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Trip to LA

... trip to Hedonism 2 in Jamaica
By: ... to go on that trip. I ran got my swimsuit and meet him at the boat. Tim and I enjoyed the scenic trip to Booby Island. When we got there we explored the island and came up on this small beach I wanted to ... ... Continue»
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Every summer, our f****y took a trip to visit our relatives on their farm. It was a trip that my s****r and I looked forward to every year. For two weeks, we basically had the run of the land with little or no supervision. We got to explore all of the barns, watch the a****ls, and swim in the creek that flowed through the pasture. Usually there were other visiting k**s to play with as well.

This year, my cousin Amber was visiting from New York City. It was her first trip out to the farm and it took her a while to get used to the fact that our here on the farm, there was no cell phones, no internet, and no cable TV to occupy her time. Depriving a teenage girl of these “necessities” of live could be devastating. It was actually my s****r Sarah who convinced her that it was possible to survive for two weeks in this rural desert.

The next day, it was a very hot and sunny day. All three of us decided to cool off my going down to the creek for a swim. When we were stripping off our clothes to get to the suits underneath, I noticed that Amber was wearing a relatively skimpy pink bikini. Unlike the traditional one-piece suit that Becky was wearing, the bikini clearly looked like something designed more for sunbathing than for swimming. Whenever Amber would jump or splash, her tits would lurch, barely restrained by the thin piece of fabric trying their best to restrain them.

Did I mention that Amber was quite an attractive young thing? Maybe this trip can get even more interesting.

Becky must have noticed my interest in Amber since she murmured so only I could hear, “Aren’t you glad you’re wearing a loose pair of trunks, eh, Chad?”

After a few minutes, Amber got out of the water and sat down on a blanket on the shore. Maybe she realized her suit wasn’t all that safe for bounding about in the water. I saw that as an opportunity and sat down next to her.

“So, have you adjusted to life on the farm yet?” I asked Amber.

“Not really,” she sighed. “I mean, I guess the farm is kinda interesting, but I feel so out of touch with the real world.”

“We’ll keep you so busy showing you things around here that you won’t have time to think about the rest of the world,” I promised. “We can go see the a****ls over in the barn later. Then you can really understand the meaning of the phrase, ‘hung like a horse,’” I laughed.

At this comment, Amber turned about as pink as her bikini. I hadn’t counted on that strong of a reaction and hoped I hadn’t pushed things too far. Before I could change the topic to something safer, Amber quietly said, “It’s not just an expression?”

I chuckled; hoping to make it sound like it was no big deal. “No, it’s pretty literal. Why don’t we go down to the barn tonight and take a look?”

Suddenly, I hear Becky say from behind me, “That sounds like a good idea. Let’s all go. We can sit up in the hayloft and watch the a****ls come in without them disturbing us.”

I shot Becky an annoyed glance at her comment. So much for getting Amber alone for a while. I tried not to look disappointed as Amber asked, “So the a****ls won’t be able to bite us?”

“Nope, they’ll be on the ground floor. We can watch in safety,” Becky assured Amber.

That decided it for Amber. “Okay, after dinner?”

“That’s when a lot of them come back in from the pasture,” I said.


“What was that all about?” I demanded as I burst into Becky’s room back at the farm?

“I was just trying to help you out, Chad,” Becky calmly answered, almost like she was trying to ignore me.

“How is inviting yourself on our private outing, ‘helping?’” I asked angrily.

“I know what you were trying to do and I know you want to fuck her, but in case you hadn’t noticed, she’s not like most of those easy girls you dated from school”, Becky explained patiently.

“Easy?” I asked.

“Yep. I know you’re good at getting the girls to spread their legs for you by the second date, but most of those chicks would give it to almost anyone who asked.”

“Well, I know you weren’t terribly patient with Andrew yourself,” I struck back. Practice was cancelled one day after school and I came home early. When I got home, instead of finding an empty house like I expected, I found Becky lying on her back on the living room couch and Andrew on top of her pushing his cock in and out of her pussy.

“I love the double standard you set between my exploits and yours,” huffed Becky. “Anyway, I don’t disapprove of your conquests – I said I was trying to help.”


“I doubt Amber would have agreed to go with you alone, and if she did, it’s likely she’d bolt if you tried anything serious. If I’m there, I think she’ll be a little more relaxed.”

“Maybe…” I slowly said.

“Besides, she’s here for two more weeks, just like us. There should be plenty of time for your private rendezvous later.”

“I guess you’re right,” I sighed.


After dinner, the three of us headed out to the barn and climbed up the ladder to the hayloft. Amber and Becky were chatting away as they found a spot near the edge of the loft. After looking around for a little while, Becky knelt down declaring, “Here we go. We can see from the pasture entrance all the way into the pens from here.”

Amber sat down next and I sat down so that Amber was between Becky and me. At first, there wasn’t much to see. For a while, there wasn’t much to see – we just looked at the cows milling about and the cats that live in the barn dodging in and out of cover.

Then I saw the event I was waiting for. A large stallion that I knew was visiting the farm slowly sauntered into the barn entrance. As it got closer, the angle to watch it got better and you could see its member hanging long and think from underneath its body. When Becky got a good view of it, she whispered something to Amber and pointed towards the horse. I could hear Amber give a sharp gasp. I glanced over at Amber and saw that her gaze was locked onto that horse. Her breathing was more rapid and I could see her breasts rise and fall under her shirt. “Wow…” she sighed quietly.

“First time seeing a horse’s cock?” I asked Amber quietly. Becky gave me a sharp glance at my comment but didn’t say anything. Amber’s gaze was still fixed on the horse. I’m not sure she even heard me anyway.

“How does it…” Amber asked as she glanced down to her lap.

Becky put her arm around Amber protectively as she reassured her, “It’s the right size for the horse. It does look impressive though.”

“If there were any mares around in the barn, you might get to see him use it,” I said, wondering what effect that sight would have on her.

A few moments passed by. “Are…” Amber started, uncertain if she should continue. Becky motioned her forward and Amber whispered the rest of the question in her ear.

“Yes, all horses have ones that large,” smiled Becky.

“No, I meant…” stammered Amber.

“Well, you’d have to ask Chad about that,” replied Becky. “Are you ‘hung like a horse?’” she asked me.

My cock is slightly above average, at least based on what I’ve seen in the gym locker room, but I’m not match for a horse of course. Putting on my best face, I say, “Well, I’m no match for a horse…”

At this point, Becky and Amber are sitting next to each other, turned to face across from me. I could see Amber’s gaze drop down towards my shorts and if you looked carefully, you could see the slight bulge where my hardening cock was showing.

Becky leaned close to Amber and asked, “Did you want to see his for comparison?”

I could tell by her reaction that her shyness was warring with her curiosity. Another reassuring caress from Becky was apparently all that was needed to make her feel secure enough to timidly say, “Okay.”

I undid the snap on my shorts and lowered the zipper. I reached in with one hand and pushed the waistband of my undies down and pulled my cock out over the top. It was quite hard at this point and the handling caused a small drop of liquid to appear at the tip. When I removed my hands, my cock was standing proudly at attention as I sat cross-legged on the floor.

Amber leaned forward slightly to get a better look. She seemed to be studying it carefully, noting the veins running up the side, seeing the large head at the top of the cock and how it twitched in time with my heartbeat. “What do you think,” I asked softly.

Amber sat straight back up as the question snapped her out of her reverie. She glanced back down into the barn and then back at my member and said, “Not as large.”

“Yes, but the right size for us girls,” Becky said. I noticed at this point that Becky seemed to be taking quite an interest in my cock as well. I found myself wondering how mine compared to Andrew’s.

Hoping that Amber would be caught up enough in the mood, I asked, “What about my turn?”

“Hmmm…” asked Amber.

“Well, you got to see me. Do I get to see you?” I asked hopefully.

Amber got that uncertain “deer in the headlights” look, but Becky quickly answered, “That only seems fair. We can let you see our tits. Okay, Amber?” Becky started to lift her shirt up towards her neck.

Amber still looked a little uncertain, but watched as Becky got her shirt bunched up under her neck, revealing a plain, white bra. Honestly, I had never really looked at my s****r sexually before, not even when I walked in on her and Andrew (although that scene did make me realize that she wasn’t my “little s****r” anymore) but I found this strip-tease quite exciting. Becky’s tits weren’t as large as Amber’s, but they had a nice shape to them.

As Becky reached behind her towards the clasp of her bra, she glanced over at Amber and repeated, “Okay?”

Amber definitely looked uncertain, but after seeing Becky exposing herself, she grabbed the hem of her shirt and slowly raised it up. As her shirt rose, Amber’s larger tits came into view. She was wearing a lacy bra that revealed quite a bit of cleavage on the top of her mounds. I definitely liked the view, although I tried not to stare. It helped that I could look back and forth between the two pairs on display.

At this point, Becky unsnapped the clasp and her bra fell free down her arms. Her perky tits hung free, suspended nicely on their own straight out from her chest. Right in the middle was a small, pointy nipple that hardened from exposure to the air. I found myself whistling appreciatively as Becky reached up, pushed the bottom of her tits up and together then let go so they would bounce back into place. She said, “Like what you see, Chad?”

As I started to say something about how beautiful she looked when Amber suddenly got up, her shirt falling back into place, and said, “I can’t do this,” as she rushed towards the steps leading down and out of the barn.

I watched her leave then turned back towards Becky. I watched as Becky put her bra back into place and covered up again. “I guess that’s a good start,” Becky said. “You might want to cover that back up before we head back inside,” she said, motioning at my cock that was still hanging out.


That night in bed, I knew I had to give my cock some relief after all of the teasing it got during the day. As I rubbed my hand up and down, I found myself thinking just as much about Becky’s body as I did Amber’s. I retraced the events in the barn, and imagined how they might have continued if Amber hadn’t left, but it was Becky that I was picturing, her tits hanging down in front of her, that was in my mind when I exploded all over the bed. It had been quite a while since I’d come that hard.

As I lay there, enjoying the aftermath, I wondered what would happen after Amber had a chance to think over today. Would she be scared away by us, or would she gather her courage. I also wondered why Becky seemed so interested in helping me seduce Amber.


The next day, Amber showed no sign that anything happened last night at all, although I didn’t get to see much of her. She and Becky went into town together to do some shopping. That evening after dinner, Amber came over to me and Becky as we were finishing up the dishes. “I’d like…, I mean…,” she started. After taking a breath, she quietly said, “Can we go to the barn again?”

Inside, I was thrilled, but I tried to keep my enthusiasm from showing too much. “That’s fine with me.”

Amber looked over at Becky. From her look, it was clearly only okay with her if Becky came along too. Becky didn’t hesitate though. “Me too. Let’s go,” she said, giving Amber a pat on the back.

All three of us went back out to the barn and climbed back into the loft. Most of the a****ls were back in at this point and the horse we saw yesterday was milling around one part of the barn, grazing on some hay. From this angle, his cock was clearly visible hanging down and Amber’s gaze was fixated on it again. Every now and then, she would glance back towards me, as if comparing what she saw, and after a few minutes, I could see her start to squirm a little bit as she was crouching.

“Could… can…,” started Amber, but then she turned to Becky and whispered something in her ear.

Becky smiled and said, “She’d like to see yours again. Just for comparison, of course.”

“Of course,” I smiled back. I was hoping she remembered what happened last night and knew what I’d expect in return. “But tonight, I think it’s time for you ladies to start first. Seems only fair, right?”

I think Amber had been expecting that. “Okay…” she said hesitantly, looking over at Becky for reassurance. She still sat still, like she was waiting for Becky to make the first move.

Becky didn’t disappoint. She quickly raised her shirt up and over her head, her breasts one again bouncing in the cups of her bra. Seeing as Amber still hadn’t moved, she reached over and grabbed her blouse and pulled it over her head in one swift motion.

Amber sat there, shocked for a moment, before instinctively crossing her hands over her ample bosom. As I tried to get a better look, Becky interrupted saying, “Okay, stud. It’s your turn next.”

Thinking it was only fair; I undid the snap at the top of my shorts and pulled them down. The bulge in my underwear that had already formed was clearly visible – something that did not escape the notice of the girls. While they were admiring the view, I also pulled my shirt off and tossed it into the pile with my shorts. I lay back slightly into the hay to give the girls a better view and said, “Your turn now.”

Again, Becky was the first one to act, reaching behind her back and undoing the clasp on her bra. Just like yesterday, her breasts held their own as the bra fell free. She then gave an encouraging glance to Amber.

Amber sat for a moment and then slowly reached back. Her bra snapped open, letting her breasts fall freely. Being larger, they sagged a bit as they lost the support of her bra, but they were still a nice round shape. Unlike Becky’s tiny, pink nipples, Amber’s ample breasts were crowned with a larger nipple, centered in a larger, darker areola. If anything, the sight of these hooters made my cock grow even harder. After letting the bra drop to the ground, Amber still held her hands partially obscuring my view.

Becky now glanced in my direction. I wondered who was really running this show, but I decided that I didn’t care. “Okay, ladies, time for the main event,” I said as I stood up and slowly lowered my undies down my legs. My cock bounced up sharply as it was finally released from its prison and bobbed several times, coming to rest pointing straight out from my body.

I heard an audible gasp, coming from Amber I think, when my cock came into view and as I looked up, I saw that she had abandoned any attempt at keeping her body hidden. Instead, her full attention was fixed directly on my cock.

Amber reached her hand out towards me a short distance, and then glanced as Becky, as if asking if it was okay. Asking me apparently never entered into their thoughts, not that I would have minded anyway. Getting the encouraging nod from Becky, Amber crawled the two steps towards me and gently touched the head of my cock with her finger. My cock bounced in response to the gentle push and Amber was transfixed by the sight.

“You can put your hand around it,” I suggested.

Amber glanced up at me, startled as if she had forgotten I could talk. But curiosity overcame her fear and she again reached out her hand, wrapping it around my shaft. “Wow… it’s so warm,” she said to Becky. “And it’s hard and soft at the same time… weird.”

Becky smiled back knowingly. “Try moving your hand up and down the length of it. Guys really like that,” Becky suggested.

Amber nodded and turned her attention back to me. She slid her hand all of the way down towards the base and then slowly back up. Her touch was electrifying, sending a wave of pleasure that followed behind her touch.

While her attention was distracted, I reached out with my hands and slowly cupped Amber’s large breasts in my hand. At first, I gently supported the weight on the bottom. Her tits felt like soft pillows – almost a fluffy feeling that contradicted their size. While I felt a flinch when I first made contact, as my hands enveloped more of the flesh, I could feel Amber lean in slightly, pushing her tits into my hands. I’m not even sure she was aware that I was doing it.

I slowly knelt down next to Amber as my fingers continued their exploration of her chest. I held each breast in my hand, running my thumbs up and across the curve of her tits. I noticed the Amber was breathing in time to my strokes. Her rhythm on my cock also slowed down a little as she seemed to lose focus. After a minute of this, I finally allowed my thumb to graze over her nipples. The reaction was instantaneous – Amber arched her back towards me and gave a loud groan of pleasure. Her hand clamped down on my cock.

At this point, I noticed that Becky was still sitting to the side of us watching. She had her hand inside the waistband of her shorts and it looked like she was rubbing herself off. I gave a small chuckle, glad that she was enjoying the show, while I turned my attention back to Amber. “Do you like how that feels?” I asked her. As she nodded back, I replied, “I can do something that will feel even nicer.”

Without waiting for her response, I lowered my face towards her breasts. My tongue traced a path across the tops of her mounds, then around the bottom curves. Only after making a full circle around the outside did I start liking towards the center. As my lips approached her nipples, I could hear mewing sounds coming from her throat.

Finally, my lips approached their destination as I took the nipple deep into my mouth. Amber let out a shout as my tongue circled around the nipple. I flicked my tongue back and forth across the hard tip and each time, her cry got louder and sharper. After only a few moments of this, Amber’s entire body lurched up towards me and she let out a loud, rhythmic moaning sound. This girl was so hot that she came from only a little sucking on her tits!

After her orgasm subsided, Amber collapsed back into the hay. I started to move over her, reaching for the waistband of her shorts. I had to fuck her now.

Unfortunately, she had other plans. She blocked my hands, gasping, “I think… that’s enough… for now…”

With a clearly disappointed look on my face, Becky said, “That’s not very fair to him.” Becky’s face has a flushed look on it. I’m sure that she got herself off as well. Wondering when the last time she had wondered about “fair” Becky continued, “At least let him come as well.”

“How?” asked Amber.

“Remember how I said that guys really like their cock being stroked? Just keep doing that and he’ll come the same way you did.”

“Like this,” Amber asked as she wrapped her hand around my cock again. Her motion up and down the shaft felt exquisite, but it was irregular.

“You want more of a pumping motion,” Becky said as she moved behind me. I could feel her breasts push into my back as she reached around me to replace Amber’s hands with her own. Becky collected the precum that was leaking liberally from the tip and expertly coated my shaft with it. From the motion of her hand and the way she twisted and used her thumbs, I could tell she’d done this before.

As Becky continued to pump away at me, Amber lay underneath me, watching closely. I knew I wasn’t going to last long under this assault and I could feel myself pass that threshold where there’s no holding back. I warned Amber, “I’m going to come soon…”

Almost as soon as I said that, I felt the familiar release wash through me and the first jolt of sperm came shooting hard out of my cock, splattering on the middle of Amber’s belly. As her eyes widened in shock, a second burst flew out, and a weaker third burst. As the remaining waves of my orgasm swept through me, the last of my cum dribbled out, making a small pile on the ground just in front of her crotch.

Amber stared at amazement – clearly this was the first time she’d actually seen anyone cum before. She put her finger into the glop of cum on her belly, swirling it around to feel the texture and consistency. “This is what makes babies?” she asked.

“Yep. It feels great when it spurts inside of you.”

“You’ve done it before?” Amber asked.

“A few times.” Becky’s gaze seemed lost in reminiscence. “The feeling is indescribable.”

“Want to know what it feels like,” I asked hopefully.

Amber gave a ‘nice try’ smile back and said, “Not tonight. I think we’ve already done enough.” She started to get that self-conscious look back in her face. As she grabbed her bra and blouse, she said, “I’d better get back inside and clean up.”

“I guess we all should,” Becky continued.


The next day, I saw that Amber kept making furtive glances in my direction all day long. I looked for a chance to get alone with her, but never found a chance. With friends visiting the farm this day, there was never a time when I could get some time alone with her.

It wasn’t until late in the afternoon that Becky came over to me and said, “There’s something you’ll find interesting in the barn.” After delivering that message, she trotted off across the yard. It didn’t take me long to follow.

As we got to the base of the ladder to the loft, Becky motioned for quiet as she started climbing up. In the silence, I could hear noises coming from the barn. Just as I got to the top of the ladder, I realized what those sounds were and the view I saw in the loft confirmed my thought.

In the loft, Amber lay on her back. Her blouse was unbuttoned in the front and her bra pulled off her tits. One hand was rubbing and grasping at the exposed breast. The other hand had pulled her skirt completely up to her waist, pulled her panties aside and was rubbing her pussy lips rapidly. Her gaze was focused down into the main barn area where I could hear the sounds of two horses mating.

As I stood on the ladder with just my head poking up wondering how to take advantage of this situation, Becky boldly strode across the loft towards Amber. She was practically next to Amber when she was finally noticed. Becky lay down next to Amber, running her hands over Amber’s tits, softly saying “Watching the horse get a piece of the action.”

I expected Amber to freak out at this point, but instead she looked at Becky with a glazed look in her eye. “What does it feel like, Becky?”

“It’s the best sensation in the world. You feel so full. Getting off is way better than when you do it yourself.” She looked over towards me and said, “Chad knows you’re here too. He can help.”

I could see that Becky was still rubbing Amber’s tits and that Amber hand was still busy in her pussy. The glazed look hadn’t disappeared from her face either, so I slowly climbed into the loft and walked over towards the girls. As I came into view, Amber gave a hungry look at me.

I quickly removed my clothes. While there wasn’t a lot of foreplay for me here, my cock got fully hard at the sight of Amber playing with herself. As I lowered my shorts, Amber’s gaze quickly went from my face to my cock. Her hand was still buzzing in her pussy. “Do you want this inside you?” I asked her.

“Go on,” Becky said to her. Becky’s hands moved lower, joining Amber’s hands on her pussy. Becky grabbed the band of Amber’s panties and pulled them off her legs, exposing her pussy completely to me.

I lay over her, carefully positioning my cock at her entrance, hoping that I could finally get inside of her before she changed her mind. Amazingly, Becky helped line my cock up to her entrance, while saying to Amber in a soft voice, “It will probably hurt a little bit at first, but then it will feel wonderful.”

Amber’s pussy was already completely soaked from her earlier activities. As I gently pushed into her opening, I slipped in easily. Even though she was very wet, it was a tight fit. As my cock inched its way inside her, it met some resistance. I pushed hard and it suddenly gave way, my cock sliding all of the way inside her. Amber stiffened up and let out a loud groan at the penetration that sounded like a mixture of pleasure and pain.

I held my cock in position to let her get used to the size. When I felt her body relax a little, I slowly pulled out of her. Despite how slick she was, I could feel her pussy grabbing onto my cock as it withdrew. When it was almost all of the way out, I reversed course and slowly slid it in. This time, the penetration was rewarded with a low moan of passion from Amber. She had her eyes closed and her face was twisted in an expression of rapture.

I could see Becky still had one hand working over Amber’s tits while I was slowly pushing in and out of her. Becky’s other hand was underneath her dress, presumably simulating what Amber was experiencing. It was very erotic to hear Amber’s gasping at each thrust in time with my s****r’s gasps from her finger-fucking.

Amber was very close to the edge even before we came up and it didn’t take much at all for her to explode into a massive orgasm. When I felt it begin, I held my cock deep within her. I could feel the walls of her vagina ripple as the waves of her orgasm coursed through her body.

When she came down from the orgasmic high, she said to Becky, “Oh my God, that was amazing!”

Through her gasping, Becky said, “Wait until you feel him spurt inside you.”

That statement snapped reality back into Amber. “Oh, no! Don’t come in me! I don’t want to get pregnant.”

I thought all girls over the age of 12 were on the pill these days, but apparently not Amber. I realized I really did have to stop. I didn’t want to become a father any more than she wanted to become a mother.

My disappointment must have been clear on my face. “Poor Chad,” said Becky. “Why don’t you shoot it in me instead?” Becky lay back in the hay and peeled her panties down her legs.

I’m sure part of me was thinking that this was my s****r asking me to fuck her, but those parts of me weren’t in control at the moment. I pulled out of Amber and moved over to where Becky was lying down. She reached down between us and positioned my cock at her opening. As soon as it was lined up, Becky grabbed my ass and pulled me hard into her. She was just as wet as Amber was and I slid smoothly into her; my cock penetrating all the way inside her.

I started moving in and out of her. With each inward stroke she would push her pelvis up towards me and pull my ass down, squeezing me deep inside her. It didn’t take much of this physical thrusting before I was on the verge. “Here it comes,” I warned her.

“Yes! Yes! Cum inside me! Spurt deep inside your little s****r!” Becky yelled as she pulled me down even harder. Her dirty talk pushed me over the edge as I thrust has hard and as deep inside her as I could and the first burst of semen jetted out of my cock and filled the inside of her pussy. “Oh!” Becky gasped as she felt it inside her. A second wave followed the first, along with another “Oh!” from Becky. Each spurt from me was matched with another gasp from Becky as she felt each twitch from my cock. Around the fourth or fifth spurt, Becky tensed up as her orgasm came to her. She wrapped her legs tightly around me, pinning me deep inside me, and wriggled her pussy all over my groin. Her gasps changed to a long, continuous groan as the release washed over her as well.

We both just lay together, letting the feeling of our orgasms pass over us. As we came to our senses, we noticed that Amber was still watching us, absently fingering her pussy.

“Wow,” Amber said.

“Yeah,” smiled Becky. “You’ve got to get your problem fixed so you can experience this too.”

I got up, withdrawing from Becky. I could see a flood of sperm flow out of her pussy as I pulled out. “We’d all better get cleaned up before we’re missed.”


When I woke up the next morning, I was still thinking about what had happened last evening. At the time, I didn’t give much thought to the fact that it was my little s****r Becky that I was fucking. Now, I was worried about how she would react. I seriously doubted that she would tell anyone about it, but I was worried about what she would think of what happened.

I went down the hall to her bedroom and gave a soft knock on the door. I heard her voice say, “Come in,” so I opened the door and slipped into her room.

Becky was standing on the far side of the bed, with her back to me. She was still wearing the long nightgown that she wore to bed and was going through something in her dresser.

“About yesterday,” I began, unsure of exactly what to say. “I mean… we got a little carried away. You’re my s****r and… When we had sex…” Becky was just standing straight up, her back still to me. I couldn’t read her expression and that was making me feel more worried. “It was really good, but I shouldn’t have… I won’t let it happen again.”

“That’s where your wrong, big b*****r,” Becky said in a level voice. Then she turned around to face me. Her nightgown was completely unbuttoned in front and as she took her first steps towards me, she flung it off her shoulders leaving herself clad in only a pair of white, cotton panties. “I want it to happen again,” she said as she closed the distance between us.

Becky moved next to me, wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled my face down to hers to give me a kiss. This definitely wasn’t a s****r-like kiss – her tongue licked around the outside of my lips and then pushed inside to mingle with mine. As she did this, she pushed her body into mine, pushing her breasts against my chest and grinding her groin against my slowly hardening member. This was enough to shock me out of my reverie. I wrapped my hands around her waist, letting them rest of the cups of her ass. Each cheek filled my palm nicely and had just the right amount of firmness and softness.

After a moment, Becky took a half-step back and reached down between us with her hands. She grabbed my shorts and undies together and pushed them down to my feet. As she stood back up, she then grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it up over my head. Now that I was standing naked before her, she gave an appraising look over my body, definitely liking what she saw, and pulled me over to her bed.

We toppled onto the bed together. Since I didn’t really get a chance to explore her body last night during our frenzied coupling, I took the opportunity now. I leaned down over Becky and resumed our kiss. As my tongue explored her mouth, I took one tit in each hand, slowly running my fingers around the edges. While not as large as Amber’s, they were more firm, holding their shape better and providing a smooth surface to touch. My fingers slowly spiraled from the outside to the center, eventually reaching the small, pink nipple that was poking out of the tips.

While my hands were exploring the curves of Becky’s breasts, I could feel her breath quicken. She would make light mewing noises as I found each tender spot. My kisses moved from her mouth, down her neck and towards the center of her cleavage. As my tongue approached Becky’s nipples, I could feel her arch her back up towards me as she chanted, “Yes, yes…” I suddenly closed my lips completely around her right tit, hungrily devouring the breast in my mouth. I heard an incoherent yelp coming from Becky’s lips as the squirmed beneath me.

As my lips help her tits busy, my hands continued their voyage down her body. I ran them over her flat tummy, briefly tickling her “inny” belly-button, and glided them over her panty-covered mound. I could feel both the heat and wetness emanating from her pussy. I hooked my hands over the edge of her panties and slowly pulled them down. As my hands lowered, my tongue also lowered, tracing a path from her breasts towards her now exposed pussy.

Becky could sense what was coming. “Yes, lick me down there. Lick my pussy,” she directed as my tongue approached its destination. As my hands pulled her panties off her feet, they made their way back up her legs, reaching underneath her to hold her ass. I lifted her rear slightly off the bed, pushing her slit into my waiting tongue. As I made my first lick from the base of her slit, up to her clit, Becky pushed her pussy deeper into my face, yelling, “Yes, lick me there. Lick it harder! Yes!”

I continued, giving a slow lick from the bottom to the top, driving my tongue as deep into her slit as I could, and giving her clit a sharp flick with my tongue at the end of each stroke. Becky enthusiastically cheered on my efforts with her cries. As her motions got more frantic, at the end of a stroke, I took her clit into my mouth and sucked deep inside, flicking my tongue over it repeatedly. “Yes, right there! Oh, yes! Oh! Oh! I’m coming! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Yes!!!” she screamed as her thighs clamped around my face. I could feel a sudden surge of wetness envelop my face as Becky came hard underneath me.

