did this slut tell you how hot she got when I took her to the club?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Mom was humping her ass in the air as he fingered her. “Yes.” He pulled his wet fingers out and pushed them in my mouth. Mom tasted so sweet.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did she tell you that she begged me to take her back there?” SMACK! SMACK! “Or how she wanted the men and women in the audience to come up on stage and fuck her? Did she tell you how she begged me to find another couple, who also was into spankings? Then she could get spanked and fucked in both her holes.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “You’re a nasty slut, Michelle. But I love you with all my heart.” Even in her excitement, mom continued to cry. Uncle Charlie pushed his finger up her ass right then. And mom came while she humped his fingers. Uncle Charlie made mom stand up. Then he pulled me to the edge of the bed.

I felt the tip of his dick push between my pussy lips. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me to him. Uncle Charlie fucked me with long hard lunges. I grunted and groaned with each penetration. From the spanking he had given me; the hard fast fucking I was receiving; I could do nothing but cry. I cried all the time he fucked me. Just like I had held mom’s hand while Uncle Charlie had spanked her, she held my hand while he fucked me. Suddenly he stiffened. His eyes rolled up in his head and he started jerking his tits. “Argh! Argh! Oh shit! Take it! Take it all!” I looked at mom. Remembering our conversation about how he looked when he came, we almost laughed. But that would have been disastrous for both our asses.

Uncle Charlie pulled out and grabbed mom by the hair. “Clean your baby’s pussy.” Mom’s mouth felt so good after his hard fucking. But it didn’t stop my tears. When she finished, he shoved his dick in her mouth. Mom sucked him thru her tears. Then he pulled us both to him. We fell asl**p that night with our heads on his chest. Mom looked at me and I at her. Our hands touched and we smiled. Our life would forever be different from this moment on.

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Uncle Charlie, Sam Ellis and the Barn

After my first double solo encounter with Uncle Charlie and Sam Ellis, it was not long before I was involved again with them. About a week later, Uncle Charlie asked me to help him again with some repairs to an old barn/cow shed which stood at the top of the marshes where Sam kept his young cattle during the summer months.

We had not been there long when Sam appeared. It was a hot day and he had brought some home made beer by way of refreshment - we went inside the barn, sat on some hay bales and each had a drink. The two of them were discussing the repairs and then suddenly Sam said "Have you had the boy's cock up your arse again, Charlie?". I realised that sex was a subject not far from the surface whenever these two were together.

Uncle Charlie replied by saying no but telling Sam that I was good at nibbling foreskin on Uncle George and sucking his cock and would Sam like to see me performing on him. With that, Uncle Charlie dropped his trousers to reveal his prick which was already semi-hard.

Sam then said "You can save your blow job for later. Let's see what fun we can have with him today - I'm sure we can make him come enough to make his balls ache" and immediately made a grab for me. Between them, they stripped me and while Sam pinned me on the floor, Uncle Charlie started to play with my cock by rubbing it until he got an erection on me which he seemed satisfied with. I was both excited and scared as I had no idea of what "fun" Sam had in mind. Uncle Charlie gestured to me to get up and to sit on one of the bales. He then exposed his rampant prick fully and indicated to me that he wanted me to wank him. I carefully took his cut cock in hand and started to rub him just as he had been doing to me. At least, with us both being cut, we knew exactly how to handle each other's cock to the best effect.

Meanwhile, Sam had also dropped his trousers to expose his rather different cock with its very long foreskin and purple head. He took himself in hand for a few strokes and then moved over to where I was sitting and offered his cock to my mouth. His shiny purple knob was just protruding out of the end of his long foreskin and I exposed it completely before applying my lips around the end and gently teased his manhood with my young tongue. This obviously got him going and he pressed his cock deep into my mouth - it went in so far that I thought that I was going to gag.

Mercifully, this did not last long although I was so dreading that feeling in the back of my throat that I had stopped wanking Uncle Charlie. With no real warning, Sam withdrew from my mouth and went round the back of Uncle Charlie and pressed him to bend over in front of me. Uncle Charlie pressed himself between my legs and started to lick my cock and balls. Meanwhile, Sam was now positioning himself between Uncle Charlie's exposed arse cheeks and I realised that he was intending to fuck him. So far as I could see, he was pushing his cock up against Uncle Charlie's hole and with a sudden thrust, he was obviously inside and slowly started to move backwards and forwards as he proceeded to fuck him. As he did so, Uncle Charlie was getting more and more excited and was sucking me for all he was worth.

I was getting closer and closer to the edge and then suddenly Sam pushed really hard and shouted "you're going to get my spunk, Charlie, get the boy to give me his." With that, Uncle Charlie stopped sucking on my cock and said to me "Finish yourself off over Sam. Spray his face with your spunk". I stood up and did as he instructed. Three or four quick pulls on my cock had me spending my load over Sam's face as he pushed himself deep into Uncle Charlie and buried his load into him.

Both I and Sam were spent and the evidence of my exertions was all over Sam's face. He then said that it was time to relieve Uncle Charlie of his seed but we did not want to waste it because we had a good use for it. He told me to lie on the floor and signalled Uncle Charlie to sit astride my chest. Sam then started to wank Uncle Charlie and as he was getting close to his climax, he said to me "Open your mouth, you're going to take his spunk there but do not swallow it". Suddenly Uncle Charlie started to buck and Sam pointed his cock into my mouth. Before long, I could feel gush upon gush of his spunk filling my mouth and it was all I could do to avoid swallowing.

Once he had drained the last drop, Sam indicated to me to spit out Uncle Charlie's offering into my cupped hands. He then knelt over and told me to use Uncle Charlie's spunk to lubricate his own arsehole. He then told me to fuck him just as I had before at the farm and instructed Uncle Charlie to play with my balls while I was doing it. I pushed into him easily and started a slow rhythmic action making sure as taught to pull it nearly out before plunging it in again. This certainly seemed to get him going and I was enjoying both the tingling sensation on my cock and the attention to my balls and around my arse which Uncle Charlie was providing. Eventually, I came for the second time in the session but this time depositing my seed into Sam. He really seemed to enjoy being fucked as much as he had enjoyed fucking Uncle Charlie.

I then realised that I had come twice and the other two only once each - I did not have to wait long to find out how that matter would be resolved. Sam said "our turn now, boy. Do you want it in your mouth or your arse?". I had never been fucked and given the size of his purple head, I did not want to experience that from him. I therefore said that I would take it in my mouth. "You'll have to do both of us", he said and, with that, gestured to me to sit on a bale and offered his semi-hard cock as he stood in front of me. I started to lick the knob and nibble his foreskin as Uncle George had taught me until he was virtually rock hard. At that point, I began to suck him and took his rampant cock into my mouth.

Uncle Charlie then moved up to me and began to rub his cock along the side of my face. Once he had got it hard, he then tried to put it into my mouth as well as Sam's. He pushed really hard until he got his end in and then started to push in and out in time with Sam until they were almost doing it in tandem. Sam said "let's mouth-fuck him good and hard so we fill his throat with our cum" and with that they both intensified their pushing until I felt that my cheeks were going to burst. Suddenly, I felt a spurt from one of them hit the back of my throat and before long my mouth was full of their combined spunk. I had to swallow some of it to avoid choking and it was some time before they withdrew their cocks and wiped them on my face to get rid of the sticky mess they had created.

But that was not the end of it. Sam said that they would have to reward me for being such a good boy. My balls were aching from my first two orgasms and I did not really want anymore but I thought there would be little point in protesting. They began to stroke me and then Uncle Charlie took me in his mouth. With some expert tonguing and pressure with his lips on the front of my cock, he soon had me hard again. Sam then took over and took me deep into his mouth. Although I was really excited, I just did not seem to be able to get close to coming again and this alternating oral attention was not really enough to make me cum again.

Sam obviously recognised this and signalled to Uncle Charlie to stop. He then took me in hand and started to wank me quite roughly. I was a little worried where this was all heading and how it might end up so with a little effort, I managed to reach a climax and produce a small amount of the white stuff to mark three orgasms within the hour. They both seemed happy about that and it brought the session to an end. Sam said "well we've definitely got a little sex object here. No end to the fun we can have with him. He might just make the mark with my missus as well - I'll have to see whether she is interested in using his sweet little prick". With this they both laughed and got dressed. There was no more reference to Mrs Ellis that day but he had given me a lot to think about and to look forward to for the future. I did not have to wait long.
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Charlie and his mate

This is another story about my Uncle Charlie. He occasionally did some fencing work for his friend Sam Ellis who owned a small farm in the next village. I was visiting the farm one day with Uncle Charlie to help him with some repairs to the fencing around the paddock where the farm horses were kept. After we had completed the work, we were leaning on a fence rail and the horse that was standing in front of us started to make his cock get bigger and longer. I watched amazed (I had never seen a horse's cock that close up before). It was the biggest cock I had ever seen and it just grew longer and thicker and hung down more than a foot.

My Uncle laughed and asked me if I'd like a cock that big. I did not know what to say as I was so excited. My cock was hard just watching the horse as it started to piss. My Uncle who I had shared some sexual encounters with before then, pulled his own cock out of his pants and, in plain view, said he had to piss too. He showed his cock to me - it was pretty big and he had a really long foreskin that he pulled back as a stream of piss came out.

I was really excited and he said "lets see you piss". I was too scared to do anything but he took my hand and held it against his cock as he shook the last piss from it. His cock was getting harder and he squeezed my fingers around his cock. He unbuttoned my fly and suddenly he was rubbing my cock and I was rubbing his. He indicated to me to go with him over to the barn. Once we were in there, he told me to drop my trousers and pants and then to turn round. He pulled me tight to him and put his cock between my arse cheeks. In no time, he was shooting his spunk over my back and bum. Meanwhile, he had hold of my cock and then I came as he rubbed me with his rough hand. He said he had to go back to finish off another piece of work and left the barn.

As he went out of the back of the barn, Mr. Ellis came in the front and pulled close the large door. He said that he had watched me with Uncle Charlie and knew that I liked sex with older men. He got out his cock and showed me that it was already hard. He said it had got like that while he was watching us and that he needed to relieve himself by playing with me. I guess that he was a man of about sixty although he had a very lean body and a long thin cock to go with it.

He pulled me into the corner and down on some hay. He pinned me on my back and sat astride my chest. He started to wank his cock and pulled his long foreskin down across a purple head. When he was satisfied that it was hard, he leaned forward and offered it to my mouth. He then put his cock in my mouth. My pants were down and the hay was sticking into me but I was enjoying it although was scared as well. He had a dark tan all over and was very hairy around his cock and balls. He pushed his cock in and out of my mouth with increasing speed and eventually let forth a torrent of sticky spunk into my mouth and over my face.

Once he had drained his balls, he pulled off my pants and played with my cock. He then knelt over, put some of his spunk from my face on his arsehole and told me to push my cock into him. It went in very easily and he was obviously used to taking cock up his arse. He told me to push hard into him and that he wanted me to fill him up with my young spunk.

I soon came and squirted my spunk into him. I liked that part and realised that I had now managed to fuck both Uncle Charlie and Sam Ellis. It was a nice feeling. I also realised that I had been set up by Uncle Charlie for all of this and wondered what else Sam and him had in mind for me.
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uncle bob and me

My Mum had gone away for the weekend with her mates which meant me and her boyfriend had the house all to ourselves. He’s brill, my Mum’s boyfriend. He’s like a mate. He’s in his 40s but he’s well cool.

Anyway, it was Saturday and we had a great night in, lots of cans, a spliff…brilliant.

Round about 11 o’clock I said, “Right. I’m off to bed. See you in the morning, Uncle Bob.”

I always called him Uncle Bob.

“You off for your bedroom wank then?”

“Yeah well I’m 18. I’m young and full of cum so I need to wank, ok? And yeah, I do have a wank every night before you ask. And sometimes I wank in the morning as well. I wank in my bed and I wank in the bathroom. I’m a horny young wanker. Ok? Not like you. I’m young. My cock is always hard. My balls are always full of cum. I need to wank. I’m young and I get erections like all fucking day and night.”

Fuck me, I went on one then.

My Mum’s boyfriend, he said, “I get erections as well. you know. You don’t stop getting erections when you reach 40.”

“Yeah but you don’t get ‘em like I do.”

“You cheeky little bastard. I’m full of cum, I’ll have you know.”

“If you say so.”

“I do say so coz it’s the truth. I’ll be having a wank tonight as well now that I’ve not got your Mum to satisfy me. And I’ll probably have a wank in the morning as well just like you.”


“Ok, horny teenage boy full of cum, I bet my cock’s bigger than yours.”

“Shut up, old man. I’m going to bed. Need to empty my balls real bad.”

I got up but he pulled me back down on the sofa.

“Right. Let’s sort this one out once and for all, shall we? Get your pants off.”


“You heard. Get your pants off. We’re gonna see who’s got the biggest dick.”

I was up for that coz all this talking about dicks and wanking had got mine well big. And I was up for showing it off to my Mum’s boyfriend. I didn’t care if his cock was bigger than mine, it probably was – I just wanted to show my stiff cock to my Mum’s boyfriend. I was feeling well dirty.

We both dropped our jeans, gave our cocks a good rubbing till they were nice and stiff. We both sat there looking at each other’s hard cocks.

I said, “Fuck it, I’m getting naked.”

I stripped everything off and my Mum’s boyfriend joined me in the nude. This was well horny. It was so wrong. We shouldn’t be doing this. Being naked with my Mum’s boyfriend, it wasn’t right. We both showed off our hard cocks. There was nothing in it. They were about the same size. We called it a draw.

I stood up and I said, “Right, I’m off to bed to have a wank.”

My Mum’s boyfriend pulled me down again.

He said, “You don’t need to go to your bedroom.”

“Yes I do. I just told you. I need to have a wank. Look at it for fuck’s sake. It’s throbbing like fuck, innit?”

“Yeah, I can see.”

“Yeah so, I’m going to my bedroom to knock one out.”

“Let’s do it here.”


“Let’s wank our cocks right here, me and you.”

“You being serious?”


That sounded well dirty.

“You are being serious, aren’t you?”

“Let’s finish the night with a naked toss together.”

“Ok. Yeah, I’m up for that.”

We both sat there naked next to each other on the sofa jacking off.

My Mum’s boyfriend said, “Nice cock.”

I said, “And yours.”

A night of naked wanking with my Mum’s boyfriend. This was the best. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. I was fascinated, looking at him sitting there naked wanking. This was my Mum’s boyfriend for fuck’s sake. I never thought of him wanking. You don’t imagine your Mum’s boyfriend playing with his cock, do you? This really was something else. It was horny enough watching an older man having a wank, but watching my Mum’s boyfriend doing it was something else. My cock had never felt better. This was the best wank material ever. I had to slow down. Didn’t wanna cum too quick. Wanted this hot wank to last forever.

I took my hand off my cock and I showed my Mum’s boyfriend just how much pre-cum I had on my hand.

“Look at that, and I’ve not even spunked my jizz yet.”


And the dirty bastard, he didn’t show me his hand but only went and rubbed it in my face. He pushed his sticky wet hand in my face. Dirty bastard. When he took his hand away from my face I went and licked his pre-cum off my lips. It tasted well nice.

“You’re a bad influence you are, Uncle Bob.”

“Other way round you mean, you dirty fucker. Just like your Mum. Like Mother like son.”

“Don’t talk about my Mum like that, you cunt.”

“So…you like the taste of my cock juice, do you?”

“Tasted better.”

Didn’t want him to get too big-headed.

He said, “You wanna find out what my cock tastes like then?”

I nearly jizzed my load when he said that.

“Dead right I do.”

My Mum’s boyfriend, he lay back on the sofa. He put his hands behind his head.

“Come on then, lad, put your mouth on my big cock, there’s a good boy. Suck it for me.”

I started with his nipples, gave ‘em a good licking. When I flicked my tongue over his nipples they got well stiff. I sucked on ‘em and flicked ‘em with my tongue. Then after I got his stiff nipples wet with my spit I gave ‘em a pinch with my fingers and thumbs. I looked at his cock. Playing with his nipples had got his cock even stiffer. And mine.

I climbed on top of him, lay on top of him. Our naked bodies pressed together, our hot dicks rubbing together. I slid down and I grabbed hold of his cock. I was holding my Mum’s boyfriend’s cock. It felt nice and warm in my hand. It was well stiff. My Mum’s boyfriend, he had a nice big cut dick. It was well thick and the head was nice and fat, all swollen and shiny.

I knelt between his thighs and I ran my tongue up and down the full length of his dick. And I licked his balls.

My Mum’s boyfriend, he then said to me, “Show me your beautiful arse.”

He sat up. I got up and held on to the back of the sofa. I was on my knees with my bare arse pushed out. My Mum’s boyfriend put his hands on my arse. He said I had a gorgeous bum. I felt well dirty showing it to him.

“Oooh! Look at my bum, Uncle Bob.”

“I’m looking, you dirty boy.”

“Is it well nice, Uncle Bob? Got a nice bum, have I?”

I felt his thumbs spreading my bumcheeks.

“I can see your bumhole, you naughty lad.”

“Look nice and tight, does it?”

“Looks well fucking tight.”

Then I felt his tongue on it. My Mum’s boyfriend, he was licking my arsehole. How hot was that? He kissed it and licked it, his hand sliding round to grab a feel of my dick. I humped my cock in and out of his fist as he licked my bum.

I prepared myself for his tongue to go up my bum when he stopped licking it.

I looked over my shoulder.

“What’s wrong, Uncle Bob? Not having second thoughts I hope.”

“No, I’ve got to see that gorgeous face of yours while I’m shagging you.”

So I lay down on the sofa on my back. Uncle Bob got between my thighs. He wanked my cock as he licked my balls. His tongue was all over my balls. He flicked the tip of his tongue over my balls then he sucked my balls into his mouth, one at a time, his lips pressed against my ballbag as he sucked away to his heart’s content, all the time jacking my dick up and down.

How lucky was I to have a dirty bastard like this going out with my Mum?

I lay there on the sofa, proper stretched out, hands behind my head, squirming around with my Mum’s boyfriend licking and sucking my balls and tossing my nob.

“Oooh! Go on, Uncle Bob! Suck my balls!”

I lifted my bum off the sofa, wanted him to lick my arsehole again. It was well nice when he did that. I spread my thighs wide apart till my balls almost went back up inside my body.

Uncle Bob, he couldn’t resist it. My tight little virgin arsehole was on full display. I was showing it off big time coz I was being proper dirty. My Mum’s boyfriend, he went and licked it. He licked down from my balls to my tight little bumhole. In he went with his tongue and it was fucking amazing.

I felt well dirty, squirming around naked on the sofa with my Mum’s boyfriend licking my bum and jacking my dick.

“Oooh! Oh fuck! Uncle Bob! Oh yeah!”

He let me know what it felt like to have something up my bum.

I felt sorry for those straight lads who’d never had nothing up their bum. They didn’t know what they were missing.

Uncle Bob took his tongue out, looked up from between my spread legs.

“Wish your Mum would let me do this to her.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, Uncle Bob. I don’t wanna hear you say that.”

“Just saying.”

“Yeah well don’t.”

“She’s great and all that but she won’t let me go near her back door.”

“Good for her. And you fucking keep away from it.”

“She’ll let me touch her tush, just won’t let me…”

“For fuck’s sake, Uncle Bob! Just get back in there, will you?”

“What? You think I should try again? With your Mum?”

“I’m talking about me, you daft bastard!”

“Oh right.”

His tongue went back up my bum, his hand stroking my cock up and down. There was a big pool of pre-cum on my belly and his cock hadn’t gone inside me yet.

Uncle Bob, he brought his tongue out of my bum and he spit in his hand, slapped his big cock in his wet palm, covered his cock with his spit.

“Come on, Uncle Bob. Stop teasing me and get that thing inside me.”

He positioned himself between my legs and I felt the head of his cock touch my tight little bumhole.

He was looking real intense into my eyes. Made me proper moan when he pushed with his cock. I felt it going inside me, felt it opening me up, felt my tight little bumhole stretching round his cock.

“Oh fuck…Uncle Bob!”

“You ok?”

“Oh yeah. Don’t stop, Uncle Bob. Keep pushing. Get the fucker in there, Uncle Bob. Go on. I can take it.”

It took some time but he got it all inside me, every fucking inch of Uncle Bob’s big hot cock up my tight bum.

When it was all inside me, he stopped pushing. He stopped moving. He just lay there on top of me, not moving. This was so intense, having my Mum’s boyfriend lying on top of me naked with his cock inside me.

We just lay there together on the sofa looking into each other’s eyes, his cock inside me.

Then he brought his lips to mine and kissed me. Just that one kiss made it a hundred times more intense. Funny what a kiss can do, innit?

He brought his lips from mine, asked me if I was ok. I smiled, put my hand on the back of his head and pulled him close again. We proper kissed and he started moving his hips back and to nice and slow, slowly shagging me.

“Oh yeah. Oh that’s nice, Uncle Bob. Oh yeah. Fuck me, Uncle Bob! Fuck me!”

I loved it, the feel of his hot cock filling my arse. I loved it when he pulled out until just the tip of his cock was inside me. I loved the feel of my arse squeezing round his cockhead. And I was really good at doing that, like I’d been doing it for years. Made him proper groan when I squeezed my arse round his cockhead.

I loved it when he pushed back in nice and slow and I got just better and better squeezing his cock with my arse the longer he fucked me. And he tossed my dick in rhythm to his cock going in and out of my bum.

We kissed all the time he was shagging me, his free hand stroking and caressing my body as he tossed me off.

I was getting really good at this, felt really proud of myself, pulling Uncle Bob’s dick in and out of my arse. Uncle Bob started shagging me harder and faster. His back was arched and he was tossing his head back as he fucked the arse off me, his hands now on my knees, pushing my thighs wider apart as he went fucking crazy with his cock. I was now tossing myself off as Uncle Bob fucked his nob deep up my hot bum.

I felt my body get all tense. I felt the spunk welling up in my balls, in my cock.

“Oooh! Uncle Bob! I don’t think I can last much longer! Oooh! Fuck me!”

My hand was like a blur on my cock. Uncle Bob was slamming into me, banging his balls between my legs. His body was drenched in sweat. He was panting and groaning and his whole body got well tense just like mine.

He slammed his cock one final time, deeper than ever and I squeezed my arse tighter.

“Oooh! Uncle Bob! Oooh! Oooh! Fuck!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

My Mum’s boyfriend cum in my arse. I felt his cock pumping in my arse, felt his warm jizz squirting inside me and I blasted my face with my cockjuice, squirted it all over my face.

It must have lasted about 30 seconds, the both of us squirting it out like never before.

We were proper fucking knackered the both of us.

Uncle Bob collapsed on top of me. His sweat was all over me.

He slipped out of me and slid off me, rolling on to the floor, his big fat spunky dick slapping against his belly. He lay there sprawled out on the rug, spunk still dribbling out of his dick on to his belly. He was proper out of breath and so was I.

“You ok, Uncle Bob?”

“Ok? Ok? I’ve never felt so good in all my life, lad!”

“Me too, Uncle Bob.”

And I slid off the sofa and plopped on top of my Mum’s boyfriend, our hot sweaty bodies slapping together. When my cock touched Uncle Bob’s cock I started getting hard again.

Uncle Bob took a deep breath.

“Oh fuck. What have I got myself into?”

“Come on, Uncle Bob. I can keep this up all night.”

I kissed him and humped my cock back and to over his cock until he got hard again.

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getting pregnant the naughty way

Nudity had been encouraged and was commonplace around home as my bother and I were growing up. Even during my years passing though puberty I was always comfortable going about the house naked or partially clothed.

My parents believed it promoted a healthy attitude towards the human body and prevented hang-ups later on in life.

Rick and I had been married a few months and my new husband could not get over how bold I was parading around out apartment naked most of the time.

If we happened to have company of course I would dress or if they were unexpected I would slip on a robe before inviting them in.

There were a few times I shocked my husband by answering the door to the pizza guy completely nude. Needless to say our pizza orders were always hastily delivered.

I am no movie star and have average looks with mousy brown hair. My figure is nice, perky 36B breasts with small chocolate nipples. My pussy is closely cropped into a tiny "vee" just above my labia. My ass is round and tight and my legs long and shapely.

Norm Buist at school use to say, "It's not the face you fuck, it's the fuck you face!"

Over the years I had had my share of cocks and none had complained. I had a reputation of being a bit of a nympho and my date book was always full.

I fell in the habit of hanging out with two or three guys at the same time and usually having them all fuck me. I was getting out of control until I met Rick and he tried to reform me.

Rick knew I was a slut but he still insisted on marrying me. I guess he figured if I were his wife he would at least always be one of the guys fucking me.

Our wedding had been a joyous affair with friends and f****y all enjoying a day of sunshine and sharing memories.

One of out guests had been Uncle Charlie. Uncle Charlie was my father's b*****r and had always been my favorite uncle. Many a time Uncle Charlie had held me on his knee and told me stories of his travels to the Far East.

Uncle Charlie had been in the merchant marine and traveled several times to the Orient bringing home exotic gifts for his favorite niece.

Uncle Charlie now operated a successful import business and offered his grown up niece a job with him any time I wanted.

After our wedding I found myself sitting around home a lot while Rick was away at work. One day I called Uncle Charlie to see if his job offer was still good.

Canton Imports was located in a warehouse on the docks. The rent was cheap and there was ample space for Uncle Charlie to store his mountains of cardboard boxes with the strange Chinese writing on them.

Uncle Charlie showed me around the operation telling me he had about fifty thousand dollars in inventory. He said as the goods left the warehouse they doubled in value.

Charlie offered me a considerable salary just to answer the phone and decorate the place; I was mainly eye candy for his customers.

Charlie knew of my liking of nudity, I think that was his main reason for hiring me. Although he had only seen me naked once when we were skinny dipping in his pool I knew he had hopes of seeing more of me.

I dressed really hot for work. Micro-minis so short I couldn't bend over without showing my undies and open blouses that displayed my décolleté. I knew this was what Uncle Charlie wanted.

I wanted to be a real help to Uncle Charlie with his business but I felt he was reticent about asking me to offer any extras.

We were having a casual conversation in his office about the business when I sprung it on him.

"Uncle Charlie, would it help if I fucked some of the customers?" I boldly asked.

Charlie looked at me surprised, "But you're married now Michelle."

"I would just fuck them, not fall in love with them." I told him.

"But what about Rick?" Uncle Charlie asked.

"He ain't gonna miss any." I assured my uncle.

"Well I am sure some of the guys would be quicker signing on the dotted line with you sweetening the deal." Uncle Charlie agreed.

"Would you like to see what they would be getting?" I suggested.

Uncle Charlie was mesmerized as I peeled off my clothes before his desk. First my blouse and then I removed my white lacey pushup bra revealing my firm young titties.

Uncle Charlie's mouth just hung open as I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Seductively I tugged my panties down over my hips and stepped out of them. I stood naked in front of my uncle wearing only a smile and pair of black patent heels.

"Shall we fuck?" I teased.

It was a fuck that had been brewing for years. Finally Uncle Charlie was going to get his cock in his favorite little niece.

"Do I need a condom?" my uncle asked.

"Nope, I'm married remember?" I reminded him.

I dropped to my knees to service Uncle Charlie. Pulling down his zipper I fished inside his trousers and found his erection waiting for me. I pulled it out inches from my lips.

His cock was impressive, at least nine inches long and as thick as my wrist. He moaned softly as I took him inside of my mouth.

Uncle Charlie filled his hands with my short brown hair as he begins to fuck my face. Gripping my head he guided my lips along his shaft as my tongue circled the huge smooth helmet deep in my mouth.

My hand circles the root of his cock just above his balls controlling the depth of his penetration. I must be careful not to make him cum before he fucks me.

I could tell Uncle Charlie's cock was about to deliver tat load of cream my pussy had craved all these years. His cock twitched and throbbed in my mouth as it prepared to spit its venom. Quickly I stood and bent over his desk offering my bare ass to him.

Uncle Charlie quickly slammed into me filling my pussy with his about to explode cock. My knuckles were white as I gripped the far edge of the desk waiting to receive the sperm my cunt yearned for so much.

A raspy grunt announced the coming of a series of spurts of uncle Charlie's thick creamy sperm.

"Oh yes, give me a baby!" I cried.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I become pregnant. Whoever's seed it was did not matter but it would be nice if it were Uncle Charlie's to sort of "keep it in the f****y". Uncle Charlie had a handsome son about my age and a very pretty daughter with his features. Uncle Charlie would be a welcome father for my baby.

"How was work today?" Rick asked when he arrived home that night.

"O.K." I answered.

That night Rick's cock stirred Uncle Charlie's sperm in my baby-making factory.

The relationship between Uncle Charlie and me became more intimate from that point on. We fucked almost daily; each time he deposited more of his seed into my waiting womb.

After a week or so he still had not introduced me to any of the customers. Did he want to keep me for himself or was he just waiting to make sure I was pregnant before allowing anyone else to cum in me?

"Uncle Charlie, when am going to get to fuck some of the customers?" I finally asked him.

"God you're a horny little bitch. Sam Gillante is dropping by this afternoon and he is always looking for some poontang." Uncle Charlie promised.

Sam Gillante was an older man, perhaps late fifties, who had a junky shop in Little Italy. He usually moved a couple of grand in Uncle Charlie's merchandise a year. Uncle Charlie had been trying to get Gillante to up his orders.

"Hi Sam. I want you to meet my niece Michelle." Uncle Charlie introduced us. "Michelle has offered to look after customer satisfaction."

I was dressed provocatively as usual. A very short jumper with an open vee neck that showed more than it covered.

Gillante scrutinized me approvingly. "I'm in the mood to deal!" he grunted.

Uncle Charlie discreetly excused himself to check for some items in the warehouse leaving me alone in the office with Gillante.

Uncle Charlie was hardly out of the office before I had my jumper off and was removing my bra. Stepping out of my panties I asked Gillante what was his pleasure.

Silently he unfastened his trousers and let them drop to the floor. His hand went in his boxers and produced his hard on.

Gillante was past his stallion days but he still had a useable size cock. Sensing his wishes I took my kneeling position and swallowed his boner.

His moans confirmed the wonderful job I was doing on his meat. My lips were sealed tightly around his shaft as my tongue swirled around and up and over his twitching cock. Gently I cradled his balls in my hand as my other hand milked his shaft into my mouth.

He came fast and he came big time! Weeks of built up sperm gushed into my mouth in a thick tsunami of hot cream Greedily I devoured his cum.

"That was a nice appetizer!" I grinned as I stood and turned offering him my ass.

Gillante took a few minutes to urge his cock back to life but soon I felt him prodding my bare backside. I quickly realized it was my tight anus he was seeking to enter, not my pussy.

It felt as if Gillante was ripping me a new asshole. Firmly gripping my hips he pulled me onto his cock as dispassionately as an old boot.

"Oooow! Take it easy." I complained.

I protested too late, his balls slapped against my labia with the head of his cock buried somewhere deep inside my poop chute. I was about to get corn holed.

He fucked my ass like a farmer fucking his favorite sheep. In and out like a rasp file his dick enlarged my hole. I bit my tongue and let him ride me.

Of course Uncle Charlie wanted to know how it went with Gillante after he left. I told him how I had gobbled his cock and he had bum fucked me.

"That cheap bastard, he just placed his regular order!" Uncle Charlie exclaimed.

Thus started the routine of dropping my panties for Uncle Charlie's customer. Uncle Charlie always left the office when I was servicing an account; I guess he didn't like to see another man enjoying me.

It was less than a month of working for Uncle Charlie when I gave him the joyous news I was pregnant. I told him I was certain the c***d was his. In actual fact anyone of a half dozen guys could have been the one that bred me but in Uncle Charlie's mind it was his baby.

I was almost seven months pregnant and very obviously pregnant when Sam Gillardi called me at the office. Sam was one of the customers that I had fucked not long after learning that I was pregnant.

Gillardi had a proposal for me. He was responsible for finding a whore for a stag party for one of his amigos.

He said there would be about fifty guys and the gig paid a thousand bucks. He said he liked the way I fucked and I could have first crack at the job. He though fucking a pregnant broad would really turn the guys on.

My doctor had told me it was O.K. to fuck while I was pregnant; he said it was good for the baby.

It took me about thirty seconds to decide. Gillardi gave me the details of when and where I would be required.

Of course I kept the arrangement secret from Uncle Charlie. I didn't thing he would approve of me gang banging fifty guys while I was carrying his baby.

