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Total Domination

... unfold and fall either side of her body, revealing her total nakedness, as she adjusted herself into the center of the ... ... Continue»
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Total Domination

"start sucking bitch" i demand, shoving you down to your knees. you wrap your mouth around the strapon and begin to suck, causing it to get to get nice and lubed for your ass. i hold onto the back of your head, shoveing the strapon down your throat, slowly fucking in and out, in and out, going faster and harder with each plunge. i then ask "you like being a filthy cum slut, dont you?!" all i can hear in reply is the mumbles and grunts as i shove the strapon deeper into your waiting throat. when i felt you have sucked enough, i stop and release my grip from your head. i walk behind you, sticking the tip of the strapon into your ass, then ask if your ready for me to fuck your ass. i wait for a reply, then with some effort and a small grunt, i slide the strapon in as you flinch in half-surprise. i slide it back out with more ease, then back in again with less effort then previously, then sliding it out with a flick of my hips. i take a step back, giving you a sharp slap on the ass. "stand against the wall, you cock whore!" i exclaim, allowing you just enough time for you to stand up and position yourself against a wall with a "yes ma'am". i hold onto your hips and begin humping again with the same vigor as before, feeling the power of being the dominant one of the situation. "you like that bitch?" i growl. you reply with a "very much, ma'am". as i hear this, i cant help but laugh and say "thats right you little slut! take it deep" as i plunge it back into your tight hole, and thrusting it back out. getting bored of this situation, i say "alright you fucking slut, get on your back and spread your fucking legs." as you move you move to lay down, i watch your ass, which is bright red with my handprint. when i notice your laying down, i move in between your legs and impale you with the colossal strapon, shoving all the way in with the first thrust. you flinch and whimper as i bottom out. slowly, i pull it out and start to thrust back and forth, fucking you with all i've got, feeling my power over you growing with every thrust. i cant help but wonder if you'll do the fucking for me, so i pull it out with a loud pop, leaving you empty on the inside. "stand up bitch!" i bark. as you start to stand, i lay down on my back then say "ride my strapon like the whore you are." i watch you kneel over me and straddle my strapon, i reach up and pinch your nipple, causing you to moan. as you start to grind, moving up and down, going faster, slamming yourself harder and harder, impaling yourself with each blow, moaning with pleasure. as i watch this i say "thats it. your such a good little slut" as i start to laugh again. i then make a comment just as you slam yourself down "your such a good little slut, you seem to be getting addicted to my strapon." so i decided enough is enough, i command you to get off of me and get on your back again, this time hanging your head over the edge. as you lay down, i straddle your face before your even ready, shoving my strapon deep down your throat, face fucking you vigerously, going harder and harder causing you to choke and gag, as i say "thats it you dirty bitch, take it nice and deep." you choke even more and i say "your such a filthy cum guzzling whore." i then look down to see you start to explode, shoothing thick, gooey streams of cum all over yourself. i laugh, saying "you came all over yourself, you dirty little cum slut! go clean yourself up bitch!" then as i stand back with the strapon between my legs, feeling total control over you, i say "god i fucking love you, my little anal slut."... Continue»
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The Domination of Jason

The Domination of Jason

This is simply one long rambling story divided in to six parts in
a vaguely logical manner so it doesn't come across as one 1,500
line file. There is very little actual sex in this story, but
there are some descriptions of scenes and techniques that may be
of interest to some people in their role playing.

Domination of Jason
Chapter 1

"Oh, my God," I exclaimed, "what are you doing?" It was perfectly
obvious what Jason, my husband, was doing. He was playing with

I had just finished the laundry and was putting the linens and
towels away. I entered the bathroom to put some fresh towels on
the rack when I surprised my husband as he was kneeling in front
of the toilet manipulating his organ.

I had suspected that he was up to something all along as he would
frequently lock himself in the bathroom. I thought it odd that
after being married several years that he would still be
squeamish about his bathroom habits.

Apparently, he forgot to lock the door this time. He stopped and
became very red in the face when I came in.

I put the towels on the vanity and left without saying another

Jason got out of the bathroom and tried to explain, "Honey, I..."

I cut him off, "I don't want to talk about it. I don't know what
to think. You think you were a teenager. You ought to be ashamed
of yourself. Get out of my sight."

He disappeared into the garage to tinker which is what he does
whenever he's in the doghouse. I yelled a departing shot at him,
"And don't even think about sex with me for at least a week!". I
didn't care that it was spring and the windows were open.

For the rest of the week I didn't even let him touch me in bed.
For the rest of the week, he was more subdued and fawning over me
attempting to win himself into my good graces.

For the rest of the week, I thought about a grown man playing
with himself and it intrigued me in a perverse sort of way. On
the one hand, I was infuriated that Jason would feel the need for
additional sexual release. Was I not woman enough for him? Yet,
on the other hand, I really wanted to watch him do it. Could I be
the one driving him to it? I had to know.

I had some books on sex, and they talked a little about male
masturbation, but they went into the how rather than the why. I
wanted to know so badly why men would do these things. The books
confirmed that they did, indeed, do them.

I wouldn't think about asking Jason, so, I confided in my next
door neighbor, Debbie. She and I had known one another since high
school. During those days we told each other everything,
especially our relationships with boys.

We still talked about our relationships with men. She had
confided in me that she had given quite a number of "hand jobs"
while in college and told me about some of the things she did
with her lovers. If any woman knew about penis pumping, she did.

My guesses were correct. After a very embarrassing introduction
of the subject, I finally explained what I caught Jason doing.

"Oh, Anne," she said, "Don't worry about it. It's very common.
Men do it all the time. You don't know how lucky you are. Work
with Jason on this. Both of you will like it, and, if you do your
stuff right, you can really benefit out of it."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Jason is your typical oversexed male. He can't get enough sex
and will seek release anywhere. Once he gets it, he loses
interest. I bet that once he gets it off with you, he drops you
like a hot potato."

"You got that right. How do you know so much about Jason?"

"This isn't rocket science, dear. I just described about 95% of
the male population. They're all just about the same. That's what
makes it so easy."

"Makes what so easy?" I asked.

"Female control! If you can control his release, you can control

"Why would I want to control him."

"It's worth a shot. Think of it. No more housework, no more
laundry, hour long back rubs, guaranteed orgasms whenever you
want them. Jason can do it all for you."

"Whoa, girl!" I exclaimed. "What makes you think that Jason will
go along with this?"

"Most men think alike, they have hidden guilt feelings about the
control they have over women in the business place and in other
aspects of their lives. They know they are in control `out
there.' In the outside world they have all kinds of support
systems. The world is built according to their rules, and so far,
everybody has played the game their way. Take them out of that
familiar environment and put them one-one-one where it really
counts..." She trailed off turning the phrase into a question.

We sat in silence for a few moments as she let me digest what I
just heard. "In bed, it's different. Not every man is clear about
his standing with women.Some of them never resolve the sexual
conflicts they faced as c***dren. When things get though, they
try to retreat to their pasts when things were much simpler. Some
of them would like to make it all the way back to the womb, but
most of them enjoy getting back to the stage of being totally
dependant upon a woman -- mom."

She laughed, "Yeah, I know, sounds a little too Freudian. Well,
Freud wasn't all wrong. He got this part right at least. Most men
want moms to take care of them. Mom provided love, but she also
provided discipline. Some men get them mixed up. c***dhood was a
time of bliss when no decisions had to be made. You didn't even
have to figure out right from wrong. Mom did all that for you."

"That's another part of it -- giving up responsibility. Men feel
that they have to be in control all of the time. Bullshit! They
stand firm and won't bend. Instead of bending, they break. They
try to crawl back into the womb. They surrender. They become
dependent on you. The most dominant men in the boardroom are
often the most submissive men in the bedroom. I know, I've had my

"Men also have an incredibly strong attachment to their sex
organs. I think it starts even before puberty. Once they figure
out that they have something girls don't they flaunt it. It
becomes a competition with them. Who can pee the furthest? Who
has the biggest one? Who can jerk off the fastest? In a sense,
men are their own worst enemy. All of them brag about how great
they are in bed. It's probably 99% bullshit, but they swallow it.
They have unrealistic expectations about what their performance
is supposed to be. They are uncertain in the bedroom. Like most
of the other things in their lives, men see sex as a competition.
They compete with other men and their women and, God forbid, even
your past lovers."

"Women get advice and sympathy on sex and how to handle men from
other women instead of `I can do it better than you.' Women, in
general, are more confident in bed. Not only do men compete with
each other in bed, they also compete with women. For them, there
must be a clear winner and a clear loser. They can't see, as us
women do, that sex should be a cooperative effort. When a man and
woman get in bed together, she has the home court advantage.
That's why confident women frighten men so much. In the
competitive mode, there is no half-way measure. It's either the
man dominates the woman, or she must dominate him."

"A man defines his sexuality almost entirely in terms of his
penis. As best I can figure out, there's absolutely nothing like
it in women. Control a man's penis, and you control him.
Considering the love they have for mom, the love they have for
their prick, and the guilt feelings they have towards women in
general, it's little wonder that some men wish to do penance by
servicing females sexually".

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, "Do you really do this
kinky stuff?"

Debbie continued, "Well, first of all, it's not as kinky as you
think. Besides, I normally like well-balanced relationships with
my men, but even the strongest of them has a submissive side. For
the men I really love -- those how know how to respect me -- I
respect that, and I only take advantage of it for our mutual

"There are some men, however, who deserve what they get.
Sometimes I just want to get back at the male sex in general. I
remember what it's like growing up as a girl. I was a good
student, yet I was done out of an honors physics class simply
because I was a girl. In my senior year, the girls' swim team
went to the state championships. Yet the boy's losing basketball
team got more respect. Hell, even the cheerleaders got better
press than we did. Having some jock tell me `That's the way it
is.' didn't help."

"Even my own s****r sold out. She's the one who taught me what
boys looked like and how we could play with them when we were
little girls. Now she's married and has two c***dren, Amanda and
Greg. She's raising Amada just like mom try to raise us -- to be
a perfect little lady. On the other hand Greg's trangressions are
mostly dismissed with `Boys will be boys." It's a mute testimony
to what everyone considers to be the natural order of things.
Boys got away with murder, and never had to take any
responsibility for it. What's worse, is that they don't even know
they're getting away with it."

"It goes beyond revenge, I have my lusty side as well. There are
times when I want it, I want it all, and I want it all my way. I
become an insatiable bitch.," she laughed. "That's when I find a
macho whimp and use him."

"Macho whimp?" I asked.

"Yeah, macho whimp. Those who brag the most are normally the most
insecure and also the most immature. I use both of these
weaknesses to bring them under my control. I love the feeling of
power. Lord knows I don't see it a work. Hell, I don't even get
it at the mall, at least not in the electronics store or the
automotive parts place."

"In private, I can exercise extreme power. I don't get simple
respect, I extract awe, reverence and worship. First I drive them
into lust, then I drive them into dispair. I love being a
goddess. You can have it all, too."

"I don't see how I get from Jason playing with himself to playing
slave for me, Debbie?"

"Take advantage of what I just taught you, girl. Take advantage
of his physical weakness, and your mental superiority. Most of
this game is played in the head."

I looked at her quizzically.

"It's simple," she said, "When's the last time you and Jason had

"About a week ago."

"And has he been playing with himself since."

"I don't think so. He seems doesn't seem to want to do anything
to upset me."

"All the better. Don't you think that he's getting a little horny
by now?"

I laughed, "I imagine so."

"Well, use it. Get that pussy working for you."

She reminded me of previous conversations, "You told me that
Jason has never eaten you out. That's still true, isn't it?"


"Well, here's your chance. Let me tell you what to do..."

I interrupted, "Wait! I'm not sure I want to do this."

"OK, think about it. I have some stuff I can give you."

Debbie went up to her bedroom, and when she came down, she gave
me some books on female domination.

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Domination of Jason
Chapter 2

Most of the books Denise gave me were magazines with articles on
female domination, some were dedicated to bondage and discipline
of both sexes in general, and there was one book totally
dedicated to the female top position. She gave me a good
selection from "nearly vanilla" to extremely kinky. It took me a
week to read them all. Boy, Were my eyes opened! I had no idea
how widespread the practice was, and in some cases, how extreme.

What really surprised me was how turned on I got. I went though a
lot of wet panties. I had no reason to wish any physical harm to
my husband, yet the thought of taking control over him, and
humiliating him got me very excited.

When Debbie came over to pick up the books she asked me, "What
are you prepared to do? If you're really going to get into this,
you've got to be committed."

As excited as I was inside about the idea, my actions weren't
quite up to my desires.

"OK, let's run a test," suggested Debbie. "You still have that
husband of yours off sex?"

"Uh-umm," I nodded.

"Has he been playing with himself?"

"I don't think so."

"When was the last time you think he went over ten days without
getting any."

I laughed, "I don't know, third grade?"

"Do you still want to get eaten out?"

"After my own abstinence -- more than ever!"

"OK. So, here's what you do..."


When Jason came home from work that night, I met him at the door
in one of my sexier dresses. This was a far cry from the shirts,
jeans and sneakers I normally kept house in! I greeted him with a
long passionate kiss, and I could feel his cock spring to life
even though his pants.

I led him over to the couch where I had previously poured out a
glass of wine for each of us, and sat there leaning towards him,
legs crossed towards him, twirling a lock of my hair with a
finger. Even this slight teasing got me excited.

"Tell me about your day, dear." I asked him.

He stammered on about some of the mundane office goings-on and
how the traffic was on the freeway. I didn't really listen. I
just looked him in the eye, and licked my lips. Every bit of my
body was broadcasting, "Take me, I'm hot!"

When he finally wound down, I asked him, "What were you doing in
the bathroom the other day?" He blushed immediately and started
stammering again.

"Do you like playing with yourself?"


"Don't lie to me, boy!" I yelled at him, surprising even myself.

"Well, er, yes."

"What do think about when you're doing it?" Debbie told me all
the questions to ask.

"I think about having sex", my husband said, and then added
hastily, "with you."

"Mmmm," I mused, "Tell me more, what are we doing in this fantasy
of yours?"

I made him explain all of his thoughts to me graphically. He was
getting hornier and hornier by the minute as he relived the
experience. Debbie told me that making him admit his fantasies
would break him down.

I had to admit, I was getting hot myself. Unlike my husband,
however, I was able to keep under control.

When I had heard enough, I announced, "I bet you want to get it
off now, don't you." He nodded his head vigorously.

"Come, let's go to the bedroom." He was on my heels like a puppy.

I sat on the bed and said, "Take off your clothes. Slowly! I want
you to put on a show for me."

He obliged, getting even redder than before. He was clearly in
the grip of severe embarrassment. How I was going to love this!

Once he was completely naked in front of me he asked, "What about
you, aren't you going to get undressed?"

"Not just yet," I informed him, "Turn around. I want to see all
of you".

His eyes brightened when I stood up and dropped my dress to
reveal my slip and stockings. I lifted my leg just high enough to
show him that I wasn't wearing panties underneath, and that I was
wearing my garter belt.

His cock was rigid and throbbing by this time.

"Before I allow you to come," (how nice that word - allow -
sounded), "You'll have to do a few things for me. You do want to
be allowed to come eventually, don't you?"

Once again, the vigorous nod.

"OK, then. Kneel down in front of me and bow your head." He did
as he was told, and I threw my slip over his head. Using my
hands, I guided it to where I wanted it.

"You know what to do." I told him.

"But honey," came the muffled reply.

"No but honey's tonight," I sternly told him, `You've had your
sex fun, now it's time for me to have mine. If you don't put your
tongue in there, you'll never put anything else in there either.
Now LICK!" Guilt! It worked just like Debbie said it would.

Jason started licking me, although with less relish than I'd
like. Debbie suggested that I punish inferior performance but
Jason's reaction was enough. He obviously thought that oral sex
was a disgusting prospect (He didn't even ask me to perform it on
him). The idea that I was making him do something he absolutely
detested made up for his actual lack of physical stimulation.

As I felt his tongue in my pussy for the first time, I thought,
"a game played mostly in the head," is that how Debbie put it?
Power, yes, I liked it. I came, and I came hard. I liked it, and
I almost lost control.

By the time I let Jason up for air, his face was covered with my
juices. I smiled down at him, not so much from the humorous look
of the slick juices on his face, but from the knowledge of what I
had done to him, and what I had made him do, and where all of
this would eventually lead.


"Now, get dressed," I ordered him. "You're taking me out to
dinner." I allowed him a quick shower while I changed my slip and
got back into my dress.

All through dinner, I kept sending him the come-on signals. I had
no doubt that Jason thought his punishment was over. Little did
he know it was just beginning!

By the time we got home, Jason was all over me. I put on my
sexiest nightgown kissed him deeply, and rubbed my body against
his. If I had let him in me just then, he would have shot his
load on the first stroke.

I rolled away from him, smiled at him over my shoulder, said,
"Good night," and turned off the light.

"Aren't we going to make love?" he asked.

"Why don't you make love to your hand? You seem to like it

"It's not like that," he insisted.

"I don't care what it's like. I'll tell you this. You touch
yourself again, and I won't have anything to do with you. Think
about it, your hand or me. I think I'm worth giving up your hobby

"OK, dear. I promise. I won't play with myself again."

"That's not good enough," I was on a roll, and I wasn't going to
stop, "I want it in writing."


"In writing," I said more emphatically, turning the light back
on. "Get over to that desk and take dictation." I bit off each
word crisply. "There's going to be some changes for the better
around here. Better for me, that is."

He got up and sat at the desk.

I improvised as I went along, "I, Jason, promise my wife, Anne,
total fidelity." Jason's pen made the appropriate scratches. "I
will not look at another woman. I will not go out with the boys
unless she lets me. I will stop masturbating as of this very
moment and I will not touch myself without Anne's permission.
>From now on, Anne is in charge of my sex life."

"Now wait a minute," he interrupted.

"Keep writing," I overruled.

"From now on, Anne is in charge of my sex life. She will decide
when and if I've earned an orgasm. I will make it my priority to
make sure her pleasure comes first. I will do whatever she tells
me to do, and if she is not satisfied with my performance, she
has the right to punish me and withhold sex from me. I promise
all these things on blah blah blah -- OK, just date it and sign

Not very eloquent, but to the point nonetheless.

He finished his task and I inspected the results. I nodded slowly
and grinned sexily. "You can start tomorrow. It's Saturday, and I
want breakfast in bed. Then I have some chores for you to do."

He raised his finger to object until I waved the paper in front
of his face. "Don't push it, bub! You're not getting any tonight.
Misbehave, and you won't get any for a long time. Now kiss me
like a good little boy, turn off the light and go to sl**p."

I can't believe it. I just lectured him like an errant 9-year
old, and he accepted it! Debbie was right again, a couple of
balls full of semen will make a man do just about anything for
the mere promise of relief. I slept like a baby thinking of the
new phase of life Jason and I had just started.


I woke up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. There stood Jason
in his bathrobe with a tray containing my breakfast. "Put the
tray here," I said, indicating my lap, "and drop the robe from
now on whenever you are with me in this room, you will wear no
clothes except what I order you to wear. Do you understand?"

"Yes, dear."

"That's another thing. No more of this `dear' and `honey' stuff.
>From now on I'm `Mistress' in private, and "Madam" in public. Do
you get that?"

"Yes, Mistress."

This was going better than expected. Debbie told me that it would
take several `training sessions' before Jason would be calling me

I made Jason stand there and watch me eat. I kept stealing peeks
at his penis noting how big and hard it was. He was accepting
this. He was even getting off on it. I noted inwardly, "Yes, this
is going to work out after all." I took my time and enjoyed my
breakfast. When I was done, I made sure Jason got his. I made him
eat me out again, change the bed linens and start the laundry
while I got dressed. It was a nice day so I threw on a blouse,
shorts, and sneakers and said as I sauntered by my husband, "I'm
going over to Debbie's. There's a list of things to do in the
kitchen. I'll be back this afternoon, and this place better look


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Domination of Jason
Chapter 3

I couldn't wait to get to Debbie's to tell her how it went. I
relayed every little detail, and even showed her the note I made
Jason write.

"Great going, girl." she congratulated, "You're a natural.
Judging by how quickly Jason is coming around, I'd say, so is he.
I think I better hang onto this paper just for safety sake. We
can make a copy of it in the library and give that copy to Jason
just to let him know you're serious."

"Now what?" I asked. "I'm really enjoying this. How far can I
take it?"

"As far as you want, but not all at once."

"Do you think that I should let Jason come when I get home?"

"That would probably be the smart thing to do. You have to reward
them every now and then. Right now, I bet Jason's building up
resentment towards you as he's doing his chores. Eventually he'll
come to accept all of this as an elaborate type of foreplay, but
he's not there yet."

"Jason is in phase one of his training. He's behaving himself in
what I like to call a `bartering situation' - that is, he is
willing to trade specific periods of servitude for specific acts
of sexual release. By rewarding him at just the right times, you
can make him accept it as a way of life."

"Right now, Jason's just a `play slave'. He's willing to be
submissive totally on his terms: doing only those things he
wants, for as long as he wants to do them, with an expectation of
a near-term, somewhat equitable return. You've got to change
that if you're going to do this `for real'. Progress will be slow
in the beginning, but eventually you will be able to gain total
control over him. Are you willing"?

I wasn't sure, but I said, "Yes." "How do I start? I don't know
what to do. I don't even know what some of the things in those
books you lent me are".

"Don't worry, Anne," Debbie assured me, "I'll show you what to

I protested, "You? Wait a minute. I mean, I'm not into group sex,
and neither is Jason".

Janice laughed, "This isn't really about sex. It's about power.
Anyway. I'll respect your wishes for the moment. I'll be your
silent partner."

"But don't think of it as group sex, Anne. One of my favorite
games as a little girl was to get a boy to make pee for me while
I watched. Didn't you ever do that?"

"Well, yes, I mean, what girl hasn't."

"And I bet you had one of your girlfriends with you".

"Not one but two," I laughed.

"Did you feel that when you did it, you were having group sex"?

"Of course not. We already knew what little boys looked like. It
wasn't really sex at all".

"What was the most fun part of it?"

"We told the boy what we wanted him to do and he did it."

"Exactly, this isn't any different. It always amazes me how
eight-year old girls are naturals when it comes to domination,
but somehow lose it as they get older. Somehow the sex thing gets
in the way. Sex is only one part of it."

"One of the things you'll learn about female domination is that
it's best enjoyed if there are other women to share the thrill
with you. It's a spectator sport as well as a `team' sport. I
learned that lesson early. When I made these boys pee for me, I
always brought other girls along."

I knew eventually that Jason and I would be getting advanced
hands-on training from Debbie.

"But, I really afraid of hurting Jason.", I protested.

"I think you're getting S&M mixed up with B&D or D&S."

"What? I can't get all this stuff straight I mean, even the
personal ads in the newspaper throw me with all those

Debbie continued. "OK. S&M - Sado Masochism involves inflicting
pain and receiving pain. B&D - Bondage and Discipline. That's
actually two things: Bondage -- tying Jason up, and Discipline --
making Jason behave. Discipline is the fun part for me. D&S -
Dominance and Submission. As long as I'm the `D' and he's the `S'
I'm OK. I like humiliating a man. Sometimes you can use bondage
and sadism to help with the discipline. but you don't have to."

"All of this is really just one more dimension of your sexual
relationship. You do what works best for both of you. Your
objective is to turn Jason on so much that he willingly submits
to anything you want. Push too hard, and you'll drive him away.
Do too much, and you may turn yourself off."

"So, you don't have to hurt Jason. Some men like that kind of
stuff, but most of them just want to be told what to do and obey.
If inflicting pain squicks you, then don't do it. You may find,
however, that both of your appetites may change as you explore
your sexualities more fully. Keep an open mind."

I was willing to listen to more, but I still had more questions.
"What about special equipment? I mean, if I tried to do some of
the stuff in some of the books I read, I'd have to build a
medieval dungeon. That's kind of hard to hide from the neighbors
when they come over."

"You don't have to go `all the way'. Besides, you can disguise
your fixings to look like every day objects. In fact, you can
even use every day objects. Let's take a walk around your house
later today and see what you've got. You are limited only by your


As Debbie and I got up to leave I remembered to ask, "Wait a
minute. You suggested I let Jason come. I wouldn't mind another
licking, but I don't feel like intercourse just now."

"So don't do it. There are a lot of other ways to make a man

"What are you suggesting?" I asked.

"Well, you could give him a handjob. This way, you'll be in

"But what about the mess?"

"Well, if you're squeamish about getting your hands messy, do
what I do. Wear gloves." Before I could ask the question, she
went on, "I have some rubber surgical gloves I can let you have.
They're really cheap by the box."

Debbie explained one of her well learned methods of slow
masturbation. "It's best if you immobilize Jason when you do
this. After a while, it gets too intense for the male, and he
tries to take over. Besides, bondage will become part of the game
soon enough."


Jason was just putting away the vacuum when I came in. The house
was in good shape. I could hear both the washer and drier going
as well as the dishwasher. The floor in the kitchen was still

Debbie and I smiled at each other knowingly. I wasn't going to
let Jason in on the fact that Debbie knew of our special

I smiled at my husband and said, "Honey, why don't you take a
break. I have a list of things I want you to get from the store.
Why don't you go now." I was pleased when I noted his response,
"Yes, madam."

As soon as he left, Debbie and I began our tour.

"I guess the best place to start is in the bedroom", I said as I
motioned Debbie to follow me. "Many of the articles talk about
tying people up on a 4 poster bed. As you can see, my bed isn't
like that."

Debbie got on all fours and looked under the bed. "Who said that
the tie points have to be above the bed? You have 4 legs, use
them. In fact, its better that way, since you can leave the
ropes, or whatever you use, attached and simply tuck them under
the mattress when your not using them. I also suggest you get
some sort of means to restrict Jason's mid section. You can tie a
rope around one of the cross boards for that."

"What a nice chair!", Debbie commented, moving to the other side
if the bedroom. "Make Jason stand behind the chair and bend over
the back and place his hands on the arm rests. Then tie his
wrists to the arms. This will put his ass up in the air where you
can get at it for spankings and other games. But be careful. I'd
d**** a towel over the back if I were you. Men have been known to
come while being punished."

"Now, here in the kitchen," she said as she continued our tour,
"you can have Jason stand with his butt against this counter
while you pull his arms behind him, and tie them together at the
wrists. Now, go around the other side of the counter and tie the
other end of the rope to this cabinet door handle. That will have
him on his toes, and have his mid section and penis thrust
forward for you to play with. If you want to add finishing touch,
you can tie his ankles to the lower drawer handle on his side".

Debbie had similar suggestions as we went through the house, but
when she got to the laundry room, she exclaimed, "Oh, this is
great! You have no idea what a gold mine you have here. Look at

The `this' she was referring to was a clothes rack my husband had
built. It was nothing more than two expansion bolts in the
ceiling with eye rings screwed in. Hanging from the eye rings
were "S" hooks. Suspended from the "S" hooks was a four foot
dowel which was attached by two eye bolts screwed through holds
drilled close to each end.

To me, it was just somewhere to hang Jason's shirts while ironing
them. To Debbie's "educated" eye, it was something else. She
explained, "Take the bar down and put it on the floor. Take a
loop of rope or something and tie them on Jason's wrists. Hook
Jason up to the ceiling by slipping the loop over the "S" hook.
And now, for the best part", she grinned, "make him put his feet
apart and tie them at the ankle to each of the eye bolts in the
dowel. You've got him spread eagle and standing. There's a lot
you can do to a man when you got him in that position."

By the time she was done, I had a dozen places to tie my husband
up including, a coffee table, some chairs of various design,
towel racks, the shower (she said that giving a man a cold shower
wasn't harmful, but could be very uncomfortable for the man and
quite amusing for the woman to watch). She even pointed out a
traditional "stake" otherwise disguised as the support pole in
the garage. Boy, was Jason in for a surprise when he got home.

By this time Debbie had finished putting these "interior
decorating" ideas into my head, Jason was pulling in the
driveway. She gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and said, "I'll
leave you two love birds alone now. Good luck and go get `em."

Jason came in. I complemented him, "It looks like you've been a
good boy, the house looks great. I'll inspect later. Put those
groceries away and you'll get your reward." I retired with my tea
to the living room to relax as I listened to Jason clattering
about the kitchen putting things away.

In a couple of minutes, Jason was done and stepped into the
living room. "I'm ready, dear," he said.

I glared at him. All of a sudden he realized his mistake. "I'm
ready MISTRESS!" he exclaimed. "Please, I'm sorry. I'll get used
to this. Just let me come. I'll do anything you say."

This was more like it.

"Come, let's go to the laundry room, it's time to let you ejaculate."

You'd think I just said that we won the lottery. He was capering
around like a puppy that was left alone all day when its mistress
comes home.

"OK, it's time to strip again," I told him.

As soon as I had him naked, I remodeled the washroom like Debbie
showed me.

I had him take the dowel down, and run a short length of rope
through each eye bolt. I made him tie each of his ankles to the
dowel. Then I told him to stand up while I got the stool and
started to tie each wrist to the eyebolts in the ceiling.

He wanted to object, but I reminded him, "Remember the paper you
signed that night? We do this my way." I, a mere 5 foot 4 inch
110 pound brunette had my 6 foot 2 inch 210 pound husband,
vertically "spread eagled" in the classical anatomic position.
Both his arms and legs were spread almost three feet apart.

I grabbed his cock, looked him in the eye and said, "You're going
to learn to like this. You've been a bad little boy playing with
your `pee pee'. What would your mom had said if she caught you
doing that? From now on I am the law in this house. I make all
the rules and you obey them." I gave his cock a squeeze and he
meekly submitted.

It was delicious looking at him tied up that way, and totally in
my control. I took out my gloves, smoothed them over my skin and
went to work on his organ. My gloves were well lubricated with
his precome from the moment I touched him.

I put the tip of my index finger in the slit of his pee hole and
gave it a gentle twist. His body tensed. I ran the very tip of my
latex encased finger up and down the slit and watched him squirm.

Then I put my first two fingers under the head of his prick and
my thumbs on top. I squeezed down with my thumbs and pumped it a
few times. This f***ed a drop or two more precome to ooze out. I
ran one thumb over his pee hole, and then the other.

Using the fingers under his shaft to stimulate the lower portion
of the head, I massaged the top with my thumbs. I coordinated my
stroking so that as I rubbed down with my thumbs, I was rubbing
out with my fingers. Likewise, as I was pushing in with my
fingers, I was running my thumb back towards the read or the

Debbie called this "milking the dick", and it was easier than she
described it to me. Jason was squirming uncontrollably and trying
to thrust his hips to increase the friction. Debbie warned me
about that, so I just l stopped every time I caught him doing it.
"This is my show." I told him. "You just provide that horny prick
of yours. I'm in charge of everything else." Eventually he
learned to do it my way.

I milked him for about 15 minutes of slow masturbation before I
let him come. He shot his load like a rocket! I tried to catch
his semen in my palms as it came spurting out. Jason lost his
balance. He was hanging from his ceiling restraints.

He finally stopped pumping. I took the two handsful of come and
smeared it over his chest.

"Yes, dear," I smiled, "There are definitely going to be some
changes for the better around here."

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Domination of Jason
Chapter 4

Jason was the perfect husband after we redefined our roles. He
gave head like and expert any time I wanted it, and I suspected
that he was even beginning to like it. I never washed a dish,
picked up a mop, or touched at piece of dirty laundry again. The
services were great. The advantages of female control were

Yet I wanted more. I wasn't quite sure what it was, but I wanted
even more control over Jason. Debbie warned me that domination
was addictive and a little bit wasn't enough. It was time to
learn more.

Once more I confided in Debbie. She asked me, "So, how is it

"I'm making good use of your suggestions. I've tied Jason up in
several locations around the house. But, I think I'm ready to
learn more now."

"Well, what have you been doing with him?" she asked.

"Just masturbation like you suggested."

"Do you use anything on him?"

"Just the gloves. What do you suggest?" I asked.

"You got to get yourself some hardware, girl."

"I was wondering about that myself. I mean, I can't keep a whip
around, and I wouldn't want to use it, and I wouldn't know how to
use it if I did", I rambled.

"You won't need it.", she laughed. "Discipline is a part of the
scene, but it doesn't need to be that severe. You will may even
have to spank him from time to time, frequently, if you must".

I protested, "I told you, I don't want to hurt Jason."

"Spanking isn't necessarily a painful punishment." she countered.
"It's more of a humiliation thing. OK, I won't f***e you.
Obviously you and Jason aren't ready for that part yet. Mark my
words, though. The day will come when you'll spank Jason and find
it enjoyable."

"We'll find some standard items that you can use to discipline
him. None of them are harmful at all. All of them are merely
symbols of your dominance over him."

"First of all, keep him naked at all times. As Mark Twain once
observed, `Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no
influence in society.' Taking his clothes from him makes him feel
more vulnerable. They limit his mobility severely. After all,
he's not likely to leave the house without them. If you can
figure out how to lock up his clothes, so much the better. You've
taken away some of his freedom of movement without doing anything
at all."

"Take away his power of speech as well. Gags are easy. All you
have to do is ball up one pair of your panties and put them in
his mouth. Then you can put another pair over his mouth and
fasten them at the back of his head with a safety pin. Make sure
that he can breathe easily. In fact, you should agree on some
sort of signal Jason can give you even when gagged or bound so he
can call off the action in case something goes wrong. You don't
really want to damage him physically or psychologically. If he
calls you off too often, or for trivial reasons, stop playing.
He'll come back eventually."

"Take away his sense of sight and sound. Scarves make excellent
blindfolds. Put a set of headphones on him and turn up the
volume. I did this in college once. I blindfolded, gagged and put
the earphones on one of my lovers. I had him kneel at attention
for a while, and then touched him on the shoulder as a
pre-arranged signal to play with himself. When he got to the
moment of truth, I pulled off his blindfold so he could see that
during his wait I had invited some of my sorority s****rs in to
watch. No harm, no hurt, but plenty of humiliation."

"I did the reverse with one of my coworkers on a previous job. I
prepared him in just the same way as my hapless college student,
except that after having him wait awhile, I switched the headset
into an amplifier so we could talk to him over a microphone. My
roomate and I took turns touching him. The kicker was that I had
recorded other women's voices, mixed them in with my
conversation, and played them back through the amplifier as
background noise. I made the recording at a bridal shower for one
of our coworkers. It certainly seemed that there were a number of
women in the room with us having a good time. I had him convinced
that the room was full of women and that these were women that he
saw every day. I'm sure some of the voices were familiar to him.
To this day, he has no idea which of the many women he works
with, or comes in contact with on a daily basis know of his
submissive nature. A tremendous mind game."

"You can take away even more of his mobility. There are literally
all kinds of fasteners, but ordinary clothes line will work for
most applications. You can also use bungee chords as quick
`temporary' restraints. Put them around his knees or his upper
arms behind his back. People might raise an eyebrow if you keep
chains and padlocks in the bedroom, but wrap them around your
bicycle in the garage and no one asks any questions."

"You will, of course, need to get a leash and collar for his
neck. It's only a symbolic bond, but those are really the best

"Now for the hard part. Once you've got him tied up, you've got
to do something with him. Most men have some sort of a fetish. I
try to make the fetish do the work for me. Fetishes are something
else we women don't seem to experience the same way men do. We
may like the way something looks or feels on us, and this may
make sex more enjoyable, but the objects themselves don't turn us
on. It's what we do when we wear the object, or how the object
affects men that's the real turn-on.

For men, the object itself has sexual connotations and I'm not
above using every advantage, fair or unfair to assert control.
Being a dominatrix is no fun if you have to work hard at it. Does
Jason have anything that he's particularly fond of?"

"Like what?", I asked.

"Well, there are things, you know: shoes, boots, handbags.
There's body parts, feet, ass, tits. And then there's materials
like leather, rubber, silky stuff. Does Jason get turned on by
any of this?"

"I know he likes when I wear sexy lingerie."

"Good, then wear it. Making him wear it might excite him too. Try
it and see what happens. It's `forbidden' nature might appeal to
him. I have a tall girl's catalogue. I can help you order stuff
for him. Anything else?"

"I don't know. He never told me anything", I said.

"Eventually, he'll tell you all of his fantasies. Right now,
we'll have to work at it. Tell you what. I have some more books.
What you do is make him strip for you and read them aloud. Watch
his penis. Keep a note of what he was reading every time it gets
hard. Then we'll get together and see what turns him on".

"It all sounds so scientific.", I responded.

"When it comes to men, there isn't much guesswork. They're so
easy to figure out. A man's cock will give him away every time."

I noticed that the new reading material hardly touched the
dominance / submission theme, and I explained this to Debbie.

She said, "I call this my fetish collection. I keep it around to
get some ideas, and let some of my lovers read it to see what
turns them on. It tells about men and women doing stuff using
toys. You want to stay away from the other stuff, since you don't
want the description of the activity to interfere with Jason's
reaction to what's being used as a toy."


That night, I put Jason to the test. I explained the experiment
to him: "I want to try something out tonight. I want you to read
some pornography to me, and tell me which articles turn you on,
and why." He was about to protest when I said, "That's no way to
talk to your mistress. Now get undressed and read to me."

"Where did you get this stuff?" he asked.

I responded, "That's none of your business. All that matters is
that I did get them, and you will read them to me."

I propped up his pillows and gave him a drink, and had him lay on
his back on the bed and read. I watched for the rising and
falling of his erection, and listened to what he thought turned
him on.

I got together with Debbie the next day, and pointed out the
articles Jason said excited him, and the ones where I noticed he
got particularly hard.

She was quick to analyze the results. "Jason has a foot fetish,
and rubber fetish. You lucky girl! Rubber is cheap, and it's so
easy to clean. It's so easy to use too. Taking care of a rubber
lover is hardly a chore at all. There's so many things to do to
tease him and make him come." She went on breathlessly.

"Whoa, girl", I exclaimed, "slow down. I'm not going to get into
a rubber suit just to get my husband going."

"You're not listening to me. It's just like the other equipment
you have. You probably have most of what you need right here."

"Yeah right!", I said.

"I don't suppose you are aware that you are wearing rubber at
this very moment".

"I am? What? My bra?"

"No, it's literally at your feet."


"Sneakers!", she exclaimed, "The soles are rubber. You're even
wearing the right kind. Keds and sneakers like Keds work very

"How?", I asked, "Nothing in the books talk about sneakers."

"Use a little imagination!", she admonished, "This was an
invention of mine. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure
out that if a guy likes rubber, and he likes women's feet, then
rubber on a woman's foot is something he'd also like".

"OK, you've got me convinced. It's just that I don't think about
rubber very much. I know some of the books mention rubber gloves
and bathing caps. I suppose you're going to add them to my list".

"Them, and something else very basic -- a rubber ball."

"Debbie! Now I know that I didn't read that one in a book, and
don't tell me how logical it is."

"Well, it is logical. If rubber's the thing, then you experiment
rubbing his penis with anything made of rubber -- even bicycle
inner tubes. In fact, a rubber ball is an extremely powerful
discipline device."

"I don't believe it. I don't see how you can use a toy to
discipline anyone."

"Compared to other rubber objects, a rubber ball is easier to
manipulate. It has a very distinct, almost velvety texture to it.
You'll be surprised how fast you can cause an erection with one,
and how you can use it to bring Jason to the edge of orgasm
without actually letting him come. Don't knock it. This `toy'
works very well."

"OK, you win, Debbie. You know, I do have most of the stuff you
mentioned. I have a whole closet bottom and under-bed area full
of sneakers. I have rubber gloves, although I better get a pair
specifically for this use and not use the ones I use -- I mean,
from now on Jason uses -- to clean the oven. Jason's a
racquetball fan, I can get him to pick some up at the sporting
goods store. I better have him pick up a bathing cap while he's
there. too."

"Atta girl! You're beginning to get into this. Complete your
collection, and I'll tell you how to use them", Debbie said.

"You better," I laughed. I can't begin to imagine how you could
use some of this stuff."

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Domination of Jason
Chapter 5

That weekend, I was over Debbie's house with an overnight bag
full of rubber items. Before getting into my things, Debbie gave
me a tour of her house and how she had arranged things. In her
kitchen, for example, was a butcher block which she had
redesigned into a punishment block. She took down some paintings
to reveal tie-down points. She even showed me how she could rig
up a block and tackle to suspend someone from the ceiling. Before
we left her playroom, she showed me her `toybox.' She grabbed a
dildo out of it, and we continued back to the kitchen.

When we got back into the kitchen for our tea, she handed me an
object, the function of which I could hardly imagine. "Before we
begin, I'd like to give you a little gift."

I giggled, "OK, Debbie, what's this, a dog leash for gerbils?"

"Good guess!" she laughed. "It's a cock ring." She then went on
to explain how to put it on, and how it would `accentuate' his
erection and balls. "And when you're done, you can attach a leash
on this ring. You can then lead Jason around by his penis. It's
sort of a physical symbolism -- women have been leading men
around by their cocks since the beginning of time. As I always
say, `Control the cock, control the boy.' I have a lot of other
`toys' which I'll show you at some other time."

"Speaking of controlling cocks," I interjected, "you haven't even
shown me how to use the stuff I got yet."

"Exactly, show me what you've got!"

I emptied the contents of my overnight bag onto her table.

"The thing you want to do with this stuff is to drive Jason into
lust, and then dispair. Show him you control his sexual pleasure
at your whim. Best of all, all of this is so mechanical on your
part. You can be a 'tease machine' with almost no effort at

"OK," Debbie said, "let's start with the bathing caps. It doesn't
take too much imagination to figure out what to do with a bathing
cap. Does it?"

"No, I imagine you simply put it over his cock and rub it up.", I

"Did you ever actually do that with a man?"

"Well (pause) no.", I stammered. "But how hard can it be?"

"You can make it very hard," she said, laughing at her own pun.
"But seriously, you really have to be careful not to hurt the
penis. If the cap has a rough interior, you will have to rub
gently, especially at the start."

"Why at the start?"

"Well, the rubber is going to grab at his penis. This is a good
thing. It tickles it into a tremendous hard-on. Once he starts
leaking precome, it's a whole different experience. Just a drop
or two will have his prick sliding around all over the inside of
the cap."

"I'd demonstrate with the toy," she said, tapping the dildo with
her finger, "but it's not fully functional in this regard."

"Once you get him to lubricate your toy with his, you can get
more aggressive. Don't just rub in the same spots. Try to use his
prick to spread the semen over every square inch of the inside of
the cap. Use the cap to spread his precome over every bit of his

"Stretch the cap tightly over his prick like you are trying to
poke it through the cap. Don't do it too hard. You don't want to
hurt him, but you'd be surprised how hard and firm erections can
get. He'll just love the feel of the expanding rubber over his
cock. Another nice things about bathing caps is that you can
measure how much he squirts. That's one way to tell if he's been
cheating on you."

"OK", I nodded.

"Also be sure", Debbie continued, "that you avoid caps with sharp
seams. I try not to buy them at all. If I have to, then I turn
the cap inside out, put it over a block of wood, and sand away
the ridge with sandpaper. Generally, I just use my trusty old
Speedos. I can really feel the prick through the latex."

"Jason picked up one for me at the sports shop." I said, picking
it up still in the package. "I also found the cap I bought for
our vacation in Mexico last year. Can I use it?" I picked it out
of the pile for her inspection. It was a very feminine looking
cap with leaves and petals and flowers all over the outside.

"This is great, girl. This," she said, shaking the cap in her
hand, "is a great erection holder. Get rid of this chin strap.
Instead, make a couple of daisy chains out of rubber bands and
loop them into the snaps. Turn the cap inside out, and place it
over Jason's cock and balls. Put the rubber band chains around
his legs, and snap them to the cap.

"What this does is wrap his penis completely in rubber. When he
gets excited, his penis will twitch. When it twitches, it rubs
itself into the rubbery folds. This excites it some more, and
causes it to twitch again. It will keep Jason hard for as long as
you want with absolutely no work on your part. You can put him
`in the bag' for hours, and he'll still have a beautifully hard
cock for you to play with."

"I suggest you dress Jason up like this when you have him clean
the bathroom or perform his other household chores. He'll get
enough movement in the cap to stroke his penis into a good
erection, but the stimulation won't be enough to make him come.
He'll be ready to beg you for relief when he gets done."

"An important part of training men is to keep them in a state of
constant sexual excitement. In addition to using bathing caps to
keep Jason at a high level of arousal, you can use it to make him
bring himself to and sustain an intense level of arousal. To make
Jason masturbate to the point of ejaculation without coming, have
him coat he cap with his precome. He'll have to stimulate himself
enough to produce precome, but stop short of actually
ejaculating. You don't even have to supervise him. Just have him
show you a cap where he has spread his clear, glistening precome
over every square inch."

I swallowed my tea. I had never considered the possibilities. The
thought of ordering Jason to maintain a state of perpetual
anticipation to please me was really turning me on.


I sat there in silence digesting what I just heard. "OK, what
about the other items?" I asked.

"I'll start with the sneakers since they are so easy to use. I
use sneakers as sort of a reward. Rather than make a man mad with
the urge for sexual release, they actually provide it. What's
nice about it, is that the woman controls it."

"So, sneakers are one way to provide the pleasure you need to
give them from time to time to enslave the male. They don't
produce pain, unless of course, you use them as a paddle to spank
him." She laughed.

"You could just throw your sneakers on the floor and let Jason
hump the soles. I've done that when I'm too lazy to reward my
charges. However, I usually like to get a lot more involved."

"I call the first method the `book' method." She slipped off her
sneakers and demonstrated. "Hold them together by the back part
sole-to-sole, with the heels towards you and the insides --
that's part that's between your legs when you wear them -- up,
like this. While you have them this way, you can use them to
`tickle him up.' That is, if he doesn't have an erection, you can
give him one."

"Here, pretend the dildo is Jason's cock. Hold it out." I held it
out, and she moved her sneakers towards it.

"Put the heels under the head of his cock and pull back slowly,
letting his prick ride down into the valley at the arch, and back
up the hill towards the toes -- every bit of it bouncing and
rubbing its way along the herringbone patterns on the outsole. In
just a couple of passes, you'll have him as hard and straight as
a steel rod."

She was right. I could feel the vibrations in the rubber cock as
she slid her sneakers under it.

"Now, if you open the top like a book, you form a `V.' Let his
cock fall into the `V.' You can play with how wide you open the
book so as to make the rubber touch his cock looser or tighter."

She adjusted the sneakers and the dildo fell into the crack so
the penis was resting on the 'hinge' at the spine of the book.
She indicated the area that corresponded to the ball of her foot
and she called it the 'working rubber' explaining that it was the
part of the sneaker where masturbation takes place.

"You can let him hump the soles, or you can bind him, and provide
all the rubbing yourself. Just move the sneakers back and forth
letting his cock slide along the sole like a piston."

I noticed how she opened the book slightly on the push stroke so
the penis could slide forward freely, and closed it slightly on
the pull stroke so the working rubber grabbed at the penis head.

She handed over the sneakers and took the cock. "Now you try it."
She gave me a couple of minutes of practice and coaching. "Atta
girl, you got it. You'll love it. You'll have a perfect view of
Jason's penis when he comes."


We put the water on for another cup of tea.

"I like to call the next technique the `total control method'
because the man's ejaculation is entirely under the control of
the woman. To do it, you want to make a `penis sandwich' with
your sneakers. Here, hold out that dildo again."

She held one of her sneakers at the end uppers up, and her other
sneaker at the end, soles up. She held them so that they were
pointing to each other toe to toe. She nodded at me, and I picked
up the dildo, ready to play the role of the hapless male.

"Put one sneaker under the head of his penis, sole up, and the
other one on top of it with the sole resting just behind the

"The next part takes some practice. Use the top sneaker to move
the penis in a side-to-side motion, while rubbing it with the
bottom sneaker along the shaft in a girl-to-boy motion. The net
result is a circular motion which no penis can resist. You
control the pressure. You control the tempo. The man does
absolutely nothing at all. Once you get the hang of it, it's so
easy and quick. You'll have him coming in less than a minute, and
at exactly the moment you want."

Again, I was given the opportunity to practice. I couldn't wait
to try it on Jason. "It gets better once Jason provides some
biologically induced lubrication for you." Debbie advised.


"The final sneakering technique I call `walking the dog.' In this
one, you use your feet instead of your hands. Just wear your
sneakers as you normally do, and have Jason sit on a chair facing
you with his legs wide open. Put your feet in his crotch with
your heels against his balls."

"You seem to have a normal size foot for a woman, and if Jason is
average size, the head of his penis will be at the balls of your
feet. Simply peddle his cock from foot to foot. You'll literally
have him coming at your feet!"

"You can also use sneakers for intense anticipation training. Let
him play with himself. Give him run of your closet. Tell him you
want him to coat every sole of every sneaker with precome. Don't
give him permission to ejaculate. It will keep him busy for hours
while you can attend to something more relaxing. In fact, he may
never complete the task. If you have enough sneakers, the first
pair will be dry before he finishes the last."

"Another nice thing about sneakers is that they are everywhere.
Do you think that after you start sneakering Jason that he will
ever be able to look at you or any other woman wearing a pair,
and not get a hard on? Think of it -- the secretaries in his
office on 'casual day.' a housewife in the supermarket, a teenage
girl going to school, even little girls playing in the park are
going to remind him of this part of his sexual servitude."

"The one thing you didn't get in our practice demonstrations
here," Debbie cautioned, "is lubrication. Even a dry penis has
less friction than the rubber-to-rubber contact between the dildo
and the soles of the sneakers. You'll learn how to play with
varying pressures during the very first session, I'm sure."


"OK, that leaves the rubber ball." I said, refilling my tea.

"The ball takes special care. Bathing caps provide erections,
sneakers get him off. A rubber ball, if used properly will drive
him crazy. It's very effective, but it is very woman-intensive.
You'll have to put a lot of work into this one, but it's worth

"To do it properly, you'll need to understand a little of the
anatomy of the male reproductive system."

"The two parts of the penis you are interested in are on opposite
ends. At the very base of the penis, where the scrotum is
attached, is a sphincter-like muscle that holds back urine, and
also holds back semen just prior to the ejaculation. I suggest
you experiment with Jason and find out exactly where this muscle
is. It's the key to penis control. Massaging this muscle will
cause ejaculation if the penis is aroused enough. However, we
want to use it for exactly the opposite purpose."

"Just before ejaculation, this muscle tightens in anticipation.
The amount of tightness and just how it will feel to you varies
from man to man. In other words, you'll have to figure out for
yourself, using repeated experimentation, what Jason's 'flash
point' is. Don't be discouraged if you don't get it right on the
first couple of tries."

Grab Jason's penis with your left hand. Make a tight ring with
your thumb and middle finger. This will trap more bl**d in the
organ and make it firmer and more sensitive. Take your index
finger and place it on the muscle. This is your feedback
mechanism so you will know when you are getting him close to

"The other end of the penis is the head. As you look at it
straight-on you'll see a pair of 'cheeks' at the 5- and 7-o'clock
positions. This is where you want to work the ball."

"There are two basic rubbing techniques. In technique one, you
start by pushing the ball against his pee hole and giving it a
few twists. This serves two purposes: it stimulates him, and it
picks up some precome to use as a lubricant. Next rub the ball
back and forth along the underside of the shaft, gently nicking
the cheeks."

"Do this until you feel him about to come, or a drop of precome
appears. If your left index finger tells you he is about to come,
ease up. Continue gently rubbing just the shaft for about 15
seconds. Then move onto rubbing technique two."

"Whenever you see precome, you can switch to the other

"Technique two starts the same as technique one. Push the ball
against the pee hole and twist. This time spiral out from the pee
hole spreading the precome in little circles on the head until
you are almost running the ball around the ridges at the edge of
the head. Then spiral slowly back in. Stop at the pee hole, give
the ball a twist, and shift back to rubbing technique one."

"It may take about a couple of attempts to get it down, but once
you get good at it, you can have Jason dripping with anticipation
in less than a minute, and you can keep him on the edge of orgasm
for as long as you want."


I was amazed. "How did you ever learn how to do this?"

"Well, I first put rubber to penis when I was a little girl. I
managed to make a couple of men come this way when I was in
college, but I didn't really perfect the technique until a couple
of years ago. I guess you can say it's a life time's work."

I looked at the ball I was holding. I looked down my legs at my
sneakers. I had never realized how much power I had at my hands
and feet!

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Domination of Jason
Chapter 6

All of these techniques helped me establish sexual anxiety and
relief in Jason. Stimulating a man and controlling his release
was just an ends to a means -- sexual domination.

And it worked! By then end of our third month of training, Jason
became completely devoted to me. Having him do the household
chores was convenient (he always did his share, and didn't
consider it demeaning as such, it's just that he now did my share
as well). I really enjoy having him give me backrubs and tending
to my feet (he still considers kissing and licking them to be
humiliating). And I always enjoy the complements I get from our
friends about how much a gentleman he is when we go out. Many of
my girlfriends comment to me about how they wish they had
husbands or boyfriends who are so polite and considerate. "How
did you do it?" they ask. Sometimes, I'm brave enough to joke
about it. "You have to train them when they're young," If they
only knew! I see some recognition in the eyes of some women, but
so far, Debbie is the only one in whom I can confide. Usually, I
stammer something like, "I'm just lucky, I guess."

Best of all is the sex. I allowed Jason to have intercourse on
those few occasions when I really felt in the mood for it, and
when I thought he really deserved it. He was so well trained to
consider my needs first that I am always totally satisfied.

It was about this time that Jason and I established a bedtime
routine. I wash up and brush my teeth, get into my nightgown, and
sit in a wing-back chair reading a magazine or a book. This had
been my routine ever since we got married. One difference now is
the types of magazines and books I read. I no longer read books
about kitchens and gardening. I've borrowed a lot of Debbie's
collection. She recommended a reading list for me, and I've
really enjoyed going through it. I now have subscriptions of my

Another difference now is that now Jason kneels before me, with
his face in my crotch as I spend my time leisurely reading my
femdom publications. Debbie gave me a tip to improve his
performance. I tie a string around his balls, and give it a sharp
tug if he doesn't lick me properly. Jason learned to be an
accomplished cunlinginist in a short time.

Naturally, I gave Debbie all the details of the `love sessions'
Jason and I had. She suggested that I take things in my stride,
but that I gradually escalate my discipline.

"You have to maintain control at all times." she told me over
coffee during one of our many talks we had on the subject of the
taming of Jason. "I think you are ready to move into phase two."

"Phase two?" I asked her.

"Yes. In phase one, you rewarded Jason's good deeds with letting
him come. In phase two, you start punishing for bad behavior."

"Well, we certainly don't have much of that." I confided to her.
"Jason has been the perfect gentleman."

"Nobody's perfect." she replied. "Make something up. Don't settle
for sloppy service. If he's not on top of everything at every
moment, take it out on him."

"What do you mean by `take it out on him'." I asked.

"Spank him!" she said as if she couldn't believe I even asked the
question. "Men and women have been spanking one another since
Adam and Eve. It's perfectly natural, perfectly safe, and
perfectly necessary."

"I don't want to hurt Jason?" I complained.

"That's good. Some men like pain. We won't know about Jason --
and yourself -- until we get into a more advanced stage in his
training. Pain is something that can be added on later. The thing
we're going for here is humiliation and psychological control.
Spanking provides that."

"Spanking is on the extreme low end of the pain spectrum. It
rarely ever really hurts, and even then it's only temporary. The
real value of spanking is the humiliation. I bet Jason hasn't
been over a woman's lap since he was a little boy. He probably
has ambivalent feelings about it. I'm sure he loved his mom, but
at that stage of his life, he was dependent upon her. She
controlled his life. In a sense, you are taking her place as he

Spanking isn't something a grown man is supposed to submit to. To
surrender his body to you is a leap of trust. You are woman. All
of the world is telling him that you are supposed to be his
inferior. If that's so, how come he's over your lap. These are
the things that will be going through his mind."