As the waves of orgasm passed, Becky grabbed me under my arms and pulled me up towards her. She had a hungry look in her face. “Now, put that dick of yours deep inside me,” she ordered. I wasn’t going to disagree.

I lined my member up with her steaming hole and as I gazed into her eyes, slowly pushed my way inside. We each gave a contented sigh at the feeling of becoming one. As I lay with my cock fully inside my s****r’s pussy, she wrapped her arms and legs around my body, holding me deep inside her.

I moved my cock in and out of her pussy in long, slow, rhythmic strokes. Becky, still wrapped around me, flexed her pelvis with each stroke, heightening the sensation of each withdrawal and penetration. Unlike the frantic fuck the previous day, this was a slow, sensual joining. With each stroke, Becky would give a light, “Yes,” as my cock penetrated into her depths.

After longer than I thought possible, given my state, I could feel my release building and found myself speeding the pace of my strokes up. Becky could sense this as well, as she matched my strokes, encouraging me to go faster. “Yes, yes, yes…” she would chant.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I warned her as I could feel my cock approaching that point of no return.

“Yes, come inside me…” she ordered. “Deep inside me… Fill me up, Chad! Fill your s****r up!” As her chanting continued, I gave a final push as deep in her as I could as my sperm jetted out the end of my cock. Becky could sense immediately when it happened and continued grinding against my cock. “Oh, yes! There! Yes!” she yelled as she milked every last drop out of me. Finally, I collapsed on top of her, completely spent.

I’m not sure if I drifted off for a moment, or just lay there in a daze, but in a few minutes I came to my senses to see Becky still lying next to me, staring adoringly into my face. “What got into you, Becky?” I asked her.

“You did, b*****r,” she replied with a smirk. “Actually, I’ve been hoping something like this would happen since I lost my cherry a few months ago.”

“Um… really?” I asked in a confused way.

“Yep,” she explained. “First, you’re always around when I’d need you. Second, you won’t blab about it to anyone else. And, most importantly…” she paused as she glanced down at my now shrinking cock. “Yours feels much nicer inside me.”

That last comment filled me with pride. I gave Becky a big hug, telling her, “It will always be ready for you.”


Now, we didn’t start fucking like rabbits every chance we got, but over the next week and a half, Becky and I found a few other times to have sex again. The sexual games with Amber and Becky also continued. I didn’t get to fuck Amber again, although there was a close encounter when we were out at the creek.

We were all swimming naked in the creek. It seemed silly after our sexual escapades to bother with bringing our suits down to the creek to change into. The three of us were horsing around in the water and Becky gave me an unexpected push on my back. I fell forward, landing in Amber’s arms, and the two of us crashed to the ground, landing in the shallows at the edge of the water. After we each caught our breath from the fall, we both realized that I was lying fully on top of her and my cock, which was always slightly hard around the two naked girls, was nestled directly on top of her pussy and was expanding to its full size.

Amber gazed into my eyes and slowly gyrated her hips, rubbing her pussy along the length of my shaft. When I felt this, I slowly started moving against her as well. We only got a couple strokes in when Becky asked, “Are you two okay?” This simple question snapped us out of our trance, and we both disengaged and stood up to show her that we were fine.


Two weeks after our first encounter, Amber came up to me as I was cleaning up after dinner. “Come with me to the barn,” she whispered in my ear, and sauntered off.

I finished putting things away as far as I could and then headed out to the barn, wondering what Amber had in mind. I climbed the latter up to the loft. As I looked around, Amber grabbed me from the side. She pulled her towards her, wrapped her hands around her and planted a kiss on my lips.

As we kissed, I reflected at how much more assertive Amber had become over the last two weeks, at least around me and Becky. As my tongue sparred with hers in our mouths, my hands moved up and down her back, then went lower to massage her ass cheeks. We stood together, kissing passionately, and grinding our pelvises together.

After a few minutes, Amber stepped away and moved one of her hands over my crotch. She started rubbing the bulge of my cock up and down through the material of my shorts. “Your s****r gave me a pack of her pills,” Amber said quietly. “The directions said to wait two weeks to make sure they had taken effect.” She stopped and looked up into my face longingly. I guess she was still too shy to directly come out and say it, but I knew she was telling me that she wanted to feel my cock come inside her and that she was safe now.

Her hand continued moving up and down my bulge while I moved my hands back up towards her neck. The yellow sun dress that Amber was wearing was one of those where the bowtie at the top of the neck held the entire thing in place. My hands pulled on the ends of the bow and the strings gently separated. As I let go, the dress gently fell away, landing in a pile at her feet, revealing a bra and a pair of matching panties that were both the same shade of bright yellow that the dress had been. Even though I’d seen her naked several times, somehow the sight of her in this lingerie that exactly matched her dress was more erotic.

Amber stepped out of the dress and back against me. She pressed her body back against mine, her hand still between us on my bulge. My hands found their way onto her large tits, cupping each one through the thin material of her bra. I bent my head down and placed it into the cleft of her cleavage, causing her to gasp. As I licked in her valley, my hands found the clasp around back, releasing her tits from their captivity. As the bra fell free, it allowed my tongue to roam freely from one mound to the other. As my tongue made circles around her tits, and flicked her large, dark nipples, Amber was starting to squirm against me. Even after that first day, she had always aroused easily and many a time I could make her come just by licking her tits.

I didn’t want her to have her release yet though, so I disengaged and moved her hands to the top of my shorts. Amber got the hint and pulled my shorts down, releasing my straining cock. As her hand returned to my member, I pulled my shirt over my head.

I sat down on the ground, lowing Amber down next to me. Her hand was still moving over my cock, spreading the lubrication leaking from the tip all up and down my shaft. My hand spread apart her legs and traced circles over her soaking wet panties. My fingers could feel the contours of her opening and they traced the edges of her pussy lips with each circle.

I slipped a finger underneath the material and touched her slit directly. This first contact elicited a loud gasp from Amber. Her hand on my cock stopped momentarily as she was lost in the sensations coming from her pussy. I took hold of the panty itself and Amber lay back and lifted her hips off the ground so I could remove the interfering piece of clothing from her body.

My fingers returned to their massage, running circles around her opening, and flicking her clit on each pass by it. Occasionally, I would dip one of my fingers into her opening. Her opening was definitely tighter, but she was plenty wet enough for what was going to happen next.

As I moved over her, I asked, “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” she gasped, her gaze slowly focusing on my face. “Just let me know when you’re going to…, okay?”

I positioned myself at the mouth of her pussy, held her hips with my hands, and slowly pushed my way into her. She was definitely tighter than Becky, after all this was only the second time she’d been fucked, and I could feel the texture and warmth of her pussy more clearly on my cock. Despite her wetness, I didn’t want to f***e my way in all at once, so I slowly pushed in and out. Each stroke worked its way a little deeper than the previous. Each time my cock penetrated to a new depth, another gasp came from Amber’s mouth.

When I had gotten my full length inside her, I looked at Amber’s face to see how she was doing. She met my gaze and smiled. As I started moving inside her again, her expression returned to that of a distant concentration. She was totally lost in the sensations that my cock was creating in her.

As my cock pumped in and out of her, I let my hands explore the rest of her body. She was definitely a little chunkier all around than Becky – not fat by any means though – but that padding made her body feel softer against him.

Amber was already close to the edge, so it wasn’t long before I could feel her twitching and bucking underneath me. She was definitely quieter than Becky, only letting a series of, “Oh… oh… oh…” escape her mouth as she came. When it passed, I could see her gaze focus back on me and I started to increase the speed of my thrusts.

“Okay,” I said between breaths, “get ready. I’m going to come…” I gave a few more long thrusts into her and as I felt the familiar sensation of my orgasm beginning, I thrust deep inside Amber. She sensed that this was the start and she held herself very still underneath me. Both of us were locked in a tight embrace as my cock twitched over and over delivering load after load of my cream inside her. Even though Amber was still, I could feel her body flinch in time to my pulses.

When the twitches subsided, Amber gave me a big hug and whispered into my ear, “That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt. Thank you.” I returned the hug and we just stayed in each other’s’ arms for a few more moments.


In the week that we had before Amber had to return with her f****y to New York, we fucked nearly every day. She wanted to get as much of me as she could before she had to leave. Becky and I also continued fucking, although not as frequently, even after we returned to our homes. When school started back up, we both dated other people like normal, but the fact that we had each other to satisfy our urges allowed us to be more sexually selective in our dating.

But looking back, that summer was one of the most memorable summer vacations I had.

... Continue»
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A trip to the beach.....

Jade loves the beach.Its an aphrodisiac for her.So when me,Marsh and Matt started talking about doing some surf fishing on the coast,Jade wanted in.While we were eating supper,a few days before the trip,I told her that Marsh's wife would'nt be going,and Matts' girlfriend,would have a problem with him going,so he might not make it,and she'd be bored,without other females along,and besides we're gonna fish,drink beer,ogle girls....Jades smiled her wicked grin,and said "I wanna ogle the girls too!" Now Marsh,who's 40 years old,is an aquaintence from my job,who lives in another town,and Matt is his assistant on the job to Marsh,and he's barely 20.I know them well enough,and that they live in another town,this would be good oppurtunity to fulfil another of Jades fantasies,but as Im sure you already figured that out,Jade knew it too.Jade said she wanted to try on her new bikini,and I told her "Wait! I gotta call the guys and see if would be OK for one more..." Again,Jade just smiled,she KNEW this was going to be "OK." While she was cleaning up after supper,I called Marsh,and told him we'd have one more,and if that was OK,to which he said "sure," and that his wife was pretty much "on her way out of his life,"and that the "marriage was ending,"and that he would "be amazed if she was still there when he got back...sooo good riddance, so this trip would do him some good"...I was thinking to myself that he was most likely in for one helluva weekend,if all were agreeable.He said that Matt was most definately going,but that his girlfrined was upset with him,to which I said "Do you think she would come along??" (Of course,Im trying to hatch another "plan" getting Jade and his 20year-old girlfriend in the same place,proximity... heh heh..)To which he said...No...she's uh...not,well,she wants to do things her way,and this includes going to her parents ALL THE TIME, and poor ol' Matt's pretty tired of that,so I doubt it..." "Ok!" I said,"Well,we'll see you Friday afternoon then!!!" Just then, Jade walked in in her new bikini,and for a 35 year old,she still looked like she was in her early 20's.The bikini didnt leave much to the imagination.She asked me who was coming along,and I said "Just me,you,Marsh and Matt." I knew Jade was ready for a good weekend of lusty sex.I was ready to watch and particpate,but none of us guys are bi,there was and is no male on male in these things,but if thats your thing,fine,so Jade and I talked about how we could,if it was agreeable to all,that we could "have her when we wanted," and she said that was fine with her,that it was her fantasy.As Jades chief and sole fantasy granter,it was to be done.Friday afternoon came and we drove to the town where Marsh and Matt lived and picked them up.They climbed into the SUV,after putting their gear in the back.As we headed east,we all got to talking about the weekend ahead and how our lives were going these past few weeks,with work,and their situations.We drove for a while and of course,the guys kept checking Jade out,I could tell in the rear view mirror,as they grinned back and forth at each other,becuase Jade is so hot,green eyes,auburn hair,slight tan,and a 34-24-36 frame,she was naturally and expectedly the center of attention.Marsh was almost blantant about checking her out,being more experienced,and knowing me much better than Matt knew me,although I hadnt told him anything at all about what was going down,he picked up on it instinctivley as we got started down the road,pretty quick.But Matt,being younger,was not 100% sure it was Ok for him to be looking at her.Jade had on this little summer dress,that barely covered her past the top part of her thighs,in fact,if you payed attention,you could see her pussy as she moved,uncrossed and crossed her legs,but from where they were,in the back seat,they werent getting to see what I was seeing....yet.....I swung the conversation around to how great she looked,and the guys agreed.I was reaching over,squeezing her tits,reaching down to feel her wet pussy,and by this time,Marsh was leaning from the back seat,over into the front and could clearly see what was going on.He was grinning and the tone of his voice let us know he was enjying the show.I told him that I loved to "show her off' and she said that the "Loved to SHOW IT OFF!!" with a wicked little laugh,and to which I said "Go ahead,baby,show him!!" Jade leaned back against the car door and slowly spread her legs.I glanced back at Matt,and could just see him in the rear view mirror,simling,but was still unsure as to where he stood in all this.Jade's pussy was spread for Marsh to see.She keeps that triangular patch of pubes above her smooth shaved pussy lips,and she was running her finger along her slit,spreading her juices and smiling,she was loving what she was doing.Marsh was complimenting her,and telling her how beautiful she was,and he reached down and rubbed her pussy,and slid a finger or two inside her,to which she spread her legs wider,so he could get deeper into her.After a few minutes of this, we both asked Matt,if he wanted to see.He was almost too shy,he was reluctant,and said,"I have a girlfriend!I dunno..." Jade said "Honey'she's not gonna know a damn thing,unless you tell her,and besides,youre not married to her,are you even engaged?" he said "No," but he wasnt "sure he should be checking out a mans' woman like that..." To which Marsh and I both laughed, and Marsh said "Damn,dude,its more than obvious that it OK,by now,Huh???" And we laughed some more,and then Matts' face changed from one of reluctance, to one of ease,as if a weight was lifted off of him, but he asked me "If I was sure it was OK?" And I appreciated him being a gentleman about it,and I told him,"You can even hop up here, and sit on the other side of her,if you want!!" Marsh and I both knew that Matt had less,if not limited, sexual experiences compared to us "older gents," so in an unspoken consent,Marsh grnned and moved aside as Matt,all the sudden,hopped up over the seat and got on the far right passeger side of the SUV,which put Jade in the middle.Jade spread her legs,putting one over mine and the other over his,and was rubbing his thigh,letting her hand inch up towards his zipper.She was smiling at him,and said "Go ahead,baby..." inviting him to feel her. "Do you like it?" she cooed.He was still a little stunned,so she kissed him,lightly at first,and then they started kissing more passionately.Jade kisses the men she fucks.We've met other swinger couples where the wife forbids her husband to kiss Jade,and for me to kiss her---its a deal breaker for us,but we dont judge others,all must be agreeable.By then he was feeling her pussy,rubbing it in circles,just like she liked it.Jade said" Oooh baby, know what youre doing!" And Matt said,he has all this part down pat,because..." he said rather embarrassed,"Ive only got to fuck 2 women!" Jade said,thats "OK sweetie,we all start there too..." his heloed him to be much more at ease.Marsh and I watched and commented.Marsh reached out squeezed Jades tits,and she leaned back and gave him access to them.Jade then asked Matt if he was "OK with all this..." And he was in a much better mode of acceptance by now,and his stammering out "Yes..oh yes its,...its good," lead us all again to laugh.Jade,still with her legs spread,started to tell the guys,this..."I want you all to know,that Im a "sure thing" this weekend,and Im not going to tell the three of you "no" at anytime, in the next couple of days.If you want me to suck your cocks,I'll suck them,you want some pussy,if you want some ass,I'll give you my ass,you just let me know,and you're getting all the pussy and ass from me you want,all I ask is that you come inside me,my pussy,my ass,or in my mouth,Im a swallower!!!" She said proudly."This is my "fantasy weekend" and I want to enjoy myself,as well as getting off by having you guys enjoy me..." Marsh,Matt and Myself,were all nodding in agreement,and she said,"Keep this in mind,though,Im "YOUR 'whore," the three of y'alls 'whore' alone,this weekend,so there's NO rough stuff,do NOT ask me to be 'alone' with you after this weekend is over,I just want to be clear on that... To which we all said fair enough,of course,that last line didnt aplly to me,but Im sure she said that because too many men seem to think that women who enjoy their own sexuality and sex,are "whores" in a negative way,not worthy of respect,which in my opinion,I love women who love and understand their sexuality,even if Im not going to ever get to fuck one of them.Jade and I do not regard wome as "sluts or whores" unless it is playfully implied and with consent, during sexy fun.As we drove on,we talked more about these things,and other subjects,and Marsh was interested in swinging,because he said,while his wife was a "good woman" but her spending habits, her religious ideas that were getting even more and more fundamental,and what she wants outta life, is just not the same as his..." Jade was now resting against me, while Matt rubbed her legs and pussy,gently exploring her folds,and running his fingers through her pubes and tracing the them with his finger,while Marsh and I,talking about work,we both would occasionally reach down and feel her pussy and squeeze her nipples gently,and caress her tits.Jade later told me that she loved that,riding down the road,wtih 3 men,gently carressing her.Matt kinda got us "interested" again when he asked Jade with a gulp in his throat---" uh, swallow???" Jade grinned and and said "Mmmm Hmmm,every fuckin' drop,or you can shoot off on my face, and I'll gather it, and lick it off,either way,Im going to swallow it...." Matt smiled and shook his head...Jade said..."You've never had a woman swallow you???" "No...I mean...No...My girlfriend thinks its gross..." Jade said,"Well..." I cant fix that,but I can fix you,let me taste you..." So she leaned over towards him and started undoing his pants...and then she stopped and asked me, "Honey,can you pull over? I need to stretch,and there's not room up front for me to suck his cock,so do ya mind???" Of course not,I pulled into a restaurant parking lot and we all got out and stretched.I parked more towards the back,I knew they would need some "privacy" but I also knew Jade,so....Jade got into the backseat with Matt,and Marsh and I told them we were going to get something to eat.Jade had her legs spread,with the door open,with cars going in and out of the parking lot,no giving a damn about who saw her pussy,and had Matts cock out,and this man was hung,for his 20 years!She was stroking it,as we "took their order"and went in,got the food.In about 10 minutes,as we approached the SUV,we peeked in at Jade,who hadnt bothered to even close the door,(Its AMAZING as to how oblivious people are,but then I was parked more in the back of the lot)Jade was sucking Matts cock,and she was moaning and humming her "Mmmms" on his cock,licking his balls,and as we started to get in,he unloaded into her mouth,he got rigid and stiff, as he shot his cum deep into Jades mouth...and she got every drop.Matt was in orbit,Hell, we thought the poor son of a bitch passed out.When he came to,he stammered that "that was the best fucking blowjob" he'd ever got,and that it "was the best feeling,to shoot off in her mouth!" Jade didnt let him up,she just stayed there for a minute more,cleaning him off and smiling at him.Jade got up,they hugged each other for a few seconds more,she and slid back into the front seat, as we gave her her meal.Jade loves cum sooo much,she doesnt even drink anything for a little while after she's drained a guys balls of his juice.This time was no exception.The rest of the trip down was pretty uneventful,more of the same...until we got to our room,the rest of the weekend was hotter than hell,and better than we all anticpated,so watch for "Part 2" of a "Trip to the beach..."... Continue»
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A lads trip to the Casino and lucky 17

It was while I was married and living up in UDON half way between Udonthani and Nongkai. Well me and 3 mates booked a trip over to Loa to go to the was a new trip started by one of our Thai friends where we lived. So it was going to be a3 day 2 night trip to a Casino just out side Venten, Our wives said that we should all go and enjoy so we and help out our Thai friend with his first run so we did.
So Martin the weekend came we set off at 7:30 and was at the Boarder Crossing Freedom bridge by 10am crossed over and at 11am was on our way to the Casino resort arrived there about 1pm Friday it is in a Beautiful vale with high hills both sides and a big Lake at the end of the Vale 20K from Veinten.
Well we all Checked in we had bought some bear Loa at the duty free so stock up all our fridges with 6 beers each then went to have a look around the resort the rest of the party was made up of Thais some we knew other we just meet they all made a gang way for the full on gaming tables we looked around tried a few slots won some Bhat and hit the Bar ordered a round of cold one that was soon followed by 2 more.
When I go the forth round the waitress ask why we were drinking out in lounge bar? I said it was the first bar we saw. She then smile so cutely at me and ask if we had looked in the main Casino where Loas public could not go in against the Law. I sad yes she said then why did we not drink at the players bar in there. I said that we never saw it but why she asked?, She just smile and said if we drink at that bar as Casino guests it was a free Bar!Lol! So I took my 4 small beers back and told the lads and we agreed to go find it so we did.
The players bar stocked only big Beers and sprits but was 100% free So we had another round there. Made a plan over beers for the night hit the rooms after this rest then come down for Dinner spend some time on the slots out side then meet at up at the bar around 9.30.
This we did Martin had Dinner then Split up to do the casino crossing paths on and again I gave my self a 1000 Bath limit got 500 bhat tokens and never had to get any more buy the time we were to meet I had won 10,000 Bhat take out the 500 I was up 9,500 result met at the bar told thev guys some of then had won some were down.
So we settle in the bar a nd started drinking, we got on well with the bar keeper a young Loa guy. So Martin there we were knock them back having the crack then at 10:30 pm the bar shut not only that bar but all the resort bars the Loa bar keep let call him jap told us this was to stop Guests get too dd d***k and also make sure that they played the tables we asked if there was some place out side we could go he said yes but it was about 10k away. He told us he was on the early shift the next day and if we wanted to go then let him know and he would fix it up.
we told him we would think on that said our good byes and left had 30 more mins on the game machines I won another 2,000 bhat then we whent to one of our room and hit the duty free beers getting them from 2 of the lads room. we drank and chatted over japs offer. we were a little bit interested but had just meet the guy! In the end we said we would all sl**p on it and decide in the morning but did agree he was a member of staff at this five star(that was a joke) Hotel Casino and he himself had said what a good job that was and how luck he was to have it . So we turned in foe the night.
So we work in the next day had breakfast just chilled out chatting over the night before. The plan for the trip was a full day/night at the Casino. we decided to explore the surrounding area and check out the lake so round 10am we head out it is a scorching morning and for after walking around taking photos and shit for a bout 1 hour 5o we decide to stop at a small cafe shack and get a cold one this turned in to a round each at 20 baht a can why not.
After this we head back to the resort got back at 1:30pm lunch was at 2:30pm so hit the slots I did my 5OO Baht and by luch was up another 1,500 sweet! The other guys had all come away up as well so with the and the beers all were in a good mood.
We had long lunch (it was all you can eat Buffet) we decided that as none of us where out and out gamblers unlike the Thais in the party we would go talk to jap and take up his offer. So we went and had a round in the players bar and made plans with jap to go to this club he told us of. his shift ended at 6pm so we made plans to have an early Dinner and meet him at 8:30pm in the players bar as staff he could use that bar. It was now only 4pm and none of us were for hitting the Casino so retired to one of the room sat out on the balcany and finish the Duty free beers.
Then showered went for Dinner and hit the players bar at 8pm,( get some free bers down first) jap turned up at 8:30 we had one more round this taking it to 3 rounds since 8pm,(hey it was free right!) jap said he would order us a car he came back said it would be 25 mins till the car was there so hell one more free round!
The car turned up and we went off with jap to find this club, it turned out to be a Loa Karioke joint very nice with hostesses in tight little skirts and fuck me pumps sweet we had made sure the car was going to wait for us we had had jap talk to him and book him all night and hell we took the diver in with us got him a small beer told him to just sit wear we could see him so he sat with a big grin on his face eyeing up all the girls we knock back a few more round with girls singing in the back ground the longer we drank there the more friendly the girl got with us we bought them a bottle of local rot gut about 150baht no probs by the end of the night we all had at least one sat with us or on our knee. I had this nice young firm bodied thing sat on my knee and another d****d my left arm leaving my right hand free for my beer Lol, At 12pm in Loa all pubs and clubs shut down be you can buy take out so we got some beers 2 each and more rot gut for thev girls talked bar fine they jap said that hotel would only let us bring one girl each back so with my beer glasses on I looked over the two that were foundling me and the little lean thing on my lap felt great so that was that.
So we pick the driver up and jap payed the bar fine around about 150 per girl and went back to the Resort the girls had to sign in show id then up to one of our rooms with the booze for a bit of a party well the little thing I had brought back jumped stright back on my knee and started to french kiss me rubbing against me. I stood this for 1 beer then taking her by the hand said it was time to turn in got bmy other beer and took her to my room we had done the ground work how much in the bar so payed the 1,000 for the night and fucked her brains out!
Next morning woke up with one look at that that lean firm body d****d over me well smooth brown skin little buds of tits and dark downy pussy had me hard again and I slid my hand down and slow stroked her clit till she was all wet and let out a little moan put no my rain coat and slipped in to her we fuck away me on top, her on top finishing off doggy from the back god was she tight I reach the point of no return pulled out ripped my condom off and shot my hot fresh load over her little brown Ass Yes. Showered got dressed I the cold light of day and with out my beer glasses I notice how young she looked(now you know as well as me Asian weman all look younger than they) but this seemed too you so I as her how old are so it took some doing but I got there in the end I said me sii sip hok (46) you and pointed to her she smiled and said sip jet(17) shit that young she could be my Daughter crap!
Anyway deed done now no way back so went down meet the guys and other bunnies over breakfast then give them a hourb in the casino I gave my girl 500 baht of tokens told her to pick the gamres and we split 50/50 came away with 2,500 I took my 500 back and 1,000 for me an extra !,000 for her the put them in a taxi and that was it.
So Maztin that is the tale of me ending up fucking my lucky 17 year old girl in Loa.... Continue»
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Trip to LA

I was out in Los Angeles on business and as I would dress up every nite and see if there was anyone who wanted to play a bit. On Friday around 5 pm I decided to go all out and I dressed in a corset with garters, panties, bra, stockings, red heels and a black lace cocktail dress. I finished it off with a blond curly wig and some rhinestone earrings. I had taken my time with my makeup so I looked pretty hot.
I had some conversations with Tom during the week but they always ended up with just talk so I figured Friday’s conversation would be the same. I was chatting with a few guys as well and although several talked a good game none seemed interested in actually meeting. I had discussed several fantasies with Tom, bondage, being taken to a bar, going to an adult theater etc. but still it appeared to be all talk.
Out of the blue Tom asked if he could come over. I told him I was dressed and ready to be his plaything for the evening. I gave him my hotel name and room number and he told me he’d be there in 30 minutes. I continued to chat with others figuring that there was only a 50/50 chance of Tom actually showing up. I was surprised when about 35 minutes later there was a knock a the door. I opened it and was surprised to find Tom, looking even better then his pictures!! He came in and we sat and chatted a bit over a glass of wine. Tom complemented me on my dress and heels and I could tell he was interested by the bulge in his pants. I figured it was time to make a move so I grabbed a bottle of poppers and took a huge sniff… head spun as they took effect and I felt so slutty, willing to do anything. I leaned towards Tom when he suddenly said “So, you ready to be my slut” “Oh yes sir, anything you want” I replied. “Good, then lets go”. He helped me up from the couch and handed me my purse as he guided me towards the door. “Where are we going?” I asked. “You’ll see” was all he replied.
We headed out and down the hall towards the elevator. I was nervous that we were about to walk through the public part of the hotel but as I passed a mirror near the elevator I relaxed a bit as I realized we looked like a couple headed out. We walked through the lobby and out to the street. We reached his car and he opened the door for me. As we drove off I wondered if we were headed to a bar, or maybe dinner. We exchanged small talk but I resisted asking where we were going. We ended up in the Hollywood area and circled a block a couple of times as he looked for a parking spot. Finally we found one and he ran around to open my door for me. We walked a couple of blocks, there were restaurants and clubs along the way. I was so excited to be out in public walking with this hot guy. I still didn’t know where we were headed.
Suddenly we stopped and turned into a theater. I caught the name on the sign “STUDS”. I had not heard of it before but it seemed busy. There were several guys standing around inside. Tom stopped and fed some bills into a machine on the wall, apparently this was how you paid admission $18 it said and after feeding it a twenty it spit out a ticket and two $1 coins. The guy that took the tickets to enter also swapped the coins for dollar bills… strange.
When we got inside we walked into a room with tranny porn on the screen and a bunch of couches and big chairs. I could see that there was a “regular” type theater further down showing another porn flick and another room to our left showing what appeared to be gay or bi porn. There were a bunch of guys sitting on the couches and sofas and some standing. Most were stroking their cocks. I could see at least one tranny going down on a guy. Tom led me down to a big overstuffed chair near the front and he sat down and proceeded to take his cock out. It was clear what he wanted! I knelt down in front of him, took my poppers from my purse, took a big sniff then started sucking him. It was so hot doing that with others watching. Tom started pushing my head down and thrusting deep… he was fucking my face! Out of the corner of my eye I saw another tranny come and sit on the arm of the chair and Tom and her started making out. I continued to suck as Tom pushed my head down. All of a sudden I felt someone lift up my dress and start playing with my ass. Soon I felt a tongue probing it and teasing me. I sucked harder…. I thought Tom was getting ready to cum but he suddenly stopped and pushed me away as I was replaced by the other tranny he had been making out with who climbed on top and started riding his cock. I was not sure what to do… my ass teaser had gone elsewhere… I took several huge sniffs of poppers and watched Tom and his new partner really go at it. Suddenly I was pulled to the next chair over where a big black guy pushed my head down on his cock, it was huge… so thick I could barely get it in my mouth… I took as much as I could but was gagging… he didn’t care and kept pushing me down more. I glanced over to see Tom smiling at me… I felt so slutty. After fucking my face for about 10 minutes the black guy stopped, pushed me off and left. Tom and friend were still going at it so I went to the ladies room.
When I returned Tom was still with the other tranny so I decided to look around. I went in the big theater room and saw that it had regular theater seats. In the two back corners were areas about 12 foot square with a lattice wall towards the movie screen. There were a couple of guys in the one on the right but I noticed about 40-50 guys packing the other one. I went closer to see what was going on but couldn’t really see. I thought that maybe they were watching something going on so I got to the edge of the group and stood on tiptoes to see over. I started to get pushed, first by one guy then two then a bunch of hands pushing me along. I got pushed right to the corner and then pushed down… there was a small bench against the wall. Cocks starting to come at me from everywhere. I sucked one, then another, then more and more. I had to swallow the loads! After what seemed like forever the group seemed to thin out and I was able to get up and move along the wall. I ended up in the opposite corner with lattice which was made of the lattice. I stopped and took a big sniff of poppers again and was immediately pushed into the corner by a guy who felt me up as he lifted up my dress… soon he was sucking and teasing my nipples and I was moaning and begging to suck him but he wouldn’t stop! It felt so good…. He turned me around and continued to tease me from behind. I pushed my ass against him and he pushed my head down. I bent over in the corner and grabbed the lattice through the holes. Looking up I could see guys watching use through the lattice as my teaser pulled down my panties. Hands grabbed my arms through the lattice and I suddenly realized what was about to happen. I struggles but could not get free. I bent my head and was a bit relieved to see the guy putting on a condom but that was short lived as I realized there were others behind him watching and stroking their cocks. I twisted and pulled and begged him not to but to no avail… I felt his cock press against me and with one big thrust it was inside. The guys holding my arms were taking a great interest in the show calling me names… “Take it slut” and “Fuck her”, I tried to pull free but had no leverage. Someone came up beside me and I was expecting to have to suck their cock but he put a bottle of poppers under my nose and made me sniff. I relaxed and started to thrust back… “She love it!! Keep her poppered up” I heard from beside me. The cock deep inside swelled and thrust harder…. I felt him cum… it felt so good. He slid out and I relaxed hoping to be released but as you can guess that wasn’t going to happen. Five more cocks filled me before I was let go. I slowly staggered out and back to the first theater area. Tom was sitting alone watching the movie. He looked at me with a smile and jumped up. I was a bit dazed as we headed for the door. I see you enjoyed yourself he said. I could not stop smiling as he took me home.
... Continue»
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My shopping trip to San fransico with nucle jim pa

That night at dinner uncle Jim told my mom that he had to go to the city to pick up some film and things for his dark room. He ask if I could go along with him. My mom said yes that I could go. We would be leaving around 8 and that was fine with her. She did not go to work till 12 because she worked late and would not get home till after 11 that night.

