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Uncle Bob & Me

Uncle Bob & Me

... dick.

“Oooh! Oh fuck! Uncle Bob! Oh yeah!”

He let me know what it felt like to have something ... .

“Wish your Mum would let me do this to her.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, Uncle Bob. I don’t wanna ... let me touch her tush, just won’t let me…”

“For fuck’s sake, Uncle Bob! Just get back... Continue»
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uncle bob and me

... let me…”

“For fuck’s sake, Uncle Bob! Just get back in there, will you?”

“What? You think I ... -cum on my belly and his cock hadn’t gone inside me yet.

Uncle Bob, he brought his tongue out ... .

“Come on, Uncle Bob. Stop teasing me and get that thing inside me.”

He positioned himself... Continue»
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Dad, Me & Uncle at Cabin

... to me, With both my old man and his b*****r, My cock is ready to already shoot its load, Uncle didnt ... me another shot for all 3 of us to take on Jack Daniels. mmmm good.

Dad said to Uncle bend him ... and kissed me deep with his tongue and all our cum together. Fuck uncle said, you were right this was gonna... Continue»
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The Quarterback's Little s****r

... after the game?"

"You'll see me at the game!" Nancy said, standing up tall to kiss her b*****r ... even convince her to give him a back massage later if he played the "It'll really help me play well ... take this thing back before somebody tries to tackle me."

"You mean like me!" He said, bending down... Continue»
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... and into the rear-view mirror. “My uncle’s beach house is just another twenty minutes or so down the highway ... gushed even after Victoria had agreed to go with them to her uncle’s beach house just outside of San ... and spun around in a panic.

“Here, give that to me!” She said urgently as she snatched the bag from... Continue»
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Younger Niece Blackmails Uncle

... . “Suck my pussy, Uncle Bill, make me cum again!” she implored. Being the loving uncle ... composure. She swallowed every drop of my sperm, as her head bobbed up and down on me furiously ... , wordless, for a few minutes. This darling young girl had just made me the happiest uncle... Continue»
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My Last Summer at Home (Part 4)

... pits. My stereo was killer, my uncle Stu bought it for me when dad and I finished restoring my ’72 ... the seat. When we finished installing it my dad and uncle Stu made me raise my right hand and swear ... The whole week at the supermarket seemed to last forever for me and Jill. We didn't really get... Continue»
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Part 2. A Girl in Rome, penetration at last

... .
'I think my mother's due', I started to comment, but he cut me short, shaking his head and adding ... in them, more from his presence, as a sexual urge from deep within was engulfing me, he must have ... , 'This make you feel really good in your pussy', and he sniffed the air as if trying to smell me.
I... Continue»
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... uncle ok. I tell him no way. So you two need to promise me to keep this a secret ok?" We agree and on that satisfying note, we huddle and cuddle and fall asl**p.
... hood, I luv the taste of his glans, his hood. They all give me intense pleasure. We kiss and make luv ... and he is panting and gasping and thrusting his hips at me and then he cums, his sweet nectar splashing... Continue»
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... throat, you amped it up the night you told me you wanted to use the big blue vibrator in your ass ... fingers, my strap-on bobbing with each step. Your eyes lock onto our new toy, look up at me, widen ... thought back to the first time you let me have your ass, let me in on your dark fantasies. Always a fan... Continue»
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5 women pt 2

... hard cock she straddled me lowering her tight slit onto the b**st feeding it in slowly as she would ... my hips.

I sucked hard on her young nipples as she wrapped her arms around me, she begged me ... in, she looked me up and down as the water hit her young body I bent down and kissed her slowly... Continue»
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Sandy Tim and Eddy

... to tell you of my own visit to the above pair, I had finally managed to persuade them to trust me ... no mercy me naked
Like I say I don't mind, anything u like to do?
Something that I want to try ... sent
the sting will make me want to rub it
where exactly would u want its sting it will last... Continue»
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The Harbour

... trunks over my head. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

He grinned at me, his head bobbing just ... , Christina called from the side of the boat, startling me from my lazy euphoria.

“In a second” I ... to the unforgiving rays.

My friend’s uncle had let a few of us take his boat out on Sydney... Continue»
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... grabs onto the base and takes me in her mouth. Her head bobs up and down as she sucks. She is a good ...
I am on my way home from visiting my aunt and uncle. I am short of cash and stop ... to her car which is a couple of car lengths away. She looks over at me and grins. As she approaches... Continue»
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Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 8 – Se

... the phone, she called her uncle and spoke with him. She asked me if Tuesday would be okay and I ... morning jog. On my fourth lap of the beach, I saw Ginger sitting on the beach waiting for me. The sun ... company and I told her I wanted to do a couple more laps of the beach, so she joined me.
While heading... Continue»
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... cheap at $100. My uncle told me that if the guy came back while he was away golfing, I could sell ... too Bob." "Gotta run, the wife is expecting me home by 5:30 and I am late already. Otherwise, I'd have ... SHOE STORE SEXPERIENCE-my first
After graduating from a rural High School, I worked for my uncle... Continue»
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... the door behind me, getting back to the apartment a bit later from work, than usual.
“Hi honey! You ... across to me,
“We have a guest for the weekend.” she gave a mischievous smile.
“Yes, so I see ... direct eye contact.
“Please, call me Andrew – I don’t like being called sir.”
“Yes sir.” She... Continue»
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My First Experiance

... . My uncle went on a tour as usual. Aunty called me and said can you help me? I have to go ... . "Jay! I never enjoyed this much. I only heard about oral sex and Ur uncle never used to do this to me ... , is here. It’s in 5 parts to conclude my experience in detail.

This happened to me when I was 23. I... Continue»
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... to have a go on me. I nearly blurted out no I'm waiting for uncle to,but remembered just in time ... fucking uncle" - Ok! Ok! So tell me,lets sit how we do and tell me how they start off and go on from ... believe. I knew what to do,I naturally bobbed up and down and in no time my uncle groaned and I felt his... Continue»
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Taking it to the Hole

... sweat my big, hairy fucking balls off at 10 o’clock at fucking night? Are you fucking k**ding me ... to Brooklyn when he was 11 to live with his aunt and uncle when his parents died in a car crash ... years ago because she was aging. His aunt and uncle both worked graveyard and didn’t have the time... Continue»
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