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They Meet at a Wedding: Part I

They Meet at a Wedding: Part II

... continue their teasing of John
They Meet at a Wedding: Part II

When we last left Kitty, Cris’s 17 year-old ... champagne and dancing had tired the girls out they headed home. John for

his part was thinking of whatever strategy he could ... ... Continue»
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They Meet at a Wedding: Part I

... his dream girl at a wedding...

John finds wedding tedious at the best of times, but business weddings are the worst.

The Davidson wedding in LA ... she wants to meet him on Wednesday

and he’ll drive her to see the guest house. They agree to meet two ... ... Continue»
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... wedding made their to a massive and lavish ballroom area where they were to have the Wedding Reception. Now that's the hard part ... ... Continue»
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Hawaiian Wedding part 2

... after final preparations. Everyone bought it and they went back to their room. As requested ... of climax when I told him to part her hairy lips and lick her clit ... at the wedding Mark said that he was so spent he almost over slept and missed the wedding. At ... ... Continue»
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Experience of a boy at Indian Wedding

... type

Meeting the Lady at the wedding Ceremony

It was a wedding ceremony …. All rituals ... so they must be smelling awful..”

“Nah, absolutely no… they were so ... I kissed her feet and licked the upper part of her feet, when the ... ... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot At the Mansion - Part 1

... of a woman for her lover for a wedding gift or anniversary.  The first three I did ... believe that hers is the most important part of the day!!!
30 minutes later, I ... seconds they moved in slow motion.  They looked at each other, they both looked at me and ... ... Continue»
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Fucked at Cousins Wedding

... I flew down to Texas for a cousins wedding, We were booked into a hotel where most ... made our way to the church for the wedding, Once done there we moved the reception ... years old, I could tell by the way they looked at me they liked my tits busting out of my ... ... Continue»
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Awakening at Flamenco Beach - Part 1

... I waved at each other, and later they would walk into the water. Almost immediately after, they got at it. ... excitement when I raised my eyes to meet his so, at that point, I didn’t see any ... of my own shit spit now was part of the mix of bodily fluids in ... ... Continue»
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Fucking A Friend At Her Wedding (True)

... a sexually experience I had with a girl I met at work and ended up fucking her at her wedding. Enjoy.

I first met Katie while I was ... I never stopped fucking her as she came. Looking at her in her wedding dress turned me on insanely as I fucked her ... ... Continue»
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They saw my pussy at a wedding reception.

... and went with him to a wedding reception. He took me shopping for the occassion ... a great time, mingling and socializing. They had disposable cameras at each table so the guests ... because of all the attention, but they kept at me, and even the DJ got into ... ... Continue»
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At the Lake part 1.5

... tomorrow is your day off, we
will meet you at 10:00 a.m. at your trailer, and you better be
there ... the
clearing. "This is fantastic!" exclaimed Debbie when they
arrived at the clearing overlooking the lake. "There's even
a ... ... Continue»
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Meet at a park, play pool and LOOSE

... Meet at a park, play pool and LOOSE- Submit to my Desires!

I parked at the local park to ... as committed as I think then the next part she will take right here, then ... slightly and pushing upward she grunts as they exit, completing the task I spread my ... ... Continue»
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Roz at the wedding

... was at a wedding for a relative. At the reception I was seated at a table with some f****y of the bride that I knew.There were ... not here," she said.

I smiled and said "do you think they have a coat room here." She gave me the evil eye ... ... Continue»
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At the Lake Part 1

... trouble. Terry's
parents also had a 14' fishing boat they kept docked at the
marina, which Terry used to get in ... to her mother, but neither knew where they had
gone. Terry overheard part of this conversation and decided
he had ... ... Continue»
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Late night at the office. (part 5)

Fictional story, Late night at the office part five.

I went over to the table and grabbed a whip and ... turning a slight yellowish color of a bruise. She screamed of course.

They all do the first time.

I spun her around slowly, the ... ... Continue»
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"confused at first..." Part 2

... that's okay. Go on up there Alex, they'll be glad you showed up early." I ... front of him completely naked as they both stared at me. Jake said, "Whoa man, you ... said, "But aren't you guys, you know boyfriends?" They looked at each other and Jake said, "We can ... ... Continue»
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A Wedding Story

... meet with a seamstress and a tailor to get fitted for their wedding garb.

Cheryl loved the ornate wedding ... They usually resist at first, but I'm surprised at how easy they come around to doing what we want of them. They ... ... Continue»
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The Homely Wife Part 2

... called him in his office and they talked to meet at lunch time as Vishal had ... wanna see our wedding photos? Wait!” He called, “Adi, please bring our wedding album, Anand ... they could not see him and the dimmer was turned to lessen the light at the part they ... ... Continue»
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The Wedding Conception

... to work. Even so, I continued working
part-time at one of his businesses for a few years ... business rivals would also be at the wedding. His name
was Steve. They had been good friends, ... me as I pushed my cunt up to meet each
thrust. I could feel each jet ... ... Continue»
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How I Seduced My Step dad - Part 2

... a little later.

At the reception i ... wedding day was brilliant.

But the final part of my plan would have to wait till they returned from their honeymoon.

Part ... meet his every thrust, He reached around & squeezed my nipples so hard I thought they ... ... Continue»
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