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The Scottish Lad

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Desert Heat - Part 21

Desert Heat – Part 21
Saturday, Aug. 4, 1985
We all must have been pretty tired after our time last night with Sherry because I was the first to wake up and it was nearly 9 am. I quietly made my way to the kitchen and started the pot of coffee. I slipped on pair of shorts and went out to get the newspaper. As soon as I was back inside, the shorts came off and replaced next to the door for tomorrow’s paper fetching.
With the coffee ready, I poured a cup and sat down to read the newspaper. I was almost done with the paper when Jerry wandered out, poured a cup of coffee and joined me at the table. He started talking about the wedding and how much he and Rosemary appreciated everything we were doing for them. I told him we were glad to do it and that Ginger was so excited about it all.
He was about to ask me something when Ginger and Pepper wandered out. They poured their coffee and then asked what we wanted for breakfast. I looked at Jerry and suggested French toast, bacon and two eggs. Jerry said that sounded good to him also. I had the feeling that he wanted to talk to me privately, so we went outside to the pool.
Once we were alone again, he said that he and Rosemary have been talking about who was giving the bride away, who would best man and who would be maid of honor. I told him that I would be happy to give Rosemary away since I am her only living relative that she knows. He said that’s what she said, but then he told me that he also wanted me to be his best man. I asked about his b*****r and he told me that they weren’t that close and he just learned that his b*****r got a job France and wouldn’t be here for the wedding. I said that would be no problem. I can be best man for him and give Rosemary away.
He then said there was another problem and Rosemary didn’t know what to do about her s****rs and who would be maid of honor for Rosemary. I told him I understand her problem. She doesn’t want to disappoint or anger either s****r. Sipping the last of my coffee, I suggested that since this wedding is going to be so different than normal anyway, why not have two maids of honors? Jerry asked if they could do that and I said it’s their wedding and that they can do anything they want. He said that sounded great and he would tell Rosemary as soon he got her alone. I told him I was glad to help.
The timing was just right and the three s****rs brought breakfast out to us and we all ate around the patio table. Rosemary asked what we were talking about and before Jerry could respond, I told them we were discussing who was going to fuck who today along with where and how. Ginger looked at me and said okay you don’t want us to know, so we won’t tell you what we were talking about. The playful banter bounced back and forth all through breakfast.
As we were just about finished eating, Ginger asked if I had any plans today and I said not really. Jerry said he didn’t either. Then she asked if we minded if the three of them went shopping for a few things and I shrugged my shoulders and said that would be fine and Jerry agreed.
After breakfast was cleaned up, the girls got dressed and headed out. They were all wearing their short skirts and halter tops and I told them to enjoy themselves but not to get arrested for prostitution. They laughed and headed out. Jerry asked if I did have any plans and I told him yes, but didn’t want them to know. I told him I wanted to go shopping for a few special items for the girls and he was welcome to come with me.
We got dressed and headed across town to an adult gift shop that I had never been to before. When I pulled into the parking lot, Jerry asked what kind of special items I was looking for and I told him I’m not sure, but will know once I see them. We went inside and started looking to see what all they had. This skanky looking old lady came up to us and asked if she could help and I said we were just looking and would let her know if we needed help. As she walked away, Jerry looked at me and made a face indicating just how repulsive the woman looked. Most of the items on the shelves looked old and dirty and I decided to leave and go to my second destination.
The next adult shop was much cleaner and the clerk we saw when we walked in was young guy that looked like he was an athlete and/or male model. He stood about 6 foot 4, broad shoulders, tan skin, sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. This young stud was the type of guy who would turn every girl’s head at a party and make all the men feel inadequate. He asked us if he could help us and his strong Scottish accent just added to his charm. I told him that we were just looking for ideas for something for our wives. He asked if wanted matching pairs for them and the look on his face was priceless when I said not two but three. I explained that I was married, her two s****rs lived with us and Jerry was engaged to one of the s****rs and the five of us had a very open relationship. All he could say was wow and pointed down an aisle and said to holler if we had any questions.
After he walked away, I turned to Jerry and told him that if Ginger was in here she would have wet her pants and probably have an orgasm when she heard his accent. Jerry said that all three of them would be drooling over the guy. We walked down the one aisle and saw a number of lotions and oils of varying flavors and scents. I asked Jerry is Rosemary liked massages and when he said yes, I said that both Ginger and Pepper do also. We selected a couple different scented oils and a couple flavored lotions. In the next aisle we found a collection of dildos and decided to pass them up. Up at the front near the checkout was a large display of vibrators. Jerry and I looked them over and decided to get three different ones, figuring that they would likely share anyway.
We took our items to the register and the Scottish stud asked if there was anything else that we needed to surprise our ladies with. Jerry quickly piped up just him. He looked up and asked what did he say and Jerry said the only other thing we could use to surprise the ladies was him. He said he appreciated the offer but he was married to a beautiful woman and then called out for Loreena and moment later a gorgeous blonde woman approached from the back of the store. She was a tall lass, I guess about 5 foot 11, with light blonde hair that hung down to her waist. Her eyes were green and she had a figure much like Ginger except her breasts were a very ample C cup.
When she asked what he wanted, calling him Colin, we heard her thick Scottish accent also. Jerry and I looked at each other and smiled. I knew he was thinking the same thing I was which was the guys would bust their zippers and cum in their pants when she entered a party.
Colin told her about us and the three s****rs and that we had invited him home with us. She cuddled up alongside him hugging his muscular arm and asked if the invitation included her also. I said by all means and that we were having a little gathering around the pool tonight and they were more than welcome to join us. Loreena looked up at Colin and asked him what he thought. She added that they had been wanting to make some American friends and perhaps this was a good opportunity to do just that. Colin reminded her that we said we had an open relationship with the 5 of us and she smiled and said it sounded like fun. He turned back to me and asked what time. I asked when were they off and he said they owned the shop and could close it anytime they wanted. I told them that dinner would be served at 7pm, wrote down our address and my phone number. I paid for the items and asked if they could bring them with them and she said that would be fine. Then I got her to put a vibrator, bottle of oil and lotion in each of three boxes and wrote the girl’s name on them. I instructed them that when they arrived to tell the girls that they had a special delivery for and then read out the names. Loreena caught on and said that would make for a great surprise and I agreed with her. She asked how formal they needed to dress and what kind of swimsuit was be appropriate. I told her that it is very casual and swimsuits were optional but what they were wearing would be perfect of the delivery. She smiled and tugged on Colin’s arm and told him that it sounded like a lot of fun.
Jerry and I drove to a couple of other places, but didn’t buy anything else. We stopped at a sports bar for lunch, had a couple of beers and talked about the evening. We told them casual, so I decided that dinner would be casual also. I picked up some lean ground beef, buns, red onions, buns, corn on the cob and everything I needed to make my homemade potato salad and we headed home. I put the potatoes and some eggs on to boil and started preparing the hamburgers. I chopped up some onions, several cloves of garlic, broke several eggs and added some seasoning and several teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce. I formed the burger patties, put wax paper between them and set them in the fridge to cure. Once the potatoes were done, I cooled them as fast as possible and then diced up in a big bowl. I then diced up the hardboiled eggs, some celery, a couple sweet pickles, added some mayo, paprika and a little bit of lemon juice. Mixed it all up, sprinkled some more paprika on the top, covered it and placed it in the frig to cure and set up.
Once I had all of the dinner prep done, Jerry and I decided to go for a swim. Jerry asked what I had in mind tonight and I said that the girls have been very good to us and that I wanted to do something special for them to let them know how much we appreciate them. He asked if I intended to let the giant Scot have his will with the girls and I said if that happens, I’m okay with it. He asked me what I intended to do with the lassy. I said we’ll just have to see what happens, but if he recalled I asked the lad before I ever knew there was a lass. I then asked if he was having misgivings about this and he said not at all, he just wanted to be on the same page with me.
About 5 pm, the girls got home and carried a number of bags straight back to Pepper’s bedroom and closed the door. Jerry and I looked at each other and I said that this ought to be interesting. About 20 minutes later they came out nude like normal and asked what up for dinner. I told them that I had something special planned and that it had about another hour to cure in kitchen before I was ready to start cooking. Ginger started to go to the kitchen to peek and I told her no peaking. Since they had an hour before I was going to start cooking, they decided to go for a swim and work on their complete tans and headed out back. I looked at clock and told Jerry if they stay out there for an hour, that would be perfect for the surprise delivery.
Jerry and I grabbed a beer, made ourselves comfy and turned on a baseball game. Two more beers and several innings later I noticed that it was time for Colin and Loreena to arrive. I mentioned it to Jerry as I peeked out back and the three girls were sound asl**p in floating loungers in the pool. This was going perfect I thought to myself.
A few minutes later I heard a knock on the door. I looked out and it was Colin and Loreena carrying three gift boxes. I opened the door and let them in and explained that the girls were asl**p out back in the pool and them to follow me. We went out the door and called out to the girls, asking if they were expecting a delivery. Ginger said no and then asked why and I said there was a special delivery here and then motioned for Colin and Loreena to come out the back door. I saw Colin’s eyes light up when he saw the three naked s****rs in the pool. The girls swam over to the steps and climbed out, grabbed towels and began to dry themselves up.
Colin stepped forward, looked at one of the boxes and said he had a delivery for Pepper and looked up to see who would respond. Pepper hesitantly held out her hand to take the box. Then he read out Rosemary and Ginger and handed them their gifts. I told the girls I would see the delivery people out and turned and e****ted them back into the house. Once inside, I took them to our bedroom and told them to go ahead and change into their swimsuits or nothing at all and then wait for my signal to come out
By the time I got back outside, all three of the girls had opened the boxes and were laughing at the different vibrators. Ginger looked at me and asked which one of us was the prankster and I told her neither of us were pranksters. She knew that I like to play with words and semantics, so she rephrased her question asking which one of use bought them their gifts. Rosemary looked at Jerry and confidently said it wasn’t him as she could tell by the look on his face.
All eyes turned to me and I just shrugged my shoulders. Then Ginger said she loved the gifts. Pepper and Rosemary echoed her thanks and all three gave me a big hug and kiss. Then Pepper asked about the delivery guy, saying he was a hunk and his accent was so sexy. That started the conversation about Colin, although I never told them his name. I suggested we take the gifts inside and I’ll start cooking dinner.
As we moved inside, I asked Pepper what she would do with the delivery guy if she had a chance. She said that she would rip his clothes off of him as fast as she could, stand back and take a good long look at this body. They she would move close to him and run her hands over every inch of his muscular body until she got to his cock and then she would take in her mouth, suck on it and then sit on it and take every last drop of cum he could produce. The s****rs were hootin’ and hollerin’ as Pepper went on and on about what she would do to the Scottish lad.
I asked them what they thought about the girl with him. All three girls said they hardly noticed her as they could take their eyes off of him. I asked Jerry and he started in much like Pepper had, saying how he would take clothes off and then run his hands all over her body. He said he would spend some time caressing her beautiful breasts, then he would kiss and suck them and then work his way down to her pussy. When he reached there, he would take his time to kiss, lick and taste her sweetness and eventually he would enter her and take her until his balls were bone dry. Rosemary was sitting back listening to him and kept saying in his dreams and the others laughed.
Jerry asked her what she would do with the delivery man had she a chance at him and she said pretty much the same thing that Pepper said, except she wanted to sit on his face and feel his tongue deep inside her before his cock. It was Ginger’s turn and she said that she would do what both Pepper and Rosemary had said. Then she asked me what I would do with the woman and I said I wanted to have her and Ginger at the same time with my cock in one of them and my tongue in the other. Ginger laughed and said if only.
I excused myself saying I had to go to the bathroom and head back to our bedroom. Colin and Loreena were standing just inside the bedroom door and said they had been listening. They had decided to strip down naked since the rest of us were and I have say that they both looked like 10s on anyone’s list. Loreena had a thick patch of blonde hair doing its best to hide her treasure. Her breasts were a very ample C and looked fairly firm with very little sag. She had an hourglass figure and hips that spread to the perfect width to go with the rest of her figure.
What could I say about Colin? Tall, blonde and extremely muscular with six-pack abs. His muscles were not the only things that were impressive. Standing in the bedroom un-erect, he was definitely larger than Jerry or me. I could only imagine what the s****rs would do once they saw it grow to its full potential.
I asked what they thought and Loreena told me she was so wet just listening. Then she looked up at Colin and asked if he was ready for this and he said if she didn’t have any objections that it sounded like fun and that he was about to gangbanged by three beauties. Loreena said if he could handle the three girls that she would do her part with the guys. I told them to hang tight and when they heard me say ‘burgers’ that it was their cue to come on out and surprise the others. Just as I was about to return to the others, Loreena kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for inviting them over. I winked at them both and said this should be a great night.
Returning to the others, I asked Ginger if she and the s****rs could cut up the fruit for the fruit salad and I asked Jerry if he could fire up the grill. He looked at me and I motioned him to go ahead. I took the potato salad out, stirred it up and tasted it to make sure it was okay and it was. Jerry came back inside and the three s****rs were busy in the kitchen preparing the fruit salad. I told them I was going to put my special burgers on the grill now.
From the kitchen the girls could not see Colin and Loreena as they crept out into the room. I stopped them just short of being seen and asked the three girls if they meant what they said about the big good looking delivery man and Pepper said you betcha. Then I motioned Colin and Loreena to come on out the rest of the way and I announce that tonight they would get their chance to back up their words. Pepper almost cut her finger as she looked up and saw the naked couple. I introduced everyone to each other and then told the girls that it was eyes only until after dinner and everything was cleaned up.
Standing naked in front of the three gorgeous s****rs, Colin’s manhood quickly rose to say hello and here I am. Pepper began to take a step in his direction and I reminded her that it’s eyes only until after dinner. She turned to told me to stop standing there and get the burgers on the grill and hurry up because she was anxious get down to business. As I was heading out to the patio and grill, I mentioned to them that Loreena was a knockout and that Jerry and I were looking forward to getting down to business also. Ginger threw a g**** at me and Rosemary slapped Jerry on the shoulder in gest.
During dinner, Colin and Loreena told us that they were from Bucksburn, Scotland, a suburb of Aberdeen. They both came to the states to attend university but ran into problems with the school. They began traveling across the US to see as much as they could before having to return to Scotland. While eating dinner at a restaurant, they overhead an older man telling a friend that he wanted to sell his business and retire. We turned and asked him what kind of business and how much did he want for it. At first they were shocked by the kind of business, but the guy said don’t let the nature of the business fool us and that it does provide a good income. Arrangements were made to check out the store the next day and they watched as a number of people came in and shopped. They went to a bank and were able to arrange financing using a large sum of money that they had left over for school. That was six months ago and they’ve been enjoying it ever since. The store does pretty good, but owning and working your store makes you a slave to it and gives you very little chance to socialize, do things and meet people. That’s why Loreena wanted to accept our invitation when I offered.
Everyone said they were very glad that they accepted. Ginger turned, gave me a kiss and told me that I did good. After hearing their life history, they asked about us and the little I had told them at the store. Ginger told them about her emerging from her prudish cocoon earlier this summer what’s happened since then. Pepped enjoyed telling them about the day they came to the house and found Jerry and I wearing nothing but an apron and us being Ginger’s slaves.
Rosemary piped in and said that was when she met Jerry and fell in love with him before that weekend ended. And I added that it was that weekend that our household went from 3 to 5 people with only 3 bedrooms. Ginger added that Rosemary moved right in with Jerry and Pepper got the smallest bedroom all to herself. Pepper chimed in that she only sl**ps there when we are away on work, otherwise she sl**ps with Ginger and me.
By now, everyone was full and complimented the dinner. We all pitched in to help clean up and as soon as it was all done, Pepper looked at me asked if it was time to get down to business. I looked at Colin and Loreena and said what happens to night is completely up to them. Loreena looked up at Colin and told him that under the circumstances, he was free to do whatever he wanted tonight. He looked at her and she was also free to do what pleased her.
After saying that to each other, they both just stood there as if not sure what to do next. I told the s****rs to stand shoulder to shoulder and they lined up with Ginger in the middle. Then I placed Colin in front of them, placed one of his hands on Pepper’s breast, one hand on Rosemary’s breast and then moved him up against Ginger so that his cock was pressing against her and said ‘ladies, he’s all yours.’
I turned to Loreena and motioned Jerry to join us. I took one of Loreena’s hands and placed it on Jerry’s cock and put her other hand on my cock. Then took Jerry’s hand and put it on her breast and I put my hand on her other breast.
The ice had been broken. Loreena moved close and kissed me and then kissed Jerry. She began slowly stroking both of our cocks and then knelt down and began to kiss Jerry’s cock while still stroking mine. A minute later she switched and began sucking my cock and stroking Jerry’s. After a bit, I moved her to the sofa and told Jerry to suck on those fabulous breasts while I taste her exciting pussy.
On the other side of the room, the s****rs were almost smothering Colin. Pepper was doing everything possible to take his enormous cock into her mouth. Ginger was straddling his face giving him access to her pussy and Rosemary was holding his balls and Colin was fondling her breasts. Without even looking, I could tell that Ginger was fast approaching the first orgasm of the night as Colin licked and sucked on her pussy and clit.
Loreena wasn’t far behind Ginger. I ran my tongue as deep into her pussy as possible while my thumb was working her clit. I could feel the walls of her vagina begin to contract on my tongue over and over again. As Ginger’s orgasmic groans filled the room, Loreena’s pussy clamped down on my tongue and I could feel the flood of fluid against my tongue and drank it up as fast as my trapped tongue could manage. She moaned an ‘oh wow’ as her pussy released my tongue.
Jerry and I switched positions and as we were moving, I looked over and saw Rosemary sucking on Colin’s cock and Pepper was now straddling his face. Ginger sat back trying to regain her composure from her first of many orgasms of the night. I cupped Loreena’s ample breasts in my hands and buried my face in her cleavage. Then I began sucking one breast for a bit and then switched to the other. Her breasts tasted as good as her pussy did. They were larger than any of the s****rs and it was great holding and feeling them.
Sucking her breasts I could feel her body begin to move in response to Jerry working her pussy. I did everything I could to keep my lips on her nipple as her body moved more and more. Sucking on one of her breasts, I reached over and began to twirl her other nipple between my finger and thumb. Loreena must have very sensitive nipples because the moment I started working her nipple, her body arched, she moaned loudly and came in Jerry’s face. He drank up her juices as I had.
A few moments later, we could hear Rosemary reaching her first orgasm of the night. Pepper suddenly stopped sucking on Colin’s cock, spun around and slid down on it as fast as she could. As she did, she couldn’t help but gasp at the size of his cock which was larger than she was used to. She barely got him inside of her when he began thrusting his hips as he pumped stream after stream of his Scottish cream up inside of her. The intensity of his cumming along with the size of his cock triggered Pepper’s orgasm as she took every drop of him she could into her pussy.
Afterwards, Pepper just sat there, waiting for his cock to weaken, but it didn’t. Rosemary said it was her turn to sit on his staff, so Pepper climbed off and Ginger made her lay down on the floor and began to lick Colin’s cum from Pepper’s pussy. Colin told Rosemary to bend over the end of the other sofa and he moved in behind her and worked his cock into her hungering pussy. Like Pepper, Rosemary gasped at the size of his cock as it opened her wide and begin to penetrate her.
After Jerry brought Loreena to her second orgasm, she begged us to fuck her. I motioned to Jerry to go first and eagerly slid himself into her pussy. I moved up so that she could take my cock into her mouth and we both worked our own opening. Her lips around my cock felt so good for the second time of the night and as much as I longer to shoot my load into her pussy, I knew the first load was destined for her mouth.
Jerry moved just enough so that his cock was rubbing her clit and she quickly began to build for her third orgasm. When she began to climax, her lips tighten around my cock and she took all of me into her mouth and held it there until after the initial waves of ecstasy began to subside. I was doing everything possible to hold back, but I couldn’t, and as she relaxed from her orgasm I began my own. She was very adept at taking a cumming cock in her mouth as he lips and tongue caressed every drop of my fluid and she swallowed every bit of it without the slightest hint of gagging.
Rosemary rode Colin like a rodeo star except that she stayed on a lot longer than 8 seconds. As she rode him, Ginger began to play with Rosemary’s clit, rubbing it with her thumb as she placed her hand against her mound. Her fingers were also against Colin’s cock as it slid in and out of her. Ginger’s hand was strategically placed to intensity the feeling for both Rosemary and Colin. Rosemary soon convulsed in an intense orgasm. Colin picked up the pace as she slowed down and it was clear that he was bound to shoot his load into the youngest of the three s****rs. His staying power was impressive, but I guess having just cum once a short time before would have something to do with it. By the time Colin was ready to let it go, Rosemary had a total of three orgasms while riding him. She was nearly exhausted but when she felt his cock swell even bigger, her eyes opened and she told him not to hold back. Colin didn’t hold back and began to pump rope after rope of his Scottish seed into her.
When he had finished, she collapsed onto his chest until she felt him shrinking. Then Rosemary climbed off of him and asked who wanted to clean her up. Both Pepper and Ginger answered. Ginger told Pepper that she could clean her off when she finished with him, but this was her turn. Pepper agreed and Ginger moved down on Rosemary and began licking and sucking as much of Colin’s cum out of Rosemary’s pussy as possible.
Colin sat leaning back against the sofa just taking in the sight of Ginger cleaning her s****r’s pussy and drinking his cum from her pussy. When she was done, Ginger turned her attention to Colin and he asked if he could just rest for a bit to regain his strength. Ginger said that was fine but in the meantime, she wanted him to suck on her breasts. She loved having her breasts suckled and I could tell she was in ecstasy having the Scottish lips around her nipples.
Loreena said she needed a rest also. I suggested that we could all go out for a dip in the pool to refresh and relax and our Scottish visitors said that sounded good. Ginger reminded Colin that his cock belonged to her when they came back in and he smile, tweaked her nipple, making her jump and giggle. Jerry helped Loreena to her feet and led her to the back door. Heading out, I asked them what they liked to drink and if a beer was fine and they said it was, so I grabbed a handful of beers and soda for Ginger and followed them all outside.
The pool water felt refreshing and did help revitalize our bodies. I heard Loreena quietly ask Colin if he was enjoying himself and he said he was and she whispered that she was too. She then asked him if he was glad that she talked him into it and he nodded yes. She hugged and kissed him and as she did, and I watched as her breasts pressed against his chest and found the sight to be very erotic. I’ve always been more of a breast man and always enjoyed looking at a set of beautiful breasts and Loreena’s breasts were close to perfect.
We had been outside for just shy of half an hour when Ginger announced that she hoped Colin was rested enough because she doesn’t want to wait any longer. She said the rest of us could stay out and swim if we wanted, but she was dragging her waiting stud back inside. Colin barely had time to dry off when Ginger grabbed him by his cock and told him to follow her and she led him back into the house.
Once back inside, she knelt down and sucked his cock until it grew to full size. She bent over, holding on to the arm of the sofa and told him to take now. Colin moved in behind her and started rubbing his cock along the outside of her pussy. By the way Ginger was moving her butt, I knew that she was growing anxious to feel him inside of her and she succeeded. He slid his cock across her pussy and she shoved her butt backwards onto him, forcing his shaft into her. The sound she made wasn’t exactly a groan or a moan. It sounded more like the sound someone makes when they taste a perfectly grilled juicy piece of steak. In other words, Colin felt very good to her.
All eyes were fixated on Colin and Ginger and I took the opportunity to whisper to Jerry that I was going to see if I could make Loreena squirt. I asked him if he would concentrate on her nipples while I did my magic on her pussy and he smiled and said it would be his pleasure. Before I could get Loreena into position, everyone in the house heard Ginger as she climaxed. I gently led Loreena to the sofa, and sat her down. I slid her butt closer to the edge of the couch and Jerry say beside her and began kissing and sucking on her nipples. I reached two fingers into her pussy and began rubbing the inside until I found her sweet spot. Once I located it, I leaned down and start sucking and nibbling on her clit and working her sweet spot at the same time.
Almost immediately, her body began to react. Her stomach moved with waves of contractions and her back arched and her legs quivered. I increased my tempo and her body responded even more. It wasn’t long before a loud groan emanated from her lips, her back arched as far as it could, her legs were quivering as fast as possible and then the fountain opened up. My face felt like it was being sprayed by a pulsating garden hose as she squirted rhythmically sprayed me about half a dozen times. I let go of her pussy and pulled my lips off of her clit and looked up at her. She was panting as if she had just sprinted the length of a football field.
Eventually, her eyes opened and she took a moment to focus on her surroundings. She looked down at me and said that was the most intense orgasm she had ever had. It was about then that she realized that my entire head was drenched as was a large area of the floor in front of her. She asked if she did that and I told her it was all her doing. I asked if she had ever squirted before and she said no, never before.
Colin was focused on Ginger and taking her from behind until Loreena’s loud groan and squirting distracted him. The sight of his wife spraying me and half the room had greatly excited him and he began pumping his hot seed deep into Ginger’s pussy. I could tell by the way his thrusts changed that he was filling her and I could hear the distinct sound of her enjoying every ounce of it. He started to pull out of her and she begged him to stay as long as possible, but I could tell that Colin was anxious to go to his wife and congratulate her on her squirting. He was still so excited by what he saw that it took him a while to soften, but once he did, he pulled out and Pepper moved in to clean Ginger up and drink his cum.
Colin moved over beside Loreena and held her and told her how great it was to see her squirt like that. They kissed and began to hold and fondle each other. I suggested that they should have some time together and if they didn’t mind, we would watch. Loreena said that she would like to feel Colin’s cock in her. She stood up on very wobbly legs, straddled his legs facing him and lowered herself onto her hubby’s massive cock. As they began to move with each other, Loreena’s breasts began to bounce. I don’t know why but the sight a pretty woman’s breasts bouncing to the motion of lovemaking has always been one of the sexiest things to me and I loved watching them.
Ginger knew I was watching Loreena’s breasts bouncing and she moved over in front of me and put my hands on her breasts. My cock quickly hardened and I managed to slide it into her from behind. It wasn’t long before I was matching the same rhythm as the young couple. I continued to watch Loreena’s breasts moving and holding Ginger’s breasts at the same time. She felt so wonderful and in only a few minutes I released my seed. As I did, Ginger pressed her butt against me to help me make my deposit as deep as possible. Colin and Loreena were still going at it, but I could tell she was about to cum again for the second time since she mounted her his cock. With Loreena cumming, Colin’s thrusts became stronger and we could hear their skin slapping together. He began to grunt harder and then it was Loreena’s turn to be filled with his cum. She fell forward against his chest, kissing his face and telling him how much she loved him.
In all of the excitement, the girls had forgotten about their vibrators, lotions and oils. When I reminded them, Pepper said they didn’t need them when they had the real thing and everyone laughed. Still sitting on Colin’s lap, Loreena turned to look at us and began to thank us for the most incredible evening of their lives. She said they had never done anything like this, but would definitely be open to doing it again. All three s****rs jumped at that and said they were welcome back anytime. Loreena turned back to Colin and asked him if he had anything to say and he stammered for a bit and then said he agreed that it was incredible and that he thoroughly enjoyed it. Loreena asked him what it was like to have four pussies in one night and he said it was better than he could ever imagine.
Loreena then told us they often fantasized about having sex with another person and even another couple, but this far surpassed any of their fantasies. I said I was glad that they accepted my invitation and that we were able to help them fulfill their fantasy. Colin said we didn’t fulfill their fantasy, we exploded it. Rosemary then told them that her and Jerry were getting married here at the house on September 1 and that it will be a totally nude wedding and that they were invited. Colin said Saturday’s are their busiest day and Loreena said that they could afford a day off and that they would love to join us.
It was after midnight and they said they really needed to get home. Loreena gave me a big hug, squashing her luscious breasts against my chest, kissed me and told me again how wonderful this was. She went over to Jerry, hugged and kissed him and told him thank you also. She repeated this with all three s****rs and once again I watched as her breasts pressed against each of the girl’s breasts. The girls all took turns hugging and kissing Colin and thanking him for a wonderful night and telling him to cum again soon. We all hated to see the couple put their clothes on, but knew it had to happen. We said our goodnights and they left.
It took us about 15 minutes to get everything cleaned up from Loreena’s squirting. Then we locked up, said our goodnights and headed to bed. This time, I asked if Ginger could cuddle in front of me and Pepper behind me and she said she would like that. With the three of us all nestled into bed together, we soon drifted off to sl**p, hoping to dream about our new found Scottish friends.
To be continued.

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The Plumber's Daughter - Must Read

September, 2010


I was nineteen when we married. My ex-husband, the Jerk, was twenty-five. I was madly in love with him, can you believe it? He was a third year Medical Student and I was an Art major. He was drop dead gorgeous handsome and could charm the Devil to let him out of hell.

I dropped out of college and worked as a waitress to help support us. I threw away my scholarships to help put him through Medical School. Mom and Dad were livid, but they helped us out with our rent. Thank God for my father. Dad is a big, strong, no nonsense type of man, unafraid to get his hands dirty. At sixty-five Dad is still working. Unlike the jerk, Dad makes house calls. That's our private joke. Dad loves to laugh and make jokes. He loves to eat, especially with the whole f****y and friends at his table. Dad's daily custom is a glass of red wine with every meal.

I am his Princess and Dad can deny me nothing. All my boyfriends from school were afraid of him. He would always make the new ones come up to the apartment an hour before our date to give them the fourth degree. He would then arm wrestle with them to test their metal and he never lost. Aside from f****y his greatest passion is for bocce. Dad plays on a league and travels in competition.

The Jerk is a plastic surgeon and a very good one. In time as his reputation for excellence grew our finances got better, much better. We had six bedroom penthouse apartment in Manhattan and a three story summer house with a private beach in Long Island Sound. We had money to burn and he spoiled me terribly, expensive cars, jewelry, a full time housekeeper, a part time cook, but he was hardly ever home.

It wasn't so bad. I loved what his money could buy. It bought me a fabulous paying position in a posh New York City Art Gallery. I was the perfect doctor's wife, attending all the fund raisers for him and he mine. I had my own career, the best that money could buy. Money allowed me to have my own way with everything. It put me at the head of the line, in front of everybody else, the little people. I was faithful to the Jerk, even though I had opportunities. I had men tripping over themselves for my attention, me, Marie Antoinette Bernardino a plumber's daughter. Despite everything, I took my wedding vows seriously, to love, honor, and cherish; to forsake all others.

My ex-husband had a thing for blonds and to keep him happy I changed the color of my long dark brown hair to blond. I kept it blond because I loved him and I thought he loved me. I went to the salon every week to look my best. Most people thought I was a natural blond. As I said, money was no object. I spent one hour everyday running on a treadmill and worked out in the gym three times a week with Debbie my personal trainer.

At thirty-five I weighed the same as when we married; 125 lbs, at 5'8" tall, with 32" hips, a 22" waist, and my bust is a 36 C. I can easily pass for a woman in her early twenties. My mother still keeps her trim figure and never seems to age, as do all the Corbett women on mom's side of the f****y.

Our sex life was adequate, twice a week. I found out after the divorce that the bastard had multiple affairs all throughout our marriage. I thought our marriage was rock solid....the jerk left me for the twenty three year daughter of the Director at my Art Gallery. So much for my job, I was f***ed to resign in disgrace.

I tried to talk to him, hoping to reconcile and save our marriage. I waited for him at our Country Club to meet with him before his Saturday nine o'clock golf threesome.

As he was taking his golf clubs out of the trunk of his Ferrari, do you know what he said to me, the psycho-babble crap that came out of his lying mouth? He said, "My ther****t explained to me that I am going through a selfish period right now. I am expressing myself negatively, but it is better than repressing my generous outgoing sexuality, my need to share. This no reflection on you, Marie, and I need your support to get through this unfortunate period in my life."

I hauled off and punched him in the nose for all I was worth, breaking it, "How was that for support, you vain pompous bastard? Fix, that you..," What followed was a string of profanities in English and Italian. I grabbed one of his Ping Rapture V2 Drivers from his golf bag and chased him "like a beagle after a rabbit". (That is how Patrick described it when I told him, "like a beagle after a rabbit." He proceeded to howl like a beagle and was laughing. He started tickling me, I'm very ticklish. I broke away and ran outside. I stopped so that he could catch me and kiss me. I love it when he is silly like that.)

I chased the Jerk right into the Rose Room where a wedding reception was being held. I managed to hit him in the ass with the driver, knocking him off his feet onto the crowded dance floor. I took my engagement ring and wedding band off and threw them to the dance floor leaving him there. I then returned to the parking lot and did a number on his red Ferrari with his custom made golf clubs, breaking and bending every one of them. I was lucky, the whole affair was handled quietly and discretely, no charges were pressed against me to save him and the County Club from embarrassment.

Dad confronted the jerk three days later when he came to get his clothes. Believe me, my ex got off lucky. Dad picked him up by the shirt right off his feet and was shaking him like a rag doll. Dad did it right in front the two Private Police Officers in our building that the Jerk brought with him to protect him from me.

We divorced and it cost him plenty. Admittedly, I was bitter. My opinion of men was that they were scum. They were all users and it was my turn to use them. If they couldn't do anything for me, I had no use for them, my Dad being the exception. I always had a bit of a temper, I admit that, but that was the only time I hit my ex husband. I hate a liar. I do admit that I have a blistering tongue if no one stops me.

Dad would take just so much. He would calmly tell me stop and go to my room. That was followed by the look. If I didn't obey after the look, well to bad for me. Dad would spank my bottom with his hand. I then had my mouth washed out with soap by my mother and was made to apologize. Dad never hit me in anger and spankings were a last result in our household.

I kept the house on Long Island, taking back my maiden name. I enrolled at Columbia University to pick up where I left off. I bought myself a new wardrobe. Goodbye nice conservative doctor's wife. Hello hot sultry bitch goddess. If he could have a twenty something then so could I. That would show him. What a fool I was then.

The first thing that I did the week before my first semester began was to get a haircut; a sassy, blunt bob with the tips of my ear lobes just peeking out. I could part it different ways to wear it smooth and sleek hugging my head, or curly and soft. On occasion I used styling gel and combed it back behind my ears. I loved that bob haircut.

I also went back to my natural hair color, a rich chocolate brown. I was ready to party and party I did. I hooked up with Mary and Dusty, twenty year old college students and we did the nightclub scene with a chauffeured stretch limo almost every night. I had the money and they knew where to go. Soon I was cutting classes, sl**ping in late, exercising every day in the college gym for an hour, and then spending my afternoons getting ready for the wild nightlife in the Big Apple. I drank sparingly and danced with many young hot male bodies, teasing and charming them, able to stay aloof. I held them at arm's length, a touch here, a kiss there, making promises I never intended to keep. I was such a bitch. I never went to bed with any of them.

Mary and Dusty were getting into the soft d**gs, which I refused to use or pay for. They were now into the more kinky sex, doing it with women as well as men, and some nights going without me to the private clubs by invitation only. They teased me, telling me that I was so Vanilla, and they were right on the money, I liked guys only. During our third semester their looks changed from wholesome small town to bordering on punk, with more and more piercings plus tattoos. They were growing to resent me. I refused to join them with woman on woman. I kept my sassy bob, but continued to dress suggestively. I was hitting only on handsome young men, for me it was just a diversion, to them?

One night they talked me into going to a sex club were just about anything goes. I thought that I could handle it, but they had other plans for me. They were going to cut me down a notch, it was all arranged. If it wasn't for Patrick getting me out of there, God knows what would have happened to me.


I come from a long line of farmers and our land has been in the f****y since 1786. I hate to farm. I joined the Marine's at s*******n because I was sick of shoveling cow manure. Anything was better than that. When I was a boot, an old, crusty Gunny Sergeant with a sense of humor overheard me talking to a buddy about my analogy of cleaning out the barns being similar to cleaning out the head (latrine). Need I say more?

Recognizing a kindred spirit, Gunny pushed me hard, "Calling me a lazy never amount to nothing cow pie," that was shortened in time to just cow pie. I pushed back. I left a ripe cow pie on the dashboard of his Chevy Silverado Pickup up truck on the day I made Sergeant. I then went to celebrate at my favorite watering hole off base. Marines and other servicemen are welcome there and little things were overlooked.

Gunny hunted me down and pushed his way in next to me at the bar. He took that cow pie and slapped it on the bar. He put his hand around my shoulder, wiping it on my shirt, and then his, announcing loudly, "How about a bottle of Bud and a shot of Jack for us two cow pies here." We certainly tied one on that day. Gunny ended up carrying me out and somehow managed to drive us back to the base without the Police stopping us.

While in the Marines I found that I had an aptitude for two things. The first was an affinity for firearms. I was the best shot with the M-16 Rifle on base. I made plenty of money in side bets for my buddies, including Gunny Sergeant Peters. He wasn't such a bad guy after all. Gunny had a collection of flintlock rifles, knives, tomahawks, and swords, mostly from the French & Indian to the War of 1812.

Married and living off base, Gunny had a small machine shop in his garage and built reproduction flintlocks as a hobby. That was my second aptitude, working with my hands in wood and metal. During my eight years in service the Marines trained me as a machinist. Gunny taught me the finer points of engraving, draw filing, wood working and such. The Marines were my life and I was going to make a career out it.

Life is funny in a way. Gunny came from old money. My people went back and forth from barely making ends meet to living comfortably. He went to Oxford, wasting six years goofing off. He then rejected his father's way of life by enlisting in the Marines during Viet Nam.

His philosophy in life, "Keep your champagne. Just give me a glass of honest American Beer", that's it and it said it all. The only thing that he learned at Oxford was fencing. Damn near a master fencer, he taught me that. I was never as good as him with a foil or rapier lacking his finesse.

I could get by pretty good...well may a little better that? I actually prefer the saber, while Gunny likes the rapier. For most purposes the saber is too big to hide so a bowie knife it is. Mine has a seven inch blade that I made from D-2 Tool Steel. I made the coffin shaped handle from black buffalo horn set with nickel silver pins and the guard from nickel silver. It is easily hidden in a shoulder harness, and I carry it when my 45 Government Model 1911 is impractical.

My Dad had a stroke one month before I was to reenlist. Gunny pulled some strings with a General that he served with when they were grunts together during the Tet Offensive. I got an early honorable discharge to return home to take care of my father. I hired an experienced farm hand to help run things and helped out by shoveling manure for another two years until Dad died. I buried him on his land in our small f****y cemetery. During that time, I took on an apprenticeship with a local blacksmith, Sam Roper to learn the trade. I also started dating his daughter Anne Marie, the love of my life.

Ten years out of the Marines, the cows were finally gone. I was renting out a few my fields to other farmers although most were now fallow. I was occasionally boarding a few horses in one of the 3 barns, including my wife's mare White Cloud. One of the barns was converted into my blacksmith/machine shop. The other was converted into a small art gallery. The loft was remodeled with plenty of windows for Anne to paint. My precious wife expressed her need to paint with watercolors. She consigned some to several large art galleries all over the Country.

In time, I learned all there was for Sam to teach me. We weren't in competition mind you. I was building rifles or muskets and had branched out into making knives, swords, and a few hawks. I would help him out occasionally by shoeing horses for him and such. I was so busy that sometimes I had a two year backlog on fire sticks. Nevertheless I always made time to spend time with my wife, the most important person in the world to me.

Anne and I started doing Revolutionary reenactments on weekends during the spring, summer and fall. I was a man-at-arms, a Ranger. Anne was my Indian wife. Being half Mohawk on her mother's side was a plus, and she did a great deal of research to help play the part. Her Indian name was Akuti; meaning Princess in the language of her people. She made our period correct clothing, right down to our center-seam moccasins. She would spread a trade blanket on the ground to sell the native crafts, specializing in beaded and porcupine quill accessories.

Anne and I were part actors, part historians, part students, and more... we were a team, and we were inseparable until death do us part...and then she was gone.


We girls were going as Dominatrix's that night. We went to a shop in the Village that specialized in such things. They chose their outfits carefully; shiny red vinyl long sleeve cat suits with high heel boots. They dyed their hair black, bleaching in a white streak, one to the left, the other to the right, for the occasion. They finished the look by getting an undercut and then fixing the longer hair into a ponytail to show of the buzzed sides and back.

I dressed more conservative, if you could call it that. I chose skin tight black leather pants with a black leather corset. I also chose a pair of black calfskin knee boots to complete my outfit. I put gel in my hair, combing it back behind my ears. My makeup was quite sultry. I selected a purple eyes shadow as my theme expanding upon it too include dark purple lipstick, heavy black eyeliner and gold sparkles.

We shared two bottles of ice wine in the limo and I was quite relaxed and mellow when we entered the club. Dusty handed me what I thought was a RSVP Key-Card. I tucked it in between my breasts, underneath my corset along with my credit cards and driver's license. I noticed that theirs was a different color then mine but didn't think anything of it at the time.

I was mingling and dancing with different men on the large dance floor in front of the bar. Mary and Dusty were introducing me to different men of various ages, all of them handsome though. I was offered drink after drink by them, flattered by their attentions. It seemed that they were lining up to meet me. I drank more than I should have, although I was hardly d***k. The place was full of beautiful women and handsome men. Most of the women were naked or almost naked, and they were wearing their key cards attached to the leather collars around their necks.

The few dominatrix women weren't dressed like us. One of them was a very mannish looking woman in her late fifties dressed in a businessman's suit, shirt and tie, right down to the black brogans on her feet. Her salt and pepper gray hair was cut in horseshoe flat top that was shaved high and tight on the back and sides. I noticed that she was leering at me. I was very uncomfortable by her attentions, so I pretended to not to notice her.

At approximately 11:00 PM the lights went out and the music stopped. Everyone became very quiet. When the lights came on everyone started milling toward two sets of doors, one leading to a large auditorium with a stage. Dusty and Mary were nowhere to be seen. Actually, the last time I saw them was when they were talking to the lesbian shortly before the lights went out.


I was in my workshop draw filing the front flats on the half octagon barrel of a 20 bore fusil when I heard a vehicle pull into my long gravel driveway. I stopped and went outside to see who it was. A large man with red hair going grey stepped lightly out of a heavily customized ¾ ton 4 X 4 Ford pickup truck. He reminded me of a 6', 7" Scottish Highlander, but instead of a kilt, he was wearing a very expensive tailored dark grey suit. He was also wearing dark wraparound sunglasses. He had a long aluminum tube in his hand such as used for fishing rods or for large blue prints or maps.

"May I help you?" I asked, sizing him up, while he was me through those dark glasses that were annoying the heck out of me.

"I have seen your work. You will make me a basket hilted claymore to my exact specifications. I have the plans here," he held up the tube as proof, "I will give you two weeks and I will pay you twenty thousand dollars." He said, condescendingly.

"Come into my office and I will give you my answer." He followed me in and stood there not removing his sunglasses. "Let me see the blueprints first," he spread them out my desk.

"I can make this. I don't often get requests for Damascus sword blades and I welcome the challenge."

"Excellent," was all he said.

"Leave the blueprints. I require five thousand cash for the materials. Your sword will be ready in approximately three months. Fifteen thousand plus one dollar will be due on delivery should I decide to make it."

"I said, twenty thousand, and it will be completed in two weeks."

"You sought me out, Ace. There are people ahead of you and I gave them my word.

"They can wait. I'll make it thirty thousand and only require three weeks for delivery."

"You can stick your money. While you're at it, stick your sunglasses in the same place. I never do business with a man who doesn't look me in the eye."

"Excellent, Mr. Buchanan, excellent," he said, taking off his sunglasses, and laughing, "Your stubbornness and honesty proceeds you. It will be a pleasure to do business with a man who cannot be bought or bullied. I would like to start over," and he held out his hand for me to shake, "My name is Angus McKenna"......


I was walking towards the door where the Dominatrix women and Masters were passing through. I was stopped by a gorgeous young man about twenty-five with red hair checking key cards. He was about 6', 4" tall, wearing a dark suit. He was also wearing dark wraparound sunglasses indoors and had a microphone in his ear, similar to those worn by Secret Service Agents, "Key Card, Please?" he asked, stepping in front of me.

I whispered in his ear, while lightly touching his handsome, clean shaven face. I was certain that he caught the scent of my new perfume, "Dangerous Liaisons", "When you get off work, sweetheart, perhaps you and I can have a drink together. I have a Limo waiting outside with a well stocked bar,"

"It will be more than a drink, sweetheart," he replied, "believe me. I am going to make good use of all your holes before you are passed around, and then shall we say, modified, should that deal go through. In any event, you are going to be part of tomorrow tonight's entertainment. Be a good little slut and give me your key card. You won't need it now that you have signed a contract."

"Get out of my way." I replied angrily, my temper flaring, being unused to such treatment. I tried to push past him, thinking, and "Nobody has dared talk to me like that in years. " I can buy and sell his sorry ass," and speaking loudly, I said, "I don't know who you think you are, but I can buy and sell your sorry ass. I never signed a contract with you or never sign anything until my attorney sees it, and my attorney is a shark, fool. He also is friends with the Police Commissioner. We have special invitations by the owner of this establishment. Go get your boss now! You need to be put in your place."

"So, the little slut has a temper," He replied laughing, "We will soon break you of that. Your money means nothing here. It will be my pleasure to be the first cum in your mouth while everyone is watching tomorrow night, waiting their turn. Why did you think all those men were lining up to meet you, fool."

"It may be one of the last cocks you may ever have if things go as planned," Someone said behind me, as she grab my arm, twisting it painfully behind my back, "There is no backing out now, Marie, my little peach. You are bought and paid for. Your friends should have explained that to you before you signed your contract. It is time for you to embrace your true sexuality. They signed as witnesses, and have already spent their finder's fee. You have cost me plenty already. You wanted a taste, but now that will be your life. "

"Let go of me you bull dyke bitch," I exclaimed, struggling.

She painfully twisted my arm again, saying, "Shut your mouth or I'll dislocate it. Then you'll find what pain is really about. McKenna holds the contract for your shapely little ass. But it has been arranged for me to buy you out. You will then be a sex toy for many women, my friends and guests. You need to learn some manners. After I break you, you will sign over all your assets to me, including your home in Long Island. We also need to put some meat on your bones. I like my submissive lovers plump to keep me warm at night.

Who will want you then after you have been reeducated and plump with a pretty haircut like mine except other enlightened lesbians of your own kind, like me?"


The Scottish Claymore broadsword turned out well. The Damascus blade was made from bridge cables with a vanadium-nickel stainless steel outer sheathing and a 1055 high carbon steel core. Multiple cables are heated white hot, and then hammered one on top another to be welded together into a single glowing bar. The bar is quenched and then heated and folded; heated and folded a 100 times to blend the different steels. I am able to achieve a near saturated lathe martensite with no excess carbides, avoiding the brittleness of traditional high carbon steels.

This custom steel of mine is particularly suited to applications where strength and impact resistance is valued above all other considerations. It produces blades of exceptional toughness, yet able to hold a keen edge. The resulting mottling Damascus pattern is my own and a trade secret, as is the blend of acids to bring it out. The shaping, finishing, and sharpening of the blade is most labor intense, hence the high price of the sword. When properly sharpened, the blade will easily cut through a free hanging 2'' section of manila 1000 times without having to be sharpened.

The oversized full basket hilt was machined from a solid block of titanium. It was then hand-engraved in a traditional pattern before being inlayed with 22 karat gold. The handle was made of traditional iron wood covered in (same') ray skin, and then wrapped with braided 10 karat gold wire.

The overall weight of this traditional Scottish weapon, a weapon that has sown fear into the hearts of Englishmen for centuries weighed 64 ounces. The blade was tapered with a flat grind from ¼ inches thick in the center to the keen edge, and is 34 ¼ inches long. The handle is 7 ¾ inches long, is thicker than normal, again, to fit a large man's hand. The sword's overall length is 42 inches.

I didn't provide a sheath as none was requested. Angus sent an aluminum hard case with a written invitation inside inviting me to his club in New York City. He included travel expenses and lodging, plus a gold key card with my name engraved on it that entitled me to full privileges, free of charge.

I decided to take a week vacation and drive down to deliver the sword, personally. I was always curious to what went on in those places.


They took me kicking and swearing into a small room and tied my hands behind my back near the far wall. This wall had a series heavy rings bolted to it. On the opposite wall, hung whips, chains, collars, coiled rope and leashes, all used in bondage. John selected a red leather leash and 2" wide red leather collar, while Clara held me by my hair tugging cruelly, saying, "This mop defiantly has to go." John put the dog collar around my neck, attached the leash, and then secured the leash to the ring on the wall. Clara slapped me hard across the face.

"Well, John," she said to the redhead, "I hope that Angus doesn't find out that the contract is a forgery or there is no telling what he will do.

I've paid out enough money to the two addicts that brought her here. Useful tools, but nothing special to look at. Not a beauty like this one. I want her for myself. I'm thinking of opening my own place in Jersey. I don't need to taste the merchandise at my age. I just need one plump little cunt licker to love and keep me warm at night, and she is going to bankroll me.

"Don't worry Clara. We will never see them again. With the money you gave them they can buy enough heroin to really get hooked. It would be a shame if they got some bad stuff, something laced with poison, and accidents happen", he said laughing, "I had a nice little chat with them. They are now scared shitless, and besides who would believe them?"

"I know, but Angus runs a clean place. If he finds out d**gs are involved, well, I really don't want to think about it," Clara, said, "With his misguided sense of honor, he is losing millions of dollars a year. He takes the contracts seriously, and actually gives them a choice. You know as well as I do that he likes to taste the merchandise, the hypocrite."

"Well, so do I," John replied, taking a hypodermic needle from a black leather case.

There were gold initials on one corner of the case, the letters, M, A, and B? My initials are M, A, B; Marie Antoinette Bernardino?

"I had a chemist make this up special for me. It is i*****l here, but very popular in the Middle Eastern Countries with rich Arabs, particularly in Saudi Arabia. They use it in order to break the young white women that are k**napped every year to serve at their pleasure. It's comprised of the next generation sodium pentothal and several stimulants mixed with a highly clarified and concentrated synthetic version of Spanish fly. He claims that it will keep her for in a constant state of arousal for hours, and break down her inhibitions. He also claims that she will be agreeable to just about any suggestion. After the d**gs take effect, I'm going to fuck her and watch her squirm and moan like a bitch in heat. She won't be able to help herself. Per our agreement, I have enough of the d**g to supply you for three months. By that time she should be well broken in if not sooner.

I opened my mouth to scream but Clara shoved the handkerchief from her suit coat pocket into my mouth while John injected me with the d**g. He then took the small leather case and stuffed it into my corset, paused and took it out again. "I'm getting ahead off myself. When I'm done fucking her we will put it back and then get Angus. If he thinks that she is a user and bringing d**gs on the premises, I'm sure that he will sell you her contract."

I managed to spit the rag out and scream help one final time before the d**g started taking effect. This time, John f***ed a ball gag in my mouth. Clara had just finished stripping me to the waist, and was stroking my pussy with her big disgusting sausage like fingers, when suddenly, there was a loud bang.


I was sitting in a corner when the lights went out, sipping a club soda with a twist of lime compliments of the house. This was my second evening here. The night before I watched the entertainment on the stage; it was nothing short of group debauchery on display. I'd seen enough. Afterward, I took two of Angus's girls back to my hotel room. It was nice, having 2 women at once, a sexual release after 3 years of being without a woman. That wasn't me and this wasn't my world. There will never be another woman like my wife Anne Marie. She was my world and my equal.

I really didn't belong here. I would be driving home tonight with fifteen thousand dollars cash in my pocket. Sam telephoned me the night before, and I promised my father-in-law that I would board a pregnant mare for a few weeks, and yes, I still think of him that way, as my father-in-law. It was a last minute thing, but what the heck, Sam is f****y, and he gave me his daughter, Anne Marie, the person he loved most in this world after his wife passed.

I had my eyes on a fascinating woman the entire evening. I couldn't take my eyes of her. She was beautiful in a Vanilla sort of my way. The exaggerated makeup, slicked back hair, and ridiculous outfit could not hide the fact. She really didn't belong here. No doubt she had money and was way out of my league. Nevertheless she didn't belong here. Angus said something about a contract that would be taking effect at midnight. In the mean time, she was pretending to be a Dominatrix, and in his opinion doing it badly. Usually, he interviewed these girls personally, but his right hand man, John, handled this transaction. I noticed the bull dyke leering at this lady and the attraction there was one way.

Could Angus be wrong? I heard her denying signing a contract, and it wasn't even close to midnight. Why did they strong arm her into that room? I was standing in the shadows next to the post, I heard everything. Something was wrong, terribly wrong and I was thinking, "Was that debacle of a woman really going to do that to her against her will, damn her? Go home Patrick, it's none of your business.... well Patrick, Gunny always said that you had cow pies for goes...


The door hit the wall with enough f***e for the doorknob to wedge itself in the concrete block wall. Through the effects of the d**gs, I saw a blur of blue come charging in. The Blue Knight knocked down Clara as she tried to hit him with a whip as he headed straight for John. Before John could draw his revolver from under his suit coat, this blue armored knight had John pinned against the far wall. He was pushing the point of a big knife held in his right hand underneath John's chin, while removing the revolver with his left.

"I have heard everything that has transpired. I am a witness. You will let the lady walk out with me unless you want the authorities involved."

"Of course I'm a lady. I'm a Princess. I'm Daddy's Princess and now I'm this Blue Knight's Queen" I thought, in my d**gged induced euphoria, "And he is here to rescue me. Look there is a Black Knight with a big sword coming to slay the ogre, Clara," these thoughts caused me to giggled through my ball gag, "I'm so horny, I wish someone would untie me so that I could kiss my Blue Knight."


"Mr. Buchanan, Patrick; I would greatly appreciate it if you would please not damage my nephew."

Angus was standing there with point of his sword resting on the floor. He is the genuine article, a Fencing Master. There is a well equipped gym in the building, and earlier in the day we had a go at it with sabers. I lost, enjoying the challenge, nonetheless.

I slowly removed the coffin-handled bowie knife from his nephew's throat and then gave John a shove towards his uncle while stepping in front of Marie. Clara was slowly getting up from the floor, looking back and forth, unsure what to do next. I wasn't.

"Excellent," He said, to me, as his nephew came stumbling towards him. Angus caught him and then cuffed him in the back of his head, saying, "Why did you let him disarm you, idiot."

"Uncle Angus, I...", "I'll deal with you later," Angus, interrupted, "see to our guests," And with that John left, staring menacingly at me and mouthing, "I'm going to kill you."

"I don't know what's going on here, Angus, but I'm sure it's not legal. It appears to me that they d**gged the lady."

"I can assure you, Patrick that I run a clean establishment. d**gs are forbidden here."

"That's right," Clara piped, in, "It is all a misunderstanding. We just found the d**gs on her and were about to get you when this hayseed kicked the door in. She had them hidden in her corset. The leather pouch with her initials on it with three more hypos is on the table," she said pointing, "What more evidence do you need?"

"Then why is Marie stripped damn near naked, collared and secured to a ring?" Angus asked.

"She has a contract, and..."

"Enough, Clara," he interrupted a second time, "The contract doesn't take effect until midnight and it has always been my way to speak with my girls personally the next morning, to give them a chance to back out. You know that as does John. If she is a d**g user the contract is null and void. That would be most convenient for you. I warn you, Clara, don't lie to me."

"Angus, I still want to buy her. I will gladly pay you double, no triple and be happy to dispose you of this unfortunate problem."

The answer is no. You are dismissed," he commanded, "Don't leave the premises until this is sorted out." Cowed, Clara left.

Turning back to me he said, "Why did you interfere, Patrick. What is this woman to you? Do you have any idea how you have complicated things for me. I have a reputation to maintain, and if they are telling the truth, I'll have to kill you. He is f****y, and Clan honor demands it.

"You won't kill me Angus. You don't believe them anymore than I do."

"She has a signed contract, Patrick," He sighed.

"I contend that she was tricked into it, or that her signature is a forgery. I saw Marie's reaction when they mentioned a contract. She had no idea what they were talking about. She asked to speak to you before they f***ed her into this room. Marie was indignant and angry. I watched her the entire evening, yes she drank a bit. No doubt she is rich and spoiled, looking for an excitement. Who but the wealthy can afford the two thousand dollar cover charge, assuming that you let them in? I bet the women that Marie came here with are nowhere to be seen? The last time I saw them they were with Clara.

That Lesbian was drooling over her the whole evening, Angus."

"How can you be so sure of that, Patrick?"

"A gut feeling Angus," I answered, "Take fencing for example. Equal skills pared with various techniques will often result in a draw, everything else being equal. Beyond that instinct will carry the day, that instinctual feeling in the gut will dictate the winning move."

Angus nodded his head and closed his eyes, "The only solution I see is for you to buy her contract. I will save face and you will have a beautiful woman for a year. No matter what the outcome, my nephew is out. Clara will be banned from here and everywhere else when I'm done with her. She won't stand a snow ball's chance in hell for staring her own club now. I'll see to that. Naturally, she will be grateful to be let off that easy.

"Buy Marie's contract, we just agreed that she didn't have one. What in God's name am I going to do with her?"

"Call it what you wish. I explained my position out of respect, and I never explain. It took balls to do what you just did and we will leave it at that. Take her home for now. If you were watching her all night, I'm sure that you would like to sample her; I would. You have just enough money; fifteen thousand plus one dollar should do it. Otherwise I will be f***ed to sell her contract to someone else.

Perhaps you would like to fight me to the death. That would be an honorable way to die for either of us. I've always wanted to die that way. What a magnificent way to go, don't you agree? You would have a slight advantage, and it would give me a chance to try out this magnificent weapon."

I was thinking, "The last option is suicide. Basically I made him the sword for what, I enjoyed making it. The man is offering me an out. Marie is a beautiful woman and maybe she will stick around for a few days. As a matter of fact, I bet my wife's clothing will fit her. They are darn near the same size. I would love to see her without all that makeup, and with the junk out of her hair. She came to a sex club for a reason...maybe she's a hot number in the sack...maybe. When the d**gs wear off, I'm going to want something from her. I'm not a man who expects a jump in the hay for dinner and a movie, but this is going to be one expensive first date."

I shoved the revolver under my belt and then took the ball gag from Marie's mouth, "Will you go home with me until things are sorted out, Marie?"

"Anything you say, Blue Knight. I am your fair Queen and you have rescued me. Do you want to kiss me?"

"Later, are you married? Do you have a boy friend?"

"Neither, do you want to fuck me? You are handsome, Blue Knight. I want you to kiss me."


Things were a little fuzzy but I remember some of what happened. He saved me....something about him paying a lot of money and buying my contract. They then they shook hands on it. After he untied me, I remember being all over Patrick, I was so horny. I made him kiss me at least a dozen times as he dressed me, and even more before we left the club. I wanted him to fuck me. When we got into his pickup truck, he wouldn't fuck me as he promised. He told me to be a good girl and to sit still for the ride. I wasn't a good girl for most of the ride. My hands were all over him. I was so horny that it was hard to control myself. I would have done it anyway he wanted it. He actually spanked me to get me to behave. My Blue Knight then let me sit next to him. He put his arm around me to help me sit still.

I had no real sense of time, but I remember getting sick, and throwing up all over him, and me. I remember stopping off a gas station and going into the restroom. I was nauseous and threw up some more. He was very patient, and gentle with me. Patrick helped me to get cleaned up and then he changed his clothes, and mine. He gave me a button down shirt that came down over my hips and ginger ale to sip. I was sitting close to him, holding his hand...thinking, "Add another one to the list next to my father," and eventually, I fell asl**p.


That was an interesting ride home to say the least. I don't know what that d**g was that they gave her, but wow, she was all over me. I must have kissed her several dozen times before we got to the truck, much to Angus's amusement. Marie smelled so nice, and felt so good in my arms. Marie's little hands were all over me. She wanted me to make love to her. Actually she said that she wanted me to fuck her, and I promised to do so when we got to the truck.

I had to stop three times to make her behave. Marie kept trying to pull my zipper down and the fourth time I gave her beautiful little bottom five hard slaps through her leather pant to get her attention. She did settle down after that. I would rather see her in nice dress or honest cotton blue jeans. After that, I pulled her close to me and held her to keep her still. That seemed to satisfy her. I told her that she was my Queen and we would make love at my castle.

Half-way home the side effects from the d**g made her sick and nauseous. Marie threw up all over my blue denim jacket and blue jeans. Somehow, she then managed to get it on herself, including her hair. She was embarrassed and crying while shaking uncontrollably. I calmed her down the best that I could. I had soap and shampoo in my shaving kit, so we stopped at gas station where I helped to clean her up in the bathroom. It took awhile, but I managed to get her hair clean, shampooing twice, and rinsing with my travel mug. I damp dried her hair with towels in my luggage. I washed the makeup from her face and then I gave her one of my button down shirts to wear over her panties.

Marie wasn't wearing a bra, and her breasts are magnificent. It was all I could do to keep focused on doing the right thing.

When she was cleaned up, I bought her a bottle of ginger ale. I insisted that she sip it slowly to settle her stomach and that seemed to help. I cleaned the truck seat and then put a blanket on it to cover the wet spot. She quietly waited in the truck while I cleaned up. As we were driving away, she cuddled up next to me, holding my hand until she finally fell asl**p.


It was early in the afternoon when I awoke up next to Patrick. He was sound asl**p with his back to me. When I pulled back the covers, I saw that he had on pajamas, thinking, "This is a good sign because it means that nothing happened, he didn't take advantage of me, even when I was begging him to fuck me."

I really had to pee. I stumbled out of bed in search of the bathroom. While I was peeing, I remembered that I agreed to go home with him, not knowing where and not caring now, I was thinking, "Perhaps a change in scenery would do me good. I was a fool thinking that I could act like I was twenty again. I already wasted three semesters in college. Some sultry bitch goddess I am. That ugly Lesbian was going to..." I didn't finish the thought, and hugged myself, shivering, remembering what Clara said, and realizing how close that came to happening, "My money didn't mean squat there. I couldn't intimidate or bully anybody. I was just a piece of meat to them. What kind of man would risk his neck for a complete stranger, especially one in a place like that? What he was doing there in the first place?" I thought, standing up and looking out the bathroom window to see nothing but barns and trees and fields, "I bet he lives on a dirt road. Welcome to Hicksville, Marie," and with that I smiled, "What will I say to him when he wakes up? I made of fool of myself enough as it is..."

I drank some water and then used some of his mouthwash before I was done in there. When I opened the bathroom door I found Patrick standing there fully dressed and waiting his turn. Bowing low with a flourish, he held out his right hand and I took it. "Good afternoon, my Queen. It is I, Patrick Ian Buchanan, your Blue Knight," and with that he kissed my hand, just like that, leaving me speechless and thinking, "Wow, what a pick up line."

He then went into the bathroom leaving me standing there and came out shortly after, wiping his hands on a towel. "I like your hair better this way, Marie, "He must mean without the hair gel," I thought, as he was mussing my hair, with his strong callused hands. I looked up into his self assured grey eyes realizing that he was about half a foot taller than me.

"You are a beautiful woman, Marie, and no commoner to be mixing with those scurrilous knaves and low women. What happened there shall remain our secret, and stricken from the pages of your reign. But, I must know, my Queen, who are you?" He had me flustered. I'm never flustered. I have rubbed elbows with some of the wealthiest people in the country, and I was thinking, "Who are you, Patrick Ian Buchanan."


Marie woke me when she went to the bathroom. I didn't get much sl**p as it was lying next to such a beautiful woman. It was frustrating not being able to touch her, even though I earned that right. For now just having her sl**p next to me had to be enough. I didn't care what she was doing there. She was here with me and that would suffice for now.

Anne had been dead these past three years and I had grieved enough. It was so nice to have a woman sl**ping next to me again and such a comfort. My Queen looked so innocent sl**ping there, so peaceful. I would delay taking her home for as long as possible.

I was but a common rascal next to her. She probably grew up in the lap of luxury while I grew up with the lumps of cow pies. I took great liberties when I touched her face lightly while she was sl**ping, and smelled her hair, the lingering scent of the baby shampoo that my wife used on her long black hair. They both have the same dark brown eyes. It couldn't be coincidence that they were almost identical in size, both with such magnificent round breasts; small, dainty hands and feet.... trim figures. Is that why I couldn't keep my eyes off of her at the club, and now?

I can barely resist kissing her full luscious lips...she started it, and now I was hooked.

I waited outside the bathroom door until she came out dressed in just my shirt, looking at me with those dark brown eyes and sl**p tussled hair.

Earlier I mentioned my wife: All through school my wife was bit of a tom boy, wearing her thick, shiny black hair quite short. It seemed that the only clothes that she owned were bib overalls with a simple blouse underneath until we started High School. She always went bare foot when the weather permitted, wearing shoes only when they were required. Anne had a crush on me all through school and I didn't realize it. I first started going with my Dad to her father's blacksmith shop, when I was in kindergarten. He and Dad were good friends. Anne and I played tag, hide-and-go-seek; things like that.

She always was trying to kiss me then, and at that age I thought kisses were yucky. We played on the same team in Little League, and she was always hitting me for no reason. She once asked me to go to a dance when we were freshman in High School. That was the first time that I ever saw her in a dress. I said that I already had a date, but that was tentative. I always have always had a thing for girls with long hair; still do to a certain extent. Anne's hair was still short then, and I still thought of her as a tomboy. I got stood-up by that tentative girl who had a thing for older boys with their own cars, and money to spend on them. I had neither.

Anne attended the dance with Tim Scott, while I went stag. I tried to talk to her, to apologize, and she turned her back and walked away. Tim danced every dance with her. I left felt like the biggest jackass that ever walked the Earth for being so shallow. After that Anne simply ignored me.

While we were growing up, Anne rode her mare, White Cloud bare back all over the County and spent a great deal of time in her father's blacksmith shop. On the day that we graduated together while in line to receive our diplomas, she left without explanation just before her name was to be called. She rode White Cloud right into the school, and into the Auditorium. God bless her, she rode right up on stage to receive her diploma, wearing her cap and gown. While Cloud dropped a little present on the stage for Principal Rogers, and then Anne rode away leaving the commencement ceremony in complete pandemonium.

When I returned from the Service, my love was a curvaceous woman, managing the local feed store. Her watercolors were on display for sale near the front entrance. Her black hair was long as I prefer, well past her shoulders. My god, how beautiful she looked. Anne was still living at home then. I was learning the blacksmithing from her father, while she was still ignoring me. I stopped at the feed store every day for almost a month, buying some small item as an excuse to be there, and asking her for a date. Anne kept turning me down. Taking my cue from her, I formulated a plan.

On approximately the 31st. day, Sam managed to borrow a mule, and I rode it into her store. I refused to leave until she agreed to have coffee and pie in the dinner up the road. I had a clipboard with a petition for customers to sign. The Petition stated that Anne should go out with me for coffee and pie.

The store was very busy that day after the word got out. They carried the story in our small town newspaper, the headline reading with my consent, "A jackass on a mule goes courting". Anne sold three of her painting that day and the petition pages on my clipboard were full. None of her subordinates dared signed it, they knew better.

On our third date, I kissed her on her front porch and my soon to be wife slapped me. I kissed her again and she jumped up swinging. Wow, what a little wildcat she still was? I grabbed her, spinning her around and held in a bear hug to keep from getting hit. I held her until she stopped swearing and struggling, until she tired. Sam opened the curtain and looked through the porch window to see what the entire ruckus was about. He winked at me, holding his thumbs up, before walking away smiling. When she calmed down, I let go and kissed her again.

She returned my kisses passionately, and said, "I thought that you were never coming back. Don't expect anything else, except holding hands until after we are married, Patrick. Now, go home, it's getting late." The look in her spirited brown eyes told all, I would have to earn her love, and I did. After that night she was a different person with me. I never realized how sweet and charming she was, or that she could cook, or that she loved to dance. She taught me to dance in her father's parlor. Make no mistake about it, Anne was all woman, and on our wedding night, she surrendered herself to me, body and soul, my sweet high spirited virgin; what greater gift could a man receive?


As I stood there looking at him, I realized why I thought he was a Blue Knight. Patrick was dressed in blue denim, then, and was wearing it now. Blue brought out the grey in his eyes, but they were like angry storm clouds, dark and menacing when he put the knife to that whore masters throat. They were warm and kind, a soft soothing grey when he comforted me in the truck, and cleaned me up when I was sick and nauseous. Yes he wore denim like armor, as if they were his colors.

He has such self-assured light gray eyes, and thick, longish blond hair, always in need of a trim. He wasn't drop dead gorgeous, or even handsome, but he is fit and trim.

"There are women's clothes in the closet in the bedroom next to mine that will fit you. You will find more in the dressers with the doilies on them. I have some chores to do, and that will take a couple of hours if not more. Make yourself at home, and when you're up to it we can talk and get better acquainted."

After he left I walked around the house to look around. It was small compared to my house on the Island. It had the old fashion wide board floor in every room, worn and polished smooth from generations of Buchanan's walking on them and only three bedrooms. The kitchen definitely needed to be remodeled. There was no garbage disposal, or trash compactor, and his refrigerator didn't have cold water in the door, or an ice maker

But it was neat and cozy, and to put things in perspective, it was huge compared to the two bedroom apartment that I grew up in Brooklyn. I could really use a hot shower with one or more pulsating shower heads. He didn't have a shower. He had the old fashion white enameled bath tub with the claw feet. At least it had a shower wand on it so that I could rinse my hair after I washed it. The toiletries were not the exclusive brands that I was used to, but I found Johnson's Baby Shampoo and an acceptable conditioner. At least the soap was my brand, and also my Mom's brand, Dove.

I was soaking in the tub when the telephone rang. I stood up and wrapped my middle with a bath towel ready to answer it but the answering machine picked up and recorded the message. Patrick was not back yet and there was no hurry now. I eased back into that soothing tub of hot water. When I was done bathing, I found a hair dryer in the vanity drawer and dried my hair. I then used one of the several unopened toothbrushes with the sale stickers still on them to brush my teeth. I never clipped coupons, or waited for sales. If I wanted something, I bought it.

He was right about the clothes; they were my size, but not the exclusive designer labels I was used to. At least most of them were from L.L. Bean or Lands End. Curious enough, all the undergarments were new in the package, or with the tags still attached. This was very curious, could he have a s****r?

