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Three Dicks No Waiting...

Three Dicks No Waiting...

... do, I would do willingly and not object nor protest... My <ddd>three</ddd> adversaries undressed and stood in a semi circle as I sat in ... often pushing both penis into my oral orifice.

Paul wasted <ddd>no</ddd> time in licking my anal opening and getting it so ... ... Continue»
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Lisa "serves" three guys on the Tennis c

... on the big hard <ddd>dicks</ddd> she was holding in each hand.

All <ddd>three</ddd> of them were ... It felt incredible, <ddd>three</ddd> <ddd>dicks</ddd> to pay with and she was in total control.

The <ddd>three</ddd> guys were in ... the guys face and he could hold on <ddd>no</ddd> longer, and she felt his thick meat ... ... Continue»
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A Goth Girl and the Three Wise Fuckers.

... the end thankful that it was the smaller of the <ddd>three</ddd> <ddd>dicks</ddd> that was lodged in my bumhole, the combined intensity ... powerlessness of the circumstance. For about five minutes I heard <ddd>no</ddd> sound, detected <ddd>no</ddd> movement. The slightest of sounds finally, as I felt ... ... Continue»
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The Case File of Mark & Sara

... until you show promise of..."

"T-Two or <ddd>three</ddd>! N-<ddd>No</ddd> not that!"

"Then sweetie, doesn ... asked me upon entering the <ddd>waiting</ddd> room.

"Fine, Dr. Judy." I replied.

" ... myself mentally, after sucking all <ddd>three</ddd> of the "practice <ddd>dicks</ddd>" I got surprising ... ... Continue»
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True. What I let men to do me for 2½ days

... , sex slave; tortured and ****d for for <ddd>three</ddd> days, <ddd>no</ddd> matter what I said or if I wanted ... my hairy cunt exposed to them, <ddd>waiting</ddd> patiently and helplessly until one of ... preferred that they didn’t thrust their <ddd>dicks</ddd> down my throat every single time, not ... ... Continue»
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Couple Fun

... be more comfortable."

With <ddd>dicks</ddd> still pointing towards the ... <ddd>no</ddd>, you girls are going to wear that boy out, though."

Friday night arrived, and everyone was at George & Abbie's house, <ddd>waiting</ddd> ... and fast for about <ddd>three</ddd> hours. <ddd>No</ddd> problems, except for that ... ... Continue»
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Barbara, A True Slut

... the young lady likes Black <ddd>dicks</ddd>." Ray stood
<ddd>waiting</ddd> to see what Barbara ... quickly responded in an almost begging voice, "<ddd>NO</ddd>!! <ddd>NO</ddd>!!" "Not
yet, not
yet!!" "Do it ... in her ass.
There were
still <ddd>three</ddd> more guys <ddd>waiting</ddd> their turn to fuck Kelly's ... ... Continue»
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... their building. Chaos ensues and for <ddd>three</ddd> days, <ddd>no</ddd> one knows who runs Japan. ... …one after the other, ramming their <ddd>dicks</ddd> into her…most not even lasting more ... she asked and then stepped inside anyway without <ddd>waiting</ddd> for the prompted invitation.
She wore ... ... Continue»
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Black Mail

... with <ddd>no</ddd> clothes on. I was shocked at first, then realized it was the boys from the other day. They had hard <ddd>dicks</ddd> <ddd>waiting</ddd> ... Marcus’s legs and found a way in my already occupied pussy.
<ddd>Three</ddd> <ddd>dicks</ddd> in me were giving me the greatest thrill of my ... ... Continue»
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Punk Slut Sista

... T-shirts and boots, their <ddd>dicks</ddd> hard. They'd been <ddd>waiting</ddd> for one of the other ... it's excellent." I glanced towards the stage. The <ddd>three</ddd> women were still being fucked,

with ... their parents. With Kaylee there would be <ddd>no</ddd> <ddd>waiting</ddd> for mums and

dads to go ... ... Continue»
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Becoming a Slave Ch. 04