So we were set to go and that night my uncle came into my room as I was getting into my bed. My mom was taking a bath so she would be in the bath room for some time.

He closed my bed room door and he told me that he wanted to talk to me about the trip. But that was not what he wanted. I could see his cock in pants was hard and he had the jar of vasline in his hand. As he sat down on my bed next to me than pulled down the sheets. I was wearing my under and he told me to take them off. I did as I was told and than he told me to get on my hands a knees. I got on my hands and knees and than my uncle pushed my head down so that my face was in my pillow. He told me to keep it there and not to make a sound. He than told mexthat he was gong to fuck my sissy pussy ass. I felt him pull my ass apart and he put some vasline on my ass hole. Than he finger fucked my ass hole with one finger than two. After a short time of that I than heard him un zip his pants. He got on my bed behind me on his knees. I felt his cock head on my ass hole than he pushed him self into me. He did not stop pushing his cock into my ass till he had his all of his cock up me. It hurt like hell but I keep my face in my pillow so my crys of pain could not be heard. He stated fucking slow at first but that did not last long. Soon he was fucking my ass hard and fast. I started to get use to him fucking me than I heard him say that hexwas going to cum. He than pulled out of me and flipped back over on my back. He moved up to my face and than started jurking off onto my face. He shoot a big load on my face. He looked at me said was a great fucking his sissy slut and that I looked sexy with his cum all over my sissy whore face. He got up off the bed and put his cock away and zipped up his pants. He told me to go to sl**p with his cum all over my face. I pulled up my sheets and he said that we would have a great trip tommarrow. Than he left my room. My ass hole was hurting but it did not last that long. My face was sticky with his cum but I loved the feel of it. I was so tired that soon went to sl**p.

I was woken up by my uncle in the morning at 7. He told me to go take a shower and get all cleaned up for our trip to the city. I did what I was told and we had something to eat before we left. My mom was just getting up when we were leaving. She kissed me good by and told us to have a good time. My uncle smiled and told her we sure will have a good time.

We went outside and got in my uncles car and off we went. On the ride my uncle told in the city he knew this place were we would get my sexy sissy outfits for me to wear. He also was going to have me be one of the models for his photo club. He told me that others in the club would be taking pictures of me and also having sex with me. We talked about taking pictures and that he wanted me to learn all about it. We would tell my mom about me taking it up that way we would have no prroblems about me going with my uncle to the photo club. He asked me if mysissy pussy still hurt and I told him him "yes it did", he smiled at me and told me "you are my sissy now and I would get use to it because I'm not only going to fuck as I like. I am also going to have you suck and fuck any guys I tell you to do. Underarms me sissy slut and if you want me to tell my mom. I better do as I am told". I told him that I would do anything be wanted as long as he did not tell her about me. Than we talk about now to take picture and things like that for the rest of the ride to the city. We got into town and drove to the lingerie store he told me about. He told me were almost there. As I looked out the window I could see not adult book stories and strip clubs. We parked and got out of the car. We walked passed a couple of these places to the lingerie shop.

We went in and there was all kinds of lingerie in there. As we walked in this woman called out to us. " Jim you nasty old man how are you come here and give me a hug and a kiss". We walked over to her and they did just that.

The woman looked at me who are you you sexy little thing. My uncle told her that I was his sissy slut and that I need some sexy lingerie to wear. She walked over to me and gave me a kiss and a hug and said her name was "rose". Than I remembered see her in some of the nasty pictures my uncle had and she was one of the girls that had a cock.

She asked my uncle what kinds of things he had in mind for me to wear. He told her that we wanted a sex girl outfit and a couple of mini dressed like the hookers wear also some 5 sexy baby dolls since that is what I liked to wear. Nylons, garters, Bobby socks, sexy panties, some crotchless panties as well, 3 pairs of hi heels and a brown wig shoulder length long.

Well now you are she said that will take me some time to get together. Mu uncle said that was ok that he had some things to do and that I would stay there with her. He told her that was ok he had some things to do in town and would be back in a couple of hours. He told her that I needed my legs shaved and to trim the hair on my sissy pussy cock as well, he than left me there with rose.

Rose looked at me and said "well you are my sexy little play doll now but frist let's get you hair taken care of first". She took me by my hand and we went into the back of the store. There was a place like my mom had in her room so she could do her make up. She gave me a bag to put my boy clothes in and told me to strip and put my boy clothes in the bag. She went out front so I took all my clothes off and put them in the back. Just as I was taking off my underwear she came back in. She looked me over and said I was a sexy little sissy and walked me over to the bath room and had me sit down in a chair. I did not have much hair on my legs so it took no time to shave them. She trimmed my hair real short around my cock and we were thru with that. She said it was time to try on some sexy lingerie. She took my hand and with me nude we walked thru the door to the front of the store.

End part 6... Continue»
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School Trip To France

y high school organized an optional group trip to France for a month. The idea was that we were supposed to go learn French and become immersed in the culture, but as I found out from students who had gone on the trip previously, in reality it was just a chance to get d***k and party with your friends, and try to hook up with French girls.

While I was interested in getting d***k with my buddies, none of the girls in my class held any particular appeal for me. Not that they weren’t attractive, but I was a fairly private person, and girls tend not to fall over themselves for that type of guy. As a result, I spent a lot of my time looking at porn, and found myself stuck. I was unable to pursue real girls because they didn’t hold the same appeal as those on the internet, and I dealt with that issue by watching more porn. My sexual fantasies strayed further from “normal” porn, and led into more fetish porn, including matures, BDSM, and spanking. I was unsure if I was truly into these activities, but I certainly enjoyed jerking off to videos of them.

Before we left on the trip, we were assigned to host families. Mine was a single mother named Danielle and her two daughters, Michelle and Alice. Michelle was 3 years older than me, and a sophomore in college. Alice was a year younger than me. They sent me a couple of letters saying hi and introducing themselves, but I didn’t pay much attention. I was too excited to get partying. I figured I’d spend as little time as possible at home. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The flight was uneventful, and upon arrival at Charles De Gaul airport in Paris, we disembarked and collected our luggage. Near the baggage pickup was a large group of people, most with signs. These were our host families. I quickly picked found the one with my name on it. I waved my buddies goodbye, telling them I’d catch up with them later, and headed over. The woman holding it must have been Danielle. I was stunned. Danielle was gorgeous. She was about 5’6, and couldn’t have been more than 110 lbs. I swear half of that must have been in her tits. They were huge! She had long brown hair and a very pretty face. I pegged her at about 40, maybe a little younger.

“You must be Jason,” she said.
“Yeah,” I said, “And you’re Danielle?”
“Oui- sorry – yes.” She giggled. She shook my hand. At her touch, instantly dirty thoughts ran through my mind. She looked exactly like the type of woman I might see on one of my mature sights. My cock began to stiffen. I moved my suitcase in front of my crotch.
“Shall we?” I asked.
“Yes. This way.”

She released my hand and began walking away. Her ass swayed sexily in her tight yoga pants. I knew exactly what I’d be jerking off to tonight. Danielle led me to the parking lot and we got in her car. We chit chatted on the way home. We talked about school, and she told me about her daughters. I kept peeking over at her massive tits while she talked, and I’d swear she caught me a couple times, but she didn’t say anything. As we turned off the highway and began weaving through her neighborhood, she made a request.

“Jason, this may sound odd, but I want you to think it through. I know I am not your mother, and you may say no if you like, but I understand how these trips work. France has recently raised the drinking age to 18, meaning you will not be able to drink or club without a guardian. I would like to offer you a deal. I will act as your guardian so that you will be able to do these things. But in exchange, I ask that you act as my own c***d while you are here. That means my rules. You are of course free to offer an opinion, but my word is final. Do you understand? Is this something you agree to?”

I was crushed. What was the point of going to France if I couldn’t drink? Furthermore, part of the reason I wanted to go was to avoid being under constant supervision. And here was Danielle offering constant supervision in exchange…for what exactly? Booze? I didn’t really have any choice, so I reluctantly said I agreed. Danielle smiled.

“This is a good decision Jason. You will be very happy here I trust.”
We parked. I rolled my suitcase up to the door and walked inside. Danielle called out for her girls to come greet me. They came downstairs. Once again I was stunned. Both Michelle and Alice were gorgeous. Michelle got her mother’s dark hair, which was long. Her tits, although not as big as her mother’s, were very perky and nice. I’d guess a solid C cup. Alice was blonde, with shoulder length hair and smaller tits. But god damn was she cute. She smiled at me and my legs literally got wobbly. Both of them hugged me. They smelled so good. I must have looked dazed because Danielle asked me if I was tired. I said I was, and the 3 of them led me up to my room.

“This is Alice’s room,” said Danielle, “She’ll be staying with Michelle next door. My room is down the hall. The restroom is over there.”
A shower. That’s what I really wanted. “Thanks”, I said. “I’m just gonna take a shower and I’ll be fine I think. I’d like to see some stuff tonight.”

The girls went to their room and I went into my room. I stripped down and wrapped a towel around myself. I was surprised to see Danielle still standing there when I came out. She looked at me with a funny look on her face. I stood there, bare-chested. I didn’t think I had a particularly nice body to be honest. I was skinny, almost scrawny. I did have a six pack, but that was more because of my inability to put on fat than actual muscle. She smiled at me and said, “I just wondered if you wanted some shampoo or soap. Feel free to anything in there.”

I thanked her and hurried past. I closed the door behind me and tried to lock it. I realised there was no lock. “Weird,” I thought. I shrugged and pulled the towel off. I looked for the shower. What I saw really surprised me. Instead of a normal tub, or perhaps stand up shower, there was what looked like a section of communal shower. It looked like a pool locker room. There were 2 shower heads side by side on a wall and a raised platform with a drain in the middle. I was puzzled, although the answer quickly dawned on me. There were only girls living there. I knew from experience that girls took forever to shower. “They probably fought over who got to shower first so they just installed this,” I thought. It was still weird, but I guess it made sense. I trusted that at least while I was there, I would have privacy.

The water felt amazing. I thought about Danielle and her two daughters. I wasn’t so sure I wanted privacy after all. I began to fantasize about what would happen if they walked in on me. Would I turn them away? Probably not. I’d invite them to join me. Yes, Danielle with her big tits and Michelle with her cute perky ones. Maybe Alice would get down on her knees and look at me with her big eyes while she was sucking my cock…

Before I even realised what I was doing I was jerking off. It was incredible. I looked at the assortment of razors and soaps on the stand in between the shower heads. I wondered if the girls used them for shaving their pussies. I thought about shoving my cock deep inside them, about Danielle watching while I fucked her daughters, about Danielle masturbating to me masturbating, and most of all about her gorgeous, gigantic tits. I was just thinking about unloading all over them when I heard a small sound. The door was opening.

I couldn’t very well hide my erection, so I turned around and faced the wall. I peeked over my shoulder. Danielle walked in, butt naked. I almost came on the wall in front of me. Her huge tits swayed as she walked. Her pussy was bare, but for a small triangle of hair higher up above it. She paused, looking at me, then smiled and waved sarcastically.

“Didn’t expect to see me?” She asked. “I guess you figured out we shower together most of the time. The girls used to fight so we just installed this. It’s not weird Jason, I promise.”
With that, she turned on the other shower and stepped in. My erection hit the wall, and I looked down. I was as hard as ever. I began to try to wash myself, but I could feel Danielle looking at me.
“You know Jason, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Part of the reason I’m here is because you need to understand that this is just how things work here. I am not embarrassed, therefore you should not be. Remember the deal we made. Now please, turn around. We can face each other, and be totally ok.”

I looked down at my throbbing erection again. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I said. Danielle laughed and started pouring soap into her hand. She rubbed it into her tits and started playing with her nipples.
“If you say so. But It’s not fair that you’re just standing there looking at me,” she said. “I’m asking you, Jason, as your mother for a month. Please turn around and let’s be mature about this.
I swallowed hard and began turning around slowly. My cock was still rock hard. Danielle pointed at it. “Is that why you were embarrassed?” she asked. I nodded. “No reason to be embarrassed, trust me. It’s just a body Jason. We’re all people.”

I nodded again. “Sorry,” I stammered. “It’s just the first time I’ve ever seen a woman naked. Well, that’s not true, but it’s the first time in person.”
Danielle laughed. “And what do you think?”
“I think you’re beautiful,” I said.

Danielle thanked me, then told me to continue my shower as though she wasn’t there. I found that quite impossible, of course, as I had been jerking off when she walked in. I tried washing myself, but my cock was aching. I turned away from Danielle and gave it a little stroke. Fuck it felt good. But I couldn’t. I kept stroking. I peeked over at Danielle again and she was facing me but her eyes were closed. She was washing her hair. I looked her up and down and thought about fucking her before cumming on her tits. It was too good. I felt myself approach orgasm.

Just then, her eyes opened and she looked straight at me. She looked happy. “Finally, you are comfortable!” she said, just as I came. I came everywhere, load after load. It might have been my best orgasm to date. She walked over to me and rubbed my back.
“This is perfect, Jason. I’m happy that you can do this here. Again, it’s not embarrassing. We are just people.”

She poured some soap into her hand and washed my back for me. I was in a post-orgasm euphoria and barely noticed what she was doing. She massaged my neck a little and then my lower back. She moved down my butt and started washing in between my legs. She whispered to me, “It’s ok, Jason. Just enjoy it.” She began washing my chest with her other hand. It dipped down to my still rock-hard cock. She gave it a stroke. I shuddered.

“You like this?” She said. I moaned and nodded. She kept stroking, and her other hand slid up the inside of my leg to my anus. She rubbed it lightly. “This?” she asked. I moaned again. I had never thought I’d be an ass person, but I watched enough strap on videos to know that some guys enjoyed it. Clearly I was one of them.

Danielle stroked my cock harder, and slipped a finger in my ass. It hurt a very little bit, but it also felt incredibly naughty and good. She wiggled it around and I felt it come in contact with my prostate. That felt good. Really good. I opened my eyes and looked down at her. Her tits looked perfect. It was exactly like my fantasy. I couldn’t contain myself anymore and let out a grunt of warning. She stroked harder and stuck her chest out. I came all over those big beautiful tits. She gently removed her finger from my anus and washed my cock off. She hugged me and turned my water off. She then returned to her shower and rinsed her tits off, turned the shower off and grabbed her towel and mine. She passed me mine and began to towel off. I did the same. She wrapped her towel around herself and opened the door.
“I hope that wasn’t awkward for you Jason. You’ll get used to it eventually.”

With that she walked out, leaving me stunned. I finished toweling off and walked out of the restroom. Michelle and Alice were standing in the hallway watching me with a curious look in their eyes.... Continue»
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Two week trip to africa

I had finished my A levels and had been accepted for university, so I had the summer to myself. Knowing that I would soon be up to my neck in student loans I had, for me, made the rash choice to go on the holiday. I had found a very cheap, no frills, two week trip to Africa.

The accommodation was a lot worse than I had expected, but it would be my last holiday before going to university and the cash saved meant that I could slash out on day trips etc. The biggest problem with the hotel was with the washing facilities. Sometimes the water would not work at all or it would be cold and rust colored. I had a thing about taking showers and keeping clean. At home I would normally shower in the morning when I awoke. When I arrived back home after school, and once again before I went to bed. I was determined not to let it spoil my holiday.
I had taken the bus up to the water falls. I could not believe the beauty of it and the noise of the water thundering over the edge was deafening. I wanted some good photos to remember this trip by on those long dark days of winter in the UK. My trip was not organized so I could do as I wished. I set off up a path to try and get nearer to the top of the falls. It was a hard walk and I was soon sweating heavily in the heat and humid conditions.
I had been walking for about half an hour when I heard a noise. I turned around and saw a large man, with a machete pointed at me. He also had a pistol in a holster on his belt and a rifle slung over one shoulder on a strap. He told me to get on my knees. Thinking he was just after the small amount of money and the camera I had I reasoned that it was best to do as he said. I had given some though about this and other dangerous situations I might find myself in before leaving the UK. A girl travelling on her own, her biggest fear was ****. But more likely it would be a simple robbery. I had decided that I would do whatever they said, even if I was to be ****d. Better to be alive than dead.

Once on my knees a second man I had not seen before grabbed my wrists and bound them together with a length of rope. Then he tied a cloth gag around my mouth. Another rope with a loop in the end was dropped over my head and pulled tight around my neck. The man with the machete told me to get up and follow him. He informed me that if I did not do as I was told he would chop off my head and hide my body in the undergrowth. I was very frightened, so I did as he told me.

We walked through the forest for about two hours before we stopped in a small clearing, where seven other men sat around a small fire cooking food. By the poor state of the clothes they wore I reckoned that they must live in the jungle permanently. They were all armed with rifles and other weapons. Most likely a small band of bandits I thought. If I had known about this I would not have gone off on my own but no one at the hotel had mentioned that there was any sort of problem in the area with bandits.

One of the men looked up and said “Is that the best you could get?” Despite my situation his remarks hurt me. I knew I was no beauty, at 6 foot 7 inches, I was too tall, I also had a very large nose and the front of my mouth was too far forward, giving me buckteeth. My ears were on the large size and stuck out from the side of my head. I could be described as well-built or as I had some times been told, large boned. I was not fat. In fact I was a good long distance runner and had done many half marathons over the years so I had good muscle tone and well developed thighs and stomach muscles.

“If you’re that worried” said the man with the machete “put a bag over her head.” The rest of the men laughed and the man shut up but looked sullen. It was at this point I knew I was to be ****d, all I could think of was, do as they say and hope they don’t kill you afterwards.

The end of the rope around my neck was tied to a tree and a sharp knife was used to cut off my dress, leaving me in bra, knickers and walking boots. The men all crowed around and the smell of their unwashed body odor was overpowering and made me feel sick. Several of the men looked pleased with my body and I soon lost the bra and knickers.

The man with the machete, who appeared to be the leader grabbed me by the shoulder and pushed me down on my back. This was uncomfortable as I was now lying on my arms. He undid his trousers and I noticed that he had no underpants on. He then grabbed my ankles and pushed them up to my shoulders. Next he spat on my pussy for lubrication and then pushed his dick into me. I started to cry. I had hoped to lose my virginity to someone special, not some thug in a jungle clearing while being gang ****d.
He was not interested in my tears and pumped away till he came. He got up, pulled up his trousers, went to the fire and started to eat some of the food there. Meanwhile the next man was inside me. After several of the men had their turn with me, one man as he started to **** me said I was too sloppy and pulled out of my vagina. He pushed my legs up over my shoulders making my bottom roll up as my back pivoted on my arms and I was on my shoulders, then he pushed his penis up against my bottom.
I tried to clamp myself shut to refuse him entry but the sperm on his penis acted as a lubricant to get him in to me, and then the dribble of cum from my vagina kept him wet enough as he pushed it fully home. I felt he would tear me apart as he entered but of course a woman's body is easily able to accommodate a male penis. He seemed to bugger me for ages before he came.

I had never given any thought to how degrading it is to have a man commit sodomy on you. Now I knew. The **** had been bad enough but this was worse. I felt worse than an a****l and my bottom hurt. He seemed delighted that I was crying and pleading for him to stop. He used me in a more violent way, trying to hurt me even more. I would have done anything for him to stop. I was broken to his will if only they would stop.
After that the other men took turns as to which of my holes they use. I lost track of time but I was very sore and I had almost run out of tears. By the time they had stopped it was dark and the men curled up in blankets and went to sl**p. I was left alone to spend the night naked, cold and sl**pless.
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Two week trip to africa

I had finished my A levels and had been accepted for university, so I had the summer to myself. Knowing that I would soon be up to my neck in student loans I had, for me, made the rash choice to go on the holiday. I had found a very cheap, no frills, two week trip to Africa.

The accommodation was a lot worse than I had expected, but it would be my last holiday before going to university and the cash saved meant that I could slash out on day trips etc. The biggest problem with the hotel was with the washing facilities. Sometimes the water would not work at all or it would be cold and rust colored. I had a thing about taking showers and keeping clean. At home I would normally shower in the morning when I awoke. When I arrived back home after school, and once again before I went to bed. I was determined not to let it spoil my holiday.
I had taken the bus up to the water falls. I could not believe the beauty of it and the noise of the water thundering over the edge was deafening. I wanted some good photos to remember this trip by on those long dark days of winter in the UK. My trip was not organized so I could do as I wished. I set off up a path to try and get nearer to the top of the falls. It was a hard walk and I was soon sweating heavily in the heat and humid conditions.
I had been walking for about half an hour when I heard a noise. I turned around and saw a large man, with a machete pointed at me. He also had a pistol in a holster on his belt and a rifle slung over one shoulder on a strap. He told me to get on my knees. Thinking he was just after the small amount of money and the camera I had I reasoned that it was best to do as he said. I had given some though about this and other dangerous situations I might find myself in before leaving the UK. A girl travelling on her own, her biggest fear was ****. But more likely it would be a simple robbery. I had decided that I would do whatever they said, even if I was to be ****d. Better to be alive than dead.

Once on my knees a second man I had not seen before grabbed my wrists and bound them together with a length of rope. Then he tied a cloth gag around my mouth. Another rope with a loop in the end was dropped over my head and pulled tight around my neck. The man with the machete told me to get up and follow him. He informed me that if I did not do as I was told he would chop off my head and hide my body in the undergrowth. I was very frightened, so I did as he told me.

We walked through the forest for about two hours before we stopped in a small clearing, where seven other men sat around a small fire cooking food. By the poor state of the clothes they wore I reckoned that they must live in the jungle permanently. They were all armed with rifles and other weapons. Most likely a small band of bandits I thought. If I had known about this I would not have gone off on my own but no one at the hotel had mentioned that there was any sort of problem in the area with bandits.

One of the men looked up and said “Is that the best you could get?” Despite my situation his remarks hurt me. I knew I was no beauty, at 6 foot 7 inches, I was too tall, I also had a very large nose and the front of my mouth was too far forward, giving me buckteeth. My ears were on the large size and stuck out from the side of my head. I could be described as well-built or as I had some times been told, large boned. I was not fat. In fact I was a good long distance runner and had done many half marathons over the years so I had good muscle tone and well developed thighs and stomach muscles.

“If you’re that worried” said the man with the machete “put a bag over her head.” The rest of the men laughed and the man shut up but looked sullen. It was at this point I knew I was to be ****d, all I could think of was, do as they say and hope they don’t kill you afterwards.

The end of the rope around my neck was tied to a tree and a sharp knife was used to cut off my dress, leaving me in bra, knickers and walking boots. The men all crowed around and the smell of their unwashed body odor was overpowering and made me feel sick. Several of the men looked pleased with my body and I soon lost the bra and knickers.

The man with the machete, who appeared to be the leader grabbed me by the shoulder and pushed me down on my back. This was uncomfortable as I was now lying on my arms. He undid his trousers and I noticed that he had no underpants on. He then grabbed my ankles and pushed them up to my shoulders. Next he spat on my pussy for lubrication and then pushed his dick into me. I started to cry. I had hoped to lose my virginity to someone special, not some thug in a jungle clearing while being gang ****d.
He was not interested in my tears and pumped away till he came. He got up, pulled up his trousers, went to the fire and started to eat some of the food there. Meanwhile the next man was inside me. After several of the men had their turn with me, one man as he started to **** me said I was too sloppy and pulled out of my vagina. He pushed my legs up over my shoulders making my bottom roll up as my back pivoted on my arms and I was on my shoulders, then he pushed his penis up against my bottom.
I tried to clamp myself shut to refuse him entry but the sperm on his penis acted as a lubricant to get him in to me, and then the dribble of cum from my vagina kept him wet enough as he pushed it fully home. I felt he would tear me apart as he entered but of course a woman's body is easily able to accommodate a male penis. He seemed to bugger me for ages before he came.