I selected a pale sea green summer dress to wear and then went into the kitchen to find something to eat. It was around 4:00 PM, and the light was still flashing on the answering machine, but it was none of my business; on the other hand, what if it was them....what if Angus changed his mind. I pushed the play button.

"Patrick, this is your father-in-law. I hope your business trip went well. You have no idea how much she misses you. She can hardly stand still. I know she hasn't gotten much sl**p. She has hardly eaten a thing since she has been here. I made her all her comfort foods. I'll be bringing her home tomorrow, and," the message stopped as the memory was full.

I was angrily thinking, "I can't believe it, not him? Not my Blue Knight, married? He must have told his wife that he was going on a business trip, but instead went to a sex club. She must be staying with her father? I bet that he has been cheating on her for years. Damn him, all men are alike. . He had me sl**ping in their bed. What if he did touch me when I was sl**ping? I would never know. I trusted him, and thought that he was special. Oh, his poor wife....the bastard. Obviously he is not expecting her back so soon, and I'm not going to get into the middle of it. I'll call my Dad to come and get me. I'd better tell the two timing floor flusher about the message. I own him that much...but that doesn't mean that I'm not going to give him a piece of my mind."


I was in the loft greasing the block-and-tackle attached to the main support beam when Marie came storming into the horse barn, shouting, "Where are you, you jerk. I need to give you a piece of my mind."

I was thinking, "Jerk, what did I do now?", and then I said, "I'll be done in down in a minute, my Queen. I just have two bolts to tighten."

"I'm not your Queen!" You get down here right now," she demanded, "I know who and what you are. You are a two-timing no account floor flusher. And to think I thought that you were special. How could you do that to your poor wife?"

"I don't have any idea what you are talking about, Marie"

"Don't you play innocent with me? I know all about your affairs," "Affairs, what affairs? Was she referring to the 2 girls in my hotel room?" I thought, "How could she possibly know about that?"

I climbed down, and stood in front of her, "Calm down Marie, I didn't touch you, and they meant nothing to me "I said, calmly, "And by the way, you look lovely in that dress."

"Don't tell me to calm down. You men are all alike. You can keep your compliments to yourself. You have no idea what I have been through."

"Yes, I have, remember? I brought you here."

"Don't change the subject. You have never been betrayed, or stabbed in the heart like I have. Don't you dare tell me to calm down? You brought me here to fuck me."

"That is not entirely true, my Queen, although the thought has crossed my mind. You kiss so nicely."

"Well at least you admit it. And stop calling me your Queen, you have no right to call me that, and stop treating me as a c***d."

"If anyone has a right to call you that, it is me, and you are acting like a spoiled c***d."

"You think so? Well, I'll show you! How would you like to be knighted?"


I picked up a grain shovel and swung it at him. He moved easily to one side and took it away from me. He then threw it behind him. I never expected that. I tried to punch him, but he caught my fist before it hit his nose, and he easily held it there, smiling, damn him!

"You really are a little spitfire Marie, and honest to God, I didn't touch you?"

Even though I planted my feet, he pulled me in to him, and spun me around so that I was facing the wall. He then crossed my arms across my chest and held me in place, saying, "Would you please stop trying to hit me, you're going to hurt yourself?"

"You think so? I'm just getting warned up." I was getting madder by the second, thinking, "Liar, how can you stand here so calmly in the face of irrefutable evidence. You didn't even flinch," I let loose with a string of profanities that could blister paint, and still no reaction from him.

"What a saucy mouth you have, my Queen, and I still don't know what you are talking about."

He let go of me and started walking away, "Don't pick up the shovel again, Marie, or anything else to hit me with. If you haven't gotten those mistaken beliefs out of your head yet, you are free to use your hands and feet for all the good it will do you. I'm going to check the answering machine. "

"Good", I shouted after him, picking up the shovel, but thinking the better of it. He was right, I was acting unreasonably. I really needed to calm down, but I continued anyway, "That's right, run away. And when we hear the message from your father-in-law, you will be shown up for the liar that you are."

I followed him into the kitchen and at this point I was ready to cry. Everything was starting to catch up, the sex club, my divorce; Patrick being a phony. Perhaps I was the one who needed a ther****t. I was a wild woman after my divorce, and angry. I refused to talk about it with anyone, including my Mom; we used to be so close. I never dealt with it except in the wrong ways.

I stood there with my arms folded, trying to keep from crying. I was glared at him trying to keep the anger going.

We listened to the message and then he looked up me with those gentle grey eyes, and said something I never expected to hear.

"Is this what you heard Marie? I'm sorry it upset you. My father-in-law, Sam, was talking about a horse. My wife has passed away and Sam was talking about my wife's mare. White Cloud is old for a horse and is set in her ways. I won't leave her alone for any length of time. The comfort food that he was talking about is a little brown sugar mixed in with her oats. White Cloud also loves her carrots, apples, parsnips; she looks forward to them. Perhaps I do baby her, but my wife loved that horse and I promised her.

As for Sam, he will always be my father-in-law even if I were to remarry.

To set the record straight, it was an actual business trip, and I did sample the goods; a one night stand. You have to understand that I haven't been with a woman in three years. I needed to feel like a man again. I made the sword that Angus was holding. I was there as his guest.

It will be a frosty Friday in hell before I would pay a two thousand dollar cover charge just to walk through a door.

I was there to collect the balance due, and it was that money that got us out of the jackpot that we were in. That is why I was there, Marie, and why you are here. I'm not much of a farmer, although I know how to farm. I am a Blacksmith with a side line, and I love my work. I will gladly show you my workshop.

Those two girls that I had from the club didn't mean anything to me," I was thinking, "Did he just say two girls?"

Patrick continued, "I don't belong there and neither do you. Why were you there, my Queen? Who are you? What were you looking for? Did someone hurt you deeply; a boyfriend or a husband, perhaps? You said that you were betrayed, stabbed in the heart. I was stabbed in the heart when death took my wife from me. Life isn't fair, I grant you, but it is what we make of it. This land has been in my f****y for generations. It is in my bl**d now, and I will die here and then be buried here in the plot next to my wife.

Would you like to take a chance on me, my Queen?


She stood there looking down like she wanted to cry, and I was thinking, "Wow, what a temper she has; what a fiery spirit. Things will never be dull around here if she decides to stick around. Marie really does look beautiful in that dress. But obviously things are starting to catch up with her. I wonder if she meant it when she said she thought that I was special....for a jerk?" I kept a straight face thinking that, smiling inwardly. Even though I prefer long hair, she looks very pretty with that short haircut and those eye framing bangs.

I placed my thumb and forefinger on her chin and lifted her head to meet her eyes, "If you want to cry, go right ahead. My mother always said a good cry could do a woman good. Or we could talk things out if that will help. The chores can wait because the horses aren't here yet, and if they were, the chores can still wait."


He has such kind eyes, and I was so wrong about him. I was such a bitch with him when I unjustly lost my temper. I still didn't know what to say to him. I should consider myself lucky that he didn't lose his temper with me when I tried to hit him with the shovel, or after he played back the answering machine. Looking at him standing there, I wished that Patrick would just hold me, and tell me everything would be all right. He surprised me again, and I was thinking, "Who are you, my Blue Knight?"

"Do you want me to hold you when you cry? Or would you like to be alone?", and with that he stood up and pulled me close to him, putting my head on his shoulder, and I let him, relaxing in his strong arms, "I don't know what's bothering you, but I promise, everything will turn out fine."

I finally gave in to myself, as my sobs wracked my body, as he held me gently but firmly, for a long overdue cry.....

It was after dark when I awoke here for the second time. The clock on the dresser said 9:00 PM. I was absolutely drained, and exhausted from that good cry. I remembered that Patrick carried me to the bedroom, suggesting that I rest and collect my thoughts. I needed that sl**p. The look on his face told me that the suggestion was not up for discussion. My Dad gave me such looks. I woke up refreshed, as if a burden was lifted from my soul. Everything was going to be all right. I could smell potatoes frying, but not just any potatoes, but potatoes with green peppers and onions. Just like my Dad used to make every Sunday morning. I was absolutely starving, and my mouth was watering for a big plate of them. I wondered if he had any Tabasco Sauce.

I went into the bathroom to wash up and comb my hair before joining him in the kitchen. I sat at the table watching him cook. He was quiet as he moved about the kitchen, looking at me occasionally and smiling. I noticed then that he had dimples in his cheeks.

Patrick was quiet during dinner, and thoughtful. I was pretty much the same. It wasn't a strained silence, it was actually quite peaceful, a truce. But what a wonderful meal it was. In addition to those delicious potatoes, we had thick cut fried pork chops and I ate two. We also had freshly sliced tomatoes and green beans. It was a simple, hearty meal, but skillfully prepared. Obviously as a widower, Patrick wasn't helpless in the kitchen.

After dinner he got up from the table, and suggested, "Coffee would be nice," and then went outside and sat on the front porch. He left me with the dirty dishes to wash and food to be put away. I sat for a minute, smiling, remembering that I used to have a housekeeper for such mundane things.

After I cleaned the kitchen, I joined him on the porch swing, bringing out two cups. I poured his coffee into a large brown earth ware mug that I knew to be his. It was the only mismatched mug in the cupboard of small matching cups, dishes and bowls of the same pattern. We sat together and sipped our coffee, watching the fireflies.

When it started to get chilly, he was ready for that. There was a large patchwork quilt folded on a small table next to him. Patrick pulled me close to him and covered us both. I knew he was waiting for me to speak, just as I knew that he had claimed me to be his woman with my temper and all.

I snuggled up to him feeling very safe and secure, "I am Marie Antoinette Bernardino a plumber's daughter, and I want to....."


We sat outside until around two in the morning and talked. Marie Antoinette, what a beautiful name. I sat and let her talk and she did tell me a great deal about herself. She mentioned being married for 16 years, and that her divorce was final. How her husband cheated on her, not going into detail. She told me nothing about her married life. Mostly she told me about her life before she met him, about her mother and father, and growing up in Brooklyn. We compared notes, on growing up; country as opposed to city. She was 3 years older than me. I thought that she was in her twenties.

She asked tons of questions about my mother and father, leading in to how I met my wife, Anne. I answered honestly and directly with things that I was willing to share. I had her laughing about my graduation commencement, and how I wrangled my first date out of Anne. Many women would be disinterested, or even offended at the subject. While it seemed to comfort her. We discussed a little about the sex club, and I again reassured her that everything would be fine. She squeezed my hand under the quilt, and then we sat quiet for a bit, until bedtime.


Sixteen years of marriage and after he graduated medical school we never sat on a couch together, let alone outside on a swing, wrapped all cozy together in a quilt. I realized for the first time, that towards the end, even when the ex and I were in the same room, alone, we were never together. Or when we were together as a couple, we were invariably in large groups of people at different functions, his or mine. We spent time together apart.

Patrick answered all my questions directly and honestly. I could tell how much he loved his wife from the way he spoke. They did everything together. Their private world was primarily this small farm, and then the small community that they lived in. They traveled the country doing their reenactments. I would have never have guessed that upper class people like Doctors, Lawyers, and Professional people did reenacting with average people like plumbers or farmers. His wife had her small Art Gallery and Patrick his business. They walked to their kitchen to have lunch together, or just to make love in the afternoon, I'm assuming that they did, Patrick said take a nap and he was smiling. For all our wealth, we commuted between Long Island, and the City, to busy with our careers for much else. Many people in our group never left the City in their entire lives, and thought the New York State boundary lines began and ended at the New York City Limits.

Patrick and his wife would get in the truck on weekends and just drive. North, South, East or West, the direction didn't matter. An adventure, because they felt like it. They stopped along the way; no real plans; researching this and that in the small town museums or historical societies. They attended County Fairs, and Fireman's carnivals or Church Picnics and Lawn Fetes. Denomination didn't matter to them. They attended church wherever they ended up, often staying overnight in the parishioner's homes, the new friends that they just met.

They often times spent the night in a tent, making love in two sl**ping bags zipped together. He never said making love, but again, that was a given. I could tell by his smile, and the faraway look in his eyes. Everything they needed for their (adventures) that was the word he used was in the bed of their pickup truck. My ex and I drove our Ferraris or Mercedes alone.

How could I possibly tell him about the privileged and selfish lives we led, or how we, how I, looked down on people. In his arms, I was a plumber's daughter again, and content to be so.

What he wouldn't discuss was the money he gave back for the sword. He refused my offer to pay him back, explaining it this way, "If I hadn't been there I would have never met you, my Queen. The expenses of a Knight are his own and his duty. His lady fair lady shall never insist, or stain their honor in discussing base silver," Ending simply with, "End of discussion, my Queen, subject closed, and its bedtime."

I have seen him in action when he wasn't angry, so I dropped the subject, case closed. He stood, helped me up, and then opened the doors for me, following me in, and finally closing and locking the screen and front entry door behind us.


My wife and I used to sit on this swing on chilly nights like this, and it was so nice being under the quilt with Marie Antoinette. She hasn't asked me to take her home yet, so that's a good sign. She also apologized for trying to hit me, and for calling me a liar. I allowed the liar part to slide as a misunderstanding, because it was. I won't let being called a liar slide again. What a temper she has, such passion. I wonder if she brings that hot bl**ded passion to her love making. Obviously her husband couldn't handle her fiery spirit, the wimp, and may have been intimidated. What challenge is there in a passive woman? Saucy mouth or not, the hitting with has to stop.

I hate sl**ping with anything on in my own bed, underwear included. I only wore pajamas the first night to save getting dressed if she got sick again. The d**gs should be out of her system by now, and I'm exhausted. Marie got to the bathroom first. I got tired of waiting and went outside to use the old outhouse. Some of my neighbors find it odd that I still use it and keep it in repair. I simply explain that flush toilets are a passing fad and I'm waiting for outhouses to be back in style again. Some laugh, some don't, who cares?

Marie was still in the bathroom when I got into bed. I was lying on my back, just nodding off when she came into the room turning on the bedside lamp. I took one of her pillows, and put it over my face, until she settled down and turned it off.

Marie didn't. Instead she pulled the quilt off completely off of me. When I looked up she was kneeling on the bed, naked, looking down at me. She looked incredibly hot. It was obvious why she spent so much time in the bathroom. She found the curling iron in the cabinet. Marie's head was a mass of soft brown curls.

"Don't move, Sir Knight. Your Queen commands you."

"Yes your, Majesty," I was wide awake now.

Marie then leaned forward and kissed my mouth, and touched my face gently, "You have dimples in your cheeks when you smile, my Blue Knight," which naturally caused me to smile, "And you are special, Patrick. You have such kind, gentle eyes. And now for your reward, you may have your way with me tonight."


When I pulled back the covers, I was surprised again, thinking, "Momma Mia, he's hung like a stallion! No wonder his wife took so many naps with him? My ex-husband's is a little cocktail wiener compared to that big cock. I'd love to be on top and ride him."

Patrick got up on his knees facing me. He took my face in his strong callused hands, looking into my eyes....really looking. I was tingling all over. He kissed me lightly and gently, a teaser of what was to come. He then closed his eyes and sighed deeply saying, "You have no idea how luscious your lips taste. From the first time you kissed me in the club, you were all that I could think about. You and those hot vanilla kisses. I was wondering about the girl behind them. That sultry purple lipstick, and gold sparkles couldn't hide you from me, the real Marie Antoinette Bernardino, pretending to be something that she is not."

I was thinking, "If he only knew how right he was about years of pretending."

He kissed me again, this time long and deep. I could feel his wholesome passion through his lips, experiencing what his wife must have felt.

I was fleetingly jealous of her, and then regrettably ashamed of myself, wondering, "Could Patrick ever love me like that?"

But his kisses... his kisses are incredible. He is incredible, eliciting so many emotions with just his kisses. I could feel the wetness between my legs from just those two kisses. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, and although he hadn't touched them. I could feel the bl**d rushing to my nipples, as they hardened at the thought of him caressing my breasts with his strong hands, as he kissed me a third time.

He opened his eyes and looked at me, sliding his hands down my neck to my shoulders, "You looked so peaceful and innocent sl**ping next to me, the first time my Queen. I couldn't have my way with you then, and now I shall, with your gracious indulgence."

Patrick put his hands around my waist, kissing my face. I closed my eyes as he kissed my throat, the sides of my neck and behind my ears. His hot lips and tongue were branding me were they touched, marking me as his. He kissed his way down to my breasts, slowly and methodically, while returning to kiss my lips, my tongue desperately seeking his. I wanted those kisses to go on forever....and they did, in my passion for my Blue Knight, I was losing all sense of time.

His hands were everywhere, touching me in places I was never touched before by a man, leaving invisible tattoos, marking me forever his; Patrick Ian Buchanan's woman.


My god, what I wouldn't give for Marie to be my woman, and not just for the night. I was right, about her, such hot bl**ded passion just under the surface. Her womanhood was damp before I hardly had touched her. Her musky womanly smell was driving me crazy, fueling my passion, and the taste of her lips are beyond belief. I can feel her fiery spirit through the very tips of my commoners' callused fingers. My lips were scorched by her creamy, white flesh until I could stand it no more, and then to be soothingly healed by her luscious full lips, as I returned to them, time after time, to the memory of my first succulent kiss.


We lay on our sides, facing each other and my hands were all over him now, all over his hard body. Patrick is all muscle, but not the bulbous kind that you see in the gym, reeking of steroids. He has the healthy, compact ropey muscles that were earned by the sweat of his brow from years of hard manual labor. I have been so long without a man, so long without that sweet orgasmic release. My vagina was dripping with sweet bliss as he teased me with the tip of his huge cock, probing while we kissed, our tongues intertwined. He brought me to the brink of my sweet release several times, only to pull back, he was driving me crazy with desire for him, and he knew it. I desperately tried to pull him into to me, grabbing his tight ass and pulling, trying to impale myself on his cock, but to no avail. He held me easily in place as he did in the truck when I wouldn't behave.


Marie's hips were gyrating as she pushed her plump pussy towards my cock, "Tell me what you want my Queen. Do you want to come, shall I let you come?" She didn't answer, and grabbed my ass, struggling to push her dripping pussy on to my cock, "Tell me what you want, Marie, I want to hear say it?"


I didn't answer him, he knew I wanted to come, and then he pushed his cock all the way into me, or so I thought, holding it there, and making me gasp, before pulling it out again, it filled my cunt entire cunt so tightly, it was so big.

"I know what you want, Marie. You want to buck, and squirm and scream," and then he did it again, slapping my ass hard enough to sting and arousing me all the more. "By your leave and command, I am going to have you my Queen. I don't want you to hold back, I want to you to be yourself, the hot little spitfire that you are."

In my pre-orgasmic euphoria, I was thinking, "How could Patrick possibly know that? I had to be so passive with the jerk and hold back. He hated when I did that. I believe it intimidated him; Wee-wee-wee little cocktail wiener man, all the way home."

Patrick gently pushed me over onto my stomach and then got on top of me, straddling my dripping and welcoming pussy with his cock. He then leaned forward until his face was close to mine kissing my cheek, Please, Marie," and then he entered me, pushing slowly, making me gasp and moan, stretching my tight cunt until I could feel his balls caressing my ass cheeks. He was pushing me down into the mattress, holding me in place with his cock while supporting himself with his arms, (My ex could never manage that for long. He would get tired and would lay on top of me with his full weight, almost suffocating me). It seemed that Patrick's cock filled my entire uterus, and I have never experienced anything like this before. I started to orgasm immediately, moaning and squirming from side-to-side as my sweet orgasm washed over me

Patrick continued, making love to me slowly, and gently; in and out in and out, his balls kissing my ass cheeks, his cock caressing clitoris. I was thinking, "Isn't he ever going to come? It feels so damn good to have his cock in me. I don't care if he never comes just as long as he leaves it there."

He got up on his knees and started pounded me relentlessly, his thrusting becoming more f***eful and his cock seemed even bigger and harder as his balls spanked my ass. Amazed, I felt the beginning of another orgasm building as he was fucking me. Then he started to get wild. But so was I, moaning and bucking, clawing at the sheets. I knew that he would like that, I just knew it. It got him even more aroused. I can be myself with him. Soon, I was on my hands and knees and Patrick had his hand in my curls pulling my hair.

This enhanced my second orgasm, and then the third, better than the first two as they consumed me. (I have never had more than one orgasm with the jerk.) I could feel his hot creamy semen flood into me, I was thinking, "Here is a man who actually knows what do with a woman's hair. Patrick is such stud, thank god; hung like a stallion and he fucks like one? What an interesting contrast to his gentle ways."


My Queen was magnificent, what a hot little number she was in the sack with all that bucking, loud moaning and panting. I loved that. She really got excited when I pulled her hair, moaning, and talking, "pull my hair.... fuck me harder.... fuck me harder. Yea, she looks cute with short hair, although I would love to see it longer, but that's her choice not mine. I will only suggest, and only if she asks my preference. Marie cuddled up next to me afterwards, while I played with her soft, thick curls, as we touched each other and kissed. I was thinking, "Boy oh boy, we are so compatible in the sack. I wonder if she likes French fries with malt vinegar." That was my last thought as I contently drifted off to sl**p, dreaming of my wife. Anne was smiling as she watched over me from Heaven......


Patrick actually held me afterward, running his fingers through my hair, and we was nice. Before he fell asl**p, he kissed my cheek and said, "Thank you, Marie," and then he sighed and closed his eyes. He had to be exhausted though from that long drive, getting little sl**p and then doing his chores the next day. I wanted to talk, but that could wait. After he fell asl**p, I got out of bed and went into the kitchen to see what I could put together to make him breakfast. I then lay down next to him, putting his alarm clock underneath my pillow, so that he could sl**p in........................

I was up bright and early taking a quick bath. I found a simple yellow house dress to wear. All of his wife's clothes, including her bra and panties fit me perfectly. I said a little prayer for Anne Marie, and then for myself, asking God that things work out between Patrick and me.

I even said a little prayer for the Jerk, finally letting go. All the repressed anger and angst that I was carrying inside of me for so long was finally gone. I had forgotten how healing that prayer could be, remembering that when growing up, the f****y never missed Mass. We always went St. Luke's and Dad seldom misses it there now. He still carries my First Holy Communion Picture in his wallet. The one where I am dressed completely white, white dress, shoes and veil, everything white. God knows how many of the original wallet size photos he still he has. When one wears out he retires to his sock drawer. That's my Dad. Patrick doesn't care where he goes to church. I'm afraid that when he and Dad finally meet, sparks are sure to fly. No man is good enough for me according to Dad. My father might just finally meet his match.

I was mixing the batter when Patrick walked up behind me and put his arms around my waist, putting his face close to mine, while looking down into the bowl. He kissed my cheek most intimately and said, "Good morning, my Queen. What are you making, soup?" He then reached for the bowl and I slapped his hand with the spoon.

I put the spoon into the bowl and turned to face him, putting my arms around his neck, and kissing his lips, "Coffee, pancakes from scratch, bacon and fried eggs anyway you like them, Blue Knight."

"Is there anything that I can do to help?" he asked.

"No, and breakfast will be ready in twenty minutes."

"Yes ma'am. I'll have two eggs sunny-side up please. I have something that I have to do in the barn," and with that he stuck his finger in the bowl and then darted out the screen door, stopping to put his batter covered finger into his mouth, "Very tasty, but not as delicious as your lips are, Marie Antoinette."

Ignoring the porch steps, Patrick vaulted over the porch railing and ran to the barn, shouting," Marie Antoinette's lips are delicious, and she's making me pancakes." He left me smiling, and thinking, "If he reacts that way for pancakes, just wait until he tastes my sauce."

Patrick is in the barn getting it ready for the horses and his mind racing. He is on cloud nine, and can't wait to introduce Marie to Sam, and to everybody for that matter. He took his dream about his wife as sign, a portent that Anne approved; such was their selfless love for each other in life. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts about Marie that he didn't hear his father-in-law arrive with a guest and the horses.

"Wow, my favorite breakfast. Maybe Marie would like to go with me to the Fireman's Carnival later this afternoon. The Draft Horse Competition starts at four, and after we can grab a bite to eat. She felt so good in my arms last night, and then looked so beautiful this morning with the sunlight shining on her through the kitchen window. I can't remember when I have been this happy. Sam should be here anytime now. He can have breakfast with us.

When Sam meets Marie, he will have to stop his good intentions at being matchmaker. Susan just won't take no for an answer. What an annoyance that woman is. I'm just not interested...although, I couldn't keep my hands out of her long red hair when we were in High School, and I did have her several times before I joined the Marines. Now the widow McCartney, Susan has the same long flaming red hair...well maybe I was tempted for a roll in the hay for old time sake, but then she would really never leave alone. I had better get into the house though, my pancakes are getting cold."

I walked outside and saw the horse trailer in the driveway which meant Sam was already in the house. When I walked in there was Susan sitting at the table with a cup of coffee, and Marie standing behind her glaring at me. Sam wouldn't look up at me from his plate of pancakes, and I was thinking, "Damn it Sam, of all days to bring Susan here, you had to choose this morning. This is definitely going to throw a monkey wrench into things. What did you promise her now? I hope there are some pancakes left for me."

It didn't help that Susan got up and hugged me and then kissed my cheek, saying, "Thank you for volunteering to help me in the ticket booth, Patty. I was so excited when Sam told me. I'm sure that we will sell more tickets than anybody like we did together at the home coming dance. Remember what we did afterwards, Patty?"

Hells bells, did Susan have to say that in front of Marie. I didn't get pancakes, just scrambled eggs and toast. Susan just prattled on and on about Patty this and Patty that, and how we were an item our Senior Year. Susan always insisted on calling me Patty, not Pat or Patrick, and my name is Patrick, damn it. Marie quietly cleaned the kitchen and the excused herself, going into the spare bedroom, closing the door. Well at least she didn't slam it or break any dishes.

Susan followed me outside, quite certain that I had finally given in to her. She was talking about packing a lunch and about her Church Social on Sunday, making plans for me. I couldn't refuse and make Sam out to be a liar; his intentions were good, misplaced though they are. After the horses were settled in, and they left, I went back into the house to do damage control only to find that Marie locked herself in the bathroom....great.

"Marie, we need to talk. Will you please unlock the door?" no answer, "I'm not interested in her, Marie, that is ancient history", still no answer, "I didn't know anything about it," still no answer.

I was thinking, "This is so unfair of her," and I was starting to get angry, thinking, "Take a deep breath Patrick, and count to three before you speak again,"

I took a deep breath, several actually, "The hinges are on the outside of the door, my Queen. Don't make me takes them off and open the door that way."

"Save your breath and save my ears," she replied, "I have already made up my mind."

"For goodness sake, Marie, give me a chance to explain. Won't you at least talk to me? I'll get Sam back and he will explain everything."

"I said I have already made my mind up about you, and nobody is going to change it, no matter what they say. Nobody had better get in my way now that I have finally made up my mind."

"Darn you, Marie," I said, pounding on the door, "You're really something you know that. Open the darn door and stop acting like a spoiled c***d or this time I just might treat you like one.

"Oh, that's real mature, pounding on the door, Patty. Who's a spoiled c***d now?"

"I'm getting angry, Marie. You can push me just so far!"

"How far is too far, Patty?"

"It's Patrick, and you really don't want to know, so open the darn door."

"Don't you ever curse or swear when you are angry, Patty, Patty, Patty or is it all wishy-washy baby talk, like darn door or for goodness sake?"

"Not in front of women or c***dren I don't. " I said, throwing up my hands in frustration.

"I'm not coming out until I'm good and ready, Patty, Patty, Patty."

"God bless you, woman," and I hit the door again.


When I opened the door Patrick was standing there with his feet apart and his hands clasped behind his back. His eyes were like dark gray storm clouds, menacing and dangerous. Wow, maybe I did push him a bit too far. I was about to find out. This was the final test.

I took my robe off and let it drop to the floor at my feet, standing naked before him. I then put my arms around his neck and kissed his mouth. He let his arms drop to his side and let out a big sigh, "You were teasing me weren't you? It was all an act?

"You're my man now, Blue Knight. I have made up my mind. I'm not going anywhere. You are stuck with me."

"Do you have any idea what you just put me through, Marie?"

"Of course I do. I was there, remember?"

"Then I suppose that you are my woman, my Queen," He said, smiling, "and stuck with me."

"You suppose?" I asked, kissing his mouth, again.

"Most definitely you are my woman, Marie Antoinette," And he put his strong arms around my waist and pulled me tight.

"Good, it's settled then. Do you think I'm pretty, Patrick?"

"Not just pretty, I think you are a beautiful?"

"Am I more beautiful than, Susan?"

"Susan is merely pretty, while you are beautiful, my Queen."

"That was an honest answer, stud. Do you think I am hot, sexy hot?" I already knew the answer. I could feel his erection straining against his blue jeans. I kissed his mouth again.

"You scorch my lips when I kiss you, my Vanilla girl."

"Do you want me to suck on your big cock?"

"Oh, yah!"

"Talk dirty to me then."

"A pig fell in the mud."

"You will have to do better than that," I said, reaching down and squeezing his crotch."

"Can't I just think it?" he asked.

"No, you have to talk dirty."

"I want you to lick and suck, my cock, you hot and sexy Spitfire."

"That's it Stud, keep it up, just be yourself, my Knight, don't hold back."

"No holds barred, Marie?" He asked, holding me in place with his right around my waist, while stroking my wet pussy with the fingers of his left.

"Oh yes, that feels so good... so good, keep it up!"

"Your plump little cunt belongs to me now, bitch Marie. I can smell your hot musky woman's scent when you are in heat like this. Like a bitch in heat, dripping with estrogen."

I was thinking, "My god, I can't believe that he just said that to me, or the way he said it, the inflection in his voice. He has me tingling all over. Would he make me do it here on the floor? I was thinking that we would do it in the bedroom."

Patrick's eyes were a different shade of gray now, like clouds gathering for an impending storm. Not quite as dark, but hinting to what would come next. Patrick grabbed my hair and tugged, pulling my head back. He looked deep into my eyes, "You will suck on my cock and then swallow all of my semen for teasing me, bitch. This hairstyle is cute on you, but is not what I prefer. A cock sucking bitch's hair should be much longer."

My god, he was getting me even more aroused. I could hardly stand it. I could actually feel my juices dripping down my legs...well I asked for it. He took a few steps back releasing my hair. He then said, "Undress me, little bitch. You will keep your eyes closed."

I stepped forward closing my eyes. I reached up and took his face in my hands. I kissed his mouth like he kissed me, long and deep. I opened one eye to peek, and he gave my ass a hard slap saying, "No peeking."

I liked it though. Patrick can be so domineering and f***eful. Maybe that is why I am fascinated with him. Here was a man who can actually handle me. Not that I would push that issue for its own sake. I might not like the outcome.

I started with his heavy leather black belt, unbuckling it. I then unbuttoned the copper button of his blue jean so that I could pull out his blue chambray shirt that was tucked. I unbuttoned the shirt and took it off of him, dropping it to the floor. As I ran my hands over his hard arms and shoulders, I could feel that he was not wearing a tee shirt. I then ran my hands over his hard chest and stomach, kissing my way down.

Patrick had a clean, masculine smell devoid of heavy aftershaves or colognes that many men favor. I was down on my knees when I unzipped his jeans and pulled then down over his ankles for him to step out of; next his socks, and finally his boxer shorts. His hard cock was huge.

"You will get a washcloth and wash me first," he said, "don't worry about getting the floor wet, just soap my cock good and then rinse well."

It was so erotic washing him, and thoughtful on his part. I soaped his big cock as he ordered and rinsed it clean with the washcloth. I dried it with a towel while Patrick ran my fingers through my hair. I dropped the towel on the floor where I got it wet.

Patrick then put his strong callused hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down on my knees on the rug and I started licking it. I could feel his cock pulsating on my tongue.

I looked up at him for his approval and he looked down nodding his head, smiling. "Use your mouth and tongue for now. Be a good little cocksucker and after I come in your mouth I'm going to take you into the bedroom, I may fuck you like a stallion on a broodmare.

I was trying to hold back my orgasm and barely succeeding. Patrick continued running his fingers through my hair while gently caressing my face. I was looking up into his eyes, and then I closed them. I continued to lick and suck, concentrating to please him, taking his cock deeper into my mouth, anticipating when he would take me into the bedroom and fuck me like a stallion on a broodmare. Soon his breathing increased, deep steady breathes and he was making a low noise in his throat, a low deep primal growl that actually gave me goose bumps.

This was followed by his thunderous orgasm releasing a deluge of hot creamy cum raining into my mouth. It was a delicious relentless barrage of semen for me to swallow. I swallowed it greedily, much as the parched dry earth is nourished by the precious rain after a drought. I was overwhelmed by that onslaught of cum as my orgasm washed over me. It seemed to me then that my past sex life was a drought of sexual repression as Patrick's flood of semen warmed and nourished my tummy and I was thinking;

For some reason the Jerk never cared for oral sex. He didn't like blow jobs` and wouldn't eat me out. Can you believe it? What man doesn't like getting a blow job? We always did it in bed from behind, lying on our sides with a pillow underneath his head so he was comfortable; always in bed, never facing me, and always the same way. If I tried to initiate anything new he became surly and sulky.

Now, here I was, hundreds of miles from home, on my knees sucking on a big cock, the cock of a man that I just met and loving it.

Of course I have made my mind up about him; I want him, Patrick is my man now. He has made it perfectly clear that he wants me and actions speak louder than words. The Jerk could be charming when he wanted to be. He was a smooth talker, a player, while Patrick is a doer. No man makes love to a woman like Patrick does unless he has some feelings for her. You can't fake that. And earlier, the familiar, intimate way that he hugged me and kissed my cheek. Or when he stuck his finger in the bowl batter and ran out the door....he showed me a side of him only his wife ever saw.

That ridiculous woman is not about to stand in my way. I have to admit that she is a beautiful woman. Susan now thinks that she has a chance with him. If Patrick was interested he would have had her long before now. Can she possibly be that obtuse, she continued prattling on, Patty this and Patty that like I wasn't even there. It must be the hair, Patrick let that inadvertently slip just now, or did he? I wonder how I would look with long braids. I can't very well play the part of his Indian wife with my hair this short, and besides, it will give him something to pull on while he is fucking me like a stallion on a broodmare...what a way to put things.

I saw the look on Patrick's face when he walked into the kitchen. His father-in-law didn't even look up from his plates of pancakes, and boy can Sam eat. Sam looked guilty and embarrassed; he didn't say a word. Patrick was as stiff as a board when she hugged and kissed him. I was just having a little fun at his expense. Besides, he will be taking me to the Fireman's Carnival, it will be fun. The three of us can sell tickets.

I have plans for us. I will keep my house on Long Island. We can spend part of our summers there or get away on the weekends the rest of the year. Dad can put in a corner shower here, I know just the spot. I defiantly want a refrigerator with cold water and ice in the door.

I need to go back to Long Island soon and take care of some things. I will bring back some clothes and my makeup. Then we will stop in Brooklyn. I'm going to take Patrick to meet my Mom and Dad. We can talk about it on the way to the Fireman's Carnival."... Continue»
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The Battle of Khartoum: "the Violation of the

This story is fantasy. The actions described herein, did not happen, However, it is based on an actual 19th Century battle that took place between soldiers of the British Empire and an army of Muslim rebels. The story includes cruel treatment of young males, castration, enslavement and humiliation. If such a fantasy story or its sexual elements offend you, please read no further.

The Battle of Khartoum: the Violation of the British Empire

(Being an unauthorized account of the battle of Khartoum, Egypt between British soldiers and a Muslim Rebel f***e in 1884 . In a Parliamentary stand-off over colonization efforts, the British government did not approved the supply of necessary provisions and reinf***ements. Doomed to defeat, after an 11 month siege, the city surrendered to the rebel f***es. This is the story of the atrocities committed by the cruel Muslim rebel f***es on the group of British soldiers who remained within the city walls.)

Author’s note: This story was inspired by an author ‘Bill’ who has an excellent selection of stories at the archives of Some of the details of the ordeal were directly ‘borrowed’ from Bill’s excellent story! Thanks Bill! This story was also inspired by the account located at

Chapter One: The Boy, Near Death, is Found

Two British soldiers found the lad on the banks of the Nile. This was near the British 1st Brigade’s Egyptian encampment just across the border from the Sudan. He couldn’t have been more then 18 years of age, the soldiers judged. The boy was face down on the muddy soil, completely naked and comatose and deep red stripes crisscrossed his bareback. He had a very nasty looking burn or brand on his right buttock. When the soldiers turned him over on his back, to their horror they discovered that the boy’s penis and testicles had been removed. The soldiers lifted his lithe body up and carried it to the medical tent in the camp as quickly as they could.

Doctors immediately tended to the groin wound with sulfur and bandages and also treated the boy’s back, which had been severely cut with what must have been a very brutal whipping or caning. The brand on the boy’s right ass cheek was dressed, but it was a deep wound – a brand in fact – and would be a permanent mark.

Upon examination, they found that the boy’s upper and lower front teeth had been removed and from the raw condition of his gums – they were healthy and pink - the extractions must have been done not as dental work but as torture.

The nurses reported to those soldiers who had found the boy, that the Doctors expressed amazement that the boy had lived at all given the loss of bl**d, lack of food and water and exposure to the elements. Given his castration, the deep scares on his back that would likely not go away, his branded buttock and the loss of his teeth, the medical staff felt pity that the boy had survived at all. His life would no longer be normal that was for certain.

The boy lay in a near c*** for several days, waking only at rare moments during which he tried to rise and shouted out

“NO, NO Please! Not that! Please, God save me! Anything but that!”

He was provided with fluids and nourishment intravenously and considering what must have been a horrible ordeal, was recovering surprisingly well.

He was a pale, fair lad … a typical Brit … and the conclusion drawn by the officers in the camp that he apparently was a British soldier – perhaps a survivor of the recent bl**dy battle in Khartoum that had take place two weeks prior. If this conclusion was correct, it was possible that the lad was the lone survivor of that terrible battle.

Ten days after the boy had been found, he began to wake up enough to take nourishment by mouth. He remained in a state of shock however as, while his eyes were open, he did not respond to questions or indicate any recognition of where he was. When he slept, he slept fitfully, again crying out as if he were going through terrible mental stress.

The Doctors gave the boy morphine for his pain which calmed him considerably. Still it was clear that some awful ordeal had occurred that left some serious psychological scars.

In a month’s time, the boy was healthy enough to get up on his own and using a wheelchair, be taken out into the open air and sunshine.

He remained silent and non-responsive to the questions of the attending physicians and nurses and continued to stare at them with a blank gaze.

One day, six weeks after he was originally found, the boy seemed to come out of his self-imposed amnesia … Unfortunately, that this same point, he reached down between his legs and at finding his genital area smooth, began screaming in horror …

“My god, it wasn’t a nightmare! It’s true its true!”

And the lad became so violent at the sudden rush of memory that the Doctor’s had to sedate him and he fell asl**p.

The following day, the boy awakened in the mid-afternoon and was surprisingly calm as he asked the Nurse where he was. When he was informed that he was in the field hospital of the British 1st Brigade, he asked if he could see the officer in charge.

Within a couple of hours, a meeting was arranged with Sergeant Major Charles Maxwell, who pulled up a chair next to the lad and gently introduced himself. The lad was eager to talk now and started with such a passion that the Officer had to reach over and pat him on the shoulder and assure him that he was among friends. The Sergeant suggested that the boy introduce himself and ‘start from the beginning and take your time in telling us everything you want to tell us about what happened to you.’

“Yes sir, thank you sir. I am sorry if I seem to be upset, but I’ve been through some awful experiences and seen things I wouldn’t wish my worst enemy to witness. Had I know that people could be so terrifically cruel, Sergeant … well, I don’t know what. I may wish that I had never been born Sir.”

The lad explained that his name was Michael Smith and he was an army private with British f***es led by General Charles George Gordon who had been ordered in to defend the city of Khartoum from the rebels led by Mahdi Mohammed Ahmed.

General Gordon, the Sergeant was well aware, had been defeated in this battle due to the British Parliament’s failure to supply the necessary re-enf***ements … The Sergeant almost could anticipate the horrible story he was about to hear … The Sergeant knew that the entire Battalion, some 250 fine young British soldiers, had been massacred by the Muslim rebel f***es.

The lad continued to record how some 10 month ago, the rebel siege had begun and the British troops fought valiantly, but the battle was clearly going to be won by the Muslim f***es unless reinf***ements were sent.

“Why didn’t the reinf***ements come?” the lad asked plaintively, “If they only had, the outcome could have been reversed! Are we in danger now Sergeant? Are we far enough from the enemy to be safe?”

The Sergeant could only pat the boy’s arm reassuring him that he was very safe now and that he should continue with his story.

The boy went on to describe the last days of the siege when scores of men fell from the pa****ts, killed by enemy fire, and scores immediately replaced them only to suffer the same fate.

“It was horrible sir!” the lad recalled, “All of these men were so courageous … every one of them was brutally tortured and mutilated … all of them were my comrades!” The boy began to weep profusely.

Again the Sergeant comforted the boy and calmed him down and urged him to take his time and report only what he felt he could.

“Sorry Sir, I will try and tell you plainly what happened.”

Chapter Two - Khartoum is Surrendered

The lad gulped and went on. The soldiers fought hard but were no match for the swarming enemy. Soon the rebels were climbing over the walls of the city and sliced viciously with their scimitars – killing scores and scores of the valiantly fighting British soldiers. Eventually, they swung over the walls and fought their way to the city gates, which, once opened, unleashed the hordes of screaming rebels into the city proper.

A horrendous battle ensued. Rebel soldiers, the taste of victory providing them with the momentum to redoubled their efforts, slashed and killed what must have been over a hundred British soldiers until, there were little more then a platoon of soldiers left standing … some 60 men who were surrounded and clearly outnumbered and were looking panicky at their leader as to what they should do in order to save their lives.

When the dust settled, the boy recounted, General Gordon himself stood stiffly at the central Khartoum city square, bravely squaring off against what seemed like an endless line of rebel Muslim warriors. With a sword in each hand, the General looked as if he was prepared to fight to the death.

The few British soldiers, who remained alive, were ordered to toss down their arms and surrender or they would be slaughtered.

As the rebel f***es shouted and yelled, their leader, Mahdi Mohammed Ahmed, dismounted from his brilliant white stead and walked resolutely towards the General. With sword outthrust, Mahdi shouted something that the boy didn’t understand as it was in Arabic, and his f***es raised their arms high and cheered!

They began to chant something again that the boy didn’t understand, but it was clear that from what they were demanding, their leader responded to.

Mahdi continued to challenge the General who, despite his stature and courage, could not overcome the overwhelming f***es before him. Within moments the General’s swords were taken from him and three rebel Officers held him. The General, realizing that all was lost, looked at his remaining soldiers with pity and nodded in resignation to the sultan who stood just within striking distance from him.

The Mahdi paused and addressing his warriors, said something that again the boy could not understand. But in a violent moment, with a single swing, Mahdi decapitated the General.

At this point in his report, the poor boy again to shake violently and tears streamed down his cheeks. With more comfort from the Sergeant, the boy once again regained his composure and returned to his rendition of what had happened.

The British soldiers who had surrendered were f***ed to toss down their weapons and to raise their arms into the air. They were then pushed and prodded to line up in rows before the rebel f***es. Much shouting and jabbing of knives and swords achieved the desired results.

The boy said that there were only 60 troops remaining alive at this point as many of the original f***e of 250 had fought to the death. The remaining troops had mainly been on guard at the central hall where all the women and c***dren had been gathered. Thus the troops that had remained alive were the younger less experienced of the British f***es. None were over 20 years of age and most were 18 … barely old enough to shave let alone fight in the Empire’s army.

These lads, the boy recounted, were brave but very scared not knowing what was in store for them but with the shouting and the waving or swords feared the worst. Had they known, the boy claimed, all would have welcomed death during the battle!

The remaining British troops were also near starvation. The rebel siege had begun 10 months ago and with rationing, the city’s stores had been able to support the residents and the troops but over the last 10 days, nearly all food was reserved for the women and c***dren. So the 60 remaining troops were extraordinarily thin and weak from hunger.

“It was almost a mortal sin that any British soldier had been spared” the lad said in a low voice, “The terrible deaths that they were about to suffer at the hands of the rebels were fates most certainly worse the death in the line of duty!”

The lad recounted how at the taunts and the shouts of the unruly crowd of rebels, the British soldiers, himself included, were f***ed to strip … As they took their boots and uniforms off piece by piece, the items were grabbed up quickly by the crowd as treasured victory trophies. Within moments, all 60 were ‘naked as jaybirds’ and “all of us had our hands covering our privates and our legs nearly crossed in shy humiliation seeing that there were not only hardened soldiers before us, but their women and c***dren as well. In fact, many of the young boys and girls most no older then 12 or 14, were quick to run up and take the items of clothing that our brave boys were removing/”

“I tell you sir,” we were near mad with fear, some of the boys were openly crying with shame and apprehension. Soon we were all totally exposed to this crowd of uncivilized rebels! What, we thought to ourselves, was going to happen to us next?”

Chapter Three – The ordeal begins: The sorting out

It was all too soon that they learned the diabolical plans of the rebel leader Mahdi of whom it was well known displayed horrendous cruelty to vanquished foes. It was said that on his most merciful day of victory, he afforded his enemies a swift death and on his most vengeful days, inflicted such cruel pain, torture and humiliation that those who fought against him would never forget his power and f***e of evil.

Even though all the shouts and commands and taunts of the poor British lads were thrust on them in Arabic, there was a rebel officer who knew enough English to communicate with the naked soldiers to instruct them as to what the revel leader demanded of them.

As the lad described it, the 60 boys were divided into groups of 11 – the revel officer explained to the group that 11 was Islam’s lucky number since Mohammed had had 11 wives. That meant that there were 5 groups of 11 and 5 lads left over. The surviving lad … the teller of this tale … was among the final five and thus witnessed all that went before his fate.

There was some other division of the soldiers taking place the boy noted. It seemed that the boys had their genitals inspected carefully and those with larger penises were eleven grouped together, while it appeared that those with particularly large scrotums were separated into another group of eleven. Yet another group that were well endowed in both categories were placed into another group. Yet another group was gathered apparently after some discussion and comparison of their buttocks and the final group contained the very fair, blond boys. The remaining five boys were the youngest among the group.

The rebels gathered in a circle with a wide-open space in the center of the town where the British lads were lead and dealt their punishments. The British group was gathered on one side of the circle so that the entire company could witness what happened to each successive group. Thus they were subjected to the prolonging of the agony of their fate and the witnessing of each group’s fate.

Chapter Four - The First Eleven: Well-endowed

The first group of eleven – those with the largest cocks - was led to the center of the circle and line up in a straight row. With pokes of their knives, the rebel soldiers made sure that each naked boy placed their hands over their heads and stood facing Mahdi with their legs spread wide. Loud laughter accompanied all these activities and shouts of obviously offensive taunts … the noise level was very loud, which made the naked boys that much more intimidated.

Eleven of the rebels lined up one by one behind each of the British soldiers. Each rebel wielded a razor sharp short knife and as each stood directly behind each naked boy, brought their arms around and placed their knife right under each of the boy’s long fat penis. As it became clear what the intentions were, the rebels f***es started to yell loudly in a chant … Tears quite quickly began to flow from the 11 boy’s eyes as they realized what was about to be done to them.

Mahdi stepped forward and raised his sword straight up in the air … in a loud voice he quieted the crowd.

In Arabic he made a speech that the rebel officer translated it at the same time to the British soldiers:

“These infidels came to our country … they attempted to take our land, to take our homes, to steal our wealth, to kill our c***dren and **** our women … Now that we have vanquished them and shown them to be the weaklings that they truly are, we will proceed to reduce them to the pale and impotent useless beings that Allah meant them to be … with the cuts of our knives, this bunch shall be made into Eunuchs. No longer shall their white unnatural ‘swords’ be used to propagate their race!”

And with the slice of his sword, Mahdi indicated that the rebel soldiers should swiftly slice off the penises of the helpless naked lads before them … with these thrusts, all the naked soldiers’ cocks fell to the ground and bl**d gushed from between their legs.

“The screams of agony and pain were terrible sir! I shall never be able to get that sound out of my head!” Michael cried to the horrified Sergeant.

As he urged the young man to continue his report, the Sergeant encouraged the young soldier to muster up his courage to recount the story without the deep emotion that he obviously felt.

As the realization hit the rest of the Brits of their potential fate, there was a terrified rush to try and escape. But there were too many rebels about and their efforts were futile and although they tried to look away, they were physically f***ed to continue to observe their suffering comrades.

A number of rebel Muslim boys rushed forward with baskets and one by one collected the penises and testicles from the sandy earth. They laughed and pranced around as they held the fat penises in their hands and pretended to wield them like small swords. The crowd whooped in laughter at the soldiers’ humiliation and mutilation.

All of the eleven soldiers had involuntarily grabbed their crotches not only in the horror of losing their manhood but to try and stem the loss of bl**d. Several dropped to their knees and one boy fainted. Several adult rebels with metal bowls filled with burning coals leaped forward, tore the naked boys’ hands away from their groins, and, using fiery hot knifes quickly cauterized the gaping wounds stemming the flow of bl**d. The searing pain caused the boys’ to scream horribly in pain and again, several boys fainted onto the ground.

Mahdi now loudly pronounced the ultimate fate of the British soldiers:

“These Eunuchs – at least those among them who survive from their wounds, are now condemned to slavery for the rest of their miserable lives as we will put them on the auction market and sell them to the highest bidder for service in our Sultan’s harems. They will suffer the fate of having the ability to produce the fluid of reproduction and experience all the horniness that a real man experiences while having no way to penetrate a woman like a man should or achieve sexual satisfaction. A fitting punishment for so poor a race!”

The eleven lads where then pulled and dragged from the center of the circle … all of them screaming or moaning in pain and horror at their fate.

Chapter Five – The Next Eleven: Potent

Eleven more lads were pushed to the center of the circle. These were the lads selected on the basis of the size of their testicle sack. Again, rebel soldiers stood behind them and f***ed each to place their hands on their head and spread their legs wide so that they stood totally exposed to the cheering and taunting crowd. Several of the boys were visibly crying and begging for mercy. But none was to come.
The rebel soldiers used one hand to hold their now bl**dstained scimitars under the balls of the eleven naked boys while with the other hand, they grasped the naked boys’ scrotums tightly.

Once again, Mahdi stepped forward and raised his sword high into the air. In a loud voice he pronounced:

“This feeble set of feeble men shall be reduced made Eunuchs in another way: their testicles shall be removed with one stroke! With this act, they will be made to be unable to reproduce … the seeds of reproduction will be denied them while they will have the ‘horns’ of men that will get erect and can be used by those who wish to use and abuse them. These new Eunuchs will be placed on the auction block and sold to non-Arab nations for their use. While these weaklings tried to conquer us, they will now be put in countries where they will forever live as the conquered!”

And with his final word, the rebel sultan slashed his sword upward above his head while at the same time, with screams of pain, the eleven naked British soldiers’ scrotums were sliced from their bodies.
Again, the crowd went wild with the event and the naked soldier’s grasped at their genitals and some fell onto the ground with the pain and realization of their fate.

The rebel boys with their baskets bolted forward and one by one gathered up the British boys’ testicles – some of the boys laughingly tossed the little round bl**dy bits to each other and caught them in their baskets.

The older rebel soldiers spring forward as well to quickly cauterize and sear the naked boys’ wounds. The crying and screaming newly created Eunuchs were pulled and dragged off to their fate.

Chapter Six – The Next Eleven: Eunuchs

The next set of 11 British naked boys was led to the center of the circle. The boys’ pushed and desperately tried to leave the area but there were far too many rebel soldiers for them to fight and resist. Most of the boys were in tears, all were grabbing at their crotches trying to protect themselves.

The rebel soldiers standing behind each of the naked boys were now wielding very bl**dy scimitars and with arms around each boy, placed the sharp scimitar below each boy’s genitals and with their other hand, grasped tightly at the boys’ penis and balls.

Mahdi stepped forward on the balcony and held his sword out in the air and proclaimed:

“We make these new Eunuchs in Allah’s name” and a cheer went up from the happy rebel soldiers. “This poor excuses for men came to our land intent on defeating our brave armies and taking what meager fortunes we had gathered for ourselves and our families. Now with one sweep of our blades, we will take forever these curs ability to foster their own families … to the honor of Allah!!” And the Mahdi cut the air above his head with his crescent sword and at the same time, the rebel soldiers behind each naked British lad tore their blades across the flesh of their genitals, cutting off with one slice the penis and scrotum of each boy.

Horrible screams of pain erupted from the eleven boys as all of them fell to the earth writing in pain. Just as quickly as the blade, sliced the genitals from the British boys, the rebel youths ran forward and gathered up the fallen organs. Again the youthful exuberance of the boys, ignoring the uncivilized v******e of the circumstance, was expressed in the swinging of the cocks and balls of the unfortunate victims in wild jest … likewise, the crowd yelled and leaped in wild humor.

The Mahdi stepped forward and silenced the crowd and the poor eleven naked Brits were dragged away from the circle. “Hush my people … it is time to show some mercy; to show the generosity of Allah to the infidels. Bring forth the banquet table and chairs … bring forth the open hearths and the fresh meat. It is time to treat our prisoners to a feast that will be a tribute to those brave lads who have just suffered so!”

Chapter Seven – The Next Eleven: Become Galley Slaves

And with a flourish, the rebel soldiers brought out two long tables and 11 wooden chairs and then the next set of eleven naked Brits were led out and made to each stand before a chair. At the same time, several brass tubs of open fires topped with metal grills were pushed forward to the circle center. Slices of meat were obviously smoking and searing on the grill tops … the sensual smell of burning meat wafted over the crowd and the eleven naked boys.

“Soldiers!” the Mahdi shouted, “Let’s show out ‘guest’ how we convey our hospitality to those we vanquish! Place the spears of victory at each seat!”

And with this order, rebel soldiers wielding thick short spears with stubby points ran to each chair and turning the chair over end, with a larger mallet, drove a spear through the center of each chair.

“Now, our guest can be properly seated to enjoy our feast!” The Mahdi said smiling and it was clear that each naked British soldier was not going to be impaled on the short stubby metal point driven into the center of each seat. The stubs were not long – about two fists high, but were thick. Even though they struggle, each naked boy could not prevent himself to being shoved brutally down onto the speared chairs with the metal stubs deeply penetrating their assholes. All were writhing in pain while the crowed erupted in wild applause.

“Quiet now! Quiet!” the Mahdi shouted, “I am sincere when I say that despite the obvious discomfort of our guests …” and the rebel soldier crowd roared with laughter many pointing at the naked boys whose shoulders had to be pushed down hard to keep them seated, “We want to treat them to a meal that is fit for a king … again in tribute to all their comrades who so recently suffered at our hands. How many brave boys have died this day in futile resistance to our predestined victory! Such bravery deserves acknowledgement.”

“The precious meat being prepared now shall be consumed by our eleven guests who I am sure will eat it with relish! My dear chefs, serve the meal!”

And with his command, the rebel soldiers who had been cooking the meat slices on the open grills, stuck the succulent morsels with their knives and placed them on the tables before the naked British youths who, while uncomfortable, seemed to be appreciative of this gesture. It had been weeks since the British soldiers had had a proper meal let along a good piece of roasted meat. They looked down at their ‘feast’ with some eagerness. While they wiggled uncomfortably against the cold metal stubs penetrating their anuses, they grabbed violently at the roasted meat and devoured it … tearing at it violently with their teeth and chewing it and swallowing it with visible glee.”

For some reason, the more eagerly the Brits ate, the more the rebel crowd seemed to enjoy their display! The laughter and taunting was louder and louder.

Before long, the first pieces of meat were consumed and the ‘chefs’ quickly replaced it with yet more succulent smoking meat that the British boys in turn grabbed and ate with obvious hunger and appreciation. It was not long – only a matter of about 15 minutes - that all the meat prepared had been consumed by the naked boys. And even though their asses were filled with metal protrusions, they clearly looked pleased and hopeful that perhaps this violation of their anal passages would be the worst fate that they would suffer this day. And the longer they sat, the less discomfort they actually were feeling.

The Mahdi spoke again “My fellow followers of Islam, we see how the defeated relish the meat we place before them. We see how the generosity of Allah is unending. Even those Allah frowns on are treated to the reward of victory. Eat hardy my young friends. Eat as eagerly as you can.”

The remaining British soldiers, equally near starvations, looked on with some envy at their comrades. Even though their mates were impaled on stiff metal rods, having well-roasted beef to consume must more then make up for their discomfort, each was thinking.

And the Mahdi paused dramatically as the crowd appreciably and with anticipation waited…

”My young friends, I want to hear honestly your opinion …”

The rebel Officer was rapidly translating the sultan’s words for the naked young men.

“How would you describe the feast we have laid before you? It is important, as our hospitality is world-renowned. We do nothing if not aim to please and we need to hear how pleased you are?” The Mahdi said with genuine sincerity.

The young men looked at the Mahdi and some looked at one another … none were brave enough to respond to the mighty warrior.

“Gentlemen, I insist that you give me some response!” The Mahdi said pleadingly, “I am being honest when I say that Arabic hospitality calls for a certain and affirming sign that we have pleased our guests~”

And the rebel officer translating stated in no uncertain terms that a lack of response would be considered the highest insult to the sultan. So he ferociously urged them to speak.

One of the naked British boys raised his hand and said

“Your highness, this tastes as much good as any meal my mother served …”

With the officer’s translation, the crowd roared in laughter and the Mahdi nodded appreciably and the naked British lad looked around puzzled wondering what he had said that amused the crowd so much.

Another of the eleven youths screwed up the courage to say as loudly as he could,

“Dear Sir, His Majesty himself, the King of England, would find this feast praiseworthy”

And again with the translation to the audience, the roar of laughter was deafening and the Mahdi started to applaud.

“My good future slaves, it is clear that you truly appreciate our hospitality. Now it is time to reveal to you the source of our festive menu. I am honored to say that you have just consumed the roasted genitals of you comrades!” The Mahdi said dripping with sincerity, “Now that must make you very proud to have eaten the cocks and balls and tender scrotum meat of your fellow soldiers!”

The crowd went wild with applause and laughter and all were pointing at the looks of horror on the faces of the seated naked boys … some of whom immediately started to gag and to try and vomit the meat they had just swallowed.

“Your fate is not only to be humiliated by eating the manhood of your fellow comrades, but we now will provide the further generosity of Allah,” and the Mahdi clapped his hand twice. Immediately a dozen soldiers ran forth to each of the soldiers. Immediately the tables were taken away and the seated naked soldiers arms and legs were extended while thick iron cuffs were placed around wrists and ankles. Quickly molten plugs were retrieved from the cooking grills and placed in the holes of the metal cuffs and with heavy metal hammers were blunted and cooled with water so that permanent wrist and ankle cuffs were attached to each of the naked youths.

Then the youths were f***ed to stand up quickly … quickly so that the anal stubs nearly tore the anal muscles from their rear ends and immediately heavy metal butt plugs were inserted into each boy.

The boys were in shock from the abruptness of the moves and suffered from the thickness and the weight of the anal plugs.

“Your fate my vanquished ones,” The Mahdi shouted loudly, “Will be to join our naval galleys, where you will be bolted into the lower holds of our sultan’s armada where for the rest of your days you will spend your energies providing the power for the motion of His majesties navy. Night and day, four hours on and four hours off, you will push and pull heavy oars providing the swift movement of our Sultans’ ships as he travels and as he engages our enemies - perhaps your own British navy in combat.
The anal devices will serve to remind you of your slavery. Each has an exit hole in it so that you may defecate the meager nourishment you will be provide to maintain your strength. And should you through some magic attempt to escape, the weight of your permanent iron cuffs and anal weight will drag you quickly to the bottom of the sea! Off with them! Enjoy the last meal you shall have of real meat! Enjoy the memory of having consumed the manhood of your fellow soldiers!”

And cheers went up from the rebel crowd as the eleven were slowly dragged from the scene, each encumbered heavily with their metal adornments and rear weight.

Chapter Eight – The Final Eleven: Sex Slaves

Now it was time for the final eleven. This group was chose for their beauty basically. Their fair hair being blond and their thin slender bodies and firm round rear ends making them stand out from their comrades. As a group they were lead into the circle and lined up in a row. The eleven chairs were still lined up as well.

“Now my pretty ones. What shall fate provide for you?” The Mahdi said with some glee in his voice, “Shall we take your manhood with one flick of a blade? Shall we condemn you to be eternally unsatisfied sexually? Shall we penetrate your assholes with heavy metal or adorn your ankles and wrist with weighty iron? What Oh What shall we do with you? You are so pretty, let me see …” And the Mahdi dramatically scratched at his short beard as he feigned contemplation of their fate …

The crowd grew silent in anticipation of the Sultan’s decree … some wondered what this poor group’s fate was to be. Others were just enjoying the show: the look of terror on the boys’ faces and their pale naked bodies so fully exposed and in sharp contrast to the hordes of tanned Muslims surrounding them. None however had pity on their vanquished enemy. All in fact, hoped for the worst of fates for these young men who had fought so bitterly and killed so many of the rebel’s comrades.

The eleven stood silent, naked of course with their hands on their heads and their feet spread wide as ordered by their captors. Some of the rebel soldiers delighted in poking the asses of the boys and giggled as the boys jumped in pain.

“A fair skinned, fair-haired English lad is highly prized among the leaders of our people,” Mahdi said, “These boys before me, while in no way superior to our fine strapping young men, hold a certain fascination for Muslim males who sometimes prefer a tight place to penetrate … “ It was clear that when the boys heard these words their eyes widened in fear …

“These boys shall now be prepared for a lifetime of sexual slavery where they will be buggered at the whim of their Masters. While they retain their youthful looks and tight holes, they will be prized and treated well … as they age, and get ugly and their anal passage loosen and become of no use, they too will likely be condemned to the galleys or perhaps castrated for service as Eunuchs.” Mahdi pronounced as the boys visibly squirmed and some began to cry.

“One thing we have to make sure of is that they never achieve any sexual pleasure from their use. They shall be prepared in such a way so that their entire sexual use will be for the pleasure of their Masters and not for themselves. We will fasten rings on their cocks so that they can never achieve manly erections or orgasms … their hands will be fastened behind their backs so that they can never touch themselves again. Their anal passage will be stretched to permit the easy entry of their Masters and their teeth shall be removed so that their mouths will be dedicated to the full pleasure of their users.” Mahdi ordered and quickly rebel soldiers ran and set up a table in the center of the circle. One by one, the naked boys would be lead to the table and placed on their backs with their hands over their heads.

The initial process involved a long thick needle heating up in a small pot of burning coals and silver metal rings.

Each boy’s cock would be pierced in the side leaving an opening about an inch below the head. A ring would then be inserted through the side of the cock and out the urethral opening providing a fixed ‘loop.’ Then another ring would be inserted just under the boy’s scrotum. The final step was fixing the two rings together so that the boy’s cock would be permanently bent downward with the head towards the rear between the boy’s legs. Thus, while the boy could certainly be aroused, he could never come to full erection. He could be f***ed to squat when he urinated.

Then the boy was flipped over and two metal cuffs were permanently attached to his. Then the cuffs were permanently joined so that the boy would lose the use of his arms and hands.

A metal plug, similar to the ones inserted in the boys that were sent to the galleys, but much smaller in thickness was inserted into the boy’s anus. This plug had a hole in the center to permit defecation.

Finally, the boy was made to sit up and face his rebel tormentor. With a pair of short thick tongs used to remove spurs and nails from horse’s hoofs, the boy’s front teeth upper and lower were roughly removed.

The screaming during this process was horrible, bl**dcurdling. Even the crowd, who were so entertained by the proceedings prior to this, stood in stunned silence as they watched the boys be so cruelly treated.

bl**d flowed profusely from all the boy’s wounds leaving puddles on the table and ground and when the he was made to stand, bl**d dripped down his body from his penis and mouth. With the plug in his asshole, the was shoved and f***ed to walk awkwardly back to the line. As he passed the line of rebel soldiers, they poked him with their hands and knives, pulling on his metal bound cock, laughing at the sight of him and the thought of his sad future.

One by one, the other boys were led to the table for their metal bondage ordeal …

“Your infidel ways have brought you to this place my pretty boys,” Mahdi shouted as the last of the boys was led from the table, “You shall be taken to the auction block where you will bring the highest prices because of your beauty and your value as sex slaves! Once you are with your new Master, your days and nights will be spent being buggered and servicing cocks … you will never see or touch the lovely flesh of females. You are condemned rather to be used as women. And you will never achieve orgasm ever again!” Cheers went up, as the boys were lead away in single file.

The crowd was now at a level of excitement that impressed even the war weary Mahdi. As the final group of boys was led into the circle center, he again thoughtfully rubbed his chin as he contemplated their fate … what shall he do with these final five? What would please his troops? Suddenly a thought came to him and his eyes sparkled and his mouth grew into a wide grin.

Chapter Nine – The Remaining Five: Castrated and Set Free

“Silence my faithful servants!” the Mahdi called out and the crowd immediately hushed,

“We have before us the last of the infidels. We must use them very carefully. I want to make sure that each of you comes away from today’s battle with as much joy as possible. I want to make you all happy!” The Mahdi shouted loudly and the troops responded with a mighty cheer and raised their swords high waving them in tribute to their beloved leader.

The five naked boys were beyond fear … they stood hands on head, feet spread wide, totally exposed to their captors. Completely vulnerable and unable to escape from whatever fate was delivered to them by this vicious Muslim leader. Some were crying, others looked panic stricken and one boy – a c***d really just barely 18, was shaking his head back and forth in disbelief of his situation, and he involuntary peed on his thigh.

The Mahdi called for his Officers to gather around him. In a loud whisper he gave them a series of commands, gesturing every once in a while towards the boys and towards various parts of their anatomy.

In a group, the five chief Officers of the rebel troops, returned to the boys and each stood directly behind them one by one. Another set of Officers went to the boys, knelt in front of each and rested a shard scimitar just above their cocks. Then the Officers to the rear reached around and began stimulated the boy’s cocks while their other hand pressed sensuously against each boy’s anus.

Incredibly, in spite of their predicament, the boy’s began to get erect … with smooth slow strokes, the Officers were not only making the boy’s hard, but they were bringing them to orgasm … with pulsing motions, the Officer’s fingers were penetrating the boy’s assholes increasing the sexual stimulation. Soon all of the naked boy’s were moaning in pleasure … some closed their eyes.

The Officers took care to slow their movements so that the boys were kept just on the edge of orgasm. They would stop if the boy’s moans or body movement indicated that they were about to cum. The boys’ would be left with a throbbing erection. Some were dripping precum profusely. The boys’ eyes glazed over from the pleasure.

“Allah is merciful,” Mahdi, declared, “He has told me to provide you boys with some pleasure. You will be kept at the brink of sexual satisfaction so that you may know manly pleasure . . . or at least the hint of it. But Allah wants to be merciful and generous to my loyal troops as well and I want each of them to experience today the ultimate male pleasure. And I want them to experience this with your help boys. For Allah has told me that each of you shall service my troops this very day!” A cheer went up from the crowd and the excitement among the troops was palpable. “It shall be a ceremonial ‘****’ of the British people! A ritual that shows who is the most powerful f***e on earth! We Muslim warriors shall ‘fuck’ the British flower of youth!”

The uproar and excitement caused the Muslim troops to shout and dance about. Some tore their tunics off while others hugged their fellow soldiers in anticipation of the coming pleasure. Hours before, these young British soldiers had been their dreaded enemy. Now they would serve as the lowest of the low: as common whores.

“My good and loyal followers, it will be your choice as to how you want to experience your sexual pleasure with these young boys. You may use either their ass or their mouths or you may opt to use both, it is entirely up to you.” With a clap of his hands, the Mahdi signaled that the boys should be prepared for their service:

A table was brought out and each boy was straddled across it so that their head was waist level and their ass raised to the same level. The boy’s hands and ankles were tied together under the table so there was no possibility of movement let alone escape. The boys’ genitals were positioned just under the table at the edge of the table and young Muslim boys were seated under the table so that they could use their small delicate hands to continue to keep the Naked British boys aroused. They were instructed by the Officers to keep the young Brits just to the point of orgasm and to stop if any pulsing of the cock were detected.

To enhance the pleasure of the revel troops, the upper and lower teeth of the British boys were removed but in a gentle manner so that the pain and wound was minimized. A slick watery paste of opium was spread on the boys’ gums so that the feelings were numbed and the teeth slowly taken out so that bleeding was kept to a minimum. A paste of opium and sulfur was put on the boys’ gums so that their oral bleeding stopped and their gums were soft for their tormentors’ pleasure.

The boys’ ass cheeks were spread and a thick mound of lard was applied to each anus … not to provide the boys’ with any pleasure or relieve from pain, but to ease the entry of the rebel soldiers who were lining up on either side of the table.

“So let the ritual of the **** of the British Empire begin!” Mahdi shouted, “Officers first so that they will have the freshest use of our young captives.”

Immediately, the Officers lined up – five to the rear of the naked lads and five to the front – the Officers opened their tunics and each revealed a large thick penis and with no hesitation began penetrating the assholes of the boys and using their toothless mouths. Within minutes, some of the Officers were moaning in pleasure and clearly spurting their love juices into the boys.

As each rebel soldier finished, he made room for his replacement. The line stretched for several blocks in the city as the rebel f***es numbered in excess of one thousand. And there was no counting for the number of times each boy was sexually used: some soldiers returned to the end of the after being serviced by a young boy’s butt so that he could use the boy’s mouth for a second orgasm.

Buckets were placed beneath the heads and asses of the boys so that the rebel soldiers cum could be collected once the boys’ holes and mouth were filled to overflowing which only took a matter of minutes. Some of the sperm flow, the boys’ could not help but swallow, but most was dripping out the sides of their mouths and down the sides of their thighs.

While the boys’ mouths and asses were being used, the young rebel boys beneath the table were massaging the British boy’s cocks and balls keeping them erect and on the edge of cumming. It was an odd feeling for the British lads as they were naturally disgusted at being used like whores, but their own sexual pleasure was such that they began to eagerly suck on the rebels’ cocks and to wiggle their asses to gain the full penetration of their victors. With eyes closed, the naked British boys serviced one after another of the Muslim warriors. After a while, the taste of the jism and the foul smell of the unwashed Muslim soldiers faded away as the boys’ lost themselves in the process of sexual service.

