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The Sexual Awakening of James (Gay)

... I thought he was gay
As he walked away I watched him as his muscular body moved to the rhythm of the music, and I regretted ... really he was gay.

As I walked by, another dancer ... ... Continue»
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Abbey comes home from work.

Abbey’s point of view

Abbey Orange is siting on the edge of the bed removing her black boots, her husband, SJ is in the bathroom getting undressed ready for to the shower. Abbey is watching him in the reflection of the bathroom mirror, as she slides her boots off. Her eyes are roaming over his chest as he removes his shirt. She likes his feel chest, the softness of his skin, his manly smell. She has started to remove her stockings and her fingers absently linger on her crutch. As if in a trance she places her hand inside her satin G-string and starts gently rubbing herself. She slowly eases a finger inside herself; she is so wet from watching her husband strip. With a finger slowly moving up and down gently rubbing herself, she finds her other hand is caressing her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples. Her hand between her legs is making and her wetter and wetter. SJ is bending over removing his pants, she likes his round firm cheeks, and she finds herself licking her lips, salivating in desire. Abbey can no longer control herself. Now naked, she stands up and goes to him, she can feel her juices flowing down her thighs. She stands behind him and pushes him against the wall and starts kissing his neck, he feels so soft and smells so nice. Abbey reaches around grabs his penis with one hand, still kissing him, nibbling on his ear, the other hand is playing with is balls, his cock hardens under her touch. She turns him around, so that he is now leaning against the bathroom wall, she gently starts licking his nipples, with the tip of her tongue, switching from nibbling to sucking. Abbeys hands are still roaming all over his cock and his butt, one hand is alternating between stroking his rock hard 8 inch cock and balls, while the other has found its way to between he cheeks of his butt and is gently massaging his hole. She slowly inserts a finger into his butt, then a second, gentle moving them in and out. Abbey reaches down and picks up the conditioner, and places a dollop of conditioner on her hand and returns to stroking him, slowly at first moving her hand up and down the full length of his thick shaft. Her fingers are still sliding in and out of his butt; her mouth is working on his nipples. Abbey can feel that is about to come and slows down her movements, she wants him to take her in the shower. They get in to the shower, Abbey lets the flowing water clean conditioner of SJ’s penis, she bends down, she can feel the hot water running down her back, she takes SJ penis in her mouth, slowly sucking his shaft, playing with the tip of his penis with her tongue. Abbey makes him spread his legs wider apart and places kisses in his inner thighs, her fingers gently tracing the outline of his well shaped legs, she picks up the cloth and gently washes his penis, then his legs, she washes his feet and toes. Abbey is sitting on the shower floor, washing his toes, she sucks each toe in her mouth, as she continues to wash and massage his feet. SJ pulls her up from the floor and turns her around, she bends over, and she is flexible enough to place her hands on the ground. He enters her from behind in one quick motion; this is how she wanted him to take her. He penetrates her deeply, the more she leans over the deeper he can get. He thrusts harder, his hands are on her nipples. The water is cascading down their backs. Today she wants it hard and fast. She is close to climax, he can feel this and works faster, as she comes she can feel his penis spasming deep inside her as he shoots his cum in to her well-satisfied pussy.

SJ’s point of view

It had been a long day. I came home and prepared to unwind with a hot shower. I saw Abbey getting changed and looked forward to fucking her. She was such a wild lover; no night was dull in bed with Abbey! As I am just about to get in the shower Abbey comes and takes me. Kissing me and touching me the way she knows I like. Fuck, her fingers work my arse and my cock. I am ready to cum but Abbey takes me to the water and washes and kisses me until I can wait no longer. I slide inside her and feel her push me in deeper. I squeeze her tits as I feel myself about to cum. As I find her nipple and twist as I push harder inside her she moans pushes back and cums. Her body takes me over the edge and I flood her with my cum. What a way to wind down at home!

FRIDAY the 3rd
Later on in the week,

Abbey’s point of view

They had gone out dancing all night and could not wait to get home. All the close touching and gyrating on the dance floor had got her hot and ready for sex, her body was craving his touch. Abbey was still in the mood for dancing when there arrived home and decided that she would give SJ a lap dance. She placed a chair against the wall and made SJ sit there fully dressed (she knew she would need the wall for support). She walked across and pressed the play button on the CD player, she knew her SJ’s favorite song was next to play (“Throw your arms around me“). With the lights now dimmed and the music playing in the background, she slowly unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. Wearing only a lacy black bra, suspender belt and stockings and high heel shoes, she slowly walked across the room staring into SJ’s eyes. Her hands were running all over her body and through her hair, her hips were swaying from side to side in time to the music. She stood between his legs, leaning her upper body forward; her hands on the wall above him, her back was arched, her butt up in the air. She was teasing him, inching her body forward and backwards, closer and closer to face. Her freshly waxed pussy was glistening in the subdued lighting; it was wet with anticipation of things to come. She liked to keep her pussy hair free so she could feel his tongue. Even now he was trying to touch her with his tongue – but she kept gently pushing him back in the chair. She rubbed herself and spread her lips wide, so he could see her pinkness glistening. She teased him with her hard nipples, rubbing them against his lips, SJ tried to lick and suck on her nipples, but again and again she kept him from touching her.
She took her hands and slowly started rubbing her breasts, she touched herself, telling him what she wanted, were she wanted him to touch her.
She inserted a finger into her wetness, and then places it between his lips to tease him with her taste, and then she pinched her nipples and moaned with desire. She then turned around and leant over, exposing her little brown hole by spreading her cheeks, she allowed him to lean forward and give her hole a quick tongue which sent tiny shivers up and down her spine She pushed back harder onto his tongue reveling in the sensations he was giving her. SJ could not take it any longer, he grabbed her around the waist and placed her on the ground, Abbey was now on all fours, He quickly unzipped his pants and his rock hard penis sprang out, pre-cum was oozing from the eye like a river. Kneeling behind her, he quickly lined up and thrust hard, feeling is penis slide all the way inside her, filling her completely. She was so hot and worked up that the initial thrust set of a mind-blowing orgasm. As she was shuddering in delight, SJ felt his balls swelling and released a full load of hot cum deep in her hot pussy. Abbey then turned around and took him in her mouth. The taste of their combined juices was heavenly as Abbey cleaned him. SJ then laid her down and leant in between her legs, Abbey felt his tongue and lips touch her, gently caressing her, his tongue on her clitoris felt warm and wet, licking, sucking and blowing on her, she was squirming with pleasure, the thought of him tasting his own cum just added to her overactive sexual delight. His fingers stimulating her G-spot, she started to lose control, once again SJ had given her a mind-blowing orgasm. She was then turned over onto her hands and knees again. His tongue started licking her rose bud as he prepared to fuck her arse she loved this dirty side of him. As she felt the head of his hard penis at her opening, she pushed back and let it slide in all the way. It was so good to feel the full width of him stretching her. Soon he was thrusting in and out hard and she new it wouldn't take much for him to come deep in her bowels. What an unbelievable feeling. As he came, I felt him rubbing my clit hard and I experienced yet another leg quivering orgasm as he emptied into me yet again. Mmmmm … what if I could feel the powerful thrust of two hard cocks at the same time.

SJ’s point of view

My lover is amazing. After a night of sensuous dancing she gives me this amazing lap dance and lets me take her doggy style. I cum so quick I am sure could not have cum. I go down on her sweet pussy and taste our combine juices. A finger or two in her and my tongue on her clit and soon she is squirming. I watch her beautiful body and wonder how else I can please her. My mind drifts to places I fantasies about but could never ask for. Will she let me fuck her while she sucks on another man? Does she wonder what it would be like to be taken by two men at the same time? Will she get off on me exploring my own sexuality?
By the time I feel her cum I have decided we should explore this option together. The thought of it has me hard again, time for a little naughty SJ. Abbey must have read my mind at what I wanted now, because she didn’t resist as I turned her onto her hands and knees. My hard cock was still glistening, so I pressed it against her ass and felt her relax and push back. I was in heaven fucking this gorgeous ass. I reached around and let my fingers touch her clit and slide into her pussy. As I squeezed a nipple to the point where it just hurt Abbey lost control and rode me like a wild bronco. Fuck what a lover. We were spent and lay together for hours just holding each other close my mind wandering to places never visited before.

SATURDAY the 4th
Saturday morning

As she is remembering the details of last night and the orgasm the SJ had given her, she started think to herself what would it feel like to have your nipples sucked and played with out the same time? How would it feel to have another man or woman participating in a steamy session? How about two hard cocks to cater for her every need? Later the day as Abbey is surfing the net, she lets curiosity take her and starts to look for casual encounters. One in particular tickles her fancy. A man calling himself Charlie Paddlepop (because I love to lick), says he would love to help teach a couple the pleasures that can be experienced with a third person. There is a reply email, so on a whim, she decides to send a simple message and see what happens.

Hi Charlie,
Your name made me laugh, so here I go. I am interested in a threesome, can you please help me? A photo would be a great start.
In Anticipation.


Charlie’s Story

Hi, my name is Charlie and this is my story. I am a 35yo divorced man who is just out to enjoy life. I am 187cm tall and weigh 90kg. While I am not a fitness fanatic, I do enough to keep those unwanted kilos from becoming a permanent part of my body. I have short brown hair and blue eyes and think that I am a reasonably good-looking bloke. I was married, but she decided that my wants and needs were not important and that I was there to serve her. I hoped it was a phase she was going through, but after 10 years of her being a total bitch, I finally had had enough and left her. Now here I am five years later enjoying life and all it’s little treats. I have done the swingers parties and the late night pick-ups, even a prostitute or two. So I know what I like and I reckon I have a pretty good grasp on my own sexuality and what I can offer to others. It was a curiosity to see who was out there and what they were after that led me top putting myself on-line. I know that the ‘Paddlepop” bit is a bit corny, but hey; why not try a bit of humour to relieve the tension.
It had been three weeks since I first placed my ad on-line and so far the responses didn’t do anything to excite me, they all were to full on and demanding. Then this one from “Abbey” came through and it was short, simple and polite, so I thought I would reply and see what happens. I sent her a photo of me (not a naked one) and said that I would really like to meet her and have a chat, before going any further. We agreed to meet for a coffee at a local café on the a Saturday morning at 10am for a get to know each other better and to see what she was really after.

MONDAY the 6th
ABBEY Finds Kermit Plus More

Abbey and SJ had been discussing the email that she had sent to Charlie over breakfast, they were keen to read his response, they also decided that Abbey should stop by an adult shop on the way home to pick-up a new toy to add to their collection. Later on in the afternoon, Abbey called in to the adult shop to see what might tickle her fancy. With so much choice she was glad when a lovely young female sales assistant came over to offer her some help. She eventually decided on a Ceres G Massager, after receiving personal assurances from the assistant, who had extensively tested this particular model. It was softly dressed in a silicone that was as soft as a petal's touch. The description said its curves were sure to captivate you with 7 powerful vibrating settings, which helped to deliver an effortless, natural and arousing orgasm. To emphasize their claim, in large writing on the box was written: A MIND-BLOWING, MAKE -YOU-WANT-TO-WAKE-UP- THE NEIGHBOURS. GOOD TIME. She could not wait to get home and try it. She was having such a good time flirting and laughing with the assistant, that she also asked about new products for her adventurous man. The best selling product for him was a flexible prostrate massager that was guaranteed to tickle him to a lengthy orgasm. Between them they decided that he would absolutely love it, so into the bag it went. The lovely girl also gave her a free bottle of oil for her purchases and told her to call again soon, for anything. On the way home she called her husband to give him the details of her purchases, saying that she had a surprise for him as well. She quickly described her new vibrator and told him it was bright green and waterproof, SJ thought it sounded really good and said they should call it "Kermit", he also said that he had to work a little bit late and would see her soon.
On the drive home Abbey ‘s mind was racing with thoughts of sex and toys. Her time with the assistant at the shop had her surprisingly wet and as she was driving, her hand absently began rubbing the lips of her pussy, this was easy to do as she only had suspender belted stockings on under a cheeky small skirt. By the time she got home she was so wet and hot that she raced straight inside got naked and took Kermit out of his box. She quickly rubbed a bit of oil onto Kermit and then in one quick f***eful motion, she f***es Kermit deep into het wet and ready pussy. The size of him is just what she needed and she orgasms straight away, mmmmm. With the initial orgasm over she then starts to see what Kermit can do cycling through the 7 exhilarating patterns, it did not take her long to feel another orgasm approaching. Kermit was living up to the guarantee on the box, she continued to cycle through the patterns, high, high 2, wave then pulse which nearly tip her over the edge early, followed by the Throb, flutter and tease pattern. Hitting her G-Spot each time, she settles on High 2, this time moving Kermit in and out of her sweet pussy faster and faster, the curve of him massaging the insides of her pussy in new and amazing ways, her breathing is getting heavy and she works him relentlessly, she then withdraws Kermit and places it on her clit, this nearly drives her insane and as the message on the box claimed, she has a mind-blowing orgasm. Once her body returns to normal she notices Kermit is no longer moving. Fuck she thought, I couldn’t have broken it all ready. She washes and dries Kermit and leaves him on the bed. She has a dancing class to go to and will check on him later to see if she can revive his short-lived life.
Abbey returns from dancing and checks on Kermit but he is dead, she killed him. Abbey remembers having a laugh with the sales assistant about the fact the Kermit came with a 12-month warranty. She removes the warranty from the box and laughs as she reads the following: "All claims must be supported by reasonable evidence to validate your warranty'. Tomorrow she will go back to the adult shop and explain to the sales assistance what happened. She doesn't think she will have any trouble talking to the sales assistant about what and how she had used Kermit, in fact it made her smile as she thought of telling a virtual stranger about her exploits, if needed. She then took a shower so as to be clean and ready for when SJ came home from work, if Kermit was alive he could shower with her. She then dries herself and puts on a nice kimono style dressing gown and waits for SJ to come home.

TUESDAY the 7th (afternoon)

The following afternoon Abbey, calls into the adult shop with a broken Kermit. She is pleased to se that the attractive female sales assistant from yesterday is there again and there are no other customers. She notices Abbey and comes across to her straight away. Abbey doesn’t think she is into other girls, but the way she smiles and her aura is captivating. This has Abbey wondering, what if? The sales assistant says hello and tells Abbey her name is Steph and asks Abbey if she needs a hand. Blushing, Abbey tells her about the demise of Kermit. Steph asks exactly what Abbey was doing, just to see if there might be a logical reason for Kermit’s, malfunction. As Abbey is telling Steph exactly what she did (she felt very, very comfortable telling her everything) she felt that familiar tingling between her legs. She also noticed that Steph was licking her lips a lot, in quite a seductive way. Steph then says to Abbey, that she thinks this needs to be investigated a bit more closely. She goes across to the main door and flips the “back in 10 minutes” sign over and locks the door. Steph then says now that they wont be annoyed she can now do a proper full test. She asks Abbey if it would like to help her evaluate the problem. Abbey momentarily hesitates, but then says OK. Steph takes Kermit out and then tries to turn him on. When she gets no response she then gets a second Kermit of the shelf and tried that one. The second Kermit works first time. With a wicked smile on her face, she then says to Abbey ”Lets see if we can make this die.” With little hesitation, she sits back on a chair and pulls her skirt up. Abbey is mesmerized as she can see Steph’s smoothly shaved pussy in full view, through some very fine white crutchless lacy knickers. Steph asks Abbey to pass her some oil that is sitting on the corner of the desk. Abbey gets the oil and then walks over to Steph. Steph holds out the new Kermit and gestures for Abbey to rub some oil onto Kermit, which she does. The sexual tension is amazing as Abbey massages the oil into Kermit. At the same time Steph is rubbing some oil in between her smooth glistening lips. Steph then takes Kermit and slowly pushes him into her glistening pussy, while Abbey just stares as he disappears. Once he is fully in, Steph then asks Abbey to show her what she was doing. With shaking hands she grasps Kermit and begins to slowly fuck Steph with him. As she watches it going in and out Abbey reaches down between her own legs and lazily twirls her finger around her erect clit. The smell of Steph’s sexual arousal is intoxicating as Abbey starts to change the settings on Kermit She does her best to reproduce the way she used it on herself and before to long she can see Steph’s thighs start to quiver as her orgasm builds. She then takes pushes Kermit in hard and makes sure that the full vibration is firmly on Steph’s clit. Steph begins to buck and swear; ’this is unbelievable, fuck you are so horny, I am going to cum … aaaarrrggghhhh’ she screams, this then makes Abbey pinch and twist her own clit into a simultaneous orgasm that has her dripping juices all down her thighs. Abbey leans back, she can’t believe what she ahs just experienced, mind blowing, to say the least. She looks up at Steph and they both break out into big smiles, they don’t need to say anything to each other, it was simply amazing. The buzzing of Kermit can still be heard as lies on the floor momentarily discarded. Steph then says, I think that one is ok and I reckon number one is broken so I will definitely give you a replacement. Abbey picks up Kermit number two and runs her tongue along him, tasting Steph’s juices, they taste so good. She then says to Steph, “thank you I will take this one.”

TUESDAY the 7th (evening)
Finding the Prostate

Abbey’s point of view

When Abbey got home she quickly checked her emails, still no reply from Charlie, but that didn't worry her too much as she had a surprise planned for SJ. She sets about making her husband a lovely dinner. When SJ walks in the door, Abbey can tell that he has had a long day at work and needs to unwind. So she sets about making him a lovely evening meal, to be followed by a relaxing soak in their big oversized bath. After SJ has been relaxing for five minutes, Abbey quietly goes into the bathroom to join him. He has his eyes closed as she enters, so she is able to sneakily hide the prostate massager (which she has decide to call Flower) under a towel at the end of the bath. She asks him if there is room for two, so he slides forward and Abbey slips in behind him, so that SJ can lean back and rest his head on her nice firm C-cup breasts. As SJ leans back, Abbey starts to run her hands over his chest and shoulders. She gently teases his nipples as she also nibbles on his neck. She feels him shudder slightly, so she knows that he is enjoying her attentions. Slowly, she lets her hands roam down his chest and across his stomach. It is then that she feels his manly hardness against the back of her hands. Ever so softly and gently, she takes his hard cock in one hand and cradles his balls in the other. She loves that she can handle him so intimately and know that he has no concerns about her hurting him. She then whispers in his ear and asks if he ready for something new. She promises him that she will stop if he is worried. The fact that he trusts her so absolutely makes her love him even more (if that was possible). She asks him to move forward onto his hands and knees and then to keep his eyes closed. Abbey has a beautiful view of his butt, she loves how it looks and even more she loves how it tastes. She massages his butt cheeks and gently pulls them apart. She then leans forward and starts to kiss his cheeks, slowly kissing her way to his hole. She licks around his hole and then f***es her tongue into him. Slowly he relaxes and she is able to tongue-fuck him. She then introduces first one then a second finger as he relaxes even more. She knows that her pussy is so wet and would be dripping down her thighs if she wasn't in the bath. All this time she has been stroking his cock and it is feeling so hard in her hand. She leans over the bath and picks up Flower (which was hidden under the towel). She tells SJ to trust her and relax as she brings the tip of Flower up to his hole. Ever so gently she presses Flower against his sphincter, at the same time telling him to relax. Her previous tonguing of his hole has him wet and slippery enough, so that Flower slowly disappears into his butt. How is that, she asks. SJ moans back to her that it feels good. As the massager disappears, she then turns on the vibrate function. She hopes that the tip of Flower is now pushing against his prostate, by the way is moaning she thinks it is. SJ then tells her that it feels unbelievable, so she knows she has hit the spot. Abbey then tells SJ to turn around, as she needs to taste his cock. As soon as SJ puts his hard cock into her mouth, Abbey can feel him starting to twitch, she knows that this means that soon he is going to cum. She is shortly rewarded as his cock erupts into her mouth. She takes him deep and feels his seed sliding down her throat. It is unbelievable the amount of cum he is producing, she cannot ever remember having to swallow so much. His cum is dripping down her chin as he slowly stops spurting. As he starts going soft, she removes Flower from his ass and cleans of his cock. She loves the taste of his cum and can never have enough. SJ then folds his arms around her and says “wow”. The feeling of having satisfied her husband and then having him hold her makes Abbey feeling safe and warm.

SJ’s point of view

Another day is done and I am relaxing in the bath after a great meal. Unknown to me Abbey has an ass fuelled, wild orgasm in mind for me. I feel Abbey sliding into the bath behind me and she relaxes me with gentle touches. Once I am hard she asks me to kneel forward and to trust her. I feel her tongue on my hole and it feels good. Then one or two fingers are gently sliding in and out, this is new and it feels surprisingly good. She then says to trust her as she has a new surprise. I then feel something sliding between my ass cheeks into my hole. Before I can even think about what it could be, she turns it on and the vibrations against my prostate are nearly indescribable. How awesome is this feeling! She then gets me to turn around and she takes my iron hard cock deep into her throat. Within moments I start to shoot my load. I didn’t know I could cum this much and this hard. Where has this toy been? After she has swallowed my massive load, she removes the vibrator from my ass and finishes cleaning my cock. I wrap her in my arms and hold her tight. How lucky am I to have such an awesome wife and an unbelievably adventurous lover.

WEDNESDAY the 8th (afternoon)
SJ’s Thoughts on the Purchase of Kermit

SJ had been thinking about Abbeys sudden surge of sexual deviance. He remembered that she had been to the sex shop and purchased a new toy, Kermit, at the same time as she had bought Flower. It occurred to him that just maybe she had gotten some more than above average service at the store. Just thinking about Abbey doing something with stranger had his cock starting to swell. After work the next day he decided to call into the store and see what he could find out. As he walked in he saw Steph behind the counter and wondered if she was the culprit. I casually asked her if she was the one that assisted my wife last night with a couple of purchases. She then asked me if my name was SJ, to which I replied, “How did you know?”. Lets just call it an intuitive guess she said.
I could immediately see that this girl was dangerous, in a sexual way, so I thought that I would play it cool and see what happens. I then said that I thought my wife was very happy with the service and I had wanted to personally see why.
Steph then smiled and said that she had really enjoyed helping Abbey when they were checking on why her new vibrator had worked. I replied that I could tell the service must have been very good as Abbey had been in an exceedingly good mood last night. Steph then said that they had discovered that her original Kermit had just broken, because the replacement one was put through a very complete test and passed with flying colors. Just the thought of the two of them test out a vibrator had my mind fantasizing all sorts of things and my cock swelling in my pants. This conversation was heating up, so I took a chance and said “Thank you for making my wife all wet, she was an awesome fuck last night, and the prostate massager blew my mind, Are you going to fuck her next time?” Steph turned around and leant down to pick something up from under the counter. As she did, her short skirt rode up and I caught a good look at her juicy pussy lips, glistening between her thighs. I could also see her little chocolate rosebud. I just wanted to leap over the counter and bury my face into both holes. But before I could react, she turned back around and was holding a harness complete with a big rubber vibrator sticking out the front. She then licked her lips and said, “I might just strap this on and fuck her, then make you my bitch too. You would like that wouldn’t you?” I was speechless, my cock was so hard and she was staring at me and then glancing down to my crutch. She couldn’t help but see my massive boner. She leant forward over the counter, so I could see her pert breasts with their hard nipples. Confidently she reached out one hand and started to rub my cock. Within seconds I could feel a load of cum working its way through my balls and then exploding into the confined space of my trousers. With so much cum erupting from my pulsating cock, it wasn’t long before it had seeped through the material and made a big wet patch across the front. Steph then said that if I was a good boy and Abbey was willing, then perhaps she would let me taste her. She then said that she preferred woman on woman action, but didn't mind a man providing lubrication with his tongue, and also a man that could take a good fucking up the ass. I had gone to the shop intending to dominate this woman and had suddenly become the dominated one. I meekly replied that I would be happy to help her and Abbey and would be a willing participant as a slave to service her needs.
She just smiled and told me to leave my wet patch on show, so that Abbey would see that I had been a naughty boy and to go home and let her know that a visit to Steph would be really sweet. I was in a trance as I walked back out the door. What had just happened, but more excitingly, what was going to happen.

WEDNESDAY the 8th (evening)
SJ gets a spanking

Abbey was sitting in the in her comfy chair. She had been home for about half an hour and had stripped down to panties and a bra. She had just poured her second glass of white wine, when she heard SJ’s car pulling into the driveway.
The first thing she noticed when he walked in was his nervous look, followed very quickly by the big wet patch on his trousers. She asks him what has happened to his trousers, did he spill something? Hesitatingly he tells her that he had called in to the adult shop on the way home. He said that he wanted to see what had got her so worked up the previous day so he had called in to see. She then asked SJ to tell her every detail of his meeting with Steph. As he was talking, Abbey could feel herself getting wet and was wondering if SJ could see her moisture leaking through her panties. Also, she noticed that SJ was getting hard again. Finally, SJ had finished his story, including Steph’s’ invite to Abbey. His hard cock was outlined in his trousers, begging to be released. He was apologizing to Abbey, saying that he didn’t mean to let it go that far, but Steph had an allure and presence that had just taken control of his ability to think clearly. After a few minutes silence, Abbey said that she understood about Steph’s aura, but that SJ still needed to be reminded that they had to talk about everything that happens and since he had gone to the adult shop and let another woman rub his cock until he came, that he needed to be punished. She then told SJ to go to the bedroom and get Flower (the prostate massager) and the oil, then to come back naked and be punished. While he was gone she quickly removed her bra and panties.
When he came back into the lounge room, his cock was as hard as Abbey had seen it. She could see it pulsing with his heart beat and she could see the pre-cum dripping down out of the eye of his rod. Before she started his punishment, she needed to be taken care of. She ordered him on to his knees in between her thighs. She then told him that she needed to cum and that he was only allowed to use is mouth and tongue. She laid back and spread her legs wide open. She used one hand to spread her puffy moist lips and with the other she grabs him by the back of his head and f***es it forward onto her sex. SJ needs no more prompting and he starts lapping, licking and sucking like a man starving. He loves the sweet girly taste of her juices and does his best to lap them all up. It is not long before Abbey starts to tremble with the onset of an orgasm. She knows its about to explode so she clamps her legs around his head and starts to pinch and pull her nipples. She screams at him to bite her clit as she feels the first wave of her orgasm rippling through her body, how she doesn't faint from the intense pleasure is beyond her. Finally her orgasms subside and she relaxes her grip on his head with her legs. Now that she could concentrate, she told SJ to lie across her lap, so that he was basically kneeling on the floor. She could feel his manhood rubbing on the outside of her thigh as he obediently did as he was told. She picked up the oil and let a small amount drizzle onto his buttocks. Slowly she ran her hands through the oil and began to lightly massage his cheeks. As she felt him start to relax, she raised one hand and lightly slapped his ass. She told him that he had been a naughty boy and indulged himself without her being there. Once again he started to apologies and say how he didn't mean it to happen but she slapped him harder and told him to be quiet, as she was the one doing the talking. Abbey then said are you ready to take your punishment like a man or do you want this to stop now. SJ had no second thoughts as he said that he deserved to be punished and he would take it like a man. With that Abbey then slapped him even harder, leaving a red welt in the shape of her hand on his ass cheek. Good, she said, because this is what happens to boys when they are naughty. They get punished to the pleasure of their mistress. Again she slapped him and this time he let out a little moan of excitement. She then put more oil onto his ass and started to rub it all over. She let her hands go down between his ass cheeks and across his hole, before caressing his swollen balls and erect manhood. Next she ran her hands back up his crack and started to rub circles around his puckered rosebud. First one finger was pushed in to his ass, then another. The oil allowed for her to finger fuck his ass ever so slowly and smoothly. She could tell he was enjoying it, so she smacked his ass with her other hand even harder. As he jerked from the contact, she felt his ass clench on her two fingers deep in his ass. She then reached down and stroked his cock, marveling at this hardness and the amount of pre-cum dripping of the end. Letting go of his cock, she picked up Flower and had him lick it to give it some lubrication. She then removed her fingers from his ass and placed the tip of Flower against his sphincter. She watched as Flower slowly disappeared, until only the controls were showing. She then pressed the go button and heard him moaning, as the vibrations began to massage directly onto his prostate.
SJ’s cock was pulsing even more strongly against Abbey’s thigh. She then said to SJ that now his punishment is really going to begin. She then started to smack his ass with both hands. First one then the other, soon his cheeks were glowing red from the abuse. She knew by the way his cock was pulsing and dripping that he was very turned on. The smacking continued and Abbey began to hear a deep moaning coming from SJ. She wondered how long he could last and her thoughts were soon answered. SJ started to shake all over and then without even being directly stimulated, his cock began erupting. Abbey kept up the relentless smacking as she watched her man cum and cum and cum.
Wow, she thought, that is amazing. She was counting the jets of cum as they burst out of his throbbing cock. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and then it was like a continual stream as it slowly reduced and stopped. Abbey then stopped the smacking, switched of Flower and removes the massager from his ass. She then told him to lie down on the lounge and rest. As he rolled onto the lounge, she gently took his cock into her mouth and just savored its fullness and the final drops of cum. She then lay down beside him and said that she hoped he had enjoyed his punishment. SJ told her that he loved her more than ever and then he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, where they made love slowly and sensually until finally falling asl**p in contented bliss.

SATURDAY the 10th (morning)
Preparing to meet Charlie

Saturday morning came and as the light came in through the bedroom window,
Abbey rolled over and took SJ’s soft cock fully into her mouth. As SJ started to wake up, he realized that Abbey had some morning glory in mind. He stretched out and ran his hands through her hair and said good morning Angel. Abbey glanced up and he could see the smile in her eyes. Slowly, SJ’s manhood started to rise to the occasion and Abbey began to feel it filling her mouth completely. As soon as he was hard in her mouth she swiveled around so that her pussy was above his mouth. SJ gladly started licking her outer lips and clit before plunging his tongue into her moistening pussy. When she felt her juices starting to flow, Abbey hen quickly took her mouth of his cock and then climbed around and impaled herself fully onto his hard cock. Slowly she started rocking her hips backwards and forwards. The smell of their sex was like an aphrodisiac to her senses. It wasn't long before she felt SJ start to twitch, signaling his impending orgasm. Wanting to cum at the same time, Abbey used her hands to tweak her nipples and vigorously rub her clit. She was rewarded with the feeling of mutual orgasms, as they came and then relaxed at the same time.

With his softening cock still buried in her satisfied pussy, Abbey and SJ then talked about their meeting with Charlie. This was not as easy as neither of them knew what to expect, so in the end they decided that they would just play it by ear, but not commit to anything at the meeting

SATURDAY the 10th
Meeting Charlie
Abbey and SJ were sitting at a table in the corner of the coffee shop. Both of them had dressed conservatively, as they didn’t want Charlie to think it was a definite deal. Abbey was wearing some bike pants and a loose fitting sweater, while SJ was in jeans and a plain white t-shirt.
They were quietly chatting away and keeping a casual eye on the door, when Charlie walked in. He was wearing cargo shorts and a polo shirt and carrying a newspaper as he glanced over in their direction, Abbey waved to him, as she had recognized him from the photo. Charlie smiled and walked over. He shook hands with SJ and gave Abbey a light kiss on the cheek. The waitress came over and they ordered coffee and at down to chat. To any passing person, it was just another table of people catching up for a chat over a coffee.
After some hesitant attempts at talking about the weather and other stuff, it was Charlie who broke the ice by saying that he was glad that he had met a couple that didn’t immediately come across as sleazy. SJ said that was one of the things that they were worried about as a well. Abbey then said that they were interested in what Charlie had to offer, but wanted to feel comfortable in hi company before going any further. She then said that already she felt comfortable and not threatened by him. Charlie then said that he too felt OK with this meeting, so he then said what he did and didn’t like. The didn’t like list wasn't very big and he said he was always willing to try different things, as long as it didn't leave any physical signs. SJ mirrored his comments by saying the same and that he was even interested in exploring his bi-sexual fantasies. Abbey mentioned that she had always wondered what it would be like to see to men having sex, to which Charlie said that maybe, if things went well it might just happen.
Abbey then asked Charlie what he would think about a second women being there. To which he replied that as long as everyone was happy and outgoing that it would be fine with him. They mentioned that they had both met an interesting girl, with a big smile and apparent sexual appetite to match. That way, maybe the boys could watch the girls showing them how to make a woman cum.
As the conversation was heating up, Abbey could feel the juices starting to flow as she imagined all the possibilities. She leant across and slid a hand into SJ’s crutch and found that he was hard. Charlie, not wanting to be left out said that was unfair, as he had no one to make sure he was ok. A quick glance from Abbey to SJ, followed by a slight nod of SJ’s head, had Abbey leaning forward between the two boys and bringing her other hand to Charlie’s crutch. She nearly came on the spot as she felt the hard fullness of his cock straining against the fabric of his shorts. She then looked at both boys and said that she thinks it would be a good idea to make a date for the following Saturday night. She also said that her and SJ would be calling in to visit Steph to invite her along as well. Abbey then stated to gently rub both cocks and she could tell that it was being well received by both boys. It was Charlie who said that they had better stop before he had a big wet patch on the front of his shorts. Abbey then gave him a final squeeze and placed both her hands back on the table. SJ looked at Charlie and said to Abbey, that's not fair that you had a feel, as he let one hand wander down to her crutch. He could instantly feel the wetness as she was fairly dripping juices from her pussy into her panties. He rubbed a finger up and down the fabric covering her slit and the brought it to his mouth. They could all see her juices glistening on his finger as he put it in his mouth and sucked it clean. Nothing like the sweet taste of a pussy on fire said SJ. He then said that if Abbey is ok, perhaps Charlie should try it. Abbey immediately said it was ok, so Charlie let his hand move under the table and between Abbeys legs. Just like SJ did, Charlie gently f***ed a finger up and down the groove of Abbeys pussy and then vigorously rubbed the area of her clit for a few seconds. It was more than Abbe could stand and she reached under the table and kept Charlie rubbing for a few more seconds as she had a mini orgasm right there in the coffee shop, at the hands of a man she had just met.
Charlie removed his hand and also sucked his finger clean then said to SJ that it was indeed a fine sweet taste. Wanting to leave on a real high, Charlie then said to both SJ and Abbey that he would be in touch via email, so they could make plans. As he got up to leave, Abbey stared at his crutch and nearly drooled. Charlie was still hard and Abbey and SJ had both caught a glimpse of the outline of his cock, before he held a newspaper in front of himself. SJ got up and shook hands and said with a smile, that he was looking forward to their next meeting. Abbey also got up and gave Charlie a hug and whispered in his ear “wow, thank you”. As Charlie left the coffee shop, Abbey and SJ both smiled at each other and said almost together “Lets go see Steph”.

Abbey Reflects

Abbey’s looks down at her husband, she has been watching him sl**p, he looks so peaceful, she gently touches his face and place a feather kiss on his cheek being careful not to awaken him, she remember the first time she looked in to his eyes and saw the beautiful person inside, how she felt instantly safe and warm The thoughts fills her heart with love for the beautiful man she plans to walk beside for the rest of her life, the man who set her free.

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the sexual adventures of danielle.

danielle had a lot on her mind as she lay on her bed in her new bedroom.alot had happened in the last few months.she had left school only a few days ago and was looking for a job,her mom had come home 2 months ago with the news that she was getting married to a guy she had met.not only that but he had invited them both to come live with wasn't long after that her mom introduced him to danielle.he was much older than her mum,he was 50 and mom was 35.danielle thought he had a nice smile and a friendly manner about him.she took to him well and they soon moved in to his was situated in a wooded lane with a nature reserve behind here she was,new house,new dad.just then she heard her moms car pulling out of the driveway,mom had gone to work again leaving her in the house with Collin ,her stepdad.danielle got up from her bed and walked to the bathroom for a shower,once inside she let her nighty fall to the floor and she stepped into the large shower.underneath the water danielle washed her body softly with her sponge,she circled the sponged round her boobs and her nipples came erect.she loved the feel of water falling on her naked body.she slowly washed her boobs and belly,then the sponge found its way to her small bald pussie.she had always preferred it bald as she found much more sensitive to her silky panties.she let the sponge linger at her pussie and she squeeze it so the water gushed onto her swollen clit.she let out a moan as she put the sponge between her legs and washed her pussie and inner thigh.she moved the sponge round to her bottom and washed her round buttocks before plunging it in the crack and cleaning her smallest she put shampoo onto her blonde shoulder length hair and lathered it up,the shampoorun down her forehead and into her eyes,that stung so she closed her eyes and put her head under the water to wash it out.suddenly she heard a voice."oh hi danielle was wondering when you was getting up"she jumped at the voice and new straight away it belonged to colin.she wrapped one soapy arm round her ample small breasts and put her hand over her pussie"oh my god Collin,what you doing in here im naked!"she said she could feel her face turning red with one except her mom had seen her naked.collin stood there smiling at her."oh cmon danielle,your not the first female ive seen naked,its no big deal,now what would you like for breakfast,waffles or toast.he stood there looking at her waiting for her to answer.she stammered her words,erm erm toast please,she couldn't believe he was staring at her naked."ok ill go do that oh and" ,he leaned into the shower and put his face close to hers then kissed her on her cheek"good morning"with that he walked out.danielle stood there in shock!! did he really just do that? did he see everything?her legs felt like jelly,why? she was turned on by the thought of her new step dad seeing her she dried herself her finger found its way to her pussy,it was wet and not by the water from the shower.she walked naked from the bathroom to her room ,secretly hoping colin would catch another glimpse.she put on her t shirt over her small ample breasts,she didn't wear a ba as she like the feel of material on her nipples.danielle then slipped on her white silky panties and cotton skirt.she slowly made her way down stairs where she could here Collin whistling as he buttered some toast.she walked into the kitchen,she could feel her face burning again as she looked at him.he turn round and flashed his smile at her again."here you are,you look stunning,now come along go sit " he said with that he gave danielles bottom two small friendly pats as she moved to sit.her heart was in her mouth now,he touched her bottom and straight away her pussy responded.she sat down crossing her legs tightly as it felt she was dripping juice.danielle watched Collin as he cleaned round the sink.suddenly the plate which the toast was on fell from the table,it had been on the edge and danielle wasn't paying smashed on the floor.danielle jumped and Collin swung round."oh you naughty girl,look what you have done.and one of my best plates too."danielle glanced up at him "im so sorry colin,i didn't notice it" she stummered.his face drew angry and he walked up close to where danielle sat."well that's not good enough young lady." he said."firstly you don't call me colin,im your daddy now and I want to her you calling me daddy,do you understand"?danielle was shocked,she never had seen him like this.his eyes looked wild and his smile was replaced by gritting teeth.she peered into his eyes"yes colin ok" straight away she new she had made a mistake."right that's it,ive asked you so many times to call me daddy now im afraid im going to have to punish you"danielles heart pumped fast and the colour drained from her."what do you mean punish me" she said .Collin grabbed her arm ,yanked her from her stool and bent her over the kitchen table.danielle tried to struggle but he was so strong and she was only 5 foot."what are you doing ? stop! she said."no danielle im sorry ive gotta show you I mean business,im your daddy and im going to show you disapline".with that he yank up danielles skirts.danielle couldn't believe it as her panty clad bottom was bared.collin held her down with one hand on her back .danielle squirmed to try to escape.SMACK,the first blow to her bottom took her breath away,it stung badly."oooow Collin stop please" she said.SMACK ,SMACK ,SMACK.another three smacks across her bottom rung out."ahhhhhhh" danielle screamed as the stinging pain in the buttocks got worse,she kicked her legs out and thrashed under Collins hold."Collin stop now" she shouted."oh I see,you still insist on calling me Collin." he said" right pantys down".danielle couldn't believe what he just said" no please don't do that " she was to late Collin grabbed the hem of the pantys and pulled them down to her knees.danielle felt so embarrest now,not only was her bottom bare and on show but she new he would see her damp pantys.SMACK,SMACK SMACK SMACK.danielle yelled out as her bottom wobbled to each blow of his hand.the warmth in her bottom worked its way to her pussy and danielle bit her lip as she felt it tingle .Collin stopped smacking danielles bottom and stepped back.he loved the look of that perfect rear sticking up and so red.he looked down at the pantys at her knees .what was this?a damp patch?"danielle!! why are your panties wet?" he said.danielle looked behind her,collin was staring at her bottom." I don't know ...daddy!!" she said.she did know and she new this was turning her on so much.collin step back to danielle and ran his hand down her buttocks and between her legs.danielle gave out a gasp."theres a good girl,you called me daddy"said Collin.his finger went back and fourth angainst danielles pussy. danielle bit her lower lip as Collin grabbed both her buttocks and spread them roughly.danielle felt her face getting red again as she new Collin was seeing her pussy and her little bum one has seen that.collin groped danielles bottom for ages slapping it now and again."now are you ganna be a good girl for daddy" Collin said after a while.danielle looked round at him" yes daddy ill be good" she said."good girl danielle,now go upstairs and get yourself together"he said."yes daddy" said danielle.her legs felt like jelly as she pulled up her panties over her sore buttocks.collin kissed her on the cheek and patted her bottom" now don't make daddy cross with you again ok,or youll have to feel my hand again,"he said smiling at her."ok daddy,im sorry" danielle said.once she was back in her bedroom danielle took off her pantys and lay on her bed,she open her legs and thrust two fingrs into her soaking wet pussy.her bottom still felt hot from her spanking and she strumbed her clit hard and fast.her breath got faster as she felt the hot dizzy feeling in her head and the electric feeling of an orgasm shake her body.she lay there for a while legs apart and juice dribbling out of her pussy down her bum crack.she looked up at the ceiling and smiled to herself."think im ganna enjoy living here " she said to herself........this is the first in the sexual adventures of danielle.pleaselet me know what you thought and if youd like to read more xxxx... 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A Sexual Awakening

This isn't my usual genre but, ever willing to try new things I thought it at least worth an attempt.
I am sure, you the readers will decide whether or not I should go forward with this
I hope you enjoy

James rolled out of bed, took his shower and dressed for work, all of which he managed to do while still half-asl**p.

He stumbled blindly to the kitchen where his dad was sat at the table reading the paper and Susie, his Mum stood at the sink rinsing off a few of the morning's dishes.

Like everyone else Susie was also in the process of getting ready for work, and was dressed in her usual business suit skirt together with crisp white blouse. Her jacket was hung on a nearby chair. Unknown to James, under her skirt she wore tiny black lace panties and a pair of black silk stockings.

James stepped behind her and leaning forward, reached for the cereal box in the cabinet above her head. With one hand opening the door and the other reaching for the box inside he was unable to maintain his balance and found himself pressing against her. It was entirely unintentional.

As he slipped so he found his early morning hard-on pressed between the outer split of her very shapely bum. It was accidental yet still, for both of them it was a significant event. Each of them acutely conscious of the sexual nature of the contact.

"James!" Susie cried.

James struggled to regain his balance and straighten up, but just for just a moment he was grinding his semi hard cock into her firm butt. In the process, his cock got harder and harder until he was rigid as a piece of pipe.

"Oh God! Sorry Mum! I was just trying to slip in and grab the cereal box." He told her as he braced himself for a curt reply.

"Yes! I could tell you were trying to slip into something, I just wasn't sure what it was," she answered with more than a little innuendo. "Next time be sure you're a little more under control."

Susie turned toward him slightly and for just the briefest of moments James was sure he saw the corners of her mouth turn up in a little grin.

He was surprised at her response and glanced quickly towards the table to see if his dad was aware of the conversation, but he appeared buried in his paper.

"Next time I will!" he said, immediately regretting he'd opened his mouth to say something so stupid. Knowing full well it was only going to make matters worse. But Susie didn't respond, she only looked up at him out of the corner of her eyes.

James, still feeling flushed, sat down and hurriedly ate his breakfast before hurrying off to work.

Susie meanwhile had continued to rinse the dishes and found her mind wandering. She could still feel the impression of her son's cock pressed against her cheeks. It had been quite awhile since she had had a stiff cock pressed against her like that. Her hubby, had long ago limited his sexual activity to the missionary position once every two weeks and it seemed of late, all he could do was think about work. In fact, he seemed "out of things" as regards anything sexual..

Susie on the other hand was a very sexual creature who was becoming more and more frustrated with her love life. Even so, stood at the sink, she was slightly shocked and chided herself for the randy thoughts that had gone through her mind while her son had been pressing himself against her arse, and just for a moment she had hoped he wouldn't have regained his balance.

As for James, he had never considered his mother a sex object. Well, at least nothing more than checking out her panties and bra in the clothes basket. Her bra size giving him some idea of how his hands would fit, while the perfume of her worn panties always raised a rigid hard-on that lasted for quite some while.

Today though had been different, and all through work, all he could think of was how good it had felt rubbing himself up against her arse that way. He'd been able to think of nothing else, so by the end of the day, while making his way home, he was unable to remember a single thing that had occurred. The whole day at work was a total blank. His mother's firm round arse cheeks occupied the entire mental capacity of his brain, and his cock grew as hard as a scaffold pole each time he reflected the moment at the sink.

That night he lay in bed and for the first time he hadn't been able to stop himself thinking about his Mum sexually....What had happened that morning had been entirely innocent but, such was the thrill, had gone on to play on his mind all day. He'd even managed to convince himself at one point, that her smiling back at him, as she had done, had meant she had nurtured the same desire.

That night in bed James had beaten his cock senseless. The following morning, as much as his mind kept willing him to do so, he didn't have the guts to try it on again. Instead he sat at the table opposite where Susie was stood at the sink so he could get a perfect view of that coveted sexy arse of hers.

This particular morning she was wearing a grey, pinstriped, pencil skirt and as Susie washed the plates and cups, her arse wiggled back and forth acting like a red flag to her son. Soon he was beginning to regret not having tried it on again and found himself vowing, the next day he was again going to plant his cock between those wiggling, jiggling cheeks.

Susie too had been quick to notice that James had been very careful not to lean over her to get his cereal that morning and she felt a tinge of guilt at the thought she'd felt a little disappointed.

'Good grief! Susie!' she thought to herself, "What kind of a thought is that. 'You're feeling bad because your own son didn't put his dick between the cheeks of your arse?' But even then, just before that thought was f***ed from her mind, she found her mind imagining her sons uncovered cock between the globes of her naked arse. She shook her head, dispelling the image and, shouting her good-byes, she quickly rushed out of the house, glad the drive to work would keep her mind occupied.

Wednesday morning dawned bright and sunny and as usual when James woke he wasn't the least bit surprised to find his cock hard and erect. He climbed out of bed and wondered what he might have been dreaming about that night, that had given him such a hard on? He had no idea, as always he could never remember his dreams but he did find himself wondering if his Mum had been a feature.

He made his way to the bathroom and took a quick shower. He looked down at himself as he dressed, pleased that at twenty years of age he'd been blessed with such a man sized cock. He turned side on towards the mirror and slid a hand under his shaft then gently eased back his foreskin to reveal a thick, bulbous, purple coloured helmet. For a moment he allowed his hand to slid up and down his whole length and as he watched himself in the mirror he started to imagine what it might be like to see his Mum squirming on the end of his dick!

Almost as quickly as the image started he snapped himself out of it then, struggling to push it inside his briefs, he finished off dressing as he convinced himself it would be ok to try the cereal routine once more.

He made his way down the stairs aware he needed to time his entrance right or his mother wouldn't be at the sink doing her usual chores.

He arrived in the kitchen at the precise moment Susie was rinsing the first cup.

Watching his dad carefully as he walked toward the sink, he was convinced the newspaper would keep him from seeing anything that was about to occur unless, that was, his mother called attention to it.

As he stepped closer James could feel the cock in his briefs responding. He lined up directly behind her before leaning forward.

His aim was flawless. His bone hard cock pressed precisely between each curved cheek of her arse and as he allowed his weight to drive him deeper into her crevice he raised on his tip-toes, a pretence at reaching out for the cereal. The resulting movement mocked the fucking action and for a moment he was performing the age-old rhythm against his mother's arse.

Susie gasped at the blatant contact, her mind instantly recording his size and the rigidity of his member. Speech failed her and she could only stand unmoving as he retrieved his cereal and slowly disengaged from his obviously sexual thrust.

Before she could recover her composure, he had moved to the table and poured the cereal into his bowl. A part of her was angry that he should do such a thing and she swung around to face him just as he was pouring the milk. The image of the white milk splashing over the cereal was suddenly all too suggestive and while she had it in mind just what she wanted to say, the words that eventually spilled from her lips were entirely different.

"Were you able to reach everything James?"

"Yeah, thanks, Mum, I got everything."

"Good, I was pretty sure you were getting what you wanted," she answered, suddenly stunned by her own innuendo, for it was almost as if she were approving of his actions.

In truth James had expected her to be angry so the innuendo came as a complete surprise, implying that she was aware of what he was going to do and wasn't keeping him from doing it.

Work that day was a bigger drag than the previous day. Eventually, with his thoughts enhanced by the mornings events he could take no more. James went into the restroom where he pumped his stiff member until he had twice shot a load against the wall of the stall. It relieved him, made him feel better, but even so, his cock was only slightly less hard. He wondered how his mother would treat him during the evening.

After James had left for work, Susie had about fifteen minutes until she too had to leave. She moved as though in a fugue. She kept on replaying what had happened and was having a difficult time accepting the fact that her own son had made sexual advances to her. She had little doubt that the first time on Monday had been an accident, but there was no mistaking the episode today for anything but for what it was. James had deliberately thrust his hard cock against her arse, even going so far as thrusting upward after the initial contact to increase the sexual connotation of his movements.

Her first reaction had been to hope her husband hadn't seen it, while for the next few seconds she had been too involved in the feeling of the rigid cock between her tight spheres to think of anything else. Finally she had come to her senses with the realisation that the pole between the cheeks of her arse was her son's cock, and was there through no accident. But in truth she had far bigger concerns, for what worried her most were her panties, which had become soaked when her pussy flooded as she realized that her own son was dry Fucking her arse.
That flooding had almost been her downfall. She hadn't been that turned on since the first time a boy played with her bare tits in school. In all their marriage years her hubby had never been able to arouse her to that pitch and now her own son had sparked a drenching desire.
Afterward, she had felt weak at the knees, and rather than finish the dishes, she had grabbed her coffee and sat down at the table. Her hubby had looked at her strangely.

"Aren't you feeling well?" He asked.

"I'm fine, just a little tired. I've had a hard couple of days this week and it's just catching up to me." 'It certainly was hard,' she thought to herself as her mind fought to fill her head with desire once more.

"Maybe you should take a couple of days off. Don't forget, I'm away on Sunday for a few days in London. Maybe you could come along?"

"Oh, I'll be fine. A couple of nights of rest and the week-end off should fix me right up............." 'A good screwing would help too,' she thought.

"Okay, whatever you say," he answered, appearing unconcerned that she'd just declined a few days away with him.

The phone cut short any further conversation. It was her best friend, Anne, asking her to meet her after work and help pick out a dress for a Friday party she was planning on attending. Susie accepted immediately. It would mean she would be out when James got home and he would be in his room for the night by the time she got back from shopping. She wasn't sure she could face him; she didn't know how to handle this morning's incident.

James too was relieved to find his mother gone for the evening. Like her he wasn't sure how he would respond if challenged on the incident during breakfast. As it was, he saw a movie was going to be on TV that he had been waiting to see.

He made himself a snack and sat down to watch it.

At just after about ten thirty his dad put down his paper and said he was going to bed.

An hour later, just as the movie was ending his Mum arrived home. James couldn't face her and kept his eyes glued to the screen.

"Did your dad go to bed?" Susie asked.

"Yeah, about ten," James responded. Still not able to turn and face her.

Susie looked at her watch and knew he would already be sound asl**p. She walked around the chair he was sitting in and stood between him and the TV.

"You had better not let your dad catch you at the little game you're playing in the mornings." In truth it wasn't exactly the words she'd meant to say.

"I won't," he said, his eyes still avoiding contact with hers.

"That's not what I meant, James." she replied as she studied him for a moment.

It had been her intention to tell him to stop what he was doing but suddenly her mind reminded her of how hard he had been that morning. Her voice dropped to hushed tones and instead of a reprimand she found herself saying,

"You'd better be sure of what you want before you try to get it."

For the first time James looked up at her.

"What?" he asked, more than a little confused.

"You heard me! Better think it over carefully." She said before turning and making her way up to bed.

A few minutes after, James too went to bed only to find himself tossing and turning til the small hours as his mind thought over and over his mother's comments. By the time he did eventually make it to sl**p he had already decided that come the dawn he was going to feel her arse again. He was just too hung up on her to give up. He wasn't even sure he understood her remarks.

Thursday, he again rose on time and went through a similar ritual in the bathroom, this time, as he stroked his hand along the length of his cock, finding it easier still to picture her hanging off the end of it.

He was anxious to get to the kitchen, but again he found it hard to stuff his cock back inside his briefs and had to wait until his raging hard-on had cooled slightly. Not that he wanted it flaccid. He wanted to be hard enough to f***e his mother's cheeks apart as he pushed against her. He was hoping her little talk would make her think he wouldn't try anything this morning. Finally he went down the hall and entered the kitchen. His mother was just leaving the table. She stopped in the middle of the room.

"Good morning, honey, you're up early this morning," she said.

"Couldn't sl**p. I guess I was looking forward to getting started today," he replied with more than a little innuendo.

"Would you like me to get your cereal?" she asked.

"No, that's okay!. Some things make me feel better when I do them for myself." But James didn't move toward the cereal shelf. He stood in the doorway into the kitchen.

Susie continued to stand in the middle of the kitchen for another moment, then surprising even herself, she picked up the dishes and cups from the table and moved towards the worktop. Leaning against the front, she began running water into the sink. She was bent over slightly with her curvy, firm arse pushed back. James looked on and could see there was no visible panty line showing beneath the trim, black skirt.

He waited only another minute then, checking to see that his dad was still engrossed in his daily paper, he moved toward the cabinet above his Mum's head.

Just as he'd been the previous day, he found himself directly behind her, though if anything, this time she appeared more bent over than usual though it could have been his over active imagination.

It took him another few seconds to make up his mind to continue with his usual contact. Then throwing caution to the wind he moved forward.

The very thought of what he was about to do and the fact that his mother had gone to the sink when she could have remained in the middle of the room until he had retrieved his cereal, caused his cock to harden into a full blown erection.

James lined up and leaned against his mother's fleshy rear-end. He heard her gasp as his rigid cock spread her cheeks. This time he knew she was aware he was doing it on purpose rather than by accident and could have stopped it if she wished. As his hand contacted the cereal box so his cock rode, not just up, but up and down his mother's arse in a fucking motion between her cheeks. He was all too aware they weren't alone and realised the risk he was taking, but his rock hard cock would not be denied.

Susie stopped washing the dishes for a moment and stood with her head tilted forward, almost in a stance of submission. In fact for a moment, James thought he felt her pressing back against his throbbing rod.

He continued his sexual advances against her arse for much longer than he'd previously done, until she turned her head to look toward her hubby.

James knew she was checking to be sure they were not being observed.

Still she said nothing. Just stood there allowing him to rub his erection hard over her arse until finally his sanity returned and he grabbed the cereal box and pulled his cock away.

He heard her sigh and saw her straighten up and again continue to rinse the dishes as she had in the past.

James ate quickly as under the table his hand was trying to suppress his hard cock down where it wouldn't be visible when he got up to leave. Finally he finished.

He said his good-byes and then, doing something he seldom did, he walked to the sink and kissed his mother on the back of her neck.

"Bye, Mum, see you tonight."

He heard her gasp at his kiss and she turned her head and looked him in the eye.

"Good-bye, honey, I'll see you when you get home."

He couldn't read the look in her eyes, but it certainly didn't look encouraging. He guessed he was in for a lecture when she got home that evening. He hoped that was all it was going to be....then again, as he felt his cock twitch he realised it was well wortha simple lecture.

Susie was stunned by the morning's events. She was well aware she could have waited until James had gotten his cereal before she moved to the sink. By not waiting she had opened herself up to the i****tuous contact. She tried to claim to herself that she didn't have time to wait, that she had to get the dishes rinsed off and get ready for work. But even that excuse wasn't able to explain why her pussy had begun to flood when she saw Andy waiting by the door for her to go to the sink.

It also didn't explain why she was so wet at this very moment. Wet enough that she wondered if her juices were going to saturate her panties and run down her leg for everyone to view. The question she was afraid to ask herself was what was she going to do about her son dry Fucking her every morning at breakfast.

As she played this thought around and around in her head, it struck her then, she knew what she would like to do........ but mothers didn't do that with their sons.

All that day she was in a confused state, making errors she would never normally have made. Every time she sat down at work she thought she could feel his cock pressed against her arse. By the time she drove into the driveway at home she was able to think of nothing else and was certainly not prepared for her son arriving at the same time as a friend dropped him off outside the house.

James walked up to his mother and took hold of her door just as she spread her legs to get out of her car. He was treated to the sight of her stockinged legs, stocking tops and panties as her skirt slid to her crotch.

Susie, aware of her sons eyes, was unable to recover quick enough. Even lifting her other leg to close the wide spread, what seemed to them both like minutes, but were in reality seconds, left her wide open to his searching eyes.

In the past he would have turned away, but now he couldn't tear his gaze from her displayed charms.

"If you like looking at my panties that much, When I take them off I'll give them to you. Or were you expecting a view of something else? Susie said, a touch of irritation in her voice.

"I'm sorry, Mum but I couldn't help it, you're so beautiful that's all!"

Susie was stunned. Of all the things James could have said, he had blurted out the one thing that could cool her anger. He hadn't tried to lie his way out of it or come up with a smart remark, but had told her exactly how he felt.

"Hmmmm! But, aren't you forgetting I'm your mother? What's been happening lately isn't proper behaviour between a mother and her son."

She watched as James's grin turned into a broad smile.

"But didn't you tell me to be sure of what I wanted before I try to get it?" he asked, his eyes now set on hers. "Well I'm sure of what I want." he added, biting down on his bottom lip as he waited for what he was sure was going to be a curt response.

"James! I didn't really mean that. What you're thinking just can't happen, it just can't."

Susie suddenly realized that all during their talk she had never fully closed her legs. God, it was no wonder he was acting like he was. She stood up, pushed the car door shut and made her way toward the house. The situation had gotten out of hand. Her feelings were getting in the way of basic, f****y morals.

Friday morning the phone rang early It was Susie's place of work. They needed her in early. She dressed quickly and left before James was up. She was thankful she had postponed another incident with her horny son. Tomorrow was Saturday, maybe she would get a chance to cool down his raging hormones before things got totally out of hand.

With just his father present that morning, James ate his breakfast in silence. The whole day at work he was edgy and hard to get along with. His best friend called him a jerk. James of course didn't try to explain. What could he say, 'I'm mad because I didn't get to push my dick against my Mum's size ten arse!!!!!!'

When dinner was over he went straight to his room. His mother had put on a robe that reached from her ankle to her chin. He wasn't likely to get any views of her gorgeous body anyway. He went to bed looking forward to the morning.

As James walked into the kitchen the next day, he heard his dad pulling out of the drive on his way to play golf. He felt the onrushing smile before it spread across his face, it meant that he was alone with his Mum.

Susie was sat at the kitchen table drinking her coffee. Her body shivered with tension when James came through the doorway.

"You're up early for a Saturday," she said. Her gaze flicked to his crotch where he already was showing a sizeable bulge. Her mouth went dry, and once again she could feel her pussy spasm. 'Oh God!' she thought, 'I'm like a teenager, ready for sex when a male walks by.'
But she wasn't ready for sex, well at least she shouldn't be, this was her son she was lusting after.

"Why not?" he replied. "I've a feeling this is going to turn into a good day!"

James had stopped just inside the doorway. He glanced at the cereal cabinet then back to his Mum making no move to walk in that direction.

Susie was acutely aware of his actions and kept telling herself not to give him any opportunity to f***e himself against her. The phone jarred her out of her thoughts, and without thinking she rose and went to answer it in the lounge. It was her friend Anne, anxious to tell her about the party of the previous evening.

James was more than a little disappointed for soon after that he heard her yell a 'Goodbye!' 'See you later!' then heard the front door close and her car start up and drive off...

James was up early on Sunday, he was anxious to see what the next session with his mother was going to entail. Since he wasn’t supposed to press his raging hard-on against her arse while his dad was around he wasn’t sure how he would be able to play with his mother’s sexy body.

He stopped at the kitchen door to get a feel for the situation before he ventured in. His mother was standing near the table wearing a straight skirt, which stopped just above her knees, and a figure hugging, pink, wide poloneck type top.

Again he could only marvel at how well her choice of clothes showed off her tantalising curves but he was also disappointed that he certainly wasn’t going to be able to get a view of those luscious tits of hers. He figured she was dressed to take his dad to the airport and could only hope she would change when she got home. It was then that he started to picture himself undressing her and his cock began to slowly rise inside his trousers . Nervously he crossed to the cereal cabinet and grabbed the box and as quickly dropped into the nearest chair.

"Oh, hi, honey," Susie said. "I didn’t hear you come in, I’m glad you’re up already, I was just going to come up and wake you. I think it would be nice if you took your dad to the airport. It will give the two of you a chance to chat."

Alongside him, at the table, his dad grunted. James wasn’t sure if his dad was agreeing with her or was against the idea or, that it was simply his way of saying hello.

"Ahh sure Mum, I’d be glad to!" he said while inside he was anything but glad.

So far as James was concerned, he and his dad had little in common, well, unless you counted a bare cock pressed against his mother's naked arse. He was sure they had both shared that experience, of course.....just at different times.

"You'd better eat up! I’m about ready to go." his father told him.

"I’ll be ready in five minutes. Just have to run upstairs and get my wallet, I wasn’t planning on going out."

"Ok! I’ll be in the car, I’ve already loaded by bags," he replied.

James finished off his breakfast and raced to his room. 'Thank god my stiff cock has wilted,' he thought.

He clumped down the stairs and moved quickly toward the kitchen. For the first time in days his mind was on something other than his Mother and so wasn’t prepared for the picture that greeted him as he charged into the kitchen.

His mother was stood facing him in the middle of the room. She had pulled the neck of her poloneck down over both shoulders, stretching the material to its limit. First glance told him straight away she wasn't wearing a bra and though she wasn't completely exposed, nonetheless he could just make out the different shade of her nipples and had a perfect view of the cherry tattoo on her left breast as she provocatively thrust her tits in his direction. He stopped dead, his mind in a whirl, taken aback by this new look Mum! And if that wasn't enough, what she said next shook him to the core....

"Well? Would you like a lick before you go?" his mother asked, her voice sultry.

For a moment James just stood there, rooted to the spot, not sure if he had heard her right?

"Well?" she prompted again, this time lifting a hand to draw her slender, manicured fingers down over her left breast.

"Ohhhh Fuck!" was all he could say, his eyes firmly fixed to the hand that was even now teasing its fingers back and forth over the soft material of her top, stimulating an already visibly outlined nipple....

"Well if you are going to, you had better hurry, because your dad will want to get going!!!"

"Oh God, Mum, would I?" he groaned as his brain finally allowed his legs to regain some movement.

James moved quickly towards her and as he stood in front of her he watched in wide eyed fascination as his mother eased down one side of her top. It wasn't by much, but enough to show off her left nipple.

James groaned once more as her finger and thumb started to pinch and pluck, sensuously at her teat.

Aware his father was outside in the car waiting, he bent forward and pushing his mother's hand away he opened his mouth and closed his lips around her cherry like bud, using his tongue to roll it back and forth between his lips.

Susie moaned quietly, then allowed her hand to slip around the back of his head, pulling him closer.

"Suck, baby! Suck me! Feel how firm they are waiting for you to nurse from them. Ohhh, yes, baby, suck! Suck on Mummys titties!"

James sucked and licked, running his tongue around and around the hard cherry like bud. Susie groaned as the tingling sensation slowly but surely spread from her nipple all the way down to her pussy.

Suddenly she pushed him away.

"That’s enough James! That's enough for now. Later, later, baby, you’ll get more."

The previous evening Susie had lay awake in bed listening to the sound of her hubby snoring. It was a sound that usually dulled her senses but that night she had lay there replaying over and over in her mind what had been happening.

She had tried to put such thoughts out of her head but the more she tried, the more they came back with a vengeance and each time it seemed to her all she was doing was denying her own feelings....
She'd turned towards her hubby and had slipped her hand around his body in the hope it would comfort her, but it had only achieved the opposite... she had ached. She'd started to see his body as that of her son....and again and again her mind kept replaying the feel of his strapping cock as he'd pressed it into her arse from behind.....It was then she had finally reached between her legs and slipping a hand inside her panties she'd found herself so wet. Wet with desire.....desire for her sons cock......the cock that she'd foolishly allowed him to press against her arse.....

She'd masturbated that night with a rhythm and f***e she had never been able to achieve before....She'd pictured the two of them in the kitchen....he had slipped up behind her......her hubby had been sat at the table reading his paper....her son had again reached for the cereals but this time he had lifted her skirt high with his free hand and spreading her stockinged legs, pulling her panties to one side, he had plunged his cock home doggy style!!!

In her mind she had screamed for him to stop. She had screamed out his name! She had cursed him! But her curses had turned to screams of delight, of pure pleasure as he'd set about taking her over that sink......and all the while her hubby had read on and on and if oblivious to what his son was doing to his wife.......

She had come like never before.....and she'd known then that this was only the start of things.......she thought of her sons words......"I KNOW WHAT I WANT NOW" he'd said........She'd finally fallen asl**p, having made up her mind........if that's what he wanted, then why should she deny him.....

Susie reached out for his crotch and grasped his steel hard cock that was pressing its shape firmly against his trousers.

"Take it out for me baby! Hurry, I want to see it!" she urged.

"But what if dad comes back in?" James asked nervously.

"He won’t, he’s probably out there stewing about being late, but don’t worry there's plenty of time. You will still get to the airport two hours early, enough time to go through all the new check-in procedures."

James had already unzipped his trousers but was now having a difficult time trying to get the rigid piece of meat out of his briefs and out through the fly.

Susie didn’t want to wait, she pulled his belt open, unhooked the metal tab and yanked his trousers down, watching as they dropped to his ankles. She smoothed her hand over the considerable bulge in his briefs, her eyes closed as she tried to picture it in her minds eye before releasing it for real.

James was groaning now....a apart of him revelling in the gentle, delicate caress of his mother's hands, while another side of him was trying to convince himself this wasn't all just a dream and that any second he would wake up.

He glanced towards the window nervous of the idea, any moment they could be found out.

His mother appeared to have no such nerves. she reached for the waistband to his briefs and tugging it down, released his cock. His pipe like shaft sprang upright, bouncing. Once....twice...three times before settling in an upright position, inches from his belly.

Susie took a step back then, grasping her skirt at the hem, she shuffled it up her slender thighs until her panty clad pussy came clearly into view. Her eyes widened as she noted her sons cock twitch. If possible, James's member had become harder still and as it began to twitch, so it looked to Susie like a giant snake about to strike at its prey. Susie groaned in her lust.

She moved toward her son and grabbing his massive erection she bent it down until it was pointing straight out from his body. Slowly, she edged against her son guiding his raging cock between her legs, his bloated plum coloured knob rubbing firmly against her already soaked panties that cupped her wet pussy. Finally he was as tight against her as possible.

"Oh Fuck Mum! I think I’m…......." His voice was cut off as Susie pressed her mouth to his. Her tongue thrust into his mouth to duel with his.

Susie tried to close her mind to what she was doing....She feared for what was happening, that here she was snogging....yes snogging, for this was no ordinary son to mother kiss.... Snogging with her own son...and with such passion!!!!

Their heads twisted and turned....their lips sucking one minute, lunging the next the two of them, at least for the moment, unable to get enough of one another.....and all the while his cock remained between her legs...his bell shaped knob rubbing hard on her clit over her sopping wet panties...

James's could feel his balls begin tightening, aware his spunk was now well and truly filling them up, churning at the base of his shaft. His seed was seconds away from erupting from the purple head of his thrusting cock. The cock that was nestled between his mother’s stockinged legs. The cock that was nestled against his mother’s pussy. The cock his mother was squeezing between her thighs.

Susie too was aware of his dilemma, she stepped back from her son; his cock sprang upward as it slipped from its nest between her legs.

"You have to go, baby, your dad is waiting. We’ll continue this later, " she husked at him once more.

"Ohhh shit Mum! You can’t mean that, I was so close, so close." he said, unable to believe his mother could be so cruel.

"Now, baby you feel what I felt on those mornings when you pushed your hard-on against me then left me all hot and bothered. But there is one difference. You have my promise I will take care of you later tonight. In the meantime, you can dream about how you had your cock between your mother’s legs. And I don’t want you masturbating today. Do you understand?" she hissed at him.

James was shaking from the tension, though still a part of him found it hard to accept he was actually having this conversation with his mother.

"I understand. But how am I going to walk to the car, it will take a week for this to go down." He pointed to his pole-like member.

Susie giggled. "Alright, just a minute. She made her way to the door and opening it called out to her hubby.

"He’ll be out in just a minute hun! He had to go to the bathroom." she yelled

She immediately turned back to face her son. "Okay baby!" she said. "You can masturbate just this one time."

James turned, ready to make his way from the kitchen and up the stairs to the bathroom.

"Oh no you don’t! his mother told him. "If you’re going to insist on jerking off, you’re going to do it right here.!"


Susie's smile turned to a wicked grin. "Don’t 'Mum!' me. If you're going to toss yourself off, then I think it's only fair I watch. After all I’m the one that got it hard for you."

Susie stepped back slightly more than aware of what a tease she was being. "Go on, get started, you don’t have much time," she ordered, grinning from ear to ear. She could feel her pussy flooding even more than it already had from his earlier action.

James was too horny to continue being embarrassed. Slipping a hand around his thick, veiny shaft, he began a slow stroke up and down his thick cock.

Susie leaned back against the worktop then drawing the hem of her skirt upwards, she pushed her hand inside her panties forcing them down below her pussy, her sole intention being that her son stare at her while he beat on his cock.

"Look James! Look what mummy's got for you! Isn't this what you've wanted these past few days? Your mummy's pussy?"

"Oh Shit Mum!" James groaned. "Your…pussy......... your cunt!! It's awesome!"

For a brief moment Susie was shocked that such words would come from her son's mouth. Then reality hit home.... after all, what could shock her any more than the knowledge her own son had desires for her......and worse still.....she him.

She eased one of her fingers in between her wet pussy lips, it's tip igniting a ripple of sensation up through her body. His words again rang through her mind. She smiled to herself as she decided she could play at that game too.

"Yes James. Mummy's pussy....mummy's cunt! Tell me how much you want mummy's cunt?"

James bit down on his lip. Such was his arousal he had to fight to keep his eyes open, not wanting to miss what was on show.

"I want it bad!" he moaned. "It makes me want to shoot a stream clear across the room. I want to cum!!! I’ve got to cum!! Ohhh Fuck!! Fuck!!!.......Oh God!" he growled as he realised he was so so close, aware it wouldn’t take much more, especially since he was staring at his mother’s open burning pussy.

Susie slipped her finger from inside her pussy and in full view of her son began to finger her clit...feeling its swollen shape between finger and thumb.

James groaned in disbelief......unable to comprehend what his eyes were seeing.....his own mother wanking on her clit right in front of his eyes.

"Cum for me, baby! Cum like you did on my arse last night," she teased as Susie recalled some of her dream......

"You remember my arse don’t you, honey?" Susie continued, "Mummy’s arse that you shot your spunk over, that you greased up so nice. Do it, honey, do it to me again! Cum for me baby!.....Mummy wants to see her little boy shooting his spunk!!! Cum for me!"

James's mind was reeling. He had not the slightest idea what his mother was talking about but it didn't matter. The sight of her alone was bad enough but her words of encouragement were sending him over the edge.

"Ohhhhhhhh Shitttttttttttt!!!! Here it is, Mum, here it is! Ohhhhhhh, Mum, Ohhh Fuck Mum!!! "

Susie looked down at his cock as it started to jerk violently in his hand. Thick white ropes of spunk rocketed from the end of his purple coloured helmet. Jet after jet splashing against her thighs, splashing against her legs, and spraying her feet. She groaned...she had never seen a cock empty itself so violently, so fast and there was just sooooo much spunk.

Finally the flow ebbed to a finish, as a last thick creamy drop ran down over James's curled fingers.

Susie stood there, using the worktop as a means of support, her own breath now ragged, the result of watching her son beat off for her.

"Oh, honey, that was marvellous. I’ve never seen anyone ejaculate so much. It's been so long I'd forgotten just how good a young man can be and I can see I’m going to have a real ball draining you dry."

Susie looked down to admire her son's now flagging cock Amazed, though he had just emptied his balls for her it was still not entirely soft. She pulled up her panties and moved towards him, her hand reaching out to lift his chin so his eyes met hers.

"You had better go. Your father will be getting anxious. But before you do there is something I have to say."

James's eyes remained locked with his mothers as she continued.

"It was you who started this game between us and while it was wrong for you to have done so, it was far more wrong of me to have allowed it to happen. But.....Now that it has, and so long as it is still what you want, then I suggest we explore its boundaries. Is that what you would like?"

James smiled. "Hmmm! More than you could ever know!" he replied.

Susie stepped close and slipping her hand around the back of his neck she drew him into an embrace.....They kissed, not like a mother would kiss her son but like lovers.....passionate lovers. She eased back.

"You're old enough to realise James, Mother’s aren’t supposed to do these things with their son’s, but if this is what you want I am happy for it to continue."

James said nothing, he simply nodded his approval.

"Good!" his mother said, adding, "In which case, from now on Mummy is going to teach you. I am going to teach you foreplay and the joys of how to pleasure a woman, and believe me," she added as she reached down to run her hand over his flagging cock. "Mummy is going to enjoy teaching you, and yes....... teasing you. And soon enough James, I know there is going to come a time when it is going to feel right that Mummy lets you Fuck her.

"Oh Shit Mum, Ohhh Shit! You just made me come in my briefs. Now I have to go change. Dad is going to kill me."

Susie laughed. She'd almost forgotten about her hubby being outside.

"Yes, you really had better go. We’ll discuss it a little more tonight. Better hurry, I think I hear your dad coming up the path!"

Susie grabbed a towel and began wiping off her legs and cleaning up the mess on the floor. She was still on her hands and knees when she heard the door open.....

"What the hell is James doing?" her hubby demanded to know as he pushed open the door.

"I just spilled some sauce and it got on his trousers. He ran up to change he will be right there. Don’t yell at him, it was my fault," she lied.

"Okay, but tell him to move fast we have to get on the road." The door slammed and Susie heaved a sigh of relief, all too aware of how close a shave that had been....

A minute later James returned to the kitchen.

"Could you have less clothes on when I get back?" he asked.

Susie smiled and stepped towards him, putting her arms around his neck.

She gave him a peck on the lips....

"But Honey! That's the art of seduction." she teased. "You have to learn that nothing comes easily. You have to work for that." She grinned. "Besides, didn't anyone ever tell you a woman looks far sexier when she's holding something back?"

James was about to answer when she continued......

"Feel my pussy, Honey! Stick your hand inside my panties and run your fingers through my wet pussy. I want you to carry the smell of my hot pussy with you all the way out and back."

James eagerly lifted his sexy Mother's skirt and slipping a hand inside her panties he allowed his fingers to slide up the slippery lips of her foaming pussy. Susie sighed at his lustful, i****tuous touch. James wiggled his fingers in the wide-open channel then slowly withdrew his hand. Wanting to show his mother he had no inhibitions he lifted the hand to his lips and sucked his fingers into his mouth.

"Mmmmmm! Good!" he whispered.

Still aroused from before, the sight of her son licking her juices from his fingertips caused her pussy to spasm. Her body ached with a real need...a desire...her juices started to flow once more.

"Oh God, James! I’m cumming honey! Just seeing you sucking on your fingers has made me cum, Ohhhh, Honey!! " she moaned.

Susie slumped against the worktop. Shaking!!...It took her a minute to catch her breath. She turned to face him...

"That’s the first time in my life I’ve come without someone or something touching me. Jesus Honey! You had better get out of here and take your dad to the airport before I find I can't let you go. Go on baby or who knows what will happen"

"Maybe I’d get to Fuck you, Mum???" he said.

Susie smiled. "Hmmmmm!" Was all she answered as her son finally made his way out to the car.

She stood by the window watching as the car pulled out onto the road, almost unaware she was still running her fingers over her pussy as she watched them disappear from sight.

She turned and made her way from the kitchen and as she climbed the stairs, heading for her bedroom she began to wonder just how the rest of this day would unfold.
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The Sexual Awakening Part 4: The Challenge

Derek has challenged my manhood and his Ultimatum was this. I was to make sweet love to his deeply devoted Cheerleader girlfriend by the end of the school day which was already over. As I jogged up the steps a thought occurred to me. The women I've slept with so far have seen single or desperate. Mrs. Macy was sexually frustrated because her husband was away, Nadia was living under the yolk of her traditional Grandfather and Natalie...well it's hard to meet someone of substance when you take your clothes off for a living.

Without thinking I burst into the main entrance and narrowly missed a collision with Vice Principle Harris. "Mr. O'Hare are you just getting here now?!" he asked. "Yes sorry Mr. Harris I hadva f****y emergency." I said lying through my teeth. "And do you have a note explaining this 'Emergency?" he asked. "No sorry." "Well I'm sorry too, because until a note is produced you'll have detention every day this week." "Ok sure whatever." I said in my haste.

I darted down the main hall and saw Jennifer Woods setting up posters for the PTA Bake Sale. "Hey Jenny have you seen Missy Wright?" I asked. "Yeah she's in Mr. Crowe's music class this period." "Mr. Crowe right...thanks babe." as I turned Jenn blurted out "I wanna have your babies!" "Ok maybe later." I said dashing away.

I found Mr. Crowe's Music lab and it was shut. "Shit, it's music appreciation week. They're doing Karaoke in the Auditorium." I dashed to the Auditorium and found the class occupying the front three rows and Missy was on stage. "Come on now, does anyone want to sing a duet with Missy?" Mr. Crowe asked his class. Missy looked around with a sad look on her face. "I'm sorry Missy, you'll have to go by yourself." "I'll sing with you Missy." I spoke up without thinking. "You are not in this class Mr. O'Hare!" Mr. Crowe said looking at me from behind his huge glasses. "I know sir I have a free period and I um...just felt the urge to sing." "Fine!" he said putting down his pen.

I climbed up the steps and stood next to Missy in front of the Karaoke machine. "Can you even sing?" Missy asked covering her microphone. "I'm acceptable." I said covering my own.

Missy tapped the button labeled "Duets" and started scrolling. "Oh do you mind if I choose?" I asked "Fine go ahead." she said. I tapped on a song I liked and it started. "Crusin' in the style of Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow' I've never even heard of this song!" she said annoyed. "You'll like it, trust me." "My part's in blue, your's is in pink and together is purple." "I know how to sing a Duet in Karaoke!" "Ready?" I asked holding out my hand. "As I'll ever be." she said taking it.

When we first started the class was goofing off and heckling us, but by the end they were silent. Mr. Crowe stood and clapped wildly. "Mr. O'Hare, why didn't you tell me you could sing so amazingly?" "I never really had the confidence until recently." I said. Missy was still clutching my hand from the Duet. "You were always so quiet, who knew!" Missy said all bubbily. As the class sat in silence the bell rang. "That's the end of class my Musical Enthusiasts, until next time!" I walked out with Missy at me heels. "Cameron wait!" she said. "Yeah?" I said. "Can we go somewhere and talk?" she asked. "Sure...where?" "The Auxiliary Room." she said with a smile.

The Auxiliary Room had a dubious reputation in our school. To the teachers it was a storage facility for junk but to the students it was "Inspiration Point" a dark hole for all manner of sexual encounters.

Missy opened the door with a hidden key and we slipped in. "I've never been in this room before." I said. "Follow me, I know just the place." she said taking my hand. I was led to a corner full of furniture from the previous year's play Peter Pan, tucked into the corner was a king size bed and mattress. "Come here." Missy said tapping on the space next to her. I sat down and she put her and on my thigh and started moving it closer to my crotch. "What are you doing?" I asked. "What do you think?" she said with a smile. "But what about Derek?" I asked. "Oh yeah Derek! We'll here's the thing about Derek." She held up her hand and wiggled it from side to side. "No way!" a said sligntly giggling. "Yep, I'm a beard can you believe it!" She said. "Why do you put up with it?" I askes. "Derek's f****y is loaded. He told me he'd convince his dad to give me the Silver f****y Scholarship." "That bastard!" I said. "What?" she asked. "He kept a beautiful woman like you on a leash, preying on your desire to go to college." "He did didn't he?" she said slightly annoyed. "We gotta do something about that." "What do you have in mind?" she asked. I unzipped my pants then pulled out my trusty iPhone. "Let's make a video!"

I could feel myself changing but I didn't care. The meek dweeb I was was being pushed aside and replaced with a confident and sexually active Doppelgänger. I held out my phone and recoded Missy as she grabbed my cock and guided it inside her pussy. She put her hands behind her head and held her hair and she began to bounce up and down faster and faster. She let out a loud moan then quickly reigned herself back. She reached for the phone and turned it on me as I grabbed her hips, helping her to find the perfect satisfactory rhythm. Missy looked right at the camera and smiled. "This is how you Fuck someone, Derek Silver you Gay Asshole!" She dropped the phone on the bed and moved down to face me. She started licking my neck and with little kisses moved to my lips. It took me a minute to realise that we had gone beyond simple fucking, we were making love. I wrapped my arms around her and we fell into eachothers embrace. We actually came at the same time, we were in perfect synchronisity.

As we lay in each others arms I heard Missy quietly sobbing. "Hey what's wrong?" I asked. "He was never gonna get me the Scholarship was he?" she asked. "Probably not, guys like Derek don't do things for other people. They are experts at using." "Now I'll never be able to go to college!" Missy said. "I have an idea about that." I said with a smirk. "What is it?" she asked. "Derek was so afraid of being gay that he hired you as his beard, why?" I asked. "His dad's really conservative. He would've disowned him if he found out his only son was gay. Why do you ask?" "I wonder how much Derek would pay to keep his fabulous secret." Missy looked at me accusingly. "You're talking about Blackmail...I like it!"
As the last bell of the day rang I met Derek by his car, unlike before he was alone. "So how'd it go Sissy? Strike out." I walked over close to him and out of earshot. "I feel sorry for you Derek?" I said patting his shoulder. "Why?" he asked. "You're so afraid of your Daddy, the conservative republican that you've buried yourself so deep in the closet and even resorted to hiring an impressionable girl to be your straight camouflage!" "What...what are you talking about?" he asked visually shaken. "Missy told me everything Derek. About how you're gay and you promissed her the f****y scholarship in exchange for her being your beard. But you were never really gonna get the scholarship for her, were you?"

"I couldn' dad said it would be a conflict of interest." "Oh that's to bad, but luckly you've got a trust fund." Derek looked at me. "You're blackmailing me, I could beat you right here and.." "I'm gonna stop you right there Derek and draw your attention to Missy who is standing over there." I pointed to Missy who was standing at the top steps next to the schools entrance. "Missy has a copy of this video ready to upload to Porntube. It's us Fucking in the Auxiliary room followed by a rather lengthy clip of you relating a sexual liaison with a big Bear Latino named Antonio." Derek looked at Missy then back to me. "Fine what do you want?" he said. "I want you to transfer $300 thousand of your trust to Missy's bank account, here's the info." I said handing him an account number. "Fine I'll do it." he said. "What do you think I'm stupid, call your banker and do it now." Derek pulled out his cell and made the arrangements. "It's done now what about the video?" he asked. "I'm gonna keep it for four years until Missy graduates, then I'll delete it." I turned and gave a thumbs up to Missy who started jumping and giggling. "Derek." I said turning. "Don't be afraid of who you are. You're Dad's a bigot and a creep for causing you to hide who you are. I promise your secret is safe with me but you should seriously consider telling him and having the chips fall where they may. On the other hand, college is where people usually begin to experiment." I said with a wink.

"So it's done then?" Missy asked. "Yep and it has a rider that prevents him from removing it." "I kinda feel sorry for him Cameron." she said. "Yeah I do to, I can't imagine being that afraid." "At least I have a good guy, who does he have?" Missy asked. "Hopefully...Antonio." Missy smiled and moved in to kiss me.

"Missy what are you doing?" Amy a snobbish Cheerleader asked. "I'm kissing my new Boyfriend, what does it look like Amy?" she said.

"But that's Cameron O'Hare!?" Amy said. "Yes thank you now go away!" Missy said ushering her friend away. "You wanna stay and watch practice?" she asked.
I followed Missy to the Field and she pointed me to a section of the bleachers where the Cheerleader boyfriends sit. "Go on up and enjoy the show." she said pecking my cheek.

"Hello gentleman." I said sitting down among the human mountians known as my peers. "I think you're lost Twip!" One craggy peak whose letterman jacket read "Houser" said. "I'm invited Mr. Houser." I said pointing to Missy who blew me a kiss. "Oh in that case welcome!" he said his attitude changing. "I'm Doug, Tammy is my Boo. That's Sean his girl is Meg, Brock belongs to Amy..." "Oh Amy...met her, nice girl very sweet!" I said. "Duke is with Marion..." This continued for about ten more minutes so I'll just skip ahead.

"And that brings us to you." he said. "Oh I'm Cameron O'Hare, boyfriend of Missy Wright." I said pointing to her standing at the top of the tower with her arms raised. "Good I never liked Derek, to much of an ego. He gave jocks a bad name!"

I was amazed at how things could change so quickly, I was a shy loner only four days ago and now I have friends and a girlfriend. Little did I know that when you play with emotions you eventually end up gettjng burned.

To Be Cumtinued...... Continue»
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The Sexual Awakening

I found myself standing in front of my bedroom window watching the first sliver of Dawn break on the horizon. Like clockwork the door slowly opened, "Wakey Wakey my Angel." my mother said sliding in with a tray of breakfast. "Oh you're up already...oh well Happy Birthday." she said handing me the tray. "Chocolate Chip Pancakes with sausage and pure Maple syrup..." "And a tall glass of milk to wash it down...thanks ma." I said taking a sip. "That's not all." she said reaching into her pocket. "I promised your father I'd give this to you when you were old enough." she said handing me a small box wrapped in deep blue wrapping paper. I tore into the cobalt paper and found a decorative wooden box with a strange shield printed on it. "That's the O'Hare f****y crest." Mom said. I opened the box slowly to find a pocket watch, antique judging by the ware it sported. "That watch belonged to your Grandfather Brandon. Look under the cover." I pressed the top button and it instantly flipped open. "Property of Sgt. Cameron O'Hare US Army". I read "Cameron O'Hare had that watch with him when he landed on Omaha Beach, he said it changed his life in ways no one would believe. When he died it went to your father, in fact he had it when we met. And when your dad got sick I promised him I'd give it to you." I wrapped the chain around my belt loop, secured it the slipped it into my pocket. "How do I look?" I asked. "Very handsome." she said kissing my cheek. I looked at the clock "Damn 7:45 I gotta leave right now or I'll never make it to school on time." "Be safe." Mom said as I exited the door.

I zipped up my jacket as I hit the bracing chill of the early spring morning and moved down the stairs. "Morning Cameron, Happy Birthday." a voice came out from beyond a screen door. "Oh thanks Ms. Rothman." I said our downstairs neighbor. "Please call me Natalie, I'm only ten years older than you." she said taking a sip from her coffee.

I still remember the day Natalie moved into the complex, she was wearing very short jean shorts and an orange cut-off jersey. I used that image plenty of times for...personal exploration. She stood up and walked over to the door, she was wearing a pink bathrobe and her hair was wrapped up in a terrycloth towel. "That's a very nice watch you have." she said seeing the glint of gold. I looked down and saw the watch had slipped out of my pocket. "Oops." I said putting it back. "So you doing anything special for your big day?" she asked pulling the towel down off her head. I watched as the damp blonde locks cascaded down her face then spoke up. "umm...I'll probably...just hang out with friends." I said. "Well If that gets to boring you can always come over and "Hang out" with me." she said with a wink. "Ok...well I gotta go." I said slipping away. "Don't be a stranger now." Natalie said waving bye.

I ran out of the building and crossed the street where my best friend Ben was waiting. "There you are Man, hurry up the Bus is coming. What kept you?" he asked. "The weirdest thing happened, you know my neighbor Ms. Rothman?" "The stripper?" he asked. "She's not a stripper." I said. "Oh yeah she is, My b*****r's friend's cousin said he saw her dancing topless in The Kit Kat Klub." "b*****r's Friend's Cousin...what a bunch of BS!" I said. "Well anyway the weirdest thing seemed like she was, and I know this sounds wacked but I think she was hitting on me!" Ben looked at me stonefaced then broke out laughing. "Yeah because it's normal for 26 year old women to hit on 16 year old boys." he said nudging me with his elbow. "Hey it does happen, what about teachers who fuck their students?" I asked. "Yeah, but the students who bang teachers most likely have pornstar cocks. I've seen your Shvantz, it's nothing to write home about!" "Hey it's average!" I said defensively. "Yeah just like your grades...speaking of which, here comes the Bus."

The Bus stopped with a hiss and the doors opened, Ben climbed in and I followed. As I slipped past the driver she winked at me. "Did you see that?" I asked Ben as we sat down. "What?" he asked. "Mrs. Polaski just winked at me." I said. "Dude what is your problem! First you tell me your hot stripper..." "Not Stripper!" I grunted "Stripper neighbor wants your jock then you say our 60 year old Bus Driver winked at you! Next you'll be saying that...ummm...Missy Wright wants to blow you in the Auxiliary Room!" He said pointing the the front seats.

Missy Wright was a senior, damn she was so beautiful. She was Student Council President, head Cheerleader and was America in the Model UN. The only problem was Derek Silver her Boyfriend. Quarterback for the football team and all around Mega-Douche."

As the bus pulled up to the School we stood to file out. I looked back to see a small pink note folded on my seat. "Hey look at that." I said picking it up. "You look hot today!" it read in flirty lettering. "Look at this!" I said handing Ben the note. "Still think it's all in my head?" I asked. "That note could've been there for weeks maybe even months." he said dismissing me again. "Why is it so hard for you to accept that something weird is happening to me?" I asked. "Because...because look at us! We're on the bottom rung of the social ladder. It's not possible to wake up one morning and suddenly have game!" he said.

I stopped dead in my tracks. "It belonged to your Grandfather...He said it changed his life in ways you wouldn't believe...your father had it the day we met"

"'s the watch!" I said. "What now?" Ben asked. "My Grandfather's's got some kinda power over women." "Really that crappy watch turned a 90 pound weakling into a pussy magnet? Let's put it to a test." he said holding out his hand. Ben grabbed the watch a walked over to Beth Cooper who was in our grade. "Hey Beth...nice ass! Now is that a thong or are you going commando?" Beth turned around a slapped him hard across the face.

"See..just a watch!" Ben said putting it back in my hand. "Now can we please go to class?" he asked. "Hold on I wanna try something." I looked around and saw Jennifer Woods another girl in our grade. "Hey Jenn, nice ass. Is that a Thong or are you going Commando?" I asked. Jen turned around " It's a thong, you wanna see?" she asked. "Sure." I said. Jen unzipped her tight jeans and pulled out her frilly pink thong. "That's great Jen, thanks." I said. "No problem cutie." she said with a wink.

"See dude, what did I say this watch has power over the opposite sex!" "Yeah that or Jennifer Woods is a big old Slut!" he said. "Slut...the girl has a purity ring!" I said "Yeah and so does Selena Gomez, and you know she gobbles Justin Beiber's Cock nightly."

"Why is it so hard for you to believe that this watch has some sort of power?" I asked. "Because...because it idiotic that's why. Magic isn't real just like Atlantis, Jesus Christ and Non-Dairy Creamer!" "What if I could prove it?" I asked. "How?" I looked around and saw Mrs. Macy enter ahead of us. "I'll bang Mrs. Macy." I said. "The Guidance Councillor...with the husband in the Marines?" he asked. "Yeah, if the watch has power who better to test on than a sexually starved woman?" I asked. "Fine but if you're doing this I want proof, actual video proof. Word of mouth is not accepted." "Deal, I'll get it all on this." I said holding up my iPhone. "Go get her then Tiger!" Ben said.

