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The long night out. Part 1.

The long night out. Part 1.

... room to shower and get ready for the long night out, he dressed in his newly purchased ... had gone perfectly. She downloaded the last part of the deal onto her usb stick just ... all her belongings, thinking about reading the last part of her book when she got ... ... Continue»
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The long night out. Part 2.

The sun had long set behind the city skyline, as the blonde and friends headed into the club early. Heading upstairs into the VIP area, the ... fitted suit that clung to his chest, arms and the part she could not help notice every time she glanced down ... ... Continue»
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Delilah and the Deep Blue Sea. (Part One.)

... the face. As the disturbed water of the ship’s passage evened out and calmed I cried. The ... my saviour during the long night of our swim but ... the better part of the next six months.


(Part ... ... Continue»
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Girls Night Out:

... .
Jennifer proceeded to get dressed for the girls night out, she selected
a short grey skirt ... him tonight as she gave him a long hot wet kiss, letting her tongue swirl ... it. Roberts tongue just included the strapon as part of his licking action.
Jennifer ... ... Continue»
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Moms' Night Out (Part 2)

... tell Eduardo that I was going camping for the night with my friend and his Dad and ... her eyes and kissed her deep and long. He started to thrust even harder and ... pubic hair tickling my balls as I bottomed out against her cervix. Mom had since started to ... ... Continue»
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Moms Night Out (Part 3)

... was living there. She never even spent the night out..until Eduardo.

Mom then heard Eduardo's voice ... her son, and the guys were very excited to be part of the plan. Neither had ... bliss as long as we could. I was the first to notice the movement on ... ... Continue»
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Staff Night out part 1

We were well into the staff xmas night out, everyone was pissed or those who were boring had pissed off.
Being the boss I felt I had ... .She was rubbing me furiously now and I didn't think I'd last long like that.'Stand up,' she said as I did so my ... ... Continue»
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The long night

... her.

His home was way out of town and during the long ride he took his wet finger ... it is going to be a long fun night." He then grabbed the first boys cock and began to ... dad's cock like dad showed you last night. The boy got down in front of his dad ... ... Continue»
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Date Night (femdom classic)

... exhausted slumber.

The sl**ping part of the night is always short at these parties, and it was
not long before I awoke ... would be ready shortly. Pat poured the wine, raised her glass
and said, " To the girls night out!" J and I clinked our ... ... Continue»
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Billiards and the Hooker

... soften, her smile at those words, "making love." "The best part is seeing her pleasure, her excitement, her satisfaction." I ... out very hard, there wasn't very much, since this amazingly passionate and expert lover had drained me well during the long night ... ... Continue»
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The Craziest Night of My Life.

... schoolers we joined the football team, which meant hitting the weight room. I began to fill out nicely and before long other girls ... what buddy?" Nick prodded.

"The other night we had some of the best sex in ages. And the weirdest part was it was to a ... ... Continue»
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slave part 14

... of men slap me and spank me over the long night. They play with the welts from my whipping and pull at my chains ... are in the poorest part of the town that exists to serve the palace that Sheik owns. A guard pulls me out of the cage and locks ... ... Continue»
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... hips making my cock stick straight out in my shorts.

I don't know if it had been the long night and lack of sl**p but ... and knew I hit her hymen.

“Now this is the part that’s going to be the most painful,” I said as I looked up into those ... ... Continue»
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The Long Weekend.

... while I'm gone." She said as she headed out the door. "I'll try not to be real long." I tried to busy myself while she ... here last night. Please I can't handle anymore." "Aww you poor boy" They laughed. "Don't worry honey, this is the fun part."

They blew ... ... Continue»
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The Quest (Chapter 7)

... her lock has been taken out as she sits on the bed, leans back and ... tomorrow and that I would be a part of the test. I was going to have to ... question him again.

Throughout the long night I lay awake with images of the next morning playing through ... ... Continue»
Posted by wastedaway 4 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Hardcore  |  Views: 241  |  

Delilah and the Deep Blue Sea (part three)

... I think that’s only part of the story however. Certainly it was ... out to pull me back to the world I had thought I had left behind for good.
Summer stretches long into the fall in the ... in the middle of the night. I heard her step outside the villa and ... ... Continue»
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The Perfect Woman, Plus (Part II) - Bright Lights,

... Monica weeping on my doorstep! It turned out the “perfect, buff guy” she’d dumped me ... my newfound bedroom skills owed a large part to being butt-hammered by a gorgeous ... me and did the long, hard plunging that we’d done that first night, her silky ... ... Continue»
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the conversion of Beth part 3 of 3

... a club on saturday night.

In part 2, the girls all met at Mary's house where they helped Beth get ready for her night out, including being ... a big long gulp of her drink, and asked Mary if she should Mary answered "Of course go". She went out on the floor ... ... Continue»
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Delilah and the Deep Blue Sea. (Part Two)

... mewing cry you often heard at night, which frightened me until I discovered that the source of the cry was just a harmless little ... a part of life. I can remember once squatting on a rock, jutting out into the sea and baiting up some hooks on one of our long ... ... Continue»
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The Perfect Woman, Plus (Part III) - Happy Rear En

... part of the Perfect woman, plus story... Hope you enjoy it!

When I got home from my second steamy assignation with Amber, the ... her long, smooth legs.
“That night in the hotel ... the nurse.”

Amber smiled and sashayed out of the room. Even the ... ... Continue»
Posted by freegre 4 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, First Time, Shemales  |  Views: 501  |  
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