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They were taking pics DOGGING pt2

They were taking pics DOGGING pt2

... cupping her breasts up toward him,he went back to <ddd>taking</ddd> <ddd>pics</ddd>.
Her short skirt had ridden up as she leant forward ... as to give hubby the best view.
Hubby carried on <ddd>taking</ddd> <ddd>pics</ddd> from all angles as i pounded against her ass,god she ... ... Continue»
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Kelli and the Masseuse pt2

... On the corners of some streets, groups of people <ddd>were</ddd> standing around and <ddd>they</ddd> looked at her with a lot of interest. ... and her eyes <ddd>were</ddd> closed. Two women <ddd>were</ddd> there with her. Women like Earlene. Big. Ugly. Older women. And <ddd>they</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> <ddd>taking</ddd> the Asian beauty ... ... Continue»
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They were 4

... <ddd>They</ddd> have never been with a boy and have never had sex. <ddd>They</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> still virgins. <ddd>They</ddd> had also never seen each other naked because <ddd>taking</ddd> ... All three girls <ddd>were</ddd> in a 3 way messy kiss. As <ddd>they</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> kissing, <ddd>they</ddd> didn't care that <ddd>they</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> spilling saliva on ... ... Continue»
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"when they were younger" Chapter 1

... and <ddd>they</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> a close f****y and all the cousins had many good times. There <ddd>were</ddd> 25 cousins in all in the 5 families. <ddd>They</ddd> farmed the ... gift you a give all males want from a female.

This is <ddd>taking</ddd> longer to writing than I have clear eyes (sl**py) to ... ... Continue»
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... mother later that I was <ddd>taking</ddd> Liana to Beckman woods on Thursday as she wanted to see if <ddd>dogging</ddd> was really true. Cassandra ... two other guys <ddd>were</ddd> already unzipped and stroking their cocks but Liana and Cassandra didn’t know this as <ddd>they</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> on the other ... ... Continue»
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My Dogging Experience

... rough stuff.
Later in the evening Åsa mentioned '<ddd>Dogging</ddd>' and I thought it was an a****l fight between dogs, but ... was Åsa. There six around her and I assume <ddd>they</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> all <ddd>taking</ddd> a shot, as she was well above their expectations for sex ... ... Continue»
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My Dogging Wife

... <ddd>taking</ddd> on several men at once, while I recorded the action. 'Well?' she prompted. I said yes, and I explained that <ddd>they</ddd> called it "<ddd>dogging</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Dogging Public Sex Stories

... a heavy petting session.
Shortly after <ddd>taking</ddd> off my wife's blouse and getting ... Time <ddd>Dogging</ddd>
We'd discussed <ddd>dogging</ddd> for some time, and posted an add on a <ddd>dogging</ddd> ... <ddd>they</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> all spent. <ddd>They</ddd> dropped me home and we all said our goodbyes. <ddd>They</ddd> said ... ... Continue»
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First time dogging experience

... couple, all the other cars <ddd>were</ddd> just single guys.

'B' has been <ddd>dogging</ddd> before, used to do ... any fun just now Smile

I asked 'B' if <ddd>they</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> here for me or him, as we ... got to work on it with my tongue, before <ddd>taking</ddd> his full shaft down my throat, which i ... ... Continue»
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A Dogging tale

... <ddd>dogging</ddd>. I don’t often go out to <ddd>dogging</ddd> sites as there is always ... had strolled across to watch. <ddd>They</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> a man and woman in their ... <ddd>taking</ddd> it into her mouth. Her boyfriend and my previous partner both had their cocks out and <ddd>were</ddd> masturbating while <ddd>they</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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My First Dogging Trip

... <ddd>dogging</ddd> yet?
I plucked up the courage ... car while blokes fingered her. He was <ddd>taking</ddd> <ddd>pics</ddd> and helping blokes to get their ... willpower and squirted the lot. the others <ddd>were</ddd> watching and wanking and squirting ... off the A1 in Lincolnshire. <ddd>they</ddd> meet three or four ... ... Continue»
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Early dogging experience

... <ddd>dogging</ddd> place and was a bit disappointed there <ddd>were</ddd> no vehicles about. I was also surprised to see the loos <ddd>were</ddd> fenced off and <ddd>were</ddd> ... down on her knees and <ddd>taking</ddd> off the trousers of one ... week when the two guys <ddd>were</ddd> there. <ddd>They</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> bikers
I quickly hopped ... ... Continue»
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My Dogging Wife

... <ddd>taking</ddd> on several men at once, while I recorded the action. 'Well?' she prompted. I said yes, and I explained that <ddd>they</ddd> called it "<ddd>dogging</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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taking susan dogging

... mouth.

It took about 10 minutes to get to the <ddd>dogging</ddd> site, I pulled in and said to Susan that I fancied having ... least half of them had there cocks out and <ddd>were</ddd> wanking away as <ddd>they</ddd> watched me finger her cunt, I then pushed her ... ... Continue»
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Frankie dogging

... same <ddd>they</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> approaching a notorious <ddd>dogging</ddd> area, Frankie looked at Bob and by the twinkle in his eye she knew straight away <ddd>they</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> ... gently while a finger pushed in and out of her pussy <ddd>taking</ddd> the juice and rubbing along his shaft Bob proceeded ... ... Continue»
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The Roommates Pt2

... <ddd>pt2</ddd>

When we arrived every light in the house was ... of his cock til I reached his swollen balls.

<ddd>Taking</ddd> them in my mouth one at a time. Then ... Everyone in the neighborhood knew <ddd>they</ddd> had two male roommates, but had no idea <ddd>they</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> all fucking each other. ... ... Continue»
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Dogging Schoolgirl and the Older Man

... <ddd>Dogging</ddd>'," I added for clarification.

I watched as her brain processed this information, and then she smiled. "I didn't know <ddd>they</ddd> ... was <ddd>taking</ddd> ... <ddd>They</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> probably waiting for their turn with my sexy little slut toy. Oh well, I thought, <ddd>they</ddd>'re young, <ddd>they</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Sex no limits dogging

... had interactions with many cross dressers at various <ddd>dogging</ddd> locations and public toilets, before he actively searched for a ... me. The arse gaping. Normally <ddd>they</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> all <ddd>taking</ddd> films and pictures, but this time I sensed <ddd>they</ddd> weren't.
I had never eaten ... ... Continue»
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Sunbathing pt2

... her sex. <ddd>They</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> simple plain cotton knickers with a little piece of lace edging, <ddd>they</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> faded pink as if <ddd>they</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> not new ... bathroom – I couldn’t resist <ddd>taking</ddd> a sniff of the soaking wet knickers. Despite being drenched in Kirsty’s urine <ddd>they</ddd> did not ... ... Continue»
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A little story of love and betrayal. (pt2)

... stop. I took no notice of their calls, no idea whether <ddd>they</ddd> <ddd>were</ddd> condemning me, or offering help. I ran through the crowded streets ... showed the community that I was anything but a pretty trophy wife, <ddd>taking</ddd> an active interest in his business. He made me a ... ... Continue»
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