I felt no need to tell my husband that I was going out to get gang banged by fifty guys. Besides, he would likely want some of the money. I just stuck my short black negligee in my bag and was out the door to the waiting taxi.

I told the driver I was going to the Teamsters' Hall and he looked at me. The Teamsters' was a popular place for stags on a Saturday night and I guess he supposed what I was up to.

As I got out of the cab I tipped the driver and invited him to drop in later on his shift and I would give him a treat. He smiled as he pulled away.

The smoke filled room was filled with the din of a multitude of beer drinking guys playing cards. A few glanced up as I entered assessing the evening's talent.

Gillardi rushed over apparently relieved by my arrival.

"Hurry up and get ready. I will put you on as soon as you undress." He urged.

I made my way to the washroom where I stripped and slipped on the flimsy negligee. I brushed my hair and after a final look in the mirror I headed out to the hall.

I felt as if I were naked when I walked in front of the crowd of men in nothing more than a sheer nighty. I was conscious of my very swollen belly and pendulous tits.

The hooting and hollering begin. Voices shouted all sorts of lewd remarks and suggestions. I was beginning to wonder if I had got into something more than I could handle.

Gillardi was waiting for me and hustled me up to the stage at the front of the hall.

"I will introduce you and then you can look after Gino." Gillardi instructed.

Apparently Gino was the guy getting married in a week. I was to give him a blowjob and then fuck him before I become public domain.

Gino was the easy one, A few sucks and two minutes in my pussy and he was done.

I was completely encircled by a bunch of horny guys who wanted to dump their jism into me.

"O.K. boys, just take it easy," I offered myself.

I never knew there were so many damn hard cocks in the world. In ten minutes I had been fucked by five guys and had another five or six pump their cum down my throat.

My cunt was dripping with cum and cum glistened around my mouth and hung in strings from my chin. Still they kept cumming.

Several guys had drained what little milk that had accumulated in my swollen breasts and their continuous sucking by their ravenous mouths was making my tender nipples sore.

I lay there as one after the other the endless line used me. I had ceased having orgasms of my own after the first half hour and now I was merely a lifeless cumbucket taking load after load of sticky white goo into my cunt.

The overweight young lad surprised me. I was getting ready to take his weight on my body when his face went down into he sloppy mess left by so many predecessors. I couldn't believe it; he was starting to eat me out. His tongue licked the puddles of cum from my cunt driving me crazy. To be eaten after so many fucks was an incredible sensation. My hips bucked up pushing my sloppy cunt up to meet his tongue.

The crowd cheered as he slurped their spent cum out of my sodden fuck hole. Stopping only momentarily to lick his lips he continued licking and sucking until my pussy felt renewed.

Amazingly I enjoyed yet another orgasm as tongue man serviced my cunt. His tantalizing of my clitoris triggered what I though was impossible. I was ready to fuck again.

My baby was moving quite a bit with all the visitors it was sharing my pussy with. It must have wondered where all the cocks were coming from.

Tongue man left licking his chops as my next cock replaced his tongue. Looking up at the man on top of me I was shocked.

"Dad! What are you doing here?" I exclaimed.

"I heard my baby was the star of the show so I had to come!" my father explained.

Dad and I had fucked before. There was the time my mother was in the hospital for about a month that took her place in my father's bed. Our f****y motto was "Roll your own". Father, daughter, mother, son, s****r b*****r, we had done it all.

I remember the morning I had been caught masturbating in my bed by my b*****r. Panties down around my ankles with my knees in the air I was rubbing my clit like I did most mornings.

I don't know how long he had been standing there watching.

"Need any help?" Ted grinned.

I must have turned ten shades of red as my big b*****r stood there looking directly at my open pussy.

Ted wasted no time talking. Mom was downstairs getting breakfast ready and she would soon be calling us.

He came over to my bed and removed his pajama bottoms, the only thing he was wearing. He was already as hard as a rock as he mounted me.

My legs remained open as Ted guided the head of his erection into my already wet slit. He slid into me effortlessly, my pliable young pussy adapting to his considerable girth.

"Fuck me b*****r!" I teased him.

That was the first time I took the f****y seed into my garden. It was not long after Dad planted a crop whilst mother was recuperating from a bad spell of pneumonia.

Now my Dad was on my belly with his cock buried deep in my cunt as everyone watched us in the dance of love.

"Fuck me Daddy!" I kissed him.

Uncle Charlie was as proud as a peacock when my son was born. Little Joshua definitely resembled Uncle Charlie more than any of the others who had ejaculated in me before I knew I was pregnant.

Tales of the night the pregnant ho had fucked the entire Waterbuffalo Lodge still circulate around town.

I now work as an e****t and have a large clientele that keeps me in a manner I like to become accustom to. ... Continue»
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A Loving f****y Part Two

A Loving f****y - Samantha's Story - Part Two

A f****y holiday is taken and Samantha goes

This story was a Finalist in the Best Long Story Category at the ASSTR Golden

Clitoride Awards 2006


These first chapters relate to an earlier time, when girls were more innocent that in

later decades.

For Samantha’s life as a wife and mother, read my story “A Loving f****y” which is

referred to in the opening paragraphs. The principal character, Samantha, who in her

adult life is the wife of Don and mother to Peter and Susan, recollects her life from the

age of 14 years and we meet her closest female friend, Chérie-Anne. If explicit sexual

f****y encounters disturb you, please read no further.

This is a work of pure fiction and tells of a young girl’s sexual and emotional

development into womanhood.

This has not been written simply as erotica, but is a story which attempts to explore

events in Samantha’s life which may have led to why she acted as she did as a wife

and mother. The sexual passages are therefore within the context of that personal,

fictional, history.

A Loving f****y – Samantha’s Story

Chapter Four - Ecstasy and Heartbreak

Maggie had sweet talked the school Headmistress into a two week leave of absence

for her daughter, saying that as Samantha wanted more conversational French, and

they wanted her to pursue French studies at college; and as her father was soon to be

busy with Book Fairs and Conventions and be away from home during the school

closure, could they PLEASE take her from school during June? With a doubtful sniff

and a resigned shrug which said “well that’s as good an excuse as I’ve had this

Semester,” the Head acceded.

The car ferry crossing from Portsmouth , England , to St Malo, France was a slow

overnight sailing at 8 p.m. and disembarking at 8 a.m. Both families were driving their

own 4x4’s - ideal for luggage - and of course cases of wine on the return journey! Both

families, too, would be able to explore and visit without having to be constantly

together, and of course would allow for Samantha’s own teen wishes.

sl**ping cabins had been reserved with Maggie and Harry having two double bunks

in theirs. After exploring the cavernous vessel and standing on the open deck feeling

the soft breeze of a gentle passage on her eager face, Samantha was persuaded to

bed, her parents promising to join her very soon.

She couldn’t sl**p. It was impossible to sl**p. It was much too new and exciting and

adventurous. It was too warm and Sammy lay in her nightie and panties on top of her


The cabin door was quietly opened and her mother’s voice hissed “Ssshhhh she’s

asl**p.” The door of the tiny shower room was opened and partially closed. Her

parents used the bathroom, cleaned their teeth and as her mother modestly undressed

in there, her father stripped off in the cabin. Sammy’s peeking eye saw him close

beside her, naked. Saw the manliness of him filling her vision in the small gap

between them. Her mother emerged to be wrapped in her husband’s arms. There

were the soft sounds of quickened breathing, and her mother’s nightie was lifted by a

male hand feeling for her. A gasp. A woman’s hand now in Sammy’s view, fingers

opening to take her dad in hand. The confident experienced stroking of that hand.

Samantha’s eyes grew wide as she saw her father swell in her mother’s skilled

fingers. So close to her. If she reached out she could touch it.

Her mother’s whisper, “Wait, Harry, let me turn the light off.” Darkness. The creak of

their bed. A soft moan.

Samantha listened to the rhythm of love, her hand inside her panties, touching,

stroking, the need for release building as she heard her mother’s stifled sounds. There

was a tight, throttled back “Yes, now.” A low grunt, a man’s noise. Samantha touched

her sensitive clit. Her hips lifted as she joined her parents in explosive climax. Then the

quiet of the cabin with only slowing gasps of pleasure from both bunks. Samantha

slept, her hand resting over her maiden’s hairs, her finger over her slit.


They disembarked promptly at 8 a.m. with Uncle Danny and Aunt Emily leading and

quickly threaded their way out of the ancient fortress city. The roads were quiet, their

route arrow straight down to Rennes . The ring road led them easily around the

industrial city and on the road to Nantes . South of Nantes they joined the péage, the

tolled autoroute, on which they halted for a bathroom and coffee break. The rest stops

(Aires) were a delight to Samantha’s eyes. Landscaped, lawned and tree dotted;

created to give visual pleasure and physical rest to travellers.

At last after five hours they arrived at Royan. Uncle Danny had sent for street maps

and they threaded their way around the outskirts of town and very soon picked up

small modest signs to their holiday site. Then they were there.

Their chalet was perfect. A small bedroom with twin bunks and, adjacent, a larger

room with double bed. Bathroom with shower and an open plan arrangement of

kitchen, sitting room and dining area with an exterior covered deck with plastic table,

chairs and loungers completed their home for the next two weeks. Her uncle and aunt

had the next chalet to them.

While dad unloaded and mum unpacked, Sammy was sent to the site shop to buy milk

and fresh bread. She arrived back to find everything expertly put away by the ladies

and the two men missing. “Gone to that huge store, the hypermarché we passed a

couple of miles back” explained her mum. “They won’t be long and we can all relax


The men appeared, beaming, and unloaded onto the table on the deck, French

cheeses, Normandy butter and bottles of red and white wine, the white already chilled

from the cold counter of the hypermarché. Corks were drawn and wine poured, plates

were laid. To Samantha’s complete disgust, her dad produced a bottle of Coke.

“Oh nooooooo” she wailed … “Not COKE! Daddy we are in FRANCE now!”

Harry looked a question at his wife, who, with a tiny smile on her lips, nodded and said

“Just ONE. White. And sip it Samantha, don’t gulp it down like lemonade.”

On their first full day, to please Samantha after their long voyage, they went to the huge

beach and played games. The weather was perfect and dad bought a beach tent with

extended canopy so they could lie in shade. Over the following few days they began to

explore the area, walked the forest paths, visited the oyster beds, and went to the zoo.

They visited Bordeaux to their south, that centre for vineyards of exquisite quality, and

toured the cool cellars with massive oaken vats in which the wine was matured; drove

north to La Rochelle , the old port with its battlements protecting the harbour from

invaders; went east to the town of Cognac and visited the cellars, buying vintage


At the beginning of their second week they returned to the beach. The men strolled in

the opposite direction to the females around a jutting headland, while the three girls

walked onto the wide long beach . The two ladies looked in all directions - the sands

were practically deserted so early in the season - and after laying out their beach

towels Maggie took off her bikini top and covered her breasts with sunscreen.

“Sammy?” her mother questioned, “do you want to be topless? There’s no-one

anywhere near.” Samantha gulped and nervously shook her head.

Emily quickly peeled off her own top and Sammy saw both older women, their breasts

free in the refreshing air, their nipples a soft maroon now stiffening to the sea breeze.

She took her courage in both hands and pulled her top over her head. She knew she

was blushing scarlet, her hands nervously dithering at the temptation to cover herself in

front of her aunt.

Her mother calmly passed her the sun lotion “Here use this. Put plenty on. Rub it well

in” and went back to massaging the protection onto her own breasts. “Do my back for

me, darling, then I’ll do yours.” The three females helped each other then lay face down

on their towels, relishing the warmth of the June sun on their backs. Samantha relaxed

and dozed.

“Hey round that cliff back there, it’s a nudist beach. Just two couples on it.” Her dad’s

voice startled Samantha awake. She lifted her head looking for her top; it was out of

reach. Her mum and aunt lay still, one eye looking at their men. “So what?” Emily


“Well … well Danny and me thought we could all go there and get some sun.”

“We’re getting sun here” said Emily.

“Round that cliff, Em, you can get even MORE sun” chipped in Danny.

Emily sat up and Samantha swallowed as she saw her unselfconsciously letting the

two men see her. Her dad had a grin and a twinkle in his eyes as he asked “Maggie?”

Her mother sat, letting her uncle see her naked breasts. “Not sure” she said. “Sammy

might feel shy about this with you two ogling her.”

“You know we don’t cover up at home and I’ve seen Sammy in all her beauty. So … ?”

said Harry.

Danny said “Look I didn’t mean to embarrass Sammy so forget it. Sorry Sam. Let’s

forget it. But Em ... you and I could go round there.”

“OK” said Emily, “I’ve never done this before but we’re a long way from home so why

not? See you back at the chalet girls.” She rose, collected her beach things and they

walked hand in hand towards the nudist beach.

Samantha was trying to decide what to do. She was making the families split up just

because she was shy of her favourite aunt, but especially her favourite uncle, from

seeing her private places. After all, as Aunt Em had said, they were a long way from

home. It was true her dad had seen her naked. Soooooo?

“Mum, is it ok if I … if you and Dad want to go … I mean … I will if it’s OK with you and

Dad. I don’t mind.”

“Samantha only if YOU want to. You must NOT do it to please anyone else but yourself.

Dad and me are quite happy to sunbathe here. You have to feel comfortable with this.

You have a lovely figure now … one to be proud of. We are all f****y. It’s up to you, but

it really is OK with me whatever you want to do.”

“I will then” and she stood, her young breasts uncovered. “Oh. But Mum. In case

anybody comes on this beach while we go there is it ok if I wear my ‘kini top?”

Her mother smiled and hugged her. “Of course darling.”

Once around the headland the men set up the canopies, the ladies laid out the beach

towels and Maggie and Em took off their bikini panties. Samantha was flustered, not

sure what to do until her mother held a towel in front of her while she stripped. She lay

face down, blushing to her breasts and closed her eyes, unaware of the bewitching

sight she presented to the men with her tight young cheeks, her relaxed thighs

revealing the split of her feminine pouch, the enchanting gap between her legs

displaying her hidden secrets.

She cautiously peeked, eye almost closed, and saw her dad stepping out of his

shorts, his maleness fat. Aunt Em bent over in front of him to put her kini into her beach

bag and as he stared at her, erotically revealed, Sammy saw him lengthen and stiffen

as she had seen happen in her mother’s fingers those few days ago. There was

suddenly the familiar tension in her lower tummy, a tingling between her legs as she

saw his response. Her dad licked dry lips and glanced at his daughter and was

immediately hard, rigid with sudden desire. Uncle Danny came into her view; his hand

stroked the familiar ass of his wife, a finger sliding along her sex.

“Stop that” she hissed, and nodded at Sammy. Uncle Danny looked and he too

responded to the sight of the young girl.

Samantha was damp. Subconsciously she was responding to the stimulus of the men.

The tension inside her was now a tight ache, the tingling was a demanding need to be

touched. “Ohgod” she thought “I will cum in a minute. What could she do?”

The sea. That’s it. Go in the sea. Surely that would cool her? She stood and the men

were treated to her nudity, their eyes drawn to her maidenhair not quite covering the V

of her sex, flicking to her taut young breasts with tiny hard thrusting nipples. She tried

to walk naturally to the sea and as she went the men stared after her.

“You two are the absolute limit” said Maggie. “The poor girl seeing those two great

things sticking out at her. You both need a cold shower.”

“Not me” said Danny. “Em there’s a little cave just behind us. Why don’t you and me

just … ermmm?”

Em gave him a wicked grin. “If Maggie takes Harry to cool off in the sea, what’s wrong

with here? It’s nice in the sun.”

Maggie giggled and stood, and taking hold of her husband’s cock she pulled him

towards the sea. “Come on then. You won’t be right ‘til you get rid of this.” She walked

seductively towards the sea, laughing as she saw her hubby’s cock waggling like a

divining rod in search of hidden moisture as he went with her.

The sun warmed sand was beneath Maggie’s feet, the still air warm on her body, and

she cheerfully reached the lapping waves and walked in. “Christ it’s COLD. It’s bl**dy

freezing” she exclaimed, backing away from the glinting blue water. “You can go in and

do something with THAT” she said, pointing at Harry’s cock. “Me I’m going back to ...”

then paused as she saw Emily, legs wide, Danny moving over her. “Oh well, I’ll walk

along the beach for a bit while those randy buggers get it off” and she walked along

the edge of the sea, kicking at the wavelets.

Sammy was jumping up and down in the water, uncovering her breasts with each leap.

Her dad had just reached her when she stumbled and disappeared under the water.

She slipped as she spluttered to the top and Harry reached out to steady her, his

hands grasping her waist. He pulled her to him, holding her safely, suddenly realising

her back was towards him. As he held her his rampant cock poked at her back. She

was unresisting as he held her close, feeling his hardness hot on her in the cold water.

A hand moved up, under her breast. Over it. Palm grazing over a nipple. Electricity

flashed to her already swollen clit. She took his other hand and guided it to her need,

holding his finger to her button. She humped his finger, the ache expanded and she

exploded in his arms. “Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yes, yes, yes.”

Her legs gave way and he held her close, supporting her as the v******e of her orgasm

calmed. Her chest was shuddering, her whole body trembling. Still his hand cupped

her breast, feeling her thudding heart. Still his hand held her between her legs feeling

the heat from her sex on his fingers.

His breath was soft on her ear as he whispered “Darling. Baby. Daddy’s sweetest girl.

Are you ok now? Go and join Mummy I’ll wait here for a minute or two.”

“But Daddy it’s still hard for you I can feel it on me. Will you be ok? Can I help or

anything? If you show me I will try. Honestly. I’d like to.”

Harry laughed saying “Yes sweetheart … I can manage. In a few days we’ll be home

again and then, if you like, if you wish to, and if Mummy says it’s ok, you can help me

sometime. But Sammy, I am not going to make you. Only if you really want to. We will

have to see. I’m not going to keep a secret from your Mum. I will have to tell her I

helped you to feel good.”

His daughter turned to him and reaching up, feeling his maleness on her young tummy,

she kissed him. Then with a mischievous smile she reached down and felt him. Held it.

Squeezed it. Then she turned, waded out of the sea and ran towards her mum.


The return journey to England was uneventful. They had stopped at a service station,

rested and eaten but the two ladies were anxious to press on for home. They needed

to get fresh groceries for the following day and decided that Danny would continue with

Samantha and unload his car, while Harry, Maggie and Emily made a quick stop at the

supermarket near their homes.

With waves and “See you soon” the parties split up and parted company.

It was seven thirty when Danny arrived home, and while he unloaded suitcases and

boxes of wine, Samantha wiped down the surfaces in the kitchen and boiled the kettle

to sterilise it; then she boiled fresh water ready for hot drinks for the others when they

too arrived. By eight fifteen all was tidied away and Sammy and her uncle chatted

about their holiday. At nine thirty the others hadn’t arrived.

“Saturday night” said Danny “it must be crammed with shoppers at the supermarket.

They won’t be long now Sammy” he said to his anxious niece. At nine forty five the car

arrived. “Here they are at last” said Sammy and dashed to the door and flung it open.

“What kept…?” She froze, frowned. “Yes?” she said “what do you want? Uncle Danny

you’re wanted” she called out. A tall police sergeant with a female officer stood before


While Samantha stood wondering why they had come, Danny thought ‘the police don’t

turn up late at night unless….’

“Mr Daniel Bure?” asked the policeman.

“Yes” Danny replied.

“Could we have a private word with you, sir” and he flicked a meaningful glance at


“Samantha is my niece and you can say anything in front of her. Has there been a

problem? A burglary while we’ve been away? We’ve just returned from France .”

The policewoman broke in “Mr Bure, I wonder if Samantha would make us a nice cup

of tea while my colleague has a word with you? Samantha can we do that?”

As the two females went to the kitchen the policeman said “I’m Sergeant Haliday, sir.

My colleague is Constable Blair. Sir, do you have a room where we can talk privately?”

Danny led the way to the living room. “Now Sergeant what’s this all about?”

“Mr Bure we have some very sad news for you. Is your wife Emily Bure?

“Yes.” Danny felt a chill inside. His chest contracting.

“And do you know Harry and Margaret Johnson?”

“Yes of course I do. My s****r and her husband.”

“Mr Bure there’s no easy way to say this. They were involved in an accident just up the

road at the crossroads. I am very, very sorry.”

“Where are they? Are they badly hurt? Which hospital? I must go to them.”

“I am desperately sorry, sir. Mrs Bure and Mr and Mrs Johnson were killed instantly.”

Danny groaned. A deep agonised groan of despair. “Are you sure? Are you quite

sure? My niece is Samantha Johnson you see. And they only stopped for groceries.

They have a red Toyota 4x4 and… and … They can’t be. No, you’ve made a mistake.”

“There was identification. Driving licences, credit cards. I’m sorry sir there’s no

mistake. If you come to the Police Station tomorrow, when it’s convenient, perhaps you

would formally identify them. I’m sorry. But we will need confirmation.”

Danny’s face was white, his eyes crinkled in pain and despair, His jaw muscles tight

with a superhuman attempt at control.

“I must tell Sammy … oh God she’s only thirteen. Oh God above why?” he choked.

“Sir, we have to do this more than you think. Would you like Constable Blair to tell her,

woman to woman like?”

“NO. I have to. She’s very dear to me you see Sergeant. Very dear. Like a daughter to

us ... to me.” His eyes filled with tears as he corrected the ‘us’ to ‘me’, fighting for

control. “If your friend would be with her. Just while I say it. While I tell her.”

“Anything Mr Bure. This is painful. We know that. But it has to be done, doesn’t it sir?”

He opened the door and called out his colleague’s name, and she came with the

young girl.”

As the two females entered the living room he said “I’ll just wait outside sir” and gently

closed the door as he left.

A few moments later there was a scream, a young girl’s scream.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I don’t believe you. No it isn’t true. Why are you telling

me? It isn’t true. Go away. I HATE you. Go away. It’s not them. You made a mistake.

It’s not them. NO. No. no. no.” The words were choked off as Samantha wailed her

anguish in the arms of her uncle.

The door opened and the female officer whispered to her colleague “I think there

should be a female relative here tonight at least. I’ll ask him if there’s anyone that could

come here.”

Minutes later she reappeared with a telephone address book. “There’s another aunt.

Wife of his b*****r. 20 miles away. Ring her - see if she can come here for the night. I

can’t see the girl leaving her uncle tonight. But she must have another woman here with

her. Get a doctor she’s close to hysterical.”

The sergeant steeled himself to make yet another call, to break the hearts of more

f****y. He hated this part of his job. It never got any easier.

He made the call.

The police surgeon arrived, gave Samantha a sedative injection and left pills for her

uncle should he need them.

The two police officers continued to wait patiently. A motherly looking Aunt Polly and

another Mr Bure, Uncle Bob, arrived. Then they quietly slipped away. In the car the

female officer shed tears for the young Samantha and the sergeant silently offered her

his handkerchief.

Samantha was sedated and asl**p in the comfort of Uncle Danny’s arms. His face,

still white, already etched with the grief of total and final loss, his eyes emptily staring,

unseeing at a painting on the wall.

“Danny. DANNY, listen to me. Danny, Sammy can’t stay there all night. Let Bob carry

her upstairs after I’ve made a bed for her” and Polly hurried upstairs. The guest bed

made, she rummaged in Danny’s chest of drawers and found a clean T shirt for

Sammy to use as a nightie. Polly could hardly dress her in her dead aunt’s clothing.

Bob carried her to bed and was banished while Polly undressed her niece.

She made up a second bed for herself and her husband and went downstairs. “Bob

help me get Danny to bed.”

Danny emerged from the bleak darkness of his mind “No. No Polly. I will just sit here

for a while. You and Bob turn in. Thanks for coming. It’s very good of you.”

The couple looked at each other and nodded. Polly kissed her b*****r-in-law tenderly.

Bob awkwardly patted his b*****r on the shoulder. “If you’re going to sit up Dan, I’ll sit

with you.”

“No, Bob. You turn in. Thanks for coming, b*****r, Polly. Thanks. I’d like to be alone just


They left him to the desolation of his night. As they reached the top of the stairs they

heard a bellow of pain. Of uncontrolled, uncontrollable hurt and pain and anguish. They

heard his choking roaring chest tear convulsive sobs out of a man who had forgotten

how to cry. Polly turned to her husband and cried. Cried for Samantha. Cried for

Danny. Cried for her lost f****y.


Chapter Five - A dead girl walking.

The Inquest recorded a verdict of accidental death. Their car had been hit by a drink

driver crossing a light at red, smashing into them and pushing them into the path of a

truck coming in the opposite direction. A second truck following Harry had ploughed

into them and the three were killed instantly.

Following the Inquest their bodies were released and funerals arranged, but Samantha

shook her head when asked if she would follow in the cortège.

“No” she said “I don’t want them taken away. I don’t want them buried. I don’t want any


She refused stubbornly but without apparent emotion to see her parents buried. It was

as if, by not seeing them lowered into the hallowed ground, she could still believe they

had not been so cruelly taken from her. Danny took her to his home so that she didn’t

see the two solemn hearses carrying the bodies of her mother and father, which were

bedecked with the respectful colours of the wreaths in contrast to the solemn attire of

the mourners. She had consented to a personal wreath of simple spring flowers, as

fresh and pretty as her own life had once been. Her card said “Mummy and Daddy I

love you for ever and I am sorry.”

Samantha as an orphan was made a Ward of Court and placed temporarily in the

care of her Aunt Polly and Uncle Bob. On the directions of the Court, the proceeds of

insurance and accidental death policies on both of her parent’s lives were invested in

Trust Funds, with the f****y home put in Samantha’s name to be rented out as an

investment for her future. Substantial claims were made against the driver of the car

causing the accident and lawyers were retained to fight for maximum compensation.

Sammy herself was in a black pit of despair and took no interest in anything. She was

a competent small boat sailor. She liked reading. She enjoyed listening to classical

music and browsing old churches, cathedrals and abbeys. She loved swimming and

walking the beaches and woods near her home. She delighted in hanging out and

cycling with her special friends. She could draw and sketch and had painted several

water colours.

Sammy did none of these things in the ten days following the accident. Instead she sat

alone in the garden hugging her battered teddy bear, eyes blank and her face pale

and drawn. After her hysterical sobbing when she learned of the tragedy Sammy had

not shed another tear. Any question had to be asked twice before she responded.

Only one thing caused any sign of life: the regular visit of Uncle Danny who at least had

his business to run and the responsibility for his employees to provide a small

distraction from the desolation inside him. Sammy would run to him, hug him fiercely

and when he sat she would cuddle up to him, to be held close in his protective arms.

Each time they were alone she would say “I’m sorry. It was my fault. Please forgive me

Uncle Danny.”

“Sammy, how can anything be your fault? The driver was over the limit. You were with

me. It was a terrible accident. A heartbreaking accident. Listen to me Sammy. IT WAS

AN ACCIDENT and nothing more than that. Now don’t be a silly goose.”

“It’s punishment on me for being bad daughter” she whispered.

“Why? How on earth can you say that? Now you’re just being silly. I love you Sammy.

Ohmygod how I love you” and hugged and kissed her. “Sammy. If you feel you are

being punished shall we restart going to church together? You know you like the

Vicar.” But she refused to go.

After two weeks she returned to school; Uncle Danny and her Guardians were anxious

for her, but the advice of welfare specialists was that she be with her own special

school friends in her everyday school environment doing every day things. She should

recommence her daily routines as quickly as possible.

Her teachers didn’t press her for homework nor did they put pressure on her in class.

Her best friends hugged her and mumbled ‘sorry Sam’ but despite their friendship and

encouragement to join in and play and have girl talk, little seemed to penetrate the

shell in which she now lived. Inside her shell she existed without hope, numb to all

feeling. As she imagined it she was beyond forgiveness. Godforsaken.

Each day was an ordeal. She got up. She went to bed. In between she was

programmed by others to brush her hair, be ready for school, eat her meals, and make

an attempt at her homework. Her previous vivacity and enthusiasms were now burning

with a dim flame as her thoughts, her feelings and emotions, the sheer excitement and

exuberance of discovering teenage life were damped down by her grief.

She wanted only to run away from herself and be someone else, somewhere else. Her

everyday life was like a night time dream in which she was running from an unknown

terror, where her legs struggled to move through a cloying something that held her

back, where an unimaginable horror of mangled flesh reached out to drag her into


Uncle Danny alone could comfort her. At the end of his visits as he left her to return to

his own lonely, silent home, she would re-close the shell that protected her. She never

questioned that he had to leave her behind. That too was part of her punishment. To

be left to suffer alone.


The long summer break from school came in July.

It was now Samantha’s f******nth birthday and her grief had seen her shed any

remaining puppy fat, and her growing beauty as she matured in ripening adolescence

was marred only by the cold unsmiling reserve of her manner. Aunt Polly decided on a

birthday shopping expedition for her; she would make use of an age old female

remedy for all ills. New clothes and new shoes!

That morning after two hours of dragging her niece from department store to boutique,

from racks of pretty summer dresses to blouses and skirts, from bespangled sandals

to respectable school wear, Polly was dying to rest her aching feet and despairing

heart. What a failure it had been.

“Samantha is there NOTHING ...” Polly stopped as she realised her niece was no

longer with her. She looked around. There she was, over there - but what was she

looking at? Then she saw Sammy riffling through swimming costumes and bikinis.

“Aunty, can I have these. Is it ok? Would it be disrespectful if I had a new ‘kini?” and

Samantha held up a brief top and bottom.

‘AT last!’ her aunt thought, ‘thank the Lord she’s found something. She looks almost

like her old self.’

“Yes, yes of course you can darling. But ... well are you SURE? Aren’t they just an itsy

bitsy little bit brief? There isn’t much to them ... you know you are maturing now ... and

... well ... they will REVEAL you don’t you think, dear? All the men will have a heart

attack if you wear those on the beach.”

The beginnings of a smile touched the corners of Samantha’s lips. “I don’t think I dare

wear them on the beach but at home sunbathing? Would that be OK? And if you let me

I will get another couple of pairs for the beach that you say is ok for me to wear. More

respectable for me. I don’t want any of my beach clothes from our holiday in France . I

couldn’t bear to wear them again. I was so happy then. But Aunty I just can’t wear them

again. I hate my other bikinis. Hate them. I just want to have these. And would it be ok

to have some of these pretty undies as well?”

The pretty undies turned out to be lacy and almost see through. Polly shrugged her

mental shoulders and thought that at least the girl had wanted something. Was she

waking up again? Was the inner growing woman nudging aside the worst of her grief?

So the small intimate items were bought but Aunt Polly insisted on a waist wrap and

top to encourage Samantha into modesty when wearing the skimpy bikini.

They arrived home to find that Uncle Bob had bought steaks and chicken and salads

for a barbecue and her cousin, Len, had previously phoned the girls and boys who

were Sammy’s closest friends.

As dusk fell and the youngsters were playing games in the house, the adults chatting

comfortably over drinks, Samantha slipped quietly into her room. From the bottom of

her undies drawer she took the bikini she had been wearing on the beach at Royan.

The ‘kini she had taken off to flaunt herself to her Daddy. The ‘kini that had drawn his

eyes to her charms and made him erect to her. The ‘kini she now hated passionately

as part of her act of ‘badness’ as she imagined it. She cautiously left the house,

collecting the bottle of bbq lighter fuel and some matches. The garden was large and

behind a shed, behind a hedge, she threw the kini on the ground, poured fuel over it

and set it on fire. Tears rolled down her face. ‘Please, God, please forgive me. I

wanted things, bad things with my Daddy. I’m truly, truly sorry. If You have to punish me

more, it’s OK. I don’t mind. But after that please, God, love me again and let me be

with Uncle Danny.’

The following day after breakfast and her morning shower, Samantha donned her new

bikini. Aunt had been right. Crikey the top left a lot of her breasts on view. And the

bottoms!!!! Dare she wear it after all? The briefs were the merest band which failed to

conceal a few wisps of her maiden’s hair. She pulled it higher to cover her hairs and

succeeded only in causing it to tighten and take the shape of the most intimate folds of

her body. The gap between her legs seemed accentuated by the narrowness of the

flimsy material. ‘Well’ she thought, ‘if I go right to the bottom of the garden in the

shrubbery, no-one will see me anyway.’ She collected a beach towel from the airing

cupboard, wore her modesty wraps and went downstairs.

In the kitchen her aunt was busy. “Aunty I’m going in the garden. In the shrubbery to

sunbathe. Can I have the key to the bbq shed please? And PLEASE Aunty Pol don’t

tell anybody where I am.”