I had never given any thought to how degrading it is to have a man commit sodomy on you. Now I knew. The **** had been bad enough but this was worse. I felt worse than an a****l and my bottom hurt. He seemed delighted that I was crying and pleading for him to stop. He used me in a more violent way, trying to hurt me even more. I would have done anything for him to stop. I was broken to his will if only they would stop.
After that the other men took turns as to which of my holes they use. I lost track of time but I was very sore and I had almost run out of tears. By the time they had stopped it was dark and the men curled up in blankets and went to sl**p. I was left alone to spend the night naked, cold and sl**pless.
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A trip to myself – The Vacation (Chapter One

A trip to myself – The Vacation (Chapter One)

It's a sunny Friday in march as the phone rings. I take a look at the display and to my surprise I see that it's you who's calling me. I answer the phone with some thoughts about what's going to happen as I hear your voice right before I can greet you. „Hello my beloved pet! Don't say something just listen. Today you'll finish work immediately and get home. At home you'll prepare your flat to leave it alone for 2 weeks. I'll pick you up in 2 hours. Don't prepare any luggage I take care of anything.“ Before I really realize what's happening you hang up. Dazzled by what happened I need 1-2 minutes to gain my logical thinking back. I finish my work as much as possible and leave. At home I bring out the trash, turn of everything and make sure there isn't anything in the refrigerator that can go bad. Before I realize or even think about what's going to happen I hear the doorbell.

I open up and you stand right in front of me. You're wearing the blue jersey dress I've given you at our first meeting and you're wearing some wonderful blue high heel peep toes. You smile at me and hold your hand into my direction forming a fist. I take a look at it and you open it, in your hand i can see a necklace with a nautical steering wheel. „I want you to wear it. It's the symbol of our trip and a symbol for your journey to yourself. I talked to your best friend and she told me your holiday starts today and you haven't planned anything because of a lack of money. So I decided we'll go on a journey together.“ I smile at you and couldn't believe that surprise was really happening to me. I took the necklace and put it right on. It's quite long and so it hangs right in front of my chest. I make no attempt to hide it under the shirt or something because I simply am to proud to wear your symbols when I ain't working.

I step aside as you enter my flat. As I close the door I kneel down in front of you, reaching for your left Hand where you wear that black ring of O like I wear it at the right hand side. I kiss the ring while I look up to your eyes. „Welcome to my place Reyna. I'm very happy to see you.“ I bow down farer to kiss your feet. I start with your right food and then the left one follows, after kissing your feet I kiss the ground between your feet, below your body. „I worship and adore you Reyna. I want to serve you, care for you and love you. Please accept my submission to your power and dominance. Please accept me as your beloved sissy, pet and property.“ I straighten up as you look down at me smiling. „Yes I accept you my beloved sissy pet.“ You bow towards me as you continue „Please let me protect you, train you, breed you, improve you, let me use you and most important please let me love you. I'm asking you to accept me as yours, as part of your world and of your life, let me be both your Reyna and your little girl.“ I smile at you kneeling in front of you while you gently hold my face between your hands as you're speaking. With a tremble in my voice I say „Yes I accept you to own my life and to take care of me like I'll care for you.“ You gently kiss my forehead and afterwards you gently kiss my lips while I feel some tears of you running down my face. It's not the first time for it to happen like this but each time I'm overwhelmed by this greeting ritual, this ritualistic giving and receiving.

I get back on my feet and I'm speechless, I take you by the hand and guide you to my living room. You avoid choosing the couch and decide to pick the leather SEAT. I regain my voice: „Can I bring you something. Some water or maybe a tea?“ „I want tea, slut. To be precise I want green tea and I expect you to serve it properly.“ I go to the kitchen preparing everything for that tea ceremony like I've learned and I apply great care to avoid any mistake. So I perform that ceremony in front of you and serve you the tea.

During that I tell me about your plans. We are going to spend our holidays with a mobile home driving and exploring Denmark and Sweden. „On this journey I'll show you another side of yourself and another side of me as well. I guess this is a very daring experiment because either it will bring us even closer together or it's going to split us apart. I want to try some transformation. You know we both are switcher in a way so we'll explore that as a constant transformation. In the first half of the journey you're going to become more and more feminine until you spend all day long as girl and nobody could tell the difference. In the second half of our journey you'll transform back into being a real man. In the first half you'll be submissive and in the second part you'll be dominant. I'll start with being dominant and end up being your submissive. All the time I'll be fluent between a masculine role and a feminine. I guess you'll be surprised sometimes. But in my case there isn't a clear alignment to a role or a time schedule for those switchings. Do you understand me?“ „Yes Reyna and it makes my heart beat very fast to imagine becoming such a good sissy that people would take me for a girl. And it isn't less fascinating to think of finally dominating you.“

You smile while drinking your tea and listening to my thoughts. As I've learned I sit right next to your SEAT on the floor, looking up, submitting but being able to avoid pain and damage in my week knee. We spent some time chatting on the last days and then the pot of tea is empty. You get up and lift your dress, revealing your pussy that isn't covered with fabric and is completely shaved. „Your tea was good and I liked it but now it's time for you to learn to live with the consequences of making good tea for your Reyna. After a few attempts and try outs the time of mercy is over now. Come over her and open your filthy mouth. I need to pee and I expect you to drink every single drop of it.“ Then you start a countdown from 5 and I realize you'll be peeing right here no matter if I make it to drink anything or I am refusing your command. There's no choice left for me then to put my mouth into your crotch, open up wide and expect your warm salty fluids.

I close my eyes and focus on my duty as I can feel you letting go of the control. In a hot and constant flow you relief your bladder and I can hear that it's feeling good after drinking that hole pot of tea. The taste isn't very strong because of the amount of liquid and probably you've been drinking a lot all day long to make it easier for me. I drink your urine and swallow it as good as I can but sometimes there are some drops running down my chin dripping on my shirt. I push my lips closer to your body and I enjoy the extreme humiliation to be degraded to be your toilet. Degraded to drink something most people would refuse to touch. But at the same time I feel incredibly close to you. I feel that it's something very intimate. It's an act of love to me to show you that I accept anything from you, that I love everything that's part of you. And at the same time I can feel how much you respect and love me for that act of submission, of accepting you as yourself, as an act of saying „You don't need to be ashamed of anything, there's nothing bad or disgusting with you but your adorable with all your weaknesses and human sides, no matter what it is.“ Then you're done and I lick over my lips to get the rest of drops from my lips before using my tongue on your lips and your crotch to clean you from any remaining resins and leave you perfectly clean. I look up to you: „Thank you for pushing me and not leaving me any choice. I guess without that help of yours I wouldn't have managed to do this.“ With a diabolic expression on your face you smile down on me: „You're welcome. I guess I don't need to worry anymore about finding a toilet during our vacation anymore. And now get your work done and clean and dry those dishes. I'll wait for you in front of the house.“ You leave and I do as I'm told.

When I leave the house I see you there standing in front of an impressive mobile home and I can't really believe it. „Looks like you like what I've prepared for our trip.“ All I can do is nod while I worry about how we'll get along with this huge vehicle and like you´ re able to read thoughts you say to me „Don't worry my sissy. I'll handle it, I'm used to play with huge toys.“ You see the look in my eyes and come closer to me, whispering in my ear. „And I don't only know how to handle big vehicles and toys. To be honest I'll confess you some stories tonight that I'm very sure you're going to like.“ You open that door and I go inside, you follow me and close the door. „There is a kind of wall to the front where I'll sit and drive. You'll stay in the back. Nobody will see you and you will of course be naked until told otherwise.“ Showing me around you keep explaining: „I guess I don't need to explain you little sissy what a kitchen is good for and I'm very sure you won't need to be told that it's your duty to keep the mobile home completely clean.“

Bringing me to the bedroom you open up and show me all the clothings. „This side is mine clothes and this is your's. I've only brought a few male clothings because you'll be living as a sissy girl most of the time.“ You turn around looking at me, your eyes flash for a second with anger as you slap my face. „When I say naked I mean naked immediately. You should know this by now.“ „I'm sorry Reyna.“ is my reaction as i start undressing right away. You keep a skeptic eye on me as i do so and you comment on me: „Looks like somebody was a little sleazy with taking care of her body. But that's good with me so i don't need to wait a few days in order to be able to give you a full body waxing.“ My eyes widen with fear as I realize what's expecting me but I can't complain because even when you wouldn't have planned it anyway it would be appropriate in relation to me letting go of my duties and forget to remove my hair for 4 or even 5 days. I only can nod as I finish undressing by removing my boxers.

„I'll get that chastity belt. I simply can't stand the look of your pathetic little sissy clit hanging around freely. Maybe it might even get to grow because it believes it might be fucking me.“ You laugh as you walk away to get that chastity belt. To my surprise you've brought a new one, that's going to make it even more humiliating. You've got the one I've been dreaming about when I have gathered enough money. In contrast to my current CB it has got a shape and a size that's more fitting to my sissy clit and my balls. With great you for both of us you put it on my body all by yourself, locking me up, hanging that key at the necklace back around your neck dangling right between your wonderful breasts. „I want you to get to know that mobile home and everything that's in it. I won't accept any excuses for delay in following orders and fulfilling tasks. I'll start and get us away from here.“ You approach me and hug me. „It's great to spend that vacation with you, I'm very excited and can't wait for it to really start.“ „Me neither“ is everything I can answer due to my overwhelming feelings as I wrap my arms around you while feeling your lips on mine, smelling your cologne, feeling your warmth, feeling your soft skin, tasting your lips and then feeling your tongue in my mouth moving, playing with mine. I can't stand but release a soft sigh into our kiss. And with tears of joy in my eyes my view follows you as you leave the living area to get into the cabin for driving.

We start shortly after you've left me and so I start to discover all parts of the mobile home. I begin with the bedroom and look what things we've got there. I find that WARDROBE with your and my clothings in it and in the next door I find a incredible bouquet of toys. There's almost anything that I can think of. From insert able toys of any size and shape to ropes and bondage restraints, instruments for flogging, for giving pain in any kind and collars, leashes in different colors and shapes. I am stunned by the variety of items and it's sexy placement that bring up a stream of thoughts in my head. I sit down on the bed looking at those things for a while and I start to smile because slowly I realize what a wonderful surprise you've prepared and what an incredible vacation is going to expect me. Standing up from the bed I feel something hard at it's corner and I reveal that bedcover as I see a solid ring at the edge of the bed. Looking around the bed I see there are several possibilities for fixation and bondage. I bring everything back to a decorative and clean look and leave that bedroom as I feel the acceleration due to arriving at the highway.

The next room is the bathroom and I'm quite impressed by it's size. It has a shower of regular size, a normal toilet and plenty of storage possibilities. As I open that mirrored bathroom cabinet I see a letter from you: „Don't worry my beloved sissy maid you won't need to miss your precious beauty products but you'll experience a new privilege. You'll share all of the hygiene and beauty products with me so maybe people will notice that we're a couple simply by smelling that same shampoo and perfume etc. It's not only for saving weight and space in our mobile home but as well from now on you'll use the same products as I do, every single day even after this vacation.“ I smile as I think about sharing such intimate items with you and I'm very proud you consider me that much of a girl that I'll be allowed to use your personal products without feeling disgusted about it.

I continue to the living room and find great opportunities to spend some wonderful time together, listening to music, watching movies, talking or cuddling. I inspect the kitchen next and I see you've chosen wisely and took care of having a great kitchen for me to pamper you with desserts and meals. I take my time to get to know that kitchen and find everything, remembering it's place. After discovering everything and checking the places I realize that the vehicle stops and I'm on my way to the wall to ask if something is wrong as you open the door. You smile at me saying: “It's time for that first pee break.” I'm looking at you with some insecurity in my eyes before I realize why you're telling me about it. So I get on my knees and crawl towards you but you look at me with strictness in your eyes. “No, I've planned something special. Go get me that pink funnel.” I think for a second where I've seen it, get on my feet and go into the bathroom. I return and hand you that funnel.

“Now my sissy slut get on your knees, put your ass up in the air, spread your legs, all those things that make a good sissy position and spread your cheeks.” With some flurry I do as I'm told and assume that position for you. I try to relax my sissy cunt as I already feel your saliva dripping on my greedy sissy cunt. I prepare for the funnel as you slide it right up my cunt. I take a deep breath and to show you my submission and adoration I say: “Would you please use my dirty sissy cunt as your toilet letting me feel your warm and delicious pee filling me and warming me?” I hear your laughter as you answer: “That's my submissive little sissy slut.” And before I get to enjoy your compliment I hear it plash behind me and a few seconds later I feel your warm juices runing down the funnel filling my hole with your pee. Imagining the look of this act, feeling it, thinking of it and even enjoying it I have to moan slightly. This makes me realize that I indeed like it and your treatment is pure you to me.

“Now get out that funnel and clean and worship your goddess's divine crotch so I can continue driving.” I turn around and immediately I put my head under your dress. I kiss your clit gently to greet your divine pussy. Slowly and gentle I lick your pussylips from the bottom to the top performing a few circles around your clit with the tip of my tongue before shoving my tongue deep inside you to clean you properly. After having you clean I worship your pussy by smelling it, by simply pushing my face to it gently, by kissing it with respect and love. Then you're done with me and leave to get back behind the steering wheel without saying anything more leaving me with my guts filled with your warm urine and the feeling of needing to use the toilet soon.

I walk up and down in the mobile home trying to distract myself from my well filled guts and the need for a bathroom. But I remember that you've stated to rule that I'm only allowed to relief myself in any way when you are there to control me. So some minutes pass by as the vehicle stops and the door opens up again. With a desperate look in my eyes I turn to you as you look at me: “It isn't like I'm a sadistic person. So get down my little sissy slut and bring your leash.” I do as I'm told and fetch that leash and bring it to you, naked with my pink chastity belt, and my collar. I smile at you knowing that you'll grant me some relief. You put that leash to my collar and start leading me outside.

I'm happy that there aren't any people and you lead me to the gras, taking me for a walk. After a while I start to whimper as we walk and the time goes by. You smile down at me and release me from the leash. “Go for it my little boy.” I start running on the grass, happily and barking, looking forward to empty my guts on the loan. I jump around a little bit before I assume the position and look at you barking while the liqued shots out of my sissy cunt. I smile for a second before reassuming my role, running back at you, barking and jumping around you. Full of excitement I bark as you grab a stick and throw it away. I go for it and after a while I reach where it landet. I pick it up and carry it back at you. This happens several times and I don't even realize that you get me working quite a bit. And after several minutes of crawling around, playing “fetch the stick” and being crawled I'm all sweaty and gasping for air. “Looks like we've had a good workout without even noticing it, didn't we?” I gasp and gasp looking at you. “Yes Reyna, looks like you've made me work out good.” You kiss my sweaty forhead: “Get up and shower yourself.” I'm nodding and get into that shower.

You're driving again and I clean my sweaty body. After toweling and creaming my skin I' m ready and I call you. “Hello Reyna! Would you like me to prepare dinner?” “Of course. I thought you wouldn't even think of my needs. So get going. I expect Dinner to be ready in half an hour. Then we'll have arrived our first stop.” “Yes Reyna, I'll go for it.” after hanging up I start to prepare the table decorate. I arrange a candlelight setting and start cooking. After 30 minutes in total the vehicle stops and you enter the room. “I hope you're ready my beloved maid.” I nod and come to the door and lead you to the table setting you down. I get the food and serve. We eat together and enjoy the mood, talking about that surprise, the upcoming vacation and what you want to try. I get away the dishes and clean them right away while we start talking about the news.

After I' m done cleaning up everything I'm allowed to join you outside. So I step outside and see you sitting there at a dune, looking at the sea and your hair moves in the wind. It looks a little like in a romantic novel until I realize that I'm standing there naked with a collar and a chastity belt. I go up to you and as you hear me approach you stand up turning towards me, lifting your dress: “Time for your duty my toilet.” And with a smile, showing you how much a love serving you in any way and loving everything you grant me I kneel down, expecting your warm juice to fill my stomache,. After you're done I sit next to you as you reach for my hand. “I want to hold hands. And I need to tell you something. I want you to listen carefully and remain silent. Please respect my wish before you say anything and please keep looking at the sea. I don't want you to stop me from confessing because this would change everything.” you turn to me looking in my eyes with a serious expression and I simply nod and turn my view on the sea and the lowering sun.

And in that night you tell me your story and reveal your very soul and feelings to me. I listen as you talk, I hold your hand, I remain silent. I'm simply there and nothing can destroy what we've got so there is no need for you to worry about what you're telling and what might be the reaction. All I want to do is make you feel home and loved, regardless of what's been before.... Continue»
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A Trip to the Beach

I had known Stacy for about three years, but I had never known about her little secret. That day when it was revealed changed everything for me, and for Stacy too. We were the greatest of friends, spending almost all our time together. We had come as close to each other as lovers but as two women, neither one of us ever made a move.

My tale begins during the heart of beach season. It was a beautiful sunny day. I had suggested to Stacy that we take a trip to the beach and enjoy some sun and sea. But Stacy told me she didn’t own a bathing suit. The perfect excuse for shopping. I could have kissed her.

‘I think, with your shape, a really skimpy bikini would look great!’ I told her, my cheeks flushing a bright crimson.

‘I don’t know about me,’ Stacy replied. ‘But I know one would look great on you!’
I flushed again.

Stacy had always been shy about her body. In all the years I had known her she had never been as adventurous with her style as I was. But that was going to change. I was sure of that as I pictured my friend in a nice string bikini. My mind filled with the images of getting her home and pulling her out of it too.

I could feel myself blushing again.
‘So…’ Stacy said in a coy manner. ‘Where’s the best place to grab a cool costume?’

‘I know a place,’ I smiled my most devilish smile, knowing she was picking up the not-so-subtle hints I was throwing her way.

I scooped up my keys off the table, subconsciously counting each one as I did. Already I could feel the moisture building between my legs. I felt alive, exhilarated. Hoping my scent wasn’t evading my moistening panties. Just the thought of seeing my long time friend’s beautiful body excited me.
Right then I wondered if Stacy felt the same. Sadly, she just looked nervous, chewing on her bottom lip.

‘Come along then Stace. Let’s get going,’ I said, trying to keep things light.

‘Right behind you Kelly,' Stacy called back as she fetched her cute pink jacket from the coat rack. The one that hugged her breasts perfectly, showing them off for the world to see.

She quickly repositioned her skirt, nervously glancing at me, hoping I hadn’t noticed.

That was it! I thought she had just given me a sign of her mutual attraction. She was moistening too!

* * * *

Arm in glorious arm we made our way to my car. It wasn’t a flashy automobile, but it was reliable. And what more did a gal need than something reliable. Stacy took her place in the passenger seat, while I slipped in behind the steering wheel. Clicking my seatbelt into its clip, I started the engine and we were off.

* * * *

I drove us to the store. From the outside it looked like a normal store. The promotional posters, while meant to look flashy, had been bleached by the excessive sun but they were still slightly attractive, as were the cute little outfits worn by the store dummies. Those were the outfits us normal girls could never wear.

From the outside Stacy seemed unimpressed. I took her arm again, and led her through the electronic doors. Her mouth fell open at the inner size. It looked like an elegant palace filled with the gowns of a million princesses. Stacy was dumbstruck with awe.

Lightly taking her hand, I led her down the steps into the main store. There were dresses, skirts, tops of all varieties, blouses, lingerie, daily wear. Stacy clearly had never seen so many choices grouped into one place. Or at least had never seen so many clothes that she wanted all at once.

I ignored the general clothes and led her to the back of the store, where the bathing suits were kept. And there were so many choices: bikini’s, cami sets, tankinis. So many options. So little time. I grabbed at a very skimpy black bikini set, almost no skin covered. Stacy was a little more conservative, going for a more common bra and brief set. I picked out a nice summer dress to wear over the bathing suit. A small flowing red number with all the tight curves. Stacy’s eyes lit up in admiration of my tastes for her. She pulled me out a short white dress. Very innocent looking. I held the dress against myself with the costume I chose underneath it. The thin white material gave away my choice perfectly. What a combo!

Now Stacy was taking the lead, guiding me roughly over to the dressing rooms. Obviously anxious to get me into my new outfit. I rushed ahead myself, just as anxious to see Stacy in hers, and maybe see her get into it too.

‘Want to share?’ I asked when our path ended by the dressing rooms.

The confirmation of Stacy’s attraction came when after a nervous moment she said yes and we clambered into the largest of the cubicles. Once the plastic door was shut, I felt Stacy’s lips lock themselves onto mine, her kiss reaching into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around Stacy’s back, pulling her beautiful body closer. Stacy’s subtle hands pulled at my top, lifting it carefully over my head, revealing my pink bra.

Stacy lowered her mouth to kiss my now erect nipples through the soft fabric. My inner moisture increased again, soaking my panties. I pushed myself closer, softly moaning my satisfaction.

I let my hand go to Stacy’s sexy mound, rubbing at her skirt. She pushed down onto my hand, her mouth kissing back up my breasts.

Everything I had wanted from Stacy lay beneath this skirt. No matter what I had to do to get it off, I wanted to see the hidden beauty of the girl I had waited three years to get. My hands went to her hips, slowly pushing at the elastic waistband, forcing the skirt down. She wriggled her hips, trying to stop me, she went for my hands. I kissed her harder, she let the skirt drop past her hips, revealing to me her secret. Stacy was a guy!

I jumped back. Completely surprised. I didn’t know how to react, my heartbeat was racing. And then I noticed what my body was doing. My moisture had jumped up a few notches, my pulse was racing, my breaths shallow and short. Oh my god, I was leaning back in to kiss her again. As I placed my lips back onto Stacy’s I pushed my skirt down over my hips and stepped out of it as it cascaded to the floor. I held my new lover in my arms.

My hands were soon cupping Stacy’s buttocks. My fingers tracing her crack, reaching for her perfectly puckered hole as her cock grew against me. She reached around and deftly unclipped my bra, slipping it down my arms and letting my petite breasts fall free. This was most unfair I thought. She had my breasts and I didn’t have hers. This was a situation that had to be sorted out.
While I focused her attention on kissing me, I worked my hands down her blouse, undoing each button, pulling the cotton garment open to reveal her sexy blue bra and its beautiful contents.

Stacy could stand no more. She was really rubbing her length against me, allowing the friction to pleasure her. Deciding I had to help I started to kiss my way down her super sexy body. I left her bra on, placing my kisses around the blue material, and carried on down past her stomach towards her bulging blue panties. I pulled them to the side, allowing her erect cock to fall into my ready hand. I placed another sensitive kiss to Stacy’s body before I slipped her twitching little friend into my anxiously waiting mouth.

The moment I wrapped my lips around Stacy’s warm cock I knew this was a first for her. The way she held herself was nervous, yet attentive, trying to memorise every action. I allowed more of her cock to slip into my mouth, taking all of it that I could, my tongue running around its outside. Stacy, driven at this point by sheer pleasure curled her fingers into my hair, gently tugging it as she pulled me further onto her. I had opened the cork on feelings she had never before expressed. Holding her balls in my hand, I feel Stacy suddenly tighten up, I knew what was coming and I sucked harder while I pulled her panties all the way to the ground.

Just as I got the juicy goodness I wanted Stacy pulled her cock away from me. Gently, yet with great command, she pulled me to my feet.

‘Not yet," she whispered, kissing me again, pressing me back up against the dressing room wall. She ran her tongue over my nipples, taking one into her mouth, and kissing it with the same passion she had shown my lips.

Her hands led my panties down my legs while her kisses worked their way lower, across my abdomen, lower, past my waist, lower, over my trimmed blonde pubes to my glistening hole beneath. Nervously her tongue ran over my pussy lips. My thighs trembled at her careful touch, but I longed for so much more.

‘Don’t think so much,’ I told her. ‘Just go with the flow.’ I was going to wish I hadn’t said that.

Almost at once, Stacy’s nervous technique vanished. She had become a woman possessed. If I hadn’t have known otherwise, I’d have said she been licking pussy since the cradle. I had been waiting to get my friend here for three years, the only person to get my cum in that time was me. I was saving it for Stacy exclusively.

Stacy switched between tonguing and fingering my pussy. God her technique was mind blowing. I couldn’t even find words to warn her what was coming. All my efforts were on keeping quiet, or just not getting too loud. Stacy got ferocious at my clit. She had obviously been wanting to get at my pussy as much I wanted her to. I moaned again softly, muffled by my fist crammed into my mouth, only just in time.

Before I had chance to let my hand down and pull Stacy further into me, she climbed back up to kiss me. I could taste my own salty juices on her lips, she offered it to me off her tongue. How could I refuse?

She leant in and kissed my neck. Her cock brushed against my pubes as she did. Her touch was electric. I wanted so badly to slip her into my pussy. But I held back.

Luckily for me, Stacy had the same idea. She bowed slightly, her hand pushed her cock forward, and lifted it into my pussy. She lifted my arms above my head, holding them in place, restricting my movement on my part. Once inside Stacy stopped. This I could tell was another first for her. I gave her a moment to enjoy the sensation, then, staring into her eyes, I clamped my pussy around her cock, and f***ed myself further onto her.

Driven by my desire, Stacy gave me a full thrust of her manly weapon. I gasped as her length filled my pussy, and pushed down to meet her. She gave me another thrust, and kept them coming. I couldn’t hold it anymore, my pleasure started to sound between my bated breaths, Stacy was the same. Neither of us were doing a very good job at staying discreet.

Someone knocked on the door. It was the store’s young clerk.

‘Are you ladies okay in there?’ she asked.

‘We’re fine, thanks!’ Stacy and I called out in unison, hoping the clerk hadn’t heard too much.

We didn’t move again until we heard her footsteps leading her away from us.

‘That was close,’ Stacy giggled.

‘I know,’ I giggled back as I felt my arousal spike suddenly. Almost getting caught was the ultimate turn on.

Stacy began to pick up speed again. Her energy doubled, and focused on bringing me to ecstasy. She got faster and faster until she reached a speed she could maintain comfortably. My cum was still flowing freely, running down Stacy’s cock and over her balls. She pushed harder and faster, using my cum as a lubricant to push in deeper.

With a slight groan muffled by my breast Stacy shot a hot load of sperm into my soaking pussy. Our juices merge inside me mixed by Stacy’s pumping and dripping back past my slippery entrance and running down our legs.

Continuing to push until the last of her own cum was expelled, Stacy and I collapsed onto the floor of the dressing room. We had engorged ourselves on each other’s love and gotten quite messy in the process. All of a sudden I was glad I had packed a set of towels for our trip to the beach.

‘Here you go,’ I said as I offered one to her. She took it graciously, giving me a quick kiss in return.

A couple of minutes later, dried off and regaining our composure, Stacy and I got redressed. We gave each other another few gentle kisses. Her hands brushed my ass, squeezing gently while I cupped her lovely balls.

The attendant was coming back again, we heard her stilettos clacking against the floor, coming closer.

We hurried ourselves out of the dressing room, completely forgetting about the swimwear we had picked up. Left the store with a knowing smile on our lips and made straight for home.

We never did go back for that swimwear, but we had a lot of fun once we got home again.... Continue»
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Trip to Crete TRUE STORY

I see a lot of stories on here, most of them are clearly fictional even though they are labeled as true.

Well this situation was very spontaneous. To protect the innocent we shall call the young woman Kat, my girlfriend at the time. We are both Canadians.

Kat is about 10 years younger than me(I'm 32) and was very new to sexual exploration. We'd experimented with the usual light bondage, anal and toys.. Kat had a body type that I really liked, we'll call it "top heavy". She'd had lost weight training prior to meeting me and she managed to keep her breasts. Young, big boobed, blonde and very vocal when I fucked her. I had quite a bit more sexual experience than her, most of which she didn't know about.

I decided it'd be good to take a vacation to Europe with her, we stayed with f****y in Sweden and did a week long trip to Crete. Those of you not familiar with the place, it's an island off the coast of Greece. The trip was quite uneventful, we'd walk to the beach, sit in front of a restaurant that served a passable beer. Our waiter, Mike, would come out and serve us drinks in our sun chair and we hung out with him most of the week we were there. The last night we were up drinking at the restaurant bar , when our usual waiter Mike asked if we wanted to stay and drink once he closed up. We asked if his boss would mind? Turned out he actually owned the place. We were quite surprised. The bar was an open air deal facing the beach. We drank until well after the beach and other bars closed. Kat made him a deal, she would give him recipes for north American drinks if he made them for her. Needless to say we got pretty d***k.

