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The man of your dreams

The man of your dreams

... your back to the entrance of your booth and don't here me arrive, I say hello but you are away with your own Naughty day dreams ... as I am the man that you were just dreaming of. I ask what the problem is and you show me the screen of your Pc and the message ... ... Continue»
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A Different Kind of Prom

... the community college "

Now it was my turn to get angry. "You are not going to throw
away your dreams on account of ... be. But I can
be the man of your dreams. I can help you get over your fear of
men. Together we can be man and woman."

Brenda shook ... ... Continue»
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The Girl of my Dreams

... of a shock, finding out that your girlfriend
takes of her cloths in front of ... 's the truth, it's you that I love,
and I would only go to bed with the man ... of lust in our bedroom.

Two years later, I married Kim, the girl of my dreams.

The ... ... Continue»
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... I was the most important woman in the whole world. It was only this afternoon that I finally realized that the man of my dreams was just like you are. So it was almost a natural that when I dreamed of my perfect lover, I saw your ... ... Continue»
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"The Man of the House" - Part 3

... “You’re the man of the house and you deserve a man’s truck.”

The weather began to warm and baseball season began for the high school ... be your dad?”

“I wish I was my dad right now? I’m sorry I’m not.” He stared into her eyes. “But I am the man of the ... ... Continue»
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"The Man of the House" - Part 4

... are the man of the house. You reminded me this morning what that means to you when it comes to feeling responsible to your s****r and ... be the man in your life, I let him be the man in mine.” She leaned back and took a hand of each one. “And for the life of ... ... Continue»
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"The Man of the House" - Part 6

... the two of you.” As he spoke, Amanda, who was sitting next to him, placed her hand on his thigh. “You say I’m the man of the ... ll be the man of the house. If that means a house in Nashville, then that’s good. I’ll be your b*****r Manda. I’ll be your son, mom ... ... Continue»
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"The Man of the House" - Conclusion

... your front.”

Manda did as told. Pushing her hair to the side, Sean began kissing the back of her neck. He used the tip of ... project. “The girls enjoyed preparing it and the man of the house enjoyed eating it.” That all laughed.

The rest of the evening ... ... Continue»
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"The Man of the House" Part 1

... the Casey’s were happy. Chelsey missed Rob, but the passage of time had dulled Sean’s awareness of the absence of a father. He was the man of the ... special.”

“Just don’t tell anyone, okay. I mean, any of your friends.”

“What happened is between us and ... ... Continue»
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I am the man of the house

... of got an idea that since I am the

man of the house, sex should also come with

the standard package. I need to satisfy the

woman of the ... the same saree my father fucked you

the first time?" "Yes! This is the same saree

in which your ... ... Continue»
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Push the point of your tongue inside my ass!

... of course I obey and enjoy it. It is a long licking..; “Now push the point of your tongue inside my ass” I put my tongue against the entrance of her arsehole, I ... ... Continue»
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... up when you saw Jack entering the room. he was hot as hell. the man of your dreams. just the thought of being near him could give you ... the day you and Jack are escaping. you will do exactly as you are told. you love obeying Jack. he is the man of your dreams ... ... Continue»
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For the Love of Holly

... of community service. Because of your skills and interests, you are to perform your service as a cook at the ... ... Continue»
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... frustrated. She was so near the man of her
fantasises, but could not ... dreams, he had never thought of fucking such a
sexy woman. He pulled the moaning Asha of the ... all the details of your engagement and your
fiancé", said Asha, pulling Anjali on the ... ... Continue»
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... if I knew you was sittin' in your car out front waitin', with the first three fingers of your left hand in Buck Tennyson's ... it-- had even had wet dreams about it. I tried to focus on how I actually had the man of my dreams over me, kissing me, taking ... ... Continue»
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... had only imagined in his wildest
dreams. She didn't seem to have any intention of
stopping what she was ... ..." the man stuttered.

"But your cock won't get hard, will it, Mike?"

"Well... I-I'm a little tired... you know it's early in
the mornings ... ... Continue»
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The Training of Jennifer

... The sensation brought her out of a fitful sl**p. She had had a succession of wildly shifting dreams: of her father and of David and of ... the boys can leer at your bottom and at the shape of your pudendum? They can see every feature of your ... ... Continue»
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A Job In The Theatre

... had met. Once your makeup is on, you are
the girl of your dreams. More importantly, you are the girl of his dreams. You can do ... sweet perfection. He had always
considered himself a ladies man. He loved the ladies. He had strayed a bit when Paula came ... ... Continue»
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Swallowing Cum (Blindfolded) - The Taste of Lust

... of cock and cum in the room, their taste in his mouth. But how do you say this to your wife, to the mother of your ... ... Continue»
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... got out of the water and came over and talked to us….wow!”


Your thing Daddy…. Your penis, it stretched your suit ... each year, the boy in him never far from the surface, still surprising me, delighting me … he’s still the man of my dreams, my ... ... Continue»
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