After about an hour, the buckets were full enough so that they were lifted and poured over the naked bodies of the young soldiers. This cooled them off to some degree while literally washing them in sexual aromas. The smell of the rebel warriors cum was strong and pungent and when it dried on the naked skin, quite sticky.

The ceremony started at around 5 o’clock. When the sun began to set, torches were brought to the area to provide lighting for the night. The servicing ritual ended shortly after noon the following day, with the sun high in the air, and the boys dripping in sweat; dried cum caked on their bodies and across the table they were lashed too.

When all of the soldiers had cum to their satisfaction … were in fact spent … the ritual ended.

Mahdi, who had spent the night resting in the mosque and praying to Allah in gratitude for his victory, was called by his head Officers to come to the balcony for the final part of the ceremony.

“I hope my soldiers, that you have found pleasure in the **** of the British boy soldiers!” Mahdi shouted and a roar of affirmation arose from the troops most of whom were lying on the ground exhausted from the night’s pleasures. “Allah is pleased.”

“My young prisoners,” Mahdi shouted, “Allah has been merciful once again. He has told me to let each of you have one final orgasm, one final sexual pleasure in this life.” With this pronouncement, the young Muslim boys began to concentrate on their stroking of the British boys’ cocks. At the same time, rebel Officers placed their razor sharp razor blades just above the British boys’ cocks. The naked boys’ completely depleted of energy from the night’s ordeal yet still on a sexual ‘high’ from the ministrations of the rebel youths, were barely paying attention to what was being told to them.

“But Allah is also just. Where there will be one last pleasure for you, there will also be the reality that this will be your final pleasure sexually … your last before the possibility is removed from you forever.”

The closer the boys apparently got to full ejaculation, the slower the Officer’s strokes became … prolonging the boys’ pleasure … the moans increased until one boy shouted, “By god I am going to cum!”and the boy spurted his sperm into the air, drenching the young rebel boy who was stroking him. As the young rebel boys stroked and stroked the cock was completely drained of sperm and then
the Officer kneeling behind the helpless lad grabbed the boy’s balls and with one stroke, cut off his penis, scrotum and testicles … the boys’ yells were horrifying to hear!

Likewise as each of the other boy’s reached orgasm, their genitals were cruelly cut off as well until all five boys lay limp, bleeding from the crotch with their genitals lying on the earth below them between their legs. one by one, each boy spurt his semen and cried out in pleasure.

It was difficult to discern between the screams of pleasure and pain of the British lads. In the end, they lay completely motionless across the table while their bonds were untied and their genital wounds cauterized with molten blades on searing skin. The boy’s barely could hear what the Sultan was saying because of their screams of pain and agony. All they knew was that their manhood was gone forever and that their arms and legs were now free.

The crowd was hushed both spent from the night’s activities and in awe of the finality of the ritual.

“You are now all Eunuchs. You shall never achieve any manly pleasure in life nor shall you be able to conceive c***dren. But you shall not be sold into slavery. No, we are going to release you and let you return to your beloved England where you can report on what has occurred her this day. You will go and tell about how you were stripped and f***ed to watch as your fellow comrades were mutilated and sold into slavery or condemned to servitude. You can describe how your were ritually ****d and used like whores and f***ed to accept the powerful sperm of your victors, indeed, were washed with it. You can live only so that you can be a living warning to all those who would dare attack us, that they will most certainly suffer the same fate!”

The boys were then led to a table and chairs where they too were fed roasted genitals only in addition to the horror of eating genitals, the boys realized that care was taken so that each boy was served his own cock and testicles! With knives at their necks, the boys were f***ed fed the tender meat and while some gagged when swallowing, every morsel was fully consumed.

At the end of this awful meal, the boys were sitting heads bowed in total shame, their naked bodies completely devoid of energy, bl**d dripping down their thighs and legs, their breadth heavy with fatigue. One boy grasped on to his fellow sufferer in an expression of pain and comfort.

“We have one last abuse to thrust upon you,” Mahdi said as pots of glowing hot coals were brought out and placed before the table. One boy was led around to the other side of the table and, while the other four looked on, was roughly bent over the table and his legs raised and spread as wide as possible.

“We shall place our brand … the brand of the Muslim Sultan Mahdi on each of your bodies. The metal will sear my mark deep into your asses so that there can be no doubt of who’s work this was this day! You shall be branded like cattle so that, should you ever be captured again in battle at hour hands, we will know that you are the British whores of the battle of Khartoum!”

And with that, a branding iron was taken from the glowing embers and thrust hard onto the boy’s ass. A sickening smell of burning flesh and a rush of smoke arose as the boy screamed out in bl**dy pain.
One by one, each boy was branded in the same manner. Each crying out louder then the one before.

Made to stand up, the boys were led to the city gates. As they walked through the city, the cruel Muslim soldiers whipped the boys’ backs with canes. While they tried to duck and veer away from the harsh canes, the boys could not avoid getting deep marks on their backs. Some blows were so hard that they opened wounds that began to ooze bl**d. By the time they reached the gates, the boys were buckled over in pain and barely able to walk on their two feet.

They were sent out of the city naked and in tears deafened by the jeers and taunts of their jubilant victors.

Chapter Ten – Only One Survives

The boys slowly dragged themselves away from the city. They were told to walk along the rough road for two days and two nights until they reached the Nile. There, they were told they should swim with the flow of the river and a half a day, they should reach the shores of land being held by their British leaders.

Michael was the only survivor of this journey. His fellow comrades one by one, either collapsed from hunger and thirst or succumbed to their genital wounds. Michael would not admit to it, but it was suspected that to keep alive, when one of the boys died from their wounds or just plain exhaustion, the others ate of his flesh.

Michael was near death himself when he reached the Nile. He fell into it in fact, nearly drowning and was only saved by a bunch of fallen branches that he happened to get caught in. The current took the branches and him to the riverbank were he was ultimately found and rescued.

No records of the Massacre of Khartoum remain in existence today. All reports of the atrocity were suppressed or destroyed and no authorized or unauthorized history of the event was allowed by the British Empire.

Michael survived only for a few weeks. The wounds from his castration were infected when he was found and he could not recover from them. He was buried quietly in Egypt and his f****y told no more then that he had been killed ‘fighting bravely’ in loyal service to his King and country.

Mahdi himself was killed in a later British battle as the British Empire army retook all the land they had lost during the previous battles with relative ease. It was not recorded, but legend has it that Mahdi was stripped and ****d by every member of the victorious British f***es before he was castrated, f***ed to eat his penis and scrotum raw and then drawn and quartered. No information exists of where his remains are, but it was said for many years, scores of British soldiers carried around with them, a small piece of bone that they claimed was chipped from the skeleton of Mahdi.

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The Lake District

The Lake District in the North West of England was the
proud host for a number of glory holes from Carlisle
in the Northern part to Kendal in the Southern part.
Many a happy day was spent in each of the venues. Two
events stay clearly in my mind.

On the West Coast were two towns of Workington and
Whitehaven. Workington had two amazing toilets, one in
the centre and one in a nearby park. On one visit
there, just I was getting heavily involved with an
attractive young lad, when the attendant felt it was
time to clean the place and announced loudly that
(even tough it was lunch time and the busiest time of
day) he was going to close for cleaning. I left the
toilet, a little disappointed at being interrupted
having only just had a brief grip at the rather large
18 year old cock which had been presented to me.

As I walked slowly back to my car, I noticed the young
lad moving in such a fashion as to suggest that
following him might be to my advantage. As he was the
local, I felt I should bow to his superior local
knowledge. I followed him into a completely empty park
nearby and after a few minutes, our destination
appeared like an oasis on the horizon -- a small toilet

He entered ahead of me and I followed to find a very
small toilet with two cubicles made of that thin
plywood material which is so loved by glory hole
manufacturers. He went into one of the cubicles. The
other door was closed but still appeared to be empty
and as I went to open it, the young lad opened his
door and asked me to come in. I was so horny, and the
park was so empty, I considered the risks for all of 2
seconds before joining him.

Within seconds his jeans were at his ankles, followed
by his briefs. This slim Adonis was already erect and
his 6.5 inch uncut cock was curving upwards and
pointing towards my mouth. I dropped my suit trousers
and knelt before him, taking the cock in my mouth and
the young lad groaned with pleasure. It was a small
cubicle and to give me access to his chest area for
some nipple sucking, I stood up slightly but was bent
over with my buttocks resting against the wall behind.
I was suddenly shocked to find a cock pushing against
my hole. I stopped and turned round shocked to find an
enormous glory hole and a matching enormous cock
sticking through it. This thing was big. It looked to
be around 10 inches and thick. Judging by the hands,
the owner was not going to be as young as my friend
but, confronted by this monster I didn't care. The
young lad looked on a little bemused as I knelt down
and took it in my mouth. It had that wonderful faint
taste of soap and musky man. The young lad moved
towards me and offered his cock too and I struggled to
accept both.

I stood up and directed the young lad's cock to the
hole as an offering to our neighbour. From the sounds,
the offering was welcomed. I stood behind the young
lad and decided to stick my stiff cock between his
legs and fuck it in and out. He loved it! He threw
himself back towards me as I pushed him towards the
hole and the hungry mouth.

I pulled the young lad back and sucked him again
myself with the other guy watching. He looked to be
about 40 but wasn't that bad looking: as though I
cared at this stage anyway. The young lad the bent
down to suck me with his arse to the hole and I heard
the slurp as the older guy licked his arse. The young
lad was sucking me very close to the edge and I might
have cum there and then if I hadn't realised the older
guy was already half way in him bareback. I put my
hand down and felt the massive cock already well into
the young lad's hole with just spit for lubrication.
No mean feat for the uninitiated.

I took the young lad's cock in my mouth and my cock in
my hand and started to suck. I was very quickly
rewarded with a thin jet of teenage sperm part in and
part out of my mouth. There is nothing quite like that
pulsing feeling as an erect young cock ejects into
your mouth and you feel each jet fire from the balls.
I heard the groan from behind and put my hand round as
the older guy was pulling out with cum spurting
everywhere, both from inside the young lad and still
from the tip of his cock. My load went off

We did our quick thanks and dressed in usual
embarrassed fashion to leave.

I thought that this would be the pinnacle of sex in
this area and on my next visit I was proven to be
right when both toilets were closed. I was
disappointed and headed down to the next town of
Whitehaven where I had a mid-afternoon appointment. As
it was almost lunch time, I pulled into a small car
park and bought some sandwiches, keeping an eye on the
town centre toilet. This was a quiet affair with three
cubicles and three urinals. The cubicles were floor to
ceiling tiles with a small spy hole between two and
also to the main toilet area. After lunch I wandered
in and found the middle cubicle engaged. There was
someone wanking next door but I could see little
through the small hole.

I sat down to content myself with a wank when I
noticed an eye at the door looking in. I unlocked the
door and this stunning 21 year old apparition was
standing outside. He was wearing blue overalls covered
in paint and squeezing the front of them. He somehow
didn't look like a painter. He told me to follow him
outside. Somehow, it seemed like a good idea. When
outside, he said he had a place to go and we quickly
drove to a small street of terraced houses nearby.

Once inside, he explained that he could not be out for
more than 30 minutes. He was newly married and he had
taken a few days off to decorate their home. His wife
was at work and was so in love, she telephoned every
hour. He asked if I could fuck him on their bed -- it
seemed really important to him (and it certainly
wasn't turning me off). We went to a very frilly
feminine room with a double bed, make-up on the
dresser and photos of his wife with and without him,
including the wedding pictures. He asked me to hurry
and we stripped.

We had some preamble as I sucked him and he sucked me
but he reached for some condoms very quickly and
rubbed some jelly from the bedside drawer on his hole.

"Please fuck me now," he said with one eye on the

I obliged and my cock entered after an initial
struggle. He faced the bedside table as I plunged in
and out. The phone rang and I jumped.

"Please keep going regardless," he begged.

I did and he answered the phone. It was obviously his
wife and when I stopped he shook his head and
signalled that I should continue. I began to see what
he wanted so, while he talked about how his day had
been and told her how much he loved her, I held his
hips and fucked him ruthlessly.

I held his cock as I did so and he ejected a stream of
cum that shot straight across the room. I emptied
myself into him as he said his fond farewells to her
and once more said how much he loved her.

He tried to pretend that it was annoying she had
telephoned at that moment but not for one second was I
fooled. This guy wanted to be deflowered while he told
his wife he loved her. I don't know why it turned him
on -- but it certainly did me.
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Heart of the Storm (From "Slaves of the Ameth

This following chapter from the third volume of my "Slaves of the Amethyst" saga is not an erotic story as such although there is a strong erotic thread throughout mush of the novel. I decided to post this extract however in the wake of Hurricane Sandy which has so badly affected the Eastern coast of the United States because of the parallels between the story and the real life experiences of my American friends who lived through the hurricane. In the story the valley of Mathomdale, where most of the novel is set, is holding its annual summer festival with tens of thousands of visitors in the valley when it is struck by a powerful and destructive hurricane causing widespread damage and massive flooding. With many thousands of people in imminent danger and without shelter the valley authorities organise the inhabitants of the valley into a large scale rescue effort and mobilising every resource to that end including the valley's own private military f***e and requisitioning nearly every large building in the valley as emergency evacuation centres including the massive near legendary edifice of Mathom Hall. The chapter joins the story at the height of this storm and when the rescue services face the most dangerous crisis yet. I post the chapter in dedication to all the brave men and women of the emergency services who are called upon whenever the f***es of nature are unleashed and to the incredible resilience and collective courage of human beings in the face terrible danger.

Heart of the Storm

There was flooding now all over the valley but the critical point had still yet to be reached. That much was obvious to Robin and William Richards of the Mathomdale Water Authority as they examined the river in its course just above Mathom village. The river was still rising steadily and becoming more dangerous by the minute. The valley floor was already awash in run-off water from the torrential rain but the river was still largely confined within its levees. This was about to change as Robin and William could see all too well in the light shed by the powerful lamps on their emergency vehicle. The gushing water was within a few inches of the tops of the flood barriers and the levees themselves seemed to be sagging ominously under the huge pressure of the water behind them. It only needed a tiny breach in those last defences and the gap would widen in seconds releasing untold millions of tons of water in a torrent into the already sodden landscape of the valley floor.
Their vehicle was perched precariously on a track atop the endangered levee and it was a position that all prudence warned was not a place to remain for very long. There was already evidence of seepage through the earth banks of the levee indicating that it was becoming more and more undermined as the minutes passed and was surely close to imminent failure. The vehicle rocked in the blasts of the high wind but William poked his head out of the window to take a better look at the state of the embankment in the glare of the headlamps cutting through the sheets of rain. “This bastards gonna go anytime now!” he shouted.
“Can’t you go out there and stick a finger in it?” asked Robin.
“Sorry sir! I left me sodding clogs at home!”
“Well we’d better get the hell out of here before the bugger decides to collapse with us on top of it.” Robin keyed the radio link. “Come in Alpha One. Are you reading me Alpha One? Are you there Danny?”
Daniel’s voice crackled over the static. “Alpha One here, reading you loud and clear. That you Robin?”
“Affirmative Danny. Have you got those flood zones clear yet?”
For a second they lost Daniel’s reply in a burst of static. “.... just gettin’ t’ rest out now. We should ‘ave the last of t’ ‘ostels clear in about ‘alf an hour to an hour or so. What’s yer situation?”
“If it’s bad news you want Danny then we’re the men that have it for you! You might not have an hour! The levees here are approaching failure. We’re looking at imminent collapse. Repeat we’re looking at imminent collapse. We’ve got half the water in the valley bunged up against these barriers and they could go any minute. I’d suggest you move those people sharpish!”
Daniel uttered a rude word “Acknowledged Robin. I’d gerrout o’ there if’n I was you.”
“We’re bugging out right now Danny. See you back at the ranch. Over and out.” Robin turned to the driver. “I forgot to bring my water wings so let’s get the hell out of here!”
Mathom Hall was already filling up rapidly with evacuees and more were expected every minute. The Hall had become the last major remaining refuge on that side of the river and Daniel was stuffing every vehicle that he could lay his hands on to the gills with people and despatching them to the sanctuary of its stolid resistance. The Hall was beginning to resemble a castle under siege as more and more bewildered survivors disembarked from the motley collection of requisitioned vehicles at the main entrance to be ushered hastily under the shelter of its eaves. There seemed no end to them and Lady Mathom, stood on the front steps with a long cloak wrapped around her against the elements, looked on in disbelief as a double-decker bus of the Mathomdale Bus Company lurched up the drive, packed to capacity with drenched people. She turned hastily to the young footman at her side that was acting as her runner. “Phillip alert Mr Carmichael. Tell him that we have at least another fifty or sixty people arriving. We’ll have to open up another of the ballrooms.”
“Yes Ma-am!” the young lad dashed away back into the house.
Many of the people arriving at the Hall had expected this night to be attending the summer ball that evening. That was not going to happen in quite the way they expected but at least they would find themselves in some of the most beautiful and elegant ballrooms to be found anywhere in the country. Mathom Hall had an embarrassing richness in this regard for it boasted not one but five large, ornately decorated ballrooms; the legacy of the glory days of the Hall when it was renowned for throwing the most monumental parties in England. Four of these ballrooms had long been closed and, while not exactly gathering dust for they had been well maintained, they had been somewhat dark and sad reminders of the faded past of Mathom Hall. Now after their long slumber they were coming to life once more and light glittered in their fantastically ornate chandeliers and if the people crowding into them now were not the elegant ladies and gentlemen in formal dress of former times then there was at least the sound and animated chatter of throngs not seen by these great chambers in many a long year.
The big ballrooms had proved to be a fantastic asset in the current crisis for it was easy to shepherd people into them and keep them together in one place where they could be tended to with relative ease. The ballrooms didn’t much look like ballrooms at this point it must be admitted. In fact they more resembled something between a gypsy encampment and a hippy festival at the moment. People were gathered around in groups, squatting on the dance floors in circles or at the chairs and tables around the edges and buzzing with suppressed excitement. Rebecca, as she wove through the crowds distributing dry clothes, blankets and sl**ping bags was struck by the almost carnival atmosphere among the evacuees. Most people evacuated to the shelter of the Hall had arrived drenched, cold and somewhat shocked by their experiences but once in the safety of the Great House their misery had turned to something approaching awe and disbelief. It amused Rebecca enormously to watch people’s reactions as they first arrived and were shepherded into the ballrooms. The people had been desperate as they were evacuated from the ravages of the storm and they would have been grateful for any sort of shelter; a musty old village hall, a school gymnasium, even an old barn, anything, but to suddenly find themselves ushered, in their sodden clothes into enormous grand ballrooms with great sweeping dance floors, neo-classical marble pillars, acres of polished teak, huge ornate glittering chandeliers and massive grand staircases seemed just so bizarre that many of them could only stand open-mouthed in amazement leaving puddles on the marble floors.
People quickly staked out their own corners within these fantastic settings but the collective experience of flight from danger into this most extraordinary setting rapidly blurred territorial boundaries and groups and families tended to merge together, sharing their resources and swapping experiences. Rebecca observed that quite a number of people seemed to have salvaged supplies of alcoholic sustenance among their survival kits and many a bottle was being passed around adding to the animation of relief and novel circumstances. A couple of people had even managed to bring their guitars through the storm and circles of people were already bursting into favourite festival songs around these minstrels. Many others however were simply content to drink in the atmosphere of the Great Hall in wonder and forge the beginnings of stories they would tell for years after to rapt audiences for whom tales of the inside of the greatest house of the Line were a source of endless fascination. These after all were mostly the c***dren of the Goddess and Mathom Hall did not just represent some particularly fabulous English stately home. The Great Hall was a legend, holding a place of reverence and spiritual significance in the culture of the Line. Few among the company had ever set foot inside the Hall before. To suddenly find themselves unexpectedly transported from the most wretched conditions imaginable into the fantastic environs of the Hall of which such incredible stories were told pressed against the limits of credibility. Fear and misery turned to awe and wonder and people talked excitedly among themselves, sharing the adventure with each other and reflecting that a drenching and a battering by the storm was a small price to pay for this experience.
Adding to the colour and general party atmosphere was the quite fantastic collection of clothing now being distributed among the company. The girls from the slaves’ wing had performed sterling work in locating clothes and the snap decision to hand out large quantities of saris and yukatas had proved an inspired one. The women among the evacuees had been delighted with the colourful and exotic garments and had shed their wet clothes readily to adorn themselves in the novel finery. Rebecca amusedly realised that even those women with relatively dry clothes and thus little necessity for a change had eagerly snatched up the proffered alternatives. There were parts of the ballrooms beginning to resemble a Marajah’s harem and others that looked like a particularly busy day in a Japanese bath house. The ladies from the Oriental Gardens had proved to be a boon in this respect. Rebecca passed Doris and Daniela squatting in the middle of the dance floor in the main ballroom surrounded by around thirty giggling women and girls and instructing them how to tie the obis on their yukatas. “Ok ladies!” Doris was saying “First of all take the end of the obi in your right hand. Oops Miss you have your yukata wrapped the wrong way round! It must always wrap left over right. Never wrap it right over left. Only dead people at funerals wrap it that way around. Ok now holding the end of the obi in your right hand extend your arm out and then hold the rest of the obi around the middle of your waist with your left hand like this. Good now fold that length over from top to bottom so the fold is on top like this and lay that folded length over you right shoulder. Now you’ve got to wrap the other end of the obi around your waist toward the right. Make two turns and bring the other end of the obi back to the front from the left hand side. A bit higher up ladies, the obi should come to just below your breasts. Ok now you’ve got to fold this left hand side of your obi bottom to top so that the fold is downwards.”
“Goddess!” giggled one happy young lady, “How many hands do Japanese women have?”
Daniela laughed. “Oh it’s easy once you get the hang of it. I have to do this up to ten times a day!”
“Ok ladies! You’re doing well.” Doris told them. “Right the next step is to bring the length you have over your shoulder down and over and around the left hand length to form a knot. Put the end over your left shoulder this time. Now open up the other end and bring the end up underneath so you can tuck it into the knot you just tied. Make sure the fold is centred over your waist. Ok here it gets complicated. Pinch the centre of the length to form a loop on each side and then bring the length you’ve got over your left shoulder down over the bow loops were you’re holding it. Wrap it around from over to under like so pulling it tight so that the bow you form will hold tight on top of the obi. Now roll the remainder up so that a roll is formed on top of the bow and tuck it into the underside of the bow like this to support the bow. Now grasp hold of the bow firmly with one hand and the back of the obi with your other and twist the whole thing around so that the bow is at the back and straighten out the whole thing so there are no creases and wrinkles.”
“Why does the bow have to go at the back ma-am?” asked one lady.
Doris grinned. “A matter of tradition and protocol lady! Only those ladies accustomed to earning their livings on their backs tie their obis at the front as a practical consideration because it makes it easier for their clients to unfasten them that way!” A chorus of giggles greeted this item of knowledge.
“They wouldn’t ‘ave any trouble opening mine!” remarked one young Alpha slave from the east of the county. “I’ve med a total hash o’ this! T’ bl**dy things gonna fall open all on its own some!”
Daniela laughed “Come here let me help you.”
Rebecca passed on shaking her head in amusement. It was astonishing how resilient people were. An hour ago these same ladies were exhausted and at the limits of their endurance yet now they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Some were even trying to fashion the disaster of their hair and make-up into some semblance of oriental style. The people camped out around the ballrooms were Alpha-Sensuals too and she noticed the close physical contact between them and their uninhibited lack of modesty. One attractive girl had stripped her wet clothes off and was stood agonising over a choice of half a dozen saris Helen was holding for her perusal quite oblivious seemingly to the fact that she was stark naked and surrounded by strangers. People of the Line tended to be much more relaxed about that kind of thing. Rebecca realised that it would not be long too before they became even more relaxed for there were many people whose caresses of their partners and friends were becoming more languorous. She’d read somewhere in her studies that there was a measurable inbuilt instinctive reaction to danger among human beings to combat it with promiscuity. Wars and other disasters statistically produced baby booms. Wasn’t there was even a well documented case study of a sudden surge in the population of New York City exactly nine months after a major power cut had blacked out the city for thirty six hours? The thought brought a new smile to her face. It was statistically very likely that there would be a number of the women present that were in their Alpha fertility cycle. How many of them, she wondered, would be able to resist trying to conceive under the hallowed eaves of Mathom Hall. She guessed that sooner later there would be corners of the ballrooms that would resemble one of the Empress Messalina’s more notorious soirees.
Rebecca saw the figure of Dr Chandra weaving her way through the crowds looking pensive. She and Professor Sehler had been called upon to attend to a number of minor injuries and some low level cases of hypothermia but, thankfully, as yet, nothing serious. Dr Chandra saw Rebecca and worked her way toward her evidently desiring speech with her. She looked curiously troubled. Rebecca curtsied politely in deference to the Doctor although in common with most of the slaves of Mathom Hall she had no fond memories of the lady in her past experience. “Thank you for gracing us Doctor. How are things in the hospital wing?”
“Nothing we can’t handle so far lady Rebecca. We’ve been lucky up until now. How’s it going through here?”
“Better than we’d hoped for Doctor. Everybody seems to have settled down and we’ve got lots of volunteers to help out.” Rebecca nodded toward the tables where food and drink were being distributed. Many of the evacuees themselves had rolled up their sleeves and were helping the Hall’s staff. Rebecca suddenly stepped aside as a very young toddler came staggering in her direction being pursued by a somewhat harassed looking mother.
Dr Chandra looked about her. “There seems to be a lot of c***dren here.”
“Oh most of the older ones we’ve bedded down in the k**s’ wing Doctor but most of the families prefer to keep their very youngest with them. We’ve designated the far corner over there as a crèche area for people with very young c***dren.” Rebecca pointed to a large area in which a number of babies were squalling lustily or being nursed and breastfed by their mothers.
Dr Chandra looked even more thoughtful. “I see. What about the sanitary facilities? Are they holding up?”
“Oh yes Doctor. The ballrooms were after all designed for very large parties so the adjoining lavatories are huge. We’ve had to limit them for essential calls of nature though because we were finding that the ladies were getting choked up with women all trying to repair their faces in front of the mirrors. We had to put our foot down and tell them that this was an emergency shelter and not a flipping boudoir. As for the young k**s we had a real stroke of luck. One of the young maids was digging out towels, soap and other sanitary supplies in the housekeeping stores and she came upon a dirty great stash of disposable nappies. Goddess knows how long they’ve been there but there were perfectly usable and we’ve pretty much solved the pee-pee and p*o-p*o problems.”
“Excellent! You girls and the rest of the staff are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work.” Dr Chandra looked around. “Ah I see your s****r Abigail is there. Let’s call her over. I’d like a quick chat with you girls.”
They beckoned to Abigail and she walked through the crowds squatting on the floors in their direction. A newly arrived evacuee started to her feet to curtsy to Abigail but she gestured to the lady to remain seated. It had been somewhat of a problem at first because the high ladies and slaves of the Hall had elicited the usual courtesy when moving among the evacuees and at times the big ballrooms seemed to have developed a Mexican wave as one of them crossed the floor. Whenever Lady Mathom appeared in the Hall the entire company had leapt to its feet and it had proved nearly impossible to cater for everybody efficiently when obliged to acknowledge normal rules of courtesy. As a result they had suspended protocol for the duration of the crisis and, other than customary obeisance upon first arrival; everybody was to remain seated should a high lady of the Hall make an appearance so as to expedite the necessary work of tending to the large number of people.
Abigail came up to them. She was clutching a box. “What have you got there Abi?” asked Rebecca.
Abigail held up the box. “bl**dy tampons! You wouldn’t believe the number of menstruating women that seem to have come adrift of their sanitary towels and tampons. I’ve been scouring the Hall for them. It’s not just the Beta women present either. There seems to be a hell of a lot of fertile Alphas and quite a number of those are having periods.” Abigail shook her head. “I can’t weigh it up. Maybe it’s just a statistical fluke but why should so many Alpha women be all fertile simultaneously?”
Dr Chandra pursed her lips. “It’s just possibly not a coincidence Abigail. There have been several studies done on the subject. There have been waves of Alpha fertility noted several times throughout history. I read a paper on it just last month. They’ve done research on apparent clusters of pregnancies in Alpha societies that seem to be statistically significant and unexplainable by the laws of blind chance. There was a recent case in certain countries in Africa where the birth rate among Alpha cultures suddenly quadrupled over a few years. The increase isn’t related to particular age groups either. There were women throughout a wide range of ages all becoming fertile. There was no correlation that anyone can see with social changes either. The increase occurred in long established Alpha societies that hadn’t much changed in hundreds of years. It wasn’t as if birth control had suddenly gone out of fashion either because these societies had never used birth control in any case. It was just as if a significant proportion of the Alpha females all suddenly became fertile spontaneously.”
“But why?” asked Abigail.
“Nobody knows.” Dr Chandra told her. “Nobody has identified a trigger that might have caused it. That’s hardly surprising though since we are still pretty much fogged as to what triggers any fertile cycle in Alpha women. I have one lady patient that had been infertile for eighty two years and then she produced three c***dren in the space of six years. I have no idea why.”
Rebecca nodded. “Yes Doctor my own research turned up quite a lot of inexplicable Alpha baby booms for want of a better word. They’re not just localised phenomena either. There’s an indication that there was a huge increase in the Alpha birth rate in the mid 19th century for example and it was global in nature. There have been some indications that the 20th century saw similar sudden up-trends as well. My own generation may have resulted from such an increase although the actual statistics tend to get obscured by the general human population increases from those times.”
Dr Chandra mused thoughtfully. “I’d like to see your research material Rebecca. Professor Sehler tells me it is brilliant.”
“I’m sure the Professor is being too kind Doctor.”
“That’s a failing that even Dieter is rarely guilty of young lady! He might have a discerning eye for a pretty young thing like yourself but it wouldn’t cloud his academic judgement.”
Abigail shook her head. “It seems a little fantastic Doctor. Do you mean to tell me that for no apparent reason large proportions of Alpha women suddenly all become fertile at the same time? It doesn’t make sense. Goddess you’ll have me believing in astrology next!”
Dr Chandra smiled slowly. “Abigail I can’t explain it and nor can anybody else. There’s just so much we still don’t understand about the Alpha Sensual syndrome. We’ve made fantastic strides in the last few years but the biggest thing we’ve learned is just how much we simply don’t know. The reason that I read that paper and some others is because we seem to be experiencing a similar effect at the moment.”
“Really Doctor?” asked Rebecca interestedly. “Is this fully documented?”
Dr Chandra shook her head. “No not as yet. All I know is that during the last eighteen months or so in my own practice I’ve had more ladies turning up with the proverbial bun in the oven than at any time since the war. They’re not all young wenches in early maturation either. You’d expect them to be fertile. No what I’m seeing is a lot of mature ladies suddenly entering into fertile cycles as well. I’ve spoken about it to a few colleagues and they’re experiencing much the same thing in their practices too. I’ve been trying to monitor the situation which is why I was interested in what Abigail told us about the number of menstruating women present. We’ll really have to get off our backsides and conduct a proper survey.” Dr Chandra shook her head with a wry smile. “But anyway girls that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about. Where is your Mistress?”
“Why she was in the main hall the last I saw of her Dr Chandra.” Abigail informed her.
“And how is she?”
“Somewhat concerned Doctor. Shiro-san never turned up with the rest of the people from the Oriental Gardens and I think she’s worried about her.”
Dr Chandra clicked her tongue in irritation. “And what is your Mistress doing in the Hall?”
“Well she’s very busy Doctor; greeting all the new arrivals and assisting them in their needs.”
“Damn it!” swore Dr Chandra. “I damn well told her to leave all this to her slaves and servants and to go and rest! She shouldn’t be stressing herself like this! It’s downright irresponsible!”
“Is there a problem Doctor?” asked Rebecca in sudden anxiety.
“Yes Rebecca. Yes there is. I can’t go into details and I won’t know for certain in any case until I’ve examined her properly but I’m concerned about your Mistress. I’ve told her several times today that she needs to rest. She’s obviously not taken a blind bit of notice of my advice.”
“Is this because of her accident Doctor?” asked Abigail.
“Not directly Abigail. Let’s just say that it exacerbates my concerns. Your Mistress is under a huge amount of strain at the moment and.....” Dr Chandra paused “and well she shouldn’t be. That’s why I wanted to talk to you girls. I want you to persuade your Mistress to take things easy. I want you to relieve her of some of the burden. Show her that you have everything under control and get her to go to bed. She won’t damn well listen to me!”
“Doctor?” asked Rebecca. “Is there something wrong with her?”
“You tell me girl! You and your s****rs live closer to her than anyone else. What do you think is wrong with her?”
Rebecca rubbed the back of her neck thoughtfully. “Well it’s true that she’s been under a lot of stress Doctor. There’s been the war and everything and then of course today has been pretty wretched.”
Dr Chandra waved a dismissive hand and snorted. “I’ve seen the Lady weather worse crises than these girl. No it goes deeper than that. You girls shouldn’t need to be told this! If you’d been keeping a better eye on her I wouldn’t have to talk to you about it.”
Doctor.” protested Abigail, “We’re just the Lady’s slaves! If she won’t listen to her doctor why should she take any notice of us?”
“Girl you slaves are the most precious thing in her life! Of course she’ll listen to you! More than you think! She’ll go and get some rest if it keeps her little darlings happy. Now in the name of the Goddess take better care of your Mistress and open your eyes! If you don’t know what’s ailing her then you haven’t been doing your jobs properly. She shouldn’t be able to so much as sneeze without you knowing about it. What do you think you’re there for? Your Mistress is the most important person in the world. People all over the globe are dependent on her continued health and well-being. As her personal young ladies you have the duty to safeguard that well-being whether she wants you to or not. Now she might well, in her current mood, tell you not to worry about her. Ignore such a command! Remember your responsibilities. Your primary duty is to safeguard her, serve her interests, cherish her, love her and protect her. Your second duty is to obey her but only....” Dr Chandra paused to raise a finger, “only if that duty does not conflict with your primary duty! Am I making myself clear ladies?”
“Perfectly clear Dr Chandra.” said Abigail with dignity and just a touch of resentment. “We are well aware of our duties.”
“Good! I’m pleased to hear it.” Dr Chandra’s attention was drawn to a young footman hastily weaving between the crowds in their direction. “Hello.” She said. “What’s up with this young man?”
The footman sk**ded to a halt before them. “Doctor!” he began without preamble, “The soldiers are just bringing a casualty in; a serious one. Professor Sehler is asking for your assistance.”
“Oh Goddess! I’ll come straight away.” Dr Chandra turned to Rebecca and Abigail. “Where are your s****rs Helen and Heather? I might need them.”
“They were with Professor Sehler a few minutes ago Doctor.” Abigail informed her.
“Good! Go on lad lead the way.” Dr Chandra departed rapidly leaving the two young women staring after her.
“bl**dy dear Doctor being her usual charming self!” grumbled Rebecca indignantly.
Abigail looked uncertain. “I dunno Becky. She’s trying to tell us something.”
“What? That we’re terrible slaves?”
“There’s something the matter with the Lady Becky. She’s trying to warn us about it.”
“Well what the hell is the matter with her Abi? I know she’s under strain! Goddess anybody would be with all the responsibilities she has.”
Abigail bit her lip, suddenly wracked in uncertainty. She shook the box in her hand. “Becky do you know where I got these from?”
Rebecca shook her head. “Not my chambers anyway Abi. I don’t use that mark.”
“The Lady sent me to fetch them Becky. They were in her chambers.”
Helen and Heather were with Professor Sehler. In fact the twins had been the first on the scene when the new casualties had been brought in and it had been they that had summoned Professor Sehler to the scene. Heather and Helen not only had Masters degrees in foreign languages they were also competent trained nurses. They were not as such fully qualified nurses according to the guidelines set by the NMC, for their training had been largely outside of the official qualifying bodies of the health service. Nevertheless they had studied nursing at degree level and had some practical experience gained during the occasional periods of service that all Slaves of the Amethyst were obliged to perform at some point in their careers. In fact they had taken two stints of overseas service in their first three years of enslavement at the Hall assisting in clinics founded by the Line in Third World countries where their extraordinary linguistic prowess had been as equally valuable as their nursing skills. This body of knowledge and practical experience stood them in good stead in this crisis.
It was not a single casualty, as the footman had mistakenly informed Dr Chandra, but rather several. It had been a crash with a mini-bus on the road toward Cropton. The storm had uprooted a large tree and tossed it across the road into the path of the mini-bus and a collision had occurred. There had been six people in the vehicle and most of them had been injured. Two men and two women in the bus had suffered bruising and lacerations. One of the ladies had a severe gash in the side of her face requiring stitching. The only person more or less unharmed was a small c***d; a girl of around six years old who was crying pitifully but was to all intents and purposes completely uns**thed. The footman had been right in one respect however. There was only one real serious emergency among the victims. They were wheeling this latter on a guerney toward the casualty reception of the hospital wing when Dr Chandra arrived on the scene. It was a teenage boy, with fair hair, in shock, naked to the waist and obviously suffering a serious chest injury. The twins were holding dressings over the injury while Professor Sehler was hovering over the patient and looking worried.
“What have we got Dieter?” asked Dr Chandra brusquely.
“Penetrating chest trauma Akuti. The lad’s been thrown forward onto something sharp. We’ve got a tension pneumothorax in the right pleural cavity. The girls here have applied an airtight pressure dressing to the wound but we’re going to have to aspirate that pneumothorax right sharpish.”
Dr Chandra looked down at the patient noting the emergency first aid performed by the twins with approval. “Good work girls.”
“Excuse me Doctor,” said Helen worriedly. “The military wanted to try to evacuate him to Brawton Infirmary by helicopter but we over-ruled them. I hope we’ve done the right thing.”
“Absolutely girls! Quite apart from the prevailing weather conditions a flight evacuation is absolutely contraindicative for pneumothoraces. You acted absolutely correctly. They’d never have got him to Brawton alive! Come on! Let’s get him into the theatre.”
They rushed the young boy along the corridor to the emergency casualty theatre. Professor Sehler’s concern was mounting. “It looks like a bad one Akuti. I don’t know if needle aspiration is going to be enough. Are we equipped to perform a tube thoracostomy here?”
“Relax Dieter. This house and its facilities were designed to be completely self sufficient even in the event of a major war. We’ve got one of the best equipped emergency trauma units in the county here. We’ll manage!”
Elsewhere in the valley crisis mounted upon crisis as the storm swelled toward a crescendo. Midnight had long come and passed by the time that Daniel, in his mobile command vehicle, received the most horrifying news of all. “What d’yer mean they’re not out yet!” he cried in disbelief to the young soldier who had the misfortune to be the bearer of ill tidings. “We ordered that ‘ome cleared ‘ours ago!”
“Sorry sir but they ‘aven’t shifted. They seemed ter think that they was safe enough where they was and it was too dangerous ter move the k**s.”
“For fucks sake!” swore Daniel furiously. “Robin an’ Bill are sayin’ them dykes could go any minute! ‘Ave we got a radio link to the ‘ome?”
“Yes sir. We’ve got a squad in there now trying to persuade them to move.”
“Well get on to them and tell them ter shift them k**s now! Don’t take bl**dy no fer an answer!” Daniel glanced around wildly. “Sarge!” he shouted.
Sergeant Oldfield hurried across. “What’s up?”
“The bl**dy Lady Anne’s k**’s ‘ome asn’t been evacuated Sarge!”
“Oh fer fuck’s sake!”
“Get ‘old ov every bl**dy vehicle an’ every man yer can find and get it down there now. They’ve only got a couple o’ mini-buses there that can tek mebbe a dozen people at a go an’ there’s seventy or eighty k**s an’ their ‘elpers in that ‘ome!”
“I’m on it sir!”
“Right!” Daniel called forward to his driver. “Manny! Let’s move. Lady Anne’s k**s' ‘ome fast as yer can!”
In another location another crisis was building towards its climax. Warfaa’s forehead was damp with sweat as he knelt over the agonised labouring lady lying on the blankets before the fireplace in the lounge of the Mathom Arms. Warfaa was desperately trying to remember everything he had learned in his parent’s clinic and praying fervently that he would prove equal to the task. Sally and Patricia had cleared a good space around the fireplace but there was still a crowd of people pressing around the perimeters of the little drama being enacted under the glow of the fire and the calor gas lamps. The lady’s husband was supporting her under the arms and her wife was gripping her hand as she strained in agony, her face contorted and pinched and her naked body slick with perspiration. She gasped and cried aloud as another contraction wracked her, sobbing in relief and frustration as the agony subsided momentarily once more. She had been well into the second phase of labour when they had first laid her before the fire Warfaa knew. Her cervix had been well dilated and he had timed the contractions on the little travelling alarm clock Sally had given him. They’d been occurring every three or four minutes and the contractions themselves lasting to over a minute. Now the contractions were very nearly continuous and intense. They were entering the final stages.
“Another effort if you please mimsaab.” urged Warfaa.
“Come on honey! Push!” his lady assistant encouraged.
There was another wrenching spasm of agony from the lady and the tension in her body grew to a horrifying strain, knotting her muscles in contorted sinews. She squealed between tightly clenched teeth and her wife winced as the grip on her hand became vice like. The tension in her body was matched by the tension in the atmosphere. The lounge of the pub had fallen silent other then the lady’s cries of pain and the soft encouraging words of her assistants. The spectators clutched each other’s hands and held their breath in horrified fascination each time the lady went into another contraction. The whole little microcosm of the pub had focussed down to those few square feet of illumination before the fire where this tiny and yet titanic struggle for life was being enacted before their eyes.
The gale outside rattled the building and the rain lashed in fury against the window panes but here, in this little haven, the storm was forgotten, dismissed as irrelevancy by a f***e more powerful than itself. The storm might rage and howl in fury, to its heartless content, but it could not defeat the obdurate, continuous resistance of life itself. The storm might unleash terrible energies against the fragile creatures in its path but ultimately it was ephemeral and it would be humbled by the obstinate persistence of the small miracle taking place even within the worst ravages of its cauldron. The storm would blow on, tearing away to the east, expending its energy recklessly to peter out into brisk breezes to stir the grasses in lands far away, to die feebly in distant parts and in its wake, with barely a momentary blip in its continuity, life would go on.
Warfaa was worried. This was the lady’s first baby evidently and the labour was hard on her. Her hair was matted to her face with perspiration and she looked to be exhausted; on the last reserves of her strength. He was trying to get the lady to control her breathing and to relax as much as possible between contractions but the effort was clearly beginning to tell on her. If this had been a hospital they might have given her pethidine or even an epidural. But this wasn’t a hospital. They had a limited amount of emergency medical supplies but of all the emergencies they’d anticipated c***dbirth was the last thing they’d expected. They were going to have to do this the old fashioned way. Warfaa winced every time he looked at his hastily improvised equipment lying in the enamel bowl beside him. He cringed especially when he regarded the pair of tongs he’d liberated from the kitchen and fashioned into delivery f***eps. He prayed fervently that he wouldn’t have to use them and thanked the Goddess that it didn’t seem to be a breech presentation.
It was not something he was taking due notice of but the labour was taking its toll on Warfaa too. His mouth was parched and he felt unaccountably weak with the strain of the enormous responsibility laid upon him as the many eyes in the pub fixed on him in his work. He fought desperately to keep the worry from his expression. He glanced up to catch the eye of the lady’s husband supporting his wife. The man looked almost as wretched as his labouring wife. Warfaa guessed that this man was most likely the father although among families of the Line the distinctions between parenthood and biological parenthood among males were frequently blurred. Whether or not he was the father this was nevertheless his c***d too and he seemed to be sharing the agonies of the woman he loved cradled in his arms. He looked at Warfaa questioningly and Warfaa felt the burden like a great weight that this man would look to him for reassurance. He f***ed himself to smile encouragingly. “We are nearly there now I am thinking.” He said as calmly as he could and hoped desperately that he was telling the truth.
But in fact they were nearly there. The lady went into a long terrible spasm, the cries of her agony escaping from her tightly clenched teeth, and the first glistening curve of the c***d’s crown appeared at the opening of the cervix. “Be easy now!” Warfaa told his patient. “We are seeing the baby’s head but please do not be pushing too hard. We are not wanting the baby be born too quickly.” Warfaa didn’t want an overly hurried birth. Throughout the labour he had heard the quiet instructions of his mother in his mind, the lessons she had taught him in the clinic in his home land as she’d let him assist in the delivery of the babies of the village. His mother was dead now but her calm assured voice lived on in his mind. “When the c***d crowns,” she told him now, “be careful not to let its mother be too hasty to rid herself of her burden. Let her ease her c***d gently into the world so that she will not tear herself in her haste.”
The lady was gasping for breath and sobbing, her eyes tightly closed as she struggled to control the end game of the delivery. But the end came quite quickly in the event and in a remarkably short time the final efforts of the struggling woman slid the c***d, slippery with mucous, into Warfaa’s hands. There seemed to be an explosive exhalation around the spectators who had evidently been holding their breaths during the final phase of the drama. Warfaa cradled the c***d carefully, examining it quickly as his lady assistant handed him soft towels to swab and dry the feebly squirming tiny being. The pub lounge was suddenly full of relieved laughter, the slaps of people’s palms against each other and the crooning of soft eyed women. The new mother was struggling up on her elbows, her bleary eyes searching her c***d.
“Is... is it all right?” she croaked weakly.
It was a good question. Warfaa had never seen the new born c***d of a white person before. It looked horribly pale, even translucent to him and the skin seemed to have a bluish tinge to it. Nevertheless the tiny little figure seemed otherwise perfect. Everything seemed to be there and in the right places so Warfaa smiled at the worried mother. “Oh yes mimsaab. You have a perfect little boy.”
“C... can I see him?”
“One moment please. Let us first clean him a little and then you may hold him.” Warfaa gently swabbed the mucous away from the c***d’s skin. There didn’t seem to be much mucous in the c***d’s mouth and nose for the placental fluid had been thankfully not too viscous. Warfaa had previously improvised an instrument from a length of plastic tubing and a rubber bulb should it prove necessary to suck excess mucous from the baby’s air passages. He had been dreading using it. He hoped now that it would not have to happen. He just wished the c***d would breathe! Long seconds had passed since he had received the c***d from its mother but still it refused to gasp the air of the new world it found itself in. “Don’t panic.” His mother told him in his mind. “The c***d will breathe when he is good and ready. He still has air from his umbilical cord and there is no need to rush him. If he proves too lazy then encourage him with a gentle flick on the sole of his foot. Don’t smack him though as people in older times used to do. He’ll earn smacks enough as he grows up. Let him wait until he deserves it before you give him his first.”
The gentle rubbing proved stimulus enough. Before Warfaa’s astounded eyes the tiny little c***d gasped once and inflated its lungs. The reedy cry was like the ringing of triumphant bells in the expectant hush of the pub. The packed spectators cheered in approval, hugged each other and slapped their companions on the back in glee. “A miracle” thought Warfaa; a terribly, terribly ordinary miracle and none the less miraculous for being so ordinary. He wrapped the c***d gently in a soft warm towel. “Wrap the c***d quickly.” his mother warned him. “He has come from a warm safe place. He will be cold.”
“Please let me hold him.” The baby’s mother was holding out her hands eagerly, her exhaustion forgotten as she reached for her new son. With a smile Warfaa handed the baby to her and she grasped it; her eyes shining in wonder and fascination. She brushed her matted hair from her eyes the better to see her c***d and her husband and wife leaned over her shoulders in eagerness, eyes full of pleasure and love. Instinctively the new mother held the c***d to her breast and he groped ineffectively at her nipple still searching the instinct that would tell him that comfort and nourishment would come from there. “He’s... he’s beautiful!” the newborn c***d’s mother gasped as she stared through eyes tinted with a mother’s love for the ugly little wrinkled creature in her arms. She was touching him all over; feeling him. She was even counting his fingers and her spouses’ eyes were damp with tears.
As his parents’ regarded their new f****y member with awe Warfaa examined the cord that still attached the c***d to its mother. The voice in his head sounded business like. “Don’t be in too great a hurry to cut the cord.” His mother told him. “It will still be pumping bl**d to the c***d. Wait! Wait until you no longer feel the pulsations in it and then you may tie off the cord and cut it. But be patient!” Finally Warfaa could detect no further life in the umbilical. Their emergency supplies did not extend to proper clamps so Warfaa was obliged to use two rubber bands to clasp the cord. Once these were positioned he took a deep breath and picked up the pair of heavy duty surgical scissors that were at least one asset he could count on. He had been relieved to find these among their supplies. He had wondered if they’d need to take a sharp knife from the kitchen to perform this operation. His hand was trembling slightly as he poised to make the cut and he brushed the perspiration from his brow with his sleeve caring not that he left a trail of bl**d and mucous across his forehead. The cord was tough, sinuous and by no means easy to cut but Warfaa severed it, tidied the end up and swabbed a little trace of bl**d from the end. The c***d was now an individual human being, cut from the womb and with a life to live.
Warfaa sat back on his heels breathing heavily whilst his assistant spread a blanket out to receive the placenta. He gulped a couple of times and tried to still his wildly beating heart. His lady assistant laid a hand kindly on his shoulder. “You look all in lad! Go and take a breather. I’ll deal with the rest of the landing tackle.”
Warfaa nodded gratefully. “Mahadsanid Mimsaab.” Slowly he raised himself to his feet. His legs didn’t seem to be working very well.
Sally was pushing the jubilant crowd aside. “Come on folks! Give our new mum and ‘er bairn a bit o’ room! ‘Ere Jill where’s that camera? Pat? ‘Ave yer got them kitchen scales? We ‘ave ter weigh ‘im!”
There was a bowl of hot soapy water on the bar and Warfaa washed his hands thankfully although they were still trembling. Patricia was aiding the mother to place the c***d on the scales. “Blimey!” she announced. “Eight pounds four ounces! ‘E’s a big lad!”
Sally grinned. “Aye an’ born in a pub an’ all! That’ll be summat ter boast about to ‘is mates when ‘e gets older!”
All the attention now was on the new born c***d and her mother and Warfaa felt forgotten as he leaned against the bar heavily recovering his breath. He didn’t mind at all being so neglected. On the contrary he welcomed being able to fade back into obscurity now that his task was done. But he was not forgotten. To his surprise Patricia pushed a large tankard in front of him. It was full of foaming beer. “’Ere lad!” she said, “I don’t know if it’s against yer religion where you come from an’ ah know yer u******e but yer’ve proved yersen a man ternight an’ yer’ve earned yersen a drink!”
His mouth was dry and Warfaa took the tankard with gratitude. The cool, rich malty ale was a nectar like balm to his parched throat and as he slaked his thirst he heard the voice of his dead mother one last time in his mind. “I am proud of you this day my son!”
Elsewhere in Mathomdale the struggle of life and death continued and nowhere was the outcome of this battle so finely in the balance as on the driveway to the Lady Anne’s c***dren’s home. The urgency of the situation seemed to have finally impressed itself upon the staff of the home and they were abandoning the home. It was not a minute too soon but rather very close to being far too late. The water rising in the surrounding fields had already covered the depression in the lane to the home. The c***dren were cut off.
Daniel was out of his command vehicle almost as soon as they came to a halt where the drive disappeared into the oily dark surface of the water gleaming evilly in the head lamps of the vehicles and the mobile floodlights being hastily erected. The military had reacted swiftly to the crisis for the roadway was packed with trucks and buses and the glaring lamps illuminated large numbers of soldiers milling about in the rain. They seemed for the moment however to have lost direction. The flooded lane to the home had temporarily flummoxed them. Daniel wrapped his parka about himself and looked around for someone to bring purpose to the current impasse. An officer was pacing around with an aide by the water’s edge. Even through the veils of teeming rain Daniel could see he looked worried. He strode over to consult. “What’s the situation lieutenant?” yelled Daniel above the roar of the gale.
The officer recognised Daniel and snapped a cursory, bedraggled salute. “It’s a bitch sir! The lane’s flooded for nearly three hundred metres. We’re shafted!”
“Can’t the trucks drive through it?”
The officer shook his head. “We’ve tried sir! The trouble is that the road dips in the middle of this lot. It’s over five feet deep in the middle. We’d just flood the engines. I’ve called up a couple of semi-amphibious personnel carriers from Battalion but they’re the other side of Brawton and it’ll be a couple of hours before they can get here.”
“Forget it Lieutenant! We ‘aven’t got a couple ov ‘ours! The bl**dy flood banks above the village could go any minute.”
“Oh shit!”
“Is there any way we can get round this flood water?”
“This is the only road up to the home sir.”
“Well what about across the fields?”
“All the meadows on this side are pretty much flooded sir. I’d hate to try and drive a truck through them. It looks like much the same all around the place. It looks like they’re pretty well surrounded.”
Daniel looked across the water thinking furiously. The home was clearly visible in the distance illuminated by the lights of the soldiers already in the compound and the vehicles of the home. It was tantalisingly close and frustratingly so distant. The lieutenant’s junior aide spoke up. “Maybe it would be best to get the k**s back inside and upstairs out of the water.” He suggested.
Daniel shot him a withering look. “There isn’t any upstairs lad! It’s an ‘ome fer ‘andicapped k**s; k**s wi wheelchairs an’ leg braces and what ‘ave yer. It’s all low buildings and bungalows. Yer don’t build ‘omes fer ‘andicapped k**s wi stairs in ‘em!”
“Well onto the roof then sir! Maybe we can airlift them off.”
“Yer takin’ the piss lad! Can you imagine a pilot tryin’ ter put a chopper down on a roof in this shit wi seventy or eighty panicking k**s, most of whom won’t know what the ‘ell’s ‘appenin’, under ‘im? I don’t think so!” Daniel turned to the lieutenant once more. “Other than this road what’s the closest we can get to them wi the trucks?”
“Round to the east sir. The main road bends around to the south there and it comes to within a couple of hundred yards or so of the buildings. There’s still flood water separating it from the home but I don’t think it’s so deep there. The trouble is that we can’t get the vehicles off the road there. The road’s up on a bl**dy great embankment and there’s a big stone wall along it. We can’t get down.”
“’Ow deep is that water there?”
“Not too bad I think. Maybe a couple of foot at the most.”
“Shallow enough ter wade through then?”
The lieutenant looked at Daniel dubiously. “For a healthy adult it shouldn’t be a problem sir but with all due respect these are handicapped c***dren!”
“’Ow many men ‘ave we got?”
“Nearly a hundred sir. I mobilised every unit in the area.”
“Right then the k**s won’t need ter wade! We throw every man into that water and make a human chain across it. We’ll pass the k**s ‘and over ‘and and up the embankment.”
“What if the flood banks give while we’re in the water?”
“That’s in the ‘ands o’ the Goddess an’ the Mermaid lieutenant! You got any better ideas?”
“No sir! Let’s do it!”
“Right get every vehicle around to that embankment and all the floodlights yer’ve got. I want those bl**dy fields lightin’ up like Old Trafford on an evenin’ ‘ome match in January! Gerron t’ radio ter yer lads in t’ compound an’ tell ‘em what we’re about.”
“Yes sir! Come on people! Let’s move it!”
Once a decision was made the urgency was admirable and it was only a few minutes before Daniel was assembling his f***es along the raised embankment. Soldiers were mounting floodlights struggling with the stands in the gale. The illumination they gave though convinced Daniel that it was doable. He could see what the lieutenant had meant. It would be nearly impossible to get anything other than a main battle tank off the road at this point. The embankment was steep and treacherous in the rain and there was a formidable dry stone wall running along its base. But the water beyond looked as if it could be waded and only a couple of hundred yards separated it from dry land on the other side. He could see the light of torch lamps waving beyond the stretch of water as the carers and soldiers mustered the c***dren in a frightened pack at the water’s edge. “Right Lieutenant! Daniel shouted. “We’ll need a dozen men on this embankment to get the k**s up. Then we’ll need a dozen more to get them into the vehicles.” Daniel turned to a young soldier in sodden military fatigues at his side. “You lad! What’s your name?”
The soldier glanced at him ironically. “Corporal Watkinson sir. Corporal Elizabeth Watkinson!”
“Oh er! Sorry Miss! Look I saw yer’ve got a stack o’ blankets in that front truck. I need someone ter wrap them k**s up once we get them up the banks and inter t’ trucks. Can you take a couple of lads... I mean er yer mates like and organise that for me?”
“Yes sir! Leave it to me. Jackson! D’Artagnon! Move your arses! You’re on k** wrapping detail!”
Daniel turned back to the lieutenant. “Other than that I need every available man in t’ water Lieutenant. I’ll cross ovver first ter mek sure that it’s fordable. I need a volunteer ter accompany me.” Daniel turned and saw Sergeant Oldfield at his other side. “Right Sarge! You’ll do!”
“Eh? Me? I gave up volunteering t’ day I signed up! I ‘aven’t volunteered fer nuthin’!”
“You was busy so I did it for yer!”
“Oh fuckin’ ‘ell!”
“Away Sarge! It’s not like we can get any wetter is it?”
“Oh fuck it! Go on then!”
Daniel tossed aside his restricting parka, grasped a powerful flashlamp and plunged into the water. For one moment he thought that he’d made a terrible mistake because the water was much deeper than he anticipated as it rose to nearly chest height at the base of the wall. But the depth was an illusion created by a small dip in the ground close to the wall and he soon floundered clear into much shallower water beyond that barely rose to his waist. Sergeant Oldfield splashed after him grumbling mightily, “Fuck this fer a game ov soldiers! I joined up fer the fuckin’ army not the fuckin’ marines!”
Daniel turned and shouted to the other soldiers gathered at the wall. “It’s deep just alongside t’ wall. Yer’ll need extra men there an’ get some ropes ready just in case.” A shout of acknowledgment greeted this information and Daniel turned to Sergeant Oldfield. “Away Sarge it’s nice an’ shallow ‘ere. Just like a paddle in t’ sea at Blackpool!”
“Well fuck me! If I’d a’ known that I’d ‘ave brought me “Kiss me Quick” ‘at and a stick o’ fuckin’ rock!”
Daniel grinned and ploughed on. The water was icy cold but at least it was easily wadeable. For most of the rest of the way the water lapped around their thighs and although they stumbled in some deeper parts the crossing was straight forward. Daniel looked back to see a line of soldiers following him into the water. Then the water was only inches deep and soon they were emerging onto what was hardly describable as dry land but at least a passable substitute for it. Waiting for them at the water’s edge was a young corporal with a flashlight and a formidable looking lady clutching a young boy to her side. The c***d was clearly severely autistic and he was whining and rocking back and forth, burying his face in the lady’s coat and repeating, “Go to bed now, go to bed now,” over and over again.
The lady came to the point immediately. “Are you sure this is going to be alright young man? We have quite a lot of non ambulent c***dren. How are they going to cross that water?”
Daniel brushed the rain from his eyes. “Beggin’ yer pardon ma-am. We ‘ave nearly an ‘undred soldiers with us. They’ll mek a chain across an’ all we ‘ave ter do is pass the k**s from one pair o’ ‘ands ter the next. It’ll be alright. The water’s not that deep till yer get right next ter t’ far side an’ we’ll ‘ave plenty o’ people to ‘elp out there.”
“I can’t help feeling that we might be safer staying where we are!”
“Missus the flood barriers above Mathom are liable ter go any minute. When that ‘appens this ‘ole area’s gonna be a river! Now yer can stay if yer want Missus but yer can stay on yer tod! We’re taking these k**s out now!”
The lady glared at Daniel but saw the determination in his face and capitulated. “Very well then. What about the c***dren in chairs?”
“Sorry ma-am but we’ll ‘ave ter leave them be ’ind. We can sort out wheelchairs an’ what ‘ave yer at us leisure later on. Right now though let’s get ‘em ter safety!”
The lady nodded grimly. “Well then let’s be about it.” She turned to the assembled company of c***dren and their carers gathered behind her. “Ok Everybody! Listen up! We’re going to have to paddle across. Everybody stay in your groups and hold somebody’s hand at all times. John, Steve, Jackie and Dave you’re going to have to get anybody in a chair out and carry them. Hand them over to the soldiers and pass them along. Everybody else keep your groups tight until we can hand them along. Make sure you’ve got everybody with you. c***dren! I want you all to be very good and not be frightened. It’s only a bit of water! Nothing to be worried about. It’s not even as deep as the swimming pool at the sports centre. Just hold on to a grown-up and we’ll soon be across and all nice and warm and dry.” The lady’s voice was soothing and reassuring. Even those c***dren who could not understand her seemed to be calmed by her gentleness.
In fact the c***dren seemed generally calm. Daniel regarded them with surprise. It was his first experience with a group of what he would call handicapped c***dren and like many people he had ill conceived preconceptions about them. The people that looked after such c***dren never called them handicapped. They called them “c***dren with special needs” or sometimes just “special c***dren”. As Daniel regarded the group of c***dren before him he discovered a first inkling that the word “special” might mean something more than simply a diplomatic way of describing a c***d as severely disabled. He had expected chaos among the c***dren but in fact they seemed far more orderly, quiet and well-behaved than an equivalent group of what might inaccurately be described as ordinary c***dren. True some were crying and the ones of lesser ability were disoriented and disturbed. One little girl in a wheelchair was keening loudly and rocking backwards and forwards violently and there was a small boy sobbing and hitting himself repeatedly on the forehead with his fist. Yet for the most part the c***dren waited patiently to be given their instructions and if their eyes were wide with fear they demonstrated no sense of panic. Some were even giggling delightedly as if the whole thing was some wonderful adventure.
As Daniel passed among the c***dren organising them a boy with Down’s syndrome addressed him slapping his chest. “Are we going to swim? I’m a good swimmer! I’m strong!”
A little girl tugged at his sleeve. “What’s your name mister?”
“Er Danny honey.”
“When’s your birthday Danny honey?”
“Er the fifth o’ January love.”
“Oh the same as Billy and Mrs Heppleton! Do you have a car?”
A lady scooped in the girl “Come along Betty! The gentleman doesn’t want to be bothered with all your questions now!”
Another little Downs syndrome boy grasped Daniel’s arm. “Are you my friend?” he asked.
“Aye lad! Course I am!” The boy sighed in satisfaction and grasped Daniel in a great hug so typical of the uninhibited affection so characteristic of those c***dren whose carers preferred to call special.
Another young boy, in his teens, touched Daniel’s arm to attract attention. He seemed very assured of himself and asked firmly. “Do you need any help sir? Don’t worry! I’ll take care of everybody!”
“Thank you son.” replied Daniel, “Carry on!”
“Aye, aye sir! Full speed ahead!” the youngster snapped a parody of a salute and strode off to his group amid the storm. Daniel felt a sudden rush of something that he had never expected to find in the misery of the storm. He realised that many of these c***dren; most of them in fact, would require care for the rest of their lives. They would never be fully productive and contributing members of society in the purely materialistic sense of that term. They would always be a burden on someone’s pocket. But that was beside the point wasn’t it? These k**s fulfilled another role within society for they reminded people of the meaning of humanity. There was no earthly sense in crassly economic or practical terms for caring for these c***dren. They might live short lives and give little back in material terms to the society that nurtured them yet they were vital. They were vital because a society needed them utterly to be a civilisation of human beings. They might have cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, epilepsy, autism, whatever but they were essential. They were the vulnerable; the weak, but you cared for them. You cared for them because any civilisation that failed to care for its weaker members was damned; damned utterly for the failure of its humanitarian responsibilities. You cared for them because that’s what made you a man, or a woman. You cared for them because that’s what made you a human being. They weren’t handicapped. Within their own context they weren’t even disabled. They were just k**s. They were just k**s that maybe needed a bit more help than other k**s but they were k**s. In these thoughts Daniel discovered a great up-swelling of love for these c***dren. He would protect them. He would comfort them. He would save them even if it cost him his life to do so.
Sergeant Oldfield was urging the c***dren forward to the water. “Away k**s! ‘Old on tight! Don’t be frightened! That’s me mate Olly! ‘E won’t let go ov yer. ‘Ere love give us yer doll an’ I’ll mek sure she gets ovver all right!”
Once the evacuation was started it went quickly. The soldiers were fit and strong. At times they seemed to throw the c***dren from hand to hand. Some of the c***dren were scared but many of them laughed in delight as if it was some fantastic game invented for their pleasure. Daniel watched in disbelief as the soldiers handed over one little girl that kicked the water in glee with her feet as she passed from one person to the next, loving the splashing that she made. One boy was telling every soldier that manhandled him forward his name as if it would be terribly impolite not to introduce himself to everybody he came in contact with. Some of the c***dren were even singing! It was unreal; bizarre! Daniel shook his head in wonderment. These k**s weren’t handicapped or even that most horrible of terms; retarded. They were just... well they were just.... special.
Daniel was everywhere in those action packed minutes, chivvying the c***dren forward, helping wherever he could, ignoring the cold chill of the water in his urgency. At last there was an ending. Daniel stood in the water watching the last of the c***dren being hauled up the embankment. He was weary beyond reckoning now and desired nothing other than a hot bath and a warm bed. A soldier was scrambling down the bank in frantic haste and shouting loudly to the men still in the water. “Everyone out of the water now! They’re saying the water levels rising fast above Mathom. We’ve lost the levees!”
Daniel floundered hastily to the shore but as he did so a woman carer from the home came rushing down the embankment crying shrilly. “Polly! Polly! We’ve lost Polly!”
The Headmistress of the home grasped her by the shoulders and shook her, “Calm yourself Alison! What do you mean?”
The women looked at her frantically and gripped her arm. “It’s Polly! She hasn’t come across. I thought June was looking after her. We got split up. She must be still back there!”
“Oh Goddess!” the headmistress cried. “It’d be just like her to wander away!”
Daniel floundered to the edge and grasped the wall. “Can we call ‘er?” he shouted.
The woman shook her head desperately. “It wouldn’t do any good! Polly’s severely autistic. She’s got the mental age of a two year old!”
Daniel glanced back across the water. “Right then! I’ll go get ‘er!”
“I’ll come with you!” the headmistress declared.
“No Missus! You stay ‘ere an’ look after the k**s that’s already across. It don’t need two of us on this job!”
Daniel made to depart but Sergeant Oldfield in the water beside him grasped his arm and whispered hoarsely. “Sir? Danny mate? You sure about this? That flood water’s gonna ‘it any minute! Think about it! It’s just one lass. You ‘eard the missus. She’s never gonna be more than a two year awd bairn and probably not long fer this life in any case! Is it worth it Danny? Is it worth riskin’ yer life for?”
Daniel stared at him wildly. “Me life wouldn’t be worth fuck all ter me if I didn’t risk it now Sarge!”
“Yer fuckin’ mad Danny!”
“Aye that’s true! Now let us go Sarge!”
With a grunt of exasperation Sergeant Oldfield complied and Daniel was away battling back through the water. “Get some fuckin’ ropes down ‘ere!” Sergeant Oldfield shouted in rage. He glared at the form of Daniel thrashing through the water before him. He wanted to curse and rage but strangely he felt a terrible pride in that moment.
Daniel staggered ashore close to the home. He still had his flash lamp with him and he swept the beam around in desperation. There was only the stream of rain through the lights beam however and so he dashed into the complex of buildings almost weeping in frustration and anxiety. Nothing! He could see nothing! There were a hundred places where a little frightened girl might hide herself. He grasped his sodden hair in mounting panic. Where could she be? “Goddess ‘elp us now!” he prayed fervently.
Almost as if in reply to his prayer he heard a soft whimper from a dark corner. “Is that you Polly?” he cried. He flashed his torch into the corner. There was a fleeting glimpse of a pale frightened face and then the girl was up and running away in fear. “Oh fuck!” growled Daniel and started in pursuit. “Come back love! I’m not gonna ‘urt yer!” She was surprisingly fleet and Daniel laboured after her, slipping once in a pool of mud and fearing that he had lost her again. He flashed the torch around and then saw to his relief she was halted on the side of the flooded meadow beyond. She was keening softly and dabbling a foot in the water as if she didn’t understand this alien presence into her familiar world. Daniel approached cautiously. “Come on now love. I’m not gonna ‘urt yer.” Carefully he wheedled his way toward her. She became aware of his presence, staring at him with wild, uncomprehending eyes. “Come ter Danny love.” He coaxed gently but her attention was flickering and he could see she was on the point of flight once more. He edged to one side trying to anticipate her move. She nearly caught him by surprise. She was so quick it needed a despairing lunge at her to grasp her by her waterlogged jacket. She squealed alarmingly but Daniel grabbed her in his arms and gripped her tightly. She was a big girl maybe thirteen or f******n years old and she was strong, struggling hard in his clutch. “Calm down now love!” Daniel yelled in her ear. “Just calm down! Everything’s gonna be all right!”
He held her close murmuring to her soothingly and incredibly she seemed to relax in his arms, crooning softly in a strange voice and biting at his clothes. When she seemed still enough Daniel picked her bodily from the ground and half dragged her back to the route across the water. He held her close to his body as he battled through the water to the embankment. She was hugging him tightly now; her hands about his back and her fingernails digging into his neck. On the shore ahead soldiers were shouting encouragement and urgent warnings in equal measure. The water level was definitely rising. That much was obvious with every labouring step that Daniel took. Sergeant Oldfield was at the deep spot before the wall with ropes around him. “Move it Danny! All hells gonna let loose in a minute”
The water was too deep and the mounting current too strong. “Chuck us a rope Sarge!” Daniel yelled as he felt his strength ebbing. Sergeant Oldfield coiled a rope and hurled it in Daniels’s direction. Daniel grasped it and as the wind rose to a banshee like howl in the air he fastened a loop around the girl’s torso beneath her armpits. “PUUUULL Sarge!” he cried. Two soldiers struggled into the water beside Sergeant Oldfield and they heaved mightily on the rope. The girl almost sk**ded across the water, kiting around to the right and squealing in terror. Then a soldier plunged into the water to his waist and lunged for her. Daniel had found a flimsy fence post to cling to and, with the water swirling about his upper chest, he felt nevertheless enormous satisfaction as the burly soldier dragged the girl bodily from the flood and flung her up the bank to safety. They were quickly detaching the rope from her and passing it down to Sergeant Oldfield once more.
“’Old on Danny while I get t’ rope ovver ter yer!”
Danny grasped his precarious hold more firmly and prepared himself to lunge for the rope. “Oh shit! Look out sir!” someone called. Daniel glanced to his left. A wall of foaming water was rushing down on him; its leading edge a nightmare of swirling debris, tree trunks and even the corpses of dead sheep.
“Danny!” cried Sergeant Oldfield “Grab the rope!” Sergeant Oldfield hurled the rope to Daniel. Daniel released one hand in a lunge for the end of the cord. He missed it. He didn’t even come close. The surging current whipped the rope away from before he could even touch it. Releasing his hold on the fence post proved his undoing as the surge of the huge volumes of water pressed mercilessly against his body. He flailed once in the current and then his grip was gone. “Danny!” shouted Sergeant Oldfield again. “Danny! Oh for fucks sake Danny!” But Daniel was gone. The floodlights flickering in the madness of the storm revealed only the churning brown waters choked with flotsam as they raged their way down the tortured valley of the River Mathom on their way to the sea.


