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They Meet at a Wedding: Part I

They Meet at a Wedding: Part I

... meets his dream girl at a wedding...

John finds wedding tedious at the best of times ... .

Shit he thinks. Just my luck, I meet “miss perfect” and she’s taken. Well Kitty still needs ... , but business weddings are the worst.

The Davidson wedding in LA was a “must attend” unfortunately. John... Continue»
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They Meet at a Wedding: Part II


continue their teasing of John
They Meet at a Wedding: Part II

When we last left Kitty ... and very short. Kitty feels nervous.

Cris’s look is not an innocent look, but more the “I want your ... fabulous in this dress. I want you to wear it.”

Kitty looks at the dress and knows it’s incredibly... Continue»
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Laura and I meet - Part 1

... curvy body. i came again whilst writing this.

part 1

We meet up for the first time. after talking ... Laura

For now this is a work of fiction. When it comes true we shall let you know :P
I met ... laura online a while back and we talked but i was always horny. one night whilst wanking i asked to see... Continue»
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I got to meet Peter North - Part 3

... appearance and the meet up with my crew. You and Stacey will have fun,” Pete suggested.

“I suppose,” I ... . “Okay you two, this shouldn’t take long, I just need to meet with my crew here and check up on them ...
My wife and I were taking a vacation in Canada. We were staying at a beautiful hotel... Continue»
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I got to meet Peter North - Part 2

... After what felt like a few seconds I had rolled over to put my arm around Stacey, only to find ... that she was no longer in bed. I could feel some movement on the bed, so I had thought maybe she moved ... towards the headboard and was having issues sl**ping. I roll over and look, and there they were... Continue»
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[b][i][/i]Les Amants -part 1: a womans perspective

... de toi ...mon désir pour toi s'enflamme et quand tu me met sur la table et m'arrache mes shorties avec ta bouche ... part en arrière quand tu commences à sucer mon clit,tu continues comme ça et mon dos arche quand... Continue»
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[b][i][/i]Les Amants -Part 2 :a man's perspec

... Le corps dénudé, juste en boxer, je me colle a toi,
mon souffle s'étend sur ta nuque
et mes mains ... augmente
plus je me colle a toi.

Mes lèvres se pose sur ton cou
remonte sur ta joue
et viennent ... et tes bras agrippent a ma tête,
mon sexe bande, il dépasse de mon boxer
je continue a me frotter contre... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... kind of a big
infant I had at me they want everything in their mouth all the pleasure
those ... when I was 15 than theyll all
know at 50 they dont know how to sing a song like that Gardner ...
fishwoman when I asked to go for a half a stone of potatoes the day we met
Mrs Joe Gallaher at the... Continue»
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Better late than not at all.

... by her generous f****y.
Lucy married well. She met Ted at college, they married shortly after ... fondling in college but managed to arrive at her wedding day with her hymen in tact.
Her wedding was a ... after a few days with out using the computer, she thought; well it was just a crazy thing, I won’t... Continue»
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s****r in law

... time I several times came to Bangalore and went to meet her with a desire to stay at her house in ... life, not that I got a very attractive promotion but as I could stay at Bangalore and meet my sexy ... came to know her around 4 years back when I started my career in a Multinational Company at Chennai... Continue»
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... her if she met them? Dangerous thoughts for a young girl to be having, but they came as sure as ... his cheek, and smiled at him. A pair of big, blue, confused eyes met her, and she smiled broader ... for comfort;
“Men are predators. They are a****ls. They will do anything to get their filthy hands... Continue»
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A night in town for a threesome

... , but only with me as a part of game.

I like that she fantasizes about these kind of things - it's ... this to happen, and at exactly 20.30 she walked out the door.

It was a very long night. I sat down ... in with the words "I went to Betty's house to get a couple of drinks, we will go to the club at... Continue»
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... since they last met, and she did far better at it then her nephew, who still had the look of a deer ... Wednesday nights at The Blue Devil Lounge in Ithaca, New York, they have a social hour that ... ear as they stood at the end of the bar and surveyed the scene. "Slim pickings here tonight. I... Continue»
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... fret about her sex life to me. At first I was shocked as that was the first time I ever heard a ... relationship towards that once I had a holiday and so was chilling at my room. I got a sms from ... had a long kiss
and I came on top of her kissing and at the same time playing with her boobs. Anitha... Continue»
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Flyboy- superhero i****t story

... know they had a pool. He crashed him in the pool “Sure I will be the hero”

The water put out the ... met me” Saturn Girl Said cupping her tits “Trust me I am going to teach them a way of being a ... find out their son a superhero an fight over his affections.

Author note- This is a commission I... Continue»
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Before We Met Part 2 – more background

... and the other where she was a total HOT WIFE – which is what I always wanted. She’s telling me these ... me if I wanted to know how she became a HOT WIFE which I immediately answered yes – and she began ... with the stories and her telling the stories is now part of our routine. Another one of the stories is... Continue»
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Please - Don't Make Me Do It - Final Part Thr

... when we’ve opened the champagne?” she whispered at the door.

“Yes, yes I promise ... take your gowns OFF. I will help you, but they must come off.”

She moaned into her ... they approached her mid-thigh.

“Open wider, Carol. Open for me. I must see it as well... Continue»
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Friend take me massage

... try got out but they didn't let us go. Manger of that bar, gave a call help from police. We waited 2 ... . I replied yes. He ask how, lady replied per hour 50. He asked my how is lady? i look at here, i said ... my friend want have sex. He ask me do u want have sex. I though while, but i said yes "I ask with... Continue»
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SEXY SEXY s****r

... ***k as hell and then i said well guess i was right they where at a bar not have sex as i gave her a ... and almost got cought. idk but i had a bonner the hole movie and at the last part of the movie she ... it was albout sex and he hole time i had a a hard on and idk if she sow it but she kept looking at... Continue»
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Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 01

... was the early 80s; I was taking a full load in college and working full time. At nineteen I was making ... . Carol was just going to school at the time. I like my job as a night manager at a big chain grocery ... . "You're such a little slut when I play with your ass, look at you getting hard and ready for another... Continue»
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