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The ten of them chapter 1

... the torrent went on freezing the tits of those girls who had tits and the arses of those that didn’t ….. which was all of them.

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Harriet Potter and the Ringpiecce of Fire Pt 1

Harriet Potter and the ring of fire pt 1

Harriet Potter was just 19 just like her very best friend Hermione Parker.
They were by far the naughtiest girls in Cockington , a small town in the county of Dorset. The entire town seemed to consist of naughty girls and just a few naughty boys . Harriet and Hermoine were by far the naughtiest of them all.
Like all “HP’s they were very saucy indeed.
The headmaster of their school was at his wits end as to what do with them .
He wanted to expel them but there was no other school for them to go to and the local education authority had forbidden it.

Cockington High School was a modern school set on the outskirts of the old town and was one of the few schools to retain the use of corporal punishment .
Boys were caned over the trousers as was the custom and girls were spanked over the knickers or for more serious infringements caned over the knickers.
Since Harriet and Hermione never wore knickers they always got there canings on the bare bottom .
The two girls didn’t wear knickers for several reasons. Firstly because they masturbated nearly all of the time . Secondly because they found it easier to pee and shit without the bother of taking there knickers down . Thirdly ,because with no knickers on the boys could feel their cunts behind the bicycle shed and even fuck them against the school wall without all of that nasty mess, but fourthly and most importantly ,both Harriet and Hermoine were witches and as everyone knows, who knows about witches is that witches don’t wear knickers!

The unfortunately named Mr Richard Head ,the current head teacher had always wanted to be a polar explorer or mountaineer of note but since he hated the cold damp weather and had no head for heights became a teacher and having been head of house for three years was appointed headmaster just over a year ago.
Mr Head had referred to Harriet and Hermione as witches or “his nemesis”.
Little did he know how right he actually was.
There were no witches in Cockington as far as he was aware or for that matter anywhere.
“Dickhead” as he was known to the entire school didn’t believe in ghouls, ghosts , witches or demons. Monsters and aliens had no place in England in this day and age.
Mrs Cummings ,the deputy head and Mr Head were the only one’s allowed to administer corporal punishment at the school and always in the privacy of the Head’s office.
When he accepted the post offered to him all to eagerly by the deputy director of education Mr Head was pleased to accept .
He was unaware at the time that he was the seventh choice, the other six preferred candidates had gracefully declined. His pretty wife of four years standing had been so proud of her darling husband achieving such a high status at the tender age of thirty eight.
His wife , Meg was a typical suburban housewife who longed to have c***dren of her own but despite the endless fucking had failed to produce a single “sprog”
Meg Head was a fine and beautiful woman with largish tits and broad hips and vivid red hair. Neither of them smoked , drank alcohol or had even been tempted by i*****l d**gs ever.
Meg’s only vice, if indeed you could call it a vice was that she enjoyed being spanked on the bare bottom by her husband. Her father had never spanked or caned her and she felt she lacked something.
Despite this and the fucking in every position imaginable including all those mentioned in “the joy of love” which they had in the bookcase ,for all the good it did she might as well be getting arse fucked, which incidentally she quiet fancied !
Every night at eight precisely Mr Head fucked his wife vigorously with a repeat performance at seven AM before work which was why the Headmaster always looked shagged out when he arrived at school!

Initially Mr Head rather liked the idea of spanking and caning ,especially the senior girls and there was never a shortage of clients for his delectation.
The regulation school knickers were bottle green and the uniform consisted of a very short blue skirt and a blue blazer.
The regulation school “knicker” rule was a joke and largely ignored by the girls as they he soon found out.
More often than not he was presented with a bottom clad in the skimpiest G strings or the tiniest of thongs.
For all the use they were the girls might just as well be “bare arsed”
The facts of the matter were that Dick Head was a crappy Head teacher and one by one she school rules were abandoned as being “inpractable and unworkable
In the spirit of fair play and equality the boys were soon getting there canings on the bare arse too , much to the delight of the girls as they waited in line for their “whacking’s” .
The boys invariably sported an erect cock and it was always a delight for the girls to make comments about there balls and armholes.
Mr Head was sorely tempted to remove the girls knickers too but refrained to the disappointment of most.
Harriet and Hermoine and a few other girls simply presented Mr Head with there nude arse’s which suited him just fine.
Six strokes was the prescribed dosage but for the naughtiest girls Mr Head “upped” it to twelve good stingers!
To be fair it was the girls who were the troublemakers, Harriet and Hermione and a few other of the naughtier girls would openly masturbate in class.
Well it was obvious enough as their hands wandered downwards and the real giveaway was the rolling of eyes and the puffing and panting as the girls reached their orgasms.
Several of the girls could be found at playtime being fucked by the big boys against the bike shed wall . They could simply whip their dicks out and lift the skirts of their willing victims and fuck away freely.
Harriet and Hermoine were somehow different although no one could explain why.
Since the two girls were witches they did have certain powers, some of which they were not aware of ……… Yet.
Any boy wanting to fuck Harriet or Hermoine could and did , but once their cocks were snugly embedded inside either girls snatch ,there was no release until the girls had cum. Even if the lad had spunked early they were kept hard until the two girls were truly satisfied!
Harriet and Hermoine were the only two girls who accepted arse fucking which made them particularly popular as the lad liked a good butt fuck!

Mrs Cummings would live up to name as she watched from the window with a tinge of envy at the well fucked girls and her hand moved inside her panties as she fingered herself to a sticky climax. “Just a perk of the job” she often thought.
Both Harriet and Hermoine had been caned that day along with a fat cocked lad .
It was just a normal day in Cockington after all as Harriet arrived home .

Mr Potter was working on his precious vintage Bentley ,his pride and joy and Mrs Potter was cooking dinner robotically .
Harriet sloped off to her room with the packet of “ciggies” she had stolen from the corner shop on the way home and had anyone bothered to look ,her bare bottom could be seen wobbling its way up the stairs.
Harriet lay on her bed smoking with one hand and wanking with the other. She just couldn’t leave her pussy alone!
She heard her Mother call “Hermoine’s “here and she heard the familiar footsteps climb the stairs.
Hermione opened the door uninvited as usual. The two girls had been friends since birth and had no secrets from each other .
“gimme a fag” said Hermoine . Harriet slid the pack across the bed towards her.
Now both girls were quiet tall at five feet nine and had similar bodies. Hermoine had slightly larger tits whereas Harriet had a slightly larger arse.
Harriet had longish blonde hair and Hermoine’s was jet black and slightly shorter.
They both knew they were witches and had done for many years but like all good witches it was a deep dark secret.

“Proper witches have black hair ya know” said Hermoine ,pulling her hair up into a bun style with her fingers.
“Fuck off” said Harriet ,her fingers now working their magic on her bare and shaven cunt, the ciggie still in her other hand.
Hermoine leaped playfully onto the bed and her long legs wrapped around Harriets neck in a perfect neck lock . Hermoine’s cunt was pressed against Harriet’s lips.

“ Now lick my fucking snatch you cunt” said Hermoine with a smirk!
They always played these games and had often licked each other off.
Harriet preferred the sixty nine position but she was helpless as both hands were occupied.
“ Start licking now”! demanded Hermoine.
“Ok ,ok “said Harriet as her tongue licked Hermoine’s large clit and Harriets tongue grew enormously as only a true witches can as she entered her lovers cunt!
“Harder” you cunt Hermoine demanded and of course Harriet obliged.
Hermoine didn’t take long to orgasm, she never did and her cunt juice almost spurted into Harriets willing mouth.
“Dirty fucker” said Harriet wiping her mouth with the back of her hand replacing the ciggie between her lips.
“My turn now” said Harriet.
“ Ok” said Hermoine burying her face in Harriet’s wet pussy .
She loved pleasuring her friend almost as much as she loved getting licked out! Hermoine’s tongue grew longer and larger as she penetrated her friends pussy until at last she reached her cervix and licked it well .
How well she knew her friend. She tackled her clitty with gusto as Harriet came off with a groan and a “Oh fuck Hermoine” … Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk “
Right in the middle of her mind blowing orgasm Hermoine stuck her middle finger to the hilt ,up Harriets arsehole. Just as she knew Harriet liked it!

Mr Potter had long given up on his daughter as a “bad lot” and blamed Harriet’s extremely bad behaviour on his wives side of the f****y.
In fact Susan Potter’s b*****r had served jail time for fraud but Mrs Potter never spoke of it.
Mr Potter serviced his Bentley as often as he serviced his wife which was every six months whether they needed it or not as he like to say.
Mr Potter it must also be said had no sense of humour whatsoever.
Susan Potter was not unattractive and since her “services” were so infrequent and totally unsatisfying she kept a huge pink vibrating dildo
Modelled exactly on “Ron Jeremy” in the airing cupboard which she used almost every day.
Susan potter had a deep crush on the man from the Prudential who called once a month and she longed for the day that he would “as she said” “fuck the arse of her” ! In fact anyone could fuck Susan if they had been bothered to ask. Sadly no one did.
Meanwhile at 26 Primrose Close , Mr and Mrs Head prepared for their evening ritual of “make me fucking pregnant you bastard” as Mrs Head called it.
She had specially purchased some beautiful underwear from the lingerie section of Marks and Spencer’s including a rather fetching black “Basque” and some whorish fishnet stockings and a very pretty quarter cup bra which did nothing to conceal her perky nipples, Also a pair of six inch high heels which she had on as she lay on the bed with her legs open as wide as possible .
Meg had left a little nicely trimmed pussy hair as she thought it was only decent . She had considered a full “Brazilian” but was scared of the pain it might cause.
Richard placed a pillow under her arse in the hope that the little sperm could reach their target more easily . Travelling downhill might help he thought and Meg agreed.
Richard left the shower nude and his medium sized prick seemed firm enough to “give it a go”
He knelt between the fishnet clad legs and positioned his dick at the entrance to Megs pussy lips. Slowly he started the gentle pumping action he performed each and every night . Meg urged him on and tried to clench her cunt but it made little difference other than Megs arsehole tightened and it did no end of good for her arse cheeks.
Meg always tried to orgasm at the same time as her husband. It improved the chances she had heard.
All things considered they achieved a fairly good orgasm together and Mr Head felt quiet proud as his cock spurted a good spurt into Megs Quim !
“Very nice dear” said Meg as she maintained her position for ten minutes to allow the sperm to work well.
At this point it should be mentioned that Meg Head did become pregnant.
Not that night or even the next day ,but a year later and when the beautiful c***d was born nine months later he looked a lot like Mr Punetti , the nice Italian man who lived next door alone.

At the Potter household, Mr and Mrs Potter ate their supper in silence as Harriet and Hermoine lay on the bed smoking cigarette after cigarette.
Hermoine often “slept over” and the girls would spend most of the night in a sexual embrace. Either sixty nining or wanking.

Morning broke over Cockington as it always did and the girls awoke bleary
Eyed and generally shagged out . Another fucking school day !
The milkman came with the milk and the postman came with the post.
Mr Potter went through the mail . Nothing of interest as usual. A bill and junk mail offering free conservatories and free holidays. And a letter from the Bentley Owners Club telling him his £15 subscription was due and needed to be paid forthwith!
Finally a tatty old letter that looked as though it been lost in the post for weeks. “ More junk” said Mr Potter.
The letter bore Mr Potters address and was seemingly hand written .
It had a pretty picture of a castle on it though and in the corner it said
“How rude “ rude said Mr Potter “Surely a knob is ,err you know”
Mr Potter opened the letter with little enthusiasm.
Inside written on what appeared to be old parchment were written these words.
Dear Mr and Mrs Potter, A place has been reserved for your daughter Harriet at Hogsknob school for girls of special talents and gifts.
The school is for boarders and we are happy to offer a place to Harriet should she wish to accept it . The letter was signed with an incomprehensible sigil and sealed with green wax.
Please telephone 01339567666 for further information .. This communication will self destruct in sixty seconds.
Mr Potter picked the phone up to tell these scallywags off once and for all .
Before he had dialled the number a lady answered. “Good Morning” said the ladies voice. “HogKnobs school” .. “How may I help you Mr Potter?”
“I didn’t dial” said Potter.
“I’m sure you did sir” said the voice politely.
“Oh perhaps I did” said Mr Potter hardly noticing the letter had turned a nice shade of burned black.
“We are please you were so kind as to telephone us” said the voice
“We will arrange collection of Harriet next Monday at eight o’clock sharp”
With that the line went dead and for the first time in twenty years Mr Potter said “Fuck”!
At sixteen Flowerpot road just around the corner, at the home of Hermoine
An exactly similar letter was being posted my Mr Dovenose the postman.

End of chapter one………………..

Chapter Two

At sixteen Flowerpot Road Hermoine’s mother Deirdre Parker or “Dreary Deirdrie” as she was know to her friends . Even Bill Parker “known as nosey” to HIS friends ,called his wife dreary saw the morning post arrive but left it on the doormat where it belonged.
Polly Potter the other daughter aged twelve was eating her coco pops whilst Deirdre hurriedly pulled up her knickers and donned her shell suit .
It was her turn to do the “school run” which meant getting Polly finished up and collecting Hermoine and Harriet and getting them to school on time .
The green Renault Espace people carrier stood drearily outside on the drive.
It was seven seater and since there were only four in the f****y it had been a ridiculous purchase from the start.
Deirdre and Bill had a sex life of sorts. It wasn’t up to much to be fair .
Once a week at most Bill would stick his “smaller than average” dick between his wifes legs and spurt in under a minute.
Deirdre was glad it was over so quickly as his spunk mostly went over the bed sheets ,on her side as always and in their twenty years of wedded bliss,
Deirdre has never experienced a cock induced orgasm.
Bill was entirely satisfied with his sex life as he worked for British Telecom and when he had nothing better to do , which was most of the time he would “tap” into “sex chat lines” and listen in while wanking his smallish cock to death!
Fucking his “Dreary Deirdre” once a week was quiet enough thank you very much ,he always said!
It should be pointed out at this time that “Polly” the twelve year old daughter was NOT witch like her s****r but was very naughty indeed despite this disadvantage.
Mrs Potter and Polly arrived at the Potter’s at eight thirty two precisely and honked her horn.
Mr Potter came to the door in his striped PJ’s and said “Hi” and waved
“Did you get any mail today”? he asked Mrs Parker with little enthusiasm .
“I think so “ said Deirdre “why”?
“Anything from “Hogsknob school”? he asked feeling a little foolish.
“I’m sure I don’t have a clue” said Deirdrie.
“Oh right” said Mr Potter and was immediately sorry he’d mentioned it at all.
Deirdre sat waiting for Harriet and Hermoine feeling irritated as last night was “fucking” night and she could still feel Bills sticky spunk leaking from her cunt staining her knickers . Deirdrie hated sticky knickers because she was so very dreary.

The three girls could easily have walked to school . I was well under a mile, but as Mrs Parker had “people carrier” and she intended it to be used to carry people!
Harriet and Hermoine had smoked all of the ciggs and Harriet would have liked to pop into the post office to nick another packet.
Nicky fags from Mr Sandhu was a piece of cake .
Hermoine would simply bend over at the chill cabinet to get a coke exposing her plump bottom and bare pussy . This was quiet enough to distract Mr Sandhu whilst Harriet would jump over the counter and slip a packet of Rothmans into her pocket.
Smoking was of course strictly forbidden at school but at least half of the k**s did smoke and Harriet could easily “scag” a fag from some boy even if it meant giving the lad a wank or blowjob .
Harriet and Hermoine were very naughty indeed as you can see.
The boys and girls cloakrooms and toilets were strictly segregated ,so that was a yet another school rule that was completely ignored.
The girls toilets were much nicer anyway and it was the general “hangout” and “smoke room “ for boys and girls. The toilet paper was soft and pink in the girls “bog” too.
The private cubicles were no longer private as the doors had long disappeared . No one gave a flying fuck anyway.
How pleasant it was to take a nice shit and smoke a ciggie .
The toilets were like an opium den shrouded in smoke as they were.
Harriet and Silvia were sitting and farting away and straining to shit whilst most of the other boys and girls were smoking and generally fooling about.
“Gimme a cig” said Harriette to George who she knew had a nearly full packet of Mayfairs.
“Fuck off Harriet” said George.
Harriet shat a huge turd and wiped her bottom with the soft pink Andrex bog paper.
“Pleaseeeee” said Harriet pleadingly .
“What’s it worth”? said George
George was a big lad of eighteen and it was common knowledge he was fucking Tina on a regular basis , He had a big cock which everyone knew because he showed it off so often.
“I’ll give you a nice wank “ said Harriet.
“Naaaaa” said George, “I can give myself a wank anytime “ which was perfectly right as Harriet well knew . He was in the same class as Harriet and she had often seen him wanking in class as he ogled Miss Cinnamon’s arse and tits.
“I’ll suck you off then” offered Harriet.
George was one of the few boys who had never fucked Harriet , probably because his loyalty to Tina , or perhaps not.
“How about if I arse fuck you right now” said George
“I’ve just shit” said Harriet smiling ,”but if you want to you can”
“A cock suck then” said George on second thoughts.
No one took much notice as George entered the cubicle and Harriet grabbed George’s dick .
“it’s a good size Georgy Porgy” said Harriet taking his eight inches into her sweet teenage mouth .
She sucked rapidly and she knew George wouldn’t take long as her magic tongue went into overdrive.
You see Harriet had that power to control boys dicks. She could make them squirt or not as she pleased. Also more importantly “when” they squirted!
Harriet would learn later exactly what powers she did have but right now all she wanted was a “fag” !
This is the secret no one knew. Harriet and Hermoine had the power make anyone orgasm at the most inconvenient times. All she had to do was look at them in her certain way and the person would immediately begin to cum.
She often did it in class to other pupils and it was always nice to do it to the teachers.
For fear of being exposed as the witch she was she used this power very rarely but had often made “Dickhead” cummm in his pants when she was getting caned.
She loved to see the patch of spunk appear in Mr Heads trousers and she could make him cum for ages too.
Harriet had made Miss Clairmont, the French teacher cum in her knickers a good few times too and she loved to see Miss Clairmonts face turn red as she tried to suppress the groans and moans as she wriggled in her chair. Eventually Miss Clairmont would simply have to rush to the toilets to finally relieve herself with a quick rub.
Georgy Porgy was a piece of cake to Harriet. He spurted his wad into Harriet’s mouth in a mere few seconds and Harriet left George still spurting off into the toilet.
“Ten minutes I think “ thought Harriet as she accepted the promised cigarette which she shared with Hermoine as they smiled at each other.
You see Hermoine had the same powers as Harriet but so much more as we shall find out later!
As fate would have it Harriet and Hermoine both found themselves in Mr Heads office later that day for the cane. Not for smoking but for “undone” homework .
The girls had been too busy licking each other out and completely “forgotten “ to do it.
Mr Head had decided to cane the two girls together and side by side they were bent over the Headmasters desk ,bottoms fully exposed and cunts agape . The girls had decided to deprive Mr Head of “free cum”
Mr Head was well and truly sick of these two and he selected the longest and stingiest cane he had for the two naughtiest girls in the school.
“Wappppppppp” went the cane with a life of its own as it delivered alternate hard strokes on the girls upraised arses.
“Arggggggg” went Hermoine.
“Ewwwwwwieeeee” went Harriet as there bums reddened nicely and each stroke left its legacy of a nice red mark and a stinging bottom.

Twenty four stroked of the horrid cane later the two girls left the study rubbing their respective bottoms close to tears.
You see ,even witches feel the pain of a good caning which is a good thing isn’t it?
“Another fucking boring day over” said Hermoine as they declined the lift home from Mrs Parker in her “people carrier”
The girls had decided to walk home because they really needed to pay a visit to Mr Sandu’s fine emporium … to steal cigg’s of course………….
It is worth mentioning at this point that there are approximately 250,000 witches on the planet at any given time . Most are “hereditary” witches and some have newly acquired powers from where …. No one knew.
There are a lesser number of Wizards,in the region of 10,000 . Most witches and wizards are English although not all . This was supposedly because of their direct decadency from Merlin the famous Wizard from Arthurian legend . That was the story at least.
None of the Salem witches were in fact witches and no witch had ever been “burned at the stake” or even been subjected to “the ducking stool”!
Of course there were witches in every country of the world, but all claimed to be descended from Merlin .
All that is except for Mr Sandhu who was a pure Indian wizard.
Not only a Wizard but a Grande High Wizard of the noble order of Calcutta (retired)
Mr Sandhu and his pretty wife were in fact four hundred years old which for a Wizard isn’t all that old.
He had always fancied being a shopkeeper and postmaster and it did have a certain appeal . Mr Sandu liked the anonymity of it all and hardly ever practiced his magical arts these days which were formidable to say the least!
This information is highly secret readers, so please don’t be telling anyone else about this ,lest thee be smitten by the wrath of Sandhu!
Harriet and Hermoine were likewise ignorant of Mr Sanhu’s powers and former high office .
The great Sandhu had long been aware of Harriett’s and Hermoines stealing of the Rothmans . He also knew that they were witches.
Not wanting to break his cover ,so to speak he had allowed the girls to steal from him but not without just retribution,
The girls wandered into the innocent post office and Hermoine as usual would bend over exposing her red and striped bottom to Mr Sandhu whilst Harriot skipped onto the old mahogany counter ……..
At that very instant Mr Sandhu waved his hand and ………. Time froze!
This was a simple trick to a former Grande Wizard of the noble order of Calcutta.
So simple that he had Hermoine perfectly positioned by the drinks cabinet ,bare arsed and Harriet on the mahogany counter legs akimbo and like wise bare arsed for as long as he wanted. He had frozen time for the entire earth and no one ever noticed.
Ten minutes was enough for what Mr Sandhu always did to the naughty witches.
To begin he always arse fucked Hermoine for five minutes making sure he stretched her puckered pink hole to the maximum ,expanding his magical cock to a huge fifteen inches . Hermoine always farted loudly as he plopped his cock out of the girls naughty ring piece.
Then moving on to Harriet who was the actual thief he would smack her bare bottom smartly and bugger her arsehole in a similar manner but Mr Sandhu never ever came inside the girls as he had no need because he had the same powers over self orgasm as our two naughty witches!
What fun it was and an endless source of amusement to Mr Sandhu and his wife.
With a simple flick of his hand ,once again time restarted and Mr Sandhu looked away as Harriet slipped the stolen goods into her pocket.

Hermoine paid Mr Sandhu for the coca cola and he thanked them profusely for there custom with clasped hands and an Indian bow of respect.

“I don’t know about you” said Hermoine.
“But I always get a sore arsehole when we nick fags of old Sandhu”
“Yeah” said Harriet, “me too”
Life went on in Cockington as always . Boring as hell and twice as shitty.
Nothing ever happened in Cocking ton ,everyone knew that.

It was Sunday evening and Harriet and Hermoine had packed small brown suitcases with the bare necessities of life.
“Why if fuck did we do that” said Hermoine.
“I have not a fucking clue” replied Harriet.
Hermoine was sl**ping over again and the girls were eager to start licking each other out and Harriet had even “borrowed” her mums huge black vibrator as she wanted to try to see if it would fit into Hermoine’s arsehole.
It would of course because Harriet had tried it in her own hole earlier and it went in easily.
At two am the girls finally fell asl**p after several hours of bum fucking and hours of licking pussy and a dozen powerful “cums” each. They were sound asl**p and dreaming strange dreams of “who knows what” and thingamajigs”

At eight o’clock precisely a large yellow New York cab pulled up outside Harriet’s house.
The driver looked exactly like Danny de Vito except for the pointy hat that Danny de Vito would never wear.

“Taxi for Miss Potter and Parker” said the driver flicking his “taximeter” to zero $ and zero cents.

Mr Potter stood at the door in his dressing gown inadvertently scratching his balls. “Oh yes” said Mr Potter, “ I was expecting you”.
Mr Potter scratched his head with the same hand he had been scratching his balls with ………. “Why did I say that”? he thought, “ I wasn’t expecting anyone much less a New York cab with a Danny de Vito look a like driver!

The cab took off with a screech of tyres and Harriet and Hermoine were still waving goodbye to Mr Potter who was waving back from several miles back.

“Where are we going”? said Harriet
“Call me Danny” said the driver
“Where are we going Danny”? said Harriet
“Its not so much WHERE we’re going although I can tell you its Hogknobs schools for naughty witches” said Danny
“Its more, when we are going” said Danny.
“I thought we were going now “ said Hermione.
“We are going now” said Danny , “I mean to say when in time are we going.
“And when in time are we going”? said Harriet.
“fuck knows” said Danny as he shrugged his shoulders.
The big yellow cab was doing eighty miles an hour and none of the scenery looked familiar to either of the girls.
They knew the area pretty well and this wasn’t where they lived at all .
It was nothing like Dorset.
“We have a long way to go girls” said Danny and many years to travel.
“Fucking years” said Hermoine ,”We’re travelling for years”?
“Not FOR years” said Danny ,”THROUGH years” … “Silly cunts” he thought.
“By the way” said Danny , “Are either of you wearing knickers ?”
Neither of the girls answered . With a sweep of his hand , Hermoine’s and Harriet’s short skirts flew upwards revealing two nude cunts and arseholes!
“Thank fuck for that” said Danny, “I wouldn’t want to make that mistake again”!
An hour past in complete silence.
Finally Danny spoke. You two are witches, right”?
“Yes” Harriet mumbled.
“There are four schools for trainee witches in England “ Danny said.
“There’s Knobend which is a very good school, and there’s Wankstain Abbey which is even better“
“ There is “Hogswort” which is the very best in all England” he went on .
“And there’s Hogsknob which is the worst school you could ever care to find”
“Its not so much a school” said Danny smiling. “Have you ever heard of “Borstal” or a reform school where you get the cane for fuck all “
“Well” said Danny, “Its way worse than any of those”!
“Oh fuck” said Harriet!

End of Chapter two

Chapter Four ...... "Hogsknob"

The big yellow New York taxicab drove endlessly through the English countryside, over hills and dales ,across bridges and through deep valley's, to where and when the two girls knew not. What the fuck was "Hogsknob" anyway? And why were they going there? Harriet and Hermione hadn’t really understood a word of what Danny the driver had been talking about but it didn’t sound good! Not good at all.
“I’m starving” said Harriet.
“And I need a p*o” said Hermoine.
Harriet rooted in her old brown suit case and retrieved a Mars bar which she broke in half and shared with Hermione.
“I wouldn’t mind a “bigmac” said Hermoine
“There’s no McDonalds where we’re going “laughed Danny
At that moment two metal openings appeared under the girls bums and they could feel the cold air from outside going up their arseholes and cunts.
“There’s your shitters” said Danny, “I’m not allowed to stop for man nor b**st”
“You call these toilets” said Harriet.
“Yep” said Danny.” Shit now or shut up”
Not that Harriet or Hermoine were shy or anything but really.
They looked at each other in resignation and began to poop ,farting as they did.
“Actually this is quiet handy “ said Harriet,” We could do with bogs in our car” she said and Hermoine nodded in agreement.

It was six o’clock when they eventually arrived in the village of Hogsknob.
It looked positively medieval with old oak framed houses.
A man was wheeling a cart down the cobbled street and some c***dren were playing hopscotch .
There was ,what seemed to be a Tavern of sorts again an old Oak framed structure called “ The Olde Cock and Tit”
“Your not allowed in there” said Danny.
As they turned the corner and went over a humped back bridge and old castle could be seen .
It looked quite charming really, but as we all know ,looks can be deceptive.
“It looks like Windsor Castle” said Hermione who had been to Windsor the year before on a f****y outing.
It did in fact look a lot like Windsor Castle apart from the drawbridge and moat and the four tall towers on each corner of the stone building.
It was still light and Harriet and Hermoine saw that they were not alone.
In fact over a hundred other girls already stood on the green in front of the drawbridge and about sixteen boys of various ages.
The girls were all shapes and sizes. Some tall ,some short. Some fat and some thin. Some appeared to be as young as twelve whilst others seemed to be in there twenties . At least three were older looking to be nearly forty!
Each girl and boy clutched a small brown leather suitcase.

Standing impatiently and supported by a large wooden staff with a huge knob on the end stood Cuntly Griffendome , a thin man of indeterminate age,although he looked about sixty had anyone ventured a guess.
He was Six feet eight inches tall and looked pretty “cheesed off”
“Welcome to Hogsknob” he finally announced when at last the “students” settled down “
“You are all here because you are witches, albeit trainee witches”
“You have been selected for Hogsknob because you are by far the naughtiest witches in the land”.
A few girls murmured in decent.
“Furthermore” said Mister Griffendome,” We do know all about you,so it of little use denying your naughtiness because we know everything about you”
The dissenting voiced silenced at this news.
“You will for straight line of twenty five each and we will open the drawbridge for your induction to Hogsknob”
“Before we proceed” he coughed .”There will be no merriment regarding my name . It is Master Cuntly Griffendome of the fine and old f****y of Griffendome “
“Any pupil ,boy or girl calling me “Cuntly , or “Cunt” will receive twenty four strokes of the cane ,slipper or Birch immediately and with no formality!

The new students formed orderly lines of twenty five as the huge drawbridge cranked into life noisily. Great chains were released and the mighty wooden structure descended slowly. The moat looked deep and muddy and it was easy to imagine it was full of dead bodies and crocodile or worse.
The three older woman were pretty enough. There was Peggy Pooper, Annie Fartington and Molly Mingeworthy. Each forty one exactly and each born on the same day and minute as the other although they were strangers.
Witches often are born of Friday the thirteenth , and so it was with Peggy, Annie and Molly. They all worked in different branches of different banks and moved around a lot which was why it had been so hard to locate them and why they were so later in attending “Hogsknob”
They had all been embezzling small amounts of money from their employers over the years ,not a great deal , just enough to make ends meet so to speak . For this reason they were classified as “Naughty witches” and had rightfully earned there present predicament.
There magic was very small and they didn’t even know they had any other for the fact that none of them could bear to wear knickers and they could all do special things with their pussy’s.

Slowly and in single file they all made their way across the moat as the boards of the drawbridge groaned and creaked at every step and every girl wondered if they could survive the terrors of the moat should they fall through. In fact the water was six inches deep and apart from being slightly muddy was crocodile and “dead body” free.

The massive doors to Hogsknob opened with a sinister creak as though they hadn’t been opened for centuries revealing the Great Hall of the legendry Hogs knob ! Legendry to the five permanent members of staff that is!

In the “legendry” great hall there were four huge long ancient and gnarled oak tables . Each had long benches on either side, presumably for sitting on.
Ancient oil paintings covered most of the wood panelled walls and three suits of armour stood ominously in various places.
The floor was composed of terra cotta cold tiles .
“Quiet nice” said Hermoine “For a castle” she added quickly.
At the far end of the great hall was a platform with a table and five “throne” like chairs .
Seated in four of the chairs there were three men and a woman .
All were wearing “pointy hats” which for some reason surprised no one.

Cuntly Griffendome followed the girls in and joined his colleagues and sat in the remaining empty chair.

“Be seated” thundered Master Griffendome and the girls all shuffled along sitting their bare bottoms on the splintery benches .

“On the side table” said Master Cuntly thundered, “ There are exactly one hundred school uniforms”
“They are all the same size and you will find that they will fit you whatever size you are”.
A small twelve year old looked at Harriet towering over her and sighed.
“Each uniform has your name on the Blazer Label and you will notice that each breast pocket has a badge on it” said Master Griffendome.
Each badge, you will see has an emblem of either a slipper , cane ,birch rod or a leather strap.”
“These emblems denote the name of the “house” you have been allocated to”
“The slipper emblem means that you will be in “slippering house” which is my house and has been since time immemorial “
The cane means you will be in “caning house” ….. Likewise the birch means you will be in “Birching” and finally the Strap mean you will be in “Strapping House” ……….. Is that fully understood ?”
Most of the girls murmured “Yes sir” and the rest looked totally confused.
“The clothing you arrived in had been burned” said Master Cuntly!
With a wave of his “knobbed staff” the new students found themselves stark bollock naked except for shoes!
Each girls cunt was bare naked which was the state most of them had arrived and the girls rushed to dress in there new clothes as quickly as possible.

“Not you Molly” said Mistress Potnoodle the only woman at the top table.
Patricia Potnoodle was Mistress of scorcery and had been a member of staff for over three thousand years.
For her age she looked pretty good , no more than fifty , black hair as Hermoine had rightly said was the “only” real hair colour for a witch.
She seemed to be wearing a brown cloak and the regulation “pointy” hat as witches do.
“You” said Mistress Pot noodle “ are to shown as an example to the other naughty girls”
She was quiet tall for a witch and carried a long bamboo cane which she tapped firmly on the low leather “spanking bench” which had gone unnoticed until then.
“Me” said “Molly. “why me ?”
Molly Mingeworthy had long flaming red hair because she was an Irish witch but spoke with a rather posh accent that she had acquired at the bank.
“Because you my lady are a thief and liar” said Mistress Potnoodle.
“Now get that fat naughty arse of your across this bench before I do something you might regret”!
Molly started to protest but she was a thief ,there was no use denying it was their?
“You have been selected by me, although every girl here is as naughty as one another because as an older woman you should know better “
“Furthermore “ said Mistress Pot noodle ,”you have a really nice big bottom “
There was nothing for it thought Molly as she walked in her nakedness towards the caning bench clutching her large “soon to be red” arse!

Molly Mingeworthy d****d her large titted frame across the caning bench . It felt quiet warm and comfy she thought.
There wasn’t a girl in the hall who hadn’t felt the cane across there bottoms as all of them were naught by nature and ALL had been spanked and caned at school or work ,or both! Molly Mingeworthy was no exception and she had been caned hundreds of times at school and several time by the Manager of Lloydstsb Ltd.
Nothing could have prepared Ms Mingeworthy for what happened next…..

The long cane leaped out of Mistress Potnoodles hand and “snicker snack “ ,”wickerty whack “ it began to cane Molly’s arse relentlessly !
“Ouchhhhhy ouch” went Molly as the cane delivered twenty eight very hard strokes across her entire expanse of bottom flesh which was glowing precisely the same colour as her hair!
“Ahhhhhh fucking hell” said Molly and with that the cane delivered a further two stinging twackkkks to the poor ladies already steaming hot botty!
“There is actually no point of any of you girls getting dressed” said Mistress Potnoodle.
“You are all going straight to bed after supper anyway”
One hundred and five bowls of steaming oatmeal appeared magically on the table along with one hundred mugs of slightly sweetened cocoa .
“Eat up please” said Mistress Potnoodle.
The porridge could have been used to build a house as mortar to hold the bricks together but the cocoa was quiet pleasant.
Nothing was wasted however as the girls were starving.
Each carrying there newly acquired clothing the girls then followed their respective “Housemasters” up the large and winding staircase to one of four dormitories .
Large austere rooms each had twenty five beds each and Harriet and Hermoine were pleased to see from their respective badges that they were both in “Slippering” house which was clearly denoted by the picture of a leather spanking slipper painted on “Slipperings” door.
Master Cuntly was clearly “Slippering’s” house Master .
“Stand by your beds” snapped Master Cuntly
The nude girls could do nothing but obey as the cane in Master Cuntly’s hand was vibrating and itching for action!
“There are showers at the end of the room” he pointed at a vestibule that said “Shower Room”
“Next to the showers are the toilets” he went on .
“The showers give water for ten minutes and kept at a constant freezing for your own benefit”
“You will all poop at bedtime and again at five am “
“Each girl has been allocated a towel” he said holding up a small hand towel and smiling”
“If you lose your towel, you will be caned”!
“Oh fuck” thought Harriet and the cane quivered.
“Yes” said Master Cuntly , “the cane can read minds” ….. “As can I”

“ It was exactly seven forty five and the girls had five minutes to shit and ten minutes to shower in the pre frozen water.

Harriet rather bravely put up her hand … “Please sir” she asked meekly
“What said Cuntly”
“What happens if I cant shit” said Harriet ,a question they had all thought but not dared to ask…..
“Oh don’t worry about that girls” said Master Cuntly, “You will want to , believe me you will” !

End of Chapter four
In Chapter five we deal with “shitting ,showering and broomstick riding”
And the famous “Hogsknob” chair of delight ………………………………......................

Chapter Five of Harriet Potter and the Ringpiece of fire

“You have fifteen minutes to shit and shower” said Master Cuntly
Molly Mingeworthy had also found that she was a member of “Slippering”
And her arse was still bright red and stinging like fury from the caning.
Mingewothy ,come here” said Master Cuntly.
“Yes Sir” said Molly as she hurried to stand before the Mighty Wizard.
“Your fat arse must be stinging” said Cuntly
“It is sir” said Molly
“Fortunately for you we have a magic lotion “ said Master Cuntly as he produced from nowhere a small jar of lotion.
“This is a marvellous lotion which was invented by a former Grande High Wizard many years ago. His name was Master Geoffrey Posterior and it is very expensive but very effective for caned bottoms”
Actually the lotion was made by magic at no cost whatsoever.

“Bend over girl” said Cuntly.
Molly bent over her allocated iron bedstead and presented her arse to Master Cuntly for “Posturisation” as he called it in respect for the old Wizard who had invented this marvellous lotion.

“Spread those cheeks” snapped Cuntly . Molly spread as wide as possible as she didn’t want another dose of that horrible cane again today.
“Master Cuntly gently applied the lotion to Molly’s arse cheeks and it stung like hellfire but after a moment she could feel her bottom getting better and in fact was restored to its previous colour of pinkish white
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” said Molly as the feeling was very sensuous and her pussy was itching somewhat.
Master Cunly poured another glob of the precious liquid onto his long middle finger and inserted it deeply into Molly’s arsehole!

“Better to treat the whole area I always find” said Cuntly as he arse fingered Molly relentlessly .
“Oooooooooooh” said Molly “Its very nice sir”
“I know” said Cuntly, “You’re a very lucky girl” !
Yet another glob of the magic elixir was applied the Wizard’s long finger as he changed holes and inserted his digit deeply into Molly’s cunt and began “frigging” the affected area.
Molly’s gash was dripping wet as Cuntly magically enlarged his finger to eight inches and kept working away at Molly’s very naughty cunt!
In just two minutes Molly was gasping for air as she went red in the face and orgasmed heavily. The cunt juice was now flowing like Niagara falls as Molly’s cuntal opening dilated spasmodically in perfect rhythm to her arsehole .
“Mmmmmmmm Sir” That was wonderful ! “Thank you so very much Sir”
“Now” said Master Cuntly and the girls now knew the reason for the Wizards Name,” Its shitting and shower time , hurry up ,its lights out in but ten minutes”
“Walk this way” said Cuntly and he lead the twenty five naughty girls to the vestibule which had twenty five identical toilets side by side with one inch separating each shitter.
“Be seated” ordered Cuntly
The twenty five girls seated there bare arses on the cold enamel bowls and nothing happened at all!
“I cant shit” said Harriet.
“Nor me” said Hermoine
“We had a shit in the taxi on the way here “ said Harriet pleadingly.
With a wave of his mighty knobstick , Cuntly created his favourite spell!

Simultaneously the twenty five girls farted and shat ,farted some more and each girls arse ring parted and twenty five perfectly formed turds popped from their bottom holes in perfect unison!
“Wow “ said Hermoine , “That was amazing”!
Each girl wiped their respective bottoms with the cheap hard toilet paper we all know and love and flushed it down the loo!
“Into the showers now” said Cuntly, “Hurry hurry”
Opposite the toilet bowls was a shower area with twenty five shower heads but of course no separating walls. There was certainly no concept of pricacy at “Hogknob”
The girls stood beneath the showers and waited.
The water temperature was set fro freezing which was its warmest setting .
The morning setting was minus two!
With an almighty “whoosh” the freezing water cascaded from the showers drenching the girls in icy water.
“Fucking hell” said Harriet . The other girls just looked pathetic as Cuntly made a note in his little magic book
“Potter to be caned on the Morn” it read ….“28 strokes”
For five full minutes the torrent went on freezing the tits of those girls who had tits and the arses of those that didn’t ….. which was all of them.

The tiny hand towel was then used for drying which was totally inadequate but somehow they managed.
Then “off to bed” Cuntly ordered and the girls scurried to their beds which had their names above them and a tiny bedside cabinet which contained their brown leather cases.
“It is exactly four minutes to eight” said Master Cuntly.
“We allow each girl five minutes of “frigging” time each bedtime but since you have wasted so much time you have but four minutes to take your pleasure”
“This is the ONLY Time you will be allowed to masturbate” said Cuntly ,”so I suggest you start now as you will all be sound asl**p by eight of the clock.
Now we all know that witches wank pretty much all day long given the chance so the girls started straight away.
Even Sally Simple the twelve year old needed a good wank and Molly Mingeworthy who had already cum was eager for another frigging!
Needless the say Hermoine and Harriet wasted no time in pushing four fingers into there eager twats!
The thin “duvets” supplied were soon pushed aside as twenty five girls began to pleasure their pussies.
Harriet the worlds “wanking” champion was first to orgasm which started a chain reaction and soon all twenty five girls were moaning and groaning .
Fingers were flying as each and every girl came with an almighty “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” as they spunked off!
Thirty seconds later the girls were all sound asl**p
“Dirty little fuckers” said Master Cuntly as he left them in the care of the resident “autocanes” hanging and quivering on the hooks at the end of the bed chamber.

Pretty much the same scenario had been enacted in the other three dormitories .

Mistress Potnoodle had “tagged” Tina Trollope for saying “cunt” when the showers started and put her down for twenty of the cane and an hour of “the chair of pleasure”
She had also slippered the more mature Annie Fartington for twiddling with her pussy and nipples without permission.
The “slipper” wasn’t actually a slipper as such but rather a leather paddle that was sort of “slipper” shaped and Annie had been over Mistress Potnoodle’s knee for a good whacking without the benefit of “Posturisation” afterwards. She had also been arsehole fingered thoroughly!

Grandmaster Griffendome had no trouble to speak of with his girls but had subjected three of them to a good “finger fucking” because they were especially pretty and had nice bottoms and cunts.
The last of the houses was “Birching” which was the domain of Grande Master Adolphus von Fuckstien of Bavaria, a rather sinister and younger Wizard who was a bit of a loner but nevertheless it was said “Had great and unusual powers” but no one knew who had said it.
He was in charge of twenty two of the girls and the three “token” boys at the school.
This was fine by Master Adolphus as he seemed a little gay at times and certainly the boys arses did seem to be “well used” and seemed to sport permanent erections of monumental proportions!

Before retiring for the night it was the custom at “Hogknob” for the resident Grande Witch .ie Mistress Potnoodle to service the Grande Wizards either by fucking them senseless or making her very pretty arsehole available to them.
Mistress Potnoodle was partial to having her ample arse birched before any favours were allowed and Master Griffendorf performed the honours that night by placing Mistress Potnoodle over the very same bench that had been used earlier to birch the Mistress with fifty of the very best lashes of the freshly cut birch rod.

Each lash cut a swathe of twenty red marks into the good Mistresses arse which brought her to the very verge of orgasm .
Following which the Grande Masters fucked her in the twat for what seemed an eternity except for Master Adolphus who buggered her arsehole as was expected.
Finally Mistress Potnoodle dildoed herself to a giant and noisy orgasm with the largest dildo ever seen at sixteen inches long and made of solid leather!

At five sharp the bells rang and the girls of all houses were awake and grumpy . The “floating” canes were busy urging slowpokes into action and finally all the girls were seated ,doing their morning shit!
No girl was naughty or swore because they now knew the consequence of doing so .
They all plopped nicely and in good time and stepped into the showers for their minus freezing morning shower………..
Two hundred nipples stood to attention as the icy water rained down on their nude bodies.
The one good thing to be said for “Hogknob” was that NO germs ever got into the castle and therefore no student ever got ill.
Also the diet at “Hogsknob” seemed meagre enough but it was nutritionally “perfect” and fat girls soon got slim and thin girls soon had a bit of meat on ‘em!
The uniforms were as good as promised and “one size did fit all” as by magic of course each uniform “moulded” itself into the correct shape and size.
The blazers were a very pretty shade of blue with matching “house” ties.
The shoes were black and shiny and had three inch heels.
The skirts were exactly one inch to short however and exposed each girls bottom by the regulation one inch!
Very pretty indeed everyone agreed!
How smart they all looked as they came down the grand stair case for breakfast.
The girls all seated themselves on the still splintery benches awaiting their breakfasts of “rice crispies” and tea.
There was the punishments to do before anyone could eat and Tina Trollope and Harriet Potter knew they were for it !
Tina was first and it was decided that Tina AND Harriet should have a taste of the “ chair of pleasure” as well as Harriet.
Tina bent over the flogging stool with Harriet by her side and both girls were close to tears .
“Its all very well for you bitch “ said Harriet, “Your only getting twenty”
At that young Tina did start sobbing as she wasn’t so used to getting caned as Harriet.
Tina’s mouth formed a perfect “O” as the first stroke landed across her cunt line!
Harriet grit her teeth as usual and took it well until the second stroke landed in exactly the same spot! “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh” yelled Harriet!
“Oooooooohhhhhhhhaaaa” said Tina!
Tina’s bottom was well striped before she was sent to the corner to await the “chair of pleasure” ,whilst Harriet had eight more to come yet.
It stung like hell of course but as usual Harriet’s cunt was steaming cunt juice by the twenty eighth stinger!
Finally both girls were placed in the corner . Skirts raised as a warning to others . Both arses bright red and beautifully striped .
The famous “Chairs of pleasure” were brought out and placed on the dais.
The “Chair of Pleasure” was actually four chairs of pleasure but usually one was used at the time but occasionally all four had been used together for “special events”
They were quiet simple devices made cheaply but so very effective being a simple oak stool with a very low back , very ordinary really except …. Except for the huge anal or cuntal dildo which was jointed in the seat .
The dildo was cock shaped and eight inches long as very thick being made from the finest hardwood from Togoland and polished to perfection by craftsmen and oiled with the finest lubricant. Not so bad you might think?
But it was in fact much worse than anyone could imagine . The Chairs of pleasure were feared and loathed by all but the bravest witches in the land.

Mounting the Dais the two naughty girls were made to crouch over the dildo’s and allow the eight inches of wood penetrate their cunts.
This wasn’t easy even for Harriet and she used all of her witch powers to accommodate the huge cocks.
Tina struggled for a while but managed to get the whole dick in after a few minutes. .
The power of the chairs of pleasure was not in magic but in the essence of the wood. It had a slightly irritating affect which was tolerable for a few minutes but as time went by the irritation became unbearable and the girls began to wriggle in discomfort more and more. Tina and Harriet did everything in their power to get comfortable but the irritation was wearing them down second by second . They just couldn’t sit still ……… and that was the secret of the “chair/s of pleasure. There was nothing for it but for Tina and Harriet to raise their arses to relieve the itching right to the top of the wooden cocks and then ………. Drop down again . Then up again ,and down yet again ….. The irritation was driving them both crazy as they were up and down on the huge dildo’s until at last the girls were effectually “fucking themselves”!
What Tina or Harriet did not know was that the chairs were to be “ridden” not for a few minutes but for three hours! In the first twenty minutes both girls had four orgasms each and their pussy’s were so very sore .
When an hour had passed the agony was excruciating but the girls had no option but to keep fucking their own cunts!
By the second hour Harriet was bawling for mercy and Tina was close to dying!
Both girls shit themselves after two and a half hours and still there ordeal was not over!
Harriet was a bigger girl and her legs were finally giving up whilst Tina was lighter but not as strong.
The world record for the “Chair of Pleasure” was currently held by a Russian witch at an incredible “SIX” hours!
On the tlast second of the third hour Harriet and Tina were braying like donkeys… Nothing on earth would ever get them back on the “Chairs of Pleasure”!!!!!
The very thought of being arse fucked of these devilish chairs was beyond imagination .
“Posterisation lotion was quickly applied to the girls tenderised arseholes and the pain was soon subsiding.
Not only that but the girls had missed their rice crispies and tea .
They were starving! And they still had a full day in front of them including “broom riding”!
“Mistress Potnoodle took pity on the two pathetic specimens and gave them a bowl of Shreddies each and a cold cup of tea.
Little did Harriet and Tina know was that Mr Shagrod, the gamekeeper, handyman and general ne’er do well was currently working on a “sawhorse” punishment device on which naughty witches would be “straddled “ for hours on end with the sharp triangular wood cut into their pussy’s and arseholes!
Shagrod was a cross between a giant and a human and stood eight feet tall and he like pretty girls rather too much.

Outside in the giant central courtyard the “brooms “ had been released and two girls from each house had been selected to go for a “road test”.
It was all a dangerous business ,but no girl or boy had actually been killed in the act of broom riding although a few had been maimed!
“Witches cannot fly “ explained Master Cuntly , a past champion broom racer.
“The broomsticks do all the flying and the witch merely steers the broom “ he went on.
Hermoine had been volunteered for “slippering” and Peggy Pooper was riding for “Caning”
“Broomsticks today” said Cuntly “do all the work for you ,unlike in my day with yer double de clutching and all”
“They even have “cruise control” and handle bars to steer with” he mumbled
The “sticks” did in fact look pretty modern these days being smooth wooden stick with a traditional brush on one end (for effect it was said” Handle bars on the other and along with some “high tech “stuff had two prominent “pegs” . One for cunt entry which gave excellent manoeuvrability and another for arsehole entry as an extra feature for height control!
Peggy Pooper mounted the stick first and the pegs were oiled for an easy insertion .
The cunt plug first which seemed to vibrate with power .
“Mmmmmm” said Peggy , very nice” !
The arse control mechanism was a bit of a tight fit but a little shorter and it went in quiet nicely. With her short skirt now above her waist she was good and ready to go.
Hermo... Continue»
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The Seduction of Amy

(John and Thomas conspire to seduce Amy)

John Slater and Thomas Johnson sat on the patio of the Northwest Country Club watching the rain fall from the sky in sheets. It rolled off the roof in torrents, splattering noisily onto the exposed section of the cement patio. The sound almost drowned out the grumbling golfers who were crying into their beers.

The two friends had barely gotten in five holes when the heavens opened. Now, they waited, hoping that somehow the weather would clear in the next few minutes. Saturday was their golf day and their one morning to relax.

Both men were avid golfers. Thomas, who was big and strong, could hit the ball a mile. John couldn't hit it near as far; however, he was much better around the greens. Consequently, they were pretty much equal when they calculated their handicaps. That made them very competitive, but always in a friendly sort of way.

The relationship between the two men began in college. They had met at a fraternity party, and though they were very different, their friendship had lasted for more than 12 years.

John majored in engineering and Thomas, girls and sports.

Thomas was a star running back for the football team, setting several school records. While he was no dummy, his size and athletic ability had provided him a means to obtain an education; one that he couldn't have otherwise afforded. He was tall, at six-three with two hundred and twenty pounds of sheer muscle. The combination of his strength and intelligence gave him a competitive edge in sports as well as other aspects of his personal life.

After college, the two friends split up. However, several years later, fate brought them back together when Thomas took a job in the city where John had settled.

Thomas went to work for a firm that worked out multi-million dollar contracts for professional athletes with advertising firms. He had been quite successful and had become a full partner in just a few years. The fact that Thomas was black and had come from a poor f****y never stood in his way. In fact, it motivated him. He had made it in a cutthroat world that wasn't always fair. However, his strength was that he carried no chip on his shoulder. He accepted life as it was and felt that if you were the best at what you do, it would be recognized and rewarded. Besides being a successful businessman, Thomas had used his success to help others; he was on several charitable boards that supported underprivileged k**s and fed the hungry. He was as passionate about his charitable work as he was his golf game.

John was nonetheless successful, having made his mark in aeronautical engineering. While he was smaller than Thomas in stature, at 5'11" and 170 pounds, he could compete physically with almost anyone. He had become an expert in martial arts and worked hard to keep his body in shape. He occasionally thought that if he and Thomas ever got into a fight, it would be a good match-his skill against Thomas's size and strength.

The friendship between the two was forged in mutual respect. John admired Thomas; he knew that he had come from the school of "hard knocks" and grown stronger for his experiences. On the other hand, Thomas liked John's easygoing attitude and the fact that they could be friends as well as fierce competitors.

The two men had gone through a lot together. When Thomas had married and then subsequently divorced, John had been there for him. When John's wife Amy had a miscarriage, Thomas was there, spending the entire night in the hospital and taking vacation to stay with them when she came home. Though their skin color and background were different, they were more like b*****rs than friends. However, their relationship was about to change in a way that neither could have possibly imagined.

Chapter 1

"Damn, this rain doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon," John said as he took a drink of his third beer.

"Yeah, and I was whipping your butt," Thomas joked.

"Sure, one stroke ahead after five holes. If that's what you call 'whipping' my butt then I guess I annihilated you last week."

"We won't talk about that," Thomas said. They both laughed. The warmth they felt for each other was apparent in their good-natured ribbing.

"So how's my sexy girl?" Thomas asked, referring to Amy. Thomas was fond of Amy. Okay, maybe a little more than fond. He had a special feeling for Amy since the first day John had introduced them. She was sexy and pretty, with fair skin, blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair.

"She's okay," John answered, his face turning serious.

"What's the matter?" Thomas asked when he saw the look on John's face.

"Oh nothing."

"Come on man. What's going on?" Thomas knew John's emotions as well as he knew his own and he could tell something was bothering him.

John sat silent for a minute, absently staring into his beer. Finally, he looked up with a pained expression on his face. "Oh, I don't know Thomas. Ever since the miscarriage, things haven't been the same between Amy and I. I understand the reasons, but Amy's been depressed for far too long now. She acts okay on the outside but anytime I try to get a little 'close', if you know what I mean, she freezes up."

"Ah, she just needs a little time. Losing a baby is pretty traumatic."

"I know, it was my baby too," John said, a little too harshly. "Sorry man, I don't mean to unload on you. But, it's been almost a year and I don't see much improvement."

"I understand. I thought she went to see a doctor?"

"Yeah, but he hasn't been able to help."

"Maybe she just needs a little tender loving care from somebody like me," Thomas joked, trying to change John's now morose mood. He knew he could get away with the comment as they often jabbed each other about sports, women, and sex. Sometimes, like now, it was very personal.

"Not even you could break through the ice block," John answered, looking at his fiend with a sardonic smile. John knew that Thomas liked Amy. They had talked about it plenty of times. As far as John knew, Amy was not aware of Thomas's fascination with her or at least she showed no sign that she was aware. Fortunately, John wasn't the jealous type, especially where Thomas was concerned. They had been friends far too long and had, in fact, dated some of the same girls in college. In better times, John had watched Amy and Thomas romp around, teasing each other in a good-natured and sexy way. Sometimes, she would sit on his lap in an attempt to make John jealous. It never worked. Some men would have been furious. However, John actually liked to watch them and in fact got a strange little thrill when the two would get frisky.

"Just give me the chance," Thomas said with a smile. "I could melt the 'ice queen.'"

"You know," John continued as if Thomas hadn't spoken, "she's only given me a blowjob about ten times in seven years."

"Wow man, that is bad." Thomas said seriously. "I thought she was such a hot number when you two first started dating. You know... like she would do anything."

"I thought so too," John said and turned around to order another round of beer. When he looked back at Thomas, his mind suddenly flashed back to that first double date with Amy, Thomas, and his girlfriend years ago. John had been dating Amy for several months at the time. Thomas was dating a pretty redhead with pale white skin and freckles on her face. She was a fiery and passionate redhead that even the suave and sophisticated Thomas had trouble keeping up with.

The four of them had just left the movie and were barely on the expressway when John heard rustling and a moan in the back seat of his car. John knew that something was going on between Thomas and his date but was afraid to look back. Amy sat quietly beside him, pretending like she hadn't heard anything. However, eventually, curiosity got the best of John and he reached up to adjust the rear view mirror. A little gasp escaped his lips when it appeared that Thomas's date was fishing around inside his pants. He couldn't see her hand but from the movement of her arm, it appeared that she was jerking on his penis.

Amy was just as curious as John but was embarrassed to be spying. However, when she heard John gasp, she instinctively turned her head. A gasp came from her lips this time when she saw that Thomas's date had his hard, black penis in her tiny hand. Amy turned her head back quickly and acted as if nothing had happened. However, her breathing was more rapid now. The sight of Thomas's penis pulsing in the girl's tiny hand was suddenly burned into her brain.

John tried to keep his eyes on the road but kept glancing into the mirror. He watched as the young girl bent her head to Thomas's lap, until he could only see the top of her head. When he heard a moan of frustration, he knew that she was having a difficult time getting the head of Thomas's penis into her tiny mouth. John had seen Thomas enough in the locker room to know that the size of his private parts matched his large frame.

Suddenly, John's pants were very tight in the groin. When he glanced over at Amy, he saw that she was staring at his crotch. He and Amy had only been intimate twice and John had the impression that Amy was somewhat prudish when it came to sex. Later, after they married, he found that to be an understatement.

Another loud moan came from the backseat forcing John's eyes to the mirror. His own breathing grew more rapid when he saw the Thomas's date moving her head up and down in his lap.

The look on John's face made Amy glance back again. Her eyes opened wide as she watched the girl suck Thomas's long penis deep into her throat. In an uncharacteristically bold move, she reached over and grasped John's penis through his pants.

John could see Amy staring brazenly into the back seat now as her hand began to move slowly up and down his cloth covered shaft. He thought of taking his penis out of his pants, however Amy's actions were so unexpected that he didn't want to spoil the moment. Instead, he moaned and let her fondle him.

The moans in the backseat grew louder. When Thomas was very near his climax, he opened his eyes and was surprised to see Amy staring at them. He would have smiled except that he was so close to climax. Instead, he placed his hand on the girl's head and pushed her up and down, his eyes on Amy's all the time. When the feeling was too much to stand, he closed his eyes and lifted his hips as a moan of pleasure escaped his lips.

Amy's eyes left Thomas's face to look at the moving head of the pretty redhead. She thought that she heard a groan from her and then saw her head stop moving as her hand continued to pump the fat shaft. Suddenly, she realized that she was drinking Thomas's cum. Without even realizing it, Amy's hand began to squeeze John's shaft at the same pace that the girl was milking Thomas's penis.

John couldn't stop Amy's hand. His hips lifted up and he moaned as he climaxed like a horny teenager into his pants.

That night, Amy and John had the best sex they had experienced in their short relationship. In fact, John still thought it was one of the best sexual experiences the two had ever had.

Chapter 2

Amy Slater watched the rain pour from the roof of the gym as she pedaled the exercise bike. She liked the rain most of the time. Especially when she didn't have to be out in it. As she stared at the drenching rain, she thought of John and Thomas and how disappointed they were right now. She knew how much the two of them looked forward to their weekly golf match. Strangely, a little unwanted thrill raced through her at the thought of Thomas and she became very aware of the pressure of the seat on her vagina. She pushed the thought from her mind.

Amy had grown up as a poor little rich girl. Her father had all the money in the world, or at least it seemed that way. However, she didn't consider herself spoiled, just a bit demanding. Fortunately, John had been able to keep her in a style of comfort that was more than acceptable. They had a big house in a nice neighborhood, three cars, membership in an exclusive country club, and a large swimming pool in the back yard. They didn't want for anything. Except for... well, she didn't want to think about that. She had been depressed enough lately.

John is a good husband, Amy thought as she continued to watch the rain. Maybe he was a little clueless as to how to please a woman but a good provider nonetheless. She knew that the months since the miscarriage had been rough on him too. However, she couldn't shake the feeling of loss that consumed her. Her doctor said it would pass.

Amy pedaled harder. Soon she was moving rapidly, hoping the strain on her legs would somehow wash negative thoughts from her mind. She spent a lot of time exercising now; it was therapy for her. Most of the time she exercised in her own gym but on Saturday mornings she met her friend Jill here at the club. They had been doing that since the miscarriage. Jill told her she needed to get out and besides, there were some "real sights" at the gym. Jill had been right. It was good therapy for her but, unfortunately, not enough to pull her out of her funk.

"You about done? I'm beat," the attractive female said as she walked over to Amy.

At first Amy didn't hear Jill as her mind was consumed with her problems. "Oh... yeah... I guess I was a little carried away," Amy said to Jill, her breathing rapid from the exertion.

"Well, you've been pumping on that bike and staring out the window for an hour like you were on a mission."

"Sorry," Amy said as she got off the exercise bike and took the towel Jill held out to her.

The two friends walked to the showers.

A few minutes later, Amy stood motionless, the towel held to her still wet body, staring at nothing.

"Now what are you staring at?" Jill asked as she walked naked out of the shower.

"Oh... was I?" Amy said holding the towel modestly in front of her. She watched Jill as she walked unashamed and naked to her locker. Amy admired Jill's freedom. It didn't appear that she had a modest bone in her body. She watched the sexy woman open her locker and bend over to retrieve her panties. Then Amy shook her head and smiled as she saw her friend's private parts come into view. An unwanted jolt of electricity went through her as she stared at her smoothly shaved vagina as it peeked at her from between her thighs. It was so like Jill to shave her pussy, she thought as she looked at the smooth outer lips and the fat pink inner lips hanging between. She knew that Jill had been a wild one in her younger days. In fact, the way she talked, she and her husband were very active sexually.

"What's going on?" Jill said, turning around with her panties in her hand. She was still worried about Amy. It seemed that almost nothing she said or did helped. She had made a number of suggestions to Amy about getting out and taking her mind off her sadness. Their Saturday exercising routine got her out of the house... at least that was some progress and she did seem to be loosening up a bit lately. Jill sat down on the bench facing Amy and lifted one leg to put her panties on. A chill ran through her when she caught Amy's eyes staring between her legs.

Amy's face colored when she realized that Jill had seen her looking at her.

It seemed that Jill froze with her leg lifted and apart, giving Amy time to stare.

Amy finally looked away and sighed. "I don't know Jill, there... there's just something missing... you know... at home."

"That's normal after what happened."

"It's more than... more than losing the baby. It's... it's... oh I don't know."

"You and John not having much fun in the sack?" Jill said with a questioning look.

"No... but that's not really new."

"So, John's not pleasing you?"

"Well, John's good to me... really good... but there has to be more."

"Maybe you need an affair," Jill joked. Then she saw Amy's face turn red. Suddenly, Jill's face brightened and she said, "Oh wow, you've been thinking about it!"

"No I haven't!" Amy said but her face got redder, giving her away. "I would never cheat on John!"

"But you've thought about it! Come on tell me. Who do you do it with in your mind?" Jill prodded, in an excited voice.

"No one. I just have these fantasies. You know with guys." Amy wasn't about to tell her that it wasn't "guys", but one particular guy.

"Hey, we all have those sweetie. It's when we act on them that we get into trouble. I..." Jill started to say something else then stopped.

Amy looked at her friend and saw her face turn red. It wasn't like her to get embarrassed. "You've done it!" she exclaimed.

"No I haven't!"

"Yes you have and you didn't tell me! I thought we were best friends," Amy said with a pout.

Jill sighed. She had been bursting to tell someone for a long time. "All right I did! But you have to promise me you'll never, ever tell anyone."

"Oh course not," Amy said excitedly as she quickly sat next to her friend. She forgot all about her towel as both women sat naked, thighs touching. "Come on, tell me!" Amy said, her voice almost shaking with excitement.

Jill bit her lip and took a deep breath. "Well, I was exercising here about a month ago," she began in a whisper, looking briefly around the locker room. As she started to talk, she felt a thrill of excitement rush through her. "There is this new personal trainer here at the club. I don't know if you saw him. I think he started when you and John were in the islands." Jill paused as she thought of that day.

"Come on, come on," Amy begged.

Jill could feel herself flushing hot as she began again. "Well, he came over to me and said that I was working my abs all wrong. God, he's so handsome. His name is Reggie Mason."

"Wait a minute," Amy almost screamed. "He was here before I left. My God Jill, he's black!"

Jill's face turned bright red and she could feel her body flushing hot. It felt like her skin was on fire.

Amy's mouth hung opened in surprise. She could see the flush roll down Jill's neck and across her substantial chest. Suddenly her nipples were as hard as pebbles and her now heavy breathing made her large chest move up and down rapidly. Suddenly, Amy could feel her body begin to heat as well. It felt as if the wooden bench under her was wired for heat.

"I know he's black," Jill whispered and paused. "I guess that's what made it so appealing. It wasn't something I was looking for, it just happened."

"That big suck mark that you had on your neck when we came back from vacation was from him wasn't it?" Amy said in amazement.

"Uh huh!"

"My God, how did you hide it from Bradley?" she asked.

"I didn't. That's when the problem started."

Just then several women entered the locker room.

"You've got to tell me the whole story," Amy said lowering her voice. "God, I had no idea. Come on, let's get dressed and go to the juice bar. I want to know everything."

Twenty minutes later the two sat at a quiet table at a local health bar that catered to the wealthy clientele of the gym.

"Come on, come on, come on," Amy prodded after the waiter served their carrot and fruit juice drinks.

"God, I've been dying to tell somebody," Jill said, almost in relief. "Well, we talked for a while about exercise routines and he gave me a few pointers. I could see his dark brown eyes on my short shorts. You know the shorts I'm talking about."

"Yeah, I know. The ones that show everything you have, including the lips of your 'you know what' and the cheeks of your ass," Amy said and laughed. "Like the ones you have on now," she added.

"Yeah, those shorts. Well, I don't know why but I could feel myself getting really excited. I looked at his little shorts and damned if he didn't have about a half a hard on. And, it was big already." Jill paused and looked off in space, remembering that day like it was yesterday.

"So what happened?" Amy asked impatiently.

"I'm getting to that. Well, one thing led to another and before I knew it he was inviting me for a drink and I was accepting. In fact, we came here and were sitting at this very table."

Amy could feel her face getting warm again.

"Amy, I don't know what got into me but I was almost out of control. As we drank our juice, I started to run my foot up and down his leg. He smiled and I felt my heart flutter. I pushed my foot higher until it was an inch from his crotch. Then he surprised me and slid a little bit forward. Good God Amy, I could feel his erection on the bottom of my foot. Then, incredibly, he reached down and pulled it out of the bottom of his shorts. I almost came right then."

"He pulled 'it' out here in the bar?" Amy could feel her shorts beginning to get wet in the crotch. She squirmed on the seat as she hung on every word her friend spoke.

"Yep, and it felt long, thick and very hard. The next thing I know, we're in my car, necking like a couple of teenagers. God Amy, can that man kiss!" Again, Jill paused, her shorts suddenly feeling very tight in the crotch as she remembered his soft lips and tongue.

A little unwanted whimper escaped Amy's lips and she squeezed her legs together. In her mind, she could see Jill's black lover's mouth covering Jill's smaller lips and almost hear her cries of excitement. Amy loved kissing. John never did enough of it. If he only knew that it was the quickest way to turn her on, she thought. Then she remembered the New Years Eve party when Thomas had captured her in a dark corner. They had both had too much to drink. He kissed her long and hard, almost making her knees buckle. Then, when his tongue entered her mouth... She fantasized for weeks about that one kiss. Amy shook her head and said, "Come on, don't stop now!"

"Well, we were in the parking lot out back, so we couldn't do much. That's why I was surprised when he began to push my head toward his lap. I resisted for a second until I saw the bulge in his thin exercise shorts. You know how much I love sucking cock."

"Yeah, the original 'Hoover'," Amy laughed referring to Jill's self-professed skills.

"Well, I could see that the spot where the head of his cock touched his shorts was totally wet with his pre-cum juice. It was bubbling out. Amy, I was lost. Without thinking, my head dropped to his lap and I licked the sopping material. Jesus, it was so sweet. I couldn't believe it but before I knew it, my hands were sliding up his strong thighs. I was shaking all over as I pulled his cock from the leg of his shorts." Jill paused again and took a deep breath. Then she said, "God Amy, this is getting me so hot."

"You're not the only one," Amy admitted and squirmed to adjust the seam of her tight shorts.

"Amy, you wouldn't believe me if I told you how big is cock is. The head was positively huge and, he was uncircumcised. I'd never seen one like that before. Of course, I'd never seen a black cock before either. Other than in a porn movie." Jill giggled self-consciously and continued. "You know me, when I want something I go and get it. Well, I pulled the skin down, opened my mouth and sucked the large purple head inside. It tasted sooooo good. I heard him moaning as I began to work my magic; you know that little tongue trick I told you about. I was so involved that I didn't even realize what was happening until I felt his fingers tighten in my hair and push my head down. Then, this huge load of cum shot into my mouth."

"Oh God," Amy said, feeling like she might climax right there in her seat.

"I wasn't planning on him cumming so soon. His thick cum poured into my mouth and I was either going to swallow or choke. I swallowed... and swallowed. Lord, can that man cum. I thought it was never going to end. But, you know what? I loved it and squeezed the shaft for more. It was so thick and creamy." Jill paused, her eyes glassy and filled with excitement.

"I can't believe you Jill," Amy said in amazement. "So what else happened?"

"Well, just about that time, a car pulled onto the parking lot. I pulled my head up and saw Reggie smiling at me. Suddenly, I realized where I was and what I was doing. I told Reggie he had to go and almost pushed him out of the car. I know he was shocked but I was mortified at what I had done. Anybody could have seen us. I drove home in a daze. Before I got out of the car, I looked in the mirror and saw a glob of his cum on my chin. Amy, I scooped it off and licked it from my finger. Incredibly, I felt my pussy lips quiver and I climaxed, sitting right in my driveway."

"God Jill, that's incredible!" Amy gasped, her breath heavy with excitement.

"Another drink ladies," the young waiter asked, startling the two women.

"Uh... yes. Another for both of us," Amy said, wanting to make sure that Jill finished her story. Somehow she knew that there had to be more.

When the waiter left, Jill looked around again and then continued. "I felt so guilty. I've never cheated on Bradley before. However, I guess that wasn't really cheating if you believe Bill Clinton," she added and laughed.

"So, was that it or did you do anything else? You didn't get that suck mark from sucking his dick now did you?"

"I thought at the time that it was a one time thing. However, several days later, I saw him at the gym. I was embarrassed but he seemed so at ease. He was so charming. He talked me into going out for another drink. This time, we ended up at his place."

"Oh my God Jill, you did it!" Amy gasped.

"Uh huh!" Jill answered almost smugly. "Amy, he fucked my brains out. I didn't think his cock was ever going to go soft. I know he climaxed three times and I lost count of mine at ten. When I went home that afternoon, I was walking bow-legged with sperm running down to my ankles. I rushed to the shower before Bradley got home. I thought everything was fine but I hadn't seen the suck mark on my neck."

"You got caught!" Amy exclaimed, her face a mask of horror.

"Well, not at that moment. Bradley noticed the big purple bruise and we had this big fight. I told him that I got hit by a tennis ball." Jill laughed uproariously.

Amy joined her. "God, that's the oldest lie in the books. I think I told my mother that when I was fifteen."

"I know, but I couldn't think of anything else to say."

"So he bought that?"

"No, but I thought so at the time. About a week later, like an idiot, I invited Reggie over to my house."

"Jill! Are you crazy?" Amy exclaimed.

"Yeah, I guess I am! There's just something about fucking a stranger in your own bed that makes it so irresistible. Bradley told me he was working late on a big contract, so I thought we were safe. Reggie had just cum in me for the second time when the bedroom door burst open and Bradley stormed in."

Amy gasped and put her hand over her mouth. "Oh my God!"

"You know Bradley is a big guy, but Reggie is all muscle. I thought they were going to go at it. I started sobbing hysterically. Just when I thought they were going to come to blows, I was totally surprised when Bradley let Reggie get his clothes and rush out of the house."

"He just let him go?" Amy asked incredulously. "I'm sure John would have killed him."

"Yep, he just let him walk out. Then he stood at the end of the bed with his fist clenched and his face as red as a beet. I started to sob apologies and thought that our marriage was over. Bradley's never hit me but I would have deserved it. Instead, he stood there breathing heavily. I was still lying there naked, Reggie's cum running out of me like a river. Suddenly, I saw his eyes looking directly at my pussy. Then, incredibly, I realized that there was a tent in his pants."

"I don't believe it," Amy gasped. This was the most incredible story she had ever heard. She felt miffed that Jill hadn't confided in her until now.

"It's true. However, you're not going to believe this either. When I saw his excitement, I stopped sobbing and slid to the end of the bed. My hands were shaking as I opened his pants and freed his hard cock. I didn't know what else to do. I tell you Amy; it was bigger than I've ever seen it. I started to suck him but he suddenly pushed me roughly back on the bed. Now he's going to punch me, I thought. But no, he crawled between my legs and slid his cock into my already sloppy pussy. It didn't take him long to cum the first time."

"The first time? He fucked you twice?"

"Uh huh! The second time, he must have fucked me for a solid hour. God, you should have heard the sloppy sound his cock made pounding in and out of my pussy," Jill said and laughed. "And, you talk about a wet spot... the sheet under my ass was drenched. Finally, Bradley screamed like a wounded bull and came inside me again. I went to sl**p that night with two loads of cum from Reggie and two from Bradley running out of me. However, there wasn't much of Reggie's cum in me by that time." A dreamy look came over Jill's face as she paused.

"That's the most incredible story I've ever heard. So, then what happened? Obviously, he didn't kick you out and you're still together."

"Unbelievably, the next morning I awaken with Bradley fingering my pussy. And, just like that, we were fucking again. The strangest thing about it all is that we never mentioned it. Not a word."


"Yeah. We ate breakfast in silence. There was a strange look on Bradley's face though. I couldn't really define it. However, when he left for work, he kissed me passionately. He never does that."

"So the two of you still haven't discussed it?"

"No! It was like it never happened, with one exception." Jill hesitated and looked around like someone was watching her. Then she whispered, "I see Reggie about once a week now."

"Jesus Christ Jill. Are you nuts?"


"But, Bradley has to know," Amy said shaking her head in wonder.

"Yes, he knows. In fact, I'm certain that he knows when Reggie and I are together, because afterward, when I get home, he fucks me to exhaustion. I don't even bother to clean up after Reggie anymore. I just come home with his sperm dripping down my thighs." Jill smiled and then closed her eyes and sighed.

"Jill, if you weren't my friend, I would swear you were lying to me."

"Everything I've told you is absolutely true. I'm sorry I didn't share it with you before but I wasn't sure how you would react. I know you have these high standards of morality. You don't think I'm terrible do you?"

"I should smack you for not telling your best friend, but no, I don't think you're terrible. If I did, I'd have to feel the same way about myself for having fantasies about a certain friend. Besides, your story has made my panties soooo wet!" Amy's face turned red with embarrassment as she squirmed in her seat in an attempt to relieve the pressure on her swollen sex. She could feel the seam splitting her lips and rubbing on the nub of her clit.

"Thanks Amy, you're a good friend. Now tell me, what friend are you fantasizing about? Come on tell me."

Amy hesitated, wondering if she should reveal her secret. However, after the story Jill just told, she knew that she couldn't hold it in. She took a big breath and said, "Thomas!"

Jill sucked in her breath because she knew that Thomas was John's best friend. She also knew that he was black like her lover.

Chapter 3

Finally, the rain let up enough for John and Thomas to finish their round. Despite all of their moaning and groaning, they finished in a tie. John volunteered to buy the beer. The two men talked for a long time until it was near time to go home. John ordered one last one for the road. Although, he had probably had too many drinks already, John needed the courage that the alcohol afforded him for the next part of the conversation.

"So, were you serious about what you said earlier?" John asked as if they had just had the conversation.

"Serious about what?" Thomas asked.

"What you said when we were waiting for the rain to stop." When he could see that Thomas didn't understand what he was saying he added, "You know... uh... about loosening Amy up." John was very nervous now but tried hard to keep Thomas from noticing. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest.

A shocked expression came to Thomas's face. Suddenly, he was concerned that John had taken his comments wrong. "Uh... listen man, I was only k**ding. You know we joke all the time about that stuff."

"So you were k**ding?"

"Well, yeah," Thomas said, shaking his head in confusion.

"Too bad because I think... uh... I think Amy could use some loosening up." Suddenly, John's palms were sweating.

Thomas was silent for a long minute. "What are you trying to say man? Are you saying you want me to hit on your wife?" He stared at John like he had three heads.

"Well, I'm not sure I would call it 'hitting on her'. Maybe a 'little attention' would be a better way to put it. Listen Thomas, I know Amy likes you; I can see the way she watches you. And, don't k** me, you like her too." John let that hang in the air for a few seconds.

"Well... uh... uh... yeah... yes, I like her as a friend," Thomas said, suddenly stuttering all over himself. "Hell man, you and Amy are my best friends."

"Sure we are but I know you like her more than that. Remember that time she bought that string bikini and came out to the pool to model it for us? I saw your eyes. They were so big that I thought they might pop out of your head."

"Sure, Amy's a gorgeous woman. I would have had to be dead not to react. What guy wouldn't?"

"Well, I'm giving you the chance to do more than look," John said and stopped, his words hanging heavily in the air. This was it, John thought, if he turns me down, I'll act like it's all a joke. John was nervously biting the inside of his mouth as he watched his friend's face.

"Let me see if I understand you. You're saying I can come on to your wife and you wouldn't mind?"

"Yep! That's exactly what I'm saying." John almost sighed with relief that it was out.

"Are you crazy man?"

"No... well maybe! Listen Thomas, you know that Amy has had a bad time over the last year and how much I'm worried about her. She needs something more. I truly don't believe that she would ever cheat on me but if she did, you would be my first choice." A smile came to John's face.

"This is nuts."

"Not really. Remember that time on New Years Eve when you two kissed?"

"Yes. I'm the one that told you about that, remember?" Thomas said with a guilty smile.

"Well, I never told you how hot Amy was that night. I knew that something had turned her on and it wasn't just the booze. I was worried that that pretty boy that used to live next door was coming on to her. However, it didn't make sense until you told me that you had kissed her. Truthfully, I was relieved that it was you. I never saw her so hot. She even gave me one of her rare blowjobs."

"Well, I'm glad I could be of service," Thomas said with a rueful smile.

"I know this sounds nuts... even to me. But, I'm desperate Thomas. I've talked to the doctor and even he has been worried about her state of mind. He wanted her to go on some type of anti-depressant but she refused. I'd love her to be a wild and sexy woman but I would settle for her just being like her old self again. I figure if you can heat her up from a kiss... well, it would be fun to see how far you could get."

Suddenly, Thomas finally realized that John was serious. "You're serious aren't you?"

"Never been more serious."

Thomas was silent for a long time, deciding how to answer. "Well, if I agreed to do this... and I said 'if', how far could I go?" Suddenly, he was getting excited at the possibilities.

"I don't know. I guess as far as she lets you."

"Are you sure about this? Something like this could end our friendship."

"We won't let it. The only thing that I ask is that you tell me everything."

"I don't know man. It might feel like I'm deceiving Amy," he said with concern in his voice. "I like her too much for that."

"I understand and I appreciate your feelings. However, think about this being therapy for Amy. It would be like you are helping her recover," John said, only half facetiously.

"And, what do you get out of all this?"

"Hopefully, I get the woman I married back and if I'm real lucky, she will open up sexually and do some of the things that I've always wanted her to do." John paused and let his words sink in before he continued. "Listen Thomas, you know I love Amy more than anything in the world and that I would never do anything to hurt her. If I thought this would cause her problems, I would never do it." John paused and let what he had said sink in. Then he continued, "The way I figure it, we can all have a little fun. Worse case, she rebuffs you and you go home with your tail between your legs." John sat back with a smug smile on his face. He knew that Thomas could never turn down a challenge.

"There's no chance of that," Thomas said confidently and then fell silent. He had to admit that the idea had appeal to him. It wasn't like he was going to be having an affair behind his best friend's back. If John was okay with it, who was he to question him? he thought. Finally, he said, "You have to let me have free access you know."

Suddenly, John felt like jumping out of his chair in excitement. However, he controlled his excitement and calmly said, "Agreed."

"I'm letting my libido control my brain but I would be a fool to turn such an offer down."

"Then you'll do it?"

"Against my better judgment, yes."

"Alright!" John said a little too loud.

Two days later, John was leaving for work and went in to kiss Amy goodbye. "Have a nice day sweetie," he said and kissed her briefly. "Oh by the way, Thomas is coming over for dinner tonight."

"Tonight? Why didn't you tell me we were having company?" Amy complained and stood up from the table. She hadn't seen Thomas in over a month.

"Thomas isn't company, he's f****y. See you later."

Amy stood for a moment until John was out the door. While she tried to be mad, she was secretly glad Thomas was coming over. She would have to get the roast out of the freezer and do some shopping. What about my hair? she thought as she walked out into the hall and looked into the mirror. Suddenly, she felt nervous and strangely excited. Maybe I can get an appointment at the beauty shop.

By 7 P.M., when the doorbell rang, Amy had everything ready. She stood in front of her dressing room mirror to take one last look. Her hair was freshly cut and curled. She had chosen to wear a low cut black cocktail dress that hugged her body like a second skin. It was a little too tight and far too short but she liked the way it emphasized her assets. A string of white pearls, a little dab of perfume and she was ready.

John smiled at Thomas as he let him in the house. He looked as dashing as ever. He had on a pair of gray slacks, a blue blazer, and a white mock turtleneck shirt. The white shirt emphasized his dark good looks.

"What a surprise to see you Thomas," John joked.

"I was in the neighborhood and thought I would stop in," he returned with a smile.

Both of the men were nervous and tried to cover it with jokes.

"Well, you're in luck because I think my wife has cooked your favorite meal," John said as he led Thomas into the living room and mixed him a drink.

The two were talking when Amy walked into the room. Both of them stopped in mid-sentence when they saw her. She looked radiant. Her blond hair and black dress gave her a glow that John hadn't seen in over a year. His plan was already working.

"Hi Thomas," Amy said as she walked over to him and stepped into his embrace. They hugged and kissed briefly.

"Wow... you... wow..." Thomas said, suddenly tongue-tied as he held her at arm's length and looked at her. His eyes scanned her face then automatically dropped to her ample cleavage. Her breasts were almost popping out of her dress. He could smell the sweet perfume she was wearing-the perfume that he had given her for Christmas.

Amy saw his stare and took a deep breath, causing the swells of her breasts to lift even higher. She could feel a little chill run up her spine. Suddenly, the images of Jill with her black lover crossed her mind. She felt her face flush. "Uh... thank you Thomas."

John handed Amy a glass of wine and the three of them sat down in the living room. Amy sat across from Thomas, casually crossing her legs.

"So, where have you been? I thought you didn't like me anymore," Amy said with her pretty pout.

"Been busy at work. However, now that I see what I've been missing, I'll make a point to come around more often," Thomas teased, his eyes glancing at her legs. This banter wasn't unusual but the deal between him and John gave it new meaning.

Amy could feel her face flush hot as she watched Thomas's eyes. In spite of her prudish nature, she uncrossed her legs and allowed her legs to open slightly.

John didn't miss the movement. "I'm going to put another bottle of wine on ice," he said and excused himself.

"You're so far away, why don't you come over here," Thomas said, patting the sofa next to him.

Amy looked once toward the kitchen door, then got up, and sat next to Thomas. Normally, this situation would not have made her nervous. The only difference was what was in her head.

"So, anything new going in your life?" Amy asked. "Uh... Any girlfriends?"

"No, just the same old girls," he joked.

"I've never seen you with an 'old' girl," Amy returned and laughed, placing her hand on his thigh. Suddenly, a thrill rushed through her as he felt the strength and warmth of his thigh.

Thomas put his arm around Amy's back and pulled her to him. "You've always been my favorite 'young' girl," he said seriously. His eyes glanced down at the soft swells of her breasts. The combination of that and her hand on his thigh began to have an effect on Thomas. He felt his penis begin to lengthen down his thigh.

Amy looked down and saw movement just inches from where her hand lay passively on his thigh. Almost imperceptibly, she moved her hand slightly higher until her finger grazed the protrusion in his pants. Her hand began to shake and the room started to spin.

Thomas felt the slightest touch of her finger. His penis pulsed and grew stiffer.

Amy's mouth was suddenly very dry. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she lifted the little finger and gently rubbed it across the covered head of Thomas's penis. She felt it pulse, and suddenly, her finger became wet as a clear liquid began to seep from the cloth. Amy looked down and gasped when she saw the large tent in Thomas's pants.

"Alright, the wine is cooling," John said as he walked back into the room.

Thomas and Amy jumped as if they had been struck by lightening. Amy pulled her hand away from his thigh and stood up abruptly.

"I'll... I'll get dinner on the table," she said breathlessly, her face flushed. She hurried out of the room, rushing past her husband

"Man, your timing couldn't be worse," Thomas said with a sigh.

"Really?" John said excitedly. He hadn't figured that anything would happen so soon. He hadn't seen anything since the entrance to the living room was behind the sofa. "Sorry man. I'll make up for it later."

Dinner was cordial if not tense. Amy could feel Thomas's eyes on her throughout the meal. Whenever she would look at him, he would smile and her face would suddenly become hot. Then she would look guiltily over at John who seemed to always have his face down, looking at his food. When dinner was over, Amy got up and said, "I'll clean up the dishes and you two can go into the living room and watch the baseball game." She was almost relieved to be able to get out of the room and get her thoughts together. However, Thomas had other ideas.

"I'll help," Thomas said. "I can watch baseball anytime."

"Well, I guess I'll watch the game alone," John said and yawned. "Man, I'm getting tired." He got up from the table and went into the living room.

Thomas and Amy carried the dishes into the kitchen. When the table was cleared, they stood side by side; Amy rinsed the dishes and Thomas placed them into the dishwasher. Amy stood at the sink stiffly. However, her heart was beating rapidly in her chest. She could almost feel Thomas's eyes on her as he stood by her side. She could see John sitting in the living room, through the large cut out window over the sink.

"You look especially great tonight Amy," Thomas said sincerely as he looked at the pretty woman standing next to him. She had put on a bib apron but it barely covered her sexy dress. With his height, he could see down her dress, almost to her navel. When she leaned forward, he would catch just a glimpse of her brown areola. He could feel his still firm penis begin to pulse in his pants.

"Thank you!" Amy responded. She didn't look up at Thomas. She could feel her face turning red.

"Did you get your hair done just for me," he teased.

"Uh... no... uh well, I needed a new style," she answered nervously, almost letting a plate slip out of her hand.

"It fits you," he said and leaned a little closer to her until their thighs were touching. "You know I love that perfume too."

"You should, you bought it for me," Amy said and then paused. God, am I being that obvious, she thought. Suddenly, she gasped and looked at John in the living room. Thomas had placed his hand on her backside. "Thomas," she whispered as she trembled, "behave." Yet, she made no move to push his hand away.

Thomas could feel her warm and soft flesh under her thin dress. He squeezed her cheek gently and felt her tremble. "I'm pretty sure your finger touching me earlier was no accident," Thomas whispered.

Amy blushed and then she went back to rinsing the dishes without answering.

Thomas took her silence as an okay to proceed and began to move his hand around the soft contours of her ass. Slowly, he grew bolder until he was kneading the flesh of her ass. He could feel his penis pulsing in his pants again. Slowly his hand drifted down until his fingers skirted the hem of her dress. He held his breath as he gradually moved his hand underneath and onto the back of her nylon-covered thigh. He felt Amy tense but still she made no move to stop him. When he lifted his hand one-inch, he heard a sharp intake of breath from Amy. His fingers felt the soft and warm flesh of her bare thigh above the nylon.

"Thomas," Amy hissed again, her hands on the sink for support. Almost without her control, her legs moved apart.

Thomas smiled as he felt her subtle movement. The movement gave him the room to move his hand higher.

A little moan escaped Amy's lips and then she whimpered, "Please."

But still, he heard no reprimand in her voice, so he slid his fingers gently up her warm thigh until he could feel the gusset of her panties. This time Thomas let out a little moan as he encountered the wetness that had soaked through the material. He could feel her swollen lips under the thin cotton. The lips felt positively huge and bulged from her panties. When he started to use his index finger to pull the material aside, Amy grabbed his hand. However, she seemed to have no strength to push it away.

"Thomas! John's right there," she whispered through clenched teeth as she felt a shiver of pleasure rush through her.

Thomas whispered, "I know." Then his hand started to move again. He slid his fingers under the material to touch the swollen lips and felt Amy shiver

"Oh God Thomas, please," Amy gasped as she felt his large finger touch her sex. Then, Amy went up on her toes as Thomas slowly slid his finger into her wet and pulsing hole. In spite of her protests, Amy's hips settled down, taking Thomas's finger deep into her body. "Thomas... Thomas, oh God," Amy gasped as her body began to tremble. Amy was on the verge of climax and her knees felt like they were about to buckle. Finally, from somewhere, Amy found the strength to pull Thomas's hand from her throbbing sex lips. When the tip of his finger finally left her, she sighed in self-imposed frustration. She leaned forward on the sink; trembling and mentally chastising herself for letting it go so far. Yet her body continued to betray her. She could feel her juice soaking through her panties as it began to run down her thighs.

Thomas stood beside Amy with a smile on his face. He caught Amy's eye and brought his wet finger to his lips.

"Jesus!" Amy hissed as she watched Thomas suck her juice from his finger.

Thomas smiled as he stared into Amy's wide eyes. His next move was to turn to the side and let her see that he was very excited as well. He leaned against the sink as he continued to watch Amy's eyes. He could see her glancing down at the large protrusion in his pants.

Suddenly, in her nervousness, Amy splashed water from the sink onto the front of Thomas's pants. Without thinking she grabbed a dishtowel and began to wipe the front of his pants. She gasped as he felt his hardness. As soon as she realized what she was doing, she pulled her hand away like she had touched a hot stove. Her eyes looked up at Thomas and she could see him smiling at her embarrassment.

When the dishes were in the washer, Amy and Thomas joined John in the living room. Thomas grabbed a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses. John was sitting in his favorite chair. He had turned out all but one lamp. Amy took a seat on the sofa. Thomas joined her, sitting a safe distance away. He poured her a large glass of wine, which she welcomed, taking a big drink. They watched the ballgame for a while until John appeared to be asl**p. His head was back on the chair and his eyes were closed. His breathing was heavy and regular.

Thomas poured Amy another large glass of wine before he slowly slipped his arm over her shoulder.

Amy tensed and looked at John. She was relieved to see that his eyes were closed. She knew that he often fell asl**p in his favorite chair. The wine began to have an impact on Amy and she started to relax.

Thomas reached his hand up and turned Amy's face toward him. Their eyes met.

Amy could feel her heart pounding in her chest. The room began to spin again as she saw Thomas's lips move toward hers. A little whimper escaped her lips when she felt his lips touch hers. Suddenly she was opening her mouth to let his tongue inside. At the same time, she gasped as one of his hands covered her breasts. She melted into his embrace as she sucked on his offered tongue. As her hips began to squirm on the sofa, she pulled her mouth from him and whispered, "Oh God Thomas... John...."

Thomas ignored her and brought his lips to hers again, his hand slipping down and inside the top of her dress. Now it was Thomas's turn to moan as he felt the warmth of Amy's soft flesh in his hand. He could feel her large nipple under his palm. His fingers captured the nipple and began to squeeze.

John could hear the whimpers and the moans from the sofa but he couldn't look at them. It was delicious torture and was driving him crazy with excitement. He was close enough to hear their lips smacking together and knew that they were at least kissing. Finally, he couldn't hold out any longer. He opened his eyes just slightly and saw what he had been hearing. He had to suppress a gasp when he saw their lips working passionately together and that Thomas's hand was inside his wife's dress. He desperately wanted to see more so he decided to try another tactic. He moaned and stirred.

Thomas and Amy jumped in surprise. Thomas quickly pulled his hand from Amy's bodice and slid away, sitting nervously a safe distance from Amy. Although he knew that John approved of what he was doing, it was nonetheless nerve racking.

John sighed and stretched, then said, "Listen, I hate to be a bad host but I'm really tired and I have an early meeting tomorrow. So, at the risk of being rude, I'll go to bed. Thomas, please don't leave on my account. Amy can see you out after the ballgame," he said with a smile. "See you this weekend?" he asked.

"Uh... yeah, I'll be there."

"Goodnight sweetie," John said as he walked over and gave Amy a kiss goodnight. He could see in her face that she was flustered and more than a little nervous. It looked almost as if her eyes were pleading with him not to leave.

Amy almost asked John to stay. Her mouth opened, but nothing came out. She was more than a little afraid to be left alone with Thomas. However, it wasn't Thomas she was afraid of-it was her own lack of willpower that scared her.

John made his way up the stairs, turning back to see the two of them sitting stiffly on the sofa. I'll brush my teeth and check back on them, he thought. Things should be heating up by that time. Then, he had a second of remorse; it was as if he were leading a lamb to slaughter. Still, it was for her own good he convinced himself and besides, it was incredibly exciting. If he needed any proof, inside his pants, his penis was pulsing with life.

As soon as John was out of sight, Thomas slid over to Amy again. She sat stone-faced, pretending to watch the TV. However, her mind was far from the silly baseball game. Suddenly, she could feel the heat of Thomas next to her. All of her 'good girl' upbringing told her she should get up and move to another chair or ask Thomas to leave but instead, she sat frozen, staring at the TV.

Thomas put his arm around her again and used his hand to turn her face toward him. His lips moved toward hers.

"No Thomas," Amy whispered but there was no conviction in her voice. Her heart was fluttering in her chest. Suddenly, their lips were pressed together again and she heard a moan from far off. As she opened her mouth to let his tongue in, she realized the sound was coming from her throat. No matter how hard she tried to deny it and say no, her body betrayed her. Instead of slapping his face, she melted into his strong arms again.

Thomas was moaning as well. His penis was pulsing with excitement as his tongue pulled back into his mouth and hers followed. It was like a dream come true for him. He had wanted to kiss her like this from the day they first met. The only thing they had shared was one long kiss at the New Years Eve party.

Amy felt Thomas's strong body pressing to her heaving breasts. She could barely get her breath as she sucked his tongue. Suddenly, she felt his hand on her breast. She started to push it away but he quickly slipped it into the top of her dress again. This time, before she could stop him, he had pulled the large orb from the dress. "Mmmm..." Amy moaned as she felt the cool room air on her exposed breast.

Thomas continued to kiss her as his large black hand kneaded her soft white flesh. His penis was throbbing so hard that he thought it might burst from his pants.

"Oh Jesus," Amy moaned as Thomas pulled his lips from hers and began to kiss down the soft skin of her neck. Amy knew she should stop him but her body wouldn't respond to her mind. Instead, she arched her back and lifted her breast as Thomas's lips drew near. "Ohhhhhhh!!!" she groaned as his lips captured the nipple and began to suck. "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!"

As Thomas continued to suck the nipple, his hand dropped to her thigh. He heard her moan something like, "nooooooo." He ignored it and began to move his hand up her thigh.

Amy's brain was screaming No! No! No! But, still, her legs opened. Her thighs began to quiver as she felt Thomas's large hand snake under her dress. She tensed when his fingers touched the soft skin of her thighs above her nylons. "Thomas... John is right up... oh God," she gasped, her words catching in her throat as his fingers squeezed the bare flesh of her warm thigh and his lips sucked her hard nipple

Thomas's lips were relentless as his hand idly caressed her warm thighs. Then he moved his fingers a little higher. He took a deep breath as his fingers touched her wet panties again and a moan escaped from his sucking lips. Before Amy could protest, he quickly pulled the material aside and his fingers found her swollen lips.

"Oh my God Thomas, no!" Amy gasped. Yet, even as she protested, she spread her legs wider, forcing her dress high on her thighs and giving him free access to her pulsing crotch. Suddenly, she held her breath as she felt the tip of his finger at the entrance of her dripping hole. "Nnnnnnnnooooooo!" she hissed as his large black finger slid slowly inside.

Thomas's lips left her breast and captured her lips again to silence her moans.

John finished brushing his teeth and walked quietly down the hall until he was at the top of the stairs. He knew that he would be able to see into the living room if he moved down a step or two and bent over. When he did, he almost fell down the steps at the sight that greeted him. On the sofa sat his prudish wife, her legs spread wide, her skirt almost to her waist, one breast hanging from her dress and Thomas's hand moving back and forth between her legs. He was kissing her passionately. John's penis, which had lost some of its stiffness, sprang back to life. He strained his eyes to see into the dim living room.

Amy tried to protest weakly until Thomas's tongue rushed into her mouth again. Without her willing it, her hips started to move up and down as the long finger sawed in and out. Her mind could no longer process the risk that she was taking; there was only Thomas's mouth, his tongue, and the finger, sliding deep into her.

John was ready to pull his penis out of his underwear when he saw Amy stiffen in Thomas's embrace. He heard a long and low whimper escape her lips.

Thomas pushed his tongue deep into Amy's mouth as his finger continued to plunge in and out. When he felt her tense, he placed his thumb on her swollen clit and rubbed.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" Amy moaned into Thomas's mouth and her hips lifted off the sofa. Waves of electric shocks began to rocket through her. She was suddenly lost in a sea of incredible pleasure. Her body trembled and her legs clamped shut as a strong climax washed her away.

For several long seconds, Amy shook in Thomas's embrace, floating on waves of illicit pleasure. Her hips moved up and down, forcing his finger in and out of her wet hole.

Thomas could feel the pulsing of her vagina as it squeezed his finger.

Slowly Amy began to return to earth. As soon as her climax ended, she sat up. Her eyes were wide with fright as she looked toward the stairs. Suddenly, shame washed over her and she stood up on unsteady legs. Then she said, "Thomas, I think you should go." When she saw the look of shock on Thomas's face, she softened her tone and said, "It's late."

