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The first time I taste you.

... month, when you are taking the week off?” She asked: “We can have it at the first weekend and use the following week to ... he saw Carmella in her best sexual lingerie for the first time:

“Oh, God! You’re so beautiful, Carmella!”

He unclipped her bra ... ... Continue»
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The First Time

**** the names have been changed to protect the NOT so innocent

Kay and I had been married for twelve great years. Kay was 22 and I was 23 when we got married and neither of us had had very much experience with sex before we were married. The first few years of our marriage was spent Learning together about sex and what turns each other on. But as the years past it seemed like we had tried and done almost everything that two people could do sexually. Although even after twelve years our sex life was good but starting to slow down, we needed something to spark a new fire.

One day I ran across a swinger's magazine that had stories written by people about their swinging adventures. I had never thought about swinging before but the stories really turned me on. I bought the magazine, took it home and placed it in the nightstand on my side of our bed. I was going to bring it out that night when we were both in bed and read the articles with Kay to see what her reaction would be.

I thought that day would never end all I could think of was to get Kay in bed have her read some of the very sexy articles and see what her reaction would be. It seemed to take forever to go through our nightly ritual with dinner a little t.v, and getting the k**s to bed.

After what seemed like an eternity it was time for bed, the k**s were in bed asl**p and it was time to see what Kay thought about the articles that had turned me on so much. Kay went into the bathroom to change and get ready for bed. I undressed and got into bed removing the magazine from the nightstand. I was so excited that I could hardly speak. Finally Kay came out of the bathroom and got into bed.

She looked over at me and asked me what I was reading. I told her that I had bought a magazine with some articles that I would like to read with her. She acted a little annoyed and told me that she didn't like to read that kind of stuff. I told her that I thought she would enjoy the articles to just read one and let me know what she thought of them.

She finally gave in and moved over next to me. We propped up some pillows and started reading the first article. The article was about a couple having a foursome with another couple. It was a real turn on for me as they wrote about their sexual encounter and went into some depth about the sex they were having.

As we read the articles I had decided not to touch Kay in any way, I wanted to see what her reaction would be. If the idea of this type of sex turned her on I wanted to know. I thought that if I started to caress her that it may be this and not the article that was turning her on. It was pure torture not to play with her while I was reading. I can't remember ever being that hard before.

As she read I noticed that Kay breathing started to get deeper. I glanced down and was delighted to see her nipples were getting hard and starting to stick out. In my mind I shouted "this turns her on". Just when I thought I couldn't control myself any further Kay reached down and started stoking my aching erection. It felt so good I thought I would die. Kay must have been reading my mind because she reached over with her free hand and took the magazine being careful not to loose our place. Now with my hands free I reached down between her legs and stroked her pussy. It was wetter than I can ever remember it. I slid down between her legs and began to lick her beautiful pussy lips. Her juices were flowing down her pussy lips and over her ass. As I took her clit in my lips and began to suck on it she had her first of many orgasms that night. After more than an hour of love making and me cumming twice we layed together in the after glow. I told her that it seemed that the articles had turned her on as much as they had turned me on. She told me that they had but being we lived in a small town she would be afraid to do it because somebody might find out about it. Over the next few months we talked about swinging and read more articles on the subject. But Kay was still reluctant to carry it any further than talk. I wanted to take it to the next step but I didn't know how. I was afraid to approach the subject with any of our friends and was not sure about answering an ad in a swinger's magazine. I thought that my fantasy would never come to reality.

A good friend of mine John and his wife Lee had just bought a new house and invited us over to see it. John and I had been friends for a number of years and we had been to each other's homes numerous times for dinner or to play cards. Lee was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and had a shape to die for. I had many wet dreams about what it would be like to have sex with her. But it had never gone any further than that. As for John he was a flirt and liked to tease Kay whenever we got together. All four of us liked each other and had a lot of fun together. But nothing of a sexual nature.

John and Lee's new home was located about six miles out of town on a small ranch. It was a beautiful and isolated location. We arrived at their home a little after six and were warmly greeted. We were all friends and it was nice to have an evening to ourselves. John took the bottle of wine we had brought to the kitchen and placed it in the refrigerator. Lee and Kay left together to view the new home. John showed me to the bar and fixed us a drink. With drink in hand John and I set off so he could show me his new home.

It was a very nice house and I was impressed. John said you haven't seen anything yet come on I've got to show you something. We went out the back door, through the back porch into the back yard. There was a small building in the back yard I would guess about 20' by 20'. John opened the door to the building and motioned me to follow him inside. Inside I fond a nice size room there was a couch along the far wall, a wood burning stove on the near wall a few chairs here and there. In the middle of the room was an eight foot wide Jacuzzi. Now I was really impressed I told John that he had some house here. He said you think its good now wait till after dinner, we'll get in there and then you'll really appreciate it.

As we were walking back into the house Lee and Kay were just walking out to see John's little hot tub room. We went back to the bar to freshen our drinks and have some small talk. Kay and Lee came back in giggling and seemed to both be in a great mood. John fixed them a drink and we all sat around the wet bar talking. After a few minutes John got up and announced that he was going to go do the steaks and that Lee and Kay should get everything else ready while the men cooked the meat. John enjoyed cooking and was a great cook. Between John and the girls in no time at all we were sitting around the dinner table with a fabulous dinner before us.

We all enjoyed the great food, wine and friendship. We went through two bottles of wine during dinner and we were all feeling a little buzz, I know I was. We all pitched in and cleaned off the table and retired to the bar. After fixing a drink for everybody John said it must be time for a movie. Lee acted a little disgusted and said John your not going to put on one of your tapes are you? John only looked over at her with a sly smile on his face. John found a tape and put it in the VCR. It was a basic fuck and suck flick not much plot but a lot of hot sex. We all sat around the bar watching all the hot sex on the t.v. About half way through the movie John said let me freshen everybody's drink and lets all go get in the hot tub. Kay looked over at me with a confused look on her face then at John and said we can't we didn't bring a bathing suit. John laughed and told her she didn't need a bathing suit that she was born in the best bathing suit she will ever have. We had never been nude in front of anybody since we had been married and Kay was a little shy. Lee laughed and told Kay come on lets go change in our room. After the girls left the room John and I headed out to the hot tub room. We stopped on the way to pick up some towels. I was glad that we were the first into the Jacuzzi. After watching the movie and with all the sexual tension in the air I had a throbbing erection and slipped into the Jacuzzi before anyone could see it. The water was great; John and I set in the hot churning water sipping our drinks and waited for the girls. A few minutes latter Lee and Kay came in wearing bathrobes. Kay looked down at me smiled and let her robe fall to the floor. Stood there in the nude for a moment and then climbed down into the Jacuzzi. John's eyes were glued to Kay's body as she got into the tub. Kay walked over and sat down between John and myself. She looked over at me and said "oh this feels good". Lee put a couple more logs into the wood burning stove while Kay was getting into the tub. After all three of us were in the tub Lee removed her robe and got in. She walked over to the far side of me and sat down. She looked over at me and asked what I thought, I told her that I was jealous that this was great and I wished we had one. We all made small talk and just relaxed together.

I didn't know what would happen or what to expect. We were closer than we had ever been to my fantasy but I didn't want to make the first move. I didn't know how far John and Lee wanted to take this and I didn't know if Kay really wanted to go through with it even if they did. What I did know is that I was extremely turned on. If nothing else I had seen Lee's nude body, I guess I could live with just that. But I would love to do more than just look at it.

I was deep in thought about the potential that tonight offered. Kay reached over under the churning water and took hold of my throbbing cock and began to stroke it. I looked over at her and she just smiled back at me. I was so excited I thought I might go into shock what if somebody saw what she was doing. Then I thought what the hell and reached over to feel her pussy. What I found was John's hand. He had a finger in her pussy and was giving it a good working over. I looked over and saw that Kay was also stroking John's cock as he was fingering her. My mind was about to explode my beautiful wife was stoking John's and my cock at the same time and she was being finger fucked by John while she was doing this.

I was flooded with more thoughts and emotions than I thought were possible. My mind was racing at an unbelievable rate. Then I felt another hand on my cock I looked over at Lee, she had slid over and now both her and Kay were stroking my cock. Lee looked over at Kay and asked if she was going to share or was she going to keep both of us to herself. Kay chuckled and told her to help herself, with that Kay gave my cock a final squeeze and let go of it. Lee stroked my cock and said "ummmmm this is nice". I might add that I am quite a bit larger than John. Lee straddled my lap facing me, I put both hand out and grabbed her by the ass and pulled her to me. She raised up and placed her breast at mouth level and I began to suck her large nipple. As I was paying attention to her breast she was rubbing her pussy up and down the length of my cock. She reached down and placed my cock at the opening of her pussy and slowly slid down on it.

I was lost in my own feelings and had lost track of what John and Kay were doing. I heard Kay start to moan I turned to see that she was sitting back and John was standing between her wide spread leg's fucking her with abandoned. She was resting her head on the edge of the tub and was deep in the throughs of passion. I had a rush of mixed emotions, my beautiful wife was being fucked for the first time in our married life by another man. I was fucking another woman for the first time in our married life and doing it in front of my wife. There was passion, jealousy and the feeling of doing something forbidden. All at the same time. It was hard to tell what was turning me on the most the sight of Kay fucking another man or Lee's hot wet pussy sliding up and down on my cock. I looked up at Lee and she smiled back at me. She bent down and kissed me driving her tongue deep into my mouth as I explored her mouth with my tong she began to suck on it. I knew that I couldn't last much longer and was trying to use every trick I knew not to cum yet but I knew it was a loosing battle. Just then Lee through her head back and started to moan I knew she was starting to cum and that I could hold back no longer. I pressed my cock into her as far as I could and held it there as wave after wave of passion rushed over me. Lee now had her arms wrapped around my neck and was holding on for all she was worth. She kept screaming yes, yes, shoot that cum into my pussy yessss it feels soooo gooood. I know it only lasted a minute or so but it seemed to go on forever. I felt like I must have pumped a quart of cum into her, I can't remember ever cumming that much.

As our passion slowly subsided Lee kept her arms rapt around my neck and held me tightly. Our breathing slowly started to return to normal and she told me that when I cum I really cum she could feel every time I squirted my cum into her pussy. She said that she had never had a cock as thick as mine and she loved it. I was brought back to reality by the water rustling beside us. When I turned to look John was getting out of the tub. Kay was standing and bent over and kissed me, she said they were going inside to freshen up their drinks. Both John and Kay started drying themselves and laughing together. As they left the hot tub room John reached over and placed his hand on Kay's ass as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do. And maybe it was because I was still sitting in the Jacuzzi with his wife on my lap and my cock still buried deep in her pussy. After Kay and John left Lee and I just relaxed for a few minutes. Then Lee reached behind me and grabbed a towel. She dried her hands and lit us both a cigarette being very careful not to dislodge herself from my cock, which was still resting in her pussy. She told me that she and John had wanted to do this for some time but didn't know how to approach us or how we would react to the idea. I laughed and told her that we had been doing the same thing.

I told her that it was everything that I had thought it would be and more. But I had one regret, that being that I hadn't had a chance to taste that hot wet pussy of hers. She laughed and said you will get you chance because I'm not through with you yet. With that she bent down and gave me a deep passionate kiss. She broke the kiss and said she could use a fresh drink how about me, I told her I'm with you. She slowly stood up and freed my cock from her pussy. We both got out of the Jacuzzi and started to dry off. Lee was standing with her legs slightly spread drying her hair when she looked down between her legs and started to laugh. Look at this she said, how much cum did you put in me. I looked down between her legs and could see my cum flowing out of her pussy and down her thighs. I laughed and told her enough to get the job done. We walked back into the house laughing and headed straight for the bar. I fixed us both a drink. As we sipped on our drinks it dawned on us both at about the same time that John and Kay weren't around. We both laughed and Lee said "let's go see what those two are up to".

We walked together into their bedroom. Kay was lying on the bed with John on top of her. Kay had her legs rapt around John's mid section and they were engaged in some serious fucking. From our vantage point at the foot of the bed we could clearly see John's cock sliding in and out of Kay's pussy. It was one of the biggest turn ons I think I have ever saw.

I was fixated with the sight of John fucking Kay and just stood there watching. Lee reached over and grabbed my towel pulling it off. My cock was standing at full attention and she said "that is what I like to see, now I want to taste that beautiful thing". With that she got down on her knees in front of me and started to lick the length of my cock. She slowly sucked first one of my balls then the other. I leaned back against their dresser to hold myself up as Lee did her magic on my dick and balls.

I was enjoying the sight of John and Kay fucking as Lee slowly engulfed my cock with her mouth. I could feel my cock slide slowly into her throat and then she slowly slid back off of it just keeping the head in her mouth. Kay gives great head but this had to be one of the best blowjobs I had ever had. With the action on the bed and Lees talented mouth she was bringing me to the brink much faster than I had expected. I told Lee to slow down or I was going to cum. She looked up at me and smiled and said "that is the idea". Then went back to giving my cock her full attention. I couldn't take it any longer I grabbed her on both sides of her head and started fucking her mouth. Lee reached down between her legs and stuck her finger in her pussy. After fingering herself and getting her finger wet with her juices she reached behind me and slowly worked her finger into my ass. It didn't take long and I was pumping my seed into this lovely woman's throat. She did her best to swallow every drop but some of my cum was slipping out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Lee looked back up at me and smiled then took her fingers, retrieved the excess cum and sucked her fingers clean. She looked back up at me and said "ummmmm finger licken good". I told her she was a nut and lifted her back to a standing position and kissed her. I could taste the salty cum that I had just deposited in her mouth.

I broke off the kiss and told Lee that it was now my turn to taste her pussy. She smiled and said "be my guest". We went to the far side of the bed and Lee lay down and spread her legs. I kissed and licked my way from her breast down to that lovely pussy. I started by licking the outer lips then I licked her slit from base to clit. I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go and started to fuck her with my tongue. I worked on Lee's pussy until my jaws were starting to hurt. She reached down and grabbed my head and held it to her pussy. I could tell she was getting close to cumming. I sucked her clit into my mouth and began to suck on it. While I was doing this I worked first one then two fingers into her pussy. As I sucked on her clit I continued to fuck her with two fingers. She pushed her pussy against my face and screamed that she was communing. There was a flood of juices from her pussy. I let go of her clit and tried to lap up as much as I could.

Lee pulled me back up and kissed me, still coming down from her orgasm. As I slid up her body my cock slid into her pussy like it was the most natural thing in the world. John and Kay had just finished and were lying together trying to catch their breath. Lee whispered into my ear and asked if Kay was bi. I told her that she has never been with another woman and has never expressed any interest why. Lee said that she hadn't either but she was so hot she wanted to do something. I ask her what she had in mind. She looked into my eyes and then leaned up and whispered I want to eat John's cum out of Kay's pussy while you fuck me from behind. I told her that I thought she should just try it, don't ask. If she starts eating Kay and Kay is willing to continue I'll be right behind her in more ways than one. I rolled over on the far side of Lee leaving Lee next to Kay. I made the statement that I've got to rest for a minute. John got up and excused himself and went to the restroom. Lee looked over at Kay and asked her if she was having fun. Kay giggled and said she was indeed having a very good time. Lee rolled over on her side facing Kay and said oh I'm so glad, I know that the boys are having the time of their lives. As Lee was talking to Kay she placed her hand on Kay's thigh. Lee said you are so beautiful I know that John has wanted to fuck you for years now. Kay laughs and said, "I hope he enjoyed it I know I did".

As Lee talked to Kay she continued to message her thigh. Then Lee said you are so hot I can feel the heat from your pussy from here. Kay giggled and said I don't think it's that hot. Kay was still lying on her back with her legs slightly spread in a relaxed sort of way. Lee propped herself up on one elbow and looked down at Kay's pussy. Kay shaves her pubic hair in the shape of a heart. Lee saw this for the first time and told Kay that is so cool. When did you start doing that. Kay told her she just got bored one day and tried it. Lee moved a little closer to take a better look at Kay's "heart" and said you are going to have to show me how to do that. Lee then moved her hand from Kay's thigh and placed it lightly on Kay's pubic hair. "I can't get over this", Lee said, "I want one". Kay told her it's not that hard I'll help you if you would like. Lee told her that would be great. Lee ask Kay to spread her legs just a little so she could get a better idea of how she shaped it. Lee was now sitting up near Kay's waist. Kay smiled and spread her legs a little more so Lee could see her heart better.

Lee looked down at Kay's now exposed pussy and said, "oh my you have been having a good time your lips are all red and swollen." With that Lee reached down and ran her fingers over Kay's pussy lips. Then she looked back at Kay and said you are still so wet. Lee took two fingers and spread Kay's pussy lips apart and rubbed her clit. Then she inserted her middle finger into Kay's pussy. Kay moaned as Lee slowly worked her middle finger in and out of her pussy. Lee then removed her middle finger and inserted her index and next finger into Kay. Kay now had her head laid back with her eyes closed and was moaning softly. Lee slowly moved between Kay's thighs. Kay spread her leg's wide to accommodate her. Lee was careful not to remove her fingers from Kay's pussy. Kay's was breathing faster and deeper it was evident that she was enjoying what was happening to her. Lee lowered her head down to Kay's crotch and started to lick her clit. Kay let out a sharp breath and a moan as Lee's tongue danced over her clit. Lee then removed her fingers from Kay's pussy and placed both hands under Kay's ass lifting her a little. Then she went to work driving her tong as deep as she could in Kay's pussy. From the sounds that Kay was making I could tell it wouldn't take long before she had another earth shaking orgasm. I couldn't take any more I had to have some relief for my throbbing cock. I moved behind Lee who was kneeling with her ass in the air. I rubbed my cock up and down Lee's dripping pussy and slid it all the way in with one thrust. I began to fuck Lee from behind with all the strength I could muster.

John returned from the bathroom and saw the action on the bed. He watched for a couple of minutes and then moved to the head of the bed and placed his cock in front of Kay's mouth. She had her eyes closed and was oblivious to him being there. John eased forward and touched Kay's lips with the head of his cock. She opened her eyes and saw him standing there. She reached up and took hold of his cock and engulfed it into her mouth all the way to the base. Kay gave John one of the best blowjobs he had ever had. While Lee ate her pussy and I fucked Lee. Kay was the first to cum follow in short order by Lee. John could hold back no more and filled Kay's mouth with his hot cum. We all fell into a heap on the bed for a well deserved rest.

I must have fallen asl**p because the next thing I can remember was a warm mouth on my cock. I opened my eyes to find Kay giving me one of her best blowjobs. When she had my cock once again at full staff she moved up and kissed me and told me that she loved me. I rolled her over on her back and moved between her wide spread legs thrusting my cock into her with one move. We must have fucked for at least an hour during which time she came twice and I came for the fourth time that night.

Since that night we have had many swinging experiences and have remained close friends with John and Lee. But nothing has had quite the impact or the thrill of that first time. It has sold us on the lifestyle and the fun the can be had with close friends. Kay and I are still very much in love and have been able to separate fucking for the pleasure of it and making love.
... Continue»
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Being Vicky for the first time

(November , rain storms releases the opportunity to go and take a lonely car ride .... what can possibly go wrong?
Damn it….the car engine stops ,typical my bad luck , the torrential rain I am now soaked , who will stop at this hour to pick up a man in a terrible state wet sad mad…at his luck my thoughts take an abrupt end simultaneously with the car passing before me and slowly stops a few meters away from me)
E: I guess you didn’t see that coming? shouts the girl running with an umbrella towards me
Me: Thank you, I saw the weather I couldn’t “see” the car abandoning me on my own though(I answer with a scary and hesitant look) I am looking for a cab (how come they speak English in Greece?)
Q: At this time of night with this rain I can’t see it happen honey let us give you a ride ...sorry for the English my husband and I have been living in Athens for 5 years now but speaking and learning your language has proved more than we can handle
Me: It’s ok Greek can be very hard to learn we all know that…thank you for your kind offer but I’ll have to pass I don’t want to cause you any trouble and excuse my English it’s been awhile since I last practice it ...
Q: Don’t be stubborn we will get you there besides we were going for a ride in the rain as well and your English is just fine
Me:mmm maybe getting me to the nearest bus station probably would be fine ( well I guess there is no harm here I might as well accept the noble gesture )
J: Good evening my name is John and the girl who “persuaded” you is my wife Elli she can be very persuasive (he smiles) .
Me: Nice to meet you guys I am Vassilis
J: Where you going out for a drink at this time? God only in Greece…(he laughs)
Me: Nah ….loneliness …..just driving around ... but my car decided otherwise
J: Come on , man we can all go back to our place if you feel like besides we always look for new faces to hang out to watch a movie at least until your clothes get dry so what do you say? ;
E: Yes We the best collection of wines come we will have some good laughs ...
Me: guys I don’t want to cause you any more troubles than I already a ride back to my place or bus station would be more than enough besides you do not know me very well
J: we don’t know you so what? here is the opportunity to know you better besides we are obviously older we ‘ve been in similar situation as yours you will have some fun…
E: Older come on John, we are not that old, not that Vassilis doesn’t look very young and attractive …but we are ok aren’t we?
Me: thanks for the compliment I am 34 now but you really don’t look that much older maybe in your late 30s (was that a move on me by Ellie nah my idea )
Q: nice after that compliment we have toy at least get you a drink wither you like it or not (smiles unless you feel ashamed or scared or you have some other better plans
Me: Nah maybe a little scared of the unknown but what can you do **** me? (why on earth did I say that shit I need a glass of wine the rain soaked my brain as well hope they didn’t take offence of my bad joke)
J, E : haha no of course not that is the spirit .... hahaha lovely lets go home then ...
... (wow they must be loaded the house is a large beautiful detached villa bravo guys nice going )
E: well what do you think of our little place ;
Me: you call that little wow .... haha it is very beautiful
E: John start the “ movie” playing ... and put some wine while I give a change of clothes to Vassilis you are soaking ,come with me ....
( Was there a hint in " the movie " ? again I must be losing it where will she finds clothes on my size? after all John is twice my size worked out taller well I probably will look ridiculous but I at least will feel dry again : P)
E: hm how can I put it now ....what size are you ,How tall are you ;
Me: e 179 cm and ... John would be around 190 right ;
E: Yeah, but do not worry no offence you seem to have a rather female ass rather large right? sorry I like to be bold but take no offence I meant it only as a compliment …
Me: oh its ok the story of my life female ass and body if I was a woman men would beg but as a man women almost seem to ignore me ... hahaha just k**ding
E: I don’t know how to put it so here goes on your size I have only some dresses of me when I worked as a secretary do you want to put them on just enough to feel dry ;
Me: No Elli its ok I ll stay in my jeans besides fun I wouldn’t be comfortable in female clothes passed the time of experimenting with my sexuality, not that I ever, hahaha its ok I’ll keep my ....
E:let me stop you there what kind of insecurity is this ? you are a man ok let’s put you into something dry .... I'll leave here the dress and underwear and going to turn my back come on now hurry we want to catch the movie .. and don’t be afraid it’s just the three of us here ....
Me: Underwear Suspenders what is this all about ;
E: Well it's cold tights are necessary to keep you warm and suspenders to keep them tight aw they are supposed to be the only underwear in your size is that G-string and besides that they make your ass sexier trust me ...
Me: I think we just passed the point of weird
E: Do not be stupid ...
Me: But ...
E: Come on do not make me feel bad that I have nothing else to offer you ...
Me: I do not even know how to wear this ...
E: let me help you ....
Me: Hey Look I am embarrassed I blushed ....
E: stupid girl ... sorry I meant stupid guy ...
Me: ups here is the female pronounce ....
E: Come on it slept my tongue .... hahaha legs shaved hairless body hahaha you must have seen this coming ...
Me: Everyone tells me about my female feet, hands unfortunately the hairless body is natural
E: perfect who woman wouldn’t enjoy that?
Me: well i can’t fit into the dress maybe we should leave it ... Whew ...
E: let me hmmm .. I ll bring my corsets , wow yes that’s it Come see how your body is completely feminine especially now ... oh yes ....
Me: hey is my chest bigger with the corset a little.... and is this a super mini dress or are all in my head?
E: you will see the result in the end in the mirror because now I'm afraid you are going to chicken ... hahaha
Me: ( I've a wood the feeling of female clothes is smooth and amazing What a beautiful feeling .... oh shit Ellie will certainly see that )
E: well somebody seems to enjoy the dress and underwear besides me hahaha ;
( I knew it fuck how can I save it ? ) ... Me: too cold ,and ....
E: The cold has the opposite effect hahaha don’t be ashamed its normal .... do not hide that besides i must confess I am getting more wet watching suck a sexy feminine figure in front of me with a sexy outfit Wait
Me: What are you doing ;
E : make up, earrings bracelets I have everything stand still
Me: no no its too much what started like a game …I simply can’t ... I do not want to…
E : take it easy Since you enjoy it don’t be silly we will just see how you look like with my make up on and wash it away ...
Me: well for fun and just to see ( isn’t John worried what are we doing so long ; wondering how I'm going to look though am I beautiful as a girl?)
E: okay perfect ... incredible ... unrecognizable .... you are so sexy and cute ... I have a wig too do you mind?
Me: since we got this far the wig will not hurt us ....
Q: haha that’s the spirit relax .... Wait what shoe size are you wearing ..
Me: 44EU , ok that I am sure you won’t have ( oh fuck is that pump heels they look like they could fit me .... )
E: haha come on my Cinderella let me put you on your shoe ... wow ... I'm sorry but you make me horny ... look in the mirror your legs your ass look even greater and sexier with the pumps on I wish I had a sexy secretary like you….xmmmm.
Me: Unbelievable ... well ... I am looking for a girl like me so sexy I can’t believe it’s me I am looking in the mirror ( Wow I'm really unrecognizable wow .... Whew eh I feel so horny I should calm down I will be ridiculed .... )
E: Aren’t we all looking for such a beautiful creature…wait John now has to see you he will be speechless
Me: look I think he will misunderstand me ....
E: don’t you think by now I know my husband better and his tastes besides he knows I dressed you with my clothes and my taste as well ? Hahaha moreover don’t you want to see how you will appear in a guy and what he thinks of you as a female image.... ;
Me: (not only I want to by now I can’t stop thinking cock blowjobs fuck what 's wrong with me .... I am losing it slowly .. relax .... ) haha ok let’s go to make him laugh , as well with this mess of mine
E: yes yes ... " Laugh "
( here it is again why the “laugh” sounded strange to me? , nay I'm just anxious pfff let it go relax you will dry and you will go home to jerk off everyone will forget ... relax )
E: John we are ready surprise
J: .... well Elli you outdone yourself sorry but she is unrecognizable ... wow flawless figure the movie is ready ... here are your glasses of wine ....
E: Thank you baby I know : P ha-ha I 'm going to change into something more comfortable play nice while I am gone ok? hahaha
E: hahaha silly go quickly we will start the movie meanwhile
(awkward don’t speak don’t say anything... oh my god excuse me ... is that..?is it playing porn ... ; But these women do not have .. oh gosh they are not women they have cocks huge cocks they appear like me wait did he say she before for me ... “she” is unrecognizable ? what is happening how did I let it go this far ?I better hurry up drinking the wine make a small talk and leave… leave NOW )
ME: what movie are we watching? .... (as if I do not see what this is .... oh my god ... these dicks making me more horny why do I want them?... fuck I thing I am sexier and sluttier than the in this porn ... I want to be like them better than them …I can shuck more dicks than them i…can’t understand why is my mind so off but I have never felt this horny )
J: Vicky this is one of my favorite movies whenever I put it on my dick goes to stone in no time ....
Me: Vicky ; are you calling me Vicky ; ( I love Vicky yew it fits me perfectly ) .... what are you doing John? Come on dress up put it back in your pants man we make a little joke with Ellie nothing more ( is he nuts did he just like that put out his dick ?he is so hot I am feeling dizzy wet hot horny aroused I can’t control myself I want to suck his cock )
J: Vicky i am going to speak to you frankly , if I thought you would not dig I will never even bothered showing you , but I can see you are looking at it with lust you want to grab it . touch it don’t be afraid it won’t bite you ....
Me: ... but ....
J: Vicky it’s just between us now Elli doesn’t have to find out .... let alone someone else….it is reasonable after all seeing that it has the same effects to you too. Just grab it is firm as stone ....
Me: Look John I do not .... ( it makes me hornier calling me Vicky I can’t take my eyes of his cock I want to suck him like a slut ...?I started thinking as Vicky and as the slut Vicky .... let's just chill out .... )
J: Come on girl touch me here bring me your hand ....
Me: I did not .... oh it’s so hard really..... oufff what 's wrong with me ... ; I’m grabbing your dick ....
J: Come on my little girl you are just letting go of your real self , the female that was hidden the beautiful Vicky
Me: .... ( whatever I say I will sound stupid ... Look how much harder he gets now that I am slowly going my hands around it its better than touching myself .... I love this it is incredible I am only feeling more and more horny how much more can I get?....... )
J: Vicky are you sure you have never done this before .... ; mmmm my little sexy horny girl ... I can see you know how much you want to put it in your mouth .... which by the way is very feminine
Me: ( yes I want you to suck your dick and your balls) John we said no. we won’t do things like this and maybe I should be .... leave.... ( I cannot get my hand off ) ( oh my god do I feel lusty for his dick in my mouth why now why me why do i want to feel suck a slut)?
J: Come closer sweaty .... I ll be gentle .... Come ...
Me: .... ( ah I want it so much resist Vicky,-eh vassilis…eh fuck that -Vicky resist girl… ) .... well I stretched for so long maybe i should come closer like your knew or something.... it is very hard and quite huge ... mmmm
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Me: just one kiss one for the experience ? ... ( How do you stay in one my god .... Oooohh yes it is hot hard it smells cock and I like what 's wrong with me , I feel like the biggest whore and I want to feel even bigger .... What the hell live the experience his huge cock is tastes great fits great I like hearing him moaning yes I have to lick it with my tongue ) mmmm ...
C: mmmmmm I did see that coming you are even better than Elli in this and she has been my experienced slut for years .... Mmmmm
E: better;
( scare me .... oh fuck why am I not stopping she just caught us in the act I simply cannot stop him I want avidly his cock)
E: I live you two alone for a while and this the thanks I get shame on you (she smiles and laughs warm but why her husband is cheating on her )I Knew she was born an natural sexy little girl…how are we calling her John ; I see .... mmmm indeed she is doing it well ... even without my help suck him Vicky as he sucks my nipples oh fuck now i am very wet with you two as well.
( Wow I can see her wet pussy just above my blowjob and licking her nipples I live a dream )
J: We call our girl Vicky and every time I call her that she becomes more and more horny so she simply loves it....
E: Vicky you are soaking my dress .... mmm nice cock let’s try it .....
Me: Elli your mouth is .... oooooo
J: And you Vicky can certainly handle a stick... maybe we should go to bed to get more comfortable ? ....
Me: Mmmmm
E: Show how strong you are get her in your hands ....
Me: You Picked up with no problem ... unbelievable kiss me now and my strong fucker
C: fucker not just yet but soon ....
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E: But you're my lovely sweet little whore why would I hurt you ... I want your first time to be perfect for us
J: Vicky don’t get distracted resume your blowjob come on I need your mouth ....
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E: sssss my baby just my finger , slowly in I will open your little pussyass with SALIVA lubricant .... mmm I do not see great resistance are more than ready do you want it?
Me: mmmmmmm ( I want to scream but John’s cock is my permanent pacifier I do not change it .... )
E: two fingers wow ... ready I'll make my own ..... slowly ...... John give her a French kiss to enjoy her last moments as a virgin girl
J: always romantic my little Ellie kiss me Vicky
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E: yes but only if you French kiss me passionately afterwards ;
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E: how about you my girl will give me a taste of your load are you cumming?
Me: ahhh I'm ready ......
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( I am trying to suck his dick again I can’t stop myself even now?)
E: VICKY me not john again xaxaxa
Me: Sorry ... well .... I love licking your pussy as well
J: hahaha it doesn’t matter my baby we will have opportunities for many pleasure moments from here and on. maybe i will get to know you a friend of mine Peter so we could be two couples you'll love him
Me: ( yeah ... I will I am whore all this time i didn’t know but it’s time to move on thanks to Ellie and John , but let me just pretend that I didn’t hear it..i like to be a shy sexy girl ) .... um yes we should all get a coffee
Q: ohhhhhhhhhhhh I am cuming hearing Vicky being my whore partner and make a relationship between two couples made me so cum so hard….we will get to fuck with more than one man Vicky I feel like I met my soul slut s****r thank you
The story is purely fictional but I'd like to live with the right pair of horny people hope you enjoy it and please excuse my bad english
kisses everywhere
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Meeting Amanda For the First Time 8