I ran up the steps and made a B-line for the Administration wing, my iPhone was sticking out of my shirt pocket recording my every move. "I'm making my way to Mrs. Macy's office. What I do here will go down in history." I knocked on the door and Mrs. Macy opened. "Cameron O'Hare, I don't have you marked down for a meeting." she said looking at her calendar. "I know it's spur of the moment but do you have time to talk?" I asked. "I have a session in an hour so yes come in." I walked in and closed the door behind me. "Now what seems to be the trouble?" she asked. "It's not really trouble per say. It's just I've noticed things lately. Women are suddenly showing an interest in me." Mrs. Macy slipped off her glasses and nodded. "Hum, yes I see and this distresses you why?" she asked. "It doesn't distress me, it's just unexpected is all." I said back. "I don't think it's sudden Cameron. I think you are just now noticing women, it's just your Male urges taking root. Although I can see why women are coming onto you, you are very handsome." she said. "Excuse me?" I asked. "If you wouldn't mind Cam...may I call you Cam? I'd like to do a roleplay exercise, stand up." I stood up and moved over to her. She placed her hand on my shoulder and manoeuvred me so I was standing directly in front of her. "How what?" I asked. She grabbed my right hand and guided it under her skirt. "Oh my god, you're not wearing underwear!" I said. "I slipped them off the moment you sat down. she said. I started off slowly rubbing her pussy with my index and middle fingers she let out a moan and began to kiss my neck. "I must be doing something right." I said to myself. I entered her with both fingers and began to go slowly up and down. "Oh yes Cam!" she said leaning up against a green filling cabinet. She hiked up her skirt and I dropped to my knees and stuck my face in. She d****d a leg over my shoulder as I began to tongue her wet slit. Her clit was plump and waiting for my tongue and I made her squirm as I licked and sucked on it. She tore off her Cotton Blouse and began to lick her own nipples. "Come here!" she said pulling me up." Our faces met and she kissed me f***efully. Her wet tongue prodded my mouth as she undid the zipper on my Jeans. They fell to the floor as she reached into my boxers and pulled my cock out. My Virginity shattered as she slid my dong into her moist pussy. I bit down on my lip and thought of anything I could as to not instantly blow my load. "Oh it's been so long!" Mrs. Macy moaned as I jerked my hips up and down. "Fuck me you young Bastard!" she shouted.

"Come with me!" she said grabbing my hand. She sat me in her chair then climbed up into my lap. She began to f***efully bounce up and down, her big natural breasts keeping time like a pair of 32-D Metronomes. She put her hands behind her head and grabbed her ponytail like a bridal. "Oh Fuck!" she said jolting up. "You like that Bitch?" I said getting into it. "Yes I fuckin like it!" she said. "Good cause I'm just getting warmed up!" I said.

I fucked Mrs. Macy for 20 more minutes, trying positions I'd seen in moves then I had to cum. "Here it comes!" I said. Mrs. Macy dropped to her knees and sucked me dry, I moved my body in such a way to capture every drop on the camera. She looked up at me then swallowed. "Whow!" I said.

Mrs. Macy stood up and put her shirt back on. "Here take these." she said handing me her panties. "Think of me next time you tug Mr. Big!" she said with a wink. In no time she was proper and professional, as if the last hour never happened. "Cum see me anytime." she said ushering me to class.

I walked into class and handed Mr. Monroe my pass. "So good of you to join us Mr. O'Hare." he said. "Sorry I was with Mrs. Macy." "That's all right, take your seat." I slid into my seat next to Ben. "Where were you?" he asked writing in his notebook. "Later!" I wrote back

"NO FUCKING WAY!" Ben said watching the video. "You fingerbanged the Guidance Councillor!" he said shaking my shoulders. "Not just that." I said. Ben watched the video in stunned disbelief. He looked at me than back to the video over and over. "This is Pornographic!" he said throwing up his hands. "It's like the watch magnify's sexual energy or Pheromones or something. You were right though Mrs. Macy was Cock starved." I said handing him her panties. "No...there's aren't...NO!" he said shaking his head. "Oh yep." he smiled and put them up to his nose and took a long sniff. "We gotta test this...whatever it is." Ben said. "Test what?" I asked. "The f***e. We need to be scientific with it, see exactly who it effects." "Such as?" I asked. "Is it just women who are effected or will it work on Gay men? What about Lesbians, what about your mom, will she want your Jock or will the Maternal Imperative override her Biological one. And what about other species, will a****ls be in heat around you?" "Jeez Ben you're kinda going overboard with this." I said. "You're Damn right I am! If we can reproduce this and sell it we'll be loaded.

I sat for what seemed like an eternity before I spoke up. "How loaded?" I asked. "Bill Gates loaded!" he said. "Bill Gates when do we start?" I asked.


To Be Continued...... Continue»
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The Sexual Awakening Part 8: The Cure for What Ail

One Week Later....

As I regained my strength in my room. Ben was there every day keeping me aprised of his research. "Dude!" he said bursting into my room. "Guess what I found!" he added. "What?" I asked lampooning his excitement. "I found THE Milo Rembaldi expert, his name is Dr. Michael Reyerson!" "And this helps us how?" I asked. "Because not only is he the Rembaldi expert he's also his great grandson. He was Born Milo Michael Rembaldi!" "We gotta talk to this guy, he has to have answers!" I said sitting up. "The only drawback is that he lives and works in Coleman...that's 40 miles away!" Ben said. "Then we better get driving then!" I said tossing him my keys.

As we drove up to the Campus of Sutton University I sank low into my seat. "Oh no College girls!" I said aloud. "Stay low dude, don't let any one of these Honey's get a whiff of your Mojo or whatever."

We pulled to an isolated part of the Campus and parked. I slowly got outta the car and we made our way to the Historical Sciences building. "Where's his office?" I asked Ben. "Michael Reyerson is in room 1603." he said checking out the Directory.

We made our way to Michael's office and slipped inside. We found him bent, sl**ping on his desk. "Are you Dr. Reyerson?" I asked. The man jostled awake and sat up, a yellow sticky note hanging from his lip. "Yes!" he said startled. "I'm Cameron O'Hare and this is my friend Ben Markham. This may sound odd butI need your help." Isaid pleading. "How can I help?" he asked. "Tell me about this!" I said holding out my watch.

"Good heavens where did you get that?" he asked jumping from his seat. "Then you know what it is?" Ben asked. "Of course I do, this watch was created by Milo Rembaldi himself!" he said drooling over it. "Then you know what it can do?" I asked. "Do..I don't follow." he said. "Oh you mean the whole female infatuation nonsense, pure poppycock!" he added. "Yeah if only!" I said. "Word man, this watch works! Any woman that comes within spitting distance of Cam here has the sudden urge to jump his bones!" Michael looked at me, then to Ben and then back to me. "Who put you up to this, was it Cruz? He always rags me claiming Tesla was superior to Rrmbaldi!" Ben shook his head. "No joke man, this guy it like catnip for ladies." Michael smirked. "Really..let's see!" he said pushing his intercom. "Lucy can you come in here please?" he asked. "Who are you talking too, no one's out there?" Ben asked. "Lucy was on her lunch break, but that ended five minutes ago."

The door opened and a stocky bleach blonde entered with a newspaper and cup of coffee. "Here's your stuff Doctor." she said passsing us by. "Thank's Lucy..that'll be all." Michael said waving the girl off. She walked to the door then closed it behind her. "Oh wow that girl was clearly attracted to you." he said.

As Ben and I exited the Historical Sciences building I caught a glimpse of Michael looking at us from his office window. With my attention turned I didn't see a rollerblader until it was to late.

"Owww!" The girl screamed as hes shapely rear hit the grass. "Oh I'm sorry, let me help you up." I said. After I helped the girl to her feet she began to smell the air. "That's fine sweetie, here give me your hand." she said. She wrote her number inside a doodled heart. "Call me, I'll make it worth your while."

As we continued to the car we hearda shout. "Hey wait!" We turned to see Michael running up the path to us. "Lucy has a cold!" he said panting for breath. "Huh?" Ben and I both uttered. "That stunning lady sniffed the air as you helped her up! She must've smelled...something. Lucy has a headcold, she can't smell because her nose is stuffed so much! Quickly come back to my office!" he said with a grin.

We found ourselves back in Michael's office. "Hold on a second...ah here it is. The 18th Journal of Milo Rembaldi. 1910-1913."

Michael began to gently thumb through the pages until he found 1911. "Here it is..listen."

June 1911:
I was comissioned by the British Navy to design a new ship. During the voyage of the Prototype I found myself floating off the coast of Ireland. When my vessel struck rocks and began to sink I thought my life was over. Then like a gift from god he appeared. A young fisherman pulled me from Posideon's grasp and saved me.

Augustus O'Hare is a most fascinating young man. He is strong as an Ox but as gentle as a lamb. I ask him if he has a f****y and am saddened to see he does not. He is shy around women and lacks confidence. I vow to help this kind soul find love.

"Did he do it? Did he help Augustus find love?" Ben asked.
September 1911:
I came upon a curious article in a local tabloid. A Swiss watch company was refunding and subsequently destroying thier entire production line because customers were getting ill. I bribed and employee who quickly smuggled me one before it was smelted. I discovered that the gold isn't gold at all but rather Fools Gold or Iron Pyrite. This Pyrite has a very strange Chemical makeup which leads we to suspect that it is not terresteral iron, possibly from a crashed Meteor. I discovered quite by accident that the micro vibrations of the watch's gears cause a sort of Radioactive discharge that caused the sickness. It dawned on me that this might be the answer to Augustus' problems.

December 1911:
I have done it. By placing coils of my own design withing the Pyrite casing I have discovered a way to induce love in women, using a sample of Augustus' bl**d I have keyed it to his genetics only.

"That's why it didn't work when I tried it!" Ben said slapping my arm. "Does it say how it works Michael?" I asked. "Indeed...and it's quite impressive." he said.

The coils in my watch cause the metal to radiate a kind of energy. this energy I am calling Labidonium. The Labidonium reacts with the holders Gaba Receptors casing a minor shift in pheromone production. This shift causes an increase in Oxytocin production in the brain of women within range of the subject. This causes immediate infatuation.

"That's why Lucy didn't want your Jock, her cold blocked out the Pheromones from reacting with her Oxytocin levels!" Michael said. "How do we stop it?" I asked. "That should be an easy fix actually. First we must get rid of the watch." Michael said.

We made our way to the University's Metal Foundry and to the Smelting pit. "Just toss it in!" Michael said. I looked at the watch in my hands and carefully tore the cover off. "This has been in my f****y for four generations. I'd like to keep at least a part of it." I said.

We watched as the timepiece tumbled into the molten metal and burned up leaving a dark red patch among the yellow lava like metal. "Now what?" I asked. "We inject you with this Cameron." Michael said holding up a small syringe. "What is it?" I asked. "It's an A.C.E inhibitor, it'll scrub out your Neural pathways and cause your Pheromone production to revert to normal. What'll you do with that?" he asked about the watch cover. "I'll probably put it on a new watch, start a new f****y tradition." I said. "Then you'll probably want to pour some carbonic acid on it. The Carbon Acid will bond with the iron causing the radiation to become Inert."

I thanked Michael for his help and Ben and I were on our way.
"Then what happened Dad?" August asked.

Your Uncle Ben and I returned Home. I was afraid of what I might find but as it turns out your Mom Melissa had had a crush on me for a long time. The watch just gave her that little nudge she needed to convince herself. We continued to date throughout College and got married and had you.

"What about Uncle Ben?"

Benji came out of his shell in College and eventually me your Aunt Linda. They are happily married with two k**s.

"What about Derek Silver?"

Derek Silver took over Silver enterprises following his Dad's death of a heart attack. He went on to be the first Openly Gay Vice President of the United States.

What about Michael Reyerson?

Michael Milo Rembaldi found a way to duplicate the Libidoium at a reduced level and sold it as "Rembaldi's Lust" a boutique Cologne and Perfume to increase sexual stamina.

"What about Jenny?"

Jenny got the help she needed and was released from Calm Meadows after two years. She's married and is expecting her first k**.

"And what of the Watch?"

The matal from the watch went into a statue of Milo Rembaldi for Sutton University. Rumor has it that the ground around the statue has become a notorious Make-out spot for students. As for the cover it's right here attached to this new watch which I'm giving you now on your 16th birthday.

"So it won't make me a stud like it did you?" August asked.

No son, the confidence to change peoples perseptions of you must come from within you. When you play with emotions as I did it's like playing with fire and as they say if you play with fire, you get burned. It's late champ, get some sl**p oh and happy birthday.

"How'd it go?" Melissa asked.

I told him all the full uncut crazy story.

"Even the part with us hooking up in the Auxiliary room?"

I had too, it was for story symmetry!

"He probably thinks I'm a slut!"

No he thinks I'm a slut and I was.

"Yeah but you're my slut!"

Oh am I?

"Yeah infact I think I feel a little of that Oxytocin Magic coming over me! Give us a kiss stud!"

As crazy as that whole ordeal was I'd do it again. I had the most outrageous adventure imaginable and got a breathtaking beauty and brilliant son out of it.
I couldn't be happier....

The End... Continue»
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Tales Of Ted The Being Outed by the guy I loved P

This story is a long one guys, it is more than 300 pages and will take a long time to post, it is a true story about the sexual adventures of a Gay teenage boy from Glasgow in Scotland,it begins by him being outed by the guy he loves most in the world, and then goes on to tell the story that led to the outing, there is a lot of teenage sex, touching up sl**ping guys, boxer sniffing,and seduction of other boys. So please if this kind of story offends you. click back, Please note the Author accepts no responsibility for your erections or fluid spillages what so ever. I have the full story on my website story page.


I was outed at a party by a guy I trusted and loved, We have been friends for years and to be honest I have had a crush on him for at least 5 years, it would be impossible for me to know how many pints of squeeby I have ejaculated while fantasizing over Gary. We have been best buddies since infant school. Always together always watching after each others back, Gary came from a troubled house, His Dad done a runner about 7 years before, leaving his Mother to bring up the k**s on her own, Gary had 2 older s****rs,3 younger b*****rs and a younger s****r. His Mother was an alcoholic, whose only interest in life was her next bottle of Vodka, She kept a dirty house and dirty k**s, But Gary was a strong character, he did not openly let his home life get him down, he always had a smile on his face no matter what was happening in his home, or when taking abuse from the neighbourhood bullies.

In my eyes he was a good looking and very likable guy, although his personal hygiene and unkempt state caused him untold misery and heartache, Gary and the rest of his f****y were taunted and bullied, they got called tramps and often assaulted for no reason other than his clothes were dirty and his mum was an alcoholic, but no matter what people said about him he was my best mate, and I honestly loved him.

Eventually His mother was sectioned after having a nervous breakdown, and his life changed for the better, his aunt took on the responsibility of his house and f****y, she cleaned up the k**s and the house and for the first time in years Garry had a happy good home life.

I was closer to Gary Stewart than I was to my own two older b*****rs, we were always together and often spent time in my bedroom alone wrestling etc, often during these wrestling matches I would get turned on by the close body contact, and I know Gary did also, the evidence often showing in his tented trackies or school trousers.

At that time I would have probably described my sexuality as Bi Curious, when I was rolling around on my bed or the bedroom floor with Gary there was a lot of sexual tension certainly on my part anyway, and I am sure it was often the same for him.
Often during these wrestling matches I would accidentally on purpose steal a quick feel at Gary’s private parts, sometimes he complained other times he just ignored it, we often had mutual masturbation sessions. When we would spent the night together always at mine we always shared my single bed and although we never had full sex there was a lot of sexual touching and feeling, I was in love with Gary and was sure he felt the same about me.

But things were not that straight forward, we where teenage boys from a rough housing scheme in Glasgow Scotland, a place where men were men and pansies were flowers, Guys having sex with Guys was not acceptable, we both knew that, our friends often called us lovers in a joking manner because we were always together, in fact we were both happiest when it was only us two together, as you will read later in this story although we had few sexual experiences together, but when we both turned 17 Gary backed off from our games and for nearly a year nothing sexual happened between us, although we were still as close as ever, and he knew that I had sexual feelings towards him, Christ I told him often enough, and was constantly sexually suggestive towards him, He would just laugh it off, call me gay boy and say his cock was for girls only, and carry on with whatever we had been doing.

Then in November, we had been to the funeral of a friend of ours who had been killed in a road accident. We both got very d***k along with all our other teenage friends after the cremation, after the wake Gary came back to mine for a few joints before calling it a night, I suppose we were both a bit emotional about the funeral, that mixed with drink led to a situation where we ended up hugging and cuddling each other, I have to be honest being so close to him again gave me a raging hardon, I had wanted to hold Gary like this for so long, I kissed him on the cheek and he did not object, then a few minutes later I kissed him again but this time on the lips, and we ended up having a long deep passionate kiss, I slipped my hand on to his cock, I could feel that he was just as hard as me, I massaged his cock through his trousers for about a minute then he pushed my hand away and left my house and headed home, leaving me to wank off my frustration. The following day we met up as usual, what had happened the night before was not mentioned by either of us although it was all still very clear in my head and I suppose my heart.

We carried on just as before hanging around together being good mates, the only problem being that I was more in love with Gary than I had ever been, the memory of the kiss we had shared was etched on my mind and my heart, I thought back to that night about 100 times a day every day, and many a good wank came to climax at the thought of holding his hard cock through his trousers, Just before Christmas I bought him two pairs of CK boxers as a Christmas present, this was not something we had ever done before, but I had earned some money and I wanted buy him a present.
He had told me he liked CK boxers the week before when I had bought a pair while we had been out shopping together, on the 23rd of December we had been out drinking with some friends, then went back to mine for a few joints and some more beers we were on our way to La La land, I decided to give him his present early.

Gary was pretty embarrassed that I had bought him a present, then when he opened the package and saw what was in it he gave me a big hug and thanked me, I offered to fit them for him, but unfortunately he declined my offer but agreed to let me see him wearing them. he went through into our bathroom and put on a pair then came back through to my bedroom posing in the bright white boxer briefs with the red waistband, he seamed delighted with them, Gary normally wore the cheaper brands of boxers, his budget did not stretch to designer clothing most of what he earned went into his f****y pot.
The sight of him standing in front of me in these bright white tight fitting boxers, sent the bl**d rushing to my cock,

I could clearly see the shape of his cock and balls in the shorts, I was turned on big style, my lust for him combined with the alcohol and cannabis we had smoked gave me Dutch Courage, I walked over to him wrapped my arms around him and tried to kiss him on the lips, Gary pushed me away, I realised that he was totally surprised and shocked by my attempt to kiss him, he hurriedly pulled on his jeans and trainers and stormed out of my house leaving one pair of the new boxers still in the box that I had given him and the pair he had been wearing earlier that night lying on my bed.
20 minutes later he texted telling me to meet him at the corner of our street, and that I was to bring the boxers he had been wearing before he put on my present with me, I did not have to look for them I had them in my hand at the time the text came through, I left the house straight away and met him about 5 minutes later, I gave him his boxers and apologized for trying it on with him, he threw the ones I had bought him at me and shouted at the top of his voice;

” Here gay boy give those to some other bender ”
then walked away, I was pretty upset at his reaction I was so sure that he felt the same about me as I did about him. I went back home pretty upset at his reaction, I gave him about an hour or so to calm down then texted him, apologizing again saying it was the mixture of drink and d**gs that had fucked up my head, but he never replied, then I text him a few more times over the next hour begging him to forgive me, but he ignored the texts.

First thing the following morning I text him again once more apologizing, then about lunchtime on Christmas Eve he text me to say that he did not want to see or here from me ever again, that I was to delete his number from my phone and never again try to contact him. I was totally shattered none of my friends or f****y knew I was gay except the ones that I had been having sex with, I was petrified that Gary would tell our other mates and it would get back to my Father or b*****rs that I had tried it on with him, I had known for some time that I was gay and although I was only 18 years old I had been having regular sex with guys in secret since I was 14.

I had not seen or heard from Gary since Christmas Eve, all my mates were going out for a Christmas drink on Boxing Day, something that we had planned the previous week, but I made the excuse that I was unwell and never went, I had avoided going out in case I bumped into Gary, I had texted a few of our other mates to test the lie of the land, but nothing was mentioned about me and Gary, so I assumed that he was not going to tell anyone, I texted him on Boxing day wishing him a Merry Christmas and letting him know once again that I was sorry, I blamed it on the drink and promised it would never happen again, I begged him to forgive me and made it clear that I would not be going to the Boxing day session so he could go and enjoy himself, but again no reply.

For the rest of the week I never went out much, I had texts back and forth from various mates who had been at the Boxing day bash, I had found out that Gary had been there but had obviously not mentioned what had happened between us to any of our mates, Mum and Dad were on my case about not going out during the festive season, and also asking why Gary had not been over, there had hardly been a day in the past five years that Gary was not in my house at some point of the day Mm had a present for him as she always did on his Birthday and at Christmas, I told them we had been arguing and had fallen out, they told me not to be stupid and get it sorted out.

On New Years eve a few of my mates came to my house to bring in the Bells, it was a sort of tradition thing that my b*****rs and our mates had been doing for the past few years, John my oldest b*****r had started it when he was 17, Mum and Dad always went to the local social club to bring in the bells and would leave us to party at our house, I text Gary begging him to come, but he never replied or came to the party.
Then on New Years night one of our other mates had a party, I had decided that I had to go, I could not keep pretending that I was unwell, it was obvious that Gary had not mentioned anything to anyone, ok maybe he was not going to talk to me, but at least he had not spread the word that I was a bender.

When I arrived at the party Gary was already there, he made it clear that he did not want to talk to me by completely ignoring me when I offered him my hand and wished him a happy new year, it was all a bit strained and obvious that we were not talking, He was at one end of the room and me at the other, something that was unusual as we were always together, one of our other mates Ryan tried to become peace maker realizing that we had fallen out saying;
“Have you two had a lovers tiff; com’on guys just kiss and make up it’s New Year”.

When Gary heard this, he started ranting that he was not my fucking lover, he then told everyone at the party that I was a bender, and I had tried to get into his boxers, that I had groped his cock and tried to kiss him, he was d***k and it was obvious he was furious with me, and made it clear that he was being serious, everyone at the party was laughing and pointing at me calling me all the benders, poof’s, bum boy’s, all the usual c***dish crap. I could have beat anyone at that party in a fight including Gary, but them all together shouting abuse was too much for me to handle, I left the party and went straight home to bed.

The cat was out of the bag now, mud sticks where I come from, and once you have been accused of something like that word spreads like wild fire, and even the dog’s in the street are barking “POOF” at you as you walk along the street.
I lay in my bed shattered, I had been there for Gary Stewart through thick and thin, when others had slagged him off I had defended him, when he had nothing which had been often, I had shared what I had with him be it money, d**gs or drink, we had done sexual things together quite a lot in our early teens, ok mostly it was me who initiated it but he played along, I am not saying he enjoyed it, and he never let me go too far, but we had been pretty intimate with each other on a few occasions through the years, ok I had probably went too far on Christmas Eve when I knew he did not want to play along anymore, but did that give him the right to destroy my life, to bring me down so low in front of people we had both been friends with for most of our life, he knew that making such accusations would cause me all sorts of trouble, not only with my friends, but with my f****y.

The following morning at about 7am I got out of bed, after a very sl**pless night, when I opened my bedroom curtains my heart sank, when I saw wrote on the pavement outside my house in big bold white letters the words;

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The awakening of Jimmy Slade

Jimmy Slade had applied for a position as an apprentice electrician long before he left high school. His father would rather he had become a professional footballer because Jimmy was strong, agile and athletic. But Jimmy knew what he wanted. Although still a teenager he knew that he would soon be finding a girl to make him happy and to be the mother of his k**s. He wanted to prepare for a stable future with a steady job, a comfortable home, a good wife and k**s. He was in for a rude awakening.
Jimmy had to spend part of each week at technical college, and part doing on-the-job training. His employer selected Dave Roberts as Jimmy’s mentor because Dave was a rough and tough operator who had been around and done difficult jobs in all weathers – someone who made impossible assignments easy. But Dave had a warped sense of humour. He knew his way around all right and he felt that Jimmy needed a wake-up call to make a man of him. He had just the answer.
Dave’s electrical company was responsible for all electrical work at the ‘Rainbow Clothing Company’, which was a major producer of clothing for the international market. Everything from heavy industrial uniforms to swimwear, baby wear and military combat suits were produced at the factory. This was in the days before the rise of Chinese sweat shops. The Rainbow Clothing Company employed several hundred workers – mostly women. They were good workers. They worked hard. They played hard. They liked to play with men – especially young and innocent men. That was their distraction. As a break from the constant noise and the pressure of meeting targets, they loved to get hold of young men and ravish them. Dave knew this. He sent young Jimmy into a den of lionesses.
When Dave and Jimmy pulled up at the Rainbow Clothing Company, Dave said, “It’s nearly time for the mid-day break. I’ve got to go and see the work’s manager about a future major project. I want you to go to the works canteen – ask for Margaret, she’s the canteen boss – say that you’ve come to check out the sausage locker. I understand the place where they keep the hot-dog snags isn’t working properly. Maybe there is a fault with the electric temperature control. Check it out Jimmy and I’ll meet you back at the truck.”
Jimmy grabbed his bag of tools and headed for the canteen. Just then the work’s siren sounded for the mid-day break and he was surrounded by young women all going the same way. ‘I’m looking for Margaret the canteen boss,” he said. They were all eager to help and he was carried along in a crush of lithe young bodies with breasts pressing eagerly against his muscular body.
“What can I do for you boy?” Margaret asked.
‘Boy,’ he thought, ‘I’m a man now with a job.’ But he felt uneasy and out of his depth.” I’ve come to check out your sausage locker,” he said.
Well, that was the signal for the fun to begin. “This way,” Margaret said. She turned and walked through a door adjoining the canteen. It led into a recreation room with table tennis tables and pool tables. He felt the crush of female bodies pressing against him. Then they were gripping him and lifting him. His tool bag had gone from his grasp; his clothes were stripped from him. His naked body was spreadeagled on a pool table and he was tied down with crepe bandages taken from the first aid box. One of the women had removed her underwear and shoved the garment in his mouth to gag him. He could smell her sweat and the scent of her cunt. The crepe bandage went around his mouth leaving just his nose, ears and eyes free. Now the fun would begin.
For a young apprentice he had the sexual equipment of a professional. He was well hung and that was a delight for the eager young women. But it was Margaret who made the first move. She grasped his large limp cock feeling the weight of it, the warmth of it and the slumbering potential power in it. She had been down this road before where shy overwhelmed young men were scared by the fact that they had to submit. She was ready for him. She reached behind her where an industrial vacuum cleaner was positioned against the wall. She switched it on and he heard the roar of the motor.
Then, as the fat stainless steel suction tube of the industrial vacuum cleaner was thrust towards his dormant cock, he felt the blast of air drawing the knob of his cock relentlessly into the tube. With a rush it was in. The whole shaft! Only his large balls prevented him losing all his manhood to the hungry machine. The rushing air vibrated his flaccid cock violently – slamming it from one side to the other until his surging bl**d filled and swelled his shaft and the head of his cock, so that it completely filled the tube. Margaret pulled up on the tube, lifting with all her strength, so that, had he not been tied down, she might have lifted him off the pool table.
As Margaret cut the power and released the vacuum, the stainless steel tube pulled off his organ with a loud slurp revealing a magnificent pulsating erection even longer and fatter than Jimmy had ever seen before. The girls around him screamed with approval like he was a most desirable pop star. They couldn’t keep their hands off him. Some grabbed his massive shaft with both hands, masturbating him violently. Others took him gently – rolling his foreskin over his swollen head and back until large beads of pre-cum appeared. At the sight of the pre-cum the girls went wild – fighting for a chance to deep-throat his massive cock.
“He’s mine!” Margaret called. “Stand back!” She had unbuttoned her working dustcoat and removed her underclothing. For a thirty year old she had a magnificent body and she knew it. She had a tight muscular waist and sharp pointed tits that would poke your eyes out. She threw a long leg over him, kneeling astride his belly with her back to his face. Then she toyed with his swollen cock, stroking the inner lips of her cunt and lubricating her aching clitoris with his pre-cum.
“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck,” the girls called. “F*ck him Margaret. Ride him like a bronco-buster.”
Margaret began slowly. Tantalizingly slowly. She inched herself down until she was deeply impaled upon his throbbing swollen captive flesh so that her blond silken pubic hair crushed down upon his luxuriant dark mat. Then she rode him – slowly at first, then with frenzy. But she stopped. She was holding his swollen balls – one in each hand – and she could tell that he was about to explode. She did what the younger girls hadn’t seen before – she milked him with her pussy. Her body remained motionless except for her pelvis and her pussy. With each caress of her vagina she felt his cock swelling and growing inside her. Within her grasp she felt his heavy balls tightening. He stopped breathing. Then she felt, deep within her, the massive blast and powerful spurt of cum that filled her with absolute delight.
Even with a mouth full of knickers, they could all hear Jimmy’s groan of pleasure. “He’s all yours,” Margaret said. “I’ve had my fill of cock and I’ve got a cunt full of cum. Now you can have him. With that she stepped back. She didn’t try and stop the excess cum steaming from her warm pussy all the way down her legs.
Time was running out. One third of their lunch hour had already gone and there was a crowd of eager young women aching to get their hands and mouths and cunts filled with young virile captive cock. They made the most of it. Those unable to wait were playing with themselves – caressing their pussies – fondling their breasts – warming themselves up in readiness. Some paired off to kiss and fondle one another or to lick one another’s pussies. Those who got a turn with Jimmy were greedy in their use of him. They rode him like there was no tomorrow, feeling his hot thick cock deeper than any man had been in them before. If ever he tired, they brought the vacuum cleaner back into play to stiffen his now bruised cock before they mounted him once again.
When the siren sounded for return to work, the girls left reluctantly leaving Jimmy still spreadeagled and bound to the pool table drenched in his own cum and their pussy juice, Margaret gave his swollen balls one last gentle squeeze before she untied him. “You were wonderful Jimmy,” she said. Take a shower in that cubicle, then go and join Dave Roberts who is waiting for you outside the office block.”
Dave said, “You’d better take the day off tomorrow Jim. I know what you’ve been through. It’s something you’ll never forget. You’re a man now so we’ll call you Jim.”
That day was one the Jim never forgot.

... Continue»
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The awakening of a white housewife !

She was rapidly approaching the point of becoming completely lost in the passion and pleasure of the moment. With her arms tied above her, and her legs tethered by long silken scarves to the posts and iron frame of the hotel bed, she could hear her own breathing accelerate with each passing moment. The elegant nightgown that she was wearing for the first time, a gift for "this special night", that her husband had dressed her in, was now hiked up high enough to expose her increasingly wet vulva to the attractive, young, black stranger whose mouth was within inches of her sensitive love lips. As this handsome man's wet tongue lightly brushed against her swelling clit for the first time, awareness of her surroundings began to fade, as intense pleasure began to crowd out all rational thought. That she should feel safe was important to her, and the presence of her husband sitting comfortably on a nearby chair and watching her with a new lover, the first man other than her husband that she had ever experienced, provided her that sense of safety. But now, as sexual excitement overcame all inhibition, she became less aware of her husband, as the primitive part of her mind tuned in to the sensation of being totally at the mercy of this remarkably exciting lover.

The black man's face was close-shaven and his eyes were dark, kind and beautiful, his Afro was moderate in length for the time (early 80’s). His scent was clean and spicy and, because her hands were bound, she could now only imagine running her hands through his hair and pushing his face closer to her. Yet in spite of being tied up, she still had the freedom to thrust out her pelvis closer to him, thus encouraging more contact. Her lover seemed to instinctively react to this motion by flexing his tongue enticingly against her clit, causing intense pleasure to shoot through her, accompanied by a sudden and extraordinary creamy wetness that permeated her vagina. He began to flick his tongue quickly and gently along the sensitive surface of her exposed womanhood. She alternately sensed the warmth of his breath and then the cool wetness of the room's air against the damp hairs of her vulva as he breathed in and out against her. She sensed that she would not hold on long before her senses would overwhelm her and she would orgasm. Normally, she would have welcomed this release, but she was being transported so far from ordinary pleasure that she feared an orgasm would bring this altered state to a premature end.

As she cried out for him to stop, her blurred and muffled moans reminded her of the handkerchief that her husband had tied around her mouth. As the passionate and unintelligible sounds emanating from her rose higher in pitch, the sexual intensity of the room rose too, by several degrees. Instinctively, her smooth, black, bare-chested lover pulled himself away from between her legs and began to remove his briefs, leaving her cool and moist crotch in desperate anticipation of further pleasures.

Her husband had seen the black man at the gym where he went on occasion to play basketball. The young man worked as a lifeguard at a local health club during the last several summers. While most of the guys at the gym were in very good physical condition, it would never have occurred to the husband to think about them as partners for his wife. Why would it? After all, he was as possessive of his voluptuous wife as any other guy would be. He had a wonderfully close partnership with his wife and their evenings were frequently filled with loving and joyful sexual relations and there was no sense that anything was missing. Yet one day, as he saw the young man's limber muscles ripple as the stud pulled a towel across his upper back, something clicked. That this quiet and unassuming young man exuded a raw, youthful and intense a****l sexuality should have been irrelevant to the husband. The young man was simultaneously muscular, powerful and hard, but also smooth and gentle looking. And while he felt sure that he was not attracted to the man in any physical way, he sensed that his wife would be swept away by him. He sometimes fancied that because of his close relationship with his wife he could almost see the world from her perspective, and thus he thought he knew what would drive her wild. In his mind he held a vivid image of his shy wife in the throes of ecstasy while being ravaged by him, as if by an exotic black b**st.

During their many years of lovemaking they had experimented with videos, pictures and story magazines. While they had often enjoyed the excitement of these stimulating fantasies, it had always been understood that neither partner would actually involve an outside person in their sex life. It couldn't be denied, however, that his wife seemed to get turned-on by scenarios that depicted black men getting it on with someone else's wife. The scene from Behind the Green door when that large black cock ravished Marilyn Chambers into a screaming gut wrenching orgasm, especially turned Frances on, though she always denied it. After that particular day at the gym, he began to imagine how exciting it might be if he were to surprise his wife with the gift of this man's sexual energy for just one special night.

Robert's wife was active socially and was well regarded in her neighborhood community as someone who was helpful to others and especially active in the catholic school causes where their c***dren attended. Yes Frances was indeed a good old Irish Catholic girl who even wore plaid uniforms while attending a private all girl Catholic high school when she and Robert started dating. Frances was modest and proper; she would certainly resist the notion of such a sordid meeting if they jointly discussed plans for such a meeting together. If this fantasy evening were to happen, it would have to happen on Robert's initiative, and on the spur of the moment. He would have no backup plan if the youth was not interested or, if after things progressed to a late stage, his wife wanted to back out. Thus, the chances of a wild night of pleasure for his wife involving someone, whom to her was a total stranger, were certainly slim. After a long winter and spring of private fantasy, the husband happened to be at the gym one afternoon as the young man was about to leave.

"It's been a long time since I've seen you here. Are you working in town this year?"

He had broken the ice. Through the brief conversations that they engaged in over the next few weeks, he discerned that the lifeguard, whose name was Daryl, was spending his last summer at the club to earn money before he would be leaving for the West Coast to pursue an MBA. Daryl had recently broken up with his girlfriend, the one and only girl he had ever been with, ending a monogamous relationship that had begun when they were each f******n years old. His girlfriend had been upset that he had chosen to leave town, and thus her, to go to a prestigious graduate school. Daryl was now 23 years old, 9 years younger than Robert and 8 years younger than Frances.

Daryl was upset by his breakup and told Robert that he would be leaving for the West Coast in a few days. Feeling that it was "now or never", the husband offered to meet him at a bar so that Daryl could tell him his girl troubles. It was over drinks and after a long discussion about Daryl's girlfriend that the husband told his little "white lie." He confided to him that his wife had never been able to have a vaginal orgasm. While this was true, the truth was that this had never mattered to either of them. The clear implication was that this was causing a strain on their marriage. If Daryl could somehow find his way past any embarrassment, Robert would surely appreciate his help....

After his twelve-year-old son and ten year old daughter had been picked up to spend the night at their grandparents house, Robert came up behind his wife, who was talking on the phone with a friend. While she was conversing, he snuggled her from behind and began rubbing her tummy and breasts in a provocative manner that usually got him what he wanted.

"I've got to go Barbara, one of my k**s needs me." Frances said before abruptly hanging up with her friend.

"I have a surprise for you darling. Are you ready for a sudden change of plans?"

"I know that look of yours Robert! Have you picked up one of those movies for us again?"

"Well, not exactly. This is going to require an open mind; I hope you'll trust me. You know how much I love you."

A short time later, they arrived at a nice, upscale hotel that they had never been to before. Their room had been reserved and ready for them before they reached the front desk.

When Daryl entered the hotel room, he was amazed by what he saw. Bound to the posts of the bed, with her legs wide apart, a handkerchief tied through her mouth, and wearing a slinky and inviting nightgown, was a sexy white woman. She was propped up with pillows so that she was well supported in a semi-reclining position near the foot of the bed and with her knees bent and legs spread. Her legs appeared smooth, silky, and very sexy. Her large breasts and large, sumptuous nipples were clearly visible through the sheer material of her lingerie.

Her brown eyes widened to saucer-shape as he approached, and her sounds of panic, while muffled and unintelligible, were quite unmistakable. Her blond, slightly wavy hair flowed luxuriously across her shoulders as she began to struggle against the silk restraints tied about her wrists. Daryl's first impulse was to turn back, but her robe-clad husband put his hand on his shoulder and prodded him a bit closer to his wife and the bed.

"This little ritual is all part of how my wife is able to get excited,” the husband quietly and confidentially said close to Daryl's ear. While this was an outright lie, it seemed the only way to keep things rolling. He was confident that his wife would settle in to this situation if given the proper time.

He continued in an undertone. "My wife and I have worked out a signal, and if she really wants to quit, I will let you know. I'll be sitting over here in the chair." As Robert retreated to his close vantage point, he felt misgivings, some possessiveness, possibly a bit of jealousy. He also now worried, more than a bit too late, how Frances might react to being thrust into this situation.

Darryl removed his shirt to reveal his sleek, yet muscular physique. As Robert's wife watched his every move, her struggling continued, but with slightly less urgency. As he removed his trousers and his strong thighs became visible, her vocalizations became quieter, almost questioning. She stared at the young black man, mesmerized, watching as his chest muscles and abdomen gracefully strained and relaxed while he removed his socks. At once, the shock of adrenaline and hormones flooding her system seemed to stun her, and she became almost motionless, frozen with her legs straining against the silk bindings keeping her legs wide open. Her head pulled back of its own accord and her eyelids began to close and flicker lightly and rapidly.

As Daryl advanced towards her, she suddenly renewed her struggle. But in contrast to the wild flailing she had exhibited when he had first entered the room, her movements now took on a more seductive, rhythmical and dance-like quality. Her arms and legs worked together so that she appeared to wiggle her breasts and hips in a slow, circular and undulating pattern.

The stranger approached and brought his face close to hers. He touched the back of her head and pulled lightly at the handkerchief and looked into her eyes as if to ask if she would like him to remove it for her. Her eyes maintained their lock on his, studying them. She nervously shook her head back and forth to gesture "no" to let him know that she wished to keep the cloth in place. Oddly, the handkerchief afforded her some sense of control, as she felt she was not ready for him to kiss her mouth. It was also apparent to her that the gag would give her the freedom to scream out loudly and without inhibition. Still, his offer made her feel that she could somehow trust him. He came around and kneeled behind her. His lips began to play softly over her exposed upper shoulder and across the back of her neck. He nibbled gently on her ear as his cold hands first gripped her gown-covered shoulders. As he continued to arouse her with gentle kisses, his hands warmed up and worked their way across to her chest. He began to massage her breasts through the soft, thin fabric of her nightgown. As he gently pinched and rolled her erect nipples, she rolled her head back gracefully to make his lips contact the front of her neck. His lips and tongue made their way up the side of her neck and he began to lightly nibble the lobe of her ear. She emitted a low groan that undeniably signaled her pleasure. As he gently breathed into and tongued the opening of her ear, he began to clench at her gown, gradually hiking up the material so that her gown no longer covered her crotch fully. Due to the way her legs were tethered to the bed, her cunt was soon exposed, open and vulnerable....

Robert watched from the chair, trying not to become overly aroused too soon. He hoped that he could maintain his composure so that when Daryl was finished with his wife, he too would be able to make love to her. This was proving to be quite a challenge. He watched this young but expert lover climb off the bed and approach his wife's glistening crotch, head-on, a massive bulge straining the black man's briefs.

Although it had been only ten minutes or so since Daryl had arrived, Robert was close to the point of losing it. A big part of his problem was that he had been in an almost constant state of excitement for the past several hours leading up to this moment.

Each progressive step towards the point of no return, 1) the packing of the suitcase with the new lingerie, silk scarves, handkerchiefs and a comb.
2) Calling Daryl to confirm that they were "on" for this evening, 3) talking his wife into checking into the hotel for the night, and 4) the 20 minute drive to the hotel, had left Robert more than a bit over-stimulated. Calling Daryl from the hotel while Frances was finishing her bath in the bathroom to give him the 30-minute countdown as well as the room number of the hotel had actually caused his hands to shake a bit. And when Robert finally tied each of his wife's wrists, ankles and thighs securely and comfortably to the room's elegant wrought-iron bed frame, he was practically buzzing.

Before he secured the gag over her mouth, he let his wife know that this evening’s activity would be a different scenario from their occasional light-bondage fantasy. Frances seemed a bit worried, but before any words could get in the way, Robert fastened the cloth over her tongue, across her cheeks and behind her head. He primped her in her nightgown and gently stroked her hair with her favorite brush until it practically radiated energy. He took a comb from the suitcase and began to gently stroke her pubic hair. He correctly thought that Frances would assume this foreplay would be to ready her for himself. They heard a quiet knocking at the door. Frances was more that a bit surprised when Robert gave her a peck on the cheek and got up to answer the door. Suddenly she knew that the rules had changed.

Daryl's massive cock came roaring out of its den with inadequate warning. Although the deftness of his wet tongue on her clit had stirred her longing for him, nothing could have truly prepared Frances, (nor Robert for that matter) for the shock of seeing the young black man's enormous, fully erect penis for the first time. As he stepped closer, she stared hypnotically as his huge, pendulous boner swung from side to side, its thick base anchored to his torso like the trunk of an imposing, ancient tree. It looked to be almost twice the length of her husbands and at least three times as thick around. It also had a noticeable curve in it that made the monster cock look even more intimidating. Adrenaline pumped through her body and her vulva lubricated itself yet further with a thick wetness with which to welcome it. Her body, as if by autonomic reflex, seemed to be priming itself for the onslaught of this huge sex organ. Frances, bound and prone, felt palpably that she was now prey snared by a ravenous predator. She had a sense, on a visceral level, of the inevitable; she knew what would come next. As the implications of the shocking length and incredible thickness of his prick began to register in her mind, her intense, primal desire to have him deep within her paradoxically awoke her from her near hypnotic sexual reverie.

Suddenly the reality of actually being ravished by such a large phallus caused her to panic. She had always tried to appear to be a proper and upright woman as well as a devoted wife, and she wasn't sure she could deal with the guilt of having been fucked like this in front of her husband. She suddenly became outraged that Robert had put her into this position. But in the next instant it came to her that this had been all her husband's doing, and that she could actually come out of this with perhaps the greatest fuck of her life AND the moral edge of having done this for her husband. This was a "no-lose" situation!

As Daryl wet the palm of his hand and lightly spread the lubrication over his gigantic penis, she began to wriggle, struggling seductively against the resistance of her silk bindings. She was provocative and brilliant as she played the part of a helpless victim. Frances began to revel in the pure naughtiness of her situation, thoroughly turned-on by realization that she was about to be fucked by this magnificent black male right under her husband's nose. She was certainly not going to hold back for Robert's benefit!

Daryl, too, seemed to have lost any inhibition he might have harbored; he knelt on the bed, sort of crawling in between her tethered legs, all the while looking intensely into Fran’s eyes. He now was kneeling between her legs, kissing her on the thighs, moving up to her slightly rounded stomach, all the while pushing the sheer nightgown upwards exposing more of Frances’ flesh as he went, kissing her belly button, continuing upwards with his tongue, sending sheer shivers up and down Fran’s spine, licking her sensitive nipples, taking each into his mouth and sucking on them and then running his tongue up and down her throat. As he kissed his way up Fran’s body, Robert could see the monstrously thick and curved love machine beginning to glisten as it slid through and over Fran’s soaked sex lips. Robert watched through what seemed to him to be someone else’s eyes as he saw Fran’s hips slowly gyrating, sliding almost un-perceptively, up and down Daryl’s pole. It was as though she was attempting to impale herself on it. Each little thrust slid along Daryl’s organ and lubricated it further; Robert was amazed at the sheer size. Daryl’s testicles did not hang down but were drawn up tight against his body (perhaps because of the sexual tension that permeated the room). They appeared to form a sack as large as a small g****fruit with each nut clearly outlined and the size of a large grade “A” egg. Robert wished that Fran’s hands were free so that she could fondle Daryl’s nut sack, something she greatly seemed to enjoy doing with Roberts much smaller pair.

Daryl pulled Fran’s gown up to her chin and realized that the bindings on Fran’s arms prevented its removal finally just tore it off in pure a****l lust, leaving Fran completely naked and exposed to her young, hung lover. His strong arms and large hands worked their way beneath her, past the small of her back, and down to her butt before lifting her ass cheeks to spread her wide open from below. She was full of anticipation as she felt his large pole begin to probe her labia lips. Daryl rubbed the massive dick head up and down Fran’s wet slit, stroking her surprisingly large clit (Robert had always teased her that she had no clit and now there it was, looking all the world like a small thumb sticking out, erect and purple with passion.) Her labia lips were flushed and extremely swollen as the fuck weapon continued its journey up and down Fran’s pussy slit. Daryl was supporting himself with one hand on the bed while the other was being used to torture Fran’s obviously hungry slit. Robert noticed that Fran had raised her head and her eyes were wide with pure lust. He could see her straining forward to look into first Daryl’s eyes and then to the apex of her legs were the object of her desire was being used to send her into an ecstatic frenzy. Fran leaned her head back and Robert could see her nostrils flaring and hear deep moans emanating from somewhere in the room, finally realizing it was coming from HER throat.

In an instant later Daryl’s dick head found her opening and penetrated her, the massive width of his rock-hard dick stretching her vagina in unfamiliar ways. A sense of intrusion and fullness began to overwhelm her now suddenly too-small cunt. She felt that she truly might not be able to contain his member within her as he pushed first tentatively and then ever deeper into her, causing excitement and providing a type of internal stimulation she had never experienced before. She was amazed at the size difference as she always just barely felt Robert’s cock inside of her but enjoyed the friction it created and now this stud was filling her up and stretching her beyond her wildest imagination. Almost reflexively, her pelvic muscles tightened and attempted to squeeze closed, as if to repel the advance of his huge cock within her. But because she was spread so wide, this movement actually served to massage Daryl's thick rod in a way that invited further penetration. As she bore down with her pelvic muscles, the walls of her vagina closed comfortably around his rigid cock, and when she let up on the gripping, he slid yet further into her vagina. Instinctively, her body repeated these muscular contractions, and in an instant their sex organs tuned themselves to each other. Suddenly they were engaged in what was for Frances a new and unfamiliar, yet intimate and passionate dialog, so natural it seemed "right."

The two lovers were now working together as a team, each partner's effort intensifying their own and each other's pleasure. As he pumped his massive, thick rod in and out of her creamy cunt, her feminine cistern sang back to him in a language of gripping contractions, and viscous, smooth muscle massage. Every cell in her body felt alive and tuned to this new frequency, and she desired only that this bliss should continue forever. His grunts and heavy breathing in her ear played counterpoint to the primal, involuntary wails of pleasure that escaped more from her nostrils than her mouth. The primitive, limbic, portion of her brain commanded her legs, thighs, and her hostage gluteus muscles to intensify the coordinated vaginal massage of his powerfully hard and throbbing penis.

From Robert’s vantage point he could see with sheer amazement the intrusion of the thick dark pole into his wife’s very depths. He watched, in awe, as Fran’s thick-lipped labia stretched to its maximum around her lover’s monstrous penis. He stared as the curved weapon thrust in and slowly withdrew. Each thrust gaining another inch or so of depth. He could see Fran’s short trimmed curly brown pubic hair, being pushed inward, along with those thick labia lips, with each thrust and slowly pulled outward as the cock withdrew slightly, getting ever more soaked by their combined lubrication. Robert was focused on how it seemed as though Fran’s organ took on a life of its own as it appeared to clutch at Daryl’s’ cock, not wanting to let go. The wet pubic hair was sticking to the thick intruder as though grasping on for dear life. At one point Daryl’s cock slipped completely out and Robert could actually see Fran’s vagina, gaping and pulsating wildly as though it were a hungry baby’s mouth seeking to get the life giving nipple back into place. Daryl’s dick quickly found Fran’s entrance and slid in easily, forming, once again, that amazing huge oval in Fran’s body.

Finally Robert was amazed when Daryl buried himself balls deep into Fran and they were actually grinding their pelvises against one another while emitting guttural sounds from their throats. At that point Robert quietly went over to the bed and untied the silk scarves that bound Frances’ feet. Robert could see Fran’s face and was floored when he saw that Fran’s eyes were completely rolled back into her head and only the whites were showing. Sensing that her feet were now free, Fran instinctively d****d her ankles over Daryl’s calves. This raised Fran’s hips and allowed both a better access to her depths for Daryl and a much better view of the erotic assault for Robert who had resumed his position seated in the chair. When Daryl finally started to pump in and out again, Robert saw a thick white cream coating the entire length of Fran’s lovers cock. Robert realized that this was not Daryl’s cum, BUT Fran’s. He had never seen her juices so apparent and so abundant. Fran then raised her legs up and locked her ankles just above Daryl’s hips. He could hear Fran moaning, through her gag, “Oh God, Oh my god, Oh God”. She then would squeal in a very high-pitched voice, then repeat her Oh God mantra. This went on for several minutes when Robert very distinctly heard Fran scream “Oh my God, don’t stop, harder, fuck me harder, oh my God, Fuck my cunt you bastard, fuck me”.

Never had Robert heard Fran use those words in all the years that he had known her. Yes indeed, here was this good Catholic girl, his wife of twelve years, his companion of 15, begging, NO, demanding her young black lover to “fuck her cunt” Daryl’s pace picked up tremendously and with each downward stroke, Frances would thrust upward violently digging her heels into the small of Daryl’s back and creating a very load slapping sound when their bodies would meet. Robert could see Fran’s asshole convulsing wildly as she thrust upwards and ground her pelvis into Daryl. It was very obvious that Fran was in the midst of a continual orgasm, as her muffled screams of “Oh my God, fuck me, fuck me please keep fucking me with that magnificent cock, Oh God how I love that cock. Fuck my cunt, don’t stop, don’t stop” repeated over and over. Then her screams became incoherent, soon reduced to very, very load and extremely deep moans coming from what surely were the very depths of Fran’s being. Robert was glad that he had placed the scarves over Fran’s mouth, for surely the entire hotel, if not the city, would have shared in her passion.

After an interval that seemed at once infinite and fleeting, the drama of this muscular wrestling match deep within her body began to near its apogee. Sensing the inevitable, Daryl plunged even deeper into her wet cunt as the two lovers simultaneously succumbed to massive orgasms. His penis began to spasm powerfully within her as he climaxed, releasing his prodigious load deeply within her and f***efully against her wide-open cervix. Fran’s legs were squeezing Daryl’s hips hard against her and pulling him even deeper into her. His balls were visibly contracting as each spasm sent his torrent of searing hot cum deep into her depths. In response, her vagina contracted in an intense orgasm and released even more creamy wetness, and her cervix instinctively welcomed as much of his love juice as possible, as her nervous system temporarily sent her mind and body into a new dimension, beyond critical thought, beyond time and place, beyond all worldly concerns...

Robert had watched, from just a few feet away as the fruition of his carefully crafted plan was realized. He had watched as his wife had left him and everything else they shared, briefly, for a new place that he could only imagine. His mental state was a confused mixture of erotic stimulation, jealousy, envy and overflowing love for his wife. Daryl was endowed beyond all expectations, and clearly his wife had enjoyed the encounter with the black man well beyond any of his secret fantasies. When the rhythm of Frances and Daryl's shared rapture slowed and then finally abated, Robert realized that all his goals had been reached, down to the detail of his maintaining his erection without ejaculation.

As Fran’s ankles unlocked and released that death grip that had held the black man’s love muscle so deeply within her, Daryl slowly extricated himself from Frances. Robert watched as the large, thick black cock slowly withdrew from Fran’s gaping vagina’s entrance with an audible plop. A large volume of clear liquid shot from her, soaking the bed sheets in a two-foot diameter followed by an almost over whelming amount of a mixture of both their ejaculations. As Frances lay with the soles of her feet flat on the bed and her legs spread wide open the stream erotically wound its way down the crack from Frances’ splayed cunt lips down pass her ass and ended up pooling on the sheet causing a small white lake of cum at the base of Fran’s body. Her vulva was visibly swollen and her vagina was still grotesquely gaping open and wildly convulsing, obviously very much in the throes of a continuing orgasm.

Daryl climbed down from the bed. His still semi hard dark cock glistening with both of their love juices, swaying like a miniature baseball bat hanging down his thigh and was unbelievably at least as thick as Robert’s wrist. Robert was amazed that just seconds ago his wife had taken that whole ebony cock, with ease, deep into her very depths. Daryl quickly dressed himself. Robert quietly thanked Daryl and then e****ted him to the door so that he could be alone with his wife. Robert returned to her and removed the wet handkerchief from her face. Her body felt warm, limp and soggy as he held her close. Her breathing was still quick as she whispered to him that she loved him, and kissed him on the mouth warmly and sloppily. He untied her hand scarves from the bedposts, leaving them still around her wrists. As he lied down beside her, she summoned the energy to roll over half-upon him and kiss him sweetly. "Touch me," she breathed into his ear.

He touched her as he had so many times before and thought that she felt somehow different to him. He became highly aroused as she placed her hand gently, lovingly, around his penis. She massaged and fondled Robert’s testicles and when Robert looked down at her hand, he noticed that the pair barely filled the palm of her hand. He wondered if she was mentally comparing and he a sense of relief knowing that she never had the chance to “play” with Daryl’s sack. As he gently massaged her engorged and slippery clitoris with his sensitive fingers (it was now very easy to find as it protruded a good inch from her body), she in turn became aroused again as she sensed her husband's attentiveness. The previous stimulation and the closeness of her husband overwhelmed her and she quickly buckled and stiffened, moaning loudly, as she came in a most unusual wonderful way for her. Her orgasms seemed to come very quickly and easily from that point on.

She put her heels closer together and threw open her thighs, exposing her swollen, wet labia to welcome him into her. He wasted no time mounting her. His stiff 5 1/2” and now comparatively thin cock was able to penetrate her very wet, very loose, and highly lubricated labia with absolutely no resistance. As they passionately kissed, Frances gave herself completely now to him. As he plunged into her, Robert could actually hear sloshing sounds form Fran’s just completed liaison, he experienced a vague feeling, at once unsettling yet also exciting, that he was fucking a woman other than his wife. He played only but a dozen strokes in her seemingly cavernous, hot, wet and creamy vagina before releasing within her, his enormous hot load; the product of all of his love and prolonged stimulation joined the still large amount of seminal fluid previously deposited much more deeply by her large black lover.

A few minutes later they each got up to pee. When they returned they snuggled and fell fast asl**p in each other's arms. They stirred from sl**p together some hours later, murmuring and kissing as they renewed their commitment and love for each other. She was still oozing semen down her thighs from those evening’s proceedings.

For many nights their shared experience of that special night fueled hot, passionate sessions of lovemaking. While both Robert and Frances felt that they were tuned in to one another, they never talked too explicitly of that evening's events. Once or twice Robert had tried to find out from Frances just "how good" Daryl had been, but Frances would only say that the night had been "very special" and that she had "enjoyed the closeness of both men in different ways." Robert had left it at that, feeling good that he had been able to provide such an exciting experience to his loving wife.

Fran was back into the local Church thing, her c***dren and parents. Back to her close friend Barbara. Robert often wondered if Frances shared her adventure with Barbara. Barbara always had a quiet grin on her face when he was around, somewhat like a Cheshire cat. He secretly wondered what would happen if he set Barbara up with a stud like Daryl. Would that smile be wiped off of that prim and proper woman’s face and be replaced by unbridled lust as that giant penis plunged to the very depths of her soul? Would she scream out for her lover to “fuck her like the slut she was” as her womanhood was stretched to its very limits with each stroke? How would she react when the swinging weapon was revealed, long, dark and thick? Robert wondered and just smiled knowingly back at Barbara, imagining.

Indeed, that night at the hotel had come about because of Robert's intuition and initiative, proof that he would indeed do anything to bring his wife pleasure. It had truly been an exceptional experience; an experience that Fran secretly hoped would be repeated.

Two years passed since that evening, Fran and Robert’s son had entered high school and their daughter was in the seventh grade. Although Fran never openly acknowledged her desire to repeat the events of that evening two years ago, she did agree to allow Robert to purchase a rather large and very life like brown rubber dildo and it was Fran who named it “Daryl 2”. Fran would cum violently whenever her rubber Daryl 2 was used, so Robert knew that evening was always in the back of Fran’s mind. But she continued to deny it.

It was then an overwhelming surprise when Robert received a long distance call from San Francisco. When Robert spoke to the caller he was stunned to hear Daryl’s voice. Daryl told Robert that he had received his masters and landed a very high paying job in Frisco and that he would like to celebrate his good fortune with Fran and himself. Daryl stated, that if they agreed, he would like to fly them out to Las Vegas to be with Daryl for a week, all expenses to be bourn by Daryl. Robert wrote down his phone number and told Daryl that he would get back to him as soon as possible.

When Robert hung up the phone Frances asked who had called. Robert responded by telling Fran that they had won an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas (not actually a lie) and that Robert had to call back to set up the dates, if they could get away. Frances was very excited and contacted her mother to see if she could watch the two c***dren for a week. No problem. The dates were set for the end of the next month. Robert called Daryl back when Fran was out of the house and they made the arrangements.

The plane tickets and hotel reservations (Caesars Palace no less) arrived by certified mail in less than three days. The next month dragged on forever.

As Frances packed the bags the evening before the trip, Robert took the c***dren to their grandparents and then returned home to pack his own overnight bag. In it were some silk scarves, a very sexy nightgown, a handkerchief, a brush and a comb. He was sure Frances would have approved. The rest is a story to be told at a later date.
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The Sexual Awakening Part 2


I sat at the Breakfast table with my head down, as I shovelled a spoonfull of Cheerios in my mouth mom broke the silence. "So how was tits?" she asked. "I'm sorry what?" I asked not sure what I heard was right. "How was it, your birthday I mean? Get any good gifts from you friends at school?" My mind flashed back to Mrs. Macy f***efully fucking me in her office and I must've smiled because mom said "That good huh?"

"Yeah it for the record books." I said with a smile. "Are you finished?" Mom said gesturing to the empty bowl. "Yeah, here." I said handing it to her. "So what do you have planned fir today?" "Ben's coming over to work on...on a little Science Project." "What like for school?" she asked. "Yeah something like that." As if on cue there was a rapid knock at the door. "There he is now." I said going over to the door. I opened up and Ben was fidgiting, shuffling from one foot to the other. "Dude what the Hell's wrong with you?" I asked quietly. "I couldn't sl**p man, I just stayed up all night working. I might've had 12 cups of coffee too." "Well stop it you're freaking me out!" Ben and I walked past the livingroom where mom was watching "Good Morning America". "Morning Benjamin." she said as we walked by. "Yeah you to Mrs. Oh!"

"So first things first Cam did you *SQUEAKY SQUEAKY* with mommy last night?" I looked at him crosseyed "No now stop being gross." I said. "Hey I'm not trying to be, this is for science!" "There was a moment this morning when I...I thought she was looking at me like a tiger would look at a piece of raw meat. But it was probably just my imagination." "Yeah or the power of the Watch makes your mom Cock hungry." "Why are you so fixated on my Mom Ben?" I asked. "OK now don't shoot the messenger or anything but in all honesty, your mom is smokin' hot!" "What?" I asked. "Dude do you not see it?" he asked. "Here's a picture of my mom." he said holding up his Droid Phone. "She's very...pretty I said." "Yeah she...she's something alright. She's what my zayde calls "Prost" as in plain. Now look at your mom, she's 42 and looks like a supermodel." "I'm not gonna bang my Mom so just drop it!" I said. "Ok fine!" he said and dropped the subject.
"Now where do we start?" I asked. "We go to the beginning, the watch's origin." he said. "How old is it exactly." he asked. "All my Mom said is that Grandpa Brandon had it with him on Normandy in 1944. But it has the f****y crest carved in it so it could be older." "Is that was that is, I thought it war a rabbit." "Yeah it is a Rabbit...or a Hare as in O'Hare a typical Irish name." "I think I know where our first stop will be." He said handing me his phone. "Alexe's Jewelry...why here?" I asked "One it's close, just a few blocks away. And two it says they are experts in watch repair."

Ben and I hurried past my mom and we were out the door. After fifteen minutes we were at Alexe's storefront. "See what did I say." We opened the door and walked inside to a tinkling bell. "Hold on I'll be right with ya." Alexe, a bent and greying old man said from beyond the room. "Hey Cam over here." Ben said pointing to a display of pocket watches. "How can I help you?" Alexe asked emerging from the back. "What can you tell us about this watch?" I asked handing it over. "Hum...yes." Alexe said looking at the watch with a Jewellers scope. "It's old." he blirted out. "That's's old? I coulda told you that." Ben said. "Well truth be told I know rings, but my granddaughter she knows Watches... Nadia come here!" Alexe called to the back. "This is my Granddaughter Nadia old watch expert. Nadia help these boys." Alexe said. When Nadia entered the room time stood still, she was an incredibly hot 28 year old woman with golden blonde hair that down came to her waist. As she moved her tight T-shirt would ride up revealing a tight stomach with impressive abdominal muscles. So looked at the watch with these deep piercing blue eyes. "It's a 1911 Schroder, a Swiss made watch. It's in very good shape, where did you get it?" she asked. "It belonged to my Grandfather." I said. "It's Impressive, you don't see 1911 Schroder's they're incredibly rare." "Why is that?" I asked. "Legend says that the entire run, of Twenty was destroyed due to a Manufacturing mistake...come around back I wanna open her up and look at the springs." She said. "Papa, I'm taking the boy to the back to check out the gears." she said. "Ok Nadia." Alexe said. "I'll wait here Cam, I'm looking for something to get my mom for her Birthday anyway."

Nadia grabbed my hand and led me into the back room, past shelves stocked with all manner of junk until we came to a table with a lighted magnifier and a series of finely tuned instruments. "Just sit right there while I open her up." Nadia said pointing to a chair next to the table.

The inside of the watch was crammed with springs, coils and gears whose purpose was beyond me. "That's interesting!" Nadia said. "What is?" I asked. "This coil design, I've only seen it once. It's the personal style of Milo Rembaldi, a reclusive genius from the early 20th century. There's no record of him working for the Schroder Watch company unless..." she said looking at the case. "See these marks here, someone took the insides out of a 1911 Schroder and put in Rembaldi's could've been Rembaldi himself! That is one very special watch you have." Nadia said closing it up and handing it to me. "Thanks Nadia that was...very informative." I said. I was about to stand when Nadia put her hand on my knee. "Not yet." she said

Nadia dropped to her knees and slowly unzipped my pants. She pulled them down to my shins and repeated the action with my shorts. I gripped the side of the table as she slid her tongue around my cock. She looked up at me and slid it gently into her gaping maw. My eyes darted from hers to the door, I kept careful watch in hopes that Alexe wouldn't enter. She pulled her head back and gasped for breath as a tendral of spit flew from her mouth. She smeared it on my prick as lubricant then stood and turned. She dropped her pants and bent over a nearby stack of boxes. I hurried over and quickly slid it in. She began to moan as I increased my pace. To stifle the sound I put my hand over her mouth, which she took as an invitation to perform Fellatio on my fingers. Wanting to finish as fast as possible I increased my pace and came very hard. "Oh my god that was intense!" Nadia said her body trembling. "Yeah you can say that again." I muttered. She pulled my face close to hers and kissed me. "Come back anytime." she said with a giggle.

I quickly put my pants back on and got out of Dodge.

"Ben we're leaving." I said exiting the backroom. "Ok boys see you around ya." Alexe said to our backs. "So what did she say about the watch?" Ben asked. "Well the case is from the Schroder Watch company made in 1911. It's rare because all watches were reportedly destroyed due to a 'Manufacturing Error". "What type of error, the 'They make women super horney error"? Ben said. "That's only the tip of the Weird-Berg. It seems that the internal mechanisms were designed by some reclusive genius named Milo Rembaldi." "Rembaldi, I know him. He was like the 20th century Leonardo Da Vinci. What else did she say?" "It got kinda hard for her to talk after that with my balls in her mouth!" I said panicked. "No way, you got blown by that hot Russian chick while her grandfather was in the next room, dude that's bold shit! Do you realise what would've happened if Alexe caught you, he would've turned you into Borscht for sure he was an Olympic Wrestler." "This is getting insane Ben, I can't go anywhere without women trying to jump my bones." Ben stopped trying to digest what I just said. "Oh I'm so sorry Cam, all the hot women begging to get fucked by you must be real unpleasant." "It's not that Ben...I'm starting to enjoy it." "And that's a bad thing?" he asked. "What if it takes over and I turn into some...sexual deviant?" "If it makes you feel any better how about this. If you ever get out of control I'll be there to stop you, deal?" he said holding out his hand. "Deal!" I said shaking it.

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The Sexual Awakening Part Three


I was so overwhelmed by the events of those last two days I stayed inside all of Sunday, hiding in seclusion in my room. But by Monday I knew it was time to go back to school.

"Cameron are you alright?" My mother asked tapping my shoulder through my blanket. "I'm not feeling well." I said from underneath the feather down comforter. "You stayed inside all day yesterday now it's time to get up!" I poked my head out and sighed "Fine!"

I got out of bed and quickly showered. As I got dressed I was about to put the watch on be decided against it, I instead left it where it was. I made my way to the kitchenette where mom hand breakfast waiting, scrambled eggwhites and toast. I piled the eggs between to slices of toast and was out the door.

"Hey didn't see you at all Sunday." Natalie said from inside her apartment." I walked over and looked inside. "Oh yeah wasn't feeling well yesterday." "Oh poor baby." she said with a smile. "I was gonna give you this on your birthday but I had to work." she said handing me a box with a red bow on it. "You didn't have to..." "I wanted to." Natalie said cutting me off. I opened the box and moved aside a sheet of tissue paper to reveal a comic book in a plexiglass case. "Incredible Hulk Issue #181! That's the first appearance of Wolverine. And it's PGX 8.5...that's an $800 comic how did you...?" "I know a guy who got me a good deal." I was so overcome that I practically lunged at her and gave her a big hug. "You're welcome." she said elated. "That's not all" she said going into her room off the kitchen. "I have one more surprise for you." she said. I was so busy looking at the book that I didn't notice until it was to late. "Here's your real present."

I turned and saw Natalie standing in her doorway completly naked. I wanted to turn and run, to say thanks but no thanks. But the sight of my longtime Masturbation fantasy realised, my feet were glued to the floor. "Don't just stand there." she said rubbing her pussy. I could feel my cock throbbing in my rapidly tightening shorts and I followed her inside. She slid on the bed and looked at me with a wicked smile. I suddenly felt a switch flip deep inside me, an a****listic urge that man hadn't consciously felt in thousands of years." I tore off my clothes like a wild man and jumped on the bed. "That's how you like it?" Natalie asked? She turned away from me sticking her ass is the air. "Fuck me 'Wolverine!" she said.

I woke up lying in the bed. Natalie's head was resting on my chest and she was gentily rubbing my cock with her index finger. Without thinking I took a picture with my iPhone. "Hey." I said as the shutter sound clicked. "Hey!" she said with a bright smile plastered on her face. "How was it?" I asked. Natalie stood up and stretched her arms above her head. "In a word...Orgasmalicious." she said rubbing herself. "That's not a word." I said sitting up. "Well it should be, especially after that! I never thought my body would stop twitching." she said going into her bathroom.

I stood up and got dressed. "What time is it?" I asked. "It's just about noon." she said. " was 7:30 last I knew." "Yeah I know, usually it's over in five minutes. You've got some stamina Cam!" "i gotta get to school." I said. "I'll give you a ride, I'm due at work for the lunch rush." she said exiting wearing a Waitress' uniform. "Oh you're a waitress?" I asked. "Oh I'm a dancer over at the Kit Kat Klub. This is my stage persona, I'm 'Cherry Pie' a naughty waitress." "do you dance to the song "Cherry Pie" by Warrant too?" I asked. "No, but that's a good idea." "Ben is never gonna let me hear the end of this!" I said to myself.

Natalie pulled her Honda Civic up to the school and stopped. "If you ever wanna hook up again just stop on by." she said kissing me. "I'll think about it." I said with a smile. I exited the car and she drove off down the street. "Hey O'Hare!" a voice shouted at me. I turned and saw thyroid case Derek Silver sitting on the hood of his 2012 Mustang with his cronies smoking. "You're such a pussy you let your mom kiss you on the lips?" he asked. "Who Natalie?" I asked. "That's not my mom she's my downstairs neighbor." I said. "I missed the bus so she..umm..gave me a ride." I said with a smirk. "She probably did it out of charity, a "Help a Virgin Day" or something."

The sound of Derek and his ilk laughing made me angry and in my anger I did something that would change things for quite a while. "As it happens Derek, I'm not a Virgin!" I said stepping to him. "Oh yeah...prove it." I pulled out my iPhone and called up the picture I took earlier. "See!" I said. It was actually a good shot you could see Natalie, face and all nuzzling my spent cock and my face so you'd know it was me. "How did a twip like you score a babe like that?" he asked. "I can score with any babe!" I said throwing down the perverbial gauntlet. "And you choose!" I said. "Fine then, I choose Missy!" he said. "Missy Wright, your girlfriend?" I asked. "Yeah, she loves me and she'll never go for a geek like you!" "How long do I have?" I asked. "Until the end of the school day." he said chuckling. "That's less than three hours." I shouted back. "Than you better get going Casablanca!" "I think you mean Casanova." I said correcting him. "Whatever freak, get going." he said.

The challenge was on, the only problem was where to find Missy.
To Be Cumtinued...... Continue»
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The Sexual Awakening Part 5: The Bump in the Road

One Month later...

When news broke that the school's power couple broke up, you'd think someone had died. And when it was discovered that I was the one who broke Missy and Derek up I became more of a parah than I already was. Worst of all Missy lost all of her "dearest" friends too. "Who needs them when I have you." she would say. But as brave a face as she put on, I could tell she was hurting. Ben was also very cross with me, but for a very different reason. "I can't believe you're giving up the gift you've been given!" he would say. "You could be banging all types of chicks but no, you settle down with Missy Wright? I have no social life so I have to live vicariously through you!" When I told Missy what Ben said (with some obvious editing of course) she had an idea. "I know just the girl for Ben, my cousin Amy!" Missy's Cousin Amy lived in town but went to the other Highschool. "They'll get along great!" Missy said. And she was right so long as I kept my distance.

As the days got warmer on the clothes came off I found it hard to concentrate. The primate part of my brain screamed at me to mount every woman I saw and for awhile I was content with my make out sessions and heavy petting with Missy but by the start of summer vacation I was getting antsy.

I found myself alone one afternoon walking down the city's main drag when I came to a roped of section of Downtown. A group of people had gathered near the barriers with camera phones out hoping to catch a glimpse of...something. "Hey, what's going on?" I asked a lookie lou. "There's a movie filning over at Donatella's." he said. "Really?" I asked. "Yep and check out whose there!" he said holding up his phone. He zoomed the photo to show a very attractive blonde entering the restaurant surrounded by bodyguards. "Is that...?" "Scarlett Johansson, you bet!" "Wow Scar Jo in our rinky dink town!"

I still remember the first movie I saw Scarlett Johansson in, it was a campy film called "Eight Legged Freaks". She played the older s****r of the films main character, a young Spider expert who helps save a town overrun with giant mutated spiders. She had gone on to other roles in "Lost in Translation" and "Vicky Christina Barcelona" and "Iron Man 2" but this movie seemed like it was an independent film. In my heart I knew I had to be faithful to Missy but hooking up with Scarlett Johansson was an opportunity I couldn't afford to pass up.

I made my way to the far side of the barrier where the crowd wasn't as thick and made my way to the front just as the actors exited. People were shouting names left and right. cries of "Scarlett!" and "Ryan!" echoed through the cavernous street lined with boutiques and trendy coffeehouses, part of our towns beautify Main Street Campaign. The crowd held out there hands hoping to get a piece of one of the actors and I followed suit. It was either luck or Aphrodite's divine will that caused Scarlett's hand to connect with mine. The Hollywood star stopped dead in her tracks and turned to me. "Hi" she said with a sinful little smile. "Hi yourself." I said back. "So you're filming a movie in my town huh?" I added. "Yeah I didn't think much of it at first but it's starting to grow on me." she said winking. "So which one of our fabulous hotels are you staying in?" I asked. She looked around and leaned in close. "I'm staying at the Larchmont Inn under the name Betsy Ross. You should stop on by." she said unbuttoning the top button on gerald blouse. "I wouldn't miss it." I said with a smirk.

As Scarlett was ushered away vy her handlers the guy from ezrlier came over to me. "Hey guy what was that all about?" he asked. "Nothing...I'm just gonna nail Scarlett Johansson!" The guy just smirked "Yeah sure you are pal, and Kim Kardashian wants to sit on my face!"

I made it to the Larchmont Inn close to 11pm, I walked up to the desk and was met by an indifferent Concierge. "Can I help you...sir." he said with an air of condescention. "I'm here to see Betsy Ross." I said. He looked at me from behind a pair of almost comical glasses "I'm sure you are." the words fell from his thin lips like gunk dripping from an old trash can. "Just call Ms. Ross!" I said with some bite. He called up Scar Jo's room and his expression turned from indifference to shear panic. "I'm terribly sorry for ths confusion sir you may go up, your s****r's waiting, she's in Room 605."

I took the elevator up to the Sixth floor, which in our boring berg was the Penthouse suite. I knocked on the door marked 605 and slipped inside. "You made it, I was wondering if you got cold feet." she said holding a glass of wine. "It's not everyday the star of Eight Legged Freaks invites you to her hotel room." I said taking a sip. "You saw that movie?" she asked. "Saw, I own the DVD. If you take it for what it is it'd actually quite good." "And what is it exactly?" she asked. "A light and campy send-up of the 50's era giant insect films." I said taking off my jacket revealing my Black Widow T-shirt. "I see you're a fan of The Avengers." she said smiling. "I have over thirty that sounded better in my head then outloud!" She just smiled and turned away. "I was just about to hop in the shower if you wanna relax?" she said. "That is unless, you wanna join me." she said dropping her robe. I quickly disrobed and followed her inside. I stood in awe of her amazing body. I watched as the water cascaded down her smooth Ivroy skin and got hard as I spied her vagina. She was clean shave save for a teardrop shaped patch of blonde pubic hair. "You're getting ahead of yourself." she said noticing my erection. "Am I?" I asked. "You have to was me first." she said handing me her loofa. I lathered up the loofa and began to cleanse. I started at her neck and shoulders going down her back, past her rear and down to her feet. She turned around and the real fun began, I gently lathered up her very perky breasts and cleaned her stomach, "lady Business" then down to her feet. She grabbed the sponge from me and began to return the favor until she came face to face with my cock. She wrapped her petite hand around the shaft and began to tug some stiffness back into it. "You like my body?" she said standing up and cupping her breasts in her hands. "Is that a trick question?" I asked back. "Then enough flirting, take me now!" she said sitting down on the shower seat. I moved closer to her and bent down as she guided me in. It was like Nirvana inside her. She wasn't to loose, not too tight like a perfectly used pair of pants."

"oh my!" she said as I pushed inside. "You like that?" I asked. "Yes please, thank you for this!" she said wrapping her legs around my waist. "You fuck like a pro!" she said. "You haven't seen anything yet!" ... Continue»
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The Sexual Awakening Part 7: Getting Burned

I woke up in the hospital connected to IV's. "Oh Cameron thank god!" Mom said rushing to my bedside. "Where am I?" I asked unsure. "You're in the hospital baby don't you remember what happened?" I looked into my mother's eyes and it all came flooding back to me. After I told Natalie that I wasn't ready to be a father she went missing for a few days. The police were called and when they broke down the door they found her hanging from the ceiling. Her suicide not read "What's the point of living if I can't have him!". Everyone wondered who "him" was, but I knew it was me. Whatever happened to cause these women to become lustfully attracted to me was causing severe mental deterioration. I even noticed a change in Missy she was getting Paranoid calling and texting thirty times a day wondering where I was. When I finally went out to meet her she accused me of checking out other women. The last thing I remember clearly was the front door to the restaurant opening, the jingle of the entry bells and two loud cracks.

"It was Jenny dude, she shot you...and Missy." Ben said coming in. "Missy is she...?" "She's fine, just a graze. But you got hit square in the chest. Lost a lot of bl**d to." I looked at the bandage taped to my chest. "But I didn't....I mean I didn't even sl**p with Jenny." I said very confused. "The police found hundreds of photos and video of you on her computer. She's been stalking you for months!" "It's my fault Ben...this watch is a curse! The longer women are exposed to it's effects the more obsessed they become." As Ben sat down next to me it dawned on me that I was in a hospital. "Oh shit...the nurses Ben I gotta get outta here!" Ben stood up and pushed me back in the bed. "Relax Cam, I've been in and out of here for two days. The Nurses haven't once tried to mount you." he said. "I wonder why?" I asked. "Call me crazy but I think it's the bl**d. You had to have three seperate infusions during surgery. Whatever's causing you to be irresistible must be in the bl**d. "That's good for now, but I need a way to stop this madness once and for all Ben, can you find someone...Anyone who knows of Milo Rembaldi and his work?" Ben smiled and nodded. "You bet, don't worry Cam we'll fix this thing."

As Cam left I couldn't help but think to be a little optimistic.

The rest of the day went off without a hitch and by next morning I felt as if things were behind me.

"Good morning and how are we feeling today?" a nurse asked coming inside. "Oh much better nurse...?" "Oh sorry Gwen." she said holding up her nametag. "I have to check your wound so bear with me." Julie said crossing to my right. She reached over me and gently pulled the tape away. The wound was about 6 centimeters long and stitched. "No weeping...looks good." She crossed to the front and lifted my sheet. "What're doing?" I asked. "Oh I'm checking the circulation in your feet, it's common for patients confined to a bed." I looked around puzzled. "But I'm not confined to the bed." I said. "It's ok me." she said with a wink.

I have come to regard a wink as an alarm bell, especially among women. My fears were soon confirmed as her hand began to move up my leg. "Relax I'm just checking your pulse." she repeated. As her hand wrapped around my cock I wanted to scream, to cry **** but I knew that it wasn't Gwen's fault but rather mine own so I let it happen. I watched as Gwen began to suck my dick, running her slippery tongue down the sides getting it nice and wet. "Now for the good part!" she said climbing up on the bed. She lowered herself onto my stiff prick and began to ride it like a bucking bronco. I tried to think on anything else. To watch tv or listen to my music but my urges grabbed hold and I started getting involved. I reached up and wrapped my fingers around Gwen's throat. I pulled her down to my level and started kissing her. Our tongues probing each others mouthes. She tossed off her gauzy scrub top and pressed her big tits into my chest. I winced in pain as one 36 C tata pressed into my wound. Gwen smiled and jumped off, almost as if she knew I was gonna cum. She grabbed my dong and beat the cum out of it and onto her tits. "What a rush!" she said licking her cum drenched finger. "I'll see you again later cutie!"

I grabbed my cell and texted Ben. "You have got to get me outta!" ... Continue»
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The c***dren of the Watchers

This is a story about myth creation and syncretization. If you're offended by stories where your sacred texts are reinvented, then you may not wish to read this.

"Once upon a time, a long time ago before the Flood, the Watchers were on and above the earth. The Watchers' job was to observe and report the doings of human beings to God..."

"But they were really aliens instead of angels, weren't they Nadiya?"

"Yes, Sam, they were. You already know the story. Why do you want me to tell it again?"

"I like the way you tell it. Please, keep going."

"I will if you don't interrupt."

Samantha Holz eagerly shook her head. "I won't."

Thirty-year old Nadiya Coombs looked down into the face of her 18-year old lover whose head was resting on her lap.

“… The Watchers were to report to God concerning the affairs of humans and other events of significance on earth. They were not to interact with humans at all.”

“Because Lucifer already did that in the Garden of Eden and…”

“Sam! What did I say about interrupting?”

Several of the other girls in the room giggled. “We know why Sam likes this story!” snorted one.

“But if the “angels” are aliens,” asked 16-year old Andrea, “then doesn’t that make “God” an alien too?”

“I’m sorry," Nadiya answered. “I forgot. You haven’t heard this story before, have you? In this context we don’t know whether “God” is the head alien or simply the government of the aliens which the Watchers were supposed to obey.”

The room was dark. The curtains were drawn across the windows and only grayness from the fan light over the front door and the light of tea light candles on floor in front of each girl held the darkness at bay. Four in the afternoon in January in Minneapolis did not lend itself to excessive brightness.

Nadiya Coombs was with her coven. Along with Samantha, there were four other girls. All were lesbians. Aside from Nadiya, the oldest was 24 and the youngest was 16.

“I’m sorry, Nadiya, please go on.”

“These angels, the Watchers, were not as humans are. As Sam just reminded us, they were alien beings. In their DNA they manifested both male and female attributes, so that they had both penises and vaginas. Some of you may know this from Matthew 22:30 when Jesus said, "For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.” Here He was saying that angels are male and female at the same time or hermaphrodites.

“They also possessed brains which were capable of sending as well as receiving information. Among the Watchers a favorite pastime was the contest of wills where physical activity was not needed.

“In time they looked upon the daughters and sons of humans and became attracted to them. In addition, they found that they were easy to manipulate because their brains were only capable of receiving information.

“Because human beings had never had to cope with psychic domination before, they fell as easy prey to the lusts of the Watchers. Before long the Watchers took for themselves husbands and wives from among the humans and had c***dren by them. Here again some of you may recognize the story from Genesis: “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare c***dren to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” All that is missing is that boys were taken too. The offspring of these unions were called the “Nephilim” who were said to be ravenous giants who, when they had devoured everything else, would kill and eat humans.

“In the book of Enoch we discover more about the Watchers. There were 200 in all. Their chief was named Samyaza. The Watchers were grouped in teams of ten and each team had a leader. There were 18 leaders whose names were Samyaza, Urakabarame-el, Akibe-el, Tami-el, Ramu-el, Dan-el, Azke-el, Sarakny-al, Asa-el, Armers, Batra-al, Ana-ne, Zave-be, Samsave-el, Erta-el, Tur-el, Yomya-el, and Arazy-al. In the process of taking men, and, more especially, women as their mates, the knowledge of the aliens passed to humans. What was called sorcery was only technology which only the aliens could produce but which humans could use. Enoch also informs us that the Watchers taught humans various sciences such as writing, metallurgy and the making of weapons and jewelry, cosmetics, astronomy, medicine and meteorology.

“The Watchers were not content with merely having sex with humans, but used them in their games. In their contests of will, humans became pawns and warfare was introduced into the world. For the Watchers it was all just a game, but…”

“I don’t get it!” exclaimed Andrea.

“I’m sorry? What don’t you understand?”

“You said there were 200 Watchers; in teams of ten; each with a leader. There are 18 leaders commanding 180 Watchers. That equals 198 Watchers; what about the other two?”

Nadiya smiled. “That’s very perceptive, Andrea! You’ve hit upon the next part of the story and I will get to it in a moment.”

“The Watchers, as I was about to say, used their ability to project their thoughts directly into the minds of men and women to control them. Today we would say that such victims are “possessed.” In the course of sexual union with the Watchers, the neural network in the brains of humans was altered. Because they are hermaphrodites, their brains can experience both male and female orgasms. Consequently, when they exercised psychic control over the people in the act of lovemaking, this experience was shared. With each repeated sexual act with an alien Watcher, a man or a woman risked becoming homosexual. In time, the sexual wiring of the human race became corrupted so that even today some c***dren are born gay and lesbian.

“The number of human beings on the earth at the time the Watchers held sway was less than a million; most of those lived by the shore of a great lake in what it is now the bottom of the Black Sea. By the time word of the Watchers’ doings reached “God” or whatever you want to call it, the human race was imperiled. As I said before, the Nephilim ate everything and this was primarily all the food that humans could grow and then some.

“You all know the story of Noah and the flood. The events which preceded the flood need to be understood in their context. To deal with the Watchers who violated their trust, “God” sent Uri-el, Rapha-el, Gabri-el and Micha-el along with their deputies to arrest the Watchers and remove them from the earth.

“Among the Watchers there were two which did not belong to a team. Rather, they were the sentries of the Watchers’ camp. These were Ayemi-el and Peeyemi-el. To these two was assigned the duty of guarding the camp for half a day and night each. Twice each day at high twelve and low twelve they met to relieve each other and report anything of note.

“On the day of the Avengers, on the vernal equinox, in the hour before noon, Ayemi-el spotted the hosts of Uri-el, Rapha-el, Gabri-el and Micha-el approaching from the four corners of the earth – that is from the points of the mid-summer sunrise and sunset and the mid-winter sunrise and sunset. In frantic haste, Ayemi-el relayed this news to Peeyemi-el and it was agreed that there was no time to warn the others given the rapid approach of the opposing hosts.

“In what little time they had they gathered such chattels as they could and fled: Ayemi-el to the east and Peeyemi-el to the west. Thus, when the Avengers arrived, they caught the rest of the Watchers unaware. Now, it should be noted that aliens possessed technology which allowed them to bend time; causing them to move faster or slower than the regular rate of time which we are able to comprehend. This makes finding them notoriously difficult if they are on the run. Indeed, to this day Ayemi-el and Peeyemi-el have not been captured.

“The earth was still full of the monstrous offspring – the Nephilim. The humans too, which were the most corrupted, were targeted for destruction. The fastest way to kill them was by drowning them by breaking the land barrier between the Mediterranean and the lower lying area of the lake. Noah and his f****y were found to be the least corrupted humans who had also evolved strength of mind sufficient to resist psychic domination. They were spared by Avengers and given instructions on how to survive.

“As the flood waters rose, the Avengers stood by and killed those who tried to flee. It was not a complete operation as they remained on earth to hunt down the survivors. Indeed, the Avengers are still here tracking down the fugitives – Nephilim like the Loch Ness monster and Big Foot, and the more recent offspring of Ayemi-el and Peeyemi-el.

“Not every c***d of the Watchers was so terrible to behold. Some inherited the best qualities and enjoy the sexual satisfaction of both sexes…”

Nadiya stopped and kissed her lover and caressed her lover’s penis and clitoris. Samantha moaned with pleasure.

“To this day reports of the Avengers abound where there are sightings of their prey. You know them by the so-called UFOs they travel in. And now you know why it is important to keep secret the c***dren of the Watchers.”
... Continue»
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the sexual frustration act 1768


England mid 18th century was a lawless place, marauding bands of demobbed troops roamed the streets fighting all and sundry. Women were out of control, many spending time in the branks, which did not seem to deter their offensive behaviour. Pub fights were routine and **** a common offence. No one appeared happy and all appeared irritable.

This was not the sort of England that Farmer George wanted to reign over. Thomas Hobbes’s works on the social contract had been studied, as had Rene Descartes’s and Immanuel Kant’s. But they did not contain the answer, something was inherently wrong with the common man – he did not comprehend what his part of the social contract was, after all Durkheim and sociology had not yet happened; The common man saw no advantage to himself in honouring a contract that was heavily biased in favour of the upper gentrified classes.

Even among the upper classes all was not well, there was much profligacy and v******e, and even duchesses had been known to lose their temper. Even both houses of Parliament seemed to spend all their time bickering. However there was a glimmer of hope as it had been reported to the king that two groups of people did appear perfectly content with life:-

The first group were known as the “Hellfire club”, a movement recently formed (1755) by Sir Francis Dashwood, though it was rumoured that he had got the idea from a similar venture he had come across in Dublin. The club motto Fay ce que voudras (‘Do as thou shalt wish’) appeared to be the key to the contentment of the members. What they had achieved was to do away with any moral hang-ups concerning the sexual use of women – to them it was not only socially acceptable but desirable that women could be used as man’s play things. The king interviewed some of the members and found them to be the least frustrated people he had ever come across.

The second group were followers of a young French Comte (born 1740) by the name of Donatien Sade. His followers, though few in number in England, were a more secretive group than the Hellfire club. They had a similar philosophy to the Hellfire club motto but went one stage further in taking delight in the misfortunes of women subjected to cruelty, pain and humiliation: In this manner Sade’s followers achieved sexual gratification. To keep themselves secretive they had adopted the practice of keeping their own female sex slaves for use among the followers, thus not attracting too much publicity. Again, the king had managed an audience with one of Sade’s followers, and again found him to be a most satisfied and contented fellow.

Farmer George eventually put two and two together and in the year 1763 commissioned a Royal inquiry to ascertain if the frustrations of the general public could be alleviated by conducting themselves in the manner of Dashwood and/or Sade: And, if so, could such behaviour be codified into a working law.

1765 – The Royal inquiry was completed and the commission reported to the king. The finding was enequivocal, the problem was SEXUAL FRUSTRATION. The mores of the day had led to both men and women suffering serious sexual hang-ups, which left unrequited, had over-spilled into public and domestic v******e.

It was noted that all the existing statutory laws regarding sexual activity were a list of things one was not allowed to do; It was only the common law that allowed a man his conjugal rights within the bounds of the state of holy matrimony, but, even here, there was nothing to offer sexual relief to the female.

Recommendation – A new law, that, whilst not replacing the existing negative laws, would in certain areas override the negative laws, to the extent that both men AND women, who satisfied certain criteria, be given legal rights to relieve sexual frustration. The King endorsed this recommendation and invited Parliament to make the necessary enactments.

Thus the SEXUAL FRUSTRATION ACT 1768 came into being; England was now internally at peace with itself. And any collective frustrations of the country, as a whole, could be vented by wars with the French.

(21 & 22 Geo III 35)

An Act to make provision to reduce pussy and dick frustration; To ensure in as much as possible that all sexually aroused pussies are given the freedom to be orgasmed in their own right regardless of the will of the person to whom they are attached; and for purposes connected with the aforesaid purposes. [6th November 1768]

Be it enacted by the King’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same as follows:-



1. The Offence - It shall be an offence for any female of legally sexually active age to have a wet pussy.

2. Discovery - Any male over the age of eighteen years shall have the right to demand a legally sexually active female to submit to a wet pussy inspection, where –

(a) Inspection shall be by the insertion of at least one finger up to the knuckle into the vaginal passage; and

(b) This may take place at any time and in any place at the male’s pleasure; and

(c) There is no need to prove prior suspicion of a wet pussy.

3. Wet Pussy - On discovery of a wet pussy the offending female shall be subjected to immediate penetration of the pussy by an erect dick; and

(a) Penetration is to be continued until the male is satisfied that; the pussy has been orgasmed; and

(b) all source of wetness has been eliminated; and

(c) that there is no risk of any immediate resumption of wetness; and

(d) the female shall be given a certificate to exempt her from any further wet pussy inspection for a period of eight hours.

4. Female failing to comply - Any female, subject of this Act, who fails to comply, immediately, with an order to be checked for pussy wetness shall be guilty of an offence punishable by;

(a) For a first refusal, to not exceeding three open hand smacks to the bared offending pussy; and

(b) If continued refusal the male, and/or his aids, may use sufficient f***e as is necessary to restrain the female, and she shall be subjected to not exceeding a further six open hand smacks to the offending pussy; and

(c) Any failure to accept the wet pussy penalty, and allow the successful orgasming of the pussy and relief of sexual pussy frustration shall result in the female being restrained until such time as the law is complied with; and

(d) She shall also be subject to a corrective punishment of not exceeding six strokes of the cane administered to the bare buttocks; and

(e) Any such punishment is to be at the discretion of the male, subject to the legal maximums.

5. Male failing to comply – Any male who has relied upon this enactment to examine a female, and having discovered a wet pussy, then fails to carry out a correct dewetting and orgasming of the pussy shall result in a financial penalty to himself of not exceeding 2/6, subject to right of appeal.