Thomas got up, placed his hands on Amy's shoulders, and pulled her toward him. His lips captured hers again as his hands slid to her soft ass. Slowly he pulled her dress up until he captured both panty-covered cheeks in his strong hands.

A loud moan escaped Amy's lips as she squirmed in his embrace. However, when his hands moved up to the waistband of her panties, she pushed him back, gasping for breath again. "Thomas please!"

"Okay," he said and smiled, squeezing her cheeks one last time before letting her dress fall back into place. Then he gently lifted her still exposed breast and placed it back in her dress. He smiled at her shocked expression and gently kissed her lips one last time. Thomas left quietly, his penis still throbbing in his pants. He was a patient man because he knew that there would be other opportunities. He whistled as he walked to his car.

Amy made her way to the bedroom. Her legs were trembling and she could feel her still swollen and wet lips squishing between her thighs as she walked up the stairs. She had never felt her sex lips as swollen as they were now. Excitement still coursed through her veins. However, she was filled with guilt and shame.

"John, are you awake," Amy whispered as she stood next to the bed.

John turned over and acted as if she had awakened him. "Uh... yeah... I uh just fell asl**p. What's wrong?"

"Nothing sweetie," Amy smiled in the dark. Then slowly she began to slip the straps of her cocktail dress from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

John watched with wide eyes as his wife's pretty breasts came into view. He saw the dress fall to the floor and watched her slip her panties off. He could almost imagine how wet they must be. John's penis was still rock hard from watching the scene on the sofa.

"Lay on your back," Amy said breathlessly.

John looked at his wife with shock. She rarely initiated sex. Now, she was practically giving orders. He smiled and turned over onto his back. Then he watched as she climbed over him, straddling his chest. Again, he looked up at her with surprise.

Amy could feel her heart beating rapidly. It was so unlike her to take the lead in sex, however, the excitement Thomas had created still controlled her actions. Slowly, she inched her knees upward until her vagina touched John's chin. Then, with a moan, she moved upward and another inch forward and sat her throbbing sex on his mouth.

John moaned as his wife pressed her dripping vagina to his mouth. He had only eaten her a few times in their married life. Suddenly, he realized that his plan was working better than he ever dreamed. He would have smiled had his mouth not been filled with Amy's sweet and very swollen sex lips.

"Oh God, eat me. Eat my pussy," Amy moaned hysterically. She practically sat on John's face as another wave of pleasure roared through her. Her hips bounced up and down, forcing John's tongue deep into her hole. Her thighs quivered and squeezed his head tight. She could feel her juice bubbling out of his mouth and streaming down his cheeks.

John was in heaven as he tried to swallow his wife's copious juices. It was an impossible task. He continued to suck until Amy pulled her sensitive flesh from his mouth and sat back on his chest.

Finally, when Amy stopped shaking, she slid off John's chest and lay down next to him. She looked at his smiling face and could see her juice glistening on his lips and chin in the dim light from the hallway. "I love you," she whispered and kissed his lips, tasting her own juice for the first time in her life. Then she began to slowly kiss down his body. She stopped at his nipples, sucking them into her mouth and teasing the hard nubs with her tongue. Then she continued downward, licking the flesh of his strong abdomen. She giggled when her tongue, and the brush of her hair, made his stomach quiver. Then she could feel John gasp for breath as she kissed further down.

John was beyond excitement now. His penis throbbed so hard that he thought he was going to cum without ever being touched. He lifted his head, looked down, and saw his wife lift the blanket and slide her head underneath. He moaned as he suddenly felt her warm breath on his penis. "Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Oh my God Amy," he screamed when her wet mouth covered him.

Amy moaned, as she tasted John's pre-cum juice. It almost tasted sweet. Suddenly, she wondered why she had never liked doing this. Then incredible excitement gripped her as she thought of the juice contained in his balls. She had to have it. Her fist began to move rapidly up and down John's shaft as her mouth sucked hard.

"Oh Ammmmyyyyyyy!!!" John warned. Suddenly, his balls tightened and began to pump his sperm up the shaft.

"Mmmmm!!!" Amy moaned as John's hot sperm began to squirt into her mouth. She was surprised at the f***e of the sperm as it hit the back of her throat hard. This was a first for her; never had she taken his sperm into her mouth. She swallowed and felt her vagina quiver like she was going to climax. She swallowed repeatedly as each pulse of John's penis sent a new load of cum into her mouth, filling it until some dripped from the corners. Finally, when she could suck no more out, she kissed the tip and crawled back up to her totally shocked and exhausted husband.

"Wow!" was all John could muster.

Amy smiled and brought her cum-wet lips to his and kissed him hard, shoving her tongue deep into his mouth.

Chapter 4

The following day, and for the rest of the week, Amy was walking on air. She felt a euphoria within her that had been missing for a very long time. Yes, she was guilty and ashamed of what she had done with Thomas, but she chose to think more about how it had spiced up her relationship with John. Twice during the week, she had initiated sex, having John once in the bedroom and once in the living room. However, during each encounter, her mind had flashed back to Thomas and his kisses.

Amy was practically bursting to tell Jill what happened, but she refused to divulge any information over the telephone. When she met Jill at the gym, she was almost bubbling over with excitement. When they were done exercising, they went to the juice bar to talk.

"So, come on, come on, tell me everything, I've been waiting all week," Jill said excitedly.

Amy looked around to see if anyone was close enough to hear them and then turned back to Jill with a wide smile on her face. "Well, I practically fucked John's brains out this week. I don't understand what happened but it's like a switch was turned on within my libido."

"Tell me about Thomas. You know that's what I want to hear."

"There's not that much to tell really but..." Amy proceeded to tell Jill what had happened with Thomas in the kitchen and in the living room after John went to bed. She was breathless when she finished. So was Jill.

"Wow Amy. I thought you said that there wasn't much to tell."

Amy giggled and said, "Well, we didn't actually fuck!"

"So John left you two alone and went to bed?" Jill asked.

"Yeah. He said he was tired."

"Is that normal for him to... you know, to just go to bed when you have a guest?"

"It is kind of strange isn't it? I didn't really think about it," Amy answered with a pensive look. "Don't make me paranoid now Jill, I've got enough going on in my head," she said and laughed.

At the same time, over at the Northwest Country Club, John and Thomas sat in the bar having their after golf beer.

John held his beer up to Thomas and said, "Thanks buddy."

"For what?"

He and John had not spoken about the previous week because John didn't want to bring it up in casual conversation. Additionally, Thomas and he had only talked briefly on the telephone during the week. However, Thomas couldn't tell from that conversation how John felt about what happened or if he even knew what had happened after he left. He figured he would let him bring up the subject.

John leaned toward Thomas and whispered, "For loosening Amy up. Christ man, she almost fucked me to exhaustion this past week. Right after you left, she gave me the best blowjob of my life. And, I owe it all to you." John held his beer up again and Thomas responded by tapping his bottle to his.

"So, you know what happened after you went upstairs?" Thomas asked, a bit sheepishly.

"Yeah man, I was at the top of the stairs. I saw you sticking your tongue down her throat and your finger up her pussy," he said. "I thought you were going to choke her with your tongue," he said in mock seriousness and then laughed.

Thomas felt just a bit uncomfortable with the conversation but he was glad to see John laugh. Christ, he thought, how many guys talk to their best friend about seducing their wife. It was a little strange, to say the least. However, he wasn't complaining. On the contrary, he was looking forward to continuing the seduction if John was going to let him. "So, what do we do now? I mean, is that it?" he asked.

"No man," John answered quickly. "I told you that you could go as far as Amy wants."

"Does that include... uh... you know... fucking?"

John felt electricity shoot through him. "Like I told you, it means as far as Amy wants it to go. But you should know that Amy's not on the pill because we're still trying for a baby," John said with a wide smile.

"Not on the pill? I don't use those damn rubbers!" Thomas said emphatically.

"That shouldn't be a problem for a stud like you. Just a little more challenging I should think."

Thomas got a wide grin on his face. "Okay man, you asked for it. To Amy," he said lifting his beer again.

"To my sweet Amy," John responded touching his bottle to the one Thomas held. "Okay, about tonight," John said. "Here's the plan."

Thomas listened to John and added a few of his own ideas. When they had it all settled they shook hands like a business deal. Then John got up and said, "I have to run. You're coming over at six, right?"


"Make sure you bring your swimming trunks."

John was at the grill when Thomas came around to the back of the house. "Anybody home?" he called as he opened the gate of the privacy fence.

"Hey, Thomas, welcome," John said, turning around to greet his friend. "Get yourself a beer from the cooler. Amy is getting the burgers ready. I'm the cook, so no complaints."

"I'd never complain," Thomas said and retrieved a beer from the cooler. As he walked back over to John, Amy came out of the house carrying a tray of burgers and hot dogs.

The two men turned and smiled at her. She was wearing a kimono type robe modestly over her bathing suit.

"Hi Amy," Thomas said.

"Hi Thomas," she answered, feeling a little flush come to her face.

Thomas stepped over and briefly kissed Amy hello as she held the tray in front of her. She seemed somewhat cool to him. He couldn't read her face.

"Go get your suit on," John said, "The burgers are going to take a few minutes."

Thomas went into the downstairs bathroom to put his trunks on.

"Amy, can you get me some barbecue sauce? I think I put a new bottle in the pantry."

In order for Amy to get the barbecue sauce, she had to walk past the bathroom. She was a little surprised to see that the door was open slightly and thought that Thomas had gone to the bathroom upstairs. However, as she walked by, she stopped in her tracks. Inside, she could see Thomas with his back to her. He had his shirt off and was getting ready to take off his pants. Amy started to move away but paused.

Thomas took a quick glance in the mirror and saw a shadow outside the bathroom door. He smiled to himself as he unbuckled his pants and slowly let them fall to the floor. Was that a gasp? he thought. He had purposely not worn underwear.

Amy stood with her hand over her mouth, staring at Thomas's strong buttocks. She held her breath as she saw him bend over and pick up his swimming trunks from the floor. She could see his large testicles swinging between his thighs and the shiny cheeks of his ass. Suddenly, her breathing was very erratic.

As Thomas started to pull the trunks up his legs, he turned around. His eyes opened as if he was surprised. Then he stood frozen with the trunks halfway up his thighs. His substantial penis was flaccid but still hung a long way down his thigh.

Amy's eyes went from Thomas's penis to his face. Suddenly, she saw his shocked face turn to a wide grin. She wanted to turn and run but something made her stay. Slowly her eyes scanned down his strong body, over his large chest and his rippled stomach. Another little gasp escaped her lips when she saw his penis begin to move as bl**d started to flow.

"Sorry," Thomas said, almost embarrassed as he grasped the now half-erect shaft and stuffed it into his white bathing trunks. Now, the view was almost more obscene. The white trunks were all but transparent on his dark skin. His penis made a substantial bulge in the thin material. It almost looked like he had stuffed a coiled black snake into his trunks.

"Uh... uh... I was... uh just getting some... something," Amy said, her words sticking in her throat. Then she turned and rushed to the closet. Suddenly, she had no idea what she was looking for.

Thomas had a wide grin on his face as he went back outside to help John with the grill. A few minutes later a more composed but still flustered Amy came back outside.

The three of them sat on the patio, ate dinner, and had a few beers as they talked about this and that. When dinner was done and quite a few beers consumed, John suggested that they go for a swim.

Amy balked.

"Come on," John prodded. He knew she was somewhat embarrassed to take off her robe. He had purchased a bathing suit for her. Well, at least the lady in the store said it was a bathing suit. However, it was nothing more than three triangles of yellow material. Two of the triangles barely covered her nipples and the other strained to cover her vagina. Amy had to shave off most of her pubic hair in order to get it to at least cover her lips. She was reluctant to wear it but John had insisted. However, she couldn't deny the chills that went through her as she put it on.

John and Thomas ran and jumped into the pool, splashing around like a couple of teenagers. Amy stood at the table, biting her lips.

"Come on Amy," John yelled.

"Yeah, get into the pool," Thomas added.

They watched as Amy reluctantly untied her robe and let it slip from her shoulders. Suddenly, the only sound was the chirping of crickets and three rapid heartbeats. Both John's and Thomas's eyes were as big as saucers as they watched her slowly walk over to the shallow end of the pool. Her large breasts moved as if in slow motion, the tiny cords holding the material straining from the weight. Between her legs, the tight material had ridden into her crotch, exposing the edges of her almost hairless outer lips.

When Amy turned around to back down the ladder to the water, both Thomas and John gasped. In the back, there was simply a white string attached to the waist that disappeared between her ass cheeks. The tension at the pool was suddenly very high. Both Thomas and John could feel their penises harden inside their tight trunks.

Suddenly, John turned around and splashed water into Thomas's face. He responded in kind and soon they were rollicking in the water again.

Amy walked around waist deep in the water, being careful how she moved. Any wave or sudden move could easily tear the skimpy top or bottom from her body. The truth was that the suit wasn't meant to be worn in water. It was for those exhibitionists that frequented the public beaches.

Over the next hour, Amy watched John and Thomas frolic in the pool. They had competitions as to who could make the most baskets in the nurf ball game, who had the best dive and so on. Amy thought they acted more like fifteen-year-olds trying to impress a girl than thirty-two-year-old men. However, she also thought it was cute that they would try to impress her. At one point, they asked her to judge the diving contest. She declined but they whined until she agreed.

John dove first, showing his lack of skill. Then Thomas climbed out of the pool.

"Oh my God," Amy whispered to herself. Thomas's swim trunks were plastered to his skin and transparent. As he stood on the board, Amy could see every wrinkle of his large balls and tightly confined penis. It appeared that he stood on the end of the board for quite some time before diving into the water.

After four or five dives, Amy declared Thomas the winner by a wide margin. John acted like he was pouting but he already knew that he couldn't dive. He would have to be satisfied with occasionally beating Thomas at golf.

When it turned dark, John put the underwater pool lights on. The shimmering water gave the patio area a romantic glow. John went into the house to get some beer but came back out a few minutes later and said he would have to run to the store.

A little charge of electricity rushed through Amy at his words. However, she had mixed emotions. She remembered the last time he had left them alone and wasn't entirely sure she wanted John to leave her alone with Thomas again.

John was barely out the door when Thomas swam over to Amy sitting on the side of the pool near the shallow end. He placed his hands on either side of her legs and looked up at her.

Amy took a deep breath and looked back, their eyes locked on one another.

Suddenly, Thomas grabbed her legs and pulled her off the side of the pool. Amy screamed as she plunged into the water. When she came up sputtering, she didn't realize that her tiny top had pulled up to her neck. However, Thomas did. His eyes bored into her hard nipples as Amy wiped the water from her eyes and pushed her hair back.

Amy saw the look on Thomas's face. Then she looked down and almost screamed, placing her arms across her breasts.

Thomas took that opportunity to pull her to him.

"Thomas, no," Amy said quietly. However, when Thomas turned her chin up, she allowed him to kiss her. With lightning speed, Amy could feel her sex lips begin to quiver. Thomas's tongue entered her mouth and his groin pressed to her. She could feel his penis moving, twitching, and growing in his trunks. She wanted to push him away but her excitement wouldn't let her. With a moan of surrender, she moved her arms from covering her breasts and wrapped them around Thomas's neck. Now, her large, soft breasts pressed to his hard, bare chest.

Thomas could feel her nipples burning into his skin like hot coals. His hands slid down her back and under the water to grab her naked buttocks. Both of them moaned as he pulled her tighter to his now fully hard penis.

Amy was gasping for breath when she pried her lips from his. She saw him smile and look down between them. Her eyes followed his. "Oh God," she moaned when she saw that the head of his penis had f***ed its way out of the waist of his trunks. It was so long that it almost touched his navel. The head was purple and the size of small plumb. Maybe it's just magnified by the water, Amy thought.

Thomas backed away from Amy until he was standing in water only to his knees. Slowly, he placed his thumbs into the sides of his trunks and began to slide them down.

Amy's eyes grew wide. "Thomas, John will be back in a minute," she warned. Then her mouth dropped open as she saw his long black shaft come into view. Her chest began heaving up and down in excitement now. She pulled her eyes away from Thomas's obscene exposure and looked at the house in fear that John could return any minute.

What she didn't know was that John hadn't gone anywhere. At that moment, he was standing outside the privacy fence peeking into the pool area. He had seen everything and his penis was throbbing with excitement.

Thomas began to slowly move back toward Amy. She backed up until she felt the floor of the pool drop off. Then she turned and continued to back away until the poolside stopped her. Suddenly, Thomas's arms were on both sides, imprisoning her between them. His head bent and his lips found hers.

Amy almost swooned as she felt his tongue enter her mouth again and his chest press to her soft breasts. Then she gasped when she felt the large head of his penis touch her stomach.

Thomas kissed Amy for a long time, building both of their excitement to a fervor pitch. Breathlessly, he pulled away, put his strong hands around her waist, and lifted her to the side of the pool. Now he was between her legs and his face was level with her groin.

"Thomas... what are you doing?" Amy whispered, looking at the house as he began to push her legs apart.

"I'm going to eat your pussy," he said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Oh God! That's crazy! John's just at the... oh Jesus," she gasped as he bent his head between her legs and lifted her thighs. "Thomas God," she hissed as she felt his tongue begin to lick the tiny patch of cloth.

Thomas pulled her forward as his large black arms circled her thighs. His tongue began to lick up and down the exposed sides of Amy's freshly shaven outer lips.

Suddenly, Amy was going mad with desire. Her hips began to squirm on the marble under her ass.

Thomas teased her to distraction. Finally, he stretched a finger over to the tiny material protecting her vagina and pulled it to the side.

Amy grabbed Thomas's head and screamed as his mouth covered her swollen sex lips. "Ahhhhhh!!!" she moaned as his tongue sliced through her swollen lips and into her wet hole.

John was as excited as the two in the pool. He pulled his penis from his shorts and moved his hand up and down the shaft as he watched the two lovers. He could see the back of Thomas's head and Amy's hands pulling his head to her groin. Her legs were around his neck and crossed, locking Thomas between her thighs.

"Oh God Thomas, suck me! Suck my cunt!" Amy screamed, totally forgetting where she was. She gasped for breath as Thomas touched all the right places. Within seconds, she was trembling and getting close to a climax. Then, when Thomas sucked her clit inside his mouth, she went over the top. Her breath caught in her throat and her mouth was opened but nothing came out. Suddenly, her body began to convulse.

Thomas had difficulty holding on as Amy's hips moved back and forth and up and down. Still, there was enough naked flesh between her legs for him to never lose contact with the fat lips of her vagina.

Eventually Amy fell backward in exhaustion and had to push Thomas's mouth away from her now sensitive clit. A short while later, she sat up and looked at Thomas's smiling face. She blushed now at the view he had of her exposed crotch. She hesitated and looked at the house for the tenth time. Then she bent her head and tenderly kissed his lips. "That was... one of the best climaxes... I've... I've ever had. Thank you," she whispered.

"My pleasure," he answered.

The telephone suddenly rang, causing both of them to jump in surprise. Amy quickly pulled the little patch of cloth over her vagina and hurried to the telephone, still topless. It was strange but the ringing telephone made her almost feel like she had been caught. "Yes," Amy said, still breathless.

It was John. "Amy, I've got a flat tire. I'm okay but I'm waiting for AAA to get here to repair it, so I'll be another hour at least."

"Okay sweetie. I'm glad you called. Thomas and I were worried about you."

John tried not to laugh as he stood at his car down the street and talked on the telephone.

"I love you," John said.

"I love you too," Amy answered and turned to look at Thomas now sitting naked on the side of the pool.

Amy hung up the telephone and walked back over to the pool. "John's going to be another hour. He had a flat tire," she said, her face a mask of relief and lust. Slowly, she walked down the steps and into the water. She moved sensuously through the water, her breasts swinging freely, her eyes on Thomas's throbbing penis.

He sat on the side of the pool with his hands back and his legs spread. He could feel excitement coursing through his veins as he watched the gorgeous woman move toward him. His rock hard penis was twitching on his stomach with every beat of his heart. His huge balls were squirming as they hung all the way to the cement under his thighs. There was a steady stream of clear pre-cum juice dribbling onto his stomach.

Then Amy was between his legs, like he had been a few minutes earlier. She moved in close, her hands running up and down his muscular thighs. Her eyes stared at the huge penis in front of her as if it had hypnotized her. She thought it looked like a snake-it was an angry cobra and she was the charmer. She almost giggled. Suddenly, her mouth began to salivate. Slowly, with her hand shaking, she reached up and grasped the hot shaft. Her fingers couldn't touch around the shaft.

Thomas had to moan as he watched Amy hold his penis in her soft white hand. He had never noticed how small her hand was until now. She could have easily gotten three hands of her size on his shaft and have plenty left over.

John watched from behind the fence again. He had his penis out again and was stroking it.

"Suck it Amy," Thomas hissed when he couldn't wait any longer.

Amy lustful expression didn't change as she slowly pulled the shaft down until she could lick the head with her tongue. She moaned when she tasted his dripping pre-cum juice. Her tongue laved the head until it was coated with her saliva. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she opened her mouth wide and f***ed the large crown past her lips.

There were three moans in the night air. One came from outside the fence.

Amy began to suck Thomas's penis as her hand worked up and down the shaft. Then she added a second hand, pushing Thomas's thighs wide apart with her elbows. A whine came from Amy's throat as she swallowed his leaking juice. Gradually the speed of her hands quickened until they were sliding up and down the now slick shaft in a blur. A steady moan came from her throat, the sound squeezing out along with her saliva from the stretched corners of her mouth.

"Oh Amy... Oh God..." Thomas moaned as he neared his climax. "Here... it... comes... ahhhhhhh!!!" He grabbed her head and held her mouth on his penis as his hips lifted up.

Suddenly Amy's mouth was filled with his thick discharge. She never considered taking the squirting head out of her mouth as she swallowed time and again, taking his sperm down her throat and into her stomach. Thomas's penis throbbed repeatedly, giving Amy all the juice she could handle. Her mouth stretched with the volume and was filled with the taste of his cum. Some of it squeezed out the corners of her mouth and ran across her fingers. She used the slick juice to coat his shaft as she sucked and pumped his shaft for more, moaning in delight the entire time.

Thomas finally collapsed backward onto the cool cement, his chest heaving for breath.

Amy continued to caress his penis for a long time. She used her hands to smear the creamy residue of his climax over his rapidly shrinking but still substantial penis. She held his shaft up and licked it from top to bottom, following the cum that had trickled to his still squirming balls. She kept at it until only her saliva remained on Thomas's penis, balls, and groin.

Amy and Thomas were presentable and sitting at the patio table when John came back.

"Well, that was quite an ordeal," he said. "I'm not sure I'm going to renew my membership to AAA after the length of time it took for them to respond. I waited all that time, then, the guy they sent out didn't have a clue." John continued his charade for a little longer than necessary. However, Amy and Thomas weren't listening anyway. Their minds were still recovering from the intensity of their climaxes.

After Thomas left, Amy and John went to bed. Amy was like a tiger again. She sucked John until he was begging for release, and then she climbed onto his penis and took him deep inside. When she finally rolled off him, her vagina was filled with his seed and she had a satisfied smile on her face.

John fell asl**p almost immediately. It was the second climax for him that night. The first had been spewed against the privacy wall about the time Amy was drinking Thomas's sperm.

Chapter 5

It was a beautiful, late Saturday morning as Amy and Jill sat on the patio of the juice bar. They had finished their exercising and were enjoying their carrot and fruit juice cocktail. Both of them had an almost silly grin on their faces, bursting to tell the other of their week.

"So how was it?" Both of them started to talk at the same time. They laughed.

"You go first," Amy said to Jill.

"All right, but you're not going to believe this."

"Oh another one of 'those' stories," Amy laughed, feeling excitement coursing through her already.

"Yep. Thursday night, I had a date with Reggie. It started out rather normal. He ate me, I sucked him and then he fucked me, all the normal stuff," she laughed. Then Jill stopped and closed her eyes and sighed. "God can he fuck."

"Come on!" Amy said excitedly.

"Well, after he had fucked me to two or three climaxes-I can't remember now-he flipped me over. I thought he was going to fuck my pussy again. But no, and this is what you won't believe, he slid his cock into my... asssss!" she whispered, drawing the word ass out and sighing.

"Oh God Jill," Amy said, her heart suddenly pounding in her chest.

"Amy, he stretched my little ass sooooo wide. He must have fucked me for an hour. I'm still a little sore back there."

"I'll bet! That's amazing."

"Wait! You haven't heard the best part. When I got home, Bradley was waiting for me in bed. Thirty seconds later I had my clothes off and he started fucking me. I could see him looking down and I swear he looked disappointed when he saw that there was no cum on his cock. However, I could feel Reggie's cum beginning to leak out of my ass. It must have been the fucking causing it to leak out."

Suddenly Jill stopped and said sheepishly, "Is this too gross for you?"

"No... uh no, come tell me everything," Amy said feeling her panties beginning to soak through to her shorts.

"Okay, but I warned you. Here's the part you won't believe-I pushed Bradley back until he was out of my pussy and I turned over onto my knees. Then, like some slut in a porno movie, I reached back and spread my ass cheeks."

Amy gasped.

"Bradley gasped like you just did. I could feel Reggie's cum bubbling out of my ass and running across my pussy. I can imagine what he saw; my little hole must have been swollen and red from the incredible pounding it took." Again, Jill paused.

Amy looked at her and said, "And?"

"I shouldn't tell you this."

"God Jill, you can be so exasperating. Tell me!"

"Amy, he bent his head to my asshole and started to suck me!"

Amy sat in stunned silence. Her eyes were as wide as saucers. "He did what?" she said before she realized how loud she was.

Both women looked around and saw several people look at them. "Keep your voice down," Jill said with a smile.

"I'm sorry."

"He sucked my ass. If I ever had any doubt about what Bradley knows or doesn't know, it's gone now. He sucked me for a long time and then he fucked me in my ass also, adding his cum to what was left of Reggie's."

Amy was trembling by the time Jill finished her story. She sat back in her chair and picked up her drink, her trembling hand causing some juice to spill. "God Jill!" she said and took a long drink. "I need something stronger than this."

"All right, it's your turn. What happened with you and Thomas?" Jill said.

Amy sighed. "Mine isn't half as exciting as your story now. But here's what happened..."

Amy described her evening with John and Thomas, giving her all the details. She made sure to describe it in great detail, adding descriptive words like "cunt, cock, cum." However, it still seemed a little tame compared to Jill's story.

When she was done, Jill was smiling. "So when are you going to let him fuck you?"

"You never 'beat around the bush' do you Jill?"

"Come on Amy, you know it's going to happen sooner or later."

"Maybe, but I still feel somewhat guilty about what we've already done," she said and then added, "Although, not as guilty as I should I guess. Probably because John is getting more sex than he has ever gotten. However, the problem is..." Amy said and paused.

"What's the problem?"

"Well, John and I are still trying to... you know... to have another baby. I'm not using any protection and I don't want to go back on the pill."

"Just tell Thomas to wear a rubber."

"It's not that easy. I've heard him and John joke around about that. Thomas said he would never wear one. And, frankly I hate them too."

"Then you've got a dilemma there."

"I know."

"What about the 'rhythm method.' It's worked for Catholics for centuries," Jill laughed.

"Yeah, and every Catholic f****y I know has six k**s." They both laughed.

At the club, Thomas and John were finishing their second beer. They had totaled their golf scores and Thomas owed John twenty dollars. Thomas had had a very bad round today. Neither during the round, nor after, did either of them mention what happened Saturday night. Thomas knew that John had been hiding behind the fence and seen everything anyway. However, Thomas's mind was not on golf today and his score showed it. He obviously had something on his mind.

"You're quiet today Thomas. What's wrong?" John asked.

"I don't know... it's just that... I mean..." Thomas hesitated.

"Come on, what man?"

"Well... it's just that... Amy is a sweet lady and I... I... somehow I feel bad about what I'm... we're doing. Like I'm being dishonest."

"Wait a minute. Have you ever fooled around with a married woman?"

"Yeah, sure," Thomas answered. "But that was different," he added when he realized what John was getting at.

"Sure it is man. And in fact, it's not near as bad in this case because her husband knows." John paused. He took a deep breath and said, "So, are you saying you want to stop?"

"No!" Thomas said quickly.

John sighed with relief. "Listen man, Amy's enjoying herself or I wouldn't be getting my brains fucked out. So, if she can enjoy it, why can't you?"

"All right, I see your point." Thomas gave in. However, he still didn't feel much better about deceiving Amy.

John ordered them another beer. "So now what? Do you have anything in mind?"

"Well, I have an awards ceremony coming up next Friday night. I'm supposed to get an award for some charitable work I've been doing. I was planning on going by myself. However, I was wondering if Amy could go with me?"

"Like a date, huh?" John said thinking. "That has possibilities."

"I'm not sure anything could happen since I'm supposed to go with my boss and his wife in their limo."

"This is a formal thing then?"

"Yeah. It's down at the Ritz Ballroom."

"I'll mention it to Amy and act like you had a date cancel at the last minute. I think she'll go along."

Chapter 6

Amy seemed non-committal when John mentioned the awards banquet. However, John couldn't know that her heart started beating a little faster.

"I'd have to get a new dress and shoes, not to mention my hair," Amy said.

"So you don't want to go?"

"No... uh yes I guess I could go. It's just kind of sudden."

"Well, Thomas didn't plan it like that. His date cancelled."

"All right, I guess I could get ready in time." Amy walked out of the room and almost screamed in glee.

Thomas arrived early at Amy's house. The limo was scheduled to pick them up there at seven.

John answered the door and invited him in saying, "You look dapper tonight in your black tux."

"Thanks, but these things drive me crazy," he answered placing his finger inside the collar and rubbing. "Is Amy ready?"

"Are you k**ding man. Have you ever had a woman ready when you got to her house for a date?"

"Now that you mentioned it, no," he said and they both laughed. However, thirty seconds later, Amy was walking down the stairs. The two men turned and stared.

"Wow," John and Thomas said at the same time.

Amy was wearing a red velvet dress. It fit her like a glove and was short on her thighs and low cut. Her hair was up on her head and she had little curls running down the sides. Her eyes were highlighted with mascara and her lipstick matched her dress. There was a diamond broach around her neck and a matching bracelet on her wrist.

"Do you like?" Amy said turning around in front of the two men. She could feel their eyes on her and a little chill ran through her body.

Both men stood with their mouths open. "Well, if you can close your mouth long enough Thomas, you can put my wrap on me," Amy said handing him a coordinated shoulder wrap.

"Take good care of her," John said, suddenly sad that he wasn't going out with his gorgeous wife.

As the two walked down the sidewalk together, John watched Amy swing her sexy ass in the tight dress. He felt another pang of regret but it wasn't enough to dull his excitement at the prospects of the two doing something tonight.

Thomas opened the limo door and let Amy get in. As soon as she stepped into the stretch limo, she saw a pretty blond woman of thirty-five or so. Next to her was a much older man. He had gray hair and must have been in his sixties.

"Amy, this is Mr. Trice Rutherford, my boss, and his wife Elaina."

"Pleased to meet you," Amy said shaking Elaina's hand and then Mr. Rutherford's.

As the chauffeur drove them downtown, Amy assessed the two people across from her. It was obviously a May/December marriage. Elaina was young and vibrant, her eyes sparkling. Trice was... well old. They didn't fit together. However, Amy knew that he must have a bundle of money.

When they reached the Ritz Ballroom, the four of them were led to a center table. Thomas was one of the guests of honor and was to be awarded the top award. Trice Rutherford was going to do the presentation. After dinner and the awards, there was a band for dancing.

It took about two hours to eat and get all the other awards out of the way. Then Trice presented Thomas with his award. Thomas gave a short acceptance speech and the formal part of the evening was over.

"Thomas and Amy," Trice said, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave you. Since I had my second heart attack, I get tired very easily. My driver, Donald, is going to take me home and then he will be available for you." Then he turned to his wife and said, "Honey if you want to stay a while, Donald can bring you home with Thomas and Amy."

"Okay sweetie," Elaina said and stood to kiss her husband goodnight.

A few minutes later, the band started to play. Thomas invited Amy out on the dance floor.

"I feel bad for Mrs. Rutherford," Amy said.

"Why, because she's so rich?" Thomas laughed as he held Amy, moving her effortlessly around the floor.

"No, because she's all alone tonight," Amy said. "You should dance with her too."


Several dances later Amy and Thomas returned to the table.

"Mrs. Rutherford, would you like to dance?" Thomas asked.

"It's Elaina. Thank you Thomas. I'd love to."

Thomas led Elaina to the dance floor. He found her to be an excellent dancer. She had obviously had lessons. She moved with grace and ease and kept up with Thomas on every song. After five or six dances, Thomas led Elaina back to the table.

"Whew, you ladies are going to wear me out," Thomas said wiping his brow with a handkerchief.

"Maybe we have to clone you," Elaina said with a meaningful smile.

"Wait a minute, I have an idea," Thomas said looking across the room. "I'll be back in a minute."

Amy and Elaina looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

Five minutes later, Thomas was back and had young man in tow. He was black and looked to be about twenty-five years old.

"Elaina, this is Rodney. Rodney works for the company, but happens to also be a cousin of mine and one of the best dancers I know."

"Hi Rodney," Elaina said with a pretty smile and an appraising look.

"Pleased to meet you Mrs. Rutherford," Rodney said, returning the smile and the look.

"It's Elaina. Please have a seat until the band starts again."

For the rest of the evening, Elaina and Rodney danced, laughed, and talked with each other. They seem to hit it off from the start.

The four of them were sitting at the table when the lights dimmed. The band began to play a medley of slow songs. Thomas took Amy's hand and led her to the dance floor. Rodney looked uncomfortable as he sat next to Elaina, unsure if he should ask her to dance.

She ended his indecision by taking his hand and pulling him to the floor.

Amy snuggled into Thomas as they slow danced around the room. Amy didn't realize it but Thomas was slowly leading her to a dark corner. She had her head on his shoulder and her soft breasts pressed to his chest as they swayed to the soft music. Suddenly, Amy could feel Thomas getting excited. When she looked up in surprise, his lips came down to hers. Amy would have pulled away but she had been longing for a kiss all evening. She knew that it was much too public a place for her to be kissing someone. However, the wine, the music, and Thomas's strong arms made her throw caution to the wind and melt into his embrace. Their bodies gently swayed together as their tongues dueled. She could feel Thomas's hands slip down to her velvet covered ass cheeks. A little moan escaped her lips when his strong fingers pressed into her flesh and she responded by pressing her groin into his.

"Oh my," they heard and pulled their lips apart quickly. When they looked around, they saw Elaina and Rodney smiling at them.

Both Thomas and Amy were embarrassed.

"Uh... uh... we were just..." Amy started to say.

"I could see what you were 'just' doing," Elaina said but there was a smile on her face.

Just then, the band took a break and the four went back to the table.

"Amy, would you like to join me in the powder room?"

"Sure," she said and followed Elaina.

The two of them went into the restroom. When they were standing at the mirror fixing their makeup, Elaina spoke. "You and Thomas seem to have a very close relationship," she said.

"Uh... uh... yes, we're very good friends."

"I can see that," Elaina said with a laugh. "He's quite handsome, but then so is his cousin Rodney."

"Uh... yes," Amy said, clearly uncomfortable.

Elaina could sense that and changed the subject abruptly. "I guess you're wondering what I'm doing with such a... a... well, an older man?"

"It's none of my business," Amy said.

However, Elaina obviously felt she needed to explain. "Well, Trice has been very good to me. I met him when I was thirty, recently divorced, and down on my luck. He was almost sixty then but still very vibrant. We've been married almost ten years. Two years ago, he had his first heart attack. Then he had another about six months ago."

"I'm sorry Elaina. But you really don't have to explain anything to me."

"I know, but I'm sure you were wondering."

Amy looked at her and smiled. "Yeah."

"So what's the story with you and Thomas?" Elaina said, returning to her original subject. " I mean, I see you have a wedding band on and I know Thomas isn't married."

Amy felt her face flush. "Thomas is a good friend," she repeated in a non-committal fashion.

"I have to say he looks like more than a 'good friend'." However, there wasn't any accusation in her voice. "Listen Amy, I'm not judging you. I sometimes wish I had a friend like Thomas."

Amy smiled. "Rodney seems like a nice fellow," she said trying to change the subject back to her.

"Yes he is." Then out of nowhere, Elaina said, " Amy, Trice has been impotent for several years; primarily because of the medicine he has to take. I'm not saying I made a mistake marrying him-it was the best thing that ever happened to me, but a woman has her needs."

Amy was a little surprised that Elaina was sharing all this with her and she must have shown it.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't be laying all this on you. After all we just met." Then she laughed. "Let's just have some fun tonight."

"I'm for that," Amy answered, relieved that the conversation was over. Amy didn't notice that the corner of Elaina's pink panties was hanging out of her purse as they walked out of the ladies room.

They went back out and found Rodney and Thomas waiting for them. The band was playing another medley of slow songs. The two men pulled the women back on the floor. As they danced, Amy looked over at Elaina and saw that she was plastered to Rodney's body. Amy smiled and pulled Thomas tighter.

Thomas began to kiss Amy's neck, bringing chills to her. His hands slowly worked down her back until he was holding her ass cheeks. Then they were kissing again. The room began to spin around Amy as the kiss went on and on. They were no longer moving but standing motionless, except for their lips and Thomas's hands.

When Amy finally pulled away breathlessly, she looked over and gasped. Rodney and Elaina were kissing. She looked around the room to see if anyone else noticed the boss's wife and the young man kissing. She saw that only a few people were left and they were mostly d***k. She watched as Rodney's hand slid down the back of Elaina's blue gown until he was grasping her ass like Thomas had done to her.

"Rodney's a fast worker huh?" Thomas whispered into Amy's ear.

"Yes," she whispered. Then she watched with wide eyes as his hand moved to her breast. Slowly, his large hand slid down and into the top of Elaina's gown. She heard Elaina moan but she made no move to stop him. Amy could feel her juice filling her panties as she watched Rodney's hand move under Elaina's low cut gown.

"We had better get out of here before someone sees them," Thomas said.

"I think you're right," Amy answered excitedly.

Minutes later, the chauffeur was in the front of the building waiting. Thomas told the driver to pick them up and then drive around for a while.

It was apparent that Elaina had had a little too much too drink as Rodney helped her into the limo. Amy and Thomas climbed in behind them. As soon as they were seated, Elaina was on Rodney, her lips searching his.

Amy gasped as she watched the rich "older" woman make out with the young man. Amy didn't watch for long because Thomas turned her to him and his lips captured hers. Soon the inside of the limo was filled with the moaning of four people.

There was a loud moan from the seat across from Amy and she pulled away and looked. Another gasp escaped her lips when she saw that Rodney had his hand between Elaina's legs. Amy felt her bl**d begin to boil. Her panties were soaked and she could feel her sex lips quiver as she watched the two across from them.

Elaina moaned and pulled Rodney until he was half lying on top of her, his hand buried between her thighs. Her legs slipped apart, giving the other couple a clear view of Rodney's hand paying with her vagina. Elaina had obviously taken her panties off at some point in the evening, or she had never worn any. Amy thought it might be the former.

Thomas pulled Amy to him and kissed her. His hand came up and cupped her barely concealed breast.

Amy moaned as his hand went inside of her top and pulled the soft flesh out. Then his head dropped and he took the nipple into his mouth. "Oh God Thomas," Amy moaned as he sucked her hard nipple. She looked over and saw that Rodney had pulled Elaina's top down and both breasts were bared. His mouth was locked to one as he played with the other. Elaina's eyes were closed and her head was back, her hand holding the boy's head to her breast.

As Thomas sucked on Amy's breast, his hand slowly slid up her thigh. He heard Amy moan and felt her open her legs. A second later, his fingers found her swollen sex lips barely concealed under her wet panties. He pushed the gusset aside and slid two fingers into her wet hole.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" Amy moaned.

Elaina opened her eyes and looked over to see Thomas fingering Amy. She felt her vagina throb as her lover did the same. Elaina's skirt was up to her waist now and her top was down, baring her breasts.

Rodney thought she was going to stop him when she pushed him back and sat up. Instead, she reached for his zipper.

The noise from Rodney's zipper caused Amy to open her eyes. She watched with wide eyes as the pretty woman opened Rodney's pants. Then, with diamond-covered fingers, she reached inside. A moan escaped the woman's lips as she wrapped her hand around his hard penis.

Elaina struggled for a bit until she pulled his throbbing black erection from his pants. Another moan escaped her lips, then her head moved down, and without any preliminaries, she sucked him inside her mouth.

Now both Thomas and Amy were watching the two lovers across from them. Thomas reached over, took Amy's hand, and placed it on the tent in his pants.

Amy caressed Thomas almost absentmindedly, her eyes never leaving the woman across from them. It was obvious that Elaina loved oral sex. She was doing an excellent job on Rodney. His hips were moving up and down and he had his hands on her head. It was his turn to put his head back, close his eyes, and moan in pleasure. "Oh God baby, suck me," he hissed. "That's it, use that tongue," he said.

Suddenly, Elaina pulled away. Her eyes were wild with excitement. "Oh God, I can't stand it. I want you to fuck me!"

Thomas and Amy gasped.

Elaina leaned back on the seat and spread her legs.

Rodney smiled over at Thomas and began to strip his pants off. He already had his jacket off and his tie had disappeared somewhere in the ballroom. Suddenly, he was naked and crawling between the woman's legs.

"Wait! Do you have a rubber?" Elaina asked.

Rodney looked at her like she was crazy. "Don't use no rubbers. That's like 'taking a shower in a raincoat'," he laughed.

"I'm not on anything," Elaina said in a panic, looking over at the astounded couple across from them.

"Sorry babe. I don't carry them anyway," Rodney said and began to pick his pants up. Rodney had been through this routine before. Most women came around before he got his pants on.

"No wait!" Elaina said quickly, panic in her voice. Then she looked over at Thomas and Amy again. She bit her lip with indecision. "Uh... maybe it'll be alright one time. Oh Christ, I've got to have it," Elaina said and pulled Rodney back to her.

"Whatever you want baby," Rodney said and began kissing her again, fitting himself between her spread legs.

Amy sat stunned as excitement coursed through her like an electric charge. She knew exactly how the woman felt. Her vagina throbbed and she could feel a river of juice pouring out of her. Her eyes never left the couple as Rodney prepared to enter her. She saw Elaina grab his penis and place it at the entrance to her vagina.

Thomas had a wide grin on his face. This couldn't have worked out better. Elaina's indecision and ultimate surrender might help him with Amy, he thought.

"Ahhhhhh!" Elaina moaned as Rodney's large black cock slid into her very wet hole. Her legs came up and wrapped around his waist. Her expensive dress was a wrinkled mess at her waist. Their lips locked together as her hips began to buck into the young man. "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" Elaina hissed.

"Oh Jesus," Amy said as she watched Rodney's black ass move up and down, plunging his long cock in and out of Elaina.

Suddenly, Thomas slid off the seat. He began to kiss up Amy's thighs.

"Thomas what are you doing?" Amy whispered.

"I'm going to eat you while you watch them."

"Oh my God," she moaned and let her legs slip apart. Her movement pushed her dress high on her thighs. She grabbed Thomas's head and led him to her sopping vagina. "Oh God Thomas, suck me!" she moaned as he pulled the gusset of her panties aside and his tongue began to lick her. She could feel his tongue everywhere on her pulsing sex.

Thomas licked her swollen inner lips, then the smooth outer ones. Then he pushed her legs even further apart and slid his tongue deep into her throbbing hole.

Amy worked hard to keep her eyes on the couple across from her. She moaned as she watched the sophisticated lady acting like a total slut.

Elaina and Rodney paid no attention to Amy or Thomas. Elaina's face was a mask of lust. Her eyes were closed and her cheeks were flushed as her hands squeezed Rodney's buttocks, pulling him f***efully into her. Her legs were wrapped around his waist and her hips bucked upward to meet each downward stroke.

Rodney's naked body almost covered the small blond woman. He lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders, bending her almost double, and giving him the leverage to f***e himself deep into her. His hips moved in powerful strokes, pushing his penis as far as it would go into the older woman.

Amy had a great view of his black penis splitting her stretched vagina. She could see the black skin becoming shiny with Elaina's juices. As she watched, she pushed her hips up into Thomas's mouth and moaned.

"Oh Jesus, I'm going to cummmmmmmmmm!!!" Elaina moaned as her legs locked around Rodney's neck. Suddenly, her body tensed and began to shake as she began to convulse in pleasure. Little whimpers came from her open mouth and her breasts heaved as she tried to get enough oxygen. Each time it appeared that she was done climaxing, she would start again. The sloppy sound of her vagina being pounded relentlessly by Rodney echoed throughout the limo.

The assault went on and on until Rodney moaned that he was going to cum. Now, it was Rodney's body that tensed in pleasure and he moaned, "Oh that's it baby. Take it! Take my cum!" Rodney pushed hard into Elaina. Then he froze and he bellowed like a bull, his penis buried as deeply as it would go, and his churning balls touching her ass.

He's cumming into her unprotected pussy, Amy thought as she saw his white cream start to appear on his black shaft. God, she's taking his seed into her and risking getting pregnant. Suddenly, Amy's vagina throbbed. "Oh God. Ohhhhhhh!!!" she moaned as a climax rushed through her. She pulled Thomas's sucking mouth to her climaxing hole.

Several minutes later, the limo was quiet but for the heavy breathing of the four people.

Elaina finally sat up. Her hair was a mess, her makeup smeared and her dress was bunched around her waist. Her legs were spread and strings of sperm began to drip from her stretched hole. She looked embarrassed at losing control, but her face was still flushed with excitement.

Suddenly, the car stopped and the driver announced that they were at Amy's house.

Quickly Amy and Thomas straightened their clothes and said goodbye to Elaina and Rodney. As they exited the car, Amy turned around and saw Rodney crawling over a very willing Elaina again.

Amy heard that Elaina and her husband were the proud parents of a baby boy nine months later.

Chapter 7

It was almost two o'clock and John had been restless all night. He wanted desperately to know what Thomas and Amy were doing. When he heard a car door close, he rushed to an upstairs window. He saw the limo pulling away and watched as Amy and Thomas walked up the sidewalk. He could see that Amy was leaning heavily on Thomas.

By the time the front door closed, John was at the top of the stairs in the dark. He could see the lower half of the two as they stepped into the foyer. Thomas was pressing Amy to the wall and it looked like they were kissing. He had to see more. Quietly, he moved down several steps. Then he gasped. Now he could see that Thomas was kissing Amy and he had a breast out of her top. His large hand was caressing her breast as he continued to kiss her. Then he watched as his hand moved down her body until it was under her skirt.

Amy moaned as Thomas slid a finger into her saturated hole. However, the moan was one born more of frustration then excitement. She wanted something bigger in her. She reached down, pulled Thomas's zipper down, and worked his large tool out of the opening.

John watched from the stairs as his wife caressed Thomas's penis. Then he saw Thomas push Amy against the wall and lift her leg, moving between. Suddenly, John was gasping for breath. He could see that Amy's panties were stretched to the side, baring her swollen sex. He suddenly held his breath as Thomas brought the head of his penis to Amy's swollen lips. He's going to fuck her right there in our foyer, John thought as the bl**d pounded in his head.

"Oh God Thomas, noooooo!" Amy moaned as the head touched her hole. Her body started to tremble all over. In spite of her reluctance, she needed him bad. Her mind was in a whirl of indecision. Without her conscious control, she opened herself wider and pushed her hips downward. "Ohhhhhhh!!!" she hissed as his large penis began to slide into her. The wide shaft stretched her as inch after inch went into her body.

She's doing it, John thought. I never would have believed it. She's fucking Thomas.

Suddenly, Amy realized what she was doing. "No, Thomas, please," Amy gasped, pushing him back, forcing his penis out of her. Suddenly she felt empty as her hole throbbed with need. She could feel the sex juices stirred up by Thomas's shaft dripping down her thighs.

She's come to her senses, John thought as he saw Thomas's wet penis slip out of his wife. Then he watched as his pretty wife slipped to her knees. He saw her eagerly lick the throbbing tip of Thomas's penis, laving the head with great care. She fisted his penis and licked his black stick like it was an ice cream cone. John could feel his own penis pulsing in his shorts. He pulled it out and began to run his hand up and down the length, careful not to get too excited.

Amy parted her lips and sucked the large head inside her mouth. She smiled and worked harder as she heard Thomas moan. Still, her swollen vagina felt empty, but as much as she wanted his penis inside her, she knew it was far too dangerous. Instead, her lips and tongue worked on Thomas, giving him pleasure in the only safe way she knew.

Thomas was only slightly disappointed. He knew there would be other opportunities. However, right now he was enjoying the blowjob immensely. He held Amy's blond head in his hands, directing her lips on his tool. He pulled her forward, forcing his penis to the back of her throat. When he heard her gag, he eased the pressure.

Amy pushed back hard, trying to relax her throat muscles. However, she could take no more than half his penis into her throat. She made a mental note to practice that on John. Right now, she wanted Thomas's cum. Her hand began to fly up and down his shaft and her mouth sucked hard. Thomas's hips were moving so fast that several times his penis slipped out of her mouth.

"Oh God baby, suck it!" Thomas cried as he felt his balls tighten. Suddenly, his legs tensed as excitement rushed through him. "Ohhhhhhh!!!" he moaned as his hips moved at lightning speed. Just as he felt his cum rushing up the shaft, his penis slipped from Amy's mouth. He desperately tried to get it back into her mouth but it was too late.

The first blast hit Amy on the chin, splattering down to her still exposed breast. She tried to pull his penis back to her open mouth but before she could do it, the giant head pulsed several more times, coating her face and lips with his thick discharge. Finally she captured the spitting tool in her mouth again and swallowed what was left of his climax. However, Amy's face was covered with his white cum. It dripped from her lips and chin.

When Amy stood up, Thomas looked at her sheepishly. "Sorry," he said when he saw her messy face.

Amy smiled and whispered, "No problem, I hear sperm is good for your complexion."

They both laughed quietly.

"You'd better go," Amy said.

"Thanks for going with me," Thomas said.

"It was my pleasure," Amy answered and kissed Thomas's lips gently.

He pulled her to him and pressed his mouth to her cum wet lips. They both moaned as his tongue went into her mouth.

Amy pulled away, breathing heavily again. "I'll talk to you soon," she said and practically pushed him out the door. Then she rushed upstairs. She had to walk through the bedroom to get to the master bathroom. As she did, she stopped and looked down at her sl**ping husband. For a second she thought about crawling into bed with him. However, she knew that it was crazy-her face was still covered and dripping Thomas's cum. She turned and rushed to the bathroom.

John almost moaned in frustration. He had seen Amy's face in the dim bedroom light as she stood next to the bed. There was no mistaking the shiny residue on her lips and chin. He had watched Thomas put it there a few minutes before. He was almost disappointed when she turned and went into the bathroom.

When Amy looked into the mirror, she almost gasped. Her face was a sticky, cum covered mess. Thomas's sperm was literally dripping from her chin in a long string. She reached up and caught it on her finger and brought it to her mouth. You slut, she thought as chills ran up and down her spine. Then she scooped more off her face and with a shaking hand brought it to her still swollen vagina lips. She hesitated for a moment before she began to rub fingers through her lips. Then, she moaned and her legs almost buckled as she slid her fingers into her throbbing hole. An incredible climax rushed through her. She had to grasp the counter with her free hand to keep her from collapsing to the floor.

When Amy came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, she woke John. He was very happy to take care of her, filling her with his seed.

In her mind, she imagined Thomas pumping her full of his potent sperm as she climaxed repeatedly.

Chapter 8

John called Thomas on Monday to find out what had transpired during the charity event. Thomas filled him in, telling him about the ride in the limo. He described what Rodney and his rich lady had done and said that he and Amy watched as they had their own fun. He figured that John had seen what happened in the foyer so he didn't describe that. However, John brought it up in the conversation.

"So, it looked like you made it pretty far with Amy."

"You saw that huh?" Thomas said.

"Didn't miss an inch of it," John laughed. "Technically you accomplished your goal I guess but I'm afraid that I can't declare you a winner yet."

"I think I need a little more time alone with Amy. She's a tough one," Thomas said with a smile not ready to declare victory yet either.

"Well, this is very unusual for our game of 'Who can seduce Amy,' but I guess I'll give you another chance. Actually, I was thinking of going to Pittsburgh for a day or two next week. I can tell Amy that I asked you to look after her. How does that sound?"

"Great!" Thomas said excitedly. "If I don't accomplish my objective then, I never will."

"Do I detect a little loss of confidence?" John said in jest.

"Nope, I just need a little quality time with her."

"All right, I'll go on Wednesday morning so you will have Wednesday and Thursday night."

"Okay," Thomas said trying to hide his excitement. He paused and added, "Are you still sure about this?"

"Thomas, Amy seems happier than she's been in several years; even before the miscarriage. If everything works out, the three of us will be very good friends for a long, long time. Go for it man!"

"All right," Thomas said with a wide grin. Then he added, "I have to tell you John, you have one hell of a woman there. I don't know why, but she loves you a lot."

"I know. Thanks Thomas."

"I should be thanking you."

"All right, enough of this stuff; this is getting too mushy," John laughed. "Okay, so it's settled, next Wednesday will be the big night. By the way, why don't you come over Friday night? I'll pick up a movie and we can watch it on the big screen in my clubroom. It'll be another opportunity for you to soften up Amy," John snickered.

"That works for me too. What time?"

"Eight should be good."

Amy felt so naughty as she stood in the kitchen preparing snacks for the three of them. The little flowered sundress she had on barely covered her body. She hadn't worn it in years and it didn't quite come to the middle of her thighs. The top was cut too low and was tight across her bust. The thin spaghetti straps strained to hold the material over her otherwise bare breasts. The fact that she hadn't worn panties made her face flush with excitement. The high heel sandals she wore emphasized her long and sexy legs.

Thomas walked to the kitchen and whistled, leaning against the door jam. "Pretty sexy, lady," he said.

Amy looked at Thomas and blushed. "Where's John?" she asked. She saw that Thomas was wearing one of those sleeveless muscle shirts and a pair of baggy exercise shorts. Her eyes scanned his strong chest and arms and then went to his groin. She saw a prominent bulge tenting the leg of his shorts. She turned back to the counter where she was placing some chips in a bowl and her hands began to tremble.

"Down in the clubroom fooling with the VCR," Thomas said as he walked slowly over to Amy. He stood behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders. Gradually, he pushed his groin into the cheeks of her soft buttocks as his hands slid slowly down her bare arms. When his lips touched the crook of her neck, he felt her shiver and little goose bumps appeared across her soft white skin. A little moan escaped her lips as she turned her head to the side, letting him tickle her neck and shoulder with his tongue.

"Thomas," Amy said in admonishment when she felt his penis begin to harden. Yet, her hand reached back and touched the half-hard shaft under the leg of his shorts. Another moan escaped her lips when she felt the cotton covered head of his penis in her hand. She closed her fist around it and leaned back into Thomas's arms.

"Oh God Amy," Thomas moaned. "Did John tell you that he was going out of town next week?" he whispered as his hands left her arms and moved to her now heaving breasts.

"Yes," she gasped.

Thomas wasn't certain the yes was the answer to his question or her reaction to his hands on her breasts. It didn't matter anyway. He began to knead the soft mounds in his hands and pressed his now fully hard penis into her squeezing hand.

Amy moved her hand down to the leg of Thomas's shorts until she found the bottom opening. Her head fell back on his chest and her hand slid upward until it touched his rapidly swelling penis. She moaned as her fingers wrapped around the hot bare skin of his shaft. "Thomas," she moaned again as she felt his hand reach down and slowly pull the bottom of her dress up. However, she didn't stop him as he pulled it to her waist, leaving her lower half bare from her waist to her sandals.

Thomas turned Amy around and his lips captured hers. His penis was outside of his shorts now and pressed to her stomach. He centered himself between her legs, his penis dripping his pre-cum on her soft skin.

"Thomas, we can't," Amy sighed. She pushed him back and looked through the opening in the kitchen to make sure John was still downstairs. Suddenly, she felt pressure on her shoulders. It was obvious what Thomas wanted. She looked through the opening again and bit her lip in indecision. Then she slowly slipped to her knees, her head sinking below the counter. A little moan escaped her lips when she saw his large tool in front of her face, throbbing and leaking juice. Her hand was trembling as she brought the swollen head to her lips.

"Oh Amy," Thomas moaned as she took it into her mouth.

John walked up the steps and stopped when he saw Thomas through the opening in the kitchen. He looked like he was standing there staring at nothing. He called over to Thomas, asking, "Where's Amy?"

Amy jumped and tried to pull away. One of Thomas's hands held her head to his penis. Amy held her breath as she heard Thomas respond to John.

"She had to go upstairs for a minute," he said but his eyes looked down, showing John where Amy really was.

John felt his heart skip a beat when he realized that Amy was just below the counter, probably sucking Thomas. Excitement began to course through his veins as he watched Thomas close his eyes and saw his body move slightly.

"Well, the movie's ready. I'll be downstairs," he said but stood at the top of the stairs for a minute more. He watched as Thomas moved his other hand to Amy's head. Suddenly, he could see the very top of Amy's head. A quiet moan escaped his lips as he watched her head move up and down. It was almost more exciting than actually seeing her sucking him.

Amy assumed that John had gone back downstairs, as she began to suck again, moaning around Thomas's penis.

"Jesus," John whispered under his breath as he heard the sucking sounds of his wife's mouth on his best friend's penis. His own penis was throbbing in his shorts now. He was almost tempted to take it out but hesitated. Finally, he turned and walked back downstairs.

Thomas watched as Amy sucked his pulsing shaft. Her eyes were closed and her lips bulged with the width of his wide shaft. He almost gasped when Amy pulled his penis from her mouth and then slid the dripping head around her cheeks lovingly.

Amy groaned as she felt the swollen shaft touch her warm cheek. She could feel his pre-cum juice smear across her cheek. Then she pulled her head back and used her tongue to lick the dribbling juice until only her shiny saliva remained. Her mouth opened again and she took him back inside.

Thomas moaned and his hips began to move back and forth, sliding in and out of her willing mouth. Suddenly he felt like he might climax. Quickly, Thomas pulled his penis from Amy's mouth. It made a "pop" as Amy tried unsuccessfully to keep it.

Amy looked up at Thomas with lust filled eyes.

"I think we had better get downstairs," Thomas said pulling Amy to her feet. He could see that his juice shining on her cheeks.

"Uh... yes... uh... I'll bring the... uh snacks down," Amy said, her voice shaking with excitement. "You get the beer."

"Gladly," Thomas responded and picked up a six-pack of beer. He pushed his penis back under his shorts and watched as Amy swayed her sexy buttocks as she left the room with the snacks. He waited for a minute, hoping his erection would fade. Finally, he gave up; figuring the beer would cover his "problem" until he could sit down.

John had all of the lights out in their comfortably furnished clubroom, leaving only the light from the TV to light the room. The large wood paneled room had a pool table, a bar, and a large screen TV with a sofa and large chair in front of it.

Thomas sat the beer on the coffee table, took one, and handed one to John. John had a bottle of wine chilling for Amy. The three of them sat on the sofa, with Amy in the middle.

"So what's the movie?" Thomas asked as if he cared.

"Star Wars, the hundredth generation I think," John laughed and hit the play button.

The three of them sat back to watch the movie. Within a few minutes, Amy had snuggled next to John with her legs curled up on the sofa. Her feet were touching Thomas's thigh. John had intentionally set the air conditioner to a lower temperature. He figured Amy would want to use the afghan he had left on the coffee table.

When they were settled in, Thomas looked over at Amy's position. The way she had her legs situated, he could see most of the back of her thighs. Another couple of inches and he would be able to see her bare ass. He knew that she didn't have panties on. His penis, which had settled down, began to swell again.

Amy drank her wine as they watched the movie. About halfway through the movie, the bottle was empty and she was feeling lightheaded. As she snuggled closer to John, she could feel Thomas's eyes on her. She shifted slightly and felt her thin dress move higher on her hips. She wasn't sure what she was exposing until she heard a little gasp and felt the cool room air on her exposed buttocks.

Thomas acted like he was watching the movie, but his eyes were on the backs of Amy's thighs. When she shifted, he sucked in his breath. He could see her soft buttocks but more importantly, he could also see the puffy lips of her sex squeezed between her legs. In the dim light of the room, he was certain that he could see her shiny juice on her thighs. His heart was pounding in his chest as he slowly moved his hand to the sofa, creeping closer to Amy's curled legs. When he touched the skin of her calf, he felt her tense.

Suddenly, Amy sat up. "I'm getting chilly," she said, reaching over to pick up the afghan and spreading it over her lower half. Then she curled up in the same position next to John.

Almost immediately, Thomas's hand went to Amy's leg again, this time it was hidden by the afghan. He rubbed her leg for a little while and then began to move higher. Again, he could feel Amy tense and then she trembled as his fingers reached the back of her thighs. Inch by inch they moved closer to her center.

A little whimper came from Amy's lips and she coughed to cover it up. Thomas's fingers had almost reached her swollen sex lips.

Thomas moved his fingers gently on the silky skin just below her throbbing sex. He could feel the wetness on the tips of his fingers. Pretending to stare at the TV, Thomas slowly inserted his middle finger into Amy's wet hole. He could feel her body tremble as his finger went in to the first knuckle. Then he pulled back until just the tip was in the hole. When he felt Amy's hips push toward him, he moved his finger back inside, all the way this time.

Amy bit her lip hard as she tried to control her reaction. Thomas was driving her crazy by slowly moving his finger in and out. While she was successful in controlling her trembling on the outside, on the inside, her vagina was throbbing and squeezing Thomas's finger like a vise. Just when she thought she would go mad, she felt Thomas's index finger touch her between her ass cheeks. Suddenly, she felt the tip of the finger on her little nether hole. He wouldn't! Amy thought. However, she felt Thomas's juice covered finger begin to enter her rear hole. She wanted to scream but instead, she tried to relax her muscles.

Thomas was breathing heavily. He knew he was taking a big risk because he wasn't certain how Amy would react to a finger up her ass. However, he grew bolder when he felt Amy push gently toward him. A smile came to his lips and he pushed hard. Suddenly, his middle finger was in her vagina and his index finger was all the way into her ass.

Thomas and Amy's hearts were pounding in their chests as they both sat frozen, staring at the TV.

John was very much aware of activity on the sofa next to him. However, there was no way for him to know for sure what was happening. He was confident that Thomas had one or maybe two fingers in Amy's vagina because he could feel Amy struggling to remain still.

Amy's head was spinning so much that she thought she might pass out. She had never had anything up her ass before. Now, she could feel one of Thomas's fingers in her ass and the other in her vagina, separated only by a thin membrane of skin. She knew that at any second, he was going to begin to move his fingers. She was on the verge of climax.

Thomas slowly began to pull his fingers out of Amy's holes. When just the tips were inside, he pushed back in and felt her quiver. Then he began to slowly move them in and out. He loved the contrast between the two holes; one was wet and slick, the other tight and warm.

Amy knew that she couldn't last long if Thomas kept this up. She fought desperately to keep her hips still. Her thighs quivered and suddenly she was fighting to control her rapidly approaching climax. It was a losing battle. Amy thought she was going to lose consciousness as fireworks started to go off in her head. She bit her lip and squeezed her eyes tight as electric shocks rushed through her center. She had never felt anything like it. The act of holding her body still and fighting to stop a climax intensified her pleasure tenfold.

Suddenly, Amy's vagina and anus grew so tight that Thomas could barely move his fingers. He could feel his middle finger become drenched with juice and her inner walls throb. He smiled when he realized that she was climaxing. He felt her two holes sucking his fingers as he kept moving them until he felt the muscles relax. Then he slowly pulled them out.

A few minutes later Amy stirred. She got up and went to the bathroom, leaving John and Thomas alone.

John turned to Thomas with a wide grin. He could see his friend grin back at him. Then he held his hand out and Thomas slapped it. John almost gasped as his fingers came in contact with Thomas's very wet hand. On impulse, he took the hand into his and shook it, watching the conspiratorial smile from his friend.

Amy was still trembling as she wiped the juice from her dripping hole. She looked at herself in the mirror and couldn't see any difference. She had been certain that her face would give her indiscretion away. Yet, there was no change. Her hair was a little messed and her neck and chest had a red flush but otherwise, she just looked like a very satisfied woman. She took a deep breath and rejoined Thomas and John.

When Amy returned, she noticed that John and Thomas were whispering something. She saw that they had pulled the afghan over their legs. John lifted it up and let Amy get between the two of them again.

Amy sat with her feet on the floor this time but still leaned into John. Several minutes later, she tensed when she felt John's hand on her thigh. Almost as a reflex, she opened her legs, letting his hand caress her bare skin. She could see a smile on his face in the flickering light of the TV. Then, suddenly Amy jumped. Thomas's hand had touched her other leg. She felt him pulling her leg toward him. John was doing the same and both of them began to move upward. She was in a panic now. What if their hands touch? she thought. She knew that she had to do something.

Thomas was moving slowly up Amy's thigh when he felt her grab his hand. She pushed it away and reached over to touch his thigh. A smile came to his lips as her hand began to slide up his thigh until it slid under the baggy leg of his shorts. He tried not to gasp as her warm hand circled his hard penis.

On the other side, Amy pushed John's hand away and did the same as she had done to Thomas. Her heart was pounding in her chest when she found that he already had his penis out of his shorts. She wrapped her hand around it and squeezed. Suddenly, she was sitting between her husband and his best friend with their penises in her hands. She had to smile as she glanced at each of them and saw them staring at the TV like nothing were happening. Her own vagina began to throb again at her naughtiness. In her wildest imagination, she would never have thought she would be holding two stiff penises in her hand at the same time. Yet, here she was holding one black and one white one. Since she couldn't move her hand up and down without one or the other noticing, she began to squeeze them rhythmically. She felt each of them throb in response.

Thomas and John sat quietly as Amy gently worked on their erections, her hand squeezing one penis then the other. Each of them fought to keep their hips still. However, Amy was driving them to distraction. Time and again she would squeeze her hands hard, forcing the shafts to respond with a throb. Soon, she could feel their slick juices running down to coat her hands. Without moving her arms, she would slide her hands up until she held each swollen head in the palm of her hand. Then she would tease the head with her fingers, rubbing the sensitive spot just below the crown before sliding up to circle the dripping hole with her fingertip. She could tell by the throbbing that both men were getting very excited. Suddenly, she smiled as she thought of having a little contest to see which one squirted first. She had to suppress a little giggle as she began to squeeze their shafts again; first the one in her right hand then the one in the left. A vision of a farmer milking his cows came to her mind. Then she did giggle, but fortunately there was a funny point in the movie.

John was ahead of Thomas and could feel his balls begin to tighten. As much as he wanted to hold back, he found it impossible. Each time his penis would pulse, Amy would respond with a squeeze. Suddenly, he squeezed his thighs together and held his breath. It seemed like time was standing still. He fought to hold his sperm back but it was a losing battle. Suddenly, he felt it rushing up the shaft.

Amy almost squealed when she felt it. Her hand slid up and covered the head as the first blast shot out. It hit her hand, squirting between her fingers. She used the thick juice to coat the head, forcing more to squirt out. Each pulse sent a new blast into her hand. However, even before John was finished climaxing, Amy felt Thomas's penis pulse. Suddenly, she had two squirting rods in her fists. She squeezed her own thighs together as a little climax rushed through her. By the time she recovered, she had two limp and very wet penises in her fists.

"Uh... uh... excuse me," Thomas said as he rustled around under the afghan and then got up. "I need to use the facilities."

As soon as he left the room, John turned to Amy and kissed her passionately. She moaned as his tongue went into her mouth. Without thinking, she moved the hand covered with Thomas's sperm over and captured John's wet penis. John realized what was happening right away and he began to get hard again.

"My but you're horny tonight," Amy whispered as she ran her hand up and down his growing erection. The sperm from Thomas mixed with John's as she caressed his now hard penis again. Suddenly, Amy dropped her head and before John could stop her, she took his cream covered penis into her mouth. She moaned deep in her throat when she tasted the mixture of the two men's sperm.

John pulled Amy's head from his now pulsing penis and covered himself with the afghan a second before Thomas returned.

"Well... I guess I'll get going," Thomas said. He stepped over, kissed Amy's cheek, and said goodbye to John. They shared a conspiratorial smile.

"See you tomorrow at the course," John replied.

"See you tomorrow," Thomas smiled and headed up the steps.

Thomas was barely at the top of the stairs when John was pushing Amy onto her back. She opened her legs and grasped his hard shaft. She directed his penis into her more than ready hole. Just as he slid into her, she realized that John still had some of Thomas's sperm covering his penis. She wrapped her legs around her husband and began to climax as his penis went all the way into her throbbing hole.

Chapter 9

On Sunday afternoon the telephone rang at the Slater household.

"Amy! Thomas is on the phone," John yelled with his hand over the mouthpiece. "He was wondering if you wanted to go out to dinner on Wednesday night since I won't be home?"

Amy was in the kitchen when she heard John call out his question. "Uh... uh... I uh," Amy stuttered.

"It's fine with me Amy, I told Thomas to look after you," he added with a smile.

"Well, I... uh... I guess it's okay. If... if it's okay with you." Suddenly, Amy's heart was pounding with excitement. However, she also felt a little pang of dread. She knew that it was going to be very difficult to be alone with Thomas.

John removed his hand and told Thomas, "Yeah man, Amy said she would love to have dinner with you."

Wednesday night...

Amy stood in the bedroom staring into the mirror. She had on a sexy black chiffon dress. It had tiny spaghetti straps holding up the slinky low cut top. The bottom was full and hung sexily from her hips. Underneath, she had on a pair of black thigh high nylons. She bit her lip in indecision then reached over and picked up a pair of black silk panties. A little sigh escaped her lips as she pulled the tiny panties up her thighs. Before they covered her crotch, she looked one last time at her smoothly shaven sex lips. John always wanted her to shave but she had refused until now. She wasn't sure what had gotten into her tonight but when she was trimming her pubic hair, she couldn't seem to stop until everything was gone. Now she sighed and let the dress fall. She turned and started to walk away from her dresser, then stopped. Her hand was trembling as she picked up the little bottle of perfume Thomas had given her. She slipped her hand under her dress and sprayed two sprits of the sweet smelling liquid onto her thighs.

Amy had been nervous all week. She was looking forward to tonight with excitement but her conscience was still bothering her. She knew that all the things she and Thomas had done were very wrong but somehow she justified it because they hadn't gone all the way-besides, John hadn't suffered at all.

Now she was going to be alone with him in an empty house. The temptation was making her stomach do flip-flops. She knew that she had to make a decision. If she let her libido lead her, she would be in the bedroom in a couple of hours with Thomas between her legs. She was in a quandary. Amy had even gone so far as to ask Jill what she should do. However, she hadn't been much help-she kept saying, "Just go for it." Amy sometimes thought that Jill would feel better if someone else did what she was doing.

The chiming of the front doorbell startled Amy. Her heart started to race as she walked down the steps. When she opened the door she saw Thomas's handsome face and her racing heart fluttered. He was wearing a gray sports coat, blue turtleneck shirt, and black slacks. He had one red rose in his hand.

"Hi!" he said in a half-whisper, handing her the rose.

"Hi," Amy answered almost shyly. "Thank you."

"You ready?"

"Uh... yeah... sure," Amy said, feeling like a high school girl again.

Thomas took Amy to a fancy restaurant where they had a wonderful meal. Thomas was a gentleman all through dinner. When they finished their second bottle of wine, he asked her if she wanted to go to a nightclub.

Amy thought that was a great idea-she was okay with anything that delayed them being alone in her house.

Thomas took her to a quiet downtown nightclub that was famous for jazz. It wasn't crowded on a Wednesday night so they got their choice of tables. They found a booth in a quiet corner near the dance floor. When the band started playing, Thomas took Amy to the dance floor. The lights were low and there was a large reflecting ball refracting colorful rays around the almost deserted dance floor.

"This is so nice," Amy sighed as she held Thomas tight.

"Yes it has been," Thomas answered as he pulled her tightly to him. He bent his head and kissed her neck.

"Thomas," Amy breathed and shivered. She could feel him becoming excited. Her own groin began to heat. Suddenly, their lips were together and she was welcoming his tongue into her mouth.

Thomas moaned and slowly slid his hands down the open back of her dress to the swells of her buttocks. He moaned again as they slid over the silky material of her dress and then pulled her into his groin, his hands squeezing her fleshy cheeks.

The room was spinning almost out of control for Amy. She held Thomas tightly, her arms around his neck, her chest pressed to his. When their lips parted, they were both breathing heavily.

Thomas led Amy back to the booth. He let her slide in and moved over close to her, putting his arm around her back. Almost immediately they were locked in an embrace again.

"Um... um..."

Amy and Thomas pulled apart and saw a pretty waitress looking at them.

"I'm sorry to disturb you two but would you like another drink," she said with a smile.

"Uh... yes, another rum and Coke for me and a wine please."

When the waitress left, Thomas turned to Amy and smiled. "You've gotten me very excited lady."

"Really? I never would have guessed," she said with a smile and then looked down at the tent in his expensive slacks.

Thomas saw her eyes and smiled, pulling her back to him for another kiss. "Thomas, mmmmpppphhhh," she moaned as he covered her mouth with his.

When they pulled apart, Thomas whispered, "Are your panties wet?"

Amy's face flushed and she looked down shyly. She paused, her mouth suddenly very dry. "Yes," she finally whispered in reply.

"Let me see."

Amy looked up with wide eyes.

"Take your panties off. I want to see how excited you are."

Suddenly, Amy's heart was pounding in her chest. "Here?" she asked, glancing around the room.

"Yes. There's no one around."

Amy looked around again and saw that they were quite alone. Her hands began to tremble as she lifted up slightly and reached under her dress. Slowly, she slid her panties down her thighs. Then she held them out to Thomas, refusing to look into his eyes.

Thomas took them from her hand. Then he opened them so that the crotch was exposed. He almost gasped when he saw the clear sex juice covering the gusset.

Amy turned to Thomas. Her eyes couldn't have gotten any larger as she watched him bring the sodden cloth to his lips, stick his tongue out, and lick them. She felt her swollen sex lips pulse with excitement and squeezed her thighs together. "God Thomas," she sighed.

Thomas laid the panties on the table and brought Amy to him again for a kiss.

As the two lovers kissed, the waitress returned with their drinks. She stopped suddenly as she started to place their drinks on the table. At first she thought her eyes were deceiving her but there was no doubt-on the table was a pair of panties lying open and the crotch was shiny with juice. Her breathing increased and her heart started to beat hard. She had been watching the couple since they arrived. She had seen them kiss and fondle each other on the dance floor. Now she stood in front of them and her knees felt weak as she stared at the black panties. When she looked back at the kissing couple, she saw them part and look at her. She stood frozen, unable to move.

Thomas smiled at the shocked waitress then turned back to Amy. He kissed her lips and heard a moan from the young girl as his hand went to Amy's thigh. He pulled her leg toward him, making her dress slide up her thighs.

A little gasp escaped from the waitress's lips as she stared at the black hand moving up the soft white thigh of the woman. Then she moaned as she saw the woman's bare, swollen sex come into view. She couldn't believe that she was standing here watching this. Yet, her legs wouldn't move. Now her breathing was coming in great gasps as she watched a finger slide into the wet hole.

Thomas smiled to himself when he felt Amy's soft sex lips with no hair anywhere to be found. She was ready, he thought.

Amy moaned and lifted her hips from the seat. She opened her eyes as Thomas continued to kiss her and saw the waitress still watching them. An electric shock of exhibitionist pleasure ran through her and she spread her legs a little further apart. She felt like such a slut but she couldn't help herself. A moan escaped her lips as Thomas added a second finger.

Finally the waitress took one of the drinks and set it on the table. When she put the second one down, she almost spilled it, clinking the glasses.

Thomas pulled away from Amy, leaving his fingers inside her as he looked at the waitress. However, instead of leaving, the waitress stood there. "Oh," Thomas finally said and pulled his fingers from Amy's dripping hole. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a twenty-dollar bill. He held it out to the waitress. As she took it, Thomas rubbed his wet fingers across her palm. "Kept the change," he said with a smile.

The waitress stood for another moment, staring at the shiny juice on her palm. "Uh... uh... thanks," she muttered and then rushed off.

She was probably running to the ladies room to masturbate! Thomas thought. Then he turned back to Amy and began to kiss her again. When his hand went back to Amy's thigh, he felt her open her legs wide. Slowly he kissed up her neck until he was at her ear. "Let's get out of here," he said.

"Thomas," Amy breathed. "I... I... don't know what to do. I'm scared."

"Amy, you know I would never do anything to hurt you," Thomas said.

"I know. I'm not afraid of you Thomas; it's me that I'm afraid of."

"I'll tell you what. Why don't I take you back to your place and I'll eat you."

Amy sucked in her breath, not sure she had heard Thomas correctly. "What?" she said.

"Listen Amy, I know you're worried about going all the way with me. If you're not ready, then that's okay. We can just go back and I'll eat you."

Amy's could feel her swollen sex lips quivering at the thought of Thomas's mouth on her. "Okay," she whispered.

"Okay what?" Thomas asked, knowing what she meant but wanting to hear her say it.

"Okay, you can... you can take... take me home and... and eaaaaatttt me!" Amy hissed in nervous excitement.

"Well, since you asked real nice, let's get out of here," Thomas said with a smile, pulling Amy out of the booth. They walked out of the club, leaving Amy's panties on the table.

Chapter 10

Thomas broke a few speed laws on the way back to Amy's house. Fortunately, he didn't get any tickets. When they were finally inside the door, Thomas pulled Amy to him and kissed her passionately. Their bodies pressed together tightly. Suddenly, Thomas pulled away.

"Are you sure about this sweetheart?" he asked.

"Yes... uh... you're just going to... to, you know, eat me right?"

"If that's all you want, yes."

"Okay," Amy said as she looked into his eyes and trembled. Then she took Thomas's hand and led him toward the living room. When she got to the foot of the stairs though, she looked into the living room and then upstairs. She looked at Thomas and then at the stairs again with indecision. With a sharp intake of breath, she turned and began to walk up the stairs, pulling Thomas behind her.

Thomas wanted to scream, "Yes!" but instead, he followed quietly, watching Amy's sexy butt as it swayed in front of him with each step. His half-hard erection was now fully hard. His heart was pounding and he felt like he was in the biggest football game of his life. The score was tied and his team was on the one-yard line with thirty seconds left on the clock. He had four downs to score. The game was over.

Amy led Thomas into her and John's bedroom. She flipped on the bedside lamp, turned to Thomas, and practically melted into his arms. The two of them kissed for a long time, enjoying each other's mouths, and delaying their ultimate pleasure.

Thomas pulled away from Amy and reached his hands up to the thin straps across her shoulders. He heard her moan as he slowly pushed them from her shoulders and let the dress fall to her feet.

Amy gasped when she stood naked in front of Thomas. She had never been totally naked in front of him before. Somehow, she felt even smaller standing in front of his large frame. He loomed over her, his hands gently touching the soft flesh of her arms. She trembled.

Thomas bent his head and kissed Amy again, pulling her naked body to him. When their lips parted, he pushed Amy back until she was sitting on the bed. Slowly, he took his jacket off and placed it across a chair. Then he pulled his top up, exposing his rippled stomach and then his strong chest. He added the shirt to the jacket on the chair and then pulled his shoes and socks off, leaving only his slacks. His eyes locked on Amy's as he slowly unbuckled his belt.

Amy's breathing was coming in gasps as she watched Thomas strip in front of her. She was shaking with excitement as he opened his pants and let them drop to his feet. She gasped when she saw the large tent in his white boxer briefs. She wanted to reach out and grab it but she was afraid that he would see how much her hands were trembling. Then she held her breath as Thomas hooked his thumbs into the waistband and pulled his shorts down. A moan came from deep in her throat as his large penis sprang out.

Thomas could see Amy's eyes burning with lust as he slowly moved closer, his penis swinging gently back and forth. His own heart was beating rapidly as he moved ever closer. He watched as Amy tentatively reached out her trembling hand and wrapped it around his pulsing tool. It was his turn to moan.

As her hand held the throbbing tool, Amy could imagine the large head in her mouth. Unable to control her actions, she reached her other hand out to steady the long shaft, and then she bent forward and closed her lips around the head. She moaned and heard Thomas join her. Her hands began to move up and down, squeezing the hot shaft in her fists as saliva dripped from the stretched corners of her mouth.

"Oh God Amy," Thomas moaned. He was as excited as he had ever been. Sure, he had been with plenty of women in his life, but none were like Amy. He had adored her since the first time John introduced them. Now, to be standing naked with her in her bedroom was like a dream come true. The fact that John knew about it and was, in fact, encouraging it, made it sweeter.

Thomas could feel his sperm boiling in his balls as he watched the pretty woman make love to his penis. It was almost more than he could take. The last thing he wanted to do was cum in her mouth. He had a far better place for his sperm tonight. "Amy... God... let me eat you," Thomas hissed.

There was a loud pop as Thomas pulled his penis from Amy's sucking mouth. She looked up, startled. She was so focused on sucking him that she hadn't heard his words. Then she moaned as he pushed her back on the bed and lifted her legs. Then she watched him go to his knees. Her head fell back and she moaned when she saw him place her legs on his strong shoulders.

A gasp escaped Thomas's lips when he saw Amy's dripping sex. He had never seen anything so beautiful. Her large outer lips were smooth and shiny. The inner lips were swollen and very wet. He could see a tiny river of clear juice running from her pulsing hole, trickling down and disappearing between her cheeks. With an a****l like moan, Thomas opened his mouth and sucked her flesh inside.

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!" Amy screamed when she felt Thomas's mouth close over her sex lips. Her hips bucked up as his tongue began to lave the entire area of her wet sex. Her legs wrapped around his neck and she grabbed his head, pulling it into her vagina. She felt like she was going to pass out when his large tongue split the lips and f***ed itself deep inside her. His tongue was alive inside her body-it was squirming, rotating, and licking her trembling walls.

Thomas would have smiled if his mouth had not been full. It was a dream come true. He had her all to himself with no one to stop him. He could feel his penis pulsing almost painfully as he made love to Amy's swollen sex. As he continued to suck, his hands moved to her breasts. He pinched the hard nipples and squeezed the soft flesh. Amy moaned as a floodgate opened and her juice came pouring out. Almost immediately, Thomas's chin was dripping with her juices and he knew that she was very close to climax. However, before he could capture her clit, he felt her hands on his face, lifting it up. He drew his mouth from her sex and looked up with a question on his face.

"Oh God Thomas, I've got to have you," Amy hissed as she looked between her legs at his wet face.

Thomas stood up, his penis bobbing with his excited heartbeat. He looked down at Amy and saw that her legs were spread, baring her very swollen sex to his gaze. She was breathing heavily, her chest heaving; she looked almost out of control with lust. "Are you sure Amy," he said, already knowing the answer.

"Will... will you... will you pull out before you... you cum?" she gasped.

"Yes, if that's what you want."

"Oh God Thomas, I have to have you. Please fuckkkkkkk me," Amy said, almost crying with excitement.

Thomas moved Amy to the center of the bed and crawled between her knees. He paused, looking down at her as if he was going to give her another chance to change her mind.

Amy was beyond any rational decision now. The wine, the dinner, the teasing had all conspired to muddle any rational thought she might have had. She was alone with Thomas now. No one was there to stop them. "Please fuck meeeee!!!" Amy moaned as she opened her arms to Thomas.

With a growl of victory, Thomas leaned forward over Amy. He bent his head and kissed her lips as he held his weight on his arms. "Put me in," Thomas whispered.

Amy's hands were shaking so much that she had difficulty grasping Thomas's rod. She used both hands to steady it, pulling it almost harshly toward her waiting hole. Amy thought she would climax when the large purple head touched her lips. She fitted it into her small hole and pulled. "Ahhhhhh!!!" she moaned as the head slipped inside with a little help from Thomas.

Thomas almost swooned when he felt his penis cross the goal line. Score!!! his mind screamed. Yet, he didn't f***e himself into her. He looked down and saw that he had about two inches inside of her. He wanted to wait for Amy.

"Oh Jesus, fuck me Thomas," Amy screamed as her legs wrapped around his back and her hands grabbed his strong buttocks. She pulled hard.

"Oh God," Thomas gasped as he felt his shaft slide into Amy. Inch by inch it went in until he heard Amy grunt and felt her cervix on the swollen head. His balls touched her ass and he knew he was as deep as he could go. He paused, waiting for Amy to adjust to his large shaft.

Amy could barely get her breath. She had never been stretched like this before. It felt like a small pole had been shoved into her. Yet, it was a soft and warm pole, pulsing with life. Amy's arms and legs held Thomas prisoner. She wanted him to move but she didn't want to let go.

Slowly, Thomas began to pull out. When he was an inch or two out, he pushed slowly back in and heard Amy moan. He did it again, coming out a little further. As soon as he felt her relaxing, he began to move faster.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!" Amy gasped and her hips began to move.

Thomas began to move faster. Soon, he was moving in and out of her tight vagina at a rapid pace. It felt like Amy was having a fit under him. Her fingernails were digging into his back and her teeth were biting his shoulder. A steady moan of pleasure was coming from her throat.

Amy began to climax at some point. However, it was difficult for Thomas to tell when it started. She moaned and screamed over and over, her arms and legs holding him in a vise grip. He could feel her vagina throbbing and squeezing him, making it very difficult for him to hold back. He felt his balls begin to churn, demanding release. It was almost impossible for him to form words, but he needed to warn her. "Amy... God... oh God... I'm getting... getting close. Do you... want me... me to pull out?" he gasped almost feeling that it was already too late.

The fireworks still going off in Amy's brain made it impossible for her to think clearly. She couldn't focus, however, she knew that she didn't want Thomas to pull out. "No... no... oh God Thomas cum in meeeee!!!" she hissed and another strong climax rushed through her.

Suddenly, Thomas bellowed and pushed his penis as deep as he could go. It felt like the head of his penis exploded as a massive torrent of his sperm splattered deep inside Amy.

Amy screamed. She could actually feel it. That had never happened before. She could feel his warm seed hitting the bottom of her vagina and filling her hole. It was hot but soothing to the stretched walls of her vagina. Amy had lost count of the number of climaxes but this was the best one. She was floating on a cloud of sensual pleasure. Warmth and darkness enveloped her.

The next thing Amy knew, she heard Thomas whispering something to her.

"Amy, are you alright?" Thomas said for the fifth time. Her body had convulsed for a long time and then collapsed. He was still on top of her, his arms holding his weight, his penis still inside her filled hole. He could feel Amy's muscles still rippling deep inside.

"Oh my God Thomas," Amy whispered weakly when she could speak again. However, that was all she could utter. She pulled him down to her and felt his hot body cover hers again as their lips met.

"Rinnnnnnnggggg! Rinnnnnnngggggg! Rinnnnnnnggggg!"

John held the telephone in his hand with excitement coursing through his veins. It was almost twelve thirty and he hoped that Amy and Thomas would be home by now. It was the third time he had called.

Chapter 11

Amy and Thomas were startled by the ringing telephone. She looked at Thomas with panic in her eyes.

"I think you had better answer it. John will wonder where we are if you don't."

Amy reached over and picked up the telephone, her hand almost too weak to bring it to her ear. She tried to sound normal but it was difficult to disguise her shaking voice. "Hello."

"Hi sweetie," John said, his voice almost shaking as well.

"Uh... hi John," Amy stammered, looking at Thomas so close to her face.

"So did you have fun tonight?" he asked.

"Uh... yeah, it was... great," Amy answered, suddenly very much aware of her situation. She could feel Thomas's sperm beginning to run out the sides of her stretched hole. Thomas's penis had lost little of its firmness.

"Did he take good care of you?" John asked facetiously.

"Oh... uh... yes, he was a perfect gentleman," she answered and saw Thomas smile.

Thomas moved his hips slightly, forcing his penis deeper into Amy.

"Ohhhh!!!" Amy gasped.

"What did you say?" John asked, suddenly realizing that the two were somehow involved. He felt his heart begin to race.

"Oh nothing."

"Is Thomas still there?"

"Uh... yes... uh, he was just getting ready to leave," Amy lied.

"Let me talk to him for a second. I need to ask him something about Saturday."

Amy handed the telephone to Thomas.

"Hi," Thomas said.

"So, are you taking good care of my wife?"


"Is something going on right now," John asked excitedly when Thomas didn't elaborate.

"Absolutely," Thomas responded again.

"God Thomas, did you fuck my wife?" John asked pointblank.

"That's true," he said, looking down at Amy and smiling, then rolling his eyes like he wanted to get off the telephone.

"Oh Jesus! She did it! She actually let you fuck her!" John said to himself as he sat on the bed in his underwear.

"Um huh."

"You're not fucking her now are you?" John's penis was throbbing in his shorts and his palms were sweating. He pulled his penis out and began to stroke it as he talked to Thomas.

"Um huh."

"Oh my God! Thomas, is she going to let you cum in her?"

"Yeah, I think that's already happened though," he answered trying not to give the true conversation away.

"You came in her already?" John almost screamed into the telephone, his hand suddenly frozen on his shaft.

"Um huh!"

"Jesus, I can't believe it," John moaned stroking his pulsing penis again. "And you're still fucking her?"

"Yep!" Thomas answered. "Listen, why don't you call Harry Benfield," Thomas said, trying to cover their conversation. "I bet he will join us on Saturday."

Now Amy had to smile as she looked up at Thomas. Slowly, she began to move her hips up and down, forcing Thomas's penis in and out of her slick hole. She suppressed a giggle when she saw Thomas close his eyes in pleasure.

"Listen man, I'm getting a little tired here," Thomas said.

"Got you man," John answered. "Give me back to Amy."

"Ummmm... I uh will," Thomas almost moaned as Amy grabbed his ass and pulled him hard into her. "Gotta go now." Thomas handed the telephone back to Amy.

"Hi..." Amy whispered, almost breathless as Thomas began to move in and out.

"Listen, about this weekend, did you want to go to that new place for dinner?" John asked wanting to keep Amy on the telephone for a few more minutes.

"Uh... well, uh..." Amy said, trying to prevent a gasp. She couldn't believe that she was having a casual conversation with her husband while another man had his penis inside her. Not to mention the fact that the cum from his first climax was running out of her stretched hole already.

John began to move his hand faster as he listened to his wife struggle to talk to him. He could imagine her diminutive body lying naked on the bed with Thomas's large black body covering her and his penis stretching her sopping hole.

"Well, I won't keep you two anymore," John said, realizing that she couldn't talk anymore. "Don't stay up too late," John said.

"Oh, I uh... won't," Amy breathed as the speed of Thomas's hips increased until the room was filled with a loud slapping noise.

"What's that?"

"Nothing. Uh... listen, I have to go," Amy said, unable to keep the charade going any longer.

"Love you," John said.

"Love you... uh... too," Amy hissed and tried to put the telephone back in the cradle. Then she wrapped her arms around Thomas's neck and lifted her hips. "Fuck me, oh God fuck me Thomas!" Amy cried.

John had started to put the telephone down when he heard "Fuck me, oh God fuck me Thomas!" He pulled it back to his ear, his breathing suddenly very rapid. He could distinctly hear the sounds of sex on the other end. Holding the telephone to his ear, he continued to stroke himself.

"That's it, that's it, fuck me Thomas," Amy screamed, not realizing that the telephone was not back in the cradle.

"Oh yes, oh God baby you feel so good," Thomas moaned as his hips pounded into Amy's sloppy hole.

"Oh God Thomas, I'm going to... oh yes... oh Goddddddddd!!!" Amy screamed as she began to climax again.

John was as excited as he could ever remember being. Somehow, it seemed so much more erotic to be listening to them make love. He had watched them have oral sex; however, this was the ultimate turn-on. John could see Amy's stretched vagina in his mind and imagine Thomas's hot cum running from her saturated hole. Now, Thomas was about to cum in her again.

"Yes baby, cum for me. Oh God, I'm going to cummmmmmmm!!!" Thomas moaned as his balls tightened. "Ohhhhhhh!!!" he moaned again, his sperm pouring into Amy's willing hole.

John's head felt like it was going to explode. However, his penis beat him to it and began to squirt a huge load. It shot from the head, splattering over his chest. Time and again, his penis pulsed until nothing was left in his drained balls. Suddenly, John was exhausted. However, he didn't want to hang up the telephone. Instead, he cleaned himself up and then climbed into bed, placing the receiver next to his head. Now, he could only hear heavy breathing, a few whispered words, and an occasional moan. He masturbated a second time thinking of his beautiful wife lying naked with her black lover, her legs spread, and his potent semen flowing from her stretched hole. Finally, he fell into an exhausted sl**p.

A loud moan awoke John. He looked at the clock and saw that it was four AM. He pulled the receiver to his ear and listened. There was an unmistakable sound of sex on the other end. Thomas and Amy were wearing themselves out, John thought. However, as much as he wanted to listen, he fell back to sl**p.

Chapter 12

Amy awoke the following morning with a start. At first, she was confused; there was a black man lying next to her. Suddenly, it all came back to her and she almost jumped out of bed. As she stood on shaking legs, she felt the remains of three loads of Thomas's cum pouring out of her. She rushed to the bathroom and into the shower. Guilt began to pour over her like the warm water of the shower. God, what have I done? she thought. I've just cheated on my husband with his best friend, answering her own question. It seemed impossible. A few short weeks ago, she was a proper wife with sexual fantasies like every other woman. However, now she had crossed the line. She was an adulteress, plain and simple. Tears began to flow from her eyes, washed away by the water pouring from the shower.

When Amy came out of the bathroom, Thomas was up. He could see immediately that Amy was having second thoughts. He was also perceptive enough to realize that there wasn't much he could say to make her feel better. Hell, he would have felt the same way if John hadn't been the one to encourage this in the first place. "Amy... I... uh... we..." Thomas stuttered when he saw Amy's tear-streaked face.

"Thomas I'm sorry but I think you should leave," Amy said, feeling terrible the minute the words left her lips. She walked over to Thomas and hugged him, tears flowing again.

"Amy, I... uh... I..." Thomas said and stopped. He was almost tempted to tell her of the plot to seduce her. However, he knew that honesty right now would only make things worse.

"Thomas, I just need time to think. I'm so confused right now."

"I understand," Thomas said and gently kissed her lips. "I'll call you later?" Thomas said like a question.

"Yes, I'd like that."

After Thomas left, Amy was getting dressed when she noticed the telephone next to the bed. It seemed to be off the hook. Suddenly, her face turned pale. Had the telephone been off the hook all night? she wondered. If it was, John could have still been on the other line. Now Amy had another problem to worry about.

Two hours later, Amy was sitting outside at a local restaurant, waiting for Jill to arrive. When she saw her bright smile and her wave, Amy immediately felt better. She knew that Jill would understand and not judge her.

"Hi Amy," Jill said brightly as she sat down. She knew from the panicked telephone call and the look on Amy's face that something was wrong.

As soon as the waiter left with their drink order, Jill looked at Amy and said, "It happened, didn't it?"

"Yes!" Amy answered.

Jill wanted to scream for her to tell her all about it but she knew that Amy was upset. "You don't look very happy."

"I'm not. I feel so rotten right now. I've betrayed John. I'm a slut and worse!"

Jill reached over and took Amy's hand. "Honey, listen, you're not a slut. Truthfully, I felt the same way as you when it first happened. Fortunately, Bradley's reaction was so unexpected that I never had time to focus on it. The fact that he fucked me meant that he couldn't deny that it had turned him on."

"It's... it's more than that," Amy said as tears began to flow. "I... we... he fucked me without... God, I let him cum in me!" Amy broke into sobs.

Jill rushed around the table and put her arm around Amy. There wasn't much she could say. And, in spite of her sympathy for Amy, she felt a little tremor in her vagina.

"And, that's not all. John called last night while... while Thomas and I were... you know... fucking. When I hung up the telephone, it didn't go back into the cradle. Now I don't know if John heard something."

"He probably hung up when you said goodbye. Don't get paranoid now. It'll all work out somehow sweetie. We just need to come up with a plan."

Amy looked at Jill and wiped her nose. "What kind of a plan? What on earth can I do to fix this?"

Jill had no idea. However, she was good at thinking on her feet. "Well, you said that John left you alone with Thomas quite often lately. Could it be that he subconsciously wanted something to happen? Maybe he has the same kind of fantasies as Bradley."

"No... uh... well... I don't believe John would ever do that."

"Stranger things have happened. Let's think about this for a minute. Just suppose that John and Thomas had this little conspiracy going on."

"Go on," Amy sniffled, suddenly very interested.

"Well, you know John and Thomas are best of friends. Is it logical to expect that they could golf together every week, talk on the phone, and keep something like this from each other?"

"What are you saying Jill?"

"What if they knew about it, or worse, what if John actually put Thomas up to something?"

"Come on Jill, that's really far out. I can't believe they would do that."

"You have to admit that it's possible though."

Amy's head began to spin. Could it be true? Could the two have been partners in her seduction? Suddenly, Amy's guilt began to wane, replaced by a simmering anger. There had been a number of strange things lately, she suddenly concluded. "Why those..."