"What do I do?" I asked.

"Start out with a simple, over-the-knee, hand spanking. It's
really an erotically cozy and intimate thing. You won't hurt him
much, but you'll really assert your authority over him. Later on,
as you both become more comfortable doing it, you can experiment
with belts, hair brushes, and even whips if it gets that far."

She laughed as she saw my mouth drop. I was certainly a non-
sophisticate when it came to these things. "Listen to me! I sound
like a mom instructing her daughter how to bake cup cakes. This
stuff seems so simple and so natural to me, that I forget that
other women don't do it as a routine."

I sat in awe of this woman's knowledge and experience. I decided
I'd try it.


I came home to see Jason's ass looking up at me from the kitchen
floor where he was on his hands and knees scrubbing. I called to
him, "Come in here! Stand in front of me. Look at this mess," I
said, sweeping my hand across what, in my pre-domination days, I
would have thought a perfectly clean living room. Now I could see
minor imperfections. A piece of lint here, a slightly
out-of-alignment picture there. "That doesn't look right at all.
We're going to do something about that right now."

I spoke mainly to build up my courage and to make Jason feel
inferior. This was a big leap for me, and I couldn't stand up to
much resistance from Jason. I needed him to give into me this
first time, and then I knew I could control him for life.

"You have to be more careful," I told him. "You have to pay
attention to detail. I don't want Debbie or my other friends
thinking we live in a sloppy house." I was being totally
unreasonable, but Jason took it all in meek submissiveness until
I suggested corporal punishment.

"I think you need to be taught a lesson. Get over here and get
over my lap. I'm going to give you a spanking to teach you to be
more careful."

"Anne!" he said.

"Anne?" I yelled back at him. "You are to call me mistress.
That's two lessons I have to teach you."

"I'm not going to let you spank me." he hissed, and then
belatedly added, "mistress."

"Oh yes you are." I said. "Do you want sex?"

"Of course I do, mistress." The title came more naturally then.

"Well, think about it. We've been in our `special arrangement'
for a couple of months now. Right?" He nodded a "yes."

"And in that time, since I've taken charge of your sex life,
you've had fewer ejaculations."

Again a nod.

"And they've been better ejaculations, haven't they."

He looked at his toes and admitted, "Yes, mistress."

"Ejaculations are more fun -- sex is more fun -- when I control
your lusty urges. You can't do it right unless I tell you or show
you how to do it. You need my dominance -- my control -- to have
good sex. AM I RIGHT?"

His eyes remained riveted on the floor as he muttered, "Yes

"So there you have it. You don't have to come and get your
spanking. We can stop these games right now and go back to the
way it used to be. We can also stop something else. Do you
remember that first time I made you go all week without relief?"

Emphatically, "Yes, mistress."

"Well, how would you like to make it a month, or a year, or a
lifetime?" The question was rhetorical, I didn't expect and

Jason crossed the room to the seat on which I was sitting and lay
over my lap. He surrendered! I spanked him until his ass was good
and pink, and my own hand felt puffy and tingly itself. That
wasn't the only thing that puffy and felt tingly. I had Jason
finish me off with his tongue on the spot.

Debbie never told me how much fun this part would be. Looking at
Jason's drooling erection, I was sure he found it exciting too. I
found an excuse to spank Jason every other day.

By the end of the month we modified our life style even more.
Jason's schedule looked like housework every weekend, spanking
every other day, and cunt lapping every night. It was something I
couldn't even dream about the day I walked in on him, but I found
that I wanted more. Debbie warned me that this stuff was
addictive, but I only half believed her until I started hearing
some of my own demands.

I don't think it would have been as much fun for me if Jason
didn't get off on it too. I know that he really didn't take my
treats seriously. He could have terminated the arrangement at any
time. Instead, he hung in there. Everything I did to him or had
him do for me was something he wanted to do deep down inside. He
might have thought that he was being `f***ed' to do it, but no
f***e, treats (real threats, that is) or coercion was used. He
never once used our `stop' signal, and we discussed a lot of what
we did before we did it. What really convinced me that he enjoyed
my dominance is that he almost always had an erection every time
we did something.

Jason was faced with a simple decision: FemDom or Freedom. As I
sit here at my terminal, Jason under the table on his knees in
front of me, his head in between my legs, his mouth against my
pussy, his tongue where I love it most, I know he made the right

(The end -- for now. I'll continue if there are still readers who
managed to stay awake to this point and actually want to see
Mule... Continue»
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Randy Ballards Domination

Randy Ballard's Domination

Randy Ballard is the Vice Lord of the BLACK GANGSTER ELITES. However, he
is currently serving a thirty year sentence for first degree murder, at the
Jacksonville (IL) Correctional Center for Men. For all practical purposes, he
controls the prison and all the inhabitants within the cold gray walls.
Of the inmate population, nearly three fourths are under his direct and
brutal control. The remaining twenty five per cent of the white boy prisoners
are so fearful of his harsh and brutal commands, that they make every effort to
avoid all contacts with the BGE'S.
The other people in the prison consist of the guards, who are even more
intimidated. They have never questioned the authority of Randy and the BGE's,
since the first day he arrived. The first day found nine of the three hundred
guards admitted to the hospital with serious wounds. Since that day of wrath,
the warden and the guards have effectively turned day to day control over to
Randy and his fellow black thugs.
Randy is constantly surrounded by six of the most cruel and unmerciful
members of his gang. On the first day of April, he is in the weight yard
strengthening his already over powering massive body. At six foot six inches,
he is a tower of pure and unrelenting muscle. Very seldom did he have to exert
direct control, as he allowed his inner guard to inflict whatever punishment
that needed to be meted out.
As he finished his work out routine, he was leisurely observing the
parking lot. As the most beautiful creature that god ever created sensuously
slides up the long walk way to the main gate. As she entered, virtually ever
male eye in the compound observed the perfect beauty. Her high chiseled cheeks
were framed by shoulder length blonde hair. Her deep blue eyes rested on each
side of a perfect nose. Her sensuous mouth hid perfect white teeth. Her face
was the face, that demanded to be on the cover of every magazine in the
country. The perfect body of the young woman, should have been the sole entry
in every men's magazine for six months. Her most striking feature was that of
her long and perfect legs. The gathered throng could only guess the pleasures
below the stylishly cut short sun dress.
When "Missy" reached the guard shack, her husband of only six months
rushed out to retrieve his lunch sack, before every inmate in this cruel place
shot off in there prison work pants. Pecking his beautiful wife on the cheek,
he could only gaze as she scampered back down the long walk way. The obscene
catcalls from the gathered human debris followed the young girl back to her
car. Although she was upset and angered by the a****l like behavior, she
extracted a small degree of revenge as she slowly slid behind the wheel of her
sleek camaro. Since the car was parked perpendicular to the chain length
fence, she allowed her short dress to ride up her long and graceful legs. Once
seated on the bucket seat, she pulled up the short dress even more and let her

lips form a mocking smile as she slowly closed the door and sped off leaving
gravel flying behind the back tires.
As Randy turned to his cronies, he muttered "That little white bitch will
be in the stable by this time next week."
He then ordered the inner circle of thugs to obtain the name and travel
pattern of the white boy husband, a junior guard named John Jones. Within the
hour, Randy was reviewing the guard pattern of the unsuspecting young husband.
Within the second hour, the unfortunate guard was on his knees, in front of
Randy, fearing for his life. The inner circle of guards had captured the young
man on his routine pattern directly outside the shower area by the gym. It
took only two of them, to bring him to his knees with several brutal punches.
Once on the ground, one guard produced a jagged homemade knife, which he put
directly against his neck. The other black thug grabbed his dark mane of hair,
so that he could look directly up into the unforgiving eyes of Randy Ballard,
his new master and mentor.
"Well, you little piece of shit. I can't think of any reason that you
should remain among the living, can you?" questioned Randy.
"Oh God Please. Don't kill me, please don't kill me," begged the
unfortunate John.
Upon a nod from Randy, the huge black with the jagged knife started
inserting the blade into the soft neck flesh.
"Please, please don't kill me. I'll do anything to stay alive, but please
don't kill me," pleaded the now bleeding white guard.
Mocking the pleading guard, Randy scratches his chin. "Well, well white
boy. I wonder what you have that would interest me?" Smiling at his gathered
ensemble, he continues, "Maybe that little piece of white trash that you are
married to, would want to save your miserable life. What do you think white
With the jagged knife continuing to cause his skin to rupture and bleed,
John quickly made the decision to save his own miserable live at the expected
expense of his beautiful wife.
"I'll let my wife be with you, but please, for god's sake don't kill me.",
continued the begging prison guard.
While the black master was considering the possibilities, his assembled
inner guard had unbuckled his belt and pulled his prison uniform pants down to
his knees. The most vicious of the enf***ers had firmly grabbed the testicles
and manweapon in his huge black hand and produced another homemade jagged edge
knife, which he placed against the shriveled white boy cock.
"Tomorrow the do gooder ladies of the prison guard auxiliary group is due

to save us poor misguided creatures. I expect your little white tramp to be
among that group, you dig asshole?" ordered the Vice Lord.
As the jagged blade punctured his flaccid white cock, the guard would
agree to anything. "Oh god please. I will do anything you say. Missy will be
here. I will bring her to you but I beg you don't let them cut me any more!"
whimpered the white boy guard.
Looking down at the cowering white boy guard, Randy decided to add another
ingredient of domination. "When your white tramp comes to get bred by a black
master, she best look like the whore she is. I want the bitch to be wearing
black leather mini skirt, garter and hose, and knee high boots. She best not
be wearing any panties or bra,they will just get in the way when I breed her
with my black cock," smirks the Vice Lord.
As his eyes tear, John agrees to the humiliating conditions.
To prove once again who the master is, Randy nodded and the two knife
tenders made their point once again. The knife at the throat slashed a half
moon three inch slit in the left cheek of the guard, while the razor sharp
homemade knife menacing his cock, made a surgical slash along the side of his
shriveled cock. The slash went from the base to the head of his precious
manhood. Although the wound was not deep, it was excruciatingly painful. What
John did not know was that both of the jagged blades were treated with human
excrement, which would cause both wounds to be infected within hours. Before
leaving the bleeding guard, he was treated to a savage kick from behind, which
drove his nut sack into his body. As he lay writhing on the hard concrete
floor, his tormentors walked arrogantly away.
Unable to face his fellow guards, who would mock him for being so careless
in allowing himself to be caught and tortured by the inmates, he carefully
wrapped his now bleeding and swollen manhood in his handkerchief. Wiping the
bl**d from the incision in his cheek, he quickly found a bandage from a nearby
first aid kit. The balance of his shift was spent in a daze. Only when he was
on his way home to be with his precious Missy, did he contemplate how he was
going to break the dreaded news to his beautiful wife.
When he walked into their new home, his wife was shocked at the vicious
looking slash, which by now was dreadfully infected. After trying to clean the
visible wound, she nearly fainted when her beloved John told her the second
part of his misery. Devastated, Missy tried to come up with a saving solution.
She suggested that they flee the city and reestablish their life thousands of
miles away. When her husband explained the reach of the national gang, she
desperately told her husband to turn the chieftain over to the warden.
Laughing, he told his frightened wife that neither of them would live out the
day, if he tried to take "legal" action against the gang overlord.
Despondent over her anticipated ****, Missy fell into a fitful slumber.
Awakening the next morning, she resolved that she would have to comply with her
husband's pleading. At the fitful moment, when she was slipping into the

whorish looking attire, she finally lost her remaining shreds of respect for
her sobbing husband.
As she slipped the white silk blouse on, she could feel her pert nipples
thrust against the tight material. Looking in the mirror, she became
embarrassed at her sluttish appearance. The black leather mini shirt, was
extremely short and extremely tight. It molded against her perfect body. The
young housewife felt naked without her lace panties and bra. At the last
minute, she slipped on a pair of sheer white lace panties. Although, it was
against the expressed wishes of the gang overlord, Missy felt she needed at
least a shred of decency, if she was to enter, the debauchery that her husband
had landed her in.
As they drove up to the drive way, in front of the main gate, he could
feel the stares of not only the inmates, but also of his fellow guards. As the
two entered the compound, John could see the astounded stare of the warden, as
he meekly explained that his wife was joining the prison guards women's
auxiliary. He hurriedly e****ted his wife to the main set of classrooms.
He had been instructed to present his wife to Randy Ballard, Vice Lord of
the BGE'S at Classroom D. Unknown to him and the other prison staff, Classroom
D had been specially modified to accommodate the carnal needs of the BGE'S. The
four monitoring cameras had their lens removed and replaced by a sophisticated
laser photograph of the room at the four different camera angles. When the
bleary eyed monitoring guards viewed the room, all they could see was a vacant
The room was a very distinct classroom, but not one where standard classes
were taught. The classroom was modified to accommodate the initiation of the
white wives of the prison guards and staff. In the closet, was the latest
tattoo and piercing equipment. In addition, every available bondage device was
hanging from the over flowing closet. Several dirty cum coated mattresses were
laying along the side of the room and there was a solitary chair directly in
the center of the room.
When John and his young wife Missy reached Classroom D, he meekly tapped
on the door. Randy heard the meek tapping, but decided to make the young white
wife wait to be serviced, serviced like a mare waiting for her stallion to
mount her.
John continued his meek tapping, increasing the tempo and loudness, while
anxiously looking around for any of his fellow guards.
Finally, the huge black appeared at the door and filled the over sized
door frame with his massive body. He was bare chested and his muscled hairy
black chest bristled with his massive pectorals. He was wearing only a small
pair of gray cotton gym shorts. His muscled stomach is tight and seems to
point towards his large unrestricted black manhood. He wore no shoes and much
to the chagrin of his frightened quarry, he wore no supporter under the skimpy
shorts. His massive nine inch black cock was already thrusting against the

thin material.
Missy's bright blue eyes fell to the thrusting bulge, which appeared to
the petite girl like a mammoth log. She was nearly in shock at the huge black
cock thrusting against the cotton shorts.
John, terribly apprehensive now that the time had come, meekly introduced
his lovely wife, "Mr. Ballard, this is my wife, Missy."
Missy, terribly conscious of her attire, submissively held out her small
hand. Expecting the black giant to shake her hand, she held her hand outward
while Randy Ballard mockingly stared at the yuppie couple. Amused, he merely
stared at the frightened young housewife.
After a seemingly eternity, Missy let her hand ball to her side, while her
bright blue eyes dropped to the floor.
"So this is the piece of white trash you brought me to fuck," questioned
Shocked at the brutal statement, John merely nods.
Wanting to further humiliate the prison guard, Randy arrogantly reaches
out and fondles Missy's breast, in front of her tremblingly husband. Missy,
her eyes still downcast, stood quietly while the huge black giant continued his
stroking of the tender breast meat.
"Have you ever had a real man, you little bitch?" asks Randy, his fingers
pinching the hardening nipples.
"I've only been with my husband," sobs Missy.
Randy couldn't tell if the sob indicated submission to him or disdain for
her nervous white boy husband.
"Yes, I think that I'm going to like sticking my black cock up your tight
white cunt. Once you have been privileged with black cock you won't go back to
that wimp ass piece of shit you're married to," continued Randy.
John could only meekly stand near the door and look at his shoes. The
twitching of his infected cock, hurt tremendously as it tried to harden, as his
beautiful young wife was fondled and humiliated in front of him.
Brutally pinching her nipples, Randy gives his first order; "Suck my toes
you piece of white trash!"
Missy, trembling at the fondling and at the fear over taking her young
body. Fear of discovery by another guard, fear of her growing excitement, fear
of the huge black manipulating her arousal by his f***eful fingers. Seeing no
options, the beautiful Missy drops to her knees and lets her tongue slip out of

her red coated lips. She touches the toes with her petite tongue. The total
humiliation is causing her white lace panties to become soaked. The arousal at
her total submission is causing all sorts of wondrous feeling throughout her
tight body.
After what seems an eternity to John, Randy Ballard finally speaks, "I
best be taking your wife inside now, for her first real fucking. I plan to
warm up this little frigid bitch of a wife that you have given me. After
today, she will be put in my stable of bitches on the outside to whore for me
and the BGE'S. You won't be minding if your precious little wife starts
whoring for me, will you white boy?"
John, stuttering tried to say something. but nothing came out.
Randy slaps the white boy guard across the lips and asks the question
again, "You don't care if I turn your little tramp of a wife out to walk the
streets for me do you white boy?"
Trembling, with tears running down his cheeks meekly sobs, "No."
Randy, looking down at the cowering wife at his feet, gives his next
order, "You best be getting in the classroom. I might even open up that
Hershey highway of yours. Would you like me to stick my black cock up that
tight little ass of yours?"
Terrified, Missy says nothing, but rises and enters the room where her
ordeal is to begin.
Before entering the room, Randy turns back to the sobbing John and
instructs him, "You stand guard at the door. I don't want anyone interrupting
me, while I fuck your wife. She looks like she will really enjoy me sticking
my black cock up her love channel. When I'm through with your wife, she will
be a woman, not a little piece of fluff waiting for you to come home."
Randy slams the door and pushes Missy towards the center of the room and
the lone single chair. "Go sit in the chair," orders the Vice Lord.
Missy slowly walks to the center of the room and sits down in the chair
facing the huge black giant. She modestly keeps her long boot and nylon
covered legs tightly together. Her white silk blouse is half open from the
ruthless fondling of only moments before. She stares at the black, who sits on
a bench near a table.
"After I breed you today, I will expect you to obey me. I will want you
to seduce some of the other guard's wives into the BGE'S. You will also bring
pleasure to the rest of my inner staff here at the prison. Do you understand
what is required of you, Mrs. Jones?"
"Yes," came the meek reply.

"When you address me in the future you will address me as Mr. Ballard,"
ordered the Vice Lord.
"Yes, Mr. Ballard," replies the young white wife.
"Spread those long legs Mrs. Jones. Lets see what charms you have to give
me," orders the seducer.
Hesitantly, Mrs. Missy Jones lets her long legs come apart. The tight
black leather mini skirt rides up her thighs, as the legs open up. She stares
into the dark brown eyes of her tormentor, as she spreads the divine gams
further apart. She is feeding off the intenseness of the dark eyes, as they
take in the pleasure of the beautiful sight unfolding before him.
As the legs continue to spread, he can see the wisp of the darker bands of
nylon on her upper thighs. The white lace panties soaked by her woman fluid
become an even greater arousing vision. Usually, the black destroyer of white
virgin woman holes, would be distraught at the sight of pussy covering.
However, the sight of the darker wet stains was erotic even to the ultimate
sexual a****l, Mr. Randy Ballard.
"I want to see you spread those pink pussy lips. Do it without taking the
panties off," orders Randy.
Closing her eyes, Missy inserts her long lean fingers into the legs of her
panties. As she pulls the panties aside, she sensuously caresses the bl**d
engorged pussy lips. She sensuously rubs up and down and outer lips. She
allows her fingers to touch the hooded nubbin of pleasure. As her fingernail
scraps the sensitive love button she allows a soft moan to escape her lips. As
each pleasurable sensation reaches her brain, the frantic fingers increase in
intensity their pleasure producing friction.
"Stand up and strip. I don't think you will need any of those clothes for
the rest of the afternoon," ordered Randy.
Shocked out of her near fulfillment, Missy stands up and pulls the tight
leather skirt down. Looking over to the amused seated Black Master, she slowly
finishes unbuttoning the white silk blouse and lets it slip off of her
shoulders and fall to the floor. Standing before the Black Master in only her
garter, hose, black knee high boots and white lace panties, she looks into her
Master's dark eyes.
The Black Vice Lord rises and slips his huge fingers into the gray cotton
gym shorts and slowly tugs the tight fitting shorts over his muscled thighs.
Missy observing every movement, is awestruck when the shorts expose the ten
inch Black Manhood in all its glory. The massive love muscle is only partially
erect and is starting to point out at a right angle from the washboard muscled
stomach. As she continues to observe the disrobing, her fleece covered love
channel starts producing the sweet smelling dew, that starts to resoak her
white panties.

When Randy has let the shorts fall to the floor, he points his index
finger at the young beauty and motions for her to come to him, "Bring me your
white panties," he orders.
As she starts to walk over to him Mr. Randy Ballard shakes his head,
"Don't walk, crawl to your Black Master."
Aroused, humiliated and desperate for release, Missy drops to her hands
and knees, and crawls over to the seated Black Giant.
When she reaches her destination, he motions for her to stand. When she is
standing, facing her tormentor, he smiles and finally speaks, "I want you to
hand me your panties. The pretty white panties that your husband bought you,
the panties that are wet with your drippings."
Gracefully, the blonde hair dropping nearly to her small but firm breasts,
she bends at her waist, and slips the clinging panties over her knees and down
the hose and boot covered legs. When the task is completed, she raises her
hand and releases her white lace panties to the huge Black paw.
The Black Vice Lord brings the fragrant cloth to his nose and deeply
inhales the pleasing essence. Although, he is still seated, he is looking
almost directly in the deep blue eyes. Looking at her perfect breasts, her
long flowing blonde hair and her perfect legs, his cock continues to harden.
Putting the panties on the seat next to him, he asks her a simple question,
"When was the last time your wimp husband fucked you?"
"My husband and I made love three nights ago," Missy softly replies.
"Does he satisfy you, with that little white boy cock of his?" continues
"I don't reach climax every time we make love," responds Missy sadly.
Randy Ballard rises and walks around the now trembling woman. When he is
behind her, he reaches out and rubs her firm ass cheeks. "Has your white boy
wimp taken your ass yet?"
Shocked, Missy quickly answers, "No. I am too small there. It would hurt
too much."
Still standing behind the petite blonde white housewife, and still
stroking the firm ass of his next conquest, he matter of fact states, "Before
you leave me today, you will not have your ass cherry. If you please me, I
will lubricate my black cock before I enter you. If you displease me, I will
bludgeon my Black Cock into your useless body, in one stroke."
Missy says nothing, but stands silently, waiting the next haunting
question that she is sure will come.

"After I breed you today, I will mark you, so that everyone knows that you
belong to me. You will have to start whoring for me, starting tomorrow. Have
you ever worked the streets?" questions Randy Ballard, Vice Lord of the Black
Gangster Elites.
Shocked by his latest question and comment she angrily replies, "I have
never been a whore. I won't be a whore for you!"
Controlling his anger, Randy softly whispers into the trembling
housewife's ear; "After I fuck you in your ass today, tomorrow night you will
start working the street for me. You disobey me in word, deed or thought and I
will take a knife and peel your pretty face off. If that chicken shit husband
is terrified of me, how do you think a little tramp like you can stand up to
Poor Missy, standing in the middle of a large classroom, stripped down to
only garter, hose and black boots, trembles as she contemplates her next
response. Her beloved husband of only six months is standing guard on the
outside of the door, while a huge black man is pawing her firm ass, threatening
to impale her with his ten inch rock solid Black Cock. "Please don't fuck me
in the ass. You will hurt me. You are too large. Please," Missy submissively
Randy lowers his hand from the firm ass cheeks and inserts his finger into
her moist woman hole. As the digit inserts itself, Missy is caught off guard.
At first she instinctively clenches her legs together. However, after a few
moments, the searching digit starts to bring the young woman the pleasure that
has been missing from her marriage bed. She softly moans, as the finger gently
sc****s her hooded clit. As the insertion continues Missy closes her eyes and
allows her long lean legs to part ever so slightly.
Randy catches the guarded parting of her legs and rewards her by inserting
a second finger. The rapid thrusting coats, his hand with Missy's precious
lubricant. Missy opens her legs wider, as she eagerly thrusts against the
intruding fingers giving her pleasure. As the fingers continue the thrusting,
Missy bends over and drops to her knees. She begins moaning louder and louder,
as the pleasure giving fingers bring her to a screaming orgasm. As the
intense pleasure overwhelms her pent-up desires ,she writhes on the floor as
the spasms overtake her tight body.
"Oh God, you bring me such pleasure. Don't stop, please don't stop. It
feels sooooooooo good!" screams Missy.
Randy leaves his fingers in the clenching pussy, as the young wife is
prone on the hard tile floor. As Missy's orgasm subsides, he lets his fingers
slip out. He walks to the cabinet, at the end of the room and brings back a
full tube of K-Y jelly. Missy does not see him walk to the cabinet, she is
recovering from her first true orgasm in months. Unknown to her husband John,
he has not been able to bring his vivacious wife to a fulfilling orgasm since

their marriage night. The orgasm that the Black Master has brought to the
beautiful Missy was so intense ,she was still trembling five minutes after
"Have you ever had a man? A real Man? A Black Man that can bring your
pleasure?" questions Randy.
Still laying face down on the tile floor Missy answers truthfully, "I have
never been with a Black Man. I have thought about making love to a Black Man.
When John told me of his predicament I was at first shocked, but deep inside I
wanted to go through with the **** or the pleasure. You have brought me
As she lay on the hard tile floor, she felts the sticky K-Y jelly being
squeezed out of the tube and onto her perfect firm ass cheeks. The pleasure
giving fingers, began a circular motion and rubs the cold sticky fluid on her
perfect and firm ass cheeks. He seems to be lulling the young housewife, with
his gentle and soft caresses. Missy suspects the ordeal that awaits her, as
the gentle motion continues. She starts to become anxious, as the fingers began
to dip in the crevice between the two mounds. Her wrinkled brown eye clutchs,
as the persistent index finger sought entrance to her last virgin chamber. The
swaying hips try to provide an escape valve, but the Black Master was not to be
distracted from his final goal.
The initial penetration of the elastic ring was uncomfortable, but not
painful, for the gently swaying Missy. Randy's finger is unforgiving and
continues to insert itself deeper and deeper in the tight dark chamber. Missy
starts becoming more fearful as the finger became more and more determined in
it's goal of free and unrestricted access to the virgin chamber.
Finally, Missy begs for the probing to stop, "Please Mr. Dillard. Don't
fuck me in my ass. I'm scared that you will hurt me, scared that your black
cock is too large. Please, let me suck you instead."
The Black Master had his goal and it was not merely her warm lips wrapped
around his Black Cock. His goal, and one that was not to be denied him was
complete domination of the beautiful white wife of a white boy guard, and that
domination was to take the form of deep Black Cock Anal Insertion.
"Raise yourself on your hands and knees. You're about to become a real
woman. You resist me and I'll black strap that lily white ass of yours until
you won't be able to sit for a week. Do you want your ass Black Strapped
little Tramp?"
Trembling uncontrollably, Missy answers with a broken voice, "No please
don't beat me. I'm afraid you will hurt me. Please fuck my pussy with your
black cock. I can take you there, you will tear my poor asshole."
Even as she begs for redemption, however, she raises herself to her hands
and knees. Trying to entice her tormentor, she sensuously sways her ass,
hoping against hope, that he will reconsider and sink his manhood between her

sopping and clenching pussy lips.
Randy Ballard squeezes an ample supply of the jelly into his hand and
lubricates his ten inches of hard Black Manhood. Stroking himself with the
slippery jelly, he brings his black manhood into an even greater hardness.
Randy knows that hardness is what it will take, to sink the log into the tight
chamber winking at him, as Missy continues to sway her cheeks.
At first, he lays the black log on top of the cheeks. He wants his newest
inductee to anticipate the entry into her most sacred chamber. Poor, poor
Missy was fearful of the insertion of the manhood. She had hoped to lodge the
cock into her pussy, in hopes of making it so pleasurable for the black
convict, as to seduce him to the pleasure of her womanhood.
Her hope was soon dashed, as she felt the huge purple head rub against the
wrinkled winking brown eye of her dark chamber. As Randy Ballard, became more
insistent of entry, she tried to knee walk away. Her efforts were for naught
as Randy grabbed her by her sleek hips and in one brutal thrust buried half of
the length into the tight chamber. Her anal muscles screamed against the
intrusion, as Randy rapidly began the f***eful thrusting, attempting admission
of more and more of his black muscle.
After the first brutal thrust, poor Missy was merely attempting to adjust
to the tremendous pressure, the fullness of the black cock filling her tight
What seemed so horrible at first, began to subside as the pleasure
overtook the pain, as her sphincter muscle became accustomed to the huge black
cock. The fullness coupled with the friction started to bring pleasure for the
young housewife.
Although many bl**d vessels had been ruptured and were coating the
thrusting black love muscle, Missy was beginning to seek the pleasure that was
rapidly overtaking her tight body.
As Randy continued cramming his muscle into the tight asshole, he reached
around with his right hand and pinched her hard nipple between his finger and
thumb. This one simple move created another mind shattering orgasm for the
young woman. She had very few orgasms in her young life. This was her first
orgasm reached by anal intercourse.
The screaming of his young white wife, could be heard by John Jones, the
prison guard just outside the door. The door that he was guarding; the door
which separated the ravishment of his wife by the most vicious black criminal
in the Illinois penal system. The ravishment brought on by his fear; fear for
his life. He tried to block out the screams but couldn't. He realized that
his life and the life of his beautiful wife would never be the same. For some
reason he felt his own less than ample white cock start to harden. As it
harden, he felt the pain of the infected slash as the pus began to ooze into
his underpants.

Randy let his own huge muscled body fall to the floor, following Missy's
decline to the hard surface. He let his black cock fill her ruptured anal
canal, as it softened inside her asshole. After a short respite, he pulled
himself up and let his large black cock slip from its tight chamber. As the
cock slipped from its chamber, the white cum mixed with strings of bl**d flowed
down Missy's beautiful thighs. The sticky mancum soaked the top dark bands of
her hose.
Missy felt the black cock leave her tight constricting asshole and the
liquid departing her damaged anal canal. She felt very drained from the last
two pleasure producing ordeals. The intenseness of her breeding session nearly
overwhelmed her mind, along with her body.
Randy raised himself to his knees and grabbed the beautiful long blonde
hair, "Clean my black cock little tramp."
Missy brushed her hair from her eyes and looked up at the still menacing
long black cock. All she saw was the one eyed purple head, as she let her
tongue snake out of her dark red coated lips and caress the purple head, which
is still leaking cum. She tongues the head, trying to clean all the spunk, off
the still semi hard black cock. Laboriously, she cleans the entire black cock
with her precious tongue. She savors the taste, especially the taste of the cum
mixed with her bl**d. She realizes that this Black Man has brought her to
sexual fulfillment. Although the thought of becoming one of his whores is
abhorrent to her upbringing, she realizes that she will do anything to continue
to receive the rewards of his black cock.
As she finishes tonguing his black cock, he wipes the rest of the scum in
her flowing blonde hair. Before rising, he batters the pleasure giving
instrument against her cheeks.
Randy Ballard walks to the door and opens it. He is still totally naked
and watches John Jones reaction as he urgently looks into the vacant classroom
and immediately sees his nearly naked young wife sitting on the hard white
tile floor. She is sitting on her ass with her legs brought up to her chin.
He can see the cum dripping from her ravished asshole and forming a puddle on
the clean white floor. Looking into her eyes he sees a look of satisfaction, a
look of pure sexual release, of inner calm.
"Your wife's asshole was tight but I managed to stick my BLACK COCK to the
limit. She squealed like a stuck pig but I finally made her a woman, something
you will never be able to accomplish, with that four inch noodle you have
between your legs. Did you hear her scream when I stuck it to her?", mocked
the Black Master.
John Jones had no response. He could not take his eyes off of his
beautiful wife, her look of satisfaction, as the black cum was dripping from
her ass. His deep dark thoughts, is that he would have given anything to watch
the ravishment of his wife fucking or more properly being fucked by the huge

naked black man standing next to him. He was brought back to reality when his
face was slapped by the inmate.
"I have several friends who want to meet your wife. They are waiting in
Classroom B down the hall. Go get them, your wife is waiting," orders Randy to
the dumbfounded white boy guard.
His mind shattered, the guard absent mindly walked down the long hall to
e****t three more black inmates, who were going to have sexual intercourse with
his precious wife. Upon arriving at the proper classroom he knocked and
shortly the three black inmates came to the door and preceded to walk towards
the room, containing the beauty that they breed this afternoon.
Although none of the three had more than the basic intelligence of the
common criminal, they made up for it in the physique of the street gang. Each
of the three were highly muscled and each had physical scars of battles past.
One, named Big Foot was six foot eight inches and weighed over 320 pounds.
While not all muscle, a good portion was and what wasn't was made up for by the
brutality of his thought process. He was currently serving thirty years for
the criminal sexual assault. Although he contended the young blonde sought out
his company, the District Attorney for Northern California chose to prosecute
"Does your wife fuck black men very often white boy?" mocked Big Sam.
Correction Officer John Jones did not answer. He knew, or thought he knew
the answer. After today the answer would obviously be totally different.
"When I stick your wife with my Black Dick she's going to have my black
seed drip from her ears. After I stretch her delicate little pussy she won't
even be able to feel that pathetic little cock of your's guard man," Big Sam
John Jones continued to look straight forward. What could he do? Admit
that his wife now craved black cock? Admit that she had just been ass fucked
by the most vicious prisoner in the prison? There was no answer, and what John
Jones feared the most was that Big Foot was in fact right in his analysis.
What if his precious Missy's love box was stretched by the hard Black Cock that
she would be receiving. His inadequate manhood could never measure up to these
black cocks. At the moment all his cock could do is throb from the ragged slit
and infected outer skin. Even as they walked down the hallway the puss and
bl**d were soaking his uniform pants having coated his underwear.
When the four reached the door of Classroom D, the inmates waited for the
guard to open the door. One final humiliation, having the white boy guard open
the door to allow the three black convicts the opportunity to black seed his
precious white wife.
While John was on his journey to retrieve the next black servicing
participants, Randy Ballard had told poor Missy her next duties. She was

informed that when the three black inmates entered the room, she was to walk to
each one and deep tongue each one in turn. She was also told to rub her
precious petite body against the hard bodies of the entering inmates. Her
final instruction was that she was to humiliate her white boy husband. She was
to describe in detail her desire and longing for the black cocks that she was
about to receive. She was to praise them for their sexual ability, and degrade
her inadequate husband. If she failed in her assignment, her white boy husband
would be the next example of Black Gangster Elite vengeance. The sexually
stimulated wife was anxiously awaiting her next love partners, but she did not
want to inflict more emotional damage on her husband. It seemed, correctly,
however that she had no choice.
When the trio entered, Randy Ballard, ordered the white guard to man the
door, on the inside this time. He wanted to totally break the guard, by
forcing him to watch the degradation of his wife, as she was bred by the
assembled Black Cast.
Missy had taken the brief interlude to straighten her now torn hose and
brush her hair. She applied a fresh coat of dark red lipstick but could not
repair the mascara and other makeup. Her first fucking had badly smeared the
excessive make up and the smeared look, made her look more like a street whore
at the end of the night, rather than the privileged white housewife. She was
still wearing the knee high black leather boots, Randy Ballard liked boots and
Randy always got what Randy wanted.
The black trio of vicious inmates stopped about half way into the room and
Missy walked over to welcome them to their new playpen. The first in line,
naturally, was Big Foot. Poor Missy had to stand on her tip toes to reach his
mouth. Smiling into the scarred face she closed her eyes and slid her tongue
into his deep oral cavity. His foul breath caused by his rotting teeth almost
made her gag but she f***ed herself to tongue fuck the monster while rubbing
her body against his massive frame. As she finished, she looked over at her
astounded husband and smirked, "If only you were a real man. These are the
only men that I plan to get this fine white body. Maybe if you take notes you
won't be so useless in the future."
Missy quickly moved to the second black, much smaller in height but
massively muscled. His shoulders and arms were rock hard as a result of five
years of five hour per day weight lifting. As Missy inserted her delicate
tongue, he planted his hands on her ravished ass cheeks and pulled the young
woman brutally forward against his solid body. By the end of her tonguing,
Missy's cock absent pussy was starting to throb from anticipation.
The third black to receive the cool and sweet tasting tongue was nearly
the ugliest human alive. His face, burned by acid in an inter gang battle was
hideously deformed. Missy closing her eyes, inserted her tongue into the
twisted oral cavity and rubbed her tight body against the hard build of the
black convict.
As she backed away, she noticed that Randy Ballard had brought two dirty

mattresses to the center of the room. The black inmates finished undressing
and Missy sensuously walked over to the mattresses and laid down, spreading her
long legs in an enticing inducement.
"I want you to watch John. I want you to see how a real man takes care of
his lady. These black men are going to pleasure me, something that you could
never do," cruelly mocked Missy.
John merely stood at the door, transfixed by the tongueing that his wife
had just performed on the vicious hardened criminals. As she spread her long
perfect legs, inviting the blacks to black service her, his white cock
painfully sprang to attention. He said nothing. There was nothing to say.
Big Foot pushed his smaller companions to the side. He planned to be the
first and no one objected. He walked to the mattress and straddled Missy's
chest in order for her to be able to suck his long black cock to rigidness. He
lost no time with niceties, as he shoved his cock into the delicate white wife.
As Missy struggled with the length of the large cock the second black crawled
between Missy's widespread legs and let his tongue do the talking. His long
tongue snaked into sopping pussy folds and quickly brought a gushing response
from the aroused Mrs. Missy Jones.
When his cock was hard and rigid Big Foot pulled out of the delicate
mouth and asked Mrs. Jones the obvious question, "You want my black cock little
Wanting the large pleasure giver in her aroused woman hole and mindful of
her orders, she used her sexiest voice, and made sure that her husband could
hear her response, "Please give me your black cock. I have not had any cock as
magnificence as yours. Please fill my hole."
Big Foot needed no further invitation, as he shoved the licking black from
her entrance. As he knee walked into position Missy struggled to spread her
long legs even more. Since she was petite and since he was huge, even her best
effort could not achieve what she desired. Before inserting his huge black
cock into her seeping hole, he took both booted ankles in his hands and f***ed
them wider. Missy felt as if she was a wishbone.
At the moment of entry she forgot about the stretched leg muscles and did
everything to accommodate the massive black log. Even her sopping pussy was not
prepared for the fullness and length that followed. As he brutally entered the
small woman, she screamed as the massive log was buried to the hilt in one
savage thrust. As she opened her mouth to scream a second time, she found
that the scarred black had planted his face over her mouth and was savagely
kissing the struggling woman. The muscled black had taken her sensitive
nipples between his index finger and thumb and was pinching the abused tip
causing a great bruising.
It took only minutes for Missy's third orgasm of the day to occur. Her
climax preceded Big Foot's who merely continued to pound the precious pussy

into submission. By the time he flooded her fuck chamber, poor Missy had
orgasmed no less than four times.
As rapidly as Big Foot pulled his massive black log from her love chamber,
Missy was pleading with another black to take his place.
Her husband stood silently by the door observing the total abandonment of
his previously virginal wife. As she climaxed a second time, his own cock
spewed forth a rocket shot of sperm against his prison uniform pants. His
orgasm occurred without John even touching his bleeding and infected cock meat.
The muscled black was the second to deposit his black seed into the
precious chamber of lust, previously owned by Mrs. Missy Jones. Missy seemed to
orgasm constantly, as the Blacks continued to take turns making her swollen and
red pussy hole the recipient of black seed. While his underlings were having
their way with the little white tramp, Randy was carefully recording each
sexual release. He also dutifully took picture after picture, making sure to
include close ups of the sperm splattered face of their latest guest fuckee.
Randy was the last to deposit his fourth load, this one in the willing
mouth of the beautiful white housewife. As she licked the final drippings from
the end of his black cock, Randy made one last mocking gesture to the white
prison guard, "Tomorrow your little tramp of a wife is starting to whore for
me. You'll need to take her to the black reindeer club. She won't need to
wear any panties; the black boys down at the club will become impatient if she
does. Right white boy?"
As John Jones looked at his beautiful wife, with a constant stream of cum
running out of her swollen cunt and down her face, he knew that his precious
wife was lost forever. He should be ashamed, but the wet cum stain on the
front of his prison uniform, was the result of the most intense orgasm that he
had ever had. Even at this stage of his wife's degradation, he was wondering
if he would be able to watch, the activities at the club the next night. The
thought brought another surge of hardness to his tormented cock.

... Continue»
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ingrid 2

strained backward against Ingrid's grasp. We were locked in equilibrium for a second. She shrugged and suddenly let go. Thrown off balance, I jerked backwards and my bound arms prevented me from recovering. I rocked unsteadily for a second before crashing down on my side. I twisted onto my back in an attempt to get up but Ingrid planted her foot on my chest, pinning me to the ground.

"Need a little persuasion, Gabriella?" Ingrid said in a cheery tone. "I'm glad to see my little slut still has some fight in her. Andre, help me flip her over."

Before I could react both of them were on me. I was rolled onto my stomach and my legs were stretched out. Andre knelt down straddling my head. His crotch pushed my face down into the pile of the carpet making breathing difficult. Most of his weight rested on his knees which were driving down onto my bound arms and shoulders. My torso was crushed into the floor. I quickly lost use of my legs as Ingrid sat down on my calves. She began to pick at the knot on the rope binding my upper arms together. A small wave of relief rolled over me as the pressure came off my shoulders. It was short lived.

Ingrid spun around and sat on my thighs and grabbed my ankles. She pulled them up so my knees were bent at right angles. I began to kick and jerk around as best as I could. I bucked my hips and thighs upwards to knock her off. I rolled from side to side. No matter how hard I threw myself into the struggle she remained firmly astride me. I tried to twist and turn under Andre's weight but that was doomed from the start given the lack of success I'd had with the much lighter Ingrid. Still I kept fighting. Ingrid finally just slid forward and sat on my knees, effectively pinning my ankles to the ground.

I had broken out in a light sweat and was panting by the time Ingrid had my legs tightly bound. A stack of neat coils of rope were wrapped around my lower legs from the ankles to mid calf. Ingrid had cinched the ankle tie by passing the tails of the rope over the wrapping in opposite directions several times. Ingrid tugged hard on the tails. My helpless legs were jerked as she tied the ends off. The knots had been tied on the front side of my legs at the base of the shins. I came to realize later that this ensured they were impossible to reach with my bound arms. Ingrid had been talking the whole time.

"I'm putting you in a hog tie, Gabi. As you will soon see, this position starts out as merely uncomfortable. But over time it will become painful. Your muscles will cramp from being locked in strenuous position and your joints will hurt from the tension."

She paused in the lecture. I felt her get off my legs and heard a drawer open. I couldn't see what she pulled out but it became obvious when I felt more rope being wrapped over top of the cinch between my wrists. At the same time Andre backed off me and slid his hands under my shoulders to grasp my breasts. Using my tits as hand grips he lifted up, raising my torso off the floor and forcing my back to arch. Ingrid pulled down on my bound wrists, drawing them over my ass and forcing them into the crevice between my cheeks. My hands were nestled in the hollow formed by my thighs. Ingrid lifted my feet up off the floor. Using all her weight she folded them back, pressing my calves onto my thighs. She looped the tail of the rope she had just tied around my wrists over the cinches of my leg bindings. When Ingrid had finished, my wrists were tied to the underside of my ankle tie. My heels pressed down on the edge of my bound hands. I was left in what felt like some extreme yoga position. My body was locked in an arch. My shoulders and lower thighs were pulled up off the carpet. I looked like a human pretzel.

"Trust me Gabriella; in a while you will be begging to go down on me. An added bonus of this little lesson in pain is that I don't need to be here. Since we haven't put you in a particularly severe hog tie, and rest assured we can put you in ones far more severe, it will take time to soften a feisty one like you up. Andre and I can go downstairs for breakfast. See you later sweetie. Enjoy your time alone!"

Ingrid got up and headed to the kitchen. Andre went off to the bathroom leaving me alone in my bonds. I tried to get more comfortable. No amount of wiggling helped. I had little leverage with both my shoulders and legs pulled off the floor. I flailed around with my fingers, looking for the knots that held my ankles and wrists together. Ingrid had carefully tied them well out of reach. There would be no relief from the relentless strain on my body. I couldn't even find a comfortable position for my head. The ache in my shoulders increased sharply any time I rested it on the carpet. Holding it up stressed my neck muscles. I kept trying to kick out my legs to release some of the stiffness caused by their folded position. The connecting rope jerked painfully on my wrist bonds with each kick. All the ropes held fast.

The tension of the hog tie locked my arms in a rigid v behind my back. This also pulled my shoulders back and down, painfully stretching the muscles and tendons in my upper chest. My breasts were tender from Andre's rough handling and the nipples still tingled from their earlier punishment. Ingrid was right; this was going to hurt. Exhausted, I lay still. I soon found that there was little relief in that. My legs were cramping from being folded up so tightly and my shoulders were throbbing dully. I struggled simply to move my helpless limbs for whatever minimal relief that would bring. This caused the tight ropes to dig deeper into my skin. The skin burning on my wrists was the only result of my efforts to get free.

Andre emerged from the bathroom and stood over me. I felt him squat down. He grabbed my right arm and leg. With a quick tug, I was flipped over onto my side. This brought some instant relief as the tension of the hog tie eased a bit. I felt Andre's hand massaging my left breast. The tight arch of my bound body thrust my large breasts out, offering them to his rough handling. His other hand was forcing its way between my thighs, a finger probing for my slit. I felt my body responding to his touch. The skin of my face burned with shame.

"I love your tits." said Andre. "What are these puppies, D cups? Ingrid and I are going to have fun with them later. Oh, thanks for the blowjob. That was very nice."

"At least one of us enjoyed it" I blurted out; mustering whatever defiance I could given my utter humiliation.

My left nipple exploded in pain as he pinched down hard and twisted, holding it in an agonizing position. Suddenly my pussy felt as if it were on fire as he yanked on a clump of my pubic hair. I yelped in pain. He continued for another few seconds before releasing me. Waves of pain radiated out from my nipple and my mound. I gasped in an attempt to absorb the pain.

"Is everything okay up there?" Ingrid called from the kitchen.

"I'm good" replied Andre. "I was just giving my birthday present an attitude adjustment."

"Well use something to gag her if you're going to make her scream. We don't want the neighbors wondering who we're torturing in here."

For some reason I had expected Ingrid to tell Andre to leave me alone but instead she condoned his assault on me. I slumped in misery at Ingrid's abandonment. This felt worse than when I was crawling around on my knees trying to give Andre head. Once I got past the emotional impact of her words, I was chilled by what they implied. Ingrid had suggested gagging me and used the word torture like it was something she intended to do to me.

Being gagged was something I hadn't contemplated. Ingrid was right. I could scream and attract attention if I really wanted to. We were in a suburban townhouse on a quiet Saturday morning. Neighbours would hear me. A gag would remove that last little bit of freedom from me; rendering me truly helpless.

Andre wandered off downstairs without future assault or gagging me but not before flipping me over onto my back. I groaned in agony as the tops of my feet were pressed into the floor. My arms and wrists were crushed underneath me. My head was f***ed back leaving me staring at the ceiling. I could see the rising and falling of my breasts out of the bottom of my eyes. The muscles on the front of my thighs were pulled taut and the strain quickly turned into a burning pain deep inside. On the upside, the discomfort caused by the tight strictures binding my limbs seemed lessened in light of the agony caused my weight crushing down on my arms and legs. I needed to find relief fast or I'd be screaming to be allowed to eat Ingrid's pussy in seconds.

I rocked from side to side which caused even more pain. It was surprisingly difficult but eventually I gained enough momentum in one direction to tip over onto my side. It was instantly more comfortable but I suffered from pins and needles in my arms and legs for a few minutes. I didn't know how much more of this I could take even with the less intense position. On the other hand, I still wasn't resigned to the alternative.

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Sex with another woman was part of my "f***ed" bondage fantasy. I'd dreamt about this very situation many times but my captor was always a fantasy image rather than a specific real person; certainly not Ingrid. On the other hand I loved her and she is truly beautiful in both personality and physical appearance. Suddenly the idea of sex with someone I care for as much as I do Ingrid was not as disturbing as it would have been a few short hours ago. Plus I knew I was beaten, I was going to be going down on Ingrid regardless of my feelings.

After what seemed like eternity, I heard some noises coming from my bedroom. My two captors were talking in hushed tones. A few minutes later Andre left the house and Ingrid came down the hall to me. She paused in the doorway and gasped.

"Oh my god, Gabriella, you look stunning. You should see yourself. A babe with curves like yours is perfect for bondage. A hog tie really accentuates those magnificent tits of yours. I could do you right now."

"Please Ingrid" I moaned. "I'll do what you want. Please untie me."

"You have to do better than that. What is it you want to do for me? Come on, let me hear you beg to eat my pussy, you stupid slut."

Oh god, she wasn't going to make this easy on me. I fumbled for the words. The throbbing ache that racked my body was great motivation to overcome my reluctance. I really wanted to be untied and I didn't care what I had to do. Besides, it was a little too late to begin worrying about my dignity. I looked up at Ingrid standing over me. She was fully clothed and free. I was almost naked and bound lying at her feet.

"Please Ingrid; I beg you, let me eat your pussy."

"That doesn't sound like you put much effort into that. Try again you worthless whore."

"I beg you, Mistress, please let me bring you pleasure with my tongue."

"Still pretty lame but because you're a novice I'll overlook it; just this once."

She stripped off her shorts and top leaving her naked except for a robin's egg blue thong. She looked more beautiful than ever. Her lithe body was gracefully sculpted, definitely a feminine form but strong at the same time. I was sure Ingrid could physically control me even in the absence of ropes. I felt the power her form exuded and was thrilled by it. The more submissive I felt, the hornier I was getting. Ingrid sat down on the floor and spread her legs wide. She pulled the thong to one side, exposing her pussy lips and gently tapped them with a finger.

"I want your tongue right her, now." Ingrid growled at me.

She was only a couple of feet away but it was impossible to reach her, bound as I was. I struggled to move with no success other then I managed to flip onto my belly which increased the tension in the hog tie.

"Well, well, still doesn't look like your ready for this."

"No please I am, I swear. Please can you move closer to me?"

"You need to learn key rule you dumb cow." Ingrid snarled, "Slave girls don't tell their owners what to do. A little longer in that hog tie will help you remember that."

I couldn't take it. I begged, pleaded, moaned and whimpered to no avail. Eventually Ingrid tired of the noise and pulled something out of her dresser drawer and something else out of her laundry basket. She was back in front of me holding bundles of fabric. I quickly realized each hand held a several pairs of panties. She sat down crossed legged behind me. Ingrid gently but firmly rolled me onto to my back. My head was cradled on her thigh. She looked down at me.

"These are clean." She said holding up her right hand. "And these are not so clean".

She shoved her left hand into my face, pressing the fabric over my nose. The scent of her on the dirty panties was powerful. There was a floral fragrance to them with a strong undercurrent of the bitter smell of a woman's juices. I twisted my head to one side to get away from the offending undergarments.

"One of these sets is going in your mouth. If you open up nicely and let me gag you I'll use the clean pair. If you want to be difficult I'll f***e the dirty pair in that sweet mouth of yours. It's your choice." Her eyes sparkled, just daring me to defy her but I was broken.

I thought about my situation for a second and accepted the inevitable. My surrender caused a wave of passion roll through my bound body. I closed my eyes and parted my lips. I wanted Ingrid to see my body language and kiss me. Instead I felt silky fabric pushing into my waiting mouth rather than her tongue.

"That's a good girl but just a bit wider." She cooed as if coxing a reluctant c***d to eat.

I complied. Ingrid leaned in and quickly stuffed one pair of balled up panties deep into my mouth. She was packing the second pair in when I realized she had tricked me and was filling my mouth with her dirty underwear. I retched at the thought and began to choke a bit. I got it under control, no thanks to Ingrid who had continued to pack a third pair into my mouth even while I gagged on the first two. I tried to indicate my displeasure but only a muffled mew escaped.

"You really didn't think I was going to mess up four clean pairs of panties with your saliva, did you?" Ingrid smirked at me.

When she was done, the first pair was lodged deep into my mouth, filling the area at the top of my throat. The second pair was stuffed into my right cheek and the third into the left one. The final set was packed into the middle between the ones crammed into my cheeks. My entire oral cavity was filled with fabric. At least one pair had lace trim on it which tickled the back of my throat causing me to cough a bit and begin to choke again. My eyes were filled with tears before I could get back under control.

Ingrid held up a long silk scarf and tied two overhead knots, one on top of the other, at the mid point. She jammed the ball formed by the knots into my mouth until it was lodged behind my teeth. The wad of her panties was packed more tightly into my mouth as a result. The tails of the scarf went behind my head and were knotted tightly. There was enough leftover for another few wraps around my face. Ingrid wound the tails in opposite directions covering my lower face in broad bands of silk from my chin to my nose. I could still make a sound but it came out as an unintelligible gurgle, mainly escaping from my throat rather than my mouth.

Ingrid stroked my cheek with the tips of her fingers. Gently tracing the contours of my face, she stared down at me wistfully. I was surprised at the intimacy I felt in acquiescing to being gagged. The physical act, particularly when Ingrid's fingers probed into my mouth to stuff in the panties, was strangely erotic even while stripping away my vestige of freedom. My surrender was complete. Butterflies churned in my belly and the heat between my thighs rose as I savored Ingrid's dominance.

"Another thing you need to learn is that even if you do beg to my satisfaction it doesn't mean you get to work right away. Your failure to comply earlier means extra punishment. I'll let you go down on me after I've ridden the bike for a bit. "

Ingrid stood up and walked over to the exercise bike standing in one corner of her bedroom. She climbed on naked save for her thong and inserted the ear buds from her mp3 player. She began to peddle at a steady pace. The long muscles of her lean tanned legs flexed and relaxed as they spun the pedals around. A beam of soft sunlight spilt across her torso. Her small breasts barely broke the flat contours of her svelte body. Long pale nipples stood erect in the cool air of the townhouse. She lay back in the seat of the recumbent trainer and closed her eyes. I wondered if her power over me ignited the same erotic tempest in her than my submission did in me.

I thought back to how I had wished she would kiss me. I wondered what it must be like to have those full soft lips brushing against mine. The tip her tongue gently tracing over my lips while her hand gently but firmly cradles my chin. Slowly her tongue probes into my mouth. I respond, seeking out her tongue with mine but she quickly pulls back and tightens her grip on my chin. A sternly arched eyebrow over those sparkling blue eyes tells me that Ingrid will be kissing me and not the other way around. I close my eyes again and part my lips expectantly. Her tongue drives into my mouth like a torpedo and...I'm brought back to reality by a muted thumping noise on the floor. My eyes jerk open to see her bare feet in front of my face.

I had lost myself in my reverie and not noticed that she had stopped riding the bike and was standing in front me. Her right foot was tapping impatiently on the carpet and her arms were braced on her hips. Ingrid glared down at me.

"Are you ready now, you dumb slut?" She growled.

I nodded vigorously and made what I hoped sounded like groveling. My return to realty had also brought back the pain of my bonds. I realized I'd do pretty much anything at this point if it meant getting untied. I groaned as Ingrid walked away from me. Surely she wasn't going to punish me any longer. She stepped into a pair of black leather pumps with 5 inch heels that were lying near her closet. She picked up a small digital camera from the dresser.

Ingrid raised the camera and snapped off a couple of photos of me, lying semi nude and hogtied on her floor. She knelt down beside me and began to remove the gag. My mouth was dry and pasty by the time all the packing was gone and most of my saliva along with it. I rasped out a plea over and over again as she stood back up and fired off a couple of more shots.

"If you're really that keen then show me how good you are with your tongue on my shoes."

She shoved a very elegant shoe under my face. There was no hesitation. The stringent bondage had gone beyond uncomfortable and was painful. I was going to do whatever it took to get untied. My tongue caressed the leather. A slightly dusty taste invaded my mouth as I cleaned the unseen grim from city streets off the shoe. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I was bound lying helplessly at the feet of an incredibly dominant woman, debasing myself, and hoping to please her enough so that she would allow me to go down on her. It thrilled me.