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Fittest Lad On Footie Team

Kurt and Damien, they both got subbed off at the same time. So they both went for an early shower. As they made their way to the changing rooms Kurt thought: oh fuck, this was gonna be really hard for me.

He had never been in the changing rooms with just Damien before, never been in the showers with just Damien.

Kurt and Damien played for The Red Lion. They were the best team in the Sunday League Division. Damien was the fittest lad on the team. Kurt found it hard enough getting changed and showered with all the lads but it was Damien who he really fantasised about. It was Damien he lay in bed at night thinking about while he had a wank. He lay in bed tossing his dick thinking about pulling Damien’s football shorts down over his muddy thighs. He lay there in bed stroking his dick wishing it was Damien’s dick he was stroking. He had loads of sexy dreams where he’d be sucking Damien’s big cock and fucking him up that gorgeous big round arse. He’d woken up loads of times in the middle of the night after having the sexiest wet dream ever, thick white jizz all over his belly and chest and in his face.

Damien – Kurt had so many dirty dreams and fantasies about him. When he filled his head with dirty thoughts of Damien his cock got well stiff. He’d dreamt and fantasised about doing all sorts of sexy things with Damien. One of his favourite fantasies was to go up to him on the field after Damien had scored a winning goal and kiss him and then strip him naked in front of all the other lads on the team and suck him off on the pitch. That one always got Kurt’s cock jizzing a big load.

Damien was not only the fittest lad on the team, he was probably the fittest lad in any team, and being alone with him in the changing rooms…how could Kurt possibly stop himself from checking out Damien’s dick? When the full team are in the changing rooms and showers, Kurt always made sure he was well away from Damien so he didn’t see him naked. He’d never really seen him naked. He daresn’t look at him coz he knew that if he saw him naked, he just knew that if he saw Damien’s naked arse or his cock there was no way he’d be able to control himself. He’d taken a quick glance now and again in the changing rooms and the showers but he’d not let his gaze last more than a second or two. He’d never really got a good proper look at Damien’s naked body but he wanted to see it more than anything else in the whole world.

Oh Damien, why the fuck did you have to play in the same team as me?

Kurt asked that question over and over again.

Damien– the fittest straight lad Kurt had ever seen. Sexy as fuck.

They were now alone in the changing rooms. They were talking then Damien pulled off his shirt and straight away Kurt had to look away coz straight away he got those sexy feelings in his dick. He had to take a quick glance though. Damien looked absolutely gorgeous. Smooth slim hard body. Then he took off his shorts and his jock and he caught Kurt checking out his dick. Kurt just had to look at it, just one quick glance.

Damien gave Kurt an intense look.

“I just saw you checking out my dick.”


“You was just looking at my dick.”

“Was I fuck.”

“You was. I saw you. And I mean like, proper looking at it.”

“Why would I wanna look at your dick?

“You was checking it out. I saw you.”

Kurt was sitting on the bench and there was no way he could get up. His cock was now solid in his shorts. His boner wasn’t showing coz he had one foot up on the bench and he was taking his boot off. Damien just stood there facing him. He was naked. Kurt couldn’t look. He wanted him to go away and take a shower, leave him alone.


Go away.

Kurt couldn’t look up. He just sat there with his head bowed.

Damien just stood there. Kurt could feel the heat from Damien’s body, he was that close. The wonderful smell of Damien’s hot sweaty body filled Kurt’s nostrils. Damien and Kurt very rarely socialised. They only really ever saw each other twice a week when they were playing football and so Damien was always hot and sweaty. Kurt associated Damien with the wonderful smell of boy sweat.

Kurt still had his foot up on the bench.

“You’re taking your time taking that boot off.”

Kurt still wouldn’t look up.


“That boot. Stuck to your foot, is it?”

“It’s my foot. It’s well sore. I think I may have sprained my ankle.”


Kurt wouldn’t look up. He was willing Damien to go away and leave him alone.

“Why don’t you look at my dick again?”

Kurt didn’t say anything. He felt ashamed that he was feeling this way about Damien. And he was blushing big time. He just sat there. Damien had caught him out. He knew how he felt about him. Then he pulled Kurt up from the bench and he saw his boner tenting his footie shorts.

Kurt wanted the ground to open up and swallow him.

Damien laughed.

“What’s this? Horny boy?”

He flicked Kurt’s boner through his stretched nylon shorts with his finger.


Caught him just below the ridge of his bell-end on the underside where it was proper sensitive, right on that little gathering of fleshy skin below his bell-end. Made him jump.

Damien laughed again.

Kurt still couldn’t look at him. He just stood there with his head bowed. Then Damien, he took hold of Kurt’s hand and he put his hand on his dick. That’s when Kurt looked up coz…Damien’s dick…it was hard. He had a massive hard-on and he wrapped Kurt’s hand round the thick shaft of his hot throbbing boner. Damien took his hand off Kurt’s hand, and Kurt just kept his hand wrapped round Damien’s hot boner.

Kurt just stood there. He froze. Couldn’t take his eyes off Damien’s beautiful cock in his hand. He took in the beautiful sight of Damien’s hard dick in his hand.

Kurt managed to bring his eyes from the throbbing cock in his hand and he looked up into Damien’s beautiful blue-green eyes. As he looked into those eyes he got this really warm feeling all over his body.

Damien smiled, his stiff dick in Kurt’s hand.

“You wanna get your shorts off, mate, and we can have some proper fun?”

Kurt couldn’t believe his ears. At first he thought Damien was just having a laugh but no, Damien said it again.

“Come on, mate. Take your shorts off.”

Breathing heavy and fast, Kurt got his kit off. He got naked with Damien in the changing rooms. Damien smiled and that same beautiful warm feeling rushed through Kurt’s body. Damien put his hand on Kurt’s arse, grabbed a feel of his arse then he smacked it real hard.

“Naughty boy, checking out my dick.”

“Mate, you don’t know how hard it’s been for me with you in the team.”

Kurt couldn’t believe he was actually saying that to Damien, telling him how he felt about him. He felt strange, as if this wasn’t actually happening. But it was.

Damien put his hand on Kurt’s arm.

“I do, mate. I do know how hard it’s been for you. It’s so obvious, the way you’ve been avoiding me, never looking at me, always talking to the other lads and not me.”

Kurt took a deep breath.

Damien stroked his arm. He could see that Kurt was embarrassed and also really sad.

“It’s ok, mate.”

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“What you sorry for? You can’t help the way you feel.”

“I…I love you.”

Damien laughed.

“Don’t be daft.”

Kurt hated himself for saying it.

“I’m just messing about.”

Damien knew he wasn’t just messing about.

“Come on then.”


“Let’s not waste any more time.”


“You want it, don’t you?”

Oh fuck, did Kurt want it!

Damien ran his fingers nice and gentle up and down the side of Kurt’s face.

Kurt took hold of Damien’s hand and gently pulled it away from his face.

“No, mate.”

“What’s up?”

“You don’t have to do this just because of the way I feel about you. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m sorry.”

Damien put a finger on Kurt’s lips.


Kurt stopped talking. Just the touch of Damien’s finger on his lip made him feel really warm all over.

Damien told Kurt that he wasn’t gay but that he was one horny bastard.

“If there’s a boy who finds me sexy and that boy wants to have fun with my dick then I don’t see why I shouldn’t let that boy have fun with my dick. You know what I’m saying, mate?”


“Especially if he’s proper nice like you.”

Kurt’s cock was harder than it had ever been. Damien looked down and saw all the pre-cum oozing out of Kurt’s cockhead. Kurt’s cock was feeling dead tender. It was aching like mad. He had to touch it.

Damien didn’t feel the same for Kurt but that was ok. He really really liked Kurt but he wasn’t in love with him like Kurt was in love with Damien. Damien knew how Kurt felt about him, as long as Damien knew how Kurt felt that’s all that mattered to Kurt.

Kurt’s head was spinning. He wanted to kiss Damien on those gorgeous thick ripe red lips. Damien must have been reading his mind. He brought his face close to Kurt’s face. Kurt could feel Damien’s hot breath on his face. He breathed in Damien’s gorgeous smell. Then Damien brought his lips closer and his lips touched Kurt’s lips.

Damien kissed Kurt on the lips. The two boys held each other, their naked bodies pressed together, their stiff hot cocks throbbing together, and they kissed. For Kurt it was like they were kissing forever. It was the most beautiful feeling ever, better than all the wanks he had ever had, better than any sex he had ever had with any boy, not that he had had all that much. This was better than getting pissed on a Saturday night. It was better than the biggest strongest spliff he had ever smoked. Being kissed on the lips by Damien gave him the best feeling he had ever, ever had. And he didn’t want it to stop.

Damien finally brought his lips from Kurt’s.

Kurt felt d***k. He felt stoned. He felt like he was floating. His cock was as hard as concrete and as hot as fire. His pre-cum had dribbled down the whole length of his throbbing cock. His smooth tight balls were soaking wet with the jizz that had spilled out of his cock because of that one kiss from Damien.

Kurt, he couldn’t explain how he was feeling just now. He felt sad but didn’t know why. It didn’t make sense. He wanted Damien so bad, that’s why he was feeling like this. He knew he could never ever have him like he wanted him. But for now, there was just the two of them naked in the changing rooms and their cocks were rock solid and it was good. No, it was fucking awesome.

Just hearing Damien say those words.

“Come on, mate. You can have me.”

Damien let him do whatever he wanted.

Kurt touched and felt Damien’s naked body all over. He wanted to touch and explore every single part of his beautiful body and breathe in the gorgeous smells. Damien was all hot and sweaty and hadn’t yet showered and Kurt just loved his smell.

It was like all Kurt’s Christmases had come at once. Damien let him touch his cock. He let him play with his cock. He let him wank him off. And he let him suck him off. Kurt had to pinch himself when he had Damien’s cock in his mouth. Kurt had sucked cock before but this was more than just having another boy’s cock in his mouth. This was …he had no words to describe it. Having Damien’s cock in his mouth made him feel so close. This was so intimate and intense.

Damien sprawled himself out on the bench and he let Kurt lie on top of him. Damien’s body was warm and hard underneath Kurt and their hot dicks were rubbing together. The two boys rolled over and they rolled off the bench on to the floor, rolling and twisting on the floor naked, arms and legs entwined, naked bodies hot and sweaty, hard cocks slapping and rubbing together. Kurt kissed Damien’s naked body all over.

Damien stood up with his legs spread and his hips pushed forward, his back arched, hands by his side, and Kurt got down on his knees. He held the thick shaft of Damien’s dick and took the dripping head into his mouth. He sucked the cock of the boy he was in love with. Damien’s cock swelled up big and hot in Kurt’s mouth. Kurt’s hands were on Damien’s arse as he loved up the hot cock with his lips and his tongue, sucking the juice out of it. It was the most intense experience ever.

Damien got on all fours on the floor. Kurt got on his knees behind him, put his hands on his waist and he got his face in between those hard bum cheeks, breathed in the wonderful aroma of Damien’s arse and his balls from behind. And Kurt licked Damien’s arsehole and he rubbed his cock into the crack of his arse. Kurt’s hot wet dick touched Damien’s bum, his bell-end pressed up against his arsehole.

Kurt spread those hard soft-skinned bum cheeks and he pushed real hard and his dick went inside him. Kurt made love to Damien. He shagged him up the arse, fucked him and it was like nothing else in the world mattered. This is what it was all about. This is what made life worth living. Kurt shagged Damien and it was the most intense moment of his life as he fucked his cock in and out of Damien’s tight arse. Fucked Damien up the arse. Slammed his prick hard into his tight arse.

Kurt was hunched over Damien as he fucked him on the floor, his chest pressed into Damien’s back, one hand sliding up and down over Damien’s chest, his other hand wanking him off, kissing him on the back of the neck and saying those words as he fucked him.

“I love you, Damien. I love you.”

Damien threw his head back. This was a completely new experience for him. He had never been wanked off by another boy before, never been sucked by another boy before, never been fucked up the arse before. He was loving every second of it.
“Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, mate!”

Kurt’s cock, it was rammed tight up Damien’s bum. All those nights lying in his bed thinking about him, wanking over his dirty thoughts and now his cock was buried deep inside him and he fucked all his deep love into Damiens arse.

"Oh mate! I’m cumming! Cumming! Oooh!”

Damien. The fittest lad on the team, the lad who Kurt had had so many wank fantasies over. He finally got to have him. He came inside him, his cock squirting endless jets of cum inside him, the most deep and profound orgasm he had ever had, Damien’s cock spunking gallons of jizz in his hand.

Kurt and Damien, they went to shower and the water washed away the cum from Damien’s arse just as the other lads in the team started pouring into the changing rooms.

© 2012 Robbie Webb

The above story is taken from my Kindle book
FITTEST LAD ON FOOTIE TEAM & other football stories, available on Amazon

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The sinful Memoires of the Marquis d'Amour -

My late father bestowed on me enough wealth to lead a leisurely life style, and mother nature endowed me with a generous member that wanted to be constantly entertained by the most delicious adventures. I owned now suddenly a few houses in town and my walled in villa in the country side. I maintained already two young maids, Justine and Juliette as I called them, the lovely and lively daughters of a certain Mister Beaumont, who was a traveling sales man, and who's lovely wife happened to die unfortunately much too early to finish their education. Well paid to further their knowledge in domestic duties and erotic matters I was looking forward with a fair erection towards all the pleasures I had to share with the two gorgeous nymphs in the near future.
To that came a handsome lad, who looked after the poultry. Joseph was his name and he was transferred to me from the local orphanage just a few days ago. He was twelve years old and carried a lovely face, and his most alluring little bottom was attracting my eyes and tickling my fancy whenever I met him. I decided to pay him a visit in his quarters in the outhouse, where he guarded my fowls. At the door I nearly bumped into the lovely Justine, carrying a basket of eggs - and just heard her calling over her bare shoulder: »I could kiss you all day, my lovely lad, but I really have to hurry now!« When she realised my unexpected proximity she blushed violently and gave a start to the kitchen, her skirts flying high in the morning breeze. I made myself a mental mark to question her about this business later on.
Joseph looked a bit nervous too, and as I asked him about Justine's amorous advances, he blushed as well and wrung his hands to hide his natural reaction to her abundant charms. I took the kissing for granted, his lips were still glossy with female saliva. »And what else tenderness did the sinful maid bestow on you, my innocent little man!«, so I explored the story further, the lads guilt was rendering him in absolute softness and presented me with an perfect opportunity to bare that tender little bottom at once.
»She rubbed my dickel, Sir!«, the boy stammered and stared at the floor - the situation was most delicious! »Oh, that naughty little wrench!«, I exclaimed in playful indignation, »I will have to punish her severely for corrupting your young moral! But, why at all did you let her?« He was caught in thoughts and only managed in a soft whisper: »I quite liked it though ...«, »... and your dickel got hard!«, I finished the sentence for him. All I got now was a nod in return, all the hot bl**d rushed up in his face and his ears looked like catching on fire! »Oh, what should I do with you, sinful little creature?«, I pondered just rhetorically, but the lad was by now on his knees and pleading for forgiveness.
»Oh, nono - I will not whip you, dear! It was all her fault as I guess - but a short spanking would be appropriated here, to remind you, that you are here to work, and not to start an instant f****y already in the first few days! Be quiet now and stand up now, lad, and get it over and done with right here!« When Joseph came up his wild maroon curls were in great disarray and a tear swum in his dark brown eyes - it was a precious sight! I let myself down onto the wooden bench and pulled him with ease between my knees. Excited, I unbuttoned his breeches and dropped them to the floor. Oh, the pink strawberry was just retreating into the wrinkled foreskin but a clear drop of excitement was still glistening on the tiny smiling mouth - telling true witness to the intimate events! And, how beautiful: there was no single hair distorting his juvenile pubis, the skin of the flat belly as soft as a peach!
Young Joseph already his his shame behind his hands, but I simply turned him around and got him over my knees. Oh, what a cute little bottom! Just two hands full of firm warm flesh and pale as old ivory! And I slapped both of the trembling buttocks to change their colour to hot pink - the good lad didn't even complain, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly for a fair while! Then I discovered as by accident the hairless nut bag - swinging back and forth between the punished cheeks. I cupped it with glee, just testing the size and texture of the nervous content. That sudden action shocked my lad so deeply that he shot up and looked me in the eyes with great confusion.
But the strawberry was out once more and the lovely little dickel just in the stage of straightening, surely accidentally from rubbing over my trouser leg, but still completely intended by me! What a welcome scene!
I grabbed the little wick instantly and pulled it closer. Joseph seemed to faint first and stammered a garble of c***dish gibberish. But then recalled his wits and cried: »This is no good, Sir! You must stop at once!« But this wasn't my plan - I held him tight and felt the warm flesh grow under my firm grip! »What is good for the girls is good for me too! You have a dangerous weapon here, Joseph, that could damage my girls for good too! And if you ever try to to that - I will have to whip you for good as well!«, so I just educated the little lad in a serious voice. He seemed to understand, but his dickel was proudly standing by now, and the boy started to groan. Then he unloaded his first load with a terrible shudder straight onto my trousers.
»That was very naughty of you, Joseph - but I will forgive you at once, because this was an important lesson for you. Pull your breeches up and hurry to work!«

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Tommy's a Very Lucky Lad

Teenage Paige is 8 months pregnant. Unfortunately for her, her 17 year old boyfriend Tommy has a constantly randy cock that needs relieving every single day. Because of her current condition, she is unable to provide him with what he wants regularly. So for the last 2 months or so her mum Sarah, 43, has kindly volunteered to step in and let Tommy service her, allowing him to relieve himself every day on her instead. Tommy, the randy sod, has taken full advantage of this opportunity and has fucked her in every conceivable position he can think of and in every orifice she has. Her mature mum body has taken quite a pounding in the last few months from this teenage lad. Quite often if Paige is around the house when he around there, he gets them both to give him a blowjob together. Lying back in a chair or on the bed, he watches smiling away as the mother and daughter pair attack and eat his big fat cock for him until he spunks all over both their sexy faces. He especially loves seeing his spunk lying on mum Sarah’s face.

Today Tommy is lying in bed with Paige. He has just woken up. He is feeling very randy and has a huge hard on. He tells Paige what he wants.

‘Mum’ Paige shouts out

‘Yes darling’ Sarah calls back from her adjoining bedroom

‘Tommy wants your arsehole’ Paige shouts out again once she knows her mum has heard her.

‘Ok darling’ the mature mother replies back.

So, very kindly once again, Sarah rolls out of bed. She is wearing her pyjamas. She goes over to the mirror and tides her hair up for Tommy. She then leaves her bedroom and goes to her daughter’s bedroom to get her mature arsehole fucked by her randy daughter’s teenage boyfriend. As she enters the bedroom Paige is holding back the bedcovers to show her mum what she is about to get up her arse. Sarah looks at Tommy’s hard throbbing dick and smiles. There is sticky precum covering his huge swollen helmet. She smiles at Tommy himself before dropping her pyjama bottoms, exposing her hairy cunt to him and her daughter Paige. Sarah then turns around and walks over to her daughter’s dressing table. There she puts on a pair of her daughter’s high heels for Tommy. She then stands still to show her daughter’s boyfriend what he is about to fuck, a mature mother’s nice round cellulite filled 43 year old bum. She looks over her right shoulder, smiling away at him.

Tommy stares at the mother standing across the room, showing him her gorgeous arse that she is going to let him fuck right in front of her pregnant teenage daughter. Sarah then watches Tommy take one of Paige’s hands and wrap it around his very thick shaft. Tommy lays back and gets Paige to wank him for awhile as he stares at her mum’s fantastic mature bottom.

Soon Tommy beckons Sarah over. He takes Paige’s hand away and repositions himself, so now he is lying near the edge of the smallish bed. Sarah walks over in her high heels and turns her back to his cock. With Tommy’s cock standing perfectly still in an upright position, she slowly and very carefully starts to lower her beautiful cock draining bum down towards the very lucky indeed today waiting for her dick head. She hovers over the entrance to her arsehole just above Tommy’s shinny fat knob. Sarah then turns her head to the right and stares at the smiling teenage lad as she then pushes her anus further down until she just touches his helmet. She adjusts her position ever so slightly until she feels her anal lips have become properly attached onto the lucky lad’s knob. Then, still smiling at her daughter’s boyfriend, she pushes down again and takes the head of his cock into her mature 43 year old mum arsehole. Tommy feels his dick head popping open his girlfriend’s mum’s shitter. Now in a sitting position, she holds it there for awhile with just the head of her daughter’s boyfriend’s cock sticking in her bum. As Paige watches from near by, her mum then sucks her boyfriend’s hard cock shaft into her back passage just like if she was sucking it up using a vacuum cleaner. Sarah scoops the young lad’s thick hard cock into her rectum. It really stretches her mum arsehole wide open, as it’s so thick, making it very uncomfortable at first. Then as her rectum starts to get used to it, she slides the rest of it into her shit hole, going all the way down until she has swallowed the whole fucking lot. Sarah then blatantly just sits there on the lad’s lap with his cock in her bottom, while smiling at him.

Paige is smiling as well, as she knows her boyfriend is now very happy boyfriend indeed. Mum Sarah can feel Tommy’s hard meat throbbing in her arse. She blows him a big wet kiss before she then starts to move her anal hole very slowly up and down the entire 17 year old 9 inch shaft, trying to milk it dry. Tommy watches in total ecstasy his girlfriend’s mum crouching over his stiff cock, wearing high heels, sliding her mature arsehole repeatedly up and down his cum filled fuckmeat trying to drain it.

Lucky bastard.

Tommy looks at Paige and reaches out and then grabs the back of her head. He brings her face down and lays it onto his left hip. Paige now can see in extreme close her mum’s bum hole and her boyfriend’s cock moving in and out of it. Pregnant 16 year old Paige just lays still and watches in awe her mum and boyfriend having anal sex together.

Tommy smiles and looks towards mum Sarah ‘now piston fuck your arsehole up and down my cock, you fucking dirty slut and fucking drain that dick fucking dry. Yea show me that you’re just a fucking slapper really deep down’

Sarah smiles back at naughty Tommy for being called a slapper. She immediately start’s to pound her arse hard up and down the teenage lad’s cock. The cellulite in her milf arse cheeks ripple every time she slams hard down onto Tommy’s lap.

‘That’s it, fucking ride that meat, you fucking filthy whore’ Tommy shouts out ‘I fucking love bumming my girlfriend’s mum in front of my girlfriend’.

Sarah continues unabatedly to ride him hard. She worked him good and proper just like somebody who is called a slapper would.

‘Yea, that’s it, drain that fucking cock dry, you beautiful piece of cunt’

Tommy managed to last for about another 4-5 minutes of this relentless pounding from Sarah. Then he suddenly felt the spunk start to move from his cum filled balls up to his cock shaft.

‘Fucking hell, here it fucking comes, bitch’ Tommy tells Sarah.

Sarah then quickly slams her arsehole hard all the way down Tommy’s dick and keeps it there. Seconds later Tommy is spurting wad after wad of hot randy teenage semen into her mature bum hole. He pumps the filthy stuff into mum Sarah’s rectum, filling it up with sperm. She can also feel her arse being filled up by Tommy as well. She just sits still on it until Tommy has finally stopped filling her up with cum from the father of her daughter’s unborn baby. Then very slowly she lifts herself up and out it springs from her arse. Immediately spunk starts to pour out of her bum and goes straight onto Tommy’s still hard prick. There’s tons of it, his balls were extremely full that day apparently. Then when the last drops had dripped from her back passage, she turns around to see the mess she has just made of her possible future son in law’s dick.

Tommy waves her down with his right hand. Sarah drops to her knees next to the bed. Tommy takes her head with his right hand and with his left hand also on the back her daughter’s head pushes both mum and daughter’s mouths at the same time onto his spunk coated shaft. Sarah and Paige are then made to clean the arsehole favoured spunk from his cock. Tommy watches with total pleasure as mum and daughter run their lips and tongues all over his cock shaft and knob, as they clean him up. Their lips and face cheeks very soon are covered in his sperm. As they lick up the last evidence of dirty cum, he orders them to have a spunky kiss together. This they willing do, kissing just above his now limpish cock. As they part they look at him smiling with a single string of his spunk still joining their lips together.

‘Beautiful, you both look fucking beautiful’ he tells them ‘well that’s it for today. Tomorrow I’m going to get you Sarah to take me out in your car to the retail park were you work and I’m going to arse fuck you in the back of your car as we are parked up in the car park. Paige can come too if she wants and watch it all, ok Sarah’

Sarah nodded ‘ok Tommy’

Roll on tomorrow hey folks.
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The Amazing Holiday


This is the story of the amazing holiday I took earlier this year with my girlfriend and her f****y. It was a one week stay at a little island off southern Spain. Let me introduce the cast. I’m Jack 32 from Yorkshire and this is my story. My girlfriend Kelly is 27 really pretty, long blonde hair, fit and toned from her 4 nights a week gym visits with very pert and firm 34c boobs. I was lucky to pull her as I would class her above my league but my wit and charm (and bank account) paid off. We have been together 3 years. Also on the trip were her mum and dad, her s****r and cousin. Her mum Penny was in her late 40’s but still looked after herself and looked younger than her age would suggest. She went to the gym with Kelly so kept herself in good shape she was definitely what you would describe as an older hot milf. Her s****r Katie was sixteen and almost a mini me of her s****r. They had the same looks and hair style just a bit shorter, thinner and only about a B cup at best. It was nice to see what Kelly must have looked like when she was that age. Her Cousin Gemma had been invited to keep Katie company. She was 17, short around 5”5 sort of chubby but not over weight. She had a big curvy bum that you couldn’t help notice and big 36D boobs which again you couldn’t help but admire. This was our 1st holiday with all of Kelly’s f****y and I just wanted to get it over with, get a nice tan, drink some beer and hopefully see some T & A along the way.

Day One

We flew from Manchester Airport and touched down mid afternoon. We took the shuttle and arrived at the hotel soon after. We took all our luggage to our rooms. Me and Kelly in one, Katie and gemma next door to us and penny and Steve (Kelly’s dad) were around the corner a few rooms down. We unpacked our things and began to have a kiss and cuddle on the bed. I was just working my hands down Kelly’s body when I heard gemma shouting us from the balcony. I sighed and Kelly went to see what she wanted. Our balconies were joined together with just a short wall acting as a divider. Soon it was time to go down and meet the hotel staff and the reps so we all headed for the bar got some drinks ad found some seats at the back of the room. We were all still in the clothes that we arrived in apart from gemma who was now wearing a tight white t shirt showing off her impressive tits and hot pants which showed off a bit too much but I have to admit looked good and got the attention of the two male reps who gave her a proper good look up and down when we were all stood at the bar. The two female reps were both stunning. Both around 19 or 20 very tanned and just oozed sex appeal. they came round and introduced themselves to all the tables a gang of 5 lads with London accents were all throwing the charm at the girls but they just laughed and gave some banter back at them. They introduced themselves to us as Sam and Jaime they were both Geordie girls (a dirty accent I just love) and I too gave them a good checking out as they chatted away to us.

Late afternoon soon turned into night as we had been sat just eating and drinking having a laugh. Katie and gemma had been sneaking vodka into their drinks and were both quite tipsy which amazed penny and Steve as they couldn’t work out how it had happened. I smiled and laughed as the two girls swayed off towards the toilets arm in arm as I finished off my latest bottle. After ten minutes or so I noticed the girls had not returned, I needed the toilet myself so I told Kelly I was going to round the girls up and get them back to their room or they may end up sl**ping on the beach. She laughed and said she would be up soon. I came out of the toilets and looked around for the girls. I even asked a lady coming out of the female toilets and she said no one else was in there. I walked away and down the side of the hotel just to see if they had wandered off or gotten lost in the dark trying to find the side entrance to the hotel. As I walked a bit further I heard voices towards some trees off the path. The silly bitches have wandered off and got lost I thought. As I passed the last tree I was stopped dead in my tracks. There just round the corner was Katie and gemma both on their knees sucking away on the two reps. I could only see the backs of their heads bobbing back and forth as the 2 reps moaned and gave them words of encouragement. It was such a horny sight my dick was hard immediately. Watching the girls suck you could see gemma was much more experienced as her head was bobbing much faster as she worked the reps dick deep into her mouth. Katie was much slower but was still going for it taking as much as she could. Oh yeah that’s it baby gemma’s rep groaned I’m gonna cum, gemma sucked down deep as the rep bucked his hips as he unloaded down her throat. When he’d finished she pulled her head away, mmm tasty she laughed licking her lips. She looked at Katie who she could see was struggling, come here let me show you how it’s done and she nudged Katie to the side and started to suck the 2nd reps dick. She really went for it sucking and slurping all over his cock as mine ached in my shorts begging to be set free. Maybe a minute or two later the 2nd rep was ready to blow. I hadn’t noticed but the 1st rep had taken out his phone and was recording gemma suck his mates cock. Yeah that’s it mate he laughed now cum on her face and with that he pull out of her mouth and jerked his cock a couple of times before unloading his cum all over her face. I couldn’t see how much he covered her with but she did yell out that it was in her eye. The reps then helped the girls up and cleaned gemmas face up with his t shirt. I then realised where I was and what I was doing so made my retreat back towards the hotel and then called out for the girls like I was just looking for them. They appeared a few seconds later from the bushes but the reps had gone like batman and robin into the night. What the fuck you doing in there I asked? Nothing laughed gemma just looking around. I e****ted the girls up to their room and must admit I had a smile to myself when they turned and said goodnight in the door way and I saw gemmas face properly in the light and she still had some cum on the side of her face. I bid them goodnight and went into my room next door.

I was still horny and hard after what I had witnessed in the gardens so I crashed out on the balcony in a chair with a bottle and closed my eyes. Not five minutes after I sat down Kelly came staggering in thru the door. Did you find them she asked? Yeah there in their room now they were in the gardens lost I think. Kelly came over and sat on my lap and kissed me. She was truly beautiful, I had noticed that most of the guys round the bar all took most notice of her as we sat around drinking. As she wiggled her bum into my legs she coughed, mmm what do we have here she asked grinding down into my erection. I just want to get my hands on you I moaned softly. She then slowly slide down off my lap onto her knees and began tugging at my shorts. I couldn’t believe it after what I had just witness earlier now my normally blowjob shy girlfriend was going to suck me off?? Ever since we have been going out Kelly has never been a big fan of giving me a blowjob, don’t get me wrong we’ve fucked for England and done just about everything you can think off but I really have to beg her to go down on me. In the 3 years we’ve been going out I’ve only ever cum in her mouth twice and once on her face and that time she was so d***k she never really knew what we were doing. Now here she was pulling out my rock hard dick and sucking on it. Because she never goes down on me very often her BJ technique isn’t that great but soon I was laying my head back in the chair running my hands through her hair as she worked her tongue over my dick. I don’t know why but something made me open my eyes and when I did I did well not to jump up in fright, Katie was stood at the balcony wall watching us. My eyes darted down at Kelly and then back at Katie. She put her finger to her lips in a ssshhhh motion as Kelly continued to work my cock for all it was worth. Jesus I thought how can I get away with this without getting busted. I kept my eyes on both girls and soon Katie was sliding a hand down into her panties and began playing with herself. She was rubbing between her legs as her older s****r was working my cock for all it was worth. You getting close babe? She asked between sucks, oh yeah I said before looking back at Katie who still playing with her pussy. She mouthed the words cum for me and smiled which tipped me over the edge AAHHH I groaned as I unloaded my first rope of hot sticky cum into my girlfriends willing mouth. A few more followed and Kelly gagged as she swallowed it all down. I Ran my hands through her hair as I helped her back to her feet still keeping her back to her s****r, Katie slipped backwards into her room and disappeared.

Day 2

I’m not sure what time it was when I awoke the next day. Kelly was up getting ready. I going shopping with my mum and the girls babe we will be back soon Kelly said as she finished sorting her hair. There was a knock at the door and Kelly let her mum into the room. Those two are still dead to the world next door so it’s just you and me Penny said. She looked as me still laid in bed sl**p ok dear she asked? Like a log thanks Penny I smiled back. I then noticed as she talked to Kelly she kept looking back towards me but not towards my face. I had woken with a decent morning glory shall we say and the thin bed sheets were not covering it up very well. I could see Penny kept moving around the room to get a better look. Right mum lets go and with that they bid there farewells and left. I lay back in bed and thought about last night which did nothing to get rid of my morning wood. Around 20 minutes later there was a knocking at the door which I assumed would be Steve wanting to hit the pool or the bar. I pulled on some shorts and opened the door to Gemma in just a towel asking me to help work the shower. The towel barely covered her big tits and I couldn’t help but stare at them. Sure Gemma let’s take a look at it. I went into the girl’s room and Katie was still asl**p on the bed she was naked but face down and half covered with a bed sheet so nothing could be seen. Shame I thought. I went into the bathroom and messed with the shower a little and got it working. Gemma asked me to show her how to work it so as I showed her she reached up and her towel dropped away to the floor. Wow I thought to myself as her huge tits bounced free. Oh I’m sorry she laughed but made no effort to pick the towel up so neither did I. She moved towards me out of the shower and as I backed away from her I bumped into the toilet. That’s far enough she said and dropped to her knees and pulled down my shorts. MMM she smiled I can see why Kelly keeps you around and pushed me down so I was sitting on the toilet. She grabbed some lotion/cream type stuff from the sink and squirted it onto her chest. You going to rub it in for me? To which I started to massage the cream into her tits. When her tits were all oiled up she leaned forward and wrapped my dick in-between them and slowly started to rub them up and down my cock. What an amazing sight my cock in-between those big teenage tits as she squeezed them together I began to fuck in and out. So what’s going on gemma? I asked as I pumped my dick between her tits, what do you mean? she looking up at me with a mischievous look on her face, with you? why are you doing this? Not that I mind I groaned as I felt the cum starting to build in my throbbing member. I’m just getting warmed up she laughed why do you think I got invited on this holiday in the first place and why do you think uncle Steve paid for me to come? You mean you and Steve are..... fucking? She laughed, no not yet I’ve been sucking his dick for months now but I told him if he brought me on this holiday ill let him fuck me. Just hearing her say it tipped me over the edge oh yeah that’s it and I erupted all over her tits. I pumped four or five big globs of spunk all over her tits and even wiped off the remains onto her nipples, god she did have amazing tits. MMM thanks babe now I best take that shower before I go see Uncle Steve. As I left the bathroom I looked over at Katie who was still laid out on the bed but had rolled over and I made a mental note of her pert little boobs before I left. That night we all got d***k again in the bar but I did make a note of batman and robin the reps chatting Kelly up every time she went to the bar or toilet. That night I fucked Kelly long and hard as she lay d***k beneath me but I must admit I was thinking about Katie and her dirty cousin the whole time.

Day 3

We all met up downstairs around the pool area the next day but I noticed penny conspicuous by her absence. Where’s penny? I asked Steve oh she’s feeling a bit under the weather so she was gonna try and sl**p if off ready for tonight. After a few hours of drinking and lazing by the pool I told Kelly I was going up for a shower and to change my shirt as it was all hot and sweaty. Ok babe but will you just check in on my mum see if she is ok? Sure I thought no problem. I knocked on penny’s door and she seemed a little flustered when she saw me standing there. Hi Jack come in, are you ok penny I asked not like you to miss a day by the pool. I’m fine just feeling a bit under the weather. As she poured herself a drink offering me one I noticed what looked like a toy sticking out from under the pillow on the bed. Fuck it jack I thought go for it you know she wants it. I moved over and pulled the toy which turned out to be a pretty big rampant rabbit out from under the pillow. You know penny these are all well and good but there no substitute for the real thing. My god I’m so sorry you saw that jack I’m just feeling frustrated Steve hasn’t touched me for months now and I miss the intimacy so much. You think in still good looking don’t you jack? She asked as she sat next to me on the bed, I sure do penny you’re a very attractive woman. With that we both leaned in and kissed, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. My hands soon began to wander over her robe pulling it open to reveal a very sexy pair of matching underwear. I lay her down on the bed and slowly pulled off her knickers. I began kissing between her legs working my way towards her pussy. It was neatly trimmed and I was soon kissing and licking her clit making her twitch and grind her pussy up into my face. The deeper I worked my tongue into her the more she moaned, oh yeah jack that’s amazing I’ve not been touched like this for years. I began to work a couple of fingers into her now gapping wet pussy, three easily fit as I worked them in and out while really going to town on the clit sucking down on it hard she really began bucking her hips and shacking to a loud orgasm oh fuck yeah she moaned. Before she could catch her breath I quickly flipped her over and brought her arse up into a doggie style position. I slid my shorts down and my hard dick sprang out. In one thrust I entered her from behind and slid all the way in. I began pumping in and out slapping against her arse as hard as I could really ramming into her. Fuck it I thought she’s not going to tell you to stop now, fuck this milf for all she’s worth. As I fucked into her penny was ramming back into me just as hard really going for it. She came again soon after collapsing face first into the bed using her pillow to muffle her own screams. I rand my hand under her pussy and got as much of her cum and juices onto my fingers and began to slowing work them into her tight little ass. Soon I had 2 wet fingers working her arse in and out. Penny reached back and spread her arse cheeks for me, come on then jack do it fuck my ass for me, do it. I pulled out of her pussy and inched my cock into her ass. Her ass resisted at first but soon I was slipping deeper into her butt. I pushed as deep as I could then held it inside of her while she accommodated me. Then I began to slowly thrust in and out of her arse, penny still had her face in the pillow moaning and groaning as I fucked her tight little arse faster. Soon penny collapsed flat on the bed exhausted so I moved on top of her in a press up position and continued pumping away my balls were getting really tight so as I kissed the back of penny’s neck I unhooked her bra and pulled it away. I continued fucking her for another few minutes until my balls couldn’t take it anymore, I need to cum now sexy I groaned in her ear, pulling out and rolling her over I knelt at the side of penny and unloaded my cum all over her tits as she pushed them together for me. You dirty bastard she grinned look at the state of me, I best get out of here I laughed pulling my clothes on, I kissed penny and left the room as she laid there naked on the bed still covered in my cum rubbing her pussy.

Penny never appeared until late in the day and we passed the night away drinking in the bar. I was sat talking with Jaime and Sam at the bar and they told me they were off tomorrow night and going into the town with the 5 London lads for some fun. Can you handle 5? I enquired ha-ha no problem they giggled back. When I went back to the table I moved in next to Katie, I had not talked to her about watching me us on the balcony but I could tell she was looking at me in a different way but I was not sure what I could do about it. That night in bed with a very d***k Kelly I asked her what her holiday sex fantasy would be and she replied after a few moments thought with a threesome with strangers, wow I thought that’s pretty hot and got my mind working as I drifted off to sl**p.

Day 4

Me and Steve went out on a boat trip for most of the day and it was evening by the time we got back. Me and Steve talked on the trip and he sort of in a roundabout way admitted that he was fucking gemma, good man I thought good but you should be fucking your hot wife too not just the teenage slapper. When we arrived back at the hotel the girls must have been hitting it hard most of the day as they were all pretty d***k. Steve took Katie and gemma up to bed and I piled more drinks into Kelly as I wanted her passed out in bed when the girl reps got back just in case. It was very late when they arrived back at the hotel crashing and banging out of the taxi. The bar was shut and me and Steve were just finishing off our last drinks. Two of the lads had pulled themselves and they disappeared with their ladies which left just three and the two girls. One of the lads was so pissed he could barely stand do you need a hand getting him up stairs I asked? Yeah mate thanks one lad said neither of them would have been able to hold him up. Sam and Jaime looked amazing, they both had party dresses on which just covered their boobs and bums. We all moved into the hotel and finally got to the lads room after quite allot of laughing and falling down. We all piled into the room which was empty, thank god I thought the other two lads must have gone into the other girl’s room. We dropped the really pissed lad onto a bed and cracked open a vodka bottle from the fridge. Soon music was playing from one of the lad’s phone and the girls were dancing for us as we all sat in a sort of circle around them. They danced really slow and sexy running their hands all over each other, not the first time lads have seen this show I thought. Next they began kissing and fondling each other’s breasts, I could tell that the two lads were getting hot under the collar and I was also pretty hard. Sam turned round and Jaime unzipped her dress and all three of us groaned in unison as the dress dropped to the floor. Sam had a nice body but it was Jaime who I had my eye on and a few seconds later I nearly exploded in my shorts when her dress dropped to the floor. Jaime had bigger tits than Sam and as they both wiggled there bums in their thongs Jaime had a much nicer arse. One of the lads couldn’t take it any longer and stood up dropping his shorts, Sam was the first to react and dropped to her knees in front of him, his mate moaned that he had not done it first and was soon stood next to his mate as Sam took turns to suck their cocks while wanking the other one. I looked over at Jaime and she rubbed her hands over her tits and moved towards me. We kissed, long and slow our tongues licking and working into each other mouths she was such a hot kisser my dick was aching in my shorts which I’m sure she felt as she wiggled on my lap which just made it worse. I ran my hands over her big tanned tits as she turned to face away from me so she could grind into me more in a stripper style while watching her best friend sucking off two guys. I lowered my hands down between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her thong, she was really wet and I was soon sliding a couple of fingers into her at which he started to move her hips and began fucking my fingers. Sam was now on the floor naked having her pussy licked by one of the guys while she sucked the other one as he stroked her tits and played with her hard nipples. I was rock hard and as Jaime stood up she bent over in a touching her toes motion and pulled down her thong, I think that was the most amazing sexiest thing I have ever seen I’m my life I said to her with my jaw wide open. I pulled down my shorts and she sat back down and in one smooth motion I was inside her up to the hilt, we both gasped together as I held her hips and she began bouncing up and down on my dick. Jaime was really going for it like shed not be fucked for years which I knew was not true because batman & robin had told me all about their exploits with the girls from just the other night. Sam was now on all fours being fucked from behind while still sucking the other guys cock. I dint fancy Sam but I couldn’t stop watching her taking two dicks at the same time even though this stunning girl was riding me like it was our last days on earth. Jaime did soon tire and as she stood up she fell forward onto the bed, I immediately moved in behind her and was soon fucking her from behind. You could help him out Sam moaned pointing to the passed out lad on the bed as the guy fucking her was really going hard pounding into her making some very loud slapping sounds off her arse with every thrust. Jaime obliged and took out the guys dick and began wanking him. We all sort off stopped and watched as the lads dick got hard in a matter of minutes even though he was totally passed out. I noticed that Jaime was the same as Kelly in that she must not have been fond of the old dick in the mouth because I got no oral relief and the lad on the bed was just getting wanked even though her mouth was just inches from his now throbbing cock. I carried on fucking Jaime trying to build up a hard rhythm that the guy fucking Sam was doing but he was really going to town on her spanking her ass and really pounding into her so much she had to stop sucking the other lad and just put her head back and take what she was getting. Jaime looked back at me oh by the way Sam is the cum bucket not me so don’t be cumming on me or in me please she smiled a fake sort of smile which immediately put me off her, I slowed to a snail’s pace and then pulled out fuck you then I thought I’m going to finish off with her moving away towards Sam. Going for three I asked? Ha-ha she laughed back I’ve had more this week and with that she pushed the guy off her ok she said wanking race first one to cum on me gets to do whatever they want with me. We all lined up in front of her and began franticly pumping our dicks in her face, she moaned words of encouragement like oh yeah that’s so hot and come on guys cover my face porno style she then opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Boom the lad to my left reached critical and fired off into her mouth 5 ropes of cum and everyone went straight in her mouth MMM good boy what you got planned for me she giggled almost at the same time me and the other guy both hit our marks at the same time and began firing hot streams of spunk into her mouth and over her face. She was covered when we had finished white blobs of cum dripped from her nose and mouth she looked so hot I must admit. She scooped up most of the cum and again asked the winner well what would you like. He smiled fuck him he said pointing to his mate on the bed I’ve never seen someone fuck a dead person before. Jaime had carried on wanking him so he was still hard and Sam just jumped on cowgirl and began riding him while she wanked the other two lads trying to get them hard again. I said my goodbyes and left the room watching Sam still working the ‘stiff’ for all that he was worth, best fuck of his life and he doesn’t even know it I laughed.

Day 5

I wandered down to the pool area mid morning and saw Kelly and penny talking with Sam and Jaime, oh fucking great I thought and immediately detoured towards the pool. Katie and gemma were in the water swimming about so I thought I’d take a dip with them. We were soon splashing about and play fighting when as we were all wrapped up together I felt a hand take hold of my dick. Gemma you horny bitch I thought as I grabbed both girls and splashed around. The hand then slipped inside my short and squeezed my cock making it stir to attention, next thing gemma pushed off and moved away but the hand was still gripping my dick, Jesus it was Katie’s hand I looked at her and she smiled a knowing smile and stuck out her tongue at me. Katie I’m not complaining but we can’t do this someone might see, so it’s ok for gemma to have fun but not me? She asked with a sad puppy dog look on her face, what do you mean fun? I enquired, I heard you and her in the bathroom the other day and I think it’s my turn I want to fuck you, I swallowed half the water as my mouth hit the bottom of the pool before I could think what to say gemma came back over and dragged Katie away so I had some time to think what I would do next I wanted to fuck Katie so badly but it was dangerous ground I needed to think things through.

As day passed into night I still couldn’t decide what I was going to do about Katie so I just put it to one side in my mind and thought whatever happens. We had all been drinking allot as per every other night and soon Steve and penny went to bed. Kelly was over at the bar talking with batman and robin so I was left with gemma and Katie. Soon the talk turned to sex as it always did with gemma and she was soon revelling the story of her 1st time and 1st blowjob. When I asked Katie about her first time she shocked me again by saying I’m still waiting for the right guy I’m a virgin, Oh yes that settles it I’m going to take my girlfriends k** s****rs cherry I just had too. It was then that I noticed my very d***k girlfriend had disappeared from the bar she had probably just gone to the toilet but then I thought oh wait batman and robin had gone too..... Shit I jumped up and told the girls I would be back soon and made my way out towards the back of the hotel where I had found the girls on the first night. Sure enough I heard muffled voices and moved around the clearing but staying hidden in the shadows. There was Kelly bent over with her skirt round her waist and knickers at her knees getting fucked by batman while she sucked robins dick. Batman was rubbing his hands all over her ass and grabbing her hips as he pounded away into my girlfriend robin held her head as she sucked and wanked his cock. She was moaning quite loud every time his dick came out of her hot little mouth she looked amazing getting fucked like this I was rock hard and jealous of what they were doing to my pissed up girl but couldn’t stop watching. Fuck me your hot babe batman said wiping the sweat from his forehead as he fucked her harder and faster. Kelly just moaned and carried on sucking robin wanking the base of his dick while kissing and licking the tip, oh fuck yeah that’s it cried out batman he grabbed hold of Kelly’s hips in held his dick deep inside her as he was obviously cumming. The dirty bastard had just spunked in my girlfriends pussy, I want some of that laughed robin he lay down on the grass and batman helped Kelly squat down over his dick and begin bouncing up and down on his cock. Batman had to hold her steady as there was no was she could have been able to fuck in that position on her own. Robin reached up and rubbed his hands all over her tits as his mate kept her upright as she continued squat on robin’s dick and fuck him with all her might. Next thing I knew two hands were round my waist grabbing at my hard dick, enjoying the show? asked gemma why don’t you leave them too it and put that to good use? I can’t leave her like that I protested, oh yes you fucking can and with that gemma grabbed my dick and pulled me away towards the beach away from the hotel. Soon we were at the deserted beach in the pitch black no one was within ear shot and I was going to take all my horny frustration out on this bitch whether she want me too or not. Gemma sat on one of the recliner beds that were all laid out at the top of the beach as I stood in front of her and released my raging dick into the night air. Gemma wrapped her hand round it and pumped it a few times then began to work the tip with her tongue. She ran small circles round the tip then lifted it up and licked it all the way down to my balls as she began to expertly suck each one into her mouth while still jerking my cock with her free hand. I began rubbing her big tits through her tight top, her nipples were already hard so I guessed she must be pretty wet. As much as I was a fan of gemma's oral skills the anger was still bubbling inside and I just wanted to destroy her. I laid her down on the recliner and pulled off her skirt and knickers in one motion. I ran my hand over her pussy and it was indeed wet and ready for a fucking. I positioned my dick at her entrance and pushed inside her. Oh yeah jack that’s it fuck me, harder,harder treat me like they treated Kelly fuck me up gemma moaned from beneath me as I grunted away pounding into her tight wet hole. She wrapped her legs around my back forcing me to fuck her harder and deeper, I kissed her and followed up my licking and kissing her neck running my hands over the sides of her body. Her pussy tightened around my cock and her whole body began to shake as she came her legs pinning me in place so hard I could barely thrust in and out any more. Wholly fuck she panted in my ear that was intense releasing her legs so I could continue fucking her. When gemma had got her breath back I withdrew from her pussy which was really soaking I think she must have squirted when she came because it was everywhere, I told her to get on all fours to which he obliged I got behind her and ran both my hands over her wet pussy covering my fingers in her wet sticky juices, I then entered her from behind sliding my dick all the way in right up to her ass as I began to slowly slap of her big sexy butt with every thrust. I then began to tease my sticky wet fingers round her arsehole just rubbing the entrance at first then just the tip of one then the tip of two. Gemma tightened her arse at first denying me access but as I began to thrust my dick into her harder she relaxed and let my fingers slide all the way in as I began to open up her tight little arsehole. Gemma was now face down on the recliner her legs were shacking as I pounded in and out of her pussy while I still had two fingers in her ass working them deeper and deeper, this slut is getting her ass fucked whether she wants it or not I thought the horny anger was still built up inside me and she was my release. I released my fingers from her ass and then my dick from her pussy which was still soaking and had lubed my dick up nicely, I placed my dick at the entrance to her tight brown hole and slid the tip inside. For some reason gemma hadn’t realised what I was about to do until my dick was in her arse, she let out a scream and tried to get up but I f***ed her back down with my forearm while holding her arse still with the other. She writhed and protested telling me to stop, please jack not my arse it will hurt I don’t want too she begged, don’t act like a slut if you can go through with the actions I growled, but I’ve never been fucked like that before it hurts she wailed beginning to cry slightly. Just relax your ass and rub your pussy and you will love it I hissed, she stopped struggling as my hand gripped her hips tight she knew she was not getting away and I felt her asshole un tighten and her hand moved towards her pussy and she began to run her fingers over her wet pussy and clit. As she relaxed I slowly began to inch my cock into her virgin ass, gemma screamed and moaned as I went in deeper and deeper stopping at about 5 inch deep inside her. I held it was a few seconds to let her get used to the sensation of having a cock up her ass then began to pump in and out building up a nice rhythm. I could tell by her groans and the look on her face every time she kicked her head up if I thrust too hard she wasn’t enjoying it and was in pain but that just made me want to fuck her even harder. My dick was now sliding in and out of her tight little hole at a good pace and I could feel my balls getting tighter, in one fluid motion I withdrew from her ass and in the next thrust I re-entered her soaking wet pussy and a couple of pumps later I exploded deep inside of her. I held her hips and really jammed my cock as deep into that slut as a could go firing string after string of cum deep inside her. Gemma collapsed onto the bed and I with drew and sat on the bed next to her. She wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to fix her clothes. I smiled to myself thinking I bet Steve never fucked you like that you little whore. We walked back to the hotel in silence. When I got to our room Kelly was laid naked in bed passed out. I moved between her legs and her pussy was still covered in cum some had even leaked out onto the bed, those bastards really did a number on her. Tomorrow was the last day and I was going to make Katie mine, I just dint know how.

Day 6

Kelly was in the shower when I awoke and was quiet for most of the morning. Gemma dint really speak much either as we all sat around the bar. Katie joined us from the pool and said she was going up to get a shower. The others decided as it was the last day they would get a taxi into the town to do some shopping. I waved them off at the taxi and decided to make my move on Katie. I got to the door of her room knocked and walked in. She was sat on the bed drying her hair wrapped in a towel. I never said a word and walked straight up to her, standing her up and passionately kissing her first on the mouth then on her neck. Her towel dropped to the floor and ran my hands on her pert little tits still kissing round her neck. I laid her down on the bed and began working my way down her naked body her shoulders, her tits making sure I got her nipples hard with my tongue, I ran my tongue down her stomach I could see the goose pimples all over her young body as I worked down between her legs. I kissed every inch around her hips and between her legs without actually touching her pussy. Running my tongue around just above her pussy then down the sides, Katie was twitching and moving her bum trying to get me to touch her pussy but I wanted to tease her to the point of no return first. Her pussy was completely shaved and I began to tease her clit with just the tip of my tongue she gasped and pushed her hips up off the bed and her pussy was now deep into my face. I sucked on her tiny clit hard and nibbled on it before entering her tight little slit with my tongue before moving two fingers into her pussy. She was so tight and my fingers were being squeezed tight by the walls of her pussy. I fucked myself with gemmas dildo and broke my hymen Katie panted so don’t worry about fucking me I want you in me so much, I stood up and removed my clothes, as I pulled down my boxers my cock sprang out hard and slapped upright against my stomach. I moved on top of Katie and began to rub my dick against her pussy. I slowly pushed in and she let out a squeal and a moan as her eyes rolled back in her head. I began to fuck in and out of her amazingly tight hole pushing in deeper with each thrust only going slow and not building up much rhythm. Unlike last night with gemma I wanted to make love to Katie and enjoy fucking my girlfriend’s virgin teen s****r. I held Katie tight as I began to work up more of a rhythm going quite deep inside of her for a first timer. I held her tight and rolled over so she was now on top and I then pushed her legs up so she was now sitting on my dick. What do I do now? She asked, just go for it babe bounce away I laughed as Katie began to ride my cock. She went quickly at first really riding me hard her pert little tits bouncing with her as she worked my cock deep down into her pussy. She soon tired and slowed to a slow pace but still wiggled down hard every time she reached the base of my dick. I lifted her legs and spun her round so she was now in reverse cowgirl and as she leaned forward and gripped my legs I ran my hands over her sexy bum before grabbing her hips and began bouncing her up and down on my length. I could feel my balls getting tight and sat up so I could fondle Katie’s tits with her still wiggling her bum with me deep inside her. Have you tasted cum yet baby? I asked, no not yet Katie said she was looking tired and sweat was on her fringe and running down her back. I told her to jump off and she sat on the edge of the bed as I stood in front of her. She wanked my cock for me but she couldn’t get a good rhythm going so I took over stroking my cock at the tip while Katie rubbed my balls, I moaned and she opened her willing teenage mouth and stuck out her tongue AAAHHH my dick twitched and my cum shot out and landed straight in her mouth. Three more ropes for my sticky juice splattered into her mouth and Katie rolled it around her mouth and then swallowed it down. Mmm not too bad Katie said pulling a face which seemed to suggest she dint really like it, not that I cared. I’m soaked I need to take another shower laughed Katie and she walked off into the bathroom. I lay on the bed and began to stroke my cock getting some hardness back into it I was pleasantly surprised but after a bit of work I was hard again and ready for a bit more from my teen temptress. I waited for the shower to finish and then jumped up and opened the bathroom door. Katie looked a little surprised but then she looked down at my hard dick, oh my god already she said with her mouth open, I gently pulled her from the shower and bent her over the counter and ran my hand over her pussy before pushing my cock back into her pussy. Oh oh oh Katie moaned as I fucked into her she was trying to grab hold of something to keep her balance but everything was wet from the shower condensations and all she could do was grab the taps on the sink. I was really pounding into her this time slapping hard against her pert little ass, I wiped away the condensation from the mirror so I could see Katie’s face as I fucked her. She was pulling all sorts of faces and looked so hot like those porn clips of a teen girl being fucked by a porn star for the first time. I grabbed hold of katie’s wet hips and pushed deep inside pulling my cock nearly all the way out then slamming it all the way back in, then out of the blue I felt myself cumming, I held katie’s hips and rammed into her deep one last time before unloading into her pussy. We both moved back into the main room and I could tell Katie was worn out. I kissed her, admired her naked teenage body one last time dressed and left.

That night we dint drink much and all seem tired and exhausted from the week’s activities. We all decided an early night would be the best bet as we had to be up early for our flight. As I slid my cock into Kelly’s pussy I thought about all the fucking I had done on this amazing holiday. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my mates about what had gone off, I grunted and came deep into Kelly’s pussy as she lifted her face out of the pillow and looked back at me I love you babe, I love you too sweetheart.
... Continue»
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Be Careful In The Park

My God! I was going to get ****d. And the people I thought I knew, if only slightly, were going to do it. I could just make out in the dim light from the moon the members of a local street gang that were about to extend their escapades to include ****. There were six of them, a street gang I had seen around my ‘patch’.

They had never given me trouble and I thought they had me pegged as a sad old transvestite cruising for trade (which I was). They were all young, fit and no doubt full of the beer they'd obviously been drinking that evening. But I hadn't come out looking for trouble that evening, that wasn't my scene at all, even so I had only myself to blame for the fix I was in.

I had walked down to the local park and was sitting in my favourite dark corner, looking for punters who occasionally cruised the park looking for action. I was dressed for action; red Lycra miniskirt, blue and black sequined top, sheer black nylon stockings, sheer red nylon panties, garter belt and black ‘fuck me’ high heels. I had put on gaudy ‘slut make-up’ and my favourite brunette wig. I'd was having a chat with a older man I'd met before, the memories of an earlier visit he’d made back to my flat quite turning me on.

Unfortunately the street gang now entered the park and my ‘friend’ just turned and ran. The gang swaggered up to me. Possibly stupidly I lit a cigarette as they approached and instead of passing, the gang veered over to my seat, a voice asking, "Can you spare a couple of cigs?" These boys I paid more attention to, all being late teens or early twenties and having a reputation for trouble. As I said, obviously they'd had more than a couple of beers apiece but not over the top.

One was jet black; he looked the oldest, wearing white rugby style shorts and a black T. The youngest looking was also coloured, more a coffee colour, in his case wearing denim shorts and a polo shirt. The others were white but standing more in the shadow so I couldn't make them out so clearly at that time. I handed over a couple of cigarettes saying I couldn't spare any more and was told.

"No problem."

They stood round to light them and the thought had just crossed my mind that I wouldn't mind meeting one or two of them at a time down here when the oldest asked, out of the blue,

"Do you suck cock u dirty old Tranny?" I was taken aback and without really thinking and replied,

"It has been known." There must have been some sort of pre-arrangement between them because he pushed the younger coloured boy toward me laughing and saying,

"Well lets see you then. My friend here has been sporting a hard on all night and he says he will even stick it in a fat old tranny like you to get relief."

My face was just level with the denim shorts, the front of which he was massaging slowly. Judging by the bulge I hadn't heard a lie. As he was pushed even closer he asked,

"Are you sure you don't mind?" Why should I mind? It was what I'd come down here for, even though I'd not expected an audience. The other males would no problem if they wanted to watch, it just turned me on more. In reply I just licked my lipstick lips. God! I was in a sluttish mood I thought to myself.

That was all the encouragement he required and pulling down the zip on his shorts pulled out a nice looking weapon, already more than half hard. It was what I called a nice size and shape, cut, about six inches long and the girth in proportion, nicely coloured to match his skin tone.

He used his hand to move it tentatively to my red painted lips where his courage failed and I could see it just start to wilt. Without further ado I moved my head forward and grasped an inch or so between my lips, using my tongue to wash round the end. He gasped and immediately became fully hard, his natural instincts taking over as he moved forward, plunging the whole six inches down my throat without warning.

I managed to hold tight as he placed his hands on my head and started rocking back and forth. He must have been playing with it, or talking about it, most of the night as I was only just getting used to it when he pulled out, yelling "I'm cumming," and proceeded to jack off rapidly, shooting over my sequined blouse. That seemed to decide the rest as they all moved forward and one of the white boys dropped his shorts to display a fully hard, slightly larger cut cock, which he poked out at my face.

Normally I do love a cut cock and needed no would need no further bidding to wrap my lips round it and work it but now I was scared. They were d***k, horny, and trouble. This seemed to settle it for them and I became aware the other lads all had their cocks out, rubbing them excitedly. The older coloured boy made his way forward and pointed his groin at my face. "How about this then? You fucking tranny slut" he asked.

This when I realised I was in serious trouble.

I gasped "My God! No." It was huge, had to be a foot long and possibly two inches across. It looked like a massive black broom handle pointed at me.

"No one can take that," I gasped.

"Well your going to," he growled. Without further ado the lads pulled me up and hustled me over to the c***dren's roundabout in the play area. That was all he said to me directly for some time, giving others instructions as to what they should do to me, how to place me, how to hold me. The roundabout was one of the old style, solid wood planks, well worn, with a small running board and four metal handles crossing over the top.

Under their leader’s instructions they soon had me spread out on my back between two of the handles, they pulled my panties to one side exposing my puckered ass, my sheer stockinged legs where spread wide and my high heeled feet where high in the air. The white boy who'd just fucked my face knelt behind holding my head up and cushioning it somewhat from the bars. Some of them had stripped off by now and it was obvious that even if they weren't, going to leave me alone until they had all had their way with me. One of the boys climbed on the roundabout and knelt with his cock pointing at my face.

He was quite dark, only about eighteen but already with a hairy chest, continuing to a lesser extent over his body. He just knelt there masturbating for a while and I felt a pair of hands start to feel my arse, first gently and then with more vigour. One, two, then three fingers inserting themselves up my passage. I couldn't see who it was but he knew what he was doing. As my arse muscles started to spasm the fingers withdrew and a voice said "now" and I heard and felt someone spit on my ass-bud, “natural lubricant” a sleazy voice laughed. I recognised the feeling of what entered me next, a medium sized cock was pushed deep inside me, and it wasted no time but started to attack me straight away. In, Out, In, Out.

He was reaching my prostate without any problem. Even though I was being ****d, I was going to cum soon if not very careful. I managed to mumble something along those lines in between loosing my breath each time he rammed his cock in and out of me.

"That's OK. So am I." laughed the lad kneeling over my face as he sped up the speed of his wrist and with a series of soft yells shot over my painted face and lipstick lips.

All this time the attack on my arse had continued,

I heard, "I'm cumming. God I’m cumming. Here we go." And the attack intensified with half a dozen sharp thrusts as I felt his stream shoot inside me. He shuddered a couple of times and pulled out. Lying there catching my breath I was hardly aware as the lads changed places.

Now my head was being clenched more tightly, one lad was standing each side of me holding my now laddered, stocking clad legs back in position and the weapon was rubbing against my panties that had slid back and now covered the entrance to my arse. I looked up to see the leader with his huge cock in his hand pointed at my arse, from which his mate’s semen was leaking and staining the crotch of my panties. I started to struggle,

"No, I can't," I said.

"Yes you will, your arse is well and truly lubricated now" he snarled. I struggled but someone grabbed my high-heeled feet and pulled my legs high over my head exposing my come-soaked panty-clad arse.

The lad kneeling at my arse pulled the soaked slinky fabric to one side and positioned his manhood at the puckered flower. Amazingly, the usual flush of expectation of a good fucking flowed over me I felt myself relax against my own will. I know what I'd said but there was no way I could take him. He had to be a foot long and at least two inches across. A solid black ebony shaft. As his cock demanded access to my hole it seemed to glisten and grin in the moonlight.

"Right?" was all he said.

"No!" I managed to reply. It didn't matter. Whatever I said, it didn't matter. He was going to fuck me. He was going to **** me. No one was going to do a thing about it. The other lads that were holding me in position were getting excited now. I could see hands moving, two bodies kneeled beside me, flies were unzipping, but all were watching his weapon as it probed my entrance. He was slow; I'll give him that.

He stopped for a moment as soon as the entrance was f***ed, but only to allow me another gasp before starting again on a slow but inexorable voyage of discovery inside me. It never seemed to stop a little push, stop, pull back, and push again. Each time a greater violation. He punched past my prostate almost without my being aware and still the exploration continued. Deeper than I'd ever been violated before. If I'd not been so excited and scared at the same time and held so tightly there wasn't any way I could have withstood the punishment.

I could hear myself letting out little yelps and groans whenever I had the breath, which wasn't very often. Each time I gasped in order to keep breathing he f***ed his cock in again before I had time to fill my lungs. It felt as if that monster penis of his was splitting me apart. It wasn't a cock. It had a life of it's own. It was a weapon and he was using it on me. It stopped. I managed to take a clean breath, open my eyes and look up. The leader was looking down on me with mixed emotions flashing over his face. Joy, fear, ecstasy, approval, astonishment. "I've never had it in a tranny’s arse before.

“You are one tight bitch!" I was in pain, but such glorious pain.

I'd never been so thoroughly possessed before. I knew he was r****g me. No way could it be called regular sex. He might damage me. But deep inside was a feeling that I wanted more. I just had to have more.

"Get on with it." was all I replied.

With an even bigger grin he pulled back slowly and that was all my body needed to move on to higher plane of sexual ecstasy. I must have been a quite a sight, my skirt rucked up, sheer nylons laddered, legs held spread, panties pushed to one side of my open arse that was impaled by a huge black cock.

The two lads who were holding my legs had freed their hard cocks from their shorts and while one crammed it past my lipstick lips and into my mouth, the other was busy stroking his cock and alternately rubbing it on my cheek and in my hair. Someone grabbed hold of my cock and was squeezing it hard each time the unknown assailant rammed his cock in me.

That seemed to be a general signal for the other lads and I felt other hands moving over my body, rubbing cocks on my stocking legs, wanking over my face, and then my opera gloved hands were held and wrapped around two more throbbing penises. Was everyone going to use me tonight? I was aware of the weapon up my arse as it started to swell and judder and as it started to shoot, I felt the cock in my mouth explode and come filled my throat. I had no choice but to swallow.

The two cocks that I had been f***ed to wank also ejected their loads, I felt the sticky come saturate my black silky gloves. The other lad rubbing his cock on my face shot a stream of come over my eyes, mascara was running down my face in a stream of hot semen. The lad that was dry humping my sheer stocking leg groaned at this sight and I felt his cock shudder against my stocking thigh and I felt the warm wet feel of come through my laddered nyloned calf. Finally the young black man that was r****g my arse stopped, he withdrew his flaccid penis and looked over his shoulder, smiled an evil smile, and said,

“Here, you can have what’s left of this bitch now.” A younger coloured boy took his place and lay on top of me.

He didn’t seem to care that I was coved in come and leaking sticky white semen from my arse and lips. He leaned down and kissed me deeply now that the deflated penis of his friend had withdrawn from my smudged lipstick lips. I felt his cock stiffen through his shorts as he pressed against the nylon panties covering my penis. The lads holding my legs, having achieved their orgasms and having no further use for this “tranny slut” had let go of my legs and were stuffing their sticky cocks back in their shorts.

The young black boy on top of me reached down and released his penis from his shorts. He was humping it against my panty cock, obviously too aroused and too inexperienced to try to enter me, he had decided to come quickly against me.

I realised he was the last in the long procession of r****ts that were using my body for their own pleasure, taking what they wanted by f***e, even though I would have given it gladly one at a time in my flat. I decided that I could take no more, I was fully aroused, even though I had been ****d in every orifice, was covered in come, my make-up smeared, my nylons ruined, my clothes ripped. I lifted my legs around the lad that was dry humping me through my panties and wrapped them around his back.

I pushed up and met his thrusts as his cock pressed against mine through the sheer nylon of my panties. I lifted my head, covered in come and smeared make-up and pushed my lipstick smudged, recently ****d mouth against his. I rammed my tongue down his throat and started to dry fuck him earnestly.

His inexperience was obvious as he started to squeal as his cock spasmed against mine, drenching my panties and soaking through to my now throbbing penis, which erupted in unison. I gripped him in my embrace tighter as our cocks continued to jet come against each other. Finally he lay still and then pushed himself off me and joined the circle of r****ts standing around me.

They were all laughing and looking down at me. There I was, my skirt hiked up, my penis slowly deflating, covered in semen, my clothes ruined. The leader of the street gang, the one who had ****d my arse with his enormous cock spoke.

“Come around here again you fag tranny bitch you’re going to get the same” He turned his back and started walking away with the rest of his gang slowly following laughing and jeering amongst themselves. The young black lad who had used me last suddenly broke away from the gang and ran back to me.

“What now,” I thought. He knelt beside me, lifted my head and gave me a soft passionate kiss. He whispered in my ear,

“Please do come back, that was the most exciting experience of my life.” His lips brushed mine again and he shot up and sprinted after his friends. I lay there and couldn’t believe I was thinking…………………………..”I might just come back here next week.”

The Beginning ... Continue»
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The wife wants young cock and lots of it ( For Wen

My wife met her friends a few weeks back for a few drinks. She's been out with them on so many occasions I never expected to hear what happened on this particular night. She was dressed like so many women going out. A short dress, not so short it revealed anything, but if she bent forward you might get a flash of knickers. So I took her round to her friends and dropped her off. As you'd expect I kissed her and wished her and wished her a good night. She turned up about 2am in the morning and just crept into bed and went to sl**p. No kissing, no telling me what had happened during the night or who fell over. Just sl**p. Well it had obviously been a long night so she was tired I guessed.