"Wait a minute Amy. Don't go off the deep end. First, we don't know if it's true. Secondly, you shouldn't start getting on your 'high horse'. You're not exactly innocent in all of this. You've been getting fucked royally since all this started and now you have a very competent lover with, what I surmise is, a very large dick," Jill said with a wide smile. Then she paused for a moment and squeezed Amy's hand. "Amy, life's a game. The winners are the ones that realize that and learn the rules." Jill paused again as she watched Amy's face. Then she continued, "You know that John loves you. Right?"

"Yes, I'm sure of that."

"My guess is that Thomas feels the same way. So now, you have two men that love you and two dicks to choose from. If my hunch is correct, you don't have to choose. You can have your cake-or is that dick-and eat it too." Jill laughed at her own joke.

Amy laughed as well but turned serious again. "But, what if you're wrong? It means that I just screwed up the best thing I've ever had."

"Not necessarily. There's more than one way out of this problem. For now, let's go on the theory that John and Thomas are in on this. We'll take it one step at a time and see what develops. However, I think you'll know pretty quickly if it's true by how they act. Under any circumstances, there is no point in looking for the worst. Let's be positive now."

"I guess you're right," Amy said and suddenly laughed. "Jill, you are so logical that I think you missed your calling by not becoming a psychiatrist."

"Maybe I should hang out my shingle?"

"Naw, you'd probably fuck all the male customers and that's against the law," Amy laughed.

"You're probably right, but I'd have a lot of fun until I got caught." Both women laughed loudly.

"Jill," Amy said, her eyes tearing again. "Thanks. You're a good friend."

"That's what friends are for," Jill said, wiping a tear from her own eye. "All right, let's not get all mushy, we need to think like men for a little while."

"If that was the case, I'd probably be hitting on you right now," Amy laughed.

Jill looked at Amy with a funny look and then said, "And, maybe I wouldn't mind that."

Amy stared back at her friend as a sudden electric shock went through her. They stared into each other's eyes for a few more seconds. Both of their hearts began to beat a little faster.

Jill took a deep breath and said, "Why don't we go to my house and have another drink. We can discuss our plan without fear of being overheard."

"Alright," Amy whispered.

An hour and one bottle of wine later, Amy and Jill had come up with a plan. Amy had specific things she was going to watch for in John and Thomas's relationship. She would also try to listen to their telephone conversations if possible. Most importantly, she was going to tease Thomas in front of John and see how he reacted.

Amy didn't feel quite as bad anymore. Jill had helped her work through all of the possible scenarios and how she would handle them. With the help of a little wine and Jill's logic, Amy was now sure that John and Thomas could have been working together. If they were, she had been a victim of a plot and therefore, wasn't entirely to blame for what happened. At least that was her self-serving logic.

The two women sat comfortably close on the sofa, starting the second bottle of wine. Amy had her feet on the coffee table and her knees up with her wineglass in her hand, resting on her knee. She was staring into the red liquid when she spoke. "Thanks again Jill. I don't know how I would have gotten through this without you."

"We're not through it yet sweetie," Jill said placing her hand on Amy's thigh. "You know we still have the little problem of you not being protected. I have an idea on that as well. There's nothing you can do about what has already happened, however they have those little test kits now that are supposed to tell you when you are ovulating. I understand they are pretty accurate. Maybe that's a way to handle this the next time."

"Well, that's if there is a next time."

Jill looked at Amy with skepticism and her eyebrows raised.

"All right, I know what you're thinking and you're right. My doctor mentioned those to me but I was too emotional to listen. That could work," she said beaming. "If I am lucky this time, and am not already pregnant, I'll get one of those."

"Well, you still need to be careful. Nothing's perfect, not even the 'pill'."

"You know Jill," Amy said, turning serious again, "I'm not sure I really appreciated your friendship before today." Amy covered Jill's hand with hers.

"Thank you," Jill said, feeling the warmth of Amy's thigh under her short summer dress. Jill looked into Amy's pretty blue eyes and saw them begin to mist again. Her heart went out to her friend. Suddenly, the wine and the closeness of Amy made Jill's heart beat a little faster. As if there was a human magnet pulling her, Jill's face moved toward Amy's. She could see fear and more importantly, excitement in her eyes as their lips drew closer. Electricity began to flow through the two women as their lips met.

Amy moaned as the other woman's soft lips touched hers. She had never kissed a woman before or in fact, even considered it. However, suddenly, she wondered why as she hadn't as she felt Jill's soft and wet lips press to hers. She heard a moan as she opened her mouth and let Jill's tongue inside.

Jill knew how much Amy loved to kiss and how it turned her on. She reached her hand behind Amy's head and pulled gently, forcing her tongue even deeper into her mouth. They both moaned.

Amy wasn't the only one to never kiss a woman before; neither had Jill. The difference was that Jill had dreamed about just such a moment since she first met Amy. When Amy was around her, she often felt charges of electricity.

Both women continued to moan softly as their lips worked together. When Jill finally pulled her tongue back into her mouth, Amy's followed.

Soon, they were swapping tongues like two horny teenagers discovering kissing for the first time.

All of Jill's fantasies of kissing a woman were met or exceeded. It felt more sensual than kissing a man. While she still loved to kiss Bradley and Reggie, this was somehow more emotional. It felt like they were sharing their souls and not just a precursor to copulation.

Amy felt it as well. She marveled at how different Jill's tongue felt compared to a man. Not only was it smaller but also, it tasted sweeter. It had to be the wine, she concluded.

When Jill pulled away, her breath was coming rapidly from her open mouth. She could see that Amy was breathing hard as well and her eyes were swimming with excitement. Jill turned and looked at her hand, which was still on Amy's thigh. Amy's knees were still up but they had fallen carelessly apart. Slowly, Jill began to slide her hand downward, pulling the material of Amy's dress with it.

Both women stared at Jill's hand as if it was moving in slow motion. It was almost as if the hand didn't belong to either of them. They watched as inch after inch of Amy's creamy thigh was revealed. Soon, the dress was bunched at Amy's waist and her little red panties were visible.

Jill turned and looked at Amy. It seemed like time had stopped. Her hand moved several inches until it was covering the humid crotch of Amy's panties. "Oh my," she said when she felt that Amy was shaved clean like her.

"Oh God Jill," Amy whispered as she felt the heat of the woman's hand.

Jill covered Amy's mouth again as a finger pressed into the damp gusset of her panties. She heard Amy moan deep in her throat as her finger f***ed the material between the lips. Then, it was Jill's turn to moan as the fat lips of Amy's vagina surrounded her finger. Slowly she drew her finger up the silky gusset, feeling the rapidly swelling lips. Their tongues were dueling as they gasped into each other's mouths.

Amy wrenched her mouth from Jill's. "Jill... I... I... haven't ever... ever done anything with... a... a woman before," she gasped.

"Neither have I," Jill whispered and pressed her lips passionately to Amy's again.

Amy's legs began to tremble as she felt Jill's finger snaking under the leg band of her panties. "Jill," she hissed as she felt the finger on her bare flesh. Then she held her breath as Jill's finger wormed downward, through the now wet lips until it found her pulsing hole. Without her willing it, Amy's legs moved further apart, giving Jill's hand free access to her tender sex. "Oh Jesus," Amy hissed as the finger began to slide into her.

Jill's hand was trembling as she worked her finger into Amy. Her finger had been inside her own vagina many times, but this was very different. She could feel the wet folds of Amy's vagina and the squeezing muscles. Amy's hole was surprisingly snug on her finger. Still it felt like she was pushing her finger into a juicy peach.

Unable to control it, Amy's legs squeezed together, trapping Jill's hand. Then Amy's hand grasped Jill's wrist as if to stop her. Yet, she had no strength.

Jill pulled her finger from Amy's body and turned to look at her face. She could see the flush of excitement running from her cheeks, down her neck and across her heaving chest. A little smile came to Jill's lips as she slid from the sofa to her knees.

"Jill... what... oh God," Amy moaned as Jill moved between her legs and then reached under her dress to grasp the waistband of her panties.

Jill's heart was thumping so hard that her head was beginning to spin as she pulled the wispy material down her legs and off her feet.

Now, Amy's feet were on either side of Jill but her knees were closed, blocking Jill's view of her treasures. Jill looked into Amy's eyes as she used her hands to practically pry her knees apart. A little gasp escaped Jill's lips when she saw Amy's vagina opening to her. Jill lifted her legs and placed them on her shoulders.

"God Jill, what are you going to do?" Amy asked, as if she didn't already know.

"Shhhhh," Jill said as she turned her head to the side and kissed the soft calf muscle, her tongue licking the smooth skin. Slowly, she began to kiss down the leg until she reached her warm thigh. Jill stopped her progress and switched to the other thigh, bringing a moan from Amy. Then she continued to lick the humid flesh as she moved lower. Suddenly, she could smell Amy's excitement as she neared her vagina. Another moan escaped her lips. Unable to wait any longer, Jill opened her mouth and covered Amy's swollen sex.

"Ohhhhhhhh!!!" Amy gasped as she felt a woman's mouth on her vagina for the first time in her life. Suddenly, she found herself hunching down, pushing her damp crotch into the searching mouth.

It was like a dream come true for Jill. She had fantasized about this moment since she first saw Amy naked in the shower. Her vagina tasted as sweet as she had imagined. She sucked the fat inner lips into her mouth, tasting her excitement. Her hands went to the back of Amy's thighs, pushing them up and back, almost to her shoulders. Now Amy's groin was in a perfect position for her mouth. She sucked hard.

"Oh God! Oh Jesus!" Amy screamed. It felt like her entire body was being sucked into Jill's mouth. Amy had never experienced anything like this before. She loved the way John and Thomas ate her but this was different. There was no whisker burn on her thighs or outer lips, only the soft cheeks of Jill's face and her silky hair tickling her thighs. Her hands reached around her thighs and grasped Jill's head, pulling it into her swollen sex.

Jill's tongue began to work on the meaty flesh, teasing the inner lips. Suddenly, her tongue plunged inside the pulsing hole.

"Ahhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!! Jesus," Amy moaned and humped her hips into the probing tongue.

Jill used her hands to open Amy to her assault, her fingers pinching and pulling the outer lips wide. Then she began to f***e her tongue in and out, bringing the sweet juice inside Amy's hole into her mouth.

"Uh... ohhhh!!!" Amy moaned incoherently as she rushed toward climax.

Suddenly, Jill moved her mouth up and sucked the enlarged clit inside.

That was all Amy could take. She felt it in her toes at first and then it moved up her legs, until it consumed her sexual parts. Her body went stiff and her legs pointed toward the ceiling as bright lights began to flash behind her closed eyes. It was like an electrical storm inside her head, her mind spinning out of control.

Jill would have smiled if her mouth were not filled with Amy's sweet juice and her pulsing lips. She sucked hard, pulling much of her vagina into her mouth. She thought that she could actually feel Amy's bl**d pumping excitedly through the veins of her meaty flesh. She held on to her thighs as wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her excited friend. Too soon, her body began to relax.

As Amy's climax began to wane, Jill continued kissing her wet lips. Then suddenly, she was sucking again.

"Jesus Jillllll," Amy moaned as her body immediately responded, rushing toward another orgasm. Amy lost count of her orgasms and in fact, it almost seemed that it had been one long climax, broken only by Jill's need for breath.

Jill sucked Amy for well over an hour. When she finally pulled her mouth from between Amy's legs, she was breathing as hard as Amy had been. She could feel Amy's juice dripping from her chin as she sat back and looked at her satisfied face.

"God," was all Amy could mutter when she opened her eyes and looked at the smiling woman between her legs. She reached down to pull Jill up for a kiss but her arms had no strength left.

Jill understood and moved up until their lips met. Both women moaned.

When their lips parted, Jill wiped her chin with the back of her hand. "God Amy, you're like a faucet when you get going," she said and giggled.

Amy's face turned red. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I loved it," Jill said, moving to sit on the sofa next to Amy. She pulled her into her arms and they hugged.

After a long silence, Amy stirred. "Can I... uh... can I do... uh you?" Amy asked, her face turning redder.

"If you want to, but it's not necessary," Jill said, praying that she wouldn't agree.

"I want to," Amy whispered.

"Only if you're sure," Jill said and stood up. She took Amy's hand and pulled her from the sofa. When she was on her feet, she swayed, her knees almost buckling. Jill took her into her arms to steady her. She couldn't miss the chance kiss her lips again. As she did, she pushed the shoulder straps of Amy's dress down her arms and let it fall to the floor.

Amy moaned, as she stood naked in Jill's arms. For some reason, she felt so much younger than Jill, almost like a c***d, protected in her warm embrace.

Jill reluctantly pulled away and took Amy's hand. Silently, she led her to the bedroom.

"That's it, now lick it," Jill hissed as she directed Amy's mouth. "Oh God," she moaned.

Amy's felt the hard little clit respond under her tongue. She lapped it like she loved to have done to her. She almost smiled when Jill screamed and bucked her hips into her face. It hadn't taken her long to get the hang of licking a woman. And, she quickly concluded that she loved it. Jill's juice tasted so sweet and her lips were soft and warm in her mouth.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!" Jill screamed and began to climax as Amy sucked her clit into her mouth.

Amy had a hard time holding onto the little nub of flesh as Jill's hips went into a frenzy of movements. She grasped her hips tightly and hung on, letting her climax over and over into her mouth.

Two hours later, both women were exhausted. Amy had learned to please a woman with her mouth. She even surprised Jill by forcing her tongue into her tiny anal hole. Jill responded in kind later, almost making love to Amy's tiny back hole.

When they parted with a passionate kiss at the door, they promised to talk the following day and get back together as soon as possible. Amy drove home an exhausted but a much happier woman. She felt like things could work out.

Chapter 13

When Amy arrived home, she called Thomas and told him she didn't feel well and that she would call him in a few days. She could hear the worry in Thomas's voice as he issued his condolence. She suppressed a giggle, now realizing how blind she had been to his and John's deception. It was so obvious now; all the pieces seemed to fit. While there was a bit of anger brewing in her, she knew that she hadn't really been hurt by their actions. However, revenge would be sweet nonetheless.

The game that the two men were playing became even more obvious when John came home from his trip. Amy was sure that he had spoken to Thomas; he was being exceedingly nice to her. Not that he wasn't normally nice to her. He was just going out of his way to treat her very well. He bought her flowers and took her to dinner for no apparent reason, among other little things. The thought occurred to her that this could be a lot of fun. I could get used to being treated like a queen, she concluded.

On Friday evening, when Amy suggested that John invite Thomas over Saturday night to watch their college football game, he jumped at the chance and he almost ran to the telephone. It was apparent he was relieved but also excited at seeing her and Thomas together again, especially after they had had real sex.

During the rest of the week, Amy watched for little signs that would indicate that John knew what was going on between her and Thomas. She asked him questions and listened carefully to his answers. When she heard him on the telephone with Thomas, she picked it up and although they were vague, she thought they were talking about her. It was so obvious to Amy now. She felt like kicking herself for not recognizing it sooner.

On Saturday evening, when Amy came downstairs dressed in a skirt and tank top, John's eyebrows raised. The skirt came to mid thigh and was full. The tank top was tight and clearly showed her already hard nipples. She was also wearing a pair of four-inch high heels-this wasn't an outfit she would normally wear to watch a football game.

John was about to ask about the outfit when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," Amy said with a smile and rushed to the door. When she opened it, she surprised Thomas by almost jumping into his arms.

Thomas wasn't the only one surprised. John stood in the hallway behind her with his mouth opened in shock. As Amy hugged Thomas, her short skirt pulled up her thighs, almost revealing her naked ass. John stood motionless as his wife kissed Thomas's lips, lingering longer than he had ever seen them kiss. It must be the fact that they had sex, he thought, but why was Amy being so blatant? he asked himself.

"Hi," Amy whispered almost breathlessly and in an exaggerated voice when she pulled her lips away.

"Uh... uh... hi," Thomas responded, glancing over her shoulder at John. He saw John shrug.

When Amy broke away from Thomas, she took his hand and pulled him past her astounded husband. "Why don't you get the TV set up," she said to John. "Thomas and I will get the beer and snacks."

"Uh... okay," John said, knowing that there wasn't anything to do except put the TV on and turn down the lights. Almost reluctantly, he went downstairs.

As soon as Amy had Thomas in the kitchen, she was in his arms, her body pressed tightly to his and their mouths locked together again. Thomas wasn't about to resist as his hands slid down her back to grasp her ass. He moaned when he felt her bare flesh under her skirt.

"I missed you," Amy breathed when she finally pulled away.

"Uh... I... uh... missed you too," Thomas answered, clearly in a quandary. On one hand, he was relieved that Amy wasn't mad at him for what had happened on Wednesday night but he was also confused about how affectionate she was around John. It was almost as if she no longer cared if John saw them.

Amy reached down and grasped Thomas's half-hard penis in his pants, bringing a gasp from the surprised man. "I missed this too," she whispered as she moved her hand up and down the rapidly swelling shaft.

Amy almost giggled when Thomas said, "Uh... Amy, uh... John could come upstairs..." How quickly the situation had changed, she mused. "You can see him if he comes up the stairs," she answered as she slowly slid to her knees.

Thomas watched, almost helplessly, as Amy opened his pants and pulled his now throbbing erection out.

"Oh my," Amy whispered, clearly excited. She moaned and opened her mouth, taking the dripping head inside. Several minutes later, she felt him tense and thought for a moment that he might be ready to climax. She pulled her mouth away and looked up to see him staring toward the steps. A smile crossed her lips and she returned to sucking him.

Thomas looked at John through the opening as he stood at the top of the stairs. He shrugged his shoulders and then looked down, indicating that Amy was there in front of him.

Excitement coursed through John as he watched Thomas's face and realized that Amy must be sucking him. He knew that it was hard for Thomas to hide his excitement. Within seconds, John's pants felt very tight in the groin. He stood and watched as long as he dared, then went back downstairs.

Finally, when Thomas felt like he might climax, he pulled Amy to her feet. "What's gotten into you?" he asked.

"You," Amy answered excitedly with double meaning as she squeezed his throbbing penis. "Look how excited I am," she said and stepped back and pulled her skirt to her waist. Amy didn't have to fake her excitement. Her vagina was swollen and dripping juice to her thighs.

Thomas stood staring at Amy's swollen sex.

"I want this in me again," Amy said, reaching over and pulling Thomas's penis toward her.

"Uh... Amy, we had better get downstairs before John gets suspicious."

Amy stepped into his arms again, her hand holding his throbbing penis. She heard Thomas moan as she began to rub it up and down her swollen sex lips. When she had the tip at her entrance, she pushed downward and moaned as the head slipped inside.

"God Amy," Thomas moaned and pushed her away, freeing his penis to spring up, throbbing, and dripping their combined juices. "We have to get downstairs."

Amy almost burst out laughing. "All right, but I need this soon," she hissed and squeezed him hard.

The two of them carried the snacks and beer downstairs and found John tuning in the football game. After Amy sat the snacks on the table, she sat on the sofa, her thigh touching Thomas. John joined them and sat next to Amy, a little further away.

Amy saw the look that passed between the two men when John saw how close Amy was sitting. As soon as their eyes were focused on the football game, Amy reached her hand over and placed it on Thomas's thigh. She felt him tense. Throughout the football game, Amy gently caressed Thomas's thigh. She knew that John could see what she was doing.

At one point, John got up and went upstairs to get more beer. As soon as he was gone, Amy was all over Thomas. She pulled his reluctant lips to hers and f***ed her tongue into his mouth, her hand searching and finding his erection. However, when her fingers went to his zipper, Thomas grabbed her hand.

"Amy, John will be back in a second," he gasped, unable to stop her from pulling his zipper down.

"I've got to see it again," she hissed, her eyes wild with lust. Quickly, she pulled his long black penis out. Suddenly, they heard John on the stairs.

Thomas gasped and tried to get his penis back into his pants.

"Wait," Amy said and quickly sat on his lap, covering Thomas's exposed penis with her skirt. His penis slipped between her legs. The long shaft made a slight bulge in the front of her skirt. However, it could have also been the pleats of her skirt.

Amy could feel his hot shaft pulsing and dripping his pre-cum juice to her thighs. Thomas was almost trembling.

Thomas sat paralyzed, his throbbing penis snuggly captured between Amy's warm thighs.

John wouldn't normally have been shocked to see Amy sitting on Thomas's lap. He had seen her do that many times over the years. Still, Amy's behavior was very strange tonight and there was something unusual about the way she was sitting.

When the game came back on, John pretended to stare at the screen. However, he was very much aware that something was going on next to him. He could see Amy squirming on Thomas's lap.

Amy was as excited as she had ever been. Her vagina was literally running a steady stream of juice onto the fat shaft of Thomas's penis as it throbbed between her thighs. She wasn't helping things any by squeezing her thigh's rhythmically. She knew that Thomas was biting his lip in order to remain quiet.

When John got up to go to the bathroom, Amy turned and kissed Thomas passionately again. Suddenly, before Thomas could stop her, she lifted up and reached between her thighs, placing his fat penis at the lips to her sex. A second later, she pushed her weight down, taking him deep into her body. They both moaned in pleasure.

Thomas couldn't believe how fast it had happened. It was beyond his comprehension that he now sat in his best friend's basement while his wife took his penis into her body. He was trembling in excitement as he felt her warm hole caressing him. He could even feel her juice running down his balls.

Amy was practically mad with desire now. The game was over. All she wanted was for Thomas to ram his long black penis into her and make her cum. She didn't care what John saw anymore. She could feel her vagina lips stretched wide and wanted desperately to move up and down. However, Thomas's hands on her hips held her still.

John came out of the bathroom to see Amy with her head buried in Thomas's neck. Thomas's head was back and his eyes were closed. Both of them seemed to be breathing heavily. However, other than that, they were sitting like they were before he left. Neither of them moved as he took his seat on the sofa again. Suddenly, he heard Amy moan. He looked over and saw her staring at him. Then, she moved. John's eyes opened wide, wondering what was going on. A second later, Amy had twisted around so that she was leaning back onto Thomas's chest. Her legs were now spread on either side of his thighs and her skirt had ridden up until a great deal of her white thighs were revealed.

Suddenly, the room was filled with sexual electricity as Amy began to move her hips up and down. Little whimpers began to escape from her lips.

What the hell is going on? John thought. Then it dawned on him-she's fucking him! his mind screamed. His penis, which had been up and down all night, sprang to erection again. His eyes stared at them as his heart pounded in his chest. An incredible array of emotions gripped him all at once. This is what I wanted, wasn't it? he thought. Then a pang of jealously sprung into his head. While he knew that they had sex several days ago, this seemed different somehow. His own wife was fucking a man not three feet from him as he sat with his penis throbbing in his pants. What kind of man am I?

"Oh God," Amy moaned. When she was unable to hold the words in any longer, she gasped, "Fuck me! Push that big black cock into my cunt!"

The words echoed all the paneled walls of the clubroom and sent chills up and down John's spine. Suddenly, he didn't know what to do. bl**d was rushing though his veins so fast that he thought he might pass out. He jumped up aimlessly, his eyes trying to focus on his wife. I should stop them, his mind cried. Yet, there was no will left in his trembling body.

Amy opened her eyes and saw John staring at her in disbelief. I hope he's happy, she thought as a thrill of sexual revenge went through her. He wanted me to fuck Thomas and now he finally gets what he wanted. Electric shocks of sweet revenge coursed through her. With trembling hands, she reached down, grasped the end of her skirt, and began to pull it up, slowly revealing more of her thighs. Her eyes remained on her husband as the skirt crossed the top of her thighs until it was barely covering their connected sexual parts. With a moan, Amy tugged it to her waist, revealing Thomas's penis buried inside her vagina. Then she lifted up slightly, allowing three or four inches of Thomas's penis to slip out. There! her mind screamed.

John's eyes couldn't have gotten any wider as he saw the shiny black penis of his friend halfway inside his wife's body. It almost didn't look real to him, he thought as he stared at the thick black penis stretching his wife's normally tight hole. The room was spinning and he was swaying. Yet, inside his pants, his penis was threatening to squirt.

"This is what you wanted, isn't it?" Amy almost hissed as she hesitated, holding her body above Thomas's thighs, making sure John could see everything.

John's mouth opened but nothing came out. He saw Thomas's eyes open for the first time. However, they were clouded with lust, almost as if he couldn't comprehend what had happened anymore than John could.

John staggered backward until he fell heavily into a chair. Now he had a perfect view between his wife's legs. He could see the veins in Thomas's penis pulsing and imagine the thick head filling her small cavern. Suddenly, he realized that he was holding his breath, waiting.

Amy looked for regret in her husband's eyes-anything that would say he wanted her to stop. However, all she could see was shock and lust. "Ohhhhh!!!" Amy moaned as she pushed downward and took Thomas into her body again until the large head pressed to her cervix. Her eyes closed in pleasure, no longer able to look at John. Then she began to fuck him. Her hips began to rise and fall rapidly, bringing moans from both her and Thomas.

John watched the obscene display for what seemed like a very long time, but in reality, it was only several minutes. Then, unable to control himself, he moaned and reached for his zipper. A second later, he had his throbbing penis in his hand. He saw Amy open her eyes and look at him. Then he saw her smile as he began to masturbate. There was no longer any jealously within John. Yes, this is what I wanted, he resolved. "Fuck her, fuck her good!" he whispered aloud.

Neither of the lovers on the sofa heard him. They were lost in their own world of sexual frenzy.

Amy was bouncing up and down on Thomas's penis when suddenly she stopped and stood up, letting Thomas's penis pull out of her hole with a sucking sound. She turned around to him and hissed, "Get naked!"

The surprise on Thomas's face turned to a smile and he pulled his shirt of her his head as he watched Amy strip.

Amy was in too big of a hurry to completely strip. She practically ripped her top off, leaving her in just her skirt and heels. Then she reached down and helped Thomas, who was struggling to remove his pants and shorts. As soon as he was naked, she pushed him back on the sofa and sat on him again.

John's hand left his penis long enough to pull his pants to his knees. Within seconds, his hand was flying up and down his penis again as he watched his half-naked wife climb back on her lover. Then he watched as his previously prudish wife took the long black rod inside her again.

The quiet room was now filled with grunts and the slapping sound of Amy's ass hitting Thomas's balls and thighs. Her juice was literally running down his penis and across his large balls, leaving shiny streaks on his wrinkled sacks.

Amy was gasping for breath as she pressed her naked breasts to Thomas's strong chest. Her entire body was trembling and there was a throbbing deep inside. Suddenly, almost without warning, her body tensed and a loud moan escaped her lips. An incredible climax ripped through her. It started deep inside where Thomas's penis touched her cervix. It quickly spread throughout her body. There didn't seem to be enough oxygen in the room as her mouth open in a gasp and her chest heaved. Her arms wrapped tightly around Thomas's neck as she squeezed him with all of her might.

Thomas could feel the incredible contractions inside Amy's vagina. He had never felt anything so sweet. The squeezing and rippling deep inside her was too much for him to take. His hands pulled her hips down until he was buried as deep as he could get. The enlarged head of his penis grew even bigger. A bellow escaped his lips as his penis pulsed and began to spit his pent up sperm into Amy's fertile vagina.

Amy felt Thomas's sperm pouring into her and said, "That's it sweetie, that's it, pump all that hot cum deep into my pussy. Oh yes, yes, I love it. Cummmmmm in meeeeee!!!"

John almost couldn't believe what he was hearing. Yet, his wife's voice echoed in his ears: "That's it, pump all that hot cum deep into my pussy." His own penis was ready to burst as he watched his wife and best friend convulse in front of his eyes. He waited a second more, denying himself pleasure as long as possible. Then, he gasped as he saw a thick white liquid begin to bubble from Amy's stretched lips. It took him a second to comprehend that this was Thomas's sperm running from his wife's unprotected womb. Suddenly, his penis erupted, squirting his cum high into the air, splattering on his shirt repeatedly.

Seconds later, the room became deathly quiet except for heavy breathing.

John was the first to open his eyes. They immediately went to the connected groins of the two lovers. Her could see that Thomas's penis had shrunk just a bit, letting some of his sperm flow out of Amy and across his balls. In spite of his recent climax, he felt a twitch in his penis.

Amy looked over her shoulder and smiled when she saw John half lying on the chair, his pants around his ankles as his sperm covered penis still pulsed. She stood up and a moan escaped her lips, as Thomas's still large penis slipped from her saturated hole. Her skirt fell back to her thighs as she walked sexily toward her husband. When she was directly in front of him, she stopped and stared into his eyes. Slowly, she pulled her skirt back up.

John's eyes grew wide again as he watched Amy reveal herself to him. He almost gasped when he saw the swollen lips of her vagina dripping with sperm. Then he watched as she spread her legs and brought her hand to her saturated vagina.

"Is this what you wanted? Did you want to see Thomas's cum pouring from my stretched hole?" she asked rhetorically.

John's mouth opened but nothing came out.

When John didn't answer, Amy's fingers slowly slid into her hole and came back out, carrying sperm from deep inside. Amy kept it up until her outer lips were covered in Thomas's cum. Then, Amy knelt between John's legs, her eyes looking up at him. She picked up his still twitching and cum wet penis with her cum covered fingers. Slowly, she took his penis into her mouth, moaning in pleasure.

John moaned as he watched his wife suck him lovingly. Incredibly, his penis began to grow in her mouth until he was hard again.

Amy sucked and licked John until he was trembling with excitement. Then she stood up, her face filled with renewed lust. She straddled John and reached for his penis. Slowly, she sank down on him, taking him deep into her still dripping vagina.

"Oh Jesus!" John moaned as he felt his penis enter his wife's body. It was incredibly warm and slick inside. John's head began to spin again. This was it! This was what he had wanted for so long and now the reality was even more incredible than the fantasy.

Amy began to move up and down slowly at first. Within seconds, she was bounding on his penis and moaning. The room was filled with moans and the slapping sounds of their merged groins.

It took a little longer this time but soon both of them were climaxing again.

When Amy pulled from her husband's wilted penis, she turned and saw Thomas sitting on the sofa with his hard penis in his hand. Incredibly, a chill of excitement went through her. She felt like such a slut as she walked over to Thomas, her thighs literally running with sperm from the two men. "Fuck me!" she hissed to him like an order.

Thomas smiled, showing his white teeth. He stood up and pulled Amy into his arms, locking his lips to hers. He pulled her skirt up and caressed her naked ass as their tongues dueled. Then, he grasped her by the waist and lifted her until her legs were wrapped around his waist. He reached down and placed his penis on her dripping hole.

Amy screamed as Thomas f***ed himself into her. Her arms grasped his neck as he began to lift her up and let her fall back onto his shaft. Then she squealed as he took her over to the pool table. He rested her ass on the side and let her lay back as he raised her legs.

Suddenly, Thomas was literally pounding into her open hole.

John watched as Thomas took his wife again. This time, it lasted a very long time. Unfortunately, John was exhausted and although he enjoyed watching, he couldn't will another erection. That would have to wait until the morning, he thought.

After a long time, Thomas moaned that he was cumming.

"Yes, yes!" Amy agreed, her legs pulling Thomas's squirting penis deep into her hole as another climax rushed through.

When Thomas backed away, his penis pulled from her open hole, causing a flood of sperm to follow, dripping to the surface of the wooden edge of the pool table. He staggered over to the sofa and fell heavily onto it.

Amy lay quietly as she caught her breath. Then, she obscenely placed her legs on the edge of the pool table and opened her thighs. She used her fingers to plunge in and out of her bubbling hole until she screamed in climax again.

Quite some time later, Thomas stood up and got dressed. He walked sheepishly over to Amy and looked down at her ravaged body. A little smile crossed his lips as he bent and kissed her. When she barely responded, he whispered, "I'd better get going." Then he turned and glanced at John who was still sprawled on the chair with his eyes closed. He shook his head as if it had all been a dream, and then slowly walked up the stairs and let himself out.

Long after Thomas left, John got up and walked over to Amy. He looked down at her relaxed body. Strangely, he had never seen her look more beautiful. She seemed to be asl**p. He picked her up and carried her to their bedroom. He placed her gently on the bed. Amy never stirred. John crawled into bed, cuddled up next to her warm body, and fell asl**p.

Chapter 14

"Oh my God!" Jill said into the telephone after Amy described her night.

It was almost noon and John was still sl**ping. She couldn't wait to tell Jill what had happened.

"God, it was more incredible than anything I could have possibly imagined," Amy said, almost swooning with pleasure again.

"I thought our plan was to tease them for awhile... to drag it out a bit," Jill said with a laugh.

"It was but I guess I got carried away. Fortunately, it worked out better than I could have dreamed."

"So now what?" Jill asked.

"Well," Amy said and paused with a little giggle, "I'm going to let John fuck me in the ass."

"Jesus, I think I've created a monster," Jill laughed.

"That's not all. I want both of them to fuck me at the same time."

"Oh my God Amy, you're incredible!" Jill responded in excitement. "When?"


"Do you have any time for me?" Jill said shyly. "I mean... you know to get together."

"Are you k**ding? I love what we did. You may have to move to keep me away from your house," Amy said and giggled. "Are you busy tomorrow?"

"Unfortunately yes, but I'm open on Wednesday."

"I like the image of you being 'open' for me on Wednesday," Amy said. Jill couldn't see her blush after she said it. "I'll see you at noon then?" Amy said excitedly.

"I'll be ready."

John was incredibly shocked when Amy said that she wanted him to take her ass. It was something he dreamed of but never thought would happen. He had been hesitant to even bring it up. Now, she was asking for it. He wasn't about to complain though. Then, when Amy told him of her plan to have him and Thomas at the same time, he almost threw her on the floor and ****d her. This was beyond anything he had dreamed. However, he wasn't certain that Thomas would go along.

Amy asked John to talk to Thomas and see if he was willing.

John called Thomas the next day and invited him to lunch. When they met at their favorite pub, Thomas seemed a little shy. John knew how he felt. He and John hadn't talked since Saturday night, primarily because neither felt comfortable with what had happened. Neither of them regretted it but both of them considered themselves macho guys.

The two of them made small talk about the weather and golf as they ate and had several beers. However, when the food was eaten, they both knew they had to discuss what happened Saturday. Although they had planned to seduce Amy, doing it together wasn't part of the plan. And, it had happened so unexpectedly that they needed time to adjust.

Both of them started to speak at the same time and paused. Then they laughed. It took a little of the edge off the tension.

John continued. "Thomas... uh... listen... I... uh... well..." John stuttered. "Hell, man, I loved what happened Saturday night."

Thomas broke into a smile and said almost shyly, "So did I."

John sighed in relief. "Wow, what a night huh?"

"Yeah," Thomas responded.

"I guess we didn't give Amy enough credit. She really turned the tables on us," John said.

"That's for sure. So... uh... is it... you know... over?" Thomas asked hesitantly.

John smiled and said, "Not if you don't want it to be."

"Well, so where do we go from here?"

Again, John smiled. "Amy has a plan."

Thomas looked at John curiously.

"How would you feel if we both fucked her at the same time?"

"We did that!" Thomas said looking surprised.

"No man, I mean at the same time. You know, you in one hole and me in the other," he said, lowering his voice to a whisper.

Thomas's face showed his shock. When he could get his voice again, he said, "I don't know man. That's uh... that's maybe a little too close for us... don't you think?"

"Yeah man, I felt the same way when she asked me," John lied. Truthfully, when Amy had told him what she wanted, his penis had sprung to erection immediately. "But, she was insistent," he continued. "I think she really wants this and you know how persuasive she can be."

"Are you willing to do it?" Thomas asked incredulously.

"Well, I guess if Amy wants it..." John said and paused hopefully.

"I don't know man. Let me think about it okay?"

"Sure. Meanwhile, I get to fuck Amy in the ass and that can't be bad," John said with a smile and then held his beer up for a toast.

Thomas responded with his beer, shaking his head in amazement.

When John got home that night, he told Amy that Thomas said he would think about it. Amy was disappointed, however, she said that she understood.

"So, do I still get to... to... uh... you know, fuck your ass?" John asked, looking like a little boy asking his mother for a piece of candy.

Amy smiled. "After dinner."

John wanted to jump up and scream. Instead, he sat there with a big smile on his face and his penis throbbing in his pants.

Several hours later, John was lying on the bed naked, waiting for Amy to come out of the bathroom. He was thinking how things had changed for him and Amy in just a few weeks. He was relieved that everything had worked out so well and really didn't want to press his luck. However, it seemed that Amy had adjusted very well and had almost certainly come out of her depression. Her depression had been one of the reasons that he started the whole thing anyway. Her acceptance of Thomas and now her enthusiasm was an added bonus.

Amy came out of the bathroom and interrupted John's thoughts. When he saw her, he gasped. She had on a white corset, matching white garters, stockings, and high heel shoes. Her face was made up like she was going to a formal dinner and her hair was freshly washed and curled. Suddenly, John could hardly get his breath when he realized that she had on the outfit she had worn on their wedding night. She was still as gorgeous as that first night.

"Do you like?" Amy asked and spun around to let him see her perfectly white ass cheeks framed by the white garter straps and corset.

John's mouth was too dry to speak. His throbbing penis did the talking for him.

"I'll take that as a yes," Amy smiled, looking at his dripping and very swollen penis. Then she crawled onto the bed and on top of John. She pressed her bare chest to his and kissed him passionately. "Are you going to fuck my little asshole?" she asked when she pulled her lips from his.

"Yessss," was all John could choke out. John pushed Amy until she was on her back. Slowly he kissed down her body until he was sucking her already hard nipples. He could feel Amy squirming as he sucked one nipple and then the other. Then, he kissed further down until his head was between her legs. The musty scent of her excitement made his head spin and his mouth opened to consume her swollen flesh.

"Oh God, eat meeeee!!!" Amy hissed as she pulled John's searching mouth between her legs. Within seconds, Amy was bucking into his mouth as a climax rushed through her. Her legs wrapped around his head, almost smothering him in her frenzy.

When John finally pulled his mouth from Amy's dripping vagina, he smiled up at her. He saw her lips whisper "I love you!"

"I love you too," he answered as he pulled back to his knees. His penis was rock hard and throbbing in front of him.

Amy looked at it dreamily. Then she turned over and got to her knees. She was trembling as she reached back and spread her ass cheeks. "Fuck my ass," she whispered.

John stared at her tiny brown star. It looked so small. It seemed impossible that his swollen penis would fit into such a tiny hole. His hands were shaking as he reached for the KY jelly. He smeared some on his penis and then squirted a large drop on the puckered hole between Amy's cheeks. He saw her shiver.

Then Amy moaned. "Oh God."

John pushed his finger inside her asshole, all the way to the last knuckle. Then, he worked his finger around until she was well lubricated. He felt her little hole squeeze him as he reluctantly pulled his finger out. "Are you ready," he gasped, his voice hoarse with excitement.


John lifted up until the head of his dripping penis was touching the puckered hole. Slowly, he pushed forward. When he heard Amy groan quietly, he stopped.

"Don't stop," she hissed and pushed back at him.

John gasped as he pushed forward and felt her hole open for him allowing the head to slip in. Inside, it was warm and tight, and the walls squeezed his penis like a vise. Ever so slowly, his shaft slid into her body until his balls touched her vagina and he realized that he could go no further. John paused, waiting and enjoying the feeling of her tight hole caressing his entire length.

Amy was gasping for breath now. She had expected some pain but found only pleasure. Suddenly, she turned and looked back at her husband. "Fuck me! Fuck my ass hard!"

"Oh God," John groaned and pulled his penis halfway out. Then, he plunged back in. There were two screams of pleasure as John's penis hit bottom again. Then, he pulled out again. Further this time. Soon, he was moving the length of his penis slowly in and out of his wife's ass. He watched as her tight hole opened to him, stretching to accommodate every inch that he had.

"Oh yes! Oh yes!" Amy cried. "Fuckkkkk meeeeee!!!"

Suddenly, the telephone beside the bed rang.

John was going to ignore it until he saw from the caller ID that it was Thomas. He reluctantly reached over and picked up the telephone as Amy groaned.

"He... hello..." he gasped.

"John?" Thomas asked, not recognizing his voice at first.

"Uh... yessss, Thomas," John slurred into the telephone.

"Is this a bad time?"

"Uh... uh no... uh yes," he stuttered.

"What's going on?" Thomas asked excitedly.

"Oh God... uh... Thomas, I'm fucking Amy's ass," John said.

Amy moaned at his words and pushed back into him.

"Oh Jesus, I'm sorry man," Thomas said, ready to hang up, his own heart suddenly pounding.

"Don't be man, I'm not," John joked as he gained control of his voice.

"I'll call back later."

"No man, it's okay. Why did you call?" John said, hoping he was calling to tell him some good news.

"Well, uh... I thought about our conversation and the... the answer is yes!"

"You'll fuck Amy with me?" John asked for Amy's benefit.

Amy moaned excitedly when she heard John's question.

"Yes," Thomas answered.

"Great man. I'll tell her," John said and then told Thomas goodbye. When he hung up the telephone he whispered to Amy, "You heard that didn't you? Thomas and I are going to fuck you together."

"Oh my God!" Amy gasped and f***ed her ass back at John's plunging penis.

Now John began to literally pound into Amy's willing hole. The conversation with Thomas was the icing on the cake for this very special evening. He heard Amy grunt with each downward plunge and she would sigh each time he pulled out. Within seconds, he felt Amy begin to tremble.

"Oh God John. Oh God, I'm going to... cummmmmmmm!!!" she screeched as her body began to convulse in pleasure.

John could feel throbbing inside her tight hole. The pressure was too much for him. "God Amy, I'm going to cummmmmmmm too!!!" John warned. Then his penis pulsed and began to spew the contents of his balls deep inside her sucking hole.

Amy didn't hear him; there were explosions going off in her head like she had never felt before. This climax was different than others. Maybe it was because of the telephone call. However, the contractions seemed to come from deeper inside, causing all of her insides to quiver. The quivering went on and on until she finally collapsed on the bed.

John followed her, his penis squirting the last bit of sperm into her still contracting hole as he fell heavily onto her back.

Chapter 15

John looked around the nightclub as he sat at the table waiting for Thomas and Amy to come back from the dance floor. He and Amy had been there many times and always enjoyed the service and the light dance music that the band played. Amy had thought it would be a good place for them to start their night.

The soft music soothed John's nervousness. It had been a week since he had watched Thomas make love to his wife. It still seemed like a dream. Yet there they were, holding each other and kissing in the middle of the crowded club. It was almost surrealistic to watch them glide around the floor. He could see Thomas's hands as they caressed Amy's thinly covered ass cheeks. The strobe lights flashed as the band played "Moon River."

Amy and Thomas walked back to the table holding hands. Thomas let her slip into the booth first and then slid in next to her.

Amy's could feel John's warm thigh as she moved close to him. Then Thomas's thigh was pressed to her other leg. She felt so warm and protected between the two men. "Miss me?" she whispered to John.

"You know I did," John said and kissed her passionately. At the same time, his hand went to her nylon-covered thigh. He felt her spread her legs and a little moan escaped her throat.

Amy pulled her lips away and fanned her face. "Whew, it's getting very hot in here," she said with a smile. Then, suddenly, she felt Thomas's hand on her other thigh. "Boys," she admonished them gently but opened her thighs wider, forcing her dress above the tops of her thigh high nylons. Then she moaned when both hands moved almost in unison to the soft bare skin. She sucked in her breath as fingers touched her already swollen sex lips.

John's finger entered her first, followed closely by Thomas's.

"Oh God," she hissed as both fingers stretched her then started to move in and out. Her head began to spin as her eyes closed in pleasure. She could hear the sucking sound the moving fingers made between her very wet lips.

It was strange for John to feel another man's finger inside his wife's vagina. His penis throbbed in his pants when he thought that later, he was going to feel something else sliding in and out of her.

Amy was practically losing her mind and knew that if either finger touched her clit she would climax like a skyrocket. She couldn't believe what was happening to her in the middle of a crowded nightclub.

Suddenly, John pulled his finger from her and whispered, "Can I have a dance with my wife?"

"Uh... what? Oh yes," Amy whispered when she realized what John was asking. Then she moaned as Thomas pulled his finger from her dripping hole.

John pulled her from the booth and took her to the dance floor. As he pulled her to him, he pressed his swollen erection to her stomach. He heard her moan and press her groin into his. "God, I'm hot," John whispered as his hands slid down to her ass cheeks.

The two of them barely moved on the floor as their bodies swayed together.

John kissed her neck and then whispered, "Are you going to let Thomas and I fuck you together?" he said, already knowing the answer but wanting to hear her say it.

"Oh God yes," she hissed in reply.

"Which one of us do you want in your pussy and which one in your ass?" John asked, again knowing the answer.

Amy whimpered. She was so excited that she could barely talk. "Uh... you... oh God... you in... in my ass and... Thomas in... in my pussy. Oh God John... please take me home," she pleaded.

John took his wife's hand and led her back to Thomas. "I think my wife wants to go home," he said to Thomas with a smile.

Thomas smiled back and saw the excitement on Amy's face. Her eyes were glazed over with lust.

The two men led Amy to the car. John drove. As soon as they were off the parking lot, Thomas and Amy were kissing. John tried to concentrate on driving but his eyes kept glancing over. When he saw Thomas unbuttoning the front of Amy's dress, he almost ran off the road. Then, he f***ed himself to keep his eyes on the road but he could tell from Amy's gasps that Thomas had his hand inside her dress.

Fortunately, it was a short drive. As soon as John had the car in the driveway, he jumped out. The two men helped Amy up the sidewalk and steps. John fumbled with the keys as Thomas held Amy in an embrace again.

The two men practically carried Amy into the house. They stopped in the foyer and took turns kissing her. John pulled her dress up to her hips from behind. As she kissed Thomas, he moved his hand between the cheeks of her ass. A moan escaped from Amy's lips and into Thomas's mouth as John slid a finger into her clenching anus. He felt Amy lift up until she was on her toes, as if she wanted to get away from the intruding finger. However, seconds later she pushed back down, taking the finger as far as it would go into her ass.

Amy felt like she was going to climax. She knew that it was far too soon. She pulled John's hand away and slid to her knees between their bodies. First she opened John's pants and freed his erection, and then she did the same for Thomas. Now she held two hot and pulsing penises in her fists. One was long and black the other smooth and white. She almost giggled at the contrast. Instead, she leaned over and sucked the white one into her mouth. She sucked and licked the head until it was throbbing. Then she pulled away and turned to Thomas. She did the same to him. Soon, she had both men moaning as she went from one penis to the other. She even rubbed the tips together as she licked both heads at the same time. When she looked up, she saw that both men's eyes were closed.

Neither of the men wanted to cum this way. John pulled Amy to her feet and the two of them practically carried her to the bedroom.

The room had been prepared in advance. There were silk sheets and the bed was turned down waiting for them.

John pulled Amy into his arms and kissed her as Thomas stood behind waiting his turn. Seconds later she was turned around and kissing Thomas. Amy gasped as she felt her dress being pulled from her shoulders and dropped to the floor. Now she stood with only her heels and nylons on between two fully dressed men.

Thomas began kissing down her front as John did the same down her back. Thomas stopped at her breasts, sucking each one into his mouth. John continued on, until he was kneeling behind her.

John's penis throbbed in his pants as he gazed at his wife's sexy ass. He reached his hands up and separated her cheeks, exposing her little star. With a moan, he brought his lips and tongue to the pulsing hole.

"Oh Jesus," Amy moaned when she felt John's tongue enter her. She forgot where Thomas was for a moment until his lips touched her sex lips. She looked down just in time to see him open his mouth and begin to push his tongue into her vagina. Suddenly, she was being penetrated from front and back by tongues. Her legs began to tremble so much that she could barely stand. She grasped Thomas's shoulders and squatted slightly, giving both men better access to her throbbing holes.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" Amy moaned incoherently as the licking tongues drove her mad with desire. When she could take no more, she screamed, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Thomas and John pulled away at the same time. Thomas led Amy to the bed. He lay down on his back, his big black penis pointing to the ceiling. Amy crawled onto the bed and got to her feet. She stood for a moment, almost swaying, her legs trembling as she looked at the long stick that was going to penetrate her in a second. Then, she straddled his thighs and squatted.

John crawled onto the bed behind his wife. He knelt behind her, steadying her as she placed the head of Thomas's penis at her entrance. She turned her head to her husband and captured his lips as she began to slide down Thomas's pole. A loud moan escaped her mouth, muffled by John's lips.

Amy began to tremble uncontrollably as Thomas's large shaft reached the entrance to her womb.

John began to help Amy move her hips up and down, forcing Thomas's penis in and out of her stretched hole. Then, he moved back and pushed Amy forward until her breasts were pressed to Thomas's chest.

Thomas captured her lips and moaned as her hips continued to move up and down. He felt John kneeling behind his wife. There was a moment where he felt uncomfortable as John's legs touched his. However, the incredible feeling of Amy's vagina quickly took his mind from that.

John lubed his penis with KY jelly, using his fist to spread it up and down the shaft. He watched as Thomas's penis worked in and out of his wife. Unable to wait any longer, he moved forward. He felt both Amy and Thomas tense and stop moving. The room was completely silent but for their heavy breathing.

Amy buried her head in Thomas's shoulder as she waited. She felt John's finger working lube into her hole and shivered. Then she knew it was time. A little moan escaped her lips when she felt his swollen head touch her rear hole. Then she felt him begin to push forward.

John was trying to be careful but it was a tight fit. He pressed harder and harder until suddenly the little ring gave up and let the head slip inside. Everyone moaned. John held still for a minute. His excitement was running wild. He could feel Amy's sweet ass caressing him but just underneath, separated by only a thin sheath of skin he could feel Thomas's penis. Suddenly, he pushed forward.

"Oh God! Oh Jesus! Ohhhhhh!!!" Amy gasped as her husband's penis slipped into her ass. Suddenly she was filled to the bursting point. Nothing in her life compared to this. Her brain was no longer able to process thoughts. She suddenly became a mass of quivering flesh. Lights were flashing in her mind and she no longer knew where she was as a climax rushed through her.

Both men could feel it. Her vagina quivered and her anus contracted causing waves of pleasure to ripple through the men.

John reached under his still climaxing wife and grasped her breasts. Then he pulled himself part way from her ass. As he thrust back inside, Thomas pulled out.

"Ohhhhhh!!!" Amy moaned as the men began to move in and out in tempo.

First John would push inside and then pull out, letting Thomas do the same. Suddenly, they were like a team, working to bring Amy pleasure. However, their pleasure could not be denied for very long. The incredible tightness both men felt was bringing them rapidly to the brink.

Amy lost track of her climaxes. She no longer knew if it was just one long climax or many short ones. It seemed like each plunge brought her renewed pleasure.

"Oh God, I'm going to cummmmm!!!" John said as the tightness of Amy's ass just became too much for him. Almost immediately, he began to pump the contents of his balls deep into her ass.

Thomas waited with his penis head just inside Amy's vagina. He could feel John's spasms on his swollen head, which brought him a strange sort of pleasure. It was a secret that he would never reveal.

As soon as John stopped squirting into his wife's ass, Thomas pushed inside again. It took him but a few strokes before he was bellowing like a bull and pumping his copious load into her.

The rest of the night was a blur of endless climaxes. Thomas climaxed three times inside Amy's vagina and John twice in her ass. Amy had no idea how many times she climaxed. However, she knew that she had been fucked royally and was walking bow legged the next day. However, she had a wide grin on her face.

After that night, there was no reason to pretend anymore. Thomas was over their house almost every day after that. He and John shared Amy in every sexual way possible and she took everything they could give and demanded more.

Two months later, Thomas moved in with Amy and John, taking a spare bedroom. Everyone was satisfied with the arrangement. Amy was madly in love with both men now and couldn't imagine a life without either of them. John was continually fascinated with watching his petite wife take Thomas's large penis. He never grew tired of the excitement of her screams of pleasure. Thomas was also in love with Amy and while he would rather have her to himself, he realized that that would never happen. However, he had her whenever he wanted as John never objected or showed any jealously.


Thomas paced back and forth in the hospital corridor. It seemed like the clock on the wall had stopped. It had only moved five minutes since the last time he looked. He wanted to be in the delivery room but the hospital's policy was husband or close f****y only. So, here he was waiting impatiently.

Suddenly, the swinging doors flew open and John came out dressed in green hospital garb. "It's a boy," he said, beaming with pride.

"And?" Thomas asked.

"Well, I'm not sure. He's all sticky and I can't tell much. They said it would be a half-hour or so before they had him cleaned up and in the nursery where we could see him. Here," John said, handing Thomas a cigar.

Thomas reached into his pocket, pulled out a cigar of his own, and handed it to John. "Let's go outside and smoke them," he said with a smile, putting his arm on John's shoulder as they walked toward the door.

When they had finished their smoke, they hurried to the nursery. As they looked into the window, they saw the operating room nurse bringing John Thomas Slater Jr. into the nursery. When the nurse saw John standing at the window, she brought the baby over and held him up.

"I think he has to be mine," John said, "He has blue eyes like Amy and I."

"That doesn't mean anything. I've seen lots of African Americans with blue eyes. Comes from the days when we were slaves and the masta's ****d our kin folks."

"So, you're saying you have some Caucasian bl**d running through your veins?" John said with raised eyebrows and skeptical look.


Both men looked at each other for a minute and then burst out laughing. However, that didn't end the good-natured debate. When Thomas stopped laughing, he said, "Look at his curly black hair. Neither you or Amy have curly black hair and he looks pretty dark to me."

"He's not dark. Besides, you can only see the face. Look at the nose. That's definitely not your nose," John said.

"All right, we're not going to resolve it here."

"Yeah, let's go see Amy. We'll let her decide," John said with a smile. "She probably thinks we abandoned her anyway. And, by the way, congratulations."

"Congratulations to you," Thomas said and put out his hand. The two men shook hands warmly and walked together from the nursery toward Amy's room.... Continue»
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Chapter I

