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The Sales Lady Part 2

... cock in there. I eventually managed to get a second finger as the muscle loosened a bit. I grabbed a bottle of lotion from my ... and started to strum her clit. I pushed harder, getting just the tip starting to penetrate. Mrs. M. was gritting her teath ... ... Continue»
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The older lady Part 2

The older lady and I were seeing one another for weeks at this point. Even though I didn't have a girlfriend, I didn't say a word to anyone including my friends. Since I still lived at home, she didn't come over my place, and we didn't go to her's because of her husband.

Many of the people I worked with would hang out after work at my s****r's house from time to time. One night I was headed home from my s****r's and the older lady offered me a ride. We left and we found our special parking spot and she rode me in her car again (which was in fact her son's car!). As usual, I came inside her and she loved every drop.

One day I was talking to my s****r and I let something slip out about a woman I was seeing. I don't remember what it was, but I probably said it on purpose just to let someone know! My s****r wasn't sure if I said was right, and I admitted it to her. She told me that when we were all hanging out,the older lady and I didn't even look at one another, we seemed like we didn't even like one another!

From that point, my secret was out. Many people that we worked with found out. My friend, Mikey, and I talked in detail and it ends up he was also seeing another married woman who we work with!

My s****r was understanding, though! She told me I can use her house when no one was home. The older lady and I took full advantage of that! One of the first times we used her house, she was so grateful that as soon as we were alone she went down on me in the living room. I loved it and came faster than I did in a while. I came in her mouth and found out she didn't like sperm! She ran to the kitchen sink and spit it out.

About two weeks later, we were in my s****r's bedroom. She was riding me as usual and we got interrupted. My b*****r in law came home early! He opened the door, said "oh shit!" And left. She jumped off, covered herself and I just sat back and laughed. I think it was because I lost my virginity in public that to this day I don't care if people see me in that situation. He drove off and I told her it was OK and we should finish. I got on top and filled her. She came hard, I guess she secretly liked getting caught too!
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The older lady Part 3

It's been a few more weeks that the older lady and I have been seeing one another. I guess I should just say fucking because that's all it was! We would work together, she'd drive people, including me, home and make sure I was the last stop. I thought it was going as well as it could.

One night we parked in my s****r's driveway, to make it feel like old times. In her car we made out, she quickly stuffed my cock in her mouth and I was ready to blow. She told me not yet... She then climbed on top and pumped hard for a few strokes. Then, she pulled my cock out and was doing something. Before I knew it, she was riding me with my cock in her ass! This was my first experience with anal and it felt great! There she was, bouncing on my dick and her ass was so damned tight! All of a sudden she jumped off and said we should wait until we were inside to finish! People were still up, so we couldn't go inside. She knew exactly what she did! I had to pack it in and wait until next time.

The following week, we had our shot. I started fucking her on my s****r's bed, which ended up being about two hours! I fucked her in every position I knew how! She finally layed on her stomach and I mounted her ass. I fucked her a little too hard and she asked me to slow down. I got my rythum and slowly took her tight ass. I finished inside her ass for the first time that day. She told me she never looks forward to shitting out cum, but I didn't care! I got mine!

It was around that time that we were talking and she told me something I would learn is the reason why fuck buddies never last. She said she was falling in love with me... ... Continue»
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Lingerie Shopping With the Wives

Lingerie Shopping With the Wives
This past week, I had to spend a couple of days in Washington DC for some meetings and I took Ginger and Pepper with me. We had a day to spare before flying home and I promised them I would take them shopping. They decided that they wanted to go lingerie shopping for some sexy see through nighties for themselves, their s****r Rosemary and the six daughters between. (Three of the daughters are 26 and the other three are 24 and they all look just like their moms.)
Ginger and Pepper had mapped out several posh stores they wanted to shop at so after breakfast off we went. At the first store, they found several nighties and asked if they could try them on. The lady behind the counter took them to the back of the store and unlocked the dressing rooms. Other than the three of us, the only others in the store were the two sales ladies. Pepper came out of the dressing room wearing a nightie with nothing on underneath. She was zipper busting beautiful and sexy if you guys know what I mean. A moment later, Ginger stepped out in her nightie to show what it looked like and to get my opinion. She was also a zipper buster as the two s****rs look like identical twins, even though they are 2 years apart. Their pert breasts were clearly visible as was their red haired bushes. They turned to show me the back as well and it was great seeing those two sexy asses there in the store.
I noticed the saleslady who unlocked the dressing room doors watching the girls and then say something to the young clerk working with her. The looks on their faces were hard to read, but it was obvious that they weren’t used to seeing customers walking out into the store wearing anything that sheer and revealing.
Both girls returned to their dressing rooms and changed into another nightie and came back out to show me the other nighties. I had to be honest and tell Pepper that I liked the first nightie she tried on better than the current one, but the one Ginger was now wearing was better than the first one she tried on. The girls went back in and put their clothes back on.
They went to the counter and asked the sales lady if they had any more in the same sizes. She checked and only had 1 more in the style that Pepper tried on and no more like the one that Ginger tried on, so we bought those 3. As we were about to leave the store, the younger clerk told the girls that she enjoyed their little show and Pepper smiled back and said so had she.
Then we proceeded to the second store which looked more high class then the first one. The moment we entered, a lady close to our age (mid-50s) approached and asked if she could help. Pepper told her that we were looking for some sheer sexy nighties or teddies. The sales lady looked them both up and down and then said to follow her. She led us to the far side of the store, towards the rear and told the girls that this was all they had and to let her know if they needed any assistance.
After she walked away, the girls looked at each and to me and said that was one stuck up lady who obviously looked down on us because we were dresses casually instead of formally as were the several other ladies shopping in the store. Pepper and Ginger looked through the lingerie and found two teddies that looked cute but they weren’t sure if they were what they wanted. Pepper went to the sales lady and asked if they could try them on and the clerk got very indignant and said their customers don’t try things on, they know what they want and in what size and then they buy it.
I knew by the way the sales lady spoke down to Pepper that this was not going to be a pleasant scene. Pepper told her that she wanted to try the teddy on and if they didn’t have a fitting room she would just have to try it on right there in the store. The sales lady said, ‘Well, I never’ and Pepper said she was right that she obviously never had experienced a lot of things. I thought the shock of Pepper’s statement was going to cause the clerk to pass out. When she regained a little composure, the clerk said that their store did not cater to lower class trash like us and that we probably couldn’t afford their prices anyway.
Pepper proudly informed her that I was the holder of nearly 80 patents, had just been offered a high ranking position in the Energy Department and that I was worth over $100 million. Then Pepper told her that just because we don’t dress up in starched girdles and steel reinf***ed bras doesn’t mean we are low class trash as she indicated. Then Pepper got in the ladies face and told her that what she really needed was a man who knew what to do with his cock to fuck her brains out till she learned how to be a real woman and not just a stuck up sexless bitch.
That’s when I thought the clerk was really going to pass out as she was gasping for air and fanning her face with her hands, completely lost for words. Pepper and Ginger dropped the teddies on the floor in front of the clerk and we left the store. Pepper was steaming for a while and I thought it best to wait before heading to the next store, so we found a restaurant and had some coffee. When Pepper calmed down, we then headed to the next store on their list.
Thankfully, this shop didn’t look as highbrow as the last one and the clerks were much friendlier. There were three clerks working the sales floor and they all seemed to be about the same age as our daughters, and all three were very pretty. Ginger told them what they were looking for and one of the clerks, named Kelly led them to the lingerie area which, like the other stores was closer to the back of the store than the front. She helped the girls find several sexy and sheer nighties and teddies and asked if they wanted to try the on. She led us to the dressing rooms and told us to call her if they needed anything.
Pepper and Ginger each had two different items to try on. It didn’t take them long to undress and slip on their nighties and come out to show me. Kelly came back to the girls and told them how nice and sexy they looked in their nighties. Her eyes went from staring at the girls’ breasts to their red bushes. Ginger noticed and asked her if she’s ever seen a red bush before and Kelly’s face got real red and embarrassed and she started to apologize. Ginger stopped her and said it was okay and she knows that most people are surprised when they see a red bush and with that, she lifted up the nightie and pulled down the sheer panty to give Kelly a clear view.
Kelly looked back to see if anyone was watching and fortunately they weren’t. Then she stammered out that both girls looked really great in their outfits and that their husbands will love them and she looked at me. Pepper said that their husband, emphasizing the singular, already does like them. She got a confused look on her face and Ginger quickly explained that she was legally married to me and that her s****r was informally married to me also, but since it wasn’t a legal marriage we aren’t breaking any laws. Kelly stepped back, looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders and told her I have two extremely beautiful and sexy wives and that our grown daughters look just like them.
I don’t know what got into me, but as the girls turned to go try on the second nightie, I told Kelly that if she tried one on for me that I would pay for it and she could keep it. She looked surprised and said that she couldn’t do that. Then I told her that I would give her $100 plus pay for the nightie if she tried it on for me. She looked shocked and not sure what to say. She told me to wait here and she went and told one of the other clerks that she had to assist the ladies in the dressing rooms and she returned, holding a sheer teddy and held out her hand. I gave her $200 and told her to keep the change. She disappeared into the dressing rooms.
A few moments later, Pepper and Ginger both came out with their second outfits and when I mentioned nighties they informed me that these were teddies. They were very pretty and very sheer and left little to the imagination. They were slightly different styles and they both looked great. I loved it when they turned around and I could see the profile of their breasts and then I got a good look at their butts.
Just as Pepper and Ginger were about to return to dressing room, Kelly opened up a door and stepped out in a sheer white teddy. Her tan lines were clearly evident through the nearly invisible fabric and as I stared at her I noticed that her puffy nipples grew to erection. She was clean shaven below and her lips were clearly visible through the sheer panties. I asked her to turn around and she did. She was very pretty and had a great body. I thanked her for trying it on for us and then she went back in and got dressed. Pepper and Ginger had gotten dressed just before her and waiting when Kelly emerged. She said thank you for the gift and I said thank you for the show and her face turned red.
Pepper and Ginger asked about numbers in the same size and managed to get enough of the four different teddies so that all 9 ladies in the house would have one to wear. As Kelly was working with the girls, she mentioned that she was a struggling student and really appreciated the extra cash I gave her. They asked her what she was studying and she said she was studying career counseling and human resources because she wanted to help other people get jobs. Ginger told her that I was starting a foundation to help people get trained and skilled in various areas so that they could get jobs that would provide for their families. She got real excited when we told her, so I invited back to our hotel room that night for a job interview and gave her our contact information. We paid for the teddies and told Kelly we would see her later and she promised to be there.
It was time for lunch so we found a nice place to eat and had a good meal. After lunch, they wanted to check out another store so we took off in that direction. Thank goodness for GPS. This next store was different from the others. It had both men and ladies clothes and in a variety of styles and fashions. The girls said they need to find something appropriate for Jerry and me and I thought to myself that this is not going to be good. We wormed our way through the racks of clothes until the girls found the men’s underwear section. They started giggling and whispering and that always meant trouble. After a bit, they turned and held up a men’s thong that was nothing more than an elastic band in the back and sock-like pouch in the front. The fabric was semi-sheer, but not nearly as sheer as the nighties and teddies they just bought. I started to shake my head no, but the looks on their faces told me that this was a losing battle.
I gave in and said okay, get one for me and one for Jerry, but no, that wasn’t enough. They insisted that I try it on and show them just as they had modeled their outfits for me. I told them there was no way I was going to step out of a dressing room wearing only that and again the looks on their faces told me I had no choice, so I took one of the thongs and found a dressing room. I stripped completely naked and then put the thong on. I felt very self-conscious but when I saw myself in the mirror, I knew the girls would love it. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door to the dressing and took one step out to show the girls. Just then a couple of twenty-something girls walked past, looked at, whistled and kept walking. Pepper and Ginger were in hysterics laughing at me. I turned around for them just as they had done for me and then returned to the dressing room and got dressed.
Pepper and Ginger were talking with the two girls that had walked by and as I came out of the dressing room, they smiled, giggled and hurried off. I asked what that was all about and Ginger said that they were curious about me showing off to a pair a twins, so they gave them a quick explanation, which they didn’t think the girls understood. We paid for the two thongs and headed out of the store. I was happy to learn that this was the last store on their list, so we headed back to the hotel. I stopped at the desk and instructed them that I was expecting a young lady named Kelly later and to let me know when she arrives and they said they would.
By this time I was tired having just spent 10 days down with the swine flu, so I took a nap and left the girls to their own devices. A couple hours later, I woke a little refreshed and found Pepper and Ginger surfing on my computer, using Google Earth to look at our property back home. They weren’t sure if they found it or not as our house was less than a year old and all they saw was open desert. I said we had about an hour and half before Kelly arrives and asked them what they wanted to do. They looked at each other and did the rock-paper-scissors and I knew what they had in mind. Ginger won and led me back to the bedroom, pushed me down on the bed and began to such on my cock.
Her lips felt so good that I was hard instantly. I reached between her legs and discovered that she was wet. She told me she had been wet all day since the first time they stepped out of the dressing room in the nightie. Ginger then crawled on top of me and slid herself down on my shaft. I always love the feeling of when I first enter either of them and this time was no different. As I slowly began to work my cock in and out of Ginger’s pussy, Pepper moved into position over my face and lowered her pussy down to my waiting mouth. My tongue snaked out and licked the slit between her lips. I could feel a shiver like response run through her body as I did. Gradually I worked my tongue deeper into the pussy until my nose was pressed against her clit.
I felt Pepper’s body shift position enough to tell me that as I enjoyed both of them they were also enjoying each other. The s****rs loved to sit on me and face each other and kiss and fondle each other’s breasts as I fucked one and sucked the other. It was a favorite position to the three of us and one that we all greatly enjoyed. If I craned my head back far enough, I could watch both of their breasts bouncing to the rhythm of my pumping in and out of Ginger’s sweet pussy.
From licking, I moved to sucking on Pepper’s clit and then added some gentle nibbling with my teeth which always send her over the edge and this time was no different. Her well of love juices began to flow as she came in my face and lapped every bit of it up like a thirsty dog getting a well-deserved drink. With my hands on Ginger’s hips, I moved her back just enough so that my cock was rubbing against her clit and in moments she too crescendoed with an orgasm. Pepper held her in place to keep her falling off me as I continued to drive up into her time and again.
Pepper broke the silence and asked me how I liked seeing Kelly’s naked body under her teddy and the thought of her caused my balls to contract, sending my load through my groin, down my shaft and fountaining up into Ginger’s anxiously waiting pussy. Pepper knew I was cumming and said that answered her question and then she asked if I was serious about hiring her or just wanted to get her naked and fuck her. I told her both but if I thought she was a fit for the foundation, I would forgo any sex with her, at least for now.
When we were done, we showered and got dressed. I always love showering with the two girls. About 15 minutes later, the front desk rang and I told them that we would be right down. Once we got out of the elevator, we noticed that Kelly had managed to change into something more business-like. I complimented her on her outfit and asked if she was hungry. She said she hadn’t eaten as she was nervous about the interview. I told her not to worry that this was not going to be like any interview she ever had.
Next door to the hotel was a very nice restaurant so we walked over and with the help of a $50 bill, got a table with very little waiting. When Kelly saw the prices on the menu, she started to say this was too rich for her pocketbook, and I told her to relax and order whatever she wanted as I was buying. I knew she was still nervous about what to order, so when the waitress come to take our order, I started by ordering a steak for me, lobster for Ginger and Alaskan king Crab legs for Pepper. That seemed to ease Kelly’s hesitation and she ordered a steak also. I also ordered some wine.
While we were waiting for our food, I explained to Kelly who we were and what we wanted to do with our foundation. She was completely blown away and thought it sounded great and something she would like to be a part of. Then I asked her to tell us about herself. She handed me a resume and I told her I didn’t like resumes that I would rather talk to the person. Kelly told us that she was only able to afford to go to college part time because she had to work to pay for everything. Pepper asked her about her f****y and she said she didn’t have a f****y. She was orphaned at a very young age and all she knew was that her parents had both died of a poisoned batch of heroine before she turned 1. She had bounced from foster home to foster home her whole life. She was determined to make something of her life and decided she really wanted to help others.
Ginger asked her how old she was and she told us she was 25, the same age as our daughters. I asked her if she would relocate for the job and she said that it depended upon the pay on whether or not she could afford to. I told her that if I hired her that I would pay for everything. She told me she still had 8 months on the lease to her apartment and I told her I would pay that off. I impressed with how Kelly handled herself and touched by her life story. I thought to myself my parents are dead, the girls’ parents are dead and so were Jerry’s parents, so Kelly would fit right in.
I leaned across the table, and asked Kelly if I could see her hand. She held it out hesitantly and I took my pen and wrote $100,000 on her palm and told her that if she accepted the job, that is what I would start her out at. She stared blindly like a deer in the headlights. She asked if I was serious and I told her yes. She asked when and I told her that if she could pack up what she needed by tomorrow morning that she could fly back with us. She could stay in the guest house until we find her a place to live. She told us that she had almost nothing because of how tight money was and that it would take her less than an hour to pack her clothes. Ginger asked if she needed any help and she said no, but thanks. I asked her what her rent was and she told me so I wrote a check out to the apartment company for her remaining 8 months and handed it to her. I asked if she could be back at the hotel by 9am in the morning with her things and she said she would be there earlier if needed. I told then told her to meet us 7am for breakfast and she started crying. Pepper leaned over and asked what was wrong and she said nothing that no one in her entire life has ever done anything nice for her and that she was overcome with emotion of our offer.
During the rest of dinner, we explained to Kelly about our unique f****y and our open lifestyle. There are two fathers, three mothers and six daughters. Jerry and I have fathered a daughter by each of the three s****rs – Pepper, Ginger and Rosemary. We live as one big happy f****y. We also explained that we are very open in that we frequently don’t wear clothing around the house or the property. Kelly told us that she was somewhat of an exhibitionist and that when I had her try on the teddy in the store that day that she loved every minute of it and then she asked me if I liked what I saw and I told her yes, that I thought she was very pretty and very sexy. She then asked if that is why I was hiring her and I told her no, I really do need someone to help run the foundation.
After dinner and a lot of discussion, I asked Kelly if the store she worked at was still open and she said for another half an hour. She told me she was scheduled to work tomorrow so told her to call them right now and tell them she quit immediately and not to worry about what they say. She asked about getting her last check and I told her to tell them to keep it and I’ll pay her what she is owed. I pulled out my wallet and handed her a $1,000 and told her that was a signing bonus.
While still sitting there with Kelly, I called home and Rosemary and told her that we had just hired a manager to work with our foundation and that she will be coming home with us and that she will be staying in the guest house until we can help her find a place of her own. I told Rosemary Kelly’s name and instructed her to make sure she showed up with one of the large vans so that there will be plenty of room for the 4 of us and our luggage.
Then Kelly asked us if we were punking her and I assured her that this was all real. She said she sure hoped so because if she shows up in the morning and we’re not there that her life is ruined since she just quit her job. Pepper then said that we’ll prove this is for real. After dinner, we went to her apartment and helped her pack. She was right when she said had practically nothing as everything she had that was worth taking fit in three suitcases. We left her check to the apartment company on the dresser, locked the door and slid the key under the door. Then we took her back to our hotel had her stay with us in our room.
We had two king sized beds so we gave Kelly her own bed for the night. Pepper told her that we usually slept naked and didn’t bring any pajamas and asked Kelly if that was going to be a problem and she said not at all. She often slept that way in the summer, but she usually slept in a jumper with no underwear and Pepper told her that however she was comfortable. She asked if she could take a shower and I told her that I would leave the bedroom and she told me it wasn’t necessary since I had already seen her in the see through teddy. I asked her if she packed it and she said she had and asked if I would like her to wear it. I told her it was up to her and she said she would think about it.
As much as I wanted to watch her undress, I felt it more proper to leave to allow her a little privacy. I opened up the bar and fixed a drink for everyone. I knocked on the door and asked what kind of drink Kelly likes and a moment later Pepper said she likes vodka Collins if possible. I checked and found what I needed and made her drink. I opened the bedroom door just enough to find out that Kelly was still in the shower, so I went in and handed Pepper and Ginger their drinks and I gave them Kelly’s drink for when she got out of the shower.
While I was in there, Ginger told me that Kelly asked about our openness and then she asked if they knew if I had any intentions of having sex with her and the girls said that was totally up to her and that I would like to, but only if she wanted to. She asked them how they felt and they said it was fine with them and that may join in if anything happens. Then she said that as Kelly went into the bathroom to shower, she said she felt like this was all a dream and not sure what she wanted to do or how she felt. They told her that there is no pressure and they will never ask her to do anything she doesn’t want to.
We heard the shower turn off, so quickly exited the room and closed the door and waited outside in the livingroom. This was a luxury suite. About 15 minutes later, Ginger asked if I would turn down some of the lights and I did, not knowing what to expect. The bedroom door opened and the three of them walked out, all wearing their new sexy teddies. In the dimmer light it was harder to see through the fabric. Still in some shadows, Pepper told me that they had laid out something for me to change into and that I was to go and get changed. I slipped past them and into the bedroom and to my dismay, there on the bed lay the men’s thong they bought for me today. I figured what the heck, stripped down, cleaned up a little and put on the thong and tucked myself into the front pouch, took a deep breath and walked out into the darkened room.
When I first walked out in the room, they had all the lights off and the only light in the room came from the glare of the city lights filtering through the curtains. I could see three figures on the sofa and could tell by the silhouettes that Kelly was in the middle. I walked over and sat down in the chair across from the sofa and asked the girls what they had in mind. Pepper said that Kelly had something to say, but is somewhat embarrassed about saying it and wants the lights off while she does.
I told Kelly that she was free to say whatever she wanted and that I don’t want her feel pressured to say or do anything she doesn’t want to. I could hear her hesitating and both Pepper and Ginger encouraging her. Finally, she started by calling me Mr. and I told her that I’m JD and nothing more. She started again and then began to tell me how grateful she was for everything I was doing for her. She said she had no idea how she could ever repay me except to do the best job she could. I told her that’s all I can ask of her is her best. Kelly hesitated again and Ginger whispered for her to go ahead and then in a softer voice she said that she found me to be good looking and that she had gotten very turned on when she modelled the nightie for me. I told her she was very pretty and sexy and that I enjoyed it also.
Kelly asked me if I really thought she was pretty and I assured her that I meant what I said. By now, my eyes were adjusting more to the dark and I could see her better, but could still not see her body under the nightie. She stood up and asked me if I would stand and let her hug me and I did as she asked. She stepped forward towards me and I caught a glimpse of the outline of her breasts in the city lights from outside. Kelly moved up against me and put her arms around my neck, pressing her breasts into my chest. The feel of them was nice and I couldn’t help but get erect. I knew she could feel my hardening against her as I felt her move back and forth against it.
With her head still on my shoulder, she whispered thank you over and over and over again. I told her that she was very welcome and that she could be our first success. She looked up at me in the dark and asked if it would be okay to kiss me and I gladly locked my lips on hers. Our tongues danced around each other for a few moments and then she pulled back asked Pepper if she could turn a light on now. The brightest was almost blinding at first, but once our eyes adjusted, Kelly stepped back and asked me if still liked her outfit. I told her that I especially liked what was in the outfit. She glanced down and couldn’t help but smirk at the site of my penis pouch thong with my penis sticking straight out. Looking back up at me she told me that if I wanted to that I could take her nightie off to get a better look and her face turned red as she did.
I reached for her nightie and gently lifted it over her head. Then I knelt down in front of her, looked up at her and asked if she was sure this was what she wanted and she whispered yes. I reached up, took the edges of her panties in my fingers and then ever so slowly slid them down off her hips to her knees and then lifted each foot out of them. When I looked back up at her, I was also looking directly into her pussy. Leaning in, I gently kissed her mound just above her pussy and felt her body quiver as I did. The next kiss was squarely on the lips of her pussy and I could tell that this young woman was melting to my attention. My kisses then worked their way around both sides of her pussy, up along her slit until I stopped with a lingering kiss on her clit. The whole time I was kissing her I held her butt in my hands and she had a great little butt.
I stood up and asked her if she liked my kissing and she told me she felt like it was an erotic dream as she had never had anyone do anything like that to her before. Pepper then told her that it was now up to her to return the favor and pointed to my thong. Kelly smiled, knelt down and eagerly pulled the thong down, freeing my cock and balls. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and asked if she was the cause of my oozing and I told her most definitely. She leaned forward and licked the drops of pre-cum from the tip of my cock and moved her tongue around in a circle over the entire head. She looked up at me as she opened her mouth and began to take my cock inside her. Her lips on my felt great and I couldn’t stop my cock from twitching several times which she thought was great.
After a few moments of sucking my cock, I lifted her to her feet and asked her if she was sure she wanted this to go any further and she said she wanted me inside her. I asked her if it was because of the job or if she really wanted to and she told me that she’s only had a few encounters with guys and that every time they only cared about their own satisfaction and not hers and that I was the first man in her life that had ever treated her like she meant something. To her, that was the biggest turn on, feeling wanted and cared for.
I took a seat on the couch between Pepper and Ginger and pulled Kelly to me. I brought her close enough so that I could kiss and suck on her nipples. She practically melted in my arms and I heard her moan as I went from one nipple to the other. Then I put my hands on her hips and helped slide her down on my shaft. Kelly’s pussy was very tight and almost made me cum just entering her. I let her just sit there on me at first to allow her adjust. She had been closed as she sat down on me and now she opened them, looked at me and told me I felt great. I told her she also felt great and began to guide her slowly up and down on my very hard cock. Pepper reached in and began fondling Kelly’s breasts and Ginger fondled Kelly’s butt and it rose and lowered on me.
In less than a minute I felt Kelly’s pussy clamp around my cock as her body shook with the f***e of her orgasm. As it ended she leaned forward against me and just said wow, that was the most intense orgasm she ever had. Pepper whispered to her that there is so much more to look forward to and Kelly looked at her as if not sure what she meant. Pepper winked at her and said that there is a lot more pleasure to be had if she wanted and she dreamily shook her head that she wanted more. Holding her hips, I moved her back just a hair so that my cock now rubbed directly against her clit. In no time she erupted with her second orgasm, again falling against me at the end of it.
Kelly was gasping to catch her breath so I just sat and held her on me until she seemed better. Then I started to pump her up and down again. Pepper now started to play with both of Kelly’s nipples, rolling them in her fingers and thumbs. Ginger had moved her hands from Kelly’s butt to rubbing her mound just above her clit. All of the attention was almost overwhelming for her and it didn’t take long for her build again for her third orgasm of the night. The tightness of her pussy was too much for me to resist and as she began to ease from her orgasm, I began to shoot my cum up into her. As I filled her, she leaned forward, told me she loved me and then passionately kissed me.
Her kiss was so passionate that my cock instantly started to get hard again after deflating about half way. She felt me get hard inside her and began to move her hips around on me. I grabbed her tightly about the hips and turned her to face away from me. Then, holding her on me as tightly as possible, I managed to stand up, turn and face her to the sofa and leaned her over and took her doggie style. I leaned sideways enough to see her breasts swaying in rhythm with my pumping her and they looked so incredibly sexy as they moved. With her pussy full of my cum, she didn’t feel nearly as tight as before, but she still felt great. A couple minutes in she had her fourth orgasm of the night and I just continued to pump in and out of her. I stood up a little to f***e my cock to hit more of the roof of her pussy hoping to find the sweet spot and I could tell that I had as I felt her instantly start to build for another orgasm. As her body clenched and convulsed, her legs gave out on her and she fell forward onto the sofa.
Pepper cradled her in her arms and asked if she was okay and she said she was fantastic. She rolled over to face me and all she could do was smile as she looked up at me. My cock was dripping with our combined juices and Ginger knelt down and began cleaning cock off with her tongue. Kelly sat there and stared at what Ginger was doing. When Ginger was through with me, she turned, looked at Kelly and told her it was time to clean her off also and began licking and sucking on her pussy. By her reaction, Kelly had never had another woman do anything sexual with her and at first started to protest, but that soon gave way to pleasure as Ginger worked at cleaning her up. When Ginger was done, she moved up and kissed Kelly and let her tasted our combined juices and to Kelly’s surprise she liked the test.
I sat back in the chair opposite the sofa and asked Kelly what she meant when she said she loved me. She said it just came out in the moment, but that if it wasn’t too inappropriate, she was having very strong feelings for me. Ginger told her that she and Pepper completely understood.
The hour was getting late and we had a long travel day ahead of us the next morning so I suggested we get cleaned up and head to bed. The shower wasn’t large enough for all of us, so I showered with Kelly and Pepper and Ginger showered together. As we began to climb into bed, Kelly asked if someone would sl**p with her in the other bed. Ginger asked her who she had in mind and she said it didn’t matter; she just wanted someone to cuddle up against. Both Ginger and Pepper told me to go sl**p with her. I moved over to Kelly’s bed and cuddled up behind her, put my arm around her and we drifted off to sl**p.
In the morning, I woke with a hardon and realized that Kelly was rubbing her butt against me. I moved enough to slide into her pussy and we made love before getting up. We all showered, went down for breakfast, then returned to the hotel, gathered our luggage, checked out and headed to the airport. I had already called ahead to our charted jet that we had one more person with us for the return trip. Kelly was surprised when we board the chartered jet. She had never flown anywhere before, so she was glued to the window the entire trip. When we arrived at our airport, we introduced her to Jerry and Rosemary and headed to the house. When we pulled up to the house, Kelly’s eyes were wide with surprised and I told her welcome to your new home.
Daughters Saffron and Cinnamon greeted us naked at the door and gave us all a big hug and kiss. They showed her to the guest house and helped her get settled. Thus Kelly became our first employee of our new foundation and we look forward to seeing how she fit in with the rest of f****y.
... Continue»
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Me And my Awesome Indian Mom. The Best Inc*st Stor

To understand this New Fictional Story of mine, U must know the meaning of few Indian words, which will be constantly used herein:-
'Mangalsutra'- A necklace worn by women as symbol of her marriage.
'Saree'- A Beautiful Dress, which a majority of Indian Women wear.
'Blouse'- A Sexy Bra, worn with 'Saree'.
'Pallu'- A piece of cloth from 'Saree', to cover blouse.
'tilak'- A Red Colored circle, made from powdery stuff and applied right above forehead.

(Here it Goes)
This is sameer and my mom is Rupa. I am 19 and my mom is 39 years old now. We are a f****y of three. My father has his own business to look upon. He is a busy guy and just travels. I don't know why my father doesn't pay attention to her (I meant in terms of sex)

But my mother is really hot and mature. I started looking at her in that angle when I heard a bunch of guys in a mall secretly talking about her. They were not able to move their eyes of my mother. Then I realized the beauty of her. She is of above average height. She has perfect belly as she does all her household and the garden work for herself. The diet she takes and the household activities she does made her really sexy in building up her body well.

I completed my Senior High School and am free for like 4 months until I joined my graduation college. So, in this time, I made it a point to watch movies. Slowly they turned into Porn. Even that was not enough. And started to get acquainted with much other stuff. At this point of time, I come across i****t Stories.

I specially love the stories on mothers. I started to look my mom in a sexier look. She wears sarees mostly dark colored ones and always wears mangalasutra around her neck. This really makes her appear sexy. She being fair, the dark colored sarees used to suit her very much. She has firm breasts and good butts. She also ties her saree below her navel.

Whenever she tucks her pallu in her waist, her navel would be seen. This is the sexiest thing I have ever seen in her, yet. Even when I observe, I make it a point that she's is not observing me. I am a good boy to her. I came to know from the stories that I have read that women after marriage are sex starved and specifically those who didn't have had enough sex with their hubby. I know that my parents are far from sex or rarely have sex.

So, I decided to seduce my mom, my rupa. I took some cues from the net. I listed out step by step process to seduce her. I strongly wanted a b*****r from her (I mean he would be my son of course). First thing I decided to do is to show off my body. I started wearing vest and boxers in the house. I am an athlete since my school days itself. I also have six pack abs. When she inquired me why I was wearing only vest and boxers,
I said that it’s too hot and asked her ain't I stylish? "All actors who have good body like me wear these at homes, in movies" and she laughed. She told me that i am naughty boy. I then slowly started roaming only in my boxers. People say that I am really good looking. So, me being good looking and having good body attracted her. Sometimes she is starring me.

I don't know if she was seeing me as a woman rather than a mother. So, I started going to kitchen to help her. Now and then I started to touch or rub her and pretend that it happened involuntarily. Slowly, we both were moving freely in terms of movements. Once, while she was preparing food, she was wearing a bit low neck blouse and I could see her more of her back. Instantly

I got a hard on I went and slowly put my hands on her shoulders and made my bare chest touch her back and looked at the dish being prepared. It was chicken. I then exclaimed "wow" and kissed her on the shoulders. She thought it was unintentional. But I know that she also enjoyed. She served lunch and asked me how it was. I then told her that I would show her, how the taste was.

She asked me to show. I then stood and kissed her on the cheek. She was taken aback and asked me what I have done. I asked her whether it was any wrong to kiss my mother. But she told me that while kissing I put my hand on her waist and pressed it slightly. I then replied that it was her fault to appear beautifully to a handsome boy. We then laughed. This continued.

I started to occasionally hug her from behind and kissing her on the cheeks and fore head. The intensity of hug increased from the first time to the later times. This was not enough. I wanted her to realize that she is beautiful. So, I started to compliment her daily. She used to blush shyly if my praises increase. I told her that she would look even more beautiful in silk sarees.

She then asked "what is the necessity to appear beautiful?". Then I came to know that I must make her feel that she is missing relationship with a man. So, I started to ask about my dad. Luckily in 3 days it was the marriage anniversary of my parents and as usual my dad was out of town. I called my dad, congratulate him and asked him that I would buy some clothing stuff to my mom and myself on their marriage occasion.

He appreciated me for taking care of the f****y so much. So, I told mom to get ready for going to the market to buy something. While going to the mall I asked my mom to remove her huge tilak that she usually applies on her forehead and replace it with a shining sticker. Also, I told her to remove her mangalasutra.
She didn't accept to that. I told her that when she comes home I would decorate all of these to her and told her that this will not be of good style outside. Then she reluctantly accepted it. When we entered the shopping mall, I asked the lady present there to "show some modern stuff to my friend. My mom got surprised. I laughed at her. The Sales lady there showed some Sexy Dresses.

She took the measurements and showed some tops that had short hands almost near to the shoulders and slightly above the navel and bottoms that cover just the knees. My mom was reluctant to take them. I took her to a side and requested to take those saying that they are of new trend and people wear only of that sort outside. I told her that having a pair of that kind is always safe and finally told her that I want my mom to be in good modern outfit and there is no wrong in it.

Then she accepted to get one and she said the she wanted to try that outfit. I asked the sales girl to give a size lesser to the present one and selected the black color. Before my mom went to the dressing room I told her to free her hair. When she came out of the dressing room. She was like bomb shell. The sales girl also said that she was really good in that outfit. I told the sales girl that she would go like that.

I paid the bill and we went to another section having fancy sarees. There without me introducing anything, they were asking me what I would like to see for my wife. My mom was stunned. I whispered in her ear that "told you that you were very beautiful and young. She then reprimanded me and told me to tell the guys there she was my mom. But I said that it wouldn't be good and asked her to tell the same to them.

She then understood the situation and there I asked them to show the latest stuff. All they showed were translucent sarees. She then looked at me in unwillingness. The sales girl understood and told my wife I mean my mom that it was the latest design. I asked for black and green color saree. It was highly translucent.

They understood my taste and showed us similar kind of stuff in yellow, pink and red. Then we went to the blouses section. There I asked the sales man to show the latest designs. Then he showed some pictures and said that these would suit for your wife". This time my mother felt shy. I took the pictures and selected a design that is a low cut one. I also selected a blouse that is sleeveless and low cut and more bare back.

It is bigger in cloth than a bra. My mom's face turned red in color. Then the tailor said that this is the latest design and suits perfectly well. After the tailor took all the measurements, I took him to a side and told him to stitch tighter. He understood and told me that I wouldn't be disappointed rather come to him one day to thank him. I felt happy. I gave him some extra tip and left the mall and came home.

Soon after I reached the house, mom asked me "what is happening to you?"

I replied "Nothing is happening. You do still not know the world".

I asked her to remind and see how many ladies are in revealing outfits? And she said Almost everyone

Then? What's wrong"
Mom: "But I felt bad"

Me: Nothing to feel bad. Its common Rupa, Sorry mom
Mom: "Why are you calling me with my name as if you are my husband?

Me: "As the people in the shopping mall were constantly referring you as my wife, I got used to it"
Mom (mischievously): "It’s better if you leave it now

Me: "Sure Rupa sorry mom hahaha
Mom (mischievously): "Shut Up. You told me that you would decorate the tilak and mangalasutra back on me before we left. Remember?

Me: "Alright, I promised that I would decorate tilak and mangalasutra back on you before we left. I am ready to do so
Mom: "No need"

Me: "I promised and I have to"
Mom: "If you really want to do something for me Cut vegetables and clean kitchen tomorrow"

Me: "I will do that also. First let me do this at least."
Mom: "Its night, so I will not wear mangalasurtra, just put some tilak"

I then took some of it and put on her forehead and in between her hair.
Mom: "What are you doing? Only husband should apply it in between hair"

Me: "Anyways, I am husband to you for today Rupa! hahaha"
Mom: "Shut up you are becoming mischievous"

During the night I told her that I would sl**p with her.
Mom: "Ok

In bed. Me with out anything on my top.
Me: "Mom. To be frank you are very beautiful today"

Mom: "If you want something you can ask me directly. You need not praise me"
Me: "I am frankly saying this. You are very beautiful in that dress"

Mom: "Oh! so it is the dress not me!"
Me: "I mean you are beautifull but in that dress you are damn sexy there was some silence as it is the first time I used the word sexy. She then turned to the other side and covered the blanket. I crept into that blanket and kept my hand around her waist. At This point my bare chest is touching the bare area of her back.

Then I touched her waist with my fingers. She didn't object. I then kissed her nape of the neck. I slowly moved the saree to a side and touched the front part of her belly. She gave a moan. In the mean time we got a call. It was my dad. We talked with him for about 1 hour. She never mentioned the incidents happened in the mall. Then I came to know that even she likes it. It was late and we slept.

Next day and she was in a slightly transparent saree and a tight blouse. I could clearly make her back as she tied the saree very tightly and was working. I couldn't resist crushing her from the back but I had to control. I asked her to make cake. As all the things required for cake are in the store room and she asked me to bring them down from the store room.

I suggested that it would be better if I lifted her in my hands and she removes them. Mom and I know that it is easier for one person to stand on stool and remove them. But she accepted it. I then came to know that even she likes me touching her. I was in a T-shirt that time. I removed it immediately. She asked me the reason. I gave a silly reason saying that if any dust falls while removing the T-shirt will be spoiled.

She asked me to lift. I bent down and hugged her from below the buttocks and lifted her slowly. My lips are exactly infront of her navel. When she removed everything from there, she asked me to bring her down. I told her to check if she removed everything from there. While doing so, air from my mouth touched her navel and I knew she felt it.

She replied that everything is removed. I exclaimed "good" and kissed her navel and slowly started to bring her down. As it was a great chance, I crushed her while bringing her down. Even after putting her down I was still hugging her. And she mischievously said that "Excuse me Mr! I am already down. We both laughed and went to our work.

2 days later, we received the stitched blouses. The black one was awesome. The next day was the marriage anniversary. I brought mom to the hall, asked her to close her eyes and put two gifts in front of her and told her to open her eyes. She opened and was excited to know that I bought gifts for her. In my parents married life, as far as I remember there were no gifts to her at all.

I asked her to open the first packet. She was happy to see it. I was gold chain mangalasutra with threads at the two ends that are to be tied. She looked at me with a BIG Questionmark face. I told her that mangalasutra is the best gift on the occasion of a marriage anniversary. She felt happy and slight tears of joy came from her eyes. She opened the second packet. It was a golden waist bracelet.

I know that ladies are very fond of jewellery and my mom doesn't have a waist bracelet till now. She was spellbound happy and hugged me from front. I felt heaven and hugged her back. She asked me "what gifts does my dear want from me on this occasion?" still her hands round my neck.

Me: "you must wear the black saree with the black color matching blouse that we ordered in the mall and spend today's complete time with me".
Mom: "That I will any ways have to do as we bought it with lot of cost. Ask for any other wish I can do".

Me: "Ok then, allow me to decorate you the gifts that I bought. In that way I feel lot satisfied"
Mom: "So sweet. I will any other wish?

Me: "You must not be dull as dad is not here on this occasion. Forget him for today and see dad in me for today and be happy as always".
Mom: "Ok dear."

Mom put the mangalasutra and gold waist bracelet in front of God and prayed him.
She went to take bath and got ready in 1 hour. In the mean time I bought lot of flowers from the market. She wore the saree in the sexiest way possible to make me happy. She also wore the mangalasutra that dad tied around her neck 18 years ago.
I can see her navel through the saree.

She tied it 4 inches below her navel. Oh my God it is explainable. The blouse is very tight on her. The blouse is crushing her voluptuous breasts. I can see the upper part of her breasts and the crack front the saree clearly. She just turned back and moved her hair from there and I can see the bare back. She tied saree very tightly. So, her butts lining can be clearly made.

She turned forward and I hugged her and wishpered thanks in her ear. I asked her if I could decorate the gifts. Mom said "Very gladly I made her stand in front of the mirror. I came in front of her. Removed her pallu and she felt shy. Took the waist bracelet and standing in the front I tied it at the back. After tying, I kissed the soft white skin of her waist and the navel.

She moaned. I stood up. I shy she immediately covered her breasts back with her pallu. Anyways, it is waste to cover also. As the material is very much see through. Her tits became hard and want to come out of her blouse. Here, I asked her if I can take off the mangalasutra that dad tied.

She said "Yes darling I removed the knots that dad tied around her neck, put that chain down. I took the newly bought mangalasutra and said that I would tie it.

She said"Actually only husband has an authority to tie"

Me: "For today I am your husband or new husband rupa, remember!"
Mom: "Ok

While I was tying it around her neck, she felt shy. I put 3 knots. I said, now you are my wife Rupa! She gave small shy smile. I then kissed the part where the mangalasutra touches her neck. She moaned I showed her flowers and she turned back. I put them in her hair and kissed on them. I then took the other Mangalasutra that dad gave and tied that one also. I said" I want dad also to have fair part

She now closed her eye I took tilak and put on her fore head. Kissed the tilak Kissed her eyes, ears. I then removed the loose end of the saree. It fell down. I kissed the part where mangalasutras are hanging. Kissed the breasts moved down and kissed the navel Mom moaned "husband.

I said "Rupa my darling." I then kissed her juciy lips. We now forgot the world. We kissed each other passionately for 10 minutes in seconds I removed the hooks of her blouse. She was topless. I also removed the saree and panties. I also became nude.
We were now in deep love and hugged each other so tightly that my lovely mom crushed in my hug and no air is between us except the Mangalasutras.

I kissed on her Mangalasutra and again on lips. In no time my penis was near her va.

She asked me "What are you up to?
I replied "I want a b*****r and a son, we now kissed passionately.

she looked so hott..!!! I moved down and She spread her legs instantly, "Do you want some of my pussy?" I moved between my mom's legs and then got down between them; pulling her wet pussy lips apart I drove my tongue deep into my mom’s wet, sweet pussy! She let out a loud scream of delight I lapped up her sweet pussy juice before sucking hard on her clit. I licked and slurped away at my mom, making her moan louder and louder, I wanted to taste my her; I wanted to make her get off all over my tongue. "Oh yes! Oh yes eat my pussy! Oh god you are so good! I can't believe how good my boy is at eating my pussy! Don’t stop! Don't you dare fucking stop!" My mom wiggled around more and more, and then she began to scream so loudly! She wrapped her legs around my head and began to thrust her pussy into my face as she arched her back up. The sweet honey that came out of her pussy was incredible as she squealed and moaned, wildly wiggling around as her orgasm hit. Tasting my mom, watching my mom and listening to her made me hard. I never dreamed that i****t with my hot mom could make me so horny so quickly but it did. I had only one thought in my mind now and that was fucking my mother.

Looking down at her pussy the only thought on my mind now was fucking the hell out. I grabbed my throbbing prick, looking at her wet pussy. "Are you going to fuck me?" "Yes...can I fuck you?" My mom just nodded yes. I pressed my cock head against her wet, pussy lips. Her sweet lips parted as I pushed my cock inside of my mom. We both moaned together as I buried my cock deep inside of her. "Oooh yes! Your cock feels so good inside of me. Now fuck me hard! Fuck me." I held her by her hips as I rammed my cock in her over and over again. She moaned louder and louder as I hammered her wet, tight pussy. My gaze fixed on her huge tits bouncing around with each thrust of my cock. My mom wiggled around, moaning and arching her back as each thrust of my cock brought us both closer to our climax. I could feel myself moving closer to blowing up, I didn't know if I should or if my mom would let me cum inside of her. "......, can I cum inside of you?" I said to her as I rammed my cock into her faster and faster. My mom looked up at me, holding her tits up to her mouth she licked her nipples before answering. "Do you want to cum inside of me? Didn't you wanted a son of your own from me, or shall i say your b*****r?" I just nodded my head yes.

