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Toying with Tiffany

Toying with Tiffany

... had been compiling, the one he was mentally calling
"Toying With Tiffany."

Tiffany wasn't the only one who felt as if she'd ... something else.
How about a little addition to our video, Toying With Tiffany?" He had been
planning this all along, and ... ... Continue»
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Trippin' with Tiffany

... free of their game called "Toying
With Tiffany," her nasty little s****r set her up, betrayed her, with
her 13-year-old cousin ... the wheel, with Nick
and Brian in the front seat with him. Kevin and Howie got into the
backseat with Tiffany, sitting ... ... Continue»
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24-Hour Boy Toy Tiffany

... gonna break the rules, it would be with
Tiffany here. Look at them fuckin' tits!"

Tiffany struggled, but it was no use. ... earlier in the day when he was standing with
Tiffany. Somehow, the boys had conspired with Reginald and the Renaissance actors
to ... ... Continue»
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Milking Time B1 Chapter 1 Tiffany's Arrival

... Tiffany had never seen before, gently picked it up with both hands while another finished tending to Tiffany with the towels.

Tiffany ... she was doing with Tiffany's cock. She turned with an embarrassed look to face Tiffany's gaze. Tiffany gave Jordan a ... ... Continue»
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B6 Chapter 11 Tiffany, Clyda And Rayleena

... worked up to begin with."
Tiffany stared at Rayleena, her eyes wild, burning with a terrible intensity. Tiffany tight-
ened ... fingers aligned with Tiffany's and pressed them down deep, deep into her mouth-watering melons.

When Tiffany's fingers ... ... Continue»
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This slutty girl named Tiffany (True Story) and ou

... out with a small group of friends that mostly moved away for college.

I started partying with a girl named Tiffany, she ... Tiffany came in together. JD had started talking to this girl with huge tits named Amber from Oskaloosa, I caught up with Tiffany ... ... Continue»
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Milking Time B4 Chapter 4 Dee Dee And Tiffany&rsqu

... conditioning class, Dee Dee met with Tiffany and Clyda in Tiffany’s quarters.
“Hi Dee Dee,” said Tiffany. “Clyda and I have been going over things, and I think we’ve come up with ... ... Continue»
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My Life with Mistress Veronica

... stop. I realized she\'d just been toying with me. She could have ended the session with one quick sharp savage stoke anytime ... long ago when I\'d arrived expecting to spend an hour toying with a docile, submissive Veronica and found out she\'d been ... ... Continue»
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... .

She moaned now, as my fingers gripped her tits, toying with
her nipples. Together, we swayed, as I pressed my hard- ... with her verbal assault on me and then started
playing with her asshole. She started toying with her ass
ring, opening it up with ... ... Continue»
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Co-Worker with a Kink pt1

... everyone lusts over and she blows them off nicely after toying with them. Well we have been getting closer due to work ... day everyday. Just freaking great!!

Well after a few weeks of toying with each other via texting, I make her come into the front ... ... Continue»
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Some experiences with pervs as a young girl

... actions and my reactions, his control in masturbating me and toying with my brown-pinkish crinkled anus, which lay partially open and ... insert his finger up there while I sat with my arm around his neck, toying with his hair, and feeling his cock harden under ... ... Continue»
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wishing you were in bed with me

... chips.

"Raising me again, hmmm," Deon said playfully, as if toying with Todd. "You don't

know when to quit do you, son ... it, and the more I watched him recklessly betting with his last thousand dollars,

with my body on the line, the more I found ... ... Continue»
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Tricked with a Treat

... . Her back arched as he pinched at her nipples, toying with the little buds and sending fresh washes of pleasure ... , Lily eventually pulled away, her nipples beautifully budded with arousal, one shiny with the evidence of Paul's lips. Scooting backwards, ... ... Continue»
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Playing with Richard's Friends II

... my shit hole.

I started to roll and Scotty rolled with me and with a few adjustments I was sitting back on his hard cock ... face. I rolled back onto my back and I felt his fingers toying with my sopping wet cum drenched pussy. Two of his fingers ... ... Continue»
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"Hit Me with a Text" Chapter 2

... her head back and moaned, one of her hands busy toying with her hard nipple and the other frantically circling her throbbing ... Lena next opened her eyes, which were glazed over with lust and filled with a dark, deep desire, she spotted Sean and gave ... ... Continue»
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Up in My Hotel Room with a Slut

... is free from my pants, I slap your face with the shaft, splashing you with precum, rubbing the tip against you lips, making ... to stand in front of Me. I reach out and begin toying with your nipples, pinching and twisting them lightly, making them hard ... ... Continue»
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Friend with benefits

... the conversation she said she didn't want a relationship, but a 'friend with benefits'. This suited me just fine. She then asked me ... her mouth round my erect cock and her hand gently toying with my balls. She was not sucking hard or moving fast ... ... Continue»
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My Wife With A Coworker Of Mine

... of my good friends at work went out with Al & I several times, sometimes with his wife, sometimes alone. Eventually I informed him ... & started toying with his balls & her pussy as they were fucking.They both seemed to enjoy it. Anyway the night ended up with ... ... Continue»
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Sharing a cabin with three men

... more likely where someone would try something with me.
I laughed in slight disbelief, 'What ... into my mouth all the time toying with my swinging tits
'My turn, let ... soaped me over, working my ass apart with his finger, 'Girls dont have a prostate', I told ... ... Continue»
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Foursome with Steve, Marie and Mandy

... down past Maria sucking me I could my wife Mandy toying with Maries clitoris with her tongue, I was even more weak kneed when I saw ... her clit, she touched every part of her beautiful pussy with with my cock. I could see she was enjoying herself, and so ... ... Continue»
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