I WAS BORN, BUT WOULD KNOW HOW TO SAY NO HOW, when or where, and therefore I allow the reader to accept this statement of mine and who creates it while you think. Another thing is also certain: the fact of my birth is not even an atom less true that the veracity of these reports, and if the intelligent student deepens these pages wondering how it happened that in the course of my journey through life -Or maybe I should have said I jumped for her endowed with intelligence, powers of observation and memory retentive powers that allowed me to keep the memory of the wonderful events and discoveries that I will relate only I can answer that there are intelligences unsuspected by the vulgar, and natural laws which existence has not been discovered yet by the most advanced scientists world. I heard somewhere that my destiny was to spend my life sucking bl**d. In no way am the least of the beings who belong to this fraternity universal, and if I have a precarious existence in the bodies of those with whom I come in contact, my own experience shows that I do in a remarkably quirky, and I do my business a warning that rarely offer other beings in other grades in my profession. But my belief is that pursue goals noble than mere support of me through contributions unwary. I've noticed that my original defect, and with a soul that is far above the vulgar beings instincts of my race, I've been climbing heights mental perception and scholarship that put me forever in the pinnacle of greatness in the world of insects. It is the fact of having achieved such enlightenment mind that I want to evoke the describe the scenes I witnessed, and in which even took part. I have to stop to explain by what means was endowed with human powers of observation and discernment. Let it be allowed simply to notice, to through my speculations, that I own, and proceed accordingly. In this way you will realize that I am not a flea vulgar. Indeed, when taking into account the companies I'm used to frequent, the So I led familiarity dealing with the highest personalities, and how that I became acquainted with most of them, the reader will no doubt agree with me that, indeed, I am the most wonderful and eminent insects. My first memories I rolled back to a time when I was in the inside a church. There was music, and you could hear a slow and monotonous chants I filled with surprise and admiration. But I have since learned to calibrate the real importance of such influences, and attitudes of devotees take them now external manifestations of internal emotional state, usually nonexistent. It was delivered to my professional work in white plump leg of a girl of about f******n, the taste of bl**d which I still remember, as well as the scent of her ... but I digress.
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2, page 107 Shortly after beginning as quiet and friendly to my small attentions, the young as well as the rest of the congregation rose and left. As naturally, I decided to accompany her. I have very keen senses of sight and hearing, and I could see how, in the when crossing the porch, a young man slid into the gloved hand girl a folded sheet of white paper. I had perceived as the name Bella, measured soft embroidery on silk that initially attracted me to me, and I could see that this name also appeared on the outside of the love letter. He was with his aunt, a tall and stately lady, with whom I was not interested to enter intimate relationships. Bella was gorgeous barely f******n, and perfect figure. Despite their youth, their sweet budding breasts were beginning to acquire proportions as those placental opposite sex. The accused face a candor charming, his breath was soft as the perfumes of Arabia, and his skin was velvet. Bella knew, of course, what their charms, and stood her head so proudly and coquettishly as she could do a queen. Not difficult to see that aroused admiration to observe the glances of longing and lust youth addressed to him, and sometimes men and more mature. Outside the temple there was a general silence, and all faces turned to look at the beautiful Bella, demonstrations spoke better than words that was most admired by all eyes, and the most desirable for the hearts male. However, without paying any attention to what was evidently an event of every day, the little lady walked briskly to his home, accompanied by his aunt, and upon reaching his abode neat and elegant hurried to his room. I will not say I followed, since he was with her, and I could see how the young gentle rose one of her exquisite legs to cross over the other in order to unfold the tiny stylish k** boots. I jumped on the carpet and I examine it. He followed the other boot, without aside a another his plump calves, Bella stared folded the letter I noticed that the young man had secretly placed in his hands. Watching it all up close, I could see the curves of her thighs that deployed up to the garters, secured, get lost then the darkness, where they met either at the point where they met with a lovely low belly to almost block the view of a thin slit peach, barely peeped his lips in the shadows. Bella suddenly dropped the note, and having stayed open, I took the liberty of also read. the unwary. I've noticed that my original defect, and with a soul which is well above the vulgar beings instincts of my race, I have been climbing heights of mental perception and scholarship that put me forever in the pinnacle of greatness in the world of insects. It is the fact of having achieved such enlightenment mind that I want to evoke the describe the scenes I witnessed, and in which even took part. I have to stop to explain by what means was endowed with human powers of observation and discernment. Let it be allowed simply to notice, to through my speculations, that I own, and proceed accordingly.
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3, page 107 In this way you will realize that I am not a flea vulgar. Indeed, when taking into account the companies I'm used to frequent, the So I led familiarity dealing with the highest personalities, and how that I became acquainted with most of them, the reader will no doubt agree with me that, indeed, I am the most wonderful and eminent insects. My first memories I rolled back to a time when I was in the inside a church. There was music, and you could hear a slow and monotonous chants I filled with surprise and admiration. But I have since learned to calibrate the real importance of such influences, and attitudes of devotees take them now external manifestations of internal emotional state, usually nonexistent. It was delivered to my professional work in white plump leg of a girl of about f******n, the taste of bl**d which I still remember, as well as the scent of her ... but I digress. Shortly after beginning as quiet and friendly to my small attentions, the young as well as the rest of the congregation rose and left. As naturally, I decided to accompany her. I have very keen senses of sight and hearing, and I could see how, in the when crossing the porch, a young man slid into the gloved hand girl a folded sheet of white paper. I had perceived as the name Bella, measured soft embroidery on silk that initially attracted me to me, and I could see that this name also appeared on the outside of the love letter. He was with his aunt, a tall and stately lady, with whom I was not interested to enter intimate relationships. Bella was gorgeous barely f******n, and perfect figure. Despite their youth, their sweet budding breasts were beginning to acquire proportions as those placental opposite sex. The accused face a candor charming, his breath was soft as the perfumes of Arabia, and his skin was velvet. Bella knew, of course, what their charms, and stood her head so proudly and coquettishly as she could do a queen. Not difficult to see that aroused admiration to observe the glances of longing and lust youth addressed to him, and sometimes men and more mature. Outside the temple there was a general silence, and all faces turned to look at the beautiful Bella, demonstrations spoke better than words that was most admired by all eyes, and the most desirable for the hearts male. However, without paying any attention to what was evidently an event of every day, the little lady walked briskly to his home, accompanied by his aunt, and upon reaching his abode neat and elegant hurried to his room. I will not say I followed, since he was with her, and I could see how the young gentle rose one of her exquisite legs to cross over the other in order to unfold the tiny stylish k** boots.
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4 page 107 I jumped on the carpet and I examine it. He followed the other boot, without aside a another his plump calves, Bella stared folded the letter I noticed that the young man had secretly placed in his hands. Watching it all up close, I could see the curves of her thighs that deployed up to the garters, secured, get lost then the darkness, where they met either at the point where they met with a lovely low belly to almost block the view of a thin slit peach, barely peeped his lips in the shadows. Bella suddenly dropped the note, and having stayed open, I took the liberty of also read. "Tonight, eight o'clock, I'll be in the old place." They were the only words written on paper, but apparently had a particular interest to her. since remained at the same position for some time in thought. He had me curious, and eager to know more about the interesting young, which gave me the pleasant opportunity to continue in such a pleasant promiscuity, I rushed to remain quietly hidden in a secret place and comfortable, if somewhat damp, and went not out of it, in order to observe the development of events, until it approached the time of the appointment. Bella is dressed with meticulous care, and prepared to move to garden surrounding the cottage where he lived, went with her. At the end of a long avenue shaded girl sat on a rustic bench, and waited the arrival of the person I had to meet. They did not spend more than a few minutes before the submission of the young that the morning had gotten in touch with my delightful girlfriend. They struck up a conversation, yes I judge by the abstraction therein made of all that did not relate to themselves, had a special interest both. It was dusk, and we were between two lights. Little air was blowing warm and comfortable, and the young couple remained entwined in the bank, forgetting everything that was not his mutual happiness. You do not know how much I love you, Bella murmured the young man, gently sealing his declaration deposited with a kiss on the lips she offered. -Yes, I know, 'she replied innocently. Do not you telling me constantly? I'll get tired of hearing that song. Bella shook her pretty feet uneasily, and looked thoughtful. - When'll explain and teach all those fun things that I've spoken? She finally asked, with a glance, then return to nail the at the floor.
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Page 5 of 107 'Now,' said the young man. Now, dear Bella, that we are alone and free from interruptions. You know, Bella? We're not just k**s. Bella nodded her head. 'Well, there are things that c***dren do not know, and that lovers must not only know, but also practice. - Good God! She said, very serious. - Yes he continued his companion. There are among those who love secret things that make them happy, and that is because of the joy of loving and being loved. - God! Bella exclaimed. How sentimental you gone, Carlos! Yet remember when you said that sentimentality was just a hoax. -I thought so, until I fell for you, 'said the young man. - Nonsense! 'Said Bella. But let's go ahead, tell me what I yi have promised. -I can not say whether I while I do not teach Carlos replied. The skills you learn watching only the practice. - Come on, then! Go ahead and show me! Cried the girl, whose bright eyes and burning cheeks credible discover she had perfect knowledge of the claiming class instruction. In his impatience had a something captivating. The young man gave in to this attractive and, covering his body with the beautiful young lady, put his lips to hers and kissed enthralled. Bella did not resist, on the contrary collaborated returning the caresses of her loved. Meanwhile the evening progressed, the trees disappeared after. darkness, and extended their high tops and to protect young people against the fading light. Carlos suddenly slid next to her and made ​​a slight movement. Without opposition from Bella spent his hand under the girl's petticoats. Not satisfied with the enjoyment that caused her to have her reach her ​​silk stockings, tried to follow above, and their inquisitive fingers came in contact with the soft, trembling meats girl's thighs. The rate of respiration of Bella rushed to the attack on their delicate little charms. He was, however, far from resisting; undoubtedly pleased him the exciting romp. -Touch it murmured. I'll allow it.
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Page 6 of 107 Carlos did not need another invitation. Actually was about to move on, and capturing at once the scope of the permit, inserted his fingers deeper. The girl opened her thighs complacent when he did, and immediately his delicate hand reached her pretty pink lips crack. During the next ten minutes the couple stayed with glued lips, forgetting everything. Only his breathing betrayed the intensity of the sensations that embargaba in that intoxication of lust. Carlos felt a delicate object acquired stiffness under his nimble fingers, and sticking in a way that was unknown. At that time Bella closed her eyes, and dropping her head back is shivered slightly, while its lightweight devenía languid body, and his head seeking support on the arm of her beloved. - Oh, Kay! He murmured. What are you doing? What delicious sensations provide me! The boy did not remain idle, but having already explored all that allowed f***ed posture it was in, got up, and realizing the need to satisfy the passion that his acts had awakened his companion begged him allowed to drive his hand toward a beloved object, which it said was capable of make you much more pleasure than her fingers had given him. Nothing reluctant, Bella grabbed a delicious new object, and whatever it simulating experienced curiosity, or because it really felt transported by newborns desires could not refuse to carry the shadow to light the object of his erect friend. Those of my readers who have found themselves in a similar situation may quickly understand the heat set to wield the new acquisition, and the look of welcome with which hosted its first public appearance. It was the first time Bella watched a male in full manifestation of power, and even if it was so, I could see comfortably was of formidable size. What he incited to deepen their knowledge was the whiteness of his red trunk and head, which was pulling the soft skin as she pressure exerted. Carlos was also softened. His eyes sparkled and his hand was youth traveling the treasure which had taken possession. Meanwhile romps the little hand on the youth member who had contacted had produced effects commonly observed in circumstances at any agency healthy and vigorous, like the case that at hand. Enraptured by the gentle pressure of the hand grips and delicious sweets, and inexperience with the girl threw back the folds covering the lush fruit, to uncover her head turned red with desire, and her tiny hole in waiting for the opportunity to expel the slimy offering, the young man was crazed
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7, page 107 lust, and Bella was new and rare prey sensations being dragged towards a passionate whirlwind of excitement that made ​​her crave an outlet unknown. With her ​​beautiful eyes closed, lips parted her moist, hot skin and angry because of the unknown impulse that had seized him, scapegoat was for anyone who had the opportunity this time. and would achieve their favors and their delicate pink snatch youth. Despite his youth. Carlos was not so blind as to let out as brilliant opportunity. Besides his passion, now at its highest, urged him to go ahead, against the advice of prudence that would otherwise have heard. Found very wet throbbing center stirring under his fingers; stared at the beautiful girl lying on an invitation to the game of love, observed his deep sighs, that made ​​her breasts rise and fall, and the strong emotions sensual who gave life to the radiant forms of his young companion. The soft and perky girl's legs were exposed to the passionate looks young. As he carefully lifted her underwear, Carlos discovered the secret charms of his lovely companion, until his eyes fell on the flames Member logs topped in white throbbing hips and belly. His fiery gaze fell then at the center of attraction in the pink cleavage hidden beneath a mound plump, just shaded by the most Soft hairs. The tingling that had been administered, and dispensed caresses the object coveted, had caused moisture flow usually happens to excitement, and Bella offered a slit antojábase a peach, well sprayed by the best and sweetest lubricant that nature can offer. Carlos caught his opportunity, and pushing gently hand she clutched the Member furiously launched on the recumbent figure of her. He seized his left arm with her ​​small waist, hugged girl's cheeks with his warm breath, his lips pressed against hers in a long, passionate and urgent kiss. After releasing his left hand, tried to gather as bodies possible in those parts that play an active role in the sensual pleasure, anxiously striving to complete the union. Bella felt for the first time in his life the magic touch male organ with the lips of her pink hole. As soon as I felt the hot thick head contact member Carlos shook perceptibly, and in anticipation of the pleasures of the acts venereal, gave a generous sample of his susceptible nature.
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Page 8 of 107 Carlos was enraptured, and endeavored to find the highest perfection in the consummation of the act. But nature, which had so influenced the development of the sexual passions Bella, had arranged, that something had to be done before it was cut as tempranero a cocoon so easily. She was very young, immature, even in the sense of these monthly visits signal the onset of puberty, and parts, even though they were full of perfections and freshness, were ill-prepared for the admission of members male, even as moderate as that, with his round head intruder, they fought at that time to seek accommodation in them. Carlos struggled in vain with his excited member pressing inward the delicate parts of the adorable little girl. The pink folds the narrow hole resisted all attempts at penetration in the mystic grotto. In vain also the beautiful Bella, at that time swollen by an excitement that bordered on anger, and semienloquecida by tingling effect and had suffered, seconded by all means the bold efforts of his young lover. The membrane was strong and fiercely resisted. Finally, in a desperate effort to achieve this objective, the young man stepped back for a moment, to launch later with all his f***es forward, so it was able to break through drilling in the obstruction, and advance the head and part of his hardened member in sex girl lying under it. Bella let out a little scream as she felt f***ed the door that led to their secret charms, but how delicious the contact gave him strength to endure pain with hope of relief that seemed to be about to arrive. It has been said that ce n'est qui coute le premier coup, but also be argued that is perfectly possible that il quelquejois trops cautious, as the reader can infer me in this case. Nevertheless, and as strange as it may seem, none of our lovers had no idea about it, then handed over entirely to the delicious sensations had seized them, united their efforts to carry out movements burning they both felt that they would take them to an ecstasy. Bella's whole body shook with impatience delusional, and her red lips telltale short exclamations escaped the supreme delight, was delivered in body and soul to the delight of coitus. His muscle contractions in the weapon that that time the had already skewered, strong hug that held the contorted boy's body, the narrowness of the wet delicate sheath, set like a glove, all Charles senses excited to madness. He buried his instrument to the root in her body, until the two balloons Champion supplied reached masculinity contact the firm cheeks her buttocks. He could not go further, and gave himself to reap the harvest of their efforts.
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Page 9 of 107 But Bella, insatiable in his passion, as soon as he saw made ​​complete union They wanted, surrendering to lust for pleasure that hot rigid member has provided, was too excited to care or worry about what could happen next. Possessed by crazy spasms of lust, is squeezed against object of his pleasure and, taking up the arms of his beloved, with muffled moans intense emotion ecstatic squeals of surprise and delight, I let out a heavy issue that, looking out, flooded Carlos testicles. As soon as the boy could see the pleasure he sought to beautiful Bella, and warned the flow so profusely had bestowed upon him, was dam also a fit of lustful rage. A raging torrent of desire seemed to flood him veins. His instrument was completely buried in the bowels of it. Leaning back extracted burning almost to the head member and sink again. She felt a tingling grating, maddening. Tightened the hug that kept him attached to his young lover, and in the same instant he snatched another cry of pleasure escaped from her heaving chest, felt his own panting on the breast of Bella, while shedding within its matrix grateful a torrent of youthful vigor. A muffled groan of lust satisfied escaped Bella's lips parted, to feel inside seminal fluid spill. At the same time the lustful frenzy tore issuing Carlos a piercing scream and passionate as he lay with eyes, as the final act of the drama sexy. The cry was the signal for a break so sudden and unexpected. Between next shrub branches slipped the sinister figure of a man standing stood front of the young lovers. The horror froze the bl**d of both. Carlos, who had been sneaking of their lewd and warm shelter, and a stand effort, backed by the appearance, as though fleeing from a dreadful snake. Meanwhile the gentle Bella, as soon as he noticed the presence of the intruder covered his face with his hands, shrugging at the bank who had been mute witness to his enjoyment, and unable to make a sound because of fear, prepared to wait out the storm that was sure to break out, to face, to her with all the presence of mind to was capable of. It lasted much uncertainty. Fast forward to the guilty pair, the newcomer took the young by the arm, while a hard look authoritative ordering him to put order in his clothing. - Boy reckless! He muttered. What did you do? To what extreme passion you dragged your crazy and wild? How can you face the wrath of your offended father? How apaciguarás his just resentment when I, in the exercise of my moral duty, you do know the damage caused by the hand of his only son?
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10, page 107 When he finished speaking, keeping Carlos still attached by the wrist, the light Moon discovered the figure of a man of about forty-five, short, fat and rather stout. His face, frankly beautiful, was even more attractive as a result of a pair of bright eyes, black as jet, launched in around him looks grim passionate resentment. He wore clerical dress, whose gloomy appearance and cleanliness were further highlight its remarkable proportions muscle and its striking appearance, Carlos was completely confused, and felt selfish and infinitely relieved when the fierce intruder turned to his young libidinous joys companion. 'As for you, poor girl, I can only express my utmost horror and me righteous indignation. Forgetting the precepts of our Holy Mother Church, without you have for the honor, has allowed this perverse and presumptuous boy test the forbidden fruit. What's left now? Scorned by friends and dumped household your uncle, you have to associate with the b**sts of the field and. like Nebuchadnezzar, will be eluded yours to avoid contamination, and have to beg on the roads the Lord a miserable livelihood. Ah, c***d of sin, creature given to lust and Satan! I tell you ... The stranger had gone so far in his warning to the unfortunate girl, who Bella, leaving her attitude shrunken and arose, tears and entreaties joined in demand pardon for herself and her young lover -Say no more, followed after. the fiery priest. Say no more. The confessions are not valid, and humiliation only add mud to your offense. My mind does not succeeds to realize what my obligations in this dirty business, but if he obeyed the dictates of my present inclinations I would route directly to your custodians natural to make them know immediately the infamies that I discovered by chance. -; By mercy! Pity me! Pleaded Bella, whose tears ran by doing little cheeks had shone with pleasure. - Forgive. father! Forgive us both! We will do everything in our hands as penance. They say six masses and many Fathers borne by we certainly will be undertaken the pilgrimage to the tomb of St. Engulfo, which I were talking the other day. I am willing to make any sacrifice if you forgive my dear Bella. The priest silenced with a gesture. Then he took the word, sometimes in a pious tone that contrasted with his manner and his natural drive resolved. - Enough! She said. I need time. I need to invoke the aid of the Blessed Virgin, unfamiliar e] sin but without experiencing the pleasure of carnal copulation mortals, gave birth to the baby Jesus in the stable at Bethlehem. Come and see me tomorrow sacristy, Bella. There, in the proper enclosure, I will reveal what the divine will about your sin. As for you, young impetuous, I reserve all judgment and all action until the next day, which I hope at the same time. Thousands of thanks came from the throats of the father both penitents when they warned that they should leave now.
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11, page 107 The night had long since fallen, and the dew rose. -Meanwhile, good night, and may peace be with you. Your secret is safe with me until we meet again, 'said the father before disappearing.
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12, page 107 Chapter II CURIOUS TO KNOW THE DEVELOPMENT OF A adventure that was truly interested, at the same time that the fate of the gentle and kind Bella, I felt obliged to stay with her, and so I was careful not bother you with my attentions, not to arouse their resistance and trigger a untimely attack at a time when for the success of my goals needed to be in their own field of operations of the young. Do not try to describe to the hard time spent my young charge in the range the time elapsed since the occurrence of the annoying discovery of father confessor and the time appointed by him to visit him in the sacristy, in order to decide on the fate of the unfortunate Bella. Unsteadily and stared at the floor, the frightened girl appeared before it's door and knocked. The door opened and the father appeared in the doorway. In a sign of the priest Bella walked, standing in front of the imposing figure of the holy man. There was a awkward silence that lasted for several seconds. The father Ambrose finally broke it to say: -You did well to come so promptly, my daughter. The strict obedience penitent spirit is the first sign that leads to divine forgiveness. At these kind words Bella took a deep breath and seemed to download a weight that oppressed his heart. Father Ambrose continued talking while sitting on a long cushion covering a large oak chest. 'I thought about you, and has prayed for you, my dear. During some time I found a way to let my conscience free from guilt, unless the Visiting your natural protector to reveal the awful secret that involuntarily I came into possession. He paused, and Bella, who knew very well the severe nature of his uncle, who also depended entirely, trembled to hear such words. Taking her hand and pulling her so she had to kneel before him, while his right hand pressed her shapely shoulder, continued Father: -But I think it hurt the dreadful results that would have followed to this revelation, and asked the Blessed Virgin assist me in this tribulation. She pointed a path at the same time serving the purpose of the sacred church avoids
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Page 13 of 107 consequences should the fact that come to the attention of your uncle. Without But the first condition necessary for us to follow this path is the absolute obedience. Bella, relieved of their distress when he heard there was a way of salvation, promised in the act blindly obey the orders of his spiritual father. The girl was kneeling at his feet. Father Ambrose bowed his great head over the prostrate figure of her. A tint of her cheeks flushed and strange fire his eyes lit up. His hands trembled slightly when supported on shoulders of his penitent, but did not lose his composure. Undoubtedly his spirit was troubled by the conflict born of the need to move forward with the implementation strict duty, and tortuous steps that sought to avoid her cruel exposure. The Holy Father began after a long sermon on the virtue of obedience, and absolute submission to rules issued by the minister of the holy church. Bella reiterated the assurance that it would be very patient and to obey all that was ordered. Meanwhile it was clear to me that the priest was the victim of a spirit controlled but rebellious, sometimes sticking in his person and totally seized it, reflected in his eyes twinkling and his passionate and fiery lips. Ambrose's father drew more and more of its beautiful penitent, until their cute arms rested on his knees and leaned his face down with pious resignation, almost sunk in his hands. -And now, my daughter, continued the holy man's time of to reveal the means that I have been identified by the Blessed Virgin as the only that I am authorized to absolve the offense. There are spirits who have been entrusted with the relief of those passions and demands that most of the servants of the church have forbidden to openly confess, but that certainly need to meet. Found these few chosen from those who have gone the way of carnal relief. A confers them solemn and sacred duty to mitigate our earthly desires religious community, in strict secrecy. In a voice trembling with emotion, and while its extensive hands descended shoulder of the girl to her waist, the father whispered: -For you who've tried the supreme pleasure of copulation, is indicated recourse to this sacred office. In this way not only you will be erased and forgiven sin committed, but you can enjoy these delicious legitimately ecstasy of those insurmountable feelings of such entrancing that at all times find in the arms of his faithful servants. You will swim in a sea of ​​sensual pleasures, without incurring the penalties resulting from illicit love. Follow Absolution each drop of your sweet body to give to the church through its ministers, and you will be rewarded and supported in your pious work by contemplation-or better said Bella, by participation in them-of the intense and fervent emotions that the delicious enjoy your beautiful person has to lead.
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Page 14 of 107 Bella heard the insidious proposition with mixed feelings of surprise and pleasure. The powerful and lascivious impulses of his ardent nature awoke in the act to the description given to his fertile imagination. How do you hesitate? The pious priest complacent body came to her and planted a long and warm kiss on her pink lips. -Holy Mother Bella murmured, feeling more and more excited your instincts sex. It's too much for you to bear it! I would like to ... I wonder ... I do not know what to say! -Innocent and sweet creature. It's my mission to instruct. In my person find the best and most suitable tutor to perform the exercises dc from now on have to perform. Ambrose's father shifted. At that time Bella warned at a time first his burning gaze of sensuality and discover almost caused fear. It was also at that moment when he realized the huge bump towered in front of the pope's cassock. The priest just excited because the job took to conceal their status and their intentions. Taking the beautiful girl in his arms, kissed her long and passionately. She pressed her soft body against his bulky person, and strongly attracted to contact increasingly intimate with her graceful figure. At the end, consumed by lust, lost his temper, and leaving Bella partially released, opened the front of his robe and left exposed to the astonished eyes of his young penitent without a blush, a member whose gigantic proportions, erection and stiffness was left completely confused. It is impossible to describe the feelings aroused in Bella by the sudden discovery that formidable instrument. His gaze was fixed on it instantly, while the father, warning his amazement, but discovering that he had not any mixture of alarm or fear, what quietly placed in his hands. The make contact with such a tremendous thing Bella took a terrible state of excitement. Because until then had seen only moderate member Carlos proportions, so remarkable phenomenon quickly woke her most of the lewd sensations, and seizing the immense object the best he could with his little hands were approached him repossessed by a truly ecstatic sensual delight. -Good God! This is almost heaven! Bella murmured. Oh, father, who had I thought it was going to be chosen for such bliss! This was too much for Father Ambrose. I was delighted with the lust of his cute penitent and the success of his infamous trick. (In fact, he had planned it all,
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15, page 107 facilitated the interview because of the young, and with it the opportunity to be ardent surrender their games, hidden from everyone but him, who crouched near the site of the event to watch with glittering eyes the bout love). Light up quickly lifted the body of the young Bella, and placing on the cushion on which he sat up just before his plump legs and apart as he could his complacent thighs, stared for a moment delicious pink slit appeared white under belly. Then, without a word, moved his face to her, and by her impudent tongue so deep as could in the wet pod sucking so deliciously Diose, Bella, in a large passionate ecstasy, and rocked her young body by spasmodic contractions of pleasure, ejaculated abundantly, broadcast engulfed the Holy Father as if it were a pudding. There followed a moment of calm. Bella lay on his back, arms extended on both sides and head thrown back in an attitude of delicious exhaustion after violent emotions provoke by lecherous reverend proceed. His chest heaved still under the v******e of their transport, and their beautiful eyes remained narrowed in languid repose. Ambrose's father was of the few men able to control their instincts passion in circumstances such as these. Continuous standby patience habits proposed to achieve the objects, the use of the toughness in all his actions, and the conventional caution own order to which he belonged, had not deleted by however complete his fiery temper, and although naturally incompatible with the priestly vocation, and desire so violent that fell out of the ordinary, there learned to control his passions to mortification. It is time that the veil descorramos the true character of this men. I do it respectfully, but the truth must be told. Ambrose's father was the living embodiment of lust. His mind was actually delivered to satisfy, and strong a****l instincts, his ardent and vigorous constitution, like its untamed nature, identified him with body image and mental satyr of antiquity. But Bella only knew him as the Holy Father not only forgave him his serious crime, but also speaks opened the way by which he could go without sin, to enjoy the pleasures that had so firmly fixed in his youthful imagination. The priest dared extremely pleased with the success of a scheme that had lustful placed in his hands a victim and also the extraordinary sensuality the nature of the young, and the obvious delight with which he indulged in the satisfaction of their desires, was available at the time to reap the fruits of his fraud, and unspeakable enjoyed the idea that I would have all the delicate charms Bella could offer to mitigate their frightening lust. At last it was his, and while withdrawing from her trembling body, preserving still on his lips the sample had had involvement in pleasure
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16, page 107 experienced by her, his cock still swollen and stiff, had a head glowing because of the bl**d pressure and hardening of the muscles. As soon as the young Bella had recovered from the attack just describe, inferred by his confessor in the most sensitive parts of his person, and raised head tilted position when resting, her eyes returned to stumble upon the great the parent trunk kept shamelessly exposed. Bella could see the mast long thick white, matte black and curly hairs which emerged, ranging rigidly upward, and the egg-shaped head that excelled in the end, red and bare, and seemed to invite the touch of his hand. He contemplated that thick and stiff muscle mass and meat, and unable to resist the temptation took her back in her hands. He squeezed, squeezed, and slid back the folds of skin that covered for observe the large nut that crowned. Amazed, he watched the hole that appeared in its end, and taking it with both hands held him, throbbing with his face. - Oh. father! What a wonderful thing! He exclaimed. How great! Please Father Ambrose, tell me how I should proceed to relieve our holy ministers Religious of those feelings that you claim both uneasy, and even pain are cause! Ambrose's father was too excited to answer, but taking the her hand with his innocent taught the girl how he had to move his fingers back and forth in his great object. His pleasure was intense, and Bella did not seem to be lower. He kept rubbing his cock between the soft palms of her hands, while innocently gazed his face. After quietly asked if it would gave great pleasure, and if so what further action was as he did. Meanwhile, the great Ambrose father's penis grew fatter and even more by effect of tickling exciting that subjected him the girl. -Wait a minute. If you keep rubbing it so I said I'll come by softly. Better still a bit slow it. - Do come, daddy? Bella asked eagerly. What does that mean? - Ah, my sweet girl, so adorable for your beauty as for your innocence! How divinely carry out your lofty mission! Ambrose exclaimed, delighted to abuse the apparent inexperience of his young penitent, and might well envilecería. Cum means completing the act by which you can enjoy in full of venereal and involves the release of a large amount of thick white fluid inside the thing you hold in your hands, and being expelled provides equal pleasure to that reveals that the person who, in the way it is, the recipient. Bella reminded Carlos and his ecstasy, and immediately understood what the father meant. - And this spill would provide relief, father?
Page 17
17, page 107 'Of course, my daughter, and therefore I wish to offer an opportunity for me proportions that relief benefactor, as blessed sacrifice of one of the humblest servants of the church. - What a delight! Bella murmured. On my run this rich work stream, and is only me who the holy man that ending book enjoyable. What happiness I provided so that we can cause such bliss! After passionately express these thoughts, bowed his head. The object of their worship exhaled a perfume difficult to define. She put her wet lips on its upper end with his adorable mouth covered the small hole, and then kissed ardently glistening member. - What do you call that fluid? Bella asked, raising once again his cute face. --- It has several names, 'replied the holy man. It depends on the social class that of the person that you mention. But between us, my daughter, will call milk. - Milk? Bella innocently repeated, releasing the erotic word for between her sweet lips, with an anointing that in those circumstances it was natural. 'Yes, my c***d, the word is milk. Or so you would like to call him. And soon will flood you with this essence so precious. - What I have to receive it? Bella asked, thinking of Carlos, and the tremendous relative difference between your instrument and the giant penis in those moments before it. -There are several ways to do this, all of which you have to learn. But now there are well accommodated for the main acts of the venereal rite, copulation allowable already discussed. Therefore must be replaced by another means simpler, so instead you download this essence called milk inside your body, taking into account that the sum of a narrow slit would lead to flow with extreme wealth, start with friction through your fingers obedient, until the approximate time when the spasms that accompany issuance. Arrived the moment, at my sign will take between your lips as fit in them to the head of this object. until, expelled the last straw, I retired satisfied, at least temporarily. Bella, whose lustful instinct had been allowed to enjoy the description by confessor, and he was as eager as himself to fully implement the bold program, quickly expressed their willingness to please. Ambrosio once again placed his huge penis in the hands of Bella. Excited both by sight and by contact remarkable object, having grasped between both hands with real pleasure, she gave tickle, rub and squeeze the Member huge and stiff, so the licentious priest gave the greatest enjoyments. Not content with friccionarlo with her delicate fingers, Bella, letting out words of devotion and satisfaction, took the foamy head to her pink lips, and
Page 18
Page 18 of 107 introduced as far as he could, hoping to provoke with his touches and the soft caresses of his tongue the delicious ejaculation should occur. This was more than I had hoped the holy man, and never guessed it would well find a willing disciple for irregular proposed attack. Awakened the most of the delicious tingling sensation that was receiving, preparing to flood the mouth and throat of the girl with the flow of its powerful download. Ambrose began to feel that it would soon come crashing, which would end his pleasure. It was one of those exceptional beings whose abundant seminal ejaculation is much greater than that of normal individuals. Not only was endowed with the unique gift of being able repeat the venereal act with short intervals, but the amount he finished his pleasure was so tremendous as unusual. The glut seemed to be related to the proportion who had been awakened their a****l passions, and when his libidinous desires had been long and intense, as semen emissions were equally. It was in these circumstances that the sweet Bella had undertaken the task of making torrents contents escape man's lust. It was to be her sweet mouth receiving the thick and viscous torrents that so far there had experienced, and ignorant of the results was how anxious relief was administered, the beautiful maiden wanted the consummation of his work, and the milk spill that had spoken the good father. The lush thickened and inflamed member increasingly, as the Bella's lips exciting anchurosa preyed his head and his tongue toyed around the small hole. His white hands ductile deprived him of his skin, or tickled alternatively its lower end. Twice Ambrosio retired head of his cock in the pink lips girl, no longer able to withstand the wishes of coming to the delicious contact of the thereof. Bella Finally, impatient at the delay, and having apparently peaked of perfection in technique, pressed more strongly than before the stiff dart. Instantly there was a stiffness in the limbs of the good father. Her legs opened wide on both sides of his penitent. His hands convulsively grasped the cushion. Your body is projected forward and straightened. - God! I'm going to come! Exclaimed while his lips parted and glassy eyes cast a last look at his innocent victim. After shuddered deeply, and with wailing and hysterical screams interspersed his penis, due to the provocation of the girl, began to expel thick torrents viscous fluid.
Page 19
19, page 107 Bella, realizing for the jets one after another flooded his mouth and sliding down his throat and by the cries of his companion, that he enjoyed the maximize the impact of what she had caused, continued sucking and squeezing until that filled viscous downloads and semiasfixiada for its abundance, was f***ed to syringe that human release continued ejaculating his jizz on her face. - Holy Mother! Cried Bella, whose lips and face were flooded with milk the father. What a pleasure it has brought me! And you, my father, do not you have provided the precious relief needed? Ambrose's father, too busy to answer, attracted to the gentle girl into his arms, and compressing his lips dripping with the covered wet kisses of gratitude and pleasure. A quarter of an hour at rest quiet, no sign of trouble came outside to interrupt. The gate was under lock, and the father had chosen his moment well. Meanwhile Bella, terribly excited by the scene we have tried to describe, had conceived the extravagant wish that the rigid member Ambrosio carried out with the operation itself had suffered moderate gun Carlos proportions. Moving his arms around the neck of her confessor robust, tender whispered invitation words, observing, by doing so the effect causing the instrument that acquired and stiffness between his legs. -You told me that the narrowness of the slit-and Bella placed the broad hand of him about it, pressing it gently then you would download an abundant amount of milk that you possess. Why can I not, father, feel spill inside my body by the end of this red thing? It was obvious how much the beauty of the young Bella, and the innocence and naivete of his character, naturally inflamed the already sensual priest. Known winner, have her absolutely powerless in her hands, delicacy and refinement of the girl, all conspired to awaken their full licentious instincts and unbridled desires. She was his, his to enjoy it at will to suit his any whim of his terrible lust, and was ready to surrender to the most unbridled sensuality. - By God, this is too much! Exclaimed Ambrose, whose lust, again on, again assail violently to such a request. Sweet girl, not know what you ask. The disproportion is terrible, and suffer too to try. -I will endure all Bella replied as long to feel this terrible thing within me, and like the jets of milk. - Holy mother of God! It's too much for you, Bella. You have no idea of ​​the measures of this machine, once inflated, adorable creature, would swim in an ocean of milk hot.
Page 20
20, page 107 - Oh daddy! What heavenly bliss! -Undress, Bella. Take off anything that might hinder our movements, which I promise to be extremely violent. Fulfilling the order, Bella quickly stripped his clothes and looking please his confessor with the full display of their charms, so that his cock to lengthen in proportion to what they show in their nakedness, stripped off to slightest undergarment to be as he came into the world. Father Ambrose was stunned at the sight of the charms that offered to his view. The breadth of her hips, the buds of her breasts, the snowy whiteness of their skin, soft as satin, the roundness of her buttocks and thighs resounding, the flat white belly with his lovely mountain, and, above all, the lovely cleavage pink underneath it stood, peering timidly between the logs thighs, caused him to be launched on the girl with a roar of lust. Ambrosio caught his victim in his arms. She pressed her soft body dazzling against his. He covered her lustful kisses, and giving vent to his licentious language promised the girl all the joys of paradise by introduction of its major appliance inside your vulva. Bella greeted these words with a cry of ecstasy, and when your excited r****t laid her on her back and felt swollen anchurosa and gigantic penis head pressing the hot, wet lips of her almost virginal hole. The holy man, finding pleasure in the feel of his penis with hot lips Bella the vulva, began to push in with all his might, until the large tip nut filled moisture sensitive secreted by the sheath. Enfervorizaba Passion Bella. The efforts of Father Ambrose for hosting the head of his cock between the wet lips of her slit rather than deter the spurred into madness, and finally, uttering a faint cry, leaned viscous forward and blew the tribute of their lascivious temperament. This was exactly what I expected the shameless cure. When the sweet and hot issue developed greatly flooded his penis, pushed resolutely, and a introduced single blow half his voluminous appendix inside the beautiful girl. As soon as Bella felt impaled by member dreadful entry in the inside her tender body, lost what little control he retained, and forgetting the pain suffering wrapped her legs around the back of him, and encouraged her not huge invader keep considerations. -My tender and sweet girl murmured the lascivious priest. My arms will around, my gun is sunken halfway into your belly. Soon they will be for you the joys of paradise. -I know, I'm sorry. Do not get your back, give me the delicious object far can.
Page 21
Page 21 of 107 'Here, then. Push, squeeze, but I am too well endowed to easily penetrate you. You might burst. but now it is too late. I have to possess ... or die. Parts of Bella relaxed a little, and Ambrose was able to penetrate a few centimeters more. His throbbing member, wet and naked, had traveled halfway to inside the girl. His pleasure was intense, and the head of his instrument was deliciously sheath compressed by Bella. Go ahead, Father. I'm waiting for the milk that you have promised. The confessor did not need this encouragement to induce him to put into action all copulatory tremendous powers. Frantically pushed forward, and with each new effort plunged his hot penis in, until finally, with a powerful blow it buried to the testicles inside Bella's vulva. This furious brutal introduction by the priest was more than his fragile victim, animated by their own desires, could bear. With a faint cry of physical distress, Bella announced that his r****t had overcome all resistance to his youth had opposed the entry of his cock, and the torture of the f***ed introduction of the mass erased the feeling of pleasure that had initially supported the attack. Ambrosio gave a cry of joy when contemplating the beautiful prey your snake had bitten. He enjoyed the victim was impaled by his huge ram. He felt the contact with inexpressible pleasure maddening. He saw the girl shudder anguish of her ****. His impetuous nature had awakened entirely. What Pasare passeth, enjoy to the fullest. So in his arms the body of the beautiful girl, and entertained to the full extent of his huge member. -Beautiful mine, you're really inviting. You also have to enjoy. I'll give you I was talking about milk. But first I have to wake my nature with this lustful tingling. Kiss me, Bella, and then you will. And when I let my hot milk to youth go into your bowels, you will experience the exquisite pleasure that I am I felt. Squeeze. Bella! Let me also pushing, my girl! Now enters Again, Oh ...! Oh ...! Ambrose stood for a moment and saw the huge piston because of which Bella the cute slit was at that time extremely relaxed. Firmly embedded in that pod lustful and deeply savoring sum narrowness of the warm folds of flesh in which was embedded, pushed without worry about the pain that caused his member, and only anxious to obtain the maximum delight possible. There was a man who was to dwell on such cases to false concepts of piety, at the time pushed inward as much as possible, while sprinkled feverishly kissing the trembling lips open and poor Bella. For a few minutes there was no sound Another thing that panting and shaking the lecherous priest was given to be satisfied, and the glu-glu of his immense penis when alternately in and out of the sex of the beautiful penitent.
Page 22
Page 22 of 107 Presumably not a man as Ambrose ignore the tremendous power of enjoyment might raise his cock in a person of the opposite sex, or that its size and discharge capacity were capable of causing the most exciting emotions in young upon which was driving. But nature was asserting his rights also in the person of the young Bella. Dilation pain was soon tempered by the intense feeling of pleasure caused by the strong weapon of holy man, and soon the moans and groans of the cute little girl in the middle sounds mingle with muffled in the depths of his be, expressing his delight. - Father! Little Father, my dear and generous daddy! Pushing f***e, push: I can stand it. I desire. I'm in heaven. The blessed instrument has a head as hot! Oh, my heart! Oh ... oh! Blessed Mother, what do I feel? Ambrose saw the effect it caused. His own pleasure came in a hurry. It furiously wagging back and forth, entertaining Bella to each new ramming the whole length of his cock, sinking to the curly hairs covered his testicles. After, Bella could not resist, and gave the r****t snatched a warm emission around his rigid flooded. It is impossible to describe the frenzy of lust which at that time was seized the lovely young Bella. He clung desperately to stocky body priest, who entertained her voluptuous angelic body with all the strength and power of his manly thrusts, and lodged him in his narrow, slippery sheath to the testicles. But even in his ecstasy Bella lost sight of the perfection of enjoyment. The saint men had to expel his semen inside her, just as he had done Carlos, and Just the idea of ​​it added fuel to the fire of his lust. When, therefore, the Father Ambrose wrapped his arms around her slender waist, and sank to his penis hairs on the vulva stallion Bella, to announce sighing at last came the milk, the excited girl spread her legs all he could, and amid cries of pleasure received the jets of issue in their bodies vital. So he remained for two whole minutes, during which they were discharges happening, each of which was received by Bella with deep manifestations of pleasure, screams and contortions translated.
Page 23
23, page 107 Chapter III DO NOT BELIEVE THAT AT ANY OCCASION had to blush with more so than in this opportunity. And is that even a flea had to feel embarrassed at the perverse vision of what I just left up. A girl as young, so innocent-looking, and yet, as lascivious inclinations and desires. A person of freshness and infinite beauty, a converted mind flaming sensuality by the accidental course of events an active volcano of lust. Very well could exclaim with the poet of antiquity: 'Oh, Moses! "Or as the most practical descendant of the patriarch: "By the beard of the prophet!" No need to talk of the change that occurred in Bella after experiences reported. It was quite evident in his demeanor and behavior. What happened to her young lover, lamas I have bothered to find out, but I tend to believe that Father Ambrose stood outside those tastes so widely irregular have been attributed to their order, and also the boy was gradually induced, like his young friend give satisfaction the foolish desires of the priest. But back to my own observations regarding the pretty Bella. While a flea can not blush, they can see, and I set myself the obligation to entrust the pen and ink the description of all the passages amatory considered might be of interest to seekers of truth. We can writing, at least you can do this flea, because otherwise these pages would be under the eyes of the reader, and that is enough. It was several days before Bella found the opportunity to re- visit her clerical admirer, but he finally had the chance, and it goes without saying that she took it immediately. He had found a way to let you know that he intended to visit Ambrosio, and consequently the astute individual may have advance things for his cute guest as before. As soon as Bella found herself alone with her seductive threw herself into his arms, and seizing his great humanity against his frail body lavished the most tender caresses. Ambrosio was not begging to return all the warmth of his embrace, and so it happened that The couple met immediately delivered to exchange warm kisses, and reclining, face to face, on the chest padding to which we alluded above. But Bella was not going to settle for kisses only; wanted something more solid, by experience knew that the father could provide it. Ambrose was no less excited. His bl**d flowed quickly, his black eyes blazed the effect of uncontrollable lust, and the bulge that could be observed his habit clearly denounced the state of his senses.
Page 24
24, page 107 Bella warned the situation nor his anxious looks, nor his obvious erection, the father did not care to hide, could slip away. But he thought stoke mostly his desire, rather than appease. However, soon proved Ambrosio did not require higher incentives, and deliberately displayed his weapon, savagely dilated so that its single view Bella woke frantic desires. At any other time Ambrose had been much wiser to indulge, but this time their rowdy ways had exceeded its ability to control the desire to gloat as soon as possible in the boyish charms that were offered. He was already on his body. His great humanity completely covered her body. His erect member dug into the belly of Bella, whose clothes were collected waist. With a trembling hand came Ambrosio slit center object of his desire, eagerly took the hot tip into the open and crimson lips moist. Pushed, fought to enter .., and succeeded. The vast machine came slowly but firm. The head and the member were already inside. A few thrusts firm and resolute completed the conjunction, and Bella received in full length and excited immense Ambrosio member. The r****t lay panting on her, in full possession of his most intimate charms. Bella, within whose belly had settled that vigorous mass felt to maximize the impact of the intruder, warm and throbbing. Ambrosio meantime begun to move backward and forward. Beauty white arms twined around his neck, and curled her beautiful legs in silk on his back, seized most lust. - What a delight! Bella murmured, kissing his full lips overwhelmingly. More .. pushing f***e even more. Oh, how you f***e me to open up, and how long it is! How warm. when .., oh ... oh! He released a stream of their store, in response to the onslaught of man, at the same while his head fell back and his mouth opened in a spasm of intercourse. The priest was contained and paused briefly. The beating of his huge member sufficiently the state announced that it was, and wanted to extend their pleasure to the maximum. Bella pressed the terrible dart introduced to the most intimate of his person, and felt grow and harden even more, while his red head pressed his Youth matrix. Almost immediately after his heavy lover, unable to control for more time, succumbed to the intensity of feelings, and let out the torrent of your viscous liquid.
Page 25
25, page 107 - Oh, it comes from you! Cried the excited girl. I'm sorry to jets. Oh, Give me ....... more! Derramadlo inside me .., push again, pity I did not. . .! Oh, another blast! Push! -Desgarradme if you want, but give me all your milk! I spoke earlier of the amount of semen that Father Ambrose was able to shed, but this time is exceeded himself. Had been stored for about an week, and Bella was receiving at the time a current so tremendous, that this download seemed rather emitted by a syringe, that premature organ genitals of a man. Ambrose finally dismounted from his horse, and when Bella stood felt himself slipping back a stream of sticky liquid coming down for their plump thighs. Just had separated when the father Ambrosio opened the door leading to church, and appeared in two other priests portal. The pretense was impossible. -Ambrose said the older of the two, a man who would walk among the thirty and forty years. This is against the rules and privileges of our order, we have all kinds of games that are to be practiced in common. -Take it then the aforementioned grumbled. It's not too late. I was going to communicate what he had achieved when ... -. . . when the delicious temptation of this rose was too strong for you, friend our interrupted the other, seizing the astonished Bella as she spoke, and introducing his huge hand under her clothing to tempt the soft thighs her. 'I've seen all the through the keyhole gross whispered in her ear. You have nothing to fear, only want to do the same to you. Bella remembered that conditions had been offered solace in the church, and assumed that this was part of his new duties. Therefore remained in the newcomer's arms without resistance. Meanwhile his partner had spent his strong arm around the waist Bella, and covered with kisses the cheek of it. Ambrose looked all shocked and confused. That was how the girl was between two fires, to say nothing of the overflowing passion in the original possessor. In vain he looked at one and then another in demand for respite, or some means of escape from the predicament in which he found himself. Although it was completely resigned to the role that had reduced astute Father Ambrose, he was at that time invaded by a powerful feeling of weakness and fear of the new assailants.
Page 26
26, page 107 Bella did not read in the look of the new intruders rather than rabid desire, while impassivity of Ambrose made her lose any hope that the same were to offer the least resistance. Between the two men were walled and while who spoke first slid his hand up her pink pussy, the other lost no time in possession of the rounded cheeks of her buttocks. Between them, it was impossible to resist Bella. 'Wait a minute, after Ambrose said. Yes hasten to possess at least Strip her without spoiling their clothes, as apparently pretendéis do. -Undress, Bella-she went on. Apparently, we all have to share you, so prepare to be voluntary instrument of our desires common. In our convent other b*****rs are no less demanding than I, and Your task will not be in any way a sinecure, so you'd better remember all privileges when you are destined to meet, and accessories are to relieve these holy men of the pressing desires now you know how to soften. This raised the issue, there was no alternative. Bella was standing naked before the three vigorous priests, and raised a general murmur of admiration when in that state came towards them. As soon as he had taken the lead of the newcomers-the which obviously seemed to be the superior of the three-warned the beautiful nudity stood before his burning eyes, without hesitation he opened his cassock to put on long and wide freedom member, took her in his arms to the girl, put her in large chest back on the cushion, jumped on it, stood between her pretty thighs, and pointing his head quickly toward the rabid champion her soft hole, pushed forward to sink all the way to the testicles. Bella let out a small cry of ecstasy to feel impaled by this new and powerful weapon. For the man the entire possession of the beautiful girl supposed a moment ecstatic, and the feeling that his erect penis was fully buried in the body of She produced an indescribable emotion. Believed not to penetrate so quickly in their young parts, it did not take into account the lubrication produced by the flow of semen that had already received. The Superior, however, gave no opportunity to reflect, as Diose to attack with so much energy that his powerful thrusts from long produced their full effect in warm temperament, and almost immediately caused the emission sweet. This was too much for the profligate priest. I firmly embedded in the close slit was so tight you like a glove, as soon as he felt the warm issuance let out a loud grunt and furiously downloaded.
Page 27
27, page 107 Bella enjoyed the rush of man's lust, and spreading her legs as he received him in the depths of his heart, allowing him to satiate his lust discharges throwing his impetuous nature. The lustful feelings Bella stronger rekindled with the second and strong attack on his person, and her excitable nature received with exquisite pleasure the abundance of liquid that had spilled stalwart champion within. But, salacious as it was, the girl was exhausted by this constant current, and therefore received with dismay the second of the intruders he was about to occupy the newly abandoned by the superior. But Bella was astounded by the proportions of the phallus that the priest offered to her. He had not finished strip, and it emerged from the front one erect member to the size to the Father Ambrose had to give way. Among the emerging hair curls red meat the white column, topped by a bright red head, the hole seemed constrained to avoid a premature expulsion of juices. Two big hairy balls hanging from its base, and completed a painting in sight which began to boil again Bella's bl**d, whose youthful spirit was ready to disproportionate wage a new battle. - Oh, Father How can I ever hold so great thing in my little person? Asked grieving. How stand I will be once you are inside me? I fear that I will hurt terribly. -I'll be careful, my c***d. I'll slowly. Now you are well prepared for the juice of the holy men who had the good fortune to precede me. Bella tempted the giant penis. The priest was sinfully ugly, short and obese, but their backs looked like those of a Hercules. The girl was possessed by a sort of erotic madness. The ugliness of that man only served to accentuate your sensual desire. His hands were not enough to cover the entire thickness of the member. However, do not let go, I pressed and dispensed u*********sly touch that increased its rigidity. It seemed a steel bar between her soft hands. A moment later the third assailant stood above it, and the girl, almost as excited like father, impaling struggled with this terrible weapon. For some minutes the feat seemed impossible, despite the good lubrication she had received previous flooding from its sheath. After all, with a furious onslaught, introduced the enormous head and Bella launched a cry of pain. Another swoop and another, the unhappy brute, blind to everything that was not given satisfaction, was penetrating.
Page 28
28, page 107 Bella screamed in anguish, and made superhuman efforts to get rid of the wild attacker. Another attack, another cry of the victim, and the priest penetrated deep inside. Bella had fainted. The two spectators of this monstrous act of corruption appeared in principle be ready to intervene, but at the same time gave the impression of experience a cruel pleasure to witness this spectacle. And indeed it was, as it showed after his lewd movements and interest they put in observing the most minute of details. I'll take a veil over lust scenes that followed, on the shudders as the savage, sure to be in possession of the person of the beautiful young girl, slowly extended his enjoyed until his huge and fervent download this ecstasy ended and gave way to a range to restore life to the poor girl. The burly father had downloaded twice inside before removing your member long, flowing, and expelled semen volume was such that noise fell rhythmically to form a puddle on the wood floor. When Bella finally recovered enough to move around, could be the wash the many spills in their delicate parts were entirely necessary.
Page 29
29, page 107 Chapter IV IT TOOK SOME BOTTLES OF WINE, a rare harvest and stale, and Bella under her powerful influence was gradually regaining his strength. After an hour, the three priests felt that enough time had to recover, and again began to show signs of wishing to return to enjoy himself. Excited by the effects of wine as by sight and contact with their lewd companions, the girl began to draw from under cassocks members three cures. which were obviously amused by the scene, since no gave any sign of modesty. In less than a minute Bella had before the three large and upright objects. The kissed and played with them, sucking the rare fragrance emanating from each, and fingering those inflamed darts with all the eagerness of a consummate Cyprus. -Let us fuck piously exclaimed Superior, whose penis was in those times when Bella's lips. Ambrose sang 'Amen. The third church was silent, but his huge artifact threatened the sky. Bella was invited to choose their first assailant in the second round. Elected Ambrosio, but the Superior interfered. Meanwhile, secured the doors, the three priests stripped, thus offering Bella's eyes three vigorous champions in the prime of life, each armed membrudo them a dart that again emerged upright from the front, and ranged threatening. -Ugh! , Go monsters! Cried the girl, whose shame not kept him from going tempting, alternatively, each of those devices formidable. Then sat on the edge of the table, and one after another sucked their noble parts, circling with their warm tongues around the wet red slit. in which shortly before had appeased his lust. Bella was abandoned pleased with this game, and spread her legs he could to thank. -I suggest we suck one after another-proposed Superior. -Well said Father Clement confirmed the erection fearsome redhead. But until the end. I want to possess her once again. 'No way,' said the Superior Clemente. Already did twice, now have to pass through your throat, or settle for anything. Bella did not want in any way be subjected to another attack by Clement, so cut your losses conversation grabbing his massive member, and introducing the best he could of it between her pretty lips.
Page 30
30, page 107 The girl sucked gently up and down the blue nut, pausing occasionally to contain as much as possible within its wet lips. His pretty hands closed around the long and bulky dart, and gripped in a trembling embrace, while she watched the monstrous cock hardened increasingly intense effect sensations transmitted through his touches. Clemente did not take even five minutes to start throwing more howls resembled the cries of a wild b**st to the exclamations arising from human lungs, to stop expelling sperm in large quantities through the girl's throat. Bella dart skin removed to facilitate the issuance of the jet just the last straw. Clemente fluid was so thick and warm and generous. and jet after jet poured all the liquid in her mouth. Bella swallowed it all. -Here's a new experience on which I have to instruct you, my dear, 'said the Superior when then applied Bella her sweet lips to her ardent member. -You will find in it greater source of pain than pleasure, but the ways of Venus are difficult, and they must be learned and enjoyed gradually. -I will submit to all tests, Father, 'said the girl. Now I have a clearer idea of ​​my duties, and I know I'm one of the chosen to relieve good wishes of the parents. -Yes, my c***d, and receive in advance the quote godsend obey our smallest desires, to be bound by all our indications for seem strange and irregular. That said, took the girl in his strong arms and carried her once again padded chest, placing it ahead of him, so he left her naked and exposed beautiful buttocks to the three holy men. Then, standing between the thighs of the victim, said the head of his stiff member was the small hole between Bella rotund buttocks, and pushing her well lubricated weapon slowly began to penetrate his hole, of novel and unnatural way. - Oh, God! Bella cried. That is not the way. The-....... Please ...! Oh, by Please ...! Ah ...! Have pity! Ob, have pity on me! . . . Holy Mother! . . . I die! This last exclamation was torn by a sudden and vigorous onslaught of Superior, which resulted in the introduction of his cock to the root stud. Beauty felt he had gotten inside his body to the testicles.
Page 31
31, page 107 Turning his strong arm around her hips, pressed against his back, and began to rub against her buttocks as the member inserted into the rectum of her as he could penetrate. The pleasure palpitations were felt throughout the Member swollen, Bella, biting his lips, awaited the movements of male that he knew were going to start to take your pleasure to the maximum. The other two priests saw that with envious lust, while beginning a slow masturbation. The Superior, pleasure-crazed by the narrowness of this new and delicious sheath, flipped around Bella's buttocks until, with a final thrust, he filled his bowels with warm download. Then, while her body drew its member, still erect and steaming, declared that had opened a new route for the pleasure, and recommended that Father Ambrose exploited. Ambrose, whose feelings at that time should be better imagined that described, burning with desire. The show of pleasure they had experienced his b*****rs had caused gradually a state of erotic arousal peremptorily demanded satisfaction. 'Okay,' I cried. I introduce the temple of Sodom, while you be filled with your sturdy sentinel Venus. -Say rather that legitimate pleasure, 'said the Superior with a sarcastic grin . Be as you say. I am happy to again enjoy this narrow slit Bella lay still on her belly, up makeshift bed, his subsequent curves totally exposed, more dead than alive as a result of brutal attack that had just suffered. Not a drop of semen so abundantly had been poured into his dark niche was out of it, but underneath her slit distilling the mixture still emissions both priests. Ambrose held her. Placed by Superior thighs, Bella found with the call of the still vigorous red cock against her vulva. Slowly I led inward, sinking about it. Finally got fully, just the root. But now the Superior vigorous wrapped his arms around her waist, draw it on themselves and leave their extensive and delicious buttocks against the anxious member Ambrose, who was headed straight for the already well moistened opening between the two hills. Had to overcome the many difficulties that arose, but after the lewd Ambrosio felt buried within the bowels of his victim. Slowly he began to move backward and forward from the well lubricated channel. Retardé as possible their relief. and was able to enjoy the vigorous onslaught that the Superior Bella lunged ahead.
Page 32
Page 32 of 107 Suddenly, heaving a deep sigh, the Superior came to the end, and Bella felt her sex quickly invaded by milk. He could not resist and came abundantly, mingling his stroke with those of his assailants. Ambrose, however, had not wasted all their resources, and still keeping strongly the cute girl impaled. Clemente could not resist the opportunity offered by the fact that the Superior had retired to wash, and launched on Bella's lap to get almost immediately penetrate inside, now liberally bathed in viscous residue. With everything and it was huge red monster, Bella found a way to receive it and for a few of the minutes that followed not heard anything other than voluptuous sighs and groans of the combatants. At one point his movements became more agitated. Bella felt like that every moment was his last moment. The huge member Ambrosio was inserted into the rear duct to the testicles, whereas trunk giant Clemente foamed back inside her vagina. She was held by the two men, with your feet off the ground, and supported by the pressure, now the front, now behind, as a result of the attacks with that the priests entered their members excited by their respective holes. When Bella was about to lose consciousness, warned by the panting and Gross tremendous stiffness before him, that he was about to download, and a moments later he felt the warm flow injection sent the giant penis in viscous jets. - Ah ...! I come! Clemente cried, saying that Bella flooded inside, with great delight from it. - I also arrives! Cried Ambrosio, staying more in his powerful member, while throwing a jet of milk within the bowels of Bella. So both vomiting followed the prolific content of their bodies inside the Bella, which provided this double sense a real deluge of enjoyments. Anyone can understand that a flea average intelligence had to be shows disgust and unpleasant as I witnessed and I thought it was my duty to disclose. But certain feelings of friendship and sympathy for the young Bella urged to remain still in their company. The events came to me right and, as we shall see later, determined my movements in the future. They had not gone more than three days when young, at their request, met with the three priests in the same place.
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Page 33 of 107 This time Bella had paid much attention to his "toilette" and as result appeared more attractive than ever, wearing precious silks, adjusted k** boots, and gloves that were gorgeous tiny match the rest of clothing. The three men were enraptured at the sight of him, and received as warmly, soon his young bl**d flowed to her] face, inflaming desire. He locked the door immediately, and then fell to the ground cloths under Ion priests, and Bella found herself surrounded by the trio and subjected to the most diverse caresses, the members while staring shamelessly naked and threatening. The Superior was the first to come forward with the intention of enjoying Bella. Standing boldly before her took her in his arms, and covered with warm kissing her lips and face. Bella was so excited as he. Accessing your desire, the girl took off his underwear, preserving jobs exquisite dress, her silk stockings and cute booties k**. So he offered to the admiration and lewd fondling of parents. It was not long before the Superior, sinking deliciously on its recumbent figure, completely surrender their boyish charms, and was given to sink the narrow slit, with obviously unsatisfactory results. Pushing, pressing, rubbing against her, the Superior began delicious movements, which resulted in both their susceptibility awakening as his companion. He revealed his penis harder and harder and larger. - Push! Oh, pushes deep! Bella murmured. Meanwhile Ambrose and Clement, whose desire brooked no waiting, tried to possession of any part of the girl. Clemente put his huge member in her sweet hand, and Ambrose, without flinching, climbed on the hood and took the tip of his penis to her delicate bulky lips. After a moment assume Superior lewd stopped position. Bella looked over the edge of the box. Before her were the three men, each one with his erection, presenting arms. The head of the enormous apparatus Clemente was almost turned against his crass belly. Bella's dress was pulled up to her waist, exposing her legs and thighs, and between the pink and lewd crack in those moments reddened excited by the rapid movements in and out of the superior limb. - Wait! -Ordered it. We will bring order to our enjoyment. This beautiful girl has to give satisfaction to the three: it is therefore necessary that allowing us regulate our pleasures that can withstand attacks
Page 34
Page 34 of 107 desencadenemos. I for one do not mind being the first or the second, but as Ambrosio has been like an ass, and full of smoke penetrates all regions, I intend to go ahead. Since then, Clemente would take third place, and with his enormous member can halve the girl, and we shall waste our game. -The last time I cried was the third Clemente. I see no reason to I always make it last. Claim second place. -All right, so be-Superior said. You, Ambrose will share a nest slippery. 'I'm not under the strong ecclesiastical replied ....... If you go ahead, and Clemente has to be the second, passing in front of me, I'll attack the rear, and and pour my offering by other means. - Doing as you please! Bella cried. I will endure everything, but, padrecitos, hurry to start. Higher Again introduced his gun, insert that Bella received yet liking. I embraced him, hugged him and received his ejaculation jets with ecstatic passion on your part. Clemente presented below. His monstrous instrument was already between the legs plump young Bella. The disproportion was evident, but the cure was so strong and lusty as huge in size, and after several attempts violent and unsuccessful, he managed enter-is. and began to delve into the parts of member her with his mule. It is not possible to give an idea of ​​how the terrible proportions penis raunchy man excited the imagination of Bella, as vain would also try describe the frenzied passion awoke he skewered and relaxed feeling for the Father huge genitals Clemente. After a struggle that took a full ten minutes, Bella eventually receive this huge mass to the testicles, which were compressed against her anus. Bella spread her legs as much as possible, and allowed the gross enjoyed at will of her charms. Clement was anxious to end his delight, and took a room time to end their enjoyment by two violent discharges. Bella the samples received with deep delight, and mixed a copious emission him with the thick spills of lusty father. Just had withdrawn his monstrous member Clemente inside Bella, when it fell into the arms of Ambrose also powerful, According to what was stated above, Ambrose directed his attack to the buttocks, and barbaric v******e introduced throbbing head of his instrument between tender folds the rear hole.
Page 35
Page 35 of 107 Struggled in vain to host it. The broad head of his weapon was dismissed at each new assault, despite the brutal lust that was introduced, and the representing drawback that were standing. But Ambrose was not easy to defeat. He tried again and again, until one of accommodate their attacks got the tip of the penis into the delicious hole. Vigorous shaking got it to penetrate a few more inches, and a single thrust buried the lascivious priest got to the testicles. The beautiful buttocks of Bella exercised a special attraction on the lewd priest. Once penetration was achieved thanks to its brutal efforts, felt excited in the extreme, pushed the long, thick shaft inward true ecstasy, no matter the pain caused by dilation, provided to experience the delight that caused contractions of the delicate and youth her private parts. Cried Bella frightening to feel impaled by stiff brutal member r****t, and began a desperate struggle to escape, but retained Ambrose, passing his burly arms around her small waist, and managed to stay inside the Bella feverish body, unshaken in his effort invader. Step by step, committed to this struggle, the girl crossed the entire stay, without Ambrose left to have her impaled from behind. Naturally. this lewd show had come into effect on viewers. A burst of laughter came from the throats of those who began to applaud the vigor of his companion, whose face, red and contracted, testified extensively their leisure emotions. But the show aroused. addition to the hilarity, the wishes of the two witnesses. whose members began to show signs of that in any way considered satisfied. On your walk, Bella had come near Superior, which took her in his arms, circumstances Ambrosio took to begin moving his cock inside bowels of her intense heat which gave him the greatest of pleasure. The position in which they were put Bella's natural charms to match Upper lips, which instantly hit those, turning to suck in the wet slit. But the excitement caused in this way required a more solid enjoyment, so that, pulling the girl to kneel while he took his seat in his chair, he released his burning member, and quickly introduced into the her soft belly.
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Page 36 of 107 So, Bella found herself again in the crossfire, and the fierce attacks of the father The rear Ambrosio were complemented by the efforts of Fr torrid Superior in another direction. Both swam in a sea of ​​sensual delights: both were given in full delicious sensations experienced while his victim, punched ahead and behind by their thickened member had to withstand in the best way possible their movements excited. But still beautiful awaited another litmus test, as soon as the vigorous Clemente could witness the close conjunction of his companions, he was inflamed by passion, got into the chair behind Superior, and taking the head of poor Bella deposited his hot weapon in her pink lips. After advancing its tip, whose narrow opening apercibían premature and drops her into the beautiful mouth of the girl, as he qóce with her soft hand rub her hard and long trunk. Meanwhile Ambrose felt his limb effects introduced by front of the Superior, while the latter also excited by the rear action the father, was approaching the spasms that accompany ejaculation. However, Clemente was the first to download, and threw a large shower in the little Bella's throat. Followed Ambrose, who, leaning on his back, threw a flood of milk his bowels, at the same time as the Superior flooded her womb. So surrounded, Bella received the attached download three priests vigorous.
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Page 37 of 107 Chapter V T THREE DAYS AFTER THE EVENTS reported on pages preceding Bella appeared as rosy and charming as always in the room reception of his uncle. In the meantime, my movements were erratic, and that in no way was low my appetite, and any new face always has some appeal to me, that not for too long makes me residence in a single point. That was how I overheard a conversation that surprised me something, and I do not hesitate to reveal it is directly related to the events mean. Through her I learned the background and character of the wily subtlety Father Ambrose. I will not reproduce here his speech, as I heard from my vantage. Suffice to mention the main points of his presentation, and to report on their goals. It was said that Ambrose was unhappy and bewildered by the sudden participation of their brethren in the last of its acquisitions, and devised a bold and diabolical plan to thwart their interference, while for submission to him as completely alien to the maneuver. In short, and to that end, Ambrose went directly to Bella's uncle, and told him how he surprised his niece and her young lover in the embrace of Cupid, in the form that left no doubt that he had received the last witness to the passion of boy, and responded to it. By taking this step the evil priest presequía further purposes. Knew too well the character of the man I was, and also knew that a part important in their own real life was not entirely unknown uncle. Indeed, the couple understood perfectly. Ambrose was a man of strong passions, highly erotic, and the same happens with Bella's uncle. The latter had confessed thoroughly with Ambrose, and in the course of their confessions had revealed a wish so irregular, that the priest had no doubt accomplish any of that make him share the plan he had imagined. Mr. Verbouc eyes had long coveted secret to his niece. He had confessed. Now Ambrose provide evidence that opened his eyes to the fact that she had begun to entertain feelings of the same nature to the opposite sex.
Page 38
Page 38 of 107 Ambrosio's condition came to mind. It was his spiritual confessor, and asked advice . The holy man gave him to understand that his chance had come, and that it would ahead for both share the prize. This statement struck a chord in the character of Verbouc, which Ambrosio not ignorant. If anything could provide a real sensual pleasure, or put more charm to it, was to witness the act of carnal copulation, and then complete their satisfaction with a second hand penetration to ejaculation in the body's own patient. The pact was sealed well. We sought the opportunity to guarantee the necessary Secret (Bella's aunt was a handicapped who did not leave his room>, and Ambrose Bella prepared for the event that was to unfold. After a preliminary speech, in which he warned that one should not say word about their privacy before and after to inform him that his uncle had known, who know why duct, what happened with her boyfriend, was gradually revealing projects that had been developed. He even spoke of the passion that had awakened in his uncle, to tell then, quite simply, the best way to avoid deep resentment would show obedience to its requirements, whatever it may be. Mr. Verbouc was a healthy and robust constitution, which was about fifty years. As uncle who was always inspired him deep respect Bella, sentiment in which was mingled something of fear for his authoritative presence. It had taken care of her since the death of his b*****r, and always treated, if not with affection, not with detachment, albeit with reservations that were natural given his character. Obviously Bella had no reason to expect mercy from his part in a such occasion, even your relative find an excuse for it. I will not dwell on the first fifteen minutes, tears Bella's pregnancy with who received hugs too tender of his uncle, and the well deserved censure. The interesting comedy followed by numbered steps, until Mr. Verbouc placed his beautiful niece on her legs to reveal that purpose boldly had made to possess. You must not offer silly resistance, Bella, his uncle said. I will not hesitate nor aparentaré modesty. Simply this good father has sanctified the operation, so that possess your body just as you enjoyed your reckless buddy and your consent. Bella was deeply confused. Although sexy, as we have seen, and to an extent that is unusual in such a young age like yours, had been educated in within the strict conveniences created by the severe and repellent character of its relative. Everything horrible crime that he proposed appeared before his eyes. Not even the presence and the Father Ambrose alleged agreement could lessen the suspicion with which contemplated the terrible proposition that made him openly.
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Page 39 of 107 Bella shook in surprise and terror at the nature of the proposed offense. This offended her new attitude. The change occurred between the reserved and stern uncle, whose anger had always lamented and feared, and whose precepts was used to receive with reverence, and that ardent admirer, thirsting for the favors she had granted to another, the affected deeply, and disgustándola aturdiéndola Meanwhile Mr. Verbouc, which evidently was not willing to grant time to reflect. and whose excitement was visible in many ways, took his young niece in his arms, and despite his reluctance, he covered his face and throat passionate kisses and prohibited. Ambrose, to which the girl had gone to this requirement, not provided relief, but on the contrary, with a grim smile caused by emotion others, encouraging one with secret looks to move forward with the satisfaction of their pleasure and lust. In such adverse circumstances sc all resistance was difficult. Bella was young and infinitely impotent by comparison. under the firm embrace of relative. Born into a frenzy by contact and obscene caresses allowed, Verbone set out with renewed zeal to take possession of the person of her niece. Their preyed nervous fingers will the beautiful satin of her thighs. Another firm push, not Although Bella drought closing them firmly in defense of their sex, lewd hand reached the same rosy lips, and trembling fingers closed and separated the wet slit fortification defending his modesty. Until then Ambrose had not been more than a silent observer exciting conflict. But this point also came forward, and passing his powerful left arm around the girl's slender waist, locked himself in his right the two her small hands, which, like subject, easily left her at the mercy of lewd caresses of his kin. Out of charity, beg her, gasping for his efforts. Let go! It too horrible! It is monstrous! How can you be so cruel? I'm lost! -In no way are you lost pretty niece, 'replied the uncle. Only wakes the Venus pleasures reserved for his devotees, and whose love saved for those who have the courage Enjoy them while they are unable to do so. -I have been horribly deceived cried Bella, unconvinced by this ingenious explanation. I see it all clearly. What a shame! I can not permitíroslo. I can not! Oh, not at all! Holy Mother! Soltadne, man! Oh! Oh! -Estate Serene, You have to submit. Yes I may not otherwise I'll take it by f***e. So open those nice legs, let me feel the exquisite warmth of these soft and lascivious thighs, let me put my hand on this
Page 40
Page 40 of 107 divine womb ... Be still, crazy! At last you are mine. Oh, how I've waited for this, Bella! However, Bella still offered some resistance, which only served to excite abnormal appetite even further from his assailant, while still holding Ambrose firmly. - Oh, what a beautiful ass! Verbouc exclaimed, as he slid his intrusive velvety hands over poor Bella thighs and round cheeks caressed their backsides. Ah, what a glorious pussy! Now is everything to me, and duly celebrated at the appropriate time. - Let go! Bella shouted. , Oh. oh! These last gasps arose from the throat of the tormented girl while between the two men f***ed her to put her back on a sofa next. When it fell on him was f***ed to lie down, through the work of Ambrosio strongman, while Mr. Verbouc, who had raised her dresses to put the bare their legs in silk stockings and exquisite forms of its niece, it was back for a moment to enjoy the indecent exhibition Bella was f***ed to do. -Dude are you crazy? Bella cried again, while with his trembling limbs struggled in vain to hide the lustful displayed in all its nakedness crudeness. Please Let go! -Yes, Bella, I'm crazy, crazy passion for you, crazy with lust to possess you, for enjoy you, for my fill with your body. Resistance is futile. It is my will, and I will enjoy these cute charms; within this narrow and small case. While saying this, Mr. Verbouc was about the final act of i****tuous drama. He undid his lower garments, and without any consideration of modesty exhibited wantonly in the eyes of his niece's voluminous proportions and ruddy his excited member, erect and radiant, looked at her menacingly. A moment later he threw himself on his prey, firmly held on their backs by the priest, and applying his rampant weapon against the tender hole, tried to make the inserting one member conjunction long and wide proportions in the body of the niece. But ongoing body contortions cute Bella, disgust and horror that had seized it, and the inadequate size of their immature parts, impediments to effective were the guy who waited reach victory readily available, Never more ardently wished that in those moments contribute to disarm a champion, and tenderly by the cries of the gentle Bella, with the body of a flea, but with the soul of a wasp, I jumped in one leap to the rescue. Sinking my lancet on the cover sensitive scrotum was Mr. Verbouc question of a second, and had the desired effect. An acute sense of pain and itching will
Page 41
Page 41 of 107 were stopped. The interval was fatal, because a few moments later and thighs Beautiful young belly were covered by the liquid which attested the vigor of his i****tuous relation. Curses, not loud such, but from the bottom, followed this unexpected setback. The would-be r****t had to withdraw from his vantage position and, unable to continue the battle, withdrew the weapon useless. No sooner had Mr. Verbouc delivered his niece of the annoying situation in which was when Father Ambrose began to manifest v******e of their own excitement caused by the passive contemplation of the erotic scene. As she satisfaction meaning of the act, keeping fast hold of his powerful embrace Bella, his habit did not ask the front cover of your state of rigidity member had acquired. Their fearsome weapon, apparently disregarding the limitations imposed by clothing, pushed through them to appear lumpy, with its round bare head and throbbing by the desire of enjoyment. - Ah! cried the other, casting a glance at the relaxed lewd member confessor. Here is a champion who does not know defeat, I guarantee-and taking deliberately in his hands, he made himself with obvious delight handling. -; What a monster! How strong and how stiff is maintained! Ambrose's father got up, denouncing the intensity of his desire for the CIE1 on face, and placing the frightened Bella in better position, took his red bump on the wet opening, and proceeded to enter into with desperate effort. Pain, excitement and intense eagerness roamed the entire nervous system of the victim of their lust for each new thrust. Although this was not the first time the father had touched Ambrosio entries as it, covered with moss, the fact that his uncle was present, it unseemly of all the scene, the deep conviction-that for the first time he did this, the speaking deceit victim by the father and his selfishness, were elements that combined to stifle within those extreme feelings of pleasure had demonstrated so powerfully once. But Ambrose's performance gave him no time for Bella to think, because when feel the gentle pressure, like a glove, its delicate sheath, hurried to complete throwing conjunction with a few vigorous and skillful thrusts to bury his member on her body to the testicles. There was a barbarian refocilamíento range of fast connections and pressures, steady and continuous until a murmur in the throat of Bella announced that the nature claimed its rights therein, and that the fight had reached loving exquisite crises in which spasm of indescribable pleasure fast walking voluptuously nervous system, with the head thrown back, chapped lips and fingers clenched, his body became inherent rigidity these effects absorbents, in the course of which the nymph sheds his youthful essence to mix with the jets evacuated by her lover.
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Page 42 of 107 Bella's body contorted, his eyes glassy and his hands trembling, clearly revealed to his state, without betraying it also whisper laboriously ecstasy escaped her lips trembling. The entire mass of that powerful weapon now well lubricated, worked deliciously in their youth sides. The excitement was growing by Ambrosio moments, and his cock, hard as iron, each thrust threatening to download its viscous nature. - Oh, I can not take it anymore! I feel that milk comes, Verbouc! Have you fuck that. It's delicious. The sheath fits me like a glove. Oh! Oh! Oh! More frequent vigorous and powerful assaults-jump-a real robust submergence within the weak man figurine of her, a tight embrace, and Beautiful, with inexpressible pleasure, felt the warm shed her r****t injection in jets thick and viscous deep inside her tender insides. Ambrose withdrew his penis with evident reluctance steaming, exposing the shiny parts of the girl, of which flowed a thick mass of secretions. 'Well,' said Verbouc, on whom the scene had produced effects extremely exciting. Now it was my turn, good Father Ambrose. Have you enjoyed my niece under my eyes as he wished, and my faith has been well ****d. She pleasures shared with you, my predictions have been confirmed, can receive and can enjoy, and one can be fed into your body. Right. I'll start. At the end got my chance and now can not escape me. I will satisfy a desire long cherished. Appease this insatiable lust aroused in me the daughter of my b*****r. Member Observe, now raises his red head. Express my desire for you, Bella. Feel, my dear niece, how have hardened your uncle's testicles. Being filled for you. It is you who has made this thing has been enlarged and straightened both: are you that intended to provide relief. Discover your head, Bella! Easy, my girl; let me take your hand. Oh, cut the crap! No flushing or modesty. Without resistance. Can you notice its length? You have to get it all in that hot slit the father Ambrose just filled so well. Can you see the big balloons hanging by below, Bella? They are full of semen that I will download to enjoy yours and mine. Yes, Bella, in the womb of the daughter of my b*****r. The idea of ​​the terrible i****t proposed ana-day consummate fuel to the fire of arousal, and caused a sensation superabundant lewd impatience, revealed both its red appearance, such as dart erection which threatened the wet parts of Bella. Mr. Verbouc took security measures. There was, in fact, and as I had said, escape for Bella. She climbed on her body and spread her legs, while Ambrose kept securely fastened. The r****t arrival saw the opportunity. The way was open, thighs well separated whites, reds and wet lips pussy of pretty girl in front of him. I could not wait. Opening Lips sex of her niece, and the red head pointing his gun at the vulva prominent, is
Page 43
Page 43 of 107 moved forward, and pushed and screamed in plunged in sensual pleasure full length on Bella's stomach. - Oh, God! I'm finally in it! Verbouc shrieked. Oh! Ah! What pleasure! How beautiful it is! How tight! Oh! The Good Father Ambrose Bella grabbed more firmly. This made a violent effort, and let out a cry of pain and terror when felt the turgid member into his uncle who, firmly embedded in the warm person of his victim, began a rapid and spirited race for selfish pleasure. It was the lamb into the jaws of the wolf, the dove in the eagle's talons. No pity or care even by her feelings, above all attacked until, too soon for own lustful desire, with a cry of pleasurable trance, unloaded inside her niece a rich stream of her i****tuous fluid. Again and again the two enjoyed their unhappy victim. His fiery lust, stimulated by the contemplation of the pleasure experienced by the other, dragged the insanity. He soon tried to attack Bella Ambrosio her buttocks, but Verbouc, without certainly had his reasons for prohibírselos, opposed it. The priest, however. without self-conscious, he lowered his head to enter his huge tool from behind in sex it. Verbouc knelt in front to watch the event, which-with the conclusion Diose true delight-sucking lips well filled pussy of her niece. That night I went with Bella to bed, because despite my nerves had impacted by a dreadful crash, why is not my appetite had decreased and was a fortune that my young protege possessed not so irritable skin to chafe too much for my labors to satisfy my appetite naturally. The rest went to dinner with you I said my energies, and found a secure retirement and deliciously tender warm moss i covered the mound of the cute Bella, had it not been because, at midnight, a violent rampage came to disturb my decent rest. The girl had been held by a rugged and powerful embrace, and a heavy tamping humanity strongly her delicate body. A gasp went to the frightened her lips, and in the midst of their vain efforts to escape, and its not luckiest measures to prevent the consummation of the purposes of his assailant, I recognized the voice and the person of Mr. Verbouc. The surprise was complete, and after he had to be useless the weak resistance she could offer. His uncle, with feverish haste and terrible excitement caused by the contact with their velvety limbs, took possession of their most secret charms and prey to his lust hateful delved his rampant penis in her young niece. There followed a furious struggle, in which each played a different.
Page 44
Page 44 of 107 The r****t, also fired by the difficulties of his conquest, and by the exquisite sensations he was experiencing, he buried his stiff member in lewd cover, and tried through rush eager to facilitate copious discharge, while Bella, whose temperament was not wise enough to resist proof that violent and lascivious assault, tried in vain to contain the violent imperatives of nature awakened by the exciting friction, which threatened to betray him, until at last, with great trembling in his limbs and breath, he gave up and downloaded the overflow onto the dart filled as deliciously throbbing inside. Mr. Verbone was fully aware of the advantage of their situation, and changing tactics as prudent general, took good care not to expel all its reserves, and caused a further advance from your gracious opponent. Verbouc had no great difficulty in achieving its purpose, although the struggle seemed excite to frenzy. The bed rocked and swayed: the whole room vibrated with the trembling energy of his lewd attack, both bodies reared and rolled, becoming a single mass. An insult, fiery and impatient, took them to the limit on both sides. The did lunges, pushing, lunged, retreated to reveal the broad head flushed of his swollen cock with red lips in the warm parts of Bella, to sink then to the black hairs that were born in the womb, and tangled with the smooth damp moss covering the mound of her niece, until a sigh choppy betrayed the pain and pleasure of it. Again the victory had accrued to him, and while his vigorous member is sheathed until smooth roots in her body, a tender, painful scream off and spoke of his ecstasy when, once again, the spasm of pleasure ran through her system nervous. Finally, with a brutal grunt of triumph, unleashed a torrid stream viscous liquid in the back of the die of it. Owned by the frenzy of a newly born desire and still not satisfied with the possession of this beautiful flower, the brutal Verbouc turned the body of his semidesmayada niece, to expose their attractive buttocks. Its purpose was obvious, and it was more when, spreading her anus filled with milk sex, pushed his index as inside he could. His passion had come back to a fever pitch. Walked toward his penis rotund buttocks, and lying on his body encimándose, placed his shiny head on the small hole, then striving for venture into it. After he got his purpose, and Bella took her into his rectum in its entirety, the staff of his uncle. The narrowness your anus provided the same the greatest pleasure, and continued to work slowly back it forward for a quarter of an hour at least, after which time their acquired speech device rigidity of iron, and discharged into the bowels of his niece streams of milk. It was morning when Mr. Verbouc released his lustful embrace niece he had satisfied his passion, which slid achieved exhausted to seek shelter in
Page 45
Page 45 of 107 his trio bed. Bella, meanwhile, satiated and exhausted, he fell into a heavy sl**p, from which there woke up late in the day. When he came back to his room. Bella had experienced a change that does not mattered not struggled at all to analyze. The passion had taken possession it to form part of his character had awakened within him strong sexual emotions, and given them satisfaction. The refinement of the delivery to the themselves had generated lust, and lust had paved the way for the satisfaction of the senses without restraint, even unnatural inland. -Bella-almost an innocent girl until very recently-basin had become of Suddenly a woman of violent passions. slow and unstoppable lust.
Page 46
Page 46 of 107 Chapter VI READER NOT BOTHER WITH THE story of how it happened that one day I found myself comfortably hidden in the person of good Father Clement, nor I will stop to explain how it was that I was present when the same ecclesiastical confession received a stylish little lady of about twenty years of age. I soon discovered, by the course of their conversation, which although closely related with persons of rank, the lady did not have titles, but was married to one of the most wealthy landowners of the population. The names do not matter here. So this pretty suppress the penitent. After the confessor had given his blessing to end after the ceremony through which he had come into possession of the elite of the secrets of the young is-flora, nothing reluctant, he led the church aisle to the same small sacristy where he received his first lesson Bella coupling sanctified. He spent the lock on the door and no time was lost. The lady took off his clothes, and the burly confessor opened his robe to reveal his enormous weapon, which red head towered menacingly. No sooner realized this appearance, the lady took hold of the member, as one who takes possession by any means an object of delight that it is not by any means unknown. Her delicate hand gently squeezed the upright pillar that was one stiff muscle, while his eyes devoured in its entirety and its swollen proportions. -You have to stick it behind the lady, 'I said. In leorette. But you be very careful, so awfully big! The father's eyes sparkled in his redheaded Clemente stubborn, and its huge weapon was a jerky beat could lift a chair. A second later the little lady was kneeling on the chair, and the father Clemente, approaching her, lifted her fine white undergarments to leave disclosed a squat, rounded bottom, under which, half hidden among some plump thighs, were the red lips a delicious vulva, heavily shaded by clumps of brown hair that curled around it. Clemente did not wait more incentives. Spitting on the tip of his cock, placed his head in the wet warm lips and then, after many assaults and efforts, managed to make it go to the testicles. Delved more ... and more .. and more, until he gave the impression that the beautiful recipient could not support more without risk of damage to your vital organs, Entre both her face reflected the extraordinary pleasure he caused the gigantic member. Father Clement suddenly stopped. I was in until the testicles. His hairs frayed red and plump cheeks harassed the lady's buttocks. This was
Page 47
Page 47 of 107 received inside your body, in all its length, the sheath of the priest. Then encounter began shaking the bench and all the furniture of the room. Clinging with both arms around her frail body, the sexy priest flushed thoroughly in every stroke, without removing more than half of its length Member to penetrate better in each attack, until the lady began to shudder effect of the exquisite sensations that gave him such an assault Nature. Soon, his eyes closed and his head fall forward, poured on invading the warm essence of his nature, Clemente parent meanwhile kept inside triggering the sheath hot and every time your weapon more hardened, reaching resemble a steel bar solid. But everything has an end, and so had the pleasure of good priest, because after having pushed, fought, tight and shake with rage, his staff could not resist, and felt to reach the point of discharge of its sap, reaching in this way to ecstasy. I come at last. Letting out a cry sank to the root inside their member of the lady, and poured into her womb a rich stream of milk. It was all over, had spent the last spasm. Had been shed the last drop, and lay Clemente as dead. The reader will imagine that the good Father Clement would be satisfied with just this single coup that had just strike with such excellent effects, nor the lady, whose licentious appetites had been appeased so powerfully did not want and new skirmishes. On the contrary, this intercourse had only to wake up the both sensual faculties dormant, and again felt flame wake desire. The lady was lying on his back, his burly r****t pounced on her, and sinking your ram until hairs gathered both came again, filling his matrix a slimy stream. Still unsatisfied, the raunchy couple continued to their exciting hobby. This time Clement lay on his back, and the young lady, after fiddling lasciviously with enormous genitals, took the red head of his cock between her pink lips, the while stimulating him with pat maddening to achieve maximum tension, all with an avidity that ended up causing an abundant discharge of fluid thick and warm, this time filled his pretty mouth and ran down his throat. Then the lady, whose lust was at least equal to that of her confessor, was placed on the burly figure of it, and after having secured another huge erection, impaled in the beating dart to not expose anything more than big balls hanging hardened under the gun. Thus sucked until a fourth Clemente downloads. Heaving a strong smell of semen under the abundant ejaculations of the priest, and fatigued by the exceptional length of entertainment, Diose then comfortably contemplate the monstrous proportions and capacity were common than its giant confessor.
Page 48
Page 48 of 107 Chapter VII BELLA HAD A FRIEND, A DAMITA ONLY a few months older than she, the daughter of a wealthy gentleman, who lived near Mr. Verbouc. Julia, however. was less ardent and voluptuous temperament, and Bella soon realized that not speaks matured enough to understand the feelings of passion, understand the strong instincts aroused pleasure. Julia was slightly taller than her young friend, somewhat less plump, but with forms capable of delighting the eye and captivate the heart of an artist so its perfect cut and exquisite detail. It is assumed that a flea can not describe the beauty of the people. not even the those that feed. All I can say, therefore, is that Julia Delmont was in my view a great gift, and one day it would be for someone of sex opposite, as it was made to arouse the desire of most insensible of men, and to enchant with their graceful manners and pleasant always contained the most demanding worshiper of Venus. Julia's father had, as we have said, extensive resources, his mother was a who looked rather goofy little daughter, or something else other than their duties religious, in the exercise of which employed most of his time as well as in devotees visit the old neighborhood that stimulated their predilections. Mr. Delmont was relatively young. Robust constitution, was full of life, and inasmuch as his pious spouse was too busy to allow the matrimonial pleasures which the poor man had a right, it's looking for Other sides. Mr. Delmont had a friend, a cute young girl, as I concluded, not was satisfied merely to his wealthy protector. Mr. Delmont in any way confined his attentions to her friend, her habits were erratic, and frankly erotic inclinations. In such circumstances, it is not surprising that his eyes were set in the beautiful body cocoon flower that was the niece of his friend, Bella. She had had chance to push his gloved hand, to kiss-of course-his paternal air white cheek, and even place his hand trembling clear that accidentally-on her plump thighs. Actually, Bella, much more experienced than most girls her tender age, he realized that Mr. Delmont only waiting for an opportunity to take things to its ultimate conclusion. And this was precisely what had pleased to Bella, but was watched too closely, and the new and unfortunate situation that had just come monopolized all his thoughts .
Page 49
Page 49 of 107 Ambrose's father, however, was aware well of the need to stay on notice, and did not let any opportunity pass, when the girl came to his confessional, for direct and pertinent questions about their behavior towards others, and conduct that others watched with his penitent. That's how Bella came to confess his feelings spiritual guide engendered in her by the lecherous Mr. Delmont proceed. Ambrose's father gave him good advice, and immediately began the task Bella to suck the penis. After this delicious episode, and deleted that were the footsteps of pleasure, the worthy priest was assigned with his usual cunning, to take advantage of the facts of they had just learned. His sensual and vicious brain soon devise a plan whose boldness and restlessness I, a humble insect, do not know that it was never equaled. Of course, in the act Julia decided that she had to be yours someday. This was second nature. But to achieve this goal, and have fun at the same time with the Bella unquestionably passion had awakened in Mr. Delmont, conceived a double consummation, which was carried out by the most indecent and repulsive plan I ever heard of the reader. The first thing to do was to awaken the imagination of Julia, and stoke it the latent fires of lust. This noble task entrusted the good priest to Bella, which, properly instructed, readily agreed to do it. Since we had already broken the ice in his own case, Bella, in fact, not wanted nothing but to get Julia out as guilty as her. So he gave the task of corrupting his young friend. How did he, we shall see in due time. It was only a few days after the initiation of the young beautiful girl in the delights of crime in its i****tuous we have already reported, and in which there had been more Mr. Verbouc experience because he had to leave the row. In the long run, without But he had to present the new opportunity, and Bella found a second time, single and serene, in the company of his uncle and father Ambrosio. The afternoon was cold, but reigned stay pleasant heat-quote the effect of a stove installed in the luxury department. The soft, plush sofas and ottomans provided that the room furnished it to it an air of indolence and abandonment. In the bright light of a lamp exquisitely scented the two men seemed elegant devotees of Bacchus and Venus as they sat, scantily clad, after a sumptuous snack.
Page 50
Page 50 of 107 As for Bella, as it was exceeded in beauty. Wearing a charming 'negligie', half and half hid discovered those blooming charms that proud as could be shown. His arms, shapely admirably, her soft silk covered legs, the heaving bosom, which protruded two white apples, exquisitely rounded and finished in as many strawberries, shapely hips, and tiny feet imprisoned in tight shoes, were charms, in addition to many others, were a delicate and delicious with whom she had been intoxicated the deities themselves, and in which they would indulge the two lewd mortals. It took, however, a small incentive to increase the excitement of the abnormal infamous and desires of those two men who at that time, with eyes injected by lust, looked at will the treasures deployment was reach. Convinced that they were to be interrupted, they prepared both to make lewd attouchernents that would meet the desire bask in what they had to view. Unable to contain his anxiety, sexy man extended his hand, and drawing to yes to his niece, he slid his fingers between her legs only at random. For his part, priest took possession of her sweet breasts, to plunge your face in them. Neither stopped modesty considerations to interfere with his pleasure, so that members of the two strong men were then displayed throughout its extension, and remained excited and erect, heads burning as a result of bl**d pressure and muscle tension. - Oh, how touching me! Bella murmured, opening voluntarily thighs trembling hands of his uncle, Ambrose almost drowned while the lavish delicious kisses with his thick lips, At one point the complacent captured Bella's hand inside his warm palm the priest vigorous rigid member. - What, sweetie, is not great? Did not burning to expel the juice within you? Oh, how to turn me on, my daughter! Your hand. .. your sweet hand. .. Oh! I'm dying insert it into your soft belly! Kiss me, Bella! Verbouc, see how-ons in their niece! - Holy Mother, what the fuck! Go, Bella, what his head! How it shines! What trunk so long and so white! And see how it bends as if it were a snake in Stalking his victim! It looks a drop on the tip! Look, Bella! - Oh, how hard it is! How vibrates! How rush! I can barely comprehend it! I you kill these kisses, I sorbéis life! Mr. Verbouc made a move forward, and at the same time put exposed his own weapon, erect and red hot, naked and wet head. Bella's eyes lit up at the prospect.
Page 51
Page 51 of 107 -We need to establish an order for our pleasures, Bella, 'said his uncle. We must extend as much as possible, our ecstasy. Ambrosio is rampant. What a****l is splendid! You have to see which member! , Is equipped as a stallion! Ah, my niece, my creature, with that will dilate your crack. The sink to your body, and after a good run downloaded a torrent of milk for pleasure yours! - What a pleasure! Bella murmured. Longing receive up to my waist. Yes, yes. Not hasten the delicious final all work for it. I would have said more, but at that time the red tip of the rigid member Mr. Verbouc entered his mouth. With Bella received increased avidity hard and throbbing between her lips object coral, and admitted as much as it could. He began to lick around his tongue, and even tried to introduce it into the red tip opening. Was excited to frenzy. Her cheeks were burning, his breath came and went with spasmodic anxiety. He clung indeed the member of lewd priest and his young tight cunt throbbed with pleasure anticipated. He wanted to continue tickling, rubbing and exciting the swollen trunk lewd Ambrosio, but the burly priest motioned him to stop. 'Wait a moment, she sighed Bella, you're going to make me come. Bella dropped the huge white dart leaned back so that his uncle could drive slowly into and out of his mouth, without the look of it stop for a moment to pay attention to the extraordinary eagerly Ambrosio member dimensions. I never liked Bella with much delight of a penis, as was now enjoying respected member of his uncle. For this reason he applied his lips to it with the greatest pleasure, sipping morbidly secretion that occasionally exuded tip. Mr. Verbouc was enraptured with their attentive services. Then the priest knelt, head shaved and passing between the legs of Verbouc, who was standing at his niece, plump thighs opened it to set aside then with his fingers the red lips of her vulva, and sticking his tongue inward, to while her thick lips covered his youthful and energized parts. Bella shuddered with pleasure. His uncle became even more rigid, and pushed strongly within the beautiful mouth of the girl, who took his balls between your hands to squeeze them gently. He pulled back his skin was burning log, and resumed her sucking with obvious delight. - Come here! Bella said, abandoning for a moment the head viscous order to be able to speak and take breath. Come on, man! I like both taste! -You can do it, dearie, but not yet. We should not go so fast. - Oh, how my mama! How I lick your tongue! I'm on fire! It kills me! - Ah, Bella! Now I feel more than pleasure: I have reconciled with the joys of our contacts i****tuous.
Page 52
Page 52 of 107 -I really do, uncle. Put me back in your fucking mouth. Not yet, Bella, my love. Do not make me wait too. I're crazy. Father! Father! Oh, is coming towards me, ready to fuck! God, what the hell! Mercy! I leave in two! Ambrosio Meanwhile, emboldened by the delicious romp to which it was entertaining, became too excited to remain as it was, and taking the opportunity Verbouc a momentary withdrawal, stood up and lay down on his back, into the soft couch, a beautiful girl. Verbouc took in his hand the formidable penis holy father, gave him a pair of Preliminary shock, skin removal around his egg-shaped head, and anchurosa tip routing and ardent towards pink slit, pushed vigorously into her belly. Moisture noble lubricated parts of the creature facilitated entry head and the front, and the weapon of the priest soon became mired. Continued strong lunges, and brutal lust reflected in the face, and little pity for the youth of his victim, Ambrose skewered. Bella excitation exceeded pain, so that opened leg as far as he can to enable gloat as they wish in the possession of her beauty. A strangled cry escaped Bella's lips parted as she felt that great weapon, hard as iron, pressing her womb, and stretching it to its large size. Mr. Verbouc not missing a detail of lusty spectacle offered to his view, and the effect was maintained near the excited partner. At one point he put his little less vigorous in hand convulsed member of her niece. Ambrose, as soon as he was firmly lodged in the body cute beneath him, restrained his anxiety. Calling on his extraordinary power assistance self-control with which he was endowed, passed his trembling hands on hips girl, and discovered his clothes away his hairy belly, with which each Shake rubbing her fluffy bush. Suddenly the priest accelerated his work. With powerful and rhythmic thrusts buried in the tender body that lay beneath him. Strongly pressed forward, and White Bella wrapped her arms around his muscular neck. His balls hit the chubby buttocks of her, his instrument had penetrated to the hairs, black and curly, completely covering her sex. -Now you have it. Look, Verbouc, your niece. See how she enjoys the rites ecclesiastics. Ah, what a pleasure! How I nibble with her tight pussy! - Oh, dear, dear ...! Oh, good father, jodedme! I'm coming. Push! Push! Kill me with him, if you please, but do not fail to move you! So! Oh! Heavens! Ah! Ah! How great it is! How goes into me!
Page 53
Page 53 of 107 The couch creaked because of their quick jolts. - Oh. God! Bella cried. It's killing me .., really is too ... Me die ... I'm coming! And letting out a scream lawyer, the girl came, flooding the thick shaft that was fucking so delightfully. The long penis engruesó and further inflamed. I also finished off the ball swelled, and all the tremendous apparatus seemed about to explode with lust. The young beautiful girl incoherent whisper, of which only understood the word fuck. Ambrosio also completely enraged, feeling his huge yerga trapped meats in juvenile girl could not hold back and grabbing the buttocks of Bella with both hands, pushed inwards tremendous entire length of his cock and fired, throwing the thick jets of his fluid, one after another, just inside your playmate. A roar like wild b**st escaped from his chest as they threw their warm milk. - Oh, it's coming! I is flooding! I feel! Ah, what a treat! Meanwhile fuck the priest, sunk deep in the body of Bella, still issuing its swollen head pearly semen that filled her parent's youth. - Ah, how much you are giving me! 'Said Bella, as she swayed on his feet and was running in all directions, legs down, the warm fluid. How viscous white! This was exactly the situation most anxiously awaited the uncle, and therefore quietly proceeded to take it. He looked at her beautiful silk stockings soaked, put his fingers between her pussy lips red, oozing semen smeared over his hairless sex. Then, placing his niece properly before him, Verbouc exhibited once again its stiff and hairy champion, and excited by the exceptional scenes that both had delighted him, watched with eager zeal the tender parts of the young Bella, completely covered as they were by the discharges of the priest, and still exuding thick and heavy prolific drops of fluid. Bella, in obedience to his wishes, she opened her legs as much as possible. His uncle placed forward to his naked person between her thighs logs. -Be still, my dear niece. Fuck me is not as fat nor as long as the Father Ambrose, but I know how to fuck, and you can check it the milk your uncle not as thick and pungent as any cleric. See how I stiffly. .. - And how you make me wait! Bella said. I see your dear yerga waiting turn. How is red! Push me, dear uncle! I'm ready again, and the good father Ambrosio thee well oiled road. The hard cock touched her head flushed the open lips, still quite slippery, and its tip firmly entrenched. Then he began to penetrate the member itself, and after a few thrusts firm that relative copy
Page 54
Page 54 of 107 had ventured to the testicles in the womb of her niece, basking lustfully between evidencing its previous tuff and impious forth with the father. -Dear uncle cried the girl. Remember who you're fucking. Not is an odd, is the daughter of your b*****r, your own niece. Fuck me good, then, man. Give me the full power of your vigorous fuck. Fuck me! Fuck me until your i****tuous milk spilling inside me! Ah! Oh! Oh! And uncontrollably before the spell of their own lustful thoughts, Bella gave the most unbridled sensuality, to the great delight of his uncle. The vigorous man, enjoying the satisfaction of his favorite lust, began to perform a series of fast and powerful thrusts. Notwithstanding that flooded was, her pretty vulva opponent was itself small, and narrow enough to pinch deliciously into the opening, and thus lead to increased pleasure quickly. Verbouc to throw rose angrily into her body, and beautiful young was seized with the urgency of a lust sated yet. Your yerga thickened and hardened further. The tingling soon became almost unbearable. Bella turned himself entirely to pleasure the i****tuous act, until Mr. Verbouc, sighing, came inside his niece, array again flooding her with his warm fluid. Bella came also to ecstasy, and at the same time receiving the injection powerful, pleasantly host no less ardent shed a proof of his enjoyment. Having thus completed the act, was given time for Bella to make their ablutions, and then, after an invigorating rush of wine glass filled to the brim, it sat the three to enter into a diabolical plan for the **** and enjoyment of the beautiful Julia Delmont. Bella confessed that Mr. Delmont he wanted, and that was evidently waiting the opportunity to move things to the satisfaction of his whims. For his part, Father Ambrose confessed that his member is straightened at the sole mention of the name of the girl. He had confessed and admitted jokingly that during the ceremony he could not control his hands, as his mere breath aroused in him crave sensual uncontrollable. Mr. Verbouc said he was equally anxious solace provided their sweet charms, whose very description as mad. But the problem was how implement the plan. -If the **** without preparation, shatter exclaimed Father Ambrose, showing once again its ruddy machine, still oozing its tests Finally enjoyment which had not wiped. -I can not enjoy it first. I need the excitement of previous copulation - Verbouc objected.
Page 55
Page 55 of 107 -I would rather see the girl ****d Bella said. Observe the operation with delight, and when Father Ambrose had introduced his big thing Inside of it, you could do the same with me to compensate the gift that I would do the pretty Julia. -Yes, that combination could be delicious. - What will it do? Bella asked. Holy Mother, how stiff is back yerga your dear Father Ambrose! -I have an idea just thinking about it gives me a violent erection. Implementation would be the height of lust, and therefore pleasure. -Let's see what it is cried the other two as One. 'Wait a bit,' said the holy man, as Bella stripped the red head your instrument to tickle cn wet hole with the tip of his tongue. -Listen carefully, Ambrosio said. Mr. Delmont is in love with Bella. We're on his daughter, and this creature that I now face is sucking her jo like to see Julia skewered tender it to the depths of your vital organs, with the only and provided lustful desire for an extra dose of pleasure. So far all We disagree. Now lend me your attention, and you, Bella, let alone my instrument. I Here is my plan: I know that the little Julia is not insensitive to their a****l instincts. In Indeed, the devil feels itchy and meat. A little bit of persuasion and guile Other can do the rest. Julia will access to alleviate these anxieties is carnal appetite. Bella should encourage this purpose. Meanwhile induce the same Mr. Delmont Bella to be more daring. It will let you declare, if you want it. In reality, this is essential to the plan may be. That is the time I should intervene. I will suggest to Mr. Verbouc Delmont is a man above vulgar prejudices, and that a certain sum of money will be as to give his beautiful and virginal niece to sate their appetites. -I fail to understand it well, 'said Bella. I do not see the object-Verbouc intervened. This does more to bring us closer consummation of our plan. 'Wait a moment,' continued the good father. Until now all have agreed. Now Bella will be sold to Delmont. It will let you secretly meets your wishes in the beautiful charms of her. But the victim is not shall see him, nor he her, a.-to save face. You will be placed in a nice bedroom, you can see the fully nude body of a lovely woman, you will know that it is the victim, and you can enjoy it. - Me? Bella interrupted. Why all the mystery? Ambrose's father smirked. 'I know, Bella, have patience. What we want is to enjoy Julia Delmont, and what Mr. Delmont want to enjoy yourself. We can only achieve our goal while preventing any possibility of scandal. It is necessary that the
Page 56
Page 56 of 107 Mr. Delmont is muted, otherwise they could be harmed by the **** of his daughter. My purpose is that the lecherous Mr. Delmont **** his own daughter, in instead of Bella, and that once this lucky we have opened the way, we we give ourselves to satisfying our lust. If Delmont falls into the trap, can reveal the committed i****t, and recompensárselo with true possession of Bella, in exchange for the person of his daughter, or act according to the circumstances. - Oh, I almost am coming now! Shouted Mr. Verbouc. My gun is that fire! What up! What a wonderful show! Both men got up, and Bella was involved in their hugs. Two hard and long darts were embedded against his body kind as the moved to the couch. Ambrosio lay on their backs, Bella rode him over and took his penis stallion in his hands to take to the vulva. Mr. Verbouc looked on. Bella dropped enough that the huge weapon will delve completely; then settled above the fiery priest and began a delightful series of wave motions. Mr. Verbouc watched her nice buttocks up and down, opening and closing each successive thrust. Ambrosio had ventured down to the root, this was evident. His large testicles were stuck under it, and the thick lips of Bella came to them whenever Girl was dropped. The show will sit well with Verbouc. The virtuous man climbed onto the couch, directed her long swollen penis to Bella's ass, without great difficulty got completely buried up her womb. The butt of his niece was wide and soft as a glove, and the skin of the buttocks white as alabaster. Verbouc, however, paid no attention to these details. His cock was inside, and felt the tight little muscle compression inlet as something exquisite. The two fuck rubbing each other, only separated by a thin membrane. Bella felt the maddening effects of this double delight. After dreadful transport arrived late excitation leading to relief, and squirts milk flooded the graceful Bella. After downloaded Ambrosio twice in Bella's mouth, which also then poured her i****tuous uncle fluid, and thus ended the session. The way Bella performed their duties was such that sincere commendations earned of his two companions. Sitting on the edge of a chair, was placed in front of both of stiff so that members of both were level with her coral lips, Then taking from his lips the velvety glans, applied both hands to rub, tickle and excite the phallus and its appendices.
Page 57
Page 57 of 107 Thus put into action throughout the nervous power of the members of their playmates, with their distended to its full members, could enjoy the lascivious tingle until the choccie Bella became irresistible, and between sighs of ecstasy her mouth and throat were flooded with jets of semen. The little glutton's completely d***k. And the same would be done with a dozen, if she had opportunity.
Page 58
Page 58 of 107 Chapter VIII Bella was giving me THE MOST delicious food. His youth members never missed its crimson indentations caused by my pickets, who, to my great regret, I was f***ed to take to get my support. I determined, therefore, to continue with it, even though, in truth, his behavior of late had become moot and slightly irregular. One thing certain was that there was clearly lost all sense of delicacy and proper modesty of a maiden, and lived only to satisfy their pleasures sex. Soon he could see that the girl had not wasted any instructions given on the part he had to play in the conspiracy hatched. Now I propose to tell in what form played a role. It was not long found Bella in the mansion-flower is Delmont, and perhaps for random, or perhaps rather because he had prepared well respected citizen, alone with him. Mr. Delmont warned his chance and intelligent which were generally available to assault. He found that his pretty companion, or was in limbo as to their intentions, or was well prepared to alentarías. Mr. Delmont had already placed his arms around Bella's waist and as by accident the right of this gentle hand under his nerve compressed and palm the male member of it. What Bella showed palpable v******e of his emotion. A spasm crossed the reference subject hard throughout, and Bella did not stop a similar experience sensual pleasure. The lover gently pulled Mr. Delmont foolish yes, and hugged his body complacent. Quickly pressed a warm kiss on her cheek and whispered words promising to divert their attention from their maneuvers. Tried something else: hand rubbed Bella on the hard object, which allowed the girl could see that h excitation be too fast. Bella adhered strictly to his role at all times: it was an innocent girl and demure. Mr. Delmont, encouraged by the lack of resistance from her young friend, gave other steps even more determined. His hand wandered restless between light dresses Bella, and caressed her calves complacent. Then suddenly, while kissing passion with her red lips, her trembling fingers went below to tempt her plump thigh. Bella refused. At any other time he'd slept on their backs and would have helped make it worse, but remember the lesson, and played its role perfectly.
Page 59
Page 59 of 107 - Oh, what is bold of you! Cried the girl. What are they rude! I can not afford them! My uncle says I should not allow that anyone touch me there. In any case never before ... Bella hesitated, stopped, and his face became silly. Mr. Delmont was as curious as lovesick. - Before what. Bella? - Oh, I should explain! I should not say anything about it. Only his rough manners I did forget. - Forget what? -Something that told me my uncle often said simply Bella. - But what is it? Tell me! I dare not. In addition, do not understand what it means. -I'll explain if you tell me what it is. - Will you promise not to tell? - Certainly. -Well. For what he says is that I have never to let me put the hands there, and if anyone wants to do is to pay a lot for it. She said that, really? -Yes, of course. He said I can give you a good sum of money, and that there are many rich men pay for what you want to me, and also said I was not stupid enough to let loose the opportunity. -Really, Bella, your uncle is a perfect businessman, but did not think was a man of that kind. 'Yes it is, cried Bella. It puffed up with the money, you know that, and I I hardly know what it means, but sometimes it says it will sell my virginity. - Is it possible? Delmont thought. What type should be that! Good eye for Business must have! The more he thought Mr. Delmont about it, the more I was convinced absolute truth of the naive explanation given by Bella. It was on sale, and he would buy. It was better to go this route than risk being discovered and punished by Secret relationships. Before, however, he could finish yourself these wise reflections, is was an interruption caused by the arrival of his daughter Julia. and while reluctantly, had to leave the company of Bella and compose their clothes properly. Bella soon gave an excuse and went home, leaving the events take their course.
Page 60
Page 60 of 107 The path taken by the pretty girl passed through meadows, and was a wagon road that left the highway near the residence of his uncle. This time the evening had fallen, and the weather was mild. The trail was several curves, and as Bella was amused way forward in watch the cattle grazing nearby. It got to a point where the road was lined with trees, and where tub series log straight line separating the road from the trail itself pedestrians. In the meadows next saw several men who tilled the field, and little further to a group of women who rested a moment of the work of the planting, entertaining in interesting discussions. Across the road was a near hedges, and as it happens look there, he saw something that astonished. In the meadow had two a****ls, a stallion and a mare. Obviously the first was dedicated to pursuing the second, until he got reach him not far from where he was Bella. But what surprised and appalled to it was the wonderful spectacle of the great brownish member that erect with excitement, belly hung stallion, and that of occasionally impatient hunched in search of the body of the female. This should have also warned that member throbbing, since it had arrested and remained quiet, offering its back the aggressor. The male was too urged by his amorous instincts to lose much time with compliments, and before the astonished eyes of the girl rode on female and attempted to introduce his instrument. Bella watched the show with bated breath, and saw how, at last, member filled the long horse and disappeared entirely on the backs of the female. To say that their sexual feelings were excited would be only express the natural result of lewd show. Actually I was more than excited, his instincts libidinous had unleashed. Hands stroking stared to observe all interest in the prurient spectacle, and when, after a fast and furious race, the a****l withdrew his dripping penis, Bella went to it a gourmand look, conceiving the insanity of take him to indulge herself. Obsessed with this idea, Bella knew he had to do something to erase his mind the powerful influence that the oppressed. Taking his courage averted eyes and resumed his way, but had hardly gone a dozen steps when his eye fell on something that certainly was not going to ease your passion. Just before her was a young rustic eighteen, of features beautiful, although goofy expression, with an eye to the loving dedicated to their hobby horses. A gap between the bushes that lined the way gave him an excellent angle of view, and was delivered to the contemplation of the spectacle with interest as evident as Bella.
Page 61
Page 61 of 107 But what it chained the attention of the boy was the state in which appeared his dress, and the emergence of a tremendous member of well-developed red head. that naked and showing off in full, stood shameless. There was no doubt about the fact that the show had developed in the meadow caused to the boy, since it had unbuttoned the pants for coarse between his nervous hands seize a weapon from which one Carmelite been proud. With eager eyes devoured the scene unfolding in the meadow, whereas with undressed right hand column for friccionaría firm vigorously up and downwards, completely oblivious to the fact that a kindred spirit was witnessed their acts. A startled gasp escaped involuntarily motivated Bella he looked around him. and discovered before him the beautiful girl in the lustful moment his cock was fully exposed in all its glory erection. - By God! Bella exclaimed as soon as he could recover speech. What vision so horrible! Shameless boy! What are you doing with this red thing? The boy, humiliated, tried to enter back into the object fly had prompted the question, but his obvious confusion and rigidity acquired by the member made the operation difficult. not to say that irksome. Bella came to his aid solicitous. - What is this? Let me help you. How does it go? How big is hard! And what long! My faith is a tremendous thing, naughty boy! Joining the action to the word, the girl placed her small hand in the erect Boy penis and squeezing it in her warm palm became harder still a possibility to return him to his hideout. Meanwhile the boy, who gradually regained his stolid presence of mind, and warned the innocence of his new unknown, failed to do anything in support of their laudable purpose of hiding the offensive rigid member. Actually it was impossible, even if he had put something in YOUR hand, as soon as his hand horn grabbed it acquired even greater proportions, while the swollen and red head shone like a ripe plum. - Oh, naughty boy! Bella he observed. What should I do? -He went on, while addressing an angry look to the face of the rustic beautiful boy. - Oh, how fun it is! Sighed the lad. Who could say you were so close to me when I felt so bad, and began to throb and swell to be as it is now? -This is incorrect-observed-the little lady, and further tightening feeling the flames of lust grew more and more inside her. This is terribly wrong, rogue.
Page 62
Page 62 of 107 - Did you see what they did the horses on the prairie? The boy asked, looking questioningly at Bella, whose beauty seemed projected onto the dull mind as the sun sneaks through a landscape the clouds. -Yes, I saw. The girl replied innocently. What were they doing? What mean? 'They were k**ding,' said the boy with a smile of lust. He wanted to the female and the female wanted the stallion, so we got together and set out to fuck. - Wow, that's funny! Replied the girl, looking with the most c***dish simplicity the great object was still in his hands, to the dismay of lad. 'Really it was fun, right? And what instrument yours! Right, Miss? -Immense Bella murmured while thinking a moment in which was rubbing up and down with his hand. - Oh, how I tickles! Sighed his companion. How beautiful you are! And how well he rubs! Please follow, miss. I have wanted to come to me. - Really? Bella murmured. I can do you come? Bella looked at the filled object, hardened mild tingling effect that was applied, and which seemed swollen head would explode. Observing pruritus what would be the effect of friction interrupted completely took possession of it, so was applied with redoubled commitment to the task. - Oh, yes, please! Follow! I am about to come to me! Oh! Oh! How well does! Squeeze more. . ., Rub faster. . . peel it right. . .! Now again .. . Oh, heavens! Oh! The long and hard thickened and heated instrument ever as she rubbed it up and down. - Ah! Ugh! Coming! Ugh! Oooh! Rustic cried brokenly as his knees were shaking and his body took on stiffness, and between contortions and their gasps expelled huge and powerful penis thick liquid jet on Bella's little hands, which, eager to bathe in the hot viscous fluid, surrounded by Complete the huge dart, helping to deliver every last drop of semen. Bella, surprised and joyful. each drop-pumped would have been sucked in bold-and then extracted Holland her delicate handkerchief to wipe their hands perlina thick mass. After i youngster, humiliated and stupid air, tucked the faint member, and looked at his companion with a mixture of curiosity and wonder. - Where do you live? He asked at last, when he found words to speak .. -Not far from here, 'said Bella. But you should not follow or try to get me, you know? If you do you go wrong -Continued the young lady, 'because never again certify thee, and above serious punished. - Why do not we fuck like the stallion and filly?
Page 63
Page 63 of 107 Suggested the girl, whose ardor, scarcely subsided, began to manifest again. 'Maybe we do someday, but not now. Wear hurry because I'm late. I have to go soon. -Let me tease your garments below. Tell me, when will you come back? 'Not now,' said Bella, retreating slowly, 'but we find another time. Bella toying with the idea of ​​indulging in the formidable object that lay behind their calzones. Tell me she asked. Ever. .. You screwed? -No, but I want to. Do not believe me? Okay, then I'll tell you. .. yes, I made. - Good lord! -Said the girl -My father would also fuck-added without hesitation or pay attention to its retraction movement. - Does your father? How terrible! And how do you know? 'Because my father and I we fuck the girls together. His instrument is greater than mine. -So you say. But is it true that your father and you do these horrible things together? -Yes, it is clear that when presented the opportunity. You should see him fuck. Uyuy! He laughed like an idiot. -You do not look very clever boy, 'said Bella. 'My father is not as smart as I am,' replied the young man laughing more still, to while showing semienhiesta yerga again. Now I know how to fuck, but did it only once. You should see me fuck. What Bella could see was the great instrument of the boy, throbbing and erect. - Who did it, wicked boy? With a girl of f******n. Both fucked up, my father and I were the divide. - Who was the first? Bella asked. -I, and my father surprised me. Then he wanted to do it too and I did hold. I've seen fuck ... Uyuy! A few minutes after Bella had resumed his way, and arrived home without subsequent adventures.
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Page 64 of 107 Chapter IX BEAUTIFUL STORY WHEN THE RESULT OF his interview that afternoon with Mr. Delmont, a muffled giggles of delight escaped the lips of the other two conspirators. He did not speak, however, the rustic lad who had encountered along the way. In that part of their adventures of the day considered entirely unnecessary to inform the wily Father Ambrose or his equally shrewd relative. The plot was evidently about to succeed. The seed as discreetly sown necessarily had to be fruitful, and when the thought of the Father Ambrose delicious entertainment that one day I would be in the person of the beautiful Julia Delmont, is alike cheered his spirit and his a****l passions, basking in advance with the tender delicacies close to being over and the obvious result that occurred a loosening of its membership and that their procedures denounced the deep excitement that had gripped him. Neither Mr. Verbouc remained impassive. Sensual extreme degree, is promised a great entertainment with the charms of the daughter of his neighbor, and the only thought of this treat produced the corresponding effects on your temperament nervous. However, there were some details to fix. Was clear that simple Mr. Delmont would take steps to find out what was true in the Bella assertion that his uncle was willing to sell her virginity. Father Ambrose, whose knowledge of the man had done to conceive such an idea, knew perfectly well who he was dealing. In fact, who, in the holy sacrament of confession, has not revealed the most intimate of his being the pious man who has had the privilege of being his confessor? Ambrose's father was discreet; kept to the letter ordering him to silence their religion. But he had no qualms rely on the facts of which he was aware this way for their own purposes, and what were they and our readers know these heights. The plan was therefore completed. One day, a mutually agreed upon, Bella invite Julia to spend the day at his uncle's house, and it was further agreed that Mr. Delmont would be invited to spend a pick on that occasion. After a lapse of innocent flirting by Bella, subject to what I would have explained previously, she would retire, and under the pretext that he had to take some precautions to avoid potential scandal, would you presented in a suitable room, lying on a sofa in which must depend his personal charms. Although head remain carefully hidden behind a curtain run. Thus Mr. Delmont anxious to have the tender place could snatch the coveted jewel that wanted both of their lovely victim, while she, unaware of who might be the aggressor, never could later accuse him of ****, nor ashamed before him. A Delmont had to explained to her all this, and felt sure his consent. A single thing had to block it out: that his own daughter would replace Bella. This does should know until it was too late.
Page 65
Page 65 of 107 Meanwhile Julia would have to be prepared gradually and secretly what going to happen, not to mention of course the catastrophic end and the person who actually consummate the act. In this regard, Father Ambrose was in his element, and through questions on track and a large number of explanations in the confessional, really unnecessary, had already put the girl in background things I had never dreamed of, all of which would have hastened to Bella explain and confirm. All details were finally agreed at a meeting with board, and consideration of the case in advance aroused such violent appetites in both men they set out to celebrate their good fortune indulging in possession of the lovely young Bella with a passion never achieved until then. The little lady, meanwhile, was also reluctant to lend to fantasies, and as Since in those times was lying on the couch with a hardened soft member in each hand, his emotions rose in intensity, and showed anxious delivered to the vigorous arms I knew were about to reclaim. As usual, Father Ambrose was the first. The turned upside down, making to exhibit his plump buttocks as possible. He stood for a moment rapt in contemplation of the delicious prospect, and small and delicate barely visible slit underneath. His weapon, formidable and well stocked with essence, straightened bravely, threatening both lovely love entries. Mr. Verbouc, as on other occasions, was about to witness the disproportionate assault, with the evident purpose of performing its role then favorite. Father Ambrose leer stared white and rounded promontories before him. Clerical tendencies of his education was invited to the commission of an act of infidelity to the goddess, but knowing what I expected from him his friend and patron, was contained for now. Delays are dangerous, he said. My testicles are full, the beloved c***d should receive your content, and you, my friend, you have to enjoy the abundant I can provide lubrication. This time, at least, Ambrose had said but the truth. His powerful weapon, whose summit appeared the red head flat and wide proportions, and facing the impression of a beautiful fruit in season, stood in front of his belly, and his immense testicles, heavy and round, were overloaded the poisonous liquor that is preparing to download. A thick, opaque drop-un courrier auant jet had of follow-appeared at the blunt tip of his penis when burning lust the satyr approaching his victim. Tilting its massive quickly dart, Ambrose took the large nut of his limb along the tender lips vulva gives Bella, and began to push inside. - Oh, how hard! How great it is! -Bella said. I do damage! Login too fast! Oh, stop!
Page 66
Page 66 of 107 As Bella had been appealing to the winds. A quick succession of shocks, a few pauses between them, more effort, and Bella was impaled. - Ah! Exclaimed the r****t, turning in triumph to his coadjutor, with twinkly eyes and drooling lips taste lustful. Ah, this is really tasty. How close is and yet it has everything inside. I'm in inside to the testicles! Mr. Verbouc performed a detailed examination. Ambrosio was right. Nothing of their genitals, apart from his big balls, was visible, and these were legs pressed against Bella. Meanwhile Bella felt the heat of the invader in her womb. He could tell how the huge member was inside was discovered and turned to cover, and rush in the act by a fit of lust came profusely, while leaving out a faint cry. Mr. Verbouc was delighted. - Push, push! 'He said. Now I am happy. Give it all ... Push! Ambrose did not need more incentives, and taking Bella for hips buried to the depths at each thrust. The enjoyment came early, it was back to removing the entire penis, except for the tip, to launch then thoroughly and give a low growl while throwing a real deluge of hot fluid inside the delicate body Bella. The girl felt warm and tingly jet fired any v******e in their inside, and once again paid tribute. The big jets flooded intervals vital organs, from the powerful reserves of Father Ambrose, whose unique gift about as we discussed earlier-Bella caused him the most delicious sensations, and raised the maximum pleasure during download. Just Ambrosio had retired when he took his niece Mr. Verbouc, and began a slow enjoyment of their most secret charms. Within twenty well counted minutes elapsed from the time the lecherous uncle started his enjoyment, until she gave complete satisfaction to their lust with a copious discharge, which Bella received with shivers of delight only able to be imagined by a mind sick. 'I wonder,' said Mr Verbouc after having recovered his breath, and revive with a big gulp of wine, I wonder why it is that this dear girl inspires me so complete rapture. In your arms I forget myself and the world. Carried away by the intoxication of the moment I am transported to the edge of ecstasy. The uncle observation or reflection, call it what you like-going as part addressed to the good father, and in part was the result of inner spiritual musings surfaced involuntarily converted into words. 'I could tell you,' said Ambrosio sententiously. Only maybe not want to follow my reasoning.
Page 67
Page 67 of 107 'Anyway you exponérmelo Verbouc replied. I'm all ears, and I interested to know what is the reason, according to you. -Me reason, or should I say my reasons said Father Ambrose-you become apparent when you meet my hypothesis. After taking a pinch of snuff, which was a habit of his when he was delivered to any important reflection he continued: -The sensual pleasure should always be in proportion to the circumstances means producing it. And this is paradoxical, since the more we enter the the more voluptuous sensuality and our tastes are, the greater is the need to introduce variation in such circumstances. You have to understand well what I mean, and so I will try to explain more clearly. Why must a man commit a ****, when surrounded by women eager to help you use your body? Just because it does not satisfy agree with the opposing party in satisfying their appetites. It is precisely the [Consent high where is the pleasure. There is doubt that at certain times a man of cruel mind that seeks only its satisfaction sensual woman is not to be provided to satisfy their appetites, ****s a woman or a girl, no more so than the immediate satisfaction of desires that crazy; but searches in the annals of such crimes, and find that most of them are designs the result of deliberate, planned and executed under circumstances that involve legal access and easy means of satisfaction. Opposition to the enjoyment projected serves to open sexual appetite, and add features act crime or v******e adding a delight that would not otherwise exist. It's bad, is prohibited, then it is worth chasing, it becomes an obsession to achieve this. - Why, too, he went a man of vigorous constitution capable of providing satisfaction to an adult female creature just prefer a f******n? He replied that he finds delight in abnormal situation, which provides pleasure to your imagination, and is an exact adaptation to the speaking circumstances. Indeed, the working is, of course, imagination. The law of contrasts operates the same in this case as in all others. The simple difference between the sexes is not enough to sybaritic, you need to add other special contrasts to perfect the idea has conceived. The variants are endless, but they are all governed by the same rule, prefer tall men small women, the handsome, ugly women, the strong selected to tender and weak women, and these, in reverse, robust and vigorous fellow crave. Cupid's darts incompatibility carry at their tips, and their plumage is that of the most incredible inconsistencies. No one except the lower a****ls, the real gross indulge in intercourse indiscriminately with the opposite sex, and even they sometimes express preferences and desires as irregular as those of men. Who has not seen the behavior unusual for a couple of stray dogs, or not laughed at the plight of the old cow that led the market with his flock, vent their sexual instincts piggybacking on the back of his nearest neighbor?
Page 68
Page 68 of 107 -In this way your questions answered-ended by saying-and explain your preferences for your niece, your sweet but forbidden playmate whose delicious legs'm stroking right now. When Father Ambrose had finished his dissertation, led a brief look at the pretty girl, which was enough to make your big gun acquired its greatest dimensions. -Come, my forbidden fruit, 'he said. Let me fuck you, let me enjoy your person satisfaction. That is my greatest pleasure, my ecstasy, my delirious enjoyment. You Semen will flood, you inherit despite the dictates of society. You are mine! Bella glanced at the red and hard member of her confessor, and he observe his gaze fixed on his young body. Aware of his intentions, he prepared to satisfy them. As majestic penis had entered her body frequently throughout his extension, easing pain had already given way to pleasure, and youth and elastic flesh opened for that gigantic column with difficulty just limited to having to make the introduction carefully. The good man paused for a moment to contemplate the good prospect that before him, then stepped forward and parted labia red Bella, and put smooth including acorn that crowned his great weapon. Bella received a thrill of excitement. Ambrosio followed penetrating until, after a few furious thrusts, plunged the entire length of the narrow body member youth who received up to testicles. There followed a series of lunges, of vigorous contortions of part of one, and spasmodic sobs and gasps from the other. If the pious man's pleasure was intense, that of his young playmate was equally ineffable and hard cock was already well lubricated as a result of the above discharge. Letting out a groan of intense emotion once again achieved the satisfaction of his appetite, and Bella felt the jets scorching semen violently guts. - Oh, how I flooded you both! Bella said. And as he spoke could observed an abundant runoff, from the junction of the thighs, ran down her legs enough to reach the ground. Before either of them could answer the observation, came to the quiet alcove a shouting from outside. which eventually attract the attention of all present, however increasingly weakened more. Arriving at this point I put my readers in a history of one or two things so far, given my travel problems, did not consider the case mention. The fact is that fleas, but agile members of society, can not reach everywhere at once, but can overcome this disadvantage with the deployment a rare agility, uncommon in other insects.
Page 69
Page 69 of 107 I should have explained, as a novelist, though perhaps more truthfulness, Bella's aunt, Mrs. Verbouc, which I presented to my readers briefly in the opening chapter of my story, occupied a room in one of the wings of the house, where, as Mrs. Delmont, spent most of the time tasks given to devotees, and completely carefree worldly affairs, and I used to leave it to his niece the management of domestic affairs house. Mr. Verbouc had already reached the state of indifference to the blandishments of his better half, and rarely visited his room, or disturbed his rest in order to exercise his marital rights. Mrs. Verbouc, however, was still young-thirty-two springs had passed on his devoted and pious head was beautiful, and had contributed to her husband a considerable fortune. Despite their pious feelings, Mrs. Verbouc sometimes wanted comfort more earthy arms of her husband. and savored the exercise of true delight their rights in the occasional visits he made to his bedroom. On this occasion Mrs. Verbouc had retired at the early time when used to do, and this digression is essential in order to explain what that follows. Let this friendly lady delivered to the duties of the toilette, that neither even a flea dares defile, and talk of another and no less important character, whose behavior will also need to analyze. It so happened that the father Clement, whose prowess in the field of Goddess love we already had occasion to relate, resented the removal of the young Bella of the Society vestry, and knowing exactly who she was and where she could find, hovered for several days the residence of Mr. Verbouc, to repossess the delicious garment the wily Father Ambrose had retracted their confreres He helped the company in Superior, also complained bitterly that the loss suffered, although he did not suspect the role it had played in the Father Ambrose. That evening the father Clement had posted in the vicinity of the house, and. in search of opportunity, approached the window to peer through it, sure was giving Bella's room. How vain are, however, human calculations! When the unhappy Clement, to who had been taken from his pleasures, was watching the room without losing detail, the object of his troubles was delivered in another room to the satisfaction of his lust in the arms of its rivals. As the night progressed, and looking all quiet Clemente, managed tiptoe to reach the level of the window. A faint light illuminated the room anxious that the cure could discover a lady delivered the full enjoyment of a dream deep.
Page 70
Page 70 of 107 No doubt you would be able to win again Bella favors only to to listen to his words, and recalling that represented happiness have enjoyed its charms, the bold rogue sneak opened the window and went into the bedroom. Well wrapped loosely in the monastic habit, and hiding her face under the cowl, slid into bed while his gigantic member. and awake to pleasure that was promised, stood against his hairy belly. Mrs. Verbouc, awakened from a pleasant dream, and unable even to suspect it was another and his faithful husband who so warmly embraced, turned with love toward the intruder, and. nothing reluctantly, willingly opened her thighs to facilitate the attack. Clement, meanwhile, sure it was the girl Bella who had among his arms, more so since no resistance to his touch, hastened the preliminary, climbing as quickly on the legs of lady to take your huge penis vulva lips well moistened. Fully cognizant of the difficulties they expect to find in a girl so young, pushed hard to the inside. There was a movement, gave another push down, he heard a whimper from the lady, and Slowly, but surely, the gigantic mass of hardened flesh was plunging, until he was completely buried. So while, came, Mrs. Verbouc warned for the first time the extraordinary difference that penis was at least double size as that of her husband. A continued doubt certainty. In the gloom lifted his head, and she could see above the excited face of fierce Father Clement. Instantly there was a struggle, a violent uproar, and yana attempt to part of the queen to escape the tight hug with which he held his assailant. But no matter what happened. Clement was in full possession and enjoyment of their person. There was a pause on the contrary, deaf to the cries, sank Member full length, and gave great hurry to consummate its ugly victory. Blind with rage and lust warned not even open the door to the room, or the rain of blows falling on his backside, until, through gritted teeth and the dull roar of a bull, the crisis came, and threw a flood of semen into the womb of his victim reluctantly. Only then woke up to reality and, fearful of the consequences of their outrage, is rose hastily hid his gun wet, and slipped out of bed in the side opposite to that in which his assailant. Dodging his best Mr. Verbouc beats, and maintaining the flights of his tunic over his head, in order to avoid being recognized, ran to the window through which he had entered, to give her a big jump from. Finally got disappear quickly in the dark, followed by the imprecations of enraged husband. Even before we had said that Mrs. Verbouc was invalid, or at least so believed it, and since the reader can imagine the effect on a person's nerves demure ways insane and had to cause the reproach of. The enormous proportions of man, his strength and his anger had nearly killed him, and lay u*********s on the bed that was mute witness to their violation.
Page 71
Page 71 of 107 Mr. Verbouc was not endowed by nature with amazing attributes personal value, and when he saw his wife's assailant stood satisfied with his feat, let it out peacefully. Meanwhile, Ambrose and Bella's father, who followed the outraged husband from a safe distance from the door ajar witnessed the outcome of the strange scene, As soon as the r****t Bella rose both recognized as Ambrose. The first course had good reason, which will comprise the reader, to remember the Member huge swing that hung between his legs. Mutually interested in secrecy, was quite the exchange of a look to indicate the need to maintain the reserve, and left the chamber before that any movement on the part of the outraged would expose their proximity. It took several days before the poor lady Verbouc is recover and could leave the bed. The nervous shock was terrible, and only conciliatory attitude could give her husband raise its head. Mr. Verbouc had his own reasons for leaving the matter to forget, and not unceremoniously stopped to lighten the weight thereof. The day after the disaster that just described, Mr. Verbouc received visit his dear friend and neighbor, Mr. Delmont, and after having been closeted with him for an hour, split with broad smiles on their lips and most extravagant compliments. One was sold to his niece, the other thought he had bought that beautiful gem called virginity. When night Bella's uncle announced that the sale had been agreed and that the matter was settled, reigned great rejoicing among the plotters. Ambrose's father immediately took possession of the alleged virginity, and introducing inside girl full length of his cock, proceeded, in his words, to keep the heat in that home. Mr. Verbouc, which as usual was reserved for action after any completed their confrere. immediately attacked the same wet strength, as he jokingly named, aceitarle simply step to your friend. After finalized until the last detail, and the meeting broke up, trusting everyone the success of his stratagem.
Page 72
Page 72 of 107 Chapter X SINCE HIS MEETING WITH RUSTIC lad whose simplicity so you was concerned, in the rustic village that driving home, Bella not stopped thinking about the terms in which it was expressed, and the strange confession that the youngster had made on his father's complicity in sexual acts. It was clear that her lover was so simple it was approaching to idiocy, and, judging by his observation that "my father is not as smart as I" assumed that the defect was congenital. And what she was asking was if the father of the simpleton had-such as declared the boy a member of even greater proportions than the c***d. Given his habit of thinking aloud almost always, I knew perfectly well that Bella did not care about the opinion of his uncle, or father feared him and Ambrose. Clearly some was determined to go their own way, what passeth go through, and therefore I admired least when the next day, at approximately the same time, vi move towards the meadow. In a field very close to the point where they observed the sexual encounter between the horse and mare, Bella found the waiter delivered a simple farm work. Beside he was a tall and remarkably dark, about forty-five years. Around the same time she spotted individuals, the youngster's warned her, and ran to meet her, after apparently spoke a word of explanation to his companion, showing their joy with a grin of satisfaction. -This is my father said, pointing to who was behind him, come and pélasela. - What impudence is this, rogue! 'Said Bella more inclined to laugh than to angry. How dare you use such language? - Why did you come? Asked the boy. Was not to fuck? At that time they had reached the point where he was the man, who stuck his spade into the ground, and smiled at the girl as much as I did the boy. He was strong and well formed, and. judging by appearances, Bella was found that if he has the attributes that his son spoke to him in his first interview. -Look at my father, not as I said? -Watched the youngster. You should see it dammit! There was no dissimulation. They understood each other perfectly, and their smiles were more wider than ever. The man seemed to accept the words of the c***d as a compliment, and laid his eyes on the delicate young lady. Probably never been encountered one of its kind, and it was impossible not to notice in your eyes a sensuality that is reflected in the glow of their big black eyes. Bella began to think it would have been better never have gone to that place. 'I'd like to teach the baton that has my father
Page 73
73, page 107 Said the lad, and, lo and behold, he began to unbutton his pants respectable parent. Bella covered her eyes and started to leave. In the event the c***d is intercepted step, cutting off road access. -I would fuck father cried hoarsely. A Tim also like fuck you, so you should not go. Stay and be fucked. Bella was really scared. -I can not, 'he said. Really, you should let me go. You can not hold me well. Not arrastréis me. Let go! Where are you taking me? There was a house in a corner of the field and were already at the gates of the same. A second later the couple had pushed inward, closing the door behind them, and then securing it with a wooden bar. Bella looked around, and saw that the place was clean and full of hay bales. Also could tell that it was useless to resist. It would be better to remain still, and perhaps ultimately the couple that would not hurt. He warned, however, the bumps on the fronts of both pants and had not the slightest doubt that his ideas went according to that excitement. -I want to see my father's yerga and also get to see his balls! And he kept undoing the buttons on the fly of his father. He poked the skirt shirt, with something underneath uniquely bulking. Oh, be still and father whispered the c***d. Let him see Miss your baton. That said lifted his shirt and displayed in view of Bella a member tremendously erect, with a broad head like a plum, very red and thick, but not in size very unusual. Considerably hunched up, and head, divided into the middle by the tightness of the frenulum, leaning much more towards his hairy belly. The weapon was extremely thick, quite crushed and bloated tremendously. She felt the bl**d tingling in view of that member. The nut was as large as an egg, plump, purple, and gave off a strong odor. The boy made to come closer, and with his white little hand squeezing it. - Did not I say it was more than mine? -Continued the young man. See it, the mine is not even close in size to my father. Bella turned. The boy had opened his pants to leave entirely to the view his formidable penis. He was right: I could not compare in size with the father. The larger of the two grabbed Bella's waist. Tim also tried to do it, so like putting their hands under their clothes. Entrambos the buffeted from side to another, until a sudden push she fell on the hay. Her skirt flying soon upwards.
Page 74
Page 74 of 107 Bella's dress was light and airy, and the girl was not wearing panties. So Suddenly he saw a couple of men his shapely white legs, which give a snort threw both at once on it. There followed a struggle in which the father, more weight and stronger than the boy, took the lead. His pants were down to the heels and big thick fuck navel came very close to Bella. This spread her legs, eager to try it. He ran his hand down and found him hot as fire, and as hard as a iron bar. The man who mistook his purposes, rudely pushed his hand, and handedly placed the tip of his penis on the red lips Bella sex. This opened the more than could their youth members, and the peasant got several lunges host it halfway. At this point he was overwhelmed by the excitement and let out a terrible extremely thick fluid stream. Downloaded violently and, while doing so, is introduced into it until the big head struck her womb, within the which poured some of his semen. You're killing me! Cried the girl, half suffocated. What is this that spill inside? 'It's milk, that's what it is, observed Tim, who had bent to revel with the contemplation of the spectacle. Did not I say it was good to fuck? Bella thought the man let her go, and that would allow him to get up, but was wrong. The long shaft, which at that time was inserted to the depths of his being, thickened and stiffen much more than before. The farmer began to move forward and backward, pushing mercilessly in Bella's private parts to each new attack. His joy seemed to be infinite. The download above the member made without difficulty slip movements forward and reverse, and the abruptness of these regions reached soft. Gradually Bella reached an extreme degree of excitement. He parted his mouth, spent his legs over the back of him and clung to them convulsively. This so any movement could encourage him, and delighted to feel the b**sts shaking with the subject sank his hot sexy gun in his gut. For about a quarter of an hour was a battle between the two. Bella had come frequently, and was about to do it again, when a raging waterfall Member semen man came and flooded her womb. The individual arose afterward, and withdrawing his shit, still exuded the last drops of his abundant ejaculation stared thoughtfully gasping body that had just left. His cock still stood menacingly in front of her, still steaming effect sheath heat. Tim, with true filial piety, proceeded to dry it and return it, swollen with excitement yet he was subjected to the fly of his pants father.
Page 75
Page 75 of 107 Doing so, the young man began to see with eyes of ram at Bella, who was still lying in hay, slowly recovering. Without resistance, it was about her and began to dig with their fingers on the girl's private parts. This time it was the father who came to the rescue. He took in his hand the weapon of the son and began to peel, moving forward and backward, until it was stiff. Era a formidable mass of flesh that flapped against Bella's face. - Let the heavens amparen me! I hope you're not going to introduce it within me - Bella whispered. -Of course, if the boy replied with one of his stupid smiles. Dad me rub and I'm glad, now I'm gonna fuck you. The father was driving at the time the drill to the thighs of the girl. Her vulva, still flooded with ejaculations that the peasant had poured into his Inside, quickly received the red head. Tim pushed, and bending over it introduced the device until their hair brushed Bella's skin. - Oh, is terribly long! She cried. You got too big, silly boy. Do not be so violent. Oh, you kill me! How to push! You can not go more inside now! Gently, please! Fully inside. I feel it in the waist. Oh, Tim! Boy horrible! -Give it murmured the father, while the testicles and tickled legs. Whole has to fit you, Tim. Is not it a beauty? What a pussy so tight have! Do not you boy? - Ugh! Do not talk, father, so I can not fuck. For a few minutes there was silence. We did not hear more noise than did the two bodies in the struggle under the hay. After the boy stopped. His face jo, though hard as iron, and firm as wax, not a single drop was expelled, the apparently. The extracted completely upright, airy and shiny with moisture. I can not come to me said, sorry. -Is masturbation 'said the father. He's doing it so often that now the strange. Bella lay panting and complete exhibition. Then the man put his hand to the yerga Tim, and began to rub vigorously back and forth. The girl waited for every moment that came over his face. After a while of this overstimulation of the son, the father suddenly took Burning head yerga Bella's vulva, and when introducing a veritable deluge sperm came out, to drown the girl inside. Tim began to twist and to fight, and eventually bite on his arm.
Page 76
Page 76 of 107 When he had finished this download completely, and the huge member estremerse boy stopped, slowly pulled the youngster what Bella's body, and this could rise. However, they had no intention of letting her go, because, after opening the door, the boy looked cautiously around, and then reattaching the bar, Bella turned and said: -It was fun, right? He observed, I told him my father was good at this. -Yes, you did, but now you have to let me go. Come on, be good. A grimace as a smile was his only response. Bella looked up at the man and was terrified to see him naked, stripped of all clothing, except his shirt and shoes, and a erection state was feared another assault against their charms, even more terrible than the above. His cock was literally livid effect of stress, and stood up to play his hairy belly. The head had swelled enormously as a result of irritation prior, and its tip dangled a shiny drop. Will you let me fuck you again? Asked the man, while holding on to the young lady by the waist and carried her hand to his instrument. -I do my best Bella murmured. And seeing that he could not any aid, suggested him to sit on the hay for her horse mounted on his knees and try to insert the meat mass brownish. After a few thrusts and kicks the member entered, and began a second battle no less violent than the first. A quarter of full time. To the Apparently, it was the eldest who now could not achieve ejaculation. How bothersome are!, Thought Bella. -Frótamelo, dear, 'said the man, pulling his cock inside the her body, even harder than before. Bella caught him with his little hands and rubbed it up and down. After a while of this kind of excitement, stopped to watch the huge tube exuded a splash of semen. Just had fitted back inside when a torrent of milk broke into her breast. Rising and falling upon him alternately pumped Bella until he was finished completely, after which they let her go. At last came the day dawned the fateful morning in the beautiful Julia Delmont had to lose the coveted treasure is sought so avidly on the one hand, and as thoughtlessly lost by another.
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77, page 107 It was still early when Bella heard his footsteps on the stairs, and not well were together when a thousand pleasant chat topics gave fuel to tina animated conversation, until Julia warned that speaks something Bella reserved. In Indeed, his talk was nothing but a game-face more QUC hiding something that showed reluctant to trust your partner. -I guess I have something to tell me, Bella, something that still will not tell me, though want to. What is. Bella? - Can not you guess? It asked, with a mischievous smile toyed around the dimples that formed near the corners of her red lips. - Is it something related to the Father Ambrose? Julia asked. Oh, I feel so terribly guilty and ashamed when I see him now, though he told me that there was no malice in what he did! -I had not, that's for sure. But what did he do? - Oh, if I told you! I said a few things .. and then put his arm around my waist and kissed me almost take my breath away. - And then? Bella asked. - What can I say, dear! He said and did many things, until llequé to think that going to lose my mind! Tell me some of them, at least. 'Well, after kissing me so hard, put his hands under my clothes and played with my feet and my socks .., and then slid his hand above .., until I thought I was going to faint. - Ah, minx! I'm sure that at all times you liked his touch. -Sure. How could it be otherwise? It made me feel what ever ever felt in my life. -Come on, Julia, that was not all. Do not stop there, you know. - Oh, no, of course not! But I can not tell you about what he did next. - Stop being c***dish! Bella exclaimed, pretending to be annoyed by the reluctance of her friend. Why do not you admit it? I guess that can not be helped, but it seemed so outrageous, and it was all so new for me, and yet so without malice ... After making me feel like dying a delicious shudder effect caused with his fingers, suddenly took my hand with it and landed on something I had him, and it seemed like the arm of a c***d. Me grab invited closely. I did what you told me, and then I looked down and saw it was something red, pure white skin and blue veins, with a curious tip Round purple, like a plum. Then I realized that the thing out between her legs, and that was covered at the base by a tuft of black hair and curly. Julia hesitated. -Follow-Bella said, encouragingly. 'Well, kept my hand on it and made the rub over and over again. Was so long, was so stiff and so hot!
Page 78
Page 78 of 107 There was no hesitation, and was subjected to excitation by the little beauty. -He took my other hand and put them both on that furry object. Me freaked to see his eyes acquired brightness, and her breathing quickened, but he reassured. I called my dear c***d, and, rising, he asked me caress that thing hard on my breasts. I showed it close to my face. - Was it? Bella asked, coaxed. -No, no. Of course, it was everything but I feel so ashamed ...! Should I continue? Is it right to disclose these things? Right. After that sheltered monster within me for some time, during which throbbed and pressed me hot and deliciously, asked me to kiss him. I indulged in the act. When I put my lips on it, I felt I exhaled a sensual aroma. At his request I kept kissing him. He asked me to open my lips and rub the tip of the thing between them. Then I noticed moisture on my tongue and moments later a thick stream of warm fluid spilled over my mouth and bathed then my face and my hands. He was still playing with the thing, when the sound of a door opening at the other end of the church f***ed the good father to hide what I had hoped, because he said the common people must not know what you know, or do what I've allowed to do. " His manner was so gentle and courteous, which made me feel that I was completely different from all other girls. But tell me dear Bella, what were the mysterious news you wanted to communicate? I'm dying to know. -First, I want to know if the good Father Ambrose told you or not of the joys ... or pleasures that provides the object with which you were jumping around, and if you explained some of the ways through which such delights can be achieved without sin. -Of course. He said that in certain cases the surrender to them was a merit. I suppose that after marriage, for example. She said nothing about it except that sometimes marriage brings many calamities, and it is sometimes desirable to break the promise marriage. Bella smiled. He remembered hearing something along the same lines of the sensual lips cure. 'So in what circumstances, he said, would be allowed these joys? -Only when reason is against fair reasons other than those of complacency, and this only happens when a young girl, selected by others for psychic qualities, is dedicated to providing relief to the servers of religion. 'I see,' I said Bella. Follow.
Page 79
Page 79 of 107 -Then made me see how good I was, and what it would be very worthwhile for me exercise of the privilege granted me, and devote myself to the relief of his senses and all of those others whom they forbade marriage vows, or other satisfaction needs means that nature has given to every living thing. But Bella, you you have something to tell me, I'm sure. 'All right, as I say, I'll say, I guess there is no choice. Know, then, that the good Father Ambrose decided that the best thing for you would be to You will then begin then, and has taken steps to make this happen today. - Do not tell me! Alas! I will so embarrassed! I am so terribly shy! Oh, no, dear! He has thought of it all. Only a man so pious and considered as our dear confessor could arrange it in the form as it has done. He has arranged things so that you can enjoy good father all your lovely person beauties can offer without you see him, or he sees you. How? Is it in the dark, then? -By no means would preclude give satisfaction to the sense of sight, and miss the great pleasure of seeing the delicious delights in whose possession has on his illusion dear Father Ambrose. -Your flattery make me blush, Bella. But then, what will happen the things? -A full light-Bella said in the tone of a mother who turns to his daughter. Will in a nice room in my house, you lie on a couch right, and your head will be hidden behind a curtain, which will serve as a room door inside, so that only your body, completely naked, is made available to your assailant. - Nude! What a shame! - Ah, Julia. my sweet and tender Julia! Bella muttered at the same time a thrill of ecstasy through her body. Soon you will enjoy great treats! You'll wake the exquisite pleasures reserved for immortals, and you will well account you're approaching the period called puberty, whose joys'm sure you already need! - Please, Bella, do not say that! And when at last he went on his companion, whose imagination had already led to carnal dreams imperiously demanding her satisfaction, finish struggle comes spasm, and fire your throbbing much viscous fluid stream maddening. . . Oh! then she will feel the ecstasy, and will present its own offering. - What you mumbling? Bella stood up. I was thinking, 'said dreamily delight in it than bad you express yourself.
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Page 80 of 107 There followed a conversation about trifles, and while it is developed, I found another opportunity to hear dialogue. no less interesting to me, and which, without But I will not give more than an excerpt to my readers. It happened in the library, and the gentlemen were partners and Verbouc Delmont. He had evidently versed, incredible as it may seem, on the delivery of Bella the person of Mr. Delmont, on payment of a certain amount, which later be reversed by the complacent Mr. Verbouc for the benefit of 'the dear niece Notwithstanding rascal and sensual that the man was, he could not stop bribing of somehow his conscience by the infamous deal agreed. 'Yes,' said the complaisant and kind uncle, my niece's interests are above all, Sir. Not that it is impossible for a marriage in the future, but the small favor I think you are asking is compensated by us - men of the world as we are, you understand, purely as men of world-for the payment of a sum sufficient to compensate for the loss of so frail belonging. At this point let out the laugh, mainly because its obtuse interlocutor could not understand him. At last they came to an agreement, and only stayed for grooming acts preliminary. Mr. Delmont was delighted, leaving his clumsy and stolid indifference when told that the sale was to be made on the spot, and that by therefore had to immediately take possession of the delicious virginity during so long yearned conquer. In the meantime, the good and generous of our dear Father Ambrose to and some time was in the mansion, and was ready the room where scheduled consummation of the sacrifice. At this point, after a breakfast feast way, Mr. Delmont found that there was only one door between him and the victim of his lust. What is not had the faintest idea of ​​who was actually going to be his victim. Thought only Bella. Then turned the lock and entered the room, the soft warmth tempered the stimulated sexual instincts were about to take action, What a wonderful vision offered to his eyes entranced! In front of him, leaning on a couch, fully naked, was the body of a young girl. A glance was enough to reveal that she was a beauty, but it would have taken several minutes to describe in detail, after discovering separately each of its delicious parts her shapely limbs, infantile proportions, with few formed breasts two of the most selective and soft white flesh hills, crowned with two pinkish buttons, the blue veins running meandering here and there, which looked at through pearly surface as fluid streams of bl**d, and that gave prominence to the dazzling whiteness of the skin.
Page 81
Page 81 of 107 And, oh! also the central point for the men who sigh: the and tight rosy lips to that nature likes solozarse, of which she born and returning: the source! There it was, to the eye, most of his c***dhood in perfection. Everything was there except .. the head. This important part is to note its absence, and the gentle undulations of the beautiful unspoilt evidenced that she was not disadvantage that was not in view. Mr. Delmont not be amazed at this phenomenon, since it had been prepared for him, and to remain silent. He devoted himself therefore to observe with delight charms that had been prepared for him solace. No sooner had recovered from the surprise and excitement caused by his first sight the naked beauty, began to feel the effects caused by the show in the sexual organs that respond well soon man of his temperament to emotions that normally should cause them. His cock, hard and swollen, highlighted in his fly, and threatened to leave confinement. So I released allowing the gigantic gun that appeared without obstacles, and his red tip had stood in front of his prey. Reader: I'm just a flea, and thus my powers of perception are limited. For this reason I have no ability to describe the slow steps and how cautious that the r****t was enthralled gradually approaching his victim. Feeling safe and enjoy this confidence, Mr. Delmont ran his eyes with his hands around the body. His fingers opened the vulva, which had just a slight hair flourished, while the girl shuddered and writhed to feel the intruder in their most intimate parts to prevent lewd fondling with modesty own circumstances. Then pulled if and placed his warm lips on the lower abdomen and in the tender and sensitive nipples of her youthful breasts. With eager hand grabbed for his bombastic hips, pulling her closer to him spread her white legs and placed in the middle of them. Reader: I just remind you that I am just a flea. But even fleas have feelings, and try to explain what mine were when I saw excited that approach the prominent member of the wet vulva lips of Julia. I closed my eyes. Sexual instincts male flea woke me, and had -if desired, ardently wished it to be in the place of Mr. Delmont. Meanwhile, firmly and without regard, he was given the task killer. Giving a sudden jump tried to delve into unspoilt parts of the young Julia, failed blow. He tried again, and again the failed unit has been stiff and breathless on throbbing womb of his victim. During this trial period could Julia rolling certainly take the screaming plot more or less strong, had it not been for the precautions taken by the corrupting and prudent priest, Father Ambrose.
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Page 82 of 107 Julia was d**gged. Delmont once again went on the attack. Hard pushed forward, strengthened their feet on the floor, he was furious, threw foams and ... Finally! the elastic and smooth barrier relented, allowing him to enter. Inside, with a triumphant feeling of ecstasy. In so the pleasure of the narrow and wet compression tore his lips sealed a whimper pleasure. Inside, just your weapon, buried to the hairs of his lower abdomen, was installed engruesando throbbing at times in her case, set as a glove. There followed a struggle that no flea would be able to describe. Moans of happiness and feelings of ecstasy escaped her drooling lips. Pushed and bent forward with wild eyes and parted lips, and unable to prevent the quick completion of his libidinous pleasure, this big man gave his soul, and with it a seminal fluid stream, hard shot inside, bathed the womb of his own daughter. Of all witnessed Ambrosio, who hid to witness the lustful drama, as Bella, the other side of the curtain was ready to prevent any spoken communication of his young visitor. This precaution was, however, completely unnecessary, as Julia, enough recovered from the effects of the narcotic to feel the pain, had fainted. Chapter XI AS SOON AS I WAS FINISHING THE FIGHT, and the winner, rising from the girl's body trembling, began to recover from ecstasy caused by so delicious encounter, word suddenly the curtain, and appeared Bella itself behind it. If suddenly a cannon ball had passed along the astonished Mr. Delmont, not would have caused even half of the dismay he felt when, without full credit in his eyes, staring gaped alternatively the prostrate body of his victim and the appearance of which I thought had to own. Bella, whose lovely "negligee" highlighted to perfection his youthful charms, appeared to be equally astonished, but, pretending to have recovered, stepped back with a perfectly well studied in alarm. - What do ... what is all this? Asked Delmont, which prevented him from turmoil even notice that order had not yet on your clothes, and still hanging between her legs the very important instrument that just to satisfy their sexual impulses, still bloated, dripping, fully exposed between her legs. - Heaven! Is it possible that I committed a mistake so awful? Cried Bella, casting furtive glances at what constituted an attractive invitation. -For pity's sake, tell me what the error is, and who is there
Page 83
83, page 107 Cried the trembling r****t, pointing as he spoke the naked person lying in front of him. - Oh, retire! Go! Bella shouted, heading rapidly towards dead followed by Mr. Delmont, anxious that the mystery will be explained. Bella walked to an attached toilet, shut the door, securing it well, and let fall on a luxurious couch, so stay in view its charms, at the same while pretending to be so overcome with horror, that he realized the indecency of his position. - Oh! What have I done? What have I done? Sobbed, his face hidden in their hands, apparently distraught. A terrible suspicion passed like lightning through the mind of his companion, who semiahogado panting with emotion, inquired: - Speak! Who was ...? Who? -Not my fault. He could not know it was you who had brought for me ... and knowing .., I put Julia in my place. Mr. Delmont went back, reeling. A feeling confused yet that something horrible had happened washed over his being, a dizziness clouded his view, then, gradually, was awakening to reality. However, before he could articulate a word, Bella, well-trained on how he had to act-is hastened to prevent him had time to think. - Shhh! She knows nothing. It was a mistake, a terrible mistake, and nothing else. If you are disappointed is my fault, not his. Never crossed my thinking that could be you. I think he added making a cute pout, while still throwing a significant sidelong glance at still protruding member-who was most unkind of them have told me that it was you. Mr. Delmont had before him the beautiful girl. The truth was that, pleasure regardless of any involuntary i****t found, had been frustrated in its original intent, losing something that had paid very good price. Oh, if they found out what I did! Bella murmured, modifying stance slightly to expose a leg to knee. Delmont's eyes twinkled. In spite him feel calm again, her a****l passions surfaced again. - If they discover! Bella moaned again. While he spoke, he half rose to spend your lovely arms around father cheated neck. Mr. Delmont took her in a firm embrace.
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Page 84 of 107 - Oh, God! What's this? Bella whispered, with a hand that had grabbed the sticky dart his companion, and squeeze and mold amused with its warm hand. The wretched man, sensitive to your touch and all its charms, and hot with again by lust, felt that the best thing that was in store for her but enjoy your youth virginity. -If I have to give Bella said, treat me with tenderness. Oh, what a way to Oh touch me, hence remove that hand! Heavens! What do you do? He had no time for anything but take a look at his red head member, stiffer and more swollen than ever, and a few moments later I was already on it. Bella did not resist, and inflamed by their lust loving Mr. Delmont quickly found the right spot. Taking advantage of their vantage pushed violently with his penis still lubricated into the tender and young girl's private parts. Bella moaned. Gradually warm the dart was entering deeper and deeper, until it joined their bellies, and he was put to the testicles. Then began a violent and delicious battle, in which Bella played to perfection the role it was assigned, and excited by the new instrument of pleasure, was abandoned in a torrent of delights. Mr. Delmont soon followed his example, and unloaded inside Bella a copious stream of his prolific sperm. For a few moments remained both absent, bathed in the exudation their mutual k**nappings, and panting with the effort until a slight noise they returned the notion of the world. And before they could even attempt a retreat, or an unequivocal change in the position in which they stood, opened the toilet door and appeared, almost simultaneously, three people. These were the father Ambrose, Mr. Verbouc and gracious Julia Delmont. Between the two men held the girl's body semidesvanecido whose head drooped limply to the side, resting on the shoulder sturdy father while Verbouc, no less favored by the proximity of the girl, holding the this lightweight body with nervous arm, and watched his face with a look of lust unsatisfied, you might just meet the reincarnation of the devil. Both men were in deshabille just decent, and the unfortunate Julia was naked, as, barely a quarter of an hour before, had been violently tainted by his own father. - Shhh! Bella whispered, putting her hand on her loving lips companion. For the love of God, do not blame yourself. They may not know who did this. Submit to confess all before so frightening fact. Would not spare. Abide careful not to disrupt their plans. Mr. Delmont could immediately see how true were the omens of Bella.
Page 85
Page 85 of 107 - Go, lustful man! Exclaimed the pious Father Ambrose. Behold the state in which we found this poor creature! And laying his paw on the mons hairless young Julia, shamelessly exhibited the other fingers wiping the discharge paternal. - Shocking! -Verbouc said. And if you become pregnant! - Abominable! Cried the Father Ambrose. Since then we have to stop it. Delmont gemiro Meanwhile., Ambrose and his coadjutor introduced his young victim in the room, and began to try and cherish throughout your body, and engage in implementation all lewd acts preceding the delivery unbridled lustful possession. Julia, still under the influence of sedative had been administered, and totally confused by the action of that virtuous couple, just realized the presence of her worthy father. which was still held by whites Bella's arms, and with his Built-in member yet sweet belly. See how milk runs down her legs! Verbouc exclaimed, introducing his hand nervously between Julia's thighs. What a shame! -Ha wrung her pretty little feet-observed Ambrosio, lifting one of his shapely legs, with the intention of proceeding to examine his fine boots k**, on which you could see more of a drop of seminal fluid, while with fiery eyes avidly explored pink like that crack was exposed to his gaze. Delmont moaned again. - Oh. God what a beauty! Verbouc shouted, slapping her round buttocks. Ambrose necessary to prevent any possible consequence of an event as unusual. Only the issuance of a vigorous man can remedy a similar situation. -Yes, it is true, we must administer it murmured Ambrose, whose state of excitement during this interval may be better imagined than described. His cassock clearly stood at the front, and all his actions betrayed his violent emotions. Ambrosio took off his cassock and released his huge member, whose ruddy and swollen head seemed to threaten the heavens. Julia, terribly frightened, started a movement to escape weak as Mr. Verbouc, joyful, he held displaying it in its entirety. Julia looked a second time terribly erect member of his confessor, and. guessing their intentions because of the initiation experience he had just spend almost panic faded.
Page 86
86 page 107 Ambrose, as if trying to offend the feelings of both, father and daughter left totally exposed his genitals tremendous, and waved the giant penis their faces. Delmont in terror, and feeling in the hands of the two conspirators, held his breath and took refuge behind Bella, which fully satisfied by the success of the plot, began to advise him not to do anything and allowed them to do his will. Verbouc, who had been teasing with your fingers the wet private parts little Julia, the girl gave the furious lust of his friend, preparing to enjoy their favorite pastime contemplate the violation. The priest, beside himself because of the lust that filled him, took off his clothes more intimate clothing, without thereby losing its rigidity member during operation and proceeded to the delicious task ahead, "the end is mine." murmur. Ambrose immediately seized his prey, wrapped his arms around his body, and lifted her to carry the trembling girl to the couch next and pounce on his naked body. And gave body and soul to be satisfied. His monstrous weapon, tough as nails, played and pink pussy, which, although it had been lubricated by the Mr. Delmont semen was not a convenient cover for the giant penis that now threatened. Ambrose continued his efforts, and Mr. Delmont could only watch while lz cure figure writhing on the body of his daughter, an undulating mass of black and silky. With enough experience to be hampered for a long time, Ambrose was gaining ground, and was also self-possessed enough to avoid being dragged too soon for the pleasure overcame all opposition, and a piercing scream of Julia announced ram immense penetration. Scream after scream were happening until Ambrose finally buried firmly inside the girl, said she could not go deeper, and began the delicious pumping movements which were to put an end to his pleasure, while torture of his victim. Meanwhile Verbouc, whose lust was awakened violently in view of the scene between Mr. Delmont and her daughter, and that he subsequently staged foolish man and his niece, ran to Bella and her away from the hug that had his unhappy friend, I immediately opened legs, he glanced at his hole, and push one plunged his penis into her body, to enjoy the most intense emotions in a well lubricated vulva and the abundance of sperm he had received. Both couples, were then delivered to your delusional copulation in a silence disturbed only by the groans of the semi Julia, the rattle of the Ambrosio barbarian breathing, and the moans and sobs of Mr. Verbouc. The race was fast and delicious. Ambrose, who had entered by f***e in the narrow slit of the girl his gigantic penis, even murders of black hairs curly covering its root, was livid with lust. Pushed. impelled and lunged with strength of a bull, and had it not been because finally the favored nature taking its Ecstasy to completion, would have succumbed to the effects of such tremendous excitement, for
Page 87
87 page 107 fall prey to an attack that probably would have prevented forever repetition of such a scene. A loud cry escaped Ambrosio throat. Verbouc knew what it represented: it was coming. His ecstasy served to hasten to the other partner, and lust howl filled the area as the two monsters flooded their victims seminal fluid. But I took one, but were accurate three shocks of the prolific essence of the priest in the matrix of the tender young, that to subside the fever of desire that had gripped him. To simply say that Ambrose had downloaded, would not give a true picture of the facts. What he really did was throw true semen spurts inside Julia, in thick and strong jets, while he kept throwing moans of ecstasy every time one of those slimy injections ran along its enormous urethra, and streams flowed inside the dilated vessel. It was some minutes Before it was over, and leave his bl**dy brutal cure and torn victim. At the same time Mr. Verbouc left exposed and open thighs vulva smeared his niece, which lay still in the sl**py trance following the intense delight, Carefree thick exudation, drop by drop, would form a puddle on the floor between his legs encased in silk. - Ah, what a treat! Verbouc exclaimed. After all, you will find delight in the line of duty, is not it, Delmont? And turning to the desired subject, he continued: -If the Father Ambrose and I had not mixed our humble offerings with the prolific essence advantage apparently you as well, no one would mess would have predicted what happened. Oh, yeah, there's nothing like doing things properly, is not it, Delmont? I do not know, I feel sick, I'm like a dream, without thereby be insensitive to feelings that cause me a renewed delight. I can not doubt his friendship .., you know secrecy. I enjoyed very much, and yet still excited. I can not say what I want. What will my friends? Ambrose's father approached, and placing his paw on the shoulder of the poor man, gave him breath a few comforting words whispered in tone. As a flea that I am, I can not afford the freedom to mention what were these words, but had the effect of dissipating clouds soon horror obscured the life of Mr. Delmont. He sat down, and gradually recovered its calm. Julia also recovered and took a seat next to the burly priest, the other side had Bella. Long ago, both girls felt more or less comfortable. The holy man spoke to them as a kind father, and got Mr. Delmont abandon his introverted, and that this honorable man, after a copious libation wine, eat-zara also to feel at ease in the environment in which it was,
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Page 88 of 107 Soon the fumes of wine surtieron invigorating effect on Mr. Delmont started throwing eager glances towards his daughter. His excitement was evident and manifested in bulk which warned balo their clothes. Ambrose realized his desire and encouraged. He brought with Julia. which still naked, had no way to hide her charms. Her father looked at her with eyes that predominant lust. A second time would not be so sinful, he thought. Ambrose nodded encouragingly, as Bella unbuttoned his pants to grab his stiff penis, and squeeze gently between your hands. Mr. Delmont understood the position, and a few moments later he was over his daughter. Bella led the Member i****tuous sex red lips of Julia, and after a pushing again the semienloquecido father had completely penetrated inside the body of his cute daughter. The ensuing struggle was intensified by the circumstances of that awful connection. After a brutal and fast gallop Mr. Delmont downloaded, and her daughter received in the depths of his youthful emissions parent to blame his father denatured. Father Ambrose, who prevailed in the sexual instinct, had no weakness, that was to preach. He did it for about an hour, not so much on religious subjects, but referring to other more mundane, and certainly not usually sanctioned by the Holy Mother Church. This time I gave a speech that was impossible to follow, so I decided to lie down to sl**p in the armpit of Bella. I do not know how long it would have lasted her dissertation, but as at that point the gentle Bella took possession of its huge flap between his hands and began to cosquillearlo, the good man was f***ed to pause, justified by the feelings aroused by it, Verbouc, meanwhile, will be remembered that all he desired was a pussy well lubricated, only cared about how good they were delicious oiled parts intimate of the newly won to the cause, Julia. In addition, the father's presence contributed to increase appetite, rather than an impediment to these two refrain from lustful men enjoy the charms of her daughter. And Bella, who drain still felt his warm semen vulva, was dam battles longings earlier had failed to pacify the whole. Verbouc again began to address the charms of Julia c***d by applying lewd pat, shamelessly passing his hands over the rounded of her buttocks, and occasionally sliding his fingers between the hills. Father Ambrose, not less active, had spent his arm around the waist of Bella, and bringing him his naked body cute deposited in their hot lips kisses. As both men were given to these romps, desire communicated in their weapons, reddened and swollen as a result of previous skirmishes, and firmly raised with the menacing eye on the young creatures who were in his possession.
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89 page 107 Ambrose, whose lust never required large incentives TAKING soon Bella. This was allowed to be lying on the couch he had already witnessed two meetings above, where nothing reluctant, followed by contrast stimulating naked flaming fuck. to allow then inserted between her thighs, favoring disproportionate attack as much as he could, to bury completely in her wet slit the terrible instrument. The show got aroused such feelings of Mr. Delmont, who became clearly not because of more stimulus needed to try one seconds after coup that the priest had finished his assault. Mr. Verbouc, which for a while was throwing lascivious glances at the daughter of Mr. Delmont, was also able to enjoy once again. He reflected that repeated violations she had experienced from her father and priest would have left her ready for the kind of work he liked to perform, and realized, both by sight and by touch, that their private parts were lubricated enough to satisfy their cravings highest due to violent shock they had received. Verbouc glanced toward the priest, who at that time was enjoy entertaining his niece, and going after the beautiful Julia placed on a couch in ideal position to sink to his rigid testes in the her delicate body, which succeeded, though with considerable difficulty. This new and intense enjoyment Verbouc carried to the edges of the disposition; pressing against the tight pussy of the young, fit him like a glove, is trembled with joy from head to toe. - Oh, this is heaven itself! He muttered, as he buried his qran member until testes glued to the base. - God, what a tight! What lubricious delight! And another strong attack tore a moan to poor Julia. Meanwhile Father Ambrose, his eyes half closed, lips parted and the nostrils dilated, did not cease to fight against the beautiful private parts of the young Bella, whose sexual satisfaction denounced her cries of pleasure. - Oh, God! P. .. is too large ... your huge huge thing! Woe me, I get to the waist! Oh! Oh! It too, not so hard, dear father! How empujáis! I kill! Gently .., slow down. . . I feel your great balls against my buttocks. - Stop for a moment! Cried Ambrosio, whose pleasure was already overwhelming, and whose milk was about to vertirse. Let us pause. Do we change partner, friend mine? I think the idea is appealing. - No, oh, no! I can not anymore! I have to follow. This beautiful creature is the delight in person. -Be still, my dear Bella, or do I come. Not oppress my weapon so ravishingly.
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Page 90 of 107 -I can not help it, I kill for pleasure. Go on, go on, but gently. Oh, not so abruptly! Do not push so brutally. Gosh, will cum! His eyes are closed, his lips open ... God! I're killing me with that huge thing descuartizáis. Ah! Oh! Come along, then! Come along dear .., father ... Ambrosio. Give me your fiery milk ... Oh! Pushing f***e now! Stronger .. plus .., kill me if you wish! Bella spent her white arms around his neck tan, opened as much as could their soft and beautiful thighs, and fully engulfed the enormous instrument to confuse and rub your hair with your pubic mound. Ambrose felt he was about to launch a major issue directly vital organs of the creature beneath him. - Pushing f***e, push now! Bella cried, forgetting all sense of modesty, and throwing his own discharge between spasms of pleasure. Pushing f***e ... pushing f***e ... stick it deep inside ...! Oh yeah that! My God, what size, what length! I're splitting in two, gross mine. Oh, oh! We're coming. . . sorry ...! God ..... . what milk! iOh, what jets! Ambrosio downloaded furiously as the stallion that was rammed with all f***es the warm belly beneath him. At last he rose reluctantly off Bella, which, free from their claws, are turned to see the other couple. His uncle was managing a rapid series of short lunges to his girlfriend, and he was obviously close to ecstasy. Julia, meanwhile, whose recent **** and terrible treatment he received after a Ambrosio gross hands hurt and enervated had not experienced the lowest taste, but left to do, as an inert mass in the arms of his assailant. When at last, after a few more pushes, Verbouc fell forward at the time to make her voluptuous download, the only thing she realized was that something hot was injected inside f***e without feeling experienced more than the languor and fatigue. Followed another pause after the third insult, during which Mr. Delmont was slumped in a corner, and apparently fell asl**p. Then began a series erotic activities. Ambrose leaned back on the couch, and made Bella kneel on it in order to apply his lips on her wet pussy, to fill kisses and touches of lewd and depraved as imaginable. Mr. Verbouc, not wanting to be outdone by his teammate, so toyed equally libidinous with the innocent Julia. Then he lay on the sofa, and lavished all kinds of pats to his charms, not hiding his admiration for his mons hairless, and the red lips of her young pussy.
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Page 91 of 107 They soon wishes be evidenced by two rigid straightening members, again like eager and ecstatic pleasures so selected as enjoyed above. However, at that time implemented a new program. Ambrosio was the first to propose it. -We have already had enough of their pussies crudely said, turning to Verbouc, who was playing with Bella's nipples. Now let's see what they are made their asses. This lovely creature would bite worthy of the Pope himself, and Bella has velvet buttocks and an ass worthy of an emperor who come within it. The idea was accepted immediately, and proceeded to reassure victims to carry it out. It was monstrous. and it seemed impossible that it can be consummated, given of the imbalance. The huge member of cure was pointing to the small Julia rear hole, while Verbouc threatened his niece in the same direction. A quarter of an hour was consumed in preparations, and after a dreadful lust and debauchery scene, both girls were in her womb the warm jets of the ungodly downloads. Finally succeeded calm the violent emotions that had taken hold in the monstrous actors scene, and attention was again in Mr. Delmont. That worthy citizen, as I said earlier, had retired to a corner paragraph, apparently being overcome by sl**p, or d***k with wine, or perhaps both. She is very quiet-Verbouc observed. -An evil conscience is bad company said Father Ambrose, his attention focused on washing your oscillating tool. -Come on, man, did your turn. Here's a gift for you, he went Verbouc, while showing in all its glory, to give the proper environment his words, the most intimate charms almost insensitive Julia. Arise enjoy them. But, what about this man? Heavens, that ... What is this? Verbouc stepped back. Ambrose's father leaned over the unfortunate Delmont to sound his heart. -He's dead, he said quietly. Indeed, had died.
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92 page 107 Chapter XII SUDDEN DEATH IS A COMMON OCCURRENCE, especially the cases of people whose backgrounds have made to assume the existence of a functional disorder, surprise so soon gives way to the usual testimonies of sympathy, and then to a state of resignation to an event that no wonder. The transition can be expressed as follows: - Who would believe it? - Is it possible? -I always suspected. - Poor fellow! 'No one should be surprised. This interesting formula was properly applied when the unhappy Mr. Delmont paid tribute to Mother Earth, as the common phrase. A fortnight after the unfortunate gentleman had left this life, all chords were friends that had long since been discovered symptoms more sooner or later have to be fatal. Almost took pride in their insight, although inscrutable reverently admitted the providence. As for me, my life was pretty much as usual, except that I figured that Julia's legs should have a slight taste spicier than Bella, and consequently bled regularly for my sustenance, morning and evening. Nothing more natural than Julia spent most of his time with his beloved friend Bella, and the sensuous Father Ambrose and his protector, the lecherous relative of my dear Bella, try to find the time to repeat the above experiences with the young girl docile. I can attest that it was so good, since my nights were most unpleasant and uncomfortable, always exposed to my sl**p interruptions by long hairy incursions members through the intricacies of the English in which I had I refugee temporarily and see me always in danger of entrained by the horribly sticky thick streams of a****l semen. In short, the young and impressionable Julia was completely ahormada, and Ambrose and his friend enjoyed owning it at home. They had reached their targets. What cared about their sacrifices? Meanwhile, other and very different were the thoughts of Bella, which I had left. But eventually, feeling somewhat disgusted by the Too often they give me to the new diet, I decided to leave the stockings of the beautiful Julia, and return-tempering to mon mouton, as the French say, to the sweet and feeding the salacious succulent Bella. So I did, and you resultat voici: One night Bella went to bed rather earlier than usual. The father Ambrosio was absent for having been sent on a mission to a secluded parish, and his
Page 93
93 page 107 complacent dear uncle suffered a severe attack of gout, a condition that in the late relatively frequently afflicted him. The girl had already arranged her hair for the night, and had also devoid of some of her clothes. He was taking off his shirt at night, which had to go through the head, and in the course of this operation inadvertently dropped his pants, revealing, in the mirror, the beautiful bulges and exquisite smoothness and transparency of the skin of her buttocks. Such beauty had inflamed to a hermit, but alas! in that no far no sight ascetic enardecerse susceptible. As for me, very nearly to bankrupt me the longest of my antennas, and I torciera my right leg in their contortions to extract the garment over her head. At this point I should explain that since the Father Clement had astute been deprived of enjoying the charms of Bella, renewed the bestial and nothing pious oath which, though it be a surprise, would seize the fort again once already had been his. The memory of his happiness brought tears to her sensual eyes, while that, on reflection, he distended his enormous member. Clemente made the terrible oath that jodería Bella in natural state and brutal in his own words, and I, who am but a flea, I heard and understood its scope. The night was dark and raining. Ambrosio was absent and sick Verbouc helpless. Bella was f***ed to be alone. All these circumstances were known While Clemente, and acted accordingly. Encouraged by their recent experiences on the geography of the neighborhood, went straight to the bedroom window of Bella, and having found as expected, without running the latch and. therefore open, entered peacefully and scrambled to get under the bed. From this point of view Clemente's throbbing pulse stared toilette beautiful Bella, until it began to take off his shirt in the manner and I described. Clemente could then enjoy the view of the girl in all her splendid nakedness and choked bellowed like a bull. In the recumbent position in which he found had no difficulty in seeing waist down all of her body and her eyes in contemplation solazaban twin globes were her buttocks, opening and closing as the Girl twisting her lithe body in the effort to pass the shirt over his head. Clemente could not take more time, his desire reached the boiling point, and quietly but promptly slid out of hiding to win in front of her, without waste of time embraced the nude body with one hand, while placing the another on her red lips. Bella's first impulse was to scream, but she was female this resource forbidden. His second idea was faint, and is why we have chosen not to have mediated certain circumstances. This circumstance was the fact that while the bold
Page 94
94 page 107 assailant kept securely fastened beside him, something hard, long, hot pressing of insistently between her soft buttocks, and lay throbbing separation between them and along its back. At this critical moment Bella's eyes encountered the image of it in the dresser mirror and recognized behind the ugly face bloated sexy priest, crowned by a circle of unruly red hair. Bella understood the situation in the blink of an eye. By now almost a week that had fallen from the embraces of Ambrose and his uncle, and this fact had much to see, of course, in what followed. What he did from that moment was pure dissimulation of the lewd girl. He dropped gently back on the strong father figure of Clement, and believing this happy individual who actually fainted while withdrawing the hand with which he closed his mouth used both arms to hold. The irresistible beauty of the person holding his arms took the excitement Clement almost to madness. Bella was practically naked, and he slid his polished hands over his skin, while his immense weapon, rigid and distended effect impatience, pounded vigorously on contact with the beautiful I had embraced. Trembling, Clemente brought his face to hers, and printed a long luscious sweet kiss on her lips. Bella shuddered and opened his eyes. Clement renewed his caresses. - Oh! Languidly exclaimed. How dare you come here? Please Let go on the spot! It is shameful! Clemente smiled smugly. He had always been ugly, but at that moment was truly odious by his terrible lust. -So she said. It's a shame thus treat a girl so pretty, But so delicious, my darling! Bella sighed. More kisses and hands sliding over his naked body. A large hand and crude fell on her mons, and a daring finger, separating the wet lips, was introduced inside the warm slit to touch the sensitive clitoris. Bella closed her eyes and let out another sigh, at the same time that this sensitive body began to relax turn. For my young friend was in no way one a tiny organ, and that because of lewd massage Clemente rose ugly, is stiffened and leaned lips starting almost alone. Bella was on fire, and the glow of desire peered into his eyes. Had infected, and a glance at her seducer could see the terrible look of lust portrayed in her face as she played with her secret charms. The trembling girl stirring, a burning desire for pleasure of intercourse possession of it, and unable to control their desires longer, quickly took its
Page 95
95 page 107 right hand back to grab the huge weapon that threatened her buttocks, but not could do it in all its magnitude. Were found in both eyes, the lust burning in them. Bella smiled, Clement repeated his sensual kiss and introduced in her mouth his restless tongue. The girl did not took to second his lewd caresses, and left the field open to both their restless hands and their warm kisses. Slowly pulled a chair, in which sat Bella eager anticipation of what the priest wanted to do next. Clement stood before her. His black silk robe, reaching to heels, stood prominently on the front, his cheeks red hot by the v******e of his desires, were only rival in his fiery lips, and his breath was stirred in anticipation of ecstasy. He knew he had nothing to fear and much to enjoy. -This is too Bella murmured, gone! 'Impossible, after having taken the trouble to enter. -But you can be discovered, and then my reputation will be ruined. -Not likely. You know you're all alone, and that there is any chance of being disturbed. Besides, you're so delicious, my little girl, as fresh, so young and so beautiful that. .. not remove the leg, just put my hand on your smooth thigh. The fact is I want to fuck you, dear. Bella could see the huge bulge he straightened more. - What are obscene! What words empleáis! - Do you think so, my darling little girl? Clemente said, taking back the sensitive clit between his thumb and index finger to massage it properly. I born for the pleasure of feeling this pussy gaping cunningly trying to dodge my touches. - Give Shame! Bella exclaimed, laughing, however, reluctantly. Clemente approached to bow to her and take her pretty face in his hands. By doing so, Bella could see that the cassock, almost lifted by the strength of the communicated to the member wishes of the father, he was a few inches to the chest of her so she could feel the beats that made black silk garment rise and fall alternately. The temptation was irresistible, and eventually pass beneath her delicate little hand the clothes of the priest and upload above enough to grab a furry mass the hanging two balls as big as chicken eggs. - Oh, God! How very huge! Murmured the girl. -All full of beautiful thick milk Clemente sighed, toying with two cute breasts so close to him. Bella sat better, and again caught with both hands hard and stiff trunk the huge penis.
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96 page 107 - How awful! This is a monster! Exclaimed the lewd girl. Really that is great! What size yours! -Yes, is not it a good fuck? -Observed Clemente, advancing and raising his cassock to better show the gigantic member. Bella could not resist the temptation, and raising even more clothes the priest left the penis in complete freedom and exposed throughout its length. Fleas do not know much of measures of space and time, and therefore does not I can give you the exact dimensions of the weapon it was in those girl moments our eyes. It was, however, of gigantic proportions. He had a large head red roma and emerging at the end of a long trunk brownish. The hole, which was at its peak, which is usually so small, it was in the If we consider a real crack wet with seminal fluid accumulated there. To all along that trunk thick blue veins running, and at the foot of the same growing a real tangle of shaggy red hair. Two large testicles hanging below. - Heaven! Holy Mother! Bella murmured, closing his eyes while giving them a slight squeeze. The wide, blunt head, swollen and reddened by exquisite tingling effect girl, was at that time totally naked, and emerged stiff, free of skin folds backwards Bella restiraba the large white column. She joyful fiddling with your purchase, and increasingly retreating behind the velvet skin the object he had in his hands. Clemente sighed. - What a delightful creature you are! She said, looking at her with eyes flashing. I have to fuck right away or throw it all about you. - No, you must not waste a drop! Bella exclaimed. You should be very urged to want enough to come along so soon. I can not help. Please be still a moment I will come. - What a great thing! How much milk will? Clemente stopped and whispered in her ear something I could not hear. - Truly delicious, but it's amazing! -It is true, give me a chance to prove it. I look forward to it, cutie. Look at it! I have to fuck! Placing brandished his monstrous penis against her. Then he leaned down, then release it suddenly. He jumped up like a spring, and in doing so spontaneously discovered, giving way to red walnut, exuding a drop of semen the urethra.
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97 page 107 All this happened about Bella's face, he felt a sensuous whiff emanating member, who came to increase the disorder of his senses. He continued to play with the penis, and stroking. -Enough, I beg you, dear, or waste it all in the air. Bella was still a few seconds, but grasped the full f***e of his hand to Clement fuck. Meanwhile he was amused in shape with one of his hands breasts juveniles girl, while the fingers of the other in its entirety ran her wet pussy. The mad romp. Her clit swelled and became hot, accelerated breathing, and the flames of desire ignited her cute face. The nut increasingly hardened: shining and as ripe fruit. Watching sneak belly ugly naked man, full of red hair, and brownish thighs, hairy like a monkey, Bella became crimson of lust. The big penis, each increasingly thick and threatening skies caused in being the most indescribable emotions. Greatly excited, his arms linked with the strong body of the great raw and covered with sensual kisses. His own ugliness increased his libidinous feelings. -No, you must not waste it, not let it squander . After stopping for a moment with a peculiar accent moaned with pleasure, and complacent head down her rosy lips opened immediately for most could the prurient delicacy. - Oh, what a treat! How cosquilleas! What ... what pleasure you give me! -Do not allow waste it: drink every last drop whispered Bella aside for a moment his head gleaming walnut. Then lowering it again, placed her lips, projected forward over the large head, and opening gently received including wide urethra orifice. - Holy Mother cried Clemente. This is heaven! How am I going to come to me! God, I lick and suck! Bella applied his sharp tongue to the hole, and gave all his lengüetazas contours. What well know! You have to give me one or two drops still more. I can not go, I can not the priest murmured, pushing forward while his fingers tickling the clitoris hardened Bella, since the your fingertips. After Bella took back between his lips the head of that great yerga, more could not get the nut into his mouth full, so monstrously width was.
Page 98
98 page 107 Licking and sucking, sliding movements with slow, delicious skin red and tender around the back of the tremendous yerga, Bella was causing some results she knew they would not delay long in coming. - Oh, holy mother! Almost I'm coming! I feel.,. Oh. sucks now! You will receive! Clement raised his arms in the air, his head fell backwards, spread her legs, is hands twitched convulsively, his eyes went blank, and Bella felt a strong spasm ran the monstrous penis. Moments later he was almost knocked back by the continuous jet as hurled a torrent of cure genital and throat trickled down. But all his desires and efforts, the greedy girl could not prevent a jet escaping from the corner of his lips when Clement, beside himself with effect pleasure pushed forward with successive shocks, with each of which sent to her throat a new stream of milk. Bella resisted all shoving, and remained gripped the weapon from which flowed those spurts, till the whole was finished. - How much did you say? She muttered. A full cup of tea? There were two. - Adorable c***d! Clemente cried when he could finally catch her breath. What a divine pleasure you gave me! Now my turn, and you have to afford examine all these little things about you that I adore. - Oh, how delicious it was! I almost drowned, 'said Bella. How sticky was! My God, how much! -Yes, cuteness. I promised you all, and turned me so that insurance received a good deal. Flowed in torrents. 'Yes, indeed it was. -Now you will see how good I lick you, and how delicious. mind'll fuck you later. Joining the action to the word, the sexy priest was placed between the thighs of Bella, white as milk, and advancing his face towards them introduced his tongue between red lips crack. After moving it around the hardened clitoris, gave with a tickle so exquisite, that she could hardly contain her screams. - Oh, God! I suck the life! Oh ...! I'm ... I will come to me! Me. I come! And with a sudden forward movement toward the active language, Bella came abundantly in the face of Clement, which he received as he could within their mouth, with epicurean delight. After the priest lifted. His huge penis, which had just softened, is tension was again virile, and emerged before him in a state of dreadful erection. Literally snorting with lust at the sight of the beautiful and well-disposed girl.
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Page 99 of 107 -Now I have to fuck you, 'he said while pushing her towards the bed. I have to have you and give you a taste of this yerga in your little body. Ah, fucking you I will give! Quickly shedding his robe and underwear, the big brute, whose body was covered with hair and skin as dark as a mulatto, took the frail body of the beautiful Bella in his muscular arms and laid it gently on the bed. Clement looked for a moment his body stretched and throbbing, half the effect of desire and half in terror that caused the onslaught. Then smugly watched his tremendous penis erect with lust, and climbing Presto threw herself on her bed and pulled the bedclothes. Bella, half drowned beneath the great gross hairy, felt the stiff cock between her legs, and lowered his hand to tempt you again. - Heavens, what size! I never fit! -Yes, of course if: we have all come to the testicles, only you have to cooperate to not hurt you. Bella was spared the trouble of answering, because then penetrated anxious language in her mouth until almost suffocate. Then he realized that the priest had risen slowly and that hot head of his gigantic cock was trying to break through the wet lips of her pink slit. I can not proceed with the detailed account of the preliminaries. It díez took minutes, but at the end of which the clumsy Clement was buried up to the testes in the beautiful body of the girl, who, with her soft legs bound on the Tan back priest, receiving the caresses of this that basked upon his victim, and was beginning to lewd movements that were to lead him to get rid of his burning fluid. Ten inches at least had muscle hardening depth the private parts of the girl, and throbbed inside of them, at the same time a shaggy mop of hair rubbed the delicate mountain of unhappy Bella. - Oh, God! How you hurt me! She complained. -Heaven! I're butchering! Clement started a movement. - I can not stand! It really is too big! Oh! Get him out! Ay, do lunges! Clemente mercilessly pushed two or three times. -Wait a minute, little devil, only until you choke on my milk. Oh, how close you are! Looks like you're sipping yerga! Finally! now inside, and is all had.
Page 100
Page 100 of 107 - Mercy, please! Clemente rammed hard and fast push after push while spinning and writhed on the girl's body dock, and suffered a real attack lust. His huge penis threatened to break from the intensity of his pleasure and maddening delight of the moment. -Now I'm finally fucking. - Jodedme! Bella muttered, opening up even more of your legs, as the intensity of the sensations came posesionando of person. Jodedme well! More hard! And with a deep groan of pleasure flooded his brutal r****t with copious descarqa, at the same time throwing themselves forward for a formidable onslaught of man. Bella's legs flexed spasmodically when Clement was launched between them, inserting and removing continued his long and ardent member between them, with lustful movements. Some sighs mixed with tight kisses lips lewd invader of pasture groans and rapid vibrations of bed frame, denounced all the excitement of the scene. Clemente did not need incentives. The companion complacent ejaculation will had provided the average wet she wanted, and took advantage of it to start a series of movements in and out causing Bella much pleasure as pain. The girl seconded him with all his might. Completely stuffed, sighed deep and shuddered under his firm thrusts. Her breathing became a gasp, closed her eyes for effect-brutal pleasure she experienced in an almost spasm uninterrupted broadcast. The backside of his rude lover opened and closed at each new effort to strike lunges toward the body of the cute c***d. After much struggle paused. - I can not take it anymore, I'm going to come. Take my milk, Bella. You will receive torrents of it, sweetie. Bella. Knew. All their monstrous veins were swollen face his jo maximum tension. It was unbearably large. It seemed the giant member an ass. Clemente began to move again. From his lips fell saliva. With a feeling of ecstasy, Bella seminal expected current. Clement struck one or two putts, but profound, and groaned stiffened, shuddering only slightly from head to toe, and then left its yerga tremendous spurt of cum that flooded the girl's womb. The big brute buried his head in the pillows, made a last effort to go deeper into it, resting with feet at the foot of the bed. - Oh, the milk! Bella shrieked. I feel! What a rush! Oh, Give it to me! Father Holy, what a pleasure!
Page 101
Page 101 of 107 There it is! Take it! Cried the priest while after the first jet thrown in within it, again lunged wildly inward with each thrust sending a new stream of warm milk. Oh, what a pleasure! Although Bella had anticipated the worst, had no idea of ​​the immense amount of semen that the man was able to issue. The thick cast out into spurts they would crash into the same array. - Oh, I'm coming again! And Bella semidesfallecida sank under the robust man, while his burning followed by flooding with fluid viscous jets. Other five times that night, Bella received the contents of the large Clemente testicles, and had it not been for the glory of the day I realized it was time he left, had started again. When the wily Clemente left the house and hurried them off to his humble cell, dawn and was f***ed to admit that he had filled his belly with satisfaction, in the same way that Bella saw milk flooded his bowels. And luck had the girl of his two guards were disabled, because otherwise they would have discovered, for the sorry state they were in their youth private parts, that an intruder had crossed the threshold of the same. Youth is elastic, the whole world knows. And Bella was very young and very elastic. If you had seen the huge machine of Clemente, it would have asserted me Its natural elasticity admit not only allowed the introduction of that ram, but also help but feel the slightest discomfort after a couple of days. Three days after this episode interesting Ambrosio returned the father. One of first concerns was to find Bella. Upon finding invited to enter a boudoir. - Sail! He shouted, showing his instrument, inflamed and present attitude weapons. I have not had any distractions for a week, and my yerga is hot, dear Bella. Two minutes later, Bella's head lay on the table the department while collecting the clothes on his back, exposed her perky buttocks, the lascivious priest hit with his long shaft vigorously after solazado having sight in the contemplation of his plump buttocks. After another minute and his tool was introduced in the pussy from behind, just crush against the black rump hair curly base. After only a few lunges gushing milk threw up her waist. The good father was too excited by the long abstinence with only this rigidity lost his member, he withdrew himself an instrument that stallion, still slippery and steamy, to take the small hole between the couple of delicious buttocks of her friend. Bella helped him and, given how well oiled as it was,
Page 102
Page 102 of 107 slid inside, not by giving gifts to the girl with another tremendous prolific doses from their testicles. Bella felt the burning download, and received projected the warm milk willingly against his gut. Then put it back on the table and sucked the clitoris for about a quarter of an hour, forcing her to cum two times in his mouth. Then screwed in the natural form. Then Bella retired to his room to wash, and after a short rest is put his street clothes and left. That night it was reported that Mr. Verbouc had worsened. The attack had reached regions that were cause for alarm for GP. Bella wished his uncle who passed a good night and retired to his room. Julia had settled in Bella's bedroom for the night, and both girls, by then already well aware of the nature and properties of males, were leaning exchanging ideas and adventures. -I thought I was going to die, 'Julia said when Father Ambrose introduced its thing big ugly deep inside my poor body, and when it ended I thought had given him a attack, and could not understand what was that slimy thing, that hot substance cast within me. Oh! 'Then, my dear, you began to feel the friction on your sensitive little thing, and the hot milk spurted Father Ambrose, covering everything. -Yes I did, and I still feel flooded when it does. - Silence! Did not you hear? Both girls got up and began to listen. Bella, more accustomed to the her bedroom features of what might be, Julia, turned his attention to the window. At the time of doing the shutter gradually subsided, and there was the head of a man. Julia discovered also appeared and was about to scream, but Bella made a motioned for silence. - Shhh! Do not be alarmed Bella whispered. We want to eat, just that it undue bother one of so cruel. - What do you want? Julia asked semiescondiendo her pretty head in her clothes to sl**p, but still watching with keen eye the intruder. During this brief conversation the man was preparing to enter the chamber, and having already opened the window enough to do so, he slid his wide Mankind the through opening. When you set foot on the floor of the room were the discovered the ugly bulky figure and sensuous factions Father Clement. - Holy Mother, a priest! Cried Bella young guest. Well fat by true! Oh Bella! What do you want? -We will know soon whispered the other.
Page 103
Page 103 of 107 Meanwhile Clemente had approached the bed. - What? Is it possible? A double entertainment? He exclaimed. Charming Cute! This is truly an unexpected pleasure. - Shame on you, Father Clement! Julia had disappeared under the bedclothes. In two minutes the priest stripped of his garments, and without waiting to be told invited to do so, was launched as lightning on the bed. - Oh! Cried Julia. I is tempting! - Oh yeah! The two will be well thumbed, I assure Bella murmured as she felt the huge weapon Clemente pressing her back. That shameful behavior on you, to enter without our permission! 'In that case, I can enter, gorgeous? 'Said the priest, as he put in Bella's hands his stiff instrument. -You can stay, since it is already inside. 'Thank Clemente murmured, pulling Bella's legs and inserting the huge head of his cock between them. Bella felt the blow, and mechanically put her arms around the back of Julia. Clemente pushed back, but Bella jumped scuttled. He stood, and aside the bedclothes exposed the hairy body of the priest and the gentle figure of his companion. Julia turned instinctively and found that pointed straight to his nose, straightening the penis rigid good father, who seemed ready to burst because of lust awakened in the holder by the company in which he was. -Tiéntalo Bella whispered. Without amazed, Julia grabbed her white little hand. - How late! Is becoming increasing my faith. Both girls are then fell out of bed, and anxious for the fun began to squeeze and rub the bulky penis priest until he was about to come. - This is heaven! Father Clement said staring, and a slight convulsive movement in his fingers denoting pleasure. -Enough, dear, otherwise it will come-watched Bella, adopting an air of experienced person, who believed he had the right, according to her, under its previous relations with the monster. For his part, Father Clement was not willing to waste their shots when they were within reach two objectives so cute. Remained inactive for fondling girls who submitted their penis, but now had attracted gently if the young Julia, to raise her shirt and let
Page 104
Page 104 of 107 to view all their secrets charms. He slid his eager hands around adorable thighs and buttocks of the girl, and then opened thumbs pink vulva, for enter their lascivious tongue inside her, and kiss her as for other exciting in same array. Julia could not remain insensitive to this treatment and when at last, trembling unbridled desire and lust, the daring priest turned his back on the bed, opened his youthful thighs and let him see the rosy edges of her tight slit. Clemente got between her legs, and advancing towards her thick wet the tip of his member in wet pussy lips. Bella lent its aid, and taking between their hands the huge penis, he discovered and routed properly to the hole. Julia gasped and bit her lip. Clement struck a violent thrust. Julia, brave as a lioness, endured the blow, and the head was introduced. More pushing, more pressure, and in less time it takes to write Julia had completely engulfed the huge penis priest. Once comfortably possession of his body, Clemente began a series of rhythmic thrusts thoroughly, and Julia, indescribable sensations prey, pushed back head, and covered his face with one hand while with the other he clutched the waist of Bella. - Oh, it's huge, but what makes me happy! - It is completely inside! It has been buried up to the balls! Cried Bella. - Ah! What a treat! I will come to me! I can not stand! His body is velvet! Take! Take that! This followed a fierce onslaught. - Oh! Julia exclaimed. At that moment it occurred to libidinous fantasy giant, and extracting the vaporizing member Julia's private parts. launched between Bella's legs and Stayed inside her delicious vulva. The pulsating object is stuck deep inside of her young pussy while the owner of it drooled taste for the task that was delivered. Julia looked astonished the apparent ease with which the father sank his big yerga in white inside her friend's body. After spending a quarter of an hour in this erotic pose, time in which Bella father pressed against his chest and twice gave his warm tribute on his head the huge rod again retires Clemente, and sought to calm the ardor that consumed him spilling his hot milk inside the delicate little person of Julia. Took the little lady in his arms again straddled his body, and without much difficulty, pressing his burning yerga against her pussy smooth, prepared to flood it with a lewd download. There followed a series of lunges furiously fast but deep, at the end of which Clemente, while letting out a deep sigh, pushed to the depths of
Page 105
Page 105 of 107 the delicate girl, and began to vomit inside a real flood of semen. Spurt after spurt coming from his penis while he, with eyes and lips trembling, came to ecstasy. Julia's excitement had peaked, and added to the enjoyment of her r****t in the final paroxysm, to a degree of alienation awful flea can no describe. The orgies that followed in this raunchy night were also something that exceeds my narrative skills. Clemente As soon as he had recovered from his first ejaculation, announced caliber words his intention to enjoy Bella. Y, said and done, immediately set to work. For a quarter of an hour long remained buried until the hairs on the pussy her, holding back until nature prevailed, that Bella received the download in her womb. The father took his handkerchief from Holland, with whom he wiped his dripping pussies both beauties. Then the two girls grabbed the member of the priest and applied so many tender and lascivious touches again excited the fiery temperament the priest, to the point of achieving infuse new strength and virility impossible describe. His huge penis, red and swollen under the previous exercises, threatening saw the couple taking him fingering you pray to one side, sometimes to another. Several sometimes angry Bella sucked head and tickled with the tip of his tongue the hole the urethra. This was, apparently, one of the favorite ways of enjoying Clemente. as introduced quickly as he could the head of his great yerga in the mouth of the girl. After the rolled over and over again, naked as they came into the world, beating his thick lips in their dripping pussies again and again. He kissed and fumbled noisily the roundness of her buttocks, occasionally inserting a finger in ass holes. Then Clement and Bella, two to one, Julia persuaded to allow him to father put in his mouth the tip of his penis, and after a good time to tickle and excite the monstrous fuck, threw such a torrent in the throat of the girl, who nearly drowned. There followed a short interval, and again the unusual fact to enjoy two so tempting and spiritual girls woke all the vigor of Clement. Placing next to each other began introducing its alternately member each, and after I removed some brutal onslaught of a pussy to put it in the other. Then he lay on his back, and attracting girls he sucked on Pussy to one while the other is buried in her hair yerga to join both bodies. Again and again threw them inside his prolific essence. Only dawn terminated those orgy scenes.
Page 106
Page 106 of 107 While such scenes unfolded in the house had a very different place in the bedroom of Mr. Verbouc, and when three days later the father returned Ambrosio another of his absences, he found his friend and protector on the verge of death. A few hours were enough to end life and adventures as eccentric gentleman. After his death his widow, who never distinguished for their intellectual lights, began to show signs of insanity, and in a paroxysm of madness never stopped call the priest. But when on one occasion an elderly and respectable father was emergency call, the good lady indignantly denied that this man could be a priest, and cried out that he sent "the great instrument of". His language and his behavior were generally cause for scandal, so it had to lock in an asylum, where he remains in demand delirious large penis. Bella, which thus remained without protectors, soon listened to advice of her confessor, and agreed to take the veil. Julia, an orphan too, resolved to share the fate of his friend, and inasmuch as his mother immediately gave his consent, both girls were received in the arms of Holy Mother Church on the same day, and once the novitiate made a time final vows. How were observed these vows of chastity is not something that I, a humble flea, must judge. I can only say that after the ceremony both girls were taken privately to the seminar, in which f******n waiting cures. Without giving them little time to new devotees to undress, scoundrels, enfervorecidos by the prospect of such a precious reward set upon them, and one after another quench their devilish lust. Bella got up to twenty fervent downloads in all imaginable positions and Julia, just less vigorously assaulted, finally collapsing, exhausted by the roughness of the treatment he was subjected. The room was well insured, so there was no fear interruptions, and the sensuous community gathered to honor the newly admitted s****rs, enjoyed his charms at ease. Ambrosio was also there, as had long been convinced of the Bella inability to keep to himself, and moreover feared animosity of his b*****rs . Clemente was also part of his team, and his enormous member caused havoc attacking boyish charms. The Superior was also an opportunity to give vent to their perverse tastes, and not even the recently deflowered and weak Julia escaped the ordeal of their attacks. He had to
Page 107
Page 107 of 107 submit and allow, among pleasant emotions indescribable, cast his viscous cum on her belly. The cries of those who came, breathing hard from those that were delivered to the sensual act, the squeaking and creaking of furniture, muffled voices and the interrupted conversations observers, all tended to give greater magnitude libidinous monstrosity of the scenes, and do more repulsive details of this ecclesiastical brouhaha. Obsessed with these ideas, and greatly upset by the proportions of the orgy, fled, and did not stop until he had put many miles between my be and the protagonists of this hateful story, nor, from that moment, stroked the idea of ​​re-entering relationships of familiarity with Bella or Julia. I know that they came to be the normal means of satisfying the admitted to the seminary. No doubt the constant and strong sexual excitement they had to resent was to wither soon the youthful charm that so beautiful admiration inspired me. But to the best fit. my task is over, I kept my promise and have finished my first memories. And while it is an attribute of a Flea moralizing, yes is in your hand to choose their own food. Fed up with those little women on which I lectured, I did what many do others, however not fleas, as I reminded my readers to begin this first story, do the same, sucking bl**d: emigrated, with new promise to my readers of a second volume, in the pilgrimage to choose my own food. ... Continue»
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The Humiliation of My Wife

