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Uncle Bob & Me

Uncle Bob & Me

... dick.

“Oooh! Oh fuck! Uncle Bob! Oh yeah!”

He let me know what it felt like to have something ... .

“Wish your Mum would let me do this to her.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, Uncle Bob. I don’t wanna ... let me touch her tush, just won’t let me…”

“For fuck’s sake, Uncle Bob! Just get back... Continue»
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uncle bob and me

... let me…”

“For fuck’s sake, Uncle Bob! Just get back in there, will you?”

“What? You think I ... -cum on my belly and his cock hadn’t gone inside me yet.

Uncle Bob, he brought his tongue out ... .

“Come on, Uncle Bob. Stop teasing me and get that thing inside me.”

He positioned himself... Continue»
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Dad, Me & Uncle at Cabin

... to me, With both my old man and his b*****r, My cock is ready to already shoot its load, Uncle didnt ... me another shot for all 3 of us to take on Jack Daniels. mmmm good.

Dad said to Uncle bend him ... and kissed me deep with his tongue and all our cum together. Fuck uncle said, you were right this was gonna... Continue»
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Younger Niece Blackmails Uncle

... . “Suck my pussy, Uncle Bill, make me cum again!” she implored. Being the loving uncle ... composure. She swallowed every drop of my sperm, as her head bobbed up and down on me furiously ... , wordless, for a few minutes. This darling young girl had just made me the happiest uncle... Continue»
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... and into the rear-view mirror. “My uncle’s beach house is just another twenty minutes or so down the highway ... gushed even after Victoria had agreed to go with them to her uncle’s beach house just outside of San ... and spun around in a panic.

“Here, give that to me!” She said urgently as she snatched the bag from... Continue»
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The Quarterback's Little s****r

... after the game?"

"You'll see me at the game!" Nancy said, standing up tall to kiss her b*****r ... even convince her to give him a back massage later if he played the "It'll really help me play well ... take this thing back before somebody tries to tackle me."

"You mean like me!" He said, bending down... Continue»
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My Last Summer at Home (Part 4)

... pits. My stereo was killer, my uncle Stu bought it for me when dad and I finished restoring my ’72 ... the seat. When we finished installing it my dad and uncle Stu made me raise my right hand and swear ... The whole week at the supermarket seemed to last forever for me and Jill. We didn't really get... Continue»
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Just for fun

... throat, you amped it up the night you told me you wanted to use the big blue vibrator in your ass ... fingers, my strap-on bobbing with each step. Your eyes lock onto our new toy, look up at me, widen ... thought back to the first time you let me have your ass, let me in on your dark fantasies. Always a fan... Continue»
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... my picture in the advertisement. She selected a picture of me in very short levi shorts and a tight ... that we believed to be from the better
class and more solid neighborhoods. Kellys' uncle was a lawyer ... call him Charles.
The first time I arrived at Charles's condo he met me at the door and gave me... Continue»
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ivy league ch 2

... the blame on me to save your own ass," he replied. This caused the housewife to gasp. One of her big ... ?"

"I'm close to graduating, and my uncle is the dean," he said eyeing the hot blonde's legs ... that his uncle was Dean Brantly. "So... you are going to confess that they are your d**gs? I have... Continue»
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When I was posted in Germany

... hair bouncing and bobbing before me. The young
lady with the misty-gray eyes looks over her ... the people around me, my eyes come to a screeching
halt on a small cluster of young ladies who ... on the
stage. An occasional glimpse of a roadie with a guitar or an amp
can be seen through the small gap... Continue»
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Pizza Man or Under the Sheets

... us or they'll send me to Cleveland
to be with my uncle next!"

"Don't worry GeGe, I'll never ...
The summer of my 18th year held so many sexual surprises for me, Rick,
Rocco, Carl, Butch & Neil ... . and wouldn't return home till
6:00 P.M. so the house was mine. My mom just called to tell me Gulio had a
hard... Continue»
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Harry and His Friend...

... It was on a Sunday even as I walked along Main street, from behind me I heard a familiar voice ... . '...Hey David,wait up...' turning I saw Charlie's Uncle (horse dick) Harry. He was walking hurriedly ... as Harry was reached me he walked around me and slide his hand over my buttocks. Startled, by his show... Continue»
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Anna and her son Janus and the Death of Cyrus

... battered rosebud as he sunk the full length of his hard long throbbing cock into me. Yes mother you’re ... me, just fuck your mother. I need this so bad, oh god my son you feel so good in your mother’s tight ... through my heart as his son’s cock in turn ripped into my bowels. Please forgive me Julius I silently... Continue»
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Wonderland 4

... !But Steve's dad had also said something about Steve's mom fucking his Grandpa Dan and his Uncle Bob! Steve's ... grandparents' house."Hey!" said Steve, "What about Uncle Bob? And how did you and Dad get involved ... of hooters! Since the boys treated me so rough and uncaring I decided that I would never let any of them... Continue»
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corporate Desire

... a shameless invitation. Now she held me by the shoulders and started bobbing up and down, making the bed ... matured married ladies 4-5 years senior to me. But I had no other option to escape. When we finished ... our recruitment process, we returned to the hotel. They teased me with jokes of double meaning... Continue»
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Wonderland 5

... what's the story with Uncle Bob and how did you meet Dad?" asked Steve.He was trapped in the back seat ... by then."Steve's Uncle Bob ran the largest electrical subcontractor business in the area with three locations ... giving it to me when Bob walked by and saw us. Because he and Dad had been sharing Mom he figured... Continue»
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Alisha lends a hand

... that you love to jerk off listening to my moans when I bring boyz home to fuck me in my bedroom! Last ... night, it was Jason...." she said as her French-nailed fingers moved to her zipper "Yes, Uncle Mike's ... son. It must have been SO frustrating for you to hear my moans as he fucked me HARD. He bent me... Continue»
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Jeanne Does Deer Camp

... to Billy Bob for only a year. Her hourglass
shape with firm D cup tits and nice tight buns even gave ...
the ministers at her church a hard on when she wiggled

You couldn't blame Billy Bob ... turn with whoever
didn't have someone between their thighs.

Billy Bob remembered how difficult... Continue»
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Jr. Prom 3

... and that Bob was a lucky man.

As it happens, Bob had begun to ask me questions about what I/We had ... timidly.

"Sure Honey! Anything" she assured me.

"Can Bob stay over tomorrow night?" I said as I ... . How sexy I was. How good I was at
being a girl. How lucky Bob was to be taking me to prom... Continue»
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