The next morning she was unusually quiet as well. I made small talk with her and asked how her night had gone. She wasn't really replying. Just short answers. I was starting to get suspicious. Ok, maybe she was just badly hung-over but this was beginning to look like something more. Had she had a falling out with some of her friends? Well I didn't press the situation. She went back to bed after getting her coffee. I started to tidy up a bit and got the washing together. I picked up her dress and panties from the night before. It was then I noticed some damp patches near the hem line. I checked her panties, my god, they weren't just damp, they had some guys cum in them. I felt sick! I was angry and yet sick. And yet also, just a little, excited. I'd never told my wife about my fantasy of seeing her with another man. She would have thought I was sick for suggesting it. But I needed to know what had gone on now. I wasn't sure which reason I needed it for. I was definitely hoping she had some excuse and it was all a mistake.

I went into our bedroom and gently shook her shoulder. She rolled over. God she had red eyes and wet cheeks. I sort of knew without asking but had to. I said "I know you're not well dear, so I've tidied the kitchen a bit and was sorting out the washing. I've got some dark washing, with your dress from last night..." I left a silence there. not accusing, just saying I'd picked up her dress. A few seconds later she looked at me furiously, "YOU!" she started, then it vanished, she had her head in her hands and was sobbing. I tried to hold her but she shrugged me away. "Honey" I said. She looked up at me, you know don't you, don't be so nice, you know I've cheated on you and I'm just so ashamed!" I held her hand, "look you were probably a little bit d***k. Besides, it might not be as bad as you think. Please, tell me what's happened."

So her friends and her had gone into town, had a few drinks in a few pubs and then One of the friends had had a call and had to leave. Another friend soon got a taxi as she made an excuse about work. So eventually her and her best friend had gone back to her house. Her hubby and two sons were there and they had a few drinks. My wife knew she'd had enough by 11 and was going to get a taxi. Her friend insisted her sons lived fairly close by so they would take her home as it was on their way. Eventually she accepted. Their car was only a two door and she climbed into the back seat. I mentioned before about the dress might reveal more when she was bent over, well the son driving the car flashed her a grin and said "Nice black panties!" My wife just laughed, well she'd had a few drinks remember. As they set off the lads, who were both around 20 years junior to her, were talking about sex with their girlfriends to each other. The son who wasn't driving was turned in his seat so he could see my wife. She says she doesn't know what came over her but as they were talking about sex with the girls and she was being looked at by this 20yr old but she said, they may be pretty but us older women are better in bed. ell the lad said, "You're fucking hot if you don't mind me saying. I've wanted to find out how good a fuck you are for ages!" My wife blushed and thought they were just pulling her leg, then she felt his hand on her knee. She closed her legs. He hesitated but when she didn't make him move his hand he moved it a bit further up her thigh. Now she parted her legs slightly. The lad grinned at her. She gave him a slight smile. He looked to his b*****r and nodded his head. Instead of taking her home, they took her outside of town to a dark spot youngster parked up in when they wanted some alone time. He parked up. The non driver got out, pushed the seat forward and got in back with my wife. His hand straight between her thighs and under her dress, she just opened her legs instinctively while they started kissing. The b*****r got in back too, it was cramped but now she had two young lads, about our sons age, touching her rudely between her legs and groping her tits. Her dress was pushed off her shoulders and down her arms so it was left loose around her waist, her bra was unclipped and soon her tits were being sucked by both of them. She was moaning and enjoying in. Then one of them undid his jeans and pushed them down releasing his very stiff cock. She looked at it the reached out and touched it. As she started stroking it she looked at him and said "I want that inside me. I want your young strong hard cock and I don't want you to stop." The other lad moved out of the way as she wriggled herself under the young stud. He pulled her panties aside and found out how wet she was. "Fucking hell, she wants it bad. Bet hubby hasn't fucked her proper for ages." With that he stuffed himself into her, hard! "Oh fuck yes!" she moaned. With that he started thrusting into her and fucking her at a fast pace. She was moaning how good he felt. Her hands rubbing over his abs, up his sides, grasping his back and then stroking downwards to grasp his arse cheeks. "God yes, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, yes yes yes, oh fuuck". The b*****rs were egging each other on saying they knew she'd be a good fuxk as she looked so hot. Then he pulled out of her, "No!" she'd almost cried. The other b*****r grabbed her arse and moved her around and then he started pounding away at her. He was a bit thicker than the first b*****r and she was loving it. She kept telling him she'd never been so full of cock. The first lad had shifted around and now had managed to get his cock in place to shove in her mouth. She was still moaning about the fucking she was getting around the cock in her mouth. She was just completely lost to the sensation of these young guys using her. She had never been fucked like it and she was loving it. Then he pulled out of her mouth and said, "right, outside the car!"

Next thing she was being half helped, half pulled from the car in their lustful excitement. The thick cocked lad leant against the car and told her to suck his cock clean. As she bent forward to comply the other b*****r got behind her and pushed himself back up her. She could hear the slapping of his young fit body against her and every deep thrust shoved her onto his b*****rs thick cock in her mouth. She can't remember how long they fucked her like that but the next thing she knew she was laid out on the bonnet, head to one side sucking a cock and the other pounding deep into her. She admits she was just a complete slut by now, even if I'd come round and begged her to stop then she couldn't have. She was loving this feeling, young cock pounding into her. God they were fucking her like she'd never been fucked. She felt like a virgin. In fact she'd gone from virgin to slut in one night. Then the first lad bent forward and whispered to her "I'm going to dump my hot load into your well fucked pussy and send you back to hubby!" Then groaned and true to his word splashed his load deep inside her. Then pulled out and caught her with a couple of finishing spurts on her dress. The b*****rs swapped over and the first had his cock licked clean by my wife as the second b*****r started thrusting into her already cum filled cunt. Soon he was saying to her "I knew you'd be a good fuck, like you said, the girls are pretty but you know how to really take a cock." Then he started grunting and spunking his load into my very well used wife. Then they tidied themselves up and brought her home.

It was as she put the key in the door that reality caught up to her she said. She realised and was appalled at what she had just let those two young lad do to her. She was crying know, sobbing. I put my arms around her and said it was alright, it would be alright. I took hold of her hand and placed it on a very large bulge in my trousers. She looked at me not quite comprehending what I was doing. I smiled at her and assured her everything was going to be ok. She took her hand away for a few minutes and didn't talk to me. Then turned her head and she had a faint smile on her face. "So I guess you really don't mind?" she asked. I admitted I'd had fantasies about seeing her with another man but hadn't said anything because I wasn't sure it would be a good thing to either tell her or to do anything about it. "But now you've done it, I realise I did enjoy it, as you can tell" I said nodding at my erection. I bent to her and kissed her. We were both soon naked and I was inside her. As I was fucking her she was telling me again what those young lads had done to her. I reassured her it was something I wanted to see which seemed to turn her on even more. She has promised me that she will get in touch with them and get them to come round so all three of us can use her to relieve ourselves of our cum. I asked her about some of my friends but it seems if she's going to get dirty then she wants young hard cocks pumping her. That's no real hardship, I'm looking forward to seeing her being fucked over and over by the young studs in the area.... Continue»
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Katie the school slut

Katie the school slut.
Hi, I’m Katie, I’m 16 and known in school as the slut! It takes quite a bit of living up to the name but I enjoy every minute of it, all my mates know what I am like, some try and match me but I am the queen of filth and proud of it.
So let’s just get the picture, I’m 5’ 6” size 8 clothes, 34c tits with shoulder length blonde hair, oh and that’s natural not dyed!! For school I always wear thin white blouses tucked tightly into my short grey pleated skirt to show off my figure, knee high white socks and of course the school tie, my Bra, although I don’t need one cos my tits are firm anyway are always thin and skimpy, just to tease the lads (and some of the teachers) you can usually see my nipples either through the material or stick out, in fact I usually give them a quick rub at break times just to get more attention. My knickers are usually white and also not much of them, I love thongs or thin bikini type, no need to wear thick ones because I shave down there anyway, in fact I only wear them because we have to in school, at home, well commando all the time.
When in class I love turning round on my chair with my legs open so the lads can get a look up my skirt or if it’s a fit teacher I slide down in my seat and spread my legs while he’s part way through a sentence and watch him stress and lose his place, I’ve also been known to pull my panties to one side and turn to the lads behind and give them a quick flash of my bald pussy, its great watching their cocks go hard in their pants.
Anyway a couple of weeks ago, we were studying for one of the science modules so 4 of us went down to the school library grabbed the reference books and sat on the round table in the corner. It was a warm day so no one had jumpers on and as usual I was concentrating more on sex than school work, the 2 lads were looking down at the books but also peeping up at my tits trying to get a quick glimpse through my blouse, Amy was sat opposite me and I looked at her and smiled, she knew I was planning something so I pulled my blouse out of my skirt then unfastened my bra, freed my arms from the straps and pulled the bra out and put it in my bag, the lads eyes were wide open and staring at my dark nipples clearly visible through my blouse, even Amy was staring across the table. I checked around the library and no one was around so I gave them a quick rub and instantly they became hard and pushed against the blouse, then gave a saucy smile to the others. The lads started shuffling in their seats, knew they were getting hard and uncomfortable so I bent down pretending to get something from my bag but instead put my hand under the table and grabbed one of the lads cock, he was rock hard and let out a gasp as I hit the target, I smiled at him and tugged him gently towards me, he realised what I wanted and shuffled his chair nearer, still not sure what I was going to do. Amy knew exactly what I was doing as she was with me when I did the same to a lad in a burger bar. I eased my hand into the waistband and grabbed his hot hard cock sliding my hand down to his balls, his face looking flustered as I started wanking his tool inside his trousers, his mate with a look on his face that said it all. I looked at Amy again and moved my head to say “do the same to him” her face change to a slightly scared look before looking round the library and sliding her hand under the table and grabbing the other lad, he needed no instruction as he moved towards Amy and leant back in his seat so she could gain easy access.
Within a couple of minutes I could feel the pre cum flowing from his hard cock , my nipples were rock hard and both lads were staring at them, I slid my other hand down and started to play with my pussy I was horny and wet, I eased my thong to one side, slipped a finger inside and matched my rhythm to the wanking. I noticed Amy had a look of ecstasy on her face and realised the second lad had found her pussy and was stoking it, god this was so horny, all four of us wanking in the library, I increased my speed and felt his cock swelling ready to explode within seconds he was shooting cum all over my hand and inside his clothes, this tipped me over the edge and I threw my head back and reached my climax. Amy was not far behind me, biting her bottom lip to stop herself moaning out loud and finally the other lad came, he had undone his trousers and shot big wads of cum onto the floor and more running down Amy’s hand.
We all sat there for a minute then started giggling at what we had done, looked at the state we were all in and decided to go to the toilets to clean up before the break. Amy was giggling for ages after, she had been wanting to date the lad for ages but was afraid to ask him, we chatted as we cleaned up and I replaced my bra. It was the first time Amy had done anything like that in public but I done think it would be the last.
A few days later word had got around the class what had happened, the lads were teasing us asking if we wanted to go to the library but we just smiled and said no not today but that afternoon I was hit by the horny bug again and we had maths for the final lesson of the day, the maths teacher was “hot” aged around 30, worked out in the gym and was still tanned from his Easter holiday in Egypt. I sat in my usual spot next to the centre aisle straight in his line of sight, as I sat down I pushed my skirt backwards so my bare ass was on the seat, my thong was deep in the crack of my ass and the front had slipped into my pussy. We were about half way through the lesson when “sir” sat down at his desk after giving us the work to do, now was my chance, I slid forward on my seat and slowly opened my legs, the cool air reached my wet pussy as my silky thighs opened, damn! He was not looking! I tried to do the work but I was not thinking about maths, I just wanted sex!! I felt like walking to the front dropping to my knees and sucking him off right there but that would have meant being expelled from school, I had to think of another plan!! I tried shuffling in my chair to try and get his attention but that failed, so I knocked off my book onto the floor by my side, paused the slowly bent over sideways to pick it up, my legs still open hoping to catch his gaze. “Katie!! Is everything OK” came a voice from the front of the room “Yes sir, I just knocked my book off, er… it caught on my bracelet” I looked down the aisle to his desk he could see straight into my open pussy!! “You know you don’t wear jewellery in school, see me at the end of the lesson” YES!! I had his attention at last, I kept in the same position till the end of the lesson, I also noticed sir was peeping under my skirt while pretending to be marking books.
The school bell broke the silence and sir didn’t move from his desk, he just told the class to pack up and go and “Katie I still need to see you” I sat forward and slowly packed my things into my bag, the rest of the class made their way out and Amy said “do you want me to wait?” I just shook my head and smiled at her. As the last person went I stood up, turned with my back to the teacher and bent right over to pick up my bag, deliberately showing the cheeks of my arse and hoping he would see me, I slowly walked to the front and behind his desk standing patiently by his side. “Katie, you know you don’t wear jewellery so I have to take it off you” “but sir! My mum gave me this and I wanted to show my friends” I said looking weepy “you know the rules” he said “Oh sir cannot not just take it home and we forget about it” I replied forcing tears to my eyes, “no Katie, give me the bracelet now” he said sternly. I lowered my voice to a husky sexy tone and said “sir, is there something I can do to change your mind? I saw you looking up my skirt in lesson today and I don’t think the head would like to hear that, would he?” “Err, err no I wasn’t looking up your skirt, I was looking to see what you had dropped” he said rather embarrassed “I saw you looking while you were marking the books, and I know you fancy me, don’t you sir?” my voice still husky and low, I sat on the edge of his desk and lifted a knee up showing him my smooth silky thighs “what do you think sir, can I keep the bracelet?” his eyes flickered down to scan my legs before moving upwards to my breasts then looking at my face. “NO we can’t, err I can’t, err I would lose my job” he hurriedly spluttered, I leant back further, pushing my breasts out ad lifting my knee higher, he now had a view of my pert breasts pushing tightly against my blouse and the white fabric of my thong buried into my moist shaven pussy. “Sir, I think we can sort this out now…can’t we??” his eyes were twitching between my pussy and my breasts, I knew I was going to have him any time now.
I leaned forward, stood up straight then leaned over to him and whispered “I can see from your hard cock that you want my pussy, let me keep the bracelet and my pussy is yours whenever you want it!!” he paused a minute and said “nobody gets to know, OK?” I nodded my head, gave him a sexy smile and slowly lifted the hem of my skirt revealing my thong and shaven pussy right in front of his eyes, “Stop!!” he said “I need to lock the door” and quickly picked up his keys and headed to the door. As he turned back towards me I was sliding my thong down past my knees and let them drop to the floor, I looked at his trousers and his cock was bulging out as he walked back to me, I reached out and grabbed to unfasten his belt, undo his button and unzipped his flies, the bulge in his boxers was growing bigger so I grabbed the waistband and released his cock. “FUCK!!” I gasped as I saw 10” of solid thick meat spring towards me!! Was I going to be stretched with this b**st!!
I dropped to my knees slid my hands up and down a few times, looked up at his face before lowering my mouth onto his cock, wow is big I thought as he stretched my mouth pushing the monster further into my mouth, my jaws were at full stretch, as I slid it in and out, taking it as far as I could. He grabbed my hair and started pulling my head further onto his shaft, fucking my mouth, down into my throat and making me gag. I wanted more, this was fantastic, the school slut fucking the stud teacher. I pulled back and licked down his cock to his balls, sucking them into my mouth one by one while stoking his length with my hand then licking back up to the tip, flicking my tongue over the foreskin and his purple head the sinking him deep in my throat again, he was moaning with pleasure as my mouth worked on his hard shaft.
After a few minutes he pulled his cock away, lifted my up and sat me on the desk, I knew what he wanted from the look on his face so I leant back and opened my legs wide, my wet pussy opening as though it was inviting him in. He looked at me then knelt down and buried his face into my pussy, his tongue licking and lapping at my juices, probing deep inside me then working on my clit before licking down to my tight ass. The feeling was so immense, I had only fucked school lads so far and most of them cum before it was in right. He knew what he was doing down there and within no time my body was shaking and I was cumming all over his face, my thick sticky juice was running down his chin as licked me clean, little orgasms followed as he sucked and played with my pussy. I undid my blouse and undid my bra so I could play with my tits and hard nipples as sir taught my pussy a lesson, my nipples were so hard and sensitive it was like having little electric shocks each time I touched them.
Suddenly he stopped sucking, got to his feet, grabbed my hips and spun me over so I was face down on the desk, I knew what was coming and was waiting for that huge cock to impale me. I felt the smooth head rubbing against my pussy and said “please, don’t hurt me, I have never had one that big!! Please!!” I felt my pussy stretch and the huge cock pushing inside me “ohhh, owwwww” I moaned he slid out then pushed forward again my pussy burning with pain “no, no please don’t…” I cried as he pulled back again, me thinking he was pulling out but he pushed forward hard and sank the 10” into my pussy “aaarrrrrhhh sirrrrrrr” I moaned “it’s so big” he was not listening, I knew he was going to fuck me hard he paused then started to piston in and out slowly my pussy tight around his cock, my juices easing my pain then, Crack!! A hand slapped my arse making it sting a few thrusts later Crack!! Another hand hit me followed by 3 hard deep thrusts sinking his cock in me till his balls banged on my pussy. “ohhh sirrr don’t stop, ohh fuck me please” I cried the pain subsiding and the pleasure taking over. He increased his speed and varied the length of stroke my pussy was slurping with my juices as his huge tool reached virgin places deep inside me.
He pumped and pumped then slid his hands round to my tits and started mauling them, pinching my hard nipples, I got my feet back on the floor, lifted my body off the desk and pushed my arse back onto his cock “fuck me, fuck me” I said “cum in my pussy” he speeded up again and I could feel another orgasm building inside me “im gonna cum sir, fuck me hard, Fuck meeee” he changed his rhythm and used different lengths of stroke until I erupted into orgasm, my body shaking, my back arched as I clamped my pussy onto his cock then with a low moan his cock swelled stretching my pussy even further before shooting what seemed like gallons of hot cum deep inside me wad after wad hit inside my pussy before he collapsed on top of me heaving and panting, both of us sweating and spent.
After a couple of minutes he slid his cock out and reached down to the drawer on his desk, opened it and grabbed a box of tissues passing them to me, I grabbed a handful and stuffed them between my legs and stood up, I could feel the cum running down inside me towards the tissues, I retrieved my thong, fastened my bra and blouse before picking up my bag and heading for the door. “Katie” I stopped and turned “it’s our secret, my job depends on that” he said “yes sir I know” I walked back towards him gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and left the room.
Amy was all over me when I got to her place, asking question after question, she was so horny when we had finished talking that she invited the lad from the library over, I knew what would be happening so I left them to it and returned home to shower. I couldn’t help noticing how much my pussy had been stretched and how much cum was in there, I washed as much out as I could before drying off and lying on the bed and falling asl**p.
Lots more things happened to me during the last few weeks at school, well, I had to live up to my name didn’t I? check back and I will tell you more ;).

Katie xx

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The Builder

Sixteen year old Dylan Thomas had always lived in his cramped terrace house
in the south Wales valleys. Dylan's dad Peter had decided to get an
extension on the back of the house to contain another bedroom and a big
kitchen downstairs. Dylan was very happy as finally he would get his own
bedroom and not share with his pain in the ass12 yr old b*****r Hywel.

Dylan is 16 and six foot two inches with a tight six packed silky smooth
body with floppy blonde hair with blue puppy dog eyes and has his left ear

Peter, who is a builder by trade, decided that to save costs he would do
the work himself. Peter designed the extension and even managed to add a
second bathroom for Dylan. Peter asked his mate Tom to help him do the

Tom is 21 6ft 7 inches tall with shaved black hair blue eyes. He has a
slightly hairy perfect six packed body.

It was the summer holidays and Dylan was home from school. Dylan got up as
usual dressed only in his tight black CKs and walked downstairs into the
old kitchen. Tom was working on the extension dressed only in a pair of
tight jean cut-offs. Dylan watched as Tom bent over and noticed there was a
split in the jeans giving him a view of Tom's ass crack.

Dylan's 7 inch cock was throbbing causing his tight CKs to tent. Dylan
stood up and left the kitchen heading straight upstairs to his bedroom,
thinking to himself thank God Hywel had gone away to his grandparents in
Cornwall with his mum.

Dylan pulled his CKs down and started to wank his cock thinking of Tom's
sexy body. Tom walked upstairs and walked over the landing towards the
toilet. Tom went past the boys bedroom and in a mirror spotted his mate's
hot, older son wanking.

Tom stood by the door and watched as Dylan wanked his cock harder and
harder. Tom's cock was throbbing causing his shorts to tent. Tom was
dreaming as Dylan wanked his cock harder. Then, when Dylan screamed "Tom!
Oh Yeah! suck my cock, take my cum" He quickly woke up and looked over as
Dylan carried on running his hand up and down his cock. This was too much
for Tom so he crept quietly into Dylan's room over to the bed and took
Dylan's throbbing cock into his manly workman's hands. Dylan screamed but
Tom said "Ssshhh." and slowly started to run his hands up and down Dylan's
throbbing cock. Dylan moaned as Tom's hard calloused hands ran up and down
his silky smooth cock..

"Ooohhh" groaned Dylan as Tom slowly wanked his cock, giving him sensations
he had never felt before. Tom slowly lifted Dylan's soft hand and started
to run his hand up and down his cock showing Dylan how to get the same

Tom whispered to Dylan "You are one hot stud!".

Dylan smiled "Not really" he said quietly

Tom looked at Dylan lying naked on his bed with his hot smooth body
glistening with sweat. Tom smiled and took back hold of Dylan's cock and
started to wank it hard.

Dylan groaned "Ooohhh shit" as Tom wanked his cock harder and harder,
finally giving one final throb his cock erupted producing a massive load of
his hot sticky cum. Dylan was breathing heavily as his cum spurted and ran
all down Tom's hands.

Tom looked at Dylan and ran his tongue up and down his hand tasting the hot
juicy cum.

Dylan said "Wow! that was awesome. Can we do it again?"

Tom laughed, saying "Yes lad, but not now, I'd better get back to work or
your dad will sack me"

Dylan said "Oh, OK. but we will do it again?"

Tom said "Yeah, I just said that. Now come on and let me get back to work."

Tom left Dylan lying on his bed and went back downstairs just in time as a
couple of minutes later Peter arrived back with the supplies from the
builders merchant.

Peter said "What you been doing while I was away?"

Tom smiled " I had my break. Is that OK with you?"

Peter smiled back "Yeah that's fine, but now give us a hand with these

Peter then shouted "Dylan! get out of bed now you lazy bastard".

Tom smiled as Dylan came out of his room dressed in a pair of blue
tracksuit bottoms and a white vest type t shirt.

"Dad, I was out of bed ages ago"

"Well get your ass down here and give Tom and me a hand".

Dylan ran down the stairs and grabbed his trainers giving Tom a nice view
of his pert bum as his trackies tightened.

Later that day

Peter was up on the scaffolding when his mobile phone went off.

Peter answered the phone and after talking for a while said "OK, but I
can't come round until tomorrow. I have Dylan here and I don't like leaving
home on his own all night".

Tom butted in saying "I can stay here tonight if you like?"

"You sure you don't mind?" asked Peter.

Tom smiled and said without sounding too excited "No, I don't mind, I'm
sure I can look after the little man" and looked over at Dylan and winked.

Peter said " Change of plan. Tonight will be fine." to the person on the
other end of the phone.

Peter said "OK, I will see you at six then".

Peter put the phone down and said "Thanks mate. I really appreciate this,
it's my b*****r in law, he's been taken into hospital".

Dylan looked up at his dad and asked "What's happened to Uncle Paul?"

Peter looked at Dylan and said "Don't worry it's only his hernia playing up

"Oh, OK." Said Dylan.

Peter said "I have to go and look after Julie's daughter Rachel, who young
Dylan here doesn't like.

Dylan grinned and said "You bet, she is a cow"

Peter said "Don't be so cheeky young man. There's nothing wrong with

"Well, the last time I was there she called me weird because I wouldn't
kiss her!" replied Dylan.

Peter laughed "Come on, she is only twelve. Right Tom there is plenty of
food in the cupboard and freezer so don't let Dylan talk you into going to

"Oh Dad!" giggled Dylan.

Tom laughed. "No problem, we will eat in tonight then, but maybe we will go
to McDonald's for lunch tomorrow"

"Cool" Dylan said

Peter laughed and went upstairs and packed some clothes

Peter came downstairs shortly after and said "Right, I'd better be off. I
will phone you later. OK?"

"No problem." Replied Tom, "I'm sure we will be all right."

Peter jumped into his car and drove to his s****rs house about 15 miles

Tom turned to Dylan "OK, let's get something to eat. What do you want?"

"McDonalds?" Dylan said, grinning.

Tom laughed "You are a cheeky one aren't you? Let's look in the
freezer. What about pizza?"

Dylan said "Cool! I love pizza almost as much as I love McDonalds"

Tom put the pizza in the microwave then shouted "Come and get it"

Dylan ran into the kitchen grabbed some slices and went back into the
lounge and laid down in front of the TV eating his pizza.

Tom followed Dylan in and smiled as he saw the hot lad lying on the floor
with his tight trackies showing off his sexy bubble ass.

Tom sat on the settee behind Dylan enjoying the view. Dylan sat up and went
in between Tom's legs. Tom started to play with Dylan's floppy hair slowly
running his hands all over the boy's head.

Dylan stood up and sat back down on Tom's lap. Tom smiled and started to
run his hand under Dylan's tight vest type t shirt. Dylan moaned gently as
he felt Tom's hard workman's hand run up and down his smooth body.

Tom whispered into Dylan's ear "I really want to spend the night making
love to you all night long"

Dylan gave out a loud moan saying "Oh yeah, I'd really like that too."

Tom pulled Dylan towards him and started to kiss him passionetly. Tom
kissed Dylan like he had never kissed before and started to run his hand up
and down Dylan's sexy smooth body. Tom was still kissing Dylan when the
phone rang

Dylan stood up and ran over to the phone and said "Hello? Hi Dad, yeah we
had pizza. Yeah Tom is looking after me. How's Uncle Paul? Oh, OK, well
I'll see you tomorrow then Dad. Bye." and replaced the receiver.

Tom smiled at him, "OK babes?"

Dylan nodded yes and walked towards the door to the hallway. Tom laughed
and stood up and followed the sexy lad.

Tom said "So I take it we are having an early night?"

Dylan laughed "Looks like".

Tom grabbed hold of Dylan "You are one hot lad." He growled, and lead him
upstairs to bed.

Tom slowly lifted off Dylan's top. He started to run his hand over Dylan's
silky smooth body. Tom started to slowly pull down the sexy lads tight

Tom smiled as Dylan's tight grey CKs came into view. Dylan's cock was rock
hard causing his CKs to tent. Tom pulled the CKs down revealing the hunky
lads throbbing cock..Tom smiled and gently took hold of the lads cock and
started to wank it slowly. Tom slowly ran his hand up and down the precum
covered cock. Dylan was groaning and breathing heavily as his cock was
wanked harder and harder by his Dad's hunky friend. Dylan groaned loudly as
his cock gave one last throb and exploded covering Tom's hand and his silky
smooth chest with load after load of his sweet cum.

Tom stood up and removed his t shirt revealing his slightly hairy chest to
Dylan. Dylan watched closely as Tom peeled off his tight jean cut-offs
revealing his tight black CKs which were tenting giving Dylan the first
sight of Tom's cock. Tom then slowly peeled off his CKs. Dylan moaned oh as
Tom's rock hard 7 inch cock came into view.

Tom went back onto the bed and started to kiss Dylan whispering into his

"I wont hurt you I promise" as he slowly lifted Dylan up and gently placed
him down on his stomach. Tom went down and looked at Dylan's sexy silky
smooth white ass and said "Wow! That is one hot ass you got there
babes". Tom pushed his middle finger into his mouth and then gently pushed
it into Dylan's tight ass. Dylan's ass wouldn't give in at first but
finally it let in his finger in. Dylan groaned and breathed heavily as the
finger pushed into his tight virgin ass.

Tom then did something that Dylan didn't know about and was a bit shocked
as Tom pushed his tongue up and down his silky ass. Dylan groaned "Oohhh"
as the tongue went up and down his ass. Tom carried on rimming Dylan's ass
until Dylan groaned "Oh fuck!" as his cock exploded covering his chest with
more cum. Tom then pushed two finger's into Dylan's ass. Dylan groaned
"Ouch! It hurts!" as Tom pushed a third finger in.

Tom said "Sorry babes" and pulled his fingers out and grabbed some lube
from his workbag rubbing some on his fingers and some onto Dylan's ass. Tom
then very slowly pushed his three fingers back in. Dylan groaned "Oohhh" as
he felt Tom slowly finger fuck his ass. Tom said "Well babes, I think you
might be ready for me now." Dylan laughed and said "Kool."

Tom grabbed a condom and put it onto his cock and then lubed his cock
up. Tom then applied some lube to Dylan's tight soon to be ex virgin
ass. Tom slowly pushed his cock in between Dylan's smooth white ass cheeks
and after a little persuading Dylan's hole gave way and slowly Tom's cock
went in a little. Dylan moaned "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!" as he felt
Tom's cock push his ass apart. Tom said "Relax, the pain will go away." and
left his cock where it was for a while.

After a few minutes Tom asked "OK babes?"

Dylan nodded yes as Tom slowly pushed his cock in further and further until
Tom said

"Wow hot lad, you have it all the way in"

Dylan said "Really? Wow! I never thought it would fit."

Tom laughed and said "Thanks sexy, but I am not that big."

Tom slowly pulled his cock out and slowly started to fuck Dylan's silky
smooth ass. Tom was groaning "Oh fuck Dylan, this is one tight arse you
got." as his cock went in and out. Dylan groaned "Fuck!" as his own cock
exploded for the third time covering his chest with more and more of his
cum as Tom fucked his arse faster and faster. Finally Tom groaned "Oh
fuck." as his 7 inch throbbing cock exploded filling his condom with a
massive load of cum. The lad collapsed onto the bed in a heap and Tom held
Dylan for a while and then pulled his now soft cock out of Dylan's silky
smooth ass with a pop!

Tom then grabbed hold of Dylan and kissed him passionately and said "I love
you Dylan but there is one thing you have to promise me"

Dylan looked at Tom and said "I love you too; and what?"

Tom smiled and said "Well, that you wont tell your dad"

Dylan said "Don't be daft, he would go mad"

Tom laughed and said "Yeah he would, and I would lose my job."

Dylan grabbed hold of Tom and kissed him and said "I wont tell him if you
won't!" and laughed.

Tom held Dylan and the two new lovers fell asl**p in each others arms.
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Slaves of the Amethyst (Part Eight)

See Part One for the preamble to this series.

Chapter Sixty Three.

Rebecca and Alice were sitting on a huge back terrace of the Hall eating a light lunch as Robin and Daniel returned. Their return was somewhat flamboyant. They came around a corner of some Lawson Cypresses, arm in arm, singing an off key version of “On Ilkley Moor Baht’at” at the top of their voices. Rebecca nudged Alice and noted acidly “Behold our intrepid hunting heroes return! Fresh from their struggles with the savage b**sts of the wild!”
“They’re pissed as newts! T’ pair of ‘em!”
“Male bonding is the technical term I believe Alice.”
“Wot gerrin’ blathered before lunchtime?!”
“Yes well fear not! Retribution awaits! They‘ll sober up right sharpish when they learn that we’re formally invited to tea with the Lady at four thirty on the dot! That’ll wipe the smile off their faces!”
“I’ll kick our Danny’s backside fer ‘im if ‘e ‘ain’t up ter scratch afore we ‘ave ter meet ‘Er Ladyship fer tea!”
“Why do you think the human race came up with the idea of the cold shower Alice? It was considered as efficacious in keeping the male of the species under control in English public schools for many generations I believe. I’ve often felt that it was a great loss that its usage fell out of favour.”
Robin and Daniel stepped up on to the terrace grinning foolishly. “Morning girls! Morning!” Robin greeted them with great bonhomie, if a little too loudly. Rebecca regarded him rather as she would some unpleasant object she’d just discovered blocking the drain.
“Whilst I am gratified by your effusive greeting My Lord I must nevertheless point out a minor technical error in its content since it might have escaped your addled notice that it is in fact close to one o’clock in the afternoon!”
“Really? Is it that late?”
“It is indeed My Lord!”
“Well, well! Tempus fugit!”
“Yes My Lord! I can’t think where the hours have gone to!”
“We’ve been fishing!”
“Indeed? How nice for you.”
“Danny caught a beauty!”
“There’s been two beauties dangling on a hook and waiting for you all morning My Lord Robin!”
“Oh er… have you been wondering where we were then?”
“Yes My Lord! Those are essentially the facts although I would have phrased it a little more strongly myself.”
“Well er… sorry about that. You know how time flies when you’re out fishing.”
“I’m afraid not My Lord. I’m not a devotee of pis**torial activities.”
“Well it just shoots past!”
“Especially if one has a few shots to shoot it with I presume.”
“Oh yes well we did have a wee dram to celebrate Danny’s fish.”
“A wee dram My Lord? From where I am sitting the effusion would seem to suggest a fair percentage of the output of a medium sized distillery!”
“Oh does it whiff a bit?”
“Short of the entire terrace bursting into spontaneous combustion with the fumes in the atmosphere I can hardly see how it could “whiff” less!”
“Well sorry about that! How about a bite to eat?”
“We may possibly spare you a few crumbs and leftovers on one proviso.”
“That is?”
“That is My Lord on the condition that you now immediately shower, change your clothes, comb your hair, brush your teeth and generally make yourself fit to be seen in our company. Once you are presentable we shall condescend to accept your grovelling apologies for leaving us kicking our heels all morning and your solemn promises to conduct yourselves with due propriety and deference for the rest of the day!”
“An that goes fer you an’ all Danny me lad!” Alice interceded. “We’re ‘avin’ tea wi’ Lady Mathom at four thirty. God ‘elp yer if’n yer not in a fit state be then! Any bl**dy pong o’ whisky or fish on yer be then an’ yer won’t be catchin’ t’ fish yer’ll be joinin’ ‘em!” Daniel shuffled his feet and lost the stupid grin that had adorned his face.
Robin turned to Daniel and observed. “I rather think we’re in the doghouse Danny. We’d better go and jump under the shower. There’s a cold chill out here.” The two men left rather more subdued.
Once they were out of earshot Alice burst into laughter. “Oh Becky! Yer just brilliant! You ‘ad ‘em shufflin’ their feet like a pair of naughty schoolboys up in front of t’ ‘eadmistress!”
“Well, as I observed before Alice, one’s got to have a little discipline. We’ll make them squirm for an hour or two and then, if they fawn upon us satisfactorily, we’ll graciously forgive them with a pat on the head and permit them to accompany us to tea.”
Alice giggled, “Aren’t yer bein’ a bit ‘ard on ‘em?”
“Not at all! Merciful if anything! If they think there’s a cold chill now can you imagine the Siberian blast they’d have had to face presenting themselves before the Lady in that condition?”
“Aye there is that! bl**dy ’ell! I wouldn’t like to get on ‘er wrong side! It don’t bear thinkin’ about!”
“Well I’ve been there and done that and got the scars to prove it! So you may take it from me that I’m only saving them from a far worse fate!”
“Anyway I never got round ter askin’ yer. Ow was your Jenny?”
“She seems fine Alice. Feeling a little harassed and sore perhaps but otherwise just fine.”
“Where is she Becky? Is she somewhere else in t’ ouse?”
“She’s in the cellars Alice.”
“In the cellars?”
“Yes Alice. We have a disciplinary wing down in the cellars where we slaves are apt to find ourselves incarcerated from time to time.”
“Yer mean she’s locked up down there? Like she’s in jail or summat?” Alice looked shocked.
“Not quite like that Alice. Actually unless she’s in fact chained up for the moment there isn’t a thing from stopping her walking out other than the fact that she hasn’t any clothes on that is.”
“What? Yer mean she’s got no clothes on? What the ‘ell is all this?”
“Look Alice. I need to talk to you about this. I’ve asked if we can go and visit Jenny this week because I really want you to meet her but before we do, I’ve got to explain about the circumstances. Will you promise to listen and not be too shocked by what I have to tell you?” Once Rebecca had extracted a promise she proceeded to tell Alice about the cellars and the circumstances in which a slave of Mathom Hall might find themselves in for a stay in them. When she had finished Alice stared at her in astonishment.
“Yer mean yer can be sent down there any time ‘Er Ladyship wants an’ fer as long as she wants?”
“Yes effectively.”
“An’ yer just accept this?”
“Absolutely. Oh it’s a bit wretched the first couple of times but you do get used to it. After a while you even get to look forward to it. Becomes a little bit of a holiday actually.”
“A holiday?”
“Yes a bit of a break. Time to chill out. You get an awful lot of time to relax in jail.”
“Fergive me fer sayin’ Becky but it ‘ardly sounds like Butlin’s”
“No you’re right! It’s considerably more pleasant than that.”
“T’ redcoats don’t exactly chain folk up ter t’ wall an’ ‘ave ‘em whipped Becky!”
“No they don’t. They really ought to institute the practise. I’m sure they’d find their bookings quadrupling over night! It would be a bl**dy improvement on Karaoke! Me I’d ten times rather have a sound whipping than have to suffer some prat, without one iota of musical talent, murdering a Gloria Gaynor song! Much as I admire Japanese culture they have an awful lot to answer for as well.”
“Be serious Becky. I’m ‘avin’ an’ ‘ard time getting’ me ‘ead around all this.”
“Listen don’t let it worry you. Maybe I’ve made it sound worse than it really is. I thought that maybe on Wednesday, the night before you leave, we could go and join Jenny for dinner in the cellars and you could get to know her. Then maybe you’d see that it’s not anything like as bad as it sounds. What do you think?”
“Would we ‘ave to go naked an‘ all?”
“No Alice. We’re just visitors. Jenny would have to be of course but I dare say by Wednesday she’ll be pretty much used to it.”
“Ave you ‘ad to go down in t’ cellars an’ all before?”
“Oh yes! More than once! I once spent six weeks down there!”
“Six weeks!”
“Yes and I’ll tell you this Alice I’d do it again! The cellars can change you in ways you don’t expect. It’s an experience you never forget. Sometimes we even ask to be imprisoned voluntarily. You get to like it. I can’t really explain it to you but there’s a certain comfort in being cocooned in the cellars. You get to know a great deal about yourself. You get to learn to live with your own company and it can be illuminating. You emerge from a period in the cellars feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world again. The sun always seems to shine a bit brighter after a few days in the cellars. Life’s problems never seem to be so horrendous after all. And you’re not always alone either. We have a saying here, you might have heard me use it, when we love somebody we say that we’d like them to share our prison cell. The cellars aren’t just about punishment they’re about love too. Where do you think Robin and I first got together?”
“What in these cellars?”
“Correct. I slept with Robin for the first time in a cell in the cellars so you might say I have a certain fondness for them. Hundreds of people have gone down alone into the cellars and come out on the arm of a lover Alice. In a sense that’s what they’re all about. They’re a little bit like our purgatory in a way. We go down into the cellars for our sins, find redemption in them and emerge with the slate wiped clean and in love, the most cleansing balm to the soul there is. Nobody leaves the cellars regretting the experience for one minute.”
“Becky if …I mean if’n I was to become ‘Er Ladyship’s slave too would I ‘ave ter spend time down there an’ all?”
“Almost certainly Alice. Would you like to join me there? I would love to share your chains Alice.”
“Eee! I don’t know Becky! This is just so weird!”
“Alright then let’s leave it until Wednesday. After you’ve been down there to visit Jenny you might see the thing in a different light.”
“Are the boys coming along for this as well?”
“No I think we’d better leave them upstairs. Robin knows the score but Daniel would probably fall down in a dead faint. Anyway Jenny might be a bit put out having to entertain two men completely naked. She’s not very easy around men just yet.”
All right then. I’m up fer it but yer must admit it sounds loopy.”
“We’re the weirding folk remember. We don’t do normal!”
“’Ow big are these cellars anyway?”
“Huge Alice!” Rebecca waved a hand at the Great Hall. “If you think the hall is big you’ve no idea just how much of it stretches underground. There are miles of tunnels and caves under our feet Alice. They’re vast! You’ve no idea!”
Neither did Jennifer have any idea of the full extent of the labyrinth beneath the grounds of Mathom Hall but she was beginning to gain some impression. She was walking through a part of the network now, attached by the wrist to Rachel who was giving her a guided tour. Jennifer was beginning to feel bewildered. There seemed no end to the corridors and chambers they had passed through and she knew that without Rachel she would be hopelessly lost. Rachel had shown her the cider presses, the fully equipped brewery, the massive wine cellars with row upon row of dusty vintages and the creamery where Rachel had explained the old fashioned way of making cheese. They’d tried a little of the cheese that was still made there and it was tart and delicious. There’d been the big coal cellars. In former times, Rachel had explained, before the installation of central heating, it had taken a small troop of young boys with buckets to feed the innumerable fires within the Hall. The huge coal cellars were fed from chutes from the outside and had been called “Hell” in former times. Now they weren’t used to the same extent and the old black coal from the coalfields to the south had been replaced with smokeless fuels. At one point they entered a region where it was very warm and smelled of chlorine. They were underneath the big swimming pool Rachel explained and the chlorination and heating plants were down here.
There was one fantastic room that Rachel had showed her that turned out to be merely one part of an intricate complex. They’d had to enter through a sealed door into an atmospherically controlled chamber where, stretching away for more than a hundred yards, were tall high cabinets on sliding rails. At first Jennifer had been puzzled until Rachel had slid one of the big cabinets out and showed her the contents. It was full of precious leather bound books and bound documents. This room she’d explained was part of the vast archives of the Hall. The archives were one of the wonders of the Hall Rachel had explained. There were documents that went back centuries well back into the first millennium. There were books in here that people hadn’t even looked at for hundreds of years. There were restricted parts of the archives where only those with special permission were allowed to delve into the hidden past of the House of Mathom and its multitude of secrets and there were parts that nobody had any idea anymore what was in them. The chambers containing the archives were a treasure store of historical data, a labyrinth of Ali Baba’s caves of precious information. It would take decades even to catalogue the contents of these archives let alone read more than a tithe of them. There were revelations in there that hadn’t seen the light of day for hundreds of years. Jennifer had shivered. Even to be just in the presence of such a vast store of archaic material from the past had been spooky. Here was where the Hall buried its skeletons and hid its secrets. You could almost hear the dark past whispering at you.
They’d passed through some of the more utilitarian of the cellars’ chambers and seen the huge network of plumbing and heating systems. Here they’d had an unexpected encounter for as they rounded a corner they’d come upon a man and a young lad working on some machinery. Had she been alone Jennifer would have run and hidden her nakedness but Rachel led her quite calmly past the two. The elder man had seen them and jumped to his feet to bow politely and the younger man had followed his example blushing furiously but forgetting his cap. His elder colleague had poked him sharply with his elbow and growled “Yer ‘at son!” and the young man had dashed his cap from his head hastily, his cheeks crimson with mortification. The elder man had spoken to them saying “A good day ter yer miladies. Thank you for gracin’ us workplace.” Rachel had just smiled and nodded in acknowledgement.
Once past them Jennifer had said to Rachel “That was embarrassing!”
“Yes.” Rachel had agreed “I thought the poor lad was going to faint! He’s probably getting his ear clipped now for forgetting his manners.”
“I meant it was embarrassing for us!”
“Whatever for? We’re high ladies of this House and if we choose to walk about naked that is our business. I’m sure it won’t be the first time that the man there has seen a naked woman in the cellars. I don’t know about the young lad though! He’ll probably be telling all his friends in the pub about it tonight!”
“I didn’t know that they were allowed to come down here.”
“Of course they are. You don’t think that Sebastian could possibly run this entire establishment by himself do you? No it requires any number of maintenance workers to keep all this running.”
“Can they just go anywhere they please?”
“No naturally not. They’re not allowed into the penal areas where we live for example. That’s not to say that occasionally one doesn’t find himself in there if some lady prisoner decides to grant him the favour of her pleasure and lure him in. I wouldn’t have minded making a man out of that young lad myself. He was cute wasn’t he?” Jennifer sighed and shook her head in bewilderment.
They’d wandered far from their jail cells and found themselves in dark regions where Rachel had carried a lamp and shown Jennifer the caves stretching way back under the grounds and into the hills. They’d only penetrated a short distance however and Jennifer was grateful for that for it was cool in these areas and she was frightened of the dark caverns. There’d been signs saying “Danger Keep Out!” and a couple of passageways had been sealed with steel mesh gates and signs saying “Restricted area- no admittance.” She’d been grateful when they’d finally turned back.
Now they were once again nearing their jail and it almost felt like coming home. Even in their jail quarters however there were chambers that Jennifer had not previously seen. Some of these were quite frightening for they had an obvious penal function with hanging chains or formidable looking pieces of apparatus that were clearly designed for restraining their victims. Rachel was quite unabashed by all these chambers and even showed a perverse pride in the ingenuity and variety of the penal instruments to hand.
What really interested Jennifer however was the graffiti. All over the jail quarters generations of prisoners had scratched graffiti into the stone and brickwork. Many of the examples were funny or poignant. In many cases the prisoner had just left their name but there were numerous examples of lovers’ marks with two or more names or initials around a heart with an arrow through it. Rachel showed her one around a triangle with the names Maureen, Madeleine and Pixie on it and Jennifer found it immensely touching but there were hundreds of others. It was a historic document in its own right cataloguing the multitude of slaves that had passed beneath these vaults. Some had dates on them that placed them back as far as the eighteenth century and even earlier. Others were just funny with silly poems and rude drawings. There was one that said “I was a good girl when I came down here but now I’m really good!” Another that simply said “Annie D was here…. again!” There was a thought-provoking phrase on one wall that said, “If you don’t know why you’re down here you probably deserve to be!” and somebody had written underneath “So you didn’t huh s****r?” There were many uses of the word “s****r” which pointed to the essentially feminine character of the cellar’s prisoners but Jennifer knew that men occasionally were incarcerated here as well. Nevertheless there was a definite continuity of s****rhood among the many people that had left their marks on these walls and a streak of black humour running through the comments. In one alcove underneath some hanging chains there was one comment written close to the floor that Jennifer couldn’t read at first until she realised that it was upside down. It would in fact be perfectly visible to someone hung up by the ankles from the chains above. It read simply “That’s another fine mess you’ve got yourself into s****r!”
There were many references to Sebastian as well and some of them were deliciously teasing such as the one that asked “Does Sebastian only take whipped cream in his coffee?… Discuss.” Or another that said, “Please scream quietly… loud noises upset Sebastian!” Jennifer wondered just how long Sebastian had ruled these cellars for some of the graffiti referring to him seemed very old. One even had a date on it and the date was revealing for it said “Belinda and Beatrice… married under Sebastian’s whip, June 1926” Jennifer felt the hair on the back of her neck tingle. Even stranger were the references to Lady Mathom although she was rarely mentioned by name. One ditty ran,
“For the sins of my flesh in the times of my leisure,
Whipped down here at My Ladyship’s pleasure!”
And there were even fond and loving pieces about her such as the one that said,
“I will endure my pain and bondage,
And not yearn for open skies,
Within these halls of penance,
Laments, groans and sighs,
Nor wish for peace and solace,
Until my wretched lies,
Be long and well forgiven.
By My Lady’s purple eyes.”
Jennifer felt some strange kindred with the author of these odd lines and indeed she began to feel a part of greater whole. These were her spiritual s****rs that had passed this way and left the history of their passing for posterity. This in truth was the Line, a continual thread that linked her to all these others and Jennifer felt a great love and sense of belonging within the s****rhood that knew the reality of Sebastian’s netherworld beneath the House of Mathom. It put her own incarceration into perspective and made her sufferings easier to bear to feel that she belonged to such an elite sorority.
Finally Rachel led her back into the big chamber where they took their meals and lived. They seated themselves at the big table and Rachel took up the rapidly expanding file she was keeping on Jennifer’s progress. “OK.” she began, “Well you’ve had a mixed day so far. I was quite pleased with your posture and balance but your self presentation sucks Jenny!” Jennifer was at least relieved that the latter parts of the morning exercises had passed reasonably well. Rachel had had her walk along narrow wooden beams sometimes with books balanced on her head to test her balance and coordination and put her through a series of yoga exercises to tease some quality of graceful posture and bodily awareness out of her and she’d not been too bad in that context.
Rachel had also started to teach her some basic meditation techniques borrowed from Eastern culture to teach her harmony and tranquillity and Jennifer had found them soothing and enjoyable. Rachel had prescribed a programme of light meditation for her; confined to twenty minutes a day, and Jennifer had found the prospect agreeable. She had an interest in Eastern meditative practises and was willing to explore them albeit under strict guidelines. Rachel had had Jennifer adopt a posture she’d described as the “Seven Points of Vairocana” which entailed sitting crossed legged on a cushion, with her spine straight, her hands on her knees, her eyes half opened and focussed down, her chin tucked in, her mouth slightly open and her tongue touching the roof of her mouth. Once in this position she’d had Jennifer empty her mind of future or past thoughts and simply allow her mind to be in a natural state without conceptualisations. The cellars provided a wonderful environment for such meditation and Jennifer discovered the beginnings of a stillness within her that she was eager to explore further.
Finally Rachel put down the file and sighed “Little madam here demands that I take a siesta honey so I’ll hand the next part of your program over to Sebastian. This evening I have work to do so after our evening meal you can press on with your essay. Get Sebastian to help you if you get stuck.”
“What’s my program for the rest of the afternoon ma-am?”
“Oh you’re going to be whipped Jenny.”
“Chin up dear! Happens to us all! How was your letter from Julie by the way?”
“Difficult! Julie’s handwriting is rotten I could hardly read most of it! Just wanted to say she loves me and misses me. I miss her too.”
“It’ll only be a short while dear. If you’d like to write her a quick letter back this evening I’ll make sure somebody delivers it for you. Now let’s find Sebastian and attend to your whipping.” Sebastian wasn’t far away and he was entirely sympathetic to the idea of relieving Rachel of the chore of whipping Jennifer.
“Why of course Miss Rachel! I would be delighted to attend to Miss Jennifer in your stead. May I enquire as to your well being Miss? I sincerely hope that you haven’t been overtaxing yourself.”
“I’m fine Sebastian. Pregnancy just makes you a little tired on occasion.”
“So I understand Miss. When I heard that you were coming for a visit, I felt it incumbent on myself to obtain some reading material and familiarise myself with the symptoms and conditions of a lady’s period of gestation. I found the reading most useful and informative.”
“Oh Sebastian! You’ve been worrying about me!”
“I must confess that I was somewhat concerned Miss Rachel. It is not usual to have a lady visit these cellars in your delicate condition.”
Rachel stood up on tiptoes and kissed Sebastian fondly “Do stop worrying Sebastian. I’m as healthy as an ox just doing what comes naturally.”
“I’m gratified to hear it Miss. I understand that you are going to bless this House with a girl c***d Miss.”
“That’s right Sebastian.”
“May I be so bold as to inquire whether or not you have chosen a name for the young lady?”
“No I haven’t as yet. If I’d been expecting a boy I was going to call him Sebastian.”
“Miss! You do me far too much honour!” Jennifer was shocked to see the moisture of tears in Sebastian’s eyes.
“Not at all Sebastian. I could not possibly do you honour enough. But it’s not a boy so I’m stuck now. Would you do me a great service Sebastian?”
“I would be honoured to Miss.”
“Would you pick out a name for my baby for me?”
“Really Miss! I wouldn’t dare to presume so much!”
“Please Sebastian! It would mean an awful lot to me!”
“No really I… “
“Please Sebastian!”
“Well Miss I….”
“Yes Sebastian?”
Sebastian cleared his throat “Well there is one name that comes to mind Miss although I wouldn’t for a moment be so presumptuous as to suggest you would use it.”
“What is it Sebastian?”
“Well I knew a lady once called Gentiana…”
“What an unusual name!”
“Yes I know Miss. But I often think about her when I see you. You remind me a good deal of her.”
“Who was she Sebastian?”
“A lady I knew many years ago Miss.”
“How did she come by such a name?”
“It’s of Latin derivation Miss. It is the generic name for the gentian, the little purple flowers that bloom on the mountainsides when the snow has melted.”
“Oh that’s beautiful!”
“Of course I’m sure that it would not be an appropriate name in this day and age. It was a long time ago.”
“What happened to her Sebastian?”
“I’m afraid that she died in one of our terrible wars Miss.”
“Oh I’m so sorry to hear that Sebastian! Did you know her well?”
“Yes Miss. She and I we had…. well an understanding. We were informally affianced you might say.”
“Oh Sebastian I’m so sorry!”
“I… I have an old photograph of her somewhere. She was very beautiful.”
Rachel felt on the point of tears. Somewhere she began to understand Sebastian’s long years of bachelorhood, the years of solitude within these cellars. “What do you think Jenny?” she asked.
“I… I think that’s a lovely name Pixie”
“Sebastian my daughter’s name will be Gentiana. There’ll be a little purple flower born to this House!”
“I didn’t wish to impose that name on you Miss I was just reminiscing really.”
“I know you didn’t Sebastian. Nevertheless my daughter will be named Gentiana. I will bring her up to know the wisdom you have shown me in these cellars. You will be grandparent to her. She will become the Lady Gentiana and by the Goddess I will make you proud of her!”
Sebastian wiped his eyes hastily. “Miss, My Lady… I am touched…. deeply touched.”
“Will you seal it with a kiss Sebastian?” In humble tenderness Sebastian folded Rachel in his massive arms and kissed her lightly.
“I shall treasure this day always Miss Rachel.”
“Thank you Sebastian. And thank you for the gift of my daughter’s name! Now if you please I must lie down a while.” Rachel disentangled herself and embraced Jennifer gently addressing herself to Sebastian. “Take good care of her Sebastian. This is a queen of the Line!”
“Miss Jennifer will be entirely safe in my hands Miss Rachel.”
Rachel turned to Jennifer and stroked her cheek fondly “Go with Sebastian now Jenny. Be brave. It’ll only be a short whipping. I’ll see you later on.”
Rachel left them and Jennifer felt a strange calm possess her. When Sebastian cleared his throat to say, “If you would care to accompany me Miss Jennifer.” she turned and followed him quietly in tranquil resignation her mind still wondering at the scene she had just witnessed. There would be a c***d to these cellars she now saw. The old vaults would reverberate to the sounds of a c***d’s laughter and become blessed because of it. She could see into a future where a pretty young girl c***d would sip her cocoa and eat her biscuits as her doting old surrogate grandfather told her fantastic fairy stories from his endless repertoire by the fire side in his chambers. There would be a c***d that would run free and unafraid through these corridors, a c***d that would know every nook and cranny of them, who would watch the baby bats clinging to their mothers at their roosts and give them silly names, a c***d who would feed the little cellar mice with crumbs, a c***d who would sit for hours poring over the old books in the archives and find wonder and adventure in them. Jennifer envied that c***d her c***dhood.
In the whipping chamber that she had first encountered in the cellars Sebastian gave her a ribbon “Perhaps it would be better for you to tie your hair up for convenience Miss Jennifer.” Jennifer complied calmly, tying her long auburn tresses up in the ribbon so that it would not impede the whip on her back and then held out her hands so that Sebastian could attach the cuffs on her wrists to the chains hanging from the ceiling. Sebastian tightened the chains until her arms were stretched vertically above her and she was standing on the balls of her feet. She looked over her shoulder and watched Sebastian take down a long bullwhip from the wall. She closed her eyes and prayed for fortitude. Somewhere in her mind’s eye she saw a little girl saying to her “It’s only a little whipping Miss. Sebastian doesn’t really want to hurt you. Maybe when you’ve had your whipping we can have some cocoa and cake together and Sebastian can tell us the story about that old Chinese soldier again.” She felt tears prick at her eyes with the beauty of the vision and the hissing lash of the whip across her shoulders was almost bittersweet in its agonising caress. Even as she writhed in her agony and screamed in the quiet of the chamber, with the whip curling around her body, stinging her back, her buttocks, her legs, stomach and breasts, falling away in heavy coils from her tortured flesh after each lash, she saw the little girl sitting cross-legged on the floor before her saying “Only a little whipping! Nearly finished now. Then we can have some fun!” For it was just a little whipping and she, slave of the House of Mathom, must endure it for there was light and pleasure, and love beyond.