Chapter 1

My wife Sally and I have had a pretty interesting marriage thus far. We had dated/been engaged for just over a year before we finally got married. And for the first year of the marriage, things were great. We had sex frequently, and to try and keep things exciting, we would often try new things to add variety to our sex lives. Sometimes it was just a matter of trying new locations, or perhaps new sexual positions. But the thing that seemed to rev both our engines the most was when we broke out of our molds and did some minor roleplaying.

Before I get any further into my tale, I need to describe my wife to you. Sally is a beautiful woman. She's 25 years old, 5'6" tall and weighs a slim 115lbs. She has striking brown hair that reaches to her shoulder blades and the most gorgeous blue eyes. Her frame is a curvaceous 36C-25-34 and her breasts are topped off by these nipples, that when hard, stick out and proclaim themselves to the world. My wife, for reasons which remain unknown to me, does not feel she is overly attractive, and will usually tend to wear looser, baggier clothing when she is out in public.

The moment in which our lives took a turn that neither of us could have anticipated, was early last summer. We had only been married a year and were still enjoying each other's company, both in and out of the bed. The evening was particularly warm and a bit muggy as well. It was one of those evenings where the humidity was high enough that you would think to yourself that it was probably going to rain later that evening.

Our home is in a nice suburb on a large piece of land which allows us the luxury of having a row of trees on either side of the house, effectively giving a buffer between our neighbours. Because of this privacy, we will often lounge around the house naked or have sex wherever we please and usually don't worry about closing windows or pulling blinds. On this particular evening, we were lounging in bed naked, not in a particular hurry to do anything because of the heat and humidity. We were having a light hearted conversation interspersed with some light petting here and there.

At some point, my wife made a particularly cheeky comment and I playfully swatted her on her naked ass. What I wasn't expecting was her response. Her face immediately flushed red and she let out a breathy "ooohhhh", and then she hung her head down and wouldn't look at me. With a rush of excitement, I decided to see how far she would let me go with this.

Sitting at the edge of the bed I sternly replied, "Young lady, for that terrible comment, you've earned yourself a spanking. Now get over my knee THIS INSTANT, or your punishment will be doubled."

Sally nearly leapt up off the bed and was laying across my lap before I even had a chance to blink. I had dreamt and fantasized of this moment for a long time, and had really never thought it would ever become a reality. Seeing my beautiful naked wife sprawled across my lap, offering me that gorgeous ass for a spanking, was more than my cock could take. I had an instant hard-on which I'm sure was poking painfully into my wife's belly.

Not knowing how far my wife would let me go with this, I applied the first few swats lightly on each cheek. When she didn't seem to protest, and in fact, appeared to be thrusting her ass up into the air to meet each smack, I gradually began exerting more and more f***e with each spank. After about 20 swats on each cheek, they began to take on a rosy glow. The sight of my wife's rapidly reddening ass only egged me on further, and I began spanking her with increasing f***e.

The harder I hit my wife's ass, the more she seemed to respond and thrust her ass back up into the air to meet the next spank. Soon I was practically wailing away on my wife's ass. It was now a deep red and I knew it had to be getting pretty painful, as my wife would now cry out an "OW" or "AAHHH" with each hit, but, nevertheless, would continue to thrust her ass right back up for the next strike.

The louder my wife would cry out, the harder I seemed to hit, yet she never once asked me to stop. In fact I noticed that as I continued my torture upon her now deep red ass, her legs began to part and I got my first glimpse off her beautiful pussy and asshole. Seeing this treasure seemed to push me to greater heights and, though my arm was beginning to tire, I renewed my efforts on her ass. As I was pummeling that gorgeous behind, my wife was now moaning out a constant "oowwww, ahhhhhh" and her legs continued to get further and further apart.

The feeling of dominating my wife was such a rush to me, greater than anything I had ever imagined, that I began to feel myself losing control of the moment. Without even thinking about it, I landed a hard smack directly on her now very exposed pussy. With a screech my wife's head shot back and let out an awful howl of pain, but she didn't ask me to stop and in fact spread her legs even further apart, offering me a greater target. Taking this as my cue to continue, I began to alternate strikes between her ass and her pussy.

With each smack to her pussy she would howl like a banshee, but she never once closed her legs. It was at this point that I noticed that my left leg was starting to get wet with pussy juice. The harder I hit my wife's pussy, the more wet she became, until my left leg was absolutely soaked and my hand was coming away drenched from each spank on the pussy. It suddenly dawned upon me that I wasn't the only one who appeared to be enjoying this spanking. My fucking wife was getting turned on having her ass and pussy spanked!! I couldn't believe it. This was beyond my wildest dream. This new revelation only spurred me on further. If I thought I had lost control before, I was definitely out of control now.

I was now beating my wife's ass and pussy with all my might and began hollering at her, "You deserve to have your ass spanked, don't you? You've been a very bad girl. Acting like a slut. You need this don't you?"

Between shrieks of pain, my wife would holler out a yes after each question and would begin screaming, "Yes, beat this slut's ass. I deserve to have my pussy spanked." She also began to grind her pussy against my leg between swats. After several more smacks on an ass which was now almost purple in color, her screams of pain began to turn into guttural grunts, like the sounds she makes when she's nearing orgasm. I realized that, not only was my wife enjoying the spanking, but she was actually getting off on the pain from it.

After several more vicious smacks to her pussy, my wife's body suddenly went rigid, her head shot back with her mouth wide open in the shape of an 'O', and she began to shriek, "AAAAAAAHHHHH, I'M CUMMING", over and over. Her eyes then rolled up and into the back of her head and her body began to shake violently to the point that she shook herself right off my lap and onto the floor.

After about a minute of convulsions, Sally slowly began to come around and take notice of her surroundings again. I could see her face was flushed with the exertion of the orgasm and she still kept her eyes downcast. Truthfully, I had never seen my wife cum that hard ever, and to be quite honest with you, the whole scene was a real turn on for me too.

Still in the moment and in no particular hurry to have it end, and having a hard-on which was rapidly becoming painful from my heightened arousal and prolonged hardness, I decided to see if I could take this game to the next level. Without really giving it any thought I stood up in front of her and in a very stern voice scolded her, "Now look at what you have done, you slut. You've soaked my leg in your cunt juice and given me a very painful hard-on. You had better be prepared to fix that problem, or you'll find yourself right back over my knee for another spanking. Is that understood, Slut?"

A very quiet, "Yes sir."

"Now get on your knees, cunt. We're finally going to put that mouth to good use." Without any hesitation, my wife scrambled up onto her knees and sat there looking expectantly up at me. Now you need to understand something at this point. Up until now, my wife had never had a man's cock in her mouth, and had in fact once confided to me that she found the thought of it kind of disgusting.

I reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair and rudely informed her that, "From now on Slut, whenever I grab your hair, you will open your mouth and leave it that way until I tell you otherwise." She immediately complied. I left her like that for several seconds, just basking in the moment. Here was my beautiful wife who, only an hour ago would never have considered putting a cock in her mouth, was now kneeling at my feet, mouth held wide open with my red swollen cock bobbing inches away from her face.

Finally, I could wait no longer. I took a step forward and placed my cock for the first time into Sally's mouth. She immediately closed her lips and began trying to suck me off. However, not wanting to lose control of the moment, and still enjoying the control I had over my now submissive wife, I began to thrust my cock in and out of her mouth. Taking a firm grip on her hair, I held her head steady and began to fuck her mouth as if it was a pussy. After several more strokes, each becoming more insistent than the last, I finally felt my cock bump the back of her mouth.

Immediately, Sally began to gag, and the sound of her gagging on my cock, only served to turn me on further. Completely in control now, and loving the sensation of dominating my wife, I began to fuck her mouth in earnest. Each thrust now pushed my cock against the back of my wife's mouth causing her to gag repeatedly. Eventually, I began to thrust even harder until I finally felt my cock pop into my wife's throat. When that happened, I immediately stopped and held my cock there, enjoying the sensations and the panicked look on my wife's face. Her eyes were wide open with fear as she now couldn't breath with my cock firmly lodged in the back of her throat. After holding it there for several more seconds, I eventually pulled out enough to allow her to breathe, but only for a short while before I thrust back in again and was once again down her throat. I began to alternate my strokes in and out of her mouth. Sometimes I would fuck my wife's throat with hard rapid thrusts, and at other times I would push my cock all the way down her throat and hold it there for several seconds.

Through my lust induced haze I began to notice my wife's breathing becoming more rapid, and that was when I noticed that she had her hands buried between her legs and was rubbing furiously against her swollen pussy. The harder and deeper I fucked her throat, the faster her hands would move against her pussy. Eventually, they were almost a blur, they were moving that quickly.

I again began to verbally berate my wife as I fucked her mouth. "That's right you whore. Take that cock down your throat. You know you deserve to be treated this way. This is how sluts like you need to be treated, isn't it?" With my cock firmly lodged in her throat, Sally could only nod her head yes. Taking this as my cue to continue, I continued my verbal assault. "I should have done this a long time ago. A slut like you needs to have her ass and cunt regularly beaten. And you had better get used to having your mouth used like this, because I'm going to be using it whenever I please."

The combination of having her throat ****d so brutally and of being verbally abused was too much for my wife and she once again began to cum. Sally had never had more than one orgasm in a night, and here she was having a second one so soon after the first. Her eyes once again rolled into the back of her head and she began to moan throatily around my cock, which was still lodged deeply in her throat. It was all too much for me and I felt my own orgasm begin to build. As it was for my wife, my own orgasm was also one of the strongest I had ever experienced up to that point in my life.

With one final thrust, I buried my cock deeply into her throat until my balls were resting against Sally's chin. I let loose the first few spurts of cum deeply into her throat, forcing her to swallow it before I quickly pulled out and began to shoot the remainder of my cum all over my wife's face and in her hair. I had never given her, or any woman for that matter, a facial before, and I have to say the feeling of it was quite overwhelming. I came more in that moment than I had ever come before. By the end of it, I was so weak in my legs I had to finally let go of her hair and sit back on the edge of the bed to prevent me from falling to the floor.

As I was catching my breath, I looked over at my wife to gauge her reaction to everything that had happened tonight, and that was when I had another shock for the evening. My wife was in her own little world, happily wiping the cum off her face and hungrily sucking it into her mouth. When she had eaten all the cum she could from her own face, she crawled over to between my legs and tentatively began to lick my now softening cock, cleaning it of any residual cum.

With a final lick of her lips, Sally sat back on her heels and waited quietly at my feet. My mind was filled with thoughts and emotions about what had happened here this evening. It was certainly the most erotic and sexually charged night of my life, and I'm pretty sure it was too for my wife, judging by her reactions. I had had fantasies about dominating women over the years, but had never really expected it to ever become a reality. Yet here I sat this evening, with my wife patiently kneeling between my legs, after having had her ass and pussy brutally beaten, her throat viciously ****d, and then given a final, humiliating facial.

The overpoweringly erotic feelings I got when I dominated and humiliated my wife was unlike any experience I had ever had before, and I didn't want it to end. I decided to see if this was also something my wife wanted to

continue doing. Believing that maybe my wife would be more truthful with me if I remained in my dominant role, I began to question her in my best domineering and scornful voice.

"You enjoyed having your ass and cunt spanked, didn't you Slut?"

A slight pause, before Sally meekly answered "Yes sir." Her face began to redden with embarrassment and her head hung low as she intently stared at the floor at my feet.

"And you also liked it when I used your mouth and throat to bring me off?"

Again a very quiet, "Yes sir."

"And you wanted me to use your face as my cum receptacle, didn't you?"

"Yes, sir."

I already knew the answer to my next question, but I knew that she needed to hear herself say it aloud before she could truly be free to act on it. I asked a very risky question which very easily could have back-fired on me. "Now I want you to be absolutely truthful with me Slut, or what you experienced here tonight will never happen again. Do you understand?"

A slow nod of her head.

"I want you to tell me that darkest secret you've been keeping to yourself all this time about what it is that really turns you on." I practically held my breath as I anxiously awaited her answer.

After what seemed an eternity, Sally's shoulders visibly slumped as if she'd been released from some great weight she had been carrying for a long time, and answered in a voice so quiet, I had to strain to hear the answer. "I get turned on by being used and humiliated."

I practically had to restrain myself from jumping up and doing a victory dance or something equally as stupid. But those words were magic to my ears. Not wanting to lose the momentum for fear of my wife getting cold feet, I immediately pressed on. "Do you want these experiences to continue, Slut?"

A small nod of the head followed by a quiet, "Yes, sir."

"Good. Then you will be required to follow my instructions to the letter from now on. Things will happen when I want them to happen - not you. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"You will be required to do whatever I ask, whenever I ask and wherever I ask, no matter how horrible or humiliating it might be. You will do all of these without question or hesitation, or you will be punished. Is that clear Cunt?"

"Yes, sir."

"To make sure you understood, I want you to repeat what I've just said." Again I wanted her to hear herself saying these things out loud so that it would serve to re-affirm for her, her new role in life.

Mustering what courage she had, Sally timidly began, "I must obey you at all times no matter how humiliating it might be. If I question you or hesitate to comply, then you will discipline me."

"Very good, Slut." Not knowing what else to say at this point, and feeling quite exhausted from the ordeal, I simply ordered Sally, "Get up Slut and go get yourself cleaned up. Come back to bed when you're done."

Sally quickly scampered up and ran off towards the bathroom. What a site it was to see my newly submissive wife running off with an ass that was still a dark red and showing signs of slight bruising in several places. I'm sure she'd find it sore to sit down for the next day or two, I chuckled to myself.

Chapter 2

In the days that followed that fateful night, I slowly began implementing some new rules and changing some things about my wife to suit my purposes. The first order of business was the way in which my wife attempted to dress herself. I immediately went through her belongings and threw anything out that was even remotely baggy or unrevealing. This didn't leave much for her to wear, so we went shopping for some new clothing.

Much to her chagrin, I began choosing clothing that was a size too small, or a tad too short, or a bit too see-through for her liking. She had a great body and I wanted to show it off, and I also knew it would embarrass Sally as well. For tops I would only choose things like transparent blouses, tank tops or halter tops that were all a size too small, to accentuate her beautiful breasts and show off her large nipples when they got erect. For the bottoms, I would not buy anything other than skirts, and all were too tight and too short. Sally had great legs and a perfect ass and these all showed them off to great effect. Of course, Sally didn't think so and found it very humiliating knowing that certain movements caused her private areas to become exposed.

The first few times we went out in public with my wife dressed this way was a real thrill for me, and for Sally as well. As we would walk through the mall, I'd observe the looks the men, and sometimes women, gave my wife. She was utterly humiliated being made to parade through the busy mall dressed this way. Wearing a small see-through blouse with a dark lacy bra on underneath, and a black skirt which was skin-tight and barely went below the bottoms of her ass cheeks. This was topped off with 4 inch heels, which caused my wife's hips to sway almost obscenely.

I know she saw the looks of pure lust on the men, and the looks of hatred and contempt from the women. Her face was a constant red and her nipples were rock hard, which, of course, made the whole picture even more obscene.

After these episodes, I could hardly wait to get my wife home and fuck the shit out of her. She was always very wet and horny as well. The sex after these times was always intense and ended up with both of us having very satisfying orgasms.

I also began instituting some new rules at home. One of the first was, while we were in a role playing situation, that she was not to speak unless she was spoken to first. If she had to ask a question, she was to get my attention and wait for me to give her permission to speak. Several days after that rule was introduced, I returned home from work and informed Sally that, "From now on Slut, you will no longer be allowed to wear clothing in the house unless I give you permission. Upon entering the home, you will immediately remove all of your clothing and remain that way until you are required to go out again. Is that clear?"

A quick nod of the head.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Or do you need to have your ass and pussy beaten again?" I demanded.

Quickly realizing what I meant, she immediately began removing all of her clothing until she stood naked in front of me. The sight of that beautiful naked body was starting to have an effect on me. I figured now was as good a time as any to introduce another rule to Sally.

"Also, whenever I enter the home I will expect you to present yourself in an appropriate manner. You will wait for me in the living room and will be on your knees facing the door. You will be sitting upright on your heels with your hands clasped behind your back and your knees spread as wide apart as they will go. You will not move from this position unless I tell you too. Understood?"

A nod of her head.

"Assume the position, Slut," I ordered.

She quickly dropped to her knees in front of me and clasped her hands behind her back as she sat back on her heels.

"Spread those legs further than that, Cunt. I want everything to be on display. Wider than that. Do I need to beat that pussy again to get you to obey?" I quickly barked as she tried to comply with my demands.

Still not feeling that she was as wide apart as she could go, and believing that a lesson was probably in order, I ordered her to stay put and not to move. I went into the kitchen and began rummaging through several of the drawers until I found what I was looking for. I took out a long handled wooden spoon which I thought would be perfect for what I had in mind.

Returning to my wife, I informed her that she was going to be punished for not complying with my demand right away and for not doing it correctly. She immediately began to plead with me that she was sorry and that she would never do it again and that I should give her a second chance. I cut off her pleas sharply by saying, "Enough, Slut. Your punishment is going to be worse now for speaking without permission. Or have you forgotten that rule too, Cunt?" I sneered.

She quickly shook her head no, but remained silent. I could see the pained look on her face as she realized that she had screwed up and was now going to get a worse punishment than she would have if she had only remained silent. Her shoulders visibly slumped as she resolved herself to take whatever punishment I dished out and do it in a manner which wouldn't disappoint me any further.

I then stood beside Sally and ordered her to start playing with her tits and nipples. Her face flushed a deep red as she began to fondle her breast and roll her nipples in her fingertips. Soon those bullets were rock hard and sticking out at least 3/4 of an inch.

"Pinch your nipples. Hard." She began to squeeze the nipples between her thumbs and index fingers bringing a grimace of pain to her face. "Harder than that, Slut." She increased the pressure and I could see the tips beginning to turn a dark color. After several more seconds, I allowed her to release her now sore nipples. I then ordered, "Place your hands under your tits and hold them up for me like you wanted them inspected." She quickly complied.

Without any warning, I brought the wooden spoon down hard upon her distended right nipple. A howl of pain erupted from my wife as she doubled over in agony. I immediately grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked hard on it bringing her head back up. "You will remain in place, or the punishment is going to get worse. This is your last warning. Do not disappoint me again," I chided.

I could see the crestfallen look on her face as she realized that she had disappointed me again. With shaking hands she bravely assumed the position and again held her breasts out to me. This time I brought the spoon down hard upon her left nipple. Again the same howl of pain, but this time, to her credit, Sally managed to stay in position. I began randomly applying strokes to both breasts evenly reddening the entire surface including the nipples.

After several minutes of this I stopped and inspected my handiwork. My wife was silently crying, but she did not move from the position I had placed her in. Her tits were a deep red with several spots showing early signs of bruising. I informed her that her punishment was not yet over. The beating of her tits was for speaking without permission and what was to come next was for not complying with my original demand quickly enough.

Looking at her exposed pussy I could see it was already soaked. Despite the intense pain I had just put my wife through, her pussy and legs were soaked and there was a wet spot on the carpet under her cunt. Again, confirmation that my wife got off on the pain.

I cautioned her again, "If you move again, your punishment will be doubled. Now get your hands behind your back and keep them there." Once they were in place, I moved the spoon down to her exposed cunt and began rubbing it around, getting the spoon wet with her juices. I could see the pleading look in her eyes and see that she wanted to beg me not to do it, but remembering her lessons, she remained silent. At first, I just lightly tapped it, not wanting her to know when it would strike.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, WHACK. Immediately following that strike, my wife's eyes nearly bugged right out of her head, as she reeled from the pain. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" her back arching as she fought to stay in position. She began panting, almost as a dog would.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, WHACK. A second time on her exposed pussy lips. Again her back arched and mouth opened in a pitiful wail. Despite the intense pain, her pussy was flowing with juices and her clit was so hard that it was poking out like a little penis. Her breathing began picking up in pace as the pain pulsed from her cunt throughout her body.

WHACK, WHACK. Two blows back to back. It was almost too much for my wife. Her mouth opened to scream, but no sound came out. Her hips began moving as if they had a mind of their own. A slow rocking back and forth which quickly began to pick up speed.

Tap, tap, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Three in quick succession. The stimulation to her erect clit and swollen pussy lips was too much for Sally. Her back arched once again and her body went rigid as she began to orgasm. Her hands were clasped so tightly behind her back that her knuckles were bone white as she fought to stay in position while having an intense orgasm. As the orgasm pulsed through my wife's body, I continued the assault on her now swollen and thoroughly drenched cunt.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Each new smack pushed her farther over the edge. Her eyes had rolled so far into the back of her head that all you could see was white. Her body was arched back almost to the point that she was lying down on her feet and yet she somehow managed to maintain her position with her legs spread wide open and her hands clasped tightly behind her back. Her breathing was ragged, to the point of sounding like she was hyperventilating. Shocks appeared to ripple throughout her body and it was evident that she had lost control. I began to worry that she might actually lose consciousness or worse.

Once I stopped beating her pussy, she slowly began to come down from the heights she'd been on. Her breathing began to slow, her body relax and she began to focus again on her immediate surroundings. She looked an absolute mess. Her hair was soaked from sweat, and was plastered to her head. Her skin was blotchy and flushed, her breasts a dark red with purple welts forming, her cunt was swollen and red, and there was a giant wet spot on the carpet under her. And yet, in my eyes, my wife never looked lovelier than she did at this moment.

That had to be the most intense orgasm my wife had ever experienced. I stepped back for a few minutes to inspect my handiwork. I liked the way her body looked after taking the punishment and specially the way it responded to the pain. I knew it certainly wouldn't be the last time I did that.

There was just one thing that seemed to be off about her appearance. After several more seconds of thought I realized what it was. She had too much cunt hair. It obstructed the view of my handiwork. "From now on, Slut, you will shave that cunt of yours and keep it bare. Failure to do so will of course result in punishment. I will conduct spot inspections, so be sure to be vigilant."

A quick nod of her head. I'm sure punishment was the last thing she wanted right now.

This whole scene certainly had an effect on me as well. My cock was rock hard and painfully trying to poke a hole through my pants. I quickly undressed, grabbed a handful of my wife's hair and began walking towards the dining room table. My wife had to quickly scramble to her feet to avoid being dragged by her hair. Once there, I pushed her head down until she was bent over the edge of the table with her ass sticking out and her bruised tits mashed into the table top.

"Spread your legs wide whore. Now reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart." In this position her ass was beautifully on display and her newly beaten pussy was now clearly visible. Her swollen pussy lips and legs glistened with the moisture from her cunt. Without another word I placed the tip of my cock at her cunt and buried it to the hilt on the first thrust.

"Unngghh," my wife grunted as my balls slapped against her badly beaten pussy. Knowing I wouldn't be able to hold out for long, I began jack-hammering into her cunt as hard as I could. For each thrust I would pull all the way out and then bury it to the hilt, until my cock bumped painfully against her cervix, and my balls would slap her poor abused pussy lips and clit. Each time I buried my cock in Sally, her body would be pushed forward on the table causing her bruised and beaten tits to rub back and forth on the table's surface.

A steady rhythm built up with my wife grunting in pain with each thrust. Soon I could feel the pressure beginning to build in my balls and just before the first spurt, I whipped my cock out of her pussy, grabbed her hair and pulled her head to my cock. She remained, however, in the position I had left her. She was still bent over at the waist clasping the cheeks of her ass and spreading them apart. Remembering her training, the moment I grabbed a handful of her hair, she opened her mouth and obediently awaited my next move.

The first spurt hit her on the right cheek, causing her to flinch, but she dutifully remained in position. Then it seemed as if the floodgates had opened. As stream after stream of cum erupted from my cock and began coating her face in a thick coat of white semen. When my cock finally finished spasming, I reluctantly released my hold on my wife's hair and took a step back to admire my handiwork.

What a sight she was!!! She was still bent over at the waist with her hands behind her holding her ass-cheeks apart, and her face and hair was covered in a thick coat of sperm. After letting her stand like that for several more moments, I calmly ordered, "On your knees, Slut, and clean that cum off your face."

She quickly released her hold on her ass and dropped to her knees in front of me and began scooping the gobs of cum off her face and licking her fingers clean.

"What a cum-hungry slut you've become. Look at you. You can't get enough of my cum. That's it, Slut, don't miss a drop." I continued to verbally humiliate her until she had it all cleaned up. "Alright Slut, get up and go get a shower. And shave that cunt while you're in there."

She quickly stood and scampered off towards the bathroom. My mind continued to fill with thoughts and ideas of things I could do with my submissive wife.

Chapter 3

My wife quickly learned and adapted to the new rules of the house. The moment she entered the house, she immediately undressed and always made sure her pussy was smoothly shaven. It only took a couple of spot inspections those first few days, in which stubble had been discovered, to quickly hammer home the lesson. After receiving a very painful spanking on her ass, pussy and tits, my wife never made that mistake again.

Every day when I returned home from work, I found my wife kneeling at the entrance to the living room, in the position I had described. Her hands were clasped behind her back, and her knees were spread as wide as they could go. I tell you, after a hard day of work, there's no sight better than your beautiful submissive wife kneeling naked in front of you displaying all of her charms for your inspection.

It was then, after we began to settle into a routine, that I decided it was time to spice things up a little, and add some variety to the mix. I didn't want to let my wife become complacent so I devised a plan to add some more humiliation to her life.

One evening after work, I informed my wife that we were going out. She assumed it would be another trip to the mall where I would show off her body by parading her up and down the main hall. When I didn't take the usual turnoff towards the mall, I could see my wife's face begin to cloud with uncertainty and, I think, a little fear.

She definitely knew something was wrong when I continued driving until we entered a seedier part of town, and I eventually pulled the car up in front of a XXX sex shop. Getting out of the car I could see Sally was very hesitant and was definitely afraid of what I might have planned for her.

As we entered the deserted shop, I could almost hear my wife breath a sigh of relief. She had never been in one of these stores before, and I know it made her very uncomfortable being here, worrying if someone we know might see her. At first I just casually strolled around the store looking at all the merchandise for sale, silently planning my next move. After several minutes, the bored looking clerk, a young man in his early twenties, strolled over towards us and asked, "Is there anything I can help you with, folks?"

I smiled a broad smile, and replied "Well actually there is. You see, my wife here," gesturing towards Sally, "is sometimes a very bad girl and needs to be punished." The moment I said that, I could hear my wife behind me gasp and knew she was turning several shades of red. That comment woke our drowsy clerk up. He eyed my wife with a new appreciation.

Licking his lips he replied, "Certainly sir, what can I get for you?"

"Well to start with, my wife has really sensitive nipples and when they get aroused, they stick out at least 3/4 of an inch." Sally turned a darker shade of red, but her nipples betrayed her. As I continued to humiliate her, her arousal became obvious as those tell-tale nipples hardened and threatened to poke a hole in her sheer, nearly transparent blouse. "I'm looking for a set of nipple clamps that can handle nipples her size. I want them to be adjustable, so if she's really being a naughty slut, I can tighten them, and I also want them linked by a chain, so she can be led around like a little doggie." Sally could only look at the floor now, she was so embarrassed. But her breathing had quickened and her nipples were as hard as I've seen them.

"Certainly sir. Right this way we have an excellent variety of clamps available." The man led the way to a display case on the back wall. "Might I suggest this pair?" he inquired, holding up a gold set that looked like two miniature vises with a screw in each for tightening, and they were attached together by an elegant gold chain.

"Hmmmm" I pretended to think about it for a few seconds. "I'm just not sure. Could you hold them up to my wife's tits so I can see what they look like?" I asked.

"Uhhh......sssssure", the clerk stuttered. With obvious shaking hands, the young man lifted the clamps up and held them in front of my wife's now hard nipples.

I took a step back and appeared to study the picture for a bit, before I replied, "I'm still not sure if they'll look right. Slut, undo your blouse and pull your tits out of your bra for me." I purposefully emphasized the word 'slut', and looked at her very pointedly. Her head snapped up and she looked at me with a shocked look on her face. She was about to say something in protest, when she saw the look I was giving her, and realized that if she didn't comply, the punishment she'd receive would only be worse for her.

With a resigned look on her face, Sally hesitantly raised her hands and began undoing the buttons on her blouse. When it came time to removing her tits from her bra, she again looked at me with a pleading look in her eyes, but she was only met with a stony gaze. Realizing that I would not accept anything else, her shoulders slumped, and with visibly shaking hands reached into her bra and removed both of her breasts.

There my wife stood, in the middle of a public store, in front of a complete stranger, with both of her beautiful tits hanging out for him to see. It was obvious to him, as well, how aroused my wife was, as her nipples were very hard and were jutting well out from her tits.

"OK, can you hold them up against my wife's tits again? I should be able to tell if they'll look good or not", I asked the clerk.

He again held the clamps up, but got a little more bold this time and actually held them against my wife's bare breasts. After a few more moments, I asked "Can you please put them on her? I want to make sure they'll fit and won't fall off."

Not only did my wife have a shocked look on her face, but so did the clerk. But not wanting to miss the opportunity, he hesitantly reached for my wife's left nipple, and gently attached the clamp. Once secured in place, he did the same for the right nipple and then stepped back. I have to say my wife looked stunning at that moment. Displaying her tits to a perfect stranger and then allowing that stranger to attach a set of nipple clamps to them, made her absolutely glow. She was still a deep shade of red and obviously found this humiliating, but was also getting intensely turned on by all of this, and it was showing. She was absolutely radiant in her beauty.

Enjoying the moment and not yet ready to have it end, I then asked the clerk, "Could you please tighten the clamps for me. I want to make sure they can go tight enough for my purposes, and I'd like to see if they have the right effect on my wife's nipples." The man again stepped forward and with obvious signs of nervousness but also arousal, which was evident by the tent threatening to poke through his pants, reached for my wife's tits.

We also made a trip to the lingerie store as I had thrown out my wife's entire collection. They were all too plain and again, unrevealing. Small lace items, g-strings and garter belts and stocking were the order of the day with matching lace bras. For footwear, we only purchased shoes with heels on them that were no less than 3 inches in height. What one might call "fuck-me shoes".

Grabbing both clamps at the same time, he began turning the screws equally. After several turns, I could see it was beginning to have an effect on Sally. Her face was showing signs of strain and soon became a mask of pain. I could see it was taking all of her control to not pull away or yell stop. Her whole body began to flinch with each new rotation of the screw, and she began to tremble and make some low mewling sounds. "Uunngghhhh, mmmmmm, aaahhhhhh." Her nipples were being horribly compressed and were now a very dark shade of purple. When it was obvious she was in intense pain, I asked the man to stop. He quickly stepped back and surveyed his handiwork.

What a site she was. Her entire upper body was a dark shade of red, she was breathing rapidly, her face in a constant grimace of pain and her tortured nipples a dark shade of purple as they proudly stood out from my wife's tits, held together by a delicate gold chain.

"I want to make sure the clamps will stay on so would you mind grabbing the chain and follow me?" I asked the clerk. Without waiting for a response I began walking away to another section of the store. He quickly grabbed the chain hanging between my wife's breasts and pulled on it as he endeavored to follow after me. Of course, with each yank of the chain, a new wave of pain would course out of her nipples and throughout her body. My wife scrambled to keep up with the young man, like an obedient puppy dog, not wanting there to be any distance between them so there would be no tension on the chain. After being led around the store like a dog by the clerk, I finally came to a stop in front of another display case.

Releasing the chain, the young man walked over and asked, "Is there anything else I can help you with sir?"

"Well, my wife has never had anything in her ass before, so I'd like to acquire some butt plugs for her to wear." Turning to my wife I ordered, "Slut, I want you to turn around and bend over at the waist." When she had done so, much to the delight of our young clerk, I then ordered, "reach back and lift up your skirt and then pull down your panties." With obvious distress my wife reached back and lifted up the tiny skirt until it was on her back and her entire ass was displayed to this stranger. Since she was only wearing a tiny little g-string, both globes were proudly on display. Again with shaking hands she grabbed the sides of her underwear and began rolling them down her legs until they reached her ankles. And as a final touch, I ordered "Reach back and spread your ass-cheeks apart. I want this man to get a good look at your asshole so he'll be able to tell me what sizes I need." With utter humiliation, Sally reached back and spread her ass-cheeks apart.

Now my wife's parts were completely on display for this total stranger. Her asshole and cleanly shaven pussy were completely exposed and again it was very obvious that this treatment was turning my wife on. Her cunt glistened with moisture and several rivulets of juice were running down her leg as we watched.

"So, what size do you think would be a good starter size?" I asked the clerk.

He reluctantly looked away from my wife's exposed charms and peered into the display case we were standing next to. He reached in and pulled out a plug, which at its thickest point, was roughly 2 inches in diameter.

"Excellent choice. Don't you think so, Slut?" I asked my wife. Remaining in position, she craned her head around and tried to see what the clerk was holding.

She quietly replied, "Yes sir."

"Great, we'll take it, and I'll also take this one and this one." I pulled two more plugs out of the case, each a little bigger than the last. The middle sized one was roughly two and 3/4 inches in diameter and the largest one was fully 3½ inches wide.

"OK, Slut, you can stand up now and get dressed. But I want you to leave your tits out of your bra, and just fasten the blouse over top. And don't take those clamps off." I could see the look of dismay on my wife's face as she had been sincerely hoping she could have removed the clamps which were causing her excruciating pain.

I quickly grabbed several more items from around the store and then paid for the lot of them, before returning to my wife. "Let's head back to the car now, Slut", I ordered. She quickly followed after me, anxious to get out of that store before I made her do more humiliating things. With each step she took, her raw, clamped exposed nipples would rub against the fabric of her tight blouse, causing more sensations of pain. By the time we reached the car, she was a wreck.

After seating ourselves, I ordered Sally to undo her blouse. Once done, I took a good look at the effect the clamps had on my wife' poor nipples. Deciding that she had probably had enough, and since she had been very obedient in the store, I reached up, loosened the screws in the clamps, and pulled them off of her tortured tits.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhh" my wife shrieked as the bl**d rushed back to her abused nipples in a flood of pain. When the waves of pain had passed, I informed my wife, as we pulled away from the curb, that she was to leave her tits out for the remainder of the drive home.

It was dark by the time we pulled into our driveway, so there was little fear that anyone would see my wife's naked breasts, as she ran to the door, waiting to be let in. Once inside, she quickly stripped off her clothes and ran to the living room to get in the position now very familiar to her for every time I return home.