It was bad enough that Sarah was standing directly in front of Tommy, but now she was asking what he’s been up to with her daughter. This is not how he wanted Sarah to find out about them. This was definitely going to make this harder to explain to her than he thought it would be. The situation would have been a lot easier right now, if there had been a big storm last night, but there wasn’t one. Plus, with Amanda upstairs calling him back to bed didn’t make it any better.

“So Tommy, are you going to explain what’s been going on between you and my daughter? Don’t you dare tell me nothing is going on. I’m not that stupid. Shit I walk in the door and she isn’t sl**ping on the couch and don’t tell me the storm bothered her. That storm was the night I left. Then I hear her calling you from upstairs, wanting you to come back to bed!”

“Sarah I, we, we can explain.” Poor Tommy was starting to stutter. The best he could remember, he has never been so scared in his life.

“Tommy, are you coming back up? Who’s at the door?” Amanda asked.

“Amanda you might want to come down here.” Tommy yelled up to her.

Both Tommy and Sarah could here Amanda get out of bed and head for the stairs. She pretty much hopped all the way down the stairs until she got to the bottom landing. Then she froze in her tracks.

“Mom, what are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here till tonight.” Amanda’s legs about buckled under her at noticing her mom standing in the living room with Tommy.

“Alright then, I’ll explain why I’m already here. I gave the airline my number and asked them to contact me if a seat on an earlier flight became available. Lucky for me one did. I was going to call and let you know but I thought I would surprise you.” Sarah said to them.

Neither Tommy nor Amanda moved from where they were standing. Both of them wanted to say something but couldn’t get the words to come out. They could see that Sarah had pretty much figured out what has been happening while she was gone.

Amanda turned and started to head back up stairs to go and put some shorts on but didn’t even make it half way when her mom said. “If you’re going up stairs to put some more clothes on don’t even bother. I’m already certain that Tommy has seen it all. So just get down here so all of us can talk.”

Amanda came back down the stairs and went over to the couch and sat down. She was feeling very uncomfortable wearing just the little bit of clothing she had on in front of Tommy and her mom. She didn’t understand why because she has wore less clothes in front of her mom, and well, all of you know how much she has or hasn’t worn in front of Tommy. She figured it was because they were all in the same room together. She tried to relax but it wasn’t easy.

Tommy went and sat on the other end of the couch but Sarah chased him over next to Amanda. All of them sat there for what seemed like hours until Amanda started talking.

“Mom I’m sorry if I’ve hurt and disappointed you. I would never do anything intentionally to hurt you. You know that.” Amanda was almost crying.

Sarah looked at Tommy. She could see he was scared and was probably hoping it was all a dream and that he would wake up soon. But that wasn’t going to happen.

“So Tommy, what do you have to say for your self? I bet you’re just thrilled to have been able to get a 16 yr old in bed. You probably think your Mr. Hot Shit for doing that don’t you.”

“No Sarah I don’t think that. I would never think anything like that. Your daughter has to be one of the most loving and caring women I have ever met. I never intended for this to happen. I’m sure you think I’m some kind of perv but I’m not. Please believe me.”

“Mom he’s telling the truth. If I wouldn’t have done what I did none of this probably would ever have happened. If your thinking that he took advantage of me, well he didn’t.” Amanda was pretty much pleading with her mom to believe her.

“So what you’re saying is that this is your fault.”

“Yes Mom it’s my fault.”

Amanda sat there and told her mom about everything that had happened out at the pool that first night in complete detail. She was surprised that her mom wanted to know about everything that they have done in the last several days. Amanda was shocked when her mom wanted complete details from both of them. What Amanda didn’t know was that her mom was starting to get very wet from hearing all the explicit details of everything Tommy and Amanda had been doing.

All of a sudden Sarah started to laugh which had Tommy and Amanda wondering what she was laughing about.

“Mom what’s so funny? Why are you laughing?” This was worrying Amanda. She didn’t see any reason for her mom to be laughing. This was supposed to be a very serious conversation.

“I need to apologize to the both of you. First, if you’re wondering if I’m going to call the cops and have you thrown in jail, well you’re wrong. That’s not going to happen. I’m not mad at either of you. Actually this is kind of what I was hoping would happen.”

Amanda was sitting there with her mouth open. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Why would her mom want this to happen? Nothing right now made any sense to Amanda except for her love for Tommy. Then she asked her mom. “What do you mean you were hoping that this would happen?”

Tommy was also confused about what he had just heard. I really didn’t make any sense to him either. He was starting to think Sarah might be a little nuts or something.

“Mom, what are you talking about? I’m like really confused right now.”

Sarah smiled at her daughter and said. “Amanda, you know how I get those feelings about people and you know that I’m hardly ever wrong about these things.”

“Yes mom, I know. Wait. So what you’re saying is that you had one of those feeling that Tommy and I were going to sl**p together. Is that what you’re saying?”

“No, what I’m saying is that I knew he was the one for you. I kind of had a feeling that you two would sl**p together but I wasn’t sure. I’m not saying that I wanted the both of you to sl**p together. Actually I was hoping that you wouldn’t but it did happen so there is nothing that can be done about that. I’m just glad you’re on birth control. I really don’t want to be a grandma just yet even though it would be cool.”

Amanda and Tommy sat there and looked at each other and then at Sarah. This was nothing they would have ever expected to hear.

“So, from what the both of you have told me, I would say that the sex between the both of you is good.”

“Oh no mom it’s great.” Amanda said more enthusiastically than she intended to. She started to blush a very deep red.

“Don’t be embarrassed baby. I’m happy for you that the sex between the both of you is great. That’s the way it should be.”

Tommy looked at Sarah and wasn’t sure of what to say. He was trying to soak everything in that she had already told them, but for some reason he had this feeling that there was more to all of this than she was letting onto. To Tommy, it almost sounded like she was relieved that everything was turning out the way she felt it would.

“Sarah, is there something wrong?” Tommy asked her.

“Why are you asking me that? Do you think something is wrong?”

Amanda started to notice it also. Something just wasn’t right.

“What are you not telling us mom. You’re hiding something.”

Sarah couldn’t stop looking from Tommy to Amanda without grinning.

“Alright I’ll tell you. The main reason that I’m not mad at you for sl**ping with my daughter is well I haven’t been a good girl either.”

“Spit it out mom. What did you do?”

“Well I’ve been seeing someone without you knowing it. I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out by now. Amanda, you know him.”

Amanda sat there thinking about who it could be. “Is it Johnny next door?”

“Nope, it’s not him.”


“Nope, not him either.”

“Don’t tell me it’s that guy that has boobs and wears women’s clothes.”

“Hell no, yuck, you must have lost your mind little girl to think that.” You could almost see Sarah’s skin crawl at the thought of that.

Tommy looked at both of them with a look of bewilderment.

“You don’t want to know Tommy.” Amanda told him.

“Well I know it’s not me.” Tommy said.

“Come on mom. Tell me. I don’t know who it could be.” Amanda was starting to get aggravated.

“Ok. Who’s been coming around the apartment a lot for the last several months?” She asked Amanda.

All of a sudden Amanda’s eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open. This was one person that Amanda never would have thought it would be.

“Are you saying it’s Eric? You’ve got to be joking mom. You’re seeing my friend Eric. Holy shit mom!”

Sarah sat there and shook her head yes, that that was the one she’s been seeing. She wasn’t sure if Amanda was mad or just totally surprised.

“Ok. I’m feeling a little left out. Who is she talking about?” Tommy asked Amanda.

“Eric is a friend of mine. He lives in one of the other buildings down from us. You would have seen him at my birthday party but he was out of town with his f****y.”

Amanda finally remembered something. She turned and looked at her mom. She was having trouble grasping the fact that her mom has been seeing her friend who is actually younger than her.

“Mom you do realize how old he is. Don’t you?”

“Yes I do. Amanda this wasn’t anything that I planned. It’s not something that I wanted to happen.”

“How did this start mom.” Amanda asked with a somewhat caring tone to her voice.

“Well, remember the day some of your friends came over and we had that cook out on the back porch.”

“Yeah I remember that. What about it?”

“Well not you or any of your friends realized he wasn’t out there anymore. You thought he went home. Well actually, he didn’t. He was inside with me. I had to go to the bathroom and when I walked in there Eric was standing there stroking himself and calling out my name at the same time. He about fell over when he realized I was standing in there with him. He never heard me open or even close the door so I pretty much startled him. When he turned around, I got a good look at his cock, I started to get excited.”

“Mom, how can you get excited about something like that? He can’t be very big. Probably four inches I bet.” Amanda was holding her hand up with her thumb and pointer finger spread about four inches apart.

“If you saw what I saw Amanda you would have felt the same way I did. It wasn’t four inches; it was a little over eight inches long and about two inches thick. When I saw his cock I knew I just had to have it even if it meant that I had to **** him.”

Tommy was starting to wonder if he should leave and let them finish this conversation. But before he could even move Amanda grabbed his hand. It was like she knew what he was getting ready to do and had no intention of letting him do it.

“So your telling me mom that Eric has an eight inch dick.”

“Yes sweetie.” Sarah closed her eye and leaned her head back like she was reliving that day in her mind.

Right then Amanda knew right away what her mom was thinking about.

“Well when he stopped stroking his cock and started to pull his shorts up I stopped him. I wasn’t letting that cock get away without me getting a taste of it. I leaned him against the wall and swallow all eight inches. All the way down to his balls. Mmmmmm. It tasted so good.”

The whole time Sarah was telling this she was sitting against the back of the couch with her eyes closed. She didn’t realize she was also pinching one of her nipples through the tank top she was wearing. She went right back to telling how it all happened without ever lowering her hand.

“I could tell that this was the first time he had ever had his cock sucked. I knew right away he wasn’t going to last very long but it was easy to see, and hear, that he was totally enjoying having his cock in my mouth. He just leaned against the wall and enjoyed this new sensation that he was feeling. I started to here his moaning get a little louder.”

Amanda couldn’t believe what was happening. She was starting to get wet from listening to her mom talk about what she did to Eric. She looked over at Tommy and noticed that it was also affecting him also. You could already see a slight bulge in his shorts.

“When I realized that he was getting ready to cum I took off my bikini top. I wanted his cum on my tits and also in my mouth. Eric never noticed what I had done until I took his cock out of my mouth. That was when he looked down and noticed my bare breasts in front of him. Just the sight of them made him loose all control.”

Amanda noticed her mom unbutton her shorts and then slid her hand inside them. “Wow my mom is touching her pussy right in front of me. I don’t even think she realizes that she is even touching herself.” Amanda thought to herself. She continued to listen as her mom continued with her story.

“Eric started stroking his cock again. This time it was a lot faster. He was ready to cum, and cum he did. He shot several large loads on my tits and then I shoved him back into my mouth. I wanted what ever was left. I could feel his whole body start to tremble as I sucked the last of his cum out of his cock. Damn it tasted so good. Mmmmm.”

Sarah didn’t realize anything that she was doing. By this time she had completely stripped and was sucking on one of her nipples and had two fingers shoved in her pussy. She was starting to moan louder.

Tommy and Amanda couldn’t believe this. Amanda was shocked by the way her mom was acting right now but she was so turned on by it also that she had the crotch of her panties pulled to the side and was rubbing her clit like there was no tomorrow. She wasn’t sure if it was from her moms’ story or from watching her mom pleasure herself right in front of her.

Amanda looked over at Tommy who was rubbing his cock through his shorts. She figured that if her mom is going to be naked then they should also. Amanda stood up and proceeded to slowly unbutton the shirt that she was wearing. That immediately caught Tommy’s attention. But it didn’t catch it completely.

She could see that Tommy wasn’t sure of which way to look. Amanda could see that he was enjoying watching her mom but at the same time he desperately wanted to watch her undress also. It didn’t bother her that he also wanted to watch her mom. It kind of excited her.

Once her shirt was off and she was standing there in just her panties she turned around away from Tommy, and proceeded to slowly wiggle out of them. The farther down they went, the more she bent over. She took a quick look at Tommy and noticed that he had his cock out of his shorts. It was already at full attention and he was slowly stroking it. Now his attention was more towards her than to her mom. She could here her mom moaning even more now.

Amanda bent back up and proceeded to get Tommy’s shorts off of him. She didn’t even have them completely off of him before his cock was in her mouth. She could here Tommy moan while she slowly sucked the head of his cock and ran her tongue in complete circles around it. She figured that he was just too damned turned on from watching her mom fingering herself in front of them and also from Amanda sucking his cock in front of her mom.

Tommy couldn’t believe anything that was happening. In his mind he kept saying to himself that there was no way this was happening. It had to be impossible.

Sarah didn’t even notice anything that Tommy and Amanda were doing. She was in her own little world at the point. She continued her story while still fingering her pussy.

“When Eric was done cumming on my tits, and I had sucked all of his cum I could out of his cock, I sat up on the counter and spread my legs, giving Eric a perfect view of my completely shaved pussy. He stood there staring at it with his mouth open. I watched as he licked his lips. I wanted that tongue on, and in my pussy. I called for him to come to me. Slowly Eric walked over to me. Never once, did he take his eyes off of my pussy. When he was directly in front of me I pulled him down till he was eye level with my crotch. Gently I pulled his mouth towards it. I could hear him breathe in my womanly scent and then let out a moan when he exhales. When his breathe hit my clit, it sent a shiver through my whole body.”

Tommy wanted to try that with Amanda so he pulled her off of his cock and sat her up on the couch with her legs spread wide. He leaned down and lightly blew on her pussy and clit. He knew she was extremely wet and that it would make it feel even colder. He breathed in that wonderful scent and then very slowly blew onto her clit. He felt her whole body shake when he did that.

Amanda wasn’t prepared for that. The feeling of Tommy blowing on her clit sent a shiver up her spine. She made a little noise that was kind of like a gurgling squeak. She opened her eyes and noticed that her mom was watching them and for some strange reason it didn’t bother Amanda. It actually excited her more.

Amanda reached up and squeezed one of her nipples between her thumb and finger. Her nipples appeared to be harder than they usually were. She could feel Tommy start to lick, her pussy so she just closed her eyes and leaned her head back. She wasn’t aware of anything or anyone else. The only sensation for her was Tommy’s tongue on her pussy.

She reached down and held Tommy by the hair. She knew he wasn’t going to go anywhere but she enjoyed having a hold of his hair. Plus with Amanda having a good hold of his hair she knew that his tongue didn’t have a chance to leave her clit till she had cum.

Tommy knew right then Amanda wasn’t going to let his tongue leave her pussy. She had her fingers so tangled up in his hair that he half expected to have to cut it to get loose. Every time he would run his tongue over her clit she would pull his head down and thrust her hips up at the same time. On the next thrust of her hips, Tommy shoved his tongue inside her as deep as he could get it. That right there caused Amanda to squeeze her thighs together around Tommy’s head.

Amanda was so close to her orgasm that she was having trouble keeping herself under control. With every thrust of Tommy’s tongue into her and the sight of watching her mom on the other end of the couch was just too much for her. She could hear her mom start moaning louder. Amanda looked down at her moms hands. They were moving really fast over her clit that she was sure she was going to give herself friction burn. Then her mom started almost screaming.

“Oh shit. Oh yes. Damn I’m getting ready to cum. Oh yes watch your dirty mom cum in front of you. I want both of you to watch me cum. Let him up so he can watch you dirty mom cum. Oh yes Amanda I know your close. Please cum with me. I want to see the ecstasy on your face from Tommy eating that beautiful pussy.”

Amanda’s mom was right about her daughter. She was close. She hated to do it but she released her hold on Tommy and let him come back up to sit on the couch between Sarah and Amanda. She had noticed that when he went and sat down that he was stroking his hard cock.

Amanda continued to play with her pussy while she continued to watch her mom. She noticed that her mom was doing the same thing. Both of them looked like they were in a race to see who would cum first.

Tommy was enjoying the site that was on either side of him so much that he was close to cumming also. The more he heard the girls moan the closer he was to cumming. Tommy watched as both mother and daughter pleasured there selves in complete synchronicity. Both girls were so in tune with each other that you would have thought that you were looking at a mirrored image of each other.

Tommy started to feel his balls tighten up. He was doing everything he could to hold back, but the sight of these two beautiful women getting their selves off, with just there hands, was more than he could take. With a long grunt he started shoot into the air. He didn’t pay any attention to were it went. He wasn’t expecting what happened next.

Both girls lost complete control when Tommy started to cum. Within just a few seconds after Tommy shot the first steam of cum into the air, both girls let loose.

Amanda and Sarah started screaming and shaking all over. They both had their heads tipped back as far as they could go, with only the whites of their eyes showing. Their heads jerked back down and their eyes went back to normal because the next thing they knew, both girls were getting hit all over their bodies by the other ones cum.

Tommy just sat there amazed at what was happening. There he was, sitting in the middle of his couch, with a beautiful girl on either side of him and their pussy’s shooting cum across him and splashing on each other. That right there made him cum again. This was one of the best sites Tommy had ever seen. This was something he wanted to be a part of. Being a one man audience just wasn’t cutting it. Tommy leaned forward right in front of both streams to the point of having the line of fire blocked enough that the girls were no longer soaking each other.

Both girls finally came down from their erotic high and just laid there on the couch trying to catch there breathe. They felt exhausted but somehow also refreshed. They could see all of there cum dripping off of Tommy, from his head to his waist.

Amanda leaned up and pulled Tommy down to kiss him. She could taste her cum and her moms also, all over Tommy’s mouth. She loved how the mixture of cum from her mom and herself tasted. She started licking it off of Tommy’s body. Then Amanda stopped kissing him and looked around Tommy towards her mom and said.

“Hey mom, you should come up here and see how we taste together. It’s just wonderful.”

Sarah got an evil smile on her face but then asked Amanda. “Are you sure that’s ok with Tommy? Both of you have already said that you don’t want to be with anyone else and I don’t want to ruin that between you too.”

“Well Tommy, what do you think? Is that ok with you?”

Tommy wasn’t sure what to say. With everything that had already happened this morning he was really curious as to what might happen next. When he looked at Amanda he could see this look on her face that said she really wanted this to happen. He thought about it for a bit then asked Amanda how she felt about it.

“The way I see it Tommy, this isn’t like we are having sex with someone we don’t know or what ever. This is my mom so I figure we could include her sometimes in our little play sessions. So if it doesn’t bother you, then I say lets have some fun. I know you thought about fucking my mom when you first met her. I watched you while you were checking out her ass when she was running back to the apartment.”

“You were watching out the upstairs window. Weren’t you?” Tommy asked.

“Yes Tommy I was watching. I wanted to see what your reaction was going to be when she asked if I could stay over here. So, have you decided? It looks like my mom is getting a little anxious on the other end of the couch.”

Tommy looked over at Sarah. She was wiggling all over the place and was already rubbing her pussy again. The whole time her eyes were directed at his cock.

“Well since its ok with Amanda then its ok with me. But if all three of us are going to have some fun together then maybe we should just go upstairs where we can be more comfortable.”

If Tommy only knew what Sarah was planning.

To be continued….
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My First Time (Not what you think...or is it?)

First time cyber hotter than expected...Contains the actual transcript from my first cyber experience...

My First Time (Not what you think...or is it?)

Hi everyone it's me again, Exakta66. I have another confession to make. I know you've heard this before, but this one is big. Are you ready? I am on a sex fantasy website. Oh yes, believe me. I know it sounds filthy and perverted, but really it's not that bad. Believe me, you should try it sometime.

Anyway, I know you've heard it before, but I enjoy reading the stories for the most part. I've even written a couple, OK thirty-four, of my own. I think it has improved my writing skills and has provided me with hours of fun. I find most of the stories interesting, but not always all that arousing. As I've mentioned before, in general I only find the girl on girl and girls with toys stuff arousing. OK, maybe a few other things. I really don't find reading about sex acts all that arousing for the most part. Same for me when watching porn and I know from reading here that I am not the only guy that fast forwards to the girl on girl parts. So, I really don't always have huge expectations in that area when I log on.

The other thing I really don't expect is to meet anyone on the site. I know it is not a dating site. I am a member of an Internet dating site. Actually two, but who's counting. So, that was never an expectation. I have to say I enjoy the messages and the chats with the girls on the site. Most I have met are very friendly and nice. They write some hot stories as well. But I never really had the expectation of meeting anyone. Certainly not for sex. So, when the subject of cybersex came up in a couple of chats, I literally laughed it off. I mean cybersex? Sounds like an oxymoron.