... saving a boatload of cash here with almost <ddd>no</ddd> expenses, as I had neither a car nor a money-grubbing ... in one, a man was f***ed to suck <ddd>three</ddd> <ddd>dicks</ddd> by his wife as part of a sex ... For the next <ddd>three</ddd> weeks, I thought about Geoff all the time, <ddd>waiting</ddd> for his next ... ... Continue»
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... Again it seemed as if they were <ddd>waiting</ddd> in a long line to fuck this slave, ... and I mean deep, I could imagine that all <ddd>three</ddd> <ddd>dicks</ddd> were pushed to their hilt! The dildo ... some kind of door to the outside. <ddd>No</ddd> way could I ride a bike with a blindfold on. Outside! ... ... Continue»
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THE EYELAND PROJECT: First Crew. Chapter 1

... at it as well. “Great…<ddd>three</ddd> <ddd>dicks</ddd> shooting off and none for ... answer was…and it was <ddd>no</ddd>…<ddd>no</ddd> she could never resist that temptation ... <ddd>three</ddd> boys.
Her fingers were <ddd>no</ddd> longer stimulating her clitoris, but had dove deeper into her wet pussy…two fingers…<ddd>no</ddd> <ddd>three</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Holes In The Wall

... to the back, now go they’re <ddd>waiting</ddd> on you” he said pointing at a door ... mushroom head, this guy didn’t move at all, <ddd>no</ddd> pelvic thrusts, just stood there as I sucked ... like the last boss in a video game <ddd>three</ddd> <ddd>dicks</ddd> pocked through the holes right next to each ... ... Continue»
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hotzara - Part 3

... hai na."

This was mind blowing news. These guys have <ddd>no</ddd> match, I thought. They are real mother and s****r fuckers. I loved to ... the first time when <ddd>three</ddd> LUNs (<ddd>Dicks</ddd>) will fuck me and Sana baji at same time and among these <ddd>three</ddd> <ddd>Dicks</ddd> one will be ... ... Continue»
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This is what I want....Cocks!!!

... <ddd>three</ddd> holes. Four walls, <ddd>three</ddd> holes each. I could soon be looking at 12 <ddd>dicks</ddd>, each <ddd>waiting</ddd> ... <ddd>three</ddd> in my mouth. I don't know how it felt for them, but I loved feeling like a lil glory hole slut with <ddd>three</ddd> <ddd>dicks</ddd> ... i drank down in <ddd>no</ddd> time I was so damn thirsty. ... ... Continue»
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James's Party Sue gets used

... look I have invited a few mates “ oh I see! “<ddd>No</ddd>, there are <ddd>three</ddd> mates and two couples, Rose ... mates whom he new at average <ddd>dicks</ddd> like mine and Les’s)
Swap again she ... Pete was already lining up, he paused <ddd>waiting</ddd> a minute slowly winking his cock before ... ... Continue»
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Turning into a whore... for the second time

... shaved balls another kiss.
“How many <ddd>dicks</ddd> have you sucked before, slut?”
“Just yours ... and you can cum in my mouth.”
“I... <ddd>no</ddd>, sorry,” he replied, looking really confused ... ...

...and right into a group of <ddd>three</ddd> guys, apparently <ddd>waiting</ddd> for me to finish. ... ... Continue»
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It's our life style

... where out hanging after a night of porn ,sex <ddd>no</ddd> k**s so where just cruising tha mall holding ... um like yea brandy standing out front <ddd>waiting</ddd> on us so I told my wife brandy ... to we like pussy and and <ddd>dicks</ddd> so now we got <ddd>three</ddd> <ddd>dicks</ddd> and <ddd>three</ddd> pussy and we all ... ... Continue»
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I was twenty-three at the time...

... American, I was used to cut <ddd>dicks</ddd>, and he being Muslim was clean as ... you can fuck me."
"I'm a virgin – <ddd>no</ddd> condom?"
"<ddd>No</ddd> condoms..?" I was stymied. "Why?"
"Lipo ... by his <ddd>waiting</ddd> fingers. First one, then two, then <ddd>three</ddd>, while spit ... ... Continue»
Posted by outsfguy 1 year ago  |  Categories: Gay Male  |  Views: 1666  |  
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