The situation started with her coming up to me in the bathroom and saying:
"Mike just asked if we wanted to fool around with him and his wife?"

I wasn't shocked about him wanting to see Kat naked, there weren't any big tittied young blondes on the beach when we got there. I played it cool.

"How do you feel about that?" I asked.

"How do you feel about it?" she replied.

"Well I wouldn't mind, but you were going to do this you have to know you'll have to perform oral on a woman, probably while Mike and I watched...Can you handle that"

"Damn straight I can! Want me tell Mike it's on?"

I was pretty shocked but I could tell she was all for it. So she struts back into the main bar area while mike was closing the security games and shouts out:

"It's on Mike, get her over here"

Well that would have been all fine and dandy, he was surprised, and immediately called up his wife...of 2 c***dren...who was quite asl**p. Needless to say "come here and lets have sex with these Canadians" didn't go over well and it didn't surface. Kat was quite disappointed, she'd been pounding back shots to build up the nerve. So we settled on going skinny dipping instead.

Me being me, I hauled off my clothes and walked naked into the Mediterranean water, Mike not far behind. Kat worked up enough courage and modestly skipped into the water. There was some light from the restaurant floods, so we both got a chuckle out of her attempts to hide her lady bits.

She reached me and in an instant I told Mike to come over and we floated her on top of the water on her back and put our collective mouths on her tits. She was caught off guard, but she arched her back and made the most sexually abandonned moan I've ever heard a woman make. I was hard to begin with, but this made me rock hard. As I was saying she arched her back and Mike and I went to town , each of us bitting, sucking and licking a breast. She was gyrating her hips while we kept her floating. I circled around and got between her legs and ate her out while Mike got by her head and kept her floating and continued to play with both her breasts. She was so turned on it was like putting my mouth on a hot cup. I didn't waste too much time eating her out, I was horny. So I pushed her hips down and impaled her on my cock. I'm a big boy and it usually takes a couple pre-thrusts to get it all in. Not this time, I went up to the hilt in one push. She started screaming right away. When Mike started pushing on her shoulders to push her into me while I pounded her she went off the deep end (no pun). She came so hard to Mike's breast mauling and my hard pounding. I pulled out of her, I didn't want to cum yet. We each grabbed an arm to steady her and e****ted her naked back to the restaurant.

We dried her off a bit and laid out a towel on one of the tables at the front of the bar. We grabbed her and unceromoniously plopped her down on her back with her ankles in the air. I told her to keep her ankles up and spread and Mike and I walked around her and made comments on how hot she looked. We made her open her pussy for us and we asked her:
"Can Mike fuck you too?"
"God yes"
"You sure? We'll be really rough with you and will probably finish on your face while you suck us both off. Can you handle that"

She kinda just nodded as best she could while on her back in the most unladylike pose. We made her get on her hands and knees on the table, Mike got near her face and I got near her ass and told her we were going to play a game.

"I want you to tell me how many fingers I have in you, then Mike will have a turn and you can figure how many he has in you". That got her heart racing, we could see her chest heaving as she tried to get her brain wrapped around what was going on. I liked to do things like this to her, let her work herself up without me touching or doing anything. She seemed to get off on being debased and humiliated. I just never imagined she'd let me take it this far.

So there she was, ass in the air and waiting for my fingers. I started out with one, she is a very tight girl. She mumbled out "one" when I asked her how many fingers. I asked her to say it louder. "ONE!" . I pulled my finger out and immediately went to 3. She tried to pull away, but Mike was there to push her back onto my fingers. She settled down and asked me "That can't be two?" I asked her how many she thought? "I think 4?" I twisted my fingers around and reamed her, really made her squirm. She was absolutely dripping, she'd normally have a hard time with my twisting my fingers around inside of her. But she seemed to take and get more turned on.

"Now fuck yourself back and forth on my fingers" I ordered while I held my hand as steady I could. She complied, but I think she got a little embarrassed because she started noticing Mike staring at her and she didn't put a lot of effort into it. I told her "Open your mouth; Mike put the same number of fingers in her mouth". He had seen me hold up my 3 fingers prior to putting in. She opened her mouth and he put his much fatter fingers in her mouth.

"now fuck back and forth" I told her. And she did, she would suck on Mike's fingers and then push herself back on mine. We let her get a good back and forth rythmn while I slapped her ass and he played with her breast with his other hand.

"How many fingers do I have in you?" I asked again. This time she got it right "Three" she mumbled around Mike's fingers.

"You sure you want us to do this with our cocks? Your sure you can be that slutty?" She nodded. I wasn't happy. "what are you going to be?" she pulled back so Mike's fingers left her mouth and said "a slut". "Louder!" I said. "I'll be a slut for you!".

"Open your mouth" I ordered and I pulled my 3 fingers out of her pussy and came around and put them in her mouth. She sucked on them enthusiastically (another first for us, she never even blew me with her juices on me). Mike got behind her and smiled and held up 2 of his working man fingers. The guys hands were fucking huge, with big fat fingers. I nodded and he shoved them in like he was trying to stab her. She pulled away again, I was expecting this and I took my fingers out and pushed her back. She started moaning as he worked his fingers into her. I played with both her nipples and she started to cum before Mike managed to get his fingers all the way in. He jammed them in the rest of the way and she started really screaming. He was a pretty sadistic guy, he immediately started twisting around, reaming her, then finger fucking her like a piston. Kat didn't know what do with herself, everytime he would pound his two fingers into her I would hear a wet slapping sound. He slid her fingers out and gave her a minute to catch her breath.

"Ask him for 3 fingers Kat" I told her.
"I don't know if I can" she d***kenly replied. "Your going to be pounded pretty hard tonight"....So she looks back and Mike and says: "Try 3 fingers"

I made her put her face down on the table to keep her ass night and high, I got behind her with mike and held her hips. He put the tip of his 3 fingers in her already abused openning. We ordered her to push herself on to them and she did. The noises she had made I wish I could turn into a ring tone. I get a hardon thinking about it as I write this. She started cumming again right away, her little pussy was just splitting and she pushed back. I doubt I could have been that rough on her. This guy Mike had no qualms, he pushed hard and slid his fingers around her hole. I pulled her off the table by her hair and made her arch her back so her tits jutted out and Mike had to stab upward with his fingers.

"Tell him to be rougher!" I ordered. She was so d***k and out of it she just said "fuck me". And I tell you Mike must have been a boxer because he absolutely punished her pussy with his fingers, he was almost lifting her off her knees each time he thrust. This was around the time I found out she could squirt. She just power sprayed all over the table. Mike didn't stop, he just keep pounding away with his fingers while her juices squirted down his arm and all over the table and floor. She screamed and screamed and screamed. Mike got a little nervous because we were still at the front of bar facing the beach...anyone within a hundred yards could figure out what was going on. He pulled his fingers out and I let Kat go,she just collapsed on table and let her legs slide off so her feet were on the ground.

We let her recover a bit on the table while we finished securing the security gates.

Now I mentioned I had a bit more sexual experience then poor young Kat, and I really get off when girls act completely dirty and out of character.I wanted to see what I could get away with here. She was absolutely blotto, but coherent enough to express herself.

I made her put down a towel and get on her knees. She got the hint pretty quick and immediately started sucking me off with an enthusiasm that bordered on religious. She was a bit nervous about taking Mike in her mouth, but she did eventually and she got into a good back and forth. She could deepthroat him no problem, I was happy to see his was much smaller than mine, but I f***ed my down her throat until her eyes watered.

I figured Mike and his wife were swingers, so I wanted to test Kat out a bit.

"Mike too bad none of your waiters stuck around". Kat kind of paused at that.
"Two of the younger guys live in the apartment upstairs". That really got her attention. "Keeping sucking" I told her. She went back to sucking our dicks.
"If we called them, think they'd come down?"
"If they didn't hear this then I would be surprised" Mike answered.
"How about it Kat, do you want an audience?" I asked. "I don't want to fuck anyone but you." she said...and she looked pretty scared. "looks like a go Mike, as long as they know no fucking unless Kat says so".

Mike dialed up the apartment upstairs while Kat sucked his dick like a starving girl. They picked up right away, although I couldn't say for sure I don't speak greek. After a couple of minutes I could hear some major mayhem going on upstairs, so could Kat. I think they must have run down the stairs, they knew exactly who Mike was talking about. They barged in through the back door, they had a friend over because there were 3 of them.

Kat got a little spooked at this point. I told them "you guys can watch from the bar". They had absolutely no problem with that. Kat seemed to be happy with that. We made her get up and stand facing these 3 young guys while Mike and I played with her tits. I told her to open her legs wider and I reached from behind and stuck my fingers in her while Mike and I licked her tits again. Her nipples were getting pretty raw looking but she moaned anyway. Her heart was just hammering, we could hear it with our heads near her chest. She was pulling big breaths of air into her lungs, like she was hyperventilating. "Slow down babe, we will take it nice and easy...nothing you aren't comfortable with. Think of this as just an elaborate striptease. Lets go over to the table, I want you lie facedown and point your ass at the guys. I am going to get something."

Mike and I let her sit there, giving the young guys a good show of her ass. I took Mike aside and said to him: "I think we can get her to let all of us finish on her. She just needs to feel comfortable. Lets get the young guys to cater to her a bit. Get her something to drink..etc.". So we put our shorts back on and got Kat and sat her down on a bar stool...naked. Mike ordered the guys to mix up some drinks. They kept complementing Kat on how beautiful she was, they were practically falling over themselves to get a drink made for her. They presented her with something frilly and Kat thanked them. All the while, completely naked. We all sat around the bar and gave Kat all the attention in the world. I would ask the guys if they wanted a closer look at her, and Kat would oblige by standing up and going over to the guy. One guy asked if he could see her pussy(sounds funny with a greek accent), so Mike and I got up and looped her arms over our shoulders, we each grabbed a leg and picked her up. It caught her off guard but she didn't fight it when we opened her legs to show the guy. They were more embarrassed than she was, it's funny seeing a brown guy blush. Kat picked up on that and she told me afterwards felt really superior.

We carried her over, spread wide, to the other two guys and they got really good looks at her swollen pussy. We carried her over to her bar stool and told the guys to pull up their stools on either side of her. We plopped her down and she leaned back against the bar drink still in hand. We kept her spread and handed a leg to a young guy on either side. It was quite site, her with drink in hand, leaning back against the bar while two strangers kept her legs spread. They each treated her leg like it was the most important thing in life, they caressed them lovingly, they would occasionally get brave and venture up to her inner thigh with their hands. Kat got a lot braver with alchohol and told them: "you can touch it if you want". They immediate started having a little war with their hands on who could grope her pussy, one of them got the idea and started rubbing her breasts with his free hand instead. I guess milky white tits are in short supply in Crete.

Mike and I watched while we mixed drinks and filled my beer mug. Mike was a wine person. I have to say I get perverted when I drink, he pretty much emptied a bottle himself. I pointed at the bottle and he passed it over, I gave it a quick rinse in the bar sink and brought it over to Kat. She knew exactly what I wanted, I'd had her fuck herself with household objects for my pleasure. I held up the bottle to her and asked:

"Do you mind giving these gentlemen a show?". She let go of her drink, took the bottle and with a few bug-eyed k**s and Mike watching, slid the long neck into her pussy. I could tell she was in a different headspace now, she took the bottle out of her completely and then with the guys on either side of her practically zoomed in, slid it back into her as deep as it could go. Which alarmingly was almost all of the 1.5L bottle. She started with long obscene strokes, letting the tip of it come right to her opening then plunged it back in.

"You should lick her breasts guys, she likes that" And the guy on either side of her dropped on to her tits like it was the cure. I don't think she would have cum on a wine bottle normally but was pretty close judging by the way she was ramming into herself. She was screaming and moaning while the young guys frantically pawed her legs and licked her big tits.

The other young guy was just standing at the end of the bar stunned, not sure if he was invited or if he was supposed to leave. Mike was pretty d***k but was sporting a pretty persistent hard-on, so was I. We hadn't even had a chance to cum yet. I told Mike to get some condoms just in case she lets it go further. The young guy at the end of the bar heard and ran right the fuck upstairs to get some.

Mike and I went over to Kat and I took the wine bottle out of her hand and motioned the guys to help Mike and I carry her over to the table. Kat wasn't sure what was going on but at this point she seemed game for anything. We laid her on her back and hiked her feet back so far that her pussy was pointing straight at the ceiling. The two young guys held her there, at my direction, and I got the wine bottled and shoved into Kats pussy. Mike and I kind of stepped back and got to appreciate the scene. The bottle was moving in and out of her with each breath. We all just watched it go up and down. I stepped up and grabbed the bottle and started fucking her with it. Kat seem to like that so I let one of the young guys do it. While this was going on the missing young guy returned with box of condoms from upstairs. He handed them to me, and I put them down by Kat's head and she looked at them. I gave her a questioning look, while the young guys were taking turns assaulting her with the wine bottle. She looked at me and gave me a quick nod.

I said to mike "Looks like you get to fuck her after all. Let her up". The young guys thought the show was over. I directed Kat to the table and asked her one last time: "You sure about this? You're about to be gangbanged"
"What do you think of me right now? Am I doing something wrong" she asked somewhat d***kenly. "Nah babe, who do you think is instigating all this, me. What happens in Crete stays in Crete."
"okay, but you'll stop if I say stop" . "absolutely" I assured her.
"okay, I'll let them fuck me"she said
"gangbang you?" I asked
"yes, gangbang me" she leaned over the table, grabbed the far side and spread her legs.
Me being the pervert I said: "I want you to say "next" after each guy finishes with you". I don't think she understood at that point. But it was worth a try. I was so fucking hard by this time , it was actually painful. I immediately chucked my shorts, got behind her and put the tip right on her opening. Mike and his waiters all gathered around the table and started rubbing their dicks. What young guy was so stupid he immediate tried to put a condom on. I pulled her asscheeks apart and plunged into her. She was pretty well locked by the table, one of the guys was holding the table. I immediately started pounding her like I wanted to hurt her, I grabbed her hair pulled her back so her tits were pointing out and bouncing. Mike started playing with them, then after some couple minutes the other 3 started caressing her and trying to catch a bouncing breast. I came pretty quick, I pulled out and empty my load on her back. She must have heard me earlier because the next thing she said was "Next" in a small voice.

Mike was putting on a condom pretty much while I was finishing. He wanted her on her back so she climbed up on the table and rolled over and lifted her ankles up. I let the young guys hold them back and watch Mike slide it in her. She looked at me once, then her eyeballs rolled back in her head. He had a small dick but he really like to pound Kat , he had quite an enthusiastic vocabulary in greek. She didn't know what he was saying, but I heard "slut" and "whore" a couple times. She didn't seem to mind being called names. He came pretty quick as well. He pulled out and slipped off hes condom and finished on her stomach.
Between breaths she said "Next"
Poor young guy couldn't get his condom on quick enough so one of the others took his place. To say this guy had a big tool was an understatement. Kat must not have seen it while he lined up for a turn at her pussy. When he shoved it in her eyes popped. Like an idiot he immediately started pounding away as hard as he could, meanwhile Kat was trying to escape with alarming urgency. I went up and held one of her legs back and told the guy to go slower. Let her get used to it. He started to take his time and she relaxed, even hiked her ankles back further. The guy that couldn't get his condom on was insistently trying to put it in her mouth, she turned her head and he started fucking her mouth like he's never been laid before. He finished after she sucked him for a total of 30 seconds, he left a big mess on her face. She went to wipe it off and I told her"no, you'll have a lot more on your face". I told the other two guys to finish on her face.

The guy with the big tool was having a hard time with the condom, so I made Kat get off the table and suck him off, cum dripping from her face and everything. Him and the last guy jerked off furiously while she went back and forth sucking them. By that time Mike and I were hard again. Kat stopped sucking and let the two guys jerk off on her face and tits. She got pretty messed, up, her face was pretty much plastered from the first guy.

Mike and I went to pick her up to move her somewhere where we could fuck her some more. "I'm getting really sore down there, can I finish you off with my mouth". I thought that unlikely, but then another brilliant idea came to me. The condoms were lubricated. I told her to get down on her hands and knees and put her ass up. While was dripping on the floor from all the cum we dumped on her, I slipped a condom on a finger and started rubbing around her asshole. She didn't have problems doing any before and she was nowhere near this turned on. She looked back at me for a minute trying to decide if she was going to let this happen.
"Don't worry babe,I'll take it slow. Play with yourself a bit that will help".
She started rubbing her clit while I eased the first finger all the way in. I took it out and eased it back in a few times.

The young guys were pretty much on perma point and I am pretty sure they'll never be in a situation like this. Hot canadian taking a group of men on...not only that, taking it in the ass.

I eased my second finger in, Mike getting the hint, helped spread her cheeks. I would wait for her to relax then I'd pull them out and ease them back in. I took my time, I kept it up until she had a little mini gape after I took my fingers out. I passed the condom to Mike and he eased a finger in to keep her hole relaxe. I slipped on condom onto my cock and with Mike pulling his finger out, slipped my cock in. She took it all before she tensed up. I waited a bit, and eventually she relaxed. I positioned myself behind her and started with small movements. The condom was drying out before I even got 2 strokes in. So I asked for some olive oil from the bar kitchen. One of the young guys came back. I pulled my cock out her ass, quickly slipped the condom off and coated my cock in olive oil. I eased it back in and it was infinately better.

I kept my strokes nice and short and Kat seem to respond to that. She was pretty much exhausted at this point. "Tell me when I can take the breaks off" .
she just said" you can go faster"
I started to go faster ...after a minute I was full on ass fucking her. She started to moan and push back against my thrusts. I'd pull it out and spread her cheeks so the guys could see her asshole gaping. There was a little mess, but nothing more olive oil wouldn't dilute. We poured some right into her gaping asshole, it shut up pretty quick. Despite being round 2, pounding her ass that hard and quick got me off something fast. I emptied deep inside her guts.
"my knees are starting to hurt"
"well you have a few more guys to take care of" I said. She nodded and we helped her up and limped her over to the bar stool. It was just the right hight, we had her sit on it and hang her ass over the edge. She braced herself against the bar. She was pretty out of it, because Mike didn't put a condom on and just shoved his unlubed cock up her ass. She moved back a little but after one stroke it was coated in olive oil. She pushed her ass further off the back of the stool and Mike relentlessly pounded her little asshole. He would grab her hips and pretty much throw Kat onto his cock. The young guys gathered around her and were furiously jerking off.

Mike was having a hard time cuming again, not matter how hard he pounded Kat's asshole he couldn't finish. He'd pull it out and jerk off to try and get close. Then stab it back in. Kat's eyes were pretty much rolling in back of her head, she was just wacked out of it. Mike pulled out for a breather and the k** that never got a chance to fuck her immediately shoved his cock in her protruding ass. No condom so I told him not to finish in her. He just kept pounding away, normally Kat would probably be getting sore, but she was just damned near knocked out. So the young just pounded away with reckless abandon. Despite what I told him he came in her ass. I pulled him back and told him to beat it. He pulled out grabbed his shorts and ran. I told the other two guys and Mike not to cum inside her. They agreed. We pulled her off the stool and laid her on the bar face down. I am not sure what I was thinking but I got the bottle of olive oil we were using and slid the head in her ass...Her ass was so loose the neck of the bottle started going in. So me being me I started to see how much of the 12" olive oil bottle would go in. She came around a bit and asked me what I was doing. "I'm just cleaning your ass out, you want to stop? We still haven't all finished" , she just mumbled something. I slid the bottle in about 8" before she complained. I pulled it out and it was empty. We helped her off the bar, and made her bend over the stool. The olive oil was leaking out her ass down her leg, but she didn't care.

The big tool k** was the first eager beaver, he slid he big dick all the way up her ass and she just moaned. We all couldn't believe it. He didn't waste time and we kind of encouraged him. He started taking big long strokes pulling KAt's ass out with it and then pushing it back in to the hilt. He really started to pound away at her and KAt just started moaning loading. By the time he was ready to cum he was pulling out completely and plunging in. When a girl gives up her ass like Kat did, it gets anyone hard. We all started swapping off on her asshole. It was of a game, Kat didn't exist at that moment, she was just some hole we were playing with. She didn't put up any protest, even when we were laughing at how her asshole was looking all stretched. Between assfuckings we'd stick objects in her ass. We found the wine bottle on the floor and watched as she took almost the whole thing up her ass. We'd hold her ass cheeks wide and watch it gape and drool olive oil when we pulled it out. We found another bottle of olive oil and picked up her near u*********s form and flipped her ass up and we shoved the whole thing in her ass with the cap off. We planted her face down on nearby banquet table, we propped our clothes under her stomach to keep her ass up and we pulled the bottle out of her ass and watched it try to wink shut. We took a north american beer bottle out of the fridge , didn't even drink it just emptied and put in small part first. We fucked her a bit with it, then we pulled it out and put it in backwards...It didnt' fit. But we were all scouring the bar for stuff to jam up her ass.

I asked Kat about this part after and she said she remembers all of it, it didn't her and she wanted to see what we'd do. She even remembered how cold the bear bottle was.

Mike had a pool cue, but no pool table. We put a condom on it and we took turns jamming it up her ass. We would shove it in until she gave us some nonverbal sound to tell us we reached too far. We took lots of pictures of her getting the whole bar jammed in her ass. Probably the coolest thing we did, we brought her over to the bar, laid her out boneless on the bar ass up. We stuck the sink hose up her ass, nozzle and all and jammed the water on full.

At this point it was about 3:00am, mike had passed out . Only the young guys and I were playing with her still. Eventually everyone passed out. Occasionally one of them would wake up, go over to Kat's passed out form and either jerk off on her or fuck her tits some more. Around 5:00am, and she swears she didn't remember this. I woke up to Mike standing on the banquet table over Kat. Kat had her ass propped up in the air with clothes. The olive oil bottle and the wine bottle were discarded beside her. Mike was pissing on her and trying to get it into her asshole. He noticed me and tried to jump off and stop pissing at the same time. I couldn't believe Kat didn't wake up. I told him to keep going. He pissed over her ass and back. I took the olive oil bottle and worked it in her, she was moving into it so I know she was somewhat awake. I got up above her and I started to piss on her, she moved her butt around a bit and Mike pulled the bottle out and tried to hold her cheeks apart. I was less d***k than he was and I was able to get it in her ass. It closed up almost immediately, then gaped again. I aimed the rest on her back. Mike didn't say anything he just went back to the booth he was sl**ping in.

Kat and I woke up early. We didn't talk much, we walked back to the hotel. She took a shower. We didn't talk about it until we got back. We tried to do things in Canada..but there just wasn't anyway to top what happened in Crete. We went through the pictures. Some of the stuff became clearer to her. She had a different opinion on our pictures of her with candles, bottles, pool cues and such sticking out of her ass. We had a lot of pictures of her ass gaping really wide. She wanted those deleted. She made me swear to tell no one about what happened...that was a no brainer.

We dated for another year or so, but she was just a young thing. Apparently her next boyfriend was a bit boring. We met up for a 3some with my friend a couple times after.... Continue»
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First trip to Vegas, first bbc's4us, first pu