I struggled to reach further up her shoe. I wanted to kiss the exposed top of her foot. Wiggling in my bonds my lips finally delicately touched her bare skin. My mouth was still, gently resting on Ingrid's foot, hoping for approval. A wave of pleasurable submission rolled over me. I was keenly aware of the extraordinarily intimate connection between me, the submissive and Ingrid the dominatrix.

"Keep you tongue out and on my shoe but twist your face so you're looking up at me."

So much for the romanticism of the moment. I couldn't make eye contact with her. My primal signs of submission prevented me. I did turn my head as she asked though. She took another couple of photos. I had no doubt they clearly showed who the naked whore was licking Ingrid's shoes. I groaned inwardly at my debasement even as I turned my face so I could go back to work.

My lips caressed the leather of her shoe. She tilted her shoe up off the carpet, exposing the sole. I knew what she wanted. My tongue snaked across the gritty leather sole. Eventually Ingrid kicked the shoe off. I felt her bare toes press against my mouth. I yielded my mouth to her foot. I began to gently suck on the toes, my lips forming a gentle seal around Ingrid's foot. She let out a passionate moan but still continued to click away with the camera.

"I'm just going to upload these to my website. It'll be an insurance policy to make certain you're completely under my control even when I don't have you bound. If you don't behave to my liking then I send out the photos to all our friends. Some of them will be shocked to see what a dirty slut little miss conservative Gabriella is."

She wouldn't really do it. At least I didn't think so. Suddenly it struck me she had said "some of them" and not "all if them" referring to our friends. Why wouldn't they all be shocked to see my like this? Did some of them know this was a fantasy of mine?

Ingrid pulled her foot out of my mouth. She quickly stepped out of her thong and lowered herself to the floor. Long lean legs were spread out on either side of my bound body. Ingrid grabbed a clump of my hair and yanked my head up off the carpet. She wiggled closer to me until my face was buried into her pussy. I was stunned for a second at having my face jammed in a woman's crotch. I knew I couldn't hesitate any longer but I didn't know what to do. Finally my brain kicked back in and planted the thought I should do what I liked to have done to me.

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I twisted my head to one side and began to gently kiss the silky skin of her thigh. She gasped at the first one and wrapped her legs over my shoulders squeezing my face into her leg.

"You have my permission to keep that up for a while you slut." Ingrid murmured.

I moved my head as much as her clenched thighs would allow. I brushed her skin gently with my tongue between kisses. Ingrid's body began to respond. Her hips began to roll slightly and a sigh escaped her lips. I was having trouble breathing as her thigh was pressed over my mouth and partially obstructed my nose. I twisted my head in an attempt to get my nose free and wound up with my face pressed into her pussy. A sharp tug in my hair encouraged me to get to work. Without giving it another thought my tongue pushed through her public hair. It had been inevitable since Ingrid had first tied my wrists in the hallway; I was going down on her.

I tasted the faint hint of saltiness from another woman's pussy for the first time. I moved my tongue up and down just inside the moistened lips. I was in no rush. I hated it whenever a partner of mine raced to my clit like he had something better to be doing, particularly after I had just gone down on him. I gently pushed the tip of my tongue up and down, loving the slick texture of the delicate skin. I risked a glance up and saw Ingrid's gracefully sculpted body lying out before me. The spikes of her heels jabbed into my back as her legs moved in response to the rising passion. I slid my tongue down seeking the rim around the entrance to her passage. I slowly swirled my tongue on outside for a few seconds before a sharp jab of heels encouraged me to get on with it.

I slid my tongue deep inside her. I slowly withdrew it and then pushed back in. I curled the tip of my tongue so I could caress the inside walls of her tunnel. I kept up a steady slow rhythm but soon my tongue and jaws began to ache at the workout. I tried to pause for a rest but the heels dug painfully into my back. The message was clear; no stopping!

I was encouraged from the growling moans that were escaping Ingrid's lips. They were familiar as Ingrid had been rather nonchalant about closing the door to her bedroom when we lived together. The sounds Ingrid was making told me she was close to climax. I worked my tongue harder now trying to move her along faster and hopefully get me untied sooner. I heard what I recalled was the pre-orgasmic moan and turned my attention to the rough nub of her clit. Ingrid growled and grabbed my hair, slamming my face into her pussy. She rocked her hips up and down, riding my tongue with her clit; literally humping my face to a body paralyzing orgasm. She tensed for a second as the wave of heat spread throughout her pelvis. Ingrid let out a loud sustained moan as her body jerked then relaxed as she lost herself in the orgasm.

Finally I dared to stop licking and give my tongue a rest. It had never been so extended and active for so long before. It felt like I'd strained tissue in it and my jaws were cramping. I had to snort air in through my nose as my mouth was completely obstructed by Ingrid's very moist pussy. I could feel a film of her juices on my face. Their taste filled my mouth. The mélange of sweat, pussy and a hint of floral body wash filled my nose. And I really hurt now. Between the bondage, Ingrid's heels in my back and my aching mouth, I was spent. Ingrid sensed this and struggled up into a sitting position. She took this opportunity to snap off a few more pictures of my face buried in her crotch.

She swung her legs off my back and pulled away from my face; at last! I gulped air and lay my head on the floor, finally finding some relief for my aching neck that had been bent back the entire time I was performing on Ingrid. I felt her hand brush some of the tousled hair from my face. She leaned in a gently kissed me on the cheek.

"That was incredible. Are you sure this was your first time? Has my little Gabi been keeping naughty secrets from me?" She gently teased me knowing full well I wasn't.

She began to untie me. A wave of relief swept over me as the rope holding me in the hog tie was gone. I found it difficult to straighten my legs out due the numbness from being locked in such a rigid position for so long. I was surprised at how fast Ingrid was able to get the rest of the ropes off. I was actually a little disappointed when I felt my wrists untied. Minutes ago I was desperate to be released but I felt a sense of loss as I gained my freedom. Actually it wasn't much freedom immediately as I was a little stiff and sore from the bondage. My limbs were numb from being locked in a rigid position for so long. My hands and fingers tingled as the circulation returned to normal. God, Ingrid could tie tight ropes.

My mistress didn't wait for me to fully recover. She stood up and gave me a gentle kick in the thigh.

"Get up you little cunt licker. You're a slimy cum covered slut. Go have a shower."

I groaned as I picked myself off the floor. I tried to straighten out the slip that had fallen below my breasts and ridden up my legs. A sudden jerk of my hair yanked me to a stop.

"Take that slutty lingerie off now. My slaves are only allowed to wear clothes when I decide. You're going to be naked a lot this weekend; trust me. Now go clean up and be done in ten minutes."

I noticed she had started to download the photos from her camera. I gave up any thoughts of resistance. I stepped out of my slip and padded off towards the bathroom down the hall. She had a valid point. I was a cum covered slut. I smiled to myself at the thought. It was true, tight bondage had provided me the freedom to do things I wouldn't normally do. I wondered what Ingrid was going to make me do next.

I closed the door to the bathroom and caught my reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the door. I looked rough yet sexy at the same time. Almost subconsciously I crossed my wrists behind my back. My curly chestnut colored hair fell in a tousled mass of curls to the tops of my breast on one side and the shoulder blade on the other. The curve of my full breasts was accentuated by having my hands behind my back. I was happy with the results of my return to an exercise routine (yet again). I'd managed to get my curvy body under control and back to a 36-26-36 figure. I longed to be 16 again when my figure required no maintenance. Actually no, it isn't worth the drama of being 16 again.

My face is both a blessing and a curse: big round brown eyes under dark arching eyebrows, full cheeks and what my mother called a "sunny smile" that caused dimples. As a result I was called cute by most people. The term felt a little patronizing. It always seemed to suggest I wasn't to be taken seriously. It stuck with me through university with the exception of Ingrid. She called me "sultry" but I didn't see the mysterious sensual beauty that description implied. Cute was the down side. It was also the upside. Early on I had learned how to exploit my innocent looks, and made use of them regularly in the working world. They weren't so innocent now though. There were little patches of dried semen on the skin of my face and red marks from the gag.

I stepped into the warm spray of the shower and just stood there, letting the soothing water run over my tortured body. The skin of my elbows, wrists and ankles had red grooves marking where the ropes had cut in. I rubbed soap gently on my battered breasts. The skin was discolored in spots from rough handling. The nipples burned slightly when I brushed them with the cloth. They were still tender from Ingrid's and Andre's attentions. The soap ran down my belly and between my legs. I gently lathered my pussy. I gave into my unfulfilled arousal and started to finger myself. Suddenly the door burst open. I was caught!

"You'll pay for that later you slut." Ingrid said in a quiet stern tone. "Get out of the shower now."

She held open a bath sheet.

"I dry your body from now on; after all it belongs to me not you. Turn around and cross your wrists behind your back."

I did as I was told; not surprised at the longing to have her tie me up again. Ingrid wrapped the towel around me. She hugged me tightly from behind. Her hands rested on my breasts, holding the towel in place. My crossed wrists were trapped between our pressing bodies. The heat in my loins flared up as I relaxed into Ingrid's grasp. I felt helpless and secure at the same time.

"Having fun?" Ingrid asked in a teasing voice.

"Ah, well, um". How could I articulate what I was feeling; horny, scared, thrilled, dominated, objectified, debased and most definitely wanting more of it.

"When you had me tied up all I could think of was getting untied but now I wish you had some rope with you. I can't believe what you've awakened in me. I crawled around on my knees so I could suck some guy's cock that I hardly know and not to mention having my first lesbian experience with you. You're exposing some sort of inner whore for the first time. It feels liberating to have it out. Also, this has been the most intense sexual experience I've ever had and I haven't even cum yet. God you're good at this domination thing. Do you tie up girls often?"

"Lot's of men but nope, you're the first women. I've dreamt about it a lot though."

I was taken aback at Ingrid's confession. I'd always imagined her to be liberal in her sexual preferences. I had certainly suspected she was bi but didn't have any confirmation of that, until now. Then it hit me. We were both virgin female bondage playmates. This was really special for both of us then. The very fiber of my body glowed at the thought of this unique shared experience. I wanted; no I needed more.

"What would you do in these dreams?" I asked in a hushed voice.

"Oh things far too intense for a total bondage virgin like you."

"Such as?"

"You little hussy, you're coy aren't you? Well things like much more stringent bondage than you just experienced, maybe some predicament ties, breath play, spankings, whippings, invasion of every one of your orifices, public humiliation...basically total domination. I couldn't do that to you."

The list thrilled and scared me at the same time. Part of my bondage fantasy did involve physical abuse. I wondered if I wanted to experience the true pain of being whipped by Ingrid or should it remain an unfulfilled fantasy. But then, could I pass up this opportunity? It was with Ingrid, my best friend. I could trust her and she could trust me.

"Please Ingrid; let me do this for you. At least let me try. Think of it as mutually beneficial. Don't forget this has been a dream of mine as well. Although, I never saw you as my captor in that dream. But I love it that it is you. When I think about it, it really only could be you."

"Kneel!" was her only response.

I obeyed and knelt at her feet, keeping my wrists crossed behind my back. I looked down at the floor and felt very small next to Ingrid. She tenderly toweled dry my hair for a minute or two in silence. She switched to a brush and gently ran it through my tousled locks.

"I've always envied your hair. I wish I had thick curly hair like this; actually your hair and your tits. Those mounds are just stunning." I blushed.

Ingrid worked my hair into two pony tails on either side. It Ingrid seems to have two dominant modes. One is an almost maternal, tender taskmaster like when she gagged me and now. The other is the scary icy bitch that made me lick her shoes or practically tore my nipples off. It didn't really matter which one she was using; my will meant nothing in either case.

When she finished my hair was in two loose thick pony tails on either side of my head. They were held in place with tight bands of hair elastics. Ingrid moved around me and got something from the cabinet. I frowned when I saw what was in her hand.

Ingrid held a dental floss dispenser. She sat down on the edge of the bathtub and began to gently roll my left nipple in her fingers. I gasped in pain as it was so tender but the pain ebbed and the nipple hardened in response. When it was firmly erect, Ingrid looped a few turns of dental floss around the nipple's base, pulled them tight and tied the ends of the floss together.

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"That will keep your nips nicely displayed for all to admire." Ingrid said as she repeated the tie on the right one.

It hurt at first but the pain faded and was replaced by a feeling of heightened sensitivity. I couldn't believe she had just tied up my nipples. I hadn't even thought you could do such a thing. Needless to say the increased sensitivity in my breasts rekindled my horniness. I thought I'd explode if I didn't cum soon. Ingrid didn't care as she had other plans for us.

"I'll think about your offer to be my sex slave. I have to decide if you are worthy. I'll admit it is enjoyable to see you act like little bitch in heat though. It's time to get dressed. We're going out."

She grabbed my crossed wrists with one hand and wound the other around one of my ponytails. I was twisted around and marched into my bedroom.

I was surprised to see all my belongings gone. It dawned on me that when I heard them moving around in my bedroom earlier they had been getting rid of my luggage. As I looked around I realized my situation. Everything was missing; my clothes, money, credit cards, id, plane tickets. I was stranded. I saw Ingrid smirking at me when I caught her reflection in a mirror.

"It's just another layer of insurance for your on-going obedience. Andre has taken everything over to his place. Good luck finding that. I'm really not sure I need much insurance though. You seem pretty willing to dive into the deep end all on your own. Get dressed."

I noticed the clothes laid out on the bed for the first time. They were a matching halter top and mini skirt. Neither piece had a lot of material. There was no underwear.

"I saw this last week and thought you'd look amazing in it so I bought it for you. It'll make a nice change from that frumpy business women look you have all the time."

Frumpy I thought to myself. That was a little harsh. Ingrid was right though. These were the complete opposite of my more conservation fashion sense.

"Come on bitch get going. You're the one that is all eager for that total dominance thing. Here's a little sample of what it can be like. We're going for lunch and then to do a bit of shopping. You're physical assets are going to be on display so all can see what a slut you really are."

I picked up the clothes and confirmed what I already new. I was going to be showing a lot of flesh. The design was 1950's vintage. It was raspberry colored with white polka dots. I usually take either a size 6 or an 8 depending on the cut but this outfit was definitely a size 6 and a small 6 at that. The square cut bust line only reached part way up by breasts, showing a lot of chest and cleavage. It ended well above my navel leaving my entire mid riff bare. My breasts pushed out against the tight fabric; hardened nipples stood out like little beacons. The matching skirt was light cotton that stopped well above my knees. I was certain most of my thighs would be exposed as what little skirt there was would ride up when I sat down. What was really striking about the outfit was its bright color and polka dots. I looked like some men's calendar girl from 1955. Ingrid wasn't done with me yet.

"On your knees" she ordered.

Once again I was kneeling at her feet. Ingrid circled me, inspecting me. She reached inside the halter and re-arranged my breasts, making them even more obvious. Ingrid took the opportunity to caress each of my bound nipples gently. Aroused, I moaned softly. A tube of lipstick appeared and Ingrid applied the raspberry colored gloss to my lips. Now my lips matched my outfit. She finished by tying white ribbons around the base of each pony tail. Ingrid knew how I bristled at being called "cute" and she had dressed me to look "cute"; cute but slutty.

"I'm going to get dressed now. You are going to wait here like an obedient slave. Face the wall and spread your arms and legs."

With a little prodding Ingrid left me standing in the classic police inspection spread eagle. She actually began to frisk me as if she were checking for weapons.

"Isn't that a little unnecessary, Ingrid?" I asked. "You know I'm not hiding anything."

"A mistress does not need a reason to inspect her slave." She hissed in response.

Her hands continued to run gently over my body. I twitched in response. Her finger tips danced over the bare skin of my rib cage and I jerked slightly.

"Ah yes, little Gabriella is ticklish isn't she? That's something I'll file away for later. Now you better be in this position when I get back or there will be consequences."

I felt butterflies take flight in my belly in anticipation of what was to come.

Once again my body began to ache from being held in position. My legs were pulled far enough from the wall that I was f***ed to lean heavily on my arms. Not only were my legs pulled out behind me. Ingrid had kicked them wide apart; well past shoulder width which increased the strain. Thankfully it wasn't long before she came back into the room, dressed and holding a pair of white high heeled sandals.

She wore a tight black t-shirt. The word "bitch" was written in rhinestones across the front. The khaki tan pleated shorts that she had on were cut high enough to show off most of her gorgeous long legs. Her round tight ass looked great in them. A pair of black canvas high top runners completed the ensemble.

"Put these on." Ingrid ordered as she handed me the sandals.

Damn these things are high I thought to myself. They were white open toed leather sandals with 5 inch heels which were about 4 inches higher than I normally wear. There was actually very little to the shoes other than the heels. Two narrow straps across the top of the foot held them on. There was also a narrow strap that rose from the heel and ran around my ankle. I straightened up and was surprised to tower over Ingrid. I thought it was a little odd that Ingrid would have me in shoes that made me taller than her. But then I saw what she was doing. Ingrid ensured the focus would be on me when we were out as more attention would heighten my humiliation. She sat down in a chair and patted her lap.

"Put your hands behind your head and come here." She instructed.

I hesitated when I got beside her, unsure of what she wanted me to do. Was I supposed to sit in her lap, I wondered.

"Come on sweetie" she prodded gently "Over my knees, I have to spank you."

Uh-oh I thought. I knew Ingrid was testing me as I obeyed and awkwardly bent over her knees. She held my hips in a firm grasp and steadied me as I tried to lower myself without my arms for balance. I felt her pull the short skirt up to expose my naked cheeks. I'd never been spanked before by anyone. I was amazed at how humiliating the position was, even without the hitting.

"My preferred method of errant behavior correction for attempting to cum without permission is a whipping. It's usually 30 to 50 lashes depending on my mood and the degree of the transgression. But I can't whip someone as sweet and innocent looking as you. However, I have no qualms about a good old fashioned bare handed paddling. I think we'll go with 20 for trying to cum without permission and another 10 for offering an unwanted opinion when I frisked you. You will count the swats and if you lose count we will start back at zero. Keep that in mind for future behavior correction sessions. Oh and remember that old saying, this is going to hurt me more than you, forget it. I love the rush of power I get from inflicting pain. It's almost as good as an orgasm. You, on the other hand, are going to hurt. Now count."

The first blow surprised more than hurt. The next one stung at first and then began to burn. I yelped. The blows were distributed in a regular cadence all over the globes of my ass. After the tenth swat, Ingrid began to revisit areas that had already been hit. The sting was more intense on the each subsequent blow. The room was filled with the sound of her hand smacking my vulnerable ass cheeks. I kept count and tried to stifle the whimpers between blows. Tears rolled from my eyes. I began to rock my hips in her lap, trying to find some relief. I broke position and covered my buttocks with my hands after a particularly sharp blow.

"Do you want to stop?" Ingrid asked. "If you really want to help me fulfill my fantasy you'll have to be able to take more than this. It's up to you."

Covering my ass had been an entirely instinctive reaction. I quickly moved my hands back to their position, my fingers interlaced together at the crown of my head.

"Thank you." Ingrid said in an officious tone. "That will be an additional 10 spanks."

My ass felt like it was on fire by the time she was done the full forty open handed slaps. The entire area hurt and I wasn't looking forward to sitting down on it soon. I was happy that I didn't have any mascara on as tears streamed out of my eyes ran across my face. If that was a spanking what was a whipping going to feel like, I thought.

"Come on; get on your knees, right here. That's a girl." Ingrid was clearly in the maternal mistress mode.

I knelt facing her and slightly to one side. She ordered me to cross my wrists behind my back as she gently pushed my head down into her lap. Long delicate fingers caressed my face. Ingrid wiped my tears away. She gently whispered praise to me for being such a brave little slave girl for enduring the spanking. I was inwardly embarrassed to find her approval important to me. I wanted to please and my obsequiousness only fueled the desire to be Ingrid's fantasy sex slave. She lifted my head from her lap.

"Back in a sec." She said and left the room.

I heard drawers opening and closing in her bedroom. She returned in a few minutes carrying a coil of thin white cord and a small blue velvet box. Ingrid casually tossed the rope onto the bed. My heart fluttered when I saw it. The box contained two large gold hoop earrings which Ingrid inserted into my ears after removing the simple gold ball studs I always wore. She then picked up the cord.

"Stand up and pull your skirt up to your belly." She ordered, shaking out the coils.

I did as she ordered. Ingrid folded the length of cord in half and wrapped it around my belly, just below the hemline of the skirt. She maneuvered the line so the loop was at my front and pulled the loose ends through it. The tails were then pulled down between my legs. Ingrid pinched the cord at the point it reached my labia and pulled it out. She tied three or four overhead knots beside each other before pushing the cord between my legs. I felt her reach around behind me as she pulled the tails upwards causing them to dig into my pussy and deep into the cleft of my ass. I staggered a bit as Ingrid jerked hard on the cord. The knots had been strategically tied so they now pressed hard into the tender flesh of my vagina. The nub of one knot sat squarely on my clit. That one worried me the most in light of Ingrid's order not to cum. She tied the tails of the cord to the loop circling my hips. It was as if I wore a rope thong.

"That should cause some fun. Now remember there is a severe penalty for cumming without my permission. And this time I'll use a whip. You've had your one warning already. Now put your skirt down and fold your arms behind your back. I want your right elbow resting in your left palm and vice versa. Unless I tell you otherwise, you will keep your arms there the entire time we are out. Let's go."

I followed Ingrid meekly out of the room. The first few steps confirmed my suspicions about the rope cleaving my pussy. It was going to stimulate me with each step I took. The knots rolled back and forth over my sensitive and moist flesh. It seemed to cut in more deeply with each step. My breasts jiggled as I walked causing my nipples to tingle as the fabric of the halter rubbed them as. All my attention was focused on three hot spots; my breasts, my pussy and my burning ass. Ingrid was a cruel bitch. She was going to use my mounting urge to cum against me. I hoped we weren't going to be doing a lot of walking.

Ingrid's jeep was parked in the attached garage. The hard shell roof was off and the doors had been removed. Ingrid followed me around to the passenger side and helped me up and into the vehicle. My arms were pressed into the seat back. Ingrid wrapped the safety belt around me, the chest strap buried deep into my cleavage. It snapped shut and she tugged backwards on it, removing all the slack before it locked in place. I was welded to the seat. The light cotton skirt rose up my legs, exposing my thighs. I shuddered when I realized that the jeep had little protection against the wind and I couldn't prevent my skirt from catching the breeze and exposing my naked pussy. My ass was sore from the spanking and the hard seat of the jeep was uncomfortable.

Ingrid hopped in the driver's seat. She dug a black baseball cap out from a pocket in the door and a pair of gold rimmed aviator's sunglasses from the glove box. The engine kicked to life and we backed out into the bright Saturday morning of a summer weekend in the suburbs. I wondered what Ingrid had in store for me. And more importantly, would she let me be her slave?... Continue»
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So what is Female Domination? The entire term seems to be a contradiction to our male dominated society. Female Domination (or FemDom as some refer to it) did not originate from dominant women or feminists. It was men who coined the phrase Female Domination to categorize their sexual and social desires to submit themselves to the female gender. So is Female Domination merely a sexual fantasy that some men harbor or is it a reflection of a societal evolution?

Based on my years of study, observation and participation, I have learned that there are sexual and social reasons why men have submissive desires toward women. I have discovered that a person’s core nature expresses itself in the sexual realm through different sexual desires. To the novice, a man that desires to be on the bottom during intercourse is normal but a man who desires to be spanked or whipped by a woman is perverted. However, I have come to understand that both of these fore mentioned desires stem from the same core desire. That desire is to be sexually dominated by a woman. It is expressed differently but it is the same deep-rooted motivation. Not only that, but this deep-rooted nature can evolve.

As a woman who was raised in a so-called male dominant traditional f****y, it was a revelation to me to discover the natural dominance and supremacy of the female gender over the male gender. This revelation became the key to unlocking and understanding all submissive desires within men. It matters not how these desires are expressed through different fantasies. The root and the core of these are all the same. Namely, the desire of the male gender is to be dominated and ruled by the female gender. Therefore, no expression of this submissive nature surprises me or shocks me. I have heard it all from the males I have interviewed and counseled and I have seen it all through my own participation in the Female Domination lifestyle.

Men desire corporal punishment (being spanked or whipped by a woman), f***ed feminization (being emasculated by a woman), humiliation, strap-on sex (being the receiver of a woman’s rubber phallus), water sports (such as f***ed enemas or golden showers), and other D&S activities. Men want to worship the female by tending to her physical and sexual needs (body worship) and men want to be made into a domesticated servant to their wives. But the common thread to all these sexual and submissive desires is the longing for loving female authority. To me, that is the true definition of Female Domination. Female Domination is Loving Female Authority. That is what most men are seeking from the female gender. All of these specific fetishes or desires are the outward expressions of a man’s need and hunger for loving female authority.

There is a natural born desire within men that causes them to desire to be dominated by a woman. I believe that males are born with this desire and I also believe that this desire is enhanced through a man’s c***dhood experiences with his female authority figures. A male is carried in the womb of a woman, he is birthed into this world by a woman, he is nurtured at the breasts of a woman, he is disciplined by the loving hands of a woman, and he is loved and comforted by a woman. There is a special bond between a young boy and his mother or female guardian. Part of this is sexual. Most of the time, a young boy is bathed, caressed, nurtured and spanked by adult female authority figures and this stirs submissive desires within young boys. When they reach adolescence, a lot of boys begin to experiment with their sexuality, as they are curious and drawn to the female, her beauty and her mysterious ways.

There is usually a form of the desire to submit mixed in with the sexuality. A young boy grows accustomed to being bossed around and dominated by the adult female authority figures in his life. Then when he begins to enter puberty, his sexual fantasies often involve being the helpless sexual victim to one of his adult female authority figures like a teacher or a babysitter. I believe that is when B&D (Bondage and Domination) desires are birthed within men. Not all boys start out their sexual exploration with these types of fantasies but many boys do.

When these boys grow up to be men with submissive desires, they often still maintain the fantasy of being an innocent and helpless boy that is being dominated by an adult female authority figure. They recall that their first submissive desires were toward their teacher, babysitter or even their Mother and they remember how pleasurable and exciting it was to have these desires. Usually as they happen upon Adult magazines or videos, the stories and scenes where a woman dominates a male are what causes them the most intense sexual arousal.

It is a very natural thing for a man to desire to be punished and disciplined by a woman. His mind reverts back to his c***dhood when the women that he loved the most (namely his Mother, Aunt, or an older s****r) would punish and discipline him. He knew that these women loved him because they punished and disciplined him. An adult male still longs for the feeling of his c***dhood where his Mother or female guardian punished him but then afterwards the male c***d would be hugged and nurtured by the same woman who punished him. Punishment and love go hand and hand. That is what loving female authority is all about.

As men become adults in this society that expects men to be the dominant gender, most men try to suppress their desire to submit to women. Some are successful at this but many are not. Therefore, the profession of being a Dominant Female was born and it thrives in our current society. The Dominatrix has never been more in demand. One just needs to search the Internet to see the thousands of women who offer professional Female Domination. Supply is becoming plentiful because the demand was always there.

Where did the Dominatrix come from? Females have always been smart businesswomen. In the old days, there were not too many professions that society would allow women to be employed in. Prostitution is said to be the world’s oldest profession and some women chose this guaranteed profit maker due to a lack of career choices. What many ladies of the evening discovered was that when they asked a potential male client what it was he desired sexually, many would say that they wanted to be dominated. Men would ask to be spanked or tied up and whipped. It didn’t take the smart business-minded woman long to figure out that she could make more money and have less wear and tear on her body if she would offer men domination instead of sex. Before long, the professional Dominatrix was born.

Today, the majority of professional Dominant Women have never been employed as prostitutes. Dominant women have come to realize that the male urge to submit to a dominant woman is so strong that some men are willing to pay handsomely to be dominated by a woman. Some men are afraid to admit their submissive desires to their wives or girlfriends because they fear they will be rejected or called a pervert. So they seek out submissive fulfillment with a professional Dominatrix. The fascinating thing is that only a true dominant woman can satisfy a man’s submissive nature. Today, a prostitute with a whip, who has not discovered her dominant nature, will not satisfy a submissive man. He is looking for a true dominant woman who has the attitude that she is indeed superior to him. Twenty years ago, that was hard to find. Today, however, there are thousands of professional dominant women who are educated and who truly believe that women are the superior gender. Men have never had so many choices when it comes to the professional dominant woman. Supply is starting to satisfy the demand.

A societal evolution is happening when it comes to the roles of the sexes. This bodes well for men because more women are starting to embrace their dominant natures. Women are beginning to desire to dominate men. Many males are finding out that they need not visit a professional Dominatrix to be dominated by a woman. I find it interesting that the number of men who desire to be dominated by women seems to be increasing at a time when women are becoming more liberated. Even though we still live in a so-called male dominated society, there seems to be a societal evolution that is taking place.

Of course we must not k** ourselves. Wives have dominated husbands behind closed doors since the beginning of human history. Single males have teased married men for centuries about being hen-pecked and pussy whipped by their wives. Men have always known deep inside that once they become married, the wife will run the show. But today’s modern women are taking that domination a step further. What is different today is that women are not content with being the strong, hidden f***e behind their men. Women are starting to become dominant outside the home as they are flexing their superiority in college campuses all across our society. In the spring of 2002, fifty-seven percent of all college degrees were earned by women and this f******n point gap (57-43 percent) is expected to grow more lopsided with each passing year. This dominance in the classroom is starting to translate to dominance in the workf***e, in business and in politics.

As women start to excel and become dominant in the workplace and in the business world, this is causing women to exert even more dominance within their personal relationships with men. Whereas wives have always dominated their husbands behind closed doors in a subtle manner, now they are dominating their husbands more openly. They are taking charge of the bedroom, as they are becoming the initiators of sex. They are taking charge of the finances and they are taking charge of the decision-making within the marriage. As women are exerting dominance in these areas, men’s submissive natures are stirring and men are desiring to be dominated in all areas of their lives by the female gender.

Some women are still restrained by traditions and societal expectations. Women naturally dominate men within the marriage relationship but not many women like to acknowledge that fact for fear of being a societal outcast. Some women still allow their husbands to appear as the in charge and dominant partner in order to conform to the model of what they witnessed from their parents. The female dominant nature still lies dormant in many women and it takes a male’s submissive nature to draw it out. But as women become more successful and more aggressive in the classroom and in the business world, women will more readily embrace their dominant persona and will gladly accept and even demand their male partner’s submission. In my opinion, the couples that practice Female Domination today are in front of the societal curve. Female Domination and male submission will be the foremost sexuality of the future. I believe that a majority of women will embrace it in the not too distant future. What some women still consider kinky and unusual today, these same women will embrace it in the future. Furthermore, their daughters will be stretching the limits and boundaries of female domination in areas that we cannot imagine today.

I am impressed with how confident and aggressive the younger women are today compared to when I was in college. The ladies are more intelligent and are out performing the males in the classroom. From talking to teachers and professors, this is happening in almost every area. I see a real occurrence happening in our society. One hundred years ago women could not even vote and very few were being educated. I suspect that in the future, women will be running our society. The societal evolution that is taking place cannot be stopped. Men are sensing this change and this is causing them to become more submissive toward women.

Of course the desire for Female Domination is nothing new. The book “Venus in Furs” by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch was written over 130 years ago. It is about a man with strong masochistic and submissive fantasies. He worships the Goddess Venus and he pursues his fantasies when he meets a wealthy woman named Wanda, with whom he starts a romance. He tells her of his masochism and his desire to be her slave. She agrees to indulge his fantasy out of her love for him but ends up loving being a dominant and sadistic woman and exceeds his wildest expectations. It is a very common story that has been played out in real life by couples over and over again. The man introduces the wife or girlfriend to his submissive fantasies and desires. The wife indulges the husband or boyfriend purely out of her love for him, but the woman grows to love her newly discovered power and dominant nature. Thus, she ends up taking her man deeper into submission to her than he ever dared fantasized about.

In this book, Wanda whips the male character Severin while wearing furs (at his request). This book was written in 1869 and to the author, fur was that day’s leather. It was a common European male’s fetish for the same reason leather is today. It was the power clothing of its day. Fur represented man’s natural conquest through the hunting and dominating of the a****l kingdom. When a woman wore fur and disciplined a man, it represented the female conquering and dominating the male. That is what leather represents today. It is the hide of an a****l made into a smooth and sexy material. When a woman is adorned in leather, it sends off psychological and subliminal messages to the submissive male. Fur was the leather of the nineteenth-century, Venus is a Goddess, thus the title “Venus in Furs”. If the book were written today it would probably be called, “Goddess in Leather”.

Not only did Leopold von Sacher-Masoch write books about his desires to be dominated by a woman, he actually pursued these desires in his real life. His first wife actually changed her name to Wanda (after the female character in “Venus in Furs”) and she whipped Leopold while wearing furs. Leopold even signed a contract surrendering his life over to his wife, much like the contract the character Wanda drew up in “Venus in Furs”. The German neurologist Richard von Krafft-Ebing coined the word “Masochist” from the sexual desires of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch.

So is Female Domination really S&M? Hardly! Female Domination is a broad umbrella with many forms and expressions. The desires of Sacher-Masoch are rather common within some men but they are only but one expression of the overall desire to be dominated by a woman. Many submissive men have explored the world of S&M because that is where they were hoping to meet a lifestyle dominant woman. Most of these men are not masochists but merely submissive. Likewise, most of the women who join these groups are not sadistic but merely outgoing and dominant. Therefore, these groups are now considered D&S groups that cater to a wide range of alternative lifestyles. Some call them D&S groups, some call them BDSM groups (putting the emphasis on the Domination) and some call them Fetish groups.

One must understand the submissive male to understand how the female domination lifestyle is fulfilling to him. Not every female domination relationship is the same. Some are more advanced than others based on the desires of the individuals involved. Some couples keep it confined to the bedroom and female domination is a way to spice up their sex lives. Others take it outside the bedroom and into their everyday life. To these couples, female domination is more of a lifestyle and a belief system. Regardless of the degree of the female domination activities, I have found that a majority of the couples who practice female domination claim to have better marriages and relationships than they did prior to practicing female domination. They claim to enjoy deeper intimacy and more fulfilling sex lives.

This makes perfect sense because a female domination relationship requires trust and honesty. When a man trusts his wife enough to open up to her about his deepest, most hidden desires, this sets the stage for intimacy on a more meaningful level. How sad that so many men must keep hidden their innermost being from the woman they have chosen to share their life with. But for those couples who dare to be uninhibited about their desires, they open themselves up to a special kind of intimacy. The man who trusts his wife enough to submit his entire being to her will, bonds with his wife on a level that few husbands have experienced. Likewise, when the wife is trustworthy enough to rule her husband in love, this causes them to bond together in a way that most traditional marriages cannot offer. To these couples, Female Domination is more than sexual. It is also social, emotional and spiritual.

I believe that society is evolving into a female dominant society. Women are starting to take charge. Hollywood and Madison Avenue are capitalizing on the ever-growing male submissive nature as movies, television, and advertising are celebrating the powerful woman. Although the real strength of woman is in her intellectual, social and sexual power, it is easier to show female power via the physical realm. Thus, shows such as “Xena: Warrior Princess”, “Dark Angel” and “Alias” have emerged. Men are yielding to the intellectual, social and sexual power in women and this is causing them to desire to be defeated in the physical by the female as well. That is where a lot of the female wresting fantasies within men are originating. That is also why Hollywood and television are celebrating the strong female.

It is hard for men to express and explain the inner power of women so they express it by showing them with physical power. When a woman kicks a man around on television or in the movies, chances are the male viewers are sexually turned on. This is because this act represents the power of the female and men want to submit to it. Just look at the movies that played in the summer of 2003 at your local theater. “Charlie’s Angels”, Terminator 3”, “The Matrix Reloaded”, “Daredevil” and “Lara Croft, Tomb Raider”. All of these films had strong, leather wearing female characters with scenes where they physically beat up men. Men know that the real power of women is sexual and intellectual but movies and television simplify it into the physical.

The one movie that truly displayed the sexual power of a woman was “Basic Instinct”. The Sharon Stone character, Catherine Tramell, dominated the so-called intelligent men in the movie by using her sexual power combined with her sharp intellect. The director, Paul Verhoeven, was successful in showing the sexual power of women over men through the Sharon Stone character. Remove the psychotic and Hitchcock-like thriller aspects and “Basic Instinct” is a movie about a dominant woman who has her way with the weaker male gender.

Unfortunately, Hollywood rarely takes the time to develop this aspect of a woman’s nature and will instead revert to only the physical when they want to show a powerful woman. In the movie “Batman Returns”, a number of men went to see the leather wearing, whip wielding Michelle Pfifer as Catwoman. Too bad this film reverted to physical fighting instead of developing Catwoman’s sexual power and obvious D&S interests.

Much like the book “Venus in Furs” in the late 1860’s, the Catwoman character in the 1960’s “Batman” television program played an important role in taking Female Domination and Fetishism into the mainstream. Catwoman was a major influence in igniting the submissive nature within boys as well as within grown men. When I counsel or interview men, it never ceases to amaze me how many of them will point to two female television characters from the 1960’s when describing their earliest recollection of having submissive desires. They point to Julie Newmar as Catwoman and Diana Rigg as the leather wearing Emma Peel of “The Avengers”. Both of these women were dominant, they wore leather or fetish clothing, and they radiated with a D&S sexuality. Catwoman left a lasting impression on the sexuality of many men, as they would watch Batman or better yet, boyish Robin, being tied up and teased by the fetish clad and sexy female. The psychological and sociological symbolism of such a scene was very profound as it portrayed how a powerful woman renders men weak and helpless. It was fantasy but the males could identify with it because such scenes stirred their submissive nature.

The male desire for Female Domination is evident throughout Pop Culture and the smart female knows how to capitalize. Madonna has been able to combine music, sexuality and female power into a Pop Culture empire. Her popularity and fan following rivals that of the Beatles and Elvis. Madonna’s music and music videos portray an aggressive, sexual and strong woman. Much like Pop Culture itself, Madonna has evolved from being suggestive about Female Dominance (Blonde Ambition) to openly portraying D&S in her music and videos (Erotica).

Shania Twain is another Pop Culture Diva who has successfully combined her music with a public image that depicts female dominance and power. Although her music is of the traditionally more conservative Country variety, Shania is not unaccustomed to posing in fetish clothing in her videos or while on stage (including in front of a worldwide audience during Super Bowl XXXVII) and many of her songs celebrate the strong woman. The music of Shania appeals to a totally different audience than that of Madonna, but both of these women have ascended to the top of their extremely competitive industry by appealing to man’s desire for female dominance. While both women are very talented from an artistic standpoint, what has brought them success beyond imagination is the dominant and sexual aura they portray. The sexual, powerful female captivates men and Pop Culture in the new Millennium is not shy about promoting the dominant female or capitalizing on the submissive nature of man.

Here in the new Millennium, the battle of the sexes is over but women never viewed it as a battle. Women are no longer deceived into being submissive. Women are assuming their true natures and men cannot overcome dominant women. The submissive nature within men yields to the power of the female. In fact, men desire to submit to the female. The battle of the sexes is reduced to an internal battle within each male, as he tries to come to terms with his submissive desires in a society that expects him to be dominant. Some men take out that inner turmoil on women but it is a losing battle. The Genie is out of her bottle and women are liberated, educated and assuming their true, dominant natures.

Female Domination is still a minority lifestyle between couples. The professional Dominatrix thrives in our society because the majority of submissive men still must seek out Female Domination outside his home. Many men are eager to surrender themselves over to their wives but they hesitate because they fear their wives might reject them. The biggest obstacle to a female domination relationship is still the reluctance of the female. This just goes to show how successful our male dominated society has been in making women feel inferior to men. As women, we have been programmed since c***dhood that the man should be the dominant partner in a relationship or marriage. It is never easy to overcome our upbringing and our traditions. Women still struggle with thoughts that Female Domination is “abnormal”. This is especially true if they were raised in a strict religious upbringing. Women struggle with the guilt that they may be going against what God has designed.

The first time I was exposed to this lifestyle, I thought it to be strange and perverted. I attended a D&S support group with the preconceived notion that these people were sexually dysfunctional. However, I soon learned that most of these people were healthy and normal. There were people from all walks of life, religious backgrounds, and professions that were members of the D&S group I attended. Now I will confess that there are extremes that people go to with D&S that is not healthy but that is the same with all things. Eating is not a negative habit but taken to extremes, it can be unhealthy. The same goes for a person’s sexuality. From my years of studying and living this lifestyle, I can tell you that the desire of a man to submit to a woman is not perverted. As a matter of fact, it is very common among men. I believe it is the number one sexual desire among men living in our society. Perversion is defined as that which is outside the sexual normal. Domination and submission is very much within the normal of people’s sexual desires.

What women must keep in mind about Female Domination is the fact that men need it. It is almost always the man who will introduce the female domination lifestyle to the woman. A courageous man with submissive desires introduces female domination to his female partner. Why do men do this? It’s because men desire and need to be in submission to women. No matter how hard society or religion tries to tell men differently, something deep inside of them yearns to surrender to a powerful woman. These desires grow stronger with age and men will spend countless hours dreaming and fantasizing about Female Domination. Men will pursue these desires and struggle with these desires trying to come to terms with them.

The other side of this dynamic is that women who embrace the dominant role and who allow their dominant nature to come out, end up absolutely loving this lifestyle. It never ceases to amaze me how many women who once were real hesitant about being dominant, end up loving it so much that they later say that they would never go back to being in submission to a man or only having vanilla sex (intercourse) with a man. This lifestyle is liberating to women.

The number of couples who practice the Female Domination lifestyle has exploded over the past twenty years. Most of these couples keep it private but I can testify from the number of letters I receive that Female Domination is on the rise in our society. It may not enjoy a plurality yet but one only needs to look at the trends and the societal evolution that is taking place to see what is transpiring. As women continue to become dominant in college, in business and in politics, more women will naturally take the dominant role in their marriages and relationships. This is great news for the submissive male.

I like to equate D&S as a dance. The man seduces the female’s dominant nature with his submissive nature. She then begins to draw out more of his submissive nature with her dominant nature, which draws out even more of her dominance, which draws out more of his submission, and so on and so on. D&S works much like a magnetic f***e, with two opposites attracting. The Female’s dominance feeds off of the man’s submission and his submission feeds off of her dominance. The one needs the other to thrive and to grow. It is similar to how the plant world and the a****l world function with the plants giving us the oxygen we need and we in return give the plants the carbon dioxide they need. As we breathe in their gift we give them our gift as we exhale. So goes it with Dominance and submission. The female gives the male what he needs by dominating him and the male gives her his gift by submitting to her and treating her like his Queen.

The Female Domination lifestyle is a large umbrella that encompasses a wide variety of lifestyles and D&S activities. The common denominator is that the woman is the dominant partner. Female Domination is important because while it is a desire that primarily expresses itself in a man’s sexuality, it reflects the core desire within the male gender. It is that male desire for loving female authority that ultimately empowers women, one relationship at a time.

... Continue»
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VU SUR LE NET:Domination i****tueuse (2)

Voici la suite du récit de ma domination sexuelle sur ma sœur, Chloé. Comme je vous l’ai dit dans mon premier chapitre, à la fin de notre première après-midi de domination j'ai établi les règles de sa soumission. Les voici:
- Elle doit se lever à 8h30 chaque matin (notre mère, Léa, part à 8h) mettre un ensemble string ficelle, soutien gorge et porte jarretelle avec des bas et des chaussures à hauts talons. Rien de plus.
- Après s'être habillée elle doit me préparer mon petit déjeuner. Une fois fait elle peut prendre le sien. Puis elle doit attendre mon réveil assise sur le canapé.
- Dès que je me lève elle doit me servir mon petit déjeuner. Puis attendre que je l'autorise à aller se laver, mais toujours la porte ouverte.
- Durant la journée elle est libre de circuler dans l'appartement mais elle doit me préparer à manger pour midi et ne pourra manger qu'après moi, sauf ordre contraire.
- De plus elle doit venir immédiatement quand je l'appel et faire tout ce que je lui demande.
- A 17h30 elle doit nettoyer l'appartement et s'habiller correctement avant que notre mère ne rentre.
- Dernier point très important, elle n'a pas le droit de se masturber, je suis le seul à pouvoir lui donner du plaisir.
Maintenant que les règles sont fixées, sa première journée d'esclave sexuelle va pouvoir commencer.

Il est 8h15 du matin, je suis réveillé mais je reste au lit. Je veux attendre 8h30 pour entendre (l'appartement est petit) si ma sœur se lève, s'habille et va préparer mon petit déjeuner comme elle doit le faire. A l'heure prévue j'entends ça porte s'ouvrir et le bruit de ses talons se diriger vers la cuisine.
Je me lève à 9h, j'enfile un caleçon et je vais m'asseoir à la table de cuisine. Pour y aller je suis obligé de passer devant la porte du salon. Dès l'instant où Chloé me voit passer elle ce précipite dans la cuisine également pour me servir mon petit déjeuner. Elle me sert mon café et des tartines toutes faites.
"-Reste debout contre le mur face à moi pendant que je mange. J'ai envie de mater ton corps de salope dans tes habits de pute."
"-Bien maître." Dit elle en baissant les yeux. Je la regarde, elle est sublime. Elle porte un ensemble noir et rouge en dentelle, des bas bruns foncé qui tranche avec sa peau blanche et des chaussures noirs à hauts talons accroché par une boucle à sa cheville.
Cette magnifique vision me fait bander dès le matin, jusqu'à ce que je termine de manger.
"-Maintenant va te laver et insiste bien sur ton trou du cul, je vais te le dépuceler!
-Non s'il vous plaît je ne veux pas, ça va me faire mal, s'il vous plaît maître pas la sodomie."
<<CLAK! CLAK!>> Je lui mets deux gifles, plus violentes que la veille. Elle me regarde avec les yeux humides, la dureté des claques l'a surprise.
"-Je te donne 30 minutes pour prendre une douche, te laver les dents, te coiffer, te maquiller et t'habiller! Si tu es dans les temps je te sodomiserai doucement mais plus tu seras en retard plus je te casserai le cul violemment!
-Je serai à l'heure maître, c'est promis."
Elle va dans la salle de bain et pendant qu'elle se lave je regarde les résultats sportifs à la télé.
J'essaye de ne pas penser à elle pour calmer mon excitation.
Au bout de 30 min pile elle arrive dans le salon, elle a remis ses habits de ce matin, ses cheveux sont lissés et elle est légèrement maquillée. Elle est encore plus belle que ce matin et je rebande de plus belle. Mon caleçon devient trop serré.
"-Viens te mettre à genoux devant moi, ma salope !! Suce-moi ! Enfonce ma bite jusqu'à la garde dans ta bouche de traînée!!"
Elle commence à me lécher la tige, puis les boules, elle m'embrasse le gland, le décalotte et me prend en bouche. J'appuie sur sa tête pour l'obliger à me faire une gorge profonde, elle bave énormément, elle a des hauts le cœur, mais j'insiste jusqu'à se qu'elle soit proche de vomir puis je me retire. Elle réussi à prendre mes 18 cm en bouche, je ne sais pas comment elle fait. Sa langue tourne autour de mon sexe pendant que je lui baise la bouche. Elle a de la bave plein le visage, mon sexe est trempé, le carrelage au sol également. Je lui impose se traitement pendant plusieurs minutes. Quand je sens que je vais jouir, j'appuie sur sa tête pour l'obliger à me garder en elle. Je lui envoi plusieurs jets de sperme chaud au fond de la gorge et elle manque de s'étouffer.
"-Avale tout mon jus Chloé comme la bonne chienne que tu es! Ne gâche rien!! C'est bien t'es une bonne pute! Maintenant mets toi en levrette sur la table basse je vais t'enculer!!
-S'il vous plaît ne me faite pas mal maître, je vous en supplie." Je vois dans son regard une grande appréhension.
Elle se met à quatre pattes sur la table basse et je baisse son string.
Je tartine son petit trou serré avec du lubrifiant, et je caresse sa chatte dans le même temps pour l'exciter, mais la mouille qui en sort me prouve que ce n’est pas nécessaire. Je me branle entre ses fesses pour reprendre de la vigueur. Puis je commence à lui masser la rondelle, enfin je présente mon doigt à l'entrée et commence à pousser doucement.
"-AAHH!!" Elle se crispe, elle sert les dents et son trou se ferme autour de mon doigt.
"- Détend toi salope! Sinon j'y vais d'un coup et tu va en chier!
-J'ai mal maître.
-Si tu ne te détends pas t'aura encore plus mal, pauvre conne !!"
Je continue d'enfoncer mon doigt.
"-AAAHHH!!" Elle se crispe encore mais je décide de mettre un deuxième doigt dans son cul.
-Je t'ai dit de te détendre!! Tu ne le fais pas, t'es une pute conne c'est ton problème!! Je vais quand même t'enculer!"
Je retire mes doigts et enduit mon sexe de lubrifiant, puis je place mon gland à l'entrée de son trou et je pousse d'un coup sec pour le faire entrer.
Dans le même temps je branle son clito pour que la douleur soit mélangée au plaisir. Je continue de pousser franchement jusqu'à se que je sente mon gland toucher le fond, son cul me sert, c'est étroit mais délicieux.
-Arrête de gueuler je suis au fond de ton cul! Tu n'es plus vierge de nulle part!! Je vais pouvoir te niquer par tout les trous maintenant!" Son cul commence à s'habituer à ma verge et je commence à faire de violents vas et viens tout en lui masturbant le minou.
"-OOOOOOHHHHH!!! AIL!! AAAHHH!!" Je la baise par derrière ardemment pendant 20 minutes. Elle ne cesse de hurler de douleur, puis peu à peu ses cris se transforment en cris de plaisir. Sa chatte est inondée, je n'ai jamais vu une fille mouiller autant. Je frappe de plus en plus fort au fond de son cul et elle jouie violemment.
-T'aime ça espèce de putain!! Je vais te remplir le cul avec mon jus!"
Je continue de la cartonner jusqu'à ce que je lâche ma purée au fond de son cul, puis je me retire. La mouille qui s'échappe de sa chatte coule sur ses bas et mon sperme commence à sortir de son cul. Je la tire par les cheveux pour la redresser et lui fourre ma bite dans la bouche.
"-Nettoie ma queue! Tu sens l'odeur de ton cul sur ma bite?
-Oui maître.
-T'aime ça hein salope!"
Elle me nettoie la bite avec sa langue. Pendant que je joue avec ses tétons pointus.
"-Maintenant remonte ton string et va me faire à mangé pour midi pendant que je vais prendre ma douche. Toi je t’interdis de te nettoyer. Tu sentiras la chienne jusqu'à se soir de toute façon t'en es une! Dit le que t’es une chienne!
-Oui maître, je suis une chienne! Je sens la chienne!"
Quand je sors de la douche le repas est prêt. Je m’assois à table et l'invite à manger avec moi pour la récompenser de son bon comportement matinal. Pendant le repas je fais exprès de lui demander, du sel, de la moutarde, du pain... A chaque fois elle doit se relever et je sens que ça l'énerve. Je poursuis ce petit jeu jusqu'à ce qu'elle soupire bruyamment d'énervement.
"-Tu ose soupirer!! Tu t'énerve parce que je te donne des ordres!! Tu va me le payer après le repas saleté! Je vais t'éduquer, tu va souffrir salope!!!!
-Pardon maître, je ne l'ai pas exprès. Je suis désolée."
Je vois dans ses yeux apeurés qu'elle regrette son erreur et qu'elle se demande ce qui l'attend. Le repas se termine dans le silence. Elle garde les yeux baissés, elle à peur et j'aime ça. Nous finissons de manger en même temps, puis elle débarrasse pendant que je la matte. Elle est vraiment sublime avec ces traces de mouille et de sperme sur ses bas.
"-Maintenant je vais te punir ma cochonne! Va te mettre debout face au mur du salon, les yeux fermés et surtout ne te retourne pas!" Pendant qu'elle se mets en place je vais cherché la cravache.
J'arrive dans le salon elle est debout face au mur, les fesses tendu vers moi, elle ne sait pas ce qui l'attend. Je la frappe violemment sur les fesses avec la cravache.
<<CLAK!>> "-AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!" La v******e du coup la fait vaciller sur ses jambes. Je continue de frapper toujours aussi fort, je suis décidé à la punir.
<<CLAK! CLAK! CLAK!...>> "AAAAAHHHHH!! AAAAHHHH!!" Je frappe encore. Les coups de cravache font rougir ses fesses! <<CLAK! CLAK!...>> Je frappe au total une vingtaine de fois. Ses fesses sont rouges fluo, elle pleure et je bande comme jamais. Je tourne sa tête et l'embrasse. Ma langue fouille sa bouche et elle me rend mon baisé. Je dégrafe son soutien gorge et malaxe ses seins. Je tire sur ses tétons qui pointent. Je les presses entre mes doigts le plus forts possible.
-TAIS-TOI!!" <<CLAK!!>> Je frappe son sein, elle sert les dents et ne crie pas. Je baisse mon caleçon, écarte la ficelle de son string et pénètre son vagin d'un coup.
"-OOOOHHHH!!" Je la baise ardemment pendant de longues minutes. Je tape au fond de son vagin et je continue de torturer ses tétons. Je la tamponne tellement qu'elle à du mal à rester debout. Quand je sens qu'elle va jouir je me retire, la mets face à moi à genoux et je me branle jusqu'à éjaculer plein son visage. Elle en a sur les lèvres, les joues et sur les yeux. Je recommence le tout 3 fois, les coups de cravache, la torture de ses tétons et la pénétration. A la troisième pénétration je la sodomise et la laisse jouir. Après ma troisième éjaculation faciale je suis vidé et elle est toute tremblotante à cause de la longue punition qu'elle vient de subir. Elle à le visage complètement recouvert de sperme.
"-Maintenant nettoie l'appartement puis va te laver et te changer. Ensuite fais une sieste jusqu'à se que maman rentre! Et j'espère que ta punition ta calmer salope!!
-Oui maître. Merci maître de m'avoir punit.
-Demain je continuerai de te dresser plus durement encore! Maintenant dégage!"
Elle quitte le salon et je vais prendre une douche pendant qu'elle lave l'appartement. Puis je lui laisse la place dans la salle de bain. Elle se lave, enfile des habits corrects et fait une sieste jusqu'à se que notre mère, Léa, rentre. Puis nous reprenons de nouveau notre rôle habituel de frères et sœur.

Merci de me lire et de me donner votre avis. La suite bientôt.... Continue»
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my transformation

is fiction

It is strange where one’s desires can lead one. Take me as an example. Always entirely enamored of, infatuated with and completely submissive to all things feminine, a true devotee of Female Supremacy, my lifelong fantasy has always, since before I can remember, been to find a position as the submissive sissy maid and sex slave of a commandingly beautiful, dominant Goddess, spending virtually all of my time that was not devoted to domestic duties with my sissy face, mouth, and tongue smothered by and buried in the delicate, sweet, pungent pussy and ass of my Owner/Mistress and/or any of Her dominant lady friends.

Well, I have found the Owner/Mistress of my dreams, but things from there on did not turn out exactly as I had fantasized they might.

I have now become transformed into the stereotype of the sleaziest, trashiest, sluttiest female slut one could even fantasize, and I am being aggressively pimped out for free by my Mistress to any who want to use, abuse, humiliate, and degrade me.

So far all of the takers have been men, predictably enough, and the only sex I have had for months going on into years has been with men, all of them total strangers who, by arrangement with Mistress, drop by my house to have their way with me — fuck me in the face and in the ass, cum and piss all over my face and in my mouth, slap me around, verbally humiliate and degrade me, then leave, dropping me wet, sore, and sobbing on the floor in a disgusting, wet, sticky pool of spit, cum, and urine.

On occasion Mistress has allowed me to organize and host for Her amusement bukkake-style gangbangs, in which as many men as possible are invited to come over and fuck me and make me suck them off, cumming all over me and in my mouth, and having me collect all their cum in a bowl, which I must then, when they are all done, eat the entire contents of with a spoon, in front of any who care to stay to watch. Often these sessions are captured on video, too, which Mistress then sells on the internet to augment my tribute to Her and to enhance my total, abject, public humiliation and debasement.