She got herself a lounger and a small bbq table, found a spot which gave her some

privacy, took off her wraps and folded them onto the table, put the towel on the lounger

and lay on her tummy in the sun’s early morning warmth.

From his bedroom her cousin Len had seen her walk to the shed, had seen her

disappear as she lay down. The 16 year old youth wondered what she was up to.

A short time later Polly called down the garden “I’m popping to the shops for a while

Sammy, will you be ok by yourself?”

“Yes I’m ok here.”

The door closed, the car started and his mother left. Len quickly felt under his mattress

for the girly magazine his friend had loaned him. He lay on his bed, excited by the

bared breasts, the hairs of the models as they exposed themselves. His erection was

instant and almost painfully hard. His thoughts went to his cousin in the garden. Three

years ago she had submissively allowed him between her legs but he hadn’t seen her

there. Did she look like these girls now, his fevered mind wondered?

He wore only his boxers as he dropped the magazine, left his bedroom and quietly

exited the house. In his bare feet he made no noise as he furtively moved down the

garden. He glimpsed the lounger and saw Samantha lying with her face averted.

Staring, he felt the throb of his cock as she lay almost naked, the proud jutting cheeks

of her backside poorly concealed by the wisp of cotton covering her. Thin straps were

over her shoulders and across her back.

She suddenly turned over and he ducked, not wanting to be seen. Samantha settled

herself, hands under her head with eyes closed and again he looked. Her breathing

seemed regular and he wondered if she had dozed off.

Her bra had pulled up and he could see tiny pink nipples like a kitten’s nose, peeping

at him under the bottom edge. Her briefs were pulled taut across her hip bones,

leaving a gap between the flimsy material and the flatness of her naked tummy. Brown

hairs showed, disappearing into her hidden beauty. Between her relaxed legs the

shape of her sex, the unseen wonder of her, was clearly outlined beneath the band of

cloth which alone protected her innocence.

Her eyes flipped open and as she saw her cousin she instinctively covered herself with

her hands. Len’s hand was moving inside his bulging boxers, a slack-lipped look on

his face and the young girl instinctively rolled off the lounger and ran desperately for the

sanctuary of her bedroom. He charged after her and lunged for her as she ran up the

stairs, the sight of her almost naked rear further inflaming him. She reached her room

and tried to close the door but he f***ed his way in, slamming it behind him.

She faced him, eyes wide, mouth open in fear of him. “No. NO. Len. Get out. I won’t tell

if you go NOW.”

“You liked it last time. You LIKED it. Let me see it. I won’t hurt you. I’ve got see it.

Please let me see it. Honest I won’t hurt you. I won’t even touch it if you let me see it.”

“NO, Len. NO. I told you. I said GET OUT ......” but before she said more he grabbed

her and threw her on the bed.

The sight of her lying there, trembling, flushed and almost helpless, almost naked,

finally fuelled his lust. The chase, the hunter’s chase for his prey burned his mind and

body. He reached for her panties and pulled them down and off. He almost spurted as

he glimpsed her maiden’s hair before she covered herself. He stepped out of his

boxers and Samantha saw the arrogance of his manhood, poised and ready. She

tried to roll off the opposite side of her bed but was too slow, too late as he pounced

and fell on top of her, pinning her to her bed. She tried to push him off but his strength

was too great and he held both of her hands above her head with one of his. As she

struggled beneath him, feeling the male hardness against her, her movements allowed

him to get one knee between hers. Then he was reaching with his free hand to pull her


Len looked down. Her mound and the hairs that covered it moulded in erotic perfection

down and round. She was trying to fight and he had to use both of his hands to subdue

her. He dare not use one of his hands to guide himself to her hidden treasure so he

lowered his hips. He saw himself pointing between her spread legs and pushed


Samantha felt the blunt knob press hard, felt her slit parted, felt his frantic movements

finally locate her tightness. She clenched herself, trying desperately to deny him entry.

Len thrust and thrust again in his attempt to violate his young cousin. Her hips were

trying to escape the outrage of his assault and finally the wriggling and writhing

beneath him was too much for his control.

“Oh fuck. OH FUCK. I’m cumminnnnggggggg” he gasped. He froze, his cock pressed

against her still virginal opening.

Sammy sensed the pause in his thrusts to f***e her protective muscle, then a massive

throb and heat and wetness and then more thrusting and throbbing as he released his

sperm into her slit and over her hairs. He collapsed on top of her, still lying between

her parted thighs, the final dribbles of his explosion coating her heaving tummy. His

heart was a drum beat pulsating on her chest, slowly calming. Hers was the fluttering of

a caged bird threatened by a predatory a****l. He groaned and rolled off her, lay on

his side and attempted to put his hand between her legs to feel where he had been,

trying to use the wet slippery sperm to find her feminine hole and feel inside.

“GET OFF ME” screamed Samantha and scratched the threatening hand. Len flinched

at the claw marks of an a****l in fury gashing his skin. Again Samantha lashed out at

him, reaching out to rake his face in fearless anger. Len fell off the bed and stood,

amazed at the sight of this weak girl transformed into a female tiger intent on

destroying the hunter. Again she went for him and he turned and ran to his own room,

locking the door behind him.

Samantha stood panting, eyes wide, nostrils dilated, shaking with anger. As her

cousin’s sperm slowly ran down her legs she picked up her briefs and wiped herself,

then threw them on the bed and locked herself in the bathroom.

Len scrambled into his clothes, dashed from the house and rode his bike furiously

away from the she-devil behind him. His mother narrowly escaped running him down

as she returned, noticing the scratch marks on his face. What the hell had been going

on was her horrified thought? Had Samantha’s mind finally cracked under the strain of

bereavement? Had she attacked her son?

She hurried upstairs and heard the shower running and tried the bathroom door but it

was locked. Went into Samantha’s room and gaped at her niece’s bikini briefs on the

bed with her son’s boxers lying on the floor. The briefs were wet and glistening when

she picked them up; it was clear that it was her son’s ejaculation that stained them.

She was stunned, dismayed, distraught at the thought of the two youngsters having

sex. But why was Len’s face scarred with talon like marks? Her mind tried to piece

things together - her niece sunbathing - the flimsy bikini - Len in his bedroom when she

left - oh no - oh no it couldn’t be possible - COULD IT? Had Len tried to ... tried too ...

she could not bear to even think the words.

The shower stopped and her niece appeared swathed in a towel. Sammy stopped in

the doorway shocked at the sight of her aunt. Polly went the few steps to hold her in her

arms and said tremulously “Sammy I want the truth. Did Len ... has Len ... what

happened with Len?”

The girl was tense in the older woman’s arms. “Nothing. Nothing happened.”

“Darling Sammy you don’t need to protect him. I can guess you know. I’m not a fool.”

Samantha blushed scarlet and swallowed nervously. “Aunty Pol honestly nothing

happened. He tried to kiss me that’s all.”

Polly released her and picked up the panties, looked at her distressed face and

pointed at the fluids. “I’m not an idiot Samantha. I know what this is for goodness sake.

Now tell me, what happened.”

“Aunty it really honestly doesn’t matter” she whispered. “I don’t want trouble for Len or

for me. It’s best to just say nothing happened that’s all. Please don’t say anything. He

didn’t ... what you think ... he didn’t ... not properly.”

“Hmmmm if you are sure. But if his Dad knew he would thrash the skin off his back.

Because I know what he tried.”

“I think I ought to dress now Aunty and you were right about that ‘kini’ I don’t think he

could help it really.”


That evening she told Bob.

Len had come home with some half baked story of being set on by yobs to account for

his injuries and his parents had tried to look as though they believed him. Samantha

had pleaded a migraine and stayed in her room.

After supper Len too went “to read” in his room and Bob tapped on his niece’s door

and asked if he could come in. After a pause there was a brief, quiet “Yes.”

The curtains were drawn closed and as the westering sun abandoned Evening to the

mantle of Night the girl was only dimly seen, huddled on her bed, clutching at her teddy


He sat on her bedside chair, her back was towards him. “Sammy?” No response.

“Sammy please let me talk to you.” No response.

“Polly told me. Len did bad things to you. Very bad things. Is that right?” No response.

“Sammy if you don’t speak to me it’s going to be hard for me to put anything right and

to say how deeply, desperately sorry Aunt Polly and me are that he tried to do bad

things to you.” Silence.

After a long pause her tiny voice replied. “It doesn’t matter, Len didn’t hurt me. It wasn’t

all the way bad things like Aunt Polly thought.” The quietness filled the room once more

then “Uncle Bob, you and Aunt Polly have been really good to me. You care for me I

know you do. And the Court said I had to come to you as if I was your own and then

you HAD to care for me but I know you don’t just care for me because you HAVE to,

but because you WANT to. I do love you very much. Nothing was anybody’s fault. I

don’t want you to hurt Len. But can you, if you please, can you tell him not to do those

things any more. I’d like that.”

“Sammy I promise that from now you will be safe. You won’t be hurt like this again. I


Samantha’s simple reply of “Thank you Uncle Bob” made his chest tighten, his throat

constrict and he had to touch on her head with an Uncle’s non threatening but loving

touch before he could choke out “Good Night Samantha.”


The following Sunday morning Uncle Danny came to visit as promised. Samantha was

waiting for him at the gate and as he parked, she ran to him and excitedly showed him

a cat which she held to her chest. She seemed brighter, more her old self but his

eyebrows rose as he saw she wasn’t clutching the usual old favourite, Fred Bear, her

teddy bear.

“Hello Sam where’s the moggie come from?”

“He isn’t a moggie” Samantha protested. “I don’t know where he came from, but he

won’t go away! He came two days ago and just hangs around me all the time. I’ve

called him ‘Kat’”

She put him down, some creature attracted his attention and he launched himself

through the gate in chase. There was a screech of brakes, a thud. The car sped on

and Samantha cried out and made to run to the limp body at the side of the road but

Danny rapidly caught her arm to prevent her seeing anything to shock or distress her. It

had been a glancing blow, but a mortal blow.

“Wait on the drive for me Sam” he told her firmly. ‘Kat was dead, no doubt about it.

Fortunately no ruptured tissue. No bleeding. Severe brain damage. Sammy seemed

to be coming out of her despair and now this. Damn it. Damn. Damn. Damn.’ he

thought. He picked up the cat and walked to Samantha, standing there pale and with

wide fearful eyes.

“Sammy. Sammy I am so sorry. The blow from the car killed him instantly. There’s

nothing we can do. But Sam, he felt no pain. He didn’t suffer. He was chasing

something one second and the next he died. He died happy chasing something.

Really he did.”

“Can we bury him and make a cross for him Uncle?”

“Yes darling. Let’s do that together shall we? You don’t have to but would you like to

hold him while I find a box in the shed?”

“He isn’t in a mess from that bang is he?”

“No, Sam, there isn’t a mark on him I promise you. Are Aunt Polly and Uncle Bob

there? I ought to ask where we can put him. You sit down on the seat there and say

goodbye to him and I will go and get them.”

A box was found, a place chosen and a hole was dug. Kat was laid tenderly in the box

by Samantha. “Wait. Wait a minute” she suddenly cried. She dashed to a flower bed

and picked pansies, primroses and a single early poppy. She hurried back and laid

the flowers on the still warm fur. Danny closed the lid and the box was put in the small

grave. The soil was replaced, the surplus soil formed carefully into a neat respectful

mound. Uncle and niece stood hand in hand.

“Would you like to say anything?” Danny asked.

In the peaceful, secluded corner of the garden Samantha put her hands together in

prayer, closed her eyes and began to whisper “Our Father, Which art in Heaven ... for

ever and ever, Amen.” Then “Goodbye Kat.”

Daniel put his arm around her shoulders as he heard the choke in her voice. She

turned to him, he held her close and she buried her face in his chest. Samantha

sobbed with deep shuddering aching pain, a pain she had locked inside her since the

tragic accident. Danny put his cheek on top of her head in comfort, not aware that his

own tears flowed without restraint as the two, adult and teenager shared at last a joint


Polly and Bob gave the couple privacy until they heard Danny protesting in fun at the

damp wetness of his shirt. Sammy was heard to giggle and say her hair was wet so he

couldn’t talk. Then the sound of a girl’s delicate sniffs into a hanky.

A tray of that panacea, an English cup of tea, was magically on the garden table and

the four of them sat.

Samantha was thoughtful, red eyed but not with the old blank devastation in her face.

“It was an accident that killed Kat wasn’t it. It wasn’t me putting him down. It was just an


The adults exchanged raised eyebrows and questioning looks. “Yes. It was simply an

accident. Kat was in the wrong place at the wrong time and it wasn’t anybody’s fault.

Not your fault, not Kat’s fault and not the mouse’s fault” said Polly, having a better idea

than the men what was going through her niece’s mind.

“And Kat wasn’t hurt and in pain and all in a mess and bl**d and smashed to pieces.

He was just like asl**p.”

“Yes, Sammy. Just like asl**p and he didn’t feel a thing. He didn’t feel any pain. He

just didn’t know what happened to him. He was happy chasing a mouse or something

and then, suddenly, it was like going to sl**p at night.”

“So my Mum and my Dad and my Aunty Em, it was like falling asl**p for them and they

weren’t smashed up and in a mess or anything. They just went to sl**p. Like Kat it was

an accident and it wasn’t anybody’s fault except the drink driver.”

This was no time to tell Samantha of the appalling injuries suffered by her parents and

Emily. “Samantha, it was an accident and that is all it was. And I promise you, it was

like falling asl**p and they didn’t feel any hurt or any pain and they didn’t suffer in any

way. Not for a split second did they suffer any pain.”

Samantha was quiet for a while.

“Uncle Dan, will you take me to see my parent’s please. Where they are now. And

Aunty Em as well.”

That afternoon uncle and niece visited the grounds of the ancient church where their

loved ones lay at rest. Samantha held a posy of garden flowers for each grave in one

hand, and her uncle’s hand in a tight grip with the other. The memorial stones had not

yet been laid as the ground in the two adjacent graves was allowed to settle, but urns

of reverence held Nature’s beauty in vivid yellows and pinks and cornflower blue. Uncle

Danny carried a bag out of which he took two glazed white jars with the words “Royan,

Charente Maritime” blazoned on them. He filled them from the water bottle he also

carried and Samantha arranged her posy, one for each grave. They stood, both with

tears in their eyes, but the tears were tears of sadness and the beginnings of an

acceptance of loss, not the violent emotions of prostration and irreparable


They sat on a sun-warmed bench still holding hands. “Sammy, Aunt Pol and Uncle Bob

and me had a little chat before we came here. They told me that Len is obsessed with

you and, I wonder, if I can get the green light from the c***dren’s Welfare people, if you

would like to come and live with me. Would you like that? You don’t have to you know.”

Samantha stood, her face alight, her eyes shining. “”Oh you don’t mean it! You can’t

mean it!” She flung herself onto her uncle’s lap and wrapped her arms around his neck

and kissed him. “You don’t know. You can’t know how I’ve hoped and prayed I can be

with you and God didn’t listen I thought. But He has listened and it’s all OK with Him

now and Uncle Dan I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“Hey steady on, girl” her uncle laughed “I haven’t spoken to the welfare mafia yet!”

“I know they’ll say yes. I know it. I have to tell Mummy and Daddy and Aunt Em and I

want to say thank you in church and uncle I am so HAPPY.”

She ran to the graves and Dan followed more sedately. He could see her babbling out

her excitement and when she ran back to him she said “it’s OK. They all said it’s ok.

Well I know it is. I can feel it inside me that it’s ok.”

Inside the church Samantha said “please let me be alone Uncle Dan, just to say my

thank you to Him.”

He sat in a rear pew as the young girl went into the Lady Chapel and knelt in reverent


The Vicar entered and saw Daniel. “Hello Mr Bure. Enjoying a little peace?”

“Actually, Reverend, I’ve brought Samantha with me. She’s had a remarkable change.

Almost her old self. We visited her parents and my wife and she held up very well.

Better than I could ever have hoped.”

As he finished speaking the girl emerged from the Lady Chapel and walked up the

aisle towards them. The sun banished a cloud and streamed through a stained glass

window depicting Christ in Glory. The dust motes in the air showed a beam enfold

Samantha, s**ttering the rich colours about her, the light glittering about her head.

“Oh my Dear Lord” exclaimed the Vicar in awe at the sight. “She seems to have been

touched by the Finger of God Himself
... Continue»
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Introduction: iIf you have the time and want to read the whole story 17000 words to this one.

This true story involves a girl of 11 years and her uncle of 21 years.

Let me start by telling saying that, my b*****r and his wife have 7 c***dren, 4 girls and 3 boys.
The story I’m about to tell happened 20 yrs ago when I was 21, the second youngest girl was 11 at the time.
The whole f****y had been down with us for a summer break by the sea, they lived 300 miles from us.
At the end of the summer break they were all due to go home, but Daryl aged 13, and Sharon aged 11 wanted to stay with us for another month.
My mother agreed as did my b*****r as long as I would to take them back home.

This was agreed I would take them both back and stay with them for a few days before returning home.

This is the story.

Sharon was a petite blonde and quite slim, I had always got on with her better then the others, she always seemed to be by my side whatever I was doing. During the day I had to work so my mother took them out for outing although most of the time it was to the beach and as we had a hot sunny summer that year both of them got a lovely sun tan.
After a few days I was up in my bedroom after showering, stood in my under pants when Sharon appeared at the door. I asked had she had a nice day, and she nodded and said she had been swimming all day with Nan. I told her she was getting a nice tan and to make sure not to burn, with that she lifted her little skirt to show me her tanned legs, as I stood there looking at he legs my eyes were draw to her panties, which came as a surprise to me as I’ve often seen her in her panties and even naked, but this time I felt a stirring in groin which hadn’t happened before, and I had to look down, and yes I was semi hard, I turned away quickly in case she noticed and put my shorts on hiding my semi erection.

She then left to go for a bath. Nothing more happened that day but when ever I thought of her standing there showing me her tan I became erect.
The weekend had arrived and I was able to go with them to the beach, as I was an adult, my mother decided I could go with them while she did some much needed house work. So off to the beach the three of us went, we had been on the beach for an hour, and Daryl was in the water, being a very good swimmer I had no worries about him getting into trouble. I couldn’t help remember Sharon standing in front of me the few nights before, and I felt an uncontrollable urge to touch her skin. My chance came when she returned to me, and I was able to use the towel to get her dry, my hands touched her skin, I enjoyed it and wanted to do it more, but was afraid she may object and maybe tell her b*****r or my mother.

She was now laying on her towel, Daryl playing in the water with new friends, when I told her I thought she ought to have some sun tan lotion on her to stop her burning, as blonde’s burn faster then brunettes. So I got the lotion, and as she was lying on her front began to massage the oil into her back, I did her legs and looked at my hands as I rubbed the small tight cheeks of her bum. The back done I asked if she wanted her front done, she said it was ok, so she turned over.
Once again I began rubbing the oil in over her belly and down her legs, the feeling was sensational and I was enjoying every moment, then I came to the “V” between her legs, and wondered if I should continue, after all she was eleven and she may have some sexual knowledge and know that I shouldn’t be doing it. So slowly I moved my hands closer to that spot, she may no movement to stop me, and soon I was gently rubbing the skin just inches for her pussy. It was then I noticed Daryl on his way back, and him being two years older would know for sure that I shouldn’t be doing it, so I stopped.
Nothing more happened that day, and Sharon seemed quite happy with my oiling of her and she didn’t mention it to any one, much to my relief. But that night I couldn’t help think about it, and again got hard, but this time I wanked myself thinking of her being naked and me oiling her again, but this time without restrictions.

Another week passed and nothing happened and I was ready to put my thoughts behind me, I realised I had done wrong, but I still knew I had enjoyed doing it. The both of them went to bed early the next Saturday night as both were tired from another visit to the beach. I went up to bed at 11pm, and was just dozing off when I had a feeling I was being watched so I looked up to see Sharon stood the in her nightie.
“I couldn’t sl**p” she explained, “can I get in with you,” I nodded that it was ok.
I told her “ I told she would have to be gone by the morning, as her Nan wouldn’t like us being in the same bed together”.
She climbed in beside me, and we both drifted of to sl**p. I awoke again a while later, and could hear her breathing beside me, and the thoughts of the beach came back to me. I moved my hand to her waist slowly so not to wake her. Then a bit lower, I could feel her bum, her nightie had ridden up in the bed, meaning she was naked from the waist down. My mind was in turmoil, I so wanted to touch her pussy but dare I risk it?

I could feel her soft skin on my hand and the curve of her bum cheeks, I rest my hand there for a while, and I had no intention of sl**ping now, but hoped that she would remain asl**p.
I moved my hand up and down her slim legs, and over her bum even touched her bum hole gently, and I was as hard as rock. Then she moved. Had I awoken her with my careless fumbling?
She was now lying on her back, I lay still not daring to move my hand which was still resting on her belly, it seemed like ages, and all I could hear was her gentle breathing. Was she asl**p? or not I couldn’t make my mind up, so I decide to move my hand nearer her pussy, and stop if she said anything and pretend to be asl**p, but she didn’t move or say anything, now my fingers were able to touch her young slit, at first I used one finger, no movement from her, so I used two, slowly rubbing both my fingers up and down her slit, even penetrating her pussy lips to the beginning of her hole.
I was now dribbling precum, so I had the idea to soak my fingers in precum and use that as lubricant, which I did and was able to penetrate her further, I couldn’t stand anymore, and took my hard cock in my right hand, and has my left hand caressed her pussy lips I wanked till I cum, soaking the bed. I then throw caution to the wind, and scooped some of it up on my fingers and rubbed it into her pussy lips, making sure to get some in as far as I could without waking her.
I then fell asl**p knowing that my cum was now part way into her pussy,
In the morning I awoke she was gone, and when I thought back I felt ashamed of the things I had done to my young niece, but at the same time knew I would have to do it again soon.


Monday morning came again, but all I could think about was the night in bed with Sharon. It was getting close to taking them both home, but I so wanted to touch her again, but knew I couldn’t suggest it as she may wonder why I asked for her to sl**p in my bed again, and even tell her b*****r or her Nan which I couldn’t risk.

When I got home from work the two of them would be playing on the grass and I sat and watched as they played, I even caught the odd glimpse of Sharon’s panties as they played, which only made me want to touch her again as I did those few nights before. But I couldn’t figure out how. Wednesday after work when I got home mum and Daryl had gone round a neighbour’s house to see her new puppy. Sharon had been that morning and was lying on the grass when I arrived home from work I got myself a cold drink and watched her from the kitchen window as she lay there. Her small dress had ridden up and I was able to see her panties again, which I become to look forward to seeing.

I got my drink and walked into the garden, I sat at her feet, and just stared at the “V” in her panties when her legs joined and her pussy was just below the surface waiting for my tender finger to touch. She didn’t move so I assumed that she was probably asl**p, so I kept moving for a better look, wishing that her legs would open more, or better that she hadn’t got any panties on. But there they were and I wasn’t able to see anything more then her white panties.
I lay on my front watching her, she must have sensed it as I saw her eyes open, and look down at me,” Hello Uncle Chris” she said as she sat up, pulling her legs towards her chin, I could now see the thin material just covering her pussy lips and make out the slit in the material which showed me exactly where her young pussy was, I couldn’t help but stare.
We didn’t speak for a few moments, and when I did finally looked up at her face she was watching me, she must have known I was looking at her panties, and there was no mistaking it.

I offered her a sip of my drink feeling totally embarrassed, “They are new,
Nanny bought them for me today, did you know we are going home Saturday?”
My heart sunk I didn’t realise they would go this weekend and I was hoping she may have come to my bedroom again, but Sharon told me Nanny had phoned Alan and arranged for us to go up either Friday or Saturday.
“Nanny bought me six pairs” she said “do you want to see them” I nodded, and she gave me the drink back and run into the house. She returned with the other pairs and laid them out on the grass, pink, blue, red, black, pale yellow and another white pair.
“Which do you like best?”

I picked up the red pair and said “these are very sexy”, which I thought after was probably a mistake. “Would you like to see them on” I nodded. Instead of going indoors. She sat in front of me and removed the white pair and began to put the red pair on, opening her legs as she did so. There in front of me at last was that young smooth pussy, opening up for me to see. She pulled them on and stood up again, from where I was I had a perfect view, “yes I said red is the nicest”.
She sat back down and to my surprise said to me “then if you want Uncle Chris Ill wear them for you in your bed tonight” I was taken back, and she must have noticed my surprise as she added “that’s if you want me too” I was hoping I wasn’t acting to eager when I answered yes to her, but in fact I couldn’t wait. I told her not to tell her Nan as she wouldn’t approve.

A few moments later Daryl and Mum returned and nothing more was said.

We had dinner and Sharon and Daryl bathed, then it was my turn, and we sat watching TV for a while before Mum told them it was there bed time. They both said good night and off they went. I sat there for what seemed like ages not really watching the TV, just waiting for bedtime. I hoped Sharon wouldn’t fall asl**p and not come, also I hoped that Daryl wouldn’t come too, and that he would be asl**p if and when she did come to me
I went up to bed at almost 11pm and crept pass their room, stopping for a second to listen, but I heard nothing and assumed that they were both sl**ping. I undressed and climbed into bed wearing only a t-shirt, as I lay there in the bed I couldn’t help but wonder what might have been and I began playing with my hard cock. I was almost on the verge of cumming, when there was a tap on my back, I turned in surprise to see Sharon standing there smiling, I looked down at her and she had her red panties on as she had promised.

I moved over and with out a word she got in, and we just lay there looking at each other. I had the urge to kiss her lovely face and threw caution to the wind, and kissed her soft lips; she didn’t shy away but seemed to me returned the kiss, although at her age I wondered if she knew how.
She then took me by surprise when she asked “will you touch me like you did the other night” I didn’t know what to say whether to try and make out it was an accident or just say yes to her, but with the week end fast approaching and she would be going home and I wouldn’t see her for at least a year I threw caution to the wind, and replied “if you want me too”. She nodded.

I kissed her again and my hand slipped inside the waist band of her panties till I could feel the soft hairless pussy that I had grown to love some much. I rubbed up and down her slit as she lay there. I then pulled the covers off us and looked down at her, with out a word I slid down the bed and gently opened her legs wide, and my fingers moved her panties so I could see it once more. Then with out a sound I moved my head between her legs and began gently licking her slit. I could taste the pee on her pussy that she must have earlier, but I didn’t care it just added to the taste of her.

She seemed to enjoy this as she opened even wider for me and I was able to open those lips wider with my fingers then I had hoped for, as my tongue darted inside as far as it would reach.
I was in heaven at last, although I knew it was wrong, I didn’t care she loved it so did I, as I was tonguing her I was also pumping my hard cock, which didn’t go unnoticed and she looked to see what I was doing. I saw her look and I moved without a word into the 69 position, I carried on tonguing her and hoped she would suck me, but after a tiny lick from her on my erection she stopped, but was gently wanking me, following the movements I had made.
With in seconds I was cumming, and when I did it was all over her hands and chin. I stopped and kissed her forehead, and thanked her.
“I didn’t like the taste “she told me.
I noticed some of my cum on her chin and I went down and kissed her where it lay, getting it on my tongue I was able to push it into her mouth, which she didn’t seem to mind, so I got some on my finger and put it onto her lips which she sucked into her mouth. “Did you like that?” I asked her, she nodded, “and me licking you?”
“I liked that bit the best” she said.
We lay there talking for a while like she was an adult, she told me she didn’t want to go home, and would Nanny let her come down next year. I told her she would have to wait till next summer as she may change her mind and not want to come.
Before she went back to her bed she wanked me off once more and tasted even more then she did before, and I licked her for what seemed like an age.
We kissed and she went back to her bed. I knew then that given the chance next year I would have intercourse with her should she come down, and I knew that my Sharon had come of age.

That weekend I drove them all home, but when I kissed Sharon goodbye before leaving I knew we much more the uncle and niece.

All I needed to do was to wait till next year, GOD what a long time to wait.
Oh I didn’t tell you she left me the red panties.


Well at last the year has passed, the last 2 months were never ending, but like all things time passes, it seems slow at the time but it still has 24 hours to the day and not 36 like it sometimes feels.
I wasn’t even sure that Sharon would be allowed to come down, if indeed she still wanted too. A year in a young girl’s life takes so many twists and turns, but I hoped she hadn’t changed her mind.

I phoned my b*****r to ask if Sharon and Daryl were still coming down for the summer, he told me he hadn’t discussed it with them but he knew Daryl wouldn’t be down, has he had made other arrangements for the summer holidays.
My heart sunk, all this time and she wasn’t coming. “Do you want to talk to Sharon and ask her, its ok by me but you will have to come up and pick her up, I don’t have the time?”
“Ok, put her on” the phone when dead for a while as I waited, I knew the answer would be no, but I still hoped.
“Hello Uncle Chris”
“I just wanted to know if you two were coming down for summer holidays. Alan has told me Daryl won’t be down, are you coming down?”
“I would like to if you don’t mind, but how will I get there”
My heart missed a beat I’m sure, I honestly thought she wouldn’t be coming, and after a year of waiting the disappointment would be too much to bear.
“Ill come up and get you and take you back home at the end of your stay, how long would you like to stay? And when are your school holidays?”
“Id like to stay a month again if it’s ok with you and Nan, the holidays start in 3 weeks”

“Ill check with your Nan and make sure, Ill speak to you again tomorrow then ok?”
“Ok Uncle Chris, Ill look forward to speaking tomorrow”

I told my mum that I had phoned Alan, and he had told me that Sharon wanted to come down during her holidays again like last year. I didn’t mention I had asked Alan if she could come down, but made out it was his idea, to avoid suspicions as to why I wanted her down here.
“When will she be down then?”
“Her holidays start in a 3 weeks so it will be about a month”
“So she will be down during August, you know I’m going with your Aunt Joan to Dorset for a week in August don’t you?”
“Oh shit” I thought “so she can’t come then?
“I don’t mind her coming but she will have to amuse her during the day, and you will have to cook for her when you get home, and I want the house tidy when I return”

The following day I rung Alan “Mum says it’s ok for Sharon to come down for a month if she wants to”.
“Speak to her Chris”
“Hello can I come down”
“Yes Nan says it ok”
“Great, Ill put some clothes in a case and Ill be ready when its time, I’m really looking forward to it and month by the sea.”
“Ill phone nearer the time then and arrange to pick you up”

I thought it best not to tell either of them that Mum would be in Dorset for a week. The following day I learned the day that Mum would be away, and booked a week off my work to coincide with her holiday, so we had the house to ourselves all day for a week. I only hoped that we could continue where we had left off. I wondered how much she would have changed in a year, now that she was 12.

The time had arrived and here I was on my way to get Sharon at last. It was to take me 3-4 hours but all I could think about was how she may have changed, not only in appearance but maybe she didn’t think the same about me, and maybe we couldn’t continue like we had last year.
I was driving alone, I had asked mum if she wanted to come, but she told me she would see Alan and the k**s when I took Sharon back after her months stay. I arrived at my b*****r’s house about midday, and being hot they were all in the garden. I went through, and there was Sharon, wearing a tiny bikini, her hair was the same length, just resting on her shoulders. Her breasts had grown a little and it was quite easy to see the swelling of them under her bikini top. Her mum was small, and Sharon was going to take on her appearance by the look of it. I was greeted by them all, but they were busy in the small inflatable pool they had, but Sharon came over and gave a me small kiss on the cheek, and sat down in front of me.

“How are you?” I asked
“I’m fine, looking forward to getting in the sea, and away from my b*****rs and s****rs for a while; they drive me mad some times”
I looked down at her sitting there. Her slightly tanned legs had filled out nicely too, and were taking on a shape of a young woman, I noticed her flat belly, not an ounce of fat anywhere. “You are looking very nice, grown since last year”
He blue eyes sparkled in the sun “thank you” she replied “I’m in the net ball team and do gymnastics as well, keeps me fit”
“Sharon, get Chris another drink, he’s driven a long way to take you on your holiday”
With that she got up, and walked into the kitchen. I couldn’t help notice her tight little bum, and the cheeks struggling to release them selves from her bikini bottom.
“Ill help you get all the drinks” and rose to follow her.

Sharon was already pouring a drink when I got into the kitchen, she saw me and stopped, pushing me away from the window, and out of view, she put her arms around my neck. Planting a large wet kiss on my lips, I put my arms around her, things between us hadn’t changed I thought, and returned her kiss. My hands slipping down to her bikini bottom, hand moving inside the waist band, and feeling that wonderful ass.
She pulled my hand out, “plenty of time for that we got a month together”
Reluctantly I removed my hand and helped pour the drinks.
We sat outside once again, and every time I looked at Sharon, she was looking at me, and every time I thought of that blue eyed beauty, and saw her swelling tits she got me hard. I spent the rest of the afternoon with a towel on my lap to conceal my hardness.