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Chapter I

I WAS BORN, BUT WOULD KNOW HOW TO SAY NO HOW, when or where, and therefore I allow the reader to accept this statement of mine and who creates it while you think. Another thing is also certain: the fact of my birth is not even an atom less true that the veracity of these reports, and if the intelligent student deepens these pages wondering how it happened that in the course of my journey through life -Or maybe I should have said I jumped for her endowed with intelligence, powers of observation and memory retentive powers that allowed me to keep the memory of the wonderful events and discoveries that I will relate only I can answer that there are intelligences unsuspected by the vulgar, and natural laws which existence has not been discovered yet by the most advanced scientists world. I heard somewhere that my destiny was to spend my life sucking bl**d. In no way am the least of the beings who belong to this fraternity universal, and if I have a precarious existence in the bodies of those with whom I come in contact, my own experience shows that I do in a remarkably quirky, and I do my business a warning that rarely offer other beings in other grades in my profession. But my belief is that pursue goals noble than mere support of me through contributions unwary. I've noticed that my original defect, and with a soul that is far above the vulgar beings instincts of my race, I've been climbing heights mental perception and scholarship that put me forever in the pinnacle of greatness in the world of insects. It is the fact of having achieved such enlightenment mind that I want to evoke the describe the scenes I witnessed, and in which even took part. I have to stop to explain by what means was endowed with human powers of observation and discernment. Let it be allowed simply to notice, to through my speculations, that I own, and proceed accordingly. In this way you will realize that I am not a flea vulgar. Indeed, when taking into account the companies I'm used to frequent, the So I led familiarity dealing with the highest personalities, and how that I became acquainted with most of them, the reader will no doubt agree with me that, indeed, I am the most wonderful and eminent insects. My first memories I rolled back to a time when I was in the inside a church. There was music, and you could hear a slow and monotonous chants I filled with surprise and admiration. But I have since learned to calibrate the real importance of such influences, and attitudes of devotees take them now external manifestations of internal emotional state, usually nonexistent. It was delivered to my professional work in white plump leg of a girl of about f******n, the taste of bl**d which I still remember, as well as the scent of her ... but I digress.
Page 2
2, page 107 Shortly after beginning as quiet and friendly to my small attentions, the young as well as the rest of the congregation rose and left. As naturally, I decided to accompany her. I have very keen senses of sight and hearing, and I could see how, in the when crossing the porch, a young man slid into the gloved hand girl a folded sheet of white paper. I had perceived as the name Bella, measured soft embroidery on silk that initially attracted me to me, and I could see that this name also appeared on the outside of the love letter. He was with his aunt, a tall and stately lady, with whom I was not interested to enter intimate relationships. Bella was gorgeous barely f******n, and perfect figure. Despite their youth, their sweet budding breasts were beginning to acquire proportions as those placental opposite sex. The accused face a candor charming, his breath was soft as the perfumes of Arabia, and his skin was velvet. Bella knew, of course, what their charms, and stood her head so proudly and coquettishly as she could do a queen. Not difficult to see that aroused admiration to observe the glances of longing and lust youth addressed to him, and sometimes men and more mature. Outside the temple there was a general silence, and all faces turned to look at the beautiful Bella, demonstrations spoke better than words that was most admired by all eyes, and the most desirable for the hearts male. However, without paying any attention to what was evidently an event of every day, the little lady walked briskly to his home, accompanied by his aunt, and upon reaching his abode neat and elegant hurried to his room. I will not say I followed, since he was with her, and I could see how the young gentle rose one of her exquisite legs to cross over the other in order to unfold the tiny stylish k** boots. I jumped on the carpet and I examine it. He followed the other boot, without aside a another his plump calves, Bella stared folded the letter I noticed that the young man had secretly placed in his hands. Watching it all up close, I could see the curves of her thighs that deployed up to the garters, secured, get lost then the darkness, where they met either at the point where they met with a lovely low belly to almost block the view of a thin slit peach, barely peeped his lips in the shadows. Bella suddenly dropped the note, and having stayed open, I took the liberty of also read. the unwary. I've noticed that my original defect, and with a soul which is well above the vulgar beings instincts of my race, I have been climbing heights of mental perception and scholarship that put me forever in the pinnacle of greatness in the world of insects. It is the fact of having achieved such enlightenment mind that I want to evoke the describe the scenes I witnessed, and in which even took part. I have to stop to explain by what means was endowed with human powers of observation and discernment. Let it be allowed simply to notice, to through my speculations, that I own, and proceed accordingly.
Page 3
3, page 107 In this way you will realize that I am not a flea vulgar. Indeed, when taking into account the companies I'm used to frequent, the So I led familiarity dealing with the highest personalities, and how that I became acquainted with most of them, the reader will no doubt agree with me that, indeed, I am the most wonderful and eminent insects. My first memories I rolled back to a time when I was in the inside a church. There was music, and you could hear a slow and monotonous chants I filled with surprise and admiration. But I have since learned to calibrate the real importance of such influences, and attitudes of devotees take them now external manifestations of internal emotional state, usually nonexistent. It was delivered to my professional work in white plump leg of a girl of about f******n, the taste of bl**d which I still remember, as well as the scent of her ... but I digress. Shortly after beginning as quiet and friendly to my small attentions, the young as well as the rest of the congregation rose and left. As naturally, I decided to accompany her. I have very keen senses of sight and hearing, and I could see how, in the when crossing the porch, a young man slid into the gloved hand girl a folded sheet of white paper. I had perceived as the name Bella, measured soft embroidery on silk that initially attracted me to me, and I could see that this name also appeared on the outside of the love letter. He was with his aunt, a tall and stately lady, with whom I was not interested to enter intimate relationships. Bella was gorgeous barely f******n, and perfect figure. Despite their youth, their sweet budding breasts were beginning to acquire proportions as those placental opposite sex. The accused face a candor charming, his breath was soft as the perfumes of Arabia, and his skin was velvet. Bella knew, of course, what their charms, and stood her head so proudly and coquettishly as she could do a queen. Not difficult to see that aroused admiration to observe the glances of longing and lust youth addressed to him, and sometimes men and more mature. Outside the temple there was a general silence, and all faces turned to look at the beautiful Bella, demonstrations spoke better than words that was most admired by all eyes, and the most desirable for the hearts male. However, without paying any attention to what was evidently an event of every day, the little lady walked briskly to his home, accompanied by his aunt, and upon reaching his abode neat and elegant hurried to his room. I will not say I followed, since he was with her, and I could see how the young gentle rose one of her exquisite legs to cross over the other in order to unfold the tiny stylish k** boots.
Page 4
4 page 107 I jumped on the carpet and I examine it. He followed the other boot, without aside a another his plump calves, Bella stared folded the letter I noticed that the young man had secretly placed in his hands. Watching it all up close, I could see the curves of her thighs that deployed up to the garters, secured, get lost then the darkness, where they met either at the point where they met with a lovely low belly to almost block the view of a thin slit peach, barely peeped his lips in the shadows. Bella suddenly dropped the note, and having stayed open, I took the liberty of also read. "Tonight, eight o'clock, I'll be in the old place." They were the only words written on paper, but apparently had a particular interest to her. since remained at the same position for some time in thought. He had me curious, and eager to know more about the interesting young, which gave me the pleasant opportunity to continue in such a pleasant promiscuity, I rushed to remain quietly hidden in a secret place and comfortable, if somewhat damp, and went not out of it, in order to observe the development of events, until it approached the time of the appointment. Bella is dressed with meticulous care, and prepared to move to garden surrounding the cottage where he lived, went with her. At the end of a long avenue shaded girl sat on a rustic bench, and waited the arrival of the person I had to meet. They did not spend more than a few minutes before the submission of the young that the morning had gotten in touch with my delightful girlfriend. They struck up a conversation, yes I judge by the abstraction therein made of all that did not relate to themselves, had a special interest both. It was dusk, and we were between two lights. Little air was blowing warm and comfortable, and the young couple remained entwined in the bank, forgetting everything that was not his mutual happiness. You do not know how much I love you, Bella murmured the young man, gently sealing his declaration deposited with a kiss on the lips she offered. -Yes, I know, 'she replied innocently. Do not you telling me constantly? I'll get tired of hearing that song. Bella shook her pretty feet uneasily, and looked thoughtful. - When'll explain and teach all those fun things that I've spoken? She finally asked, with a glance, then return to nail the at the floor.
Page 5
Page 5 of 107 'Now,' said the young man. Now, dear Bella, that we are alone and free from interruptions. You know, Bella? We're not just k**s. Bella nodded her head. 'Well, there are things that c***dren do not know, and that lovers must not only know, but also practice. - Good God! She said, very serious. - Yes he continued his companion. There are among those who love secret things that make them happy, and that is because of the joy of loving and being loved. - God! Bella exclaimed. How sentimental you gone, Carlos! Yet remember when you said that sentimentality was just a hoax. -I thought so, until I fell for you, 'said the young man. - Nonsense! 'Said Bella. But let's go ahead, tell me what I yi have promised. -I can not say whether I while I do not teach Carlos replied. The skills you learn watching only the practice. - Come on, then! Go ahead and show me! Cried the girl, whose bright eyes and burning cheeks credible discover she had perfect knowledge of the claiming class instruction. In his impatience had a something captivating. The young man gave in to this attractive and, covering his body with the beautiful young lady, put his lips to hers and kissed enthralled. Bella did not resist, on the contrary collaborated returning the caresses of her loved. Meanwhile the evening progressed, the trees disappeared after. darkness, and extended their high tops and to protect young people against the fading light. Carlos suddenly slid next to her and made ​​a slight movement. Without opposition from Bella spent his hand under the girl's petticoats. Not satisfied with the enjoyment that caused her to have her reach her ​​silk stockings, tried to follow above, and their inquisitive fingers came in contact with the soft, trembling meats girl's thighs. The rate of respiration of Bella rushed to the attack on their delicate little charms. He was, however, far from resisting; undoubtedly pleased him the exciting romp. -Touch it murmured. I'll allow it.
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Page 6 of 107 Carlos did not need another invitation. Actually was about to move on, and capturing at once the scope of the permit, inserted his fingers deeper. The girl opened her thighs complacent when he did, and immediately his delicate hand reached her pretty pink lips crack. During the next ten minutes the couple stayed with glued lips, forgetting everything. Only his breathing betrayed the intensity of the sensations that embargaba in that intoxication of lust. Carlos felt a delicate object acquired stiffness under his nimble fingers, and sticking in a way that was unknown. At that time Bella closed her eyes, and dropping her head back is shivered slightly, while its lightweight devenía languid body, and his head seeking support on the arm of her beloved. - Oh, Kay! He murmured. What are you doing? What delicious sensations provide me! The boy did not remain idle, but having already explored all that allowed f***ed posture it was in, got up, and realizing the need to satisfy the passion that his acts had awakened his companion begged him allowed to drive his hand toward a beloved object, which it said was capable of make you much more pleasure than her fingers had given him. Nothing reluctant, Bella grabbed a delicious new object, and whatever it simulating experienced curiosity, or because it really felt transported by newborns desires could not refuse to carry the shadow to light the object of his erect friend. Those of my readers who have found themselves in a similar situation may quickly understand the heat set to wield the new acquisition, and the look of welcome with which hosted its first public appearance. It was the first time Bella watched a male in full manifestation of power, and even if it was so, I could see comfortably was of formidable size. What he incited to deepen their knowledge was the whiteness of his red trunk and head, which was pulling the soft skin as she pressure exerted. Carlos was also softened. His eyes sparkled and his hand was youth traveling the treasure which had taken possession. Meanwhile romps the little hand on the youth member who had contacted had produced effects commonly observed in circumstances at any agency healthy and vigorous, like the case that at hand. Enraptured by the gentle pressure of the hand grips and delicious sweets, and inexperience with the girl threw back the folds covering the lush fruit, to uncover her head turned red with desire, and her tiny hole in waiting for the opportunity to expel the slimy offering, the young man was crazed
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7, page 107 lust, and Bella was new and rare prey sensations being dragged towards a passionate whirlwind of excitement that made ​​her crave an outlet unknown. With her ​​beautiful eyes closed, lips parted her moist, hot skin and angry because of the unknown impulse that had seized him, scapegoat was for anyone who had the opportunity this time. and would achieve their favors and their delicate pink snatch youth. Despite his youth. Carlos was not so blind as to let out as brilliant opportunity. Besides his passion, now at its highest, urged him to go ahead, against the advice of prudence that would otherwise have heard. Found very wet throbbing center stirring under his fingers; stared at the beautiful girl lying on an invitation to the game of love, observed his deep sighs, that made ​​her breasts rise and fall, and the strong emotions sensual who gave life to the radiant forms of his young companion. The soft and perky girl's legs were exposed to the passionate looks young. As he carefully lifted her underwear, Carlos discovered the secret charms of his lovely companion, until his eyes fell on the flames Member logs topped in white throbbing hips and belly. His fiery gaze fell then at the center of attraction in the pink cleavage hidden beneath a mound plump, just shaded by the most Soft hairs. The tingling that had been administered, and dispensed caresses the object coveted, had caused moisture flow usually happens to excitement, and Bella offered a slit antojábase a peach, well sprayed by the best and sweetest lubricant that nature can offer. Carlos caught his opportunity, and pushing gently hand she clutched the Member furiously launched on the recumbent figure of her. He seized his left arm with her ​​small waist, hugged girl's cheeks with his warm breath, his lips pressed against hers in a long, passionate and urgent kiss. After releasing his left hand, tried to gather as bodies possible in those parts that play an active role in the sensual pleasure, anxiously striving to complete the union. Bella felt for the first time in his life the magic touch male organ with the lips of her pink hole. As soon as I felt the hot thick head contact member Carlos shook perceptibly, and in anticipation of the pleasures of the acts venereal, gave a generous sample of his susceptible nature.
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Page 8 of 107 Carlos was enraptured, and endeavored to find the highest perfection in the consummation of the act. But nature, which had so influenced the development of the sexual passions Bella, had arranged, that something had to be done before it was cut as tempranero a cocoon so easily. She was very young, immature, even in the sense of these monthly visits signal the onset of puberty, and parts, even though they were full of perfections and freshness, were ill-prepared for the admission of members male, even as moderate as that, with his round head intruder, they fought at that time to seek accommodation in them. Carlos struggled in vain with his excited member pressing inward the delicate parts of the adorable little girl. The pink folds the narrow hole resisted all attempts at penetration in the mystic grotto. In vain also the beautiful Bella, at that time swollen by an excitement that bordered on anger, and semienloquecida by tingling effect and had suffered, seconded by all means the bold efforts of his young lover. The membrane was strong and fiercely resisted. Finally, in a desperate effort to achieve this objective, the young man stepped back for a moment, to launch later with all his f***es forward, so it was able to break through drilling in the obstruction, and advance the head and part of his hardened member in sex girl lying under it. Bella let out a little scream as she felt f***ed the door that led to their secret charms, but how delicious the contact gave him strength to endure pain with hope of relief that seemed to be about to arrive. It has been said that ce n'est qui coute le premier coup, but also be argued that is perfectly possible that il quelquejois trops cautious, as the reader can infer me in this case. Nevertheless, and as strange as it may seem, none of our lovers had no idea about it, then handed over entirely to the delicious sensations had seized them, united their efforts to carry out movements burning they both felt that they would take them to an ecstasy. Bella's whole body shook with impatience delusional, and her red lips telltale short exclamations escaped the supreme delight, was delivered in body and soul to the delight of coitus. His muscle contractions in the weapon that that time the had already skewered, strong hug that held the contorted boy's body, the narrowness of the wet delicate sheath, set like a glove, all Charles senses excited to madness. He buried his instrument to the root in her body, until the two balloons Champion supplied reached masculinity contact the firm cheeks her buttocks. He could not go further, and gave himself to reap the harvest of their efforts.
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Page 9 of 107 But Bella, insatiable in his passion, as soon as he saw made ​​complete union They wanted, surrendering to lust for pleasure that hot rigid member has provided, was too excited to care or worry about what could happen next. Possessed by crazy spasms of lust, is squeezed against object of his pleasure and, taking up the arms of his beloved, with muffled moans intense emotion ecstatic squeals of surprise and delight, I let out a heavy issue that, looking out, flooded Carlos testicles. As soon as the boy could see the pleasure he sought to beautiful Bella, and warned the flow so profusely had bestowed upon him, was dam also a fit of lustful rage. A raging torrent of desire seemed to flood him veins. His instrument was completely buried in the bowels of it. Leaning back extracted burning almost to the head member and sink again. She felt a tingling grating, maddening. Tightened the hug that kept him attached to his young lover, and in the same instant he snatched another cry of pleasure escaped from her heaving chest, felt his own panting on the breast of Bella, while shedding within its matrix grateful a torrent of youthful vigor. A muffled groan of lust satisfied escaped Bella's lips parted, to feel inside seminal fluid spill. At the same time the lustful frenzy tore issuing Carlos a piercing scream and passionate as he lay with eyes, as the final act of the drama sexy. The cry was the signal for a break so sudden and unexpected. Between next shrub branches slipped the sinister figure of a man standing stood front of the young lovers. The horror froze the bl**d of both. Carlos, who had been sneaking of their lewd and warm shelter, and a stand effort, backed by the appearance, as though fleeing from a dreadful snake. Meanwhile the gentle Bella, as soon as he noticed the presence of the intruder covered his face with his hands, shrugging at the bank who had been mute witness to his enjoyment, and unable to make a sound because of fear, prepared to wait out the storm that was sure to break out, to face, to her with all the presence of mind to was capable of. It lasted much uncertainty. Fast forward to the guilty pair, the newcomer took the young by the arm, while a hard look authoritative ordering him to put order in his clothing. - Boy reckless! He muttered. What did you do? To what extreme passion you dragged your crazy and wild? How can you face the wrath of your offended father? How apaciguarás his just resentment when I, in the exercise of my moral duty, you do know the damage caused by the hand of his only son?
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10, page 107 When he finished speaking, keeping Carlos still attached by the wrist, the light Moon discovered the figure of a man of about forty-five, short, fat and rather stout. His face, frankly beautiful, was even more attractive as a result of a pair of bright eyes, black as jet, launched in around him looks grim passionate resentment. He wore clerical dress, whose gloomy appearance and cleanliness were further highlight its remarkable proportions muscle and its striking appearance, Carlos was completely confused, and felt selfish and infinitely relieved when the fierce intruder turned to his young libidinous joys companion. 'As for you, poor girl, I can only express my utmost horror and me righteous indignation. Forgetting the precepts of our Holy Mother Church, without you have for the honor, has allowed this perverse and presumptuous boy test the forbidden fruit. What's left now? Scorned by friends and dumped household your uncle, you have to associate with the b**sts of the field and. like Nebuchadnezzar, will be eluded yours to avoid contamination, and have to beg on the roads the Lord a miserable livelihood. Ah, c***d of sin, creature given to lust and Satan! I tell you ... The stranger had gone so far in his warning to the unfortunate girl, who Bella, leaving her attitude shrunken and arose, tears and entreaties joined in demand pardon for herself and her young lover -Say no more, followed after. the fiery priest. Say no more. The confessions are not valid, and humiliation only add mud to your offense. My mind does not succeeds to realize what my obligations in this dirty business, but if he obeyed the dictates of my present inclinations I would route directly to your custodians natural to make them know immediately the infamies that I discovered by chance. -; By mercy! Pity me! Pleaded Bella, whose tears ran by doing little cheeks had shone with pleasure. - Forgive. father! Forgive us both! We will do everything in our hands as penance. They say six masses and many Fathers borne by we certainly will be undertaken the pilgrimage to the tomb of St. Engulfo, which I were talking the other day. I am willing to make any sacrifice if you forgive my dear Bella. The priest silenced with a gesture. Then he took the word, sometimes in a pious tone that contrasted with his manner and his natural drive resolved. - Enough! She said. I need time. I need to invoke the aid of the Blessed Virgin, unfamiliar e] sin but without experiencing the pleasure of carnal copulation mortals, gave birth to the baby Jesus in the stable at Bethlehem. Come and see me tomorrow sacristy, Bella. There, in the proper enclosure, I will reveal what the divine will about your sin. As for you, young impetuous, I reserve all judgment and all action until the next day, which I hope at the same time. Thousands of thanks came from the throats of the father both penitents when they warned that they should leave now.
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11, page 107 The night had long since fallen, and the dew rose. -Meanwhile, good night, and may peace be with you. Your secret is safe with me until we meet again, 'said the father before disappearing.
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12, page 107 Chapter II CURIOUS TO KNOW THE DEVELOPMENT OF A adventure that was truly interested, at the same time that the fate of the gentle and kind Bella, I felt obliged to stay with her, and so I was careful not bother you with my attentions, not to arouse their resistance and trigger a untimely attack at a time when for the success of my goals needed to be in their own field of operations of the young. Do not try to describe to the hard time spent my young charge in the range the time elapsed since the occurrence of the annoying discovery of father confessor and the time appointed by him to visit him in the sacristy, in order to decide on the fate of the unfortunate Bella. Unsteadily and stared at the floor, the frightened girl appeared before it's door and knocked. The door opened and the father appeared in the doorway. In a sign of the priest Bella walked, standing in front of the imposing figure of the holy man. There was a awkward silence that lasted for several seconds. The father Ambrose finally broke it to say: -You did well to come so promptly, my daughter. The strict obedience penitent spirit is the first sign that leads to divine forgiveness. At these kind words Bella took a deep breath and seemed to download a weight that oppressed his heart. Father Ambrose continued talking while sitting on a long cushion covering a large oak chest. 'I thought about you, and has prayed for you, my dear. During some time I found a way to let my conscience free from guilt, unless the Visiting your natural protector to reveal the awful secret that involuntarily I came into possession. He paused, and Bella, who knew very well the severe nature of his uncle, who also depended entirely, trembled to hear such words. Taking her hand and pulling her so she had to kneel before him, while his right hand pressed her shapely shoulder, continued Father: -But I think it hurt the dreadful results that would have followed to this revelation, and asked the Blessed Virgin assist me in this tribulation. She pointed a path at the same time serving the purpose of the sacred church avoids
Page 13
Page 13 of 107 consequences should the fact that come to the attention of your uncle. Without But the first condition necessary for us to follow this path is the absolute obedience. Bella, relieved of their distress when he heard there was a way of salvation, promised in the act blindly obey the orders of his spiritual father. The girl was kneeling at his feet. Father Ambrose bowed his great head over the prostrate figure of her. A tint of her cheeks flushed and strange fire his eyes lit up. His hands trembled slightly when supported on shoulders of his penitent, but did not lose his composure. Undoubtedly his spirit was troubled by the conflict born of the need to move forward with the implementation strict duty, and tortuous steps that sought to avoid her cruel exposure. The Holy Father began after a long sermon on the virtue of obedience, and absolute submission to rules issued by the minister of the holy church. Bella reiterated the assurance that it would be very patient and to obey all that was ordered. Meanwhile it was clear to me that the priest was the victim of a spirit controlled but rebellious, sometimes sticking in his person and totally seized it, reflected in his eyes twinkling and his passionate and fiery lips. Ambrose's father drew more and more of its beautiful penitent, until their cute arms rested on his knees and leaned his face down with pious resignation, almost sunk in his hands. -And now, my daughter, continued the holy man's time of to reveal the means that I have been identified by the Blessed Virgin as the only that I am authorized to absolve the offense. There are spirits who have been entrusted with the relief of those passions and demands that most of the servants of the church have forbidden to openly confess, but that certainly need to meet. Found these few chosen from those who have gone the way of carnal relief. A confers them solemn and sacred duty to mitigate our earthly desires religious community, in strict secrecy. In a voice trembling with emotion, and while its extensive hands descended shoulder of the girl to her waist, the father whispered: -For you who've tried the supreme pleasure of copulation, is indicated recourse to this sacred office. In this way not only you will be erased and forgiven sin committed, but you can enjoy these delicious legitimately ecstasy of those insurmountable feelings of such entrancing that at all times find in the arms of his faithful servants. You will swim in a sea of ​​sensual pleasures, without incurring the penalties resulting from illicit love. Follow Absolution each drop of your sweet body to give to the church through its ministers, and you will be rewarded and supported in your pious work by contemplation-or better said Bella, by participation in them-of the intense and fervent emotions that the delicious enjoy your beautiful person has to lead.
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Page 14 of 107 Bella heard the insidious proposition with mixed feelings of surprise and pleasure. The powerful and lascivious impulses of his ardent nature awoke in the act to the description given to his fertile imagination. How do you hesitate? The pious priest complacent body came to her and planted a long and warm kiss on her pink lips. -Holy Mother Bella murmured, feeling more and more excited your instincts sex. It's too much for you to bear it! I would like to ... I wonder ... I do not know what to say! -Innocent and sweet creature. It's my mission to instruct. In my person find the best and most suitable tutor to perform the exercises dc from now on have to perform. Ambrose's father shifted. At that time Bella warned at a time first his burning gaze of sensuality and discover almost caused fear. It was also at that moment when he realized the huge bump towered in front of the pope's cassock. The priest just excited because the job took to conceal their status and their intentions. Taking the beautiful girl in his arms, kissed her long and passionately. She pressed her soft body against his bulky person, and strongly attracted to contact increasingly intimate with her graceful figure. At the end, consumed by lust, lost his temper, and leaving Bella partially released, opened the front of his robe and left exposed to the astonished eyes of his young penitent without a blush, a member whose gigantic proportions, erection and stiffness was left completely confused. It is impossible to describe the feelings aroused in Bella by the sudden discovery that formidable instrument. His gaze was fixed on it instantly, while the father, warning his amazement, but discovering that he had not any mixture of alarm or fear, what quietly placed in his hands. The make contact with such a tremendous thing Bella took a terrible state of excitement. Because until then had seen only moderate member Carlos proportions, so remarkable phenomenon quickly woke her most of the lewd sensations, and seizing the immense object the best he could with his little hands were approached him repossessed by a truly ecstatic sensual delight. -Good God! This is almost heaven! Bella murmured. Oh, father, who had I thought it was going to be chosen for such bliss! This was too much for Father Ambrose. I was delighted with the lust of his cute penitent and the success of his infamous trick. (In fact, he had planned it all,
Page 15
15, page 107 facilitated the interview because of the young, and with it the opportunity to be ardent surrender their games, hidden from everyone but him, who crouched near the site of the event to watch with glittering eyes the bout love). Light up quickly lifted the body of the young Bella, and placing on the cushion on which he sat up just before his plump legs and apart as he could his complacent thighs, stared for a moment delicious pink slit appeared white under belly. Then, without a word, moved his face to her, and by her impudent tongue so deep as could in the wet pod sucking so deliciously Diose, Bella, in a large passionate ecstasy, and rocked her young body by spasmodic contractions of pleasure, ejaculated abundantly, broadcast engulfed the Holy Father as if it were a pudding. There followed a moment of calm. Bella lay on his back, arms extended on both sides and head thrown back in an attitude of delicious exhaustion after violent emotions provoke by lecherous reverend proceed. His chest heaved still under the v******e of their transport, and their beautiful eyes remained narrowed in languid repose. Ambrose's father was of the few men able to control their instincts passion in circumstances such as these. Continuous standby patience habits proposed to achieve the objects, the use of the toughness in all his actions, and the conventional caution own order to which he belonged, had not deleted by however complete his fiery temper, and although naturally incompatible with the priestly vocation, and desire so violent that fell out of the ordinary, there learned to control his passions to mortification. It is time that the veil descorramos the true character of this men. I do it respectfully, but the truth must be told. Ambrose's father was the living embodiment of lust. His mind was actually delivered to satisfy, and strong a****l instincts, his ardent and vigorous constitution, like its untamed nature, identified him with body image and mental satyr of antiquity. But Bella only knew him as the Holy Father not only forgave him his serious crime, but also speaks opened the way by which he could go without sin, to enjoy the pleasures that had so firmly fixed in his youthful imagination. The priest dared extremely pleased with the success of a scheme that had lustful placed in his hands a victim and also the extraordinary sensuality the nature of the young, and the obvious delight with which he indulged in the satisfaction of their desires, was available at the time to reap the fruits of his fraud, and unspeakable enjoyed the idea that I would have all the delicate charms Bella could offer to mitigate their frightening lust. At last it was his, and while withdrawing from her trembling body, preserving still on his lips the sample had had involvement in pleasure
Page 16
16, page 107 experienced by her, his cock still swollen and stiff, had a head glowing because of the bl**d pressure and hardening of the muscles. As soon as the young Bella had recovered from the attack just describe, inferred by his confessor in the most sensitive parts of his person, and raised head tilted position when resting, her eyes returned to stumble upon the great the parent trunk kept shamelessly exposed. Bella could see the mast long thick white, matte black and curly hairs which emerged, ranging rigidly upward, and the egg-shaped head that excelled in the end, red and bare, and seemed to invite the touch of his hand. He contemplated that thick and stiff muscle mass and meat, and unable to resist the temptation took her back in her hands. He squeezed, squeezed, and slid back the folds of skin that covered for observe the large nut that crowned. Amazed, he watched the hole that appeared in its end, and taking it with both hands held him, throbbing with his face. - Oh. father! What a wonderful thing! He exclaimed. How great! Please Father Ambrose, tell me how I should proceed to relieve our holy ministers Religious of those feelings that you claim both uneasy, and even pain are cause! Ambrose's father was too excited to answer, but taking the her hand with his innocent taught the girl how he had to move his fingers back and forth in his great object. His pleasure was intense, and Bella did not seem to be lower. He kept rubbing his cock between the soft palms of her hands, while innocently gazed his face. After quietly asked if it would gave great pleasure, and if so what further action was as he did. Meanwhile, the great Ambrose father's penis grew fatter and even more by effect of tickling exciting that subjected him the girl. -Wait a minute. If you keep rubbing it so I said I'll come by softly. Better still a bit slow it. - Do come, daddy? Bella asked eagerly. What does that mean? - Ah, my sweet girl, so adorable for your beauty as for your innocence! How divinely carry out your lofty mission! Ambrose exclaimed, delighted to abuse the apparent inexperience of his young penitent, and might well envilecería. Cum means completing the act by which you can enjoy in full of venereal and involves the release of a large amount of thick white fluid inside the thing you hold in your hands, and being expelled provides equal pleasure to that reveals that the person who, in the way it is, the recipient. Bella reminded Carlos and his ecstasy, and immediately understood what the father meant. - And this spill would provide relief, father?
Page 17
17, page 107 'Of course, my daughter, and therefore I wish to offer an opportunity for me proportions that relief benefactor, as blessed sacrifice of one of the humblest servants of the church. - What a delight! Bella murmured. On my run this rich work stream, and is only me who the holy man that ending book enjoyable. What happiness I provided so that we can cause such bliss! After passionately express these thoughts, bowed his head. The object of their worship exhaled a perfume difficult to define. She put her wet lips on its upper end with his adorable mouth covered the small hole, and then kissed ardently glistening member. - What do you call that fluid? Bella asked, raising once again his cute face. --- It has several names, 'replied the holy man. It depends on the social class that of the person that you mention. But between us, my daughter, will call milk. - Milk? Bella innocently repeated, releasing the erotic word for between her sweet lips, with an anointing that in those circumstances it was natural. 'Yes, my c***d, the word is milk. Or so you would like to call him. And soon will flood you with this essence so precious. - What I have to receive it? Bella asked, thinking of Carlos, and the tremendous relative difference between your instrument and the giant penis in those moments before it. -There are several ways to do this, all of which you have to learn. But now there are well accommodated for the main acts of the venereal rite, copulation allowable already discussed. Therefore must be replaced by another means simpler, so instead you download this essence called milk inside your body, taking into account that the sum of a narrow slit would lead to flow with extreme wealth, start with friction through your fingers obedient, until the approximate time when the spasms that accompany issuance. Arrived the moment, at my sign will take between your lips as fit in them to the head of this object. until, expelled the last straw, I retired satisfied, at least temporarily. Bella, whose lustful instinct had been allowed to enjoy the description by confessor, and he was as eager as himself to fully implement the bold program, quickly expressed their willingness to please. Ambrosio once again placed his huge penis in the hands of Bella. Excited both by sight and by contact remarkable object, having grasped between both hands with real pleasure, she gave tickle, rub and squeeze the Member huge and stiff, so the licentious priest gave the greatest enjoyments. Not content with friccionarlo with her delicate fingers, Bella, letting out words of devotion and satisfaction, took the foamy head to her pink lips, and
Page 18
Page 18 of 107 introduced as far as he could, hoping to provoke with his touches and the soft caresses of his tongue the delicious ejaculation should occur. This was more than I had hoped the holy man, and never guessed it would well find a willing disciple for irregular proposed attack. Awakened the most of the delicious tingling sensation that was receiving, preparing to flood the mouth and throat of the girl with the flow of its powerful download. Ambrose began to feel that it would soon come crashing, which would end his pleasure. It was one of those exceptional beings whose abundant seminal ejaculation is much greater than that of normal individuals. Not only was endowed with the unique gift of being able repeat the venereal act with short intervals, but the amount he finished his pleasure was so tremendous as unusual. The glut seemed to be related to the proportion who had been awakened their a****l passions, and when his libidinous desires had been long and intense, as semen emissions were equally. It was in these circumstances that the sweet Bella had undertaken the task of making torrents contents escape man's lust. It was to be her sweet mouth receiving the thick and viscous torrents that so far there had experienced, and ignorant of the results was how anxious relief was administered, the beautiful maiden wanted the consummation of his work, and the milk spill that had spoken the good father. The lush thickened and inflamed member increasingly, as the Bella's lips exciting anchurosa preyed his head and his tongue toyed around the small hole. His white hands ductile deprived him of his skin, or tickled alternatively its lower end. Twice Ambrosio retired head of his cock in the pink lips girl, no longer able to withstand the wishes of coming to the delicious contact of the thereof. Bella Finally, impatient at the delay, and having apparently peaked of perfection in technique, pressed more strongly than before the stiff dart. Instantly there was a stiffness in the limbs of the good father. Her legs opened wide on both sides of his penitent. His hands convulsively grasped the cushion. Your body is projected forward and straightened. - God! I'm going to come! Exclaimed while his lips parted and glassy eyes cast a last look at his innocent victim. After shuddered deeply, and with wailing and hysterical screams interspersed his penis, due to the provocation of the girl, began to expel thick torrents viscous fluid.
Page 19
19, page 107 Bella, realizing for the jets one after another flooded his mouth and sliding down his throat and by the cries of his companion, that he enjoyed the maximize the impact of what she had caused, continued sucking and squeezing until that filled viscous downloads and semiasfixiada for its abundance, was f***ed to syringe that human release continued ejaculating his jizz on her face. - Holy Mother! Cried Bella, whose lips and face were flooded with milk the father. What a pleasure it has brought me! And you, my father, do not you have provided the precious relief needed? Ambrose's father, too busy to answer, attracted to the gentle girl into his arms, and compressing his lips dripping with the covered wet kisses of gratitude and pleasure. A quarter of an hour at rest quiet, no sign of trouble came outside to interrupt. The gate was under lock, and the father had chosen his moment well. Meanwhile Bella, terribly excited by the scene we have tried to describe, had conceived the extravagant wish that the rigid member Ambrosio carried out with the operation itself had suffered moderate gun Carlos proportions. Moving his arms around the neck of her confessor robust, tender whispered invitation words, observing, by doing so the effect causing the instrument that acquired and stiffness between his legs. -You told me that the narrowness of the slit-and Bella placed the broad hand of him about it, pressing it gently then you would download an abundant amount of milk that you possess. Why can I not, father, feel spill inside my body by the end of this red thing? It was obvious how much the beauty of the young Bella, and the innocence and naivete of his character, naturally inflamed the already sensual priest. Known winner, have her absolutely powerless in her hands, delicacy and refinement of the girl, all conspired to awaken their full licentious instincts and unbridled desires. She was his, his to enjoy it at will to suit his any whim of his terrible lust, and was ready to surrender to the most unbridled sensuality. - By God, this is too much! Exclaimed Ambrose, whose lust, again on, again assail violently to such a request. Sweet girl, not know what you ask. The disproportion is terrible, and suffer too to try. -I will endure all Bella replied as long to feel this terrible thing within me, and like the jets of milk. - Holy mother of God! It's too much for you, Bella. You have no idea of ​​the measures of this machine, once inflated, adorable creature, would swim in an ocean of milk hot.
Page 20
20, page 107 - Oh daddy! What heavenly bliss! -Undress, Bella. Take off anything that might hinder our movements, which I promise to be extremely violent. Fulfilling the order, Bella quickly stripped his clothes and looking please his confessor with the full display of their charms, so that his cock to lengthen in proportion to what they show in their nakedness, stripped off to slightest undergarment to be as he came into the world. Father Ambrose was stunned at the sight of the charms that offered to his view. The breadth of her hips, the buds of her breasts, the snowy whiteness of their skin, soft as satin, the roundness of her buttocks and thighs resounding, the flat white belly with his lovely mountain, and, above all, the lovely cleavage pink underneath it stood, peering timidly between the logs thighs, caused him to be launched on the girl with a roar of lust. Ambrosio caught his victim in his arms. She pressed her soft body dazzling against his. He covered her lustful kisses, and giving vent to his licentious language promised the girl all the joys of paradise by introduction of its major appliance inside your vulva. Bella greeted these words with a cry of ecstasy, and when your excited r****t laid her on her back and felt swollen anchurosa and gigantic penis head pressing the hot, wet lips of her almost virginal hole. The holy man, finding pleasure in the feel of his penis with hot lips Bella the vulva, began to push in with all his might, until the large tip nut filled moisture sensitive secreted by the sheath. Enfervorizaba Passion Bella. The efforts of Father Ambrose for hosting the head of his cock between the wet lips of her slit rather than deter the spurred into madness, and finally, uttering a faint cry, leaned viscous forward and blew the tribute of their lascivious temperament. This was exactly what I expected the shameless cure. When the sweet and hot issue developed greatly flooded his penis, pushed resolutely, and a introduced single blow half his voluminous appendix inside the beautiful girl. As soon as Bella felt impaled by member dreadful entry in the inside her tender body, lost what little control he retained, and forgetting the pain suffering wrapped her legs around the back of him, and encouraged her not huge invader keep considerations. -My tender and sweet girl murmured the lascivious priest. My arms will around, my gun is sunken halfway into your belly. Soon they will be for you the joys of paradise. -I know, I'm sorry. Do not get your back, give me the delicious object far can.
Page 21
Page 21 of 107 'Here, then. Push, squeeze, but I am too well endowed to easily penetrate you. You might burst. but now it is too late. I have to possess ... or die. Parts of Bella relaxed a little, and Ambrose was able to penetrate a few centimeters more. His throbbing member, wet and naked, had traveled halfway to inside the girl. His pleasure was intense, and the head of his instrument was deliciously sheath compressed by Bella. Go ahead, Father. I'm waiting for the milk that you have promised. The confessor did not need this encouragement to induce him to put into action all copulatory tremendous powers. Frantically pushed forward, and with each new effort plunged his hot penis in, until finally, with a powerful blow it buried to the testicles inside Bella's vulva. This furious brutal introduction by the priest was more than his fragile victim, animated by their own desires, could bear. With a faint cry of physical distress, Bella announced that his r****t had overcome all resistance to his youth had opposed the entry of his cock, and the torture of the f***ed introduction of the mass erased the feeling of pleasure that had initially supported the attack. Ambrosio gave a cry of joy when contemplating the beautiful prey your snake had bitten. He enjoyed the victim was impaled by his huge ram. He felt the contact with inexpressible pleasure maddening. He saw the girl shudder anguish of her ****. His impetuous nature had awakened entirely. What Pasare passeth, enjoy to the fullest. So in his arms the body of the beautiful girl, and entertained to the full extent of his huge member. -Beautiful mine, you're really inviting. You also have to enjoy. I'll give you I was talking about milk. But first I have to wake my nature with this lustful tingling. Kiss me, Bella, and then you will. And when I let my hot milk to youth go into your bowels, you will experience the exquisite pleasure that I am I felt. Squeeze. Bella! Let me also pushing, my girl! Now enters Again, Oh ...! Oh ...! Ambrose stood for a moment and saw the huge piston because of which Bella the cute slit was at that time extremely relaxed. Firmly embedded in that pod lustful and deeply savoring sum narrowness of the warm folds of flesh in which was embedded, pushed without worry about the pain that caused his member, and only anxious to obtain the maximum delight possible. There was a man who was to dwell on such cases to false concepts of piety, at the time pushed inward as much as possible, while sprinkled feverishly kissing the trembling lips open and poor Bella. For a few minutes there was no sound Another thing that panting and shaking the lecherous priest was given to be satisfied, and the glu-glu of his immense penis when alternately in and out of the sex of the beautiful penitent.
Page 22
Page 22 of 107 Presumably not a man as Ambrose ignore the tremendous power of enjoyment might raise his cock in a person of the opposite sex, or that its size and discharge capacity were capable of causing the most exciting emotions in young upon which was driving. But nature was asserting his rights also in the person of the young Bella. Dilation pain was soon tempered by the intense feeling of pleasure caused by the strong weapon of holy man, and soon the moans and groans of the cute little girl in the middle sounds mingle with muffled in the depths of his be, expressing his delight. - Father! Little Father, my dear and generous daddy! Pushing f***e, push: I can stand it. I desire. I'm in heaven. The blessed instrument has a head as hot! Oh, my heart! Oh ... oh! Blessed Mother, what do I feel? Ambrose saw the effect it caused. His own pleasure came in a hurry. It furiously wagging back and forth, entertaining Bella to each new ramming the whole length of his cock, sinking to the curly hairs covered his testicles. After, Bella could not resist, and gave the r****t snatched a warm emission around his rigid flooded. It is impossible to describe the frenzy of lust which at that time was seized the lovely young Bella. He clung desperately to stocky body priest, who entertained her voluptuous angelic body with all the strength and power of his manly thrusts, and lodged him in his narrow, slippery sheath to the testicles. But even in his ecstasy Bella lost sight of the perfection of enjoyment. The saint men had to expel his semen inside her, just as he had done Carlos, and Just the idea of ​​it added fuel to the fire of his lust. When, therefore, the Father Ambrose wrapped his arms around her slender waist, and sank to his penis hairs on the vulva stallion Bella, to announce sighing at last came the milk, the excited girl spread her legs all he could, and amid cries of pleasure received the jets of issue in their bodies vital. So he remained for two whole minutes, during which they were discharges happening, each of which was received by Bella with deep manifestations of pleasure, screams and contortions translated.
Page 23
23, page 107 Chapter III DO NOT BELIEVE THAT AT ANY OCCASION had to blush with more so than in this opportunity. And is that even a flea had to feel embarrassed at the perverse vision of what I just left up. A girl as young, so innocent-looking, and yet, as lascivious inclinations and desires. A person of freshness and infinite beauty, a converted mind flaming sensuality by the accidental course of events an active volcano of lust. Very well could exclaim with the poet of antiquity: 'Oh, Moses! "Or as the most practical descendant of the patriarch: "By the beard of the prophet!" No need to talk of the change that occurred in Bella after experiences reported. It was quite evident in his demeanor and behavior. What happened to her young lover, lamas I have bothered to find out, but I tend to believe that Father Ambrose stood outside those tastes so widely irregular have been attributed to their order, and also the boy was gradually induced, like his young friend give satisfaction the foolish desires of the priest. But back to my own observations regarding the pretty Bella. While a flea can not blush, they can see, and I set myself the obligation to entrust the pen and ink the description of all the passages amatory considered might be of interest to seekers of truth. We can writing, at least you can do this flea, because otherwise these pages would be under the eyes of the reader, and that is enough. It was several days before Bella found the opportunity to re- visit her clerical admirer, but he finally had the chance, and it goes without saying that she took it immediately. He had found a way to let you know that he intended to visit Ambrosio, and consequently the astute individual may have advance things for his cute guest as before. As soon as Bella found herself alone with her seductive threw herself into his arms, and seizing his great humanity against his frail body lavished the most tender caresses. Ambrosio was not begging to return all the warmth of his embrace, and so it happened that The couple met immediately delivered to exchange warm kisses, and reclining, face to face, on the chest padding to which we alluded above. But Bella was not going to settle for kisses only; wanted something more solid, by experience knew that the father could provide it. Ambrose was no less excited. His bl**d flowed quickly, his black eyes blazed the effect of uncontrollable lust, and the bulge that could be observed his habit clearly denounced the state of his senses.
Page 24
24, page 107 Bella warned the situation nor his anxious looks, nor his obvious erection, the father did not care to hide, could slip away. But he thought stoke mostly his desire, rather than appease. However, soon proved Ambrosio did not require higher incentives, and deliberately displayed his weapon, savagely dilated so that its single view Bella woke frantic desires. At any other time Ambrose had been much wiser to indulge, but this time their rowdy ways had exceeded its ability to control the desire to gloat as soon as possible in the boyish charms that were offered. He was already on his body. His great humanity completely covered her body. His erect member dug into the belly of Bella, whose clothes were collected waist. With a trembling hand came Ambrosio slit center object of his desire, eagerly took the hot tip into the open and crimson lips moist. Pushed, fought to enter .., and succeeded. The vast machine came slowly but firm. The head and the member were already inside. A few thrusts firm and resolute completed the conjunction, and Bella received in full length and excited immense Ambrosio member. The r****t lay panting on her, in full possession of his most intimate charms. Bella, within whose belly had settled that vigorous mass felt to maximize the impact of the intruder, warm and throbbing. Ambrosio meantime begun to move backward and forward. Beauty white arms twined around his neck, and curled her beautiful legs in silk on his back, seized most lust. - What a delight! Bella murmured, kissing his full lips overwhelmingly. More .. pushing f***e even more. Oh, how you f***e me to open up, and how long it is! How warm. when .., oh ... oh! He released a stream of their store, in response to the onslaught of man, at the same while his head fell back and his mouth opened in a spasm of intercourse. The priest was contained and paused briefly. The beating of his huge member sufficiently the state announced that it was, and wanted to extend their pleasure to the maximum. Bella pressed the terrible dart introduced to the most intimate of his person, and felt grow and harden even more, while his red head pressed his Youth matrix. Almost immediately after his heavy lover, unable to control for more time, succumbed to the intensity of feelings, and let out the torrent of your viscous liquid.
Page 25
25, page 107 - Oh, it comes from you! Cried the excited girl. I'm sorry to jets. Oh, Give me ....... more! Derramadlo inside me .., push again, pity I did not. . .! Oh, another blast! Push! -Desgarradme if you want, but give me all your milk! I spoke earlier of the amount of semen that Father Ambrose was able to shed, but this time is exceeded himself. Had been stored for about an week, and Bella was receiving at the time a current so tremendous, that this download seemed rather emitted by a syringe, that premature organ genitals of a man. Ambrose finally dismounted from his horse, and when Bella stood felt himself slipping back a stream of sticky liquid coming down for their plump thighs. Just had separated when the father Ambrosio opened the door leading to church, and appeared in two other priests portal. The pretense was impossible. -Ambrose said the older of the two, a man who would walk among the thirty and forty years. This is against the rules and privileges of our order, we have all kinds of games that are to be practiced in common. -Take it then the aforementioned grumbled. It's not too late. I was going to communicate what he had achieved when ... -. . . when the delicious temptation of this rose was too strong for you, friend our interrupted the other, seizing the astonished Bella as she spoke, and introducing his huge hand under her clothing to tempt the soft thighs her. 'I've seen all the through the keyhole gross whispered in her ear. You have nothing to fear, only want to do the same to you. Bella remembered that conditions had been offered solace in the church, and assumed that this was part of his new duties. Therefore remained in the newcomer's arms without resistance. Meanwhile his partner had spent his strong arm around the waist Bella, and covered with kisses the cheek of it. Ambrose looked all shocked and confused. That was how the girl was between two fires, to say nothing of the overflowing passion in the original possessor. In vain he looked at one and then another in demand for respite, or some means of escape from the predicament in which he found himself. Although it was completely resigned to the role that had reduced astute Father Ambrose, he was at that time invaded by a powerful feeling of weakness and fear of the new assailants.
Page 26
26, page 107 Bella did not read in the look of the new intruders rather than rabid desire, while impassivity of Ambrose made her lose any hope that the same were to offer the least resistance. Between the two men were walled and while who spoke first slid his hand up her pink pussy, the other lost no time in possession of the rounded cheeks of her buttocks. Between them, it was impossible to resist Bella. 'Wait a minute, after Ambrose said. Yes hasten to possess at least Strip her without spoiling their clothes, as apparently pretendéis do. -Undress, Bella-she went on. Apparently, we all have to share you, so prepare to be voluntary instrument of our desires common. In our convent other b*****rs are no less demanding than I, and Your task will not be in any way a sinecure, so you'd better remember all privileges when you are destined to meet, and accessories are to relieve these holy men of the pressing desires now you know how to soften. This raised the issue, there was no alternative. Bella was standing naked before the three vigorous priests, and raised a general murmur of admiration when in that state came towards them. As soon as he had taken the lead of the newcomers-the which obviously seemed to be the superior of the three-warned the beautiful nudity stood before his burning eyes, without hesitation he opened his cassock to put on long and wide freedom member, took her in his arms to the girl, put her in large chest back on the cushion, jumped on it, stood between her pretty thighs, and pointing his head quickly toward the rabid champion her soft hole, pushed forward to sink all the way to the testicles. Bella let out a small cry of ecstasy to feel impaled by this new and powerful weapon. For the man the entire possession of the beautiful girl supposed a moment ecstatic, and the feeling that his erect penis was fully buried in the body of She produced an indescribable emotion. Believed not to penetrate so quickly in their young parts, it did not take into account the lubrication produced by the flow of semen that had already received. The Superior, however, gave no opportunity to reflect, as Diose to attack with so much energy that his powerful thrusts from long produced their full effect in warm temperament, and almost immediately caused the emission sweet. This was too much for the profligate priest. I firmly embedded in the close slit was so tight you like a glove, as soon as he felt the warm issuance let out a loud grunt and furiously downloaded.
Page 27
27, page 107 Bella enjoyed the rush of man's lust, and spreading her legs as he received him in the depths of his heart, allowing him to satiate his lust discharges throwing his impetuous nature. The lustful feelings Bella stronger rekindled with the second and strong attack on his person, and her excitable nature received with exquisite pleasure the abundance of liquid that had spilled stalwart champion within. But, salacious as it was, the girl was exhausted by this constant current, and therefore received with dismay the second of the intruders he was about to occupy the newly abandoned by the superior. But Bella was astounded by the proportions of the phallus that the priest offered to her. He had not finished strip, and it emerged from the front one erect member to the size to the Father Ambrose had to give way. Among the emerging hair curls red meat the white column, topped by a bright red head, the hole seemed constrained to avoid a premature expulsion of juices. Two big hairy balls hanging from its base, and completed a painting in sight which began to boil again Bella's bl**d, whose youthful spirit was ready to disproportionate wage a new battle. - Oh, Father How can I ever hold so great thing in my little person? Asked grieving. How stand I will be once you are inside me? I fear that I will hurt terribly. -I'll be careful, my c***d. I'll slowly. Now you are well prepared for the juice of the holy men who had the good fortune to precede me. Bella tempted the giant penis. The priest was sinfully ugly, short and obese, but their backs looked like those of a Hercules. The girl was possessed by a sort of erotic madness. The ugliness of that man only served to accentuate your sensual desire. His hands were not enough to cover the entire thickness of the member. However, do not let go, I pressed and dispensed u*********sly touch that increased its rigidity. It seemed a steel bar between her soft hands. A moment later the third assailant stood above it, and the girl, almost as excited like father, impaling struggled with this terrible weapon. For some minutes the feat seemed impossible, despite the good lubrication she had received previous flooding from its sheath. After all, with a furious onslaught, introduced the enormous head and Bella launched a cry of pain. Another swoop and another, the unhappy brute, blind to everything that was not given satisfaction, was penetrating.
Page 28
28, page 107 Bella screamed in anguish, and made superhuman efforts to get rid of the wild attacker. Another attack, another cry of the victim, and the priest penetrated deep inside. Bella had fainted. The two spectators of this monstrous act of corruption appeared in principle be ready to intervene, but at the same time gave the impression of experience a cruel pleasure to witness this spectacle. And indeed it was, as it showed after his lewd movements and interest they put in observing the most minute of details. I'll take a veil over lust scenes that followed, on the shudders as the savage, sure to be in possession of the person of the beautiful young girl, slowly extended his enjoyed until his huge and fervent download this ecstasy ended and gave way to a range to restore life to the poor girl. The burly father had downloaded twice inside before removing your member long, flowing, and expelled semen volume was such that noise fell rhythmically to form a puddle on the wood floor. When Bella finally recovered enough to move around, could be the wash the many spills in their delicate parts were entirely necessary.
Page 29
29, page 107 Chapter IV IT TOOK SOME BOTTLES OF WINE, a rare harvest and stale, and Bella under her powerful influence was gradually regaining his strength. After an hour, the three priests felt that enough time had to recover, and again began to show signs of wishing to return to enjoy himself. Excited by the effects of wine as by sight and contact with their lewd companions, the girl began to draw from under cassocks members three cures. which were obviously amused by the scene, since no gave any sign of modesty. In less than a minute Bella had before the three large and upright objects. The kissed and played with them, sucking the rare fragrance emanating from each, and fingering those inflamed darts with all the eagerness of a consummate Cyprus. -Let us fuck piously exclaimed Superior, whose penis was in those times when Bella's lips. Ambrose sang 'Amen. The third church was silent, but his huge artifact threatened the sky. Bella was invited to choose their first assailant in the second round. Elected Ambrosio, but the Superior interfered. Meanwhile, secured the doors, the three priests stripped, thus offering Bella's eyes three vigorous champions in the prime of life, each armed membrudo them a dart that again emerged upright from the front, and ranged threatening. -Ugh! , Go monsters! Cried the girl, whose shame not kept him from going tempting, alternatively, each of those devices formidable. Then sat on the edge of the table, and one after another sucked their noble parts, circling with their warm tongues around the wet red slit. in which shortly before had appeased his lust. Bella was abandoned pleased with this game, and spread her legs he could to thank. -I suggest we suck one after another-proposed Superior. -Well said Father Clement confirmed the erection fearsome redhead. But until the end. I want to possess her once again. 'No way,' said the Superior Clemente. Already did twice, now have to pass through your throat, or settle for anything. Bella did not want in any way be subjected to another attack by Clement, so cut your losses conversation grabbing his massive member, and introducing the best he could of it between her pretty lips.
Page 30
30, page 107 The girl sucked gently up and down the blue nut, pausing occasionally to contain as much as possible within its wet lips. His pretty hands closed around the long and bulky dart, and gripped in a trembling embrace, while she watched the monstrous cock hardened increasingly intense effect sensations transmitted through his touches. Clemente did not take even five minutes to start throwing more howls resembled the cries of a wild b**st to the exclamations arising from human lungs, to stop expelling sperm in large quantities through the girl's throat. Bella dart skin removed to facilitate the issuance of the jet just the last straw. Clemente fluid was so thick and warm and generous. and jet after jet poured all the liquid in her mouth. Bella swallowed it all. -Here's a new experience on which I have to instruct you, my dear, 'said the Superior when then applied Bella her sweet lips to her ardent member. -You will find in it greater source of pain than pleasure, but the ways of Venus are difficult, and they must be learned and enjoyed gradually. -I will submit to all tests, Father, 'said the girl. Now I have a clearer idea of ​​my duties, and I know I'm one of the chosen to relieve good wishes of the parents. -Yes, my c***d, and receive in advance the quote godsend obey our smallest desires, to be bound by all our indications for seem strange and irregular. That said, took the girl in his strong arms and carried her once again padded chest, placing it ahead of him, so he left her naked and exposed beautiful buttocks to the three holy men. Then, standing between the thighs of the victim, said the head of his stiff member was the small hole between Bella rotund buttocks, and pushing her well lubricated weapon slowly began to penetrate his hole, of novel and unnatural way. - Oh, God! Bella cried. That is not the way. The-....... Please ...! Oh, by Please ...! Ah ...! Have pity! Ob, have pity on me! . . . Holy Mother! . . . I die! This last exclamation was torn by a sudden and vigorous onslaught of Superior, which resulted in the introduction of his cock to the root stud. Beauty felt he had gotten inside his body to the testicles.
Page 31
31, page 107 Turning his strong arm around her hips, pressed against his back, and began to rub against her buttocks as the member inserted into the rectum of her as he could penetrate. The pleasure palpitations were felt throughout the Member swollen, Bella, biting his lips, awaited the movements of male that he knew were going to start to take your pleasure to the maximum. The other two priests saw that with envious lust, while beginning a slow masturbation. The Superior, pleasure-crazed by the narrowness of this new and delicious sheath, flipped around Bella's buttocks until, with a final thrust, he filled his bowels with warm download. Then, while her body drew its member, still erect and steaming, declared that had opened a new route for the pleasure, and recommended that Father Ambrose exploited. Ambrose, whose feelings at that time should be better imagined that described, burning with desire. The show of pleasure they had experienced his b*****rs had caused gradually a state of erotic arousal peremptorily demanded satisfaction. 'Okay,' I cried. I introduce the temple of Sodom, while you be filled with your sturdy sentinel Venus. -Say rather that legitimate pleasure, 'said the Superior with a sarcastic grin . Be as you say. I am happy to again enjoy this narrow slit Bella lay still on her belly, up makeshift bed, his subsequent curves totally exposed, more dead than alive as a result of brutal attack that had just suffered. Not a drop of semen so abundantly had been poured into his dark niche was out of it, but underneath her slit distilling the mixture still emissions both priests. Ambrose held her. Placed by Superior thighs, Bella found with the call of the still vigorous red cock against her vulva. Slowly I led inward, sinking about it. Finally got fully, just the root. But now the Superior vigorous wrapped his arms around her waist, draw it on themselves and leave their extensive and delicious buttocks against the anxious member Ambrose, who was headed straight for the already well moistened opening between the two hills. Had to overcome the many difficulties that arose, but after the lewd Ambrosio felt buried within the bowels of his victim. Slowly he began to move backward and forward from the well lubricated channel. Retardé as possible their relief. and was able to enjoy the vigorous onslaught that the Superior Bella lunged ahead.
Page 32
Page 32 of 107 Suddenly, heaving a deep sigh, the Superior came to the end, and Bella felt her sex quickly invaded by milk. He could not resist and came abundantly, mingling his stroke with those of his assailants. Ambrose, however, had not wasted all their resources, and still keeping strongly the cute girl impaled. Clemente could not resist the opportunity offered by the fact that the Superior had retired to wash, and launched on Bella's lap to get almost immediately penetrate inside, now liberally bathed in viscous residue. With everything and it was huge red monster, Bella found a way to receive it and for a few of the minutes that followed not heard anything other than voluptuous sighs and groans of the combatants. At one point his movements became more agitated. Bella felt like that every moment was his last moment. The huge member Ambrosio was inserted into the rear duct to the testicles, whereas trunk giant Clemente foamed back inside her vagina. She was held by the two men, with your feet off the ground, and supported by the pressure, now the front, now behind, as a result of the attacks with that the priests entered their members excited by their respective holes. When Bella was about to lose consciousness, warned by the panting and Gross tremendous stiffness before him, that he was about to download, and a moments later he felt the warm flow injection sent the giant penis in viscous jets. - Ah ...! I come! Clemente cried, saying that Bella flooded inside, with great delight from it. - I also arrives! Cried Ambrosio, staying more in his powerful member, while throwing a jet of milk within the bowels of Bella. So both vomiting followed the prolific content of their bodies inside the Bella, which provided this double sense a real deluge of enjoyments. Anyone can understand that a flea average intelligence had to be shows disgust and unpleasant as I witnessed and I thought it was my duty to disclose. But certain feelings of friendship and sympathy for the young Bella urged to remain still in their company. The events came to me right and, as we shall see later, determined my movements in the future. They had not gone more than three days when young, at their request, met with the three priests in the same place.
Page 33
Page 33 of 107 This time Bella had paid much attention to his "toilette" and as result appeared more attractive than ever, wearing precious silks, adjusted k** boots, and gloves that were gorgeous tiny match the rest of clothing. The three men were enraptured at the sight of him, and received as warmly, soon his young bl**d flowed to her] face, inflaming desire. He locked the door immediately, and then fell to the ground cloths under Ion priests, and Bella found herself surrounded by the trio and subjected to the most diverse caresses, the members while staring shamelessly naked and threatening. The Superior was the first to come forward with the intention of enjoying Bella. Standing boldly before her took her in his arms, and covered with warm kissing her lips and face. Bella was so excited as he. Accessing your desire, the girl took off his underwear, preserving jobs exquisite dress, her silk stockings and cute booties k**. So he offered to the admiration and lewd fondling of parents. It was not long before the Superior, sinking deliciously on its recumbent figure, completely surrender their boyish charms, and was given to sink the narrow slit, with obviously unsatisfactory results. Pushing, pressing, rubbing against her, the Superior began delicious movements, which resulted in both their susceptibility awakening as his companion. He revealed his penis harder and harder and larger. - Push! Oh, pushes deep! Bella murmured. Meanwhile Ambrose and Clement, whose desire brooked no waiting, tried to possession of any part of the girl. Clemente put his huge member in her sweet hand, and Ambrose, without flinching, climbed on the hood and took the tip of his penis to her delicate bulky lips. After a moment assume Superior lewd stopped position. Bella looked over the edge of the box. Before her were the three men, each one with his erection, presenting arms. The head of the enormous apparatus Clemente was almost turned against his crass belly. Bella's dress was pulled up to her waist, exposing her legs and thighs, and between the pink and lewd crack in those moments reddened excited by the rapid movements in and out of the superior limb. - Wait! -Ordered it. We will bring order to our enjoyment. This beautiful girl has to give satisfaction to the three: it is therefore necessary that allowing us regulate our pleasures that can withstand attacks
Page 34
Page 34 of 107 desencadenemos. I for one do not mind being the first or the second, but as Ambrosio has been like an ass, and full of smoke penetrates all regions, I intend to go ahead. Since then, Clemente would take third place, and with his enormous member can halve the girl, and we shall waste our game. -The last time I cried was the third Clemente. I see no reason to I always make it last. Claim second place. -All right, so be-Superior said. You, Ambrose will share a nest slippery. 'I'm not under the strong ecclesiastical replied ....... If you go ahead, and Clemente has to be the second, passing in front of me, I'll attack the rear, and and pour my offering by other means. - Doing as you please! Bella cried. I will endure everything, but, padrecitos, hurry to start. Higher Again introduced his gun, insert that Bella received yet liking. I embraced him, hugged him and received his ejaculation jets with ecstatic passion on your part. Clemente presented below. His monstrous instrument was already between the legs plump young Bella. The disproportion was evident, but the cure was so strong and lusty as huge in size, and after several attempts violent and unsuccessful, he managed enter-is. and began to delve into the parts of member her with his mule. It is not possible to give an idea of ​​how the terrible proportions penis raunchy man excited the imagination of Bella, as vain would also try describe the frenzied passion awoke he skewered and relaxed feeling for the Father huge genitals Clemente. After a struggle that took a full ten minutes, Bella eventually receive this huge mass to the testicles, which were compressed against her anus. Bella spread her legs as much as possible, and allowed the gross enjoyed at will of her charms. Clement was anxious to end his delight, and took a room time to end their enjoyment by two violent discharges. Bella the samples received with deep delight, and mixed a copious emission him with the thick spills of lusty father. Just had withdrawn his monstrous member Clemente inside Bella, when it fell into the arms of Ambrose also powerful, According to what was stated above, Ambrose directed his attack to the buttocks, and barbaric v******e introduced throbbing head of his instrument between tender folds the rear hole.
Page 35
Page 35 of 107 Struggled in vain to host it. The broad head of his weapon was dismissed at each new assault, despite the brutal lust that was introduced, and the representing drawback that were standing. But Ambrose was not easy to defeat. He tried again and again, until one of accommodate their attacks got the tip of the penis into the delicious hole. Vigorous shaking got it to penetrate a few more inches, and a single thrust buried the lascivious priest got to the testicles. The beautiful buttocks of Bella exercised a special attraction on the lewd priest. Once penetration was achieved thanks to its brutal efforts, felt excited in the extreme, pushed the long, thick shaft inward true ecstasy, no matter the pain caused by dilation, provided to experience the delight that caused contractions of the delicate and youth her private parts. Cried Bella frightening to feel impaled by stiff brutal member r****t, and began a desperate struggle to escape, but retained Ambrose, passing his burly arms around her small waist, and managed to stay inside the Bella feverish body, unshaken in his effort invader. Step by step, committed to this struggle, the girl crossed the entire stay, without Ambrose left to have her impaled from behind. Naturally. this lewd show had come into effect on viewers. A burst of laughter came from the throats of those who began to applaud the vigor of his companion, whose face, red and contracted, testified extensively their leisure emotions. But the show aroused. addition to the hilarity, the wishes of the two witnesses. whose members began to show signs of that in any way considered satisfied. On your walk, Bella had come near Superior, which took her in his arms, circumstances Ambrosio took to begin moving his cock inside bowels of her intense heat which gave him the greatest of pleasure. The position in which they were put Bella's natural charms to match Upper lips, which instantly hit those, turning to suck in the wet slit. But the excitement caused in this way required a more solid enjoyment, so that, pulling the girl to kneel while he took his seat in his chair, he released his burning member, and quickly introduced into the her soft belly.
Page 36
Page 36 of 107 So, Bella found herself again in the crossfire, and the fierce attacks of the father The rear Ambrosio were complemented by the efforts of Fr torrid Superior in another direction. Both swam in a sea of ​​sensual delights: both were given in full delicious sensations experienced while his victim, punched ahead and behind by their thickened member had to withstand in the best way possible their movements excited. But still beautiful awaited another litmus test, as soon as the vigorous Clemente could witness the close conjunction of his companions, he was inflamed by passion, got into the chair behind Superior, and taking the head of poor Bella deposited his hot weapon in her pink lips. After advancing its tip, whose narrow opening apercibían premature and drops her into the beautiful mouth of the girl, as he qóce with her soft hand rub her hard and long trunk. Meanwhile Ambrose felt his limb effects introduced by front of the Superior, while the latter also excited by the rear action the father, was approaching the spasms that accompany ejaculation. However, Clemente was the first to download, and threw a large shower in the little Bella's throat. Followed Ambrose, who, leaning on his back, threw a flood of milk his bowels, at the same time as the Superior flooded her womb. So surrounded, Bella received the attached download three priests vigorous.
Page 37
Page 37 of 107 Chapter V T THREE DAYS AFTER THE EVENTS reported on pages preceding Bella appeared as rosy and charming as always in the room reception of his uncle. In the meantime, my movements were erratic, and that in no way was low my appetite, and any new face always has some appeal to me, that not for too long makes me residence in a single point. That was how I overheard a conversation that surprised me something, and I do not hesitate to reveal it is directly related to the events mean. Through her I learned the background and character of the wily subtlety Father Ambrose. I will not reproduce here his speech, as I heard from my vantage. Suffice to mention the main points of his presentation, and to report on their goals. It was said that Ambrose was unhappy and bewildered by the sudden participation of their brethren in the last of its acquisitions, and devised a bold and diabolical plan to thwart their interference, while for submission to him as completely alien to the maneuver. In short, and to that end, Ambrose went directly to Bella's uncle, and told him how he surprised his niece and her young lover in the embrace of Cupid, in the form that left no doubt that he had received the last witness to the passion of boy, and responded to it. By taking this step the evil priest presequía further purposes. Knew too well the character of the man I was, and also knew that a part important in their own real life was not entirely unknown uncle. Indeed, the couple understood perfectly. Ambrose was a man of strong passions, highly erotic, and the same happens with Bella's uncle. The latter had confessed thoroughly with Ambrose, and in the course of their confessions had revealed a wish so irregular, that the priest had no doubt accomplish any of that make him share the plan he had imagined. Mr. Verbouc eyes had long coveted secret to his niece. He had confessed. Now Ambrose provide evidence that opened his eyes to the fact that she had begun to entertain feelings of the same nature to the opposite sex.
Page 38
Page 38 of 107 Ambrosio's condition came to mind. It was his spiritual confessor, and asked advice . The holy man gave him to understand that his chance had come, and that it would ahead for both share the prize. This statement struck a chord in the character of Verbouc, which Ambrosio not ignorant. If anything could provide a real sensual pleasure, or put more charm to it, was to witness the act of carnal copulation, and then complete their satisfaction with a second hand penetration to ejaculation in the body's own patient. The pact was sealed well. We sought the opportunity to guarantee the necessary Secret (Bella's aunt was a handicapped who did not leave his room>, and Ambrose Bella prepared for the event that was to unfold. After a preliminary speech, in which he warned that one should not say word about their privacy before and after to inform him that his uncle had known, who know why duct, what happened with her boyfriend, was gradually revealing projects that had been developed. He even spoke of the passion that had awakened in his uncle, to tell then, quite simply, the best way to avoid deep resentment would show obedience to its requirements, whatever it may be. Mr. Verbouc was a healthy and robust constitution, which was about fifty years. As uncle who was always inspired him deep respect Bella, sentiment in which was mingled something of fear for his authoritative presence. It had taken care of her since the death of his b*****r, and always treated, if not with affection, not with detachment, albeit with reservations that were natural given his character. Obviously Bella had no reason to expect mercy from his part in a such occasion, even your relative find an excuse for it. I will not dwell on the first fifteen minutes, tears Bella's pregnancy with who received hugs too tender of his uncle, and the well deserved censure. The interesting comedy followed by numbered steps, until Mr. Verbouc placed his beautiful niece on her legs to reveal that purpose boldly had made to possess. You must not offer silly resistance, Bella, his uncle said. I will not hesitate nor aparentaré modesty. Simply this good father has sanctified the operation, so that possess your body just as you enjoyed your reckless buddy and your consent. Bella was deeply confused. Although sexy, as we have seen, and to an extent that is unusual in such a young age like yours, had been educated in within the strict conveniences created by the severe and repellent character of its relative. Everything horrible crime that he proposed appeared before his eyes. Not even the presence and the Father Ambrose alleged agreement could lessen the suspicion with which contemplated the terrible proposition that made him openly.
Page 39
Page 39 of 107 Bella shook in surprise and terror at the nature of the proposed offense. This offended her new attitude. The change occurred between the reserved and stern uncle, whose anger had always lamented and feared, and whose precepts was used to receive with reverence, and that ardent admirer, thirsting for the favors she had granted to another, the affected deeply, and disgustándola aturdiéndola Meanwhile Mr. Verbouc, which evidently was not willing to grant time to reflect. and whose excitement was visible in many ways, took his young niece in his arms, and despite his reluctance, he covered his face and throat passionate kisses and prohibited. Ambrose, to which the girl had gone to this requirement, not provided relief, but on the contrary, with a grim smile caused by emotion others, encouraging one with secret looks to move forward with the satisfaction of their pleasure and lust. In such adverse circumstances sc all resistance was difficult. Bella was young and infinitely impotent by comparison. under the firm embrace of relative. Born into a frenzy by contact and obscene caresses allowed, Verbone set out with renewed zeal to take possession of the person of her niece. Their preyed nervous fingers will the beautiful satin of her thighs. Another firm push, not Although Bella drought closing them firmly in defense of their sex, lewd hand reached the same rosy lips, and trembling fingers closed and separated the wet slit fortification defending his modesty. Until then Ambrose had not been more than a silent observer exciting conflict. But this point also came forward, and passing his powerful left arm around the girl's slender waist, locked himself in his right the two her small hands, which, like subject, easily left her at the mercy of lewd caresses of his kin. Out of charity, beg her, gasping for his efforts. Let go! It too horrible! It is monstrous! How can you be so cruel? I'm lost! -In no way are you lost pretty niece, 'replied the uncle. Only wakes the Venus pleasures reserved for his devotees, and whose love saved for those who have the courage Enjoy them while they are unable to do so. -I have been horribly deceived cried Bella, unconvinced by this ingenious explanation. I see it all clearly. What a shame! I can not permitíroslo. I can not! Oh, not at all! Holy Mother! Soltadne, man! Oh! Oh! -Estate Serene, You have to submit. Yes I may not otherwise I'll take it by f***e. So open those nice legs, let me feel the exquisite warmth of these soft and lascivious thighs, let me put my hand on this
Page 40
Page 40 of 107 divine womb ... Be still, crazy! At last you are mine. Oh, how I've waited for this, Bella! However, Bella still offered some resistance, which only served to excite abnormal appetite even further from his assailant, while still holding Ambrose firmly. - Oh, what a beautiful ass! Verbouc exclaimed, as he slid his intrusive velvety hands over poor Bella thighs and round cheeks caressed their backsides. Ah, what a glorious pussy! Now is everything to me, and duly celebrated at the appropriate time. - Let go! Bella shouted. , Oh. oh! These last gasps arose from the throat of the tormented girl while between the two men f***ed her to put her back on a sofa next. When it fell on him was f***ed to lie down, through the work of Ambrosio strongman, while Mr. Verbouc, who had raised her dresses to put the bare their legs in silk stockings and exquisite forms of its niece, it was back for a moment to enjoy the indecent exhibition Bella was f***ed to do. -Dude are you crazy? Bella cried again, while with his trembling limbs struggled in vain to hide the lustful displayed in all its nakedness crudeness. Please Let go! -Yes, Bella, I'm crazy, crazy passion for you, crazy with lust to possess you, for enjoy you, for my fill with your body. Resistance is futile. It is my will, and I will enjoy these cute charms; within this narrow and small case. While saying this, Mr. Verbouc was about the final act of i****tuous drama. He undid his lower garments, and without any consideration of modesty exhibited wantonly in the eyes of his niece's voluminous proportions and ruddy his excited member, erect and radiant, looked at her menacingly. A moment later he threw himself on his prey, firmly held on their backs by the priest, and applying his rampant weapon against the tender hole, tried to make the inserting one member conjunction long and wide proportions in the body of the niece. But ongoing body contortions cute Bella, disgust and horror that had seized it, and the inadequate size of their immature parts, impediments to effective were the guy who waited reach victory readily available, Never more ardently wished that in those moments contribute to disarm a champion, and tenderly by the cries of the gentle Bella, with the body of a flea, but with the soul of a wasp, I jumped in one leap to the rescue. Sinking my lancet on the cover sensitive scrotum was Mr. Verbouc question of a second, and had the desired effect. An acute sense of pain and itching will
Page 41
Page 41 of 107 were stopped. The interval was fatal, because a few moments later and thighs Beautiful young belly were covered by the liquid which attested the vigor of his i****tuous relation. Curses, not loud such, but from the bottom, followed this unexpected setback. The would-be r****t had to withdraw from his vantage position and, unable to continue the battle, withdrew the weapon useless. No sooner had Mr. Verbouc delivered his niece of the annoying situation in which was when Father Ambrose began to manifest v******e of their own excitement caused by the passive contemplation of the erotic scene. As she satisfaction meaning of the act, keeping fast hold of his powerful embrace Bella, his habit did not ask the front cover of your state of rigidity member had acquired. Their fearsome weapon, apparently disregarding the limitations imposed by clothing, pushed through them to appear lumpy, with its round bare head and throbbing by the desire of enjoyment. - Ah! cried the other, casting a glance at the relaxed lewd member confessor. Here is a champion who does not know defeat, I guarantee-and taking deliberately in his hands, he made himself with obvious delight handling. -; What a monster! How strong and how stiff is maintained! Ambrose's father got up, denouncing the intensity of his desire for the CIE1 on face, and placing the frightened Bella in better position, took his red bump on the wet opening, and proceeded to enter into with desperate effort. Pain, excitement and intense eagerness roamed the entire nervous system of the victim of their lust for each new thrust. Although this was not the first time the father had touched Ambrosio entries as it, covered with moss, the fact that his uncle was present, it unseemly of all the scene, the deep conviction-that for the first time he did this, the speaking deceit victim by the father and his selfishness, were elements that combined to stifle within those extreme feelings of pleasure had demonstrated so powerfully once. But Ambrose's performance gave him no time for Bella to think, because when feel the gentle pressure, like a glove, its delicate sheath, hurried to complete throwing conjunction with a few vigorous and skillful thrusts to bury his member on her body to the testicles. There was a barbarian refocilamíento range of fast connections and pressures, steady and continuous until a murmur in the throat of Bella announced that the nature claimed its rights therein, and that the fight had reached loving exquisite crises in which spasm of indescribable pleasure fast walking voluptuously nervous system, with the head thrown back, chapped lips and fingers clenched, his body became inherent rigidity these effects absorbents, in the course of which the nymph sheds his youthful essence to mix with the jets evacuated by her lover.
Page 42
Page 42 of 107 Bella's body contorted, his eyes glassy and his hands trembling, clearly revealed to his state, without betraying it also whisper laboriously ecstasy escaped her lips trembling. The entire mass of that powerful weapon now well lubricated, worked deliciously in their youth sides. The excitement was growing by Ambrosio moments, and his cock, hard as iron, each thrust threatening to download its viscous nature. - Oh, I can not take it anymore! I feel that milk comes, Verbouc! Have you fuck that. It's delicious. The sheath fits me like a glove. Oh! Oh! Oh! More frequent vigorous and powerful assaults-jump-a real robust submergence within the weak man figurine of her, a tight embrace, and Beautiful, with inexpressible pleasure, felt the warm shed her r****t injection in jets thick and viscous deep inside her tender insides. Ambrose withdrew his penis with evident reluctance steaming, exposing the shiny parts of the girl, of which flowed a thick mass of secretions. 'Well,' said Verbouc, on whom the scene had produced effects extremely exciting. Now it was my turn, good Father Ambrose. Have you enjoyed my niece under my eyes as he wished, and my faith has been well ****d. She pleasures shared with you, my predictions have been confirmed, can receive and can enjoy, and one can be fed into your body. Right. I'll start. At the end got my chance and now can not escape me. I will satisfy a desire long cherished. Appease this insatiable lust aroused in me the daughter of my b*****r. Member Observe, now raises his red head. Express my desire for you, Bella. Feel, my dear niece, how have hardened your uncle's testicles. Being filled for you. It is you who has made this thing has been enlarged and straightened both: are you that intended to provide relief. Discover your head, Bella! Easy, my girl; let me take your hand. Oh, cut the crap! No flushing or modesty. Without resistance. Can you notice its length? You have to get it all in that hot slit the father Ambrose just filled so well. Can you see the big balloons hanging by below, Bella? They are full of semen that I will download to enjoy yours and mine. Yes, Bella, in the womb of the daughter of my b*****r. The idea of ​​the terrible i****t proposed ana-day consummate fuel to the fire of arousal, and caused a sensation superabundant lewd impatience, revealed both its red appearance, such as dart erection which threatened the wet parts of Bella. Mr. Verbouc took security measures. There was, in fact, and as I had said, escape for Bella. She climbed on her body and spread her legs, while Ambrose kept securely fastened. The r****t arrival saw the opportunity. The way was open, thighs well separated whites, reds and wet lips pussy of pretty girl in front of him. I could not wait. Opening Lips sex of her niece, and the red head pointing his gun at the vulva prominent, is
Page 43
Page 43 of 107 moved forward, and pushed and screamed in plunged in sensual pleasure full length on Bella's stomach. - Oh, God! I'm finally in it! Verbouc shrieked. Oh! Ah! What pleasure! How beautiful it is! How tight! Oh! The Good Father Ambrose Bella grabbed more firmly. This made a violent effort, and let out a cry of pain and terror when felt the turgid member into his uncle who, firmly embedded in the warm person of his victim, began a rapid and spirited race for selfish pleasure. It was the lamb into the jaws of the wolf, the dove in the eagle's talons. No pity or care even by her feelings, above all attacked until, too soon for own lustful desire, with a cry of pleasurable trance, unloaded inside her niece a rich stream of her i****tuous fluid. Again and again the two enjoyed their unhappy victim. His fiery lust, stimulated by the contemplation of the pleasure experienced by the other, dragged the insanity. He soon tried to attack Bella Ambrosio her buttocks, but Verbouc, without certainly had his reasons for prohibírselos, opposed it. The priest, however. without self-conscious, he lowered his head to enter his huge tool from behind in sex it. Verbouc knelt in front to watch the event, which-with the conclusion Diose true delight-sucking lips well filled pussy of her niece. That night I went with Bella to bed, because despite my nerves had impacted by a dreadful crash, why is not my appetite had decreased and was a fortune that my young protege possessed not so irritable skin to chafe too much for my labors to satisfy my appetite naturally. The rest went to dinner with you I said my energies, and found a secure retirement and deliciously tender warm moss i covered the mound of the cute Bella, had it not been because, at midnight, a violent rampage came to disturb my decent rest. The girl had been held by a rugged and powerful embrace, and a heavy tamping humanity strongly her delicate body. A gasp went to the frightened her lips, and in the midst of their vain efforts to escape, and its not luckiest measures to prevent the consummation of the purposes of his assailant, I recognized the voice and the person of Mr. Verbouc. The surprise was complete, and after he had to be useless the weak resistance she could offer. His uncle, with feverish haste and terrible excitement caused by the contact with their velvety limbs, took possession of their most secret charms and prey to his lust hateful delved his rampant penis in her young niece. There followed a furious struggle, in which each played a different.
Page 44
Page 44 of 107 The r****t, also fired by the difficulties of his conquest, and by the exquisite sensations he was experiencing, he buried his stiff member in lewd cover, and tried through rush eager to facilitate copious discharge, while Bella, whose temperament was not wise enough to resist proof that violent and lascivious assault, tried in vain to contain the violent imperatives of nature awakened by the exciting friction, which threatened to betray him, until at last, with great trembling in his limbs and breath, he gave up and downloaded the overflow onto the dart filled as deliciously throbbing inside. Mr. Verbone was fully aware of the advantage of their situation, and changing tactics as prudent general, took good care not to expel all its reserves, and caused a further advance from your gracious opponent. Verbouc had no great difficulty in achieving its purpose, although the struggle seemed excite to frenzy. The bed rocked and swayed: the whole room vibrated with the trembling energy of his lewd attack, both bodies reared and rolled, becoming a single mass. An insult, fiery and impatient, took them to the limit on both sides. The did lunges, pushing, lunged, retreated to reveal the broad head flushed of his swollen cock with red lips in the warm parts of Bella, to sink then to the black hairs that were born in the womb, and tangled with the smooth damp moss covering the mound of her niece, until a sigh choppy betrayed the pain and pleasure of it. Again the victory had accrued to him, and while his vigorous member is sheathed until smooth roots in her body, a tender, painful scream off and spoke of his ecstasy when, once again, the spasm of pleasure ran through her system nervous. Finally, with a brutal grunt of triumph, unleashed a torrid stream viscous liquid in the back of the die of it. Owned by the frenzy of a newly born desire and still not satisfied with the possession of this beautiful flower, the brutal Verbouc turned the body of his semidesmayada niece, to expose their attractive buttocks. Its purpose was obvious, and it was more when, spreading her anus filled with milk sex, pushed his index as inside he could. His passion had come back to a fever pitch. Walked toward his penis rotund buttocks, and lying on his body encimándose, placed his shiny head on the small hole, then striving for venture into it. After he got his purpose, and Bella took her into his rectum in its entirety, the staff of his uncle. The narrowness your anus provided the same the greatest pleasure, and continued to work slowly back it forward for a quarter of an hour at least, after which time their acquired speech device rigidity of iron, and discharged into the bowels of his niece streams of milk. It was morning when Mr. Verbouc released his lustful embrace niece he had satisfied his passion, which slid achieved exhausted to seek shelter in
Page 45
Page 45 of 107 his trio bed. Bella, meanwhile, satiated and exhausted, he fell into a heavy sl**p, from which there woke up late in the day. When he came back to his room. Bella had experienced a change that does not mattered not struggled at all to analyze. The passion had taken possession it to form part of his character had awakened within him strong sexual emotions, and given them satisfaction. The refinement of the delivery to the themselves had generated lust, and lust had paved the way for the satisfaction of the senses without restraint, even unnatural inland. -Bella-almost an innocent girl until very recently-basin had become of Suddenly a woman of violent passions. slow and unstoppable lust.
Page 46
Page 46 of 107 Chapter VI READER NOT BOTHER WITH THE story of how it happened that one day I found myself comfortably hidden in the person of good Father Clement, nor I will stop to explain how it was that I was present when the same ecclesiastical confession received a stylish little lady of about twenty years of age. I soon discovered, by the course of their conversation, which although closely related with persons of rank, the lady did not have titles, but was married to one of the most wealthy landowners of the population. The names do not matter here. So this pretty suppress the penitent. After the confessor had given his blessing to end after the ceremony through which he had come into possession of the elite of the secrets of the young is-flora, nothing reluctant, he led the church aisle to the same small sacristy where he received his first lesson Bella coupling sanctified. He spent the lock on the door and no time was lost. The lady took off his clothes, and the burly confessor opened his robe to reveal his enormous weapon, which red head towered menacingly. No sooner realized this appearance, the lady took hold of the member, as one who takes possession by any means an object of delight that it is not by any means unknown. Her delicate hand gently squeezed the upright pillar that was one stiff muscle, while his eyes devoured in its entirety and its swollen proportions. -You have to stick it behind the lady, 'I said. In leorette. But you be very careful, so awfully big! The father's eyes sparkled in his redheaded Clemente stubborn, and its huge weapon was a jerky beat could lift a chair. A second later the little lady was kneeling on the chair, and the father Clemente, approaching her, lifted her fine white undergarments to leave disclosed a squat, rounded bottom, under which, half hidden among some plump thighs, were the red lips a delicious vulva, heavily shaded by clumps of brown hair that curled around it. Clemente did not wait more incentives. Spitting on the tip of his cock, placed his head in the wet warm lips and then, after many assaults and efforts, managed to make it go to the testicles. Delved more ... and more .. and more, until he gave the impression that the beautiful recipient could not support more without risk of damage to your vital organs, Entre both her face reflected the extraordinary pleasure he caused the gigantic member. Father Clement suddenly stopped. I was in until the testicles. His hairs frayed red and plump cheeks harassed the lady's buttocks. This was
Page 47
Page 47 of 107 received inside your body, in all its length, the sheath of the priest. Then encounter began shaking the bench and all the furniture of the room. Clinging with both arms around her frail body, the sexy priest flushed thoroughly in every stroke, without removing more than half of its length Member to penetrate better in each attack, until the lady began to shudder effect of the exquisite sensations that gave him such an assault Nature. Soon, his eyes closed and his head fall forward, poured on invading the warm essence of his nature, Clemente parent meanwhile kept inside triggering the sheath hot and every time your weapon more hardened, reaching resemble a steel bar solid. But everything has an end, and so had the pleasure of good priest, because after having pushed, fought, tight and shake with rage, his staff could not resist, and felt to reach the point of discharge of its sap, reaching in this way to ecstasy. I come at last. Letting out a cry sank to the root inside their member of the lady, and poured into her womb a rich stream of milk. It was all over, had spent the last spasm. Had been shed the last drop, and lay Clemente as dead. The reader will imagine that the good Father Clement would be satisfied with just this single coup that had just strike with such excellent effects, nor the lady, whose licentious appetites had been appeased so powerfully did not want and new skirmishes. On the contrary, this intercourse had only to wake up the both sensual faculties dormant, and again felt flame wake desire. The lady was lying on his back, his burly r****t pounced on her, and sinking your ram until hairs gathered both came again, filling his matrix a slimy stream. Still unsatisfied, the raunchy couple continued to their exciting hobby. This time Clement lay on his back, and the young lady, after fiddling lasciviously with enormous genitals, took the red head of his cock between her pink lips, the while stimulating him with pat maddening to achieve maximum tension, all with an avidity that ended up causing an abundant discharge of fluid thick and warm, this time filled his pretty mouth and ran down his throat. Then the lady, whose lust was at least equal to that of her confessor, was placed on the burly figure of it, and after having secured another huge erection, impaled in the beating dart to not expose anything more than big balls hanging hardened under the gun. Thus sucked until a fourth Clemente downloads. Heaving a strong smell of semen under the abundant ejaculations of the priest, and fatigued by the exceptional length of entertainment, Diose then comfortably contemplate the monstrous proportions and capacity were common than its giant confessor.
Page 48
Page 48 of 107 Chapter VII BELLA HAD A FRIEND, A DAMITA ONLY a few months older than she, the daughter of a wealthy gentleman, who lived near Mr. Verbouc. Julia, however. was less ardent and voluptuous temperament, and Bella soon realized that not speaks matured enough to understand the feelings of passion, understand the strong instincts aroused pleasure. Julia was slightly taller than her young friend, somewhat less plump, but with forms capable of delighting the eye and captivate the heart of an artist so its perfect cut and exquisite detail. It is assumed that a flea can not describe the beauty of the people. not even the those that feed. All I can say, therefore, is that Julia Delmont was in my view a great gift, and one day it would be for someone of sex opposite, as it was made to arouse the desire of most insensible of men, and to enchant with their graceful manners and pleasant always contained the most demanding worshiper of Venus. Julia's father had, as we have said, extensive resources, his mother was a who looked rather goofy little daughter, or something else other than their duties religious, in the exercise of which employed most of his time as well as in devotees visit the old neighborhood that stimulated their predilections. Mr. Delmont was relatively young. Robust constitution, was full of life, and inasmuch as his pious spouse was too busy to allow the matrimonial pleasures which the poor man had a right, it's looking for Other sides. Mr. Delmont had a friend, a cute young girl, as I concluded, not was satisfied merely to his wealthy protector. Mr. Delmont in any way confined his attentions to her friend, her habits were erratic, and frankly erotic inclinations. In such circumstances, it is not surprising that his eyes were set in the beautiful body cocoon flower that was the niece of his friend, Bella. She had had chance to push his gloved hand, to kiss-of course-his paternal air white cheek, and even place his hand trembling clear that accidentally-on her plump thighs. Actually, Bella, much more experienced than most girls her tender age, he realized that Mr. Delmont only waiting for an opportunity to take things to its ultimate conclusion. And this was precisely what had pleased to Bella, but was watched too closely, and the new and unfortunate situation that had just come monopolized all his thoughts .
Page 49
Page 49 of 107 Ambrose's father, however, was aware well of the need to stay on notice, and did not let any opportunity pass, when the girl came to his confessional, for direct and pertinent questions about their behavior towards others, and conduct that others watched with his penitent. That's how Bella came to confess his feelings spiritual guide engendered in her by the lecherous Mr. Delmont proceed. Ambrose's father gave him good advice, and immediately began the task Bella to suck the penis. After this delicious episode, and deleted that were the footsteps of pleasure, the worthy priest was assigned with his usual cunning, to take advantage of the facts of they had just learned. His sensual and vicious brain soon devise a plan whose boldness and restlessness I, a humble insect, do not know that it was never equaled. Of course, in the act Julia decided that she had to be yours someday. This was second nature. But to achieve this goal, and have fun at the same time with the Bella unquestionably passion had awakened in Mr. Delmont, conceived a double consummation, which was carried out by the most indecent and repulsive plan I ever heard of the reader. The first thing to do was to awaken the imagination of Julia, and stoke it the latent fires of lust. This noble task entrusted the good priest to Bella, which, properly instructed, readily agreed to do it. Since we had already broken the ice in his own case, Bella, in fact, not wanted nothing but to get Julia out as guilty as her. So he gave the task of corrupting his young friend. How did he, we shall see in due time. It was only a few days after the initiation of the young beautiful girl in the delights of crime in its i****tuous we have already reported, and in which there had been more Mr. Verbouc experience because he had to leave the row. In the long run, without But he had to present the new opportunity, and Bella found a second time, single and serene, in the company of his uncle and father Ambrosio. The afternoon was cold, but reigned stay pleasant heat-quote the effect of a stove installed in the luxury department. The soft, plush sofas and ottomans provided that the room furnished it to it an air of indolence and abandonment. In the bright light of a lamp exquisitely scented the two men seemed elegant devotees of Bacchus and Venus as they sat, scantily clad, after a sumptuous snack.
Page 50
Page 50 of 107 As for Bella, as it was exceeded in beauty. Wearing a charming 'negligie', half and half hid discovered those blooming charms that proud as could be shown. His arms, shapely admirably, her soft silk covered legs, the heaving bosom, which protruded two white apples, exquisitely rounded and finished in as many strawberries, shapely hips, and tiny feet imprisoned in tight shoes, were charms, in addition to many others, were a delicate and delicious with whom she had been intoxicated the deities themselves, and in which they would indulge the two lewd mortals. It took, however, a small incentive to increase the excitement of the abnormal infamous and desires of those two men who at that time, with eyes injected by lust, looked at will the treasures deployment was reach. Convinced that they were to be interrupted, they prepared both to make lewd attouchernents that would meet the desire bask in what they had to view. Unable to contain his anxiety, sexy man extended his hand, and drawing to yes to his niece, he slid his fingers between her legs only at random. For his part, priest took possession of her sweet breasts, to plunge your face in them. Neither stopped modesty considerations to interfere with his pleasure, so that members of the two strong men were then displayed throughout its extension, and remained excited and erect, heads burning as a result of bl**d pressure and muscle tension. - Oh, how touching me! Bella murmured, opening voluntarily thighs trembling hands of his uncle, Ambrose almost drowned while the lavish delicious kisses with his thick lips, At one point the complacent captured Bella's hand inside his warm palm the priest vigorous rigid member. - What, sweetie, is not great? Did not burning to expel the juice within you? Oh, how to turn me on, my daughter! Your hand. .. your sweet hand. .. Oh! I'm dying insert it into your soft belly! Kiss me, Bella! Verbouc, see how-ons in their niece! - Holy Mother, what the fuck! Go, Bella, what his head! How it shines! What trunk so long and so white! And see how it bends as if it were a snake in Stalking his victim! It looks a drop on the tip! Look, Bella! - Oh, how hard it is! How vibrates! How rush! I can barely comprehend it! I you kill these kisses, I sorbéis life! Mr. Verbouc made a move forward, and at the same time put exposed his own weapon, erect and red hot, naked and wet head. Bella's eyes lit up at the prospect.
Page 51
Page 51 of 107 -We need to establish an order for our pleasures, Bella, 'said his uncle. We must extend as much as possible, our ecstasy. Ambrosio is rampant. What a****l is splendid! You have to see which member! , Is equipped as a stallion! Ah, my niece, my creature, with that will dilate your crack. The sink to your body, and after a good run downloaded a torrent of milk for pleasure yours! - What a pleasure! Bella murmured. Longing receive up to my waist. Yes, yes. Not hasten the delicious final all work for it. I would have said more, but at that time the red tip of the rigid member Mr. Verbouc entered his mouth. With Bella received increased avidity hard and throbbing between her lips object coral, and admitted as much as it could. He began to lick around his tongue, and even tried to introduce it into the red tip opening. Was excited to frenzy. Her cheeks were burning, his breath came and went with spasmodic anxiety. He clung indeed the member of lewd priest and his young tight cunt throbbed with pleasure anticipated. He wanted to continue tickling, rubbing and exciting the swollen trunk lewd Ambrosio, but the burly priest motioned him to stop. 'Wait a moment, she sighed Bella, you're going to make me come. Bella dropped the huge white dart leaned back so that his uncle could drive slowly into and out of his mouth, without the look of it stop for a moment to pay attention to the extraordinary eagerly Ambrosio member dimensions. I never liked Bella with much delight of a penis, as was now enjoying respected member of his uncle. For this reason he applied his lips to it with the greatest pleasure, sipping morbidly secretion that occasionally exuded tip. Mr. Verbouc was enraptured with their attentive services. Then the priest knelt, head shaved and passing between the legs of Verbouc, who was standing at his niece, plump thighs opened it to set aside then with his fingers the red lips of her vulva, and sticking his tongue inward, to while her thick lips covered his youthful and energized parts. Bella shuddered with pleasure. His uncle became even more rigid, and pushed strongly within the beautiful mouth of the girl, who took his balls between your hands to squeeze them gently. He pulled back his skin was burning log, and resumed her sucking with obvious delight. - Come here! Bella said, abandoning for a moment the head viscous order to be able to speak and take breath. Come on, man! I like both taste! -You can do it, dearie, but not yet. We should not go so fast. - Oh, how my mama! How I lick your tongue! I'm on fire! It kills me! - Ah, Bella! Now I feel more than pleasure: I have reconciled with the joys of our contacts i****tuous.
Page 52
Page 52 of 107 -I really do, uncle. Put me back in your fucking mouth. Not yet, Bella, my love. Do not make me wait too. I're crazy. Father! Father! Oh, is coming towards me, ready to fuck! God, what the hell! Mercy! I leave in two! Ambrosio Meanwhile, emboldened by the delicious romp to which it was entertaining, became too excited to remain as it was, and taking the opportunity Verbouc a momentary withdrawal, stood up and lay down on his back, into the soft couch, a beautiful girl. Verbouc took in his hand the formidable penis holy father, gave him a pair of Preliminary shock, skin removal around his egg-shaped head, and anchurosa tip routing and ardent towards pink slit, pushed vigorously into her belly. Moisture noble lubricated parts of the creature facilitated entry head and the front, and the weapon of the priest soon became mired. Continued strong lunges, and brutal lust reflected in the face, and little pity for the youth of his victim, Ambrose skewered. Bella excitation exceeded pain, so that opened leg as far as he can to enable gloat as they wish in the possession of her beauty. A strangled cry escaped Bella's lips parted as she felt that great weapon, hard as iron, pressing her womb, and stretching it to its large size. Mr. Verbouc not missing a detail of lusty spectacle offered to his view, and the effect was maintained near the excited partner. At one point he put his little less vigorous in hand convulsed member of her niece. Ambrose, as soon as he was firmly lodged in the body cute beneath him, restrained his anxiety. Calling on his extraordinary power assistance self-control with which he was endowed, passed his trembling hands on hips girl, and discovered his clothes away his hairy belly, with which each Shake rubbing her fluffy bush. Suddenly the priest accelerated his work. With powerful and rhythmic thrusts buried in the tender body that lay beneath him. Strongly pressed forward, and White Bella wrapped her arms around his muscular neck. His balls hit the chubby buttocks of her, his instrument had penetrated to the hairs, black and curly, completely covering her sex. -Now you have it. Look, Verbouc, your niece. See how she enjoys the rites ecclesiastics. Ah, what a pleasure! How I nibble with her tight pussy! - Oh, dear, dear ...! Oh, good father, jodedme! I'm coming. Push! Push! Kill me with him, if you please, but do not fail to move you! So! Oh! Heavens! Ah! Ah! How great it is! How goes into me!
Page 53
Page 53 of 107 The couch creaked because of their quick jolts. - Oh. God! Bella cried. It's killing me .., really is too ... Me die ... I'm coming! And letting out a scream lawyer, the girl came, flooding the thick shaft that was fucking so delightfully. The long penis engruesó and further inflamed. I also finished off the ball swelled, and all the tremendous apparatus seemed about to explode with lust. The young beautiful girl incoherent whisper, of which only understood the word fuck. Ambrosio also completely enraged, feeling his huge yerga trapped meats in juvenile girl could not hold back and grabbing the buttocks of Bella with both hands, pushed inwards tremendous entire length of his cock and fired, throwing the thick jets of his fluid, one after another, just inside your playmate. A roar like wild b**st escaped from his chest as they threw their warm milk. - Oh, it's coming! I is flooding! I feel! Ah, what a treat! Meanwhile fuck the priest, sunk deep in the body of Bella, still issuing its swollen head pearly semen that filled her parent's youth. - Ah, how much you are giving me! 'Said Bella, as she swayed on his feet and was running in all directions, legs down, the warm fluid. How viscous white! This was exactly the situation most anxiously awaited the uncle, and therefore quietly proceeded to take it. He looked at her beautiful silk stockings soaked, put his fingers between her pussy lips red, oozing semen smeared over his hairless sex. Then, placing his niece properly before him, Verbouc exhibited once again its stiff and hairy champion, and excited by the exceptional scenes that both had delighted him, watched with eager zeal the tender parts of the young Bella, completely covered as they were by the discharges of the priest, and still exuding thick and heavy prolific drops of fluid. Bella, in obedience to his wishes, she opened her legs as much as possible. His uncle placed forward to his naked person between her thighs logs. -Be still, my dear niece. Fuck me is not as fat nor as long as the Father Ambrose, but I know how to fuck, and you can check it the milk your uncle not as thick and pungent as any cleric. See how I stiffly. .. - And how you make me wait! Bella said. I see your dear yerga waiting turn. How is red! Push me, dear uncle! I'm ready again, and the good father Ambrosio thee well oiled road. The hard cock touched her head flushed the open lips, still quite slippery, and its tip firmly entrenched. Then he began to penetrate the member itself, and after a few thrusts firm that relative copy
Page 54