My mother, my rupa did not answer me, she let me fuck her a while longer, making me hold onto my cum load. The pleasure was increasing, as I could feel my cum load building up, I didn't think I could hold it much longer. "Am I your first?" my mom asked me, "Yes...yes you are...I have to cum! I can't hold it much longer!" My mom smiled at me, "Do it then! Cum inside of me!" I pounded my cock into her as hard and fast as I could. I was filled with wild, uncontrollable lust. My Mom's pussy or shall i say my Birth hole felt so good around my cock and the sight of her large tits bouncing with each thrust of my cock made this scene unbearable. I thought to myself how this was better than any porno movie I had watched! My balls were slapping against my mom, she was moaning as loud as was I. “I’m gonna cum Rupa! I can feel it! I’m gonna cum!” She was writhing around, moaning to me, “Come on Sam, do it! I want to feel you cum inside of me. Fill my cunt with your hot cum. I know you want to cum inside me, so do it!” I could no longer hold back, I let my cock erupt inside her. It felt incredible! As each spurt of cum rocketed out of my cock and into my mother I felt nothing but intense pleasure. Rupa's pussy clamped down on my cock and she arched her back up as she now experiencing her own orgasm. We both yelled and screamed as we let our taboo passion overcome us.

After the session I asked mom whether she would become pregnant.
She said that she definitely will in some more sessions from now. After that she told me that she would once fuck father and blame the pregnancy on him. We still fuck each other, and i love it....!!!!

So, tell me Guys hows it..??? COMMENT..!!!... Continue»
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Kim's Seduction Part one

this is a TOTAL work of fiction. It was inspired by a friend's fantasy. All characters are over 18 Hope you enjoy it as much as Kim

The Seduction of Kim

Kim sat in the bar of the hotel. She was sad her husband had not been able to join her on this trip but their work schedules had not allowed it. This conference was worse than all others she had been on as she was not able to get out and enjoy the sites as she usually did. She had been in New York for 3 days had not been out of the hotel and was horny as hell also.

Glenn sat a few stools down from her. He kept eyeing her in her sharp form fitting suit jacket and skirt showing what he hoped was stockings under neath it. She sat her glass down and was about to order another when the bartender sat it down in front of her. “Gee you are fast there tonight Jack” The bartender smiled and replied “Looks like you have a admirer as the gentleman brought it for you” pointing to Glenn who raised his glass. “Thank you kind sir” raising her glass to him. Glenn walked over to Kim looking at her black stockings and then up to her beautiful face. “It is a true honor my lady, I am Glenn and seems we are both alone and I hate to drink alone” Kim smiled sticking her hand out “I am Kim and it is very nice to meet you Glenn, What brings you to New York alone?” Shaking her hand Glenn replied “Business and if I may ask what is a beautiful lady like you doing alone?” Kim felt a instant attraction to Glenn he had a nice smile and was well mannered, as she motioned for him to sit she started her tell, “I am here for the medical conference this whole week and my husband was unable to make it, so here I sit alone drowning my sorrows.” Taking a shallow of his drink Glenn smiled and then said “I do not know if I would have been able to let you come all alone, I would be to jealous to let such a beautiful lady out of my site.”

They sat and talked for what seemed like forever. Jack called “Last call” and Glenn ordered another round. “Kim I hope I am not being to forward but since we are both staying here would you consent to” Glenn paused and took a sip of his drink. Kim was nervous as she did not know how he was going to finish the sentence. “Allowing me to walk you to your room?” Kim almost spit out her drink when he finished. She could not help think how cute that was but knew she would have to stop it at her suites door. “Yes Glenn I would be honored to have you walk me to my room let me just pay my tab here and” Glenn stopped her by saying “Kim your drinks are going to be my treat a way of saying thank you for the company tonight I can write it off as a business expense”

They walked out of the bar and headed to the elevators. When they entered Kim pushed the button to the 25th floor. “I see you have a view of the city, It si so beautiful at night all lit up” “Yes I do have a pretty view but how did you know that?” Glenn gave her a little chuckle “25th floor what else could you have but a view of the city?” Kim blushed as she thought of what he must think of her “I am sorry Glenn but a lady does have to be careful you know?” “Kim you do not have to do that I understand we are strangers who have just met I understand really I do”
They arrived on Kim’s floor and the doors slowly opened, He followed her out looking at the soft gentle sway of her rounded ass, and then stepped next to her. Kim looked in her purse getting her key out. They stopped at her door “This is it Glenn Thank you for a enjoyable evening and taking my mind off my misery for a bit.” She looked at his smiling face “Kim it was my pleasure, If you are not busy tomorrow night may I take you out to dinner?” Kim smiled and blushed, “I really shouldn’t I am sure you have had enough of me by now”

Glenn replied taking her soft hand in his “I could never get enough of such a beautiful lady as you” then he raised her hand to kiss it . “Okay Glenn what do you say we meet at the bar at same time tomorrow and take it from there?” “Kim I will be waiting with baited breathe.” Glenn turned to walk away noticing her room number and then entered the elevator. When Glenn got to his room he called room service and ordered a dozen long stem roses to be delivered to room 2505 with the card to say “Thanks for a wonderful evening looking forward to our nice encounter. Glenn.”

When the knock came at the door Kim was thinking it was Glenn. She had been thinking about him since he left her at the door. She was surprised to see the roses and when she read the card she smiled. She also wondered what he meant by encounter, she knew he was attracted to her and she him but to have a “encounter” what did he mean by that? Did he want to have sex with her? She was sure he did but how would he make his move? Would she let him? She had this thoughts running through her head as she headed to the shower. Kim stripped down after getting the water warm and entered the shower. She was still thinking of what Glenn meant by encounter. Her mind kept wondering about it and Glenn. Did he have a big cock? Did he want to do oral on her? What if he wanted to do anal? As she was thinking about all this her hand had slipped to her pussy and she had been fingering herself. She slipped two fingers in and had a powerful orgasm. She could not believe a man she had just met had made her have such a intense orgasm without even touching her and if this was a sign to come she knew she would let Glenn have sex with her.

They met at the bar and Glenn ordered them both a drink. “How was your day Beautiful?” Kim blushed as she knew she would feel him inside her tonight but answered “It was very boring the only good point was I was ,, I am embarrassed to say I was thinking of you.” This time Glenn blushed and took a sip of his drink “To be honest with you Kim I had been thinking of you as well, you are the most beautiful lady I have ever met I could not get you out of my mind at all.” He reached out and placed his hand on hers. Where shall we eat? Shall we try the restaurant here or go out?” Kim felt the heat from his hand and knew right then that he would be a incredible lover. “Maybe just go to the restaurant here and then go from there Glenn what do you say?” “It is ladies choice Kim anything as long as I can look into your eyes.” Glenn paid the bill and they walked out arm in arm to the restaurant.

They had a wonderful meal filled with small talk and compliments flowing both ways. When they had finished Glenn suggested “Maybe we can take a walk up on the roof by the pool? I hear it is a very nice one.” They arrived on the roof and walked to the rail looking out over the city far below. Glenn reached out and brushed the hair from her face with his hand on her neck he leaned in and kissed her quickly on the lips. Kim opened her mouth and slipped her tongue into his mouth before he pulled away. “Kim I am sorry I should not have done that, please forgive me” Kim could not believe this handsome man was for real. He turned and put both hands on the rail looking out. “Glenn it is okay I wanted the kiss as bad as you did, I find you very attractive please do not feel bad about it, I am not upset with it, In fact it was best kiss I have had in a very long time.”
“Lets go dancing Kim.” Glenn took her arm and led her to the elevator. They arrived at the club and started dancing. He was watching her as her tits bounced and swayed as she moved to the beat. They had some drinks and talked more. Kim felt so at ease with Glenn. While he was not that tall he was so sure of himself and took control which she had always wanted a man to do. Kim felt so safe in his presence she could not believe it. She felt herself falling for him. The dance floor cleared as a slow song came on and he stood up pulling her with him. They melted together and started to move to the song. Kim’s breast were smashed against his chest and she felt her nipples harden. She was thinking to herself as she laid her head on his shoulder, “I hope he does not feel or see the effect he has on me, This man turns me on so much.” Glenn felt her lay her head on his shoulder and smiled then kissed her by the ear. Kim felt his cock start to grow and was amazed when by guessing he passed her husbands size. Glenn was thinking that he could take her up to his room now and fuck her but he wanted more he wanted to make love to her as well. Glenn wanted to make her orgasm so hard and long that she felt she would pass out if she did not actually do it.

The music ended and they moved back to the table with Kim leading the way. She felt his hard cock on her ass and the thought instantly went to how it would feel in her ass and if she could take him anally. When they got back to the table Glenn leaned over and whispered to her “Thanks for leading the way I had a little issue.” Kim almost spit her drink out “A little issue? From what I felt on my ass it is far from a little issue Glenn.” Glenn smiled and blushed . “I see I am not the only one that blushes from the compliments” Kim snickered. Glenn had to laugh and they both started to feel easy again. When they had both had enough dancing and drinks Kim asked Glenn to do the honors of walking her back to her room. “A lady can never be to careful being alone in the big city you know.” Glenn played alone with her. “No of course not some guy may just take advantage and have his way with her especially one as sexy as you are and we would not want that would we?” They left the club holding hands. The elevator ride was filled with smiles and giggles as they relived what all happened tonight. When the doors open they walked out swinging their arms as high school k**s did. They arrived at her door and she leaned her back against it. Glenn placed a hand on the door by her head. “Goodnight Glenn I had a very pleasant evening, I can not remember when I had such a great time on a date.” Glenn replied that he felt the same way. “This is the most fun I have on a date in what seems like forever, I feel so at ease with you as if I have known you for years instead of just a day Kim.” He leaned in and kissed her. She opened her lips and thrust her tongue into his mouth as her hands went around his waist. Glenn’s free hand went to hold Kim’s right breast thought her clothes feeling her hard nipple. Kim moaned into Glenn’s mouth and then he broke the kiss. “Kim I want to see you tomorrow, It is Saturday so lets spend the day together we can do anything you want to do just say we can be together.” Kim was breathing slightly heavy as she smiled. “Glenn I would love to spend the day with you, lets start with a brunch and then see what pops up shall we?” Glenn removed his hand from her breast just after he gave it a soft squeeze. “That would be fine with me Kim.” Kim looked down at her breast and wondered why it felt hot almost like it was on fire. Glenn turned and started walking away towards the elevator. Kim unlocked her door and started to step inside pausing she spoke to him, “Goodnight handsome see you tomorrow, sweet dreams.” Glenn stopped just before the elevator, “Sweetie I will be dreaming of you making them very sweet and also horny ones as well.” They both smiled and Kim went inside her room. There on the table was another dozen roses. She had to smile and she blushed as a school girl. She had never felt like Glenn was making her feel. She reached for the card to read it, “To the most beautiful lady who has given me two of the best days of my life I thank you.” Kim smelled the roses and then slipped into the bathroom to start her shower. Slipping off her blouse and skirt she sat on the bed to take off her heels and stocking. She ran her hand over her legs feeling the silkiness of them. She got up and went and got into the shower. She recalled how Glenn’s cock felt when they were dancing and on her ass. She was rubbing her clit making herself orgasm very quickly thinking how big Glenn felt. “Damn this man has caused me to orgasm twice in two days and as of yet as not really made a move on me, I can only hope he does tomorrow I got to feel that big cock rocking my pussy to new heights. I will have to make him know it is something I want also.” Speaking to herself. The phone rang and she rushed to get it thinking it may be her husband. “Hello this is Kim” There was a brief silence on the phone. “Kim this is Glenn what do you say we have brunch out by the pool and catch some rays at same time? It will give me a chance to see you more comfortable as well.” She smiled and knew now how she was going to really get his attention. “I would love it Glenn. I will meet you at the pool at 10:30 then?” “No Kim I will stop by your room to pick you up we will make this a real date.”

Kim woke up early and rushed down to the hotel shops. She wanted to get a bathing suit that would take Glenn’s breath away. She looked at some one piece suits and when the sales lady approached and offered her services Kim told her,”I have this guy I want to impress and at same time make his jaw drop anything you suggest?” The sales lady looked her over “You have a wonderful body and I am sure the guys jaw will drop no matter what you wear but I do have one I know he will love on you, follow me to the dressing room and I will get it for you.” Kim waited in the dressing room as the sales lady went to get the suit. When she returned she handed the cloth to Kim. Holding it up Kim was shocked it was skimpy. She smiled and tried it on, as skimpy as it looked in her hands it was even skimpier on her but she bought it anyway. Going back up to her room with the bag she was thinking “This is not a suit I would normally buy but damn I want to have Glenn’s big hard cock in me today”

Glenn knocked on the door at 10:30 sharp and Kim opened it excitedly. She had been looking in the mirror and could not believe she was wearing the bathing suit for him. Glenn looked down her body and noticed her wrap ended just past her fingers leaving her long shapely legs showing. He had to swallow as he thought about them wrapped around his back. She did have some world class sexy legs. “Shall we go my lady?” holding his elbow out for her to accept. “Yes sir we shall I have looked forward to this all night I even got a new suit for especially for you.” Glenn smiled as she took his hand and not his elbow holding it like lovers. They reached roof level and walked to the bar for some coffee. Sitting down they chatted a little. Glenn ordered brunch for them that was more of a breakfast keeping it light. They finished eating and walked to the lounge chairs by the pool. Glenn spread out her towel for her and made a gesture with his hand for her to have a seat. Kim smiled “Thank you Sir maybe I should loose the wrap first so I can get some sun all over?” Glenn took the step or two behind her and helped her removed the wrap. As he was doing it Kim told him what a gentleman he was. When they had the wrap off Glenn was staring at her ass that looked like it was totally nude except the tiny string running up to a string wrapping around her waist. She tuned around looked at Glenn “Well what do you think? You like it?” Glenn could not speak as he looked over her body the suit barely covered her nipples making her tits almost spill out over the top while the bottom just covered her lips and he could tell she had a landing strip just above her mound all be it not a very big one. Kim looked down at Glenn’s crotch and smiled as she saw the outline of his hard cock. She reached out her hand rubbed his cock and stated “I take it you like the suit and this is the best compliment you could ever give me you do not have to say anything I know how you feel.” She leaned in and kissed Glenn like a lover kisses her boyfriend. Glenn ran his hand down to the string on her waist and then slipped it down to cover her exposed ass. He pulled her into his body kissing her passionately. Both was moaning into the others mouth as they broke the kiss. “Lets swim before I blow my load here and now Kim and I do not want that I want it to be special if and when it happens.” “Glenn you know it will happen it all depends on you as to when.” Glenn knew she was right he turned and dived into the pool. After laying out in the sun Kim got up and walked to the edge and dived in swimming underwater to where Glenn was. She surfaced with her tits touching his chest. Glenn looked down and saw her suit had become a second skin it had turned transparent being wet. Her nipples were standing out hard. Glenn wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply. “Kim I think it is time.” She looked at him, “Time?” Glenn knew she had caught the double meaning but played dumb on her. “I think it is time we went to get dressed for drinks and dinner.” Kim felt a bit rejected and let down she was hoping he wanted to go have sex since his hands were on her ass. “Okay Glenn if you wish but is that all it is time for?” She rubbed his cock giving him the ok if he took it.

They took the elevator but instead of pushing the 25th floor he pushed 27th. “I am on 25 you know?” She stated knowing or hoping they were going to his room instead. “Yes Kim I know I just want to grab some stuff from my room before we go to yours if that is ok?” He pulled her close and kissed her again, their kisses became hotter with each kiss. When they arrived on the 27th floor they broke the kiss walking hand in hand to Glenn’s room. He opened the door and let her walk in first. It was a large suite that had two separate bedrooms. Glenn shut the door. “Make yourself comfortable please I will be just a minute, would you like a drink while you wait?” “Thank you I will fix us both one while you do what you need to Jack and coke right?” Glenn nodded and went off to his room. Kim had just sat down with the drinks when Glenn came back out. He walked in front of Kim before she had notice him coming. She looked up at him and she gasped for air. Glenn stood before Kim totally naked with his cock hard pointing at her face. She looked up and noticed his smile. “I told you it was time. I know what and how you want and this weekend you will get it. When you leave this suite Monday morning you will know you have been royally fucked.”... Continue»
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Aki, Japanese Tourist, Part 1

I was minding my own business at the Battery in Manhattan one Friday morning in June, when a bus pulled up and emptied at least 100 Japanese tourists, all wearing white shorts and blue shirts with giant plastic credential holders around their necks. I stood and watched them. I went over what I had to do that day: nothing that couldn’t wait.

I decided to try and cut a pretty Jap girl from the herd and see what happened.

I figured I had one shot to get it right. I studied the crowd carefully. She couldn’t be too innocent or too young or she’d go scurrying away. If I picked one that had a friend close by, it was game over. If she was married or there with a boyfriend, game over. If she didn’t speak or understand at least a little English, game over. I picked my mark, and she was one of the prettiest, too. I guessed she was about 22, standing about 5’2” and barely over 100 pounds. She had a lovely face, slender, pale skin, long dark hair pulled into a pony tail, slender pale legs, small chest and narrow hips and nice tight ass that showed through the shorts. I watched as her eyes glazed over at the narrative about the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. She started surreptitiously looking at her phone. I eased my way into the crowd, trying to look casual. Fortunately she was near the back of the crowd. I managed to get within about two feet of her without calling attention to myself. I said, clearly but in a low voice, that this was a really crowded and boring place. She looked at me, then looked again, really looking the second time, and then smiled and gave a little bow. I said there were nicer parks close by but tourists never went there. She smiled again and nodded. And then the shopping, I said, tourists never knew the best shopping.

I had her at shopping.

It was like I had yanked an invisible chain. “Do you know?” she said. “Yes,” I said, nodding emphatically: “Can we go?”

She hesitated a moment, looked around, looked down at her dork-ass credentials, thought another minute, then smiled at me and said “okay!”
We started walking away from the crowd, side by side, toward the pathway that lead along Battery Park. I was going to show her the unspoiled part of Manhattan. She immediately started admiring the gardens and paths that were not beat down by tourists, trash and dog shit.

I told her my name. She said her name was Aki. I said “hajimemashite.” She was amazed I knew a little Japanese. Just enough to get in her pants, I hoped. Aki was from a suburb of Tokyo, I forgot where she said it was and I had never heard of it. Tokyo, basically. She said she came with somebody else, a s****r, then she said not really a s****r, but then I couldn’t really follow her as she explained the relationship. All I cared was, would her friend/s****r worry that she was gone. No, Aki said, because she sent a text. Great. I seemed to be in the clear. We walked and talked for an hour and a half. We sat on the grass on a pristine lawn and I watched as she kicked off her sandals and stretched out her body. She checked her phone. Aki’s friend and the group of tourists were now crowding the hell out of South Street Seaport, trying to get a boat tour. Her friend was bored. I asked her, was she bored too? No, she said, the park was lovely. Well, I said, at 14th Street we run out of park. Why not take an exit and walk over to SoHo and do some shopping?

“Oh, yes!” she said, clapping her hands. “Oh, one second please.” She pointed her phone at me and took a picture. She said she was sending it to her friend. She fiddled with her phone for a moment and then stood. I touched her for the first time, by the elbow, to help her stand. She didn’t pull away, but I didn’t press things just then.

We crossed the bridge over the West Side Highway, headed for SoHo. I asked her if she had a boyfriend back in Japan. She said no. She asked if I had a girlfriend. I said no. I told her she had to be careful in New York. Some people would appear friendly but they could be dangerous. She brushed her hand against mine and said she felt safe to meet me, so she didn’t worry.

We stopped off in TriBeCa where we had coffee and scones in a small, romantic place. In the close quarters, my hand brushed her bare knee several times. She didn’t seem to mind. A few blocks later and we were in SoHo. Her eyes popped out at the name brands and exclusive designers. She seemed to walk closer to me, speak with greater admiration with every boutique I took her to, as if I were personally responsible for them being there. Then we walked into a handbag store – the typical nightmare place in SoHo with only a dozen items in a huge loft space, with each item costing about the price of a decent used car. She let out a gasp of pure ecstasy as she saw the designer bags. I didn’t get it, but she apparently did. She tossed her canvas purse bag, sporting the logo of the tour company, at my feet, and held up one black leather bag, lifting it up the light as if it were the Holy Grail.
I watched her as the floor attendant showed her all the features, as she took in the smell and feel of it. I was bored of the damned bag already, but I got a kick out of watching her fondle it, rubbing it all over, wanting to possess it. I understood. I wanted to do the same thing to her. I waited until she started to put it reluctantly back on the shelf.

“Aki, let me buy this for you as a souvenir of New York,” I said, producing my card. Fuck it, I thought, I had cash in the bank that wasn’t going to anything special, and I had been building up credit for just this sort of opportunity.

Her eyes opened incredulously for a second, then she remembered her manners and started to refuse. I told her it was no big deal, that I insisted. I said that half a dozen more times. The attendant, smelling a sale, tried to help. At last, she conceded and began bowing and thanking me. As the staff – they had swollen to four – began wrapping the bag (which made no damned sense at all) in silk and then in a beautiful paper shopping bag, she slipped her arms around my left arm and clutched onto me. I looked at the sales receipt as I signed it: $3,750. "Holy shit, it is on!" I thought as I signed and handed the attendant a handful of bills as a tip.

She was still clutching my left arm in both of hers in that way only Asian girls can do and still keep pace. I held the bag for her in my right arm. Her long hair was brushing against my bicept, and it felt nice. She was starting to give me a hard-on. I told her she had to get out of her tourists outfit if she was going to fit into SoHo. I pointed to a small store that seemed to deal in little black dresses. At that moment she pointed across the street at a jeans boutique. We went in and I insisted that she try on a pair of jeans that showed off her ass and hips perfectly, though I was sad to see her legs vanish into the narrow, washed denim. She shed her tourist t-shirt and shorts for a pair of very hip jeans and a tailored t-shirt, the sleeves rolled up and somehow emphasizing her small perky tits. She had pulled her hair back tighter and was looking much more cosmopolitan, like she belonged here.

"One more store," I told her, "and then we get some lunch. Why not pick out something you can wear to dinner?” I took her back to the shop with the dresses and pointed her and the sales lady to the general direction. They conferred a while and then Aki vanished into one of the dressing rooms. After about 20 minutes the sales lady waved me over and then pointed me into a back room.

Aki was there, alone, in a large dressing room surrounded by mirrors. I saw her jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes and socks, and modest bra and pair of nylon panties shed in a corner. She looked amazing now in the little black dress, dark panty hose, with black leather heels. I took a second to catch my breath.

“Do you like it?” I asked, shutting the dressing room door behind us. There was a mirror on the door, too, so Akis and Mes were replicated around the room by the dozens, as if we were trapped inside the eyes of a fly.

“I love it!” Aki said, standing right in front of me.

“I want you to wear this tonight and go to dinner with me, okay?” I asked, my hands going up to her bare shoulders.

“Yes,” she whispered, tilting her chin.

I kissed her, and she responded. Ages went by. After a while, my hands were running up and down her body, feeling her inside the dress, wanting to rip it off of her, aware of my swollen hard-on that would make it impossible for me to walk away with any dignity.

“Aki,” I gasped, as our lips opened wider and I squeezed her tiny breast through the fabric of the dress. I rolled the dress down, revealing hard little nipples. I plucked and pinched them as I leaned down to kiss them. She threw back her head and let out a soft sigh. I sucked her right nipple as I guided her hand to my cock. No way we had the time here that I needed for this, and yet I wanted her right then. Aki seemed to sense it, and God knows they were probably watching us from either a secret mirror or security camera. The floor was perfectly clean, highly polished wood. She slid down until her knees rested against it and then unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. I resisted the urge to help her, and push the back of her head onto my cock. She did fine by herself. She soon had my rigid cock between her fingers, lifting it to her lips, tasting it, then slipping it between her lips, into her warm and willing mouth.

Whatever her experience, she had sucked cock before, without a doubt. Her lips, tongue and mouth danced over me as her hair came undone, falling all around me. I tried to make the few moments last an eternity, but it was over too fast. I was too horny, the girl was too gorgeous, and she was just too fucking good. She was sucking for a fast finish, too, and as I said, she knew what she was doing. Soon I was bucking my hips, fucking my face and holding back a desperate groan as I shot my load into her mouth. Aki took it all gamely, licking and sucking to the last, then smiled, put a delicate hand over her mouth as she ran to her canvas bag and pulled out a wipe and ejected a long stream of cum into it. She shooed me out of the room, and in under five minutes the dress, heels, and whatever was under it, had been packed into another shopping bag, and they were handing me the bill. I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face as I paid.

We jumped into a cab, headed Uptown for lunch. I recommended an expensive and very good seafood place in Union Square that happened to be very close to my apartment. I was playing with her ass idly, now back in the tight designer jeans, as she texted her friend again. I asked her what was up, but she just laughed. Well, it was going alright, no reason to act controlling!

At lunch, I ordered a bottle of wine to complement the meal. I knew the old tale about Asian girls and alcohol to be absolutely true. I plied Aki with more and more wine throughout the meal. I asked her about old boyfriends. She had really only had one steady boyfriend, she said, and his “erection was not strong.” I thought that meant he couldn’t keep it up for long. With a piece of ass like Aki, I couldn’t really blame him. She said she had had one or two other boyfriends, none serious, and a couple of other dates that went badly, one a half consensual fuck in an alleyway at the end of a date, and she seemed to feel somehow guilty for this. I did my best to make her understand she wasn’t at fault for anything that had happened, and any man who takes advantage of a woman like that should be castrated. She got increasingly tipsy during the meal, which was what I had hoped for. I asked her if she had ever dated a white guy. She said she hadn’t. She admitted that the size of my swollen seven-inch gaijin cock had been a little surprising. I asked her whether it was a good surprise. She laughed and gave an enigmatic smile. I asked her if she liked sucking cock. I knew it was a rude question but I had had almost a full bottle of wine and a half a day of hot Japanese pussy clouding my mind by then. She nodded and looked down at the table. I wondered what was going on behind those eyes. Was she worried it would be too big for her tight little Japanese pussy? I forgot to mention earlier that when she was exploring the wonders of that handbag in the store, I could smell one thing that overpowered the strong smell of the leather: wet pussy.

After I paid for lunch, and the two bottles of wine, I suggested we go to my apartment for a rest before we saw some more of the city and had dinner.
We barely shut the door to my apartment before I had her pressed against it, her arms over her head, shirt and bra off, her jeans pulled open and halfway down her hips, rubbing my hard cock against her flat stomach as we kissed and explored each other with our tongues.

I picked her up and carried her into my bedroom, throwing her on the bed, pulling off her shoes and socks, then the jeans. I took time to linger over her feet and legs, before I pulled her panties over their curves and tossed them on the floor. I spread her legs and poked the tip of my index finger inside her, rubbing along the g-spot as I kissed the backs of her thighs. She was soon moaning and moving in rhythm as I fingered her. I withdrew the finger and tasted the dew from deep within her. I smiled at her as I tasted her and then looked down at her tight little slit, the cunny lips showing wet but barely a discernible opening, even with her legs spread wide. At the very bottom of the slit I could see the slightest hint of a pearl shaped pink opening. Topping the tight little slit was an inviting fleshy little clitty hood. Above that was a light wisp of pubic hair, naturally almost hairless. Her legs felt very smooth, but not shaved. My tongue darted out and probed at the clitty outcropping, fingers stroking the tight pink flesh of her pussy. She reacted immediately, groaning and crying out and opening her legs wider. Soon I was fingering and licking her, and had her spread wide with my tongue gliding up and down her slit. I squeezed my tongue inside the tight little muscles of her cunny and up inside her, turning my body and angling my tongue upward at the g-spot, thrusting it deep inside her and thrilling to feel her start moaning loudly – thank God no one was home next door during the day – as I went deeper and deeper inside her, almost smothering myself as I pressed my face as far up against her as possible so as to get every last bit of my tongue up into her. Aki grabbed my hair and screamed as she started to cum under me. I felt her little cunny quiver in pleasure, and I knew I had repaid her for the favor in the SoHo dressing room.

I slid up next to her, toying with her naked body, rubbing my hard cock on her leg, stroking her nipples as her chest rose and fell, still breathing heavily from climax.

I knew Japanese rarely fucked without a condom. Fortunately I had at least one, somewhere. I got it in a bathroom in a club. It would have to do. I found it in my nightstand drawer and handed it to her. She opened the packet and unrolled it over my cock, looking lazily at it and stroking it once or twice before rolling it down. If she was nervous about being penetrated by it, she didn’t show it.

I opened her legs and lay on top of her, guiding the tip of my cock between her legs. It was so tight nothing came easy, but she was also very wet, and with time I was halfway inside her, and she was already aroused a second time, wriggling underneath me and moving around so that I could enter her better. The feel of her was incredible. She began to sigh and moan again, not as loud this time, but steadily as I found my way almost fully inside her and began fucking her. She wrapped her legs around my back and curled her toes, as if trying to push me in further using the backs of her heels. I bit and sucked at her nipples and pinched at her ass, ran my hands over her perfect legs and face, looking into her eyes. I couldn’t resist asking: “Is this erection strong?” as I pulled out and thrust into her hard. “Oh yes” she said with a laugh. Soon after she came again and I had to pace myself not to lose it at that moment. I held on for a time longer, all the time wanting to lose myself in her and fuck her with reckless abandon. I recovered after a time and we began to fuck harder and harder. I had forgotten to turn the air conditioning on in the apartment. I was dripping gaijin sweat all over her perfect little Jap body. I wondered if she minded. She didn’t seem to sweat at all, except her wet mouth and pussy which were perfect for love and sex. We built a steady, desperate fucking rhythm as the bedroom got hotter and hotter. My cock was almost numb from wanting her and from fucking her so hard. It was the condom, I suspected. I wondered what she felt like without the barrier? I looked at the nightstand clock. It was almost 2:30 in the afternoon. I rolled her over onto her stomach, pushing her knees up under her stomach, rolling the condom off and tossing it onto her bare back. I looked at her perfect ass and spread pussy, the backs of her legs, and stroked my cock. In under 30 seconds I was shooting a new load of cum onto her ass and back as she gave an encouraging laugh-sigh.

I slid around to her front and held her for a moment. “Get a shower,” I said. “We’ll go check out Central Park before dinner. After dinner we’ll go to a club, okay?”

Aki had a mild voyeur fetish, I learned at dinner. It took the car ride there and most of dinner to get that out of her, but she had a fear – and also half a fantasy – of being seen naked against her will. I nodded as if it were unremarkable and then poured more wine. She had fortunately not overdone the wine at lunch, and that made me wonder. The average under/over for an Asian girl was two glasses. She had had at least four at lunch and was ready for more. Aki had showered after we made love and put on the black dress, stockings and heels in the privacy of my bathroom. When she emerged, with her hair now fully swept back, she was breath-taking. She had the new handbag on her arm, which was a little mod. for the dress, but it did hint at quality. She received and fired off a few texts to her friend. They were all in Japanese, so I couldn’t guess what about.

We enjoyed dinner, and I enjoyed making her laugh. After we ate, already tipsy, we took a cab to the West Side, to a club I knew well. I had been carefully asking about what club experience she expected and was used to. My take on it was that she didn’t want anything actually dangerous, but that it should be an adventure. I knew this was the club.

It had the usual line outside. I was able to get in by a side entrance, after showing Aki the line, by a tip to a guy I knew who was at the door. Inside it was a typical club. I got a beer and ordered a Long Island Iced Tea for Aki. It was loud as hell. I felt 2,000 male eyes on her body in the black dress as I led her to the floor and we danced with drinks in hand. It wasn’t my thing, but I knew it was leading up to something. The loud trance music and a few mixed drinks later, we were still dancing, Aki leaning on me more and more, letting my hands go where they would. The front of the dress was slipping. I told her that and she made a surprised noise to see one nipple showing over the top. Her motor skills were not at that time able to allow her to tuck it back in. I reached up to rub the tip. “Is anyone watching?” she asked me in slurred and broken English? “Yes, at least two guys are watching,” I said. “Oh,” she said, looking down at the dance floor.
“Maybe we should go to another room?” I suggested, helping her with her dress.
“Yes, another room,” she agreed.

Little did she know.

I guided her to the stairway in the corner, up two flights of stairs, to a smaller -- but still enormous -- room, which had once been a large kitchen. The three giant food preparation tables had been bolted to the floor and were still there. The same type of techno music and flashing lights prevailed there, but there were far fewer people. It was 12:45 a.m., still early. Some were perched on corners of the table. There was another bar in the corner. I got us each another mixed drink – this was a novelty where you had to blow the jello shot into the other person’s mouth, and I was told it was pretty potent. Aki wrapped her small lips around the phallus shaped plastic aperture, and it made me instantly remember her lips around my cock earlier that morning. I was already horny after dancing close against her and playing with her bare breast in public, but this sent me over the edge. I blew the jello shot into her mouth and down her throat. She took it well, smiling and nodding that it was okay. The shit was pretty strong for a regular sized American, so I had a feeling it would take its toll on a 100-pound Japanese girl. Then it was her turn. Aki leaned forward and blew the shot into my mouth. I tasted grain alcohol as it slid down to my stomach, and I knew it was probably strong enough that I would be wasted if I had one more.
We had two more.

The clock on my phone was blurry by then, 2:36 a.m. We were sitting on the table listening to the music. More people had come in, perhaps 20 people to each of the three giant tables, maybe another dozen at the bar. Only couples in this room. That was the deal. I was sipping a beer, and Aki was on my lap, her head on my shoulder, rotating slowly to the music, her hand on my cock, where I had guided it, my hand on her thigh, and her dress was pushed far up as she sat on the table, feet dangling a good two feet from the floor.

At 3 a.m. the flashing lights slowly came to a stop and the ceiling lights gently pulsed a course from blue to red to green and back to blue, but the same loud music persisted. At 3 a.m., by custom, it was go time, and the DJ, practically hidden in the far corner of the room, suggested as much, though he didn’t come right out and say it, mind you, but if you were in the room, you knew what he was saying anyway.

A few couples began right away, crawling up onto the table, one lying on top or straddling the other, shedding clothes. Aki glanced around, trying to work out what was happening. To our left a man had stripped naked, and his date was climbing up onto the table, her dress half off, kissing his bare chest. I gently touched the arm of the girl on our right: She was a Puerto Rican girl, leaning halfway up against the table, her top pushed down to her waist showing full double-D tits; her beau, a young Puerto Rican guy, was rubbing his cock along the tops of them.

“Excuse me,” I shouted at her politely over the music. “Would you mind if your boyfriend stripped my date.” She started to reflexively cover up her breasts, but then she reconsidered and smiled, looking at d***k Aki. “Shit, he’d like that!”

She repeated my request to her date, a very handsome guy, as I slid Aki to the ground and propped her up. He took his time with his hands over Aki’s body, trying to find the zipper to the dress, and he gratuitously felt her up as he stripped off the dress, which slid to the floor around her feet, leaving her in heels, black lace panties, and no bra. Her tiny breasts were emphasized in contrast to our friend’s date. Meanwhile, she was observing the hard-on I was sporting and tested it like the plank of a diving board with one finger, pushing on it through my pants. I thanked him – and her – and they went back to each other. I eased Aki back against the table and then up onto it, where

I lay her down next to the Puerto Rican guy, whose girl had her skirt up to her waist to meet her top and was preparing to ride him only a foot away. A lesbian couple at the bar offered to help me with Aki’s lovely lace panties. I thanked them for their help as they stripped her bare and removed her heels, too. She now lay naked on the cold metal table, barely sensible.

“Aki,” I said, “we’re safe here. Everybody is making love. Do you want to make love?” She nodded and smiled.

I borrowed a spare condom from a homosexual couple at the bar. It was a cool club that way. I came back to Aki, now spread-eagled, inches on each side from two other couples who were fucking. I stripped and rolled the condom over my cock and entered here again. Again, she was tight and it took a long while to begin fucking steadily, but she turned her head to the side and began moaning. Her lips were inches from the lips of the Puerto Rican guy as he turned to look at her, they stared into each others’ eyes as his hands squeezed his date’s huge tits. As Aki began to come he was overcome and reached with one hand for her left cheek, pulling her to him; their lips came together and he kissed her passionately. Aki didn’t know him from me, or anybody else by then. She kissed him back through her moans as her cunny clenched on my cock. I looked over at his lady, riding him, and we smiled and shrugged. To be sporting, we leaned across and completed the circle, sharing a deep kiss.

I flipped Aki over on her back and entered her pussy from behind, pushing her up onto the table, further and further to the center as I humped her. The d***ker I get, I can always fuck longer and longer. I made a spectacle of us now as some of the others gathered to watch me give it to Aki, pushing her naked body across the table as I thrust in and out of her, making her moan. I lost track of her orgasms. Again, I knew I couldn’t come with the condom. I pulled out and put my hand on Aki’s shoulder, turning her around. Unrolling the condom and dropping it to the table, I raised my cock to her lips, and she began to suck it. Her d***kenness hadn’t muted her talents as she immediately began to suck amazing cock. I remembered our first time, in the morning, when she spat my cum into a sanitary wipe – after I had spent $5,000 on her. She didn’t swallow, that was clear. So as my orgasm came roaring up to me, I pulled back and, to the approval of the watching crown, shot my load full into her face, soaking her hair, lips, chin, nose and even half-open eyes.

I remember the lesbians helping Aki get cleaned up as I asked someone to get us a car. I don’t remember the car ride back or how we got in bed. The next thing I remembered was waking up behind Aki, inside her, without a condom, and it was 5:30 in the morning. I pulled out in time and apologized to her. She was distant. I tried to ask her how much she remembered of the night before. I wasn’t sure how much I remembered either. I excused myself to the bathroom where I showered and jacked off. I would take the poor girl to breakfast and then find her friend and her hotel.

Seconds after I jerked my cock to climax, the door opened and Aki came in, stark naked, waiting for her turn at the shower: “Today can we visit Metropolitan Museum?” she asked.

She either didn’t remember anything or was taking it well, I decided. I poured myself some coffee and looked at the clock as I heard Aki turn on the shower. 10:30 a.m. What the fuck got into me last night taking a nice Japanese tourist to a place like that? I’d be lucky if she didn’t press charges. I dutifully got online and checked the museum times, waiting for Aki.

After half an hour she came out of the bathroom with her hair still wet and brushed out straight, a towel around her. She lay down on the bed and stretched out her legs, then her arms, letting the towel drop away.
I didn’t know what to say or think. In an instant I was on my feet, over to her, kissing her and feeling her body. In another two minutes I was naked and on top of her, rubbing my cock between her wet and waiting pussy. “Shit!” I said, “no condom.” She rolled over and went to her canvas bag. I watched her slender and tight ass as she bent over looking in it. She came back with a purple package with Japanese writing, obviously a condom. I unrolled it and fucked her for the next hour.

By 12:15 p.m. we were leaving for the museum. Aki asked: “Is it some problem if my friend come to see the Met too? She is bored in the tour.” This was an unexpected development, but my hands were tied. After the last 24 hours with Aki, I really couldn’t refuse her anything, though I felt like her friend would be a drag on the rest of the weekend, which was still young.

So I said: “Of course not. I’d love to show her around.”