“Are you staying the weekend?” her mum asked
“No just over night I want to get back in case the traffic gets to bad. Her Nan’s looking forward to seeing her as well.”
We had a barbeque that evening when Alan had arrived home. The following morning having showered, I found Sharon’s case and loaded it into the car.
Sharon appeared, dressed in a reasonably short summer skirt and t-shirt, and once again my eyes were drawn to the swelling under her t-shirt. God I wanted to get my hands on them. We kissed the f****y goodbye, her mum told her to be good and phone regularly “Ill be very good mum, Uncle Chris wont have any bother with me, Ill do just as he tells me”
“Well mind you do, I don’t want reports that you have misbehaved, I know what you can be like, all angel one minute and a devil the next”
Thinking to my self, yes she looks like an angel but Id prefer to see the devil in her.
We waved as we drove away, again it was hot, and I wore my shorts. Settling back for the 4 hour drive home.
As I drove I couldn’t help but glance over at those lovely legs, her skirt and ridden up and there was a generous amount of thigh on show. I announced after a couple of hours we would stop at the next services so I could have a rest and a drink, she thought it a good idea.

When we parked the car she asked “is there somewhere I could wash I feel all sweaty?”
“I don’t know I expect they have wash basins though, probably not a shower”
“Can I get my wash bag out the boot then?”
I throw her the keys and told her I would order the drinks.
A few minutes later she entered, and sat beside me, “I’ve got you a coke that ok?”
“Yeah fine, Ill go and see if there’s somewhere to wash”
She got up and walked towards the toilets.

A few minutes later she emerged, and what a sight to behold, she had changed her skirt for one much shorter, it barely covered her bum, and her bra had also gone. Her pert young nipples plainly in view pushing hard against her t-shirt, she now wore a white one, which made her nipples even more plainly visible. As she walked back to me I couldn’t help notice people, men in particular watching as she walked by.
“I had a wash and changed I was to hot in those clothes”
“Well you certainly caused a stir with that skirt; don’t you think it’s too short?”
“No, do you?”
“Well I suppose not it is hot and we have a long way to go, don’t what you getting too hot”
“Oh? I thought you wanted me HOT” she emphasized.
A bit taken back, I didn’t reply.
I told her I was going to the toilet, and then we move on again, still 2 hours to go yet.

When I got into the toilet, a truck driver followed me in; I had finished and was washing my hands.
“WHO is that girl your with? She’s gorgeous, best I’ve seen all day, and my mates agree with me”
“She’s my niece, she’s only 12”
“12 or not we would like her in our cabs for a couple of hours, fuck her bl**dy stupid, then send her on her way. Bet you fuck mate don’t you?”
“Well then you’re a fucking idiot she gagging for it, only have to look at the way she’s dressed. Don’t you want to fuck her?”
“I will be, for a month she’s coming down on holiday with me”
“You lucky bastard, Id love to have her for a night leave alone a month”
As I was about to open the door, he shouted after me “Give her one for me mate” and laughed.

“You took a time”
“I was talking to a truck driver, apparently him and his mates think you’re very sexy”
“Do they?” she replied looking around at the truckers and smiling, “I wonder what they have in mind for me” and laughed. With that we got up and left, but all eyes were on her, at the door she stopped, turned and lifted her skirt just above the waist and smiled at them.
Getting back in the car I asked “did you show them your panties as we were leaving?”
“No, why?”
“I saw you lift your skirt”
“They didn’t see my panties” she leaned back and raised one leg toward the door, and the other towards the gear lever. I looked down, and there in front of my eyes was a pussy, just a wisp of blonde hair but the lips were plainly on view. I gulped “my god Sharon”
“I was hot, and see. they didn’t see my panties at all I was telling the truth. I have to tell you that since last year, I have learned a lot of what men like, and what they like to see”
“So you have been with other men?”
“And boys, but the men have been your age and one older 40 something”
I must have looked a bit disappointed at hearing that, and I felt a twinge of jealousy. For some reason I thought she hadn’t been with other boys, and certainly not MEN.
“Don’t worry Uncle Chris, I’m still a virgin, I only let them touch it that’s all”. In some ways I was relieved to hear that, but still surprised and wondered what she had done to them.
“Why don’t you call me Chris, forget the Uncle bit?”
“Ok if that’s what you want, Id prefer it actually, now can we drive home, and keep you eyes on the road, think Id better cover up don’t you. We could have an accident, and then the month would be gone if we end up in hospital, and I couldn’t bear that after waiting a year”.

“Are we nearly there yet Chris?” she asked after a couple of hours.
“Almost about 20 miles, half an hour”
“Do you think you could stop some where quiet I need a pee”
I knew the area we were in and in about 10 minutes there was a secluded woodland where she could pee and told her so.
I drew into the area, there weren’t any cars around. She opened the door and squatted beside the car. I watched open mouthed as I saw the stream of pee coming from her pussy, and for the umpteen time that day she got me hard again. She stood up, not bothering to pull her skirt down, leaned in the door straight at the hard lump in my trousers.
“Did I cause that?”
“It seems every time I look at you this happens, every thing you do is sex related.”
“Well we can’t have you walking in and Nan seeing you with a hard on can we? And as I’ve caused it Id better remedy it”

Leaning forward further she took my zip and undone me, out sprung my hardness, free at last. “Umm, that’s a nice one, think I may get to enjoy this next month”
And immediately her mouth was wrapped around my cock sucking and licking the end.
Every now and then she would stop and look up at me, then back to the task. At 12 years old my Sharon was an expert, licking my precum and sucking me into her mouth. It was no good I couldn’t hold back any longer, although I wish I could have enjoyed this sensation longer, I couldn’t. “I’m cumming Sharon” thinking she would remove it, but she didn’t just took more into her mouth.
Spurt after spurt of my hot cum entered her mouth, as I squirmed in the seat, I was groaning with pleasure.
I felt my cock go limp and she looked up “that was nice, Ill do that again” cum dripping from her lips.
“My God where did you learn that?”
“I told you I had learnt a lot since last year”
“But I haven’t pleasured you”
“No need to worry, you have a month to pleasure me, AND YOU WILL!”

As I drove the rest of the way I looked at her sexy legs and tight t-shirt, “you should put your bra on Sharon; Nan will think it strange you not wearing one”. Now for the first time I saw her naked breasts, and they were wonderfully rounded, pert little dark nipples poking out “I’m going to suck those very soon”
“I hope you will, and suck more besides”
“There’s something I haven’t told you”
She looked puzzled “what’s that?”
Nanas away for a week in Dorset, and I’m booked off work for the same week, we will be alone for a whole 7 days”
A smile came across her face “better hope it rains that week”
“well be a shame to waste the sun while we are in bed, we wont be getting out of bed for that week only to eat then back to fucking, eat again then back to fucking, and I wont let you out of bed even to eat if you don’t make me cum”.
All this sex talk from her was once again getting me hard.
“Down boy”, she said “you had enough for one day I don’t want to spoil you”

We finally got home, and mum had cooked something for us both, Sharon sat chatting to her to bring her up to date with all the news.
Sharon then said she was tired after the journey, and would shower and go to bed. I gave her 30 minutes and then said I would go to bed as well.
I showered and pushed her door open slightly, not a movement from her, and by the light of the moon I could see she was a sl**p. Poor darling must be tired, so a little disappointed I too went to sl**p.

The following day was Sunday, I got up and went down stairs, all was quiet, but there was a note on the table. Mum had gone to the Sunday market with Joan and would eat out, and we had to find something our selves.
I made my self a cup of tea and also one for Sharon and took them up. I crept into the room, she was still asl**p. Placing her tea on the small table I sat in the chair and stared at her sl**ping.
Her hair was half covering her face, but she still looked beautiful. I sat quietly watching her for ages, and then her eyes flickered and opened. I knelt down beside her bed, her eyes fully open now, I gazed into them, it was like looking into a deep clear blue pool, I was mesmerised by them, they were so gorgeous, clearly the best eyes Id ever seen. “Morning sl**py I’ve made you a cup of tea. Nan’s out at the Sunday market, we have to cook our self’s dinner, and you’re just the person”
Still she laid there, hair half covering her face, “I can’t cook, and I have a job to boil and egg or make a sandwich”
“Well that’s it then, we can have a hard boiled egg sandwich”. And we both laughed.
Still laying there I slowly pulled the covers back, her t-shirt had rolled up in the night, and my eyes stared upon her pussy, instead of being smooth, there was now a small patch of blonde wispy hair. “Oh your getting hairy Sharon” and smiled
“Don’t you like it?”
“I preferred it smooth like last year, but I can get used to it” I bent down to kiss her pussy “wait” she said I need a pee first and a shower, make me all fresh, you wait here, only be a minute”
She climbed out of bed and disappeared into the bath room.

Ten minutes later she reappeared, hair damp and clinging to her face, but she still looked perfect to me. She sat on the edge of the bed, just a towel around her. I pushed her back and removed the towel. I now saw those young petite tits protruding from her chest, my hands caressed them, and my mouth was soon upon them sucking each nipple in turn. I could feel myself growing, and stood up to release my now stiff cock from my shorts. Looking down at her pussy, she was now smooth again. “Have you shaved it off?”
“Well I could tell you didn’t like it, so I borrowed your razor, I want it to be like last year”
I wrapped my mouth around her pussy lips, and began sucking licking and chewing her lips. My fingers were gently pinching her nipples.
I could hear her moaning with delight as I gently rubbed her clitty “don’t stop” she told me. I had no intention of stopping. For several moments I continued, until she wriggled free. Pushing me back on the bed she climbed on top of me, and opened her pussy wide, then lowered it down over my mouth. I began sucking and nibbling again. She was soaking wet, I could feel it on my chin. But I loved her taste and wasn’t going to stop.
For ages I continued my attack on her young smooth pussy, until suddenly she screamed out loud, and I felt a gush of fluid fill my mouth “oh my god” she kept saying over and over again.
She lifted herself off me “that’s the first time I’ve cum like that, it was gorgeous”
“You filled my mouth with your love juice” I told her.
“No it tasted wonderful and I want more of that”.
Again I went down and licked her, hoping to taste her cum in my mouth again. But she stopped me.

“Put it in” she said.
“I cant, I don’t have a condom”
“never mind a condom I’m on the pill, have been for 6 months, I knew we would end up in bed together, so like a scout I came prepared” and smiled “now put it in”.
I still hesitated after all she was still a virgin and my niece.
So she said it again but with more aggression “put it in” still I was uncertain, it felt strange after licking her that I should now feel guilty.
“Will you put the FUCKING thing in me?”

I did as I was told and put the tip to her pussy lips, slowly I entered her. I was about half way in and I feel a slight resistance, but still pushed till the resistance was gone, she let out a small scream, but then lay back as I pumped my cock into her.
She was so tight I couldn’t last long, and only a few minutes later I cum inside her.
I thought to myself I hope the pill works, its too late now if it doesn’t.
I slowly pulled my limp cock from her. Looking down I saw my cum smeared over the shaft, mixed with a slight colour red. Sharon was no longer a virgin.
We lay in each others arms, and she told me she loved me, I told her I loved her also, and she would always be mine.
We spent the rest of the morning talking, kissing and touching each other.
Now at 2 pm we got up, and I did make her cook dinner.
A hard boiled egg and a sandwich.

We waved mum goodbye, she was off to Dorset. Watching the train pull out I grabbed Sharon’s arm and said “home” she knew what I meant and we ran back to the car. We spent the rest of the day laying in bed and love making. The whole week wasn’t like this, as she predicted, in the early morning we would lay together, chat or make love. Then we would go out to different places, and in the evening we would again make love. When I thought of paradise, this would be it, spending as much time with Sharon as I could.
It seemed different now, we were free to do as we wanted, not sneak around, or go out just to be together, but a week isn’t very long and we wanted to make the most of it.

On one occasion we drove 30 miles down the coast along the coast road. We saw a dirt track road, and it seemed to lead to the sea, about a mile down the bumpy track we stopped, got out and walked over a sand dune. In front of us was a small sandy beach, deserted but for one man fishing. “Fancy a couple of hours here love” I asked Sharon.
“Yes let’s get the blanket and drinks” together we walked down the beach, on passing the fisherman he nodded and I said “hello, caught any thing?”
“No very slow today” we continued a little further. We were now about 15 yards from the man when Sharon saw a hollow in the sand. “We can lay here” she said, and placed the blanket on the sand.
Before settling down she looked at the man “want to have a bit of fun?”
“How do you mean?”
“Just watch” she sat down beside me, and pulled her skirt up to her waist. Still puzzled I looked at her “give him a few minutes he will be along”

Within 10 minutes he was walking by and looked at us, and carried on walking. “He’ll be back in a moment” and then she lean forward and took off her top. I sat looking at those pert nipples, which seemed to be slightly erect.
He came passed again and looked over, taking longer to pass this time. When he was out of sight she smiled at me “told you, I know what men are like”
Next off came her skirt, and lifting her bum, she removed her panties, and lay back on the sand face up, legs slightly apart naked.
She was right again; he came back, and almost stopped to look. He was looking at her smooth pussy that was obvious “want me to stop” she asked.
But I was too intrigued and excited to want her to stop, so I shook my head.
She now open her legs further, raising her knees, she put her hand between her legs and was playing with her self. I couldn’t see the man and thought he had gone. And said “He’s gone”
“No he’s still there I can see his head above the dune, he’s watching me”, then she opened further and her other had went down to play.
Obviously now I was rock hard once again, and removed my shorts to free my penis.

“He’s moving nearer, promise you won’t let him too close or let him touch me”. I promised her I would stop him if he came too close. Now I could see him also, he was sitting watching her, she seemed to smile at him. And he moved nearer again. He was now about 15 feet away, I looked down at her, she said “he’s ok for now” and continued her play.
Still he moved nearer, now 8 feet away, she whispered “stop him there”
I shook my head at him, and he knew to stop, that was close enough. He must have had a perfect view of her 12 year old pussy devoid of hair.
She continued for a few moment then told me “fuck me, but make sure he can see” and lay on her side, one leg up.
I entered her she was flooding with juices, and I pumped her slowly. Looking at him, he was also playing with himself. He had taken it from his shorts and was openly wanking as I fucked Sharon. Once again she whispered “don’t cum in me”
I had a job to stop myself it was so erotic having a stranger watch us make love.

“I’m going to cum soon” she moved and it flopped out. Immediately she turned and had her mouth over my erect penis, moving slowly up and down, and watching what the stranger was doing. And it seemed me and the stranger was in perfect unison, for he began spurting his cum on the sand at the same time I filled Sharon’s mouth. She sat up and looked at the man, and his limp penis,” did you like that?”
“Best thing I’ve seen all year” he answered “how old are? You aren’t 16”
“I’m 12” she replied
“Well you sure know how to satisfy your boyfriend, my wife wouldn’t do that”
“Oh he’s not my boyfriend, he’s my uncle” and smiled. She looked down at me “time we were going home”
We both dressed and gathered our things, “will you be back tomorrow?” he enquired
“No we won’t be back tomorrow”
We both walked back to the car.
“Like that?” she asked
“It was amazing you’re so sexy”
“Told you we would have a bit of fun”
We drove back home.

By the end of the week we were both exhausted for the things we had done with each other, but still we couldn’t stop. We were in love and wanted to show each other.
By the end of the week, she had even learned to cook; she had progressed from a hard boiled egg sandwich to beans on toast, egg on toast, cheese on toast, and on one occasion bacon, egg, beans and yes toast.
Her toast was out of this world, but her bacon was too crisp, and when it was cut, bits would fly all over the table, which caused us to laugh out loud. After a week I was being to tire of toast, so on the last evening alone together I took her out for a proper meal.
The following day we were back at the station to pick mum and Joan up from their trip to Dorset.
We now had less then a week together, before she went home, and both of us were dreading the moment she would have to leave.
So we grabbed every opportunity we could to be together. On this occasion it was mums bingo night, I knew she would be gone for at least 3 hours.
As soon as she had gone, we watched her walk up the street we were upstairs in bed making love once more. We lay in each others arms, and both of us must a slept for a short while, for the next thing I heard was mum shouting “what the hell are you two doing?” we both awoke with a start and seeing her, tried to cover our naked bodies.
Your dads going to hear about this,” and stormed out of the room. I chucked my shorts on and followed her. By the time I got down stairs she was on the phone,” yes I told you they were in bed naked and he was fucking her”
I thought to myself she could have said making love as that’s what it was.
I was in a state of panic, Sharon stood beside me now crying.
She put the phone down, “he’s coming down tomorrow and your going home tomorrow” she said to Sharon, which made her cry even more. I didn’t like to see her crying, but I couldn’t console her. “And you should be ashamed of yourself she’s only 12 and your 22, she trusted you, as I did, but you took advantage of her. Sharon you will sl**p in my room tonight, and in the morning pack your case.”
By midday Alan had arrived, neither of us slept that night. Mum opened the door, and he stormed in, saw me and straight away hit me square in the face. Him being 13 years old and much bigger in build I didn’t stand a chance. He turned to Sharon who was once again crying “you should be ashamed of your self my girl”

By now I was on my feet, and told him “it’s not her fault its mine, I persuaded her to do it”
“I bet you did, I bet you planned it all. You never mentioned mum would be in Dorset for week. You had it planned, you were going to FUCK YOUR NIECE right from the start” and with that he hit me again. bl**d was streaming down my face and out of my mouth.
Sharon shouted “don’t hit him again it wasn’t his fault it was mine I planned it”
“Don’t tell me fucking lies your to young to know of such things.” And with that he slapped her around the face. “Get your things and get in the fucking car your going home NOW”
He then turned to me, lying on the floor. “I never want to see you again, and if you come with in a 100 miles of my f****y Ill fucking kill you”
He turned to mum, “sorry about all this, Ill take her back with me now” and in a few moments he was gone. I looked out the window, as they drove away. Sharon still crying, she looked over her shoulder, and then turned away again.
That was 18 years ago, and I haven’t seen her since that day.

My mother went by train to see Alan’s f****y, I wasn’t allowed to go. When she returned she would tell me about Alan his wife and the other k**s but never said anything about Sharon. It was as though she never existed, never been born.
I desperately wanted to hear about her but I never heard from any of them until 7 years later. I was alone one evening when the phone rang, picking it up I heard “hello nuckie” it was Daryl’s pet name for me nuckie Chris he used to call me.” Remember me Daryl? It’s been a long time nuckie how are you?”
“I’m fine thanks and you?”
“Very well, did you know I got married?”
“No when”
“Three years ago I have a son now he nearly a year, I wanted you to come to the wedding but dad wouldn’t allow it. Said if you were coming he would stay away.”
“So I’ve not been forgiven then?”
“Never will mate you almost tore the f****y apart, I’m the only one, oh and Sharon who has a good word to say about you”

That name I hadn’t heard for so many years”, and how is Sharon?”
“She’s fine also, she met some tosser and he got her pregnant and then cleared off”
“Oh I’m sorry to hear that, she deserves better, where she living now?”
“They have a small flat about half a mile from dads; she pops in to see them daily with Lisa”
“That’s Sharon’s daughter’s name, Lisa. Spit and image of Sharon, except for the age difference of course you would thing they were s****rs. She just like Sharon was at 9.”
“I’ve missed so much of your lives” I told him.
“Yes its unfortunate, but none as strange as families. Any way Ill have to go, I’m babysitting. Now I’ve been in contact with you, we will keep in touch, yes? No hard feelings between us is there?”
“Never has been Daryl, I just wanted to hear about you all but I was denied, I tried ringing several times over the years but when they heard it was me, they put the receiver down without a word.”
“Then Ill keep in touch with you, maybe you can come up and see us, we live in Wales now, so no need to let on you have been up”
“Id like that Daryl take care”
“Oh, Ill mention to Sharon that I’ve rung you if you like, maybe she will ring you. She’s told me she doesn’t know how things stand between you two”
“Yes tell her, and there’s no hard feelings between us at all, Id love to hear her voice again, goodbye”

Well that was almost 2 years ago, and I never received a call from Sharon. During which time mum had contracted cancer, and passed on, leaving me alone. She spent her last few days in a hospice, and I was constantly by her side.
One evening while I sat holding her hand she told me “you have been such a good son over the years to me, but there’s something I need to say before I leave you”
I looked down at her “what is the mum?”
“You know the day I caught you and Sharon in bed/”
“Well I was wrong in phoning Alan, I should have sat down and talked to you both. I thought it was young mans lust for his niece and I was disgusted and felt you had betrayed me. But over the years I have realised that it wasn’t lust it was love. I saw the way you acted when she left in such a hurry, and how you have been over the years. I heard you at night crying yourself to sl**p, noticed you wouldn’t eat your meals. You have lost weight”

I told her that it was true we did love each other “I know son, I noticed how Sharon had changed too. On my visits up there she would ask about you but I just ignored her, and didn’t tell her anything, which I know upset her. She went from a bubbly young girl, to almost a recluse, she wouldn’t go out with her friends and spent a lot of time in her bedroom. Her schooling went from bad to worse. I tried to persuade Alan to let you come up with me and spend some time together, and become b*****rs again. But all he had in his mind was that you would try and persuade Sharon to run off with you.
I’m sorry for every thing that’s happened, and it was more my fault then either yours or Sharon’s, I now know you were in love, not as uncle and niece but as boyfriend and girlfriend, but you know you could never have married her, or had c***dren”
“No mum” my eyes filling with tears, “but at least we would have been together, now I shall be alone, I don’t want another woman, I still love Sharon and always will till the day I die”.
“Yes I realise that now, I’ve ruined not only your life but also Sharon’s because of my stupidity, I had to tell you this, and you needed to know”
I kiss her fore head “I’m going to rest now son, please forgive me”
Once again I kissed her forehead “you thought you knew best mum, I’m so glad you told me this, I do love you and I forgive you, now rest”
I sat beside during the night, her eyes closed; she looked at peace with herself.
She died the following morning.

After the funeral, which Alan didn’t attend, I began to clear up her things. I found several old photos of all of us together in happy times. Some of the girls and boys when they were young.
And I stared for a long time at a photo of Sharon aged about 7.
Her long blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing shorts playing on a swing.
I thought if only I hadn’t fallen asl**p that night we would never have been caught. We could have stayed together.
I found another envelope and opened that. Inside was one photo. Mum and Sharon aged 12, taken on her last summer with us, on a day trip to Southend. I must have taken it but had forgotten about it.
The following day I took it to the photo shop, and asked if it could be enlarged. Despite the age of it, they did enlarge it, and it came out very good, I now have 2 copies, one in the lounge, and the other beside my bed.
A picture of the two people in my life I have loved the most.

Then last month, the phone rang. “Hello”
“Hello Chris, bet you don’t know who this is”
“I do its Sharon. Ill could never forget your voice.”
“You spoke to Daryl”
“God Sharon that was 2 years ago”
“I know, I wanted to ring, but I didn’t know how you felt about me, in spite of Daryl saying you were ok with me, and I didn’t want Nan to pick up the phone”
“I expect you know she died, I was expecting Alan to come to the funeral, not just send flowers.”
“I said that to him” she replied “but he couldn’t face you again”

“Any way why I’m ringing is” there was a short pause “you remember we used to come down for summer?”
“How could I ever forget?”
“Err, yes. I suppose so, I told Lisa how much fun we had swimming in the sea, and she wants to come and meet you”, there was short pause. “No, the truth is I want to see you again, can we visit for say a week if that’s ok? I told Daryl and he said you would like to see Lisa”
“Not only Lisa, I want to see you too, and yes any time you want to come down, feel free, I could come and get you if you want”
“Err, no best not come this way, I’ve got a car Ill drive down, I have a sat nav I won’t get lost. I asked Lisa would she like to go for a stay by the sea, and she’s all for it can’t wait. That’s really why I phoned, she’s driving me bonkers, keeps asking me if I have asked you. Almost every day she’s on at me”
“Well you tell Lisa its ok with me and I look forward to seeing her, how old is she?”
“She’s eleven, same age as when I came down the first time with Daryl, but she’s a grown up eleven, knows more about things then she should if you get my meaning”
“Think I do, but you knew more about things at 12 then I did at 22” and gave a short laugh.
“Yes, well” a pause “bet she will want to sl**p in your bed too, as I did. She will find you as lovable and cuddly as I did.”
“Best not go there again Sharon”
“Why?” didn’t do me any harm, and better with someone who loves you then just any old person off the street. With someone who loves you its special, and I know you used to love me”
“Sharon, there’s no used to about it, I still love you, even though we haven’t seen each other for all these years you are always in my thoughts”
“Oh Chris that’s such a nice thing to say”
“And what will dad say about you coming?”
“I’ve already told him, and he’s not best pleased, especially as I said I was taking Lisa with me. In fact he called you a perv and p**o, but we both know that’s not true”
“You ring when you’re coming down and every thing will be ready, we can show Lisa the sights”
“That’s wonderful, Ill ring you regularly now I know we are ok together”
“Ok Sharon, I’m always here for you, you know that”
“Goodbye Chris, please don’t ever forget, I’ve always loved you, bye bye and kisses”

My heart was rejoicing my Sharon wanted to bring her little one down to see me. So now I wait anxiously for her to come down. What will happen I don’t know? Just to see her, to hear her voice, to touch her, just to be with her in the same room is something I thought would ever happen again.
Come on summer, she wont stay a week, Ill persuade her to stay the whole of the summer break.
Sharon, Lisa and I will have so much fun, we will never forget it.


Since the phone call from Sharon all those months ago, I get a call at least 3 times a week now.
We have exchanged mobile numbers and I get a text every day, makes me so happy we at last in contact again, it must be costing her a fortune in texts.
I’ve even had a few long letters and photos of Lisa; she is indeed the spitting image of Sharon at that age. detailing where we are to take Lisa, but the amount of places she has listed would be impossible to see in a week, so I cant help think she has it in her mind to stay longer, which I don’t mind one bit.
As far as I’m concerned they can stay all summer.

A month ago, I received a call from Daryl “Hello nukie, I don’t have long I’m late for work but I had to phone.”
“Hello Daryl”
“You have been in touch with Sharon then?
“Yes she rung me some months ago”
“We had her and Lisa up for half term break, I don’t know what’s been going on between you but I hadn’t seen her for almost 9 months, only spoke to her.
But what a changed person she is. She’s done her hair, she was looking a bit raggy, but its styled now, she’s back to wearing make up, even bought new clothes. She’s gone back to the gym and wants to get her flab down and fit again. And she never stops joking about. I haven’t seen her like this since I don’t know when. But whatever you have said or done has changed her 1000%. She’s coming down to you in the summer then?
“Yes, not finally planned but she wants too”
“Yes she has told me all about it, Alan’s doing his nut up here, says if she goes to you she needn’t bother coming home again”
“Is she not coming then?
“Yes she’s coming made her even more determined, she told me she’s fed up with him ruling her life, and its time she stood up for her self.

“Oh my God I’m still causing bother after all this time”
“Wait, you haven’t heard the best of it, and I’m not supposed to mention it to any one. But you know what I’m like for keeping secrets”

“Come on then what’s the secret”
“Promise you won’t say a word, and if she mentions it act surprised”
“Yes, I promise” I was intrigued to know the secret that only he and Sharon shared, “now tell me”
“Well she told me on her last visit, having just had another row with dad, she said for 2 pins she would move in with you, and fuck her parents”

I was both surprised, and feeling very happy, thinking that Alan has at last gone and shot himself in the foot.
And the thing he had been trying to avoid, her running off with me, could well happen, just because of his hatred for me, and his over bearing manner towards her.
“So the worm as turned then?
When I asked her the following day when she had calmed down if she meant it, she just said “fucking right I mean it, I don’t want to be with them any more.”
I told her “mum wont let you take her grand c***d away, she just said she has 8 others, she wont miss Lisa, and any way she’s never liked the idea I was unmarried”

“So nukie it’s a surprise if she says any thing, ok, she may not, but if she does and you agree, you have me on your side, I told Sharon 10 years ago to go to you when she was at her lowest ebb, but she wouldn’t leave them with the baby just borne and all”

“Well I got to say Daryl I never expected this”
“ Nukie I know how you feel about her, and she’s told me how she feels about you, and I want to wish you both the best of luck, however it turns out. Just don’t forget I exist, I insist on seeing my nukie and s****r, and niece on a regular basis, ok nukes?”
“You have my word Daryl she won’t lose contact with you”

I put the phone down; a bit worried about the upheaval I had caused, but at the same time elated that we may at last be reunited forever.

I had several texts and one phone call from her and Lisa as they travelled down to me.
The call came when she had stopped for a coffee at a service station “hello Chris, never guess where I am”
“No do tell”
“We are at the services we stopped at when you came to get me the last time, remember what happened?”

My thoughts went back to when we had stopped all those years ago, where she changed her clothes and got the comments from the truckers.
“I hope your not going to change your clothes there again”, I replied and laughed out loud.
“No, I’m wearing leggings this time, but Lisa has shorts on, and a few have looked at her. We are just stopping for a short while then be on our way to you.”
“I cant wait to see you both”.
I had one more text from Sharon, and several from Lisa giving me progress reports.

When I knew they weren’t far from home I showered and quickly tidied the place up. I couldn’t stop going to the window and look for them.
Those last few moments were never ending.
At last a car drew up outside, and I could see them both sitting talking. Then Sharon got out and walked to the door, I opened it, and immediately all the love and affection came back to me.
Before it seemed like I had dreamed it, but here she stood, the dream had become a reality. “Hello”. I said, holding out my arms, she came to me and I kissed her cheek. I wanted to hold her longer, but Lisa was stood beside us.

Daryl was right she looked exactly as Sharon did when she was 11. I looked down at her “and you’re Lisa?”
“Yes, hello Uncle Chris”
“Forget the uncle bit your mum has”
“Give Chris a kiss hello Lisa”
I bent down slightly and kissed her cheek.

I made them some dinner and we sat idly chatting. Lisa told me about her school and friends, and then left the table to go into the garden.
She hadn’t got a garden at home, and mine was quite large so she went exploring.
I stood at the sink washing up the dinner things. “Well?” Sharon said.
I looked around at her puzzled.
“Well?” she said it again.
“Well what?”

“I’ve come 300 miles, travelled 4 hours, and all I’ve had in fucking return was a dinner and a peck on the cheek.”

I moved away from the window so Lisa couldn’t see. Took her in my arms and we had the longest kiss possible.
It felt too good to be true, here I was almost 20 years later holding and kissing the girl I had lost.
“God this feels so good”, I told her. “I never thought this would ever happen”
“Nor did I, we have been apart too long we have a lot of catching up to do. I thought you blamed me for what had happened, and didn’t know how you felt about me. I wouldn’t have blamed you if you hated me, separating you from you b*****r and k**s. After all, in my mind I think I seduced you, not the other way round like every one thinks”

We just stood holding hands watching Lisa in the garden.
“What do you think of her?”
“She’s gorgeous, but so is her.”
“You wait till she knows you, may take a while, but when she knows you she will love you like I did”
“That may take a while though a week isn’t very long Sharon, its hard to get to know any one”
“A week? What you going to do, throw us out after a week”
“You told me you were only down for a week”
“Well I lied”.
She pushed away from me and went into the garden to find Lisa.

“Chris, I’m going to bath Lisa”
“Ok Ill take your cases up”
So she had planned on stopping longer, I was quietly overjoyed.
Lisa was bathed and in her nightie when I came down. “Shall I show your bedroom?” I asked Sharon she looked a bit sheepish at me. “Show Lisa hers I think you mean”
“But” I started.
“like I said Lisa knows more then she should, and she knows about the past between us, I told her on the way down, she knows we will sl**p together, and she quite happy with it, trust me”

I didn’t expect any of this, I wasn’t complaining but to say it in front of Lisa I thought maybe was going too far, but the relationship between them seemed older younger s****r rather then mum and daughter.
Looking down at her, she was smiling at me, she knew what was going to take place between Sharon and I and wasn’t the bit concerned.
We took Lisa to bed and I kissed her cheek again “Chris” she asked “can we go to the beach tomorrow if it’s a sunny day”
“Course we can angel, now sl**p you have had a long day”
Her mum kissed her and we shut the door.

