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The White Place, Chapter 4

The White Place, Chapter 4

... . Will from the White Place, Shawn from the gas station, and 5 of her mother's friends. As she thought ... . "That's cool baby. So you wanna hook up today? You can come to my place if you want." ... ; I pondered this for a moment. I was kind of hesitant to go to his place alone, but then his huge... Continue»
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The White Place, Chapter 2

... ; A minute later he opened the door, I guess I forgot to lock it. There I was, 4 fingers deep in my ... . My pussy was throbbing as the bl**d rushed there.
There was a knock at the door. 4 more guys came ... guys, and 5 white guys. She told me black guys have bigger dicks, and I was looking forward to feeling... Continue»
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The White Place, Chapter 5

... the fuck have you been?! What happened at the white place?!" I realized I hadn't seen or spoken ... to Margo since the weekend right before I left for the white place to be impregnated. I told Margo about ... , and it didn't cover my ass when I sat down. I had a white blouse with a black tie on to finish the ensemble... Continue»
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The White Place, Chapter 3

... it on my tongue, keeping the cum at bay. He stood and picked me up, and placed me on my back. Oh my ... and started rubbing his cock on my pussy. Making me even more wet. He placed the head at my pussy hole... Continue»
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Transformed male

... parked my bicycle and set off down the street to look for this unusual place. I had not gone far when I ... skirt and Nancy fitted my feet with 4" heels. The final touch is a nice discrete ankle chain, I ... colored and the other white. As I was registering this in my brain I felt the one on my left pulling... Continue»
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Moroccan Surprise

... with her attention and he said he goes to gym every 4 days of the week. Then she said, yeah it is clear ... close to finish the chapter and she can go and I can join later. Then she asked Badr to join him ... I thought I am lucky because I live in 21st century. It is the age of smart and creative men. I am... Continue»
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An Unplanned Overnight Stay - Chapter 4

... Chapter 4

“So tell us Ilke, we both know each other well and know what we each like, what ... plug into its rightful place in her arse. Slowly she slid it in forcing it through the resistance ... floggers she’d placed on the desk in readiness she started to slap her open cunt lips with the flat... Continue»
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B5 Chapter 4 Jordan's First Time - Jordan Jer

... Chapter 4: Jordan's First Time - Jordan Jerks Off

Tiffany and Clyda did stop by to see Jordan ... balls swelling in anticipation of release as she placed as much of her mouth over the throbbing tip ... and wrists, as she stroked the shaft of her cock. Jordan's knuckles turned white, as she gripped her cock... Continue»
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The New Neighbour Chapter 2

... and the white creamy flesh trimmed by the pouting lips held in place by the tong panties ...

Chapter 2

i awoke to the distant sound...a low growling... off in the distance ... were... dressed in only a thin white t-shirt and a pair of thong panties..i sat there my eyes delighted... Continue»
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Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 7

... Chapter 7

We walked into the busy Gare du Nord Eurostar terminus with Andy and Loraine and made ... place and make him pay for what they did to me.
So what form will this punishment take?
I want him ... call in this afternoon”.
“We’ve got nothing planned; we should be back at St Pancras by 4 o’clock... Continue»
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The slut

... ?"

After those eight simple words, Lawton's cock was never the same.

* * *

Chapter 4 ... Chapter 1

* * *

The rabbit stretched and leaned back on his thick legs. Raising his arms ... , matched to his white and blue jersey. Lawton could have played football, even with his comparatively short... Continue»
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A Space Orgysee - Part 1

... . Now she was one of the old hands and the other girl was the green one.

CHAPTER 4 ... ."


CHAPTER 1: The initiation

Carla felt the man on top of her breathing heavily. Her master ... to be pleased by a blonde from Norway.

CHAPTER 2: The master entertains

Two days later they were... Continue»
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The Emma J Chronicles - Part Three

... Chapter Three
When Emma arrived at work; on the Monday following her **** by Marcus ... and took a seat on the sofa again.

Chapter Four

“Hello Caroline, its Emma. How are you? I ... an extremely we open mouthed kiss upon her lips lingering for an entirely inappropriate 3 or 4... Continue»
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Jessica Bond - 00Heaven

... the scent was stuck on.

Chapter 4:

An hour later,
Bond had managed to obtain the number ... !


Chapter 1:

F yelled ... blue eyes.
She was wearing her signature outfit of a women's white buttoned dress top... Continue»
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Beech Mountain 6--7--8 Connie

... way inside, and at that hour- 10:45am , the place was pretty full. Donna waved from the juice bar ... -- and when Sandra's gone-- like now, it's all I can do to run this place. In fact she is due back in from ... . Bye”

I was at the fitness center again, and saw a back way up to my place on the far side. I... Continue»
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Carol and me no 2

... had told Carol to follow him and he led the way back to her home, or did he……

Chapter 4 ... Rudeolph

A Night to remember

Chapter 1

Having spent a busy morning at work with the c ... of setting the alarm for 4pm to allow her time to tidy up before her c***dren got home

Chapter 2... Continue»
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she make me

... I saw something shining, pink, and white that seemed out of place. Rachel was busily working on her ... was a hot shower and a good night’s sl**p.
Chapter 4
I woke around nine the next morning and the first ... .

Chapter 1
My name is Michael. People who know me call me usually call me Mike (no surprise... Continue»
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Morning light 3

... , son and lovers.

Chapter 4 "I can't decide what to wear," Jennifer said to Jimmy as she walked ... Jimmy into her bed again that night.

Chapter 5

Jennifer woke up when Jimmy placed a tray on her ... his mother lying on the bed. She was wearing a white corset, white garters, nylons, and a pair... Continue»
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A journey from good girl to slut

... at a conference in her city in the Midwest for 4 days. We had met for dinner one evening and spent the night ... fucking like there was no tomorrow. Not sure what happened but that was the last time until about 4 ... on most of the time I can’t imagine this woman not getting some good cock on a regular basis. For about 4... Continue»
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Her Mother's Lover Part 2

... ."

Chapter 4
Although Charisse spent the rest of the week at the Fifth Avenueapartment ... look movingbetween Charisse's white thighs . . . She would really have to keep Mr.Dildo out of her ... .
Taka gulped at the sight of lace-trimmed panties and white thigh whichmet his gaze and said, "O.K... Continue»
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