I think computers suck most of the time, but not in a good way. I have a hard time saying computer and sex in the same breath. Let's face it, I am a 48-year-old man. I am a bit old fashioned in some ways. The fact that I can even use a computer is amazing. But sex to me means being in the same room with another human, a girl by the way, and that is that. If I don't often get aroused reading about sex acts, I am certainly not going to get anything out of typing some conversation on a computer screen. Right?

So when yet another girl mentioned that she liked to cyber in a recent chat, I laughed it off yet again. It had been brought up to me in chats with girls before, but I never took it serious. I could not even have imagined myself sitting there in front of a computer with a straight face and attempt to cyber, as they call it. When the subject came up, I usually tried to change it. It is not like I am not easily aroused. Heck, I can snap to attention faster than a group of cadets when a five star general walks by. But only with a real live girl in the same room, or so I thought...

So, when I started chatting recently with a new girl, it just seemed like more of the same. ClassyLady made it clear she was into cybersex. I told her in our first few chats how I felt about it. I thought it was a joke, seriously. I repeated my feelings in our next couple of chats. But this girl was not the type to take no for an answer. She set out to seduce me, being the sexy seductress she is. Hell, it was more like ****. Let's see if I remember how the chat went. I may have to refer to the transcript I mailed myself. Oh yes, it went something like this.

ClassyLady: Hi.

Exakta66: Good morning.

Exakta66: Hanging out on the sex site again, eh?

Exakta66: How is your story doing?

ClassyLady: Have not done any more on it but have made notes for a couple of others.

ClassyLady: It is nice to chat with you.

Exakta66: I usually finish a story in the same day once I start.

Exakta66: And thanks, nice to chat with you as well.

ClassyLady: I respect your honesty with me.

Exakta66: I like honesy.

Exakta66: I mean honesty.

ClassyLady: Me too.

Exakta66: Even if it's not always what I want to hear it is better in the long run.

ClassyLady: I was talking to someone earlier and he was pressuring me to be too personal and I didn't like that.

Exakta66: You will find all sorts here. I have heard a lot of stories.

ClassyLady: I am lucky I found you to talk to.

Exakta66: Guys can be aggressive. I don't have any expectations of the site other than a fantasy site.

Exakta66: The chat is nice, but I don't expect anything. If someone wants to get personal fine. But I can't expect that.

Exakta66: I've heard some guys won't even chat unless it is about sex. That seems stupid.

ClassyLady: He was wanting me to explain things about my body and me personally in detail. He wanted to know everything.

Exakta66: LOL.

ClassyLady: It was not nice. It was very rude.

Exakta66: I agree.

ClassyLady: I will say some stuff but as you say this is a fantasy site.

Exakta66: Yes this is a fantasy site.

Exakta66: I have heard of people hooking up but everyone I chat with seems so far away. I don't expect that.

Exakta66: This is not a dating site.

Exakta66: I am on a dating site.

ClassyLady: You are on a dating site?

Exakta66: Yes, singlesnet. Same screen name.

Exakta66: Same pictures I am sure.

ClassyLady: I thought you were in a relationship?

Exakta66: No, not really. Was with a girl for seven years but she died in 2006.

ClassyLady: Yes, you said.

Exakta66: Have not been in what I would call a serious relationship since.

Exakta66: You in a relationship? Don't recall you saying.

ClassyLady: Yes. I am in a committed relationship.

Exakta66: Good for you.

Exakta66: I would say most people I have met on here are married, but not all.

ClassyLady: I love him very much.

Exakta66: Lucky man.

Exakta66: And lucky you.

ClassyLady: He knows I chat here.

Exakta66: I don't think there is anything wrong with exploring fantasies here.

ClassyLady: No, not at all.

Exakta66: I am sure he knows that. Better here than in the corner bar.

ClassyLady: Lol.

Exakta66: This is a different outlet for me. This whole fantasy thing is new to me.

Exakta66: I am amazed at how much I came up with in my writing.

ClassyLady: He knows I would never cheat on him in reality.

Exakta66: He truly is a lucky man to have you. I am sure he realizes it.

ClassyLady: He also knows I have a hot mind and a lot of sexual thoughts to explore.

Exakta66: A hot mind is a good thing!

Exakta66: A hot woman with a hot mind. You can't beat that.

ClassyLady: But I am full of love and hot thoughts.

Exakta66: That is a real good thing.

Exakta66: Believe me.

ClassyLady: Would you give me a hug?

Exakta66: Yes I could do that. That sounds good.

ClassyLady: Put your arms around me.

Exakta66: I will give you a big squeeze.

Exakta66: You feel so warm.

ClassyLady: And I snuggle up.

Exakta66: And soft.

Exakta66: I feel your breath on my neck.

ClassyLady: and kiss your neck.

Exakta66: Your lips feel nice.

Exakta66: And I return the favor.

ClassyLady: and nibble your ear.

Exakta66: I tease your ear with my mouth.

ClassyLady: Then look up into your eyes.

Exakta66: and breathe lightly in your ear. I let out a soft hum...

Exakta66: Your gaze is captivating.

A note here: By now I was starting to have trouble typing. I think I have corrected a few of the spelling errors, but it was getting tough.

Exakta66: I lean in and we touch noses.

ClassyLady: giggling.

Exakta66: I look deep in your eyes for a moment, hesitating.

Exakta66: Then we kiss.

ClassyLady: A wonderful sensuous kiss.

ClassyLady: So soft.

Exakta66: Lingering, I slowly insert my tongue in your mouth just touching your teeth.

ClassyLady: It tingles.

Exakta66: I feel you shudder in my arms.

ClassyLady: and my tongue dances with yours.

Exakta66: I tease your gums and tongue.

ClassyLady: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Exakta66: I pull my tongue back and nibble at your lower lip.

ClassyLady: Sparks run through me.

Exakta66: I feel it too.

ClassyLady: I push my body in closer to you.

ClassyLady: running my hands over you.

Exakta66: Your hair is so soft it tickles me.

Exakta66: Your hands feel so good on my body.

ClassyLady: I can feel your heartbeat.

Exakta66: I stroke your neck with my hands.

(I recall hesitating at around this point. It was getting increasingly difficult to type.)

Exakta66: then I start to take off your top.

ClassyLady: the hairs on my neck stand up.

ClassyLady: as my arousal grows stronger.

Exakta66: I kiss you again in a passionate kiss as I undo your pants. I am getting quite hard...I am actually.

ClassyLady: Really?

Exakta66: Oh yes, once you started with the neck I was getting aroused.

Exakta66: I didn't realize this can be so stimulating.

Exakta66: I can see you've done this before.

ClassyLady: u like?

Exakta66: yes!

Exakta66: Getting harder to

ClassyLady: Wriggling my hips a little as you fumble with my clothes.

Exakta66: I pull your pants down as you kick off your shoes.

ClassyLady: My hands reach your ass.

Exakta66: I pick you up and put you on the bed.

Exakta66: I reach around and unhook your bra.

ClassyLady: Still kissing you.

Exakta66: Your erect nipples are staring me in the face.

ClassyLady: shivers running right through me.

Exakta66: I start kissing down your neck to your breasts.

Exakta66: I tease your nipples with my tongue.

Exakta66: I trace circles around them.

Exakta66: I push you back on the bed and pull off your panties.

ClassyLady: tracing a finger around your thighs and your hips.

Exakta66: I feel your gorgeous breasts with my right hand then kiss down your stomach.

ClassyLady: getting even more aroused and i start squirming and moaning

Exakta66: I kneel down and spread your legs

Exakta66: I start to kiss your inner thighs

ClassyLady: oooooooooooooooo

ClassyLady: yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss

Exakta66: delicate tongue strokes up towards your womanhood

Exakta66: I can smell your scent as I get closer

Exakta66: It is delicious.

ClassyLady: aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

Exakta66: I hear your soft moans.

ClassyLady: driving me crazy just feeling your breath

Exakta66: I kiss around your soft mound and then delicately taste your outer lips

ClassyLady: mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Exakta66: I insert my tongue up and down your moist pussy

ClassyLady: My back arches now.

Exakta66: I insert my index finger of my right hand and rub the upper part of your love canal putting pressure on your g-spot


Exakta66: I gently tease the area around your clit with my tongue as I slowly circle it

ClassyLady: my juices flow

Exakta66: As I keep up the pressure on your g-spot, I tongue your clit with the same rhythm

ClassyLady: I'm reaching new highs

Exakta66: You are squirming uncontrollably under my tongue and mouth

ClassyLady: hips gyrating

Exakta66: I have to bury my face in you to keep up

ClassyLady: orgasm follows orgasm

Exakta66: I feel your hairs and your juices entering my mouth and nose, it is taste soooo good

ClassyLady: WOW

Exakta66: Hey

Exakta66: Was it good for you?

ClassyLady: Oh yes!

ClassyLady: u?

Exakta66: Oh yes!

ClassyLady: mmmmmmmmmmmm

Exakta66: I think I need a break.

Exakta66: For a moment.

ClassyLady: i see

ClassyLady: too hot for you???

Exakta66: Not used to it.

Exakta66: But I like it.

ClassyLady: I'm glad.

Exakta66: Not used to describing everything.

Exakta66: But it is good.

Exakta66: Really.

ClassyLady: i hope you aren't disappointed

Exakta66: No, not at all.

Exakta66: How am I doing?

ClassyLady: it makes it feel real i think

Exakta66: Much more than I would expect.

ClassyLady: you are great!!

ClassyLady: Really hot!!!!

Exakta66: Thank you.

Exakta66: I will probably get better.

ClassyLady: i don't want to pressure you into anything

Exakta66: No, not at all

Exakta66: Just not used to typing everything in real time.

Exakta66: I sort of wanted to try this.

Exakta66: but you had me at the neck kissing part and it gets hard to think! lol.

ClassyLady: sometimes i think its nice to put your true feelings down and bring something to life

Exakta66: agreed

(I am starting to think at this point of the possibilities. I want to try something.)

Exakta66: Can I kiss your toes?

Exakta66: You have such pretty feet.

ClassyLady: i felt really good

ClassyLady: mmmmmmmmmm that's nice

Exakta66: I hold your ankles and lift your foot to my face

Exakta66: I take my tongue and delicately stroke the bottoms of your toes, one by one

ClassyLady: that sends tingles up my spine

Exakta66: I kiss each toe one by one.

Exakta66: I take each one in my mouth and stroke it with my tongue

ClassyLady: I smile at you.

Exakta66: I rub your foot while I do this paying attention to your arches

ClassyLady: Feels soooo good.

Exakta66: I massage your foot with my thumbs

ClassyLady: i feel so relaxed

Exakta66: you emit soft moans of pleasure

Exakta66: I suck each of your toes harder

Exakta66: I kiss the tops of your feet and then start working my way back up your legs

ClassyLady: leaning back just enjoying you pleasuring me

Exakta66: I want to kiss every inch of your body

ClassyLady: my whole body feels the pleasure

Exakta66: and if I miss a spot I want you to make me start over again

Exakta66: I glide my tongue up from your feet to the insides of your legs

ClassyLady: electricity running through me

Exakta66: I work my way up your calves one at a time holding your legs firm in my hands

ClassyLady: My legs open up.

Exakta66: When I get back up to your thighs, I massage them firmly with both hands as I kiss and lick every inch

ClassyLady: breathing deep.

Exakta66: I take the skin of your inner thighs and pinch it delicately between my teeth

ClassyLady: oooooooooo

Exakta66: I do this all the way up working back to your womanhood once again

Exakta66: I take my time, doing it very slowly

ClassyLady: the slower the better

ClassyLady: moaning louder now.

Exakta66: Your moans increase in intensity, as your pleasure is obvious

ClassyLady: feeling quite wet

Exakta66: I work up to the area between your pussy and your butt. I work the area hard with my tongue as I hold and massage your thighs

ClassyLady: desires growing.

Exakta66: I softly tease the hairs of your mound as I take in your delicate scent. You smell so good

ClassyLady: your touch makes me wild

Exakta66: I squeeze your hips as I again kiss the whole area around your wet pussy

ClassyLady: i have no control over my increasing wetness

Exakta66: I pause for a moment to bask in the scent then slowly kiss and lick your whole area. The taste is delicious as your juices start to drive me wild

ClassyLady: my body succumbs

Exakta66: I lap them up like an a****l at feeding time

ClassyLady: my juices flow.

Exakta66: I don't want to miss a single drop of you

ClassyLady: more and more.

Exakta66: your juices flow like they threaten to drown me and I want to drown

ClassyLady: take me my love.

Exakta66: I lift my head for a moment

Exakta66: I take off my shirt and throw it aside

Exakta66: I remove my shoes and pants

Exakta66: You admire the bulge in my underwear

ClassyLady: getting impatient.

ClassyLady: screaming for you now!

Exakta66: I remove my underwear and throw them in the pile

ClassyLady: NOW!!!!

Exakta66: you reach out and touch the head of my stiff cock and give it a rub

Exakta66: it feels so good.

Exakta66: I insert the head in your wet folds

ClassyLady: I lift my legs high.

Exakta66: I tease your wetness for a moment

ClassyLady: hook them over your shoulders

Exakta66: then I slowly insert it as I feel every inch of your tight wetness engulf me

ClassyLady: deep deep

Exakta66: It is comforting and feels so good like your embrace

Exakta66: I push it all the way in as I lean forward over you

ClassyLady: we are as one.

Exakta66: my arms are at your sides as I begin to pump. I kiss your breasts as your nipples are before my face

ClassyLady: feels so good.

Exakta66: As I pump harder your breasts bounce before my face and I start to get lost in my own pleasure

ClassyLady: our pleasure.

Exakta66: I am quite unaware of my surroundings, all I can hear is your pants and moans

ClassyLady: louder and louder!

Exakta66: Your sounds of pleasure increase as I feel my orgasm building

ClassyLady: begin to climax

ClassyLady: going beyond the clouds.

Exakta66: I feel your muscles gripping me as I f***e against are getting louder...I hear you pant in my ear

ClassyLady: reaching the stars.

Exakta66: your breath I can feel as I lean in and we both cum together

ClassyLady: yeeeesssssssss!!!!!!!!

ClassyLady: I begin my descent now with you.

ClassyLady: holding you close.

Exakta66: I feel so incredible feeling of relaxation comes over me

Exakta66: I slide my member out of you as I sit back

ClassyLady: a wonderful feeling.

Exakta66: I roll over next to you and we look in each other's eyes

ClassyLady: we lay together.

Exakta66: we smile at each other.

ClassyLady: I close my eyes.

Exakta66: I take your hand and kiss your palm and you giggle

Exakta66: then we lie back and relax

ClassyLady: satisfied.

Exakta66: oh yes!

ClassyLady: how did you feel?

Exakta66: nice.

Exakta66: I get aroused, but then I sometimes lose it when I have to think what to type

ClassyLady: Did it feel real?

Exakta66: at times.

Exakta66: This is new to me

Exakta66: but then I come out of it when I think too much what to type

ClassyLady: good.

Exakta66: but I see the possibilities

ClassyLady: it's the way it should be if you got some pleasure

Exakta66: oh yes

ClassyLady: thank you.

Exakta66: No, thank you.

Anyway, shows over folks. You can go back to work or whatever.

Thanks to the 'mail yourself your chat' feature of that chat program, this story was just a matter of cut and paste. It was the easiest story I ever did.

I would like to thank ClassyLady for starting off my July 4th weekend with a know who you are.

Until next time...later.


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The first time with Valerie

The first time I was with Valerie it was something special and exciting, extraordinary actually. She was 26 yrs old and still relatively inexperienced having only one lover for short time after college and she had not had sex for two years. She was raised a catholic school girl and her head was a mixture of lust and guilt. Small in stature at 5’ 1” with a beautiful set of 34C tits, young and firm with large nipples that seemed to point straight forward and a lovely untrimmed natural bush surrounded her pussy.

We met while I was visiting a friend who managed the apartments where she lived, she came to pay her rent, the phone rang and while he was busy on the phone we began to chat. She had moved into town to take a new job and was 400 miles away from home in a strange place and obviously lonesome. We made a date.

We had a nice dinner, enjoyed our food, talked about work and life and we agreed to get together again. She was extremely shy and I figured if I could get into her pants at all it would be a long time coming. I misjudged her.

We would talk on the phone for every other day or so after our date. I had a small house about ½ mile away and I had just returned from being overseas. I was cleaning the place up after I had rented it and I was busy painting and setting up furniture and such.
It was a cold Sunday night in January and was putting the finishing touches on setting up my bedroom. Valerie called me and I told her I was in the process of filling a water bed. She said she had made some chocolate chip cookies and offered to bring them to my house. I said sure without any idea what was in store me.

She came over to my house and we enjoyed the still warm cookies, she even brought a quart of milk. We sat on the floor while the bed filled enjoying our treat and each others company. When the bed was filled I disconnected the hose and fill kit and started to make the bed and she offered to help with the task. When we were done she told me she had never been on a waterbed and I told her to go ahead and try it out. She lay down on top of the comforter smiling and giggling about how it felt while the mattressed swished back and forth. I joined her and delighted watching the waves bounce her around and I started to think about how nice it would be if we were bouncing around on it together naked.

I told her she look beautiful laying there and that she had a lovely smile, I asked her if I could kiss her and moved my face closer to hers. She replied softly, “I would like that”. We lay side by side for several minutes and I began to kiss her deeply as she let my tongue explore her mouth while I rubbed her arm, shoulder and neck with my hand. My cock was rock hard by now and I am sure I was dripping with pre cum. I really wanted her.

We continued to kiss and I moved my hand to begin rubbing her tits through her clothes, there was no resistance, only the slightest little moan of pleasure. I knew at this point I had broken through any hesitation on her part. The light in the room was still on and I said to her “your clothes are in the way and I would like to dim the light”. After dimming the light, I joined her in the bed and began unbuttoning her blouse. I took it slowly, rubbing her tits through her bra and kissing and licking her neck and chest as I exposed more of her. I moved my mouth to her belly and then took a moment to help her get her blouse completely off. While she was sitting up and I unhooked her bra, removed it and looked at her beautiful big tits for the first time. I quickly moved my mouth to her areolas and nipples, she began a long series of mmmmmm’s and oooooooo’s. I moved my hand to get my hand under her pants and panties but it was too tight for me to reach her pussy with my fingers. I sat up and undid the button and fly of her jeans. I began kissing her deeply again and moved my hand under her panties to her crotch and my fingers began to explore her pussy.

She was very wet and I began rubbing her clit and it was obvious she was in her happy place while I did it. I told her “I want to taste you”. I sat up and wiggled her pants and panties off her and then I moved to kiss and lick the inside of her thighs, taking my time before putting my tongue on her pussy lips. The smell of her pussy was filling my nostrils as she laid there enjoying it all. I was enjoying it too. I pushed my finger into her and began licking her clit while I rubbed her g-spot with my finger. In the less than a minute she let out a loud “OHHHHHHHH” and “AWwwwwwwwwwwwww” as she came and she writhed around the bed as she did bouncing us both around.

As her orgasm began to fade she said to me “that was wonderful”. I told her “it was for me too, and “I want to get inside you now”, She giggled and said “Oh please do that”. I sat up and watched her spread her legs for me. I moved my cock into position and holding myself up with one hand and the other guiding my hard cock into her very wet pussy. I entered her slowly and began to kiss her deeply again as I did. It felt like heaven to be inside her, it was wonderful. We stayed in a missionary position and I would alternate between laying on top of her and sitting up as I thrust my cock in and out of her. I felt like I owned her at this point, she was completely mine, literally impaled by my cock.

It was not long before I started to feel an orgasm building up. I knew it would be a good one as I had not had sex or masturbated for several weeks, but I didn’t want this experience to end, but I knew that it would. As I got close to cumming I asked her if she was protected, I was not expecting it when she said “I’m not”. I didn’t want to pull out even if I could. In less than a second of her saying that I started to cum into her and was barley able to utter “it’s too late”. I could feel my cock pulsing and throbbing as I filled her fertile womb with my cum. She was literally shaking and said “It’s OK”.

When I recovered I got up and went into the bathroom to get a warm moist hand towel for her to clean up with. I also had the presence of mind to grab a little tube of petroleum jelly as it was the only thing I had in the house that could be used for lube. I laid next to her as she wiped herself clean and when she finished we snuggled up, kissed and continued to explore each other with our hands. She was getting me hard again.

I asked her if she had ever given her boy friend a blowjob. She said she had done it ebfore and she had given a blowjob to a couple of other guys in college. I told her it was exciting to hear about that and if she liked or didn’t like the taste of a mans cum. She told me she didn’t know if she liked the taste or not because she had always finished them off with her hand. I told her if that was the case she had never really given blow job before but rather a hand job and I asked her if she was willing to try letting me cum in her mouth. She was clearly nervous but said she would let me try. I was rock hard at the thought and she moved her head to my crotch and began sucking my dick. It was wonderful, she had great technique, she would actually apply suction with her mouth rather than just move back and forth. I could only take 5 or 6 minutes before I could felt a second orgasm building. I pulled out of her mouth, told her to lie back on the bed and proceeded to straddle her chest. She picked her head up, held the shaft of my cock with one hand and massaged my balls with the other. I pushed into her mouth hard enough so she put both hands on my balls. I told her to breath through her nose as I pushed the full length of my cock into her mouth. Again it felt heavenly. I put my hand behind her head gently pushing her head forward at first but to also make sure she couldn’t pull away. As I neared my orgasm I pushed her head forward and held her there while I ejaculated into her throat. She only gagged once as I emptied my balls. I pulled out of her mouth slowly and asked her if she was OK. It took her moment to respond and she said “yes I am”. I told her thank you, it was wonderful and I kissed her again this time tasting the saltiness of my cum on her lips and mouth. We both fell fast asl**p but it would not be long for me.

She was breathing softly as she slept and I kept looking at her lovely form in the low light while thinking about everything we had enjoyed. I was getting hard again and I kissed her on the cheek waking her up. No words were spoken and we let our hands explore and caress each other once again. She began stroking my cock and in no time I was hard again. I asked her if she had ever tried anal sex before, something I had never done myself. She said no and I told I had not done that but I would like to try it. She seemed hesitant but said “OK if you take it easy”. I asked her to roll over onto her hands and knees and I told her I would need to get my cock wet in her pussy to help with the penetration of anal sex. I fucked her in the doggy position for what seemed like a long time but it was only a few minutes,. I loved it though because it allowed me to fondle her tits at the some time. I acted like I just remembered there was little tube of petroleum jelly in the headboard of the bed. I was able to stay in her while I reached for it but I eventually pulled out so I could lube her asshole with jelly on my finger. After greasing her up and spread some on my shaft because I knew it would most likely be a very tight fit and it was. I slowly wiggled and eased the head of my cock into her greased hole. I told her if she was OK I was OK and to push back against me which she willingly did.

As Val pushed back I pushed forward and very quickly I my rock hard cock was buried fully in her ass. It felt different to me and certainly tighter. It took a minute or two before the lube did it’s job or maybe her asshole was being stretched out, it got easier to thrust in and out of her. I was still enjoying handling her tits and every now and then I would stop and gently kiss and lick the back of her neck and earlobes. My thoughts were racing and as I thought about being the first one to have my cock up her ass and reliving all that had happened tonight. This time it was all about me again and I picked up the pace of thrusting in and out. I wondered if I would be able to cum again but as I kept going I felt that special feeling inside that let me know I would cum again and I was close. I whispered into her ear “I am going to cum in you again” and my cock exploded with my third orgasm of the evening. I was still inside of her enjoying the after effects of another orgasm while squeezing her tits. When I pulled out I could see the white foamy cum poke out of her asshole. I leaned back and let her roll over so we could again hold each other close and kiss.

Neither of us had gotten much sl**p and it was almost time to get up. Both of us had to be at work as it was Monday morning. She didn’t have any other clothes with her and she left early leaving me to shower, shave and get dressed for work. As I pulled out of the driveway I wondered if I had impregnated her. I hoped not but I knew I had a shot a big load deep into her unprotected pussy. As luck would have it I was getting an official photograph taken for work that day. There were some dark circles under my eyes along with a great big smile. For some time to come I would look at my picture with the rest of the senior staff as it hung in the hallway and remember the night before it was taken. Fortunately for both of us we got away with the unprotected sex and it was not long before she had a new prescription for birth control and we continued to see each other. We were married about a year and half later, she wore a traditional white wedding dress but we both knew that was not keeping in the tradition of representing purity. She continued to be a wonderful lover and became mother to our two c***dren. Today she stars in the hidden camera videos taken many years ago and I hope it allows you to enjoy her too.

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First Time

First Time

The first time I saw you, you were sitting on a barstool chatting away with several friends I presumed. Smiling faces and occasional laughs assured my presumption. There was a stool next to you vacant, so I sat down. Your back was toward me and I got to look you over good before I said anything, if I got the courage to say anything. Black polyester pants, fit was perfect as were the curves contained within. A simple but very nice white top with your light coat still on. Black loafer type shoes and no socks.
Courage built by my second gin and tonic convinced me to tap your shoulder and offer to buy you a drink. You turned around slowly, looked me straight in the eye and said, “go away”. Lesser men would have most certainly been deterred, but I saw something in your face I liked a lot and I was not that easy to brush off anyways, especially after my 3rd drink. I put the glass down, and said loud enough for only you to hear, ok I’ll only ask you once or maybe two more times...three at best, if I can buy you a drink. Turning towards me, you grinned. Gotcha! Not giving you a chance to turn back around I blurted out in one syllable, hiyourgorgeouswhat’llyouhaveI’mMike, and stuck out my hand. You put your hand in mine and said hi, I’m Judy. And so it begins.

You hand was firm but very soft and you did turn towards me and motioned for the bartender to give you a refill at the same time. You were prettier than I saw from the side, and I glanced down at your shoes...very pretty black with no sock showing just a hint of toe cleavage. My mind already skipped to your place on the sofa watching late night, and me slowly taking off your shoes one at a time and offering to massage your beautiful feet.