TO BE CONTINUED . . . ... Continue»
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Summer of 63 Part 3

Well it’s Sunday and I wake up to the smell of bacon cooking. I love my summer so far it has been so full of pleasures I didn’t know I could feel. I take my morning piss and walk into the kitchen area where my aunt is cooking. I love looking at her it’s like having a live porn magazine. She notices me watching her and tells me to come here and give her a good morning kiss. I walk over and kiss her on the cheek and she looks at me and tells me that when a woman wants a kiss she doesn’t want it on the cheek. I put my hand behind her head and bring her lips to mine as I tenderly kiss her soft lips. She opens her mouth which I know is a sign for my tongue to do its thing. I find my tongue has learned a lot in the last couple days. My aunt pulls back and kisses me softly again and tells me that I am learning my lessons well. My cock is hard as I walk over to the table and watch her cook in her house dress. That dress is always unbuttoned from the bottom and top. I love her legs in her nylons and garter belt. She knows I like the view and she sticks her leg forward so that the thigh is visible and I can see the top of her nylon and her skin. This sight turns me on to this day. She looks over at me and tells me that the food will be ready soon. She smiles and tells me to take off my shorts she wants to see my hard cock. I do just what she tells me because I know it will always lead to pleasure. I sit there with this hard cock and don’t really know what to do next. She tells me that it’s alright for me to play with it. I grab hold of it and start stroking it up and down as I watch her at the stove. I like the feeling of my own cock and decide that I will do this more. She brings me my plate and sets it down on the table and she tells me that as I eat my food she is going to suck my cock. I think wow I am one lucky guy. But she says that I can’t cum until she tells me and if I do cum no fucking later. I look at her and can’t believe what I just heard. No fucking if I cum. How am I going to stop myself from Cumming? She gets down on her knees and spreads my legs apart and takes my cock into her mouth which is so nice and wet and warm, I close my eyes and forget about eating and enjoy the pleasure of having my cock sucked. She lets my cock come all the way out of her mouth and says remember no fucking if you cum without permission. I open my eyes and start eating and thinking of all kind of stuff that wasn’t sexual. I finish my breakfast and my aunt is still sucking my cock and going farther down to the base. I can’t help it it’s been about an hour and I can’t hold it anymore. Actually it’s been about 5 minutes. She stops sucking and says that I have to control myself to be able to cum when I want to when I am making love to a woman. She is jacking my cock off and sucking it now a different way. She squeezes my cock and pulls the skin to the top of my cock as she pulls my cock out of her mouth almost and then as she goes down with her hand she swallows it farther into her mouth. I am looking at her and want to grab her head and push it down on my cock and hold it there till I shoot my load when she grabs my hand and puts it there, I push her head down and she gags and I release it in fear of choking her to death. She doesn’t do a thing except suck me faster and deeper. I put my hand back on her head and push and pull her hair in rhythm with her sucking. She pulls all the way off and tells me that I can cum whenever I want. I push her head back down on my cock and move my hips back and forth because it feels like the thing to do. MY cock is swelling harder and harder and I can’t stand it anymore and shoot my load into my aunts welcome mouth and she swallows ever last drop of my cum. I marvel at the sight of her suck everything off my cock. She slides up my chest and kisses me on the mouth and I taste my own cum on her lips and mouth. I don’t really mind the taste; it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. She steps back and I feel that she did that on purpose. She stands up in front of me and says that throughout the day that she was going to make me cum but only when she says it’s alright. I look at her and ask if I will be able to cum more than once a day. She looks at me and says that the point, I should be able to cum at three times a day maybe more depending on me. I think that I would like to be able to cum at least every hour as long as she keeps dressed like she is and I can watch her walk around. Boy was I in for a surprise. She told me to take a shower and get dressed that we were going downtown. I liked downtown it was the place to be on the weekends. I get dressed and sat on the coach waiting for her to come out. She walks out and OH MY GOD does she look hot. I never saw her look so good. My cock is jumping I my pants as I notice her short dress and her bottom two buttons undone. She walks over to me and asks me if I like the way she’s dressed. What’s not to like, she was a picture of beauty. She offers me a hand and I take it and stand next to her. At 13 I am about 6’ 3” tall and she is about 5” 6”. She leans up and kisses me on the lips so soft and tender and lingering. I thought that possible we were going to have sex right then and there. She pulls back and rubs my crotch and tells me not to waste the fact that I was getting hard. I thought that maybe I was going to fuck now since she got all dressed up when she takes my hand and say let’s go. We walk down to the street corner and head for downtown. People would pass us by and smile at us as we walked on this warm summer day. I didn’t understand the looks from some of the woman we passed, they seemed mad at her. The guys weren’t, they smiled and looked at her and would actually say hi and nice day. I was looking all around until I looked at my aunt did I notice what they were seeing. She was a thing of beauty and oh so sexy. Her tits were pushing out the top of her dress something I hadn’t noticed before. Now I understand why people were acting that way. I also didn’t realize that she was holding my hand. We went into a couple of clothing stores and every time we went to the lingerie section. He showed my all kinds of panties and the new bikini cut ones she said where the talk of all the girls down at the water works where she worked. I liked them and picked one up and felt the silkiness of them. The lady that was waiting on my aunt gave me a dirty look as I ran my hand thru them to the crotch. She grabs them from me and told me that they weren’t toys. My aunt smiled leaned into me and whisper in my ear that they really were play things, which made me laugh. We started heading towards the sleazy part of town and a couple blocks off the main street. I saw a bunch of woman dressed very sexy and there tits were all about ready to fall out of there tops. My aunt is looking for something and don’t know for sure what when we enter this building and go down the hall and knock on this door. It opens and the woman greets my aunt like old friends as we walk in. My eyes adjust to the surroundings and I notice all kinds of silky stuff. She talks to the woman as I walk around look at all this stuff. I turn the corner and there in front of me was this huge cock looking thing. I snap my head around and notice all this stuff that I had seen in magazines. I can’t believe that there really is a place like this and what are we doing here. My aunt walks over and picks up this cock on a jock strap thing. She smiles and says that I will like this. I say ok if you say so. She walks away and calls me to come over to her. I look and there is a silky jock strap I think. She asks me if I would wear this for her and I tell her that if she wanted me to wear that that I would. The sales lady smile and says that I will look good in it. My aunt agrees and tells me to try it on as the sales lady locks the door. I look around for a place to change when my aunt says very straight forward that I should do it right there. I do as I am told and drop my jeans down and take them off and my aunt tells me that I have to drop my underwear. I pull my shorts off and stand there with nothing on from the waist down. The woman walks up close and asks my aunt if it grows bigger as she gently touches my cock. My cock jumps and starts growing as she runs her finger nails down my cock to my balls which she scratches. I look at me aunt in shock as she tells me it’s alright. The woman is playing with my cock and it starts growing to the utter delight of the sales woman. It is now at full erection. She asks my aunt if she can that me. My aunt says I think he likes you. My god is I going to be able to have this woman today also. She takes my cock and rolls it in her hand and kisses the head and licks the shaft. I love this feeling and my cock grows a little more. She sucks my cock different then my aunt, but truly she knows how it is suppose to be done. My aunt walks up to me and asks if I am ok and I answer that I don’t mind if it’s ok with her. She kisses me and our mouths open and our tongues meet as this woman keeps sucking my cock. I feel my cock getting bigger as I just close my eyes and enjoy this scene. The woman gets up and to my surprise my aunt kisses her with her mouth open. Wow is that a turn on. I am between two woman and we are all three kissing each other. The woman tells my aunt that she has to have me and now. My aunt says ok and that she would help. Help what? I can do this myself whatever it is. The woman reaches up and pulls down her panties and sits on the counter. She pulls my hand and puts it on her pussy as she spreads her legs. I feel the wetness of her pussy and don’t know what to do but rub that stop like I did with my aunt. My aunt whispers in my ear to put my middle finger in her pussy and fuck her with it. I do as I am told and my aunt plays with my cock as she kisses this woman. I love this, two woman and me, something I will never forget. She is moving all over the place as I find that soft pillow place in her pussy and rub it with my finger. She pulls my finger out and my aunt guides my cock into her pussy area. I feel the wetness on the head of my cock as she pushes, my cock into this woman she lets go and tells me to push it in. I push my hips and my cock slides all the way in as she moans. Am I hurting her or what, when my aunt says softly that I need to pull out a little and then push back. She grabs my hips from behind as she shows me how. I start slowly doing this as this person moans and moans and moves around and all of a sudden she pees on me, I think its pee. Oh my god she says and she goes some more. My aunt says for me to keep doing this put start to do it faster and deeper. I start and now I am feeling like I have to cum when my aunt says not now. Hold it and keep fucking. I am fucking? If this is fucking I like it. My aunt is now kissing this woman with their mouths open and this woman has her hand up my aunt dress. I am starting to get tired. I feel my aunt’s hand on my chest as she squeezes my nipple. She asks the woman if she was ready for me to cum inside of her. She says oh yeah whenever he’s ready. My cock is so hard I feel that it is going to explode and I won’t be able to use it again for maybe days. She tells me that whenever I am ready that they were. I now keep my mind on the job at hand and increase the thrusts and fever pitch of the speed. I know understand that if I can control when I cum that the woman can have multiple organisms. I am pushing so hard that when I ram my cock home I hit bottom and she gasps. I fuck her a couple more stroke and explode inside of her wondering if she can hold all this sperm shooting out of me. I finish and am out of breath as my aunt kisses me and tells me that I was great at which the woman agrees. She looks at my aunt and says that she would like to have me spend that night sometime if it was ok with me. My aunt smiles and says that I am not ready yet it’s only been a couple of days. The woman tells her that I was the best that she has seen in a long time that can control myself.
We are walking back to the apartment my aunt ask me if I liked what just happened, oh I sure did. She asks if I minded that Carole was the one that I had sex with and not her. I told her not at all that it was different but enjoyable. She asked if I thought the way that her and Carole kissed and played with each other was wrong. I thought about that for a minute, and in that minute my cock moved around at the site of them kissing. I looked at her and answered no and that actually it was making my cock jump around in my pants. She says good and that I do know that anything that happens this summer is just between us. I told her that I wouldn’t tell a sole. Good was her reply and that I should walk about three steps behind her and watch her walk and see if anything happens to my crotch. I stopped as she kept walking and then followed her down the street. I did like the way her ass moved as she walked and I could see her naked ass in my mind. I was getting some good ideas about her ass when we reached her apartment. We walk up the stairs and I can almost see up her skirt. We enter the apartment and my aunt goes in to the bedroom and puts the stuff away and comes out with this silky jock strap and tells me to strip and put it on. I hurriedly start to undress when she tells me to slow down and come close to the couch as she sits down and hikes her dress up. I love this view of her spread like this, my favorite view. I start taking off my clothes as she puts her hand down her panties and plays with herself. I almost stop at this site but continue to strip when I pull my underwear off I have to adjust my throbbing hard cock, which is standing straight out. I can’t believe it 3 times so far today I have been hard. I bet this is a world record. I stand there playing with myself and watching her play with herself. I wish it was me playing with her and her playing with me. I take the jockstrap looking thing and put it on. I find that it has a strap that goes right between my ass cheeks. I pull them up and I don’t know for sure about this strap thing up my ass. My aunt tells me to come closer so that she can see me better as she turns me around and tells me to bend over to show her my ass. When I do the strap slides all the way against my ass hole. She takes a finger and runs it down the strap and stops at my ass hole and rubs. I close my eyes and find that I enjoyed what she just did. She tells me to sit next to her as she continues to play with herself and breath heavy. She asks me if I would pleasure her and my answer is always, whatever she wants I will get it for her. I didn’t know what that meant at that moment. She looks at me and realizes what I am thinking. She explains that when a woman tells a man that she wants him to pleasure her she means that she wants him to make her cum and fucking is allowed. I now have no idea what to do so as she takes my hand and places it in her panties I now know what to do. I play with her pussy and insert my finger in it. She is enjoying this but wants us to go into the bedroom to be in a better position. She tells me that she is going to guide me to her orgasm and teach what is right and what is wrong.

I will continue......... Continue»
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The Lecturer – Part 1

I sat looking blankly at the computer screen, then again at the textbook and back to the computer. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing or how to answer the questions. I had been sat there for over an hour and not written a thing, for some reason I couldn’t understand any of it. I had always found economics hard but this module was even worse. I had another lecture tomorrow morning so I decided to leave it for now and see if it made more sense after that, after all it was already late and I wanted to get to bed.
Lying in bed that night I couldn’t get my assignment out of my head, I was worried about it and all the things I couldn’t understand, it was stopping me sl**ping so I decided to take my mind of it and do something that always worked when I couldn’t sl**p. I reached my hand under my covers and started slowly stroking my nipples, as I shut my eyes thoughts of economics drifted away. Still playing with my nipples I let my other hand slide down my body and tickle up and down my thighs. As I began to breath heavily I let my hand reach closer to my pussy, it was throbbing now and aching to be touched. My fingers skimmed over my clit and my pink juicy lips teasing my pussy a little more but I couldn’t take anymore and pushed 2 fingers inside me and let out a moan of delight. As I thrust them further inside me my wetness spilled over my fingers, it felt so good as I rubbed my nipples harder at the same time. I moved my hand from my breasts towards my pussy, where I was still fucking myself with my fingers and started rubbing my clit. I could feel myself getting even wetter, moaning as I thrust against my hand. My pussy was throbbing so hard I knew I would cum soon, I frantically rubbed my clit, thinking about being fucked my a big hard cock, pushing my fingers harder inside my pussy, I wanted to feel full as I slid a third finger in my pussy, that with the thoughts of a cock inside me made me cum and moan loudly into my pillows, I could feel my pussy throb around my fingers. I loved making myself cum, and I smiled to myself as I drifted off to sl**p.
The next morning I was woken suddenly by my alarm, I quickly pressed the snooze button and shut my eyes, fondly remembering last night. At the next snooze I got up and started to get ready for the day. I was dreading the economics lecture, what if I still didn’t understand it?
I walked up to the row in the lecture room where my friends were sat, I needed someone else to say they didn’t understand it either. “can you do any of those questions?” I asked one friend, she said she thought they were ok, “bitch” I thought to myself. It dawned on me that maybe it was just me that found it so hard.
The lecture started and although I tried to listen and take it in but it was all over my head. I spent the rest of the lecture doodling on my paper and thinking about what I might wear tonight but I had decided that I would have to go and see the lecturer after.
I spent about ten minutes with my friends planning what we were doing tonight, choosing our favourite pound a drink bar in town before heading off to the lecturers office. As I walked along the corridor I noticed Mr Jones’ room. I studied the time slot sheet on the door and saw that it was free now, at least I could get it over and done with I thought to myself. I took a deep breath as I knocked gently on the door, I wasn’t looking forward to this at all. “come in” came the familiar economics voice. “how can I help?” he asked in a slightly friendlier voice. “im taking the second year course and im having problems with the assignment, I don’t understand some of the material.” I replied. “ok sit down and lets have a look” he said smiling. “thanks” I quietly replied. I leaned over to my back to get out my folder, as I sat back up I noticed his eyes move quickly away from my chest as if he had been caught. “its question 3 mostly” I explained handing him the piece of paper. “I was hoping today’s lecture would help but I still don’t get it” He went on to explain how to look at the question in a simpler way and talked me through the main part of the lecture again. it made much more sense that way. Why couldn’t he explain it like that in the first place I thought to myself. I was taking notes in my folder as he was talking, and each time I looked up I could tell he was again looking towards my breasts. I decided to accidentally drop my pen on the floor to test if he really was looking. As it fell I quickly bent right over on my chair, in the perfect angle for him to see down my top, I looked up and he was staring, he didn’t even know I was looking at him. He carried on talking for a few minutes and I felt pleased with myself, not only did I now understand economics but I had made the lecturer stare at my breasts and look down my top! “thanks for your help” “no problem, if you need any more help feel free to come back”. I shut the door behind me and made my way back down the corridor towards the lift. I was thinking again about Mr Jones looking down my top and wondered if he was just a old per. He was about 45 I would say, he was married too, he had wedding pictures up in his office and I wondered If he had only recently got married.
That afternoon I started writing up my assignment, and my mind kept drifting back to this morning and I kept thinking abut the lecturer and how he kept looking down my top. The more I thought about him I realised he was quite attractive for an older man. I hadn’t ever noticed it before but now I had and the thought of him perving on me made me tingle. Without thinking I moved a hand to my boobs and starting stroking the skin above my top, but I wanted to feel more than that so I slid my hand under my top and my bra and began stroking my nipple and lightly pinching it, I kept imagining it was him touching me where he kept staring, imagining him wanting me. I wondered if maybe he had been thinking about me too, what I would be like to touch and the feel of my warm skin. I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down my legs, I wanted to touch myself, I was getting turned on and my pussy was feeling warm and tingly. I moved onto my bed and slipped my hand inside my thong, lightly running my fingers over my clit. I was getting wet now as I carried on rubbing a little harder on my clit. my mind kept imagining Mr Jones again, imagining my fingers were his tongue flicking across my clit, his head between my thighs, licking up my juices from inside my pussy, his tongue going further inside me. I put a finger in my pussy, it felt so real as I was fantasising about him. I wanted to taste what he would be tasting so I put my finger in my mouth and swirled my tongue around my finger, tasting myself while I let my other hand rub hard on my clit. my body couldn’t keep still as I writhed pleasure, the harder I rubbed the more I moaned and my body jerked and thrusted as I came imagining my wetness all over his face.
I got back up and slid my jeans back on, I still had to get on with this assignment even though I was distracted with him.
An hour passed and I still couldn’t get him out of my mind, I wanted him, I couldn’t help it, he was sexy and I could tell me must have wanted me too, I knew he would be thinking about me as well, hoping I would come back for some more help, so he could look some more. I could feel myself getting turned on again, the warm throbbing sensation in my pussy, my breathing a little heavier. I quickly took my jeans and thong off and reached into my drawer. Still sat at my desk I leaned back in the chair and spread my legs on the desktop. I smiled and looked at my vibrator, I always had fun with it. I turned it on to just vibrate gently, it was too much to take on full power at first, and held it against my clit, my thighs instantly twitching with pleasure, I closed my eyes and bit my lip as I let the feeling build in my pussy. it started to throb hard so I turned it on to full power and groaned as it touched my clit biting my lip harder. I knew I would cum very quickly, but I wanted to feel it inside me, and imagine being fucked by Mr Jones. I pushed it as far as it would go into my pussy and turned the rotation on, it felt so good and I pushed the vibrating part harder onto my clit and fondled my breasts with my other hand. I was lost in thoughts of him fucking me on my desk, pushing his cock into my pussy and fucking me so hard it hurt. I imagined his cock being big and wide, so that he would feel all of my pussy. I began quickly pushing the vibratory in and out quickly, fucking myself with it, “fuck me harder” I heard myself say, the vibrator still on my clit, and I came again, nearly screaming with pleasure.
I managed to get my mind back onto the questions and by 6pm I had finished, it had been a long but fun day. I checked my timetable tomorrow and realised I had another economics lecture tomorrow “shit” I thought to myself and felt my cheeks blush. I hadn’t expected to see him again so soon after my fantasies of him. “ill just sit at the back” I thought to myself, I could just skip it but I really needed to go to make sure I understood it, it was one module I couldn’t afford to miss.
I made myself some tea before getting ready to go out for pound a drink night with my friends. Id been looking forward to it all day. I put on my favourite jeans and going out top with some sandals and headed out the door. We were out with our first drink for 8pm, it was gonna be one of those long d***ken nights I thought. I had totally forgotten about my thoughts of Mr Jones having fun and dancing with my mates, maybe I wouldn’t feel embarrassed after all.
A few drinks later I was feeling quite d***k, and to my surprise I found myself again thinking about Mr Jones, feeling horny again, wanting him again. I couldn’t seem to control it and my pussy was throbbing, I could feel myself getting wet just thinking about him. I didn’t bother to say goodbye to my friends I just wanted to get him, so I jumped in a taxi and headed home. The journey back seemed so long as I squirmed in the seat, all I wanted to do was touch myself. When the taxi pulled up I paid and ran inside. Quickly slamming the door behind me I threw off my jeans and leant against the door. I started rubbing my clit hard and fast. It felt so good I didn’t want to stop, but my pussy was so wet I wanted to feel it on my fingers. I slid one inside my pussy and let the juices slide down my thigh, it felt so warm, I quickly put another inside and fucked myself, I wanted him so badly as I slid a third finger in pussy, fucking myself harder, I carried on thrusting my fingers deep inside my pussy and I came thinking about him fucking me from behind.
I lay in bed that night thinking about tomorrows lecture, I didn’t feel embarrassed anymore but excited, I wanted to see him again. I thought came to my mind, if he could do this to me, I must be doing it to him, I wanted to tease him during the lecture, make him feel how I felt. I decided that in the morning I would get to the lecture early and sit down on the front row and a short little denim skirt with no knickers I could tease him so badly, crossing and uncrossing my legs. I smiled and shut my eyes, hoping the morning would come soon.
My alarm woke me and I shot out of bed. I felt horny already, fuck knows how I was going to last an hours lecture! I jumped in the shower and washed my hair, I was going to straighten it and look extra sexy. I shaved my legs too, I wanted them to look smooth and silky in my little skirt and feel so touchable.
I spent the next half an hour choosing my sexiest denim skirt, the one that would look best to him as I was sat there. I carefully did my make up, straightened my hair and put plenty of moisturiser on my legs so they looked and felt soft. I had to leave soon if I wanted to get there early so I checked myself once more in the mirror and headed out the door.
When I arrived at University I could feel boys looking at me, it was quite a turn on, knowing they fancied me, and assured me Mr Jones would like what he saw too. As I got the lecture room there was a few people in there, some at the back and middle but nobody at the front. I made my way to the middle of the row where I would be in his eye line all the time. Ten minutes past and the room started filling up, I kept my head down as I didn’t want my friends to see me and sit with me or ask me what I was doing. This was my secret, soon it would be his too. No one else had sat on the front row apart from one Chinese girl on the end, and my friends were safely at the back with not a clue I was there. It was nearly 11 so the lecture would start soon, and just then he walked in, the man I had spent yesterday fantasising about, and I couldn’t for him to notice me.
I didn’t want to start teasing straight away. I wanted to wait until he had seen me, and sure enough ten minutes in he looked directly at me then directly at my legs, “true to form” I thought to myself as I remembered him looking down my top at my boobs. I smiled gently and looked back hoping to distract him, it seemed to be working. Now I could start having some fun with him. I started by playing with my hair sexily, winding it around my fingers and biting my bottom lip. He looked my way again and I licked my lips subtly, I knew it was working when he stuttered at the same time. I then reached down and placed my left hand on my thigh and slid my hand down my leg past my knee, I slid it back up and began lightly stroking up and down, it was all very subtle but enough to make him flustered staring at him as I did it. This time as I my hand stroke upwards I let my thumb disappear under the hem of my skirt, I did this a few more time, again biting my lip. He was getting hot under the collar now, he unfastened his top button while changing a slide and wiped his hand across his brow. It was working so well. Now it was time to really tease him. I looked at him again, staring into his eyes until they caught mine, he couldn’t help but look every 10 seconds as it was. He must have been wondering what I would be doing next each time, not wanting to miss any of it. So as I soon as I caught his eye I crossed my legs, I wasn’t wearing any underwear and I knew he had seen me when his jaw seemed to drop slightly. I felt dirty and I loved it. I was getting wet myself now and I could feel in on the seat. I uncrossed my legs again so he could see my pussy another time, and sat with my legs slightly apart, he was the only one in the room who could see what I was doing, not even the Chinese girl had a clue. Now I just sat with my legs apart, my pussy doing the work for me, and occasionally licked my lips again or bit my lip, or just gave him a really sexy dirty look that said I wanted him. He couldn’t keep his eyes of me, in fact his eyes were less on me and just fixed on my pussy. I wondered if he could see it was wet, my juices shining on the juicy pink lips. I wondered if he wanted to taste it, if he wanted to put his hard cock inside it as much as I wanted to feel it inside me. I was desperate to touch myself soon. 5 minute before the end of the lecture I made sure my legs were together, that I didn’t look at him, I wanted to look totally disinterested. I wanted him to wonder why I had stopped, let him think he had imagined it all, and leave him desperate too, of course, he didn’t know I would be on my way up to his office soon.
He ended the lecture and left the room before any of the students had got up, he seems in a rush I thought to myself. I kept my head down again so my friends didn’t notice me and made a quick exit out the door. I wanted to go straight up to his office. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do when I got there but I had to go.
I made my way along that corridor, it seemed so long this time, I felt nervous, excited and horny. There were no appointments on his door and without thinking I
Just opened it. He was sat at his desk and spun round in shock, he had been caught. His trousers were pulled down to his thighs and his cock was hard. At first I looked shocked then I smiled and sexily said “hello again Mr Jones, you said I could come back any time and I really need your help”. He still seemed in shock, like a rabbit in headlights. I looked back at his cock, it was big and exactly what I had hoped in my fantasies. “its quite a hard question you have set us” I said teasingly. He quickly pulled his trousers up and I couldn’t help but giggle slightly. It felt so good that I had done that to him, made him so turned on during a lecture that he had to run back to his room to have a wank. I didn’t want to feel caught now though or embarrassed so I sat down on the spare chair and slid my hand under my skirt. Spreading my legs apart so he could see everything I slowly started rubbing my clit, I moaned as I did it and asked him to lock the door. He got up and did as I said. He sat back down in his chair and stared at my fingers moving across my clit. “I’ve been waiting all morning to do this” I said to him. I moved my hand from clit and ran a finger across my pussy feeing its wetness. He was still staring so I slipped my middle finger inside my pussy and pushed it slowly in and out so he could see everything. “that feel so good” I moaned and shut my eyes. Wanting to tease him a little more I took my middle finger and put it in my mouth, “mmmm” I groaned. I licked and sucked it like it was a cock. I could see his cock now under his trousers bulging out, it looked so hard and big. I took my top off so he could see my black lacy bra, “you were a dirty boy, staring at my breasts yesterday” I said stroking my nipples through the bra. He smiled and looked a little embarrassed, he cant of known I had seen him. “I thought about it all day yesterday,” I said, “I have felt so horny since I saw you, and cant help but touch myself and make myself cum fantasising about you”.
I walked over to his chair and straddled across him. It was one of those big posh office chairs. We started kissing passionately, our tongues going deep into each others mouths, our body pressed against each other. I could feel his cock throbbing hard underneath me so wriggled and grinded my body against it. I moved from kissing him to his neck where I kissed gently towards his ears. I let my tongue lightly run around the edge of his ear before pushing it into his ear. He groaned and breathed heavily and I knew he liked it. “I want you” I whispered in his ear before going back to kissing him again. I had to see that cock again, so I knelt up on the chair so I could get to the zip. As I did you could see the wet patch on his trousers from my pussy. Neither of us seemed to care that he was married, it just all felt so good. I quickly undid his trousers and he slid them off for me, keeping his boxers on still and I lowered myself back onto his lap. His cock felt even bigger now and I rubbed my pussy against it. I wanted to get to his cock properly now though, I wanted to touch it and feel it. So I moved back on the chair further down his legs so I had enough room play with it. His hands were still around me so I moved them onto my breasts, “ I know you want to touch them” I whispered, and we both hands he caressed each one, grabbing and stroking. At the same time I pulled his boxers down as far as I could and let his cock out. I stoked my hand gently up and down, it was already so hard, I could even see it pulse each time, I liked teasing it and he groaned with pleasure. I started to wank him off properly, his eyes were closed, still pulling at my breasts. It felt so big in my hand too, I had to feel it my pussy. But I didn’t want this to be a one off encounter, I had to see him again and I had to leave him wanting much more. I stopped what I was doing and got off the chair. I put my top back on and straightened my skirt, leaving him sat in the chair with a hard on. “ I have to go now im afraid”
“what!” he replied “I have to go, but I want to carry on where he left off, pick me up at Tree Road at 8pm tonight” before he could even say anything I had gone out the door.
I smiled all the way back down the corridor reliving every moment in that office. I couldn’t wait for 8pm tonight.
At 7.30 that night I made sure I still looked good, I had been thinking about it all day but wanted to save myself for tonight when he fucked me. It was so hard not to play with myself or use the vibrator. I wondered if he had had a wank or not. I still wanted to wear the skirt so I just changed my top, put some sexy heels on and touched up my make up and made my way to Tree Road. Nobody I knew lived round there and it was quiet which is why I had suggested it, I didn’t give him a chance to say no, I knew he would be there, he wanted me as much as I wanted him, he wouldn’t be able to not find out what would have happened.
At 3 minutes to 8 a dark blue Audi TT pulled up by the side of the road, the number plate read J0NE5. “Midlife crisis” I thought to myself and smiled. I opened the door and got in the car, it had a pale cream leather interior, and big soft seats that hugged your body. “nice car Mr Jones” I said and smiled, he sped off quickly, probably scared he might see someone he knows. “where are you taking me then?” I asked. “you will find out soon” I replied. He seemed more relaxed now, more into it and not so scared and it seemed so much more exciting. As he was driving I reached over to his thigh and ran my hand up and down the inside towards his cock, getting a little closer each time. As I got the top I let my hand stroke over the top of his trousers, his cock already seemed to be getting hard.
I didn’t seem to recognise where we were, it seemed quiet and not many cars about. Just then he turned into a small lane and into an empty car park. “so this is what you had planned then” I said and smiled. He turned the engine off and we both undid our seatbelts. Before I knew it he leaned over and started kissing me, it was as if it was a different man to the scared one in the office, I liked it. Were kissing hard and fast and it felt so good, it was so erotic knowing what we were doing and where we were.
I took my top off, and started playing with my nipples, while he kissed my neck. “shall I make us more comfortable?” he asked, “yeah go on” I replied. And he put both our seats back as far as they go, I lay back on the seat and took my bra off. “suck my nipples” I said to him. He got between my legs and did as I said , slowly circling his tongue around them at first, then darting his tongue across my nipples before taking my nipple in his mouth and sucking it gently. I ran my fingers up and down his back. “that feels so nice” I said to him. “I want to taste you like you tasted your finger” he whispered to me. I pushed his head down my body towards my throbbing pussy. I still had my denim skirt on so he pulled it up to my waist and kissed back down the inside of my thighs. “this is just like my fantasises” I moaned. He let his mouth lightly tease my pussy, his lips brushing over my lips and over my clit. I could feel his hot breath and I couldn’t take it anymore. Grabbing the back of his head I pressed him into my pussy and he started by licking from the bottom of my pussy, his tongue parting my lips and all the way up to my clit. There his tongue danced across is, making my thighs twitch with pleasure. “you taste so good, I want more” he whispered as his tongue made its way back to my pussy, parting the lips again. but this time he didn’t lick back up, he pushed his tongue deep inside me and I moaned loudly. He was so good, thrusting his tongue in and out, reaching all the right places inside me. I reached my hand to my nipples and started playing with them again. licking back up across my clit he kissed back up my tummy towards my nipples where I was playing and kissed me deeply again. I could taste my pussy on his tongue.
I pulled his shirt over his head and then reached down to unbutton his trousers. His cock was hard now, waiting to be touched. As I unzipped them I reached inside just to feel how hard it was, I had forgotten just how big it felt. Sliding his trousers and his boxers down I noticed his body, I hadn’t seen it in the office, he kept his shirt on, but he had a well defined body and toned abs, it was hard to believe he was 45 when I saw his body. He had a firm toned bum and I slapped it, “ you’re such a bad boy Mr Jones, what would Mrs Jones say?” slapping it again. I reached down to his cock and started playing with it. Running my hand along the pulsing shaft. We swapped positions so I could get to his cock easier. I was between his legs now, his cock throbbing in my hands. As I began to wank him off I asked him what he would like me to do, “suck my cock you dirty girl” he replied. I quickly my head down towards his cock and licked from the base of his cock all the way to the top and slowly back down again, like a juicy ice lolly, savouring every taste. Each time I got to the top I swirled my tongue around the head and it throbbed in my mouth. This time at the top I lowered my mouth over the whole length of his cock taking it a little further each time I came back up and down. Sucking cocks always turned me on and made me wet, I had to use my other hand to reach down to my pussy and rub my clit. As my head moved faster up and down his cock, my tongue still winding and licking around the top his moans became louder “I want to fuck you” he groaned. “I want you to fuck me” I replied. I moved from between his legs and straddles him just as I had done in his office, again I lowered myself onto his lap, grabbing his cock I rubbed it against my pussy and my clit and smiled at him. “I’ve never had a cock as big as yours” I said. With that I lowered myself on it and groaned as it went it all the way deep inside my pussy. We began fucking as I thrust up and down on his cock, each time he pushed back making it feel so deep. It was so wet and warm and felt so nice. He sat up and started sucking at my nipples again as we carried on fucking, “I love to be fucked” I whispered in his ear. Hearing that he threw me to the other seat on my back and got between my legs. before I knew it his cock was so far inside me and he was fucking me hard and fast. “please fuck me harder” I groaned at him. I knew I would cum soon, I had been so turned on, not just by this time in the car but in his office today too. “where do you want me to cum?” “inside me, please cum inside me” I replied. We weren’t using a condom but I didn’t care, I wanted to feel his cum feel my pussy. His cock was so big that it hurt the harder he fucked me, he was rubbing against my clit too, and everything inside me was throbbing hard. “im gonna cum” I moaned loudly at him. And that with the thought of him filling my pussy made me orgasm to hard I couldn’t help but scream. He came at the same time too the thoughts my pussy throbbing around his cock, cumming on it and screaming made him moan loudly in my ear.
It took us both a while to catch our breath. I had enjoyed that so much.
We put our clothes back on and adjusted the seats. “I haven’t felt like that for years” he said to me as he turned the engine on, “thank you” he said and kissed me on the cheek. “maybe you I can make you feel like that again soon” I replied. “ I would like that” he said back as we drove home. I wrote my number down on a scrap of paper and slid it in his trousers pocket.
“text me, we can do anything you want” I said as I got out of the car.

That night he was all I could think about, I had loved every minute of it. I was day dreaming about being fucked in his car when my phone beeped. My heart was racing, hoping it would be him. It wasn’t from a number I knew and my heart raced even faster. “ thanks for tonight, I had fun x” it read. I grinned, I didn’t want to reply and look too keen but inside I couldn’t of been happier. I knew he wanted me again, like I wanted him, but I just couldn’t wait until the morning, I had to reply now. “you’re welcome, any time, see you soon” I simply replied. quickly my phone beeped again with his reply. “You will, cant wait” it read.
I jumped in bed excited about our next meeting, I couldn’t wait either and I hoped he would tell me soon. That night I went to sl**p thinking about everything that happened that day, I could remember every detail and every moment, just thinking about it all made me feel so excited about our next meeting.

The next morning I woke to the sound of my phone beeping. I couldn’t believe it when it was him again. “hope you slept well, pick you up in the same place tonight 7 pm, dress up, im taking you out” it read. I smiled and put my phone down, my mind racing about what he had in store for me. I was expecting another trip out in the car, not to be taken out all dressed up. “oh my god what do I wear!” I thought to myself. It had to be sexy and sophisticated, I wanted to look good. I lay in bed thinking about what might happen tonight, would it be as good as last night, I just couldn’t wait. The thoughts of just seeing him again made me feel aroused, that familiar warm feeling in my pussy began to build again. I shut my eyes and let my body relax, all I wanted to do was reach under the covers and touch myself.
But I knew I had to get up and get in the shower, I had to wash my hair and shave my legs and make sure my pussy was neat and trimmed, and go shopping for something to wear, “better get a move on Sandy” I said to myself.
I lathered up my hair with shampoo and I still couldn’t help thinking about him. I was still aroused from earlier, my pussy still tingled and I still felt that warm ache. It wouldn’t go away. As the lather flowed down my naked body I began to massage it into my breasts, I sighed and it felt nice. The water felt good on my nipples too, the pressure was high and it ticked them. My legs started to feel weak as I became more turned on, thoughts of him in my mind and thoughts of what we would do tonight. I moved the shower head from its stand and held it closer to my nipples, it felt so good but it wasn’t enough. I needed to feel it on my pussy. Moving the shower head down my body I shivered with excitement. I placed one leg on the side of the bath and let the water tease my pussy and my clit. I closed my eyes and remembered last night, getting fucked hard in that car by his big cock. I moaned as I spread my pussy lips and let the water concentrate on my clit. It made my legs quiver. Imagining that made me want to finger myself, so I managed to push my middle finger inside my pussy while still holding my lips apart. I moved my finger inside me, swirling it against my pussy, moaning and groaning as I did, it all felt so erotic. I wanted to feel like I was getting fucked. I grabbed my shaving gel, it was the perfect size. It was a travel size and was just right to put inside me, not too big but beg enough to feel like cock. Still with a foot on the side of the bath I thrust it inside me and fucked myself fast and hard, the water was still concentrating on my clit and it felt good. It felt deep inside me as I pushed a little further, I wanted cock again so badly. I wanted to taste it and feel it. It made me cum quickly, I moaned as my legs shook and my body went weak. My head was dizzy with excitement and the intense feelings as my pussy pulsed hard around the can of shaving gel.

Getting dressed I decided to have a look at what to wear. I had nothing sexy and sophisticated, I guess I wasn’t that kind of girl. “good excuse to go shopping” I thought to myself.
I got the bus into town and began thinking about what I could buy, I didn’t really know where to start. Definitely a skirt and top or dress I thought to myself. I wanted to show my legs off.
I went round a few shops not seeing anything I wanted or that was right for tonight. I was getting fed up and there was only a few shops left in town. But just then I spotted the perfect outfit in a shop window. It was a fitted boned strapless top in black with a few black sequins on it, just enough to make it stand out and look special but not enough to look tacky. It was with a plain black satin pencil skirt, just above the knee with a long slit up the thigh. I couldn’t wait to get in there and try it on. “can I try the outfit in the window in an 8 please” I said excitedly to the sales assistant . “of course, ill bring it to your changing room” she said as another led me away. The changing room itself was posh, it was big with 3 mirrors so you could see yourself from the side and behind. There was perfume, tissues and sweets in the cubicle. It had a soft carpet, large velvet curtains and gold plated fittings. I didn’t know how much the outfit would be but judging by this place it would be a lot.
The lady brought it in and I undressed quickly. I first put the skirt on, it was lovely and fitted perfectly. Then I slid the top on and zipped it up. It made my boobs look brilliant and looked fantastic with the skirt. I stepped out the changing room to look in the bigger mirror. I knew it was the outfit.
I put my clothes back on and made my way to the till. “you’re lucky this has just gone into the sales” the lady said. I didn’t look as she scanned them. “that’s £100 exactly please” surprised I handed over my card. I had expected it to be much more, it was definitely worth more.
I walked out the shop smiling and excited about wearing my knew outfit. I looked at my watch and it was nearly 4. “shit I better get home” I realised I didn’t have so much time left.
As I walked in a ran straight to my room to hang up my new outfit, and as I was doing my phone beeped from a text message. “my cock is hard just thinking about you tonight” it read. I quickly replied “I cant wait to see it, I made myself cum in the shower thinking about you this morning”. I was becoming aroused again so easily, but I wanted to save myself for tonight.
I started getting ready at 5. I first straightened my hair, I always felt sexy when it was straight and I thought it would look best with the outfit, but I started feeling nervous, where would we be going, what if it was too posh, what if he sees someone he knows. I went to the kitchen and poured a glass of wine to calm my nerves and went back to put my make up on. I went for a sexy dark eyes look with glossy kissable lips. As I sipped my wine my nerves started to disappear and I felt excited again and I went to put my new outfit on. It was even better then I remembered on. It fitted like a glove. I smoothes some moisturiser on my arms and legs to make my skin extra touchable and looked in the mirror. I sat down and drank a little more of my wine until it was time to leave.
Looking at my watch I realised it was time to leave. I gave one last check in the mirror and then spritzed my sexy perfume over my body and headed out the door.
I got to the same place at 5 to 7 and he was already there. I had butterflies of excitement in my tummy. He got out and greeted me with a kiss. “you look fantastic” he said. “thanks, you don’t look so bad yourself” I replied. he was dressed in a tailored suit with an open shirt under the jacket, it was a look that suited him and he looked sexy, especially when I caught the scent of his aftershave.
“where are we going?” I asked as he drove off. “you’re impatient aren’t you” he said and smiled. I didn’t recognise where we were going and we seemed to be heading towards the countryside somewhere. But it wasn’t long before I saw a sign saying woodlands country hotel. “Looks posh,” I thought to myself. “is this where we are going then?” “well done Sherlock”, he said laughing “hope you are hungry I booked a table here” I realised then that I hadn’t eaten a thing all day, I had been to excited to eat or even feel hungry. “starving!” I replied. we got out the car and he went to the boot, I was puzzled as to what he would need from the boot for a meal out. He took out a small bag and box I looked at him even more puzzled “you’re not going home tonight” he said smiling, “I booked us a room” I was shocked and couldn’t think of anything to say except “cool, thanks!” we made our way to reception, my mind still excited that we were here. I looked around while he was talking to the girl on reception. It was definitely posh, there was chandeliers everywhere and thick red carpets, it looked like the kind of place famous people would come to get away from people. The porter took his bags and we were shown to dining room. There was quite a lot of people. All very dressed up in expensive looking clothes. “thank fuck I went shopping” I thought to myself. “you really do look amazing” he said and kissed me on the cheek. The table was round and quite smalls so were close to each other. It had those big heavy table clothes that go to the floor and a candle in the middle. I couldn’t help but stare and look around at things, I had never been anywhere like this before. Just then I heard him say something. “your best champagne please” I spun round in shock as he spoke to the wine waiter. “whets the occasion!” I said in surprise. “nothing, im here with a beautiful woman I want to spoil” he replied. “fair enough!” I replied. and started to look at the menu. I didn’t know what half of it was. I didn’t want to look stupid and ask what some of it meant so I went for something I kind of knew. I did know what the desserts meant though and couldn’t wait try them.
The wine waiter came back with the champagne and he poured us our glasses before returning it to the cooler. I took a sip, it was different to any I had tasted before, but it was nice and I finished my first glass quickly. I didn’t really know what to talk to him about, we didn’t have anything in common, he was 45 and I was 20. he broke the ice by asking what I had done today. I told him about going shopping and he seemed interested. “why don’t you tell me a little more about your shower this morning” I smiled and said “what do you want to know?” “tell me what you thought about” “I was thinking about last night, getting fucked in your car by your big hard cock” I whispered.
“how did you make yourself cum?”
“I spread my pussy lips and let the water from the shower hit my clit, it felt so good”, “is that all?”
“no, after I put my finger in my pussy I fucked myself with a small can of shaving gel, I wanted to feel your cock inside me again”.
“you’re a dirty girl aren’t you” he replied as the waiter delivered the starter. It looked amazing but all I could think about was the way I felt, I was feeling so horny now, just talking about what I did in the shower, and him asking me.
I was feeling more and more horny as I ate, watching him eat, imagining him kissing me again, touching my body. I wondered if he was thinking the same. My pussy was throbbing now as the waiter took the plates away. I reached my hand under the table and put it on his thigh, slowly reaching my hand towards his groin. I wanted to feel if he was hard. I ran my hand to his cock and sure enough if it was hard, it felt so big in his trousers and I couldn’t help myself but stroke it a little. I could feel it throb under my hand, I licked my lips lightly as I looked at him.
“what do you want to do tonight” I whispered in his ear, “remember I said we can do anything” “im sure I can think of something” he replied and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. My body tingled all over. “I want you” I whispered back.
The waiter returned with the main course, it too looked good. The presentation was immaculate and the food tasted lovely, I didn’t even want to think about how much it cost. I had a chicken dish and every mouthful tasted so good, but I still felt horny and the feelings didn’t go away. I reached my hand under the table to his cock every now and again and he was hard each time “your cocks so hard” I whispered in his ear as we were finishing the main course. “is your pussy wet” he whispered back. I moved my hand from his cock and spread my legs apart. I stroked one finger along my pussy lips, sliding my hand inside my black satin thong, my juices flowed over my finger, I was definitely wet. I took one of his hand under the table and moved it to my pussy. Pulling my thing to one side I moved one of his fingers in the same way I had along my pussy to feel the wetness. He gave me a look that said he wanted to be inside me. I was so horny and the teasing was too much to take. “Do you mind if I play with myself?” I asked quietly “of course not” he said. I knew he would be desperate to watch but he would have to wait. My knickers were still pulled to one side so I placed my hand back to my pussy and slowly rubbed my clit “tell me what your doing” he breathed. “im gently rubbing my fingers on my clit, it feels so nice” I carried on and he asked “put your finger in your pussy for me” I smiled and slid my middle finger inside, he knew I had done when I shut my eyes and bit my lip. It was so erotic knowing nobody had a clue what we were doing. “I wish I could see” he said as I pushed my finger in and out gently fucking myself. I reached for his hand the table and placed it over my hand so he could feel it, and then with my other hand I reached back over to his cock, rubbing it through his trousers.
We had finished our meals now and the waiter was returning to collect the dishes.
“would you like desserts?”
“no I don’t think so” he replied and I knew we must be going straight to the room.
“send the rest of the champagne to the room please” he said before the waiter left.
“ that was a lovely meal, thank you” I said, your welcome, now you can do something for me” “id love to, I replied.
As we stood up he made sure he was behind be to hide his hard cock bulging through his trousers.
We made our way to the lift, our room was on the 5th floor. He stood behind be still with his hands on my hips, I loved the feel of him touching my body. The lift pinged and we went in, and before the doors were even shut we were kissing each other. It was fast and passionate, we had been waiting all night as he grabbed at my body. His hand slit up the long slit n my skirt and pulled the side of my thong down. He pushed me against the side of the lift and lifted one of my legs, our bodies pressed against each other and I could feel his cock hard against me. “I’ve been waiting to do this again since yesterday he said as he pushed 2 fingers inside my pussy, I moaned in his ear as he pushed them deeper, the lift was now on level 3, we only had 2 more to go. “your pussy feels so nice” he whispered as I let my tongue around his ear. Before we knew it the lift had reached floor 5. there was no one there luckily. I pulled my skirt back to normal and followed him to find our room.
The champagne was waiting outside the room as he asked. He opened the door and I saw the room. It was huge and just as posh as the rest of the hotel, the thick carpets, the chandeliers and the gold plating, and in the middle of the room was a large four poster bed. On the bed were the bag out the car and the box.
“I brought you a present” he said pointing at the box. “can I open it?” I said excitedly.
He nodded as I opened the box. I took the lid off to reveal a sheet of pale pink tissue paper. I folded it back to reveal a beautiful and sexy underwear set. “wow, this is gorgeous!” I looked at it a little closer and saw the name of the label, “agent provocateur” it read. It must have cost a fortune. It was black sheer fabric, with embroidery on it, it had a lilac bow at the front of the plunge shaped bra, the matching pants were just us nice, the same sheer fabric, letting you see everything, the embroidery just hiding a little and little lilac bows side. “go and try it on” he said as I was still looking at it. I smiled and made my way to the bathroom with my present.
I unzipped my skirt and top and placed them on the chair in the bathroom with my own underwear. I carefully put the bra on and tied the little bow. It looked good, and made my boobs look nice. You could see my nipples through it easily. I then slid the little matching pants on and retied the little bows. They were the only thing holding them on as there was no elastic around the middle. I looked at myself in the mirror. It must have been £100 worth of underwear. I loved it and the way it looked. I felt so sexy in it, I wanted to show him how sexy I looked too. The hotel had provided dressing gowns and bath robes, so I pulled on the silky dressing gown over my new present so I could surprise him. as I opened the door he look up excitedly then looked a little disappointed. “don’t you like it?” he asked. “I love it, just wanted to surprise you” I replied. he was sat on a chair so I made my way over and slowly untied the front of my dressing gown and let slide over my shoulders to the floor. He looked me up and down and smiled, “you look better than I could of imagined” I pulled him up out of the chair and we started kissing, it was different this time, more gentle and slower. We kissed deeply, out tongues pushing inside each others mouths as if it were sex. As we kissed his hands ran up and down my body, feeling every inch of my skin. I pulled away and began to unbutton his shirt, revealing that toned body from yesterday. I pulled it down his arms and let it fall to the floor, I kissed back up his neck and whispered “tell what your wife wont do?” he looked at me and whispered “she wont do anal sex” in my ear, I quickly whispered “I will” back. He started kissing me again, harder this time, his hands were everywhere, frantically grabbing at my body. He began walking me over to the bed, I reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers. His cock was so hard, he must have been desperate to feel it inside me now, after being so turned on during our meal. “I love your cock” I said smiling as I pulled his boxers down. It really was big, it must have been nearly 8 inches. I shivered as I remembered how it felt inside me yesterday, I was desperate to feel it too. “ I was kind of hoping we might do this he said after you said we could do anything I want” he said. I sat on the bed while he opened his bag My pussy was throbbing so hard and I could feel my juices between my thighs, I just wanted to be touched down there. I couldn’t help myself but spread my legs apart and stroke my clit, I moaned as my fingers moved and my pussy throbbed harder. He looked at me seeing what I was doing. “you are a naughty girl” he said as he pulled a bottle of lube from his bag. “I am, what are you gonna do to me?” I asked, “fuck you in the ass”, he replied, I smiled and turned onto all fours as he put a condom over his cock and spread it with lube. He untied one side of the pants letting them fall to one side and passed the lube to me, letting it drip on my fingers, I smoothed it around my ass letting my hand brush over my pussy as I did. “ im ready” I said turning and smiling, still on all fours. He leaned over and kissed me all the way down my spine and got goosebumps over my body. The next thing I felt was the end of his cock slowly teasing its way inside me, feeling it a little deeper every second. I reached my hand to my hard nipples, rubbing and lightly pinching them. It felt good “fuck me” I moaned, and with that he began to gently thrust his cock inside me, it took a minute to get used to but as I relaxed it began to feel fantastic. “that feels good, I want to feel all your cock” I groaned as I felt it go a little deeper. As he held onto my hips I moved my hand down towards my pussy, I had to touch it, it was aching to be played with and I rubbed hard at my clit. As he noticed me touching myself he asked me to fuck myself with my fingers. He was moaning now too and I slid my middle finger deep inside my pussy. I thrust my fingers in time with him thrusting in my ass and I knew I would cum soon, “please fuck me harder, im gonna cum soon” I moaned. With that he thrust faster and deeper, and I fucked my pussy harder with my fingers, our moans got louder and I knew he was about to cum too, and with one last hard thrust we both came, my pussy tightened around my fingers, my whole body pulsing and throbbing inside. I could feel his cock throbbing too. Neither of us could move for a minute. “thank you” he said as we both lay on the bed. “your welcome!” I replied, trying to catch my breath.
When he returned from the bathroom he came back to lie next to me. I had tied the knickers back on. “you wont be needing them” he said softly. “sorry?” I replied. “im not done with you yet, its my turn to say thank you”. With that he leaned over and started to kiss me again, it was warm and wet and felt good. He moved a hand from my face to my boobs and started rubbing my nipples. They were hard again now and I was longing for him to suck them. He read my mind and kissed slowly down my neck before reaching my chest. Sliding my bra off my shoulders he pulled one breast out of the bra and slowly licked around my nipple, I was tingling all over now and wanted more. He let his tongue dance over the nipple, teasing me, before taking it in his mouth. It felt good as he sucked and licked. I could feel my pussy starting to throb and ache again. It still needed cock. He started to slowly kissed down my body now, down my tummy and bag up to my nipples. Each kiss made me throb and made me a little wetter. I looked down towards his cock, I wanted to see it again, and it was starting to get hard. I reached down and took it in my hand and started to lightly stroke it, each movement made it harder, the same as each kiss made me wetter, we wanted each other again. his hands slid down my body towards my pussy as if to tease as he went to stroke my thighs. He spread my legs apart so he could get to stroke inside, I was so ticklish there and it always turned me on. My pussy was like a tap now. “im so wet, I need to be touched” I whispered. With that he moved down my body to between my legs and pushed my legs wide apart. He kissed the same ticklish spot inside my thighs and it made my body quiver. I remembered how good it was before when he licked my pussy and I couldn’t wait to feel it again. he let his tongue lick from inside my thigh to the start of my pussy and licked over the lips lightly. “please don’t tease me I need to feel it” I moaned and he quickly slid his tongue inside me. I let out a loud moan as I felt it enter me. he thrust his tongue in and out, fucking me with it, it felt good but I still needed cock. I pulled him up from between my legs and started to kiss him. I could taste my pussy on him and it only turned me on more. “I really need to be fucked” I whispered. “I want some cock”. To my surprise he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him. we began kissing again as he carried me, I wasn’t sure where we were going until we reached the desk. He dropped my gently on it and I knew this is where he wanted to fuck me. He grabbed hi cock and began to wank him off, it was so hard again. he closed his eyes as I quickly moved my hand, I let my other hand move down to my pussy, you could see the table wet already where I was sat shining under my pussy as I started to finger myself. I stopped and let him suck my fingers as I wanked him. I couldn’t wait any longer now for it and I put the end of his big cock in my wet pussy. I pushed my body closer and pulled him forward deep inside me grabbing his bum. My legs were spread with my heals on the desk, it let his cock go all the way inside me, I loved feeling all filled up inside, every inch of pussy satisfied by feeling this big hard dick inside it. He was pushing it deep inside me, watching himself in the mirror behind me, his groans were getting louder and faster and I knew he would cum soon. We were kissing as hard and fast as we were fucking. I moved from his mouth to nibble at his ear, he moaned loudly as I pushed my tongue in his ear, “I love to be fucked hard” I whispered. “where do you want me to cum” he moaned back. “on my boobs” I wanted to watch him and feel him cum on me. I could feel his body tense up as he thrust his dick hard and just then he pulled it out and wanked it onto my boobs as I had asked. It felt hot and sticky, I liked watching his face as he came. He stood with his cock in his hand catching his breath. “im not finished” I said in a dirty voice as he started to watch me spread his cum into my boobs with my fingers. “you filthy bitch” he said as he watched. He knew I hadn’t cum again yet so he moved his hand to my pussy and started to finger me. with 2 fingers fucking me used his thumb to rub my clit. It felt so nice and I was already nearly ready to cum, I knew it wouldn’t be long. Wanting him to see more I put 2 fingers in my mouth to taste him. I licked them up and down and swirled by tongue around them before taking them in my mouth and sucking them. The thought of sucking his cock like that with him playing with pussy made me cum loudly. My body went tense like his as my pussy pulsed around his fingers still inside me.