this is the full story. and its all true. We had decided to take a trip to Vegas and spend some alone time together.. We started off with dinner, then went to hit the tables.. My husband was on a winning streak, and then the tables had turned and his luck began to run out.. and before I knew it, he had lost the money we had to get back home.I was so mad that i had to just walk away. About 15min. later I went back to where I last saw him but he was not there.Just as i was going back to the room I saw him at the bar with a high roller guy that had taken most of our money at the poker table.My husband sees me and gets up to walk over to me. He tells me he may have a way to get all the money we lost back,($5000+) plus we get to upgrade our room to a master suit. I think to myself there is no way. He then tells me to look at the guy sitting at the bar. "the black guy from the poker table" I say.Yes he said. He told my husband that he wanted a night with the both of us and he'd give us our money back, so my husband agreed to talk to me.
As my husband and I talked, he said that this was my chance to fulfill my fantasies of being fucked by a black man.. after a while, I decided to make the best of the situation. My husband introdused him as Mr BigBlackMan. He greeted me.. with a hug. As I pull back, i feel his hands running up my sides to my supple breasts, he looked at me and all he could do was moan.. "mmmmmm.." I think he liked what he felt. So i turn to look at my husband, and say ok ill do it. MrBig Black Man came to our room, I turned to Mr. Black, and I ran my hands down his chest, to his dick. Mr Black had the nicest black dick id ever seen, thick head, 11" long, and he swore he could make me cum, he told me to enjoy myself, and let go.. that this would be the best night of our lives. I unzip his pants, and rigt away I see his hard dick bulging out of his boxers.. So my hand is drawn to it, I slide my hand inside his pants, and begin rubbing his hard, thisck dick.. then I feel him reach around and unbutton my bra.. my nipples get so hard as I feel y bra slide right off of me.. his big hands moving up to cup my titties as he begins sucking on my nipples. I look at my husband,, and he's sitting in a chair stroking his hard cock, then I continue to pull off MrBig Black Mans boxers, and his dick gets even harder, oh my god its so big..I look at my husband still in the chair, his cock even harder now and he has this look on his face.. it tells me to continue. As his boxers and pants fall to the floor, i push him on the bed, and he is laying on his back as I climb on top of him... I start grinding my pussy on his thigh.. as he sucks on my nipples, then as he feels my wet pussy leave juice on his leg, I begin to get up and feel his hand in between my legs, and he slides his 2 fingers into me and i let out a gasp as I lean back.. he starts fucking me with his fingers.. slow at first.. then he goes faster and faster, rubbing that spot inside my pusssy..I get up and his fingers slide out of me, and licks all my pussy juice off his fingers, he loves my taste... then I grab Mr. MrBig Black Mans Big Black cock i tell my husband to get over here and help me get the money back that he lost. He walks over and trys to kiss me but i push my husbands head down to MrBig Black Man cock, as he sucks MrBig Black cock I stroke the shaft as he does his best to get that huge black cock in his mouth, I begin to kiss my husbands mouth. tasting that cock on his lips was intoxicating My pussy has never been wetter "It's time" my husband says to me.. so I smile, I stand up to straddle MrBigBlackMan. I spread my pussy wide open, I make sure he gets a good look at my wet pussy right before I begin to slide down on his hard dick. Just as his head pops inside me, we hear him let out this long satisfying moan.. I slide up and down on his head ready to spread my pussy open.. then as my husband is holding the shaft, i slowly take in more of his dick, and i slide back up, then down again and back up and down. MrBig Black Man is begging for more, but we are in control here, and I want to build him up so good that when he cums, he cums so hard that it shoots straight up into me. As I slide up again, I tell my husband that I want to try to take all of him in.. balls deep. So he removes his hand, holds m pussy lips open for me, and i begin to sit down on his hard cock.. But its too much for me, I move my husbands face down to my pussy, he knows exactly what I need, and he starts licking my lips to get me wet, then he licks the shaft as well. Now I can take in more of his dick.. So i place my hands on his chest, and i slowly sink down onto his dick, as my husband tells me "you have 2" left, now you have 1" left.. c'mon baby, take it all" I look over at my husband and I see his legs covered in his own cum.. Mmmhmmmm thats so fucking hot! I immediately get wetter, and i let go and take in Mr Black man balls deep.. at first it hurts, but as I grind my pussy, I feel his dick rub that spot in my pussy, that spot that makes me cum. So i feel my husbands hands begin rubbing my nipples, I lean back and keep grinding my pussy down on his this dick.. then I feel it, come over me like a rush, and I start moaning so loudly as I cum so good on his dick,, Im so wet now, but I keep riding so I can make his dick wetter .. As i climb off, I see my husband drawn to his pussy covered dick and devour it! He's sucking on him so good, licking every inch to get every ounce of my cum off his dick.. and Mr Black just lays his head back, he's still hard as a rock, as my husband sucks him off so well. I cant move, I came so hard and good, it was nothing i have ever felt in my life! Then i see mr balck climb on top of me, spread my legs open and up in hte air, and i feel my husbands soft breath on my throbbing pussy.. as he licks me, i tingle everywhere, but I love the wya my husband licks my pussy so i grab his head and press him into me ... once im wet enough, i feel my huisbands hand holding his dick as he s guiding it indide me again. It is so deep, and so big.. but I want more.. Then i hear my husband tell him "you better cum inside her, I need to lick it out " so Mr. black agrees.. He begins again by rubbing his dick on my pussy and I keep moving down cause all I wanted was his dick inside me, I needed to feel his cum! Finally, I feel his head pop back inside me.. he slowly fucking me with just his head moving in & out.. I begin moaning and begging for more.. As I feel him grab my legs and put them up in the air, I feel him stretching my pussy slowly little by little until finally I feel his balls on my ass, then I know hes completely insde me. He moans that he loves my tight pussy, and he has to go slow otherwise he will cum quick.. So my husband comes up behind him, and grabs his hips and pushes him into me, letting him know that he needs to cum inside me now! MrBig Black Man gets the hint, and continues fucking me, harder and faster each time.. Im screaming for more, I need him to fuck me good and he does.. he continues pounding my pussy so hard that my titties are boucing and MrBig Black Man loves watching my titties boucne. He pulls out and slides back in, he pulls out and slides back in.. as he slams his dick inside me harder,and gives one last grone and holds him self deeper than any cock has ever been in side my tottaly drenched pussy and grinds my clit side to side with his pelvic bone. My husband, knowing what i need starts rubing my nipples and gives me the most passionate kiss ive ever felt. OMG I feel his warm cum shooting into my pussy,, Its so warm and thick, and I start bucking as a mind blowing orgasm takes over my body. He is rolling his dick inside me waiting to feel every inch of my tight pussy.. As the last drop is left inside me, he pulls out, and theres some cum left on the head of his dick so I tell my husband to come over and sucks it all off of his dick..he looks into my eyes as he cleans MrBig Black Mans cock with just the tip of his tung starting at the base then licking up to the head. he does that 8 times before milking a huge glob of fresh cum out. the cum drips half way down the shaft before hubby devours that cock gagging himself on that huge cock its too much for MrBig Black Man so he pushes my hubby off his cock. Then my husband comes and spreads my legs again and begins eating and drinking MrBig Black Man cum from my gaping stretched pussy... to be continued..
Cont.... Part 2: My legs are so sore from being fucked so hard, so my husband places them over his strong shoulders and devours my pussy. I am still so sore and sensitive from being fucked, having my pussy stretched wide and cumming so good, but my husband knows how to eat my pussy and make it feel better, so he softly blows on my clit and gently licks it as he reaches up to rub my breasts.. Then I feel him stretch open my pussy lips, all the way into my sweet cum-covered vagina, and strokes it with his tongue.. ever so gently, he licks me up and down, up and down... then I feel his tongue slide inside my pussy, so warm and wet, and I hear my husband moan with delight, and that's when I know he's found Mr Black's cum... It's all his! As i feel his tongue sliding in and out of my pussy, I place my hands on my breasts and begin rubbing my nipples.. fuck it feels so good, " please fuck my pussy with your tongue honey.. please I beg you" ,as I'm arching my back I grab my husbands shaved head and shove it deeper into my pussy, my legs spread wider, welcoming this pleasure.. I beg my husband not to stop, then he looks up at me and says "we're not done with you yet".. Then, my husband grabs my hips, and turns me over.. I giggle as I ask him what he's doing, but he just asks me to get on my hands and knees, so I do.. my husband places a pillow under me to lift my ass in the air, then I feel his strong hands rubbing my ass, he's kissing my back and softly licking my skin all the way down to my supple ass, I can feel his hard dick wanting to enter my ass, mmmm he's so hard and wet, so much precum is leaking from my husbands hard, thick cock.. its dripping down my ass.. then I feel his warm breath in my ass and his soft tongue start to lick my ass hole... slowly, softly he flicks his tongue on my ass hole, I can't get enough, it feels fucking amazing! I push my ass deeper onto his face, my husband knows what I like, he knows how to get me off... I reach down and slide 2 fingers inside my pussy and I'm soaking wet, I need to be fucked again!
As I look over at MrBig Black Man , his dick is hard as a rock from watching my husband eat my sweet, supple ass, I watch MrBig Black Man as he turns and walks to the door, when he opens it, a beautiful black woman is standing there with a long coat on, he grabs her and kisses her, this must be someone he knows...
Then my husband tells me .. "I want to watch you fulfill your other desire," and I just smile as I look over at her, so beautiful, soft lips and nice big titties!
As I sit up, my husband and MrBig Black Man both take a seat on either side of the bed, both men still naked, with their cocks hard as a rock, then Camille drops her coat.She is totally naked underneath and stares at me sitting on the edge of the bed, my legs spread open, both of us now naked and being watched by our husbands.. so I stand up and walk over to her, I thank her for coming, she smiles and says her name is Camille, I smile and reach for her hands.. I gently place them on my breasts, as I reach for her soft titties, so big and plump, and her nipples are so hard already, just like mine. I see her lean down and take my tittie into her mouth, sucking on my hard nipples, I close my eyes, and lean my head back with pleasure.. then I slowly move my hands down her tummy, rub her hips and ass, mmm fuck yea! Perfect in every way.. just what I've been fantasizing about.. She brings her body up against mine, as I'm holding her ass and kissing her neck, I move up to kiss her lips, and she welcomes me with open mouth, sliding her tongue deep into my mouth, she grabs my neck and takes me into her deeper.. I nibble on her lower lip, and lick them.. My pussy is dripping wet, I can't wait to taste her sweet cum... I look up at Camille, and take her to the bed, I lay her down and begin exploring her beautiful female body. As i kiss her mouth, her neck, and her breasts, I feel her grab my head and f***e me down to her sweet pussy... "Not yet," I tell her.. I spread her legs open, I let my long black hair tease her inner thighs, I want her to feel the utmost desire.. So i stand up and move over her face, spreading my legs over her face, in position to 69 her.. as i stand over her, she looks up at me, and i spread my pussy open and slide my fingers inside to scoop out my pussy juices.. as I do, she opens her mouth, ready to taste me, after, she grabs my legs and pulls me down on top of her and I am met with warm, wet pussy.. I grab her legs, spread them wider, and begin to lick her clit softly as I feel her licking mine, and fucking my pussy with her fingers.. oh fuck she feels amazing! I wrap her legs around me, and take her pussy deeper into my mouth, sliding my tongue in and out of her, as i rub her clit, I feel her legs tighten around me and I know Ive hit the spot. I don't stop, I slow down, sliding my tongue slower, in and out, in and out, feeling her get wetter with every stroke of my tongue.. then I feel her tongue on my clit, and her finger sliding into my ass.. oh yea, i like that! Nice and slow, she fingers my tight ass, and rubs my clit with her tongue as I lean down harder onto her face, I start bucking and grinding as I cum so hard, so fast and so good.. I continue fucking her pussy with my tongue, I need to taste her cum now, so I keep hitting that spot that's making her go crazy, as she pushes my head harder onto her pussy, I feel her pussy tighten up as she starts cumming, but I keep fucking her with my tongue.. I want to taste all of her sweet cum as it drips out of her.. To be cont..

As I slide my tongue deeper into her pussy, I can taste her.. its so sweet, warm and delicious.. its her cum, and I like it.. Just then, I look up at my husband, watching him stroke his nice big, hard cock, hes stroking so fast, as he pinches his nipple.. then I see that look on his face, his head drops back, his eyes close, his body trembles all while his cum shoots straight onto his stomach.. MMmmm.. He came so much, I know he's enjoying watching me lick pussy, so I grab Camille under her ass, she wraps her legs tighter around me as lift her up into my mouth, I need to lick it all out.. she trembles, her entire body so sensitive from the cumming, and I licked out every last drop.
As we lay there.. worn out, all cummed out, my husband comes over to me and kisses my mouth, tells me he loves me so.. and he came so hard watching me eat Camille's pussy. Camille giggles as she rolls over and grabs my arms, I see Mr Black grabbing my husband and as we struggle, they are handcuffing us to the bed next to eachother.. I look at my husband, scared. He tells me that everything will be fine.. to relax. Then, I see Mr Black go open the door and in walks another beautiful black woman, and behind her, 3 more tall, delicious black men. Camille leans over us and says "the fun is just starting, Enjoy"
What comes next, I could never have imagined would happen to us.. As the beautiful woman drops her tight dress, she has supple, beautiful big breasts.. and a 14"cock. Instantly, I get wet, and I see my husband get hard. She walks over to him and starts stroking his cock, its already leaking a little precum, so she picks it up with her fingers, and tastes her fingers.. "Mmmm delicious!" As she strokes her long, thick dick, she shoves it into my husbands mouth and begins fucking his mouth.. obediently, my husband devours her dick, licking the head, licking the shaft, and taking so much of her dick into his mouth that I hear him gag a few times... As I look over at the 3 men, they are standing, watching her fuck my husbands mouth, stroking their long dicks, wow.. I couldnt believe how big their dicks are. Just then, the first guy comes over to me, gets on the bed in front of me and begins stroking his dick in front of me as his fingers slide up and down my pussy. I close my legs,and say" I can't take that big dick, I don't want to." But he grabs my legs, lifts them up over me and spreads my pussy open with his big cock head.. I moan so loud, Its so big, and I can feel his dick stretching me open.. He can feel my tight pussy with just the head popping in and out of my tight pussy.. Each time he pulls back out, his dick is covered in my pussy juice.. he tells me "You're going to cum all over this big dick, and I'm going to make you my hore. you will fuck anyone i tell you to fucking slut . you will never look at sex the same after i make you take my huge load" I look over at my husband, and he's licking her balls, and she's holding the back of his head forcing him to suck on her.. Then all of a sudden, this black thug slowly slides his dick deeper into my pussy, I moan and try to move, but he's got me all tied up.. he fucks my pussy slowly at first, feeling every inch of me inside, swirling his hips so his dick touches every inch of my pussy .. As he fucks me deeper, I feel my pussy stretched wide, painfully wide, but for some reason I need more now, I want to feel him balls deep inside me and I want to cover his dick in my cum.. As I look up, Camille is getting on top of my face, I look at her with a confused look, as she begins to slide down onto my face, just one smell of her sweet pussy and I know exactly what she wants.. I cant fight it, Im all tied up. Camille sit on top of my face, and spreads her pussy open for me and as I lean up to take her into my mouth, she tells me "Not yet," and just then i feel the black man's dick deep inside me, and with every stroke I can feel his head pop in and out of my pussy.. He's so hard, "fuck yea you slut.. take this dick" he tells me..
My husband is being flipped onto his stomach, and I see her stroking his ass with her long dick.. up and down.. up and down.. she drips a little juice onto his ass, Mmmm she wants to feel his tight ass stroke her dick.. so badly that she's already dripping.. She spanks my husbands ass and spreads his ass open to welcome her dick as he sticks his ass up and pushes back onto her dick, his way of begging for it, afterall he's still tied up and on his stomach.. Slowly she slides the head of her dick into my husbands ass.. I hear him moan so loud and shake his ass.. she pops her dick out, slides it back in, pops it back out.. Each time, her dick comes out wetter and wetter. She is so hard and needs to cum in his ass, as she holds my husbands ass open, shes pushing her dick into his ass again, deeper, then pulls back, a little deeper, then pulls back again. My husband is begging for all of it, he wants all of her dick, he begs for her cum.. and as he begs her, she is pounding his ass harder and faster.. grinding her hips on his ass making sure to feel all of him, "You have a nice tight ass" she tells him, "Now take my load" ad she pounds him harder and faster as finally she grinds her dick inside his ass as she shoots her thick, warm cum into him.. it's so much, so thick.. and he loves it! When she pulls out, she opens my husbands ass and his hole is huge, stretched and dripping with her cum.. Under my husband, I notice he himself came all over the bed, he came without being able to stroke his cock.. I guess he really did like her dick in his ass! MMmmhmmmm.. He's so sexy as he falls to the bed, as I see her stroking her dick with satisfaction.. they remove my handcuffs and ziptie my hands to hubbys ankles as his ass is high in the air.Camelle stands me over to look, and she spreads his ass open, I begin licking his stretched ass hole.. dripping with hot shemale cum. I start licking it all up, sliding my tongue deep into his ass.. he pushes his ass onto my face harder, shoving my face into his ass, my tongue slides in deeper as i lick out all her sweet, thick cum.. I slide my finger into my husbands ass to scoop out the last bit of her cum.. I slide my cum covered finger into his mouth, so he can taste her too..the rest of the night was a blur the last thing i remember is a intense pain as one of the two black thugs left in the room f***ed his 9" cock into my ass one thrust. he was smaller then the others but 9" is a lot for my ass to handle and I blacked out from the pain. I came too as the only one left out so far slides under me and pulls me down to the base of his 10" cock. my husband was positioned next to my ass and started licking my ass as that cock slid in and out. that was what my ass needed a loving kiss from my hubby. then i realize what they want. i panic. then i look up and the shemale is shoving her cock past my lips just as mr 9" slids into my ass. I remember thinking why am i enjoying this so much. I was and i never wanted it to end. all three came one after the other. first mr9" in my ass then mr10" and just as i started to feel them slide out of my the shemale shoots a thick load all over my face. then as they are about to walk out the door i beg them to let us loose you cant leave us like this. just as the door was closing one of them tells me those cuffs are fake they dont use a key dont act like you didnt know you fucking slut.

just so you all know, this was all true and we never did get the money or the room but we did not care because that was the best trip ever. we are hoping one or all of you see this because we dont care about the money we just would love a chance to do it again. we are in need for some action with a few Big Black Men that have over 10" a hung tranny and a bbw in the Los Angeles area please leave comments ... Continue»
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Trip to Kerala

Me and hubby decided to make a trip to Kerala like last year, so we call Jeena my friend in Kerala. Actually last year we stayed at her house and we became friends and we were like s****rs. I was in Kerala for some months lastyear without my hubby. (Now I'm writing this from her house)We are staying upstairs and Jeena with c***dren down, her husband is a military doctor and not at home.

After we decided a trip to Kerala, we book air tickets and so on. As usual i didn't wear anything under my tube dress while on the flight. On the check up section I was caught for wearing clit jewel and was asked to remove it in the bathroom but i removed it their itself and they were really shocked. On the flight while i was sitting my pussy was fully out and when the airhostess came near us offering sweets etc and she smiles at me looking at my pussy. Anyway it was nearly 45 mins from their and after landing Kerala, we call a taxi and we ask to open the back door of the van to put our luggage their and i was to bend for taking some bags and the driver saw my pussy at a glance. While at car my pussy was so warm and i put back my clit jewel. It was 7.45 pm at that time and was dark. May be after 2 hours we reached the destination, Jeena's house. Her c***dren was sl**ping and she have arranged dinner for us and ask to take dinner after keeping the luggage upstairs. While at upstairs I removed my dress and wore only a tight string thong and went down with hubby for dinner. She know my habits very well and she was not having any problem with my habits.

About 2nd day tomorrow
... Continue»
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My trip to Mistress Cindy’s House – Pa

Cindy and I had worked together for years. We had been peers for several years and became good friends, then I became Her manager. Our friendship continued but many coworkers were certain we were having an affair. We weren’t having an affair, but ate lunch together nearly every day and shared the most intimate parts of our lives with each other. She was and still is my best friend and the only one I have ever felt comfortable sharing every detail of my life with. One day we happened to be talking about role playing and I told Her I had always fantasized about Her being Dominant and making me obey Her. She laughed initially but after more discussion decided to give it a try. She never could get past the fact that I had once been Her manager, so She always used please and thank you and didn’t really do much in the way of Dominating me. I did some chores around Her house but that was about it. Eventually She got a job in another state and moved. We continue to keep in contact with daily text messages and an occasional phone call. She still enjoys teasing me and getting me excited. I get completely distracted when She even hints at something sexual. She has always been a bit of a tease. I did play online with a Dominant Woman for a while and Cindy new about it. They had been secretly exchanging emails so they both knew what I was doing with the other. Eventually Cindy grew tired of the email exchanges and stopped communicating with her. Cindy and I continue to flirt and tease a bit but I honestly never thought She would make good on Her claim that She liked to be in charge and was normally Dominant with men.
One day in early May, i received a call from Cindy telling me that She wanted me to take a Thursday and Friday off of work in the following month to come visit Her. She informed me that Her friend Norma was driving down to visit Her and She wanted me to ride along with Norma. Cindy explained that this was not a request, it was a command. I hesitated a bit and Cindy asked, ‘you keep telling me you want me to order you around, so what is the problem?’ I asked Cindy what I should tell my wife and She said to make something up. I thought for a while and decided to tell Her a co-worker and I were traveling to visit customers on that Thursday and Friday. I never was good at telling lies so I hoped I wouldn’t get caught. Since Cindy had moved away more than a year ago, I have missed Her very much and couldn’t wait to see Her. I continued to fantasize about Her being Dominant to me, but had all but given up on Her actually taking that role.
I began mentioning my trip to the wife and explained a bit about the ‘customers’ we were going to visit. She seemed to be fine with it all. She asked when I would get back and I said that I wasn’t 100% sure because we had several customers to visit and we had to visit them all before we return. I assured her that I would do everything possible to be back Friday evening. I emailed Cindy and asked Her what we would be doing so I would know what to pack. She said we would be dining out, possibly going to the pool or beach, and going to a few clubs. I said, that sounds great, I know what to pack. She told me to be at Norma’s house at 8:00am sharp. She gave me the address and told me not to be late. I had never met Norma before but had heard Cindy talk about Her often. She runs a salon out of Her home and has always been a bit of a slut. I was actually very excited that I was going to finally meet Her and be in the car with Her for 5 hours. Cindy also informed me that because Norma knows some of the same people Cindy and I know, She told Norma that my name was Thomas but everyone called me TC. I asked what TC stood for and Cindy said tiny cock and then laughed hysterically. She said that She had told Norma that I was an old friend from back home that had moved to the area shortly after she relocated for Her job. Cindy told me it was because Norma can’t keep a secret and She didn’t want to chance Norma saying anything to someone we know. I appreciated her being a bit discrete and thanked Her for that. I packed some nice slacks, shirts, and my dress shoes. I also threw in my swimming trunks, some shorts, and a couple t-shirts, some flip flops, and my shaving kit.
I got in my truck and headed to Norma’s house. As I drove, I was thinking about some of the stories that Cindy had told me about Norma and hopes that we would be able to have a little ‘fun’ before we left and on the drive to Cindy’s home. I finally arrived at Norma’s home and rang the doorbell. She came to the door and greeted me. She asked me to come in. We talked for a few minutes and she convinced me to let her drive and leave my truck at her place. She told me she had a few things to finish and that I should put my bag in the back of her car in the garage while she finished getting ready. She handed me her car keys and showed me where the door to the garage was. She went upstairs and I got my bag and placed it in the trunk of her car. I waited in the living room for her to come back downstairs. A few minutes later she yelled down from upstairs and asked me to come upstairs for a minute. I was so excited thinking that all the stories that Cindy told me were true and I was going to get to have sex with Norma before we left. I nearly ran upstairs, she was waiting outside of the guest bedroom. She put her arms around me and kissed me deeply. I was instantly excited and kissed her back. As we continued to kiss and touch one another I felt her reach down and unbutton my pants. I tried to begin unbuttoning her shirt, but she stopped me. She continued to remove my pants but every time I attempted to remove any of her clothing she would stop me. Finally with my pants down at my ankles and my shirt off, she pushed me back and said “Why do you keep trying to unbutton my shirt, I thought you liked for the Woman to be in charge?’ That’s what Cindy tells me anyway, so do you really like submitting to Dominant Women? I said, yes I do. She slapped my face and said , ‘you will always refer to me as Ma’am or Miss Norma’. I sheepishly looked down and said, yes Ma’am. She smiled and said, ‘good, now take the rest of those clothes off and put them in the guest bathroom and meet me in the guest bedroom. I said, ‘yes Ma’am’, and did as instructed. When I returned to the bedroom I was so excited my tiny cock was rock hard. She looked at it and laughed hysterically. She said, “you call that a cock? That isn’t even enough to play with.” My face burned with embarrassment and I replied, ‘yes Ma’am, it is very small’. She said that she was going to have some fun with me before we left but there was no way she was going to let me put that tiny little thing in her.
She told me that Cindy had some special plans for the weekend and that she had put together a surprise for me. She handed me an envelope and told me the box on the bed was the first part of the surprise. She said I should read the letter first and then look in the box. She told me she would be finishing getting ready and that after I read the letter and look in the box I should sit quietly on the bed until she returns. I said, ‘yes Miss Norma’. She smiled and closed the door behind her as she left the room. There I stood, naked in the guest bedroom of a woman that I just met with a note from my best friend Cindy and a box that I had no idea what was in it. This was so exciting; my mind was racing with the possibilities. I opened the letter and sat on the bed and read it. This is what the letter said:

Hello sissy lana!
I know you have been waiting for many years to have me refer to you as sissy. I also like the name that your online Mistress gave you so we are keeping it. You and I both know who you were named after and you know perfectly well how much I despise that bitch. It is going to make it much easier for me to be a real bitch to you this weekend. By now you are naked in a room by yourself with a box. I want you to open the box. Inside you will find 4 boxes wrapped in pretty pink paper appropriate for a sissy like you. I want you to open the box with a number 1 on the top. Follow the instructions in the box and put on the contents as explained. Now open the box with the number 2 on it. I did not put instructions in this box because I know a sissy like you has worn these types of things before. Now box 3, don’t you just love the colors I picked out? LOL! Now the final box with the 4 on it and put on its contents. Now sissy lana, you will do exactly as Miss Norma tells you or else. You know that I have so much dirt on you that if I told people half of it you would be in so much trouble. LOL! Now wait quietly for Miss Norma to come get you.
Mistress Cindy
The first box had a CB-6000 in it but no key. The instructions told me to lock it tight and that Mistress Norma had a key for it in case of emergency. The second box had a black lace bra and panties and black stockings with a garter belt. The third box had white micro mini skirt and a pink t-shirt with the work ‘Pink’ in white letters on the front. It also had a very old pair of flip flops in it. I put all of this on and opened the 4th box like it said to. The 4th box had a white robe in it. I thought this was very odd that She would dress me like a sissy but then let me put a robe over everything to hide it. I put the robe on as instructed and sat quietly on the bed for what seemed like an eternity. Finally Mistress Norma came back in the room, She barked, “stand up sissy and let me see you.” I stood and She came near me and untied the rode and opened it to see what I was wearing. She smiled and giggled as she lifted the skirt to see the panties holding back the bulge from the CB-6000. She said that shirt is nice and tight so I can see you are wearing the bra like a good sissy. She said, that there is something missing. She left the room and came back shortly with two breast forms. She said that a sissy like me needed appropriate breasts. She pulled up my shirt and stuffed the forms into the bra. Then She pulled my shirt back down and straightened the bra and breast forms. She giggled and then She told me to hold open the robe and stand still while she took a picture to send Cindy. I did and She took the picture then She told me to close the robe and follow her. I did as I was told and followed her downstairs. I noticed my clothes were no longer in the guest bathroom as I walked by. I asked, “Miss Norma, where are” and She interrupted me with a “Shut up sissy, you will only speak when spoken to”. Yes Miss, I replied and followed her downstairs. I followed her to a room in the back of her home that was Her hair salon. She told me to, “sit in that chair over there”. I did and she went to a cabinet and grabbed a few items and returned. She said that She was going to do my nails before we left so I would be ready when we arrived. I said, “thank You Ma’am”. I had always dreamed of a woman f***efully feminizing me and it was exciting. It was so exciting that I hurt as my little cock strained against the CB-6000. She held up several colors to my hand and decided on a bright red color. She did some work on my fingernails and then applied the beautiful sexy red polish. Then she did the same to my toe nails. She then began to apply make-up. She put a bunch of some type of foundation on, then she applied several colors of eye shadow and black eyeliner to my eyes, then mascara on my eyelashes. She giggled as She commented that we may need to put on some false eyelashes to make these more pronounced. Then she put blush on my cheeks and finally lip liner and bright red lipstick on my lips. She had my back to the mirror so I couldn’t see what I looked like. She told me to stand up, put on my flip flops, but do not look at the mirror. I did as instructed and followed her. We went back into the house and She told me we were ready to go. She said, “before you start to panic about your things, I placed your clothes from the upstairs bathroom in your bag with your other things.” That was a relief because I was concerned that I wouldn’t have my ID and keys with me. What she failed to tell me was that She had placed the things in my bag , but my bag was no longer in her car. She placed it in my truck. The only thing from my bag that made the trip was my shaving kit that she had removed and placed in the trunk of Her. She told me to take my seat in the passenger side and put on my seat belt and wait for her. I did as I was told and She quickly returned, started the car and backed out of the garage. As the garage door closed, Miss Norma looked over at me with a smirk and said, “well sissy, are you ready for your dream weekend?” I said, yes Ma’am, I can’t wait to spend the weekend with You and Mistress Cindy. She laughed and said, you may change your mind on that after we are through with you. With that She turned up the radio and drove off.
Neither of us spoke until we had gone about 50 miles and were on the interstate. She turned down the radio and asked me if I had any idea what was in store for me this weekend. I said that I really hadn’t ever thought anything like this would ever happen with Mistress Cindy because she said she didn’t like the whole men as sissy’s thing. Miss Norma laughed and said that she really didn’t until a month or so ago. She explained that she visited Mistress Cindy and they were doing shots one night. A game of truth or dare started and She asked Cindy what was the kinkiest thing someone asked her to do. She said that Cindy hesitated and finally confessed to Norma and a few of Cindy’s friends from her new apartment complex that her old friend wanted to serve her as a submissive sissy. She explained that they all roared in laughter and told Cindy that She should invite me down for a weekend that they would help her train her old friend. She laughed and said it would be fun, all along thinking that none of us would remember the next day because we had already done quite a few shots. Unfortunately for you sissy, I have a good memory Miss Norma said. She said that the next morning she had asked Cindy when she was going to bring her old friend down for some “girl fun”. She was shocked that I remembered and tried to back out, but I wasn’t about to let her. Miss Norma explained that she had been fucked over by so many men that she had always wanted an opportunity to get even somehow. She said that if she projected onto me all of the shitty things that had been done to her that she would feel better and I would get my fantasy fulfilled. Then she laughed this evil laugh nearly as evil as Cindy’s and explained that she had always had this secret desire to try being a Dominatrix. She went on to explain that she convinced Cindy to commit to trying this for a weekend and that she would help her. So, here we are sissy, she said. You are in a skirt, bra and panties with your sissy clitty locked away safely and your sissy ass is ours for the weekend. She smirked and said, ‘oh, by the way, remember when I told you that I put your clothes in your bag?’ I said, yes Ma’am, I remember. “Well, I did put them in there, but what I failed to tell you was that your bag is now in your truck back at my house. Yes, that’s right sissy, all you have to wear for the weekend is what we give you or you buy”. I could tell she enjoyed this control as I am sure a look of panic came over my face. I kept reassuring myself that everything would be ok because I trust Cindy and know she wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. It wasn’t long after that Miss Norma slowed to exit the interstate. We pulled into a truck stop for fuel. She handed me a small pink purse. I must have looked puzzled because she said, ‘This is your purse sissy, I took the liberty of moving the contents of your wallet into this purse for you. Your wallet is in your bag back in your truck. She told me to get out and pay for and pump the gas. I couldn’t believe she was having me do this, but thankfully I had the robe on and hoped that nobody would get too close to see my nails. Luckily nobody came near and I was able to pump the gas without being noticed by anyone. I did see a few people looking and pointing but they were far away and I suspect they were just wondering why I was wearing a robe. I hurried back around to the passenger side and got back in the car. Miss Norma was on the phone and said that, ‘lana is getting back in the car now so I have to go, talk to you later.’ She hung up the phone and told me that Mistress Cindy loved the picture she sent and told me to tell you hello. I said, “thank you Ma’am”, and looked down with my face getting very warm again. She started the car and we headed back to the interstate. It was about 100 miles and we slowed again as Miss Norma pulled off to a rest area. She asked me if I needed to use the ladies room and I said, ‘yes Ma’am.’ She said very well, but you have instructions that you must do to earn the reward of using the ladies room. She handed me a bag that was black with pink poka dots. She told me not to look inside yet. She said that because it was obvious that I was a man in womens clothes that if I went in the ladies room I would surely have the cops called on me. She also said that if I send you to the men’s room you will probably get your ass kicked. Just to show you that I can be kind, she said that I should go into the f****y bathroom that is not specifically for men or women. When I was inside I was supposed use the restroom but I was only allowed to sit. She explained that sissy’s do not stand up when they use the restroom like real men do. For the entire weekend until She tells me any different, I was to always use the restroom sitting down. After I finished I was to open the bag and do what the note inside said to do. I got out of the car, made sure the robe was closed good, took the bag and headed inside. I saw some people talking inside and slowed my walk in hopes that they would leave. As I got close to the door, they did leave but they were walking right toward me. My heart began to race 100 miles an hour. I wanted to run, but there were people behind me too so there was no turning back. As the door opened they walked out and were so involved in their conversation they didn’t even notice me. What a relief! I walked in and quickly found the f****y restroom. I certainly hoped that there was nobody in there because I didn’t want to wait while people came and went. I quickly went to the door and turned the doorknob and breathed a sigh of relief as it opened. I hurried in and closed then locked the door. My heart was pounding in my chest. It was from both fear and excitement. As I turned and looked in the mirror, for the first time I saw what Mistress Norma had done to me. If it wasn’t for the short haircut , I looked like a real woman. I couldn’t help but start at myself for a few minutes admiring Her work. Then I realized that Mistress Norma was waiting in the car and I had better hurry. I would hate to be left at the rest stop. I had left the purse in the car so I had no ID or money. I walked over to the toilet and until this moment I had not considered how I would go to the restroom with the CB-6000 on. I had never been in chastity so this was a completely new experience for me. I removed the robe and hung it on the hook behind the door. I pulled down my panties and held up my skirt to study the device. It did have an opening in the end and I realized it was so you could use the restroom without having to remove it. So, as commanded, I sat down and did my business. As I finished I had to shake the entire CB-6000 to remove the last drop. It was a different experience for certain. I pulled up my panties and straightened my skirt. I walked over to the counter where I had placed the bag and opened it. Inside was a note, a long auburn wig, and a pair of boots. I read the note and it was from Mistress Cindy. She told me to put on the wig and straighten it. In the bottom of a bag was a brush and she told me to brush it as needed but to not brush out the curls. The note also told me to put on the boots. She went on to explain that her and Mistress Norma had decided on thigh high boots because they would completely hide my hairy legs and they looked more slutty than just heels. She commented that I probably looked like an amazon with those big feet. She said that they had a very difficult time finding size 13 boots. The note said, after you put on the wig and boots, neatly fold the robe and place it in the bag. Then I was to go back outside and walk around the building 3 times before returning to the car. She explained that if I did not circle the building at least 3 times that Mistress Norma would drive off and leave me there. I panicked as I thought about what might happen. First of all, I have never walked in anything with heels this high before, and thought it was going to be obvious that I had never done this before. Then I was thinking about all the trucks stopped outside and the people milling about and quite frankly I thought I looked like a real slut. I stalled for a few minutes until I got up the nerve to go outside. I picked up the bag, and wobbled out the door of the restroom into the lobby of the rest stop. There were no people in there and thankfully there hadn’t been much traffic on the interstate so the rest area was fairly empty. As I walked out the front door I looked over at the car, Mistress Norma must have thought I was heading straight for her because she began backing out of her parking spot. I quickly turned right and began my first walk around the building. I bumped into two men walking around the corner and smiled at them both. It must have been very dark because one of them said, “WOW! How are you sweetie?” I just smiled and kept walking. As I completed my first lap there was a couple and I overheard the man say as he looked at me, ‘why can’t I get you to dress like that for me?’ The second time around the building was going well until I was about half way around. There were a couple of truckers talking in the parking lot and one of them whistled at me. I kept walking hoping that I would not draw any more attention. As I rounded the corner half way through my third lap around the building, those same two truckers were still there. One shouted, “Hey Sweetie, wanna go for a ride?” I waved and sped up my pace, I rounded the corner and decided to walk past the front door again to make it 3 complete times around the building as to not upset Mistress Norma. Then I headed for the car. My walking had gotten better and I was less wobbly, but my calves were killing me. As I made it to the car I realized that Mistress Norma had been using the video function on her phone to capture my walk of shame. I opened the door and she told me to place the bag in the back seat. I did as instructed and then climbed into the front seat. She was giggling at me and was texting someone as I buckled my seatbelt. I sat there and she looked at me with a smile, then reached across and opened up the glovebox and pulled out my cell phone. She said that Mistress Cindy has texted you and wants you to respond immediately. I read the text and it was a question. “Is this fun for you and everything you imagined it would be?” I looked at Mistress Norma and she said, “well, don’t look at me, respond to her. I didn’t know what to say. Yes it was exciting but my head was spinning because this was happening so fast and I hadn’t mentally prepared for it. I began typing my reply as Mistress Norma backed out of the parking spot and headed back to the interstate. I typed, “Mistress Cindy, I am having fun. It is exciting and scary at the same time. Mistress Norma did a wonderful job, thank you Ma’am.” I hit send and very quickly there was a response, she said, “You did not answer the second part of my question, is it everything you thought it would be?” That was a tough one, I had imagined many scenarios with Mistress Cindy doing things like this to me. I replied, “So far it is very much what I thought it would be, thank you Mistress Cindy for taking the time to do all of this. I do realize that this has had to take a significant amount of planning.” I did not get an immediate reply. After several minutes, Mistress Norma asked me if I was finished texting. I said that I think so Ma’am, Mistress Cindy has not replied. She said, very well lana, put the phone away in the glove box. I said, “Yes Ma’am” as I put the phone in the glove box as commanded. It was quiet for a little while and then Mistress Norma asked me how I liked my little walk around the rest area. I replied that it was exciting and humiliating. I said it was difficult to walk in these high heeled boots at first, but it was easier after a little while. She asked me what the men said to me? I said that they just said hello sweetie and that I smiled politely at them. She said, and what about the couple, the man was pointing at you. I smiled and said that he asked his wife why she doesn’t dress like this for him. Mistress Norma roared. I asked her if I may speak freely. She said, “Yes, but only until I tell you to stop.” I said, thank you Ma’am. I told her that I very much appreciated the time and effort that she and Mistress Cindy had put into planning this all. I also thanked her for the wonderful job she did on my nails and with the makeup. She laughed and said, “Don’t thank me lana, you will be paying me back later. Now stop talking until I ask a question of you.” I looked down in silence as she drove. A few minutes later, she asked if anything else happened at the rest area. I said that there were two truckers around back that whistled at me and asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. I politely waved at them and continued walking. She began laughing and said that I was lucky there weren’t any cops around; they would have certainly arrested me for prostitution the way I look. She was right, I was so excited about being dressed by two beautiful women and that they had made me look so good I hadn’t even considered that I was walking around a rest area dressed like a prostitute. The rest of the ride was quiet except for Mistress Norma answering a couple of texts. She laughed several times and looked at me after she read some of the texts. When we began getting close to the city that Mistress Cindy lives in, she called Mistress Cindy and asked if she was ready to meet us. She said, “ok, we will be there in 5 minutes”. My heart began to race at the thought of Mistress Cindy seeing me like this. She had told me in the past she had no interest in any of this f***ed feminization and sissy stuff. Mistress Norma seemed to really be enjoying herself and I started thinking that maybe she had put this whole thing together and that Mistress Cindy didn’t know I would be dressed like this. I wanted to go back and read the texts to see if I could determine if she was asking about my being dressed or something else, but didn’t dare ask. I was so nervous thinking that she may not be expecting this. As we drove, Mistress Norma looked over at me and said, “you look nervous lana, relax.” I said, “Yes Ma’am, I am.” She laughed and patted me on the leg as she drove along. Finally we started to slow, I had never been to Mistress Cindy’s new place so I had no idea where we were going. I quickly realized that we were not going to Mistress Cindy’s house, we were pulling into the parking lot of a mall. We parked quite a way from the mall and she turned the car off. I was really nervous. A few minutes later Mistress Cindy parked next to us. She looked over at me and started laughing hysterically. Mistress Norma told me to sit still as she got out of the car and talked to Mistress Cindy. They greeted each other with a hug and were talking, pointing and laughing at me. Finally Mistress Norma opened my car door and said get out sissy. As I stood up Mistress Cindy motioned for me to come to her. I walked over to her as she looked me over from top to bottom. She said, Norma you were right, she is almost passable. The slutty clothes are quite appropriate. Mistress Cindy told me to turn around. I did and she lifted up the back of my skirt to see my panties and laughed. She said, ok you can give me a hug now lana. I turned back around and gave her a hug. I had missed her terribly and was so glad to see her. As I stood back up from the hug Mistress Cindy said, you asked for it, now you are going to get it. We have quite a weekend planned for you. If you behave you will get to go back home and nobody but the three of us will know what happened this weekend. If you misbehave, you will be hating life when you get back. She asked me if I understand and I said, “Yes Ma’am.” She said good, then looked at Mistress Norma and said, “We can’t take her into the mall looking like that, they will think she is a hooker.” They both laughed and decided that we needed to go to a more appropriate place to shop for someone dressed as slutty as me. I had no idea what that meant, but we drove off and Mistress Cindy turned around and said to me, “I bet by the end of this weekend you are going to be sorry you wanted this and that you wanted Me to ‘train’ you!” They both laughed as we headed down the road. Mistress Norma said, “This is definitely going to be a weekend she will remember.” Then Mistress Norma looked at Mistress Cindy and said, “I sure am glad we all had too many shots last month and you told me about this. I can’t wait for the fun we have planned.”

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Sara and My Long Awaited Trip to the Sun PART 2

Sara and My Long Awaited Trip to the Sun PART 2
When Sara finishes giving me an earth-shattering orgasm, I cannot move. Once I stop trembling, I am totally spent but invigorated too and cannot relax. A thought comes to me and I sit up. Looking over at Sara, I see she has passed out from her exertions. Poor dear Sara, she is exhausted from the trip and her exertions just now.

Her dark brown hair frames her adorable 18-year-old face. Her pouty lips open a bit remind be of the pleasure she has given me. My eyes follow the curve of her shoulders over her small, breasts, down over her tight, saucy bottom, and long slender legs. Sara’s slender, waif-like body has always attracted me. Her startling blue eyes contrast with her long dark hair. When she shyly looks up at me under her long eyelashes, I melt inside.

I notice that she has been leaking all over the bed. I get up and open my special traveling bag pulling out the handcuffs Sara wanted me to bring. Carefully, roll her only her back and lock one wrist to a bar at the head of the bed. Now she cannot move except for one arm and her legs. Nevertheless, I am much stronger than she is. I slowly take down her soaked wet panties. Her body moves. I kneel on the floor and start eating her pussy. She moans waking; she must have been so horny.

“Shhh!” I say to her.

But she starts mewling louder like a kitten. I take a ball-gag from my bag, put it in her mouth, and tie it under her fine silky hair.

“Slowly now. Breathe through your nose baby.”

She still tries makes her sweet sounds. Only little moans escape from her mouth around my toy.

The bed is all wet under her cunt. She has leaked so much of her sweet cunt juice.

I reach up and take the gag out of her mouth. She takes a few deep breaths.

“More please . . . please . . . PLEASE!” she screams.

I turn around so I can settle over her head with my pussy on her mouth. This quiets her immediately. I begin licking the juice form her pussy; marveling at her sweet taste. I begin to work two fingers into her young, tight cunt lips.

“Mmmmmmm.” Sara hums into my hot pussy.

I reach deeper inside her. I begin finger fucking her faster and harder. Her little pussy seems to drip faster than I can lick. Drips of juice fly from my fingers each time they come out of her as I keep moving in and out faster.

I can feel Sara is getting close, she is wailing and keening now with her head stretched back--no longer licking my clit. She is taught as a bowstring; ready to let fly. Just as I turn back to her pussy lips, she lets go of the sweet agony. And for the very first time, I see her squirt. Missing the bed entirely, my slim, sex-starved princess lays s a long trail of cum on the carpet!

“Oh my sweet baby! That was so hot!” I congratulate her.

Sara can only lay there naked. Her legs wet. Face wet from my juices. Well used just as she wanted for so long.

“Please take the handcuffs off.”

“Okay baby; don’t go anywhere.” I smile.
I look through my bag, but cannot find the keys. I wonder if we even took them with us.

I look into Sara’s eyes.
“No keys here.”

My little slut--used like a whore is in panic over some silly keys.

“Sorry baby can’t find them.”

“What we do?” Sara cries.

“Knock Knock!”

Sara’s eyes pop open wide.

“Someone is at the door,” she whispers loudly. “Please don’t open it,” she begs.

Knock Knock!

“Please don’t open the door they will see me here!”

“I will cover you up with the blankets so they won’t see you. Just be quiet and don’t move.”

Sara hears me open the door. She listens carefully to hear every word coming from the door but it is too far away. The door closes. Now Sara hears two voices.

“You let someone in!” Sara yells.

For fun, I pull off the blanket covering her.

“OMG!” Sara recognizes the person with me. It is the woman from the plane.
She tries to cover herself, with one hand.

“Girls I heard all that’s been happening in here! You left the door to the balcony open.
I knew you two lesbian girls would bring trouble to this place.”

“But we did nothing wrong. We were just having fun!” Sara cried.

“You are just two dirty whores. You both need a good punishment for being so bad. I hate lesbians!
Look at you . . . little slut--handcuffed to the bed. It is just shameful.”

“We lost the keys. I can’t get out!” Sara pleas--her face blushing red with shame.

The girl opens her purse, takes out a small key and phone, and opens the handcuffs.

“How?” Sara asks.

“I am a cop!” She replies –looking at her phone.

Sara jumps up, puts on her wet panties and shirt, and stands next to me.

The cop looks at us, me and Sara all red-faced with shame.

She shrugs and leaves the room.

I quickly close the balcony door. Indeed we left it open.

“I wonder who else might have heard us.’

“We should get dressed. I feel dirty.” Sara reminds me.
However, we are both so tired from all the action that we fall into bed together and soon fall asl**p.

I wake again to someone banging on the door. I jump of the bed and open the door. But no one is there.
Just a letter left on the floor. I close the door and walk back in while I open the letter.

Dirty little sluts,

Just know that I am a descent lady, and I never even considered lesbian sex. Love between a man and a woman is the only real love that exists. But while that little bitch was handcuffed to the bed with trails of juice over the bed and floor. I felt the love I had long ago for my little neighbor girl.

I have photos. Three to be exact. I will delete them on one condition. The girl must agree to have sex with me. I call tomorrow at 12:00.

Yours truly,

Lady Lisa

How will I ever tell this to Sara?

Story by Linker_001
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Trip To New York City

I had been planning the rip for a while, Mary and I had been married a couple of years, her second marriage my first. It was our first trip to the US and we were both looking forward to it, although she didn't know I had also planned something special for her. Mary is a sexy 5'8'' tall dark brunette with 36DD chest nice shapely bum and sensuous legs, at home she is rather conservative and though dresses well has an important job in local government. When we have been on holiday before she has enjoyed dressing more sexy and on a couple of occasions been excited by spontaneous flashing of her body.

The trip to New York was for a long weekend to sight see and just get away from the day to day work. WE had discussed in bed a couple of times her being seen naked by another man and she had got rather horny especially when she discovered how hard it made me. One night she even asked me if I wanted to watch her with another man, nothing was said but she just reached down and felt my rock hard cock and smiled!
This had given me an idea and I had been chatting to this guy for a few weeks about Mary. I had shown him pictures of her dressed, in her swim wear and a couple of her in some sexy lingerie. We had met in a chat room and we connected due to his liking of seducing other mans wives. He liked what he saw and said with confidence he would be fucking her when we visited New York. I was excited by the prospect, as although we had great sex I have always wanted to watch Mary give herself completely to another man especially . Sly suggested we should bump into each other at the hotel Bar and introduce him as a former inspector for a customer at our factory. Then to leave it all to him to suggest we join him for dinner.

Before we left I asked Mary to pack some sexy clothes as we might have some fun while we were away from anyone we might know. I am not sure what she thought but she smiled, perhaps thinking she might flash a little before me had some great sex. As I was to find out I would not be disappointed in what she packed. The flight was uneventful we slept most of the way. During the cab ride to the hotel I could see the cab driver looking in his rear view mirror every time Mary moved or crossed her legs, god this was making me horny, I reached across and kissed her saying how lucky I was to have such a sexy wife.

I am sure the porter who opened the cab door for us got a great view up Mary's skirt as she got out, this was all getting so hot and I hoped it was a sign of a sexy weekend. The clerk and the porter with our luggage both seemed delighted in the busty English wife in front of them, the i was hoping Mary would like Sly and be seduced by him.When we got to our room she sat on the bed as I gave the porter a tip, when I turned round after closing the door I double took as Mary had her legs slightly apart and her skirt had ridden up to show her bare pussy! She started to tease me by saying is that the sort of fun you had in mind !

It was around 6pm so I suggested we have a shower before going to the bar before getting something to eat, I wanted her horny when we ,bumped into Sly. We unpacked and then showered together, I loved soaping her body and washing her, the hotel had a great bathroom with a walk in two person shower. I knew I would get horny washing Mary this time as I hoped I was washing her ready for Sly. She smiled when she saw my growing erection, grabbing it with her hand and slowly stroking me. She asked did I like her flashing the cab driver and the Porter, this made me twitch and she said she thought so. She then asked if I wanted her to be naughty all weekend like that? Well it was too much I came all over her hand! She suggested I get dressed and go down to the bar and wait for her down there rather than sit about the room. I agreed as it would give me a chance to see if Sly had turned up.

I dressed and turned to see Mary come out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, god how sexy my wife is I thought, she hugged me kissed me and told me to go and have a drink she wouldn't be long.When I entered the bar it was just before 7:30, Sly said he would get there around 7:30 to 8 so I shouldn't have long to wait, the bar had a handful of people in it but I couldn't see him. I began to think he might not turn up, then anxious that he would and Mary wouldn't like him.I ordered a whisky with ice and turn around to see Sly come in, he walked across to me with confidence and said hi Andy, I felt rather less confident and hesitantly asked him if he would like a drink, he said he would join me in a scotch on the rocks. He asked where Mary was, I told him in our room getting dressed, he suggested moving to a table. As we went to sit he took the side with a bench seat and nodded to the side with a single stool. At the table he told me that I should introduce him as planned and that he would then take the lead and that I was to do as he suggested, almost like an order, this both excited and scared me but I knew its what I wanted. It was strange sitting opposite this man, the man I hoped would take Mary as his slut and control what I saw and perhaps what I wouldn't.

Just then Mary walked into the bar, god she was stunning every man did more than glance, she was wearing a black sheer blouse which showed her black lacy bra, a short black skirt which showed the tops of her welt black fullfashion stockings, and completed with a pair of black high heeled shoes. She looked around the bar for me. She spotted me and walked over, she smiled at me but then looked quizzically at me when she saw Sly sitting there. As she got to the table I stood up and introduced Sly to her and said he had been at our factory last year on an inspection team. She leant across and shook his hand, as she did her blouse gaped open a little most probably giving him a great view of her cleavage. She turned to me and gave me a wicked smile and slipped into the seat alongside Sly, god I was getting hard already! Sly said it was a pleasure to meet her and started to say how it was such a coincidence he was here when I came into the bar. Sly then turned to me and asked why I was not sorting a drink out for my beautiful wife, it was almost as if he was telling me off! I turned around looking around the bar for the waitress trying to attract her attention to order Mary a drink.

As I did this Sly was enquiring of Mary how the flight was and had she been to New York before. Mary seemed quite comfortable with Sly answering his questions as if she had known him a while. Eventually the waitress came and I ordered Mary a pina colada (which came in a jug and another drink for me and Sly. I then listened intently as Sly and Mary chatted about what she hoped to see while in New York. Sly focused most of the conversation on Mary occasionally telling me how I was a lucky man to have a good looking wife like Mary or how I must enjoy having such a sexy wife. These comments seemed to excite Mary and combined with the cocktail she was relaxing. I looked at her side and could see hint of her stocking tops below her skirt and guessed Sly could too. As I walked back across the bar Mary looked at me smiled and got up from the table and walked towards the ladies room. I sat down and Sly asked me how I felt. I said I was getting a little horny wondering what he could see. He said he saw a sexy woman, one he would be fucking very soon, this made me even harder! I said that she might not let him he just said wait and see. I then noticed his eyes light up and a smile cross his face, as I was about to turn around to see what was making him smile Mary returned, dropping something in my lap and slipping in besides Sly. I looked in my lap and saw a black lacy bundle, I looked harder and saw it was her bra!. I looked across the table to see my beautiful wife smiling at Sly. Sly looking at her tits clearly showing through her sheer top. He must have noticed my surprise and asked me if I could take care of the items I had been given, I felt the bundle in my lap and yes it was her bra but as I touched it I felt it was damp. I then discovered in the bundle was also a lace thong which was rather wet. I looked at Sly and then at Mary who was giving me her horny sexy smile. I couldn't answer but just nodded to Sly. He said good as she would not need them again tonight!

Sly then almost ignored me asking Mary about how she felt showing him her tits, and did her nipples always get that hard. She seemed completely taken by this dominant man. For the next half an hour or so, he chatted to her about different things, every so often turning the questions to things about sex and her body. I was feeling like a voyeur watching this man gradually seduce my wife in front of my eyes! I was also not likely to move far as I had a strong erection. Mary then said she needed the ladies room again, Sly lent close and whispered something to her she smiled and slipped out. I turned to see her walk through the bar and there was no doubt that the men were all looking at her tits bounce as she walked. I turned back to see Sly smiling and he said she was one hot milf and she would be his slut that evening. I was amazed, she had never gone this far before and seemed to be enjoying it. I listened as Sly said we would soon move to the club below the hotel for some dancing then he would be taking her to his room to fuck her.

I was about to say something when I saw his eyes light up again, I turned to see Mary coming towards us , her blouse was now unbuttoned to a point just below the middle of her tits, which were trying to bounce through the gap! God I was so hard it was hurting. She didn't even look at me as she slipped in besides Sly looking at his brown eyes look at her tits. He asked her if she enjoyed him seeing more of her tits, she said yes. He asked her if it was turning her on, she nodded, and he smiled and said he was glad. He then asked if she liked dancing she said yes but that I didn't take her often and he asked if she would like to now. Yes she said, he said there is a club below this bar that had great sounds to dance to and to drink up and we would move there.

We all finished our drinks I got up and saw Sly watch Mary slip out of the seat, her skirt move to show plenty of flesh above her stockings could almost see her pussy lips as she got up, this was a dream come true. Before I could do anything Sly was standing besides Mary and took her on his arm and headed towards the door. I followed like the cuck I was about to become. We crossed the reception area and down the steps to the resident's entrance to the club. The music was loud and a great dance beat, which Mary loves I could see her moving in time to the beat as we walked towards a booth. Sly leaned close to me and said sit down and order some drinks I am taking the slut on the floor. I just did as I was told as Sly leaned close to Mary and said something to her, her face lit up and she nodded as he held her hand and moved to the dance area. I sat and watched as they moved onto the floor, Mary was loving dancing to the music, Sly (and the other men) were clearly enjoying watching her move, mostly her tits move in the blouse that was struggling to keep them covered. After a couple numbers a slow one was put on and they stayed on the floor and danced slow, Sly holding her close, I knew he would be able to feel her warm tits on his chest it was making me so hard. They then returned to the table Mary rather flushed and I noticed another button was undone, now the front of her blouse was open below her tits now and you could definitely see the underside of her tits!

They were still almost ignoring me and each time they said anything to each other they had to lean so close as the music was quite loud. I was still very excited to see how close she was getting to Sly and how much tit was on show. They then got up for another dance; again her dancing was enjoyed by not only Sly but other men on the floor and on the side. I for one was in heaven a sexy woman with her tits just about totally on display, and to cap it all it was my wife! When the next slow one came on Sly held her close but this time I could see his hands moving and holding her bum, I then noticed he was gradually lifting her skirt, first just the stocking tops showed then the flesh above her stockings. God watch a sexy sight his hands every so often touching the pale white skin on her upper legs. She seemed to be moving tighter to him, grinding her crotch onto his. She clearly was getting hot but did she know what he was putting on display. He kept on raising her skirt till her bum cheeks were being exposed; she had to know what he was doing as his hands were clearly stroking her bare bum.I then was amazed when I could clearly see his hand move down round and under her bum.I was sure he was starting to finger her pussy. I couldn't believe how sexy this was,I was embarrassed but so turned on I just sat there horny as fuck.

The slow dances finished and they came back to the booth, he said something to her and she turned to look me in the eye and then he held his finger to her nose then rubbed his clearly wet finger across her lips which opened and licked his finger! God I nearly came there and then. I smiled at her and she gave me her sexy smile she always gives me when she is horny and wants to fuck. Sly leant over and whispered something else to her and she got up and walked off to the toilets again. He then leaned over to me and told me that soon after she gets back I am to explain to her that I was feeling tired and to say she should stay and enjoy herself as she was obviously in safe hands! My jaw dropped I realised he would be taking her to his room alone! He added that I was to go straight to our room and wait there until Mary came back. Before I could say anything she was back, her blouse now unbuttoned but tied under her tits showing her firm sexy belly off. This was getting so hot, I was a little unsure but my little brain down there took over and all I could think about was how Sly was very much in charge of what was happening and there was no doubt if he had decided she was going to be fucked by him .

I leaned across to Mary and told her I was feeling very tired, but that she should stay and enjoy herself as she was in very capable hands, she gave me that horny smile of hers and asked if I was sure, I said yes and she just turned to Sly and asked him if he would take care of her. He said he would take care of all her needs, she hardly turned to say see you later to me as they got up for another dance. My stomach was churning a mixture of concern for her and what was about to happen, how it must look to the hotel staff that had checked us in and the horny feelings i had thinking about the fucking she was soon to receive. I left the bar hesitating at the door to watch for a few moments how hot she looked dancing with Sly.

I quickly crossed the reception to the lifts and pressed the button, as I waited the porter who had taken our bags to the room waited with a bucket of ice, a bottle of champagne and two glasses, he hesitated as the doors opened to allow me in first. I pressed the button for our floor and he pressed the one for the floor with suites on it. As the lift made its way up he looked down at my trouser pocket, I then realised Mary's bra was slightly hanging out and this cause me to stir again, he looked at them then my crotch at that moment there was a ping the doors opened at my floor. As the doors were closing he commented with a wink that my wife will be well looked after tonight! I was stunned, what was he suggesting what did he know.

I walked quickly down the hall as there was a tent in front of me that just wouldn't go away. I slipped the card key in the door and opened the door quickly as I heard voices in the hall. I got in the room and looked at the bed, a few different clothes laid there obviously Mary had not easily decided on the outfit she wore. I sat down and wondered what would be happening, what they were doing and when she would get back. I then started to imagine her in his room, getting naked, and then sucking him and finally getting fucked by him. God this was so horny but also I was jealous, I wanted to watch to see her with another man. I looked at her clothes on the bed and decided to put them away for her so the bed was clear for when she came back. I then remembered her bra and thong, I took them out of my pocket, they were still a little damp I moved them to my nose and took in the sexy aroma. It was so horny to think this aroma was caused by Sly, the man who was taking good care of my wife. I just sat and waited, wondering how long before she would be back.......

