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The Wedding Boy

The Wedding Boy

... unattached man in the wedding party at the church.

We were now at the reception and about to sit down for the meal. I needed a pee ... to use the loo in my bedroom as it wouldn’t be right to take a boy into the ladies toilets in the hotel lobby ... ... Continue»
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The Wedding Conception

... The Wedding Conception

by Mon

The following story is true.

My ... I didn't want him, but he also
understood. Boy, he really knew what to say, and ... lay there in the darkness. He reached for me
and asked how I enjoyed the wedding. I told him ... ... Continue»
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... So the wedding day arrived and my first view of the trio was at the church. A striking picture as the bride walked down the aisle ... all shuffled closer I pulled her back into me, and Oh Boy ... she wiggled her bum against me .... and I instantly I felt ... ... Continue»
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The Wedding Reception

... guys in tuxedos came into the bar. They could have been b*****rs – young (about 25), Southern frat boy types. You could ... or the law or what have you. One of them approached the bartender about some special drinks for the wedding in the banquet room and the ... ... Continue»
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The Wedding Night

... the wedding, parents, grandparents, and all. I got dressed in
a tux at the hotel and went downstairs to meet the rest of the ... the
wedding. The whole car ride I couldn't stop thinking about him. He was
absolutely gorgeous. Anyway, we got to the wedding ... ... Continue»
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... the excitement in the air. The wedding planners and workers work diligently to make ready that every little detail was absolutely perfect. The wedding ... ... Continue»
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The Wedding Journey

... her b*****r’s wedding day was already here. Six whole months of planning had flown by. The wedding was taking place at the Village ... like. It was the day before the wedding and Danny had just pulled up to the sidewalk, Katie peeked out the window just to ... ... Continue»
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Just a day before the wedding

... ass. I didnt notice it until the day before the wedding. I was getting all the arrangements done for the wedding and seema calls me and ... dick, and suddenly my wife's phone rang, it was the wedding planners and they needed my wife urgently down stairs ... ... Continue»
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before the wedding

... ass. I didnt notice it until the day before the wedding. I was getting all the arrangements done for the wedding and seema calls me and ... dick, and suddenly my wife's phone rang, it was the wedding planners and they needed my wife urgently down stairs ... ... Continue»
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The Wedding Day (Part 2 from the Wedding)

... part 2 of theThe Wedding”.

I sat through the wedding ceremony watching with glazed eyes bored out my tiny mind as the ‘I dos’ ... the more I thought about it the more I wanted it and him.

After the church part of the wedding everyone headed back to the ... ... Continue»
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The Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress

Sarah Johnson sat stoically as she waited what usually was the happiest day of a girl’s life, her ... the aisle to begin the next phase of her nightmarish new life.

Chapter 2:

As Sarah walked down the aisle for her wedding ... ... Continue»
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The Wedding Guest: The Night Before... Pt.1

... didn't plan on going to the wedding, could Megan put her wedding dress on so he could ... Darrion lays Megan on the bed, as he lifts up her wedding dress. Megan impatiently ... Darrion to lay down on the bed.

She remove her wedding gown, and prepared to mount ... ... Continue»
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A Whore For the Birthday Boy

... and talking. The men were all lifelong friends. Half of them were married. Danny, the birthday boy, was turning ... The other guys laughed until I shrugged. Then they all stopped laughing. “Seriously?” I noticed that three of the four guys were wearing wedding ... ... Continue»
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The Wedding

... get ready for the wedding the next evening. I was wearing a tube top and a silk thong when there was a knock on the room door. I peeked ... . I sat him on the bench at the end of the bed and I sat real close to him. We talked about the wedding and I then began ... ... Continue»
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The Wedding

... asked DO YOU WANT COFFEE ? yes thank you.

The night before the wedding at the dinner Kat comes behind Trish and says did ... heard there names so they did stop. The dinner went on.

The next day at the wedding Trish's hubby keep a close rain on ... ... Continue»
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The Wedding Night

... The Wedding Night

“I will always love you” by Whitney Houston rang out around the room and the dance floor was packed…..mainly with women! The ... to our room. The entire 22 rooms in the hotel were all booked for the wedding guests. Earlier in the day just ... ... Continue»
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Daddy I cum The wedding arrangements.

... she then got into bed and turned out the light. The following morning I was in the kitchen she came in and sat ... her when I went to my daughters and stayed the nights with Dorren. We made arrangements for the wedding that was happening the following year. ... Continue»
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Nailed the son's new girlfriend the wedding

... soaking us both and the bed as well.
The following morning at breakfast we met Sandra and Carl discussing the wedding, returning to our ... Sandra stood up and led Billy by the cock to the bed, Sandra laid on the bed opening her legs, Billy got in ... ... Continue»
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Sexy Louise and The Naughty Boy

... beaming. I simply added to his pleasure by leaning forwards so the young boy could kiss and suck my huge breasts again. "I love ... laugh.
Still naked, I sat back on the couch, my legs were wide open, watching the young boy quickly putting all his clothes back ... ... Continue»
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The Milk Boy Revists

The Milk Boy Revisits

--- ZERO ---
After my escapade with “The Milk Boy” as I referred to him, I never got to see him ... like a The Good Milk Boy that he was. I glanced over at the clock behind him. I was gonna make him late!

--- SIX ---
On the ... ... Continue»
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