The next hour or so is mostly blurred out by my anticipation as I’m in your car driving to your place after you convinced me that my car would be fine left in the parking lot. I don’t believe you about that, but I was not in any position to negotiate. I’m on your terms, not mine.
You parked in the driveway even though you obviously had a garage. Was this significant, like a sign to your roommate to stay away, makes for an easier get away if you decide this is not for you….I’m thinking of a million things, but I’m out the car and walked in your house.
Throwing the keys on the counter, you grab my hand and partially drag me through the house towards what I assume was your bedroom. Our first kiss was hard, hot and wet and lasted long enough for buttons to unbutton, buckles to unbuckle and shoes to be kicked off. I’m standing near nude now with only my shorts on and almost clumsily attacking your bra hook, so you take over and it slips off easily and I feel your mounds touching my chest as we kiss again. They are soft and I could feet your nipples touching my skin and it felt good. It seems we both have four hands as we both begin to explore each other as this passionate moment seems to last forever with neither of us knowing actually what to do next so I take the first step towards the bed and let you fall backwards into the soft mattress. No lights are on, but lots of secondary light shows me how beautiful your body is, and I can touch and feel the softness of it all over. My cock is looking ridiculously uneasy straining to get out of my underwear, so you lift the straps over my hips and free it from the cotton cell. I’m totally naked now, but you still have your panties on and this is my moment, as you have no idea of my desire to smell your pussy as it’s excited. It’s one of my ‘things’, and my cock is twitching in anticipation of that first moment. I know the more turned on you get the greater the aroma, so I’m in full drive now wanting nothing more than to excite you in heights that will give me full aromatic effect when I remove them from your gorgeous body. I’m kneeling over your now, my cock enjoying your soft hand and my hands still not through exploring your body all over. You tight legs are soft as I had imagined as my hands run up and down the full length of them over and over. Your calfs sensational and the soft feel of your feet in my hands begin to make my mind wonder all about how this night came to be so suddenly. I use one had to play with your breast and the other I am now touching your warming slit through your wet panties. I can feel your pussy lips through the silky touch and it is warm to the touch even through the delicate fabric. Your beginning twist in pleasure as my hand has found a mark you find highly enjoyable. All this time your are having this pleasure, your hand never leaves my cock and you seem to know how to touch me there, and I do not want it to explode on you, but do not have the self control to tell you to stop, so my mind concentrates on pleasuring you as much as possible before I unveil you.

Soon I know I now need to take your panties off and you rise your ass just enough off the sheet to allow me to slip it under you. I’m doing this slowly, as I want to remember every second of this first time. My fingers rake across your skin as the soft fabric is shivering off. There’s no need for you to lift a leg, as I’m bending your knee for you helping it along. Only one leg is free but that is all I needed as I totally buried my head into your hairy pubic area and took in that first aroma of erotic heaven. It hit my sense like a hurricane and at that moment I could not get enough of you. My tongue started to dart in and out of you wanting now more than the smell, but the taste as well. The taste was better than the smell as I’m giving you all I can now and your excitement is obvious…...

You hips are swaying with my moving tongue and we are both in ecstasy with the apex of this meeting too soon I fear. I want to slow down a bit, but my hands want all of your body as my tongue gives more and more and your flaming pussy is giving back as much. My cock is straining for release and the head is flared out about to burst, but not like this. Some how I get my head out of your luscious middle and see your face almost disappointed, but you know what is on my mind now. You lay there still for a moment as I straddle your legs and you give me just enough room between your thighs. My strained cock is staring right down at your hot hole and I waste no time introducing our two friends. The warmth of your pussy overwhelms my sense at the first touch and luckily for me you cum immediately as my cock explodes on it’s first deep intrusion into the softness of you. Your hot cum spurts all over my cock and our juices meld for that wonderful aroma of sex as it fills the room. My cock is still inside you, each spasm creates another spurt from you until we both are exhausted from such an explosive orgasm.

We lay still for a moment, but then I’m back in my element you might say. Don’t move I say as I’m getting back down to the end of the bed. My hands are unsatisfied and coarsely rubbing your smooth legs, both of them at once. My erection is gone yes, but my enthusiasm for your body is most certainly not. Your legs and thigh are begging for my special massage and I am not stopping for an instant. You shudder a little from this unexpected attention, but you seems to like it. I gather one full leg in my arms and hug it tightly to my body and bring your foot into my face and I get the first wave of foot aroma that is complete heaven to me. Nothing is off base now as I can see you are absolutely loving all this special time. My hands are roaming all over your beautiful legs, rubbing calves, thighs, any and all parts of these gorgeous appendages. Finally I have your feet right where I want them, both of the solidly in my face. You have no idea that this is a fetish of mine, but your beautiful feet have a sexual aroma that only few men would appreciate, and thank heaven I am one of them. Hands are now all over you luscious feet, the toes, the heels, the arches, I have no favorite spot on you, I love them all. All the time making sure you are enjoying all of this as well. I never miss an opportunity to put these perfect peds in my face and get another whiff of that glorious aroma and then I startle you. I’m licking the soles of your feet, and you are liking it more than you could imagine liking something like this. Slowly the licking turns towards your toes and soon I have both your pinkie toe and the next one in my mouth with my tongue darting all around them. They are delicious and I can tell you are liking it as well as your hips are beginning to sway upwards towards me. Oh, I feel that sudden surge of testosterone in my cock, and I know this could get interesting again…..

I am completely having my way with your feet now. The intoxicating aroma is so overwhelming that my once flaccid cock is stirring to life. My hands are up and down your soft legs as my tongue is getting it’s fill of all your toes. My now hard cock feels a bit dry touching against your thigh and wondering if you have some sort of lubricant close by, but your mind is working like mine now and you reach over and open your nightstand drawer and withdrawal a small bottle and squirt a dribble in your hand. The cool slippery oil startles me at first, but the calmness of your hand stroking my cock overcomes the coolness easily. Expertly you are playing with my cock, massaging the long shaft and delicately toying with the swelled hood with you soft oiled fingers. Now, you lub yourself I ask. I can hear you say you probably do not need any, but I want to see you touching yourself. You do as I ask and I have your feet in my face and watching you with you lubed finger tip tease your fiery clit. You are enjoying this more than I thought you would and now I’m hunching your leg with my cock as I take in that foot aroma. You’ve reached the point where your own self indulgence is not enough and say, please please fuck me now. You no sooner got out your last syllable before my cock finds your smoldering pussy and plunges deep long into your soft insides. Full strokes in and completely out before deeply in again and again. A few short strokes with the tip of my cock rubbing your clit sends you over that edge of an orgasmic cliff and a stream of female cum exits you all over my cock just as it explodes again inside you. Spasm after spasm of orgasm juices combine with each other as we fulfill these inner desires for release.
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Meeting Amanda For the First Time 9

Tommy got up off the couch and reached out to both women to help them up. Sarah started up the stairs first, with Amanda right behind her. Tommy wasn’t too far behind. He was completely enjoying the sight of the two beautiful asses that were right in front of him. He felt like he was one of the luckiest men alive to have such a hot 16 yr old girl friend and now to be able to involve her hot mom also. This was too good to be true.

When they walked into the bedroom Sarah crawled up on the bed first. The first thing she noticed was the mattress protector that was on there. After seeing how her daughter could cum she understood why he had one.

Tommy watched Sarah as she slowly worked her way onto the bed. The view of her ass seductively moving around in front of him was starting to make his cock hard. This was going to be very interesting, having two women at the same time. The one thing he kept wondering about was if Sarah would surprise him in ways that Amanda had done.

Amanda walked over to the side of the bed and climbed up on it next to her mom. Both girls kept looking at Tommy, licking their lips the whole time. They knew what they wanted from him, and it was sticking straight out in front of him, from between his legs.

“So Tommy, what are you waiting for? Climb up here with us.” Amanda said and then started sucking on one of her fingers.

“Yeah Tommy come on. Don’t be shy. From the way you two have been going at it you’re not shy at all. Do you need some encouragement? Both of us will gladly help encourage you up here.” Sarah said to Tommy while giving him a look that would make any man want her.

Sarah looked over at Amanda and motioned her to follow. Both girls headed to the foot of the bed and started running their hands all over each others bodies. Sarah couldn’t believe she was doing this with her daughter. To Sarah, this had to be one of the most erotic things she had ever done with anybody. Every time she would feel Amanda run her fingers over her nipple, her legs would feel like they were going to collapse out from under her. Without thinking about it she leaned forward and started kissing Amanda. They were both in a wild tongue wrestling match with their tongues poking and gliding and slithering inside each others mouth. Sarah could feel her daughter’s hand probing around at her pussy. She knew what she was after and granted her access by spreading her legs wide. Right away she could feel Amanda shove two fingers inside her pussy.

Tommy was so entranced by what he was seeing right now that it didn’t even cross his mind to join them. It surprised him when Sarah started kissing Amanda like they were complete lovers. This was exciting him even more. He could see that when Amanda put her fingers in Sarah’s pussy that her mom was starting to get lost in the moment. He saw Amanda motion for him to climb up on the bed behind her mom. Tommy did as he was told.

Once Tommy was up there he reached around Sarah’s waist and slid his hand, across her stomach, sending shivers through her body. His other hand went straight for one of her DD breasts. Tommy put his body against hers. His hard cock pressed against her ass. Very lightly he started kissing her along her neck.

Sarah didn’t realize Tommy was on the bed with them until there was another set of hands on her body. At first she thought she was imagining things and then she felt Tommy’s cock against her ass. She pushed her hips back against it. Every time she would do that she could feel him grind his hips forward, pressing against her a little harder every time. She totally loved everything that was happening to her.

Amanda was listening to her moms breathing and her heartbeat. She could hear little moans coming from her mom and that made her want to do even more. She got Tommy to help her lay Sarah down on the bed. Once they had her laid out Amanda started sucking on one of Sarah’s nipples. She could feel her mom’s fingers going through her hair so she could try and keep Amanda’s mouth where it was at.

Amanda looked over at Tommy, never removing her mom’s nipple from her mouth, and rolled her eyes down towards her mom’s pussy. She watched as Tommy licked his lips at the thought of licking that sweet pussy that Amanda had come out of when she was born. She knew he wouldn’t turn that down. She watched as Tommy lifted her mom’s legs up over his shoulders and proceeded down towards that glistening goal ahead of him.

When Tommy got close enough to Sarah’s pussy he blew on her clit. He wasn’t prepared for her to jerk her whole body off the bed from him doing that. Her whole pussy came straight up into his face, causing her body to jerk again. Tommy finally grabbed a hold of her around both thighs and held tight. Keeping his tongue buried in her pussy the whole time.

“Oh shit!” Sarah screamed. She wasn’t expecting Tommy to blow on her clit. She knew Amanda must have told him about how that affected her. She was certain that Tommy was trying to lick her cervix by the way he kept trying to shove his tongue into her even farther than it already was. She knew the only way he was getting that deep with his tongue was that he would have to shove his head up in there. It was one thing having a baby come out of there but she certainly didn’t want someone trying to go back in there with there head. Hell no.

“Amanda you told him, didn’t you?” She asked her daughter, who looked at her mom with a grin on her face.

Amanda finally pulled her moms nipple out of her mouth and replied. “Did you think I could keep that a secret from Tommy? I didn’t tell him because I thought this would happen between all three of us. None of this ever crossed my mind. I told him because I was hoping he would try it on me. Having my clit blown on affects me the same way it affects you, and I love it when he does that.”

Amanda started working her way down to Tommy’s cock. She wanted it back in her mouth because she never finished what she had started down stairs. She wanted his cum in her mouth really bad and she was going to get it.

Sarah saw where her daughter was heading and wished that she was the one going to suck that beautiful cock. But she wasn’t going to complain though. Tommy was Amanda’s boyfriend, not hers. So she just laid back and enjoyed the tongue lashing Tommy was giving her pussy. To Sarah her pussy felt like a canvas and Tommy’s tongue was the paint brush. He was making sure every brush stroke was perfect and in the right place. Not too soft and never too hard. It was always just right.

Tommy felt his cock going in Amanda’s mouth and down her throat. He could feel her flex her throat muscles around the head of his cock. He slowly felt her start to pull his cock out of her mouth some, dragging her teeth along the whole length, till she reached the tip and then buried it completely back to his balls. This was driving him crazy. If she kept that up for too long he was definitely going to cum. Tommy let out a moan onto Sarah’s clit causing her to moan also.

Sarah looked down at Tommy as he pleasured her and at her daughter pleasuring Tommy. “My baby girl is being left out.” She thought to herself. Amanda was in the perfect position for Sarah, who turned herself onto her side and started to spread her daughters’ legs. Sarah could see her daughter’s juices all over her thighs and the bed. Sarah’s mouth started to water. With her daughter’s leg’s spread nice and wide, she slipped two fingers inside Amanda’s pussy. She was amazed at how wet Amanda was. With every thrust of her fingers she felt Amanda’s pussy contract around her fingers. It made her wish that she had a dick so she could fuck Amanda’s tight hole and know the pleasure Tommy feels every time he fucks Amanda. When she pulled her fingers out, she placed them in her mouth, and sucked off all of Amanda’s juices, making sure to not miss a single drop.

Amanda gave a pitiful moan from her mom taking her fingers out of her pussy. She wanted them back in there.

“Awe is my daughter not happy that I pulled my fingers out of you? Well here sweetie. Let me make it better.”

Sarah leaned towards her daughter’s pussy and started licking all around her outer lips. Never once did she touch Amanda’s clit. She knew she was teasing her daughter, but in the end, she knew Amanda would enjoy this even more. While she was doing that she started to finger fuck her daughter again. This time she used three fingers. She heard Amanda let out a long moan when she inserted her fingers into her pussy, which caused Tommy to moan on Sarah’s pussy. That right there sent Sarah over the edge. Quickly she placed her mouth over Amanda’s clit and started sucking on it. She kept moaning the whole time. She never thought it would cause a chain reaction from all three of them.

Sarah started cumming all over Tommy’s face. He was doing everything he could to drink it all down. This in turn caused Tommy to start cumming in Amanda’s mouth, who in turn started cumming all over Sarah.

All three of them were in the throws of a three way orgasm that seemed to not want to quit. Sarah finally had to push Tommy away from her pussy. She couldn’t take it any more. The electrical shocks that were running from her clit and up threw her body were driving her crazy. She looked at Amanda, who still had Tommy’s cock in her mouth. She wished she could get a taste.

“Hey baby girl. Can I get a little taste also? Or is it all for you.” She watched as Amanda pulled Tommy’s cock out of her mouth and then smiled at her mom.

Amanda never said a thing. She wasn’t able too because her mouth was full of Tommy’s cum. Amanda started crawling over to her mom. When Amanda got about a foot from Sarah, she opened her mouth, showing Sarah the gift of Tommy's cum, that she hadn't swallowed, to her mom. She watched as her mom smiled and proceeded to lean down to her daughter to except the gift that Amanda had for her.

Tommy watched them exchange his cum from one mouth to the other. He watched as they both swirled it around in each others mouth, thoroughly enjoying their little treat.

After the girls were done with their snack, they crawled up to lay on the bed, with Tommy in between them. Tommy could see that both women were falling asl**p so he pulled the covers up over the girls and himself. Both girls moved up against him, with an arm around each of them, and fell into a content sl**p. Both girls had smile on their face when Tommy finally closed his eyes. This was something Tommy could get used to but he didn’t want to do anything that would upset Amanda. But then again, she did say that all three of them could have fun together since Sarah was her mom and she didn’t have a problem with it. Tommy drifted off to sl**p, still holding both women in his arms.

When he woke up six hours later, he was laying in bed alone. He was wondering where they could be. He thought that they had gone down stairs but then he heard laughter from the bathroom. They were starting to take a shower.

Tommy slid out of bed and headed to the bathroom. They didn’t close the door completely so he just pushed it open and gazed at two of the hottest bodies he had ever seen. He stood there watching the water run down every curve of them.

“I see you two are awake.”

“Well hey there sl**py head. Why don’t you come in and join us. We haven’t been in here very long. We can make sure that you’re nice and clean.”

“I bet you can.” With that said Tommy headed for the shower and climbed in with them. He noticed that they were going to make sure that he was in the middle and that there wasn’t going to be any arguments about it.

Once he was in there both girls started to lather up his whole body. He was totally enjoying the attention he was getting from both girls. While there hands were washing him Tommy had squirted some body wash on Sarah and Amanda. He made sure that each of his hands was going over the exact same area, on each girl. When he had his hand on Amanda’s breast, he also had his other hand on Sarah’s breast. He could feel them start doing the same thing to him also.

Before Tommy knew it both girls were washing his cock. He could feel a hand run along each side of his cock and down to his balls, where each girl would take half of his nut sack and gently clean it. Tommy let out a moan that he was sure the neighbor must have heard. Then he heard Sarah and Amanda.

“Well mom I think it’s clean.”

“Are you sure? We might have missed a spot. You wouldn’t want him to walk around with a dirty cock would you?”

“Oh no mom, I wouldn’t want that. Well it is at its full length now so there’s only one way to check. Go ahead mom; see if it’s clean enough.” Amanda said to Sarah.

“Are you sure sweetie? You should be the one to see how clean it is.”

“I can have it whenever I want it. Isn’t that right Tommy?”

Tommy was standing there looking down at the both of them kneeling in front of him. His cock was only a foot from them and started to twitch with anticipation for what was to come.

“You know it baby.” Tommy said to Amanda.

Sarah’s mouth was starting to water at the thought of finally getting to have that cock in her mouth. She reached up and took his cock into her hand and started stroking it slowly. She made sure she felt every inch of it from top to bottom. As soon as she saw some pre-cum come out the tip she slipped it into her mouth. His cock tasted so sweet to her. Sarah noticed that with every thrust of Tommy’s cock inside her mouth, she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. She started to reach down to play with her pussy, but instead, grabbed Amanda’s hand and placed it between her legs.

Amanda was happy to oblige her mom’s needs. She knew how her pussy felt when she was sucking on Tommy’s cock and how bad she needed someone to take care of her pussy at the same time.

Amanda started rubbing her mom’s clit in real fast circles and lightly biting one of mom’s nipples. She pushed her fingers in as deep as they would go. Thrusting them up into he mom’s soaking wet pussy. This was making her mom moan and squeal while Tommy’s cock was still in her mouth. This was making Tommy moan even more.

She noticed that Tommy already had his hands on the back of Sarah’s head and was starting to thrust his hips back and forth. Amanda pulled her fingers out of her mom’s pussy and proceeded to spread Sarah’s legs out till they were against the insides of the tub. Once she had her positioned the way she wanted her, Amanda lay down in the tub, and slid up between her mom’s legs till her mouth was directly under her moms’ pussy. Once in position Amanda gently pulled on her moms hips so she would lower herself down to her daughters waiting mouth.

Sarah knew what to do when she felt Amanda start to pull her down by her hips. She immediately lowered herself onto her daughters’ mouth, which Amanda immediately started lapping up every inch of her moms’ cunt. She could feel Amanda attacking her pussy with such intensity that she reached over and put her hand on the side of the tub, to help from loosing her balance from the tremors that were already starting to run through her body. She started to suck Tommy’s cock even harder now.

Tommy looked down and saw Amanda crawling between her mom’s legs. He watched as Sarah lowered herself onto of her daughter’s mouth and heard Sarah begin moaning almost immediately. Tommy noticed that with Sarah lowering herself down like she did, that it made it hard for her to suck on his cock so Tommy bent his knees a little to try to make it a little easier for her. He felt her start to pick up speed and knew right away that it wouldn’t be long before she would start to cum all over her daughter. Tommy leaned back against the wall for support. It wasn’t going to be long before he started shooting his load into her mouth.

Sarah pulled her hand from the side of the tub and grabbed a hold of Tommy’s ball’s and started to gently squeeze them in her hand. She noticed that they were starting to tighten up, preparing to coat the back of her throat with that wonderful sticky cream of his. She could hardly wait for his first shot of cum. All of a sudden she felt Tommy start to thrust into her mouth harder than he was already doing and began telling her to suck harder. Sarah did as she was commanded.

Amanda could here Tommy. She knew it wasn’t going to be long before he would cum in her mom’s mouth. She had shared his cum with her mom earlier but it’s just not the same as getting it straight from the source. Amanda wished it was going into her mouth but she figured she could let her mom have this load all for herself. She heard Tommy start saying something again.

“MMMM!! OOooooooooo!!!! That’s it Sarah. You’ve got me so close. I can see it in your eyes that you want this load don’t you. Where do you want me to shoot this load? Come on baby; tell me where you want it.”

Sarah pulled his cock out of her mouth and looked him in the eye’s. She knew where she wanted it and she knew why she wanted it there. She had this part planned out. She wanted that cock in her pussy, shooting his cum all over her insides.

Sarah lifted up off of Amanda’s mouth and turned around with her ass facing Tommy. She looked over her shoulder at Tommy.

“Stick that cock in my pussy Tommy. I want that load in me. I want you to fuck my pussy with that hard cock and fill it with your cum.”

Sarah turned back around and went straight to eating her daughter’s pussy. Giving her the tongue fucking she deserves.

Tommy wasn’t going to deny Sarah what she wanted, but before he did he looked down at Sarah, whose eyes were starting to roll back in her head from her mom fucking her pussy with her tongue. It was like she knew he was looking at her when he heard her say. “Go ahead Tommy, give her what she wants. Shoot that sweet cum in her.”

With hearing that from Amanda, Tommy placed the head of his cock at the opening of Sarah’s extremely wet pussy. He knew that some of the wetness was from Amanda’s tongue and that right there was kind of a turn-on for him. He felt Sarah’s body jump when his cock touched the opening to her pussy. Slowly he pushed forward till just the head of his cock was inside. He grabbed Sarah by the hips, then, without any warning, shoved all of it in her. Tommy watched as her head shot straight up from Amanda’s pussy and let out moan that just about made him cum. Slowly, Sarah went back to eating her daughters’ juicy hole. When Tommy saw that she was fully back to giving oral pleasures to her daughter, he started to pull his cock out till just the head was in. Then, he thrust it back in with the same speed as the first time. Tommy kept this same pattern up for about a minute then he started to pick up speed. He started thrusting faster and harder and was almost certain that he would make her fall forward and hit her head against the back of the tub. He hoped that wouldn’t happen.

Tommy could hear Amanda start moaning. He knew she wasn’t far from exploding all over her mom’s face and mouth. Then, Tommy felt something entering Sarah’s pussy along with his dick. When he looked down, Amanda had slipped two fingers inside her mom’s pussy and had them kinda spread like a “V”, one finger on each side of his cock. This just made it feel even tighter to Tommy. He looked at Amanda and saw she had that evil grim on her face. Tommy couldn’t take it any more.

“Damn I’m going to cum Sarah. Oh yes I’m going to cum. I’m going to fill that pussy of yours just like you want. Give it all to you.”

“Yes Tommy fills my pussy. Shoot all of it in me. Don’t let a drop get away. Oh yes Tommy yes. DAMN YOUR COCK FEELS SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!”

Sarah started to explode all over Tommy’s cock and down onto Amanda’s face and into her mouth. She immediately shoved three fingers inside Amanda’s pussy and started finger fucking her ferociously. That put her daughter over the edge. Sarah quickly put her mouth over her daughters love hole and started lapping up everything she could.

Tommy totally lost all control. Hearing both girls having orgasms was more than he could take. Tommy gave three hard thrusts into Sarah’s pussy, erupting deep inside her. He could feel her inner walls milking his cock for everything it had.

After five good shots of cum and several minutes of just laying in the tub with Sarah and Amanda, they finally climbed out. All three of them were extremely weak from the fucking they just did and plus because none of them had even eaten today.

Once they were all dried off Tommy went down stairs to the kitchen. He knew they needed to eat something but he really didn’t feel like making anything. He started to call up to Amanda and Sarah to see if they just wanted to order out, when he saw them come walking down the stairs. They called him into the living room.

Once in there they all sat down on the floor since the couch was still wet from earlier. Tommy looked at Amanda, who was sitting there looking really upset and worried. This made Tommy curious as to what was going on.

“So girls, what up?” Tommy asked. “What’s with that face Amanda? You look like something bad has happened.”

“Something bad might have happened. It’s all going to depend on how you take it. I’m not going to tell you though. My mom will.” Amanda looked over at her mom with an angry stare.

“What is she talking about Sarah? Why is it going to depend on how I take it?”

Sarah took a deep breathe and started talking. “Tommy, one of the things I’ve wanted was another c***d. I wish I would have had one several years ago so Amanda could have had a b*****r or s****r around while she grew up. But unfortunately I didn’t.”

“Well it’s still not too late for you to have another c***d Sarah. You just need to find someone willing to be the father. That shouldn’t be too hard. You are a very sexy woman. Any man would be stupid to turn you down.”

Sarah felt flattered at hearing Tommy say that. “Actually I have found someone Tommy. It’s you.”

“What did you just say?” Tommy was dumbstruck by what he was just told.

“It’s you Tommy.” Sarah repeated. “I knew I wanted to have your baby when I first met you. Then after hearing about you and Amanda and how wonderful you have treated her, then I was 100% certain. I didn’t want anyone else to be my babies’ father.”

Tommy wasn’t sure of what to say and he definitely wasn’t prepared to hear something like this. He was completely caught off guard.

“I’m sorry Tommy. I didn’t know till just a little bit ago. I’ve never known that she wanted another c***d. That was news to me especially when she told me she wanted to have your baby.” Amanda looked like she was getting ready to cry.

Tommy pulled her over to him and held her in his arms. He was afraid that with her mom coming forward with this information that maybe Amanda thought he didn’t want to be with her anymore and would instead want to be with Sarah.

Sarah felt really bad about telling them about that, but it was too late now. She just wondered how they were going to take the rest of the news.

“I hate to say this but there is still more I have to tell you.”

Tommy and Amanda looked over at Sarah. Both of them had a look of concern on their faces.

“Well before I say anything else I just want to tell you Amanda that I am not trying to take him from you. I would never do something like that to you.” She noticed Amanda relax a little and wipe the tears from her eyes.

“Wait a minute before you start saying anything else Sarah. Your saying you want to have a baby, right?”


“You also said that you want me to help you have a baby.”

“Yes Tommy I did.”

I’m just wondering something. Do I get any kind of say in any of this?”

“Well you can but remember I had more to tell the both of you.”

“Ok. So what’s the rest of it?” Tommy didn’t no if he should be mad or flattered about all of this.

“Ok here’s the rest. It might be too late for you to get a say in it.” Sarah just sat there, looking from Tommy to Amanda.

“What do you mean it might be too late?” That was when it hit him. He remembered that she wanted him to cum in her pussy. “Are you saying that you’re not on any birth control?”

“Mom what have you done? Why would you do something like this? I thought I was being nice and letting you find out for yourself just how good he is. This was not something that I expected.” Amanda was really upset about all of this. Then, all of a sudden she started smiling and then looked at her mom and told her. “But then again, I will get a little b*****r or s****r out of this.” She kind of liked how this was turning out.

Tommy couldn’t believe what he was hearing from Amanda. He started to think that they had set this entire thing up, but then he wiped that thought out of his mind.

“So you’re not mad at me for what I pulled on him?” Sarah asked Amanda.

“I’m kinda mad at you but I do like the thought of having a little b*****r or s****r running around. Plus I do like the thought of Tommy being the father. I already know how kind and gentle he is and now you know also. The only thing that kind of bothers me is that you will be having his baby before I do.”