I walked over to her, and reaching into the bag I carried, pulled out one of the extra things I had purchased while at the store. It was a studded collar designed to be worn about the neck. It looked almost identical to a dog's collar. I informed Sally "you will be expected to put this collar on the moment you return home and will keep it on, unless I tell you otherwise. This will be the only piece of clothing you will be allowed to wear while in this house." I reached down and fastened the collar in place. What a beautiful contrast it was to her milky white skin.

"We had a chance to try out one of our new toys tonight, I think it only fair that we try out the other one", I informed her. Grabbing a handful of hair, I again pulled her to her feet and dragged her over to the dining room table. Pushing her face down on the table I ordered, "reach back and spread your ass-cheeks apart, Slut. Spread those legs apart further. You'd better relax or this is really going to hurt."

Opening a jar of Vaseline, which was also purchased from the store, I put a dollop on the tip of the smallest plug. I took a moment to admire the view before me. My lovely wife holding her ass-cheeks apart for me, exposing that virgin ass and her very wet cunt. Already juice was beginning to flow down her legs in anticipation of what was to come.

"Now tell me Slut, have you ever had anything in your asshole before?"

"No sir."

"Are you scared?"

"Yes sir."

"You don't want me to ram this plug up your ass, do you?"

"No sir."

"Well like it or not, you'd better get used to it, because you're going to be wearing one a lot from now on in," I informed her.

A pitiful "yes sir."

Placing the tip of the plug against her sphincter, I began to slowly push and rotate it, inching it in slowly. I could tell Sally was worried by how tense she was, which unfortunately made it very difficult to insert the plug. "You'd better relax your ass slut, or I'm going to stop being gentle, and ram this thing up there as hard as I can," I warned her.

I could see my wife was trying to relax by taking some deep breaths to control her breathing. As I pushed on the plug I could feel the difference in her sphincter, as she began to relax. Inch by inch I worked that plug into her ass. The deeper I went, the wider her asshole was stretched as I neared the thickest part of the plug.

I continued to rotate the plug and would pull it out a bit before pushing it back in again, a little further each time. "Unngghhh, ooowww, ooohhhhh." My wife was grunting now with each thrust into her ass as she desperately tried to relax enough to allow passage for the plug. I knew my wife was in a lot of pain by now from the sounds she was making and also by the fact that her knuckles were bone white from gripping her ass-cheeks so hard.

The sounds she was making and the sight of her asshole being spread so wide for the first time ever were having a positive effect on me as well. My cock was rock hard and was desperately straining to get out of my pants.

With only another 2 inches to go, I began to push harder on the plug forcing it in with greater f***e. My wife was now crying out in pain with each thrust, but dutifully held her position. At this point I didn't care anymore. I just wanted to get the plug into her fast so I could have some release of my own. The pain from the final inch was excruciating for Sally as I savagely thrust it in with all my might, finally getting the fattest part of the plug past her sphincter. A pitiful wail of pain exploded from my wife as her asshole was stretched the farthest it had ever been stretched in her entire life. Despite the awful pain, my wife was also getting turned on by all this. Her cunt was soaking wet and streams of juice were coating her entire upper legs.

Without wasting another second, I quickly shucked my pants and underwear, grabbed my cock, and buried it deep inside her in one thrust. At that, Sally's head came up off the table, with her mouth forming a silent 'O'. The stimulation in her ass and cunt were causing an overload for Sally's senses. I was being none to gentle, and savagely thrust into her cunt with wild abandon. Each time I thrust into her, my body would also push the plug deeper into her ass so it felt like she was getting fucked in both holes at the same time.

Soon I began to feel that familiar tingling in my balls signaling that I was close to cumming. I could tell Sally was also close to cumming by the sounds she was making - little grunting sounds, and she was pushing back against me with each thrust so that I would go deeper and push harder against the plug in her ass. Grabbing a thick handful of her hair, I pulled her head back causing her to arch her back painfully, and used her hair to pull Sally's body back against me with each thrust. Pulling on her hair, I was now slamming into her cunt with all my might, until I could hold out no longer. Just before the first spurt, I quickly pulled out, yanked her head around and buried my cock deep into her mouth, forcing it down her throat. She instantly began to gag, and that sensation was enough to push me over the edge. Holding her head firmly in place with my cock lodged deeply in her throat, I let go a torrent of cum. Not even giving her a chance to breathe I began shooting spurt after spurt of cum down her throat. The sensation was awesome as she gagged and coughed on my sperm, some of it leaking out of her nose and mouth.

When I had finally finished cumming in my wife's throat, I reluctantly removed my cock from her mouth. She was practically in tears by now, as she hadn't been able to breathe for a while, and as a result, was nearly in a panic. With deep breaths she tried to calm down and swallow the remains of my sperm in her mouth. Releasing my hold on her hair, I informed her that she could stand up now and sent her off to the shower to clean up. I informed her, however, that she would not be allowed to remove the plug for a while yet. With a crestfallen look on her face, she awkwardly made her way to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Chapter 4

After that night, I began to insert the plug into my wife's ass whenever the urge overcame me. I might be sitting watching TV and would suddenly call her to my side. Ordering her to bend over in front of me, I would take the plug and work it into her asshole. Over time she became pretty good at relaxing and was able to take the plug with only a little pain. What she found difficult was trying to get around the house with the plug still inserted. I began to extend the amount of time the plug was in, forcing Sally to get used to the intruder.

One day I decided it was time to take the plug wearing to the next level. When she was on her way out one afternoon to get the groceries, I stopped her at the door and called her to my side. With a puzzled look on her face, she walked over into the living room where I was seated, and stood quietly beside my chair waiting for me to speak. Without a word, I held up the butt plug I had hidden at my side, and with a big grin on my face, waited to see my wife's reaction.

It was priceless. She knew right away my intentions, and you could see the thought of it terrified her. There was an absolutely horrified look on her face as she slowly shook her head no, but remembering her training, never said a word.

"Assume the position," I ordered. With a crest-fallen look she walked over in front of me, turned her back to me, spread her legs wide, bent over at the waist and then reached back and lifted her tight skirt up and pulled her panties down and off her legs. I never tire of seeing my wife bent over in front of me with her legs spread wide displaying that beautifully shaved pussy and tight asshole. It always causes my cock to harden almost instantly.

Scooping a small dollop of Vaseline out of the jar on the table beside me, and smearing it on the tip of the plug, I brought it to her sphincter and began pushing f***efully. This time around I wanted it to be hard and painful so that as she wandered around the grocery store, the pain from her asshole would be a constant reminder of what had just happened and would cause her to walk somewhat more gingerly, even with the plug still in her.

Pushing more aggressively that I had ever done before, Sally was soon wailing in pain as I savagely began working it into her asshole. Each brutal jab in was followed by an almost complete removal of the plug, only to be thrust once more into her. This continual stretching and then relaxing of her ass was causing absolute havoc for my wife. Her asshole was in agony, but the pain and humiliation of having this done to her was also turning her on again. The familiar odor of her arousal was soon evident as was the wetness which soon followed.

After several more vicious thrusts, the fattest part of the plug finally broke through her sphincter, causing a horrible howl of pain from Sally. With a hard slap to her ass, I told Sally to get up and put her underwear back on. She awkwardly stood and, after putting her underwear back on, looked to me for further instructions, praying I wouldn't utter the words that followed.

"Now off with you to get the groceries. You are not to remove the plug under any circumstances. The pain in your ass and the discomfort from the plug will serve as constant reminders to you of what a dirty slut you are. Now go!" I ordered.

With a face beet red from the recent activities and the verbal scolding, she awkwardly shuffled towards the door, wincing in pain with each step, as the plug rubbed against her tender sphincter.

These types of episodes increased over time, as I f***ed her to wear the plug outside more often and for greater periods of time. However, not wanting my wife to become complacent, and also wishing to push the boundaries further and further, I am always looking for new ways to humiliate my wife.

On my way home from work one evening, I had a brilliant flash of inspiration. Thinking back to the episode in the sex shop, and remembering how turned on we were from the night, I figured it was time to humiliate my wife again in front of a complete stranger. Before arriving home I had it all planned out in my mind. Just before pulling into the driveway, I quickly made a call to the local pizza shop and ordered up some supper for delivery. This way I knew I had roughly 30 minutes to enact my plan.

Of course, as I entered through the front door, I could see my wife was in her usual position. She was kneeling on the floor at the entrance to the living room, totally naked except for her collar, hands clasped behind her back and her legs spread wide open. Without uttering a word, I walked right past her into the living room, took off my pants and then ordered, "Get over here, Slut, and lay down on your back on the couch." She quickly scrambled up off her knees and ran to the couch and then lay down on it on her back.

"Now rotate around so your ass is against the back of the couch with your feet up in the air over the top. That's it, hang your head over the edge." She was sitting on the couch, except that her head was where her feet should be, and her feet were where her head would normally be. In this position, with her head hanging down over the edge of the couch, her mouth was in a perfect position to fuck it, just as if it was a pussy or ass. As well her beautiful tits and bare pussy were perfectly displayed and readily available should I wish to play with them while her mouth is being fucked.


"Open wide whore," I sneered and immediately pressed my cock against her lips. I had never fucked her mouth in this position before, but I found it very erotic, and highly stimulating. Her face was completely hidden to me, as I began sawing back and forth in her mouth. I imagined what it must be like for Sally, hanging upside down, and having no control over the one thrusting hard into her mouth. With each thrust of my body, my balls would slap against her face and nose.

In this position, Sally's throat was made very accessible, and it wasn't long before I felt that familiar feeling of my cock sliding into her throat. She immediately began to gag, which always served to turn me on further and push me to higher limits. You could see her throat swell as my cock f***ed its way down.

I reached down and grasped a nipple in each hand, and using my thumb and forefinger, began to squeeze and twist the nipples. I would ease off on the pressure every time I'd pull my cock out of her throat, to listen to her gasp for breath, and whimper from the pain. Then when I'd thrust back into her throat causing her to gag once again, I'd wrench and twist her nipples horribly to hear her try to scream while choking on my cock. The muffled sounds that Sally was making was turning me on even more and made me want to do it harder and faster. After abusing her nipples for a bit, I decided to turn my attention to her now damp cunt. Taking my belt out of my pants, I folded it in half, and without warning her, whipped it down hard right on her exposed pussy lips.

Her entire body went rigid, and Sally let out a pitiful wail muffled by my cock stuffed in her mouth. It's probably a good thing my cock was down her throat, because her scream would have been deafening. I began to alternate my blows between her nipples and her exposed cunt and thighs. This way she didn't know which part of her body was going to get hit next. I'd try to time the blows to coincide with when I jammed my cock into her throat. The combination of gagging and screaming around my cock was very stimulating and soon had me ready to blow my load.

Realizing that supper would be arriving soon, I quickened my pace until I felt that familiar tingling in my balls. With a few final thrusts into her throat, I quickly pulled out and began systematically cumming all over Sally's face. I had built up quite the load at this point and when I had finally finished, she had a nice thick coat of white cum covering her entire face and even some in her hair. It was probably the most I'd ever cum to that point.

Every time I cum on my wife's face, she would always scoop it off with her fingers and lick them clean. This time, I had other plans.

"Don't touch the cum, Slut. I want you to leave it on your face. I think it's appropriate make up for a whore like you, don't you think?" I asked.

Her face reddened at this humiliation, but it didn't stop her pussy from overflowing with juices. I knew she was close to cumming from the beating she had just had, and the fresh facial.

"Stay on your back, spread your legs wide open, and masturbate for me. You have one minute to make yourself cum, or I start beating that cunt of yours, and this time I won't stop," I threatened.

With a look of panic on her face, she immediately complied. Within seconds her hands were fairly flying across her cunt, madly rubbing her clit for all its worth. Figuring a little extra stimulation couldn't hurt, I began beating her tits again. Her cries of pain quickly turned to that familiar grunting sound she makes when she's close to cumming, and her hands were practically a blur. Several seconds later, her body went rigid, and she let out a loud and long moan , "Aaaaahhhhhhhhh, I'm cumming." All of this while still wearing my cum all over her face.

When she finally came down enough to catch her breath, I ordered, "Get up, Slut, and go fetch your bathrobe. And don't touch that cum." With a puzzled look on her face, she quickly stood and scampered off to the bedroom to fetch the robe. She knew she wasn't allowed to wear clothing in the house and was beginning to become concerned over what I might have planned for her.

She quickly returned and fastened the robe in place. By this time I had also replaced my pants. No sooner had I got the buckle fastened on my belt, when the doorbell rang. Sally's eyes went wide with horror, as it quickly dawned on her what I had planned.

She was absolutely mortified, and before I had even said anything, she was already beginning to shake her head no. Fortunately for her, she remembered her training and didn't say anything.

"Here's a twenty, Slut. Go pay the man for our supper," I said, handing her a 20 dollar bill.

With shaking hands, she reluctantly took the money and hesitantly walked over to the door. Her entire body was a deep shade of red, she smelled of fresh sex from her recent orgasm and the plentiful amount of pussy juice covering her legs and cunt, and there was a whole load of cum all over her face and in her hair. She looked, and smelled, like a complete slut!!!! And whoever was on the other side of that door would immediately know that too.

Hesitating, she finally reached for the handle and slowly pulled the door open to the delivery man. The moment he caught sight of her, his mouth dropped open and his eyes practically bugged out of his head. He had to be no older than 19, and I'm sure this was a sight unlike any he had ever seen before. My wife standing there in a very skimpy bathrobe with a collar around her neck, smelling like a whorehouse and with a fresh load of cum all over her face.

The man was obviously turned on by what he saw as he had a very evident tent forming in his pants. My wife immediately noticed this and, if it is possible, turned an even darker shade of red. Remembering the rules, my wife knew she couldn't say anything unless spoken to, so she was simply f***ed to stand there on display while this young man openly gawked at my nearly naked wife. Unfortunately for her, the man had been rendered speechless by her appearance, and so simply stood there staring.

After what seemed an impossibly long time, he finally cleared his throat and croaked out, "that'll be........uh.......umm............twenty dollars, ma'am." Finally getting her cue to act she quickly handed him the twenty dollar bill, grabbed the food and closed the door, much to the chagrin of the young man.

I made Sally eat her pizza with my cum still on her face, before allowing her to clean herself up. This became a game I played with her on occasion. Sometimes I would make her keep my cum on her face for extended periods of time in the house, so that she would always be wondering if I had plans to make her answer the door again. I replayed the delivery boy scenario several more times, always choosing a different restaurant, just to humiliate my wife more as each new stranger would get to take in my wife's whorish appearance.

Chapter 5

Again, never being satisfied with leaving things as they are, and always looking for ways to add to Sally's torment and humiliation, I had the idea one day to experiment with the butt plug at the local gym Sally attends. I require Sally to stay in shape so insist that she attend the local gym at least 4 times a week. As the weeks went by her figure became even more toned which only served to accentuate how beautiful and sexy she really was.

Thursday evening, just as Sally was about to head out the door, I called her over to me. With a worried look on her face, she quietly walked over and stood patiently at my side.

"Slut, after you have worked out, I have some instructions for you that I will expect you to follow to the letter. If you do not, I will find out, and the punishment for that disobedience will be so severe, you will wish you were dead," I threatened. She glumly nodded her head. "I want you to choose a locker that is located in the center of the locker room. Once you are done with your shower, you are to proceed to your locker, dress and then you will take this plug and shove it up your ass right there at your locker." A shocked look passed over my wife's face. She knew how busy the gym can get, and trying to put the butt plug in unobtrusively would be an almost impossible task should there be a crowd in the locker room. To make things even more difficult, I gave her a time line she had to follow. "You will work out for exactly 1 hour and then you will have 15 minutes to shower, dress and put the plug in. I will know if you shorten your workout any, so don't even think about it. I will expect you back in exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes, (knowing it takes between 5 and 7 minutes to drive to the gym). Is that clear, Slut?"

A meek, "Yes sir."

Taking the plug and a small jar of Vaseline and stuffing them in her purse, Sally nearly flew out the door, not wanting to waste any time. By the time she reached the gym, her stomach was in knots as she continually rehashed in her mind what was going to happen after her workout. Subconsciously, she probably realized that if she chose to cheat and put the plug in once she was in the car I would probably never find out, but her training at this point had become so ingrained, that she never even considered the possibility of disobeying an order.

As Sally made her way from one piece of equipment to another, her mind kept coming back to what she was going to be required to do immediately following her workout. Suffice it to say, her workout this day wasn't a very productive one as she was constantly being distracted by her thoughts. She was so distracted, in fact, that she never even noticed the dirty looks she was getting from Laura Dern, one of the secretaries who worked in the same office as me. The only way to describe Laura would be to say she was an absolute knockout. She stood tall at 5'8", had jet black hair with the greenest eyes you've ever seen, and the curves in her body could probably kill a man.

Unfortunately, she knew she was hot and carried herself in a haughty and arrogant manner. Laura enjoys the attention she gets from men, and certainly doesn't want to have to share it with another woman. She likely views Sally as a threat at the gym as the men also appreciate my wife's beauty and will lavish attention upon her as well.

Exactly an hour later, Sally dropped whatever she had been absently doing, and made a beeline for the showers. Quickly shucking the skimpy workout clothing, she ran to the shower, and washed her hair and body as quickly as she could. Her hands were practically shaking by now and she had such an awful knot in her stomach that she thought she was going to throw up. On weak knees, Sally hastily walked over to her locker, grabbed her towel and dried her body as fast as she could. Once done, she reached into her locker, retrieved her skimpy little bra and fastened it in place. She then took out the nearly sheer blouse which was several sizes too small and quickly buttoned it up. Lastly, she took out her mini skirt, which just barely covered her ass cheeks, and pulled it up over her legs and butt, fastening the clasp at her hip.

Checking her watch, Sally realized with a panic that she only had 8 left minutes to finish the job and get the butt plug into her ass. With a hurried glance around the room, she breathed an almost audible sigh when she realized that there was no one else in the locker room with her. This was a rare stroke of luck for Sally, as the gym is usually more packed in the evenings, and normally there are always people coming and going from the locker rooms.

Reaching into her purse, Sally removed the plug, opened the jar of Vaseline, and applied a liberal amount to the tip of the plug. Again with a nervous look about the room, Sally got into as comfortable a position as she could in order to facilitate putting the plug up her ass as unobtrusively as possible. Holding the plug in her right hand, she leaned forward until her weight was being supported by her left hand resting on the bench in front of her. She then spread her legs apart as best she could in the short skirt, reached back with her right hand and began trying to work the plug into her asshole as quickly as she could. She knew that at any minute, someone could walk through the locker room door and catch Sally in the act. This extra stress wasn't helping Sally any, as it caused her sphincter to tighten up more than usual, making it that much more difficult for her to insert the plug. Knowing she was running out of time, and fearing that someone was going to walk through that door any minute, she began forcing the plug into her ass as hard as she could. Her face was a mask of pain and fear, and she ground the plug in with vicious thrusts. She began to inadvertently make little noises of pain as she got to the thicker part of the plug.

"ahh, ohh, oww." She had to bite her lip to prevent herself from crying out loudly in pain. Through her haze of pain, Sally began to realize the effect her self-humiliation was having on her body. Her bare pussy was soaked with juices and it began to run in rivulets down her legs. Without even thinking about it, Sally brought her left hand to her pussy and began to rub her clit with a focused intensity. Within a minute of touching her pussy, Sally was near orgasm, and with one final thrust, pushed the plug all the way into her ass. This last twinge of pain was all it took to push her over the edge and bring on a short, but intense, orgasm. With flushed face, hair damp with sweat, and nipples hard as rocks, Sally stood up and again quickly glanced around the room praying someone hadn't seen that most humiliating of acts. With another sigh of relief when no one was spotted, Sally packed up her bag and hastily left the gym.

Racing through the traffic, Sally just made it home with a minute to spare. I was a bit disappointed as I secretly had been hoping she would have been a bit late so that I would have had a legitimate reason to punish my wife. Oh well, there will be many more opportunities I realized.

Chapter 6

Just last week, I received some amazing news at work. Because of all the new contracts I had recently won for our company, which equated to a shit-load of money for the Boss, I was given a promotion which came with a substantial pay raise. Unfortunately, it also had its drawbacks too. The new job meant that I would have a lot of traveling to do, which translated into being away from home regularly. Sally was happy for me about the promotion, but I could also tell she was upset about the prospect of me being away for extended periods of time. I had never been away from her for longer than a weekend, and those times were far and few between. Now she was facing the prospect of having me away for a week or more at a time. Sally never came right out and said it, but I could tell she was bothered. She never was very good at hiding her emotions, and tended to wear them on her sleeves.

As a way to distract her from my inevitable departure, I planned a weekend away for the two of us. It had been a while since we had any vacation, so would do us both some good to get away and relax, and, to be honest, I also had some ideas that I wanted to try out.

The place I chose for our getaway was about three and a half hours away, which was just far enough away that the likelihood of us running into someone we knew would be pretty low. It was a city I had been to before on several previous occasions, so was familiar with many of its sites and businesses. There was one particular motel I remembered which was perfect for what I had planned so, conveniently, this was where we ended up booking our accommodation. It was a larger motel built in the shape of a 'U'. The main office was at one end of the 'U' and the rooms were all outside access rooms opening up into the middle of the 'U', which was just a large parking lot. Each room was identical in appearance, having both a normal door for an entrance and also a sliding glass patio door next to it.

Without my wife's knowledge, I had arranged prior to our arrival to have a room at the end of the other 'U' (not the one the office was on). I did not let on to my wife that I had anything planned as I wanted the episode to be a complete surprise to her, thereby adding to the humiliation of the situation.

After unpacking our bags from the vehicle, I suggested to Sally we shower, then get dressed up and head out for dinner and a late movie. She loved the idea as it had been months since we'd been out to a movie together and so quickly began to get ready. I'm sure in the back of her mind she was wondering if I had something planned or not, but I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of knowing. I pretended for all the world as if we were just a normal married couple on their way out to dinner and a movie.

All through dinner my wife kept glancing at me wondering if I had something up my sleeve. I kept up the facade though, and acted like the perfect gentleman throughout the entire meal. Once we were finished eating, I paid the bill and we departed the restaurant without incident. By now, Sally was beginning to relax and perhaps convince herself that maybe this was just a dinner and a movie and that I didn't have anything planned for her. By the time we were halfway through the movie, all apprehension was gone from Sally, and she was thoroughly relaxed in my arms happily watching the flick.

Once the movie was over, we strolled casually back to the vehicle, and on the ride back to the motel Sally was completely at ease. I dare say she nearly fell asl**p, she was that relaxed. It was all I could do to not start snickering to myself, as I thought over the events which were about to unfold. It was going to be the most humiliating night ever for Sally.

Upon entering the parking lot, I drove right past our room and proceeded to a parking spot at the far end of the building our room was in. This drew a puzzled expression from Sally, but she was quickly appeased as I explained that as it was such a beautiful night, I thought it would be nice to end it off with a short walk.

Once the door to our room was closed, I dropped the hammer on Sally. "Take off your clothes, Slut" I ordered in my dominant tone of voice. The absolute look of shock on Sally's face made the entire evening worth it. She quickly stripped her clothes off until she stood naked in front of me.

"Put your collar on, Slut," I said holding her collar in my left hand. She took the collar and fastened it about her neck. I always marveled at how absolutely beautiful she looked naked in front of me with nothing but a collar about her neck. "Now here is what is going to happen. You are going to put this blouse and skirt on." The blouse was this tiny little nearly transparent button up shirt which left very little to the imagination. The skirt was simply a black rectangle of material that fastened about the waist by buttoning one end to the other. It was so short that it barely came to the bottom of her ass cheeks and so tight that the buttons were nearly popping from the stress.

"You will then take these clamps and this butt plug and walk to our car." In my other hand I held her nipple clamps and the middle sized butt plug (2 3/4 inch diameter) which, up until now, she had never taken anything that size in her ass before. "You will then climb into the back of our car and close the door behind you." We have a station wagon, so there would be lots of room for what I had planned next. "Once inside, Slut, you will strip naked. You will then take those clamps and you will put them on your nipples. You will then tighten them tighter than they have ever been before. I will caution you that if I do not think they are tight enough, then I will tie you spread-eagled on the bed and proceed to beat your tits and pussy with my belt until you can't even scream any more. Is that clear, Slut?" I asked, in my most threatening voice.

She meekly nodded her head.

"Then you will get on your knees facing the front with your ass raised high and your head down on the floor and proceed to put that plug in your ass." In this position, her ass would be visible to anyone looking out of the rooms across the parking lot, but Sally would not be able to see anything herself with her head down like that. "You will remain in that position, no matter what, until that plug is all the way in your asshole. Once the plug is fully seated you will then stay in that position for a further 100 seconds. I will expect you to count that time out loud, Slut. Only then will you be allowed to sit up and get dressed. However, when you do get dressed, you will only button the very bottom button of your blouse. And for the skirt, you will fasten only the top button, and I want the buttons aligned with the crack of your ass." Throughout my instructions, Sally's face became redder and redder as the full import of my words hit her, and she realized how humiliating the next few minutes were going to be for her.

"You will then exit the vehicle and walk back to our room and await further instructions at that time. Is that clear, Slut?"

"Yes sir," she quietly murmured.

"Then go", I ordered.

Grabbing the clamps and plug she turned, opened the door and quietly padded out of the room, closing the door behind her. I quickly ran, and from another bag, pulled out our video camera. Up until now, we had never filmed any of our episodes, so I knew that the introduction of the camera here would make this episode that much more humiliating. She would know that it would mean we would be able to watch her humiliation over and over, and if I chose, I could then also show it to someone else, which would also compound the humiliation.

Once Sally was sufficiently far enough away, I quietly crept out of our room and sneaked down the row of parked cars, remaining hidden from Sally. I did not want her to know I was going to be watching and filming her

humiliating herself. From my vantage point several cars away I observed my wife open the back hatch of our station wagon and climb inside, closing the door behind her. Flipping the camera on, I began filming Sally's humiliation. With only a slight hesitation, Sally undid the buttons on her blouse and skirt and removed both so that she sat completely naked in the back of our station wagon. Thankfully, due to the late hour, there was no traffic, nor anyone walking about.

Then, with another furtive glance around the parking lot, Sally reached down and picked up the clamps from the car floor. Reaching first for her right nipple, she attached the clamp in place. Then she did the same for the left one. Once both were in place, she reached up and with a hand on each clamp, began turning the screws. Zooming in with the camera, I was able to get a nice close-up of what she was doing to her nipples. After the first few turns, I noticed her nipples were becoming distended and darkening in color. Her face began to contort in pain and I could tell she was reaching her threshold. However, Sally continued to turn the screws several more turns until it was quite obvious that she was visibly in agony. Her nipples were almost black and looked obscene protruding from her pink breasts. Even from where I crouched, I could hear her yelps of pain. It was obvious she had taken my threat seriously about the tightness of the clamps and that she was really trying to please me

Seeing my wife doing all of this to herself simply to please me, made me realize how lucky I really was and how much I loved my wife. I was almost tempted to call everything off at that moment, but I realized that Sally needed this as much as I did, so I kept the camera rolling.

Once Sally was satisfied with the tightness of the clamps, she took one last look about the parking lot before getting on her hands and knees and then placing her head down to the floor of the car. Once she was in position, I moved closer to the car with the camera, so that I could film every detail of her self-humiliation. Reaching for the plug, Sally brought it up to her asshole and began attempting to push it in. However, without lubrication and due to her nervousness and the size of the plug, she was not making any headway. Beginning to get desperate as she realized that someone could come along any minute and see what she was doing, Sally began rubbing the plug along her pussy crack, working the tip into her cunt. Soon the plug was glistening with pussy juice and she was easily inserting the plug fully into her cunt.

Sally then took the slickened anal plug, and once again began trying to insert it into her asshole. This time, she was able to slowly make some headway, and began to very slowly fill her ass with this rubber invader. Using short plunging motions, Sally was able to work a little bit more of the plug into her ass with each thrust. As she got into a rhythm with her hands, she began, almost imperceptibly at first, to gently rock her ass back and forth against the thrusts of the plug. The more aggressive she became with her thrusts, the harder she pushed back with her ass.

It was all so surreal watching this through the lens of the video camera. I practically had to pinch myself to remind me that I wasn't just watching a video of someone else's life or experiences, but was in fact living the proverbial dream myself. Until recently, all these episodes were simply figments of my imagination, and I had truly believed that was where they would stay. I never imagined, even in my wildest, darkest dreams, that I would actually be living these fantasies out, with my wife of all people.

Shaking myself out of my reverie, I could see that the going was starting to get tougher as the plug now stretched her sphincter to the width of the smaller plug. She had never had anything larger than the smallest plug, and she knew that the last 3/4 of an inch was going to be the most painful. With rugged determination, Sally renewed her thrusting motion on her asshole and very slowly, and painfully, began working the last of the plug into her ass. Even through the closed windows, I could her ragged breathing and the occasional muted yelp of pain as the plug continued to stretch her asshole further than it had ever been stretched before.

Finally, with a particularly hard thrust, and a loud mewl of pain, Sally pushed the plug past its thickest part. I watched in fascination as her asshole quickly closed around the base of the plug, thereby guaranteeing that the plug was not going anywhere anytime soon. Remembering my instructions, Sally remained in position, and began counting aloud. That was my cue to quickly head back to the room and prepare for the final phase of her humiliation.

Once Sally had reached 100 she quickly sat up, reached for her blouse, and hastily put her arms through it. With dismay, Sally realized that with only the bottom button fastened, it would not take much for her breasts to fall out of her top, as well as the fact that the chain attached to her nipples was clearly visible swaying between her tortured tits. Her skirt, she realized would not offer any better protection than her top. With only the top button fastened on it, both globes of her ass would become visible with each step she took.

With a quick glance around the parking lot, Sally awkwardly climbed out of the back of the station wagon and closed the door as quietly as possible. Now Sally was faced with a difficult decision. If she made her way back to the room as quickly as she could, she would reduce the amount of time exposed, but the long strides would cause her breasts to come out of her top and would completely expose her ass and the secret hidden within. On the other hand, she could take her time heading back to the room by taking short mincing steps, which might keep her breasts in her top and would keep her ass covered as much as possible. In the end, modesty won out, and Sally opted to take her time heading back to the room so as to limit the amount of skin she was exposed, should anyone happen to come across her on the walk back.

The look of relief on Sally's face was almost comical when she finally reached the door to the room without exposing herself and being seen by anyone. The expression on her face quickly changed to one of dismay when she reached for the doorknob and found it locked.

With a stern voice, I spoke through the door. "Slut, the key is on the ground at your feet. You are to remain facing the door and will slowly bend over, keeping your legs straight at all times. Once the key is in hand, you are to remain bent over like that for a full 10 seconds, and only then will you be allowed to stand up and enter the room."

Sally quickly complied with my demands. With her feet shoulder width apart, she began to slowly bend over. Before she was even a quarter of the way down, her tortured tits fell out of her top and were swaying freely in the wind with the chain still attached between them. Once she was fully bent over, not only were her breasts completely exposed but so were her other most private parts. The skirt had fully parted in the back, exposing her shaven pussy and her newly filled asshole. The full import of this position was not lost on Sally and she realized that every intimate detail of her body was clearly exposed to anyone who happened to look this way.

Her face was a dark shade of red by the time she reached 10 and quickly stood up with the key in hand. With a shaking hand, Sally inserted it in the knob and quickly entered the room. Before the door was even fully closed, I barked out, "Strip Slut! I want to see your handiwork." I didn't want to let on, just yet, that I had been watching her performance.

With only 2 buttons to undo, Sally was quickly naked in front of me again, except for the collar around her neck. I made a great show of inspecting her nipples and ass, and as I did, I could see the nervous look on my wife's face. She was hoping that I would be pleased with the tightness of her clamps, as I'm sure they probably could not go any tighter than they were right now. The pain throbbing from her tortured nipples had to be excruciating by now.

"Very nicely done, Slut. Frankly I'm surprised." I commented. The look of happiness on her face from learning that I was pleased with her, almost melted my resolve to do what I had planned next, but with a deep breath, I pushed on. "You have done very well so far, Slut, and now there is one last thing for you to do."

While Sally had been counting to 100 in the back of the car, and then slowly making her way back to the room, I had taken that time to prepare the room for her. Turning off all the lights, except the corner floor lamp by the sliding glass patio doors, I had placed the video camera on the night stand beside the bed. The table was far enough back from the light that Sally would never see it. I had then removed several more items I had specially packed for this trip and finished preparing the room. I only switched the camera back on when I had heard Sally at the door.

"Turn around, Slut, and walk over to the patio doors. I want you to open the curtains fully. I have a little surprise for you," I said with a smile on my face. With halting steps, Sally walked over to the curtains covering the patio doors and slowly pulled them apart, aware that with the light shining on her, she would be visible to anyone who chose to look this way. As she parted them she caught sight of what I had attached to one of the panes of glass. Using a powerful suction cup, I had attached the largest, black dildo my wife had ever seen. It had to be at least 9 inches long, and thick enough that my wife wouldn't be able to wrap her hand completely around it.

The look of shock on my wife's face was priceless. All colour in her face had drained, she was wide-eyed and her mouth hung open in the shape on an 'O' as she stared at the b**st attached to the window. I had attached it low to the ground, and without it being said, my wife quickly figured out what the next step was going to be.

While she was staring at the monstrous cock I began to notice an odour in the room. I quickly realized that it was the smell of Sally's sex. Without any additional physical stimulation, she was getting wet from just the visual cues.

"Turn around, Slut, and face me," I ordered. Walking up to her I placed my hand on her pussy and immediately felt the wetness there. "Is my little Slut getting turned on thinking about ramming that giant cock up her cunt?" I asked.

A faint nod of her head, as I continued to lightly finger her soaking pussy.

"And the humiliation of having to do it in front of anyone who happens to be walking by, is also turning you on

isn't it?"

Again a nod of the head. Colour had returned to her face by now and her eyes began to flutter closed as she enjoyed the stimulation on her pussy.

"Well, here is how it's going to happen, Slut. You are going to get on your hands and knees and back yourself onto that cock. I want to see that cock fully buried in that cunt of yours as quickly as possible. If so much as an inch is showing, I will beat your tits and nipples mercilessly. Do you understand?"

A very quick nod of the head. Her face had a scared look on it now as she began to worry about how she was going to get something that big completely inside of her, as she had never taken anything even close to that size before.

"While you are fucking that cock, you will rub your cunt with one hand and attempt to make yourself come. You will, however, not cum until you have asked for permission. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir."

"Get down on your knees now, Slut." She quickly complied. Reaching behind me, I grabbed the blindfold I had brought and held it in front of her face. "You will wear this the entire time because I do not want you to know how many people will be watching your little show for me." I purposely worded it that way, because I wanted her to wonder if I had planned an audience for her. Not knowing would just increase the humiliation for her ten fold.

After fastening the blindfold in place, Sally began crawling backwards on her hands and knees until she felt the cock touch her ass. At the same time, I removed my clothes, grabbed the video camera from the night stand, and began filming her humiliation close up.

Sally reached between her legs and grabbed hold of the tip of the dildo and guided it towards her cunt. She was so turned on by now that the juices were already soaking the insides of her legs. Once the tip was inside, she began to back up further onto the cock. With my threat still fresh in her mind of beating her tits if she didn't have the cock buried as soon as possible inside her, she began impaling herself on the cock as quickly as she could manage. Lubrication wasn't an issue, but it was still very hard going as she had never been stretched that far before.

As she moved back and forth on the cock, taking a little more in each time, she began to finger her pussy. Her hand movements were slow at first, but it didn't take long before they were fairly flying across her clit. By the time she had 8 inches buried in her, she was grunting with the exertion, and a sheen of sweat was visible on her brow.

"Come on Slut, get that fucking cock in there now, or do I need to start beating your tits?" I hollered at her.

"No sir. Sorry sir," she mumbled. But her pace quickened.

Finally, after several minutes, Sally had managed to bury the entire length of the dildo up her cunt. She had lost all inhibitions now, and was hardly aware of her surroundings. The entire scene was beginning to overwhelm her senses. She was now ramming the cock in and out of her cunt with such abandon that with each thrust her ass would slap against the glass of the window spreading her cheeks wide open and shoving the butt plug further up her ass.

I could only imagine what the scene would have looked like from outside. Seeing her ass spread wide open with two large cocks filling both her holes and the window getting wetter with each thrust from her pussy juices.

Sally's hand was madly rubbing her clit and her still clamped nipples were rubbing against the carpet as she moved back and forth against the window. She was slamming back against the window so hard, that I began to worry she might actually break it. The sights and smells were overwhelming for me as well and I was stroking my cock with wild abandon with my free hand. Sensing that her orgasm was near, I reminded her, "Remember, whore, you are not to cum to without my permission".

Immediately, with laboured breathing, she began begging, "Please sir, let this Slut cum. This filthy whore needs to cum. Please sir, please!"

After making her grovel a little more I finally told her she could cum.

With a smile on her face, she quickened her pace even more and prepared for the most intense orgasm of her life. Just as she, and I, were about to cum, I yanked the blindfold off her face and allowed her for the first time to see that I had been filming her humiliation the entire time. A look of shock and humiliation passed over her face as she stared up into the camera, and then the orgasm slammed into her. With a scream, Sally began cumming with such an intensity that I worried she might pass out. She had buried the dildo completely inside her and held it there as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

Not able to hold out any longer myself, I ordered through gritted teeth, "Look up at me Slut," and as soon as she did, I let loose with stream after stream of cum all over her face and in her hair. By the time I had finished cumming, her face was covered in white streamers of cum, and the beauty of it all was that it had been captured entirely on camera.

I can't remember ever cumming that much and, when I was finally spent on her face, I allowed her to disengage from the cock and close the d****s. With gentleness, I reached for her breasts, and as I removed one clamp and then the other, accompanied by screams of pain from Sally as the bl**d rushed back into her tortured nipples, I told her how much I loved her and how proud of her I was for everything.

We cuddled together on the bed for a while talking about the evening and how she felt about the whole situation, including using the video camera, and she admitted that it had been intensely pleasurable for her, and that she enjoyed when I made her do things which humiliated her.

After a bit more time, I plugged the video camera into the TV and we watched her performance for the first time while making love on the bed. It was certainly one of the most memorable weekends we have had to date.


The video camera has now become a regular part of our daily lives. Most of our sessions are now taped and neatly catalogued in our bedroom entertainment center.

Sally also has adjusted well to my frequent trips out of town. Before I go, I make sure to leave detailed instructions with her on how she is to dress, what chores she is to perform, and what acts I expect her to do and when. This type of structure helps her cope with being alone and makes the time pass quickly and enjoyable for her. Where once she was reluctant about my going away on these trips, she now anticipates them as I always come home with another amazing experience planned and ready to go.... Continue»
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The Domination of Jason

The Domination of Jason

This is simply one long rambling story divided in to six parts in
a vaguely logical manner so it doesn't come across as one 1,500
line file. There is very little actual sex in this story, but
there are some descriptions of scenes and techniques that may be
of interest to some people in their role playing.

Domination of Jason
Chapter 1

"Oh, my God," I exclaimed, "what are you doing?" It was perfectly
obvious what Jason, my husband, was doing. He was playing with

I had just finished the laundry and was putting the linens and
towels away. I entered the bathroom to put some fresh towels on
the rack when I surprised my husband as he was kneeling in front
of the toilet manipulating his organ.

I had suspected that he was up to something all along as he would
frequently lock himself in the bathroom. I thought it odd that
after being married several years that he would still be
squeamish about his bathroom habits.

Apparently, he forgot to lock the door this time. He stopped and
became very red in the face when I came in.

I put the towels on the vanity and left without saying another

Jason got out of the bathroom and tried to explain, "Honey, I..."

I cut him off, "I don't want to talk about it. I don't know what
to think. You think you were a teenager. You ought to be ashamed
of yourself. Get out of my sight."

He disappeared into the garage to tinker which is what he does
whenever he's in the doghouse. I yelled a departing shot at him,
"And don't even think about sex with me for at least a week!". I
didn't care that it was spring and the windows were open.

For the rest of the week I didn't even let him touch me in bed.
For the rest of the week, he was more subdued and fawning over me
attempting to win himself into my good graces.

For the rest of the week, I thought about a grown man playing
with himself and it intrigued me in a perverse sort of way. On
the one hand, I was infuriated that Jason would feel the need for
additional sexual release. Was I not woman enough for him? Yet,
on the other hand, I really wanted to watch him do it. Could I be
the one driving him to it? I had to know.

I had some books on sex, and they talked a little about male
masturbation, but they went into the how rather than the why. I
wanted to know so badly why men would do these things. The books
confirmed that they did, indeed, do them.

I wouldn't think about asking Jason, so, I confided in my next
door neighbor, Debbie. She and I had known one another since high
school. During those days we told each other everything,
especially our relationships with boys.

We still talked about our relationships with men. She had
confided in me that she had given quite a number of "hand jobs"
while in college and told me about some of the things she did
with her lovers. If any woman knew about penis pumping, she did.

My guesses were correct. After a very embarrassing introduction
of the subject, I finally explained what I caught Jason doing.

"Oh, Anne," she said, "Don't worry about it. It's very common.
Men do it all the time. You don't know how lucky you are. Work
with Jason on this. Both of you will like it, and, if you do your
stuff right, you can really benefit out of it."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Jason is your typical oversexed male. He can't get enough sex
and will seek release anywhere. Once he gets it, he loses
interest. I bet that once he gets it off with you, he drops you
like a hot potato."

"You got that right. How do you know so much about Jason?"

"This isn't rocket science, dear. I just described about 95% of
the male population. They're all just about the same. That's what
makes it so easy."

"Makes what so easy?" I asked.

"Female control! If you can control his release, you can control

"Why would I want to control him."

"It's worth a shot. Think of it. No more housework, no more
laundry, hour long back rubs, guaranteed orgasms whenever you
want them. Jason can do it all for you."

"Whoa, girl!" I exclaimed. "What makes you think that Jason will
go along with this?"

"Most men think alike, they have hidden guilt feelings about the
control they have over women in the business place and in other
aspects of their lives. They know they are in control `out
there.' In the outside world they have all kinds of support
systems. The world is built according to their rules, and so far,
everybody has played the game their way. Take them out of that
familiar environment and put them one-one-one where it really
counts..." She trailed off turning the phrase into a question.

We sat in silence for a few moments as she let me digest what I
just heard. "In bed, it's different. Not every man is clear about
his standing with women.Some of them never resolve the sexual
conflicts they faced as c***dren. When things get though, they
try to retreat to their pasts when things were much simpler. Some
of them would like to make it all the way back to the womb, but
most of them enjoy getting back to the stage of being totally
dependant upon a woman -- mom."

She laughed, "Yeah, I know, sounds a little too Freudian. Well,
Freud wasn't all wrong. He got this part right at least. Most men
want moms to take care of them. Mom provided love, but she also
provided discipline. Some men get them mixed up. c***dhood was a
time of bliss when no decisions had to be made. You didn't even
have to figure out right from wrong. Mom did all that for you."

"That's another part of it -- giving up responsibility. Men feel
that they have to be in control all of the time. Bullshit! They
stand firm and won't bend. Instead of bending, they break. They
try to crawl back into the womb. They surrender. They become
dependent on you. The most dominant men in the boardroom are
often the most submissive men in the bedroom. I know, I've had my

"Men also have an incredibly strong attachment to their sex
organs. I think it starts even before puberty. Once they figure
out that they have something girls don't they flaunt it. It
becomes a competition with them. Who can pee the furthest? Who
has the biggest one? Who can jerk off the fastest? In a sense,
men are their own worst enemy. All of them brag about how great
they are in bed. It's probably 99% bullshit, but they swallow it.
They have unrealistic expectations about what their performance
is supposed to be. They are uncertain in the bedroom. Like most
of the other things in their lives, men see sex as a competition.
They compete with other men and their women and, God forbid, even
your past lovers."

"Women get advice and sympathy on sex and how to handle men from
other women instead of `I can do it better than you.' Women, in
general, are more confident in bed. Not only do men compete with
each other in bed, they also compete with women. For them, there
must be a clear winner and a clear loser. They can't see, as us
women do, that sex should be a cooperative effort. When a man and
woman get in bed together, she has the home court advantage.
That's why confident women frighten men so much. In the
competitive mode, there is no half-way measure. It's either the
man dominates the woman, or she must dominate him."

"A man defines his sexuality almost entirely in terms of his
penis. As best I can figure out, there's absolutely nothing like
it in women. Control a man's penis, and you control him.
Considering the love they have for mom, the love they have for
their prick, and the guilt feelings they have towards women in
general, it's little wonder that some men wish to do penance by
servicing females sexually".

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, "Do you really do this
kinky stuff?"

Debbie continued, "Well, first of all, it's not as kinky as you
think. Besides, I normally like well-balanced relationships with
my men, but even the strongest of them has a submissive side. For
the men I really love -- those how know how to respect me -- I
respect that, and I only take advantage of it for our mutual

"There are some men, however, who deserve what they get.
Sometimes I just want to get back at the male sex in general. I
remember what it's like growing up as a girl. I was a good
student, yet I was done out of an honors physics class simply
because I was a girl. In my senior year, the girls' swim team
went to the state championships. Yet the boy's losing basketball
team got more respect. Hell, even the cheerleaders got better
press than we did. Having some jock tell me `That's the way it
is.' didn't help."

"Even my own s****r sold out. She's the one who taught me what
boys looked like and how we could play with them when we were
little girls. Now she's married and has two c***dren, Amanda and
Greg. She's raising Amada just like mom try to raise us -- to be
a perfect little lady. On the other hand Greg's trangressions are
mostly dismissed with `Boys will be boys." It's a mute testimony
to what everyone considers to be the natural order of things.
Boys got away with murder, and never had to take any
responsibility for it. What's worse, is that they don't even know
they're getting away with it."

"It goes beyond revenge, I have my lusty side as well. There are
times when I want it, I want it all, and I want it all my way. I
become an insatiable bitch.," she laughed. "That's when I find a
macho whimp and use him."

"Macho whimp?" I asked.

"Yeah, macho whimp. Those who brag the most are normally the most
insecure and also the most immature. I use both of these
weaknesses to bring them under my control. I love the feeling of
power. Lord knows I don't see it a work. Hell, I don't even get
it at the mall, at least not in the electronics store or the
automotive parts place."

"In private, I can exercise extreme power. I don't get simple
respect, I extract awe, reverence and worship. First I drive them
into lust, then I drive them into dispair. I love being a
goddess. You can have it all, too."

"I don't see how I get from Jason playing with himself to playing
slave for me, Debbie?"

"Take advantage of what I just taught you, girl. Take advantage
of his physical weakness, and your mental superiority. Most of
this game is played in the head."

I looked at her quizzically.

"It's simple," she said, "When's the last time you and Jason had

"About a week ago."

"And has he been playing with himself since."

"I don't think so. He seems doesn't seem to want to do anything
to upset me."

"All the better. Don't you think that he's getting a little horny
by now?"

I laughed, "I imagine so."

"Well, use it. Get that pussy working for you."

She reminded me of previous conversations, "You told me that
Jason has never eaten you out. That's still true, isn't it?"


"Well, here's your chance. Let me tell you what to do..."

I interrupted, "Wait! I'm not sure I want to do this."

"OK, think about it. I have some stuff I can give you."

Debbie went up to her bedroom, and when she came down, she gave
me some books on female domination.

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Domination of Jason
Chapter 2

Most of the books Denise gave me were magazines with articles on
female domination, some were dedicated to bondage and discipline
of both sexes in general, and there was one book totally
dedicated to the female top position. She gave me a good
selection from "nearly vanilla" to extremely kinky. It took me a
week to read them all. Boy, Were my eyes opened! I had no idea
how widespread the practice was, and in some cases, how extreme.

What really surprised me was how turned on I got. I went though a
lot of wet panties. I had no reason to wish any physical harm to
my husband, yet the thought of taking control over him, and
humiliating him got me very excited.

When Debbie came over to pick up the books she asked me, "What
are you prepared to do? If you're really going to get into this,
you've got to be committed."

As excited as I was inside about the idea, my actions weren't
quite up to my desires.

"OK, let's run a test," suggested Debbie. "You still have that
husband of yours off sex?"

"Uh-umm," I nodded.

"Has he been playing with himself?"

"I don't think so."

"When was the last time you think he went over ten days without
getting any."

I laughed, "I don't know, third grade?"

"Do you still want to get eaten out?"

"After my own abstinence -- more than ever!"

"OK. So, here's what you do..."


When Jason came home from work that night, I met him at the door
in one of my sexier dresses. This was a far cry from the shirts,
jeans and sneakers I normally kept house in! I greeted him with a
long passionate kiss, and I could feel his cock spring to life
even though his pants.

I led him over to the couch where I had previously poured out a
glass of wine for each of us, and sat there leaning towards him,
legs crossed towards him, twirling a lock of my hair with a
finger. Even this slight teasing got me excited.

"Tell me about your day, dear." I asked him.

He stammered on about some of the mundane office goings-on and
how the traffic was on the freeway. I didn't really listen. I
just looked him in the eye, and licked my lips. Every bit of my
body was broadcasting, "Take me, I'm hot!"

When he finally wound down, I asked him, "What were you doing in
the bathroom the other day?" He blushed immediately and started
stammering again.

"Do you like playing with yourself?"


"Don't lie to me, boy!" I yelled at him, surprising even myself.

"Well, er, yes."

"What do think about when you're doing it?" Debbie told me all
the questions to ask.

"I think about having sex", my husband said, and then added
hastily, "with you."

"Mmmm," I mused, "Tell me more, what are we doing in this fantasy
of yours?"

I made him explain all of his thoughts to me graphically. He was
getting hornier and hornier by the minute as he relived the
experience. Debbie told me that making him admit his fantasies
would break him down.

I had to admit, I was getting hot myself. Unlike my husband,
however, I was able to keep under control.

When I had heard enough, I announced, "I bet you want to get it
off now, don't you." He nodded his head vigorously.

"Come, let's go to the bedroom." He was on my heels like a puppy.

I sat on the bed and said, "Take off your clothes. Slowly! I want
you to put on a show for me."

He obliged, getting even redder than before. He was clearly in
the grip of severe embarrassment. How I was going to love this!

Once he was completely naked in front of me he asked, "What about
you, aren't you going to get undressed?"

"Not just yet," I informed him, "Turn around. I want to see all
of you".

His eyes brightened when I stood up and dropped my dress to
reveal my slip and stockings. I lifted my leg just high enough to
show him that I wasn't wearing panties underneath, and that I was
wearing my garter belt.

His cock was rigid and throbbing by this time.

"Before I allow you to come," (how nice that word - allow -
sounded), "You'll have to do a few things for me. You do want to
be allowed to come eventually, don't you?"

Once again, the vigorous nod.

"OK, then. Kneel down in front of me and bow your head." He did
as he was told, and I threw my slip over his head. Using my
hands, I guided it to where I wanted it.

"You know what to do." I told him.

"But honey," came the muffled reply.

"No but honey's tonight," I sternly told him, `You've had your
sex fun, now it's time for me to have mine. If you don't put your
tongue in there, you'll never put anything else in there either.
Now LICK!" Guilt! It worked just like Debbie said it would.

Jason started licking me, although with less relish than I'd
like. Debbie suggested that I punish inferior performance but
Jason's reaction was enough. He obviously thought that oral sex
was a disgusting prospect (He didn't even ask me to perform it on
him). The idea that I was making him do something he absolutely
detested made up for his actual lack of physical stimulation.

As I felt his tongue in my pussy for the first time, I thought,
"a game played mostly in the head," is that how Debbie put it?
Power, yes, I liked it. I came, and I came hard. I liked it, and
I almost lost control.

By the time I let Jason up for air, his face was covered with my
juices. I smiled down at him, not so much from the humorous look
of the slick juices on his face, but from the knowledge of what I
had done to him, and what I had made him do, and where all of
this would eventually lead.


"Now, get dressed," I ordered him. "You're taking me out to
dinner." I allowed him a quick shower while I changed my slip and
got back into my dress.

All through dinner, I kept sending him the come-on signals. I had
no doubt that Jason thought his punishment was over. Little did
he know it was just beginning!

By the time we got home, Jason was all over me. I put on my
sexiest nightgown kissed him deeply, and rubbed my body against
his. If I had let him in me just then, he would have shot his
load on the first stroke.

I rolled away from him, smiled at him over my shoulder, said,
"Good night," and turned off the light.

"Aren't we going to make love?" he asked.

"Why don't you make love to your hand? You seem to like it

"It's not like that," he insisted.

"I don't care what it's like. I'll tell you this. You touch
yourself again, and I won't have anything to do with you. Think
about it, your hand or me. I think I'm worth giving up your hobby

"OK, dear. I promise. I won't play with myself again."

"That's not good enough," I was on a roll, and I wasn't going to
stop, "I want it in writing."


"In writing," I said more emphatically, turning the light back
on. "Get over to that desk and take dictation." I bit off each
word crisply. "There's going to be some changes for the better
around here. Better for me, that is."

He got up and sat at the desk.

I improvised as I went along, "I, Jason, promise my wife, Anne,
total fidelity." Jason's pen made the appropriate scratches. "I
will not look at another woman. I will not go out with the boys
unless she lets me. I will stop masturbating as of this very
moment and I will not touch myself without Anne's permission.
>From now on, Anne is in charge of my sex life."

"Now wait a minute," he interrupted.

"Keep writing," I overruled.

"From now on, Anne is in charge of my sex life. She will decide
when and if I've earned an orgasm. I will make it my priority to
make sure her pleasure comes first. I will do whatever she tells
me to do, and if she is not satisfied with my performance, she
has the right to punish me and withhold sex from me. I promise
all these things on blah blah blah -- OK, just date it and sign

Not very eloquent, but to the point nonetheless.

He finished his task and I inspected the results. I nodded slowly
and grinned sexily. "You can start tomorrow. It's Saturday, and I
want breakfast in bed. Then I have some chores for you to do."

He raised his finger to object until I waved the paper in front
of his face. "Don't push it, bub! You're not getting any tonight.
Misbehave, and you won't get any for a long time. Now kiss me
like a good little boy, turn off the light and go to sl**p."

I can't believe it. I just lectured him like an errant 9-year
old, and he accepted it! Debbie was right again, a couple of
balls full of semen will make a man do just about anything for
the mere promise of relief. I slept like a baby thinking of the
new phase of life Jason and I had just started.


I woke up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. There stood Jason
in his bathrobe with a tray containing my breakfast. "Put the
tray here," I said, indicating my lap, "and drop the robe from
now on whenever you are with me in this room, you will wear no
clothes except what I order you to wear. Do you understand?"

"Yes, dear."

"That's another thing. No more of this `dear' and `honey' stuff.
>From now on I'm `Mistress' in private, and "Madam" in public. Do
you get that?"

"Yes, Mistress."

This was going better than expected. Debbie told me that it would
take several `training sessions' before Jason would be calling me

I made Jason stand there and watch me eat. I kept stealing peeks
at his penis noting how big and hard it was. He was accepting
this. He was even getting off on it. I noted inwardly, "Yes, this
is going to work out after all." I took my time and enjoyed my
breakfast. When I was done, I made sure Jason got his. I made him
eat me out again, change the bed linens and start the laundry
while I got dressed. It was a nice day so I threw on a blouse,
shorts, and sneakers and said as I sauntered by my husband, "I'm
going over to Debbie's. There's a list of things to do in the
kitchen. I'll be back this afternoon, and this place better look


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Domination of Jason
Chapter 3

I couldn't wait to get to Debbie's to tell her how it went. I
relayed every little detail, and even showed her the note I made
Jason write.

"Great going, girl." she congratulated, "You're a natural.
Judging by how quickly Jason is coming around, I'd say, so is he.
I think I better hang onto this paper just for safety sake. We
can make a copy of it in the library and give that copy to Jason
just to let him know you're serious."

"Now what?" I asked. "I'm really enjoying this. How far can I
take it?"

"As far as you want, but not all at once."

"Do you think that I should let Jason come when I get home?"

"That would probably be the smart thing to do. You have to reward
them every now and then. Right now, I bet Jason's building up
resentment towards you as he's doing his chores. Eventually he'll
come to accept all of this as an elaborate type of foreplay, but
he's not there yet."

"Jason is in phase one of his training. He's behaving himself in
what I like to call a `bartering situation' - that is, he is
willing to trade specific periods of servitude for specific acts
of sexual release. By rewarding him at just the right times, you
can make him accept it as a way of life."

"Right now, Jason's just a `play slave'. He's willing to be
submissive totally on his terms: doing only those things he
wants, for as long as he wants to do them, with an expectation of
a near-term, somewhat equitable return. You've got to change
that if you're going to do this `for real'. Progress will be slow
in the beginning, but eventually you will be able to gain total
control over him. Are you willing"?

I wasn't sure, but I said, "Yes." "How do I start? I don't know
what to do. I don't even know what some of the things in those
books you lent me are".

"Don't worry, Anne," Debbie assured me, "I'll show you what to

I protested, "You? Wait a minute. I mean, I'm not into group sex,
and neither is Jason".

Janice laughed, "This isn't really about sex. It's about power.
Anyway. I'll respect your wishes for the moment. I'll be your
silent partner."

"But don't think of it as group sex, Anne. One of my favorite
games as a little girl was to get a boy to make pee for me while
I watched. Didn't you ever do that?"

"Well, yes, I mean, what girl hasn't."

"And I bet you had one of your girlfriends with you".

"Not one but two," I laughed.

"Did you feel that when you did it, you were having group sex"?

"Of course not. We already knew what little boys looked like. It
wasn't really sex at all".

"What was the most fun part of it?"

"We told the boy what we wanted him to do and he did it."

"Exactly, this isn't any different. It always amazes me how
eight-year old girls are naturals when it comes to domination,
but somehow lose it as they get older. Somehow the sex thing gets
in the way. Sex is only one part of it."

"One of the things you'll learn about female domination is that
it's best enjoyed if there are other women to share the thrill
with you. It's a spectator sport as well as a `team' sport. I
learned that lesson early. When I made these boys pee for me, I
always brought other girls along."

I knew eventually that Jason and I would be getting advanced
hands-on training from Debbie.

"But, I really afraid of hurting Jason.", I protested.

"I think you're getting S&M mixed up with B&D or D&S."

"What? I can't get all this stuff straight I mean, even the
personal ads in the newspaper throw me with all those

Debbie continued. "OK. S&M - Sado Masochism involves inflicting
pain and receiving pain. B&D - Bondage and Discipline. That's
actually two things: Bondage -- tying Jason up, and Discipline --
making Jason behave. Discipline is the fun part for me. D&S -
Dominance and Submission. As long as I'm the `D' and he's the `S'
I'm OK. I like humiliating a man. Sometimes you can use bondage
and sadism to help with the discipline. but you don't have to."

"All of this is really just one more dimension of your sexual
relationship. You do what works best for both of you. Your
objective is to turn Jason on so much that he willingly submits
to anything you want. Push too hard, and you'll drive him away.
Do too much, and you may turn yourself off."

"So, you don't have to hurt Jason. Some men like that kind of
stuff, but most of them just want to be told what to do and obey.
If inflicting pain squicks you, then don't do it. You may find,
however, that both of your appetites may change as you explore
your sexualities more fully. Keep an open mind."

I was willing to listen to more, but I still had more questions.
"What about special equipment? I mean, if I tried to do some of
the stuff in some of the books I read, I'd have to build a
medieval dungeon. That's kind of hard to hide from the neighbors
when they come over."

"You don't have to go `all the way'. Besides, you can disguise
your fixings to look like every day objects. In fact, you can
even use every day objects. Let's take a walk around your house
later today and see what you've got. You are limited only by your


As Debbie and I got up to leave I remembered to ask, "Wait a
minute. You suggested I let Jason come. I wouldn't mind another
licking, but I don't feel like intercourse just now."

"So don't do it. There are a lot of other ways to make a man

"What are you suggesting?" I asked.

"Well, you could give him a handjob. This way, you'll be in

"But what about the mess?"

"Well, if you're squeamish about getting your hands messy, do
what I do. Wear gloves." Before I could ask the question, she
went on, "I have some rubber surgical gloves I can let you have.
They're really cheap by the box."

Debbie explained one of her well learned methods of slow
masturbation. "It's best if you immobilize Jason when you do
this. After a while, it gets too intense for the male, and he
tries to take over. Besides, bondage will become part of the game
soon enough."


Jason was just putting away the vacuum when I came in. The house
was in good shape. I could hear both the washer and drier going
as well as the dishwasher. The floor in the kitchen was still

Debbie and I smiled at each other knowingly. I wasn't going to
let Jason in on the fact that Debbie knew of our special

I smiled at my husband and said, "Honey, why don't you take a
break. I have a list of things I want you to get from the store.
Why don't you go now." I was pleased when I noted his response,
"Yes, madam."

As soon as he left, Debbie and I began our tour.

"I guess the best place to start is in the bedroom", I said as I
motioned Debbie to follow me. "Many of the articles talk about
tying people up on a 4 poster bed. As you can see, my bed isn't
like that."

Debbie got on all fours and looked under the bed. "Who said that
the tie points have to be above the bed? You have 4 legs, use
them. In fact, its better that way, since you can leave the
ropes, or whatever you use, attached and simply tuck them under
the mattress when your not using them. I also suggest you get
some sort of means to restrict Jason's mid section. You can tie a
rope around one of the cross boards for that."

"What a nice chair!", Debbie commented, moving to the other side
if the bedroom. "Make Jason stand behind the chair and bend over
the back and place his hands on the arm rests. Then tie his
wrists to the arms. This will put his ass up in the air where you
can get at it for spankings and other games. But be careful. I'd
d**** a towel over the back if I were you. Men have been known to
come while being punished."

"Now, here in the kitchen," she said as she continued our tour,
"you can have Jason stand with his butt against this counter
while you pull his arms behind him, and tie them together at the
wrists. Now, go around the other side of the counter and tie the
other end of the rope to this cabinet door handle. That will have
him on his toes, and have his mid section and penis thrust
forward for you to play with. If you want to add finishing touch,
you can tie his ankles to the lower drawer handle on his side".

Debbie had similar suggestions as we went through the house, but
when she got to the laundry room, she exclaimed, "Oh, this is
great! You have no idea what a gold mine you have here. Look at

The `this' she was referring to was a clothes rack my husband had
built. It was nothing more than two expansion bolts in the
ceiling with eye rings screwed in. Hanging from the eye rings
were "S" hooks. Suspended from the "S" hooks was a four foot
dowel which was attached by two eye bolts screwed through holds
drilled close to each end.

To me, it was just somewhere to hang Jason's shirts while ironing
them. To Debbie's "educated" eye, it was something else. She
explained, "Take the bar down and put it on the floor. Take a
loop of rope or something and tie them on Jason's wrists. Hook
Jason up to the ceiling by slipping the loop over the "S" hook.
And now, for the best part", she grinned, "make him put his feet
apart and tie them at the ankle to each of the eye bolts in the
dowel. You've got him spread eagle and standing. There's a lot
you can do to a man when you got him in that position."

By the time she was done, I had a dozen places to tie my husband
up including, a coffee table, some chairs of various design,
towel racks, the shower (she said that giving a man a cold shower
wasn't harmful, but could be very uncomfortable for the man and
quite amusing for the woman to watch). She even pointed out a
traditional "stake" otherwise disguised as the support pole in
the garage. Boy, was Jason in for a surprise when he got home.

By this time Debbie had finished putting these "interior
decorating" ideas into my head, Jason was pulling in the
driveway. She gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and said, "I'll
leave you two love birds alone now. Good luck and go get `em."

Jason came in. I complemented him, "It looks like you've been a
good boy, the house looks great. I'll inspect later. Put those
groceries away and you'll get your reward." I retired with my tea
to the living room to relax as I listened to Jason clattering
about the kitchen putting things away.

In a couple of minutes, Jason was done and stepped into the
living room. "I'm ready, dear," he said.

I glared at him. All of a sudden he realized his mistake. "I'm
ready MISTRESS!" he exclaimed. "Please, I'm sorry. I'll get used
to this. Just let me come. I'll do anything you say."

This was more like it.

"Come, let's go to the laundry room, it's time to let you ejaculate."

You'd think I just said that we won the lottery. He was capering
around like a puppy that was left alone all day when its mistress
comes home.

"OK, it's time to strip again," I told him.

As soon as I had him naked, I remodeled the washroom like Debbie
showed me.

I had him take the dowel down, and run a short length of rope
through each eye bolt. I made him tie each of his ankles to the
dowel. Then I told him to stand up while I got the stool and
started to tie each wrist to the eyebolts in the ceiling.

He wanted to object, but I reminded him, "Remember the paper you
signed that night? We do this my way." I, a mere 5 foot 4 inch
110 pound brunette had my 6 foot 2 inch 210 pound husband,
vertically "spread eagled" in the classical anatomic position.
Both his arms and legs were spread almost three feet apart.

I grabbed his cock, looked him in the eye and said, "You're going
to learn to like this. You've been a bad little boy playing with
your `pee pee'. What would your mom had said if she caught you
doing that? From now on I am the law in this house. I make all
the rules and you obey them." I gave his cock a squeeze and he
meekly submitted.

It was delicious looking at him tied up that way, and totally in
my control. I took out my gloves, smoothed them over my skin and
went to work on his organ. My gloves were well lubricated with
his precome from the moment I touched him.

I put the tip of my index finger in the slit of his pee hole and
gave it a gentle twist. His body tensed. I ran the very tip of my
latex encased finger up and down the slit and watched him squirm.

Then I put my first two fingers under the head of his prick and
my thumbs on top. I squeezed down with my thumbs and pumped it a
few times. This f***ed a drop or two more precome to ooze out. I
ran one thumb over his pee hole, and then the other.

Using the fingers under his shaft to stimulate the lower portion
of the head, I massaged the top with my thumbs. I coordinated my
stroking so that as I rubbed down with my thumbs, I was rubbing
out with my fingers. Likewise, as I was pushing in with my
fingers, I was running my thumb back towards the read or the

Debbie called this "milking the dick", and it was easier than she
described it to me. Jason was squirming uncontrollably and trying
to thrust his hips to increase the friction. Debbie warned me
about that, so I just l stopped every time I caught him doing it.
"This is my show." I told him. "You just provide that horny prick
of yours. I'm in charge of everything else." Eventually he
learned to do it my way.

I milked him for about 15 minutes of slow masturbation before I
let him come. He shot his load like a rocket! I tried to catch
his semen in my palms as it came spurting out. Jason lost his
balance. He was hanging from his ceiling restraints.

He finally stopped pumping. I took the two handsful of come and
smeared it over his chest.

"Yes, dear," I smiled, "There are definitely going to be some
changes for the better around here."

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Domination of Jason
Chapter 4

Jason was the perfect husband after we redefined our roles. He
gave head like and expert any time I wanted it, and I suspected
that he was even beginning to like it. I never washed a dish,
picked up a mop, or touched at piece of dirty laundry again. The
services were great. The advantages of female control were

Yet I wanted more. I wasn't quite sure what it was, but I wanted
even more control over Jason. Debbie warned me that domination
was addictive and a little bit wasn't enough. It was time to
learn more.

Once more I confided in Debbie. She asked me, "So, how is it

"I'm making good use of your suggestions. I've tied Jason up in
several locations around the house. But, I think I'm ready to
learn more now."

"Well, what have you been doing with him?" she asked.

"Just masturbation like you suggested."

"Do you use anything on him?"

"Just the gloves. What do you suggest?" I asked.

"You got to get yourself some hardware, girl."

"I was wondering about that myself. I mean, I can't keep a whip
around, and I wouldn't want to use it, and I wouldn't know how to
use it if I did", I rambled.

"You won't need it.", she laughed. "Discipline is a part of the
scene, but it doesn't need to be that severe. You will may even
have to spank him from time to time, frequently, if you must".

I protested, "I told you, I don't want to hurt Jason."

"Spanking isn't necessarily a painful punishment." she countered.
"It's more of a humiliation thing. OK, I won't f***e you.
Obviously you and Jason aren't ready for that part yet. Mark my
words, though. The day will come when you'll spank Jason and find
it enjoyable."

"We'll find some standard items that you can use to discipline
him. None of them are harmful at all. All of them are merely
symbols of your dominance over him."

"First of all, keep him naked at all times. As Mark Twain once
observed, `Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no
influence in society.' Taking his clothes from him makes him feel
more vulnerable. They limit his mobility severely. After all,
he's not likely to leave the house without them. If you can
figure out how to lock up his clothes, so much the better. You've
taken away some of his freedom of movement without doing anything
at all."

"Take away his power of speech as well. Gags are easy. All you
have to do is ball up one pair of your panties and put them in
his mouth. Then you can put another pair over his mouth and
fasten them at the back of his head with a safety pin. Make sure
that he can breathe easily. In fact, you should agree on some
sort of signal Jason can give you even when gagged or bound so he
can call off the action in case something goes wrong. You don't
really want to damage him physically or psychologically. If he
calls you off too often, or for trivial reasons, stop playing.
He'll come back eventually."

"Take away his sense of sight and sound. Scarves make excellent
blindfolds. Put a set of headphones on him and turn up the
volume. I did this in college once. I blindfolded, gagged and put
the earphones on one of my lovers. I had him kneel at attention
for a while, and then touched him on the shoulder as a
pre-arranged signal to play with himself. When he got to the
moment of truth, I pulled off his blindfold so he could see that
during his wait I had invited some of my sorority s****rs in to
watch. No harm, no hurt, but plenty of humiliation."

"I did the reverse with one of my coworkers on a previous job. I
prepared him in just the same way as my hapless college student,
except that after having him wait awhile, I switched the headset
into an amplifier so we could talk to him over a microphone. My
roomate and I took turns touching him. The kicker was that I had
recorded other women's voices, mixed them in with my
conversation, and played them back through the amplifier as
background noise. I made the recording at a bridal shower for one
of our coworkers. It certainly seemed that there were a number of
women in the room with us having a good time. I had him convinced
that the room was full of women and that these were women that he
saw every day. I'm sure some of the voices were familiar to him.
To this day, he has no idea which of the many women he works
with, or comes in contact with on a daily basis know of his
submissive nature. A tremendous mind game."

"You can take away even more of his mobility. There are literally
all kinds of fasteners, but ordinary clothes line will work for
most applications. You can also use bungee chords as quick
`temporary' restraints. Put them around his knees or his upper
arms behind his back. People might raise an eyebrow if you keep
chains and padlocks in the bedroom, but wrap them around your
bicycle in the garage and no one asks any questions."

"You will, of course, need to get a leash and collar for his
neck. It's only a symbolic bond, but those are really the best

"Now for the hard part. Once you've got him tied up, you've got
to do something with him. Most men have some sort of a fetish. I
try to make the fetish do the work for me. Fetishes are something
else we women don't seem to experience the same way men do. We
may like the way something looks or feels on us, and this may
make sex more enjoyable, but the objects themselves don't turn us
on. It's what we do when we wear the object, or how the object
affects men that's the real turn-on.

For men, the object itself has sexual connotations and I'm not
above using every advantage, fair or unfair to assert control.
Being a dominatrix is no fun if you have to work hard at it. Does
Jason have anything that he's particularly fond of?"

"Like what?", I asked.

"Well, there are things, you know: shoes, boots, handbags.
There's body parts, feet, ass, tits. And then there's materials
like leather, rubber, silky stuff. Does Jason get turned on by
any of this?"

"I know he likes when I wear sexy lingerie."

"Good, then wear it. Making him wear it might excite him too. Try
it and see what happens. It's `forbidden' nature might appeal to
him. I have a tall girl's catalogue. I can help you order stuff
for him. Anything else?"

"I don't know. He never told me anything", I said.

"Eventually, he'll tell you all of his fantasies. Right now,
we'll have to work at it. Tell you what. I have some more books.
What you do is make him strip for you and read them aloud. Watch
his penis. Keep a note of what he was reading every time it gets
hard. Then we'll get together and see what turns him on".

"It all sounds so scientific.", I responded.

"When it comes to men, there isn't much guesswork. They're so
easy to figure out. A man's cock will give him away every time."

I noticed that the new reading material hardly touched the
dominance / submission theme, and I explained this to Debbie.

She said, "I call this my fetish collection. I keep it around to
get some ideas, and let some of my lovers read it to see what
turns them on. It tells about men and women doing stuff using
toys. You want to stay away from the other stuff, since you don't
want the description of the activity to interfere with Jason's
reaction to what's being used as a toy."


That night, I put Jason to the test. I explained the experiment
to him: "I want to try something out tonight. I want you to read
some pornography to me, and tell me which articles turn you on,
and why." He was about to protest when I said, "That's no way to
talk to your mistress. Now get undressed and read to me."

"Where did you get this stuff?" he asked.

I responded, "That's none of your business. All that matters is
that I did get them, and you will read them to me."

I propped up his pillows and gave him a drink, and had him lay on
his back on the bed and read. I watched for the rising and
falling of his erection, and listened to what he thought turned
him on.

I got together with Debbie the next day, and pointed out the
articles Jason said excited him, and the ones where I noticed he
got particularly hard.

She was quick to analyze the results. "Jason has a foot fetish,
and rubber fetish. You lucky girl! Rubber is cheap, and it's so
easy to clean. It's so easy to use too. Taking care of a rubber
lover is hardly a chore at all. There's so many things to do to
tease him and make him come." She went on breathlessly.

"Whoa, girl", I exclaimed, "slow down. I'm not going to get into
a rubber suit just to get my husband going."

"You're not listening to me. It's just like the other equipment
you have. You probably have most of what you need right here."

"Yeah right!", I said.

"I don't suppose you are aware that you are wearing rubber at
this very moment".

"I am? What? My bra?"

"No, it's literally at your feet."


"Sneakers!", she exclaimed, "The soles are rubber. You're even
wearing the right kind. Keds and sneakers like Keds work very

"How?", I asked, "Nothing in the books talk about sneakers."

"Use a little imagination!", she admonished, "This was an
invention of mine. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure
out that if a guy likes rubber, and he likes women's feet, then
rubber on a woman's foot is something he'd also like".

"OK, you've got me convinced. It's just that I don't think about
rubber very much. I know some of the books mention rubber gloves
and bathing caps. I suppose you're going to add them to my list".

"Them, and something else very basic -- a rubber ball."

"Debbie! Now I know that I didn't read that one in a book, and
don't tell me how logical it is."

"Well, it is logical. If rubber's the thing, then you experiment
rubbing his penis with anything made of rubber -- even bicycle
inner tubes. In fact, a rubber ball is an extremely powerful
discipline device."

"I don't believe it. I don't see how you can use a toy to
discipline anyone."

"Compared to other rubber objects, a rubber ball is easier to
manipulate. It has a very distinct, almost velvety texture to it.
You'll be surprised how fast you can cause an erection with one,
and how you can use it to bring Jason to the edge of orgasm
without actually letting him come. Don't knock it. This `toy'
works very well."

"OK, you win, Debbie. You know, I do have most of the stuff you
mentioned. I have a whole closet bottom and under-bed area full
of sneakers. I have rubber gloves, although I better get a pair
specifically for this use and not use the ones I use -- I mean,
from now on Jason uses -- to clean the oven. Jason's a
racquetball fan, I can get him to pick some up at the sporting
goods store. I better have him pick up a bathing cap while he's
there. too."

"Atta girl! You're beginning to get into this. Complete your
collection, and I'll tell you how to use them", Debbie said.

"You better," I laughed. I can't begin to imagine how you could
use some of this stuff."

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Domination of Jason
Chapter 5

That weekend, I was over Debbie's house with an overnight bag
full of rubber items. Before getting into my things, Debbie gave
me a tour of her house and how she had arranged things. In her
kitchen, for example, was a butcher block which she had
redesigned into a punishment block. She took down some paintings
to reveal tie-down points. She even showed me how she could rig
up a block and tackle to suspend someone from the ceiling. Before
we left her playroom, she showed me her `toybox.' She grabbed a
dildo out of it, and we continued back to the kitchen.

When we got back into the kitchen for our tea, she handed me an
object, the function of which I could hardly imagine. "Before we
begin, I'd like to give you a little gift."

I giggled, "OK, Debbie, what's this, a dog leash for gerbils?"

"Good guess!" she laughed. "It's a cock ring." She then went on
to explain how to put it on, and how it would `accentuate' his
erection and balls. "And when you're done, you can attach a leash
on this ring. You can then lead Jason around by his penis. It's
sort of a physical symbolism -- women have been leading men
around by their cocks since the beginning of time. As I always
say, `Control the cock, control the boy.' I have a lot of other
`toys' which I'll show you at some other time."

"Speaking of controlling cocks," I interjected, "you haven't even
shown me how to use the stuff I got yet."

"Exactly, show me what you've got!"

I emptied the contents of my overnight bag onto her table.

"The thing you want to do with this stuff is to drive Jason into
lust, and then dispair. Show him you control his sexual pleasure
at your whim. Best of all, all of this is so mechanical on your
part. You can be a 'tease machine' with almost no effort at

"OK," Debbie said, "let's start with the bathing caps. It doesn't
take too much imagination to figure out what to do with a bathing
cap. Does it?"

"No, I imagine you simply put it over his cock and rub it up.", I

"Did you ever actually do that with a man?"

"Well (pause) no.", I stammered. "But how hard can it be?"

"You can make it very hard," she said, laughing at her own pun.
"But seriously, you really have to be careful not to hurt the
penis. If the cap has a rough interior, you will have to rub
gently, especially at the start."

"Why at the start?"

"Well, the rubber is going to grab at his penis. This is a good
thing. It tickles it into a tremendous hard-on. Once he starts
leaking precome, it's a whole different experience. Just a drop
or two will have his prick sliding around all over the inside of
the cap."

"I'd demonstrate with the toy," she said, tapping the dildo with
her finger, "but it's not fully functional in this regard."

"Once you get him to lubricate your toy with his, you can get
more aggressive. Don't just rub in the same spots. Try to use his
prick to spread the semen over every square inch of the inside of
the cap. Use the cap to spread his precome over every bit of his

"Stretch the cap tightly over his prick like you are trying to
poke it through the cap. Don't do it too hard. You don't want to
hurt him, but you'd be surprised how hard and firm erections can
get. He'll just love the feel of the expanding rubber over his
cock. Another nice things about bathing caps is that you can
measure how much he squirts. That's one way to tell if he's been
cheating on you."

"OK", I nodded.

"Also be sure", Debbie continued, "that you avoid caps with sharp
seams. I try not to buy them at all. If I have to, then I turn
the cap inside out, put it over a block of wood, and sand away
the ridge with sandpaper. Generally, I just use my trusty old
Speedos. I can really feel the prick through the latex."

"Jason picked up one for me at the sports shop." I said, picking
it up still in the package. "I also found the cap I bought for
our vacation in Mexico last year. Can I use it?" I picked it out
of the pile for her inspection. It was a very feminine looking
cap with leaves and petals and flowers all over the outside.

"This is great, girl. This," she said, shaking the cap in her
hand, "is a great erection holder. Get rid of this chin strap.
Instead, make a couple of daisy chains out of rubber bands and
loop them into the snaps. Turn the cap inside out, and place it
over Jason's cock and balls. Put the rubber band chains around
his legs, and snap them to the cap.

"What this does is wrap his penis completely in rubber. When he
gets excited, his penis will twitch. When it twitches, it rubs
itself into the rubbery folds. This excites it some more, and
causes it to twitch again. It will keep Jason hard for as long as
you want with absolutely no work on your part. You can put him
`in the bag' for hours, and he'll still have a beautifully hard
cock for you to play with."

"I suggest you dress Jason up like this when you have him clean
the bathroom or perform his other household chores. He'll get
enough movement in the cap to stroke his penis into a good
erection, but the stimulation won't be enough to make him come.
He'll be ready to beg you for relief when he gets done."

"An important part of training men is to keep them in a state of
constant sexual excitement. In addition to using bathing caps to
keep Jason at a high level of arousal, you can use it to make him
bring himself to and sustain an intense level of arousal. To make
Jason masturbate to the point of ejaculation without coming, have
him coat he cap with his precome. He'll have to stimulate himself
enough to produce precome, but stop short of actually
ejaculating. You don't even have to supervise him. Just have him
show you a cap where he has spread his clear, glistening precome
over every square inch."

I swallowed my tea. I had never considered the possibilities. The
thought of ordering Jason to maintain a state of perpetual
anticipation to please me was really turning me on.


I sat there in silence digesting what I just heard. "OK, what
about the other items?" I asked.

"I'll start with the sneakers since they are so easy to use. I
use sneakers as sort of a reward. Rather than make a man mad with
the urge for sexual release, they actually provide it. What's
nice about it, is that the woman controls it."

"So, sneakers are one way to provide the pleasure you need to
give them from time to time to enslave the male. They don't
produce pain, unless of course, you use them as a paddle to spank
him." She laughed.

"You could just throw your sneakers on the floor and let Jason
hump the soles. I've done that when I'm too lazy to reward my
charges. However, I usually like to get a lot more involved."

"I call the first method the `book' method." She slipped off her
sneakers and demonstrated. "Hold them together by the back part
sole-to-sole, with the heels towards you and the insides --
that's part that's between your legs when you wear them -- up,
like this. While you have them this way, you can use them to
`tickle him up.' That is, if he doesn't have an erection, you can
give him one."

"Here, pretend the dildo is Jason's cock. Hold it out." I held it
out, and she moved her sneakers towards it.

"Put the heels under the head of his cock and pull back slowly,
letting his prick ride down into the valley at the arch, and back
up the hill towards the toes -- every bit of it bouncing and
rubbing its way along the herringbone patterns on the outsole. In
just a couple of passes, you'll have him as hard and straight as
a steel rod."

She was right. I could feel the vibrations in the rubber cock as
she slid her sneakers under it.

"Now, if you open the top like a book, you form a `V.' Let his
cock fall into the `V.' You can play with how wide you open the
book so as to make the rubber touch his cock looser or tighter."

She adjusted the sneakers and the dildo fell into the crack so
the penis was resting on the 'hinge' at the spine of the book.
She indicated the area that corresponded to the ball of her foot
and she called it the 'working rubber' explaining that it was the
part of the sneaker where masturbation takes place.

"You can let him hump the soles, or you can bind him, and provide
all the rubbing yourself. Just move the sneakers back and forth
letting his cock slide along the sole like a piston."

I noticed how she opened the book slightly on the push stroke so
the penis could slide forward freely, and closed it slightly on
the pull stroke so the working rubber grabbed at the penis head.

She handed over the sneakers and took the cock. "Now you try it."
She gave me a couple of minutes of practice and coaching. "Atta
girl, you got it. You'll love it. You'll have a perfect view of
Jason's penis when he comes."


We put the water on for another cup of tea.

"I like to call the next technique the `total control method'
because the man's ejaculation is entirely under the control of
the woman. To do it, you want to make a `penis sandwich' with
your sneakers. Here, hold out that dildo again."

She held one of her sneakers at the end uppers up, and her other
sneaker at the end, soles up. She held them so that they were
pointing to each other toe to toe. She nodded at me, and I picked
up the dildo, ready to play the role of the hapless male.

"Put one sneaker under the head of his penis, sole up, and the
other one on top of it with the sole resting just behind the

"The next part takes some practice. Use the top sneaker to move
the penis in a side-to-side motion, while rubbing it with the
bottom sneaker along the shaft in a girl-to-boy motion. The net
result is a circular motion which no penis can resist. You
control the pressure. You control the tempo. The man does
absolutely nothing at all. Once you get the hang of it, it's so
easy and quick. You'll have him coming in less than a minute, and
at exactly the moment you want."

Again, I was given the opportunity to practice. I couldn't wait
to try it on Jason. "It gets better once Jason provides some
biologically induced lubrication for you." Debbie advised.


"The final sneakering technique I call `walking the dog.' In this
one, you use your feet instead of your hands. Just wear your
sneakers as you normally do, and have Jason sit on a chair facing
you with his legs wide open. Put your feet in his crotch with
your heels against his balls."

"You seem to have a normal size foot for a woman, and if Jason is
average size, the head of his penis will be at the balls of your
feet. Simply peddle his cock from foot to foot. You'll literally
have him coming at your feet!"

"You can also use sneakers for intense anticipation training. Let
him play with himself. Give him run of your closet. Tell him you
want him to coat every sole of every sneaker with precome. Don't
give him permission to ejaculate. It will keep him busy for hours
while you can attend to something more relaxing. In fact, he may
never complete the task. If you have enough sneakers, the first
pair will be dry before he finishes the last."

"Another nice thing about sneakers is that they are everywhere.
Do you think that after you start sneakering Jason that he will
ever be able to look at you or any other woman wearing a pair,
and not get a hard on? Think of it -- the secretaries in his
office on 'casual day.' a housewife in the supermarket, a teenage
girl going to school, even little girls playing in the park are
going to remind him of this part of his sexual servitude."

"The one thing you didn't get in our practice demonstrations
here," Debbie cautioned, "is lubrication. Even a dry penis has
less friction than the rubber-to-rubber contact between the dildo
and the soles of the sneakers. You'll learn how to play with
varying pressures during the very first session, I'm sure."


"OK, that leaves the rubber ball." I said, refilling my tea.

"The ball takes special care. Bathing caps provide erections,
sneakers get him off. A rubber ball, if used properly will drive
him crazy. It's very effective, but it is very woman-intensive.
You'll have to put a lot of work into this one, but it's worth

"To do it properly, you'll need to understand a little of the
anatomy of the male reproductive system."

"The two parts of the penis you are interested in are on opposite
ends. At the very base of the penis, where the scrotum is
attached, is a sphincter-like muscle that holds back urine, and
also holds back semen just prior to the ejaculation. I suggest
you experiment with Jason and find out exactly where this muscle
is. It's the key to penis control. Massaging this muscle will
cause ejaculation if the penis is aroused enough. However, we
want to use it for exactly the opposite purpose."

"Just before ejaculation, this muscle tightens in anticipation.
The amount of tightness and just how it will feel to you varies
from man to man. In other words, you'll have to figure out for
yourself, using repeated experimentation, what Jason's 'flash
point' is. Don't be discouraged if you don't get it right on the
first couple of tries."

Grab Jason's penis with your left hand. Make a tight ring with
your thumb and middle finger. This will trap more bl**d in the
organ and make it firmer and more sensitive. Take your index
finger and place it on the muscle. This is your feedback
mechanism so you will know when you are getting him close to

"The other end of the penis is the head. As you look at it
straight-on you'll see a pair of 'cheeks' at the 5- and 7-o'clock
positions. This is where you want to work the ball."

"There are two basic rubbing techniques. In technique one, you
start by pushing the ball against his pee hole and giving it a
few twists. This serves two purposes: it stimulates him, and it
picks up some precome to use as a lubricant. Next rub the ball
back and forth along the underside of the shaft, gently nicking
the cheeks."

"Do this until you feel him about to come, or a drop of precome
appears. If your left index finger tells you he is about to come,
ease up. Continue gently rubbing just the shaft for about 15
seconds. Then move onto rubbing technique two."

"Whenever you see precome, you can switch to the other

"Technique two starts the same as technique one. Push the ball
against the pee hole and twist. This time spiral out from the pee
hole spreading the precome in little circles on the head until
you are almost running the ball around the ridges at the edge of
the head. Then spiral slowly back in. Stop at the pee hole, give
the ball a twist, and shift back to rubbing technique one."

"It may take about a couple of attempts to get it down, but once
you get good at it, you can have Jason dripping with anticipation
in less than a minute, and you can keep him on the edge of orgasm
for as long as you want."


I was amazed. "How did you ever learn how to do this?"

"Well, I first put rubber to penis when I was a little girl. I
managed to make a couple of men come this way when I was in
college, but I didn't really perfect the technique until a couple
of years ago. I guess you can say it's a life time's work."

I looked at the ball I was holding. I looked down my legs at my
sneakers. I had never realized how much power I had at my hands
and feet!

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Domination of Jason
Chapter 6

All of these techniques helped me establish sexual anxiety and
relief in Jason. Stimulating a man and controlling his release
was just an ends to a means -- sexual domination.

And it worked! By then end of our third month of training, Jason
became completely devoted to me. Having him do the household
chores was convenient (he always did his share, and didn't
consider it demeaning as such, it's just that he now did my share
as well). I really enjoy having him give me backrubs and tending
to my feet (he still considers kissing and licking them to be
humiliating). And I always enjoy the complements I get from our
friends about how much a gentleman he is when we go out. Many of
my girlfriends comment to me about how they wish they had
husbands or boyfriends who are so polite and considerate. "How
did you do it?" they ask. Sometimes, I'm brave enough to joke
about it. "You have to train them when they're young," If they
only knew! I see some recognition in the eyes of some women, but
so far, Debbie is the only one in whom I can confide. Usually, I
stammer something like, "I'm just lucky, I guess."

Best of all is the sex. I allowed Jason to have intercourse on
those few occasions when I really felt in the mood for it, and
when I thought he really deserved it. He was so well trained to
consider my needs first that I am always totally satisfied.

It was about this time that Jason and I established a bedtime
routine. I wash up and brush my teeth, get into my nightgown, and
sit in a wing-back chair reading a magazine or a book. This had
been my routine ever since we got married. One difference now is
the types of magazines and books I read. I no longer read books
about kitchens and gardening. I've borrowed a lot of Debbie's
collection. She recommended a reading list for me, and I've
really enjoyed going through it. I now have subscriptions of my

Another difference now is that now Jason kneels before me, with
his face in my crotch as I spend my time leisurely reading my
femdom publications. Debbie gave me a tip to improve his
performance. I tie a string around his balls, and give it a sharp
tug if he doesn't lick me properly. Jason learned to be an
accomplished cunlinginist in a short time.

Naturally, I gave Debbie all the details of the `love sessions'
Jason and I had. She suggested that I take things in my stride,
but that I gradually escalate my discipline.

"You have to maintain control at all times." she told me over
coffee during one of our many talks we had on the subject of the
taming of Jason. "I think you are ready to move into phase two."

"Phase two?" I asked her.

"Yes. In phase one, you rewarded Jason's good deeds with letting
him come. In phase two, you start punishing for bad behavior."

"Well, we certainly don't have much of that." I confided to her.
"Jason has been the perfect gentleman."

"Nobody's perfect." she replied. "Make something up. Don't settle
for sloppy service. If he's not on top of everything at every
moment, take it out on him."

"What do you mean by `take it out on him'." I asked.

"Spank him!" she said as if she couldn't believe I even asked the
question. "Men and women have been spanking one another since
Adam and Eve. It's perfectly natural, perfectly safe, and
perfectly necessary."

"I don't want to hurt Jason?" I complained.

"That's good. Some men like pain. We won't know about Jason --
and yourself -- until we get into a more advanced stage in his
training. Pain is something that can be added on later. The thing
we're going for here is humiliation and psychological control.
Spanking provides that."

"Spanking is on the extreme low end of the pain spectrum. It
rarely ever really hurts, and even then it's only temporary. The
real value of spanking is the humiliation. I bet Jason hasn't
been over a woman's lap since he was a little boy. He probably
has ambivalent feelings about it. I'm sure he loved his mom, but
at that stage of his life, he was dependent upon her. She
controlled his life. In a sense, you are taking her place as he

Spanking isn't something a grown man is supposed to submit to. To
surrender his body to you is a leap of trust. You are woman. All
of the world is telling him that you are supposed to be his
inferior. If that's so, how come he's over your lap. These are
the things that will be going through his mind."

"What do I do?" I asked.

"Start out with a simple, over-the-knee, hand spanking. It's
really an erotically cozy and intimate thing. You won't hurt him
much, but you'll really assert your authority over him. Later on,
as you both become more comfortable doing it, you can experiment
with belts, hair brushes, and even whips if it gets that far."

She laughed as she saw my mouth drop. I was certainly a non-
sophisticate when it came to these things. "Listen to me! I sound
like a mom instructing her daughter how to bake cup cakes. This
stuff seems so simple and so natural to me, that I forget that
other women don't do it as a routine."

I sat in awe of this woman's knowledge and experience. I decided
I'd try it.


I came home to see Jason's ass looking up at me from the kitchen
floor where he was on his hands and knees scrubbing. I called to
him, "Come in here! Stand in front of me. Look at this mess," I
said, sweeping my hand across what, in my pre-domination days, I
would have thought a perfectly clean living room. Now I could see
minor imperfections. A piece of lint here, a slightly
out-of-alignment picture there. "That doesn't look right at all.
We're going to do something about that right now."

I spoke mainly to build up my courage and to make Jason feel
inferior. This was a big leap for me, and I couldn't stand up to
much resistance from Jason. I needed him to give into me this
first time, and then I knew I could control him for life.

"You have to be more careful," I told him. "You have to pay
attention to detail. I don't want Debbie or my other friends
thinking we live in a sloppy house." I was being totally
unreasonable, but Jason took it all in meek submissiveness until
I suggested corporal punishment.

"I think you need to be taught a lesson. Get over here and get
over my lap. I'm going to give you a spanking to teach you to be
more careful."

"Anne!" he said.

"Anne?" I yelled back at him. "You are to call me mistress.
That's two lessons I have to teach you."

"I'm not going to let you spank me." he hissed, and then
belatedly added, "mistress."

"Oh yes you are." I said. "Do you want sex?"

"Of course I do, mistress." The title came more naturally then.

"Well, think about it. We've been in our `special arrangement'
for a couple of months now. Right?" He nodded a "yes."

"And in that time, since I've taken charge of your sex life,
you've had fewer ejaculations."

Again a nod.

"And they've been better ejaculations, haven't they."

He looked at his toes and admitted, "Yes, mistress."

"Ejaculations are more fun -- sex is more fun -- when I control
your lusty urges. You can't do it right unless I tell you or show
you how to do it. You need my dominance -- my control -- to have
good sex. AM I RIGHT?"

His eyes remained riveted on the floor as he muttered, "Yes

"So there you have it. You don't have to come and get your
spanking. We can stop these games right now and go back to the
way it used to be. We can also stop something else. Do you
remember that first time I made you go all week without relief?"

Emphatically, "Yes, mistress."

"Well, how would you like to make it a month, or a year, or a
lifetime?" The question was rhetorical, I didn't expect and

Jason crossed the room to the seat on which I was sitting and lay
over my lap. He surrendered! I spanked him until his ass was good
and pink, and my own hand felt puffy and tingly itself. That
wasn't the only thing that puffy and felt tingly. I had Jason
finish me off with his tongue on the spot.

Debbie never told me how much fun this part would be. Looking at
Jason's drooling erection, I was sure he found it exciting too. I
found an excuse to spank Jason every other day.

By the end of the month we modified our life style even more.
Jason's schedule looked like housework every weekend, spanking
every other day, and cunt lapping every night. It was something I
couldn't even dream about the day I walked in on him, but I found
that I wanted more. Debbie warned me that this stuff was
addictive, but I only half believed her until I started hearing
some of my own demands.

I don't think it would have been as much fun for me if Jason
didn't get off on it too. I know that he really didn't take my
treats seriously. He could have terminated the arrangement at any
time. Instead, he hung in there. Everything I did to him or had
him do for me was something he wanted to do deep down inside. He
might have thought that he was being `f***ed' to do it, but no
f***e, treats (real threats, that is) or coercion was used. He
never once used our `stop' signal, and we discussed a lot of what
we did before we did it. What really convinced me that he enjoyed
my dominance is that he almost always had an erection every time
we did something.

Jason was faced with a simple decision: FemDom or Freedom. As I
sit here at my terminal, Jason under the table on his knees in
front of me, his head in between my legs, his mouth against my
pussy, his tongue where I love it most, I know he made the right

(The end -- for now. I'll continue if there are still readers who
managed to stay awake to this point and actually want to see
Mule... Continue»
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The curse of the multiple orgasms (Chapter 1 and 2

It started late September. Lucy was a nice girl, a good, sweet girl. Her f****y had a good background well known in the community. Her father sat on the church council and her mother was chairperson of the local village committee, with responsibility for keeping everything in order and keeping up the appearance of the neighbourhood as nothing other than a perfect place.

It was into this perfect world that Lucy had been born 19 years ago and nothing much had happened since. That was until the first weekend in September. As well as being a good, sweet, nice, you could say almost perfect girl. Lucy was also amazingly pretty. To describe Lucy’s beauty is almost impossible with the written word. She had the sweetest body, everything in perfect proportion to everything else. Her skin was so soft, so well toned, and perfect to the touch. She was small in stature, but her legs were a picture of erotic seduction. Many said it was the curves, the amazing (as if sculptured curves) of her body that seemed to drip with the art of a sexual siren.

Lucy also had the advantage of other attributes that many girls would envy. Her eyes were the most amazing green you could ever imagine, her hair was blonde and flowing. Reaching down to just above her bottom her hair was also very long. It was like silk to the touch, clean and perfect. The most touching thing about Lucy though, was that she new nothing of how her beauty was viewed by others. She thought herself quite plain, she had humility rare in a creature of such distinguished perfection. Lucy had grown up to know right from wrong, she empathised with the feelings of others, and she never put anyone down. She was a joy to know.

So what began that September? What unfolded? What became of Lucy? It was innocent enough to start with, she had begun to feel more like the pretty intelligent young women she was. A growing confidence had stirred within her. She suddenly appreciated her own beauty and had felt the desire to share it with others. Lucy had started to develop an interest in photography and this would be the start of everything that happened next.