Page 54 of 107 had ventured to the testicles in the womb of her niece, basking lustfully between evidencing its previous tuff and impious forth with the father. -Dear uncle cried the girl. Remember who you're fucking. Not is an odd, is the daughter of your b*****r, your own niece. Fuck me good, then, man. Give me the full power of your vigorous fuck. Fuck me! Fuck me until your i****tuous milk spilling inside me! Ah! Oh! Oh! And uncontrollably before the spell of their own lustful thoughts, Bella gave the most unbridled sensuality, to the great delight of his uncle. The vigorous man, enjoying the satisfaction of his favorite lust, began to perform a series of fast and powerful thrusts. Notwithstanding that flooded was, her pretty vulva opponent was itself small, and narrow enough to pinch deliciously into the opening, and thus lead to increased pleasure quickly. Verbouc to throw rose angrily into her body, and beautiful young was seized with the urgency of a lust sated yet. Your yerga thickened and hardened further. The tingling soon became almost unbearable. Bella turned himself entirely to pleasure the i****tuous act, until Mr. Verbouc, sighing, came inside his niece, array again flooding her with his warm fluid. Bella came also to ecstasy, and at the same time receiving the injection powerful, pleasantly host no less ardent shed a proof of his enjoyment. Having thus completed the act, was given time for Bella to make their ablutions, and then, after an invigorating rush of wine glass filled to the brim, it sat the three to enter into a diabolical plan for the **** and enjoyment of the beautiful Julia Delmont. Bella confessed that Mr. Delmont he wanted, and that was evidently waiting the opportunity to move things to the satisfaction of his whims. For his part, Father Ambrose confessed that his member is straightened at the sole mention of the name of the girl. He had confessed and admitted jokingly that during the ceremony he could not control his hands, as his mere breath aroused in him crave sensual uncontrollable. Mr. Verbouc said he was equally anxious solace provided their sweet charms, whose very description as mad. But the problem was how implement the plan. -If the **** without preparation, shatter exclaimed Father Ambrose, showing once again its ruddy machine, still oozing its tests Finally enjoyment which had not wiped. -I can not enjoy it first. I need the excitement of previous copulation - Verbouc objected.
Page 55
Page 55 of 107 -I would rather see the girl ****d Bella said. Observe the operation with delight, and when Father Ambrose had introduced his big thing Inside of it, you could do the same with me to compensate the gift that I would do the pretty Julia. -Yes, that combination could be delicious. - What will it do? Bella asked. Holy Mother, how stiff is back yerga your dear Father Ambrose! -I have an idea just thinking about it gives me a violent erection. Implementation would be the height of lust, and therefore pleasure. -Let's see what it is cried the other two as One. 'Wait a bit,' said the holy man, as Bella stripped the red head your instrument to tickle cn wet hole with the tip of his tongue. -Listen carefully, Ambrosio said. Mr. Delmont is in love with Bella. We're on his daughter, and this creature that I now face is sucking her jo like to see Julia skewered tender it to the depths of your vital organs, with the only and provided lustful desire for an extra dose of pleasure. So far all We disagree. Now lend me your attention, and you, Bella, let alone my instrument. I Here is my plan: I know that the little Julia is not insensitive to their a****l instincts. In Indeed, the devil feels itchy and meat. A little bit of persuasion and guile Other can do the rest. Julia will access to alleviate these anxieties is carnal appetite. Bella should encourage this purpose. Meanwhile induce the same Mr. Delmont Bella to be more daring. It will let you declare, if you want it. In reality, this is essential to the plan may be. That is the time I should intervene. I will suggest to Mr. Verbouc Delmont is a man above vulgar prejudices, and that a certain sum of money will be as to give his beautiful and virginal niece to sate their appetites. -I fail to understand it well, 'said Bella. I do not see the object-Verbouc intervened. This does more to bring us closer consummation of our plan. 'Wait a moment,' continued the good father. Until now all have agreed. Now Bella will be sold to Delmont. It will let you secretly meets your wishes in the beautiful charms of her. But the victim is not shall see him, nor he her, a.-to save face. You will be placed in a nice bedroom, you can see the fully nude body of a lovely woman, you will know that it is the victim, and you can enjoy it. - Me? Bella interrupted. Why all the mystery? Ambrose's father smirked. 'I know, Bella, have patience. What we want is to enjoy Julia Delmont, and what Mr. Delmont want to enjoy yourself. We can only achieve our goal while preventing any possibility of scandal. It is necessary that the
Page 56
Page 56 of 107 Mr. Delmont is muted, otherwise they could be harmed by the **** of his daughter. My purpose is that the lecherous Mr. Delmont **** his own daughter, in instead of Bella, and that once this lucky we have opened the way, we we give ourselves to satisfying our lust. If Delmont falls into the trap, can reveal the committed i****t, and recompensárselo with true possession of Bella, in exchange for the person of his daughter, or act according to the circumstances. - Oh, I almost am coming now! Shouted Mr. Verbouc. My gun is that fire! What up! What a wonderful show! Both men got up, and Bella was involved in their hugs. Two hard and long darts were embedded against his body kind as the moved to the couch. Ambrosio lay on their backs, Bella rode him over and took his penis stallion in his hands to take to the vulva. Mr. Verbouc looked on. Bella dropped enough that the huge weapon will delve completely; then settled above the fiery priest and began a delightful series of wave motions. Mr. Verbouc watched her nice buttocks up and down, opening and closing each successive thrust. Ambrosio had ventured down to the root, this was evident. His large testicles were stuck under it, and the thick lips of Bella came to them whenever Girl was dropped. The show will sit well with Verbouc. The virtuous man climbed onto the couch, directed her long swollen penis to Bella's ass, without great difficulty got completely buried up her womb. The butt of his niece was wide and soft as a glove, and the skin of the buttocks white as alabaster. Verbouc, however, paid no attention to these details. His cock was inside, and felt the tight little muscle compression inlet as something exquisite. The two fuck rubbing each other, only separated by a thin membrane. Bella felt the maddening effects of this double delight. After dreadful transport arrived late excitation leading to relief, and squirts milk flooded the graceful Bella. After downloaded Ambrosio twice in Bella's mouth, which also then poured her i****tuous uncle fluid, and thus ended the session. The way Bella performed their duties was such that sincere commendations earned of his two companions. Sitting on the edge of a chair, was placed in front of both of stiff so that members of both were level with her coral lips, Then taking from his lips the velvety glans, applied both hands to rub, tickle and excite the phallus and its appendices.
Page 57
Page 57 of 107 Thus put into action throughout the nervous power of the members of their playmates, with their distended to its full members, could enjoy the lascivious tingle until the choccie Bella became irresistible, and between sighs of ecstasy her mouth and throat were flooded with jets of semen. The little glutton's completely d***k. And the same would be done with a dozen, if she had opportunity.
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Page 58 of 107 Chapter VIII Bella was giving me THE MOST delicious food. His youth members never missed its crimson indentations caused by my pickets, who, to my great regret, I was f***ed to take to get my support. I determined, therefore, to continue with it, even though, in truth, his behavior of late had become moot and slightly irregular. One thing certain was that there was clearly lost all sense of delicacy and proper modesty of a maiden, and lived only to satisfy their pleasures sex. Soon he could see that the girl had not wasted any instructions given on the part he had to play in the conspiracy hatched. Now I propose to tell in what form played a role. It was not long found Bella in the mansion-flower is Delmont, and perhaps for random, or perhaps rather because he had prepared well respected citizen, alone with him. Mr. Delmont warned his chance and intelligent which were generally available to assault. He found that his pretty companion, or was in limbo as to their intentions, or was well prepared to alentarías. Mr. Delmont had already placed his arms around Bella's waist and as by accident the right of this gentle hand under his nerve compressed and palm the male member of it. What Bella showed palpable v******e of his emotion. A spasm crossed the reference subject hard throughout, and Bella did not stop a similar experience sensual pleasure. The lover gently pulled Mr. Delmont foolish yes, and hugged his body complacent. Quickly pressed a warm kiss on her cheek and whispered words promising to divert their attention from their maneuvers. Tried something else: hand rubbed Bella on the hard object, which allowed the girl could see that h excitation be too fast. Bella adhered strictly to his role at all times: it was an innocent girl and demure. Mr. Delmont, encouraged by the lack of resistance from her young friend, gave other steps even more determined. His hand wandered restless between light dresses Bella, and caressed her calves complacent. Then suddenly, while kissing passion with her red lips, her trembling fingers went below to tempt her plump thigh. Bella refused. At any other time he'd slept on their backs and would have helped make it worse, but remember the lesson, and played its role perfectly.
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Page 59 of 107 - Oh, what is bold of you! Cried the girl. What are they rude! I can not afford them! My uncle says I should not allow that anyone touch me there. In any case never before ... Bella hesitated, stopped, and his face became silly. Mr. Delmont was as curious as lovesick. - Before what. Bella? - Oh, I should explain! I should not say anything about it. Only his rough manners I did forget. - Forget what? -Something that told me my uncle often said simply Bella. - But what is it? Tell me! I dare not. In addition, do not understand what it means. -I'll explain if you tell me what it is. - Will you promise not to tell? - Certainly. -Well. For what he says is that I have never to let me put the hands there, and if anyone wants to do is to pay a lot for it. She said that, really? -Yes, of course. He said I can give you a good sum of money, and that there are many rich men pay for what you want to me, and also said I was not stupid enough to let loose the opportunity. -Really, Bella, your uncle is a perfect businessman, but did not think was a man of that kind. 'Yes it is, cried Bella. It puffed up with the money, you know that, and I I hardly know what it means, but sometimes it says it will sell my virginity. - Is it possible? Delmont thought. What type should be that! Good eye for Business must have! The more he thought Mr. Delmont about it, the more I was convinced absolute truth of the naive explanation given by Bella. It was on sale, and he would buy. It was better to go this route than risk being discovered and punished by Secret relationships. Before, however, he could finish yourself these wise reflections, is was an interruption caused by the arrival of his daughter Julia. and while reluctantly, had to leave the company of Bella and compose their clothes properly. Bella soon gave an excuse and went home, leaving the events take their course.
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Page 60 of 107 The path taken by the pretty girl passed through meadows, and was a wagon road that left the highway near the residence of his uncle. This time the evening had fallen, and the weather was mild. The trail was several curves, and as Bella was amused way forward in watch the cattle grazing nearby. It got to a point where the road was lined with trees, and where tub series log straight line separating the road from the trail itself pedestrians. In the meadows next saw several men who tilled the field, and little further to a group of women who rested a moment of the work of the planting, entertaining in interesting discussions. Across the road was a near hedges, and as it happens look there, he saw something that astonished. In the meadow had two a****ls, a stallion and a mare. Obviously the first was dedicated to pursuing the second, until he got reach him not far from where he was Bella. But what surprised and appalled to it was the wonderful spectacle of the great brownish member that erect with excitement, belly hung stallion, and that of occasionally impatient hunched in search of the body of the female. This should have also warned that member throbbing, since it had arrested and remained quiet, offering its back the aggressor. The male was too urged by his amorous instincts to lose much time with compliments, and before the astonished eyes of the girl rode on female and attempted to introduce his instrument. Bella watched the show with bated breath, and saw how, at last, member filled the long horse and disappeared entirely on the backs of the female. To say that their sexual feelings were excited would be only express the natural result of lewd show. Actually I was more than excited, his instincts libidinous had unleashed. Hands stroking stared to observe all interest in the prurient spectacle, and when, after a fast and furious race, the a****l withdrew his dripping penis, Bella went to it a gourmand look, conceiving the insanity of take him to indulge herself. Obsessed with this idea, Bella knew he had to do something to erase his mind the powerful influence that the oppressed. Taking his courage averted eyes and resumed his way, but had hardly gone a dozen steps when his eye fell on something that certainly was not going to ease your passion. Just before her was a young rustic eighteen, of features beautiful, although goofy expression, with an eye to the loving dedicated to their hobby horses. A gap between the bushes that lined the way gave him an excellent angle of view, and was delivered to the contemplation of the spectacle with interest as evident as Bella.
Page 61
Page 61 of 107 But what it chained the attention of the boy was the state in which appeared his dress, and the emergence of a tremendous member of well-developed red head. that naked and showing off in full, stood shameless. There was no doubt about the fact that the show had developed in the meadow caused to the boy, since it had unbuttoned the pants for coarse between his nervous hands seize a weapon from which one Carmelite been proud. With eager eyes devoured the scene unfolding in the meadow, whereas with undressed right hand column for friccionaría firm vigorously up and downwards, completely oblivious to the fact that a kindred spirit was witnessed their acts. A startled gasp escaped involuntarily motivated Bella he looked around him. and discovered before him the beautiful girl in the lustful moment his cock was fully exposed in all its glory erection. - By God! Bella exclaimed as soon as he could recover speech. What vision so horrible! Shameless boy! What are you doing with this red thing? The boy, humiliated, tried to enter back into the object fly had prompted the question, but his obvious confusion and rigidity acquired by the member made the operation difficult. not to say that irksome. Bella came to his aid solicitous. - What is this? Let me help you. How does it go? How big is hard! And what long! My faith is a tremendous thing, naughty boy! Joining the action to the word, the girl placed her small hand in the erect Boy penis and squeezing it in her warm palm became harder still a possibility to return him to his hideout. Meanwhile the boy, who gradually regained his stolid presence of mind, and warned the innocence of his new unknown, failed to do anything in support of their laudable purpose of hiding the offensive rigid member. Actually it was impossible, even if he had put something in YOUR hand, as soon as his hand horn grabbed it acquired even greater proportions, while the swollen and red head shone like a ripe plum. - Oh, naughty boy! Bella he observed. What should I do? -He went on, while addressing an angry look to the face of the rustic beautiful boy. - Oh, how fun it is! Sighed the lad. Who could say you were so close to me when I felt so bad, and began to throb and swell to be as it is now? -This is incorrect-observed-the little lady, and further tightening feeling the flames of lust grew more and more inside her. This is terribly wrong, rogue.
Page 62
Page 62 of 107 - Did you see what they did the horses on the prairie? The boy asked, looking questioningly at Bella, whose beauty seemed projected onto the dull mind as the sun sneaks through a landscape the clouds. -Yes, I saw. The girl replied innocently. What were they doing? What mean? 'They were k**ding,' said the boy with a smile of lust. He wanted to the female and the female wanted the stallion, so we got together and set out to fuck. - Wow, that's funny! Replied the girl, looking with the most c***dish simplicity the great object was still in his hands, to the dismay of lad. 'Really it was fun, right? And what instrument yours! Right, Miss? -Immense Bella murmured while thinking a moment in which was rubbing up and down with his hand. - Oh, how I tickles! Sighed his companion. How beautiful you are! And how well he rubs! Please follow, miss. I have wanted to come to me. - Really? Bella murmured. I can do you come? Bella looked at the filled object, hardened mild tingling effect that was applied, and which seemed swollen head would explode. Observing pruritus what would be the effect of friction interrupted completely took possession of it, so was applied with redoubled commitment to the task. - Oh, yes, please! Follow! I am about to come to me! Oh! Oh! How well does! Squeeze more. . ., Rub faster. . . peel it right. . .! Now again .. . Oh, heavens! Oh! The long and hard thickened and heated instrument ever as she rubbed it up and down. - Ah! Ugh! Coming! Ugh! Oooh! Rustic cried brokenly as his knees were shaking and his body took on stiffness, and between contortions and their gasps expelled huge and powerful penis thick liquid jet on Bella's little hands, which, eager to bathe in the hot viscous fluid, surrounded by Complete the huge dart, helping to deliver every last drop of semen. Bella, surprised and joyful. each drop-pumped would have been sucked in bold-and then extracted Holland her delicate handkerchief to wipe their hands perlina thick mass. After i youngster, humiliated and stupid air, tucked the faint member, and looked at his companion with a mixture of curiosity and wonder. - Where do you live? He asked at last, when he found words to speak .. -Not far from here, 'said Bella. But you should not follow or try to get me, you know? If you do you go wrong -Continued the young lady, 'because never again certify thee, and above serious punished. - Why do not we fuck like the stallion and filly?
Page 63
Page 63 of 107 Suggested the girl, whose ardor, scarcely subsided, began to manifest again. 'Maybe we do someday, but not now. Wear hurry because I'm late. I have to go soon. -Let me tease your garments below. Tell me, when will you come back? 'Not now,' said Bella, retreating slowly, 'but we find another time. Bella toying with the idea of ​​indulging in the formidable object that lay behind their calzones. Tell me she asked. Ever. .. You screwed? -No, but I want to. Do not believe me? Okay, then I'll tell you. .. yes, I made. - Good lord! -Said the girl -My father would also fuck-added without hesitation or pay attention to its retraction movement. - Does your father? How terrible! And how do you know? 'Because my father and I we fuck the girls together. His instrument is greater than mine. -So you say. But is it true that your father and you do these horrible things together? -Yes, it is clear that when presented the opportunity. You should see him fuck. Uyuy! He laughed like an idiot. -You do not look very clever boy, 'said Bella. 'My father is not as smart as I am,' replied the young man laughing more still, to while showing semienhiesta yerga again. Now I know how to fuck, but did it only once. You should see me fuck. What Bella could see was the great instrument of the boy, throbbing and erect. - Who did it, wicked boy? With a girl of f******n. Both fucked up, my father and I were the divide. - Who was the first? Bella asked. -I, and my father surprised me. Then he wanted to do it too and I did hold. I've seen fuck ... Uyuy! A few minutes after Bella had resumed his way, and arrived home without subsequent adventures.
Page 64
Page 64 of 107 Chapter IX BEAUTIFUL STORY WHEN THE RESULT OF his interview that afternoon with Mr. Delmont, a muffled giggles of delight escaped the lips of the other two conspirators. He did not speak, however, the rustic lad who had encountered along the way. In that part of their adventures of the day considered entirely unnecessary to inform the wily Father Ambrose or his equally shrewd relative. The plot was evidently about to succeed. The seed as discreetly sown necessarily had to be fruitful, and when the thought of the Father Ambrose delicious entertainment that one day I would be in the person of the beautiful Julia Delmont, is alike cheered his spirit and his a****l passions, basking in advance with the tender delicacies close to being over and the obvious result that occurred a loosening of its membership and that their procedures denounced the deep excitement that had gripped him. Neither Mr. Verbouc remained impassive. Sensual extreme degree, is promised a great entertainment with the charms of the daughter of his neighbor, and the only thought of this treat produced the corresponding effects on your temperament nervous. However, there were some details to fix. Was clear that simple Mr. Delmont would take steps to find out what was true in the Bella assertion that his uncle was willing to sell her virginity. Father Ambrose, whose knowledge of the man had done to conceive such an idea, knew perfectly well who he was dealing. In fact, who, in the holy sacrament of confession, has not revealed the most intimate of his being the pious man who has had the privilege of being his confessor? Ambrose's father was discreet; kept to the letter ordering him to silence their religion. But he had no qualms rely on the facts of which he was aware this way for their own purposes, and what were they and our readers know these heights. The plan was therefore completed. One day, a mutually agreed upon, Bella invite Julia to spend the day at his uncle's house, and it was further agreed that Mr. Delmont would be invited to spend a pick on that occasion. After a lapse of innocent flirting by Bella, subject to what I would have explained previously, she would retire, and under the pretext that he had to take some precautions to avoid potential scandal, would you presented in a suitable room, lying on a sofa in which must depend his personal charms. Although head remain carefully hidden behind a curtain run. Thus Mr. Delmont anxious to have the tender place could snatch the coveted jewel that wanted both of their lovely victim, while she, unaware of who might be the aggressor, never could later accuse him of ****, nor ashamed before him. A Delmont had to explained to her all this, and felt sure his consent. A single thing had to block it out: that his own daughter would replace Bella. This does should know until it was too late.
Page 65
Page 65 of 107 Meanwhile Julia would have to be prepared gradually and secretly what going to happen, not to mention of course the catastrophic end and the person who actually consummate the act. In this regard, Father Ambrose was in his element, and through questions on track and a large number of explanations in the confessional, really unnecessary, had already put the girl in background things I had never dreamed of, all of which would have hastened to Bella explain and confirm. All details were finally agreed at a meeting with board, and consideration of the case in advance aroused such violent appetites in both men they set out to celebrate their good fortune indulging in possession of the lovely young Bella with a passion never achieved until then. The little lady, meanwhile, was also reluctant to lend to fantasies, and as Since in those times was lying on the couch with a hardened soft member in each hand, his emotions rose in intensity, and showed anxious delivered to the vigorous arms I knew were about to reclaim. As usual, Father Ambrose was the first. The turned upside down, making to exhibit his plump buttocks as possible. He stood for a moment rapt in contemplation of the delicious prospect, and small and delicate barely visible slit underneath. His weapon, formidable and well stocked with essence, straightened bravely, threatening both lovely love entries. Mr. Verbouc, as on other occasions, was about to witness the disproportionate assault, with the evident purpose of performing its role then favorite. Father Ambrose leer stared white and rounded promontories before him. Clerical tendencies of his education was invited to the commission of an act of infidelity to the goddess, but knowing what I expected from him his friend and patron, was contained for now. Delays are dangerous, he said. My testicles are full, the beloved c***d should receive your content, and you, my friend, you have to enjoy the abundant I can provide lubrication. This time, at least, Ambrose had said but the truth. His powerful weapon, whose summit appeared the red head flat and wide proportions, and facing the impression of a beautiful fruit in season, stood in front of his belly, and his immense testicles, heavy and round, were overloaded the poisonous liquor that is preparing to download. A thick, opaque drop-un courrier auant jet had of follow-appeared at the blunt tip of his penis when burning lust the satyr approaching his victim. Tilting its massive quickly dart, Ambrose took the large nut of his limb along the tender lips vulva gives Bella, and began to push inside. - Oh, how hard! How great it is! -Bella said. I do damage! Login too fast! Oh, stop!
Page 66
Page 66 of 107 As Bella had been appealing to the winds. A quick succession of shocks, a few pauses between them, more effort, and Bella was impaled. - Ah! Exclaimed the r****t, turning in triumph to his coadjutor, with twinkly eyes and drooling lips taste lustful. Ah, this is really tasty. How close is and yet it has everything inside. I'm in inside to the testicles! Mr. Verbouc performed a detailed examination. Ambrosio was right. Nothing of their genitals, apart from his big balls, was visible, and these were legs pressed against Bella. Meanwhile Bella felt the heat of the invader in her womb. He could tell how the huge member was inside was discovered and turned to cover, and rush in the act by a fit of lust came profusely, while leaving out a faint cry. Mr. Verbouc was delighted. - Push, push! 'He said. Now I am happy. Give it all ... Push! Ambrose did not need more incentives, and taking Bella for hips buried to the depths at each thrust. The enjoyment came early, it was back to removing the entire penis, except for the tip, to launch then thoroughly and give a low growl while throwing a real deluge of hot fluid inside the delicate body Bella. The girl felt warm and tingly jet fired any v******e in their inside, and once again paid tribute. The big jets flooded intervals vital organs, from the powerful reserves of Father Ambrose, whose unique gift about as we discussed earlier-Bella caused him the most delicious sensations, and raised the maximum pleasure during download. Just Ambrosio had retired when he took his niece Mr. Verbouc, and began a slow enjoyment of their most secret charms. Within twenty well counted minutes elapsed from the time the lecherous uncle started his enjoyment, until she gave complete satisfaction to their lust with a copious discharge, which Bella received with shivers of delight only able to be imagined by a mind sick. 'I wonder,' said Mr Verbouc after having recovered his breath, and revive with a big gulp of wine, I wonder why it is that this dear girl inspires me so complete rapture. In your arms I forget myself and the world. Carried away by the intoxication of the moment I am transported to the edge of ecstasy. The uncle observation or reflection, call it what you like-going as part addressed to the good father, and in part was the result of inner spiritual musings surfaced involuntarily converted into words. 'I could tell you,' said Ambrosio sententiously. Only maybe not want to follow my reasoning.
Page 67
Page 67 of 107 'Anyway you exponérmelo Verbouc replied. I'm all ears, and I interested to know what is the reason, according to you. -Me reason, or should I say my reasons said Father Ambrose-you become apparent when you meet my hypothesis. After taking a pinch of snuff, which was a habit of his when he was delivered to any important reflection he continued: -The sensual pleasure should always be in proportion to the circumstances means producing it. And this is paradoxical, since the more we enter the the more voluptuous sensuality and our tastes are, the greater is the need to introduce variation in such circumstances. You have to understand well what I mean, and so I will try to explain more clearly. Why must a man commit a ****, when surrounded by women eager to help you use your body? Just because it does not satisfy agree with the opposing party in satisfying their appetites. It is precisely the [Consent high where is the pleasure. There is doubt that at certain times a man of cruel mind that seeks only its satisfaction sensual woman is not to be provided to satisfy their appetites, ****s a woman or a girl, no more so than the immediate satisfaction of desires that crazy; but searches in the annals of such crimes, and find that most of them are designs the result of deliberate, planned and executed under circumstances that involve legal access and easy means of satisfaction. Opposition to the enjoyment projected serves to open sexual appetite, and add features act crime or v******e adding a delight that would not otherwise exist. It's bad, is prohibited, then it is worth chasing, it becomes an obsession to achieve this. - Why, too, he went a man of vigorous constitution capable of providing satisfaction to an adult female creature just prefer a f******n? He replied that he finds delight in abnormal situation, which provides pleasure to your imagination, and is an exact adaptation to the speaking circumstances. Indeed, the working is, of course, imagination. The law of contrasts operates the same in this case as in all others. The simple difference between the sexes is not enough to sybaritic, you need to add other special contrasts to perfect the idea has conceived. The variants are endless, but they are all governed by the same rule, prefer tall men small women, the handsome, ugly women, the strong selected to tender and weak women, and these, in reverse, robust and vigorous fellow crave. Cupid's darts incompatibility carry at their tips, and their plumage is that of the most incredible inconsistencies. No one except the lower a****ls, the real gross indulge in intercourse indiscriminately with the opposite sex, and even they sometimes express preferences and desires as irregular as those of men. Who has not seen the behavior unusual for a couple of stray dogs, or not laughed at the plight of the old cow that led the market with his flock, vent their sexual instincts piggybacking on the back of his nearest neighbor?
Page 68
Page 68 of 107 -In this way your questions answered-ended by saying-and explain your preferences for your niece, your sweet but forbidden playmate whose delicious legs'm stroking right now. When Father Ambrose had finished his dissertation, led a brief look at the pretty girl, which was enough to make your big gun acquired its greatest dimensions. -Come, my forbidden fruit, 'he said. Let me fuck you, let me enjoy your person satisfaction. That is my greatest pleasure, my ecstasy, my delirious enjoyment. You Semen will flood, you inherit despite the dictates of society. You are mine! Bella glanced at the red and hard member of her confessor, and he observe his gaze fixed on his young body. Aware of his intentions, he prepared to satisfy them. As majestic penis had entered her body frequently throughout his extension, easing pain had already given way to pleasure, and youth and elastic flesh opened for that gigantic column with difficulty just limited to having to make the introduction carefully. The good man paused for a moment to contemplate the good prospect that before him, then stepped forward and parted labia red Bella, and put smooth including acorn that crowned his great weapon. Bella received a thrill of excitement. Ambrosio followed penetrating until, after a few furious thrusts, plunged the entire length of the narrow body member youth who received up to testicles. There followed a series of lunges, of vigorous contortions of part of one, and spasmodic sobs and gasps from the other. If the pious man's pleasure was intense, that of his young playmate was equally ineffable and hard cock was already well lubricated as a result of the above discharge. Letting out a groan of intense emotion once again achieved the satisfaction of his appetite, and Bella felt the jets scorching semen violently guts. - Oh, how I flooded you both! Bella said. And as he spoke could observed an abundant runoff, from the junction of the thighs, ran down her legs enough to reach the ground. Before either of them could answer the observation, came to the quiet alcove a shouting from outside. which eventually attract the attention of all present, however increasingly weakened more. Arriving at this point I put my readers in a history of one or two things so far, given my travel problems, did not consider the case mention. The fact is that fleas, but agile members of society, can not reach everywhere at once, but can overcome this disadvantage with the deployment a rare agility, uncommon in other insects.
Page 69
Page 69 of 107 I should have explained, as a novelist, though perhaps more truthfulness, Bella's aunt, Mrs. Verbouc, which I presented to my readers briefly in the opening chapter of my story, occupied a room in one of the wings of the house, where, as Mrs. Delmont, spent most of the time tasks given to devotees, and completely carefree worldly affairs, and I used to leave it to his niece the management of domestic affairs house. Mr. Verbouc had already reached the state of indifference to the blandishments of his better half, and rarely visited his room, or disturbed his rest in order to exercise his marital rights. Mrs. Verbouc, however, was still young-thirty-two springs had passed on his devoted and pious head was beautiful, and had contributed to her husband a considerable fortune. Despite their pious feelings, Mrs. Verbouc sometimes wanted comfort more earthy arms of her husband. and savored the exercise of true delight their rights in the occasional visits he made to his bedroom. On this occasion Mrs. Verbouc had retired at the early time when used to do, and this digression is essential in order to explain what that follows. Let this friendly lady delivered to the duties of the toilette, that neither even a flea dares defile, and talk of another and no less important character, whose behavior will also need to analyze. It so happened that the father Clement, whose prowess in the field of Goddess love we already had occasion to relate, resented the removal of the young Bella of the Society vestry, and knowing exactly who she was and where she could find, hovered for several days the residence of Mr. Verbouc, to repossess the delicious garment the wily Father Ambrose had retracted their confreres He helped the company in Superior, also complained bitterly that the loss suffered, although he did not suspect the role it had played in the Father Ambrose. That evening the father Clement had posted in the vicinity of the house, and. in search of opportunity, approached the window to peer through it, sure was giving Bella's room. How vain are, however, human calculations! When the unhappy Clement, to who had been taken from his pleasures, was watching the room without losing detail, the object of his troubles was delivered in another room to the satisfaction of his lust in the arms of its rivals. As the night progressed, and looking all quiet Clemente, managed tiptoe to reach the level of the window. A faint light illuminated the room anxious that the cure could discover a lady delivered the full enjoyment of a dream deep.
Page 70
Page 70 of 107 No doubt you would be able to win again Bella favors only to to listen to his words, and recalling that represented happiness have enjoyed its charms, the bold rogue sneak opened the window and went into the bedroom. Well wrapped loosely in the monastic habit, and hiding her face under the cowl, slid into bed while his gigantic member. and awake to pleasure that was promised, stood against his hairy belly. Mrs. Verbouc, awakened from a pleasant dream, and unable even to suspect it was another and his faithful husband who so warmly embraced, turned with love toward the intruder, and. nothing reluctantly, willingly opened her thighs to facilitate the attack. Clement, meanwhile, sure it was the girl Bella who had among his arms, more so since no resistance to his touch, hastened the preliminary, climbing as quickly on the legs of lady to take your huge penis vulva lips well moistened. Fully cognizant of the difficulties they expect to find in a girl so young, pushed hard to the inside. There was a movement, gave another push down, he heard a whimper from the lady, and Slowly, but surely, the gigantic mass of hardened flesh was plunging, until he was completely buried. So while, came, Mrs. Verbouc warned for the first time the extraordinary difference that penis was at least double size as that of her husband. A continued doubt certainty. In the gloom lifted his head, and she could see above the excited face of fierce Father Clement. Instantly there was a struggle, a violent uproar, and yana attempt to part of the queen to escape the tight hug with which he held his assailant. But no matter what happened. Clement was in full possession and enjoyment of their person. There was a pause on the contrary, deaf to the cries, sank Member full length, and gave great hurry to consummate its ugly victory. Blind with rage and lust warned not even open the door to the room, or the rain of blows falling on his backside, until, through gritted teeth and the dull roar of a bull, the crisis came, and threw a flood of semen into the womb of his victim reluctantly. Only then woke up to reality and, fearful of the consequences of their outrage, is rose hastily hid his gun wet, and slipped out of bed in the side opposite to that in which his assailant. Dodging his best Mr. Verbouc beats, and maintaining the flights of his tunic over his head, in order to avoid being recognized, ran to the window through which he had entered, to give her a big jump from. Finally got disappear quickly in the dark, followed by the imprecations of enraged husband. Even before we had said that Mrs. Verbouc was invalid, or at least so believed it, and since the reader can imagine the effect on a person's nerves demure ways insane and had to cause the reproach of. The enormous proportions of man, his strength and his anger had nearly killed him, and lay u*********s on the bed that was mute witness to their violation.
Page 71
Page 71 of 107 Mr. Verbouc was not endowed by nature with amazing attributes personal value, and when he saw his wife's assailant stood satisfied with his feat, let it out peacefully. Meanwhile, Ambrose and Bella's father, who followed the outraged husband from a safe distance from the door ajar witnessed the outcome of the strange scene, As soon as the r****t Bella rose both recognized as Ambrose. The first course had good reason, which will comprise the reader, to remember the Member huge swing that hung between his legs. Mutually interested in secrecy, was quite the exchange of a look to indicate the need to maintain the reserve, and left the chamber before that any movement on the part of the outraged would expose their proximity. It took several days before the poor lady Verbouc is recover and could leave the bed. The nervous shock was terrible, and only conciliatory attitude could give her husband raise its head. Mr. Verbouc had his own reasons for leaving the matter to forget, and not unceremoniously stopped to lighten the weight thereof. The day after the disaster that just described, Mr. Verbouc received visit his dear friend and neighbor, Mr. Delmont, and after having been closeted with him for an hour, split with broad smiles on their lips and most extravagant compliments. One was sold to his niece, the other thought he had bought that beautiful gem called virginity. When night Bella's uncle announced that the sale had been agreed and that the matter was settled, reigned great rejoicing among the plotters. Ambrose's father immediately took possession of the alleged virginity, and introducing inside girl full length of his cock, proceeded, in his words, to keep the heat in that home. Mr. Verbouc, which as usual was reserved for action after any completed their confrere. immediately attacked the same wet strength, as he jokingly named, aceitarle simply step to your friend. After finalized until the last detail, and the meeting broke up, trusting everyone the success of his stratagem.
Page 72
Page 72 of 107 Chapter X SINCE HIS MEETING WITH RUSTIC lad whose simplicity so you was concerned, in the rustic village that driving home, Bella not stopped thinking about the terms in which it was expressed, and the strange confession that the youngster had made on his father's complicity in sexual acts. It was clear that her lover was so simple it was approaching to idiocy, and, judging by his observation that "my father is not as smart as I" assumed that the defect was congenital. And what she was asking was if the father of the simpleton had-such as declared the boy a member of even greater proportions than the c***d. Given his habit of thinking aloud almost always, I knew perfectly well that Bella did not care about the opinion of his uncle, or father feared him and Ambrose. Clearly some was determined to go their own way, what passeth go through, and therefore I admired least when the next day, at approximately the same time, vi move towards the meadow. In a field very close to the point where they observed the sexual encounter between the horse and mare, Bella found the waiter delivered a simple farm work. Beside he was a tall and remarkably dark, about forty-five years. Around the same time she spotted individuals, the youngster's warned her, and ran to meet her, after apparently spoke a word of explanation to his companion, showing their joy with a grin of satisfaction. -This is my father said, pointing to who was behind him, come and pélasela. - What impudence is this, rogue! 'Said Bella more inclined to laugh than to angry. How dare you use such language? - Why did you come? Asked the boy. Was not to fuck? At that time they had reached the point where he was the man, who stuck his spade into the ground, and smiled at the girl as much as I did the boy. He was strong and well formed, and. judging by appearances, Bella was found that if he has the attributes that his son spoke to him in his first interview. -Look at my father, not as I said? -Watched the youngster. You should see it dammit! There was no dissimulation. They understood each other perfectly, and their smiles were more wider than ever. The man seemed to accept the words of the c***d as a compliment, and laid his eyes on the delicate young lady. Probably never been encountered one of its kind, and it was impossible not to notice in your eyes a sensuality that is reflected in the glow of their big black eyes. Bella began to think it would have been better never have gone to that place. 'I'd like to teach the baton that has my father
Page 73
73, page 107 Said the lad, and, lo and behold, he began to unbutton his pants respectable parent. Bella covered her eyes and started to leave. In the event the c***d is intercepted step, cutting off road access. -I would fuck father cried hoarsely. A Tim also like fuck you, so you should not go. Stay and be fucked. Bella was really scared. -I can not, 'he said. Really, you should let me go. You can not hold me well. Not arrastréis me. Let go! Where are you taking me? There was a house in a corner of the field and were already at the gates of the same. A second later the couple had pushed inward, closing the door behind them, and then securing it with a wooden bar. Bella looked around, and saw that the place was clean and full of hay bales. Also could tell that it was useless to resist. It would be better to remain still, and perhaps ultimately the couple that would not hurt. He warned, however, the bumps on the fronts of both pants and had not the slightest doubt that his ideas went according to that excitement. -I want to see my father's yerga and also get to see his balls! And he kept undoing the buttons on the fly of his father. He poked the skirt shirt, with something underneath uniquely bulking. Oh, be still and father whispered the c***d. Let him see Miss your baton. That said lifted his shirt and displayed in view of Bella a member tremendously erect, with a broad head like a plum, very red and thick, but not in size very unusual. Considerably hunched up, and head, divided into the middle by the tightness of the frenulum, leaning much more towards his hairy belly. The weapon was extremely thick, quite crushed and bloated tremendously. She felt the bl**d tingling in view of that member. The nut was as large as an egg, plump, purple, and gave off a strong odor. The boy made to come closer, and with his white little hand squeezing it. - Did not I say it was more than mine? -Continued the young man. See it, the mine is not even close in size to my father. Bella turned. The boy had opened his pants to leave entirely to the view his formidable penis. He was right: I could not compare in size with the father. The larger of the two grabbed Bella's waist. Tim also tried to do it, so like putting their hands under their clothes. Entrambos the buffeted from side to another, until a sudden push she fell on the hay. Her skirt flying soon upwards.
Page 74
Page 74 of 107 Bella's dress was light and airy, and the girl was not wearing panties. So Suddenly he saw a couple of men his shapely white legs, which give a snort threw both at once on it. There followed a struggle in which the father, more weight and stronger than the boy, took the lead. His pants were down to the heels and big thick fuck navel came very close to Bella. This spread her legs, eager to try it. He ran his hand down and found him hot as fire, and as hard as a iron bar. The man who mistook his purposes, rudely pushed his hand, and handedly placed the tip of his penis on the red lips Bella sex. This opened the more than could their youth members, and the peasant got several lunges host it halfway. At this point he was overwhelmed by the excitement and let out a terrible extremely thick fluid stream. Downloaded violently and, while doing so, is introduced into it until the big head struck her womb, within the which poured some of his semen. You're killing me! Cried the girl, half suffocated. What is this that spill inside? 'It's milk, that's what it is, observed Tim, who had bent to revel with the contemplation of the spectacle. Did not I say it was good to fuck? Bella thought the man let her go, and that would allow him to get up, but was wrong. The long shaft, which at that time was inserted to the depths of his being, thickened and stiffen much more than before. The farmer began to move forward and backward, pushing mercilessly in Bella's private parts to each new attack. His joy seemed to be infinite. The download above the member made without difficulty slip movements forward and reverse, and the abruptness of these regions reached soft. Gradually Bella reached an extreme degree of excitement. He parted his mouth, spent his legs over the back of him and clung to them convulsively. This so any movement could encourage him, and delighted to feel the b**sts shaking with the subject sank his hot sexy gun in his gut. For about a quarter of an hour was a battle between the two. Bella had come frequently, and was about to do it again, when a raging waterfall Member semen man came and flooded her womb. The individual arose afterward, and withdrawing his shit, still exuded the last drops of his abundant ejaculation stared thoughtfully gasping body that had just left. His cock still stood menacingly in front of her, still steaming effect sheath heat. Tim, with true filial piety, proceeded to dry it and return it, swollen with excitement yet he was subjected to the fly of his pants father.
Page 75
Page 75 of 107 Doing so, the young man began to see with eyes of ram at Bella, who was still lying in hay, slowly recovering. Without resistance, it was about her and began to dig with their fingers on the girl's private parts. This time it was the father who came to the rescue. He took in his hand the weapon of the son and began to peel, moving forward and backward, until it was stiff. Era a formidable mass of flesh that flapped against Bella's face. - Let the heavens amparen me! I hope you're not going to introduce it within me - Bella whispered. -Of course, if the boy replied with one of his stupid smiles. Dad me rub and I'm glad, now I'm gonna fuck you. The father was driving at the time the drill to the thighs of the girl. Her vulva, still flooded with ejaculations that the peasant had poured into his Inside, quickly received the red head. Tim pushed, and bending over it introduced the device until their hair brushed Bella's skin. - Oh, is terribly long! She cried. You got too big, silly boy. Do not be so violent. Oh, you kill me! How to push! You can not go more inside now! Gently, please! Fully inside. I feel it in the waist. Oh, Tim! Boy horrible! -Give it murmured the father, while the testicles and tickled legs. Whole has to fit you, Tim. Is not it a beauty? What a pussy so tight have! Do not you boy? - Ugh! Do not talk, father, so I can not fuck. For a few minutes there was silence. We did not hear more noise than did the two bodies in the struggle under the hay. After the boy stopped. His face jo, though hard as iron, and firm as wax, not a single drop was expelled, the apparently. The extracted completely upright, airy and shiny with moisture. I can not come to me said, sorry. -Is masturbation 'said the father. He's doing it so often that now the strange. Bella lay panting and complete exhibition. Then the man put his hand to the yerga Tim, and began to rub vigorously back and forth. The girl waited for every moment that came over his face. After a while of this overstimulation of the son, the father suddenly took Burning head yerga Bella's vulva, and when introducing a veritable deluge sperm came out, to drown the girl inside. Tim began to twist and to fight, and eventually bite on his arm.
Page 76
Page 76 of 107 When he had finished this download completely, and the huge member estremerse boy stopped, slowly pulled the youngster what Bella's body, and this could rise. However, they had no intention of letting her go, because, after opening the door, the boy looked cautiously around, and then reattaching the bar, Bella turned and said: -It was fun, right? He observed, I told him my father was good at this. -Yes, you did, but now you have to let me go. Come on, be good. A grimace as a smile was his only response. Bella looked up at the man and was terrified to see him naked, stripped of all clothing, except his shirt and shoes, and a erection state was feared another assault against their charms, even more terrible than the above. His cock was literally livid effect of stress, and stood up to play his hairy belly. The head had swelled enormously as a result of irritation prior, and its tip dangled a shiny drop. Will you let me fuck you again? Asked the man, while holding on to the young lady by the waist and carried her hand to his instrument. -I do my best Bella murmured. And seeing that he could not any aid, suggested him to sit on the hay for her horse mounted on his knees and try to insert the meat mass brownish. After a few thrusts and kicks the member entered, and began a second battle no less violent than the first. A quarter of full time. To the Apparently, it was the eldest who now could not achieve ejaculation. How bothersome are!, Thought Bella. -Frótamelo, dear, 'said the man, pulling his cock inside the her body, even harder than before. Bella caught him with his little hands and rubbed it up and down. After a while of this kind of excitement, stopped to watch the huge tube exuded a splash of semen. Just had fitted back inside when a torrent of milk broke into her breast. Rising and falling upon him alternately pumped Bella until he was finished completely, after which they let her go. At last came the day dawned the fateful morning in the beautiful Julia Delmont had to lose the coveted treasure is sought so avidly on the one hand, and as thoughtlessly lost by another.
Page 77
77, page 107 It was still early when Bella heard his footsteps on the stairs, and not well were together when a thousand pleasant chat topics gave fuel to tina animated conversation, until Julia warned that speaks something Bella reserved. In Indeed, his talk was nothing but a game-face more QUC hiding something that showed reluctant to trust your partner. -I guess I have something to tell me, Bella, something that still will not tell me, though want to. What is. Bella? - Can not you guess? It asked, with a mischievous smile toyed around the dimples that formed near the corners of her red lips. - Is it something related to the Father Ambrose? Julia asked. Oh, I feel so terribly guilty and ashamed when I see him now, though he told me that there was no malice in what he did! -I had not, that's for sure. But what did he do? - Oh, if I told you! I said a few things .. and then put his arm around my waist and kissed me almost take my breath away. - And then? Bella asked. - What can I say, dear! He said and did many things, until llequé to think that going to lose my mind! Tell me some of them, at least. 'Well, after kissing me so hard, put his hands under my clothes and played with my feet and my socks .., and then slid his hand above .., until I thought I was going to faint. - Ah, minx! I'm sure that at all times you liked his touch. -Sure. How could it be otherwise? It made me feel what ever ever felt in my life. -Come on, Julia, that was not all. Do not stop there, you know. - Oh, no, of course not! But I can not tell you about what he did next. - Stop being c***dish! Bella exclaimed, pretending to be annoyed by the reluctance of her friend. Why do not you admit it? I guess that can not be helped, but it seemed so outrageous, and it was all so new for me, and yet so without malice ... After making me feel like dying a delicious shudder effect caused with his fingers, suddenly took my hand with it and landed on something I had him, and it seemed like the arm of a c***d. Me grab invited closely. I did what you told me, and then I looked down and saw it was something red, pure white skin and blue veins, with a curious tip Round purple, like a plum. Then I realized that the thing out between her legs, and that was covered at the base by a tuft of black hair and curly. Julia hesitated. -Follow-Bella said, encouragingly. 'Well, kept my hand on it and made the rub over and over again. Was so long, was so stiff and so hot!
Page 78
Page 78 of 107 There was no hesitation, and was subjected to excitation by the little beauty. -He took my other hand and put them both on that furry object. Me freaked to see his eyes acquired brightness, and her breathing quickened, but he reassured. I called my dear c***d, and, rising, he asked me caress that thing hard on my breasts. I showed it close to my face. - Was it? Bella asked, coaxed. -No, no. Of course, it was everything but I feel so ashamed ...! Should I continue? Is it right to disclose these things? Right. After that sheltered monster within me for some time, during which throbbed and pressed me hot and deliciously, asked me to kiss him. I indulged in the act. When I put my lips on it, I felt I exhaled a sensual aroma. At his request I kept kissing him. He asked me to open my lips and rub the tip of the thing between them. Then I noticed moisture on my tongue and moments later a thick stream of warm fluid spilled over my mouth and bathed then my face and my hands. He was still playing with the thing, when the sound of a door opening at the other end of the church f***ed the good father to hide what I had hoped, because he said the common people must not know what you know, or do what I've allowed to do. " His manner was so gentle and courteous, which made me feel that I was completely different from all other girls. But tell me dear Bella, what were the mysterious news you wanted to communicate? I'm dying to know. -First, I want to know if the good Father Ambrose told you or not of the joys ... or pleasures that provides the object with which you were jumping around, and if you explained some of the ways through which such delights can be achieved without sin. -Of course. He said that in certain cases the surrender to them was a merit. I suppose that after marriage, for example. She said nothing about it except that sometimes marriage brings many calamities, and it is sometimes desirable to break the promise marriage. Bella smiled. He remembered hearing something along the same lines of the sensual lips cure. 'So in what circumstances, he said, would be allowed these joys? -Only when reason is against fair reasons other than those of complacency, and this only happens when a young girl, selected by others for psychic qualities, is dedicated to providing relief to the servers of religion. 'I see,' I said Bella. Follow.
Page 79
Page 79 of 107 -Then made me see how good I was, and what it would be very worthwhile for me exercise of the privilege granted me, and devote myself to the relief of his senses and all of those others whom they forbade marriage vows, or other satisfaction needs means that nature has given to every living thing. But Bella, you you have something to tell me, I'm sure. 'All right, as I say, I'll say, I guess there is no choice. Know, then, that the good Father Ambrose decided that the best thing for you would be to You will then begin then, and has taken steps to make this happen today. - Do not tell me! Alas! I will so embarrassed! I am so terribly shy! Oh, no, dear! He has thought of it all. Only a man so pious and considered as our dear confessor could arrange it in the form as it has done. He has arranged things so that you can enjoy good father all your lovely person beauties can offer without you see him, or he sees you. How? Is it in the dark, then? -By no means would preclude give satisfaction to the sense of sight, and miss the great pleasure of seeing the delicious delights in whose possession has on his illusion dear Father Ambrose. -Your flattery make me blush, Bella. But then, what will happen the things? -A full light-Bella said in the tone of a mother who turns to his daughter. Will in a nice room in my house, you lie on a couch right, and your head will be hidden behind a curtain, which will serve as a room door inside, so that only your body, completely naked, is made available to your assailant. - Nude! What a shame! - Ah, Julia. my sweet and tender Julia! Bella muttered at the same time a thrill of ecstasy through her body. Soon you will enjoy great treats! You'll wake the exquisite pleasures reserved for immortals, and you will well account you're approaching the period called puberty, whose joys'm sure you already need! - Please, Bella, do not say that! And when at last he went on his companion, whose imagination had already led to carnal dreams imperiously demanding her satisfaction, finish struggle comes spasm, and fire your throbbing much viscous fluid stream maddening. . . Oh! then she will feel the ecstasy, and will present its own offering. - What you mumbling? Bella stood up. I was thinking, 'said dreamily delight in it than bad you express yourself.
Page 80
Page 80 of 107 There followed a conversation about trifles, and while it is developed, I found another opportunity to hear dialogue. no less interesting to me, and which, without But I will not give more than an excerpt to my readers. It happened in the library, and the gentlemen were partners and Verbouc Delmont. He had evidently versed, incredible as it may seem, on the delivery of Bella the person of Mr. Delmont, on payment of a certain amount, which later be reversed by the complacent Mr. Verbouc for the benefit of 'the dear niece Notwithstanding rascal and sensual that the man was, he could not stop bribing of somehow his conscience by the infamous deal agreed. 'Yes,' said the complaisant and kind uncle, my niece's interests are above all, Sir. Not that it is impossible for a marriage in the future, but the small favor I think you are asking is compensated by us - men of the world as we are, you understand, purely as men of world-for the payment of a sum sufficient to compensate for the loss of so frail belonging. At this point let out the laugh, mainly because its obtuse interlocutor could not understand him. At last they came to an agreement, and only stayed for grooming acts preliminary. Mr. Delmont was delighted, leaving his clumsy and stolid indifference when told that the sale was to be made on the spot, and that by therefore had to immediately take possession of the delicious virginity during so long yearned conquer. In the meantime, the good and generous of our dear Father Ambrose to and some time was in the mansion, and was ready the room where scheduled consummation of the sacrifice. At this point, after a breakfast feast way, Mr. Delmont found that there was only one door between him and the victim of his lust. What is not had the faintest idea of ​​who was actually going to be his victim. Thought only Bella. Then turned the lock and entered the room, the soft warmth tempered the stimulated sexual instincts were about to take action, What a wonderful vision offered to his eyes entranced! In front of him, leaning on a couch, fully naked, was the body of a young girl. A glance was enough to reveal that she was a beauty, but it would have taken several minutes to describe in detail, after discovering separately each of its delicious parts her shapely limbs, infantile proportions, with few formed breasts two of the most selective and soft white flesh hills, crowned with two pinkish buttons, the blue veins running meandering here and there, which looked at through pearly surface as fluid streams of bl**d, and that gave prominence to the dazzling whiteness of the skin.
Page 81
Page 81 of 107 And, oh! also the central point for the men who sigh: the and tight rosy lips to that nature likes solozarse, of which she born and returning: the source! There it was, to the eye, most of his c***dhood in perfection. Everything was there except .. the head. This important part is to note its absence, and the gentle undulations of the beautiful unspoilt evidenced that she was not disadvantage that was not in view. Mr. Delmont not be amazed at this phenomenon, since it had been prepared for him, and to remain silent. He devoted himself therefore to observe with delight charms that had been prepared for him solace. No sooner had recovered from the surprise and excitement caused by his first sight the naked beauty, began to feel the effects caused by the show in the sexual organs that respond well soon man of his temperament to emotions that normally should cause them. His cock, hard and swollen, highlighted in his fly, and threatened to leave confinement. So I released allowing the gigantic gun that appeared without obstacles, and his red tip had stood in front of his prey. Reader: I'm just a flea, and thus my powers of perception are limited. For this reason I have no ability to describe the slow steps and how cautious that the r****t was enthralled gradually approaching his victim. Feeling safe and enjoy this confidence, Mr. Delmont ran his eyes with his hands around the body. His fingers opened the vulva, which had just a slight hair flourished, while the girl shuddered and writhed to feel the intruder in their most intimate parts to prevent lewd fondling with modesty own circumstances. Then pulled if and placed his warm lips on the lower abdomen and in the tender and sensitive nipples of her youthful breasts. With eager hand grabbed for his bombastic hips, pulling her closer to him spread her white legs and placed in the middle of them. Reader: I just remind you that I am just a flea. But even fleas have feelings, and try to explain what mine were when I saw excited that approach the prominent member of the wet vulva lips of Julia. I closed my eyes. Sexual instincts male flea woke me, and had -if desired, ardently wished it to be in the place of Mr. Delmont. Meanwhile, firmly and without regard, he was given the task killer. Giving a sudden jump tried to delve into unspoilt parts of the young Julia, failed blow. He tried again, and again the failed unit has been stiff and breathless on throbbing womb of his victim. During this trial period could Julia rolling certainly take the screaming plot more or less strong, had it not been for the precautions taken by the corrupting and prudent priest, Father Ambrose.
Page 82
Page 82 of 107 Julia was d**gged. Delmont once again went on the attack. Hard pushed forward, strengthened their feet on the floor, he was furious, threw foams and ... Finally! the elastic and smooth barrier relented, allowing him to enter. Inside, with a triumphant feeling of ecstasy. In so the pleasure of the narrow and wet compression tore his lips sealed a whimper pleasure. Inside, just your weapon, buried to the hairs of his lower abdomen, was installed engruesando throbbing at times in her case, set as a glove. There followed a struggle that no flea would be able to describe. Moans of happiness and feelings of ecstasy escaped her drooling lips. Pushed and bent forward with wild eyes and parted lips, and unable to prevent the quick completion of his libidinous pleasure, this big man gave his soul, and with it a seminal fluid stream, hard shot inside, bathed the womb of his own daughter. Of all witnessed Ambrosio, who hid to witness the lustful drama, as Bella, the other side of the curtain was ready to prevent any spoken communication of his young visitor. This precaution was, however, completely unnecessary, as Julia, enough recovered from the effects of the narcotic to feel the pain, had fainted. Chapter XI AS SOON AS I WAS FINISHING THE FIGHT, and the winner, rising from the girl's body trembling, began to recover from ecstasy caused by so delicious encounter, word suddenly the curtain, and appeared Bella itself behind it. If suddenly a cannon ball had passed along the astonished Mr. Delmont, not would have caused even half of the dismay he felt when, without full credit in his eyes, staring gaped alternatively the prostrate body of his victim and the appearance of which I thought had to own. Bella, whose lovely "negligee" highlighted to perfection his youthful charms, appeared to be equally astonished, but, pretending to have recovered, stepped back with a perfectly well studied in alarm. - What do ... what is all this? Asked Delmont, which prevented him from turmoil even notice that order had not yet on your clothes, and still hanging between her legs the very important instrument that just to satisfy their sexual impulses, still bloated, dripping, fully exposed between her legs. - Heaven! Is it possible that I committed a mistake so awful? Cried Bella, casting furtive glances at what constituted an attractive invitation. -For pity's sake, tell me what the error is, and who is there
Page 83
83, page 107 Cried the trembling r****t, pointing as he spoke the naked person lying in front of him. - Oh, retire! Go! Bella shouted, heading rapidly towards dead followed by Mr. Delmont, anxious that the mystery will be explained. Bella walked to an attached toilet, shut the door, securing it well, and let fall on a luxurious couch, so stay in view its charms, at the same while pretending to be so overcome with horror, that he realized the indecency of his position. - Oh! What have I done? What have I done? Sobbed, his face hidden in their hands, apparently distraught. A terrible suspicion passed like lightning through the mind of his companion, who semiahogado panting with emotion, inquired: - Speak! Who was ...? Who? -Not my fault. He could not know it was you who had brought for me ... and knowing .., I put Julia in my place. Mr. Delmont went back, reeling. A feeling confused yet that something horrible had happened washed over his being, a dizziness clouded his view, then, gradually, was awakening to reality. However, before he could articulate a word, Bella, well-trained on how he had to act-is hastened to prevent him had time to think. - Shhh! She knows nothing. It was a mistake, a terrible mistake, and nothing else. If you are disappointed is my fault, not his. Never crossed my thinking that could be you. I think he added making a cute pout, while still throwing a significant sidelong glance at still protruding member-who was most unkind of them have told me that it was you. Mr. Delmont had before him the beautiful girl. The truth was that, pleasure regardless of any involuntary i****t found, had been frustrated in its original intent, losing something that had paid very good price. Oh, if they found out what I did! Bella murmured, modifying stance slightly to expose a leg to knee. Delmont's eyes twinkled. In spite him feel calm again, her a****l passions surfaced again. - If they discover! Bella moaned again. While he spoke, he half rose to spend your lovely arms around father cheated neck. Mr. Delmont took her in a firm embrace.
Page 84
Page 84 of 107 - Oh, God! What's this? Bella whispered, with a hand that had grabbed the sticky dart his companion, and squeeze and mold amused with its warm hand. The wretched man, sensitive to your touch and all its charms, and hot with again by lust, felt that the best thing that was in store for her but enjoy your youth virginity. -If I have to give Bella said, treat me with tenderness. Oh, what a way to Oh touch me, hence remove that hand! Heavens! What do you do? He had no time for anything but take a look at his red head member, stiffer and more swollen than ever, and a few moments later I was already on it. Bella did not resist, and inflamed by their lust loving Mr. Delmont quickly found the right spot. Taking advantage of their vantage pushed violently with his penis still lubricated into the tender and young girl's private parts. Bella moaned. Gradually warm the dart was entering deeper and deeper, until it joined their bellies, and he was put to the testicles. Then began a violent and delicious battle, in which Bella played to perfection the role it was assigned, and excited by the new instrument of pleasure, was abandoned in a torrent of delights. Mr. Delmont soon followed his example, and unloaded inside Bella a copious stream of his prolific sperm. For a few moments remained both absent, bathed in the exudation their mutual k**nappings, and panting with the effort until a slight noise they returned the notion of the world. And before they could even attempt a retreat, or an unequivocal change in the position in which they stood, opened the toilet door and appeared, almost simultaneously, three people. These were the father Ambrose, Mr. Verbouc and gracious Julia Delmont. Between the two men held the girl's body semidesvanecido whose head drooped limply to the side, resting on the shoulder sturdy father while Verbouc, no less favored by the proximity of the girl, holding the this lightweight body with nervous arm, and watched his face with a look of lust unsatisfied, you might just meet the reincarnation of the devil. Both men were in deshabille just decent, and the unfortunate Julia was naked, as, barely a quarter of an hour before, had been violently tainted by his own father. - Shhh! Bella whispered, putting her hand on her loving lips companion. For the love of God, do not blame yourself. They may not know who did this. Submit to confess all before so frightening fact. Would not spare. Abide careful not to disrupt their plans. Mr. Delmont could immediately see how true were the omens of Bella.
Page 85
Page 85 of 107 - Go, lustful man! Exclaimed the pious Father Ambrose. Behold the state in which we found this poor creature! And laying his paw on the mons hairless young Julia, shamelessly exhibited the other fingers wiping the discharge paternal. - Shocking! -Verbouc said. And if you become pregnant! - Abominable! Cried the Father Ambrose. Since then we have to stop it. Delmont gemiro Meanwhile., Ambrose and his coadjutor introduced his young victim in the room, and began to try and cherish throughout your body, and engage in implementation all lewd acts preceding the delivery unbridled lustful possession. Julia, still under the influence of sedative had been administered, and totally confused by the action of that virtuous couple, just realized the presence of her worthy father. which was still held by whites Bella's arms, and with his Built-in member yet sweet belly. See how milk runs down her legs! Verbouc exclaimed, introducing his hand nervously between Julia's thighs. What a shame! -Ha wrung her pretty little feet-observed Ambrosio, lifting one of his shapely legs, with the intention of proceeding to examine his fine boots k**, on which you could see more of a drop of seminal fluid, while with fiery eyes avidly explored pink like that crack was exposed to his gaze. Delmont moaned again. - Oh. God what a beauty! Verbouc shouted, slapping her round buttocks. Ambrose necessary to prevent any possible consequence of an event as unusual. Only the issuance of a vigorous man can remedy a similar situation. -Yes, it is true, we must administer it murmured Ambrose, whose state of excitement during this interval may be better imagined than described. His cassock clearly stood at the front, and all his actions betrayed his violent emotions. Ambrosio took off his cassock and released his huge member, whose ruddy and swollen head seemed to threaten the heavens. Julia, terribly frightened, started a movement to escape weak as Mr. Verbouc, joyful, he held displaying it in its entirety. Julia looked a second time terribly erect member of his confessor, and. guessing their intentions because of the initiation experience he had just spend almost panic faded.
Page 86
86 page 107 Ambrose, as if trying to offend the feelings of both, father and daughter left totally exposed his genitals tremendous, and waved the giant penis their faces. Delmont in terror, and feeling in the hands of the two conspirators, held his breath and took refuge behind Bella, which fully satisfied by the success of the plot, began to advise him not to do anything and allowed them to do his will. Verbouc, who had been teasing with your fingers the wet private parts little Julia, the girl gave the furious lust of his friend, preparing to enjoy their favorite pastime contemplate the violation. The priest, beside himself because of the lust that filled him, took off his clothes more intimate clothing, without thereby losing its rigidity member during operation and proceeded to the delicious task ahead, "the end is mine." murmur. Ambrose immediately seized his prey, wrapped his arms around his body, and lifted her to carry the trembling girl to the couch next and pounce on his naked body. And gave body and soul to be satisfied. His monstrous weapon, tough as nails, played and pink pussy, which, although it had been lubricated by the Mr. Delmont semen was not a convenient cover for the giant penis that now threatened. Ambrose continued his efforts, and Mr. Delmont could only watch while lz cure figure writhing on the body of his daughter, an undulating mass of black and silky. With enough experience to be hampered for a long time, Ambrose was gaining ground, and was also self-possessed enough to avoid being dragged too soon for the pleasure overcame all opposition, and a piercing scream of Julia announced ram immense penetration. Scream after scream were happening until Ambrose finally buried firmly inside the girl, said she could not go deeper, and began the delicious pumping movements which were to put an end to his pleasure, while torture of his victim. Meanwhile Verbouc, whose lust was awakened violently in view of the scene between Mr. Delmont and her daughter, and that he subsequently staged foolish man and his niece, ran to Bella and her away from the hug that had his unhappy friend, I immediately opened legs, he glanced at his hole, and push one plunged his penis into her body, to enjoy the most intense emotions in a well lubricated vulva and the abundance of sperm he had received. Both couples, were then delivered to your delusional copulation in a silence disturbed only by the groans of the semi Julia, the rattle of the Ambrosio barbarian breathing, and the moans and sobs of Mr. Verbouc. The race was fast and delicious. Ambrose, who had entered by f***e in the narrow slit of the girl his gigantic penis, even murders of black hairs curly covering its root, was livid with lust. Pushed. impelled and lunged with strength of a bull, and had it not been because finally the favored nature taking its Ecstasy to completion, would have succumbed to the effects of such tremendous excitement, for
Page 87
87 page 107 fall prey to an attack that probably would have prevented forever repetition of such a scene. A loud cry escaped Ambrosio throat. Verbouc knew what it represented: it was coming. His ecstasy served to hasten to the other partner, and lust howl filled the area as the two monsters flooded their victims seminal fluid. But I took one, but were accurate three shocks of the prolific essence of the priest in the matrix of the tender young, that to subside the fever of desire that had gripped him. To simply say that Ambrose had downloaded, would not give a true picture of the facts. What he really did was throw true semen spurts inside Julia, in thick and strong jets, while he kept throwing moans of ecstasy every time one of those slimy injections ran along its enormous urethra, and streams flowed inside the dilated vessel. It was some minutes Before it was over, and leave his bl**dy brutal cure and torn victim. At the same time Mr. Verbouc left exposed and open thighs vulva smeared his niece, which lay still in the sl**py trance following the intense delight, Carefree thick exudation, drop by drop, would form a puddle on the floor between his legs encased in silk. - Ah, what a treat! Verbouc exclaimed. After all, you will find delight in the line of duty, is not it, Delmont? And turning to the desired subject, he continued: -If the Father Ambrose and I had not mixed our humble offerings with the prolific essence advantage apparently you as well, no one would mess would have predicted what happened. Oh, yeah, there's nothing like doing things properly, is not it, Delmont? I do not know, I feel sick, I'm like a dream, without thereby be insensitive to feelings that cause me a renewed delight. I can not doubt his friendship .., you know secrecy. I enjoyed very much, and yet still excited. I can not say what I want. What will my friends? Ambrose's father approached, and placing his paw on the shoulder of the poor man, gave him breath a few comforting words whispered in tone. As a flea that I am, I can not afford the freedom to mention what were these words, but had the effect of dissipating clouds soon horror obscured the life of Mr. Delmont. He sat down, and gradually recovered its calm. Julia also recovered and took a seat next to the burly priest, the other side had Bella. Long ago, both girls felt more or less comfortable. The holy man spoke to them as a kind father, and got Mr. Delmont abandon his introverted, and that this honorable man, after a copious libation wine, eat-zara also to feel at ease in the environment in which it was,
Page 88
Page 88 of 107 Soon the fumes of wine surtieron invigorating effect on Mr. Delmont started throwing eager glances towards his daughter. His excitement was evident and manifested in bulk which warned balo their clothes. Ambrose realized his desire and encouraged. He brought with Julia. which still naked, had no way to hide her charms. Her father looked at her with eyes that predominant lust. A second time would not be so sinful, he thought. Ambrose nodded encouragingly, as Bella unbuttoned his pants to grab his stiff penis, and squeeze gently between your hands. Mr. Delmont understood the position, and a few moments later he was over his daughter. Bella led the Member i****tuous sex red lips of Julia, and after a pushing again the semienloquecido father had completely penetrated inside the body of his cute daughter. The ensuing struggle was intensified by the circumstances of that awful connection. After a brutal and fast gallop Mr. Delmont downloaded, and her daughter received in the depths of his youthful emissions parent to blame his father denatured. Father Ambrose, who prevailed in the sexual instinct, had no weakness, that was to preach. He did it for about an hour, not so much on religious subjects, but referring to other more mundane, and certainly not usually sanctioned by the Holy Mother Church. This time I gave a speech that was impossible to follow, so I decided to lie down to sl**p in the armpit of Bella. I do not know how long it would have lasted her dissertation, but as at that point the gentle Bella took possession of its huge flap between his hands and began to cosquillearlo, the good man was f***ed to pause, justified by the feelings aroused by it, Verbouc, meanwhile, will be remembered that all he desired was a pussy well lubricated, only cared about how good they were delicious oiled parts intimate of the newly won to the cause, Julia. In addition, the father's presence contributed to increase appetite, rather than an impediment to these two refrain from lustful men enjoy the charms of her daughter. And Bella, who drain still felt his warm semen vulva, was dam battles longings earlier had failed to pacify the whole. Verbouc again began to address the charms of Julia c***d by applying lewd pat, shamelessly passing his hands over the rounded of her buttocks, and occasionally sliding his fingers between the hills. Father Ambrose, not less active, had spent his arm around the waist of Bella, and bringing him his naked body cute deposited in their hot lips kisses. As both men were given to these romps, desire communicated in their weapons, reddened and swollen as a result of previous skirmishes, and firmly raised with the menacing eye on the young creatures who were in his possession.
Page 89
89 page 107 Ambrose, whose lust never required large incentives TAKING soon Bella. This was allowed to be lying on the couch he had already witnessed two meetings above, where nothing reluctant, followed by contrast stimulating naked flaming fuck. to allow then inserted between her thighs, favoring disproportionate attack as much as he could, to bury completely in her wet slit the terrible instrument. The show got aroused such feelings of Mr. Delmont, who became clearly not because of more stimulus needed to try one seconds after coup that the priest had finished his assault. Mr. Verbouc, which for a while was throwing lascivious glances at the daughter of Mr. Delmont, was also able to enjoy once again. He reflected that repeated violations she had experienced from her father and priest would have left her ready for the kind of work he liked to perform, and realized, both by sight and by touch, that their private parts were lubricated enough to satisfy their cravings highest due to violent shock they had received. Verbouc glanced toward the priest, who at that time was enjoy entertaining his niece, and going after the beautiful Julia placed on a couch in ideal position to sink to his rigid testes in the her delicate body, which succeeded, though with considerable difficulty. This new and intense enjoyment Verbouc carried to the edges of the disposition; pressing against the tight pussy of the young, fit him like a glove, is trembled with joy from head to toe. - Oh, this is heaven itself! He muttered, as he buried his qran member until testes glued to the base. - God, what a tight! What lubricious delight! And another strong attack tore a moan to poor Julia. Meanwhile Father Ambrose, his eyes half closed, lips parted and the nostrils dilated, did not cease to fight against the beautiful private parts of the young Bella, whose sexual satisfaction denounced her cries of pleasure. - Oh, God! P. .. is too large ... your huge huge thing! Woe me, I get to the waist! Oh! Oh! It too, not so hard, dear father! How empujáis! I kill! Gently .., slow down. . . I feel your great balls against my buttocks. - Stop for a moment! Cried Ambrosio, whose pleasure was already overwhelming, and whose milk was about to vertirse. Let us pause. Do we change partner, friend mine? I think the idea is appealing. - No, oh, no! I can not anymore! I have to follow. This beautiful creature is the delight in person. -Be still, my dear Bella, or do I come. Not oppress my weapon so ravishingly.
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Page 90 of 107 -I can not help it, I kill for pleasure. Go on, go on, but gently. Oh, not so abruptly! Do not push so brutally. Gosh, will cum! His eyes are closed, his lips open ... God! I're killing me with that huge thing descuartizáis. Ah! Oh! Come along, then! Come along dear .., father ... Ambrosio. Give me your fiery milk ... Oh! Pushing f***e now! Stronger .. plus .., kill me if you wish! Bella spent her white arms around his neck tan, opened as much as could their soft and beautiful thighs, and fully engulfed the enormous instrument to confuse and rub your hair with your pubic mound. Ambrose felt he was about to launch a major issue directly vital organs of the creature beneath him. - Pushing f***e, push now! Bella cried, forgetting all sense of modesty, and throwing his own discharge between spasms of pleasure. Pushing f***e ... pushing f***e ... stick it deep inside ...! Oh yeah that! My God, what size, what length! I're splitting in two, gross mine. Oh, oh! We're coming. . . sorry ...! God ..... . what milk! iOh, what jets! Ambrosio downloaded furiously as the stallion that was rammed with all f***es the warm belly beneath him. At last he rose reluctantly off Bella, which, free from their claws, are turned to see the other couple. His uncle was managing a rapid series of short lunges to his girlfriend, and he was obviously close to ecstasy. Julia, meanwhile, whose recent **** and terrible treatment he received after a Ambrosio gross hands hurt and enervated had not experienced the lowest taste, but left to do, as an inert mass in the arms of his assailant. When at last, after a few more pushes, Verbouc fell forward at the time to make her voluptuous download, the only thing she realized was that something hot was injected inside f***e without feeling experienced more than the languor and fatigue. Followed another pause after the third insult, during which Mr. Delmont was slumped in a corner, and apparently fell asl**p. Then began a series erotic activities. Ambrose leaned back on the couch, and made Bella kneel on it in order to apply his lips on her wet pussy, to fill kisses and touches of lewd and depraved as imaginable. Mr. Verbouc, not wanting to be outdone by his teammate, so toyed equally libidinous with the innocent Julia. Then he lay on the sofa, and lavished all kinds of pats to his charms, not hiding his admiration for his mons hairless, and the red lips of her young pussy.
Page 91
Page 91 of 107 They soon wishes be evidenced by two rigid straightening members, again like eager and ecstatic pleasures so selected as enjoyed above. However, at that time implemented a new program. Ambrosio was the first to propose it. -We have already had enough of their pussies crudely said, turning to Verbouc, who was playing with Bella's nipples. Now let's see what they are made their asses. This lovely creature would bite worthy of the Pope himself, and Bella has velvet buttocks and an ass worthy of an emperor who come within it. The idea was accepted immediately, and proceeded to reassure victims to carry it out. It was monstrous. and it seemed impossible that it can be consummated, given of the imbalance. The huge member of cure was pointing to the small Julia rear hole, while Verbouc threatened his niece in the same direction. A quarter of an hour was consumed in preparations, and after a dreadful lust and debauchery scene, both girls were in her womb the warm jets of the ungodly downloads. Finally succeeded calm the violent emotions that had taken hold in the monstrous actors scene, and attention was again in Mr. Delmont. That worthy citizen, as I said earlier, had retired to a corner paragraph, apparently being overcome by sl**p, or d***k with wine, or perhaps both. She is very quiet-Verbouc observed. -An evil conscience is bad company said Father Ambrose, his attention focused on washing your oscillating tool. -Come on, man, did your turn. Here's a gift for you, he went Verbouc, while showing in all its glory, to give the proper environment his words, the most intimate charms almost insensitive Julia. Arise enjoy them. But, what about this man? Heavens, that ... What is this? Verbouc stepped back. Ambrose's father leaned over the unfortunate Delmont to sound his heart. -He's dead, he said quietly. Indeed, had died.
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92 page 107 Chapter XII SUDDEN DEATH IS A COMMON OCCURRENCE, especially the cases of people whose backgrounds have made to assume the existence of a functional disorder, surprise so soon gives way to the usual testimonies of sympathy, and then to a state of resignation to an event that no wonder. The transition can be expressed as follows: - Who would believe it? - Is it possible? -I always suspected. - Poor fellow! 'No one should be surprised. This interesting formula was properly applied when the unhappy Mr. Delmont paid tribute to Mother Earth, as the common phrase. A fortnight after the unfortunate gentleman had left this life, all chords were friends that had long since been discovered symptoms more sooner or later have to be fatal. Almost took pride in their insight, although inscrutable reverently admitted the providence. As for me, my life was pretty much as usual, except that I figured that Julia's legs should have a slight taste spicier than Bella, and consequently bled regularly for my sustenance, morning and evening. Nothing more natural than Julia spent most of his time with his beloved friend Bella, and the sensuous Father Ambrose and his protector, the lecherous relative of my dear Bella, try to find the time to repeat the above experiences with the young girl docile. I can attest that it was so good, since my nights were most unpleasant and uncomfortable, always exposed to my sl**p interruptions by long hairy incursions members through the intricacies of the English in which I had I refugee temporarily and see me always in danger of entrained by the horribly sticky thick streams of a****l semen. In short, the young and impressionable Julia was completely ahormada, and Ambrose and his friend enjoyed owning it at home. They had reached their targets. What cared about their sacrifices? Meanwhile, other and very different were the thoughts of Bella, which I had left. But eventually, feeling somewhat disgusted by the Too often they give me to the new diet, I decided to leave the stockings of the beautiful Julia, and return-tempering to mon mouton, as the French say, to the sweet and feeding the salacious succulent Bella. So I did, and you resultat voici: One night Bella went to bed rather earlier than usual. The father Ambrosio was absent for having been sent on a mission to a secluded parish, and his
Page 93
93 page 107 complacent dear uncle suffered a severe attack of gout, a condition that in the late relatively frequently afflicted him. The girl had already arranged her hair for the night, and had also devoid of some of her clothes. He was taking off his shirt at night, which had to go through the head, and in the course of this operation inadvertently dropped his pants, revealing, in the mirror, the beautiful bulges and exquisite smoothness and transparency of the skin of her buttocks. Such beauty had inflamed to a hermit, but alas! in that no far no sight ascetic enardecerse susceptible. As for me, very nearly to bankrupt me the longest of my antennas, and I torciera my right leg in their contortions to extract the garment over her head. At this point I should explain that since the Father Clement had astute been deprived of enjoying the charms of Bella, renewed the bestial and nothing pious oath which, though it be a surprise, would seize the fort again once already had been his. The memory of his happiness brought tears to her sensual eyes, while that, on reflection, he distended his enormous member. Clemente made the terrible oath that jodería Bella in natural state and brutal in his own words, and I, who am but a flea, I heard and understood its scope. The night was dark and raining. Ambrosio was absent and sick Verbouc helpless. Bella was f***ed to be alone. All these circumstances were known While Clemente, and acted accordingly. Encouraged by their recent experiences on the geography of the neighborhood, went straight to the bedroom window of Bella, and having found as expected, without running the latch and. therefore open, entered peacefully and scrambled to get under the bed. From this point of view Clemente's throbbing pulse stared toilette beautiful Bella, until it began to take off his shirt in the manner and I described. Clemente could then enjoy the view of the girl in all her splendid nakedness and choked bellowed like a bull. In the recumbent position in which he found had no difficulty in seeing waist down all of her body and her eyes in contemplation solazaban twin globes were her buttocks, opening and closing as the Girl twisting her lithe body in the effort to pass the shirt over his head. Clemente could not take more time, his desire reached the boiling point, and quietly but promptly slid out of hiding to win in front of her, without waste of time embraced the nude body with one hand, while placing the another on her red lips. Bella's first impulse was to scream, but she was female this resource forbidden. His second idea was faint, and is why we have chosen not to have mediated certain circumstances. This circumstance was the fact that while the bold
Page 94
94 page 107 assailant kept securely fastened beside him, something hard, long, hot pressing of insistently between her soft buttocks, and lay throbbing separation between them and along its back. At this critical moment Bella's eyes encountered the image of it in the dresser mirror and recognized behind the ugly face bloated sexy priest, crowned by a circle of unruly red hair. Bella understood the situation in the blink of an eye. By now almost a week that had fallen from the embraces of Ambrose and his uncle, and this fact had much to see, of course, in what followed. What he did from that moment was pure dissimulation of the lewd girl. He dropped gently back on the strong father figure of Clement, and believing this happy individual who actually fainted while withdrawing the hand with which he closed his mouth used both arms to hold. The irresistible beauty of the person holding his arms took the excitement Clement almost to madness. Bella was practically naked, and he slid his polished hands over his skin, while his immense weapon, rigid and distended effect impatience, pounded vigorously on contact with the beautiful I had embraced. Trembling, Clemente brought his face to hers, and printed a long luscious sweet kiss on her lips. Bella shuddered and opened his eyes. Clement renewed his caresses. - Oh! Languidly exclaimed. How dare you come here? Please Let go on the spot! It is shameful! Clemente smiled smugly. He had always been ugly, but at that moment was truly odious by his terrible lust. -So she said. It's a shame thus treat a girl so pretty, But so delicious, my darling! Bella sighed. More kisses and hands sliding over his naked body. A large hand and crude fell on her mons, and a daring finger, separating the wet lips, was introduced inside the warm slit to touch the sensitive clitoris. Bella closed her eyes and let out another sigh, at the same time that this sensitive body began to relax turn. For my young friend was in no way one a tiny organ, and that because of lewd massage Clemente rose ugly, is stiffened and leaned lips starting almost alone. Bella was on fire, and the glow of desire peered into his eyes. Had infected, and a glance at her seducer could see the terrible look of lust portrayed in her face as she played with her secret charms. The trembling girl stirring, a burning desire for pleasure of intercourse possession of it, and unable to control their desires longer, quickly took its
Page 95
95 page 107 right hand back to grab the huge weapon that threatened her buttocks, but not could do it in all its magnitude. Were found in both eyes, the lust burning in them. Bella smiled, Clement repeated his sensual kiss and introduced in her mouth his restless tongue. The girl did not took to second his lewd caresses, and left the field open to both their restless hands and their warm kisses. Slowly pulled a chair, in which sat Bella eager anticipation of what the priest wanted to do next. Clement stood before her. His black silk robe, reaching to heels, stood prominently on the front, his cheeks red hot by the v******e of his desires, were only rival in his fiery lips, and his breath was stirred in anticipation of ecstasy. He knew he had nothing to fear and much to enjoy. -This is too Bella murmured, gone! 'Impossible, after having taken the trouble to enter. -But you can be discovered, and then my reputation will be ruined. -Not likely. You know you're all alone, and that there is any chance of being disturbed. Besides, you're so delicious, my little girl, as fresh, so young and so beautiful that. .. not remove the leg, just put my hand on your smooth thigh. The fact is I want to fuck you, dear. Bella could see the huge bulge he straightened more. - What are obscene! What words empleáis! - Do you think so, my darling little girl? Clemente said, taking back the sensitive clit between his thumb and index finger to massage it properly. I born for the pleasure of feeling this pussy gaping cunningly trying to dodge my touches. - Give Shame! Bella exclaimed, laughing, however, reluctantly. Clemente approached to bow to her and take her pretty face in his hands. By doing so, Bella could see that the cassock, almost lifted by the strength of the communicated to the member wishes of the father, he was a few inches to the chest of her so she could feel the beats that made black silk garment rise and fall alternately. The temptation was irresistible, and eventually pass beneath her delicate little hand the clothes of the priest and upload above enough to grab a furry mass the hanging two balls as big as chicken eggs. - Oh, God! How very huge! Murmured the girl. -All full of beautiful thick milk Clemente sighed, toying with two cute breasts so close to him. Bella sat better, and again caught with both hands hard and stiff trunk the huge penis.
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96 page 107 - How awful! This is a monster! Exclaimed the lewd girl. Really that is great! What size yours! -Yes, is not it a good fuck? -Observed Clemente, advancing and raising his cassock to better show the gigantic member. Bella could not resist the temptation, and raising even more clothes the priest left the penis in complete freedom and exposed throughout its length. Fleas do not know much of measures of space and time, and therefore does not I can give you the exact dimensions of the weapon it was in those girl moments our eyes. It was, however, of gigantic proportions. He had a large head red roma and emerging at the end of a long trunk brownish. The hole, which was at its peak, which is usually so small, it was in the If we consider a real crack wet with seminal fluid accumulated there. To all along that trunk thick blue veins running, and at the foot of the same growing a real tangle of shaggy red hair. Two large testicles hanging below. - Heaven! Holy Mother! Bella murmured, closing his eyes while giving them a slight squeeze. The wide, blunt head, swollen and reddened by exquisite tingling effect girl, was at that time totally naked, and emerged stiff, free of skin folds backwards Bella restiraba the large white column. She joyful fiddling with your purchase, and increasingly retreating behind the velvet skin the object he had in his hands. Clemente sighed. - What a delightful creature you are! She said, looking at her with eyes flashing. I have to fuck right away or throw it all about you. - No, you must not waste a drop! Bella exclaimed. You should be very urged to want enough to come along so soon. I can not help. Please be still a moment I will come. - What a great thing! How much milk will? Clemente stopped and whispered in her ear something I could not hear. - Truly delicious, but it's amazing! -It is true, give me a chance to prove it. I look forward to it, cutie. Look at it! I have to fuck! Placing brandished his monstrous penis against her. Then he leaned down, then release it suddenly. He jumped up like a spring, and in doing so spontaneously discovered, giving way to red walnut, exuding a drop of semen the urethra.
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97 page 107 All this happened about Bella's face, he felt a sensuous whiff emanating member, who came to increase the disorder of his senses. He continued to play with the penis, and stroking. -Enough, I beg you, dear, or waste it all in the air. Bella was still a few seconds, but grasped the full f***e of his hand to Clement fuck. Meanwhile he was amused in shape with one of his hands breasts juveniles girl, while the fingers of the other in its entirety ran her wet pussy. The mad romp. Her clit swelled and became hot, accelerated breathing, and the flames of desire ignited her cute face. The nut increasingly hardened: shining and as ripe fruit. Watching sneak belly ugly naked man, full of red hair, and brownish thighs, hairy like a monkey, Bella became crimson of lust. The big penis, each increasingly thick and threatening skies caused in being the most indescribable emotions. Greatly excited, his arms linked with the strong body of the great raw and covered with sensual kisses. His own ugliness increased his libidinous feelings. -No, you must not waste it, not let it squander . After stopping for a moment with a peculiar accent moaned with pleasure, and complacent head down her rosy lips opened immediately for most could the prurient delicacy. - Oh, what a treat! How cosquilleas! What ... what pleasure you give me! -Do not allow waste it: drink every last drop whispered Bella aside for a moment his head gleaming walnut. Then lowering it again, placed her lips, projected forward over the large head, and opening gently received including wide urethra orifice. - Holy Mother cried Clemente. This is heaven! How am I going to come to me! God, I lick and suck! Bella applied his sharp tongue to the hole, and gave all his lengüetazas contours. What well know! You have to give me one or two drops still more. I can not go, I can not the priest murmured, pushing forward while his fingers tickling the clitoris hardened Bella, since the your fingertips. After Bella took back between his lips the head of that great yerga, more could not get the nut into his mouth full, so monstrously width was.
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98 page 107 Licking and sucking, sliding movements with slow, delicious skin red and tender around the back of the tremendous yerga, Bella was causing some results she knew they would not delay long in coming. - Oh, holy mother! Almost I'm coming! I feel.,. Oh. sucks now! You will receive! Clement raised his arms in the air, his head fell backwards, spread her legs, is hands twitched convulsively, his eyes went blank, and Bella felt a strong spasm ran the monstrous penis. Moments later he was almost knocked back by the continuous jet as hurled a torrent of cure genital and throat trickled down. But all his desires and efforts, the greedy girl could not prevent a jet escaping from the corner of his lips when Clement, beside himself with effect pleasure pushed forward with successive shocks, with each of which sent to her throat a new stream of milk. Bella resisted all shoving, and remained gripped the weapon from which flowed those spurts, till the whole was finished. - How much did you say? She muttered. A full cup of tea? There were two. - Adorable c***d! Clemente cried when he could finally catch her breath. What a divine pleasure you gave me! Now my turn, and you have to afford examine all these little things about you that I adore. - Oh, how delicious it was! I almost drowned, 'said Bella. How sticky was! My God, how much! -Yes, cuteness. I promised you all, and turned me so that insurance received a good deal. Flowed in torrents. 'Yes, indeed it was. -Now you will see how good I lick you, and how delicious. mind'll fuck you later. Joining the action to the word, the sexy priest was placed between the thighs of Bella, white as milk, and advancing his face towards them introduced his tongue between red lips crack. After moving it around the hardened clitoris, gave with a tickle so exquisite, that she could hardly contain her screams. - Oh, God! I suck the life! Oh ...! I'm ... I will come to me! Me. I come! And with a sudden forward movement toward the active language, Bella came abundantly in the face of Clement, which he received as he could within their mouth, with epicurean delight. After the priest lifted. His huge penis, which had just softened, is tension was again virile, and emerged before him in a state of dreadful erection. Literally snorting with lust at the sight of the beautiful and well-disposed girl.
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Page 99 of 107 -Now I have to fuck you, 'he said while pushing her towards the bed. I have to have you and give you a taste of this yerga in your little body. Ah, fucking you I will give! Quickly shedding his robe and underwear, the big brute, whose body was covered with hair and skin as dark as a mulatto, took the frail body of the beautiful Bella in his muscular arms and laid it gently on the bed. Clement looked for a moment his body stretched and throbbing, half the effect of desire and half in terror that caused the onslaught. Then smugly watched his tremendous penis erect with lust, and climbing Presto threw herself on her bed and pulled the bedclothes. Bella, half drowned beneath the great gross hairy, felt the stiff cock between her legs, and lowered his hand to tempt you again. - Heavens, what size! I never fit! -Yes, of course if: we have all come to the testicles, only you have to cooperate to not hurt you. Bella was spared the trouble of answering, because then penetrated anxious language in her mouth until almost suffocate. Then he realized that the priest had risen slowly and that hot head of his gigantic cock was trying to break through the wet lips of her pink slit. I can not proceed with the detailed account of the preliminaries. It díez took minutes, but at the end of which the clumsy Clement was buried up to the testes in the beautiful body of the girl, who, with her soft legs bound on the Tan back priest, receiving the caresses of this that basked upon his victim, and was beginning to lewd movements that were to lead him to get rid of his burning fluid. Ten inches at least had muscle hardening depth the private parts of the girl, and throbbed inside of them, at the same time a shaggy mop of hair rubbed the delicate mountain of unhappy Bella. - Oh, God! How you hurt me! She complained. -Heaven! I're butchering! Clement started a movement. - I can not stand! It really is too big! Oh! Get him out! Ay, do lunges! Clemente mercilessly pushed two or three times. -Wait a minute, little devil, only until you choke on my milk. Oh, how close you are! Looks like you're sipping yerga! Finally! now inside, and is all had.
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Page 100 of 107 - Mercy, please! Clemente rammed hard and fast push after push while spinning and writhed on the girl's body dock, and suffered a real attack lust. His huge penis threatened to break from the intensity of his pleasure and maddening delight of the moment. -Now I'm finally fucking. - Jodedme! Bella muttered, opening up even more of your legs, as the intensity of the sensations came posesionando of person. Jodedme well! More hard! And with a deep groan of pleasure flooded his brutal r****t with copious descarqa, at the same time throwing themselves forward for a formidable onslaught of man. Bella's legs flexed spasmodically when Clement was launched between them, inserting and removing continued his long and ardent member between them, with lustful movements. Some sighs mixed with tight kisses lips lewd invader of pasture groans and rapid vibrations of bed frame, denounced all the excitement of the scene. Clemente did not need incentives. The companion complacent ejaculation will had provided the average wet she wanted, and took advantage of it to start a series of movements in and out causing Bella much pleasure as pain. The girl seconded him with all his might. Completely stuffed, sighed deep and shuddered under his firm thrusts. Her breathing became a gasp, closed her eyes for effect-brutal pleasure she experienced in an almost spasm uninterrupted broadcast. The backside of his rude lover opened and closed at each new effort to strike lunges toward the body of the cute c***d. After much struggle paused. - I can not take it anymore, I'm going to come. Take my milk, Bella. You will receive torrents of it, sweetie. Bella. Knew. All their monstrous veins were swollen face his jo maximum tension. It was unbearably large. It seemed the giant member an ass. Clemente began to move again. From his lips fell saliva. With a feeling of ecstasy, Bella seminal expected current. Clement struck one or two putts, but profound, and groaned stiffened, shuddering only slightly from head to toe, and then left its yerga tremendous spurt of cum that flooded the girl's womb. The big brute buried his head in the pillows, made a last effort to go deeper into it, resting with feet at the foot of the bed. - Oh, the milk! Bella shrieked. I feel! What a rush! Oh, Give it to me! Father Holy, what a pleasure!
Page 101
Page 101 of 107 There it is! Take it! Cried the priest while after the first jet thrown in within it, again lunged wildly inward with each thrust sending a new stream of warm milk. Oh, what a pleasure! Although Bella had anticipated the worst, had no idea of ​​the immense amount of semen that the man was able to issue. The thick cast out into spurts they would crash into the same array. - Oh, I'm coming again! And Bella semidesfallecida sank under the robust man, while his burning followed by flooding with fluid viscous jets. Other five times that night, Bella received the contents of the large Clemente testicles, and had it not been for the glory of the day I realized it was time he left, had started again. When the wily Clemente left the house and hurried them off to his humble cell, dawn and was f***ed to admit that he had filled his belly with satisfaction, in the same way that Bella saw milk flooded his bowels. And luck had the girl of his two guards were disabled, because otherwise they would have discovered, for the sorry state they were in their youth private parts, that an intruder had crossed the threshold of the same. Youth is elastic, the whole world knows. And Bella was very young and very elastic. If you had seen the huge machine of Clemente, it would have asserted me Its natural elasticity admit not only allowed the introduction of that ram, but also help but feel the slightest discomfort after a couple of days. Three days after this episode interesting Ambrosio returned the father. One of first concerns was to find Bella. Upon finding invited to enter a boudoir. - Sail! He shouted, showing his instrument, inflamed and present attitude weapons. I have not had any distractions for a week, and my yerga is hot, dear Bella. Two minutes later, Bella's head lay on the table the department while collecting the clothes on his back, exposed her perky buttocks, the lascivious priest hit with his long shaft vigorously after solazado having sight in the contemplation of his plump buttocks. After another minute and his tool was introduced in the pussy from behind, just crush against the black rump hair curly base. After only a few lunges gushing milk threw up her waist. The good father was too excited by the long abstinence with only this rigidity lost his member, he withdrew himself an instrument that stallion, still slippery and steamy, to take the small hole between the couple of delicious buttocks of her friend. Bella helped him and, given how well oiled as it was,
Page 102
Page 102 of 107 slid inside, not by giving gifts to the girl with another tremendous prolific doses from their testicles. Bella felt the burning download, and received projected the warm milk willingly against his gut. Then put it back on the table and sucked the clitoris for about a quarter of an hour, forcing her to cum two times in his mouth. Then screwed in the natural form. Then Bella retired to his room to wash, and after a short rest is put his street clothes and left. That night it was reported that Mr. Verbouc had worsened. The attack had reached regions that were cause for alarm for GP. Bella wished his uncle who passed a good night and retired to his room. Julia had settled in Bella's bedroom for the night, and both girls, by then already well aware of the nature and properties of males, were leaning exchanging ideas and adventures. -I thought I was going to die, 'Julia said when Father Ambrose introduced its thing big ugly deep inside my poor body, and when it ended I thought had given him a attack, and could not understand what was that slimy thing, that hot substance cast within me. Oh! 'Then, my dear, you began to feel the friction on your sensitive little thing, and the hot milk spurted Father Ambrose, covering everything. -Yes I did, and I still feel flooded when it does. - Silence! Did not you hear? Both girls got up and began to listen. Bella, more accustomed to the her bedroom features of what might be, Julia, turned his attention to the window. At the time of doing the shutter gradually subsided, and there was the head of a man. Julia discovered also appeared and was about to scream, but Bella made a motioned for silence. - Shhh! Do not be alarmed Bella whispered. We want to eat, just that it undue bother one of so cruel. - What do you want? Julia asked semiescondiendo her pretty head in her clothes to sl**p, but still watching with keen eye the intruder. During this brief conversation the man was preparing to enter the chamber, and having already opened the window enough to do so, he slid his wide Mankind the through opening. When you set foot on the floor of the room were the discovered the ugly bulky figure and sensuous factions Father Clement. - Holy Mother, a priest! Cried Bella young guest. Well fat by true! Oh Bella! What do you want? -We will know soon whispered the other.
Page 103
Page 103 of 107 Meanwhile Clemente had approached the bed. - What? Is it possible? A double entertainment? He exclaimed. Charming Cute! This is truly an unexpected pleasure. - Shame on you, Father Clement! Julia had disappeared under the bedclothes. In two minutes the priest stripped of his garments, and without waiting to be told invited to do so, was launched as lightning on the bed. - Oh! Cried Julia. I is tempting! - Oh yeah! The two will be well thumbed, I assure Bella murmured as she felt the huge weapon Clemente pressing her back. That shameful behavior on you, to enter without our permission! 'In that case, I can enter, gorgeous? 'Said the priest, as he put in Bella's hands his stiff instrument. -You can stay, since it is already inside. 'Thank Clemente murmured, pulling Bella's legs and inserting the huge head of his cock between them. Bella felt the blow, and mechanically put her arms around the back of Julia. Clemente pushed back, but Bella jumped scuttled. He stood, and aside the bedclothes exposed the hairy body of the priest and the gentle figure of his companion. Julia turned instinctively and found that pointed straight to his nose, straightening the penis rigid good father, who seemed ready to burst because of lust awakened in the holder by the company in which he was. -Tiéntalo Bella whispered. Without amazed, Julia grabbed her white little hand. - How late! Is becoming increasing my faith. Both girls are then fell out of bed, and anxious for the fun began to squeeze and rub the bulky penis priest until he was about to come. - This is heaven! Father Clement said staring, and a slight convulsive movement in his fingers denoting pleasure. -Enough, dear, otherwise it will come-watched Bella, adopting an air of experienced person, who believed he had the right, according to her, under its previous relations with the monster. For his part, Father Clement was not willing to waste their shots when they were within reach two objectives so cute. Remained inactive for fondling girls who submitted their penis, but now had attracted gently if the young Julia, to raise her shirt and let
Page 104
Page 104 of 107 to view all their secrets charms. He slid his eager hands around adorable thighs and buttocks of the girl, and then opened thumbs pink vulva, for enter their lascivious tongue inside her, and kiss her as for other exciting in same array. Julia could not remain insensitive to this treatment and when at last, trembling unbridled desire and lust, the daring priest turned his back on the bed, opened his youthful thighs and let him see the rosy edges of her tight slit. Clemente got between her legs, and advancing towards her thick wet the tip of his member in wet pussy lips. Bella lent its aid, and taking between their hands the huge penis, he discovered and routed properly to the hole. Julia gasped and bit her lip. Clement struck a violent thrust. Julia, brave as a lioness, endured the blow, and the head was introduced. More pushing, more pressure, and in less time it takes to write Julia had completely engulfed the huge penis priest. Once comfortably possession of his body, Clemente began a series of rhythmic thrusts thoroughly, and Julia, indescribable sensations prey, pushed back head, and covered his face with one hand while with the other he clutched the waist of Bella. - Oh, it's huge, but what makes me happy! - It is completely inside! It has been buried up to the balls! Cried Bella. - Ah! What a treat! I will come to me! I can not stand! His body is velvet! Take! Take that! This followed a fierce onslaught. - Oh! Julia exclaimed. At that moment it occurred to libidinous fantasy giant, and extracting the vaporizing member Julia's private parts. launched between Bella's legs and Stayed inside her delicious vulva. The pulsating object is stuck deep inside of her young pussy while the owner of it drooled taste for the task that was delivered. Julia looked astonished the apparent ease with which the father sank his big yerga in white inside her friend's body. After spending a quarter of an hour in this erotic pose, time in which Bella father pressed against his chest and twice gave his warm tribute on his head the huge rod again retires Clemente, and sought to calm the ardor that consumed him spilling his hot milk inside the delicate little person of Julia. Took the little lady in his arms again straddled his body, and without much difficulty, pressing his burning yerga against her pussy smooth, prepared to flood it with a lewd download. There followed a series of lunges furiously fast but deep, at the end of which Clemente, while letting out a deep sigh, pushed to the depths of
Page 105
Page 105 of 107 the delicate girl, and began to vomit inside a real flood of semen. Spurt after spurt coming from his penis while he, with eyes and lips trembling, came to ecstasy. Julia's excitement had peaked, and added to the enjoyment of her r****t in the final paroxysm, to a degree of alienation awful flea can no describe. The orgies that followed in this raunchy night were also something that exceeds my narrative skills. Clemente As soon as he had recovered from his first ejaculation, announced caliber words his intention to enjoy Bella. Y, said and done, immediately set to work. For a quarter of an hour long remained buried until the hairs on the pussy her, holding back until nature prevailed, that Bella received the download in her womb. The father took his handkerchief from Holland, with whom he wiped his dripping pussies both beauties. Then the two girls grabbed the member of the priest and applied so many tender and lascivious touches again excited the fiery temperament the priest, to the point of achieving infuse new strength and virility impossible describe. His huge penis, red and swollen under the previous exercises, threatening saw the couple taking him fingering you pray to one side, sometimes to another. Several sometimes angry Bella sucked head and tickled with the tip of his tongue the hole the urethra. This was, apparently, one of the favorite ways of enjoying Clemente. as introduced quickly as he could the head of his great yerga in the mouth of the girl. After the rolled over and over again, naked as they came into the world, beating his thick lips in their dripping pussies again and again. He kissed and fumbled noisily the roundness of her buttocks, occasionally inserting a finger in ass holes. Then Clement and Bella, two to one, Julia persuaded to allow him to father put in his mouth the tip of his penis, and after a good time to tickle and excite the monstrous fuck, threw such a torrent in the throat of the girl, who nearly drowned. There followed a short interval, and again the unusual fact to enjoy two so tempting and spiritual girls woke all the vigor of Clement. Placing next to each other began introducing its alternately member each, and after I removed some brutal onslaught of a pussy to put it in the other. Then he lay on his back, and attracting girls he sucked on Pussy to one while the other is buried in her hair yerga to join both bodies. Again and again threw them inside his prolific essence. Only dawn terminated those orgy scenes.
Page 106
Page 106 of 107 While such scenes unfolded in the house had a very different place in the bedroom of Mr. Verbouc, and when three days later the father returned Ambrosio another of his absences, he found his friend and protector on the verge of death. A few hours were enough to end life and adventures as eccentric gentleman. After his death his widow, who never distinguished for their intellectual lights, began to show signs of insanity, and in a paroxysm of madness never stopped call the priest. But when on one occasion an elderly and respectable father was emergency call, the good lady indignantly denied that this man could be a priest, and cried out that he sent "the great instrument of". His language and his behavior were generally cause for scandal, so it had to lock in an asylum, where he remains in demand delirious large penis. Bella, which thus remained without protectors, soon listened to advice of her confessor, and agreed to take the veil. Julia, an orphan too, resolved to share the fate of his friend, and inasmuch as his mother immediately gave his consent, both girls were received in the arms of Holy Mother Church on the same day, and once the novitiate made a time final vows. How were observed these vows of chastity is not something that I, a humble flea, must judge. I can only say that after the ceremony both girls were taken privately to the seminar, in which f******n waiting cures. Without giving them little time to new devotees to undress, scoundrels, enfervorecidos by the prospect of such a precious reward set upon them, and one after another quench their devilish lust. Bella got up to twenty fervent downloads in all imaginable positions and Julia, just less vigorously assaulted, finally collapsing, exhausted by the roughness of the treatment he was subjected. The room was well insured, so there was no fear interruptions, and the sensuous community gathered to honor the newly admitted s****rs, enjoyed his charms at ease. Ambrosio was also there, as had long been convinced of the Bella inability to keep to himself, and moreover feared animosity of his b*****rs . Clemente was also part of his team, and his enormous member caused havoc attacking boyish charms. The Superior was also an opportunity to give vent to their perverse tastes, and not even the recently deflowered and weak Julia escaped the ordeal of their attacks. He had to
Page 107
Page 107 of 107 submit and allow, among pleasant emotions indescribable, cast his viscous cum on her belly. The cries of those who came, breathing hard from those that were delivered to the sensual act, the squeaking and creaking of furniture, muffled voices and the interrupted conversations observers, all tended to give greater magnitude libidinous monstrosity of the scenes, and do more repulsive details of this ecclesiastical brouhaha. Obsessed with these ideas, and greatly upset by the proportions of the orgy, fled, and did not stop until he had put many miles between my be and the protagonists of this hateful story, nor, from that moment, stroked the idea of ​​re-entering relationships of familiarity with Bella or Julia. I know that they came to be the normal means of satisfying the admitted to the seminary. No doubt the constant and strong sexual excitement they had to resent was to wither soon the youthful charm that so beautiful admiration inspired me. But to the best fit. my task is over, I kept my promise and have finished my first memories. And while it is an attribute of a Flea moralizing, yes is in your hand to choose their own food. Fed up with those little women on which I lectured, I did what many do others, however not fleas, as I reminded my readers to begin this first story, do the same, sucking bl**d: emigrated, with new promise to my readers of a second volume, in the pilgrimage to choose my own food. ... Continue»
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The young postman