Both of them saw the look of Sarah’s face. It was the same look that Amanda would get on her face when she had done something or was planning something.

“Mom what did you do? I see that look.”

“Well I did have something to tell you also. Remember the birth control pills I’ve been handing you for the last several months?”

“Yes what about the pills? Are you saying that I’m not on the pill either?”

Sarah shook her head yes. “If you think about it, the ones you were taking were little white round pills. But for the last two months you’ve been taking little round blue ones. What you’ve been taking is actually headache medicine. Not birth control. So you just might have his baby before I do.”

Tommy wasn’t handling any of this very well. He got up and went out the back door to get some fresh air. This was more than he ever bargained for when he got involved with Amanda. He noticed that neither one of the girls had followed him outside. He guessed that they were just trying to give him some room to breathe and that was what he needed right now.

“Hell. What’s the chances that both of them will get pregnant?” He asked himself. “That’s a long shot. Shoot I don’t even know if I’m shooting live ammo or duds. Damn I hope there live. What the hell am I saying?” Tommy stood there and took a couple deep breathes and started to relax. He really needed to think about this.

Amanda and Sarah watched as Tommy got up and headed out onto the back porch. He didn’t say a word when he left the room.

“Amanda I am so sorry if I have ruined things for you.”

“It’s ok. The one I think we need to worry about is Tommy. You have dropped a major bomb on him, well, and me also. I’m not going to let it bother me though. If I’m pregnant then I will just have to work things out myself.”

“No sweetie. We’ll work them out together. One way or another everything is going to work out for the best. I love you Amanda.”

“I love you too mom.” Amanda leaned over and kissed her mom on the cheek and gave her a hug. She heard the back door open.

Tommy walked back into the room and just stood there staring at both of them.

“Are you ok Tommy?” Amanda asked.

“Yeah I’m ok. I’m just wondering if the both of you are going to handle what my decision is.
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I Tried Lesbian Sex For The First Time

I started to spend a lot of time with my friend, Susan, she had a lot of information on sex and was teaching me a lot. My dad didn't mind me staying over once in a while, it gave him a break from me.

Sue taught me about masturbation and let me try her dildoe. Her dad had some porn videos that she could get access to when he wasn't around. Us girls would get together at her house and she would play the videos, I really liked watching the men's cocks more than anything, but I started to masturbate watching these movies. The thing is, the others would pull their pants down but I liked to just put my hand down inside mine and rub my clit.

It would feel so good as my pussy got wet. The first time I orgasmed I thought the top of my head would explode, it was so intense. I couldn't resist, I had to taste myself to find out what it was that attracted the men in the videos to go down on the women. To my surprise, it was pretty good, kind of sweet.

During one of these video watching afternoons, while we were all pretty horny from masturbating. The talking came around to have we tasted our pussy? I had to tell them I had, and they giggled and then it became a dare session to dare each one to taste their pussy. Put in a couple of fingers, get them wet, then suck them clean. I was the first to do it, in fact I did it like three times, it really tasted good and it was turning me on to have them watch.

Pretty soon all the girls, three others, tasted themselves. They kind of made faces, but it looked like they really didn't mind. Then the big dare, would anyone go down on one of the other girls like in the videos, I wasn't too sure about this. The girl that had the videos said she would try if the same girl did her too. Since I was the daring one, they pretty soon got me talked into trying it.

I was on the recieving end first. I have to tell you, from what I've experienced since, I don't think this was that girls first time at doing this. It felt so good to feel her hot wet tongue on my clit, she flicked it in and out of my pussy, like on the movies and then started to suck on my clit. Needless to say I had no staying power and was soon climaxing, she kept sucking on me until I stopped. I had no idea an orgasm could be that good.

It was now my turn and I just copied what she had done to me. Her pussy did taste different than mine a little bit, but close. She was really wet when I started, I guess she got really turned on by doing me. I was busy cleaning up as much of her juices as I could while licking on her clit. Soon I was sucking on her clit like she did to me and all of a sudden she grabbed my head and held it tight to her pussy while she started to climax, I could feel her muscles spasm as she did it and she got even wetter. It was really unbelievably good.

We messed around together like this for most of the summer, at least once a week we'd do the movies and masturbate and once in a while eat each other out. The best part was when we would get to watch her dad masturbate and cum. I was really getting a bit hooked on sex, but not in the normal man on top woman on the bottom stuff. The videos were of a lot of other things, other than that and I liked them.

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The first time I...

The first time I sucked a cock was at home by our pool, I was 14. My b*****r's friend developed a crush on me when my boobs appeared at age 13, before the boobs, he wouldn't even look at me, then pop! we got boobs and he turned real nice and attentive. I liked the sudden attention, he was my first.

Happened in the summer, hot days of lounging around, we had a pool so most days all I wore was a little bikini, I loved lounging around the pool, I'd jump in, swim real slow, get out, sunbathe, back in the pool. My b*****r's friend, let's call him B, would come over a lot then, he always wanted to hang out where I was, and my b*****r teased him for that. I could tell he wanted me by the way he'd stare, I liked it. One afternoon we were all hanging by the pool, my b*****r got a call from my mom saying her car had broke down and he needed to go pick her up and also drive her to finish off some shopping she had to do. He turned to his friend and said "sorry dude, gotta go, wanna come with, should only take a couple of hours" B looked at me sunbathing in my little bikini then looked at my b*****r and said, "how about I just wait here, I'll keep Lara company." My b*****r looked at him all puzzled, like, when have you ever hung with Lara dude, then he smiled at him and nodded, slapped him in the arm, wink, wink ... he got up, came over to me and said "mom's car broke down I'm going to pick her up, B is going to hang with you." I looked up at him then at B who was staring at me, blushed a little then said ok.

My b*****r left, B came and sat by me on a lawn chair said "hey", I said "hi" and smiled, I was laying face up on a pink towel, wearing a skimpy white bikini, his eyes burning a hole in me, I had sunglasses on and pretended I wasn't aware he was staring. My skin was still a little wet from having been in the pool, my nipples were hard and I think he could see the shape of my pussy lips through the wet bikini, his staring at me was making me feel tingly all over. I don't know where the boldness came from but before I knew it, I asked him if he could put sun tan lotion on my back, he gulped for a minute and said, "huh, OK" all nervous, "great!" I smiled. I flipped over, waited for him, looked up, saw him sitting with his legs together, he wouldn't get up ... "well? ... hello?! come on silly! my back? suntan lotion? you?" I said and laughed. He got up, came over to me, knelt in front of me, tried to cover his bulge, I pretended not to notice and smiled pretty. I gave him the lotion and said, "use both hands please, ok?" He nodded, his bulge in full view, I acted like nothing was the matter, but his hard cock was right by my mouth, mmmmm, yay! I unsnapped my bikini top so he could rub my back evenly, he spurted some lotion on his hand and the bottle made a fart like sound, we both laughed, he said "oh, sorry" which made us laugh some more. He started rubbing, his creamy hands on me felt great, I moaned a little and said, "that feels nice!" I rested my head on my hands, closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation, but kept thinking about his hard cock right by my face. I'd been curious about sucking a cock for a couple of years, wanting to do it, sucking bananas and pretending they were the real thing, this was the closest I'd come to actually doing it!

He'd lean into me, rubbing my back real nice, my shoulders, then back down my curves, mmmm I was getting so turned on I didn't want to wait any longer! I turned my head and looked up at his bulge, stared at it, hypnotized, I could tell I had a big fuck-me smile, I felt like a warm wet hole waiting to be penetrated. He noticed I was looking at his cock, he was breathing hard but kept rubbing me, down to my lower back, almost touching my ass, I could tell my bikini had moved up my crack a little so my butt cheeks were fully exposed. I propped myself up on my elbows, which made my top scoop down, exposing my small, cute tits, his bulge right by my smiling face. I moved my hand to his cock and touched it, he let out a big breath and kept rubbing me so I started rubbing his bulge, he moaned and said fuck under his breath. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes, him rubbing my back, me rubbing his hard cock. I looked up at him and smiled, he had this pained expression, looked back at me with passion, his cock throbbing and wanting to fuck.

I unzipped his shorts, he gasped, I slowly pulled out his cock and ran my hand over it, real slow, mmm my first cock and it was right by my mouth! I was hypnotized, staring at it, touching it, examining it. I looked up at him and smiled then giggled a little as it brushed against my cheek, it got my cheek wet and sticky. It was coated in precum and looked so hot, so I licked it a little, just to get a taste, mmmmmm, not bad! I licked it again, and again real slowly, licking allllll the precum off the swollen head, yum, I loved the taste! I started kissing the head, putting just the tip in my mouth and licking it all over. He was moaning so hard, he made a move and put more of his cock in my mouth, wow! I was sucking a cock, yay! I wrapped my hand around it, started rubbing it as I gave him head like I'd seen hot girls do in some porn videos, I loved the taste and feel so I took more of him in my mouth and really sucked him, he was panting a little, I was like under a spell, my eyes closed making love to his cock with my mouth, it felt sooooo good! He started thrusting slowly, fucking my mouth as he moved his hands to my ass, mmmmmmm!

I moaned as he squeezed my ass, his cock throbbing in my mouth, like it was about to explode, he fucked my mouth a little more then, BOOM! shot a big load down my throat, mmmmmm I loved it! Lots of cum, I swallowed a lot of it, some started dribbling out of my mouth, I took him out of my mouth for a second to catch my breath and he spurted cum on my face, wow! Yummy hot cum on my cheeks and hair, on the sunglasses I was still wearing, my lips, my mouth and chin, cum dripping from his cock! I looked up at him and smiled real pretty and said "yum!" He looked at me, his whole body shaking and just said "Lara!" I liked the taste so much I put him back in my mouth and kept sucking him, he stayed hard, kept fucking my mouth real slowly as I swallowed more of his yummy cum, his hands on the back of my head now, pulling me into him, his cock in my throat. We stayed like that for a good 5 minutes, B on his knees slowly fucking my mouth, me laying on my belly on a pink towel, propped on my elbows being a good girl, making a boy feel so good. I was 14 and loved it and I'm happy to report I did a great job, I was a natural!

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The First Time I Sucked a Dick

When I was about 10 years old my older b*****rs friend mentioned the topic of "girls" in our neighborhood that were hot. He was about 14 (4 yrs older than me). When I responded that I would like to Fuck one of them he smiled and said he didn't know I was In to that yet. It started many convesations on summer nights when everyone left to do their own thing (he was a little heavy and was the target of teasing so he was alone many nightsecame closer)

It eventually leaded to him showing me nudie magazines and telling me what he'd like to do with each girl. I loved hearing his fantasies. When I got hot I took out my dick and although I was just turning 11 I shot a nice load about 4-5 fet in length! He would just rub his dick through his pants and cum in his underwear. He would open his zipper to show me hot wet his underwear was from cumming in them. I wanted to see his dick but I think he was ashamed that it was only about 4-5 inches at that time.

We would go down to his basement in the apt building jhe lived in and we would talk about girls and jerk off. Iloved seeing his dick popping out through his pants. Once he grabbed my hand hand tried to ake me touch it-I fought back because i didn't want him to think I Did Want It. Just when I was ready to let him put my hand there he let go.

Years passed and we kept up our talks. When I was 13 I found an Adut Newspaper that had stories and photos of Guys and Girls -Showing Cocks and Pussy-until then we only looked at Playboyand only saw ,Asses and Tits-. i saw him on the steps of a building with his frinds and I called him over and told him I had photos that show Cock AND Pussy. He replied that he's Not Interested in Cock but wanted to see the Pussy's. We agreed to go up to the last steps leading up to the roof of my apt building. I showed him the newspaper and he imediately squeezed and rubbed his Dick-He was always hot and ready to cum.

I made up my mind that I wanted to touch his dick and put it in my mouth! After looking at the magazine I took out my dick and told him to take his out-That was when I saw it was about 5 inches. I told him to touch my dick and he said "get the fuck out of here". I said I would touch his if he touched mine and he said to Touch his first and I did. Then he squeezed mine. I told him to suck mine and again he said to Suck his First. I did. I put my young lips around the head of his dick and licked underneath his cock head. He told me to go Further down on it and move my mouth up and down. He never did suck my dick but after sucking him a little bit I thought about the taste and texture of his cock...the way it felt in my mouth...the smooth cock head. I loved his dick and knew I would be doing this again for him. I pulled my mouth of his dick and was so hot that I was finally holding and sucking his dick that I jerked off and my load shot out about 5 feet!!! He rubbed his dick under his cock head until his cum shot out too! After watching him cum I saw he had a drop of cum on his balls and I said to him "let me clean that for you" and I leaned over again and sucked the drop off his balls and put my mouth back on his dick and Cleaned his cum off his cock. My first taste of his cock and cum All In One Day!

We left and he told me he loved it and to hide the newspaper so we could do it again.- And We did- Almost every day for the next 13 years until I was 26 and moved away and we lost touch,.

If you like this sory and want more Let Me know- I can tell you the first time he shot his load in my mouth, or how a few years later his cock Fully Matured to a Mans Dick with big Fat Balls and about 8 inches (a real beauty).

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The first time my husband shared me.

I didn't write it but I hope you enjoy

First time Hubby let his friends haveme.