6. Use of devices - (e.g., Chastity belts, Labial rings with padlocks, Split pears etc) - The use by the female of any device designed to frustrate either the discovery of pussy wetness or prevent the punishment for having a wet pussy, whether mechanical or otherwise and whether fitted internally or externally, shall be an offence; and

(a) Any female discovered to be fitted with any such device may be summarily arrested without warrant by the discovering male, taken to a police station, where, at the expense of the female, the said device will be removed, by f***e, if necessary; but

(b) If applicable the male may, if feasible, remove the offending device in situ, using any necessary f***e to restrain the female to allow compliance with the law; and

(c) Any female caught wearing such a device shall be further punished by ten strokes of the cane administered to the bare buttocks.

7. The Swollen Clitoris - Any female of legally sexually active age who is found with a swollen sexually engorged clitoris, but not having a wet pussy, shall be deemed subject to the provisions of this Act as if she had a wet pussy; and

(a) The male shall stimulate the clitoris until such time as the state of wet pussy is achieved; and

(b) The male may use whatever means he deems fit in order to stimulate the clitoris; and

(c) It shall not matter if the female achieves clitoral orgasm or not.

8. Nipples – On not finding a wet pussy or engorged clitoris, but on finding nipples suspected of being sexually erect or aroused, the male may stimulate the said nipples for a period not exceeding two minutes and then be entitled to check again for pussy wetness or engorged clitoris. If there is still no sign of wet pussy or engorged clitoris the male shall desist from any further inspection.

9. Interpretation –
i. A pussy, also known as the female cunt, shall be deemed wet if the inspecting finger or fingers have encountered any dampness from whatever cause.

ii. A clitoris shall be considered sexually aroused at the discretion of the male by relying on his experience and aided by such facts as - was it engorged with bl**d? Was it sticking out proud of its hood? Had the labia parted to expose it? Where the labia swollen and engorged? Was it sensitive and sexually responsive? Etc..

iii. Aroused nipples are on the suspicion of the male, the two minute stimulation rule will confirm the suspicion one way or the other.


Miss Devine v Mr Limpalot 1769. Plaintiff claimed that defendant, having found the plaintiff in a state of pussy wetness, had failed to raise an erection and that he appeared intoxicated. Defendant duly fined 2/6 and ordered to pay pussy damages of £2000 to plaintiff

Miss Rampant v Mr Onanist 1770. Plaintiff claimed that defendant masturbated himself whilst carrying out the wet pussy inspection, prematurely ejaculated and failed to relieve her cause of pussy wetness. Case proved – Defendant duly fined 2/6 and ordered to pay £2500 in pussy damages to plaintiff.

(it should be noted from these early cases that a male could not rely on the wet pussy law merely to satisfy his own cravings and if this was the case the damages awarded would be sufficiently punitive as to deter this unwanted behaviour – the spirit of the Wet Pussy Act was to alleviate pussy frustration and whilst giving males power over females to achieve this purpose it also placed an onerous burden on the male using this law)

R v Mr Unsharing 1771. The defendant had f***ed his fiancée to wear a padlocked heavy duty leather chastity belt equipped with a split pear and anal plug. The device, at the police station, was forcibly removed from the fiancée so that she could be checked for pussy wetness, but she was not punished – the defendant electing to carry all culpability was sentenced to total emasculation so that he would never be a menace to other women again.

R v Miss Neverhadit 1772. Claimed she wanted to keep her virginity. Dismissed – the fact that she had a wet pussy told a different story.

R v Miss Strumpet 1847. Claimed that her master had banned her from touching her pussy, consequently she was caught with a piss wet pussy and subjected to the wet pussy law. Dismissed - the wet pussy law applies, it matters not as to the cause of wetness .

R v Ms Harlet 1912. Claimed she did not have sufficient time to dry herself properly internally after taking a bath. Dismissed – the wet pussy law applies as this was a matter of public concern it would invalidate the law if allowed. The judges went on to say that the same would apply to showers, douches, bidets, females banned from touching their pussies etc.

R v Mrs Cuckold 1938. Claimed she had dildoed herself to orgasm and her pussy was subsequently orgasmed and satisfied but still internally wet. Dismissed – wet pussy law applies – the pussy was still wet and so obviously not entirely satisfied and in need of the wet pussy law. Judges went on to say that any method of self satisfaction that left the pussy wet would allow the pussy to be subject to the wet pussy law.

R v Miss Wanton 1953. Claimed she had an over aroused pussy that was always wet and it was getting sore from the constant application of the wet pussy law. Dismissed - Judges decided that she should have obtained a medical certificate restricting the use of her pussy.

R v Mr Pervert 1954. Defendant used phallus shaped ebony rod to check for wet pussy. Held that the use of an instrument was not considered in the drafting of the enactment that specifically referred to inspection by one or more fingers. Hence, Defendant could not rely on the Wet Pussy Act for any sexual offences committed, if any committed (in line with early decisions).

R v Ms Dyke 1969. Claimed to be a lesbian and not capable of deriving sexual satisfaction from a male. Dismissed - Lesbianism is not an exception – every wet pussy has the right to proper orgasm regardless of the sexual preference of the person to whom it is attached. Same would apply to any female who liked anal sex or any other perverse sexual orientation..

R v Miss Virtue 1974. Claimed she had been forcibly aroused. The pussy must have enjoyed it to have got wet – case dismissed, the need of the wet pussy is paramount. But, obiter dicta, claim may be allowed if she could prove an external wetting agent had been forcibly introduced to give artificial impression of sexually aroused wet pussy.



10. Remedial relief - Any male over the age of eighteen years on finding himself with an erect sexually aroused dick is entitled by this Act to be sexually relieved by any female of legally sexually active age; and

(a) No such female, on being shown such an erect dick, shall deny the male his relief; but

(b) The female shall be entitled to choose the manner in which she administers the relief, but she must provide the sexual relief through her own manipulation and not through the use of any device; and

(c) The male, at his request, shall be entitled to have the female provide him with oral sexual stimulation as part of his sexual relief, But not as a whole unless such is chosen by the female; and

(d) The male shall then give the female a certificate to exempt her from any further erect dick requirements for a period of twenty four hours.

11. Effect of Part 2 on Part I - Nothing in Part 2 shall have any forbearance on Part I. Such that if, through fingering the female’s pussy, the male encounters a wet pussy then the obligations of Part I are effective on both male and female.

12. Female failure - Any female, to which Section 10 applies, shall commit an offence if she in any way fails to give the required relief that has been asked of her; and

(a) Once the female has determined how she will administer relief, the male is entitled to use whatever f***e or restraint is necessary to effect such compliance with the law without warrant; and

(b) If the female refuses to determine the manner of providing such relief, then the male shall determine it for her and continue accordingly; and

(c) A female who has committed any such offence may be further punished at the discretion of the male by being “pussy whipped” on the exposed pussy by not in excess of twelve strokes.


R v Mrs Hoare 1769. Defendant, with the help of a pimp, had f***ed Mr X to pay on a tariff for the relief of erect dick services that she had provided. Held, the spirit of the legislation was to allow free sexual relief and do away with pimps controlling working females – the charging for the services had amounted to a refusal to comply with the spirit of the act, However, the defendant had acted under the duress of her pimp and so would not be punished – a warrant was issued for the arrest of the pimp so he could be sentenced to emasculation.

R v Miss Refusenik 1792. Mr X, having duly examined the defendant for a wet pussy, and found her not to have one, did, by this examination, induce in himself an erect dick. Held Mr X was then entitled to rely on the erect dick provision as to acquiring his own sexual relief from the defendant, who was held to have unlawfully refused to give Mr X his legally required relief.

Miss Harlot v Mr Notinthere 1804. The plaintiff, having willingly subjected herself to satisfying an erect dick, herself became aroused. The Defendant had fingered her pussy, which, although not wet initially, was latently found to be suffering from pussy wetness. The defendant had insisted that the plaintiff masturbate him to orgasm whilst he had continued to finger her pussy to orgasm. Held for the plaintiff, her pussy was entitled to dick penetration and an orgasm from penile penetration as per the wet pussy provision – awarded pussy damages of £1500. (nb If Defendant had not fingered the plaintiff’s pussy he would not have been in breach of the wet pussy obligations)

R v Miss Juicylucy 1812. Recent sexual activity is not an excuse for failure to provide a male with his legal entitlement to sexual relief through penile orgasm. (But note provisions relating to a holder of a recent use certificate).

R v Mrs Prim 1830. Being late for a life or death appointment is not an excuse for failure to stop and give sexual relief. Females should be aware of this eventuality and practice speedy ways of providing relief – also the same would apply under the wet pussy checking requirements.

R v Dr and Mrs Charlatan 1831. The Defendant Mrs Charlatan, a stunning social beauty with a delicate cunt, declared herself to be diseased and cited her doctor husband to corroborate the fact. The defendant Dr Charlatan did on numerous occasions corroborate his wife’s diseased condition. Acting on information received from a close confidante of the f****y the Secretary of State for Sexual Affairs had ordered Mrs Charlatan to be detained and examined by two independent medical men – both of whom found no evidence of any disease either past or present. Mrs Charlatan was ordered to be punished for a proven ten counts of refusal to relieve an erect dick, six counts of refusal to submit to wet pussy inspection (to run consecutive) and to be branded a Kinkybitch as she had wantonly teased men to distraction. Dr Charlatan to be struck off the medical register, to be placed in the public stocks and to have his balls whipped by twenty five lashes of the scourge.

R v Miss Puta et al 1840.Court asked to review certain matters relating to “Certificates of use” Held as follows. 1. If the female loses her certificate she is not entitled to ask the male for a duplicate and she is available for use; 2. If there is not available an official certificate, then any thing will suffice provided it indicates by whom, to whom, where, when and what use occurred and is signed by the male; 3. If the male fails to give the female any such certificate of use he shall be liable for all pussy damages incurred as a result of the female’s further use; 4. The female may also carry the certificates and fill it in, provided it is signed by the male.

Miss Lovelace v Col.Greedy 1919. When a female has agreed to provide relief the male can not enf***e that she give oral sex to completion, only that it be part of the service.

R v Sgt.Pissenlit 1934. A piss proud dick is not a sexually aroused dick, as such, on the Defendant’s return from urinating he could not claim relief under this provision.



13. The Kinkybitch - On encountering a Kinkybitch any male over thirty years of age may demand of her to perform or endure any sexual perversion of his choosing; provided:-

(a) The same does not involve any disgusting behaviour; and

(b) The use of the Kinkybitch does not cause any permanent scarring, marking or disfigurement to the Kinkybitch, except with her freely given written consent; and

(c) That, should the Kinkybitch demand it, she be given, not only her entitlement to a wet pussy orgasm, but an additional orgasm of her choosing for every different perversion she performs or endures; and

(d) The continuance of the sexual perversion does not exceed three hours in duration, unless the Kinkybitch agrees willingly in writing to extend the time, and she is not to be used for more than twelve hours in any one day and never on a Sunday. The male is to provide the female with a certificate of use.

14. Interpretation -

(a) The Kinkybitch will have the letters “KB” tattooed or branded high on her left bosom and kept exposed for all to see.

The earning of the “KB” tattoo or brand may derive from one or more of the following:-

i. Self determined. (Tattoo)
ii. Applied by her master/owner/keeper etc. (Tattoo)
iii. Forcibly applied by order of a Judge in Chambers on his being satisfied as to the laying of evidence, and examination, as to her promiscuity or any wanton lascivious behaviour in public or private. (“KB” brand on bosom, Judge’s initials branded on left buttock)

(b) Sexual perversion is within the parameters of the male demanding such service for his sexual relief, not withstanding his entitlement to erect dick relief under Part 2. By way of guide lines only it is envisaged that demands will be along the following lines:- Sadomasochism, bondage, full oral sex, anal sex, golden shower games, dressing up fetishes, urtication, putting on lesbian shows, gang bangs, use of instruments to explore body cavities, use of clips/plugs/weights pegs, use of ice/candle wax, etc.

(c) Disgusting behaviour will include the following:- a****ls, females of a non legal age, the use of females not otherwise useable than under this enactment, the performing of any act of coprophilia or n*********a, or any male on male activity, and any other activity for the time being determined by the Secretary of state for sexual affairs.

15. Offences -

i. Any failure to display the “KB” marking shall be an offence punishable as follows:- First offence = a further “KB” marking on the right bosom and a “pussy whipping” in private of ten strokes. Second offence = a further “KB” on the right buttock and a “pussy whipping” in public of fifteen strokes. Further offences to be dealt with by a Judge in Chambers with unlimited power to order any form of sexually humiliating punishment in public.

ii. The removal or attempted removal of all or any part of a “KB” mark shall be an offence punishable by having the full word “Kinkybitch” branded across the mons veneris, the reinstatement and repair to any damaged “KB” marks and being placed naked in the public stocks where all and sundry may be invited to cane her private parts and buttocks, at not exceeding three strokes per person for a period of time as determined by a Judge in Chambers.

iii. Any failure to comply with the demands made of her as a “Kinkybitch” shall be punished as follows:- The male demanding such service shall be entitled with or without the help of aids to restrain the Kinkybitch and carry out his perversions in addition to being required by law to administer twenty of the hardest “pussy whipping” or “cunt strapping” strokes he can muster regardless of any damage caused. In addition, a Kinkybitch subject of branding, may be returned to a Judge in Chambers with unlimited
power to order any form of sexually humiliating punishment in public.

16. Powers –

i. Any male over thirty years of age may lay information before a Judge in Chambers as to the consideration of any female for branding as a Kinkybitch. On satisfaction as to the evidence the judge may issue a warrant to the police authorising the arrest and bringing before him of the intended Kinkybitch to answer to examination.

ii. Any Policeman may upon witnessing any female commit any act in public that he deems outrageously and overtly sexually promiscuous may without warrant arrest such a female and take them and lay the evidence before a Judge in Chambers.

iii. Any Male over thirty years of age may arrest without warrant a Kinkybitch committing any offence under this act and convey her to a Police Station equipped for the purposes of dealing with malefacting Kinkybitchs. The arresting male may at his choosing, and within the requirements of Section 15, then administer the punishment or elect for the police to do so.

17. Exception - Any female, in possession of a current sex slave certificate clearly stating who her master/masters is/are AND that any display of sexual indecency was done in the course of her duties as a sex slave, shall be exempt from consideration as a Kinkybitch.

18. Overseer – The Secretary of State for Sexual Affairs shall appoint an overseer of Kinkybitchs to ensure, as a matter of public policy, that there is always a sufficient number of Kinkybitchs to satisfy the predelictions of the male population, and thereby ensure the safety of decent sexually law abiding females; and

The overseer will correlate the judges to ensure a uniform standard by which a Kinkybitch is determined; and

The overseer may raise or lower this standard according to the needs or politics of the time.


R v Miss Cantholdit 1788. The defendant,a branded Kinkybitch, duly restrained for a bondage session had pissed herself without permission. Held that a positive act done without permission or against orders was to be construed as the same as failing to act or the carrying out of a negative act. Returned to Judge in Chambers for sentencing.

R v Miss Goldenshower 1802. Having recently gone to the ladies room, the defendant was unable to pee on demand. Dismissed – the Kinkybitch should have anticipated and allowed for all and any demands made of her, and as such she could be punished.

R v Miss Abused 1830. Defendant claimed she had been i*****lly marked with the “KB” by her enemies and as such she was going to be unlawfully punished. Dismissed – The male using her as a Kinkybitch did so in all innocence as to her true identity: It was encumbent on her to apply to a court to have the allegation proved and the mark erased = she had been lawfully restrained and used, and could be lawfully punished..

R v Miss G****d 1843. Defendant claimed that she had been used by six males all at the same time continuously over a period of three hours, later the same day she was expected to perform again but refused stating that she had already endured 18 man hours of sexual activity. Case dismissed, regardless of how many males had used her during the session, the session, itself, had only lasted three hours in duration and so she was available for a further nine hours of Kinkybitch duty.

Miss Rogered v The Duke of Burlingham 1928. Plaintiff claimed she had been detained beyond the three hours. Defendant satisfied the court that the plaintiff had indeed been detained for five hours, But that two of those hours had been taken up by having to restrain her and punish her, and that only three hours had been used in enduring the defendant’s perversions. Case dismissed.

R v Miss D. Mondaine 1930. The Crown sought further punishment, The defendant, a branded Kinkybitch, having been given her legal minimum requirement of orgasms, was told as part of the male’s perversion not to have any more orgasms. The defendant failed to control herself and continued to have both anal and vaginal orgasms. At the time she was placed in spreader bars and her pussy duly whipped for twenty strokes. Defendant argued that continued orgasms had been a positive involuntary action and she should not have been punished or face any further punishment. Defence dismissed - defendant ordered to be taken to a judge in chambers for further punishment. Judge in Chambers ordered that she be restrained for a twenty four hour period with an electrode crocodile clip attached to her clitoris and an electrode nine inch steel torpedo placed into her vaginal passage followed by a further twenty four hours with torpedo inserted into her anus, And sufficient electric shocks to be administered not to allow the defendant to feint.

Mrs Klondike v Mr Egotist 1943. Plaintiff successfully demonstrated to the court that she had tied up the defendant and performed acts on him to his successful sexual relief, but that she had not been afforded likewise. Court held that defendant had been in breach of his lawful use of a Kinkybitch and awarded the plaintiff £3000 damages.

R v Miss Stubborn 1953. The defendant, as the holder of both a left and right bosom tattoo, was seen by a policeman to be displaying only one “KB” mark on the left bosom thus giving the impression that she had only been marked once. Held all bosom “KB” marks must be displayed = She could be punished accordingly for failure to display. Court also ruled that a Kinkybitch was not required to display any buttock markings in public.

Miss Spreadout Judicial review 1965. Appellant asked for judicial review as to extent of unlimited powers of a Judge in Chambers. The Appellant, a branded Kinkybitch had refused anal sex to a well endowed male and been brought before the Judge. Her punishment had been to have here labia multi pierced and ringed, her clitoris pierced and ringed, her nipples pierced and ringed; She was then stretched out, in a public park, and tied between four stakes holding her three feet above the ground and face down naked, Heavy weights had been suspended from all the rings and a heavy duty policeman’s night stick had been forcibly introduced into her anus and tied in place, her mouth had been held open by a jaw breaking separator ring, a plug had been f***ed into her pee hole, and finally a sign had been placed next to her explaining her predicament and inviting any male to use her cunt and/or mouth and have free use of administering the cane to her buttocks; She was left in this manner for 24hrs after which she could only be released once she had begged to be fist fucked in the anus and once duly done to everyone’s satisfaction she was released. Held to be a suitable punishment for a branded Kinkybitch and well within the powers of the sentencing judge. One review judge thought it rather mild and said that he would have introduced electrodes to the ringed piercings to give an added jolt!

Ms Cuntout on appeal 1968. The appellant had been seen by her local vicar leaving a late night refreshment house walking home along the public highway wearing a see through top with no bra and a short mini skirt such that her knickers were exposed. This information had been laid before a Judge in Chambers who found her to be a Kinkybitch, the appellant had stated by way of defence that she had lost her full length coat that she should have worn home that night (in fact she later proved the informing vicar had stolen the said coat to f***e just such an outcome). Despite her defence, which on its own may have exonerated her, it was held from reading the transcript of her examination by the Judge in Chambers that she was, in any case a wanton slut in private who did not always hide this sexuality in public. Appeal dismissed.


Concerning married women – Married women are not exempt from any parts of this enactment. If, there husbands do not wish them to have to partake in extra marital sexual activity, then there husbands must ensure that their wives do not go out into the private or public world with a wet pussy or swollen clitoris; And, in order to avoid any confusion as to be liable for consideration as a Kinkybitch, their husbands obtain the necessary sex slave certificates. A married woman’s wet pussy is just as entitled to have an orgasm as an unmarried woman’s. Married women are not exempt from providing sexual relief to an erect dick.

Concerning Health – Any male, wishing to avail himself of any of the provisions contained in this enactment, shall have a medical certificate giving him a clean bill of sexual health; Such certificate to be less than a month old; And
he shall produce it on demand to any female so desiring to see it prior to any sexual act taking place with that female; and
Without such a certificate the male could not rely on the provisions of this enactment to override any offences contained in other Sexual offences Acts.

Concerning Pregnancy – The male, if he so chooses, may wear or use any barrier method of contraception; But it is the responsibility of the female to ensure that she is fitted with a contraceptive device. Should an unwanted pregnancy occur, the female will have no recourse or expectation of support from the inseminating male.

i****t – None of the provisions contained in this enactment shall in any way override the law contained in S.10 of The Sexual Offences Act 1726 appertaining to i****tuous relationships.

Forms – Certificates of use, Consent forms and sex slave certificates are available at most police stations, or may be obtained by writing to the Ministry for Sexual Affairs, 12 Downing Street, London.

Courts – In order to avoid duplication of actions it is provided that a prosecution brought in the criminal court shall be subject to consideration for civil damages; And an action brought in the civil court shall be subject to consideration for criminal sentencing and punishment.


Exceptions - The following females are exempted from the provisions of this enactment:-

i. Any female carrying a doctor’s note clearly stating that she has a medical condition that, either

(a) causes non-sexual wetness of the pussy, Or
(b) is infected in some way that does not require any further questioning as to sexual pussy wetness, Or
(c) she is pregnant at a stage that could cause injury to her or the unborn c***d.

ii. The menstruating female; But she shall not be exempt of the Discovery provisions contained in S. 2 of the Act.

Infected Female – Any female who is infected, or knowingly carrying any sexually transmitable desease, shall declare such a state immediately and supply the name and address of her corroborating doctor.


Inchoate Offences – Any person of a legally responsible age who shall aid, abet, council or procure any female to commit an offence within the enactment shall themselves be guilty of an offence; And

Any male guilty of such an offence shall be sentenced to the public stocks there to receive not exceeding thirty lashes of the scourge administered to his testicles and/or emasculation.

Any female guilty of such an offence shall be sentenced to the public stocks there to receive not exceeding thirty lashes of the scourge administered in equal proportion between the breasts and cunt and/or to suffer clitorectomy.


(3 & 4 Er II 46)

The following provisions add to, repeal or amend the Sexual Frustration Act 1768:-

132. Nymphomania – Any female of legally sexually active age, who is not a Kinkybitch, May apply to the Licensing Magistrates to have herself declared a nymphomaniac; and

Having been successfully examined and found to be such, she shall be granted a Nymphomania Licence, renewable every year; and

The holder of a nymphomania licence shall be exempted from any attempt to make her a Kinkybitch.

133. Powers – The holder of a nymphomania licence may require any male over eighteen years of age to sexually satisfy her in the manner of her choosing, not withstanding any legal obligations subject to the provisions of the wet pussy and erect dick enactments; and

(a) She shall produce her licence on demand to such a male; and

(b) The act shall not be one of a disgusting behaviour as defined in the Kinkybitch provision; but

(c) She shall be entitled to a minimum of one penile orgasm per male per session to a maximum as allowed by the male; and

(d) No session shall last longer than two hours, unless the male agrees in writing; and

(e) No male shall be required to perform under this enactment for more than two sessions per day and never on a Sunday; and

(f) The female shall give the male a certificate of performance

134. Offence by Male – It shall be an offence for the male to fail to satisfy the holder of a nymphomania licence with the exception of a male producing a valid doctor’s certificate to state that he has an erectile dysfunction and/or a predisposing medical affliction, complaint or disease.

135. Homosexual defence – No Defence. Any failure due to actual or pretend homosexual tendencies shall be dealt with as a separate offence; And in addition to any other punishment the malefactor will be subjected to electric shock therapy until such time as it is determined that he is cured of his affliction.

136. Punishment – (i) Failure to give the female a penile orgasm shall be punished by the penis being made erect and then smacked with the broad side of a standard wooden ruler for not exceeding twelve strokes; and

(a) If such failure was due to premature ejaculation by the male then the strokes may be doubled; and

(b) If unable to achieve or maintain an erection for punishment then a five pound weight shall be attached to the penis and allowed to stretch it out to receive its punishment

(ii) Failure to satisfy the female in any other way shall lead to a punishment of not exceeding twelve strokes of the cane to the bare buttocks

(iii) The female may carry out any of these punishments herself or with aids, helpers, use of restraints or she may elect to have the matter dealt with officially as a criminal offence by the all female police f***e.

137. Offence by Female – Female will commit an offence if she pretends to be the holder of a current nymphomania licence, Or keeps any male for a session longer than is permitted, Or having been totally satisfied fraudulently claims lack of satisfaction as a malicious adventure to justify punishing the male, Or fails to give the male his certificate of performance; and

Any female found guilty of any such offence shall be publicly “pussy whipped” for not exceeding fifty strokes and/or publicly “breast canned” for not exceeding twenty five strokes, at the discretion of the aggrieved sitting with the examining magistrates.

138. Police – Where police are mentioned in any provisions of the Sexual Frustrations Act 1768, it shall be read that only officers from the all male police f***e may deal with females. And only officers from the all female police f***e may deal with males.

139. S.5 Sexual Frustrations Act 1768 - 2/6 shall be amended to “Not exceeding £500 and/or twelve strokes of the cane to his dick”

140. Forms – Application forms for a nymphomania licence may be obtained, for a fee of £10, from the Clerk to the Licensing Justices.

141. Health – Schedule One to be amended to read “male or female”, “him or her”, “he or she” and “female or male”


Miss Rampant v Mr Ivehadenough 1996. Defendant complained that after one hour the plaintiff had already had several mind blowing multiple orgasms and indeed at one point had passed out with the magnitude of her satisfaction. Held: it was not up to the male to decide when the female was satisfied, provided she did not exceed the two hour duration, she was entitled to expect the male to keep satisfying her. Defendant taken to all female police station for punishment, and ordered to pay damages of £500.

R v Mr Pizartiste 1996. Intoxication due to the effects of alcohol or d**gs is no defence to failure to satisfy due to erectile dysfunction. Had the defendant been a registered alcoholic he could have applied for an exempting doctor’s certificate.

Miss Baglhaidy v Mr Limpdik 1996. The defendant claimed he had been unable to become sexually functional due to the old age and ugliness of the plaintiff. Held that the plaintiff was still the holder of a current nymphomania licence, And as such was entitled to all its benefits – Defendant ordered to pay “Nominal” damages of £2. (But could have also been subject to minimum punishment in the criminal court). Declared that, as a matter of public policy, an applicant for a nymphomania licence could only be examined for nymphomania, regardless of her age or looks.

R v Ms Slapper 1999. Defendant allowed her nymphomania licence to expire, but still showed wantonness and as such was a perfect candidate to be branded a Kinkybitch. It was up to the female on the expiry of the licence to show lack of wantonness and not for the prosecution to prove the opposite.

R v Messrs Brute and Ravage 2000. The defendants were invited to satisfy the holder of a nymphomania licence but continued to to f***e themselves upon the female beyond the bounds of what was required of them. Court held that even nymphomaniacs were entitled to the protection afforded women under the Sexual Offences Acts. Defendants ordered to be tried for offences of **** and gross indecency with a view to civil punitive damages and criminal sentencing. (Both later convicted 2002 and ordered to pay £20,000 in damages and serve five years each).

Miss Welloiled v Mr Tightarse 2002. Defendant claimed he had an abhorrence of all things anal and had refused to anally finger fuck the plaintiff, had refused to lick the plaintiff’s anus and had refused to anally fuck the plaintiff. Case upheld for the plaintiff and an undisclosed sum of civil damages was settled out of court. Defendant also ordered to all female police station for punishment.

Miss Petite v Capt. Fitton 2006. You take your male as you find him. Plaintiff, who had produced her nymphomania licence, did not allow any penile penetration and then complained that she had not been given her right of a penile orgasm. The defendant had not been able to get his massive manhood into the plaintiff’s pussy. Case dismissed.

Mr Knitelythrustin v Miss Gender-Bender 2008. Plaintiff complained that he had been unlawfully punished for failure to satisfy the wet pussy of the defendant’s friend. Held that, when there is a conflict of interest between a male’s duties to two or more females at the same time, then he shall only be expected to discharge his legal obligation to the initiating female. However, by way of obiter dicta, if the male had engaged the services of more than one female then he was obliged to carry out all legally expected duties. Plaintiff awarded undisclosed sum in compensation.

Mr Proudnknead v Ms Trollop 2008. Plaintiff laid complaint that his services had been engaged by the defendant, the holder of a nymphomania licence. Defendant had been satisfied, had reached the point of having a dry relieved pussy, and then refused to allow the plaintiff his erect dick relief. Held, plaintiff was entitled to his relief under the erect dick provision, and entitled to punish the defendant – awarded £10,000 damages. Defendant warned that any further breach of the use of her licence and it would be withdrawn, and she would be examined with a view to being branded a Kinkybitch.

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The Sexual Frustration Act - "Liza - diary of



My name is Liza and I am a sex slave, I am nineteen years old and I have been with the Master for two years. It is actually a very good life style once one comes to terms with the Master’s exacting predilections. I am the newest recruit to the Master’s stable, he has two other girls and we all live in a big house within a high walled park.
I come from a mining village, and left school at twelve years of age to go and work as a bal maiden at the local wheal. It was hard noisy back breaking work, standing beside the stamps sorting crushed ore by hand for twelve hours a day. The pay was meagre but it helped my parents, my father worked as an underground tenter on the water pumps at the wheal. I had five b*****rs and s****rs and we all lived in a miner’s two up and two down tithe cottage with a privy out back.
At f******n my body developed sexually, my breasts burgeoned into womanhood, I began getting warm feelings between my legs and I had started to attract the fumbling attentions of the local boys. Eventually, if nothing changed, I would join the treadmill of marrying one of these yokels, have many c***dren and live out a peasant life of abject poverty, waiting to be told that my husband had died in yet another mining disaster.
At sixteen I was still a bal maiden, but not so much emphasis on the maiden part, I was getting some respite from the work place drudgery due to the wheal owner’s son, he would take me behind the coal store and fuck me as he believed was his right. Between this and the local boys I thought myself to be really quite sexually experienced and in demand.
I would look at myself in the mirror, and other than work worn hands and strong arms, I did see myself as an attractive maid. I knew not of measurements, my breasts were certainly comely firm handfuls with perky protruding rubbery teats, height wise I matched a nine and half hand horse, I was probably on the thin side with big blue eyes, long light chestnut brown hair and a matching triangle between my legs.
The stentmaster came to visit my father one day and left his newspaper behind, I had not had the opportunity of reading one before, not that I could read, there were a lot of little stamp sized pieces in small print all over the front page and some pictures of our good queen on the inside pages. The following day I discovered that my mum had wrapped my crib in the front page of this newspaper.
When we stopped for crib break, one of the old women pointed at one of the small pieces of writing and told me, ‘You’re a good looker, that’s what you should do, get you out of here, and I’ve heard it pays well’. I had no idea of what she was talking about, I asked her what was it that I should do? When she realised I couldn’t read, the old woman read out what I now know to be an advertisement. “Gentleman, mid thirties, of independent means, has a vacant position for a first time sex slave …..” followed by an address in the shires.
I had told the older woman that I was not a sex slave, and didn’t actually understand the advert at all. She told me that if she was my age she would give it a go and get away from all this hard work and poverty. I asked her to explain, and I was told this: “If you gained this position, the said gentleman would be your master, and as such he has to look after you, feed you, clothe you and keep you well appointed, further he has to put £1000 per annum in a special government approved account in your name for your retirement fund at age forty – that is the law.”
I had said that that sounds too good to be true, and asked what is the catch, what did I have to do in return. The old woman answered: “Well as the position implies you would be his ‘sex slave’ and required to be at his bidding to satisfy all his sexual urges, you would also be expected to keep house and you may be part of a ‘stable’ of girls. The gentleman will be a registered keeper of one or more sex slaves and you would be, likewise registered with the local authority.”
I thought out loud: ‘So all I have to do is have sex with this man and he gives me all that in return by law?’ The old woman looked quizzical at my then naïve interpretation of the situation and said, “well something like that, but the gentleman placing the advert would be a lot more demanding and sexually adventurous than the local boys and their inept gropings.”
I cut out the advert and went home that day with a new lightness to my step and heart. I barely slept that night, just imagining myself living the new life that the advert had to offer. The following day, I sought out the old woman at crib break and asked her to help me reply to the advert; She suggested that I come round to her house after work, and that one of the new daguerreotype images could be taken to help show me off. She knew of a young man in the neighbouring village who saw this as the future and had invested all his money in purchasing a Fox Talbot photographic imaging machine.
I did not go straight to the old woman’s house, I went home, had my tea, did my chores, put on my Sunday bests and unearthed my small savings before going out. When I got to the old woman’s home there was already a handsome young man there with an imaging machine. The young man introduced himself and said he would only charge a shilling per ‘image plate’, the old woman winked at him and suggested that I might have other charms of more worth than a shilling.
I took my clothes off and dutifully posed naked for the young man; He positioned me, moved my legs, tossed my hair, adjusted my arms and created a sexually alluring look without being overexposed and obscene. I kept still for many minutes with the young man gazing intently at my pudenda and breasts. I am sure he wanted to fuck me but when I touched his erect dick it exploded in my hand and was of no further use to him or me.
Further pictures were taken, and the embarrassed and apologetic young man went off with his plates and machinery, promising to return on the morrow eve with actual printed images of me. The old woman compiled a letter of application on my behalf: I understood, that she merely described my circumstances, that I was sexually aware but naïve, that the enclosed pictures told the whole story and that I was willing to be a sex slave; But my work hours and distance from the shires made it difficult to get away for an interview.
The following eve, with trepidation, I went to the old woman’s home. The young man was already there, and obviously in a state of sexual excitement, caused by him showing off the four pictures he had prepared of me. In one, I was fully clothed, in the others I was naked; Two showed me standing viewed from front and back and the third showed me posed as an odalisque lying recumbent across the sofa. I thought they looked very tasteful and sexy, and easily explained the bulge in the young man’s pants. The young man asked that if I ever wanted to pose for him again he would be most remunerative, as he was sure there was money to be made out of selling ‘nudie’ pictures of sexy young girls, and he left. We decided to submit all four pictures with my application, I gave the old woman a 1/- to cover the postage and went home in a state of agitated arousal, that would later require relief by touching myself.
Over a week went by, and I had started to think the worst; When the old woman came to me at crib clutching a letter addressed to me at her house. I nearly wet myself at the thought of what it could say, and begged the old woman to open it and read it to me: The old woman paraphrased thus:- “Most impressed with your use of the new imaging picture process, definitely like what I see. All things being equal you are a front runner for the post of sex slave. Don’t worry about time off at work I’m a major share holder in Tehidy Minerals and have arranged with your employer to give you the time off. Should you find the post to your liking you could begin right away – so make your preparations and let me know upon which day you will attend, a rail warrant and voucher is enclosed for your travelling expenses, let me know which train you are on and I shall arrange for your collection from the station.”
That same afternoon I was summoned by the overseer to go straight to the wheal owner’s house and see his son, the bringer of the message was waiting for me in a dog cart and I was taken at once to the ‘big house’, and shown into the study. The wheal owner’s son made arrangements for me to take a day off, the following Saturday to be exact: He then bent me over the desk pulled down my knickers and ravished me in the cunt, he told me he would miss this piece of meat, and was certainly going to enjoy what might well be his last chance to fuck me. I was taken back to work via the rail head, where my rail warrant was exchanged for a train ticket.
Wow, it had all happened so quick; I hadn’t even had a chance to discuss it with my parents or tell my b*****rs and s****rs: It was only the old woman at the wheal, the young image taker and my boss who knew of anything. I had thought it best to tell my parents that I had been offered an interview for a ‘domestic’ post in a gentleman’s country house. At work I asked the old woman to write to the gentleman telling him of my travel arrangements, and told her of my subterfuge. She had agreed that this ploy was probably for the good and she would have a word with the young image taker, after all he did not know the actual nature of the need for my nude pictures.


The Saturday soon came, I had a dreadful case of the stomach butterflies, I put on my Sunday best clothes, packed a very small valise, was wished well by my parents and set off on my journey to Hungerford in Berkshire. My Sunday best did very little to show off or enhance my figure, my only other clothes were the white smocks of a bal maiden and the long woollen night gown in my valise, together with some socks and knickers.
En route I had plenty of time to ponder my future, I decided that it had to be better than remaining in the mining village, and, that come what may, I would, if offered, accept the post; I hoped the gentleman would be reasonably good looking if not downright hansom as this would make the job easier. These idle thoughts about the gentleman and sex were starting to bring on that familiar warm feeling between my legs: I tried to put such thoughts out of my mind so that I might arrive in an unflustered state. I went for a meal and could not believe the amount, or choice, of food to which my little voucher entitled me: I had never seen so many goodies, not even on Christmas day, unfortunately the excited state of my stomach meant I was only able to pick at the dishes, but it did take my mind of sex.
At the station I was met by an elderly man with a one horse phaeton, He knew who I must be right away, and introduced himself as Coachman to the Master, he took my valise and we set off in the midday sun. As we neared a red brick estate boundary wall the Coachman told me that this was the Master’s estate, on realising how close I was my heart would not stop pounding; We entered through a pair of crested wrought iron gates and proceeded along a tree lined drive through verdant parkland to the manor house.
As we approached the big house, I saw a rather dashing man dressed in country tweeds walking down the steps from the double front door, I hoped that this might be he who I had dreamt about. I was not wrong, the phaeton pulled up by the steps and the man in tweeds opened the door and took my hand to guide me down. He told me that he was indeed The Master, another, older man dressed like a penguin, was hurrying behind the Master apologising for his tardiness, this penguin I was later to find out was the Butler, he was instructed to take my valise and we all went into the house.
I was asked about my journey, taken through a marbled hall and into a panelled study. The master ordered tea for two and required that we get right down to business. He explained the basics about a sex slave - very much as the old woman at the wheal had told me: He was indeed a registered sex slave master, he had two other girls in his charge and, yes, I was to be fully looked after and the £1000 per annum thing was real. In return he explained that I must be fully compliant in all his sexual demands and help around the house, as required, when not being used sexually.
He explained that he was entitled to punish any infractions or disobedience, but that he was not allowed to inflict any punishment that would lead to scarring, mutilation or any other long term disfigurement without specific judicial authority. If I failed to hold myself still for punishment, and required the use of restraints, then the punishment would be doubled.
If I accepted the post I would be registered as his sex slave with the local office of the Ministry of Sexual Affairs, I would wear his mark tattooed on my behind, I would be immediately examined by a doctor and have a gold spigot plug fitted to prevent any unwanted pregnancy. As far as other laws were concerned, I would never be in a situation to be involved in public demands for wet pussy inspection or erect dick relief.
I was asked if I had any questions, and I had asked “what happens to me if something happens to you”. The Master explained that, by law, he was required to be a member of a sex slave owner’s syndicate, and that if he died, was made bankrupt or any other happening I would become the property of one of the syndicate members and that my agreement would continue with my new master. He explained that he was a member of the West Berkshire & North Wiltshire syndicate and, in all probability, I would meet most, if not all, of the members in the course of my employment.
I also asked “What happens when I reach forty?” and I had been told that by mutual agreement the master sex slave relationship could continue, or I was within my rights to claim my liberty and my compounded annual emolument.
The Master, further explained, that I could be traded, sold, or swapped on a temporary or permanent basis between registered sex slave masters. I was not so keen on the sound of this, I liked a settled existence, probably my gold fish bowl small village mentality, but it was not going to be a problem.
I ventured to enquire about personal time and visitors. The Master told me that I was not being kept in isolation from friends and f****y, that, if I gave proper notice I would be allowed to receive members of my f****y and any close female friends that I had, and, of course I could write as often as I wished. This cheered me and I did declare my inability to read or write. I was told not to worry, as he would see to it that I was properly educated to his and my needs.
I was asked if I understood everything so far and the master inquired if I was sure I knew what was involved in providing sexual services as a sex slave. Somewhat naively I said, “yes I knew all about the sexual demands of men.” I did wonder about staff and put this to the Master, again, he allayed my fears by telling me that his girls were strictly off limits to his staff, which, he informed me, only comprised of the Butler and Coachman that I had already met, a cook, and two gardeners not including the estate workers.
I was asked if at this stage I was still interested in the post, and, rather keenly expressed my affirmation. The Master then rang his desk bell twice and two girls came in. The first: A stunning red head in her mid twenties, dressed in a ball gown with the front lower hem pulled up and tucked into the waist belt, leaving her pouting shaved sex on display, and the bodice slung low to push up and expose a pair of firm melon like breasts, he called Sara. The second: An equally stunning girl with jet black hair and alabaster skin in her late twenties, who sported a large black bush between her legs and was otherwise entirely naked, he called Titania.
Several thoughts went through my mind on seeing these two girls: Was I as beautiful as them? What was having a shaved pudenda like? Would I ever be as graceful and voluptuous as them? But worst of all it was the feint red marks across Titania’s bottom that worried me most, I dared not ask what she had done to deserve such punishment, suffice to say that I vowed to myself not to disobey. I also noticed a discreet black tattoo, resembling the crest I had noticed over the wrought iron gates, on Titania’s bum cheek.
I was lost in my thoughts when the master told Sara to show me the ‘Green Suite’, I did not know what this meant. Sara took me by the hand and led the way out of the study, back into the hall and up a grand flight of stairs to a balustraded landing and a corridor leading to a wing of the house. We passed a brass plaque on a door ‘Pink Suite’ “That’s mine” said Sara. The end door to the corridor had ‘Green Suite’ on its brass plaque. Sara unlocked the door and ushered me in.
I was astounded at such space and grandeur. Sara informed me that if I joined the Master, this would be my suite. I could not believe it: There was a drawing room that I imagined would rival one that a queen might have, it was bigger than the whole of my parent’s tithe cottage and then some! Well appointed with sofas, desks, chairs, tables and bookcases. Off the drawing room was a bedroom with a balconied veranda overlooking the park, a large four poster bed and built in wardrobes, and off this there were two little rooms – a boudoir equipped with dressing tables and a toilette complete with bath and the latest flushing crapper. I definitely wanted some of this, and to hell with getting a caned arse, it had to be worth it!
I tried to question Sara, but she put her fingers to her lips and hushed me. I had to make do with my observation that both girls looked happy and well cared for, so that would have to suffice. Sara led me back to the study, where the Master had Titania standing next to him with her legs spread while he idly fingered her cunt. The Master dismissed the two girls and we continued with what was left of the interview.
Again, the Master asked me if I was still interested in being his sex slave, and, again, I was still able to reply in the affirmative. I now sort of guessed at what was coming next, and sure enough it did, after all I had fully seen and been told what was on the plate for me, so it was no surprise when the Master told me to undress and show him what charms I was offering.
The Master put me at ease, he told me not to worry, if all went well his costumier would attend to all my clothing needs. It was what was under the clothes that interested him, were the picture images lying or not?
I took off all my clothes and stood, self consciously, to attention in my bare feet facing the Master. He told me to relax and stand easy, I did as I was told and parted my legs. The Master got up, walked around me, stroked my hair, patted my bum and returned to his seat. He told me I was better in the flesh than in the sepia tones of the images. He reached up and massaged my breasts, tweaked my teats and commented on their firmness and responsiveness. He put one hand around my bum and pulled me close to him, he sniffed at my sex, and with his other hand he gently parted my soft light covering of pubes to find the slit and entrance to my cunt.
The Master’s finger traced up and down my slit, drawing moans from my body and moisture from within my cunt, two fingers worked over my clitoris, tickled my pee hole and then delved into the velvety soft wetness of my love tube, they sought out my rubbery little G spot and carefully worked their magic on me. The last thing I remember seeing, before shutting my eyes and collapsing into the throes of orgasm, was the Master’s manhood, obviously erect, straining against his pants. I came in great gushes all over the Master’s hand.
The Master made passing reference to the ease with which I had orgasmed and I was told to bend over the desk, legs spread, to reach back and pull my bum cheeks apart; This I did, I had never been so exposed to a man before. I knew he was looking into the depths of my opened sex and puckered anal hole. I could feel his breath cooling my wet cunt as he took in the sight presented before him. The Master wiped cunt juice onto a finger and then firmly worked the wet finger into my bum hole. I squealed, no one in the village had ever touched my bum hole, this was a new experience for me, not unpleasant but weird, and I wondered what other new experiences could be in store for me at the hands of this man. He withdrew his finger, commented on my anal tightness and said we might have to do some thing about that, and went back to his seat.
Without any further ado I was informed that I was being offered the job of sex slave to the Master starting immediately!!! He awaited my reply. I stood up, essayed to regain some composure, and said “Yes Master”. He looked extremely pleased and produced a folder containing documents: a bank mandate, which required my specimen signature, an agreement form, a blank medical certificate and a blank sex slave registration form. He got out pen and ink and filled in all the forms. I stood there, still naked, watching in detached fascination at the ease with which the Master used the pen to stroke the paper.
The Master left his desk, clutching the forms and knocked at an adjoining door, a man’s voice answered “All okay then” and I was asked to accompany the Master into the next room. We entered a library and I saw a middle aged man sat in a leather chair drinking brown liquid from a large round glass; The man got up when we came in, I curtsied and shock his hand, rather aware of my nakedness before a total stranger.
The Master said that I was ‘The Liza’ in the sepia images and the girl he had been talking about, he was pleased to announce that I was to join his household. He called the man Dr Rodgerham and explained that the good Doctor would examine me and fit my coil. I was invited to sit in a special chair that had two stirrups raised upon either arm into which my legs were placed. This had the effect of parting my cunt lips and showing off my still wet pussy hole for all to see. The good Doctor inserted a strange metal tube like device into my cunt, the tube was in two halves which, upon applying pressure to the fitted handles, parted and f***ed my cunt to open up like a shot through peach, the device was locked in this position.
The Doctor held a candle against a mirror placed before my cunt opening, allowing him to peer inside my body; He produced a piece of wood, not unlike a lollipop stick, and pushed and prodded the inside of my cunt with it. He put a thermometer up my arse, he opened my mouth in similar fashion to a horse dealer checking on an intended purchase, he felt my breasts for signs of lumps. But the only lumps in the room were in the Master’s and the Doctor’s trousers.
At last I was declared medically fit, free of any sexual or contagious diseases and not to be gravid. Dr Rodgerham signed the pre-prepared medical certificate, asked if he could use me and was told no, but that Titania had been instructed to relieve him of the burden troubling his ball sack. I was a bit alarmed at the casual way the Doctor was being allowed to use one of the Master’s girls.
Before the Doctor could leave to enjoy Titania, the Master remembered my inability to read, and so had asked the Doctor to read out the agreement form and witness it to the effect that he had read it out loud to me and that I had understood it and signed it. This he did, he also explained that the small print on the back contained all the legal bits to which I had already been made privy. I was given a pen and told to make my mark on the document hovering before me. With difficulty, legs still apart in the stirrups is not the ideal way to sign important documents, I managed a sort of cross and the Doctor appended his endorsement.
The last act of the Doctor, now that I was officially the Master’s sex slave, was to fit the gold plug device as deep as it would go into my cunt, all the way into my uterus, it tickled: He patted me affectionately on the tummy and left to enjoy Titania’s favours.
The Master explained that on the Monday morning he would take me to the bank, the local office for the Ministry of Sexual Affairs, the tattooist and instruct his costumier to attend upon me in the afternoon. He would immediately write to his sex slave master’s syndicate informing them of his new girl.
Before being released from the stirrup chair I had one last task to perform, much to the relief of both of us. The Master let out his weapon, a superb erection that put the village boys and wheal owner’s son to shame, it was firmly introduced into my body. When fully encunted it began slow long thrusts, letting me build up and then it would increase in speed bringing me close, then he would withdraw it leaving the head twitching inside me, then start all over again and again. I had never known such control, or believed that the incredible sensations it was producing could go on for so long without either of us climaxing. The Master’s momentum got faster and faster bringing us to the grand crescendo and we flooded each other in sex juices, I had never been so well fucked and orgasmed; If this is what being a sex slave was about I was in heaven.
I was told I could go to my room and rest till dinner at 8 o’clock. Sara was summoned and told to hand me the key to the ‘Green Suite’, She was also ordered to find me some appropriate clothing for this evening, to wear to bed and for the town visit on the Monday. Clutching my copy of the sex slave agreement I followed Sara into the study, gathered up my Sunday best rags and we both went off as bid by the Master.
Sara called in on the Butler, who handed over my valise, and we went to Sara’s ‘Pink Suite’. I was almost the same dress size as Sara and we were both large breasted; She found me a ball gown with a breast exposing low cut bodice, and said I could wear that for this evening. I was given a see through silk negligee for my night wear, followed by a white blouse, long skirt, leather boots and leather jacket for my town visit. Sara reminded me that they were all her clothes and she would be expecting them back. Still naked and grasping all the clothes and valise, I followed Sara to the ‘Green Suite’ she unlocked the door and left the key in the lock, she begrudgingly congratulated me on my success at being the chosen new girl and bid me bye till dinner time, she added that the Butler would strike the gong exactly ten minutes before we were expected to attend for dinner. I had two hours with nothing to do but pamper myself in my new surroundings – what luxury.
I ran my very first bath, sure I had shared hip baths before in front of the range in my parent’s cottage, and had regularly washed from a basin, but hot and cold running water all to myself! I luxuriated in the water, washed my hair and douched my cunt, I had never felt so clean. I put on the one piece of clothing I had been given to wear. I looked at myself in a full length cheval mirror and admired the view of my heaving breasts offered up in full view.
I stood on the veranda feeling the evening air rising between my legs and cool my hot little pussy, I watched the sun twinkle as it set behind the trees in the park, and took in the perfumed aroma of the night scented Nicotiana rising from the border below. The gong was sounded, I put on my Sunday shoes and waited a few minutes until I heard a door open and close on my corridor.
I followed Sara along the landing and down the stairs into the hall and thence to the dining room. The Master was already seated at the head of the table, he got up as we came in, he took one look at me, turned to Sara, dressed the same as I was, and Titania, who was still naked; Then turned his gaze back to me. I looked at the other two girls and realised what was wrong. The Master profusely apologised and said that make up and toiletries would have to be added to Monday’s shopping list.
I was not sure what all the food was, but it tasted delicious, and so much of it: We were each allowed a glass of wine, another first for me, it went to my head, and I had great difficulty in suppressing the giggles. The conversation was mostly about what summer flowers should be picked for which room, and guesses as to what tomorrow’s sermon would be about, I had never attended a church, only the village bethel, and expressed my interest as to what the differences might be.
The only discourse of note was a warning from the Master to Sara and Titania, he pulled no punches in telling them, that if they showed any jealousy, bitchiness, cattiness or any other misbehaviour towards me, they would be seriously punished. The Master went on to tell them that they were to help me in learning the routine of the household and what was expected of me, they were to teach me the basics of sex slave positions, deportment, etiquette, use of make up etc.
After dinner we adjourned to the library and the Master read to us until 10 o’clock. Titania was instructed to clear the dining room and set it for breakfast before she could retire, I was given leave to go straight to my suite and told to be down for breakfast at 8 o’clock dressed in the same gown. Sara was informed that she would be accompanying the Master to bed that night.
I went direct to bed, I didn’t bother with the negligee, knowing that I was not to be disturbed by siblings or parents I decided to sl**p in the nude for the first time ever. I felt secure and relaxed, I thought about the events of the day and kept focusing on the wonderful orgasm the Master had given me, I wished it was me and not Sara keeping the Master company that night. I soon found myself playing with my clitoris and cunt, I brought myself to a gentle orgasm and drifted off to sl**p.


I was awoken by the breakfast gong, quickly put on my borrowed gown and went down for breakfast, I was the last to arrive. Sara had on a new gown, and Titania was equally robed. Sara was told to lend me a shawl so that we could all attend church suitably hiding our breasts.
After church we were instructed to be naked and meet the Master on the front lawn. It was a hot sunny day, the grass was warm under my feet, we picked the flowers, that had been talked about the previous day. There were parasols to keep the sun from burning our pale skins, padded recliner chairs and, to complete the idyllic moment, the Butler brought out some lemonade.
The Master, who was fully dressed, bid me stand in front of him with my back to him, to spread my legs, and bend over on all fours. This I did, I hoped he was going to give me another orgasm and started to juice at the thought. He sat staring at my nether charms for a full five minutes, then gently reached forward and did as he had done before: He wetted a finger with my cunt juice and inserted it into my bum hole. He invited Sara and Titania to pull my bum cheeks apart, He commented that it was still a very tight fit. Titania was ordered to try my bum hole, the Master’s finger withdrew and a more delicate slender one replaced it.
Titania agreed with the Master that I was indeed very tight in that department, just as she had been on first joining the Master. He asked Titania to tell what had been done about it and she had replied “I had to have four inch long flared sticks f***ed into my hole, held in place by a strap, the sticks got bigger in girth with the passing weeks until I could accommodate your manhood without any discomfort to yourself, Master.” The Master guessed that I had never had anal sex in any shape or form and said “We’ll let you settle in for a week and then start the loosening of this tight puckered little rosette.” My idyll was temporarily shattered by this news: I did not like the thought of what was to be done to me, but dared not complain.
I was kept bent over, Sara took the Master’s boots and pants off, she knelt between his legs and sucked on the Master’s erect manhood, Titania was made to bend over next to me so that the Master could fondle us both at the same time. The Master dismissed Sara to go and help prepare lunch, he stood up and introduced his member into my sopping wet cunt hole, it did not take many thrusts from the Master before I came in dick drenching gushes all over his member.
The Master appeared displeased, he took his dick out of me and put it into Titania’s hole, two fingers entered and explored my over moist vaginal tube. The Master voiced his concerns. “When you orgasm, Miss Liza, your increased lubricity, that is the extra slipperiness your orgasm juices add to the fucking, diminish the feeling of my dick gliding across your pussy flesh. Do you understand what I am saying?” I managed a reply through my confused emotions. The Master went on to tell me that in future I was to hold back my orgasm until either given permission or it was obvious that his desires had been satiated.
The Master continued fingering me and fucking Titania, the Butler came and recharged the lemonade jug, even this did not put the Master off his stroke as he continued to plough back and forth into Titania, who was now making mewling noises and perspiring profusely. After twenty minutes the Master came in a long grunt of satisfaction, followed by screams of delight from Titania, who kept position when the Master sat down. The Master told me to lick Titania clean, he moved his chair back to allow me the required access.
I did not know exactly what was expected of me, but luckily I made a good choice, and moved to kneel facing Titania’s bent over rear. Titania’s pussy hole was a throbbing mass of engorged red flesh contrasted by the white globules seeping out of it and the thick black bush framing it. Two more firsts for me, I had never indulged in any lesbian activity and had never tasted a man’s or boy’s emissions. I did the best my untrained mouth could manage, at first I thought it would make me retch, but far from it, it was really quite nice and produced a certain frisson of sexual warmth between my thighs. I licked Titania clean, I could definitely make out three distinct flavours, there was a honeyed sweetness, a saltiness and a very slight hint of pee mixed with sweat. I did get some pubic hairs caught in my teeth and had to pull and spit to get them out, otherwise I thought it best to swallow.
Meanwhile the Master had positioned himself in front of Titania, who was eagerly using her mouth to clean love juices from his semi-erect member. When satisfied with Titania’s work he put his pants and boots back on.
The Master examined my handiwork, kissed me full on the lips with his tongue entering my mouth, he savoured the combined tastes located there, his hand reached down and, once more, fingers explored my cunt. This time I controlled myself and squeezed hard not to come; The Master must have ascertained my intent and told me that I was a fast learner, a good girl and that I could have a fingered orgasm if I desired. Two seconds later I exploded and, probably due to too much lemonade, I let out a little trickle of piss with my orgasm; The Master was not displeased with this added discharge. The ten minute lunch gong sounded and we all went inside for our meal.
After lunch the Master said he had estate business that needed attending to and that Sara and Titania were to spend the afternoon on my sex slave education. Still all naked, we three girls sat out side under the parasols, that had been turned to catch the afternoon sun.
I was told about household chores, basically we were responsible for the cleanliness of our own suites, sheets changed every Monday, requests for essentials like toiletries, make up etc we wrote a list and handed it to the Butler, until I could learn to write, Sara said she would help with this. Whoever spent the night with the Master was responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of the Master’s suite. We were all expected to take it in turns, by our own mutual agreement, as to the cleanliness of the reception rooms and the rest of the house, excluding the Kitchen. I was told that it was harder in winter because of the need to attend to open fires and the extra dust they caused. It was the Butler’s task to check and report on these household matters.
Unless told otherwise by the Master our basic mode of attire was the gown, light ones in summer, heavier ones in winter, with house shoes and faces made up, nothing else was permitted; With the exception of being on the monthly cycle, when suitable underwear was allowed and we had to wear a red band on the left sleeve indicating we were in purdah.
Both girl’s agreed that they would take it in turns to come to my suite before breakfast to help with my makeup and ensure the correct general appearance was achieved to satisfy the Master. As I had noticed yesterday, the gown could be worn with the lower hem tucked into the waist belt, either of ones own volition or at the Master’s request.
As far as my bodily functions were concerned, I was told to make sure that all my anal ablutions were completed before breakfast. If giving oral sex, I was to swallow the emissions. I was reminded about my orgasm control. Titania said that the Master often likes to watch us pee or deny us the right to pee until he gives permission, so be ready to learn bladder control. Lesbian relationships between us were strictly forbidden, unless required by the Master.
The Master had instructed that my pudenda be kept shaved. There was a choice of using a cut throat razor, applying wax, tweezers or using an abrasive paper; Sara said we could do each other if I didn’t mind, and that I should try the different methods of depilation to find the one that suited me best. To suit the Master it had to be smooth enough to allow a silk handkerchief to glide over the skin without snagging. Along with Sara I would present myself to the Master at breakfast to allow him to check on my smoothness. Sometimes the Master might want us stubbly or let it grow for the winter.
Underarm hair was to match pubic hair, and any other hair like legs, arms chest etc was strictly and always to be removed. Our coiffure was left to our own determination, so long as it was not cut short, though, sometimes the Master would instruct on the wearing of a wig. Unless otherwise instructed by the Master our make up was of our own choice.
The Master had a set of slave positions that we were expected to adopt on command. I would have to learn these as follows:
Position 1. Stood up straight, legs apart, breasts thrust forward and hands clasped behind a high held head. “Stand Easy”.
Position 2. On all fours, legs wide apart, bottom pushed up and head held high. As Titania and I had been displayed on the lawn before lunch. “The a****l”
Position 3. Kneeling, head on the ground arms reached back with hands pulling bum cheeks apart. “Exposé”.
Position 4. Kneeling on all fours, thighs apart, head up. “The Bitch”
Position 5. Sitting, legs folded to expose cunt, breasts thrust forward, head back with hands clasped behind. “The Buddha”.
Position 6. Resting on shoulders and elbows, legs straight slightly back and apart. “The Flower Vase”.
Position 7. Face up on all fours, legs apart, head up. “The Table”.
Position 8. Lie on back legs apart, knees up, hands behind head. “The Missionary”.
Position 9. Lie on stomach, legs apart, hands reach back and pull bum cheeks apart. “The Scissors”.
Position 10. Lie on side in semi-prone, cunt pushed out. “The Baby”.
I watched as the girls positioned themselves and copied like for like. Without batting an eyelid at the display of female goodies before him, the Butler came out with fresh glasses and jugs of lemonade. Titania added, that these were the standard positions, The Master would either use the name or the number of the position and he could further command ‘together’ to indicate that legs were not to be splayed apart.
Sara told me about the cellars to the house and that the Master kept a bondage and punishment dungeon in one of the cellars. This was kept locked and was only entered at the Master’s invitation or command. This sent a tingle through my body of both fear and sexual anticipation, I had never been secured for sexual purposes and I certainly had never received a sexual punishment so it was both exciting and frightening at the same time.
They warned me about the Master, while he is genuinely generous and appears fairly benign, do not disobey, as then you see a man who is very exacting in his retribution and punishment. I did say that the Master had already spoken of punishments. I was told, that they had been asked to convey to me, that infractions of a sexual nature, so long as not deliberate, would only be tolerated during my first week of learning, thereafter no such infractions would go unpunished.
It was also suggested, that on occasion, the Master was apt to push one or other of us to a point where he knew we would fail, just to obtain a reason to inflict punishment. It was not fair but it had to be endured. Other than this, they both agreed that they could not wish for a better Master.
Other matters of a social nature, decorum, manners, etiquette, reading and writing they would help me with as and when time permitted. I was not sure how much of this helping enthusiasm was genuine warmth to a fellow slave girl or how much had been offered to comply with the Master’s wishes and avoid punishment.
By seven o’clock it was starting to cool and Titania suggested we go to our suites and get ready for dinner, as we had not been told otherwise we were to remain naked. Sara invited me to her suite so that I could have some make up and lessons in its application. On the way in we passed the Master who informed us that it was ok to wear gowns with the fronts raised and tucked into our waist belts. I was glad of this as I was definitely cold and getting goose bumps.
The dinner gong sounded and we attended as instructed. After dinner we cleared the dining table, Sara fetched the Master a large round glass half full of brown liquid. Sara and Titania were bid to stand either side of the Master in the ‘Stand Easy’ number one position. The Master asked how my training was coming on, had I learnt any positions yet? I said I had learnt positions and thought I knew the basic expectations of his household.
The Master told me to take my gown off and get on the dining table facing away from him in the ‘Bitch together’ position. I undressed, climbed up on the table and adopted the correct position. The Master gently stroked between my bum cheeks his fingers running all the way up and down, I could feel myself getting hot and wet. I was bid to the ‘Bitch’ position, and instantly parted my thighs as far as I could, knowing that this would expose my cunt to the Master, His fingers traced along the line of my slit and the sides of my pussy lips, he gently opened me and pushed my cunt lips apart: I could feel his breath on the delicate flesh on the inside of my pussy lip walls.
The next command was ‘Exposé’. I lowered my head to the table and reached back with both hands to pull my bum cheeks apart. My cunt now flared open to allow the Master’s breath to enter me. The Master’s fingers stopped stroking me and were replaced by his mouth, his tongue lapped up and down my slit, he used it to flick the nub of my clitoris and finally it entered my cunt hole and lapped at my copious out pourings, as a cat does to a bowl of cream. I clenched tight to control my orgasm, and the Master said he wanted to taste my cum so I could orgasm, and cum I did! I had never been licked out by a man or boy before, it was truly exhilarating and gave me yet another of my best orgasms. The Master gorged himself on my salty come, he congratulated me on my performance and told me to put my gown back on.
The Master read to us for an hour in the library. We were told, that for Monday morning, we should all be suitably dressed for the town visit; Sara and Titania looked delighted at this and thanked the Master, they must have thought that I was the only one being taken, the Master told them that he and I would need their advice on female matters. He told Sara and Titania they were both to attend on his needs that night and dismissed us. I was disappointed at not being offered the opportunity to service the Master that night, but could not complain, I would go to bed and dream about the days new sexual and life experiences.

... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss:
Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation
by Somraj Pokras and Jeffre TallTrees, Ph.D.
Published by
Copyright © 2003 by Tantra At Tahoe
No part of this publication may be stored, reproduced, forwarded via email, or transmitted
in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording,
or introduced into any information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission
of the copyright owner and the publisher of this book. Bona-fide purchasers may print one copy
of this document for personal use. Brief quotations may be used in reviews prepared for
inclusion in a magazine or newspaper, or for broadcast. For further information, please
contact...Tantra At Tahoe 11200 Donner Pass Road #146, Truckee, CA 96161 USA Phone (530)
587-1317, Fax (530) 587-9056, Email
EDITION 0.9 June 5, 2003
ISBN 0-9721913-1-3
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Sacred Tantric Sexuality
Chapter 3: Kundalini Energy
Chapter 4: Tantric LovePlay
Chapter 5: Sacred Landscape
Chapter 6: Sacred Gate Massage
Chapter 7: Yoni Healing
Chapter 8: Ecstatic States
Chapter 9: Kama Sutra Sex Positions
Chapter 10: Female Ejaculation
Bonus Chapter 11: Male G-Spot
Chapter 12: Conclusion
This book is dedicated to our beloved Tantric f****y, a continual source of Supreme Bliss
through spiritual inspiration, sexual ecstasy, and expanded consciousness.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 2
Important Note
The material in this book is for educational purposes and is intended to provide helpful
guidance to lovers about human sexuality. Every attempt has been made to provide accurate,
dependable, up-to-date information. We believe what's presented here will be helpful and poses
no risk to any healthy person.
This_ding that neither the author nor the publisher is engaged in rendering medical,
psychological, or any other professional service. If you have questions concerning the
application of the material and advice described in this book and its affect on your health and
well-being, it is your responsibility to consult a qualified professional first.
Any use of the techniques used in this book are at your own risk.
This book is not intended to serve as medical treatment, psychological counseling,
psychotherapy, or any other services best performed by a health professional. No part of this
book should be used as a means of self-treatment or as a viable substitute to or for medical
evaluation by a physician. If you suspect you have a condition requiring such treatment, we
encourage you to seek professional help before engaging in the practices included.
Absolutely no part of the program should cause pain or unusual symptoms. Should such
arise during or after doing the practices within, the affected party is advised to seek medical
evaluation to identify possible causes.
If you have knowledge or suspicion that you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease,
we urge you to consult with a qualified health professional before engaging in any partner
practices in this book.
The authors and publishers cannot be held responsible for any error, omission, professional
disagreement, or outdated material in this book. The authors and publishers are not liable for
any upsetting reaction, damage, injury, infection, fatal disease, or other adverse outcome as a
result of applying the information or engaging in any activities suggested in this book.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 3
Chapter 1: Introduction
"The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself."
----- Ben Franklin
1.1 Opening Section
This is what you have to look forward to...
"As I lay here with my legs spread and my beloved's head bowed, worshipping at the door of
my secret garden, I give great thanks for the pleasure I'm about to feel.
"With his soft tongue on my most sensitive outer trigger, and his two longest fingers inside, I
writhe, scream, and come and come and come. Orgasmic energy engulfs me and soon all he has to
do is breathe on me and I shower him with my divine nectar. It goes on and on, over and over
again for about 30 minutes.
"My beloved is grinning and I am, oh, so blissful. He asks if I want more. Not a hard question
to answer. I say YES!
"When I reach the continuous Orgasm Zone, I simply want more, More, MORE!"
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Help you understand what's in this ebook.
• Orient you to what is where and how to proceed.
• Introduce you to how Tantra fits in.
When you read the introduction above, did you say to yourself, "I want that?" Whether
you're a woman or a man, young or old, gay or straight, you want to know the depth and
breadth of your sexuality. You want to feel great pleasure and amazing sexual ecstasy. You
want to pass through the Sacred Gate Of Supreme Bliss, our Tantric name for the G-Spot.
You want it all.
You want to have full-body orgasms, multiple orgasms, extended orgasms with maximum
energy that blow your mind. You want to know all there is to know about the female and male
G-Spots and female ejaculation.
Regardless of your gender, you want to be all you can be sexually. You want to feel totally
confident as a lover -- as the receiver of peak pleasure and the giver of untold ecstasy.
We wholeheartedly agree. We believe fervently that you deserve it all. Your sexual self is
the very essence of who you are.
If this sounds like anything you want, you're in for a real treat. Even if you're not sure, this
ebook was designed just for you.
Sex Positive Aim
Our aim is to support you in being totally sex positive. That means you know that sexual
ecstasy is a divine gift and any way you get it is good for you. We want you to love filling your
pleasure balloon, that imaginary bubble inside you that expands with good feelings when you
let it.
Awakening The Sacred Gate will show you how to...
• Expand your capacity for pleasure
• Bring spirit and awareness into your sexual play
• Routinely reach supreme sexual ecstasy
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 4
• Build confidence that you can give maximum pleasure
• Achieve your full sexual potential
• Fully and proudly embrace your sexual birthright.
To achieve this, you're going to learn to give and receive Sacred Gate (G-Spot) Orgasms of
incredible power and emotional sweetness. You're going to learn to supercharge your sexual
play with female ejaculation and relish being bathed in the Goddess's sweet ejaculation fluid.
With the latest scientific findings, you're going to discover a whole host of new ways to
exchange pleasure.
Just as there are many ways to create beautiful music, there's more than one way to make
love. We're sure you already know how to play some of the instruments in your sexual
orchestra. In the coming pages, you'll learn to play those instruments in creative new ways, to
play new instruments, and to expand your play list with both.
Soon you'll become the master of ecstatic alternatives to sexual union (our Tantric name for
intercourse). Not to mention ways to make sexual union supremely blissful.
But we have to warn you. If you play music like this once, neither of you will ever want to
Especially For Women (Partners, you can read this too)
If you're a woman, please know that we wrote Awakening The Sacred Gate mostly for you.
And so your lovers could give you maximum pleasure. Which is still for you. Though this
ebook ends with a bonus chapter about the male G-Spot, it's mostly about female anatomy,
female arousal, female ecstasy, and female orgasm.
If you wonder why, a few statistics can make this crystal clear.
Less than half the women who have sex reach orgasm during sexual union (intercourse).
Some estimate 75% of women can't reach orgasm without direct clitoral stimulation. Sadly, 10 to
15% of women have never had an orgasm.
Somebody has to do something about this. We nominate you. Do you accept?
Maybe you feel that you're not a very sexual person. Maybe you don't particularly like sex
the way you've had it. Maybe you've had negative or painful experiences. Maybe you think you
don't have a G-Spot or you have one that doesn't feel particularly good.
Together, we're going to change all that.
We want you to enjoy sex. We want you to believe it's good for you. We want you to release
your inhibitions, let go of control, and stop holding back. We want you to remember that being
alive means feeling desire. We want you to know that sexual play is good for you. We want you
to celebrate that your orgasms make you healthier, more awake, and closer to God.
Whew! Do you get the idea that we really care about your sex life? You're right, we really,
really do.
Sex Negative Culture
Unfortunately, most of the so-called civilized world disagrees with the above views. We
don't live in cultures that encourage us to explore our bodies, our orgasmic triggers like the GSpot,
and their spiritual connection. Religions frown on it. Few of our parents talked about it.
You can't even think about it at work without a lawsuit.
Even worse, health professionals are as hung up as the rest of the population. We regularly
receive referrals from highly trained ther****ts who are too shy to deal with sexual issues. In
fact, too many medical doctors scoff at proven sexual realities like female ejaculation.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 5
Partly, this sad story explains why the average lover doesn't know more about their own
orgasmic pathways. Never fear, in the coming pages we're going to help you change all that.
Tantra can help you drop these limiting beliefs and create the kind of sex life you crave deep
inside. Tantra is the ancient spiritual practice of sacred sexuality that uses sexual energy to raise
Not only will you learn how Tantra can enhance every aspect of your love life, along the
way you'll undoubtedly discover how to make your whole life better.
It's OK if you don't know much about Tantra, because we'll fill in the gaps shortly.
If you do know a lot about Tantra, we're confident that you'll discover a whole new practical
side before mastering our version, Supreme Bliss Tantra.
1.2 Tantric Ebook Section
"Sex really is a physical expression of a whole lot of stuff that has no physical existence: love and
joy, deep emotion, intense closeness, profound connection, spiritual awareness, incredibly good
feelings, sometimes even ecstasy....We free our a****l selves by opening our intellects to
awareness of our bodies, and when we are no longer stuck in our intellects we become more like
spirit: intuitive, experiencing the joy of life for the sake of experiencing, in communion with
ourselves, with each other, and beyond"
----- Dossie Easton & Catherine A. Liszt in The Ethical Slut
Supreme Bliss Tantra
Supreme Bliss is the zenith of sexual ecstasy which transforms orgasmic energy into
expanded consciousness.
Supreme Bliss Tantra is the modern system of personal transformation based on the ancient
Eastern spiritual path that uses sexual energy practices to...
• deepen love and intimacy,
• extend lovemaking, and
• create continuous full-body mind-altering Tantric Orgasms.
By opening your senses of the present moment, embracing all of life and all of your being,
and focusing on pleasure as a divine gift, Supreme Bliss Tantra...
• heals your mind, body, and spirit,
• connects you passionately with your deeper self and your beloved, and
• immerses you deeply into the untold joys of sacred sexuality to reach cosmic peaks of
ultimately making life an ecstatic journey in total communion with all that is.
Our Starting Place & Yours
Here are just a few of the key questions that we'll answer for you in the coming pages...
• Can you find your own and your lover's Sacred Gate (G-Spot)?
• Do you know how to give a G-Spot orgasm?
• Women, can you release your inhibitions and open to your Goddess nature?
• Men, can you orgasm without ejaculating from G-Spot play?
• Women, do you know how to ejaculate when you climax?
We know you're reading this because you want to know more of the answers to questions like
When we started on the path of Supreme Bliss Tantra during the mid-90s, neither of us were
multi-orgasmic. Like many other women, Jeffre's orgasms required effort. She was never aware
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 6
of ejaculating. Like most men, Somraj couldn't separate orgasm from ejaculation. So he usually
came pretty quickly.
Realizing how much we were missing gave us strong motivation to learn about pleasure,
ecstasy, and orgasm through Tantric practice. We've changed so much and had so much fun
that we just had to share our journey with courageous intelligent folks like you.
What's In Our Ebook
Awakening The Sacred Gate is chock full of frank, accurate, up-to-date information about
your sexual landscape, including a detailed description of male and female sexual anatomy.
What's more important, we've richly punctuated it with hands-on exercises and practices you
can use to quickly teach yourself these powerful sexual skills. Along the way you'll
undoubtedly discover how Tantric healing helps you drop negative sexual attitudes, release
unwanted inhibitions, and awaken dormant responses.
Isn't it great news that practices which teach you to fill your pleasure balloon make you feel
fantastic along the way?
Sexual learning isn't so different from strengthening your body by work-outs at the gym.
They both follow the old maxim...use it or lose it. The more you exercise, the easier it gets and
the better it feels. Through practice, you heal the weak parts to make your sexual system
healthy and whole.
We've created an ebook that is both comprehensive and user friendly. Though it has a little
of everything we've learned and how we learned it, it's not an academic volume, exhaustive
listing of references, or lengthy survey responses. It's a practical program that reveals all you
need to know.
Awakening The Sacred Gate shows you step-by-step how to put Tantric Sex into practice
immediately in your sex life.
In the coming chapters, you will find powerful techniques to master you own sexual f***es.
You'll learn how to use these techniques to give your beloved exquisite pleasure only imagined
in you most erotic dreams.
We hope you get the idea that we very much want you to become the lover you want to be.
Sexual Exploration Journal
When Somraj was a chemist, he learned to document everything about scientific
experiments in laboratory notebooks. You might want to use a similar approach while reading
Awakening The Sacred Gate.
To raise self-awareness, many readers find great benefit in recording their thoughts,
reactions, and discoveries in a personal journal dedicated to sexual exploration. We suggest you
get one right away. Then, as you read this ebook, you can jot down what you agree with, what
makes a strong impact on you, and what doesn't jive with your experience.
When you do the practices sandwiched throughout this ebook, you're bound to learn lots
about your body, your sex, and yourself. Capturing your adventures offer valuable insight as
you progress and help you remember important discoveries. Journalling becomes an invaluable
tool when you choose to communicate to a lover what you've learned about pleasuring your
Sacred Gate.
During all the practices in this training program, we don't expect or encourage complete
instant transformation. So writing down what happened can help you pick up where you left
off next time. Further, the G-Spot and female ejaculation often push emotional buttons and raise
issues buried deep inside. You'll want to take some breaks to process what comes up, clear the
decks, and integrate what dawns on you.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 7
Journalling can help with all that.
To energize your journalling, you'll find discussion questions similar to the following
spread throughout your ebook. You can write your answers or close your eyes and look inside
at your own situation. If you're anything like the average couple, talking about sex isn't the
easiest thing to do. Those who go through this program with a partner find that these questions
are great stimulants for honest intimate communication.
EXERCISE: Journal Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to journal, reflect on, or talk about...
• How big is your capacity for pleasure?
• How much spirit do you bring into your loveplay?
• What are your orgasms like? Difficult? Full-body? Multiple? Continuous?
• How much of your sexual potential have you realized?
Tantric Sex
Tantric Sex is making love reverently, sacredly, and consciously to maximize and circulate
orgasmic energy. It's much more than technique. It's an amalgamation of attitude and emotion,
awareness and approach.
To be sure, this ebook will teach you lots of specific sexual how-tos that will give you
enormous confidence. Just remember, when you combine them with the Tantric attitude, voila,
you'll become every woman's dream lover.
Awakening The Sacred Gate includes expansive and exciting solo and partner practices to
enable you to understand, first-hand (pun intended), the nature of Tantra and the experience of
Tantric Sex. Before you're done, you'll know exactly how to find, excite, and create maximum
pleasure from the G-Spot. You'll know how to ejaculate if you're female, or make your female
partner's waters flow regardless of your sexual preference.
More importantly to students of Tantra, you'll know how to interweave mind, body, and
spirit to create powerful, ecstatic and long lasting sexual experiences, with or without sexual
union. (That's one of our names for intercourse.) You'll learn to muster your inner fire, couple
sexual energy with physical touch, and exchange orgasmic magnetism with your beloved.
By the way, everything here applies to women giving to women as well as men giving to
women. Except of course in the chapter devoted to maithuna, sexual intercourse. Everywhere
else, we've done our best to use language that honors whatever your sexual preference is.
Kundalini To The Rescue
Before going further, we should explain what we mean when we refer to a key target of
Tantric Sex, Kundalini energy. There's a dormant life f***e inside all of us that few tap into fully.
When you're turned-on sexually, you can feel this nervous stimulation and physical excitation,
alive, bubbling, vibrating inside you. Even when you're not, you can probably feel it trickling
and tickling inside.
This is sexual energy, which most lovers feel most strongly right before orgasm. So
sometimes we call it orgasmic energy.
Kundalini is the old Sanskrit name for this normally latent psychosexual power. The ancients
pictured Kundalini like a coiled snake that lies sl**ping at the base of the spine. When
awakened through Tantric practice, Kundalini energy can ascend through the subtle body,
creating powerful ecstatic experiences and heightened cosmic consciousness.
Know how to do that for yourself, and exchange Kundalini with a partner and, virtually, the
sky's the limit.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 8
Being a great lover is a learned art and science. If you grew up the way most of us did, you
weren't born into a society fully aware of this knowledge. Now you can enter the Sacred Gate of
Supreme Bliss. The path is great and wide.
Welcome to expanded Tantric sexuality.
Why Is It Important For You To Learn About Tantra?
Tantra is the ancient art of transforming the Kundalini energy awakened by orgasm into
spiritual connection and cosmic consciousness. Its roots are very old, as long as 7,000 years ago.
Tantra shows us how to open fully to our sexual nature and, in the process, learn to love all
of who we are. As we practice more ways to feel pleasure and consciously experience ourselves
as sexual beings, we're able to more fully realize our spiritual nature. Sadly, we live in an antiecstatic
society that doesn't promote joy, pleasure, and ecstasy as worthwhile pursuits.
Tantra says these are the only worthwhile pursuits.
As part of your Tantric exploration into the depths of your sexuality, it is only natural that
you explore the capacity of the Sacred Gate and the phenomenon of female ejaculation. Tantra
says be all you can be, experience everything, enjoy.
Know yourself sexually, and the truth will set you free.
We'll fully explore the nature of Supreme Bliss Tantra so you'll learn how to be the blissful,
playful, energetic lover you were born to be. That's a lover who has the desire and capacity to
make lovemaking last through multiple orgasms of multiple kinds, regardless of your sex.
We'll teach you ancient Tantric secrets about how to relax, awaken your senses, and use
your breath to increase your sexual pleasure. We'll demonstrate how to move your body to
enhance your orgasms. We'll offer you everything you need to know, to practice, to experience
and to fly emotionally and spiritually on the wings of sexual bliss.
Why We're Qualified To Write This Ebook
Jeffre and Somraj started Tantra At Tahoe in 1998 to teach lovers the ancient art and science
of sacred sexuality. Our combined 53 years of teaching and counseling experience created the
backdrop to help singles and couples integrate the secrets of Supreme Bliss Tantra into their
lives. Our strong sexual appetites and willingness to experiment ourselves and with others
provide the personal experience that allows us to write with conviction.
Jeffre TallTrees, Ph.D. is a SkyDancing Tantra Teacher with over 30 years of clinical
psychology experience specializing in relationships and human sexuality. Jeffre is co-author of
Intimacy: The Green Light for Red Hot Sex and A Lifetime Of Loving. She is a shaman, healer,
counselor, workshop leader, columnist, artist, and avid skier whose advice is highly sought
Somraj Pokras is the author of countless articles about Tantra, over 50 workshops, and 4
books including the best-selling Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery. During his 30 year career as a
counselor, group facilitator, and trainer, Somraj has guided more that 20,000 people to lead
more effective lives. Somraj is a private pilot, avid skier and mountain bike rider, website
designer, and worshipper of the Goddess.
We derive great joy from assisting others to release their sexual inhibitions. By unblocking
their pleasure, they learn to make lovemaking last and last and last. We live in the mountain
paradise near Lake Tahoe, California with our two golden retrievers, Shiva and Shakti. Our
Tantric lifestyle allows the four of us to celebrate the beauty of nature during all seasons.
With all the stress, disease, and unhappiness in today's world, somebody has to
demonstrate that it's possible to enjoy life to the fullest. We're making that our ecstatic life
purpose. That's our story and we're sticking to it.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 9
EXERCISE: Energy Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to journal, reflect on, or talk about...
• Why do you think Tantra can help you?
• How relaxed are you during sex?
• How open do you feel you are to Kundalini energy?
• When and where can you feel sexual or orgasmic energy in your body?
1.3 Sexual History Section
"Ultimately, your definition of sex or sexuality is limited only by your imagination and
willingness to explore." ----- from Intimacy: A Green Light For Red Hot Sex And A
Lifetime Of Loving by Jeffre TallTrees and Orv. Fry
The Sacred Gate
The G-Spot is a highly sensitive area on the front or upper wall of the yoni (Tantric for
vagina). G-Spot a modern term, coined by Ladas, Whipple, & Perry in their 1982 book The GSpot
And other Discoveries About Human Sexuality. They named it after Ernst Gräfenberg
M.D. who first wrote about this "new" orgasmic trigger in a scientific journal in 1950.
By the way, Gräfenberg didn't call it a spot and rightly so. It's an area in different places in
different women. And it moves.
We call the G-Spot the Sacred Gate, partly because all of sex is sacred to a Tantrika (a Tantra
adept) and partly because it truly is a doorway to profound love, deep emotional intimacy, and
sexual ecstasy. The Sacred Gate contains the power to unleash hidden emotions, generate deep
orgasms, and trigger ejaculation when aroused enough.
Before you're done reading this ebook and doing its many juicy practices, we can assure you
that you'll be able to find and excite your beloved's Sacred Gate. You'll learn anatomy, massage
strokes, and more pathways to G-Spot orgasm than you can imagine.
We expect that some of you have had negative experiences with G-Spot stimulation. You
may have felt little, nothing, burning, or other discomfort. Let us assure you that, by following
our program to awaken your Sacred Gate, this will never be the case again.
We should warn you that we use the terms G-Spot and Sacred Gate interchangeably.
Hopefully that won't confuse you.
A Brief Sexual History Lesson
Though G-Spot is a modern term, undoubtedly the ancients were aware of the super
sensitive parts inside yoni (vagina). They were certainly aware of one the Sacred Gate's primary
sexual functions, female ejaculation. There are references to the female expulsion of fluid with
orgasm as early as Aristotle in ancient Greece. The Kama Sutra mentions in clearly. Shakespeare
called it "the water of my love."
It wasn't until about 400 years ago that a Dutch anatomist, Regnier De Graaf, clearly defined
the glands and ducts that make up the Sacred Gate. He said they were analogous to the male
prostate. This started a scientific trend of referring to the G-Spot as the female prostate.
In 1880 Alexander Skene, M.D., extensively studied and illustrated the glands and ducts that
comprise the female prostate. To this day, some refer to this part of a woman's anatomy as
Skene's glands. It wasn't until 1953 that a urologist named Samuel Berkow concluded that this
tissue was erectile.
More current research beginning in the 80s concluded that the Skene's glands are small,
functional organs that produce female prostatic secretion and possess cells comparable to the
male prostate.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 10
When you feel the G-Spot, or Sacred Gate, you're feeling these glands beneath the skin of
yoni's upper wall.
More Research, More Arguments
About the turn of the 20th century, Freud was generating his own revolution about the
nature of sexuality. He said there were two kinds of orgasm: clitoral and vaginal, or in Tantric
terms clio and yoni. Freud convinced many that clio (clitoral) orgasms were immature.
According to him, it took a real woman to have a yoni orgasm.
In contrast, pioneering sex researchers, like Kinsey in the 50s and Masters & Johnson in the
60s, believed that only clio was responsible for women's orgasms. The good news was that these
findings spurred vibrator-wielding feminists to teach women that they could develop their
orgasmic potential.
The bad news was that, depending on who they listened to, many people ignored a valuable
source of female sexual pleasure. (Don't worry, we're not going to take sides in this silly debate.)
Fortunately, the pendulum began to swing back in 1982 when the G-Spot book was
published. Public consciousness, fueled by scientific research and growing comfort with the
sexual revolution, opened to other orgasmic triggers.
Make Love Not Controversy
Don't expect your f****y doctor, or even your OB/GYN to know very much about sex. In
most medical schools, the training devoted to sexuality is either non-existent or minimal. A few
medical schools increased their emphasis on sexuality in the 70s and 80s, but many of them
have cut back since then. So it's no surprise that the controversies over the existence of the GSpot,
different kinds of orgasms, and female ejaculation continue to this day in the medical
It's only been since the late 90s that medical research began to take seriously the notion that
women's sexuality operates differently than men's. At last, serious investigation is underway
into the unique sexual anatomy and physiology of the female that will ultimately support
women in leading joyful sex lives. What you'll read here is based on the most recent findings.
Women Are Different, Duh
We understand the frustration of male-dominated sciences being unable to describe female
sexuality with simple linear models and reproducible formulas.
The fundamental fact that keeps appearing in our reading, research, and client work is that
each woman is different. Although there are some general commonalties, each woman will have
her proclivities, her preferences, and her own kind of orgasms.
Her pleasure, her sensitivity, and her climaxes will differ based on factors within and
without: her mood, her hormones, her level of arousal, her connection to her partner, her
openness to passion, and her acceptance of her own sexuality.
Those of us who honor the Goddess and specialize in the study and practice of sex know
without a doubt that the Sacred Gate exists. As does clio. It doesn't take an expert to prove that
they both can help you explode with passion if you want.
Never fear, your G-Spot is alive and well and living inside. When you discover exactly what
it wants, it can shower you and your lover with delicious peaks of pleasure and sweet female
Thank the Goddess for big favors.
EXERCISE: History Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to journal, reflect on, or talk about...
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 11
• What kind of values did your f****y hold about sex?
• What role do you feel sexuality plays in a healthy life?
• What kinds of sexual repression have you personally experienced?
Yes, Female Ejaculation Is On The Map
As our title suggests, female ejaculation is another of our primary objectives here. We're
going to prove to you that it's quite common, feels wonderful, is great to learn, and doesn't
release urine.
In fact, Jeffre had to talk Somraj out of using "tastes great, less filling" here.
Female ejaculation sounds a little bit clinical, doesn't it? We like to keep things simple, but
sometimes we just have to use terms that turn us on more. So we often refer to ejaculating as
"letting the waters flow," and call female ejaculate fluid amrita. Amrita actually means
something like "divine nectar of the Goddess."
Now, isn't that just more exotic and erotic?
A significant percentage of women already know they gush, squirt, or dribble amrita when
they orgasm. Some researchers theorize that all women ejaculate when they orgasm, although
for some this may only be a few drops.
Some women ejaculate only with G-Spot stimulation. Others may ejaculate with either
Sacred Gate stimulation or clio stimulation. Some let loose only when both are stimulated.
You'll certainly want to play with them all.
Women, which one of these do you think would do the trick for you?
Before you're done, you'll believe it, want it, and know what to do about it. We're convinced
that any Goddess can learn if she wants to. Yes, we're talking about you, dear.
EXERCISE: Ejaculation Readiness Checklist
Above all else, this is book about practicing sacred sex. Though there aren't any really
juicy sexual practices that fit in to this introductory chapter, there is a really valuable
exercise you should go through right now.
We've compiled a short checklist for you to fill out so you can find out how ready you
are to let your feminine waters flow. Though it's written in the first person, partners can
replace "I" with "she" and "my" with "her" to rate their beloved's readiness to ejaculate.
For women, ejaculation is the culmination of everything you'll learn in Awakening
The Sacred Gate. You can use this checklist as you progress through it to gauge your
progress. To assist that, we've indicated which chapters will help you raise your score on
each question.
Rating Scale
To complete the quiz, read each statement, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and
feel how much it applies to you. Then score each sentence from 0 to 5 using this rating
5 completely describes me all the time.
4 mostly describes me.
3 sometimes describes me.
2 only applies to me a little.
1 most often doesn't apply to me.
0 doesn't apply to me at all or I don't know if it does.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 12
1. I love sex and am entirely Proud of it. (Chapter 2)
2. My attitude is completely Sex Positive. (Chapters 2 & 7)
3. My Mind helps me get totally aroused and romantically engaged. (Chapters 3 & 7)
4. I feel safe and Trust my lover, even when that's me. (Chapter 4)
5. I desire to share pleasure and love in my healthy Relationship, even when that's
with myself. (Chapter 4)
6. I Talk freely and openly about sex. (Chapter 4)
7. I can Relax thoroughly during states of high arousal. (Chapter 3)
8. I totally love and accept my Body and all it's parts and fluids. (Chapter 4)
9. I know all the trigger points that give me the best Turn-On. (Chapter 5)
10. My tissues and erogenous zones are free and Supple. (Chapter 7)
11. The Sexual Muscles in my pelvis are strong when I need them and relaxed
otherwise. (Chapter 3)
12. I love Clio and know exactly how to please her. (Chapter 5)
13. I know exactly where my G-Spot is. (Chapter 6)
14. I know exactly how to give my G-Spot maximum Pleasure. (Chapters 6 & 9)
15. I know how to Guide a partner to give me maximum pleasure. (Chapter 8)
16. I show I'm Excited by moving, breathing, making sounds, and expressing
emotions. (Chapter 3)
17. I can easily and reliably Orgasm. (Chapter 8)
18. I have Multiple, extended, continuous full-body orgasms. (Chapter 8)
19. I know how to relax, Let Go, and push out to ejaculate. (Chapter 10)
20. I want to Shower myself and my beloved with my divine nectar. (Chapter 10)
Total your scores with a maximum possible 100. If your total is...
Above 80 You're ready to go for it.
Between 60 and 80 You're close.
Between 40 and 60 You've got some work to do.
If your score is below 40, you'll want to take every practice in this ebook really
seriously, using them to create a long-term program. The good news is that you have so
much great fun and juicy pleasure awaiting you. We envy you all the growth and selfdiscovery
ahead. You can expand your sexuality, we're sure of that.
So what are you waiting for?
Male G-Spot
We don't for a minute want to perpetuate the perceived inequity of the sexes. In Tantra,
everything is a merger of male and female energies. Both exchange, interact, and interchange
roles to create a balanced partnership. Which is why our bonus chapter focuses on the male GSpot,
known in scientific circles as the male prostate.
Both genders will undoubtedly want to better understand men's other powerful orgasmic
trigger - the one inside, not the one hanging between his legs. If you're a man, it's time to get
excited about the incredible new sensations ahead. If you're a woman, you'll want to learn how
to do your man the way this ebook will teach him to do you.
The male prostate is the seat of divine, long-lasting, powerful orgasms for the man, without
ejaculation and sometimes even without a hard-on. Oh, my, doesn't that sound like a different
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 13
Ironic, isn't it, that highly sexual Tantric women routinely ejaculate when they choose, while
highly trained Tantric men rarely ejaculate. We like to call this the ultimate Tantric paradox.
EXERCISE: Sacred Gate Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to journal, reflect on, or talk about...
• Do you know how to find and excite your or your partner's Sacred Gate?
• Are you or your partner more easily orgasmic from clio or yoni play?
• Have you or a female partner ever ejaculated?
1.4 Chapters Overview Section
How To Read This Ebook
Like most books, we arranged this volume in order. Later stuff builds on earlier stuff.
Orgasms and ejaculation depend on understanding the different kinds of massage and sexual
strokes. Stroking depends on understanding anatomy. Making the most of any turn-on depends
on learning the Tantric art of channeling Kundalini energy. The further you get in this ebook,
the more we'll be referring to earlier concepts and skills.
Tantra honors spontaneity. If you're anything like us, you'll be sorely tempted to skip ahead
to the good stuff right away. Since we honor that, we've tried to accommodate you as best we
Remember that the practices spread throughout each chapter contain the core of what you'll
learn. More than concepts, the later skills you want to develop definitely depend on previous
ones. So if you do jump around, we can't promise it will work for action learning.
As a fallback, here's a little overview of each chapter. If you get lost somewhere along the
way, come back here and use this orientation to decide what you missed.
Tantric Terms
Have you already noticed that we like to use Tantric terms instead of the "normal" words for
sexual parts and actions?
Somehow, medical terms or slang expressions don't create the Tantric mood and approach
that makes sex sacred. We'll be interchanging Tantric terms to encourage you to get out of your
old preconceptions and more into the merger of sex with spirit. That's why we really encourage
you to read Chapter 2 next, Sacred Tantric Sexuality.
Just in case you do skip around, we'll redefine our special words occasionally. If you get
confused, there's a complete glossary at the end.
Here's a short listing of the main ones to help you get familiar...
Amrita = Female ejaculate, nectar of the gods.
Jewels = Genitals
Kundalini = Sexual or orgasmic energy
Maithuna = Sexual intercourse, sacred union
Sacred Gate = G-Spot
Sacred Union = Sexual intercourse
Vajra = Penis
Yoni = Vagina/Vulva
Before we forget, Tantra views everyone as a reflection of divine powers. Often you'll find
us referring to the fair sex as the Goddess.
Chapter Overview
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 14
Here is a little bit about each chapter of Awakening The Sacred Gate. Since you're nearly
done with the Introduction Chapter, do we have to explain what's in it?
Sacred Tantric Sexuality Chapter
The Sacred Tantric Sexuality Chapter gets more specific about enhancing your Tantric skills
and beginning to weave the magic. It explains how to use sexual pleasure as a spiritual f***e.
Creating attitude, mood, and intention to reach untold heights of ecstasy starts here. Read this
chapter to understand the dance between male and female energies and forever after approach
loveplay with reverence, awe, and excitement.
Kundalini Energy Chapter
The Kundalini Energy Chapter introduces you to a subtle f***e inside you that can sweep
you away like nothing else. We call it orgasmic energy and it's the key to Tantric energy
orgasms. To harness this power, you'll learn how to use the four cornerstones of Supreme Bliss
and build the sexual muscles that regulate your orgasms and your ejaculations. When you've
mastered these simple skills, you can turn the slightest arousal into the most satisfying
explosion you've ever had.
Tantric LovePlay Chapter
Any kind of intimacy can be so exciting that we like to use the word loveplay instead of
foreplay. Did you know that Tantrikas are capable of having ecstatic experiences and powerful
orgasms from subtle touch, breathing, or even fantasy? Well, they can. We don't like to
perpetuate the common pattern of rushing through arousal to the good stuff: intercourse
(followed by sl**p).
It's certainly true that turn-on is essential to Sacred Gate Orgasm and female ejaculation,
whatever way you seek them. Which is why our Tantric LovePlay Chapter will help you get
hot, ready, and in the mood for incredible new experiences. It includes tips on sensual massage,
intimacy, and some very special titillating treats from the Kama Sutra.
Sacred Landscape Chapter
The Sacred Landscape Chapter could be titled anatomy, but we're going to look under the
hood for more than just flesh and bones. What are the sensitive parts of yoni? How do they fit
together? Where is the G-Spot? With the fun practices in this chapter, you'll really enjoy
discovering your own or your partner's hidden secrets. When you're done, you'll be able to
navigate the feminine geography with insight, confidence, and respect.
Sacred Gate Massage Chapter
It's one thing to find a woman's Sacred Gate and another for her to thoroughly enjoy it being
playing with. The Sacred Gate Massage Chapter will teach you the four basic strokes inside
yoni and umpteen variations. When you're in the thick of it, you'll really appreciate our learning
philosophy: practice, practice, practice. Whether you're giving or receiving, we bet that you'll
really enjoy exercising your sexual potential here.
Yoni Healing Chapter
If your energy channels are so wide open that you can make yourself orgasm simply with
your mind, Tantric sexual healing may not be essential for you. For the rest of us who've
accumulated lots of emotional and psychological baggage around sex, here's a great chance to
clean house. The Yoni Healing Chapter demonstrates how we all store issues in our tissues and
what to do to release them from yoni. It feels great to use pleasure to direct Kundalini as a
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 15
cleansing and revitalizing f***e. Inhibitions, wounds, traumas be gone! Make way for supreme
Ecstatic States Chapter
Ecstasy is intense joy, delight, and elated bliss. It's an extraordinary elevation of the spirit by
overwhelming emotion so intense that you're carried away beyond the reach of rational
thoughts and ordinary impressions. That's the promise and reality of Sacred Gate Orgasm for
those who travel this sacred path.
The Ecstatic States Chapter breaks down the orgasmic experience into its components so
you can learn to dance and cavort at new levels of excitement and awareness. You'll learn about
clio orgasms, G-Spot orgasms, blended orgasms, and how they merge with Tantric energy
orgasms. We'll show you how to have a single one, multiple ones, and really really long ones.
In this chapter you'll find specific practices that enable you to play in the O-Zone for hours.
The O-Zone is the high plateau of ecstasy we call the Orgasm Zone. When you reach it, you'll
float continuously with intense, multiple, and extended full-body mind-blowing orgasms. Your
mind will drift and your body will feel weightless, as if you and the universe were one.
Kama Sutra Sex Positions Chapter
The Kama Sutra is a fascinating compilation of earlier works about the social customs and
sexual techniques in the upper classes of India around the turn of the common era. In spite of its
limitations, it offers frank advice about sexual union, especially the fit of vajras (penises) in
yonis (vaginas). It graphically explains why size doesn't matter so much when you know how
to adjust for jewel (genital) fit to make just about any penetration ecstatic. The Kama Sutra
didn't include Tantric methods of creating Supreme Bliss regardless of anatomy. Our Kama
Sutra Sex Positions Chapter combines its detailed classification of lovemaking postures with
sacred sexuality for the most intense G-Spot pleasure.
Female Ejaculation Chapter
In the Female Ejaculation Chapter, we'll explore the nature of amrita (female ejaculate),
where it comes from, what it looks like, how it tastes, how you make it flow, and how you can
get someone else to help you gush. We'll need to start by getting you to honor the Goddess's
nectar and look forward to being showered. This may be one of the most graphic step-by-step
training manuals you'll ever see. It includes using fingers, sex toys, and vajras.
Male G-Spot Bonus Chapter
Your free bonus included in this ebook, the Male G-Spot Chapter, really digs in to the male
prostate (pun intended) and why it's so orgasmic for men who've been trained to enjoy it. Men
and their partners will learn how to find, approach, and excite it from outside and inside.
Although it may sound strange initially, the pleasure you can experience makes it well worth
facing your fears and prejudices and just going for it. Imagine having Kundalini energy surging
through your body for long periods of time, rivaling the best ejaculatory orgasm you've ever
had. For sure, there's a learning process that the practices of this chapter lay out in detail.
Ultimately, many men favor these kinds of orgasms over the conventional kind.
Conclusion Chapter
We wrap up with a juicy story that leads you through what you've learned in explicit detail.
Sacred sex is a perpetual journey so we'll give you some ideas about how to continue on the
path to higher and higher bliss. This final chapter also includes our complete glossary,
recommended reading list for further study, and music suggestions. We've also collected the
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 16
sex toys and other products we've recommended and where to get more information and buy
EXERCISE: Chapters Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to journal, reflect on, or talk about...
• Which chapters interest you most?
• Will you move through them in order or where will you go first?
• Which practices sound like they will most benefit you?
• When and how will you make time to practice regularly?
1.5 Closing Section
"The Tantric way is open to all the richness of human nature, which it accepts without a single
restriction. It is probably the only spiritual path that excludes nothing and no one, and, in this way, it
corresponds to the deep aspirations of men and women today." ----- Daniel Odier in Tantric Quest:
An Encounter with Absolute Love
Be A Confident Lover
Tantra says yes to all that you are. We say yes to your desire to be a playful, confident,
spontaneous, satisfying lover. We want you to feel pleasure with all aspects of lovemaking. We
want you to know what to do to experience ecstasy inside as well as help your partner get there.
We want you to be able to flow and respond lovingly with whatever you may encounter within
yourself and with your partner.
This ebook can help you get there.
The information is this ebook will give you the confidence to be a better lover. Being a good,
or even a great lover, demands an attitude of openness, a desire to learn, the ability to
communicate, and the knowledge of what it is you're doing. Although none of what you're
about to learn is difficult, it does require dedicated practice.
Pictures are great. Words are priceless. But without practice you probably won't gain the
confidence necessary.
Whether you're the giver or the receiver, male or female, the more you practice with timely
helpful feedback, the faster and better you'll learn. This is all part of Tantra's main theme of
raising consciousness in areas normally ruled by shame, fear, and guilt.
What's Unique About All This?
We've read a host of detailed books about sex, bodies, and sexual techniques, some helpful,
some fantastic, some inaccurate, and some out-of-date. Now that science and medicine are
becoming more willing to investigate sexuality, especially the long-ignored arena of female
sexuality, the picture has changed. We understand more about what's really going on inside the
human body.
We've studied, taken lots of inspirational workshops, and practiced extensively to
encourage spirit to move within us. This continuing work-in-progress has transformed our lives
The promise of sacred sexuality is the merger of both. In our experience, few resources
bridge the gap between sex and spirit enough. So we wrote Awakening The Sacred Gate to fuse
the two ecstatically for you.
Sure, it's about how to give and get better orgasms than you ever imagined. Yes, it's about
revering sex as sacred, using its power to connect and heal, and learning to surrender joyously
with total abandon.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 17
We do all that by integrating ancient spiritual attitudes and Tantric practices with modern
awareness of sexuality. Yes, if we do say, we teach technique better than anything we've seen.
Most important, we present more than technique, more than doing your honey.
Make The Most Of Divine Play
Here you'll learn how to enjoy Tantric Sex as a true partnership, where neither of you is
passive, where you both give and receive simultaneously. Awakening The Sacred Gate is really
about reaching a spiritual state of intimate communion through divine sexual play.
When you master what follows, you'll be able to combine intense stimulation of orgasmic
triggers from the outside with powerful energy expansion inside. Far more than the delightful
explosion of orgasm, you will ascend to the Orgasm Zone of Supreme Bliss.
Life is a journey. We want you to live it fully. Your body is your temple, your soul connects
you to the universe. You have all the tools within you. We offer you the information necessary
to achieve new heights of ecstasy and pleasure which is your birthright. All you have to do is
play with them.
We look forward to meeting you up there.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 18
Chapter 2: Sacred Tantric Sexuality
"Tantra is a cult of ecstasy, a personal religion based on the mystical experience of joy rather than
established dogma. It is worship; it is energizing and life-giving Tantric art, writings, and
religious rituals glorify sex. Tantrics are anti-ascetic; they affirm life. They teach the discovery of
the divine through the exhaltation of the total human. They use all of the senses, the mind and the
spirit to reach mystic peaks."
---- Kamala Devi in The Eastern Way of Love
2.1 Opening Section
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Understand the pivotal role pleasure plays in life.
• Learn how Tantric Sex is different.
• Give you some basic tools of sacred sexuality.
Tantra Says "Yes!"
• Do you want to be engulfed hour after hour by ecstatic orgasmic vibrations?
• Do you want to completely submerge in love-bliss with your beloved?
• Do you want to float on a cloud of peak prolonged pleasure?
• Do you want to transform your mood, emotions, and stress level into vibrant serenity?
Enduring delight?
If you answered "yes, Yes, YES!", then you have some magical transformation to look
forward to with Supreme Bliss Tantra.
We figure most of you bought this ebook to learn about unleashing the amazing power of
the G-Spot to create wet and screaming orgasms. We will teach you world-class massage
strokes, sex positions, and female ejaculation in later chapters.
Recognize that we can't guarantee cosmic mind-blowing orgasms or life-altering personal
transformation from sexual techniques alone. You need the power of the ancient secrets of
Tantra for that. What truly makes this ebook unique is the integration of Tantric practices with
the latest information on G-Spot massage, orgasms, and female ejaculation.
Why Read This Chapter
Tantra is the ancient Eastern spiritual practice of sacred sexuality. It focuses on the pleasure
we create by merging male and female energies. It's a unique attitude towards sex, love, and all
of life itself.
The purpose of this chapter is to explain what Tantra is, why you should care, and how
Tantric Sex can supercharge your love life so much more than by just diddling the right parts
with the right strokes.
As much as you want to skip ahead to the "good stuff," we urge you to read this chapter
about opening your sexuality to whole new dimensions. Your spirit is where the true power of
sexual satisfaction lies. You and your sex life will truly never be the same.
Welcome to our approach to sacred sexuality that we call Supreme Bliss Tantra.
2.2 Tantra Section
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 19
"Tantra does not require "believing in" something, or even "agreeing with" anything. There is
nothing to accept on blind faith. The validity of Tantric teachings and practices lies in our own
experience, our own inner process. We don't have to take anyone's word for anything. No one is
asking us to believe anything. There is no dogma. The only way we can truly practice Tantra is to
give up our concepts of what we think is happening and see what is actually happening. Through
the process of Kundalini awakening we open up to inner or intuitive knowledge. The Shakti
stimulates insights and breakthroughs. We practice Tantra and relate these practices to our dayto-
day life. We become more fulfilled and powerful." ----- Gurumayi Chidvilasananda
Supreme Bliss Tantra
Supreme Bliss is the zenith of sexual ecstasy that transforms Kundalini, or orgasmic energy,
into expanded consciousness. Tantra believes that all energy is life f***e energy.
Supreme Bliss Tantra is the modern system of personal transformation based on the ancient
Eastern spiritual path that uses Kundalini energy practices to...
• deepen love, intimacy and ecstasy
• extend lovemaking, and
• create continuous full-body mind-altering Tantric Orgasms.
By opening your senses of the present moment, embracing all of life and all of your being,
and focusing on pleasure as a divine gift, Supreme Bliss Tantra...
• heals your mind, body, and spirit,
• connects you passionately with your deeper self and your beloved, and
• immerses you deeply into the untold joys of sacred sexuality to reach cosmic peaks of
pleasure making life an ecstatic journey in total communion with all that is.
Wow! Can you see why we're so jazzed about it?
Ancient Tradition Without Fear
The word Tantra comes from the roots "to expand, extend, and weave." Tantrikas, adepts at
Tantric practice, extend their awareness, heighten their sensitivity, expand their consciousness,
and weave all the energies of life together to affirm joyous living.
Tantra emerged thousands of years ago in India, moving to China and Tibet as a grass-roots
rebellion against the repressive hierarchical religions of the day. Back then, to even reach for
enlightenment required lifetimes of denying desire and doing penance for past-life karma.
Tantra opened the doors of spiritual evolution to everyone, regardless of their social status.
If you're worried about what you're getting yourself into, don't. Tantra isn't a religion based
on faith, dogma, or right living. You don't have to join, carry a card, cut your hair, or wear
Since it's not really a philosophy, it has no rules, qualifications, or requirements. There's no
code of behavior, no punishment for sin, and no pot of gold waiting for you in the afterlife at
the end of the rainbow.
If you're seeking inner peace, higher consciousness, a more fulfilling sex life with a new
partner, or rekindling the earlier fire with a longtime mate, the erotic sacred wisdom of India
and other Eastern cultures can help.
East Meets West
In the modern West, we stress the power of knowledge and thought. What you know
determines what you can do. You measure success through work hard, accumulation material
wealth, and caring for your relationship and f****y.
You reap physical pleasures, moments of happiness, and a high quality of living.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 20
In the traditional East, the quality of inner life -- not the process of living -- was more
important. Inner peace free from raging mind chatter was and is most important. Inner stillness
free from the ravages of the pursuit of success and the fear of failure. Inner harmony free from
relationship ups and downs by loving yourself most.
You reap Supreme Bliss by experiencing joy in every breath, every tree, every flower, every
Tantra is the bridge between the East and West -- the path to the joy of the soul through full
awareness of the physical world. By learning to make love consciously, fully, spiritually, you
transcend the outer school of hard knocks and grow into total acceptance of your inner self
while living in the world.
In Tantra, sacred sex is a path, not an end.
Tantra Means Let It Be
Being a spiritual art and practice, Tantra is primarily a way of life leading to deeper
meaning and enlightenment. It guides you to harness the raw power of love and sex to fuel
higher consciousness and promote personal transformation.
Tantrikas welcome all aspects of life, whether frowned upon by society or not. Adepts exult
in living each moment completely, and practice pleasure as a high-priority discipline.
Sophisticated lovemaking skills are revered as an alchemical science and creative art form.
Instead of viewing sex as dirty, low, or base, the original Tantras viewed the energy you
experience during sex as a powerful, creative, healing, and even divine f***e.
Since many of us have repressed sexual urges, feelings, and thoughts, when we harness our
innate sexuality, it becomes a powerful f***e, an accelerated doorway to personal growth and
Without d**gs, Tantrikas deliberately induce altered states of ecstasy to create mystical
experiences of transcendental oneness with the universe. We figure, why not enjoy ourselves
while evolving?
Tantra says if we suppress the inner f***es stemming from our natural self, they won't
disappear. They'll just fester and manifest in our lives in an unhealthy manner.
We don't fight, resist, or reject anything.
Personal suppression can only produce mental warfare and internal stress. We release all
stress as a useless struggle with no winners, only losers. We let go of the futile attempt to stop
things that are happening from happening.
Maybe that's what Paul McCartney was singing about in "Let It Be."
EXERCISE: Beliefs Discussion Questions
This is a good time to write in your journal, talk to a friend, or discuss the following with
your partner on the following topics...
• What are your beliefs about sex? Good, bad, etc.
• What do you like most and least about sex?
• What about sex do you disapprove of?
• What about sex do you fear?
If you don't come up with an answer at first, please dig deeper. The more you know about
yourself, the more likely your sex life will expand and be terrific all your life.
Raise Consciousness
Raising consciousness is the heart and soul of Tantra.
So many people are swept through life looking at pictures in the mind instead of living with
full awareness of each moment. They spend their time and energy dwelling on the past, plotting
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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the future, and comparing the current state of affairs to a set of pre-recorded subconscious
To counteract the programming that keeps us distracted and to quiet compulsive left-brain
thinking, Tantra teaches us to focus our attention on the present.
Tantra shows us how to exist in this moment, become totally absorbed in the "now," and
open our inner windows to the world fully. This activates our right brain that contributes to a
presence more deeply rooted in spirit.
We do this by heightening our five senses -- sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. We
become dedicated to enjoying the physical fully by reveling in eating, drinking, massaging,
dancing, and making love.
We learn to live in harmony with whatever life serves up, whether on a silver platter or bed
of thorns. That's partly why Tantrikas major in surrender -- just letting things happen of their
own accord without resistance.
This whole approach to life suggests we should just give up goal orientation, enter each
experience without expectations, and just live fully in each moment.
PRACTICE: Sitting Meditation
Tantra aims to raise consciousness. It's not a philosophy but a collection of spiritual
and sexual practices. A logical question, then, is how can you practice raising
Soon we'll show you how to this with sex. For sex to be sacred, transformative, and
awesome, you must approach it with the right attitude. That attitude is meditation.
Which is a great way to practice consciousness.
Meditation is simply sitting and emptying the mind. It's not an essential prerequisite
for joyous Sacred Gate massage, but it sure helps when you enter yoni with the right
attitude. We describe it here for you to experiment with.
Since you can't f***e thoughts away, emptying the mind is more challenging than it
sounds. Gurus have developed many meditation techniques down through the ages that
can help you quiet the inner talk and enter a "no mind" condition. We've tried many of
them and they all seek to create a deep inner peace filled with stillness.
Sitting Meditation just guides you to watch your breath. The simple relaxation
method is good preparation for what's coming, because conscious breathing is one of the
Tantric skills used in the sexual practices that follow.
Make some free time in a quiet uninterrupted space. You can do this next to a partner,
but, since it's a personal private inner experience, it's not essential. Yes, you have to turn
off your phone, answering machine, pager, and TV. Be brave, let go of the remote for
just a few moments.
2. SIT
Sit in a comfortable position. The classic posture is the lotus position with one leg
crossed over the other. We can't get all the way there, and it may not be easy for you
either. Get as close as you can to this posturing, insuring that you sit upright at least. A
great aid is a "zafu," a round Japanese meditation pillow that's firm and shaped like a fat
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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pancake. It helps you keep your pelvis higher than your semi-crossed legs. You can also
meditate sitting straight in a comfortable chair or sofa.
3. BE
Meditation is not doing anything -- it's simply being. So don't set any goals or
preconceptions of what's going to happen. Just sit for a moment and relax.
As you settle in to a comfortable state, you'll undoubtedly discover that your mind is
busy. Don't do anything about it, just let it happen. Witness ideas floating by like clouds
in a brisk wind.
To quiet the mind without f***e, watch your breath coming in and out. Don't change
your breathing consciously, just pay attention to it entering your nostrils, flowing into
your lungs, and out again.
You'll probably find your concentration wandering away from your breath. Don't
beat yourself up, this is natural. When you realize you've strayed, just come back to
watching your breath.
Gurus advise sitting like this for 15 minutes morning and afternoon. Since you
shouldn't be watching the clock, we're not sure how you time it. We usually just remain
still until we relax and the mind settles.
Our primary concern here with how meditation helps prepare you for ecstatic sacred
sex and Tantric Orgasm. All we can say is that tension impedes the process and
relaxation is vital for long lasting supreme experiences. It also helps you practice
focusing, an important skill in Tantric lovemaking.
As well, if you incorporate regular meditation into your life, you'll find that it's a
great way to relieve stress, release tension, and relax. One essential requirement for
ecstasy is "relaxation in high states of arousal."
2.3 Pleasure Section
“Pleasure... is a safer guide than either right or duty.” ----- Samuel Butler.
Pleasure First
Tantrikas believe in enjoying life to the fullest. We employ the bedrock of sacred sexual
discipline: practicing pleasure.
Tantra is the true art of living where pleasure NOW becomes the central driving f***e in
each moment.
A central part of this discipline is to increase our capacity to enjoy. We begin to cultivate
good feelings by fully opening our senses and flooding them with stimuli. We learn to accept
more and more sensation and value it highly. We continue by savoring the excitement it brings.
This isn't as easy as it sounds. It requires more than just reserving playtime in our stuffed
calendars. We've got to learn to pursue, cultivate, and surrender to ecstasy with gusto.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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Just when we start feeling good, many of us resist. We're conditioned to believe we're being
selfish, having too much fun, or don't deserve it. We've got to unlearn the guilt and resistance
that's bred into us.
You may be asking, isn't that simply being self centered? Hedonistic? What about love and
relationship? Our focus on pleasure and joy is always toned with consciousness. Because we
know ourselves, we aren't ruled by our u*********s, we act with highest regard for ourselves,
our beloved, and others.
Unless we're centered in our own being, we've not fully present to give love, compassion,
and service.
Deferred Gratification Be Damned!
The dictionary defines pleasure as...
"A source of enjoyment or delight."
"Sensual gratification or indulgence."
You realize that Tantra is a spiritual path creating higher states of consciousness, right? We
believe that simply being happy is a more evolved state. Tantra teaches us to evolve by
heightening our senses and indulging in the gratification they bring us. That's why sexuality is
such a powerful training tool in Tantra. It returns us to our natural condition of simply being
content and fulfilled.
In Tantra we say that pleasure is central, or in other words...
Nothing is more important than feeling good.
Our modern lives revolve so much around deferred gratification. Work for 40 years and
then you can enjoy life. When the k**s grow up, then you'll revive your sex life. No time to relax
now -- wait until next summer's vacation. But in the final analysis, why do you do anything if
you don't believe it will make you feel better eventually? Why wait?
Extract Every Ounce Of Pleasure
The Tantric approach shifts the focus of feeling good to the here and now. Tantra teaches us
how to extract every ounce of joy from the present moment and use that joy to guide our life.
Sacred sexuality is all about being in the moment, relaxing, opening your senses, and
surrendering to subtle waves of pleasure energy that become more and more resounding as you
welcome them.
In Somraj's Tantric ebook for men and the women who love them, Ultimate Ejaculation
Mastery: The Ultimate Ecstatic Solution To Premature Ejaculation, he writes...
"To become pleasure-centered, you need to heighten your sensate focus. That means tuning in to
all your senses: taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell. If you become more sensitive to everything
that's happening all around and all over your body, you can distribute that delicious energy."
Win The Pleasure War Inside
Being pleasure-focused is really criticized in normal society. Just try making feeling good
the center of your universe for one day and see what happens. You've got your work ethic to
uphold, your religious taboos to honor, your prohibitions against being selfish to monitor.
Better not appreciate someone else's physical beauty in business or you'll be accused of sexual
harassment. Often these social injunctions create mental blocks and even get stored in your
body, resisting any attempts to enjoy yourself.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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As a result, we all have our limits to how much pleasure we can accept. If you're a serious
workaholic or a conditioned fundamentalist, you may find that, instead of simply relaxing into
feeling good, your mind floods with thoughts of being undeserving, doing something wrong, or
instead giving to others. These are just some of the mind games that try to talk us out of
EXERCISE: Resistance Discussion Questions
The next time you feel strong pleasure, be extra conscious of your thoughts and reactions.
Whether you're enjoying playing with a c***d, watching a sunset, or engaging in exciting sexual
play, watch what happens inside. Ask yourself...
• Are any of my thoughts resisting the delight I'm experiencing?
• Am I feeling any uncomfortable sensations in my body?
• Do I have any urges to tense up or shift out of what's making me feel good?
PRACTICE: Putting Pleasure First
Do you accept that nothing is more important than feeling good? That pleasure is a
divine gift you we're meant to enjoy? That anything we do, we do because ultimately it
brings us satisfaction?
Tantrikas put pleasure first. We don't wait until we have earned it. Deferred
gratification has little part in our way of life. We believe that our basic nature is one of
joy, bliss, and ecstasy. As we become truly evolved, we become truly happy. That's why
sex is such a large part of Tantric practice. It's training camp for being a fully realized
enlightened being.
Want to experience stronger ecstasy and deeper intimacy? Then practice expanding
your capacity for pleasure. Learn to relax and surrender more. Learn to open your
senses and heighten your sensitivity. Learn to absorb, channel, and recirculate orgasmic
energy. Learn to reach higher and higher peaks of ecstasy and wave after wave of bliss.
If you agree with this, here's your chance to test if you're practicing what you're
If you've started a Sexual Exploration Journal, use it for this practice. Otherwise, get a
small notebook that you can keep with you. On a new page, list everything that brings
you pleasure. Include the favorite parts of your current life, past peak moments, and
fantasies you get excited just thinking about. Travel, f****y, work, sex, art, sports, music
-- don't leave anything out.
On a new page, organize your pleasures in order from most to least. Forget about
practicality here, just focus on what gets your juices flowing and what doesn't.
On the top of the next page in your notebook, write today's date. Keep track of how
you spend your time. List your major activities every hour or quarter hour including
sl**ping, eating, etc. Don't just list general terms like "work" or "f****y" but break down
your activities specifically enough so that you can compare your enjoyment of different
things. Do this for at least a typical week.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 25
After a week or more, add up where you spend your life's time. sl**p will probably
be the largest single chunk. On a new page, list your activities in descending order of
time devoted to them.
Compare your top pleasure priorities with your top time blocks. Do you spend your
time in places and with people that bring you pleasure? Which pleasures do you make
time for? Which ones do you ignore? Which ones are you waiting for?
Our point is only for you to realize the ways you are taking time for what you enjoy
and the ways you are not. This is the focus that's essential for Tantric Sex, to be fully
engaged in pleasure. Of course, if you want to completely reorganize your life around
your findings, be our guest. No extra charge.
Tantric Healing Is Sexual Healing
Putting pleasure first is a major challenge with arguably the most repressed aspect of
modern Western life. Yes, sex.
Engaging in uninhibited sex requires growth from all of us who've grown up in the modern
world. We carry more moralizing, shame, guilt, and anxiety into the bedroom than anywhere
else in our lives.
Tantra wasn't designed as therapy for our sexual hang-ups and limitations, it just sometimes
turns out that way. When we relax, exercise our erogenous zones, and enjoy our bodies, we
often run into the old baggage that blocks our joy and excitement. We discover that old pains,
wounds, and trauma are stored in our tissues.
Instead of focusing on problems, Tantric practice heals purely through the committed
pursuit of pleasure. By opening our energy channels, we work through any resistance that
We heal our wounds, lose our inhibitions, and release our inner blocks by seeking higher
and higher states of ecstasy. We're left cleansed, relaxed, and free.
If we can become fully natural and spontaneous with sensual play, then we can probably do
it with any of life's f***es.
Craving Touch
All of us crave touch. Don't you?
In this era of high-visibility public campaigns against sexual harassment and c***d abuse,
few of us get enough physical contact with others. In our too-busy high-stress lives, that
probably extends to our newborns and loved ones all too often.
We're strong believers in the healing power of touch. It's a simple blessing, even without
professional training. We recommend frequent the****utic massage for everyone. You know,
the kind that's designed to relax without sexual intent.
Why does touch feel so wonderful? Is it because feeling a soft loving presence on your skin
opens your nervous and circulatory channels? Is it because it opens your energetic
communication channels to the temple that houses your divine spirit? Or is it because we store
our emotional issues in our tissues and massage helps release the unwanted negative energy?
G-Spot Healing
We say yes to all of these reasons. Just consider another vital question? What parts of your
body need tender loving care but rarely get touched without an agenda?
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 26
Yes, your jewels (genitals in Supreme Bliss Tantra).
With all the confusion, wounding, and bad experiences the average person experiences
during life, it's no wonder so many of us end up with inhibitions against physical pleasure and
One of the most powerful ways to heal these sexual issues in your jewel's tissues is through
gentle healing touch of your innermost sensitive spots, the G-Spot (Sacred Gate) foremost
amongst them. We've personally seen the profound releasing that can happen with healing
massage of the Sacred Gate for both men and women. The literature is ripe with story after
story of tremendous sexual opening and transformation this way.
We encourage you to read on, drop you agendas about instant fireworks, and commit to
gradually explore your hidden recesses. With pleasure as your goal, you may experience
amazing Tantric Orgasms right away. Or you may need to slowly release tension from those
places least loved through touch. Either way, the journey is a delight and the destination, a
nirvana of Supreme Bliss.
Be sure to read the chapter on Yoni Healing. There, women will learn the approach, the
attitude, and the techniques for greater opening to pleasure. The Male G-Spot Bonus Chapter
address sexual healing for men, as well.
EXERCISE: Healing Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• How have you been pressured to be sexual in a way that was against your will at the
• How have you been wounded sexually?
• What erogenous zones are sensitive or painful? Always or under certain conditions?
• Do any old thoughts or out-of-proportion emotions crop up when you engage in
sexual play?
• What would you prefer to feel instead of the sensory memories of these painful
2.4 Sex Section
"Being fully present in the moment creates no only ecstatic sex but spiritual transcendence." -
---- from Intimacy: A Green Light For Red Hot Sex And A Lifetime Of Loving by Jeffre
TallTrees and Orv. Fry.
Celebrate The Divine Gift
Tantrikas celebrate sexuality as the supreme divine gift.
With Tantra, sex feels so fantastic when you learn to move out of your mind and into your
body fully. Your body becomes ecstatic when it gets in tune with your spirit.
That's why we say it's more meditation than athletics.
Though Tantra is not directly about sexual techniques, Tantrikas become better lovers
through conscious practice. Our experience deepens and opens new levels of intimate
communion. Through the pursuit of pleasure, we release the issues in the tissues that have
blocked our enjoyment. As a result, our erections become stronger, we make love longer, and
we experience bigger and more prolonged orgasms. Even more, we experience ecstatic orgasms
that take us to greater realms than "normal" sex.
Learning the full appreciation of sex teaches us to delight in our bodies and welcome
pleasure. We explore erotic play fully and comprehensively, immersing ourselves fully just as
we do with every other part of life.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 27
What Is Tantric Sex?
"Remember, if you smoke after sex you're doing it too fast." ---- Woody Allen
Typical modern lovemaking starts with a quick build up and ends with an equally quick
release of sexual tension. Not so in Tantra. Tantric Sex uses the same body parts and physical
actions, but unfolds much differently than the average quickie hurtling downhill towards a
sudden explosion.
Really, we're not against quickies. But what if there was something much much better that
lasted much much longer?
In Tantra, we define S.E.X. as Subtle Energy eXchange. Tantric S.E.X. means any touching or
moving together that connects lovers' inner vibrations. The Sacred Gate (G-Spot) is one of those
highly energetic erogenous zones that strongly activates the flow of Kundalini energy.
Releasing tension and giving in to the urge to climax gets replaced with continuous
streaming vibrations of ecstatic energy. When we enter the altered state of consciousness that
comes with orgasm after orgasm, we simply want to float upon a cloud of bliss together.
Tantric S.E.X. is flowing, spontaneous, and conscious. It's open, intimate, and mutual. Sex
this way is more leisurely, savoring every delicious morsel of pleasure, instead of rushing
headlong towards maximum turn-on rapidly. It's a dance, not a race. Tantric lovers move so
slowly, stopping frequently to settle deeply into the rising tide of pleasure, stretching the
experience out as long as possible.
Tantric S.E.X. is more like sensuously sipping an expensive Cabernet than chugging a sixpack
of brew. It more resembles sampling the delicacies at a gourmet buffet than inhaling a
pepperoni pizza during Monday Night Football. It's certainly more like a twilight stroll through
a perfumed Spring garden with your beloved on your arm than running a hundred-yard dash.
EXERCISE: Tantric Sex Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• What zones of your body get turned on by what kind of stimulation?
• What sexual fantasies have you had?
• What erotic dreams have you had?
• How would you like your sex to be more Tantric?
Drop Your Goals, They'll Look After Themselves
There's no goal in Tantric S.E.X., only the present moment of perfect and harmonious union.
Loveplay in Tantra is all about feeling pleasure intensely for long periods of time, nothing more
and nothing less. It's about building, containing, and circulating Kundalini energy, not losing it.
It's about letting the energy unfold and expand, not trying to make something happen.
We follow no agenda, set pattern, or programmed stages of foreplay and penetration. We
don't rush through the preliminaries to get to the main act. We don't judge success in the sack
by making ourselves or our partner climax. Since we have no goal of giving or receiving
orgasm, anything may happen as the mood strikes the lovers.
That doesn't mean orgasm is unwelcome or avoided. And it doesn't mean that climaxes
aren't incredibly spectacular in Tantric Sex. The many varieties of orgasm we experience are
downright amazing when they overtake us. It just means we let them happen of their own
accord at the highest peaks imaginable.
Don't Miss The Beautiful Fragrance Of The Roses
The problem with being orgasm-focused is that, instead of feeling what you're feeling, you
concentrate on a future goal.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 28
Pleasure is now, orgasm comes later.
If you focus on later, you miss the delicious energies building inside you now. If you're
continuously comparing your lovemaking to some imagined mental picture, some earlier time,
some hot porno flick, you can't fully appreciate what you're sensing in the moment.
Pleasure is now, orgasms come when they come. And they will come.
We can't argue with the business practice of setting goals and defining expectations up
front. The natural tension of pushing for what you want serves some people as a useful
motivator. But tension blocks the flow of subtle orgasmic energy, the powerful Kundalini f***e
at the root of Tantra's transformative processes.
It's distracting enough to be thinking about coming or trying to prevent it too soon. When
your mind is intent on your partner's climb to orgasm, you can get dragged down into a severe
case of performance anxiety. Then, instead of focusing on feeling good, you spend your energy
worrying about how well you're doing. You get caught up in all those media-hyped standards
of how it's your job to make your partner go wild.
Get Back In The Sack Where You Belong
This takes you out of your body. By ignoring your own sensory input in the moment, you'll
severely limit your ability to run sexual energy throughout your body and experience waves of
orgasmic bliss.
In Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery, Somraj writes...
"Getting out of your head means letting go of so many worries that normally accompany sex even
with long-time partners. So heighten your senses, feel your feelings, enjoy your pleasure with no
agenda, and you'll gradually learn to stay out of your head and into your body."
When you're trying to recreate an earlier ecstatic incident, expecting to go longer than last
time, or wanting a bigger explosion this time, you're taking yourself out of the experience you
want to expand. All too often having expectations just create frustrations which you carry into
later encounters. Soon, simple enjoyment gets bogged down with all these mental standards
and judgments, future agendas and plans.
Instead of thinking, you should just be just playing and having fun.
In contrast, the sexual practice of Tantra guides you to shift from orgasm -- where you
expect a defined ending - to continuously experiencing orgasmic energy for as long as you
EXERCISE: Sexual Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• Describe a peak ecstatic sexual experience.
• Describe a typical sexual encounter.
• How would you like your sex life to be different?
Speak Up And Enjoy
Are you familiar with that common mental refrain "Am I doing it right?" or the verbal one,
"Did you come yet?"
Because Tantrikas enter into sacred sex without expectations, performance anxiety
disappears. When sex becomes a conscious dance of energies, any mystery about what's
happening with your partner disappears.
If you can picture synchronized swimming with telepathic communication, you'll get some
sense of what Tantric Sex looks like.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 29
Tantric lovers know that they're each responsible for their own pleasure. They recognize
that erotic experiences begin within. They know what they like, what they prefer in the
moment, and what to pass on during each encounter. They've explored all pleasure triggers and
know when and how they want their Sacred Gate stimulated. They ask for what they want,
voice their reactions, and give lots of feedback. And they do it in a way that enhances intimacy
and contributes to the sensual mood.
Obviously, this kind of authentic interplay requires knowing, accepting, and loving yourself
fully. Then you can be scrupulously honest, totally real, and refreshingly transparent with your
innermost desires. Which leads to knowing, accepting, and loving your beloved.
Partnering Questions
Because Tantrikas use sexual play along with raising awareness, we focus on, talk about,
and study sex more than the average person. But we don't plan things out in detail. We learn to
look inside, understand what we're wanting and feeling now, and then talk about. And we
never do anything to another, even a long-term partner, without their permission.
If you know where you and your partner are both at, it's much easier to relax. If you trust
that your partner will respect your needs and limits, you don't have to maintain tight control all
the time. In Tantric Sex we often focus on preparations so that we haven't a care in the world
during the experience and can become thoroughly spontaneous.
That's why Tantric Sex is uniquely a partnership involving mutual consent, energy balance,
full participation, giving, and receiving. To make sure, we always start any partnered Tantric
practice by discussing three issues...
1) Desires: what you want, intend, or hope will happen,
2) Concerns: what's on your mind or worrying you about it, and
3) Boundaries: lines you don't want your partner to cross.
We call these the Partnering Questions.
For example, before a sensual massage a woman might ask for...
• long slow oiled strokes (desires),
• without things turning too sexual because she's having menstrual cramps (concerns),
• with no yoni penetration (boundaries).
PRACTICE: Partnering Questions
The following practice guides you in getting familiar with the three Partnering
Questions by discussing the topic of sex in general. During later practices, you'll use
them to prepare more specifically.
Take a moment to look within and identify how satisfied you are with your current
sex life. Consider what you've had, what you've got, how it's working, how it's not, plus
what you want more of and less of. Include desires, feelings, concerns, frustrations, and
fantasies. The more honestly you can do this, the better your coming experiences will be.
One explains their desires, concerns, and boundaries regarding sex with the other.
The other partner should simply listen, acknowledge, and ask for clarification only if
necessary to understand. A minute each is usually sufficient for each question.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 30
Exchange roles so the other partner can explain their answers to the three questions.
If there are differences in desires or boundaries that conflict, discuss what you can do
to honor each other's wishes.
Tantra 101
So you'll know what to expect, let us introduce you to some of the basic Tantra principles
you'll find appearing in this book over and over...
• Relax and go with the flow, allowing natural f***es to run their course.
• Don't be inhibited and don't resist healthy impulses,
• Be supremely conscious of everything while watching and enjoying.
• Be present in the moment and open your physical senses.
• Make love on multiple levels: sex, heart, and spirit.
• Focus on pleasure in the moment, not simply on achieving the big O,
• You are responsible for your own pleasure and responses.
• Know what you desire, what your boundaries are, and voice them.
• Empty your mind of goals and anxieties, letting sex become a timeless blissful
• Allow orgasm to become a sacred energy event, separate and distinct from ejaculation
and physical orgasm.
2.5 Sacred Sex Section
“Tantric Buddhism is the much misunderstood practice of using the sexual energy as a way of
exploring spirituality...using sex as a gateway to a richer and deeper spiritual experience, and
using spirituality as a means of expanding the sex act into one of erotic symbolism and
meditation.” ----- Richard Craze in A Beginner’s Guide To Tantric Sexuality
Why Do You Call Tantra Sacred Sex?
In many circles, the word Tantra is synonymous with sacred sexuality. How can we make
such an outrageous claim?
In part, that's because the original Tantras taught sex as a path to higher consciousness. If
you employ your superabundance of sexual energy as fuel for growth, then you'll experience
our private definition of Tantra, too -- the fast track to enlightenment.
Further, Tantric LovePlay is a way to bring sexuality into harmony with spirituality, making
sexual love a sacrament of sacred union.
No, You Don't Have To Go To Tantra Church For Great Sex
If you're religious, you can easily adopt the view that everything on earth -- including sex --
is God's gift. Your body is a temple that houses your soul. Or if you lean towards the more
pagan traditions, the Goddess who is love gave us sex as a reward for honoring spirit.
Either way, it's our spiritual imperative to accept this supreme offering and revel in it. Don't
you agree?
We connect lust, love, and life f***e by making love on multiple levels. Tantra is sacred sex
because we merge all our energies inside by connecting the sex, heart, and spirit chakras (the
energy centers up and down the body in line with the spine). And share each with our beloved.
Tantra teaches that we're all a reflection of higher powers. In our rituals, we always include
a namasté, the traditional Eastern palms together over the heart with a bow. Namaste´ means
"the divine light within me honors the divine light within you."
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 31
Whatever way you cut it, Tantric LovePlay operates on a different plane than pure a****l
PRACTICE: Heart Salutation
Try this little greeting and closing gesture as a way of showing your respect for the
life f***e of your partner. We do it each time we make love or when we're doing other
joint practices. Though it just takes a moment and is silent, the intense eye contact
creates an intimacy that sometimes leads to exchanging heartfelt appreciation of each
To learn a simple way to show Tantric respect for the divine qualities of your partner.
1. SIT
Sit cross legged in front of each other as close as you can get. Comfortably make eye
Put your palms together pointing down, both of you. Touch the floor in front of you
still making eye contact.
Pull your hands, palms still together, up to your hearts as you each take a deep slow
breath still making eye contact.
As you breathe in and move your hands up, visualize the energy of the earth being
drawn into your hands and then into your heart.
Keeping your hands on your hearts, lean forward and touch foreheads in a "third eye
kiss" as you slowly exhale. Visualize the energy exchanging between you.
Lean back as you take another deep breath, keeping your hands on your heart. Some
like to close their eyes at this point as they take their energy back inside.
As you visualize energy being returned to the earth on your second out breath, move
your hands back down to the floor in front of you and open your eyes.
Ritual Engineers An Energy Conversion
In India, traditional Tantrikas spent many years under the guidance of a spiritual teacher
engaged in elaborate yogic rituals to purify the body and master the mind. These practices were
intended to awaken the powerful psychic energies through which the adept could enter into
higher states of consciousness. Only when a disciple was deemed ready did he or she partake in
sexual rites with a partner.
We don't approach teaching modern Tantric S.E.X. in such a rigorous disciplined way. But
we approach it as if entering a holy temple on the path to liberation of body, mind, and spirit.
Ritual in Tantra is just a way of honoring of each other as reflections of the divine. We
choose to look through the outer shell and see into our own and our beloved's inner beings.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 32
When Somraj began learning Tantra, he approached sexual play on the extreme masculine
side of the spectrum. Ritual was not part of his vocabulary much less experience.
But, of course, love is a powerful behavior modifier. While stricken with infatuation with
the Tantric pioneer, Dhyan Jeffre, he surrendered to frequent Tantric ritual.
After a few sessions of Tantric ecstasy, the energy itself engineered a conversion. He said...
"There wasn't any rote prostration before a jealous deity to placate in these rituals. Rather, they
were spontaneous motions which created a reverent mood celebrating love, sex, and the abundant
joy of the universe."
Ritual made loveplay feel different -- intimate, sacred, more present.
EXERCISE: Sacred Sex Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• How do you feel about viewing sex as sacred?
• What other energies would you like to bring into your sexual encounters (spiritual,
heartfelt, c***dlike, spontaneous, a****l, etc.)
• What would make you feel safer, more loved, more adored, more blessed during
sexual play?
Creating A Sacred Space
We call preparing the setting for practices and lovemaking, creating a Sacred Space. It's a
space we choose, take loving care in preparing, and dedicate to the higher purpose of sacred
If you don't have a spare room that you can decorate and reserve for Tantric LovePlay, you
can create the environment you want in your living room or bedroom. In fact, there's a benefit
to setting up each time, as you get to ponder the kind of experience or energy you want to
create right now. It also stimulates your creativity and focus, helping you resist the great f***e
of habit that makes some of us take things for granted at times.
What does ritual include?
• Putting on beautiful clothing that accentuates our sexuality like sarongs and jewelry
with sensual, smooth, soft flowing cloth.
• Creating an altar near our practice area that contains meaningful statues, pictures of
our teachers, power objects like crystals and feathers.
• Cleansing the space with sage or scents, calling in the energies we want to invoke, and
expressing gratitude.
This kind of ritual is simply our way getting ready to fully appreciate the joys of Tantric
S.E.X. It takes conscious attention to create the mood inside and out. Remove the distractions,
intentionally set up the ambiance, and then your only work is the inner kind.
We don't have any strict rites required. Coupled with the eclectic spontaneity of Tantra,
there's no right or wrong way to do ritual. You just do what strikes you in the moment, keeping
in mind the general guidelines we suggest in the Sacred Space Practice.
PRACTICE: Sacred Space
Here are some of the things you should consider doing while creating your Sacred
Space. Remember, you eventually want to do it your way. Don't feel wedded to this
program but experiment to discover what feels good to you.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 33
We suggest you print out this practice, including the closing step, so you'll be able to
refer to it in later practices.
To practice creating a Sacred Space.
Clean-up dust, dirt, stray objects, and loose clothing.
Decorate with sarongs, wall hangings, art, flowers.
Place a beautiful sarong on the bed or cushion as the center of your practice.
Set up a music player with chosen music loaded and playing. Have a remote control
handy, if you have one.
Place candles, bells, incense, and the like around to titillate your other senses.
Create a dedicated area as an altar for special power objects dedicated to your love,
your guru, your lifestyle, your relationship, etc.
We call in the basic elements honored by the Native Americans -- water, earth, air,
spirit -- from the compass directions beginning with the South.
We first walk around the center of the space counterclockwise, verbally casting out
the energies, emotions, and attitudes we choose to leave out of our space.
Then we walk around clockwise, calling in energies, emotions, and attitudes we want
We finally invite the spirit and energy of our teachers, mentors, and ancestors into
our space.
To close the Sacred Space, we also encourage a short ritual after every Tantric experience,
• After a powerful orgasm, lying in each other's arms is a sweet way to cool down.
• After a practice session, comparing reactions is always interesting.
• It's endearing to exchange compliments, acknowledgments, sweet everythings.
• Feedback is a great way for a partnership to grow and evolve amicably.
• Verbally release the elements from the directions and any spirits you've invoked.
• And of course we conclude with another Heart Salutation.
2.6 Shiva Shakti Section
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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"Shiva and Shakti, the inseparable divine couple, are the gods of the ecstatic dance and the
creators of the yoga that allows adepts to rediscover the divine at the root of their own minds by
opening the heart." ----- Daniel Odier in Tantric Quest: An Encounter with Absolute Love
Look What Happens When Male & Female Love Juices Merge
The earliest Tantras are writings in ancient Indian books thousands years old that describe
secret sexual rituals, disciplines, and meditations.
More than anyone else in modern times, the Indian mystic and spiritual teacher, Osho, is
responsible for popularizing Tantra in the West. For so long, the earth-shaking truths of the old
scriptures were inaccessible due to their secret codes and obscure language. Osho translated not
just the words but the spirit of living Tantrically.
These esoteric Hindu texts were written in the form of a dialogue between the god Shiva
and his consort, Shakti.
According to the myth, Shiva and Shakti, the archetypal male and female, created the
universe by making love. The physical world sprang from the love juices dripping from their
bodies. The union of their energies was needed to create the whole.
Quite a contrast to the tale of Adam and Eve, right?
Today, Tantrikas revere Shiva as the pure embodiment of the masculine f***e culminating
in cosmic consciousness, and Shakti as the feminine principle embodying pure creative energy.
This isn't worship of supreme beings as in organized religions. Rather, it's our way of
honoring the f***es of nature that exist within each of us. We simply use Shiva and Shakti as
convenient symbols to focus the growth of our own divine qualities.
In short, Tantrikas honor both our inner male and female regardless of our biological
Yin Yang Unite
Tantra teaches you to revere your sexual partner and to transform the act of sex into a
sacrament of love. Tantra teaches that lovemaking between a man and woman, when entered
into with awareness, is a gateway to both sexual and spiritual ecstasy.
An essential part of understanding Tantra is recognizing the alchemy of blending female
and male energies. The Chinese call these yin and yang.
Western society artificially separates our masculine and feminine energies by discouraging
the development of the opposite qualities. You know that men are taught to hide their soft
receptive nurturing side and women are traditionally encouraged to hide their f***eful
leadership and dynamic power. But, truly, we all have both sets of energies and need to exercise
them all for a fulfilling life.
Tantra encourages each gender to cultivate the latent f***es of the other. If men seek their
intrinsic truths on the Tantric path, they'll invariably discover their supple, receptive, sensitive,
and vulnerable side, without losing their masculinity.
Women will discover their strong leadership, dynamic initiative, and teaching powers while
retaining their femininity. These new qualities add to the strengths consistent with our outer
gender which we've already learned to exercise.
What Do Real Men & Women Eat?
So what do you think...
• Do real men eat quiche?
• Do real women eat bullets?
The Tantric answer is to eat whatever floats your cork in the moment.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 35
Why do we bother telling you this story? Because to reach the sublime heights of Tantric
ecstasy, you need more than technique. Without a deeper understanding of energy dynamics,
you might think the best female lovers completely submit to their partners who dominate
everything. This is only half right.
To be receptive to the powerful energies Sacred Gate massage and ejaculation release, a
woman needs to be able to fully surrender to being penetrated, physically, emotionally, and
spiritually. This takes courage, strength, and supreme confidence in herself. You see, the
receiver is the only one who really knows what's going inside in each moment. To reach ecstatic
heights, the woman must guide the experience. She must be so calm and secure in controlling
her partner that she doesn't disturb her own reverie. This is the dynamic direction of Shiva
Oddly enough, her lover needs feminine qualities. The giver has to be fully receptive to
being led and embrace the Shakti energy. The giving partner, whether male or female, has to
willing and able to give oneself fully in service to the Goddess. Give up their own agenda,
surrender to whatever happens, and support, nurture, and follow selflessly. Shakti qualities.
In other words, the strong and in-control giver must be soft and feminine, while the soft and
feminine receiver acts strong and in control. The opposite of what you might expect. Ultimate
success with Sacred Gate stimulation and female ejaculation requires that both giver and
receiver excel at performing both Shiva and Shakti roles and be able to interchange them
If one can only give and the other can only receive, progress will be blocked. Harmony and
balance in male-female polarities are what you're seeking. So you can both surprise the other,
lead them to unheard of heights of pleasure, and be able to share the entire ecstasy created.
EXERCISE: Yin & Yang Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• How well do you do at fully receiving and absorbing all the pleasure you're offered?
• How well do you focus on yourself while receiving?
• How well do you do at fully giving without worrying about what you're going to get
in return?
• How well are you able to feel deep pleasure in giving?
Worship The Goddess
For the ultimate Tantric highs, both partners need to lead strongly and be fully open to
receiving. As we've said, modern society conditions men to be strong and decisive, women to
be submissive and accepting. (Yes, even today.) It's often a challenge for both to learn to
exercise the strengths of the opposite pole.
This is probably where the popularity amongst Tantric men of worshipping the Goddess
comes from. We're referring to revering, honoring, and following the Shakti energy of your
female partner here. Undoubtedly, there's some connection with early pagan religions that
believed everything comes from the grace of the supreme mother who watches over us.
Men, when your heart bubbles with gratitude over the gifts your Goddess bestows on you,
when your mind is consumed with giving her pleasure, when your body vibrates ecstatically in
unison with her orgasms, you've come to worship this incarnation of the Goddess.
And for women, when you learn what you want, know how to graciously ask for it, and
guide lovemaking to reach new and glorious celestial heights, you've truly come into your
power as a spiritual sexual being. Accept your self as Goddess, divine in every way.
Shiva-Shakti Game
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 36
“The man holds the essence of woman in him, and the woman holds the essence of man in her.
What is outside male is inside female. What is outside female is inside male.” ----- Margot
Anand in The Art of Sexual Ecstasy
How do you learn to lead and to receive? By practicing just what doesn't come naturally.
Instead of spending your time and energy thinking and debating, use the Tantric way. Follow
the three Tantric maxims for personal transformation: practice, Practice, PRACTICE!
The Shiva-Shakti Game is a great way to practice harmonizing both roles. It requires a long
period of your life away from work during which one of you fully assumes one role while your
partner does the other.
You may need to push yourself to assume the role that isn't your conditioned response,
taking charge when you're used to following, or supporting when you're used to challenging or
modifying your partner's plans.
This game is a chance to fully get into one side of the gender spectrum without the guilt that
receivers often feel that they should be giving back. And without the jealous resistance that
givers experience focusing on when will they get theirs. Both take you out of the experience,
and ultimately will block your ability to reach the highest peaks of sexual ecstasy.
In the Shiva-Shakti Game you know full well that the time is limited and you only have to
restrict your mind and emotions to one gender energy. You can rest easier knowing that you'll
both get a chance to turn the tables before too long.
If you accept that your desires are good and you deserve all the pleasure you can absorb,
here's a chance to go for it.
PRACTICE: Shiva-Shakti Game
The Shiva-Shakti Game lets you demonstrate that you're fully responsible for your
own pleasure. When you're receiving, you need ask decisively for what you've always
wanted. You need to communicate clearly about what you've been afraid to speak up
about. Now you have permission, at least while you're playing Shiva.
If you don't make out-of-the-ordinary requests that are at least a little bit naughty,
why bother trying to change your sex life? Here's your chance to play out fantasies
you've dreamed about and explore the kinds of sexual play you've been intrigued by.
Why not belly up to the bar and go for it?
Further, unless you get mean-spirited and exact revenge (not an intention of this
practice), you don't have to worry about rejection. During the practice, your partner is
committed to serving your whims and wishes.
Don't be too surprised if your play runs up against the limits to your capacity for
pleasure. Resistance may be a feeling of being overwhelmed, overstimulated, bored, or
not feeling deserving and worthy. We suggest, as with all resistance, that you take it
easy while you persevere. What turns it on is just the thing that will turn it off
To practice consciously and willfully fully occupying only one Shiva-Shakti role at a
time so you can learn to use them each when you want to.
Brainstorm separately a list of things you want to do during your ideal evening or
day. Don't restrict yourself while you're brainstorming. Put everything down that you've
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 37
ever dreamed of, the more outrageous the better. You're just fantasizing privately now,
so there's no commitment to follow through on your daydreams. Regardless of how
many wishes you ask for while you're in charge, the practice of your creativity in the
pursuit of pleasure is a great opportunity. Everything does not have to be sexual. You
can include outings, sports, walks, meals, a game, being bathed or dressed, etc.
Review your list yourself and consider what would bring you the most pleasure in
the moment. Having the dishes washed? Dressing your partner up? Receiving an hour
of oral sex? Put your list in the order you want to do them.
Now get together and begin by creating a Sacred Space. Be sure to do a Heart
Salutation as you settle in.
Read your lists to each other. Decide who will go first. Agree on how long you want
to play, each of you being Shiva for half and Shakti for half. Though you may want to
try just an hour or two to get the hang of it, the profound results come from an evening,
a day, or an entire weekend.
Discuss the Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, and boundaries. What do you
want to learn? What are you worried about? Is anything off limits? To officially begin
the session, the partner in the Shakti role salutes Shiva by saying something like "Oh
glorious Shiva, I offer myself in service to your profound pleasure. Please guide me."
Ask for what you want. Experiment, be creative, inventive, and take risks. You're the
king or queen and you have total right to ask for anything that moves you. Focus on
learning to receive. Don't plan everything in advance but be playful and spontaneous.
Be sure not to abuse your power but to be kind to your servant (who may soon be your
dictator). A good ruler is never unkind or abusive to those dedicated to their pleasure.
Laud your Shakti with compliments for everything you receive. Remember, by
considering the giver's situation you will learn more about how to get what you ask for.
Demonstrate that your partner's pleasure is important to you by devoting yourself
fully to it for this time. Take the profound opportunity to practice the height of the
Tantric approach to life: by saying "yes!" Our normal conditioning in life is to judge
actions and resist those we're uncomfortable with, controlling the outside world to
protect our inner world. In this practice, you get to practice surrender. In this way you
can learn about your own inner blocks to giving freely and unconditionally without
expecting anything in return. Of course, you're a supporter, not a slave. So you shouldn't
accede to anything that would permanently hurt you. Recognizing your own boundaries
and communicating them to Shiva is a powerful exercise in personal power.
When half the time allocated to the entire game is up, find a clear stopping place and
do a Heart Salutation. Officially conclude with the one in the Shiva role saying
something like "Thank you, my beloved Shakti, for giving me so much pleasure. I
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 38
release you from your delightful service." Then, when you're ready, switch roles and
repeat the previous steps.
Before processing what occurred, many couples find it helpful to take a break
separately for an hour or so to reflect on what happened. Then get back together in your
Sacred Space, do a Heart Salutation, and review the experience, answering questions
• What was hardest? How did you feel at the time?
• What was easiest? How did you feel at the time?
• What was most enjoyable? How did you feel at the time?
• What did you learn about yourself?
• What do you need and want to work on more?
Use whatever steps seem appropriate to close your Sacred Space, as you learned in
the Sacred Space Practice.
2.7 Closing Section
Though you've got some incredible sexual practices ahead, we wanted to start you off with
the mindset that Tantric sex is more than rutting. You can expand your sacred sexual experience
• Integrating your mind, emotions, and soul with the body.
• Focusing your awareness where it will help, on celebrating pleasure.
• Welcoming sexual healing into your evolution.
• Looking inward and deciding how you can make your sex life sacred.
• Developing the attitude and approach of your opposite gender.
We've offered several simple practices that you'll find in nearly everything that's coming...
• Relaxing through meditation,
• Being responsible for your own pleasure using Partnering Questions,
• Intentionally creating the mood you want in a Sacred Space,
• Honoring the divine in all of us with the Heart Salutation. and
• Embracing both yin and yang roles with Shiva-Shakti.
Open to all the energies of life and your lovemaking will never be the same. Enjoy the
transformation that awaits you.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 39
Chapter 3: Kundalini Energy
"The practice of Tantra has tremendous potential for transformation because of the Kundalini
Shakti -- spiritual energy -- the awakening, uplifting, expanding principle. The experience of the
Shakti might be an inexplicable euphoria, a deep peace, a sense of great love, or an expansion of
our own awareness -- so that suddenly we are aware of inner processes that we previously had no
idea of." ----- Gurumayi Chidvilasananda
3.1 Opening Section
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Understand what Kundalini energy is.
• Begin strengthening your sexual muscles.
• Learn how to do Orgasmic Breathing.
• Recognize how Tantric Orgasm is different.
How Tantra Can Help Your Sex Life
How can a spiritual practice like Tantra help you with G-Spot orgasms and female
ejaculation? It can because Tantra is about mastering your own energy, the vitality of life. We
mean that inner subtle vibration that's always percolating beneath most people's normal level of
Everything in the physical universe is in motion due to energy flowing. The cells in our
bodies, the bl**d in our veins, the impulses in our nerves all continuously vibrate inside. Are
you aware of it?
What causes goose bumps? A chill down your spine? Shivers or ticklishness? Or more
directly on our subject, how about that tingly warm feeling in your jewels (genitals) when you
see a luscious specimen of the opposite sex walking down the street.
When we refer to energy in Tantra, we mean the nervous stimulation and physical
excitation that causes these feelings. In China it's called chi, in India it's called prana, in Japan it's
called ki, in Yoga it's called Kundalini, but it's all energy. We're talking about the same electrical
and magnetic life f***e that pervades all of our bodies.
What Energy Crisis?
Being an energy practice above all else, Tantra targets sex because it creates so much energy.
Because most lovers feel this kind of sexual energy most strongly just before an orgasm, you'll
see us use the term "orgasmic energy." Kundalini is probably the more correct term. But it's all
the same electrical or magnetic stuff in your body.
Regardless of your level of satisfaction with your lovemaking skills, energy is at the root of
Tantra teaches heightened awareness of these subtler, finer frequencies. Most people don't
notice them because their internal receivers haven't been tuned to pick them up. That's partly
why we delight in exploring our senses of taste, sight, smell, and sound as well as deeper
appreciation of sensual touch.
By tuning our senses, we learn how to summon orgasmic energy, focus on its effects,
magnify its impact, and circulate it around the body.
EXERCISE: Kundalini Discussion Questions
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 40
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about....
• How aware of your Kundalini energy are you?
• What does it feel like?
• Do you feel it moving?
• What do you do that makes it move?
3.2 Streaming Section
"If you practice drinking from someone else’s spring, you will never become a fountain. To
awaken is to become a fountain for others and never stop flowing." ----- Daniel Odier in Tantric
Quest: An Encounter with Absolute Love
Learn To Stream
When enough sexual pleasure is awakened inside, it's hard to contain the Kundalini in one
spot. So, with any luck, it spreads.
We call this moving, running, channeling, or circulating energy.
Though they all mean roughly the same thing, streaming is probably our favorite term. The
name refers to opening your pathways to the energy of ecstasy (even without sexual
stimulation) and letting the natural vibrations engulf you. Streaming gives the valid impression
of a flood of pleasure coursing through your body, which is what it feels like.
When orgasmic energy streams throughout the body, it's as if every cell is coming. Yes, you
feel the same ecstatic experience everywhere. Whole-body orgasm is high on our private list of
Tantric delights.
When we first started Tantric practice, Jeffre used to have powerful session-ending orgasms.
When she learned to stream instead of explode, she started experiencing multiple orgasms.
When you know how stream orgasmic Kundalini energy by yourself, then you can
exchange it with your beloved. The most intense sexual encounters don't result just from a
really hot woman or skilled man. The pinnacles of sexual ecstasy result from both partners
sharing, combining, and building on each other's energy. That's why our definition of S.E.X. is
Subtle Energy eXchange.
Why bother learning how to stream?
• Because it's the key to unleashing the full potential of your sexual power.
• Because it's how you take yourself higher and higher.
• Because it's how you learn to awaken your Sacred Gate and the multiple and
extended orgasms awaiting you there.
Some say that women are generally more sensitive to energy and can learn how to stream
more easily. Maybe so. But , guys, you can feel it, too. Some of you, like Somraj, can respond
intensely to the slightest stimulation with a little practice. Which is the basis of the ancient
Eastern secret of overcoming premature ejaculation.
If Inner Tennis, Why Not Inner Orgasm?
You know what happens to guys if all the sexual energy generated through lovemaking
stays in their jewels? If all this excitement boils over too quickly, the easiest direction for it to
move is out the end of their pleasure stick. And then vajra (penis) explodes with a momentary
flash of pleasure and a big wet spot, that usually ends the play time for a good long while,
sometimes leaving his lover unsatisfied.
If he learns how to spread that Kundalini away from his vajra and around his body, he'll
feel great all over without a sudden big gush. As a result, he can have lots of little energy rushes
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 41
which get bigger and bigger and bigger, culminating in a long series of internal energy climaxes
we call Tantric Orgasm.
If you're a man, when you learn to channel sexual energy away from your jewels, you can
separate ejaculation from orgasm. Your arousal can still become irresistible and you can still
have those powerful pelvic muscle contractions that feel so wonderful.
That's what causes a dry orgasm, a long series of slow pleasurable spasms without
ejaculating and with a rush of energy. Instead of exploding, you pump the energy back inside
and circulate it repeatedly. We call these "implosive orgasms."
How do you learn to spread Kundalini energy elsewhere in your body? Somraj's personal
story in his ebook, Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery, answers that question conclusively. If you or
your partner is interested in prolonging your lovemaking nearly indefinitely by using the
ultimate solution for premature ejaculation, get your copy now at...
EXERCISE: Discussion Questions For Men
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• How well do you extend your loveplay without ejaculating too soon?
• How do you do it?
• Have you ever had a dry orgasm?
• Have you ever felt Kundalini surging through your body?
EXERCISE: Discussion Questions For Women
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• How are your orgasms? What are they like?
• Do they come easily? What pushes you over the top?
• Would you like something more?
• Have you ever ejaculated?
Where Do You Store Your Energy?
Many ancient cultures, both in the East and West, studied our subtle energies and devised
methods to gain greater mastery over them. Common to many practices are the chakras, the
Indian word for wheels. Chakras are...
Whirlpools or vortexes of energy centered at the spinal column and extending in front of and
behind the body where subtle energy is generated, collected, and stored.
Most systems identify seven chakras that reside from the bottom of the spine to the top of
the head. Here is a relatively universal list...
# Chakra Location
1st Perineum Base of spine
2nd Belly 2 inches below navel
3rd Solar Plexus Below breast bone
4th Heart Center of chest
5th Throat Throat
6th Third Eye Forehead
7th Crown Top of head
Though energy is energy, when it's generated or settles in a specific chakra, it feels different.
When we talk about sexual energy, we're actually referring to vibrations of the first two chakras
at the belly and pelvic floor. At the heart, it's the warm embrace of love. In the brain, it fuels
higher awareness. At the crown, it connects us to the spiritual plane.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 42
Prescription For Prolonged Peak Experiences
We know you're reading this ebook to unleash the power of the Sacred Gate. So let us
explain how your chakras figure in so pivotally. There are two main reasons.
First, most love partners want more than just a lust connection at the first couple sex
chakras. Merging energy at multiple chakras satisfies them immensely.
If you've read any of the Conversations With God books by Neale Donald Walsch, you'll
recognize "God's" position on sacred sex...
"There is nothing...unholy...about a passionate, desire-filled sexual experience...When you
respond to one another from...all seven centers at the same time, then you have the peak
experience you are looking for."
Second, you can use the invisible channel that connects the chakras internally, which we call
the inner flute, to move Kundalini energy throughout your body.
This is the key to revitalizing your chakras. Learn to stream sexual life f***e up and down
your inner flute and you'll be able to clear the mental, emotional, and physical blocks in your
way of an ecstatic life.
Those who practice Kundalini Yoga believe this orgasmic energy sl**ps at the base of the
spine. Others believe the first chakra is at the clio or tip of vajra. Our experience is that the most
powerful sexual energies are stored in the Sacred Gate of both men and women. Awaken the
Kundalini, the sl**ping serpent of sexual fire, stream the energy upward, and not only do you
create exciting sexual experiences, but you rejuvenate your entire mind, body, and spirit.
EXERCISE: Chakra Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• What do you know about chakras?
• What awareness do you have of each chakra?
• What stimulates and excites you chakras?
3.3 Tantric Orgasm Section
“The awakening of Kundalini is, somehow, the awakening of the latent cosmic energy lying in
every human being, for such an energy is the origin of all his powers, all his strength, all the
forms of life he may assume.” ----- Lilian Silburn in Kundalini
Streaming For Fun And Profit
Our biology certainly produces lots of sexual energy, especially when we're young, healthy,
or infatuated with a new love. What happens when you age or get stressed by sickness or life
pressures? Then you can't depend on hormones to turn you on and make you high.
Master running energy and this will never be a problem. Learn to generate and channel
Kundalini energy and you can reach mind-boggling heights any time you want. Goddess
knows, there's a never-ending supply if you're willing to tap into your sexual generator.
Where do you channel the energy generated? How do you spread it around your body and
share it with the one you love? By using your intention, your mind, and your breath, you can
learn to send Kundalini anywhere you want.
Where do you think full-body orgasms come from? From circulating the peak sexual f***es
instead of letting them release all that delicious energy too soon.
Move the energy up to the belly, the solar plexus, the heart, the brain, and above. Then it
excites, enlivens, and enriches your whole body. That's what makes magic happen. That's why
you came to this party, right?
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 43
Full-Body Orgasms
We believe that the G-Spot is such a captivating trigger zone because it stores so much
orgasmic energy. Learn to awakening your Sacred Gate is an easy portal into the energetic side
of sacred orgasm. With a little dedicated Tantric practice, you can unleash these powerful f***es
with little stimulation, at least from the outside.
Regardless of your gender, streaming Kundalini energy awakens the rest of your body so
you can experience full-body orgasms. Running energy to the heart awakens your love-flows
and is a powerful turn-on all by itself. Channeling energy to the spiritual centers in the head can