After he helped me down from the table and I had cleaned myself up in the bathroom I put the nice silky dressing gown back on. He was in the bathroom and I had a nose around the room. What were we going to do now, I thought to myself. I didn’t want the night to be over yet, but he had fucked me twice now, surely he couldn’t manage it again, and he was over 40 after all. Then I noticed the TV. I decided to switch it on and see what was on while he was in the bathroom. Beside the bed was the channel listings for the extra sky channels they had. It all looked pretty boring until I turned to the other side. They had porn films on it, there was 6 altogether. All you had to do was enter your room number as the pin it said, so without a second thought I chose one and entered our room number. I knew our night wasn’t over yet.

... Continue»
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Buck in the Big Easy Part II - First Time GILF

After my fun night with Ann, there were still a few days left on the trade show. I wanted to see Ann again, but the next night she had a company commitment and it didn't look like we'd get together. I saw her several times during the day - I was so horny just looking at her.

During the day, one of the sales reps from a competitor stopped by to chat, and let me know that they were having a little happy hour after the show closed for Linda - who was known as 'Grandma' - because she was closing in on 60 and had been on the road travelling for almost three decades. I decided I'd stop by - I had met her a few times and she was just an average older lady - not bad looking - but had some wear and tear on her.

After I was done with the day's activities, and did some follow up work, I headed for the happy hour, which was at a Bourbon Street bar - when I got there things were in full swing - obviously folks had cut out a little early from the show - there was a band playing zydeco and it was a joyous crowd. I talked with Melissa - the sales rep whom I knew - and we chatted for a while. I saw Linda talking it up with folks and looking like she'd had a few. Melissa suggested I should take Linda for a dance - so I figured why not and asked her. She had obviously had a few and she went a little crazy on the dance floor. After a few songs she was brushing up against me and she squeezed my butt a few times. I was a little taken aback - she was certainly old enough to be my mom. After a while we were tired from dancing and went and had a drink - a lot of the crowd from her company had left and others were getting ready to - even though it wasn't late. I told Linda I was going to head back to my hotel - and she asked if I'd like to have a drink - why not I thought - and we went back to my hotel where we had a drink in the bar. She ran her hands a few times on my leg and after we downed a drink, suggested we had another - I thought she didn't need one - but we got one and asked for it in a to go cup. I suggested we walk back to her hotel - she suggested we have the drink in my room.

I decided why not - and we went to my room - as soon as we got in there she grabbed me and kissed me. Linda was short, curly dark hair, decent size breasts and a biggish butt - she was a grandmother, after all. She squeezed my butt and I returned the favor - squeezing her butt and then squeezing her breasts. She said she hadn't had it for a long time and she started to pull my shirt off - I quickly undressed and then did the same to her. I sucked on her nipples - big, thick nipples on large breasts that sagged some. I pushed her down on the bed and went down on her - she was a little dry, but with my tongue, lips and fingers was able t get her wet. She was moaning as I found her clit with my tongue and told me it had been a long, long time since a man had performed orally on her. I continued to perform oral, while working a finger in and out of her pussy - which was getting wet - but not sopping wet. After a while she told me she needed my cock in her, so I positioned myself and slowing worked my cock into her pussy - she started to make this strange huffing sound - I thought she was having trouble breathing, but she was moving her hips and working with me - this old lady was turning into a really good fuck. I had her short legs by the ankle and was pushing them back towards her head - she asked me to stop - it hurt her hips, but she wanted me to take her from behind.

I flipped her over - she got on her hands and knees - her big butt looking inviting as I worked my cock back into her pussy. She started to rock back on my cock and yelled for me to fuck her hard - she wanted to cum badly. I started to really work her pussy - my balls slapping against her ass as she moved in rhythm with my strokes. I moved one of my legs up past her hip so I could really drive my cock home - she was moaning and making that huffing noise as she yelled she was going to come - she spasmed a few times and her head collapsed onto the bed as I slowed my tempo and kept pumping her. I started to move my thumb towards her asshole - but she told me know - she wasn't ready for anal - it had been too long. She wanted me to lay on my back and she told me she wanted me to cum in her mouth.

She started to suck my cock - more like face fucking my cock - as she moved her head up and down on my cock, she was still making that huffing sound - it sounded like a train was going down on me! She kept sucking my cock until I exploded in her mouth. She sucked and sucked until she got every drop and then sat up and told me she hadn't been with a man since her 55th birthday. She washed up and got dressed and left for hotel. She was wild - my first GILF and by oldest woman I had been with up to that point. ... Continue»
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On The Road Again Part 1

On the Road Again Part 1

I had been on the road all week and was just passing thru a small town on my way to the next stop of my business trip. It was late and I was getting very tried, I knew it was time to stop and this small town seem to be the right place.
On the outskirts of town was a small but seem very clean Motel called Dream away Motel. The small building had what looked like 10 units and the front sign said open / vacant. I thought to myself as long as I can get online and close my report then maybe surf a few porn sites to satisfy my aching hard on . It had been a week since I was home and at least a month since I had sex with my wife. We had been married 20 years and she was just entering the mid years of no real sex drive. I was just as horny as a high school teen and I was always whacking off in the bathroom or in the shower to control myself.
Anyways I pulled up to the front door and I could see a young lady behind the counter. From a distance I knew she was younger say maybe 18 to 20 years old. Her long blonde hair was held in a pony at the back of her head. Oh how I love a girl in a pony tail. It had been my weakness for as long as I could remember. My first real fuck was with a girl in a pony and I did her doggie style while holder her hair. I’m sure that was why I got so excited when ever I saw a pony tail.
It was now almost 11:30pm, so I shut off my car and walked into the front office. There she stood in her tight running pants; you know the ones that leave nothing to the imagination. She was turned with her back towards me and the pants were eating up between her tight ass cheeks. They were perfect, size and shape and of course you could bounce a quarter off them with no problem. Her slender body was firm and tight. As I slide my eyes up she turned and then I got a full view of her firm and very large breast. Her nipples were pressing against the silky tank top and were full and very erect. I have seen my share of tits but they were the best I had seen in a very long time. I continued up and then looked this young lady straight in the eye. Her long shoulder length blond hair was only adding to her beauty. With a grin and smile she said “Hi can I help you tonight?” My mind was racing at what see might help me with, my cock was jumping in my pants and I knew I must have looked little lost to her. I was able to muster the words “Yes I need a room for the night please “She once again grinned and said “No Problem is it just for you or are there others in your party? “ I said “Oh no just me myself and I “. She giggled and turned to reach for a key. “Here take room 18, it’s at the back and there is no one else around it. You can make all the noise you want or not!! . I dropped my credit card and signed the registry. And off I went out the door. As I walked out she smiled and said “I work here till mid night so if you need anything just call. My heart jumped at the sound of the word anything. I said Thanks and walked to the door. I looked up and watched her in the security mirror by the door. She was checking me out as I left the office. I jumped in the car and pulled around to the rear of the building. In the back corner right beside what looked like a small onsite apartment I saw the number 18. It had a star beside the number which seems to make me thing of what the room maybe like. My Hard cock was aching to be released from my pants so I could jerk off. I grabbed my laptop and my suitcase and headed for the door. I slide the key card into the lock and opened the door. The young girl had given me the bridal suite with its king size heart shaped bed and hot tub in the corner. The ceiling had mirrors and the silk sheets were red hot. I was abit shocked but also began to envision the young girl in the bed with me. I walked over to the phone and dialled 0. After 2 rings a sexy voice answered “How do you like the room “I was shocked but then realized she would know what room was calling. I said “Thanks I didn’t expect this much room. She giggled and said “I thought you might like the extras with the room and I don’t think we will have any one looking for the suite tonight now. I said “Thanks again and have a great night “She responded “I hope too “.
My cock again jumped and I knew I had to get it out and jack off or I’d cum in my pants. I dropped my bag on the bed and headed to the washroom. I toke a hot shower which was just what I needed. Well you know what I needed but I didn’t expect to get it tonight. It was now 11:50pm and I stood in the room with a towel wrapped around my waist. I turned on the TV and then went over and began to fill the hot tub. I thought I might as well use it; it should help me fall asl**p. The news was just finishing up and the tub was now almost full. My hard dick was still crying to have some attention and I was just turning the TV to look for some free porn when I heard a slight knock at the door. My heart raced, my mind was not in a fog. Who could be at the door? Could the young girl at the front desk be stopping in like he had dreamed in the shower? He slide over to the door and stood behind it, still in a towel he opened the door slightly and looked out. There standing in a short summer dress, stood Carey with her firm tits just barely covered and her rock hard nipples at full attention. She smiled and said “Just checking to make sure everything is ok and if you needed anything else. My eyes were locked on her tits and her slender figure. My mouth opened and I could only say “Well, I could use” and then she pushed past me and stepped into the room. Her pony tail hitting me directly in the face. She could see that I was excited; my hard cock was standing straight out in front of the towel I had wrapped around my body. I had my share of girl friends before I had got married and all of the girls seem to think I had a large dick that was thicker than most . I had prided myself on keeping my equipment clean both around my dick as well as my balls. My wife would only suck me off if she didn’t get hair in her mouth. She had also measured my shaft one time to confirm with her girl friends that I was just like the rummers had stated “Hung like a horse”. Over the years and after a couple of c***d births she had grown to accept my full girth and enjoyed the fact that I could filler with all of my cock. When we had first gotten married on our wedding night she had almost died at the size of my cock and she was so scared that it would tear her apart if I fucked her with the whole thing. Anyways back to my story and the young fox that was now eyeing up my equipment under my towel. She smiled and said “My name is Carey and I would love to help you out of that towel right about now “This girl was so young and hot, I couldn’t believe she wanted to fuck a mid aged sales men like me. I was sure there would be a line up at any school dance just to hold her tight and rub her body against any red bl**ded young stud. I was still in total shock as she reached for the towel and pulled it back off of my body. My cock was now exposed to her full view and she jumped back slightly. With a gasp she said “OMG that is one big cock you have there!! And I have never seen a man shave his parts so clean. “She smiled and continued to review my now naked body. She smiled when she came back to my dick. And with a smile said “I’m just going to freshen up and I’ll be right back if that’s ok. I nodded my head with making a sound. She turned and bounced off to the washroom and closed the door. I was still in a fog when the door opened and she stepped out in a white lace bra and high cut thong. Her nipples were clearly visible thru the lace of her bra and they were fully erect. The dark brown out line and the pink tips were almost too much to handle. I slide my eyes down her slight figure and over her firm and tanned hips. Then straight into her love nest. It was shaven neatly with a fine line of hair. Her white lace panties slide between her legs and slightly between her pussy lips. They went high over each of her firm hips and then back down between her ass checks. My mouth began to water at the thought of sucking on her love hole. Carey stepped towards me and toke my hard cock into her right hand and with her left she reached for my ass to draw my cock towards her. She bent forwards slightly and placed the head of my hard dick between her warm and wet lips. Her tongue ran along the underside of my penis and out onto my balls. She dropped to her knees and began to allow more of my might tool into her mouth. With slow steady rhythm she began to give me one of the best blow jobs I had ever had in my life. She was experienced with sucking and that was not hard to see. She would allow the shaft to slide out and then suck it back into her mouth. I was lost in a dream. I was getting a blow job from a hot young girl with a pony tail in white lace in a motel room in a small town. The sound of Carey sucking my cock was too much to handle and I placed my hands on her shoulders to hold her tight to my cock. My entire dick was now deep in her mouth and the love seed from my balls was be gaining to spill from the head of my cock. She gagged slightly but then opens her throat and allowed my seed to slide down the back of her mouth and into her throat. It seemed like a live time and a gallon of seed but then I released my grip on her shoulders and allowed her to let my cock slide from her mouth. The white thick cream still on her chin as she stared up into my eyes. “Wow you have great tasting seed as well as a thick dick, I’m glad I stopped in to check on you. “ Will you get hard again shortly or do I need to do a little work to get you ready? “I was just looking at her firm slender body and with those words my cock began to regain its hardness. Carey smiled and said “Wow you’re getting hard again, just like my old boyfriend; He could fuck me all night and never go down.” I smiled and slipped my hands down under her arms and raised her up and onto the bed. I stood there for a movement and toke in the perfect view of her body and then I slide down onto my knees at the side of the bed. With my hands on her hips I slide my tongue under the lace edge of her panties and tasted her sweet love juice. It was so sweet and pure, like it had never been tasted by another man before. I worked my hands up her firm body and was now rubbing her hard nipples thru the lace bra as I continued to lick her love hole thru her lace thong. She was moaning with enjoyment and I knew I would make her cum shortly. My tongue darted out and over her hard clit. She pushed her hips upwards off the bed and into my face. I released her tits form and hands and slipped down over her hips to remove her panties. She was egar to slide them off and open her legs wide in order to allow me full access to her pussy. The site of her love hole was now wet with excitement and her clit was standing up and crying for my lips. She was reaching up to remove her bra as I slipped back down and into her pussy for a deep thrust of my tongue. My cock was now harder than ever and was rubbing against the side of the bed. Carey was now pumping her hips into my face and moaning with joy from my tongue and lips working her clit over. She was about to cum and I knew she was going to go wild. Her back arched and she screamed with pleasure. The cum began to run from her hole and into my mouth. She bucked like a wild mare in heat until she had finished cumming . Then she sat up slightly and whispered “I want to have your hard cock in my body now, I’m wet enough to handle it I’m sure “. With that I stood up and positioned her body at the edge of the bed. Reaching down between our bodies she gilded my head to her open pussy. With one light thrust, the head of my hard cock slipped pasted her lips and she gasped. Waiting only a movement I began to thrust little harder and slide another inch of my hard member into her hole. It was stretching to accocumadte the full width but she was detmined to have it all inside her and she worked her hips back and forth a few times. In movements my entire dick was deep inside her and I was now beginning to fuck her in a slow firm rhythm. Bent down to suck on her hard tits at the same time. She screamed and came again and again before I pulled back and made one deep solid thrust and began to cum deep within her body. My balls were working overtime and the cum just kept spilling from my dick. I could now feel the excess leaking out around my dick and onto her legs. She came again just as I began to withdraw. Her eyes were glazed over and she was weak from excitement.

Part 2 to follow – Rear entry in the hot tub... Continue»
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Leaving Chicago for St.Marteen in mid-winter is not a hardship. O’Hare was full as I walked briskly in my full-length sable coat to board my flight to the sunny Caribbean. This was my reward for entering my company’s 200percent club. Those who achieved 100% of their sales quota had few days off, but the true winners got a special treat. I was going to a gathering of the besters of the best. We would have a minimum of official meetings to satisfy the IRS and the rest was for our fun. Under my coat I wore a smart blue business suit with a skirt that had a slit in front. This was complemented with a white silk blouse. To the outside world I was a poster of conservatism. But, under my suit I was wearing a sheer bra from Victoria’s Secret and no underwear. The rush of the air across my pussy turned me on, especially when I’d be in a room full of men. If they only knew the pleasure that I got from the feeling of power in using my sex to make men worship me when I made them come. Most males in the boarding pen were either fat or appeared too slovenly, or in a few cases, both. Personally I admit to being 39-and-holding. I stand 5-4 and 110 lb. My pussy is tight. My boobs 36C are firm with gorgeous ruby red, long and thick nipples that are to die for. Thanks to Stairmaster, my but is small and round. I love the way I look and making heads turn my way. On the plane I folded my coat into the overhead compartment. My company’s executive who was known as a domineering prick was occupying the isle seat. He was not offering to move and let me into my window seat. Instead of waiting for him to stand in the aisle to let me in, I climbed over his legs while facing him. As I was climbing over his knees, my blouse opened up showing him my hard nipples, my skirt hiked up and he caught a glimpse of my pussy. I knew that I should have shaved. Our eyes were locked onto each other but neither blinked or said a word. I settled in, the hem of my skirt stopped at mid-thigh. I caught his lingering look at me at least he smiled. He was handsome in a boyish way. His blues eyes were bright and piercing. A thick, luscious, silver mane with a part on the left, swept back from his forehead over his ears to a neatly trimmed line at the base of his skull. His black eyebrows hinted that he was not old, but rather, prematurely gray. His flat stomach and muscular chest and arms advertised that he worked out faithfully. Best of all he looked well scrubbed and proud of it. At least his looks were acceptable even though I though all knew him as Jack C., the prick. “Hello Barbara”, that’s all he said. The flight was uneventful. We were polite and business like.

Our plane touched down at the airport and taxied to the arrival gate where the passengers were greeted by a complimentary cocktail of rum and fruit juice. The warm, exotic glow from the rum seemed to loosen the muscles and increase the senses. We arrived at the resort. Two female resort staff members greeted our cab and whisked us to the front desk to check-in and promptly delivered me to my suite and him to his.

My room was spectacular with a bedroom and separate living room. The suite included a fully stocked mini-bar dominated by exotic rum flavors. I tipped the staff members generously, and they departed leaving me alone for the first time. The sun went down. The warm air and drinks made me long for a relaxation. In the shadows I could see people at the Jacuzzi. “What the heck, its time to mingle” I told myself. I removed my two-piece bathing suit from my luggage and changed. This off-white suit had no inner padding and it fit me like a glove. The darkness of my nipples was showing though the thin off-white cloth. Tie up strings were holding the bottom tightly such that the fabric showed the outline of my lips like a camel’s toe. Across the center of my pelvis I could make out the plump outline of my pubic bush. “I’ll have to do something about that,” I, told myself.

Several attendants were serving the guests rum drinks. I entered into the Jacuzzi. A young waiter approached our spot to ask if I wanted any drinks. He was well built and muscular with a large bulge inside the shorts he wore. He looked at me; by now I had nothing to hide, my suit became a see-through bikini. "I want something strong and exotic. I want to drink something to relax my tense muscles, because I’ve have just arrived. I want to unwind and enjoy the breeze". I sat on the bench and let the water massage my back, then my neck. I leaned forward and let it hit my lower back. My muscles were loosening and I was anticipating more. I turned sideways, then backward, facing the wall off the Jacuzzi. The jets were thrusting hot water at my tits, making my nipples feel hard and stick out through my bikini top. Water jets come out all over and I let them hit my chest and stomach, moving slowly so the water would surround my nipples. My pussy was getting wet and as I moved I felt my bikini bottom slide against my lips. I ground my pussy in circles against the water, feeling an orgasm rising then I realized that I was in a public pool. I looked about me and there was what seemed to be threesome. It was dark, but the low lights of the Jacuzzi were on. One man lifted the woman’s leg in the air. The other turned her shoulders so she was lying on her side. She soon had her crotch aimed at one of the jets. At this one guy spooned in behind her. My god, what a view. First guy leaned forward, bending her leg at the knee and reached toward her backdoor. Sliding his finger along her crack until he reached his goal, he pushed against the rim a little causing her to buck. The second guy reached down and started to tweak her nipples between, rolling them slowly until they peaked. The first guy's finger breached the rim of her ass and with deliberate moves was pushing inside and pulling out. She was moaning. Second guy was starting to press his cock into her.

These two guys developed a sixth sense at how to move in unison and take her over the edge quickly. She started coming with loud moans that turned into deep-throated screams of passion. I was wet from watching. I realized that I was not in an ordinary hotel but in a hedonism place. I went into my bedroom, grabbed a pillow, held it between my legs and fell asl**p.

Morning came. Back into the business suit and into the obligatory business meeting seated next to Jack C. The meeting was boring. It was inane, pointless. I could not fathom the long, drawn-out meeting with fanfare, all designed to provide a look at the company's “current” financial standing, and highlight "new initiatives" from the CEO. It was just the usual pep talk. But I loved the attention and the rewards that they gave me for my successful year. Many came over and shook my hand and congratulated me. Jack C. was the last in line. He shook my hand, nuzzled both of my cheeks and whispered, “You look gorgeous”. From him, it was a great compliment. “Ohh, Thank God the meeting is over” I thought and left. In my room, I opened the French doors, and stepped out onto the small terrace. I stood with my hands on the doors, inhaling the scent of the roses mixed with the sea breeze. “That’s what I need, true relaxation”, quickly went into bedroom, took off my attire and put on my bathing suit. “Good it’s dry.” I went to the grassy area, faced the sun, and plunked myself on a beach chair. The view was interesting; many women were fashionably topless with mini-thongs for the bottom. The men wore swim-trunks that covered their balls and a skosh more. And then there were the American execs with their bellies hanging over their Bermuda shorts, wearing ill fitting T-shirts, walking on the beach in their wingtip shoes and black socks. It was not pleasant to watch them. I was on my back, legs partially parted showing off my camel toe. Just as I was beginning to relax, one my company’s big shots, with his belly over the belt and skinny legs in business shoes started circling me. He was ogling my pussy. “Move, you worthless limp dick” that’s what I wanted to say, but it came out demurely “Would you mind, you’re blocking the sun, Thank you”. I needed a good drink. “Would you mind if I lie next to you” It was Jack, he was standing slightly out of my sight, attired in Speedos and a drink in each hand. “Go ahead, be my guest, ” I answered. He handed me a drink and into my ear he said, “I thought you needed some protection from the encircling vulture”. I flashed him a smile “Thanks, I needed that, more then you think”. We both laughed.

We spotted a couple on the beach. The couple was oblivious to all. The girl was really into what she was doing now and was sucking on her boyfriend's cock, taking several inches into her mouth. I couldn't help but notice the healthy size of his penis. We had a glimpse of her hairy pussy before he started to push his fingers inside her. He climbed on top of her and we watched as his cock was pounding her spread pussy. After just a few moments, the man rolled over and pulled the woman on top of him. They were fucking like mad. Just watching them made my pussy very wet and the nipples hard. Jack’s dick was rising and popped out of his bathing suit. His face flushed in embracement, but I enjoyed the sight. “This is an interesting place,” I said; “It certainly is,” he answered. Instinctively my hand grabbed his dick and I began giving him a hand job. We watched the woman’s breasts heaving in a staccato rhythm. It was erotic being voyeurs. I felt Jack tense up and let go a spurt. After we had recovered our composure, Jack said, “You know, most everything here is complimentary, the drinks, massages, etc.” he continued, “You could even take care of that” and he pointed to my pubic hair. I felt brave, “In that case, order it all” I said smiling.

Jack brought me to the spa, and a tall redhead wearing what appeared to be a frock greeted us. She was quite beautiful. She said, “You must be Barbara, I’m Susan, and I’m in charge of making you as relaxed as possible.” Susan sat me down in a relaxing chair, and started to explain what would be occurring over the next few hours, a facial and a complete and total body massage. I was very excited and could feel my nipples getting hard as I sat there listening to her. She asked if I wanted a glass of champagne, I said yes, and she returned with a tall flute, and said, “Remove your swim suit, put your robe and relax in this chair. We will be getting started in a few minutes.” Jack said “Don’t worry, they are professionals, and they do this all of the time” I’ll be nearby, and moved to the back of the room. I drank my champagne quickly. She refilled the glass immediately. I decided to stay naked; after all they are going to work on me. As I waited I ran my hand over my nipples, I felt how hard they were and involuntarily started to pinch them. They started to grow harder, and I could feel myself start to get that feeling of arousal when Susan came back with another stunning young woman. Her name was Lori. She was a brunette, not as tall as Susan, but just as big in the chest. My attendants partially disrobed themselves. Susan and Lori removed their white frocks leaving them in tight spandex suits. Each had her front zipper left open almost to her navel, with the bottom resembling short-shorts, ending just below a nicely rounded ass. With my first brief glance, it was easy to see that each wore nothing underneath, as their nipples nearly poked a hole through the material covering them. The folds of Susan and Lori’s vagina were clearly visible. Susan started rubbing my neck and then laying my head back and cleaning my face. She then started to rub some different lotions on, and massage my face. As Susan was massaging my face, Lori was massaging my hands. It was great feeling to be pampered so. I was just sitting there in a wonderful state of relaxation. We held some small talk. Susan started to end up her massage and Lori was finished with my hands, so she moved back down to my feet, and Susan started to work on the rest of my facial. As I was sitting there Lori started to massage my feet. It felt great, and as I looked down at her, I noticed she was looking at my pussy. Somehow I didn’t seem offended or nervous; in fact I almost involuntarily spread my legs a little more. She looked away for a minute, but then I noticed she looked even closer. I was somehow flattered and even a little excited about the unprovoked glances.

I moaned a little and how good it felt, reached for some more champagne, now my third glass. I looked down at her as she performed her work, and as she would lean over my foot I could see her ample cleavage. As she massaged my foot sitting on that stool, she would place it in her lap and I got the feeling she was rubbing my foot's heal against her own pussy. I was getting excited, and I was surprised. I am not a prude. I had never done anything with a woman before, but I suppose I had a little feeling of wonder, a little fantasy once in a while. Somehow, this was different. She lifted my foot from her lap, and she placed it back down, she spread my legs even wider apart. As she put my other foot in her lap and started to massage it. I again noticed that it seemed to be resting against her pussy. This time I acted as though I were stretching and rubbed my heal against her a little harder. I watched her as her eyes closed slightly for a second. As I did this I could feel a familiar tingle in my pussy. I was little nervous, because I was getting excited, and my lips were starting to swell. Susan started to rub my shoulders, and it felt great. As her hands moved around my neck, she seemed to rub the front of my shoulders and slightly rub the front of my chest. I felt myself wanting her hands to go further, and reach my nipples, which desperately needed some more attention. I felt a little strange to be laying there with my legs spread wide open, Lori staring at my pussy, and wanting Susan to take my nipples in her hands. But I was feeling good, and I was going to make the most of it. They moved me to a massage table.

I started to lie on my back, when they explained that the massage would start after the waxing. “Waxing?” Susan explained that there was a bikini waxing. She told me not to worry, that while a little painful at first; they had a method to soothe the area. I reluctantly said ok, and they started to get their equipment into place. Susan then asked how much hair I would like removed. I guess I looked at her a little strange, and she explained that today, many woman are removing all of their hair, but some just like the bikini area. I was unsure. Then Susan walked over to me, reached down and slipped out and pulled her spandex down, revealing a bald pussy. It looked quite sexy, she put her hands on it and showed me how much easier it was to manage. I was watching her move her hand over her pussy when she said, “Then away with all of it?” I guess so, I said.

Susan stood on one side of Lori and me on the other. Susan spread my legs and applied the wax and then ripped off the first hairs. As soon as Susan pulled the hair off, Lori slapped my pussy with her hand, and applied some lotion. There was some pain, and suddenly pleasure. Susan applied another coating of wax, pulled it off and then again Lori slapped my pussy with her hand and rubbed in the lotion. I was getting so excited. I was looking forward to the next time I would feel the sting of Lori’s hand slapping my pussy, and then rubbing it. Soon they were down to the sensitive areas of the inside thigh. They could probably see that my breathing was fast, but where they were I am certain that they could see and smell my excitement. Susan spread the wax ripped off some hair and then Lori slapped my pussy lips. I arched my back, not in pain, but in pleasure as she rubbed the lotion between my legs. “One last time,” Susan said. I was disappointed, I wanted some more. Susan ripped off the hair and Lori with a little more f***e then before slapped me square on my pussy lips, and I thought I was going to cum. I bit my lip as she started to rub in the lotion, and occasionally a finger between my lips. Lori started to wipe my pussy down and clean me up. As I looked down, I was confused because I was looking at them in a very sexual way, a way I had never looked at woman before. Maybe it was the champagne? A man came into the room. He introduced himself as Bradley, as if on cue, Lori excused herself and left. Bradley removed his frock; a tight muscle shirt emphasized his well-sculpted upper body including his chest, neck, and arm muscles. I could even see the outline of his rock-hard abs that thrust through the thin cotton material. What was even more shocking and exciting were the short loose exercise shorts he wore that left plenty of room for an eager hand like my own to reach up to explore what hung underneath. I made up my mind I would take that opportunity as soon as I got the chance.

I was on my stomach again. After Brad got into his rhythm doing my neck and back, Susan slightly spread my legs, applied some oil to her warm hands, and began to massage the backs of my calves and thigh with long, powerful strokes. As she moved up between my legs I instinctively spread them so she could more easily knead my inner thighs, a move that not surprisingly allowed easier access to my most private areas. With every stroke I imagined, no I can say hoped, that she would get more intimate with her warm hands.

Brad lightly took a hold of my wrists and slowly repositioned them away from my sides and placed them above my head with my hands dangling over the front edge of the table. After he was satisfied that my sides were unobstructed, he poured a small amount of oil onto his hands, leaned over my head, and began to deeply rub my back and sides, first up near my arm pits then moving slowly and strongly all the way down to the top of my buttocks. His fingers lightly grazed the sides of my breasts with his first return stroke, a touch that could be construed to be accidental since my own weight and Brad's pressure caused my ample breasts to balloon to the sides. As he reached down and bent forward, I could feel the soft cotton of his shorts bump up against the backs of my fingers. After a couple of these strokes, I knew he could easily feel my touch and he took no action to avoid it...for that matter, he seemed to linger longer as he stretched his arms down as far as he could reach.

At my first opportunity when he brought his body upright and his shorts away from the table edge, I moved my hands so they were almost touching at the center. Since the table height almost exactly matched the height of his crotch, I was treated to the unmistakable feel of his penis as he moved his slippery hands back down to my ass. It was no accident that he remained pressed against the back of my fingers, so I slightly turned my hands so my fingers were on either side of his semi-erect cock. And lightly stroked his manhood. In just a few seconds I could feel him grow harder as his excitement began to do what comes naturally. I'm not sure which one of us moaned first. “Oh, what strong arms you have” I said; to which he replied, “To better hold you with,” he answered. “Oh, what a large dick you have”, and he “To better pleasure you with”, we chuckled. “Not only he’s and Adonis, but clever too” I whispered to myself. As I started becoming moist from the sexual excitement, Susan suddenly suggested she and Brad switch ends so he could get more experience with giving a leg massage. Whether she sensed what was going on between Brad and I. Her poor timing interrupted an erotic moment that both of us were not so willing to abandon. Without much protest however, Brad straightened up and moved over to the side to exchange places with her while giving me a nice view of the slight tenting of the front of his shorts caused by his arousal. I thought I even noticed a small area where a bit of pre-cum had moistened the material.

In order to continue the passion of the moment, I widened my legs slightly, so little that the movement might not be noticed, but enough that the new probing fingers would have easier access to the areas that needed attention now the most. With every stroke up my thighs, Brad seemed to come closer and closer to my crotch. I could now feel just the faintest pressure at the very tops of my legs, and with that a slight pressure pushing my legs apart even more.

I suddenly moaned with pleasure as his fingers gently probed the sensitive area between my anus and vagina. My moan was a sound so guttural and primitive that it startled all of us. Susan asked if I was all right, knowing full well the manipulations had progressed to a higher stage than what was normally taught in a massage class. I could only slightly nod my head and with all my effort I softly mumbled, "More, please more, don't stop now. Please!"

My breathing was rapid and my skin felt like it was on fire. He fingered and played with my ass. Each time, he’d escalate slowly, worked his fingers in to holding it against me. Soon, he was not just pressing his thumb against my ass, but actively pulsing it, applying pressure and releasing it with each thrust of his fingers Just as he began exploration of my outer pussy lips, Susan suddenly stopped the whole process and suggested it was time that I turned over onto my back. My God! Is this really happening...can I go to the next level?

Brad put his hands just above my well-lubricated derriere and gently rolled me onto my back. I relaxed into a "tits up" position, and with my eyes closed, legs slightly spread, waited for the two to have their way with me. That sounds crude in itself, but honestly that is how I felt as my heart pounded and my skin flushed with passion. I did not sense the same exited state in Susan, but I heard Brad gasp with awe as my ample breasts and hardened nipples came into his view for the first time.

I once again placed my arms down along my sides, and waited for the next half of my massage to begin. Brad was the first to speak, but only with bated breath, "Relax madam, and let go of all your inhibitions and imagine yourself daydreaming whilst on a Caribbean island beach lounge in your full natural beauty. We are but two natives who happened to be passing by and stopped to provide you relief from the stresses of your daily life." I did as I was told, and felt myself gliding into a state of oblivion. The champagne helped.

Oil was once again applied to their skillful hands, and the manipulations began once more. The soft female fingers kneaded my neck and shoulders, pushing firmly into the deep tissues while at the same time Brad's masculine hands conversely merely glided over the sensitive skin of my willing thighs. As his fingers reached higher and higher towards my pubic region, I gave in to the moment.

The feelings that raced through my body and my mind were all so intertwined that for that instant, I could hardly distinguish embarrassment from pride, fear from longing, nor lust from love. I drew in a deep breath and pulled up my arms over my head and wrapped them as best I could around the soft ass of the instructor feeling the need to return some of the pleasure afforded me by my companions. At the same time I spread my knees widely offering myself wholly to the pleasuring fingertips that were beginning to rub my blossoming moist petals.

As if my act of total abandonment set off some kind of signal, my partners suddenly withdrew their hands from me and proceeded to strip off their own clothes until they both were naked. I raised my head slightly, enough to see Brad climb up on the table between my legs, his huge erection pointing right at me with the eye of his tiger glistening with a drop of his own lubrication. I closed my eyes and waited for the bliss of penetration, but to my surprise, I felt only the tip of his warm wet tongue flittering at my clit. With what seemed like a reflex action I wrapped my legs around his neck and lifted my hips up to meet his waiting mouth.

So as not to ignore Susan, I pulled her hips to my head and pulled her forward to the table edge. Understanding my desires, she lifted one knee up onto the table then the other, straddling my face with her parted pussy just inches from my face. I had never been with another woman, nor had I ever really wanted to. Well I guess now I was going to find out.

As Susan began to moan and groan, Brad abruptly stopped his oral activity. Before I could get out a muffled cry of protest, I felt the engorged tip of his penis at my slit; his cock worked itself between my lips and closer to my ever-waiting hole. I took his cock and guided it into me. The tip started to penetrate and then he stopped. He slowly withdrew a little and then with a thrust got the head of his dick inside me. It hurt for only a moment as I was being stretched. Gently moving in and out, he slowly pushed more and more into me. He just stayed there for a moment, stretching me to the max, letting my body adjust to his size. With small strokes he pushed his dick further and deeper until he was banging up against the back wall of my cunt. I held my breath as I was getting used to his size. I spread my legs trying to expand my cunt and to take more of him. Soon he had nearly all of it in me. I was in heaven. That upward curve of his dick hit my most sensitive spots as he moved in and out. He moved with a couple of long strokes, then few short strokes, relaxed, and then he pistoned hard and fast. I began to get more and more excited. Brad’s urges were taking over. He began to push harder each time my hips rose to take more of him inside me. His huge balls were slapping against my ass and that only made it better. To please my clit he pulled out, rubbed my clit with his prick. He then thrust again into my wetness, this time faster and with no attempt to be gentle.

He began a steady rhythm of coitus that was driving us both to bliss. I could tell that Susan was enjoying my oral attentions, Her hand slipped between my legs as if checking to make sure he was all in and he was. She looked up into Brad’s eyes and lifted her head and caught his lips in a deep kiss, Brad took a while to enjoy the moment and the passion that the kiss brought and then he quickly pulled all the way out until only the head of his huge purple angry cock remained inside, then he quickly rammed the entire length back inside with a f***e that I though would surely come on the other side of me. Without warning, Susan interrupted Brad by demanding, "Hey, how about me having a little of that?" Without putting up a fight, Brad pulled out of me completely, and presented his pussy-drenched dick to her parted lips. "Here, lick her juices off this before you start!" I could hear the unmistakable sound of a blowjob as he got his wish. Before I knew what was happening, Brad came over to the side of my face and rubbed his cock on my cheek. I turned my head away from Susan's bottom and in his direction and took Brad into my mouth as far as I could. I was able to maneuver one hand up and back to where I grabbed his cock and guided it into my hole, which was dripping with juices. It entered easily and he began to fuck in earnest. I was at the edge. He pulled out again. Lifted me and turned me over onto my stomach pulling my derriere to him. Susan moved to my front and started pinching and twirling my nipples. Now my engorged with bl**d nipples were thick, dark and at least inch long. Susan was sucking on them and they hurt with excitement.

Brad poured some glide into his hands and pushed it into my ass until I was loose enough and open, I wanted him to try his cock. He got up on his knees, pushed my legs back against my chest. He then nudged his dick softly against my outside ring. It slipped in, he withdrew it, pushed again, and it went further before he withdrew it and so it went. Finally he pushed harder, I panted, his dick’s head popped in through both rings of muscle and he stopped. Gasping at my hotness and my tightness he waited as I loosened up and relaxed under their busy hands. My body was sending out signals and until they were gone he would not move. Finally I pushed down and an inch of his cock slid inside then he pushed and another made it. After a while he was all the way inside and his balls were rubbing against my body. He stayed there as Susan pulled and tugged my nipples then my clit and when he felt a small orgasm wrack my body he started to move slowly in and out of my ass. He would withdraw to the entrance and push back again each time moving a little faster. My groans became louder. I held on to his arms as if life depended on it and then I muttered, "Oh God! That feels so good. Your big cock is filling me so full and I am so hot I feel I could explode." He lowered his head and worked on my nipples.
He pulled out, rolled over and sat me on his cock like a cowgirl. I began to wail. With that, without withdrawing from me, he held me and rolled me into a missionary position. Brad plunged his thick cock again and again into my depths, bottoming out with each stroke. My pelvis thought it might split in two, but I began to love his weight and firmness. Susan bent down and sucked on the nipple nearest her and I began to wriggle my hips and lift my legs and wrap them around Brad’s waist. This let Brad sink even deeper and I heard him moan with pleasure as he fucked with full f***e. With Susan sucking on my tit, I came; my orgasm pushed Brad over the edge. He stiffened and tightened his buttocks and shot his first creamy load deep into me. He shot load after load, it seemed he had an endless supply of jizz. We began squishing as he stirred his own jizz inside me, then he held himself still at his deepest penetration, grunting and groaning before gingerly retreating and letting his huge meat stick pop out. Susan came almost at the same time as she squealed with delight with her own orgasm. I reached up and took Brads still pulsing cock into my mouth and was surprised when he ejaculated one last small bit of salty cum into my throat.

We remained in the same position for a few minutes, allowing our breathing to return close to normal. The two slowly arose and got dressed. I asked for the bill so I could charge it to the room. "No charge this time lady. I just hope we don't owe you!" At this moment I noticed Jack in the shadows. He was there for the whole thing.
We looked into each other’s eyes. I turned toward him lifted my knees toward my chest. My nipples were still dark red and puffy. Both breasts were hard and pointing high. My pussy lips engorged, thick and stretched out. My vagina instead of being a tight slit, it had a gaping hole from Brad’s big penis. Clear fluid all around my pussy and thighs. With my hands I grabbed Jack’s head and gently pulled it down into my grotto of love. Jack resisted a bit. “Lick it Jack … it’s OK, lick it “ I encouraged, “come on, do it … I know you want to.” He started licking, sucking my juices, teasing my clit. My pussy started contracting again. “Suck it up, stick your tongue deep lick my lips,” Jack was licking hard, he was sticking his tongue deep into me. He used his tongue to stroke my pussy lips, tease my clit and fuck me with his mouth. His warm tongue was like a vibrator, sending shivers through my body. I pressed my mound onto his mouth and came hard with wild spasms. I pulled his face off my pussy, brought his lips to mine and we kissed. Our kiss was a soft passionate kiss. I tasted my juices in his mouth and it was OK. He was good. He handed me my bathing suit. I put it on and tied the strings making sure my camel’s toe was showing. With my body wet with perspiration the suit became as transparent as a wet tissue paper. I liked the show that I was giving. We walked to my suite, with passersby looking at my hard nipples, my wet pussy lips and me.

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The CEOs Wife part 2

Having just witnessed my wife with the owner of my company at his pool party, I was dazed to say the least. Seeing your wife's first infidelity is a hell of a shock to the system. But I was as shocked at my own reaction to the situation as anything. I would have believed that my reaction was to get sexually excited and have a stronger and longer hard-on then I have had in years! I had neglected my duties as acting bartender at the party as I had watched my wife's submission to my boss. Fortunately, I hadn't been missed much as many of the guys had left early. There was still the hard core of James's closest cronies but they were basically helping themselves to their own drinks. So, I ended my bartending duties a few minutes after I got back, at which time I went to find Linda. She was stretched out on a chaise lounge with a very content look on her face. She was probably wondering if I'd noticed that she'd been absent for over thirty minutes. I told her I hoped she'd been having a goo d time, as I'd been too occupied behind the bar to spend time with her. She said, "James kept me busy meeting people, and we also danced a few times." It hurt that she lied to me. On the other hand, I didn't really expect her to reveal her infidelity to me. I tried to erase the truth from my mind but I just couldn't.