As I said it was my husband's birthday andwe had gone out to dinnerwithfour of his friends.It was a verynicedinnerat a steak house in town. I had two glasses of wine which is my limit, after that I am totally d***k. All the wives accept for me where out of town, so I was the only girl out with five guys. After dinner my husband invitedhis friends over for some pool anda few beers. All the guys gladly acceptedtheinvitation. When we got home I got the guys there beer andthey started playing pool. I was in the kitchen making them some snacks andcouldhear themtalking. TheTV was on anda girlinan ad must have caught their attention. Thereweresome remarks about her beinghot, nice tits, and a great ass. You know guys beingguys. Then I heard one of them say "Bill your wife has a hot body", andall the others agreed. Bill my husband said thanks andthey went on chattingabout other things. I will admit to a little tingle in my pussy when I heard the comment about me. A little history before I continueon. BillandI have been married for ten years. In the ten years that we have been married neverhas therebeen discussion of me with other men. Bill has never told me that he had a desireto see me with other men. He has never mentioned it as beinga fantasyof his. As close as we ever got to such a thing was me flashing other men. This started a few years backina dinnerclub. We were out having dinnerone evening andBillhad goneto therestroom. When he returned,hesaidI want you to spread your legs apart. We were sitting in chairs that where higher than the ones at the bar. I was not wearing panties and Bill knew it. I looked in front of me and knew what he wanted. Therewerea group of men sitting at pussy level right in front of me. At first I said no, I could see the disappointment inhis face. I thought for a bit,hehad nevermade many sexual demands on meandif he wanted this OK. And so I did. I openedupmy legs for the first time in ten years for someone other than my husband to see my pussy.It was great a first one, then two, then all threemen werestaring right at my bare pussy.Hubbywas turned on big time, andoddlyenough I found that I was too. Any way backto the story. I was in and out of the kitchen servingsnacks to the guys. I would stop every now and then to watch the pool game. I had noticed the guys staring at me a little more than usually. Caught them looking at my ass and my titties. I enjoyed it, but it was no big deal. I wrote it off to the conversation they had had earlier. I was gettingtired andbored andhad decided to go to bed. I delivered on more round of beer andsaidmy good nights. Then right in front of all the guys my hubby says "the guys all think you are hot". I blushed andlooked at them all and said thank you. They were all looking at me and I was a little embarrassed. Then Bill said "undress right here I want the guys to see just how hot you are" I could feel my face turnbeat red,I couldnot believe what I had just heard. Bill walks over to me, all the guys staring at me and say's "please babes I really want you to undress for the guys" I was speechless, embarrassed, surprised,andshocked. And maybea hintof excited. When I regained my composure or should I say when I came to, everyone was standingaroundme. I looked at Bill andasked"What did you say". Bill comes over pits his arms around me, looks me in the eyes andsoftly says "please dearI want to showyou off to my friends". I look at him deciding wither I should slap him andrun out of the room or just stand here andcry. I had a million thoughts racingthrough my brain. What is this allabout? Does he really want me nude in front of all his friends? Will he stop me if I start andjust say he was k**ding? Is this for real? The wine had longago worn off, so I know I was hearing what he was saying. Then my thoughts shiftedto. Willtheseguys like what they see? Hey I am 35 three k**s andtwo of these guys are in there twenties. I am in good shape, I work out threetimes a week, but my titties all real and they are small andthey sag a little. Will they like me? Will they think I am a slut? Will my husband think I am a slut? I looked at Bill andsoftly said is really something you want me to do? Are you going to let them touch me? Do you still love me? Will you still lovemeif I do this? He said "No touching unless you want them to andyes pleasedothis for me" He squeezed me andsaid"yesI loveyou and always will" He let me go and kind of pushed me out from him a little. For the first time I looked at all the guys and they were all looking at me. Looking at here crotches I tell they were all hard and wantedmeto undress. Very embarrassed I slide my skirt off andletit fall to the floor. I was not planning on giving a show when I got dressed, so just had French cut panties on. As my skirt slide of Bill said "spin around dear" And so I did with all the guys saying yes Bill she has a very nice ass. Ok honey now the top please, Bill said. I unbuttoned my blouseandwas slideitoff my shoulders when one of the guys took it the rest of the way off. His hand had touched my shoulder when he did and it felt kind of nice. I stood thereinfront of five men with just my bra and panties on. Billsays "spin around some more for the guys" As I spoon around; I was thinking this is not so bad. I wearless than this at the swimmingpool. I was getting comfortable withthis wholedealandliking the attention I was getting. The guys were being nice, although excited and I loved their comments. "Yeah Bill she is hot" onesaid,"Niceass Bill"another said." Awesomelittletitties" said another." Super abs" someonesaid. (This is when I first learned I loveto show off my body to other men). I was just gettingto like this when one of the guys says "Hay Bill have her take bra off". I had forgotten I was to undress. Bill say's" you heard him dear" I looked at Bill andwas goingto protest. Then I felt a hand unsnap my bra. I instinctively close my arms to my chest to catch my bra andcover my tits. The guys where way excited now, I lowered my arms and let my bra fall to the ground. And there I was in my panties andnothingelse on in front of five men. I closed my eyes, I was again embarrassed. I put my hands to my side andstood there. The guys all went wild. Oh yes awesome tits,nice nipples, lucky guy Bill to play with those. I was enjoying their comments and relaxing a little. Then I heard one guy say "dam I wish my wife had tits like hers" and then "me also". I opened my eyes I knew all their wives andwantedto see who was saying that. This in a woman kind of way turned meon a little. There were lots of other remarks, and I was once again feeling easy. John, one of the twentyyearolds says " Look at how hard her nipples are" this is when I released that my body was all turned on regardless of what my mind was saying. I do not know how longI was standing there and only just becameaware that once again I was spinningaround so all could get a good look at my titties. Look said Jeff her panties areallwet, she is enjoying this as much as we are. I looked at Bill, hopinghewouldnot be mad about this. He looked at me like a proud father. "are you enjoying this dear" I softly whispered backthat yes I was. Then off with your panties andshow the men your best parts. This time it took no encouraging, I just slide them off. And here I should totally naked in front of all these men. I freely spun around as I listen to all the guys talkingabout my pussy,ass and titties. And I was lovingit. They were all so kind with their remarks. I just spun around andaround, baskingintheir attention. Lost in my own world for a little while. Then Bill took me by the hand andledmeover to the pool table. They others followed nevertakingtheir eyes off of me. They all quicklyclearedthe balls off the tableas Billhelped meon to thetable. As I lay there,Billspread my legs wide open. The guys where gathered around all staring at my now wet little pussy. As I lay thereI was thinkingwowI would have neverguessedina hundred years this is the way the eveningwouldgo. I looked around at all the men, their eyes fixed on either my titties ormy pussy. "Wow Bill your wife is awesome"." Yes Bill that is the best looking pussy I have ever seen". "Yes Bill she must be an awesome fuck"." Would loveto feel those titties andhardnipples"."And I just want to rub those awesome pussy lips". AgainI was inmy ownlittleworld, just enjoying the fact that five men where all standingaroundme,wanting me. As I lay there it dawned on me, they had keep their word. Accept for helpingme with my clothes,no one had touched me. Just then I feel a hand on my pussy, startled I looked down to see that is was Bill's hand. He rubbed my lips to the excitement of all, andthenspread my lips open for the guys to see. The guys once again went crazy, all saying "oh Bill can we play with it". "Can I rub it" "Can I play with her tits""CanI suck her nipples" can I lick her pussy"………………. I lay there; listening to them, thinking thereis no way Bill will let them touch me. Then I heard a whisper in my ear, in an excited voice,"dear do you want them to touch you" Bill I said are you sure you want that."Only if you do" Wow let me think about this I said. "OK guys let's have a beer andgivehersome time" I heard Bill say. Just lay theredearso the guys can look at you while they have a beer. I lay there spread out as the guys went to the bar for another beer. Laying there with my eyes closed, a million thoughts running throughmy head.WillBill really let them touch me! Will Bill think less of me if I say yes! What dose touch include!Do I have to touch them in front of Bill! Surelyhewon't let them put therecocks inme! HaveI letthis go too far already!Eyes closed, lost in thought, I had not paidanyattentionto what the guys where saying or doing. I was just about to get up when I listened to their conversation. "Bill you are so lucky to have a wife that takes good care of herself" "Just look at how hot her body is" Bill you are lucky to be sl**pingwiththat each night" "I really would love to feel her pussy" " I want to finger those hard little nipples" andon andon,andthemore they said the wetter my pussy got. Well maybe just a little touching. And then Tom, who's wife I cannot standsays" Dam I wish my wife looked half as good as yours Bill, she is awesome" That was the magic words, in a catty kind of way. I thought to myself, I would love to be talking to his wife knowing he had been looking at andtouching me. I called for Bill to come over to me. "Bill is this what you want from me, will you still lovemeif all these men touch me" "Dear I will always loveyou"then he kissed me andsaiddonotdothis if youdo not want to. I said I just want to make you happy. OK Bill, when I say stop that means youall stop and I am done, do you understand. Yes he said. With that he tells the others to come on over. I opened my eyes andwas I surprised,five naked men, includingmy husband where all standing around me. They had all undressed as I lay therewithmy eyes closed. What is this I said? They all said in together" will fair is fair". Ok give me a minute guy. I got up on my elbows and looked at five naked men, with stiff hard cocks standingaroundme. Forthe last ten years Bill's cock is the only one I have seen. Now I lay here surrounded by hard cocks. All but two where about the same as my Bill's. One of the twenty year olds had a large cock, uncut. I had neverbeen with a uncut cock. Evan in collage I did not mess around much, so up till now I did not have much experience. I thought to myself glad they are only touching andhewas notgoingto be stuffingthat big thing into me. The other one was smaller than Bill's. I lay back down, very much turned on form the thought that I couldgetallthesemen turned on. I lay there not knowing what to expect. I heard Bill say" remember guys I told you the other day shelikes it soft at first" At that I could feel hands all over me. Two on each leg softly rubbing up and down my legs. Two on each breast very softly rubbing my very hard nipples. And one is rubbingmy pussy lips very gently. I was so turned on;itwas so relaxing and exciting. I felt a finger slide into my wet pussy,thought about saying that is going too far then decided not, it felt so good. I said to myself that is Bill's finger, Bill would not let this guys finger my pussy. Then I felt a pair of lips on each nippleas their hands gently squeezed my tits. Oh this was feeling good. Two men lickingand sucking on each breast andBill's fingers sliding in andoutof my pussy,and two more men rubbing my innerthighs. Heaven! Then two things came to me at once. Bill was whispering in my ear" are you enjoying yourself". I set of hands had quit rubbing my right leg, but the fingers where still going in andoutof my pussy, rubbing my swollen clit, and then back in. Those weren't Bills fingers make my pussy feel so good. And at the same time Bill's earlier words sunk in to my mind. " remember guys I told you the other day shelikes it soft at first" "Told you the other day shelikes it soft at first" Bill had set this whole thing up. He had planned it. I fill for it. If the guys had not been doing such a good job on my nipples andpussy,I would have been pissed. What shouldI do? I thought to myself. If he wants to watch his buddies use me well here comes the show, I decided. TheshowI had decidedon was far less than where this would end. I had planed that, OK they andplay with my pussy andlick andsuck on my nipples, andI was goingto play withTom's cock only becauseI disliked his wife so much. It would be nice as I talked to her to now I had stroked her hubby's cock, catty, but sounded good. The fingers inside my wet pussy where replaced with another set, fatter longer ones. As this went in andoutI feltanother hand rubbingmy stiff littleclit. These guys were good. I had not realized it but I was thrusting my pussy into their fingers. If they did not stop, I would be cumming soon. I had not planned on that. Just when I thought my body was goingto forsake me andcum infront of all these guys, Bill who unbeknownst to me had left the room walks in. Hay guys look at what I have. I looked up to see Bill standing there with two of my dildos. I felt myself turninstantlyredhas heno shame, is there not anymodestyleftin him. Now all this men will know that I use sex toys. I should have said stop right then andgottenup. Buttheguys where all excited andyelling"Awesome Bill let's see you use them on her" Bill had brought in two of my favorite toys. One of them a silicone rubber life like cock. It felt andlooked like a real cock. It was about the size of Bill's cock. The other toy was a small vibratorI like to use on my clit. With all the excitement of theguys,I thought alright Bill and use these on my pussy and give the guys a real show. I was lyinginthe middle of our pool table. Someone says we need to slide her to the edge. I slide toward the edge of the tablebut the rail kept me from going all the way to the edge. Dan says "I know what to do" I heard the patio slider open andDan returns with a cushion off one of the lounge chairs. The other four pick me up as Dan slides the cushion under me. Jeff grabs two barstools for my feet andI slide to the edge of the table. Bill got on his knees between my spread open legs. At first he used the small vibrator andslides it up anddown my wet lips. He handed to Tom andtold him to use it on my clit. Tom was good, and soon my embarrassment had fadedawayto excitement.As Tom gently rubbedmy clit with the small vibrator, Bill parts my lips with the cock shapeddildo. He is very slowly slidingitinandoutof my pussy. Once again the guys are all excited and commentingon theaction."Wow that looks awesome" "God her pussy is gorgeous" "Look how wet her pussy is" "Dam wish that were my cock" "Look are her awesome lips dragging out when the cock comes out, like they don't want to let go of it" I was lost in my own world. Tom and Bill where making my pussy feel so good, and I could hear the others talk about how good my pussy looked when it was getting fucked. How much they wantedto replace the toy with their own cocks. The show off in me was lovingallthis. And Billwas doing an awesome job with the rubber cock, stuffingitall the way in andslowly pulling it out. When it was out he would rub my lips up anddown with it. Tom was rubbing my clit, I wantedto cum. Again I found myself thrustingmy pussy into the toys. I thought theguys must be loving this show. Then the hands returned to my breasts, two per breast. Then the lips where again sucking on my nipples. God this was feeling good. I was feeling great, my pussy,clit,breasts,and nipples all beingsimulatedat one time. The guys were all being very gentle and soft. I thought to myself this is awesome, hubbyis showingmeoff to his friends, andI was showingmyself off to four other men. It was not like I was a slut and was fucking them andsucking on their cocks. It was more like going to the salon and instead of having one massager I had five, andthey were working on my must sensitive parts. Lifewas good. I was enjoying the moment andkeep thinking how I must look. Naked on my back legs spread wide open on our pool table,five men standingaroundme. Husband sliding a dildo into my pussy while his friends are lickingandsuckingon my nipples andanother messaging my clit with one of my toys. I neverthought inmy wildest fantasies of thesehappening. I awoke from my dream like state to the guys changing places. I looked up andTom was now on my left breast andJeff took over the little vibratoron my clit. Billwas still slidingthe cock shaped dildo in andouton my verywet pussy.Dan was busy sucking on my rock hard nipple on my right side. Now was my chance, I glanced to my right and left, Tom was the one with the big cock it turns out, and Dan the small cock. I was going to get my chance to play with Tom's cock. I thought for a minute, dam I cannot grabTom's bigcock andnot Dan's smaller one, it may offend Dan. Ok what the hell I reached out andgrabbed both of their cocks. I as I slowly started to stroke both of their cocks, there was an uproar of excitement.I had not touched another man's cock intwelve years, now I had one in each hand. "Hey Bill look at your wife go after thosecocks". Tom and Danwherejust moaningas they sucked on my nipples andI squeezed there cocks in my hand. Mike, who had just been softly rubbing my legs andstomach said" dam all she needs now is a cock in her pussy andoneinhermouth" And I thought like that will ever happen! I was lost in space to say, all my senses going insane. I could feel that Dan's cock was throbbinginmy hand. WowI'm getting this guy off I can't believe it, a cock in my hand, not my hubby's andit is getting ready to shoot its load out. As I was thinking this Tom straitened up and came all over my right breast. He may have a smaller cock, but his load was huge. It more than covered my breast and half my stomach. Againthe guys all yelled with Dan backed away after shooting his awesome load,andwhatI thought was Mike took his place. He was rubbing the Dan's allovermy breast,makingit very slippery. He squeezed and pulled on my nipplecover incum. Then he started lickingandsuckingmy cum covered nipple. Thatpushedoddlyenough even closer to a climax, one man cleaning up another's cum off my tittie. Now I can feel Tom monster cock throbbingin my left hand. Wow I thought I have gotten two different cocks off in one night. Tom then straitened up andunloaded his big cock all over my right breast. Oh it felt good, nice andwarm. A big cock and a big load. Againtheguys wentcrazy. Bill's cock shapeddildo was at a steady paceinmy pussy now. I had two cock loads of cum on my titties anda vibrator on my clit. And "Mike" licking and sucking on my right breast and know Jeff rubbing Dan's cum allovermy left. I thought to myself, wait till I see Dan's bitch wifeagain, just thethought of her hubby cumming all over my titties will make me happy. I was relishing my catty thoughts about Tom's wife, which is probably what momentarily cleared my mine form its state of ecstasy. As I was finally come to I noticed a few things that I had not noticed before. I opened my eyes to see that it was not Mike lickingandsuckingon my right breast, it was Bill. And at the same time I noticed the Mikes balls hitting my ass, I hear mike say " God dammmm this is the nicest pussy I have ever fuck, you guys need to try this" and At the same time Bill whisper's in my ear" liking a different cock". Just then I also realize Mike has his cock buriedto his balls in my pussy andis holding it. It's not vibratingitis throbbing,dam heis going to cum inside me. Then a flash "I cannot believe Bill is letting this guy fuck me" "Is he really going to let this guy pump his cum into me" Then I felt it, he was cumming deep inside my pussy. I could feel it; I could feel another man cumming inside me. All these guys are watching another man cum inside me. He just keep cumming, seemed like forever. I feel it inside me, and then I could feel it oozing past his cock and down my ass. He had came so much he over filled my pussy.BillandJeff wherestill squeezing my tittes,as Mike was filling my pussy.And I was ashamed to say it felt good. "didBillknow he was fucking me, pumping his cock into Bill's private pussy""DidBillknow he was going to cum inside me" To many thoughts, to many emotions. Markslowly started to pull his cock out of me. Once again the guys were going nuts knowing Mark had just pumped my pussy full of his cum. Then I heard Bill say "You are so pretty when you are getting fucked" The fact that Bill knew Mike was fucking me, and was watching the whole thing oddly enough was a relief. And as Bill, Jeff, Dan, and Tom watched I came for the first time. Mike had pulled out andwas steeping backwhen I squirtedhim down from his neck to his ankles with my cum. When I cum I squirt allot. Bill must not have told the guy's this. I am sure the neighbors heard this uproar of amazement andapproval. As I lay therespent from allthestimulation and emotions, I could hear the guys carrying on. And talkingtakinga break I was going to soon discover. I figured we were done; Bill had gotten want he wanted. He watched two men cover my titties with cum. He watched them all play with me. He got to see my pussy pumped full of Mike's cum. They had all gotten off except Bill andhewillfuck me when his buddies all leave. Their conversation was just now enteringmy ears; I had been lost in my thought. "Dam Billyour wife is the best" "That pussy of hers besides looking great is the tightest I ever fucked" " I lovehertits, awesome hard nipples" "Did you see me cum on her tits"" Did you see me cum on her tits, my loadwas bigger""That was thebest hand job I have ever had" "Your one lucky guy Bill" At the same time I felt someone between my legs I heard "Jeff say now it is my turn" I had forgotten about Jeff. Jeff started rubbing the head of his cock on to my lips. Oh is Bill going to let Jeff fuck me too. God have I turned into the neighborhood slut. While after I cum the first time my pussy becomes ultra sensitive andJeff's cock rubbingmy lips felt very good. I was thinking well I let this go this far andif Billwas not going to stop him neither was I. Just as that thought crossed my mind I could feel the head of his cock partingmy lips. With all the cum in my pussy he slide in with no problem. He then pulled it out and started slappingmy clit with his cock. Wow Bill had neverdone that to me, it felt good. Then he slides it in again pumped in deep a few times. Then back out more slapping my clit with it. Yes this felt very good. He was doing this as all the other men, andmy husband watched. "that's it Jeff slap her with that cock" "Dam Jeff watch her lips there the same as with the dildo they do not want to let go" Then Jeff yells back at them" Mike you are right this is the tightest, nicest, warmest pussy I have ever put my cock into" "If my wife's pussy was half that good I would not be over her fucking Bills wife, Mike said. After twentyminutes of Jeff pumping my pussy and slappingmy clit withhis cock, I wantedto cum again. Jeff slides his cock deep into me andI can feel it again, his cock was throbbinghard. Oh Godhe is going to cum in me too. Just as I thought this he pulls it out andshots byfar the biggest loadof thenight all over my pussy andstomach. It was a massive loadof sperm coveringallof my pussy. It felt so good on my lips that my pussy exploded again, this time squirting all over Jeff. Yet another uproar from the four other men watching all this, includingmy husband. Again I just lay therelimp andexhausted, foolishly thinking I was done. All had had me in some way but Bill. Never being with so many men I did not know what to expect. It wasn't that I was dumbI had just never done this before. How was I to know that Dan,Tom,andMikewhere just takinga brake andthat watch Jeff as he pumped my pussy andslapped my clit aroundwithhis cock andme cumming again was all it took to get them aroused again. When I opened my eyes I was once again surrounded by men with stiff hard cocks. The soft rubbing of my body had started again. Mike was on my left breast, Tom on my right breast, Bill rubbing my inner thighs, Danrubbingmy legs,andJeff who Had just creamed my pussy like it has never been done before was having a beer and watching the others. I closed my eyes as it was all starting to feel so good again. This time therewas no fear, embarrassment,orshame. I was overit and was enjoying myself. Mike and Tom where doing an awesome job on my titties,squeezing, pulling and licking my nipples. I couldfeelBillrubbingthe cum of two men all over my pussy. Dan's hands wherenowrubbingmy inner thighs. It all felt so good. It was just then I felt a tongue lickingmy soaked pussy. Softly at first I could feel it spreading my lips apart, feltgood. But who would be lickingmy used pussy, I had the cum of one man inside me, and the cum of another all over my pussy. Strangeas it sounds the Idea that someone was lickingmy pussy clean after it had been used twice by two different men turned me on even more. Even if it hadn't it still felt awesome, not only where they lickingthe outside clean they where sucking Mikes cum out of my pussy. When the lickingandsuckingstopped, I could feel some movement between my legs. One man had licked andsuckedmeclean so another would have a clean pussy to fuck. Oh my God as soon as I felt the head on my lips I knew it was Dan's cock gettingready to enterme. It was a monster cock andI couldfeelallthe other guys stop what they were doing. They all wanted to see if my little pussy could swallow this big cock. As Dan stood between my legs all was quiet, no licking on my titties sounds, no rubbing on me nothing. All were watching and waiting to see if this monster cock was going to fit. Danpartedmy lips withhis enormous head. He held it there for a while with just a slight bit of pressure. I thought to myself it wasn't going to fit andI was goingto lettheguys down, strange thought. Danstarted rubbing my clit as he keep pressure on my pussy with his cock. It felt good as he rubbed my clit I thought of his bitch wife, and if she can take this I surely can. After rubbing my clit for what seemed like a long time I could feel Dan's cock start to sink into my pussy.It did not hurt there was just allot of pressure. After the big head had cleared my open it slides right in. He stopped backed up then forward again, hecontinued this until his balls wereupagainst my ass. The guys all yelled in excite mint.I heard Mike say "there will be no keeping her home now Bill". Dan's big cock after it had stretched my pussy out felt good slowly sliding in and out of me. He was good, knew he had a big cock and if he did not go slowly it would have hurt me andthe game would have been over. He took his time slowly stuffing that big cock in andslowlypulling it out. He had already cameonceon my titties andI knewhewas goingto last a while. Danstayedat this slow pace never thrusting hard or fast. I could feel every vain in his cock as my lips stretched around this awesome big cock. I opened my eyes to see Bill watching as Dan's cock slowly pumped in and out of my pussy, he looked proud in a way. Knowing Bill was watching another man's big cock fuck me I came at the thought my body shook as this big cock just continued to pump as juice from my pussy had to find its way around this cock to get out. My cum sprayed all over Dan. With all this Dannevermisseda stroke just keep on pumping me. As I thought Bill had to lovewatchingmecum alloverDan's monster cock as it pumped in to his pussy. I do not know how longDanfuckedmy stretched out little pussy,but it felt like hours. Evenwhen heletgowithhis big load, deeperinside my pussy than I ever have had a load,heneverchanged pace. His loadwas bigandwithno way out becausehis cock was such a tight fit, I felt enormous pressure deep inside me. It felt good and I came again on this awesome cock. As he pulled his cock out of me it created a vacuum andfelt like my pussy was going to go inside out. Dan's, Mikes, andJeff's cum wererunning out of my pussy like a river. Dan's cock had hardly cleared my lips, when Bill rushed over andstartedrubbing all the cum all over my pussy.Then I discovered who was lickingall the cum up, it was my hubbyBill.Hehad his head between my legs andwas lickingmy lips clean. As I thought this to beverystrangeitdid feel good. Nosooner was he done cleaning me than Tom was between my legs. I thought I will neverfeelthat small cock after Dan's monsterhad just pumped me full of his cum. I was wrong as Tom too knew what he had to work with. He slides his cock just inside my pussy, holding onto it with his hands he rubbed all over the inside of my pussy walls. He would pull it out and push it hard against my clit andrubitall around. As he continuedthis methodI was soon ready to cum for him. He andI came at just the same time, me squirting all over his cock, and him spray his load all over my pussy. Now I lay thereexhaustedlimp usedup, thinking to myself dam girlyouhave gotten four men off twice in one night. Patting myself on the back, thinking I was done I was wrong. Mike who was on my titties let go anddecidedhewanted another go at my pussy.Hewas likea rock; guess he had enjoyed my tits. He just stuffed it in andpounded away like a mad man. They other men cheeringhim on. He was the first one to pump my pussy full of cum andhewas thefirst one to pound me hard. This was a good thing because with as hard as he was going my pussy had already beenfuckedfour times and I needed the hard pounding just to feel him. It worked for both of us I came and he pumped another big loadinto my used up pussy. As I had finished cumming for the God knows how many times tonight I caught Jeff out of the corner of my eye. He was the only one that had only come once. He walks over to the pool tableandjumps upwith me. He was rock hard again. He sit on my chest facing me put's his cock up to my lips andsays suck on this for me………….please. I opened my mouth, just happy he did not want to fuck my used up pussy again. I put his cock into my mouth, I could taste his cum, Mikes cum, and my cum on his cock. All the other men had grabbed a beer andwherestanding around watching me suck on Jeff's cock. I decided this would be the grand finally, andI put on a good show. I licked and sucked his cock like I had never before. I licked down his shaft, andsuckedin his balls. As I sucked on hid throbbing head I squeezed andpulled lightly on his balls. I took his cock in all the way to his balls. As I continuedI could hear the others talking. "Wow look at that girl go" "Dam Bill she can really suck on cock" "I wish my wife could suck on my cock that way" "I just wished my wife would suck my cock" Jeff came hard and I swallowed all he could pump out. I opened my mouth so the others could see his cum going into my mouth. To my surprise Dan,Tom,andMikewhereall hard again. I was beingto think this night would never end. It seems that my little show had them all wanting their cocks sucked too. They all grabbed a corner of the cushion andlifted it and me to the floor. I got up and onto my knees. They were all in a line facing me; Bill got on his knees behind me and grabbed my titties from behind. As he gently squeezed my tits andpulled andtwisted my nipples, I could feel his shift hard cock against my back. He lovedall this, and although I was goingto yell at him later for presetting this whole thing up, I loved it too. With Bill on my tits Danwas thefirst cock in line. As I grabbed his big cock I knew Bill was watching every detail. I was going to enjoy sucking on this cock, just another thing to think about over coffee as I sit across from his bitch wife. As I pulled him closer to me by his cock he says my wife won't suck on my cock. I have to say that mademy day, andI did a better job on his cock than I had done on Jeff's. Even thoughhelasteda very long time when he was pumping my pussy full of cum andthis beinghis third time in no night to get off, he came quickly in my mouth. And for his third time it was allot of cum, but I sucked it all down. Bill must have been excited about this becausehewas really squeezing my nipples hard. Next was Mike andas I sucked his cock I rubbed his ass hole right in front of Bill. I had neverdone this for him. I reached down and got some cum off of my chest some I had missed from Dan's bigload. As I sucked Mikes cock deep into my mouth I slide my finger into his ass. He came almost instantly. Hebacked up just as he started andsquirtedhis loadallover my tittties, andBill's hands. I love cum on my tits andBillwentto work rubbing it all over my tits. Jeff asked Bill to move out of the way which he did, and Jeff got under me. I guess he just had a blow jobanddecidedhe wants to sink his cock backinto my pussy again. I couldnotbelievehewas hard again. As I sit down on his cock, cum was still running out of my pussy andhis cock was covered in cum before he even got it in. His Cock was about the same size as Bill's andfeltgood as I slide my very wet pussy up anddown on it. I was sitting with my ass towards his face, his legs spread just enough that Tom could stand in front of me. I took Tom's cock into my mouthlickingandsucking it and his balls. Severalthoughts came to me, as all the guys stood around watching the threeof us. "My GodI am having to men at the same time, one in my pussy and one in my mouth another first" "What a picturetheis""Theseguys must think I am a real slut" "I hope they do not think I do this kind of stuff allthe time" "what would their wives think looking at this scene" I could see Bill standing off to my left he still had that proud father look." Will Bill still love me" "Will he treat me differently now" The thoughts faded away as I could feel myself getting ready to cum again. Jeff was going nuts under me slamminghis cock deep into my pussy andTom's cock was throbbing in my mouth. As if we had rehearsed it we all threecame at the same time. Tom pulled out of my mouth just as be started to pump his loadinto me, backed up a foot andcame all over my titties. Going from one tit to the other, like he was using a garden hose on the lawn. At the same time belowmeJeff had stopped his feverous pumping, his back was arched as he held his throbbingcock as deep in me as he could. As his cock started to pump its loadinto my pussy, my pussy started pumping its loadall over his cock, and his legs, andhis stomach, I was surprised I had that much cum left in me. But gettingtwo men off at the same time I am sure had a lot to do with it. The others all cheered as we came, as if their teamjust scored. As I lay cum covered on the lounge chair cushion, exhausted andusedupthe men all got cleaned up anddressed. All came over and thanked me andgavemea kiss before leaving. Bill saw all his buddies out as I lay there exhausted covered in cum and cum still running out of my pussy. Dan, Tom, Mike andJeff all said good night and how much fun they had had andleft. As I sit thereI rememberedBill had not come yet andhewas hornierthan I have ever seen him. "Bill", I said in a stern voice "did you set this up before hand with these guys" He said no I did not I only thought of it when they were saying how hot you where tonight. Then what was the deal with "rememberI told you guys the other day she likes it slow at first" comment about? He explained that they were talking about their wives the other day and what they liked. As itturns outyou are the only wife that sucks on cocks and the only wife that could get four guys off in one night. And not only did you get four guys off in one night you got them off threetimes in one night. I was very proud of you dear you where awesome. All thosecocks fuckingyou,all those times, your little pussy taking all of Dan's big cock, and then to suck them all off, what a lady. Bill I have to ask what was the dealwithyoulicking up all there cum? Did you think I would let my friends pumptherecum into you if I was willing to do the same thing? I loveyou! Bill are you going to fuck me now, he was still hard as a rock. He picked me up from the floor and carried me over to the pool table. He bent meoverthepool table and grabbed my ass. He spread my checks takingsome of the cum still running out of my pussy he lubes up my ass with it. We have neverdone analsex before, what was he doing. Bill what are you doing "Did you think I was going to use one of thoseusedupholes on my Birthday. I thought to myself this is a night for allot of first's, andwiththat I could feel his cock pressing against my ass hole. As his cock penetratedmy ass Bill says "and if you can get them off three times you can get me off the same. What a night, I had managed f******n loads of cum. Yes Billonlymanaged to pump my tight little ass full twice before collapsing from exhaust. The next morning I woke up late about ten I think. Bill was still out on the floor in the pool room lying next to the lounge chair cushion. Thecushion was a destroyed covered in what seemed like gallons of cum. I will have to throw that out I thought or maybe I can turnitover. The place is a mess I will clean up after I shower. My whole body looked like the cushion andI was sticky everywhere. I felt sore all over my legs where stiff from having them spread out for so long. My pussy not only was a sticky mess with cum still running out of it, it too was sore. My cum covered nipples were a little raw andmy jawwas stiff, I was a mess. After my shower as I stood in front of the mirror combing my hair I took a long look at myself andbroke out in tears. What the hell did, I do last night, I thought. My mind flooded with thoughts and questions. "Did I really let all those men touch me" "Did Bill really let all those men touch me" "Did they really pump my pussy full of cum" "I sucked all their cocks and swallowed their cum" "What do they think of me" "Will theyall still like me" "Will Bill leave me" "Will they tell everyone" "Will they try to get me when Bill is not around" "Dam I really screwed up this time" I was full of guilt, shame and embarrassment,andI needed to talk to Bill before the k**s came home from grandma's. I throw on a rub andwentinto thekitchen;Bill was up andhad madeus some coffee. He handed me a cup andsaidgood morning dear. He could tell that I had been crying andcame over andsitbeside me and put his arms around me. "What is wrong dearyouhavebeencrying"hesaid. I busted out in tears andittook me a few minutes before I could speak. "Bill what have I done" andI began to tell him about all my guilt, shame, and embarrassment.I spilledmy guts outto Bill in about five minutes with all my questions and concerns. "Will thoseguys still respect me, will they tell all their friends that Bill's wife is a slut, Will they be over here when you are not at home trying to fuck me, Do they have STD, etc.etc.etc. When I was do with a longlist I finally askedthe important questions. "Bill Do you still loveme?" "Areyougoingto leave me" "Do you still respect me" "Am I a slut in your eyes" "Did you enjoy last night" and"Billwhy would you ever want to watch other men use me like that" "Did you know they were going to cum in me" "Did you want them to""Did you enjoy watching them pumping their cum into my pussy,mouth, andall over my titties"? Bill took a sip of his coffee looked me in the eye and said" did you have a good time last night yes or no" I started to say that I was afraid that, andBillcut me off. "Yes or no". I said yes I did as I looked at the ground. "Did anyone hurt you" "NO "I said. " Good I am glad you enjoyed it" he said. "Dan, Jeff, Mike, and Tom all called while you were in the shower andthey all said it was the best sex they had ever had" andhewenton "They all said that is the first time they were able to cum three times in one night". I looked up andsaid"I am glad they all had a good time, did you enjoy yourself?" Baby I have neverloved you as much as I loveyounow. Put your mind at ease none have STD. They will never mention this to anyone andthey will never hit on you. I am very much in lovewithyouandvery proud of you. I look at you like an awesome sports car. I have wanted to show you off sense we have been married. You have an awesome body, great tits, beautiful tight pussy,andyouare rock hard. You are the very best at sex, the best fuck, best hand job, best blow job, and after last night the best analfuck. Until last night it was if I owned the best sports car in the world, but it was in a create in the garage. No one could see it, no one could use it, andI couldnotshow it off. Now I have shown it off and my buddies loveit. And I loved showing it off. And I would like to do it again if you will let me? How could I say no? We have had several more adventures sense then. Sometimes more men, sometimes less men. He never includes the same men twice. Dan,Jeff, Tom, and Mike come to the house all the time. They nevermention that night. They treat me the same as they always did before that night. I do see a little smile on their faces as they play pool from the end of the tablethat theyhad me on. I feel a little superior to their wives when they are over. And when Dan's bitch of a wifeis overfora swim I have her always sit on the same cushion. I just hopesheneverturns itover someday... Continue»
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My Husband Shares me for the First time

So this happened almost a year ago now, we own a house about an hour outside of town and occasionally will go there with friends just to get out of town. Nothing had ever been sexual just a few friends going hanging out on the lake and watching some movies on the big screen and just escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city. Well we decided to head out on a Friday to the lake house and get everything cleaned up and check the house before one of my husband's friends came out on Saturday night, he had to work on Saturday so he was coming after.

At the time my husband and I had just started to play online and take pictures and videos. We were exploring a new part of our sex life and it was going very quickly. Just a few details, we had started off just showing some pics of my tits online and next thing you know we had joined a website and showed some pics of everything lol. We loved it and we spent many nights just doing nasty dirty photoshoots. Anyway we were at the lake house cleaning, I had been talking about us trying out a threeway for some time now and neither one of us cared if it was with another guy or another girl or multiples of each lol. So I don't think my hubby had ever thought about his friend being part of it because we have two different view points, he wants total strangers so we can keep that life separate from our real life but I don't like the idea of a std so I want to know our partners well. I started messing with him very early in the morning when we first woke up, I stroked his cock a few times while he was sl**ping and once it was nice and hard I sucked it until he woke up. He loves that, but I think most men do.

I didn't finish him off I told him to save it for later, this is something I will occasionally do just to make sex that much more exciting after an all day tease. Well I put on some crotchless panties, without him knowing, and put on a garter with thigh high stockings underneath my jeans just to excite him later. He was cleaning the kitchen and I was cleaning the hardwoods and I stopped what I was doing and said I want to check our site for a minute, I immediately pulled up our page and started chatting with some of the single guys that always seemed to be online. I started talking to them and saying how I wanted to suck their cock while my hubby was fucking me. He was reading it and I could tell he was getting excited he started rubbing on my tits and kissing me.

Later in the day were talking and my hubby said how do you feel about "Tom"(changed of course). I said what do you mean. He said would you want to play with him, I said he isn't super attractive but we both know he is disease free. Our friend Tom had not had sex in two years, not because he was hideous but because he just didn't have any game at all. He had girls talk to him when we went out but he just didn't give off the vibe of being confident. I told him that my only concern was being turned down and it being weird and messing with everyone's friendship. My hubby agreed and we kind of let it drop. About an hour later he brought it up again, he said the thought of you sucking his cock and being the first girl he has been with in two years is pretty hot, he has only been with three girls in his life so I bet you could teach him a thing or two. I said yes but it is your best friend and it will have to be up to you because its your friendship on the line.

Well although I was kind of pushing my hubby into it and he didn't know was really exciting I was really worried about his friendship. I wanted to get the thought in his head but I wanted him to be the one who made the decision.

Tom came over around 6 in the evening and my hubby was cooking steaks on the grill, we had decided to watch a couple funny movies and sit back and relax. My hubby has a huge chair he likes to sit on and we have a very long couch on the other side of the room. I sat on the couch with the friend on opposite ends of course. We watched our movies and ate our steak. We also drank heavily. Around 2am or my hubby and I went off to bed, we told Tom that he could sl**p in the guest room but he said he wanted to crash on the couch so he could watch some tv and let the buzz go down.

My hubby and I went into the bedroom and I took off my shirt and bra, I knew he was still very horny so I told him to lay down and I straddled him and pressed my tits in his face. We were really going I pulled out his cock and started to suck it. Then I stood up and started to take off my jeans his mouth dropped, he said when did you put those on? I said I have been wearing them all day just for you. He grabbed me and threw me on the bed and started to lick my clit through my crotchless panties. It was hot, then out of no where he looked up at me and said you wanna suck Tom's cock don't you. I said that's up to you babe. He looked up at me and said well what do you wanna do? I said all up to you want you to be completely comfortable. He said well you can't kiss on the mouth and I don't want you to fuck him yet. I said yet? He said well we might work up to that I said ok, so how do you want this to start. He said go out there the TV is now off and tell him that you want to suck his dick and that I said it was ok. I said you aren't coming with me, he said no I want you to suck his dick for the first time without me so he will be more comfortable. I said are you sure what if he says no then its weird. My hubby laughed and said he hasn't ever had a woman as hot as you and he hasn't had any in the last two years. I said ok and I left the room wearing my crotchless panties a garter with black thigh highs and nothing up top.

