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The day our Fantasy became Reality MMF

Fantasy or Reality

... for your encouragement, perhaps the next story will not be so far down the road.

Fantasy or reality?

Have you ever had ... yet became aware of the sound of voices and dragged my mind from the erotic pleasure I was feeling.

I looked out the ... ... Continue»
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Owned:Fantasy Becomes Reality

... became my property. U remember the oath u agreed to?

I had got the following email from him after our ... turn on," I explained, "a fantasy that was ... the morning, other times at lunch and one time it was at the end of the day. The routine was always the ... ... Continue»
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... the words on the screen, I started reading. The more I read the more disgusted I became ... the bowl of Kasha.

"Nika has invited me to her place for the day," I lied, planning on spending the day at the ... , the same, joined at the hips by our i****tuous ... ... Continue»
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Fantasy to Reality

... final move in turning fantasy into reality, this nearly happened during the summer.
It was a hot a July day and we were teasing ... next year when the weather breaks to try again but we are both convinced then our fantasy will become reality.

Gaz and ... ... Continue»
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The day that I discovered my cuckold fetish

... our first conversation about this topic. I hubby discovered that day, that I had an interracial fetish and a cuckold fantasy ... ... Continue»
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... The Dug out would see action again and again.

The day after Trish became the first female to receive a
degree in dug out diplomacy the ... knew in reality it was already
too late, as a line formed to take turns fucking her. The
excitement had them ... ... Continue»
Posted by famlover66 3 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 983  |  

Love Me 'til Dawn, The Final Chapters

... the café a long time ago?”

“I most certainly do! it was a day I will never forget,” Alice reminisced, “I think it was the day when we became ... ... Continue»
Posted by nobarriers 4 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Lesbian Sex, Mature  |  Views: 321  |  
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Our Fantasy Lives Part 1

... herself as our helper for the afternoon.

We where shopping for a wedding dress -- the fantasy revolves around making ... the changing room, Pippa helps Wendy out of her clothes down to her wonderful new underwear I had bought especially for the day ... ... Continue»
Posted by oohmick69 3 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Lesbian Sex, Mature  |  Views: 253  |  

The Motherly Affection

... eyes and got lost into the kiss. Our hug became tighter and we were kissing so deep & from the way she responded I was sure ... and the rest of the day was pretty normal. It’s only that she was not as talkative as she used to be. In the ... ... Continue»
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Suzy Saves the Day (And the company.)

... sales have been dropping and our future in the industry is looking rather rocky... However ... are. Now You may take the rest of the day off, please buy Yourself something ... as he became.
i turned and opened the case, trying not to stand in the way ... ... Continue»
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Aunt Christine 1 The Christmas Party

... in my mind except that my dick doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality and gets ready for action. Ahh shit, ... not, this will be our little secret.”

I go back to the dining room, leaving her almost breathless in the kitchen, smiling at ... ... Continue»
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The Gift - Our First Cuckold Experience

... , we went up to our room. I quickly showered, and laid down on the bed with him to talk about our upcoming plans. I was afraid he'd freak when it all became reality, and reassured ... ... Continue»
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Jenny on the boat (deployment fantasy)

... juice all over her coveralls for

the rest of the day, then this was the easiest way to stop the flow, she wasn't happy about ... We spent half the night sitting in the shop talking about our newfound relationship and what we could do better the next time, ... ... Continue»
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Busted 4: The Day After Donna

... 3: Donna the babysitter”)
Busted 4: The Day after Donna

The next morning it was, as it always seemed on our typical summer vacations at the coast. We ... It would have to be a balance of giving you your fantasy of me being a hot wife and you having fun ... ... Continue»
Posted by cambriakid 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Mature  |  Views: 523  |  
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The Day He Opened My Eyes

... numbers and started texting, our late night chats left us missing each other during the day. We had become the other’s sounding board, ... turning into the parking lot.
As I go through the doors I start to think, what if he doesn’t like me. Reality check! ... ... Continue»
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Spending the Day with my Uncle and Niece

... while wearing their panties.

One day my younger niece and I were staying at our uncles house for the day. He was her uncle but ... looked down and asked if she could see my penis. I became instantly hard again and quickly took it out. She asked ... ... Continue»
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Our Fantasy


Once I had got the room set with low lights, candles lit, wine on ice, and me laying naked on the ... pressing it against mine, all the while still kissing each other deeply, waiting for the next time.

OUR FANTASY” ... ... Continue»
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The Day I Was Caught... (True Story) Part 1

... her of our college wildness with our other friends. His younger s****r became overly friendly and 1 hours into the night I found myself in the middle ... Anna were pretty tired from the day’s flight so we decided to leave them in the huge house and head to ... ... Continue»
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The Gratified Sexual Fantasy

... ago on our first date she had told me that her biggest sexual fantasy was to be rapped and beating. At the ... she was serious. But over the years her fantasy had manifested into our sexual lives and I decided that on our fifth anniversary I would surprise ... ... Continue»
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The day after

The day after.

He awoke quite early immediately noticing his wife’s side of the ... the reality was that his wife was still at her lover’s apartment and was still being sexually abused by the ... they’re going to make a video of our final session, so I’m re-doing ... ... Continue»
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