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The Taxi Ride

The Taxi Ride

... pussy with his hot man sauce. He climbed out of the taxi and the driver climb onto Anna. I watched as this short fat ... thank you and would not allow me to pay for the taxi ride. I thought that was fair as they put several mile on ... ... Continue»
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Taxi ride from hell

... It didn't look that far from the airport area-surely less than a half-hour ride by taxi or airport shuttle, or whatever they ... had available. She would find out soon enough.

The plane landed with ... ... Continue»
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The Taxi Cab Driver - An Adult Story

... her to the front of the taxi. I placed her on the hood. I looked up to see her husband staring out the wind shield.

The taxi cab ... 's go in. You still need to pay for your taxi cab ride lady. Where the master bedroom?" I said. "Follow me! Mr. Kelly. I ... ... Continue»
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... "I hate to keep a lady waiting. Come on, let's go home."

The taxi ride home was more fun than our earlier trip had been ... passionately. Her movements made her short skirt ride up over her hips and I knew the taxi driver could see everything in his rear ... ... Continue»
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Taxi-Ride Handjob Tease

... meaning to share with you all a tale about the most amazing, erotic taxi ride that I had the pleasure of sharing with my wife on ... ... Continue»
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Taxi Ride

... “Normally I only see people, like you, through my mirror in the taxi!” I grinned. “Well you must see some sights!” She smiled ... very much!” I smiled at her reassuringly as I opened the boot of the taxi popping her bag safely inside. “Of course!” I ... ... Continue»
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The German Project

... was equally uneventful as was the taxi ride out to Bockenheim district where the German subsidiary of the company I work for ... which in truth I wanted to anyway.

The taxi took me to the Holzhausenviertel district where Bernhard lived and stopped outside ... ... Continue»
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taxi ride

... open and someone walked in. I looked over and it was the taxi driver from earlier. His pants were already open and he ... of fondling by all during the process. As we left I told the cabbie, "We're not paying for the ride home!" and laughed. We ... ... Continue»
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KK - My Wife and the Taxi Driver

... was as d***k as I have ever seen her and by the time the taxi arrived, she was slumped all over me.

After a couple ... before positioning her bent over his shoulder.

I closed the Taxi door and then the house door after we went quickly inside.

“Where ... ... Continue»
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The taxi driver

... this guy, partly because it was 2am, and partly because the taxi light was turned off, he switched his light on, I looked ... , my ass stinging from the smacking and all red, and he opened the taxi door and lead me to the back of his cab ... ... Continue»
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The Offer

... we took it all in, on the Taxi ride from the airport to our hotel we were excited ... her and she trembled in the heat of the moment, clawing the bed sheets with her fingernails ... before going to our room. I put the keycard in the TV’s cardslot. It opened a view ... ... Continue»
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The train journey home

... They both laughed
nervously as the conductor disappeared through the sliding door at the end of
the carriage. "That was close," ... his coat, Sean simply smiled in

The taxi ride from the station to the hotel seemed to take an eternity to
Sinead ... ... Continue»
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The Taxi.....

"Do you ye like sucking cock"? The taxi driver spoke one bleak, dreary, depressingly dull day in a late ... on mine. The rain outside the cab was lashing it down, bouncing off the windows, the window wipers going Ten to the dozen. The radio, faint ... ... Continue»
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The airpalne ride home pt4

... Ma'am, university policy is we take him to the Infirmary."

"I'll ride there with you!" Concern was thick in Jamie's voice ... her marriage, Jamie related the sordid tale about the airplane ride.

Even in the chill of the RV, John felt the heat rise in his ... ... Continue»
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the train ride

The Train Ride

Has anyone taken a night train following a major event in an
... other options, but to ride the train with two
beautiful girls, therefore soon after the parade, we rushed to
the train station with thousands ... ... Continue»
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The Bus Ride

... wanted to see this cock she had been stroking on the bus ride. She was not disappointed. It was big and thick ... . She rubbed the cock and then the balls but he then pushed her ... ... Continue»
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Part 5 The Car Ride

The Car Ride

As I followed Mona's Lexus to the hotel my mind started to wonder if ... if I played my cards right one of the ladies in the car in front of me will take ... replied, they had those great ones in the Toy Store the last time we were up here last time ... ... Continue»
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... and headed
back to the hotel. Both Jennifer and Holly chatted about their new 'Barbie Doll' during the taxi
ride, as though I ... wasn't even there! We arrived at the hotel, went back upstairs to ... ... Continue»
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The Mediterranean Guesthouse Chapter 6 - the end

... used to the response and the behavior of the bikes in the tighter corners, we begin to enjoy the ride even more.
The road is ... dress up for dinner.


The taxi drives up the long driveway to the guesthouse. I just got off the phone to my boss, ... ... Continue»
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... bra ,after watching her dance the night away and getting off with lea the black girl our taxi arrived and rob shouts us ... down and said wot about a free taxi ride for a free ride on her bald pussy .rob looked into the mirror and i winked we was ... ... Continue»
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