make sexual play a transcendent experience.
Once you learn to stream energy, you'll experience amazingly powerful responses to subtle
stimuli. Your senses become immeasurably heightened. Imagine what it feels like when other
parts of your body are throbbing with the same excitation that makes your jewels pulse and
Tantric Orgasm
When you learn the ancient sexual secrets presented in Awakening The Sacred Gate, you
can access powers hidden deep inside. Then, although a normal physical orgasmic release can
feel terrific, you'll find that orgasm in Tantra becomes a vastly different experience. Tantrikas
cultivate the ecstatic response, which you might call the inner nervous system climax.
We achieve this by contacting our most powerful trigger zones like the Sacred Gate and
generating huge sexual f***es. Then we recycle the orgasmic energy, not expel it. We conserve
and Kundalini within, and instead of discharging, the energy expands inward, flooding the
entire body with pulsing orgasmic contractions and continuous wavelike vibrations. This is
what we call a Tantric Orgasm.
A Tantric Orgasm is an experience of prolonged peak pleasure in which your whole body
vibrates with wave after wave of intense ardor. We shake all over, engulfed in surge after surge
of pure liquid fire. Often, female Tantric adepts ejaculate over and over and over.
Most people experience orgasm from physical stimulation, building up sexual tension and
then releasing it. Tantric Orgasm is an energy event, a state of ecstasy that's more than just
physical, involving many or all of the chakras. In the Ecstatic States Chapter, we'll immerse
ourselves into the different physical pathways to different kinds of sexual climax, and how
Tantric energy orgasm relates.
Where Can I Get One? No, A Six Pack?
How does one experience Tantric Orgasm? Some get there through clio stimulation, some
through maithuna (Tantric for sexual union), some by learning to channel orgasmic energy to
and from all parts of their body. But we find the most powerful access to this zenith of sexual
pleasure is through the G-Spot. The Sacred Gate is where so much power is stored, too often
ignored or suppressed, and can be so released with such intense experiences.
Many women rarely experience this kind of sexual peak. But when introduced to G-Spot
play, they report many of the same sensations as we describe as Tantric Orgasm. Long
continuous pulsing. Going somewhere else and losing touch with reality. Out of control. These
streams of ecstasy from Tantric Orgasm can go on and on and higher and higher.
In fact, many Tantric practitioners can generate and flow this delicious energy without jewel
stimulation. Admittedly this takes some training which is why Tantra is all about sacred sexual
Is creating the ultimate pleasure worth some delightful practice now and then? You betcha.
Once you acquire the knack, you'll never settle day in and day out for "normal sex" again.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 44
EXERCISE: Tantric Orgasm Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about...
• Have you ever had a full-body orgasm?
• Have you ever had a Tantric Orgasm?
• Have you ever had multiple orgasms of any kind that went on and on?
Four Cornerstones
Many of you are reading this ebook not simply to have better sex but to have sacred ecstatic
experiences. Along with learning the physical triggers, you'll learn here how to use Kundalini
energy to propel you higher.
The secret is to turn the responses of the body and mind during orgasmic ecstasy into skills
you can practice and master. We call these keys the four cornerstones of Supreme Bliss. They
• Breath,
• Sound,
• Movement, and
• Presence.
A Tantric breath is deep, slow, and in the belly. The fuels the body.
Tantrikas make sounds like moaning to express the pleasure they're feeling. This releases
inhibitions and opens powerful nerve channels.
The kinds of movements we're referring to are undulating pelvic rocking on the outside and
sexual muscle pumping on the inside. Not only do these actions channel Kundalini, but they
feel really hot.
Presence means being relaxed enough to open your senses in the moment without any goal
or expectation and focus totally on the pleasure you're feeling right now. Presence of mind
allows you to use visualization to move Kundalini, and presence of spirit tunes your internal
receiver to the frequency of subtle energy.
These may seem like simple skills, and they are. We're talking about the kind of intense
breath, sound, movement, and presence that you usually only experience during an orgasm. So
we refer to this process as Orgasmic Breathing.
You might think that you already know what turns you on. For most people untrained in
the Eastern arts of love, those are external stimuli. In contrast, the four cornerstones are internal
tools you can use to energize your own pleasure and steer your own excitement.
If you use them to consciously to get your sexual motor running long before you approach
the pinnacle, they can be ecstatic tools that empower you to go higher and higher.
3.4 Sexual Muscles Section
PC Muscle
We want you to start learning to run sexual energy with one aspect of the movement
cornerstone, flexing your inner sexual muscles. We're talking about your PC muscle, short for
We realize that medical term is a mouthful, but it's easy to identify. Put one of your hands
on your pubic bone, the inside one that's above your jewels and around your pubic hair at the
bottom of your tummy. That's the P.
Now reach around behind and put your other hand near the top of your crack just below
your spine. That's your tailbone or coccyx, the C. The PC muscle snakes down around your
jewels and anus and connects these two bones plus your sitting bones and legs.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 45
What's more important, you need to be able to identify the PC muscle from the inside. It's
the one you tighten when you want to squeeze out the last few drops of urine. Try squeezing it
now. Did you feel it?
If you can't isolate it, take a break and go the bathroom right now. Start peeing and stop in
the middle. When you're finished, try to squeeze the last few drops out. The muscle you used to
stop midstream and squeeze at the end is your PC.
You Want To Strengthen Your PC
Having strong internal pelvic muscles, keeping them relaxed when at rest, and knowing
how to use them without strain can dramatically enhance your sexual pleasure. Why?
Because the PC pulses rhythmically during maithuna (intercourse), especially strongly
during climax, pumping sexual energy. If your PC is weak, your pleasure and orgasms will
suffer. If it's always tense, it can block your ability to stream Kundalini. If yours is strong, you
have a powerful tool to consciously channel energy throughout your whole body. The stronger
they become, the more intense and pleasurable sexual intimacy can be for you, and the more
easily women can orgasm and ejaculate.
Did we mention which muscle is primarily responsible for female ejaculation? Right, the PC.
As with any physical exercise, improved tone gives you better muscle control. When a
muscle is weak, it feels like mush even after a few contractions. With a weak PC, this cuts off the
flow of pleasure and the length of orgasm. When a PC muscle is strong, you can continue
pumping as long as you want, extending orgasm. Further, a well-toned PC can relax more
The natural tendency to tighten up when aroused blocks the flow of ecstasy up the inner
flute. Those who've been sexually rejected, abused, or wounded, may find their pelvic floor
continually tense and on guard. Relax your PC when you're flying higher and higher during
sexual play and you can soar.
PC Benefits
Apparently Gräfenberg wasn't aware that a primary result of strong voluntary contractions
of the PC is to lift vajra towards the G-Spot. With a strong PC, a male lover can apply the most
delicious kind of pressure to a woman's Sacred Gate, regardless of sexual position. Much more
about this soon.
To summarize, women who develop strong PC muscles can...
• expand the sensations during lovemaking and spread the pleasure out,
• have more powerful orgasms,
• have better control over their bladders, and
• more easily learn to ejaculate.
Additionally, the entire vagina benefits from increased circulation that increases sensitivity to
stimulation and improves the overall health of the yoni.
Men who develop strong PC muscles...
• can have stronger erections,
• have more powerful orgasms,
• can regulate their contractions, consciously making them slower and avoiding
premature ejaculation,
• gain greater control over vajra and strengthen his ability to stimulate his partner's GSpot.
Finally, some believe that PC practice massages a man's prostate and keeps that vital organ
healthier and disease free -- a great side benefit.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 46
PC Pumps
Did we convince you that you need to do PC pumps? That's what we call these sexual
muscle squeeze practices.
Fortunately, it's easy and inexpensive to strengthen them. It just takes a few minutes a day
and doesn't happen overnight. To get the maximum benefits from Awakening The Sacred Gate,
we urge you to add some of the following practices to your daily routine.
By the way, you've probably heard of Kegels. These are similar practices developed by a
gynecologist in 1952 named, of all things, Dr. Arnold Kegel. He taught women to strengthen
their PC muscles after the trauma of c***dbirth to restore tone and regain control of their
urinary reflexes.
Doing PC pumps is easy. The hard part is establishing a regimen and remembering to do
them. Develop a successful memory device so that you don't forget. Find a time and place
where you'll remember to do several sets of these practices each day. Once they get strong after
several months of practice, continue the same regiment as your own maintenance program
After he developed his muscles with several daily sets, Somraj chose two daily life rituals
for his maintenance program -- soaking in the hot tub, and walking the dogs. That's where he
does his PC pumps every day. You might use the beginning of your commute to and from
work, as you stop for traffic lights, when you check your email, during TV commercials, or
when you start your workout at the gym.
Whatever you choose, do it regularly so it becomes an integral part of your life routine.
Since it doesn't seem to matter what position you're in for these practices, you can choose
whenever and wherever best jogs your memory.
Remember, don't push yourself and strain your groin at the outset. Instead use the Tantric
approach and build up gradually. Relax everything else when you do PC pumps. If you tend to
tense up, put your tongue on your palate so won't clench your jaw.
When you start practicing as described below, you may find that you're also tightening your
stomach muscles. Don't' worry about it for now. Within a few days or weeks, you'll learn to
isolate your muscle control so you'll only flex the pelvic floor where the PC resides.
These practices may be about squeezing your PC muscle, but the relaxing in between each
contraction is vital. If you're tense, your sexual energy gets trapped and can't flow.
Consequently, the unflexed moments between pumps are as important as the strengthening.
Sure, get into the habit of squeezing to tone the muscles, but put as much attention on totally
relaxing between flexes.
Squeeze and release your PC muscle at the rate of your heartbeat, which means hold
it each time for about a second. Start with 20 contractions twice a day and build up to at
least 75 per set. When you're doing 75 twice a day easily, add the PC Clench.
Next, practice clenching your PC while inhaling. By clenches we mean to hold the
squeeze for a longer period of time. Some experts say 3 seconds, some say 6, some say
15. Maybe they're all right so we suggest you start with 3 and work up to 15 seconds per
To do clenches, inhale and clench your PC, holding it tightly. Then push it out and
relax for the same amount of time before your next clench. Repeat this cycle 20 times
twice a day at first. As with flexes, build up to 75 reps twice a day.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 47
For women, it's very important to spend time on the push-out. Use the instructions
above, and inhale, push out, hold for 3-6 seconds. Do the push-out variation of the
clench as many times as the pulling-in.
The clench, contracting while inhaling and holding, is the type of PC Pump you'll be
using very soon to move Kundalini energy up and out of your genital region.
This practice is basically the same as the first one, PC Flexes, just faster. To do flutters,
you contract and relax your PC as fast as you can. At first, you may not be able to go
much faster than your heartbeat, but with practice you can speed up the squeeze and
release. We suggest you don't count these but just work up to fluttering for several
normal breaths before relaxing totally. Doing 20 sets of these twice a day should be
great. When you can flutter like a bird, add PC Clamps.
PC Clamps are simply long clenches. Work up to holding your clench for two
minutes or more 20 times each set. Remember to relax completely at length between
these long clamps. And relax if you start to hurt or get sore.
There's another way for women specifically to build strong healthy yoni muscles. It's by
using an FDA-approved exerciser that you insert called the KegelMaster 2000.
The KegelMaster 2000 applies resistance against vaginal muscles as they contract through
their full range of motion. Through this simple process, all muscles in the pelvic area are
strengthened and toned while circulation increases. You'll notice the difference after the first
Though it's made of medical-grade plastic and surgical stainless steel, only the plastic
touches yoni. Springs provide 15 adjustable resistance levels that you can increase as your
muscles become stronger. The dealers tell us that you can achieve impressive results with only
10 minutes of your time three times a week.
Here is Jeffre's experience with the KegelMaster 2000...
"I've always maintained strong yoni muscles through exercise and practice. But when I tried the
KegelMaster 2000 for the first time, it made it totally clear how much connection there is between
them and pleasure. The higher I adjusted the tension on the exerciser, the better it felt. I couldn't
try more than the first 7 of the 15 settings because my orgasms were so strong. Sure gives me the
incentive to practice, practice, practice. Because of the lasting benefits to sexual ecstasy, I really
recommend you get one for yourself or your lover today."
For more details and to order yours today, click here...
Whichever way you proceed, let us remind you that PC practices can be a very intensive
regimen if you go full out. We suggest going slowly at first. Then, feel your way as you
continue with later practices. Once you develop strength and tone in your PC through some
weeks of practice, you can back off to a maintenance level of exercises. After a couple of years of
intense practice, we don't do every exercise every day. Eventually you'll develop the feel of
what's right to make your PC strong and keep it there.
3.5 Orgasmic Breathing Section
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 48
“Endless orgasm is for those who can be responsible for staying in love, for stepping out of the
mental trivia trap, out of everyday thinking mind. Thoughts can kill endless orgasms, just as they
can kill ordinary orgasm during ordinary sex.” ----- Margot Anand in The Art of Sexual
Orgasmic Breathing
Orgasmic Breathing is the kind of breath, sound, movement, and presence that happens
when you have a typical exciting explosive orgasm. We're going to practice these tools without
sexual arousal at first so you can develop mastery over those body/mind functions that happen
involuntarily during a climax.
When you can use them to turn yourself on without external stimuli, imagine what it feels
like when coupled with sexual play?
For the most part, we'll be dealing here with subtle energies. At first, don't expect that you'll
be flipping one of those big high-voltage control levers with huge sparks that will throw your
body across the room. Right away, if you're very relaxed and sensitive, or hopefully soon
through practice, you'll become aware of a little warmth, electrical tingle, or pleasurable tickle.
It's like learning to tune in to a much higher frequency sound than you're accustomed to.
You've got to clear your mind and listen acutely to reach it. Once you learn to tune your
receiver to subtle sexual energy, it becomes a powerful f***e. You can direct and regulate it for
magnified passion, lighting a long slow burn instead of an overwhelming eruption.
Can you understand how any mental or physical tension can prevent your progress at this
stage? You can f***e your way around solid obstacles with the f***e of your will. But to use
subtle energy you have to relax, breathe, and feel every little sensation. Tension will block the
doorway to feeling and moving these energies.
If you relax, don't worry about how fast you go, and never despair when it takes longer than
you think it should, soon you'll get inklings, then surges, and finally waves that will bowl you
over. Be patient. You'll probably need to practice numerous times for several weeks before the
magic will occur. Somraj took months before he could feel Kundalini and move it. Take it easy
with yourself and your partner.
Tantric Breathing
Foremost amongst these relaxation techniques is breathing. Most of us take breathing for
granted. We tend to breathe shallowly and u*********sly as a rule. Contrast that with Yoga
masters. Some are so aware that they can shut their breathing down to almost nothing and stay
in a state of suspended animation for extended periods.
Remember what happens to your breath as you approach orgasm? Right, your breath
becomes shorter and faster, maybe even panting uncontrollably.
We could all benefit from mastering the art of Tantric breathing...
• relaxed,
• through the mouth, and
• deep into the belly.
This kind of full breathing lowers the heart rate and can help dissipate the tension of arousal.
Breathing through the mouth is more physical and sensual as opposed to breathing through the
nose that tends to put the attention in the mind.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 49
So, one of the best ways to relax when excited is to learn to breathe slower and deeper.
Further, it helps to interrupt the stress response you may experience during exciting or anxious
moments of lovemaking.
Breathing Tantrically is such a basic part of running energy that we could go on and on
about going slow and savoring. Actually, a great way to learn how to do a Tantric Breath is by
recognizing it has four parts...
• in,
• pause,
• out,
• pause.
We're not talking about holding your breath as long as you can, just not rushing ahead to the
next in or out. Simply pause for a distinct moment between inhaling and exhaling, and exhaling
and inhaling so you can notice what is going on.
Making Sounds
Next, you have a chance to practice one of the most powerful of the four cornerstones,
• Do you moan at all during lovemaking?
• Does it make you feel self-conscious?
• How about when you're coming?
Sound is one of the most powerful cornerstones of ecstasy. The same nerves that regulate
your voicebox are connected to your jewels. When your orgasmic reflexes are working,
moaning with pleasure comes naturally. To repress your voice requires energy. If you didn't,
you'd have that much more energy to fuel your passion.
The more noise you make, the more passionate you'll feel inside. The more passionate you
feel inside, the more passionate you appear. And guess what, the more passionate you appear,
the more you'll feel inside. It's a self-reinforcing loop.
That is, once you get over any self-consciousness you might feel. So many of us learn that
sex is naughty when we're growing up that we inherit a cultural shyness about showing we're
enjoying ourselves. We don't want anyone to hear. They might discover that you'd doing "it."
Oh my God, what if they found out?
By the way, guys tend to be more quiet than women. Isn't that interesting?
You realize that this programming is nonsense for both genders, don't you? Here's your
chance to get over it. Just remind yourself that pleasure is your divine birthright, you're entitled
to as much ecstasy as you can conjure up. Sounding off is one way to amplify your sensations.
If you're in the least self-conscious about being overheard, be sure to find a quiet place
where no one can hear you no matter how loud you get.
Visualizing Energy
Next we're going to add the visualization of energy along with your breathing, pumping,
and sounding. Since energy flows where attention goes, just imagining sexual juice and
electricity somewhere in your body, something will eventually happen.
You already knew that the mind was the most powerful sex organ, right?
We're going to begin working with your energy centers, chakras, in a big way. These are the
vortices where energy tends to collect and swirl around at different places inside your body.
You inner flute is the energy channel near your spine that connects your chakras.
Remember to keep all your senses open. If you feel any sensations, no matter how subtle,
visualize your breath passing through where you feel them. In this way, the breath adds fuel to
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 50
a small fire, making it flare up. Even if you don't feel much, imagine that you do and breathe
into the body parts you want to energize.
Pelvic Rocking
The four cornerstones of Supreme Bliss include movement. PC pumps are powerful internal
motions, but we need to include the rest of your body.
Pelvic Rocking is a rotation of your pelvic area. Some have likened it to riding a horse, but
we prefer to compare it to slow deep sexual union when you're on top. With your weight on
your knees and hands over your lover, the only way you can penetrate deeply is by either doing
push-ups or by rocking your pelvis forwards and backwards. The latter is what we're adding to
your repertoire here.
PRACTICE: Orgasmic Breathing
To combine all the components of Orgasmic Breathing into one comfortable unified
We've broken down the individual parts of Orgasmic Breathing into discreet steps so
you could get understand them. When we're working privately with clients, you guide
them to practice each one separately. If you run into any coordination trouble during
this practice, we encourage you to try them separately.
But really, once you learn to coordinate them all, Orgasmic Breathing is just doing
one unified thing. Most people do these things naturally together during ecstatic sex, so
why not use them consciously?
Use whatever position you want as long as it allows free pelvic movement.
Spend a few minutes getting comfortable, watching your breath, and releasing any
muscle tension. Keep your eyes closed.
Start Tantric breathing.
Rock one way on the inbreath, the other on the outbreath.
Add the PC pump on the inbreath.
Make sounds as you start to feel good.
Visualize the energy coming into your first chakra and being pumped up your inner
flute by your PC contractions. During your first practices, aim to raise your sexual
energy just up to the heart chakra. Of course, you can practice moving the energy up to
any chakra, all the way to the crown of the head. Do what feels best in the moment.
Enjoy for a few minutes.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 51
If you want, try this with a partner. Sit across from each with your eyes closed, doing
the above steps. When one of you gets in the flow, open you eyes. When the second
partner opens their eyes, coordinate breathing in and out together at the same pace. Can
you feel each other's energy?
You may have to practice a few times to get the pieces working together. Once you
do, just practice this combined exercise several times a week for a few weeks for about
15 minutes.
Orgasmic Breathing is the primary method of channeling energy when you're making
love. It may require repeated practice because at first it's subtle for most people. Once
you get it, it's really exciting loveplay. Really gets our juices flowing when we do it
before maithuna.
Later in this ebook, you'll find lots of chances to practice as you discover triggers like
clio and the Sacred Gate. Oh, yes, some partner practices to develop the knack in the
sack are coming, too.
3.6 Closing Section
Well, that wraps up the Kundalini Energy Chapter. Hopefully, you're increasing your
sensitivity to your chakras, your inner flute, and Kundalini energy. By tuning in and practicing,
soon you'll be able to stream. That's where those awesome cosmic climaxes and spiritual
transformations occur that we call Tantric Orgasm.
If you're in a big hurry to read on and dive through the pleasures awaiting you on the other
side of the Sacred Gate, please please please start doing daily PC practices. More than anything,
this could be the key to catapulting your ecstasy to new and unheard of levels.
You've learned to relax, be more sensitive, breathe, make sounds, visualize energy flow, and
pump. You could spend weeks really perfecting all these foundations of the four cornerstones
of Orgasmic Breathing. We encourage you to do a little practicing regularly so you'll be able to
apply these fundamental skills automatically while you're making love.
Next, we'll employ these exact tools to heighten turn-on, maintain excitement, and learn to
savor pleasure during the Tantric LovePlay Chapter.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 52
Chapter 4: Tantric LovePlay
"In coupling, the friction of the man's member calms the woman's excitement. But it is in signs
of affection, kissing and caressing, that she finds her pleasure." ----- from the Kama Sutra
translated by Alain Danielou
4.1 Opening Section
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Learn to make any kind of loveplay exciting and complete in itself.
• Open sexual communication channels.
• Practice Tantric touch and Kama Sutra embraces.
Savor Every Instant
If you're like most women, you'll probably enjoy Sacred Gate only play after extended
warm-up. Because it's a kind of tissue that swells with arousal, you may not even feel it at first.
But you have to understand the Tantric approach that we find works best in all situations.
Don't establish goals, set expectations, and plan a detailed agenda for loveplay. Instead,
experiment with impulses and fantasies that strike you as fun in the moment. Be playful,
spontaneous, and enjoy the journey.
Although we've already described some of the many different ways that Tantric Sex differs
from "regular" or "normal" sex, our use of foreplay is another one of those distinctions. The
word foreplay implies something that you do before the main event. The further implication is
that it's of lesser value.
To a Tantrika (a Tantric adept), any sensation can be the catalyst for a huge flow of passion
all by itself. When your energy channels are open, you can circulate and exchange the f***es of
orgasm even without jewel (genitals) play. When we do experience orgasm from physical
stimulation, it's often a continuous rising experience without an explosive crescendo.
So "before" and "after" lose their relevance.
What is Tantric LovePlay?
That's why you won't see us using the word foreplay much. We don't want to discount the
power that's available to you with little things that can create so many other valuable feelings,
sensations, and titillations.
Instead, throughout the rest of the book, you'll mostly see references to loveplay and Tantric
From the moment you begin to change the feel of the space around you, you are being
sexual. You are using erotic, orgasmic, Kundalini energy.
The instant your eyes meet those of your lover's, you feel tingling inside. The first touch is
electric, sending chills and shivers throughout your being. As you honor your beloved and offer
thanks for being with you at this time, tears may spring to your eyes. You may feel a strong
stirring in your yoni or vajra (vagina or penis) long before you take your clothes off.
This is Tantric LovePlay.
We urge you to not miss a single tingle, a tiny shiver, or the subtlest energy surge. This is
surely as much sex as anything else you'll ever do. It's also an essential prerequisite to arouse
the Goddess in your beloved.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 53
Juicy Things To Look Forward To
In Jeffre's ebook Intimacy, she quoted a recent study that found the average length of
loveplay at 15 minutes and maithuna (sexual union or intercourse) at 10. We're well aware that,
for maximum enjoyment, the average woman requires 35 to 45 minutes of erotic warm-up to get
her juices flowing adequately.
Which means the average lover stops 10 to 20 minutes short of peak female pleasure. Which
makes us really worry about the less than average lovers.
Maybe then you can understand why there's a dearth of orgasms in the world. If you're in a
hurry in the sack, learning about G-Spot massage may not make quickies all that much better
than they are now.
Which explains the purpose of this chapter: experimenting with a wide array of sensitive,
sensual, sexual tips to get you both turned-on. Though we'll delve into touching, kissing, and
licking, you'll find as much emphasis on opening your hearts, tuning your senses, and
connecting your feelings. That's because the keys are presence, consciousness, and energy flow,
not simply technique. Tantric ritual plays a part here, as does the Kama Sutra and
communication techniques from modern psychology.
4.2 Intimacy
Women Love Words From The Heart
It's often said that women get turned on in the heart first and in the jewels (genitals) later,
whereas men are just the opposite. When men get turned on in the jewels, the energy moves to
the heart.
Although there are always exceptions to this kind of blanket generalizations, we believe it's
safe to assume that most women, most of the time, like to have their mind and heart stimulated
in the 24 to 48 hours before the actual "date."
Jeffre says "It's turns me on when Somraj says 'I love you." Many women feel this way. Don't
wait until the urge hits you.
Guys, let her know how much you care for her, now. Tell her how much you think about
her, how much you desire her. Let her know how much you're looking forward to your time
alone with her.
Women respond very positively to words and touch that convey feelings of love and
affection. Women seem to like words about love, sex, and relationship and feel they're very
important. Often men don't have feelings as strong as women about verbalization of love, etc.
If you're a guy who feels uncomfortable with words, we humbly suggest that you practice, a
lot. Nothing will get you more of what you want than being able to verbalize feelings of
affection for your woman. Read a book or two and then write out what you want to say.
Practice letting the words tumble over your tongue and lips. Now, do it with your partner.
Try something like this... "Honey, I'm having trouble concentrating at work. My heart is
swelling with thoughts about your soft skin, your bright eyes, your sweet scent. Please don't be
wearing much when I get home early."
By the way, women, guys like romantic attention as well.
Intimacy Is A Turn-On for Women
Intimacy is the emotional closeness that truth-telling and feeling loved can bring. For most
women, it heightens their turn-on when a guy learns how to talk about his feelings with
honesty and heartfelt expression instead of blame or judgment.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 54
Intimacy can also be about sharing fantasies and playing them out. Often the fantasies
lurking inside are pretty kinky so too many lovers feel uncomfortable sharing them with their
Moving past this inhibition can be exciting on multiple levels. The truth-telling is a turn-on
because of the increased sense of closeness. Plus the content of most any fantasy can really get
your sexual motor going big time.
Jeffre's ebook, Intimacy, A Green Light for Red Hot Sex and A Lifetime of Loving, has many
useful exercises to enhance intimacy and arousal, as well as sharing fantasies. You can see more
details and get your copy at...
PRACTICE: Intimacy Communication
Through opening up your sexual communication, this practice will increase your
intimacy and give you useful information that you can use throughout this chapter and
the rest of this ebook.
Women tend to enjoy 30 to 60 minutes of loveplay, while men may request and desire
less. Only you know how your body responds and what feels best.
This practice asks you to discuss, as specifically as possible, the types of loveplay you
like and the amount of time you like it. Go over the following questions separately and
then share your answers. Let the dialogue flow where it will until you feel heard and
understand and you know more about what your beloved prefers.
By the way, this is a starting place. As you become more practiced in these ways, you
may want three to six hours of Tantric LovePlay. Who knows how far you'll go?
Do I give (or receive) most comfortably?
I would like to practice receiving (or giving) more...
Sometimes I'm not honest with you about what I really want.
Yes No Here's an example...
The amount of time I usually like to spend in loveplay is....
The kinds of loveplay I like best include... (touching, massage, kissing, talking,
fellatio, cunnilingus, etc.)
4.3 Choose The Mood You Want Section
"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." -----
Create Your Sacred Space
Want to increase the depth of your total experience? Arranging the setting, consciously
invoking the kind of energy you want, and discussing your feelings in the moment are essential.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 55
As we noted already, every sentiment, every nuance, every tingle can be a stepping stone to
ecstasy. Notice and relish them.
In Tantra we use sacred ritual to set the tone, clear the energy, and help each partner
become fully present. This takes a little time, but we're sure you'll find the ecstasy you'll
ultimately create will make it well worth the effort.
Be sure you answer and discuss the Partnering Questions, your desires, concerns, and
boundaries, before each encounter. Checking in with yourself in the moment and then with
your sweetie builds on the intimacy you're creating.
As described in the Sacred Tantric Sexuality Chapter (see Creating A Sacred Space), we
want him to feel like cherished God and her to feel like a cherished Goddess.
When you take a moment to honor the God or Goddess in your beloved, you'll both be more
delighted to be together with eager anticipation. When you actually practice this kind of
opening ritual, you'll be amazed at the difference it makes. You can quickly leave the stresses
and strains of the outside world where they belong, outside your Sacred Space.
Other Tips
One wonderful way to accentuate the sanctity of your love and the consciousness of your
underlying passion is how you disrobe. Tantrikas don't drop their dirty underwear and socks
on the floor before jumping into bed. Instead, slowly remove each other's clothing one little
piece at a time while caressing, nuzzling, and whispering sweet endearments to each new
morsel of flesh uncovered.
Perhaps you'll want to bathe together. After a day of busy life activity, this is a wonderful
transition to a more sensual mood. Bathe, soap, rub, and slide with each other. Flirt and
tantalize with all your parts: lips, eyes, fingers, tongue, breasts, jewels, and any other part of
your body that wants to join in. This is how you make heaven on earth yours.
Spend some time unwinding by just being together. Look deeply into each other's eyes.
Synchronize your breathing. Reach out with your consciousness to feel your beloved's energy
A practice that we do often is called the melting hug. You slowly come closer together until
your first contact. Then you melt your bodies into each other with as much skin touching as
possible. Relax and cling to each other. Let your breathing synchronize. A beautiful side benefit
is the merging of energies by closely connecting each chakra.
Kissing As An Art Form
Kissing is a wonderful form of loveplay because it stimulates so many different energy
centers. It's a sweet expression of affection that connects with the heart. Your vision, minds, and
third eyes are totally focused on each other. It turns many lovers on with resulting hardness or
wetness that encourages the mood for heavier exchange. In fact, combining this with a melting
hug enlivens even more chakra exchange.
Kissing all parts of the body can be divine play. Try lightly kissing your partners chakras
beginning with the 7th (at the top of the head) and ending with the 1st (the perineum). Oooh la
la, yummy, yummy.
If you want to be more elaborate, kiss a chakra and then state what it is about your partner
you love and adore about the particular chakra you are focusing on.
Shortly we'll reveal many more of the secrets of the Kama Sutra about kissing and how it
provides great Tantric LovePlay.
Awakening Your Beloved's Senses
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 56
Tantra is all about staying in the body, opening the senses, and feeling the ecstasy. There are
many ways to increase awareness of your body and open the senses. You can dance. You can
walk in the forest. You can meditate.
You can blindfold your beloved and titillate them with tastes, smells, touch, and sounds.
Then you can remove the blindfold, and offer glorious sights as you slowly and sensuously
reveal your naked body. Every tried acting out a silent fantasy in front of your darling? How
about self-pleasuring while they're tied down?
The range of possibilities for building anticipation is enormous. Use your imagination and
surprise your beloved. Your loveplay will never get old and stale.
EXERCISE: Mood Discussion Questions
Here are some statements to complete by reflecting, journalling, or talking...
• I plan to do the following to create a Sacred Space before we make love...
• Here's how I intend to heighten intimacy and connection during our loveplay...
• Here's what I'll experiment with to awaken my beloved's senses...
4.4 Communication Section
“In Tantrism, we do not go toward some external thing. On the contrary, we direct ourselves
toward our core, our own minds. Tantric practice demands nothing more than this return to the
Self...By observing the mind we will find...the strength to act without being subject to filters or
limitations that we have accepted or created, the power to fully communicate with life.” -----
Daniel Odier in Tantric Quest
Talking About Sex
We already discussed communication when we prescribed titillation, flirtation, and
intimacy. Communication is also essential for exchanging information so that you can enhance
your own and your partner's pleasure.
Learning to talk with your partner about sex requires guts and practice. Sometimes women
want to protect their man's ego so they're too polite. Often they're unsure if they even have the
right to ask for anything other than what they're getting. Too many men don't know how, why,
or when they want something different.
It's great to create an intention together to be able to talk with each other about sex openly,
honestly, and often. Admit it if it's scary if you've never done it before. Talk about your fears
and the fears you imagine your partner has. This is a major frontier for most couples.
That's partly why we urge you to discuss the Partnering Questions before each practice or
lovemaking no matter how long you've been together. Don't worry if you feel you're not doing
them very eloquently at first. Whatever you do is good for intimacy and good practice to grow
your communication skills.
Sometimes it's necessary to coach or redirect your partner when you're being physically
intimate. If you make an agreement beforehand about how you want to communicate during
sex, it can be much less challenging. No one likes to feel criticized or put down, most
particularly while in bed with a lover.
Hopefully you're taking advantage of the discussion questions we've included after each
major section. These are primarily designed to encourage this whole process of talking freely
about sex. After reading, think back about your reactions, write your answers to the questions,
and then share with your partner. Gradually you'll transform the intimacy of your connection
and create the foundation to transmute subtle energy into awesome ecstasy.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 57
Be Real
The single biggest couple's communication foul-up is when one or both partners aren't
completely forthcoming and authentic with each other. In less formal words, this means when
you're acting phony.
Do you...
• Feel that your darling is responsible for satisfying you in any way?
• Believe that your partner is supposed to know how to satisfy you?
• Act passive when you're not getting what you want and then complain afterwards?
• Wait for that magical moment when something outside of yourself will sweep you
Tantra teaches that whether you're female or male, you're 100% totally responsible for your
turn-on and your own orgasms.
By this we don't mean that all good lovin' is self-lovin'. We mean that great sex is a
partnership in which it takes two to tango.
There are still too many men who think they're failures if their women don't orgasm. There
are too many women who don't have a clue what will make them feel the ultimate in sexual
pleasure. Some even pressure their lover to have an orgasm to soothe their own egos.
Maybe each of you has a ways to go to learn about your subtle orgasmic triggers and keys to
sacred ecstasy. Regardless, the more you talk with your partner about what you want, the
quicker you'll both learn what you can do to get it.
EXERCISE: Communication Discussion Questions
Here are some statements to complete by reflecting, journalling, or talking...
• I feel these sexual needs are understood and appreciated...
• I want my beloved to better understand...
• I feel shy or embarrassed talking about...
Our Job
In essence, that's what this ebook is all about. We don't just want you to read it. We want
you to study, communicate, and practice. All the wonderful, delicious, juicy stuff we're
suggesting is for you and your beloved partner to experiment with.
You've set out on an exciting explorer's program. Remember, your mindset will determine
how much you discover about the staggering ecstasy that's lurking inside. Keep an open mind.
Act like k**s playing doctor. Drop your expectations and cynicisms. Treat every experience as
fresh and new. Only if you get out of your own way can you let the dormant energy deep
within transport you to new and unexpected places.
So practice, practice, practice. We know some of this stuff is new and seems weird at first. If
you try it, we think you'll like it. Either way, we won't tell on you. And don't just do the
exercises once. Practice may not make you perfect, but it does get better and better. Every time
you do it, you'll learn something new. We guarantee it.
Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
As a marriage counselor for many many years, Jeffre has learned that the single biggest
reason women get turned off to sex (after religion) is their fear of telling their men the truth
about their sexual responses, desires, and wants.
If you want to deepen and supercharge your sex life, communication must begin at the
beginning. That's where the following practice, How To Touch Me, picks up -- at the beginning.
Going deeper with communication throughout your loveplay helps tremendously to create
intimacy as well. When receiving, women need to explain what they desire, what they feel, and
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 58
how they're reacting. Although this is true of men too, our focus right now is preparing the
female for Sacred Gate Orgasm.
Partners in general, and men in particular, do not appreciate being in the dark (figuratively)
when they're trying to please you. They need and want to feel confident that they're
successfully turning you on.
Women are different from each other and from one moment to the other. This is confusing
to the average guy who's always learning about what women want. You'll be better off it you
just accept these observations as fact...
• No two women's sexual response is identical.
• Women like variety, different things at different times.
• Hormones change at different times of the month.
• Emotional beings like women have unpredictable moods.
• Sensitive bodies, like female ones, may respond strongly to stress, exercise,
medication, health challenges, and menopause.
OK guys, you've been warned. Assume nothing. Remain open to the whims of the Goddess
and you'll be fine.
PRACTICE: How To Touch Me
This practice facilitates letting your lover know in advance what you want, where you
want it, and how you want it. At last you can reveal your innermost sensual, sexual, and
erotic desires and how you can get it from your beloved.
The purpose of this practice is to let your beloved know, in explicit detail, how you
like to be approached, spoken to, touched, excited, and in what order.
Decide who will go first. You can also decide if you both want to be nude. The first
speaker can also disrobe, with seduction, if that's fun for both of you. This makes your
connection playful and serious at the same time.
Describe and demonstrate the ways you like to be approached: verbally or nonverbally,
ritually or playfully, softly or roughly, or all the above. Specifically, what kind
of touching do you like where? Touch yourself in each place as you talk about it. Do you
want talking or kissing or other things first? Stroke your body as you want your lover to.
Demonstrate on yourself what turns you on most. You can also do the same to your
partner if that helps. If you're not careful, this will probably turn both of you on (joke).
Explain how much warm-up your body needs before you like intense focus on your
jewels. What do you prefer to happen and how extensively before your jewels are
approached? We like to lightly brush and briefly connect our hands with our beloved's
jewels while awakening the rest of their body. Do you want your butt played with, your
feet or back rubbed, or your head scratched first? Don't hold anything back. The clearer
you are, the more likely you are to get exactly what you want.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 59
Show your yoni or vajra. Don't be shy. Expose all your parts, naming them and your
feelings about them. Demonstrate and describe how yoni or vajra likes to be approached
with eyes, fingers, lips, etc. Women, show your lover how to touch your outer lips, inner
lips, yoni opening, urethral meatus (pee hole), and yoni's inside. If you know where
your G-Spot is and what kind of stroking you like there, add that. If not, it will soon be
time to experiment in the Sacred Landscape Chapter.
If you're in a long-term relationship, please don't assume your sweetie knows
everything about your body. Or anything for that matter. We bet there are things you
don't know yet yourself. The observer in this practice will surely learn something new
and maybe you will too. Both of you should feel free to ask questions if something
important is glossed over, surprising, or left out. Ask for more detail or clarification any
time you're confused. While one of you is being fully exposed, the other should really
take everything in. You both want the new information to stick.
Exchange roles so you both get a chance to reveal your innermost sexual desires and
preferences. By the time the second partner has completed this practice, it's quite likely
you'll both be very turned on. Play, go for it, do what comes naturally. We never want
you to miss an opportunity for a hot time together. You can continue reading and
learning later.
LovePlay Feedback
There are ways to talk to your partner that can improve your loveplay. And we bet you've
discovered that there are some approaches you definitely want to avoid. When you think about
it, the exercises in this ebook are a perfect opportunity to play, practice, and communicate
without judgment. Let's take a look at how to make this work best.
When you're in the throes of lovemaking that's not feeling super great, you've probably
already bypassed many opportunities for sexual communication. We don't recommend calling a
sudden halt to your play if you can avoid it. No matter how gently and diplomatically you
confront it, interrupting pleasure can shock, sadden, and put down your lover.
Especially if he's male and has an ego. And who doesn't.
If there's something really awful your partner does once or repeatedly, talk it over when
you're NOT in bed. Wait until the next day and explain how important this is to you.
Phrase your feedback around new wants and needs you're discovering about yourself. If it
seems appropriate, demonstrate exactly what you mean. You see, another opportunity for the
How To Touch Me practice.
Do your best not to indict your partner's desirability or lovability. Don't compare to other
lovers. Make it clear this isn't a black mark against a man's masculinity.
Schedule this discussion carefully. Be sure you have plenty of time to clarify and resolve the
issue. If man's ego is involved, it may take more than one session. Keep reassuring him and
keep loving him.
Sexual Communication Techniques
Here are several techniques we recommend to help giver and receiver stay in close touch
during Tantric practice or freeform lovemaking.
"Responsiveness" and the "Feedback Sandwich" are prime tools receivers use to guide the
pleasure they're getting.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 60
"Yes/No Questions" and "Check-Ins" are for the giver to stimulate communication when
1. Responsiveness
The more lovers integrate Orgasmic Breathing into all aspects of their loveplay, the
less verbal communication is needed. Moving, breathing, and sounding are a language
all their own that requires few if any words. We call a passionate lover who shows their
turn-on "responsive." The opposite would be cold or even frigid. We wonder how many
lovers have been labeled frigid when actually they were super excited but too "polite" to
show it.
Don't hold back. Show your turn-on. It's exciting to let it out. It excites your lover.
Responsiveness creates a non-verbal feedback cycle that can take you both higher and
higher. And sensitive lovers who plug into your visible cues can respond to what
receivers need and want in the moment with little need to talk.
2. Feedback Sandwich
As you're learning Orgasmic Breathing, connecting with a new lover, and getting to
know what your partner really wants, some talking is essential. How can you make it
constructive and help you get what you want? Criticizing or even seeming like you're
critical won't.
For example, you may want your lover to slow down at some times and speed up at
others. You know not to say "wrong, too fast" and "slow down, dummy." But if your
only comments direct your lover to change speed, it's easy for them to assume that
nothing they're doing is feeling good.
The Feedback Sandwich is a simple three-step process a receiver can use to
constructively redirect what a lover is doing while it's happening...
a. Compliment: A positive comment about what's going on.
b. Change: A request to try something different.
c. Acknowledgment: Appreciation for how it feels better.
The Feedback Sandwich balances appreciation with coaching. In this case it would
sound something like...
a. Compliment: "Your touch is so exciting. That feels really great."
b. Change: "I wonder how it would feel if it was a little slower."
Then, as soon as the touch slows down....
c. Acknowledgment: "Oh, yes, that's just what I mean. That feels soooo good!"
3. Check-Ins
When you're making love, you're a team, not a mind-reader. Just as the Feedback
Sandwich is the responsibility of a receiver wanting a change, it's the responsibility of
the giver of pleasure to inquire from time to time about the receiver's experience. We call
this Checking-In.
Any major change in speed, position, or direction is a great spot to check-in with your
beloved, i.e. "May I get between your legs so I can go faster?"
Before you enter yoni with fingers or vajra, ask "Is yoni ready to be visited?"
If vajra starts losing hardness, ask "Would vajra prefer something different?"
If your lover's sounds, breathing, or motions suddenly change, ask "Did something
These questions prompt the receiver to look inside and keep you informed about
what's happening. Check-ins at appropriate times increase a giver's confidence in their
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 61
ability to give pleasure. They increase a receiver's confidence in getting the pleasure
You'll find this kind of communication very useful during oral sex, hand-jobs, yoni
play, Sacred Gate massage, male G-Spot strokes, and maithuna as later chapters will
4. Yes/No Questions
Check-ins are a great way for giver's to ask for guidance. Giver mental tension
destroys the mood of lovemaking as much as physical tension does. You'll learn more
about this later in the ebook. Yet, too much communication can bring a receiver who's
relishing the sensations in their body squarely into their head. So then the receiver loses
the mood.
Using Yes/No Questions solves this dilemma. This is the perfect response for a giver
who is unsure about something or needs guidance. They simply can ask a direct
question that can be answered with a yes or no or a shake of the head. This requires
minimal thought process by the receiver and therefore is much less likely to interfere
with their pleasure.
A series of yes/no questions can provide all the guidance a giver needs...
"Faster?" "Ah-ha."
"More?" "Mmmmm."
"Slower?" "A bit."
"All right?" "Yes."
"Too much?" "No, more."
PRACTICE: Sexual Communication Practice
To incorporate sexual communication techniques into your loveplay.
This at first glance appears to be a loveplay practice. Well, it is. Here's a chance to try
out some of the intimacy and sexuality ideas you've communicated about in the
previous practices.
The added aspect of this session is to practice the communication skills we just
Use whatever ritual actions and props help you make your play space sacred. Put on
sexy music that turns you on. Acknowledge each other spiritually with a Heart
Review the previous techniques about communication. Choose what kinds of
loveplay you'll practice this time. Discuss desires, concerns, and boundaries.
During your first practice session, include Orgasmic Breathing as part of your warm
up process. Put extra emphasis during your loveplay on showing your excitement
through your breath, sounds, and movement.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 62
Next, experiment with some new loveplay while the receiver practices using the
Feedback Sandwich.
When you're ready to move on to the next phase of practice, encourage the giver to
focus on checking-in whenever you agree it's appropriate.
Your next target is for the giver to use yes/no questions for minimum interruption of
the receiver's reverie. When you find yourself in the midst of high passion for the
receiver, giver, use yes/no questions to get feedback.
Close the Sacred Space using whatever actions seem appropriate, including giving
each other a Heart Salutation and giving thanks for the trust and intimacy you shared.
Feel free to repeat each phase of this practice several times until the techniques
become second nature. After each session, share how the techniques helped, hindered,
and how you could employ them better.
4.5 Tantric Touch Section
"Slow down. Remember that this is not a race, and you are not in a hurry. This is also not the
Olympics, you have nothing to prove -- you and your new friend are setting out to do things that
feel good with your bodies. Touch feels good. Stroking feels good. Taking time feels good. Slow
down enough so that you can truly feel what you are doing. Worrying about the future will not
help you get there: focus on what you are feeling in the present. Erections and orgasms might
come, might go, but you can never go wrong by doing what feels good." ----- Dossie Easton &
Catherine A. Liszt in The Ethical Slut
Ecstasy With The Slightest Touch
Many lovers are on the lookout for greater and greater stimulation. This often takes the form
of harder and faster touching, licking, or pumping. We're going to describe just the opposite --
how you can train your body and your nervous system to orgasm with the slightest touch.
We call it Tantric Touch, the ultimate sensual massage through skin-to-skin contact with full
consciousness. This means both giver and receiver are fully awake with all senses wide open to
the physical and as well subtle energies.
A giver of Tantric touch is totally present, totally conscious, totally attentive to what they're
doing. They fully feel every sensation they're giving. Just being super sensitive opens the energy
conduits between lovers. They focus all their concentration on flowing energy from their heart,
through their arm and hand, into their fingers.
Of course, this is great advice for the receiver too. Be totally present to the feelings,
sensations, energies. But a giver who touches any body part Tantrically derives as much
pleasure as the one who receives Tantrically.
Loving The Largest Sex Organ
It's more an approach to awakening another's largest sex organ, their skin, than it is a
technique. Tantric Touch uses one of the four cornerstones of Supreme Bliss, presence, to
magnify and enhance sensation. Your entire being reaches out from your fingertip to make love
to the space, skin, and tissue of your beloved.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 63
Tantric Touch is not a deep the****utic massage. It's soft, slow, and sensuous, usually done
without oil.
When many of our students begin learning Tantric Touch, their minds are busy, their hands
go too fast, and they don't feel anywhere near what they could. This is why we teach them to
begin as a meditation, emptying the mind, calming the spirit, and relaxing the body. Only then
are the giver's energy channels open enough to flow love through body contact.
A receiver of Tantric touch is far from passive. They also enter a calm, relaxed state and
reach out with their senses. They put all of their attention on the feelings being created in their
skin. They use the four cornerstones -- presence, breath, sound, and movement -- to turn the
subtle sparks jumping between the giver's skin and theirs into a waterfall of sensation.
PRACTICE: Tantric Touch
To learn to give and receive ecstatic Tantric Touch opening new pathways to bliss.
Lay out a sarong, put on some soft sensual music, light some candles. Do a Heart
Salutation. Discuss the Partnering Questions. Decide who will begin as giver and
receiver. Receiver, make as much skin available for contact as you're comfortable with.
The "nuder" the better.
Start with whatever it takes to get the receiver's body relaxed and their mind present.
Meditate, breathe together, just look into each other's eyes silently. Settle in.
Dear giver, extend your heart energy down your arm and into your fingertips. Rub
your hands together rapidly 25 times to warm and energize them. Very slowly, and we
mean VERY SLOWLY, start moving your hand over the Goddess's skin. At first,
massage about 3/4 inch (2 cm) above the surface. The inside of the arm is a great area for
starting this practice. Believe us, both of you will feel something.
At the same time, the receiver reinf***es what the giver is doing by using the four
cornerstones of Supreme Bliss...
Breath -- deep and slow,
Sound -- loud as you can on the exhale,
Movement -- tightening and relaxing the PC muscle while moving the pelvis, and
Presence -- total focus on the sensations you're experiencing.
Now, giver, approach the skin even closer. Make it as close as you can without
touching, except for a few hairs now and then. As our beloved Dr. V says: "If you're
touching, you're too close. If you aren't, you're too far away." Continue VERY SLOWLY
moving your hand down the arm, gradually including the back or neck. This will
probably be more of a powerful learning if you don't start with the jewels. We already
know how sensitive they are.
Now, sweet giver, focus your mind and let your energy flow as well. Touch now with
complete concentration. Breathe with the giver to energize you both. Slowly, with
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 64
consciousness, begin stroking the rest of your beloved's body with this sacred, ecstatic,
Tantric Touch. This is slow, soft, deliberate, conscious, and loving. No deep tissue work,
no fast pumping, no maximum friction. Follow your beloved's cues to know where to go
and what to do. With the subtlest of touch, see how turned-on and high the receiver can
go from the inside. Enjoy!
Bring your light touch to a close. Hug, hold, or lie next to each other. Feel the
receiver's subtle excitement and energy. Talk about how the experience was for each of
you. Do a Heart Salutation.
Switch roles right away or take a little break first for the receiver to assimilate the new
Sensual Massage
After all this soft work, a full sensual massage is a delightful next step. Where Tantric Touch
provides the minimum of stimulation to the receiver, sensual massage adds maximum turn-on.
Certainly you use the two-way energy exchange you just learned. But now you add lots of
variety onto the foundation of Tantric Touch.
Sensual massage is also soft and slow focusing on long strokes with varying pressures and
textures. Don't ignore any part of the body. Though this isn't designed to be a hand-job,
brushing the jewels occasionally pumps lots of excitement into everything else you feel.
Vary the pressure from a light tickle to somewhat firm. Check in with your partner about
what feels good, but remember, desires may change in the moment.
Sensual massage is not a the****utic process designed to work all the muscles deeply. It's
not supposed to be hard unless your partner tells you that deep tissue work creates the most
turn-on. This will be the exception.
We encourage the use of feathers, silk cloth, soft fur, and other items that titillate your
beloved. Some enjoy rubbing with terry cloth or a hairbrush to awaken the senses. Others prefer
massage with talcum powder or corn starch for that extra sensuousness. Be sure to do this
before you apply any oil as the pasty combination isn't particularly appealing to either party.
Varied Titillation
Patting, tapping, and light scratching can be wonderful adjuncts to what we usually think of
as massage. We love the butterfly, unexpected flitting taps with your fingertips all over the
body with no pattern. Two things that turn Somraj on the fastest are scratching in the middle of
his back and all over his scalp. Jeffre's favorite is tapping on her sacrum. Different strokes,
right? In the next section you'll get lots of new ideas from the Kama Sutra.
We like to start at the periphery -- hands, feet, head -- and gradually move closer and closer
to center. Light random Tantric Touch of the jewels is a welcome addition and great teasing for
big things to come. In coming chapters, we'll share how to touch yoni inside and out.
After titillating the skin with different textures and motions, ask your partner if they want to
continue sensual massage with oil. If the answer is yes, remember what your goal is: further
awaken the senses and help your partner feel sexual arousal all over without concentrating on
the jewels.
Many couples in today's modern world own a massage table. This can be create some truly
delightful loveplay. The giver has access to the whole body of the receiver with minimum stress
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 65
or strain. And any decent table will support both of your weights if you can't resist climbing on
after the massage.
PRACTICE: Sensual Massage
This practice adds to the Tantric Touch practice, adding the wide range of variety of
sensual massage.
Lay out a sarong, put on some soft sensual music, light some candles. Get together
any props you'll need: oil, feathers, towels, etc. Do a Heart Salutation. Discuss the
Partnering Questions. Decide who will begin as giver and receiver. Receiver, make as
much skin available for contact as you're comfortable with. The "nuder" the better.
Start with whatever it takes to get the receiver's body relaxed and their mind present.
Meditate, breathe together, just look into each other's eyes silently. Settle in.
Giver, begin with slow, subtle, sensuous Tantric Touch all over.
At the same time, the receiver reinf***es what the giver is doing by using the four
cornerstones of Supreme Bliss...
Breath -- deep and slow,
Sound -- loud as you can on the exhale,
Movement -- tightening and relaxing the PC muscle while moving the pelvis, and
Presence -- total focus on the sensations you're experiencing.
Now, sweet giver, stroke your beloved's entire body more and more sensuously. Vary
your strokes, pressure, and speed. Add patting, tapping, even vibrating. Follow your
darling's cues.
6. OIL
If your beloved chooses, warm some massage oil in your hands and anoint their
body, one section at a time. Slip and slide with long strokes for maximum turn-on. Be
sure to drive by the jewels now and then.
Bring your light touch to a close. Hug, hold, or lie next to each other. Feel the
receiver's subtle excitement and energy. Talk about how the experience was for each of
you. Close your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Switch roles right away or take a little break for the receiver to assimilate the new
4.6 Kama Sutra Embraces Section
"Both lying with arms and legs entwined, they rub against each other and become deeply
entangled." ----- Vatsyayana in The Kama Sutra
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 66
A Broad Definition of Embrace
The Kama Sutra details many preliminaries to sexual union under the heading of
"embraces." From that two-thousand year-old text on the sexual arts, we learn how the ancient
Indians developed scratching, biting, kissing, and "the giving of blows" into a high art. They
weren't talking about blow jobs at this point.
The Kama Sutra cautions that people of good taste don't make these embraces violent. We
don't find it particularly Tantric to inflict severe pain and leave marks on your beloved's body.
As we said before, some lovers are so armored against sensation that they need the strongest
possible stimulation to get off.
In contrast, our emphasis here is to learn to use this wide range of embraces subtly to
increase your beloved's sensitivity. Although not every one of these strokes is going to
contribute to your personal delight, we want to review some of the best for you to experiment
Kama Sutra Kissing
The Kama Sutra makes kissing into a glorious art form. It gives instructions about the
different varieties from pecking to vibrant to rubbing in different positions and life situations.
Try dry and wet, hard and soft, licking and sucking, long and short, nibbling and holding. You
have many more options to play with than tongue fencing and deep throating.
Both the body and lips were fair game. The Indian love guide then describes "the kissing
game," alternating giving and receiving for maximum excitement, which makes it eminently
clear that kissing isn't just for the lips.
Kama Sutra Licking
Licking is juicy fun. Try many of the same variations mentioned in kissing. Try them all
over. Some women especially like it really sloppy wet.
Slow is the key to ecstasy by licking. Stop if you get tired. Keep going if it's turning you on.
You'll have your partner moaning and groaning with pleasure, and getting very wet or hard as
Kama Sutra Sucking & Squeezing
Remember how you liked getting hickeys when you were a teenager? The edge of pain can
be very arousing for many. Beware, you may feel very naughty. Uh, oh!
You can squeeze when you suck. You can squeeze with your lips, your fingers, your hands,
your arms, your legs, and your yoni.
For all it's variety of kissing techniques, licking, and sucking all over the body, the Kama
Sutra wasn't very big on oral sex with the jewels. If you are, by all means experiment.
Kama Sutra Biting
Biting can be light, medium or strong or anywhere in between. Biting lips can be very erotic.
The Kama Sutra instructed lovers to bite hard enough to leave marks all around the breast in an
even pattern. These souvenirs were considered a mark of true love and an esteemed practice.
Whatever floats your cork.
The teeth can be used for scratching as well. Some men even like to have their vajra nibbled
on. And some, like Somraj, scream bl**dy murder if you try it. Be careful, start very gently.
Back off if your partner doesn't like it. Always let the receiver be the guide.
Kama Sutra Scratching
Use finger nails. The upper class Indians grew all their nails, or sometimes just one or two,
extra long. They filed them to a sharp point just for giving pleasure.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 67
Be sure to try long strokes and short ones too.
PRACTICE: Kama Sutra Embraces
As we review the various Kama Sutra embraces, you'll have a chance to experiment to
discover what feels good and turns both giver and receiver on.
Lay out a sarong, put on some soft sensual music, light some candles. Get together
any props you'll need: oil, feathers, towels, etc. Do a Heart Salutation. Discuss the
Partnering Questions. Decide who will begin as giver and receiver. Receiver, make as
much skin available for contact as you're comfortable with. The "nuder" the better.
Experiment kissing each other's lips and mouths. Be creative. If you get a great idea,
try it out and then your partner to try it on you.
Extend what you enjoyed on the lips to everywhere on the body. Don't leave anything
out. Relax into and relish the sensations when you're receiving.
Now try licking all those parts you kissed. Use the tip of the tongue, the flat, the sides,
and circling.
Another trip around the world, this time applying suction and pressure with your
Experiment with biting by gently applying your teeth in all manner of places on your
beloved's beautiful body. At first, stop short of leaving any marks. If requested, you can
gradually use more pressure, being careful not to break the skin.
Your hands are dying to get in on the act, we know. Using your nails, test out
different strokes, long and short, hard and soft, fast and slow, to discover what the
different parts of your beloved's body prefers.
Bring your light touch to a close. Hug, hold, or lie next to each other. Feel the
receiver's subtle excitement and energy. Talk about how the experience was for each of
you. What did you like doing and receiving the best and the least? Close your Sacred
Space with a Heart Salutation.
Switch roles right away or take a little break for the receiver to assimilate the new
4.7 Other Juicy Ideas Section
Waking Yoni
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 68
In the Sacred Landscape and Sacred Gate Massage Chapters, you'll discover many
wonderful ways to touch yoni. Later on, our focus will be maximum pleasure at the height of
passion. But that doesn't mean yoni should be left out of any early loveplay when she's craving
After the How To Touch Me practice, you should have a pretty good idea of how your
woman likes her yoni approached. If not, try it again and go deeper.
Because yoni needs to feel safe before she can relax, the vast majority of women prefer a
loving, slow approach. This means your beloved needs to feel safe, too. Women open naturally
when they feel loved and desired for who they are.
Most women don't like their yoni touched as a surprise. Before you touch yoni with your
fingers or your mouth, be sure to ask your lovely woman...
• "Is it okay if I touch yoni?" or
• "Is yoni ready to be touched with my fingers?" or
• "Would yoni like to feel my tongue now?"
If she is moaning and writhing, you can be very playful, but it's still a good idea for her to
say when she's ready.
Oral Stimulation
As we've mentioned, in spite of its detailed pro-sex guidance, the Kama Sutra preferred
warm-up embraces leading quickly to maithuna, over lengthy oral sex.
In Tantra, we don't depend, declare, or insist on any "right" kind of stimulation. Instead, we
urge you to seek out what you like, what gets your motor running, and what makes your juices
start flowing. What floats your cork is purely personal.
Since arousal is essential to awaken the Sacred Gate, we encourage you to experiment freely
with oral sex. The more you play with it and like it, the more uninhibited you'll find yourself.
Get creative and extend the spirit of the Kama Sutra embraces to mouth, lip, and tongue
embraces. Answer the questions below and talk with your beloved about it. Then play, play,
Receiving oral sex can be a powerful turn-on for both men and women, so much so that it
can lead to explosive orgasm that detracts from building energy and Sacred Gate play. So use it
wisely and sparingly when you choose to do sexual healing or expand your repertoire with GSpot
massage or female ejaculation.
If you want to know more about Tantric Oral Sex, be on the lookout for our ebook of the
same name.
EXERCISE: Oral Discussion Questions
Here are some statements to complete by reflecting, journalling, or talking...
• The way I feel about giving oral sex is...
• Yoni or vajra enjoys being kissed, licked, or sucked this way...
• Here's how clio enjoys being kissed, licked, sucked, or squeezed by a mouth...
Safe, Smart, & Conscious Sex
Sex with total consciousness is Tantric Sex. Tantra says "yes" to whatever you desire with
consciousness. Though we may advocate sexuality in any form you choose, we urge you not to
act in an u*********s or unsafe manner.
Serious STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) such as HIV (the AIDS virus) and Hepatitis are
transmitted through fluid exchange. Other STDs are transmitted through sexual contact.
If you're sexually active outside a long-term committed relationship, it behooves you to pay
attention to the levels of risk of the sex practices you choose to engage in. If you want to enjoy
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 69
unprotected contact with your lover or you're concerned about being infected, it's your moral
responsibility to check it out before exchanging fluids. Your doctor of county health department
can provide you with tests for the health-threatening STDs.
When we were first together, we talked openly about our sexual practices and decided very
quickly we trusted each other's judgment and behavior. Even so, we got tested, used protection
for several months, and then were tested again before we went fully skin to skin.
Being Fully Present
If either partner has any concerns about contracting any kind of infection (even a cold) or
getting pregnant, part of that person isn't totally present for any loving experience you may be
having. It detracts from the presence cornerstone of Supreme Bliss.
Fear of pregnancy can rob you of pleasurable sexual experiences. This could happen if a
woman is changing forms of birth control or is using a method of birth control that isn't as
reliable as others. In this case, the man would be wise to use condoms until both feel confident
with the new method of birth control.
To prevent transmission of the most health-threatening diseases as well as most of the
others, you need to prevent the exchange of bodily fluids with partners who haven't been
tested. Barriers like condoms for sexual union and fellatio, plastic wrap or dental dams for
cunnilingus, are universally recommended.
What's our bottom line? We avoid any sexual play with untested partners that would allow
bodily fluid, mucous, bl**d, or ejaculate to contact an open wound, sore, or mucous membrane
(such as inside yoni).
4.8 Closing Section
Tantric Sex is a conscious all-chakra affair. Use communication, build intimacy, make your
space sacred. Teach each other what you like and try out new things. Touch sensuously, be
responsive, and respond to your beloved's signals. Use wonderful resources like the Kama
Sutra to expand your repertoire. Be smart, be conscious, and have fun.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 70
Chapter 5: Sacred Landscape
“Transformation is through the body, not away from it.”
----- Eckhart Tolle from THE POWER OF NOW
5.1 Opening Section
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Know how to find the parts of yoni.
• Practice turning on clio and yoni.
• Know exactly how to find a your own and your partner's G-Spot.
Your Sacred Landscape
This chapter delves deeply into the secret recesses of the female body. We begin showing
you how to love and accept yourself physically. We explore outer yoni (vagina), clio (clitoris),
and inner yoni before teaching you surefire ways to discover your Sacred Gate (G-Spot). There
are some darn good reasons why it's controversial, mysterious, and under appreciated.
We could have called it the anatomy chapter for it is that. But to those of us on the path of
bringing Supreme Bliss to the Goddess, we prefer to think of her body as the landscape leading
us both to the promised land.
5.2 Body Section
Honor Your Body
There is a major gender difference in the West regarding loving your body....
85% of women in this country are dissatisfied with their body in some way while only 15% of
men feel this way.
Neither of these figures necessarily reflect a healthy attitude nor a healthy behavior pattern.
Too many of us, especially women, internalize the media-driven pressure to have the
perfect body. We want you to remember that your body is a special God-given, Goddessblessed
We can wax practical and point out it's the only one you've got, learn to love it and take care
of it the way it is now. And shortly we will wax poetic about its spiritual value. But
pontificating may not be enough.
You just may not be aware how deep the negative body-image programming goes until you
begin to worship yourself and each unique yoni you meet as a priceless work of art.
Are big breasts more sensitive? No, in fact the surgically enhanced ones often lose
sensitivity. Do thin-waisted women have longer or stronger orgasms? No way! Does your
weight influence your ability to run orgasmic energy and float non-stop in an extended Tantric
Orgasm? No, ma'am, not a bit. It's really about how much you love yourself.
What's Size Got To Do With It?
And while we're on the subject, guys, size doesn't count the way you think it does.
Sure, an untrained female lover will feel fuller when penetrated by a thicker vajra. But to
one with strong supple yoni muscles, it's not a big deal. We can't tell you how many stories
we've heard about how shorter thinner vajras used properly can hit the orgasmic trigger spot
much better.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 71
In Tantra, we don't subscribe to the exaggerated Madison-Avenue images of what's right,
healthy, and desirable for a body. Attractive bodies can assume many different shapes, sizes,
and proportions, as long as they're loved and cared for. In truth, we're more driven to the
conscious presence, the life f***e, and the sexual energy field of the beings we encounter.
In Tantra, we've shifted our beliefs, the ones in our heads and in our flesh, to accepting that
the body is a divine gift. Your body is the temple of your soul, the physical extension of your
inner being. Forget what anyone else tries to tell you. Concentrate instead on how it feels.
Treat Yourself Well
To be totally explicit, we want to support you in feeling maximum pleasure with whatever
you experience in this world. Which requires you totally accepting who you are mentally,
emotionally, spiritually, and, yes, physically.
Your body is the physical expression of who you are in this world. It is an extension of your
inner spiritual self. To a Tantrika, we view the body as something God given, so we call it what
it really is, your temple. The sanctuary of your soul.
Loving and honoring your physical temple is demonstrated in your life through what you
eat, how you exercise, and how fit you maintain your body. Not to mention how much pleasure
you feed it regularly.
If you desire to be a world-class lover, you must have the body and the energy to sustain
frequent long lovemaking sessions.
If you truly love yourself, which is a high state of spiritual health, then you will treat your
body with care, give it the loving attention that is necessary, and not abuse it.
EXERCISE: Body Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to use for reflecting, journalling, or talking...
• How do you feel about your body?
• How do you feel about the size of your jewels?
• What do you do to honor your body?
• What more could you do to honor your body?
Love It, Your Only Option
Think about it. All women have a G-Spot and its power is unrelated to how they look on the
outside. If your G-Spot is really the secret inner orgasmic trigger to untold ecstasy, why make
such a big deal about the outer?
One of Somraj's favorite lovers matches more the well-rounded look. He says about her...
"She is a true Goddess in bed because of how she accepts herself, loves her body, and channels
the lightning we create together. In comparison, too many of my past stick-thin beautiful lovers
just lay there and did nothing for me."
Love every inch of your temple. Cherish and care for it. Touch and caress yourself as you
would a newborn's bottom. Lovingly admire your curves, nooks, and crannies. Delight in your
body's specially sensitive zones and their delicious sensations. Make pursuing what feels good
your religion. Give thanks for the pleasure your body brings you.
Really, we mean it, starting now.
PRACTICE: Honoring Your Body
Have you ever really looked at yourself without the filter of other people's right and
wrong standards? Even if you have, here's your chance to love your body Tantrically.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 72
One of the things we enjoy about giving the****utic massage is doing just this for each
other and complete strangers.
To observe, examine, and explore every inch of your body without shame, blame, or
judgment. Just accept it, baby.
Stand in front of mirror in a warm, well-lighted room. Put on some sensuous music in
the background.
Signal the beginning of the practice by giving yourself a namasté, the ritual spiritual
greeting with palms together over the heart indicating that you honor divine power
Look at yourself full front, side to side, back over your shoulder. Just look. Turn
around, all positions and angles.
Slowly, consciously, and sensuously take off all your clothes. After each piece of
clothing is gone, look yourself over. Do this again and again until you're completely
Smile at yourself. Admire every part of yourself you can. Tell each part of your body
that you love it. Touch it caressingly as you do. For example, "I love you legs, I love you
You've dropped your outer shell, now drop the inner ones. Ask yourself how you feel
just looking honestly and completely. Leave prejudices aside whether you inherited
them from magazines, movies, or your mom. Notice what beliefs crop up and move past
them by looking at yourself innocently, with the eyes of a c***d.
Focus clearly and precisely on the details. Notice what you like about your face, your
torso, your chest, your hips, your legs, your butt, your vulva.
Lovingly touch those areas you find you're uncomfortable with. Breathe into them.
Start a flow of love energy from your heart to these neglected spots. Infuse them with
life by sending them love. In this way, connect every part of body with your heart and
If you can't shed some of the lingering self-distaste, energize those spots with sexual
energy. Connect your rejected spots with pleasure spots with one hand on each.
Remember peak ecstatic moments you've experienced anywhere in your body and
attach those feelings to these troubled zones. If you're concerned about a sagging breast,
infuse it with the best nipple sucking you can recall. If you'd like your tummy flatter,
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 73
open conduits to your clio by stimulating both right now. As you awaken neglected
spot, be sure to remember times when each felt pleasure or exploded with orgasm.
For closure, we suggest you take a ritual bath. Tidy your bathroom, light incense and
candles, and add soothing salts or bubbles to the water. Then slip in with the intent of
washing away self-judgments and negative thoughts about body parts. As you do, out
loud say affirmations like "I cleanse this breast of all judgment and fully accept its
natural beauty and essence."
We invite you do this practice a second time with a partner. Stand in front of each
other instead of the mirror. Be sure to voice all the positives. First, say out loud what you
love about your body. Second, ask your partner to voice what they love about your
body. Your only job is to take the gaze, the admiration, the love in. Whatever you hear,
receiver, be silent. No excuses, no self-judgments, no put-downs allowed.
5.3 Outer Yoni Section
“Only by loving your body will you come closer to God...the body knows how to dance, how to
sing, how to pulsate with God. When the body starts vibrating with the divine, suddenly you will
see your soul is also vibrating. Your body and soul are one.” -------- Osho
Learning By Touching
Our fingers are the perfect natural tools to uncover the mysteries of yoni and her Sacred
Gate. Touching is a normal human way of discovering and feeling things out. Fingers are highly
sensitive with lots of nerve endings and we're all skilled at manipulating them.
Yes, we're suggesting you touch yourself. Self-pleasuring is a powerful way to discover
your Sacred Gate and how to give it maximum delight.
Since Tantra encourages all forms of conscious exploration of your desires, we urge you not
to resist any kind of sexual play. It's a tragedy that self-pleasuring isn't more socially accepted
in humans. Well, that's largely because of the shame that's drummed into us at an early age,
isn't it?
In Tantra, which is totally pro-pleasure and sex-positive, we don't call it masturbation. That
word has a guilt-ridden association, doesn't it? Of course, if it turns you on to think you're
doing something naughty, call it what you want. One of these days we aim to write a book
about "The Tantric Art Of Talking Dirty."
It's too bad we're not all proud experts in self-pleasuring. It's such an ideal way to learn
about your body and sexuality. You're always the closest to the action. You have the strongest
vested interest in mastering your body's uniqueness. Feedback is instant. No attention is
required to the challenging art of communication. And the big payoff is immediate pleasure.
Excel and you might even have an orgasm. Whoopee!
Of course, for self-pleasuring to work well, you need to listen to your body intently instead
of being consumed by guilt. To welcome the life-altering power of Sacred Gate pleasure into
your life, drop all these old inhibitions that don't serve you. The taboos are for nay-sayers.
Tantrikas specialize in celebrating "yes" about all aspects of life.
Unfortunately, the shape of some women's bodies makes G-Spot self-pleasuring difficult or
uncomfortable when they are doing themselves. Also, many women's fingers aren't long
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 74
enough or strong enough for facile internal experimenting. Later we'll suggest some uses of
specific sex toys to facilitate self-pleasuring.
OK, now that our anti-moralizing is out of the way, let's get down to exploring and enjoying
your body yourself.
Yoni's Sacred Landscape
Because of our social conditioning, most of us don't appreciate our jewels (genitals) fully
and accept their unique shape, size, and aroma. If you want to experience the heights of sexual
ecstasy, it's essential that you start now on a personal program of loving these sacred parts of
your body.
Right now, begin exploring yoni's sacred landscape in greater detail. What do you think of
when you visualize your yoni? A rose as it's poetically viewed in the modern West? A lotus
flower as the Tantrics traditionally viewed her? Do you think of her as a unique work of art?
Because we revere the power of the Goddess as expressed in each woman's body and her
sexual powers, Tantrikas honor the yoni as a sacred place. We gaze reverently, we bow and
namasté, and offer gifts of pleasure.
Each yoni is a beautiful work of art. Just as no two women's faces are alike, yonis are all
different. Lips, clio, opening can be larger, smaller, closer, farther. Some lips are longer, some
shorter, each with its own special flair and personality. And remember, size and shape have
nothing to do with functioning, sexual or otherwise.
PRACTICE: Explore Yoni Solo
To really look at your yoni thoroughly from a fresh c***dlike perspective,
appreciating its beauty and accepting all its parts.
A good way to do this and similar practices is by sitting and reclining. One good way
to arrange yourself is leaning against a backjack. A backjack is a simple chair-like device
that makes sitting on the floor easier. Backjacks are cloth-covered metal-framed back
supports that rest on the floor with a low foam-rubber seat.
Tidy and heat your bathroom or bedroom and the place where you'll explore yoni so
you'll be warm enough to do this practice in the nude. We recommend doing this
practice in front of a full-length mirror if you can arrange it comfortably. Either way,
collect up a hand mirror, a strong flashlight, drinking water, a drawing pad, and some
pencils before you begin.
Give yourself a ritual bath to freshen your body and cleanse your energy. Light
incense and candles and add soothing salts or bubbles to the water. Then wash yourself
tenderly as if you were bathing a newborn.
Arrange yourself nude in a comfortable reclining position propped on pillows or
using a backjack in front of a full length mirror with legs spread apart. If can't arrange
this comfortably, you can lean against your bed headboard and use a hand mirror
instead. The brighter the lighting the better so you can focus on your sacred details.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 75
Use whatever ritual actions and props help you make your play space sacred,
including sensual music. Acknowledge yourself and your inner being spiritually with a
Focus on your yoni with love and appreciation. Look at her parts in depth: hair,
mound, lips, clio, opening. Breathe life into your beautiful flower from inside and out.
A wonderful way to concentrate on the details of your yoni without self-put-downs
or personal resistance is by drawing a picture of what you see. Your drawing skill and
art quality aren't important, it's the studying yourself that is. After you've sketched your
closed yoni, hold her lips open with one hand while you draw the parts normally
hidden from outside view.
Gently touch the inner and outer parts of yoni. Feel how the different tissues feel
different to your touch. If you want to go further, caress yourself to turn yourself on. As
you get aroused, watch the changes that occur in the skin color, texture, and shape of
your body, especially your breasts, nipples, and yoni. Notice your breathing, motions,
and muscle tension and other changes like lubrication. Make another sketch of your yoni
when turned on.
Put a moistened finger inside yoni. We encourage you to taste and smell the clean
natural fluids on your finger. In Tantra, we view them as sacred. Learn to associate these
senses with pleasure by practicing and talking with yourself. You can even draw the
inside of your yoni if you've ever taken a clear plastic speculum home from a
gynecological exam.
Close your Sacred Space by giving yourself a namasté and doing whatever works for
you to give thanks for the pleasure your body brings you.
PRACTICE: Play Doctor Yoni Exploration
Were you lucky enough to play doctor with your young friends while growing up?
We hope you had a chance to check out the jewels on the other side of the gender line
before you bought all the negativity adults dump on k**s these days. If not, never fear,
you can be a k** again and play with your favorite "doctor" tonight.
If you practice this enough, you'll come to a place of personal pride. You'll believe
your yoni is beautiful and really feel she is a sacred gift. So naturally you'll want to show
her off to those you love and trust.
If you've never had a partner explore your sacred garden in the same way, here's your
chance to deepen your intimacy and self-acceptance.
Some notes to the giver: Approach this practice as a sacred trust. This kind of
exposure makes a woman highly vulnerable. Tell her what you plan to do before you do
it. Get permission for major changes. Maintain as much eye contact as possible. Give
reassurance. If you're not sure of something, ask a question. Feedback and dialogue are
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 76
great as long as you don't extend that to distracting sidetalk. Above all, show your love
and respect.
To offer your lover a chance to look at your yoni thoroughly from a fresh c***dlike
perspective, appreciating its beauty and accepting all its parts.
Tidy and heat your bathroom and the place where you'll explore yoni so you'll be
warm enough to do this practice in the nude. Have props and drinking water handy.
Ask your lover to give you a ritual bath to freshen and cleanse your energy as well as
your body. Light incense and candles and add soothing salts or bubbles to the water.
Arrange yourself with a loose wrap in a comfortable reclining position with legs
spread propped on pillows, a backjack, or against your bed headboard. Your partner
should be seated on a pillow or backjack between your legs. Without being glaring, be
sure the lighting is adequate for your lover to see your sacred details. If you want to
create a better atmosphere in the room with candles and indirect lighting, your partner
can use a flashlight.
Use whatever ritual actions and props, including sensual music, help you make your
play space sacred. Acknowledge each other spiritually with a Heart Salutation. Discuss
the Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, and boundaries -- before you actually
Before beginning, your partner should offer yoni a gift such as a small flower, express
appreciation for being welcomed in such an intimate way, and promise to respect her
and you in any way you require. Your beloved can say something like "I offer this
flower as a symbol of how I honor yoni. Thank you for trusting me enough to invite me
to view this special place." When you feel ready, give your partner permission to
examine yoni.
Spread your legs wide and uncover yoni fully. Ask your partner to focus on yoni with
love and appreciation, looking closely and in detail at all her parts. The most loving
partners will tell you how lovely she looks.
Hold yoni's lips open so your lover can see the parts normally hidden from outside
If you want to go further, caress yourself to turn yourself on. As you get aroused,
show your lover the changes that occur in the skin color, texture, and shape of your
body, especially your breasts, nipples, and yoni.
If you have a speculum and you're willing, let your lover look inside yoni.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 77
Close your Sacred Space by talking about what happened, giving each other a Heart
Salutation, and giving thanks for the trust and intimacy you shared.
Touch The Whole Body Tantrically
Now that you're solidly on the path of loving your body in total, let's get serious about the
obvious thrust of this book. What specific parts respond to sexual stimulation? There has been
lots of research on erogenous zones, the parts of the body that arouse sexual desire when you
touch them.
What's the biggest erogenous zone? If your thoughts went to your crotch, we got ya. It's
your skin. Any millimeter of your epidermis can turn you on, especially if you relax, use
Orgasmic Breathing, and flow energy to it.
The sixteenth-century Hindu love manual, the "Ananga Ranga," teaches that a woman's
erogenous zones are the head, eyes, lips, mouth, cheeks, ears, throat, nape of the neck, breasts,
nipples, belly, back, arms, hands, thighs, knees, ankles, feet, big toes, yoni, waist, buttocks,
crown of the head, and the center of the forehead.
Whew! No wonder women complain they want more foreplay with so much territory to
In fact, those complainers are much more likely to tell you that it's HOW you touch her skin
that feels sensual. And we're not just talking about technique here. What counts is the presence,
the sensitivity, the love that you touch with. That's what we call Tantric Touch.
Erotic Zones That Crave Love & Touch
Diving right into G-Spot massage or sexual union is uncomfortable for most women. Not
only is it non-Tantric, in most cases it's downright rude.
The Goddess is much more juicy and joyous when awakened through full-body sensual
massage first. Physical arousal from the outside and streaming energy from the inside are
wonderful preparations for entering the Sacred Gate.
We don't mean to suggest you should to leave out loving touch for your jewels and your
other erectile tissues. Those are parts of the body that are physiologically sensitive to touch that
they become engorged with bl**d when aroused, which you can tell because they swell and
What erectile tissues do women report are the most sensitive and erotic?
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 78
• Mons: Classically known as the Mounds of Venus, the soft pubic-hair-adorned tissue
covering the pubic bone that divides into yoni's outer lips.
• Lips: Yoni's labia are soft folds of skin that protect her when she's resting. The outside
lips are called the labia majora and the inside ones are the labia minora.
• Clio: The clitoris is the highly sensitive bud that peaks out under its hood at the apex
of the inner lips and extends deeper inside around yoni.
• Urethra: The canal that conducts urine from the bladder to the outside world. You
can make out the highly sensitive orifice, known as the meatus, near the top or just
inside yoni's mouth.
• Urethral Sponge: Spongy erectile tissue that surrounds a woman's urethra composed
of up to forty little paraurethral glands and ducts collectively known as the female
• Inner Yoni: The vagina, the elastic tube that extends from the vaginal opening, or
yoni's mouth, up to the cervix, the opening to the uterus or womb.
• Perineum: The spongy, highly erogenous tissue between yoni and the anus that
includes the soft sensitive tissue on yoni's back wall.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 79
• Anus: The other very sensitive orifice between the butt cheeks which is too often
overlooked. This is unfortunate because it's loaded with nerve endings. Our Tantric
name for the anus is rosetta.
Just like other body parts, these erotic zones come in all shapes and sizes, which by the way
has little to do with their sensitivity.
PRACTICE: Awakening Your Erotic Zones
Let's extend your self-loving to these extra special spots.
For this practice you'll need pillows and backjack or other back support, towels,
personal lubricant, flashlight or small table lamp, and a small hand mirror. We like to
put a soft towel or absorbent pad underneath a sarong to eliminate any selfconsciousness
caused by fluids potentially wetting the bed. Yes, your assignment, ladies,
is to get wet!
To accept and explore all your erogenous zones thoroughly in order to discover
what's most sensitive.
Arrange yourself nude in a warm room in a comfortable reclining position propped
on pillows, leaning against your bed headboard, or using a backjack.
Use whatever ritual actions and props help you make your play space sacred. Use
erotic background music that gets your juices flowing. Acknowledge yourself and your
inner being spiritually with a namasté.
Begin touching yourself Tantrically slowly all over as if you've never done this before.
Don't avoid anywhere you can reach.
As you glide around your skin and hair, notice what feels best and start zooming in
on what gives the most pleasure.
As you turn yourself on, watch the changes that occur in the skin color, texture, and
shape of your body, especially your breasts, nipples, and yoni. Notice your breathing,
motions, and muscle tension and other changes like lubrication.
Experiment to find what's most sensitive. What kind of stroke, pressure, and speed is
most erotic for each pleasure spot? What feels neutral or numb? What's uncomfortable,
tense, painful?
Also experiment with using Orgasmic Breathing to use your erogenous zones to
generate and spread sexual energy.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 80
Bolster your self-love and your acceptance of the truth that your body and its
pleasures are divine gifts. Energize this reality by connecting the erotic zones generating
Kundalini with your heart and spiritual centers in the head. For example, put one hand
on yoni and the other on your third eye. Use this step to reframe self-pleasuring in your
mind as a sacred ritual.
Close your Sacred Space by giving yourself a namasté and doing whatever works for
you to give thanks for the pleasure your body brings you.
Some women care for their pubic hairdo just as they do their head hair. Some tidy, some
create a heart or other design over their mons, some shave completely naked down to yoni's
opening. We honor all manifestations of the Goddess.
Do you have a yoni-do? Have you ever shaved down there? We don't urge one form over
another, but we do suggest you consider your preferences. Begin to take personal pride in the
appearance of your most sacred grotto. This isn't preparation for a sojourn at a nudist camp. It's
revering your most sacred of spaces for your own pride.
What would look best to you? What feels best with tight pants and during sex? What does
your partner prefer? Experiment and find your pubic hair identity. We know couples who
bestow the responsibility for jewel hairdos on their partner. It takes a lot of trust in your partner
and yourself to allow another to take razor or trimmer to such a delicate place.
Somraj's vajra doesn't like the bristle of a growing yoni bush, both on the giving and
receiving side. He trims around vajra's base every month or so to keep the wildest hairs at bay
and out of the way when open access is desired. Jeffre routinely dipilitates yoni's environs, and
through trimming leaves short softer hairs on her outer lips. That's what works for us. What
works best for you?
PRACTICE: Partner Shaving
Discuss with your partner some of the options you've considered. Find out what she
or he might like. Discuss the possibility of your partner shaving you. This can be quite a
turn on. If you're willing, go for it.
Yoni is protected by two soft folds of skin commonly called lips. Yoni's lips are two vertical
flaps of tissue medically known as labia. The longer, larger outer lips, the labia majora, extend
from the mons to below yoni's opening. Pubic hair typically grows from the mons down the
outer lips, sometimes on the inside too.
At rest, the outer lips cover the entire yoni. Which is of course their divine job, to protect
and serve. When aroused, they flatten against the sides of yoni, opening and exposing the soft
sensitive often moist inner lips and surrounding tissues.
The inner lips, labia minora, surround yoni's opening. At the top near the mons they meet to
form a hood that covers and protects the highly sensitive head of clio.
At rest, the inner lips are normally closed as well. When excited, they swell, lengthen, and
thicken until the protrude well past the outer lips. As a woman approaches orgasm, they can
become red or even wine colored.
Both sets of lips are sensitive to rubbing, brushing, blowing, and licking. Don't be deterred
by any pubic hair your lover chooses to retain. Pulling on it gently and swirling it between
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 81
fingers or tongue is pleasurable. Just be sure use ample lubricant so that you don't tug or abrade
the skin.
Yoni and Sacred Gate massage feel much more luxurious when accompanied by ample
wetness. Yet, not every woman always lubricates enough naturally for smooth gliding over all
her sensitive tissues.
This is not a measurement of your sexiness or your lover's skill. It's just a physical reality
like the changing of the seasons or the ebb and flow of ocean tides. Not every woman gets
totally wet all the time. Using latex gloves or condoms tends to dry lubrication faster than skinon-
skin play. Especially as a woman approaches menopause, natural wetness decreases.
To learn to float in the Supreme Bliss of Sacred Gate ecstasy, both giver and receiver must
develop sensitivity to lubrication in each moment. Learn what brings on your natural flow and
what sensual products you prefer to use for assistance.
By the way, don't hold out for the coming Female Ejaculation Chapter. Amrita, the fluid
expelled during female orgasm, isn't thick enough to provide enough slipperiness. When Jeffre
is in a gushing mood, we have to replenish our preferred lubricant every few moments. Have
you heard the phrase "the price of doing business?" It's just a reality we've learned to accept and
So what can you add to your sacred play if you need to bolster natural wetness? There are
really two ways to go: oil and water. And you're right, inside yoni they don't mix.
Because they don't dry out quickly, we sometimes use massage oil or thicker oil-based
products on clio and yoni's external lips. Our favorite is a makeup remover found at many d**g
stores called Abolene.
We're extra careful not to introduce any of this type of products inside. We do that by
avoiding the yoni's mouth at first and wiping carefully on a towel or Baby Wipe before
The environment of inner yoni is a carefully balanced one, easily disturbed by introducing
unnatural substances. That includes digestibles like Vaseline, oil, fruit jelly, whip cream,
chocolate sauce, honey, or many feminine hygiene and spermicide products. One physician
friend is so zealous about this that he urges women to never put anything inside yoni that isn't
pure water or skin.
Friendly bacteria, lactobacilli, like what's in yogurt, live in harmony with yoni's wet dark
environment and keep yeast, candida, at bay. If you introduce undesirable substances, it can
throw yoni's pH balance out of whack. If the yeast takes over, the consequences are
uncomfortable, sometimes painful, as she strives to regain her delicate floral balance.
Spermicide on many condoms and some lubricants, nonoxynol, is awfully strong. Some
studies have shown it's so abrasive that its use irritates the skin and makes it more likely to
transmit STD bacteria and viruses so we recommend avoiding it. Further, did you know that
oil-based products are known to slowly deteriorate latex? That makes them unsafe for
protection against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) when you're using condoms.
Water Water Everywhere And So Much Fun To Drink
There are many advantages to using water-based lubricants, as well as a few drawbacks.
They tend to be more natural and more absorbent. They merge with a woman's inherent
secretions better. But they tend to dry out as the water evaporates. And some have ingredients
that overly sensitive yonis can do without.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 82
Though it's not as thick and long-lasting as many commercial products, saliva is the most
natural, plentiful, and inexpensive. Our ebook on Tantric Oral Sex will give you all the tips and
techniques you'll ever need to carefully apply saliva to yoni.
There are lots of non-saliva choices on the market today. Wet, Astroglide, Probe, Liquid Silk,
and KY are some of the more commonly used ones. Jeffre used to prefer the light version of
Wet, but her favorite now is Probe. It has a natural fruit-based preservative and is largely
tasteless, but some of our friends find it too thick. Others prefer Liquid Silk, but it doesn't taste
very great. Which is best for you? Who knows, you lucky soul, you get to experiment.
Where to get them? d**g stores carry a limited, often less-than-natural selection. Adult
bookstores and sex shops have the best variety, but then you have brave the seamy steamy
environment of most of them. We buy ours on-line. Good Vibrations,, a
wonderful employee-owned sex-positive women-staffed vendor that offers a sample pack of
small amounts of most popular ones. Also our friend Gary at has a wonderful
supply. There are lots of other choices on the internet.
If the wetness from your yoni and mouth provides enough slipperiness for all kinds of
external and internal play, then enjoy your natural lubrication. If not or if you're curious, we
encourage you to explore different kinds of substances that you can use in different situations.
For instance, anal play always requires additional water-based lubrication.
PRACTICE: Partner Awakening Outer Yoni
Let's take this opportunity to see what most pleases yoni and what kind of lubrication
helps. See the notes to the giver in the Play Doctor practice.
To relax, open, and awaken outer yoni's unique energy while showing a partner how
to touch you and build intimacy.
Begin by tidying up, heating your room, taking a ritual bath, and arranging the space
so you can lean back against a backjack or pile of pillows with legs spread. Often pillows
under knees make it more comfortable for extended play. Be sure to have drinking water
and various lubricants handy for experimenting. Use soft towels or absorbent pads
underneath to eliminate any self-consciousness about your fluids wetting the bed.
Use whatever ritual actions and props help you make your play space sacred,
including erotic music. Acknowledge each other spiritually with a Heart Salutation and
sweet words of love and honoring. Discuss the Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns,
and boundaries -- before you actually begin.
Have your lover begin by slowly caressing, arousing, and touching you Tantrically.
Ask them to start at the perimeter and circle towards yoni: legs, thighs, face, neck,
tummy, breasts. Make sure you both take your time and enjoy. It's your job to relax,
breathe deeply, and make sounds that express what you're feeling. A good partner will
remind you of these ways to be present, responsive, and appreciative.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 83
Ask your lover to touch outer yoni with a gentle loving Tantric touch. (A good
partner would never approach yoni without permission.) Giver, try circling around the
perimeter and gradually coming closer and closer. Squeeze her outer lips between
thumb and forefinger, then gently rubbing the outer lips together.
As yoni begins to warm and open, ask your lover to use one of your sample
lubricants with different strokes. You can try oil on the outside as long as your partner is
careful not to get any inside yoni. Always ask for what you want and give gentle loving
feedback using the Feedback Sandwich (compliment, change, acknowledge). If you don't
know what you want most, ask for different strokes at different speeds and pressures.
Giver, use a well-lubricated finger up and down the outside of yoni's outer lips. You
can turn this into circles by swiveling around to the other side at top and bottom.
Gradually move your strokes and circles to the inside of her outer lips. Circle around
clio and her inner lips as well. Just be careful not to make direct contact with clio too
If you want, after learning together you can switch your attention to pleasure and
enjoy yourself to the max. Use Orgasmic Breathing to intensify and spread sexual energy
around your body. Your partner can help by reminding you to breathe if necessary.
Though orgasm isn't necessary, if you want to end with one, enjoy yourself.
When you're ready to stop, be sure your partner knows to follow your lead. Do you
want gradual slowing or simply holding still? Whatever you prefer, ask your lover not
to abruptly break contact. Instead, have them cup and hold yoni with their palm, while
the other hand is on your heart. Look in each other's eyes and breathe together.
Close your Sacred Space by talking about what happened, giving each other a Heart
Salutation, and giving thanks for the trust and intimacy you shared and the pleasure
your body brings you.
For now, see what you can learn and how turned on you can get by exterior play.
After we concentrate on clio and her unique needs, we'll cover the unique qualities
inside yoni.
5.4 Clio Section
Clio is an extensive band of highly excitable erectile tissue whose head peeks out of the
upper end of a woman's outer yoni (vulva) just below the meeting of the inner lips (labia).
Many consider clio, known medically as the clitoris, the crown jewel of female anatomy. She's
unique because, unlike every other part of the body, she has no other purpose but pleasure.
The good news, which you're probably aware of, is that this spongy erectile tissue is rich in
bl**d vessels and nerve endings that makes it swell with arousal and get firm, almost like a
little vajra (Tantric for penis).
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 84
Clios vary considerably in size from woman to woman, just as vajra length and girth do for
men. Clio's tip, called the glans, is located at the apex, the top, of the inner yoni lips (labia
minora). The glans is the part most sensitive to touch and averages about the size of pencil
Clio's Hood
The intersection of the inner lips creates a hood that covers the glans and protects clio under
most conditions. This is fortunate since she's the most sensitive erogenous zone for most
women. Why? Because she has the highest concentration of nerve endings in the female body.
We've heard as many as 8000 in that tiny little glans, more than any other part of the human
body. That's why clio is so hypersensitive. Before sufficient arousal, direct contact with her head
is too much, even painful, for most women.
If you pull back clio's hood, you may or may not see her. Some clios just aren't visible until
they swell with enough excitement. An erect clio often causes the hood to smooth out. When
aroused, some women's clios double in size.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 85
When a woman nears orgasm, clio typically retracts inward and downward toward yoni's
opening, hiding under the hood. But don't worry, she'll reappear when arousal decreases.
Clio's Deep Recesses
Clio has a shaft under the skin that extends up towards the pubic bone and belly before it
turns down toward inner yoni. When clio is aroused and swollen, the shaft becomes rigid and
sinks deeper inside the body.
The downward extensions of clio's shaft spread further towards inner yoni. Some believe
clio's erectile tissue extends deeper connecting with the urethral sponge, the labia, and the
perineum, nearly surrounding inner yoni. Though this premise hasn't been proven, it would
explain the sensitivity of these erogenous zones in and around yoni.
What has been medically accepted are clio's legs, called crura. The two crura continue down
deeper for about 3 inches (8 centimeters) towards the Sacred Gate, one on either side of inner
yoni. Have you ever noticed the pleasurable sensation from two fingers pressing into the soft
tissue on either side of yoni's opening? This is one of Jeffre's favorite warm-ups.
Clio's Responses
The deeper extensions of clio's anatomy may explain why Masters & Johnson's hypothesis
that only clio causes female orgasm was accepted for so long. Vajra penetration may very well
stimulate clio's legs. If the man moves upwards during missionary position intercourse or
grinds the woman's pubic bone at the end of the in-stroke, clio can receive significant
Clio's physiology can help lovers understand some of the unique aspects of female sexual
response. The tip of clio is fed by the pudendal nerve as are yoni's lips and opening, the
perineum (the tissue between yoni and the anus), and the anus itself.
By the way, "pudenda" is a fancy out-of-date term for external human genitals.
Clio's shaft and legs (as well as inner yoni and the G-Spot) are fed by the pelvic nerve
deeper inside. This possibly explains why orgasms feel different when triggered by the inner
and outer erogenous zones. Much more about this later in the Ecstatic States Chapter about
higher levels of ecstasy.
By the way, when we refer to clio, we usually mean clio's glans. If we mean any of her inner
parts, we'll be specific.
How to Stimulate Clio
Remember the distinction between Yin, the nurturing female approach, and Yang, the
stronger more f***eful male approach? If you're not very experienced giving clios exactly what
they crave, pay careful attention to the difference.
Because clio is hypersensitive, a yin start is essential for most women. Begin by awakening
the rest of her body. As she warms and you approach yoni, be careful not to directly touch clio's
glans initially. Use a light, slow, gentle caress at first on clio's sides and shaft. A smooth limp
finger or tongue works great. Circling around clio feels great too. Be sure you have ample
lubrication from yoni, your mouth, or a commercial product. If the giver has really rough
hands, you might like to try latex gloves. It makes the fingers incredibly smooth.
As the woman's excitement grows, you can gradually approach clio more directly in a yang
way. Lightly at first, your straight or circular strokes can stray towards the glans. As feedback
tells you she's getting more turned-on, little by little increase your speed or pressure and ask for
feedback from the Goddess.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 86
As excitement builds, many women like a hand rubbing over clio and her environs. Some
like flicking with a finger or tongue. If you're using your mouth, you can try sucking an erect
clio as well.
When highly aroused, many women like super yang clio stimulation. That is, hard, fast, and
deep pressure.
Clio During Maithuna (Sexual Union)
We've found that too many women simply don't know what kinds of loveplay they like and
don't like. And those who do know are often too inhibited to talk about it or just don't know
how to describe it.
Whether you're an expert of clio's preferences or not, we encourage you to explore exactly
what she likes. See our Tantric LovePlay and Ecstatic States Chapters for ideas and practices.
And while we're on the subject of loving clio, consider how she's contacted during
We learned during our Native American sacred sexuality training (Quodoushka) that only
about 10% of women's clios are close enough to yoni's opening to be easily orgasmic from
typical vajra penetration. Unfortunately, straight pumping misses most clios entirely.
By adjusting angle and stroking, the average clio doesn't have to be completely ignored
during sexual union. The in-and-out motion may pull the external yoni tissue thereby
massaging clio. And of course a hard vajra can apply pleasurable pressure to clio's crura on
either side of inner yoni. Even better is a lover who knows how to grind his pubic bone on hers
on the in-stroke. These are some of the ways clio can participate actively and appreciate
EXERCISE: Clio Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to use for reflecting, journalling, or talking...
• How sensitive is clio?
• How close is clio to yoni's mouth?
• What does she want more of?
• What does she want less of?
5.5 Inner Yoni Section
Inner Yoni
Even if you don't remember, at one time you were intimately connected with the sacred
garden we refer to as inner yoni. We're sure you know the facts of life whether you recall the
details of your birth or not.
c***dbirth, intercourse, menstruation -- it seems yoni was designed with the reproduction of
the species as a first priority. We give thanks to the divine powers and ancient Tantrikas who
teach us how yoni offers unlimited pleasure as another sacred opportunity.
Inner yoni is a deeply folded, highly muscular, expandable canal lined with mucous
membranes. From its outside opening between the inner lips, yoni curves up towards the belly
and cervix, the entrance to the womb or uterus.
Normally the channel is collapsed upon itself so there's no space between its touching walls.
When first aroused, the membranes that cover yoni's insides lubricate. As she gets more
aroused, yoni opens and lengthens.
Yoni's deeper two-thirds have smoother walls with fewer nerve endings than the outward
third. Consequently, this inward area responds less to touch and more to pressure, like that
produced from a firm, hot, cylinder of flesh. What an amazing design!
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 87
The outward third of yoni, the part closest to the mouth, is different in character than the
inward two-thirds. Because it's dense with nerve endings, the walls of yoni's outward third are
highly responsive to touch. Of course, you already knew that, right? These tissues are covered
with ridges and furrows, especially around the urethra that transports urine out of the bladder.
The bladder is above the top inward end of yoni. The urethra is the medical name for the
slender tube that runs along the top or front side of inner yoni and conducts urine from the
bladder to the urethral opening near yoni's inner lips.
The average urethra is about 1.5 inches (4 centimeters) long, which is much shorter than the
similar canal in a man's vajra. Because it's so short, women are much more susceptible to
urinary tract and bladder infections. That's because germs don't have as far to travel inside,
especially after deep and extensive sexual play.
But don't worry, it's easy to prevent this. Just be sure to drink lots of water before, during,
and after sex of any kind. And remember to empty your bladder as soon after play as you can to
cleanse the canal.