The music was turned up and men kept asking me if I minded if they asked Linda to dance. Linda loves to dance and I don't so I couldn't really say anything but yes. The party was really getting cranked up. I watched Linda on the patio, sweating in the hot sun, covered with baby oil and just about naked in her skimpy suit. I guess the combination of her drinking and the freeing up of her inhibitions by James's blackmail threat had changed her normally reserved personality, because she was acting totally uninhibited, grinding her hips to the music, her big breasts bouncing with every move. All of the Sales Mangers were loving it as well as James's other long time associates. On the slow songs, she'd always end up with some guy grinding his crotch into her. As she'd been drinking all day, she was so horny that she just ground back, eventually dry humping pretty much every guy there. I could see the guys whispering to each other and nodding in her direction. I'm sure some of them believed that they had a good chance of fucking her before the party ended. And from the way she was acting, I don't blame them for thinking that way.

Her rear end was totally exposed, her bikini bottom bunched up between her ass-cheeks. Her nipples were also clearly outlined through the top of her suit. She danced with about eight different guys. The last dance was the worst. Keil, our newly promoted Sales Vice-President, had her in a slow dance, and in front of everyone he actually put his hand between the cheeks of her ass and rubbed. Linda just giggled and kept grinding her crotch wantonly into his. It obviously excited her as her nipples started standing at attention poking right trough her flimsy bikini suit material.

I had all I could stand and when the song ended, I asked her to come with me into the house. We found an unoccupied room to talk inside James's house. My heart was pounding. I was angry and embarrassed, but strangely enough my cock was like iron. I told Linda I was tired of seeing her flaunting her body in front of all these men, but she just laughed and said that I was being ridiculous. As she spoke, she put her arms around my waist and rubbed up against me. She must have felt my erection, because she asked, "What have we got here?" She pulled my 5 " cock out of my suit and said, "Oh, I think you liked seeing me with those men, didn't you, honey?" She began stroking my cock. "I think watching those guys rubbing my butt got you all worked up." I couldn't speak and my cock felt like it was going to explode. She told me if I was a good guy that she'd take care of my hard-on when we got home and that if I wasn't I'd be sorry. She then told me that she might have been doing a little flirting, but that I should be proud that all the men thought she was sexy. She told me that if I didn't stop acting like such a jealous nerd that she'd get angry enough to do more than flirt. I knew that she'd done more than just flirt already, but I also knew she was right about me being proud of how sexy she was. It had to be the reason her actions were giving me a perpetual hard-on. I was struck like thunder by her assertive posture to my admonitions of her behavior and realized that she and certainly James had the upper hand at this point.

We went back to the party, and soon it started to get dark. Just as I was thinking about James telling Linda that they would have another opportunity to be alone, he came up to me and asked me to be the designated driver for a few of his guests who were too d***k to drive. I had no choice but to agree. James said, "Don't worry about Linda. We'll keep the party going until you get back." The sly bastard, I knew he planned on keeping Linda, not the party, going until I got back. I began to figure out a way to see exactly what his plans for Linda were. I had five people to take home, the farthest one living about thirty miles away, so he figured I'd be gone for at least an hour and a half. I was clever enough to take them to town, (about 5 miles away) put them all in a taxi, with good directions to the driver and quickly return to the party. When I got back, about fifteen minutes after I left, I parked about a block away and walked up the driveway so as not to make a sound. The pool area was surrounded by hedges and was extremely well lighted. I could see in from about fifteen feet away, but they couldn't see me in the dark. When I looked in, I quickly realized that almost everyone had gone home. Linda was reclining on a chaise lounge and looked half asl**p. James was saying good-bye to some people. There were two other men, Keil and Carl, (the new Sales V-P and one of his top Sales mangers), standing at the bar. When the others had left, James came back to the pool area, helped Linda out of the chair and began to dance with her to a slow song. I could see Keil and Carl closely watching to see what James was going to do. Keil and Carl had been among those dancing with Linda earlier in the evening, and had taken advantage of every opportunity to fondle her body. With the rest of the guests gone, James wasn't even subtle with Linda. He gave Keil and Carl a "thumbs up" signal, and they came over and sat down on a lounge chair, watching him.

Linda had her arms around James's neck, and he was holding her ass cheeks in his hands, whispering in her ear. He stopped dancing, turned her head toward him and began kissing her right in front of the other guys. I could see my Linda's mouth open to welcome the movements of James's tongue. He played with her breasts and squeezed her buns. "Ohh, James, we shouldn't be doing this in front of these guys." Linda moaned. "And my husband could be back any minute."

James took her hand, put it on his cock and said, " I really don't give a shit if your husband gets back to see his slutty wife. 'Cause then I'll just have to explain what will happen to him if he doesn't play ball, just the way I expect you to be my sex slave. Besides he wouldn't be back for another hour at least. In the meantime, baby You'll do as I say in front of these guys or not. Remember who's the little slut slave here! As I told you before If you want this again, baby - and I know you do - my friends get to watch." Anyway, it's not like we haven't done this already today. Now, take your suit off for us."

Linda stood there just looking at James, but she kept her hand on his cock, stroking it through his suit. James peeled off his bathing suit. His erection was enormous. Linda immediately put her hand around it and said, "I know I shouldn't be doing this again. Please don't let my husband find out." James smiled over at Carl and Keil then reached out and pulled Linda's top off. He turned her around and, standing behind her, took one of her breasts in each hand. He said, "Gentlemen, Jack's little wife here is going to make us all very happy. Isn't that right, Linda?" As he said this, he took her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and she began moaning with desire.

Keil and Carl stood up. It was then that I noticed Carl had a small video recorder in his hand. But Linda didn't seem to notice it as she was fully occupied with James. He led her to the chaise lounge, and she lay back as he pulled off her bikini bottom. Carl began to tape the action as James pushed her legs up and began working his cock into her pussy. Linda was groaning and bucking her ass up, saying, "YES, YES - FUCK ME JAMES. GIVE ME THAT BIG COCK. DO IT, BABY. DO IT." She was acting like a complete slut, and my co-workers were getting it all on tape.

I stood there immobilized by the scene unfolding before me, knowing I was helpless to do anything but watch. I was angry at my boss for his seduction of my wife and I was puzzled by my wife's wanton behavior but at the same time my cock was as stiff as a board and seemed to have a mind of it's own! I knew one thing for sure that my wife may have been initially f***ed into this situation but she was certainly now enjoying all the sexual attention she was receiving. I knew that their was no way that I was going to break up her sexual enjoyment! It would be extremely selfish of me to do so, I concluded, and my dick was also making a large argument for me to simply stand back and watch all the sexy action that my wife was about to get into without a thought of breaking it up by doing something stupid at this point! Keil knelt by her face and began rubbing his cock over her lips. Linda didn't even hesitate. She opened wide and began to noisily suck his hard prick. Keil told Carl to come in for a close-up as he fucked her mouth. "Suck that dick, Linda," he moaned. "Tell me you love to feel it on your tongue." "Oh, God, I love it," Linda said between licks. "It's so hard, so... big!" James was fucking her really hard, slamming his big cock into her over and over again He gave Linda several huge orgasms. She was starting to shake incessantly, yelling, moaning and holding her legs up high so she could get every inch of James's penis inside her. After James came, he climbed off Linda. She kept her legs completely spread open and continued sucking Keil's cock He suddenly stiffened and said, "I'm coming! Suck it down, you little slut." Linda was groaning and slobbering all over his big dick, totally out of control with lust. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and came all over her face. Keil smiled at the camera, reached down and scooped up a large puddle of spunk from her chin. He told Linda to suck it off his fingers, which she immediately did. Carl had seen enough. He handed the camera to James and told Linda to roll over and get on her hands and knees. Her ass was up in the air. Carl squirted baby oil all over her butt as he took off his suit. He had a very nice sized dick. It wasn't as big as James's but still it must have been a good 7 and a half inches. It wasn't as thick as James's either. A good thing for my wife. "Does your husband ever fuck your pretty ass?" he asked.

"No," she answered, "I have wished he would but he's too timid for that." I was shocked. Why hadn't she told me? I would've been glad to ass-fuck her. But now it looked as though the privilege of having first crack at it would go to Carl. "Please don't hurt me," Linda said. Then she reached back and spread her asshole wide open. Carl began to fuck her ass with his thumb, as James moved in with the camcorder for a close-up. Linda was moaning, slowly grinding her ass against Carl's hand. "Oh, I've got to have it! " she suddenly blurted. "Fuck my ass with your beautiful cock." Carl began to rub his cock across her asshole, then pushed forward and began to shove it in. Linda was grunting and moaning louder and louder as he buried his prick in her ass. I couldn't believe it-he f***ed his cock all the way into my petite wife's tight ass! Once it was all the way in, he began to shove it in and out with tremendous f***e. "You like that, baby?" he asked. "Push back against me. Feel my cock in t here. Give me that ass." He was too excited to last very long, and in a few minutes had a tremendous orgasm. When he pulled out of her ass, he pried apart her ass-cheeks wide so James could get a shot of his big cock sliding out of the tight channel.

And they still weren't done with their fuck-fest! At my wife's urging, Keil flipped Linda over on her back, straddled her chest and began rubbing his cock between her tits. He cummed a big load onto her tits that she really appreciated as she rubbed his jizm all over her bountiful tits and thanked him for titty fucking her. Although she had been timid about it at first, she was now aggressively seeking more and more cock from her trio of lovers. I realized she was living out her x-rated sexual fantasy. As for myself, I was excited beyond believe in spite of the fact that my wife was acting like such a slut or maybe because of it, I really didn't know. Finally the hurt and pain of watching her actions outweighed the sexual excitement for me and when I couldn't watch anymore I went down to the car. I drove up the driveway slowly to let them know I was on my way back.

When I walked to the pool area, James said Linda had taken a nap and was getting dressed. In a few minutes she came out with a dazed look on her face. James put his arm around her, told me I had a great wife and that he hoped we'd had a good time at his party. Keil and Carl were both standing there smiling at me, their cocks still smelling of my wife. On the way home, Linda didn't talk much, except to say that she needed to take a shower. When we got home, I made sure to be in the bathroom when she emerged from the shower. I couldn't believe the way her body looked. Her nipples were red and swollen, and she had red marks on her breasts and thighs from all the rough sex she'd enjoyed. When we got into bed, I asked her if she'd had fun at the party. She said, "You know I did. I especially enjoyed flirting with those guys and I'm glad that you finally approve of my harmless exhibitionism for them. It was nice being the center of attention." I never did tell my wife that I knew exactly what happened at the party. Nor did I tell her that thinking about her sucking and fucking other men got my cock harder than it had ever been. She did let me fuck her as she had promised earlier, but because she was so tired and because I had already jacked off several times watching her, it wasn't very good sex for either of us. I guess partially it was also the thoughts I had as we made love, knowing that other men were so much more capable then me of making her sexually happy with their larger equipment and sexual prowess.

Over the next few weeks, even though I was less able to satisfy my wife sexually, every time I thought of her with my boss and his friends, I was able to jack-off. Funny thing is, unlike fucking with my wife and getting it off so quickly, I was able to jack-off for over an hour at a time as I thought of the slutty way she acted for them.

Since my heart condition has improved, James now schedules me to be out of town about two times a month on consultation work for the company. I know that during these intervals I'm gone that Linda goes to his house for wild sex with him and some of his special friends and clients. She always tells me she's out with her girlfriends, but I know where she really is. As I said the party was almost a year ago and by now I've gotten over the hurt and jealousy of her infidelity to me. But my sexual excitement at seeing my sexy well built wife fucking and sucking other men remains. The best thing of all is that, I've located where my wife hides the videos that they make of their wild sex sessions. By making copies, I take them with me on my out of town trips. That way, I can actually re-see her with James's cock in her mouth, or Carl's cock crammed up her ass. When I watch her sexy videos, I can jack-off like a man possessed. In this way both my wife and I can enjoy sex better than we ever ha d in the past. Me, by watching her and jacking-off for hours at a time and her, by fulfilling her fantasy of several big cocks to fill every one of her orifices at the same time. She's now my bosses slut. But she's still my wife and she's discreet enough not to let on that she's having any kind of sexual fling and that's good enough for me!
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Roots Motel - The sales reps

Roots Motel - The sales reps
By: Friskee_cpl (


What a view. Here I was watching through a balcony window my wife pull a cock out of the cleaner's arse, who was also sucking on a cock, and cop a face full of cum. Never mind that my wife was also getting sandwich fucked by two sales reps. It's a good thing that I had another sales rep on her knees in front of me sucking my cock while she shoved a vibrator into her pussy otherwise I would have been a touch peeved.

How did we get to this debauched stage? Well I did help Sharon and Gina end up with four sales reps from various companies and I certainly recall how I had embarrassed Avery by pointing out the thick veiny vibrator in her handbag.

"Vince who?" she asked quizzically

" is he?" I asked again "Old Vince... does he get much work?"

"I must be pissed because I don't understand a word," she said.

"Vince the Vibrator" I said pointing on the floor as the veiny flesh coloured shape of a girl's best friend poked out of the top of her bag.

"Oh fuck," she said as she blushed and looked away.

"Don't worry about it," I said, "Sharon has a few of her own"

"Really?" she asked "I use one because I am single. What's her excuse?"

"She's a slut" I said laughing "She just loves fucking, I mean just look at her now" I pointed over to a small table where was sitting between two male sales reps who were both on the hunt for cunt.

"She will probably end up with either or both of them tonight" I said

With a shocked expression on her face she said "And you don't mind?"

"Fuck no" I said, "All I need to do is give her the nod and off she will go"

"Bullshit" she said.

"Nah fair dinkum all it takes is for me to go over and have a bit of a chat and give her the nod and she is free to do as she pleases...and therefore" I said doing my worst impersonation of a cool dude" I am free as well."

"Ohhh I see." Avery smiled "and I suppose that you have your eye on someone"

"Yeah I do actually" I said as I got up "But she is going out with some bloke called Vince."

She laughed and kicked out at me as I wandered over to Sharon and the two lucky men.

"How are ya fella's?" I said to them both as we shook hands. "I see you've met the good wife."

"I'm Dave," said the younger good looking one "We're from Wyckoff engineering just up here to do some work on the levee bank."

"So you're not sales reps," I said, "That's a bl**dy relief"

"Don't you like sales reps" asked the older bloke

"Nah they keep trying to shag the staff" I said and we all laughed.

"Sorry mate," I said looking at the older fellow "I missed your name"

"Ben" he said "Beer?" he asked

"Yep that'd be great," I said and Dave and Sharon nodded.

From where I was sitting with Deb I couldn't see around the corner of the restaurant where Gina the Filipino cleaner was chatting to two other blokes who were definitely sales reps. Gina was looking very, very hot tonight and she was wearing a short black skirt with a black Singlet top with no sign of a bra and probably no knickers either. I looked back at Avery who was looking a wee bit pissed. Avery picked up her handbag and went into the Ladies dunny.

Ben came back with the drinks and as he passed the drink to Dave I gave Sharon the nod. It was nothing more than a quick rising of my eyebrows and a look in her eyes and she knew that she was right for the night. Her smiled confirmed that she got the message and she instinctively reached out with each hand rubbing each blokes thigh and said,

"Would you two like to come back up to our suite for a few drinks on the balcony, the river looks great of a night."

They looked at me for approval and I said "I'll be up in a minute you lot I'll just clear up here."

I had no intention of running up to them straight away. I had to give them time to get started.

Gina was well on her way to picking up so I wandered over to the three of them.

"Sorry everyone I've got to close up for the night"

"Just one more drink" asked Gina.

"Nah sorry" I said "But you can nick upstairs because we are having a few on the balcony".

"Thanks mate" said one of the blokes "This is Michael, or Mick and I'm Pete'

"G'day" I said shaking hands.

We had a bit of idle chatter and I sent them packing upstairs with some more piss. I was sure that Gina wasn't wearing any undies.

I had a quick look around and remembered that Avery was still missing. I thought that maybe that she had slipped out while I was chatting to Gina and Co. because the view was blocked. I locked the doors and till and went into the Ladies to check. One of the cubicles was locked and I could hear groaning and humming coming from within. I dropped to my knees and had a look under the door.

The first thing I saw was Avery's handbag spilling its contents onto the floor. The next was Avery's left foot with a pair of white lace undies resting over her high heel shoes. I looked under further and saw her perched on the edge of the toilet bowl with her legs spread wide apart shoving Vince the Vibrator into her cunt with her left hand and rubbing her clit with her right. Her tits were both jutting out of the top of her little black dress and her nipples were hard, very hard.

I reached into my pocket and grabbed a five-cent coin and also pulled my hard cock out of my pants. I put the coin into the slot of the door and gave it a twist.

"Fuck" she said coming out of her daze.

I didn't say anything I just walked up to her with my cock in my hand.

"Oh yeah" is all she said as she reached out grabbing my cock and sucking it into her mouth.

Nearly all of us men would agree that no two head jobs are the same and every woman has a distinctive style. Avery's style was very much of the tongue. She swirled her tongue around my knob slopping spit all over her hand and using the lubrication to help her wank on my cock. I stood to the side of the bowl as she spread her legs wider and quickened the pace of her thrusting with Vince. Her left hand was busy wanking my cock as she sucked it hard. She leant back onto the cistern and lifted her feet up onto the side of the cubicle near the door. She pulled down her black dress letting her great tits completely free. I reached down and began kneading and squeezing her delightful largish boobs. She shoved Vince into herself right up to the hilt and started rubbing her clit with her right hand. I squeezed and pulled at her nipples and she furiously rubbed at her clit as her first orgasm for the night swept over her.

"Oh fuck yes, yes, yes" was all she said as the sweet sensation of the big ‘O' carried her away. The f***e of her orgasm was enough for her to squeeze Vince out of her slippery cunt and it hit the floor with a thump.

"I need a cock" she said "A real one"

I am a gentleman so I naturally obliged.

"Come here" I said opening the door.

We moved over to the basin where I turned her around so that she was facing the mirror. I dropped my pants to the floor and kicked them off into the corner. I pulled up her black dress and rubbed my hands all over her pussy feeling the wetness that oozed from her hole. I smeared some onto my cock and pushed her forward so that her pussy lips were ready for my near splitting cock.

She reached under and parted her pussy lips and I bent my knees and slid into her moist quim. Her pussy was on fire. It was as if somebody had poured warm oil into her snatch. She was rubbing at her clit as I started pounding into her. The cunt juice was spilling onto my balls as I slopped into her. I really was close to shooting my load and when she grabbed my balls as if she was going to rip them off I shot a huge load into her cunt.

"Oh fuck" I said as I emptied my balls into her. I kept pumping into her for as long as I could but my knees were feeling weak and I needed to sit. She was rubbing her clit and when I scooped up some mixed cunt juice and cum and slipped two fingers into her arse she came as well.

I had to sit and I walked back onto the chair in the corner of the room. My cock was still hard and shiny from the mixture of cunt juice and cum. I watched Avery as she rubbed her pussy smearing the juice all over her nether regions.

"Shall we continue somewhere a bit more comfortable?" I said

She was speechless and she just smiled and nodded. I gathered up my pants and put them on. Avery was now sitting on the chair rubbing the cum in and around her pussy. She had poked her tits back into her dress and she was just sitting there with her little black dress up around her waist, her shoes still on with her knickers still hanging off her ankle. I had an idea.

"You won't be needing these," I said lifting her foot and removing her panties. "Come along now."

She grabbed her bag and Vince and we wandered back into the empty restaurant.

"Where to?" she asked.

"Well you didn't believe me when I told you Sharon could have whoever she wanted" I said "So I suppose I'll have to prove it."

We climbed the stairs and I was about to walk right in when Avery interrupted me. "Shhh, listen"

I could hear the cries of pleasure of someone being very nicely fucked. It wasn't Sharon's voice though. It was Gina's.

"Yes fuck my arse and my cunt" is what gave it away. Gina was very, very vocal and if Gina was in our room so would Sharon be. We walked around the corner onto the balcony and looked in through the window. We saw to our delight Gina being sandwich fucked by Michael who was fair up her arse and Dave who was barrelling into her pussy. Ben and Pete were sitting on the bed on either side of Sharon who was wanking the two sizeable red cocks. She had her legs looped over each bloke and her pussy was oozing cum and her tits were shining from a recent showering of semen. She had obviously already milked them both.

I reached under Avery's dress and rubbed at her pussy hair. She grabbed her tits and began squeezing.

"See, what did I tell you?" I said.

"This is beyond our dreams," she said

Our? What did she mean by our?

"Who cares?" I thought

Avery put a leg up on the chair and I was able to have a better grope at her slippery quim. She was red hot and wet as I slipped three fingers into her cunt. I pulled my cock out of my pants and pulled on it with my free hand. Sharon leant forward and started sucking Ben's cock and Peter leant sideways and started spooning her. Sharon began really working on Ben's meat and Pete began rubbing her clit.

Gina was strangely silent as she must have been having an orgasm of immense proportions. She came out of it by reciting over and over

"I love big cocks, I love big cocks"

Sharon looked over and she saw Avery and I at the window and she almost immediately came. She was very vocal and she moaned very loudly as she visibly oozed juice over Pete's cock. Dave had pulled out of Gina's pussy and had pulled himself up so that she could suck on his cock. Avery dropped down onto her knees and began to lick and suck at my cock. I moved sideways so that she could watch the action inside.

Dave got up and motioned to Pete who pulled his cock out of Sharon and moved over to Gina who immediately sucked off Sharon's cum juice. Sharon let go of Ben's dick and climbed onto the floor instructing Ben to lie down as she did so. Ben lay on his back with his cock almost splitting as Sharon squatted down on it filling her completely. I knew what was next and so did Dave and he spat on his cock and greased it up as he squatted behind her lining up her arse.

Dave gently eased his cock into her arse and they quickened the pace alternately pistoning into her. Michael and Pete swapped sides and Gina took his dirty cock into her mouth without flinching. Avery had removed Vince from her bag and was pumping it into her pussy when Peter pulled his cock out of Gina's arse and spewed a huge load of cum onto Sharon's face. Michael had noticed us looking in and he popped his cock out of Gina's voracious mouth and he moved to the sliding door. He slid it open and surprised me by saying "Hello dear"

I then knew what was going on. Avery and Michael were a pair and they both had plans to pick up tonight. I doubt they thought it would be anything like this. Michael just walked over to Avery who slurped him down as she wanked on my cock. Inside Gina was revitalising Peter by giving him a double blowjob with Sharon who was still being doubled. We pulled Avery up and we went inside.

"Hello all" I said, "We have brought in the reinf***ements"

"Yeehaa" said Sharon and she motioned for us to come to her "I expect your cunt is wet" she said rubbing Avery's pussy.

"This is fantastic" Avery replied, "I love this motel"

"Well as an honoured guest I think you should be spoilt" Sharon said and she pushed Dave gently away and stood up.

"You there hop on the bed," she said pointing to Michael "you can take his cock up your arse"

Avery looked taken aback at her abrupt manner but she slowly smiled and hopped up on the bed and straddling Mick with her back to him she slid down filling her arse.

"Dave, fill her cunt" Dave quickly jumped onto the bed and scooped some juice out of her pussy he greased his cock and slid in. Avery nearly passed out. My cock was throbbing and Gina came over and began licking me.

"Ben" Sharon said, "Go get a blowie" and he too climbed onto the bed and offered his cock to Avery who took it on board. Avery seemed to have an orgasm as her eyes half closed and her nipples hardened more than usual. Sharon moved down between Gina's legs and she started sucking on her cunt. Pete wandered over and slid his cock into Sharon and began pumping away.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck" cried Avery and her mouth swelled as Ben filled her mouth with jizz. A small portion dripped out and landed on her shoulder. Dave added to the mess by pulling his cock out of her cunt and spraying a good sized load over her tits. Pete saw what was happening and he slopped out of Sharon and stood up next to Avery on the bed and fed her his cock that soon exploded over her face and tits. Gina hopped of Sharon and went to Mick's cock that was pumping into Avery's arse. She pulled it out and slipped it into Avery's pussy and began sucking on her swollen clit. Avery came again and I needed to shoot a load badly.

Sharon seemed to notice my need and she began sucking in earnest. Her saliva, mouth and hand technique was all I needed and I squirted into her face by the litre. Gina had also had some success and Mick was shooting a huge load up over Avery's body as Gina pulled on his cock. Sharon, Gina and Avery finished off the night by cleaning each other off. The sale reps went back to their rooms satisfied and us remaining four woke in the morning to some more steamy sex.
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The Sales Lady

It was the day after Thanksgiving and I needed an oil change on my car. I dropped it off at a dealer located just a few blocks from my office. I needed the walk and I had things to catch up on. Nobody was there of course, so I started to clear off my desk. It was nice not to be disturbed. After an hour or so, I heard the door open and close, but paid it no mind and continued to work. At one point I thought I heard a noise out in the outer office. Then I heard it again. It sounded like a moan. I got up and walked out to the cubicles, following the moaning. When I got close to the second to last one, I could see the top of a blonde head. It was Mrs. M. She was one of the new sales ladies and very cute. She was about 40 years old.I peeked over the cubicle wall and saw she had both her bare feet up on her desk, spread wide and was frantically frigging her hairy blonde pussy with one hand and mashing her titties with the other. She didnt notice me as she was caught up in her masterbating. I murmured, "Oh, excuse me." and headed back to my office.

With a lot of trouble I got back to work. A few minutes later, there was a knock on my door. It opened and Mrs. M. came in. Her face was red and she had trouble looking me in the eye. She said she wanted to apologize for what I saw her doing. I told her not to be concerned. She took a seat in the chair in fron of my desk. She told me that her husband had been away for a month and with her two young k**s around all the time she had no privacy at home at all. She told me that she was so horney she had to do something or go crazy. The k**s slept in her bed because they missed their dad, so even that privacy was out. She told me that this morning she thought she would play with herself in the shower but, one of the k**s came in the bathroom. So she got a babysitter and thought she could come into the office where she would get some privacy. There were no other cars in the parking lot so she thought she was alone.

As she told me her story I couldnt help but take a peek up her short black skirt. She must have noticed where I was looking, becaucse when I looked up she was smiling. She spread her legs further giving me a clear shot up her skirt to her hairy blonde curls. "Do you like what you see?" sh asked.
I was caught and just stammered "Yee"
"Maybe we can work something out." she purred.

Continued.... Continue»
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The CEOs Wife part 1

My wife and I have been married for six years now (a third marriage for her but my first). I got married late in life to a women nine years younger than me. Linda is now 36 but still has the incredible look of a gal in her twenties. I was too busy in my younger years climbing the ladder of success to get involved romantically. After reaching a pinnacle of business success by becoming a CEO of a mid-size company, I felt something was missing in my life and then I met Linda. She was a little more cosmopolitan than I, having lived in a few of our countries biggest cities like Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco where I met her. She wasn't very happy about moving to a small town in Iowa. We moved here when I lost my CEO job due to a corporate buy-out of my former company. But, my best opportunity was moving to a smaller company to retain my position as CEO of a firm.

Like many couples we've had our ups and downs but about a year ago our relationship changed in a very strange way. First of all let me tell you a little about my wife. Linda is gorgeous looking woman with long red hair and attractive green eyes. She's 5'4" with a great looking body (37DD- 27-36). Her legs are great and so is her tight ass. but I like her breasts most of all. During her younger years, she tells me she was extremely self-conscious about the size of her breasts, which are firm and look even larger than what her measurements indicate. What I like most about her tits are her nipples. They are so huge, they are completely obvious through any kind of light clothing. For years she did her best to hide her breasts, and dressed very conservatively, always complaining about being a little "top heavy." Of course, I've always loved her tits. The great thing about them is that, in addition to their size, they are incredibly sensitive. If her nipples are played with, she immediately gets limp with sexual delights. It's like her nipples are directly connected to her pussy. She can have an orgasm just from having her tits played with, especially if her nipples are treated a little rough. She simply goes crazy. Unfortunately, our sex life has been rather poor since I had a heart attack about sixteen months ago.

I required some major surgery and thank God, my new boss (the owner of our company) pulled some strings to get me fully insured so that all medical bills were paid. And believe me, he's held it over my head as to how much I owe him for his putting himself on the line to get my insurance into effect faster than the normal required time in order to cover my surgery and convalescence.

Getting back to me and my wife, I have to admit that our sex life was never that great, even before my heart attack, and I know that the fault is mine. When we first got married, I was still working very long hours, and was I was tired a lot. So, whenever we had sex I didn't last too long and my small (just over 5 inches) penis, didn't seem to satisfy her. I realized Linda secretly wanted more out of sex when shortly after we were married I rented an X-rated movie for us to watch together. This film had several big, muscular guys with huge cocks making it with a small, thin woman. They used every orifice of her body several times. I looked at Linda during one particular scene, where the woman was being taken in a number of different ways at once, including anally. I thought she would disapprove of what was happening on the scene. Instead her eyes kind of glazed over, and she used one hand to slowly rub her upper thighs while the other tweaked one of her nipples.

That night after watching the movie we had good sex but the next morning I asked her what she thought about the scene where the girl got sexed anally and by several men, and she confided in me that one of her longtime fantasies has always been to be dominated by several men with very large cocks. I was a little hurt knowing that I would never be able to satisfy her in the way she desired. I never felt completely adequate in bed with Linda, before we talked about that movie, but afterwards it was even worse for me as I realized she wanted and needed more than I could ever give to her.

I may have still been the CEO at work but, as time went on Linda became the more confident partner in our marriage making more of the decisions. She also stopped hiding her figure as much as previously and started wearing clothing that actually showed off her lovely breasts. In a way I found her willingness to display more of her breasts exciting, but it also worried me because of all the male attention she was getting.

It all came to a head a year ago at a large pool party my boss, James, threw at his house for his corporate executives. I had already had my surgery by then but had recovered enough to attend this company social function. Although the company owner had to put someone else in charge of running the company he was still giving me full salary and I felt very obligated to go. The new CEO that the owner had promoted from Sales Vice-president was there along with the Sales Manager, VP of Finance, and some of the other corporate executives. The company owner, James is divorced, and is about thirty-five years old. He lives in a 12,000 sq ft house on one hundred acres of land with a very large built-in pool, a hot tub and a huge patio with an outdoor bar. His house sits up on a big hill, with a three-thousand foot driveway leading to it that keeps the place secluded. It's a real mansion and he doesn't mind spending money for the things he enjoys. James inherited the business from his father wh en he died unexpectedly at an early age. He played college football and is still in good shape standing over six feet tall and carrying well over two hundred pounds of rock-solid muscle.

Linda bought a new bathing suit for the party. It was a tiny bikini that barely hid anything. Her breasts are so full that the bikini top only covered about half of each breast. From the side, in fact, you could see nearly her entire breast. The bikini bottom left most of her sexy tight ass exposed too-it was no bigger than a thong. I asked her to please not wear it since there would be a lot of people that had worked for me at this party, and I didn't want them seeing so much of her body. I knew that the Sales VP and some of his staff were particularly brazen when it came to busty women. But Linda thought my request was silly. She told me that her new suit was "in style," and that I was being ridiculous. She pointed out that I should be happy to be with such a sexy woman. I relented because I didn't want to piss her off and to an extent she was right. In a way I was excited to know that my wife was sexy enough to arouse other men. It worried me, but in a strange way it also excited me .

When we arrived at the party, Linda had on a short terry cloth robe that she wore over her skimpy suit. As I looked around, I realized that the other executives hadn't brought their wives. James explained that he really hadn't meant it to be couples, but that he was glad that I had brought Linda along as there were so few women at the party. A few of the female office staff were there and they were helping out tending bar keeping the food stocked and so on. James had obviously also invited some of his other male friends and some of his clients to the party as there were more men there then I had anticipated.. Linda walked over to the hot tub and slipped off her robe-she looked simply unbelievable. She began rubbing oil on her body, and those big tits of hers were just swaying and bouncing around. In a matter of minutes a small crowd of guys had silently taken up strategic positions around her just to ogle her body. She was on a chaise lounge, with her knees slightly up, when I walked over and realized that, in this position her bikini bottom was completely inadequate; there were large expanses of red pubic hair visible for everyone to see. So imagine me standing there, as about ten men were staring at her nearly naked body, knowing I couldn't do a thing about it. I just tried to enjoy the party, but it was tough with the way everyone was ogling my wife, including James.

The fact that my wife was on display at this pool party for all these lusty men to see and admire was giving me mixed reactions. On the one hand I was jealous and upset but on the other I was excited that so many men found my Linda to be so sexy and attractive. I went over to the bar, about thirty feet from the hot tub, and did my best to keep everyone supplied with drinks and try to get my mind off of the display that my wife was providing these horny men. I could see Linda moving around, talking and laughing with James, and realized again that her bathing suit was way too small. Her breasts and ass were all but completely exposed. She seemed to be really enjoying the way that James was admiring her figure. While I was bartending, someone put on some slow music. I looked up and couldn't believe my eyes - James and Linda were locked in a slow dance on the patio. Instead of keeping a polite distance, he was holding her so close that her breasts were flattened against his chest. I could tell she'd had too much to drink, which always makes her horny. As they danced, James stroked the small of her back and the top of her ass. I didn't like it, and if it had been anybody but my boss, I might have said something. I couldn't bear to watch and so I just tried ignoring it.

About that time, we ran out of vodka at the bar. Someone told me that James had lots of liqueur stored in the house. In one of the back bedrooms. I went in the house and to the master bedroom. Not seeing any I looked inside his huge master bathroom as a possible place that he may have stored the party liqueur. I didn't see any in there either and so I was just about to search one of the other rooms when I heard my wife's voice. "James, where are you taking me?" James told her he wanted them cool off for a minute out of the hot sun, and thought she might enjoy getting a quick tour of the house. I closed the door to the master bath, leaving it open just a crack. Sure enough he entered the master bedroom with my wife in tow. I was only about fifteen feet away from them. I don't know why I hid behind the door, when I hadn't done anything wrong. But I figured that if I showed myself that Linda and my boss would think I was spying on them and they'd be pissed. James was explaining the pe riod of furniture in the master bedroom and Linda said that she didn't know anything about the historical periods of furniture, except that she knew beds were to be slept in - on occasion. I was surprised at her rather flirty statement. James laughed, came up behind her and put his arms around her waist, grinding his crotch against her ass. "You have an unbelievable body," he said. "You know you've been driving all the men at this party crazy." I figured my wife would pull back from his embrace but she just giggled and stood there with her eyes closed. Instead of pushing him away, Linda leaned back into him and said, "My husband is really unhappy. He thinks my bathing suit is too small."

James realized that Linda was responding to his moves and said, "Your husband should be proud that men love looking at your body. You like men looking at you, don't you?" As he asked her this question, he slowly brought his hands up and took a breast in each one, squeezing them gently. He repeated the question. "You do like men looking at your body, don't you?" Linda's eyes were closed and she was rocking slowly back and forth, rubbing her ass against his cock. James pulled her around and kissed her.

She momentarily pushed him back and said, "My husband is right outside. We shouldn't be doing this." James responded by telling her that he didn't give a damn what her husband thought because unless we both played along with whatever he wanted that we'd be in terrible financial shape. When Linda asked what he meant he reminded her that it was only because he resubmitted the insurance application with an earlier date on it that we received payment of all my hospital bills. He further indicated that since he kept the original papers with my signature on it showing the actual later date that I had signed the papers that if he presented these to the insurance company that I would be in serious trouble for fraud and would most likely get sent away for a few years. I saw Linda stand stunned realizing, as I did, that everything he said was true and that Linda had no choice but to comply with his sexual demands of her.

He then took her hand and placed it on his cock, which was now pushing the front of his bathing suit out a couple of inches. "Besides, my sexy little hot bitch, I think that deep down that you really want to see this," he said. He held her wrist and brought her other hand down to his crotch. She soon began rubbed his cock through his suit either because of his blackmailing of her or simply because she wanted to, I'm not sure which. He leaned forward and kissed her again, and this time all fight seemed to be gone from her as she opened her mouth, sucked on his tongue and began making little moaning noises.

James let go of her wrist, but she kept rubbing his erection. She said, "Oh my God, James, it's so big and hard! " I could tell how much she was fascinated by the size of his cock. James just smiled. He told her to wait a minute, then walked over and locked the door. He said, "Don't worry about your husband. He'll be busy bartending and nobody would dare come into my master bedroom without asking me. Besides even if he did show up I'd just have to explain the realities of his 'insurance situation' to him and I'm sure that he'd have to go along with anything I said anyway" I realized what he said was true and decided that it made sense for me to avoid that embarrassment and to simply stay hidden until after he was finished with whatever he had in mind for her. James took Linda by the arm and led her to a sofa about twenty feet away from where I was hiding. He sat on the sofa and asked Linda to take off her bathing suit.

She stood up in front of James, pausing momentarily. "Do it Linda, right now, if you want to keep your husband out of jell" he told her. "Besides, you know you want me to see your body." I knew she had no choice as she reached up and unsnapped her top, and there were her big breasts, in the flesh, dangling before James's eyes, the huge nipples completely erect. She then peeled off her bottom and stood there quietly. James said, "Rub your tits for me. Play with your nipples." Linda followed his orders obediently. She began to rub her breasts, then took her nipples between her thumb and forefinger and began pulling and twisting them. I know how hot that makes her and as she played with her own tits, he slowly peeled off his cloths. His cock was truly awesome about nine inches long (almost twice my length) and very thick, with a huge head. He brought her hand to his cock and she foundled it slowly and with a gleam of pure lust on her face. After she had stroked him a few moments, James said, "Get down on your knees and suck my cock."

Linda fell to her knees and slowly licked his dick from his balls to the tip, rubbing her tits as she did so. While she blew him, James talked to her, telling her how she was his bitch to do with as he commanded from now on. He also told her how beautiful she was and how much she excited him. He then helped her to her feet and told her to sit on the bed. He stood in front of her and slowly rubbed his big cock all over her face, saying to her, "I know that you love it. You're my little suck slave and that you'll do anything I tell you to do and that I can have you any time I want. Isn't that right Linda?" Linda nodded her head in agreement as she sat there with her mouth wide open, taking the thrusts of James's immense penis. James really knew how to work his dick. He teased her with it as she sucked, putting the head of it between her lips, then pulling back and rubbing it all over her face, which was getting red from the friction.

Suddenly Linda said, "Please don't tease me anymore. Just let me have it. I need your big cock down my throat." I was crushed as I realized that while my wife may have been initially f***ed into her sexual actions, she was now so completely sexually aroused that it was she that was begging for more of his cock! He smiled down at her and said, "First tell me you'll do whatever I say. Tell me you'll be my sex slave." It wasn't a surprise to me that Linda completely capitulated to his sexual demands. She sighed and said, "I'll do anything you want. Please let me have that beautiful cock."

James leaned forward, and I watched, open-mouthed, as my wife sucked and slobbered over his cock for a good ten minutes. James then said, "I don't want to cum in your mouth. I want to fuck you so you can spend the rest of the day feeling my cum dripping out of your pussy." He told her to slide her ass to the edge of the bed, then he knelt down and pushed her knees up to her chest so that her cunt was spread wide. He said, "Rub your pussy for me, my little cunt slave. Get yourself hot." I couldn't believe how willingly she was now following all his sexual requests. It was obvious to me that she was experiencing a sexual nirvana she had never had with me. My Linda reached down and began to rapidly rub her clit. I knew what she wanted even before she reached her hand toward his cock. "Fuck me, James, I'll do anything you want, but. . ." she said. "just give me that giant dick." James couldn't hold out any longer. He began to rub his cock up and down the sopping wet entrance to Linda's pussy. She began to moan and shake and beg him to enter her. With a single thrust, he pushed his full nine plus inches into my lovely Linda and began to pound away, fucking her very hard. Linda immediately had a violent orgasm, moaning and grunting as she climaxed, bucking her ass up to meet his cock.

My boss then began to tease her again, fucking her hard, then stopping suddenly. Linda frantically reached up and begin pulling his ass toward her, saying, "No, James, please don't stop Make me cum again... please!" James continued to fuck away, playing very roughly with her breasts as he screwed her into submission. I couldn't believe his staying power; he must have fucked her hard for almost thirty minutes. Linda had four wild orgasms in that time. Finally she reached down and began milking his balls. "Cum for me, baby," she urged "Cum in my juicy pussy." James grunted loudly and had a tremendous orgasm, driving his big cock into her as deep as it would go and filling her cunt with his juice. He pulled his prick out of Linda's vagina, stuck it in front of her face and said, "Clean it for me with your pretty mouth my lovely suck slave." Linda didn't even hesitate-she began licking the cum off his cock, not stopping until it was soft again. My heart skipped a beat as she started toward the master bathroom, where I ahd been hidding. When James asked her where she was going she said, "To clean up" I was releived when he told her that he wanted her to carry his cum in her for the rest of the day and she was to skip getting cleaned up. James told her to get dressed and go back to the party. "I'll be out there in a minute," he informed her. Linda put her bathing suit back on. But before she could leave, James grabbed her and said, "You are my fuck-slave! You know that don't you?" She reluctantly nodded her head yes." Do you want more of this cock?" Again she nodded yes; this time a little more enthusiastically. He told her that later on in the evening she would have another opportunity to suck and fuck his huge cock. My wife looked at him and wantonly licked her lips before giving him a quick peck on the cheek, then left.

I was completely stunned by what had just happened. Although she was initially f***ed into it, my wife had done things for him that she'd never done with me, and at the end I knew she was loving it. I'd just watched my wife become a complete slut for my boss, I was remorseful that I wasn't man enough to demand her sexual capitulation as James had done. I was hurt and angry, but also strangely excited. I couldn't believe how my little cock was hard as a rock. As a matter of fact it had been hard all during their love making. I hadn't remained that hard that long since I was a teenager. I decided to swallow my pride and anger and act toward my wife as nothing had happened. In a sense I knew that she had been blackmailed into her actions and I decided not to compound our problems by admitting that I knew all about it. I was also strangely curious about James's promise to my wife of more sex later and I wanted to see what other plans he had for her and whether that would also make my cock hard again. When my erection had gone down to where it was no longer noticeable through my bathing suit, I left and found the liquor in the kitchen. I got a few bottles of vodka and went back outside to the bar.... Continue»
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The Homely Wife Part 2

Aditi was hot, sweated and shivered at the same time looking on the road expecting Vishal’s return and thinking of the stranger who just talked to her. “Are all men alike?” she asked to herself since her husband also talks and tells her to imagine someone else and now a stranger telling her to think of him when she makes love to her husband. Anyhow the chat with this stranger aroused her and she really felt something very strange she had felt before. No man ever talked like that to her apart from her husband. She was wet and could feel it down there and needed to clean herself….

Vishal drove in the apartment yard and looked up on the balcony at Aditi who waved at him and he waved at her with one hand taking it out of the driving wheel. Other people who were on the balcony looked back at Aditi when they found Vishal waving at her…..

It was a 6 storey building and Vishal’s apartment was on the second floor. There was an underground parking for residents and there was also parking for about 30 vehicles in the yard as well. So Vishal at times parked underground and sometimes in the yard itself. Parking in the yard was normally for visitors and apartment residents usually parked in the underground.

Now since Aditi was watching him from the terrace he parked in the yard and once out of his car he walked towards the entrance of the building and looked up at Aditi again and sent a flying kiss while Aditi only put her index finger in between her teeth with a grin. Two old ladies who were looking down sent back flying kiss to Vishal and one talking in Bengali style asked with Aditi, “He is so cute, is he your husband? So cute, don’t mind I sent him flying kiss hein baby?” Aditi laughed and only moved her head smiling at the old lady from the opposite balcony. While Vishal was still walking Aditi signaled her with her fingers making walking movements with them… that meant she asked ‘are you coming by the lift or climbing the stairs?’

It so happened that since they lived on the second floor, Vishal used to walk the stairs and said it’s a bit of exercise done instead of taking the lift. But sometimes when he feels too tired he went up by lift, that’s why Aditi asked him, so he also used his fingers to show her that he will walk up not use the lift. So as soon as he got in Aditi quickly went to the loo, washed herself and took a tissue and inserted it in between her panty on her pussy since she was wet. She was wondering why that stranger’s talk excited her that much that she got wet! That never happened to her before. She kept thinking of his words….. On the other hand while Vishal was walking up he was thinking, ‘I want to see if Aditi is going to tell me if a stranger is calling her or not. If she keeps it up to her means she is on the way I wanted her to be…..if she tells me all means that I have to work much harder to get what I want with her…….’

When Vishal got in his apartment Aditi ran into his arm and buried her face on his chest surrounding him in her arms. Her heart was beating too fast and Vishal could feel it pounding over his chest. Vishal playing the innocent asked,

“What’s wrong sweetheart? Why are you shivering and sweating? Is it fever? Oh you are so hot!”

But without any reply Aditi remained idle in his hug. Her heart continued to beat fast which Vishal could feel over his chest. Aditi was thinking either she should tell him about the stranger’s call or not….. She had a strange kind of feeling for that stranger and thought who knows if the stranger is Vishal’s friend and she will create a problem among friends that’s why she believed she should keep quiet till she does not later confirm about him!

