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Today on my lunch break

Today on my lunch break

... was getting and left.. and I said no bye and she said she will see me soon... well I always take my lunch ... , anyways she comes in and I said "hey my favorite person is comin to see me" and she responds ... breaks at 730 and for some odd reason she was in her car.. I dk if she waited or she was coming back... Continue»
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... has some big cocks on it and they make me so horny,my cunt drips with juice and I can not resist putting ... office his eyes would be straight on me. I walked in very casually pulled my chair out and sat down ... wanking. I could feel a orgasm building in me and I started to buck on my fingers violently, I looked... Continue»
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Pleasure With Rakes's Wife Suman

... out from her eyes and I put her head on my shoulder and start relaxing her by rubbing shoulder. WOW ... when I touched her bare shoulder, I feel great what a smooth skin. My hand is slipping her on ... , what happen dear. All is right there.
Suman: - sahil, today I am feeling very lonely and my mind is... Continue»
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A Hot Start to Winter Break

... and panties hanging from her one leg, legs spread and pussy wet as hell.
I dropped my sweats, stepped ... them clean. "I didn't get lunch today. Thanks!" she said with a grin.
I kissed her again and she slid ... states and we only been able to see each others on holidays. After flying home for winter break I left... Continue»
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iStartLife, chapter 4

... thought in her head. Sure he picks today of all days to talk to me. Just my luck.

* * *

Sam woke up ... a point. Would you please take my clothes and wash them today while I'm at class?" She said in a mock ... in your hand." Although she never even tried to break one single bone.... Continue»
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Part Time Job by loyalsock

... , but if for example you'd like to do a half hour on your lunch break we can probably fit that into our ... thing, but it's pretty obvious that you are having a little difficulty with your break up with Stan ... a solution that while it isn't the thing you'd like to do everyday, it kept me from losing my mind... Continue»
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... six today. See you soon,” she said before hanging up.
What the fuck? Like I needed one more thing ... …especially not one that was created in that way. I wanted to get an abortion, though my parents were ... the number in and saved it to my contacts.
Then, just to make it look good, I dialed one... Continue»
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Kim & Dave, part 3

... spent that much time making love to my tits, and today I had my first orgasm just from having my ... moaned, but finally mustered the will to break away and head for the bathroom and his shower. As he ... , and make you cum just from my manual and oral attention to them. Now let's go over and lie down in bed... Continue»
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sequill to a Lesson i love. Getting to Colorado!

... , who’s cum was going to be my lunch. If someone had touched my pussy right now I would have exploded ... pulsating, growing ripping at the sides of my mouth. He finally exploded into the condom: my lunch, I ... , “Please touch my cunt, please.”I spread my legs in the chair. With one hand he reached up and parted... Continue»
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Beware what you ask for

... she had taken a long lunch break and spent it in the bathroom, furiously fingering her dripping slit ... , what he desired, what he lusted for, without breaking up in laughter. He pleaded quietly, insistently ... goodbye kiss. Then he'd roll over and go back to sl**p, normally.

But not today. Today he'd grow... Continue»
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A New Chapter Part 2

... for our company. My boss, Nadine, organized naughty lunch and dinner parties for super-rich types ... .
“Today’s my shoulders and legs day,” he said, “how about you?”
“Well today’s really my chest ... me over towards him and started to suck my eager organ while gently caressing my balls. He put one... Continue»
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My Boss, My Master - Part 5 - Winner's Privil

... ... there was a break for lunch in there somewhere, but I don't really remember it. At the end of the day, I ... giggled despite my nerves. This was without a doubt the gayest man I had ever met. He bounced from one ... with it.

When Friday finally came, I was feeling sick to my stomach from worrying. I hid it well enough... Continue»
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Road Tripping

... looking through the car window, one would have seen
Chrissie's head bobbing up and down towards my lap ... to give, but I'd cum
twice today already and I was saving my remaining stamina for later.

After ... , my tongue
seeking her tongue, all in one smooth motion.

We stumbled back together, bumping up... Continue»
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Making Love To Her Friend

... kissed me and quietly said, I'm wearing underwear today as she laughed and went back to making lunch ... So my wife had a friend who was a little crazy, well she was more free spirited and was crazy ... in the sense she was different. My wife had helped her out with a test she had taken for he a while back... Continue»
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Evil Souls Have No Limits (Chapter 2)

... unit of Seal Team Six. After one tour, I decided to go solo. During my tour I made a lot of contacts ... fit.

"One more thing, you will be my piece of shit fuck whore." "UNDERSTOOD!"

"Yes Sir ... , what I say is law. Three, you are my property. If you break my rules, I will break you and dispose... Continue»
Posted by qudduse 6 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Sex Humor, Hardcore  |  

Body Corporate Chapter 12

... into lunch allowing Cindi some time to regain her energy. If they were going to play with her again today ... , not more torture. Today would not be a day of rest. They had the day planned for their toy bitch. Picking ... of the game was to use a casting rod to break them. On the end of the lines was a lead weight that the men... Continue»
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Open your throat slut

... flooded my brain, like a wave breaking over me. Random sex images flashed before my eyes. Tits giggling ... never cum that hard in my life.

Jake pulled his cock out of my mouth. The lesbian gave my clit one ... . It can hit anytime, anywhere without any warning. All I can do is satisfy my darkest carnal desires... Continue»
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Just My Luck

... . But I was home from school for summer break and bored to death. I am right in my mid teen years, when ... girls that I go to school with and maybe, just maybe, I could finally stick my dick in one of them ... .
I walked around the block and then some and was starting back for my house when I heard some one... Continue»
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A secret message.

... this or that. Annoyed he took out the phone.
“Oh my, aren’t you in a grumpy mood today? Sounds like you ... Adam had been lucky and finally got hold of a job, it was tough enough after the break-up ... name and the address printed.

“I must’ve missed that one,” he casually reflected and took... Continue»
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Sucking Each Other's Cock - Chapter 4, pt 1 o

... over his cock, sliding it down along my tongue until I felt it hit the back of my mouth. Today I’m ... and then reappearing. He was gently massaging my balls with one hand when he let my cock slip out of his mouth ... Continuation of my "Sucking Each Other's Cock" stories. Please go to my profile to read earlier... Continue»
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