She had by chance happened upon pictures of pure naked beauty on the Internet. She did not seek this out it was not her intention. There, in front of her, were others just like her. They were pictures of the sensual and the erotic and they spoke to Lucy. They were not pornographic pictures, they were pure pictures of the human body and they were art. The models were placed in many exciting locations, their bodies as vehicles to enhance the beauty of nature. Lucy was drawn into what she saw and for the first time in her life she began to feel a desire that was not present before.

Lucy’s life now became one of pure pleasure seeking she could not now stop was already in motion. The first signs were the feelings in her stomach like butterflies flying in all directions at once. When she looked upon the images of beauty she felt a deep sense of curiosity a very strong pull that she could not explain, as if a door had been opened, as if her bl**d had begun to flow through her veins faster than ever. She was in those moments completely alive.

At first it was a purely mental experience, felt only in her thoughts, most of which she could not explain. Then it changed. Just as suddenly as before, she felt a new level of stimulation. This time, a physical assault on her senses. Lucy was wet; Lucy was feeling like never before. Her vagina was now experiencing the same rush of new bl**d as she had felt in the rest of her body and she had to act. At first she could cope with this new feeling, this new power. She would caress herself gently, slowly arousing every muscle in her body. She could now command orgasms whenever she wanted, slow, long, powerful and deep sensations of pure joy were hers to experience at will. She did not yet know, but her wetness was her strength and her weakness.

She had become mistress of her own body, she new every millimetre of herself every fold, every area of sensitivity and she new how to work it. Her juices flowed they flowed like never before, like an unstoppable river of pleasure. So what happened next to Lucy? What could this beauty find in the world, well that is for the next chapter to tell…………..

Chapter Two

The other pleasure in Lucy’s life was horses she had learnt to ride at an early age and she loved to explore the beauty of her surroundings on the back of her strong and faithful stallion. She also enjoyed everything that went with looking after the horses and she was tender and gentle but firm when needed with the horses in her care. She loved to clean the stables lovingly putting soft fresh new hay for the horses.

After finishing her work she loved to turn to the joys of pleasuring herself. Lucy had discovered that she could attain an enhanced sense of sexual pleasure by lying in the hay next to the beautiful horses and stroking herself gently to orgasm. She would slowly remove all her clothes and allow the strong midday sun to caress her body as she played with her perfect body. She was turned on by the sight of her magnificent stallion so muscular, so strong. Her mind was a frenzy of joy and happiness she would dip her fingers into her vagina and then run her wet fingers across her clitoris. The effect was as if she had taken a d**g of pure ecstasy. She would cum again and again each time stronger than the last.

She would feel very tired by the end of the long afternoons of intense physical pleasure. It was all she could do to put her clothes back on and try to look casual as she left the stables and headed home. She was still unsure of how much she should be enjoying these pleasures and of what other people would think.

Lucy had a short walk of no more than a mile to return home, but on this short journey her life would become different and she would begin to explore more deeply the world into which she was entering. Even in the early evening the sun was beating down providing a warm clingy feeling. Lucy enjoyed the smell that such an effect produced as the local flowers blossomed into full bloom. She passed a small wooded area on the way home, and it was here that she stumbled upon two lovers also enjoying the early evening sun.

She followed the small path through the centre of the woods as usual but began to feel the tingles and butterflies in her stomach that provided her with the need for sweet climax. She decided to find a nice spot in amongst the trees where she could stimulate herself without fear of interruption. She entered a little deeper into the woods to find the perfect spot. Then just ahead she heard the sound of footsteps, a snapping sound of someone walking on the lush woodland floor. She stopped, at first disappointed that she would not be able to find a private place for herself. Slowly she edged forward and reached the top of a small hill from where she could see what was happening in the woods below.

To her surprise there were not one but two young men in the small clearing ahead standing next to a small rock that would be obscuring them from all vantage points except the one Lucy had. They were tall, attractive and athletic men. What were they doing here? Her question was soon answered. The two men began to kiss each other slowly and gently. She could see that one of them began to softly caress the body of his companion. This was a beautiful sight for Lucy she could not believe what was happening right in front of her. Then one of then men reached down and slowly and carefully pulled down the shorts of his friend. An amazing and to Lucy perfect strong thick long and wonderful penis thrust into view, standing proud and hard. This man also had the most beautiful and large testicles reminding Lucy of her stallion.

The other man had begun to take his friend’s penis into his mouth, sucking slowly with great tenderness. Lucy was now so wet, she began to touch her soft pussy lips and to softly caress her clitoris. Her first orgasm came quickly and she let out a quiet satisfied breath. With Lucy though every orgasm was stronger than the rest so she continued to play with her sweet body, her nipples were hard and very sensitive to her gentle touch. She noticed that the man now had a wonderful rhythm to his cock sucking, going deep but still slowly and gently lapping up every inch of his friend’s perfect cock.

What happened next took Lucy’s orgasm to an even higher level. Both men were now naked and she could see in all their glory how handsome they were, like perfect Greek statues. Muscles in exactly the right proportion glistening in the evening sun. The man with the perfect cock was now licking the balls and anus of his friend Lucy’s next orgasm was so intense it was as if being transported to a different planet where all your fantasies came true. She watched as the man gently teased his penis into the perfect tight anus of his companion. Slowly, he went deeper and deeper his strokes longer and harder. She watched as the penis of the man being fucked became harder this penis was thicker than that of his friend but a little shorter it was an amazing sight to behold for Lucy.

She must have climaxed ten, maybe 15 times that evening while the two men sucked and fucked each other. Her head was dizzy, her body totally drained. She hardly had any energy left. As she lay on the floor she looked across at the men as they completed their love making. She looked in wonder at the glorious cocks dispensing their semen upon the athletic bodies of each other.

The two men looked around as if to check they had not been observed and then left the woods in opposite directions. It took Lucy a while to regain her composure and to dress herself. After a while she also left the woodland and continued her journey home. Lucy was now in the clouds, her mind wandering thinking of what she had seen and of the pleasure she had from it. There was still one surprise left for Lucy on this beautiful sunny day and it would blow her away.

Lucy decided she should continue her walk a little longer to give her time to return to normal and to return home without looking like a girl that had just had so many orgasms. She walked around the village for a while and when she had cooled off a little she thought there would be no harm in visiting her friend Danielle. She had known Danielle (Dani for short) since she was an infant the two of them had grown up together and were the same age. Dani was also a very nice girl and a very good friend. Lucy was still not sure about what was happening to her and she thought that she could relax a little with Dani and maybe talk things over.

Dani lived with her parents in a small cottage on the edge of the village and Lucy soon arrived there. At first it seemed that nobody was home. Lucy rang the doorbell and knocked on the door but alas there was no response. She was about to leave when she heard a sound from the small shed at the bottom of the garden It was the sound of things falling to the floor. Lucy went to investigate. As she got closer to the small shed she could hear faint moaning sounds this slowed her progress as she began to think what was going on in there.

She crept up slowly to the open side window and looked in. Dani had her back to the small window and could not see Lucy. Dani was naked and seemed to be looking at a magazine that was on the floor just in front of her. Lucy had seen Dani naked many times before as they were growing up together but this was the first time that Lucy had seen her as a fully grown adult and it was an incredibly beautiful sight indeed. Dani had long and very straight black hair very clean and very attractive. The most amazing thing about Dani was her bottom it was the most perfect peach of a bottom you could imagine and as she lay on her side on the floor the majesty of her bottom was a wonderful sight to Lucy.

Dani was slowly turning the pages of the magazine and gently playing with her breasts. As she turned the pages Lucy could see what she was looking at, the pictures reminded Lucy of the two men she had seen in the woods. Athletic, tanned and beautiful male bodies with thick, long and hard cocks. Lucy had not thought about Dani in a sexual context before and was very curious. Lucy then noticed that when Dani touched her clitoris it did not take long for her body to shake in a violent and intense orgasm. Could it be thought Lucy that my dear friend Dani has the same condition as me?

Lucy must have been at the window for about 30 mins and in this time her beautiful young friend must have climaxed 20 times, each more powerful than the last. Lucy so wanted to let Dani know she was there but something deep within her told her not to. She was just not sure of what the response would be. Should she intrude on this most private of pleasures? Lucy so wanted to participate in Dani’s joy in her sexual experience. Dani was so pretty, she looked the pure picture of young beauty. What would it be like to touch another? To bring them pleasure beyond their dreams.

On this occasion Lucy could not bring herself to act upon her impulse. She decided to allow Dani to enjoy your personal pleasure in private. Lucy new now though that she wasn’t alone in her desires and in the near future she would reach a level of pleasure she could not imagine. But that is for the next chapter…..... Continue»
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The Trials of Zara (Chapter 1) The start of my �

I am Zara Bush and I'm a teacher at a local school in town.
You and five guys decide to f***e me to have sex with all of you.
The plan is carried out on a Friday night. You take a video camera to record the action. Your plan works perfectly and all of you have a good time using me. I resist but you are all too strong for me.
You have videod the activitives and tell me I must do as you say or you will spread the video of me to my school. You call this control my 'sevice' to you.

After you have gone you watch the video and decide that in spite of what you said, this is too good not to share. You carefully edit out anything that can identify you, and remove the sound. All that's left is me sucking variuos cocks and cum in my mouth after each before swallowing. Then me being fucked and close-ups of my pussy being fucked and the cocks being pulled out to show the cum dripping out of me. It finishes with me licking the cocks clean. Now the video looks like I did everything willing which I didn't.
So that the vid has more control over me, you decide to find some more pix of me to edit in. You go to the school website and find some pix of the staff. You find my pic there. You edit these into the video at key places, so now there is no mistaking who is the 'star' of the vid.
You sit back and watch it again. You get an idea.
You ring up a guy you know who has an adult book store an arrange to meet him.
When you arrive you show him the vid and ask him if he would be interested in showing it in the small theatre at the back of the book store. He says he will give you a $100 dollars for the vid and you agree.
You ask him when the first showing will be. He tells you it will be tonite at 8.00, and that there will be a couple of other vids first but no live act tonite. You have another idea......
Later you ring me and tell me to be ready to go out for 7.30. I am to wear exactly what I normally wear to school. I am suprised as I never normally go out like that but I have little choice so I do it. I still don't know about the edited video.
You pick me up and drive me to the book store. On the way you tell me that one of the conditions of my 'service' is that I must do as I am told.
When we arrive at first I refuse to go in as someone may see me. You tell me that I have no choice, so I go in. You tell me to pay the $20 for both of us to get in. I want to sit at the back out of the way but you take us down to the front row. I try to keep my head down so no one sees me. The small theatre holds about 30-40 people but when we arrive there are about ten to twenty men already in waiting for the show to start. As we wait I can hear more people arriving but I don't look around.
After about ten minutes the lights dim and the owner comes on stage to introduce the first film.
He says that there is a change to the program tonite and that there are to be 3 films although the last is only short. But the good news is that he has been able to get a performer (stripper I assume he means) for after the last film.
I think that this is going to be a very boring night.
The first film runs thru and is as dull as these films usually are. The owner comes on and introduces the second film. The second is more interesting than normal.
After it finishes he comes on to introduce the third. He again apologises for the shortness but he says that there is good interesting content .
The film starts and I see my picture from the school year book on screen. It then cuts to me starting to suck cock. I can't believe what I am seeing. I hear mumurs from the crowd. Some of them have obviously recognised me on the film. I hear somone say my name to someone nearby. Someone else says "I never believed the bitch had it in her". You say that you hope I am enjoying the show.
On screen the first cock is removed and you can see all the cum in my mouth which I swallow and show my empty mouth to the camera. This gets a round of apause from the crowd. I still think they don't know I'm here. I want to get up and leave but we are at the front and everyone would see me.
The film now cuts to another school pic of me then to me naked, first a close-up of my hairy waiting pussy then me being fucked. This gets a stir from the crowd a few whistles and calls. Someone says the he will enjoy the PTA meetings a lot more having seen this. The amount of hair on my pussy has become I talking point. With comments like 'wow look at the hair on that' and ' that's the hairiest that I've ever seen'.
By now I think all the crowd know that it's me in the film. I wonder when I will be able to sneak out.
The comments continue until the final cock is pulled out and it's time for my final cunt close-up. The film now shows my big beefy sex lips spread and cum running out of me, in the back ground my face is still visible. There are a good many comments about the size of my labia. One says "cunt like a horse-collar but gimme gimme". This gets a few laughs. The film ends and the lights go up. I start to rise to leave quickly. You push me back down and say 'the shows not over'. 'Just do exactly what I say and evething will be ok'. I doubt it but you repeat 'just do everything I say when I say it'.
The owner comes out as the lights come back up. The screen behind him starts to rise so you can see the stage behind him. He says that he hopes we all enjoyed the films and particlularly the last one. He says that he heard several people mention a name during the performance and yes he can confirm the it was a film of Miss Zara Bush, better know as "Miss Bush" from the local school and having seen the amount of hair on my pussy we all know where the name originates. Lots of laughter to this comment.
He says that copies of my film will be available after the show for $10 each and joking says that it's got to be worth $10 to get your k**s better marks. More laughter.
He says it's now time for the main event. I think good - I might be able to get out while the next act is on. The room lights go down and the stage is brightly lit.
He says that it's now over to the preformer for tonight. For the first time I see the stage is set like a school class room with a blackboard and teachers desk. You say "get on stage and take a bow". I pause and you say "you have no choice". In a dream I stand up and walk up the stairs to the desk. A huge cheer goes up. You stand and follow me but stand behind the curtains to give your intructions for what I have to do.
I can hear various comments from the crowd about how surprised they are to see me here. I notice that the theatre is almost full but all I can really see is a small red flashing light I think that all this must be being filmed. I put one hand on the side of the desk. I don't know what to do.
You tell me to welcome the class. So I do. You tell me to tell them my name is "Miss Bush" and they can call me that or simply "Miss", which I do. The owner has arrived beside you and he says that he will take over from here. You return to your seat to enjoy the show. I am dressed like I would be for school so I look the part already.
He tells me to lift the front of my skirt to the crowd, which I do. I am wearing white pants over normal tights but my hair grows so wide that it always shows out the side of my pants.
This is what I am told to do--
I walk to the front of the stage so the crowd can all see me. I remove the pants and lift my skirt again turning to left and right to show all my hair inside the tights.
I turn my back to the crowd feet together and bend over and lift my skirt over my back. I pull down my tights showing the crowd my big wide butt. I step out of my shoes remove the tights completely, put the shoes back on and place my feet about three feet apart. My pussy got a bit wet during the second film and now with my legs apart I can feel my lips cool and wet in the breeze from the fans. I wonder if my wettness is gilstening under the bright lights.
I stand up and walk to the desk and unbutton my shirt which I remove. I remove my plain white bra.
The owner tells me to walk to the front of the stage and wobble my tits at the crowd. I only have size B tits so there isn't much wobble but the crowd has a bit of a laugh. I now remove my skirt so that I am now only wearing my shoes glasses and a ribbon bow holding my hair back off my face.
I walk up and down the front of the stage a few times. I go back to the desk where the owner tells me to take out of the drawer two bulldog clips. I go back to the front of the stage where I ask two members of the audience to put one on each nipple. This hurts. I walk up and down a few more times and try to wobble my tits again. I ask another two members of the crowd to pull them off, not release them simple pull them off. the owner obviously thinks this would be more fun. This really hurts but my nipples have now gone from the usual puffies to being really stiff.
I go back to the desk, sit on it and spread my legs to the crowd. In the drawer are some white board marker pens. I take one and push it entirely into my pussy. I then remove it. I remove the cap from the maker and put it back in my pussy. On a sheet of A4 paper I try to write 'Miss Bush'. I show it to the crowd which cheers. I tell them that is so they can remember my name. I pass it to a man in the crowd. I do about 6 or 7 more which I pass out.
Now I recap the marker and push it entirely inside my pussy I show the crowd it's all inside and get another marker and do the same again and again until there are 7 in there. The owner tells my to try for an eighth but I can't do it. So he tells me to bend over with my back to the crowd . I turn my butt to left and right so all the crowd can see. I can almost feel the eyes looking at all my hair and big beefy sex lips which are gaping wide around the marker pens. I know that my juice is running because I've just seen a couple of drips hit the stage. The owner has noticed too and has told me to tell the crowd about it. I now turn around and face the crowd. I have my about 3 feet apart so that my labia still hang and drip freely.
The owner says the it's now time for the first auction of the night. The first item for sale tonite is my mouth to the highest five bidders. He says 'Usual rules apply the highest bid pays and goes first, the second pays and goes next, until all have finished'. 'Then onto the second auction'. He opens the bidding for my mouth...

What happens next....

You can email me your next chapter at
I'll write the next bit using your ideas
You can see my pix on my profile - Love Zara
... Continue»
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Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The cab stopped on Avenue Junot, Carl paid off the driver and we looked at the brass plaque beside the gate, ‘Hotel Particulier’, we walked down the little cobbled passageway into the beautiful garden that opened up in front of the beautiful off white painted stone elevations of the town-house. We walked up the pink dappled marble steps to the recessed front door and pushed it open, entering the dimly lit reception room astonished by the for Paris, incongruous red tartan carpet.
Having checked in we were shown to the quirkily named La Vitrine Suite, most of its walls were a lovely camel colour which was echoed in the thickly carpeted floors and striped curtains, the fourth wall, the one behind the bed was a dark rich brown velvet , studded like a Chesterfield sofa but with silver coloured buttons.
A large desk complete with an accountant’s lamp overlooked the room from where it would be possible to watch someone sl**ping in the enormous bed. On one wall was a display cabinet filled with blown glassware objets, all with an erotic theme. We had been warned that the display cabinet on the opposite wall was available for us to deposit a trinket of our own as a tribute to the hotel. I had selected the most beautiful glass dildo that I had decided would be our tribute. First though I had to take the dildo’s virginity in the only way possible, it had to be used to satisfy me, Carl and whomever else we decided to take on our journey of debauchery during this weekend.
I walked into the adjoining bathroom, exactly as described in the Hotel webpage; it was finished entirely in marble and equipped as a Turkish hammam, steam bath. Seeing the bath, reminded me of Heidi, I wonder if she had arrived yet?
I walked to the desk and checked out the room number on the hotel telephone list. She was in the strangely named ‘Trees with Ears’ suite, just adjacent to ours. I dialed the number, it rang for five rings, I decided that maybe she hadn’t arrived yet after all and hung up.
As I turned away from the desk, Carl turned from the wardrobe where, he’d been hanging some clothes and threw his arms around me. “God I love you, you sexy thing. That was so horny on the train, thank you”.
“Thank you too”, I responded,” It takes two, or in this case three to tango, it was horny wasn’t it”.
“Very horny, are we going to meet up with Gosia later? What’s the plan?”
“Well, she’s going to get settled in at her friend’s room at the hotel, then she said she’d meet up with us for dinner at around 10pm, we’ll need to amend the booking from a table for 4 to a table for 6, I’m sure they won’t mind”.
“I’m sure they won’t”, agreed Carl. I’ll have a shower then give them a ring”.
He kicked off his black leather loafers and stepped out of his suit trousers, as he lowered them he looked inside the crutch of the lining. “Hmm, I’ll need to get these dry cleaned they’re sticky with cum, looks like I‘ve been leaking inside them since our fun on the train”.
I picked them up to look, “Carl, there must be a gallon of cum in there, you really should give your cock a better squeeze and shake when you’ve cum, it’ll save on the cleaners bills”, I said laughing as I raised the soiled trousers to my face, inhaling deeply of the strong scent of fresh cum. “Mmm smells good tho’”, I licked the cum tentatively with the tip of my tongue. “Mmmm definitely tastes of you, a slight hint of cunt there too if I’m not mistaken”.
“I wonder who that could be”? chuckled Carl.
Just as I handed Carl his trousers back, the telephone rang.
“Hello, this is Anna”, I said.
“If you don’t get down upstairs to our room in the next five seconds, we’re all going to cum without you”.
“Lorraine, you dirty little cum slut, if you and Andy don’t wait for us, we won’t share our new friend with you” I responded playfully.
“Oh, you mean Heidi? She’s been up here sucking Andy’s cock for the last twenty minutes, we met in reception and realised who she was as soon as we saw her. You’re right she is so like you, a filthy little brunette whore who can’t get enough cock or cunt”.
I laughed, “OK sweetie, you carry on without us, we’re having a quick shower and we’ll join you in half an hour, give Heidi a lick or two for me”.
In the ‘Poems and Hat’s suite on the floor above, Lorraine dropped the telephone receiver in its cradle and looked across the room at her husband of twelve years, Andy.
He was laid on his back on the huge king sized bed, his jeans in a heap around his ankles; a pair of black Calvin Klein’s around his knees. Arranged in a sixty-nine position above him was Heidi. She was naked from the waist down apart from a pair of barely black hold ups with lacy tops. Above her waist she was wearing a shocking pink balcony style bra with black trim. Both of her breasts had spilled from the bra cups and were obviously covered with someone’s saliva as they glistened in the lamplight of the dimly lit room.
“Now where was I” asked Lorraine. “Ah yes, I was busy with your gorgeous nipples Heidi”. She leant forward and took the very tip of Heidi’s dark red, bl**d engorged right nipple into her mouth sucking it deeply into her mouth, her red lipstick smearing around the small dark puckered areola.
Heidi briefly raised her head from Andy’s crutch and allowed his cock to leave the heat of her mouth. She turned towards Lorraine and started to kiss her passionately.
Beneath Heidi’s very wet pussy, Andy extracted his tongue and looked across at his wife kissing Heidi. He reached out towards her and grabbing her by the belt of her toweling bathrobe he dragged her onto the bed, positioning her beside Heidi on her knees, allowing him unrestricted access to her pussy with his right hand as he went back to tonguing Heidi.
As Andy was fingering Lorraine with one hand he was licking Heidi’s pussy. He reached around Heidi’s cute little left-arse cheek and dipped the fingers of his left hand into her wetness, his fingers covered with her pussy’s juice he smeared it all around her sweet looking brown rimmed arse-hole and gently eased first one then two fingers into the puckered hole. The response was immediate; Heidi arched her back, shoving hard against Andy’s invading fingers, forcing them deeper into her. Her face broke away from Lorraine’s long enough for her to say; “Oh fuck yes, I love that Andy, stick more fingers in my arse and fuck it. Fuck it really hard”.
She continued to buck hard against Andy’s hand, so hard that Andy had to stop his cunt licking for fear of a broken nose.
“Lick me lover”, intoned Lorraine as she maneuvered her gorgeous arse into range of Andy’s tongue, lifting the back of the bath robe up over her shapely arse. His tongue flicked out, sliding smoothly between her slippery cunt lips.
Meanwhile Heidi had turned her oral attention back to Andy’s rampant cock. His cock was a magnificent specimen, about 9 inches long it had a small bend to the left and was neatly cut, his bulbous cock-head a deep, deep purple atop his veiny shaft. Had Heidi not been sucking it so assiduously it would have been dripping a stream of pre-cum as a signal of his intense arousal and the imminence of his orgasm. Her head bobbed up and down his shaft, at the top of each stroke she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, occasionally punctuating each swirl with a gentle nip with her teeth. Andy was in seventh heaven he was licking his wife’s dripping pussy, arse fingering another gorgeous brunette who in turn was blowing him expertly. How could it get any better?
But more was to come, Heidi slid her fingers down beneath Andy’s ball-sack and slid her finger to its puckered target, she allowed a rope of saliva and pre-cum mix fall from her lips onto the fingers of her questing hand, lubricating it enough to allow it easy entry to Andy’s arse-hole.
He gave a spastic twitch as her finger slid inside his rectal passage.
As Andy was lapping at Lorraine’s slick slit he became aware of the movement of her fingers as she reached under her crutch to insert three then four fingers into her open lips, as his tongue lapped at her open cunt she increased the speed of her finger fucking. After what seemed like only seconds, but was in reality about 2 minutes he felt a steady stream of cum emerge from between her hand and her labia, he lapped quickly like a dog trying to catch every last drop of her ejaculate. She started to hump her arse back and forth into Andy’ face crying” Fuck yes Andy, lick my cunt push your tongue inside me you bastard”.
Her precipitous orgasm acted like a catalyst to the other two, first Heidi, her arse-hole being stimulated by at least three of Andy’s fingers, caused her to emit small screams of delight as she came violently against his hand, as she did so her cunt pushed a long thick squirt of cum that fell all over Andy’s hairy chest. The sight of the squirting cunt right in front of his face was just too much for him to deal with, his cock erupted in squirt after squirt of thick white gooey cum over Heidi’s tits as they hung down over his tumescent cock. Seeing all his cum going to waste Heidi, quickly re-adjusted her position and engulfed the spurting cock with her lipstick smeared mouth, she swallowed time and time again managing to get most of what remained into her greedy mouth.
The three of them collapsed on the bed, Andy in between the two brunettes, to his left was Heidi, about 5’3” slim with dark brown, almost black hair framing her cute face, to his right lay his wife lazily playing with her still highly sensitive clitoris, just coming down from her orgasmic high of a few moments ago. “Mmmm Andy, that was good, I loved the way you were using your tongue on my pussy, it really made me cum hard”, she said.
“That’s good, but your orgasm had more to do with the fact you were almost fisting yourself, I swear you almost had your whole hand inside yourself”, he replied with a smile.
“Yes that too, it did feel really horny tho, watching the two of you at it, I do love to see you fucking around with another girl”.
“Do you mean me”? Asked Heidi. “I must say, seeing your cock explode like that was really cool and feeling your hot cum squirt on my tits was fab. But I suppose I need to go and have a shower and wash all your lovely cum off or I’ll smell like a brothel for the rest of the night”. She got up from the bed, replaced her ample tits in her balconette bra and slipped her matching pink pants back on. She paused and looked around for a second before spotting her black pencil skirt and lacy red see thru top on the sofa across the room. Squirming her nylon clad feet into her Jimmy Choos, she tottered towards the door. As she reached it she put her hand on the handle and turned towards the bed and its occupants. “Nice meeting you both, see you later”. With that she left the strangers on their bed.
Down in our suite I was wrapped in a fluffy towel from the bathroom, and stood entranced looking at the erotic shapes of the glass objets d’art in the locked cabinet. They were all shapes, sizes and colours. The only consistency was of what they portrayed, either the male or female sexual organ. My favourite was the delicate looking blown glass dildo that perfectly captured the essence of a man’s cock, it was all of ten inches long with all of the veins in stark relief realistically criss-crossing the surface. “Mmmm that would feel good inside me” I pondered. The thought causing a trickle of juice to run down between my recently washed and newly shaven pussy lips. “God, I’m horny again, tonight is going to be one to remember” I mused aloud”.
“Sorry, did you say something”? Asked Carl from the door of the bathroom, a pristine white towel encircling his waist.
“I was just saying that that dildo would feel good inside me” I replied.
“You are incorrigibly horny today Anna”
“It must be all the attention my pussy has been getting today” I giggled.”
“And don’t forget the little water massage you were giving your bum when I walked in the bathroom”
“Mmmm, yes that felt really good, that water spray nozzle is shaped perfectly to give you a nice enema when you’re sat on the bidet”. I added.
Hanging on a small hook beside the bidet was a chrome plated hose, about a metre, long the end had a small trigger on it with an extension that fitted perfectly inside my bottom. Having finished my ablutions I had slipped the hose inside me and filled my bowels with lovely warm water. I held it inside me as I leant back against the wall and massaged my tummy. When I felt that I couldn’t stand the pressure, I had transferred to the toilet seat and voided myself of the water, washing my insides perfectly clean for the anticipated anal fun that would surely occur later in the evening. It was lucky that I had as there were a few little nuggets of shit that had rinsed into the water below. Not so great if you wanted some nice rimming action later, I’d thought at the time.
“Carl, we really have to get one of those hoses fitted beside our loo in the en-suite at home, I think it’s such a good idea, particularly with your love of all things anal”.
“Yes, I was thinking exactly the same, such a great idea; I believe it’s based upon a Middle Eastern design”. Carl agreed.
“Did you change the table reservation darling”? I asked.
“Yes, we have a table for six booked for 10pm at the club. I thought we’d get there for 9 and have a couple of drinks at the bar before we eat”.
“Excellent idea, I’ll just ring around everyone and let them know, we’ll need a taxi for five at about 8:45pm, could you sort that while I go and put my face on and dry my hair”?
I picked up my mobile and dialed the number that Gosia had given me earlier.
It rang 3 times and then Gosia picked up.
“Hi Anna, what’s the plan” she asked her voice a little tremulous.
“You OK”? I asked.
She giggled, “Oh yes,” she paused. “You’ll never guess what’s just happened”.
“No what”?
“Claire has just let me shave her pussy, that’s what. God it was so horny” she replied breathlessly.
“Wow, really. How on earth did that happen”? I asked.
She explained in great detail. “Well, after I arrived, she came down to reception to meet me and we went into the bar for a quick glass of wine. We were sat in the bar chatting and she said that I looked really sexy in my little tartan skirt. I said that it was a really cool skirt to travel in and drew lots of interested looks from both men and women on the train. She said that she wasn’t surprised as she had just caught a glimpse of my pussy as I crossed my legs. I blushed and said that I’d had to take my thong off because all the looks I’d been getting had made me really horny and quite wet and it was feeling uncomfortable”.
She said that my legs looked really long and sexy in my short skirt and that I should wear it more often when I went out. That was so not like her; I was really surprised and told her so. She said that since being in Paris she had experienced a bit of a change in attitude and maybe it was all the sexy men and women here. Women? I asked. She said, yes and explained that she’d had a short affair with a lesbian girl she had met in one of the clubs here. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Apparently they’d only ever kissed a couple of times, but that she thought that she was maybe bi-sexual as when they had been kissing she had been really turned on, but that the girl had a long term partner and couldn’t bear to cheat on her. As I explained on the train, that was so out of character for her,
I was really gob-smacked. Anyway we finished our drinks and went to her room, I unpacked my backpack and said I needed to get a shower and she followed me into the bathroom.
I stripped and ran the shower until the water was the right temperature, as I bent down to pick up the shampoo from the floor, she said, “Oh you’ve shaved round your bum”. I replied that of course I had as I loved to have it licked and the hair really puts some people off. She said that since she’d shaved herself, she’d never thought of shaving there as well. Anyway long story short, she asked me if I’d help her to shave her there as she was scared of nicking herself with the razor. God I nearly came on the spot, all my wet dreams were coming true. First my 3 way with you and Carl on the train and now my best friend, that I’ve lusted after for years asking me if I’d shave her.
She undressed herself and joined me under the needle like hot spray of the shower, God her tiny little tits looked so gorgeous, and her nipples were standing perfectly erect as she soaped herself. I picked up the razor and showed her how I shaved my pubes, straight down across my mound, then I lifted my leg and shaved upwards over my lips and then I squatted down and carefully shaved around my bum hole. All the time she was watching me closely, particularly as I held my pussy lips apart to shave either side of them. She started almost hopping from foot to foot as she watched me.
I said to her, “Do you want to use my razor or do you have your own”, she reached up on to the shelf behind me her nipples nearly brushing across my face and retrieved her razor and shaving gel, She stepped out of the spray and started to work the gel into a lather on the spiky stubble above her pussy. I noticed that as she was lathering her pussy lips she surreptiously slid her finger in between her lips. As she did so her face was wreathed in a look of intense pleasure.
“Do you need a hand”, I asked?
“Would that be alright”? she replied.
I said “Of course silly” and took her razor from her and started to shave down her lower belly towards her mound.
Having dispensed with her stubble, I said, “OK lift your leg and let me do your pussy lips”. She complied immediately holding her pussy lip on the right and pulling the skin taut. I started to shave her right pussy lip, it was just sooo horny she had this look of deep concentration and as I sc****d the razor over her lip she started to bite her lower lip.
“You OK” I asked? She nodded and as I told her to hold the other one I saw that her pussy was leaking juices that were making a clear trail through the lather. Having finished the left lip. I suggested that if she bent over and held her bum cheeks apart it would make doing around her bum hole easier. Without missing a beat she leant forward and spread her bum cheeks wide. What a horny sight that was. There she was the object of many of my wank sessions, in front of me with her pussy gaping and her arsehole winking at me.
I quickly spread some more lather over her hole and made short work of tidying up all the fine golden hairs from around her ring. As I was doing it, in order to keep her skin taut so that I didn’t nick her with the sharp blades my finger accidentally slipped into the gap between her outer lips. She was just dripping like a tap. I could take no more I dropped to my knees behind her and spread her cunt wide and with water running down over my head I started to realize my dream and lapped at her gaping hole with my tongue. She tasted heavenly, such a pungent spicy-sweet taste.
The moment she felt my tongue in her pussy she started humping her bum back against my face.
Her hand appeared like magic between her pussy lips and as she rubbed at her clit she groaned, “Oh yes Gosia, lick me, fuck me, make me cum”.
If you’d given me a cheque for a million pounds you couldn’t have made me happier, I redoubled my efforts at licking her pussy, spread her arse cheeks as wide as I could and started to dart my tongue in and out of her gaping arsehole. Her orgasm followed almost immediately, she pushed herself onto my tongue as she came and I licked up the small trickle of viscous white liquid that dribbled from between her cunt lips.
She stood up and turned towards me, “I’ve wanted to do that with you for months, every time I’ve laid in bed on my own wanking, it’s been you that I’ve fantasized about. You won’t believe how often and in how many different ways that I’ve fucked you, in my dreams”.
“You are joking”, I replied. Did you not realize, I’ve fancied the arse off you for years, ever since the first time when you stayed over at my place and you came to bed naked and d***k. I touched your pussy then and made it wet as you were sl**ping, then frigged myself to a really intense orgasm as I lay next to you”.
“That last time when I stayed at your place, after we came home from the club when the guys got thrown out”?
“Yes” I blushed.
“Well, I felt you touching my pussy as I pretended to be asl**p and then when you were licking it, you made me cum, but I was so confused about my sexuality, I just couldn’t respond to you”. She took me by the hand and led me to her bed. “Now I’m not confused any more, I just want to fuck you”.
She pushed me backwards onto the bed, “Now it’s my turn to pleasure you”, she said as she eased my legs open and started to lick my wet pussy. She knelt on the bed between my wide open thighs, time and time again she licked me from arsehole to clitoris, long slow licks, her tongue insinuating itself deep inside my open lips. I twitched uncontrollably as her tongue worked its magic. As she felt my impending orgasm she concentrated her efforts on my clit, teasing the bud free of its hood. I then felt her fingers move from holding my lips apart and clearly felt them as they entered my juicy wet cunt. First one then two then at least three fingers entered me I started to buck myself against her hand. She stopped her licking, moved her position so that she was beside me and then withdrew her fingers. “Don’t stop Claire, I am so close” I stuttered.
“OK Hunni”, she spread the long fingers of her right hand and inserted the middle two, her little finger and pointing finger were pressed either side of my cunt as she strained to reach my G spot, deep inside. I gave a long drawn out moan as her fingers found the rough ribbed area in my depths.
“Yes, oh yes, that’s, it faster, harder” I cried as her hand started to move faster. I felt like my entire world was centred on her rubbing fingertips.
“Now, oh now, I’m cumming”. My pelvis moved hard against her as I felt squirt after squirt of cum shoot from me over her hand, that was now making obscene squelching noises as it powered into me. She leant over me allowing my ejaculate cover her face and white blonde hair, her mouth wide open to accept my fluids in as she gulped to swallow it.
I collapsed in total exhaustion as she lapped up the remaining juices dribbling from my bright red, inflamed cunt lips.
“Wow Gosia, that is so horny” I said. “I just had to rub my clit as you were telling me, I’m close to cumming”.
“I know, my clit feels like a tiny erect cock, Claire fucked me so expertly I just kept cumming, in fact I feel like I could make myself cum again now”.
Moving my hand from between my legs I wiped the stickiness from my fingers onto the towel.
“Stop it you horny little bitch, save it for later. I know a few people who’d love to hear all about your session with Claire. Can you meet us at the club around 9pm, for a few drinks before we eat”?
“Yes, sure, we’ll see you there at 9. Don’t start the horniness without us will you”.
“Course not sweetie, see you later, mwaaah”
Having been silent for so long during my one sided conversation with Gosia, Carl spoke from the doorway. “I do wish you wouldn’t sit there stroking yourself whilst you’re on the phone, I’ve got a hard on now that just won’t be ignored”, as he uttered this sentence he allowed his bathrobe to open and reveal his monster hard on. He walked across the marble floor towards me, wanking himself slowly as he did, alternately revealing and covering his cock head.
“Come here lover, I’ve got just the thing to ease your swelling”. I grabbed his rampant cock in my hand and pulled it into my wide open mouth.

There's still more to come about our weekend, I'll post additional chapters soon
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Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Gosia sat up, zipped up her shorts and replaced her right breast into her vest top adjusting the spaghetti strap to ensure it was covered decently.
“Mmmmmm, that was sooo horny watching you sucking Carl’s cock like that, and when he licked his cum off your chin that really tipped me over the edge”, she said.
“Glad it worked as well for you as it did for us”, I replied. Do you often wank on public transport”?
“No, not usually, but it is such a horny book and you two doing your stuff convinced me you wouldn’t be offended” she replied.
“As if”, said Carl laughing.
“So where are you going, just to Paris or further on”? I asked.
Yes just to Paris, I’m meeting up with my friend for the weekend, she’s working here for the summer”.
“Is she a ‘special’ friend”? Carl asked doing his quizzical left eyebrow raised look.
“I wish she was”, she replied, “I’ve fancied her for ages, but Claire is a bit straight, if you know what I mean. I’ve only recently managed to get her to shave her pussy, it looked like a bit of a jungle down there”, she laughed.
“So she’s straight but she’s shown you her pussy”? I asked.
“Well not exactly shown, she often stays over at my place when we go out and we always share my bed, it makes me soo horny that she’s so cute and sexy but I can’t have her”.
“Hmm, maybe we could help you there, we’re here to meet up with a couple of our ‘special’ friends, we’re all going to a swingers club, maybe we could help you get what you want from Claire”. As I said that, the door to the carriage opened and the ticket collector walked through.
“Mesdames et Messieur, tickets please”.
Carl fumbled in his black linen suit jacket and proffered our tickets.
The ticket collector punched them and turned to Gosia.
“Mademoiselle, votre bilet s’il vous plait”.
Gosia launched into a full conversation of what sounded to me like perfect French as she dug into her back pack.
“Ici, monsieur”
“Merci, mademoiselle.
Her ticket safely back in her pack Gosia gestured to the pair of unoccupied seats facing ours.
“Mind if I join you”?
“Our pleasure” I replied.
She picked up her book from the table and grabbing her pack crossed the wide aisle and took the seat closest to the window opposite me.”So tell me more about this club, what happens there? I’ve heard about these clubs, but I’ve never been to one, sounds like it could be really horny”.
Carl beamed a huge cheesy grin, “Come as our guest and bring Claire, just tell her it’s a risqué night club, I’m sure she won’t be disappointed, in our experience once people see what some of the things that are going on they’re so turned on at being in their own private porn show, they just get carried away and join in. Unless she’s a total prude that is!?
“God no, she’s no prude, she and I have fucked our fair share of guys, it’s just that I think she’s totally straight, and I so want her to be Bi with me, I fancy her to bits, especially since the night when I saw her freshly shaved pussy”.
“Oooh “, I said that sounds interesting do tell us about it.
“It was back in the spring. We’d been out on the town; she called for me about 9pm. I’d been chatting to a friend on msn about how I wanted to fuck Claire and so I was really turned on, my pussy was really wet. My friend said that I should make sure she got d***k and then take her back to mine to spend the night”.
“Whoa, slow down”, said Carl. “Who’s this friend you chat to about your Bi fantasies”?
“Sorry, getting carried away, she’s a girl, part of a couple that I met on Xhamster, it’s a porn website, there’s loads of videos and some really horny stories”.
Carl looked across at me and we both laughed, “Yes we know it well, in fact we joined nearly a year ago”, he laughed again, “Go on”.
Gosia chuckled. “Small world, we’ll have to swap details”’
“I reckon we’ll be swapping more than details” Carl replied.
“Anyway we had a really good night lots of dancing and flirting with the guys at the club. She’d been slow dancing and snogging this gorgeous Italian guy and I was with his mate. It was all shaping up to be a good night, maybe back to their place to continue the party, if you know what I mean”?
“Yep, so what happened then”? Asked Carl
“Well, some idiot spilt his drink all over Claire, the guy she was with got pissed off and hit the d***ken idiot right in the middle of the crowded bar and before you know it the bouncers turned up and threw the boys out. By the time we’d got our bags and jackets, they’d disappeared. So no party for us! We were so annoyed we just got a cab back to my place and shared a bottle of wine. Claire was really tipsy and just as I was starting to turn the conversation in a sexual direction hoping to get her turned on. She upped and went to the loo, didn’t come back, so I went looking for her and there she was asl**p in my bed, stark naked with the duvet on the floor. She looked so sexy, tiny little tits, but with a lovely shape, really pert. And nipples just like mine, small brown and erect at the slightest provocation, we always laugh about it, say we’ve got twin tits. She’s got blonde hair, even lighter than mine, almost white
I was gutted. But then as I looked at her I had an idea, I got my iphone and started to take some pictures of her. I took them from all angles, her full body, her tits from a distance so both of them were in it and then some close ups of her nipples, they were only half erect so I sucked one until it was sticking out and took one of that. God it made me soo horny. I rearranged her legs so that they were wide apart and took some fabulous pictures of her cleanly shaven pussy. Her pussy lips were really prominent, they were really sticking out “.
Gosia blushed; the pinkness covered her face and chest.
“Certainly turned you on by the looks of it “, I chuckled.
“Oh God yes, I’m really ashamed, I just couldn’t resist it”
“Why hunni, what happened” I asked.
“I licked her”.
“Oh wow, what was it like” I responded, aching to hear all the dirty details, my already wet pussy starting to leak it’s juices again. It was obviously having the same effect on Carl as I felt his hand slide down my right thigh to just above my knee and start to slide its way up my thigh again under my dress. I gulped as his fingertips touched the bare skin above my stocking tops.
“Mmmm, sounds horny, do tell us all about it”, Carl said, his voice dropping a couple of octaves, always a sign he was getting horny.
“Well, I’d just lifted her legs so that her feet were close to her bum and her knees were nicely bent, they kind of just flopped really wide apart. So I went in really close for a nice close up and saw a little bead of moisture, just like a tear I s’pose just below her clit between her inner pussy lips. So I put my finger down and scooped it up and tasted it”
“Wow, was it good”, I asked opening my legs wider to allow Carl’s hand up to my naked wet pussy.
He pushed his hand down and probed, finding my arsehole, he started to rub it in a circular motion, increasing the pressure with each revolution until my sphincter finally opened to allow access to my insides.
“Ooooh I moaned” opening my legs wider, “You bastard Carl, I’m trying to listen to Gosia’s story”.
“Mmmm, me too, it’s making my cock hard again just listening to it” He replied as he slid another finger into my now gaping arsehole.
I looked across the table at Gosia. The flush across her chest had not diminished and her nipples were pushing hard against the material of her vest, like two hard little hazelnuts.
“You two are terrible, you’re both making me horny again, and she tweaked her left nipple through the vest, her face contorting in obvious pleasure.
“Go on Gosia, what happened next”? I said.
“Having tasted her juice, I just couldn’t resist it. I spread her legs wide and started to lick her pussy, it was so sweet, like nectar. I opened her lips wide with my fingers and licked right from her bottom up to her clit. She kind of twitched and opened her legs wider still, I’m sure she started pushing herself against my tongue. It was just so horny, so I just kept licking. I turned onto my left side so that I could still lick her and then lifted my knee so that I could rub my pussy at the same time. I don’t know what she was doing but she kept making these little snoring sounds so I guess she was still asl**p. But then the weirdest thing happened. I was just getting to the point where I was about to cum on my fingers, I guess I was jerking them in and out of myself fairly hard. All the time I was really giving her cunt a good licking, pushing my tongue in and out like it was a cock fucking her. She suddenly pushed her clit hard against my mouth, twitched a couple of times then rolled over onto her side really quickly. I only just managed to get my head out of the way. I watched her put her hands between her legs and apart from the occasional twitch she seemed to go into an even deeper sl**p.
“What did you do then”? Asked Carl. By now his two fingers were really fucking my arsehole sliding in and out, occasionally slipping into my cunt to scoop up my lubricating juices and then pushing them back into my gaping arsehole.
“I rolled on my back opened my legs as far as I could with her there and fucked myself senseless with all my fingers inside my aching cunt, I was so fucking horny. I really had the most amazing orgasm, I managed to get my fingers deep inside me and rubbed my G spot, I even squirted a bit on the sheet. I pulled the duvet over us both and just passed out”.
“God, that’s so fucking horny, it’s made me fucking wet. Carl rub my cunt as well hunni”.
Maintaining his stimulation of my arsehole with his right hand, Carl slipped his left hand down onto my clit and started to slide two fingers either side of it, just as I loved.
Though not able to see what was going on between my legs, Gosia reached down and once more, for the second time in an hour unzipped her shorts.
“I’m really fucking turned on now Anna, mind if I join in”, she said as she slipped her hand inside them.
“Sure hunni, open your legs a little” I replied.
She complied. I lifted my foot, kicked off my shoe and slipped my stockinged toes gently between her smooth thighs, pushing them hard against her cunt. I started to massage her through her shorts gazing deeply into her eyes to watch her continued arousal.
“Hold on a minute, I’ve got an idea”, said Gosia. She reached into her pack and pulled out a little tartan skirt, she slipped her shorts down her legs lifted her bottom off the seat and fastened the wrap around skirt with its buckle. She then sat back down on the seat spread her legs wide and pulled the top of her thong up towards her waist causing the hem of the skirt to move up and the narrow gusset to slip between her clean shaven lips, She looked me in the eye and said, “See much more practical, loads of access and I can cover up in a second”, so saying she flipped the hem of her tartan kilt down on to her thighs, covering up her pussy.
Good idea sweetheart, do me a favour lift this table into its stowed position so we can watch each other”.
Gosia reached across and lifted the table out of the way.
“Ah that’s much better, I can see everything” she said.
“Me too and I love what I’m seeing”, I replied my eyes riveted on Gosia’s pussy, totally fascinated by the large tattoo of a scorpion just above her mound on the left hand side.
“I love the Tatt Hunni, looks really sexy”, I said.
“Thanks”, she responded, “I only had it done a few months ago, I just love it”

I put my foot once more on her cunt and pushed the wet panties to one side, suddenly I could see it, and I felt a pang of lust shoot through my body, a mixture of what Carl was doing to me with his hands and the sight of that beautiful wet open cunt being invaded by my toes.
Gosia slithered her bottom lower in the seat pushing herself hard against my toes, I wriggled them to align them better with her open slit and they slipped into her wet warmth.
She started to rub herself against my foot as I also rubbed myself against Carl’s hands; he’d now removed the fingers from my arse and was concentrating his entire attention on my clit.
I felt my orgasm building; the feeling of my stockinged foot sliding in and out of Gosia’s cunt was almost exactly in time with the thrusts Carl was using on my cunt.
I started to pant like a bitch humping my cunt hard against Carl’s hand, my leg locked rigidly as Gosia in turn humped my foot. The pair of us were perfectly in sync our cunts both squelching with our copious juices and then suddenly almost as one we both came. Once more I tried to mute my cries of joy and once more I failed, Carl slapped his right hand over my mouth to try and mute my squeals of abandon.
As Gosia and I started to come down from our mutual orgasms she looked across at me and said
“Was it you I heard in the Ladies loo at St Pancras”?
I burst into peals of laughter. “Yes hun that was me, I was just soo horny I had to have a quickie. So that was you at the door asking if I was OK”?
“Yes, it sounded like you were either cumming or dying, I wasn’t sure which”,
We both burst into laughter, followed shortly afterwards by Carl. With tears streaming down my face I sorted out my dress and pulled it down to cover my exposed pussy.
“That is so funny”, I chuckled.
My chuckles were interrupted by my phone ringing.
I reached down to my bag and picked up my phone.
“Hello, this is Anna”.
I glanced at my phone and saw the caller ID, it was my friend Heidi.
“Hi sweetheart, what’s up”?
“Where are you gorgeous”?
“We’re on the Eurostar just about to go under the channel, where are you”?
“Just got off the ferry, heading for Paris, should be there in a few hours”.
“OK Sweetheart, we’ll see you at the hotel, your room should be next to ours, if the bl**dy booking went through OK”
“OK lover, if you’re there first, run me a nice hot bath, there’s a darling”.
“Mmmmm thinking of you, Carl is looking forward to seeing your new puppies in the flesh, we’ve got so much to tell you, we’re having a lovely horny journey. Mwaah”.
“ Horny? What are you two up to; you just can’t be trusted out on your own. I want to hear all about it when we get to the hotel. I’ll just have to let my imagination run riot till then”, she said.
“OK Sweetheart, I’ll fill you in later”.
I cut the connection and dropped the phone back into my bag.
“That’ll get her thinking; she’ll be imagining all-sorts on the way to Paris. Bet she has a bit of a play on the way if I know her, she never misses an opportunity for a nice wank”.
“Who was that”? Asked Gosia.
“An old and very dear friend, we’ve had a couple of really horny sessions together, she and Carl have watched each other cum on cam a couple of times too, dirty sods”.
“Wow” Gosia replied, “Really, that sounds so horny”. “What’s she like”, she continued.
Carl replied, “She’s stunning, a really sexy brunette, we met on Xhamster and really hit it off, it was mostly Anna in the beginning. But she and I have had some fun on-line together a couple of times, one night, when Anna was out with the girls we started off just chatting and as usual the conversation got around to sex and before you know it we we’re camming with each other, I was wanking and she was using her rabbit on herself, it was so horny, we both came really hard, I nearly covered the keyboard in my cum and she ended up ramming her vibrator into herself so hard I thought she’d dislocate her spine, lucky her mum was out for the evening”.
I continued, “Yes she and I are so alike, you’ll love her, she had her surgery just after mine, she has the most fabulous tits, they are similar to mine”. To illustrate the point I pulled the grey cashmere top aside and my black bra down to reveal my still very erect nipples to her fascinated gaze.
“Mmmm you’re right Anna, if they look as good as yours, I’m smitten, I’d love to suck your nipples they look so, so,..........suckable”, she laughed.
I re-arranged my dress to cover my boobs, as I finished tucking them back into the cups of my bra, the carriage door slid open and a waiter walked through the door pushing a drinks trolley.
“Mesdames et Messieur un aperitif n’est pas”.
We all burst into fits of laughter, imagining how he might have reacted had he come through the door 5 minutes earlier, me with my legs spread and Carl’s fingers deep inside me and Gosia similarly spread with my foot in her pussy. Having lowered the table back into position we all quietly sipped at our Gin and Tonics.
A short while later lunch was served and we all made the most of the superb a’la carte menu.
Having finished my dessert; I put the fork and spoon on the plate and dropped my napkin on the table in front of me.”That was really good, much better than the old British Rail curly sandwiches”.
“I should hope so, for what we’re paying, we could have flown 1st Class for what his is costing, “Carl replied.
“Ah, but I’m worth it Hunni”, I said snuggling close to him.
“Hey that’s not fair, I’m feeling left out over here” said Gosia.
“We can soon remedy that” I responded. “Wait till they’ve cleared every-thing away and we’ll have some more fun, If you’re up for it, that is”?
“Mmmm, sounds interesting, what do you have in mind”? She asked.
“Well, you’ve cum twice, and counting my little play in the loo, I’ve cum twice as well, poor old Carl has only cum once, so the least we can do is let you and Carl cum together before we get to Paris”.
“Can’t say fairer than that” chuckled Carl.
We sat in our seats, quietly contemplating what was to come as the lunch-time dishes were cleared from our table. Everything duly cleared away; Gosia once more lifted the table into its stowed position.
She looked from Carl to me and said, “OK then, who would like a fuck. As the only one with a cock, Carl, you’re elected; I so need a nice thick cock inside me right now and yours looked a perfect fit”.
With that she turned around in her seat and raised the tartan skirt up over her arse, displaying her still wet looking pussy to Carl.
“My God Gosia, you look so nice and tight, not sure I’ll fit my cock inside you” said a slightly breathless Carl.
“I’ll help” I volunteered. I knelt down on the floor between the two pairs of seats and started to tongue her gorgeous pussy lips. I started down by her still protruding clitoris and licked right up between her tight but exposed lips to her arse. Flicking my tongue around the browny-pink rosette of her arsehole she twitched uncontrollably as my hands opened her cheeks wide and I flicked my pointed tongue just into the opening.
“Aaaargh, Ooh that is so good” she squealed; shifting her knees wider apart on the seat.
“That looks so horny”, Carl intoned from behind me.
As I continued to lap at Gosia’s widely spread pussy lips and arsehole. Carl unzipped and took his now re-invigorated cock from his zip and stood with his legs either side of my head. He looked briefly along the length of the 1st class carriage to ensure that no-one was observing our lewd behaviour and slipped the glistening head of his cock into the now gaping slit of her pussy.
Meeting no resistance in her slick slit he slid deeply inside her, only stopping as he felt his cock was fully immersed in her hot wetness.
“Oh fuck that is good” he said, “so hot and tight”. Gosia responded by raising her pelvis towards Carl’s throbbing cock.
“Oh yes Carl, it feels so big, fuck me hard and deep, use my tight wet cunt, Fuck me hard you fucker”. The two of them started up a fast hard rhythm. On each stroke Carl would withdraw almost completely, exposing his purple knob-head, then ram his tumescent cock deep into her willing cunt.
As they started to increase the tempo of their fucking I reached above Carl’s cock and slid first one then two fingers into Gosia’s arsehole. Each time Carl slid deep inside her I pushed against the intervening membrane and could quite clearly feel the engorged veins on the top of his cock with my fingertips. With my other hand I cupped his cum filled ball-sack and started to pull down on it stretching its shaved smoothness down towards the floor.
“Fucking hell Anna, if you keep that up, I’ll be cumming soon”, he grunted.
“Yes, keep it up Anna, I’m nearly cumming too” Gosia echoed.
We all increased the speed of our actions, each time he rammed into her I pulled down on his balls and pushed my fingers hard into her arse against his cock through her delicate membrane.
As one they both came convulsively, I could feel the jets of cum as Carl squirted deep inside her, she in turn also came hard her juices jetting out in little squirts from around Carl’s cock.
I slid my hand forward from Carl’s balls and managed to catch their joint emissions in the palm of my hand and started to greedily lap them up like the bitch in heat that I was. I offered Gosia my dripping cupped hand and like me; she licked it until all evidence of their joint ejaculation was gone.
Carl collapsed forward onto his knees either side of Gosia’s thighs.
“Fucking hell you two, that was fucking incredible”, he said, “You’ve sucked me dry Gosia.
“Ohhhh myyy Godd”, she replied. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum so quick and so hard in my life. I don’t think my pussy has stopped twitching yet”. As if to reinf***e her statement there was a clearly perceptible twitch from her cunt and a long rope of cum glooped from between her now very red pussy lips straight onto the seat below. It was followed a couple of seconds later by an equal amount of white sticky goo that just hung like a drip of candle wax.

I quickly leant forward and licked her pussy clean, holding it in my mouth. I beckoned towards her face. Her lips joined mine and we spent a few seconds swapping the sticky cum from mouth to mouth, each of us swallowing a small amount each time until it was almost gone. With a small amount left in my mouth, I now beckoned to Carl, his lips seized upon mine and I felt his tongue invade my mouth and scoop the remainder from my tongue.
“Mmmm, God I taste good and you taste pretty good too Gosia “Carl laughed.
He pulled up the black linen trousers of his suit and fastened the waist-band zipped his fly and collapsed back onto the seat behind him. As I struggled from my knees to my seat, Gosia turned around and sat back down on her seat facing me.
“Mmmm, I really enjoyed that, I couldn’t have wished for nicer travelling companions” she said.
“So where are you going to meet Claire Gosia? I asked.
She’s got a long term hotel room at the Hotel des Arts on the Rue Tholozé in Montmartre, as it’s the weekend I’m going straight to her hotel and meeting her there”.
“Ah that’s a pleasant coincidence, we’re in Montmartre too we’re in the Hotel Particulier, it was recommended to us by some other swinging friends who’ve stayed there before, it’s supposed to be a really sexy place to stay, we can’t wait to see it”.
Gosia removed an ipad from her backpack and propped it on her legs, “What was the name again, if we’re close maybe we could share a cab”?

I hope you enjoy this Chapter, there are more to come. Please tell me what you think, constructive criticism is always welcome
Gosia, I hope you enjoy your role in this Chapter. xxx... Continue»
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The remainder of the British Army officer story

As you might guess I didn’t sl**p at all that night, what with the pain in my back and my womanhood and the loss of my dearest Michael. Morning and they came and used my mouth again instead of the outhouse. Sometime about midday I appealed to go to the outhouse, suggesting there would be a foul smell in the room if they didn’t. John took me. I could barely walk but he supported me and then watched while I performed. Throughout the day I was ****d as and when and where they felt like it. I was never untied so I soiled the bed but that didn’t seem to worry them. John fed me some toasted bread and some ale. I wondered if they’d buried Michael but they didn’t seem to have been gone long enough for that. I thought maybe they would kill me too when they’d lost interest in my body and bury us together. At that time I thought we would at least be together and in peace." She broke down here and Alice had to comfort her for some time before she could continue.
"Jake left in the evening and came back with bottles of liquor paid for with my money. There were bottles of gin and whiskey and some with labels I did not recognise. They were not used to such strong mixes of alcohol and quickly became d***k. Jake and Frank fell on the floor and lay there in a stupor. John swaying came to me and said I was to sl**p in his bed with him like a wife. He released my bindings and half carried half pushed me upstairs. I noticed he took the one of the gin bottles with him. A plan came to me. When we were on the bed he took a swig of the gin and I tilted the bottle a little so more of the fiery liquid went down his throat. He offered it to me and I pretended to drink and cough and gave it back to him and he swallowed again. Now his eyes were glazing and I knew it would not be long before her slept. I took the bottle and held it to his lips and without thinking he took several more gulps before finally falling on to the pillow. Once more I opened his mouth and poured more of the gin down and held his nose so he choked and swallowed. Slowly I made my way downstairs and filled the mouths of the other two sl**pers with as much whiskey and gin as I could. Apart from choking they didn’t react much. I found my tattered dress and shoes and left. Not wanting to see what horrors they had done with my lover, I left and tried to retrace my steps to the lane and towards the village. I remember it was moonlight and I could see fairly clearly but walking was extremely painful but I tried to shut it and the events from my mind and blindly carry on. Sometime after dawn a man found me and brought me here." More crying and sobbing followed before she added. "You have written to my father but after hearing what I have done, you are unlikely to get a favourable reply from him."
For the rest of the night she drifted in and out of wakefulness and several times I thought we had lost her but she pulled through. I ordered Henrietta to take over as cook for the day and allowed Alice to sl**p alongside Farthing. I lay on a spare bed upstairs after instructing Sara to watch at Farthing’s bedside and apply wet towels to her back and to wake me when the doctor arrived or if there was any change in her condition. She slept most of the day and it was evening before her eyes started opening again. Most of the fever had gone and the welts were losing their heated colour so we hoped the poison was leaving her body. Alice sat her up and spooned some mutton broth into her mouth, which she took readily.
Three days later I received a note from Lord Parham requesting I call and see him and bring the girl with me. Farthing was still far too weak to travel so I went alone and was surprised to be introduced to Lord and Lady Everinton. His Lordship was annoyed I hadn’t brought his daughter even though I explained her weakened condition. Fortunately her ladyship stepped in, "Now Henry," she said, "Let us hear what the man has to say before you start to condemn him." I told the story as I knew it and her ladyship immediately said, "I wish to see my daughter, Henry. If you do not wish to take me in the carriage I will ride back with Winsberly and see her there."
"She tricked us after all we did for her. All because of an infatuation with a stable boy. She deserves to be left where she is."
"I’m going whatever you say Henry. My daughter’s been through a terrible ordeal and I wish to see her. Are you going to order the carriage or shall I ride with the Workhouse Master?" In the end Lord Everinton came and with his faster carriage arrived some fifteen minutes before I. Alice was dressing Farthings wounds as the pair entered unannounced and unrecognised. Alice was about to give him a piece of her tongue when Farthing saw them and simply said, "Father, Mother, you came," and burst into tears. However she turned to Alice for comfort. The sight of their naked daughter‘s grossly discoloured back and blackened bruised face with its distorted nose and ugly breast marks rendered the parents speechless for a while. M’lady crying went to her and held her hand but didn’t otherwise make any contact. When I arrived Lord Everinton was berating his daughter for being a disgrace to the f****y but Lady Everinton took this for only a short while before telling her husband he was partly to blame and telling him to forgive his daughter for what she had done. "She’s been punished in the most terrible way and she will carry the wounds on her body and in her mind for the rest of her life. If you have the least bit of compassion in you, show it now."
"Yes God punished her. Punished her for being a whore!"
"It wasn’t God that punished her. It was those brutes now in the town jail, Henry."
"Well she is not coming back to my house." His Lordship absolutely refused to budge on that point. "I no longer have a daughter."
"She IS our daughter, Henry and I will not abandon her when she is in need of care and condolence." Farthing was crying into Alice’s breast by saying nothing.
"She left as a servant, she can remain as one, if anyone will employ her. I’m not having her in my house and that’s final Mary."
"She can stay in my cottage in Nettleborough then, dear"
So they argued in front of us till his Lordship partly capitulated. "Very well Mary, she will remain here in this workhouse until the New Year and then you can take her to Nettleborough. They seem to be looking after her well enough and when she’s better she can work like the rest of them do here."
"Give the man twenty sovereigns for the trouble he has taken so far and to pay her doctor’s fees Henry. That is the least you can do."
"She’s got the jewellery and some of the money they recovered when they searched that farm," Lord Everinton countered. It was the first I had heard of it.
"As you well know Henry, that is still in the Sheriff’s keeping. Now give the man the money and leave us for a short while. I wish to talk with Jeanette alone." Reluctantly counted out twenty coins and gave them to me. "Treat her like the rest of them here, Sir. Make sure she works the same as any other servant."
Alice was asked to leave but Farthing wouldn’t allow it and just clung to her even tighter. "Mother, without Mistress Alice and Master Josiah, I wouldn’t be alive. I am better off here than at home. I know they punish the ladies and use them for entertainment as I expect I will be when I recover but there is a kindness as well and all are looked after." I was well pleased by that remark.
"Jeanette dear, we’ll do what your father wishes and leave you here until January. I will come back again and discus with you your moving to Nettleborough." Turning to Alice she said, "Mistress, despite what my husband said you will treat my daughter as a paying guest. The money Josiah has been given will more than cover the costs of treating her with the best care and she should soon have the money and jewellery returned to her. If there are other unforeseen expenses I will see they are taken care of." With that she spoke with Farthing for a little about her ordeal and promised Michael’s body would be returned to his aunt for a proper burial.
October 14th 1837
Farthing is much recovered and we have started her working with the other ladies but only on light work. Katherine is looking after her and is pleased with her sewing. She is making an embroidered dress for Alice. Her money, nearly one hundred pounds, and jewellery is in my safe. We think she is pregnant but no one can but guess as to the father. It may be Michael or one of the brutes that await trial.
[Margin note] May 15th 1838. We received the sad news today that Farthing died at Nettleborough after having a miscarriage. May she rest in peace. I cancelled all work and punishments for the day as a mark of respect.]
Margaret’s eyes were teared when she finished reading and tears were running down the cheeks of others.
"The story was supposed to make us horny Margaret," Kathy stated, "Not make us cry."
Chapter 33. Bath time delights
"Bend over the table Janet please." Margaret put all the authority she could into her voice.
"Oh my God, no, I thought you were outside. You’re not going to..."
"I most certainly am Janet. I would also warn you that if I have to ask others to assist me, they get to give you the same punishment that I do. That means you could get four times as many strokes."
"I was only joking Marg.... Ma’am. I didn’t mean any harm by it."
"And I don’t mean any real harm by using this strap on your bum. Now bend over or do I need to call for help?"
Margaret had gone outside to cut some flowers but found the stems too tough for her scissors and returned for secateurs. In doing so she’d surprised Janet strutting in the kitchen mimicking her voice and actions. We’ll see how well you mimic a person having her bottom tickled with the strap." Reluctantly Janet lay across the table and gripped the far edge. "Hold her still by the shoulders please Mary and you Stella. I don’t want her jumping up after the first tickle." Lulled by the term ‘tickle’, Janet lay quietly and allowed her friends to press her tits to the table. Margaret took the back hem of Janet’s skirt and pinned it high up to her blouse so her bottom was well exposed. It was even more exposed when Margaret pulled the woman’s knickers down and slid them right off. By now the others in the group had gathered around.
"Crack!! Crack!! Crack!! Crack!!" Margaret laid four hard strokes on in quick succession. As the pain hit her nerve centres Janet yelled out and when released rubbed her sore bottom.
"Yeeooww! That hurt. Did you have to hit so hard?"
"You are supposed to thank me for taking the trouble to correct your bad behaviour, Janet."
"Thank you for correcting me Ma’am."
Margaret could see tears were not far beneath the surface of Janet’s eyes. "And I did not strap you very hard that is reserved for those who need restraining in the punishment chair. You will leave your skirt pinned up as it is now so all can see you have been naughty. Sarah please let me know if she tries to cover her bottom or fails to work properly this afternoon." It was now Wednesday and since Kathy’s punishment the ladies had been very keen not to be on the receiving end of Margaret’s strap. Janet had been very unlucky to get caught but at least she wasn’t stripped naked and ‘****d’ afterwards. Still it provided amusement for the others and a topic of comment and good-natured jokes for the afternoon.
"Ma’am, can I speak with you privately for a few moments," Shelly asked. It was Thursday afternoon just before dinner. Margaret led her into the office. "Could I stay here until Monday please? And I think Stella would wish to as well. She does an evening shift on Monday but I only do temp work and am not due in again till Tuesday."
"I have a lace class in on Saturday for the week but there are rooms free. You would have to behave yourselves in a respectable way. I doubt if any other course would wish to go as far as this one has. If word got out, this place would be closed down."
"I understand that, Ma’am. I was also wondering if the chalk marks I earned earlier could be brought forward to Friday evening?"
"You want to feel the birch on your bum?" Margaret sounded incredulous. "You do realise the pain is much sharper and more intense than the strap?"
"Yes, Ma’am. What if I was naughty again in the morning? Like not emptying my pee pot and getting down late for breakfast. Would that earn me a few strokes of the strap as well?"
"Shelly, am I reading you right? You want us to give you a strapping and then the birch. Talk to me freely. Tell me exactly what you think you want us to do without mincing your words. I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding."
"Ma’am I want to experience a thrashing like those women did. You to give me a good strapping and then Jeremy with the birch. I want to be ****d like Kathy but there is no need for condoms. I had my tubes cut some years ago."
"I don’t think you have any idea of the pain involved Shelly. I doubt you would want to sit before Tuesday. You will be in real agony for some days. Could you take it?"
"That’s what I want to find out. This is perhaps the only time in my life I can find out. I’ve dreamed of being a slave but now I get the chance to find out for real. Will you do it? I know I will probably scream and beg you not to do it but once you start, I want you to go through with it like a real punishment."
"I’ll have to see what Jeremy says but I guess he might want this in writing to save our backsides."
When Shelly again visited the office, Jeremy had prepared a disclaimer for her to sign. He went through it all with her again but she was still adamant she wanted to go through with it. "The punishment you gave me earlier in the week, just whetted my appetite. I know at first there was considerable pain and suffering but when that went Stella and I had a great time. I want to feel helpless and unable to do anything about it." She signed the disclaimer.
"You have until the morning to decide, Shelly. If you’re late for breakfast I will know you wish to carry on with this arrangement. Don’t tell the others. Let them believe it has not been arranged."
"I shall have to tell Stella otherwise she might stop it but she’ll keep it from the others, Sir."
Shelly did arrive late for breakfast and left her half-filled piss pot under her bed. Jeremy ceremoniously put another chalk mark against her name and awarded her six strokes of the strap for later that evening. Apart from Stella, everyone believed the chalk mark was phony because they would be away before Saturday. That was until Jeremy made an announcement at lunch.
"Ladies, there is a slight change to today’s programme. Sarah has agreed that your class will finish an hour early. Most of you will have finished by then anyway. Dinner will be brought forward by one hour also so those of you who have pre-dinner duties, make sure you do them an hour sooner. After the dinner things are away, it will be bath time. Bath time in the old fashioned way. The blinds will be drawn and well bring the bath in here and fill it with water. We will bathe in order of seniority, me Margaret, Sarah, yes she has agreed to this, and then Kathy followed by...." He listed the others alphabetically. To keep things fair, before each one, including me, enters the bath he will draw a card with a name on it. That person will do the washing. Ten minutes per person." There were giggles and laughter at the thought and speculation as to who would most like to wash Jeremy.
"Quiet ladies please. There is still time for more of you to receive a strapping. We have two miscreants to be punished today. Mary failed to leave her room tidy and swore when it was pointed out to her and Shelly who as you know, for the second time this week, failed to get up on time or to empty her pot. Mary will get four strokes of the strap. Shelly’s case is much more serious. She will receive six with the strap. I have also decided to bring forward the entertainment evening. Shelly and Stella are staying on for a few days, therefore they will be here on Saturday but unfortunately so will eight lacemakers so it will be impractical to punish her then. Hence she will get her birching tonight. Jim and Theresa will also be here after the bathing." At this there were murmurs of surprise and some indignation and suggestions that a birching was far too harsh." Jeremy silenced them. "Ladies, I asked for quiet. This is not open for discussion or debate. Shelly has been forewarned of her fate and is accepting it. You wanted realism. Tonight you will get it in full. I suggest that after the teatime chores are done, you all go to your rooms, undress and return to the kitchen for your bath. I will give you a more definite time." Again there were voices raised for and against what was to happen. "Ladies, this is not open to discussion. It will happen. Enjoy the spectacle. You will never see it again."
"Sally!" Jeremy turned the card over and entered the galvanised tub. "Take your robe off Sal," Kathy called, "You don’t want to get it wet." Sally soaped his hair and then worked down his body until he had to stand for her to wash his arse and cock. He was fully erect and Sally made a great show of making sure it was clean. He stepped out and while Sally dried him, Margaret picked a card.
"Janet!" It seemed as if Janet wanted to get her own back for the strapping she’d taken a few days before. She handled Margaret’s tits very roughly during the soaping process but this only caused the nipples to harden and for her mistress to become aroused. This became even more noticeable when Janet washed her cunt and thrust her fingers inside. "Oh, you ARE wet. You’re a horny thing, Ma’am."
Sarah drew Kathy who seemed to want to give Sarah as much pleasure as she could for helping her re-do the corn dolly she destroyed on the second day. Her massaging of Sarah’s breasts and cunt were blatantly sexual and Sarah couldn’t hide her orgasm.
"Guests and ladies. Tonight you are to witness the punishment of two of our ladies." Both ladies were naked and standing with their backs to the side wall, their hands tied to a ring above their heads. Neither had been tied tightly but neither could they free themselves. Mary on the left for untidiness and disrespectful behaviour when it was pointed out. Mistress Margaret will fasten her to the punishment chair and treat that pert little bottom of hers to four spanks with the strap. Shelly’s misbehaviour is much more serious. It is her second offence of the week and it seems we were far too lenient with her on the first occasion. She will be fastened to the bar before we deal with Mary. This will give her time to feel the effects of its shape. My wife will need no reminder of that. I had her fastened down one evening soon after I had the straps repaired when I was called away and came back an hour later. She was not best pleased. We know the ladies of years ago were left on the bar for extended periods before being punished. When we decide she is ready Mistress Margaret will strap her bottom soundly six times to warm it in readiness for six of the birch. I will say a few words about the birch when the time comes. First I will fasten Shelly down and you can see for yourselves how well this apparatus was designed."
Shelly was becoming more and more concerned. She’d expected to be bent over the chair. That was bad enough but to be tortured on that cruel looking bar was going further than she wanted. "No! Jeremy no! I don’t want to go through with it."
"First you will address me properly or the severity of your punishment will be increased. Secondly madam, whether or not you wish to go through with it is not a decision you have to make. I decide that. Come with me." Still protesting Shelly was dragged to the bar and with Jim and Theresa’s assistance, fastened down. "Ladies, I am sure you notice how nicely the shape of the bar parts the breasts and allows them to hang down on either side. Straps or whips used on them would have maximum effect as the breast could not move and would be f***ed to take the full impact. If you look further along, you can see how neatly the shape parts the cunnie (that’s the term most frequently used in the journal), parts the cunnie lips and the weight of her body presses her clitoris against the wood. For a short while the sensation is not unduly unpleasant but time increases the discomfort to a level that becomes almost intolerable. We’ll leave Shelly for a moment. If her cries distract us, I will bind her mouth. Have a good look Jim and Theresa and then the other ladies can look and feel too if you wish."
Jeremy let them examine Shelly for a few minutes and fielded a few questions as to her safety and whether or not she would be able to take the treatment without going to hospital. "They did years ago, Why not now?" When Janet in particular persisted, he ordered her hands tied to a ring and a gag put on.
"Come now Mary."
Mary’s punishment was an anticlimax, to everyone except Mary. Margaret didn’t go easy with the strap but she wasn’t vicious either. Mary though, thought her bottom was on fire and yelled loudly as Margaret paced the strokes out slowly so the woman felt the full impact of each one. "Sorry Jim, this one’s not for r****g but you can feel all you like," Jeremy informed his guest.
By the time all had played with Mary and she had been returned to the wall, Shelly had lain on the bar for twenty minutes but so far had stifled her cries. From her horizontal position she could still see how the strap landed on Mary and knew she had to take more and probably harder strokes. Now she couldn’t believe she had asked for this. She very afraid and believed she could never take the punishment she had asked for without injury but knew he wouldn’t believe her if she pleaded for the beating to be aborted. However, she had to try. First she pleaded it was all a mistake, then she tried yelling and screaming at him. Jeremy silenced her silenced with a gag. "Shelly," he said so all could hear, "You wanted to find out what a real thrashing was like. You even signed a disclaimer to that effect. You told me to ignore all your appeals for clemency. Stella heard you say this. Now you are going to find out what the reality is. You are to receive six with the strap and Margaret’s going to lay them on good and hard so your arse is nice and warm to receive six with the birch rods. We’ll take our time so the bar, which I am sure by now is very uncomfortable, makes it presence known even more when you start to writhe under the lashes." Turning to the others he went on, "Make yourselves comfortable ladies. You are about to witness a thrashing the like that has not been seen publicly in this country for many years." Having said that he winked to reassure them he was talking more for Shelly’s benefit. "Ready Margaret?"
Margaret removed her robe. "Yes Sir. More than ready. This one has been a pain in our arse and now we are going to put pain in hers. Move back a little Sally, I want to get a good swing at this one."
"CRACK!!" The strap landed with a gun-shot loud noise. It was harder than Margaret intended and produced a muffled scream from the recipient and gasps from the audience. A broad red mark appeared across Shelly’s bum. "One."
"Crack!!" "Two." This wasn’t as hard but nevertheless was extremely painful. Shelly’s bladder gave way and urine flowed down her legs an on the floor.
"Crack!!" "Three." Shelly’s water hadn’t ceased when the strap landed causing the piss to spray and cover her bottom and the strap.
"It seems not to have been an uncommon occurrence for a woman to wet herself during a thrashing. Josiah never stopped for it to finish so neither did Margaret," Jeremy explained to his audience. He noticed Shelly’s gag was soaked with her saliva and decided to remove it. "You can cry out all you like Shelly. No one outside this room will hear you and it will not make one iota of difference to your punishment."
Margaret delivered the final three to the accompaniment of loud yells and screams from her victim.
"Give her some juice Stella. It would have been water at best in olden days but they didn’t have straws and drinks then." While, between cries and moans, Shelly sucked on the juice and tried to get Stella to stop the beating, Jeremy explained the birch to the others. "These are actually thin willow osiers which I cut earlier today from the bottom of the garden. In this part of the country they were favoured and readily available. Six seems to be the most common number of rods here and often they were just loosely bound. In this workhouse the job seems to have been given to Dilly who spent most of her life on colliers before becoming a gardener here. Apparently she was adept at binding the rods so they splayed nicely and covered more of a woman’s arse. They were kept in a leather tube of vinegar but that has long since deteriorated. I have kept these in the water butt all day. As you will hear, they make a different singing sort of sound and leave a mass of fine lines across the victim’s bum. If used too hard the tips cut into the flesh and break the skin. Some birchers used to make sure they picked up some of the bl**d and which made them sticky and tended to pull the flesh and cause even more severe pain. What does it feel like to be birched Margaret?"
"It hurts like hell. It’s like lines of fire stoked by bee stings. You want to scream and scratch and sit in cold water. And you can’t do anything about it. It drives you mad. It’s worse if you don’t know how many strokes you are getting and of course you can’t see what the actual damage is until afterwards and you look in a mirror. Always you feel as if your arse is being sliced up with kitchen knives. Of course, if any of you wish to find out for real, the birch will last far longer than needed for Shelly. Jeremy I’m sure will oblige. Over to you Jeremy."
Jeremy hung his robe over a chair, shook the birch and swung it through the air so they could hear the song it made. "Sounds innocent doesn’t it? We’ll see what Shelly thinks." The scream Shelly emitted when the birch crashed on the already tortured arse left the others in no doubt as to how much it hurt. "No! No! No more. I can’t take it. You are cutting me!" The others could see how true Margaret’s words were. They could see the fine raised red lines. They could see they were painful but there was no bl**d. Not even from where the tips cut in more deeply.
Ignoring her pleas, Jeremy swung the birch again. The onlookers watched fascinated as the birch descended again and left its painful path across her bum. However, the eyes watched not only the swing of the birch, they took in the swing of Jeremy’s prick. It was not fully hard but was semi erect and moved sensuously as his body moved to deliver each birch stroke. He brought the birch down for the third stroke, hardly hearing Shelly’s cries and pleading. His eyes saw Jim and with his wife on his lap, both naked and with his hands fondling her genitals. Jeremy’s cock twitched in anticipation as he laid on the fourth swipe. Red lines now criss-crossed the whole of her available bottom.
"Two more to go, Shelly. Are you enjoying it? Is it what you wanted?" Shelly didn’t reply in coherent words. The final two were laid on in quick succession.
"In olden days, a woman was always well ‘rogered’ as they put it, afterwards, but as you can see, the way this bar is designed, it would be difficult for a man to gain entrance." Jeremy had to shout to make himself heard above Shelly moans. They thought of that. "Stella would you mind releasing Shelly’s ankles please." Having done so, Jeremy showed them the saddle and explained how it lifted the woman’s bottom enough for a man to enter her. Again he demonstrated by thrusting in his prick and ravishing her hard. "Whether the woman liked it or not was of no concern to the men. They were after their pleasure and I can assure you, fucking a woman whose arse is so tender and warm that she moves and wriggles at every thrust is indeed a very pleasurable experience. I am sure Jim will confirm that when it is his turn." He continued to pace himself until he felt Shelly start to respond and then filled her with his seed.
"As you know from last time, it was the duty of one of the ladies watching to clean the man’s prick. Failure would have meant her having a turn on the bar and a session with the birch, so I hope none of you will refuse when asked to perform this service." He looked around. "I nominate Sally for this honour." She hesitated, then shrugged her shoulders and knelt and took his prick in her mouth and quickly sucked it hoping to pull away quickly but Jeremy held her head and kept it there while Jim took his turn with Shelly.
Sally felt his the cock in her mouth start to stiffen again and wondered if she was going to have to suck him off. It was a long while since she had done that to a man. By the time Jim had finished and nominated Janet to service him, Jeremy was hard again. This time he took Shelly slowly, concentrating and giving her a good time. He knew she was still in extreme pain but from his experience with Margaret, he guessed the fucking would take away just a little of it or at least take her mind off it. She’d already two lots of sperm inside her and was well lubricated and aroused. He thrust slowly and deeply with a corkscrew action and gradually Shelly started to thrust back.
Stella stood close by and watched over her friend. "You can kneel down between my legs and get a better view," Jeremy suggested to her. He noticed Margaret had her head between Theresa’s legs and guessed they would service each other in the absence of their husbands. Shelly climaxed twice before Jim finally withdrew. His cock was immediately captured by Stella who cleaned him without being asked and then gave her friend’s cunt a good lapping until Shelly cried out, "Stop Stella just let me up from this sodding bar." The pain was returning with vengeance.
Breakfast next morning was a quiet affair. Shelly didn’t make it down until nearly the end. Stella quipped, "You must like that birch Shelly. This is the third time this week you’ve been late."
Margaret stepped in. "For understandable reasons, I gave Shelly permission to miss breakfast and I’m sure, as her friend, you will do her chores this morning." To Shelly she asked, "Have you put anything on it this morning?" Shelly shook her head.
"Can we see....?" Sally asked. "We did last night."
"We saw everything of everyone last night," Kathy pointed out.
After the session in the punishment room they had all moved to the parlour. Shelly, still sobbing, was laid on the couch with her bum over the end so everything was plainly visible to everyone. Sperm dribbled from her cunt and trickled down her thighs. You can clean her some more Stella if you wish while I get towels and some cream. Most of the group had donned their robes again but left them open in the front. Theresa went and fetched a carton of wine from her flat and Jeremy found two bottles in his kitchen. Soon they were all happily imbibing. Jim suggested a round or two of ‘pass the parcel’ but instead of the parcel as in the c***dren’s game the group was divided into two and one group was passed around the others. When the girl parcel arrived the recipient could furiously feel and play with any part until the music stopped, which under Jim’s rules wasn’t very often. Only Shelly and Margaret, who was tending her, didn’t participate. Long before the second round, all had shed their inhibitions and were doing the most obscene things to each other. As was to be expected, Jeremy and Jim’s cocks were much in demand.
"Shelly, would you like to show everyone your bottom?" Jeremy asked, "You don’t have to." Shelly slowly lifted her skirt and everyone gasped at the vivid colour of the birch stripes and the underlying purple from the strap.
"Sarah I hope you won’t mind if I don’t sit too much this morning," Shelly looked across at her tutor who smiled and nodded.
"Ladies, your programme for this morning," Jeremy announced. "First, would you please put fresh sheets on your beds and then go to the workroom for your final session with Sarah. After coffee we will meet in the parlour to have a discussion session on the course. Normally we give out assessment sheets and we will do this today also but most of questions will not relate too well to what has gone on here this week so we’ll have an informal discussion until lunch. Then for most of you it is pack up and go. At the end of Sarah’s lesson Workhouse rules are suspended but are in f***e again now so get to your jobs. I expect Stella and others to cover for Shelly while Margaret gives her a little more treatment."
At the end of morning session, there was a surprising amount of agreement on the value of the course. The pro’s and con’s were talked over and over until near lunch time Kathy stood and asked, "Who would like a repeat of this course if Jeremy and Margaret will let us come again?" Everyone put their hands up. "Who would like it to be the ‘real’ workhouse experience with punishments like we’ve seen?" Again everyone voted for it although Janet hesitated.
Sarah asked if they would like another corn dolly or straw weaving course and if so, could she be a ‘real’ workhouse teacher with a strap like Margaret’s.
"Not another cruel bitch!" laughed Shelly, "None of you will go home without extra cushions." There was general laughter but they agreed.
Jeremy pointed out that what went on at the workhouse during the past week must remain between themselves. "We, and I think you, enjoyed ourselves immensely but if one word gets out, we’re closed down. Next time, we’ll make it a private booking Kathy, and you can hire Sarah. That way I won’t have to advertise it as a public course." Kathy agreed and said she would be in contact with him. So ended what was the most unusual course any had attended.
After lunch, in the peaceful breathing space between two courses, Margaret sat beside Shelly and applied more cream to her bottom. "Do you know," she reminisced to Shelly, "If that miserable old shopkeeper hadn’t moved me out of his doorway where I’d hoped to spend the night and sent me out into the rain, I’d have never met Jeremy and would not be here today. From bag lady to mistress of a workhouse in a few short years."
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The Transformation of Simon

The Transformation of Simon

Chapter 1

As Simon stepped into the airport departure lounge he felt himself flush with embarrassment and a little fear. He thought to himself about what he was carrying in his bag, swallowed hard and went to the check in desk.

The check in lady was an attractive enough young slim girl, one who obviously expected that most men would find her attractive. Simon wasn’t really think of that at that time but even if he had he would simply have dismissed the idea. This was the sort of happy young girl that Simon found simply boring to consider as a sexual partner. A girl to take to dinner a few times, then a prefunctionary missionary style copulation, an encounter where the most sexually exciting thing would be if he had her suck his cock. Simon found this sort of vanilla sex, if not actually unpleasant, at least pretty boring. Simon wanted more, much much more and that explained both why he was at the airport and why he was carrying checked luggage he was nervous of.

Simon traveled a great deal and really the idea of flying meant nothing to him. He flew far more miles than he drove and treated it as a low travel quarter if he wasn’t an a plane at least 5-6 times. He also never traveled with luggage. He was always highly dismissive of those poor souls going through those roped off sections carrying big bags. On this occasion though he found himself snaking through those barriers before being confronted with the attractive check in girl.

“So Sir, do you have any dangerous items in your carry on bag Sir?” asked the check in girl. Simon thought through for what felt like the thousandth time in his head, all the items he had packed. 

“No, no I don’t” He smiled rather unconvincingly back. “Just samples for work, and errr my clothes and stuff, you know” He tried to sound confident and calm, and he certainly didn’t look like a terrorist in his Hugo Bose suit and black patent leather shoes. His well manicured hands, were though shaking just slightly as the smile on the check in girls face slipped just for a second as she sensed the disquiet in his voice.

Looking him up and down again, she thought to herself. Oh don’t be silly, his an English businessman, his not any kind of threat. Perhaps his simply nervous of me. Those English can be so very reserved. Laughing to herself about the thought, she took his bag, placed it on the conveyer and handed Simon his tickets.

With a huge sense of relief Simon took the tickets and moved toward the VIP lane at the airport and his flight. So the first hurdle had been passed. Now for the second. He had followed the instructions well and had been as commanded practicing at home. He knew the airports systems well and knew that he wouldn’t be detected unless given a hand search, something that very very rarely happened. Still as he placed his computer, bag, shoes and others bits and pieces on the Xray conveyer his heart did miss a beat thinking of what might happen next.

He stood as he always did just in front of the scanner, it was one of the older metal detector ones and he knew he had nothing metal on him so was going to be safe. He was also grateful that it wasn’t one of the modern body scanners. That after all would have been  much much harder to explain.

Walking through the machine no noises went off and Simon was pleased that there was no pat down. He retrieved his items from the conveyer, packed his laptop away, put the shoes on the floor, slipped them on, bend down to lace them and felt suddenly felt the huge pain of the big butt plug surge through him. He stiffened but knew he couldn’t display anything, so gingerly bent over and tied his laces, the thick black rubber cock in his ass grinding against his asshole and his prostate. The cock was really thick, just as mistress had commanded he wear for the journey, and it certainly was doing a good job of stretching him out. He just knew that being open for his mistress was going to be very important. From what she had said he could expect no mercy once he arrived and from the pictures he’d seen and the conversations they had had he knew he was going to be taking a severe pounding in his cunt this weekend.

The flight was ok, and just like hundreds of others. The only difference was that this was the first time he’d had a big plug in his ass, and there was no room for him to open his legs so the CB-6000 male chastity device was pushing on his inner thighs. He kept having to move to different positions and this of course drive the dildo deeper into his ass.

With 20 minutes to go in the flight Simon decided he better check that everything was right for his first meeting with mistress. After all she had been very specific how he should look when she picked him up at the airport and he didn’t want to get anything wrong.

Proceeding to the rest room Simon locked the door and took a look at himself in the mirror. His hair looked ok. It was greying at the temples but at 43 that was hardly surprising and he was still pretty happy to note that he still had a very full head of hair with no sign of male pattern baldness. His glasses were clean and straight although he had to smile to himself as he suspected that wasn’t going to last long once he arrived.

His teeth were very clean and white and although not advertising perfect were not the standard mess that British peoples teeth always seemed to Americans.

The size 42 jacket fitted well and he thought to himself that getting down to 180lbs with all the cycling he’d recently being doing had been worth the effort. It has also toned up his ass and legs very considerably and he hoped that mistress was going to like that.

His pin stripe suit looked clean and fresh and unrumpelled. . He thought he better check everything so he dropped his pants and undid the buttons of his white shirt after taking his tie off, to check everything was ok underneath. The black stockings looked good, and showed off his legs pretty well. The black G-string covered the CB-6000 completely and the pink lacy basque felt nice under the shirt but thankfully didn’t show under his shirt. He was so pleased mistress hadn’t insisted on a corset or something black. Hiding that would have been far more difficult. 

Simon felt around behind himself and felt the end of the but plug between his buttocks. He thought about taking it out just for a moment of relief but thought about what he would do if he couldn’t get the thickness back inside himself. What to do? The fullness was both good but also uncomfortable. He reached behind himself and started to gently tug on the base of the plug. The much thicker part of the plug began to emerge from his anus and he felt the pain begin to build. He knew it was going to be a real pleasure pain to remove it, but thought it would only be extremely for a few short seconds and oh the relief. 

Just as the plug was approaching it’s thickest, there was a loud rap on the door.

“Please sir, can you return to your seat, we’re coming into land shortly” Said the disembodied voice of the stewardess.

Quickly Simon pushed the big plug back into his protesting anus ,pulled up his pants, washed his hands and buttoned up his shirt and went and sat down.

As he retied his tie, standing by the aisle, the lady he’d been sitting next to looked up and smiled. “Been getting changed have you? You look flushed. There’s never enough room in those things is there.”

Simon mumbled something about it being a very tight fit, sat down in the window seat, and looked at the clouds scudding by as they came into land.

This airport was new to him. He often traveled around the country and had been to many of the major airports and a fair few of the second tier ones, but this was new. As he approached the luggage carousel, he pulled his phone from his pocket and as commanded send mistress the one word text message. LANDED. She had demanded he do nothing other than announce that he had arrived.

As the bags came around on the conveyer, Simon keep looking for the reply while occasionally looking up for his bag. Finally his bag emerged from behind the curtain. He expertly moved through the crowd, slipped a hand out, picked up the heavy bag by the handle, pulled out the extender with a single motion and started toward the exit, just like dozens of other business people do at airports across the world.

Just as he got within 30 feet of the exit to the arrival lounge, his phone beeped with an incoming message. It was mistress, the message read ...........

Simon looked down at his phone. He already knew what to do. He’d been told before on one of his numerous on-line training sessions how things would go from here. Whatever the text message stated was what he had to write on the card he had already brought with him on the plane. He was then to stand at the end of the car pick up point so that everyone leaving would see him, displaying that card.

He’d never really thought how this bit could be humiliating but as he passed through the security doors into the arrivals area his heart pound in his ears as the read the words Sissy Whore on the screen of his phone. Instantly his face reddened. He knew there could be no backing out now this was his destiny. THe thing he’d been working toward for months since first finding or was it being found on all those months ago.

He thought back to the initial conversations, how the lady had seen his profile, responded intelligently and with interest to his on-line advances. At first the relationship had been one of tease. she had enjoyed his photos, even the filthy videos he has made for her. Simon did after all have some very extreme desires and was so pleased to meet a lady prepared to not only discuss them but to even enjoy many of his deepest desires. Simon had spend much of his life being the alpha male, being the brash, type A personality. In the day today world he enjoyed that and was successful professionally because of that. However deep down he had deep deep suppressed wants, needs even to be a wanton whore. To be taken, fucked, totally abused by huge cocked strap-on ladies, to have his holes filled, his own genitals mocked and punished.

All of this flitted through his mind as he wrote the sign. His cocklet, which hadn’t been out of its cage for months pushed urgently against his CB-6000. He was relieved to notice it didn’t show on the outside of his suit, but it was certainly painful having his cock f***ed into such a tight restricting device. Over the months he’d grown used to it, and the pain was in some way also a pleasure.

Walking to the end of the pickup point Simon gingerly lifted the sign, and stood and waited. THe next 15 minutes were acutely embarrassing. Cars honked, people pointed and laughed as he stood waiting for the car. He didn’t know what vehicle the lady had and so needed to present the sign to every vehicle. A number of times the Police drove past and gave Simon a very long hard stare. They didn’t know what he was up to, but didn’t like it anyway. Trouble was it wasn’t i*****l.

Finally after 15 minutes of standing there a stretched limousine rolled to a halt. The window wound down in the back and a voice stated in a deep but female voice. Put your bag in the trunk and get in. Simon saw the trunk pop and he lifted his heavy bag into the trunk, closed it with a thunk, opened the side door and climbed in.

Sitting there looking even more erotic than the webcam could possibly convey was Sir. She had insisted on it from the first time they had communicated. Simon looked are up and down his hands, and in fact his whole body shaking a little as he took her in. She wore a suit, a pin stripe suit something Simon had always loved on a woman. The crisp white shirt bulged over her ample bust, the red tie tucked into the suit jacket that was button with a single button. sir’s bust made a beautiful triangle of the shirt. It should of course have been called a blouse with a lady wearing it, but Simon simply could imagine this being anything other than a shirt.

Sir’s legs looked thick, long and powerful in the pinstripe pants. Th e most feminine part of Sir being the slight view of shear black stocking before her black, patent leather shoes started. The heels were high. Simon guessed 4 inches, but they might be more.

Sir’s beautiful dark skin set off the white shirt beautifully, and Simon was intrigued to notice that Sir was even wearing cufflinks. Sir’s hair was worn up and gave her the look of a powerful business person.

Sir looked over at Simon. “Well cunt. Show me”

“What here now in the car?” Simon stammered back

“Do it now, you fucking whore” Sir replied menacingly

Simon slide of the chair into the large footwell of the Limousine. Kneeling facing Sir he began to undo his belt.

“ No whore. I don’t want to see your face. Turn around. I want to see my new cunt” snapped Sir.

Simon shuffled around. It wasn’t easy the Limousine had by this point got out of the traffic near the airport and was on the freeway, going who knew where.

Simon bent over unbutton his pants, and slowly slide them down to his knees.

Sir had a view of Simon’s white ass, all shaved and ready. The butt plug firmly stuffed into his ass, the pipe to the pump sticking out. She could also see his shaved balls bulging from his CB-6000 and his semi hard cocklet stuffed inside the clear tube.

He appeared to have done everything Sir had wanted. She smiled, but of course was conscious of not letting this maggot know it.

“Ok whore, hand me the pump” Sir stated calmly.

Simon reached into his pocket. Took out the bulb of the inflatable butt plug and handed it to Sir.

The moment Sir had it in her hand she started to pump it, all the time looking Simon in the eyes as he looked over his shoulder back at her. His ass sticking up in the air.

One, two, three, four, five, six pumps. The feeling went from feeling full to feeling very very full almost instantly. Seven, eight, nine, ten. Now Simon was really squirming with pain and with how big that cock felt in his ass. Simon had, for many months been practicing, often on webcam sessions with Sir, taking bigger and bigger cocks. She had only agreed to meet him after she knew he could take big cocks. Sir loved big cocks, and had no interest at all in virgins. She wanted to blunder her whores, fill them completely, give them the fucking of their lives. Hurt them, humiliate them, f***e them to be the most basic cock taking bitch in the world. From the first time they had met on line Sir knew Simon was one of those whores she could take all the way.

Simon cried out with the pain on pump twelve and Sir stopped.

“Good work whore. You have been doing well. I think you truly are ready to take the fucking you so sorely want”

With that Sir, deflated the butt plug suddenly, and gave it a firm yank. It popped out of Simon’s stretched ass. Simon stay in the position he was in before breathing heavily as Sir looked down. Simon’s ass was gapping wide open, twitching. She could have thrust her fist straight in there but she thought. No, that can come later.

“Ok whore. You’ve done well. Now let’s see how good you are with the other thing I hope you’ve been practising. turn around and try my cock” With that Sir lay back in the seat, put her hands behind her head and smiled down at him.

Simon knew what he was to do. turning around to face her, he slowly put his hands to the fly of her pants, unbuttoned the top of of pants, and slowly unzipped the fly. Looking up he could see her continuing to smile down at him.

“That’s it, take it out”

Simon slowly reached in down the leg of Sir’s pants. felt the heavy thick rubber of her cock and slowly pulled it out. Once it was free of her pants Simon could see the black 12 inch cock in all it’s glory. Sir really did look like one of those Big Black Cocked slut fuckers from the porno movies who get to fuck the shit out of little white girls. The irony and symmetry of this wasn’t lost on him.

“Go on whore, suck my cock”

Simon moved his mouth, taking as much of the head as he could into his mouth. It wasn’t as thick as some he had seen and he could take the cock head into his mouth. As soon as he did Sir begun to buck her hips, slowly at first but with increased rhythm into his mouth. Simon tried to raised his head to stop choking but instantly Simon felt both Sir’s hands on the back of his head forcing him down onto her big black cock.

“That’s it cunt, take my fucking cock” Sir barked “You fucking sissy faggot. You fly up here, after months of on line training. I bet you thought it would never be that extreme. you’d get up here. Meet me. I’d be nice to you, You’d get the key back to your little fucking CB-6000, perhaps I’d let you fuck me and then you’d get to go home. Was that it? Was it?”