SO here we go...
The TV was still on but tom was facing the back of the couch. He was already asl**p it seemed so I went and sat down on the coffee table about even with his cock. I said Tom, he didn't move, I said Tom a little louder not to alarm him and he didn't move. So I reached under the blanket, he was still wearing his jeans and I started rubbing on his crotch and said Tom, he slowly turned his head and he looked confused. There I was sitting in front of him my pierced DD tits staring at him and my pussy peaking through the crotchless panties. He said what is going on, I said I want to suck your dick and the hubby said it was ok. He said what... I said I want to suck your dick and the hubby said it was ok. He said huh... I said we have been thinking of experimenting with things and wanted to try this out on him if he was ok with it. He didn't need any more explanation and he dropped the blanket and started to undo the belt, I stopped him and said hold on hun I started at his neck and kissed him all over while rubbing my tits against his naked stomach. He was immediately hard I could feel it pressing through his jeans against my stomach. I worked my way down and undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants and started to kiss his stomach right above his boxers. I unzipped his pants and pulled down the boxers showing me his cock for the first time, I asked him to sit up a little, mainly so he could reach my tits and touch my ass while I sucked him, my hubby likes that. His dick was longer than my husbands but much thinner and it had a mushroom head. It was the first time I had ever seen one like this, it had a big fat head on it and a long skinny shaft. I sucked his dick for a few minutes and then stopped sat up and put my tits in his face, he was like a newly released caged a****l he started biting and sucking my pierced nipples and saying oh my god you are so fucking hot. I went back down to his dick and took it in my mouth, I sucked on the tip slowly, working my tongue around then took the entire thing down my throat. He couldn't believe it, he began to move around and I started to stroke his cock at the same time, I looked up at him and said I want you to cum all over my tits, so I asked him to stand up and I got down on my knees, I started stroking the shaft with both hands while I worked my tongue on the head of his dick, he said oh I'm gonna cum and I pulled him out of my mouth and pointed his shaft at my face the first shot was right on my face it was a lot it covered me from right above my nose across my lips and on my chin. I then pointed his cock at my tits and continued to pull away, he sprayed a ton of cum all over my tits. I stood up and said I hope you enjoyed it and he said of course thank you so much, I smiled and said good night see you in the morning.

I went back into the bedroom where I had been gone for 25 minutes and turned the light on, my hubby said how was it and I just smiled, he said my god he came gallons and laughed I still had cum across my face and all over my tits. I said what do you want me to do with it he said I want you to clean it up like a good girl, I said you want me to eat your friends cum and he said yes. So I licked my lips and took my finger and scooped the cum from my face into my mouth and swallowed, I laughed and said I don't think I am going to be able to eat it all he said you caused it so clean it... He usually doesn't get demanding and f***eful but he started to and I liked it, so I grabbed my tits and rubbed as much cum as I could toward my nipples and then sucked it off.. he said good girl now come over here and ride my dick. So I went over and he stopped me and took his hand and rubbed my pussy it was dripping, I was so turned on he put two fingers in and said my god you are wet not suck my fingers, I like the taste of my pussy so I did as I was told then sat down on his cock. It was the fastest I had ever seen my husband cum. He laid there for what seemed like ten seconds while I fucked him and then pulled me off and said suck it, I jumped down and took his cock in my mouth right when he started to cum. I took all his cum in my mouth showed it to him swallowed it and then licked my juices off of his cock and balls. He said did you have a good time being my little whore tonight and I said yes it was fun. We laid back down and went to sl**p. We played with Tom a few nights later but that is another story....... Continue»
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How it happened the first time.

This is true events as best I can remember it. It deals with the man that deposited his gift of life into the lady that gave birth to me. Think, that over an you should be able to know who I am talking about. I know it may be slow and kinda boring as I set things up for the real fun things. Hang in there and I think you may like what really happened to me.
I have always been a curious girl even at a young age. I had to know the answers to many of life issues as long as I can remember. So, growing up in a home were nudity was never anything looked down on. Walking around the house or even out in our yard in the nude, just seemed natural to a girl like me. Thankfully we live on a farm/ranch that is very isolated. With a pool, and a pond we spend many summer days skinny dipping in one of them. My parents have been married for over 30 years with 5 off spring. Two boys and three girls of which I am the middle chi**. One older s****r and one older b*****r. One of each younger than me. I want you to get the picture of what our f****y is so things later in this true life event are clear. We have always been a close unit as it should be.
For as long as I remember bath time was like play time with water, bubbles, and clothes flying in all directions. Pretty much up to the time of body changings in both male and female it was that way. Now we don't have the water battles or games at bath time, but it is still very much an open door(we walk in naked no matter who may be naked in the shower) bath room of bodies going in an out of the room. Only one rule that is not to be broken. We females have times each month that it is closed door time, other than that it is open. I have been on the "thrown" talking with a b****** or D*d and think nothing of it.

It was around the time I was going into grade 6 or 7 that my natural desires to learn about the fun parts of my body hit high speed. I was always poking or probing some new thing that was growing on (NOT in, lol) my body. I finally had to ask my parents to explain some things on why our horses, cows and other a****ls are always on top of each other.

Mom told me that that is how the babies are made. Telling that to a grade 4 or 5 person made me ask, "is that what people do too". A couple of years later my older b*****r and I decided we would see if we could do what we watched the horses doing. We had many enjoyable hours to explore each others bodies. He would put his hand over my slit and when he did that I felt all tingly and hot. The day I showed him the button I found inside my slit was pure bliss for me. He would circle my button with his finger with me giving him directions as to what made me feel best. He decided one evening in the summer to see what I smelled like. He saw the horses & cows doing that so he just figured he should smell me too. I still laugh my ass off thinking about those moments. When he first got between my legs with his face I was shaking with excitement. When he noticed fluid coming out of my slit, he asked me what it was as if I had any idea, other than it came out of me when I would get excited. When his hot breath was at my slit I was dizzy with joy. I asked him if it smelled bad. He just smiled at me and asked me if he could kiss my slit. I was not to sure about that, I thought it would be gross, but I let him do it. I was sure glad I did, an so was he when my fluid came out to meet his lips that were on my little hairless slit. Then he did something I was not ready for, he put his tongue into my slit. We both jumped at the same time. Me out of shock and him out of the joy of tasting the now gushing fluid from my slit. We were both so scared, excited, confused and overwhelmed that we stopped what we were doing. We got dressed but not before I started to play with his penis. I was amazed that it was so hard and at the same time smooth, soft and to me pretty.

We did know that we should not actually do "it", but we went through the entire lead up to actual sex. Well in an open house like ours the other b******s and s*****s wanted to learn what we were doing. Like I said in our house not much can be kept a secret. I remember one week all of us were always getting yelled at from our parents to STOP exploring each others bodies. My oldest male sibling and I started to take our learning periods to the hay loft in the barn. I made up a very nice place that we could be alone to "explore" each other. It was more playing and to have fun because we sure knew every inch of the others body. I was amazed with the way he would get hard so fast. I would fondle his balls with one hand and his penis with the other hand. He asked me if I ever thought about kissing his penis like he did to my slit. I told him that I did, so he asked me if I wanted to do it now. I was a very willing and ready female at that point even at that age. Not that I knew what to do so I just leaned into his lap and kissed the top of it. We both became more excited and wanting to do it again, but longer this time. I kissed the head of his penis and without knowing it I had the entire head in my mouth. That is a day I will never forget. We stopped at that point because we did not realize there was better things to happen if we kept going.
Things slowed down a lot for him and I but the others took off were we left off. I remember my older s****r asking me if I liked to have my slit eaten out. I told her I never was "eaten" but he did lick and kiss my slit. She laughed at me and I got really pissed at her for making fun of me. She told me that was sorta like being eaten out, so I felt better about what she said.
It was about the time I got my first period that our parents got really mad. They called us all together and "Sex Ed Classes" began for all of us. I never saw my d*d get so upset as when my older b** told him he knew all about sex. Mom, calmed D** down and gentle said to my b** "ok smart ass, tell us all how the baby is made", well my b** said he did not know that part of sex. Well, our parents spent the next several hours going into detail on egg and sperm uniting to make a baby. I wonder if all parents would do that how much better it would be for k**s to know what they are really getting themselves into. I am very grateful now to have parents that took the time to help us and over came their feelings to be sure to "teach" their off spring the facts of life.

Things were a lot calmer about learning sex, but it was not the end of being a nudist home. But for us girls watching our b**s develop muscles, and nice dicks we girls were in heaven. The guys went thru similar yet different urges and emotions watching their attractive s*****s really develop. I even recall many times seeing two or three hard dicks in the house. Yes, only two b******s, but the real man of the house became hard on several days as well. Now, this is were my d*d became the object of my desires. I knew and know it is not a proper thing for a d******* to have for her D*d. I tried so hard everyday to get those thoughts out of my head, but I can be a horny person with a slight breeze. I was always horny and to this day I still am ready for sex.
One of my moms college girlfriends was having some husband problems so she and my two s*****s went to visit and help her. As it turned out my b******s were to be gone to a football camp at PSU. Your right, that left me an d*d home for 8 days alone. I saw stars when I realized how this might turn out for me. I want to allow you to understand and realize that I was in no way lead into this by "him" as it was entirely my idea.
When the time came for d*d to take the guys to football camp, mom and the other girls had already left. D*d wanted me to go along with them so I could keep him company on the trip home. I convinced him to let me stay home, but he did not know it was because I had things I wanted to prepare for the seduction of "him". For the several hours it took him to drive to PSU and back I was busy preparing his favorite meal, and then preparing myself. By the time he got home the house smelled of roast beef and all the side dishes. I knew that he had a special place in his heart for me. Not because I was his favorite or the best looking d******r. My oldest s*s is far and away the sexy and beautiful one of our clan. I was the one that always was there to help him with projects, chores or anything to help. Again it goes to the fact I am the most outgoing and ambitious of all the siblings.
When "he" walked in the door I could see my plan was a good one and "he" was finished. I was dressed in my best dress to show off my rapidly developing female form. He was so shocked and thrilled he did not say a word, even after I told him to get a shower and "dress up for me" for dinner. He just smiled and gave me a sweet kiss on the forehead and headed to his room and shower. By this time I was leaking so much juice that I had to go to my supply of pads, so as to not soil my dress. I was in as we say here on the farm in "a****l heat". When he came into the kitchen he was all smiles and looking like the "hunk" he is. I know why many nights we sibling can hear mom moaning in pure lust and joy. But, to me if my plans worked out as I had planned it would be ME doing the moaning for the entire week.
Dinner was good and we laughed and talked at least an hour after we finished eating.
He had a bottle of wine and I had my ice tea, but he did let me have a very small glass of the wine. We cleaned up the kitchen and went into our large f****y and game room to watch a movie. Just to let you know, our f****y is very wealthy from several of great grandpa's inventions that I am sure most of you now use daily. Dad is also very inventive with several of his own that bring in HUGH checks. Our evening was going well and I asked "him" if he would pause the movie. I wanted to change into my "relaxing" night wear. He paused the movie and he to went to get changed too. I made my self ready as best I could, I removed the pad and washed up and got my night wear on. When I got to the game room, HE was sound asl**p and looked so good to me with his pj bottoms on and no top which was normal. I slowly settled in next to him and tuck into his side. He never moved. I was disappointed until I realized this may work out as well. I started to rub his thighs and lightly kiss his stomach. He never moved and I knew he was out cold, because his breathing was slow and steady. I began to get bolder by moving my hand to his crotch to gently rub his dick. He did move some but was still asl**p, and I keep at his dick which was now starting to harden. I slid my hand inside his pj's to touch my "goal". To say he is average in size would not be that correct. His dick is not long but it is thick, being the size of a soda can. The end of his dick is a hooded knob that I was longing to have in my mouth. I lowered my head to it and my tongue danced over it with lust. He was stirring more now and I was worried he may really wake up and blow up in anger. Well he blew but it was not in anger. I was giving him head for about ten minutes when it happened.
HE exploded his sperm into my mouth and I was swallowing as fast and as much as I could. I was choking, gagging but loving every bit of it. My dream was happening, THEN He sat up straight--looked at me and called me by my moms name. He was very surprised when he finally realized it was NOT his wife but his middle c***d. It was what seemed like hours before he finally talked, but it was only seconds. He said "what the HELL do YOU think your doing young lady". True to my nature I answered with the first thing to pop into my brain. I said, D**, I don't think I am doing anything, by what I just swallowed "I DID IT". For the first time in my life I saw my f****r cry. He said what have we just done, this is so terribly WRONG. I started to cry too and mumbled to him, D***y, I am so sorry, but I love you and wanted you to be my first lover. That did it, he did another first in my life. He slapped me across my face. I was shocked, scared, ashamed, but I had a strange feeling that scared me even more. I wanted him to make love to me all night. We spent the next several hours talking, crying and him yelling at me. After all of that we just fell into each others arms a fell asl**p together. It was about 1am when I felt like I was floating. I opened my eyes and "HE" was carrying me to I did not know were. We got to the top of the stairs and "he" said to me. Honey are you sure you want this! I was shocked again at that comment, but I told "him" I was more than sure. Instead of turning to my room he carried me into my parents master suite.
I was shaking so much "he" ask if I was ok and really sure I wanted to do this. I looked into his blue eyes and just smiled and said. "I am very sure lover".
We both took a shower in their six shower headed shower with the steam system making it even more relaxing. He took a sponge and gently soaped and clean my entire body. A body that he had seen naked thousands of times, but not as his soon to be lover.
When he was done washing me I started on giving "him" his pre love making bath.
I spent extra time washing his balls and dick which was standing like the Washington Monument. Then he received another blow job from me and gave me another mouthful of cum. I was ready this time and sucked it up like a person eating their last meal.
We dried each other and walked into the bedroom and that comfortable bed of my parents.
But for this night and hopefully in my mind the next week it would be my first love bed. We spent our time kissing and touching each other. THEN "he" slid down between my already opened legs. I started to remember the time with my b** a few years earlier and was hoping "he" was going to eat my pussy. When "his" tongue was on my button I shivered and was flooding "his" face with my juices. To my disappointment he stopped and got up on his knees and then he put two fingers inside my pussy. He sure knew what he was doing when "he" hooked my g-spot and rapidly lifted them to compress the g-spot between his fingers and my pelvic bone. In a matter of minutes I was "SQUIRTING". I never knew of such a thing. My entire body was quivering, I felt like I was going to P. "He" slowed to nearly a stop removed his fingers from my pussy and put them to my lips. "He" told me to taste it, this is NOT P, but it is a female ejaculation. I did not know what "He" was saying but I did not care, all I knew is I wanted more of it. "He" did not disappoint me. For the next hour "he" had me ejaculating then let me relax for several minutes. Then another cycle of my squirting and "him" and I sharing that sweet liquid. "He" finally said to me, "honey that is enough for tonight". As much as I had wanted to make love to "him" all night, I knew after what "he" did for me I was wasted and quivering and near passing out. That was the first of a week of my sexual dreams coming true.

I hope you enjoyed this TRUE life event. The week was equally lustful for me.... Continue»
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The first time I shared my asian wife with another

I'm a 35 year old white male and I am very lucky to be married to an american-born asian (chinese) woman. She is 10 years younger than me, which improves my good fortune even more! My wife does not have the absolutely most beautiful face in the world. I mean she is cute, but she is not going to sign up for a beauty pageant. But what she does have is a killer body. She stands 5’ 2”, weighs 105 lbs, natural and perky 34B breasts and a nice tight ass. Her lips are the type that look perfect when they’re wrapped around a cock!

We have been married for almost three years. From the first time that we had sex it was hard not to notice that she can be a horny little minx once you close the bedroom doors. About a year into our marriage, during the passion of sex I suggested that I would love to watch her fuck... she never replied one way or another regarding my comment. I challenged myself to push the envelope.
Eventually, I created an opportunity to test the waters.

You need to understand my wife's sexual clock. Throughout a month she has her highs and lows. But beginning a week after the end of her period, for a full week her sexual appetite is nearly insatiable. So, with this in mind I invited a buddy of mine to come over during one of those windows. He is married and we used to work together. My wife had only met them about a year earlier. At that time my wife made a comment that she felt he could have done better than her. To me that meant my wife found him attractive. His wife was getting together with friends of hers that same night, so he came alone and he was in on the plan.

It was summer time and I had her wear a dress which I suggested would be appropriate for the evening... nothing formal just a dress. My only interest was that she would wear something that would be easy to remove if things worked out right.

My wife and I had a couple of drinks before he showed up and prior to his arrival I was flirting with her: grabbing her ass and tits (she knew I was horny). Once he arrived the drinking continued as did my fondling her. Of course, I was being discrete... but not too discrete to let him know that things were looking good. I only wanted her to drink enough to release her inhibitions; I did not want her to get d***k.

Finally, I knew it was time to get things really moving. While it was just she and I in the kitchen I cornered her against the cabinets, lifted her dress and slid my hand in her panties to confirm that she was wet. She did not try to stop me which also confirmed that she was horny. Our lips locked and I pulled away. I went back to the living room and gave him a nod and a grin. Like clockwork as soon as she entered the room he announced, "I'm sorry, but I really need to use the bathroom" (we all know what that usually means, my wife took it to mean he might be in there awhile). He jumped up and rapidly went to the bathroom.

Not to miss my cue, I grabbed my wife, brought her to the sofa, we locked lips and I reached under her dress and started rubbing her pussy through her underwear. I wanted her panties to be soaked. I was rubbing her so much the crotch of her panties was stuffed into her pussy. Finally, I slid off her underwear, tucked them slightly under the sofa cushion, but purposely left them hanging out so they could be seen. She spread her legs, I knelt in front of her and I started eating her soaked pussy.

She was in her horny world at that moment. As I continued to lick her for a good five minutes, I heard the flush of the toilet (the signal that he would be coming out soon). I did not stop. I kept eating her and when we heard the bathroom door open, I hurriedly got up and she adjusted her dress back down but she remained slouched on the sofa. When my friend entered the room he looked at the sofa, seeking to find "the signal": the panties. Immediately I said, "you know what? we're nearly out of beer. I'm going to walk down to the store I'll be back in a few minutes". My wife was still slouched and dazed on the sofa with a look that said "you're going to leave me like this?"

And I left. What happened next is what was later told to me by my buddy.

Right after I left, my friend sat across from her. He said she was still slouched and seemed afraid to get up because she was trying to maintain her composure. He said I hadn’t even been gone a minute and he looked right at the panties. She didn’t realize that was what he was looking at because she didn’t know that they were hanging out from the sofa. He got up and said, “what’s this?”. He moved onto the sofa next to her and pulled the panties out. He said she nearly died when he did that. But then she seemed shocked when he said, “are these yours?” She started to apologize, but before she could, he said, “damn, they’re soaked.” For shock and intrigue reasons, he brought them to his nose so he could smell them and said, “smells fresh”. I had told him to be forward, I didn’t know how forward he was going to be! She told him, “sorry, you were in the bathroom a long time and we sort of got carried away” and sort of laughed. He said he put a hand on her thigh and asked if we had finished and she simply said “no” and laughed again. He said he slid his hand slightly to the inside of her thigh and suggestively pulled her thigh towards him. Instinctively she spread her legs. He knew all systems were go. She closed her eyes, he moved himself onto the floor in front of her, lifted her skirt and he continued where I left off. She apparently made no effort to stop him. He slid a finger inside her pussy and soon as he did he said she slid down further on the sofa and spread her thighs wide. He knew she was all-in and he started to eat her pussy. He said he barely licked her for a couple of minutes when he stopped, undid his pants, pulled out his cock and started fucking her. He said by this point I hadn’t even been gone 10 minutes! He could tell she was totally loving it and told him to hurry before I got back. He told her something like, “I don’t think he’ll really mind, do you?” She opened her eyes to look at him and said, “no”. Apparently, they kept fucking until they heard me walking up the outside steps.
When I walked in, I barely saw a glimpse of him as he hurried into the bathroom. His pants were noticeably undone: We had lift-off! I wondered to myself how far he got with her. I looked at my wife. It looked like she hadn’t even moved from where I left her. She was still lying on the sofa, but the panties were no longer sticking out from the sofa, they were lying on the floor. I asked about my friend and she said his stomach was bothering him, that was why he ran to the bathroom (like I didn’t know the real reason).

I sat down the beers and stood in front of her and said, “that’s perfect, let’s finish.”
I undid my pants and sat on the sofa. She knew what I wanted and I had a raging hard-on that hadn’t stopped from the moment that she and I had started almost 30 minutes earlier. She moved herself onto the floor in front of me. Kneeling on her knees she started giving me one of the best blow jobs she had ever given me. I reached down to her dress and pulled it above her waist to expose her ass. I reached down to her pussy and she was soaked. I had thought she was soaked earlier, but now what I was feeling was incredible. Now with her dress pulled up, I leaned back in the sofa enjoying my wife’s blow job and waiting for the moment of truth.

I heard the bathroom door quietly being opened. There was no warning flush this time. I heard his footsteps walking down the hallway. My wife made no indication of stopping what she was doing. From the hallway he entered the living room where we were. The sofa I was on sits directly across from the hallway, which means when he walked in her bare ass was aimed right at him. He immediately said, “oops, sorry I guess I had better go”. She didn’t stop, in fact at the sound his voice she spread her knees (which had been together) and arched her back pointing her bare ass into the air. No man on earth could ignore that invitation. He walked over behind her and reached to touch her ass, her back arched even more. Yes, he was officially invited. As she sucked me I watched as he slid his hand to her pussy. Although I couldn’t see it, I could tell he was fingering her and the noise confirmed that she was sloppy wet.

As he fingered her, he used his free hand to start undoing his pants. I unbuttoned the top of her dress, and started to pull her dress up. She stopped sucking just long enough for me to lift her dress over her head. All she was wearing was her bra. Of course, that had to go. But I didn’t need to do anything, as she went back to sucking me, she reached back with one hand and undid the clasp. So there was my wife, fully naked, sucking me while my friend fingered her.

He now had his pants off. He was fully erect. It was hard not to notice, his cock was glistening. When I saw that I knew for certain that his cock and her pussy had already been formally introduced. I halfway expected that he would at least try to taste her pussy. But, instead he dropped to his knees behind her ass, he held his cock and guided it into her pussy. As it slid inside her she let out a moan that was muffled by her mouth full of cock. As he fucked her, her stroking and sucking of my cock slowed. I think she was having a hard time multi-tasking.
It didn’t matter to me though, watching my wife fuck while she sucked me proved a little too much for me and it didn’t take but a few minutes before I started to cum. Her reaction to my cum surprised me a bit. Although I have had a lot of blow jobs from her, not once had she ever swallowed my cum. She would always stop and finish by stroking me. But not this time. She let me completely cum in her mouth and she didn’t lose a drop. That confirmed exactly how turned on she was.

He continued to fuck her with my cock in her mouth. I stayed where I was long enough to be certain that she had swallowed the last of my draining cum. Now I just wanted to watch. I slid from under her knelt body. She continued to lay that way across the sofa while my buddy fucked her. The fucking was getting harder now and my wife’s moans were louder than I had ever heard her moan before.

I began to think my friend was a fucking bull. He told me later that the only reason he was lasting so long was because, although he was as hard as a rock, he was having a hard time cumming with an audience. That is a win-win! I took my pants fully off (they had only been pulled down before) and sat in a chair across from them. Maybe it isn’t for everyone, but watching my wife get fucked was a total turn on. As I watched I found myself stroking to their rhythm.

After a few minutes of doggy, he pulled away from her and moved her to the living from floor so she could lay on her back. As they did this, she looked at me and mouthed the word “wow”. She spread her legs and now he went down on her. She was totally into it and so was I as I was now totally erect again.

He turned his body so she could grab his cock. She started stroking him. They rolled, and she climbed on top of him so they could 69. Although it was hard to see what he was doing, I could totally see her take his cock in her mouth. Her hips started to gyrate faster and I saw her leg start to shake. I knew what was happening. She took his cock out of her mouth and her face turned beet red and she exclaimed “Oh my God!” She was having an incredible orgasm. He continued to eat her and she was grinding her pussy into his face and then I saw her relax.

She rolled off him, caught her breath, spread her legs wide and said “fuck me”. She only had to say it once. He slid his cock inside her and said his first words since we: “do you want me to fuck you? Then say it”. So as he fucked her she started saying “fuck me” over and over. She even threw in a few “fuck me harder” which caused him to really start pounding her. Again I saw her leg start to shake, her face turned red and she screamed out “fuck, fuck”. She wrapped his legs around him and pulled him into her. Apparently he needed that to put him over the edge, because he let out a groan and it was obvious he was cumming too.

He stayed there motionless for a minute. It was obvious he was pumping his load inside her. As it was obvious he was done she looked at his face, wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up to kiss him. Unless they kissed when I did the “beer run”, this was the first time that they had locked lips during their little session. As they kissed, she unhooked her legs from around him and rotated her hips into him. She wanted to keep fucking. I wondered if he could continue. He started to fuck her some more. After about only a minute he stopped and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m not hard enough”. He pulled out of her and started to stand up.

He looked at me and said “thanks, that was awesome”. I said “thank her, not me”. She stayed on the floor. Her legs were spread wide. She reached down with one hand and started rubbing her pussy, with her other hand she rubbed her breast. She was mostly staring at me as she did so.
He started to put his pants back on, we both watched her play with herself. I moved to look at her swollen pussy. I could see some of his cum draining from her and smeared along the inside of her thighs. One look and I had to fuck her. I took my shirt off and I was naked as she was. I moved to the floor where it was obvious she needed one of us. I laid down next to her and she climbed on top of me. She reached down and I could feel her guide me into her pussy. She was so wet and dilated I actually had to look down to see if I was actually inside her.

I just laid there and let her do all the work. Now my friend was sitting where I had sat before. I watched my cock as she pumped it up and down. The way she was doing it, it was obvious she wanted us to watch. My buddies cum started draining out of her pussy and was puddling at the base of my cock. She rode me for only about 5 minutes before I too came inside her. When I came she sat firmly on my cock so the cum would fill deep inside her. We just stayed there still for a few moments. No one said a word.

Finally, she stood up and she stared at me on the floor. She said, “don’t move, let me get a towel to clean you up”. She walked out of the room. I just looked at my buddy and he said, “incredible” and I gave him a thumbs up. My wife came back with a towel still naked, she had the towel between her legs and said, “I’m draining all over”. I told her maybe she needed the towel more than me even though I was covered in cum. As I was still laying on the floor, she straddled my stomach facing my cock so she could wipe me with a towel. As she did so, she squeezed her muscles to drain what cum she could onto my stomach. She wiped up the mess and left the room. I got my clothes back on.

When she came back she was wearing a robe, my buddy stood. He said something to the effect that it was getting late and he had better be getting home as his wife would be coming home soon. It was ok by me, because his mission was accomplished. I think it was one of those post-casual-sex-awkward-moments. My wife simply said, I hope you might be able to come over for drinks again some time. And he left. As soon as he left she dropped her robe to the floor. She came over and kissed me and said let’s go to bed.