The opening of the urethra is technically called the meatus. It lies below clio within yoni's
inner lips and near the top side of her opening. Some women's meatus is just inside the top side
of inner yoni. For many women, the meatus is especially sensitive to stimulation since it's
surrounded by the beginning of the urethral sponge.
Urethral Sponge
There are a number of glands and tissues around yoni that can create delicious sensations
with specific kinds of massage. The tissue along yoni's front or upper wall is colloquially called
the G-Spot.
The entire urethra is surrounded by spongy erectile tissue under the upper surface of yoni
which is called the urethral sponge. The sponge is composed of up to 40 little glands and ducts
referred to as paraurethral since "para" means beside or near.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 88
Some call the paraurethral glands the Skene's glands after the physician, Alexander Skene,
who discovered and drew them in 1880.
Dr. Milan Zaviacic, a medical professor at Comenius University in Slovakia, has been
studying women's urethral sponges since the early 80s. He's clearly demonstrated that the
tissue secretes the same chemicals produced by male prostates. Since these organs also develop
from the same tissue in men and women, he and many other sexologists now use the term
female prostate for the glands and ducts that surround the urethra.
With sexual arousal and firm pressure, the urethral sponge swells with fluid. Though the
exact physiology has yet to be completely understood, it's clear that female ejaculate comes
from the urethral sponge/female prostate at least in part.
Natural vaginal lubrication emanates from another source. This thicker, slippery fluid
comes from the Bartholin glands, two small organs located on each side of yoni's mouth.
The perineum is the sensitive tissue between yoni and rosetta (anus). Many women find
stimulation of this area highly pleasurable because of its rich nerve endings and erectile nature.
Plus it's close to another one of the most sensitive organs in the body, the anus. Maybe
proximity to the perineum and rosetta is why some women find the back wall of yoni near her
opening so sensitive.
EXERCISE: Prostate Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to use for reflecting, journalling, or talking...
• How familiar are you with the parts of your or your partner's female prostate?
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 89
• What parts are most sensitive?
• What does each part prefer?
PC Muscle
The outward third of yoni is surrounded by the PC muscle. Medically, PC stands for
pubococcygeus. We have discussed this somewhat in the Kundalini Energy Chapter.
As you might expect from its initials, this muscle is connected in front to the bottom of the
pubic bone and in the back to the bottom of the spine, the coccyx. If you've ever tried to
interrupt peeing, you know how to locate your PC muscle from the inside. It snakes around
your yoni (or vajra and testicles for men) and rosetta in a double figure eight along the floor of
your pelvis.
Yoni and her muscle tone are inextricably connected to the strength of a woman's PC. With
a strong PC muscle, not only is yoni healthier and more apt to produce pleasure, but a woman
can grasp, grip, and massage a visiting vajra strongly. With a weak PC muscle, urine more
likely to leak from the bladder through the urethra, and sexual pleasure is diminished.
Many women's PC muscles are continually tense, often the result of emotional and
psychological issues resulting from negative sexual encounters. Not only is this unhealthy for
this vital part the body, but chronically tense PCs can radically impair a woman's ability to
orgasm and ejaculate.
Your PC, like clio's tip and the outward part of yoni, are fed by the pudendal nerve. It's
likely that with a strong pumping PC muscle you're stimulating clio's deeper extensions and
yoni's dense array of nerve endings and erectile tissue.
If you want to truly heighten your ecstatic experience, a strong PC muscle is vital. We
recommend exercises, especially done with the KegelMaster 2000.
PRACTICE: Solo Inner Yoni Massage
To examine and experiment with inner yoni's unique structures, tissues, and
sensations by yourself.
This practice builds on the earlier one called "Explore Yoni Solo." This new one is a
great way to discover more of the inner details you've just read about. I you and yoni
need to become closer and more intimate, this practice session was designed for you.
If you have a speculum, use it. If not, we suggest you buy one. Women are
undoubtedly familiar with this plastic device gynecologists use for yoni exams. Guys
may not realize that a speculum is an instrument used for dilating and lighting certain
passages of the body to facilitate examination.
Reaching inside yoni with your fingers may be awkward for extended periods of
time. To prevent this from happening, we encourage you to experiment with sex toys
like dildos and vibrators at this point. One of our favorites is the Crystal Wand. It's an
"S" shaped piece of clear plastic that's easy to hold and manipulate while you insert the
other end inside yoni. For more information, click here...
Begin by tidying up, heating your room, taking a ritual bath, and arranging yourself
leaning back against a backjack or pile of pillows with legs spread. Often pillows under
knees make it more comfortable for extended play. Props you may want to collect are a
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 90
speculum, mirror, flashlight, lubricant, towels, vibrator, and Crystal Wand or dildo. Use
a soft towel or absorbent pad underneath to eliminate any self-consciousness of fluids
wetting the bed.
Use whatever ritual actions and props help you make your play space sacred.
Carefully choose soothing sensuous music. Acknowledge yourself and your inner being
spiritually with a namasté.
Begin by slowly touching, caressing, and arousing yourself. Start at the perimeter and
circle towards yoni: legs, thighs, face, neck, tummy, breasts. Take your time and enjoy.
Be sure to relax, breathe deeply, and make sounds that express what you're feeling.
Touch outer yoni gently and lovingly. As she begins to warm and open, add
whatever lubricant you prefer. Some women prefer clio stimulation before yoni
penetration. As you turn yourself on, follow your own guidance.
If you have a speculum, this is a good time to lubricate and insert it and examine the
different surfaces and glands within. Even if you don't, you can spread your inner lips
and see into the outward third of yoni. Examine the membranes and see if you can
identify any of the different types of glands that surround yoni.
Lick or lubricate a finger and slowly circle it as far as your hand will turn around
yoni's opening in both directions from 12 o'clock (the top side) to 6 o'clock (the bottom
side). Do you feel different sensations at any clock position? Does your finger feel any
differences in texture or shape?
With gentle Tantric touch, insert your finger another inch and repeat the circling
motions, continuing to feel inside and out. Go deeper an inch at a time as far as you can
while discovering different feelings and sensations. Combine in and out with circling
motions as you go descend. Also, tighten your PC muscle and feel the pressure on your
finger in different positions. If your hand or finger gets too tired, remove it and shake
out the tension before continuing. Whenever you decide the time is right, feel free to
switch to using a toy like the Crystal Wand.
To really learn what's most sensitive, switch your focus from exploring to pleasure.
Use Orgasmic Breathing to intensify and spread Kundalini energy around your body.
Though orgasm isn't necessary, if you get swept away by a big explosion -- or really
want to end with one -- enjoy yourself.
Close your Sacred Space by giving yourself a namasté and doing whatever works for
you to give thanks for the pleasure your body brings you.
PRACTICE: Partner Inner Yoni Massage
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 91
We hope you enjoyed discovering new things that please yoni while bringing
yourself exquisite pleasure. Now that you've mapped yoni's special zones and identified
how prefers to be massaged, you can share these findings with your partner.
You secret garden is a divine place. Sharing yoni's secrets is a sacred gift. Enter into
this practice as a way to build intimacy, not with any strong expectations or discreet
goals. Continue the spirit of the Play Doctor Practice earlier in this chapter.
Some notes to the giver: Approach this practice as a sacred trust. This kind of
exposure makes a woman highly vulnerable. Tell her what you plan to do before you do
it. Get permission for major changes. Maintain eye contact as much as possible. Give
reassurance. If you're not sure of something, ask a question. Feedback and dialogue are
great as long as you don't extend that to distracting sidetalk. Above all, show your love
and respect.
To guide a partner to explore inner yoni's unique character and energy so you can
relax, open, and awaken to build intimacy and lovemaking skill.
Begin by tidying up, heating your room, taking a ritual bath, and arranging space
leaning back against a backjack or pile of pillows with legs spread. Often pillows under
knees make it more comfortable for extended play. Props you may want to collect are a
speculum, mirror, flashlight, lubricant, towels, vibrator, and Crystal Wand or other sex
toy. Use a soft towel or absorbent pad underneath to eliminate any self-consciousness of
fluids wetting the bed.
Use whatever ritual actions and props help you make your play space sacred.
Carefully choose soothing sensuous music. Acknowledge each other spiritually with a
Heart Salutation. Discuss the Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, boundaries --
before you actually begin.
Have your lover begin by slowly touching, caressing, and arousing you. Ask them to
start at the perimeter and circle towards yoni: legs, thighs, face, neck, tummy, breasts.
Take your time and enjoy. Be sure to relax, breathe deeply, and make sounds that
express what you're feeling. A good partner will remind you of these ways to be more
present and enjoy more.
Ask your lover to touch outer yoni with a gentle loving Tantric touch. (A good
partner would never approach yoni without permission.) Giver, try circling around the
perimeter and gradually coming closer and closer. Squeeze her outer lips between
thumb and forefinger, then gently rubbing the outer lips together.
If you have a speculum and you're willing, let your partner view the different
surfaces and glands within yoni. Even if you don't, you can spread your inner lips to
reveal the outward third of yoni. Ask your partner to examine the membranes and
identify any of the different types of glands that surround yoni.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 92
Ask your partner to lick or lubricate a finger and slowly circle it as far as their hand
will turn around yoni's opening in both directions from 12 o'clock (the top side) to 6
o'clock (the bottom side). Do they feel different sensations at any clock position? Does
their finger feel any differences in texture or shape?
With gentle Tantric touch, ask your partner to insert a finger another inch and repeat
the circling motions, continuing to feel inside and out. Guide your partner to go deeper
one inch at a time as far as possible discovering different feelings and sensations. Have
them combine in and out with circling strokes while descending. Also, tighten your PC
muscle so your partner can feel the pressure on their finger in different positions. If their
hand or finger gets too tired, encourage them to remove it and shake out the tension
before continuing. Whenever you decide the time is right, feel free to have them switch
to using a toy like the Crystal Wand.
If you want, after learning together you can switch your attention to pleasure and
enjoy yourself to the max. Guide your partner to continue doing strokes that really turn
you on. Use Orgasmic Breathing to intensify and spread sexual energy around your
body. Your partner can help by reminding you if necessary. Though orgasm isn't
necessary, if you want to end with one, enjoy yourself.
When you're ready to stop, be sure your partner knows to follow your lead. Do you
want gradual slowing or simply holding still? Whatever you prefer, ask your lover not
to abruptly break contact. Instead, have them cup and hold yoni with their palm, while
their other hand is on your heart. Look in each other's eyes and breathe together.
Close your Sacred Space by talking about what happened, giving each other a Heart
Salutation and doing whatever works for you to give thanks for the pleasure your body
brings you.
5.6 Sacred Gate Section
"...An erotic zone could always be demonstrated on the anterior wall of the vagina along the
course of the urethra...which seems to be surrounded by erectile tissue." ------ Ernst
Gräfenberg in The Role Of Urethra In Female Orgasm
In Search Of The Mysterious G-Spot
Just like us, we hope you've repeated the previous practices multiple times with great fun,
pleasure, and learning. If you have, you've most likely discovered the Sacred Gate to Supreme
Of course, we're referring to the female G-Spot, the erectile tissue inside yoni under the
lining of the belly-side wall. We call this yoni's "front" surface since it's the inner side closest to a
lover on top or in front.
You know that, when aroused, erectile tissues fill with bl**d by getting "engorged." Did you
know that erectile tissues get even more sensitive when swollen? We bet you did. Besides GSpots,
nipples and clios enjoy this divine gift. Guys carry one great little expandable example of
erectile tissue between their legs.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 93
Sorry, guys, we mean BIG example.
Conflicting Instructions
Where is the G-Spot? Because it's a slang term, that's a difficult question to answer exactly.
First, there are many conflicting teachings about the size of the G-Spot out there. Some say
it's the size of a pea, some a bean, some say a silver dollar (2.5 cm if you're unfamiliar with U.S.
currency). Actually, the truth is that some are bigger and some are smaller.
Some say it's one to two inches inside yoni, or near the urethral opening. Gräfenberg, whom
the spot is named after, highlighted the area near the bladder at yoni's top end. Others direct
you mid-way between the cervix at yoni's end and the pubic bone. There's some truth in all
these conflicting descriptions as we'll explain below.
Much of the confusion and difficulty stems from that fact that this powerful "orgasmic
trigger" isn't one well-defined organ like a male prostate gland or a female ovary.
Taking Aim At A Moving Target
What we call the Sacred Gate or G "Spot" is in reality the female prostate or urethral sponge.
That's comprised of the 40 or so little paraurethral glands with their accompanying ducts and
bl**d vessels surrounding the urethra. The urethra and its spongy insulation run along the
front wall of yoni.
Some believe the biological purpose of the sponge is to protect the fragile urinary canal from
a hard thrusting vajra when it gets engorged. Makes sense, huh?
Again, here's the good news. The female prostate, AKA urethral sponge, is erectile. So when
you excite it, it swells under the surface of yoni's skin. You feel the hard "bean" under yoni's
This explains why many lovers have trouble finding the G-Spot and enjoying stimulation.
Because it's under the lining of yoni's front wall, it's not particularly sensitive or even noticeable
without a high level of excitement. Many women report little or no feeling at first. Some even
feel initial discomfort that obviously discourages further play.
As every conscious lover knows, each woman is different. Each woman folk prefers
different strokes at different times. So unless you tune in to her unique formula in the moment,
you may not feel her Sacred Gate at all.
Different Kinds
Further, it's hard to find the G-Spot because there are four different kinds of female
prostates. In 1999, Zaviacic published his scientific findings that illustrated how the distribution
of the paraurethral glands and ducts varies from woman to woman.
In most women, he discovered the greatest density of female prostate glands was located
near the urethral opening. Here are the percentages of women he found with different kinds of
% Of Women Location Of Glands & Ducts
70% near meatus urethral opening by yoni's mouth
15% near the bladder at yoni's top end
7% mid-way back between yoni's mouth and cervix
8% had minimal glands and ducts.
What this means is that your partner's most erectile Sacred Gate tissue is likely nearer yoni's
mouth. Even so, the deeper little "tail" of the meatus-type female prostate can be highly
Of course, the Sacred Gate of 30% of women follows a different pattern. There's a real
chance it could deeper inside, or not very excitable without long dedicated arousal.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 94
So Where Is It Exactly?
With the "G-Spot" better defined, can we now explain exactly where it is? Well, yes and no.
Additionally, different parts of the urethral sponge can be aroused at different times. That
makes it seem that the G-Spot moves from time to time, even within one lovemaking session.
Visualize a clock superimposed over yoni's mouth while a woman is lying on her back. We
know the Sacred Gate appears most often at the 12 o'clock position. But sometimes it's found at
11 or 1 o'clock. Most sex manuals instruct us to curl a finger upward toward yoni's front and
reach around behind the pubic bone to find the area of the urethral sponge that's particularly
excitable. We now know this doesn't contact the bulk of the G-Spot for most women, although it
may make its deep tail feel real good.
If you don't know which bone we're talking about, just slide your hand from your belly
button down toward your jewels. (This works for men as well.) If you press inward, you'll feel
the soft give of your tummy until somewhere around your pubic hair. When you feel the hard
structure near the surface, that's your pubic bone. From within, you can feel the underside of
this floating bone by pressing up towards your belly through yoni's front wall.
The good news is that there's a surefire way to find the Sacred Gate. Usually the tissue
covering the erect part of the sponge becomes rough and wrinkly, like a cat's tongue. This is the
direct result of the urethral sponge getting engorged with bl**d. Search for the corduroy and
you'll increase your chances of zooming in quickly. Couple that with searching under yoni's
lining for the little swollen glands that sometimes feel like a bean and you've got it.
Just remember not to rest on your laurels and keep sensing with your fingertips in case it
EXERCISE: G-Spot Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to use for reflecting, journalling, or talking...
• How easily can you find your G-Spot?
• What kind of female prostate do you or your partner have?
• What makes your or your partner's G-Spot swell the most?
What's In A Name?
Since it's not really a fixed point, the term "G-Spot" isn't really very accurate. Dr. John D.
Perry, one of the original authors of the 1982 best-selling "The G-Spot" book, still believes it's the
best compromise amongst the available poor choices.
As we've said, many sexologists use G-Area, G-Crest, or urethral sponge as well as
paraurethral or Skene's glands. The term "female prostate," once quite common, is becoming
more accepted again. Many Tantrikas use the ancient term "sacred spot."
As you've seen, we prefer to call the G-Spot the "Sacred Gate." This term reminds us that the
erectile tissue of the urethral sponge/female prostate is a doorway to sensational sexual
pleasure, deep intimacy, amazing ecstasy, emotional connection, and Supreme Bliss.
Why Don't More Women Know Where It Is?
Why haven't more women discovered the pleasure accessible through their Sacred Gate
Well, not everyone believes it's there. Many don't know where and how to find it. It's hard
for many to reach even if they had a map and detailed instructions. Each woman's unique
physique may require a different body position. Also, it's smaller in post menopausal women
and therefore harder to locate.
Every woman knows the location of her lips, breasts, and clio without searching. Let's not
forget that how strongly females, as well as males, are conditioned against self-pleasuring. Even
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 95
if a woman overcomes these taboos to search for her own G-Spot, she might miss it without
sufficient turn-on beforehand.
Remember, it's erectile, under yoni's lining, and therefore virtually undetectable without
adequate stimulation. Further, the Sacred Gate gets larger and more easily erect with repeated
stimulation. When you're searching initially, it's more likely to hide than come out to play right
No Luck With An Urgent Problem
As you've read, without proper stimulation, Sacred Gate play is often unremarkable,
uncomfortable, or even painful at first.
Initial pressure on the Sacred Gate often creates what the medical world calls "urgency," the
feeling that you need to pee. For obvious reasons, our name for this sensation is the P-Signal.
We believe women get the P-Signal when their engorged urethral sponge presses on the neck of
their bladder and urethra. Even when empty, this feels identical to the pressure caused by a full
The anatomy connection makes this clearer. Remember that clio's tip and most of the PC
muscle are fed by the pudendal nerve. The bladder, uterus, and G-Spot, as well as the inner part
of the PC muscle, are serviced by the pelvic nerve. It makes sense that this deeper nerve
pathway is harder to arouse sexually. But when it is, the sensations are felt deeper in the
bladder and uterus. A woman untrained in the ways of Sacred Gate massage and female
ejaculation most likely interprets these P-Signals incorrectly.
In a later chapter, Ecstatic States, we'll explore different kinds of orgasms from different
kinds of stimulation. At this point we'll just leave you with this message: Sacred Gate Orgasms
create a deeper kind of pleasure than most clio orgasms can ever account for.
Begone That Messy Wet Spot!
Learning to handle the P-Signal is a vital gauntlet all women need to pass through to enjoy
Sacred Gate Orgasm and female ejaculation. Now that we've launched our initial campaign to
relax you about your fluid emanations, let us add a really valuable tip.
No one should have to sl**p in a wet spot after sex. No one should have to hold back during
sex for fear of dousing the bed, rug, or furniture by ejaculating. No one should have to avoid
sex because it's that time of the month. Don't you agree?
Which is why our friend Karen Fowler created Luv Liners and Luv Linens. These are superabsorbent,
waterproof pads designed to keep your lovemaking space clean and dry during sex.
Luv Liners are soft and disposable while Luv Linens are washable and reusable. Now you have
options! And they're really inexpensive.
Karen created these big soft coverings so that people everywhere can have the luxury of
enjoying the wettest sex ever without worrying about the mess. Why sl**p on a towel or get up
to change the sheets after a good nights lovin' if you don't have to?
Luv Linens & Luv Liners
Sure, you can buy little ugly incontinence protectors at the d**g store (or chemist shop in
the UK). We just really prefer the much larger, colorful, and patterned ones Karen has specially
made for gushy lovers like her and us.
Luv Liners and Luv Linens provide protection and peace of mind for love's most slippery
moments. They give you permission to enjoy the wettest sex ever and let your love flow
without hesitation. Luv Linens are the ultimate "christening blanket" allowing you to be
adventurous and enjoy sex wherever you desire.
Let's face it a bunched-up towel doesn't quite do the job does it?
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 96
Using Luv Linens gives you the freedom to take your love life to a whole new level. Imagine
how free you'll feel to relax and let your love flow orgasm after orgasm after orgasm when you
know your bed, sofa, tablecloth, or rug will be clean and dry no matter how much passion you
Now, there's no need to hold back. No sheets to change, no more ruined towels, sheets. or
mattresses. No more wet spots to endure. How awesome is that!
For more information and ordering, please click here...
PRACTICE: Solo Sacred Gate Discovery
For reassurance, it's a good idea for a woman to empty her bladder before this kind of
play. And while you're preparing, grab a couple of thick towels to lie on for that extra
sense of security, just in case you ejaculate. More about that soon.
As we've said, getting your fingers inside yoni with enough pressure on your G-Spot
may be awkward for extended periods of time. We suggest you try your best this way at
first. But also have available a Crystal Wand, curved dildo, or vibrator able to reach
around behind your pubic bone.
To locate your Sacred Gate and begin getting in touch with how different stimulation
Begin by tidying up, heating your room, taking a ritual bath, putting on erotic music,
and creating a Sacred Space with a namasté and leaning back against a backjack or pile
of pillows with legs spread. Do this in front of a mirror if you like. Once aroused, you'll
probably have to get up on your feet or knees to reach your Sacred Gate. Props you may
want to collect are water, lubricant, towels, and Crystal Wand or other sex toy. Use a soft
towel or absorbent pad underneath to eliminate any self-consciousness of fluids wetting
the bed. Be sure your bladder is empty before you begin.
Begin by slowly touching, caressing, and arousing yourself from the perimeter and
circle towards yoni. Caress outer yoni and clio with your preferred lubricant to get them
both real hot. Use fantasy if you'd like. Then lick or lubricate a finger and slowly circle
around yoni's opening gradually going deeper inside with an in and out stroke. Take
your time and enjoy because your G-Spot may not come out to play unless you're really
turned on. Be sure to relax, breathe deeply, and make sounds that express what you're
When you're aroused enough, you'll begin to feel some places on yoni's upper wall
lining become rougher and more wrinkly like corduroy. You might feel the prostate
harden like a bean beneath the surface somewhere between yoni's inside end and
meatus near her mouth. You won't be sure which kind of prostate you have until you
thoroughly massage and excite the whole extent of your urethral sponge. With a few
minutes of continued stroking, your Sacred Gate will swell, get larger, and harden in the
same way that a clio and vajra do.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 97
If you find you can't reach deep enough inside or your muscles start protesting,
continue on your knees or by squatting. Sometimes some experimenting is necessary to
find the most comfortable position for G-Spot access.
Gradually increase the pressure on the rough and hard spots on the upper wall with
in and out strokes about once per second. Curl your finger around the pubic bone when
fully inserted, making a come hither motion as you pull out.
As your Sacred Gate gets more engorged, you may feel P-Signals, that convince you
that you have to pee. This means you're really getting there. Simply breathe and
continue. If you relax into it, the sensation will pass quickly. Remember, you just
emptied your bladder. If you believe it's full again, go to the toilet to make sure and then
come back and resume.
7. TOY
Whenever you decide the time is right, feel free to switch to a vibrator or dildo. This is
where the Crystal Wand really shines, giving you leverage to apply strong pressure
around behind your pubic bone. Find out what kind of pressure you like.
Use Orgasmic Breathing to intensify and spread sexual energy around your body.
Though it's not necessary, enjoy one or more powerful Sacred Gate Orgasms if you
want. If you do, instead of stopping abruptly, be sure to cover yoni as you gradually
cool down.
Close your Sacred Space by giving yourself a namasté and doing whatever works for
you to give thanks for the pleasure your body brings you.
How To Find It And What To Do When You Do
We love sexual union with vajra inside yoni. But for many women, it's difficult to get good
Sacred Gate stimulation from a pumping vajra. Students of the Kama Sutra know that certain
unique sexual positions work best for different body type combinations as our later chapter
The anatomy of the Sacred Gate is why. Providing enough pressure on yoni's upper wall
around behind the pubic bone is necessary. This is nearly impossible with the all-too-popular
standard missionary position.
For many women's bodies, it's easier for a partner to locate and awaken their Sacred Gate
with fingers. Trained fingers most often work much better than vajras for G-Spot play.
If sex to you has been limited to the old in-an-out, here is a wonderful opportunity to drop
your old beliefs and start experimenting with what works uniquely for you. Like defining sex as
anything that makes your body feel good.
Which explains the intent of the next, the final practice, in this chapter.
PRACTICE: Partner Sacred Gate Discovery
For a partner to find your Sacred Gate with their fingers requires that you guide them
to the right place with your preferred strokes. Which is why, even if your lover knows
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 98
where and how to look for a your G-Spot, the perennial challenges of sexual
communication can get in the way.
If you approach this kind of play as conscious Tantric Sex however, you'll grow
through these kinds of problems. With the right attitude, guidance, and experience, you
can easily teach a lover to stimulate the best place at each moment. Goddess, remember
to guide your partner lovingly and often.
The following practice offers a great chance to practice. It's instructions closely mirror
the solo practice above.
Don't forget, you, the Goddess, must be quite aroused before your partner can even
find the Sacred Gate.
To help your lover locate your Sacred Gate and begin learning how to pleasure it.
Begin by tidying up, heating your room, taking a ritual bath, putting on erotic music,
and creating a Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation. Arrange your body so you can lean
back against a backjack or pile of pillows with legs spread. Props you may want to
collect are water, lubricant, towels, and Crystal Wand or other sex toy. Use a soft towel
or absorbent pad underneath to eliminate any self-consciousness of fluids wetting the
bed. Be sure to discuss the Partnering Questions - desires, concerns, boundaries - and
empty your bladder before you actually begin.
Begin by asking your lover to slowly touch, caress, and arouse your body from the
perimeter and circle towards yoni. Have your partner massage outer yoni and clio with
your preferred lubricant to get them both real hot. Use fantasy if you'd like. When you're
ready, ask your lover to lick or lubricate a finger and slowly circle around yoni's opening
gradually going deeper inside with an in and out stroke. Guide them to take their time
because your G-Spot may not come out to play unless you're really turned on. Be sure to
relax, breathe deeply, and make sounds that express what you're feeling.
When you're aroused enough, guide your lover to explore yoni's front wall lining,
feeling for where it's rougher and more wrinkly like corduroy. They might feel the
prostate harden like a bean beneath the surface somewhere between yoni's inside end
and meatus near her mouth. Guide your partner to thoroughly massage and excite the
area of your urethral sponge that most responded during solo play. With a few minutes
of continued stroking, your Sacred Gate will swell, get larger, and harden much like clio
and vajra do.
Ask your lover to gradually increase the pressure on the rough and hard spots on the
upper wall with in and out strokes about once per second. Have them curl a finger
around the pubic bone when fully inserted, making a come hither motion as they pull
As your Sacred Gate gets more engorged, you may feel P-Signals, convincing you that
you have to pee. This means you're really getting there. Simply breathe and continue
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 99
and the feeling will pass quickly. Remember, you just emptied your bladder. If you're
convinced it's full again, go to the toilet to make sure and then come back and resume.
6. TOY
If you liked it during solo play, feel free to ask your lover to switch to using a vibrator
or dildo. The Crystal Wand really shines with partner play as well, giving leverage to
apply strong pressure around behind your pubic bone. If you discovered where and
how you really like strong pressure, now is a good time to guide your lover to give it to
Use Orgasmic Breathing to intensify and spread sexual energy around your body.
Though it's not necessary, feel free to enjoy one or more powerful Sacred Gate Orgasms
if you want.
When you're ready to stop, be sure your partner knows to follow your lead. Do you
want gradual slowing or simply holding still? Whatever you prefer, ask your lover not
to abruptly break contact. Instead, have them cup and hold yoni with their palm, while
the other hand is on your heart. Look in each other's eyes and breathe together.
Close your Sacred Space by talking about what happened, giving each other a Heart
Salutation, and doing whatever works for the two of you to give thanks for the pleasure
you've created together.
5.7 Closing Section
The anatomy of the Goddess is truly wondrous and all the elements are so artistically
You learned about clio, yoni, both inside and outside. You practiced different ways to
explore and talk about what you feel with different kinds of stimulation.
You now know the latest information available about the nature of the G-Spot, the Sacred
Gate to Supreme Bliss, its idiosyncrasies and its delights. Look for much more about pleasuring
the Sacred Gate in the next Sacred Gate Massage Chapter, and later ones on Ecstatic States and
Female Ejaculation.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 100
Chapter 6: Sacred Gate Massage
"Don’t let another day go by without the magic touch."
----- Neil Young from sl**ps With Angels
6.1 Opening Section
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Understand how to be a Tantric lover.
• Practice the basic strokes of Sacred Gate massage.
• Use Sacred Gate massage for maximum pleasure.
Giving Shakti Pleasure
There are many ways to give ultimate pleasure to Shakti (a woman's) Sacred Gate. You've
probably stumbled upon that perfect moment when your thrusts hit just the right spot.
Maybe you were conscious of what worked and then you tried to reproduce it. Since
Shakti's arousal is changeable, what worked once might not have worked the same way the
next time. All too often we can't recreate the exact circumstances for that fantastic sexual high.
But we can create new ones.
In this chapter, we're going to dispel the mystery about giving a woman pleasure. Here
you're going to learn the art and science of Sacred Gate massage. We're primarily talking about
using your fingers, though we'll include some guidance about using sex toys for giving to a
partner as well as to yourself.
By the end, you'll know all the options. We can't promise you'll never be confused or know
exactly the perfect thing to do in every moment in every situation. Female stimulation is a
moving target. But when you're done, you'll know everything there is to know about how to
give and receive Sacred Gate pleasure, and how to react to unique circumstances.
Practices Ahead
Once you've determined the pleasure formula for a specific Goddess in a specific
lovemaking session, Sacred Gate massage is essentially simple. There are just a lot of options to
choose from getting to that point. So this chapter breaks down G-Spot pleasure into a series of
practices of increasing complication and increasing stimulation.
You'll probably want to rush ahead to the juicier bits and push for a resounding orgasm
sooner rather than later. We understand these innate urges to seek rapid rewards. We think it's
a better idea to read the whole chapter before beginning intensive practice.
Playing spontaneously, full out, with wild abandon is great. We just suggest you do it later,
in later practices, in a few days or weeks. If you've been making love for 1, 10, or 30 years
without these techniques, what's another few weeks to gradually incorporate Sacred Gate play
into your repertoire.
Remember, the Tantric way is to slowly savor each morsel of new delight and draw out the
pleasure as long as you can.
When To Start Sacred Gate Play
If you've read the previous chapters on Tantric LovePlay and Sacred Landscape, you've
learned that the Sacred Gate only comes out to play when sufficiently excited.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 101
How will you know when she's aroused enough for intense G-Spot stimulation? The more
aroused she is, the more her Sacred Gate becomes engorged with bl**d. It swells like a crest,
protruding down from the concave front wall of inner yoni, making it convex.
Until you're sure, continue with loveplay. Here's a not-so-subtle warm-up reminder:
whisper sweet everythings, kiss softly and deeply, caress everywhere, use Kama Sutra
"embraces," and titillate yoni endlessly. Don't dive right for the Sacred Gate until you've gotten
a clear signal that she's really hot.
One vital cue is yoni engorgement -- pink, wet, and swollen with bl**d. You can easily tell a
yoni with erect tissues because her lips open of their own accord and become very red. For
many women, lengthy clio play is an essential prerequisite. Some prefer touching and kissing
on yoni's lips, opening, and entryway first. For some, emotional closeness, intimacy, and
fantasy is enough to engorge the Sacred Gate.
Learn the pattern of arousal of the woman you aim to pleasure. Whatever her needs, be sure
to dwell amply on awakening physical and energetic arousal before heading for her Sacred
6.2 Giver Role Section
The Attitude Of The Tantric Lover
Since it's a highly conscious, sacred experience, Tantric lovers approach sex in a unique way.
Approaching the Sacred Gate for maximum healing and pleasure requires an attitude and
commitment that respects Shakti's divine nature. It demands that a lover is fully available to
meet her needs.
We like to describe this exacting but highly satisfying role with the 6 P's...
• Privilege
• Presence
• Patience
• Partner
• Pilgrim
• Permission.
Take these six guidelines to heart before you begin any yoni play. This applies to women
giving to women as much as men giving to women.
You're Privileged To Be Invited Within
Entering a woman's yoni and reaching for her spirit through her Sacred Gate only works
when the giver recognizes the trust being placed in them. Truly, it's an awesome privilege and
responsibility. Approach with Feeling awe with the such intimacy is the perfect mindset.
We mean you should think of your partner or yourself as a manifestation of all that's good
and wondrous about the female. Revere the grace, power, and life energy of the feminine. If you
act at all times in complete service of your queen, your Shakti, your offerings will be welcomed
with an unending outpouring of love, desire, and appreciation.
If you want to know more about this reverent attitude, consult the Sacred Tantric Sexuality
Your Presence Is Your Greatest Gift
More than anything you might do during Sacred Gate play, being present is your most
important aim.
We don't just mean physically with your hands inside her. We mean mentally here now,
emotionally accessible, and spiritually conscious. Listening fully with all your senses open is
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 102
your foundation and a powerful way to say "I love you." This is what women want more than
anything else. It thoroughly turns them on.
How do you show presence? Well, tuning out, daydreaming, and looking off into the
distance isn't it. Interrupting her process and disappearing in the midst of a breakthrough
certainly disqualifies you.
Rather, tune in so you notice what she's experiencing in every moment. Tell her "I'm here for
you." Respond directly to her every comment and request. And above all, maintain eye contact
when she is available. She will close her eyes at times, but needs to know you aren't checkingout.
Just letting her know you're there with her is almost enough.
Be Patient, All Good Things Comes To Those Who Wait
A big part of being here now is patience. Nowhere to go, nowhere to be, nothing else to do
but what you're doing.
As we've explained, it's essential for both the receiver and the giver to drop any goals of a
supreme experience or cosmic orgasm. The Goddess will likely experience amazing things, but
pushing for them can easily block her ascending to new heights.
Just let whatever is going to happen unfold of its own accord. Let nature take its course
without fighting the current. Face it, it takes as long as it takes, and there's little you can do to
speed it up.
Let sweet and gentle be your watchwords. Follow the Goddess and she'll tell you when to
be strong.
Support Your Partner, You're Both In This Together
Contrary to cultural sexual patterns or beliefs drummed into us about what it means to be a
good lover and how a "good girl "is supposed to act in bed, good sex is a joint effort. Both need
to be active partners. One being passive while the other "does" them isn't it.
Every time you connect, agree where you both want to go together using the three
Partnering Questions (desires, concerns, boundaries). Look after yourself and let your partner
know how it's going so they can support you. Communicate about what's happening in the
moment. Respond to what's going on with your partner. Work together, no correct that, play
Remember, you're the two musketeers. All for one and one for all.
As a giver, you want to reassure and comfort your partner. Be a full-time helper during
Sacred Gate experiences. When she's open to it, offer her guidance. When she thinks she knows
what she wants, let her be in control. If she's struggling, assure her that she doesn't have to do it
all by herself and that you're there for her.
When she's having a powerful experience, feel it yourself and enjoy it. When pleasure is
your goal, not orgasm, you can only get it right and never get it wrong.
Above all, encourage her to fully receive and absorb all you're giving. In the spirit of true
partnership, you know you'll get yours eventually.
Just A Pilgrim Searching For The Promised Land
Who can always accurately predict a Shakti's reactions? Not even she, most of the time.
It's best if a giver of Sacred Gate massage acts like an explorer, discovering uncharted
territory. Be a pilgrim searching for hidden secrets with little in the way of maps. Stay in awe of
the wonders you stumble upon.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 103
You won't really know what she wants in this exact moment until it turns her on. Stay alert
to her breathing, sounds, and movements. When she moves towards you and presses on your
finger, she wants more. When she withdraws and pulls away, she wants less.
Be prepared for anything to happen. Your hands might be rocked violently by a bucking
bronco in the throws of orgasm. You might run headlong into a hysterical outburst. You might
get sprayed with female nectar. Or it may seem from the outside that nothing is happening.
You just have to accept that you don't know it all and can't predict the future. Ego is one of
the primary enemies of sacred sexuality. What worked yesterday may fall flat today. What
hasn't worked for months may suddenly become the key that unlocks huge recesses of
Kundalini energy. What she thought was just OK previously is all she wants you to do from
now on.
Always stay tuned for late breaking news and you'll do fine.
Ask Permission Before Entering The Promised Land
If the G-Spot is the gate to the sacred joys of untold pleasure, the yoni is assuredly the
sacred garden. You don't enter such a temple without permission. A Tantric lover always
shows how deeply they embrace the earlier five P's by asking before moving forward and
You can be straightforward, "I'm going to put a finger inside you now, OK?" Or you can be
Tantric and romantic, "May I enter your sacred garden, oh, sweet beloved, of my dreams?" Be
serious or make it lighthearted, but don't forget. Above all else, asking before penetrating is the
height of respect.
Whether or not you buy the flowery talk of the Goddess's divine presence within a woman's
yoni, this is one guideline every man needs to take to heart. Maybe this is one of the reasons
some women prefer the touch of other women. They instinctively know what they're risking
when they open themselves this way.
Even if you've been in relationship a long time, ask before penetrating. It puts the Goddess
in power when she most needs the security of knowing it's her call to say yes or no at any time.
If she wants to play out a fantasy sometime where you take her without asking, we think
that's fine. Just recognize, she gave you permission at the beginning of your encounter. That's
different than blanket permission where she gives her power away. We advise against that. If
you want a Tantric partnership, encourage her to make her own decisions in every moment.
Maybe it goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway. When she asks you to depart,
graciously and gently withdraw. You're inside yoni by invitation only. Respect the privilege
and you're likely to be invited again soon for more divine play.
EXERCISE: 5 Tantric P's Discussion Questions
Here are some statements to complete by reflecting, journalling, or talking with your
partner about...
• Describe the Tantric attitude and what you will do to make it part of your
• Review the 5 Tantric P's. Describe what each means to you...
• Privilege...
• Presence...
• Patience...
• Partner...
• Pilgrim...
• Permission...
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 104
• Evaluate yourself on each of the 6 P's.
• Describe what difficulties you've had with each...
• Describe what you plan to do about each...
6.3 Receiver Prerequisites Section
At Disneyland, you need an "E" ticket for the best rides. To ride the wave of bliss when
receiving G-Spot massage, you need six "E" tickets. The six basic receiver prerequisites to
delightful Sacred Gate play are...
• Relaxation
• Communication
• Arousal
• Empty Bladder
• Lube
• Drop Expectations.
Learn To Relax
Shakti, if you're too tense, your Sacred Gate may not be fully open to receiving visitors.
Tension can prevent you from getting sufficiently aroused to enjoy the intense stimulation of
Sacred Gate play.
If you want to become more relaxed, look back at the Kundalini Energy, Tantric LovePlay,
and Sacred Landscape Chapters. Build your sexual muscles so they have the tone to easily relax.
Spend more time practicing with Orgasmic Breathing. Do more solo exploration of your yoni
inside and out. Learn to enjoy sexual pleasure through self-pleasuring as a sacred ritual.
If relaxation in sexual situations doesn't come easily to you, you might want to look into this
first. Ask yourself where does this sexual stress that blocks excitement come from?
It could be a lack of intimacy and trust with your partner. It could be that you're putting
pressure on yourself to perform. Perhaps you're conflicted about sex in general as a result of
conscious or u*********s social judgments and moral taboos. It could be that past abuse and
wounds are creating too much anxiety for you to relax. We address these issues extensively in
the Yoni Healing Chapter.
In the meantime, we can only suggest you go slowly, breathe, and take heed of how the
other receiver prerequisites can help you relax.
Lots Of Open Two-Way Communication
The more you talk about sex in general and Sacred Gate play in specific, the more pleasure
you'll have sooner. Especially while you're learning, communicate about your desires, concerns,
and boundaries before you begin each session.
Ask for what you want in each moment, or as much as you know in each moment. Give
feedback supportively. Ask anytime you're unsure. If something is on your mind, let it go by
talking about it. Otherwise the inner distraction may prevent you from relaxing into pleasure
when you most want to.
When you're beginning Sacred Gate play, don't worry that speaking up may interrupt the
mood. That sensitivity is more appropriate later as you get grooved in. Instead, use the c***dlike
spirit of "Playing Doctor" to approach these practices in a fresh, innocent, new way. Drop any
shyness, inhibitions, judgments you've carried about sex. Remember, it's a divine gift from
As a receiver, be as responsive to loveplay as you can and use non-verbal communication to
show it. The more you practice the four cornerstones of Supreme Bliss -- breath, sound,
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 105
movement, and presence -- the more you'll partner will know what's going on with you without
words. You can always use the Feedback Sandwich from the Tantric LovePlay Chapter when
you want something adjusted.
Be sure to compliment anything and everything that your partner does during you sexual
antics. Since your lover will want to give you more of what you like, don't be careful about
asking, be out there and go for it. At first, you probably won't recognize all your feelings and
reactions in the moment. So it helps, after each session, to openly talk about what was best,
what you'd like to be different, and things to play with next time.
Get Highly Aroused First
As you've heard many times already, many lovers -- both givers and receivers -- have been
bewildered about Sacred Gate stimulation. Certainly, that's because it's not a fixed spot, it
moves, and because it often hides until awakened. Even more, we think many try to push this
exciting orgasmic trigger before getting highly aroused.
We wonder how many women have found their G-Spot but didn't like the sensations it
produced because they weren't turned on enough.
Shakti, embed one clear thought in your mind as you approach Sacred Gate play, especially
with a new lover: yoni must be thoroughly and deliciously engorged first. The front wall of the
inner yoni won't engorge without sufficient loveplay. Until this happens, any kind of touch,
especially hard and fast strokes, will probably be uncomfortable, even painful, before your
Sacred Gate is fully open.
If you read the previous section about permission, you'll understand why we're telling you
this. You are responsible for your own pleasure. Even if you're flat on your back with your legs
up, you're in the driver's seat. If you want the zenith of sexual pleasure, you have to steer.
You've learned what your body likes, right? You know how to communicate about your
preferences, right? If so, tell your partner. If not, we suggest you go back to the Communication
Section of our Tantric LovePlay Chapter.
Empty Your Bladder First
Empty your bladder before G-Spot play. A full bladder makes it more difficult to relax. Not
only is this sensation distracting, but there's that worry about letting go at the wrong time and
making a mess.
Hopefully, you've read about the P-Signal, the feeling that you need to pee that occurs with
Sacred Gate engorgement. If you don't know about this and are worried that your bladder isn't
empty, you might keep your PC muscle clamped down tight. All by itself, this might stop your
pleasure, your orgasm, and your delightful ejaculation.
Shakti, if you're confident that your bladder is empty and you understand that the P-Signal
is normal, it will be easier for you to relax and let things go. Resting on a couple of soft towels
and an absorbent pad can help free your mind of calamities, too. Which is why we've
introduced you to Luv Liners and Luv Linens. For more information, click here...
Use Lots Of Lubrication
We must face one of the inalienable truths of Sacred Gate play: dry scratching is not any fun.
Which explains our next entry reminder: get wet and stay wet.
Just like guys who tie up much of their self-image in their erections and stamina, some
women connect their desirability with how much their yoni lubricates during arousal. Wouldn't
it be great to always live in the fantasy of romance novels that seeing just the right bulge,
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 106
hearing just the right words, or being caressed just the right way will make your yoni flow
When we're young and horny or separated from our beloved for too long, it's often the case.
But let's face reality. Age, health, physical condition, diet, and medication -- not to mention
menopause -- all affect a woman's natural sexual lubrication. Fantasy is great when you really
experience it. But we don't always.
So? Our response, as always, is the Tantric one -- no big deal. Our only interest is pleasure.
Not giving a performance of any kind. Not living up to any mental image. Not competing with
Simply make sure you introduce lots of lubricant. Saliva is a great "wetifier." That's one of
the reasons why, in our Tantric LovePlay Chapter, we encourage oral romping for the longest
time before Sacred Gate play.
If oral play isn't your cup of tea or saliva doesn't last long enough, never fear. There are
many commercial varieties of personal lubricants available. Remember only to use water-based
lubricants inside yoni. Some examples are Probe, Wet Light, Astroglide, Liquid Silk, and KY
Jelly or KY Liquid, but there are lots more. We don't recommend you introduce oil or petroleum
based products into the delicate natural balance of the yoni's flora.
You can find them at sex shops all over the world. Try small samples to see what you prefer.
Your local d**g store probably stocks several kinds. Or if that's too embarrassing for you, try
one of the adult sex product websites in the resources section of our website at...
Who's in charge of making sure you're wet enough? You both are! But as a receiver, you'll
probably know that you need more first. Ask for more, or keep a bottle near you and douse
Drop Expectations
Sacred Gate play is a doorway to an exalted universe of pleasure, ecstasy, and altered
consciousness. Those aren't measurable, programmable qualities. If you enter any kind of
loveplay with orgasm, ejaculation, or spiritual enlightenment as a goal, you can well block the
flow of energy that will propel you higher.
Supreme Bliss happens in the moment. Expectations take you out of it, into the future.
The most common goal lovers set is orgasm. This can put performance pressure on you as
well as the giver. If you're worried about whether or not you will orgasm, you can produce
performance anxiety. Trying to reproduce the excitement of a previous encounter can distract
you also, whether giver or receiver. All get in the way of enjoyment.
Instead, learn to enjoy pleasure right now. Learn to bask in your vibrations and those of
your partner. Appreciate the pleasure coursing through you now. Accept that it may stop at any
moment and that you'll be complete, whatever happens. Make what you're feeling in this
moment enough. Since arousal is often a moving target, tune in to "que sera sera," whatever will
be, will be. Flow spontaneously, responding to cues, signals, and intuitions.
What's the ultimate prescription for opening the Sacred Gate to supreme pleasure? Forget
the past and the future. Focus on what's happening now.
EXERCISE: Receiver Prerequisites Discussion Questions
• Consider or discuss the six receiver prerequisites...
• Relaxation...
• Communication...
• Arousal...
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 107
• Empty Bladder...
• Lubricants...
• Drop Expectations...
• What does each mean?
• What are your feelings, thoughts, & reactions to each?
• Do you have a problem with any that might interfere with your Sacred Gate play?
• Is there an alternative both of you can agree on?
6.4 Sacred Gate Massage Positions Section
While there are limited ways to reach your own G-Spot, there are several positions we'll
share with your here that Shakti can assume during partner play. Comfort is essential for both
giver and receiver. Tension in the giver's body telegraphs quickly and can close down the
Goddess's energy channels. This can also happen in Shakti's own body while self-pleasuring.
The Tantric approach, as we've made clear, is not simply to get off, but to enjoy every
delicacy of sensation thoroughly. That requires the learning curve of discovering what works
best for your bodies. We recommend you experiment with the following positions before you
get into serious Sacred Gate play. Then you'll know which to use, how to adjust them, and
which to eliminate.
Once you get going on the partner G-Spot massage, we urge you to speak up immediately if
you find a leg going to sl**p, a back spasming, or a finger cramping. Even if you're on the verge
of something great happening, welcome your partner taking responsibility for their comfort.
There are six basic positions we've used for easy access to the Sacred Gate. The first two can
work well for self-pleasuring.
On Back With Legs Spread
The most likely way for you to reach your own Sacred Gate is on your back with your legs
spread. Try leaning against a bed's headboard, an upside down backjack, or other comfortable
prop. Though you probably can't maintain it for long, the best access often comes with your legs
in the air or your knees pressed up against your chest.
Take a lesson here from the Kama Sutra. One of the reasons you see so many pillows in
Kama Sutra artwork is to provide support needed for lengthy play. Prop up your back, neck,
and head if needed. Put throw pillows under your knees.
One benefit of leaning against an upside-down backjack or throw pillows is you can arrange
your Sacred Space in front of a mirror for self-pleasuring. If watching erotic scenes has any
affect on you, watching yourself pleasure your special places can be a real boost.
This woman-on-back position also allows easy yoni access and viewing for a giver sitting
between her legs. If you move up as close as possible, you don't have to lean over or stretch
your arms too far in front of your body. This is great for eye contact, also.
To make this position work for both giver and receiver, you'll need to deal with your
intersecting legs. The giver can put both under, both over, or one over and one under the
woman's. As givers, we always lean against an upright backjack and prop pillows under knees
for continuing comfort and minimum physical stress. You may be in this position for a while.
Sitting Underneath One Of Her Legs
Wrist strain is a common physical problem when we're giving G-Spot massage to a receiver
on her back. While sitting between her legs and facing yoni directly, our palm-up hand often
gets cocked unnaturally towards the thumb. Sometimes we turn our body at an angle to
compensate. But this complicates the conflux of legs.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 108
To adjust even more, you can move outside the woman's legs. Have her leg rest over your
lap. By sitting underneath one her legs, you can adjust your hand's angle of yoni entry to be
perfectly straight ahead. Again, move as close as possible to reduce long-term strain.
You see why we suggest you practice before you really get into it?
Lying By Her Side
Another variation of the woman on her back position places the giver lying or sitting by her
side. As before, the receiver is free to use pillows and props for maximum comfort. The giver
reaches a hand over her hips and belly to yoni. To avoid arm and hand strain that can be a
problem in this position, rest the heel of the hand on her pubic bone. For many women, this
pressure is arousing and may even stimulate yoni from the outside.
A great advantage of this arrangement is the closeness and intimacy it creates. It allows for
kissing, eye gazing, and much easier communication without interrupting the flow of Sacred
Gate stimulation.
Sitting By The Bed
This variant of lying by her side is more comfortable for some. The woman lies comfortably
on the edge of the bed with whatever cushions are comfortable for her. She can lay flat or lean
back against the headboard.
The giver sits in a small chair, preferably without arms, next to the bed. If the giver's arms
are long enough to comfortably reach the receiver's yoni for long periods of time, this position
gives maximum comfort for both giver and receiver.
Woman Upright On Knees
The woman upright on her knees works for self-pleasuring as well as with a partner. When
self-pleasuring this way, she can lean forward and bend over to reach inside. She has complete
freedom to sway, gyrate, and dance as the spirit -- and fingers -- move her.
This stance works well for a giver seated in front of her, with pillows or backjack for
support. Because it allows such easy palm-up access, it's probably the best for Sacred Gate
discovery practices.
Of course, the downside is the fatigue that may develop by balancing upright for too long.
Woman Squatting
If the receiver can comfortably squat long enough on her feet with knees bent, she provides
the most open access to inner yoni. Again, the giver sits in front of her, leaning against a couch
or backjack if desired. Alternately, the woman can sit on the side of the giver's lap by resting
one of her butt cheeks on one of the giver's legs. This lap variation also allows easy access to her
open yoni.
Woman Hands & Knees
Doggie-style lovemaking has a certain appeal to many lovers, maybe because that's how
a****ls do it. Whatever the motivation, some prefer the woman on her hands and knees with
the giver seated behind. Of course, in this position the Sacred Gate is on the bottom of the yoni
so the giver's hand needs to be palm-down.
Spreading her weight on four limbs instead of two tends to be easier for a long-term
pleasuring session. And this position allows the woman to move more freely than when prone.
Variations on this theme place the receiver on a pile of pillows under her torso for the same
kind of rear entry. Then she doesn't need to support herself on her hands and knees. Some
Goddesses are comfortable completely flat on lying on their front, but this makes most giver's
palm-down reach more awkward.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 109
PRACTICE: Experimenting With Sacred Gate Massage Positions
Instead of thinking about what would work best and debating at length, we
recommend you try all the possible positions for a while and listen to your body's
comfort or strain.
Together read over the previous section about finding the most comfortable position
for Sacred Gate massage.
Collect up pillows, cushions, towels, Luv Liners, and any available props like
backjacks so you'll be ready for nearly anything.
Help the receiver arrange herself most comfortably in the "On Back With Legs
Spread" position. Then help the giver get into a comfortable supported place with one
hand resting near the receiver's yoni palm-up and the other resting palm-down lightly
on her belly.
Now, spend a few minutes (5 or 10 minimum) talking about how it feels. If you want,
continue discussing what you're learning about Sacred Gate massage, sexual pleasure,
and Tantric energy.
If you develop some strain, adjust your body and limbs to find a more comfortable
When you've demonstrated how well the first position works for both of you, try the
others one at a time. Be patient. It took Somraj and Jeffre weeks to figure out what was
most comfortable and most effective.
When you've tried them all, talk about what worked best for both of you for vision,
access, and comfort for both long and short sessions.
6.5 The Four Basic Strokes Section
The four basic strokes of Sacred Gate massage are...
• In-&-Out
• Holding
• Circling
• Come-Hither.
They all mean exactly what they say. If you don't know the term, Come-Hither means
crooking one or more fingers back towards your palm as if you were beckoning someone to
come towards you.
When we refer to the giver's fingers, we use these terms...
• First Finger, the index finger or forefinger closest to the thumb.
• Second Finger, the middle finger.
• Third Finger, the ring finger.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 110
• Fourth Finger, the little finger or pinkie.
All of these strokes can be done with one or more fingers. Because most women like yoni to
be penetrated gradually, it's often good to enter first with a smaller finger, say for example,
your third or fourth finger. When she's opened up and you want to go deeper, you can switch
to your first or second finger.
Two fingers at a time is popular with many experienced women. Some prefer three, four, or
even a whole fist. When you use two fingers, try both the first-second and second-third
combinations to see what your partner prefers and what is most comfortable for the giver. With
the proper position and fortunate combination of anatomy, sometimes a thumb works well too.
After practicing each stroke later in this section with one and two fingers, you'll learn to
vary these basic strokes by adjusting pressure and speed. Then we'll show you how to interrupt
your rhythm by tapping, vibrating, milking, and withdrawing to create different patterns with
the arousing element of surprise.
Here is a description of the four basic strokes. As you're reading, practice with one and two
fingers on your other hand, simulating the entrance to a yoni. Hold the other hand palm-down
and make a circle by touching the tips of your thumb and first finger together.
By going through these motions while reading about the strokes, you'll create neuronal
pathways in your body so they'll stay with you and become more instinctual.
The in-&-out stroke is where you'll start Sacred Gate massage. In-&-out is simply inserting
one or more straight fingers into a wet or well-lubricated yoni. It probably needs little
introduction, most resembling the familiar and sought-after repeated motion of vajra's
penetration of yoni.
Remember, giver, always warm up your partner, ask permission, and lubricate your finger
before any kind of insertion. At first, tease the inner lips, possibly rotating around the clock,
with just one soft fingertip. Experiment with your first, second, and third fingers.
Once yoni is completely wet and sucking your finger inside from your lengthy and
elaborate introductory loveplay, slowly insert one finger joint and withdraw it gently. Without
a thought of rushing towards any destination, go deeper at a snail's pace to two joints for the
longest time, then three as deep as you can reach.
Try slowly rotating your finger left and right as far as your arm's flexibility allows. With
your palm up, feel all along yoni's front wall with your finger. Can you feel the Sacred Gate
cresting? Run your finger along its middle, sides, and gutters. Can you feel the corduroy? Focus
your strokes where it's most rough.
After a long slow sojourn of one-finger in-&-out, you can insert a second one, replaying the
same deepening progression. Try spreading two fingers apart so they slide along each side or
gutter of the arched crest of the Sacred Gate.
If Shakti can accommodate more and desires it, continue on with three and then four
fingers, and even your entire fist. Fisting a hot juicy yoni is an experience you'll never forget.
While you were reading, did you try in-&-out gently on your other hand? Later on, we'll
experiment with stronger pressures, faster speeds, and different cycles for some astonishing
Holding means simply keeping your hand and fingers still while contacting the G-Spot
area. You can hold inside the yoni with one finger, two, or more if space allows.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 111
Holding can be done by pressing your fingertips or with the finger pads where your
fingerprints are. Or you can press with the entire length of your fingers. Also, you can hold by
curving your fingers behind the pubic bone, just like the come-hither stroke except you remain
still against the front wall of yoni.
Because it's the gentlest maneuver, holding is a wonderful way to help a woman relax and
open to the intense flow of orgasmic Kundalini energy. This is vital early in a Sacred Gate
massage experience. If your partner is tense, nervous, or uncertain, be sure to hold for 10 to 30
seconds each time you enter deeper with initial in-&-out strokes. Wait for signs of relaxation or
arousal before moving on.
A very comforting variation of the holding stroke is to cup yoni with your hand. This works
best when the giver is in the lying-by-her-side position, resting the palm on clio and the mons.
Occasionally give a gentle squeeze to reassure your partner you're with her.
Holding with stronger pressure or vibration can be extremely exciting as you'll read shortly.
Holding is essential when the energy becomes almost too extreme to tolerate, for example just
after an orgasm.
Did you try the holding stroke on your other hand? If not, play with it now for a moment
before continuing.
Stop your in-&-out motion and move your entire finger from side to side in a crescentshaped
motion over a sensitive area like a windshield wiper motion. If you pull out slightly at
one side and push in at the other, you'll be circling.
Try both clockwise and counter-clockwise to see if one direction feels better. You can circle
with more than one finger for continuous contact on more sensitive tissues. Of course, the fuller
yoni gets, the harder this becomes. Another variation is to make circles with just your fingertips
or pads. Once the Sacred Gate is engorged, this is a great technique to increase stimulation.
Adding pressure and speed to circling can create some wonderful sensations. As with all
these strokes, try them out on your own hand first.
Come Hither
Many women really like fingertip pressure on their swollen prostate, especially around
behind the public bone. That's why so many lovers pronounce the come-hither stroke the best.
In actuality, it's a modified in-&-out stroke. Since it needs to go deep, for most givers comehither
is easiest with the longest finger, the second.
To begin the come-hither stroke, use your second finger to slowly penetrate your partner as
far as you can go with your palm facing towards the top of yoni. At the top of the "in," curl your
finger around behind the pubic bone. Keep your finger curled during the "out" so it drags
across the deepest part of the Sacred Gate erogenous zone. That's one come-hither.
As with the other strokes, you can add fingers to the come-hither. Just imagine what a wide
spectrum of awesome sensations you can create by increasing pressure, speed, and surprise
starts and stops.
How did that feel practicing on your other hand? Does it make sense why we described it
earlier as crooking one or more fingers back towards your palm as if you were beckoning
someone to come towards you?
EXERCISE: Strokes Discussion Questions
Journal or share the answers to the following questions with one another...
• What are the four basic strokes?
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 112
• Do you have any questions, doubts or anxieties before actually beginning the practice
of Sacred Gate Massage?
• How are you feeling right now?
• Are you ready to go for it?
6.6 Practicing The Four Basic Strokes Section
Self Sacred Gate Massage
We're going to recommend the easiest way to play with the four basic strokes with your
We suggest you start with self-pleasuring since these techniques are by their very nature a
bit demanding. When you're working with a partner, you have lots of other things to
concentrate on at the same time. Not to mention relationship dynamics of pressure,
expectations, differing agendas, and the like. Once you master your G-Spot solo, we'll provide
ample opportunity to bring a partner in and teach them what you've learned about yourself.
If easily reaching inside is a challenge for you, you have several options...
1) Practice for short periods of time and when you begin to feel muscle tension, take a
break and stretch.
2) Practice using sex toys. More about this shortly.
3) Practice with an amenable female friend.
Oh my, we must sound really off the deep end here.
Alternatives With Friends
A great way to learn about the Sacred Gate is by exploring another's. It's imperative that the
receiver opens her senses and reaches out with her consciousness, staying in touch what her
partner is doing while learning about her own body. But a giver learns much as well. If a
woman has enjoyed intimate sexual play with another woman or is willing to experiment (all in
the interests of scientific discovery, of course), doing the practices in this chapter with another
woman will be a great learning.
No, we're not encouraging you to become bi-sexual or a lesbian. We just know that
familiarity with the territory is essential to fully opening your sexual channels. We don't judge
people for their pleasure-seeking desires and their conscious choices. We don't hang labels on
people who experiment for good reason, or just on a lark for that matter.
So if you have a close girlfriend who's open minded you could consider buying her a copy
of this ebook for her birthday, or your birthday, or a full moon or whatever, and ask her for
help. You might be surprised at your friend's willingness to play doctor with you.
5 Tantric S's
Have you noticed that we've been reminding you about including the appropriate
bits of Tantric ritual whenever you enter practice sessions? We hope so. And we hope
you've been heeding these reminders. Tantric Sex is more than physical technique. It's
about intimate communion and spiritual connection.
But we don't want to nag and make practice instructions longer than they need to be.
So here's our proposal. In one place below we've included all the preparations we've
suggested to create a Sacred Space and make yourselves ready. Fortunately, each step
starts with an "S" so we call them the 5 Tantric S's.
Print this page out for handy reference. This will help you remember to do them any
time you enter into Tantric LovePlay of any kind. From here on out, we'll simply start all
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 113
our instructions with the 5 Tantric S's that are...Supplies, Showering, Setting, Settling, &
Before you begin, be sure to collect...
• pillows,
• props,
• water-based lubricant,
• massage oil,
• sex toys,
• condoms & other latex barriers,
• tissues,
• handiwipes,
• towels or absorbent pads under Shakti,
• drinking water,
• finger-food snacks,
• music & remote control, and
• anything else you think you might need.
A Crystal Wand is a valuable addition that allows the giver to reach deeper
within yoni and apply the right pressure to the Sacred Gate. Luv Liners and
Luv Linens which keep your sheets clean and dry provide the kind of peace of
mind that aids in relaxation. For information and easy access to these and other
valuable supplies, click here...
Keep a copy of these directions nearby to refresh your memory if needed.
• Take a long languorous bath or shower to relax you, freshen your skin, and
cleanse your body and energy.
• Clean and trim your nails. If your hands (giver) are rough, plan to wear latex
gloves for any kind of penetration.
• Empty your bladders and bowels.
• Beautify yourselves, dress seductively, and adorn yourselves with loose
sensuous clothing and jewelry, even if you're alone.
• Schedule ample time without a tight schedule.
• Insure privacy and quiet, free from possible distractions and interruptions.
Turn off the phones, and lock the door.
• Make sure the room is well heated.
• Beautify your room by decorating with art, wall-hangings, sarongs, flowers,
incense, soft lighting, candles, power objects, altar, etc.
• Put on some soft, sensuous, or erotic music as you prefer.
• Arrange your bodies to be comfortable, visible, and open to loveplay. Shakti
should resist on one or more towels or pads, especially if she's concerned about
• Create a Sacred Space as you practiced earlier.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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• Do a little stretching or any yoga postures you know that create flexibility and
promote the flow of energy.
• A nice way to connect intimately with a partner at this point is to stretch out in
a spooning position with the receiver on the inside. Then breathe together
several times into each of the chakras.
• Use whatever spiritual practice best calms and centers you for a few moments.
• Sit quietly, meditate, gaze into each other's or your own eyes in the mirror,
share affirmations of love and affection, recall times and places of pure joy, or
anything else that makes you feel good.
• Ritually undress each other, whispering endearments and compliments as each
part of the body is revealed.
PRACTICE: Solo Sacred Gate Strokes
Instead of approaching self-exploration in a clinical detached way, we recommend
you enter into the ritual space of honoring yourself, your body, and your spirit in a
sensual way. You're about to discover divine secrets hidden for too long.
You've already searched for your G-Spot area. If not, do the Solo Sacred Gate
Discovery Practice first from Section 5.6 or incorporate it into the following steps. If you
can't make any position work this way, skip to the sex toys practice that follows.
You do realize that your only aim here is to feel pleasure, right? Orgasm isn't the goal.
Total healing in one session is not the point. Expecting mind-blowing fireworks every
time is not your purpose. Remember, if you feel any physical strain, emotional tension,
or strong resistance, only go as far as is comfortable, take a break, and relax.
To experiment with the four basic Sacred Gate massage strokes to discover what you
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling.
Arrange yourself in front of a mirror for this solo practice if you can.
Caress your own or your partner's whole body, long and sensuously, with oil if she
wants. Begin without focusing on the most erogenous zones. As Shakti heats up,
concentrate more on her breasts and other powerful external trigger spots. Don't forget
to ask permission before touching yoni and clio. Be sure to use your communication
skills to stay in touch and flow together. Continue stimulation until Shakti is highly
aroused and wet.
3. IN & OUT & HOLD
Using one finger, begin the in-&-out stroke slowly and gently, gradually going
deeper. Each time you penetrate a little further, stop and hold until you're ready to
continue. If you pay careful attention, you'll know to move on when you sense you've
relaxed, become more present and sensitive, or feel more strongly. As your Sacred Gate
swells, explore its center, sides, gutters, and tail. Experiment with two or more fingers to
see what you prefer.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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After you've reached as deeply inside your yoni as you can with in-&-out strokes and
holding, begin circling. Try windshield wipers first, then circles near the opening, then
more and more deeply. Experiment with small and larger circles until you can tell
what's best for you.
Now practice the come-hither stroke. Try different finger bends, depths, and angles.
Try shallow, deep, short, and long strokes. Use one, two, or more fingers. See what you
If you're getting turned on and still comfortable, continue and enjoy yourself without
agenda. We urge you not to press harder and speed up yet. Simply appreciate the long
slow sensual excitement you're creating. But if you want to go for it after enough subtle
stimulation, wonderful. Celebrate any new highs, peaks, and orgasms you give yourself.
When you decide to end your session, slowly relax and slow your movements down.
We really like the energy connection of one hand on yoni, one hand on your heart at this
point. Simply feel your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Reflect what was best, what
you discovered, what you want more of, what less of. Close your Sacred Space with a
bow, hug, or silent or even verbal acknowledgment to yourself.
You may want to repeat this practice again or many times. One of the beautiful
advantages of Tantric practice is how repeated pleasure heals and reveals new
sensations. If you find you can only feel pleasure so far in your first self-ritual, honor
where you're at. Come back repeatedly to self-pleasuring and you may well discover
your inhibitions and negative energies dissipating all by themselves.
Adding Sex Toys To Your Repertoire
Using sex toys is an option that helps many women learn more easily about their Sacred
Gate. Yes, dildos and the like. Again, we're not trying to make your sex life totally kinky, but if
it heads that way, enjoy! It's just that using a simulated vajra, a specially curved wand, or a
vibrator may accelerate the awakening of this most powerful orgasmic trigger.
If you don't own an appropriate sex toy, you might be worrying about how to acquire one
with minimal embarrassment. Here are some ideas...
• Maybe you have a friend who's sexually open who could advise you what to buy and
• If you're really close with a sexually free friend, she might loan you some of her toys.
The good ones are non-absorbent so a good washing makes them safe for sharing.
Some you can even boil, although we don't recommend that. We still recommend
using a condom when sharing for extra protection against STDs and the peace of
mind that comes from being careful.
• You could visit one of the new breed of women-friendly adult stores. There you can
talk openly to experienced women about your unique and private wants. Our favorite
is Good Vibrations in Northern California but we've heard of similar ones that cater
to female needs in other major cities.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 116
• Use the internet. Good Vibrations has a great website as do other well-stocked cyber
stores. The good ones will have email addresses you can use and phone numbers you
can call anonymously for advice.
Using Sex Toys to Find and Play with Your Sacred Gate
When you choose a dildo, you'll want one that's long enough to reach your G-Spot area.
Some are designed with a bend to reach behind your pubic bone. Some are flexible and you can
bend them into just the right come-hither angle. Some come with vibrators as well.
Today you can find sex toys in all colors and materials. Be sure they're washable and you
give them a good scrubbing with soap before and after each use. The soft ones that simulate
skin feel more natural. Just be sure you don't get one with an absorbent surface. If you do, you'll
need to use a fresh condom for each use so bacteria don't seep deep into the material.
You probably don't want a Steve Young version. Jeffre named her thickest dildo after her
favorite San Francisco 49er quarterback. You can hardly get your hand around him. Whoops,
we mean "it." The point we're trying to make is that you many not be able to angle and aim a
dildo that's too thick to reach all the nooks and crannies you want to massage inside.
Maybe the best appliance for Sacred Gate massage is the Crystal Wand. This is a strong
transparent 10-inch piece of Lucite plastic in a shallow S-shape with the ends bent open. The
Crystal Wand has been specifically designed to easily reach and stimulate your own or
another's G-Spot. If you don't have your own yet, click here for
Vibrator Lore
There are some things to consider about vibrators. They come in all shapes, sizes, and
strengths. That begins with erect vajras, wands, and eggs. You can choose from a wide variety
of small battery-powered ones to those with a small wire to a battery pack. We prefer the kind
that has a handle or flared bottom so you're in no danger of losing them inside.
By the way, we don't recommend the big industrial-strength appliances with cords that plug
into the wall. They produce more stimulation than you need. Those that are too strong for your
particular appetite may just give too much intense sensation or numb you out just when you
want to feel more. Best if you can find variable speed battery-operated ones to adjust to your
personal level of sensitivity and changing desire as you get more turned on.
The choice of shape and design are totally dependent on personal preference. You may
prefer a little one on clio like Jeffre does sometimes. You may want some vibration around your
urethral opening, or definitely not. Pulsing on your G-Spot may be super hot for you, or do
While vibrators for internal or external sexual stimulation can help you connect with the
power of your Sacred Gate, our primary concern is that you don't get dependent on mechanical
stimulation. Sure, it's great sometimes to relax and let electrical energy do the work. But the
ultimate pleasures result from you learning comfortably and easily to create the kind of celestial
pleasure that only comes from inner Kundalini energy.
PRACTICE: Sex Toy Strokes Self-Pleasuring
To repeat the Solo Sacred Gate Strokes Practice using and experimenting with sex
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 117
If you had trouble experimenting with the four basic strokes with your fingers, we
strongly urge you to try them with a sex toy. Even if you succeeded manually, why not
go for it? Get yourself a couple of sex toys to play with, and see what new things you
can discover.
Remember, your purpose here is whatever pleasure you can experience in the
moment. If you feel any physical strain, emotional tension, or strong resistance, only go
as far as is comfortable, take a break, and relax.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling.
Arrange yourself in front of a mirror for this practice if you can.
A Crystal Wand is a valuable addition that allows the giver to reach deeper within
yoni and apply pressure to the Sacred Gate.
Caress your own or your partner's whole body, long and sensuously, with oil if she
wants. Begin without focusing on the most erogenous zones. As Shakti heats up,
concentrate more on her breasts and other powerful external trigger spots. Don't forget
to ask permission before touching yoni and clio. Be sure to use your communication
skills to stay in touch and flow together. Continue stimulation until Shakti is highly
aroused and wet.
3. IN & OUT & HOLD
Using your chosen sex toy without vibration, begin using the in-&-out stroke slowly
and gently, gradually going deeper. Every time you penetrate a little further, simply
stop and hold, resting your hand on the new tissue with just a little pressure before you
begin moving again. It's like a gentle introduction so there's no shock, no surprise, no
assault. If you pay careful attention, you'll know to move on when you sense you've
relaxed, become more present and sensitive, or feel more strongly. Don't hesitate to add
more lubricant any time you feel any dryness or pulling. If you have several dildos and
a Crystal Wand, experiment with them, varying speed and depth, to see what you
After you've reached as deeply inside your yoni as you can with in-&-out strokes and
holding, begin circling. Try both clockwise and counter-clockwise, first near the
opening, then more and more deeply. Experiment with small, larger circles, and the
windshield wiper stroke until you can tell what's best for you.
If your equipment allows, now practice with the come-hither stroke. This is where the
Crystal Wand's curved shape excels because it gives you leverage to reach around
behind your pubic bone and drag all the way out. Try different entries, depths, and
angles. Try shallow, deep, short, and long strokes. If you have a bendable dildo,
experiment with various bends. See what you prefer.
If you're getting turned on and still comfortable, continue and enjoy yourself without
agenda. We urge you not to press harder, speed up, or include vibration just yet. Simply
appreciate the long slow sensual excitement you're creating. But if you want to go for it
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 118
after enough subtle stimulation, wonderful. Celebrate any new highs, peaks, and
orgasms you give yourself.
When you decide to end your session, slowly relax and slow your movements down.
We really like the energy connection of one hand on yoni, one hand on your heart at this
point. Simply feel your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Reflect what was best, what
you discovered, what you want more of, what less of. Close with a bow, hug, or silent or
even verbal acknowledgment to yourself.
We'll repeat what we pointed out before because it's so vital. You may want to repeat
this practice several times. One of the beautiful advantages of Tantric practice is how
repeated pleasure heals. If you find you can only feel pleasure so far in your first selfritual,
honor where you're at. Come back repeatedly to self-pleasuring and you'll may
well discover your inhibitions and negative energies are dissipating all by themselves.
Partner Sacred Gate Massage
Now is the time for a partner to practice the four basic Sacred Gate massage strokes. If the
receiver relaxes and opens her senses as much as possible, great learning will probably occur for
both of you. To help you achieve this we offer some reminders for both of you...
Giver Reminders
Givers, do whatever you can to make your partner feel safe. Build intimacy and trust
through a laid-back supportive attitude, going slowly, and maintaining lots of eye contact.
Givers, be aware that women will know how good something feels but they probably won't
know what strokes you're doing inside their yoni. Explain what you're about to do and what
you're doing in each moment. Then you'll help your Shakti learn about her own turn-ons. If
you're not sure how something feels, ask yes or no questions. Adjust based on her guidance.
Tantra is all about raising consciousness. Here's your chance to assist that personal process.
Pay special attention to the cleanliness of your hands at all times. Trim your fingernails
short and make sure they're smooth. If your hands are rough and callused, use absorbent hand
cream or even latex gloves. Be sure to get the ones without talcum powder so that yoni stays
free of irritants. You can also get latex finger cots, like the fingers of a glove, to cover sores or
Especially with latex, remember to use copious amounts of natural or bottle-born lubricant.
And you won't forget to ask permission before inserting anything in yoni, right? Alerting
her when you intend to change strokes is a part of this.
Reminders For the Woman Receiving
Stay alert, open your senses, and communicate. Let your partner know what you're feeling,
good, bad, or indifferent, and what you want. If you're not sure, experiment. You can't get it
You'll see lots of references to deciding what you like best. But it's fine if you like
everything. As you practice more and more, you'll become more aware of what's happening
inside, what feels which way, and what occurs to you would feel good in the moment.
If you're not sure about something, say so and, if you're willing, agree to experiment. Use
the Feedback Sandwich ("I like what's happening now, let's try this, ooooh that's great!") if you
want something changed. Be sure to use much more positive feedback and expressions of turnon
than corrections. You don't want your giver to get discouraged, right?
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 119
Reminders For Both
We urge you to both read the preamble and step-by-step directions before you start any
practice in this ebook. It's a great idea to go over the steps together too.
Remember, there's no other goal than pleasure. Your purpose here is to create good feelings
as you experience the moment. If either of you experience any physical strain, adjust your
position until you're comfortable. Cramped muscles for either giver or receiver can block the
energy flow you're trying to create.
If the receiver runs into any emotional tension or strong resistance, only go as far as you can
without having to push. Instead, take a break, and relax. Discomfort may signal the need for
more repeated Yoni Healing practices. Or it just may be that you, the receiver, prefers baby
steps while awakening new territory.
PRACTICE: Partner Sacred Gate Strokes
To share what you learned about using basic Sacred Gate massage strokes with your
partner so they can learn to give you want you like.
If two women do this practice together, you'll have the chance to learn as both giver
and receiver.
After your first practice, take a short break, talk about what you experienced, and
start afresh. Don't expect the same things to happen after you switch roles.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling.
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
For us long-term Tantric lovers, discussing the Partnering Questions are always a
given before beginning any practice, whether you've done it before or not. Always
discuss desires, concerns, and boundaries in the moment before beginning.
Continue stimulation until she's wet and highly aroused. Remember, without
sufficient turn-on, her Sacred Gate may remain quiet and submerged. If it's not
engorged enough, the giver may not be able to feel it.
Caress your own or your partner's whole body, long and sensuously, with oil if she
wants. Begin without focusing on the most erogenous zones. As Shakti heats up,
concentrate more on her breasts and other powerful external trigger spots. Don't forget
to ask permission before touching yoni and clio. Be sure to use your communication
skills to stay in touch and flow together. Continue stimulation until Shakti is highly
aroused and wet.
After asking permission to enter yoni, dear giver, use one finger to begin the in-&-out
stroke slowly and gently, gradually going deeper. Each time you penetrate a little
further, stop and hold until she's ready for you to continue. This is a great method of
energetically connecting with the often untouched recesses of her Goddess cave. Check
in verbally as often as needed to stay in sync. If you pay careful attention, even without
words you'll know when to move on by sensing her relaxation, heightened sensitivity,
or increased arousal. After asking, experiment with two or more fingers to see what she
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 120
likes the best. And remember to add more of her chosen lubricant when there's any hint
of friction or dryness or if she requests it.
After you've reached as deeply inside yoni as you can with in-&-out strokes and
holding, begin circling. Try both clockwise and counter-clockwise, first near the
opening, then more and more deeply. Experiment with small, larger circles, and the
windshield wiper stroke until you can tell what she prefers, if anything. Verbalize to her
what you are doing. She'll want to know.
Now practice with the come-hither stroke. Try different finger bends, depths, and
angles. Try shallow, deep, short, and long strokes. Use one, two, or more fingers. Ask
her to tell you which area or stroke is most intense. Again, always let her know what
you are doing.
If she's getting turned on and is still comfortable, continue pleasuring her without
agenda. Gauge giving more or less stimulation based on her moving towards or away
from you. We urge you not to press harder and speed up yet. Simply appreciate the long
slow sensual excitement you're creating. But if you want to go for it after enough subtle
stimulation, wonderful. Celebrate any new highs, peaks, and orgasms you create
When she decides to end your session, slow your movements down gradually.
Connect her inner flute with one hand on yoni, one hand on her heart. Just let her feel
her body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
Talk about what was best, what was discovered, what she wants more of, what less.
Close your Sacred Space, and then end with a Heart Salutation, bow, hug, kiss, or verbal
6.7 Variations On The Theme Section
Make Love Like An Artist, Not An Accountant
The four strokes -- in-&-out, holding, circling, and come-hither -- are the basis for everything
we know that yonis like. Except of course for vajra stroking which we'll get to later. With the
nearly endless variations on these basic themes, it can seem a bit overwhelming to lovers new to
the joys of Sacred Gate play.
Think of it this way. You're a painter who wants to capture the feminine form on canvas.
The variables you can employ for your creation are style, lighting, size, proportion, and color,
just to name a few. But you know the basic tools of your craft, the primary colors, the way light
plays on the hip and breast, the artistic modes to choose from. With so many potential
combinations in your mind, you can never decide analytically. So you choose to go with the
flow and let the creative process sweep you along intuitively.
In much the same way, now both giver and receiver are going to focus on the different
variations you can use with the basic strokes:
1. pressure,
2. speed,
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 121
3. pattern.
Although she may have specific requests, let the Goddess's turn-on be your guide. That's
partly why it's so vital for the receiver to employ the four cornerstones of Supreme Bliss --
breath, sound, movement, and presence. Then the receiver has ample cues to gauge the
response to what's being done in each moment.
Increasing Pressure & Speed Description
Remember from the Sacred Landscape Chapter that yoni's deeper insides respond more to
pressure than friction? That's why now we'll start with increasing pressure with the four basic
strokes. Slowly try a little more pressure with each stroke. Let the receiver guide how much
pressure she enjoys at each level of arousal.
What's painful when she's just warming up can often feel quite light when she's raring to go
for it.
Many women find extremely strong pressure highly pleasurable when they're super turnedon.
Just think of how much f***e a big man with a strongly thrusting vajra exerts. Some women
have been known to get off on that kind of thing, haven't they?
Next, we'll play with increasing the speed of your basic strokes. As with pressure, ramp up
gradually. Though there's a place for sudden shocks and surprises during lovemaking, which
we'll get to soon, you need to get to a consensual place together first. So speed up slowly,
gauging your partner's reaction.
The fantasy of romantic novels suggests that good sex is losing control and being swept
away. When first coupling, when long separated, when really needing a blow out -- sure, there
are times to go fast. But exploding all your sexual energy at once works against the Tantric
avenue to higher states of ecstasy. Generating, conserving, recycling, exchanging energy, that's
the prescription for long life-altering sacred lovemaking.
Teasing, Tantalizing, Or Going For It
Instead of always pushing to give our partner maximum excitement in every moment, we
use lots of variety to expand and extend our energy. We rise to peak after higher peak, stopping
with each rise to deeply feel the vibrations coursing through our bodies.
It's not so much teasing as it is savoring. Like sipping a fine wine versus gulping Gatorade
after an intense workout. When we want to go for it, our primary groundrule for lovemaking is
to find something that's highly arousing and don't change a thing -- not stroke, not pressure, not
speed. So an essential Tantric lover skill is to keep doing what you're doing when you get
strong positive feedback.
As a giver, you want to please. So it's only natural that you want to go faster and harder
when you see and hear how great what you're doing is making her feel. But then you've
changed what was working. We think too many women have trouble orgasming because their
well meaning partners push for it just when they find the trigger. Instead of coming, their
partner numbs out. By going too fast and hard for what a woman wants at that moment, she
may get numb, sore, or turned-off.
So givers, your basic guideline during the coming practices is: notice what your partner is
loving and keep doing it the same way until she asks for a change. You can always ask her if
she wants a change.
PRACTICE: Increasing Pressure & Speed
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 122
Here's your opportunity to play with increasing the pressure and speed of the four
basic strokes.
This practice assumes you will do these steps with a partner. If you don't have one
handy or prefer experimenting solo, by all means try this out yourself first.
We'll also expect that you know to add more of your chosen lubricant when there's
any hint of friction or dryness without further reminders from us. If at any time while
you're increasing speed and pressure, she experiences burning, painful, or numb areas,
make a mental note and back off.
Our aim here is pleasure from Sacred Gate massage. But this may mean you need one
or more sessions of sexual healing as described in the Yoni Healing Chapter before you
can complete this practice with complete satisfaction.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling.
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Discuss the Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, boundaries -- in the moment
before beginning.
Continue stimulation until she's wet and highly aroused.
Caress your own or your partner's whole body, long and sensuously, with oil if she
wants. Begin without focusing on the most erogenous zones. As Shakti heats up,
concentrate more on her breasts and other powerful external trigger spots. Don't forget
to ask permission before touching yoni and clio. Be sure to use your communication
skills to stay in touch and flow together. Continue stimulation until Shakti is highly
aroused and wet.
Begin as you did in the previous practice with the four basic strokes. After asking
permission to enter yoni, use the one finger in-&-out stroke slowly and gently, gradually
going deeper. Each time you penetrate a little further, stop and hold until she's ready for
you to continue. Warn her as you transition to circling her Sacred Gate first and then
using come-hither at the same slow speed and gentle pressure.
When you feel her Sacred Gate swell more, cycle through the four basic strokes again
but this time with a little more upward pressure. Explain before you change strokes each
time, and be sure to check in verbally as often as needed so you stay in sync. You can
experiment with two or more fingers to see what she likes best with harder pressure.
Return to a gentler pressure with one finger and cycle through the four basic strokes
again but this time a little faster. Explain before you change strokes each time, and be
sure to check in verbally as often as needed so you stay in sync. You can experiment
with two or more fingers to see what she likes best with a faster cadence.
Now that you've played with all the basics, use your creativity to experiment using
increased pressure and speed with the basic strokes. With warning, try different
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 123
combinations using one, two, or more fingers. Watch carefully to see what she likes and
what she doesn't. Keep your communication channel open and flowing completely.
Though a lot of talking may distract from her pleasure, remember that you're still
exploring. Soon you'll have the tools to be synchronized and go for maximum turn-on.
When she decides to end your session, slow your movements down gradually.
Connect her inner flute with one hand on yoni, one hand on her heart. Just let her feel
her body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
Discuss how the practice went for both of you. What did you both learn? What
worked best? What did you learn to look out for? Did you find any sensitive areas that
need healing before she can be thoroughly open? What does she really really want more
of? What suggestions does the Goddess have for the giver?
Close your Sacred Space, and then end with a Heart Salutation, bow, hug, kiss, or
verbal acknowledgment.
Additional Variables
Besides adjusting pressure and speed, there are many more ways to vary the basic G-Spot
massage strokes. Variables in Sacred Gate massage include different ways to start, change, and
end the pattern of stroking you're using. We call them stopping, vibrating, tapping, milking,
and withdrawing.
Stopping simply means to cease whatever motion you're doing and hold. It's s not pulling
out, it's simply halting your motions and holding steady in one place.
For example, you're sliding in-&-out with a fair pace and pressure when she suddenly starts
shaking all over. Don't be alarmed, she's just having an energy orgasm. If you stop once she's
absorbed in her peak, she'll simply focus on her inner sensations. You don't want to distract her
from running the energy all over her body so she can learn to full-body orgasm.
Stopping is helpful if you sense you've sped up too quickly, see her grimacing from strong
pressure, or feel her numbing out from too much, too fast. It helps her ground, absorb, and
spread the energy that she's created, increasing her capacity to feel pleasure.
Vibrating is moving your hand or fingers a very short distance extremely fast while staying
connected with one wall of yoni. It's an exciting stimulus for any erogenous zone because it
simulates the quivering in the nervous system that occurs during and after orgasm.
You can vibrate up and down by putting and interrupting pressure on the G-Spot. You can
vibrate side to side over the rough tissue. You can vibrate just one finger slightly, or move your
whole hand and arm to vibrate the entire yoni. And you can use two or more fingers to spread
the shaking sensation more widely. There are lots of variations of speed and pressure you can
use for vibrating. Try them all and see what lights her fuse at different times.
After some intense excitement, stopping, holding, and gently vibrating the Sacred Gate is a
great change of pace.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 124
Tapping means lifting up off the Sacred Gate and rapidly coming back down on the tissue
again with some f***e. Tapping is most often done with fingertips but can also be done with the
flat of the fingers. Though there's a whole spectrum of speeds and pressures for tapping, doing
it intensely is remarkable.
You can "milk" engorged tissue with rhythmic deep pressure. Hold your fingers in a comehither
position curled around the Sacred Gate behind the pubic bone. Squeeze upwards tightly
as if you're trying to make a fist with your fingers. Then release and relax. This is even more
intense when your palm is curled up over her clio and mons. As with other strokes, vary speed
and pressure for different sensations.
The final version of interrupting your strokes is withdrawing your fingers suddenly. The
contrast of intense stroking followed by emptiness is very exciting for some women. Don't
completely disconnect when you withdraw. Keeping one hand covering yoni is a comforting
way to stay plugged in energetically.
Pulling out at the onset of orgasm often precipitates female ejaculation. We believe this is
because withdrawal relieves the pressure from the channel where the fluid erupts, while at the
same time simulating the push-out of the vaginal muscles that accompany gushing.
PRACTICE: Practice Varying Your Strokes
To give you a chance to experiment with all the possible variations of the four basic
Sacred Gate massage strokes.
Do we have to keep reminding you to ask permission, alert her to changes, and check
in if you're not sure how you're doing? We hope not. We'll trust you on this one from
now on. Since she's reading these directions along with you before you start, what
you're planning to do won't be a surprise.
But to add in the element of surprise, explain to her that there's two actions that work
much better without warning: stopping and withdrawing. If it's OK with her before you
start to throw these in unexpectedly, you've got all the permission you need.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling.
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Discuss the Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, boundaries.
Continue stimulation until she's wet and highly aroused.
Caress your own or your partner's whole body, long and sensuously, with oil if she
wants. Begin without focusing on the most erogenous zones. As Shakti heats up,
concentrate more on her breasts and other powerful external trigger spots. Don't forget
to ask permission before touching yoni and clio. Be sure to use your communication
skills to stay in touch and flow together. Continue stimulation until Shakti is highly
aroused and wet.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 125
Begin as you did in the previous practice with the four basic strokes. Use in-&-out,
holding, circling, and come-hither with one or more fingers at different speeds and
pressures. Include everything you've practiced so far according to your developing
judgment and your partner's responses.
When you sense she needs to take a breath or bask in a peak of sensation, stop all
motion without warning her. With her OK, after a brief pause resume what you were
doing before the hiatus.
Experiment vibrating one finger, two fingers, and your whole hand with different
frequencies and momentum.
Try tapping in different places with one fingertip gently at first. Add more pressure
and more surfaces while getting feedback about what turns her on and off.
At a point of peak excitement, grab her Sacred Gate and milk it. Watch for her
reaction and respond to her guidance about how fast, hard, and deep it feels good. If
she's really excited when you hit the perfect combination, don't be surprised if her
waters flow.
If you sense internal contractions or an impending wave of energy, draw your hand
out suddenly. After experimenting in response to different signals you should get an
idea about what pattern works best for her, if any.
During your standard cool down steps, discuss how the practice went for both of you.
So what did you both learn? What worked best? What did you learn to look out for? Did
you find any sensitive areas that need healing before she can be thoroughly open? What
does she really really want more of?
Close your Sacred Space, and then end with a Heart Salutation, bow, hug, kiss, or
verbal acknowledgment.
Ramping Up Scenario
Up to now you've both been learning the notes, scales, and chords of this new form of
music. We certainly hope you resonate with it as much as we do. Now that your apprenticeship
is over, it's time to create beautiful music together with this new instrument you've mastered,
the female G-Spot.
Whereas before your primary intent was to learn the strokes and variations, now you're
going to use them for maximum pleasure. Remember, in Tantra, orgasm isn't our goal. If you've
had one or more already, wonderful. If not, don't sweat it.
Seek to use your newfound skill and awareness to create as much pleasure as you can for as
long as you can. During this new stage of Sacred Gate play, you may or may not come in the
classic sense. Orgasm still isn't your goal. Pleasure and ecstasy is. But if orgasm sweeps you
away on this climb of its own accord, enjoy it. Just keep going. If you find yourself coming
multiple times, so much the better.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 126
Just keep your consciousness focused on the whole rainbow, not any specific pot of gold. By
using Sacred Gate massage to generate vast amounts of orgasmic energy, you'll discover new
states. And undoubtedly experience profound healing along the way.
Climbing The Orgasmic Ladder
Many women move up the orgasmic ladder in stages. They build some excitement, and then
relax and enjoy it before going higher. Givers, you can tell when your partner wants to level off.
Her motions, moans, and breath will slow down. She may even pull away from your finger.
If you sense this leveling, lighten your pressure and slow your strokes. Wait until she
demonstrates that she wants more by heating up again or asking for it. This climbing/leveling
pattern may repeat multiple times. Just stay alert, hang on, and enjoy the ride.
Should you as a giver intentionally tease your partner? Well, it might look that way to the
outside observer. But what's really going on is helping your lover create and flow Kundalini
energy without an agenda. For example, as strong inner convulsions begin to sweep through
her, you recognize this and don't change a thing until she needs to relax into the powerful f***es
inside her.
To assist her ramping up higher and higher, we suggest the giver takes on the role of ecstasy
coach, reminding her as needed about breathing slowly, relaxing while aroused, moving
erotically, and staying focused. Strong attention to the four cornerstones of Supreme Bliss --
breath, sound, movement, and presence -- will help her peak, plateau, and hover on the verge
so she'll reach higher and higher levels of ecstasy.
By the way, givers, we suggest you also use the four cornerstones yourself. Not only will it
turn your partner on if you breathe and sound with her, but you'll find you have much greater
sensitivity to her energy. It's a wonderful win-win if you feel the powerful orgasmic f***es
you're helping create in your partner simultaneously surge through your body.
Chill Out, It Takes Time To Shift Lifelong Patterns
The final Sacred Gate massage practices employ all the strokes and variations you've
practiced so far. Your intent is to repeat them over and over and ultimately make them an
integral part of your lovemaking. The more you practice, the better you'll get. The more you talk
with your lover about things and learn from each encounter, the more pleasure you'll have. The
more open and flexible you are, the more sexual power and healing you'll experience.
As your Sacred Gate play becomes more freeform, it becomes increasingly vital to use the
Partnering Questions before each encounter. Use what you learn during each session as a
springboard for exploring new dimensions next time. Thorough feedback after cooling down
each time is essential.
Then before the next encounter, you can discuss new and continuing desires, concerns from
the previous sessions, and any boundaries you want to set, at least for the start. Remember,
establishing desires works best when you reach for general intentions like "I want to be able to
relax more and absorb more sensation," not setting specific goals like "I want to have the biggest
orgasm ever within 15 minutes." Otherwise you get hung up focusing on expectations for the
future instead of fully experiencing the moment.
You're attempting to shift lifelong sexual momentum so don't push for instant gratification.
Celebrate progress with each little baby step.
Also, explorers sometimes find themselves taking wrong turns, heading up blind canyons,
and having to backtrack. Here's a good place to take the new age maxim to heart: enjoy every
step of the journey. The destination is always a varied landscape.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 127
If the woman becomes uncomfortable, sore, or distracted, accept it. Ease off what you're
doing, decreasing speed, pressure, or intensity of your stimulation. If needed, switch to other
forms of loveplay such as sensual massage, oral play with clio, or maithuna. Come back to the
Sacred Gate later when she's interested.
Two Versions Of The Practice
Two versions of the Maximum Pleasure practice follow. One is designed to help the giver
develop heightened sensitivity to their partner's subtle energies and non-verbal signals. We call
it the intuition guided practice.
It's a major challenge for many lovers, men as well as women, to find out what they like.
They simply don't know what turns them on, how to go about discovering it, or how to describe
it once they figure it out. To ask for maximum pleasure in the moment can really stretch even
those of us who think we know ourselves well.
So during the second version, the receiver leads. The aim here is for her to guide the
proceedings towards what turns her on when. This is a fantastic growth step for women who
are used to being passive and subservient. If they exercise the power to lead the entire sexual
encounter, they embrace a whole new energy stance and mindset.
This receiver-leading version is a chance to truly live the Tantric maxim that we are each
totally responsible for our own pleasure. If the giver hasn't yet developed a great love of
following and being in service to the Goddess, this version is a wonderful opportunity to learn
ultimate surrender.
Which version should you start with and concentrate on? Though we've listed the intuition
one first, we really can't say. If you're not sure where to start, begin by alternating and decide
which is better for you at this point. Each time, be sure you're especially explicit about which
version of the practice you're doing.
You're not just learning techniques you are changing your sexual experience with every
breath, every time.
PRACTICE: Following Intuition To Maximum Pleasure
To reach maximum pleasure through Sacred Gate massage while the giver develops
and follows their own intuition.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling.
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Discuss the Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, boundaries. Be especially clear
about what direction you want this experience to move in. Check out what changes the
receiver wants you to ask permission before doing.
Caress your own or your partner's whole body, long and sensuously, with oil if she
wants. Begin without focusing on the most erogenous zones. As Shakti heats up,
concentrate more on her breasts and other powerful external trigger spots. Don't forget
to ask permission before touching yoni and clio. Be sure to use your communication
skills to stay in touch and flow together. Continue stimulation until Shakti is highly
aroused and wet.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 128
Giver, according to the likes and dislikes of the receiver, employ in-&-out, holding,
circling, and come-hither along with a variety of pressures, speeds, and fingers.
As your partner heats up and her Sacred Gate swells, giver, use the complete
spectrum of moves you've learned to guide her to higher and higher plateaus of
pleasure using pressure, speed, and interruptions.
Giver, reach out with your senses to finely hone your intuition. Listen to your own
inner signals about what she's feeling, what she wants, and what would feel best now.
At first, check them out with her. As the messages inside become clearer, you can begin
to flow spontaneously without much thought.
Giver, stay carefully tuned in to her breathe, sounds, and movement. Breathe, move,
and make sounds in rhythm with her to feel her energy in your body. If she forgets any
of the four cornerstones, gently remind her by saying things like "Breathe, breathe" or
"Relax and dance with me." If she asks for something, certainly comply.
Once she's reached a high level of arousal, giver, pay careful attention to not changing
what's working. If she wants something different, she'll ask or calm down. If that doesn't
happen, when she's responding strongly to a stroke, move, or pattern, keep it going.
Avoid the natural tendency to speed up with more pressure to make her come. More is
not always better.
If she comes of her own accord, enjoy it. As she begins to calm down, hold still. She'll
be extremely sensitive for a few moments afterward. If she wants to continue, mirror her
movement when she starts moving. Or you can ask "would you like more?" and proceed
Along with the sweet routine of maintaining physical contact, curling up together,
and breathing in unison until your metabolisms return to normal, be sure to fully
discuss both of your experiences. Make sure you decide what you want to do more of,
less of, and practice next time.
Close your Sacred Space, and then end with a Heart Salutation, bow, hug, kiss, or
verbal acknowledgment.
PRACTICE: Receiver Leads To Maximum Pleasure
These directions are very similar to the previous practice with one major adjustment.
Givers, don't do anything at all unless you're asked. If she asks for something,
immediately comply. If you're uncertain, ask yes/no questions to decide what to do if
Contrary to earlier practice, these directions are written to the receiver.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 129
To guide your lover to help you reach maximum pleasure through Sacred Gate
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, Settling, & Stimulating.
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Discuss the Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, boundaries. Be especially clear
about the direction you want this experience to move in. Tell your partner not to act
without your specific instructions.
Guide your partner to employ in-&-out, holding, circling, and come-hither along with
a variety of pressures, speeds, and fingers.
Using the entire range of moves you've discovered you enjoy, ask for different
strokes, fingers, pressures, speeds, and interruptions according to what feels best in each
moment to rise to higher and higher plateaus of pleasure.
Communicate as much as your state of arousal allows. Use one-word sentences,
sounds, and movements to guide your giver. If you get to the place where words
distract you, you can give your partner permission to follow your breath, sounds, and
movements. Just be sure you don't abdicate control with a blanket "do whatever you
want." Instead, give a focus or direction to your partner with statements like "Follow me
deeper and deeper" or "Speed up as I speed up."
Use the four cornerstones of breath, sound, movement, and mental focus to
continuously expand your pleasure and give ample cues to your giver. If you want, ask
