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Trick or Treat...

trick or treat

... It was 7.30pm and i had just put my car in the drive ,opend door and a voice said "trick or treat ... drink she said " you can have your treat any time you like but i wont one back " so i pulled a fiver ... out and offerd her it but she shook her head and said " it's ok i dont wont any money just a treat... Continue»
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Trick or Treat...

... It was Halloween, our school was sponsoring a trick or treat event. Some of the teachers would ... it open, the room was in total darkness.

I called out 'trick or treat', a huge hand clamped ... continued 'you're my trick now I'm gonna have my treat', I tried to break free. Mr. Bobby carried me... Continue»
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Tricked with a Treat

... to touch him.

"Yes, and if you want your treat instead of a trick then you'd better do as I say ... and smiled weakly. "Uh... trick or treat?"

The moment the words left her mouth she wanted to bang ... retorted, but for the first time since she'd trick or treated him - and he still wasn't sure which... Continue»
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Trick or Treat

... was wearing two costumes. Her real trick or treat would come after the office party.
Jake was in town ... , feeling his hard dick covered there.
“Trick or treat” She said and he laid his camera... Continue»
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Lady Bug - Trick or Treat

... , "Trick or Treat!!!!" I smiled. There parents thanked me. I then watched the next set of k**s come up. I ... adults.

From 4pm to 6pm was the same thing. Got a few teen k**s trick or treating. Had half ... ! Trick or Treat!! Giggle..." said this very bodacious girl. My mouth dropped open starring at her. She... Continue»
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Abbey & Frankie

... , “I tricked you into skipping class with me. Now you will finally be what I want to eat, I mean ... , treat to a good time.” She threw her stuff onto the pile of books, knocking some of them over... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XVI

... saw him, I treated to show him that I loved my general.

“Julian, I hope you never leave me. I want ... ”

He was reluctant for a bit, but I managed to convince him to do a treat for his wife and so he ... tongue to give him some nice tricks to his rod. I never had much time to give him the blowjob he... Continue»
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... and got a larger rubber cock out of my bag of tricks. I again lubed the head of it and easily slipped ... in a stall shower with just one man before."

"Well, you are in for a treat." I said, with a smile. "I... Continue»
Posted by fotobr 1 year ago  |  Categories: Anal, Fetish, Gay Male  |  

College life 7

... but tone it down a little," I
said. "The guys here won't automatically change and treat you ... that did the trick. His ass ring was
still tight as ever but felt so damn good. I slowly slid in him... Continue»
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... devastating.

He briefly fantasized about her treating him in only the lab coat, open and showing ... ; now she was showing real cleavage and his jizz had tricked into her cleavage and beyond.

“First ... have fantasies about you … treating me in just a lab coat.”

“Really?” she paused what she... Continue»
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... Dawn is satisfied that she has removed any and all traces of Buffy’s treat she removes her tongue ... , the brunette using every rug munching trick she knows to entice her s****r to return the favour and more ... a nasty little trick she is going to be f***ed to play which she knows her sibling isn't going... Continue»
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Show Good - Chapter 5 LOVE HIM

... like a dog looking for a treat and where I come from good behavior is always rewarded. Pushing ... legs Cody grabbed my balls, rolling them between his fingers like a magician performing a coin trick... Continue»
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untought real story

... of seeing her from sex point of view. Her husband also treated me as his friend and cracks jokes ... is having his first night with you. Let me do a trick to make this night even more interesting. I... Continue»
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Adventures of Holly Whore Part 2: Scene two: Girl

... fanny.

I could not believe how great she felt. She began to treat my fanny like a mouth moving my ... of trick I thought, but she looked dead serious. “ok” I replied “ why?” she walked towards me... Continue»
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A Samhainn Tale

... . Just hard, relentless sex. Almost the polar opposite of how Tom normally treats me.

But to my ... such a gentlemen. Always treats me with nothing but respect. He would never treat me like that. And yet he had ... around me to hide my nakedness.

"Yes. Now you begin to understand."

" Continue»
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Culture Shock 12/23

... couldn't help but throw in Tricks to Please a Man, both by Jay Wiseman. To these publications she ... will treat you well. You will be safe with him. I must tell you something even Gary does not know... Continue»
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... that trick, I liked it, I liked being treated like a cow, to have my tits sucked, as I moved on him I could ... the way they were treating her and he broke some dudes face” she gasped,
I could feel a cock... Continue»
Posted by the_priest 3 years ago  |  Categories: Sex Humor, Voyeur  |  

Next Door Neighbor Casey Cont.

... was, he was in for a very special treat, and he expected it would be very soon.

Casey was stroking his ... couldn’t do. If he had enough time, he would teach her every trick he knew.

When she was done she... Continue»
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... and I don't want you treating me any different from the men. I'm just another cowhand. I want ... feel like b*****rs. Well, that's what I want. I don't want to be treated any different than any man ... and I'm not going to let you or any other men here fuck it up for me!" She spat on the ground. "Treat me... Continue»
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Exerpt from yet to be titled book....comments welc

... are wondering if you're waiting for your man or for your trick, but that's our little secret. I come along side ... , and she's only heard my stories of what you do to me, I think you should give our pet a treat first ... in her pussy and back up. "I can't treat a pet when she's this dry, need to make sure the pet... Continue»
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