Mistress and I live rather far apart, and I am not able to serve Her in person very often (She has slaves from all over the world who come to serve and worship Her), but She says that She gets almost as much pleasure from just whoring me out from afar as from me serving Her in person, and She definitely seems to get great pleasure from listening on the phone while some total stranger rams his big, hot manly cock repeatedly down my throat, choking and gagging me with his strong, throbbing dick, or roughly rams it up my tender ass, making me moan and whine to the rhythm of his insistent fucking, then dumps his hot, sticky load all over my pathetic, worthless sissy face and in my lowly, humble cumsucking whore’s mouth, and leaves me to wallow in a messy mixture of my own tears of shame, humiliation, and embarrassment and his salty, gooey sexual effluent, as he waltzes off on his merry way.

Lately, Mistress has been threatening to make me get all done up in my sluttiest french maid or slutty schoolgirl outfit on garbage day, and go out and seduce the garbagemen, inviting them in to fuck me in the face and ass and cum all over my face and in my mouth. She even talks about making this a standing invitation, whenever they stop by on their route, to pop inside for a quick, nasty fuck and suck. I am afraid that I will start getting garbage pickup every day of the week.

This story just goes to demonstrate the truth of the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!” I have gone from wishing with all my heart and with all my soul to become the total, obedient, sissy slave of a beautiful, dominant Goddess, and I have gotten that wish, for which I am eternally greatful, but the ironic twist is that, in becoming Her slave, I have become what I never thought I would have, or would have wanted to become, a sissy faggot cocksucking cumslut whore.

Mistress is so clever, subtle, and adept at psychological manipulation that She never even had to ask, muck less command me to start whoring myself out as a sissy cumslut, but rather She directed the entire flow of the years of my servitude to Her to the point where I willingly, imagining it to be on my own initiative and of my own volition, started whoring myself out to total strangers for Her pleasure and amusement.

A simple but effective technique that She used to gradually influence me willingly to offer myself to Her as a sissy, cocksucking fag whore was to strictly control my orgasms, absolutely forbidding me ever to cum except when there was a dildo or a real cock in either my mouth and/or my ass, or else by jerking off into my own mouth. Surprisingly quickly (demonstrsating what a nasty, sissy fag slut I really am) I became habituated to this, and learned to associate sexual pleasure with servicing a hot, hard, throbbing cock, and I may now have become one of the nastiest, sleaziest, horniest whores on the planet.

As a further extension of Her turning me into a remorselessly insatiable cockwhore, Mistress sees to it that I virtually always have a dick both in my mouth and up my ass. I have a huge eight inch dildo which I am required to stick up my ass, strap in as a butt plug and wear all day every day, at work and play, and I am required to spend at least an hour a day fucking it wildly while sucking deeply and madly on another dildo of equal size, to ensure that I am always in practice as a fuck and suck toy in case Mistress wants anyone to come by and use me.

Additionally, whenever I am at home I must wear a cock gag, and She has even made me devise an entirely internal cock gag from the end of a dildo which I must keep in my mouth whenever possible, even out in public, even at work, so that often when I encounter people from my straight life, I am confronted with the humiliation of looking them right in the face knowing that my sissy ass is plugged with a huge artificial cock and my mouth is stuffed with a little toy penis to remind me of who and what I am; a filthy, nasty, dirty-minded little sissy faggot cockwhore and cumslut.

As an added favor, Mistress is always teasing me about how much money She could be making off of me if She were to whore me out for money, but She says that since She knows how much I love being humiliated and dominated by Her, She does me the kindness of pimping me out for free, to remind me of my utter chapness and worthlessness, and underscoring Her total domination and merciless humiliation of me.

With hormone therapy, my breasts are developing nicely, and I am pretty sure that several of the men who have used me, especially recently, have left totally unaware that it was not a genetic girl that they had just ravaged.

Most frightening of all, I have recently heard murmerings from Mistress about having my sissy clitty removed and an artificial pussy installed, so that I can be fucked by one more guy at a time!

Yes indeed, it all comes back to the same old hackneyed line; “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!”
... Continue»
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My first time dressed as a girl part 2

My First Time Dressed as a Girl, pt 2
(The events of this story are true and reflect what happened thirty years ago the first time I went all out and dressed as a female. The conversations in it may not be completely accurate, as this was a long time ago, but are as accurate as my memory and imagination of these past events can provide. A quick note for those who are coming upon this account for the first time; please read part one first so you will understand how I got to this part in the first place. ;-) )
Tracey and I laid there in front of the fireplace for a time enjoying the heat of the fireplace and the post coitus glow of my initiation as a ”woman”. After a bit he stirred and got me to my feet and helped me with my wobbly legs into his bedroom and into bed, spooning me as we drifted off to sl**p.
I awoke with the feeling of his erection pressed against my backside, he was asl**p but had a nice case of “morning wood”. Remembering the pleasure of the night before I realized I wanted him to fuck me again and wiggled my ass against his groin and he came slowly awake. Feeling my cute sissy ass grinding into his crotch was all the signal he needed. He started thrusting his hips back and forth sliding his erect cock back and forth between my cheeks, rubbing against my asspussy making it tingle in anticipation. Eventually he reached over to his night stand and grabbed a condom and some lube. Soon I felt the head of his dick pressed up against my hole and he started pushing it in, he was about halfway in when the pain was a bit much and I had him pull out. He asked if I was okay and I said yes I just need a sec. After a few moments the throbbing subsided and I knew I was ready for him. Wiggling my butt I invited him back inside me. He complied and entered me much more easily this time and my ass accepted his cock eagerly. He started fucking me with long slow languorous strokes which was nice, but remembering last night’s session I wanted more. “Fuck me harder!” I told him “I want you to pound my pussy like a machine!” I was laying on my stomach and he started hammering away at my ass but it only made me want it harder, soon I was up on my hands and knees taking it doggy style thrusting my hips back against him in time with his thrusts. I was in heaven! I loved the way his cock felt in me and the way it made me feel like a total slut. I asked him if I was a good little girl and he replied No, I was a naughty slut, and this made me buck against him harder. He sensed my excitement at his calling me a slut and soon we were engaged in a very verbal and dirty repertoire with him calling me a whore and a slut, dirty little bitch etc. I responded by begging him to fuck me harder and harder telling to fuck my sissy ass like the bitch I was. After about 20 minutes of frenzied energetic fucking he exploded f***efully into me. I could feel his cock spasming inside me as he shot jets of cum into the condom he wore.
We collapsed onto the bed and he slipped his spent cock out of me making sure to hold the condom as he did so. He put on a robe and left me on the bed in a daze saying he was going to make us some coffee. I drifted off for a bit and awoke to the smell of coffee and bacon. It was a bit chilly and I felt a bit exposed dressed in nothing but a crotchless fishnet body suit over a satin leather and lace corset, so I slipped on the panties, jacket, and miniskirt which Tracey had removed the night before. I adjusted my pads so my cleavage was maximized. Then I touched up my makeup in his dresser mirror and smoothed my mussed hair a bit, although it was remarkably intact due to the huge amount of hairspray Mikki had put in it the night before. After I was satisfied with my appearance I wandered out to the kitchen and was surprised to see his roommate Gunther sitting at the counter sipping at a mug of coffee. I was alarmed at first but figured what the hell, obviously he knows I’m here, how could he not given me and Tracey’s vociferous session earlier?
Gunther’s back was turned to me so he didn’t see me come in and Tracey was busy at the stove so he didn’t notice me either. They were talking about me or rather about Tracey’s night of fun.
“So, from the sounds coming out of your room earlier you must have gone out last night after all. I thought you were staying in. I didn’t see you at the Cowpoke (a local gay bar) last night so where’d you hookup with your little bitch?” asked Gunther
My cheeks reddened as I realized he was referring to me, but I wanted to hear what Tracey had to say so I kept quiet.
“Actually I didn’t go out last night. My “little bitch” showed up d***k on our doorstep about 2 am and begged me to take his cherry. It was the shock of my life since I had hit on him before but he’s always got some hot girlfriend and assured me he was straight. I’ve wanted him ever since I met him at Joe’s place about a year ago so how could I resist?” Tracey chuckled.
“One of your cute little twink boys then?”
“Actually not, you know that’s my preference but this one is different and special. Wait till you see him. I think you’ll find him very tasty. Right down your alley so to speak. Actually you’ve met him before”
I swallowed nervously as I realized Tracey was probably right. Months earlier one night after our Dungeons and Dragons session had wrapped up and everyone else had headed home Gunther had arrived at the apartment back from a trip to Thailand. Tracey asked him if it was a good trip and Gunther had smiled broadly and told us all about, even showing us some Polaroids he had taken of the Thai Ladyboys he had gone to Bangkok to have fun with. At the time I had been secretly intrigued by how pretty they were and maybe even a bit aroused, but I had no idea that I would wind up all dressed up and pretty like them begging for a guy to fuck me months later.
About then Tracey turned and noticed me. Grinning broadly he said to Gunther ”Looks like my “little bitch” is awake now. Gunther I’d like to introduce you to Miss Bobbi.”
Gunther turned around and his eyes lit up like a k** in a candy shop. He eyed me up and down taking in every inch of me. “I don’t recognize this one, Tracey she is way to pretty to be one of your little boyfriends in a dress! You are sure I have met her?’”
I blushed furiously, secretly pleased that he hadn’t recognized me, and enjoying his references to me as a female. “Umm, actually we’ve met a few times, I’m Rob. But I guess I go by Bobbi dressed like this. It’s kind of my first time.” I was a little nervous, given the way he eyed me like a wolf sizing up a succulent lamb. Gunther was quite tall at 6’4” and weighed about 250 lbs. all of it lean muscle on an Adonis-like physique. He had ice blue eyes with a strong jaw line and a slightly crooked nose that had gotten broken during a Tae Kwon Do match years earlier. He reminded me a lot of Dolph Lundgren and his noticeable German accent only heightened that impression.
Gunther took a closer look at me, recognition slowly dawning “I wouldn’t have made you as a boy on the street, that’s for sure. You are very passable as a girl and a pretty one at that. You look as good as the Ladyboys in Thailand. Do you suck cock as good as them?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” I shot back, strutting over to the coffee pot and pouring myself a mug. I added some sugar and asked Tracey if he had any cream. Gunther couldn’t resist the opening and offered his own creamy sperm as a joke. I said he probably didn’t have a big enough stir stick which he laughed at and assured me his stick was plenty big. We bantered back and forth like this while we ate breakfast. I asked Tracey if he had any painkillers as I had a bit of a hangover. Tracey asked what my plans were for the day, and if I needed to be home anytime soon. I replied that I had told my parents I was spending the weekend at my friend Tyler’s house as we had an epic gaming session planned and were designing a new Dungeon for our group to explore. (I did this a lot, so Mom had just said okay and told me to call home if I wasn’t going to be home Sunday night since she knew Tyler lived about a block from school and that I would probably want to stay the whole weekend.) Tracey walked to his cupboard and grabbed a bottle of brandy and prescription bottle opened it up and took out a little pink pill. He handed it to me and poured a large dollop of brandy in my coffee saying something about the hair of the dog that bit you.
I didn’t know what he gave me but it sure did the trick and soon I was feeling very mellow and dreamy (later I found out it was a vicoden). I pulled a joint out of Kayla’s purse and lit one up offering it to Gunther. “I’m not sure I should” he said “ Smoking weed gets me horny as hell. And as good as you look I’m not sure I can keep my hands off of you.”
“Maybe you won’t have to” I teased, a little shocked at the words coming out of my mouth. Last night was the first time I had ever dressed up completely as a girl and I had sucked Derek’s cock and Tracey’s as well and gotten fucked twice by Tracey. Wasn’t that enough? Yet here I was flirting with a guy twice my size who looked like he could snap me like a twig! Then I started thinking about the rather large and noticeable bulge in his pants and wondered if I could even handle it. I decided I might as well find out.
Standing up I walked over to him and sat on his lap and put the joint to his lips, looking over to Tracey to see if he was getting upset. I didn’t want to start a fight between roommates but whatever was in that pink pill had totally relaxed any inhibitions I might have had and I was feeling very randy and naughty. Tracey was grinning and apparently had no problem with the situation, motioning for me to go ahead. Gunther took a deep drag and held it for a moment and then pulled my lips to his shotgunning the smoke into my mouth. I inhaled it and held it for a moment before releasing. We traded a few more hits this way and then he started to kiss me. Gently at first and then more passionately, his hands roaming over my body, squeezing my ass and generally making quite free with the goods if you know what I mean!.
From time to time I would glance at Tracey, and I could see he was enjoying the show. I could feel Gunther’s cock swelling up against my panty clad asscheeks. My hands roamed over his chest and shoulders and I marveled at the hardness of his physique. I was incredibly aroused yet still had no sign of an erection. I was glad for that because I didn’t want one. I just wanted to be the perfect naughty lil slut for Gunther and suck his cock like his Ladyboy friends in Thailand. Gunther must have been thinking the same thing as pushed me off his lap and onto the floor “Enough” he said “It’s time to find out if you are as good as a real Ladyboy.” With that he dropped his pants to the floor and I could see his cock was sticking out well past the waist band of his boxers. He motioned me closer and told me to take his boxers off, I did so nervously wondering what I had gotten myself into but feverish with anticipation to see how big it really was.
His cock sprang forward as I pulled down his boxers and struck me in the face. Startled I pulled back and stared at it for a moment. It was quite large, at least 9 inches long and very thick, much bigger than Tracey or Derek! Also it was uncircumcised, the first one I’d ever seen. “Are you going to suck it or stare at it slut?” asked Gunther with a note of impatience.
Feeling a bit intimidated I took the shaft in one hand and started to stroke it. It was really thick, my fingers couldn’t even wrap all the way around it. I had to use both hands to encircle it. Feeling like I needed to work my way up to actually sucking it I started to lick the head of it like a lollipop pushing back his foreskin to expose the smooth head. A drop of precum glistened at the end of it and I licked it off, savoring the taste. For some reason this got me even more excited and I began to lick up and down his shaft, bathing it with my tongue. Gunther seemed to enjoy this and started to slap his cock against my face and my lips. “Open up” he commanded. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and he pushed his cock past my lips into my wet warm mouth. He let out a moan of pleasure and started to push it deeper. I gagged and realized there was no way I could deepthroat him like I had Derek and Tracey. Even though he was only about an inch longer than my best friend whom I had learned to suck dick on he was much thicker and I knew he would wreck my throat if he shoved it all the way in. Still I was feeling the effects of the vicoden, alcohol and weed and took him as deep as I could gagging a bit as I did so.
I must have sc****d his cock with my teeth then because he pulled his cock out of my mouth roughly and growled “No teeth Bitch!” and slapped me across the face, not too hard but hard enough to sting a bit and shock me. I must have looked hurt because he chuckled a bit and said “Don’t worry slut, you are going to suck it like the good little cockwhore you are. You’re not as good as a ladyboy yet, but you’re going to learn” I glared at him, face stinging from the slap and my pride hurt at being found inferior. I looked over to Tracey for support who simply shrugged as if to say “You got yourself into it!”
Gunther barked at me “Oh don’t look so offended Bobbi! I heard you in there with Tracey earlier and its time you learn how to be a true sissy slut. You’re not really his type after all, he prefers twinks. Young guys not little gurls who can’t get an erection and fuck him back. Him fucking you was a mercy fuck because he’s been dreaming about fucking you as Rob for over a year now. Transvestites really aren’t his thing. But they are mine so I guess it’s up to me to teach you how to be a proper sissy bitch. I have to say you’ve got the look down pretty well, none of the TV’s in this town are as pretty as you but you need to learn a few things like how to suck a really big cock without scr****g it with your teeth and how to take one in your pussy without crying.”
Then he grabbed me by the hair and pulled my mouth to his cock. I was still pissed so I pressed my lips together and resisted as he tried to f***e his cock into my mouth. He slapped me again “Open up slut!” I glared back at him defiantly. “Last warning Bobbi…1…2…3” I smiled and flipped him the bird, I heard Tracey mutter “Oh Shit! Now you’ve done it Bobbi!”
Gunther smiled at me before he looked over at Tracey and said “Yes she has, hasn’t she? Give me your belt Trace! I think it’s time Bobbi learns a lesson.” Tracey looked at me as if to say “I’m sorry” while he removed his belt and handed it to Gunther but I could see excitement in his eyes as he handed it over. “Go get the Polaroid and my toolkit from my room. There’s a couple fresh packs of film in my nightstand, bring them both” Tracey left the room and Gunther turned his attention back to me. I was trembling with fear now, my Dad had beat me with a belt whenever I got into trouble up until I was thirteen and I was terrified of what Gunther intended to do with it. “Please Gunther…” I begged but was cut short by another slap in the face. Then he grabbed my hair and pulled me to me feet, and dragged me over to the couch. He turned me around and grabbed both my wrists forcing them back behind me. I tried to struggle but at 5’7” and a slender 130 pounds against his size and strength it wasn’t much of a struggle. He tied my wrists with the belt binding them together tightly. Then he sat on the couch and pulled me down across his lap holding me by the hair with his left hand while yanking up my denim miniskirt with his right to reveal my satin covered ass. ‘Oh yes I’m going to enjoy this. “ He murmured. I was in great shape back then as I raced bikes competitively and was on the swim team as well. Girls told me all of the time what a cute ass I had and how they were jealous, so I was pretty proud of my derriere and got a little thrill from Gunther admiring it even if I was scared and angry at him. Slowly he edged my panties down revealing my baby smooth hairless ass. He caressed it for a bit then lifted his hand in the air and paused. I saw a flash of light and heard the distinctive sound of a Polaroid ejecting a picture. Oh god, I realized Tracey was taking pictures of the whole thing, I was so humiliated. Then SMACK! Gunther’s hand on my ass stung like crazy and I jerked in his grasp. He laughed and tightened his grip on my hair and started wailing away with a vengeance. I bucked and struggled to no avail; he was way too strong for me and had total control of my body. Soon I was crying and sobbing uncontrollably. I was also starting to realize that I was getting aroused by the total domination and humiliation I was going through. Gunther was obviously very aroused as I could feel his rock hard erection pressing up against my belly. This further heightened my arousal and it combined with the pain of his hand cracking against my ass so that soon every slap was like a mini orgasm shooting through my body. Gunther spanked me nonstop for several minutes and I could tell Tracey was taking pictures with the Polaroid the whole time.
Eventually he stopped and I gasped for breath in long shuddering breaths as I fought to gain control over my crying. “So, have we learned our lesson Bobbi?” he asked, almost tenderly.
“Yes” I gasped
SMACK! “Yes What? Bobbi?”
“Yes Gunther?”
SMACK!SMACK!SMACK! “That’s Yes Sir, got it Bobbi?”
“Yes Sir!” I wailed
“Are you my little bitch now Bobbi?” he asked, self satisfaction evident in his voice
“Yes Sir”
SMACK! “Yes Sir What!?!”
“Yes Sir I’m your little bitch now!’ I cried hating myself for saying it but afraid of further punishment and also realizing it was true. With his huge cock pressing up against me, my tender flaming asscheeks exposed and with Tracey taking pictures of the whole thing I knew there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him or let him do to me.
“Are you going to suck my dick like a good little slut?”
“Yes Sir, I’ll suck your dick like a good little Slut…No Teeth!” I added, hoping to please him
Smack. Lightly this time. “Damn Straight. “ he chuckled “Are you going to beg me to let you suck my cock like a good little whore?
“Yes Sir, I will beg to suck your cock like a good little whore”
“After I‘m done letting you suck my dick will you beg me to fuck your pussy like the little cumslut you know you are?”
I hesitated, fearing the size of his huge cock…
“Yes Sir!” I cried “I’m a little cumslut and I will beg you to fuck me when you’re through letting me suck your huge cock!”
“Good, I think you’re ready to learn how to suck my cock. Get on your knees bitch!” He commanded, letting go of my hair. I complied, sliding off his lap onto the floor. It was difficult to get into the right position with my derriere on fire and my hands tied behind my back. Gunther took the camera from Tracey and snapped off a couple quick pics. I looked quite the sight with eyeliner and mascara streaming down my cheeks from the tears I had shed and my lipstick smeared from him rubbing his cock against my lips and face when I had tried to resist him earlier. “Oh, don’t you look adorable!” He remarked “You look like a good little whore who just got dumped by her boyfriend and balled her eyes out.” I nodded my agreement, my eyes locked on the huge erection bobbing just inches in front of my face. All I knew at that moment was I simply had to feel it in my mouth. I was so turned on I felt like my brain was boiling. I could feel precum leaking from my penis even though I wasn’t hard at all. In fact it seemed to have shrunk a bit from its usual flaccid state to a little nub less than an inch long, and my testicles had receded into my body and there was only a small empty void where my proud nutsack had once been. All in all I felt like a total girl and a slutty one at that! At that moment I wished I had a real pussy so that “SIR” could enjoy it . Anyways…
Gunther told me to open up and I readily obeyed his order. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, accepting his uncircumcised cock deep into my mouth. I used my tongue and lips on it trying to get him as hot as I could. He began to instruct me exactly as how he liked his massive dick sucked. Slow down, go faster, more tongue, stroke it, suck harder, lick the head more, beg more. Eventually he told Tracey “Give me the poppers, Trace!” I heard him sniff deeply twice before he stuffed a little brown bottle under my nose and told me to inhale. I did as I was ordered to and immediately felt a rush surging through my brain and my body. After that all of my existence was focused upon his huge cock in my mouth. I worked back and forth upon it feverishly, my only thought was about making Gunther shoot his load down my throat! Later I when I saw the Polaroids I was shocked to see how far I had gotten his huge dick inside my throat but ultimately I couldn’t deepthroat it all the way.
He used me like this for about twenty minutes before he yanked my hair back and pulled his cock out of my face and started jacking off, his beautiful cock hovering inches from my face. After an eternity he erupted, shooting huge jets of sperm all over my face and breasts. This wasn’t the first time I had sucked a cock to completion but definitely the most exciting! Knowing I had made a handsome stud cum with my looks and my skills as a cocksucker totally got me off., and I nearly came right then.
Fortunately for me Gunther wasn’t nearly done with me, he had Trace take a few more pics of me with my face and décolletage covered in his cum and even snapped off a couple himself. Then he told me I looked like a disgrace and I needed to clean myself off. He ordered me off to Tracey’s room to clean myself off and repair my makeup. This took awhile and it was a bit before I felt pretty enough to face my new master. I just knew if I wasn’t presentable I’d find myself across his lap again. Not that that was the worst thing I could imagine, but after having sucked him off and having been rewarded with my first facial, I found myself eager to feel him inside me despite my trepidation about his size. I was involved with the theater department at my school and specialized in theatrical makeup and often did the girls makeup for them for sexy roles such as dancers and molls in plays like “Guys and Doll”, in fact I often practiced on myself so I I would be better at their makeup (or so I told myself!), so I was able to make myself up pretty well, and was looking quite sexy after about 15 minutes. Admittedly, it was a bit heavier than what Mikki had done, but I liked what I saw in the mirror of Tracey’s bathroom and felt ready to go face my new master. At this point Tracey walked in holding a red rubber bag with a thin white plastic hose attached to it with a long thin nozzle at the other end. Handing it to me he said “Gunther wants you clean down there” and indicated I should go into his bathroom and give myself an enema. I did as I was told, enjoying the feeling of the warm water cleaning out my tushy and cleaned myself carefully with tissue and dried off my ass with a towel. A quick glance in the mirror showed my hair was a bit of a mess but it only made me look like more of a slut so I smoothed it a bit and walked out to the living room to face Gunther and what I knew would be his taking of my sweet lil asspussy.
When I walked into the living room I noticed a set of lingerie lying upon the coffee table along with some various toys and sundries. Tracey sat in a Laz-E-Boy recliner nearby, Polaroid in hand, an obvious look of enjoyment on his face. I looked to Gunther, obviously awaiting further instructions.
“Strip Bitch!” he ordered.
Reluctantly, I complied. Stripping off my Jacket, then my skirt and panties, fish net bodyhose and corset. It was the last that I was most reluctant to take of as I felt it did the most to help accentuate my figure and was also the most work to take off. Although after nearly a whole day of being cinched tightly at the waist my torso retained the shaped f***ed upon it by the corset, narrowing at the middle and flaring out at the hips and chest. Oddly it was at this point that I was the most completely humiliated, standing there naked without any girl clothes on. I knew what he wanted me to do so I indicated the pink lingerie on the coffee table and begged to put it on. Gunther laughed and said “You didn’t think I’d fuck you without being dressed like a proper sissy gurl did you? By all means, get dressed and do it quickly!”
I obeyed with alacrity crossing over to the table and began putting on my new outfit. Gunther told me it had belonged to his last bitch. But that she had left it there when she graduated college and moved away last year, although I was gratified when he told me that she wasn’t as pretty as me and he looked forward to seeing how pretty I looked in her gurl clothes.
I began with a pair of satin and lace French pink panties that tied at the hips on both sides. Next came a pair of pink silk stockings with a seam up the back that felt absolutely marvelous as I pulled their sheer silky smoothness over my bare toned legs. Then I donned a pair of long lacy pink fingerless gloves that had a little loop at the end to put my middle finger through but otherwise left my hands open. Basically they looked kind of like a pair of lacy pink stockings for my arms coming up to mid bicep and accentuated them in a very feminine way. Lastly there was a pink lacey corset like top that laced up the back with pink ribbon. It wasn’t as sturdy as the corset I had been wearing with no boning or ribbing but was definitely more comfortable and had attached garters to hold up my pink silk stockings. Tracey helped me with the garters and cinched up the waist of the corset. The bra cups of the corset were padded so when I added the pads I’d been wearing earlier it pushed up the flesh on my chest so I looked like I had a very respectable set of boobs with nice deep cleavage that made me feel very sexy and gurly. ( My ability to “fake” a set of titties has ever since been one of my favorite talents and many men have asked if I was a real TS or on hormones over the years.) I finished the look with a pair of patent leather pink pumps that had to have at least a five or six inch stiletto heel to them, and a strap that buckled around the ankle. They were slightly too big but that was okay with me as the heels I had been wearing were about a half size too small and pinched my feet terribly. The height of the heels made walking rather difficult, but that was okay as I figure they weren’t really designed for walking in anyways!
After I had finished dressing I looked to Gunther for approval and the lust in his eyes was quite evident. “You look fucking Hot Bobbi! Go in the bathroom and see what a sexy little slut you are” Dutifully I did so excited to see how I looked and tottered off to the bathroom with short mincing steps, handicapped by the extreme height of the heels I was wearing.
When I got to the bathroom I was stunned at what I saw and thrilled at the same time. I looked like a model in a Fredericks of Hollywood catalog. Long slender toned legs accentuated by the stilettos and pink stockings on my legs. A tight toned, still slightly red, ass with creamy pale smooth skin encased in pink satin and lace. Prominent ersatz titties were jutting proudly from my chest with cleavage that invited a cock to rest there. Sexy smoky eyes with long dark lashes and pouty sexy red glossy lips that were obviously just made for sucking cock, all framed by a soft cloud of curly brown hair that reached past my shoulders. If I could have cloned myself I would have fucked me right then and there! I must have admired myself for too long because Gunther yelled from the living room to quit fawning over myself and get my ass in there to take care of his dick.
I walked out to the living room to see him standing naked in the middle of the room with his large semi erect cock dangling down invitingly. I started to walk over to him but he held his hand up in a fist, extended his fore finger and pointed down at the floor “Crawl!” I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled across the floor to him while Tracey snapped off a couple more Polaroids of me. He was smoking a clawed meerschaum pipe packed with some potent smelling weed and handed it to me so I took it and took several tokes before he stopped me and handed me a couple pills (another vicoden and a valium this time) saying “Here take these, you’re going to need the for what comes next” and then gave me a snifter of brandy to wash it down with.
I was already feeling the buzz again from the weed and salivating at the sight of his large cock dangling in front of my face so I reached up for it and was rewarded by another slap to my face. Not too hard but enough to sting a little and get my attention. I looked up t see him slowly wagging his finger back and forth in front of my face in a gesture of negation. I remembered my place and begged him “Please Sir may I suck your cock?” Smiling he nodded his assent shifting his hips forward to my face and I took his cock eagerly into my mouth, marveling at how eager I was to do so. I used all of the talents he had taught me and all of my limited experience with previous attempts at sucking dick and he was rock hard in short order. Meanwhile Tracey had run out of Polaroid film so Gunther told him to get more at the camera shop about a block away. I was a little disappointed to be losing my audience and photographer for a bit but knew he’d be back soon. I started stroking Gunther’s cock with both hands, realizing as I did so what a great design the fingerless lace gloves were, they were very feminine but didn’t cover my palms and fingers with lace which surely would have chafed his cock as I stroked it. Also they didn’t cover up my red fake nails that Mikki had applied the night before so my small hands looked very feminine and sexy wrapped around his rigid member.
After a few minutes Gunther ordered me to stop and put my face on the floor while on my knees and to spread my asscheeks with my hands. Trembling, thinking he might be ready to fuck me with his huge cock I did so. He noticed my trepidation and said “Don’t worry Bobbi, you’re not ready for this yet. First we have to prepare your pussy for my cock. He pulled my panties to the side and then he applied a lubricant to my butt that had a numbing agent in it and I felt a mild buzzy feeling as my sphincter began to go numb and relax. He eased a finger inside me probing my insides, then he slipped another in, then a third. By this point the valium and vicoden had kicked into full effect so I was feeling very buzzed and enjoying his probing quite a bit. I heard Tracey come back in and he told Gunther he’d decided to rent a video camera while he was there and Gunther said it was a great idea. I remember being vaguely appalled, but the d**gs were doing their job and kept me submissive and compliant, focused on the wonderful feeling of his fingers sliding in and out of me. Tracey busied himself setting up the video camera and tripod which took some time as video cameras back in the eighties were large, clunky, and complicated. Meanwhile, Gunther withdrew his fingers and inserted a fairly large butt up my ass. It hurt a bit but then I heard a click and the plug started vibrating sending electric tingly feelings throughout my body. It felt great and waves of pleasure were coursing through my body!
He told me to get to my knees and beg Tracey to let me suck his cock as he was taking a break and wanted to watch me suck cock like a good little whore. I did as I was told and soon Trace had his cock buried down my throat fucking my face like a girls pussy. I loved it and have always loved a good dominant face fuck since then but I can only do it with cocks that are the right size as my mouth is only so big. Gunther was obviously enjoying the show and egged Tracey on telling him to fuck my mouth like it was one of his little twinks’ boypussies. Tracey had been watching me be Gunther’s little bitch for hours now and was obviously very turned on as he only lasted a few minutes and came deep in my mouth holding my head still so I could feel his hot cum hitting the back of my throat, coating my tongue. “Don’t you dare swallow yet!” ordered Gunther so I held it in my mouth while Tracey squeezed the last few drops into my open mouth and on my lips. Gunther took more pictures of me on my knees with cum in my mouth and the buttplug in my ass driving me crazy and had me face the video camera to show my mouthful of cum. Eventually I swallowed reflexively and it must have been too soon. Gunther told me I was a very bad girl and must be punished again, pulling me across his lap and spanking me. It wasn’t as brutal as before and I thoroughly enjoyed it with the vibrator humming away inside me while he worked my tender ass with his bare hand.
After my ass was pink and tender again, he stood up and I could see that the spanking had gotten him as excited as me as his cock was rock hard. I begged him to let me suck it and he consented but only for a moment. After a few minutes he pulled his cock away from me and told me it was time, leading me to the middle of the room he instructed me to get on all fours, doggystyle. He eased the vibrator from my ass and I felt a little pop as it came out; I squirmed and wiggled my ass a bit missing the feeling of it inside me.
“Don’t worry slut, I’ve got something even better than that for you.” He paused for a moment to put on a condom and I idly wondered where he found condoms big enough to fit him. He must have guessed what I was thinking and he told me they were special order from a company in Europe. Then he applied more desensitizing lube to my hole and started working his fingers into me using them to stretch and widen his target. I was moaning in pleasure from this when he asked if was ready. I knew what he wanted from me so I wiggled my ass invitingly abegged him to fuck me like a good little whore.
I felt the head press up against my waiting hole and he started to push it in. Even with the desensitizing cream and having been stretched by the vibrator and his fingers it was a tight fit and the pain was pretty intense he paused for a moment with just a few inches inside me to let me get used to his girth. Then slowly and inexorably he began working it deeper inside me with slow back and forth strokes, pushing it a little deeper each time. Despite his gentleness I gasped in pain a few times and was tearing up a bit. Tracey suggested to Gunther that he pull out for a moment and let me catch my breath as it had seemed to work earlier. He did so and after a couple of minutes the throbbing pain inside me subsided and I wiggled my ass suggestively begging him to put it back in me. It went in much easier this time and he slid further into me getting about seven inches deep before coming up against stiff resistance from the muscles deep inside me. I pushed back against him and he grabbed me by the hips and pushed forward harder, I could feel the clenched muscles starting to yield when all of a sudden I felt a sharp tearing pop and he thrust all the way inside me to the hilt. The pain made me cry out and he stopped just resting there with his huge cock buried in my ass and let me get used to the pain while my body adjusted to the intruder inside of it. After a bit he pulled back some and began thrusting back and forth slowly moaning as he did so. “ Gottdam your pussy is so tight Bobbi, it’s the tightest pussy I’ve ever had.” He exclaimed. “I should think so! “ I thought to myself, given the fact that until about twelve hours ago I had been a total virgin in this area and that Tracey’s cock wasn’t nearly as big as Gunther’s! I glanced over and saw that Tracey had taken the video camera off of the tripod and was moving about the room shooting the action from different angles. Somehow knowing that I looked like a little porn starlet and was being filmed like one got me even more aroused at that moment and I began bucking back onto onto the huge dick inside me, crying out at the sharp stab of pain I got every time he bottomed out deep inside my bowels. Gunther picked up his tempo fucking me harder and faster and I fucked him back. Soon he was pistoning in and out of me like a well oiled machine, calling me all sorts of names like slut, cunt and bitch. Telling me I was his sissy whore and he was going to use me like this all the time. I loved it and begged him to fuck me harder, saying I was his little sissy bitch and I loved having his cock in me and that I would do anything for him if he would just keep fucking me please! I could feel an orgasm building deep inside me and came violently, cum flowing out of my limp clit and my ass twitching around the cock buried deep within me.
This put Gunther over the edge and he exploded, slamming me back on his cock with each spurt. The pain/pleasure and the realization that he was cumming inside me had me delirious and drove me over the edge. I think I passed out for a moment, when I came to I was laying face down on the carpet with a deep but strangely pleasant aching within my bowels. I was exhausted and felt thoroughly used up. Tracey was sitting in an easy chair smoking a joint and Gunther was nowhere to be seen.
“He’s in his bedroom sl**ping like a baby. I think you wore him out” Tracey said “Quite the feat, you should be proud of yourself. I’ve seen him wreck two gurls in one session and go back for more.”
“I feel wrecked” I grunted and tried to stand but my legs were like jelly so I crawled over to the couch and f***ed myself up on it with some assistance from Tracey. I took the joint from him and toked up. There was a pile of Polaroids featuring yours truly on the coffee table and I picked some up and started looking through them. the first few I looked at were just of me dressed up in the pink lingerie that I was now wearing and I admired them thinking how sexy and cute I looked. There were several more of me laying across Gunther’s lap while he wailed on my bottom. I was shocked to see how red my ass had gotten under his hand. I was also a little shocked to feel the beginnings of an erection while looking at pictures of me dressed as a sissy. As I went through the pictures I got harder and harder and soon my cock was straining against my cum soaked panties. I thought it was odd because I hadn’t gotten an erection yet, even when I came while Gunther was fucking me. I asked Tracey about it and he told me a lot of sissies were wired that way and that it was pretty normal, at least as far as being a boy who likes to dress up in girls clothes and act like a total slut for men can be considered normal. I threw him a dirty look and turned back to the fascinating pictures in my hand. The pictures of me sucking his cock and of his cum all over my face soon had precum leaking out the tip of my rock hard erection and I started to stroke it absentmindedly and the pictures of him fucking me were about to drive me over the edge when Tracey cleared his throat , startled I looked up having totally forgotten he was there. He reminded me that there was video and asked if I wanted to see it? Oh God yes! He took the vhs tape out of the camera and put it in the video player and pressed play. Soon I was watching myself suck Tracey to completion like I was a teenage porn slut working a dick in Southern California. The shot of me holding his cum in my mouth was extra slutty and I started rubbing my boyclit again really enjoying the show. I nearly came several times but held back until the end when Gunther and I came together. Watching him slam himself into me as he shot his load sent me over the edge and I exploded with one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had even to this day. My sperm shot high into the air and fell back on me with a few drops spattering onto my face neck and breasts. I snapped out of my reverie and realized Tracey was standing next to me jerking his cock furiously, I could tell he was about to come and I leaned forward with my mouth open tongue out greedily awaiting my reward. He came in seconds coating my face and tongue with drops of salty jizz. There wasn’t much and I was a little disappointed but figured what the heck it was his fourth load in less than 24 hours!
I was still quite buzzed from the d**gs and the alcohol and the weed and it was around 6pm so I figured there was no way I was going home. I was sticky all over from their jizz and so I asked Tracey if I could borrow his shower. He said yes and I spent like an half an hour under the steaming water. When I got out of the shower and finished toweling myself off I came out into the bedroom and saw two full sets of clothes on the bed. One was a pair of jeans, tshirt, and hoody with a pair of vans skateboard shoes; the other was a sexy version of a catholic schoolgirls oufit, red plaid pleated miniskirt, white silk blouse, White lacy padded bra, white lacy panties, white kneehigh stockings and high heeled oxford shoes. I realized I was being given a choice, stay dressed as a gurl, which meant Gunther would probably make me suck him again and maybe even fuck me again. Or I could put on the male clothes and play time would be over. I looked at the long red nails still attached to my fingers, gave a little sigh and started putting on my new school girl outfit.

... Continue»
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How much lower can you go!

I love cock... no matter what shape, size or colour, just love it! What I love even more is what it spews out. Am a total cumslut! Can’t get enough of the thick gooey stuff!

In case you missed it, I’m a total gay whore. I have been since I was 12 years old, and now at almost 30 still have the same hunger for cock. It started as kind of a dare with two of my best buddies to see who had the biggest dick. And as it turned out, mine was less than half the size of theirs at all of 3 inches when erect. And that too on my chubby frame made it look even worse. It was quite humiliating and my friends told me that my dick was probably useless. Maybe that turned me into being a pure bottom. After all what use is a 3 inch dicklet. Looking at their beautiful 6 and 7 inch dicks i knew i was going to be obsessed with dicks for the rest of my life.

And as the loser of the dare, i had to get down on my knees and service them. That was the first time i tasted cock and drank cum. And i haven’t looked back since. The feel of cock stiffening in your mouth and thick salty cum swirling in your mouth is truly heavenly.

After that day, i was pretty much the cocksucker of the entire class. Lunch recess was the busiest time of the day for me. There were days when i had blown 8-9 guys in the toilets. Once the news spread there were some senior boys and even a couple of juniors who wanted to test drive my mouth. In the four years till i passed out from school i had built up quite a reputation for being the cockslut.

I was an anal virgin till i was 17. The guys i sucked in school had no intention to fuck my ass, and all the guys i met outside were looking for a quick suck. After school i enrolled into a college in a bigger city some 400 km from home. During the first year we are f***ed to stay in the hostel in campus. It was pretty neat and had decent food, and each room was shared by two guys. By the time i checked in my roommate was already settled in. When i walked in the first time, he was just in his boxers with a nice bulge. As we shook hand my gaze was fixed on his package. He noticed it and gave me a wry smile. He was taller than me and much thinner.

Rest of the evening i went about the business of settling into my room. During this entire time i could sense him checking me out. This sort of excited me and used every chance i got to bend over put my chubby butt in the air. I even pulled down my shorts a little so every time i bend over the top of my butt crack will be visible. After some time he came over asking if i needed any help. I was on my knees unpacking some stuff and he came and stood next to me, still in his boxers, with his bulge few inches away from my face. It was as if i was in trance. I just knelt there staring at his package. When i didn't move or say anything, he grabbed me by my hair and made me look up at him. He still had that smirk on his face when he asked me:

“You are quite a faggot slut, aren't you?”
I didn't respond at all, i was still transfixed by the sight and aroma of his dick. He brought me out of it with a slap across my face.
“answer me when i ask you something bitch”
I mumble something; he slaps me again and asks me to repeat.
“yes sir, am a total gay whore”
He laughs out and pulls my face onto his crotch by my hair and rubs my face all over his cock and balls. I was in heaven. My tiny dick instantly became rock hard. At the same time he started fiddling with my dicklet with his feet.
“you like it, don't you bitch?”
I manage to mumble something like “yes sir” with my face still buried in his crotch.

“i guess this is gonna work out just fine. I was afraid i might have to jerk off but now i have a live-in cocksucker”
He pulls me up onto my feet and asks me to strip. The minute he sees my tiny cock he starts laughing.
“no wonder you are a cocksucker, what else will you do with that half-dick”
He then asks me stand in the middle of the room with my hands by my side and legs slightly parted. He then walks around checking me out thoroughly.
“bend over bitch”
Slap! Slap! Slap!
He starts spanking my bubble butt.
“spread your ass”
I do so, exposing my virgin asshole.
“tomorrow evening i want you back here stark naked with your asshole clean. Is that clear bitch”
“yes sir”
He slaps my ass again and says “ok boy get down on your knees”
He comes up in front and pulls down his boxers to reveal a beautiful 7 inch cock. The head was gleaning with precum. My natural instinct took over and licked the thick head. He pulled me back and slapped across my cheeks.
“did i fuckin give you permission to touch me slut”
“sorry sir”
“beg for it boy, you have to earn it”
“sir please may i taste that wonderful cock of yours sir. I want to suck it deep till you cum inside my mouth sir”
“that’s a good boy. Now get busy”

That was all i wanted to hear. Will full gusto i started sucking his 7 incher going all the way down within 3-4 thrusts. When i got all of the cock in my mouth he grabbed the back of my head and held it in place. My nose was buried in his thick pubes and could smell his musky-ness. And his balls were pressed against my chin. He held it there till i started choking. He would pull out then and thrust it back again, right till the back of my throat. He face fucked me for a good 10 minutes and then he shot his thick cum right into my mouth. The first two streams went straight down my throat. The next couple into my mouth, and it was delicious. He pulled out and let some more cum drip onto my face. He f***ed his dick back into my mouth and asked me to clean it up.
“you didn’t spill one drop, quite an experienced cocksucker are you?”
“yes sir, i have had my share of cocks”

The next day was when i lost my anal virginity. As ordered i had cleaned myself up and was naked and ready next day. My roommate comes in and does not even acknowledge my presence there. He freshens up and gets down to reading something while i am stark naked on my knees waiting for him to fuck me. After some frustrating 15 minutes i go up to him and try to get to his dick. He kicks me away and slaps me.
“what the fuck do u think u r doin?”
“sir i thought you wanted to fuck me”
“get one thing straight bitch. I decide when or if i fuck you. U r just my fuck toy. I will play with u when i want to. Is that clear slut”
“yes sir”
I was really down then. I crawled back into my bed pulled the covers on, buried my face in the pillow and wanted to sl**p. In spite of being a total cocksucker all my life, this was probably the most humiliating thing that has happened. Even more than probably being f***ed to suck cock in a bus when i was 14, with two other men watching.

I was not sure for how long i had dosed off, but was woken up by a hard slap on my ass. Next thing i know my roommate is mounting me and his thick dickhead is trying to penetrate me. He took a tube of lube and spread it on my ass crack. With one push he got his dickhead into me. I let out a yelp in pain. That made him f***e my face into the pillow. Then he started thrusting his dick deep into my asshole. With 6-7 thrusts he was completely inside me. He left it there for some time as i got adjusted to him being inside me. The pain slowly eased up. After some time he pulled out and thrust it all the way in. The then started fucking me deep and hard. This went on for 15-20 minutes, but felt like eternity. Each stroke i was letting out a moan. Eventually there was no more pain and only pleasure. When he was ready to cum he said:
“am gonna breed you boy” and blasted the insides of my ass with his cum. After the sixth or seventh spurt i could feel the cum dripping out of my asshole down my thighs. He pulled out his dick and thrust it into my mouth to clean up. I did so eagerly. When i started stroking my cock he slapped my hand away saying that mine was not a cock so it shouldn’t be played with.

After that first time, this became almost a daily routine, till we finished college and went our separate ways. We still meet up sometime to relive those old days. Also the number of guys that have fucked me has increased exponentially since then, covering the entire range of age, from 70 to 17 year olds. And in all these instances there is total domination by the top, even when we haven’t discussed about my preference. I guess i am naturally very submissive and tops get the idea that i need to be dominated. ... Continue»
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Black Daddy Domination

Scott Clair hated his whiteness. He wasn’t able to articulate it exactly in that way; he claimed to be coming to terms with his submissive nature and his overwhelming desire to serve the Black race. Had he been a bit more self-aware, a bit more introspective, he could have accurately described his self-hatred as stemming from his inherent need to feel superior. Whiteness was his disease, magnified by a Napoleonic complex of huge proportions given his height of 5’1”. He suffered from narcissism extraordinaire. In his delusional mind, the universe owed him an apology for his height and he compensated for it by singing “Woe is me,” every chance he got-- the 12” extended, remix, house music version. Lying was his first nature, he could construct a tale of deceit without so much as the blink of an eye, all to make himself seem more important or to perpetuate an image of his false sense of superiority. He treated people as objects to use and didn’t give a damn who was hurt, used, or annoyed in the process. He felt he was the sun, the chosen son, around whom all the world had an obligation to rotate.

He began feeling uncomfortable with his identity, with his whiteness, with the advent of interracial porn. Initially, he was outraged and angered by Black men and their enormous cocks fucking white women. He would watch in disgust at the videos of men endowed with equipment that made his tiny penis look infantile in comparison and seethe in anger, proclaiming how he hated Black men for being lazy, ignorant, criminal, and nothing more than savages. Of course, all that internal dialogue was drowned out while he was masturbating furiously for hours on end to image after image of white women screaming in pleasure and pain while having the sex of their lives with Black men. He would go to Black blogs and forums and protest that size didn’t matter and Black men did not, in fact, have bigger cocks, that it was all just a myth. He took pleasure in his anonymous rants of degrading Black men for being bad fathers, for all being illiterate rappers, and he always seemed to find a way to espouse racist, hateful beliefs that made white men seem inherently and naturally superior. Immediately after taunting anyone and everyone who expressed even the slightest outrage, disbelief, or anger at his psychotic rants, he would log on to one of the numerous pay sites he subscribed to and download videos of white women being fucked by Black men in every orifice so he could jerk off.

In phase two of his awakening, he had a grand epiphany whereby he decided he was sensitive to the Black race. He became a self-proclaimed, liberal, reformed racist who insisted that he was atoning for the sins of all white men, past and present, and righting the wrongs of slavery by being submissive to Black women. His motives might have been pure except for the fact that he wasn’t even capable of seeing Black women as human beings but merely things to satisfy his perversions. He watched BET, he listened to Black talk radio, and he rented every Black movie ever made so he could claim expertise on Blackness. In his submission, he would get off on the idea of black women using him, making fun of his small appendage, slapping him around, maybe even fucking him with a strapon and going home to his white world where he never interacted with another Black person. His sexuality was compartmentalized. For a few hours a month, if he was lucky, a few hours a week, he could take off his white privilege, leave it at the door, and role-play to his heart’s content that he was a slave to a Black woman. When it was over, he could go home and feel absolved of his white guilt and assured that he was free of all inklings of white supremacy and racist beliefs.

In reality, he used Black women like life-like toys. He used the threat of giving them money to fuck with them. He would promise them large amounts of money and then, for no reason whatsoever, he would rescind the offer with the hopes that the women would be irate and that they would in turn then beg and plead for the money in order for him to feel powerful and in control of their lives. He would demand that they fulfill his fantasies, in exactly the way he saw fit; he thought nothing of calling on them at obscene hours of the day or night whenever he wanted to live out his submissive fantasies, stalking them, completely disrespecting their time and lives. The fact that he erroneously viewed his fetish as being submissive is what allowed him to believe that he was pardoned of his responsibility of being a total and complete asshole who wanted what he wanted, when he wanted, how he wanted, without regard, respect, or reverence to anyone else.

His fascination with the Black female body was colored by his hatred of the Black male one. The more a woman looked like a man, the more he was obsessed with being the “victim” of her abuse. If she was pumped up on steroids and bulging with muscles everywhere, if her facial features were masculine, if she wore her hair short and natural or if she was transgendered and sporting a big ole, juicy, fat cock, he would make that woman the center of his lust to the extent it would become a maniacal obsession. He would spend endless hours, furiously masturbating, thinking about being pulverized by these she-men, beaten to a bl**dy pulp, ****d against his will, and had no reason to associate his desires with his hatred of the Black male.

It was, in fact, his hatred of the Black male, his odious and undeniable jealousy at his strength, power, and unquestionable masculinity, all things Scott dangerously lacked, which motivated his fantasies. He wanted to destroy the Black man, to castrate him, but short of being able to do that, he could covet these women who were essentially men and feel secure in knowing that he was dominating them passively with his threats of giving and withholding money. In truth, he was worshipping the black male, just minus the penis. Many a night, he would sit at his computer, nipple clamps in place, a black butt plug firmly in place stretching his anus, stroking his small cock with his thumb and forefinger, fantasizing about taking on Mike Tyson, Kimbo Slice, or some other black boxing champion and veritably kicking their ass. He was too stupid to even acknowledge or realize that his fantasies were sexual in nature, that he was jerking off to these images because they aroused him; he could only focus on the adrenaline he felt when he imagined himself victorious over these bastions of Black masculinity. His warped, delusional mind could only comprehend that he viewed the Black male body, the muscular black male body, as his enemy.

Simultaneously, he dreamt of being a Black man. Being transformed to a Black male body, in his warped mind, would mean women, both white and black, would throw themselves at his feet, that he could fuck whomever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Never, not once did he consider that being a Black man carried more burdens and responsibilities than just standing around on the basketball court waiting for some white woman to get lost in the hood. In his mind, being a Black man was about athleticism, sexuality, and masculinity.

It was indeed a Black man who masterminded phase three of his evolution. Having “graduated” from serving masculine Black women, and compelled by his deviant urges and conflicted emotions, Scott moved on to the worship of the mythical big black cock. He became obsessed with it, all the power it represented and he CRAVED to be degraded and humiliated by Black men with nothing less than 8 inches or more of man meat. His need to be submissive to Black men became obsessive, traveling to adult book stores, bath houses, and gay bars in search of the biggest, blackest cock he could find. The men the cocks were attached to were inconsequential; it was the penis that was his object of desire. He became the proverbial slut for black cock. That was, until he responded to a particular ad on craigslist.

The ad was simple enough. “Professional Black male seeks same for LTR.” It outlined the specifics of who the guy was and what he was looking for: complexion, similar interests, education, height, and age—all the average things in a personal ad. The photo section included several pictures of a tall, very attractive, dark-skinned guy with a nice house, a nice car, and a package that was so big UPS would have refused to deliver it.

Had the ad not included the picture of the cock, Scott probably would have moved on, clicking on another ad to find someone who was looking for a quick, anonymous suck or fuck in the immediate future. It was the perfect cock: uncut, heavily veined, thick, Black, and what had to be 10 inches . . . soft. Scott’s mouth watered and his asspussy throbbed at the thought of feeling that huge monster invading him, pounding him, stretching him to beyond capacity, ripping him, filling him with load after load of scalding hot cum. He had to have it.

He fired off a response, quickly detailing what a fuck slut he was and how he had a hot, wet mouth perfect for sucking and a tight, hot, hole ideal for fucking. He attached a picture he found on the net of a beautiful young twink who could have been a perfect Calvin Klein model. It really didn’t matter to him that he looked NOTHING like the picture, nothing mattered to him other than getting what he wanted. He waited for a response. And he waited. After two days, he figured he would send another response, this time being more explicit.

“Dear, Sir. I sent you an email the other day but it must have ended up in your spam folder or something. I’m a white, 30-something male,” he lied, “who would love to drain your big cock. I’m expert at sucking cock, I have a hot white hole just ready for pounding all night long, and you can do whatever you want to me, treat me like shit, and I can take it all and then some. I especially enjoy race play and get off on being treated rough and you can even beat the crap out of me if you want. I’ll kneel at your feet and worship your superior, Black cock. Anxiously awaiting your response. Submissively, Scott.”

The response came quickly this time, within a few minutes. “Thanks you for your interest. I’m not looking for a sub or anything of the sort, but rather I’m looking for a long-term relationship EXACTLY like I described in my ad.”

For most people, that would have been sufficient. Perhaps a few would have sent a response saying, “Fine, you don’t know what you’re missing,” and left it at that. Scott, however, was not satisfied with that response. He became belligerent and typically arrogant. His response came in the form of an essay, describing how he was informed on Black issues, how liberal he was socially and how he supported Barack Obama. He wrote of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the history of racism. He went on and on with statistics about Black men in the U.S. He ridiculed the man for his lack of knowledge of Black issues, not even knowing the man’s position on anything. The whole objective of the correspondence was to piss this guy off. Scott was adept at being irritating, it was his weapon of choice and being rejected was not in his agenda.


No response.

He didn’t even wait a full 24 hours for a response. He fired off another email, this time longer, this time more abrasive.

No response.

Outraged, Scott sat at his computer, looking at that picture of that gorgeous cock, jerking off incessantly, and figuring out ways to get under this guy’s skin. That’s all he wanted at this point. He wanted to annoy him, anger him, to make him frustrated and pissed off. He got a thrill from the attention, the fact that he knew he was an irritant; that was almost more arousing to him than getting fucked.

Still no response, he constructed yet another email, this time, taunting him by reverting back to his tried and true nature of being racially belligerent, claiming that the picture of the cock wasn’t even real, that he probably had a tiny cock and was trying to compensate for not being a “real” black man. That would surely get a response.

And this time it did . . . instantaneously. Failure Notice. Remote host said: 554 delivery error. The mail recipient, is not accepting emails from your account.

“How dare that black piece of shit ignore me,” Scott fumed. “I’ll fix him,” as he sent all three of his emails again, this time, each one from one of his many other email accounts. The drama was arousing to Scott and he fisted his tiny cock in anticipation of a response. This time, he was sure to get some sort of rise out of this guy. It wasn’t even about the sex anymore; it was a game of power. Scott needed to prove that he could not and would not be dismissed. He needed to put this Black guy in his place and teach him a lesson. Scott’s true racist nature had surfaced again, victim of his own delusions of supremacy.

He got a real response this time, simply stating, “Okay, you win. If you want to be dominated, I’ll do it. Be at my house, Friday evening, and be prepared to be pushed past your limits. In fact, you better not have any limits.” He gave an address and signed the email, “Your Black Dom Daddy”.

Scott masturbated endlessly, for days on end, reading those few lines like they held the key to the universe. He fantasized about what it would be like to be the plaything of a strong, Black man who towered over his diminutive size. He didn’t do as he was instructed of course. That would have been anti-climactic. He wasn’t going to go through with it after everything he had written, he just wanted to get off on the idea of being a white fuck slut with no limits being tortured and used by a strong, Black Daddy. So he placated himself by pulling and stroking his tiny penis, imagining unspeakable, disgusting things.

Barely a week went by when Scott’s curiosity got the best of him. He sent another email and not surprisingly, it was returned as blocked. He had no less than 25 email addressed created for just such a reason so he quickly resent it from another account and this time, he apologized profusely for his abhorrent behavior. He humbled himself, “Dear, Sir, what can I do to have you forgive me? I’ve been arrogant and I realize that now. I’ll never do it again, I promise. I want to be your boy. I want you to own me.” He didn’t mean a word of what he said, it was all a part of his twisted pathology.

