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Training Cathy

Training Cathy

... that were to forever change the course of both of their lives.
"Oh Cathy", he ... another man. Oh, Cathy... I want to watch you fucking Black men!"
Immediately ... so much, so hard, and for so long, that Cathy knew her husband of over a dozen years was more than... Continue»
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Beech Mountain 6--7--8 Connie

... that comfortable with another guy's hands on their bodies.
My brain clicked and I told them I planned to train ... to speak with her in the office. Once inside, I pitched my 'idea' of training the girls to massage ... work with her a couple of hours a day, so it wouldn't interfere with Donna training her to run... Continue»
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Ass Whore Part1 - the mother who worships her son&

... -whore or an open minded girl I could train."
"Mom." I sighed again.
"Are you at your apt?" she asked ... . 
"Yes. And you? Where are you going?"
"I was headed to Cathy's for a party."
"I see." I said ... . 
I sighed,
"Aunt Cathy said you shouldn't suck my cock."
Mom stopped and looked up at me... Continue»
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... to "earn" tokens acknowledging their accomplishments.

Women's Institute for Training ... as for that of your spouse...or significant other."

Cathy, a very attractive young lady appeared ... and each receive a pep talk from
our respective lady. This was to set the tone of our training... Continue»
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Taboo Orgy Part 8

... about and went to the door and could have died on the spot.
Everyone heard him say, “Cathy?”
“Oh ... fucking great, Cathy’s here. Mum did you hear that? Cathy’s here. This night is only getting better ... and better,” said Sally who was thrilled.
Cathy stood there and looked at Trevor with no cloths... Continue»
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... with Cathy. We watched TV for a while before Cat turned to me.
"Well..." she said and sat ... what-cha mean Mom. This is all pretty new to me too."

Cathy moved a little closer to me ... her as I nodded my head suggesting she knew what I was talking about.
"What?" Cathy leaned in real... Continue»
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Keeping her wedding day vow with bro.

... a) not wear leather or latex, and b) wear underwear. We knew Cathy, Emma's oldest friend, would take ... workmates and cousins were there - but after they'd gone home and it was just Cathy and Leah with her ... this to you?" I fume, my bl**d starting to boil.

"It wasn't just him, it was Leah and Cathy too... Continue»
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My wife invited her girl friend over and told me t

... this form the net what Cathy crum loves.

My wife picked the largest two cock there and got him ... so she could train the dog to fuck her. My wife said it sounds existed. Jill not only trained ... the lab to fuck her but would put on a show when the boys come around.

Jill trained the dogs to lick... Continue»
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Beach vacation

... to Jim's girlfriend Cathy and me, of course. None of the individual activities were new to me ... , but the combination of things did get me very excited. Cathy on the other hand was quite innocent ... that the boys (Dave and Jim) decided to spend a summer vacation together as well. Needless to say Cathy... Continue»
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The Making of a Harem 2

... say Cathy you really know how to suck cock, see if you can throat it and I promise I will fuck you ... ask Cathy if she was OK and Mom would reply keep fucking your Mommy, so good or some other words ... was spread watching this fuck train get rolling down the tracks to orgasmic central.

Derek was so... Continue»
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Halloween Mom

... for another man. I was getting ready.

Halloween Party

The Fitzroy's, Bob and Cathy, whose backyard ... that mom might recognize my voice but my drama club training and the way I'd fooled Parker had given me... Continue»
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Me and Mom Fisting

... training that hadn't won me more play time on the team but had other benefits.

An eternal gossip, Lisa ... and was spending more time with than Lisa's friend Cathy. She dressed pretty slutty, which was a little ... anything, Lisa," I pleaded. "Cathy will hear about it and have a hissy fit and then it will get back... Continue»
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Sparticus ... A Mother's Demise ... Ch 2

... garden out back which the f****y pet ran free …but he was trained as a puppy to only use a small patch ... before she had an orgasm…


‘I can’t ask Cathy to give you a blow job… she’s ... and looked at his s****r. He was not particularly interested in getting a gobble from Cathy since he... Continue»
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... derision, referring to the three years of weight training that hadn't won me more play time ... Cathy. She dressed pretty slutty, which was a little embarrassing, but she fucked like a mink. Lisa ... it from you," she tinkled, eyes sparkling.

"Don't say anything, Lisa," I pleaded. "Cathy will hear... Continue»
Posted by sexaddict66 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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Black Sons, Adventures pt.6

... University. She's majoring in Environmental science," gloated Cathy. "My baby is going to be a world's ... here around the property. Have some fun while you at it. I know you need some in your life," Cathy ... . But trust me. You need it," Cathy replies. As everyone was leaving the room, Cathy walks up to me and says... Continue»
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Conditioning Chapter 1

... . Her name was Cathy. She was in her late fifties and hired Paul as her new CEO. She was still very ... huge raises and bonus checks in just the few short months of his employment.

Cathy called Paul ... afternoon. A nice dinner with wine and a little dancing afterward. That’s when Cathy made her move on Paul... Continue»
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Whoring: My Hos And A Bitch

... to be well
trained for the discount I'm giving you."

He followed me down the hall back to the room ... plans out.

As we entered the house, I saw Mrs. Graham (now Cathy
Ho) husband sitting ... there and shoved your face up your butt. I
slapped Cathy Ho ass. Strip Ho," I continued.

Bill just... Continue»
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A Husband, His Wife & Her Girlfriend

... Sat in front of her computer, Cathy looked up at the clock on the wall. Good, there was still a few ... to be right that meant Cathy always had a mirror handy so she could check her appearance ... her words.

The glasses straight, Cathy turned her attention to her hair. She had her long brunette... Continue»
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... ran by
the widow of its founder. Her name was Cathy. She was in
her late fifties and hired Paul ... of
his employment.

Cathy called Paul into her office one Monday and told
him she had planned ... and a
little dancing afterward. That's when Cathy made her
move on Paul corning him on the dance floor... Continue»
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... probably the best man-ticket she could have bought…but at the time, the train looked nice. Mark wasn’t ... . And she wasn’t all that pretty either, but she was cute in a fat, pudgy faced way. Her name was Cathy ... and she was single and the two of them almost immediately became friends.
One afternoon, Cathy... Continue»
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