Anyhow she managed to talk to Vishal and asked him to refresh himself. After a while Vishal took a towel and underwear and went to the bathroom to take his shower, but he took his mobile enveloped in the towel with the unregistered sim.

He sent an sms on Aditi’s mobile which read, “Hope you will remember me on bed tonight honey!” On getting the sms Aditi turned hot and perspired more looking towards the bathroom to check on Vishal, and quickly typed these words as reply, “Are you mad? Please don’t sms me, my husband is at home, thanks God he is taking a shower otherwise he would have seen the sms! You will make me get troubles! By the way what’s your name tell me please and reply immediately before Vishal comes out!”

From the shower Vishal laughed reading the message and answered, “Sweetheart, put your cell on silent mode and keep it away from your hubby, he won’t know when I will sms you. Ok ok I will not sms when he gets out of the bathroom tell me how long does he take in there? Do we have 15 mins to chat a bit by sms? And why do you want to know my name sweety, first tell me your name then I will tell you mine!”

Aditi quicly texed back, “My name is Aditi, and okay don’t tell me your name but I am giving you a name, you will be Aditya for me okay? I will call you Aditya, and yes tonight you will be with me when Vishal will be making love to me, I will think of Aditya, happy now? Yes he takes 15 mins in the shower, now if I am not replying you then know it that he is back. And stop smsing me please, and also tell me are you my husband’s friend and do you live in this apartment?”

So the game which Vishal had planned for tonight and had asked her to create an ex lover for her and the name was Aditya, that name was given to the stranger and so Aditi is getting drenched in Vishal’s way of fantasy and Vishal was too happy that things were working fine for him now!

And Vishal/Aditya replied, “I am so happy getting a lovely name darling, well for now I will not tell you either I live in the same apartment as you and either I am your husband’s friend, but one thing is that today you are looking gorgeous, your boobs are too beautiful, I saw their form they are neither too big nor small but just the way I like them your nipples were hard isn’t it baby? I could see that on your Tshirt and it excited me that you were not wearing a bra….. also your thighs are very beautiful, I wished to touch and kiss them…I am longing for you honey I would love to really be on the bed with you tonight… I am getting a hard on writing these you know honey?!!”

Aditi again pressed both her thighs tightly after reading those lines and quickly replied, “You will be together on bed tonight…. But it’s sad that you know me, you have seen me but I have not, you will only be in my imagination, but for you it’s different, you can visualize me, my face, my body….. Well well, stop texting now, I have to delete all your messages…. Bye.”
But Vishal sent another sms which Aditi read, “Please do 1 thing for me tonight baby, after the love session with your hubby/me please pretend to go to the toilet and send me a message to tell me how it was either you enjoyed me or not.. I will wait for that, okay I will not sms you now …but if you do not sms me after the session I will sms you by midnight to ask either you enjoyed it or not….”

Aditi continued looking at the bathroom door and listen either the shower is on to know if Vishal is still bathing, meanwhile glancing at her mobile. She read the last message and answered, “It’s my last sms for now, okay I will sms you after the session by 10 to 11 PM happy? Bye now please for God sake don’t sms now, thanks.”

Vishal was excited and had hard on while bathing reading his wife’s messages. The innocent, naïve wife which he tamed is learning fast and coming in the way he wanted to bring her to… He never thought she will so easily fall in….. but still he had long way to go to make her realize what he really wanted from her, so Vishal was relieved that the beginning is good.

That night once on bed, Vishal started biting her shoulder as soon as she got in her nightie…. She was like hungry for him that night, she bit back his shoulder and put her hand on his crotch and pressed her palm tightly over it and tried to massage it when it was still inside the underwear….. Gradually she mounted over him when he was lying flat on his back and it was the first time in the last 11 months that Aditi mounted over Vishal with her legs parted on both sides and her pussy rubbing over his dick which was still in the underwear and meanwhile she was wildly licking and biting his cheeks, neck and ears. Then it was time for Vishal to talk, he said,

“Whom are you so earnestly kissing baby? Who am I sweetheart, I am not your Vishal, you are doing all this with another man isn’t it?”

Aditi already had Aditya in her mind and immediately responded in a quiver, “You are my ex lover Aditya remember?” Vishal’s pleasure had no bound on hearing that, he took her tightly in his arms and licked her neck moving towards her breasts….. Aditi was panting and with opened mouth looked in his eyes like a hungry female wolf, desire and arousal was obviously visible in her eyes and Vishal was making her plead for that…. So he spoke again,

“Okay, continue licking your lover’s chest and slowly and gently move to his belly till you reach his lower abdomen then with your delicate fingers little by little move down his underwear and step by step take his dick licking it as it starts to appear…..”

Aditi started executing… she crouched over his body, her boobs hanging in the nightie with one of the straps hanging over her arm, which gave pleasure to Vishal’s eyes… Aditi lifted up her eyes now and then to look into his face then continued the execution by licking his hairy chest till she reached his belly licking it with the length of her tongue and as soon as she reached his underwear to Vishal’s surprise she did not move it but put her mouth on his hard erect cock which was still in the white underwear, that is she took the dick together with the underwear into her mouth….. Vishal groaned on that move of hers and whimpered with a gasp and held her head whispering, “oh yeaaaaaah babyyyyyyyy wow you are adorable sssssshshshshhhhssssss” Aditi looked up at him and then with her delicate fingers she started moving down his underwear…… slowly, steadily the underwear started going down to let the tip of Vishal’s dick appear and immediately Aditi passed her tongue on it while Vishal enjoyed the immense pleasure…….

When the underwear was thrown down on the floor, Aditi shook her head to get her hair to her back, then looked at Vishal desirously and bent over his cock holding it in her lovely delicate hand… before she took it in her mouth Vishal talked again in whispers and moan like voice, “Where is your husband darling, I am your Aditya on the bed with you, nude, you are holding my dick in your hand what if your husband comes in?”

Aditi answered in a hiss, “He is doing overtime and will be back after midnight, lets seize this golden opportunity sweetheart and stop talking only feel it, I can’t wait anymore…..”

Vishal was so happy that Aditi was responding exactly as he wanted in the sexual game….. he was so much happy that he could not resist and as soon as Aditi took his dick in her mouth pre cum dropped on her tongue which she licked and looked up in his face saying, “Its salty hmmmm why so fast? Hope you do not cum before I am pleased! I badly need it, you have to please me control yourself baby please….” Vishal grasped the bed sheet in both his fists and clenched his teeth in a groan and tried to move his hip pushing his dick deeper in her mouth…..

Now what was happening in Aditi’s mind? Was she really visualizing another man or was she feeling her Vishal with her? No one could read a woman’s mind…Vishal was thinking and tried to read her but was unsuccessful….. soon Aditi left his dick and was up to take his mouth in hers into a hot sexual kiss while she parted her legs and with a hand held his dick and introduced it to her hole and she moved her hips to feel the cock sliding deep into her… She gave a sharp moan and whimpered over Vishal’s body enjoying his dick doing to and fro into her….. She was so eager and aroused that only within 2 minutes she started giving moans in between gasps and shouted with sighs and gripe, “uuhhhhhhh sssssshshshshssssssss Oh my Gooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad I am cumming baby yes get it deep into me its so goooooooooooood aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh yessssssssssssss I love it honeyyyyyyyyy yes.. yes yes aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh……”

When she was shouting with moans Vishal surrounded her body tightly in his arms and kissed her deliciously and murmured in her ears, “call me Aditya, say aditya out it deeper in me…..say it honey…” Aditi was getting complete lost in ecstasy and repeated after him loudly, “Yessssss Aditya give me more, put it deep into me its wonderful Aditya Love you baby….you are so gooooooooooooood aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!”

Both were pleased and she lay over him panting , sweating sucking his neck with her eyes closed……. Vishal thought, “did she really feel another man fucking her??”
After a while she said, “I need to go to the loo…” And she went in with her cell and smsed Aditya,

“You are wonderful honey you made me very happy, you put it deep inside me and I will want it more and more from you honey, bye good night, sl**p tight, kiss you hot baby” And she switched off her cell after the message was sent!!”

Vishal read her message and was shocked and asked himself, “Is she my own Aditi who wrote this? She got pleased with someone she does not even know?!
That night Aditi was late to sl**p. She kept thinking of how she imagined another person whom she does not even know but only heard his voice. She had never felt that pleasure while having sex like she did that night. She tossed over the bed thinking of the hot encounter and felt like she was really with another man and not her Vishal. Vishal was deep asl**p and almost snoring but Aditi could not sl**p. She was at times smiling to herself and at times thinking of the words said by Aditya to her….. She got out of the bed and went to the kitchen to make a coffee and read Aditya’s messages again and again….. She decided to call him… but hesitated…. And at last dialed his number but the cell was switched off! She felt horny and wet again…..

Anyhow she went to sl**p and even dreamed of the stranger making love to her. She dreamed that she was on the balcony and Aditya flew to him like superman, landed on the balcony close to her and dragged her to her bed when she was in a flimsy nightie, he licked her whole body while she moaned and moaned and kissed him savagely.

The next morning she was fine and normal again, the night’s fever had left her and she passionately kissed Vishal when he was leaving for work. In the day she got busy in her house chores and almost forgot Aditya and just took him and his messages lightly.

But Vishal in the office was wondering how his wife has started enjoying sex now and he wondered either he will ever succeed to see her being fucked by someone else especially by those whom he wants to! Vishal wished to see her horny for another man, he had intense desire to see her licking another man’s body with desire, he wished to look how she will react when another man will touch her body, he wanted to see either she will kiss another man the same way she kisses him, either she will have the same vigour while another man holds her in his arms. He longed to see if Aditi will caress another man the way she caresses him while making love and Vishal wanted to look in her face if another man’s dick penetrates her, he wanted to see how she will moan when another cock enters her, he wished to see her reaction on receiving another dick inside her, Vishal wished to check on either Aditi will love it or will do it against her will….how will she react, will she be pleased to do it or will she be reluctant, will she enjoy and get her orgasm or will she just do it for the sake of just doing it….. Just thinking of all these Vishal was erect and decided to sms her as Aditya. And he send this message, “Hi sweetheart thank you very much for the pleasure you gave me last night. I really enjoyed and it was fabulous honey, when shall we do it for real baby?”

On reading that sms Aditi got furious and replied, “What for real are you talking about man? Do you think I want it for real damn it? It was only fantasy and let that stay there only otherwise I won’t ever sms or talk to you got it?”

Now after reading that Vishal did not know what to do? Was he happy that his wife did not want another man or was he disappointed as she did not turn to his desired wish?

Aditi went on the terrace after reading that message from Aditya and was looking outside in the yard, in the parking and on the road. She found the security guard near the gate and he was looking up at her. She was in a sari and was looking lovely as usual and the guard was watching her…. The guard was a young man and unmarried so always looked interested in women and did flirt whenever the opportunity appeared. Now since Aditi was looking at him the guard looked interested and said to himself, “Wow, what a sexy bhabi man! She looks hot, what a slim desirable body she has, I wish she bends on the bar and I see her cleavage…. She has lovely boobs, what a waist man! And what an ass! wooo!!” He was Om the security guard of the apartment, the gate keeper and watchman all in one.

When Aditi found him looking at her she thought who knows if he is Aditya! How would she know that? She thought it would be easy to know she only had to call his number and if it’s him she will find him taking the call when she calls….so she called Aditya’s number…. And there in the office Vishal could not take the call as his cell was silent and he was busy with office works so he did not even look at the mobile. Now when Aditi was calling and no one was taking the call she asked herself ‘why he is not picking the phone? He knows that I will discover him that’s why he is not picking…’ she was talking about the guard and she now had doubts that the guard was Aditya…..

Aditi decided to make sure and got dressed and left the apartment on pretext going to the mall. And she got dressed in a very beautiful pale blue sari with a tight blouse and wore nice make ups, perfumes, hair flung open on her back, she walked out of the building. As soon as Om found her coming out he started looking at her from tip to toe, oh what a walk she had, her hips moved delicately getting the cloth material rubbed on her body and once she did a step the form or her thighs could be clearly visible……Om ran his eyes from her thighs upwards to her hips then her bare waist…wow what a fleshy waist and then her blouse stuck to her breasts….wow Om was getting a hard on just by looking at her walking towards him…..

On her part Aditi was looking in his face approaching him to the gate while she was thinking trying to read his thoughts, ‘He is watching me with envious eyes, I feel that he is the person who called me and he is pretending to be someone else, look how he is looking at me from tip to toe as if he is denuding me with his eyes! He knows about me as he is the watchmen and he was looking at me on the terrace yesterday that’s why he knew how I was dressed….. Oh my God and last night I told him that he was on bed with me at night, shit! Oh God!”

When Aditi reached the gate, Om greeted her, “Hello Bhabi ji, I am Om the guard of this building any problem you get you can call on me!”

Aditi stopped, looked in his face while Om’s eyes ran on her cleavage, waist and navel….. The straps on her back which tied her blouse were sexy and her beautiful back was almost nude where Om’s eyes roamed while Aditi asked him, “Are you sure that your name is Om? Or is it Aditya?” Om looked in her face surprised and asked, “Aditya? Who Aditya? I am Om madam; ask all the people here, they all know I am Om, you are new here so you do not know me.”

Aditi: “Well I mean does anyone call you Aditya like this?”

Om: “No bhabi ji why should anyone call me Aditya when my name is Om?”

Aditi: “Are you sure or are you pretending?”

Om: “Oh bhabi ji you seemed to be confused, I am Om only nobody calls me Aditya. By the way Bhabi ji which perfume do you use it smells so good, you smell too good hmmm!”

Aditi smiled and thanked him for the compliment and said, “Ok sorry to bother you then I thought you were Aditya who talked to me yesterday.”

Om: “Which Aditya bhabi ji? Mister Romi’s son’s name is Aditiya but he is a little k** only”
Aditi: “Oh, forget it! Have a look on my apartment I am going to the mall and will be back within an hour or so, thanks.”

Om: “Wait, wait bhabi ji, give me your cell and landline number, everybody has given me their numbers, its important as it can always be useful, and you know bhabi ji whatever kind of problems you get call on me, I do plumbing, electric works, and some carpentry as well. Whenever you need any such work to be fixed in your apartment remember me bhabi ji. I do that for every apartment here!”

Aditi: “Oh really? You are very useful a person then in that case it’s me who should have your number and not you should have mine!”

Om: “It’s the same bhabi ji, I should have your number as, if someone comes to look for you, I can call you and let you know before the person gets inside! What’s you good name bhabi ji?”

Aditi: “Okay give me your number, I will miscall you and then you save my number, I am Aditi.”

Om: “Okay Aditi bhabi”

And they exchanged numbers. Seeing his number Aditi knew that he was not the person she was looking for. She walked out of the building premises and Om kept looking at her beautiful spotless back which were almost nude. So sexy that Om wished to touch it…. Om continued watching her walking and how her beautiful ass moved to the rhythm of her steps…… Om kept thinking for her for long. He thought, ‘You are too hot sweet Aditi bhabi ji…you are sexy and desirable, you must have a very lucky husband, how hot moments you should be giving him with the splendid body that you have, wow!!! When will I get the chance to be with you in your apartment once!’ Om dreamed!
In the mall, at the market men’s eyes went on Aditi wherever she passed by. Many people young and old managed their dicks in their pants looking at Aditi and her slender body wrapped in a beautiful sari. At some places when she got to bend a little to select certain things she choose to buy men’s eyes were only on her cleavage and her beautiful waist and navel….. In short she turned many people horny wherever she passed by.

Within an hour she was back and Om again greeted her and reminded her not to forget to call on him when she needed it! Aditi found him queer and understood that he is trying to flirt with her, she only nodded smiling at him; but she thought that he could be of real help to search the mysterious Aditya for her in a way, so she was sure to get in touch with Om soon again.

Vishal was going to the toilet in his office when he crossed a colleague who was looking at a female clerk passing by. His colleague winked at Vishal and whispered, “What an ass b*o! She is damn hot!” The lady had already passed by then and Vishal replied to his colleague, “Why b*o? Love to watch married women?” And the friend said, “Man after being a married man I turned out to be more and more vicious and want to fuck others wives more than mine! It’s strange isn’t it? Isn’t it said outside’s food has better taste than that of home?” Vishal smiled at him and went to the loo. While pissing Vishal’s mind was struck by the idea of making his colleague the Aditya of his wife! He suddenly thought to make his friend part of the game….. The way his friend talked it was obvious that he will enjoy that…. But how will he tell him that Aditi is his wife?! He had to plan something… He thought Aditi will like this friend of his as he was good looking, and smart. Vishal’s dirty mind started working sick again and he within seconds thought and planned things in his brain!

When returning he met that friend still in the corridor with a file and Vishal called him in his office and they talked to meet at lunch time as Vishal had very important things to tell him.

That friend was 5 years elder than him and had a superior post than him in the office, kind of Vishal worked under him. He was Anand, married father of 2 k**s.

So Anand joined Vishal in his office at lunch time. And Vishal told him that he is playing a sexual game with a married sexy woman by sms and calls. Vishal did not tell Anand that Aditi was his wife, he said she is another person’s wife and he is teasing her and wanted Anand to be Aditya and call her, talk to her in his presence putting the cell on speaker. Vishal explained him all details and told him to call her bhabi ji, and also Anand knew all details that at night he was in her mind last night etc!

Learning that Anand was excited and found that very interesting, he had a hard on just by listening to what Vishal explained him! He was certainly ready to participate in that game.

And it started! Anand called Aditi with Vishal’s unregistered sim and put it on speaker to let Vishal hear all the conversation!

Aditi replied, “Hi how are you?”

Anand: “Am doing great bhabi ji after the pleasure you gave me last night!”

Aditi giggled saying, “Oh really? You got the pleasure? How can that be? We were not together! You were not with me but it was my husband!”

Vishal for a second was in great worry that Aditi would mention his name to Anand! He was relieved that she only said ‘my husband’ and not ‘Vishal’ And Vishal wondered how friendly she seemed to be to this stranger to giggle like that with him!

Anand replied, “Bhabi ji I was in your mind when your husband was doing all that to you; touching you sexy body, kissing you, caressing you and you were feeling I was doing all that to you, is that not my pleasure that a beautiful sexy woman like you thinking of me that way?! It was just great bhabi ji….i wish I be on bed with you for true!”

Aditi stammered and answered, “Well, hmmm… errr…. That was only a game not the truth!”

Vishal typed things to ask to Aditi on his pc and showed the monitor to Anand, so he read the lines Vishal had typed,

Anand: "Tell me bhabi ji how are you dressed right now? I want to visualise you in the dress you are please tell me are you in a sari or churidaar or are you in the sexy Tshirt wearing no bra?”

Those words were read from Vishal’s pc which he typed for Anand to ask his wife. Anand was thrilled to talk all that with an unknown woman who had a young voice and who seemed very young by the way she was talking.

Aditi answered, “I had gone out to look for you, I am in a beautiful sari which is backless, would you like to see how I look in it? So get out I am coming on the balcony, and will turn my back to you and you watch!”

Hearing this Anand did not know what to reply and looked in Vishal’s face interrogatively who quickly typed this line on his pc for Anand to read and Anand read that to Aditi, that was, “No I can’t see you as I am in my office today!”

Vishal wondered, ‘Where had Aditi been today? Did she really go out? Why? She had not told me that she would go out!!’
And Anand talked to Aditi, “Bhabi ji, shall we be together again on bed tonight? Say yes please you will enjoy it again sweety!”

Aditi replied, “No! That’s enough it was a game and the game is over bye bye" and she cut the call with another giggle”

Vishal told Anand not to call back that was enough…. Anand was very excited and told Vishal “Man you can get to fuck her dear if a woman is talking all that to you and thinking of you when having sex with her husband means that she will let you fuck her man go ahead buddy!!”

Vishal smiled and asked, “Why you don’t drop at my place this evening for a cup of tea Anand? I will show you if she is seen around, she lives in the same apartment I live!”

Anand agreed. And Vishal in his mind had planned to watch how Aditi will react in presence of another man in the house and he had thought that at night he will ask Aditi to play that Anand is fucking her that Vishal will be Anand and she will respond to his request!!!

When Anand left Vishal’s office, he called Aditi on landline and told her that his senior colleague will be coming home for coffee and asked her to be beautifully dressed….. Aditi asked, “What do I wear you tell me please!” And Vishal wanted her to look sexy and show her cleavage so asked her to wear a black sari which had deep V-cut and her cleavage is very well visible in that….. Aditi protested that, that blouse is too revealing and she won’t wear it, but Vishal insisted that she will wear only that one if she loved him….so Aditi had no choice!!

And before 6 PM Aditi had a shower and got dressed in the black sari, which had sleeveless blouse with a deep V-cut, and 3 laces straps on her back to attach the blouse…..Aditi was turning her back to the mirror and admiring her own body and thinking who will be accompanying Vishal home this evening……
Aditi looked form the balcony when Vishal’s car got in the compound. She was at the same time expecting Aditya’s call and looking for him everywhere as well. But Aditya did not call and did Aditi feel sad, she asked herself that question!?

She managed to look inside the car to see if she can see the new guest’s face, but she only found Vishal’s hand waving at her and the car went in the underground parking. Aditi went back inside and started waiting for them to come in. They will surely come fast by lift, Vishal won’t make his friend walk the stairs up Aditi thought.

Aditi opened the door and was on the threshold waiting for them with a lovely smile, but Aditi did not know why her heart beat fast as if she was about to go for an examination paper! Her eyes were on the lift and as soon as it stopped both Vishal and Anand got out, Aditi smiled with Vishal who pointed in her direction telling Anand that was his wife. Anand bowed his head with a smile to Aditi who smiled back and waited till they reached her door step. Once close to her Vishal was to talk to her but Aditi stepped back to get inside the house while Vishal got in and put his arm over her shoulder to hug her, while Anand stood at the threshold watching them. After their hug and kiss over the cheeks Vishal said, “This is my friend Anand, a senior colleague, and Anand this is Aditi my wife.” They smiled at each other and Aditi hesitated and did not know either she should give him her cheeks or do a ‘namaste’ and her steps moved reluctantly but she stopped and looked at Vishal who understood and said, “Come on embrace my friend darling!” Then only with a splendid smile Aditi neared Anand who bent down his head towards Aditi who kissed both his cheeks while Anand’s arm went around her shoulder in a formal way when Vishal was observing Aditi’s reactions and watching her closely.

Aditi welcomed Anand and asked him to be seated in the lounge and said she is going to serve coffee in a minute and walked towards the kitchen through the corridor. As soon as Aditi left Anand whispered to Vishal, “Where is the other one whom you were to show me?” Vishal hushed him saying, “Don’t talk about the other one at all here, if she hears tonight there will be strike hehe!” Then Vishal told Anand that he must go on the balcony to check if she will be there only then will have a chance to see her and if her husband is already back not sure to check on her. Then Vishal asked permission for a few minutes with Anand and went to join Aditi in the kitchen.

Aditi was preparing the coffee and asked, “You never talked of this friend to me who is he?” Vishal held her from the back by putting his arms under her arms to reach on her navel and pressed his downer part on her ass saying, “sweetheart tonight he will be with you on bed what say baby?” For a second Aditi blushed, shocked looked in Vishal’s face then realized he was talking of the role play and reluctantly replied, “Oh shut up! He is your friend it’s not good to think like that!” But Vishal had a hard on already which he was thrusting over her ass pressing it tightly in between her buttock’s cheeks said, “Sweetheart imagine how hot encounter we will have, that will excite me a lot… now do one thing , when you go to serve the coffee, bend completely down and let your ‘pallu’ fall down, I wanna see Anand’s look when he sees your cleavage! Please do that for me, on bed those moments will heat us darling!” Aditi looked angry saying, “Are you out of your mind Vish? You want me to let the ‘pallu’ down with this deep V-cut? Even my bra’s straps are seen, and my tits are all as if coming out! I will be all ashamed, I can’t do that sorry!”

Vishal caressed and cajoled her trying his best to convince her to do that; he even asked her to sit on the opposite sofa and let her waist, belly and navel be clearly seen and pretend not be aware, and keep smiling and talking to him. But Aditi refused to do it like that. She argued, “I don’t even know him, have never talked to him, I am not used to him I can’t do such things in front of a stranger, are you out of you mind Vish? If he was someone I knew since long and would have been familiar to him then it would have been different, but not now I can’t do that don’t expect me to do such things in front of a stranger sorry I won’t.”

She looked angry and Vishal felt disappointed, he did not know what to do….. He was still holding her and kissed her neck and was about to say something else but Aditi furious, pushed him away hitting him with her elbow! She took the coffee tray and asked him to take the snack saying, “You left your friend alone there go to serve the snack I am coming with the coffee!” But Vishal barred her way asking, “Well sweety tonight we’ll play as if he will be on bed with you okay? So please observe him, and say yes….” Feeling annoyed Aditi quickly answered, “okay okay for tonight it is okay but don’t ask me to do anything now, right?!” And she started walking ahead so Vishal had no option left than to hurry in the lounge where Anand was seated. He placed the snack on the middle table in the lounge and waited for Aditi to come with the tray and he sat opposite Anand to have a watch of the actions which will take place in front of him!

Aditi bent down to place the tray on the middle table but with much care so as not to let her cleavage be revealed to the stranger. She immediately placed her hand over her breasts with a generous smile she offered to Anand and said, "have some snacks please."

Vishal was watching Anand’s looks and trying to read his expressions. Yes he noticed it very well that Anand’s eyes were fixed on Aditi since the moment he entered the lounge. Anand’s eyes did not leave Aditi for any seconds till she did not ask him to take the snack and Vishal watched him all the way. Aditi glanced at Vishal as she knew what he was observing and she sat close to him which was opposite to Anand.

When she sat her belly and navel were then visible and Anand’s eyes went on it several times which Vishal noticed. Vishal was disappointed as things did not turn the way he wished as Aditi did not cooperate. Aditi talked formally to Anand asking her about his wife and k**s etc. She had a lovely smile while talking which was Aditi’s normal behavior. Now Vishal purposely left them to talk for a while and went on the terrace excusing himself for a smoke as Anand did not smoke. Aditi knew why her husband left her alone with his friend. She lifted up her eyes and gave him an annoyed look when he said he will be back after a smoke.

From the terrace he continuously watched them….. They were talking as normal as anybody would. Once Aditi got to lift her hands up to manage her hair with both hands to arrange them at the back and during that action all her belly, navel and blouse containing her breasts which gave the round form inflating the mounds over the blouse although covered with the ‘pallu’. Quickly Vishal looked at Anand to check on either he was watching at that, and yes, Anand first looked at the way of the terrace, surely to check either Vishal was seen, his eyes then were fixed on Aditi’s white flesh on the belly and above over her breasts. At that moment Aditi was unaware as that was a normal action women usually do and u*********sly they often arouse men’s desire but Aditi did nothing to arouse Anand but that was a normal action. Was that really so or did she do that only to attract Anand’s attention towards her body? This is what Vishal wondered about!
It was time for Anand to leave. Aditi accompanied him and her husband up to the threshold while Vishal was going to leave him back home. And Anand bent his head in front of Aditi for the goodbye kiss, but Vishal noted one thing at that moment. By then Anand had become friendlier to her and she also talked as if she knew him since long in a friendlier way. What Vishal noted was that while Aditi kissed Anand’s cheeks, Anand’s left hand was on Aditi’s bare waist and his right hand was on her shoulder. Anand slightly ran his fingers on her waist but it lasted for at least 2/3 seconds, the time Aditi kissed his cheeks and after that Anand had to remove both his hands. Vishal tried to check on Aditi immediately either she felt his fingers on her waist or not, but Aditi was very normal as though nothing happened. That made Vishal feel that during the embrace Aditi did not even pay heed that Anand’s hand was on her waist when she was kissing his cheeks. After that Anand said, “Thanks for the coffee, I would certainly like to have more such sweet coffee from your hand, and hope Vishal invites me a next time.” Aditi in all smile replied, “It was my pleasure and of course you are welcomed any time, come along with bhabi ji and the k**s when you are free Anand ji!”

When driving Anand back to his place Vishal asked, “So how did you find my wifie Anand?” Anand was not expecting that question so looked in his face and asked, “What? How would I find her dear?” Vishal asked again, “b*o I mean how is she? You liked her, I mean how do you find her? Is she beautiful …..”

Anand replied, “Oh yeah you have a lovely wife, she is very sweet and kind and yes no doubt she is very beautiful; and you know what? I see she is very young, she has a college girl’s look hehehe!”

Vishal the said, “She is damn good on bed as well hehehe!!”

Both men laughed on that and Anand said, “My wife has taken weight after the birth of the 2 k**s and I dislike the big saggy boobs and belly with a woman you know!”
Vishal then just to know his taste asked, “What is the type you like buddy?” And Anand answered, “Well don’t mind but I will now mention your wife buddy just as example, she has the perfect type of body I love and my wife was like that before having the k**s, I love flat belly and firm boobs….. And yes I adore younger ones!”

Vishal was very pleased on hearing that and he was too happy hearing Anand talking of Aditi’s body. That meant that Anand had a good look of Aditi’s body. So Vishal thought that he will succeed to go ahead with what was in his mind but gradually. It will take time he thought but he had to accept that.

Then Anand suddenly said, “But man, you had taken me at your place with the intention of making me see that sexy sweetheart I talked to on phone….but we did not see her! How is she? How does she look is she something like your dear wifie?”

Vishal felt exited and answered, “Oh yeah she is damn hot man! You will surely love to get her on bed too….and hey why not call her right now?!” So Anand said, “Why not lets do it, park the car and lets once again do the day’s action. I know what I will talk now!... but her husband could be at home isn’t it?”

Vishal replied, “Err at times he does overtime, lets check if she replies means she is free, let’s give a try dear!” And Vishal called Aditi with the unregistered sim. Then gave the cell to Anand putting it on speaker and placing a handkerchief over it. Aditi took the call and replied,

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you calling at this time don’t you know my husband is here?”

Vishal was astonished on hearing that. Why did she say that when he was out? She should have enjoyed to talk! Well could be she did not want the stranger to call her at that time as usually Vishal is always at home at that time! Cunning lady this Aditi!!

Anand replied, “Honey I am longing for you a lot, just wish to be by your side on bed and make you hold this piece of hard meat!! When will you do me this favour baby?!”

Aditi: “You shut up! My husband is about to be out of the bathroom I am hanging the phone!”

Anand: “Wait sweetheart, I wish to be with you tonight like last night so do it the same way okay baby?”

What Aditi answered made Vishal very very happy! He enjoyed that so much that he wished to shout with joy.

Aditi said, “No tonight it’s not you but someone else who will be on my bed! He is someone special whom I just got acquainted to!”

Viahal understood that she was talking about Anand. And Anand on hearing that looked in Vishal’s face who shrugged then Anand asked her,

“Oh lucky guy this new one, but may I know who is he?”

Aditi: “No, you are not allowed to know him. It’s not your turn tonight I will let you know when your turn comes… bye.” And she ended the call.

Vishal was too happy but Anand said, “Hey she is a damn sexy babe this one, you must really make me get her man!”

Well Vishal dropped Anand at his place and hurried back home. Aditi was now in a 2 piece, a skirt and blouse….. Vishal hurried to have his shower they hurried with dinner and were soon both on bed!

On bed after some caresses and kisses Vishal licking behind her ear murmured, “You did not please me the way I wanted when Anand was here, so now please respond well to the play sweetheart.” She was in full playful mood and c***dishly said,
“I told you that now it will be okay not then….. do as you wish baby.”

So immediately Vishal sat up and asked, “Will you respond well as I want it to be?” Biting her lips she had a sexy smile and said “Yesssssssssss” and licked his lower neck rubbing her breasts on his chest.

Then, thrilled Vishal said, “Okay then wear that sari again and lets go in the lounge, I will be Anand and you come to serve me the coffee, bend down to let your cleavage all seen to me and behave horny ….come on lets go honey and make it look lively, respond well and though I am really Anand and want to fuck you hard!”

Aditi giggled and then gave a c***dish cry “hmmm you are now naughty sweetheart… hmmmmm!!!”

But Vishal did not listen to her and very quickly jumped out of bed, gave her the black sari, her blouse and all then went to sit in the lounge and waited for her!

After some minutes Aditi went near him smiling, her nail in between her teeth, asked, “What do I do now?”

Vishal replied, “live the play honey, I am Anand, you are Aditi come to serve me the coffee, bend down to place the tray on this middle table, let your ‘pallu’ skip down, let me look at your cleavage, delay to lift back the palu and let me admire…look in my eyes with a sexy smile while I will continue to watch with desirous eyes”

With a shy smile Aditi asked, “And where are you at that time? I mean where will Vishal be at that moment?”

Vishal was too excited and said, “Oh come on make as if I am not here he came another day when I am not at home darling…..”

Aditi giggled and said, “ok ok….be patient… wait, let me walk slowly and approach now…..”

Vishal said, “ok I will count up to 10 then its action, you will be Aditi and I am Anand, you call me as Anand not Vishal okay? Forget me completely till we do not end our encounter, respond as Aditi responding to Anand only; make it feel real sweetheart please you will enjoy it too and me too…okay, I start counting…1….2……3…..4…… 5……………………….”

Aditi nodded with a blushing smile and started walking with the tray in her hands then, when Vishal ended counting …9 …..10……. Aditi placed the tray on the middle table and let her ‘palllu’ fall down on the floor and kept bending with her blouse holding a sexy, desirable pair of round breasts envious with desire and as if willing to jump out of her bra which was all seen and the bra strap of the left side slipped to her arm…..

Vishal devoured then with lusty eyes and cleared his throat, putting his hand to his crotch, and whispered, “Please stay like that for a while Aditi…..”

Aditi with a smile asked, “Why Mister Anand?”

Vishal was overjoyed by her response and said, “I was longing to see the hidden parts of your sexy body Aditi and let me please my eyes please sweetheart!”

Aditi with the same smile, still bending in front of him said, “It’s not nice to say such words to your friends’ wife Mister Anand’ you are being naughty!”
Vishal: “How can I control myself Aditi when your beautiful sexy boobs are willing to come to my mouth, please come near baby!” And Vishal stood up and pulled her near him over the couch.

Aditi was then in his arms and his fingers had started undoing the blouse’s buttons, while Aditi in little murmurs said, “Mister Anand it’s not good, Vishal could come any time suddenly what will I do then, please let go of me?”

But Vishal’s mouth had already got hold of one of her boobs in his mouth which he had already started sucking vigorously while his hand was fondling the one while Aditi’s eyes were getting half closed getting drowned with ecstasy….. Slowly Vishal lay her over the couch and licked her belly moved to her navel which made Aditi straighten her body with murmurs and moans and hisses, she complained in a whimper, “Mr. Anand it’s not nice to do this with someone else’s wife, I can’t betray my husband please don’t do this I will lose control as well…leave me please……”

But by then Vishal’s tongue was making circular movements around her navel which made Aditi quiver and take grasp of his hair in her fist pulling them and she gave a sharp moan’ “Sssssshhhhsssssss pleeeeaaaaasseeee Mister Anand it’s not good…pleaseeeeeeee” By then Vishal was removing her petty coat and licking the downer part after her navel moving towards her pussy which was at that time still in her panty…..

It was going on too fast, very fast…Vishal was like an hungry ,monster and too stimulated as Aditi was addressing him as Anand and he was feeling being Anand going to fuck his wife…that part had added boosting energy to his desire and he was unstoppable. When he started removing her pantie licking it from the top, reaching her openings Vishal found she was all wet and he passed his tongue to feel the salty liquid which he savoured and pushed his tongue in the slippery hole of Aditi who gave a sharp sound which resounded in the lounge. Aditi was getting lost and could not control herself she wanted it fast too… and so she moved her hand to his crotch quickly and started undoing his underwear when Vishal said, “Yes Aditi feel the cock of Anand as you want it in your mouth, taste it, eat it, suck it, savour it baby hurry up I can’t wait darling…..”

Aditi did not lose time and very quickly Vishal’s dick was in her mouth which she delicately licked, caressed and started sucking playing with his balls with her hands…. Vishal’s head was in between her legs and Aditi’s head in between Vishal’s thighs. Each other pleasing the other by desirous licks and sucks.

Suddenly Vishal stood up, lifted Aditi in his arms and placed his mouth to hers while she enlivened opened her mouth to put her tongue inside his mouth, and Vishal carried her towards the bedroom and asked, “Which is your bedroom Aditi direct me to your bed please….” He was walking in the corridor carrying Aditi all nude in his arms like carrying a baby, and Aditi pointed her bedroom with her finger still lost in the kiss while they walked at the same time… reaching there since Vishal was carrying her it was Aditi who opened the door and said shamelessly, “I am taking you to my bed Mister Anand in absence of my husband I am a bad woman Mister Anand, I am nude in your arms Mister Anand, you are taking your friend’s wife to bed Mister Anand!!Oh my God!!”

Vishal’s stimulations grew higher by Aditi’s response and words using Anand’s name so many times he felt like really he was Anand and was going to fuck Vishal’s wife…as soon and he lay Aditi over the bed she quickly spread her legs and Vishal did not delay and penetrated his hard dick inside her wet slippery pussy while Aditi shouted, giving a moans in between hisses, “ssssssshhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhh uuuuufffffffffffffffff oh yessssssssssssssss Mr. Anand you put it into me, you pushed it in your friend’s wife deep inside….you too naughty Mr. Anand…..”

Vishal could not wait and it went too too fast and withing 7/8 blows only Aditi started getting her orgasm with moans, whimpers, quivers, and shivers…. Vishal roared “aaaaghghghghghhh sssshhhssssssss yeesshsshshhshshshshs wooooowww you are delicious honey wow!! Vishal is a lucky guy to have such a hot, desirable and sexy wife…wowowowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…..” And He got to quickly get out his dick to spread his warm liquid all over her belly and lay flat on her body lost in a wild kiss!! It happened too fast and was unexpected to end so quickly!! Both rested panting heavily over each other…Aditi continued licking his neck and shoulder…….thinking about something deep in her mind…… Did she also feel like Vishal did? Did Aditi feel Anand was fucking her? Why did she get her orgasm so fast? Did she think of Anand who was in her house a while ago while doing this role play?.... Who can know what was deep in her mind and what she really did feel? Can Vishal ever know that??
The next day was full of turmoil for both of them. Waking up Aditi felt shy for last night’s event and the way she responded to that play. She could not look into her husband’s face, she was escaping his looks. Vishal was too happy of the night’s encounter and was getting erect on thinking how she called him ‘Mister Anand’ and participated in the role play. He was willing to make love to her before going to work continuing the same play. But she refused. Before he left for work as usual he hugged her with a delicious, enviable kiss. His hard dick pressed and thrust over the downer part of her belly he pleaded again, “Let’s go to bed, I will do it fast please” She responded to the kiss suitably with her tongue melting in his mouth then passing it over his lips getting them wet yet she gently said, “Reserve it for tonight sweetheart, we will be more comfortable.” Vishal got to add while opening the door reaching the threshold, “You were superb last night baby, I want you to always be like that; I was extremely pleased…. And I bet you as well am I right honey?” She gave him a slight push and nodded with a coy smile.

Aditi then waved him goodbye from the balcony when Vishal left the compound driving out. Om was there and as Vishal’s car disappeared he looked back at Aditi and said ‘hi’ to her lifting his hand up waving; Aditi did not wave back to him but only smiled at him. She did not return inside immediately but looked around on other terraces….. She was surely looking for Aditya…… And Om continued looking at her and murmured, “What a damn hot lady she is this one! Look how her slender body is displayed to my eyes, my dick is being naughty just by looking at her….” Just as he put his hand to his pant to manage his dick Aditi’s eyes went on him and she found very well what he was doing and she giggled returning back to her room while Om blushed on being caught by Aditi looking at him arranging his dick! Om thought, “She laughed seeing me fixing my crotch? Hey I must try to get this one….seems she can come in the way…should I give a try?” Om got a hard on thinking of Aditi.

At the office Vishal was not able to work as Aditi and last night’s encounter tormented him. In his mind only the voice of Aditi resounded ‘Mister Anand I am your friend’s wife, you are doing this to your friend’s wife, it’s not good Mister Anand…’ Aditi had a lovely feminine voice and the way she spoke those lines were just to break the cock’s vein! Vishal was just unable to clear those words and actions from his mind and that disturbed his work.

Aditi on her part as well kept thinking of her sexual appetite after playing being loved by Anand. She asked herself, “How and why did I get my orgasm so fast last night? Was I feeling that Anand was doing that to me? I think I was really thinking of him when I mentioned his name with Vishal! Oh God, why does this Vishal make me do such things? Why?...... I really felt that man was with me on bed last night….. But how and why that stipulated me that much that I got my orgasm within minutes! Even when I thought of Aditya also it was similar I think, so why when we think of someone else it gets better? I was so cold after marriage, I did not even know what an orgasm was…Vishal was only getting pleased and I was just offering him my body…. But now I enjoy it and want it!! Am I changing? Are all women like this? I don’t know if there is a problem with me…… what should I do?”

Both Aditi and Vishal faced mental chaos the whole day with these type of questions. Vishal on his side wondered every now and then, “Did Aditi really feel Anand with her on bed? Did she feel his dick penetrating her? Did she get her orgasm so fast because of that? That means what I am dreaming of can be realized. Will she agree to sl**p with Anand if I ask her to? Will I enjoy witnessing her being fucked by Anand? How will our relationship then be after that? But isn’t this what I really want? But after that will Aditi’s behavior towards me change? I do not want that. I want her to remain the same despite pleasing me that way…will she accept that? Or do I arrange things that I let her get fucked and I watch without she be aware that I am watching? What do I do? How to proceed?”

All these questions tormented Vishal though he got hard on thinking of all this. He thought he will have to take more time and let things develop by its own course and be patient.

Aditi on her part, thought to ask Vishal to hinder such role plays but she again thought that was really helpful to enliven her libido and sexual appetite. So she as well thought to let go as it is going and keep enjoying as Vishal wants it to be. But deep inside her she never thought to be with another man for true. She only believed in the game offered by her husband and liked it to please him since she was getting pleased sexually as well.

At lunch time in the office Anand joined Vishal without being asked as he wanted to talk to the mysterious woman on the phone.

But something unexpected happen. Just at the time Vishal called Aditi with the unregistered sim Om called Aditi. Aditi was also expecting Aditya’s call at that time and was ready for a little chat with him but she was surprised to see Om’s name on her cell. She took the call,

“Yes Om so what made you call me?”

Om: “Hello madam, just like this wished to talk with you a bit!”

Aditi: “Oh yeah! Just like this and why?”

Om: “Madam you have a very beautiful voice and I love hearing it.”

Aditi: “Om are you trying to flirt with me” and she giggled.

On hearing her giggle Om was happy and felt encouraged moving on. So said,

“And your laugh adds honey to it madam!”

Aditi: “Stop fooling around, do your duty my dear!”

Om: “That’s what I am doing madam, I am looking upon you in case a thief enters your house” and he laughed.

Aditi: “Oh don’t worry if a thief comes in I will inform you…..”

Om: “Madam come on the terrace I wish to see you!”

Aditi giggled again and asked why should she listen to what he said. But Om pleaded then asked,

“Okay tell me are you in a sari or Churidaar?”

Aditi laughed and asked a bit surprised,

“Hey man but why should you know that? You are going too far huh!”

Aditi moved the curtain from her lounge’s window to check upon him without him aware that she was looking at him and found him looking towards her terrace while talking on his cell…. So he was expecting her to come there thought Aditi.

At the office Vishal tried several time to call Aditi but he was very surprised that her cell was engaged. Whom to is she talking for all that time he wondered! And Anand said, “Could be her husband has called her as he too should have lunch time…..” Vishal could not tell Anand that he was the husband…..

Om asked,

“Tell me nah madam what are you wearing? Well let me guess..”

Aditi: “Okay guess let me see if you get it right.”

Om said, “Hmm a beautiful sari with a tight blouse and I can see your beautiful white waist and belly in it…..”

Aditi bit her lips, smiled and teased him,

“No you failed! Ok try only once more, if you get it right I am coming on the terrace if you fail I cut the phone. Done?”

Om agreed and said, “Then you must be in a two piece, a beautiful skirt and a Tshirt or an elegant blouse with buttons in the front!”

Aditi was amazed and in a surprised voice asked,

“How do you know that? And how do you know my dresses? You have a watch on me? When did you see me in it, had you come up?”

Om: “No madam, I just guessed I do not know which colour they are now please come on the terrace since I guessed right.”

Aditi walked to the terrace to respect her words with her mobile stuck to her ears and smiled with Om looking at him near the compound’s gate and said,

“Here am I happy now? Ok I am going back now, you do your work bad boy!”

But Om requested, “No wait wait madam ji, let me admire you a bit now…. Wow, the skirt is exactly as I thought, I can see your knees madam they are beautiful, can you come down please so that I watch them from closer?”