The response was more detailed this time. “I knew your faggot ass couldn’t resist. The rules are simple. For an entire weekend I’ll use you in ways that you’ve never thought of before. You’ll be my complete bitch. Bring food and beverages to fix me breakfast, lunch, and dinner the entire time you’re here. You’ll be dressed in slutty heels and lingerie all weekend. You’ll keep your holes ready for me to use . . . in any way I see fit. If I bring my friends over, you’ll service them any way they want. If I go out on a date, you’ll suck my cock clean when I come home. You’ll serve as my maid and make sure my place is immaculate and you’ll be my footstool, ashtray, toilet, and cum dump. You’ll be anything I tell you to be and you’ll like it and beg for more.”

Anger boiled up within Scott’s soul, anger and pure, unadulterated lust. He’d never really given up his fallacy of white supremacy, he’d never really reconciled his hatred for Black men and their larger endowments, he was just going through the motions in an effort to satiate his lust for being degraded and abused. His desires to be ****d, used, and beaten until unrecognizable were symptoms of a greater evil. Scott wanted to use Black sexuality to satisfy his perverse desires; he never had any intentions of being used to satisfy the desires of a Black person.

His compulsion to be used outweighed reason as he drove around impatiently in his car for 7:00 pm exactly. Being nosey, he opened the mailbox and saw that the name on the Car and Driver Magazine was Todd Harcourt. At least he had a name to put with the description of the supposed mortgage broker, sports enthusiast, and openly gay black man he was about to meet. Scott had purchased enough food for a week, all frozen dinners and semi-prepared deli foods and the like; he wasn’t a great cook and didn’t want to piss this guy off by trying to be creative in the kitchen when he knew good and god damn well that anything he fixed himself would taste like crap. He wanted to leave, to turn around and go home, but he knew that if he did, he would regret it. He’d packed an overnight bag with all the lingerie and high heels he’d stolen from previous girlfriends. With such a big cock pounding him, he knew there was going to be potential for issues so he’d given himself a series of intense and painful enemas to make sure his colon was free from any shit so there wouldn’t be any accidents or mess. All lubed up with a butt plug shoved in to stretch his hole, he knocked on the door.

“Yes, how can I help you?” The guy looked confused more than anything, like he wasn’t expecting anyone to show up.

“I’m . . . from the internet . . . you know . . . your boy. You told me to be here for you to . . .” Scott paused mid sentence, afraid someone had played a joke on him. The guy standing before him was the guy from the pictures in the ad, but he wasn’t sure exactly what was going on so he remained quiet, gripping his bags in his hands tighter and ready to make a run for it.

“Oh DAMN, I knew the picture you sent was fake but GOD DAMN. Could you have found a picture more opposite of what you look like? Shit! Oh well, get in here.” The guy looked like he wanted to throw up he was so disgusted. Scott stepped inside the foyer as the door closed behind him. It was his nature to be so arrogant, so pathological in his need to misrepresent himself, that he didn’t care that he sent pictures that looked nothing like his 40 something, unattractive self.

One thing was for certain, the guy hadn’t lied one bit in his ad. He wasn’t a millimeter shy of 6’4”, he had a muscular, athletic build, bald head, dark chocolate skin and he was VERY attractive. Scott could see the picture of his fantastic cock in his mind and his tiny prick pulsed in anticipation. With the difference in height, Scott did in fact feel like a boy next to a strong Daddy. “Take off your clothes,” were his only instructions.
Scott put his bags down and started to slowly undress. “Hurry up, shithead,” the man bellowed and Scott began to pick up the pace. He took off his shoes and socks and pulled down his pants, standing there with nothing but a pair of tighty whities on and pitching a tent, a pup tent, but his erection was sticking out as far as possible.

“I thought I told you that you were to be dressed in women’s lingerie the entire time you were in my presence, bitch.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t know exactly what was expected of me so I figured I would . . .” His words were cut off by a backhand that sent him flying into the wall. Real tears formed in his eyes as he felt the sting of the slap radiating on his cheek. The taste of warm bl**d trickled in his mouth from his cheek and he swallowed. He tried to steady himself to stand but he was disoriented and scared.

“You will be humble in my presence at all times. You will answer only when spoken to and if your answer isn’t preceded by Yes, Master, or Yes, Daddy, you can be sure I’m going to discipline you much worse than that little tap. I really don’t give a damn what you think, I only expect you to conform to my desires and that’s it. Got it?”

A knot formed in Scott’s throat. It felt like someone was choking him, no, stabbing him with a knife in his vocal chords. The words were stuck and he swallowed hard and responded, “Yes, Daddy.”

Scott was already broken.

Extending his hand in what seemed to be a gesture of kindness, this exquisite male specimen helped Scott to his feet. Scott’s hands were small; his fingers were stubby and short. In contrast, Todd’s hands were large, not too large, but with long, graceful fingers. With his hand placed inside the much larger one, he instinctively knew what it was to be a little boy with a strong, protective parent. With tears in his eyes, Scott removed his underpants and stood covering his small penis, profoundly ashamed by its inferior size. “Move your fucking hands, let me see what you’ve got” were his only instructions and he instinctively covered his nipples like a teenage girl whose top had been pulled down at the neighborhood swimming pool.

Loud, uproarious laughter reverberated in the tiny alcove and Scott’s heart sank at the same ratio that his cock rose. No matter how much he knew on a visceral level, no matter how much he intellectualized and articulated that his penis was small, extraordinarily small in fact, when he heard others say it, especially Black men, he felt anger, shame, and arousal at the same time. He was aroused by the humiliation but he just couldn’t let go of that nasty “white male thing” that caused him to look at Black men with nothing but contempt and disgust. It was a part of his DNA, it was wired into his brain that he was inherently superior so while his rage bubbled beneath the surface, his lust dictated his need to give up that false sense of superiority and become what he knew he was deep, deep inside: a perverse, disgusting, depraved white pain, cum slut. He needed to be set free of his imprisonment of lies to be released so he could experience his true nature as something lower than a human.

“Suck my cock, bitch.” The pressure of the hand on Scott’s shoulder f***ed him to his knees. He knelt submissively before the fully clothed man before him. His hands trembled as he reached out to undo his jeans and pull down the zipper. Placing his hand inside his pants, he felt for the first time what was possibly the biggest cock he’d ever felt in his life. He could barely get his fingers around the girth. Fishing it out, he was struck with the strong aroma of unwashed masculinity. It was an intoxicating elixir of sweat, piss, and pure, manly funk. Scott inhaled the scent and it made him light headed; it made his cock leak precum.

Peeling back the foreskin, Scott looked up into the deep, dark eyes of his new owner. A foul, raunchy-smelling layer of head cheese coated the enormous crown of the beautiful, brown cock. “You like? I made it just for you. Eat up.”

Rather than hesitating, Scott made a real show of cleaning that nasty smegma. He devoured it like he was starving, proud to show off his cocksucking skills and the devotion he had for the monstrous piece of meat that was before him. The thick paste filled his taste buds and Scott worked first to clean it and then to worship it. Barely able to get his mouth around it, barely able to get even a third of its enormous length into his mouth, Scott licked and kissed it passionately. If a man could form a relationship with a cock, this was the ideal mate for Scott. In his heart, he fell in love with that meat, feeling his chest expand and tighten like a schoolboy with his first crush. He tried to make love to it with his mouth, planting soft and tender kisses along its length to show his reverence.

“What the fuck is this kissing shit? Bitch, I told you to suck my mother fucking cock. NOW SUCK!” With that, he grabbed Scott’s head and fucked his mouth savagely. Scott tried to push away, bracing himself against the firm, muscular thighs of his tormentor, trying to catch his breath as that cock ravaged his throat. He gagged and choked, feeling his esophagus being ****d. He was being skull fucked; he was nothing more than a hole being abused. The steady pounding of that cock, its full length wanted to make him cry out in pain but he couldn’t; he could barely gasp for air. The rhythm was fast and furious, his jaw was numb, and his gag reflect was abating after what had to be more than 10 minutes of the most hard core blow job he’d ever given . . . sort of. There was no mistaking that he wasn’t “giving” anything, his throat was being fucked and it hurt in a way that couldn’t be described. Hot, salty tears stained his cheeks as he prayed for the torture to end, and simultaneously, never to end.

The reward at the end of his torture would come soon enough. His master, tormentor, and dream lover shoved the full length of his hardness deep in Scott’s throat. His nose deeply embedded in the thick patch of wiry pubic hairs, Scott felt the expansive cock actually grow and lengthen in his mouth and could detect the peristaltic motion that brought the scalding white, hot, cum from his nuts, through his impressive tube of manliness, out and down Scott’s throat, without even getting the benefit of tasting the scummy spunk he craved so desperately.

Scott collapsed to the floor, exhausted and broken, his face inches away from the feet of his skillful dominator. He wanted to cleave unto those feet, wrap his arms around those legs for protection and comfort and say, “Daddy, I’m sorry I was a bad boy. Please, forgive me.” He couldn’t say anything however because his throat was so sore he’d temporarily lost the ability to speak. It felt as if his vocal chords had been sc****d with sandpaper.

“Before I forget, give me your keys and your wallet. I want some assurances you won’t be leaving before I give you permission.” The last thing in the world Scott wanted was to leave. He wanted to stay forever. He wanted to give up his measly life and be the boi of this ominous stranger. His identity was sacred however and he had spent years protecting it, lying, deceiving, and hiding his real life from those whom he used sexually. This time, he reluctantly handed over the requested items and felt a sense of relief. If he was going to be blackmailed, outed, and exposed to the world, now was the time, he’d let his perversions drive him too far. He wanted this man to know his true identity, to have control of his life and his destiny. It was his freedom.

“I expect you to change your clothes, fix me dinner and bring it to me in the den, and be prepared to service me in whatever way I desire.” He pushed Scott away with his foot and went about his business like Scott wasn’t even there.

Unsure of the layout of the house, Scott stumbled around until he found a powder room to change into his female attire. He was an ugly male to begin with which made him repulsive as a woman but he felt sexy in his red see-through baby doll nightie, his high-heel, patent leather, stiletto, Payless Pumps and black butt plug, framed perfectly by his crotchless panties. His tiny penis strained against the silky material and felt good. He rubbed it for as long as he thought he might be able to get away with it without being found out and emerged to fix dinner.

Cooking in someone else’s house is a task. He struggled to find the right pots, the right plates, the tools he needed to pull off his linguine and shrimp, all pre-cooked of course. Salad was in a bag and all he had to do was find an opener for the beer. He wobbled and teetered in his heels that were giving him a blister but he ignored the pain in anticipation of more humiliation and degradation to come. That was his finish line, his raison d’etre. He overheard his new Master talking on the phone, conversing with a friend. “Nah man, I ain’t never done no shit like this before. I figure he’ll be begging to leave after a few hours. I ain’t even going to tell you the shit I have planned for him . . . Word. That’s what I’m saying. Yeah man, I’ll holla at you later, we’ll hang out on Sunday morning or something. I’m out.”

Scott fumed. He felt cheated. He wanted someone experienced in BDSM to control him, not some fucking amateur. His arrogance button was flicked on and he had half a mind to call the whole thing off and leave. He brought the plates out to the den and placed them on the coffee table with silverware and paper towels for napkins. He went back to the kitchen and got two beers and returned, sitting on the other end of the sofa. “I hope you like it, Sir. I can’t take real credit . . .”

Before he knew what was happening, he felt a stinging kick to his side and he flew off the end of the sofa and landed flat on his ass. “Bitch, I told you I didn’t want you speak to me unless spoken to. That’s not a hard rule to follow, is it?”

Shaking his head, Scott mumbled, “No, Master,” and apologized for being a dumbass.

“And while we’re at it, who the fuck told you that you could eat with me?”

Before he could make the same mistake again, he fought the urge to give his opinion and state the obvious that he had to have some sort of sustenance to keep up his strength throughout the weekend.

“I’ll take this beer and let me have that plate so I can fix it for you.” Holding his finger aside one nostril, Todd hacked up phlegm from deep in his chest that sounded like he had walking pneumonia and blew it from his nose on Scott’s plate of food. Repeating the procedure several times, there was a coating of green, brown, yellowish snot coating the Scampi. Scott’s stomach turned and his cock leapt. Placing the plate on the floor, Scott was told to eat without the benefit of utensils or hands and eat it all.

With his ass high in the air, he lowered his face to the plate of food. “Oh, and if you throw up anything I give you to eat, you can be sure I’ll make you eat it again. Understand?” Those instructions were clear and Scott felt nauseated as he began to eat the mucous covered dinner. It wasn’t as bad as he imagined it was going to be after he got down the first few bites with thick, salty boogers, and before he knew it, he was proud to show that he could be such a nasty pig, eating snot like a pig eats slop from a trough.

Before he was done, his Master said, “Thirsty, bitch? Come here.” Scott crawled between his Master’s dark, brown thighs and looked up lovingly. “Drink my piss, and don’t you dare spill a drop.”

Scott had known all along that this was coming. It was the right of every Black Dominant to use his white submissive as a urinal and Scott wanted the opportunity to prove his rightful place as piss pig. He placed the mammoth cock in his mouth and knew to wait for his drink. It came hard and fast; it was rank, hot, yellow and thick, not at all like the watered down beer piss he was expecting but coming from the Black Master of his dreams, Scott swallowed like it was the sweetest wine he’d ever had.

“Oh fuck yeah, bitch, drink my rank, hot piss you fucking nasty toilet whore. Fucking white scum bag.” Those words were music to Scott’s ears. “Don’t swallow it all, I want to see your mouth full of my piss. Hold some in your faggot mouth.”

Before the stream stopped, Scott did as he was told and he held a huge mouthful of urine in his mouth. He sat back and opened his mouth with pride to show what a good job he’d done. He beamed with pride. A few drops escaped the corners of his mouth but surely that was to be forgiven because he had such a huge amount of piss and had shown his talent for being a toilet.

“Good boy. Nice job.” With that, his Master tussled his hair and Scott felt an overwhelming sensation of love that made tears well up in his eyes. His Daddy was proud of him. That was all he ever wanted, for his Daddy to say, “Good job, son.” But that’s not exactly what he said. He completed his compliment by saying, “Lay down on the floor, under my feet, and hold that piss in your mouth and don’t you dare fucking swallow it until I tell you to. If you swallow it, spill it, or throw up, I PROMISE you’ll regret it.”

Steeled with determination, Scott maneuvered himself to lie between the sofa and the coffee table with his open mouth of golden nectar. He stared at the ceiling and decided to get into a space where he was going to breath through his nostrils and ignore the overwhelming pain of his jaw. In a zone, he smelled the evidence of smoke and momentarily panicked. It was cigar smoke, and his owner had lit up to enjoy a night of watching TV and a good smoke.

The sound of the ashes being extinguished in the piss he held so lovingly in his mouth made Scott angered and alarmed all over again. He’d never anticipated this, and a foot was brought down on his chest to prevent him from moving. He wanted to scream but he couldn’t, he thought he was going to drown for a second, and the taste of the ashes, magnified by the piss, made his body involuntarily heave.

“Easy there boy, I told you that anything I give you that you throw up, I’m going to make you eat again. And if you spill any piss or ashes on my carpet, I’m going to beat your ass so bad you won’t sit for a week.”

A Buddhist monk didn’t have more mind control than Scott did in that moment. Tears streamed steadily down his face but he remained focused on a small, imaginary spot on the ceiling. For the next 20 minutes, he was a receptacle for ashes as he held the now cold piss in his mouth. Piss overflowed his mouth as the ashes displaced the pee and he smelled like the men’s room at The Port Authority bus station.

“Swallow!” Those were Todd’s only instructions. “Swallow, it all, NOW!”

Scott rationalized for a moment and turned his head and spit out the foul contents of his mouth all over his Master’s cream carpet. That’s what this game was all about, punishment and reward. He wanted some more punishment. He wanted to get to the fun part where he got fucked and spanked and fucked some more. Over and over, he spit out the nasty remnants of cigar ashes and pee until he could only taste a hint of the disgusting mixture and waited for the slap, the punch, or the severe verbal tongue-lashing.

The pause seemed like an eternity, the silence, deafening. “Okay, okay.” “If you don’t want to play by my rules, get out. Get your shit and get out.” Standing, he stepped over Scott and went to his laundry room to get supplies to clean his carpet.

Scott was outdone. He didn’t want to go, he wanted to stay and get fucked. He wanted to stay and be humiliated some more. The man returned with a bucket of water and cleaning supplies, threw Scott’s keys and wallet on the floor at his feet, and ignored him as he went about scrubbing the stains on the carpet.

Scott had never felt more defeated. His arrogance had maneuvered him out of his dream situation AGAIN. He’d fucked up big time and there was nothing he could say. Apologies would be empty because he obviously did what he did on purpose. He hated himself for getting himself into this situation, he wanted to say something but the image of this beautiful Black man, on his knees, cleaning the mess that he’d made, silenced him.

“Here, let me clean it. I’m sorry.” The words sounded empty even to himself and he waited for some sort of acknowledgement.

“Get out.” The command was soft-spoken, without emotion.

Scott started sobbing uncontrollably. He had disappointed his Daddy. He had been a very bad boy. He had disrespected the man whom he wanted to own his very being. As experienced as Scott was in the lifestyle, this novice, this guy who had never dominated anyone else in his life, was controlling him in ways he’d never imagined. Scott became hysterical: crying, pleading, and throwing a temper tantrum the likes of which couldn’t be paralleled by even the most monstrous two-year-old. He wasn’t even making sense, he was just babbling about not wanting to leave and about how sorry he was. He got on his knees and tried to suck Todd’s cock again. He offered him money, $1000 in fact, if he could be allowed to stay. Sex and power were all Scott understood so he was offering all he knew how. The fact that he was being ignored caused him greater pain than he’d ever felt before.

“Stop crying bitch. Damn, shut the fuck up. I told you to get out. You obviously don’t want to play by my rules. You obviously think you can dictate and control some shit up in my mother-fucking house so it’s time for your ass to go. I will not be manipulated by some moronic little asswipe like you. Get the fuck out.”

Scott’s body was trembling. He wanted to do what he had been told, to follow orders and leave, but he wanted to stay more. He was having a mental breakdown. Before he knew what was going on, he had been pulled down across Todd’s lap and he was getting spanked soundly. Actually, spanked seems like such a benign term. He was being beaten. Blow after torturous blow rained down on his pale, flat ass, thighs, and even back. His Master seemed to be in some sort of trance of his own. “You fucking white boys are all the same. Thinking you can control shit. I’ll fucking show you. Dumb ass. You want me to be your Daddy, I’ll fucking make you wish you were never born.” The pain was excruciating but comforting at the same time.

With his hard cock sandwiched between those strong thighs and his ass being abused, Scott was screaming and crying like a little bitch. He was incoherent. “Yes, Daddy, beat me for being white. I’m so sorry, Daddy, I’ve been such a bad boy. I’m just a stupid, little-cocked, white boi who deserves to be punished. Take out your frustrations on me, Master. I promise I’ll do anything you say.”

Those words would prove to be the wrong thing to say.

Grabbing Scott f***efully by the arm, practically dislocating his shoulder from the socket, this overwhelming Dominant pillar of masculinity pulled him towards the Master Bedroom. Scott felt a ray of hope. Things were about to get down to business. Scampering along, practically on tiptoe, scurrying to keep up with the long strides of his Master, Scott was flung to the floor. He looked up to see a look of pure, unadulterated hatred on Todd’s face. This look wasn’t one of lust; his eyes were distant and glassy, filled with rage, reminding Scott of a rebel slave who had staged an insurrection against an evil slaveholder and who was about to behead the person who had taken his life, liberty, and manhood from him.

Scott watched as his Master undressed completely, muttering under his breath something incoherent and disjointed. Scott was genuinely scared. He thought maybe this guy was having some sort of slavery flashback, some sort of psychotic homicidal break and would go too far. Just that thought alone aroused Scott’s sick libido. This was it. His fantasy come true. For all of his posturing, for all his arrogance and bravado, Scott knew he was about to feel the true wrath of the mighty Black man. This was an entirely different situation than pissing off Black women. Black women would get angry, they would threaten blackmail and revenge, they would curse him out and try to make him pay with their strapons but they were ultimately just victims of Scott’s manipulative ploys, not capable of pulverizing Scott to within inches of his life. This man could crush Scott’s skull without breaking a sweat. Clearly, he’d pushed too far; clearly, he’d underestimated his ability to piss this man off. He cowered in terror, unable to run, held fast to the bedroom floor as he furiously jerked his cock and waited for the savage beating of his perverted dreams.

Before Scott could say, “Treat me like the filthy, white slut I am,” he was being tossed face down on the massive California King sized bed. As his hips were pulled up, he grabbed the pillow and buried his face in it. The butt plug was pulled unceremoniously from his ass and he was instructed to suck it. Lubricant and ass slime coated the foul toy and Scott turned his head in defiance.

“Oh, you want to play fucking games, bitch? You better suck that fucking butt plug or . . .” There was no reason to finish the ultimatum because within a fraction of a second, Scott was grabbed so hard by the back of his neck he saw stars. The plug was f***ed in his mouth and he sucked it like a perverse black pacifier. Scott couldn’t decide which tasted worse; the smegma, the ashes, or the funky ass mixture but he was sure that being f***ed to perform such lewd acts was liberating, freedom from enslavement to his false sense of manhood.

While Scott was wildly aroused, Todd was not. He didn’t find Scott attractive or the situation stimulating. He looked at Scott with utter contempt and disgust. This whole thing had gone past role-playing to something sick and twisted. He grabbed his dick and stroked it, willing it to hardness. He grabbed the remote and flicked on a vid that was in his DVD player. With his flat screen filled with images of hot, sweaty black men, he was able to get hard enough for the task at hand.

Fully erect, Todd was at least twelve inches. This wasn’t exaggerated, Internet inches, when guys claim they are a foot long and they are really only about two inches over average. This was the real deal. Scott felt like he was in the presence of a true god for surely anyone endowed with such a huge cock was more than a mere man. A flash of fear came over Scott as he realized he’d never had anything quite that large in his ass before. He was a small guy and his mind raced with images of where all that meat would actually go f***ed in his colon. Fear and pain were aphrodisiacs for Scott, so with his tiny cock leaking a steady stream of precum, he dove for that humongous piece of meat with his mouth again, with the hopes that he could get it wet enough to compensate for a lack of lube.

This time, the blowjob he gave was sloppy and wet and dripping with spit. He used his hands to work the copious saliva up and down the shaft. When he felt himself heaving, rather than hold back, he let go with disgusting amounts of slimy fluids from somewhere deep within him.

If that weren’t degrading enough, his tormentor and master was punctuating the scene with a serenade of degrading taunts. “Yeah you fucking white piece of trash. That’s is, suck that big fucking black dick! You love that, don’t you? Fagging out on my big, black knob. Take it you sissy fucking bitch. You know I’m going to ram that big fucker so deep in you that you are going to shit my cum for a week.” In the background, Scott could hear the sounds of primal fucking on the DVD which aroused him even more. The only thing he could see was the muscled abdomen of his master and the wiry pubic hairs that framed the glorious cock that was deep in his throat.

Scott was crying, literally streaming tears of joy down his face. Before he knew what was happening, he was flipped over on his stomach and his ass was pulled in the air. His crotchless, red panties and his flimsy, red nightie were ripped from his body and tossed on the floor. Without a whole lot of ceremony, Scott felt the head of that gigantic dick being pushed in his boycunt. He grimaced a little and took it with relative ease as he felt his prostate being massaged. He started moaning like a cheap whore; his own tiny cock producing a steady stream of dick snot that flowed freely. He worked his ass like the true faggot bitch he was and luxuriated in the sensations of the strong, masculine hands that held his hips and the gigantic dick embedded in his ass making him feel like something sick and perverted and feminine all at the same time.

While it seemed like an eternity, it was really only a few minutes before Scott was filled to capacity. He reached back to feel about four, incredibly thick inches of cock that hadn’t been able to fully penetrate him. He pumped his ass like the white women he had seen in pornos and he tightened his ass muscles like he’d been taught by his experiences with men. While Scott was satisfied with that, proud of himself for being able to take a full 8 inches like the insatiable ass slut he was, his Black Dom Daddy was not.

“You think that’s all you’re going to take? Oh, hell no. Bitch, you are going to take every fucking millimeter of my dick and you are going to love it, do you hear me?” With that, he pushed further and Scott tried to scramble away. He moved up higher on the bed and tried to resume wiggling his ass, fucking back on that cock, confident that he was giving his Black Daddy pleasure.

Not satisfied, Todd grabbed Scott by the shoulders and pushed harder, forcing at least another two inches incredibly thick cock deeper in Scott than he’d ever had before. Scott screamed out in pain. He did his best to pull away, fighting and struggling, but his efforts were nothing compared to the strength of the man fucking him. The pain permeated every fiber of his being, racing from his asshole to his nuts that were pulled tightly against his body to his hardened nipples and then all the way to the back of his eyes. Sweat dripped from his forehead and he whimpered, “Please, I can’t take anymore. It hurts.” Surely, his pleas would be understood. He was only 5’1”. There was only so much space for all that meat to go. It wasn’t because of lack of desire; it was logistics. He fought back, trying to save himself from serious internal damage.

“Oh is that so? It hurts, huh? You want me to stop? Do you? Do you want me to stop? Answer me, bitch! I’ll stop, all you have to do is say the word. DO YOU WANT ME TO STOP?” None of this was new to Todd. He’d met lots of guys who couldn’t take his entire dick before. But the power, the control, the domination was making him high. His became relentless, slapping Scott’s ass, spanking him, causing him further pain that only registered as pleasure for both of them.

All Scott had to do was say yes. All he had to do was respond that he wanted things to stop. He didn’t want to be ****d; he wanted to be dominated, that was entirely different. He fantasized about being ****d but the reality of it was something different. He reached back to feel the last two inches of dick that remained outside his body. They felt like two feet, the heat from that dick seemingly scorching his hand. He didn’t answer. He let his silence speak for itself. He wanted the pain. He wanted to be fucked u*********s and if he ended up in the hospital in the process, then so be it. He lowered his face to the pillow, braced his arms against the headboard, and waited.

On thing Scott had failed to realize, even after all this time, was that he wasn’t in control of things. He was grabbed by the back of the neck and pulled up like a rag doll. Instantly, he felt that dick being pulled completely out of his asshole and he cried out, only this time the pain was emotional. He felt empty and alone and worthless.

“You dirty cunt, clean my prick.” The instructions were not at all ambiguous. Ass fucking was meant to be primal and dirty, so he knew that his responsibility was to taste the ass slime that coated his master’s dick. Not surprisingly, brown streaks coated the dick. It could have been a lot worse had he not prepared himself but the evidence of shit was still apparent. He deeply inhaled the scent, making his dick leak more and his taste buds filled with the musky flavors of his ass as he licked and sucked it clean. It wasn’t enough to make him sick but he reeled at all the disgusting things he’d ingested over the past few hours: dick cheese, snot, piss, and now butt sludge. Just the mere thought of that alone almost made him shoot his load. The only thing that kept him from cumming was the depraved thought that he might be pushed to do even more disgusting things and he wanted to be totally horned up for that possibility.

“Ride my dick bitch,” as the pair repositioned themselves so that his Daddy was on his back, reclining in relaxation, as Scott prepared to mount him and fuck himself silly. Again, as before, the first eight inches went in with relative ease. His asslips sucked and nursed at the huge cock in him as she bounced up and down. Ashamed and aroused, he farted as the air was pushed up in his ass and he rode that cock for all he was worth. Still, he couldn’t get that entire dick up his ass. He squirmed his ass down harder, trying his best to take more but he couldn’t. Frustrated, his Daddy grabbed him around his hips and pulled Scott down even further. This time, as before, Scott screamed out in pain, but this time, he loved it. Pain was his pacifier. Scott was warped, twisted, and distorted, and he knew that only a disgusting white worm like himself could be aroused by pain, humiliation, and degradation.

Being tired of the cat and mouse games, Todd flipped Scott on his back and pushed his thighs back to his chest. He gripped the base of his dick and aimed it up with Scott’s hole. He pushed forward, hearing Scott’s cries in a distant fog. Encountering resistance, he pushed harder, working up a sweat. Determined, he pushed deeper, driving every inch of his dick deep in Scott’s bowels. Giving him a full minute, he waited until he saw a look of acknowledgement on Scott’s face and he began pumping, pounding, pushing and fucking. “Take that, bitch. Take all my big fucking Daddy dick you little twat. You white fucking faggot, I own you. I own your body and your soul.” As if in a trance, he hammered his dick deeper and harder than he’d ever done before, grunting like an a****l and turned on by the idea of using a white boy so completely. “I’m going breed your faggot pussy with a gallon of my cum. Do you want my baby, bitch? You want to be pregnant with your Black Daddy’s baby? Say it!”

Scott couldn’t form words. As the last of that massive dick invaded his intestines, he could only moan and scream in ecstasy. The sweat from his master’s body dripped into Scott’s mouth and eyes, the smell of man fucking permeated the air. He grabbed his cock and stroked it in time with the dick that punished his butthole. Glancing down, he could actually see the outline of that gigantic dick pushing against his stomach and he shot his load all over his stomach.

In pornos, that would be the signal for his lover to cum also, to finish in a blaze of glory in unison. In reality, Scott’s Dominant Black Daddy was nowhere near the finish line. He kept pumping Scott’s hole raw. Scott’s legs were cramped, pushed uncomfortably back and his insides felt like they were being dragged out with each extraction of that black stick that fucked him. The pain was excruciating but it was comforting in a way. He felt absolved of his guilt, his arrogance, of his pretense of being bigger and better, at last he was absolved of the wretched stigma of being white. In that moment, he was a filthy fuck pig to be used and abused. He relished in the sensation of his asshole being pumped full of scalding, white, hot cum.

He passed out. Drifting in and out of consciousness, he awoke to being fucked and used time and time again. Night turned to day and he found himself being fucked in various ways, of serving his Black Master in unspeakable ways. Before he knew what was happening, it was Sunday night and he was packing to leave. He sobbed and bawled uncontrollably. Falling to the floor, he begged and pleaded with Todd to retain control of him.

From that day on, Scott Clair lived for the weekends. Mondays through Fridays were lived in a state of suspended animation for him, nothing seemed real; everything sort of floated by in grainy images of black and white. Friday evenings were when life was lived in full HD Technicolor. It was on the weekends when he could assume his true role and shed the pretenses of his average existence. Every weekend, Scott Clair became the possession, toy, and sexual playing of a Black Dom Daddy who inflicted the most horrendous and sadistic tortures on his pale, white flesh. For slightly more than 48 hours, Scott willingly put himself in a position to be degraded, humiliated, and used beyond most people’s comprehension and he’d never been happier or more satisfied in his life.

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Tribute to My Succubus

suc*cu*bus (suk'yoo-be, n. [pl. SUCCUBI (-bi')
In folklore, a female demon thought to have
sexual relations with a sl**ping man.

I was having the weirdest dream over a several week period. It was always the same dream and as time went on the dream became more and more vivid. It was getting so that I enjoyed going to bed in anticipation of my dream.

This reoccurring dream was always about my sexual domination by a beautify female who never quite seemed to materialize. All I could ever see was a small portion of her body at any one time. Sometimes it would be my hand caressing a smooth silky thigh, or a swollen nipple between two of my fingers, or maybe my erect manhood slipping between russet folds of sweet flesh as I sank in to her to the hilt.

But always the same feeling of total domination and complete helplessness and extreme pleasure centered at my crotch.

Then the fatigue began to set in. At first it was just difficult to wake up in the mornings. I would feel bleary, tired and used up, like I'd been out partying all night.

The feeling of fatigue became more pronounced as the days progressed until I began sl**ping in later and later. I was getting in trouble at work for being late. I felt like I was out of control and the feeling of helplessness was overpowering.

The dream became more and more vivid until I began to think about it in terms that brought it to life just like something that was really happening to me. I'd go to bed and begin to fantasize about being dominated by the strange female of my dreams. She would do all kinds of sexual things to me and I could do nothing but lie there and take it.

The feeling of moist hot lips encircling my throbbing manhood would make my body shiver in anticipation. The light touch of cool dry fingers wrapping around my manly shaft would make me moan in pleasure. The feeling as I sank my hot quivering tool deep into her moist darkness made my body jerk in ecstasy as I pumped my life's f***e into her blackness.

Those dreams were so vivid, so perverted and erotic that when I finally woke up in the morning I felt like I'd been at it all night and that I had been completely drained.

I began to look around my bed in the morning, looking for evidence of some sort of debauchery from the night before. But except for the sweat soaked sheets and the tousled bedclothes there was no evidence of sexual release on my part.

Several weeks into this dream state I began to become worried. Was I having some kind of nervous breakdown? What was going on with me? Why was I so tired all the time?

I know you won't believe this next part of my story, I'm not even sure that I do. But about half way through one night I woke up. I think there was some sort of loud noise outside like a car accident or some kind of explosion, I'll never know for sure.

But the noise woke me and my eyes popped opened. There, perched atop me was a strange looking creature. Her lips were closed over my semi-hard penis and her eyes where wide as she looked up into mine.

Adrenaline surged through my body with the unexpected effect that I became instantly and totally erect and my body tensed and quivered in a weird kind of anticipation. I watched as my manhood grew and snaked into the creature's mouth. Her eyes closed and her head began to bob, a rhythmic motion began to take place.

I knew I should jump up; I should have pushed her away. I knew that I should stop the she-b**st from whatever it was doing to me, but the pleasure I was receiving from it's motions over my crotch were just too insanely wonderful.

I was virtually paralyzed with pleasure as the female b**st moved her lips down and then pulled back in a quickening rhythm, all the time making little mewling sounds in the back of her throat.

I'm calling this creature a female because that was the impression I was given by her form and movements. The curve of a bicep, the skin tone of a calf, the shape of a hip, all indicated to me that this was a female.

But what kind of female?

Soon it didn't matter to me what kind of female, she could have been a filthy swine for all I cared. The pleasure she was giving me was mind numbing. My whole body was responding to her touch. My erection felt so hard and strong that I felt I could have done anything with it including plunging a hole through tempered steel.

My heart rate was pounding faster than humanly possible in my chest. My breath was coming in gasps and my body began to jerk like a rag doll in rhythm with my b**st-lover's movements. Her head bobbing up and down, my body jerking up and down, my mind in a daze.

Then like a volcano my release was complete. It started in my toes and fingers, a warming like drinking a large whisky. The surge pulsed through me traveling up my arms and legs to my crotch and then back again, in ever increasing surges.

I dazedly looked down at my lover's bobbing head and watched her throat move as she swallowed again and again. I knew then that I was filling her mouth with my seed as if it were the contents of a garden hose.

Soon I saw sticky whiteness oozing from the corners of her mouth and knew that my white-hot potion was over lowing her mouth's capacity. Yet I still came!

I groaned in pain and pleasure as I felt my contractions still building. I could actually feel deep down within myself the surging white mucus full of my little sperms flowing up the inner tubing of my guts and out of my body in violent jets that kept coming.

Finally I was unable to accept what was happening to me. My body was on overload and yet it still continued to produce excruciating pleasure, so much so that my mind was beginning to blacken, I could no longer keep my eyes open.


I didn't regained consciousness until late in the afternoon. As my eyes fluttered open the realization of what I'd seen and felt came flooding back to me. What in god's name had I experienced?

My mind at fist wouldn't comprehend what I knew to be true. But finally I came to the conclusion that I'd been sexually m*****ed my some sort of unearthly b**st. A demon.

I never did get out of bed that day. I just lay there until evening and finally turned off the light and pulled the covers up to my chin and drifted off to sl**p again.

Somehow I knew that my dream would come to me again. I also knew that if I let myself be dominated by my dreams that I'd die. But as I remembered the wonderfully fantastic feelings that my female b**st had given me the night before, well, dying didn't sound like too high a price to pay. Did it?
... Continue»
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Slavegirl Island 1.3

Chapter One (Part Three)


Miss Ramon and I went to the bar by the side of the swimming pool. Half a dozen or so guests were splashing about, mostly women. It was quite warm. There were tables around the pool where guests were sitting. Two slave-girls were moving hither and thither on the alert for any signal from a guest. Guests don’t like any delay in service.
“A Pernod with ice,” I said in reply to Miss Ramon’s invitation. She ordered the same. The barmaid, I saw, had large bangles, golden in colour, dangle from her nipples. This is quite a common piece of decoration for a slave-girl. She was quick and efficient in her serving. I guessed that
being a barmaid was almost a perk. Certainly better that scrubbing stone flags.
“Cheers!” I raised my glass to Miss Ramon.
She smiled.
“Enjoy your stay,” she said.
“I guess I will,” I replied. At that moment, a slave-girl came into the bar.
“Two large gins with tonic,” she ordered briskly. “And hurry please, Del.”
“I’ll be as quick as I can,” said the barmaid. I looked at the girl just to my left and saw it was Anna, the girl who had been sent to my room that morning... and had made an excellent fuck. I patted her bare bottom.
“So we meet again. So soon.” I grinned at her. Anna looked momentarily startled.
“Oh... Master...” she said, “I b-beg pardon... I was concentrating on my order.”
“Quite right too,” I nodded. “No guest likes to be kept waiting.” I ran my finger in the soft cleft of the girl’s buttocks and recalled how delicious she had felt earlier. It was sheer delight to be able to treat a female in this casual fashion. That’s why one came to Bianca’s really. The gin and tonics arrived and Anna hurried out, bottom swinging merrily.
“You seem on familiar terms,” said Miss Ramon.
“She brought up my tea this morning,” I said, “and, as it so happened I fucked her.”
“Not a bad judge, Jason. You know she’s only sixteen?”
“Yes, came here at f******n, I understand? Must have been quite an ordeal for her at f******n.”
“Yes, I guess so. Still, that’s the way of the world. Bianca’s world.”
“Talk of the devil, there she is.” I had caught sight of Bianca’s slender figure on the far side of the pool. She was dressed in a white gown trimmed with silver, looking as ravishing as ever. She must, I reckoned, have been nearly 40 but looked more like 30. I fancied her no end but it was pointless. She was 100% lesbian. It wasn’t any worry in view of how much cunt there was available! “Better pay my respects.”
“Sure,” said Miss Ramon. “I’ve got a few things to attend to anyway. See you around.”
“You sure will. Anything on tonight?”
“Almost certainly a ‘cabaret’ after dinner.”
“That’s fine.” A ‘cabaret’ on Bianca’s Island was a series of sex shows involving slave-girl’s, Overseers and Trainers. Quite fun, I can assure you. I circled the pool and came to Bianca’s table. I lifted her milk-white hand and kissed it. “Ahh... Jason... how nice to see you. Settling in?”
“Yes thank you. But it does take a little while to get adjusted.”
“That’s understandable.” Alongside Bianca was a woman in her forties, big-mouthed, lantern-jawed, wearing a widebrimmed hat. She was tightly corseted.
“May I introduce Mrs. Sherman-Peters,” said Bianca “Pleased to meet you,”
said the woman, extending her hand. I took in and shook it.
The voice was very American.
“Honoured,” I replied.
“Mrs. Sherman-Peters is one of my agents. One of my most accomplished agents. The woman smiled with complacent satisfaction.
“Would you like to see her latest Bill of Ladies?”
Doubtless I looked puzzled. “A new assignment she has just brought me. Ten delicious girls. Half of them American, the rest European.”
“Amazing,” I said. And I meant it. What an organisation Bianca had! One with cast-iron security. A sheet of paper slid across the table. I looked down and saw a list of names and details attached. It was rather like a catalogue at a picture auction.
“Bianca,” I asked, may I enquire how much you payoff these women?”
The eyebrows of both went up.
“Well,” said Bianca, “you may not really. But I’ll tell you all the same. They go from 10,000 dollars upwards, according to age, looks and background. A really good specimen can make 50,000 or more. But they are worth it.”
Bianca smiled sadistically. “They earn their keep. As you know Jason, my fees are high.”
“Yes, I know that all right,” I sighed. Not that I minded. I had plenty of money. It was to be used for enjoyment. I looked down and studied the list. “Excuse me a moment.”
“Of course,” said Bianca. I studied the list.
It read as follows:

BARBARA, 18, American. At secretarial college in Chicago.Features rather plain but a superb body. Shows signs of having a stubborn disposition.

MAISIE, 16, American. a*****ed from her school in Delaware. A frisky girl very mature for her years. Possibly a virgin.

JENNIE, 21, American. Secretary to a company Chairman. Also his Mistress. The whole body is good but the breasts are superb.

LARA, 22, American. Made her living in computers, but, if she had used her arse, would have made a lot more. A really fantastic rear.

HANNAH, 16, American. A black servant-girl who, I am sure, with proper training, will turn into one of the most exciting sex-objects ever.

DEBBIE, 17, English. a*****ed from boarding school. Very prim and proper and should give a lot of pleasure to many.Body still in the budding stage.

CAROLINE, 22, English. City worker, well connected. Haughty-arrogant. Big tits, big bottom. Suggest she has a black Trainer.

KIRSTEN, 18, Danish. A real beauty. Blonde, superb looks and figure. Will be very popular, I am sure.

MARTHA, 22, German. A hefty girl. She will be very much sought after by those who want quantity rather than quality.

GISELLE, 19, French. Superb aquiline features; a body which has not yet fully developed. Fiery in temperament.

“A nice little collection,” I said, putting down the sheetof paper.
“Yes, I guess so.” Mrs. Sherman-Peters was looking as smug as smug.
“While you’re here, you might see some of them undergoing their initial training.
“That could be fun,” I said. I thought in particular of Debbie. ‘Very prim and proper’, it had said. Yes, that could be quite amusing.
“Do you have any problems in acquiringthese women?” I asked Mrs. Sherman-Peters.
“One has to be very circumspect and patient,” she answered.
“But I manage.”
“I congratulate you.”
“Thank you, kind sir.” At this moment Mrs. Sherman-Peters pressed a small knob on her wrist-watch. I wondered why. Then, some thirty seconds later, an astonishing apparition approached our table. I, naturally, had expected a woman but soon realised it was a man. A kind of man, anyway. He was of medium height and had been shaven of all body hair. His hair itself, eyebrows, chest, belly. Everywhere. His penis was encased in an obviously heavy iron tube. This ‘thing’ fell to its knees and bowed his head to the ground.
“This is my personal slave,” said Mrs. Sherman-Peters, casually.
“I hope he doesn’t offend you?”
“I must confess, I don’t much care for the look of him,” I laughed.
“I’m not surprised. He is quite disgusting. Still, he has his uses.”
I realised I was looking at the complete antithesis of myself. Here was a male under complete domination, incapable of any sexual activity. Whereas I was free as a bird and able to fuck virtually everything that came my way. An incredible contrast.
“Present,” said Mrs. Sherman-Peters.
The creature swivelled himself around and I then saw that his testicles were held at the top of the scrotum by a tight iron ring. Those testicles were the brightest red imaginable. From her handbag, Mrs. Sherman Peters took an aerosol and sprayed the testicles with a pale pink liquid. The
creature gasped and winced.
“Very powerful liniment,” said Mrs. Sherman-Peters.
“Stings like crazy.” There was a shuddering moan from the creature.
“So much for the ozone layer,” laughed Bianca. I joined in.
“He gets a dose about every two hours,” said Mrs. Sherman-Peters.
“Keeps him well stimulated, I guess. Not, as you can see, he can do anything about that.”
“Never?” I queried.
“Never,” Mrs. Sherman-Peters informed me. “He is quite, quite celibate.”
I must confess I felt a momentary stab of sympathy. How could a man get himself into such a situation?
It was all rather fascinating.
“Back to work,” snapped Mrs. Sherman-Peters. The creature sprang to his feet and scuttled away. My God, what an existence! Bianca snapped her fingers and a slave-girl was at her side within seconds. The girl was quivering. Doubtless simply being in the presence of the supreme Mistress was nerve-racking in itself.
“A bottle of Champagne,” said Bianca. “No, make it a Magnum. Jason is a rare visitor.” Bare bottom bouncing, the slave-girl hurried away.
Thus, by the pool, sheltered from the sun by a colourful umbrella, we whiled away a pleasant hour before lunch. Naked slave-girls flitted to and fro, about their duties, breasts and buttocks bouncing delightfully. They made a most pleasant background to the scene, symbolising the gulf between
those with power and those completely without it. Total domination... and utter submission. How fortunate I am, I reflected, thinking momentarily about Mrs. Sherman-Peters’ creature.
“What’s your slave doing, Martha?” I enquired. We were, by then, on first name terms. She shrugged.
“No idea. I simply handed him over to an Overseer and told her to make him work his guts out.”
“I am sure she will,” laughed Bianca. “Makes a change for a girl to have a male to deal with. Makes her even more vicious, I guess.”
“Probably,” agreed Martha. “I sometimes wonder how long he’ll last. Still, when he does go, I can always get another one.”
“Of course...”
It was difficult for me to adjust to two women talking in this way. Their air of authority and their supreme confidence in their ability to capture and control other human beings was disconcerting. They were power mad.
At last Bianca rose.
“I’m going to take a shower before lunch,” she announced.
“Good idea,” said Martha. I stood and gave a little bow as the ladies left. Best to be respectful to one’s host, I thought. Then I gave the slave-girl who was attending to the Magnum, a stinging slap across her bottom. No need to be the slightest bit respectful to her!
“Fill up my glass, girl,” I snapped.
“Yes, Master... at once Master...” The pale golden liquid ran and bubbled. Two ample-round breasts joggled softly just a couple of fact away from me. The girl had very long, blonde hair, and an altogether excellent figure. Her flesh was a delicate honey colour. Yes, I liked the look of her.
“What’s your name, slave?”
“Birgit, Master.”
“That’s a Danish name, isn’t it?”
“Yes, Master. Its English equivalent is Brigit.”
“From Copenhagen, are you?”
Lids fell momentarily over startling blue eyes. Obviously going back to her former life was a painful experience.
“Yes, Master,” she whispered. I wondered idly what she would have been doing at that moment if she hadn’t been caught in Bianca’s net. She looked rather like a photographic model. I decided then that, most probably, I would send for her later in the afternoon. My hand waved dismissively
and Birgit stepped back. She would be keenly attentive,ready to serve again on the instant.
Ten minutes later I left the table and made my way to the dining room. There a delicious lobster and more wine made me feel sl**py. I headed for my apartment, took a lukewarm shower then lay down naked on the bed. Soon I was blissfully in dreamland.
I suppose I slept for an hour or more and, when I awoke, I had a whacking great hard on. How fortunate there were so many available beauties to deal with it! I decided to stick with my earlier choice, Birgit... and rang down to Room Service.
“Yes, Sir?” A woman’s voice.
“There’s a slave by the name of Birgit, long blonde hair...Is she available?”
“I’ll check, Sir.” A pause. “Yes...she’s in her cell at the moment.”
“Send her up, will you?”
“Certainly, Sir.” I put down the receiver and couldn’t help smiling. It was all so casual. Like ordering a pot of tea. Yet a vibrant, young female creature was on her way up to me and I could make her do more or less anything I wanted.
A delicious sense of power and a surge of lust went through me. There shortly came a knock on my door and I told the girl to enter.
Her blue eyes flickered momentarily on my erection then he was down on the floor at the end of my bed, nose to floor, bottom high, thighs wide. It was the obligatory posture on entering a guest’s room and it gave me an excellent view of all her charms in the floor-to-ceiling mirror on the facing wall. There was, incidentally, another mirror over the bed.
“I quite fancy you, Birgit,” I said.
“Thank you, Master,” came a muffled response. “I hope I can please you.”
“Oh I’m sure you will. But, first, a few questions. Come up onto the bed.” Birgit stood and slid alongside me on the soft coverlet. I fondled her excellent breasts gently. She thrust them at me all the more invitingly and I felt the nipples beginning to firm a little. Then, with my fingers I
explored the mound and sex-lips. Again gently. And again she proffered herself all the more invitingly. Obviously well trained.
“How long have you been a slave, Birgit?” I asked. She thought for a little while.
“A-About... eight months, Master... maybe nine...”
“Not long. Still, I expect it seems a long time to you.” She briefly bit a pouting lower lip.
“Yes, Master.” As by the pool-side, her voice dropped to a whisper and I felt her give a little shudder.
“How long have you been fully trained, girl?”
“Some six months, Master.” Another shudder. It was obviously painful to go back in time. Better to live from day to day. But I enjoyed opening old wounds.
“So you were trained for two months. Perhaps a little more?”
“Y-Yes, M-Master...” Those blue eyes, now looking a little more despairing, gazed at me imploringly, as if begging me to ask no more questions.
“Is that a normal length of time for training a slave?”
“I... I think so, Master. S-Some train more quickly than others. Little more than a month. Some take as long as four months.”
“Just depends how stubborn a girl is, I suppose,” I said and squeezed one of the breasts quite hard. She gave a tiny gasp. Then, rather to my surprise, I saw a single tear roll down her honey-coloured cheek. That, I knew, was not caused by my squeezing her breasts but by the memories I was arousing.
“Were you stubborn, Birgit?”
“A-At... f-first... yes, Master... it... it is natural to resist...” There was a sob in her voice.
“Yes, I suppose it is,” I nodded. “But going over the Punishment Block at too frequent intervals softens resistance, eh?”
Birgit’s breasts began heaving up and down with the f***e of her emotions and two more tears ran down her cheeks.
“YYes...oh yes... Master...” she agreed.
“Are you often punished now?”
“No, Master, not often.”
“When were you last punished?” She thought...
“About ten days ago, Master.”
“What was that for slave?”
“A lady guest had a Complaint. She did not think I was ‘enthusiastic’ enough.”
“Ahhh... I believe quite a few lady guests are inclined to do that. Even when their complaint is not fully justified.”
“Y-Yes, Master,” she nodded miserably. It certainly was a tough lire!
“What was your punishment, slave?”
“A caning, Master. Eighteen strokes.”
“Which rod?” It was nice to go on probing.
“I... I can’t quite remember, Master. Number 3, I think.”
That was the lightest of three rods used, but an unpleasantly painful instrument all the same.
“Turn over girl.” Birgit turned and I stroked her soft bottom. It humped up nicely and it would have humped up even more so over the Block. She was, of course, quite unmarked. Bianca’s fantastic Healing Treatment worked with miraculous speed. It had to, in view of what was handed out with daily regularity on the Island!
„I shan’t have you punished,” I said.
“Tha-Thank you, Master...”
“Unless you displease me, of course. And I don’t think you’ll do that.”
“Oh no, Master.”
There was a genuine earnestness in her voice, as if to say that to displease was something unthinkable. I fingered her anus.
“Do you often get bum-fucked, slave?”
“N-Not very often, Master...”
“Do you like it?”
“No, Master.”
“Then you are fortunate I am not that way inclined. A nice hot juicy cunt is good enough for me. And I’m sure you can produce that.”
“Yes, Master.”
I still had that whacking hard on. “You can begin, my pretty, by sucking my prick. Very, very gently.”
“Yes, Master.” Birgit stirred and slid over my thighs, positioning herself. I patted her blonde tresses.
“On second thoughts, you can begin by licking my prick. And my balls. All over.”
“Yes, Master.”
I lay back relaxed, clasping my hands behind my head. The tiny, flickering tongue-tip titillated me deliciously. It ran up and down, it lingered on the sensitivity of my knob. Birgit knew what she was doing. After about five minutes, she turned her attention to my balls and gave them a thorough
going over, kissing as well as licking. If I hadn’t known otherwise, I could have thought she was truly enjoying doing it. There was a sort of passion to her ministrations. There had to be, of course. This kind of simulation was built in during training. Even if a girl did not achieve orgasm, she had to pretend she did. And make it good.
I looked up at the ceiling mirror, seeing Birgit kneeling between my parted thighs, her head right down, her bottom up. It curves superbly. I had chosen well. Then, at long last, I tapped her head.
“OK, give it a rest,” I ordered. She would have gone on and on, until utterly exhausted, unless I had checked her. Birgit remained kneeling there, mouth pressed lightly to my scrotum, with me trying to get some
control of my lust. I did not want to go off too soon. What to do? I wanted to fuck this delicious Danish pastry but I guessed, if I had her sucking me, I wouldn’t be able to hold back. Best, I decided, to take it in two stages. Have her suck me now and, after a rest, I’d fuck her later. And be
able to fuck her longer and stronger as I would be partially slaked.
Yes, that was the best plan.
“Very well, slave, you can now suck me,” I said.
“Thank you, Master,” responded Birgit at once. I wondered, all those months ago now, how many thrashings it had taken to make her suck a cock. Now she was giving thanks!
Birgit pushed herself up a little so that her mouth came to the top of my hard prick. Her breasts dangled and I clasped them. My knob went into her warm-wet mouth. At first, just the knob. She sucked vigorously, like a greedy c***d with a folly. Her eyes closed; she was very intent on her task. One delicate hand gripped the roof of my prick, steadying it
for her.
“I’m going to spunk down your gullet, slave,” I said with deliberate crudity. Birgit nodded, eyes opening, as she acknowledged my intention. Then she took more of my prick into her delicious mouth and, continuing to suck, her head bobbed up and down as well. She managed to get half my
length into her before it got to the back of her throat. I am quite well made. The head bobbed faster and faster; the mouth worked with furious abandon. She was giving it everything. As she must. Her eyes closed again; her nostrils were flaring and she was breathing heavily down them. The
one desire in her slave-soul at that moment was to please me fully.
And that she was certainly doing!
How long could I hold out? Not much longer, surely. But what did it matter? I had all the time I wanted to go round again. And again and again, if need be. The thought roused my lust even higher. The divine sensation was creeping up on me. Birgit seemed to realise it and worked even more frantically. Faster... faster...
The veins in my thighs... my balls... seemed suddenly to be filling with hot wine.
“Ohhhhh... God... dear God...” I groaned, twisting from side to side as I mounted swiftly to a climax. Birgit managed to hang on to me, mouth still
yammering away. Up... up... up...I was going to shoot. Nothing could stop me. Nothing! My thighs and belly quaked and shivered. The hot wine seemed to turn to jelly. My haunches worked uncontrollably up and down.
Then I was spunking and spunking... up into that delicious, sucking mouth. Crying out at the divine release. And my lovely slave was going on sucking. And sucking. Draining me dry. I moaned, as I rolled from side to side.
Then it was over. And I was weak and slumped. Completely... but completely...slaked.
This girl had just given me one of the best blow jobs I had ever had. I patted her head as a sign of my approval. But I was not going to spell it out in words. Slaves don’t get praise. Only punishment for failure.
Birgit remained where she was, my flaccid prick clasped softly in her mouth, bottom still up high. Certainly a slave well and truly trained.
I allowed myself to sink into a delicious doze. Birgit still had my prick in her mouth when I awoke. Naturally. For she had no order to remove her mouth. Now she got it.
“That will do,” I said. She took away her mouth...and I realised I had started to swell again. Good. It would soon be time for further action. How should I enjoy this young beauty? With her on top of me? Me on top of her? Or, perhaps, from the rear? Well, I’d had Anna on top of me this morning,
so I might as well have a change. When a girl had an arse like Birgit’s, from the rear had a positive appeal. So I finally decided on that.
“Time you got a good solid fucking, I think, slave.”
“Thank you, Master,” she replied, features expressionless.
“Do you like fucking?”
“Yes... Master...”
Was that the truth? Impossible to tell, for she would have to say that anyway. Perhaps, since she got so much of it, she had grown to like being fucked by strangers. It was like what they say about ****. If it is unavoidable, lie back and enjoy it.
“Turn around and kneel facing the mirror.”
“Yes, Master.” She turned. Oh that lovely bottom. My prick was hardening fast.
“I want you looking into the mirror. Watching me riding you.”
“Yes, Master.” Oh the delicious submissiveness of the girl. one almost felt that, even if you had told her to fly, she would have sprouted wings and circled the bedroom! She parted her thighs invitingly. There was that young cunt, so soft looking, the lips pouting prettily. I took hold of her warm flanks.
“You’ve got all the right equipment,” I said thickly as my knob touched her sex-lips. She made no answer but moaned softly. Was that in pleasurable anticipation or in apprehension? No matter, I was going to enjoy the whole thing anyway. I thrust into her, hard and fast. Fully. She gasped, head jerking up. Then she wriggled a little. Delightfully. As if savouring my solidity. Oh it felt very good!
I found her surprisingly warm and receptive. At that time I was not to know that slave-girls had to titillate themselves whenever possible whilst waiting to please a guest. That’s what Birgit must have been doing whilst I dozed. Good girl!
Slowly but surely, I fucked her. A full thrust every time. Right to the hilt. She kept on wriggling beautifully whenever my length was right in her. Looking into the mirror, I saw her blue eyes bright, her full lips a little parted. She really did seem to be enjoying ill. But could she really be? After all she was being ****d by a stranger. On the other hand, I didn’t like to think it was all pretence. I wanted to conquer her with my cock. Increasing the pace, I increased my pleasure. She was becoming truly hot and squelchy. Also, she was beginning to pant; her haunches jerking convulsively. It seemed to me I had got her going. Delightful!
“M-Master... o-ohhh... M-Master...” she was whimpering, “you aaaghhhh... so... strong... ooooh... w-wonderful... ohhhh M-Master... I truly am your slave!”
Was it true?
I sincerely hoped it was!
Birgit began to get even more agitated. If this was simulated, it was wonderful acting. But I began to get the impression it wasn’t simulated. Those blue eyes were glazing, her mouth began to sag and gape. There was salivaoozing out of her lips.
“O-O-Ohhhh... M-Master... I... I’m... going to c-come...yes... ohhh... yessssss... oooooh... Master... may I come?”
“You may, slave,” I said, beginning to fuck her faster and faster. She felt superb. Liquid velvet in rippling action. A bottom squirming in ecstasy. I was hard put to it to keep control of myself, yet managed it. I was mastering her completely. That was my main pleasure.
“N-Now... NOWWWWWWWWWW!” - she cried out. And then was convulsed in writhing and jerking as she spent herself violently. There was no doubt in my mind that she had achieved a genuine orgasm. Most satisfying.
I continued to fuck her relentlessly, but slowing a little at first to allow her to recover. Also to get a better grip on myself. She felt so delicious I was constantly tempted to release myself but I hung on, hearing my self also panting now. Hearing myself groan with pleasure. What a little
beauty! What a body! What a hot cunt! What a superb fuck!
“Y-Your s-slave... your s-slave....” she was moaning. “Oooooh... oooohhhh... fuck me... fuck me... fuck me...”
As if I were not doing just that!
Then I knew the moment had come. There were limits to my endurance. I worked up to a furious pace and, within less than a minute I came to the boil. Birgit was crying out joyfully as I shot and shot into her. We were a writhing mass of joined flesh. Exultant flesh. We slumped down on the bed, panting like runners at the end of the race. She was twitching; my thighs were trembling. It had been a superb fuck. For both of us. Of that I was sure. Nothing was said for a long while. I found I was dribbling
on her shoulder. She was breathing deeply, eyes closed.
“You really do like fucking, don’t you slave?” I said at last.
Birgit sighed.
“Only when I am fucked by a marvellous Master like you,” she said.
I was well content by her answer. She might be a slave, but she was a woman too. A little later, I ordered a bottle of Champagne to be sent up. This we shared, she a little nervous at this privilege.
I smiled at her and patted her.
“I wish I could be your personal slave for ever,” said Birgit suddenly.
Most gratifying.
“Ahhhh... do you indeed. I’m afraid that is not possible. There are commitments....”
“Of course, Master. I understand. I was just wishing.”
I fondled her lovely breasts. She seemed to preen herself like a cat being stroked.
“Birgit,” I said, “I am going to write a note to your Chief Overseer. I shall tell her what an excellent slave you are. That you have given every
possible satisfaction. That I have found no fault whatever in you.”
Birgit’s blue eyes glowed.
“Oh... oh... thank you, Master. That is most kind.”
“That’s all right.” I knew that such a note from any guest was highly prized by any slave. It could well ameliorate future punishments. I patted her soft bottom.
“I think you can run along now.”
“I... I have to be fetched, Master,” she said, lowering her eyelids.
“Oh yes... of course.” I lifted the phone and rang Room Service.
“You can take this slave from my room now,” I said.
“Very good, Sir,” said the woman’s voice. “I’ll arrange it right away. Any complaints?”
“None at all,” I answered, putting down the receiver. I turned to Birgit, again fondling her breasts.
“I think I shall send for you again before I leave,” I said.
She actually smiled. It seemed a genuine smile.
“Oh thank you, Master! I am honoured. And so pleased!” Believe me, it really did sound genuine. Then, perhaps it was.Better to be fucked by me than used by some vindictive butch lesbian, I reckoned. A short while later, a male Overseer arrived and put a collar around Birgit’s neck and led her off. She gave me another smile as she left.
Frankly, I felt almost sorry for her.