We went straight to bed and she got me aroused. Now the sex was just regular husband-wife sex, not a****l-in-heat sex.

As we fucked we talked. I asked her what in the world got into her. She said something like “what about you?” We both agreed that it was a mutual thing and we both loved it. She added, she was glad the way it happened and she felt there was no way you could plan for something like that (little did she know).

She told me she never would have dreamed of fucking another guy, especially with me watching. (I still have to wonder about that. If the fucking had ended while I was making the beer run, would she ever have told me? I don’t think so.) She told me that her orgasms were some of the best that she had ever experienced during that.

All of this talking was happening while we fucked. Our fucking started getting more intense and as we fucked I asked if she wanted to do it again. She simply said “absolutely!” and we fucked until I came.

We laid there on the bed. As we laid there I asked her when? Her response surprised me a little when she said “if there was someone here right now, I would do it right now”. I immediately thought about her words: she said “someone”, not “he”. To clarify her meaning I asked, if it needed to be my buddy. She said “no”. I asked her if she had someone in mind and she said how about Mike? (Mike is not his real name. I have purposely left names out of this writing to maintain anonymity.) This person she mentioned is a mutual friend of ours. He is married to a friend of hers. Suggesting him confirmed something that I suspected all along: she was attracted to him.
Bottom line is, it took almost 3 months to arrange something, but we did arrange something with him. I will not get into the details of that encounter or others, as this writing is to explain how I first got her to cross that line.

During the past 2 years, I have watched her with 7 different men. Five of them are guys that one or both of us knew. Two were strangers (to her). Unlike the first time, all of our other experiences have skipped the cat and mouse game. In those cases, everyone has been on board as to why we are getting together. So much so, in all cases when our third wheel has arrived, my wife has worn only a robe and it has tended to drop to the floor rather quickly.

I have read some writings about this subject that others have written, and noticed a lot of them suggest that you should not share with people you know. Although I can see their point, we have not run into a problem. What seems to work for us married men; specifically, married men who are married to women that would never approve. Our experience is these men are better at keeping secrets.

Let me know what you think. She really likes reading the comments here. ... Continue»
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first time

We have been messaging and in contact for a while now and It’s finally arrived time, to meet for the first time. I know you like all my outfits but its hard choosing one to wear that I know will have the most instant effect on you, going through all my outfits has taken a while but its helped keep me distracted from looking at the clock as the time ticks down, stood here in my towel with water running down my skin I shiver with anticipation at the delights I know my body will receive when we get together. Finally picked the outfit I need and hope you will be happy with my choice, you know I will be wearing something sexy but don’t know what yet. I hope you are as excited about this as I am, I can feel the flutters of excitement from within my tummy travelling down to my pussy, its twitching knowing the pleasure it will soon receive. I rub some moisturiser in my skin to enhance the smell of my own aroma, Shea body butter is the best smell to add to natural aroma mmm I can feel my pussy getting wetter as I rub this in all over my body, I check the clock 20 minutes and the fun begins, I’m nervous but excited too. I dress and hope that it will impress as soon as you see, as we all know first impressions last. I definitely want this first impression to last a long time and be remembered as I don’t know when the next encounter with you will be. I check around and everything I have planned is in order. I have thought and planned for hours and hope it all goes well.
My phones goes off, I rush over and its you texting to say you are five minutes away, the excitement builds and my pussy is soaking at the thought of all about to happen, I’m nervous and these 5 minutes are dragging. Finally I hear a car pull up outside, I peek through the window and watch you exit your car. WOW! even better than I thought my pussy is twitching like crazy and my senses are heightened . You check you are in order without knowing I’m watching you, I can see you are slightly nervous but don’t look as nervous as I feel right now. I quickly check in the mirror that I am looking ok as you press the bell and wait…
I open the door slightly just enough for you to enter, I don’t really want my neighbours seeing me dressed as I am. You walk in and as you turn to see me behind the door, a big grin spreads across your face. Yes! You like my choice. I can see from the slight movement in your trousers, I’m happy with the effect I have caused. All is going well so far. I step towards you and kiss you gently on the lips, as we agreed to do this and not have a prolonged awkward longing from both of us wanting to make a move but being too polite to take that first step. The gentle kiss starts progressing I can feel you growing more as you press yourself against me exciting me as much as it is exciting you. We step back and you stand there looking me up and down slowly taking in every inch of my body. The way the white lace clings to all my curves and accentuates my ample bust. Which is rising fast with the deep slow breathes I am taking to try and control myself cos I just want to rip your clothes off and feel you deep inside me but wait that comes later. Control is what is needed at present there is no rush we have all night! You turn me around to see the whole thing slowly taking in every bit burning it to memory for future recall. The way the thong sits comfortable just over the curve of my ass and trails between my cheeks disappearing down to a little piece of heaven which you know will be available to you at some point. How the silky stockings cling to my legs and feel so soft to touch and the heels which lengthen my legs and give them better shape as all heels do.
I lead you up the stairs to my room and stand with my back to the four mirrored door wardrobe, in doing this you can see the front and the back with the flick of and eye. You rub your hands down my back as you pull me in close to you using the mirror to see where your touching and how your hands look against my body, I like the feel of your touch. I lean in as you are caressing me and feel the heat coming off your body, the smell is very arousing and making my pussy even wetter. I lead you back so you can sit on the bed in doing so your face is eye level with my breast, you release one of them from confinement and gently lean in to kiss it, my nipple instantly becomes erect wanting more of your touch. Your tongue flicks around the nipple which excites me beyond belief as I feel the excitement rush down through my body to my pussy, god I want you so much, its taking all my restraint from throwing you back on the bed and having my way with you but I want this to last a long while. I let you have your little play with my breast as I take your top and pull it up to remove it from you, but just as your arms are up in the air wanting to remove them I stop and lean in to kiss and caress your chest. I whisper keep your arms up, and as I’m kissing I gently run my hands around your body exciting your senses with my touch, running my nails over your skin. I love the control I have over you at present. I open the button and zip of your trouser to release you from the confines. I hear you take a deep breath in anticipation of whether I am going to touch you, knowing it’s what you want me to do I hold off, I slowly kiss my way down your chest and work my way lower, as I do I lay you back on the bed and completely remove your top and throw it to the floor. You have your visual senses back and your eyes are darting everywhere to see what is going to happen next
I remove the remainder of your clothes and get you comfortable on the bed, you’re feeling vulnerable but I reassure you with a kiss you will love all that follows, as your laid there I climb on top of you and continue to caress and touch you, working my way around your body, as I work my way up and down you feel my hair tickle your skin. I sit up and release my breast from the Basque so they sit pertly just on top, your eyes light up at the size of them and instantly you bring your hands down to caress them but I stop you. Your only allowed visual stimulation, no touching not yet.i caress them in front of you and can feel you grow that little bit more as you watch me play with my breast rubbing and squeezing the nipples almost licking them but not quite, I can imagine the thoughts running through your brain right now. I move my way back down your body so I can see your man hood stood proud wanting, demanding my attention, I lean in gently and kiss the very tip and hear you take a sharp intake of breath, every bit of you is feeling so sensitive right now and the slightest touch makes you twitch with pleasure. I run my tongue around the tip and over the top tasting the little the precum that is slightly oozing out, mmmm you taste nice, I slide my lips slowly down over the end of your cock letting you feel the wetness of my mouth, I hear you moan with pleasure as you enjoy the feeling of my soft wet mouth slide up and down the shaft of your penis, I run my tongue up the length of your shaft and around the top. I lift my head and look at you, your laid there with your eyes closed enjoying the sensations
... Continue»
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The First Time

She was just fifteen when her dad first came to her bedroom. He was naked and quickly undressed her and began to kiss and suck her small tits. He spread her legs and his hands and fingers touched every inch of her pussy. Two fingers rubbed her clit and then traveled down to her fuck hole. He rubbed all around it and then pushed a finger in her. His mouth went to her clit and as he finger fucked her he sucked her clit. She liked all that daddy was doing to her. She would cum when her dad would suck her clit then move down and tongue fuck her cunt. The first time he fucked her he told her. "I am going to stick my cock in your cunt and fuck you and teach you to be a whore. I need a whore and I have you right here in my house and available any time I need the services of a whore which is often. I am going to fuck your cunt and your ass and that mouth. I will teach you to suck my cock deep like a nasty slut. In fact I like a cum slut and you will be a good one. Now spread your legs and let me fuck you hard. You will soon get used to my big cock and want it all the time."

As she spread her legs he got between them and pushed his cock in her. She was tight for his thick cock but she let him shove it in her making her no longer a virgin. When he got his hard shaft in her he then began to fuck her. It would go in deep then pull out and go in again. He fucked her tight cunt for a long time feeling her stretch for his man size cock. He then filled her with cum and laid down on her. "You did good baby. You let me fuck you like a whore. No whore has a cunt as tight as my baby. You feel so good. I am going to fuck you a lot today as I took pills to keep my cock hard. I want to get that cunt stretched and used to my big cock so I can fuck you easier. I also am going to fuck your ass. It will be tighter that your cunt but I love fucking a tight ass. A good whore loves her ass fucked by a big cock." He sucked on her nipples and rubbed her clit as she caught her breath from the first hard fuck. He fucked her a few more times in different positions.

Then he laid her on her back and began to eat her pussy as his fingers found her ass. He then turned her over and kissed and licked her ass cheeks before spread her ass and licked it and kissed it. His tongue licked her asshole to get it wet and then he shoved his tongue into her. As he tongued her ass he fingered her cunt. He felt her cum as he pushed two fingers in her wet hole and kept sucking on her ass. He then pushed a finger into her tight ass and was amazed how tight she was. The whores he fucked were never this tight. He was going to love shoving his cock into her soon as he got her stretched more. He fucked her with one finger then used two. After he got a third finger in her ass he told her "Now you shall feel my cock in your ass. It is not going to go in easy as I am big and your are very tight. But I will go easy and then fuck you many times to get you stretched for my cock. You are such a good whore for daddy. A real good cock slut."

He put his cock to the opening of her ass and slowly pushed the head in. It was not easy and he went slow for her. He then pushed more cock in her and then pushed two fingers in her cunt. "Let me finger your cunt and turn you on. It will make you want my cock up your ass. Now be my naughty little whore and let my cock in that tight ass." He got half his cock in her as he fingered her cunt and felt her cum. He began to fuck her ass faster inching more cock in her. He soon got his cock all the way in her and began to fuck her harder and heard her cum as he fucked both holes. He had never fucked an ass so tight and one that felt so good. It was so tight he could feel the walls all around his thick cock. He fucked her hard then pulled his cock out and pushed it back in. He kept this up till he could get in easier each time. Then he filled her ass with cum and let it run out as he pulled his cock out. He laid beside her and sucked on her tits as he fingered fucked her cunt more.

He took two more pills and while he waited for them to work he pushed her face to his cock. He told her "I like a whore that can suck my cock and take all of it. Now I want you to lick my cock all over and suck the tip. Lick the cum off the tip and I will tell you when to open your mouth wide and let me push my cock in and fuck you as you suck." She licked his cock and sucked the tip as he leaked cum in her mouth and she did as he said and licked him clean. "Now open and suck." As she opened her mouth he pushed his cock in and as it hit the back of her throat she gagged but he kept it in her. "Suck me. Take that cock and suck it hard." She did as she was told and sucked him hard as he then began to fuck her mouth. He pinched her tits as he rammed his cock deeper in her mouth. He loved getting his cock sucked. Some times he would pick up a street whore just to get them to suck his cock. One whore had huge FF tits and he would make her suck him topless so he could pinch and play with her big jugs. He even used her for a good tit fuck. Her tits had huge nipples that he loved to suck.

He kept fucking her face till he could fill her with cum and make her swallow every drop. As she swallowed he pulled his cock out and told her to lick it clean. "I want you to get used to cleaning my cock with your tongue as I will want you to lick it clean every time I fuck your cunt and ass. You will love the taste of your ass and cunt on my cock. I also love my cock sucked so you better get used to sucking and deep throating it for me. Now spread those legs as daddy is hungry for pussy." As she spread her legs he went down and licked and sucked her clit then he tongued her fuck hole. He liked to suck her clit and make her cum then lick her cum from her cunt. He also licked her ass then he began to finger fuck her ass and cunt at the same time and listened to her moan as she would cum. As he fingered both holes with two fingers he then grabbed her clit with his teeth and pulled it then sucked it as he heard her scream and cum hard. She was a sexy horny nympho and he liked that.

She got used to him fucking and fingering her and using her sexually any way he wanted. As he tits grew he sucked them more and more. He would tell her "Daddy's hungry" and she would spread her legs and let him eat her pussy as much as he needed. She liked him sucking her clit and licking the cum from her cunt. She would even bend over the end of the chair and spread her ass so he could fuck it. She liked licking and sucking his big cock and many times she would stroke him to get him hard then climb on it and slide it in her hole. She loved to fuck and suck and be used. She was daddy's dirty nasty whore.

One day her dad had just fucked her ass and she was licking it clean and squeezing his balls when she quickly shoved two fingers in his ass and began to fuck his ass as she licked his cock and sucked it. Her dad began to moan and told her "Oh baby. That feels so good. Put another finger in and suck my cock and pull my balls as you fuck that ass." He spread his legs wide and she began to finger fuck his ass with three fingers shoving them deep in his ass. She then took his cock down her throat and sucked him as she pulled and stretched his balls. He moaned "Yes. fuck me hard. Do it harder and suck that cock harder. Squeeze my balls tight. Treat me like your bitch. Now I am your whore." She worked him over and when she was done he was well fucked and sucked and his balls had been squeezed tight. His ass was actually sore from her fingers ramming it in and out and those balls took a tough beating from her.

The next day she again began to finger fuck his ass. She started with three fingers and then pushed the fourth one in. He began to moan and like how she had begun to ass fuck him. It turned him on and made his cock super hard and he would fuck her harder when she was done with him. Today she then tucked her thumb in and pushed her whole hand in his ass then fucked him hard. She doubled her fist and now was pounding his ass as he screamed and his cock got real hard and was sticking straight up in the air. As she fist fucked his ass she jerked his cock and once again squeezed his balls tight. She was fucking his ass hard with her fist as she kept jerking his cock and soon he screamed loud and cum shot out of his cock. He grabbed her by her nipple and said "You have turned into a wild whore little lady. You are very nasty. No one has ever made me cum so hard. Now bend over. I am going to fuck your ass and cunt till you can not walk. It is going to be rough and dirty just how you like it." He then shoved his cock in her ass fast and deep and then he rammed four fingers into her cunt and began to fuck both holes hard and deep with no care for how rough he was. He then grabbed her clit with his fingers and rubbed and pulled on it and pinched it as he fucked her. He rubbed her clit between two fingers and knew it was going to be raw just like his ass when he was done. She was screaming and cumming faster and harder than she had ever cum in her life. It was a hard painful fuck but she did like it and wanted more. When he finally let her up she was sore and her clit was raw. He grabbed her and bit a tit and said "Now you have been used and fucked like a true whore. Just like a street whore. Did you like it? Do you like it rough and your body sore afterwards?"

He then turned her over his knee and began to spank her ass. He gave her ten smacks on one side then did the other side. He saw his handprints on her ass and it made his cock hard so her spanked her ass twenty more times. He spread her legs and spanked her pussy ten times. On the ninth swat he felt how wet she was and gave her ten more. Her pussy lips were beginning to swell and turn red. Then he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up and began to slap her tits. He gave each one a dozen slaps making sure he slapped her nipples too. "Now you fucking whore, go get in bed. I will be right in. It is going to be a long night for your body. You will sure know when I am done with you." He then went and took three more pills and by the time he got in bed with her he was rock hard and ready to fuck her for hours. The hours turned into an all night fuck. He fucked her ass and her cunt and her mouth then spanked her a few more times. As he fucked one hole he was finger fucking the other. He made sure she was worked over and fucked good all night. The more he fucked her and abused her the hornier she got. She was a special fuck toy and his sexy horny whore.... Continue»
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Licking her nylon feet for the first time...

The story starts long time ago, when i was 16 years old, and she was our housekeeper...

"Jean, please leave the stocking on, can I just kiss your feet and smell them."

And she laughed, but not in a mocking w ay, "Is that it, just smell my feet? Well I'm sure they probably smell a bit stinky after being in my boots all morning. I wouldn't want to smell them, and I can't imagine why you would want to kiss them, but yes, you can if you like."

This was it, the dream becoming real. My cock jerked violently when she said this, and she sounded so incredibly soft and understanding. Then she leant back and lifted her stockinged foot onto the table right in front of my face, slipping off her flip flop, and twiddling her silky brown nylon toes - she was right, it was a strong smell of sweat and leather and the perfume of the softener that she must use to wash her stockings in but it was heavenly, so I put my face closer to her foot and breathed in deeply. I looked round and she was watching me with a curious look on her silky nylon covered face. I finally got my courage up, I leant forward and kissed her big toe.

"Ooh, no-one has ever done that before Peter, that feels so strange. Do you want to do anything else to my feet, I really don't get it Peter, but if you are enjoying yourself just doing this you can do it some more. Other men just want to see my breasts, do you?"

No, I really didn't, but what a delightful woman, so patient and calm, I slipped my mouth down over her toes and sucked, getting the taste of her feet, her boots and nylons. I couldn't help grabbing my cock and starting to pump it.

"Hey! Steady tiger, slow down a bit, I can help you with that. Your mum wouldn't like me touching you, but if you wait a minute, I won't have to."

And she went out into the kitchen and came back with her handbag, from which she produced a pair of very thin, very tight tan leather gloves. They were quite stained and a little bit longer than usual. She pulled them on and carefully teased the thin leather down over her fingers.

"Strictly speaking Peter, I won't actually be touching you, so there'll be no harm done will there?"

Jean, am I going to complain? Am I going to tell anyone? She reached down and put one warm leather hand around my cock and began to rub it so gently, expertly, holding it perfectly, not too rough and better than when I did it myself.

Looking into my face through her nylon mask and smiling kindly at me she said softly, "Is this what you need so badly, poor sweet Peter, will feet and nylons be your special thing?"

I couldn't speak, I was too choked up, and she wriggled her long perfect toes in front of my face while she stroked my prick up and down with her hand. It was almost too much for anyone, I had thought of things like this for ages, but in a few minutes it was all happening to me for real.

I quickly came all over her leather covered hand, and she wiped her gloves clean with one of mum's yellow dusters. And then she sat there, not moving her foot from in front of my face, with her gloved hands in her lap, not touching the mask which was still pulled tightly over her face. My cock just wouldn't go down, it stayed so sensitive and stiff and I tried to cover it up with my gown.

"Why do you love my feet so much Peter, I don't understand, can you tell me? I have thought about when I saw you smelling my boots for weeks now , why would you like to do that so much, was that the first time?"

I was sobbing big tears of some emotion or other, Freud would have had a field day, and the tears rolled down my face. My cock had stayed absolutely rock hard, and I felt none of the relief a good w ank normally gave me. I couldn't even begin to answer her, I didn't even know the answer myself, only that I had an outpouring of love towards her for being so gentle and kind and calm towards me. Trying to understand me and making me feel like the crushing burden of these weird fetishes wasn't so bad after all - Maybe there would be other women in the world as understanding?

"Your penis is still so hard Peter, so stiff and painful looking, If I don't do something for you, it may never get soft again, and then how would you put your trousers on?"

Another weak joke, but she was totally in charge and so what could I do? I was breathing hard, my heart was racing and I just blurted out, "You are so beautiful Jean I have always loved you…"

"Stop it Peter, don't use that word, you don't love me and I am certainly not beautiful, but thank you for the thought - I like you very much and I always have, I only want to free you from the pain of not being able to have what you seem to need so badly. I must do this one thing for you, Shhhh, be quiet now ."

Jean knelt down in front of me and opened her mouth, and she let my cock push the thin nylon of her stocking mask into her mouth. I was whimpering, this was so good. Too good to be true. Jean closed her warm mouth around my cock which ached and throbbed because I had only just come and was hardly ready to come again. But she sucked my cock gently, every so often telling me that it was lovely and tasted good, massaging my buttocks with her leather gloved hands - She was in no rush as she kept on sucking as if it was a delicious treat, she started to moan softly, and that was too much. My penis pulsed into her mouth sending thin warm sperm into it, the second come after the first was so much more intense and hot and more watery. She swallowed my come and looked up at me and smiled again.

"You have a lovely penis Peter, I hope your girlfriends will all appreciate it when you get older. Never be afraid of asking for what you really want from a lady. You never know your luck and you may find they enjoy these things as much as you do. I haven't ever put a stocking over my head before, but it feels nice, I will do it for my husband to see if he likes it next time we are in bed. I certainly never knew anyone could love feet so much, especially my feet, I think they look odd."

"You will never forget me, or today Peter - I know that I am your first and you never forget your first. But what I have done to you is wrong, I am married, and you are so young, but I hope I have helped you. You must understand that this can not happen ever again, it's just that when I saw how much you desired me I just got carried away, I don't think I have been wanted so much by anyone before."... Continue»
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The First time I sucked a dick.

I was 25, Had been looking online for awhile, Before this I had only recieved head twice. One amazing time in high school from a lovely girl who later became a psycho... Well not really, but at the time I thought so.

Then a second time when I was on a drive home from visiting f****y and drove past a roadside adult video store, I had been reading the Squirt pages about the place for awhile and knew they had booths and there were usually guys looking to give head in there, I was horny so I figured I'd give it a try, I had realized my bisexuality in college, but never came out, So I went into this place, bought some tokens and started jerking it with my door cracked open. Eventually a man came by and asked if I wanted him to suck it. So i invited him in, It was exhilarating, and he was so much better than my high school experience, deep throating my dick, licking the balls, and he seemed to be enjoying it so much. I grabbed the back of his head after about 5 minutes and started thrusting fairly hard into his mouth, he just moaned louder so I fucked his face for about another minute, and then I came, He sucked me dry, licking it all up and then stood up, said "Thank you" and left.

I remember feeling a little creepy by his response, and I instantly became worried about std's Luckily When I got checked about 5 months later it was clear, and i've had nothing to this day.
So back to when I was 25. I had been on squirt again and checking out the local guys, along with craigslist. but I usually had a roommate, so unless the other guy seemed super normal or safe and could host, I was S.O.L. Well My roommy was out of town for the weekend, and I had been drinking Rum and Pepsi's. So I'm on craigslist and this guy responds to my post, he is close to my age, and we pretty quickly exchanged numbers and sent the required face pics through text. He says he can be over in 15 minutes, So I tell him to come on over.

He is a black man, a little overweight, but carried it well, He came into the apartment and my heart was racing, I think he realized how inexperienced I was, So he took over, he leaned in and kissed me, And then lightly pushed me down onto the couch. he pulled my shirt off and started licking my nipples, (I'm getting hard just recounting it here) I started feeling around his body, He was fully shaved, I pulled his shirt off, and as he worked his way down my stomach past my bellybutton and then pulled my shorts down but started licking the outside of my boxer-briefs. I stop him for a second and kiss him deeply this time, we play in each others mouths for a little bit as he pulls down my underwear. He tells me to lay back and starts kissing and licking around my dick. maintaining eye contact the whole time, it was just so sexy... He starts sucking it, I thought for a second I would burst immediatly, But I managed to hold on as he went up and down slowly, taking my dick all the way into his mouth and throat.

This was where the experience differed, he didn't have much more than that, So after about a minute of repetative (But appreciated) motion, I pull him up, have him stand as I undo his belt and pull down his pants. out pops his perfectly smooth, 7 inch But thin dick, with a slight curve to the left... I started kissing the tip and jerking it with my hand, I then slid it into my mouth for the first time, and it just felt SO right... i sucked and licked, and put both arms around his ass to pull him in deeper, I wanted to see how far I could take him, To my surprise, (Possibly benefiting fromt he alcohol) I didn't really have a problem going past my usual gag-reflex, I took him all the way down to where I was rubbing my nose in the small tuft of pubic hair he had so expertly manscaped. He then pulled me off stating he would cum if I didn't stop for a second, So I then licked and sucked his balls, Popping one in and out of my mouth just wanting to say fuck it and deep throat him till he shot it down my throat, But I also didn't want him to leave right now, I was really enjoying myself.

So I stood up and he started going down on me a second time, He stated he wanted me to cum in his mouth, But either he wasn't that good at head, or I was too d***k, Either way it wasn't happening. So I just said you sit down, and just enjoy this... I sucked and bobbed and slobbered all over that tasty chocolate dick for about another 5 minutes before he gripped the back of my head and pulled me as far down as I could go... I could feel his heart pounding in the veins on his dick as he shot hot cum down my throat. I still don't remember really tasting it much, it wasn't a huge load, and I swallowed pretty quickly for fear of disliking the taste.

then I got him a towel to dry off with, he put his pants back on and he left, I sat naked on the couch jerking my hard dick with all the slobber I had dripped all over myself and watched a dirty movie I had DVR'd from late night movie chanels, I sat and did that just satisfied and happy for about 45 minutes before I got a shower and went to bed. and I never saw him again, a year later I moved away from the area... ... Continue»
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The first time 4

"You've thought of everything. I went back to bed and was just starting my condom, as they realized I was about to do without them. They quickly grabbed the condom from his hand and pulled it over my penis, where they could make it but obviously not be to knead each portion freshly veiled intensive. Even when I barely had the condom on, she seemed to have to taste this again. Now she lay down with legs splayed on her back and I knelt before her. One last time, we nodded to us. Then I pressed the first time in my life into a woman. I felt her wince briefly, when I broke through her hymen, she gave herself up exactly like me completely. Ecstasy we began to move: they repeatedly with the pelvis up, I always back and forth. Again she began to moan, but this time loudly and without restraint. I felt like we both our high points were getting closer, while I stirred her juice.But I did not want to just leave it, so I am just before we came out of her zurückzo. When I looked at her, she looked at me reproachfully. I lay down, but simply on the back and they immediately understood. Gratitude was now in her eyes. She stood up, crouched over me, straightened out my penis and stroked it a few times on her labia. Then she paused a few seconds to increase the voltage. Finally she let her pelvis down on mine and I penetrated deep into her. We moved again, this time always ecstasy and she began to bounce up and down. Mesmerized as I saw her jumping up and down to Bells. My eyes still seemed to make it hotter, because their loud cries were a bit louder as she noticed my look. But soon she was ready heated, panting that she had her second orgasm today. I was immensely proud of me. However, it was fortunately soon enough come to move away from me before I could cum.

... Continue»
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