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The Spa Resort

The nude resort (fantasy)

... sexual "fuck me" palace.

When I checked in the people at the desk were naked. I was told once I got ... . When I am naked there is no hiding the big globes. The bell boy looked at me and I laughed ... It was going to be a wonderful ten days at the nudist resort ... ... Continue»
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The French Couple from the Spa

... was just a naturist spa and nothing ever happened in the spa. I became ... the best night for them as well as it gave them the most time in the Spa ... the first of these types of dinner party I had ever been to.

Over the next month we regularly met at the Spa ... ... Continue»
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Day at the Spa

... the extra piece of paper attached to the card. Surprised, she carefully read the certificate giving her the unlimited full-day pass at the spa ... ... Continue»
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nephews spycam in the spa

... the spa room. He was checking out her naked body and her pussy every time she would sit on the edge of the spa ... the young hot cum of my nephew. He finished cumming and I was limp against the edge of the spa ... ... Continue»
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Visit to the Spa with mature fuck buddy

... the sauna waiting to see what glimpses they could catch of the three women.

As we walked through the spa to the showers we caught the attention of most of the guys. We ... ... Continue»
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... the vehicle and looked around at relaxed guests walking around the Middleton Spa. Gina selected the Spa for the couple's vacation because it was located in the ... ... Continue»
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The Spa

... the tape finished with the interviewer confirming the spa programme for the following day. The tape ended, I was shocked but somehow aroused, the trusted twist in the ... ... Continue»
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The SPA part 2

... the brightest. The morning arrived with no contact from the Spa or Sara. I tried to call her but the phone was switched off. Mid morning the ... ... Continue»
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The SPA part 3

... opened the second file; I was not to be disappointed.

This scene opened in the now familiar barn back at the spa. Sara was the only occupant of the room. She was dressed ... ... Continue»
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The SPA part 2 Continued

... she was clearly working hard in the gym.

A short while later an email finally arrived from the Spa. It informed me that ... resolve and commitment to the current arrangement. Sara would receive an email on Friday demanding her presence at the Spa, it would ... ... Continue»
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Weekend at the Spa - Pt1

... try visiting a naturist spa which had a hotel as part of the complex.

We arrived at the spa on the Friday afternoon both ... went to the Jacuzzis for a chill. The spa closed at midnight but those staying in the hotel can still use the facilities. The club ... ... Continue»
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The SPA part 4

... the padlock. There was a threat of it as I persisted about the Spa ... the spare room and stay there, she apologised that she would be coming back with company, it was Spa ... the clunk of the door, I dived into the spare room and closed the door.

At first the ... ... Continue»
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A trip to the Spa

... redhead at the spa today, we were both getting massages and I was getting a facial as well. As we sat in the lounge waiting ... bar around the corner, I stepped out of the shower and slowly dried myself off, all the while hoping she was enjoying the show. My ... ... Continue»
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Carole's hairy cunt fucked in the spa

... the pictures that accompany this story 'Carole's hairy cunt fucked by man in the spa'

As an outrageous exhibitionist I enjoy ... flicking my nipples in the process, which clearly aroused him (and the others in the jacuzzi).

In the sauna I sat opposite ... ... Continue»
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Fun at the spa

... the reception area.
She notices the time - she must have been sorting papers and writing for is late..........the spa is now closed........

She panics a bit, but then decides to explore...........there is the ... ... Continue»
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Amanda & Angel - The Instructor

... I wanted to check out the rest of the resort. The truth was I had some ... the end of my bed. #3 do not turn the light on. You get to the spa quickly giving your name. You're informed that they are ready for you and that the ... ... Continue»
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... to show you around the resort” .
We headed down through the corridors and I was shown the restaurant, the spa and massage rooms, heated ... SHITTTT….OHHH FUCKKKKK” which must have echoed throughout the resort like a hurricane; she didn’t relent as my body ... ... Continue»
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Watching the Boys Part 4

... , we'll be staying at a nice
resort hotel and everything." I added "And Jamal, I got the dates mixed up,
Ben is coming home ... his
shorts slip all the way down then kicked them off to the side as he
approached the edge of the spa. The suit fit his ... ... Continue»
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The resort pool/jacuzzi

... hot as any girl at the resort. She let herself go a bit in the clothing department, wearing the slinkiest suit I had ever ... "
The next day followed the same routine with breakfast but instead of mutual sight seeing, Veronica made an appointment at the spa. I ... ... Continue»
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... The warm, exotic glow from the rum seemed to loosen the muscles and increase the senses. We arrived at the resort. Two female resort staff ... order it all” I said smiling.

Jack brought me to the spa, and a tall redhead wearing what appeared to be a frock ... ... Continue»
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