Aditi: “No, shut up and do your work I am going back naughty boy!”

Om excitedly pleaded, “Madam please wait do one thing before to go back please!”

Aditi: “Now what?”

Om: “Please put one of your feet on the terrace edge and lean over it….”

From down if Aditi lifted her leg to put on the metal edge of the terrace Om could view the inner part of her fleshy thighs and that’s what he wished to see….. And Aditi despite knowing what he wanted she put up one of her leg over the metal bar and biting her lips mocked at him and returned back quickly with a laugh!” It happened within 5/6 seconds only….Om was very excited and again fixed his dick in his pant when Aditi mocked him and walked back to her room ending the call!!!!
Aditi was plunged in thoughts asking herself what’s so special in her that it’s now that other men are talking to her like that! She found it funny as to what Om just asked her to do and she wondered either he really saw her thighs from that distance. She went in front of the mirror, lifted up her skirt and looked and admired her own thighs, then caressed them a little and felt goose bumps all over her body because she did not understand why she found the image of Anand in her visions and felt it’s his hands that were caressing her beautiful spotless whitish, fleshy thighs. She talked to herself, “What’s happening to me? Why that man came to my mind? Is it the effect of last night’s encounter? Did I get too much involved in the role play? Was I too much drowned in him while doing the role play?” Aditi looked at herself for a long moment admiring her own body in the mirror even moving her blouse looking at her breasts held by her bra while she inserted a finger in between the straps and her flesh playing with it.

Still standing in front of the mirror Aditi thought again, ‘And did Anand also think of me while making love to his wife? He had ran his fingers on my waist when kissing me goodbye last night, I hope Vishal had not notice that, well he should have not seen as he did not talk of it…… But why I did not tell that to Vishal? I should have told him that his friend had run his finger on by waist while kissing me goodbye….. Why I kept silent!! Oh my God I do not understand myself now what’s going on in my mind! ”

Vishal kept wondering whom she was talking to for so long when he had been calling her at lunch time. He also kept thinking about her response the night before and her yearns during the sexual intercourse, just thinking of all that he was getting erect now and then. He also kept his mind busy of how to proceed to get her more aroused so that she can one day agree to be with another man….

That evening when Vishal was returning home Aditi stood on the balcony waiting for him and Om watched her from down. Aditi was doing some gestures with naughty smiles at him. Om signaled her to take her cell as he wanted to call. She replied him back with hand movements that her husband is about to come yet he insisted that she takes her cell and he called her. She hurried in to take the phone and answered,

“My husband should be on the way home, cut the phone!”

Om: “Madam ji please come on the terrace I want to see you while talking, please”

Aditi walked to the terrace with the phone and asked, “Now what again!”

Om: “Please do that scene once more for me, please dear!”
Aditi, “You are taking me for granted man? You will be disappointed I am talking to you only because you work here otherwise I do not talk to strangers…”

Om “Oh madam ji don’t say like that I am not a stranger, we know each other already, we are more than friends now aren’t we?”

Aditi: “Yes but how and why do you talk so intimate matters with me? Do you think I am an easy prey? I am not like that my dear…. And tell me do you talk like that to all the ladies of this compound?”

Om: “Oh no no no dear madam ji. How can I talk like this to others, not all are beautiful, lovely woman like you….. And not all are young ladies here! We have more aunties in this compound only 3 or 4 young wives. And madam ji the other young wives all go to work you are the only one who stay here all the day…… and then those who work already have affairs outside, they have husbands here yet other boyfriends come to leave them at the gate here I know all!!”

On hearing that Aditi felt something disturbed deep inside her… disturbed in the way of an arousal or sexy thoughts came in her mind thinking of a young wife having another boyfriend outside and she immediately thought that if Vishal learns that he would make her do a role play like that….. It seemed like Aditi was already being moulded by Vishal and she has started thinking like her husband as well…. The effects of Vishal’s role plays and making her sex minded were working in a positive way for Vishal but this was not being revealed to Vishal, he would surely be pleased if he knew what was going in the mind of his wife.

Vishal was driving back home and decided to stop once and check like the other day if he could see her on the terrace with the binoculars. And he was surprised to see her talking to someone on the phone. He started wondering who to she was talking! At lunch time also she was talking and now again! Who could she be talking to? Vishal thought of Anand now. He thought what if Anand got the number since he talked the last 2 times from his unregistered sim! He visualized Aditi talking to his colleague those sexual words and had a hard on again…he continued watching in the binoculars and noticed that Aditi was looking down towards the gate while talking as if she was talking to someone who was down on the street. He thought, ‘Did Anand reach there before me and quickly decided to call and talk to her? Or did Vishal give her his phone number and I did not notice? Could that have happened? Yes anything can happen, and if a woman wants to hide something from a husband, the husband will never know……’ Vishal thought to use this in a role play this night that Anand had given her his phone number secretly and calls her, and she will respond to sexual phone chat with him….. Vishal wanted to see which words she will use in the chat….and either she wil make it lively like she did last night…..

From the place Vishal was he could only see the upper part of the apartment building, not the road or the ground floor, so he was not seeing whom to Aditi was talking. He told himself that he will not ask Aditi about her calls, he wanted to see either she will mention it by herself or not……

Aditi in a reply to Om said, “And you want me to believe you that you do not flirt with those young wives who have other boyfriends? They are easier prey aren’t they Om?”

Om: “Oh no madam ji. I do not even talk to them, they are not friendly, they take airs and consider me as a lower class person as if I work for them and am their employee. They treat me as their worker, but you are friendly and nice that’s why I like talking to you.”

Aditi: “Hmm, so you misusing my being nice to you and talking anything with me!?”

Om: “No no madam ji please don’t mistake me.”

Aditi: “How old are you Om? You look young? You should get married and have your own wife, you will be happy then and will not need to flirt with other people’s wives!” She giggled after saying that.

Om: “Oh madam I love hearing you laughing, it’s so nice to hear and see you laughing. Always keep laughing madam, it suits you so well. Your personality gets enhanced by your lovely, smile and laughs. I am 23 years old madam and I am not getting the girl of my dream to get married, do you have a s****r madam ji? You are the perfect type of wife I would love to have. Why I did not know you before you got married madam ji my bad luck madam ji!”

Aditi laughed loudly when he asked either she has a s****r like her. And Vishal seeing that was astonished. She laughs like that only with him….. She seemed to be talking to someone very close….. She cannot be talking to a stranger like that….. Vishal was getting mad now and wanted to know, so he started the car and speeded towards home……
And Om tried his luck again asking, “Well please do it again like you did please move your one leg up on the metal bar, I enjoyed it the last time, I really wish I was closer to you, please my eyes please madam ji…..”

Aditi answered, “It’s a game for you man? Why should I please you? That’s why I say you have to get married then you ask your wife to do what you just asked me!” She was not harsh when she said that but said it in a gentle way.

Om: “Oooops madam ji seems annoyed now yet you did that earlier why not now dear?”

Aditi: “I don’t know why I did that the last time, perhaps I wanted to tease you, but that’s enough and I would like if you behave now on or else I won’t talk to you, bye my husband is coming now!” And she cut the phone.

Om blushed and wondered, “What’s wrong with these women at times they seduce and sometime they pretend to be angels…what the fuck damn it!!”

Vishal entered the yard when Om opened the gate having a glance up at Aditi who waved at Vishal and stared at Om being aware that he is perhaps hurt or annoyed with what she just told him. Vishal kept wondering to whom his wife was talking and hurried home to study her expressions.

Once he got in Aditi wrapped herself in his arms at the threshold and kissed him making her whole body collated to his. She was looking very jovial and all smiling; very seducing and tempting to Vishal. He felt too good since that was a very warm welcome yet he thought either to ask her to whom she was talking or wait for her to say it. He preferred the latter. They walked inside the house holding each others’ waist looking very much in love with each other and a perfect married couple.

They had a few words and Vishal noticed she was too seducing that evening as if she needed to make love at that moment itself. The last night’s event was still predominant in both their minds. Both had the same kind of tempting feelings and arousal regarding love making and as though they were longing to go to bed the quickest possible. When Vishal went to have his shower his cock was all erect during the bath and he even wished to shag….. but he held himself….

Soon it was dinner time and Aditi was doing to and fro form the lounge to the kitchen preparing dinner while Vishal sitting in the lounge in front of the TV set was observing her. She was looking gorgeous and too hot as if was ready to get nude on bed. She was in fact seducing Vishal the way she walked, showing her thighs, with her cleavage quite visible and every time she was sitting near him she was purposely letting her skirt move upper than usual to display her beautiful thighs and bend over his shoulder to let her boobs being rubbed on his chest and make it visible to him.

Vishal was expecting she will say who had called in his absence, but she was not saying anything despite that Vishal tried talking about phone calls with her.

She served dinner and while eating they talked casually and Aditi was still seductive, she talked too lovably and smiled, giggled, laughed too much looking too happy. Vishal felt something was fishy and wanted to know what it was…. He did not know how to ask her who had phoned her yet he wanted to know and he wished she tells it by her own self without being asked.

After dinner when Aditi was washing the plates near the sink Vishal approached her holding her from behind pressing his dick over her ass thrusting it while his mouth ran over the back of her neck…. She smiled and hit him with her elbow lightly saying, “Be patient, it’s not yet time!” Vishal murmured in her ears “you are looking too hot tonight sweetheart” and he licked her neck and patted her ass before leaving while Aditi threw water over him when he was walking away.

Sitting on the couch with a magazine in his hands going through the pages, Vishal was waiting for her to join him to watch her favourite serial. Still he was expecting she says with whom she had talked in the day and when he was returning from work.

When Aditi sat close to him, he opened his arms when she buried herself in his embrace and her fingers roamed over his hairy chest as she asked, “So how much did you think of me at work?” Vishal kissed her forhead and replied with a sigh,

“Oh my God you did not leave my mind any second you know? I only and only thought of you and our last night’s encounter…I wished to return home and take you to bed…..and what about you? Did you think of all that, I bet you did and please don’t lie!”

Biting her lips and looking in his face with a naughty smile she answered,

“It’s strange nah the way we quickly got pleased both of us last night? Were you happy with all that happened?”

Vishal boldly said, “Of course I was very happy, too, too happy I must say. You were perfect and I loved it honey. But I want you to be honest and tell me did you enjoy the whole of it or not?”

Aditi giggled hiding her face on his chest saying, “It is very strange but I enjoyed it a lot, I liked all that we did and the way all happened.”

Vishal then thought, ‘She enjoyed calling me Anand and feeling that Anand fucked her…. She enjoyed all that happened means she is on the right path great’

And Aditi at that moment thought of how Om asked to look at her thighs and moved in a way to let her thighs be uncovered and looked in Vishal’s face to see if his looks goes there. And he did look at them and placed his hand in between them and started caressing…… Then Aditi spoke,

“Do you know the guy Om the watchman?”

Vishal stopped caressing her thighs, straightened up, sat properly and replied,

“Of course I know him. How do you know his name?”

And Aditi laughed on seeing his restlessness to answer him,

“Hi hi hi, why did you sit straight, I had been to the mall yesterday for a little while and he introduced himself to me telling me that he does plumbing and electric works as well so asked me to call on him if ever I will need someone for such tasks and he gave me his phone number and took mine.”

Vishal: “Oh I see. So why yesterday you did not tell me you had been out?”

Aditi: Where did I get time, your friend had come and you know what happened then…. Did we get the time to talk other things than playing the game you wanted?”

Vishal was happy that she told it to him, but he was still expecting her to tell who to she had been talking in the day? Aditi was still in his arms and caressing his chest while her boobs were being crushed partly over his belly. Vishal felt that she was getting horny and wanted to be loved so he slowly asked,

“Will your Mister Anand join you on bed tonight as well?”

Aditi laughed a lot and licking his neck said, “I don’t know that depends on you…”

So Vishal said, “Okay lets do it differently tonight!”

Aditi looked in his face interrogatively and asked, “What different?”

Vishal said, “Tonight you decide and tell me who will be with you on bed. Think of the one you prefer and I will be him.”

Aditi c***dish said “Hmmmm no, no please you say, not me!” and she hit him lightly with her fist on his chest.

Just then she suddenly said, “You know today Om had phoned me in the day.!”

Vishal then felt relieved and asked, “Really? And why did he phone?”

“He reminded me the tasks he can do and said he was checking either we exchanged number well yesterday, that’s all!” replied Aditi, but she did not tell him about the intimate talks he had with her. And Vishal thought, ‘so its to Om that she was talking when I was returning from work, that’s why she was looking down towards the gate! Now I get it…. But she did not tell me who had called at lunch time…..’ so Vishal asked her,

“At what time had Om called you sweetheart?”

Aditi told him it was during his lunch time. Then Vishal knew that she is not telling that Om had also called at the time he was returning back from work…..

Now Vishal was getting hard on and pressed his dick over her thighs, took his dick tip out to make her feel it over her thighs and whispered, “Tell me honey who is touching his cock on your thighs? Who likes your thighs so much?” Aditi was on the point of answering “Om” because Om peeped in between her thighs today…. But she only gave small sighs to his touches…..

Vishal continued thrusting his dick on her and started licking her cheeks then her lips and took her mouth in his and they got lost in a passionate kiss….Aditi responded hungrily to the kiss and her hands as well started roaming over his body… Vishal asked meanwhile undoing her blouse, “Come on tell me who is it Anand or Om doing this to you?!” Aditi’s breath became heavy and with a little panting she said, I don’t know baby….whoever you wish…. And let’s go to bed now sweetheart…… They were both ready for the action by then…. Vishal carried her semi nude over the bed. She was soon laid over it and quickly Vishal got himself undressed and ripped off her bra as quick as possible and rapidly pulled down her skirt, placing his head in between her thighs licking her pantie which he later tried to remove with his teeth…… By then Aditi started getting lost holding his head in both her hand with her legs spread and Vishal’s head in between her….

Vishal little by little moved down her pantie to note that she was completely wet and was too horny …she was ready to receive his dick inside her, she was envious, desirous. He looked up at her to see she was in ecstasy and as if looked intoxicated, her mouth open, eyes turned upside down, Vishal mounted over her making her all nude and murmured in her ears,

“Its time to say, tell me who is going to love you tonight…who is deep in your mind? Whom are you thinking, come on tell me honey I cant wait any longer now….”
Panting Aditi replied in gasps and moans,

“I cannot wait as well baby… okay suggest the names please….”

And Vishal taking her nipple in his mouth asked, “Anand or Om? Who is licking, sucking your nipple honey? Whom are you feeling? Whom with will you get pleased easier?”

And without losing time with a whimper Aditi replied, “Mister Anand, its Mister Anand, yes please me Mister Anand, I want it please do it….I enjoyed it too much last night, you were fabulous Mister Anand please me the same way please… ssssssshhhhhhhssssssssss uuuuffffffffff aaaaaaiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee”

Hearing that and seeing her state Vishal could not hold any longer and he slipped his dick deep inside her rapidly and started humping while Aditi’s moans grew more and more with her body quivering and she hissed and pierced her finger nails over his shoulder while her mouth explored his neck and chest where she bit and lefty dark red snaps…..

Again it did not last long and very quickly both started reaching their orgasm with their breath get heavier and the pantings tough when Aditi shouted with moans “OHHH YES YES YESSSSSSSSSS Mister Anand I like it Oh my God its so nice I love you, love my dear mister Anand you please me a lot baby do it harder, harder….oh my goaaaaaaaaad!!! I am cuuuuuummmmiiiingggggggggggg yesssssssssss aaaaaaaahhhhhhh ssssshshshhssssssssss” and she clutched her boobs to his chest with her mouth sucking the juice from his mouth……

Soon Vishal also groaned ‘aaaghgghghghghghghg, sshshshshshsh yessssss aaaaghghghghghg oooooooohhhhhhhhh! And he jerked his hot liquid over her pussy and belly up to her navel and boobs…….”

Holding each other in their arms within seconds they were lost in dreamworld!
And between Aditi and Vishal that continued almost every night. Each night they had to do role plays and gradually Aditi got used and wanted that to continue same way since she started getting her orgasm fast and got stimulated faster. There was a sort of reluctance to talk the matter openly between them though. It was spoken and discussed only during or some minutes before the sexual encounters always. If ever on weekends, during the day Vishal started the subject Aditi always changed subject and avoided to talk about it.

Yet in the brain when she was alone she always and often kept thinking about it and often got wet and longed to make love. Day by day she started feeling the need to have sex more than she ever had felt before. And that was due to Vishal who prepared her that way and inculcated sex that way in her. When at times they went out on weekends, Vishal made her wear sexy clothes, and he looked at other men’s eyes to check how many looked at her and either any of them seems interested in her. Then they select one among the males who seemed more interested in her, who devoured her body so at night they did the role play that, that male was having sex with her.

Usually Aditi had clothes which were decent, though some of her saris were following the trend with backless blouses in which her spotless back could be well seen and her lovely envious skin parts of the waist, her beautiful belly and sexy navel were appreciated. But gradually Vishal started buying skirts which were stuck on her buttock and reached her upper knees to let the beginning of her thighs be seen, those parts which were usually always covered and the flesh which are always covered looks fairer when uncovered, so when Aditi wore those types of skirts the part just above the knees looked very appealing and the fairer colour of her skin on that part made her more desirable. Whoever looked at those parts of her body no doubt had a hard on. Vishal also bought some dresses in which her cleavage looked more attractive and pleasing. Vishal himself when sees her in those dresses could not resist. She also got sexy Tshirts, some of them sleeveless, with sexy straps which could not even hide her bra’s straps and even part of the cup of the bra could be seen in them. Vishal told her he wanted her to look hot and sexy and that’s the way he wanted his wife to be. Aditi agreed to please her husband and she found that quite fair and her duty to be dressed the way her husband wanted her to please him.

Anand and Aditya were often part of their role play to stimulate their sexual appetite. One day Vishal asked her to tell him a role play. He wanted her to start and mention the person she wanted to bed with, he told her to control the role play and he will not say anything. She was too reluctant and refused, but started then gave up in between asking him to continue. Several nights that happened. Vishal mentioned people they knew around and asked her to start and create a situation where she was alone with a person and start a play….. Aditi sometimes started playfully, laughed, joked, then left in between saying she can’t continue and it was always Vishal who continued and ended it in a hot sexual intercourse. Whenever Aditi started a play she was always funny and made jokes and laughed a lot even she was semi nude or nude in company of some imagined person.

And then came Vishal’s birthday. On the eve of that Aditi asked him not to go to work and they will go out on that occasion. But Vishal said he can’t take leave from work as the pressure of work is too much at the office. Though he said he will manage to be back earlier around 4 to 5 pm. But then Aditi said something which made Vishal imagine things. She said, “Why not invite some friends and give a little party?” Vishal’s dirty mind started thinking odd again and he thought that would be a great opportunity to call Anand home for a drink! Yet he asked Aditi, “Whom do we invite?” Aditi said, “But we could call your b*****rs and father with your s*s as well what say? But Vishal said they lived too far to get disturbed for some hours for a little birthday party. So Aditi looked in his face, smiled, blushed and with a little shyness said, “Then your friend Anand could come with his wife and k**s, that would be nice I think….” When she talked of Anand she blushed and felt something as almost every night he sl**ps with him in her imagination due to the role plays. And that was what Vishal was observing in her when she talked of Anand and teasing her said, “Hmm so you want your Mister Anand to come here huh?!” She tapped him with her fist on his chest naughtily as she knew he was teasing.

So Vishal planned great things in his mind. And in her mind Aditi as well started thinking different things as Anand was someone who lived in both their minds as a sexual game! Through the role plays Vishal had succeeded to make Aditi feel things for Anand…. And that is what he really wanted and he felt it was high time to try things in a different way now. He was not interested to invite Anand’s wife but Anand only and at the office he did invite him. There was the problem of transport to return as that would end by midnight or at latest 10/11 PM and if there would be drinks he won’t be able to drive so a taxi man was managed who would take Anand back home on that night.

On the day of the party Vishal took leave at 4 Pm from work and asked Anand not to forget to come at his place after he ends work. Back home Vishal helped Aditi preparing the snacks and special liquor was bought and other specialties for such a party. Now it was time for Aditi’s dress to be worn. And Vishal wanted her to be hot and sexy. Vishal was surprised that Aditi did not object to wear the dress he wanted her to wear despite that Anand will be there. The husband had thought she will never accept to wear that sexy attractive dress as its to appealing and lets her body parts too visible….But Aditi agreed to wear that dress despite that she knew Anand will soon be there in their company! That pleased Vishal very much but still he wondered how and why she agreed to be dressed in such a revealing dress in front of Anand. All were their role plays effect he thought! The dress reached her upper knees and when she would sit the upper parts of her thighs would be visible; it had straps over her shoulders so even her bra straps could be seen and lovely, sexy cleavage as well. To give you an idea of how she looked gorgeous in that dress I am posting some pics hope this helps to have an idea how Anand will find Aditi in front of him when he reaches her place!
Vishal was too happy thinking how Anand will react on seeing Aditi in that dress and what will be his expressions. He was thinking for the 4-5 hours that Anand will stay with them how many times Aditi will do such movements where more of her intimate parts could be seen and how Anand’s eyes will devour her and how Vishal will enjoy seeing that.

They were both leaning on the metal railing looking downwards. And Om found it so he was excited seeing Aditi in such a dress and admired her though she was in company of her husband. He bowed his head and Vishal murmured to Aditi, “There your new boyfriend is looking at you!” And Aditi again naughtily hit him on his back with her fist! Now on seeing Om down there Aditi became mischievous and she intentionally lifted a leg and put on the railing. Vishal did not notice that as Aditi was as though making Om jealous or it was just a manner of woman to hang on their husband when he is around, so Aditi started hanging on Vishal’s shoulder, hugging him, posing her chin over his shoulder, holding him, running her hand in his hair and all that but her leg was on the railing and Om was not able to move his eyes as this time Om did not only see in between her thighs but even her pantie! Look at the dress in the picture and its normal to view the pantie from the ground floor looking upward! Om was erect and did not know how to manage his restlessness and he even could not keep looking at her as her husband was together, so he went inside his small kiosk and fixed his cock inside his pant and came out again to look back at Aditi who was still in the same position and she was also fixing at Om with a naughty smile! Om was going crazy and wished to hold Aditi but he was helpless.

Vishal wished to ask Aditi how come she AGREED TO WEAR THAT DRESS THOUGH SHE KNEW Anand was coming, but he then thought that she could change her mind and go to change it that’s why he preferred to let her and he wanted to watch her. Vishal thought, ‘May me now she is having desires like me and to please me she will seduce Anand in her way…I want to talk to her how to act in presence of Anand, I want to tell her to lift up her dress a bit more and to let the straps of her dress fall on her arms now and then when she would be among us…. But I will not tell her anything, I want to see how far she can go by herself….. I want to know how far the role plays with Anand have had effect on her…..’ Yet Vishal talked,

“Anand should be here by now, he is delaying!”

She replied looking at Om, “Why don’t you call him and ask if he is on the way?”

Vishal: “He will be driving, why don’t we go at the gate to receive him, he will have to park the car and all that….”

Still looking at Om Aditi gladly said, “That’s a good idea let’s go down to welcome him”

But just then they saw Anand’s car getting in. Aditi wished to make Om feel things, that’s why she wanted to look at his eyes from near but was she could not do that….. And secretly she waved at him before returning back inside when Anand was parking the car. Om smiled when she waved at him.

Now, Vishal got out and went to the lift’s door to wait for Anand to get out while Aditi waited at the threshold of their apartment. Aditi was fixing at the lift’s door to open for Anand to get out while Vishal was looking at her now and then. He thought, “She seems happy to be receiving Anand, her dream man of sexual encounters…. It was she who proposed me to call him though she had said to call him with his wife, but maybe she knew it already that I will never call him with his wife but he will come alone….so she seems delighted….. I will have to stay backward to check how Anand will embrace her, where his hands will go over her body…. Last time he had ran his fingers on her waist while leaving, today I will have to observe lots of thing…. Oh God I am already erect!’ Yes thinking of all that Vishal was getting thrilled and had terrible hard on….. he was too happy to have such opportunity to watch Aditi in company of another man… but nothing was finalized either there will be any approach to each other or nor… everything was going on normal and things were being cooked in Vishal’s mind only….but who will know what Aditi had in her mind at that moment? Why had she agreed to be dressed that way in front of Anand? Did she not know that she looked too hot and sexy in it? Did she not know that her thighs will be seen when she sits opposite him? Was she not aware that her boobs will hang if ever she will serve him anything? Did she not know that her cleavage were too visible in that dress? Despite all that she accepted to wear that without any objections, yet the last time she had refused to uncover her pallu as the blouse was too low cut. So was there a change in her behavior comparing the last time? If yes why? Was it because of the regular role plays? Or did she have any special personal feelings which she hides from Vishal? Who will ever know that?

The lift stopped and Anand came out, Vishal opened his arms, Anand hugged him and Aditi in all smile looked at them walking towards her. Vishal retained his step to let Anand go ahead who was heading towards Aditi with a smile looking at her from top to toe with admiration. He once turned back to look at Vishal just at that moment Aditi said, “Hello!” to him so he got to look back at Aditi speeding his steps. Aditi looked at Vishal over Anand’s shoulder who was observing both of them specially his eyes were on Anand’s hands…… And Aditi stepped two steps inside her house while Anand stepped in lifting his arms upwards to hold Aditi in a hug then Vishal got to hurry his step to reach his threshold to be able to watch them but he delayed, it was a matter of seconds…. Anand bent his neck to Aditi who lifted her face up to kiss both his cheeks while Anand’s arms went, one over her bare shoulder and bra’s straps and the other hand partly over her waist…. When his fingers touched her bare shoulder and bra’s strap Aditi felt a sensation which she could not describe but at that precise moment she felt the man who bed her every night was touching her, while Anand was very pleased to feel her smooth skin under his fingers….. When Vishal reached there, Anand’s hand was moving from her shoulder and passed all along her arm up to her elbow and was still moving towards her wrist when Aditi held his hand and asked him inside looking at Vishal behind him with a normal smile.

Vishal understood that Anand in fact caressed her from her shoulder up to her wrist all along her arm….that happened within seconds.

All three got inside, Vishal closed the door and Aditi still holding Anand’s hand looking in his face with a lovely smile asked him to be seated on the couch while she glanced at Vishal and asked him to sit on the other one where she would sit, that was just opposite the one Anand was asked to sit. Anand sat down and looking at Vishal handed him a small present saying, “This is for the birthday boy, happy birthday to you dear!” Aditi laughed and thrilled asked Vishal to open it. But Vishal placed it on the table saying he will open later. Then Anand took something else and handing it to Aditi said, “and this is for you errr….” Vishal said, “Aditi, she is Aditi Anand.” So Anand continued, “This is for you dear Aditi” Aditi blushed and looking at him asked, “But why for me? It’s his birthday only!” Anand said “You are the host so just thought to bring something for you as well”….it was a packet of chocolate!

Anand’s eyes could not leave Aditi’s legs, since she was sitting opposite him, and the couch being low, her knees were up and the downer part of her thighs, where the dress hanged were clearly visible to Anand and he was excited to find Aditi so sexy and desirable, above all her closeness and friendliness, plus her sweet voice and loving manners all were sort of disturbing Anand…. But he was his friend’s beautiful wife so he had to behave and he tried a lot to control.

So many beautiful parts of her body were seen, all spotless, mixture of whitish and pinkish colour… her legs, thighs, shoulder, all her arms, her upper back…. So hot and tempting that Anand felt like holding her in his arms. Vishal was trying to read his expressions and he knew and found it in his eyes that he was devouring his wife’s body.

After a little while Vishal asked Aditi to get the glasses and champagne bottle and so they will do cheers….. Aditi stood up, swaying her hair at the back then she lifted both her arms to fix her hair at the back and Anand watched her clean shaven armpits and felt like running his tongue there….. Vishal looked at his eyes then looked back to where he was looking to see his wife’s underarms….. Aditi walked by them towards the corridor to reach the kitchen.

As soon as the men were alone in the lounge Vishal asked with Anand in whispers, “How do you find her today?” Anand smiled looking in Vishal’s face and said, “She is damn beautiful man, you are a very lucky guy to have such a lovely, wife….please don’t mind if I use the word, ‘sexy’ for her as she is sexy and hot my dear”
Vishal was too pleased to hear that. And replied, “Tell me Anand, what you were saying for the lady at the office, will you have same thoughts for Aditi?” On hearing that Anand blushed and did not really know what to say yet answered reluctantly, “Buddy, you are my friend so how can I say same words for you wife, yes if she was not your wife I would certainly have said same words for Aditi also…. So bad and sad she is my friend’s wife hehehe!” Vishal smiled and asked, “If this friend allows you to flirt with her then?” Anand had a grin and was about to reply when they heard Aditi walking in the corridor so they changed subject.

When Aditi bent to place the glasses on the middle table even Vishal looked at her cleavage and of course looked at Anand whose eyes were glued on Aditi’s hanging boobs partly hidden by her hair which were loose and had fallen at the front to hide part of her boobs view to Anand….. Anand even saw one whole cup of her bra and almost could see the nipple of one boob….. Anand could not hold, he got to place his hand on his crotch to fix it since he was erect.

Aditi sat back close to her husband while Vishal took the bottle of champagne to open. When he was busy struggling with the bottle’s cork Anand’s eyes were sexually devouring Aditya who was now and then looking at him then at Vishal trying to open the bottle. She was aware that Anand was ogling at her body. She kept a smile on her face and had a squint at him now and then. Now Anand started thinking, ‘Why Vishal is talking about his wife like that to me? Why is she dressed so sexily when she knows that I am coming to her place? Why Vishal asked me how she looks and why did he say that what will I did do if he allows me to flirt with her? What are they up to? What should I answer Vishal? Is he trying me? Does he want to know either I will try his wife? And if I say yes what will happen if he insults me and get me out of his house! Then tomorrow he will tell everybody at work that I had eyes on his wife etc…oh no! I have to avoid such situations, I have earned respect at the office can’t get that ruined!”

Vishal was filling the glasses, Aditi was holding a glass which was being filled for her and she was to only just taste as she hates taking alcoholic drinks, she was taking a sip only to please her husband as it was his birthday. Then two other glasses were filled, clinked and they sipped the liquor. Anand’s eyes did not leave Aditi for any second and Vishal watched them.

Aditi now and then looked at Anand and imagined how on bed she used to repeat ‘Mister Anand don’t do this don’t do that, what are you doing, my husband will know, oh yes put it all inside I love it ….etc’ Aditi suddenly giggled thinking of those words when both Anand and Vishal looking in her face asked what the matter was and she just asked them to ignore, she had been thinking of a joke.

Aditi then had to bring something more from the kitchen and Anand and Vishal were left alone again so Vishal said, “I give you green light to speak whatever you want with her, be it sexual or anything, but do that when I go out to smoke, she will never mind whatever you talk to her, just don’t do it in my presence…. You can even touch her I bet she will not object…but again do that in my absence okay? You got me Anand?”

Hearing that Anand did not believe his ears and tried to understand. So he asked, “Vishal tell me is she really your wife or someone else? Please don’t play pranks buddy!” Vishal said, “You wanna see our wedding photos? Wait!” He called, “Adi, please bring our wedding album, Anand wanna see the pics.” From the kitchen she answered, “Okay just a give me some minutes please.”

Then Anand said, “So when she is your wife why you…….” Before Anand could complete his sentence Vishal said, “Man do as I say I will explain you all at work tomorrow, just do what I am asking for now please….” Anand asked, “Are you sure mate?” Vishal answered with assurance, “I am damn sure, just forget that she is my wife, make as if she is the office lady you were longing for and make a starting point here with Aditi, forget me when I am not amongst you two…. Every time that I leave you alone with her do something different…. Praise her beauty, tell her she is looking very sexy and hot, tell her she is desirable and touch her where you feel like… check her response, you will see she will not object…she could be only afraid because I am around…but she will not be objecting your touches and approach…. Just do as I say okay? You got it well my friend?”

Anand agreed and was deep inside him too happy to be getting such a chance where a husband was asking him to touch his wife and assured him that she will not object, that was like getting a lottery for him so he waited for the appropriate moment.

When Aditi was back with the wedding photo album, she handed it to Anand. Vishal said he was going to smoke on the terrace. Anand took the photo album and started looking at the pics and asked, “Aditi is this your father?” So Aditi got out of her seat and went near Anand, bent down to show him who was who in the album. From outside Vishal was watching secretly. Anand’s eyes were on Aditi’s cleavage, her boobs were hanging and were too close to him…. He held Aditi’s hand and pulled her asking, “Sit here to show me your relatives and parents…” Aditi sat on the couch he was and looked back towards the terrace to see if Vishal was looking…she did not find him and put her fingers on the photos to show Anand who is who, then Anand without hesitation put his arm on her shoulder and whispered in her ears, “You are looking very very beautiful Aditi, Vishal is a very lucky guy to have you!I envy him!” Aditi blushed, felt shiver in her spine and looked back towards the terrace again feeling Anand’s hand caressing her bare shoulder…. In her cute voice she said, “Thank you for the compliments Mister Anand” And as soon as she mentioned those two words ‘Mister Anand’ Aditi felt doing the role play and her heart raced. She felt losing herself in the fantasy world of sexual role play feeling that now sex will invade her and she will soon be lost in that man’s arms. That man whom she imagined having sex with her, the man she fantasized penetrating her, the man by whom she got so much body pleasure, by whom her own husband made her live the role plays as though he was really on bed with her was at that moment really holding her shoulder and caressing it saying such sexy hot compliments…. Aditi was not herself at that moment and felt lost in another world which was in between reality and fake.

Anand realizing her quietness slowly put his other hand on her knee and gently moved it up towards her thighs since the dress was short and felt the inner part of her thighs while Aditi gave a little moan of ‘hmmmmmm’ then Anand’s mouth gently pressed over her cheeks and he ran the tip of his tongue over there running it towards he lips….. Vishal watched all and held his hard cock in his hand and felt like masturbating on the spot viewing that scene between his friend and his wife…. Anand ran his wet tongue over Aditi’s lips and tried to f***e the tongue in her mouth which she had not opened while his hand was getting inside her thighs driven towards her pantie, she clutched both her thighs together to feel his warm palm in between and she hissed and like waking up suddenly said, “Oh no Vishal must be coming back” and she rushed to the other couch. She sat there looked towards the terrace, rubbed her wet lips moistened by Anand’s wet tongue. She then glanced at Anand with a coy smile and bent her eyes down on the floor biting her lips. Her heart was beating too fast and she felt coming out of a dream.

Anand was hard erect and in front of her fixed his cock in his pant which Aditi looked lifting her eyes pretending still looking on the floor. He whispered, “I desire you Aditi, you are too hot I wish to go to bed with you sweetheart. Just give me an opportunity…when can I meet you baby? I am dying to explore your whole body… don’t say any words to Vishal he won’t ever know; this will be our secret honey.”

Aditi moved her head in the negative without saying any word still looking at the floor holding her breath with a hand on her breasts. Just then Vishal opened the door leading on the terrace and got in pretending nothing happened and loudly asked, “Enjoying the champagne Anand.”

Anand felt her inner fleshy thighs, his finger almost touched her pussy…she was all silent when his hand was moving inside there, she had joined both thighs as if to prevent him yet she was letting ….. Thinking all that Anand did not understand why she let him do that…..

Vishal had watched all….he had found Anand’s hand in between her thighs and one of his hand over her shoulder, his finger playing with her bra’s strap…yet she did not remove his hand but quietly let him…he was right to tell Anand that she will not object…. He had very well prepared her, he had played the role plays so intensely that made Aditi feel and want to live that in reality!! Vishal was proud that he succeeded to make innocent Aditi turn into a hot longing, desirous woman. Now he felt his dreams could be realized and he will now get the opportunity to see another man fucking her, and he will succeed to watch her moaning , he so much longed to see, to watch, to observe how she will react when another dick will penetrate her, he was eager to know either her moans will be the same with another man, he wished to see either she will hiss, whimper and quiver the same way she did with him, he was thrilled to read her facial expressions on being on bed with another man, and Vishal was happy that now his dreams were soon going to be realized.
Vishal took his seat near Aditi looked in Anand’s face with a queer smile and winked at him while Aditi still had a red face and her heart thumped. Anand still had a hard on and was gazing at Aditi’s thighs and cleavage which were mouth watering. Aditi suddenly got up excusing herself with these words, “I have to wash some utensil, I will be back in a while please excuse me.”

When she was gone in whispers the two of them talked in the lounge. Vishal asked,

“So how is she, you enjoyed touching her a bit I hope!” Now Vishal saw all yet pretended not knowing and wanted to see what will be Anand’s answer. And he was very surprised when his friend’s answer was not what he expected to be! Anand said,

“Not so well, she is reluctant I think I will need much more time, I was unable to touch her as you said and she kept sitting there when I asked her to come to sit near me to show me the pics!”

Vishal wondered why Anand lied to him. Then he told him, “She is at the sink washing plates, go there, stand behind her and take hold of her, press your body to her and see if she objects or what, go, go hurry!”

Anand immediately went feeling very happy. And Vishal got out through the terrace door, walked on the awnings to reach the kitchen from where he could peep at them. What he found pleased him and again he got to hold and press his dick with his hands.

Anand was standing behind Aditi with both his hands on her belly passing through under her arms and Anand’s crotch was hardly being pressed on Aditi’s buttock and being thrust while Anand’s mouth was roaming on her bent neck! Aditi was still blushing and was giving little pushes to him saying something which Vishal could not hear as he was outside and the doors and windows were closed. Aditi was in fact telling him in whispers, “Please leave me, Vishal could walk in here, go away please go! Don’t do this Mister Anand please leave…..”

Anand was holding her in his arms and running his mouth on her shoulder, back, arms getting them wet with his tongue….. How Aditi was feeling at that moment in the arms of the man she imagined almost every night….. She was feeling like living her role plays again and at times wished to let go and get wrapped in Anand’s embrace…. It was hard for her to control herself…… And Anand was feeling his rock hard dick being rubbed on her fleshy ass meanwhile fondling her boobs and licking her bare back and shoulder…..
Aditi was bending over the sink to wash the plates while Anand was holding her from behind, so her ass was all completely at his disposal and it seemed Aditi was voluntarily giving her ass to him to fuck, Anand could not resist and felt he will ejaculate without penetrating her. And once Anand crouched and tried lifting her dress to feel her thighs again but this time Aditi changed position to prevent him from doing so but Anand knelt on the floor and placed his mouth over her sexy fleshy thighs licking and biting them in a rush like a monkey got an apple to eat.
But Aditi as well sat down to prevent him go further and pleaded with little moans,

“No please Mister Anand, stop, Vishal may come in any moment he is in the lounge, please stop. Anand was panting and took a deep breath leaving her since she was struggling a lot and both walked to the lounge one after the other walking through the corridor, but when the got there they were surprised not to find Vishal. She looked worried and looked in Anand’s face asking, “Where is he?” Anand replied, “You see we could have continued sweety! You stopped me in vain you are irresistible baby! Oh my God!” But Aditi looked around repeating, “But where is Vishal he had already finished smoking and was back in!” And she looked walking towards the door which led to the terrace and just then Vishal opened it getting is saying, “I had left my cigarette packet and lighter on the terrace railings and went to take them back, so what’s up now?”

Aditi felt relieved and gave a sigh while Anand tried hard to hold his breath as he was just panting. Vishal had seen all that happened between them in the kitchen yet feigned not knowing.

After about 15 minutes they were all three sitting in the lounge, both men sipping the champagne and taking another round from the bottle while Aditi took some juice. She was now and then looking at Anand who was continuing ogling at her which Vishal was observing but secretly. Aditi felt she was getting wet and went in her room to clean her. She looked at her dripping pussy and thought of Anand who is willing to reach there, she smiled to herself and went back in the lounge sitting opposite him and gave a squint at him escaping Vishal’s eyes since she knew Vishal was observing her. They had casual talks and Vishal switched on the TV. The sun had already set and it was dark outside by then, night was stepping in. So Vishal asked Aditi to now serve the special snacks followed by dinner. Anand got up saying, “Ok you watch TV Vishal I will help her to bring the plates etc.” But Aditi looked in Vishal’s face interrogatively and replied to Anand, “Oh no, I will serve don’t bother please, it’s alright.” But Anand insisted to help her. Aditi continued staring at Vishal who said, “Okay let him help you if he wishes to!” So Aditi walked towards the kitchen followed by Anand.

Anand hurried his steps and caught her in the corridor itself taking her in his arms and leaning her against the wall tried to kiss her. The murmurs of Aditi and movements of their clutch were not heard to Anand as the TV was on and volume was high. Vishal had himself not expected that Anand will be that fast to do that in the corridor itself…. Anand talked from his seat, “I am going on the terrace for another smoke, you serve the stuffs meanwhile okay?!” And as soon as the first word was spoken by Vishal, Anand left Aditi who ran to the kitchen. He then followed when he heard Vishal closing the terrace door. Now she was alone and he said, “Look we have at least 5 minutes full as he won’t be back till he does not end his cigarette so let us seize this opportunity sweetheart.” And he immediately, savagely took her in his arms and stared licking her neck while with a hand he was lifting up her dress and this time his hand went straight over her pantie which he was trying to remove but Aditi put her hands there holding them with pleading voice, “Oh no, not that, we can’t do that now!!” But Anand groaned biting her shoulder, “Honey I desire you so much that within a few seconds I am sure I will ejaculate, just let me put it in, it will take only a few thrusts and you will see how I eject my sperm over your beautiful thighs…..” Aditi trying to pull away from him pushing his mouth which was coming towards her lips said, “No this is not the right time for that go away please, don’t be insistent I request you….. Look I will let you know when the right time comes!” She was struggling in his arms, at times moving his hands from her boobs, then trying to move another hand from in between her thighs, again trying to move his persisting hand from her pantie….

Anand then leaned her against the wall in the kitchen and straightening himself at her level said, “Well give me a good sweet passionate kiss, I want to taste your mouth, then I will stop, the kiss must be long and passionate….” Aditi had no choice and looked up in his eyes feeling she was living the role play.

Vishal had walked over the awnings and reached the kitchen’s window watched all clearly well this time, he did not have to hide as it was dark outside and they could not see him at all but he could see everything like clear crystal as the light was on inside.

Aditi’s back against the wall, Anand’s both arms on the wall she was like a prisoner in between his strong arms, she surrendered for the kiss. Anand gently lifted up her chin with his fingers whispering, “You are delicious honey I bet I am going to get the sweetest nectar I ever got in any kiss ever before in my life…. Please open your mouth and let your tongue melt in my mouth, you will enjoy it too I assure you of that, come on honey…”

Aditi quietly closed her eyes and gradually opened her lovely mouth, feeling Anand’s lips touching her shaking lips his tongue penetrating into her mouth…. She slowly slide her tongue outward and let Anand swallow it thus Aditi felt his warm mouth sucking his tongue when she felt her arms voluntarily lifting up and holding him tightly against her body getting lost deriving the pleasure of Anand’s kiss. Anand slowly but made sure that as she will be getting lost into the kiss his hands will work wonders. So while Aditi’s eyes were closed enjoying the kiss, Anand’s hand lifted her dress from behind her, his fingers ran over her pantie on her ass and he slowly with a finger tried to move part of her pantie aside, while his front part was pressed tightly in between her legs just over the lower part of her belly at the beginning of her pussy…. Meanwhile he was sucking her tongue drinking the juice of her mouth; Aditi was doing the same responding to the kiss as though he was her old lover or was Vishal…… she was completely lost and was not even feeling what Anand was doing to her….. Her arms were around his large shoulder she was exploring his mouth deliciously…..

Anand little by little used the other hand to lower her dress over her bosom to let whole of one of her boob come out and he suddenly broke off the kiss to let his mouth go on her tits which he started sucking vigorously… Aditi’s fingers ran through his hair in a moan and she quivered and opened her eyes in a sudden like waking up out of a dream and slightly pushing him she fixed her dress over her breast and fixed her pantie saying, “It’s enough now, you got enough for a first time and that’s all, get satisfied with what you just got, I am going to take the plates in the lounge and Anand sat on the floor staring at her with lusty eyes while Aditi walked in the corridor holding plates in each hand dangling her hips, her ass moving to her steps rhythm which Anand admired and longed for……
Vishal watched all and was soon back in the lounge where eating stuff were served and another bottle of liquor as well. Intoxication had started invading both men and their tongues were somewhat getting stuck while talking. Aditi was doing to and fro from the kitchen to the lounge bringing this and that, returning used plates and other glasses etc. Every time that she was going away Vishal was talking in whispers to Anand asking him boldly either he is enjoying his hot sexy wife. Since he was getting d***k he was not hesitating to ask anything boldly with Anand.

Anand was praying that he gets all d***k and he could get his wife to bed and fuck her to his fill. He was sure if only Vishal disappears for about 15 minutes it would be enough for him to lay Aditi and penetrate his cock deep in her mouth and pussy. But till Vishal was here Aditi would not let that happen. At least this is what Anand felt.