An hour later I went up to shower, when I returned to the bedroom to get dressed, Sharon was lying on my bed naked.
I looked down at her; she hadn’t changed at all, no flab or fat, just her same trim body as usual. I dropped the towel and climbed on the bed beside her.
For ages we just held each other close.
Then moving my hands down to her pussy, I remarked on how smooth it was, “I know you don’t like hair so I shaved it before I came, it looks just like Lisa’s now,” and laughed
“Looks like the one I used to know a long time ago”. And immediately went down to kiss it.
“This is going to be the best sex ever, and I want it last all night”
“I hope I don’t disappoint you” I told her
“I haven’t had sex since Lisa was born, and that was eleven years ago.

The whole night we did exactly as we did long ago, she even swallowed my cum. And I licked and sucked her for ages, making sure she also cum.

We lay together in each others arms, it still didn’t seem real to me, as we talked about the times we had together. She even remembered the old man on the sandy beach, where she allowed a stranger to watch as I fucked her.
Then admitted to him I was her uncle. All these memories, so many, so long ago, but we were together again now. It may only be for a short while but we wouldn’t waste a moment of it.
She wanted to go back to all the places she had been before to relive the memories.

In the morning the door opened, I hadn’t locked it; Sharon wanted it unlocked in case Lisa wanted her. Standing at the door smiling was yet another angel, Lisa.
“Morning honey, did you sl**p well?” her mum asked.
“Yes thank you, did you?”
“Yes, like a log, but we spent a long time talking together about this and that”
She looked at us both with a knowing look “just talked?”
“Don’t be so cheeky you little bugger, make us both a cup of tea, we will shower have breakfast and take you to the beach”.
With that she smiled again and went down to make us the tea.

That day we spent down the beach, I took Lisa of to find some crabs which she wanted to eat but I told her they were too small, but we found some shrimps for her tea.
She asked what we had to do with them, “boil them,” I told her.
She went off the idea then and we put them back.
In the afternoon it was so hot we didn’t want to do anything, just lay under the parasol, and talked. Lisa must have been tired or bored for she fell asl**p with her head on my lap. “Told you she would want to sl**p with you, she’s warming to you already I knew she would”
I stroked Lisa’s hair,” she reminds me so much of you its uncanny just how similar you are”.
The following day we went to Southend, this was my idea.
I told Sharon I wanted to take another photo of her and Lisa in the same spot as the one in the lounge and bedroom at home.
She suggested getting a passer by to take a photo of all of us together, which some one did.
Lisa was playing on the roundabout waving each time she passed us; a woman beside me said to me “you have a lovely daughter there, just like her mum”
I just nodded it made me so proud of them both. If only Sharon was my wife and Lisa was my daughter, but as my mother told me years before, that could never happen, but just the same it would be the closest I would get to having a f****y.

Halfway through the week, Sharon suggested going back to that secluded beach where we made love in front of the stranger; she wanted to find the exact spot.
I told her that it would have changed so much over the years, we could never hope to find the exact spot.
But we went any way. It hadn’t changed that much, still secluded but this time it had been taken over by nudists.
We were surprised to see them, but years ago Sharon and I lay naked for that stranger
We weren’t sure whether to go on the sand, but Lisa shouted “look naked men, can we go and have a look”
So what could we say, we went down.
We settled in a spot we thought could have been near where we sat before, but to me it didn’t matter any way it was still the same beach, and the memories came flooding back.
The nudists were swimming and Lisa wanted to swim naked also, Sharon took off Lisas swimsuit and off she went.
Sharon then took off her clothes, when I looked at her she just said “come on people are looking at us because we have got clothes on”
So I stripped.

I was surprised how many men moved closer to Lisa. Obviously to get a better look, some even spoke to her as she lay in the water. It was easy to see what they were looking at, her young sweet smooth pussy and her tiny nipples just beginning to bud

When Lisa came back to us she stood in front of me naked for the first time.
I couldn’t take my eyes off her. It was Sharon all over again. The smooth pussy, lips just protruding from her vagina, her little nipples just beginning to sprout.
She grabbed a bucket and ran back to the sea.
“Your having the same thoughts about her, as you did about me aren’t you? I can tell by the look in your eyes”
“I mustn’t have those thoughts Sharon its wrong”
“It wasn’t wrong 20 years ago, I was alone and it happened, if it happens now, she’s got her mum to help her cope with it. Tell me honestly you don’t want to touch her and Ill say no more about it”.

I had never lied to Sharon and she knew this, so I couldn’t lie to her now.
I looked into the sand, nothing to say, but she took this as yes, I did want to touch her.
“Then we will do it, I will be with her to help her”
“I’m not having intercourse with her though she’s too young”
“You didn’t with me when I was eleven, I wasn’t expecting you too, but to touch I think wouldn’t be difficult for her to cope with”
“Ok then, but she mustn’t be f***ed into it”
You didn’t f***e me but I still enjoyed it and wanted more”

That night back at home, Sharon bathed Lisa as usual, and remarked on how much she had burnt.
“Chris has some after sun, he can rub it on you, and work his magic, he used to rub it on me when I was your age. And I enjoyed it very much”

She dried Lisa off, and brought her to the lounge.
Laying a towel on the floor she turned to me and said “Chris work your magic she’s burning up”, and threw me the after sun.

Lisa lay down; I knelt beside her, and slowly removed the towel, exposing her naked body to my gaze. Already I could feel I was getting aroused just by looking at her.
She lay on her front as I began rubbing the lotion into her smooth skin; once again my hands were touching young skin. I looked up at Sharon, smiling as I touched Lisa, “I remember my first time you did that on the beach, even then it felt so lovely and erotic to be touched by you”

I was now at her bum cheeks, and I savoured the feel of them, massaging them slowly, “Does it feel nice Lisa?” asked her mum.
“It does, it feels cool on my body”
“Do you like what he’s doing?”
“Very much”
“You had better turn over now Lisa” she said.

She turned and I stared down at her once more, and began to massage the oil into her chest.
Lingering for a while on her budding nipples, pinching them gently and caressing them.
As I moved closer to her young pussy, Sharon asked Lisa “would you mind if he touched your pussy?”
“No” she replied to her mum “I want him to”

So I moved down and massaged her pubic area, and slowly her virgin lips.
I touched her slit and she didn’t move.
I pushed my fingers partly into her, and she didn’t move.
I was massaging deeper now, and she opened her legs wider for me, to enable my finger to go deeper.
I pushed my finger up to the knuckle and she winced a bit and let out a small cry, as I broke her hymen, she was no longer a virgin.

She had only had my finger up her but she hadn’t complained at all.
“Did you like that Lisa?” asked her mum once again.
“It hurt a little bit but its ok now, I do like it”
So I continued fingering her tight smooth 11 year old vagina, until Lisa told her mum it was getting sore.
So I stopped. She lay there naked to my gaze, I watched intently as her mum kissed her and told her “you have been a good girl, we both enjoyed what Chris did to you, would you like it again another night?”
“Yes I would but not while its sore”
“Then we won’t do it for a few days till you ask. Ok?”
She nodded, got to her feet and said she was going to bed now as she was tired.

I asked Sharon “did you notice the men looking at her on the beach; I bet they were thinking the same as the truckers when you changed your clothes at that service station.”
“Yes, I noticed, and I also noticed the way you looked at her and the large lump in your trousers while you massaged her. Now I think I need a massage, I feel I’ve caught to much sun too”
Sharon took her shorts off, and once again I was hard as I looked down at her body, this massage wouldn’t stop at a finger.

We spent the next two hours massaging each other to the sounds of a Craig David CD
And ended with a wonderful love making session.
Lying beside each other Sharon told me “Lisa may not want to wait till next year you know, I really think she loved what you did”.

The following day Lisa was a bit distant from me, and I have to say I was worried.
I didn’t want to upset the her feelings she had for me, and I defiantly didn’t want to hurt her, which I may have done, thinking back I could have been a bit brutal with her, but I hadn’t intended to.
I did get over excited at touching her flesh I have to admit.

In the evening when Sharon and I were alone, and Lisa was tucked up in her bed I asked Sharon “has Lisa said anything about me today?”
She replied “how do you mean?”
“She seemed a bit distant from me I wondered if I had hurt her or did I go too far with her?”
“I can ask her in the morning if you want”
“I would appreciate that, I would rather have her love and affection, that’s more important to me then turning her against me by touching her. She may know I was wrong in what I had done and resents me for it”.
“You are sweet but don’t worry I’ll ask her tomorrow when I take her breakfast”.

The following morning Sharon took her breakfast, and was up there for at least 30 minutes. When she returned I asked “well?”
“She fine and everything between you is fine, she told me she had been a bit sore yesterday, and what had happened gave her a lot to think about”.
“Think about?”
“Well she knows it was wrong, but at the same time she enjoyed it, so in essence she was feeling guilty too”.
“Then I won’t do it again, you tell her so”.
“I’ll tell her when I’m alone with her”
When she came Lisa came down, I gave her a little cuddle and told her I was sorry if I hurt her, and it won’t happen again.
She smiled at me,”I’m ok now I’m not sore anymore, I don’t want to get sun burnt, so perhaps you had better massage my skin again tonight, it felt better after you had put the after sun on”

We had breakfast, and still feeling guilty I asked Lisa “where do you want to go, to a theme park maybe go on some rides, any where you want I’m paying”
“Chris, can we go back to that beach where you don’t wear swimsuits?”
“Are you sure, I did say any where”
“I like that beach, I like swimming with out clothes”
“If that’s your wish, we will go there”

Two hours later we were on that beach, and Lisa was in the water naked once more. We lay watching her, and I commented to Sharon on how the men seem to follow her around watching her. “If you weren’t her Uncle, just a stranger then you would follow her around.”
I had to agree.
She had been in the water for a quite a while,she came back up the beach to us.
“That man asked if you was my dad, I told him you were my great Uncle”
“What else did he say?”
“He told me I had a nice body for a young girl that was all”
Sharon spoke “well if he asks you to go any where with him you say no and come straight back to us”
“I know that mummy, I won’t go with him, I don’t trust him.”
“Good girl” her mum said “why don’t you lie here for a while with us till he goes?”

He didn’t go though; he hung around looking at us, Lisa in particular.
“Shall I tell him to clear off?” I asked Sharon.
“No he’s ok harmless enough”
He then began to walk up the beach “hello, I’m Steve, lovely niece you have”. Looking at Sharon “and you must be mum”
“Yes I’m her mum”

He sat down and talked about this and that, and I have to admit I was getting annoyed with him, but didn’t say anything. I was waiting for Sharon to tell me to get rid of him, but she didn’t.
All the time he was talking, he was looking at Lisa, who was now naked lying on her back legs slightly open.
He had brought his towel with him, which was across his lap, and I was sure had he taken it off his lap we would see he had a hard on.

Lisa then leaned up and looked at me “do you think I’m burning Uncle Chris?”
A bit puzzled with the use of Uncle, I looked down at her and said “you seem ok, you have a tan now you shouldn’t burn”
“Well could you put some on in case”.


She got the bottle and she turned on her back, the man now looking at her bum. I poured a liberal amount on her back and slowly massaged it in, watching the man at the same time.
He was now gently rubbing his erection through his towel. Not sure whether we would mine him doing it openly.
Lisa was content with her back being oiled; she looked at me “now front please” and flipped over.

I began to do her front, her chest, then shoulders, then legs, but I stopped short of touching her vagina, I didn’t want a reoccurrence of the other night. “There you’re done” I told her.
“No I’m not, you missed a bit, and opened her legs wide, the man was now staring into her open pussy, and rubbing harder, not seeming to care if we noticed.

Lisa picked up the bottle took off the lid, grabbed my hand and poured some more into my palm.
I understood what she wanted, and massaged her pubic area, then over her smooth slit, and down the inside of her legs.
Sharon looked at the man “don’t you think you should show Lisa what you are doing under your towel?”
He looked embarrassed but looking around he removed the towel, just enough so we could see.
His hard dick was covered in his juices, Lisa was now on her elbows watching him as he masturbated, and I at the same time was fingering that 11 year old pussy once again.
I wasnt sure if it was the oil, but Lisa seemed to be wet down there.

It was all to much for him he cum his load over the sand quietly saying “my god that’s so gorgeous, wish I could touch that pussy”
“Well you can’t said Sharon, f****y only”
Lisa then got up “thank you Uncle Chris” and run back to the water.
The man had no reason to stay now, he said his goodbye and left.
Walking back to who I assumed was his wife.
“The saucy minx” Sharon whispered “she had planned that”
“Just like my 11 year old Sharon did a long time ago”. And smiled.
“Lisa didn’t go all the way though”
“Too many people about, and I doubt if you would have had your mum been watching”. I told her

When we were on our way back home in the car, Lisa leaned forward “Chris do all men get like that when they look at girls?”
“Pretty well all of them” I replied feeling a little awkward at her sudden question.
“Did you get like that the other night when you looked at me?”
No point in denying it “yes I did”
“Did your willy shoot out all that stuff?”
Sharon looked at me and smiled, she knew I was embarrassed by her questions.
“It would have done if I had carried on”
“Does the creamy stuff make babies when its in a woman?”
“Most of the time it does”. I looked across at Sharon who was now giggling quietly, “This should be your job, sex education” I said.
“No, you carry on your doing wonderfully well”
“Does your cock squirt very often” Lisa asked
“Only when I get excited”
“Do you get excited very often?”
“Only when I see lovely looking girls like your mum and you”
“You said you got excited the other night when you put after sun on me, but I didn’t see you squirt then.”
“I had my shorts on then”.
“Did you get excited when you did it in front of that man?”
“Yes, I did very much”
“I didn’t see you squirt your stuff then, and you were naked”
“I held back Lisa”
“That’s the first time Ive seen a man squirt, it goes a long way doesn’t it?”

A moments of silence,
“Does yours go a long way when you squirt?”
“I don’t know Lisa Ive never measured how far it goes”.
“Is your cock as big as that mans? his was very big”
Feeling slightly jealous of his I told her “no his was about average”
“So is yours average too?”
“Yes, I think so”, by now I was feeling very red in the face, and Sharon put her hand on my knee, “your doing very well”
“Ive never seen your cock Chris” Lisa stated.

Then she leaned back in the seat again.
She seemed to be thinking about some thing, I could see the look on her face in the mirror.
She leaned forward again, and blurted out.
“Can I see it squirt your stuff then?”
My mind was running wild, and trying to concentrate on driving which was becoming more difficult.
“One day perhaps, when you’re older”
“Why not now”
“Well I’m driving do you want me to have an accident?”
“When we get home then”
“If I were to rub it up and down like that man did would it squirt?”
“Yes, there’s a good chance it would”
“Id like to see that”

She leaned back in the seat. I glanced at Sharon who was silently laughing.
Looking back at me “Quick learner my Lisa”

When we got home we all showered and Sharon said she wanted a bbq as it was a sultry warm night. Lisa and I were outside making the salad bowl, pouring some salad cream into a bowl.
Lisa stated “This is just like that mans stuff”, she dipped her finger into it and tasted.
“Does it taste the same Chris?”
“I don’t know Lisa Ive never tasted it, but I doubt it”

Then Sharon appeared at the door, she was naked.
“I’m really getting into this naturist thing” the garden being well hidden from prying eyes, she walked out and sat down.
“Mum” asked Lisa “does mans cream taste like salad cream?”
“No Lisa not a bit like it”

Lisa then noticed her Mum naked and as quick as a flash removed her shorts and top, and she too was naked.
“Why not join us?” Sharon asked.
So I took off my shorts and sat drinking my beer.
Looking at Sharon and Lisa naked had me aroused in seconds “oh. Look at you” Sharon laughed.
“Well what do you expect two naked girls beside me”
Lisa jumped up, and walked over to me; looking down at me and with enquiring eyes asked “Can I make it squirt now?”

Sharon was laughing out loud, I sat embarrassed.
She didn’t wait for an answer.
She knelt in front of me and put her hands around my shaft and began to move them up and down gently.
The feeling was indescribable, I just relaxed and let it happen, she wanted to do it and I wasn’t about to argue.
I closed my eyes and for several moments and let her continue, until Sharon spoke.

“Lisa, there are other ways to make it squirt” with that she got up and moved Lisa to one side, she was now kneeling in front of me, and in one movement took my length into her mouth.
Again I relaxed, Lisa was watching intently as she watched her mum’s mouth moving slowly up and down my shaft.
I was nearly at breaking point.
“Now you try Lisa”. Lisa was now in front of me, and slowly she too took as much as she could in her mouth, and following her mum’s instruction moved slowly, and with each downward movement took more into her mouth. Until almost all of it was in her. That was it, watching this young girl giving me oral sent me over the top, and I exploded into her mouth.
She moved away quickly not expecting it, but still had some in her mouth, “swallow it” her mum told her, she did “ tastes quite nice doesn’t it”
“Yes, not like salad cream at all, much better”
Lisa was grinning, it was easy to see she was pleased that she made me cum.
Not only had she got her wish, to make me squirt, but also found out it didn’t taste like salad cream.

The bbq finished and things cleared away we sat talking, when Sharon asked Lisa had she enjoyed the day she said she had, but the best bit was making my cock squirt.

“There are other ways as well as those you have tried”. She told her.
Again this sexual talk coupled with the fact they were still both naked, displaying them selves to me had me hard again.
Sharon walked over to me, I was lying on the sun bed, and she took my hard dick in her hands, squatted over me, and slowly inserted my hard cock inside herself and began slow moments.
Lisa must have wondered what was going on; she couldn’t see my cock now, where had it gone?
She came over and looked as Sharon bobbed up and down on me. I could have cum in seconds but held back, wondering what could possibly happen next. “Would you like to try?” Lisa looked up at her.
“Do you think I could?”

Sharon got me to lie on a blanket, so Lisa would be in control “now if it hurts you stop” she told her
Lisa squatted over me as Sharon had.

Sharon grasped my shaft and lined it up with Lisa’s pussy opening, “go down slowly Lisa”
Lisa did as instructed till the tip of my penis was just inside Lisa.
“Now when your ready lower yourself on it”
“What about lubrication Sharon?”
“Your cock is wet from me, she will be ok”

Lisa very slowly lowered her body. I watched her face, Sometimes she would wince as if it were hurting, but she stayed where she was.
Little by little it went in.
“Does it hurt Lisa?” her mum enquired
“A little but I can bare it” I was now three quarters of the way in, and I honestly don’t know how she did it or how I held back, she was so tight.

It seemed like a very long time, and it probably was, but now Lisa was fully embedded on my hard cock, and I watched as I saw her young pussy move up and down slowly.
Several minutes later she was moving faster; she must be very wet now and was actually fucking me.
I looked into her eyes; she was enjoying the sensation as much as me.
She leaned forward and kissed me, not a f****y kiss but a long hard passionate kiss that lasted for some time.
That was all I needed I began to cum, filling her young body with my hot cum, she seemed to push down harder as I filled her. Then collapsed on my chest.

She lay there for a while till her mum spoke “you ok babe?”
“Yes, that was the best thing I have ever known, I want to do it again”
“You cant now, look at his dick”. She stood up, and looked down at my now limp dick. Then at her legs, and watched as my cum ran down the inside of her legs.
“I made Chris cum, like that man on the beach”
“Yes babe but he can’t put it back in now it’s not hard enough”
“Then can I do it again tomorrow?”
“If you want to honey, I’m sure Chris wont mind”
She looked at me with enquiring eyes, “did you like it Chris?”
“I was in heaven Lisa and when you want to do it again we will, any time”
Sharon interrupted me “hey, stallion save some for me”

We all went to bed that night very satisfied.

From that day Lisa was insatiable, she seemed to want to do it at every opportunity. She even wanted to go back to the nudey beach to tease some other man and watch him cum. I’m sure sometimes Sharon got jealous, she would make sarcastic comments, but Sharon got her fair share, I slept with Sharon, not with Lisa.

After several weeks of this I was exhausted but the happiest man on the planet.
In the mean time Sharon had taken Lisa to the birth control clinic and got her on the pill.
Sharon had taught her how to suck my dick as well, in fact with Sharon’s expertise little Lisa was becoming an expert in all things sexual.
She could now wank me till I cum, with her little hands around my shaft.
What I liked was the way she would look into my eyes while she did it, watching my expressions change.
She could suck me just as well as Sharon could, and swallow too; she seemed to love the taste.
She loved the taste so much; when we fucked she would finish me in her mouth.
And when we made love, she would almost scream the place down with her orgasms. She wasn’t as tight as she was the first time but still tighter then Sharon and I had a job to hold back.

I was being to feel down, they had stayed almost 6 weeks and I knew that they would both have to leave so Lisa to go back to school.
Sharon picked up on my minor depression “what’s wrong?”
“Soon be time for you both to go home, you know I’m going to miss you and Lisa”.
“We will both miss you, probably even more, I’ve loved these last few weeks together, and I know Lisa has, she learned so much and she loves you to death”

We went to bed that night and made love, making it last longer then normal; it may be the last time for a year.
I knew they would be back next summer, they both told me so.

Sharon said they would be leaving next week, that would give her 3 days to get Lisa her school clothes.
I was heartbroken, but I knew it would happen.

A couple of days before they were due to leave, Lisa was still in her room, she hadn’t come down for breakfast.
Sharon went up to see if she was ok, she wasn’t, she was crying.
Sharon stayed with her for a long time, and then came back to me.
She told me Lisa was crying and would I go to her.
I sat on her bed, and she put her arms around me, and we had a long kiss and cuddle. “Don’t cry babe”, I said “we will see each other next year”
“I don’t want to leave here I hate it in Liverpool, I want to stay here with you, you love me I know you do, and I know you want me to stay”.
It was true I did want them both to stay.

She looked up at her mum “I’m not going, I’m staying here”
“You have to go Lisa, what about your school?”
“Ill go to school here, I’m not going back there, Chris will look after me, you go and leave me here”.
“I can’t do that, you know I can’t”
“Well I’m not going Ill runaway and come back to Chris”
“Any way Lisa, Chris might not want us here”.
I thought that was a stupid thing to say she knew I wanted them to stay.
Lisa turned to me “don’t you want us to stay?” tears streaming down her face “don’t you love me?”
“I love you both but you have to go to school”
“Why can’t I go to school here?”
I didn’t have an answer for that, well not one that I thought Sharon would want to here.
She repeated the question again “why can’t I go to school here?”

I held her tight, my face covered in her tears, “perhaps you can”
She pulled away, a little smile on her face “can I?”
I looked up at Sharon, “well she could, and we have a school quite close”

Sharon looked at us both “and what about your friends Lisa?”
“Ill make new ones at my new school” she was clinging to me tightly now she knew I was on her side.
The tears had all but stopped now.
“You got a f. ing answer for everything Lisa, its not that simple, we have to see if there’s a place for you, tell your other school you are down here now”

“We could do that in the morning Sharon, only a phone call”. I butted in.
“God now you’re both against me, your no help at all are you”
“I’m bias, you know that, I love you both more than anything in the world, and you also know I don’t want you to go home”
“well Ill make a bargain with you both, we will contact both schools, first to try and place Lisa, and the second to see if we can change schools. If either says no, then Lisa comes home with me. We have school holidays, we could come back then, and we wont lose contact again if that’s what you afraid of”.
“No, I’m not afraid of that, but to go even a week with out seeing you both would break my heart, but what you say is right, and we will abide by those conditions”
I kissed Lisa “happier now?”
“I knew you loved me” she replied, I kissed her again.

That night in bed we discussed it some more, what she would tell her dad, although she said that wasn’t a big issue.
She was more frightened that we couldn’t arrange things as Lisa wanted, and she would be heart broken had she got to go home.

In the morning she made some calls and finally got through to the education board, and asked if it was possible to change schools for Lisa, as they had moved to Kent.
They couldn’t think of any reason not to, but had to be notified of her new school for their records.
She couldn’t get hold of our local school for 2 more days, the teachers still being away.
Finally she got in touch with the school and asked the head mistress, she said there were places, but would have to interview both Sharon and Lisa before they could say “yes”, but saw no reason if all went well that she shouldn’t join the school for the next term.

Well that was 2 weeks ago, Lisa got accepted and began her new school, she was nervous at first when Sharon took her, but that evening seemed happier, telling us both she had made new friends.

Alan was raving on the phone, calling me a p**o and pervert, saying he would get the police down and get me locked up.
Sharon told him “don’t be so fucking stupid, we will come back for visits, but if you call the police you will lose us both”
And put the phone down on him.

She has arranged to go and get her things next week.
Daryl has told her he will hire a van and drive it down, that way he will see me too.
She will be gone three days collecting her belongings, and has made me promise to look after Lisa, as she can’t be taken out of school so soon after starting.
I’m more then happy to have my little sex kitten (who is now 12) stay with me, two obvious reasons.

It will be the first time I’ve slept alone with Lisa, and the second, more important then the first, Sharon has to come back to her daughter, she would never leave her.

“Sharon told me as she left “you must be the happiest man alive, two women to make love to when ever you want, almost fighting for you, when one doesn’t feel like it the other one is available. Must be everyman’s dream, and one is only a young twelve years old.
“It’s not the sex that’s my dream, its the dream of having you both here with me, that’s all ways been my dream, and now it’s come true, and Ill care and love you both for as long as I live”.

“You know,” she told me “I hoped this would happen. I didn’t want to ask you if we could stay, in case you refused, I hoped Lisa would love you so much she wouldn’t want to leave. And I knew you couldn’t say no to her”.

She gave me a large kiss, and kissed Lisa, got in her car to drive back to Liverpool, but at least this time, I knew she would be back in three days, and be with me forever.
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A father and his daughter part 6

Chapter 6

The next day I awoke to an empty bed, much to my chagrin, I had hope for morning fun. I put on my boxers and walked in kitchen for coffee. There were my two beauties both of them wearing my dress shirts with nothing else on and both had them barely buttoned. It was a beautiful sight to see.

“Good morning my loves” I said

“Good morning my husband” Toni said

“Good morning daddy” Beth said.

I asked what was on the agenda for today. Toni informed me her s****r and f****y were coming to visit.

“When” I asked.

“Today’ Toni answered and we don’t have lot of time to get the house ready”.

My wife could see my disappointment so she told Beth to go comfort her daddy this morning. Beth walked over opened her shirt and got on her knees and started sucking my dick right in the middle of the kitchen in full view of my wife. Toni was smiling and said

“My daddy you have taught your daughter well. She sucks a good dick”

Beth was purring on my cock and sliding my hard cock in her teen mouth. Knowing my wife was watching and seeing the fifteen year old sucking my cock made me explode in her mouth very quickly. I let out a groan and rammed my cock deep in Beth’s mouth.

“mmm tasty breakfast Beth said”

I asked Toni which s****r, was coming she had two and one was the normal type of s****r the other more of the wild side and rather crazy.

“It’s Krystal” Toni answered.

I thought oh shit it’s the wild crazy one. Now I’m not going to get any from Toni or Beth I thought. “How long is she staying?”

“Maybe a week it all depends?” Toni said

Depends on what I wondered.

Toni knew I did not approve. I had hard time listening to all her escapades, places where she went and who she did. She also had a 14 year old daughter named Kiki. Both Krystal and my wife Toni are mixed race half white and half black, and Kiki was one quarter black. I had not seen them for over a year almost two I guess. Krystal was taller than Toni bout 2 inches almost 5 foot 6 and the last time I saw Kiki she was just little girl no more than 5 feet at best.

Toni told me to get dressed they would be here soon, I barely had time to enjoy my orgasm before I had to get dressed. Toni was going to clean up the house and get the guest room ready. Normally Krystal stayed in it and Kiki would stay with Beth.

Toni informed me that Uncle Ben was also coming for couple days.

“Why I said”

Toni said it was something about he was having the house painted and wanted to know if he could stay and kill two birds with one stone. He would be out of the painter’s way and get to see his s****rs.

Ben was going to sl**p in the guest room, Krystal was going to sl**p with Toni, and Kiki and Beth would be in Beth’s room.

“Where am I sl**ping at a motel?”

“No darling she said I am going to make up the couch in the den. Its not like you haven’t fell asl**p on it before”.

I was not a happy camper. Just after I got to sl**p with both my wife and daughter in same bed, now I have to sl**p on the den couch alone.

“You and Beth go to store here is the list. I will finish up the house while you are gone”

Beth and I went to the market, Beth said she wanted a Starbucks coffee; it was right beside the market. I went on in the market and Beth headed to get in line at Starbucks.

Beth was standing in line with her short dress on, her hair was made up nice flowing around her shoulders and she was wearing the large type sunglasses. Just looking at her and you would swear she was in her twenties and not fifteen. The line was rather large and place was smaller than most Starbucks so the people were jammed in.

Beth felt a hand on her ass the hand, it was squeezing her cheeks and rubbing her ass up and down. Beth kind of froze, it was a shock but at the same time exciting. The persons hand reached under her dress pushed her panties aside and slid a couple fingers between her legs. Beth was already wet from the ride over playing with her father.

Beth instinctively moved her feet apart to allow easier access for the hand. She was just too excited to stop it. The hand stuck a finger inside Beth’s pussy.

“mmm, said a man in low voice behind her, nice and wet too.”

He took his hand away and you could hear him licking his fingers. Beth did not dare turn around to look at the man but for some reason she reached around and felt the crotch of his pants. The man was hard and now he was pressing his hips next to Beth’s

He reached down unzipped his pants and let his cock fly out. Beth put her hand around it and started to jack him off. Instead the man moved Beth’s hand away and pulled up her dress and stuck his cock between Beth’s legs. His rock hard cock was just an inch from entering the u******e teen. He rocked back and forth. He was fucking Beth with out entering her pussy.

Beth was breathing harder and so was the man, thankfully the line was not moving much. She could feel the head of the man’s cock against her pussy lips. The man put his arms around Beth like he was just hugging her except he was in effect fucking her and feeling her tits all same time.

It took only couple minutes for the man to make low voice groan he was about to shoot his load, he made a couple hard last thrusts and he penetrated Beth’s pussy about an inch, it was enough for Beth to cum and the man came too. He shot a large load mostly on Beth’s pussy lips but some went inside her.

The man slumped, removed his cock from Beth and softly patted her skirt back down and moved back. Beth could no longer feel him next to her. Finally after few minutes she looked around to see what he looked like but he was gone.

The line finally moved, Beth got her coffee and a whole lot more, it was the first time any man other than her daddy had penetrated her pussy. The strangers cock head was bigger than her daddy’s but the shaft seem smaller but longer.

Beth ran into the market to catch up with me and helped me finish the shopping list. She didn’t know if she should tell me or not, she had decided to wait and tell me later.

When we arrived home we put the groceries up and went to find Toni. Toni was just finishing the final touches on the house and guest room for our coming guests. Toni walked over to me took off her shirt bent over the bed in the guest room and said,

“Well darling you going to give your wife a quickie before our company come.”

I took off my pants, positioned my self behind my lovely wife’s ass and slid my semi hard cock in her pussy. Not long after being inside her and having my daughter egging me on my cock got hard. I started pounding Toni’s ass, my daughter was only inches away watching her daddy fuck his young wife. Both Toni and I came very quickly. I pulled my cock out of Toni’s pussy shot my load all over my wife’s perfect ass and Beth immediately got on her knees and licked the cum off here step mom.

“There will that hold you for while?” Toni asked

“I suppose it has too” I slightly laughed

Toni went off to the bathroom to clean up. Beth stopped kissed me and said she had to clean up too. Actually I said that makes three of us. We all joined Toni in the master shower. It was an amazing sight to see my two beautiful women cleaning each other up and taking turns washing my back and front. We all got dressed and waited for our company to show up.

The door bell rang I answered it my mouth flew open there stood this 5’5” woman with the black hair and hazel eyes staring at me. She was wearing a short low cut sun dress I could not believe how well built she was. Her tits were bigger than Beth’s and most of them were showing in that dress her light brown legs were stunning. If I were to guess her measurement would be 35 21 37. She already had the f****y booty. And a fine ass it was.

“Hi uncle, Kiki said”

Kiki twirled around letting me see how she had gown up she was a fully developed woman at only 14. When she was twirling I could see her light brown legs all the way up to her sheer white panties. I could see every thing. She leaned up and kissed me full on lips and lingered on the kiss. I was so stunned all I could say was

“Hi my niece”

Kiki laughed and bounded in the room.

Next came her mom Krystal, walking up to door with her suitcase she leaned in and planted a rather full kiss on my lips too even her tongue.

Hummm, I thought that was strange. Krystal was wearing a very short skirt and tight blouse. She didn’t have the tits like Toni or her 14 year old daughter but from the looks of the blouse they looked very nice. She did have one fine feature; her ass it was just like my wife’s and it was amazing!

“My you have grown into a beautiful girl I said to Kiki, the last time I saw you were in pigtails playing with barbies. Now look at you!”