Simon tried to respond but with some much of Sir’s cock in his mouth he could barely say more than a mumble. It was obvious Sir wasn’t listening anyway.

“Well cunt. I’ve got new for you” Continued Sir. “Not only am I going to **** the shit out of you, but I’ve got a bunch of people I’ve shared all your photos, your movies, your little stories with, who want to meet you. And boy are they going to have some fun with you.

We all agreed, you’re nothing but a cum dump whore and we’re all going to take advantage of you. After all what you going to do. Go to the police? Really with all the emails, pictures, movies and other things you’ve sent me?

I also bet your bag is full of pervert things as well isn’t it bitch. So there’s no getting away. This is going to be a long week, and a profitable one for me too. you see I’m not just sharing you with my friends. I’m going to be selling you. We did the auction last week at the club. your movies and photos were most helpful for that, and so I have you booked solid for the next 5 days. I’ve made over $1000 pimping you out. Right now I’m taking you to the hotel you’re going to be working from. It’s much cheaper than the Marriott you were booked in. But these Extended Stay hotels are cheaper, and many of the people you are going to meet prefer not to go through the reception of a big hotel. I’m sure you understand.

We’ll be at the hotel in 10 minutes, so you can get change into your female whore gear. Then the fun begins. Now don’t stop sucking now cunt.”

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Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

We had gone for the fixed menu, deciding that it was better to eat fairly quickly to allow us the maximum play time, both in the restaurant and later in the club’s playrooms.
The first course was Foie gras and whole-meal toast with a small side salad. We decided that a further 2 bottles of champagne that would do the course justice.
The sheer decadence of the Hors D’oeuvres was enough to get the sexual tension at fever pitch, never mind the antics that Lorraine and I had got up to earlier.
I looked across the table and spied Carl, his face turned towards Heidi, whispering in her ear. I decided to be a voyeur for a few minutes, relishing what he was doing. I could clearly see his left hand positioned in the vicinity of her pussy as he started to gently suck her right earlobe into his mouth. As he tongued her ear his hand started to move up and down. I closed my eyes for a moment savouring the intensity of the image I had conjured in my imagination. His hand lifting the hem of her clingy white dress, his fingers walking their way up her over the knee white hose, past the blue ribbons that held them just above her knees. Slowly, ever so slowly parting her thighs as his hand travelled higher toward the goal of her wet and waiting pussy, barely concealed by her sheer white thong. I felt a tap on my arm that broke the spell of my fantasy.
“You OK”, asked a concerned looking Claire.
I giggled, and then sighed, stretching like a cat. “Yes sweetheart, I’m fine. Just having a moment to myself, I’m back with you now”.
“Sorry, I thought you’d maybe dropped off to sl**p”.
“No”, I gestured at Carl with my head. “I started to watch Carl seducing Heidi and got carried away with my imagination of what he is doing to her”.
She giggled nervously, not really understanding the etiquette of a swingers club.
“Don’t you get jealous watching him with someone else”?
I laughed aloud, “God no, we’ve been swinging for eight years now. I’ve seen him fuck lots of lovely girls and for that matter he’s seen me fuck lots of gorgeous blokes, oh and quite a few girls for that matter”, I added.
She did one of her blushes and giggled as she felt her face flush with bl**d.
“His technique looks like it’s getting some results judging by the way she’s kissing him. It’s started to make me feel quite randy”.
“So how did you enjoy your afternoon with Gosia”? I continued, determined to make her as horny as possible before the evening proper, started.
Once more she blushed scarlet. “Gosia, told you, she told me she would, and I thought she’d be too embarrassed to admit she was a lesbian”.
“Gosia’s no more a lesbian than I am and I’ve just had an enormous orgasm from Lorraine’s hand, look how wet the fingers of her gloves are”, I pointed to Lorraine down the table to her left. Whose gloves were quite clearly still soaking wet.
She looked me in my eyes, realization suddenly dawning. “You mean I can still fuck guys then”?
“Of course silly, just because you get off on girls as well doesn’t mean you have to be a full blown lesbian, unless that’s what you want”.
She leant across the narrow space between us and kissed me delicately on the lips, “Oh thanks Anna, I was afraid that I was something perverted, I felt so ashamed”.
“Nothing to be ashamed off Claire, I love fucking girls too, just think, you have the best of both worlds, double the opportunities for a fuck too”. I smiled at her obvious relief.
“In that case”, she said as she slid down in her chair and pushed her foot clad in its open toed shoe into Andy’s crutch across the table from her.
He coughed, splattering a fair amount of his champagne onto the table in front of him.
“Wow, I didn’t expect that he spluttered, wiping his chin with his napkin, as he did so he also slid further down the banquette giving Claire easier access to his bulging trousers. I looked around the rest of our party. To my right Andy was having his cock rubbed through his trousers by Claire opposite. On my left, beyond Claire; Lorraine and Gosia were deep in conversation with Lorraine’s hand inside the V of the décolletage of Gosia’s royal blue dress, whilst at the end of the table, I could see that Carl had progressed to inserting his right hand into the plunging neckline of Heidi’s white dress, her full left breast and its engorged nipple occasionally coming into view as he rolled it between his fingers.
“Well that’s just the 1st course, I wonder what the next 2 courses will bring”, I muttered to myself”.
The erotically charged atmosphere was almost narcotic in the way I reacted to the scene of wantonness unfolding before me, far from feeling left out; I drank in the scene and felt my pussy moistening at the sights and sounds. I looked around what I could now see of the restaurant, seeing more now that my eyes had grown accustomed to the dim lighting. At every table I could see, there was a sex act of one type or another going on. At the far end of the room, I could clearly see a rather elderly gentleman in a dark lounge suit fucking a luscious 30 something with long blonde hair from behind, taking her doggy style across their table for two, her unfettered breasts swaying back and forth has he hammered into her.
At a nearby table, two couples; their genitals freely exposed were mutually masturbating, the squelch of wet pussies and pre-cum covered cocks clearly audible above their moans of ecstasy.
It gave me an idea.
I raised the hem of my dress to my lap and reached behind my neck unclipping the fastening at the back of my collar. The front of the dress pooled in my lap exposing my full breasts, their engorged nipples standing proud, the red lips from Lorraine standing out clearly visible. I then reached for my clutch bag, opened it and took out my favourite vibrator, opening my legs wide, I positioned my knees against the table’s edge and started to slide it in and out of my now very wet pussy.
“Wow”, I heard from my left, I turned to face the sound of the voice, it was Claire. “Can I help”, she asked sweetly.
“No Hunni, you carry on with Andy, I think you’ve made him quite horny”.
“OK, you’re right that wouldn’t be fair”, she dropped onto the floor and crawled on all fours under the table. As she reached Andy’s legs she reached into his lap, unzipped him, extracted his monster cock from his open fly and started to lick the head of his engorged cock, her tongue swirling around its massive clean cut head.
I continued with my voyeuristic masturbation.
As Claire dropped onto the floor both Gosia and Lorraine looked in my direction, their faces absolute pictures. “You dirty slut”, squealed Lorraine, a huge grin creasing her face. She roughly opened Gosia’s dress wide exposing both of her small breasts and lowered her mouth to her little perky left nipple, sucking and biting at it. Gosia leant back on her chair, legs akimbo her right hand was fingering herself through the open slit at the front of her dress, her left enmeshed in Lorraine’s hair holding her tight against her tit.
I watched the two of them playing for a while, switching my vibrator on I concentrated the head of the rabbit against my erect clit, free of its hood seeking attention. As the vibrations increased, I slid it deep inside my wet cunt positioning the bunny ears either side of my clit.
At the far end of the table, Carl had opened the front of Heidi’s white dress fully and was openly tonguing her right breast, his right hand obviously wanking her as he did so. She, so overcome by his attentions was laid back against the banquette, running her hands through his short blonde/grey hair purring like a cat.
Just as I felt my orgasm approaching, I spied the Maître’D approach our table. He stood beside me and coughed politely.
My hand withdrew the vibrator, slick with my juices. “Permittez moi Madame”, he took the dripping vibe from my hand and wiped it decorously on his white apron. Now clean and dry he handed it back to me.
“Le deuxieme plat Madame”
Two waiters scuttled round our table clearing the remnants of our first course from the table, entirely unconcerned at the sights of debauchery before their eyes.
One by one my dinner companions straightened their clothing, hurriedly replacing breasts into their respective dresses and Andy struggling to get his still erect cock back into his trousers.
“Entrecote au poivre” announced the Maitre’D.
Almost as if minutes before we weren’t all engaged in some kind of sexual activity Carl looked around the table and said, “Don’t let it get cold, tuck in”.
We all ate ravenously, the perfectly cooked steak running with bl**d, mixing deliciously with the pepper sauce.
There was silence for at least 5 minutes.
Gosia, broke the silence, she looked in Claire’s direction and said, “This is sooo delicious Claire, how is yours”.
Her mouth full of steak, Claire struggled to reply. ”It’s gorgeous, reminds me of something I was eating earlier, but not quite as tough”. We all burst into laughter, the ice broken once more.
Totally replete we pushed our empty plates away from us and the delightful staff, cleared the table.
Carl beckoned the Maitre’D over. “Does anyone want a dessert”?
Groans echo’d around the table.
“Cancel the desserts Monsieur, we’ll just take coffee and port with our cigars, Merci”.
The Maitre’D wafted away to the kitchen.
Carl extracted a pair of Churchill cigars in their aluminium tubes from his inside pocket and passed one to Andy.
“Anyone else for a cigar”? he asked.
“Have you got one of those little Davidoffs Carl” I asked.
“Sure”, he took out a small white packet and extracted one for me.
“There you go”.
None of the others were smokers so sat back in their seats as we lit up the aromatic cigars.
He and Andy dropped the white tubes on the table.
“Gosia sniggered, “I’ve got just the place for one of those tubes” as she picked up Carl’s.
She turned to her new found lover, “What do you think Claire, will it fit”?
Having overcome her earlier shyness Claire turned to her and said, “I can think of at least two places that will fit quite nicely”.
We all sat in pleasant contemplation of our good fortune at being together in such erotically charged surroundings and d***k our coffee and port and savoured our cigars.
Resting his stub of cigar in the ashtray, he turned to Heidi on his left. “Well Heidi, so what do you think of our gathering”?
“Carl it’s wonderful, I can’t thank you enough for inviting me here, excellent food, delicious champagne and such lovely people it’s been fab”.
“So far”, I added from my end of the table. “The night is yet young”, glancing at my Hermes watch I said, “Goodness me it’s 1am already”.
Carl chuckled, “My favourite time of night, who’s up for some fun”?
“Me”, “Me”,
“Me”, “Me”,
“Me”, “Me”,
Echoed around the table.
“Let’s go do it then, I’ve reserved a king size bed in a playroom just for us, you can spend the time in there or you can partake of whatever else you fancy in the rest of the club, it closes at 4 am though. I can recommend the outdoor Jacuzzi in the back courtyard, sex under the stars is so much fun”.
With that Carl stood and walking around to my seat he took me by the hand and helped me to my feet. “Madame, may I offer you my services”.
I stood and curtsied to him. “Oooh sir, you are so bold”. We headed off towards the playrooms at the back of the club, the other five following in our wake.
Having threaded our way up the tiny winding stairs we were confronted by a pair of doors ahead of us. Carl gallantly threw open the right hand door and ushered us in. The sight that met our eyes was one of total mindboggling debauchery, arranged on the 7 foot wide four poster bed were at least 4 couples all in various states of undress coupling in every way imaginable. Nearest to the foot of the bed a large lady totally naked was laid face down, her voluminous white satin knickers around her ankles. Pumping hard into her clearly visible brown puckered arsehole was a skinny black guy with a clean shaven head and the biggest cock I have ever seen, it must have measured at least 10 inches from tip to groin, his thickly veined foreskin being pulled back on every in-stroke into her tight hole. The large lady’s face was buried in the downy blonde pussy of a tiny little girl, obviously only just out of her teens; she was lapping noisily at the sticky wet conjunction of the girl’s thighs. Sat over her face another shapely red head sat grinding her pussy into the girl’s eager mouth as she leant forward kissing the black guy. Either side of the four were two couples, two tanned guys on one side in the 69 position, on their sides sucking furiously at each other’s rampant cocks. On the other side, evidently their respective partners, were two Brunettes in a similar position.
One of the brunettes looked up at our intrusion and beckoned us over to join them.
“Merci Madame” I said, “Sorry wrong room”.
We backed out of the room and entered the left hand door.
“Wow, Gosia, did you see that, those two guys were sucking each other off”, said Claire excitedly. “That looked sooo fucking horny”. She lifted her black netting overskirt and started rubbing at her pussy through the black trimmed purple pants she was wearing.
Seeing this Gosia, threw her arms around the masturbating girl’s waist and started to snog her hard, dragging her to the massive bed in the centre of the room.
Lorraine looked at Andy, “I must say that looked really horny lover I don’t suppose you and Carl’d like to entertain us girls would you”? Andy glared and shook his head.
I looked at Carl, this was a fantasy of mine that he’d satisfied on a few occasions for me.
He shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t mind if you girls’d like to see it”.
Lorraine looked beseechingly at Andy, “Please Andy, just this once, I’ll do anything you want, anything”.
Andy blushed to the roots of his spiky strawberry blonde hair. “No fucking way”, was his immediate response.
“Go on Andy, be a sport, we always entertain you blokes with some girl on girl action. I said playfully.
“Go on Andy, I will if you will, it’s only a cock after all, but no kissing anal or cumming in mouths, OK” Carl replied. “It’s just like sucking your thumb”.
Andy visibly weakened under the pressure.
“OK, just this once, understand and before you ask I am not homophobic, I just prefer to keep cocks where they belong’ preferably in nice juicy cunts”. “And in bums, or have you conveniently forgotten last night Andy” responded his wife Lorraine.
“Lorraine”!!! said Andy blushing once again.
Carl shrugged off his jacket and shirt exposing his large tanned chest, He placed them on a chair and then kicked off his shoes, removed his socks before dropping his black trousers.
He was completely naked, his large uncut cock showing the first signs of an impending erection, Claire looked up from the bed her face now between Gosia’s, blue stocking clad legs. The blue dress hiked above her waist exposing her cleanly shaven cunt and the scorpion tattoo just above her pussy.
Carl looked at Claire’s exposed arse, the purple thong nestling between her globular bum cheeks.
“Mmmm” he said, I know where this fella is going after our show, he slid his hand between Claire’s cheeks and slipped his fingers under her thong into the wetness beneath. “Right here”. His cock visibly grew before their eyes. He seized it with his right hand and started to wank it back and forth as he slid the fingers of his left hand deep into Claire.
“Come on then Andy, let’s have some fun”, he grabbed Andy by the hand and led him over to the bed, turned him around and sat him on the edge beside the two girls.
He reached down and unzipped Andy’s trousers. His huge 9” cock sprung out of the open fly.

“Wow, that’s a big un” said Carl in admiration as it stood straight out a definite bend to the left apparent to all. “I bet that’s done some damage in its time”, he laughed as he spat on his hand and started to wank Andy’s cock back and forth. He knelt between his less than willing participant’s legs.
“This won’t hurt a bit mate” he said as he dropped a long string of viscous saliva onto the exposed purple head of Andy’s cock. He lowered his head onto the cock-head and taking it into his mouth he started to tongue the end.
The girls crowded around the boys watching the show. One by one they either reached into their groins to rub and finger themselves or, with me leading the way, discarded their clothes.
Nearly naked, just wearing Lorraine’s red lacy thong, I lay down beside Andy and started to unbutton his dress shirt and undo his bow tie. He reached across to me and cupped my right breast in his hand. “Mmmm,it feels just like Lorraine’s, just perfect”.
Slightly more relaxed, he lay back fully on the bed as Carl started to move his mouth up and down his long shaft.
Lorraine was stood at the bottom of the bed intently watching Carl give her hubby a blow job, “God that is sooo horny, I’m absolutely dripping”, she said as she placed her right hand over her left breast and started to knead it firmly, squeezing the erect nipple between her fingers. Beside her, Heidi had just removed her white dress, leaving her white hold ups and sheer white thong, She kicked off her clear plastic, porn-star style shoes and moved closer to Lorraine, insinuating her fingers into the front of my black thong her fingers heading lower to Lorraine’s pussy.
“This looks like Anna’s thong”, she said to Lorraine as she hooked her fingers deep inside her wet pussy.
“It was, spoils of war”, giggled Lorraine.
Carl was really going hard at Andy’s cock, he briefly extracted the engorged head from his mouth and said, “Don’t forget, no cumming in my mouth”. He returned his mouth to the cock and re-commenced his sucking.
Andy by now was past worrying about his inhibitions he sat up and reached for Carl’s fully erect cock, grasping it in his hand he started to wank the foreskin back and forth
“We’ll have to move mate”, said Carl.
They moved around on the bed moving into a 69 position, on their sides just like the guys in the other room.
Andy took Carl’s erect cock in his hand and lowered his mouth to his cock-head.
As Andy’s mouth engulfed Carl’s oozing cock-head Lorraine redoubled her efforts on her tits, she had pulled the front of her dress down exposing the pair of beautifully enhanced orbs to the air, and she was kneading them furiously and alternately grasping, squeezing and twisting the nipples.

Heidi was now on her knees in front of Lorraine her head buried beneath the hem of her dress slurping noisily at her pussy, my thong pulled down to Lorraine’s ankles.
While the girls were getting it on I had not been idle, I’d managed to get Andy stripped naked, Carl was still sucking furiously on his cock to the point where I noticed that Andy’s arse had started to twitch. I tapped Carl urgently on the shoulder, he looked around and I beckoned his face clear of Andy’s cock and sank my own mouth over the enormous purple cock-head. I’m not sure quite what it was that triggered it, but within seconds Andy pulled back slightly then slammed his cock hard forward, right into my welcoming mouth. As it was buried as far as it would go, he unleashed rope after rope of thick cum, I swallowed furiously to keep pace with the enormous ejaculation.
“Wow, Andy you had a hell of a load on there”. I said having finally swallowed all of the salty cum. A few trails dripping down either side of my mouth and off my chin.
Extricating herself from Heidi’s eager mouth, Lorraine slid her black dress to the floor and stepped out of my thong. Wearing just her stockings and shoes she knelt on the bed, leant forward and removed Andy from Carl’s cock. He looked around and watched her closely as she grabbed Carl’s cock by the neatly shaved base and crammed its 8” deep into her slutty red mouth. As she did so, I positioned myself behind her and took over the job that Heidi had started, slurping up from her hard red clitoris to the puckered rosette of her arsehole
Andy, knelt up on the bed and started to wank his now somewhat flaccid cock back to life. After a couple of seconds of trying, Heidi grabbed his cock knelt on the floor beside him and using her mouth and hand brought him back to a full erection.
On the far side of the bed Gosia had just started to buck her cunt into the eager mouth of her lover, her squeals built up into a crescendo as she came furiously, any emissions from her orgasm being lapped up by Claire’s long tongue. As her convulsions and post orgasmic twitches slowed down she grasped Claire either side of her head and drew Claire’s mouth up over her sweaty body to her lips and kissed her deeply, “Wow, Claire that was so good, where did you learn that”?
“From you, I just remembered the night I was so d***k and you did it to me, I’ve been dying to return the favour ever since”.
Lorraine was milking Carl’s cock like an expert, as she moved her hand up its shaft she imparted a small twisting action, swirling the tumescent head with her tongue. Watching Carl’s cum face start to form, I knew he would soon be emptying his balls for the first time into his lover’s throat. I’d guessed right, within a few seconds he started to buck his hips up towards Lorraine’s receptive mouth, with a roar like a bull he unleashed a torrent of cum deep into her throat.
“Fuck yes, I’ve waited so long to be doing this”, Carl said as his cock stopped it’s twitching.
“Come here Lorraine”, he held her by her chin and gave her a long tongue-twisting, fluid-swapping kiss. As he released her face he said, “That was an awesome blowjob thank you”!
“You looked like you were enjoying Andy’s attention too”, she replied
“Fuck yes, a blow job is a blow job, who cares who’s doing it”?
So at last Lorraine and Andy and Carl and I had finally had the first full 4some action we’d waited so long for, over interminable msn chats we’d articulated our lusts and horny thoughts, now finally we’d all played together for the first time.
During the culmination of the two blowjobs, Heidi had not been idle, Andy, his erection now as stiff as a flagpole, was looking around desperately for a receptacle in which to place it.
He grabbed my arm and pulled me on top of him, I gladly acquiesced and straddled his waist, my knees sinking into the soft mattress.
Heidi helped to insert his swollen glans into my dripping pussy, I felt the large cock-head splitting my lips wide as she eased it into me,
“There you go sweetheart, enjoy Andy’s big cock, it looks so fuckable”. She said.
As he eased his cock inside me, I felt myself being opened wide. Fortunately I was very slick and it slipped deep inside of me with no problem. Heidi manouevred herself so that she was able to alternately lick me and suck his balls into her willing mouth.
Gosia and Claire were watching intently at what Heidi, Me and Andy were doing. When Heidi’s tongue poked its way into my bottom the pair of them reached across to Carl and pulled him over to their side of the bed.
“Come on Carl, we need some loving too” said Claire.
Carl moved across the wide bed, he lifted Claire into his favourite ‘doggy’ position and slid her purple pants down her legs. He insinuated his tongue into her wide open labia and started to lick her wet pussy. She in turn started to tongue Gosia’s mouth, each time Carl pushed his tongue into her pussy, she licked Gosia’s mouth, pushing her tongue deep inside her.
Carl knelt higher and positioned his bulging cock at the entrance to Claire’s wet pussy.
With a massive push he buried his 8“deep inside her open cunt.
“Fuck me “, intoned Claire. As Carl pushed deep inside her.
Carl picked up his rhythm, soon he was shoving his stiff cock deep inside the willing orifice before him. He speeded up slamming his cock deep inside the young girl, who pushed back against him matching his thrusts perfectly.
Heidi, feeling that her tongue was by now redundant on my pussy, rolled onto her side and latched onto my erect nipple. She tongued me expertly, licking and biting me to a point where I was ready to cum, feeling Andy’s cock plunging in and out of me and Heidi sucking my nipple I rapidly approached the point of no return.
With a gasp and a cry I started to cum, my cunt spasming on Andy’s cock clutching with my cunt lips onto his hard cock, sucking all the juices from him as he squirted his cum deep inside my welcoming cunt.
Heidi rolled onto her back, her hands seeking her pussy.
In the fog of my orgasm I realised that of all of us in the room Heidi had given her all and received little in return.
I pushed her on to her back and lay beside her.
“Your turn now sweetheart” I said as I lowered my lips onto her erect nipple.
“Oh yes, I soo need to cum now, I’m so horny”, she replied.
Our joint ministrations quickly brought Heidi to the point where she was thrusting her beautiful shaved cunt hard against Gosia’s tongue.
I slipped off the bed and locating my clutch bag withdrew my rabbit, I turned it on to full power and slid it neatly into Heidi’s wide open cunt.
Positioning the rabbit’s ears either side of her clit I turned up the power, she felt he vibrations deep inside of her cunt and almost immediately started to cum.
I moved the head of the toy so that it would have the most effect on her G spot and kept up the pressure. Within seconds I was rewarded with a spasm from her hips as she started to cum.
“Fuck yes, keep it there, I’m cummmmmmmmmming, She thrashed around on the bed like a mad woman, pushing hard against my toy as it was pushed deep inside her.
As she came her cunt started to squirt copious amounts of juice high into the air, showering down onto my face and hair, I redoubled my efforts in her cunt.
Then above all the noise from Heidi, I heard.
“Fuck yes, push harder, fuck yes, I’m cumming” as Carl unloaded yet another jet of cum deep inside Claire. She, not to be out done replied, “yes you fucker, fuck my cunt, I’m cumming now”.
The 7 of us lay quietly on the large bed our immediate needs satisfied, our bodies replete with the abandoned sex we’d all experienced.

Nearly finished Chapter 6, won't be long
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Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Getting taxis wasn’t easy; Carl phoned two taxi companies that advertised locally without success. We stood on the pavement outside the club, all of the girls shivering in the dawn temperature. Very few clothes and a brisk wind blowing up the street. I think we all regretted at that moment our lack of sensible clothing.
Out of nowhere a taxi approached, his availability advertised by the light on his roof.
Carl flagged him down. Pulling into the kerb, Carl opened the front door and asked him to call a colleague to take the others to their respective hotels.
Assured that a friend was on his way, Gosia and Claire, Lorraine and Andy jumped into the cab.
“Won’t be long”, said Carl
Sure enough after only 5 minutes a second cab pulled up in front of the club. We piled in. Hotel Particulier” said Carl.
The nasty looking Citroen pulled away from the kerb, its tyres squealing on the slick cobbles.
Back at the hotel, we all congregated in our suite.
“Well I want to nominate Heidi as the girl who gave the most and received the least tonight”, said Carl raising his glass of whisky in a toast.
“Yes”, I agreed,” she really didn’t get to cum as often as the rest of us”.
“Oh I don’t know”, Heidi blushed in response. “When you were hitting my G spot with your rabbit it was just fabulous, I think your hair is still wet Anna”.
I reached up to my hair and ran my fingers through it. “You’re right hunni, it is a little damp”, I took the wet ends and brought them round to my face, inhaling the still strong woman aroma. “And it smells good too” I said as I pushed a lock into my mouth sucking the juices from it.
Lorraine chuckled, “Is there no end to your horniness Anna”? she asked.
“No, I guess not, tho I must say, I’m feeling quite sore after tonight’s fun and games”.
“Yes me too, come on Andy, ‘Take me to bed or lose me forever’”, she said quoting from the movie Top Gun.
The pair of them drained their glasses of Cognac and kissed each of us in turn. Lorraine lingered on my lips and slipped her tongue into my open mouth. Despite my earlier statement about being sore, my pussy immediately moistened as her tongue flicked around my teeth. The taste of the cognac felt quite intoxicating. I pushed her away, “Don’t get me started again, I need some time to heal my poor pussy”
She laughed, “Spoilsport, OK guys we’ll see you later this afternoon”, then turned and taking Andy’s hand they left our suite and closed the door.
“Well, looks like it’s just the three of us then”, said Carl, stretching his arms wide.
“My favourite number” said Heidi.
“You can stay with us tonight, if you can put up with Carl’s snoring I responded. “The bed is plenty big enough for 3”.
“Would that be OK, It would be nice to wake up with the pair of you”.
“Of course it would, wouldn’t it Carl”
“That works for me, as long as I get the middle, in case I wake up horny”.
“In case? I’ve never known you not to wake up with a hard-on”
“I must warn you tho Heidi, she has bears breath in the morning, make sure she cleans her teeth before you kiss her”.
I picked up a cushion and threw it at him catching him full in the face. “Bastard, just for the record Heidi, he’s a morning farter, don’t whatever you do let him put your head under the duvet”.
I picked up our glasses and placed them all by the mini-bar.
“Come on you two, time for bed and you” I said pointing at Carl, “Keep your hands and cock to yourself, my pussy needs some recovery time”.
We each made our late night ablutions and within 15 minutes were laid in the beautiful cool, 600 count Egyptian sheets.
“Night sweetheart “I said to Carl as he leant over to kiss me.
“sl**p well”, he replied, “You were wonderful tonight thank you”.
The next day dawned bright and clear, an azure blue sky with strong sunlight streaming through the open curtains. I awoke in a state of confusion, not really aware of where I was, I glanced around the room, noting that the bed was empty, the duvet pulled back. Reaching down between my legs I felt a sticky mess there, Andy’s cum oozing out of me from the action of the night before. I put my finger tips to my nose and inhaled deeply, the pungent smell of stale cum both stimulating and revolting my senses. I slid my fingers back into my slick pussy and moved them around, first I fingered my clitoris feeling a start of sexual awakening, then ran them around my lips, the outer ones first then deeper inside spreading myself wide assessing my level of soreness.
Satisfied that I was ready once more for action, I threw the duvet back and climbed out of bed, curious where Carl and Heidi were.
I opened the bathroom door and saw why the bedroom was deserted. The bathroom was a long room with a sash window at the end and a pair of sinks on the right hand side, in the alcove at the far left end of the room was a richly tiled walk in shower. The shower was running, clouds of steam billowing from the alcove and in the corner of the shower was Carl sat on the shower seat on the back wall. On his lap facing me as I entered was Heidi her legs either side of Carl’s tanned thighs, bouncing up and down on his obviously engorged cock. As she raised herself using her beautifully toned thighs, Carl’s cock came into glorious view, She raised herself until his cock-head was visible her puffy cunt lips spread wide, before plunging back down again slamming it deep into herself.
Having slept naked I had no need to do any more to prepare myself than to hoist myself onto the marble sink surround and open my legs wide. Having done so, I made myself comfortable and slid my fingers into my stinking cunt, eager to orgasm at the sight of my friend fucking my husband.
The couple glanced in my direction and as they took in the lascivious sight of me masturbating redoubled their lewd efforts, up and down Heidi plunged on his cock, on each down stroke I could see Carl lifting himself off the seat and slamming his hard cock into her.
Fuck, I thought to myself that looks so fucking horny, I’m going to cum, my fingers flashing in and out of my cunt at high speed. Maintaining this rhythm with my right hand I started to circle my clitoris with my left. Almost at once I felt like my entire being was centred on that tiny little nub of nerve endings as I started to orgasm, loudly crying out as I did so.
My cries had an immediate effect as Heidi slid her hand down to her clit and rubbed furiously, she also started to cum her cries mingling with mine as her juices gushed from her and mingled with the thick white creamy cum spurting from Carl’s cock. Heidi collapsed into Carl’s lap his cock slipping out of her and dropping more of his cum down onto the shower floor to be quickly washed away by the water jets.
“Good morning campers, did you sl**p well”? I asked giggling as I did so.
“Morning sweetheart, you looked so peaceful lying there we didn’t want to disturb you”, said my gorgeous husband.
“Lying bastard” I responded, “You just wanted a quick shag with Heidi”
Heidi looked at me with horror in her eyes.
“If I thought for one moment you were serious”.
I laughed out loud, “Of course I’m not serious, all’s fair in love and lust”.
“So what are we doing today, any good ideas”? Carl asked
“After the exertions of last night why don’t we just take it nice and easy, maybe go down to the Champs Elysee and have a nice glass of wine, do a bit of shopping”?
“Shopping, we come all the way to the capital city of love and you want to go shopping”? Carl said in mock exasperation.
“A girl needs things if she is to make herself desirable to her mate” interjected Heidi, finally able to speak again after her massive orgasm.
We all chuckled, “So have you two finished in the shower, I stink after last night. God knows what the maid will think when she sees what I’ve left on the sheets”.
They both stood and soaped each other down washing the evidence of their morning fuck down the plughole.
Carl stepped out of the alcove, “It’s all yours”. He said as he walked to the towel rack and picked up a fluffy white towel.
I stepped into the shower. “Need a hand Hunni”? I said as I picked up the soap and started to soap her lower back and lovely white bum cheeks.
“Mmmm yes “ she said as I slid my fingers between her thighs, insinuating my forefinger between her lips. “No, not again, I’m still so sensitive”, she said as her hips twitched involuntarily.
“”Yes me too, if someone touched my clit right now, I’d probably kill them”, I laughed.
An hour later we were walking down the Champs Elysee in glorious summer sunshine.
Heidi and I were wearing floral summer dresses, mine a rich red with large blue and red flowers on it, Heidi in a demure white dress with a blue belt cinched around her waist.
Carl loped along beside us wearing a bleached out pair of jeans and a white button down shirt with a cream linen jacket slung over his shoulder.
“Hey Carl”, I asked, “Do you remember the last time I wore this Dress”?
“OK then smartass, where was it”? I responded quickly.
“It was the day we went down to the canal in Wiltshire and we took all those naughty pictures”.
As usual he was spot on, we’d gone down to the Kennet And Avon canal near Trowbridge and spent the hot Saturday afternoon taking some risqué pictures that we could put on our SDC profile.
“As I remember”, he continued. “We both got so horny that we stopped in a lay-by in the woods and had a glorious quickie in the passenger seat of the car”.
“God, yes, that was such a horny afternoon. Those poses on the lock gates were particularly sexy”. I replied.
“You at your very sexy best I’d say. Mind you the one of you sat in the pub garden has always drawn lots of positive comments”.
“Which one “? I asked.
The one with you sat at the table in your sunglasses with your right nipple just poking over the top of your dress, you remember it, don’t you”?
“Ah yes, I remember it now”
“That sounds like it was an afternoon to remember. You must show me the pictures sometime”. Heidi interjected.
“No time like the present”’ said Carl as we approached a pavement café. He spoke quickly to a waiter and slipped him some Euros.
“This way Mesdames” he ushered us to a table for four at the edge of the eating area beside the line of planters filled with shrubs.
Seating us both he sat down with us and took out his iphone. He scrolled through the icons and logged on to the internet. After a few more button presses and handed the phone to Heidi
“Wow” was her only response as she checked out the pictures.

“That looks so hot, no wonder you had to stop on the way home for a quickie. Shame there’s none of you tho’ Carl.
“Hold on” he said, “check the next page”

“Are you peeing in that second picture Carl”?
“Yes, I had too many pints at lunch time” he responded.
“Mmmm that looks quite horny I’d like to see you do that for real”.
“That won’t be a problem. We can do it when we’re back at the hotel” he replied.
“Did those people in the pub garden have no idea what you were doing” she then asked as she re-examined the pictures.
“Not a clue”, he answered. “Mind you we were fairly discreet”.
“I’d love to do some pictures like that with you two”.
“Us too”, I said “it would be really horny. Trouble is my camera is back at the hotel”.
“Let’s set it up when we’re back home, maybe we could go away for a sexy weekend and do some”, she said.
“You’re on”, I replied,” How about going to Bath, we’ve had some fun there too”.
The waiter arrived with our glasses of Sancerre.
“Cheers” said Carl, holding his glass up, we all clinked glasses.
“To our dirty weekend in Bath”, she said.
We finished our glasses of wine.
“Shall we see what Andy and Lorraine are up to”? Asked Carl.
“Yes, give them a ring”. I responded.
Carl dialed Andy’s mobile number.

For you Heidi
Chapter 7 on it's way.
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The Bar Pick-up Chapter 2

The Bar Pick-up- Chapter 2

Readers are encouraged to read the first chapter, to get a full idea of the beginning of the story, but for brevity, I’ll summarize the story so far. A husband and wife went on a long weekend vacation, in the Southern California coastal region. Hot, dry winds, called Santa Ana’s, are fierce at this time. The husband enjoys showing his wife off, before having her for his own pleasure. However, this time, things have gone farther than planned. She had several drinks with a stranger, after her husband had encouraged her to ‘see if she could pick-up a guy’, and instead of remaining on the hotel grounds, she was e****ted off the premises, and into a nearby park. The hour is near midnight, the winds are warm and powerful, and her dress, a black satin halter with a circle skirt hemmed to her knee, was blowing and being blown about, her ability to control her dress, and her modesty hindered by the weather, and the drink. The stranger had his way with her, and then left her to her fate, as he heard someone new approaching. And so we continue on….
I was shaking my head, trying to clear my senses as the buzz from the booze, and the sex-addled buzz in my ears was making me still heady and unsteady. The hot winds were rapidly cooling off the sweat and scent of sex from my body, and as I was afraid of not knowing who was approaching, I thought it best to make my way back to the hotel. I could feel his semen still in me, and seeping down my smeared thighs as I rolled over, and onto all fours. I was vaguely aware that I had not used any pregnancy protection, and as I felt it important, I began to clench my inner muscles, to try and expel as much of him as I could. I gave a series of soft, feminine grunt as I bore down, my legs wide as I held my torso up on my fingers, trying to use gravity to help me. I was rewarded with a plop sounding on the dry grass, and I looked between my knees, seeing a white, sticky glob of him trailing a thing strand of our combined fluids from my labia to the ground. The wind was still yanking at my skirt, and I had the fleeting thought that I was glad I wasn’t wearing a maxi-or ankle-length skirt, as the hemline might be over my head, instead of blowing up onto my back. My rear was exposed, to whom I wouldn’t know, but that didn’t bother me nearly as much. I knew my panties were with my husband, and for some reason took comfort in that. It was really becoming difficult to stay steady, and clear my head. Something was definitely wrong with me, but I didn’t know what it was. The heavy winds, and the rustling trees made it extremely difficult to hear, and since I had been warned of someone nearby, and being a stranger to the area, it was time to move.
I reached up to the nearby picnic bench, and with some dedication, managed to raise-up to be bent over on my unsteady heels. My skirt was flying about, up, down, out, and around, making me an inviting target. The ground was a tad rough, making walking all the harder, and as I raised up, just barely managing to stand upright, I felt a hand cover my mouth! The wind was howling in a gust, and the sounds of trees, leaves, and the rush of air simply allowed my stalker to grab me without a hint of his presence. I screamed, weakly, into the hand, and then felt a hot breath on my neck. Rough whiskers scratched at my skin, and a strong body-odor assailed my nose.
“Looks like ta’day’s my lucky day!” the voice almost cackled.
My hands reached up to the hand and wrist veering my lips, and I tried to pull it off, my nostrils flaring as I was now heaving my chest to breathe, but in my weakened state, I couldn’t. I didn’t have the strength to overcome his grip. I tried to kick at him, but, again, my efforts were fuzzy, weak, and uncoordinated. Something was wrong with me, and I didn’t know what it was! My captor began to pull backwards, and for a moment I feared I was going to be thrown back to the ground. Looking back, I wish he had. Instead, he began to drag me away, across the grass, deeper into the park. His other arm wrapped around my waist, and he hefted and dragged me in stages, until I lost sight of the street, into the darkness.
His voice kept cackling, laughing, almost. “Finally, pussy… I’s gonna get laid!” he exclaimed with glee. “no moe’ ass.. no moe’ bitchin’” was becoming his mantra. I had no idea what he meant, but then, I was dazed, and barely functioning. I struggled, my hands to his arms, alternating to get free, and once, I did get my lips free, and I took a large gulp of air, preparing to scream, only to have his hand slap back over my mouth. As he spoke, as he chanted, my hopes were fading, as the surrounding lights did, until it was utter darkness. Branches were being pushed aside, snapping back and giving me small scratches here and there, while the leaves and twigs snapped under foot. I was being dragged somewhere hidden, and I gave a last gasp effort to get free. I tried to kick at his legs, finally connecting once. I think I hit his shin, and he howled loudly. He dropped me as he fell to the ground, and I landed on my back. Blinking hard, I tried to get up, rolling over to my side to reach my hands and knees. The hem of my skirt was at my waist as I rolled, exposing me, but I didn’t care. I was scared now, really scared. I couldn’t see anything in the darkness, and heard only howling winds, the constant rush of trees, brush and branches, and the creep who grabbed me.
He was cussing a blue streak, and as I was now on my hands and knees, I felt his vengeance. He lifted my face by my hair, and slapped me, viciously, across my face and head, knocking me back on my side, and making me see stars. I moaned softly as I blinked hard, only to find my hair being grabbed up again, a full hand-hold and he began to yank. The pull on my hair made me lurch and I jumped forward, almost landing flat on my face at his feet, until he rose, and pulled my up by my hair. His cackling voice suddenly grew menacing.
“Bitch, you doan’ wanna cross me, cunt…we far enough away now tha’ no one hears you… Or will find you.” The voice and the threats made me feel a chill down my body, even though I was dazed. Through the haze it was clear to me… ‘Don’t make this guy angry’. He then slapped his hand back over my mouth and yanked me by the hair, using his new handhold to guide me, until we entered a clearing. I was surprised by what I saw. Instead of a clump of dried branches and trees, there was a home, of sorts. A tattered mattress, actually, now that I had time to look, two of them on opposite sides of the clearing. A small table made from scraps of wood. Small shelves, again made of scraps of lumber held some canned food, and a central pit was lined with heavy stones. A fire pit. Overhead was a tattered canvas tarp, dark, and it was tied to some trees, spreading it open. All in all, it looked like a camp site. Just one that was used for a long time.
I was again thrust to the ground, this time onto a mattress, albeit cross-wise. Landing sideways, my modesty a long-forgotten goal, as my dress was all about me, I watched as he undid his pants. The task was very simple for him, really. He had a rope for a belt, holding up what were obviously way-oversized pants, and with the slip-knot yanked, his pants fell to his ankles. Stepping out of them was similarly easy, and there he was, nearly naked, his very dark skin contrasted by gray hair, even a few strands in his pubic region. He was thin, almost gaunt, perhaps, and again, his odor could not be disguised. He had not bathed in some time. His thin, almost gnarled hand went to his cock, and he began to stroke it as he advanced on me.
“What’dya think o’this, cunt? Goan’ get some fine white pussy…’ he leered at me, his voice almost a cackle. “This ol’ black snake been in th’ sack too long.” He added. “Well, not countin’ ol’ Lawrence…”
My eyes bugged widely at the inference. This guy, this bum, he was having homosexual sex, and now he was aiming to stick his dick in me! I started to scramble, to get my feet under me, but as I got back to my knees again, he was on me, his body crashing into mine, the impact slamming me onto the mattress.
“Noooo!” I cried out. “Let me GOOOOO!!!!” I yelled, giving all I had to squirm out of his grasp. I grunted as I struggled, trying to get out from under him, yet all I did was succeed in winding up under him, on my back, and his legs between mine. My body was going to be taken. Sensing his superior position, and his advantage, he began to dry hump me, his dark snake rubbing along my folds, the top of his cock rubbing my fleshy petals, and despite my fear and fight, sending shots of pleasure through to my brain. I tried to pummel him, to use my balled up fists to hit him, but he took one blow to his chest, and used it to grab my wrist, and yank my hand over my head. I was shocked at how strong he was, for being so thin! I grunted and grimaced as I struggled, my feet kicking at mid-air, all the while his cock was rubbing at my petals, and my body was reacting.
My nipples were somehow even more sensitive, and more and more, the jostling of them against the satin material holding them made me feel more pleasure, just as his cock was teasing me. His pubic bone was colliding against my clit now, and despite my protests, my voice was declaring the rise of pleasure. A soft grunt now escaped parted lips, as my folds were now parted, and nothing was stopping him. He just continued to cackle, like he was having the most fun of his life, and how he was having white pussy for the first time in ages.
“Goanna’ breed me a white bitch! Fine white slut…” was becoming his mantra. As he would talk, his mouth gaped open,and the guy would drool, spittle splashing on my face, and exposed chest, making me shudder, and yet his spit was mixing with my sweat, cooling my body. Then he switched his motions, and he paused, holding his spear up, one hand dropping to his cock. He used his fingers to slid the cock head against my pussy, until he found my entrance. My hands were still on his shoulders, and even as I let out a long and loud wail of pleasure, it was mixed with despair. My fear was being realized, he was fucking me, and I not only couldn’t stop him, I couldn’t help but feel the pleasure of his cock. My body was already well-lubricated from my previous encounter, and he slid into me easily, yet while he wasn’t overly gifted, I could feel him as his cock plundered my body. My back arched, and my hands still pushed at his shoulders, my legs flailing, all hope now lost. He had me for his own.
He wasted no time in beginning to fuck me, pulling out and then pushing in, long, full strokes that were very, very quick. Each time his pelvis smacked my clit, I let out a loud ‘uhn!”, and with his frequency, there was a lot of my voice, along with his. His drooling seemed to get worse, and at one point, my mouth gaping open for air, and expression of pleasure, some of his spit rained into my mouth. I coughed, and tried to spit it out, but it made no difference. More of our bodily fluids were being shared. It is said sex can be passionate, and pleasurable, but it isn’t often talked about how messy it can be. And this guy was making me a mess. His body’s sweat, laced with his own body odor, smeared with mine, and I began to take on his smell, a fact that was making me want to retch, and yet I could not, for his cock was rapid-firing into me, making me shiver and shake. His final gesture was to cum in me, fast, and with absolutely no warning. Some grunts, and then a loud bellow, almost a high-pitched cry, and he pushed his cock fully into me, holding it inside me, and his semen spurted into my cavity. I don’t know how much, or how virile he was, but he was doing his utmost to mix his genetics with mine, his sperm competing with that of my previous lover.
I simply gave up now, I was beaten. My hands fell to the mattress at my waist, and my heels to the dirt and leaves, and I lay there, letting him do what he wanted. His hips made small, slow thrusts, as he gave me more of him, pushing every drop he had into my body, man’s natural instinct to fertilize a woman. He then surprised me by dropping his face to mine, and as I was gasping for air, his tongue attacked mine, his lips mashed to mine, as he kissed me. I squealed, somehow rationalizing that without kissing him, it was ****, but with the kiss, I was cheating. Kissing meant intimacy, it meant desire, and I wanted neither of them. Yet I couldn’t fight him off, as I was exhausted. I was simply too tired to care. My head was still bussy, and my limbs weak, and it didn’t matter to me how many times he would fuck me, or who else wanted to. I would not stop them. I couldn’t.
The kiss seemed to last an eternity, but was broken by a voice off to one side… “Hey, asshole…” a darker, more sinister-sounding voice chimed in. “Get off her… I wanna` turn.”
I turned to see, but couldn’t see much in the darkness, but I could tell the man’s shape, his naked form, and since he was nearly invisible, I deduced he had to be black, and the only inescapable conclusion…. It was Lawrence.
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Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Gosia sat up, zipped up her shorts and replaced her right breast into her vest top adjusting the spaghetti strap to ensure it was covered decently.
“Mmmmmm, that was sooo horny watching you sucking Carl’s cock like that, and when he licked his cum off your chin that really tipped me over the edge”, she said.
“Glad it worked as well for you as it did for us”, I replied. Do you often wank on public transport”?
“No, not usually, but it is such a horny book and you two doing your stuff convinced me you wouldn’t be offended” she replied.
“As if”, said Carl laughing.
“So where are you going, just to Paris or further on”? I asked.
Yes just to Paris, I’m meeting up with my friend for the weekend, she’s working here for the summer”.
“Is she a ‘special’ friend”? Carl asked doing his quizzical left eyebrow raised look.
“I wish she was”, she replied, “I’ve fancied her for ages, but Claire is a bit straight, if you know what I mean. I’ve only recently managed to get her to shave her pussy, it looked like a bit of a jungle down there”, she laughed.
“So she’s straight but she’s shown you her pussy”? I asked.
“Well not exactly shown, she often stays over at my place when we go out and we always share my bed, it makes me soo horny that she’s so cute and sexy but I can’t have her”.
“Hmm, maybe we could help you there, we’re here to meet up with a couple of our ‘special’ friends, we’re all going to a swingers club, maybe we could help you get what you want from Claire”. As I said that, the door to the carriage opened and the ticket collector walked through.
“Mesdames et Messieur, tickets please”.
Carl fumbled in his black linen suit jacket and proffered our tickets.
The ticket collector punched them and turned to Gosia.
“Mademoiselle, votre bilet s’il vous plait”.
Gosia launched into a full conversation of what sounded to me like perfect French as she dug into her back pack.
“Ici, monsieur”
“Merci, mademoiselle, *************
Her ticket safely back in her pack Gosia gestured to the pair of unoccupied seats facing ours.
“Mind if I join you”?
“Our pleasure” I replied.
She picked up her book from the table and grabbing her pack crossed the wide aisle and took the seat closest to the window opposite me.”So tell me more about this club, what happens there? I’ve heard about these clubs, but I’ve never been to one, sounds like it could be really horny”.
Carl beamed a huge cheesy grin, “Come as our guest and bring Claire, just tell her it’s a risqué night club, I’m sure she won’t be disappointed, in our experience once people see what some of the things that are going on they’re so turned on at being in their own private porn show, they just get carried away and join in. Unless she’s a total prude that is!?
“God no, she’s no prude, she and I have fucked our fair share of guys, it’s just that I think she’s totally straight, and I so want her to be Bi with me, I fancy her to bits, especially since the night when I saw her freshly shaved pussy”.
“Oooh “, I said that sounds interesting do tell us about it.
“It was back in the spring. We’d been out on the town; she called for me about 9pm. I’d been chatting to a friend on msn about how I wanted to fuck Claire and so I was really turned on, my pussy was really wet. My friend said that I should make sure she got d***k and then take her back to mine to spend the night”.
“Whoa, slow down”, said Carl. “Who’s this friend you chat to about your Bi fantasies”?
“Sorry, getting carried away, she’s a girl, part of a couple that I met on Xhamster, it’s a porn website, there’s loads of videos and some really horny stories”.
Carl looked across at me and we both laughed, “Yes we know it well, in fact we joined nearly a year ago”, he laughed again, “Go on”.
Gosia chuckled. “Small world, we’ll have to swap details”’
“I reckon we’ll be swapping more than details” Carl replied.
“Anyway we had a really good night lots of dancing and flirting with the guys at the club. She’d been slow dancing and snogging this gorgeous Italian guy and I was with his mate. It was all shaping up to be a good night, maybe back to their place to continue the party, if you know what I mean”?
“Yep, so what happened then”? Asked Carl
“Well, some idiot spilt his drink all over Claire, the guy she was with got pissed off and hit the d***ken idiot right in the middle of the crowded bar and before you know it the bouncers turned up and threw the boys out. By the time we’d got our bags and jackets, they’d disappeared. So no party for us! We were so annoyed we just got a cab back to my place and shared a bottle of wine. Claire was really tipsy and just as I was starting to turn the conversation in a sexual direction hoping to get her turned on. She upped and went to the loo, didn’t come back, so I went looking for her and there she was asl**p in my bed, stark naked with the duvet on the floor. She looked so sexy, tiny little tits, but with a lovely shape, really pert. And nipples just like mine, small brown and erect at the slightest provocation, we always laugh about it, say we’ve got twin tits. She’s got blonde hair, even lighter than mine, almost white
I was gutted. But then as I looked at her I had an idea, I got my iphone and started to take some pictures of her. I took them from all angles, her full body, her tits from a distance so both of them were in it and then some close ups of her nipples, they were only half erect so I sucked one until it was sticking out and took one of that. God it made me soo horny. I rearranged her legs so that they were wide apart and took some fabulous pictures of her cleanly shaven pussy. Her pussy lips were really prominent, they were really sticking out “.
Gosia blushed; the pinkness covered her face and chest.
“Certainly turned you on by the looks of it “, I chuckled.
“Oh God yes, I’m really ashamed, I just couldn’t resist it”
“Why hunni, what happened” I asked.
“I licked her”.
“Oh wow, what was it like” I responded, aching to hear all the dirty details, my already wet pussy starting to leak it’s juices again. It was obviously having the same effect on Carl as I felt his hand slide down my right thigh to just above my knee and start to slide its way up my thigh again under my dress. I gulped as his fingertips touched the bare skin above my stocking tops.
“Mmmm, sounds horny, do tell us all about it”, Carl said, his voice dropping a couple of octaves, always a sign he was getting horny.
“Well, I’d just lifted her legs so that her feet were close to her bum and her knees were nicely bent, they kind of just flopped really wide apart. So I went in really close for a nice close up and saw a little bead of moisture, just like a tear I s’pose just below her clit between her inner pussy lips. So I put my finger down and scooped it up and tasted it”
“Wow, was it good”, I asked opening my legs wider to allow Carl’s hand up to my naked wet pussy.
He pushed his hand down and probed, finding my arsehole, he started to rub it in a circular motion, increasing the pressure with each revolution until my sphincter finally opened to allow access to my insides.
“Ooooh I moaned” opening my legs wider, “You bastard Carl, I’m trying to listen to Gosia’s story”.
“Mmmm, me too, it’s making my cock hard again just listening to it” He replied as he slid another finger into my now gaping arsehole.
I looked across the table at Gosia. The flush across her chest had not diminished and her nipples were pushing hard against the material of her vest, like two hard little hazelnuts.
“You two are terrible, you’re both making me horny again, and she tweaked her left nipple through the vest, her face contorting in obvious pleasure.
“Go on Gosia, what happened next”? I said.
“Having tasted her juice, I just couldn’t resist it. I spread her legs wide and started to lick her pussy, it was so sweet, like nectar. I opened her lips wide with my fingers and licked right from her bottom up to her clit. She kind of twitched and opened her legs wider still, I’m sure she started pushing herself against my tongue. It was just so horny, so I just kept licking. I turned onto my left side so that I could still lick her and then lifted my knee so that I could rub my pussy at the same time. I don’t know what she was doing but she kept making these little snoring sounds so I guess she was still asl**p. But then the weirdest thing happened. I was just getting to the point where I was about to cum on my fingers, I guess I was jerking them in and out of myself fairly hard. All the time I was really giving her cunt a good licking, pushing my tongue in and out like it was a cock fucking her. She suddenly pushed her clit hard against my mouth, twitched a couple of times then rolled over onto her side really quickly. I only just managed to get my head out of the way. I watched her put her hands between her legs and apart from the occasional twitch she seemed to go into an even deeper sl**p.
“What did you do then”? Asked Carl. By now his two fingers were really fucking my arsehole sliding in and out, occasionally slipping into my cunt to scoop up my lubricating juices and then pushing them back into my gaping arsehole.
“I rolled on my back opened my legs as far as I could with her there and fucked myself senseless with all my fingers inside my aching cunt, I was so fucking horny. I really had the most amazing orgasm, I managed to get my fingers deep inside me and rubbed my G spot, I even squirted a bit on the sheet. I pulled the duvet over us both and just passed out”.
“God, that’s so fucking horny, it’s made me fucking wet. Carl rub my cunt as well hunni”.
Maintaining his stimulation of my arsehole with his right hand, Carl slipped his left hand down onto my clit and started to slide two fingers either side of it, just as I loved.
Though not able to see what was going on between my legs, Gosia reached down and once more, for the second time in an hour unzipped her shorts.
“I’m really fucking turned on now Anna, mind if I join in”, she said as she slipped her hand inside them.
“Sure hunni, open your legs a little” I replied.
She complied. I lifted my foot, kicked off my shoe and slipped my stockinged toes gently between her smooth thighs, pushing them hard against her cunt. I started to massage her through her shorts gazing deeply into her eyes to watch her continued arousal.
“Hold on a minute, I’ve got an idea”, said Gosia. She reached into her pack and pulled out a little tartan skirt, she slipped her shorts down her legs lifted her bottom off the seat and fastened the wrap around skirt with its buckle. She then sat back down on the seat spread her legs wide and pulled the top of her thong up towards her waist causing the hem of the skirt to move up and the narrow gusset to slip between her clean shaven lips, She looked me in the eye and said, “See much more practical, loads of access and I can cover up in a second”, so saying she flipped the hem of her tartan kilt down on to her thighs, covering up her pussy.
Good idea sweetheart, do me a favour lift this table into its stowed position so we can watch each other”.
Gosia reached across and lifted the table out of the way.
“Ah that’s much better, I can see everything” she said.
“Me too and I love what I’m seeing”, I replied my eyes riveted on Gosia’s pussy, totally fascinated by the large tattoo of a scorpion just above her mound on the left hand side.
“I love the Tatt Hunni, looks really sexy”, I said.
“Thanks”, she responded, “I only had it done a few months ago, I just love it”

I put my foot once more on her cunt and pushed the wet panties to one side, suddenly I could see it, and I felt a pang of lust shoot through my body, a mixture of what Carl was doing to me with his hands and the sight of that beautiful wet open cunt being invaded by my toes.
Gosia slithered her bottom lower in the seat pushing herself hard against my toes, I wriggled them to align them better with her open slit and they slipped into her wet warmth.
She started to rub herself against my foot as I also rubbed myself against Carl’s hands; he’d now removed the fingers from my arse and was concentrating his entire attention on my clit.
I felt my orgasm building; the feeling of my stockinged foot sliding in and out of Gosia’s cunt was almost exactly in time with the thrusts Carl was using on my cunt.
I started to pant like a bitch humping my cunt hard against Carl’s hand, my leg locked rigidly as Gosia in turn humped my foot. The pair of us were perfectly in sync our cunts both squelching with our copious juices and then suddenly almost as one we both came. Once more I tried to mute my cries of joy and once more I failed, Carl slapped his right hand over my mouth to try and mute my squeals of abandon.
As Gosia and I started to come down from our mutual orgasms she looked across at me and said
“Was it you I heard in the Ladies loo at St Pancras”?
I burst into peals of laughter. “Yes hun that was me, I was just soo horny I had to have a quickie. So that was you at the door asking if I was OK”?
“Yes, it sounded like you were either cumming or dying, I wasn’t sure which”,
We both burst into laughter, followed shortly afterwards by Carl. With tears streaming down my face I sorted out my dress and pulled it down to cover my exposed pussy.
“That is so funny”, I chuckled.
My chuckles were interrupted by my phone ringing.
I reached down to my bag and picked up my phone.
“Hello, this is Anna”.
I glanced at my phone and saw the caller ID, it was my friend Heidi.
“Hi sweetheart, what’s up”?
“Where are you gorgeous”?
“We’re on the Eurostar just about to go under the channel, where are you”?
“Just got off the ferry, heading for Paris, should be there in a few hours”.
“OK Sweetheart, we’ll see you at the hotel, your room should be next to ours, if the bl**dy booking went through OK”
“OK lover, if you’re there first, run me a nice hot bath, there’s a darling”.
“Mmmmm thinking of you, Carl is looking forward to seeing your new puppies in the flesh, we’ve got so much to tell you, we’re having a lovely horny journey. Mwaah”.
“ Horny? What are you two up to; you just can’t be trusted out on your own. I want to hear all about it when we get to the hotel. I’ll just have to let my imagination run riot till then”, she said.
“OK Sweetheart, I’ll fill you in later”.
I cut the connection and dropped the phone back into my bag.
“That’ll get her thinking; she’ll be imagining all-sorts on the way to Paris. Bet she has a bit of a play on the way if I know her, she never misses an opportunity for a nice wank”.
“Who was that”? Asked Gosia.
“An old and very dear friend, we’ve had a couple of really horny sessions together, she and Carl have watched each other cum on cam a couple of times too, dirty sods”.
“Wow” Gosia replied, “Really, that sounds so horny”. “What’s she like”, she continued.
Carl replied, “She’s stunning, a really sexy brunette, we met on Xhamster and really hit it off, it was mostly Anna in the beginning. But she and I have had some fun on-line together a couple of times, one night, when Anna was out with the girls we started off just chatting and as usual the conversation got around to sex and before you know it we we’re camming with each other, I was wanking and she was using her rabbit on herself, it was so horny, we both came really hard, I nearly covered the keyboard in my cum and she ended up ramming her vibrator into herself so hard I thought she’d dislocate her spine, lucky her mum was out for the evening”.
I continued, “Yes she and I are so alike, you’ll love her, she had her surgery just after mine, she has the most fabulous tits, they are similar to mine”. To illustrate the point I pulled the grey cashmere top aside and my black bra down to reveal my still very erect nipples to her fascinated gaze.
“Mmmm you’re right Anna, if they look as good as yours, I’m smitten, I’d love to suck your nipples they look so, so,..........suckable”, she laughed.
I re-arranged my dress to cover my boobs, as I finished tucking them back into the cups of my bra, the carriage door slid open and a waiter walked through the door pushing a drinks trolley.
“Mesdames et Messieur un aperitif n’est pas”.
We all burst into fits of laughter, imagining how he might have reacted had he come through the door 5 minutes earlier, me with my legs spread and Carl’s fingers deep inside me and Gosia similarly spread with my foot in her pussy. Having lowered the table back into position we all quietly sipped at our Gin and Tonics.
A short while later lunch was served and we all made the most of the superb a’la carte menu.
Having finished my dessert; I put the fork and spoon on the plate and dropped my napkin on the table in front of me.”That was really good, much better than the old British Rail curly sandwiches”.
“I should hope so, for what we’re paying, we could have flown 1st Class for what his is costing, “Carl replied.
“Ah, but I’m worth it Hunni”, I said snuggling close to him.
“Hey that’s not fair, I’m feeling left out over here” said Gosia.
“We can soon remedy that” I responded. “Wait till they’ve cleared every-thing away and we’ll have some more fun, If you’re up for it, that is”?
“Mmmm, sounds interesting, what do you have in mind”? She asked.
“Well, you’ve cum twice, and counting my little play in the loo, I’ve cum twice as well, poor old Carl has only cum once, so the least we can do is let you and Carl cum together before we get to Paris”.
“Can’t say fairer than that” chuckled Carl.
We sat in our seats, quietly contemplating what was to come as the lunch-time dishes were cleared from our table. Everything duly cleared away; Gosia once more lifted the table into its stowed position.
She looked from Carl to me and said, “OK then, who would like a fuck. As the only one with a cock, Carl, you’re elected; I so need a nice thick cock inside me right now and yours looked a perfect fit”.
With that she turned around in her seat and raised the tartan skirt up over her arse, displaying her still wet looking pussy to Carl.
“My God Gosia, you look so nice and tight, not sure I’ll fit my cock inside you” said a slightly breathless Carl.
“I’ll help” I volunteered. I knelt down on the floor between the two pairs of seats and started to tongue her gorgeous pussy lips. I started down by her still protruding clitoris and licked right up between her tight but exposed lips to her arse. Flicking my tongue around the browny-pink rosette of her arsehole she twitched uncontrollably as my hands opened her cheeks wide and I flicked my pointed tongue just into the opening.
“Aaaargh, Ooh that is so good” she squealed; shifting her knees wider apart on the seat.
“That looks so horny”, Carl intoned from behind me.
As I continued to lap at Gosia’s widely spread pussy lips and arsehole. Carl unzipped and took his now re-invigorated cock from his zip and stood with his legs either side of my head. He looked briefly along the length of the 1st class carriage to ensure that no-one was observing our lewd behaviour and slipped the glistening head of his cock into the now gaping slit of her pussy.
Meeting no resistance in her slick slit he slid deeply inside her, only stopping as he felt his cock was fully immersed in her hot wetness.
“Oh fuck that is good” he said, “so hot and tight”. Gosia responded by raising her pelvis towards Carl’s throbbing cock.
“Oh yes Carl, it feels so big, fuck me hard and deep, use my tight wet cunt, Fuck me hard you fucker”. The two of them started up a fast hard rhythm. On each stroke Carl would withdraw almost completely, exposing his purple knob-head, then ram his tumescent cock deep into her willing cunt.
As they started to increase the tempo of their fucking I reached above Carl’s cock and slid first one then two fingers into Gosia’s arsehole. Each time Carl slid deep inside her I pushed against the intervening membrane and could quite clearly feel the engorged veins on the top of his cock with my fingertips. With my other hand I cupped his cum filled ball-sack and started to pull down on it stretching its shaved smoothness down towards the floor.
“Fucking hell Anna, if you keep that up, I’ll be cumming soon”, he grunted.
“Yes, keep it up Anna, I’m nearly cumming too” Gosia echoed.
We all increased the speed of our actions, each time he rammed into her I pulled down on his balls and pushed my fingers hard into her arse against his cock through her delicate membrane.
As one they both came convulsively, I could feel the jets of cum as Carl squirted deep inside her, she in turn also came hard her juices jetting out in little squirts from around Carl’s cock.
I slid my hand forward from Carl’s balls and managed to catch their joint emissions in the palm of my hand and started to greedily lap them up like the bitch in heat that I was. I offered Gosia my dripping cupped hand and like me; she licked it until all evidence of their joint ejaculation was gone.
Carl collapsed forward onto his knees either side of Gosia’s thighs.
“Fucking hell you two, that was fucking incredible”, he said, “You’ve sucked me dry Gosia.
“Ohhhh myyy Godd”, she replied. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum so quick and so hard in my life. I don’t think my pussy has stopped twitching yet”. As if to reinf***e her statement there was a clearly perceptible twitch from her cunt and a long rope of cum glooped from between her now very red pussy lips straight onto the seat below. It was followed a couple of seconds later by an equal amount of white sticky goo that just hung like a drip of candle wax.

I quickly leant forward and licked her pussy clean, holding it in my mouth. I beckoned towards her face. Her lips joined mine and we spent a few seconds swapping the sticky cum from mouth to mouth, each of us swallowing a small amount each time until it was almost gone. With a small amount left in my mouth, I now beckoned to Carl, his lips seized upon mine and I felt his tongue invade my mouth and scoop the remainder from my tongue.
“Mmmm, God I taste good and you taste pretty good too Gosia “Carl laughed.
He pulled up the black linen trousers of his suit and fastened the waist-band zipped his fly and collapsed back onto the seat behind him. As I struggled from my knees to my seat, Gosia turned around and sat back down on her seat facing me.
“Mmmm, I really enjoyed that, I couldn’t have wished for nicer travelling companions” she said.
“So where are you going to meet Claire Gosia? I asked.
She’s got a long term hotel room at the Hotel des Arts on the Rue Tholozé in Montmartre, as it’s the weekend I’m going straight to her hotel and meeting her there”.
“Ah that’s a pleasant coincidence, we’re in Montmartre too we’re in the Hotel Particulier, it was recommended to us by some other swinging friends who’ve stayed there before, it’s supposed to be a really sexy place to stay, we can’t wait to see it”.
Gosia removed an ipad from her backpack and propped it on her legs, “What was the name again, if we’re close maybe we could share a cab”?

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The Chamber Of The Goddess by Cactus Juggler

Audrey Lehman was tired by the time she got off the truck. She was also excited at the prospect of what she had started to think of as her summer adventure. The other eleven young women traveling with her emptied out of the truck around her.

Together, they all clustered around the woman with short brown hair that was leading them. She'd introduced herself and Janice, and she appeared barely older than they were. After that she hadn't said much of anything to them on the last leg of a journey that had included three plane flights before ending with a bumpy four hour ride in the truck.

Like the other female college students around her, Audrey stared at the wild South American jungle growth around them as the woman had them gather their bags and follow her along a path that disappeared over the hill in front of them.

The trip was an amazing opportunity for those who were accepted. Audrey was ecstatic when she'd gotten word that she'd been selected. It was more than just an all expenses paid trip to South America, it was an opportunity to gain valuable experience and see new things.

The trip was closed to male students, something to do with only women being allowed at the site being explored. The short-haired woman had only told them that Dr. Bishop, the woman who was running the project, would explain everything to them when they got to the camp.


As they trooped along the narrow, overgrown path, Audrey couldn't help but marvel at the other women in the group. They were a mixture of ages, races and backgrounds. They all had in common were that they were college students studying or interested in anthropology or archaeology, and that they were all female. There was one other similarity they all held--they were all very attractive women.

Audrey had won a dozen beauty pageants as a teen, and with her slender frame and long straight black hair she knew she was a beautiful woman. All of these girls were just as good looking, albeit each in their own distinct way. There was the gorgeous blond, Caroline, and the athletic black girl, Aisha. A tall busty girl named Rochelle and a Hispanic beauty with incredible curves named Celina. Viola, Pansy, Shelly, Lisa, Paula, Lora and Gladys were all hotties as well.

It was a bit disturbing to Audrey. She was used to knowing that she was the prettiest girl in the room. In this company, she felt like just another girl. It wasn't a comfortable feeling.

The path led to a clearing between two low hills. There was a group of large tents at one end of the open area. One of the hillsides was being cut away in sections, revealing the wide, low steps of a what looked like a buried South American pyramid. The opposite hillside featured a work area as well, a cleared section that showed a large stone archway that led inside.

Janice told them to wait there while she fetched the head of the project to meet them, and then she disappeared inside the archway. After several minutes she emerged at the side of a taller, prettier woman who smiled at the sight of the girls.

As the two women walked towards them, Audrey saw that Dr. Bishop was a beauty herself. Next to her boyish assistant Janice she looked even more incredible. In fact, Janice was the only woman present who wasn't at least a nine out of ten.

Welcome, ladies. What you see here is the remains of something amazing. This was the site of an ancient matriarchal society. That's right, the tribe that lived here and built this pyramid, was ruled by women."

hey followed as she led them around the camp and told them about the project.

"We working against a deadline here, the government doesn't understand the importance of these ruins. They see this site, with it's small set of ruins, as a trivial find. They don't care that this valley was home to a very successful, if isolated, matriarchal society. The men that control this part of the world even have plans to run their new oil pipeline right through this valley, not a hundred meters from here.. I've gotten permission to continue work on the project and continue to run this site even after the pipeline is here, but who knows how much damage they will cause?"

Audrey was barely listening as the woman went on about how the predominantly male government didn't understand how important records of this ancient matriarchy were, and how other sites were considered much more valuable. The good doctor seemed to be a little bit hung up on the battle of the sexes, and Audrey just didn't care. She was all for women getting their fair share in society, but mostly she was tired and wanted to rest. Audrey didn't tune back in to the conversation until the doctor led them inside the archway on the hillside.

The arch and hallway behind it were stone, and their were intricate carvings all over the interior surfaces.

"One of the things that we don't know is how they managed to excavate these chambers. This hillside is basically a thin layer of soil over solid rock, yet somehow they carved out these intricate chambers. We're really not sure how they managed it," she told them.

"What's back there?" Lisa asked her, gesturing to an arched opening that was blocked by a makeshift wooden door, secured by a large padlock.

"That's the real treasure of this place. It's some kind of throne room. That room is off-limits, though. No one is to enter that set of chambers unless accompanied by me. We're concerned not just about the preservation of the site, but also about the stability of the deeper caverns. Besides, I'm afraid the carvings adorning the walls aren't quite fit for your young eyes," she said, and then she laughed.

"What do you mean?" Celina asked her.

She paused, smiling before she continued. "Let's just say that the carvings are of a . . . sexual nature."

"A throne room?" Viola asked with interest.

"Yes. We think they believed that the room had some sort of mystical quality. We're still working on it, but it appears that the tribe believed the room had the power to imbue one woman with god-like powers. When the ruler of the tribe died, the twelve most beautiful women in the tribe were chosen and would enter the throne room--but only one would come out alive, the one chosen by the place to be the new goddess of the tribe."

Audrey noticed that everyone else was staring at her, mesmerized by her story and serious tone. Then the tall blond woman laughed and said, "they may have been smart enough to put women in charge, but they did still have some loony beliefs, didn't they?"


In the following weeks Audrey fell into a routine. She and the other girls continued work on clearing more of the external pyramid structure while Dr. Bishop and her assistant Janice often disappeared into the opposite hill for hours on end.

Audrey and the other girls had quickly realized that there was more to their relationship than just being co-workers--they were obviously having some kind of relationship. The girls joked about it all the time.

It was all well and good for Dr. Bishop and her little lesbian love slave, but Audrey found being around only women all the time wore on her. She liked men, and missed the attention she was used to receiving.

The only time the girls interacted with men at all was when they traveled the two hours to the nearest city on the weekend. There they found the alcohol and fun they craved along with local men. Best of all was the fact that there were a number of other Americans there, men working on the oil project, and the girls soon learned which bars the Americans frequented.

The weekends were the only redeeming quality of the trip to Audrey. She was so tired of dusting off crusty old rocks that she thought she'd go insane.

The d***ken trips weren't without some issues though. Caroline had begun to feud with the latina girl, Celina, over a man. Caroline had built up something of a relationship with an American engineer working on the nearby oil pipeline, only to have him stolen away by Celina. The man hadn't been able to resist her hot curves and sexy dancing, and it had seemed to Audrey that Celina had only stolen the ass-obsessed man to prove that she could.

It amused Audrey to see them fight, she enjoyed the drama. It gave them all something to talk about, at least. The other issue with the weekends was that the stupid guard duty shifts still had to be manned--which meant that someone was stuck watching the door to the outer cave every Saturday night while the rest of them were out drinking.

That night it was her turn, and Audrey couldn't wait for her shift to end. She'd finished the novel she was reading, and it was still only just after one o'clock in the morning--and she still had all night to go. It was a welcome surprise when she heard footsteps and Dr. Bishop appeared at the entrance.

"I left some notes inside the inner chamber. I'll be right back," she said, and then she unlocked the door and disappeared inside.

It was only a few minutes before the beautiful woman returned. She closed the door behind her and turned to look at Audrey.

"I guess you all probably wonder at exactly what's in there."

Audrey did wonder--she knew they all did. The were sure the chambers were more than just a lesbian love nest. There must be something pretty cool for Dr. Bishop to keep them off limits.

"Well, I would like to see that throne room you talked about. What does the throne look like?"

Dr. Bishop smiled at her and moved closer. Looking around, as if to make sure that nobody else was within earshot, the tall woman told her in hushed tones, "There are twelve thrones, actually. The tribe believed that when twelve beautiful women sat in them a process would begin that would imbue one of them with incredible powers."

"What sort of powers?" Audrey said, in an equally hushed tone.

"The woman who was chosen was supposed to become irresistibly sexy to anyone who saw her, man or woman. If the drawings are to be believed, she could make anyone do anything she wanted."

Audrey couldn't help thinking that the doctor looked pretty sexy then, leaning over her desk. She struggled to avoid glancing at the older woman's exposed cleavage. Dr. Bishop laughed and then straightened up.

"Don't worry, as soon as Janice and I finish what we're working on we'll take you girls inside. Good night," she said, and then she walked off.

Audrey was still thinking about the twelve thrones that could turn a woman into some kind of sex goddess when she realized that the door to the inner chamber was unlocked. Dr. Bishop had forgotten to lock it. Audrey looked towards the unsecured door and smiled.


Celina was more than a little tipsy from their evening out at the town. She'd drank so much that even after the two hour trip back to the camp she still wobbled a bit as she followed the others down the path.

She'd enjoyed the night. The man she'd stolen from Caroline had been waiting for her at the bar again, and she enjoyed teasing him in front of her.

They'd just entered the dark clearing between the two work areas when Celina saw a light coming towards them. As it came closer she saw that it was Dr. Bishop.

"Good evening, ladies. Did you have fun?"

That set most of the group giggling. Those d***ken oil workers had been all over them, as usual. They did some crazy things in that bar.

"I'm glad. I just talked to your friend Audrey, she's pretty bored. Why don't you girls stop in and cheer her up before you go to bed?"


Audrey stared at the door. She'd already decided that she was going to go inside, she was just waiting until later to make sure Dr. Bishop didn't remember her error and return. She was surprised again when she heard the sounds of the other girls approaching.

"Dr. Bishop said you were lonely," Viola said as the group stumbled laughing into the chamber.

"It looks like you guys had a lot more fun tonight than I did," Audrey said.

"Probably, except for Caroline--she didn't seem to have as much fun as I did, but then she doesn't seem to have as much of a lot of things as I do," Celina said, and the black girl Aisha had to grab Caroline's arm to keep her from starting something.

"I did have one interesting experience tonight. Dr. Bishop was in here a few minutes ago, and she went inside the door. Look--she left it unlocked," Audrey told them.

"No shit? Damn, we have to go in there," Lora said.

"Wait! She was just here. What if she comes back?" Audrey said as the group massed by the unlocked door. Lora had already lifted the open padlock from the end of the chain and had her hand on the edge of the door.

"She went back to her tent. Come on, I've been dying to see what she's got back there ever since she said it was 'too sexual' for us to see," Celina said, and then Lora pulled back the door.

The hallway inside was dark, but the Pansy played her flashlight along the wall and found a switch hanging from the cord that disappeared into the distance. She flipped it and the work lights set on little stands every twenty feet flickered to life.

Audrey looked back at the entrance way and decided that she was safe. At this point they'd all be in trouble if they got caught anyway. She followed joined the group and they moved deeper into the smooth-walled tunnel.

The tunnel went a distance and then turned sharply to the right. When they round the turn they came upon a large, open room with twelve huge stone chairs arranged in a circle. Darkness loomed in open archways that led out of the room in what seemed like every direction.

"Holy crap. She wasn't k**ding about the art. Look at this!" Paula said, and they all started to look more closely at the walls of the chamber.

Everywhere there were simplistic drawings in a strange style, depicting all sorts of sexual situations. Audrey realized the drawings weren't just on the walls, they covered the floor and the ceiling and the stone chairs as well. She stared at them and couldn't help but be fascinated by the recurring themes. In all of them a woman was being serviced somehow, by men and women both, but it wasn't just sex. Looking at them pictures she got the feeling that the woman depicted was being worshiped by her partners.

Here the woman was standing over two other figures who kissed her feet. There the woman stood with another woman kneeling behind her with her face pressed into the standing woman's rear. Next to that, the woman stared at a group of men and women, with some sort of lightning shooting out of her eyes at them! It was all very strange, but Audrey found it sort of sexy at the same time.

"What's with all these chairs?" someone asked.

"Dr. Bishop said that when the twelve beautiful women came in here, they sat in them and one was chosen," Audrey said.

"Chosen to be the leader?"

"Actually, she said that these chairs gave the chosen one some kind of power. That it turned them into a sex goddess or something," Audrey replied.

"There's twelve of us, isn't there? Come on, let's try it," Celina laughed, and then she sat down on one of the chairs.

"Yeah, like it's really going to work," Lora said.

"What? Are you scared?" Celina challenged her.

One by one the girls took a seat around the circle until only Audrey was left. She was still staring at the strangely arousing pictures when she realized Celina was calling her name.

"Come on, sugar," the latina said with a laugh, doing an imitation of Audrey's southern drawl.

It irked Audrey, but she wasn't about to become the next target on Celina's shit list. She'd seen how much grief the girl gave Caroline and she didn't want any part of it. She pulled herself away from the wall she was studying and moved to the last open chair.

"Alright, here goes," she said, and then she sat down.

Nothing happened, at least not at first. Somebody laughed. Somebody else said "this is stupid." That's when the rumbling started.

Audrey felt a tremor shaking her chair and heard a low pitched groaning noise, and the first thing that came to her mind was that the chamber was going to collapse on them. Before she managed a second thought she felt a surge of energy pass through her, and there was a blinding light.

The light enveloped her, growing brighter and brighter until she felt herself drifting away, and then darkness came.


In the room where Audrey was supposed to be sitting guard, Dr. Bishop and her assistant felt the hillside rumble, and then watched as a massive stone block lowered to block the inner passageway closed with an enormous thud.

"It's started!" Janice cried.

Dr. Bishop lowered her head and pulled her lover into a kiss. When they separated she smiled at their success.

"We've done it. Now the female sex is going to be restored to its rightful place of prominence. The world won't know what's hit it when this is done."

"I wonder what's happening in there?"

"I don't know exactly, but I hope that whichever of them is chosen appreciates what we've done for her. We'll be her first lieutenants in the battle to take rightful female control of the world," Dr. Bishop said, and they kissed again.
Paula awoke to find herself alone in a strange, dark place. It wasn't quite too dark to see though, there was a strange soft glow. She looked around for the electric cords and lights, but she was in a different room that she hadn't seen before, and there were no electrical lines. The glow seemed to be coming from the walls somehow.

Paula had no idea where she was, or where the other girls were. The last thing she remembered was when they'd all sat in those crazy chairs, and then a flash of light.

She felt different somehow, but she couldn't put her finger on how. She lifted herself up and looked around. The room had three doorways leading out of it. She picked one and set off to find her way out.

The followed the hallway to another room, which had several more open archways of its own. She thought she heard a noise coming from her right, so she turned and followed the doorway she thought it came from.

When she walked into the next room she was relieved to see Lisa.

"Thank God, I thought I was alone," Lisa said when she saw her.

"Me too," Paula answered.

"Me three," a voice said with a laugh, and then Celina walked into the room from one of its several passageways.

"What happened?" Lisa asked as the three girls gathered in the middle of the room.

"I don't know. There was a flash, and then I woke up in a strange room, alone. I started wandering and found you guys," Celina said.

Paula noticed Lisa closing her eyes and sniffing at the air.

"God, what is that smell? It smells so good," Lisa said.

Paula and Celina watched as Lisa absently wandered about the the room, continuing to inhale.

"What are you talking about? I don't smell anything," said the beautiful latina girl, as Lisa wandered closer to her.

Paula smelled it then too. There was something nearby that smelled . . . wild. The faint aroma of something dark and sexy, something that made her heart beat a little faster.

"It stinks, but it stinks so good," Lisa muttered, drifting around behind Celina.

Celina turned with Lisa, watching her as she moved around sniffing the air. Lisa kept wandering behind her and she kept turning, so that it looked to Paula as if they were doing some kind of strange dance.

"What are you doing?" Celina demanded.

Paula stared at the Latin girl's rear end every time Celina faced away from her. Her ass was fantastic, and Paula found herself thinking that it really was the most fabulous behind that she'd ever seen.

"Get away from me, Lisa," Celina scolded her, as Lisa kept up her quest to get behind Celina.

"It's you, the smell is coming from you. God, it smells so good that I'm going crazy," Lisa said, stooping forward as she continued to sniff around.

"From me?"

"I think it's coming from your . . . your butt," she said, and a helpless moan escaped Lisa as she licked her lips!

"Lisa!" Celina exclaimed.

Celina paused, staring at the flustered girl with fascination. Paula wondered at the strange interaction between them. From the look of Lisa's flushed face and stifled little moans, it was apparent that Lisa was getting aroused. From the expression of Celina's face, it was obvious to Paula that she had noticed the state Lisa was in--and what's more, it appeared that Celina liked the attention.

"If you just stand still, I can find out if I'm right. Just let me sniff it, please," Lisa plead to her.

Celina paused with her hands on her hips, staring at Lisa with a strange look. "You want to sniff my butt? That's sick!"

"Please, oh please Celina. It smells so good."

Celina stared at the girl with obvious disdain for a moment before answering.

"I don't know what's gotten into you. But if you really want to sniff my ass like a sick little freak, I'm not going to stop you," she told her.

Paula watched in shock as Lisa moved behind Celina and sank to her knees. She was frozen by the surreal sight before her as Lisa put her hands on Celina's hips and pulled her face forward into the Latin girl's ass.

"Lisa?" Paula called, as the kneeling girl buried her face deep in seat of Celina's shorts.

Lisa didn't answer, but Celina looked up at her with in shock. "Look at her, she loves it. And you know what, it feels fantastic having her jam her face in there," Celina told her, her expression turning to one of delight.

Paula couldn't believe her eyes. Lisa really did seem to love sniffing Celina's rear. What the hell was going on?

"Why don't I take off these shorts, so you can enjoy it even more?" Celina asked Lisa, and the girl nodded in return. Paula watched as Celina stripped off her shorts, leaving her wearing just a pair of tiny thong panties and shirt. The interaction between Celina and Lisa was disturbing to watch--somehow Lisa seemed to be completely engrossed with Celina.

"What are you doing to her?" Paula asked.

"I don't know exactly. But she seems to love sniffing my butt just as much as I love the way it feels when she does it," Celina answered, and then she looked down at Lisa. "Why don't you lay down on your back?"

"Lisa? Why are you acting like this? Why are you letting her do this to you?" Paula asked her as the girl lay down.

"Do what to me? Celina isn't doing anything to me, it just smells so good," Lisa said.

Celina moved over Lisa so that she was standing over the reclining girl's head, facing her feet. The Latin beauty lowered herself to her knees, so that she was straddling Lisa. Paula realized with a shock what the Latina intended.

"Lisa! She-she's going to sit on your face!"

Lisa ignored her and just stared up at Celina's hindquarters with what looked like awe.

"Butt out, Paula. She wants this, and now I do too," Celina told her, and then she sat backward, down, onto Lisa's face.

"I can't believe this is happening," Paula muttered as she stared in shock at the perverse scene.

"There, Lisa, now you can really smell it," Celina said with a moan of pleasure, as she wiggled her bottom so that Lisa's nose was buried deep between her cheeks. "Damn, this feels so good. I'm smothering you and you don't even care, do you?"

Paula was transfixed as she stared at the obscene tableau playing out before her, too shocked to move a muscle. Celina was seated on Lisa's face and appeared to like what she was doing, grinding her ass in the girl's face with growing vigor and moaning all the while. They continued like that for more than a minute, and Lisa, for her part, seemed to be enjoying the experience even more than Celina. From the sound of her muffled, snuffling moans and the sight of her wiggling hips, it looked as though Lisa was actually climaxing beneath the Latin girl!

"That's it, you're almost done. Just keep smelling my ass, Lisa, and soon it will be over," Celina told the girl below her.

When Lisa's body began to twitch, Paula was shaken out of her stupor.

"Celina! She can't breathe--get off of her!" Paula cried out.

"No, this is how it's meant to be. I can feel it," Celina replied between moans of pleasure.

"You-you're killing her. I won't let you," Paula said, as she moved towards the two girls, intent of pushing Celina off of Lisa's face.

It infuriated Paula even more that Celina just gave a contented little smile and continued to ride her twitching victim as Paula advanced on her. Just before she reached them, Celina reached down and flipped up the front of Lisa's skirt.

"Look at her, Paula. I'm not making her do anything she doesn't want. She loves my ass so much that she's made a mess of her panties," Celina told her, gesturing to the dark stain at the crotch of Lisa's underwear.

Paula paused at the sight, standing over the two girls and staring at Lisa's panties. The amount of wetness seeping through the cloth was incredible. How could she be so turned on by smelling Celina's ass? Lisa was twitching less and less frequently, and Paula realized that if she didn't stop Celina soon it would be too late. As she put her hands to Celina's shoulders, Paula wrinkled her nose at the strong smell that hit her. It was a pungent aroma, dark and nasty but sexy all the same.

"What's wrong, Paula? Do you smell something you like?" Celina asked her with a smirk, moaning again as she continued to ride Lisa's face.

Celina's scent was mesmerizing. Paula felt warmth growing in her crotch, and realized with a start that she was wet too. The memory of Lisa's mesmerized sniffing around Celina flashed into her mind. The horror of what was happening hit her, and she pulled her arms away from Celina and took a step back. The Latin beauty looked up with a knowing smirk at Paula's reaction, and the sight terrified Paula.

"No, stay away from me," She said, throwing herself backwards.

"Just wait, Paula. Just stay right there. As soon as I'm done here, it's your turn," Celina told her between moans.

Lisa's body gave a final twitch and then stopped moving altogether. Celina moaned louder, and then her body shuddered. To Paula's eyes, it looked as if Celina was having an orgasm of her own. She took a step back, and then another. It was hard to pull herself away from the source of the incredible sexy smell that still lingered in her nose, but Paula knew that if she let Celina's scent get to her that she'd be done for.

"Oh, God. That was great. Where are you going, Paula?" Celina asked as she lifted herself up and stood above the dead girl.

"You-you killed her," Paula stammered, still backing away.

"It was meant to be. I think I'm the sex goddess that Dr. Bishop told us about. Remember what she said about this place? You saw, you saw how she couldn't resist my ass. Look at my ass, Paula," Celina said, turning so that her butt was twisted towards Paula. "You can't resist it either, can you? Come on, I saw your reaction to my smell. Don't deny it, you want to sniff it just like she did. I'll let you, if you just come over here. And you'll love it, trust me."

It humiliated Paula that just the sight of Celina's beautiful hindquarters was turning her on. She did want to smell that smell again. She did want to bury her face in those beautiful cheeks and breathe in that potent aroma. She f***ed herself to take another step back, and Celina turned back to face her.

"Don't try to fight it, you know you want it," Celina said, and then she began to walk towards Paula.

Paula was terrified by the need she felt, by the sickening knowledge that Celina was right. She turned and ran into the darkness, the sound of Celina's laughter echoing behind her as her legs carried her as fast as she could manage.
Shelly was groggy, and she awakened slowly to a weird, soft glow lighting the room. Her eyes tingled with a strange pins and needles feeling. Her vision seemed fine, but blinking repeatedly did nothing to make the tingling stop. She stood up and looked around. There were three dark archways leading from the room. Which door would lead her out of the place?

Before she could start towards one of the doorways, she heard a noise from her right. Footsteps, and heavy breathing, fast approaching. A girl burst into sight from that archway, almost running into her. It was Paula.

"Paula! Where the hell are we?"

The panting girl leaned forward to catch her breath, looking back toward the door she'd emerged from as she did it. She was shaking and looked frightened.

"What's wrong? Is something after you?" Shelly said.

"Celina . . . it's Celina."


Paula straightened as her breathing calmed. Shelly watched in confusion as Paula stopped moving and just stood there, staring into Shelly's eyes. She just stared and stared, the moment lasting too long.

"Paula? What about Celina?"

The girl shook her head and looked down before speaking. Shelly noticed that Paula drifted a couple of steps farther away as she spoke.

"When we sat in those chairs we set off some kind of magic spell or something. Remember what Dr. Bishop said, about how this place was used by the tribe to give one woman power over the tribe? It's happening, and it's Celina that has the power."

Shelly stared at Paula, unable to believe what she was hearing.

"Don't look at me like that. This is for real, I saw it with my own eyes. She killed Lisa."


"She killed her. She sat on her face until she was dead. Lisa didn't even fight her. She . . . she *wanted* it."

"I don't understand," Shelly said.

"This place did something to Celina, did something to her ass. I can't explain it. Lisa couldn't look away from it and she . . . she couldn't stop sniffing it, sniffing Celina's ass. She just lay there and let Celina smother her and she *liked* it. I tried to stop Celina but I couldn't . . . she was going to kill me too. I had to get out of there."

"I don't understand, why would Lisa let her do that?"

"She didn't have any choice, I think. When I got to close to Celina I could smell . . . her. It's some kind of evil magic, because the smell turned me on, and Celina knew it too. She told me that I was next. I had to run. You're lucky I found you before Celina did. We have to warn the others," Paula said, gesturing to the other two archways. "You go one way and I'll go the other. Just keep on the lookout for Celina, and if you see her--run."

"I don't think we should split up," Shelly said as Paula started in the direction she'd pointed.

"We have to, it's our only chance to warn everyone before that bitch gets them" Paula answered over her shoulder as she picked up her pace.

"Wait! Won't we be safer together?" Shelly asked, but Paula didn't answer. She'd already disappeared into the dark archway and Shelly found herself alone again.

It seemed strange the way Paula had run off, but if what she'd said was true it probably was for the better. She blinked again as she set off in the opposite direction, but her eyes continued to tingle.

Shelly moved through a dimly lit hall, and then another. The maze of corridors and small rooms soon had her so confused that she wasn't even sure which way she was going. In the fourth room she came to, she finally found someone else. The busty blonde girl, Rochelle, stood in the center of the room. Shelly paused as she saw that Rochelle seemed to be squeezing her own breasts.

"Rochelle?" Shelly called.

"Who's there?" The busty blond returned as Shelly stepped out of the darkness.

"It's me, Shelly, I'm trying to find everyone and warn them about Celina."


"You know that sex goddess thing that Dr. Bishop told us about? It's Celina. Paula saw her kill Lisa. Paula said that Lisa had some kind of strange attraction to Celina's butt. Paula felt it too. And Celina made Lisa lay down and then she sat on her face until Lisa was dead."

Shelly was annoyed that the blond continued to cup and touch her huge breasts while Shelly warned her. This was serious business, and seeing Rochelle squeeze her big tits like that was a disturbing distraction.

"Celina killed Lisa? Seriously?"

"Yes! It was horrible."

"You think that sex goddess stuff was for real?"

"Paula said that when she got near Celina that she had an urge to to sniff Celina's . . . well, her ass. What other explanation could there be? This place really does have some kind of power. Um, Rochelle, why are you touching your boobs like that?" Shelly asked, unable to restrain herself any longer.

"Because they're tingling. And my bra feels so tight. I think they've . . . I think they've grown somehow," Rochelle admitted to her, and then the bigger girl pulled her shirt up over her head. Shelly watched Rochelle's huge breasts wobbling, barely restrained by her bra, as the other woman worked her shirt all the way off.

"What are you doing?"

"I can't take it any more, they're killing me," the other woman told her, and the she reached her hands up behind her back.

"Rochelle!" Shelly blurted, as the bigger girl unhooked her bra and let her breasts tumble free.

Her mouth fell open on its own, and a gasp escaped her. She'd never seen anything so beautiful in her life. Rochelle's breasts were incredible. They were enormous, but not in that fake, precisely round way that implants created. They looked absolutely natural, soft and heavy, but also somehow as full and round as if gravity had never affected them. Rochelle's bosom was so sexy and feminine that Shelly found she couldn't look away.

"They're perfect," she heard herself exclaim. Shelly felt a little shudder run through her as she realized that Rochelle's breasts were turning her on.

"I'm sure they're bigger, which makes no sense at all. And they feel different too, sort of tingly. I can't stop touching them, because it feels so good," Rochelle explained.

Shelly was mesmerized by the sight of the bigger blond girl's boobs. She couldn't look away from them. Shelly found herself thinking about how nice it would be to suck on them, and her pussy grew hot with the idea. What was wrong with her? She shuddered again, arousal flowing through her like water that had burst a dam. Not just a metaphorical dam either--Shelly felt herself getting wet.

"I see that you like the way they look now," Rochelle said with a laugh as she noticed the dedication of Shelly's gaze. "Shelly? Shelly? I'm up here."

It was difficult, but Shelly f***ed herself to look up into the blond girl's face.

"You kind of zoned out there, hon. Are you okay?" Rochelle asked her.

Shelly's gaze fell back down to the girl's mammoth chest as she answered, "They're so beautiful."

"You really seem to like them. Do they turn you on, Shelly?"

As hard as she tried, Shelly couldn't stop staring. Rochelle's tits were so perfect that just looking at them was making Shelly's clit throb. She was too turned on to resist answering Rochelle's question. "Yes."

Rochelle stepped closer, and Shelly was mesmerized by the swaying and bouncing that the movement caused. The bigger girl continued into Shelly's personal space, not stopping until her big tits pressed against Shelly's body.

"Would you like to kiss them, Shelly?"

Shelly didn't need any more invitation than that. She slid down Rochelle's front and brought her mouth to her left breast. She pressed her cheek into the great bulging curve of it and pressed her lips into a kiss. A helpless moan escaped her lips, and Rochelle looked down at her with a wicked grin that was almost frightening.

"You do love them, don't you?"

Shelly nodded her head as she kissed the bigger girls chest again. The feminine scent and sensation of warm softness excited her in a way she didn't understand. She'd never been so turned on in all her life as she was then with her face pressed against Rochelle's tits. Why was she so attracted to another woman's breasts? There was no resisting the fiery need that burned between her legs, though. She loved the way it felt, even if it was embarrassing to be so turned on by another woman.

"You said that Lisa had strange sexual urges about Celina's ass, right? And now my tits are growing, and from the looks of you I'd say you're having some strange sexual urges of your own. I'm starting to think that maybe Celina isn't the only sex goddess in here. What if I am too?"

Her mouth roamed across the soft expanse of Rochelle's huge tits. She licked and kissed and sucked at them with uncontrollable need. She loved the way the soft pillows of flesh felt against her face, and they made her feel so horny that her pussy was drooling wet. It was humiliating to feel so helplessly needy, but Shelly just couldn't resist the desire she felt then. Rochelle must be right, she must have some kind of power, and Shelly was falling under her spell just like Lisa had fallen under Celina's. It was a terrible thought, but still Shelly couldn't fight the urges that drove her to lick, kiss and suck at Rochelle's glorious jugs.

"The way you're so hot for them is really turning me on. It feels so good, like you'll do anything for them. Be careful, Shelly, they're so big you might just smother in there," Rochelle said, as Shelly licked at the valley between them.

Shelly felt Rochelle lifting and squeezing her breasts together around Shelly's face, and everything went dark. Even though she couldn't breathe or even see, Shelly felt like she was in heaven with her entire face in the soft embrace of Rochelle's tit-flesh.

"God, you don't even want out, do you?"

She did want out, but she couldn't make herself move. Feeling the blond's huge jugs all around Shelly made her so hot that she couldn't stand it. The fiery pain of her burning lungs was offset by the fiery heat of her sopping cunt. She was desperate for air, but more desperate to cum. She knew that had to pull herself away from Rochelle's chest or she was going to die, yet all she could do was stand there quivering with pleasure that drowned out her pounding heart. She saw flashing lights in her vision as the first orgasm rocked her.

"You're cumming! You can't resist me, can you? You love my tits so much that you're just going to stand there and let me kill you. God, you're cumming again--I am a sex goddess. My big tits are making you cum, and you can't help it. I'm making you weak like this, I can't believe it--I have complete power over you, don't I?" Shelly heard Rochelle gloating above her, as she twitched helplessly again.

Shelly's heart was pounding, and her juices flowed down her thighs as she came and came. Even as the electric sensation of climax coursed through her, Shelly still felt the shame of her weakness. Her last thought was of disbelief at the humiliating fact that she could be made so helpless by this girl's breasts that she would let herself die like this. Shelly shook one last time, and then everything went black.
Audrey got more turned on every second. She was seated on a throne atop a dais. A girl knelt between her knees, sniffing her at her crotch as a crowd of onlookers watched rapt with envy. They were her adoring slaves, all of them, and she was their ruler.

Audrey pulled at the girl's head, using the kneeling sycophant's nose to pleasure herself. It was an incredible turn-on to feel so powerful, and Audrey's pussy drooled its slick satisfaction at her use of the human sex toy. The brown-haired slave looked up at her with a mixture of fear and arousal as Audrey clamped her thighs tight around her victim's face. The sensations in her groin grew more powerful as she felt the girl begin to smother, and Audrey felt herself nearing orgasm. The moment was lost when the throne room around her began to fade away.

Her eyes flicked open as she awoke from the dream, and Audrey found herself laying on the floor of a room she'd never seen. She felt horny and realized that she was wet from her strange dream.

As she became fully awake, Audrey heard and felt someone sniff