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My story: The middle half, THE TRIP TO LESBOLAND

My story: The middle half, THE TRIP TO LESBOLAND

Sorry, my story is longer than I thought it was gonna be.... so here is the next part
When we left off I was telling you about the nude beach and my friend Ed and 'Little ED'
I hope this next part makes sense.......

Over the next ten years life went on for me like normal, but it was a very bland world. I attended community college and dated like most girls. I learned to drink and smoke pot and go to concerts and parties and the mall like almost everyone else.
But there was a big exception. I went to that nude beach every week, at least once a week for six to eight months out of the year. I never told any of my normal friends or anyone from my f****y. The beach was like my own special secret world.
I was not gay, I never thought I was gay, but men (actually young men) were not my favorite people. They acted stupid, most were cheap and they all seemed to just want one thing and I was not interested at the time.
Sure, there was Robert. We dated a dozen times and made out in his car; I let him squeeze my tits and run his hand over my crotch and even down my shorts and over my panties. It did nothing for me. He was pissed when I said I was not gonna date him anymore because school was starting.

And then there was Pete: Pete was a nice guy but really, really annoying with his Nascar and his Ninga motorcycle talk and his stupid video games. But he was good looking and adored me and treated me nice. And then one evening during a ‘make-out’ session he tried to ‘go-down-on-me’…….. I let him, (I did not encourage him) I just let it happen. It was horrible. His beard felt like 180 grade sandpaper (If you wonder why I know this, I work at Home Depot) his tongue felt like the same feeling you would get when a dog licks your ear. And I could not help but think:
“What happens if I fart?”…… was horrible. I pretended I came, pushed him away and made every excuse not to see him again. Eventually he got the hint.
And then there was Paul. Paul was nice. He was a landscaper and strong, solid and muscles like rocks. But he was always horney and always liked to talk dirty. He would tell me stories about his customers bending over on the lawn and he seeing her ass or some woman peeing and leaving the door to the bathroom open;…. All kinds of nonsense. But he had a huge, and I mean a huge dick. I did like Paul simply because he was a hard working down to earth guy. Just over sexed!. Finally, after about ten dates we were making out and it progressed to where I was gonna let him fuck me just to see what this was all about.. (I can’t help but honestly tell you those huge dicks on those big horses and bulls really came to mind…even though I was not thinking of sex WITH a****ls…….just the size of their dicks!) I was naked, he was naked, the bathroom light was on and I could see his dick was standing straight up. It had to be 10 inches long. Ok, it just seemed like that. I swung my leg over him and straddled him and let him suck my tits and nipples. I was wet, and I was horney, and I was not a virgin. (I guess I have to tell you I did let one or two other guys poke it in with condoms on…..guys like Robert and Pete…..but that was it!) But this was different. I liked dick. I wanted a dick of my own. I was amazed at Pauls dick. I just did not really want it in me. I don’t know why. But I eased down on it anyhow. I felt like it was going to rip me open. It was a bittersweet moment. Like when you eat candy with a cavity. It tastes good but fucking screams pain from your tooth. Only this was screaming pain from my crotch. I have rather large labia. (Lips…. for you fuckheads that don’t know the difference) and they get caught between a dick and my outer lips (vulva) and get dragged into my pussy with every stroke. I guess it would be like me jerking you off and yanking your pubic hair and scrotal sac with work gloves on. You get the picture?
I was so fucking disappointed……… It hurt, it was horrible. It only lasted a few minutes but it was the worst feeling in my life. It hurt me to dump Paul. He was a nice guy.

So, over ten years I went from an innocent young girl who remembered the beauty of her aunt, the sadness of her mother, the lack of love from her father to the wonder of the penis of those big a****ls and the friendship of Ed and his not so little buddy ‘Little Ed’ to the wonder of the nude beach and the disappointment of sex with men my own age.

And to make matters worse; my dad retired from his hot-shit union job with a huge pension and decided to take mom to Tennessee and buy their own farm. My going away present was the down payment on my own condo in a little shithole town in middle New Jersey. They even let me take my own bedroom set. A piece of crap from Sears that was 30 years outdated! But the condo worked out fine and community college and plenty of work left me rather independent and secure. Just not really happy.. Funny, they sent me Christmas and birthday cards for a year or two and then they just faded away. It was like I never existed.

The Dawn of ages. ahhhhhhh
Dawn was a petite high maintenance woman in her 40’s when I was still in my mid twentys. ,,,,,,
She was what we called a “Short Hills” girl. Well educated, born into money, would probably never work and spent her time on charities and shopping. She was very quiet and owned the condo next to mine but in a different town house. Our condos were grouped two on the bottom and two on the top with four separate garage doors on the front ground level. Actually the front was the rear and vice versa. Each townhouse was on a little angle from the next and all together they formed a circle around a common area and a pool. But between each building was a small pie shaped area wide at the street side and protected with a six foot high white plastic fence. On the pool or inner side was only a 6 foot opening and a gate. The gate was not intended to be locked but some people did when they were having drink and smoke fests in their little triangle of heaven.. Dawn’s patio door slid open on her side and mine on my side but they were offset from one another so you could not see into one another’s condo, And there were no other windows on those walls. But I rarely saw Dawn anyhow. When I did she was always dressed in probably five hundred dollar outfits just going to get her nails done. She even paid someone to put her trash in and out. I learned later her condo was only a ‘get away’ place where she would stay while visiting f****y and friends or to use in between the families shore house and winter homes. But I did not know all this back then. I only knew her to nod and say hi to when passing. Which was extremely rare. I never once saw her relaxing in our shared little triangle. Until this day.
So one Sunday I come home from the nude beach wearing just my little yellow sundress and sitting on my folded beach towel. I drive my car directly into the garage and hit the ‘down’ button. I completely enjoyed stepping out of my car with the garage door only half way down and just dropping my sundress to the floor of the garage. Of course, by the time it hit the floor the door was down too. I’d take my dress and beach towels and shake all the sand and salt off them, off my feet and my body and prance naked right into the laundry and drop them in the washer. Then off to the fridge to fix a huge oversized gin and tonic and walk naked to my patio door where I would open the vertical blinds and slide them open. Sometimes I would even slide the door back if the AC was not cranking. Then I would stand there naked for just another five minutes savoring the feeling of being naked, drinking my gin and tonic and then off to the shower. Only this day it was different. I was already all sexed up from the beach, the gin already was making a hit and when I swung the vertical blinds to the open position I saw Dawn sitting on a Chaise lounge in white shorts reading a book. I stopped in my tracks! Rather than wind the binds to full open I slowly stepped backwards a few steps and sank down into a chair that faced the patio door on a slight angle. I did not know if Dawn could see in the room, I doubted it, but I was suddenly overwhelmed by the thought that this wonderful expensive version of womanhood could peek in my home and see me sitting naked. It was a silly but overwhelming thought. She was wearing tight expensive shorts, white tennis shoes and a little spaghetti string red top. Nothing was showing, no hard nipples, no camel toe, no flash of panties. Nothing you fantasize about or see in videos and photos. Just a pretty, rich girl relaxing and reading a book. She was no more than 20 feet away. Of course there was the patio door and partly open blinds between us but I was overwhelmed with sexual thoughts. I was already wet and I was not sitting on a towel. At least it was a fake leather chair and although it squeaked every time I moved the sun tan oil from the beach and my wetness would not hurt it. I touched myself and my clit hood was hard, and I was wet. Wet, and it felt sooooo good. I touched again and moved my fingers around and closed my eyes just to open them again and see Dawn still sitting there reading. It was so damn exciting. I could not stop. I gulped a huge drink of my gin and tonic, put the glass on the floor and spread my legs wide and put my feet up on the cushion of the chair. I was thinking: “Dawn, look at this, look at my pussy!”…It only took a few seconds but I was having the best orgasm I had ever had in my life. Even better than when Ed rubbed me off at the beach. It was like something I never experienced before. Something went completely through my whole body. I relaxed and thought; “OMG” what did I just do? I pushed myself up out of the chair to head for the shower and as I stood I just dumped what seemed like a quart of warm liquid down my inner thighs. I doubt if Dawn had any idea what was happening 20 feet away. It was a long time before that would happen again.

Well that was a middle part, I'll add the next part if you all would like. I don't want to bore ya let me know
ps I love ya all xxxxxxxxx
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The third half

OK, OK I know I’m not too good with fractions…so here is my third HALF of my story with at least one more half of the story to go later.. hehe

Over the ten year or so time that I went to the beach my mind was like a ping pong table of thoughts. I liked looking at pretty women, I was fascinated by penis, I really enjoyed ‘showing it’ on the beach but was shy off the beach. I liked looking at people having sex on the beach and watching the guys looking at those people too, or looking at me. I just lost interest in regular men over the first few years at the beach and was rather shocked to see how I had reacted to the ‘vision’ of Dawn.

Yeahhh, many times over the 10 or more years I went to the nude beach my mind shifted back and forth and never really focused on any particular person for too long.
Mostly it was my friend Ed (the older guy) that I would sit with or walk with. But we also had groups that would build up and sit and then fizzle out.

Ed was the easiest to talk to though.

One time I asked Ed how the beach got started. [/] He said there was a story in the 1970’s in the newspaper about a bunch of hippies that were arrested for sunbathing nude on a deserted beach in North NJ that used to be an army base. When they went to court the judge dismissed the case because it was not in his jurisdiction. It was not county or town property but federal. And there was no federal law against nude sunbathing. By the time I found it Howard Stern had been talking about it and how dozens of people were using it now just because one person tried to arrest someone for being nude. By the time I found it, it was well known.

After that story hit the papers they changed the name from Sandy Hook ‘State Park’ to ‘National Park’ and they started moving Park Rangers in. There was sort of an agreement that they would not bother you as long as most naked people stayed on one beach called Gunnisen Beach. But they were very strict about other things. You would be arrested for walking in the sand dunes as an example.

One day when I was with Ed I was going to sneak back behind a bush in the dunes to pee and he stopped me and warned me. For the most part they did not arrest women for peeing, only for trespassing in the dunes. It seemed one woman was arrested once and the judge had to throw the case out because the arresting officer could not answer whether he knew the lady was actually urinating or ‘discharging’…… Yikes that’s gross, and the Judge wanted no part of that and they held off arresting women after that case. The same went for ‘jerking off’… A man with a hard on, a monkee face all squinched up beating it like crazy is ‘jerking off’. And that is Lewd! A woman moving her fingers around is only ‘checking for wetness’ so as not to embarrass anyone. That too was on the ‘no arrest’ rule. But a lady squatting and spreading her lips with her fingers is peeing… no question about it… or a couple fingers disappearing is Lewd! So you had to be very, very careful according to Ed.

The best way to pee he said was make it look like you are not peeing but squatting down to get a can from your ice chest. This worked even better because the Rangers liked to arrest you for having bottles on the beach. Cans were allowed, glass bottles no!
So if one was watching you they would be watching what came out the top of the cooler not out the bottom of you! Just never make it obvious. Kneeling on one knee at the surfs edge ‘looking at shells’ was another good ruse. Squatting behind a log or a man standing holding his dork peeing on a garbage can was not.

I didn’t tell Ed at first, but I was fascinated watching him pee. Not standing there with his hands on his hips or shooting a stream like I had seen other rather crude guys do.. I think I was fascinated because he was so ‘the opposite’! Kneeling down on one knee at the waters edge or crouching and taking something from the cooler and quietly letting go intrigued me. And I came to realize he was fascinated when I did the same since he always moved to a better position to view what I was doing. At first neither one of us mentioned it.

BTW, about my friend Ed: I was not exactly sure of his name because sometimes he was ‘Fred’, not Ed. Well, I was Lori, not Roberta. And once in a while people would wave and say “Hey Bob, how ya dooin?”
It is funny but back then a lot of us adopted what we called a ‘beach’ name. The reason being if you ran into someone at the market or in church (yeah right) and they called you by your beach name you knew where you knew them from. And, of course were careful about what you said.
And you could always say: "uhhh, sorry not me "

Speaking of the market,,, There was a popular supermarket where I lived called the A@P
I think it meant the Atlantic and Pacific tea (or coffee) Company. Quite often when we were just lounging on the beach Ed or I or anyone for that matter would joke and say “I’m going to the A @ P”,,, It simply meant you were going down to the waters edge (Atlantic) to take a Pee. It seemed that whenever Ed went, I went and visa-versa. Eventually we admitted (without saying a word) to one another we each enjoyed watching one another and being watched by the other. Our walks to the waters edge always seemed to wander further and further down the beach to where there were very few, if any, people. And we would be more and more brazen with one another showing more or turning to give the other a better view.

As I said before, I was not a stranger to ‘Little Ed’. Behind the windscreen I had held him and petted him and watched him get hard and soft and pulled his little turtleneck sweater up around his neck when it was cold. And Big Ed did the same to me. Little ‘touchee touchees’, slight ‘pinch and stretches’ and a few back of the finger brushes across my lips…
them lips )i(, not these lips = …. And sometimes he would rub me till I came. And yep, I did the same for him. However, I have to say that although I would ‘climax’ or ‘orgasm’ or whatever you call it, it was not a ‘cum!’. It was nice but not great.
And that bothered me.

Along the more barren two mile long beach south of the main beach the sand was only about a hundred feet wide before the low dunes. You were forbidden to go into the dunes and Park Rangers were always watching for dumbasses trudging through there. They would be arrested and e****ted off. But along the waters edge there was a little cliff about two feet high left by the marching waves. This cliff stayed intact because of so few people stomping it down, and it made a nice little bench and a great place to hide behind. (or in front of ??)
If a ranger was wandering around in the dunes looking for perverts (that’s us BTW) they would not see you doing anything below that tiny cliff, but you could see them.
Eventually, when Ed and I went to the A @ P we would walk all the way down the beach to the little cliffs. One time I sat just in front of the cliff and Ed sat next to me. It was the first time in my life that I actually ‘pushed’ when I peed. I arched my back a little and was spreading my lips, with my finger tips. I actually scared myself when the pee arched out in a two foot high three foot stream. It was far more than Ed’s stream and I burst out laughing. OMG I’m thinking, That was so cool. From that moment on every trip to the A @P with Ed became an adventure. I learned to write my name in the sand .. I could even dot the i in Lori (using little Ed as a pen of course)…
If I stood up and tried to write my name with my own pee I would just splash my feet.

Speaking of splashing feet that became the next milestone. One hot, humid overcast grey day we were some of the few people on the beach. We were sitting about ten feet from the waters edge at the regular beach when I said I was gonna jump in. “ahhhh, your’e not gonna take a pee in the water are ya?” Ed said. “Uhhhh, yeahh” I answered, “It’s too hot to walk down to the A @P” ….. “ it here” Ed said. “For me”. And pointed to the sand in front of me.

Well, there was no one near, I was sitting on a folded towel, my back was to the wide beach and the dunes (and any possible rangers) were 500 feet away. My knees were bent, so I leaned back on my hands, spread my legs a little and let fly. I was not holding my lips apart , these lips--> )i( because that would signal I was taking a pee to someone. Well, it still arched and shot out about a foot. Nowhere near as impressive as that first time and I was enjoying it more than Ed I think. Ed had been standing, just to the right in front of me with his hands clasped on his head, it was like he didn’t want anyone to think he was doing anything but standing there. When he saw the stream he moved over a bit and put his foot right in my stream, He moved his leg forward until his toes were touching my butt cheeks and my stream was spashing all over his ankle, and back on me. It was one of the hottest, sexiest things that ever happened to me. Up to then anyhow. We did then jump in the surf. I jerked him off while he fingered me as we bounced up and down in the waves.
I always wanted Ed to pee on me. Really pee ON me. All over me, but that never happened. At least not with Ed. The closest I got was putting my foot out like he did to me. One time we were down on south beach where it was deserted and Ed just laid down on his back at the edge of the waves. He waved me over and gestured like I was to straddle him but still remain standing with one foot on each side of him. He did not have an erection, so I didn’t think he was gonna try something stupid, like asking me to sit on it or blow him ( never gonna happen!) But he was starting to pee. Pee straight up. I was a little disappointed that the stream was only about a foot or so high and never reached my crotch, but it did splash on my legs and feet, but it had no power, it was like my own pee just splashing on me. I felt sorry for Ed because I think he expected to be more powerful, and I don’t think he realized he was splashing back all over himself too. But, when he was done, and after a long time concentrating, I let loose with a weak rather poor show that was more of a dribble than a stream. I also did not hold my lips apart there because it would have been possible for someone watching with binoculars to figure what I was doing.
I could not help but smile when Ed licked his lower lip..these lips---> = .
I assume he was tasting pee, probably thinking it was mine, but it damn well could have been his own.
That was not a very sexual experience for me, but it was a lot of fun.

Yeahhh, many times over the 10 or more years I went to the nude beach. Mostly I was with my friend Ed. But I also started to enjoy watching strangers watching me. I would not just squat and piss in front of strangers, that's gross. It would be more like "I got caught"...heheh. I'd sit at the waters edge where the water would just lap up to my butt, lean back on my hands a let a nice stream arc...or dribble (I'm sure the ladies understand that plumbing issue!) But I would time it so it happens just as someone was walking past. Either behind me looking over my shoulders or in the surf looking between my legs. The looks on the guys faces (and later on Susan’s face) was priceless and a super, super turn on for me!....
I’ll tell you about Susan and how she ‘caught me’ in my next story.

But let me end this story with this fond recollection.

As I said before, over the years different groups would form on the beach and we would sit and chat and so forth. One time, in early October on a gorgeous beautiful day we were sitting behind a windscreen, about five of us, when one couple left for a walk to South Beach. The couple that stayed behind were older than I was and had been married for a few years. I did not know them well, only from chatting. I knew her ‘beach name’ was Amy. I’m not sure but it may have been Amyee because she always talked very quiet and sexy and stretched her words out. Like: “ (breathless) Hiiiiiii, I’m Amyeeeeeeeee”.

Her companion was Gary, middle aged, grey black hair, stocky and hairy with the average well tanned swinging Johnson. His dick was not very appealing to me because it was so well tanned and always looked very greasy from sun tan oil. But what the heck?

We were sitting in low slung beach chairs side by side and Amyee was sitting in the middle. I knew something was up when Gary reached down and started to rub the inside of Amyee’s thigh. And then I saw him squeeze her twice in rapid fashion. Ya know like when someone is trying to tell you….let’s go, lets get outta here? I thought they were going to leave but was surprised when Amyee got up, turned her chair around and sat back down. People often did that to ‘follow the sun’ at the beach but this seemed awkward. Especially since she was so close to us, Her knee was practically touching my knee. And then Gary moved his chair over almost next to mine.
Amy was a pretty woman, not over the top, and with a classic smooth curvy shape. One thing I noticed about Amyee early on was her pubic style was the same as mine. And that was rare by that time. Women were all shaving by then and I was not a big fan of shaving there. (At least not then).

There was a time when women’s pubic hair would be classified as ‘unkempt’ which meant hair from her ass to her belly and pouring out the sides of her panties. And then there was ‘Kempt’… which meant a really nice bush but trimmed around the ass and shaved off above the panty line. And then there was stylized, which was the same as above only trimmed slightly down the slit to show more of a ‘camel toe’ under shorts, or maybe more trimmed down the sides of the V to leave a smooth rounded off appearance. Of course today there are V bushes on top and shaved below, and Brazilians and landing strips and little Hitler mustaches and who knows what else.
Amy was a stylized Well Kempt! The same as me. We could have been twins!

But then things started to happen, Amyee moved her chair even closer and opened her legs enough so her knee was between my knees and touching, and on the other side the same between Garys knees. She leaned back a little but did not say a word. Gary said, “I have been trying to get Amyee to shave it off.” “ Why?” I said. “I don’t know” Gary said, maybe because I like looking at her.”….. Amyee still said nothing, but Gary said
“she is shy” “Get out!” I responded. “No, no not actually shy but Amy has c***d birth scars from when she gave birth and she does not want people to see them” Gary said. But as the words came out he reached down and ran his finger up and down Amyees outer lips. “I don’t see anything”. I said, suddenly realizing I am staring at a woman’s well kempt pussy lips looking for scars. “Well, go ahead, you look then” Gary said, “you would know more about lips than I would”…….Thinking about how Ed (my friend) would occasionally brush the back of his fingers up and down my vulva, and how good that felt without being sexual, flashed through my mind. I did the same. Once again, I was fascinated by something I never expected. “I don’t see any scars” I said, but I didn’t really want to stop looking. “Look closer, don’t be shy!” Gary said. I did, I spread the well groomed pubic hair apart and thought ‘My god, her pubic hair is so soft!, and her lips are so soft, and smooth.’ I realized they were also puffing up. Her inner labia lips were showing now too. And her clit hood was rising! I was overwhelmed once again. The Power of my finger tips. (Actually the back of my fingers at first).. but then I flipped my hand over and was a little more aggressive. This was Wonderful I was thinking. We were not exactly like twins I realized. Our pussys were different. I have large labia that hang down an inch or so if I flip them back and forth (like you would do to a pack of sweet and low to loosen it up). But a clit hood that just hides like a little pink nose. And vulva that really, really do look like regular lips making a mild ‘duck face’. Amyee’s hood was large, pinkish purple and , well, it too looked like a little nose. Only it had a glistening pearl at the tip. Her vulva was much wider than mine and sooooooo soft..

I never could find any scars. And then Gary reached down and ran his finger tip up her slit from the bottom to the top, Amyee jumped as his finger passed over the little pearl.
“You are very, very wet my dear” Gary said. Amyee smiled, sighed that breathless sigh and said “yesssssssss”.

SHIT, shit, shit, shit, I thought as two stupid looking guys came walking over. WE all stopped what we were doing (and thinking) and Gary kind of brushed them off. And then our friends came back from their walk and time flew…….Summer was over.
Amyee and Gary became memories……and I never saw them again except in some wild fantasies I had that winter.

But all this got me ready for Susan the following summer.

Later, xxxxxxxxxx Lori

There is a video here on Hampster that just HAD to be shot there. I think I recognize the 'hot dog grill' and 'beer' sunbrella in one scene at 11:46 in the timeline. And if it is Sandy Hook, I would not be surprised if you spot me in there……..LOL

If the boss Hampster allows a link, here is one.
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We had decided to take a trip to Vegas and spend some alone time together.. We started off with dinner, then went to hit the tables.. My husband was on a winning streak, and then the tables had turned and his luck began to run out.. and before I knew it, he had lost the money we had to get back home. My husband made a deal with a high roller, that all he wanted was a night with the both of us and he'd give us our money back, my husband agreed.
As my husband and I talked, he said that this was my chance to fulfill my fantasies of being fucked by a black man.. after a while, I decided to make the best of the situation. So, Mr Black came to our room, and he greeted my husband, then he greeted me.. with a hug. As I pull back, i feel his hands running up my sides to my supple breasts, he looked at me and all he could do was moan.. "mmmmmm.." I think he liked what he felt. So i turn to look at my husband. he's sitting in his chair stroking his hard cock. I turn to Mr. Black, and I ran my hands down his chest, to his dick. , and he swore he could make me cum, he told me to enjoy myself, and let go.. that this would be the best night of our lives.
I unzip his pants, and rigt away I see his hard dick bulging out of his boxers.. So my hand is drawn to it, I slide my hand inside his pants, and begin rubbing his hard, thisck dick.. then I feel him reach around and unbutton my bra.. my nipples get so hard as I feel y bra slide right off of me.. his big hands moving up to cup my titties as he begins sucking on my nipples. I continue to pull off his boxers, and his dick gets even harder, oh my god its so big.. Mr Black had the nicest black dick id ever seen, thick head, 11" long.
I look at my husband, still in the chair, his cock even harder now and he has this look on his face.. it tells me to continue
As his boxers and pants fall to the floor, i push him on the bed, and hes laying on his back as I climb on top of him... I start grinding my pussy on his thigh.. as he sucks on my nipples, then as he feels my wet pussy leave juice on his leg, I begin to get up and feel his hand in between my legs, and he slides his 2 fingers into me and i let out a gasp as I lean back.. he starts fucking me with his fingers.. slow at first.. then he goes faster and faster, rubbing that spot inside my pusssy..
I get up and his fingers slide out of me, my husabnd comes over and I grab Mr. Black's shaft as i push my husbands head down to suck his dick, as he does, I begin to kiss my husbands mouth as he sucks his dick and I'm stroking his shaft. I stand up and straddle mr. Black over hubby's face.. I spread my pussy wide open, I make sure he gets a good look at my wet pussy right before I begin to slide down on this huge dick. Just as his head pops inside me, we hear him let out this long satisfying moan.. I slide up and down on his head to get him ready to spread my pussy open.. then as my husband is holding the shaft, i slowly take in more of his dick. I slide back up, then down again back up and down. Mr. Black is begging for more, but Im in control here, and I want to build him up so good that when he cums, he cums so hard that it shoots straight up into me. As I slide up again, I tell my husband that I want to try to take all of him in.. balls deep. So he removes his hand, holds m pussy lips open for me, and i begin to sit down on his hard cock.. But its too much for me, I move my husbands face down to my pussy, he knows exactly what I need. he starts licking my pussy to get me wetter, then he licks the shaft as well. Now I can take in more of his dick.. So i place my hands on his chest, and i slowly sink down onto his dick, as my husband tells me "you have 2" left, now you have 1" left.. c'mon baby, take it all" I look over at my husband and I see his legs covered in his own cum.. Mmmhmmmm thats so fucking hot! I immediately get wetter, and i let go and take in Mr Black balls deep.. at first it hurts, but as I grind my pussy, I feel his dick rub that spot in my pussy, that spot that makes me cum. So i feel my husbands hands begin rubbing my nipples, I lean back and keep grinding my pussy down on his this dick.. then I feel it, come over me like a rush, and I start moaning so loudly as I cum so good on his dick,, Im so wet now, but I keep riding so I can make his dick wetter .. As i climb off, I see my husband drawn to his pussy covered dick and devour it! He's sucking on him so good, licking every inch to get every ounce of my cum off his dick.. and Mr Black just lays his head back, he's still hard as a rock, as my husband sucks him off so well. I cant move, I came so hard and good, it was nothing i have ever felt in my life! Then i see mr balck climb on top of me, spread my legs open and up in hte air, and i feel my husbands soft breath on my throbbing pussy.. as he licks me, i tingle everywhere, but I love the wya my husband licks my pussy so i grab his head and press him into me ... once im wet enough, i feel my huisbands hand holding his dick as he s guiding it indide me again. It is so deep, and so big.. but I want more.. Then i hear my husband tell him "you better cum inside her, I need to lick it out " so Mr. black agrees.. He bgins again by rubbing his dick on my pussy and I keep moving down cause all I wanted was his dick inside me, I needed to feel his cum! Finally, I feel his head pop back inside me.. he slowly fucking me with just his head moving in & out.. I begin moaning and begging for more.. As I feel him grab my legs and put them up in the air, I feel him stretching my pussy slowly little by little until finally I feel his balls on my ass, then I know hes completely insde me. He moans that he loves my tight pussy, and he has to go slow otherwise he will cum quick.. So my husband comes up behind him, and grabs his hips and pushes him into me, letting him know that he needs to cum inside me now! Mr black gets the hint, and continues fucking me, harder and faster each time.. Im screaming for more, I need him to fuck me good and he does.. he continues pounding my pussy so hard that my titties are boucing and Mr Black loves watching my titties boucne. He pulls out and slides back in, he pulls out and slides back in.. as he slams his dick inside me harder, I feel his warm cum shooting into my pussy,, Its so warm and thick, and hes cumming so good, his rolling his dick inside me waiting to feel every inch of my tight pussy.. As the last drop is left inside me, he pulls out, and theres some cum left ont he head of his dick so my husband comes over and sucks it all off of his dick.. Then my husband comes and spreads my legs again and begins eating adn drinking Mr. Black's cum from my stretched pussy... to be continued..

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