I could barely take my eyes off the young beauty’s tits and ass. I hoped no one noticed the bulged in my pants.

Kiki said she still had her barbies but she played with other things now and laughed giving me a couple more twirls to showoff her perfect ass and legs. I could even see her pussy through the sheer white panties.

The ladies made them selves comfortable and settled in with the usual f****y gossip. Beth and Kiki went to the teen’s room and you could hear loud giggles from time to time. Uncle Ben was not due in to later that night.

The day went faster than I thought it would, to my delight. I wanted this over so I could get back to fucking my wife and daughter.

Finally after dinner and more conversation and a couple drinks everyone went to their rooms. Ben had showed up right after everyone retired. He said he was tired from working but wanted to tell me about his after noon.

On his lunch break he had gone to get coffee, the line was so long he never actually got his coffee but he did get to sort of fuck some young woman standing in line.

“How do you sort of fuck someone?” I asked

He said he first stuck his hand between her legs and felt her wet pussy, a tasty one at that, he said next he pulled the woman into his groin unzipped his pants and put his dick between her legs. He said he could feel the entrance of her very wet pussy.

“What did she do I asked”

Nothing in fact he said she parted her legs to allow him easier access. He said he came mostly on her pussy but at the very last he was able to put part of his cock in her cunt.

“Bullshit” I said what woman is going to let you do that to her in a line. You would be surprised he said, try it some time and see.

Beth and Kiki were in their room talking when Beth said she had a secret to tell.

“What’s the secret?” Kiki said

“I am in love with my dad” Beth replied.

“Of course you are all daughters love their daddies.”

“No you don’t understand I am in love with him, we are lovers”

“You mean like sexual lovers”

“Yes and he has an amazing cock and it feels wonderful in my pussy. I can’t get enough of it” That’s not all I let some man behind me at Starbuck’s fuck me in line today. He put his cock between my legs and when he was ready to cum he pushed part of his big cock head inside me and came”.

“Wow cousin you have become quite the slut” Kiki laughed

“No not really but I do love fucking my daddy and he loves fucking me. I am going to fuck him tonight after everyone goes to sl**p”

“Can I watch or better yet can I join in” Kiki asked?

“Have you fucked anyone yet? Beth asked

“Just one guy I will tell you bout him later OK”

“I think I can arrange it, replied Beth, daddy’s got a nice thick and slightly curved cock, when he changes position it hits you in different places its awesome. Once you are on that big hard cock of his he won’t be able to resist that body of yours or you his”.

“I know I was checking him out at the door and I gave him real full kiss” I let him take a good look at me too and I could see a bulge in his pants so I guess he liked what he saw” said Kiki.

“How did you arrange for us to sl**p together” Krystal asked Toni.

“Simple I just told him we always stay up most all night talking anyway so you might as well sl**p with me so he can get a good night rest” Toni reached over kissed her s****r and put her hands on Krystal’s tits.

“Does he know” Krystal asked?

“Not everything yet, like I told you on the phone he knows I fucked Beth’s boyfriend and I am happy he is fucking his daughter and Beth says he liked watching me fuck the young stud. Plus he loves fucking us both same time. But he doesn’t know the rest”.

“Guess he will find out soon enough” laughed Krystal

The two s****rs leaned over began kissing and fondling each other tits and pussies.

“Turn around I want to eat your pussy s*s” Toni said

Krystal turned and the two hot black s****rs were enjoying them selves. Soon the women would be cumming in each others faces.

Ben got up to use bathroom and heard his s****rs making unusual sounds in their bedroom, he opened the door and saw Toni and Krystal eating each others pussy.

“That didn’t take you two long, Ben said”

“Sorry b*****r but we haven’t seen each other in over a year and you know how we like to catch up on things.

“I can see that” he said

“Well are you going to join us or not” Toni asked

Ben immediately took off his sweats and tee shirt and climbed in bed with his two s****rs. He moved around and positioned his big headed dick toward Toni’s pussy and shoved it in.

“mmm s*s you feel good Ben said”

“So do you b*o, now fuck me hard with that black dick of yours it’s been too long”.

Ben was fucking my wife, his s****r like there was no tomorrow and Krystal was under them lapping at Toni’s pussy and her b*****r’s cock. Ben would take his dick from Toni’s pussy and shove it in Krystal’s mouth then back in Toni.

Don’t forget me b*o, Krystal said. Ben moved over top of his other s****r and put his hard black cock in her pussy.

“Ah yes, she said b*o I always love that cock in my pussy.

Ben started fucking his s****r Krystal faster and faster until he was about to cum. He pulled out his cock and offered it up to his greedy s****rs. He let out a groan and spurted several streams of cum on their faces and open mouths.

“That was great s*s but I better get back to my room”
Ben got up dressed and tiptoed back to his room.

“Daddy, are you awake can I come in” Beth whispered in the door”

“Yes baby I am awake please come in I said”

“Daddy I had to come and fuck you tonight I don’t care if Krystal or Uncle Ben find out I need that cock of yours inside me.”

“What about your cousin” I asked

“Don’t worry bout her I have taken care of that. No need to turn on the lights daddy I will find you”

Beth fumbled in the dark room over to the pull out couch. I I was laying on. She found my cock and started sucking me. At fifteen she really learned quickly, her sweet teen lips were caressing my cock and her tongue was darting all around it on each movement. She would take it all down on some thrusts but mostly sucked it and with her hand was feeling my balls and shaft.

“mmm baby that is so good I said.”

Beth rose up got on the bed and straddled me till she was sitting on my face. I eagerly started to eat that sweet wet teen pussy. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her in closer to me. I took one hand and started rubbing one of her divine tits. Beth was purring and moaning at same time. My cock was aching to get inside her pussy when all of sudden I felt another hand on my cock and this time I was not d**gged someone was holding my cock and the next thing I knew it was buried deep in a very tight pussy.

“Hi uncle” Kiki said

“OMG, Kiki is that you fucking me” I asked

“Yes she said how do you like it?”

Beth got up turned on a desk light so I could see the naked f******n year old beauty riding my cock. What a sight it was to see those brown D cup tits on that teen bouncing up on down with each motion. I rose up grabbed one and put it in my mouth and sucked her rather large nipple. Kiki hairless pussy was taking all I had and that light brown ass straddling my cock was nearly all I could take.

“You were right Beth your daddy does have a great cock” “Oh god I am cumming already” Kiki said.

Kiki came and I could feel her slippery juices running down my crotch.

“My turn” Beth said

Beth mounted me rammed my cock in her pussy and started fucking me hard. She was making rather loud noises and didn’t seem to care who heard it. Kiki got up and planted her pussy on my face. What a body for f******n she had and her pussy was almost as sweet and delicious as my daughters.

Beth was riding me harder and faster till she yelped she was cumming. Beth squirted all over both of us then slumped down in her trance again.

“Beth get off him” Kiki said I want him to cum in my pussy.

Beth got off Kiki laid down beside me with her amazing ass toward me and told me to fuck her hard. I grabbed the f******n year olds ass pulled it toward me and shoved my cock in her slippery wet pussy.

“Oh yes that better” “Now fuck me” she said

I put my arms around her and grabbed one of those amazing tits and started pounding the young teen. The thought of fucking the f******n year old beauty was just too much I was cuming.

“Cum in my pussy she said”

I exploded in the teen’s pussy filling her up with her uncles love juice. She came again to! Beth lay down behind me and cuddled her body up to mine and whispered to me.

“Did you like that Daddy?”

“Oh yes baby very much, you two better get back to your room or we will get busted by your mom’s. They laughed; each one gave me a very passionate kiss, Kiki even took the time to feed me one of her tits then stopped to take a final lick of my cock and tip toed out of the room. They both said good night Daddy!!

“If you feel the need you know where we are”!! They giggled and ran off to there room.

And I thought this was going to be a worthless weekend. I had just fucked my fifteen year old drop dead gorgeous daughter and my beautiful brown f******n year old niece.

After the girls left I could not get their image out of my mind, my niece’s was only f******n but her body was superb I had to have it again and I wanted it now. I got up acted like I was going to the bathroom next to my daughter’s room and snuck in the door.

“Pssst, you girls awake?” I whispered.

“I am, did you come for more of me uncle”, Kiki whispered back

“As a matter of fact I did, I said. I swiftly moved to the bed and climbed in. Where is Beth I asked”?

“She’s in the kitchen getting a snack”

“Here is the snack I want”

I got down between the young teen’s legs and started making my way up her inner thighs to her tender pussy.

“Oh that feels so good uncle she said” lick me,

She grabbed the back of my head and began humping my face. She was one hot fucking f******n year old. I had my hands on her tits and my face buried in her pussy. She came all over my face.

I crawled up on top the beautiful teen pressed my body on hers and slid my cock in her inviting cunt. She wrapped her arms around me and French kissed me. Her legs were around my waist and she was meeting every thrust of my cock with her own. The young teen was grunting with ever thrust. Finally I shoved my cock in deep and held it there.

“Oh God she said that feels amazing I love that thick cock of yours”

She continued to hunch me as hard as she could but I remained still holding my hard cock deep in side the f******n year old teen. I wanted to explode right there but I held on.

“Oh God I am coming and this one is going to be huge”.

She let out a rather loud groan and started to quiver, her entire body was shaking. Her pussy got even tighter as she came. She was grinding her hips hard against me finally her release came and she slumped back into the mattress.

It was my turn now I started ramming my cock in the young teen, the f******n year olds juices was making it easy for me to pound her pussy. Kiki was moaning and shaking with every movement.

“Come in my mouth I want to taste your seed”.

I moved up put my cock in my niece’s mouth and started fucking her face. She was making mumbled sounds but it only took a few strokes. I was cuming in my beautiful niece mouth. As I erupted, I shoved my cock in deep she took it all, this girl had sucked long dick before because she never flinched, my cum shot in her mouth and down her throat.

I let a groan of my own,
“baby I said your wonderful”.

“Thank you uncle, I have wanted to fuck you since you married my mom’s s****r. I just didn’t know you were such a freak with a big thick cock. You can fuck me any time or any where” she giggled then she said I think daddy needs fed”.

She rolled over and put one of her luscious tits in my mouth like she was feeding one of her dolls. I sucked away on her big nipple with my arms around her. Finally she lay down next to me with half her body d****d over mine. She started kissing my neck and biting it. She clamped her mouth down on my neck and was sucking it. It felt incredible. I could see stars as she continued to hold her grip with her mouth on my neck.

“There, now you have a little reminder from your little niece. Can I call you daddy from now on?”

Sure baby I know you don’t have a daddy like Beth does so it’s fine with me and I don’t think Beth will mind.


Beth was standing in the kitchen bent over looking in refrigerator for something to eat when Uncle Ben came in with the same idea. He stopped to look at his beautiful niece.

Beth was only wearing one of my old flannel shirts she often slept in. She had not bothered to put any pants or panties on and he could see her long creamy white legs and her amazing ass. He could even make out part of her pussy lips. Ben snuck up behind the teen and pulled her ass up next to his groin.

Beth assumed it was her daddy being so bold and thought it was the best time to tell about her experience getting coffee that day.

“That’s the second time today someone has come up behind me and shoved a bulge in my ass” she said but this time I need really fucked.

“Oh my god Ben thought that was my 15 year old niece I fucked earlier” but he could not resist this invitation. Ben pulled his sweats down and took his cock and shoved it in his niece’s pussy.

Beth let out a whoop as the large head of her uncle’s dick popped past her pussy opening. Right away she knew it was not her daddy’s cock and she knew it was the same one at the coffee shop.

Her Uncle Ben was fucking her with is big black dick. Each thrust Beth grunted, she was being fucked hard. Ben was acting like mad man ramming his long cock in her and each time she grunted. Ben started coming, the young teen pussy was too good he could not hold back. It was his turn to grunt; he shoved his cock even deeper in his 15 year old creamy white niece’s pussy and shot a huge load. The big black man was being tamed by his young white niece.

Beth was coming too, knowing it was her uncle who earlier had fucked her made her bust a huge orgasm. Her legs buckled but Ben was holding her up.

Finally both came down from their ecstasy. Beth turned around and said

“It was you in the coffee shop today! You dirty old fucker! She slapped him hard across his face then reached up kissed her uncle and squeezed his softening cock” then ran back to her bed room.

Ben thought if her dad finds out I am a dead man!

“Kiki, Beth whispered as she entered the room. You know the guy I told you about in the coffee shop that fucked me earlier.

“But Beth, Kiki tried to say”

Beth interrupted her cousin,

“It was Uncle Ben and he just fucked me again in the Kitchen.”

“Is that so I answered, Beth had not noticed I was lying beside her cousin”.

“Oh my god daddy are you mad?”

“I have to admit I am but probably more jealous then mad. The question is did you enjoy it?”

“Oh yes daddy he is but he is like an a****l, he just fucks”

Beth climbed in bed with us I could smell the sex all over her. I was too tired to be very upset we all drifted off to sl**p. My gorgeous daughter and niece all cuddled up to me.

I awoke after a few hours needing to pee I got up and went to the bathroom relieved myself and went back to my bed in the den.

Early the next morning I was being awaken by the familiar blow job my wife usually gave me. I had not showered or any thing my cock had dried pussy juice all over it.

“MMM looks like you were busy last night I can taste different pussy juices on this wonderful cock”.

Finally I was able to shake off the cobwebs and open my eyes. Only it was not my wife Toni sucking me it was her s****r Krystal.

“Just lay back enjoy she said, your wife sent me, she busy fucking her b*****r right now”

“OMG” I thought now I know why she helped Beth seduce me and was fucking Jake, not only was she a wonderful slut she was an i****tuous slut and Krystal was as good as her s****r at sucking my cock.

“Don’t cum yet she said I need you to fuck me with the big thick cock of yours” Your wife has bragged and bragged about it now I want to feel it inside my pussy.

Krystal took off her robe and rolled over on her back, she was as beautiful as I had imagined. Her skin was light brown and very smooth, her tits were more of a B cup but her aureoles and large nipples were more than enough for any man, then there was her ass and her trimmed pussy shaped like a triangle.

“Krystal opened her legs and said fuck me stud, stick that thick hard cock in me”!

I climbed on top of my s****r in law and placed my dick at her pussy opening. I began to shove it in her and I could hardly get it inside, she was tighter than any woman I had ever had, tighter even than Beth when I took her cherry.

“Tight isn’t it, I learned how to keep a tight pussy like a Golopa girl”.

Supposedly Golopa girls could milk a man with her pussy and never move.

“Damn Krystal I don’t know if it will fit”

She told me to shove that thick cock in her now. I finally got past her pussy opening and shoved my cock deep inside her. She let out a gasp

“My s****r was right you do have a great cock. No wonder she married you, to bad I didn’t meet you first”. Now fuck me with that dick”! She said.

I was pumping my cock in my wife’s s****r’s tight pussy. It felt amazing and she looked amazing,

“I coming she said, cum with me, please cum with me”

Her pussy was getting even tighter around my cock. I could barely move it. I let it rest in her pussy and collapsed on her body. I gave her a passionate kiss she met my kiss with her tongue probing my mouth. My hands were squeezing her tits.

My cock had shot a load I was deep in her cunt and she screamed. Krystal was a screamer I don’t think it was possible anyone in the house not to have heard. I whispered sssshhh, I only hoped the girls were still asl**p.

Damn my mind was thinking I fucked my 15 year old daughter my 14 year old voluptuous teen niece and now my s****r in law all in less than 24 hours. Wow!!

Krystal said we better get up I am sure Ben is done fucking your wife by now. We should get dressed and have breakfast. Krystal scurried off to the bedroom to dress and I went in the kitchen to make coffee. Toni was already there she put her arms around me gave me a loving long passionate kiss.

“Nice hickey I see you slept well last night, she said then laughed”

“Darling I hope you are not upset with me but I felt it was time to show you who I am and what kind of woman you married. My f****y all fucked each other. My dad fucked me just like you do Beth except I was much younger than she, and my b*****r and s****r have fucked since we were old enough to do it.

“When I found out your daughter was obsessed with fucking you I was delighted, I knew if I could get you fucking her, then I could truly show you who I am how much I love you and how much of a wonderful a life we can have.”

“You can fuck me or my s****r any time you want. And I see you have fucked my niece as well, the hickey darling it was her sign to tell me she fucked you”. Ben told me he has fucked Beth now as well, in fact he fucked her once with out knowing it was her. So you see my husband we are going to have a great f****y visit”.

Toni handed me a cup of coffee and said go wake the girls I will get breakfast ready for every one.

I took a sip of coffee sat the cup down and headed to the girls bedroom, both young teens were still sound asl**p neither of them had bothered to put any clothes on after I left.

There before my eyes was an amazing sight to see. My beautiful daughter and her creamy white skin were laying on her side her arms partly around her cousin Kiki. Kiki was on her back and I could see in the full daylight how large and developed the gorgeous f******n year old tits and ass were. Both girls smell of sex and you could see my cum stains on Kiki brown legs.

I reached down grabbed one of Kiki tits and sucked it in my mouth. She murmured, and then I rose kissed her lips and softly spoke

”It’s time to get up sl**py head.”

Next I went around the bed bent down and started kissing my daughter up and down her neck.

“Good morning my lover”

I said to my daughter, she smiled held out her arms for a large hug and kissed me, she parted her lips inviting my tongue in her mouth. I ran my hand up and down her silky smooth skin, and slightly squeezed her tits.

“Good morning daddy my lover” Beth said after the kiss

Girls you need to get up, Toni’s got breakfast ready. My wife has a day road trip planned for all of us. We won’t be back till this evening. Ben has work today. It is going to be just the women of my f****y and me for the road trip.

The girls jumped up Beth threw on my old flannel shirt and Kiki grabbed a large over sized tee shirt and headed to the kitchen. When we all got to the kitchen there stood my beautiful wife wearing one of my dress shirts and her s****r wearing a short silk robe. I don’t think any of the ladies had any kind of bottom wear on. I don’t know what smelled better my wife’s coffee or all the sex I could smell from the women.
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My Niece and her Student and Me.

I couldnt believe that i had a young boys cock in my mouth, tasting his young firm cock while he was eating my nieces unshaven furry blonde cunt. It all started when i went to visit my 22 year old niece last week. When i got to her house she had a note on the front door that told me she would be home late because she still had work to do at the school where she was a substitute teacher. I went inside and sat down in the living room. After a few restless minutes I decided i was curious and wen into her bedroom. I knew exactly where i wanted to go and i started going through her dresser drawer, After a few draweres of noting but jeans and shirts finally bingo, her panty drawer.I ran my hands over her silky and nylon panties and bras and pulled put a cute pair of see thru green panties with a little bow on the front. I began examing the panties and saw that the tag said SIZE 7. I looked around just in case anyone was home and unzipped my pants and pulled the pants and my underwear down and began stroking my growing cut cock with her panties. I closed my eyes thinking about her while i stroked. I walked over to her laundry hamper and was in luck. a [air of blue VS satin panties were crumpled in the bottom of the basket. I grabbed the panties and started sniffing the crotch. Her pungent pussy smell was strong.
"Excuse me, Uncle Stan?" My niece cried out."What are you doing?"
I looked up and standing in the doorway was my niece, her medium length blonde hair resting on her shoulders. She was wearing a tiger print top blouse and a short black skirt. She was 5 foot 5 but her 4 inch heels made her taller than me.
"Oh my God, Erika, I am sory I didnt mean to,I mean I couldnt help myself." i stuttered.
"So, Uncle Stan do you think about me when you do that? Do I turn you on? I mean i am your niece. You used to babysit me when i was what 11, 12?"
I didnt know what to say, my cock was still hard. I couldnt deny it.
"Miss Fowler, are you going to grade my paper or what?" a mousy voice said.
I didnt evrn notice but behind Erika was a boy in a t shirt and jeans. It must have been one of her young students.
"Well Matthew i was going to grade your performance like we do every week but I dont know what to do with my Uncle here."
"Im sorry Erika Ill go, sorry." I said weakly.
"No Uncle Stan, I want you to stay. If you get off with just my panties wait till you see this."
I sat on the bed, not knowing what to do while she went into her closet. She grabbed a couple of things and told me and the boy to get naked and wait for her while she changed.
The boy got naked while I watched him. He was hairless and his little cock got instantly hard. I took off the rest of my clothes and tried not to look at him but i kept staring at hos body, I was wondering what his cock tasted like.
"You know Uncle this could be alot of fun for all of us, to be honest when you were babysitting me I always wondered what it would be like if yuo fucked me and now maybe we will find out." She was standing in the doorway with nothing on but a black leather panties, black stockings and 5 inch heels. She wasnt a small girl but not fat. Her ass was well rounded and her 36D breats were firm and her pink nipples hard.
"First. Matthew lets see how well you studied. Its time for your oral exam."
The boy boy got up and went to his knees in front of Erika, She squatted down and offered him her hairy blonde cunt. His tongue began to frantically lick her pussy.
"Slower, baby, not so fast. Its not a race." she moaned and he bgan to slow and she was rocking her thighs back and forth to match his tongue. He was darting his tongue in and out of her cunt.She began moaning and playing with her tits. After a few moments i began to stroke my cock.
"Stop Uncle Stan. I dont want you to waste your fucking cum just yet." she demanded,"Now Matt this week you have 2 oral reports to do." Go to my Uncle and suck his old cock for me. And you better do good or yuo won't get an A."
I was scared, i never had a guy suck my cock much less a boy but i was excited. Matt came up to me and got on hos kness and began sucking my cock. He wasnt able toget my 7 inch cock all the way in hos mouth but it wasnt for lack of trying. I took his head into my hands and began to f***e his face into my cock.
Erika began yelling."Thats it Uncle Stan, fuck his face, make him your bitch. You like it dont you Uncle? Having a boy suck your cock while I watch? You are a fucking pervert. You really want to fuck my asshole dont you? She turned around and stuck her ass into my face." But not yet, not till i know you will do a good job." she said. "Now i want yuo to suck Matts cock and get it wet, dont make him cum just get it lubbed up."
Matt sat on the bed and I got on my knees and I put his little peter into my mouth. My tongue rolling over his head. I spit on his cock and began jacking his cock. I looked up and his head was tilted back in ecstasy.
"Now MAtt fuck you teacher like a dog ok?" Erika started. " Like i showed you last week, you know the pictute of the two dogs."
She got on all fours on the bed and ne climbed behind her and he began shoving his cock into her big ass. He was a fast as a rabbit. Erika was moaning a little but i knew his little cock wasnt enough for her. After a few minutes of him trying his best to fuck my niece she told him to get on all fours himself.
She reached down to my cock and she stuck her tongoe out and began licking my cock like a popsicle.
"Now Uncle, fuck Matt while watch."
I got behind Matt and stuck my cock into his little asshole. He began to yelp a little as my head dissapered into his asshole. I knew this was as far as my cock would go but i started fucking him a little with just my head.
"Ok Uncle Stan now you are worth to fuck, me, your niece, the little girl you wanted to fuck all those years ago. oh and Stan you better fuck me better than that. I want to be your bitch, you got that. And MAtt get in front of me.I want you to cum in my mouth while my Uncle fucks me."
I took my cock out of the boy and pushed my whole cock into her asshole, She was taken a bit by surprise and yelled."Now thats more like it." I grabbed her hops and began fucking her hard, her tits swinging away. She was suckink Matt and he came in seconds, a litle white cum was dribbling out of her mouth.
"Yes, yes, Uncle make me bark, oh yes ARF ARF i am a fucking bitch! I need a fucking cock in my asshole Uncle Stan. You gonna cum old man? Are you?"
I scramed that i was and she got up and took Matt by the head and she began kissing him in front of my cock. She took her hand and jacked me for a minute till i could feel i was about to burst. My warm gooey cum squirted toward her and Matts faces. She captured my cum in her mouth and kissed Matt gain, sharing my cum with him.
"Now clean up you two and I will take you home Matt and get the fuck out of my house Uncle Stan. And you better be her again next week same time, you got it? And maybe next time I will fuck you and you will feel how much it hurts, you faggott."
I left stunned, her panties in my pockets. I would sniff and JAck off to her panties till next week.... Continue»
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Baby Sitting The Niece Part 2

Baby Sitting The Niece Part 2

Few weeks go by since the last incident.. Things felt a little different after leaving a little cum on my s****r in laws face. Not sure if this what a regular person would catch but anything she wore.. I could see through it all.. Her nipples through her white shirts with no bras or when she's wearing her leggings her pussy lips just seem to shine through. It's hard for me not to get hard but I hide it as much as I can. Ever since then whenever I had my own solo sessions I would have to imagine her.. I just cant resist her tight body.. My dick was in her mouth! Her soft lips kissing my head was the last thing I remember in my dream before I awoke..

I wake up to my s****r in law standing over me. She was biting her lips as if she has been standing there for awhile. I'm a bit startled because I caught her looking at my morning wood. I couldn't help it but then to see her standing over me was quite a different feel compared to my dreams. She told me she had to go somewhere quickly and couldn't bring my niece and asked if she could watch her. Of course I agree'd although I knew it wouldn't be an open opportunity like last time where she had to take sl**ping pills.. But she sighed in relieve and told me she had to jump in the shower real quick. My niece was already eating cereal in the living room and watching her morning cartoons. My s****r in law continued to insist to go ahead and wash my face if I needed to while she showered. She gave me small smirk that almost came with a wink. I was a bit shocked but she smiled and walked away.. I was entirely confused waking up with my morning wood poking through my shorts.

I go and check on my niece who seemed dazed and locked onto the screen so I didn't bother to intrude with her toons. I decide to go ahead and wash my face cause I was still barely waking up. The bathroom set up was a bit weird. First room were two sinks and second room had another door which led into the toilet and bathtub. My s****r in law was in the shower but then I had noticed the door was a bit cracked. Seemed like she didn't shut it all the way. Her pink lace underwear were keeping it cracked opened. I guess she mustn't have noticed.. Or maybe she intended? I never know with her! I see her washing herself off letting the water run down her body. I couldn't believe it. I felt like I was set up as if I was going to get caught.. But she told me to.. She did.. I stand behind her 5 feet away just about.. Watching her caress herself.. All of a sudden it seemed to be much more than taking a shower. It looks like I came right in time.

She began caressing her nipples.. I can see them hard as a rock. She leaned over and put her left arm to hold her while her right arm began finding its way down to her pussy. Her back begins motion of arching over and over as she quietly is moaning my name. Screaming louder over the pouring water. Fuck me John, fuck me! In my head I'm like holy fuck. This has to be the moment I'm in.. My hands now down my pants while I'm stroking myself off ready to cum I hear my niece asking what am I doing? She was quiet so her mom didn't hear I freak the fuck out and grab her and take her back to her cartoons.. It was a bit disturbing but she is the daughter of her mother.. I didn't want to give an age out at the time but I told her I'll tell her later and I'll give her a popsicle, k**s love popsicles also told her just not to tell her mom. We picky promised and that was it.

As soon as I hear the shower go off I was like sweating bullets. She was wearing nothing but towels wrapped around her body and hair. She came over to us to ask if we were doing okay and right then and there my niece threw me under the bus. She yelled “Uncle John was watching you shower Mommy!” My eyes shoot wide open and thought I'm fucked. She seemed a bit mad herself and just said “Oh really? Okay baby, you stay here and leave me and uncle alone okay? We're gonna have a talk. Stay here baby you don't wanna hear us.” She looked at me with no words just her eyes saying well.. “let's talk” I was shitting bricks.

She sat me down in her bed and said well.. what were you doing? Did you enjoy yourself? What did you see? I only told her in my defense she told me to wash my face and I told her she left the door open.. I couldn't help but take a look.. I told her I didn't see anything it was steamy and I only saw her bend over but I didn't see her breasts or anything like that. She turns around almost the same position as if she was in the shower. She drops her entire towel and wet her falls along her back. My jaw drops along with the towels. She asked if it looked like this? “Did you see my rubbing my pussy like this? Did you hear me calling your name?” She was seducing me with just the words.. But the body movement was making me leak precum. Her two tiny fingers going in and out of her pussy. “Is this what you wanted to see?” Shes moaning all over again calling my name “John do you wanna taste my pussy?” She turns around jumps on me with her naked body. Stuffs her fingers down my mouth. Making sure I'm licking and tasting all of her. Shes grinding me over my basketball shorts. She asked me and raised her eyebrow.. “John do you wanna fuck me?” She pulls down my shorts and stuffed my cock inside her. Shes pulling behind my neck as I'm looking down our chests between her hanging boobs was my cock sliding in and out of her. She was letting out all her frustration out on me. Fucking me harder and harder screaming on how good it feels. I still haven't even touched her body because I was so in shock. I pull her back to see her face. She stared at me and said “It's okay.. we both know we wanted this.. Pull my hair pull it..” I pull it harder and she screams yeah like that. She's riding me harder and harder and I squeeze her left tit and she let loose. All over me she stood hovered above my cock to squirt all over me. She was shaking and screaming. She couldn't believe how much she let out. I asked her if she liked it as she stuck my cock back in to hump it slowly nice and passionate.. I told her squirt for me again and I grab her hips raise em and fuck her until she came all over me again.

She was breathless I threw her over and stuffed my cock inside her mouth while she was gasping for air. She took it all in licking my head all the way down my shaft then to licking my balls making sure she licked all her juices up. I step back to bend her knees in so I can spread her pussy nice and wide. I fuck her hard until she screams. We were now fucking in a puddle of her juices. I loved every time she came she would hold onto me tightly. As if this was her first experience a true feeling of bliss for her as she let her juices out on me. I fuck her harder and harder and pull out only to finger her until she comes all over the floor. I only play with her now as I stop and she begins begging me to fuck her wet dripping pussy. I don't though.. I only then rub my dickhead all over her lips and even that made her squirt all over my cock. Every time she would squirt I would stuff my cock all in side of her.

She does nothing but pull my head closer to her.. We kiss and I pull her hair back and she lets out a moan.. I kiss her lips down to her neck to her busty chest. It was rough at first but it became very passionate towards the end. I make her sit on my face as I eat her out.. Even then she squirts all over my face.. I never had anyone do that but damn what a feeling.. She than realize how much she was neglecting my cock.. We turn now in the classic 69 position.. Licking her pussy juices clean out of her and she does the same for my cock. Spanking her and eating her out making her suck me harder I feel I'm about to cum. Feeling my way to her butthole that was all soaked already I slip my way in and she lets out another moan and stops sucking my cock.. As I started pumping she loved the feeling and began jerking me off and sucking my head and she knew I was about to cum.. I cum all in her mouth as she squirts all over my face.. Together and then we lay there.. For a minute.. We hear a knocking knowing its her daughter.. She yells Shit! Now I'm definitely late.. Who knows where she had to go.. She threw on clothes gave me a kiss and ran out the door.. She told me to just tell her daughter some crazy story.. And this.. Will lead to a another story.. Gotta love my s****r in law.... Continue»
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A father and his daughter part 7

Chapter 7

The road trip was fun we went to Amish country, shopped and watched how they make furniture. We tasted all kinds of different wines and cheeses. We even let the girls sip some wine. My mind was on the women, every turn I made one of there tits, ass or legs was taunting me. Each one took turns hugging or kissing on me, further teasing me.

We got quite a few looks from strangers, Two black women, a white teen and black teen all accompanying a 39 year old white guy and each one showing a lot of PDA.

Finally it was time to head home. My wife was sitting beside me with her arms around my neck the teens were busy with their cell phones and my s****r in law was sitting directly behind me in the car running her hands through my hair.

We got home the girls all ran to the bedrooms and I sat down on the couch. After about 15 minutes all four ladies came back in the room, all of them were wearing lingerie or some kind of special outfit.

Toni had a white half bra, crotch less white panties and thigh high white hose and tall heels. Krystal had on red boy cut panties, matching red hose and no bra at all and red heels.

Beth and Kiki had put their hair in pigtails with matching little school girl skirts, no panties, white tops and knee high socks and wearing white canvas sneakers. One by one the women were parading in front of me like a runway sex show. I was amazed how my daughter could look so different by changing outfits.

“Those school girl outfits make you two look so young” I said.

“That’s the idea daddy we want to be very young girls that are going to be fucked by their daddies. We have fantasies too you know besides I have wanted you to fuck me since I was twelve, do we look that young now”?

“You would but those tits are kind of giving you both away” the girls then giggled.

Ben came in and could see the show had started. He said he would be right out; he had to take a quick shower. The show continued with the women stopping to kiss me and themselves. Toni would kiss her s****r and feel up her tits and pussy, Kiki would kiss my daughter, Beth and run her hands under her skirt and stick her fingers in Beth pussy.

