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Travelling the Campaign Trail with America's

Pleasure With Rakes's Wife Suman

... is still not able to make eye contact with me. I took the plate and tea cup ask her to come inside ... " that Rakesh is giving her all the things but not sexually satisfied me, he do intercourse with me ... face she is smiling and looking normal and she can easily making eye contact with me. At the evening... Continue»
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Travelling the Campaign Trail with America's

... I was trying to get up the energy to go down to the unemployment office when my cell phone rang. "Hey Bob," said my sometimes-girl-friend Lesley. "You interested in picking up a few bucks on the side... Continue»
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... oil was discovered in the South Atlantic off the coast of South America. Great Britain controlled ... , fought by proxies in North Africa and South America. At some point, a French submarine collided ... have been worse timed.

Day 20
The death toll in North America reaches 500,000 and in Europe... Continue»
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Dawn's Path

... wedding cake, birdseed bags, or campaign fountains. Her wedding was a celebration of life and love ... . They were opposites. Day and night. She was the very picture of Middle America, apple pie, hometown ... than he was of this. All the s**ttered pieces finally fit together and he was whole. He'd led... Continue»
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New Neighbor (cuckold)

... County. He had been traveling solidly for some six months in Europe and South America trying to put ... .”

Brendan’s green eyes opened ever so slightly at this turn of events. “Great and I will take you up ... that friendly to Brendan’s 6’ 3” frame. But, he wanted a car that was fast and sounded like a car instead... Continue»
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Tuyen learns to enjoy it

... , as I'm not really the type to settle down. I like exploring, traveling to new places, and having ... . Traveling as much as I do, I'm used to striking up conversations with strangers, and sometimes ... that leads to more.

I've had fun with girls on bachelorette trips, business women traveling for work... Continue»
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Lateshay and Eric cum to an Arrangement

... Heinz—for a drink at Cal’s 400 Liquors on S. Wells.
“Rudy,” I told him, after my second Knob ... and blobs of cum, splatter and spray her—my fractured and s**ttered load stands out in stark contrast to her ... stained, well-travelled captain’s hat with its cracked brim. I had on a pair of ratty deck shoes... Continue»
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A Modern Love Story

... . She is the
younger s****r of Sean, who was my best friend at junior
school. She was just six years ... feelings for her became
more intense, when I began to think of her as more than
just Sean's s****r ... out with me on another date and whilst
she was getting ready, Sean, ever one to tease his
s****r... Continue»
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... laughing to myself, the vision of my b*****r trailing this young goddess through the woods ... of a tight political campaign. Not unless some crackhead had killed a seven year old k** during ... , "while just about every other similar case in America ended up in sentences of time already served... Continue»
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An Appointment with Doctor Emily

... a recommendation by a mutual acquaintance. Such is the doctor's esteem and so distinguished are her ... to see me. But she did, and now each Wednesday's visit is the keystone around which I build my ... – that fateful summer.

'It all goes back to when I was about 18. I was travelling round... Continue»
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Mom Gets The Wrong Room

... the pictures she had taken of her son Bobby's high school graduation the previous week. The one ... with a chuckle. Only a close up would have revealed Roger's puffy, red rimmed eyes and less than tight ... father had liked Bobby's room, which was closer to the bar and they had traded rooms, and he had... Continue»
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... rampage through Peru, Venezuela, but bogged down in an attack on Central America. My s****r was now ... to the game, I focused my attention away from North America. With a new vigor, my s****r held her ground ... my s****r and mother continued to slug it out over the Americas. Sooner or later they might realize... Continue»
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Getting What He Wanted

... rumbled from his throat.

The man's hands traveled down Paul's chest lightly circling ... around his hard nipples. The man's breath got stronger when his hands traveled further down his ... grinding his cock on the mans thick lips, precum trailed on and around the man's lips like... Continue»
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... *** For all the naysayers who do not believe today's men in their 60's-70's and even 80's could ... ,handsome and very endowed.

KATE and BOBBIE-(b*****r & s****r)

Twins. Son and daughter of Mr ... was sponsored by the bank my boyfriend Bobbie's father owned. My boyfriend has a twin s****r Kate, who... Continue»
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Farewell Southern Belle

... looking, he was short, chubby, and walked with a cane. He had low self-esteem and didn't think ... was an E.R. nurse that traveled the world in her spare time. She was so kind and compassionate. Each day ... .

Rachael’s ass was large and round. She always wore tight shorts and pants, which clearly... Continue»
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Wiso ist Sam bei Mami

... wieder findend, machte ich einen Schritt auf ihn zu und tippte ihm auf die Schulter. „It's OK ... dann zur Kamera und grinste dann triumphierend: „She'll be leaking my sperm the whole day ... 've paid you was worth it. I'll meet her in some days and try to get her off the pill. If I... Continue»
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Play with my titties, Joe


through the Dakotas, but maybe not.

I like the backroads of America, the interstate system ... stops and screams, she’s just met my traveling companion, Mutt.

Mutt’s a mongrel with a lot ... a successful surgeon. I had two older siblings, Alfred, my b*****r

was also a surgeon, Megan, my s****r... Continue»
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Naruto Lemon Series Part 1

... bed feeling surperior. (Me: When I wrote this I pictured Sasuke dancing like the guy from America ... making you smirk and bite that spot hard enough to draw bl**d. You traveled down his body until you ... trailed down your body resting at your panties as you clicked your tongue grabbing his hand. You pulled... Continue»
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My Night In The Sun

... of the marketing division two years ago. My work requires me to travel frequently, I've lived in nine ... different cities so far during my career. Perhaps that's partially why I've never found ... the oil. The Oriental girl, especially when massaging oil on the fat girl's back and thighs, always... Continue»
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The Quest (Chapter 5)

... brings me a bite to eat and a glass of wine. She's a treasure. In the moonlight I see her eyes ... the dark, sweet Brazilian tobacco. My mind replays today's video. Image by image, carefully ... eyes, much like my own. In fact if it weren't for her lighter skin colouring, we might be s****rs... Continue»
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