your coach to breathe, move, and make sounds in rhythm with you to feel YOUR energy
in THEIR body. Let them know if you want gentle reminders if you forget any of the
four cornerstones.
Be open to whatever happens and let it be. Listen to your own inner signals about
what you're feeling, what you want, and what would feel best now. Play, test, and
experiment with whatever occurs to you to your heart's (and body's) content. As the
messages inside become clearer, you will begin to guide and flow spontaneously
without much thought.
Once you've reached a high level of arousal, pay careful attention to not changing
what's working. When something is really turning you on, see how much sensation you
can absorb and appreciate. Remind your partner and yourself to avoid the natural
tendency to speed up with more pressure when something produces a really strong
If you orgasm, enjoy it. Though a higher level of pleasure is your aim here, you can't
get it wrong whether you do or not. If you do orgasm, hold still at least for a moment
after you go over the top to judge if you want to continue. You'll probably be extremely
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 130
sensitive for a few moments, but continued stimulation may be something new you
want to experience. If you do, go for it!
Along with the sweet routine of maintaining physical contact, curling up together,
and breathing in unison until your metabolisms return to normal, be sure to fully
discuss both of your experiences. Make sure you decide what you want to do more of,
less of, and practice next time.
Close your Sacred Space, and then end with a Heart Salutation, bow, hug, kiss, or
verbal acknowledgment.
6.8 Closing Section
We learned that pleasurable Sacred Gate Massage is dependent on some prerequisites for
both the Goddess who's receiving and the giver.
The Goddess needs...
• Relaxation
• Communication
• Arousal
• Empty Bladder
• Lube
• Drop Expectations.
The giver needs...
• Privilege
• Presence
• Patience
• Partner support
• Pilgrim
• Permission
You learned about the positions for receiving Sacred Gate massage...
• On back with legs spread*
• Sitting underneath one of her legs
• Lying beside her
• Sitting by the bed
• Shakti upright on her knees
• Squatting*
• Shakti on hands and knees
*These are generally best for self-pleasuring.
You learned the importance of using fingers for G-Spot play. It's definitely the place to start
as you gain confidence in both of your abilities to find the Sacred Gate and gain great pleasure
from it.
In addition you had a chance to practice the 4 strokes...
• In-&-out
• Holding
• Circling
• Come Hither.
We hope you have talked extensively about the ways the Goddess prefers these strokes.
And perhaps you have enjoyed the experimentation with a sex toy to aid in both self-pleasuring
by the Goddess as well as exploring the Sacred Gate with a partner.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 131
As you, the giver, increase your skills, you may be finding that you are feeling more of an
artist with your beloved partner as the canvas. We encourage that you branch out into multiple
variations such as the speed and pressure, as well as stopping, vibrating, tapping, milking and
We sincerely want you to sense the never-ending variety of sacred sexuality and Sacred
Gate play. As you integrate the attitudes of "pleasure in the moment" and "self-love as a
reflection of the divine," we guarantee you'll never have a boring moment of sex play, ever
And finally, the first of the advanced practices tests the giver's intuition and ability to flow
with Shakti's energy and signals. The second focuses on the ability of Shakti to verbalize her
wants and needs, explicitly and convincingly. Both of the these practices may challenge your
old way of knowing about sex. We hope so.
Tantra is a journey. There is no destination. The only goal is pleasure expressed, orgasmic
energy and ecstasy. You are a c***d of the Divine. Enjoy all of who you are and all that you feel.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 132
Chapter 7: Yoni Healing
"Our sexuality is not only something that can be used for the enhancement of an intimate
relationship, for physical pleasure or for procreation. It can also be used for personal
transformation, physical and emotional healing, self-realization and spiritual growth, and as a
way to learn about all of life and death. That is the intention of this massage." ----- Annie
Sprinkle, porn star turned sex educator
7.1 Opening Section
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Understand how Tantric healing works.
• Choose parts of your sexuality that need to be cleansed and renewed.
• Experience at least one yoni healing massage.
• Decide how repeated yoni healing can help.
Why A Chapter On Yoni Healing?
Sex is natural. Sex is healthy. Your mind, body, and soul can link up to create untold sexual
ecstasy and Supreme Bliss.
Yet, few of us live an ecstatic life. Which is partly why we so strongly advocate sacred
sexuality. The practice of Tantric sex by itself serves as a gradual healing, cleansing, and freeing
f***e. The more you make love sacredly, the closer you can reach your innate blissful nature.
As you've read, focusing on pleasure is the Tantric way of living. Once you accept this path
and practice routinely, your life and love will be transformed. But this can be a long slow
process for those who carry sexual baggage everywhere they go.
Yoni healing, the target of this chapter, is for those women whose sexuality is blocked. If
you or your partner isn't interested, reacts negatively, doesn't feel much, can't orgasm easily, or
runs into difficulty while reaching for Sacred Gate pleasure, this chapter is for you.
Your Tantric Nature
Tantra believes that your essential make-up is love and that your true nature is
blissful. Inside each of you is a spontaneous, joyous, playful, c***dlike spirit who
wants to be free to savor everything and love everyone.
Your body is the vehicle of your soul, sexual pleasure a divine gift, and ecstasy
your birthright. Nature's way is to live with the ebb and flow of breathing in and
out, imbibing and eliminating, sl**ping and waking, exercising and resting.
Sexuality is another one of those innate tides. And we're not trying to make
another in and out joke. We all naturally build up sexual energy, and it's healthy to
regularly exercise and release it. How wonderful that something that's so good for
you is also great fun.
Somewhere along the way, most of us lost that easygoing balance with sex like we have
with breathing, eating, and moving. We believe that this lack of sexual wholeness contributes to
the difficulties of enjoying Sacred Gate play, Tantric Orgasm, and female ejaculation.
What Went Wrong
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 133
"When these three things are attained – body purified of repressions, senses freed from dullness,
mind liberated from obsessive thinking – a vision arises in you free from all illusion. That is the
Tantra Vision."
How did we lose our basic nature of playfulness and sexual ecstasy?
Unfortunately, modern Western upbringing doesn't teach us the Tantric values
of loving ourselves and enjoying life.
Instead, we're made to feel and live unnaturally by social conditioning and moral
codes that don't serve our inherent make-up. All the do's and don'ts of human
society produce inner struggles against our basic desires.
Growing up in our sexually immature and repressed society, none of us can avoid
accumulating energetic sexual blocks. We're lectured to, corrected, and made wrong for our
instincts and proclivities.
At young and vulnerable ages, we wade into the scary arena of sexuality largely
unprepared and uneducated. In other words, ignorant.
We're peppered with learning taboos, injunctions, and the multifarious
definitions of the sins of the flesh. Often it's religious imprinting that creates these
huge inhibitions and enormous loads of guilt and shame.
Women and men who've been sexually exploited, abused, and wounded may carry even
more baggage. This negative energy is held in the Sacred Gate. For too many, carrying this
baggage gets in the way of enjoyment, orgasm, and ejaculation.
Don't Run Or Hide, Play!
• Do you want to become sexually whole?
• Do you hope to experience more and more sexual pleasure?
• Do you look forward to higher and higher peaks of sexual ecstasy?
Then we welcome you on the path we've been joyously treading for some years now.
• How do you shed the social conventions that bring you down and release the
brainwashing that doesn't serve you?
• How do you release the guilt that keeps you boxed in?
• How do you heal old wounding and move past your resulting sexual contraction?
To fully open to the joys of sacred sexuality requires clearing for all of us. It can be done. So
many of our friends, lovers, and clients confirm this, as does our personal experience.
EXERCISE: Opening Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about with your partner...
• What do you feel is your basic nature?
• Do you remember when you felt fully open and alive? How old were you?
• What did you learn that helped you shut down to that c***dlike playfulness?
7.2 Sexual Resistance Section
"But social conditioning, sex-repressive teachings, moralizing, they have done a deep harm. You
are disjoined from your sex center. Really, our image of our real selves excludes the sex center."
----- OSHO from The Book Of The Secrets
Those Awfully Common Scenarios
Along the path in pursuit of pleasure, we all run into blockages.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 134
Tantra wasn't designed as therapy for our sexual hang-ups and limitations, but gladly it
often turns out that way. When we relax, exercise our erogenous zones, and enjoy our bodies,
we often run into the old baggage that blocks our excitement and our pleasure.
We've all been through one or another of these scenarios...
• You meet someone you're really attracted to. You finally get to the big moment in
bed, and either your energy isn't there, or your new lover's desire goes flat. What
• You've been thinking about sex for days and now you finally find the opportunity.
But then you have an argument or some heated words, and sex and communion
become the last things you want.
• You're a hot sexy lover and you fall for this wonderful guy or gal. You absolutely
adore oral sex, but he won't touch your yoni (vulva) or she won't touch your vajra
(penis) with her mouth for anything. Now what do you do?
• At last, you've fallen for your dream lover. The first six months are fabulous: juicy
days, hot sex anytime, hotter long nights. Then, for no apparent reason, she's no
longer interested in sex or his erections take a vacation.
• Even sadder is when one of you marries, knowing your spouse doesn't have much of
a sex drive. You're hoping it's going to change, or trying to believe it doesn't really
matter that much. Too often it doesn't change, and in the long run, it does matter,
doesn't it?
What do all of these situations have in common? Resistance is rearing its ugly head.
What Is Resistance?
Resistance is anything that gets in the way of your natural flows of life f***e energy.
That's why we coined the phrase "liquid mind, liquid body." From a Tantric point of view,
life f***e energy (orgasmic energy) simply flows if you let it. We're sure you know what we're
referring to. Remember a time you felt vibrant, alive, eager, and joyful about every little thing.
Your life f***e was flowing then. We use this innate f***e in Tantra to feed our health and
When you're feeling good, which is your basic nature, energy flows continuously.
Sexual pleasure, orgasm especially, is a prime example. When your energetic juices are
flowing, your emotions are upbeat, your body is dynamic, your mind is clear, and your spirit
When it's inhibited, you don't. Resistance is happening, there's a blockage.
When there's resistance, you feel turned off, repulsed, angry, irritated, frustrated, hopeless,
or depressed. In fact, you can define your own resistance by the very times you feel these socalled
negative feelings.
Issues In The Tissues
Of course, you're aware that upsets, disappointments, and other negative emotions can
come back to haunt you. Did you know that these old emotions settle in your body? Did you
know that pains, wounds, and trauma are stored deep in your tissues? We often call this, body
You want to feel pleasure, you want to enjoy the sunset, you want to shower your beloved
with affection, but something gets in the way. Sometimes the very attempt to flow positive
energy restimulates your old sad stories creating resistance.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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That's partly why we're all so starved for touch. It's why massage and sexual dalliance feel
so good. These are natural soothing mechanisms that strive to relieve the stress and tension
buried in our bodies.
In short, resistance comes from energy blocked in the body that inhibits love, joy, pleasure,
sexual abandon, and even orgasm.
Where Does Resistance Come From?
Resistance comes from internal conflict. Psychologically, it's caused by thoughts, beliefs, and
feelings that are in conflict with what you want. These inner inhibitions may block you from
being sexual, giving and receiving love, or making a relationship commitment. You might just
feel uncomfortable about something, or you may experience some form of fear, anxiety, or even
inexplicable anger. Either way, it's not a liquid mental state.
Why would someone inhibit their own natural desires?
• Maybe you're feeling down about not having what you want or what you thing you
should have.
• Maybe you have high standards and expect more of yourself and others.
• Maybe you feel there's something wrong with what you want.
• Maybe your pushing to achieve some goal and doubt your ability to succeed.
• Maybe you feel there's something wrong with YOU, making you believe anything
you might want is dirty, bad, or evil.
When we're working with Tantric clients who want to move into a more joyful relationship,
life, and sexual experience, they often run into internal resistance. It usually stems from deeply
internalized rules about enjoying life and sex that get the way of pleasure. Sadly, society as a
whole seems ganged up against us leading ecstatic lives.
Blocking The Sexual Stimulation Pathway
How does this work, or better said, not work? It's all about the most powerful sex organ in
your body. No, not down there. Up there, your brain.
When everything is functioning properly, energy is flowing. You have a desire, from love,
lust, image, touch, fantasy. In response, the automatic mechanisms of your body create arousal.
As you begin to experience good feelings, the autonomic nervous system carries those
messages back to the pleasure centers of the brain creating a feedback loop. In other words,
when you get turned on, you get more and more turned on without much effort. This works in
arenas other than sex, as well
Of course, this assumes that your conscious mind isn't interfering in any way and lets your
body take over. When you welcome the desire, your energy flow creates passion.
When you have some built-in resistance, your beliefs and feelings conflict with this blessed
human process of arousal. Consciously or u*********sly you're thinking "nice girls don't" or "I
shouldn't" or "it's not right" or something similar. The vibrations of these resistant beliefs block
the natural flow of messages to and from the brain. The feedback loop is stopped in its tracks
and your excitement wanes.
If this pattern isn't modified, your pleasure channels shut down. The old maxim "use it or
lose it" applies more to sexuality than other parts of life.
When you aren't really conscious of the resistance mechanism at work, these confusing
mixed messages can make both giver and receiver crazy. You might feel nervous, anxious,
afraid, angry, or withdrawn without any logical explanation. Your old emotional baggage is
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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Ever wonder why sometimes we inexplicably find ourselves laughing, crying, swooning, or
screaming during sex? We've touched a nerve from some past wound.
Flow With The Stream
To grasp the dynamics of inside resistance, picture a flowing mountain stream. In midsummer,
it runs quietly along the rocks, banks, and bottom it's smoothed for eons. Come spring
flood, the f***e of the water causes deep turbulence. Rocks, logs, and the very banks themselves
are battered and often swept away.
That's what internal resistance to energy flow is like, obstacles in the path of an immovable
stream -- your life f***e. Doesn't it feel like you're getting emotionally battered? Churned up by
stress? Pushed around by conflicting tides?
Your health responds much the same way. When something throws your system off balance
-- germs, toxins, poor nutrition, even life setbacks -- your body acts against these stresses as best
it can. You feel poorly while attempting to heal. Which is a window into understanding why
regular sex is good for your health and little sex isn't.
Energetic resistance can produce the same kind of downward cycle. When you're pushing
psychically against something in your life, your immune system can easily go out of whack and
you become vulnerable to disease. Instead of liquid and flowing, your resistant mind is making
your body struggle.
Flow With The Stream
You can soften the brunt of resistance by choosing to mute your desire for living, ignore
your senses, and avoid pleasure. Then there's less f***e battering the stream bed. But you'll
slowly die. You'll create less and less of the enjoyment that is part and parcel of your life f***e.
We don't recommend hiding away in a cave, sticking your head in the sand, or avoiding what's
bugging you.
By the way, this explains why a high stress lifestyle can inhibit your sexual desire and your
sexual performance over time. You wouldn't want that now, would you? The stress you feel
within is just another form of resistance. For example, if you place high expectations on yourself
(although it may feel like others are doing this), you may have trouble living up to your own
Many of those suffering from sexual resistance distract themselves by total immersion in
work, f****y, investments, etc. A high stress lifestyle can be just another manifestation of
resistance, sucking a person dry of any energy or time they could use to experience pleasure.
If you accept the Tantric premise that pleasure rules and nothing is more important than
feeling good, you may be able to change these negative imprints consciously. But all too often
the issues in your tissues command insidiously below your level of awareness. Which means
you can't will these thoughts away.
Fortunately, Tantra offers some workable alternatives.
Specific Causes of Resistance
Though you're probably all too aware of many of the resistances in your life, we've
compiled a short list to broaden your understanding of the possible ways your past can get in
the way of your present. Though sexual abuse and c***d m*****ation are popular news items
these days, there are many other ways in which men as well as women collect emotional
wounding and physical trauma.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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What we worry about all too often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. From
embarrassing discoveries like finding our first underarm and pubic hairs, wet dreams,
or menstruation to our first fumbling sexual encounters, these all have something in
common: ignorance. Without education to prepare ourselves to love and accept who we
are, the outside world and our bodies seem awfully scary.
Social Conditioning
Strict social, religious, and cultural puritanical attitudes create injunctions,
prohibitions, and taboos which conflict with our healthy impulses. When we learn them
from authority figures like parents, teachers, religious leaders, neighbors, and friends,
they carry extra weight. We end up being shamed, blamed, and accused for trying to
deal with the life f***es burbling inside. Even worse, victims of abuse are often made
wrong or not believed. All too often we deny our own pleasure feeling it's wrong or bad,
sinful or evil.
When we accept our elders' beliefs about natural feelings and common explorations
like "don't touch yourself there or you'll go to hell," we end up loaded with guilt. Who
hasn't been saddled with guilt by pushing too hard for sex, saying no when we mean
yes, or not knowing how to satisfy a lover and feeling inadequate? The biological
imperatives of love, lust, and intimacy drive us to act, and then we regret being human.
Maybe the most damaging impact comes from judging ourselves. We explore our
bodies, play doctor with friends, and discover how to give ourselves pleasure -- all
innocent explorations -- and then we learn "it was wrong." We become disgusted with
our bodies and their natural secretions. We condemn our own jewels (genitals) as sinful,
dirty, or base. And these unfair negative self-judgments may get deeply repressed
Painful Incidents
When we experience physical ailments in our sensitive areas, they leave lasting
imprints. The pains of parental punishments, abusive relationships, infidelities, severe
losses, and other violent incidents go deep. We all dread the stories of sexual v******e
like **** and i****t, but even common life experiences like c***dbirth, abortion,
miscarriage, and insensitive gynecological exams contribute too.
Unwanted Sex
If it wasn't bad enough growing up with all these pains, power trips, and mind games
that society lays on us, who hasn't experienced some kind of harassment in our sexually
distorted world? How many innocents have been mistreated, exploited, used, or
violated? Who hasn't been pressured, f***ed, or overpowered to do something they
didn't want to? Or agreed to make love when they didn't feel like it or did any of the
above things to another?
This is just a brief survey of the many ways our sexually repressive cultures end up
contributing to the resistance we carry around with us. But remember, the outside events,
however damaging, can't produce harmful energetic scar tissue unless you store them deep
within, never letting the light shine on them.
EXERCISE: Resistance Discussion Questions
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 138
With your partner or in your journal....
• Review the ways your resistance shows itself in your life and in your sexual
• What was your f****y's attitude toward sex and sexual play when you were growing
up? (Not talking about it is an attitude with a loud and clear message.)
• Do you think it has anything to do with the issues in your sex life now? If so, what
might be the connection?
When past traumatic experiences are lodged in the body's muscles, they tighten and the
surrounding tissues harden. Some call this "armoring."
Armoring is an attempt to prevent pain. We tighten and contract to avoid discomfort and
protect ourselves. But the energy generated by the experience gets trapped inside. Our bodies
become a storehouse for negative imprints.
Armoring is an instinctual process that protects us against "dangerous" sexual feelings.
Unfortunately, this repeated tightening has the undesirable side effect of stopping the flow of
nervous signals, life-giving fluids, and vital energy.
When armoring persists, it deadens the constricted tissues. They become rigidly locked in
place, becoming stiff instead of soft, pliant, and supple the way nature intended.
The jewels are as subject to armoring as anywhere else in the body. Maybe even more so
when subjected to intense fear, guilt, and judgment from social conditioning. Our sexual
frustrations, failures, and wounds leave their emotional and psychological energy traces in
these vulnerable tissues. Not to mention the devastating impact of sexual abuse.
Effects of Armoring
How does armoring create sexual resistance? Here are the major impacts...
Blocked Energy Flows
As we've said, we all need the natural respiration of our energies. When tissues are
armored, our channels are blocked and life f***e doesn't flow. Our lower chakras
become congested and internal communication is cut off to our hearts, minds, and upper
spiritual centers. Blockages prevent sexual messages from reaching our most powerful
sex organ, the brain, which tends to decrease, limit, or even stop our ability to feel
pleasure. Worse, we don't have access to the fuel for love, creativity, inspired action, and
divine connection.
Health Effects
Residual tension deposited deeply inside suppresses the free flow of life-giving fluids
and messages through nerve, circulation, lymph, muscles, and skin. Who knows how
much our health truly suffers? Permanent tension and stiffness restrict our vital feelings
of desire, attraction, and arousal. Some have shown that armoring affects the menstrual
cycle and can cause repeated vaginal irritation and urinary infections.
Because armoring is a self-protection mechanism, it cuts us off from enjoyable
experiences as well as from reliving past trauma. It chokes off our spontaneity and
makes us feel threatened by what should be playful fun. It can make us uncomfortable
talking about sex and our bodies, and asking for what we want in bed. It even stifles us
from showing or feeling affection.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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Sexual Inhibitions
When our jewels or other related parts of the body are armored, it dulls our
sensitivity and limits our enjoyment of lovemaking. We can't totally immerse ourselves
in our sensations and merge physically with our beloved. Our sexual channels can even
shut down entirely. When blocked, protected, and inhibited, we need stronger and
stronger stimulation to break through these shells, get off, and feel satisfied. As much as
we favor any practice that brings pleasure, we believe it's entrenched armoring that
causes some to crave v******e, painful intercourse, S & M (sadism and masochism), and
other way-out kinky practices.
Performance Pressure & Anxiety
When we're armored against pain, we may generate expectations that create
performance pressure. Awakening sexual energy then can stir up self-doubts and fears
carried since c***dhood. We can experience internal tensions like worrying if we'll be
any good at lovemaking. Will he or she like it? Will I be able to do it right, maintain my
erection, have an orgasm? Will I be able to please her and last long enough to make her
come? Instead of enjoying the pleasure of the moment, our anxieties shift our attention
to the future, putting unnecessary pressure on yoni and vajra.
Body Judgment
When our tissues hold onto old negative energy, our natural tendency is to
disapprove of what appears to be the source of our pain, the body. Instead of
appreciating the sacred temple of our souls, we judge our appearance, weight, and
shape according to unrealistic outer standards. Instead of loving and accepting the
vehicle that allows us to live and enjoy pleasure, we condemn it. As a result, our sexual
body often is subjected to the most vehement negativity. We repress our instinctive
f***es of nature to feel, enjoy, and procreate, generating increasingly resistant energy
that feeds our armoring.
Emotional Instability
Old energy stored in the tissues is life f***e that lives on regardless of how hard we
try to suppress it. It's like a deeply buried battery which can produce a shock but
perpetually keeps recharging. These discharges can take the form of emotional
outbursts, unexpected flare ups, or deeply ingrained negative mental attitudes that
make little sense. Conventional hot frenzied sex can restimulate old wounds causing
volatile fights and even explosive catharsis seemingly without provocation. The pent-up
pressure can trigger fantasies, past images, and repressed memories. When your lover is
armored, even good-natured sexual play can bring anger, jealousy, rage, fear, sadness,
withdrawal, pain, hurt, or depression to the surface easily without explanation.
Armored sex is like making love with the ghost of Christmas past. It's a form of powerful
resistance expressed physically. Any well intentioned action can trigger an inexplicable and
sometimes explosive response. When stored negative imprints are triggered, you may not enjoy
your present.
Because of dormant and stagnant energy, our zest for life is diminished. When current
feelings are contaminated and restricted by past emotions, sacred sexual play doesn't enrich,
awaken, and raise consciousness the way God/Goddess intended.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 140
As you can see, armoring causes us to resist. The more we resist, the stronger our armoring.
And the more we resist. We live in a perpetual self-reinforcing cycle of inhibition. A downward
spiral that takes us further and further away from our innate blissful nature.
EXERCISE: Armoring Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about with your partner...
• What sexual resistances are you aware of?
• Is there anything about your body that might lead you to think there is some physical
armoring? This might be tightness of muscles, joints, pain, skin eruptions.
• Is there any c***dhood or adult trauma that your body might be trying to protect you
7.3 Tantric Healing Section
The****utic Massage
Unfortunately, our genital areas rarely experience the kind of healing that can melt
armoring, such as sensitive massage or loving without a goal.
One of the best ways to clear the negative imprints that create armoring is through deep
the****utic massage coupled with Tantric breathing. Unfortunately, massage practitioners are
largely prohibited from releasing and rejuvenating the tissues around your sex organs for fear
of overstepping the traditional boundaries of professional propriety. As a result, many of us are
left to cope with and compensate for our armored tissues.
Even the minority of the population that get enough lovemaking don't receive adequate
nurturing touch. During sex, our jewels are more likely to be subjected to the heated demands
of pent-up sexual desire.
You know already that we like the hot part and advocate lots more passionate sex. It's the
lack of healing touch for the jewels that we're dedicated to change with your help. In the coming
pages, you'll learn this kind of massage for and with your partner.
Sacred Gate Healing Massage
This chapter culminates in one vital practice designed to be repeated as often as needed to
melt all the resistance stored in a woman's yoni. The healing method uses yoni and Sacred Gate
massage to contact and quickly move through old issues that prevent the exuberant enjoyment
of sex and life.
Our cultural conditioning urges us to live in our heads, repress our feelings, and play down
pleasure. This healing method urges you to get into your body and feel as much as you can so
you can expand your capacity for pleasure. Instead of playing it safe to protect yourself, it
guides you to take some risks and enjoy yourself as you do.
The spiritual ones amongst us might just describe all this as simply allowing the Goddess to
awaken and move through unimpeded. The more pragmatic might just say you're clearing
rubble from your energy road. Whatever story you want to attach to it, or preferably none at all,
you'll feel more and feel better. Yeah!
By using the Tantric healing methods that follow, you can experience...
• the free flow of magical orgasmic energy lying dormant inside
• less pain, numb, and sore spots in your tissues
• greater sensitivity and aliveness in yoni
• decreased vulnerability and intensity of old emotions
• increased sense of trust and stronger feelings of love
• more open energy channels allowing freer sexual expression
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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• feeling orgasmic energy streaming through your body
• full-body Tantric multiple and extended orgasms and female ejaculation.
How The Chakras Get In The Act
Many of the hurts, wounds, and blockages are stored in our first and second chakras. These
energy whirlpools regulate survival, self-preservation, physical health, emotions and our
Sacred Gate healing is designed to cleanse the chakras and the inner flute that connects
them so they can function vibrantly as intended.
When you channel negative energies through your lower chakras and inner flute to your
heart, you can speed up the healing process. By connecting your jewels with your love center
energetically, you're likely to release strong emotion and transmute the life f***e more quickly.
Remember, through Tantric healing you're reawakening sl**ping areas of your body. This is
how the ancients learned to contact the Goddess. We're not referring here to some imagined
deity, but to the sacred feminine energy that's bursting its seams to come alive within all
The Drawback Of Fight Or Flight
Instead of focusing on problems, Tantric practice heals through the committed pursuit of
pleasure. As we learn to open our energy channels, it is natural that we bump into and have the
chance to work through any resistance that gets in the way.
We're left cleansed, relaxed, and free.
When you have a problem, psychologists tell us you've got two basic alternatives: flight or
fight. If you deny the problem, try to run away, or put your head in the sand, nothing changes
until it bites you in the ass. Avoiding old memories that continue to torment you adds strength
to your resistance by letting the negative energy fester. If you choose to do battle with your
demons, at least you're actively aware of the issues.
The shortcoming of this two-sided view is that regardless of your choice, you're being
controlled by the problem. Run towards or away from a problem and either way your mind is
focused on it. This, of course, gives the problem more strength.
Law of Attraction
Being about energy, Tantra teaches us a startling clear fact about human dynamics...
Energy creates a magnetic field that attracts similar energy.
The beauty of Tantric practice is that streaming sexual energy, like a spring flood, collides with
these issues stored in your tissues.
If you keep at it, if you keep pushing yourself to experience pleasure, the magical healing
properties of your life f***e energy flow will dissolve your blocks, discomforts, and resistances.
You focus the light of your consciousness on these past stories hidden away in your body and,
lo and behold, torrents of old energy are released.
Simply, whatever helps to make your orgasmic energy flow is the very thing that will burn
away the impeding blockages and allow you to experience new heights of pleasure and ecstasy.
Tantra naturally becomes a delightful growth path that isn't problem-focused and makes you
feel great.
In other words, make love and heal thyself.
Wouldn't you rather heal through pleasure than regurgitating old hurts? That's the spirit of
Tantric sexual renewal in a nutshell. If there was ever a "have your cake and eat it too" kind of
solution to life's challenges, Tantra has got to be it.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 142
Lighten Up & Heal Tantrically
"The practice of Tantra has tremendous potential for transformation because of the Kundalini
Shakti -- spiritual energy -- the awakening, uplifting, expanding principle...Shakti causes
spontaneous insights, spontaneous spiritual growth, and ever-increasing expansion and
transformation and will purify our negative and limiting conditioning. Purified, invigorated with
and inspired by the Shakti we begin breaking through our barriers and limitations to live in love
and to be open to one another. We experience a peace and freedom that we have never known."
----- Gurumayi Chidvilasananda
You move through your resistances with Tantric healing by removing negative imprints and
replacing them with pleasurable ones. By pursuing pleasure and being open to receive it, you
clear emotional blocks and release the withheld life f***e stored in them that has impeded the
free flow of energy.
It's as if the weight of resistance is lifted from your pleasure balloon, allowing it to expand
much more and more easily. Once cleared, your sensuality reawakens and you feel a powerful
resurgence of aliveness, vibrancy, desire, spontaneity, playfulness, creativity and joy. You'll
regain the potential for quick and easy orgasm or, when you choose, for continued building of
passion to reach for a mystical experience.
After Tantric healing, it's so much easier to have the greatest sex and sexual freedom you
have ever imagined.
You Can Learn To Heal Each Other
Tantra can help the vast majority of you find the joy, desire, pleasure, and freedom you're
looking for. Pursuing pleasure in a healthy loving relationship is a healing path open to us all.
Sometimes when you're making love with yourself or another, old emotions and images
surface. Pleasure can trigger stored pain and anger that's years or decades old. Releasing
tension, when it's done with consciousness, is a good thing, though it may be awkward,
uncomfortable, or even painful at the time. If this sometimes happens to you, we recommend
that you continue lovemaking with as much consciousness and communication as you can
Then recognize you need to schedule some dedicated healing sessions as soon as possible.
By carefully studying the instructions in the practices that follow, following them, and
conducting repeated healing sessions, you can help each other release body armoring and
sexual resistance.
Some might say only trained professionals should attempt this kind of Sacred Gate healing
massage. We believe that through love and consciousness whatever you do will help. You may
release some energies that make things uncomfortable for a short time. But our philosophy is:
better triggered sooner rather than later.
Do You Need Advanced Training?
The guidelines and instructions that follow can be done by anyone with the right attitude
and an acceptance of Tantra. Of course, sexual resistance can be complicated and deep-seated.
Sometimes your individual dynamics get in the way of working together for your own healing
and that of your partner. So we don't mean to imply that it's always easy for you to do on your
own without advanced training.
If you have trouble following the yoni healing guidelines below or find your progress
stalled, we urge you to get further training before you go forward. If you run into trouble
during your initial sessions, we suggest you contact us and ask our advice before continuing.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
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That's why we make our initial telephone consultation, our Tantric SexAssess, available to
you at a 75% discount. Lately, we've been experiencing great results through long-distance
telephone coaching. For details, click here...
Of course, the best way to get advanced training is to register for our private Tantric
Workshop. In several intensive days dedicated just for you, we'll teach, demonstrate, and guide
you to skillfully break through to higher levels of ecstasy. For details, click here...
Sometimes Therapy Is Needed To Breakthrough
When old negative energies are released through sexual healing, the pursuit of pleasure
through Tantric practice rapidly accelerates. But sometimes resistance is so strongly embedded
that beginning is impossible or traumatic.
If either giver or receiver is unwilling to enter into yoni healing or you find the process
hopelessly stuck, professional therapy may be indicated. This is especially true for those with
traumatic histories. We urge you to contact us if either of you find yourselves in this
With graduate degrees and years of private practice in psychology and personal growth,
we'd be the first to admit that in some cases do-it-yourself healing doesn't work for everyone.
Sometimes, the scars of sexual wounding, trauma, and abuse go so deep that eroding them
gradually through Tantric practice isn't practical or enjoyable.
Fortunately, Dhyan Jeffre and Somraj are both trained and experienced in multiple
psychological modalities and have tools that can quickly break you free from the grip of the
past. That's the purpose of our Sexual Health Coaching. Review the following page of our
website for more details...
EXERCISE: Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about with your partner...
• Do you feel open to pursuing pleasure as a source of personal and sexual healing?
• If you don't feel open, what is getting in the way? Beliefs? Doubt?
• Do you have concerns or questions about the process of Tantric healing?
7.4 Yoni Healing Guidelines Section
"Sexual healing…can happen through pleasure and delight much more easily than they can
through 'working' on a problem." ----- Margot Anand in The Art of Sexual Ecstasy
Partners Are Essential During Healing
Sexual healing through yoni massage and healing may need to be repeated a number of
times to remove layer after layer of distress. The faster you go, the more demanding, and
possibly painful, it will be. But there's no rush. Cleanse yoni a little at a time and soon you'll
arrive where you've always wanted to be.
Sacred Gate healing requires a dedicated team effort between giver and receiver functioning
as equals. You both have a vital role in the process.
You are likely to run into problems or conflict if one of you takes full control while the other
is being passive. Shakti, the woman in the receiving role, must take responsibility for guiding
the giver for optimum progress. The giver needs to respond to their partner's guidance. You
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 144
need to work together proactively to create a circle of energy that's stronger than either one of
you could produce alone.
To ensure that you're acting as partners pulling together, we recommend that you only
conduct the practice described below as an intentional healing session, not as a spur of the
moment response, knee jerk reaction, or part of lovemaking purely for pleasure.
Communication between giver and receiver is essential. If something is troubling either of
you, bring it up. If either of you slowly become aware of an idea or concern, mention it.
Remember, you're both doing the best you can do at each moment. Operate from a place of
love, respect, and appreciation for yourself and each other.
Sexual healing comes through surrender more than anything else. It takes courage, trust,
and mutual support for this to gradually happen. Here are some suggestions to facilitate your
Guidelines For Both Giver & Receiver
• Stay as present as you can, tune into each other, and connect your energies -- this is
more important than technique.
• Always stay relaxed -- if you lose it, simply breathe until you calm down.
• Keep it light, because you can't get it wrong -- whatever you do will move things
• Don't try to be perfect -- approach this practice as playful c***dren exploring a new
• Focus more on the process than any immediate outcome -- leave expectations that
create performance pressure outside your Sacred Space.
• Remember that the way out is the way through -- the process that turned on
discomfort, emotion, or pain from old memories is what will turn it off.
• You don't have to do everything at once -- start slowly and learn as you go.
• If you need to, come back again and again -- discharge as much old energy as the
receiver can stand each time.
• If the receiver feels as if she can't go any further at any point, don't push her -- let her
choose to move forward or to take a break.
• Agree on a signal word or motion that will cause you both to immediately terminate
whatever you're doing -- "Stop!" or palms facing the giver will work.
• Let go of your goals for immediate breakthrough -- surrender to whatever happens
each time and be open to multiple sessions.
Healing takes as long as it takes. This may be several contacts to awaken and release old
encysted energy that's been hidden for years.
The Giver's Role
Giver, here is your job description. We don't refer to this role as "healer" because Shakti, the
receiver, really heals herself. But you do have a vital function to perform that can assist her in
letting go of resistance.
If you choose to help your beloved heal sexual resistance, be sure you decide to accept the
role of giver freely, willingly, and for sincere reasons. Don't expect anything in return right
away, or ever for that matter.
Offer your heart in total service to the Goddess as manifested in the form of your partner.
This is a divine gift that you can give. This privilege you're being entrusted with is the height of
intimacy. Accept this role from a purely loving space because you want to give, not because you
need to gratify your ego, satisfy yourself sexually, or get something back.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 145
Here are some details about your function...
• Let go of your own needs. Follow the receiver's energy, not your own urges. Let her
indications of readiness be your guide to begin, continue, and shift.
• Be fully present, hold the space, and share this rare transformation with your beloved.
Remember that your selfless loving presence is your most precious contribution.
• Do everything possible to create a safe environment. The receiver must feel in control
at all times.
• Be gentle and always use TLC, tender loving care.
• Approach yoni with reverence, respect, and a sense of awe. Remember, you're being
given a sacred trust.
• Keep the process going and support the receiver as long as she's willing and able.
• Facilitate the healing process by doing whatever you can to make the her clearing
work as easy and painless as possible.
• Act as a neutral sounding board for whatever Shakti voices using understanding,
acknowledgment, and empathy.
• If strong emotional reactions surface, realize you're not the real target. Just breathe,
relax, and let them pass.
• Just let what comes up, be. You don't have to fix the receiver, her consciousness does
• Don't feel guilty for producing discomfort through yoni massage. Stored negative
energy is doing that.
• Don't be scared. Giving isn't hard to do if you simply have desire to help and follow
the directions below. If can't get over the initial nervousness that's natural, we urge
you to get some training or professional help before proceeding.
Specific Guidelines For The Giver
If you've absorbed your purpose by reading the previous bullets, you still need to know
exactly what to do. Here are some initial guidelines for action...
• Before you begin, bathe, clean your hands, cut your nails -- if you have sores or rough
spots, wear latex gloves.
• Be as selflessly present as you can in each moment -- maintain eye contact, listen
attentively, and be supportive.
• Resolve outside pressures and empty your bladder before you begin -- make yourself
free from worries so you can be fully present.
• Do whatever you can to make Shakti feel secure -- act accordingly by maintaining
strict confidentiality about what happens.
• Make a strong emotional connection with your partner without vajra's involvement --
vajra can act as a powerful restimulator of old resistance forcing the process to
accelerate more quickly than the receiver can comfortably handle.
• Get permission before major changes -- don't penetrate or move dramatically without
alerting her and getting agreement.
• Be supportive, encouraging, and show her how much you care -- reassure her with
statements like "You're doing great" or "I'm right here for you," or "Take as long as
you need."
• Healing is not deliberately designed to sexually arouse the receiver but sometimes it
happens -- if so, gently steer the process back to healing without changing your focus
to lovemaking.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 146
• Continually check in with yes/no questions to stay in close communication with
Shakti -- you want frequent feedback to know what's happening inside her with as
little distraction as possible.
• Make sure YOU are always as comfortable possible by alerting the receiver and
shifting position if needed -- your tiredness or tension will telegraph and distract the
If the going gets tough, don't run away -- stay present. Honor your receiver's stated boundaries
and respect her any spontaneous limitations that crop up -- if you hear "NO!" accept it and act
on it. If you try to push past her limits, you jeopardize your relationship not just her progress.
QTIP (Quit Taking It Personally)
Resistance may take the form of strong emotion directed at the giver. It's possible the
receiver may direct frustration, criticism, blame, or anger at you and what you're doing.
If it happens, resist the urge to defend yourself. Recognize that the receiver's mind is
somewhere else.
It isn't your current beloved who's attacking you, but someone else from long ago. She's
acting out of powerful f***es buried deep inside traumatic incidents. If the old energy is strong
enough to block her ever generating life f***e, it's certainly strong enough to make her
dramatize an old role from the past. That's why energy imprints can actually control behavior
while it's resurfacing.
To the best of your ability, follow the QTIP guideline -- Quit Taking It Personally.
To Help The Giver Stay Present
Giver, here are a few suggestions that can help you stay present and not get triggered
• Use conscious breathing.
• Excuse your beloved if she temporarily forgets to lovingly ask for what she wants,
guide you kindly, and appreciate what you're offering.
• Just accept whatever the receiver says without taking it inside and judging her or you.
• Release your partner's energy using Orgasmic Breathing yourself and visualize it
streaming through your body into the ground.
• If you can't maintain your composure, gently ask for a break. If you have to interrupt
the process, she probably hasn't released all the old energy contacted. You'll need
more patience and she'll need more healing in the future. Better to pick it up again
later than creating a big rift now.
In the long run, as long as the two of you recover your balance, no harm is done. Just more
healing work ahead. And if it becomes an issue between you preventing future sessions, we're
always available to guide you through this difficult juncture.
EXERCISE: Giver Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about with your partner...
• Do you, the giver, have any concerns about your ability to follow the guidelines?
• Do you, the giver, have anything you want to discuss with the receiver about what
you have just read?
• Do you, the receiver, have anything you want to discuss or add about the descriptions
you have just read?
Receiver's Role for Optimum Healing
Dear Goddess, begin by recognizing that you are a perfect reflection of the Divine.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 147
Whatever resistance, pain, or wounding you're carrying with you, underneath there's
nothing wrong with you. Accept yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself. Decide to move on
with your life, heal yourself with your beloved's assistance, and create as much sacred pleasure
as you can.
Your job as receiver is to let go of the past by focusing the light of your consciousness on
your body now. If strong emotional reactions occur, let them be without suppressing the
feelings or memories. Confront what comes up now or it will continue to make unwelcome
visits until you do.
Shakti, by allowing deep love to enter your Sacred Gate, you can let go of old buried
memories and emotions and expand your potential for ecstasy. Simply let your true Goddess
nature shine through you. Here's how you can encourage this to happen...
• Choose to receive healing freely, willingly, and for sincere reasons inside, not because
of outside pressure.
• Be sure you feel comfortable receiving from the giver you choose. Don't just let
anyone act as your giver.
• Ask for whatever you need to relax, trust, and feel safe.
• Let love enter your body, mind, and spirit through your yoni.
• Just feel. You don't have to do. Focus on your feelings and body sensations so can
increase your capacity to feel more.
• Allow whatever you experience to happen -- tears, words, screams are all OK if they
come up. You may also use Orgasmic Breathing to ground yourself if you discover
you are checking out.
• Don't insist on understanding what you experience if it's confusing or makes little
sense. Simply feel whatever energy you can now without analysis or explanation. You
don't have to understand to heal.
• Don't actively seek to escape, tune out, go numb, or distract yourself. If any of these
do come up, let your giver know immediately.
• If you're willing, share and fully express any old memories that come up regardless of
how embarrassing, anxiety-producing, or vulnerable they make you feel -- or don't if
you don't want to.
• As much as you're able, be kind to your giver. Give gratitude, accept their
boundaries, and forgive their limitations. They're doing the best they can.
Guidelines For The Goddess
Receiver, here are some guidelines to help you progress as quickly and easily as possible...
• Prepare by bathing, beautifying, and dressing sensuously.
• Make your general intentions clear without specifying any specific goals for each
• Look inside and voice any boundaries you're aware of without hesitation or guilt.
This might include body parts or actions that you want to be off-limits.
• Only give permission for your beloved giver to enter or go when you're ready.
• Move and dance on your giver's fingers to aid the healing process.
• Stay as present as you can by clearing your mind, relaxing, and using conscious
• Make requests of the giver using the Feedback Cycle to guide your giver: 1)
acknowledge something that's working, 2) ask for something different, and 3)
appreciate the change.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 148
• Be as responsive as you can, showing verbally and non-verbally what you're
experiencing in each moment.
• Massage clio yourself any time you want to add energy and pleasure to what you're
feeling inside yoni.
• Use Orgasmic Breathing including PC pumps, pelvic rocking, visualization, and
sounds to move the energy you encounter.
• Talk about any emotions, memories, or images that come up.
• Afterwards, relax and let the changes integrate within instead of rushing off for work
or other stimulating activities.
You Don't Have to Do It All At Once
We keep suggesting that you don't try to blow through all possible resistance at once. Don't
even imagine that you can.
But you can get a long way in one session. It takes lots of powerful energy to prevent the
free flow of intrinsic life f***es like sexuality and self-love. This work is often draining and
energizing at the same time. You may not be up to confronting everything at once even if you
tried to.
Healing is often like peeling an onion. Take off the skin with too many layers at once and
you won't be able to hold back the tears. Instead, plan on peeling a layer at a time.
That's why it often takes multiple healing sessions to release blockages accumulated and
suppressed for a lifetime.
Sexual healing, or even lovemaking, can trigger unexplained images, repressed memories,
wild fantasies, and even birth traumas. When old energy first gets contacted, a torrent of
confusion may tumble out, as if you suddenly released a plug on a backed up drain. Or, in
contrast, you may know exactly what the energies, images, and triggers are released.
To facilitate this process, we've advised that you do your best to accept whatever surfaces
without having to understand, analyze, or solve it. Just let it be and move on with the process.
EXERCISE: Goddess Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about with your partner...
• Goddess, do you have any doubts or concerns or anything to add to the above
• Goddess, has anything gotten in your way in the past that prevented you from
releasing old wounds and staying present?
• Giver, do you have any questions about the receiver's role that you want to discuss?
Catharsis Triggered
Though unlikely, it is possible that touching on severe wounding may trigger emotional
catharsis. This could take the form of long bouts of intense crying, totally irrational
overwhelming emotional outbursts, or even hyperventilation causing numbness and tingling in
the receiver's hands.
We firmly believe that however difficult, strong, and explosive the immediate reaction may
be, it's better to have contacted the blockage and get the energy flowing.
Remember, the tried and true therapy maxims...
The way out is the way through, and
What turns it on turns it off.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 149
Many of our personal and professional experiences have confirmed the truth of these
statements. If you can keep cool and keep the process going, what triggered the reaction will
discharge the energy.
Although these beliefs may help prepare you mentally and firm your resolve, they won't
lessen the impact should upheaval erupt. So we want to offer you a pressure relief valve to bail
out in case it's necessary.
Safety Valves or Grounding Techniques
If catharsis continues for more than 10 minutes, consider using this safety valve process.
When the giver judges that the receiver has processed as much pain as she can deal with in one
session, follow these steps...
1) Say "As soon as you're ready, take a deep breath and hold it." This may take a while
and require multiple encouragements.
2) When she does, say "As soon as you're ready, exhale and take another deep breath in
your belly." Repeat if necessary.
3) When she begins calming down, suggest gently but repeatedly that she relaxes and
continues to breath slowly.
4) Suggest that she lets the energy drain out her inner flute into the earth.
5) Suggest that she imagines that her spinal cord is energetically extending down into
the Earth and is wrapping around a huge boulder. She can feel enormous calm
because of this connection.
As giver, it's important that you maintain intense presence and eye contact while witnessing the
dramatic experience. Don't push her to resume the healing right away but know that you'll
undoubtedly have to recontact the intense memory soon in another healing session. Be certain
that she will be okay.
And giver, don't forget to breathe slowly and deeply and stay grounded yourself.
EXERCISE: Catharsis Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about with your partner...
• Goddess, do you have any concerns about the possibility of you having a powerful
emotional reaction?
• Are there any issues of trust (of self or other) that need to be verbalized?
• Giver, what do you understand is your response if your Goddess has a cathartic
(emotional) reaction? Any doubt, review the sections above.
7.5 Yoni Healing Practice Section
Dynamics Of Yoni Healing
Healing is a simple touching process that allows full consciousness to return to all parts of
yoni, especially the Sacred Gate. The giver slowly and gently massages around and inside yoni
to reopen communication channels within the receiver and her divine garden.
The tissue of a healthy yoni should be soft, supple, and vibrantly alive with sensation. A
healthy Sacred Gate can produce amazing amounts of pleasure. When armored, the tissue
hardens and loses its ability to flow sexual energy.
This yoni healing massage process returns that life simply by touching softly and pressing
gently where armoring needs to be released, often most intense around the Sacred Gate. The
real work is done by the receiver focusing her awareness wherever she's touched.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 150
The giver touches everywhere around and within yoni, gradually approaching the Sacred
Gate and letting the receiver feel the life flowing to and from healthy tissues. Sometimes the
giver will contact a "hot spot" when the receiver reports some discomfort.
Hot Spots
A hot spot is an armored place that stores old energy, revealed by negative sensations when
touched. Hot spots can be tense, sore, hard, tender, painful, numb, or, as the name implies,
burning. Sometimes the energy is so compacted that it feels like a hard nodule under the skin.
When a hot spot is found, the giver simply holds and the receiver breathes into the area
until the negative energy dissipates.
Though possibly unpleasant, hot spots are a blessing. They provide an exact window into
what needs to be healed to open the receiver's channels to the unrestricted flow of sexual
pleasure. After the stored energy is released, pleasure, orgasm, and ecstatic states are much
more easily accessed.
Areas of discomfort shift from session to session and from time to time within one session.
It's as if blockages are fluid enough to hide from the light of touch and resurface elsewhere. So
approach each healing as a unique moment of time without expectation or plan. Just accept
what's there and deal with it.
Though it might happen of its own accord, yoni healing isn't about getting excited or having
an orgasm right now. It is about rediscovering and awakening a sacred jewel and expanding the
Goddess' capacity for Sacred Gate pleasure.
Yoni Healing Practice Overview
Though you've done many of these actions before, the Yoni Healing Practice may seem a bit
complex at first. Here is a short listing of the steps that you can print out and keep handy to
remind you what to do when...
Get ready and create your Sacred Space.
Open her energy channels with a sensuous massage.
When yoni is ready, make final preparations.
Initially awaken outer yoni.
Gentle enter yoni.
Go a little deeper and press.
Release hot spots contacted.
Continue probing and releasing deeper.
Enjoy pleasure and then relax.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 151
Close your Sacred Space.
The complete and necessary description follows. Please be sure to read the description in its
entirety before you begin the practice.
PRACTICE: Yoni Healing
Here is the complete description of the Yoni Healing Practice.
To lovingly connect with yoni's inner tissues, especially her Sacred Gate, to clear any stored
armoring or resistance.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling (see Section 6.6 for details).
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Discuss Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, boundaries -- in the moment.
Agree on any signals or alert words that you want to be prepared to use and respond
Giver, direct heart energy to your hands. Using Tantric touch, give your beloved a
soft slow sensuous massage to bring her more into her body, relax her, and open her
sensual energy channels. Tenderly attend to her whole body. Encourage her to give
suggestions about what feels best. You can use oil for anything external if the Goddess
Giver, before moving on, be sure to work the tissues surrounding yoni. Massage as
deeply as the receiver is willing to experience, loosen the muscles and tendons around
her jewels, working her PC wherever you contact it, including her butt, thighs, and
Giver, pay attention to your beloved's breathing, sounds, hip movements, and yoni
lubrication so you know when yoni is ready to be approached. You may also ask Shakti
When yoni is ready, offer a flower or other gift to your beloved. Say something like "I
offer this flower as a sign of devotion to yoni's pleasure and my love of your true
Goddess nature. My only intent is to be of service. I am honored to be invited within
your sacred garden."
This is the best time to check your preparations. Do you have all your props handy?
Do either of you need to empty your bladder or bowels again? Are you in the best
position for Sacred Gate massage? See the Sacred Gate Massage Chapter if you've
forgotten. Do you have enough towels underneath her in case she ejaculates?
Giver, ask something like "May I touch yoni?" When she answers yes, begin by
placing one hand over yoni, the other on her heart, and looking deeply into her eyes.
This is a wonderful time for verbally admiring yoni, your beloved's beauty, and
professing your love.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 152
Approach yoni with love and respect, Gently stroke outer yoni and, when she's ready,
clio as well to arouse her tissues. Soft and slow is your aim, especially at first. Let the
receiver take your hand and demonstrate how she likes her mound, lips, and clio
stimulated if she wants.
Hopefully, this outer yoni massage will be pleasurable and awaken her sexual juices,
but your aim is not to continue until orgasm.
Giver, ask if she's ready for you to enter yoni by asking something like "May I enter
your sacred garden?" Assure her that you're there for her at all times by maintaining
frequent eye contact without looking away.
When you have permission, wipe any oil off the hand you plan to use inside. Put on a
latex glove now, if needed. Liberally douse your fingers with lots of water-based lube.
Starting with the third finger is a non-threatening beginning.
Place your fingertip inside yoni's inner lips without penetrating. Just hold at first.
Then, say "Let's try up and down" and slowly and gently stroke yoni's lips. Next, say
"Let's try circles" and move your fingertip around the inner lips without any sudden,
jarring or jabbing motions. Relax, there's no hurry.
Now, warn you're beloved that you're going deeper and gently insert your finger
inside yoni's mouth halfway to the first finger joint. Just rest a moment. Then, press
upward gently into the tissue and ask "Do you feel my finger?" Increase the pressure
gradually until she does and then ask "How does it feel there?" Remember, you're
probing, not arousing.
As long as there's no discomfort under your finger, continue exploring yoni's tissues
in the same way stopping at the hour positions of the clock. (12:00 means up towards
her belly, 6:00 means down towards her butt.) Step-by-step rotate one way as far as you
can and then the other. You may need to move your body or even smoothly switch
fingers to reach each of the 12 positions. Don't forget to alert Shakti before you make any
major movements.
The core of yoni healing is to discover any "hot spots," tissues inside yoni that need
healing. You'll recognize them when the receiver reports tension, numbness, tenderness,
soreness, pain, burning, or a bruised feeling. The giver may feel throbbing, heat, or a
hard nodule.
Giver, when you contact a hot spot, stop probing and hold with a steady pressure. Go
just deep enough for your partner to feel the soreness or numbness. Don't try to f***e
old energy out of the tissue by pressing or squeezing as hard as you can.
Ask your beloved, "Describe the sensation. Breathe into it. Is any image, memory, or
emotion coming up?"
Receiver, focus on the sensations in yoni and imagine your breath flooding them. Do
your best to stay with your feelings while reporting to your beloved as it changes.
Giver, encourage your beloved to continue by saying things like, "Good job, continue"
and "You're doing great."
Remember, be patient and let it be. Don't try to understand what comes up, analyze
what's being released, solve the problem, or fix it in any way. Do your best to avoid
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 153
distractions and interrupting the clearing process in the middle. Just let the energy
She may need to yell, scream, or make other loud sounds to encourage the energy to
move. As it dissipates, yoni's tissue may feel hot, even burning. While this continues,
which may be two to five minutes until full release, continue holding and breathing.
You can tell when the hot spot is discharged because the sensations subside, the area
feels lighter, and she feels really great afterwards.
Giver, you may want to explore the vicinity of the initial hot spot to clear out related
sensitive areas.
When a hot spot is cleared and the sensations are gone, continue probing the other
clock positions. Spend some time enjoying the pleasurable places contacted. Remember
to focus on the ultimate goal of the whole experience, pleasure.
Once you've probed the 12 hours of the clock just inside yoni's mouth, it's time to go
deeper, warning her each step of the way.
Giver, insert your finger all the way to its first joint. Probe the clock positions as you
did before, stopping and healing any hot spots contacted.
Then go deeper into yoni, half-a-finger-joint at a time. If you both like, test a straight
versus a crooked finger, different fingers or more than one finger at a time, and other
strokes from the Sacred Gate Massage Chapter.
The Sacred Gate often holds the most intense resistance. As you go deeper, be
especially alert for hot spots between 11:00 and 1:00 o'clock, feeling the urethral sponge
swell and roughen. If the receiver feels the urge to empty her bladder, stop and breathe
together until it subsides.
As you reach deeply enough to feel bones from the inside, press against her tailbone,
sacrum, and pubic bone while testing for hot spots. Don't forget to probe behind the
pubic bone and on all sides of the cervix. If your fingers aren't long enough, you may
need to use the Crystal Wand to reach everywhere inside yoni.
If you discover hot spots holding a great amount of pain, don't try to release them all
in one session. Continue only as long as the receiver remains comfortable. Then, come
back for more healing later.
When you agree that you've done enough clearing for one session, consider ending
on a high note. Since pleasure is your ultimate aim, it's wonderful to fill the energy
vacuum hot spots leave behind with good feelings. Of course, it's up to the Goddess
based on her level of sexual desire and tiredness.
Giver, ask your beloved, "Would you like to shift our attention to pleasure in
preparation for ending?" If she answers yes, begin focusing on the most pleasurable
areas of yoni. Use Sacred Gate Massage strokes and include stroking clio if she desires.
Encourage Orgasmic Breathing to cleanse her energy channels and spread the ecstasy
throughout her body. Orgasm is a sweet way to seal the entire yoni healing experience.
But it isn't necessary or essential, especially if Shakti isn't in the mood.
Giver, when you sense your beloved has had enough, warn her with "If it's OK with
you, I'm going to withdraw my hand from yoni" and do so slowly. Don't suddenly break
the connection.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 154
Smoothly cover yoni with your hand right after exiting. Maintaining eye contact,
place your other hand on your beloved's heart and breathe together, visualizing energy
circling between you.
Giver, cover with your partner with a sarong or blanket. If she desires, lie in each
other's arms, spoon, hug, comfort, or cradle her body. Lie together in silence, or sweetly
share the experience while holding each other, as she prefers.
When you're ready to end the practice, close your Sacred Space and give each other a
Heart Salutation.
Closings are as important as openings. Release the elements and directions if you
called them to be with you in your Sacred Space. Just say, "Thank you for being here.
You are released."
You can discuss what happened if Shakti prefers, or wait until later after things have
If you choose, bathe together and be sure to drink lots of water.
We encourage Shakti to not run off to do something right away. Relax, let the process
unfold on its own accord, enjoy.
It's possible that the first healing session may reveal little. Maybe during the second
or later session Shakti will be relaxed enough to allow her hidden traumas to be
experienced through yoni healing massage. This is an intuitive call. If Shakti believes
additional sessions may be useful, go with it. Giver, don't try to talk her into it or out of
Don't try to change a lifetime of resistance and armoring in one session. Make some
progress and come back later. If you run into reluctant hot spots, the following practice
provides a powerful method for addressing them.
PRACTICE: Healing Hot Spots
To clear the negative energy stored in any resistant hot spots.
This practice can be added into a yoni healing session if you find a hot spot that
doesn't seem to release or stay cleared. If you set up a separate session to focus on
specific hot spots, don't simply dive into yoni until Shakti is relaxed, settling into body
sensations, and opening her energy channels.
The more skilled the receiver is at using the four cornerstones of breath, sound,
movement, and presence, the more powerful the cleansing. And the deeper the breaths,
the more releasing is facilitated. This is why a vital part of yoni healing is for Shakti to
breathe into numb, sore, or burning spots, especially in the face of strong emotions, to
encourage energy release.
To speed up the healing process, use Orgasmic Breathing in the face of any strong
emotions or cathartic reactions. Recognize that the venting, screaming, thrashing,
sobbing, or anger are prompted by earlier traumas that have been awakened. Work
together to clear the energy and the f***e of the imprint will cease to have any affect on
the receiver.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 155
The stronger the reaction, the more vital are the receiver's breathing and the giver's
presence and eye contact. Stay with it and the energy will release.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling (see Section 6.6 for details).
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Discuss Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, boundaries -- in the moment.
Agree on any signals or alert words that you want to be prepared to use and respond
Caress your own or your partner's whole body, long and sensuously, with oil if she
wants. Begin without focusing on the most erogenous zones. As Shakti heats up,
concentrate more on her breasts and other powerful external trigger spots. Don't forget
to ask permission before touching yoni and clio. Be sure to use your communication
skills to stay in touch and flow together. Continue stimulation until Shakti is highly
aroused and wet.
Giver, with permission, approach and enter yoni as described in the previous Yoni
Healing Practice steps 3 through 6.
Use slow penetration rotating through the clock positions as you did before.
You can't assume that the landscape of hot spots inside yoni will be the same as the
last time. But if you are returning to work some affected areas that weren't completely
cleared, you may want to move towards them more quickly than before. For example,
you could enter one finger-joint at a time instead of one-half and stop at only 6 positions
around the clock instead of 12.
Giver, when you contact a hot spot, guide your beloved to use Orgasmic Breathing by
saying, "Breathe into my finger. Move your pelvis around as you want. Make sounds
that express what you're feeling. I'm here to support you."
Receiver, make sounds that seem to describe what you're feeling -- loud, guttural,
a****l -- thereby encouraging energy flow. Visualize the painful energy flowing out
along with your exhalation. Even use PC Pumps to exercise the affected areas.
Giver, you can assist energy release by breathing and sounding along with your
partner. Also, you can sweep above the skin, blow gently, or softly caress along your
beloved's inner flute from head to heart to belly to jewels, or the reverse.
Giver, you can accelerate the clearing even further by connecting hot spots
energetically with other chakras. Place your outside hand on the second chakra on the
belly. Guide your partner with "visualize the energy flowing out of your yoni into the
chakra under my other hand." Work your way up the inner flute by moving your hand
up to the front of the other chakras, one at a time, and the back where possible. Abuse
victims have reported significant energy clearing by placing the other hand at base of
neck behind the fifth chakra.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 156
When you agree that you've done enough clearing for one session, consider ending
on a high note as discussed in the previous practice if the Shakti desires. Focus on the
most pleasurable areas of yoni with Orgasmic Breathing. Orgasm is a sweet way to seal
the entire yoni healing experience but isn't necessary.
Afterwards, giver, withdraw slowly. Then cover yoni with one hand and Shakti's
heart with your other. Cover her with a sarong or blanket. If she desires, lie in each
other's arms, spoon, hug, comfort, or cradle her body. Lie together in silence, or sweetly
share the experience while holding each other, as she prefers.
When you're ready to end the practice, close your Sacred Space and give each other a
Heart Salutation.
Closings are as important as openings. Release the elements and directions if you
called them to be with you in your Sacred Space. Just say, "Thank you for being here.
You are released."
You can discuss what happened if Shakti prefers, or wait until later after things have
If you choose, bathe together and be sure to drink lots of water.
We encourage Shakti to not run off to do something right away. Relax, let the process
unfold on its own accord, enjoy.
7.6 Closing Section
In this chapter, we reviewed your basic Tantric nature, that of love, light and pleasure. We
looked at cultural injunctions that block your ecstasy. Societal, religious, parental learnings and
ultimately, personal judgments and fears that create beliefs block your access to the flow of
orgasmic energy.
Energy is blocked when you experience internal conflict, also called resistance. Your natural
desire is to flow and feel good, but there are so many rules that say, no, it's not okay.
When you feel guilt, fear, or shame, or you judge yourself negatively, you're experiencing
the emotions of resistance.
We also looked at physical armoring as the physical manifestation of resistance and trauma.
Physical armoring is the body's attempt to protect itself. Sadly, it also keeps the Goddess from
fully experiencing the profound joys and health-giving properties of ecstatic sexuality.
This chapter is about healing resistance and pain, both emotional and physical, using the
power of orgasmic energy, channeling it through the yoni and particularly the Sacred Gate.
Ecstasy is our birthright. We came into this world knowing how to feel ecstatic just by
breathing. Tantra can help you release blocks and inhibitions by experiencing and increasing
the flow of Orgasmic Energy, therefore enlarging your capacity for pleasure, joy and happiness
in your sex life and ultimately in your whole life.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 157
Chapter 8: Ecstatic States
"The essential thing is not to chase after ecstasy. It arises naturally if your presence in the world
remains relaxed, without goals and constraints -- free, opened, and light." ----- from Tantric
Quest by Daniel Odier
8.1 Opening Section
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Learn about the different pathways to orgasm.
• Practice exciting orgasmic triggers, individually and together.
• Learning how to increase ecstasy and reach the Orgasm Zone.
• Practicing incorporating Tantric energy practice into your orgasmic peaking.
You're Here For Ecstasy
The purpose of Supreme Bliss Tantra and the thrust of this ebook is to offer you more
options for sensational ecstasy.
If you've read the chapters of Awakening The Sacred Gate in order, you've learned some
new things. Hopefully, you've experimented with intimacy, spiritual connection, loveplay,
openness, and healing. We hope you've enjoyed sensual and erotic massage of clio (clitoris), the
Sacred Gate (G-Spot), and the whole body. We fully expect you've enjoyed some fantastic
orgasms, maybe with different qualities and higher dimensions.
To get more, you could just try more fiddling and diddling. Friction sex is what some of our
colleagues call it. Before learning about Tantra, you probably believed like most lovers that the
goal of sex was orgasm.
But more often than not, untrained male lovers pushing for more and stronger stimulation
ejaculate too soon. Their women feel they're missing something. Or worse, they feel used. Isn't
there something more?
Yes, there is. This chapter is about using your sacred landscape, especially your Sacred Gate,
to create higher levels of ecstasy. Ecstasy is...
Intense joy, delight, and elated bliss. An extraordinary elevation of the spirit by overwhelming
emotion so intense that you're carried away beyond the reach of rational thoughts and ordinary
Get High With Tantric Sex
You've read it many times already. The path to higher states of ecstasy and Supreme Bliss is
through channeling Kundalini (sexual energy) throughout your body.
We're going to use sexual friction for sure, but you're going to learn to include awakening
the heart, the mind, the emotions, the spirit. You're going to learn to open your subtle energy
system anchored by your chakras (energy centers) to these powerful physical life f***es. In this
way, you'll enliven your body and mind, open to the divine energies of the earth and sky, and
connect more deeply with your beloved.
Here you're going to learn that women often respond most strongly to slow rhythmic
stimulation when all their chakras are involved. We're going to teach you to create increasingly
more physical excitement using Sacred Gate play while juicing up other zones, clio foremost
among them.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 158
But simply generating more energy localized in your jewels (genitals) may cause a big quick
explosion. The peak of orgasmic climax may be great but it's quick. It can't compare to the
lasting heights you're going to experience here. This can be true for the Goddess as well as those
with highly sensitive pleasure sticks.
Pump Your Pleasure Balloon
To get there, we cultivate extended pleasure, instead of focusing on orgasm as the climax of
the performance. Yet, those who practice sacred sexuality experience orgasms of Supreme Bliss.
How does this seeming contradiction occur? Tantric lovers experience the highest levels of
ecstasy when they're completely relaxed in a high state of arousal. Concentrating, aiming, and
pushing for the Big O prevents this. So as we've explained, Tantrikas relax in the moment,
savoring every last bit of sensation they can muster, and let orgasm come to them.
That's why this chapter, which presents techniques to go higher and higher, covers the
pathways to peak pleasure which often result in spectacular climaxes of many different
You're going to be actively playing with your pleasure balloon, that imaginary energy
bubble inside you that limits and controls your capacity to feel. At rest, your pleasure balloon is
collapsed around your jewels. As you get excited and Kundalini energy fills your container,
your balloon expands.
Instead of letting sexual arousal build quickly and explode locally, you're going to learn to
pump the energy into your pleasure balloon. The more you do this, the lighter you'll feel and
the higher you'll float.
By the way, the more you practice, the bigger your bubble will stretch. The more you
exercise your pleasure balloon, the more flexible it becomes, the easier it expands, and the larger
it can get. Which means you feel more and get higher and higher.
Literally, the sky's the limit.
Understanding Orgasm
What do scientists tell us orgasm is (as if you need a definition)?
When you get sexually aroused, your sensitive zones swell with bl**d, your muscles tense
up, your breathing deepens and speeds up as your heart rate increases. Orgasm occurs when
that muscle tension is released at the peak of excitement accompanied by pulsations in your
pelvis. Masters and Johnson found about 12 contractions within 10 seconds was the norm. Then
your metabolism returns slowly to normal.
Does that fit with your experience? We bet you could add to that clinical description very
colorfully. Scientists often forget to mention that it also feels great, uplifts your emotions, stops
time, alters your consciousness, and creates an intimate merging with your beloved and the
sometimes the whole universe. Let's not forget that it makes you healthier, too.
If Tantra isn't going to push for orgasm, why should you care about understanding them in
greater depth?
To most people, successful sex means having one or more great orgasms. Sadly, many
women struggle with climaxing, especially with maithuna (Tantric for intercourse or sexual
union). A recent survey reported that less than one-third of women reach orgasm each time
they have intercourse. The same survey reported that 10 to 15% of women have never had an
Having spent years trying to make women come during maithuna, Somraj can attest to that
last statistic. As we noted before, many men have their climax too soon for his partner to be
satisfied. This is partly why Somraj wrote his personal success story in the best-selling ebook
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 159
Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery. Click here if you want to learn how to easily overcome premature
ejaculation and prolong lovemaking...
Playing With Orgasmic Energy
Because most lovers don't understand how to cultivate, circulate, and conserve the energy of
orgasm, this chapter was born. When you learn how to play with Kundalini energy, you can
make it last, feel it all over your body, and let it take you higher and higher. Then you'll feel as if
you're having full-body climaxes over and over continuously. We often call this the O-Zone.
When we started on the path of Supreme Bliss Tantra during the mid-90s, neither of us were
multi-orgasmic. Like many other women, Jeffre's orgasms required effort. It took too much
work to go for more than one. She was never aware of ejaculating. Like most men, Somraj
couldn't separate orgasm from ejaculation, so he usually came rather quickly.
Realizing how much we were missing gave us strong motivation to learn about pleasure,
ecstasy, and orgasm through Tantric practice.
Dancing in this powerful sexual life f***e is an art form. It's the highest form of intimacy,
personal creativity, and self-love. Some call it inner alchemy, using Kundalini energy for
personal transformation.
Dancing With Inner Alchemy
"You see, ecstasy is the natural human state. Ecstasy, the continuous experience of the divine
through knowledge of our own nature, is our natural state." ----- from Tantric Quest: An
Encounter With Absolute Love by Daniel Odier
Why will learning to play with Kundalini will transform your sex life?
The previous chapter about yoni healing addressed the sexually repressive climate most of
us were raised in. What we didn't stress there is one of major consequences of this conditioning:
rushing sex. We didn't want to get caught in the back seat of our dad's Chevy or on the living
room couch. And we certainly didn't want anyone to walk in on us masturbating.
We weren't trained to view sexuality as a spiritual pursuit. When we were young, most of
us were driven by hormones and approached sex solely as a physical act. In Tantra, we still
revere these primordial f***es between men and women. We just use them as one input that
creates a sacrament, a sacred merger, not an a****l episode.
In contrast to the extended, conscious, honoring interplay of Shiva (male) and Shakti
(female) energies in Tantra, modern sex more resembles an irresistible sneeze. Biology snares us
into awkward positions and we grapple. Sexual energy builds, and we give in to our own inner
tide or to the pressure from our horny partner.
Normal Sex
With this kind of "normal" sex, we usually go for maximum turn-on until we quickly
explode in a blaze of glory. Then, relaxation returns for a while until the biological f***es build
up again. Men take a while to recover, the average being 19 minutes in young men, getting
progressively longer as they age. Some women also need to recover after an explosive clitoral
Although, the explosion feels good, hasty men often roll over right afterwards and leave
their partner wanting more. The promise of Tantra is that, using the same physical f***es, you
can both reach ecstatic states that feel sensationally better and last and last. The average
"normal" lover doesn't have any idea what they're missing.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 160
To engage in Tantric Sex, approach orgasm differently. Don't seek it, don't pursue it, just let
it come to you. Don't push for release of energy, but savor every drop. Conserve and cherish it,
spreading it around your body just the way you would roll a sip of expensive aged wine
around your mouth.
That's where the ecstasy lies, beyond the Sacred Gate, and what this chapter will teach you.
EXERCISE: Orgasm Discussion Questions
Consider these questions. Write about them in your journal or discuss them with your
• How would you describe your orgasms? How do they feel?
• How do you typically orgasm?
• How satisfying are your orgasms and peaks of ecstasy?
8.2 History Of Orgasm Section
Orgasmic History Starting With Freud
First, let's review the modern history of orgasm. Whether you know it or not, you've
undoubtedly been conditioned by some of these myths and you're certainly affected by these
physiological facts.
We bet you know lots about Sigmund Freud who developed psychoanalysis in Vienna
before the second world war. Freud believed all our neuroses stem from sex. Whether you agree
or not, at least he brought to the public's attention that the mind is the most powerful sex organ.
When it blocks pleasure, sex isn't anywhere near as good as the original designer intended.
Freud believed that women could experience orgasm from clio or yoni stimulation.
Unfortunately, he had to go further and say that vaginal orgasms were better, in that they
represented the orgasm of the emotionally mature woman. Therefore, clitoral orgasms were
immature and somehow lesser.
Do you feel less mature when you have great pleasure from clio stimulation? We hope not.
Many studies we've seen substantiate that 75% women don't experience vaginal orgasm.
Was Freud telling the vast majority of women that they should fell less worthy because their
peaks of clio pleasure were second class? Or did he intend that the pleasure they felt from other
kinds of stimulation wasn't good enough?
Of course, in Tantra we believe all pleasure is a divine gift. Our personal and professional
opinion is that clio and internal G-Spot orgasms are simply different, not better or less evolved.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist or member of the upper class to create and receive any kind
of pleasure. Whatever feels good is good in our mind. We just think by studying and practicing
we can learn to have more and more of that which transforms our life.
The Good & Bad News About The Wonderful Mr. Kinsey
Freud's orgasm theory wasn't officially challenged until the pioneering behavioral work by
Alfred Kinsey in the 1950s. His team interviewed thousands and thousands of people to
uncover the realities of modern sexual play, not just theory.
We have Alfred to thank for the first scientific validation of a wide range of erotic activities.
Though Kinsey's efforts did swing the pendulum away from the vaginal-only orgasm camp, his
methods unfortunately contained a serious procedural error.
He didn't want to be accused of "fiddling" with his research subjects so his team of
gynecologists tested female erogenous zones with a device similar to a Q-tip. Aside from the
fact that this doesn't sound very sexually arousing, today we know something Alfred didn't.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 161
Yes, clio responds to soft touch and friction the like of which his Q-tip device could easily
create. But yoni doesn't. Most of the deep recesses of yoni only respond to pressure, something
that his little thingie wasn't designed to produce (in contrast to men's big thingies which are).
Masters & Johnson Broke Real Sexual Ground
A decade later, Masters & Johnson did a great service to our sexual lives in their
groundbreaking 1960s' studies of people having sex in the laboratory. They more clearly
defined orgasm and gave us the well-known four-stage model for sexual play: excitement,
plateau, orgasm, resolution.
Too bad that they based some of their research methods on Kinsey's findings. One of their
primary criteria for selecting lovers for their study was that the women had to be capable of
masturbating to orgasm. So they left out women who responded differently, and concluded that
the clitoris alone was responsible for orgasm in women.
Undoubtedly, they studied couples untrained in the ancient arts of love. Without knowing
how to manage Kundalini energy buildup, circulation, and exchange, they worked exclusively
with a limited view of sexuality which, in Freud's words, was immature.
All scientists are limited by their own world view. How can you ask questions about
something that you know nothing about?
Enter The First Dr. G
While all this was going on, the G-Spot was mostly being ignored. More than two decades
earlier, Ernst Gräfenberg, a German gynecologist, wrote a famous 1950 article about a highly
erogenous zone on the upper wall of the vagina. He recognized the tissue was erectile and
could produce powerful orgasms, even ejaculation.
Today, we know this is true for many women. We believe that most women can learn to
enjoy these sensational sexual experiences through the practices in this ebook. But from what
we've read, Kinsey, Masters, and Johnson -- along with the great majority of modern sexologists
-- ignored his findings.
EXERCISE: Types Of Orgasm Discussion Questions
Consider these questions. Write about them in your journal or discuss them with your
• What kind of orgasms did you have first?
• What kind of orgasms do you, the Goddess, usually have today?
• How are they different?
Putting The G-Spot On The Map
This began to change in 1982 when Alice Kahn Ladas, Beverly Whipple, and John D. Perry
published The G-Spot And Other Discoveries About Human Sexuality. Their still best-selling
book and its media acclaim firmly established this erogenous zone as a "spot."
As you learned in the Sacred Landscape Chapter, we prefer the term Sacred Gate over GSpot
since the spot isn't a specific piece of fixed tissue. In a recent email, John explained their
reasoning for using this term...
"We toyed with several alternatives, such as 'Area,' 'Zone,' etc. and decided that all of them
had both advantages and disadvantages. 'Spot' was a compromise between the lesser of many
poor choices. What makes it difficult is that, not only is it different in different women, but it
changes over the course of time within the same person. On top if that, there is no comparable
organ with which to label it. Always bear in mind that "G Spot" is a "sexological" term. The
correct anatomical term is 'Human Female Prostate'..."
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 162
Whatever you call clio, yoni, and the Sacred Gate, we just hope you accept your and your
lover's body like the Star Trek movie, "The Undiscovered Country." Play, explore, and titillate
whatever turns you on. That's our scientific position.
Other Orgasm Theories
In the 70s, sexologists Irving and Josephine Singer did their part to resolve -- or add to -- the
orgasm controversy by identifying three types of female orgasm...clitoral, uterine, and blended
(a blend of the other two). They were the first to report on the deep vaginal orgasms
presumably caused by jostling of the cervix, the opening to the womb at the top of yoni.
The Singers found that different muscles and feelings were involved. In response to this,
Ladas, Whipple, and Perry developed the two-nerve theory, claiming that different nerves
feeding clio and the inner recesses of yoni and the uterus account for the reports of different
kinds of orgasms. We thank them all for identifying different physiological pathways, and
introducing the idea of blending various sources of sensation.
There are other theories of orgasm out there. The continuum proposal theorizes that there's
a spectrum of climaxes triggered by clio at one end and the uterus at the other. Some believe the
truth is closer to a model of overlapping spheres, which counteracts the linear male-centric
mindset of most sexuality research. Foremost among them are Jennifer and Laura Berman who
wrote For Women Only.
Classifying Orgasm
We included the history of orgasm because we thought some of you might be interested and
would provoke some introspection and motivation for more. But, frankly, we're not very
interested in the scientific categorization of what brings us pleasure.
Why bother applying rigid labels to sexual climaxes when we and the members of our
Tantric f****y have so many different kinds in so many ways? Any of these theories are just
that, ideas, that can only provide a vague approximation of what's really going on inside our
bodies, minds, and spirits.
The whole body and your most sensitive tissues are interconnected anyway. Different
nerves feed clio and yoni creating orgasms that sometimes feel different. If you learn to transmit
Kundalini energy as Tantrikas do, why couldn't excitement in one place -- the lips, a breast, a
clio, even a toe -- cause a great orgasm deep inside? It can!
Playing with different models can help you understand what's happening inside yourself
when you're getting really juiced up. Then you can take responsibility and guide your own
pleasure. By knowing what the possibilities are, you can better guide your partner to reach
higher realms of ecstasy.
Which is of course the whole point of Tantra, believing these high states will provide the
energy to transform your consciousness. Whatever you believe, it's great fun.
Stairways To Heaven
Our teacher, Margot Anand, is fond of saying...
"There are as many kinds of orgasms as stars in the sky."
We know there is a myriad of different orgasms. No doubt, different folks experience them
in different ways. Instead of classifying them, we want to explore different physical pathways
to orgasm with clio, yoni, vajra, and Sacred Gate. Tantra adds the whole spiritual dimension to
this journey when you learn to use Kundalini to experience Tantric Orgasm. With many of these
pathways, lovers can experience single, multiple, and extended orgasm. And reach the
continuous state of climax we call the O-Zone.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 163
Yes, just as we know that playing with vajra makes men climax, playing with clio can help
women climax. And it is good!
Yes, we know there are magic places inside men and women that are orgasmic triggers.
We're talking about the mysterious G-Spot, of course. And, wow, is that good!
Yes, men have G-Spots, too.
We find blending Sacred Gate excitement with that of clio, vajra, and other sensitive zones
propels us to new heights.
Yes, we regularly experience Tantric Orgasm from the circulation of sexual energy: ecstatic
vibrations all over our bodies and peak pleasure for minutes that sometimes extends to hours.
Tantric lovers use all kinds of sexual play to begin detonating Tantric Orgasm and reach the
O-Zone. Imagine having your most powerful triggers creatively loved while you're in the throes
of extended peak pleasure. The long slow buildup and the rhythms of peaking and plateauing
are well worth the trip. More about this later.
While we're on the subject, let's not forget that many experience the same kind of climaxes
in the heart, the head, or the other subtle energy centers we call chakras. Jeffre recently had her
first thumb orgasm when her hand was being sucked after a long, full-body peaking experience.
EXERCISE: Ecstatic Orgasm Discussion Questions
Consider these questions. Write about them in your journal or discuss them with your
• How long are your orgasms?
• What parts of your body trigger your orgasms?
• Are you multiply orgasmic?
• What role does Kundalini play in your orgasms?
8.3 Physical Pathways To Orgasm Section
"Before I understood how to open with you, I tried giving you orgasms so I knew I was a good
lover. But now, all I want is your surrender. I want your heart's pleasure to ripple through your
open body and saturate my life with your love. Your body's openness to love's flow draws me into
you, and through your heart's surrender I am opened to the love that lives as the universe.
Whether you have an orgasm or not while we make love, your body's trust and devotional
openness is my secret doorway to love's deepest bliss." ----- from Dear Lover by David Deida
That Explosive Blaze Of Glory
Unless you're a Tantra or Yoga master, you probably experience sex and the way most
people do, as tension release. The average lover builds up sexual tension in their body when
they get turned on. Untrained lovers too often treat lovemaking as a way to relieve this
These mini-explosions release energy quickly in a few-second flash of pleasure, sometimes
with a big wet spot of the male seminal variety.
There's nothing wrong with a hot quickie now and then. You know we revere pleasure in all
its forms. It's just that explosive orgasm, more so for men when accompanied by ejaculation,
often drains lovers of their vital essence, not to mention their interest or ability in continuing
sexual play.
There are alternatives to releasing Kundalini that we'll get to shortly. Of course, if you've
ever had an earth-shattering mind-blowing consciousness-altering explosion, you'll surely enjoy
repeating it. So before we consider transcendent experiences, we're going to directly celebrate
the pathways to explosive climax.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 164
Treat Clio Right -- It's Worth It!
How many lovers struggle with achieving just a single orgasm? Females struggle to have
one. Many men work hard to control themselves to prevent squirting from happening too soon
so their partner can reach the peak at least once. We can't count the number of clients of each
gender who couldn't get all the way there any more after beginning new medications.
In this journey to higher ecstasy, you can achieve great benefits by studying your patterns,
pathways, and triggers of sexual climax. Both men and women can more easily experience
orgasm, ejaculation, separate the two, and choose which they want when.
Though women can experience orgasm in many ways, clio stimulation is typically the fast
track to one or more releases.
We agree with Kinsey and Masters & Johnson that this is the primary sexual arousal
pathway most women receive. It has the most dense nerves, responds quickly, and is easily
accessible. During self-pleasuring, oral play, and even most maithuna, clio plays the major part.
Yes, vajra provides major clio friction when inside yoni for many women due to their
One drawback to clio play is that having the correct approach is crucial. Many clios are shy,
hiding under their protective hood, making them difficult to discover. Many are supersensitive,
so much so that direct contact too soon can be shocking, even painful.
The Symptoms Of Explosive Orgasms
Don't get us wrong. Clio play is wonderful and a vital part of Tantric LovePlay because it's
been known to spark fabulous orgasms. Let's look deeper into the mechanics of a clio-induced
When you get sexually aroused through physical stimulation, your sensitive zones swell
with bl**d, your muscles tense up, your breathing deepens and quickens as your heart rate
speeds up. During orgasm, your heart rate more than doubles and your breathing accelerates
more than three times normal.
Orgasm occurs when that muscle tension is released at the peak of excitement accompanied
by about a dozen pulsating involuntary muscle contractions in your pelvis. Your face, arms,
legs, stomach, and butt contract. Your skin suddenly gets flushed so that you're suffused with
warmth all over. Suddenly, it feels as if everything stops.
As you're overwhelmed with an intense flood of sexual pleasure, you lose touch with the
outside world for a moment.
Single Cliogasms
The single female clio-induced orgasm lasts from 4 to 19 seconds accompanied by rhythmic
rapid one-second clenches of the outer third of inner yoni, the part nearest the opening. The PC
muscles, which surround yoni's walls an inch or two inside the opening, tighten and pulsate.
In contrast, deep yoni tents at this kind of orgasm, enlarging its inner two-thirds and lifting
up into the body along with the uterus. It feels as if a finger or vajra inserted deep inside yoni is
being squeezed at the outside end, while the inside or top of yoni noticeably loosens and
Some describe clio orgasms as intense and others not. Many report orgasms can be achieved
quicker with clio play than with maithuna. Though clio orgasms can be intense and spread
throughout the body, women often describe them as more superficial than deeper Sacred Gate
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 165
After an orgasm, clio may retract and once again hide under her hood. If you found her
sensitive at the start of play, you'll be amazed at how much more delicate your contact has to be
after orgasm. That is, if she'll let you touch her at all for a while.
PRACTICE: Solo Clio Orgasm
To give maximum pleasure to your own clio to more deeply enjoy single explosive
This practice is nearly a repeat of the solo clio play practice in the Sacred Landscape
Chapter. There we guided you to play with all the pleasure you could conjure. Here we
encourage you to go even further over the top.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling (see Section 6.6 for details).
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Remember, you're taking time for you, the Goddess.
Arrange yourself nude in a comfortable reclining position with legs spread propped
on pillows, leaning against your bed headboard, or using a backjack.
Use pads or towels in case you're worried about soaking the bed.
You may want to do this practice in front of a full-length or hand mirror to watch
what you're doing.
Begin by slowly touching, caressing, and arousing yourself. Start at the perimeter and
circle towards yoni: legs, thighs, face, neck, tummy, breasts. Take your time and enjoy.
Be sure to relax, breathe deeply, and make sounds that express what you're feeling.
Touch yoni gently and lovingly in the manner you prefer. As she begins to warm and
open, add whatever lubricant you prefer.
Awaken clio with soft slow circles and straight strokes on her shaft and sides. Try
clockwise and counterclockwise, up strokes and down strokes.
Vary your speed. Going too fast for too long can make clio numb.
Experiment with different moves, fingers, and positions to discover new things that
clio likes. Some women really like to gently squeeze clio between thumb and forefinger.
Try moving your thumb and forefinger in opposite directions on clio's sides with
varying speeds and pressures.
As you get turned on, continue experimenting by modifying the speed, pressure, and
directness of your strokes on clio. Always go in the direction of what feels good.
Use Orgasmic Breathing to spread sexual energy around your body and intensify the
sensations of pleasure you're giving yourself.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 166
Tantra focuses more on continuing pleasure than orgasm. Get as high as you want by
filling your pleasure balloon full with delicious energy. When you're ready, go for a big
explosion with full consciousness. Then, relax as much as you can. Watch what happens
inside and out. Enjoy!
When you decide to end your session, slowly relax and slow your movements down.
We really like the energy connection of one hand on yoni, one hand on your heart at this
point. Simply feel your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Reflect what was best, what
you discovered, what you want more of, what less. Close your Sacred Space by releasing
the directions with a bow, hug, or silent and a verbal acknowledgment of yourself,
giving thanks for the pleasure your body brings you.
PRACTICE: Partner Clio Orgasm
Shakti, if you have a partner you want to share your clio discoveries with, here's your
chance. We just adjusted the instructions of the Solo Clio Orgasm practice so you can
guide your lover to do all the work.
To share with a lover how to help you enjoy explosive orgasmic pleasure from your
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling (see Section 6.6 for details).
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Begin with the Partnering Questions...
1. What are your intentions for this practice?
2. What are your concerns (worries)?
3. What are your boundaries (physical or psychological)?
Arrange yourself nude in a warm room in a comfortable reclining position propped
on pillows, leaning against your bed headboard, or using a backjack. Make sure you can
spread your legs allowing your partner full access to clio and yoni. Use pads or towels to
guarantee that you're not worried about soaking the bed.
Ask you lover to begin by slowly touching, caressing, and arousing you. Take your
time and enjoy. Be sure to relax, breathe deeply, and make sounds that express what
you're feeling. A good partner will gently remind you if you forget. Stay focused on
your pleasure.
Ask your lover to touch yoni gently and lovingly. (A Tantric lover only approaches
yoni with permission.) As yoni begins to warm and open, ask your lover to add the
lubricant you prefer.
Ask your lover to awaken clio with soft slow circles and straight strokes on her shaft
and sides. Gently and lovingly, give your lover guidance and feedback to learn clio's
preferences. Remember to use the Feedback Sandwich (compliment, change,
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 167
As you get turned on, guide your lover to modify the strokes to please clio to the max.
This may include increasing the strength and speed of the stroke or varying it as the
Goddess wishes. Play with the speed, it can make an enormous difference.
Use Orgasmic Breathing to spread sexual energy around your body and intensify the
sensations of pleasure you're giving yourself. The more you integrate breathing,
moving, and sounding in this way, the fewer words you'll need to use. Your responses
will be obvious.
Use the energy you're generating to fill your pleasure balloon and take you higher
and higher. When you're ready with your partner's cooperation, go for a big explosion.
Watch if it feels any different from the solo experience. Enjoy!
When you decide to end your session, slowly relax and slow your movements down.
We really like the energy connection of one hand on yoni, one hand on her heart at this
Give each other a Heart Salutation and do whatever works for you to give thanks for
the pleasure you've received.
Be sure you acknowledge each other and give feedback. This is a time for expanding
your awareness and sharing it with one another. Reflect what was best, what you
discovered, what you want more of, what less.
Close your Sacred Space.
Multiple Explosive Orgasm
After a single explosive orgasm, sexual excitement declines steadily to the rest state before
arousal. The release of tension is relaxing. After ejaculation, men often fall asl**p. Some women
have a similar reduction in their Kundalini energy
. T i m e
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 168
However, with the right attitude and action, there's no reason why you can't experience
multiple occurrences of the single explosive orgasm. After one, your excitement will naturally
dip down a bit. By continuing or resuming effective stroking as soon as you're ready, you can
have another climax at the same level as the previous one.
T i m e
During multiple orgasm, a lover's finger or vajra inside yoni would feel about 10 seconds of
contractions, then no contractions while you pause as long as you need, then another 10 seconds
of contractions after more stroking, and so on. Many lovers report that this cycle can be
repeated many times.
PRACTICE: Multiple Clio Orgasm
You liked one. Want to go for more? Here's your chance.
To experiment with multiple clio orgasms.
Repeat the Solo Clio Orgasm Practice, steps 1 through 7, until you have a big
As soon as you can touch clio again, continue stroking and massaging her. Go for
another explosive experience.
If multiple clio orgasms don't come easily for you, experiment with different uses of
Orgasmic Breathing. PC pumps and energy visualizations especially may help make
repeat performances easier. Also, test out different strokes on your subsequent
experiences to see if different kinds of stimulation make multiple climaxes more
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 169
Teach a partner what you learned solo. Then you can lay back, relax, and enjoy a
string of clio explosions without doing much. This is the kind of love and adoration the
Goddess deserves.
Close your Sacred Space as appropriate.
Yoni Orgasms
As wonderful as multiple clio orgasms are, climaxes induced inside yoni have their own
special qualities. What exact role the womb and G-Spot play in vaginal orgasms are still under
scientific study. The Singers and others have written that pure yoni orgasm occurs in the uterus
as a result of jostling the cervix. Some believe the G-Spot is the physical pathway to yoni
orgasm. Though research is still underway today, some things are clear.
Sacred Gate (G-Spot) orgasms are longer and deeper than those of the 10-second variety,
even multiple ones. Some report that they commonly last 45 seconds, while others say they can
go on for many minutes. They involve the deep pelvic muscles including the big muscles of the
Remember that an explosive clio orgasm causes deep inner yoni to tent, gripping near the
mouth and opening up inside near the cervix.
Yoni does the opposite during Sacred Gate Orgasm. The outside third of yoni relaxes along
with the PC muscle, opening her entrance wider. Her inner muscles tend to push out, closing
the vaginal space. Perry and Whipple called this the "A-frame effect" in contrast to the tenting
A G-Spot orgasm is often accompanied by deep contractions that feel as if the uterus is
pushing down towards yoni's opening. A finger, dildo, vibrator, or vajra can be forcibly ejected
during this inner climax. As can amrita, the fluid that accumulates in the female prostate.
Does this help you to understand the mechanics of female ejaculation?
Sacred Gate Orgasm
Here's what women say about Sacred Gate Orgasm as compared with peaks brought on
through clio awakening alone...
Sacred Gate Orgasms are longer with more intense contractions than clio climaxes.
They report wave after wave of spasms making them shake, shudder, and vibrate all
over like nothing they've experienced otherwise.
Sacred Gate Orgasms are experienced far deeper. They feel as if they're pushing a
woman's insides out. Some report it feels rooted deep within. Others describe it as whole
sex erupting from heat that starts within their core and spreads throughout whole body.
One said it's like a river running loose inside.
Sacred Gate Orgasms are stronger and more moving than clio climaxes. They're
described as a complete rush, hitting the entire body like a storm. Like a volcano of
fireworks exploding from yoni that makes the whole body feel like it's on fire. Or like an
earth-shaking tidal wave that sweeps the woman to a higher plane outside and above
her body.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 170
Some women describe Sacred Gate Orgasm as overwhelming, causing them to lose
control. They numb out, pass out, or get weak in knees. Their eyes glaze over and they
scream like never before. Some say they lose all sense of reality, almost as if they were
out of their body.
If it wasn't clear before why the G-Spot is the Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss, we hope you're
finally getting the point.
Where Do You Go Afterwards?
Universally, women report the deeper orgasms resulting from yoni play are much more
fulfilling, but also much more emotional, as the above differences point out. Probably, many
Goddesses aren't fully prepared to feel the full power of their unleashed Kundalini.
As you'll read shortly about Tantric Orgasm, we don't necessarily believe losing touch with
reality creates the best sexual experience. It's possible that these women are holding their sexual
selves under tight rein. Losing their firm grip is for them a brief respite from the control they
continually exert over themselves. Or maybe the feeling of leaving the body is comforting for an
In Tantra, we don't use sexual pleasure as an escape. We want you there, fully present.
That's where the ecstasy is.
Women report that, once started, they don't want Sacred Gate Orgasm to stop. But when it
does, they continue to feel dazed and relaxed for hours. Some report aftershocks that go on and
on. Another great side benefit is that the Goddess will be increasingly desirous of sexual play in
the immediate future.
Clearly, G-Spot play is a doorway into more powerful experiences than most women have
with external excitement. Maybe this is because of the deeper pelvic nerve pathway that feeds
the female prostate along with the bladder, uterus, and inner PC muscle.
PRACTICE: Solo Sacred Gate Orgasm
To give yourself a Sacred Gate Orgasm.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling (see Section 6.6 for details).
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Remember, you're taking time for you, the Goddess.
Arrange yourself nude in a comfortable reclining position with legs spread propped
on pillows, leaning against your bed headboard, or using a backjack.
Once aroused, you'll probably have to get up on your feet or knees to reach your
Sacred Gate.
Use absorbent pads or soft towels in case you're worried about soaking the bed. Be
sure your bladder is empty before you begin.
You may want to do this practice in front of a full-length or hand mirror to watch
what you're doing.
Begin by slowly touching, caressing, and arousing yourself from the perimeter and
circle towards yoni. Caress outer yoni and clio with your preferred lubricant to get them
both real hot. Then lick or lubricate a finger and slowly circle around yoni's opening,
gradually going deeper inside with an in and out stroke. Take your time and enjoy
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 171
because your G-Spot may not come out to play unless you're really turned on. Be sure to
relax, breathe deeply, and make sounds that express what you're feeling. You might
enjoy a juicy fantasy to ramp up your turn-on.
When you're aroused enough, you'll begin to feel some places on yoni's front wall
lining become rougher and more wrinkly like corduroy. You might feel the glands
harden beneath the surface somewhere between yoni's inside end (cervix) and the
urethral meatus near her mouth. With a few minutes of continued stroking, your Sacred
Gate will swell and get larger and harder much like clio and vajra do.
If you find you can't reach deep enough inside or your muscles start protesting,
continue on your knees or squatting on your feet. Some experimenting may be necessary
to find the most comfortable position for G-Spot access. A curved dildo or vibrator can
help get your Sacred Gate aroused for easier palpation, i.e. you can feel it better.
Gradually increase the pressure on the rough and hard spots on yoni's front wall with
in and out strokes about once per second. Curl your finger around the pubic bone when
fully inserted, making a come hither motion as you pull your hand out.
As your Sacred Gate gets more engorged, you may feel a sense of urgency, the PSignal
-- the sensation you have when you're sure you have to pee. This means you're
really getting there. Remember, you just emptied your bladder. Simply breathe and
continue and the feeling will pass.
Use Orgasmic Breathing to intensify and spread sexual energy around your body.
Enjoy one or more powerful Sacred Gate Orgasms. Afterwards, instead of stopping
abruptly, be sure to cover yoni with your hand as you gradually cool down.
8. TOY
Whenever you decide the time is right, switch to using a vibrator or dildo for more
stimulation. This is where the Crystal Wand really shines, giving you leverage to apply
strong pressure around behind your pubic bone. The Sacred Gate loves pressure.
When you decide to end your session, slowly relax and slow your movements down.
We really like the energy connection of one hand on yoni, one hand on your heart at this
point. Simply feel your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Reflect what was best, what
you discovered, what you want more of, what less. Close your Sacred Space with a bow,
hug, or silent and a verbal acknowledgment of yourself, giving thanks for the pleasure
your body brings you.
PRACTICE: Partner Sacred Gate Orgasm
To teach your lover to give you a Sacred Gate Orgasm.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling (see Section 6.6 for details).
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 172
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Begin with the Partnering Questions...
1. What are your intentions for this practice?
2. What are your concerns (worries)?
3. What are your boundaries (physical or psychological)?
Arrange yourself nude in a warm room in a comfortable reclining position propped
on pillows, leaning against your bed headboard, or using a backjack. Make sure you can
spread your legs allowing your partner full access to clio and yoni. Use pads or towels to
make sure you're not worried about soaking the bed.
Ask you partner to begin by slowly touching, caressing, and arousing you from the
perimeter and circle towards yoni. Have your beloved to caress outer yoni and clio with
your preferred lubricant to get them really hot. Then give your partner permission to
insert a lubricated finger and slowly circle around yoni's opening gradually going
deeper inside with an in and out stroke. You are the Goddess and are in charge. Ask
specifically for what you want, even if it differs from this description. Take your time
and enjoy because your G-Spot may not come out to play unless you're really turned on.
Be sure to relax, breathe deeply, and make sounds that express what you're feeling.