Beth even walked over and kissed my wife and ran her hands all over her body. Toni lay back on the couch beside me and summoned Beth to lick her pussy. Beth got on her knees and started eating my wife. My young daughter was eating my wife’s pussy.

Kiki and her mom came over and started undressing me. Kiki shoved me back down beside my wife and got on her knees and started sucking my dick. Then the girls would switch now it was my daughter sucking my cock and my niece eating my wife.

Ben walked in naked; his long big headed cock already wanting some action, his s****r Krystal moved over and started to suck her b*****r. Beth and Kiki had changed again, Beth was back to eating Toni’s pussy when Ben looked around walked up to Beth raised her up on all fours got on his knees and slid his cock in my daughter. Beth let out a loud groan as the big head popped past her opening.

It was quite a spectacle. My 15 year old daughter was eating my wife’s pussy and getting fucked by her uncle at same time. I had my hands on my wife’s tit while my 14 year old niece was sucking my cock.

Toni was egging Ben on telling him to fuck the little slut step daughter. Kiki had turned around and positioned her pussy to ride me reverse cowboy. She slammed her teen pussy down on my cock and squealed,

“Oh yes, daddy”!

There was a slight knock on the door, and then Jake entered the room. He stopped his mouth dropped and stared.

There was his innocent fifteen year old girlfriend getting fucked by a 40 something black man and she was eating the pussy of her step mom, the woman he often fucked.

“You must me Jake, Krystal said” Krystal walked over took down Jakes pants. She quickly took out the teens cock and began sucking it.

Krystal got up grabbed the teen by his cock and pulled him over to the chair she had been sitting.

“Toni’s told me you like to fuck her
How would you like to fuck me”?

Jake still had not been able to speak a word; Krystal guided the teen cock in her pussy.

“Yea baby fuck momma pussy” Krystal said.

Jake was fucking her hard and fast, He was grunting with each thrust and I knew why because of that super tight pussy of Krystal’s.

Ben was slamming his cock in my daughter and each time it would jam her face into Toni’s pussy.
Toni came first yelping out she was Cumming and came all over Beth’s face.

Jake was next he shot a huge load in Krystal pussy and slumped down over the mature woman.

Ben had all he could take of white teen’s cunt and he was cuming in my daughter. Ben let out a loud groan and shoved all he had in her.

Beth instantly came and yelled!

“Oh my god, daddy he’s tearing me apart”.

Ben pulled out his deflating cock. I made Kiki get off me and I got behind my daughter and rammed my cock in her pussy.

“Oh God Daddy your cock is so thick its stretching me out”

I fucked my daughter harder and harder till my cock was going to explode then I shot a load in her too.

“Yes daddy give your baby your seed” she said

Beth came again with another loud scream she was being tore apart. I withdrew my cock and fell back down on the couch.

Beth commanded Jake to go over and clean the cum off her daddy and uncle cocks. Jake did as he told he licked all the cum off me then Ben grabbed the boy’s head shoved his big headed cock in Jakes mouth and fucked Jakes face. Ben exploded in Jakes mouth making him gag but Jake swallowed it all down

Beth turned over laid across the coffee table and demanded Jake come clean her uncles and daddies cum out of her pussy. For the first time he was going to get to eat his girlfriend’s pussy. He eagerly licked and sucked all the cum from Beth’s cunt. Finally he was going to get to fuck his girlfriend even if it was thirds.

Jake’s cock was ready again and he moved up to put his cock in Beth’s pussy.

“OH NO you don’t, I don’t fuck my boyfriends just my lovers I am saving that for marriage” Beth said

“You mean after all I have seen and done you are not going to let me fuck you”?

“Sorry babe I just don’t fuck my boyfriends besides I don’t want you bragging about me like I have heard you did other girls”.

Jake was flabbergasted. “But” he said.

“No buts, and if you tell anyone about tonight I am going to tell how you sucked my daddy and uncles cocks and took a load of cum in your mouth, and how you enjoyed having a guy suck you” and if that is not enough I will tell how you licked the cum of two men from a pussy.

“Got it” Jake nodded he knew he was stuck, he could date the teen beauty, take her places but he was not going to get to fuck her.

“Don’t be too upset Toni’s said, momma going to still fuck you as long as your obey the rules and if my s****r is here she will fuck you too. Toni summoned the boy over, grabbed his cock, put her legs around his waist and pulled him in.

Ben had started fucking Kiki and Krystal was sucking my cock.

“Beth, remember when I said I had only fucked one guy before your dad, well it was uncle Ben, he fucks me every chance he gets. He is a dirty old man laughed Kiki”

Ben smiled and kept fucking the young teen.

Ben and I took turns fucking the pig tailed girls dressed in their school girl outfits. We even fucked then at the same time, first one then the other. They would get on all fours and one of us would hold on the girl’s ass while the other would grab the pigtails and fuck their beautiful mouths.

We came in there pussies, mouths and on their tits. Kiki even titty fucked us both. I don’t know how many times I came I just know I was totally spent.

The older women were taking care of the s*******n year old stud they fucked Jake till he could not stand.

Beth walked over kissed her boyfriend letting him taste all the cum from her daddy and uncle.

“Good night my sweet I will see you in school Monday and remember you better not tell. You won’t just lose your girlfriend you lose your fuck momma too.

Jake, half way smiled turned and left.

Exhausted we all went to the master bedroom and crawled up on the bed as best we could and went to sl**p one big happy i****tuous f****y.
... Continue»
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My Uncle David and I.

Growing up, I told myself I wanted a mature man, someone who could please me but that I could have a close relationship with, I never really expected it to end up like this.
It all started on Boxing Day a few years back. It was the year I turned 18, my hormones had been flying everywhere, and I was finally starting to feel so many desires, and urges to be pleased sexually. Occasionally I’d gone to porn sites to attempt to feed some of my urges, using my fingers to pleasure myself, but I still always craved a big cock, to loosen me up and show me a good time.

Boxing Day my mother father and I went to my Uncle David and Auntie Debby’s house. My uncle David was my dad’s b*****r and for as long as I could remember we’d had a really close relationship, but nothing could have warned me for how our relationship was going to turn.
More f****y members came and we had dinner together, swapped presents and as the evening went on, everybody sat around to have drinks together, with lots and music and laugher.
At one point in the evening I excused myself to go to the bathroom, I walked in and my uncle David was in there using the toilet, he slightly turned as I walked in and my eyes did not know where to look, I quickly shut the door and said loudly “sorry uncle David!”. I walked down the corridor before I could hear him reply and ended up just laughing to myself. As I walked back, I saw him coming out of the bathroom, he turned and saw me and smiled, he stood to the side of the bathroom door, smiling widely at me as I passed him “I’ll be back downstairs in the minute” I said, smiling at him. He watched me walk in, and the look on his face was one that I’d never seen before. He looked me up and down, I was wearing a little black dress that I had received as a Christmas present, and it was quite fancy so I thought it would be nice to wear it. I watched him as his eyes wandered up and down my legs, and up to my chest “well don’t you look very nice tonight little lady! Looking very grown up” he said, winking at me as he said it. I just giggled at him and slowly shut the bathroom door. I stood at the door for a moment and thought about what had just happened, was it strange? Or wrong? He was just my uncle, I told myself. It’s nothing. As I was thinking, my hand hovered over the lock on the bathroom door, was I really debating whether to lock it, was I really thinking about my uncle walking in on me on the toilet? “Don’t be so silly Emily!” I told myself, “It’s just the wine talking!” as I was thinking I heard his footsteps slowly going back down the stairs and I quickly locked the door.
I returned back to the front room to join my f****y when I came back downstairs. As I walked in the door my eyes scanned the room and stopped on my uncle who was sat with his arm around my Aunt. His eyes were on me, he gave me a wide smile and I smiled back at him, before walking into the kitchen. I couldn’t stop thinking about the thoughts I had just been having. I knew how wrong I was, these were not normal thoughts to be having. I tried so hard to convince myself it was just the alcohol talking. For the rest of the night I tried to stop myself thinking about it, and get on with enjoying my night with my f****y.

As the night went on people slowly started to leave and I noticed my father had decided to have a drink, and was in no state to be driving us home. He told me we were going to spend the night at my uncle’s; I didn’t care, as I loved spending time there so I was happy to cooperate.
Eventually everybody left and we all headed off to the bedroom. I was f***ed to sl**p on the sofa as there was only one spare room and my parents were going to share that room. I got myself comfortable on the sofa and turned on the TV to watch until I was tired enough to go to sl**p. My uncle came downstairs with some blankets and pillows for me to sl**p with, he came to sit on the sofa with me and see what I was watching. He picked up my legs from the sofa, sat himself down and placed my legs on top of his. We got comfortable and sat watching TV together. After about 10 minutes I felt him place his hand onto my leg. I was wearing some thin PJ bottoms that I had borrowed from my aunt, and a tight black vest. I felt him begin to stroke his hand up and down my leg, I didn’t want to move or make him feel uncomfortable, so I stayed put, and it was actually quite relaxing so I didn’t mind it. He rubbed my legs for about 10 minutes, before stretching and telling me he should get to bed. He lifted my legs and stood up, he then turned to me and lent over so his face was close to mine, he kissed me lightly on the forehead and smiled at me, before turning to go to bed.

After he had gone to bed, I turned off the TV and ended up lying on the sofa, wide awake with thoughts running around in my head. I couldn’t stop thinking about the way he felt my legs, the way his hand slid up and down my legs so softly, as I thought I started to feel my pussy tingle, and I could feel myself getting wet. I couldn’t help myself and I slowly slid my hand down my panties to give some attention to my purring pussy. That was the first night I masturbated over my uncle.

The next morning I woke up to silence, everybody was still in bed. I thought back to what I had done that night, I felt disgusted in myself, I wanted to cry, I didn’t understand my feelings but I knew I was wrong. I sat for a while in the silence, thinking to myself. Suddenly I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and the door began to open. My uncle walked in the room and smiled widely at me.
“Good morning sweetheart, I didn’t expect you to be up, everybody else is still asl**p!” He said, smiling at me, and he walked into the kitchen. Without thinking I found myself following him. He was putting the kettle on “you want a drink Em?” he asked me. I smiled at him and just shook my head.
“You’ve grown up so much Em! I can’t believe how beautiful you’re getting! Come here and give me a hug” he said, putting his arms out. I slowly moved close to him and wrapped my arms around him.
“That’s not a proper hug Em!” He said playfully as he picked me up off my feet and held me up, he was taller than me, very musclely and strong so this was no trouble to him, his face was close to mine and we looked at each other for a while, our faces slowly neared, I could feel my heart racing, I wanted to go straight in for it, I wanted to kiss him, but it was wrong, and why would he want me? I’m just a little girl to him! Then suddenly the sound of the front room door opening distracted us, and he quickly put me down before my aunt walked in and smiled at us both widely. “Morning you two, I feel rough, just getting some water and getting back to bed, you don’t mind do you?” she said quietly. I felt so awkward but just shook my head politely. “I’m going for a shower” I said quickly, desperate to escape the awkward room.

I got to the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I stood for a while with my back against the closed door. My head was going wild with thoughts, I didn’t understand. I heard the front room door close and footsteps slowly came up the stairs, through the weight and speed of the steps I knew it was my Aunt returning to bed. I heard her reach the top of the stairs and return to her bedroom, the door shutting behind her. All was silent now, other than the sound of my dad’s snoring. I checked my watch, 08:50. It was still early, and after the late night we’d all had, nobody was going to be up again for a while. I found my hand hovering over the lock again but this time I turned away from it. I began to slowly get undressed, slowly watching the door. I needed to know, was he feeling the same things I was? Or was I just making it up in my head to be more than what it was? I knew he knew I was in here, he knew everyone was in bed, it was his perfect opportunity.
I turned on the shower, and slipped in, through the whole time watching the door. The excitement of what I was doing made my pussy throb; I had to touch myself slightly every now and again. But by the time I had finished with my shower there was no sign of my uncle, so I decided to get out and give up. I was a silly girl, I felt so embarrassed. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. I walked over to the big mirror on the wall and looked at myself for a while, before slipping off my towel. I stared at my naked body, I felt angry with myself and embarrassed. I rose my hands up to touch my round breasts, as I did this I heard a noise behind me, I gasped as I turned to see the door opening slightly, I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me as quick as I could.
My uncle slowly walked in the door and closed it behind him; he locked it slowly and turned to look at me. He smiled widely at me and began walking closer to me, I just looked at him, my heart began racing, what was happening? I backed up until my back was against the wall, but he didn’t stop, he came closer until he was right in front of me. He put his hands on the wall that I was leaning on, so my head was between them, without him touching me. He smiled as me and removed one hand from the wall to tuck my hair behind my ear.
“Tell me to stop if that’s what you want baby” he whispered. I looked into his eyes, I could feel my pussy getting moist, I didn’t want him to stop but I knew this was wrong. I couldn’t get any words out; I just slowly shook my head. He turned at looked at the toilet, before walking over to it and putting down the lid. He sat down and rubbed his hand on his leg, signalling for me to sit down. I slowly walked over to him, grasping onto my towel. I stood in front of him for a moment before slowly sitting down. He slid his hands round the back of me and pulled me in closer to him. He put his hands on my legs and began to feel me slowly and softly. I could feel myself getting wet, and wrapped my arms around his neck, as I did this my towel fell down slightly, revealing my breasts. I watched as my uncle’s eyes moved down to them and he smiled. He removed his hands from my legs and placed them gently on my breasts. It felt so good, I began to breathe heavier, it made me want him so much more, finally feeling his hands on me. I moved my head closer to his, all morals seemed to disappear, I was no longer thinking of him as my uncle, none of it mattered, he moved his head closer as I did and kissed me lightly on my lips. We began to kiss more passionately, our tongues slipping in and out of each other’s mouths lightly. He rubbed his hands up and down my naked body, before kissing down my neck and taking one of my round breasts into his hand and kissing it softly. He found my nipple and began to lick and kiss it slowly, I moaned quietly, trying not to make too much noise, knowing that everybody was upstairs and asl**p. He didn’t seem to care, he carried on sucking on my nipple, he wanted to please me, until suddenly be heard the opening of a door and footsteps approaching, he pulled away from me slowly and looked up at me, my heart began racing, what were we supposed to do? Nobody could see us like this. The handle began to shake, somebody was trying to get in, I heard my father’s voice. No! He couldn’t find out! His b*****r and his daughter, he’d hate us both. I put my finger on my b*****r’s lips softly. “It’s just me dad, I’m just getting dressed” I said, trying not to show my panic in my voice. “Oh okay hun” he replied, I heard his footsteps go back toward his room, so I got stood up and my uncle did the same, he pushed me against the wall gently and kissed my lips one last time before turning and slowly leaving the bathroom and going back downstairs. I walked quickly to the door and locked it after he left. I got dressed quickly, trying hard not to think too much about what had just happened.

After that day I thought so much about my encounter with my uncle. Would it ever happen again? Did I even want it to? Would he ever want it to? I had my studies to concentrate on, so a lot of the time I tried my best to try to just keep my mind on them and try to ignore my thoughts about my uncle. A few weeks went by and I hadn’t seen my uncle, until one Friday night when my parents were going out of town for something to do with my dad’s work, they’d told me they were staying away for the weekend and would be back Sunday night. I planned to have a nice night in with some films and a take away. I set everything up downstairs for my nice quiet night; little did I know my night wasn’t going to be as quiet as I planned. I was sat comfortably on the sofa, watching some TV when the phone started to ring. I looked at my watch, 10:23pm, I found it strange that somebody would be calling at this time, but I assumed it would be my parents calling to check up on me.
“Hello?” I answered
“Hey Em, its uncle David” The voice said, as I heard his voice I felt my heart beat quicken and I got butterflies in my stomach.
“I was just calling to make sure you’re alright, your dad told me your mom and him have gone away for the weekend” he continued.
“Oh hey uncle David. Yeah I’m fine thank you” I replied, trying hard not to show my feelings in my voice.
“Not seen you since Christmas time Em, how have you been, I’ve been thinking of you” he said softly, at this I couldn’t help but smile. I began to feel brave, I knew there was more to this than just and uncle caring about his niece, especially after the moment we’d shared in his bathroom.
“I know, it’s been a while” I said “...and I’ve...I’ve been thinking of you too” as soon as I said this I felt bad.
“well that’s good, I thought I’d wait until now to call you, Debby’s gone to sl**p so I thought it’d be the best time to call, it’s more private” he said, at this I smiled again, but I felt so nervous, I couldn’t bring myself to say anything back, just waited for him to continue.
“I had a good time with you when we were last together Em. I’ve been waiting for a moment like that with you for such a long time. I’ve always known how beautiful you are, ever since you started developing into a young woman I’ve wanted you” he told me.
“But don’t you think this is wrong Uncle David?” I asked. I didn’t want to ask this, I didn’t want him to stop, I wanted him to tell me these things, I just felt so bad.
“Maybe it is Em, but does it feel wrong to you? Did the way I touched you feel wrong?” He asked me. My mind shot back to the way he held my breasts, the way he kissed me so softly.
“No” I whispered.
“You liked it didn’t you baby? I know you did. You liked the way I touched you. I loved feeling you. I wanted so much more, I wanted to please you more Em.” He told me. At this point I could feel my pussy beginning to become moist.
“What did you want to do to me?” I asked. I didn’t care anymore, I wanted him to explain how he wanted me, I’d never done anything like this before, was it right to start with my uncle? I didn’t care.
“I wanted to slide that towel off you baby, I wanted to get you on your knees and show you Uncle David’s big cock. I wanted it inside you sweetie, that’s what I wanted, I wanted my big cock inside your tiny pussy baby” he used such a sexy voice as he told me what he wanted. I slid my hand down my body to my pussy, I slid my hand in my panties, I couldn’t help myself, I let out a small moan.
“mmm you like that baby? You like me telling you what I want with you. Touch yourself over me sweetie, rub your beautiful little cunt” he demanded. I could hear movement; I knew he was pleasuring himself thinking about me. I rubbed my pussy faster and began moaning louder.
That night we had phone sex for the first time, I made myself cum over and over as he told me what he wanted with me, he teased me so much, it was amazing.
I woke up the next day sweaty and dirty, but so excited. My uncle had asked to come and see me as my parents were not due back until the next night; we knew we’d have the whole day and night together. The feelings of guilt were somehow starting to fade, even though I would have thought they would become stronger as my relationship with my uncle began to develop.
I got had a shower and got ready and waited for my uncle to arrive. I was so excited; I decided to wear something I thought looked good. I had a short red dress which worked well to show off my tits and ass, so I decided to wear that.
I eventually heard the knock on my front door and came to let him in. He walked straight in and shut the door, locking it behind him. I smiled widely at him as he looked me up and down.
“Mmm you look beautiful Em” he said as he grabbed my hand and brought my close to him to kiss my lips gently. I began to kiss him back more passionately, I didn’t want to wait I pulled his hand and took him up the stairs. Half way up he turned me around and began to kiss me again, he sat me on the stairs, I’d decided again wearing panties that day, I knew I wouldn’t be needing them. He got onto his knees and opened up my legs as I sat on the stairs.
He rubbed his hands softly up my legs and pulled my dress up so my pussy was fully on show, my legs wide open. He looked up at me and smiled widely as he began to lick and kiss up my legs to my pussy. I could feel my clit throbbing and he got closer to me. I reached my hand down to touch my throbbing clit and he quickly took my hand and moved it away.
“Oh no baby, let me do all the work” he said. I giggled slightly as he said this. He moved his face closer to my pussy and kissed it softly. He slowly stuck out his tongue and licked up my pussy, as he did I let out a moan and grabbed onto the rail on the stairs. He moved one of his hands up to my pussy and began to rub two fingers around my clit, without actually touching it, trying to tease me. He moved his fingers down slowly to find my tight hole. When he got to it, he slowly began trying to slide his middle finger in there. I was soaking wet, and he slowly slid his finger inside me. I gasped and let out a loud moan. He slid his finger in and out me slowly, sliding in a second finger as he started to suck on my clit. I arched my back as he fucked me with his fingers, gripping onto the rail and moaning so loud.
“Oh yes Uncle David! Harder! I’m gonna cum!” I screamed. I felt him pump his fingers harder and faster into me as I screamed for him. I jerked forward as I felt myself cum so hard. He licked up my cum from my pussy before coming up to kiss me, I could taste my juices on his tongue. I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him pick me up and carry me up the rest of the stairs. We got to my mom and dad’s bedroom and he kicked open the door and closed it behind him. I jumped down off him and shoved him against the door and began kissing him passionately. He put his arms around me and began feeling my back and ass softly. I slowly took off his shirt while kissing him, then kissed down his front to the top of his trousers. I slowly got down onto my knees and opened his fly. I reached in to pull out his hard cock. I looked at it in amazement for a moment before slowly massaging it in my hand, I undid the button on his trousers and pulled them off him, his cock stood there without me holding onto it, looking at it I could feel my juices seeping onto my leg.
I took his cock into my hand and began massaging it again, I brought my head closer to him and licked up his long cock, I heard him let out a groan, this really got me going. I slid his cock into my mouth, wrapping my lips softly around it. I began moving my head back and forwards, hearing him moan as I sucked on his cock.
“Mmm yes Em, you’re such a naughty girl, suck uncle’s cock” he told me. He bucked his hips to fuck my mouth. I used one hand on his cock, and another massaging his balls. I sucked on his cock until I couldn’t take it any longer, I needed him to fuck me, I’d waited so long, I’d thought about it so much, I needed his cock inside me, and I was going to get it.
I stood up and pushed him against the door, kissing him passionately while one of my hands played with his cock. I kissed up from his lips to his ear and whispered sexually how I wanted him to fuck me. He pushed me over to the bed and made me lie down. He began to rub his cock along my pussy, teasing me as I could feel him on my clit, making my pussy leak it’s juices. He tapped his cock against my clit and asked me to beg for him to fuck me.
“Yes Uncle David, please fuck me, give it to me now, fuck me hard I’m begging!” I said loudly, the feelings were getting so intense; I needed to feel him inside me. He slowly moved his cock down towards my tiny hole.
“Please Uncle David, fuck my tight little pussy, I need you to make me lose, fuck me, I want you now!” I shouted.
“Oh you’re such a bad little girl Em, I’m going to have to teach you a lesson” as he said this he shoved his cock inside me, I let out a loud moan and he began pumping his cock in and out of me, the sound of his balls slapping against my soaked little pussy was amazing. He pounded me so hard, we both moaned for each other. Suddenly he leant down and wrapped his arms around me, picking me up. He turned and sat on the edge of the bed and sat me down on him. The feeling of his cock sliding back inside me was amazing; I moaned loud and wrapped my arms around his neck. He kissed my neck as I slowly bounced up and down on his cock. I felt him sliding in and out of me, it felt so good. He started whispering dirty things in my ear, the way he had the first time we had phone sex, this made me more enthusiastic, bouncing harder. My head kept telling me “Em you’re fucking your uncle” but it didn’t put me off, it turned me on more, this was so naughty, it made me so hot. He fucked me so hard before warning me he was going to come. I climbed down from him and got onto my knees.
“Aw baby I didn’t realise how bad my little girl was” he said smiling, while jerking his cock. I smiled back at him and grabbed his cock, shoving it in my mouth and playing with it, before feeling him shoot his hot cum to the back of my throat, filling my mouth with his juice. I swallowed it all, hearing him groan. I smiled widely at him and he picked me up, and kissed me so passionately.
We spent that night having hot passionate sex all over my parents’ house. It was the hottest experience of my life. We fucked and fucked until we fell asl**p together.
The next morning I woke up in my uncle’s arms. I looked at him for a while and took some time to think about everything that had been happening. I’d slept with my uncle, but I felt happier than I had for so long. The worst thing about the situation for me was that I couldn’t share my happiness with anybody, I couldn’t tell my parents or my friends, I couldn’t tell anybody. I felt bad for my Aunt Debby, she’s f****y, and even though she’s not bl**d, I’d known her my whole life and through what I was doing, I was betraying her. Guilt began to set in, and I felt like I was regretting what had been happening, but the more I looked at him and thought about the way he made me feel, those feelings began to disappear.
I decided to get up and go downstairs to make myself something to drink, not long after I got down there I heard his footsteps approaching. I was stood in the kitchen, facing the sink when he came in. He came and stood behind me, wrapping his arms around my waste.
“Good morning princess” he said quietly. I smiled; he made me feel so warm. I turned and kissed him softly. We looked at each other for a while, when we were interrupted by the sound of his mobile phone ringing, the sound was coming from the front room. He kissed me softly on the lips before turning to walk to the front room and get his phone.
“Hi honey” he answered. Then I got a feeling I never expected to feel through my uncle speaking to my Aunt. I felt jealous. I didn’t want him to be talking to her, I wanted his attention, I wanted him to come back and put his hands on me, and kiss me. Then I started thinking, he’s going to be going back to her. They’re going to sl**p in the same bed. He’s going to fuck her.
“Yeah honey it’s been a long night, I’m still at Bill’s, I think I’ll probably be here most of the day, we really need to get this work finished. Okay honey, see you soon, bye” he said before putting the phone down and walking back into the kitchen. He walked over to me and put his arms around me again, but I didn’t respond.
“What’s wrong baby? That was just your Aunt Debby on the phone, but I got rid of her” he said, smiling at me and leaning in to kiss my lips. I stopped him before he could.
“You got rid of her now and got more time with me today but that’s just now Uncle David, you’re still going to fuck HER” I said the word “her” as though she was my worst enemy. He just smiled at me and kissed me, I didn’t stop him this time, I loved his kisses.
“You really think I’m ever going to want to fuck her again after I’ve had that beautiful little pussy on my cock?” he asked, as soon as he started talking like that I felt my pussy begin to tingle.
“You’re the only one I want Em, this is more than just a fuck you’d have with a boy your age, this is real” he told me.
“But you’re my uncle” I said “nobody can ever find out about this!” I exclaimed.
“And nobody has to right now sweetie, this is our secret, you like the way your uncle fucks you right?” he asked, moving his hand down my body as he did and rubbing on my pussy on top of my panties. I began breathing heavily, unable to answer him. He picked me up and placed me on the kitchen side and slid down his trousers. He got me in the right position and began rubbing his cock on my clit slowly, making me moan slightly.
“You want it baby?” he asked “yeah? You want it?” he asked me teasing my pussy as he did. I nodded at him, smiling, wanting him so bad. I felt the head of his cock find my little hole; he slowly began to slide himself inside me, getting deeper slowly, before pumping into me hard. I moaned loud as he fucked me, I wrapped my arms around him and he kissed my neck as he pounded me. We fucked until he pulled me down and came all over my tits. This was just the beginning of my relationship with my uncle and I was so eager to find out where it was going to go.
My parents returned on the Sunday night, by that time my uncle was gone and they had no idea anything ever happened. From that day we met secretly whenever my parents or my aunt were out. At f****y get togethers we’d always find ways to sneak off and find a room somewhere to have a quick fuck or for me to suck him off. The possibility of getting caught became such a turn on for both of us. Our relationship developed and became quite serious. I was falling in love with my uncle, my father’s b*****r, but by this point I didn’t care.
In the summer my parents decided to go on a week away together, they wanted to have the time away alone and I didn’t really want to go anyway, and to mine and my uncles delight, my aunt suggested that I go and live with her and my uncle for the week, and my parents completely agreed. Every night I’d wait for my aunt to go to bed and I’d have a bath/shower, there was never the hesitation of locking that bathroom door anymore, it stayed open every night, and every time my uncle would come up and sneak in right on time. We fucked in their shower, in their bed, in their kitchen, on their floors and my Aunt was never any wiser of our relationship.
During the week that my parents went away, my uncle turned 35. He decided he didn’t want any big celebration so that night, he my aunt and I went out for dinner. He sat next to my aunt and I sat opposite him. He spent the tight stroking my leg with him, I couldn’t wait to get home, I had a treat planned for him that I couldn’t wait to give him.
As usual that night my aunt went to bed at her usual time and I went for my usual bath. My uncle sneaked in and joined me. I made him lye back and relax, as I kissed him and kissed down his body to his cock, I sucked him to tease him before I wanted to give him my treat. I put my legs either side of his and moved myself up so my pussy hovered over his cock. He took his cock into his hand and moved it towards my pussy, but I stopped him and removed his hand. He looked confused so I signalled him to “sh” and took his cock into my hand. I slowly moved it backward and watched the surprised look on his face. I slowly placed the head of his cock between my ass cheeks, finding my tiny little asshole. He nit on his bottom lip as he watched me begin to slowly slide the head of his cock into my tiny little hole. I let out tiny moans as I felt it enter me slowly, I began slowly moving myself up and down, he let me take my time, he didn’t rush me, I could feel him slightly trying to push himself further inside my ass. I smiled at him, “You want your nieces’ little asshole?” I asked him. He nodded at me and smiled, before trying to push himself even further in. I let him do it and let out a moan, he tried to take control, slowly sliding his cock in and out of my little asshole, getting a little deeper each time. I rubbed on my clit as he began to thrust in and out of me. My uncle was fucking my asshole and it felt so good. I moaned, trying to be quiet, but it was harder than usual this time. He pounded me, the water splashed everywhere and I tried so hard to keep my moans inside. We started to fuck harder and faster, I loved it, I wanted more, I wanted it so bad. He fucked my ass hard until I felt his warm cum burst inside my ass and he let out quite a loud moan. I slid my ass off his cock and leaned down to kiss him. He ran his fingers through my hair and kissed me so passionately, sliding his tongue in and out of my mouth. We got out of the bath and he laid me on the floor and kissed down my body. He got to my pussy and began to suck on my clit. Slowly sliding two fingers inside me. He pushed in a third as I moaned loudly, I grabbed a towel from the side and bit down on it to stop myself moaning, my aunt was just across the hall in her bed that I’d fucked her husband in, and now I was lying on her bathroom floor while he ate me out. These thoughts drove me crazy and made me want him so much more. He fucked and sucked my pussy until I came all in his mouth. I sat up and he sat against the bath with his legs out so I could sit on him. I loved when we sat together naked and I could feel his cock on me, even when we weren’t fucking. I wrapped my arms around him and began whispering in his ear.
“I want to sl**p with you tonight” I whispered.
“You know I’d love that baby, but how?” he replied.
“I don’t care, I need to. I hate when you leave me to go sl**p with her, I want to feel you on me all night, sl**p with me, please” I begged.
He lightly put his finger on my cheek and turned my face to look at him, he kissed me lightly.
“You’re so special Em...I love you” He whispered.
This made me feel so warm, it didn’t feel weird, it felt just right and I’d been waiting to hear him say it for so long, I never wanted to say it first; I didn’t want to look like a silly little girl.
“I love you so much” I whispered, looking into his eyes. I kissed him and we kissed for a long time before he lay me back down on the floor. We fucked 3 times on that bathroom floor that night. We never did end up sl**ping together.
The next day my parents were home and I had to go back to living at my house. I was dreading it, I’d loved living with my uncle for that week. Our relationship had gone so much further. When my parents got back my aunt and uncle decided to come back with me to see them, and see how their trip had been. We got there and all chatted for a while. All the time I just wanted a moment alone with my uncle. There was barely any food in the house as they had been away, so my aunt ordered my uncle to go out and get us a takeaway.
“Why don’t you come with me Em?” he asked me, giving me a look I knew I was the only one that could understand. I jumped up straight away and put on my shoes, we couldn’t get out fast enough. We got into his car and drove off as quickly as we could. By this point it was dark so we drove for a while before we came to an abandoned car park. There was nobody around and no cars there, so my uncle pulled in there and parked the car in the furthest corner. As soon as the car stopped I slipped off my leggings and underwear and my uncle quickly unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock at the same time.
“Get her now!” He demanded. He stayed in his seat and I climbed over and sat on him, I slid down onto his cock, it felt so fucking good. I’d been craving it all day. I bounced so hard and fast I don’t think we’d ever fucked that passionately before. We both wanted it more than ever. For me this was proof of how far we’d come.
“I fucking love you Em!” He said through his heavy breathing.
I began kissing him and said “ you...too” through kisses as I bounced hard on him. Then he pulled out of me and slowly moved his cock back and slid it into my ass. We’d done this quite a few times then, it became one of our favourite things to do. I smiled at him feeling him sliding into my ass. I bounced even harder now, moaning so hard, the car was shaking around like mad. I felt his cum spray into my ass and I kissed him passionately. I knew we had to go back now, and I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to sit back with them people and not be able to touch him or talk to him properly.
“I never want this to end” I whispered to him.
“It doesn’t have to baby” he told me.

