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The Tower of Midnight

The Tower of Midnight

... description

The tower is seriously weird. At whatever time you arrived here from the ... of Midnight. Soon an entire legion of her doomguard would sweep the forest to kill off the remnants of Luxor's army hiding among the trees.

Every one of the ... ... Continue»
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The Best Fuck in the Month of September....

... also rents a storage bin on the ground floor of the tower of condos, at the parking level. Inside, there ... The sliding closet doors are also mirrored.

But the nicest feature is that the privacy walls on either side of the balcony, and the height of the ... ... Continue»
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The Tower chapter 5

... of the tower from after your morning routine until the gong rings. There is a statue at the bottom of the stairs, you must face it towards the tower ... ... Continue»
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The Tower Chapter 2


So there I was in tight bondage, with no idea of the time, I had played eye-spy with myself, done ... my arse.
The next time I woke up was in the tower room. I didn’t know that it actually was a tower, but ... ... Continue»
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For the Love of Holly

... of the CEO of the company that owns one of the local TV stations, two FM radio stations, the highest rated AM station in the area, and one of the ... next to the park. The bell in its tower struck 9 o'clock.

... took us until almost midnight to get everything ... ... Continue»
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The Tower Chapter 1

The Tower

I woke up with a fog in my head, I ... castle, it was round as though I was in a tower room.
The man was dressed in medieval clothes, but looked like ... all that cum washed off you, and make the most of being clean, Sir Imer may not always let ... ... Continue»
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Just the six of us 1

... into the strainer. Nonchalantly turning back around he tried to adjust his dick so that it wouldn't look like the Leaning Tower of Weiner and grabbed the hose to wash his hands off. He'd already ... ... Continue»
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The Tower Chapter 3

The Tower Chapter 3

So there I was waiting again, I had a feeling the three weeks until Sir Imer’s return were going to ... up the stairs directly outside my room, the window of my room was barred and had beautiful stained glass, I doubted the rest of the ... ... Continue»
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The Tower chapter 4

... two days, that I finally summoned the courage to ask Bart if I could be allowed out of my tower prison.

“Bart, how long have ... knew that you would start to be curious about the rest of the castle, and the grounds. He knew that you would need mental ... ... Continue»
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The Trial of Julie

... the tallest structure anywhere within the Oriental Gardens and the spiralling wooden steps seemed endless as they made their way upwards. Near the top the tower ... ... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 16

... the water tower in the Officers Area. We stayed on alert until 0800 the next morning, and went to 50% alert for the rest of the day. The ... from the rockets that had hit us. We had to carry off what was left of the water tower, and fill in the hole from the ... ... Continue»
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The Beardsley School for Girls Part 3 - Ashley and

... the tips white, stretched out over three inches, pulled taut, her beautiful tiny breasts elongated, the Tower of Power did an effective job of torturing the young firm flesh.
The Chancellor's ... ... Continue»
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The Romance of Lust - A classic Victorian erotic n

... want of space at the foundation, and had besides a very lofty and bold round tower, rising high enough above the sides of the valley to serve as a lookout beyond them. The habitable part was reached from the ... ... Continue»
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The Hospital Fling - A lesbian tale

... the stroke of midnight, Wendy walked into Mary’s room and lifted the sheets in Mary’s bed. It was not the ... ... Continue»
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The Seduction of Sara

... black air. A lot of people would pretty much tower over her in general, hence her love of stiletto heels. Anything to ... her morning routine.

The lull of the morning soon picked up speed and both occupants of the office were busy with the day. Things ... ... Continue»
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... the tower of his cock pushing up the thin blanket.

He tried to talk seeing the dark shadows and shapes of her nipples and the shadow of ... ... Continue»
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The Howls of Lust II

... Midnight...

For the first time since I was changed I look up at the moon and smile.

I stand naked in the forest feeling the beginning of the ... ... Continue»
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The Shrine of the First Gathering

... the veins pumped more and more bl**d into the organ it began to rise up like a minaret tower…..only much much thicker. The monstrously thick crimson head of Selim’s ... ... Continue»
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The Making of a Gloryhole Gurl Part 3

... of my makeup I headed back to my car for the ride home. It was almost midnight when I got home and I went straight to the ... ... Continue»
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... the room.

I spent the rest of the night kicking that riddle around my office.
The road and the numbers- those were the keys. Then, at about
midnight ... ... Continue»
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