... Continue»
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HuGeHuNg fucks desperate turkish wife Burcu

Before I start I must tell you a little about myself. I am a Turkish Stud body-builder with huge hard hung cock who has a extraordinary desire for married wives. My experience tells me that most, if possibly not all have a deep desire to taste the "forbidden fruit" of huge thick hard muscled turkish cock. Let me tell you of my latest conquest.

I work as a social worker in a large metropolitan hospital. My education includes a Doctorate Degree in Psychology; and a Masters Degree in Social Environments As such it was extremely easy for me to obtain a top job at a very influential teaching hospital in istanbul. My expressed duties were to council the spouses of terminally ill patients. Additionally when a patient was admitted due to extreme trauma or near fatal accidents I was the one chosen to comfort the families of those patients.

That of course was the duties assigned by the Hospital Administrator. My agenda naturally was far removed from the concerns of the hospital. My objectives focused primarily on the conquest and complete subjugation of the pretty wives of the unfortunate beings who were admitted to the large and for the most part impersonal hospital.

On a cold and dreary Tuesday afternoon I was on call when a middle aged man was admitted with an extreme head trauma caused by an auto accident. The man was an attorney in his mid forties who was from one of the most prestigious law firms in the city. He was extremely wealthy and the hospital wanted me to give whatever comfort I could to his most attractive wife.

Mrs. Burcu .... III was a stunning woman in her late thirties. She was a rather tall elegant woman whose auburn hair reached to her shoulders. Her rather small but pert breasts pushed against her white silk blouse. However her best and most visible assets were her long legs which seemed to go on forever.

I first laid eyes on the stunning wife when I walked into the private waiting room of the VIP lounge. My cock harden as I observed the wife sitting on the low sofa with the expensive dark blue skirt riding up those delicious long legs encased with black nylons and black knee high leather boots. Her white silk blouse was stretched tight against her heaving braless tits. The tight nipples were making their presence known; especially with my turkish [6 cms(2.2inches) thickness,20 cms(8inches) around of my cock,17.5cms(7 inches) longer] cock. The distraught wife was trembling; deep in concentration as the chief surgeon was explaining the operation he just performed. The doctor had the bedside manners of a king cobra. He told the tormented wife that her husband would either recover; or die within the next twenty four hours. After sharing the information he coldly rose and exited

The worried wife sought out my eyes looking for some meager compassion in this large and cold room. I quickly made my way to her side and put my muscular arm around her soft shoulders. Looking into her deep emerald eyes I calmly reassured her that someone cared; and that someone was me. In a soft and comforting voice I soothed her anxieties. As we continued to discuss her fears I felt her tenseness subside.
After her trembling ceased I suggested that we go to the cafeteria and have a cup of coffee. There was nothing that we could do in the waiting room and I let the head nurse know where I was taking the stunning beauty. Her sneer told me that she too understood my none too subtle strategy.
History told me that if I could get the wife to make the first step the next phase would be a certainty. I let my arm encase her shoulder as we walked the short distance to the elevator. I could sense her uneasiness at my somewhat forwardness in our short journey. Although she wanted a comforting shoulder to unburden her deepest fears she felt uneasy at having a muscular turkish male taking this seemingly innocent gesture. However, she did not realize that my actions were anything but innocent. The first stage of seduction of a distraught wife was to let the victim get comfortable with my hands on her delectable body. Once she was comfortable with this gentle caressing the next move was to far more tender and heated areas of her luscious tight body.
My many years of experience has taught me that the white husbands of these precious wives tended to totally ignore their most basic needs. The needs for closeness; intimacy; and yes total sexual passion. The husbands as a whole was far too busy making a living; rising on the corporate structure; and most importantly worried only about their sexual release.
As we entered the elevator, I could sense that Mrs. Burcu was ever more apprehensive of the fact that we would be completely alone in the express elevator for s*******n long floors. She express her concerns when I let the index finger of my left hand slowly caress her pouting lips. At the same time I gently pulled the delectable creature closer to my hard muscular body My voice was calm as I told Burcu to not worry; that I would take care of everything.
The fifteen minutes of f***ed conversation over coffee caused Mrs. Burcu even more concern. Fatigue; and the uncertain fate of her husband of twenty years was causing the beautiful white wife to become very distressed It was at this point; the point that the pretty wife was the most vulnerable that I suggested that I take her to my apartment less than a block away.
She quickly tried to make an excuse that she couldn't leave the hospital but after so many conquests I was able to completely defuse the weak protests. I convinced her that she needed to get away from this dreaded place; that there was nothing she do to help her husband. I told her that it would be morning until her husband would be able to see her. When she wanted to go to a hotel I told her that it was so late that she might not find a vacancy and that it would be far more relaxing if she rest awhile and take a shower. She would then be able to be rested and alert when she saw her husband the first thing in the morning.
She hesitated; and at that point I mentally chalked up another delightful piece of pussy for my memoirs. I concluded that Mrs. Burcu III was one eventful step away from having my long black cock imbedded in her precious pussy folds.
As the weariness overcame her senses Burcu reluctantly agreed to come to my loft apartment. As Burcu dropped her weary eyes to the table she could not seen the leer that enveloped my face as I felt my long cock harden. Burcu seemed near exhaustion as I innocently let my hand fall to her exposed knee and softly let it rub the tender flesh of her inner thigh.
As her senses seemed to return she acknowledged the soft caressing of her thigh and took her small hand and placed it on mine pulling it up. She sternly looked into my face but said nothing. Little did she know that the insolent rebuff would cost her dearly in the hours to come.
I helped the wife of a severely injured man to her feet and quickly paid for the coffee. Helping her with her long leather coat I managed to brush the outside of her unhaltered firm breasts. She appeared to be too fatigued to notice the caress. I smiled as I thought of the further liberties that I was planning for the next eight hours.
When we reached my apartment I turned on the dimmed lighting to the living room. Helping her with her coat I showed her to my large black leather sofa and quickly walked the short distance to the fire place and turned the gas log on the lowest setting. The small ripple of flame jutted about the small living room. When I reached the sofa I stared intently at the half closed eyes and asked if she would like a small glass of wine to soothe her aching muscles. She quietly agreed. As I filled the large wine glass I felt a further twinge of hardness. Shortly; it would be but a matter of moments until my thickest turkish cock would be deeply embedded in the wet warm woman chamber of the beautiful white wife laying comfortably against the black leather. As I approached with her wine I was in awe of her long beautiful legs encased by the knee high leather boots and black shimmering hose.
As she drank the first; and then the second; and finally the third glass of wine she became more and more serene. In a low and calming voice I suggested she lay on the long sofa. She was a little apprehensive but fatigue finally outweighed her initial trepidation and stretched out on the leather sofa. She was on her stomach and used her arms to rest her weary head. As her eyes closed I slid to my knees next to the couch and softly rubbed the small of her back. She arched her back but as I soothed her alcohol fogged brain with a soft and calming discourse she let her body relax. The soft caressing of her taut and tense muscles relaxed her inner defenses.
My hands dropped to the leather boots and I softly told her that I would take off the tight boots and rub her tight calf muscles. She softly mumbled something as I lovingly unzipped the inside of the boots and pulled the boots from her long beautiful legs. As the second boot was removed I gingerly soothed the tight calf muscles in a slow sensual caress. The gentle stroking went on for nearly twenty minutes as I used my strong hands to lower the beautiful wife's resistance. As I heard the quiet mewing leave her lips I accelerated my momentum.
I let my hands slowly travel from her taut calves to the firm thighs and in a slow circular movement stroked the warm and inviting flesh. Burcu tried to resist, but her fatigue and alcohol clouded mind could not plan an effective resistance to my well tuned technique of seduction.
"Please raise your hips. I'll rub your tight muscles with warm oil but I don't want to stain your panty hose," I softly murmured.
Unable to comprehend what she was doing she subtlety raised herself on her knees while I gently pulled the tight pantyhose off her firm and tight thighs. My fingers and thumb grasped the elastic waistband and gently lowered the shimmering covering. As the pantyhose were pulled from Mrs. Burcu's tight ass cheeks I marveled at the sight before me. The asscheeks, so white in the flickering light of the fireplace beckoned me to kiss the perfect mounds. I gently let my tongue lick the taut muscles as Burcu tightened the objects of my affection.
I carefully pulled the hose from the tips of the beautiful woman's toes. I reached back and retrieved the bottle of warm oil setting on the fireplace ridge. Tipping the bottle I let the warm fluid on the perfect thighs of my latest plaything. The warm fluid caused the beautiful Burcu to flinch; but my soft caressing soon made the beautiful white wife relax once again and resume her restful sate on the leather sofa.
As her soft moans became more audible I knew it was time to finally claim my prize. My fingers continued to explore the upper reaches of the soft thighs; and I became more and more aggressive in my exploration. My index finger finally found the moist panties of my latest bitch. My finger rubbed the ever hardening nobe and I heard the wife of one of the most prominent attorneys in the city quietly sobbed, "No, please no."
I was amused by her feeble attempts to thwart my final victory.
My finger had worked itself to the inner leg of the now soaked black lace panties and I inserted the tip on my finger in the steamy chamber. As I suspected my conquest's pussy was now leaking it's sticky discharge. Wanting to prolong Burcu's anxiety I inserted more and more of my finger into the steamy chamber. Her hips were sensously rotating as I teased the sensitive orb; rolling it between my finger and thumb. My prize thrust her hips against my hand trying to f***e the insertion of more and more of the pleasure giving length into the warm wet channel. Her moaning increased . . . . . . .
Finally . . . . her resistance was completely broken. I could sense the surrender as she eagerly thrust her hips in ever consuming passion.
I quickly removed my pants; I don't wear any underwear. I don't want my cock restricted.
She attempted to turn and look back at me when she felt the removal of the pleasure giving digits and felt the cushions sag under the weight of my knees.
"Please, you mustn't. I haven't taken my pill today. Please you must use protection," begged the aroused wife.
"Raise your hips little tramp," I mocked.
Her mind wanted her to resist but her body had abandoned her mind. She meekly raised her hips and pleadingly looked over her shoulders into my dark and ridiculing eyes.
"Please. . . . . . . Not without protection. You mustn't fuck me without a rubber.." begged the aroused wife.
"Beg me to fuck you with my black cock you little whore," I continued her subjugation.
She started to say no. . . . . The sharp crack of my open hand on her taut ass cheeks ended her speech.
Another firm slap yielded the results I was after.
"Please fuck me," she moaned.
"You can do better than that little tramp. Tell me that you want my turkish cock!" I ordered.
Unable to reason with her dripping woman chamber Mrs. Gretchen Thornber III screamed her desire, "Please, oh my god. Fuck me with your huge cock. FUCK MEEEEEEEE......."
In one brutal stroke I buried the thickest of my rock solid huge hung cock deep into the warm, wet and willing woman chamber of the white wife. Once I achieved maximum depth I could feel the beautiful wife drop to the sofa and wrap her ankles behind my ass cheeks. As I continued to pound my hugehung cock into the gushing pussyhole I could feel my latest conquest tense as her orgasm neared.
Wanting; no needing total domination I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. "Tell me the name of your worthless husband," I ordered.
"No. . . . . Please NO.. . . . . . . Oh my god no. . . " she gasped.
"Tell me his name bitch," I mocked.
As her mind tried to resist, her body begged for release. Her mind was totally overloaded from the events of the day; from the events of the last two hours. I smiled; it took me only two hours to break this heretofore perfect wife. As her hips thrust against my tight rippled stomach; with my thickest hugehung cock buried to the hilt in her swollen pussy she finally broke.
"Chuck. . . . . His name is Chuck," my white conquest screamed.
As she surrendered her body to my hugehung cock I thrust brutally against her heaving hips. As she tensed in total release I let cock spew its seed into the inner recess of her being. A smile creeped over my face as my spunk poured into her hole. It took me several minutes to empty my nut sacks of their gism into the unprotected womb of Mrs. Burcu III.
As the last spunk dripped into the chamber I leered; maybe the society wife would be the recipient of a turkish c***d. She should have made me wear a rubber I laughed.
I pulled my hugehung weapon out of the clenching cavity and my sperm flowed free once the turkish cork was removed. I longingly looked at the dripping cum in the rippling light emitted from the fireplace. Her pussy lips tried to clinch shut and prevent the fluid from escaping but the muscle had been stretched too far this evening. The sticky gism was dripping down her pussy over her throbbing orb and settled in a large glob of her dark blue skirt which was bunched under her now peaceful hips. Her wimp husband; even if he survived the night probably wouldn't be able to touch the sides of his wife's pussy in the future.
Of course the wife needed further training. That training would begin in the morning. Once I broke a white wife the next step was very important. The wife would be required to pay homage to my hugehung cock.
Mrs. Burcu III slipped off into a peaceful and serene sl**p. She didn't feel the black dog collar being clasped around her beautiful neck.... Continue»
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Scissoring The Weak Boys For My Pleasure
By Brittany
The more they cry in my thighs the hotter I get.

After my BFF Ashley showed me how easy it was for us girls to squeeze boys
into wimpering jelly with our thighs, I couldn't believe how hot it made me to
do it to my horny little neighbor boy Kyle as she watched.

I didn't realize how totally strong my legs are and how I can use them to
destroy males. Ashley is ARE weak. Feeling their helpless little
bodies struggle to break free once I have them scissor locked between my
thighs is like such a turn on. They get like SO hard when I hold them against
my body while I'm squeezing them into dust with my legs.

They beg, they wimper and cry in my pathetic. I never even have
to squeeze half as hard as I can on them before I make them suffer..and I
TOTALLY love to make them suffer. It's such a turn on to look down into a
boy's red frightened face, running my long hair and large breasts softly
against his cheek as my sexy tanned thighs are caving in his defenseless gut.

Then I love to wrap my arms around them and hold them against my body and
whisper sweet humiliating things in their ear. I tell them not to give up yet
cuz it turns me on like SO much to feel them struggle. Eventually, they can't
take the power of my thighs slowly crushing them and the resistance in their
little stomachs can't fight my legs anymore.

They start to moan helplessly as my thighs have their way with them..THIS is
the total turn on...mmm..they get so soft and weak when I crush them in my
scissors. I start to tingle while my legs use their soft defeated bodies as a
squeeze toy for my pleasure. I pull their pants down and start to stroke their
little hard ons which they always get when I do this to pathetic -
getting turned on while being squeezed defenceless between a girl's thighs.

I do this for a little while until I decide what to do with them. If the boy
is really cute and I'm really turned on, I may decide to scissor-fuck him.
This is very humiliating for the boy because they all think that they should
be in control when they are having sex with girls. I'll remove my bra and
panties while I have him scissored. Sometimes he'll start to struggle again as
he watches me do this, so I pressure my thighs on his soft body until he stops

Then I unlock my ankles and turn his body to face me as we lay on our sides. I
now have my thighs on either side of the boy and I re-lock my ankles. He feels
the power of my legs digging into his sides and becomes very obedient.

I reach down with my hand and guide his poor suffering little hard on I gave
him into me as I bend my crossed legs at the knee downward toward me, pushing
him in with the back of my calves...he moans in pleasure as I thrust my hips
forward while my legs push him in deeper.

As we lay on our sides, I wrap my arms around his head, keeping his lower face
in my breasts as he looks up into my smiling face. With the boy inside me and
my thighs on either side of him, I'll straighten my legs again and put him in
a painful scissor for a bit while my cunt muscles put pressure on his dick on
and off. With the boy now locked in my thighs I can easily manipulate his
little body. I like to move my thighs up towards me bringing his body up in
them until his face is directly facing mine. Then I love to lock him in a deep
kiss....mmm.....and keep squeezing him harder between my legs. I love to hear
him moan in pain as I do this...sigh.

Then as my sexy thighs increase their painful pressure on his weakened body, I
begin to fuck him. I squeeze him even harder in my legs and make him tell me
how weak he is as I gyrate my hips back and forth taking his little body with
me. I scissor him until he submits to me over and over while I fuck him.
Usually I won't scissor the cute boy until he passes out and I'll eventually
let him cum.

Other times I like to toy with them more. I like to lean back on my elbows and
neck scissor a boy with his chin on my crotch and squeeze his face red between
my thighs as his pleading eyes look up into mine. I let him try to pull my
strong thighs off of him for a while and then I order him to jerk off as I
squeeze and make him beg for mercy in my scissors. Unfortunately for the boy,
his begging against my crotch makes me really tingly and my thighs crush him
to sl**p as I use him as my squeeze toy.

If I feel sorry for him and think he deserves to cum, I'll let him feel a
little pleasure with his pain when he wakes up. I release his passed out head
from my thighs for a moment and let him sl**p on his back. I lay beside him on
my side facing his lower body.

My hand reaches back and pulls his head up off the floor by the hair. I slide
my lower leg underneath and let the back of his neck fall on my inner thigh. I
smile as I rest my other thigh on his soft neck. I cross my ankles and gently
squeeze as I bend my lower legs at the knee and tuck my calves into the back
of his head, propping it up as his chin rests on my thigh.

The boy wakes up and realizes that his head is like totally encased in my
legs. I massage his balls with one hand as I stroke him with my other hand. I
bring my face down to his poor leaking dick and slowly lick the tip as I stare
into his face. He moans in pleasure.

I love to stare back into his eyes as I orally massage the boy's hard on and I
tighten my thighs on his neck slowly. As the pressure of my sexy powerful legs
increase on his helpless little neck, his eyes begin to bulge. I like totally
start verbally humiliating him while I stroke him faster with my hand and
tighten my scissors, licking the very tip of his dick with my tongue. His
hands uselessly grope at my thighs as I crush him between my thighs.

I stroke him faster and make him submit in a humiliating fashion; admitting
how weak and helpless he is in the grip of my thighs as I make him cum.

If a boy is a total jerk, then I'll SO break him in my legs. One night after a
date, I invited a boy into my house. He turned into a total creep and grabbed
my arm, pulling me onto his lap and telling me what he was going to do to me.
I fell backwards on the couch leaving one leg laying across his lap. I was
wearing a mini skirt with black fishnets and I could feel his hardening dick
on the back of my thigh.

As I lay there, I shifted my other leg behind him

and put him in a bodyscissors. I squeezed and he gasped. I raised my lower
body as I scissored him and undid the zipper on the back of my mini skirt. I
pulled off my skirt and lay back on the couch with him still in my scissors
wearing only my fishnets and thong. I pulled off my top as I lay there,
exposing my lacy black bra covered large round breasts.

Using my legs, I rolled us onto the floor and shifted my scissors so when we
landed I was behind him with my thighs on either side of his body - locking my
black stilletoed shoed ankles in front of him. I grabbed his arms with my
hands on his lower biceps and pulled them back behind him. I squeezed the
sides of his little body with my sexy fishnet covered thighs as my legs
extended in front of him...he began to like totally yell in pain as I squeezed
his pathetic little body between my strong sexy thighs.

I released my right hand from his right bicep and grabbed his right forearm,
pulling his whole arm behind him and trapping his wrist in the gap between my
lacy thonged crotch and the small of his back, rendering his right arm
useless. Then I did the same to his left arm except I pulled it way back
behind both of us and let it go. I quickly tucked my left arm under his chin
and twisted my hips forcing us to fall left on our sides. The weight of my
left side pinning his pulled back arm to the ground behind us.

Pulling his head back towards me with my arm, I rest my chin on his shoulder
and softly licked his ear as I tightened my scissors on him. Slowly increasing
the pressure of my thighs on his sides I sighed sexily into his ear as his
yelps turned to moans in the pain of my leg scissors. I slowly squeezed him
harder as he struggled helplessly to break free. Whispering in his ear, I
taunted him in a soft sexy voice. So sad for the boy, I guess the pain and
humiliation of being scissored in my thighs until I made him submit was like
way too embarrasing for him, and he started to that felt like SO

As the pathetic boy was sobbing, I reached down into his shorts with my right
hand and started to slowly jerk him off. I guess having his little body
manhandled in my thighs had made him like totally hard. He started to beg for
me to let him go, telling me how sorry he was for being a macho jerk. I
whispered softly in his ear as I continued to torment him in my powerful
bodyscissors, slowly stroking him:

"Awww..this must be like so humiliating for you. Are my thighs hurting you?
You seem to like it, you are very hard as I jerk you off naughty boy. I'm
going to squeeze you between my legs until I break your little body..make you
suffer in my thighs until you pass out."

I re-positioned my scissors until my thighs were over his lower ribs on each
side. This boy was going to learn a lesson. I couldn't believe how easy it was
for my thighs to start caving his ribs in. As the boy started to feel his ribs
break, he desperately started to struggle. With his left arm still pulled back
and asl**p, pinned underneath my left side, the boy was trying to free his
right arm that I had trapped behind his back with my crotch.

Mmmmm...his wrist started rubbing me below as he attempted to free his arm. I
pushed my crotch into his back harder, leaving his arm less room to try to
escape and increasing the intensity of his little struggle against my moist
thonged crotch. I breathed heavy in his ear as he struggled, still stroking
his tortured dick and squeezing his ribs between my thighs until they started
to break, making him scream in pain.

I came as his struggling stopped and put my hand over his mouth to silence his
pathetic wails. Males are like SO pathetic. I couldn't believe he was still
hard as I jerked him off despite having his poor little body crippled between
my thighs.

Feeling satisfied, I loosened my scissors and laid him on his back as I still
had his body between my thighs. I kept his right arm pinned, now against his
right side with my crotch. I pulled his left arm under his back and his weight
rested on it.

I now had his lower back laying on the inside of my left thigh, and my right
thigh rest on his stomach. I re-locked my ankles. This was like SO turning me
on, and since he was a jerk I wanted to break him some more. As he lay there
moaning, I loved the feel of his soft weak body between my thighs in my
scissors. I looked down at his broken lower ribs; his skin all purple and blue
from being crushed between my legs.

I could have had mercy on the jerk and just tightened my scissors on his body
until he passed out, but I wanted to torture him more. I released my scissors
and kicked him off of my left lower leg by pushing my right legged stilleto on
his broken ribs.

I stood up as he lay on his back sobbing. I stood over him with my high heels
on either side of his head. He looked up through his teary eyes to see my
powerful body and large breasts. I lowered myself and sat on his upper chest
with my legs extending forward on the sides of his head.

It would be so easy to squeeze him to sl**p with a neck scissor, but I wanted
to hurt him some more. I moved up on him until his chin rest on my crotch and
adjusted his head by pulling it up by the hair and gripped the jaw area of his
face in my thighs. I locked my ankles and squeezed. I scissored the sides of
his face until he screamed. I felt his jawbones crack between my thighs.

I giggled and smiled down into his face as I kept the pressure of my sexy
powerful thighs on him as he begged for mercy. Placing my hand over his mouth
I playfully scolded him. "Shhhh..the neighbors might hear your pathetic

In this painful and humiliating position I held him in, I reached my hand back
and started to jerk him off again. I kept him like this for awhile, jerking
him off until he was close, but never letting him cum.

Finally, I released his neck from my thighs and lay on top of him. I fell
sideways and wriggled my left leg underneath his back and placed my right leg
on his stomach - placing him in a nice tight bodyscissors. The poor boy winced
in pain as I squeezed him in my thighs.

As I leaned over him, I grabbed his poor tortured dick in my hand once again
and slowly jerked him off. I pulled his head to my face by hooking my left
hand under his neck. He was like so totally weak and didn't even struggle. As
I compressed the boy between my thighs, I pulled him into a deep kiss. I
sensually f***ed my tongue into his mouth as I caressed his lips with mine.

I like SO tightened my scissors in spurts, squeezing what air he had left in
his little body out of him. As I did this, I inhaled while I kissed him;
sucking the breath from him. I jerked him off faster until he trembled and was
about to cum.

I broke my kiss and licked his cheek as I stopped stroking him and squeezed
the base of his dick in my hand, preventing any pleasure for the rude boy.
Looking down into his face I spoke softly.."No no little boy, you don't get to
cum. But I soooo have totally enjoyed crushing you into a wimpering little
baby and breaking you between my legs."

I scissored him until he passed out, and left him laying there all busted up
with his sore swollen balls full of so sad for the little creep.

... Continue»
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Completing My Training

Completing My Training
Please read the other chapters first. Thank you!
I waited in the kitchen with naked anticipation for Master to instruct me. He came in with a massive hard on and bent over the countertop so my ass was accessible to a pummeling. He began toying with my raw and swollen pussy, then inserted something cold and metallic like into my aching snatch. He explained that I would enjoy this torture more than anything which immediately aroused me. This was no ordinary bullet as Master gave me a jolt of electro shock so intense I sucked it in even deeper. It rested by my G spot and as Master gave me another jolt he drove his rock hard cock into my gaping anal opening. The two combined made me want to explode. What a sadistic rush! He continued with this for over twenty minutes. Then he pulled out having not cum yet. He led me to the chair with the electro plug still buried deep inside my slippery cunt. I sat in the chair and he applied another surprise to my tits. Electro shock nipple clamps. He stood back to admire his work and began jolting me sporadically. First my pussy, then nipples, then both at the same time were manipulated with the toys. It hurt so good. Holding the remotes in his hands, he pushed his mammoth cock into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed him deeply as he continued to shock my tits and pussy.
His cock was deep down my throat and gagging me into breathlessness. But, it felt so natural to have him parked in there. He began pushing it in and pulling it almost out, forcing me to try and keep a hold around it. I needed his taste and his wholeness. My throat was wide open waiting for his next attack and when he shoved it in I sucked on to it like a great big baby bottle. I could feel his tip terrorizing my uvula, but, loved the sensation. My mouth was so slick with saliva that I had a difficult time keeping him down there. He continued to tease me. Slapping his cock against my cheeks and covering me with my own saliva. I suddenly realized that what if the saliva came into contact with the electricity? Would I get more of a shock? As if reading my mind, Master assured me the voltage was grounded and could not fry my tender places. Then he readjusted a gadget and turned up the wattage. Shock, shock, shock! Caused me to suck his cock in so deep down my throat I was gagging involuntarily. I could feel his cock filling with a huge load and getting ready for another assault down my gullet. He pulled out of my mouth and spit onto his cock and stuck it into my mouth before I could react. He came in a torrential wave of love juice. I began to feel a bit of nausea coming on and was just about to heave when he began to shock me double time. The shocks helped my gag reflex to diminish and I eagerly accepted his cum deep into my belly.
“You are nothing more to me than my cum bucket sex starved slave!” he resounded in a loud authoritative voice. “Now you will be my toilet for my relief. “ With his deflated cock still in my mouth, he proceeded to pee. I could feel the hot pee gush down my throat. But, remained there accepting this humiliating treatment. When he finished, he told me to go get on my black leather crotchless cat suit. He had specifically had this outfit made for me with holes in the kneecap area, and big holes so my entire tits hung out. I donned the outfit and put on the matching leather gloves. I returned to the living room and saw a new collar on my torture chair. He adjusted it around my neck snuggly fastening it. Then a surprising thing happened. He reached in his pocket and I felt a surge of electric current at my throat and neck. The tingle went entirely throughout my body causing my nipples to harden and my weak legs to quiver. He pointed to the floor, his command for getting down on all fours. He smacked my ass hard a dozen times and warned me I had better behave even better than on our previous walk or I would pay a humiliating and hard punishment. With that he led me to the car and we drove away. He began the ritual of my mouth fucking his cock back into full attention and girth as he drove. My Master had a strong sexual appetite and his stamina amazed me. He fingered my ass, pussy and clit with his free hand and I was getting very excited. I was like a dog in heat, insatiable for his touch and sexual prowess! We got out of the car and he pointed to the ground. I immediately assumed the position and we began walking. He led me to a tree and said you must need to relieve yourself slave. I did need to pee and did not hesitate to obey his suggestion. I felt nasty and disgusting peeing by a tree in a park in broad daylight, but, I really needed to go. So I pee’d freely for the first time since waking up. This time he patted my bare ass and we walked on. He stopped to chat to a few people who admired his nice sex slave. I remained at his side, not looking up or paying attention. He snapped me out of my daze with a few quick startles of the electrified collar. We continued on our walk, stopping occasionally when we met someone with their sex slave. The other slave and I exchanged furtive glances. We knew we were in a helpless submissive position, both under the spells of our Masters. She looked to be a little older than me and had quite a different appearance. She was wearing a diaper and nothing else. Her huge tits sagged with weight, almost touching the ground. Her belly was supple and legs looked as if they had taken quite a long walk. Red knees and some bruises below her diaper were visible. Her Master told my Master she had been bad and had a few accidents after their daily anal cleansing. So, she was wearing the diaper until she could behave better. My Master allowed that I was a sex slave in training. The best he’d ever had he boasted. All the other Master said was just keep her in line. They get lazy with age. The Masters decided maybe a nice foursome would be entertaining and exchanged numbers. We parted company and continued our journey. Master stopped at a water fountain and got a drink. He gave the signal for me to roll over. On my back he proceeded to give me a drink of it from his mouth to my mouth. I welcomed the used water graciously. I was parched from being fed nothing but cum and pee. We arrived at a bench and he seated himself and patted the spot next to him for me to join him. As I got situated he unzipped his pants and his cock sprang to freedom. I knew to suck and suck well. This public display was meant for his total domination and happiness. After sucking him into full hard satisfaction he foisted me around on his lap in front of him and began the attack on my pussy and ass. He loved that many people walked by admiring his control over me. With his hands on my tits, he pinched my nipples and bit at my neck. He bounced me up and down on his cock for about thirty minutes until I was sore, raw and dry, I thought I may keel over in pain. Sensing my exhaustion, he buzzed me again. This time with more f***e and my pussy got very wet. I was almost sopping when he came deep in my ass. It felt good to us both and we rested on the bench for some time. My tits were in the air for all to see who went by, as he held two fingers deeply in my red blistering snatch.
After an hour he said, “Let’s go into town and get you a reward”.
Happily I walked on all fours by his side back to the car. I was thankful that in town he at least let me walk on my feet instead of all fours. My tits were still exposed and I was wearing my collar and leash, but walking far outweighed any pain of knee to cement contact. When we arrived at the pub he exclaimed that no collared and chained things could enter. He tied my chain to a tree and locked it tight. He stated he would be back soon and to be a good sex slave slut and lay here nicely like the other feral a****ls. Total humiliation rose up inside me as people stared and pointed when they walked by. I refused to let their eyes bring me down. I felt like an obedient slave and was only here to please my Master. He came out and brought me a small bowl of water and a doggy biscuit. I eagerly devoured it and then lapped down the water. When we left he said the other patrons were impressed by my total devotion to him and he liked that. Once more he patted my head. Not knowing if I should respond and show my gratitude, I took the chance and smiled at him. He laughed and yanked the chain to keep me moving along the walkway.
Time for more training he said. I was suspended from the ceiling and he applied warm wax all over my body. It felt oddly good to me. He rubbed it in making me glow. Then he began fingering my pussy and ass. In this position he could lick and suck my clit, pussy and ass. He did it so well that I became all aroused and sloppy wet. Cum and saliva started oozing out between my legs. He made me orgasm about six times before untying me. If this was meant as BDSM torture I must have been becoming addicted to the feeling. He then shoved his cock into my pussy and gave me a few jolts with the electric collar. His balls were heavy with a load of cum and he soon shot a huge wad into me and left the room. I heard water running in the tub. Odd? Master never drew the bath. He returned to the living room and untied me. He threw me over his shoulder and slipped me into the steamy warm water. He pulled a bottle brush from the cabinet and began vigorously scrubbing the remaining wax from my skin. He brutally rubbed harder and harder until I thought my flesh may bleed from the vicious sanding of the brush. Just when I figured he was going to blemish me for life, he dropped the brush onto the floor and extended his hand to assist me stepping out of the tub. He observed my skin and smelled of its freshness. He reached for a vial and slathered the oil over his strong hands. Then he massaged the oil into my skin as he explained that as his sex slave he wanted me to look beautiful and not torn up or worn. He kissed me gently and left the room. I resumed with my usual sex slave duties and cleaned up the bath tub. I completed it easily and walked back to the living room. He was sitting on the couch sipping a cup of coffee. He acknowledged my presence with a stare and a nod and said he had a proposition for me.
“I think you should resign your position at your firm. You will come to my firm as an Intern. Then I may dominate you twenty four hours per day. You will be at my office, here at home and on the road with me at all times. Are you interested?”
I was astonished and looked at him blankly. Then spoke for the first time that day, “But, Master, what about your other sex slaves?”
“I do not want them. I want you. I want to control your every move. You have more training to accomplishment. I want you to be the best sex slave, cock sucker, fuck whore and cum dump slut in the world. Understood?”
It was the end of our long days of training and I did not want to leave. I did need more lessons in all things kinky and BDSM like.
I looked up at him, softly touching his bare leg, I put my arms around his neck and answered…
To Be Continued…
... Continue»
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Mom's So Hot!

Introduction: I didn't write this story! It's best story I ever read so I thought I would post on here for you veiwers! (Chapter 2 of My s****r the Bitch is being slowly made... I'm a busy lazy guy lol)

Chapter 1

As I am sitting here writing this, I still find it hard to believe that this actually happened. It all started when my wife was about to deliver our c***d. Rita and I had been married about three years when she got pregnant. I'm an architect, still trying to establish myself in a big firm. We do all right, not great and we own a nice two-bedroom condo in a small town outside Boston.

Due to some complications, Rita was bedridden for the last three months of her pregnancy and had to be watched carefully. When it came time for the baby to be born the doctor checked her in early so they could try to control her delivery.

Around the time she was about to go to the hospital, my folks offered to drive up from their home in Connecticut and stay with us to help out until Rita felt up to taking care of herself. We jumped at the offer since Rita's parents were both dead and she really doesn't have any other f****y. My folks have always been great to us and were a pleasure to have around. They were always there for their k**s when they needed them. I was the third of four, two boys and two girls, and so my folks just figured that it was my turn.

My Dad is semi retired as a contractor, though he keeps busy consulting and such and Mom is a nurse, but only part time. So getting away for a while wouldn't be a problem for them. In fact my Dad had a friend of his that wanted him to consult on a development he was building, so he could make it a business trip as well. They originally lived up here, but had moved to Connecticut shortly after I got married. They are both in their mid-late fifty's and look like every body else's parents. Dad is a little over weight with graying black hair and Mom is tall and thin and has deep red hair with whispers of gray around her face.

The cause of all that happened started when Rita first developed these complications and had to be confined to our bedroom. Along with this came the orders of no sex for the duration. We had not had a very active sex life lately and not to brag, I have a very high sex drive and I need to get some every day. We weren't getting along too well, fighting and bickering, but not willing to part so we thought having a baby might help. We started going together in high school and got married about 5 years after college. While Rita isn't a great looking girl with brown eyes and long, curly brown hair that she wears in a ponytail down to the base of her back, she has some attributes you can't ignore. She has huge, round tits and a soft round ass and killer legs all wrapped around a full figure that made her very sexy to me. When we first started going together the sex was great, but what I really fell in love with was just how sweet she is.

Then as time went on, things went a bit sour, so when she got pregnant we thought it might f***e us to work on our marriage. So being shut off like this was killing me and, not wanting to cheat on Rita, I was left with old rosy palmer to reduce the tension. I haven't beat off this much since I was a k** and to be honest, it wasn't getting the job done. From the time I hit high school, I never had a problem getting laid, mostly due to my personality. Not that my equipment was inadequate, about 7" and thicker than most, but girls just seemed to like me. And once they got to know me they wouldn't leave me alone. But now here I was, three months without any real sex and climbing the walls!

My folks arrived the night before Rita was going to the hospital and it was real nice having them here. They helped get Rita ready for the next day and Mom cooked a great meal for everyone. I took Rita in the next morning and spent the day with her, getting her settled. The doctor explained that they were going to induce her slowly to try and control her delivery. He told us that she would probably deliver in 48 hours, but they would be monitoring her progress the whole time, and I could go home and they would call me if she got close when I wasn't there. I left to go home for supper and told Rita I would be back in the morning, since I worked for a very progressive company that gave you three weeks off when your wife has a baby. I had a nice dinner with the folks, watched some t.v. and headed off to bed.

Once I stretched out and felt the cool sheets caress my dick I began to get hard and realized I needed relief. I grabbed one of the playboys I keep in the nightstand and started thumbing through it while I yanked on my johnson. In a little bit I felt my cream rise up my dick and explode all over my hand and down my leg. I got up and went into the bathroom to clean up and then flopped into bed, feeling as frustrated as ever. I needed a hot twat to satisfy this urge and I needed it soon!

Chapter 2

I woke the next morning about as horny as ever and it seemed my beating off was only making matters worse. I put on a pair of long shorts and the way the fabric inside brushed against my dick only inflamed me even further! I was in a deep, lustful fog as I threw on a T-shirt and made my way out to the kitchen and made some coffee. I was sitting at the table reading the paper when my mom walked in.

“Oh honey, I didn't know you were up already. I would have gotten up earlier and made you some breakfast.” she said.

“It's ok mom, don't worry about it. Where's dad?” I asked.

“He went to buy a paper, he'll be back soon. Can I make you some breakfast?” she asked.

“Sure, that would be great.” I said and watched her move around the kitchen.

I noticed for the first time that my mom had a nice figure that her thin robe couldn't disguise. She had full, round, tits that seemed to just sag a bit under there own weight, a small waistline with just a hint of a slight bulge at her stomach, a nice, round, ass and long, tapered legs. It must have been due to my lack of sex, but I became mesmerized watching her move about the room, retrieving things from the refrigerator, her tits bouncing and her ass swaying under her robe.

I had never in my life thought of my mother as any kind of sexual object, but in a blink of an eye it all changed! At one point she bent down to get a pan out of the cabinet and her robe parted across her leg, her nightie riding up her legs, exposing her creamy white thigh. My dick lurched in my pants and began to swell as she remained in that position, trying to find the right pan, with me being unable to tear my eyes away from her bare leg! She got frustrated in her search and stood for a moment and then bent over to continue her hunt, causing her robe to ride up the back of her legs and stretch tightly across her round ass! This sight caused my aroused dick to go into overdrive and quickly rise to its full length, hard as a steel bar.

I was overwhelmed by conflicting feelings of recognizing this woman as my mom, the woman I had known all my life and had never considered as anything but that. She was my loving parent who tended my c***dhood sc****s, soothed my fears over nightmares and drove me back and forth to various practices. But now I was confronted with this sudden, irresistible, reaction I was having to her as a desirable woman! I had seen her prepare breakfast in this exact same way, dressed in this exact same way and never felt an inkling of what I felt at this moment!

I thought I must be losing my mind, but I couldn't stop watching her as my pulse began to race and my body heat started to rise. I found my breath shorten as my hormones went into overdrive and I was overcome with lust for my own mother!

I was reeling in a sexual intoxication as I watched her move to the stove, taking in every little jiggle beneath her robe. My heart was racing and the hair on my arms was standing up as I started to imagine the feel of her soft skin against mine. I couldn't sit there any more and got up to take my cup to the sink, quickly realizing my dick was fully erect and pushing out the front of my shorts. I reached inside and readjusted it as best I could so it would lie back against my stomach, the wide elastic waistband helping to hold it in place. My intention was to get out of that room and get to my bedroom where I could get some self-relief. The kitchen is a galley style with a square at the end for a table and chairs. As I made my way by my Mom there is not a lot of space since there are cabinets and counters on either side.

In the process of going by her she suddenly seemed to have a problem setting the burner, said something under her breath and then leaned over the stove to get a better look. In bending over she sent her round ass right into my inflamed crotch and I could feel my hard dick briefly become enveloped into the crevice of her ass cheeks! This had the same effect on me as when a dentist hits a nerve as a shiver went up my spine and my dick lurched in my pants. I didn't get a chance to savor the feeling as she quickly straightened out and half turned to face me. She showed no signs of realizing that she had accidentally bumped into my raging hard-on with her pillowy ass!

“Oh, sorry hon! I didn't see you back there!” she said.

“Its o.k. Mom.” I lied. “You got a problem?” I tried to compose myself and seem interested in helping her.

"It's your stove. I can't seem to get the setting right on the burner" she complained.

“Yea, we have the same problem, let me show you.” I said as we both turned toward the stove.

I leaned in from behind her, my chest lying on her back and my engorged dick lightly caressing her ass. We were practically cheek to cheek as I showed her how to adjust the stove to any temperature she wanted. As I did this I took in the heady, musty scent of my mom's body, obviously she hadn't showered yet and her aroma was driving me wild!

As she watched my hands on the control dial closely I let my eyes wander down my mom's neck and chest until I caught an eyeful of cleavage from her billowing nightgown and robe. Her tits were round and succulent, covered in freckles and they rose and fell with her breathing. I could almost see the beginning of her areolas and nipples, but they remained hidden against the material of her nightie. My libido was in overdrive now, as I couldn't fight off the overwhelming rush of lust I felt for her! My eyes retraced their trail up her chest and came to rest on her exposed neck. It was long and graceful even though it showed her age. I wanted to bury my nose up against it and ram my dick between the crease of her round ass!

Somewhere deep within my stupor I heard her say "Thanks, hon" and look at me. I quickly refocused on her face.

“You know mom, you smell really good, what are you wearing'?” I asked.

“Why nothing, I haven't even showered yet.” she replied with a somewhat puzzled look on her face.

“Really?” I asked. “I could have sworn I could detect something really nice.” I said as I let my face drop to the area of her neck just below her ear.

I took a deep breath and filled my senses with her odor, lost in a world of wantonness. I pressed my nose against her sloping neck, nuzzling it up and down.

“Tom, what are you doing???” she asked, with a bit of annoyance in her voice.

I didn't answer, but kept on nuzzling her neck as I brought my hands up and rested them on her hips. I felt all reason leave me as I began to follow my nose with small kisses up and down her neck

“Tom, stop it right now, this isn't funny!!” she yelled pulling her neck away from my face.

“Oh…Uhh..sure…” I said and broke away reluctantly. “I… ah… better get ready to go see Rita.”

I struggled to leave the room without exposing my raging hard on to my Mom and made my way to my room. Once inside I stripped quickly, my rock-hard dick twitching and swaying. I made my way into the bathroom and quickly turned on the shower. Once under the spray I soaped up my dick and jerked it urgently to the thoughts of my mother’s warm, pliant body pressed against mine. As my thoughts turned to the feel of her thick, soft lips on mine I came violently, my knees buckling as my cum flew out of the head of my dick.

I recovered in a short while and got out, drying off and getting dressed. I made my way out of the house and to the hospital. I spent the entire morning and early afternoon with Rita, mostly watching t.v. until I couldn’t feel my ass in the chair. I told Rita at this point I needed to go and said goodbye.

I left the hospital and went to the mall where I did a lot of girl watching, which did nothing for my condition. I couldn’t believe I had tried to put a move on my own mother! Just thinking about it gave me the shivers.

I spent as much time as I could at the mall before I made my way home.

Mom was making supper in the kitchen as Dad watched the tube.

She looked at me with a quizzical face and moved away. I watched her move about the kitchen, dying to get back next to her and press myself up against her.

She stopped at the counter and continued with breakfast. I slowly moved towards her and settled in front of her.

“Uh, Mom…I’m sorry…I just miss you…” I lied.

She looked at me for a moment and seemed to melt right before me.

“Oh honey! I’m sorry! C’mere!” she said, opening her arms in a request for a hug.

I stepped into her arms and wrapped my arms around her waist, intoxicated by the feel of her soft frame meshing against mine in a tight embrace. I turned my hips away from her to avoid her feeling my ram-hard dick.

“I miss you too!” she murmured as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I buried my face into the crook of her neck again, taking in her scent.

“My poor baby, a father now.” she sighed. “I do wish we lived closer.”

“I love you Mom, I love you so much.” I breathed and then planted a soft, lingering kiss on the base of her neck.

“Oh, Tom! I love you too!” she responded, pulling me closer to her as she continued to stroke my head.

I planted a series of kisses along her neck, caressing it with my nose.

“Uhmmm, its been so long since I’ve had the chance to hold one of my babies like this” Mom said dreamingly as she subconsciously tilted her head, exposing more of her neck to my kisses.

I became a bit more ardent with my kisses, parting my mouth and lightly sucking at her neck as I moved up and down.

“Ohh, Tom, It feels so nice to hold you like I used to when you were little.” she sighed as she planted a few fleeting kisses of her own on my cheek and ear.

I was consumed with lust as my mother’s light kisses stoked the fire in my loins and I continued to plant open mouth kisses along her neck and jaw line. I reached the tip of her chin and glanced up at her, seeing that she had closed her eyes and had a contented smile on her lips. I moved in slowly and pressed my lips against hers in a soft, lingering kiss.

“Mmmmm!” Mom moaned in a pleasant way as our lips met and pressed gently together.

I had forgotten how soft and supple my Moms lips were and the feel of them pressed to mine nearly caused me to cum in my pants! She allowed the kiss to linger a few moments before she peeled them apart and pulled my head back into the crook of her neck.

“Eehhmmmm, your rather affectionate this evening.” Mom giggled as she rubbed the back of my neck with one hand.

“I, uh, just like being held again.” I said as I went back to planting small kisses at the base of her neck.

“Ohhhh!” Mom moaned in a sympathetic tone. “Well anytime you need it, I’m right here.”

I was determined to get as much out of this moment as possible, so I resumed my assault on her neck with open- mouthed kisses, sucking a bit more ardently.

“Uhmmmm!” Mom moaned as I wandered up her neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses.

As I hit a spot halfway up her neck, I felt her tense up, realizing I had hit a nerve. I pressed in a bit harder, opening my mouth wider and flicking my tongue against this spot.

“Ohhhh…Tom…I..think we had better..stop…..” Mom moaned and gently struggled against my embrace.

I ignored her and continued to kiss and suck at this area with even more urgency.

“UHHHHhhhhhhh!” Mom moaned, still fidgeting against me, yet at the same time resting her chin on the top of my head, opening more of her neck to my kiss.

I moved up on her neck, lingering at each spot long enough to emit a moan from her as I kissed and sucked at it.

“Uhhhhh….T…..Tom…..uh…I…. think….we….we…should…..ohhhhhh!” she moaned, half fighting me and at the same time entangling her hand in my hair, pulling my mouth tighter into her neck.

I reached her jaw line and planted wet, open-mouthed kisses along it, aided by my mothers unintentional reaction of lifting her head. As I came to her chin, I kissed it gently, flicking my tongue against the cute cleft that is a f****y trait.

Mom’s eyes were mostly closed and her body was in a battle between pushing me away and pulling me closer.

Her lips were parted, struggling to bring air into her lungs, as she emitted a constant, low moan. I moved my lips towards hers, watching for a reaction that never came. I touched her lips with mine, barely making contact, feeling her breath brush against them. I slowly pressed my lips gently against hers, holding them there and then slowly pulling them apart. Mom had no reaction, as her parted lips hovered close to mine. I moved back in and pressed my lips against hers again, sealing them in a soft, illicit kiss.

“Mmmmm,” Mom moaned as I gently pressed my lips against hers, slowly applying a bit more pressure.

She stopped struggling as her hands slid down from my neck and quietly landed on my arms. I slowly swiveled my head, sliding my lips across hers and deepening the kiss. I began to notice a change in Mom’s reaction, her body, which had been tense, relaxed a little under my embrace as her lips seemed to soften under my kiss.

Her breathing steadied and her eyelids gave up their fight and closed, while all tension in her frame eased off and her head seemed to relent to the movement of my kiss!

Under her breath came quiet, soft moaning and I could feel her start to ever so lightly kiss me back! Her body was gently pressed to mine and I could feel her hardened nipples brush against me as her round tits snuggled slightly against my chest. I wanted her as badly as I've wanted any woman in my life and I knew now there was no doubt I was going to fuck her, my own mom!! The kiss went on for several more moments, soft yet firm, our heads bobbing gently in unison, our parted lips sealed.

Suddenly a car door slammed shut followed by the sound of someone climbing the short staircase leading to the door in my kitchen. It shook us both from this dream-like state and caused us both to quickly break off our kiss and move away from each other just as my Dad opened the door.

Mom shook the cobwebs from her head and rapidly turned to face the sink as Dad greeted us both. I made a hasty retreat, leaving them both in the kitchen.

I made it to my room and into the bathroom as I removed my pants and took hold of my swollen member. I rapidly began to jerk myself off, my eyes closed remembering the taste of that kiss I had just shared with my Mom. As if we were still pressed together, the feel of her tits resting into my chest, her mouth on mine, I began to cum!

It came running out of me in spoonfuls, so strong I felt my knees buckle and I needed to grab on to the vanity to hold myself up. As soon as it subsided I cleaned up and showered, quickly dressed and headed out to the hospital, yelling to my folks in the kitchen as I sped out the door.

All the way there I was wracked with guilt over what I had done to my mother, and yet, I couldn't help getting a bit aroused when I thought about how she gave in and started kissing me back!

Chapter 3

By the time I got to the hospital I found out that they had called me because Rita was getting close to delivering. The rest of the day was a blur as the baby arrived and we were so wrapped up in our happiness that I hadn't given my Mom another thought until she and Dad walked into Rita's room toward the end of the day.

Mom refused to make eye contact with me and spent the whole visit making a fuss over Rita and the baby. Dad seemed quite normal, so I could only surmise that Mom didn't tell him, not that I expected her to. They left about an hour later and I hung around until Rita convinced me to go home for supper. When I got home supper was just being placed on the table and Dad got up to get me a plate.

Mom on the other hand did her best to be pleasant, but very standoffish. We got through dinner mostly talking about the baby and as soon as we were done Dad grabbed his paper and excused himself to the "library", if you know what I mean. Mom quickly got up and started clearing the table and bringing things into the kitchen. I hadn't noticed what she was wearing up until now and took a moment to drink it in.

It was a flowered, short sleeve dress with an open collar that fit rather snug from her shoulders to her hips before ending just above her knees. Watching her move about got me the same reaction as this morning because the dress did little to hide her obvious curves, including her full breasts and round ass! The bounce in her chest and the sway of her hips and ass as she made her way around soon had me in a state of arousal and the feeling of drowning in forbidden lust!

I decided I had to pursue this, but perhaps with a different approach. I stood, grabbing a couple of plates and made my way into the kitchen. Mom was busy filling the sink with water as I placed the dishes on the counter and stood behind her for a moment.

“Uh, mom we need to...uh..tal....” I started.

“NO WE DON"T!” she cut me off.

“But Mom , we can't just ignore what happened this morning.” I said.

“NOTHING HAPPENED!” she admonished.

“Give me a break!” I said. “We both know that's not true and we need to talk about it!”.


“Well that's adult.” I said. “Just forget it ever happened and things will go on as normal?”

“I told you, I don't want to talk about it!”. she said, in a somewhat softer tone.

“But just let me explain...please??” I asked.