I fell madly in love with my uncle. We had an absolutely amazing relationship, and to this day we still do. Eventually him and his wife got divorced, to this day I still feel bad for that, he just couldn’t satisfy her after falling in love with me. After that I got to see him a lot more as he was living on his own. I spent a lot of time at his house, always telling my parents I was staying at friend’s houses, I spent many nights there. At the moment I have my own place, I moved out of my parents house and my uncle basically lives with me when he can. We spend most of our time with each other. Still to this day, nobody knows about our relationship and for now that’s how we’re going to keep it. We’re in love and we don’t want to spoil that. The sex is still absolutely amazing, and he’s the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I never could have believed somebody if they would have told me I was going to end up having a relationship like this with my uncle, but it happened and I have absolutely no regrets.
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Sarah and Nicole go Shopping (part one)

This and the following part two are extracts from my novel "Sarah's Garden." They aren't really explicit erotica but rather an amusing account of two newly out lesbian girls let loose by their girlfriends for a day's shopping in town and a spot of girl watching with some rather startling results. Just a bit of fun really for your amusement.


“Well all I can say is that it’s going to be an interesting encounter with your mum tomorrow Nicky!” declared Sarah feelingly as she steered her BMW along the west bound autobahn a little outside Zurich. Nicole pulled a face. They had been discussing the episode with Nicole’s mother ever since Sarah and Daniela had picked Nicole and Charmaine up for the drive to Zurich at lunch time. Daniela was occupying the passenger seat next to Sarah and looking serious but Sarah knew her well enough to know that she was highly amused by the situation and having a hard time keeping a straight face. Nicole was sat in the back with Charmaine and looking seriously agitated.
Charmaine was holding her hand supportively but still somewhat at a loss to understand why Nicole was making such a fuss about it. She had more than once stated firmly that she wished to hell that her own mother was as tolerant and understanding as Nicole’s appeared to be. “Maybe I should come with you when you see your mum Nicky.” she suggested tentatively.
Nicole jumped as if someone had stuck a hatpin into her nether portions. “Out of the bl**dy question!” she declared heatedly.
Daniela rolled her tongue in her cheek. “Why not Nicky?” she asked. “You’re going to have to introduce Charlie to your parents sooner or later; get her feet under the table and all that. Doubtless your dad will want to take Charlie to one side and ask her if her intentions upon his daughter are serious and honourable and whether or not she will be able to maintain her in the fashion to which she is accustomed!”
Sarah glared at Daniela. “You’re not helping here Danny!”
Daniela conceded an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry Nicky. I shouldn’t make fun. I know this must be a bit traumatic for you. Still I can’t help but agree with Charlie here. It sounds a bit of a storm in a teacup from what I can gather. Ok so your mum’s got a bit of the wrong end of the stick and all that but to be honest I think most gay people would kill to have a mother as open minded as yours seems to be.”
Nicole groaned. “I can’t just come out and tell my mum that I’m seeing another girl Danny!”
Daniela shrugged. “It sounds as if she’s figured it out already Nicky. Just got the wrong girl is all.”
Nicole blushed. “But I’d have to tell her that... that ...I’m... well....”
Daniela raised an eyebrow. “What... gay? Tut tut! What a terrible admission that would be!”
Nicole glanced at Charmaine hauntedly. “I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.”
Charmaine regarded her shrewdly. “By the sound of things your mum is more ready for that than you are Nicky.” Nicole had the grace to look sheepish. Sarah for her part bit her lip and kept her peace. Charmaine’s astute observation had pretty much hit the nail on the head. Charmaine wrapped her arms around Nicole affectionately. “Come on Fluffy it won’t be all that bad.”
Sarah and Daniela exchanged delighted glances. Daniela grinned wickedly and mouthed “Fluffy!” silently and Sarah had to put a hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle. Fortunately she was distracted by the necessity of overtaking a large heavy goods vehicle. Daniela became business like. “Listen Sarah, Nicky we’re on a bit of a tight schedule today so I wonder if you wouldn’t mind postponing seeing the studio and meeting the band till another day. I thought maybe we could all get together next week sometime for dinner and I could introduce you both properly to the guys.”
Sarah nodded. “Ok Danny but won’t it be a bit rude if I drive you to the studio and just drop you off without saying hello?”
“No I was going to suggest that we drop you two off in town and then I drive Charlie and me to the studio. It’s way out of the city centre. Anyway if you drop us off and drive into town you’ll have a bitch of a time finding somewhere to park. Zurich’s a bl**dy nightmare. We can pick the pair of you up later. If you like I’ll drive us home Sarah so you and Nicky can have a drink together after you’ve finished shopping.”
Sarah frowned uncertainly. “How long do you expect to be Danny?”
Daniela paused to think. “I don’t really know honey but we’ve got a fair bit I want to get through today. I’m thinking it’s going to be seven o’clock at the earliest before we’re through.”
“Aren’t you going to be late at the studio if you drop us off in town?” Sarah asked.
“We could drop Nicky and Sarah off at the tram station and they could take a tram into town.” Charmaine suggested. “It’s only a few minutes or so to the bahnhof. We could pick them up later in town when we’re not so pushed for time.”
Daniela nodded. “That’s a good idea. We’d avoid most of the traffic that way. Would you two girls mind taking a tram into town?”
“No of course not.” Sarah reassured her. “I’ll just have to try not to get lost. I hardly know Zurich.”
“It’s ok I’ve got a street map.” Nicole mentioned nonchalantly. Sarah glanced over her shoulder at Nicole and raised an enquiring eyebrow. Nicole’s eyes fluttered guiltily. “What?” she asked defensively.
“Oh nothing.” Sarah nodded. “Ok that sounds like a plan. Are you going to call me on my mobile when you’re through at the studio then Danny?”
“Yes honey. Make sure you’ve got the damn thing turned on for a change! You just find yourselves a nice little pub somewhere and we’ll come and pick you up.”
Sarah nodded grimly and cast an acerbic glance in Nicole’s direction. “Oh I’m sure we’ll have no problem there!”
It was a good plan. There was a perfectly good tram halt on the way into town and Zurich, in common with most Swiss cities, had an excellent tram service. Sarah surrendered control of the BMW to Daniela at the kerbside by the tram halt and kissed her. Daniela patted her bottom and reached into her handbag. “Here honey take my card and you and Nicole buy yourselves something nice to bring home.”
“I don’t need your credit card Danny!” Sarah protested.
“Be a good girl and do as you’re told! Zurich’s an expensive place.”
“But Danny I’ve got enough money in my own account. I’ve hardly touched my allowance this month.”
“Yes but you tanked up the Ferrari yesterday and this b**st this morning out of your own money.”
“That’s hardly going to break the bank Danny. Anyway it’s mostly your money in my account and in any case.... Urgh!” Sarah’s protestations were cut short in a strangled gurgle. Nicole had just clamped a hand over her mouth.
“She’ll take it Danny!” Nicole affirmed. “Now shut up Sarah!”
Daniela laughed. “Yes shut up darling. You girls go and have fun.” Daniela turned to wag a finger under Nicole’s nose. “And you Miss Richardson behave yourself! If you contrive to get my girlfriend into trouble in the big city I’ll get Charlie to practice her slap riffs on your rump!”
Nicole was the picture of wounded innocence. “I don’t know Zurich well enough to find any trouble!”
“I’ll believe that when I see it!” noted Daniela with a sour grin. “Ok Charlie we’d better cut these two loose and push on. I’ll call you later Sarah. You two have fun ok and don’t get into any mischief.” With a last kiss Daniela and Charmaine abandoned them at the tram stop.
“I don’t bl**dy believe you Foxy!” Nicole grumbled as they stood at the tram stop clutching their handbags. “Fancy trying to talk your girlfriend out of giving you her bl**dy credit card! You must be soft in the head!”
Sarah sighed heavily. “Well like it or not it looks like we’re lumbered with the damn thing. I suppose that means we’re going to have to do some shopping.” Sarah uncharacteristically for a young woman was an unenthusiastic shopper; a fact which was the source of considerable incredulous astonishment to Nicole who could have quite happily made a career out of the pastime.
Nicole rolled her eyes to heaven. “You can bet your last bl**dy rappen on it! The Devin millions at our disposal and the whole of Zurich to spend it in! Damn right we’re going to do some bl**dy shopping!”
“I am not about to bankrupt my girlfriend just to pander to your ruthless avarice Nicole Richardson!”
“Pah! She’ll hardly notice!”
“Hmph! I notice you didn’t mention the other little item on the day’s itinerary you have planned young lady!”
“I haven’t planned anything.”
“My arse! Come on let’s see it.”
“See what?”
“This infamous street map you’re carrying. I’m betting my last chemise it’s got the precise location of every sleazy gay bar in Zurich marked down on it.”
“What a load of rubbish! I just thought we needed some way to find our way about.”
“Don’t try to pull the wool over my eyes. I know you too well... Fluffy!”
Nicole groaned. “I’ll bl**dy kill Charlie for calling me that in public! How bl**dy embarrassing is that?”
“Don’t change the subject. Let’s see this map.”
“All right so maybe I have just marked down a couple of places where we could maybe go for a drink after we’ve done some shopping. What’s wrong with that?”
“A couple?”
“Well ok half a dozen or so.”
“Half a dozen! Are you dragging me into a gay pub crawl?”
“It’s just to give us a little choice.”
“Did Charlie tell you all about these dives?”
“Well she recommended one of them.”
“And the rest?”
“I looked them up on the internet.”
“Oh my God! What the hell are you dragging me into?”
“Chill Sarah! We’re only going for a quiet drink and a look see. We’ve only ever been in the one gay bar. I thought it would be interesting to see a couple of others. Give us a bit of perspective and all that.”
“Oh so all this mad scheme is just in the name of academic research is it; mere sociological investigation? The fact that you’re tarted up to the max with your best dress on has got bugger all to do with this impartial inquiry I suppose.”
“Hey we’re on a day out in the big city. I couldn’t dress up like a tramp could I?” Nicole protested. “Anyway you’re looking pretty sharp yourself.”
“Well yes but that’s because I thought we were going to be meeting Danny’s band and I didn’t want to let Danny down in front of them.”
“Well why should you attach more sinister motives to my desire to look nice today then?”
“Because I know you. I know when you’re in hunting mode. You used to do this sort of thing all the time when you were chasing men.”
“Well I’m not chasing men!” Nicole pointed out. “And as for attracting girls well I don’t even know how to dress to attract lesbian girls so your base suspicions of my intentions are groundless. Anyway it’s a good job that we’re both well dressed. With Danny’s credit card at our mercy we’ll be wanting to hit the sort of boutiques that would chuck us out of the door on sight if we looked like a pair of hicks from the Toggenburg!”
Sarah groaned theatrically. “Oh God! Today is going to be an ordeal!”
“Stop wingeing Sarah! Have you got some change handy? Here comes the tram.”
They stepped out of the tram at the main railway station and paused for a conference. Zurich was a big place for two country girls from the Toggenburg and they needed some sort of plan. At the station and to the south of them was a huge shopping area centred on the Bahnhofstrasse but this was a centre of seriously wealthy luxury shops and international fashion full of haut couture designer outlets and breathtakingly expensive jewellery stores. Even with Daniela’s credit card at their disposal Sarah baulked at the sort of prices they would face there. It was a wealthy person’s territory and, rich girlfriend or not, Sarah felt hopelessly out of place there. “What’s the problem?” demanded Nicole. “We’ve got money to burn haven’t we?”
“My girlfriend’s money!” Sarah pointed out “I don’t intend to start a conflagration in my beloved’s bank account. In any case I don’t feel comfortable in the sort of shops they have down the Bahnhofstrasse. They stare down their nose at you unless you’re a millionaire.”
“You are a millionaire!”
“No, my girlfriend’s a millionaire. I’m just a waitress in a rural hotel.”
“I think you’re splitting some seriously dodgy hairs Foxy. You live in an eight bed-roomed country villa; drove us here in a seventy grand BMW SUV; went swanning around Appenzell yesterday in about a quarter of a million’s worth of Ferrari convertible; you’re wearing a frock that didn’t cost a rappen less than a thousand francs and sporting another three grand’s worth of bling on you and now you tell me that you’re too humble to go shopping down the Bahnhofstrasse! Is it me that’s losing the plot or you?”
“Well I think we’d be better off crossing the river and spending the afternoon in Niederdorf.”
Nicole paused to consider. She had to concede that Sarah’s idea was a good one. Close by the station the road crossed the river Limmat and to the south east of the bridge was one of the oldest quarters of the city; Niederdorf, a warren of pedestrian precincts swarming with shops, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, bars and food stalls. It was a busy, fun part of town, more bohemian in character and younger and more trendy in nature full of chic young boutiques and music shops. It was a more appropriate place for two young girls out for fun with a much more youthful crowd augmented by students from the university. It also incidentally happened to be, according to Nicole’s detailed researches, the epicentre of the city’s gay community scene with several bars, cafes and dance clubs in the neighbourhood. This, as far as Nicole was concerned, was the decisive factor. “Ok you’ve got a point.” she allowed. “Let’s cross the river and shelter in the shade of the trees.”
Sarah blinked in surprise. It was a remarkably witty and subtle reference coming from Nicole. She pulled a face. “I think the Stonewall Inn is in Greenwich village, New York Nicky; not in Niederdorf!”
They negotiated the busy intersection at the station and walked across the bridge. On the edge of Niederdorf they passed a small hotel where a spectacularly dressed young lady was lounging about outside. She was pretty enough for Nicole to submit her to an appraising look and she received an inviting smile back as a result. Excitedly she whispered to Sarah. “That girl gave me a come on Sarah! I’m sure she did!”
Sarah sighed. For a girl that was forever berating the rural backwardness of the Toggenburg Nicole was surprisingly unworldly when it came to the trappings of urban life. Sarah was no city girl herself but at least her years at university in Bern had taught her to be a little more streetwise. “Forget it Nicky! I’m not letting you spend Danny’s money like that!”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“She’s a prostitute you muppet!”
“You’re k**ding me!”
“Not at all. That hotel is doubtless her workplace.”
“Why would she try to invite a girl?”
“She’s probably having a slack day and prepared to bat her eyelashes at anybody who seems interested regardless of their gender. I suppose it makes no odds to her. It’s not as if she’s interested in her clients for their sexual attraction or anything. Who knows, a pretty young girl might make a pleasant change from the usual fat, balding middle-aged men she normally does business with and you were leering at her. Maybe she thought that two well dressed young girls might have a bit of money about them.”
Nicole pondered. “I didn’t think this was the red light district Sarah.”
“It isn’t really. Oh there are a few brothels and strip clubs in Niederdorf but the main red light region is around Langstrasse over on the west side of the river. Alan took me for dinner in a Brazilian restaurant there one day when we were in Zurich. It’s a pretty dodgy neighbourhood but apparently it’s pretty tame compared with the red light districts in most big European cities.” Sarah giggled. “Danny told me a funny story about the street girls in Zurich.”
“Oh yes?”
“Yes. Apparently the local city council was trying to clean up the city a bit and they tried to pass a civic ordinance forbidding prostitutes to ply their trade on the streets during peak trading hours. The local prostitutes’ guild was outraged. They stood to lose a lot of business. As a result they all went on strike in protest.”
“Oh come on!”
“It’s true! Every single last working girl in the city went on strike. They even staged a demonstration and a rally in the city centre all dressed up in their working clothes, waving placards. Apparently it was one of the funniest demonstrations ever seen in the city. After all you don’t see many protest strikes from a group of workers demanding longer working hours!”
“Oh God! Only in Switzerland! Can you imagine a picket line outside a brothel?”
“Priceless isn’t it? I wonder if they bussed scabs in from other cities to cross the picket lines!”
“What happened in the end? Did they stop the ordinance or what?”
“I don’t really know what happened although that young lady we just saw would seem to suggest that the protest was successful. It’s two o’clock in the afternoon and she was definitely on duty! I suppose perhaps that sober heads in the city council may have reconsidered. After all, a group as colourful as that must be worth its weight in gold as a tourist attraction. The Langstrasse holds a big carnival every year that is one of the city’s most salacious and popular entertainments. There’s another thing too. I suspect that it doesn’t do for people with fragile public reputations to piss off the city’s prostitutes! God knows how many prominent civic figures there are who wouldn’t wish their leisure activities to become public knowledge!”
They turned on to the Niederdorfstrasse; the long pedestrian street that arrowed through the heart of the Niederdorf district. It was a fine day for a stroll down this bustling centre of the old town for the autumn sun was shining kindly and had lured thousands of people out onto the streets. It was a perfect day for people watching or, more specifically in Nicole’s case, for girl watching. Sarah could sympathise with Nicole’s new found fascination with her own gender. When Sarah had been first coming to terms with her own sexuality she had done much the same thing; going through to Winterthur to observe girls. It had been an exciting journey of discovery. Pretty girls were an endless source of fascination. The city was a perfect place to watch girls and, despite being October, the weather was still warm enough to tempt those girls out onto the street in clothes more notable for their decorative function rather than as a barrier against the elements.
Nicole was clearly excited at the opportunity to overtly look at attractive young girls; something she wouldn’t have dreamed of doing in the Toggenburg. In truth as well she was not alone. Sarah was enjoying the experience too. In spite of the fact that she was in a serious relationship with one of the most stunningly beautiful lesbian women in the country, Sarah was nevertheless not averse to the charms of a pretty girl even if they were only to look at. She liked looking at them. Furthermore her enjoyment was increased this day by the opportunity afforded to share the experience. Daniela often pointed out nice looking girls but Sarah was usually inhibited about doing the same by the feeling that it was somehow disrespectful to your girlfriend to be ogling other girls whilst in her presence. Also it was true that Daniela was so captivatingly lovely that, when with her, Sarah usually only had eyes for her and all other girls paled in comparison. Today however she was not only at liberty to admire the girls but also able to discuss their merits with an equally enthusiastic observer.
Nicole nudged Sarah. “Check out the girl on that cafe terrace; the one in the blue top. She’s hot!”
Sarah laughed. “She’s also straight Nicky. Can’t you point out a girl without a bl**dy great hunk of a fellah in tow for a change?”
“Hell I only want to look at her not shag her!”
“Well your gaydar needs some fine tuning. So far every girl you’ve pointed out to me has either had the boyfriend in tow or been a prostitute!”
“Well how the hell do you tell the difference anyway?”
Sarah scratched her head. “To be honest I’m not sure. Oh sometimes it’s obvious. I mean you could tell Charmaine was gay straight away but a lot of the times gay girls don’t look as if they’re gay. It’s fairly easy with the boyish looking girls but a lot of lesbians are pretty girly too. I mean most gay girls take years refining their gaydar to spot each other. Danny can pick out a gay girl a hundred metres away with unerring accuracy. I don’t know how she does it.”
“Well it’s easy for her isn’t it Sarah?”
“How do you mean?”
“Well she’s just about the most well known gay female in Switzerland Sarah. Any gay girl that sets eyes on her is going to light up like a Christmas tree! They’d stand out a mile.”
“I see where you’re coming from. Yes that’s a good point. I think a lot of the time when I spot a gay girl on the street it’s because they spot me as well. You get that “Is she or isn’t she moment” and then you realise you’re both looking at each other and wondering the same. Bingo! Contact!”
Nicole paused to consider. “Maybe we’re too straight looking Sarah. If we’re going to spot the gay girls maybe we should look a bit more lesbian and attract their notice.” Nicole laughed shortly. “It’s ironic isn’t it? Before you met Danny and came out as gay you looked more lesbian than you do now!”
“Hmmph! Have you noticed that you seem to be dressing more girly since you started going out with Charlie?”
“Well it’s not really helping us now is it?”
“Well we could try to look more gay.”
“I suppose so. What are we going to do? Buy some more masculine cut clothes or get your hair cut short?”
“No fucking way! Danny loves my hair! She’d wring my neck if I had it shorn off!”
“Well what do you suggest?”
“Well let’s try holding hands. Better still put your arm around my waist. That should send a good enough signal to our spiritual s****rs.”
“You’re taking the piss!”
“Why not? Come on we’re in Zurich! Nobody knows us here.”
“Are you sure it would work. I mean we’d look like a couple and turn everybody off.”
“We’d still attract attention and, as you already said, we’re only trying to spot them, not shag them.”
“Ok we’ll give it a bash; just as long as we don’t pull in a bunch of fellahs with lesbian fantasies!”
“That’s always going to be a risk.”
As chance would have it their luck was in for they had gone no further than a hundred and fifty metres when two girls passed them in the opposite direction. One girl might have been a little ambiguous in a short skirt and white top but the other girl wore a pair of stylish black trousers with a masculine style shirt and a black waistcoat. With her boyish hairstyle she looked the part even if she hadn’t smiled openly at Nicole and Sarah. The two girls smiled back and there was an instant understanding between the four girls before they separated. Nicole was exultant at the triumph. “They were gorgeous!” she declared. “Do you think they’re a couple?”
“I don’t know Nicky. They’re both lesbian for sure though.”
“How can you tell? I mean the tall girl was straightforward enough.”
“Possibly a bad choice of words there Nicky!”
“You know what I mean. The other girl though... I mean if you saw her on her own would you have known she was gay?”
“Didn’t you see her earring?”
“No. What about it?”
“She was wearing a black triangle as an earring.”
“Well what the fuck does that mean?”
“It’s a lesbian identification symbol Nicky. Gay men use a pink triangle as a gay symbol and lesbians a black one. They’re taken from the triangles that were obliged to be worn by gay inmates of the Nazi concentration camps of World War Two.”
“You mean lesbians had to wear a black triangle on their prison clothes?”
“Not exactly. Certainly gay men had to wear a pink triangle. It’s a bit more complicated with lesbians. Black triangles were the badge given to anti-social women. To the Nazis any woman was anti social who didn’t conform to the stereotype of submissive housewife taking care of the home and breeding a new generation of Aryan babies for the fatherland and the greater glory of the master race and the Third Reich. Lesbians certainly came under that heading and so the lesbian subculture has appropriated the black triangle as its symbol.”
“God where do you learn all this stuff?”
“I do my research. I’ve got the country’s most famous lesbian as a girlfriend. I need to know this stuff.”
“So a black triangle tells other gay women that you’re gay?”
“Yes among other things.”
“What other things? Are you telling me that there’re more symbols and stuff you can wear on you to advertise your sexuality.”
“Hell yes. There’s the labrys, or double headed battleaxe which is a symbol that dates back to the Minoan civilisation or there’s the lambda from the Greek letter which is a general gay symbol. Or you can wear various forms of the gay rainbow flag or, for lesbians, the double Venus symbol. There’re loads of them.”
“And you can buy this stuff as jewellery?”
“Sure you can. All sorts of stuff; necklaces, pendants, bangles, commitment rings, earrings you name it.”
Nicole clapped her hands together. “That’s it then! We’re on a mission Sarah! Let’s find a trendy alternative jewellery store and see if they’ve got some lesbian chic bling in stock!”
“You’re k**ding!”
“Straight up. Er... I’ll rephrase that. I mean sure. Come on Sarah. We haven’t even started to put a dent in your girlfriend’s credit card yet!”
If there was one thing that Zurich possessed in abundance it was jewellery stores. Most of the big brand leaders in jewellery and watch making, Cartier, Bucherer, Tiffany’s, Swatch and the like, were concentrated around the Bahnhofstrasse but there were plenty of smaller and less well known outlets s**ttered around the city. Niederdorf was the perfect location to look for the kind of shop Nicole wanted to find and within a few minutes they had located a likely prospect. It was a trendy little boutique with a wide range of costume jewellery, trendy watches, Goth adornments and outrageous accessories clearly marketing the young crowd. You wouldn’t go there to order a tiara. You would go there to buy a nose stud! Inside the shop the girl who came across to serve them was wearing a black see through blouse over a black bra, skin tight black leather trousers, high black boots with huge platform heels, assorted piercings, heavy black eye-shadow and a scarlet streak in her jet black hair. It was all very encouraging. “Greuzi.” She greeted them. “Can I help you girls?”
Nicole’s earlier confidence seemed to evaporate when it came to the test. She swallowed and blushed. “Er we’re er... looking for... well er for well you know... girl’s jewellery.”
The girl gave Nicole an amused look. “Girl’s jewellery? Do you think you could be a little more specific?”
Nicole took a deep breath and tried again. “Well you know jewellery for well... like two girls.”
“Two girls?” the girl still seemed perplexed.
Nicole was becoming desperate. “Well that two girls might er like want to er wear to... er together like.”
“I’m sorry Miss I’m not catching your drift.”
Steeling herself for one last effort Nicole lowered her voice. “Well you know something a girl might er want to buy for... well er... another girl.”
Comprehension dawned at last. “Ah!” said the girl in an unnecessarily loud voice, “You mean like lesbian jewellery?”
Nicole cringed. The girl’s voice had a carry like a well hit golf ball. Several other clients in the shop turned to stare in interest. Blushing furiously Nicole murmured “Yes.”
“Sure we’ve got a range of Lez gear. Were you looking for anything in particular?”
“Er we just wanted to browse for the moment if that’s ok.”
“Sure I’ll go dig out some things for you.”
Nicole leaned back against a counter with a groan. “Oh god this is torment. Stop fucking laughing Sarah!”
Sarah covered her mouth with her hand. “I can’t help it! This is priceless!”
In amelioration of Nicole’s embarrassment it seemed as if they had hit the jackpot on the first attempt for the shop seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of lesbian related jewellery. The shop girl laid out tray after tray of products for their perusal. It was a bewildering collection. Many of the lesbian symbols that Sarah had already mentioned were on offer but there were dozens of others. There was even a range of jewellery from the hit television series “The L Word” on display and some startling items that caught them by surprise. One of these latter consisted of two rings each with a Venus symbol on them connected by a thin silver chain. “What’s this?” inquired Nicole, picking the object up in puzzlement.
“Nipple rings.” the girl informed her succinctly. Nicole dropped the object as if it had come fresh out of a furnace.
Sarah also found a surprising item that caught her eye. It was a beautifully crafted white gold pendant on a chain with two interlocking Ds with a single large sapphire set in the centre. “This is lovely,” she told the girl, “but what has it to do with lesbianism?”
“Ah that’s from our new Daniela Devin collection... you know the lesbian singer.”
“Yes.. er yes I’ve heard of her.”
“Well the two Ds are her initials and the sapphire is a reference to her single “Blue Stone Lady”.”
“Oh! I see.”
Nicole grinned. “Now that you’ve just got to buy Foxy!”
The shop girl looked uncertain. “It’s a little pricy.” she pointed out.
“I’ll take it!” said Sarah in sudden decision.
The girl blinked. “Of course. Do you want it gift wrapping?”
“Yes please.”
The girl left to wrap Sarah’s purchase. Sarah took a deep breath. “I don’t believe I did that! That cost over eight hundred francs!”
“Well you’ve got Danny’s card.”
“I’m not going to pay for it out of Danny’s money you idiot! I can’t use my girlfriend’s card to buy a gift for her.”
“But most of your own money is from Danny isn’t it?”
“Not all of it. I still have all my wages from the Hotel which I’ve hardly touched because Danny picks up all the bills and I’ve still got a nice chunk of money in my savings account. Danny does give me a generous allowance but I use that mostly for housekeeping and to be honest I never spend as much as she gives me. I’m forever telling her that I don’t need that much.”
Nicole frowned. “Do you think that range of jewellery is an official endorsement by Danny Sarah or somebody just using her name. If so Danny may want to sue!”
“Oh God that’s a point! I don’t know if she’s copyrighted the use of her initials or anything. She’s never mentioned endorsing a line of jewellery with her name on it.”
Nicole shrugged. “Well we seem to have got distracted. Let’s find something for us two.”
By the time the shop girl had returned with Sarah’s purchase they had made a choice. It was a fairly conservative one for they picked out two matching eighteen carat gold chains with double Venus pendants in the same material. They were understated but stylish and reasonably priced at a little over four hundred francs apiece. The shop girl was getting more interested by the minute. These two girls had money it seemed and she was on commission. She smiled at them. “Do you want these wrapping as well?” she asked.
“No need. Just put them in their boxes.” Nicole told her. “We’re wearing them today.”
The girl lifted an eyebrow. “I see. Are you two a couple then?”
Nicole started. “Er... no. We’re just good friends.”
“Are you two from Zurich then?”
Sarah answered. “No we’re just here for the day. We live in the country in Canton St Gallen. We’re going back sometime this evening.
The girl’s interest rose another notch. “Is that so? Hey we close at seven o’clock this evening. Maybe you two girls would like to meet up for a drink before you head off home. There’s a little bar just on the corner that’s kind of nice.”
Nicole swallowed. “Oh yes I saw it when we came up the street.”
“Well if you fancy it I’ll be there with my colleague just after seven. Pop in if you’ve nothing better to do.”
Nicole and Sarah exchanged glances. “Er we’ll think about it.” Nicole told her. “We’ll be hanging around until at least then I think.”
“Great I hope to see you. I’ll just go put these in a box for you.”
Once she had left once more Nicole pulled a face and ran a hand through her hair. “Jesus! I think we just pulled Sarah! That bar is one of the one’s on my list!”
Sarah placed a hand on her hip and regarded Nicole with exasperation. “Oh just great! So now when Danny and Charlie come looking for us this evening they’ll find we’ve just picked up a couple of shop girls! I can’t even go shopping with you without you managing to get me into trouble!”
“Relax we don’t have to turn up. Anyway are we done here?”
“Not quite. You ought to buy something for Charlie.”
“Eh? You’re k**ding! I can’t do that.”
“Why the hell not?”
“Well for one thing I can’t afford it! Since you’ve set the precedent for not using Danny’s money to buy her a present I can hardly now use her money to buy my girlfriend one.”
“You don’t need to. You paid me the rent for the house this month but as of the beginning of the month you didn’t have to. I was going to give you it back but now I think you could use it to buy Charlie a present. If you’re a bit short I’ll lend you the rest.”
Nicole grimaced. “I could have done with that money Sarah. I’ve hardly got any work at the moment.”
“You’ve got plenty Nicky. For one thing you don’t have to pay rent anymore. There’ll still be some weekend work in the Hirschen and Simon and Peter need help decorating their new pub.”
“They haven’t got the money to pay me yet Sarah.”
“No but Danny has. We were talking about it last night. Danny’s putting a good deal of money into that pub and she says she’ll pay you something for your efforts.”
Nicole brightened. “Oh God! That’ll be a blessing.”
Sarah grinned and pinched Nicole’s cheek. “Don’t worry honey we’re not going to let you go short. On top of that we’ve still got Danny’s card for the rest of the day and there’s another thing you haven’t thought about.”
“What’s that?”
“Well I’m not the only one with a rich girlfriend now am I? Charlie may not earn as much as the regular band members but Danny is certainly going to make sure that she’s well paid and doubtless there are going to be all sorts of opportunities for her now. She’ll be rolling in the stuff so if I were you I’d stay on her sweet side and buy her that present. Call it casting bread upon the waters!”
“Well what should I buy her?”
“Well as it happens I’ve seen just the thing in that case over there. Since we’re buying necklaces for you, me and Danny it would look awful if we didn’t do the same for her. It’s not lesbian related but I think she’ll like it.”
“So show me.”
It was a chunky pendant in f******n carat gold on a chain, fashioned in the shape of an electric guitar. Nicole loved it as soon as she saw it. It was fairly expensive at three hundred and fifty francs but she decided on it without hesitation. The shop girl returned to find that they had another purchase. She grinned. “Every time I take my eyes off you two you’ve bought something else! Maybe I ought to slip out for a coffee and you’ll end up buying half the shop!”
Nicole fingered the pendant lovingly. “I ought to have it engraved.”
The shop girl nodded. “No problem there. We do free engraving the same day. It doesn’t take long. You could come back before seven and we’ll have it done for you and then we could go for that drink.”
Nicole hesitated. “Ok then. Could you just engrave the letter N on the back?”
Sarah raised an eyebrow sardonically. “N for Nicole? Sure you don’t want F for Fluffy?”
Nicole glared at her. “Somebody’s asking for a slap around here!”
Sarah laughed and turned to the shop girl. “Ok we’ll collect it later on. Can we pay you now?”
Once the complex financial transactions were completed the two girls found themselves back out on the street. Sarah was looking shell shocked at having just spent two thousand francs on trivial jewellery but Nicole was only just gearing up for some serious shopping with a predatory gleam in her eye. She dragged Sarah away and they began to hit the shops in earnest.

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