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Toying with Tiffany

Toying with Tiffany

... to play a series of games," he continued. "We'll call it Toying With
Tiffany. You won't like hardly any ...
"Toying With Tiffany."

Tiffany wasn't the only one who felt as if she'd been teased for the past ... to be something else.
How about a little addition to our video, Toying With Tiffany?" He had been... Continue»
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24-Hour Boy Toy Tiffany

... the grown-ups have all gone away."

- "Cousin Kevin," The Who

It had been four months since Tiffany ... Daniels had been a toy.

The gorgeous 16-year-old cheerleader had spent those four months trying ... for her grandfather, Godfrey Daniels. In a mere two weeks, Tiffany's
status in the school had done... Continue»
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A Different Kind of Woman pt1

... and dialed a number on the phone, 'Hi Joliet, this is Tiffany, I have our boy toy for the night. Get Bambi ... said, get in I'll drop you home.' She introduced herself as 'Tiffany,' I told her my name 'David Ross ... to a bed and a guy licking her cunt.
I looked up to see Tiffany staring at me 'sorry about that,' she... Continue»
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Milking Time B4 Chapter 10 The Main Event - Jordan

... the bottom of her chin.
"Tiffany, it's your turn, next," said Ebony. "Get down here and keep Clyda ... company." Ebony moved up to Jordan's face and head, to give Tiffany a chance at the fun.
Clyda ... this, Jordan," said Tiffany. "Grit your teeth and take it, and you'll be almost finished here... Continue»
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Part 2

... in.” There was a general chorus of moans and rattling of restraints.

“You are going to be the first to test my new toy ... : “Tiffany did. But don’t hurt her.”

Without warning I slapped her again hard across the tits. I put ... Tiffany who was already beginning to whimper.

“Did you shave her cunt bitch?”

“Yes Master... Continue»
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Milking Time B3 Chapter 10 Ebony Duz Clyda

... ** at Christmas with a new toy, when she saw Tiffany's knockers fully exposed.
Tiffany felt a flood ... Chapter 11: A Night To Remember - Ebony Duz Tiffany

Tiffany strode over to Ebony, and reached ... out her arms to embrace her. Tiffany placed her hands on Ebony's and leaned over so that she was sure... Continue»
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Finding her man

... finding the occasional male toy who enjoyed having her take control of his naked backside (though some ... Valerie added spanking foreplay to the mix.

Sadly, though, these toys never measured up ... toying with his most private opening.

Yes, he would remember her words. With luck, he would... Continue»
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Mine by loyalsock

... The rain lashed down onto Tiffany's nude flesh as she pulled against the ropes binding her. In mock ... caressed her stiff nipples and then pinched them. Tiffany moaned as he pulled on them and laughed ... very much like a toy . . . no . . . that wasn't right . . . like an instrument in his hands. Like... Continue»
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... gave me my reward. She arranged a FFM threesome with her friend and co-worker Tiffany. Tiffany and I ... already knew each other and I was aware of their history. Tiffany and I spoke before meeting ... and arranged our own little surprise for Lacey. We met at Tiffany’s house. I arrived first with my bag... Continue»
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A Birthday Treat

... to meet in the lobby of the Tiffany Hotel,
before going into their excellent restaurant.

As I ... . “Do you like
your new toy?”

“Mmmm, yes very much,” I replied.

The egg was still vibrating... Continue»
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Big Cleavage Cleaners - BBBBTS

... ! Mr. Kelly. I'm Tiffany, and this is Kaycee. Were from Big Valley Cleaners. Were here to clean your ... kitchen. You called yesterday to make an appointment." said Tiffany. The older of the two. She had ... smaller than Tiffany. She had a small pink bag in her right hand. She was wearing just a little less... Continue»
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Teaching T and her girls a lesson.

... , then continued. "When Peter Murtaugh left you at school and ran off with Tiffany...your s****r, you came ... boys nodded.

The door opened, and Tammy came in, followed by five girls from her squad. Tiffany ... , Amber, Stephanie, and "Telly".

Tiffany is co-captain of the cheerleading squad, big bouncy tits... Continue»
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New Neighbours

... then walked over to the dresser and considered which of the "toys" she would try. Her eyes roamed over ... ?" "I just keep thinking about Tiffany and Stephen. I think we scared them off this way." "I don't ... . Barb watched with interest as her charge followed any and every command she was given. She toyed... Continue»
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The Toy Contract

... "The Toy Contract"

Her E-mail said she had 9 "letters" to read.........a melange of "Junk E ... ".

"Toy contract"
Origin /"unknown".....server unknown
Dated and posted early that same day.

Quickly ... your collection of toys is vastly unlimited.......but I bet I have one you do NOT have... Continue»
Posted by Fasttongue 4 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Masturbation, Mature  |  
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BlowJob Booth

... ."

"Mmmmmm..." Alicia was just cooing, as Tammy began to suck his jumbo blow-toy. She wrapped her wet lips ... , and they studied Tammy's blowjob gymnastics studiously. They were envious.

"Tiffany, she is sucking ... , all at once? My jaw would, like, lock or something." Tiffany shook her head.

"So much black cock... Continue»
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... in contentment. Tiffany still had her hand in her mother's asshole and was still toying with her ... don't leave now!" Lisa Kollins screamed from the foyer.

From the bedroom upstairs, Tiffany screamed ... chair kitchen stool.

"k, bye Daddy!" Tiffany said reaching up and hugging her Father, as he gave... Continue»
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MILF in training

... .

Not NOT tonight. Your wife has got you for a play toy.

Ah, yes, to be a man for two good looking ... of the bathroom. Put his hand up her skirt. She smacked his hand.

The MILF, Tiffany, got a lot of cell ... in heaven.

After a glass, Tiffany's cell phone went off, like she was about to. The hubby calling... Continue»
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Her First Time

... Tiffany Brooks is your average 18-year-old girl. She makes straight A's has loving parents, a ton ... , their curves, their long legs.

Tiffany not's too bad looking herself. Standing at 5'7 ... her body and turning her into a full woman.

Every day that Tiffany goes to school she checks out... Continue»
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Jimmy's Girls Part 2

... Chapter 3

Tiffany was a very proud girl tonight! Though new to
the area, she was at a party ...
Tiffany. She had put out a pretty fair fuck for him and
she had rightly thought she'd be coming ... him pretty good,
but, 'sorry Patty', he thought, 'you just aren't in
Tiffany's class... Continue»
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Tiffany the twisted s****r

... to come stay with me and help with the house and k**s. That when she returned she would be my sex toy o ... was to bring no one home but could use any of her toys in our bedroom as long as she returned them ... clean. She said "any toy" spanked my butt and gave me a wink. I just shook my head and walked away... Continue»
Posted by Johnnytames69 4 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Taboo  |  
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