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... I was a little shocked but turned on Tracy had played with other friends before but I ... living room they had a few more drinks but Tracy said they weren't d***k just a little relaxed ... her and they fucked changing positions Tracy said they must have tried 10 ... ... Continue»
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... dressing room, inside Grace turned and started to remove Tracy's clothes Tracy freaked out never had another woman undressed her. The more ... you enjoy your date then she left.

Entering her house Tracy open the package to find a dress that was perfect ... ... Continue»
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Tracy & Me - Pt. 1

... the difference. Apparently Stacy had gone to work and left Tracy home alone.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” I explained. “I ... ain’t Ms. Peeping Tom.” Stacy said with a laugh.
“What?” Tracy asked. She was obviously confused.

“You don’t remember last night ... ... Continue»
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Tracy & Me - Pt. 2

... of. Stacy and I are still together and Tracy has moved in to her own place. She ... with Stacy and I was making her jealous. Tracy had no recollection of what happened and I put ... and cleaned myself up. I tried to get Tracy to get up but she was too exhausted. ... ... Continue»
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Tracy's Transition Chapter 1

... seemed interested. I had impulsively told him my femme name was Tracy and that I had took the pictures today, and what you ... grinned back at me before reply “Please to meet you Tracy, may I come in?” I walked to the living room and motioned ... ... Continue»
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Winter Vacation

... cunt.

“Ohh Trace.” Cathy’s head rose to watch Tracy.

Tracy could tell Cathy was approaching her next orgasm and ... Paul?” Cathy said as she kissed Tracy.

“I know.” Tracy answered. “Well. You’re a lesbian.” Tracy started to laugh knowing this was ... ... Continue»
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Doggy Makes Three ( I didn't write this )

... was going to really love giving
head to naughty, nubile Tracy.

Tracy's crotch was like a dark, hairy tray on which ... shit! I love it!" Jennifer moaned.
"Cum for me again, Tracy!"

Tracy whimpered, wanting to melt in Jennifer's sexy
mouth again but ... ... Continue»
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A Lesson From Mom

... between her legs her fingers teasing her pussy as Tracy continued reading. Tracy suddenly paused, and looked over at Misty who was ... wasn't finished yet. Misty eased her pinky finger up Tracy's ass sending Tracy to places she'd never been before. Adrian was ... ... Continue»
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Friends and Lovers

... well . . . not exactly the complete physical opposite of Tracy, but there were some significant differences. Other than the obvious ... ’s flesh. Her hands began to roam, gently caressing Tracy’s curves. Tracy responded, “Mmmmm, that feels so nice. Don’t ... ... Continue»
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... the kitchen drinking a soda when my eighteen year old s****r, Tracy, walked in. Tracy had on a tight pair of shorts and a loose tee ... was a really big turn on. Beth was sucking on Tracy's tits when Tracy started to fuck my face with a passion. My s****r was ... ... Continue»
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... the kitchen drinking a soda when my eighteen year old s****r, Tracy, walked in. Tracy had on a tight pair of shorts and a loose tee ... was a really big turn on. Beth was sucking on Tracy's tits when Tracy started to fuck my face with a passion. My s****r was ... ... Continue»
Posted by sexaddict66 2 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 3533  |  
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Hide and Go Seek - An Adult Story

... the computer. I'm going to go back down stairs." said Tracy.

I looked out the small crack between the two shower curtains ... for bed. I am so tense tonight. Good night Tracy." said Tracy Mom. I watched Tracy walk toward her Mom. I could here them hug as ... ... Continue»
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They Will Never Call Me Old Again

... tender little clits. I was shocked when I pressed at Tracy’s clit and she exploded in orgasms immediately. I kept rubbing ... nectar.

“Taste Test #2 girls.” I said as I moved between Tracy’s legs, pushing them even further apart. I immediately target on her ... ... Continue»
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... Part 2.

I looked forward to arriving home, never knowing how Tracy and I would please each other, but I still could not ... you such a bad reputation that I find it distasteful."

Tracy answered, "We could mitigate that with some sympathy by saying ... ... Continue»
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My sex slave

... my office. While I was eating a quarter pound burger from McDonalds Tracy came into my office, I could tell that she was pissed ... their rivals. I was promoted to senior position within the company. Tracy hated this, her hate made me worked harder and now ... ... Continue»
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Long after the experience, I still like being the

... . Thompson to you, cunt!" Lana begins to pound Tracy's asshole mercilessly. Tracy yells out in pain and pleasure, as this older ... a true whore.

"Deeper! Fuck my asshole! Use me!" Tracy shouted thrusting her fingers deeply, roughly into her own dripping ... ... Continue»
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My Girlfriend

... squeeze and strike their swollen cocks. Suddenly, Omar
pushes Tracy to her knees, his large powerful hands covering her
shoulders ... dripping sucking mouth. Still holding on with a
tight grip, Tracy bouncing back and forth resulting in Eric and Bobby
being ... ... Continue»
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Fem chocolate candy for horny white girl

... beat." Monica laughed as Lynn continued to spank Tracy's round ass.

Tracy yelped amid the laughter. The two girls were ... exhausted. They were also completely satisfied. Monica, Kandi, Tracy, and Stephanie had just gotten their first lesbian experience. ... ... Continue»
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Shy college young woman gets cherry popped

... have some sort of intellectual conversation”

“Sure, I guess” Tracy spoke in a soft quiet shy way blushing.

The two walked ... .

“She is so tight Mike!” exclaimed Dave

Dave pumped Tracy faster and faster doggy style.

“I am beginning to understand ... ... Continue»
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Catlebridge Hall Conspiracies (Part Four)

... upcoming review.

Maria had been furious when she’d heard of Tracy’s duplicity in Victoria’s caning. She had to a certain ... “But what theft?” she wanted to know. “What has Tracy stolen?”

“Several bottles of booze from Greenwood’s pantry sweetheart! ... ... Continue»
Posted by Mikebasil 2 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Lesbian Sex  |  Views: 249  |  
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