My mom said nothing as she started washing the dishes.

“You know how Rita has had a tough time with the pregnancy and all?” I started.

“Well it's been hard on me, you know, going without sex and all and I've been real frustrated and all. And, uhm, I can't really explain it, but this morning when you came in dressed in your robe, moving around making breakfast, I...I got excited. I know how nuts this sounds, but when I got close to you I just lost it and...and you know the rest...”

She didn't move for a few moments, but then finally turned around, tears in her eyes.

“And how do you think I feel? she asked. “My own son! And then if that wasn't bad enough...I....I..didn’t even….!”

She couldn't finish the sentence, but we both knew what she was talking about, her letting me kiss her. She quickly turned back around and stood there.

“Mom, I just so sorry, it was all my fault.” I said. “Can you forgive me?” I asked.

“I...I...don't know...if I can forgive either one of us.” she cried.

“Oh c'mon Mom, we can put it behind us.” I said as I moved up behind her.

Just at that moment, as I looked at her from behind, taking in the curve of her neck, the points of her shoulders, her rigid back, ample hips and her soft, full ass, I felt awash in desire again! It was then that I realized that it wasn't just that she was a woman that was making me behave this way, but the fact that she was MY MOM, and that this was so forbidden! The very fact that I was trying to fuck my own mother was what was turning me on so much!

I put my hands on her shoulders and slowly turned her around. She refused to look up at me, keeping her eyes on the ground. I studied her face and came to rest on her full, sensual lips, the lips that tasted so wonderful! My desire flamed within me and I knew I was going to try to kiss her again! This was so weird! I was in lust with my own mother! I put my hand under her chin and tilted her head up.

“Look at me, Mom?” I asked.

She raised her head and looked me in the eye, hers filled with tears and her lips trembling slightly.

“I can't say I'm sorry about what I did.” I kept my hands resting on her shoulders. “I just acted on impulse”

My hands slid up her neck and came to rest under her jaw line. She kept her eyes on my mouth as I spoke, as if I would come up with some explanation that would absolve us both.

“That’s no excuse!” she said softly. “It was a lovely moment that turned into something….else!”

“I know and I’m sorry if I hurt you. It’s just that…you’re a truly beautiful woman Mom and for a moment I forgot you were my Mom.” I said.

“Oh please!” she protested.

“No, its true!” I admonished. “I guess I never really noticed before, but you are a very sexy, beautiful woman.”

She just looked at me, her face telling me she was having a hard time buying this.

“Tom, when I think of what could have happened if your father hadn’t come in when he did.” she cried.

“It was just a kiss!” I argued, hoping it meant more to her too.

“It was more than that and you know it! It was where it might have headed!” she said.

“I…I guess in the state I was in……” I admitted. “But then why didn’t you do something?”

“I….I guess it’s because its been some time since I felt desirable. You father hasn’t shown much interest in quite some time and when….you…..started……you know..….I sort of zoned out! I got swept away by feelings I haven’t experienced in quite a while. I guess…I…also forgot for a moment who I was with…"”she explained, casting her eyes to the floor.

“Can we get past this?” I asked

“I….I…don’t….” she started. “We….have to! I can’t go through my life being afraid to come near you…”

I leaned into her, wrapping my arms around her waist. She stiffly stood there, quite undecided about how to react.

“Mom?” I said, waiting for her reaction.

“Oh, Tom!!” she cried and wrapped her arms around me.

I buried my head into the crook of her neck and pulled her tightly against me.

“I never want to hurt you. I love you too much.” I said as I caressed her back.

“Oh, honey! I love you so!” she cried and rested her head on my shoulder.

We stood there hugging and caressing one another for a while. It got me really turned on and I had to maneuver my hips to keep my rapidly expanding dick from coming into contact with her.

“Mom. If it makes you feel better, I think Dad is a fool!” I said.

“Oh!” Mom replied and squeezed me.

She then pulled back and grabbed my head in both of her hands, looking me in the eye. She smiled sweetly at me and then drew my head in and planted a firm, but motherly kiss on my mouth. I felt my dick lurch at the feeling of her lips on mine, even if it was brief. She quickly returned her head onto my shoulder and I buried my face back into her neck.

We again stood there hugging and caressing one another and I planted several fleeting kisses across her neck.

“Uhhmmmm!" she moaned in reaction to my kisses and continued to caress my back.

This encouraged me to start pressing my kisses a bit harder against her neck, parting my lips. I began gently sucking on her neck, flicking my tongue against her skin. I felt her tense up and begin to struggle a bit.

“Uh…Tom…don’t. I told…you what that…feels like..” she said, her hand fluttering up to my head.

I ignored her and began pressing my mouth against her neck, firmly kissing it and lapping at with my tongue.

“Uhggghh! Tom…please..we…shouldn’t….” she protested, but moved her head to expose more of her neck to my kisses.

She continued to struggle as I maintained my mouth action on her neck, sucking on her soft skin and bathing it with my tongue. I was now pressing my engorged dick up against her crotch, slightly rubbing it up and down as my hands kneaded her back and sides and my mouth made its way up her neck towards her chin line.

“God...Tom....we need to....stop......” my mom begged in a breathless voice as she tried in vein to move her neck out from under my sucking mouth.

I continued to kiss her neck and felt the tension in her body relax and her breathing become ragged as I made my way under her chin. She moved her head to the side, almost in a gesture of surrender, and moaned in a low tone as I set my sights for her lips. As I reached the point of her chin, I pulled back for a moment, looked into her glassy eyes and saw that she had partially closed them.

I leaned in and gently pressed my parted lips to hers in a slow, firm kiss. She didn’t move, she just stood there as I kissed her. I slowly pulled back, peeling our lips apart, looking into her partially closed eyes.

“Ohhh, Tom…..stop…we can’t….” she moaned while staring at my lips.

I moved back in, capturing her lips between mine for moment before releasing them. I moved back in again as just as I reached her lips, she parted them, clinging to mine for a moment, before parting again.

“Oh Mom!” I moaned, kissing her cheek.

I kissed my way back to her lips and paused, looking into her eyes. I leaned in and kissed her again, firmly pressing my mouth on hers.

“UUHHMMMMMMMMHH!” she moaned, but kept her eyes closed as I pressed my mouth onto hers.

She was limp in my arms for a few moments, but then, very slightly, began to respond to the kiss. Slowly her lips softened and she began to kiss me back while her arms snaked their way up my shoulders and around my neck. She pressed her lips firmly against mine, our heads bobbing gently as our lips slowly parted and the kiss grew to a deep, soulful embrace. It went on for some time, our lips sliding against one another’s in a building fire of passion, pressing more and more firmly together until, in an explosion of lust, she tightened her grip on me and we dove into a frenzy of desire.

In a burst we were kissing up a storm, ravishing one another's mouth, moaning in pent-up hunger, grasping onto one another in unbridled lust!! Our mouths opened and were filled with the f***e of our searching tongues, fencing in an illicit duel, as our hands clutched and grabbed in a fervor filled dance. All time stood still as our i****tual kiss went on and on, neither one of us having the will or the inclination to break free. Abruptly, out of the fog, I heard the sound of flushing coming from the bathroom and knew my Dad was on his way out!

I broke free of our kiss, pushing her slightly away.

“Dad's coming to...move..!” I wheezed.

Mom, still in a haze, looked at me under groggy eyes, her body unsteady.

“Oh...ok...” she mumbled and then grabbed my head, pulling me towards her and smashing her mouth back onto mine.

I immediately forgot the danger and wound my arms back around her and resumed our demanding kiss, both of us moaning in wild abandonment!!! A few moments later we both heard the door to the bathroom open and quickly broke free, with Mom heading out to the garage and me leaning over the sink, trying to catch my breath!

I got control of myself and joined my Dad in the living room, where he was watching t.v..

“Where's your mom?” he asked.

“Taking out some garbage” I lied.

We were soon joined by Mom who announced she was going to read in bed for a while and left. She was on very shaky legs as she made her way to the guestroom, although I doubt my Dad noticed. He and I stayed up for a while, until I couldn't take it anymore and went to bed where I jerked off thinking of my Mom and our latest kiss!

The next morning I got up and found both of my folks already up and eating. The moment I got to the table Mom announced she was off to take a shower, ignoring me altogether. Dad and I sat around shooting the breeze when it occurred to me that if I played it right I might learn a little about Mom's sex drive from Dad.

“Uh, Dad”, I started, “Can I ask you for some advice?”

“Sure.” he replied

“Well, when Mom was pregnant with one of us did you ever, you know, get shut off?” I asked.

“Well, yes and no” he said.

“What's that mean?” I asked

“Well, if you must know, my, uh, sex drive has never been too, uh, strong, if you catch my drift.” he said.

“How so?” I asked.

“I, um, never had a great interest in it. I know that sounds weird, but, to tell you the truth once a month was about all I ever needed.” he said.

“Huh.” I replied.

“And that was ok with Mom?” I inquired.

“Well, not exactly. She was always after me for more. Your Mother always had a very healthy sex drive. She just married the wrong guy.” he explained.

“So how did you...” I started.

“Stay together?” he finished for me.

I shook my head.

“Well, we love one another, and most times that's enough, at least it was for her.” he said.

“So do you ever....?” I left the question hanging.

“Oh sure, every once in a while. In fact, between you and I, something got into her last night and I didn't have the heart to turn her down, since it had been a while.” he said.

I felt myself blush as I realized I was what got to her last night, to the point that she seduced Dad! I began to put it all together and realized that the reason my Mom relinquished to my advances is she isn't getting any from the old man and probably has a lot of pent-up urges. They probably got the best of her.

I got up to go shower and get ready to go to the hospital when I passed Mom in the hall and she put her head down and went right past me. Well, so much for that!

I left and was soon sitting in Rita's room, enjoying the baby and talking with my wife. My folks joined us after a couple of hours and said they had some news. Dad had been offered a consulting gig on this job he had been monitoring and it would last a couple of more weeks. He said he had talked it over with Mom and they would be getting a hotel suite for the rest of their visit. I could tell this was Mom's idea by the way she enthusiastically was shaking her head, probably as a way to get away from me. But Rita would have none of it and after a lengthy argument the folks agreed to stay.

They left shortly after and I caught up with them back home. Mom almost seemed to be her old self and at one point Dad sidled up to me and said he thinks last night might have been a mistake and that Mom had made several references to a second honeymoon. Sure enough, Mom seemed to be very content, probably thinking she could now brush me aside in lieu of her husband's new found sexual vigor. After supper they announced that since they were staying they needed to do some clothes shopping and would be heading to the local mall.

Chapter 4.

The rest of the night was uneventful and I ended up going to bed before the folks got home. The next morning I got up and headed towards the kitchen to find my Dad sitting, reading the paper over a cup of coffee.

“Morning Dad. Did you and Mom have a good night?” I asked

“Oh yea!” answered Dad in a somewhat sarcastic manner.

“Why, what's up?” I asked.

“Oh, your Mom picked up a few new bedroom items last night, if you know what I mean, in an attempt to light a fire under me" he explained

“And?” I inquired.

“Well, like I told you, I'm not exactly driven.” he replied.

“Uh oh!” I chuckled.

“Exactly! She comes at me wearing one of these new nighties and I'm just not interested. Next thing you know she's pissed and not speaking to me. She stayed in bed after I got up and I get the feeling she's gonna stay there until I leave. I'm gonna pay for this!” he cried.

I nodded my head in agreement.

Dad finished with his coffee and announced he was getting out to the job site.

“Tell your Mom I should be back by noon, not that she'll care.” he said as he went out the door.

I turned my attention toward the closed guest room door and my mother beyond it. Now was my chance to get her alone and see where it might lead, especially with her coming off a rejection last night! I thought she might try to avoid me as well so I went to my room to plan this out. I was dressed in my usual attire of a T-shirt and shorts. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I got up and took the T-shirt off, leaving me naked with just my shorts, no underwear.

I stepped out of my room and shut the door loudly and waited. Standing there in anticipation got me a little excited and my dick started to rise, creating a bulge in my shorts.

I heard some rustling going on in the guestroom and then the door swung open and my mother came out, dressed in her robe carrying a towel. She was obviously on her way to the bathroom for her morning shower.

“Uh, Mom!” I called out.

She stopped and turned, startled at my presence.

“Oh, I didn't see you standing there.” she said.

I could see her taking in my semi naked form, her eyes traveling across my frame.

“Dad said to tell you he'd be back around noon.” I said.

“Oh, all right.” she mumbled.

“I….uhm...need to….talk to you.” I said.

“Uh...I..really..don't think this is a good time..” she replied in a somewhat nervous tone, her eyes getting wide and her face taking on a worried expression.

“But, I...I think we need to Mom.” I protested as I took a step towards her.

She immediately took a step back, looking down on the floor. I figured this was probably my last chance to get something going and I needed to lay it all out to her.

“Tom...please...just...just...drop it.” she begged.

“I can't Mom. You have no idea what you do to me.” I told her.

“What I do to you?? What.….what… you mean????!!” she asked incredulously.

“It's just that ever since that morning in the kitchen I...I...can't stop thinking about you and how you feel and smell and....taste.” I admitted as I felt my dick continue to lurch in my shorts.

“Tom, please.” she beseeched.

“I...I...can't help myself Mom!! You turn me on so much!!!! You're driving me crazy!!!” I told her, my dick now reaching maximum proportions, as I slowly made my way towards her.

She was backing up at the same pace and shaking her head to what I was telling her.

“Just....just stop it!! This is so wrong. You can't have these feelings about me! I'm your mother, for god's sake!!” she yelled.

I stopped about three feet from her and grabbed the snap on the front of my shorts.

“I know I shouldn't Mom, but I can't control it! Look at the effect you have on me!” I cried.

With that I pulled on the snap on my shorts, pulling it apart, and quickly pulling down the zipper. My shorts hung there for a moment and then fell from my waist, past my hips and down my legs, leaving me completely naked with my ragging hard-on jutting straight out from my body.

“TOM, MY GOD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!” mom cried out as her wide eyes locked on to my steel hard dick.

“I have to show you. It's the only way I can tell you how much I need you!” I said.

She stopped in her tracks, looking up at my face and then down at my dick with a look of disbelief on her face.


“I can't do that Mom.” I answered in a low, wanton tone as I continued towards her. "I need you to see how I ache for you, how badly I want you!”

“Don't talk that way to me. It's not right!” she said in almost a hushed tone, her eyes still taking me all in.

“Mom, you have no idea how hard I've tried to fight this.” I told her as I got just close enough to reach out and grab the belt on her robe.

“NO, DON"T!!!” she cried as she moved back and, in doing so, causing the belt to come undone.

As her back hit the wall outside her room, the robe fell away, revealing part of her naked form. I could feast my eyes on the inside contours of her round tits and the deep red hair on her full bush! She looked down and realized what had happened and quickly grasped the lapels of her robe and pulled them around her.

I told her as I got just close enough to reach out and grab the belt on her robe.

“NO, DON"T!!!” she cried as she moved back and, in doing so, causing the belt to come undone.

As her back hit the wall outside her room, the robe fell away, revealing part of her naked form. I could feast my eyes on the inside contours of her round tits and the deep red hair on her full bush! She looked down and realized what had happened and quickly grasped the lapels of her robe and pulled them around her.

“STOP THAT!!” she implored.

“Mom, don't you see how desirable you are to me? How incredibly sexy you are?” I asked as I continued to close the distance between us.

“NO, DON"T TOM!!" "YOU MUS'NT TALK THAT WAY!!” she cried, her breathing becoming somewhat ragged and labored.

“I'm only talking the truth, Mom.” I replied.

As I stood right in front of her I took her clenched hands in mine and pulled them from the lapels of her robe, causing her robe to part wide open!

I looked down at the body I had been lusting for and it took my breath away! Her tits were shaped like large teardrops, with a bit of sag, topped by large areola's that covered half the area and punctuated by two large nipples! Her waist was thin with a slight bulge at the stomach and she had just a little fat around her hips. Her legs had some signs of stretch marks, but for the most part they were long and slender and gracefully tapered to her feet. And being a redhead, her entire body was covered in sexy looking freckles!

“LET ME GO!!” she demanded as she tried to gain release from my grip, causing her tits to jiggle in a very enticing way.

One thing I knew for sure was that there was no way I was going to **** my own mother. Either I got her to go along or I just give up and go beat off. I took another step toward her causing the head of my dick to press into her bush before sliding up and grazing her lower torso!

We both let out a loud moan, “OOOOHHHHH!!”, as sparks flew between us at the touch of my engorged dick across her abdomen.

“Oh, Mom.” I gasped and quickly lowered my head, pressing my mouth against her parted lips.

“UUUHHHMMMMMMMM!!!!” she groaned in response of my lips against hers, meekly trying to escape my grasp.

I knew then that she wasn't really trying to get away and was probably getting just as turned on as I was!

I let go of her hands and quickly slid my hands inside her parted robe, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her towards me and then wrapping my arms around her waist. Her tits flattened against my chest as my dick crammed into her midsection with my balls nestled into her bush!

Again she let out a groan, “UUUUHHHHMMMM”, as I pulled her against me, my mouth sealed against hers.

Her arms seemed to hang in mid air for a moment before they floated down to my shoulders.

She continued to moan under my unyielding kiss and I could feel her concede as her body relaxed. Her breathing began to take on a gasping rhythm as she started to respond to my kiss and I could feel her slightly rubbing her torso against my rock hard cock!

I needed her naked, I WANTED HER NAKED!, so I slid my hands up her back, grabbed her robe around her neck from the inside and pulled. It met with resistance for a moment as she had her hands resting on my shoulders, but finally she allowed her arms to slide down and the robe drifted off her shoulders and down to the floor.

I immediately wrapped my arms back around her, my passion taken to a new level just knowing I had my own mother completely naked in my arms! I renewed my vigorous kiss, my hands roaming up and down her back in a frenzy filled embrace!

“MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!” she moaned, finally giving in.

She wound her arms tightly around my neck and returned my kiss with unbridled passion, opening her mouth and jamming her tongue into mine where they dueled in a lustful fencing match! We stood there in this crushing embrace, our mouths ravishing each other's, rubbing our groins together in a maddening caress. I swept my hands down her sides, grasping a full ass cheek in each hand, and pulling her up and tightly towards me, flattening her twat against my throbbing dick. This swept her right off her feet with only her toes still in contact with the floor as I clutched her by her ass.

This only served to heighten our passion as our heads bobbed wildly in the throes of an all consuming kiss while our groins mimicked our mouths in a crushing kiss of their own!!

I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and, keeping my grip on her butt, I completely lifted her off the ground just enough so I could walk us both towards her room. She quickly wrapped her feet around my ankles to steady herself as I slowly moved us into her room, neither of us missing a beat in our illicit kiss!! I finally felt the back of her legs come into contact with the edge of the bed and stopped for a moment before slowly lowering us both onto it.

We came to rest with my body covering hers, her arms still tightly wrapped around my neck, kissing wildly as I lay between her widely splayed legs. The heat in our systems was reaching unbearable levels as we continued to rub our groins together, me bearing down, while she lifted her ass off the bed to meet mine. I knew then that this was going to be the fuck of my life!

We continued at each other like two love starved a****ls, moaning and groaning loudly, mouths devouring each other, our hands running wildly over each other's body and dry humping each other in pure desperation. As we were lost in the throws of passion, another jolt of excitement tore into my overloaded brain. In the mist of thrashing around my dick managed to wedge itself between the puffy lips of Mom's undulating twat and I felt the underside suddenly become soaked in hot, runny juice!

My Mom's slit was completely soaked and the feel of her hot emission on my prick was sending me headlong toward a huge orgasm! I broke our kiss and dove headfirst between my mothers cushiony tits, rubbing my face against them before turning my head to her left one and capturing the entire end in my mouth, sucking wildly on it!

“OH BABY!!!” my mother groaned as I ravaged her titty with my sucking, pulling mouth.

I sucked hungrily at her breast as she ran her hands through my hair, mashing my face down against it. I released her left tit to quickly capture her right and proceeded to ravish that one in the same manner, my mother pulling at my hair, smashing my face into it as if she was trying to fit her entire tit into my mouth!

I pulled free of her breast as we continued the excruciatingly pleasurable motion of cleaving my hard dick between the swollen, wet lips of her cunt! I was drowning in emotions I had never felt before as I kissed her succulent tit all over before working my way up her tit onto her neck.

“Tom, honey...we shouldn't....this isn't stop before we go too far...” she moaned.

But there was no way I could stop. I had come too far and had realized how desperately I wanted her, how badly I needed to fuck her! I had never been this turned on in my life! I attacked her neck with hot, frantic kisses, like a man possessed as I quickened the pace of my humping cock slicing between her wet, extended pussy lips!

“OH, BABY” she groaned, arching her neck against my insistent lips.

I kissed my way up her neck, stopping for a moment as I voraciously sucked on her earlobe and then made my way across her chin.

“OH, CHRIST!!” she groaned, pulling my face down and mashing her lips against mine!

With our lips once again pasted together, our bodies were franticly rubbing together, desperate for the only release that would satisfy us! In our squirming passion, I suddenly found the head of my bloated dick resting against the soft, hot, fleshy opening of my mother's cunt!

As I paused for just a second, taking in the heat of exuding from her weeping love hole, I felt her swiftly tilt her hips and roughly press herself against me. Savoring this moment for as long as I could, I continued to grind my mouth against hers, our tongues sliding along each other’s.

Suddenly I felt my mother's hands on my tightly clenched ass. As she grabbed hold of my ass, I felt her dig her long, painted fingernails into me. Unable to postpone the inevitable any longer, I slowly pushed the head of my dick into the burning, cleaving opening of my mother's drooling pussy!

“AAAHHHHRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!” we both gasped as our lips broke apart.

Gasping for breath, I felt beads of perspiration pop out on my forehead. I felt feverish and light headed as a wave of scintillating wickedness washed over me. Finding her lips once again, I hungrily kissed her, deep and long. As we kissed, I slowly eased my cock down into her flaming core. I couldn't believe this was happening as my cock slowly slipped deeper and deeper into the scalding depths of her forbidden, clutching canal. I was fucking my own mother!!! Surely I will go to hell for what I was doing, but it would be worth it, because nothing could compare to this illicit feeling of fucking my own mother!!!

It was an indescribable feeling, like thrusting your cock into a wet, burning sheath of silky softness that furiously clenched and squeezed at my lurching dick! Unbelievably, it was hotter and wetter as I went deeper and deeper inside the prohibited intimacy of her very soul! It was nothing like any of the women I had fucked before, no doubt due to the very taboo of who I was doing it with!

While the physical pleasure was incomparable, the fact that my mother was my willing partner in the wickedness drove my passion over the edge!

“OH, MY FUCKING GOD, MOM!!” I gasped, finally breaking our lip lock.

“OH, TOM, JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!” she cried out, thrusting herself up against me.

My cock slid effortlessly into my mothers steaming canal, my origin, my source! The fiery oven of my own birthplace! It felt like heaven. Even though I was reveling in the immoral delight of fucking my own mother, I was slightly surprised. It should have felt dirty and perverted. I should have had some guilt at cheating on Rita and betraying my Dad but I was only overwhelmed by how electrifying it felt!

Overcome by the delicious feelings pouring from my dick, I tentatively pulled my swollen, throbbing, cock out slightly and then pushed it back down into her fiery sheath once again. The sensation of her wet, hot flesh wrapped around my aching cock sent fire coursing up my shaft and into my reeling mind. The exquisite pleasure spewing from my loins was rapidly becoming too intense to tolerate.

I realized my Mom must be feeling the same way as she arched her hips, wrapped her legs around my ass and pulling me even deeper inside her scorching cunt.

As I entered her, I could feel her bare tits scrapping up against my chest. Thrusting myself into her, I finally felt the head of my cock thud up against her cervix at the same instant my belly touched hers. We were made for each other and fit together perfectly. Holding myself deep inside of her hot, sucking cunt, I bent down and quickly kissed her again. My Mom returned my kiss, opening her mouth in mine and snaking her tongue into my mouth. We embraced tightly, and kissed deeply with our hips flattened against each other. The passion that was pouring out through my body rapidly blossomed into a white-hot spasm of ecstasy as the tension in my loins was reaching the boiling point. I broke off the kiss and buried my face into her neck, concentrating on pistoning my engorged dick in and out of her burning channel

“OH, GOD TOM!!” my mother gurgled, wrapping her legs around my hips and pushing her hips up against me. “OOOHH TOM, HONEY!!!” she cried as her body started to spasm and writhe.

Over and over I thrust my swollen cock deep into her hungry, sucking cunt as our bodies were moving in a heated rhythm.

“OH, TOM....I LOVE IT” she groaned as I fucked her, her hands clutching at me.

“MOM...MOM...MOM!!” I heard myself moan involuntarily as our hips clashed together over and over.

Our pent-up passion overcame us and suddenly we were going at each other like two clawing, biting a****ls!! We were unable to get enough of each other as we fought for release from the burning, festering desire!

“OH, GOD!! OH, GOD!!!!” I heard my Mother grunt every time I slammed my hard cock into her.

Our hips slammed together loudly as we fucked, the loud slurping of her cunt as it sucked on my dick filling the room. At last, after less than a minute of fierce, ball busting fucking, I could feel my scrotum begin to tighten. I could feel myself nearing the point of eruption as my mom writhed and groveled below me, urging me to fuck her harder and harder!

“OH, HARDER TOM.... HARDER HONEY....HARDER.......I FEEL IT...FEEL IT CUMMMNNNNN!!!!!!!” she finally screamed as her body tensed and her muscles became hard as boards.

I felt her cunt lock down around my cock, squeezing it so hard I couldn't stop it from exploding!

“FUCKMOMCUUMMMNNNN!!!!!!!!” I bellowed.

As I felt like the head of my dick had been blown off inside my mother! I couldn't stop cumming inside her. Over and over again, my cock gathered itself and spewed out load after load of my thick, hot, creamy cum into her clinging cunt!

“OOOHHHH TOOOOMMMM!!!!” my mother cried out, gripping me desperately as her cunt continued to spasm uncontrollably, milking my dick for every drop of cream I had.

I quickly filled her contracting twat to overflowing and could feel my cum oozing out around my convulsing dick and run down the crack of my mother's upturned ass! Time seemed to stop as we groaned and fucked and fucked and groaned, franticly clutching onto each other, drowning in a pleasure that boarded on pain. At last there was no more and we collapsed in each other's arms, consumed by our sinful act, we immediately fell asl**p.

I awoke dazed and dead tired. For a brief moment I didn't know where I was, but then I realized that I had been awakened by the movement of my mother rolling out of bed. It all came back to me! I had fucked my mother and god what a fuck it was! I had had the greatest cum of my life and I knew I was hooked.

I focused my attention on Mom who was sitting on the edge of the bed, her back to me, with her head in her hands. I took in her form as she sat there. The long neck, the way her spinal column was visible along the graceful slope of her back, the slight love handles at her waist and the expansion of her hips until it ended in the round, twin globes of her ass. Just looking at her I could feel my loins begin to stir and my dick come to life. I could tell she was troubled by the way she sat there and yet all I could feel was that familiar lust rising in my bl**d.

I reached out and let my finger tip touch her back as I spoke her name.

“Mom” I whispered.

She immediately stiffened at my touch, straightening up to escape my touch.

“Please Tom.” she said in a tone just above a whisper.

She began to get up and I quickly reached out and grabbed her arm lightly pulling her back to a sitting position.

“PLEASE TOM!” she asked more insistently. “I think we've done enough damage for one day.” she said

“I'm sorry Mom, but I just don't feel that way. That was, without a doubt, the most amazing sex I've ever had.” I announced.

“And at what cost??!!” she asked with a hint of disgust in her tone.

“Why does it have to cost us anything?” I asked “We both have strong needs that had to be satisfied and I don't see how it has to cost us a thing.”

“Because it can destroy everything we cherish and….” she started.

“Why? Why does it have to?” I interrupted. “Who does this hurt? No one has to know!”

“And our relationship? This doesn't tear that apart??” she asked almost incredulously.

“How Mom, how does it do that?” I implored.

I began to run my fingertips up and down her back. She stiffened at first, but then seemed to relax under my touch.

“You’re still my Mom. Only now I see you as someone else as well. One of the sexiest, most desirable women I have ever known” I said, as I continued running my fingers up and down her back.

“But.…..” she started.

“No buts, Mom. What we just experienced was so intense, so fierce, that I can't see it as wrong!” I said, my hand now running around her back to her sides, coming close to the edge of her tits.

“I...I......" she tried.”

“Just tell me one thing” I asked “Was this enjoyable to you?”

“Oh, don't ask me that” she begged.

“Answer me. Was it good for you?” I asked again.

There was a long silence as if she were holding on to the answer, afraid to let it out.

“ most intense orgasm I have ever had. I..I.. have had small ones with your father on occasions, but this...this was like nothing I had ever experienced..” she admitted.

“I thought so!” I said, running my hand up and down her sides.

On an upstroke my hand went up and over her left tit, pulling it up and coming to rest on her nipple, which was rock hard!

“Tom...don't...” she groaned.

I ignored her request and continued to caress her breast, capturing the nipple between my fingers and tugging and pulling on it.

“OH!!” she sighed, taking in a sharp breath.

This was having a profound effect on me as well as my dick was growing at a rapid rate, about to extend to its maximum length.

I played with her tit for a moment longer and then I had had all I could stand. I leaned forward, wrapping my arm around her waist so that my hand was gripping her right hip. I massaged her side for a moment, playing with the small roll where her torso meets her hip. Then I pulled, both turning her towards me, as well as down to me.

She resisted for just a second before giving in. As she turned on the bed to face me her eyes locked on mine and then traveled down to gaze at my near full erection. Her body started traveling down to mine and just as she got within a few inches of me her eyes traveled back up to mine, her lips parted and she fell against me.

We stared into one another’s eyes for several moments until our heads slowly came together, our mouths locking on to one another! The second our lips meshed together a spark went off between us and we embraced and kissed as if we were old lovers apart for years!

“MMMMMMMMM!!!!” my mother moaned, wrapping her arms around my neck.

She pressed her body up against mine, sealing her open mouth onto mine and thrusting her tongue into my mouth. We lay side by side, our hands running over each other, lips bound together in a hot, i****tual kiss!

Our passion knew no boundaries as we ravished one another on the bed, desperately searching for a way to get closer to one another. My hands roamed down her side to her plump, round ass, grabbing it and pulling her closer to me. I kneaded her ass causing her slit to rub up against my swollen cock sending more sparks flying between us. I worked my hand around to her front and then dove it between her legs. My two fingers sliced between her swollen labia, entering her steaming, wet canal.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHGGGggg!!” Mom groaned, breaking our kiss as my fingers entered her sloppy, hot canal.

I worked two fingers in deep, marveling at how hot and horny she was, not at all like I knew her, even just days ago! She began humping against my fingers, moving them in and out of her juicy love hole and moaning continuously.

After a few minuets of this foreplay, all plans I had of making this a long, exploring session went out the window.

I couldn't wait to get back inside that boiling cunt and spray down her walls with more of my hot cream! It was apparent Mom was feeling the same way as her humping took on a frenzied pace.

“OH, TOM...STOP TEASING ME..... GET INSIDE!!!!” she groaned.

She quickly lay back and attempted to pull me down on top of her. I wasn't about to resist and went along with her, lifting myself up so I could land in between her spread legs and come down nestled groin to groin.

I removed my two fingers and started slicing my steel hard cock between her juicy slit, driving our anticipation to almost painful levels!

Mom became inpatient at this and lifted her but off the bed in an attempt to capture my dick in her weeping hole. I decided enough was enough and on her last attempt I pulled my hips back, lining my cock at just the right angle and drove my cock into her all the way to the hilt!

“OH, YESSSS!!!” Mom sighed as my dick quickly hit the bottom depth of her hot, clinging wetness and came to rest against her cervix!

It was all I could do to keep from cummimg immediately as Mom raised her ass of the bed, wrapping her legs around my waist and slapping our bellies together in a breath taking moment of ecstasy! I began grinding myself into her, holding my cock inside the clutching, squeezing heat of her cunt as I bent down and began to suck on her tits.

“UUUHHHHH, YES, OOHHH, YESSSS, HONEY, GIVE IT TO MEEEE!!!!!” Mom groaned as I rapidly withdrew myself and in rapid succession impaled her six or seven times!

She began to meet each of my strokes by lifting her ass off the bed and driving her twat onto my swollen member!

I was out of my mind with passion, never having felt like this! I had to posses her totally. Conquer her and make her my willing sex slave for all eternity! I had to have all of her for my own. How could I possibly share her with anyone? I had to have all of her! Her tits, her pussy, her mouth, her ass, her body, her love! I had to have it all!

I continued my maddening pace, driving my dick in and out of her drooling wetness.

“OHHH,YESSSS, SWEATHEART, DO ME, DO ME, DO MEEEEE!!!!!” Mom cried out, continuing to meet my thrusts with her own in an illicit rhythm!

I became a mad man as I fucked her with brutal, deep strokes! My clenched ass was bouncing up and down like a car with bad springs on a bad road! My essence, my spirit, my total consciousness flowed down to my extended, driving cock! I became the thick, heavy cylinder of rock hard muscle and bl**d. I could feel every sensation as my heavily veined body plowed in and out of my mother's hot, clinging cunt!

In and out, in and out, I drove myself into her again and again! Time stopped as Mom and I fucked and fucked! I became a mindless cock whose only purpose in life was to bring pleasure to my mother and her hot, sucking cunt! As I hammered myself into her with boundless energy, I was rewarded when I felt her body jerking under me as she started to climax!

“OH GOD, OHGOD, OH, GOD, OHGODOHGODOHGOD!!!!!!!!!!!”I heard her wail as her whole body began to shake and writhe!

Not slowing a beat, I continued to attack her with my cock without pause! I didn't know how much longer I was going to last, but I was determined to drive Mom into a level of bliss that she wouldn't be able to live without. Suddenly I felt her quake and jerk and her whole body stiffened as her second orgasm was upon her!

“OOOOHHHH, JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!! “she screamed as her as her body shook and her legs clamped around my hips in a death grip as the orgasm washed over her!

I had never felt such energy and endurance. I had never felt such power, such total domination, such lust! On and on I went, untiringly driving my cock into her battered, bruised cunt. Finally, after my Mom's second orgasm I felt the pool of liquid fire in my balls begin to churn heavily. I wanted to fill my mother's burning, hot, clutching depths with my flaming cum! I needed to fill her with my seed! Make her pregnant with my c***d! Possess her in every way possible. Possess her mind, her body, her soul! Invade her body and leave it possessed by my defiant seed.

My mother could sense my impeding cum as my dick extended and my cock head lurched deep in her canal.

“OHH, TOM, DO IT HONEY, DO IT!! CUM IN ME!! CUM IN MY CUNT!!! CUM HONEY, CUM IN MEEE!!!!” I heard my Mom urging me on.

Suddenly I felt my cock explode inside my mother's clenching, squeezing, milking cunt! Pleasure so pure and intense it hurt, bursting upon my brain filling me with agony and ecstasy at the same time!

“OOHHFUCKMOMCUMMINGFUCKMOMCUM!!!!!” I blabbered out unintelligibly as my cock spurted and spewed out it's potent load of seaman into my mother.

I felt like I had died and gone to heaven as I lay atop my Mom filling her to overflowing again and again! My whole body was jerking and convulsing as I deposited load after load of thick, viscid into her absorbing, sucking cunt!

“OH GOD, OHHH CHRIST ALL MIGHTY!!!!!” Mom wailed, as her body was once again consumed by the unholy fires of yet another mind-numbing orgasm!

Our bodies fought and clashed together as our minds shot off into a world of hot, sharp pleasure so completely consuming, it felt like dying! We clenched tightly together, ridding our orgasms in wave after wave of unrelenting bliss! At last there was nothing left and we collapsed, exhausted. I rolled off of her and we lay there like the dead, trying to capture our breath. We drifted off to sl**p for a short while and I was suddenly awakened my mother crying out.

“Oh, damn!” she cried and bounded out of bed.

“What?” I asked, somewhat in a daze.

“Your father will be home any minute!” she cried and ran out of the room to the bathroom, where I heard the shower start up.

I got up and went into my room and took a shower and got dressed, all the time reliving the incredible sex that just occurred between my mother and I. By the time I came out my Dad was in the living room waiting for my Mom to get dressed. He was taking her out for the rest of the day to try to make up to her.

I left to go to the hospital to visit Rita and the baby, feeling a bit of guilt. When I got there Rita told me she and the baby would be going home the day after tomorrow. I didn't know whether to jump for joy or cry in depression.

Chapter 5

When I got home the place was empty, so I got something to eat and watched t.v. for a while. I finally went to bed,

figuring that tomorrow I'd get another crack at Mom!

The next morning I found Dad up as usual with a cup of coffee and the paper in the living room.

“How did it go yesterday?” I asked.

“Good. We had a nice time.” he said.

“Any extra curricular activity?” I asked, trying to sound light about it, but I was actually hot with a pain of jealousy as I waited for his answer.

“Well, she tried.” my Dad smiled. “But I held her off with the excuse of it being a long day. I think she bought it, since we are going out again today.”

“Oh.” I said, somewhat relieved.

I told him about Rita coming home tomorrow and he was very excited. At that moment my Mom came out and made her way to the kitchen, ignoring me. She had on a new robe she must have bought on one of her trips with Dad. It was thin green silk, about mid thigh length, though the last two inches were see through lace, with a lace shawl. She looked really hot in it with the way it showed off her legs and her nipples poking through the material.

I waited for as long as I could before getting up and going into the kitchen. When I got there Mom was bending over the table, cleaning it, and her robe was riding high on her legs, barely concealing her ass! I walked up behind her and ran my hands up her legs to the edge of her robe.

“UUUHHH!’ she yelped in a whispered tone. “Are you crazy? Your father is in the next room!!” she exclaimed in a hushed voice.

“I know, I just couldn't resist, you look so hot!’ I exclaimed

“Stop it right now!” she insisted. “What happened yesterday was a terrible mistake and it won't be repeated. As soon as I can convince your father, we will be getting a hotel room!”

“But..” I started.

“Don't!” she said and grabbed her coffee and headed out of the room and into the bathroom.

“Well that went worse than I expected.” I thought.

Somewhat down, I got dressed and went out. I drove around for a while trying to think of a way to get my Mom back in bed, but didn't come up with much, considering she was spending all her time with my father.

I spent the rest of the day at the hospital and then running errands for tomorrow when Rita and the baby come home.

I ate out and by the time I got home the folks were in bed.

Not feeling very tired I changed into shorts and a T-shirt and settled onto the couch to watch t.v. I was really into a movie when I was suddenly startled by the sound of the guestroom's door opening and my mother marching out. She seemed pretty upset as she filed right by and into the kitchen. From what little I could see, she had on some kind of form fitting nightgown with long slits on either side.

I could hear her rattling around the kitchen getting a glass and opening the refrigerator and slamming it shut. I desperately wanted to go in there and see what was up, but I didn't dare. I could guess though by the way she was dressed that another planned seduction had gone for naught.

A short while later she was suddenly standing at the back of the couch. I didn't move as I could hear the ice in her glass crash together as she stood there.

“What are you watching?” she asked in a low voice.

“Uh, a uh, movie.” I replied.

I waited to see if she was going to join me or go back to bed.

“Any good?” she asked in the same dead tone.

“Yea, not bad.” I returned.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see her walk around from the back of the couch to stand to my right. I hesitated for a bit and then casually looked her way. What I saw took my breath away!

She was dressed in a dark blue, satin, floor length nightgown that hugged every curve on her! This thing was so tight it fit her like a second skin! It swept across her chest, revealing a nice shot of cleavage and was held in place by two thin straps that tied behind her neck. The back was low cut, almost to the base of her spine, leaving her entire sides, shoulders and arms revealed! It continued over her hips and to her feet and would have been too tight to walk in except it was slit on both sides from her hipbone to the floor. It really clung to her ass and torso, even making her little bulges look sexy and it was so tight across her chest that her nipples looked like they might burst through at any time! I mean she was HOT and getting to me big time!

She looked like she was pretending to be interested in the movie, but I wasn't sure. She stood there for a few moments and then sat on the very edge of the couch, about three feet away from me. We have one of those oversized, pillowy couches that make it impossible to sit all the way back and still have your feet on the floor. She was sitting in a kind of forward leaning way, resting the glass on her lap. In that position her tits kind of pushed the material of her gown out a bit further, increasing the cleavage shot by quite a bit. My dick lurched in my shorts as I eyed her up and down and wondered if this was all an act on her part.

She seemed to become more involved in the movie as she placed her glass down on the end table and scooted her but back on the couch. She sat in the corner of the couch and crossed her legs, causing the material to fall completely away leaving her leg bare from her hip to her toes! She was driving me wild now, with all this bare skin showing. I lifted up to readjust my growing dick and managed to sit back down about a foot closer to her. I looked over to see if there was going to be any protest on her part, but she acted as if nothing happened.

“Uh, Mom?” I said.

“Uh huh” she replied.

“Everything o.k?” I asked.

“Fine!” she snapped.

“I, uh, didn't think you'd be speaking to me.” I admitted.

“Things change!” she snapped again, never taking her eyes off the t.v.

I decided to let that statement linger for a bit, realizing that she may be opening the door for me.

“Uh, Mom.” I started.

“Yea?” she replied.

“You look really nice in that gown.” I said.

I could see the corners of her mouth kind of twitch as if she was repressing a smile.

“Oh?” she said, eyes straight ahead.

“Yea. In fact you look sexy as all hell!” I told her.

"Well, it's nice to know someone thinks so, I suppose" she replied.

“I, uh, don't see how Dad can stand it, to tell you the truth.” I said as I lifted my but and slid a bit closer to her.

I smell some kind of tantalizing perfume on her, which just put my dick into overdrive.

“Well…” she said, her eyes glancing down, measuring how close I was.

She seemed to rustle a bit in place, almost repositioning herself.

“You know, Mom, looking at you dressed like this just gets me all worked up.” I said, putting my arm on the back of the couch, turning to face her and sliding a bit closer.

“Tom, I already told you what a mistake yesterday was.” she said as she shifted in her place, but actually managed to slide a bit toward me!

“I know, Mom, but I can't stop thinking about it. How incredible it felt.” I said, closing the gap a bit more until we were almost touching.

“Well, that doesn't make it right.” she said, fidgeting some more until her thigh came in contact with my leg, raising goose bumps on my arms!

We were sitting fairly close now, maybe six inches separating our upper bodies while my knee cap brushed against her creamy thigh. I took her all in with my eyes. The long neck, slender shoulders, dainty arms and that magnificent cleavage overflowing from the top of her gown! I was intoxicated by lust for her and the overwhelming desire to possess her!

“Maybe not, but I can't hide these desires for you.” I proclaimed, leaning in a bit.

She turned her torso toward me and looked me in the eye for the fist time since coming in.

“And those desires are wrong.” she replied, looking deep in my eyes.

“Why is that?” I asked, leaning a bit more and focusing on her thick, supple lips.

“Because I am your Mother.” she answered, lowering her gaze to my mouth and listing a little closer towards me.

“And because you are, we shouldn't.......” I whisper, leaning until our noses nearly touch.

“We can"t....” she whispers, as we both slowly close the gap between us and our parted lips meet and then merge in a steamy, illicit kiss!!

“MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!” we both groan as our mouths press together, part, and then seal once again.

My arms wrap around her, pulling her closer as she snakes her arms around my shoulders, nudging her tits against my chest. My hands roam all over her, feeling all that exposed flesh on her back, her sides and down her thighs and legs! She leans back against the couch pulling me with her until I am half laying on her, my tortured cock pressed tightly against her leg through my shorts. The kiss goes on and on, our tongues caressing and our lips rolling over one another's.

I couldn’t control myself as we continued to writhe on the couch, locked in a fiery kiss. Mom's hands travel down my back and grabbed the tail of my T-shirt and brought it up under my arms. Her passion mounting, she runs her hands all over my chest, scrapping her nails across my nipples and then plunges them down inside my shorts, grabbing my ass!

I break off the kiss and immediately lock my mouth onto her exposed neck while my hand roved down and plunged between her legs.

“OH, GOD TOM!!!!” mom cries out in a pained whisper as she opened her thighs, allowing me to grope her steaming crotch.

My fingers sink into her open pussy and her hot juices pour out onto my hand. She lifts her hips up, sending them deeper still as she wriggled, groaning as I clutched at her saturated pussy, driving my fingers in and out of her hot snatch while rubbing her swollen clit with my thumb.

“OH TOMMM!!! OH GOD!!!” Mom gasped as she humped at my hand.

I wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer. I lifted my mouth off her neck and breathed in her ear.


“OOHHHHhhhh!!” Mom moaned and pulled my face to hers, meshing her open mouth onto mine in another lustful, illicit kiss.

We clung to each other, heads bobbing madly, as we couldn't get our mouths close enough together.

Finally I broke the kiss and removed my fingers from Mom's drooling, burning hole. I stood up and grabbed Mom by the hands, hoisting her on her feet. Her eyes are wild with lust as I roughly pull her to me and capture her parted mouth with mine. Her arms fly around my shoulders as mine squeeze around her waist, and we are once again kissing franticly! My hands travel down her waist and inside the slits of her gown. I shoved my hands down her sides and across her ass and sc****d my fingers on her hot flesh on the way back up.

The moment I had my hands on her ass, Mom reached down with one hand and unsnapped my shorts, shoving them down, over my hips. She then ran her fingers up my thigh, around my balls and took hold of my swollen dick, pulling it gently.

“UUUHHHMMM”!!!!!!! Mom moaned into my mouth as she stroked my hard cock in her hand.

It was the first time she had touched me like this since I was very young and it shook me to my very core.

I plunged my hands back into her gown and grabbed two handfuls of her soft, round ass, kneading it ruggedly.

I pulled my hands off her ass and brought them up to the back of her neck, where I untied the straps holding her nightgown up. The straps fell forward and landed between us, the tight space between our bodies not allowing the gown to move. I grabbed her hips and pushed her slightly away from me, allowing the gown to spill down her front, licking her erect nipples and stopping at her hips. I pushed the material down as it hung on her hips before falling to the ground in a heap. The moment the gown hit the floor our bodies slammed back together, coiled once again like two snakes.

I maneuvered us back to the edge of the couch and, breaking off our kiss, lay mom down across it. I practically ripped the T-shirt off my torso before kneeling onto the couch.

I was lost in desire as I reached for my Mother's legs and started to prey them apart. She quickly went along, opening herself up to me, laying one leg against the backrest of the couch and the other splayed across the massive cushion. I leaned forward, my lurching cock in one hand, my other supporting my weight near Mom's waist, and lined it up with the opening of her gapping slit. I moved forward and pushed my bloated cock-head against her dripping pussy-hole. I leaned into her, wiggling my loins as my dick f***ed her pussy lips wide. My cock slid inside with a smooth, gliding motion, as every inch disappeared inside her steaming canal. I shivered all over as I buried my dick deep into her cunt, like I had plugged my dick into an electrical socket.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGGG!!!!!” we both moaned, as I hit bottom in her sweltering, wet tunnel.

Mom squirmed under me, moaning and groaning. She wrapped her arms around me, clawing at my willowy back. As I began to thrust she wrapped her legs around my hips and shoved her crotch up at me, like she wanted to suck my entire body inside hers.

I lay on Mom with my full weight, rubbing my chest against her satiny, spongy tits as my ass bounced up and down, sending my cock in and out of her clutching twat.

Mom writhed, twisting her head from side to side, running her hands up and down my back while lifting her ass up off the couch, matching my thrusts with her own!

“OH GOD, YESSS!!!” she groaned. “OH, TOM, YESSSS, YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!”

My cock felt so hard, so hot as it flexed and vibrated inside her milking, drenching cunt.

She churned her ass, screwing her sucking pussy around and around on my pistoning dick.

“OH MOM!! OH YOU HOT PIECE OF ASS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!” I whimpered, humping and fucking faster and harder!

I shook more and more violently as I vented my lust between her legs. My dick felt like a steel branding iron inside her slobbering, scorching cunt. I knew I was going to explode at any moment and Mom sensed it too. Rotating her ass, squeezing my prick with her cunt, she fucked her pussy up and down my plunging shaft, driving herself to orgasm!

I clung to her, crushing her in a fierce embrace as I buried my face between her breasts, moaning deliriously.

I could tell Mom felt the first flickers of her oncoming orgasm as she clawed her toenails into my contracting ass cheeks, her cunt clutching at my dick.

“NOW HONEY, NOW!!!!” she groaned “CUM INSIDE ME NOWWWW!!!!!!!!”

Her cunt began spasming like crazy all over my bloated dick as she clung to me grunting and jerking!

My prick flexed hard as I felt my hot cream shoot up the length of my dick. It lurched deep inside the walls of her cunt and fired, my jism hosing down the walls of her steamy, contracting pussy! I shook in her arms, moaning, firing again and again!

“OH CHRIST TOM, YESSSS, CREAM ME!!!! OH YES, OH GOD YESSS!!!!!” Mom groaned, her hands roving all over my back as her spasming pussy milked the cum right out of me!


My dick lurched and vibrated with spasms, spurting my jism and filling her pussy to overflowing.

“OH, DARLING, YESSSSSSSS!!!!!” Mom gurgled, runting under me, coaxing me to pump everything I had into her famished twat!

We kept grinding our groins together, determined to deposit every last drop inside her as we kept thrusting long after I had stopped cumming.

Finally it was over and we collapsed against one another, caressing one another in the afterglow of another incredible fuck! My cock deflated and discharged from her flooded fuck-hole with a loud "plop" as we lay there trying to catch our breath

My mom looked at me with bewilderment in her eyes and a just fucked look on her face.

“God Tom, how do you do that to me?” she asked, laboring in her breathing.

“What?” I asked.

“You take me to a place I didn't know existed.” she answered.

“Really?” I asked, smiling at my own virility.

“Oh God yes!” she said, still trying to catch her breath. “Let me up, I need to get back to your father before he wakes up.”

I got off her and watched as she slowly sat up, her whole body was on big red blotch. She finally stood and then reached down for her nightgown. She stepped into it, coaxing it over her hips, adjusting the front across her luscious tits and tied the straps behind her neck. The gown once again clung to her every curve and I felt a flicker of desire run through my loins just looking at her.

“I'll talk to you in the morning, hon.” she said and turned to leave.

Then, at the last moment, her gaze fell to my deflated cock, which had come back to a little life as I watched her get dressed. She looked at it for a moment or two and then let her eyes sweep up my groin, across my chest and onto my face.

Without a word spoken, we stepped toward each other, my arms going around her waist and hers snaking around my neck as we brought our parted lips together in a heated, soulful kiss!

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Mom moaned into my mouth as the kiss continued.

It lacked the overwhelming hunger of our past kisses, but it was full of illicit lust! We stood there for a good three or four minutes, heads bobbing in a slow deliberate pattern as our mouth’s ground together. If we hadn't just fucked I would have been on fire from this kiss. It was so erotic standing there, making out with my mother!

Finally we came up for air, still tight in an embrace, her tits crushed against my chest and our groins meshed together. Mom looked at me with droopy eyes and glistening lips.

“You do that really nice too.” she said in a breathy tone “But I've got to go”

“One more for the road?” I asked

She looked at me and in a very sultry voice said “If you insist.”

Our heads moved back together, mouths parted until they sealed together once again.

“UUHHMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!” Mom moaned as we kissed hotly again, our mouths locked together, straining against each other.

This kiss lasted another three minutes or so, our heads swaying back and forth. Finally we broke apart and went to our own rooms, exhausted from our sexual workout.

Chapter 6

I awoke the next morning somewhat in a haze and as my head cleared I remembered the hot fuck my Mom and I had on the couch. My dick instantly lurched to attention as I replayed the session in my head. My thoughts were filled about her as I pulled my shorts on, corralling my stiffening member inside, then zipping and snapping them shut. I pulled on a tank top and left the room.

I went out to the living room where I found dad in the familiar spot, paper and coffee in hand. We chatted for a bit, mostly about Rita and the baby coming home today, but then the conversation turned to Mom. Dad was saying how he thought he was in hot water last night after he turned Mom down again, but was surprised at her mood this morning.

“Yea, she gets up in a great mood, like nothing happened.” he said.

“Where is she now.” I asked.

“She's calling the hospital to check in.” he answered.

At that moment I heard the door to the guestroom open and Mom came out. She passed by the living room, giving us a quick smile as she made her way to the kitchen. She had on that green silk robe from yesterday and it was having the same effect on me, as my dick began to harden again.

I shot the breeze with Dad for a few more minutes so it wouldn't look too obvious that I wanted to rush into the kitchen. As I got up I heard my Dad rustle the paper and saw that he had gone back to reading it. I made my way into the kitchen, finding my Mom at the counter with her back to me. I eyed her up and down and felt my dick lurch again as I scanned over her body and the way that robe ended about mid thigh, really showing off a lot of leg! Hurrying across the room, I slipped up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, cupping her soft, plump breasts in my hands

“Oh, you scared me.” she whispered. “You know he's right in the next room!”

“I know, but I can't keep my hands off you.” I said as I tweaked her nipples.

“Ooohhhhh!” she groaned as I kneaded her tits, pressing her butt back against my swollen cock.

“What's for breakfast?” I whispered in her ear, pushing my dick back against her ass.

“Well, it feels like we won't be having any sausage.” she whispered, grinding her ass against my dick. “Yours feels like it's frozen solid.”

“I'd love to put it in your oven and cook it all day long.” I groaned, squeezing and pawing at her breasts through the thin material.

Just then we heard the paper rustle and we flew apart.

“Why don't you peel some potatoes.” she said loudly, pointing to the potato bin, “And I'll start the bacon.”

Stepping across the kitchen, I glanced around the doorway and saw that Dad was still sitting there reading the paper. I turned back to the kitchen to see mom busy getting the bacon ready for frying. I walked up behind her and placed my hands on her thighs and slowly caressed my way up to where they meet her ass, taking the hem of her robe with me. At the same time I lowered my head to her neck, placing my open mouth right where her neck meets her shoulders.

“Ooooohhhhhh!” she moaned, tilting her head to the side to give my hungry mouth more to feast on.

“Mmmmmmmm.” I moaned as I sucked on her neck, my hands making their way up to her ass, where I kneaded them vigorously.

My hands made their way around to her front, reaching down between her thighs and spreading them, while pulling her ass back against my rock hard dick. I felt my dick become entrenched between the crack in her ass as my fingers spread her robe apart and nudged their way through her pubic hair to her heated snatch

“Oh TOM, NO, NOT HERE!” she whispered, as she rubbed her ass up and down my shaft and spread her legs to give me greater access to her twat.

“OH, MOM, YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY!!” I breathed into her ear, taking her lobe into my mouth and sucking on it.

I looked down her body and saw that her robe was now mostly open, the sash barely hanging on, and her tits were exposed with only her nipples covered.

We continued to hump against each other as my fingers were up to the knuckles in her swampy bush, her juices running out to her thighs.

I removed my fingers, sliding my hands up her pelvis and grabbing onto her hips. Lifting my mouth off her neck, I turned her to face me, our lips meeting in a fiery, open-mouthed kiss. Our arms wrapped around each other as our tongues fought in our mouths and our bodies plastered against one another. Her robe was totally disheveled, exposing large areas of her tits and thighs as we ground against each other, our mouths sealed together.

Suddenly Dad called out “How's breakfast coming?” and we quickly broke apart, Mom fixing her robe.

We hastened around the kitchen, putting breakfast together and Mom and I was soon making our way to the table.

“Breakfast is ready.” Mom called out to Dad as she and I sat down at the table.

I sat at the head with Mom at my right and Dad's place set at my left. I could feel Mom's knee brush against mine and realized that with very little effort I could reach over and touch her. As I heard the paper rustle and Dad get up out of his chair, I quickly ran my hand up Mom's leg, pulling her robe open in the process.

