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The fun I had with a mother and her daughter

The fun I had with a mother and her daughter

... described how soaked she was, and had to undress as well, while she worked with her daughter. I noticed ... the door open. Our kiss broken, Melody turned and introduced her daughter Melissa to me. I had met her ... on this time.

Melody returned to our table, and began to eat her ice cream I had ordered during her... Continue»
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With a Boy and a Girl with a Huh

... mit mir zu tanzen. "the story of us, it always starts the same, with a boy and a girl and a huh and a ... , mich eingeschlossen, singt leise den Liedtext mit. "let's have some fun this beat is sick. i wanna take a ... just bust that stick, i wanna take a ride on your disco stick." Langsam beginnt sie aufreizend... Continue»
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Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 01

... a slut. I liked the submissiveness of being controlled and played with. I just had to sit back and ... opened in the front, I was able to see that she had on a black bustier that held her tits up high and ... was disappointed, but I was.

Carol lowered me back a bit, reached down grabbing my cock with her hand and... Continue»
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The Frustrated Mother and her Daughter

... smiled, leaned over and whispered in her daughter’s ear, “I had a big hard 8-inch cock take my cherry ... , they’re not exactly the kind of pictures a mother ought to be showing her daughter.”
“Mom, I sort ... as large as her mother’s. Both had attractive bottoms. The major difference was that Linda had more... Continue»
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The mother prostitued by her daughter!

... to know.
“I reckon it might be more, not often you get a mother fucking her daughter is it.” Lorraine ...
The continuing story of the mother and her daughter - part 3.

Paula and Lorraine were ... daughter into. Fucking her and her boyfriend had been well wrong, God knows she shouldn’t have gone... Continue»
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Mother and her daughter, and a giant dildo.

... told her mother about her “gentleman.”
“And, I got to keep the dildo, so we can have some fun ... to talk,” she thought. The thought had just crossed her mind when he asked. “I wonder, would you mind ... The continuing story of Paula and her daughter Lorraine

Lorraine knocked nervously on the door... Continue»
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Mother v. Daughter fun

... daughter looks a lot like me. Shew I wish I looked like her. She has that teenage body with the small ... I was witnessing. I have never looked at my daughter sexually before, but it had been 6 months ... you should have seen the look on my daughters face. She was utterly shocked. And I told her she... Continue»
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The daughter, her mother, and her boyfriend and hi

... the kettle, and turned and smiled at her daughter, “tea?” she asked.
“Oh yes please, I could murder ... .”
Lorraine couldn’t think for a moment why her mother should have asked. Ross had been fucking both of them ... been the fun part, now she was just a bag of nerves. She had felt great in her new underwear, which... Continue»
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The neighbor who had mother and daughter

... , after all, I did wave to him on numerous occasions, when I should have told my mother he was doing ... ", and I knew what it was I was holding, a vibrator, he had purchased a vibrator and was pretending ... he had given it to me, and I opened it and looked in, whether he knew I knew what it was made... Continue»
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Soldiers has weekend fun with mother and daughter

... was trapping her against the same locker that she had witnessed her daughter getting fucked on.
“please ... Mike you have had your fun with Maria, I’m too old for you, besides i haven’t been near a man since my ... flooded just as her daughter had previously, cunt juice leaked all over Mike’s hand, reaching behind... Continue»
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mixed thoughts..mother and daughter have fun.

... Jack who had walked over in her mouth she was tasting her mothers cum.

i was now rock hard myself ... my wife went out last night and she came home smiling,,i asked her what had happened for such a big ... turned 18 and she decided to go out with her mother and her mates whilst i was just finishing work... Continue»
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The mother, her daughter, and her boyfriend

... , but needed a teacher. Ross would be her teacher. They had all evening, her mother had just gone out to spend ... in which the mother was going to teach her daughter how to suck and fuck. Right as if!
Lorraine held ... thought, “I taste alright.”
“Ross, fuck my daughter” Paula commanded.
Lorraine laid on her back... Continue»
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A mother and her daughter tease and tease and teee

... the front door to close it.
"Excuse me mother" i said winking at her and shaking my bum at her.

I ... thrusted at the same time, we both jolted. Her 36D boobs had come out of her bra, i kept running my ... small ass and i weigh in at 105 lbs with a height of 5"1. I had always thought my mom was quite hot... Continue»
Posted by linda47 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  
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Fun with Aunty & her Daughter

... . Then I wondered what it would be like to have sex with her. I even had great dreams about doing my aunt ... the heat from her cunt it was now stark naked as she had no panty underneath. Then I started to undo her ... next to each other and again,mean while her mother fingering herself. .That night I fucked both thrice... Continue»
Posted by loverboyytron 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature, Hardcore  |  
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Like daughter like mother with pic I hope

... had thought she was not home and so did her mother. I slipped into the hall completely naked ... my wife and daughter. It isn't it is instead about my daughters friend Char and her mom Peg.

I ran ... was in approaching me and her reaction was total shock. Char said OMG I didn't think mom had... Continue»
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The Daughter I Never Had

... She was bent over my lap - her 18 year-old ass naked and quivering - and I had to stop and think ... how hard you've worked. You're like the daughter I never had. I know you want to get a degree ... it's stupid, Mr. C. I'm honored that you would think of me like the daughter you never had." I was a few... Continue»
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I turn my wife and her mother into my sexual slave

... face. I had her remove my pants and
told her put her face in there and worship my ass ... . Both women were
till licking as I escape and sat down in the chair.

I had Lynn go get her dildo ... and I shoved it up her rear
in front of her mother. I then made Norma go to the
frig and shave... Continue»
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What a mother won't do for her daughter!!!

... she had just caught me fucking her daughter. Later that week at work as I walk the around ... was also afraid her mother would quit if she learned what nasty things I was going to do to her daughter ... how good of a time she had, and her mother looked up at me and and gave me the biggest dirty look like... Continue»
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i catch my wife in bed with her mother

Me, Jane and her mother
Introduction: i catch my wife in bed with her mother ... . The moan I

had made her make when I went down on her. The cheating bitch ! The absolute

whore ... daughters legs and carry on where I interrupted’
Again, the look she gave me, her eyes like daggers... Continue»
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Her game with a friend

... ... (i anasa mou barainei)
nikosss nikosss (opws sou psi8urizw sto auti paw ston laimo sou kai ston ... polu
lets play ... telwn a teleiwsoume mazi.....
lets play ... min fobasai.....
nikosss nikosss... Continue»
Posted by EyesWideShutGR 3 years ago  |  Categories: Voyeur  |  
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