Jen,my wife loved her sex,loved to dress up in sexy outfits and with the body she had i couldn`t blame her,she had an amazing mind and loved role play in the bedroom but one day i made her own fantasy come true.Jen loved it when i would tell her stories of her breaking in a younger lad and when i set eyes on our new postman i new this was the lad for her,John was only 18 years old and quite shy but everyday i would let on to him and he seemed a very polite lad,Jen on the other hand took great pleasure in trying to tease him with her skimpy outfits and flirty comments.One summers day me and John was talking and Jen can to the door in her usual silk shorts and tight vest top,her huge nipples hard as steel and asked if i wanted a coffee while giving John a flirty smile,the poor lad couldn`t take his eyes off her ass as she walked into the kitchen,i laughed and said sorry but she`s a right tart and loves winding lads up.
The weekend came and Jen woke me up with an amazing blowjob and i was pleasantly suprised as i looked down to see her wearing her nurses outfit,white stockings and heels,i was in heaven as she slurped away on my rock hard cock but was gutted to hear the door bell ring,then ring again and again,when i realised they wouldn`t go away i eased Jen to the side and told her id be back in a minute she just lay onthe bed and eased her hand inside her knickers as i left the room,i opened the door to see John stood there with a letter to be signed for which i did,all the while i could see John looking over my shoulder hoping Jen was around,i just came out with it `John,my wife loves flirting with you and i can see how much you like looking at her` to which he apolagised and said said he couldn`t help it.i grabbed his armand led him in the doorway and whispered for him to be quiet,i told him that she was upstairs and was wanting a good fucking and that if he wanted to id let him,just this once,to get it out of his system,he agreed and i told him to get undressed and wait there.
I walked bsck into the bedroom,Jen was on her back legs wide open and had two fingers dipping in her juicy pussy her eyes closed as i crept to her sex drawer where she kept all maner of toys and things,i grabbed her handcuffs and blind fold,Jen was a kinky fucker and loved me restraining her.I crawled on the bed and gripped Jens hair,pulling her up and flipping her over ,she gasped as i tied the blindfold around her eyes and pulled her hands together clamping her wrists to the metal bedframe,she got to her knees giggling and saying she had been a naughty girl as she wiggled her ass in the air,i buried my face between her cheeks and sunk my tongue into her hot hole before leaving to go get John.
I looked down the stairs and waved to him to come up while holiding my finger to my lips jesturing to be quiet,i pointed him to our bedroom and as he walked in i could hear his breath hold as he set eyes on Jens ass waving in the air her shaven lips glistening with her juices, i held my hand out and whispered `all yours dude` as i sat down on the chair in the corner.
John climbed onto the bed and shuffled up behind my wife as he placed his hand on her cheek and guided his throbbing cock to her hungry pussy and pushed an inch inside,`oh your cock is cold` Jen shrieked as she pushed back to take him whole,his hands grabbing her tiny waist and wasted no time in banging away on her ,Jen`s moans rang out as she loved every thrust,i was frantically tugging away wondering what Jen would say if she knew who`s cock she was taking.
Jen shouted out `slap my ass` as John looked over at me with a puzzled look on his face,i stood up and walkedover to give Jen`s ass one almighty whack as she giggled with pleasure,her breaths deepening as she gushed her juices over the bed sheets,sweat dripping from her brow,i crept up beside her face and slowly untied the blindfold as her eyes ajusted to the light she looked up at me in suprise as i guided my hard cock to her mouth,she quickly glanced around to see John banging away with all his might at her from behind, she just took my cock in her mouth as she mumbled `naughty boy` her eyes fixed on mine as she took me deep down her throat ,within seconds i was pumping my cum in her mouth as she drank the lot i stepped back as i caught my breath and John stopped,trying to pull out as Jen looked over her shoulder ordering John back in her pussy `i dont think so` she moaned as she pushed her cunt back onto his shaft `fuck me and dont stop till you drop` she begged.John smiled and quickly got back into his rythem ,Jen buried her face into the pillow as she looked at me and said` this is what weekends are all about`,,,,,TBC ... Continue»
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The Station Shelter

I glanced to my side at her as we walked up the deserted street. The wind gusted catching her blonde hair and her face was momentarily revealed in full. God, she looked hot. And without even trying particularly hard to be either.

I found it a unique talent of hers, the way she could turn me on simply by wearing normal everyday outfits. To be fair, these weren't exactly her every day clothes seeing as she'd been dressed up for a Christening service and party but skirt, blouse, jacket and boots? Hardly uncommon on the streets are they?

The street was quiet so you could clearly hear the heels of her leather boots click on the concrete path as we walked towards the railway station to head back home. Given that it was mid-January we'd been lucky. The weather could have been much worse than this but still it was cold with the temperature dropping away quickly as it began to get dark. It was surely coming but there was no frost on the ground just yet.

The wife was snuggled up within in a black woollen coat with a purple, pink and white striped scarf wrapped around her neck; and purple leather gloves to keep her from the winter chill.

Now taken as I was was with those leather gloves and the mental images they conjured up of the experienced hands within them at work on my cock, it was really what was going underneath her coat that, in sharp contrast to the chill, was getting me all hot and bothered.

I had been a proud man when she slowly, deliberately slowly you might even say, made her way downstairs earlier that morning with an incredibly sexy black leather skirt and shiny black and white zebra stripe blouse on. Sizzling!

Below her skirt she had patterned black stockings with black patent leather boots completing the look. It was yet another of those moments where suddenly I wished we weren't going out at all.

It was a big day and she looked for my approval "Not too much?"

I was almost salivating at the sighting of her and I gushed with praise as how sensational she looked "Wow. Just. Fucking. Wow".

"Language! Remember you are going to church later" she half-heartedly attempted to scold me. But she was beaming, her face wide and happy. She knew she looked good today and was delighted to have the compliments she sought.

The wife had worked so hard in the months previous, attending the gym regularly, going to Zumba classes and watching her food as she strived to change her figure.

More than just me was impressed with the change and the wife caught more than a few people's attention at the Christening and the party afterwards attracting a score of compliments about her figure or her outfit or both. Modestly she batted them off but I knew she was thrilled.

This was what the hard word had all been for, the Christening with so many of her friends and old colleagues from a former workplace. She was determined to be a different person from the one that left in trying circumstances eighteen months before. And she had nailed it.

I glanced across the pavement at her again but this time was caught in the act.


Ofcourse she knew fine well what. "Have I told you how sexy you look today?"

"Yes.......this would be about the eighth time I believe". She stared straight ahead trying not to smile. Then after a few paces glanced back "And like I told you this morning. Good things come to those who wait".

I tutted. "But I mean you look really, really sexy".

She laughed, smiled and shook her head but said nothing and looked straight ahead once more as we continued to walk towards the train station.

For a few seconds silence as we walked then I piped up again... "Teasing me like that, wearing a leather skirt in a church. I mean a church of all...".

"....Oh for fuck's sake" she cut me off sounding more than a little irritated before immediately adopting a more conciliatory tone "You'll be home soon enough dirty boy. Think about the ironing or the washing up you'll be doing when you get home rather than pumping me. Because that's exactly what you'll be doing if you don't give it a rest".

Her point was made.

We were exchanging chatter about the day past as we finally came within a few feet of the entrance to the station. We were both laughing, remembering a rather outlandish outfit one of her old colleagues Joan was wearing when the station PA system blasted into life "We are sorry to announce that due to operational difficulties the 1555 train to Glasgow has been cancelled" prompting a string of expletives from me, which were almost immediately repeated when the information screen flashed up next train 1655.

"We're probably going to miss our connecting train home now too" I hissed. "Knew we should have just taken the fucking car".

By now it was completely dark, getting colder still and we had a decision to make. Neither of us much fancied the prospect of an hours wait at an empty train station in the back of beyond but then a twenty minute walk back to the dying embers of the party we'd just come from, only to have to walk almost immediately straight back to the station was hardly a realistic alternative either. In effect we had no option but to wait.

We moved towards the station shelter.

A quiet station on one of the quietest lines on the network at the best of times, at this point in the day on a Sunday evening the place was even more deathly silent than the tiny hamlet we'd just come from. No passengers, no cars in the small car park. Just the wind whistling through the shelter, that had it been raining, I doubt would have provided any shelter at all.

As she was prone to do on special days or nights out, the wife went to her bag and produced a cigarette. She moved to the edge of the shelter and had just sparked up when her mobile rang. She answered and from the course of the conversation I was soon able to ascertain it was her mum calling. It passed a few minutes for her if nothing else.

For me, well it gave me a good opportunity to enjoy ogling her in a style I did enjoy. There was always just something incredibly sexy about her when she smoked. That long white cigarette dangling provocatively from her sexy red lips or nestling between two fingers of those hands covered by purple leather.

Call and cigarette duly finished the wife returned inside the shelter and snuggled up close, her back against my front.

"Ohhh it's cold" she said shivering just a little from having been strolling up back and forth outside the shelter.

I wrapped my arms around her waist tightly and exhaled my hot breath into the back of her head. She giggled. I repeated the act across various parts of her neck and head prompting more giggles and a remark that "That's tickly!".

I dropped my hands from her front and slipped my hands inside her woollen coat and began to rub up and down her tummy and sides. The silky material of her blouse felt lovely to touch but it wasn't just me enjoying the feeling: "That's nice" she sighed happily, enjoying the warming sensation.

Inevitably my hands began to wander.

At first, almost as if accidentally my fingers would slip down and afford me a sneaky feel of her leather skirt. It was my turn to savour the wonderful feeling that comes with touching a cold soft and oh so very sexy leather skirt and very gently I brushed my fingers across that most tempting of clothing.

Then my hands graduated further and further down her skirt. Becoming more brazen my hands swept across the top of her thighs and around to her rear where I began massaging the fleshy mounds of her gorgeous arse, gripping and squeezing fully.

"I know your game mister" she suddenly piped up.

"Oh aye?" I enquired.

"Aye........but don't stop".

The green light given any notions that I was just trying to keep her warm were gone. I was touching her up good style and I returned to that silky top and made a move towards her tits. She groaned as I cupped both in my hands and began kissing the back of her neck.

She pushed off me for a second then flipped around to face me, her face a little screwed up as she croaked "I hate it when you do this to me".

"Do what?" I asked for a moment puzzled at what she was getting at.

Then she broke into a smile and raised her face up to kiss me, prodding me in the chest "Getting me bl**dy horny at times when I shouldn't. That's what".

Our mouths locked and we kissed passionately, tongues sending tingles through each other as they touched. Lips wet with saliva as we kissed, released and kissed once more.

My cock was hard by now and was pushing tight against her belly. All the while my hands continued to meander up, down and around her body. Groping, feeling, touching and enjoying.

She drew back from our embrace. "Do you think.....". "Do you think you could really do it before the train or anyone comes?" I knew she was getting horny but didn't quite expect this opportunity.

"Do what?" I asked double checking that she did actually mean what I thought she meant.

"Fuck me ofcourse" she whispered.

"Well we haven't seen a soul in the last 20 minutes and we've still got a good while before you might expect going on the next train to come. If we're quick......"

"But what if someone comes?"she asked, still dubious.

"We'll just have to make sure we come first won't we". I laughed and winked at her.

"Come on then." she said taking one last look around to confirm that there was nobody there.

"Let's do it"

- -

I was never much good at removing bras so whilst the wife took care of that I busied myself removing what proved to be the skimpiest piece of material from between her legs. "Just look at these" I tutted as I slid them down over her boots and waved them around my finger. "Dirty, dirty girl. No wonder you've been so cold".

"Maybe there's another reason too". She laughed as she disposed of the knickers and her bra in her handbag.

Her cryptic statement was soon explained when I pushed the leather skirt above her waist and got down to business. The minx was only clean shaven around her hole, something we both enjoyed but something she did only rarely because of the annoying itching when her pubes began to grow back in.

I lunged at her pussy licking up and down and around the exterior and pushing my tongue inside enjoying listening to her moans above me.

She let me play for a bit as I enjoyed the smoothness, before cautioning me "Not too much of the tongue stuff today, hon. No time. Just get inside me. I just need you inside me" she ordered.

I rose and did as commanded and we manoeuvred ourselves into position in the corner of the shelter. Se had her legs wrapped around me, her pussy level with my manhood, as I stood tall. She was supporting herself by holding on steel bars that joined the sections of the shelter.

It would be a strength sapping position but we would be at it quickly and the main thing was I had free access to that now glistening wet pussy of hers. My trousers and boxers were slid down to my ankles and my own arse was now exposed to the cold the wife had complained bitterly about. But the cold was the last thing on my mind as I thrust my thick cock in and out of her.

"Urgggghhhh" she moaned "That's it. Give it to me hard. Fuck me hard".

Up and down I thrust each time prompting a deep moan from the wife. A conversation or sorts was played out in a between a mixture of panting, moans, grunts and expletives as pounded my beautiful wife in this secluded part of the Scottish countryside.

"You like it hard don't you? Such a dirty girl?".

"Your dirty girl. Harder babe....ohhhh that's it.....awwwwwww...fuck that's it. That's it!!!!".

I was aggressively pummelling her, giving her the crude, rough seeing too she wanted. Her head bobbed from side to side and body jerked with each lustful pump inside her. Soft, gentle love making this was not but no less passionate.

All too soon that familiar sensation from the head of my cock told me release would soon be upon me. The louder, higher pitched yelps coming from the wife confirmed she was close to orgasm also.

I held her tighter still as I got closer: "Oh I'm going to fill you up with cum."

"Owww....ooohh....fill me. Fill me.....ahhh owwww". She pleaded. "Ahhh....owwwwww" she squealed as my cock exploded and several waves of hot creamy spunk were unloaded inside her.

As one we fell together, my legs buckling slightly the euphoria burst through us both. She was pinned against the back of the shelter both arms over my shoulders, legs still wrapped around me and her head resting to one side of my head.

"Don't come out" she said. Though softening my cock remained inside her and I continued to slide it up and down, careful not to remove it from that pussy it knew so well. She loved that post fuck come down. Her pussy mixed full of cum and her own love juice with my cock sliding slowly up and down taking advantage of the wetness and heat within, savouring that feeling of contentment for as long as possible.

She lifted her head off my shoulders and began to straighten up, smiling gleefully as she did. "Fuck that was good wasn't it?" she said.

"You enjoy that sweety, you that was going to make us wait?"

"Oooft. Fuck aye!" she laughed and looked up as she sought about wiping the mixtures of fluids that were slowing sliding their way from her pussy.

As she cleaned up the headlights of a car suddenly shown into the station piercing the cracks within the shelter. We looked at one another almost saying in tandem "Ohhhhhh" and laughing thinking that we'd got away with it but only just.

I guess we might well have looked fairly respectable as we stood together, in our Sunday best as an elderly couple bid us good evening and proceeded to share the shelter with us. Although I'm fairly certain if they had known that the lady standing just a few feet away from them was currently bra and knicker less they might well have thought otherwise!... Continue»
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Ned in the toilet

my first go at a story

Ned (CHAV) in the toilet

Total fiction just thought id give it a go ;)

So I’m up in Glasgow for a few days ( country boy from the west coast) so ive got 3G !! so I take a look on grindr and find a few hot guys near where we are staying and get to chatting with them. After about 30 minutes I get bored and decide to go for a walk in the park near the hotel. I decide that maybe taking a walk in Glasgow in the middle of winter is not the best idea as it starts to rain I see some trees and what looks like a Victorian toilet block so I run over to get out of the rain for a bit. Doesn’t look like its going to go off anytime soon so I decide to go have a piss in the toilet. As I go in I can tell I’m not alone, in one of the cubicales is one HOT Ned ( the Scottish version of a chav) “awrite man”, he goes I politely nod and head over to the urinal. Now I have a thing for Neds and chavs love young guys in trackies just something about them that makes me want to take their trousers down and fuck them then and there. Anyway he’s about 19 tall (5’11”) average weight and blue blue eyes wearing a pair of dirty grubby addadas tracksuit trousers and an old rangers strip ( it is Glasgow after all ) and a pair of addadas trainers. He comes over full of swagger and takes a good look at me pissing, my cocks not huge when its soft “that’s an affy wee cock you’ve got mate” , he says
“is that so well when its nice and hard it’s a good size and nice and thick too, mate” , I reply
I finish pissing and make my way over to clean my hands, just as I am about to leave he stops me from leaving. “lets see it then mate” he goes
“away you go im no showin ma cock to some wee ned”
“aww come on mate am gaggin for some fun ive jist broke up from ma girl and wantin cock”
My cock begins to stir could this be my dreams come true ! was I going to fuck this hot little ned or get him to suck me off, mmmmm
He slowly takes his tracksuit trousers off and reveals a pair of tight white CK briefs showing the outline of a nice 6 inch curving cock. I start to grab it and rub it through the material getting it ncie and hard. He leans closer to me and kisses me slowly on the lips I open up a little and we have some toung play as he opens my trousers and starts tugging on my boxers. I pull down his briefs and go down and start to suck him off
“fuck man that’s fuckking banging” he moans
I start to finger his tight little hole and he moans more
“aww fuck mate fuck that fingering I want that slab of cock in me”
So by now my cocks its full 6 inches and nice and thick so I pull out of my wallet my emergency condom.
The ned ripps open the packet and slides it on my hard cock. He then spits on to his hands and then onto my cock lubing it up for me to fuck his ass. I turn him around and slowly incert my cock into is tight anus.
“Fuck man that’s fuckin thick” he moans as I make my way in.
As I start to pound his ass I reach around and start to jerk him off at the same time
My balls keep slapping on his ass as I thrust into him he moans and groans wanting me to go faster so I speed up , I can feel it in my balls im going to cum soon, he can feel it too and I feel his cock get ready too
“im gonna cum” I moan
“me too fukin give it to me big man fill me with your spunk “ he groans
“FUCK” I unload what feels like a month of cum into the neds ass, I pull out and push the ned to the ground of the toilets and tip the contents of the condom onto his hot face he then spurts out another load of sweet sticky cum onto his belly,
I then get dressed and leave the chav sitting in a pool of his and my cum
Good holiday memories ;)
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The picnic

This happened in 1997.

As it was a beautiful sunny warm summers day Donna and I decided to go and have a picnic in a local beauty spot not too far from where we live. We soon found a bushy area where we could enjoy the sunshine and yet be a little private. She was wearing a long summer white dress and looked radiant.

After we'd eaten we laid down getting some rays, just talking and being silly, when she turned to me and we started kissing. I was laid down and she was kissing me from above, usually it's the other way around. We'd been kissing for around ten minutes when I was getting fruity, as she kissed my neck her hand went from my face downwards.

As she moved her hand onto the front of my pants I was already semi hard. She rubbed me as she kissed me and she turned her attention down below. Unzipping me she pulled my pants down to just above my knees and licked my cock through my boxers, she's always been very good at oral so I knew what to expect.

Pulling down my boxers she licked my balls and ran her tongue up my shaft to my helmet, squeezing my ball sac as she went. Suddenly, as I was recieving very good head a young man of about 25 appeared, he came behind my wife and started to feel her tits, she moaned. As she moaned I looked up and saw this lad, he put his finger over his mouth as if to say "Shush".

As Donna was licking me, this lad pulled up Donna's dress and was rubbing the front of her knickers she was moaning. I sat up and Donna turned round and started to touch this lads cock through his shorts, he was already rock hard. She pulled his shorts down and out sprang another 6 incher, the same as me.

I moved to between her legs as she gave him a lick and then a slow wank, he was moaning. I spread Donna's legs and pulling her knickers to one side licked her clit and after a few minutes managed to get two fingers inside her, she was really wet. She stopped and turned to me saying "Strip off" as I discarded my clothes so did he and soon us lads were naked.

She turned to me and slipped my cock into her mouth, as the young man slipped his fingers into my wife's wet pussy, as he was finger fucking her she was moaning like mad. I pulled away from her and rubbed her clit as he had his fingers in her, soon she was panting and gasping as between us she had a massive climax and squirted her juices over our fingers.

I waddled round with my cock in my hand and teased her cunt as he slotted his into her mouth. I started to fuck her as she was so wet it didn't take long to build up a steady rhythm. After five minutes or so she said "Change places", as I pulled out this lad slotted himself in and as he fucked her I watched as she grunted.

She had her hand on my cock as she was getting fucked by this stranger I bent down and licked her clit. It was different being so close to a cock been driven in and out of your wife's pussy, but it was different, as I licked her and the motion she was coming again as she grabbed hold of my hair she came triumphantly.

I said to him "Change again" and he pulled out as she grabbed him and fed him into her mouth, warm and swimming in her own juice she licked him from balls to helmet but in such a way that he shouted out he was coming, as she ignored him and carried on his seed was pumped into her throat. Knowing and seeing that alone made me come.

I pulled out and she grabbed me and wanked me off, I shot my cum all over her tits. As we sat there panting, sweat running down from our foreheads, the young lad mumbled his thanks, got dressed and scarped. I got dressed and Donna and I went home, she said "It's been a lovely day" and yes, I had to agree. ... Continue»
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