“Stop that!” she mouthed at me as I pulled my hand back out from under the table.

“Looks good.” Dad said, strolling over to the table.

The rest of breakfast went along as usual, as we talked about everything and nothing.

Dad mentioned that some of the flowers around the house needed some weeding and he thought it would be a nice break, since he didn't need to go to the site today.

“Well, time to clean up.” Mom announced as she stood up and started clearing off the table.

I followed Mom's lead and started to pitch in.

“I guess that's my queue to go start my weeding.” Dad said, getting up from the table.

He walked through the kitchen and left out through the door leading to the garage and around to the side yard.

Mom strolled over near the bay window in the kitchen and looked out, waving at my Dad out at a flower bed about 20 feet from the window. Seeing my opportunity I reached down and unsnapped my shorts and they slithered to the floor as my throbbing, bobbing dick sprang into the open, already pointing up at the ceiling.

Seeing that mom was still looking out the window, I crept up behind her and, using her as a shield between me and my Dad, I reached down and hurriedly lifted her robe.

“OH!” she blurted out as she felt me jerk up her robe.

“God Mom, you have such a nice ass!” I exclaimed as I stared down at her round but.

I was shivering with excitement, but Mom hid her reaction to my presumptuous act as she continued to wave at my Dad. She acted as if there was nothing out of the ordinary happening. Finally, she slowly shuffled her legs outward, opening herself for me.

“It's planting time!” I groaned, reaching down and grabbing my cock.

Jerking with excitement, I bent my knees and quickly hobbled up between her legs. She straddled me, her pussy hovering above my steel hard dick. Holding my cock, I quickly d**g the head of my cock up and down the dripping furrow of her cunt several times to anoint my bloated mushroom tipped shaft with her slippery wetness. Then wheezing with passion, I searched for her waiting womanhood. Finally I felt the head of my cock slowly slither into the juice-slickened opening of her cunt. I couldn't hold back and heard myself groan as I thrust up at her, shoving my cock into her!

“JESSUSSFUCKKKINGCRSSSSTTT!!” I gasped as I felt my throbbing, tingling dick pierce the burning, clutching core of my mother's pussy!

“UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH!!” she groaned back at me through clenched teeth, gripping the back of a chair as she grunted and thrust herself down onto my cock!

I was turned on to beat the band as my dick sunk to the depths of my Mom's steamy canal, just twenty feet from my unsuspecting dad.

“OH GOD, THIS FEELS GOOD!” I cried out, grabbing her hips as I quickly began to grunt and groan, thrusting my swollen shaft in and out of her hungry hole!

“OH....UNH....UNH....OHH.....UHH...” Mom panted at each thrust, driving her ass back at me each time I drove toward her!

“OH MOM, YOU ARE SOOO HOT!!” I cried as I continued to work my bloated tool in and out of her snapping twat.

“OH...UNNH...NO...UHHH...HE'S.....COMING..... UHHH....BACK...IN!!” I heard my Mom gasp in between thrusts.

“STOP...UHH....COMING...OHH....BACK....UHH... HOUSE...UUH....STOP...OHH...NOW!!!” Mom wheezed at me.

“SHIT!” I exclaimed as I looked over her shoulder at my Dad making his way over to the garage.

“HURRY!” Mom urged me. “He's almost back to the garage!”

Groaning with frustration and disappointment, I pulled my distended cock quickly out of her drooling cunt.

“OOOWWW!!” she yelped as my inflated pole popped out of her tight, sucking twat. “Easy, there!”

“Sorry.” I growled, retrieving my shorts and pulling them back up and fastening them.

“It's okay.” she mumbled, shaking the back of her robe back down to cover herself. “You couldn't help it. No time.”

“Damn!” I cursed. “Just a little more time.”

“I know.” she told me. “Maybe later....”

“God, if I don't get off soon.” I muttered, stumbling back over to the table. “I'm gonna go right out of my mind.”

“Me too!!” she moaned, glaring at me with lust in her eyes!

I picked up the paper my father had left and pretended to read it as mom fussed around the sink.

“I'm back.” Dad announced as he came through the garage door. “Nature calls.” he laughed as he grabbed the paper out of my hands and made his way to the bathroom.

The moment the bathroom door closed I looked over at my Mom at the sink. She turned and looked at me as we just stared at one another for a moment.

I ran my eyes all over her, focusing on the way her short robe made her legs look and her hard nipples trying to break through the material. In no time my cock was straining against my shorts and I reached down to adjust it and then rub it up and down, never taking my eyes off of Mom.

She was watching what I was doing with a wanton look in her eyes when suddenly she jerked on the sash of her robe and it fell open revealing the front of her naked body. I immediately unsnapped my shorts and stripped them off to the floor, sitting back down

“OH God.’ I mumbled as I watched her succulent tits bobble up and down as she slowly made her way over to me.

She stopped right in front of me, looking at me with lustful intent, and then straddled herself above my lap, her drooling pussy hanging just above my lurching rod!

I grabbed my cock and lined it up with the entrance of her steamy pit, and then watched as she lowered her seething twat down over my jerking dick! I arched my back as I felt the hot, fleshy, lips of her cunt slowly part as I slid up into her burning, wet canal. As my cock eased its way up into the hot, clutching softness of her cunt, I felt it collapse down around my tingling shaft, pulling me deeper and deeper into the depths of her boiling channel! Sucking and clutching on my bloated cock, her cunt sucked more and more of me inside her!

“OH, GOD!!!” Mom gasped as her ass came to rest in my lap, her belly touching mine, as my dick was completely buried up into the fuming core of her cunt!

She rested there for a moment, her hands clutching at my shoulders and mine wrapped around her waist.

Then, as she ground her twat down around the base of my dick, ours mouths met in a fiery kiss! Grunting and groaning, we pressed our bodies together as our mouths hungrily devoured each other!

Finally we came up for air, and as I sat there reveling in the feeling, Mom began to slowly lifting her ass up and down, sawing my prick in and out of her wondrous, glorious sex-hole! I wanted to pound my cock into her as hard as I could, but I knew it would make too much noise.

“OOHHHH, CHHRRRIISSSTT, TOM!!!!! OOOHHHH GOD, IT FEELS SOO GOOOOD!!!!” Mom groaned above me, sliding her clutching cunt up and down my shaft!

It took all my willpower to keep from throwing her on the table and slamming my cock into her weeping hole, but somehow I was able to control the urge as I lifted my ass up and down, meeting her with long, deep, thrusting strokes.

“OOHH, HONEY, WE DON'T....UUHHH...DON'T...HAVE....OOHHH...MUCH TIME....UUHHH...” Mom moaned between thrusts.

“YEA,...UUHH...I...UUHH....KNOW...” I answered, shoving my face into her chest and capturing one of her tits in my mouth, sucking it feverishly.

“OOOHHHHH!!” she groaned, grabbing the back of my head and pulling me tighter against her tit.

Panting like dogs, we continued to slide my drenched cock in and out of her torrid cunt as she slowly lifted her legs and bent them back down, letting me impale her to the limit every time my cock slid back in. It was both maddening and delirious keeping this quiet pace so as to not let my father hear us.

Suddenly I could feel that familiar tingling start at the base of my balls and I knew the end was in sight. I grabbed her ass tightly and started furiously lifting my hips up and down, my cock wildly plowing in and out of her sopping hole. Mom seemed to be on the verge as well, because she started rising and lowering herself on me in a frantic pace!

“OHH, MOM, GONNA CUM, I'M GONNA CUM!!!” I whispered passionately to her, my hips rocking up and down rapidly.

“YESSSSSS, YESSSSS, ME TOO!!!!!” she hissed, thrusting herself down at me every time I drove my cock up into her.

“OOHH GOD TOM, DO IT!!!!! DO IT!!! CUM IN ME!!!CUM IN ME!!!!” she wheezed as her hips flashed up and down maniacally.

Then all at once I felt my balls erupt into a fiery upheaval, spewing and spurting my molten cum. The floodgates inside my balls were blown apart and a spewing gusher of white-hot seaman violently spurted out into my Mother's hungry, sucking cunt.

“OOHHH, YESSSSSSS!!!!!” she hissed again as her arms and legs began to flail out wildly.

“OOHH CHRSSSTTT!!!” she wheezed as her cunt started spasming like crazy around my shaft, sucking and pulling on me as her orgasm washed over her!

Over and over again, my dick fired off inside of her, quickly filling her clutching hole as I emptied my load deep into Mom's hot, milking cunt!

Her orgasm seemed to go on and on as her cunt felt like a giant sucking hole, pulling me deeper and deeper and sucking every last drop of my hot, thick cum until I thought I was completely drained! Then, suddenly, I felt my prick gathering itself for one last ball twisting ejaculation!

“AAYYYHHHHHHNNN!!!!” I grunted, as my dick lurched and spewed out one final, burning gusher of cum into her!

“OOHHH, YESSSSSSS!!!!!!” Mom groaned, hunching herself down at me, locking her pussy muscles down around my empty pole as it spasmed one last time!

Exhausted, she grunted as her weight fell down on me, her head on my shoulder. We sat there in a collapsed heap for several moments, trying to collect the strength to move.

Suddenly we heard the toilet flush and we quickly sat up, Mom lifting herself up and off my deflating cock, as it discharged from her hole with a soft "plop". We knew we only had the time it takes for him to wash his hands for us to get out of there.

We quickly ran for our rooms and closing the doors, waiting to hear my father come out.

Finally I heard the bathroom door swing open and my Dad yell to Mom that he was heading back outside. I heard her muffled reply from behind the door followed by stone cold silence.

Chapter 7

I needed to leave soon to go get Rita, so I quickly showered and shaved and put on some clean shorts and a T-shirt. I walked out of my room when I caught sight of my Mom in the kitchen, her back facing me. She had changed into a beach cover up, which looked like a long T-shirt. It was sleeveless, pale green with an ocean motif on it, very tight and mid hip in length. She had a sun hat on and was waving at my Dad through the window.

I stopped for a moment and took in the vision in front of me. The cover up clung to her, stretched across her round ass and riding high on her hips as she continued waving. The way it fell across her freckled thighs and framed her ass sent sparks through my crotch. Amazingly, having just fucked her moments ago, I wanted her badly again!!

As I made my way closer towards her I could see that she wasn't wearing a bra by the way her plump tits jiggled and her nipples protruded against the soft fabric. The cover-up had a v shaped neck line, exposing her freckle covered chest and a bit of cleavage, causing my stiffening dick to lunge again under my shorts. Just before I got to her I unsnapped my shorts and pulled them and my underwear down, over my hips, leaving them in a puddle on the floor. With my rock hard cock leading the way I made my way to just behind my Mom. I glanced over her shoulder and saw my Dad turning his back to us, getting back to the flowerbed he was working on. I wrapped my arms around my mom's waist, muzzling her neck and shoving my dick against her ass.



“Sorry, I saw you standing here and I couldn't help myself!” I said, kissing her neck and grinding my dick against her ass.

“Tom, we can't, he's liable to come in at any time.” Mom moaned as she pushed her ass back against my throbbing dick.

“I have to have you Mom, I just have to!!!” I begged.

“No, don't, we could get caught!” Mom groaned, tilting her head to expose more of her neck to my kisses and rubbing her ass against my dick franticly.

My hands came up and grabbed her tits through the shirt, massaging them and tweaking the nipples.

“Stop it! I need to go!” she groaned, reaching up with one hand and pulling my head closer into her neck and wildly humping her ass across my iron hard dick.


“You have such nice, soft tits” I whispered.

“Well, I am afraid I can't say the same about your friend there!!” she complained back at me, grinding her ass into my dick.

“It's all your fault.” I laughed, squeezing and pawing her tits through the thin material. “If you didn't look so god damned sexy all the time, we wouldn't have this problem!!”

“Don't blame me.” she fussed. “You've had a couple of opportunities to wear him down.”

“I don't think he's ever going to wear down as long as you’re around.” I hissed, kissing her neck and pressing my cock into her ass.

We were really getting turned on as I continued jamming my swollen dick up against Mom's ass and sucking on her neck. She ground her ass back against my bloated cock, her breathing becoming labored as she groaned at me between thrusts.

“Well...OH! long as you put it...UHH!...that way...EHMM!'s a girl to resist?” she said as she brought her head down, covering my mouth with hers in a searing kiss!!

I continued to message and fondle her soft, drooping tits as our tongues fought each other in a hot, wet french kiss.

I couldn't wait any longer and reached down and lifted the hem of her shirt up around her waist. My hands slid down to her hips and I could feel that she had on some very respectable cotton undies. I didn't have the patience to try and work them over her hips and down her legs, so I grabbed a hand full at each hip and ripped them off her. This move must have turned Mom on because she moaned into my mouth as I let go of the panties and let them fall to the floor. I broke off our kiss to look down at her now naked ass.

“You have such a pretty ass.” I moaned as I shoved my rigid dick against her cool, silky butt, quivering at the feeling as she shoved it back against me.


She slowly shuffled her legs outward, opening herself for me as I leaned back, my dick slithering down the crack of her ass and coming to rest in her wiry bush. Reaching down I grabbed her right leg and lifted it up and towards me, causing her heated pussy lips to part and open up for me. I reached down and took hold of my dick and bent at my knees, quickly hobbling up between her legs. Now she was straddling me, her pussy hovering above my steel hard prick. Holding my cock, I quickly dragged the head of my dick up and down the dripping furrow of her cunt several times to anoint my mushroom tipped shaft with her slippery wetness.

“OH GOD TOM!!” Mom cried as my dick slid across her swampy slit.

Then wheezing with passion, I searched for her waiting womanhood. Suddenly, I felt the bulbous head of my cock find the juice-slickened opening of her vagina and push its way in!

“OOOHHHHH!!!!!” Mom wheezed as she felt my engorged dick slither up into her steaming cunt!

I lunged up into her, driving my cock into her all the way to the hilt.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!” she gasped as my throbbing dick pierced the burning, clutching core of my mother's pussy!!!

“AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” she whinnied back at me through clenched teeth, grunting and thrusting herself down onto me.

“You hot bitch, you!!!” I growled as I quickly began to grunt and groan, impaling my mother on my rock hard shaft.

“OH YES TOM, DO ME...... DOOO MEEEE!!!!!” Mom moaned as she ground herself down onto my embedded lance.

“OH FUCK MOM!!!” I cried as I began to slide my prick in and out of the mouth of her boiling cunt faster and faster.

“OH MY BABY!!!” she drooled, grinding herself down onto my pistoning prick.

“OH SHHIIITTTT!!!” I whimpered, driving my cock up into her hot cunt as hard as I could.

“SSOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!” she panted, jerking her hips up and down in rhythm with my pistoning hips.

By now I was humping up into her so hard, I was actually lifting her off her feet every time I drove my swollen dick into her.

“OH, (UHH), MOM, (UHH), I'M, (UHH), NEVER, (UHH), GONNA, (UHH), GET, (UHH), ENOUGH, (UHH), OF, (UHH), YOU!!!!"” I growled, pounding my cock into her for all I was worth.

“I, (UGH), CAN'T, (UGH), EITHER,(UHG), BABY,(UGH)!!!!” Mom blathered between blows.

“OHHHHH, (UGH), GOD, (UGH), GONNA, (UGH), MAKE, (UGH), ME, (UGH), COME!!!!” she cried.

As I drove my cock into her, I could feel the seaman in my balls gathering momentum as her cunt was growing tighter and tighter around my pounding prick.


At the same moment the boiling pool of cum in my balls reached the flash point.

“OH MOM, CAN"T STOP. GONNA COME. COME INSIDE YOU!!!!” I bellowed, spearing my dick into her as far as it would go.

“OH GOD, OH GOD, OOOHHHMMMYYYYGGGOOODDDDD!!!!!” Mom groaned out as she began to twitch and jerk. Her hips jerked and bounced like a broken car spring as she was consumed by her oncoming orgasm. Her pussy franticly sucking around my shaft as her pussy let loose a torrent of searing juice, pulling the cum out of my cock.

“UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!” she cried, as her orgasm washed over her, causing her twat to maddeningly twitch and quiver around my pole!

“OH MOM, HERE IT COOOMMMEEESSS!!!!!!!!!” I shouted as I felt my cum race up my shaft.

“OHHH, YEESS, BABY, FILL ME , FFIILLL MMEEEE!!!!!” she cried out, writhing uncontrollably.

“AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” I yelled as I felt my dick explode inside her, my hot cum spewing out of my dick like a great geyser of molten cream, spewing and jetting into her in great, burning gobs.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Mom screamed as her hips jerked and jumped, on and on in wild gyrations.

We continued to thrash about as our orgasms shook us down to our toes and we continued to let loose with a torrent of love juice.

Finally it subsided as we clutched to one another, trying to catch our breaths. I could feel my hot juice trickle down my dick as Mom slumped back against me.

“How do you do that?” she asked in amazement.

I glanced up and out the window and was relieved to see my Dad hadn't moved from his place.

“Oh god Mom, what you do to me”. I sighed, giving my dick one last lurch deep inside her overflowing canal.

“Eeeeeehhhmmm!” she moaned at my thrust, clutching her pussy around my dick.

My dick quickly deflated and slid out of her sopping trench with a soft "plop"

“I should get out there, before he begins to wonder.” Mom said, slowly turning around to face me.

“Yea.” I agreed, looking down at her, her cover up wrapped high around her hips, her sexy bush soaked with fluids.

We looked into one another's eyes for several moments and then slowly began to bring our heads together. Suddenly Mom stopped, putting her hands on my chest and turning her head in the direction of the window. My Dad remained with his back to us, slaving away at his planting. She looked back at me with a grin on her face and then once again started moving her head towards mine.

Her arms slid up and around my shoulders and mine wrapped around her waist as our parted lips came together in an illicit kiss! I pulled her firmly to me as she tightened her arms around my neck, our open mouths grinding against one another in a slow, lustful kiss. Our heads bobbing slowly as our lips slid across each others, our moaning, “mmmmmmmmm”, the only sound in the room. The kiss went on for several moments, neither one of us in any hurry to break it off.

Finally we came up for air, looked at one another, kissed one more short, open-mouthed kiss and parted. She went into her room and I went looking for my clothes. I needed to leave right now to go get Rita and the baby.

Chapter 8

Everything went as planned as far as getting Rita and the baby home. Mom and Dad made a big fuss and we had a big dinner and everything. As I was lying in bed that night I realized that the opportunity to get at Mom would be non-existent now that Rita was back. I tried to rationalize about it, you know, my wife and baby here, she is my mother for god's sake, maybe it would be best if we just put an end to it. I rolled over to look at Rita who was fast asl**p. She was quick to point out that there could be no sex for at least 6-8 weeks and I was on my own. Nothing changed there! I eventually drifted off to sl**p.

Over the next couple of days I noticed a change in my Mom's attitude toward Rita. She seemed to be short with her or ignored her all together. It dawned on me that it was a reaction to my fusing over her and the baby all the time. My Mom was jealous!!

It had been three days since that last episode in the kitchen and she was probably climbing the walls.

That night my Mom got a phone call from Dad asking her to come pick him up, he got hurt on the job site. We were all panicky about the call and Rita and I waited anxiously for her to come home with him. I no sooner heard the car pull into the garage then I heard my mom call me for help. It seemed Dad had hurt his back and couldn't get out of the car without some help.

Mom and I managed to get him out and in the house. Dad said he twisted his back trying to help the guys get a framed wall in place. We walked him over to the couch where Rita had placed some oversized pillows, and gingerly laid him down.

We all had dinner while Dad just lied there immobile and in a bit of pain. Mom had got him a prescription for some painkillers and they had pretty much knocked him out.

That night Mom, Rita and I watched t.v. while Dad slept. Mom was back to her old robe and slippers now that Rita was home. At one point Dad awoke and as we talked we realized that he wouldn't be able to get up to go to bed. In fact that couch was going to be his home for at least a few days. Mom offered to go and get him a pair of pajamas and Rita left the room while Mom and I struggled to help him get changed.

After that ordeal was over we all sat back down to watch some more t.v. It was getting a little late so Mom excused herself saying it was time to hit the sack. We all said good night to her as she paddled off to her room. The way the living room is situated the couch faces the t.v. and has its back to the dinning room and hall and the loveseat creates an "L" with the couch. Rita was lying on the loveseat with her back to the dinning room and hall while I sat at the end with her feet in my lap. I could simply turn my head to the left and view the hall.

I became aware of something in my peripheral vision and turned to my left and saw my mom coming out of her room and making her way to the bathroom on the edge of the dinning room. But what I saw took my breath away! She stopped at the door to the bathroom and turned and smiled at me, since I was the only one who could see her. She had on a flimsy little nightie that was the hottest thing I had ever seen!! It started out with spaghetti straps at her back and went up and over her shoulders and then the material sort of fanned out so that it covered just the center portion of each breast and attached at the skirt. It left both sides of each breast exposed and her nipples protruded through the thin silk. The skirt was very short, ending at just below her crotch with wide slits at both sides, sort of like a loincloth, with her hips full exposed. I felt my dick lurch in my pants as she winked at me and then slowly closed the door to the bathroom.

“I got to get something to drink.” I announced and got up.

I watched to make sure no one saw as I took a quick turn toward the bathroom door, opened it quietly and let myself in, closing the door silently behind me.

Mom was standing at the sink, having just brushed her teeth, was rinsing her mouth and inspecting her teeth. My eyes traveled up and down her body and my breath caught in my throat as I took in the way her teddie d****d across her frame, covering her here and there, but exposing so much! The way she was leaning toward the mirror, causing her ass to be pointed up at me was too much. The skirt was parted over her hip, fully exposing her thigh and riding very high on her ass, revealing that Mom had no panties on! The top seemed to flow down across her tits, like a waterfall just over her nipples, leaving both freckled sides totally revealed and then continuing in thin strips up and over her back.

I never wanted her more as I slipped my hands around her waist and caressed her back up and down.

“Do have any idea how sexy you look, Mom?” I asked.

“Well I hope so!” she said, smiling back at me in the mirror.

I continued to run my hands up and down her bare back, allowing my fingertips to graze the sides of her soft tits.

“Oh Tom, you keep that up and I'm going to **** you right here in the bathroom!” Mom moaned in a lustful tone, her eyes smoldering at me.

“You can't **** the willing.” I groaned, my hands sliding in behind her top and grabbing handfuls of her lush breasts, pulling them up and then allowing them to fall back down through my open hands.

“Ohhhh!” mom moaned.

She quickly turned to face me, throwing her arms around my neck, while I wrapped mine tightly around her waist, crushing our open mouths together in a blistering, lustful kiss!!

“MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!” We both moaned, devouring one another's mouths, tongues battling, like two love starved mates struggling to find a way to into each other's souls.

We wound ourselves so tightly together it was a wonder we could even breath as our mouths continued to grind away against each other, our hands wildly running over each other.

I glanced up at the mirror and felt my body tingle at the reflection I saw! As if someone had taken a picture, here I was in a tightly embraced, famished french kiss with MY OWN MOTHER!!! Seeing it in the mirror caused the illicitness of the whole thing into the forefront of my mind and spurned my passion even higher. Glancing down the mirror I took in the sight of my Mom in this skimpy teddy, all that exposed, freckled, thigh and breast flesh, desperately clinging to me as we ravishly pressed our mouths together, heads bobbing wildly, in a wanton, insatiable kiss!!

I finally broke the kiss, diving my head into her neck, sucking at it voraciously.

“Oh Tom! I've got to have you tonight! Your Father will be on the couch all night and...and you have to get away Tom! Feel me!! Feel how wet I am for you!!!” she cried.

She grabbed my hand and brought it down to her crotch, shoving it into her drenched bush. My fingers parted the wiry bush and sank into a steaming, drenched canal. She was absolutely on fire and my fingers were quickly soaked in her quim!

“Mom, I will, I promise!!!” I groaned, bringing my face up and latching my open mouth back onto hers, renewing our passionfull kiss!

“UUHHHMMM” Mom moaned into my mouth, returning my kiss with a vigor of her own and then broke the kiss off.

“We should get out of here before we get caught.” she breathed “You first”

I let her go, pausing at the door to compose myself, before silently leaving. I made my way back to the living room, careful to conceal my aching hard on from Rita and Dad. They acted like they didn't even realize I was gone. I glanced over to the hall and saw Mom quietly exit the bathroom and quickly scuttle to her room, the short skirt of her teddy floating up as she walked, revealing the cheeks of her round ass and her creamy thighs!

I couldn't wait until later!

Chapter 9

The show we were watching ended and Rita announced she was going to bed and I said I would join her. Dad said he got too much sl**p and he was a little wired, so he'd watch a little more t.v.. I handed him the remote and marched off to bed. I must have drifted off for a while, because I woke with a start, realizing I may have missed my date with Mom. I looked over at the clock and saw it was only 12:15pm and realized I had only slept for an hour. I glanced over at Rita who was out cold and quietly got out of bed.

I took a quick peek at the baby and saw that he was sl**ping soundly as well and hoped he would stay that way. I didn't need him waking Rita and having her come look for me. I opened the door and slid out only to be hit with the glare of the t.v. washing over the hall. My Dad was still up watching t.v.! I looked over at the guestroom and saw the door was open a crack, probably my invitation. I silently slid across the hall and slithered into the guestroom. I was about to shut the door when Mom's voice came from behind me.

“Leave it open a bit, in case the baby cries and you need to get back.” she said.

I turned and saw her sitting up against the headboard, a soft light on the nightstand illuminating her frame. She got up and came over to me, taking my hand and leading me over to the bed.

We embraced, pressing tightly together, as I buried my face in the soft, lushness of her hair. I recognized the perfume she had on as one that she used to wear when I was young.

I was intoxicated by the exotic fragrance of her perfume and the heat of her body. The fragrance dredged up old memories of my c***dhood when she would hold me and comfort me. Breathing deeply, I inhaled her scent and felt myself reliving a time long, long ago. I could remember how good it felt to bury my face in my Mom's soft, pillowy, breasts when I needed solace from the world's woes.

Now I became aware of the Mom's hot, hard nipples pressing into my chest and my pounding cock flattened against her groin, close to eruption! Something different was happening here and I couldn't put my finger on it, but it felt like this was the first time we had been together.

“Oh, Mom, I need you.” I moaned

“OH, I need you too!” she groaned, hugging me tighter, and turning her head to kiss my cheek and neck.

Feeling her hot, wet lips on my cheek and neck, I turned my head, bringing my parted lips down on hers. Sparks flew as uncontrollable passion suddenly enveloped us and I crushed my mouth down onto hers as my tongue snaked into her mouth. With a whimper, she mashed her mouth back against mine as her tongue fought its way into my mouth. Our arms tightened around each other, squeezing and pulling us together as we kissed long and deeply! Crushed against each other, we sought to become one as our mouths slavered against each other. I felt her hot, digging tongue probing my mouth hungrily as her fingernails dug into my back. We were possessed by an all consuming passion, our bodies coiled around each other, mouths slobbering across one another frustrated in our attempts to bring us any closer together!

The room was filled with the sounds of our moaning, our heads boring at one another, our mouths wetly sliding against each another. Finally, we had to break for air.

“Oh, GOD” I gasped as our lips broke apart and our bodies momentarily parted.

Then an explosion of adrenaline tore through my brain as I felt my mother's hand find my hot, jutting dick!

“OOHHHHMMMMMMM!!” she groaned as I quickly covered her hot, sucking mouth with my lips again.

My heart was pounding so hard It felt it would burst out of my chest any second. Still we kissed, deeply and voraciously. Whining with desire, I fought against cumming as my inflated, pulsing dick humped against her caressing hand.

I felt my Mom's hot, soft hand squeeze my pulsating, jerking cock, causing me to feel light headed as I fought the urge to shoot my wad into her hand. My dick felt ten feet long and as big around as a telephone pole as the anticipation overcame me. I realized at that moment what was so different, so erotic about being with her this time. I was in love with her! Not like I love her as her son, but IN LOVE WITH HER, as her lover, her mate, her partner in life! This realization caused me a surge in passion as I gripped her tightly, mashing my mouth tighter against hers and jabbing my tongue deeply down her throat. My Mom's hand ran wildly through my hair as she returned my kiss f***efully. Her other hand, which had been gripping my aching cock, moved up and grasped the snap on my shorts, pulling them apart and shoving them down my legs. I felt another surge of lust as my heated, throbbing cock came into contact with her soft, searching hand as we finally had to break for air again.

“Oh GOD!” I heard my Mom groan as her hand continued to explore the thick, swollen hardness of my penis.

“It's huge tonight!!” she whispered, running her hand up and down the length of my manhood.

Excitement ran through me as my mother touched and fondled the very tool she had a part in creating. Clutching me in her hot, griping hand, she seemed to be measuring its size.

“UUHHmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!” she groaned as I once again covered her slick, pouting mouth with my lips, kissing her ravenously.

I couldn't wait another moment, I had to have her now. As we continued kissing deeply I reached up and pulled both straps of her teddy down across her shoulders and then pulled back just enough to cause it to sweep down her chest and around her hips, falling in a heap at her feet. I crushed her back to me, trembling at the feeling of her totally naked body pressed tightly against mine. I was overwhelmed by the flooding of emotions towards her. God I loved her so much it hurt!!

She broke our kiss, gasping for air and pushing her body away from mine.

“Now Tom, please don't make me wait any longer!” she groaned and scooted onto the bed, lying down on her back, spreading her legs wantonly!

Another shot of adrenaline poured through my body as my cock lurched and throbbed at the sight of her lying there. Wider and wider, her soft firm thighs opened, revealing her wet, gapping slit as she looked at me with a painfully lustful look!

She reached out for me and I quickly crawled onto the bed. My knees moved up between my Mom's outstretched legs as I hovered above her. I felt her hand grasp my throbbing cock and roughly pull it towards her, aiming it down to her weeping, hot gash! I felt the painfully sensitive head of my cock touch the soft, hot wetness of her twat as I locked my elbows in place, supporting my weight from above.

“Oh God!!” I wheezed, using all my willpower to keep from slamming my cock into her.

Delighting in the wicked sensation of my Mom's cunt slowly enveloping my cock, I threw my head back and we both moaned, “OOHHhhhhhh!!”, as I continued to slide my manhood deeper and deeper into the hot, clutching depths of my mothers cunt.

Mom reached up and grabbed my ass, coaxing me to fill her hungry, clutching canal with my cock as she sucked me deeper and deeper into the churning heat of her flaming chasm. I slithered farther and farther into her wet, drooling pit, as her hole devoured my aching cock inch by inch.

“Oh my God!!!” she groaned. “It feels so good!!!!”

I bent down to kiss her, feeling her lift her legs and wrap them around my waist. Holding myself poised above her, I felt her gently dig her heals into my ass, goading me on, pushing me down into her. Grunting I tightened the muscles in my ass and pushed down feeling the rest of my cock slither inside of her until my entire dick was buried inside my mothers cunt and my hairy belly ground up against hers.

“OH God honey, your so big tonight!” she mumbled as I lifted my lips from hers.

“Oh God Mom!!” I groaned as I held myself thrust down inside her steaming, sucking hole.

“OH, My Baby!!!” she whispered, pressing her belly up against mine and wiggling her hips suggestively.

“God, This Feels Like Heaven!!” I gushed, thrilled to be back inside her, as I felt her milking my cock with her cunt.

“OH Tom, Screw Me Baby” she blubbered as she gave my cock a hard squeeze. “Screw Your Mom With Your Big Dick!!”

I slipped over the edge as I remembered that I was fucking my mother a few feet away from my father in the other room! I was insane with desire as I jerked my cock back and drove it back inside her like a mad man. I didn't care if we woke the whole house as I viciously began to hammer my cock in and out of her!

“OH YES! OH YES! OHH GOD YES, BABY YES!!!!!!!!!!!” Mom cried out as she threw herself up against my every pounding thrust “SCREW YOUR MOM, HONEY, SCREW ME!!!!!!!”

I was a raging lunatic, crazed with desire and compulsion to please my Mom, my love!

I had never felt such a need to satisfy her, fulfill her wants, her needs. I realized all of the other times it was just raw sex. This was love and desire and my need to possess her as I furiously reamed her tight, clutching gash!

“OH GOD, MOM I LOVE YOU!!” I growled out as I fucked her.

“I LOVE YOU TOO!!!” she panted.

As I pounded my dick into her, I suddenly felt the strong, firm muscles in her legs tighten around my waist.

“OH YESSSS, OH CHRIST, YEESSSSS, I FEEL IT COMMMIINNNGGG!!!!” she wailed as her body began to shake and quiver!

The hot, clasping chasm of my mom's cunt suddenly collapsed down around my slithering cock. It seemed to be trying to draw my whole body into her as it pulled and sucked on my pulsating dick!

As my Mom thrashed about under me, I felt the great pool of boiling, churning seaman in my balls finally burst forth out and erupt. The burning spew of my thick, rich sperm-laden cum exploded down my shaft and shot into my Mom's cunt like an erupting geyser.

“AAAHHWWWWWWW FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK!!!!!!” I cried as my cock jerked and spewed out my hot, potent seaman into her, wave after wave of perverse, wicked delight washing over me.

I had never known such boundless pleasure!

“OHH MY GOD, HONEY, SO HOT, SOOOO HOTTTT!!!!” Mom whimpered as jerked and quivered beneath me, her seizing, milking pussy being filled to overflowing with my wildly spurting, exploding cock.

I couldn't stop! I just kept on thrusting myself down into the hot, slurping depths of her cunt as my dick gushed more and more of my hot man-sap into her! Again and again I fired my great cannon down into the waiting abyss of her womanhood as she ground her quivering, clutching twat down onto my spewing member. I was overwhelmed with an urge that suddenly came over me. I had an overpowering desire to plant my seed inside her and re-seed the garden that I had been sprouted from! To show her my love, no matter how sick and twisted it was. It was so deviant and wrong, but I wanted to make a c***d inside of her! Make my own mother pregnant with my own seed!

Like a severed artery, my swollen cock kept spewing my thick, creamy potency into her in an almost continuous stream. Within moments I had shot so much cum inside her, I could feel it's hot, thickness seeping out around my pulsating cock. Her burning, clenching cunt was filled to overflowing. The massive amount of cum I had injected into her was too much for the scalding, tightness of her vagina as it locked down around me. The thick, milky sap oozed out and ran down the crack of her ass and onto the bed, but still my dick jerked and spurted out more and more.

Finally, when I was wondering if something inside of me had broken and it would never stop, my cock gave one last, feeble lurch and stopped firing.

I had never felt such passion, such need, such love. It had f***ed me to drain myself completely. It felt like my big, dangling balls had been sucked dry by my mother's fiery hole. Lying on top of my mother, I was exhausted and unable to move.

“Oh Tom, honey, that was incredible.” mom gurgled as she kissed me tenderly.

“I've never felt anything so good.” I told her.

“OH, neither have I!” she groaned and hugged me to her even more tightly.

We lay intertwined as we caught our breath and basked in the warm afterglow of sex. I slowly rose above my Mom and looked at her deeply.

“What?” she asked softly

“I meant what I said, you know. I love you!” I said.

“And I love you.” she replied, smiling at me.

“No Mom, I mean I'm in love with you! I want us to be together always.” I proclaimed.

“Oh, really?” she asked “Your serious?”

“Yes, very!” I said. “I want to be the man in your life!”

“Oh god Tom! You have no idea how that makes me feel. I've been feeling the same way too these last few days. I've fallen in love with you, not as my son, but as a man! Oh, God forgive me, Tom, I Love YOU!!!” she cried, pulling my face down to hers, her open mouth sealing against mine in a deep, soulful kiss!

I clutched at her, returning her kiss, not with the hunger of before, but with strong, deep emotion. We lied there kissing slowly, basking in our newly declared love for each other.

Suddenly I was hard again and slowly began to slide my dick in and out of my mother's satiny sheath. This moment had aroused me tremendously.

“Oh TOM!” she sighed as I slowly fucked her.

“Oh, Mom, I Love You So!” I cried.

“My Lover!” she breathed, covering my mouth with her soft, swollen lips again while she thrust herself up at me, taking me inside of her deeply.

Our mouths slowly slid across one another, our tongues lightly caressing as we languished in a slow, luscious kiss!

As we continued to kiss deeply Mom slowly raised her legs and wrapped them around my waist.

She moaned into my mouth as I slowly ground my hard, throbbing cock in and out of her wet, clutching cunt.

All concerns or worries about our future were pushed into the background as our thoughts and attention were focused on each other as we kissed and made slow, mind numbing love!

As I slowly sawed my twitching dick in and out of Moms drooling, heated snatch, she matched me stroke for stroke, raising her ass of the bed and shoving her twat up at my pulsating shaft. You could hear the bedsprings groan in rhythm to our strokes as we ground against each other in a methodical, sensuous tempo. Our hands caressed each other as we tried to prolong this incredible feeling of love that filled our senses.

Suddenly I felt Mom's cunt start to twitch, sending sparks along the underside of my dick. Her pussy began to suck more vigorously at my extended cock, letting me know Mom's oncoming orgasm was building steam.

She quickened her pace, and softly pressed her heels into my ass, urging me to do the same. As our tempo increased, mom began to moan into my mouth in the same rhythm as our thrusts, “UHMMMM! UHMMMM! UHMMM! UHMMM! UHMMMM!”

I felt her cunt begin to suck and clutch zealously at my cock, pulling at it as if demanding to be fed!

Mom broke of our kiss and threw her head back, franticly shoving her sloshing twat up at my cock again and again and again.


Suddenly she was writhing beneath me, bucking up at me, pulling at my hair as her pussy went into convulsions, madly clenching and milking around my dick. This set me off as I felt the cum rush up my shaft, about to burst from the end of my love hose.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” I cried as my orgasm over came me and my dick fired my hot load deep into Mom's twat over and over again, spraying the walls of her searing cunt with my thick, creamy spunk.

We clung to each other, riding a wave of indescribable pleasure as my dick lurched and spewed deep inside her as her twat clutched and sucked the cream right out of my balls.

Eventually my dick shot it last little dribble and Mom's cunt gave one last, slight squeeze on my dick as our breathtaking orgasms subsided.

Mom's arms and legs slid off me as I collapsed on top of her, both to tired to even speak or think. We simply lied there waiting for our breathing to return to normal so we could speak. Finally I was able to roll off of her and lie beside her as she turned and looked at me.

“Oh God, Tom that was the best yet!” she said in a labored, breathless tone.

“You’re telling me.” I replied.

“I guess we should have confessed our love much sooner.” she smiled

“If this is the results, I agree.” I laughed.

I raised myself up a bit, looking down at Mom.

“God, I Love You Mom!” I gushed.

“OH, Tom I Love You!” she replied.

I slowly sank down to her, my open mouth covering those full, pouting lips of hers in another deep, soulful kiss. Mom wrapped her arms around my neck and I pulled her close as we slowly slid our open mouths across each other's. We seemed to hold this position for hours as the kiss went on and on and on.

We eventually broke it off and came up for air. We noted the time and realized I needed to get back to my own bed. Before I got up we shared one more lush, open-mouthed kiss that lasted another two minutes, before I finally stumbled to my own room.

Chapter 10.

The next day I could barley walk, feeling the effects of my intense sessions with Mom. I made my way to the kitchen, passing Dad, on the couch, watching television on the way.

When I got to the kitchen, Rita and Mom were there chatting as Rita fed the baby.

“So there you are. I didn't think you'd ever get up.” Rita said, sarcastically.

“He looks all tuckered out.” my Mom added, giving me a wink.

“Well there's a lot to do today, so we need to get started as soon as you've had breakfast.” Rita chided and got up and left to put the baby down.

As soon as she left I got up and got myself some coffee, sitting back down next to Mom

“Morning darling.” Mom whispered lustfully.

‘Morning to you.” I replied

We both leaned forward until our parted lips touched and then sealed in a quick kiss.

“I'm afraid that's not going to get it done today.” Mom smirked, leaning forward again. I leaned toward her again, our parted lips meeting once more and then fusing together as we pressed them together in a lustful, illicit kiss. Our mouths parted, sinking together as our good morning buss quickly turned into an open mouthed, french kiss.

“EEUUHHMMM!” Mom moaned into my mouth as our heads bobbed and our lips caressed each other's.

We broke apart before we get caught.

“Have you thought about what we said last night?”

“Of course darling” Mom replied.

“Well how can we do it, you know, be together all the time?” I asked.

“I don't know yet.” Mom replied. “On the one hand I really don't want to hurt your father. But, on the other hand I want you in my bed every night.”

“Well, what do we do?” I asked.

“Let me think.” she said.

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Blackmail and finacial domination

Every once in a while as a Dominatrix you get a call from a silly stupid man who wants financial domination. Here is my story.

A Judge from the Netherlands calls me and asks for financial domination. This man who thinks he is very smart and powerful has just made mistake number 1. He calls me five or six times asking me to record him promising to pay. He does not know that I record all incoming calls from the start. He then gives me his personal unlisted number thinking he is safe and that I can’t track him down.
Mistake number 2 was calling a Mistress who lives in Washington DC the Nation’s Capital where there are spies on every corner. The CIA and FBI and everyone else. I happen to have a very exclusive list of clients who will gladly do any favor I want. So I now have the numbers for his 5 closest friends, his real name and address.

So I do a little test. We have his phone call I let him make his confessions and clear his soul of any wrong doing. Getting charges dropped for female friends who he is sl**ping with and sl**ping with minor c***dren for starters. He promises a million dollars to keep quiet and not reveal his dirty little secret. I know that no one is going to pay a million dollars for a phone call so I tell him that to test the waters his first phone call will be $500 and then every few weeks I will call him back and increase the amount. I make him pledge to me that he is now my slave and his wallet is now mine to spend. For this phone call he will pay $500 and gave him an hour to pay.

Well an hour goes buy and no gift card. But he has called several times promising to pay $1000. By know I know that he really isn’t a judge and that his story is all fake so he could get his jollies off. Once again I tell him my fee and he once again agrees to pay. But little does he know that once you contact me and use my time I will collect my fees. I go ahead and do his session via the phone and once again give him his hour to pay. When his time is up I call him back and leave my first demand.

DEMAND 1 – pay agreed to fee within the hour or your f****y and friends will get a copy of your session played back to them. My fee goes up with each phone call.

So now my real plan kicks in.

I make a few more calls to his home and leave messages on his voice mail. He calls me back and says that he is not paying. He has changed his phone number and to stop calling. I remind him of his promise for a million dollars. I ask him how he will explain to f****y and friends why his number had to be changed, after all he is a Doctor in real life and this has been his number for over 15 years. He asks what I want to leave him alone and I say I want a new card dropped off at my house in the morning. When he asks how he is to do that, I tell him I don’t know and it’s not my problem.

Again no follow through on his part, I did not expect the car but I do want my fee or for him to admit to his lies. Call me crazy but as a real blackmailer you need to push them and the thought that I might call his wife or mother should do the trick.

In the middle of the night I call him and read to him my list of his most called numbers. I tell him to get out a pen and paper and give him the following shopping 10K list of electronics from Best Buy which he will order over the phone and have delivered to my home or I will start calling. By now he is begging me to leave him alone and all I can do is laugh at him. I tell him how stupid he is and how much I enjoy making him rush home to remove his taped session from his voice mail before anyone in the f****y hears it. I leave him in tears with the list.

1) Samsung 51” plasma TV model #PN51D530A3 sku 2584325
2) Apple iPad 2 with 3G Verizon network model #mc763LL/A sku 2340502
3) Apple iMac computer model #mc813LLA sku 2658095
4) HP Touch Screen all in one computer model #520-1030 sku 3395031
5) Canon EOS Rebel model #Rebel T3 sku 1980124
6) Lens wide angle model #9518A002 sku 7170116
7) Lens model #1056B002 sku 8794977

Once we are done shopping by phone I have him log into his Skype account and make him jerk off while I watch him and video record it for my call next month. I tell him that if he can cum within 5 minutes while I watch and call him names and tell him how small his penis is that no grown woman would want it, that next month my services will be free month with no black mail call only a nice phone sex call. I even invite my girlfriends in to laugh at him and make fun of this very small limp appendage that he has just to make sure he does not cum because next month he is going to buy me a car.

A few days later I received a dozen red roses and a new Apple iMac computer with a very nice thank you note for such a well played scene.
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The Other Zoo - Part 3

What I hadn’t realized was that the men were still watching. They saw my hot, steamy wet juices explode on the glass. Then to their surprise, I began licking the glass in a sensual and twirling manner. I took great pride in having them watch my tongue work the glass and mixing all of our cum together in my mouth. Just for added sexual filthy desire, I spit the cum out of my mouth while eying all of them in a greedy and provocative manner. They erupted in applause at this performance. Something they had not expected. It was an encore that left them wanting more. The Voice was pleased that these men were not disappointed, but, ecstatic and craving more of the a****l. However, their time had expired for the day and they would need to leave.
Now, The Voice had a big decision to make. Punishment or reward?
While I lay exhausted in the cage, The Voice was planning my future. I did not know that The Voice was beginning to have feelings for me. He contemplated his next move carefully. Should he punish me by inflicting a degrading, dehumanizing filthy sexual perversion on me? Or, offer a reward to keep me under his control and insure that, once, I experienced the reward, I would submit to a number of many erotic sexual fantasies. None of the other a****ls, male or female, had had this effect upon him. He wondered why this a****l with her curvaceous body and innocent appearance aroused him so. She had sensual long legs that reached voluptuous thighs and ass cheeks that resembled gorgeous round orbs meant for rubbing up against. The tits on this a****l burst forth from her chest like ripe melons, full and statuesque, ready for fondling and sucking. Nicely developed nipples, which when fully erect, were undoubtedly excellent to twist and pinch. The innocence in her blue green eyes projected the erotic playmate he imagined she could be for him. Coupled with her blond softly curled shoulder length hair and sweet, pouty full cherry tinged lips, he could barely contain his own growing erection. Maybe, he could sway away from his stringent rules and allow himself the pleasures of her body. Just one time…But, he knew that wouldn’t satisfy his intense horniness and succumbed to the next best plan.
My exhaustive state was interrupted by the jolt and movement of my cage being transported. All of the blinds were closed so I had no idea where I was going. This fear made my nipples hard and pussy very wet. “Be prepared for the worst”, I thought to myself.
Suddenly my cage door opened and I was instructed to crawl through it. I knelt down on all fours and with a sharp stinging spank from behind and I was thrust into a large, lushly landscaped tropical paradise.
The Voice spoke loudly, “This is your new cage. You have been a very naughty girl, but, the visitors enjoy observing you, so you are being rewarded for making me a wealthy, well respected zoo owner. You may never disobey me again. Understand?”
I was so relieved that I actually thanked him and smiled up to where the speaker was positioned.
“I have provided you with many sexy outfits, dildos, vibrators and other sex tools to use as you like. But, when I give you an order for what the visitors want, be ready immediately.”
I was beginning to think my new home and my hot, willing, nasty life as an a****l may be good after all.
The new cage was so much larger and had a waterfall that ran from the top down to a crystal clear pool. I decided to play under the falls and cupped my tits to feel the cascading hard droplets of water dance across my nipples. It felt so exciting! I realized my little hole was still burning from the pain of the dildo being plunged in and out of me. Sliding down into the pool, I opened my legs and let the cool moisture surge up inside both of my holes. The cool shock of the water caused me to experience a few aftershock orgasms. I felt so horny and needed some stimulation now! I was about to slip out of the pool, when I noticed a lovely plantain hadn’t fallen from a nearby tree. The Voice was pleased with her choice of toys. The pool had a one way mirror at the front. Visitors could see into it but this sex craving a****l could not see out. The Voice watched his horny a****l carefully. He could tell she wants to pleasure herself by the way she was sensually gyrating. The Voice began to have just a twinge of guilt in knowing that his a****l thought she was better off and had some degree of privacy. In reality, she was more on display than ever before. Not only could visitors act as voyeurs, there were hidden cameras placed in the tropical scenery. As a reward system, the other well behaved a****ls were allowed viewing pleasures. This assured The Voice had total domination over his entire entire zoo. He liked to be in control and derived special pleasure from watching his newest exotic creature perform naughty sexual acts with the plantain. Standing in the thigh deep azure oasis, she began to rub the fruit against her clit and pussy. Her nipples erupt with hardness as she began massaging herself with the massive black veggie. The back and forth movement and sensual way she arched her back, was a hot, dirty and ecstasy invoking joy for all to see. She thinks she is alone and begins to gyrate rhythmically to the motion of the water. The subtle grinding of the plantain between her legs causes her to moan softly. “Ah”, she murmurs as she continues to press this sex tool against her clit. Her pearl is swelling now and she feels she must use her fingers to tease her pussy into a frenzied state of hot pulsating action. She begins, as The Voice has taught her, one finger at a time. She ends with her hand wedged far into her hot love box. With that feeling, she began to rock in the water and slowly moves toward a large smooth rock that she can straddle against. Once situated with her ass in the air above the water she uses the plantain as an anal pleasure toy. Spreading wide, her gaping hole, is excitedly awaiting this immense gift of pain and pleasure. She shrieks out the words, “Do it to me Master!” over and over. With each mantra, she begins to squirt sweet, sparkling cum from somewhere deep inside her.
The Voice can’t contain himself and begins to swiftly stroke his cock. The precum gives him such a thrill, he can’t imagine what it will feel like when he finally cums. He tries to resist blowing his huge load, but, he cannot. He shoots a massive amount of pure white sticky sweet cum that is so intense it hit’s him in the face and drips down to his open mouth. All the while, his a****l is beginning to exhibit the filthy and naughty acts of hot sex that is destined to make him a very rich man.
To his surprise, when she finishes using the plantain as a means of orgasmic pleasure, she removes it slowly and seductively from her lovely tight butt hole. As if intentionally performing a strip tease, she deliberately peels the plantain using her teeth and tongue to coax the luscious flesh out. Once the ripe flesh is exposed, she mouth fucks it for a while. Her hot, wet mouth and tongue work to draw it deep into her awaiting throat. Once she feels it is nicely warmed up, she slides it between her tits and covers her nipples with her saliva and the fragrance of this unique veggie fruit. Not feeling satisfied, she edges the plantain closely to her dripping pussy and rams the thick flesh into her orifice. It instantly hits her G spot and sends her into uncontrollable surges of micro bursting cum sessions. She is in ecstasy. The crowd outside her cage has become enormous. Men and women clamor to watch such an alluring hot little cunt of an a****l. Oh how The Voice was pleased!
“Little Brown Eyed Susan”…my new title from The Voice because I know needed a name to distinguish me from the other a****ls...
To be continued…
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Total Domination and Bottle-Fucked

'So tell me Mariel, what's a guy have to do to get into your knickers?'
I looked at him, a tad bleary-eyed, yes I had been drinking heavily and my husband had conveniently gone to bed, and now his old friend had obviously decided he needed a fuck, and as I was here, why not use my cunt, so I replied, 'You need to catch me wearing a pair'.
He laughed out loud, and I joined-in, if anything, just to show that I was neither shocked at his outright request, or offended by his offer.
'Tell me John', I felt the need to ask him a personal question, 'Why did you divorce your wife, if you feel the need to fuck?'
I sat on my recliner with my feet on the foot-rest, balancing my 'Gin and Tonic' as my eyes traversed his length, similarly seated opposite me, my eyes resting on his crotch, as his bulge, clearly showed he was in the mood for me.
I took another deep draw on my glass, as he pondered my question, my free use of 'Fuck', clearly excited him, indeed I was excited, sex or fucking always excited me, especially here in my own home, sucking on another mans' cock, was a home-owners freedom, especially when my husband bestowed my needs without even raising an eyebrow.
As most of you readers know, I am a female with a huge appetite for sex, it's just when you have the opportunity to hit me up, that you strike gold, and John was deep in this rich vein of gold, and was not aware he was.
I suspected he was fishing and hoping, but what he did not know, was that I was sucking on his 'Bell-end' as I drank, imagining I was guiding his semen into my glass, and using it a an olive substitution, a little saltiness with the bitter sweetness of the tonic.
He drew his tongue across his lips and I saw its saliva laden pinkness, trace-out a moist layer, my 'Cunt' contracted in envy, indeed my whole pussy squeezed on nothingness, so I crossed my long legs and squeezed my thighs together, rocking them slightly, my swollen clitoris trapped between my moist labia, was providing slight relief, and as I did this womanly thing, I think he was picking up on my actions, as his hand went down and covered his cock, squeezing it, as I watched him, with an animated look on my face.
'Did that feel good', I raised a quizzical eyebrow and my glass simultaneously, took another deep drink, my leg rocking was more pronounced as I humped his cock in my mind, he never answered, just squeezed, smiled, and licked his lips, as if they were representative of my pussy, I watched fascinated, and pushed back on my recliner, I was really pissed, knew it and did not care.
His cock was in his pants, he was hard and it stuck out like a flagpole. I was lying out full length, looking at him on my left, I passed my almost empty glass over to my free hand, then used my free hand to touch myself, and there we both sat, touching out crotches, I was as horny as I needed to be, sex was what I wanted so I simply said, 'Fuck me', and raised both my knees and lifted my bum off the seat, pulling my short skirt up under my raised bum, showing my stockings and lack of panties, I was not lying when I told him that, my knees fell open as wide as the chair would allow them, 'Please babe, please fuck me', I was now submissive and begging, as he got up from his chair.
Even though I was a married woman, we were in that short instant, two consenting adults, about to have full sexual intercourse, only the debauchery of my position made it seedy in the yes of any who might wander in on us, my home and our needs behind closed doors, so lets continue.
He moved in front of me, looking down on my raised and open legs, my fingers deep in my pussy, glistening as I drew them in and out, pleasuring myself as I waited for his cock to replace them.
He seemed not to be in slow motion, making me beg him to hurry, but he seemed to get slower, as he opened his pants and finally pulled himself free from their constraints.
'Put it in me', I said aggressively, I was getting desperate, he was infuriating me, I needed to fuck and I was contorting myself, raising my ass to an impossible height, as I tried to make contact with his heavy cock.
He reached onto the coffee table and picked-up the 'Schweppes Tonic bottle', 'Use it Slut', and he bent forward and pushed it into me.
I felt it go in, it was hard, but made me fuller feeling, not overly pleasurable, but it was something to grip on to, and my pussy muscles, were, at that moment, thankful for small mercies, and small bottles, so I started using it and playing with my clitoris, as he stood over me masturbating.
Watching your friends wife, in her forties, debasing herself with a bottle, must have an overpowering effect on a man, especially a man wanking over her as if she was a sex object, his tirade of filth and debasing sentiments, were adding to his pleasure, as he watched me bottle-fuck myself, during my need for an elusive orgasm.
I saw him move away from his vantage viewpoint and sidle up to my head, I stopped, leaving the bottle embedded inside my pussy, and reached out for him, but he scolded me, 'Keep fucking your cunt with the bottle, you fucking slag bitch', and as I reached down and took the base part sticking out, he took my head in his hands and turned it towards him, I knew what he wanted, so I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in and shot his load down my throat.
I worked feverishly on the bottle, he was cumming and I tried to emulate him, but I was so numbed by booze, the feeling had gone.
I sucked and chewed on him, finally dozing off, the drink had conquered me, and I could recall him wakening me from time to time, encouraging me to cum, so the bottle would go in and out a few more times, then sl**p.
In the morning everything was hazy, I knew what we had been doing, so my attitude was more bravado than shameful, I never felt threatened until months later when he called for a quick fuck session, he was staying in the hotel in town and needed to screw, I was his obvious sperm bag.
I politely to him to fuck off, and he reminded me off the video he took of me with the bottle, I went cold, of course thats what he was doing when he awoke me to continue, so as I fell silent, he told me of his needs in my dress apparel, for our meeting, and every time he visits, I make time for him, now he is coming back to town, and he wants to meet my nieces, so Lisa will come with me, I am sure you will want to know the outcome.

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