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Trick or Treat...

Trick or Treat...

... open, the room was in total darkness.

I called out 'trick or treat', a huge hand clamped across my face and pulled me ... trick or treat', my body trembled as I recognized the voice, it was the other janitor Mr. Bobby.

He continued 'you're my trick ... ... Continue»
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Trick or Treat

... rsquo;t know was Sammy was wearing two costumes. Her real trick or treat would come after the office party.
Jake was in town ... grabbed his fly, feeling his hard dick covered there.
Trick or treat” She said and he laid his camera down ... ... Continue»
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... days of my c***dhood. As a
little girl, I had gone trick or treating as Disney princesses, angels, and
fairies. As I grew ... on
at the party earlier in the evening.
"Ok, bitch... trick or treat?? Suddenly Alessia brought out a dildo
to use on Jenni ... ... Continue»
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trick or treat

... the drive ,opend door and a voice said "trick or treat mister " i looked round and a little lad was ... drink she said " you can have your treat any time you like but i wont one back " ... " it's ok i dont wont any money just a treat back"
With that i put my hand ... ... Continue»
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Card Trick

... send me another trick card before then. They were paying so they got to choose their trick. Trick or Treat! I laughed aloud. ... chant I made up a few times as I started to dress.
Trick or treat, lick my feet. Give me something wet to eat.”
... ... Continue»
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Tricked with a Treat

... of her face, but she rallied and smiled weakly. "Uh... trick or treat?"

The moment the words left her mouth she wanted to ... idea!" she retorted, but for the first time since she'd trick or treated him - and he still wasn't sure which this situation ... ... Continue»
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Truth or Treat

... a k** going trick or treating again, only this time he knew he’d be getting something much better than a Baby Ruth or Good ... going to say ‘treat?’” Jared asked.

“Okay then, Truth or Treat,” Seth asked his friend. When Jared said, “treat,” Seth told him, ... ... Continue»
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... missed his k**s dressed in costume and taking them out trick or treat but also he had missed his own party ... we celebrate our favorite holiday together, Halloween.

"Trick or treat."

Certainly it was a sad trick that a son would be sexually attracted ... ... Continue»
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Dear Dirty Diary - part 17

... .

Knocks on the front door signaled the onslaught of Trick or Treaters. The toddlers were so cute and some of ... the front door. Upon opening it a crack, a familiar voice said “Trick or Treat!” and into the light stepped Princess St. Regis, the ... ... Continue»
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... Michael a simple choice: Trick or Treat? I knew my Son couldn't resist a challenge and so he chose trick. I raised my eyebrows ... down the stairs.

I opened the front door expecting more k**s trick or treating but instead was confronted with three young men ... ... Continue»
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Man! I feel like a woman!

... , stopped and said

"Hey, why don't you give her a real `Trick or Treat' and pop her up the
What is she going ...
bed rolling me on my stomach.

"Jamie, time for a little Trick or Treat like Mary said"

NO! Damn that bitch Mary. She had ... ... Continue»
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Halloween fun

... contest. Since I had nothing better to do (I'm too old for trick or treat) I decided having a beer and checking out all the silly ... this". I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. "trick or treat"! I pointed it right at her face. To my surprise, ... ... Continue»
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Milf & 2 Boys

... is it dude." Jeff said. They knocked harshly three times.

"Trick or treat!" they said in unison as she answered.

"Well!" Came Amy ... and turned off the patio light to dissuade any more trick or treaters.

"Holy shit dude, grab a feel of her ass! It ... ... Continue»
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Milf & 2 Boys

... is it dude." Jeff said. They knocked harshly three times.

"Trick or treat!" they said in unison as she answered.

"Well!" Came Amy ... and turned off the patio light to dissuade any more trick or treaters.

"Holy shit dude, grab a feel of her ass! It ... ... Continue»
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cheating bride part 3

... forcandy. And you made me suck your cock, and say trick or treat. And then wefucked like a****ls and you rubbed your wife ... a dirty slut, so why don't you treat me like one," I said. "You want that?" "Yes treat me like a worthless fuck toy, just ... ... Continue»
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... Sara got into the Goth scene she started to treat me as a boring old man. I thought of myself as ...

"What Daddy?"

"Trick or treat?" I asked happily.

Sara was surprised, she must have thought I was going to do something lame.

"Treat." She said, ... ... Continue»
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The Ghost on Forest Lane

... ring the doorbell of Forest Lane no.1 when on their trick-or-treat

round through town.

Elizabeth, however, remained in the house. ... parties, and

strangely enough no c***dren at the door trick-or-treating. She might as well get ready

for bed ... ... Continue»
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... up at her Daddy with her sad puppy dog eyes.

"Trick or treat! Daddy, give me something good to eat."

Her Daddy stood ... his hard cock out.

"Mmmm, Daddy. It looks like I'm getting a treat."

Kim took hold of his cock and began to lick ... ... Continue»
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My Delicious Little Witch

... my own electrical contracting business. We would go kayaking, or roller skating, or to the movies. I think they felt Mom was a ... jack-o-lantern on the table, the kind k**s use to collect trick-or-treat candy. Above it, a sign read, "Leave your business card ... ... Continue»
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Sexy pussy cat

... covered ass and crotch. In unison the group yelled, "Trick or Treat!" before they ran off, heels clicking on the ... party. The residents would be protected if they were drinking u******e or taking part in any other form of impropriety. I chuckled ... ... Continue»
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