Remember the 4 cornerstones of ecstasy: breath, sound, movement, and presence.
When you're aroused enough, your lover will begin to feel some places on your front
wall lining that are rougher and more wrinkly like corduroy. They might feel the glands
harden beneath the surface somewhere between yoni's inside end (cervix) and the
urethral meatus near her mouth. With a few minutes of continued stroking, your Sacred
Gate will swell and get larger and harder much like clio and vajra do.
Guide your partner gently to gradually increase the pressure on the rough and hard
spots on the upper wall with in and out strokes about once per second. Have them curl
their finger around the pubic bone when fully inserted, making a come hither motion as
they pull their hand out.
As your Sacred Gate gets more engorged, you may feel a sense of urgency, just like
when you're sure you have to pee. This means you're really getting there. Remember,
you just emptied your bladder. Simply breathe and continue and the feeling with pass
Use Orgasmic Breathing to intensify and spread sexual energy around your body.
Enjoy one or more powerful Sacred Gate Orgasms.
7. TOY
If you want, let your partner to switch to using a vibrator or dildo. The Crystal Wand
can really assist your lover as well, providing leverage to apply strong pressure around
behind your pubic bone. Some women like intense pressure and it's hard for some
givers to maintain that kind of pressure with fingers alone.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 173
When you're ready to stop, be sure your partner knows to follow your lead so they
don't abruptly break contact. Instead, have them cup and hold yoni with their palm,
while their other hand is on your heart. Look in each other's eyes and breathe together.
When you decide to end your session, slowly relax and slow your movements down.
We really like the energy connection of one hand on yoni, one hand on her heart at this
Give each other a Heart Salutation and do whatever works for you to give thanks for
the pleasure you've received.
Be sure you acknowledge each other and give feedback. This is a time for expanding
your awareness and sharing it with one another. Reflect what was best, what you
discovered, what you want more of, what less.
Close your Sacred Space.
8.4 Energy Pathways To Orgasm Section
“...The solid bodies of the two lovers begin pulsating as if charged with electricity. The feeling of
having solid flesh disappears. You are suddenly a pillar of vibrating energy held in exquisite
balance by your lover’s field of energy. This is a total orgasm of body and soul.” ------ from
Taoist Secrets Of Love by Mantak Chia
The "C" Word Is A Good One
Not every woman opens to Sacred Gate play quickly and easily. Early direct clio stimulation
doesn't work for every woman. Blending the two is a powerful combination, but getting there
takes consciousness of the receiver, skill of the giver, and communication between the two.
Diving straight in to using physical techniques alone isn't the guaranteed path to sexual
How often have you heard the complaint about that men just want to pump and skip the
foreplay? Women want connection, intimacy, love, or at least something more than just physical
fiddling. They want sex to have meaning.
Now, guys, we're not trying to scare you off with the big C word here (commitment).
Rather, we're trying to expand everyone's consciousness (the bigger C word) to other
dimensions of peak sexual pleasure. We want to bring the awareness of subtle energy into the
Adventuresome lovers often get hooked on stronger and stronger physical stimulation in an
attempt to create more and more pleasure. We encourage everyone to play with all the
pathways that intensifying sensation and orgasm. It's the addiction to stronger "external"
stimulation that troubles us.
In contrast, by opening all senses fully, Tantrikas become more sensitive to every sensation,
no matter how subtle. We learn to immerse ourselves in the most delicate whiff of pleasure and
transform it into surges of ecstasy. That's why in Supreme Bliss Tantra we call S.E.X. Subtle
Energy eXchange.
Capacity For Pleasure
One of our Tantric mottos is "more, More, MORE!!!"
An amazing discovery every Tantric student makes is that they have ingrained limits to
how much pleasure they can experience. If your pleasure balloon is restricted to the small area
of your jewels, it can fill up too rapidly and explode, creating an explosive orgasm.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 174
Somraj has always wanted it all, and used to think he could take as much excitement as he
and his lovers could muster. It was a sobering moment when he discovered that he had limits,
too. Early in his Tantric training, he often had such intense sexual sensations that there were
almost painful. Through practice, he's expanded his capacity for pleasure.
Where will it stop, nobody knows.
If you're trained to open your inner flute and spread the Kundalini, it's as if your pleasure
balloon fills your whole body gradually. By slowly stretching it, more and more energy is
contained without the wonderful but brief explosion that virtually pops your bubble.
Slowly expand the balloon to fill your whole body with Kundalini energy and you feel the
powerful vibrations of orgasm continuously everywhere. That's the prospect of Tantric Orgasm.
Tantric Orgasm Is An Energy Event
Tantric Orgasm is an energy event. Truly, nothing compares to using subtle sexual energy to
reach spectacular crescendos of ecstasy.
To harness sexual energy to cultivate Tantric Orgasm, you open your inner channels to its
flow, as described in the Sacred Tantric Sexuality Chapter. Then you can conjure up energy
mentally and excite your body. The medical term is auto-eroticism, turning yourself on without
any physical stimulation.
Tantrikas cultivate the inner nervous system climax. Instead of exploding and throwing it
away in a quick burst, Tantra teaches us to recycle Kundalini. We pump the energy of an
impending high peak back inside our pleasure balloon and circulate it repeatedly. We call these
"implosive orgasms."
The secret of Tantric Orgasm is to spread the powerful sensations from each part of your
jewels throughout your body. Then the energy implodes, massaging your mind, body, and
spirit instead of being released by an explosive orgasm. You do this with your breath, your
attention, your intention, and practice.
When you can circulate orgasmic energy as sexual play stimulates your erogenous zones,
you don't restrict the excitement to a small confined area. Rather, you spread the electricity.
When your pleasure balloon is as big as or bigger than your body, anywhere inside and out can
get as excited as your jewels do during an explosive orgasm. As the sexual f***es surge
throughout your body, instead of seeking explosive release, they keep surging higher and
As the Kundalini expands, it floods your entire body with pulsing orgasmic contractions
and continuous wavelike vibrations. You shake all over, engulfed in surge after surge of pure
liquid fire.
By conserving and channeling orgasmic energy within, orgasm becomes a sacred energy
event, an intimate communion, a bonding of life f***es, separate and distinct from momentary
tension release.
Implode Don't Explode
With explosive orgasm, purely and simply, you discharge like a lightning bolt and lose
energy. You expend the fuel that can propel you to higher states. With implosive orgasm, you
still experience heart-opening mind-blowing peaks of pleasure. You just do it in a different way.
Often, beginners resist the whole notion of giving up ejaculation. We understand why.
They've equated explosive orgasm with the peak of sexual ecstasy. We're not trying to talk you
out of the best feelings possible here. Guys, enjoy squirting when you want to. Rather, we're
suggesting another pathway, another option for you to play with at times.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 175
Somraj used to feel the same way, never wanting to miss the luscious dessert after the great
meal. As he became more and more trained in the art of sensual loving and became multiply
orgasmic, he changed his mind. Now he prefers floating at peak pleasure because it's more
intense than any ejaculation he's ever had.
Don't give up anything. Just take your time and shift your attention to the higher, finer
frequencies of the life f***es percolating inside you that you miss when you're madly humping
When men learn to relax this way, orgasm becomes different from physical ejaculation and
they find they can and want to go on and on higher and higher. For women, they find
themselves opening to more and deeper dimensions of life, love, and intimacy.
When Kundalini energy streams throughout the body, it's as if every cell is climaxing. Yes,
those same ecstatic vibrations you normally feel in your jewels during an explosion, you feel
them everywhere.
Alan & Donna Braeur's book, ESO: How You and Your Lover Can Give Each Other Hours
of Extended Sexual Orgasm, provided another valuable piece of the orgasmic puzzle when
published in 1983. They identified three zones (categories) of orgasm: single, multiple, and
While singly and multiply orgasmic folks have wonderful explosions of equivalent
intensity, extended sexual orgasm is a state of continuous ecstasy that climbs endlessly. Even
back in 1983, the Braeur's knew that the G-Spot is the Sacred Gate to the ultimate sexual ecstasy.
Clio play, according to them, usually only results in single or multiple explosions at roughly the
same level of pleasure.
Maybe because Alan is an M.D., their modern approach is decidedly clinical, not spiritual.
Yet, their book helps to explain how building and conserving sexual energy can bring lovers to
higher and higher levels of pleasure.
What Is Extended Orgasm?
Beyond one or multiple orgasms lies extended orgasm, a state of continuous peak pleasure
that lasts longer and feels more ecstatic than any of the 10-second bursts of release just
described. If you flow with it, the pleasure level of extended orgasm climbs higher and higher,
becoming increasingly intense, reaching amazing states of ecstasy.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 176
T i m e
Extended orgasm usually starts with single or multiple climax in most women and men, the
male version without ejaculation. Once started, lovers feel as if they're actively reaching for
more and more pleasure. Later on, extended orgasm becomes self-sustaining, requiring little or
no effort for the continuous slow contractions to surge for minutes or even hours.
Most women need Sacred Gate play blended with clio arousal to enter this zone. Some
sexually adept women can enter this state with clio or other stimulation alone, or even without
sexual stimulation. But there's much more than stimulation involved, which is probably why so
few women experience Extended Orgasm.
Entering Extended Orgasm
In short, to enter this state, the receiver must relax, let go, and surrender to the incredible
sensations of pleasure sweeping through her.
By learning extended Tantric Orgasm, men can learn to become multiply orgasmic, too.
Tantric practices teach men to separate ejaculation from orgasm by shifting their focus from
orgasm to pleasure, from their jewels to their whole body, from explosion to subtle energy.
More about this in the final bonus Male G-Spot Chapter.
You might say the Goddess needs to jump-start the meditative state by relaxing and fully
opening. Because most can't go from zero to 60 instantaneously, occasional leveling helps. They
ramp up, absorbing pleasure that fills their balloon a little, and then float for a moment before
climbing higher with more stimulation.
In the Kama Sutra Sex Positions Chapter, we'll show you how to use maithuna, full sexual
union, to strongly awaken the Sacred Gate. We want you to experiment with sexual positions
popularized by the Kama Sutra. Soon you'll be a seasoned veteran of lovemaking postures.
Extended Tantric Orgasm
If it's not obvious that energy-based Tantric Orgasms are long-lasting, let's make it
absolutely clear. Because sexual energy is conserved instead of expended, these streams of
ecstasy can go on and on. It's the ultimate in recycling, the ultimate experience of prolonged
peak pleasure.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 177
The vibrations that engulf your entire body with wave after wave of intense ardor can go on
for minutes, even hours.
Notice how similar the descriptions between energetic Tantric Orgasm and physical
Extended Orgasm? Both involve continuous contractions with peak pleasure. Physical
excitements and running energy are two pathways to endless ecstatic vibrations. The only
difference we see is, the ESO approach is purely physical. Add in the ability to channel,
recirculate, and exchange energy with Tantric Orgasm and the sky of Supreme Bliss is no limit.
The O-Zone
Beyond excitement, beyond single orgasm, beyond multiple climax, and even extended
orgasm lies the rarefied atmosphere of the O-Zone, the Orgasm Zone.
T i m e
E x t e n d e d
S in g le O rg a s m
O r g a s m
T h e O - Z o n e
Like an Olympic gold medalist who reaches the "zone" where impossible athletic feats come
to them effortlessly, the trained Tantrika can reach this state of streaming unheard of amounts
of pleasure through their body continuously.
The O-Zone is a timeless place where you float without effort and the ecstasy soars of its
own accord. In this meditative, altered state of consciousness, your heart rate and bl**d
pressure actually go down. The boundaries with your beloved disappear as you merge with the
entire cosmos. Anyone who's been there will tell you that they want to stay forever, never
wanting the Supreme Bliss to end.
A hallmark of this state is that it doesn't have to end until you choose to stop. Wonderfully,
you'll stay aroused considerably above your resting state for up to 24 hours. During this time,
those delicious orgasmic contractions can easily be restarted, sometimes just by remembering.
Not only does it feel awesome, but it's good for you. You'll feel less irritable, less tense, and less
stressed. You'll feel healthier, happier, more relaxed.
In these glimpses of a higher dimension, we enter a timeless void and seem to become one
with the universe. We feel our bodies, minds, and spirits merging with our beloved. We enter
an altered state of awareness. In this rapture, it seems as if our physical limitations disappear
and we float with all boundaries dissolved.
Suddenly we're open to flowing pure positive energy from our innate blissful source. We
become a conduit for communion between earth and sky, the physical and the spiritual.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 178
Where Is The O-Zone?
How do you reach the O-Zone? By learning to...
• Develop the Tantric mindset of meditative sex,
• Master the skills of Tantric loveplay and yoni massage,
• Heal your sexuality,
• Stream Kundalini energy, and
• Pump, pump, pump your pleasure balloon totally full while
• Relaxing completely.
Then you can...
• String together a series of multiple implosions using clio and Sacred Gate play,
• Channel your energy to create long-lasting energetic Tantric Orgasms, and
• Get out of your own way and let the divine powers take you of their own accord.
That's why we make such a big deal about imploding instead of exploding. When you
explode, you release Kundalini energy. Call it essence, call it life f***e, call it sexual juice or
divine fluids -- the more you create and retain, the more fuel you have to propel you to the OZone.
Achieving this state is the focus of Tantric practice. We learn to find true ecstasy within by
relaxing into high states of arousal. We channel the life f***e that sexuality generates and
expand the Kundalini up our inner flutes, the subtle pathway that connects our chakras. We
weave the essence of all our centers -- body, mind, spirit -- into holistic union with all that is.
This is true bliss, being at one with all existence.
This power becomes the raw material that creates divine connection and higher
EXERCISE: High States Discussion Questions
Discuss with your partner or your journal, doubts, questions and reactions to the section
about Tantric Orgasm...
• Have you ever experienced your limit of pleasure? How did it happen?
• Have you ever experienced a Tantric Orgasm?
• Have you floated in the O-Zone?
8.5 Peaking Section
Enough discussion. Let's get down to the nitty gritty of how you get to sensational ecstasy.
Some Tantrikas are so skilled at running Kundalini that they can enter this state with little
or no physical stimulation at all. Yet, most of us need some external excitement at the
beginning, whether from a beloved's touch, solo play, or erotic images.
The path to extended Tantric Orgasm and the O-Zone doesn't focus exclusively on the best
or strongest technique and how much stimulation you can create in the shortest possible time.
Rather, we focus on filling our pleasure balloon. The first secret is peaking.
Peaking means to enjoy excitement rising to a high level and then, instead of going for more
and the likely explosion, immediately changing, slowing, or stopping the stimulation. It's a
sudden surge of turn-on that you let come back down without going over the top. Peaking just
before an orgasm is, of course, great fun.
If you graphed peaking, it would look like a steep ascent up a mountain followed
immediately with a steep descent. Which is where it got its name.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 179
T i m e
Don't Resist The Peak
Some people can't understand why you would want to back off from something that's
feeling good.
We've answered that question extensively, haven't we? Because by drawing out the process
you get longer and higher pleasure. Your ultimate orgasm is more intense, often transitioning to
an extended one. The more you peak, the more sexual energy you pump into your pleasure
However, so many of us, programmed with taboos, shame, and guilt around sex, try to get
it over with rapidly. Women worry they won't orgasm so they push for it at every opportunity.
We all try to hold back to overcome early conditioning when trying not to be discovered.
If you've always pushed for as much excitement as you could muster as quickly as possible,
practicing peaking by yourself is the best place to start. Practice ramping up, absorbing pleasure
that fills your balloon a little, and then float for a little while before climbing higher with more
stimulation. Although this may sound like we're addressing only men here, this certainly
applies to women as well.
There's two ways to do this: by slowing the amount of Kundalini energy you're generating,
and by spreading what you're generating around your body. We'll address the each in turn in
the next practices.
PRACTICE: Solo Peaking
To practice peaking by yourself.
If you have a partner, we suggest you practice Solo Peaking in front of each other. If
you've never self-pleasured in front of each other, you have a wonderful new experience
to enjoy.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling (see Section 6.6 for details).
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 180
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Before you begin, choose your strategy. If you aren't very skilled at peaking, we
suggest you start with external stimulation on clio or vajra. If you've practiced a lot, use
your own judgment.
Lie on your back in your most comfortable position with your knees bent supported
by a pillow, leaning against your bed headboard or backjack, or simply extended
straight out.
Begin with relaxing, conscious breathing, or full body sensual massage until you're
comfortable, focused, and ready to get excited.
Massage your jewels the way they like it.
As your arousal builds but before you get too close to orgasm, stop what you're doing
to back off from your first peak. When your excitement has settled down, repeat this
several times.
After you're confident about stopping, repeat the same cycle several times but
slowing instead of stopping. Slow down, change your strokes, or lighten your pressure
Continue as long as you want, finishing with an orgasm if you choose.
Close your Sacred Space as appropriate, acknowledging yourself and your pleasure.
Partner Peaking
Once you've enjoyed and mastered solo peaking, you'll certainly want to try it with your
partner. Lovers help their beloveds peak by adjusting the stimulation they're giving to avoid
pushing their partner over the top.
You can develop the knack to tease and tantalize long-term partners to unheard of peaks.
Sure, the more you practice, the better you'll get at anything. Just don't succumb to the
prevalent social conditioning that every good lover always knows exactly what to do with each
new partner at each moment.
Recognize that good sex is a team game. As with the any kind of relationship intimacy,
peaking works best with communication and cooperation. How do you know for sure how
turned on your lover is and what they want at each moment?
By observing, by asking, and by listening. By them staying awake, responding non-verbally,
or answering verbally. The communication skills introduced in the Tantric LovePlay Chapter
really come in handy here.
Receivers have as much, or maybe even more, responsibility for peaking as givers do. Shakti
guides their partner with verbal feedback, by moving closer or away, getting louder or quieter,
breathing deeper or shallower, or using pre-arranged cues.
And Goddess, be sure to aid the peaking process by spreading the energy around your body
that's localized in your yoni.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 181
PRACTICE: Partner Peaking
To practice peaking with a partner.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling (see Section 6.6 for details).
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Discuss Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, boundaries -- deciding who will
receive what first.
Agree on alert words and signals for slowing and stopping.
If you aren't very skilled at peaking, we suggest you start with external stimulation
on clio. If you've practiced a lot, use your own judgment.
Begin with relaxing, conscious breathing, or full body sensual massage until the
receiver is comfortable, focused, and ready to be excited.
Giver, massage your partner's jewels the way they like it. If you don't know, ask. If
you're unsure at any time, ask. Receivers, be supportive, positive, and helpful, and don't
be shy.
Giver, watch your partner closely for signs of rising arousal: facial expressions,
swelling tissues, darkening color, changed breathing, thrusting hips, body jerks, pulsing
muscles, hands pushing away, and withdrawing pelvis. At the same time, Goddess, give
verbal feedback about what you're feeling and your level of arousal.
Receiver, as your arousal builds but before you get too close to orgasm, give your
stopping signal to back off from your first peak. Giver, immediately stop all stimulation,
and resume only when asked to.
After you're confident about stopping, repeat the same cycle several times using your
slowing signal. Giver, instead of entirely stopping, slow down, change your strokes, or
lighten your pressure slightly. Closely follow what your observations, senses, and
partner tell you.
Continue as long as you want, finishing with an orgasm if you want.
Switch roles and repeat the practice.
Close your Sacred Space as appropriate, acknowledging your pleasure.
Give thanks to your partner with a Heart Salutation.
8.6 Plateauing Section
"First, find out what you love most in the world, and make it a priority in your life. Second,
breathe. Your breath is the bridge between you and spirit, and a key to ecstasy. Nourish yourself
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 182
with breath -- not just now and then, but always. Third, find a community of people who share
your hunger for ecstasy and support your soul work. Don't try to do it alone; it doesn't work."
----- Jalaja Bonheim
Four Cornerstones Are Key
With the Tantric path to sensational ecstasy, you, the receiver will manage the internal
process. You're going to learn to spread even the subtlest sensation around your body and
absorb it all in your pleasure bubble. You feel the slightest exciting touch on clio, for example,
and instead of screaming and squirming for more, you absorb it like a hungry pleasure sponge.
Using all four of the cornerstones of ecstasy are vital here -- breath, sound, movement, and
presence. The last is the most critical for extended Tantric Orgasm. Presence is the ability to be
fully in the moment, experiencing what's happening now, and letting go of any resistance tying
you to the past.
By using the four cornerstones of Supreme Bliss and breathing orgasmically, you'll excite all
your chakras which store and regulate all your energies. You open your inner flute and become
a conduit for limitless and endless life f***e by breathing, moving, making sounds, and staying
fully present.
Because most lovers can't go from zero to 60 instantaneously, the receiver needs to jumpstart
the meditative state by relaxing and fully opening. In short, to enter this state, the receiver
must relax, let go, and surrender to the incredible sensations of pleasure sweeping through him
or her. Easier said than done.
The receiver has to focus, tune in to all sensory input, and consciously absorb sensation.
Distractions can kill the mood. The built-in resistances we all carry can easily get in the way.
We're talking about negative emotions like guilt, shame, and fear that block energy, as well as
thoughts and beliefs that run counter to feeling pleasure.
If a part of you hates sex because of the pain of c***dbirth, or intimacy conjures up the
torment of failed relationships, or you still believe that some kinds of sex are a sin and you'll
burn in hell for it -- well, undoubtedly the free flow of Kundalini energy you need to ride to
Supreme Bliss will be blocked to some degree.
All personal growth work can help in opening your sexual channels.
Orgasmic Breathe Your Way Higher
The untrained lover, when super excited, usually pants or holds their breath. Their muscles
become tense and tight. They move closer and closer to the release of explosive orgasm. The
more excited they get, the more they shut off their senses and focus inward, often closing their
When this situation is coupled with the shame, guilt, and embarrassment that makes so
many of us passive in bed, we end up feeling as if we don't have control over our own pleasure.
This is in stark contrast to the Tantric lover's bedroom behavior. Namely, Orgasmic
We breathe slowly and deeply. We relax, move unduously to spread the excitement. We
become more and more present with our senses fully awake, connecting with our beloved and
the whole universe. We guide our experience by responding and communicating. We're Shiva,
the powerful dynamic leader, and Shakti, the all receptive pliable sponge, at the same time.
You rock your pelvis while you're relaxing your other muscles, and you communicate
openly while keeping all of your senses wide open. You empty the mind of extraneous
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 183
distracting thoughts, and visualize the energy moving within and exchanging the energy with
your partner. You use your PC muscle to pump energy up your inner flute, opening your
channels to the flow of sacred sexual energy.
In this manner you bring your mind, emotions, and spirit into harmony with your body. As
you can see, there's much more than stimulation involved, which is probably why so few
people experience extended Tantric Orgasm.
Once you develop the knack of peaking by slowing or stopping external stimulation, you
can move on to learning to plateau. Plateauing means...
Learning to maintain a high level of arousal without backing off.
If you picture peaking as shooting up steeply and then dropping down quickly, plateauing
will be easy to grasp. Here, you move up to a high level of pleasure and then stay there,
enjoying it as long as you want.
T i m e
Plateauing is like mounting the steep narrow steps of a Mayan pyramid. You go slowly so
you don't slip. You stop at wider walkways, rest, and catch your breath. When you reach the
top, you relax totally, float close to the sky, and simply enjoy view.
It's possible to plateau by adjusting outside stimulation. Try it if you haven't and see if you
like it.
We prefer and recommend learning to plateau using Orgasmic Breathing. The receiver who
masters spreading Kundalini this way ceases to be at the mercy of their lover. No more feelings
of not being in charge of your own pleasure. When you can stream energy up and down your
inner flute, you'll naturally plateau and easily transition into extended orgasm and eventually
the O-Zone.
When you can circulate the orgasmic energy up from your lower chakras, you can simply
float on a true ecstatic high, basking in the divine light that infuses your whole body. Some call
these "valley orgasms" because as their arousal curve rises higher and higher, it flattens out at
steps instead of peaking up sharply.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 184
PRACTICE: Solo Plateauing
To practice plateauing by yourself.
You might think you've done this exercise already since it's beginning is so similar to
Solo Peaking. But using Orgasmic Breathing to spread sexual energy while continuing to
absorb pleasure is an important and vital difference. Again, if you have a partner, we
suggest you practice Solo Plateauing first.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling (see Section 6.6 for details).
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Before you begin, choose your strategy. If you aren't very skilled at plateauing, we
suggest you start with external stimulation on clio or vajra. If you've practiced a lot, use
your own judgment.
Lie on your back in your most comfortable position with your knees bent supported
by a pillow, leaning against your bed headboard or backjack, or simply extended
straight out.
Begin with relaxing, conscious breathing, or full body sensual massage until you're
comfortable, focused, and ready to get excited.
Massage your jewels the way they like it.
As your arousal builds, begin breathing, moving, sounding, and moving energy up
your inner flute using PC pumps and visualization.
When you feel a high level of excitement, consciously enjoy it, savor it, and relax into
it. Using the components of Orgasmic Breathing, keep your pleasure level for a few
minutes. Slow your breathing, open your eyes, move slower, moan louder, or pump
your PC more to spread the Kundalini energy.
Channel the energy up your inner flute, swirling it around your heart, or higher to
your third eye. Can you feel the energy elsewhere in your body? Focus on it, move
around it, and breathe into it to heighten the orgasmic feelings outside your jewels. If
your PC muscle starts to spasm all on its own, relax and enjoy ride the wave of pleasure.
You'll eventually find as you relax into a plateau, ecstatic vibrations will sweep
throughout your body.
If you get too close to orgasm, feel free to stop, slow, or change what you're doing to
back off from the peak. You can also open your eyes wide, relax all your muscles, inhale
more slowly and deeply into the belly through the NOSE until your excitement drops. If
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 185
your excitement keeps rising, you can also try holding your breath. Alternatively, some
people report that fast panting releases energy suddenly.
Continue as long as you want, leveling at several plateaus, finishing with an
explosive orgasm if you want.
Close your Sacred Space as appropriate, acknowledging yourself and your pleasure.
PRACTICE: Partner Plateauing
To practice peaking with a partner.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling (see Section 6.6 for details).
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Discuss Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, boundaries, deciding who will
receive what first.
Agree on alert words and signals for slowing and stopping.
Receiver, lie on your back in your most comfortable position: your knees bent,
supported by a pillow, or simply extended straight out. Giver, sit or kneel between your
partners' legs or at their side. Giver comfort is as important as receiver comfort. Tension
in the giver's body transmits to the receiver, so be sure to experiment until you find a
position that can last a while for both of you.
Begin with relaxing, conscious breathing, or full body sensual massage until the
receiver is comfortable, focused, and ready to be excited.
Giver, massage your partner's jewels the way they like it. If you don't know, ask. If
you're unsure at any time, ask. Carefully observe your partner for signs of rising arousal.
When you see something creating great turn-on, concentrate on maintaining the same
speed, pressure, and stroke without changing. Receivers, be supportive, positive, and
helpful, and don't be shy.
Receiver, as your arousal builds, begin breathing, moving, sounding, and moving
energy up your inner flute using PC pumps and visualization.
Receiver, when you feel a high level of excitement, consciously enjoy it, savor it, and
relax into it. Using the components of Orgasmic Breathing, keep your pleasure level for
a few minutes. Slow your breathing, open your eyes, move slower, moan louder, or
pump your PC more to spread the sexual energy.
Receiver, channel the energy up your inner flute, swirling it around your heart, or
higher to your third eye. Can you feel the energy elsewhere in your body? Focus on it,
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 186
move around it, and breathe into it to heighten the orgasmic feelings outside your
jewels. If your PC muscle starts to spasm all on its own, relax and enjoy ride the wave of
pleasure. As you relax into a plateau, ecstatic vibrations will sweep throughout your
Receiver, if you get too close to orgasm, use slowing or stopping signals to guide your
partner to back off what they're doing. You can also open your eyes wide, relax all your
muscles, inhale more slowly and deeply into the belly through the NOSE until your
excitement drops.
Continue as long as you want, leveling at several plateaus, finishing with an
explosive orgasm if you want.
Switch roles and repeat the exercise.
Close your Sacred Space as appropriate, acknowledging each other and your
8.7 Blended Orgasm Section
"The word 'Tantra' means the capacity of expansion, that which goes expanding. Sex shrinks
you, Tantra expands you. It is the same energy, but it takes a turn. It is no longer selfish, no
longer self-centered. It starts spreading -- it starts spreading to the whole existence. In sex, for a
moment you can attain to the orgasm, and at a great cost. In Tantra you can live in the orgasm
twenty-four hours a day, because your very energy becomes orgasmic. And your meeting is no
longer with any individual person: your meeting is with the universe itself. You see a tree, you
see a flower, you see a star, and there is something like orgasm happening." ----- from
Philosphia Perennis by OSHO
Playing In Stereo
Short of maithuna, you've got it all now: clio, Sacred Gate, and energy to carry you to single,
multiple, and extended orgasms. Play there long enough and you'll catapult yourself into the
non-stop O-Zone. If you've been a student dedicated to your own pleasure and practiced
religiously, you've developed great lovemaking skills as a giver and receiver.
We've saved the best for last, blended orgasm -- merging multiple stimulation and riding
the wave. Blended orgasm originally referred to clio and yoni climax at the same time. We
extend the term to including excitement of the lips, breasts, womb, rosetta, or even the mind for
that matter. Now that you've mastered Orgasmic Breathing, you can also blend energy play
with any of those orgasmic triggers.
Dealing with multiple sources of pleasure is both the delight and challenge of blended
orgasm. You, the Goddess, will receive more sensation from more sources than you're
accustomed to. Can you deal with such intense feeling? Can you handle it? Can you pump so
much Kundalini so fast into your pleasure balloon? Is it flexible and expandable enough to
absorb it all?
If you drop into a meditative no-mind condition, surrender to the natural f***es within your
body, and let the pleasure sweep you away, you'll soar on wings of ecstasy. Delightful as it is,
losing control like this can be extremely scary at first.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 187
The giver of blended stimulation has a major challenge as well. The giver has to pay
attention to two or more different actions with different responses. It's like playing two different
musical instruments at the same time. Like listening to two different stereo channels
Without confidence, experience, and total presence, a lover can't give each separate channel
the attention it deserves. This is even more demanding for novice self-pleasuring when you
have to both give and receive simultaneously.
Blending Clio & Sacred Gate Play
Going for blended orgasm inside and outside yoni simultaneously requires two fingers,
hands, or sex toys. Inside, you can use one or more fingers on the Sacred Gate, a dildo with or
without vibration, or the Crystal Wand. Outside, you have the option of using one or more
fingers on clio, or a little vibrator.
A giver at the receiver's side with fingers inside yoni can stimulate clio with the thumb of
the same hand. Skilled loves sometimes cup yoni and rest their palm on clio or mons (the
mound of the pubic bone). This allows the other hand free to press on the Goddess's pubic bone
or lower abdomen covering her womb. Many women enjoy this added stimulation of the
sexually responsive acupressure points on the top ridge of the pubic bone. Some report feeling
delicious pressure on the G-Spot from the outside.
Of course, using Orgasmic Breathing to stream Kundalini from clio and Sacred Gate is
always available to the receiver. For us dedicated Tantrikas, this is the automatic way to
heighten and extend our pleasure by blending physical and energetic blended climaxes.
PRACTICE: Blended Finger Play
To practice blending clio and Sacred Gate Orgasm with fingers.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling (see Section 6.6 for details).
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Discuss Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, boundaries.
Giver, open with a full body sensual massage. Receiver, as your arousal builds
through Tantric loveplay, begin breathing, moving, sounding, and moving energy using
PC pumps and visualization. Channel the energy up your inner flute, swirling it around
your heart, or higher to your third eye.
Giver, massage your partner's clio the way she likes it. As always, if you're not sure
what she wants right now, ask. Receivers, be supportive, positive, and helpful, but don't
be shy. Remember the Feedback Sandwich.
After a juicy peak or plateau, giver, switch your massage to the Goddess's Sacred
Gate with her consent. Yes, switch. Don't do both at first. Use the strokes gradually as
you learned in the Sacred Gate Massage Chapter. If you're not sure what to do at any
time, ask.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 188
Giver, now alternate between clio and Sacred Gate play, switching at natural peaks or
plateaus. At each pause, encourage the receiver to relax and stream orgasmic energy all
over her body.
Giver, when the time is right, use both clio and Sacred Gate massage simultaneously.
Don't go to this blended massage too soon. Wait until she demands it or is responding
very strongly to each single stimulation.
Giver, follow the receiver's responses. She may guide you to help her peak, plateau,
and orgasm over and over. If she chooses to continue, she may experience an Extended
Orgasm. Follow her lead and stay with her.
When she chooses to wind down, maintain your attention and presence. When she's
ready, connect yoni and her heart with your hands, cuddle in a spooning position, and
gently discuss what she experienced.
Close your Sacred Space as appropriate, acknowledging each other and your
Oral Blended Play
You can do the previous exercise just as well with oral stimulation of clio using mouth, lips,
and tongue. Many women experience even more intense pleasure from outer yoni stimulation
this way.
There are so many variations and options, the subject demands an ebook all its own. Our
Tantric Oral Sex volume is in progress as this Sacred Gate ebook goes to press. Watch for the
In the meantime, by using the sensitivity and skills you've developed so far, adding oral
play to clio should be an easy jump. Positioning the giver's body can be a challenge when
combining oral and Sacred Gate play. Experiment so your neck doesn't stiffen up and your
penetration hand doesn't cramp.
PRACTICE: Blended Oral Play
To practice blending clio and Sacred Gate Orgasm through oral play.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling (see Section 6.6 for details).
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Discuss Partnering Questions -- desires, concerns, boundaries.
Giver, open with a full body sensual massage. Receiver, as your arousal builds, begin
breathing, moving, sounding, and moving energy using PC pumps and visualization.
Channel the energy up your inner flute, swirling it around your heart, or higher to your
third eye.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 189
Giver, kiss, lick, and suck your partner's clio and yoni the way she likes it. If you don't
know, ask. If you're unsure at any time, ask. Receivers, be supportive, positive, and
helpful, but don't be shy. Remember to use the Feedback Sandwich.
After a juicy peak or plateau, giver, switch your massage to the Goddess's Sacred
Gate with her consent. Use the strokes gradually as you learned in the Sacred Gate
Massage Chapter. If you're not sure what to do at any time, ask.
Giver, alternate between oral and Sacred Gate play, switching at natural plateaus
when she relaxes and streams orgasmic energy all over her body.
Giver, when the time is right, use both oral and Sacred Gate massage simultaneously.
Don't go to this blended massage too soon. Wait until she demands it or is responding
very strongly to each stimulation separately.
Giver, follow the receiver's responses. She may guide you to help her peak, plateau,
and orgasm over and over. If she chooses to continue, she may experience an Extended
Orgasm. Follow her lead and stay with her.
When she chooses to wind down, maintain your attention and presence. When she's
ready, connect yoni and her heart with your hands, cuddle in a spooning position, and
gently discuss what she experienced.
Close your Sacred Space as appropriate, acknowledging each other and your
8.8 Closing Section
Are things coming together for you yet? We hope so.
Tantric mindset, PC muscles, streaming energy, loveplay, anatomy, and massage strokes are
all essential elements of reaching Supreme Bliss. Here's where sufficient sexual healing to allow
you to relax fully and surrender into your body's intense signals of pleasure really pays off.
Clio, yoni, and the Sacred Gate are all pathways to orgasm, as are other parts of your body,
mind, and soul. Using Orgasmic Breathing can harness your Kundalini energy to contribute as
well. They can all lead you to a single climax, a series of multiple ones, or an extended orgasm.
Blend them and the O-Zone is just around some unexpected corners.
As receiver, we encourage you to study your pathways to different orgasmic experiences.
Discover for yourself how to fill your pleasure balloon and soar to new heights of ecstasy. How
can you best use peaking and plateauing? How many and what kind of orgasms propel you
into the most ecstatic of states?
Now maybe you can see why we believe that Tantric Sex never gets old, routine, or boring.
The possibilities are endless. The self-discovery unending. The new combinations limitless. The
fun and joy perpetual.
If it takes you weeks, or months, or even years to appreciate the ecstatic states awaiting you
inside your body, that's fine. When you're ready, the next chapter expands the game to include
maithuna and the prospect of sacred simultaneous orgasm.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 190
Chapter 9: Kama Sutra Sex Positions
"Sexual behavior is to be learned with the aid of the Kama Sutra and the counsel of worthy men,
experts in the art of pleasure." Vatsyayana from the Kama Sutra translated by Alain
9.1 Opening Section
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Understand the Kama Sutra's methods of sexual union (intercourse).
• Know how to adjust lovemaking for different jewel (genital) size.
• Practice with sex positions to discover what provides the most pleasure for your
unique Sacred Gate.
Prepare For Matching Jewels
If you've read and played through Awakening The Sacred Gate chapter by chapter, you
realize that there's more to ecstasy than just pushing the right button. You need to prepare
physically and spiritually.
The more open Shakti's energy channels, the greater the pleasure she feels. The better your
partnership and more stimulating your loveplay, the more responsive her G-Spot will be. The
more her lover opens to the flow of ecstasy, letting Shakti's orgasmic energy in, the more
excitement both can exchange.
From practicing in the Sacred Landscape and Sacred Gate Massage Chapters, you've
realized how to locate and awaken the Sacred Gate. If you've experimented with everything so
far, you must realize that hitting your beloved's G-Spot with a vajra (penis) is not automatic. As
you learned with finger massage, there's an art and science to locate, engorge, and pleasure the
Sacred Gate.
How to best do this during maithuna (intercourse) is the purpose of this chapter.
Vajras and yonis (vaginas) are all different. We'll get into some of the juicy details in this
chapter. Based on how his and hers interact, we'll explain how some fit better than others and
what to do about the discrepancies.
Varying your sexual position is one primary method to best match vajra and yoni to
produce maximum Sacred Gate excitement. The Kama Sutra is probably the best known manual
addressing this.
If You've Skipped Right To This Chapter
If you've come right to this chapter, you're probably interested in making your sexual union
more exciting. Great!
The bad news is that you missed how to locate and stimulate the G-Spot (we often call it the
Sacred Gate), not to mention awakening the subtle energies laying dormant inside that can
really supercharge your sexual play.
If you want, carry on trying out the Kama Sutra sex positions in this chapter. Just realize
that applying what the previous chapters -- especially Sacred Landscape and Sacred Gate
Massage -- will boost your chances of mutual pleasure enormously.
The Aim Of Tantric Sex
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 191
The total aim of Tantric Sex is to give yourself completely to the experience. Spiritual
teachers call this surrender. That doesn't imply giving up to an enemy, but giving up the
misguided notion that you can or need to control everything. Just relax and let the pleasure
flow through you is what you need to learn to experience the highest peaks of ecstasy. There's
no such thing as too much pleasure.
The French call orgasm "la petite mort," the little death, total surrender, losing yourself. You
have to let go totally and let yourself be completely naked and fully vulnerable to whatever
happens. Otherwise the really really good stuff never happens.
Tantra embodies the eastern pursuit of inner peace and harmony by releasing stress and
resistance dominated by the ego. Maintaining this state of empty ego by opening and
surrendering to whatever comes is the aim of the O-Zone in Tantra.
9.2 Kama Sutra Intro Section
"Kama is the the five senses of hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting, and smelling,
assisted by the mind together with the soul. Kama is as necessary for existence and well-being of
the body as food, and consequently equally required. ----- Pramesh Ratkanar in Golden India:
Kama Sutra
The Famous Hindu Love Manual
Have you heard of the Kama Sutra, the Hindu love manual nearly 2000 years old? Most
have, thanks to the courageous translation of Sir Richard Burton during the 19th century. He
was a much earlier nobleman with the same name as the well-known modern English actor.
Tantra, the ancient Eastern art and science of sacred sexuality, is much broader, richer, and
older. Secret Tantric writings began some 7000 years ago and dealt with all energies -- body,
mind, emotion, spirit -- as a path to liberation and enlightenment. In contrast, the Kama Sutra is
merely a depiction of sexual customs of India during the early centuries of the common era.
So what is this modern fascination in the West with this once obscure sex manual?
Maybe it's because of the forthrightness of the author, Mallinaga Vatsyayana, about things
we're too ashamed or embarrassed to talk about today. Things like lovemaking position.
Though we don't know much about him, we do know that he was a sage and religious scholar
who lived in Pataliputra, India between Benares and Calcutta sometime between 200 and 500
He didn't pull any punches. The Kama Sutra was meticulous and graphic about seduction,
foreplay, sex, and love relationships. Which made it the definitive guide to sexual etiquette of
the times.
Pleasure Rules
What was the purpose of this treasured window into the past? You might have read that
Kama Sutra means "love songs." This sounds wonderful but isn't particularly accurate.
Kama is often defined as love, a rather broad term that means various things to different
people at different times. More exactly, this "kama" is about desire and pleasure derived from
the senses. Kama is the enjoyment you glean from hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting, and
A simple definition of sutra is "rule," which would make the meaning of the book "Rules Of
Pleasure." Actually, a sutra was an aphorism, the briefest possible statement of a principle. Back
then, few people could read and write. The common practice was to condense knowledge into
sutras that could be easily memorized. In BC times, education was done mostly through oral
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 192
Vatsyayana compiled the customs of his era into these short pithy sayings. Unless you
understand the history and depth behind the sutras, it's easy to misunderstand or miss his
points completely.
By the way, the pursuit of pleasure was the only Tantric aspect of this treasured volume.
Though it embraced the humanity it portrayed, the Kama Sutra wasn't spiritual. Rather, its
emphasis was practical, pragmatic, detached, and almost clinical about how the wealthy
dedicated their lives to sensuality.
Sex Positive
Maybe our curiosity in this old book of sayings stems from living in a sex negative society,
one that doesn't accept, value, or embrace erotic play as an essential part of life. To truly benefit
from studying the Kama Sutra, you have to recognize that it was all about another time and
Ancient India was a highly sex positive culture very foreign to ours today.
The Kama Sutra documented the erotic lifestyle of the most privileged upper class for
whom luxury, intrigue, and the pursuit of pleasure were foremost pastimes. Many were
obsessed with sex and seduction. Pre-marital and extra-marital sex was common and accepted,
as long as one followed politically correct guidelines, of course.
Vatsyayana was the sexual Emily Post of his times.
Maybe our Kama Sutra fascination comes from its thorough categorization of sexual
techniques. Things "nice girls" don't share much about today and, regardless of what they claim,
few young guys' in the locker room know what they're talking about.
The good news is that Vatsyayana carefully documented the amorous practices and sexual
techniques of his day. Though he did contribute his views, Vatsyayana served primarily as
editor to collect and compile the vast storehouse of Hindu erotology written by others during
the previous several centuries.
Where Did You Get Your Sex Training?
Or maybe we're just all craving the kind of initiation, indoctrination, and training in this
vital part of life. Rites of passage at the time of puberty aren't common today as they were in
many ancient indigenous cultures. As part of their education, young people of Vatsyayana's
time were educated in sexuality, loveplay, and the 64 arts,...
"The preliminaries to sexual intercourse...the body of erotic treatises...considered as forming part
of the practice of love."
We expect that much of the great appeal of the Kama Sutra today is its down-to-earth advice
about foreplay, extending the sex act, and giving maximum pleasure. As teenage hormones
begin to rage, who wouldn't be captivated by the wide variety of embracing, petting, caressing,
kissing, scratching, biting, and copulating that the historic volume detailed? If allowed by social
customs, that is.
Shocking, even by today's standards, the Kama Sutra classified lovers according to several
characteristics, including differences in sexual anatomy. Much of its advice about lovemaking
revolves around sexual positions for the union of equal and unequal sized jewels.
Since it was a compendium of the customs of the times, the Kama Sutra also went into great
detail about how to acquire a wife, behave once married, seduce other men's wives, and treat
EXERCISE: Kama Sutra Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about with your partner...
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 193
• What interests me about the Kama Sutra is...
• My concerns about my jewels and their size is...
• What do I think counts most in lovemaking is...
9.3 Does Size Count Section
"Having determined the right moment and state of mind for introducing the penis, its size must
be considered before starting action." ----- Vatsyayana from the Kama Sutra translated by
Alain Danielou
Male Insecurity
We suspect that another reason for the Kama Sutra's modern popularity is the average
man's insecurity about pleasing women.
Come on guys, lighten up, we're not putting your monstrous love skills down. Or your
monstrous love tool, either, for that matter.
It just doesn't take much exposure to spam or web adult sites to recognize how many
modern lovers believe that size matters, especially of the male sex organs.
Now really, does it?
Taoism, the version of Tantra based largely on Chinese spiritual practices and medicine,
declares in one of its key texts...
"The shape and hardness with which Nature has endowed a man are only external signs. What
appears internally is the skill with which he ensures that a woman derives enjoyment from his
lovemaking. If a woman really cares for a man as he cares for her, then it is totally irrelevant
whether his organ is long or short, thin or thick...A long, thick organ is often worse for a woman
than a short thin one that is firm and hard. And a firm, hard organ that is pushed and pulled out
in a crude manner is worse than a soft one that is moved about delicately and with tenderness."
That really sums up the Tantric view. We can't begin to tell you how many women have
vehemently echoed similar sentiments.
Double Standard
And while we're on the subject of size, ever notice the double standard? If a tight fit of
sexual organs really determines pleasure, why don't we judge women on the size of their yonis?
The average erect penis is around 6 inches (15 centimeters). The average unexcited yoni is 4
inches deep (10 centimeters), ample enough for the overwhelming majority of vajras in the
How large is the opening of the average yoni? Zero. Yes, at rest, yoni walls press against
each other. So just about any vajra can make adequate contact with enough of yoni to create the
seeds of great pleasure, provided both know how to make the most of it.
Women today are rarely judged on what counts more to the pleasure of both her and her
partners, the strength of her vaginal muscles. In the Orient and elsewhere, skilled female lovers
developed their PC muscles to the point where they could grip, milk, and make any man's vajra
orgasm without any other movement.
The Tamils of Southern India called this skill of yoni muscle control pompoir. In the Arabic
world, a woman who had mastered the use of her PC muscles during sex was the "kabbazah, or
holder." In these places and elsewhere, female love skills were honored, respected, and revered.
If you haven't started your daily regimen of PC practices, Goddess, read section 3.4 of the
Kundalini Energy Chapter right now dear.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 194
What Does Count
To be fair about the double standard, the western world does judge women on size as well -
- of their breasts, as the booming business in implants confirms. But breast size -- or the size of
any sexual organ -- has little to do with sensitivity. So size is rarely the determining factor in
how much pleasure you receive. And size has little to do with how much pleasure you can give.
This whole discussion demonstrates that men who think size is important often don't have a
clue what counts in the sack to the average woman. Which is, by the way, why Jeffre wrote her
fantastic playbook, Intimacy, A Green Light For Red Hot Sex And A Lifetime Of Loving. Click
here for details...
We're convinced that a big part of the Kama Sutra's appeal is how to deal with the realities
of sexual anatomy. Yes, there are bigger vajras and smaller vajras, just as there are wider,
deeper, and stronger yonis and their opposites.
If you act on the pragmatic guidelines of the Kama Sutra, you'll learn how to use your assets
more skillfully by preparing, practicing, and compensating.
Jewel Sizes
In India during the sixteenth century, Kalyana Malla wrote the middle-age's version of the
pleasure rules documented by the Kama Sutra more than a thousand years earlier. It was called
the Ananga-Ranga, or The Stage Of Love. Both volumes define three distinct types of sex
Vajras are classified based on length when fully erect...
HARE Does not exceed 6 fingers long (about 5 inches)
BULL Does not exceed 9 fingers long (about 7 inches)
HORSE About 12 fingers long (about 10 inches)
Yonis are classified based on depth...
DEER 6 fingers deep (about 5 inches)
MARE 9 fingers deep (about 7 inches)
ELEPHANT 12 fingers deep (about 10 inches)
They all can work well if the owner knows how to use them to maximum advantage. Despite
rumors to the contrary, no one has ever proven any correlation between jewel size and physical
makeup, height, strength, or race.
Match Game
Besides jewel dimensions, the Kama Sutra classifies lovers as small, middling, or intense
based on their "f***e of passion or carnal desire." Sex partners are also rated as rapid (shorttimed),
average (moderate-timed), and slow (long-timed) to come to orgasm.
The manual explained that the best match was between lovers of similar size, drive, and
timing. Unfortunately, it didn't explain how would-be lovers of the time were supposed to
discover these qualities for the perfect match. Do you think "test driving" was accepted in
ancient India?
Since a perfect match of size, drive, and speed occurs less often than some discrepancy, the
Kama Sutra's greatest offering is its advice about compensating for differences. It teaches how
to awaken the slow and disinterested, how to lengthen loveplay for the too-quick man, and how
to rekindle the fire when lost.
This Hindu love guide is probably best known for its detailed listing of sexual positions and
how they can be used to adjust for jewels that don't fit perfectly.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 195
Oddly, the Kama Sutra makes little allusion to how both parties, regardless of compatibility,
can compensate significantly by learning to use Kundalini energy through Tantric practice.
Guess Vatsyayana left that job to us.
EXERCISE: Jewel Sizes Discussion Questions
Here are some statements to reflect on, journal, or talk about with your partner...
• My vajra/yoni's size is...
• The size vajra/yoni I prefer during lovemaking is...
• I would rate my level of passion as...
• My normal time to come to orgasm is...
9.4 Maithuna Section
"When Aphrodite blesses our lovemaking, all sense of fragmentation vanishes and we feel healed,
holy, and whole. Like a rocket shooting out beyond the Earth’s gravitational field, earthly pleasure
then crosses over into heavenly joy, and sexual union blossoms into sacred communion." ----
Jalaja Bonheim in Aphrodite’s Daughter
Why We Like Fucking
In the words of one of our favorite spiritual teachers, whatever floats your cork is OK. In
Tantra, we've learned to reach ecstatic states through Orgasmic Breathing, sensual massage,
hand jobs, oral play, and sometimes just from meditating.
Regardless, we have to admit that feeling that vajra moving inside yoni is something
Which is why we call it here maithuna, the Indian word for sexual union. OK, in private we
often refer to it as fucking. To us that's a sacred thing. Since not everybody finds talking dirty a
sacred art, we prefer to use the word for the highest Tantric ritual, maithuna. Then we can make
it clear how we revere vajra-in-yoni lovemaking.
What we find so special about maithuna is the unifying of two energies into one. When we
both have open channels that shoot Kundalini energy throughout our entire bodies with the
slightest stimulation, we can connect, exchange, and reinf***e each other's sensations. Through
this resonance, we each magnify the f***e of the other's pleasure. The feedback cycle becomes a
self-reinforcing loop.
That's the Tantric energy version of the story. The sex version is that what feels good to one
feels good to the other. When he speeds up and gets really turned on, she feels it and responds
in kind. Which turns him on even more. When she wants to slow down and feel every
millimeter of vajra caressing yoni's, oh, so delicate walls, so does he. And enjoys it all the more
because it's shared.
Maybe you already knew all that. We just hope reading this little reminder turned you on as
much as it did us writing it.
How To Do It Tantrically
Shortly, we're going to describe all manner of contortions you can get your two bodies into
during penetration. We just don't want you to forget everything we've covered so far that
precedes the maithuna.
Make your lovemaking an intimate event, not an athletic contest. Approach it with wonder
in a gentle and sweet way. Maintain eye contact. Murmur love and appreciation amply.
Act as conscious partners joined together in a really fun game. Don't be shy. Be open about
what you want. Talk softly and freely wherever you need to.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 196
Be responsive and show what you're feeling with your breath, sounds, and movements. Use
the four cornerstones of Orgasmic Breathing to open all your chakras.
Spread the delicious sensations you're creating together. Share them. Alternate between
giving and receiving, yin and yang, Shiva and Shakti.
Prove you care by not pushing for orgasm. Instead, glide into pleasure together. Play with
the energy.
Enjoy your peaks of pleasure by relaxing into them. There's no rush. You can't have too
much of a good thing. Make it last and last.
When the subtle vibrations engulf you, surrender. Let yourself go where the spirit takes
Changing Positions Is A Dance
There's no such thing as the perfect position. Each has its own advantages and
disadvantages, benefits and risks, uses and limitations.
Bodies are different. Experiment to discover what's pleasurable for the meeting of your two
unique physical forms. Your size, shape, strength, flexibility, stamina, and limitations will have
lots to do with determining your favorites.
As you play with positions, consider the following...
• Are you both comfortable?
• Can you easily get into the position without hurting yourself or your partner?
• Is it relaxing or tiring?
• Does it allow freedom of movement for one or both?
• Can the dominant partner support their weight without putting too much pressure on
their partner?
• Is penetration at the right depth, not too deep or shallow?
• Can you see each other and your jewels?
• Does it allow for easy communication and coordination?
• Do you both feel secure in the dominant and passive role required?
• Can you reach places you want to fondle: breasts, testicles, anus, etc.?
• Does it feel good?
It's wonderful to try new things that provide different kinds of stimulation. That's how you zero
in on your most erogenous zones and discover new ways to feel good.
Shifting Whether You're Driving Or Riding
As we get more into sex positions, it's important that you get comfortable with changing
postures. Here are some suggestions...
• Learn how to easily adjust by adding variations.
• In order to shift together, develop a smooth easy way to communicate -- words,
movements, gestures, other cues.
• After shifting, resume thrusting slowly at first to see how it feels. Gradually go deeper
and faster until you're sure it's working.
• Be aware of what your partner is experiencing when you want to shift so you don't
get out of sync.
• Alert your lover if you need a sudden shift due to an ache, cramp, or developing
Furthermore, lovemaking can be strenuous, especially if you're not in perfect shape.
Make changing positions a dance that not only adds interest, variety, and new sensations,
but lets you rest limbs and body parts that tire. Don't continue when either of you feel tension,
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 197
but shift to relieve the stress, ache, or pain as soon as possible. Don't forget to warn your
beloved first, of course.
Helping Vajra Awaken The Sacred Gate
If you've done the earlier practices and are confident you can find and excite your beloved's
Sacred Gate, your next assignment -- guiding vajra to do the same -- should come more easily.
Remember, most G-Spots prefer pressure over friction.
In no particular order, here are some suggestions that you can experiment with...
• Angle vajra towards the back or front of yoni.
• Use fast, short, or hard strokes targeted at the G-Spot.
• When you find a delightful spot, hold still inside with pressure. Shakti's feedback
makes this much easier.
• Alternate pressure and rocking on the Sacred Gate.
• Hold vajra in your hand and churn it around yoni.
• Ride up higher and grind on the top of your lover's pubic bone to press the G-Spot
from the outside.
• Move into the best position to receive maximum G-Spot stimulation.
• Take charge of stroking to direct thrusts to your Sacred Gate.
• Get on top and control rhythm, depth, angle, and length of strokes.
• Motivate your partner to respond to your suggestions with kind, supportive,
complimentary words.
• Once your Sacred Gate is engorged, ask for short thrusts with vajra's head, sometimes
punctuated with short periods of holding.
EXERCISE: Maithuna Discussion Questions
Here's a brief exercise adapted from Intimacy, A Green Light For Red Hot Sex And A
Lifetime Of Loving. Use these questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about with your partner...
• What I like most while vajra is inside yoni is...
• What I like least while vajra is inside yoni is...
• What I would like more of during maithuna is...
• What I would like less of during maithuna is...
• What I've found gives maximum G-Spot stimulation is...
9.5 Equal & Unequal Relations Section
Equal Relations
According to the Kama Sutra, the best match for lovers, called equal relations, is with
corresponding or same relative size jewels: large with large, medium with medium, small with
Or in old Indian terms, the three possibilities are...
Hare + Deer,
Bull + Mare,
Horse + Elephant.
With equal relations, penetration is easy. The woman doesn't need to open or contract her yoni.
The man need not aspire to athletic postures to compensate for different sizes.
The Ananga-Ranga states...
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 198
"When the proportions of both lovers are alike and equal, then satisfaction is easy to achieve. The
greatest happiness consists in the correspondence of dimensions."
Unequal Relations
Unequal relations, according to the Kama Sutra, are between lovers whose jewels are of
different sizes. There are different levels of unequal relations based on its classification, the
more unequal the more difficult for satisfaction.
High Union Man one size larger than woman
Highest Union Largest man with smallest woman
Low Union Woman one size larger than man
Lowest Union Smallest man, largest woman
You know, these labels aren't really that important. We've included them so you'll be aware of
how much compensation you need.
As we get into experimenting with sexual positions, postures, and variations, one word of
caution. As the Kama Sutra states, unequal relations require careful...
"Thought regarding size, moment and mood, and how to proceed with the union" and "can most
often be accommodated by the creative use of sexual positions...In Unequal Unions, positions
should be used which create balance."
Preparing For High Unions
A baby is much bigger than the largest vajra. Yonis were designed to expand tremendously
to allow for birth. So we know the potential exists to accommodate Highest Unions with
pleasure instead of pain.
With High and Highest Unions, lubrication is of the utmost importance. Three of your most
vital guidelines are wet, Wet, WET!
If you're a Hare Woman (smallest) or Horse Man (largest) who's dating, you'll likely be in
this tight lovemaking situation often. If so, be sure you use lots of commercial water-based
lubricants to assist. Not familiar with these products? Look at the Sacred Landscape Chapter, go
to a sex shop, and test some out. Follow the Boy Scouts motto: be prepared. (What's the Girl
Scouts Motto?)
We believe much of the difficulty with High Unions is insufficient warm-up. This is a
situation in which you definitely can't rush into a quickie. You might need up to an hour or
more of ample loveplay to insure that yoni is totally hot, open, and thoroughly engorged.
Positions For High Unions
In High Unions, you want to choose sexual positions and postures that allow the Goddess to
spread her thighs and thereby make yoni's inside space bigger. With the descriptions and
practices soon, you'll learn skillful use of pillows and limbs to allow deeper penetration.
The Kama Sutra, referring to the deer with the smallest yoni, says...
"The hind woman must open her organ to be penetrated by a big caliber."
Elsewhere it says to arrange yourselves so that "her aperture is stretched."
Makes sense, doesn't it? All you need to do is to become familiar with the positions that
work best in each situation. In the next section you'll find a large variety of wide open positions
and postures that create extra room for a large vajra in a small yoni.
To allow High Union penetration to be as comfortable and pleasurable as possible, consider
Shakti Position (woman on top), Transverse Position (side-to-side), the Her Legs Wide Posture
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 199
of the Shiva Position (man on top), and the Wide Open Posture of the Kneeling Shiva Position
that follow. We'll define these and other arrangements below.
Preparing For Low Unions
Fortunately, there are also great ways that both men and women can use to compensate for
Low and Lowest Unions. They all work better after both have dedicated themselves to regular
PC practices. We've already mentioned pompoir, the skill of a woman with strong yoni muscles
trained for gripping and milking inserted male members.
The better Shakti can apply pompoir, the better for Low Unions.
As the Kama Sutra states about the largest yoni, "The elephant woman contracts her sex to
receive a small caliber." The Ananga-Ranga says that the woman must...
"Strive to close and constrict her yoni until it holds his vajra as, with a finger, opening and
shutting at her pleasure, and finally acting as the hand of the girl who milks the cow. This can be
learned only by long practice."
Don't worry that this long practice is a burden without reward. The stronger a woman's
sexual muscles, the easier her orgasms come, the more powerful they are, and the more likely
she is to ejaculate ecstatically.
Women, if you're feeling singled out, don't. This isn't sexist work.
Men who build strong PC muscles can develop stronger, harder erections. With enough
strength, they can apply more pressure where it counts on the Sacred Gate. If you've ever
experienced pulsing finger pressure on a G-Spot, imagine that being applied by an erect vajra.
Sure puts a delicious bounce in your step. Again, men can receive the payoff through longer
stamina, stronger orgasms, and prostate health.
Positions For Low Unions
In simple terms, use positions, postures, and variations in which the woman tightens her
thighs when her yoni is too large for a smaller vajra. For Low Unions, you'll want to avoid the
wide open variations that make too much space inside.
Below, you'll discover arrangements that allow the woman's thighs to stay tight to better
allow a grip on vajra. These involve her keeping her legs straight, pressing her knees together,
and even crossing her legs during maithuna.
The Cow Position (rear entry), Shiva Position (man on top), and Kneeling Shiva Position are
some that can help.
EXERCISE: Position Discussion Questions
Here are some questions to reflect on, journal, or talk about with your partner...
• My favorite position is...
• My least favorite position is...
• A position I've always wanted to try is...
• What I am doing to strengthen my PC muscles is...
9.6 Kama Sutra Positions Section
"While taking into account local mores, personal inclinations, entwinings, and other means of
excitation, the various methods of penetration envisaged in this chapter are divided into two parts
according to posture and special acts." ----- Vatsyayana from the Kama Sutra translated by
Alain Danielou
Hitting The Spot
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 200
We'd love for this section to tell you exactly which posture you must use to best hit your
beloved's G-Spot. But we can't.
Unless we coach you in person, there are too many variables for us to know what's ideal for
you. Is your Sacred Gate deep or shallow? Do your jewels fit tight or loose? What are your vajra
and yoni like? What's your level of passion and turn-on at each moment? What's your sexual
In any given lovemaking session, the following factors can influence how well vajra contacts
your Sacred Gate...
• Fit based on relative vajra girth & yoni width
• Fit based on relative vajra length & yoni depth
• His & her PC strength & tone
• G-Spot type & location
• Erection hardness, curvature, & angle relative to his body
• Yoni 's natural angle and configuration
• G-Spot sensitivity and preferred strokes
• Pubic bone contact between him and her
• Location and sensitivity of urethral meatus
• Angle of vajra entry due to chosen sexual posture.
As we've said so many times, degree of excitement affects Sacred Gate pleasure so we can't
leave loveplay, especially regarding clio out of this equation.
Just don't give up hope! The truth is out there. Or more accurately, in there. You just have to
put on your intrepid explorer hats and experiment. Make believe you're Lewis and he's Clark.
Or the other way around if you prefer.
This chapter lists all the sexual positions you have to choose from. And practices to test out
which work best for you. By being aware of the above variables while you're playing, and of
course staying in close communication, you'll become your own best sex coaches.
Choosing Sexual Positions & Postures
The Kama Sutra is well known for its description and graphic depiction of numerous sexual
positions. Lesser known are similar treatises like the ninth-century Chandamaharosana Tantra
or the Great Moon Elixir, the sixteenth-century Ananga-Ranga or Stage Of Love, the Taoist
Sexual Handbook Of The Dark Girl from 600 AD, or the Secrets Methods Of The Plain Girl
written for the Yellow Emperor of China.
In other words, you have lots to choose from. Certainly, we encourage you to experiment
and try them all. At least, all the ones your body can fit into without injury.
There are seven basic sexual positions...
• Shakti Position (woman on top),
• Cow Position (rear entry),
• Transverse Position (side-to-side),
• Shiva Position (man on top),
• Kneeling Position (man between her legs),
• Yab-Yum Position (sitting),
• Dancing Position (standing).
You can modify each using multiple variations by moving torsos, adjusting limbs, and shifting
weight. To bring some order to all the options, we've grouped the variations of each position
into several categories that we call postures.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 201
The listings below contain several postures for each of the seven positions. Each posture can
be changed into several variations.
Over the long term, Yoga practitioners develop strong and supple bodies. Many Kama Sutra
lovemaking positions derive from Yoga stances (asanas). In actual fact, many of theses are too
physically demanding for the average modern lover. No matter, the variety of new and exciting
alternatives for most people is still ample.
Posture Listing
We originally included the applicable Kama Sutra names for postures and variations in our
listing. Because the names are strange and somewhat obscure, this made our list somewhat
confusing. Since your main concern is finding the best ways for vajra to hit the Sacred Gate with
your unique anatomies, we figured you wouldn't mind if we simplified things by leaving out
the history.
Here is our list of the postures you can play with for each of the seven major sex positions.
They're all described in detail later in this chapter.
Shakti Position (Woman On Top, He's On His Back)
Kneeling Forward: she kneels over, facing his head.
Squatting Forward: she squats over, facing his head.
Laying Forward: she lays forward, facing his head.
Sitting On Top: she sits on of him.
Facing Backwards: she faces his feet.
Cow Position (Rear Entry)
Bent Over: she's bent over with him behind.
Face Down: she lays face down, he's on top.
Sideways: she's on her side, he's behind her.
Transverse Position (Side-to-Side)
Woman On Back: she's on her back, he's at right angles to her.
Woman On Side: she's on her side, he kneels behind her.
Both On Sides: they face each other, both on their sides.
Shiva Position (Man On Top, Woman On Back)
Her Legs Together: her legs are together.
Flanquette: she's half-facing him.
Her Legs Wide: her thighs are wide, he's between her legs.
Her Legs Up: her legs are high.
Kneeling Shiva Position (She's On Her Back, He's Between Her Legs)
Wide Open: her body is raised up.
Holding: she holds him tight.
Chest: her feet are on his chest.
Shoulders: her feet are on his shoulders.
Head: her feet are on his head.
Yab-Yum Position (Sitting)
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 202
Yab-Yum: he sits cross-legged with her on his lap.
Straddling: they straddle one another with one or more legs.
Raised: he sits cross-legged, she's on his lap with legs raised.
Leaning: from yab-yum both lean back part-way.
Further Back: from yab-yum both lean back to the floor.
Dancing Position (Standing)
Both Standing: both stand.
Suspended: she's suspended from his body.
Bed Or Table: she lays on back, he stands between her legs.
Love Swing: she lays in a hammock, he stands between her legs.
Positions Experiments
Below we describe each of the seven major positions, each followed by a practice. These
Positions Experiments are your chance to explore all the maithuna arrangements that work for
your bodies. These lovemaking sessions are designed to help you discover which sexual
postures and variations create the most Sacred Gate pleasure for the combination of your
unique physiques in the most comfortable way.
We recommend that during each practice you play with one or two postures at a time. Don't
try to experiment with every variation for every posture during one practice session. You
decide what you like by seeing how much pleasure you can generate, not by just going through
the motions, right?
Plan to repeat this practice with several new options each time. Even after years of
maithuna, we are still finding new variations that we enjoy and want to spend more time in.
Once you've explored everything you want to, you'll know what you prefer and how you
can adjust your arrangement at different times to create the desired effect. By this we mean
things like do you want to...
• heighten your sensation,
• slow your peaking,
• increase G-Spot pressure,
• deepen intimate connection,
• push for orgasm, etc.
You'll become the joint conductors of your musical symphony. Or maybe jazz is a better
metaphor, where you concentrate on improvisation in the moment.
Order Of Experiments
What's the best order for experimenting? There's no gospel or standard way. Maybe you'll
want to try to reach the Sacred Gate with some familiar postures first. Then in later sessions you
can bring in more inventive and challenging variations to find out how they feel. You may be
pleasantly surprised.
While practicing different variations within a posture, give some attention to your
• What flows best from one to the next?
• Do you want to gradually move into another variation that only requires a slight
• Do you want to try something radically different to change the mood?
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 203
• Do you want to simply bask longer in the pleasure from what you're doing right
As before, begin each practice session by agreeing which postures and variations you want to
test out.
There are so many ways for vajra to enter yoni. You see how much "arduous" practice is
ahead of you (joke). Now just think about it for a minute. Practicing sex. What could be a more
fulfilling educational experience? Wow!
We hope you glean as much pleasure from your experiments as we did writing this ebook.
Shakti Position (Woman On Top, Man On His Back)
One of the best positions for Sacred Gate play is with the man on his back and the woman
on top facing towards him. This makes it easy for her to control the depth, angle, speed,
pressure, and rhythm of thrusting.
She can move fast, slow, deep, shallow, up and down, and side to side. The woman is in
charge of extending loveplay or pushing for orgasm. She can push his legs together or apart,
varying the tightness of vajra's fit. In some variations, she can lean over to kiss him, rub her clio
on his pubic bone, or pleasure her clio herself.
Because the woman is in the driver's seat, we call it the Shakti Position, since the Goddess
has most of the power, acts as initiator, and her energy leads.
Many of the following postures can be varied by the man putting his legs out straight,
raising his knees or hips, or bending his legs with knees open...
Kneeling Forward Posture
With the woman kneeling over her lover while facing towards his head, she can sit
upright, lean forward, or lean back.
Squatting Forward Posture
When the woman squats over her lover while facing towards his head, she can
bounce up and down with her feet on the bed or on his thighs.
Laying Forward Posture
With the woman laying forward and facing towards the man's head, she can lay flat
on top of him with her legs inside or outside his.
Sitting On Top Posture
In the variations of this posture, the woman sits on top of the man facing towards
him, away from him, or sideways with her legs on top of his body.
Facing Backwards Posture
When the woman faces backwards towards the man's feet, she can sit over him or
kneel while leaning forwards, backwards, or rocking.
PRACTICE: Shakti Position Experiments
To practice different postures and variations of the Shakti Position.
Supplies, Showering, Setting, Stretching, & Settling (see Section 6.6 for details).
Open your Sacred Space with a Heart Salutation.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 204
Discuss Partnering Questions. We've suggested that you discuss which postures of
the Shakti Position you want to try first. Say, you decide to explore the Kneeling
Forward and Squatting Forward Postures this time.
Agree on any signals or alert words that you want to be prepared to use.
Agree on any options you want to be open for or signals that you may need.
Ritually undress each other, whispering endearments and compliments as you reveal
each body part. Exchange whatever loveplay turns you both on. Using Tantric touch,
give your beloved a soft slow sensuous massage. Play with vajra and yoni using your
hands, mouths, and tongues. Use Orgasmic Breathing to insure both of your inner
energy channels are hot, full, and flowing.
The gracious Shiva always asks permission before vajra enters yoni and vice versa.
Slowly move into lovemaking, emphasizing one of the variations of the first posture
you've agreed to play with. Experiment with different speeds, angles, pressures, and
rhythms. Stay conscious of all your sensations and sexual energy flows. Adjust however
you can within the variation for maximum contact on the Sacred Gate. Show what
you're feeling and synchronize your efforts. Pause occasionally, communicate, and
enjoy, but be willing to shift when your body or partner needs a change.
When you agree that you've fully explored the first variation and thoroughly enjoyed
all its pleasures, try the others in the same way. Without changing your primary
posture, move into different variations by adjusting your leg positions and weight
distribution as described above.
When you agree that you've fully explored all the listed variations for the posture and
enjoyed them to their fullest, check in to see how you're both feeling. If you're still
energetic and hot to trot, try one or two more postures in the same way. Watch that you
don't rush through without smelling the flowers. Remember, pleasure is your goal, not
completing any agenda. You have lots of time for more homework later.
If you've been filling your pleasure balloons and flying higher and higher by
exchanging orgasmic energy, you may experience the Tantric truth that loveplay doesn't
require explosive orgasm for a sense of completeness. But if you want to, go right ahead
and go for it all the way. Enjoy.
When you're ready to wind down, maintain intimacy physically and emotionally. As
vajra is removed, cover yoni or each other's heart with your hands to keep your sweet
connection alive. Touch each other softly and gently. Just feel what you're both feeling. If
you want, talk about what you experienced, liked and didn't, and what you'd like to try
next time. Share appreciation for each other. Spoon with your chakras aligned,
synchronizing your breathing. Close with a Heart Salutation, bow, hug, or kiss.
Cow Position (Rear Entry)
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 205
For most mammals other than humans, rear entry is the only option. Rear entry affords
some of the deepest reach. Because yoni is angled up, the deeper that vajra penetrates, the
greater the chance of hitting deep G-Spots. The higher the man rides behind his beloved, the
more he can aim at a shallow G-Spot.
Rear entry postures allow a man more freedom of movement than his lover. However,
Shakti can swivel, sway, and raise her butt to guide vajra to her sweetest spots. By closing or
spreading her legs, she can regulate the tightness of the fit. She can also play with her clio easily
in this position. Experiment with pillows underneath Shakti to adjust the angle of the fit.
One disadvantage of the Cow Position is that communication is more difficult. You can't see
each other or maintain eye contact. Since penetration that's too deep can be painful, you need to
be careful to lengthen strokes gradually and gently.
Bent Over Posture
Standing, she bends over supporting herself with her hands on the bed or floor, or gets on
her knees and supports herself with her hands, elbows, or shoulders while he stands or kneels
behind her.
Face Down Posture
The woman lays flat on her stomach or on a pillow under her hips, face down on the bed.
He kneels behind her or lays flat on top of her with his legs inside or outside hers.
Sideways Posture
When she's on her side, he can kneel behind her or get on his side and spoon her so they cup
each other with knees bent while he's tucked up against her back.
PRACTICE: Cow Position Experiments
Now you get to play with the postures and variations for the Cow Position.
Since you're been through the experimenting regimen with the Shakti Position, we're
not going to reproduce the practice details over and over. If you forget what the
headings stand for, simply refer back to the Shakti Position practice.
Transverse Position (Side-to-Side)
The advantage of side-to-side postures is that both lovers can vary their thrusting without
the effort of supporting themselves. She doesn't have to depend on him, or vice versa.
The Goddess's hips are free enough that she can direct the angle of pumping to address her
Sacred Gate most directly. The man can adjust his thrusting by moving one or both of knees up
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 206
towards her. Both can lie next to each other or at right angles in order to redirect vajra towards
her G-Spot.
Woman On Back Posture
The woman lays on her back with the man laying at right angles to her with his legs
intertwined with hers (the popular Scissors Position). Or she can put her legs over his
hips, or on her chest.
Woman On Side Posture
She lies on her side with legs drawn up towards her chest while the man kneels
behind her.
Both On Sides Posture
They face each other on their sides with their legs straight or intertwined, one over
the other's hips, or him between her legs.
PRACTICE: Transverse Position Experiments
Now you get to play with the postures and variations for the Transverse Position.
Shiva Position (Man On Top)
These postures are generally called the "Missionary Position" because it was used by the
Europeans who came to convert the amused Polynesians. They thought the man on top position
was funny because they so much preferred squatting lovemaking postures.
Mostly, the man superior position has wide freedom of movement and the woman below
has little. Uninventive use of the missionary position often misses the Goddess's Sacred Gate
due to its typical angle of penetration.
There are adjustments for the Shiva Position that allow for good G-Spot contact. That's
where he's holding her butt in the air, she raises her hips with pillows, or she adjusts yoni's
orientation with various leg adjustments. By raising her hips, she can direct vajra to the front
wall of yoni and often to the Sacred Gate.
Her Legs Together Posture
On top of her with her legs together, he can move his legs inside, outside, or on top of
hers with his weight on his hands, elbows, or knees. These variations of the classic
Missionary Position with her legs together compensate for imperfect vajra-yoni fit but
don't allow much opportunity to guide vajra to the Sacred Gate.
Flanquette Posture
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 207
The French call half-facing variations of the Missionary Position "Flanquette." This is
where his body is swiveled to one side of hers. He can put one leg between hers or both
to one side. She can place one leg across his thigh.
Her Legs Wide Posture
She opens her legs wide with her knees up or down or wrapped around him as he
lays on top and supports himself on his hands or elbows.
Her Legs Up Posture
As Shakti raises her legs more and more, she initially directs vajra deeper, then deep
against yoni's front wall, and then further and further towards yoni's opening. She does
this by bending her legs back and raising her knees and placing them on his chest or
shoulders. For many women, this is great for Sacred Gate play.
PRACTICE: Shiva Position Experiments
Now you get to play with the postures and variations for the Shiva Position.
Kneeling Shiva Position (Man Between Her Legs)
In these postures, the man kneels, squats, or sits between the Goddess's legs. With these
adjustments of the old Missionary Position, different angles and depths of penetration can be
reached. In almost all cases she's on her back with her legs or hips raised.
Wide Open Posture
To compensate for a too-tight fit, she spreads her legs with her knees or butt up while
he kneels between her legs, possibly supporting her.
Holding Posture
In these wide open variations with him kneeling, her legs hold him between her
thighs with her legs in the air, on either side of his waist, or crossed around his back.
Chest Posture
Here she puts one or both feet or knees on his chest to raise her hips and adjust her
orientation for maximum Sacred Gate contact, possibly crossing her feet or knees, while
he kneels before her.
Shoulders Posture
To raise even higher, she puts one or both legs or feet on his shoulders, alternating
them, or crossing them.
Head Posture
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 208
In these more acrobatic variations, she rests one or both feet on his head or third eye
for the maximum elevation.
PRACTICE: Kneeling Shiva Position Experiments
Now you get to play with the postures and variations for the Kneeling Shiva Position.
Yab-Yum Position (Sitting)
Yab-yum means mother-father because the Hindu creation myth portrays Shakti sitting on
Shiva's lap with the fruits of their lovemaking dripping down and creating the universe.
Sitting lovemaking postures are some of the most intimate and energetically satisfying, but
demanding physically. Yab-yum is revered by Tantrikas because it is so energetically powerful
with all the couple's chakras in alignment.
The delight of yab-yum, the classic Tantric lovemaking position with Shakti on Shiva's lap,
provides great motivation to go to the gym regularly or develop greater flexibility with Yoga
Most sitting postures don't allow much freedom of movement and therefore aren't the most
likely for G-Spot contact. He needs a strong and lasting erection, and she needs strong PC
muscles to milk a waning vajra. If both lovers have flexible hips, adjusting the angle of vajra's
entry is possible. If he has strong PC muscles, he can apply wonderful pressure to her Sacred
Gate steadily or by tapping.
Yab-Yum Posture
In the classic Tantric maithuna posture, he sits in lotus position with one leg crossed
over the other, half-lotus with one underneath and the other crossed in front, or with
legs straight while she wraps her legs around his back. Yab-yum is also fun on a chair
with her facing towards him or away from him.
Straddling Posture
By kneeling, squatting, or sitting, lovers can straddle each other, approximating yabyum
by wrapping one or both legs around the other.
Raised Posture
From yab-yum or straddling, the woman raises one or both legs that she holds in her
hands, he supports in the crooks of his elbows, or she rests on his shoulders.
Leaning Posture
From yab-yum, both lovers lean back, supporting themselves with pillows or arms,
with her legs on either side of his hips, on his shoulders, or both rest their legs on each
other's shoulders.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 209
Further Back Posture
From the leaning posture, both hold each other's arms, swing to and fro, or lay flat on
their backs.
PRACTICE: Yab-Yum Position Experiments
Now you get to play with the postures and variations for the Yab-Yum Position.
Dancing Position (Standing)
Standing postures are sure exciting, but require the greatest strength and agility. Knee
bending is essential for thrusting, and pelvic rocking is a must for G-Spot contact. We just
wouldn't put this one anywhere near the top of the list for Sacred Gate stimulation.
Lift-off requires the greatest exertion for these postures. A reasonably strong man with a
lighter woman can enjoy some ecstatic minutes standing, walking, or even dancing.
Both Standing Posture
With both standing, they can face each other, support themselves against a wall while
entwined, or he can hold one of hers legs against his hip.
Suspended Posture
With both standing, the Goddess is suspended from his body while she sits on his
joined-together hands, he holds her up with his hands under her thighs, or he holds her
above his waist by supporting both of her widespread legs in the crooks of his elbows.
Bed Or Table Posture
She sits or lays on her back on the edge of a bed or table while he stands between her
legs with her legs stretched out at his sides, wrapped around him, or high in front of
Love Swing Posture
One way to make the standing position more comfortable is to buy a love swing. This
is basically an adjustable hammock open on one end that you suspend from the ceiling
(or collapsible metal frame). The Goddess lays fully supported on her back with her butt
at the edge of the fabric. Good love swings include stirrups for her feet and a center bar
she can grab with her hands. He can move in and out or pull her to and fro onto vajra by
holding the swing's sides.
PRACTICE: Dancing Position Experiments
Now you get to play with the postures and variations for the Dancing Position.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 210
9.7 Closing Section
After your initial experimentation, we urge you to repeat these practices often to keep your
lovemaking fresh, alive, and creative. If you approach each maithuna session with a clear mind,
open heart, and c***dlike exuberance, you'll have lots to play with forever.
The Kama Sutra and related texts from the ancients provide a wide array of positions and
variations of these positions that allow us to talk about and practice some highly exotic
postures. Oh, what fun.
As we've said on many occasions, every couple is different, every fit is unique. Let's not
forget to mention emotional variables, relationship issues, and comfort in communicating about
sex. Everything is open to change in the moment.
Remember that the Sacred Gate can be quite shy. She needs to be carefully and lovingly
coaxed into showing herself. This is even more true during maithuna.
This chapter gives you a thorough but relatively short description of the positions described
in the Kama Sutra. Ancient Indians weren't that interested in finding the woman's Sacred Gate
and turning her into a multiply orgasmic lover. So their descriptions don't indicate how well
they'll work for you and your partner in finding Shakti's G-Spot.
Only practice and your attention to sensation will answer that question for you.
We've discovered that level of turn on and engorgement has a lot to do with how well
Jeffre's Sacred Gate is stimulated during maithuna. It isn't solely about position, but that is very
Enjoy experimenting. We hope you never stop experimenting with one another. You are
each a vast sea of pleasure and change. Ride with it, play with it, thoroughly enjoy it. You are
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 211
Chapter 10: Female Ejaculation
"In the lightening rise of the Kundalini, we will emit divine nectar, which is entirely different in
nature from sperm or the arousal fluids of the woman. This deep emission is the juice of ecstasy. It
opens the door of the Infinite to the Tantrika, the door of Absolute consciousness, of Being, of the
Great Void, which is one of the names of Shiva." ----- Daniel Odier in Tantric Quest
10.1 Opening Section
The purposes of this chapter are to...
• Understand how female ejaculation occurs.
• Accept that female ejaculation is good.
• Learn how to do it and enjoy it immensely if you want to.
Try It, You'll Like It
Remember the punch line from the TV ad some years ago "Try It, You'll Like It?" That's how
we feel about female ejaculation.
Now maybe you don't believe that it really happens, like many doctors. Well, believe us, it
can. Many women are natural ejaculators. Others have taught themselves to be.
Maybe you don't think it's normal. Well, actually it's quite common. In one of our recent online
surveys, two-third of our female visitors reported that they do it. We believe it happens
much more often than many women realize.
Scientists estimate that from 10% to 40% of women are conscious of ejaculating when their
G-Spot swells with adequate arousal and massage. This means they can tell when they emit
sexual fluids distinct from yoni lubrication (Tantric for vagina).
Some dribble, some gush, some downright squirt and spray. Mostly this happens during
orgasm, but some women do it at other times, too, when really turned-on.
It's Truly Wonderful Stuff, Really
Maybe you're grossed out by the whole idea because you mistakenly think the fluid some
women emit when they're really turned on is pee. Well, it's not. Any woman with this false
belief would undoubtedly have trouble allowing herself to let go.
Before you're done with this chapter, you'll learn what it really is and why it's so wonderful.
Maybe you're not interested because you don't understand why it's worth the effort. Believe
Jeffre when she says it's not just for show. "It's a truly ecstatic experience you don't want to miss
out on!" Since the payoff in sexual ecstasy is so fantastic, you definitely want to explore your
Goddess-given talent to gush.
Those sexually liberated females who understand the gift of ejaculation relish this feeling of
warm release. The same with their enlightened lovers who swoon when showered with such an
intimate gift. Somraj, for one, finds supreme delight in being doused by amrita (Tantric for
female ejaculate).
Or maybe you fail to see the point because you didn't know you can learn. Believe us, any
woman can develop the knack. Before you're done with this chapter, you'll know exactly how to
go for it. If you do the practices near the end, we're confident you'll be joyously flowing your
feminine waters with the best of Goddesses.
Where To Start
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 212
Tantra honors and encourages being spontaneous and consciously acting on your true
desires. So previously we've advocated that you read and act on what interests you most in this
ebook. If you're as titillated by female ejaculation as we are, you might have come to this
chapter directly. We applaud you for going for what you want.
It's only fair to warn you that learning female ejaculation depends on many other things, the
things we've written about earlier. Dribbling, squirting, and gushing is a package deal,
depending on much of what came before.
You need to understand female anatomy, Sacred Gate massage (Tantric for G-Spot), and
orgasmic response. We can't promise, but knowing about Tantric healing, building sacred
intimacy, and sexual energy may be essential for you personally. A woman with a well-trained
partner who already experiences mind-blowing Sacred Gate Orgasms is already on the verge of
gushing big time.
Did you know that the word orgasm comes from the Greek, "to swell with wetness?"
So we encourage you to take the long slow Tantric view. Anything worth doing is worth
doing with as much pleasure as possible. Which means read and practice with the previous
chapters before attempting to master female ejaculation.
On the other hand, if you're committed to trying it now, go for it with our love and support.
If you don't get the hang of it quickly, you can always go back to study the skills earlier in this
Why Ejaculate?
If you're a woman, why would YOU want to learn to let your waters flow? If your partner is
a woman, why would you want HER to learn?
We don't think you need a profound answer to these questions. You just need an answer.
It's part of waking up to conscious lovemaking.
Whether you just think it's cool, or you want to experience something new, or you imagine
that having continuous orgasms would be ecstatic, you're on a great track. It's just another of
life's intrinsic flows. If you say "Yes!" to life as Tantric teaches, you'll probably want to say yes to
Anyway, here are a few other good reasons to choose from...
Normal: Gushing during sex is normal and natural so why not join the growing crowd
of female ejaculators.
Pleasure: Learning to let your waters flow increases your sensitivity and enhances your
pleasure. Besides it's just plain fun.
Potential: All women are born with the sexual anatomy and physical ability to do it. So
why not be all you can be?
Liberating: Learning to let go is liberating. When you can surrender to the full sexual
power lying dormant deep within, you free untapped reservoirs of life f***e.
Orgasms: A wet orgasm is often a great orgasm. Why not strive to have bigger, better,
stronger ones if you can?
Healing: Learning to ejaculate can help you release negative emotions trapped in your
tissues creating sexual blocks and inhibitions.
Rekindling: If you've lost interest in sex, love, and intimacy with your beloved, learning
to ejaculate can be a great way to recapture them.
Equality: Men get to make a big wet spot now and then, so why not women? It's
empowering to many women to learn to "spill their seed" and be applauded for it
like guys for so long.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 213
Do You Want To?
Women, if you're not yet multi-orgasmic or haven't yet ejaculated, not to worry. If you
choose to learn, we'll tell you exactly how to do it in the following pages.
If you don't want to ejaculate, we honor that, too. Some women just can't get past their own
or their partner's feelings of disgust. There is nothing wrong with saying no to squirting for
now. Maybe you'll change your mind in the future. Or maybe you won't.
Either way, love yourself, love your sex, love your orgasms. You don't have to be able to
ejaculate to be okay. We don't want to suggest for a moment that you're inadequate if you don't
ejaculate or if you can't make your partner gush.
Ejaculation is just another item on the great menu of ecstatic sexuality. It's a preference, like
same-sex play or anal sex. Go for it if you want to. Leave it alone for now if you don't. There are
so many delicious things to choose from in this ebook, go ahead and devour just what you're
hungry for now.
This is important for partners of would-be ejaculators as well. Remember, pleasure is the
only goal. It's essential that you don't set up any sort of standards by which you measure each
other. Pressure to perform is one powerful way to prevent your beloved from letting go and
We want you to be able to ejaculate if you choose to because it is simply another pleasurable
experience, not because it makes you any better, or any sexier. You don't have to let your waters
flow to enjoy sex immensely.
Comments From A Satisfied Reader
"I read your article about female ejaculation. I had never heard of it until I actually did it. I
attribute it to the fact that I have become relaxed with my sexuality and therefore not afraid to
release. I never orgasmed when I was younger. The first time was when I was 38 (I am 42 now). I
have 'shot' up to 3 feet before but last weekend I shocked myself and my boyfriend. He was
between my legs and playing with my G-Spot and Clit, I shot right at him. So much came out
that he was soaked from chest to lower belly. I was embarrassed at first until I saw the glint in his
eyes and the smile on his face. He LOVED It. Now I am even more relaxed with who I am. He is
very much into Tantra Sex and he is teaching me more every time we are together. I have also
found an erogenous zone on him that makes him shudder."
----- Cathy from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
EXERCISE: Interest Discussion Questions
Consider these questions. Write about them in your journal or discuss them with your
• What's your reaction to the whole idea of ejaculating?
• Have you or your partner ever ejaculated? If so, how was it?
• Would you like to learn or have your partner learn?
• Why?
10.2 Background Section
Ancient History
Is female gushing a new thing? Not in the least.
Female ejaculation was well known and revered by Tantric adepts in ancient India
thousands of years ago. The Chinese, Japanese, Arabians, Greeks, Africans, Pacific Islanders,
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 214
and Native Americans all knew about it. Ancient Chinese texts make many references to a
woman's "water flowing." Shunga art in 16th century Japan celebrates it in graphic detail.
Western historical reference began as early as the 4th century BC by Aristotle. Galen, the
father of modern medicine, wrote about it in the 2nd century AD. The famous Hindu love
guide, the Kama Sutra, makes free reference to it a couple centuries later...
"The semen of women continues to fall from the beginning of the sexual union to its end, in the
same way as that of the male."
Interestingly, William Shakespeare makes reference to "the water of my love."
The first modern description of female ejaculation came in 1672 by the Dutch physiologist
Regnier DeGraaf. He wrote that during the sexual act, the G-Spot discharges a fluid so
copiously that it even flows outside the yoni. He explained where it comes from and explained
that the "rushing out" of this fluid "with impetus" and "in one gush" causes as much pleasure for
women as ejaculation does for men.
In 1880, Dr. Alexander Skene further described the responsible glands and ducts around the
urethra that DeGraaf identified. As a result, some scientists began calling these the "Skene's
Modern History
Of course, back then they didn't call it the G-Spot. The "G" was adopted in honor of the
German obstetrician Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg who published a scientific article about this orgasmic
trigger in 1950. About ejaculation he wrote...
"The convulsory expulsion of fluids occurs always at the acme of the orgasm and simultaneously
with it."
In 1978, Josephine Lowndes Sevely and J. W. Bennett published their findings that some
women ejaculate. They stated that the source of the fluid is the...
"Female prostate, a system of glands and ducts which surrounds the female urethra and develops
from the same embryological tissue as the male prostate."
Today, more and more sexologists are referring to the G-Spot as the female prostate.
What really put female ejaculation in the public eye was the media attention directed to the
ground-breaking 1982 book by Alice Lada, Beverly Whipple, and John Perry, The G-Spot And
Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality. They wrote...
"At the moment of orgasm, many women ejaculate a liquid through the urethra that is chemically
similar to male ejaculate but contains no sperm."
You may have already read about the controversies regarding the existence of the Sacred
Gate or G-Spot. Needless to say, there's been even more controversy about female ejaculation.
Despite the conclusive evidence that it exists and has been documented as early as the Greek
Golden Age, many authorities have refused to acknowledge its existence. If you ask your f****y
physician or even your gynecologist about it, you may be surprised at the negative response.
We believe this limited view exists largely because our culture discounts the ancient belief
that sex and the power of female sexuality are sacred. It's only since the late 1990s that serious
research has begun investigating female sexuality and sexual physiology, separate and distinct
from male sexuality.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 215
Because of this ignorance, in the modern USA many hapless women have had completely
unnecessary surgery to correct urinary incontinence. MD's call unwanted peeing incontinence. It
makes us sick to think of the lives toyed with destructively and unnecessarily when all these
women were doing was something normal, healthy, and pleasurable. Goddess only knows
what damage those surgeries did to the sex lives of countless unfortunate women and their
On the bright side, it doesn't take much to prove the existence of female ejaculation. Some
internet websites specialize in showing it. Today, porn stars and sexuality teachers demonstrate
it proudly and routinely.
The ultimate proof will be your own. We come back to where we started: try it, you'll like it.
Sex Negative Cultural Conditioning
While we're on the subject of history, it's interesting to consider the Batoro, an indigenous
tribe in Uganda, who teach their young women to ejaculate before marriage. Batoro women
who can "spray the wall" are considered to be more desirable than those who can't.
Now, that's a twist in sharp contrast to the modern world. Imagine having your mom, your
aunts, and their best friends teaching you how to have Sacred Gate Orgasms and soak the bed
with amrita. Kinda blows your mind, right?
The Batoro elevate sexual pleasure to a respected place in society. They believe it's good,
therefore causing no psychological conflict. We wish modern Westerners could honor their
sexuality so fully. Many of our social and physical problems come from sexual ignorance and
wounding early in life leading to unfulfilling sex lives, not to mention unfulfilling lives in
We hope your own journey toward being a fully sexual woman or man will allow you to be
open with your c***dren. Wouldn't it be great if all parents approached sex in a way that doesn't
perpetuate their own shame and doubt? Wouldn't it be wonderful if all parents supported their
c***dren's growth, confidence, and pride in their ability to be sexual?
If you're proud of your sexuality and feel no shame about it, you will find it easier to be
more frank with your c***dren than your parents were with you.
Your example is always the most powerful teacher.
A Story About How It Really Should Be
The man and woman checked into the motel about three in the afternoon.
The room had mirrors all around, including over the bed. A large hot tub was in the corner.
They plugged in the boombox and started playing their favorite lovemaking music. After
decorating the room with sarongs, flowers, statues, candles, and ample towels all over the bed,
they undressed slowly for each other.
"I want to pleasure you beyond your wildest dreams," he said as he looked into her eyes.
She sighed deeply and began to lightly scratch his shoulder and arm. His vajra (penis) began
showing signs of growth. She knew she was already tumesced (her vulva was swollen) but she
wanted to go slowly and savor every moment.
They opened the bottle of champagne. He filled the two glasses with bubbly. They crawled
into the tub and gazed deeply into one another's eyes. "I love you with all of my being," she
whispered. His mouth opened and with wonder, "My God, you're so beautiful."
After lightly bathing and laughing a lot, they dried each other off and moved over to the
king-size bed.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 216
After about an hour of stroking, lightly massaging each other, delicious licking, lots of
moaning and energetic Tantric Orgasms, he was more than fully erect. Vajra was hard as a rock.
Fortunately, yoni was very swollen and juicy and ready to be penetrated.
"May vajra visit your secret garden?" he asked and she answered breathlessly.
Looking deeply into her soul, he slowly lowered himself and vajra began to penetrate yoni.
He was attentive to the speed as he carefully moved in and then out. Vajra entered just a little
more with each stroke, because he knew that was exactly what turned her on the most.
The deeper he went, the louder and louder became her screams. When he was all the way
in, she had her next orgasm. It didn't seem to matter what position they were in, both were
freely having Tantric energy orgasms. Interspersed in her peaks and climaxes was the feeling
that her waters were beginning to flow.
She was slipping into the Orgasm-Zone and found that her orgasms were coming regularly.
The "O-Zone" is that space where orgasms are continuous, effortless, and triggered by virtually
any stimulus. With each orgasm, she would push out without even thinking about it. Her
partner responded by making sure his cock didn't come out all the way.
With vajra at the opening of yoni, he could feel the ejaculate warm and wet on his cock. She
would writhe and moan and he would then move inside all the way, again.
With each orgasm her ejaculation became more voluminous. After about ten orgasms like
this, he just had to look. Being turned on visually like most guys, he wanted to see the amrita
pour out.
The next time she orgasmed and pushed out, he withdrew vajra all the way and watched a
huge amount of ejaculate gush from her yoni and spray him. They both simultaneously
exclaimed "wow" and laughed. Without much delay, he put vajra back inside her so they stroke
more and more. Why not, it just felt so oh, oh good.
When both began to tire and feel a little hungry, they decided to take a break. Before closing,
they cuddled up close and whispered "sweet everythings" into one another's ear. Both agreed it
was the hottest sex they had had in a very long time.
Both knew there was more to be had after dinner. Yippee!!
By the way, the towels covering the bed were completely soaked.
EXERCISE: Attitude Discussion Questions
Consider these questions. Write about them in your journal or discuss them with your
• What taboos do you feel you've inherited about female ejaculation?
• Do you have any concerns about ejaculating on your partner or having your partner
ejaculate on you?
• If you could change your attitude completely, how would you like to feel about
female ejaculation?
10.3 The Real Story Section
“In the yoni there is an artery called sasponda which corresponds with that of the lingam and
which, when excited by the presence and energetic action of the latter, cause kama-salila to flow
(semen). It is inside and towards the navel, and it is attached to certain roughnesses (thorns)
which are peculiarly liable to induce the paroxysm when subjected to friction...the Madana chakra
(the clitoris) in the upper part of the connected with the Mada-vahi (sperm-flowing)
artery and cases the latter to overflow.” ----- Kalyana Malla in Ananga-Ranga: Stage of the
Bodiless One
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 217
Tantra and Female Ejaculation
In contrast to our modern sex-negative conditioning, Tantra has viewed sex a divine gift
and a pathway to higher consciousness for thousands for years. Own your pleasure and explore
your sexuality fully, it says.
Tantra encourages us to experiment with pleasure by dropping the old programming that
limits our ecstasy and spiritual evolution. We believe that full-out sexual play with
consciousness can be a sacred ritual. Flowing your waters can be a wonderful part of this.
Besides, it's good clean fun (when you make love on a couple of towels).
Tantrikas believe that Kundalini or sexual energy is the source of life. This energy is carried
through your body by your breath and is capable of setting every nerve on erotic fire. That's
why Tantric rituals are designed to awaken all the senses fully.
Using techniques and positions to fully experience pleasure and ecstasy, sex becomes a
prayer, a communion with the Divine. The long extended orgasms found in the O-Zone
transport the individual and the couple to an altered state.
This is Nirvana. This is the ecstasy of Supreme Bliss Tantra.
Who Is Shakti?
When you honor sexuality as an intrinsic part of life, you open yourself to powerful
transformations. This especially applies to women. Ancient Tantra elevated female ejaculation
to an art and a sacred ritual.
The Tantric way is to refer to women and their orgasmic power as Shakti, the Goddess
whose power made Shiva, one of the principal Hindu gods, complete.
Tantric sexuality allows women to discover their Goddess nature, their unlimited source of
pure positive life f***e, and become a reflection of Shakti.
The Goddess Shakti knows who she is without reservation, restriction, or inhibition. She
uses her sexuality to expand her consciousness through acceptance, consciousness, and selflove.
In this way, Shakti becomes a gateway for the flow of creativity when she surrenders to
her essence, her profound sexuality. This creativity is powerful and transformative.
When she summons and welcomes ultimate pleasure, there is a melting and merging with
the Divine as her ego disappears. She becomes pure ecstasy, embodied.
When Shakti ejaculates the divine nectar, which Tantrikas call amrita, she purifies herself.
Tradition says amrita blesses and illuminates all it touches. Many cultures use amrita in ritual to
honor, heal, and invigorate.
We know that the more often the Goddess ejaculates, the higher her orgasmic response, the
more powerful and deeper her orgasms. This is how Shakti aligns with her higher sacred self
through her indigenous orgasmic nature. Which is part of the reason Tantrics hold orgasm as
divine and ejaculation as sacred.
We Call It "Amrita"
Being untrained in the ancient arts of Tantric love, it's easy to understand why many
women and their lovers, not to mention doctors, thought that the fluid gushing out from the
same place as pee had to be urine.
But it can't be, as science recently demonstrated.
Chemical analysis has proven that female ejaculate is not urine because it contains such
small amounts of urine's key components. It's sweet, thin, and chemically different.
Anyone who's been with a female ejaculator knows it has little or no odor and is mostly
colorless, not yellow. It's mostly clear and sometimes has little milky portion with a watery
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra At Tahoe 218
consistency. In fact, amrita more closely resembles a thinner version of male semen, but
obviously without the sperm cells.
What is ejaculate, exactly? It contains a higher level of glucose than urine. Also, it includes
two components of urine, urea and creatinine, but in much smaller concentrations. Female
ejaculate also contains PSA, prostate specific antigen, and the enzyme, prostatic acid
phosphatase. These last two are also found in the secretions from the male prostate.
Different Kinds Of Wetness
Female ejaculate is different than the wetness that develops when a woman gets turned on.
Vaginal lubrication isn't expelled from the urethra but from other glan