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The Unaffordable Vacation Ch. 02

The Unaffordable Vacation Ch. 02

by newbie2008

The Unaffordable Vacation Continues...


You know? Wanting your wife to go along with ... , it turned into just a calm social gathering. As the younger of the guys returned, the older, leader, said "Let our guests drink first ... ... Continue»
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The Unaffordable Vacation

... maybe we should just enjoy the vacation and not do something stupid."

Before I could complete the sentence she rebutted softly and ... caught a buzz almost every day for the last three."

Henry replied "Hey, this is vacation time, not work, not trying ... ... Continue»
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Becoming Aphrodite ch 02

Becoming Aphrodite Ch 02

Jennifer and I remained completely silent on the way home. She was probably half daydreaming about what had ... , but I felt it was enough now and as our long vacation ended, I wanted to go back to my usual self as ... ... Continue»
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How I Spent My Vacation Ch. 02

... spanking either. Without the luxury of the
warm up spanking, the immediate sensation of the brush hitting her bare ... on
for the other two girls.

Suddenly the paddling stopped, and the only sound in the room was the low
moaning ... ... Continue»
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Slut is Born Ch. 02*****

Slut is Born Ch. 02*****

The week went by slowly ... leering at me. “There’s a list on the bed of the duties you will be performing tonight.”

“Hey ... reprieve!! I turned and headed for the stairs. “The front door is the other way bitch,” Jim said.

“I’m ... ... Continue»
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Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 02

... and Trained Ch. 02
I drifted in and out of consciousness over the next hour, periodically snapped back into reality when the dildo assaulting ... one more button and I watched as the dildo began emptying the content of the bag, shooting huge streams of cum all ... ... Continue»
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Undercover Angel Ch. 02

Undercover Angel Ch. 02 - TV on the run from the mob is f***ed to suck cock.

Tony Leonardo discovered that ... .

Michele let go of the handle of the briefcase leaving it perched on the edge of the nightstand. The heavy bakelite motel telephone had ... ... Continue»
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Körpertausch Ch. 02

... will sie euch nicht vorenthalten. Viel spass beim lesen

Körpertausch Ch. 02
by Schniedelwutz©

Zum besseren Verständnis möchte ich den geneigten ... ... Continue»
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Viola findet ihre Mutter! Ch. 02

Viola findet ihre Mutter! Ch. 02
© by Goede26

Den ersten Teil findet Ihr hier: http://xhamster. ... ... Continue»
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The Surprise Vacation

into shape. How could I hide that when the "vacation" was over?

"This is a 'light' makeover ...

Subject: Repost TG: The Surprise Vacation by an unknown author and
Tristmegistus (3/6)

... ... Continue»
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The Surprise Vacation

... my eyebrows plucked
into shape. How could I hide that when the "vacation" was over?

"This is a 'light' makeover?" I wondered to Cindy ... if I gave her
any trouble for the next two weeks of my surprise vacation. She'd made me
watch her drop ... ... Continue»
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Learning the Chocolate Life Ch. 02 (Black Mistress

... dessert." Mistress inspected the bag just as the waiter arrived with the check. "Pay the bill darling. I am in the mood for a ... way shape and form. First on the bed then in the living room, the window, the bathroom countertop, doggie style, missionary and ... ... Continue»
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The Engineering Club

... may even start expanding into the community.
The Engineering Club Ch. 02
For the next couple of days after my ... experience with the Engineering Club, I was hit ... ... Continue»
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“I think ... of her posing in front of the camera, being goofy.
However, the farther along I got, the nastier the pictures were. She was stripping her ... ... Continue»
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A Husband's Revenge Ch. 02 (A husband gets re

... take my final two weeks of vacation and take the k**s somewhere far away, after shit hit the fan.

I hired a service to come ... tell Ann that I've changed the locks on the house and that the k**s and I are going on an extended vacation; so I don't want her ... ... Continue»
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Ben and Katie's Story Ch. 02

... 's worse is they scheduled it for the hotel out by the airport clear on the other side of town. Originally I hadn' ... . If you stay over you can treat it like a mini vacation I guess."

" I would still rather be right here in ... ... Continue»
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My Big Sister Ch. 02

... said as we began departing the classroom. "It's Friday...."

"Good," I sighed. "I could use a two day vacation."

"You said it b*o," Paul ... , beer cans and cigarette buds all over the floor with the television volume at the max.

"Ugh, you're such a ... ... Continue»
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Ch 2 - BBW Wife is mine for 24hrs

... my phone light and tell her to look at the floor

11:45:02 AM darkorse102284: Uh oh...

11:45:03 AM ... :30 PM pr0n_glutton: well not anymore, lol

12:02:16 PM pr0n_glutton: The slut realizes that she will have to walk and ... ... Continue»
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Stacy ch. 2

i****t/TabooStacy Ch. 02
Stacy Ch. 02
"Jack, climb ... the daydream and I quickly steered the car away from the middle of the road, back to the ... her departed form for a few moments before the ringing of the telephone made me jump.

"Hello?" I ... ... Continue»
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Dark Places ch. 01-02

... towel, just as the power came back on.

The washroom door opened; flooding the bathroom with light from the bedroom; (The bathroom light switch ... softly and Nargis knew he meant it.

Dark Places Ch. 02

Nargis woke up with Zahid on top of her. ... ... Continue»
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