Soon they had dinner, and both Vishal and Anand stuttered while talking. The liquor was having effect. Aditi was laughing, listening at their way of talking and as though scolding Vishal for having taken too much of liquor. She was no doubt continuing to gaze at Anand as well and since she knew Vishal was d***k she felt easy to talk a bit more freely to Anand as she knew Vishal was not paying so much heed. When Aditi was serving food or anything, Vishal was openly passing his hand on her ass, patting it and was playfully touching her almost everywhere over her body in front of Anand almost forgetting that he was there. Each time that Vishal was behaving so he was in a way adding fuel to fire since Anand was getting more excited seeing Aditi being touched and caressed in his presence. Aditi was as though trying to make Anand jealous by encouraging her husband as she was at time sitting over Vishal’s lap, pressing her boobs over his chest or lightly kissing him on his lips looking at Anand with one eye! But she was not aware that she was making a lion hungrier by acting that way.

Once Anand went to the toilet to piss and Aditi was washing the plates after dinner had ended. As soon as Anand got out of the toilet he hurried to Aditi and caught hold of her starting again to fondle over the parts of her body he was getting at hand. Aditi was struggling by sitting down or, moving away yet she was in his arms and his mouth was trying to explore her boobs by licking her neck moving downwards there, Anand even inserted one finger in between her bra’s straps and moved it to her arms where it hanged and he licked her armpit with the length of his tongue which made Aditi shiver and quiver. She begged, “Please stop you are d***k now, it’s not the right way, I don’t like it no, no, no!! This is not the way, stop or I will shout now!”

And as it usually happens a d***k person always take such words aggressively Anand did the same and felt angry and replied this to her;

“What? You will shout? Shout for what? I want to fuck you and you want it too. Let’s go to your bed now my dick can’t wait anymore! I have to fuck you deep there before I go back home your husband as well want that I am sure!” He stammered and staggered, his back hit the wall as Aditi pushed him hard and blushing she angrily said, “Damn it I am not a whore to please you as and when you wish! Enough is enough, touch me again and you are out of here!” Saying that Aditi ran to the lounge leaving all the plates in the sink! Anand sat on the floor in the kitchen realizing the craps he just said and gave a sigh murmuring to himself, “Oh God, seems I spoiled everything, oh no! What the fuck, why did I say all that, I am really d***k it seems, got to apologize to her now….”

Aditi sat close to Vishal leaning her head on his chest. At that moment Vishal’s eyes were glued on the TV set and he was thinking Anand is still in the loo. Anand walked in the lounge and he dared sit on the same settee where husband and wife were seated. Aditi was then in the middle. As soon as Anand sat Aditi was getting up to change her seat but Anand held her arm asking her to sit back. Vishal laughed and asked, “What happened?” Aditi still red with anger looked daggers at Anand while Vishal asked her to sit back. Anand said, “Vishal your dear wifie is angry with me dear, I said words which may be made her angry ask her to forgive me please!” Vishal looked at Aditi with another laugh and answered to Anand, “Don’t mind her anger, she is like all other wives, you talk to her I am going to puff another smoke on the terrace.”

When Vishal stood up to go out he staggered and quickly Aditi stood up to give him support saying, “I am afraid you fall down Vish, you are d***k, please don’t go out, smoke here itself just open the windows for the smoke to get vanished.” But Vishal insisted and went out telling her not to worry he will be fine. Aditi stood near the terrace door looking at Vishal who from there looked back at her telling her to go back by signs of his hand.

Aditi was holding the curtain and trying to look back where Anand was seated reluctantly. She found him with the corner of her eyes, and taking a deep breath she turned towards him looking straight in his face. She crossed her arms still looking at him said, “I will not come near you!” She said that line just like a c***d gets angry with someone and tease the other. Anand was admiring her back when she was looking at Vishal and when she turned to him he was smiling and had crossed both his hand in prayer form and bowed his head to her asking forgiveness! The he said, “I am extremely sorry for my misbehavior Aditi, please forgive me very very very sorry for the words I said, come on I am your guest please don’t be harsh to me, I really apologize, I think it’s the drink effect which made me say those filthy words, look such a beautiful woman like you does not look nice when angry, you look very beautiful all smiling and being kind, please spit out the anger please, sorry sorry sorry!”

After hearing him Aditi smiled and stepped towards him slowly and on reaching him she tapped him on his head saying, “Then you should never drink when you have to be with a woman stupid!” And Anand pulled her over his lap. When she fell on his thighs, her dress moved upper and again those fleshy thighs were at Anand’s disposal who immediately put his hand over them and started caressing trying to take her mouth in his, But Aditi turned back to look towards the terrace and said, “No Vishal can see all from there, not here, leave me…” She abruptly stood up from his lap looking back at the terrace door and slowly walked in the corridor toward the kitchen.

Anand thought, “Hmm she is going to the kitchen so that her husband won’t see her and indirectly inviting me there, she said ‘not here’ means do it in the kitchen…so let me go to enjoy her more now….”

Aditi was by herself leaning against the wall as though expecting Anand to take her. Anand went there and stood against her crushing her boobs with his chest when Aditi closed her eyes, lifted up her head pushing it against the wall like waiting to be kissed.

Outside, Vishal tried to walk on the awning but since he was d***k he missed a step and was about to fall as on the other side of the awning there were no railings. If he would fall he would land straight on the ground floor and could die! He got scared and stepped back to the terrace. He wanted to watch them but could not walk up to his kitchen awning.

Anand held Aditi’s mouth in his hand and pressed both her cheeks to get her mouth opened which she did and he put his tongue inside asking her to suck it well like she had done earlier. Aditi took his tongue in her mouth and started sucking while Anand worked his hands again. He put his hands under her dress over her thighs and did not delay to reach her pantie. Aditi was letting him do; savouring the kiss and she was giving little moans like, “Hmmm hmmmm hmmm” still enjoying the kiss. Anand was thrilled and this time he was able to move down her pantie a little bit and was with one hand undoing his pant’s zip when Aditi broke off the kiss and put her hand to her pantie moving it back up. Anand pleaded and told her very gently in a begging voice,

“Please sweetheart, please let it down it is a matter of seconds only; as soon as I insert it you will enjoy and believe me I will get pleased within seconds mark my words I am desiring you too much, please let me, look my dick is out only have to push it in....”

Aditi was only moving her head in the negative without speaking, her hand on his shoulder...she looked at his organ and Anand took her hand bringing it to to his organ... Aditi let her hand go over his cock, but as soon as her fingers touched his dick Aditi quickly pulled back her hand with deep, heavy breaths. Her boobs were like getting inflated while she was breathing heavily. Anand then tried to make her sit on the floor by pushing her head downwards...she was resisting but Anand’s pleading voice made her crouch on her knees..... her face was soon in front of his erect cock, Aditi on seeing his organ too close to her face she turned to look at the wall but Anand held his dick and rubbed it to her cheeks, neck, upper boobs and requested her to suck him....

“Take it honey please take it deliciously in your mouth, please don’t delay, Vishal will not take much time now please me baby make me happy please I envy you so much darling come on come on please....”

Aditi was panting and moving her head in the negative and spoke like in a cry, “No Mister Anand, it’s not good, we should not do this, it’s wrong , please let me go now, I kissed you its more than enough please lets go now...” when she spoke those words she was again lost in the dream world of her role play and deep inside her she felt she was in company of Vishal doing all that as role play....

But Anand did not want to hear anything and made her stand up while he went on the floor this time and with rage lifted up her dress and rushed her pantie down up to her thighs and placed his mouth over her pussy..... he did that so fast that Aditi did not get the time to pull back her pantie...she got stuck to the wall like a statue and gasped air when she felt Anand’s mouth over her pussy.... Anand was excited and with one hand tried to part away her legs which Aditi did looking up on the ceiling with half closed eyes feeling Anand’s tongue looking for the opening of her pussy lips... Aditi breathed in heavily and moaned with a hiss, “shhhhhhh hmmmmmm ooooooooh”

Anand placed his finger on her clit and as his finger touched there he found her completely wet... Anand thought, ‘she is all wet means she is hot and horny yet she is refusing....’ he immediately pushed his tongue in savouring her salty juice licking and sucking it making Aditi moan more and more standing on the tip of her toes straitening her body by holding his scalp hair tightly in her finger pulling them upward!! She wailed and whimpered still in moaning voice pleaded, “Please stop, enough oh my God I can’t take it anymore please stop Mister Anand not now, not now please......” And she quickly sat down to take Anand’s mouth in his placing one of her hand voluntarily on his dick which was still out, caressing it in her soft hand while sucking his tongue......

Just then they heard Vishal closing the terrace door. They quickly got up, Aditi hurried pulling back her pantie up and Anand put back his dick in and pulled his zip.
All three were once again gathered in the lounge and Anand got an idea. He said,

“Vishal, it’s your birthday man why not have a dance with Aditi?”

Vishal liked the idea thinking on the spot that he will then ask Aditi to dance with Anand as well. So the music system was put on and a slow dance CD was inserted in the drive and Vishal asked Aditi to stand up for a slow. He took his wife’s hand pulling her up and soon space was made in the lounge moving some couches by the side to enable them dance while Anand asked, “The light can be put to dim isn’t it” and Vishal showed him the remote to dim the light.

Husband and wife were dancing cheek to cheek and when Anand was watching them in the pale light of the lounge. Vishal’s right hand had Aditi’s left hand with all her fingers clutched into his and his left palm was on her back while their bodies were stuck to each other moving tidily on the music rhythm. Lying over the couch Anand was observing them; now and then Aditi was looking at Anand when she was getting to face him when Vishal was turning her to face Anand.

Since Vishal was quite d***k he was not able to manage his steps and hold equilibrium thus once his shoe went on Aditi’s toes who gave a cry….. Then Vishal asked her to dance with Anand. She was not willing to but could not refuse as that would have seemed lacking manners and misbehaving. So very soon she was in Anand’s arms and dancing. Vishal was of course watching them in such a way that they would not notice it. The saide of the lounge they were dancing had the light dimmed and Vishal intentionally dimmed it much more thus to allow some more feelings of eroticism to them.

Anand held Aditi tight to his body and little by little took her hands up over his shoulders….Aditi unwillingly, after glancing at Vishal who pretended to be looking aside put her arms over Anand’s shoulders while Anand ran his palm on her bare arms moving it through her armpit then managed caressing her boobs to at last land his palm over her ass which he pressed to the lower part of his body tightly. The dance became erotic and that was what Vishal wanted to watch. He switched off the light on the part of the lounge where he was sitting so that they could not see him and the dimmer was turned to lessen the light at the part they were dancing to give them more closeness in the dark. And the erotic dance on the romantic music moved on.

Anand gradually started caressing Aditi during the dance as his mouth roamed over her neckline and his tongue lightly ran over there to make her shiver then get herself wrapped tighter to him. For a while Aditi tried to forget that Vishal was there and got drowned in Anand’s warm wrap feeling him so close to him enhanced by the lovely music going on. It was really romantic plus erotic moment for all three of them. Deep in her mind Aditi at times thought her husband was there yet she was in another man’s arm and the husband was not objecting, that created a sort of boosting feeling to Aditi who let herself go in the flow. Anand on his part was very thrilled that he was holding such a damn sexy woman in his arms while the husband was there yet he could not help it. And Vishal was excited to watch all since he felt his dreams on the point of realization. All three had in their mind something which was playing positively and encouraged them to go ahead.

Anand’s dick was hard no doubt and he was doing his best rubbing it in between the thighs of Aditi though it was done over her dress. Aditi was feeling his hard organ very well being rubbed over her pussy yet instead of pushing Anand she was getting clutched more to him by tightening her arms over her shoulders. Then slowly Anand moved her hair from her shoulder and Aditi felt his warm breath on her skin while Anand took his wet tongue to run there making Aditi hiss. Aditi’s heart started beating faster as she knew she was in another man’s arm and she also knew what that man was expecting from her.

She tried to look at the other side of the lounge to check on her husband but Vishal had placed himself in such a way in a dark corner that she could not find him while he could watch them very well.

Vishal’s hand slowly but surely reached under Aditi’s dress over her ass palpating her panty, inserting his finger in between…. While his mouth looked for Aditi’s mouth which she hungrily opened to take Anand’s mouth into hers and they were lost in a passionate kiss under the tune of a romantic music being played smoothly.

Anand tried to put his finger into Aditi’s pussy during the kiss and he almost succeeded but partly as it was quite difficult since Aditi’s body was collated to his. Tracks changed on the music system it was the 4th track playing and the couple was still moving their steps holding each other. Anand also looked for Vishal and on not seeing him he undid his zip and took out his dick, lifted up Aditi’s dress, crouched his body, moved down Aditi’s pantie and just when he was going to insert his dick into her the CD skipped and a sound resounded in the lounge that spoiled everything and they had to break off immediately! Aditi was at that moment not objecting at all and was almost letting him do and if the music had not stopped Anand’s cock would have reached deep into her….. Aditi was as if waiting for him to penetrate her…… Anand felt discouraged and angry as that had to be stopped! He was almost there! He also thought, “She is letting me do all, she did not object when I moved her pantie to her thighs, she did not say anything when my finger entered her wet pussy, she did not say any word when she knew I was taking my dick out, so she was waiting for it to get into her…..!!”

Anand walked to the other part of the lounge where Vishal pretended to be slept! Light was put on back by Aditi and she moved Vishal saying, “Hey Vish!! Vish are you sl**ping? Wake up!” Then Anand came close to her and whispered in her ears, “Let him, let him please let’s move to your bedroom…it’s a great opportunity come baby come please!!!” But Aditi was back to her senses by then and refused. Anand pleaded a lot still she did not agree. And Anand felt very disappointed just as his mobile rang as the taxi had come to take him back home! He gave a sigh looking sadly at Aditi who laughed teasing him. Anand said, “You are so naughty Aditi, laughing at my state! I can cancel the trip, and ask the taxi to go back; I stay here and tomorrow go to the office from here itself! What say honey?” Aditi said “No no no, not at all…you go back….we’ll get other opportunities….” She shook Vishal to wake up. Vishal pretended waking up from a sl**p and asked what the time was. It was almost 1 of the morning and Anand asked his leave.

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B.T.V.S.: Buffy Summers and the Sex Demon Part 3


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy Summers and the Sex Demon Part 3

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Buffy walked through the halls of her former high school listening to the clicky-clack of her high-heeled boots on the tile floor. She smiled to herself as she watched the boys walking through the halls checking her out. She walked past a group of three football players standing at their lockers. They were practically drooling as she strode past.

Buffy stopped about twenty feet past them as she accidentally but on purpose let her purse slip off her shoulder and onto the floor. She held her hand to her pursed lips in and overly dramatic motion as if to say 'Oops.'

Bending over, she kept her legs locked, bending at the waist and began picking up the few personal items that had rolled out. The boys all craned their necks to check out the small blonde's ass, as Buffy was still not wearing any panties as she had purposely taken them off before leaving the house that morning. As she started to stand after letting them check her out for a good 30 seconds, she looked back at them over her shoulder and flashed them a wicked smile as she wiggled her fingers in a girly version of a wave as if saying 'Caught you looking!'

One of the boys slammed his forehead into his locker in frustration as she turned the corner and walked out of sight.

Buffy had finally managed to break free of the Magic Box and the crowd of men there getting their free blowjobs. Buffy wasn't sure how many she had given, she had stopped counting, but it was a lot. Buffy was determined not to go near another dick for a long time. She had left the house this morning without eating breakfast and had been at the store all afternoon and had been so busy she had not even ate lunch either. But even without any food, she was not hungry. In fact, her belly was full as if she had eaten a large meal. So, yeah, she had given a lot of blowjobs and swallowed a lot of cum for her efforts.

Over Anya's protests, and promises that Buffy thought empty, Buffy had literally had to fight her way out of the store, tossing several overly eager men off her as she fled. Her m*m was there and even Buffy had to be impressed with her skill as she had managed to begin to thin the crowd. She felt bad about leaving her m*m there, but Buffy had to pick up Dawn. Besides, she knew Joyce was a big girl and could handle herself.

As Buffy turned the corner in the school after antagonizing the trio of boys she had passed in the hall, she stopped, a bit shocked by the scene before her. Off to her right, a boy, obviously a student from his age, had a woman in her late twenties or early thirties, probably a teacher, pushed up against the lockers. Her pants were off and her shirt was open revealing a large pair of boobs.

Her legs were wrapped around his waist as he held her up supporting her with his legs and her back against the lockers. He was fucking her vigorously with the eagerness of a teenage boy. She had his face pulled into her chest and was shaking her breasts as she smothered him and ran her hands through his hair. Each thrust lifted her up and slammed her back into the metal doors of the lockers. The two of them were moving in time together as the teacher held him close and made purring sounds as he grunted, working his cock as deep as he could into her.

Buffy stood in shock watching them go at it. She also noticed a girl a few feet away from the amorous couple naked, watching them go at it, and masturbating herself freely, not giving a care in the world as to who may see her. She was distracted by Buffy standing there staring at her. So she gave Buffy a take-a-picture-it-will-last-longer look, which Buffy quickly did on her camera phone. Buffy then went on her merry way, thinking to herself that she would touch herself over the picture she had just taking and fantasising what it would be like to be with such a cutie when she had a moment.. The girl, meanwhile, returned to watch the couple having sex while she rubbed at her own clit.

A few feet down the hall, past the teacher and student coupling, were another two students. The girl, a cheerleader from her outfit, was standing with her back to the lockers. A boy stood behind her reaching around her body with both hands under her sweater and massaging her tits. His pants were around his ankles and his cock disappeared under the short skirt of her cheerleading uniform.

Buffy was surprised as the boy had on thick glasses and, if she had to have put a term on it, she would have described him as a bit of a nerd. Certainly not the type to be banging a cheerleader.

After a few seconds, Buffy felt like she was being a pervert to watch this couple and started to walk past, only to run into a third group at the end of the hall. These were all girls.

One was dressed all in black with heavy dark eye shadow and black finger nail polish. Her dark outfit contrasted with her pale skin, as she was obviously a Goth chick. She had her shirt pulled up and was playing with her nipple rings as she also had her legs spread wide and was standing with her back against the lockers. Two other girls were standing around her watching what was going on and rubbing their pussies.

The fourth girl was a tall and statuesque blonde. Buffy recognized her from when she had been a student. When she had been a senior, the blonde had been a freshman, one of Cordielia's click. Even as young as she was, she was a real b*tch. She came from a rich f*mily and treated everyone like dirt. Her name was Monica, if Buffy remembered correctly.

Buffy stopped to savour the irony as Monica was on her knees. She had her hands tied behind her back with her bra and her face was pressed between the legs of the Goth chick as Monica worked her clit with her tongue with gusto. After a few seconds, Monica tried to pull away but one of the other girls grabbed her by the back of the head and pushed her face back up against the
pale girl's crotch.

"Oh, no you don't bitch! Keep licking!"

The Goth girl was moaning and calling out for her not to stop as she rubbed her breasts and felt shoots of pleasure as she climaxed. Buffy kept walking but she didn't feel too bad for Monica. She was pretty sure the tall blonde was getting exactly what she deserved. As Buffy turned the corner, she looked back to see one of the other two girl's step between Monica and the lockers and motion for their captive to go to work on her pussy.

Buffy was giggling at Monica's predicament when she finally found the principal’s office and went inside into the outer room. She saw a middle-aged woman, the principal's assistant, sitting behind a desk.

"I'm here to pick up my s*ster, Dawn Summers. She had detention. Is she here?"

"Umm, let me check." The woman pushed a button on her phone and spoke into it, "Mr. Snider, Buffy Summers in here to pick up her s*ster. What should I tell her?"

From over the speakerphone, Buffy could hear what was going on in the principal's office.

"Oh yeah, suck it you little cock-sucker. Take it all." It was Snider's voice Buffy was hearing as she stared at the phone in disbelief as she was realizing what was going on.

"This is what you deserve. Oh yeah! You're just like that cunt s*ster of yours. Thinking the rules don't apply to you. Thinking you are better than me! Oh that's it, suck it harder. HARDER YOU LITTLE...!"

Buffy heard her s*ster's voice cry out over the phone, "BUFFY!"

The assistant and Buffy's eyes met and the woman quickly took her finger off the phone, cutting off the sound.

"Umm, Mr Snider is busy at the moment. He'll be with you in a few..."

Buffy ran around the desk towards the office door in the back of the room.

"No! I'm sorry, you can't go..."

Buffy shoved the middle-aged woman and sent her sailing over her desk and across the room. She reached the door and kicked it in, shattering the doorframe. Standing in the doorway, Buffy saw her s*ster Dawn on her knees with her head bobbing up and down in the lap of Principal Snider, his cock between her lips.

Dawn looked up at the commotion and saw her s*ster, "Buffy! Help!"

Snider saw her too and jumped up, "HEY YOU LITTLE BITCH! You can't just barge in here. I am still the principal of this school and I am in charge herrreeee...!"

Snider's voice changed from his normal sneering condescending tone to a high pitched squeal as Buffy snapped a front kick between his legs, smashing her heeled foot into his bare ball sack as he walked towards her with his pants open. If she had kicked him as hard as she would have liked she'd have sent his nuts into orbit, but she held back. Still, the kick was still very hard. Snider fell to his knees, cupping his groin as his bright red face was twisted in agony.

"Come on Dawn, we're leaving." Dawn stood and pulled her shirt on as she followed her s*ster out of the office. Behind them, Snider grabbed the end of his desk and used it to support himself as he managed to climb to his feet but still was hunched over in pain.

"You little bitch! How dare you?! Summers! You might think you are above the law, but you're not! I run this school! Your s****r is expelled and if I have anything to say about it she will never...OH FUCK!"

As Snider continued his rant, Dawn spun, stepped up to him and before he could react, drove her knee between his legs. More than once. Snider leapt two feet into the air and crumpled to the office floor, curled into a ball and holding his nuts as he rolled back and forth muttering, "My balls, my balls, oh god my balls" as the two girls walked out, got in their car and drove away.

Once Home...

Buffy tried to console her s****r after hearing about her long day at school, but Dawn seemed truly upset. At one point, Buffy started to tell her about her own day at the Magic Box, but a nasty look from Dawn told her that her little s*ster didn't want to hear anything of it. It was obvious that Dawn blamed Buffy for what had happened to her all day.

As they pulled into the driveway, Dawn leapt out of the car almost before it stopped, slamming the car door and ran inside. Buffy followed but decided to leave her s*ster alone for a while, hoping that she would get over her bad mood.

About two hours later, Buffy walked out of the kitchen with a sandwich she made for Dawn on a tray. She carried it upstairs and quietly knocked on the door to Dawn's bedroom.

"Hey Dawnie. I made you something to eat. You hungry?"

"GO AWAY!" came from behind the door.

Buffy sunk, exasperated. "Fine. That's the last time I try to do something nice!"


"Look, M*m's not home yet and I have to go patrolling. You gonna be okay by yourself for a while?"


Buffy dropped the tray on the floor and stomped downstairs muttering to herself, "Try to be nice to her. Try to be a big s*ster and what do I get? I get told to go fuck myself, that's what!"

Buffy had changed from her silk teddy and edible panties that she had been wearing for Dawn. She now wore jeans and a snug T-shirt and sneakers, much more her normal attire as she left to go hunting as she did every night. She would leave Dawn to whatever she was doing in her room as she saved the world… Again.

On Patrol...

About an hour later, Buffy made her way to the graveyard. She hadn't seen, much less staked a vampire. But just because there had been no vampire activity did not mean there was nothing going on that night. Buffy had come across several couples having sex. In their cars, on a park bench, even right out in full view of the street.

Buffy was hoping to find some vampires in the cemetery, she was eager for a good fight to work off some steam.

Then, from behind her...

"Hey B, how's it hanging?"

It was Faith, Buffy's rival vampire slayer and persistent thorn in Buffy's side. The two of them did not get along very well but they had a healthy respect for the other. Quite frankly, both their lives were easier and safer having a second slayer to help with the big bads they sometimes had to deal with.

Faith was dressed like she was going out for a night on the town. Tight black jeans and heavy biker boots covered her legs while her black button-up silk blouse was open at the top augmenting her already large and full tits. Just over the top of the blouse, a bright red bra could be seen poking out slightly. Faith's hair was full and flowing which, Buffy noted, was unusual for her. Normally, it looked like she had not even washed it. Faith's dark outfit was capped off with a pair of bright red lips that, along with the bra, was the only color she had on.

"Hey Faith, didn't expect to see you tonight. Figured you'd be out partying and having a good time."

"I was, but I thought I could use a good tussle to work off these jitters I got. Like I'm jazzed on Red Bull or something."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Buffy did know. She had felt this way for several days now, like she was a mixture of nervous and horny that she just couldn’t get over.

The two of them moved into the cemetery, looking for any signs of recent undead activity. After about fifteen minutes, Buffy was checking out a mausoleum when she heard Faith call out, "There goes one."

Buffy wheeled and saw a fresh vampire running across the open ground between the headstones with Faith in hot pursuit.

"Dammit," Buffy muttered as she ran off after them. She burst through some underbrush to see Faith straddling the vampire smashing her fist into his face over and over.

"You like that, huh?"


"Who's my bitch!?"


"OH, you want some more?"


Over and over, Faith rammed her knuckles into the bony protrusions of the vamp's face that showed him to be a bl**dsucker. She was beating the shit out of the vampire who was clearly outmatched. Normally, Buffy would have stopped this, but she had to admit, she was enjoying watching Faith cut loose, so she stood by as Faith dished out a major beating.

Finally, "Okay Faith, that's enough, just finish him and let's go."

Faith looked up at Buffy and brushed her thick dark hair from her face. She was panting and sweating and her face was flushed. "Yeah, I guess that's enough."

Faith stood and pulled a stake from her belt. Looking down, she smiled, "Well, well, well, what do we have here." The vampire, as he climbed to his feet, had an enormous bulge in his jeans.

"You must be one of those..." Faith turned to Buffy, as she couldn't place the word she wanted. "What do they call ‘em? The guys who like having girls beat the shit out of them?"


"No, the ones who like pain."

"Masochists." Buffy offered.

"Yeah, one of those masochistic vampires? Huh? You like me beating the crap out of you?"

"Just stake him already Faith."

"Naw, I want to see it. Come one boy, whip it out. If it's big enough maybe I'll let you go."

"W-what-t?" Even the vampire seemed shocked by the command.

"Show us your cock!" Faith ordered, "Or would you rather we kick the shit out of you some more? Oh, that's right, you'd probably enjoy that."


"Come on, I wanna see it. Show me." Faith held up her stake and the vampire started unzipping his pants. As he did, his cock sprang out. Both Buffy and Faith made faces that indicated they were impressed. His sex organ was pretty big, at least 7 inches long and thick through the middle, wrapped with thick mushy veins and engorged.

"Come on, the rest of it too. Strip!"

The vampire pulled his clothes off and moments later he was totally naked. He was young, maybe in his mid-twenties. He looked like he could have been a college guy or someone the girls might have met and been hit on by at the Bronze, a local club they hung out at. He was in great shape too with cut and well defined stomach muscles, thick arms, broad shoulders, and tight solid buttocks and thighs. The fact that he had a pretty big cock only made him even more attractive. Even Buffy couldn't help looking him up and down and admiring him. Even the twisted visage of his vampire face didn't dissuade her.

Buffy watched as Faith grabbed him and shoved him over one of the gravestones.

"H-hey, what are you d-doing?" he asked as he was manhandled.

Grabbing his belt from his jeans on the ground, Faith tied his arms behind his back before jerking him back up.

"So, what do you say B? Want to have a little fun?" Faith was smiling wickedly as she looked down at his erection. Buffy for the first time, realized what Faith meant but before she could say anything Faith dropped to her knees and took the vampire's cock all the way into her mouth.

The vampire seemed even more shocked than Buffy as Faith started sucking on his organ. She was working the shaft hard, alternating sucking on it and licking it and his balls, running her tongue in long strokes from the underside of his ball sack and then up the shaft.

As she kept sucking, Faith was stripping off her clothes. Not bothering to unbutton her top, she simply yanked it off and her bra came off next. Faith's C cup tits burst free with her nipples popping out and hard.

"Oh, oh man!" The vampire was panting and grunting as his cock was worked by a girl stronger than any he had ever met before. Buffy stood by watching Faith go to work on him, unsure what to do. After about a minute...

"Faith! Cut it out!"

Faith stood and wiped her chin, "What? Why? What's your problem B?"

"Look, we really shouldn't be doing this. Just stake him already."

"I don't want to. If you're so eager to dust him go ahead." Faith tossed Buffy her stake. Buffy caught it and stepped up, "Fine, I will."

She grabbed the vampire by the throat and held him up with the stake poised to strike. The vampire winced as he waited for the girl to end his life. As she was about to strike though, his face changed and returned to the one of a normal young man. Buffy hesitated, and then...

"Oh, what the fuck!" Buffy grabbed him and pulled him to her as she kissed him hard and f***ed her tongue into his mouth, momentarily forgetting what had occurred in the Magic Box.

"Way to get some B!" Faith called out as she began stripping her own pants off.

Back at the Summers House...

Dawn climbed out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her wet body as she stepped out into the hallway and shivered slightly as the cooler air hit her. She was walking to her bedroom as she continued to dry her hair when she heard a noise, a thump, from the other end of the hall.

"Buffy? That you?"

She didn't get an answer and cautiously walked towards her mom's bedroom when she heard another noise.


Still nothing.

Listening at the door, she slowly twisted the doorknob opening the bedroom door a crack as she peered inside. Opening it further, the room was dark but Dawn saw something big moving in the shadows.

"AAAAIIIIEEEEE!" Dawn screamed and flipped on the light.


The young teenaged paperboy was in the process of climbing out Joyce's bedroom window. He was half-naked with no shirt or shoes on.

"Sorry. I was trying to sneak out. I guess I fell asl**p waiting for your mom to come back. Didn't mean to scare you."

"Oh, no," Dawn laughed at how scared she had been, "It's okay. You don't have to climb out the window though, you can use the front door you know."

Kyle looked sheepish, "Oh, yeah, thanks." He stepped back into the room from the window. As he sat down on the bed to put his shoes on, Dawn looked him up and down, admiring his rippling torso and six pack stomach.

"Or... you could hang out with me if you like?"

Kyle looked up and smiled as Dawn pulled her towel off and closed the bedroom door behind her.

Back in the Boneyard...

Buffy was kissing the vampire hard and eager. Stopping, she held his head between her hands, looking into his eyes, "What's your name? I mean before you became the undead?"

"Uh, Mark."

Buffy smiled, "Hi Mark, I'm Buffy." She began kissing him again; wet sloppy kisses as they both let their tongues explore each other's mouth. As she kissed him, Buffy began to tear her clothes off, pulling her T-shirt over her head and then opening her pants. She was stamping her feet in an attempt to work her jeans down her legs without using her hands as she kept her tongue in Mark's mouth and her arms wrapped around his neck.

Frustrated, she shoved him backwards and he fell back against a gravestone and flinched as he felt the ice cold of the marble on his bare ass. Quickly yanking off her jeans and panties, Buffy leapt up and planted her bare feet against the top of the marble headstone and lowered her tiny body over the vampire’s sex organ.

She licked her hand and then reached down and rubbed her saliva over his cock to lubricate it. Buffy knew she had a tight pussy and had always had trouble taking guys with any size. Mark's face looked shocked as he felt her lower herself onto his organ.


Both Buffy and the vampire screamed out at the same time as they both felt comparable sensations. He felt her tight snatch surround and grip his cock while Buffy felt herself being stretched as he entered her. She kept lowering herself and bit her lower lip as she felt the tip of Mark's cock driving deeper and deeper into her.


Buffy's feet were planted firmly on the top of the headstone and her arms were wrapped around his neck as she began humping his cock and grinding her hips up and down and side to side. It was obvious that Buffy was enjoying his cock inside her as she was furiously working him. Buffy had her eyes closed and was biting her lip as she was about to orgasm when she felt her head yanked backwards by her hair.

"UGH, what the hell!?!"

Buffy was roughly tossed backwards. She landed with a thud, rolling over and over on the ground. She looked up to see that Faith had taken her place. She was standing with her back to the vampire, reaching down and stroking his cock between her legs. She lifted one foot and held it up as she raised herself slightly and pointed the tip at her pussy and lowered herself onto it.

"What the fuck Faith?"

"Sorry B, but you were Bogarting the dick."

Putting both feet on the ground, Faith pressed her ass cheeks against his abdomen taking every inch he had inside her. "Oh yes!"

She reached back and over her head and grabbed Mark by the back of the neck and turned her head so their faces were inches from each other. Each could feel the hot and heavy breaths of the other on their cheeks. She was grinding and rotating her hips against him, feeling his cock buried deep inside her.

Faith's free hand was pinching her nipples and rubbing her breasts as she enjoyed him. Just as Faith felt herself about to reach the point of no return with her orgasm building...


Faith felt herself slugged across the face. She staggered back and tripped over a short gravestone, landing on her ass on the cold dirt of the cemetery. Looking up, Buffy was standing where she had been and holding Mark by the arm.

"My turn!"

Faith climbed to her feet and wiped a drop of bl**d from her lip, "I wasn't finished B. Now, clear out. He's mine."

"I don't think so Faith. You can have my sloppy seconds if you want."

"Oh, really, we'll see about that." Faith leapt at Buffy and drove a fist into the blonde slayer's gut lifting her off her feet. Buffy regained her footing and spun, driving her heel into the side of Faith's head and knocking her back. Buffy followed it up with several punches at the brunette's face but Faith blocked them on her arms and countered with a right cross to Buffy's chin.

As the two women continued trading blows Buffy called out, "Oh shit! Look!"

Faith had Buffy in a headlock and stopped momentarily to see that the guy they were fighting over was on the other side of the graveyard, running away.


Both girls took off after him gaining ground as they leapt over headstones and ran through the trees. Both slayers were buck naked but neither seemed to mind, as both were focused on catching their quarry. Mark's bare ass was moving fast even with his arms still tied behind him. His erection was bobbing up and down pointing his way. He wasn't able to move through the cemetery as quickly as the two slayers with his hands bound. And the girls were catching up. Buffy reached him first and shoved the vampire from behind, sending him sprawling. He landed on his back with his legs open and cock pointed straight up at the night sky.

Buffy and Faith stood on either side of the prone vamp, facing off again.

"So, we going to go another round?" Faith asked.

"I think we can solve this another way." Faith knew what Buffy meant and nodded.

"One, two, three," both girls counted out loud as they brought their right fists up and down on their outstretched left hands. On the third strike, Buffy flattened her hand while Faith kept hers in a fist.

"Paper beats rock!" Buffy exclaimed.

"SHIT!" Faith retorted.

'She always starts with rock, dumb cunt!' Buffy thought to herself.

"One, two, and three..." Both girls counted again and repeated the process. Buffy made a fist this time while Faith now held her hand firmly flat.

"HAH!" Faith yelled at her, indicating she won that round.

Mark watched the two girls fight over him, 'These bitches are crazy!'

"One, two, and three..." Faith made a horizontal 'V' shape with her pointer and middle fingers while Buffy made a fist again.


"HA! I win!" Buffy jumped up in victory.

"Another round?!" Faith asked.

"No way, best two out of three. You know the rules."

Faith cursed under her breath but accepted the loss. Buffy stepped over the Mark and lowered herself over his waist. Mark looked terrified as she reached down and held his cock steady while she slipped her pussy down over his cock again.

Buffy put her hands on his chest and began sliding up and down his organ, riding him.

"Oh, yeah! Oh fuck that feels good!" She was moaning as she tossed her head back, enjoying the sensations of having him deep inside her.

Faith stood back. She didn't like it but she knew she had lost and there was nothing to be gained from further fighting. She was fingering herself between her legs, massaging her pussy. She was so turned on watching Buffy fuck the vampire. In fact, Faith couldn't take her eyes off Buffy's tight little ass as she rode Mark's cock harder and faster.

"OH GOD! YEAH, THAT'S IT!" Buffy was humping Mark harder now as her orgasm built. Buffy's eyes rolled back in her head as she felt a blinding rush of pleasure run through her. Buffy's skin felt like it was on fire as the most intense orgasm of her young life burst out from between her legs.

Buffy was literally convulsing as she pumped Mark's cock into her, "AH! AH! OH GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD!"

Finally, after several minutes, Buffy was about to collapse as she climbed off. Faith, on the verge of orgasm herself and more turned on than she had ever felt in her life, shoved her companion off the vampire, "Come on B! Move it!"

Faith took Buffy's place and mounted Mark, slipping her cunt over his cock and took him as deep as she could manage. Wincing slightly, Faith slammed her hips down and took every inch inside her.

Faith gave Mark a wicked look, "You better not cum on me yet boy! I don't take disappointment well!"

He believed her. Mark was little more than a sex toy for the two girls. With his hands bound behind him, he could do little to participate while the girls simply used his cock for themselves. Even if he had been free though, against two slayers, there was little the newly turned vampire could have done to stop Faith and Buffy from forcing themselves on him.

Faith, already nearly ready to cum while just watching Buffy and fingering herself, felt her orgasm welling up almost immediately.

"UH! UH, OH YEAH!" Faith grabbed her nipples and twisted them hard. She liked a little pain to flavour her sex. This put her over the edge and she shrieked in pleasure as she was rocked by her own orgasm.

As she humped him harder, working every ounce of pleasure she could from his cock, Mark's face scrunched up and he began making huffing noises like he was about to blow his load. All of a sudden, Mark's eyes opened wide as his pending orgasm was cut short. He looked down and saw a large piece of wood sticking out of his chest, just above his left nipple.

"WHAT!?! NAW! YOU BI..."


Mark turned to dust as Faith pulled the stake she had brought with her from his chest. Faith stood waving her hand to clear the ash from the air.

"You could have at least let him cum Faith."

"What? I thought you just wanted to stake him anyway."

"I'm just saying, seemed pretty mean is all."

Faith smiled wryly at her as they headed back to pick up their clothes. As they walked, Faith was furiously rubbing her pussy.

"Jesus, Faith, how horny are you?"

"No, it's not that. I got that fucking vampire's ashes in my cooch. Itches like a mother-fucker!"

Buffy nearly fell over laughing as Faith kept fingering herself and flicking vampire ash from her pussy.

A few minutes later...

After the vamp had been dusted, Faith and Buffy were putting their clothes back on. As Buffy pulled her shirt over her head, it got caught on her hair and she was stuck for a few seconds with her arms over her head and her shirt covering her face. Faith suppressed a laugh as she watched Buffy's tit's bounce around as she fought to free herself from her cotton prison.

As Buffy struggled, Faith simply watched her fellow Slayer, stitching up her jeans, re-lacing them up the front. Finally untangled, Buffy turned and looked at Faith with a puzzled look on her face.

"Did what we just did seem strange to you?"

"What? Dusting the vamp? No, I do it all the time."

Buffy looked exasperated at her dark haired companion. "No I mean having sex with him first. Here. In a graveyard. That's pretty odd, don't you think?"

Faith shrugged as she buckled her belt; "Well everything is odd the first time you do it. I mean the first time I took a cock up my ass. It felt odd. Actually, it hurt like hell. Man, did I beat the shit out of that guy. What was his name? Tommy? No. Bobby? No. Danny!" Faith exclaimed. "It was Danny! I thought he was trying to kill me and man did I give him a pounding."

"That's not what I mean Faith," Buffy tried to cut her off.

"Do testicles grow back? I mean if someone were to, say, yank them off?"

Buffy simply shook her head, "No."

"Oh. No? Then I really do owe Danny a card or something. Oh well."

"Are you finished walking down memory lane of all the guys you've maimed? I'm being serious. We just had sex with a vampire before dusting him."

"So fucking what!?! So, we got our rocks off a little and had some fun. Why shouldn't we? Guys do it all the time. And it's not like we let him go; we still dusted him. So, no harm no foul. That's what I always say. Besides he had a really nice cock."

Buffy nodded as the image of the vampire's cock came back to her. She shook her head to clear it and stay on point, "His cock being nice or not doesn't matter. We shouldn't be having sex with vampires before we stake them! We are Slayers!"

Faith held up her hands in mock submission as Buffy seemed to be getting upset, "Okay, okay. No more sex with the undead. Of course, between the two of us, you're the one with that little fetish."

"What... the... fuck... did... you... say?" Buffy was staring at Faith coldly. Faith turned slowly actually afraid she might get a fist in the face for that comment.

"I'm just saying. Of all the current slayers, I am not the one who've had not one but two, count ’em, two boyfriends of the fanged persuasion."

Buffy simply pointed at Faith, "Watch it Faith."

But the small blonde apparently decided to let it go. "As usual, you've completely missed the point. Look, in the past day I caught my m*ther blowing the paperboy..."

"Joyce, getting her a little action. Good for her. She always did seem a bit uptight." Faith began pulling her boots on.

Buffy ignored Faith's commentary, "And I caught Dawn taking a dildo to school."

Faith burst out laughing, "A dildo? Really? Well, at least you know she likes cock. Frankly, I was worried that lesbo Willow might convert her to the other team."

Buffy rolled her eyes. Faith could be so dense sometimes. Talking to her was like pointing at something on the floor and expecting your dog to look at it. Instead, they just stare at your finger.

"LOOK! I had a three-way with my s*ster and some high school k** this morning and spent most of the day giving blowjobs to strange men at the Magic Box."

"Look who found her inner whore and let her out."

Buffy wanted to punch her, but she steadied her voice and tried to speak calmly, "The point is, doesn't that seem a bit out of character for me? For us? It's like we're not ourselves. Like maybe we're under a spell or something."

"Or maybe you just need to get over your, ah, issues."

Buffy couldn't take it anymore, she exploded, "WHAT ISSUES? WHAT FUCKING ISSUES?" Buffy was enraged as she screamed at Faith.

"Look, I always assumed you already knew this about yourself but maybe not. I mean, it's pretty clear. You've got some major... daddy issues is all."


"Well, B, your father did leave you when you were a baby right. Single mom raising you alone and all. And now you have a Watcher. Or should I say a father figure to fixate on and take advice from and make you feel safe and protected and tuck you in at night. You probably fantasize about him too."

Buffy was fuming, "He does not tuck me in and I do not..."

"And I won't even mention the aforementioned boyfriends who were what? A thousand years old. The only boyfriend you ever had who was, like, normal in any way and your own age, you treated like shit and until he flew off in a helicopter and went to a third world country just to get away from you. I'm just saying, you might want to talk to someone about all that is all. You know, like maybe a ther****t"

"A THEr****t!?! YOU CRAZY FUCKING PSYCHOTIC BITCH! IF ANYONE NEEDS A THEr****t, ITS YOU!" Buffy leapt and threw a wild punch at Faith's head. Faith ducked under it and spun out to the side. Raising her fists, Faith was ready to fight but Buffy seemed to get a hold on herself and she stopped.

"Look, all I'm saying is maybe the hang-ups about what you've been doing for the past few days are in your head. Maybe if you had a more open attitude about sex then these things might not be such a big deal to you. And little Dawnie."

Ironically, Faith was actually making some valid points about Buffy's past relationships, but it didn't matter. This was off point. Buffy took a deep breath, lowered her hands, and spoke slowly.

"Just answer me one question?"


"How many men have you had sex with in the past, say, 48 hours?"

"You really want to know?"

Buffy nodded.

"You're not going to give me shit and call me a whore are you? Try to save my soul or any of that religious bullshit?"

"No, please just tell me."

Faith looked up at the night sky with a contemplative look on her face, like she was concentrating.

"Well, yesterday morning I fucked this guy who lives in my building. He comes by most mornings after his wife heads out to work. Nothing big, just an easy way to start the day with a bang is all. And yesterday afternoon, I went shopping and I met this cute sales guy at a shoe store and did him in the dressing room. He gave me these cool boots..."

Faith held up one of her legs showing off her knee high black leather biker boots.

"Cool huh?"

"Yeah they're great," Buffy said dryly.

"Then, later I went to a club and met these two college guys and we did it in the back of their car. They were hot too." She pulled a piece of paper out of her pocket, "I need to call them."


"Oh, yeah, then around 3 AM, I couldn't sl**p so I placed a late night booty call on Xander."


"Yeah, what? You jealous?"

"What? No. He's like my br*ther. It's just..."

"Well trust me B, keep him you're br*ther. Not all that much to write home about, if you know what I mean. Believe me, he got more out of it than I did. Now you want to stop interrupting? You're breaking my concentration."

Buffy rolled her eyes but let Faith continue.

"So, this morning I fucked the guy down the hall again, but I already counted him. And then earlier, before I met up with you I ordered a pizza. But I was about 5 bucks short so I blew the delivery guy and he covered it."

Faith began counting, using her fingers to help her. She stopped and looked at Buffy, "Are we counting the vampire?"


"Okay, don't be so testy, I was just asking. So that makes six and a half." Faith smiled like she was proud of herself, although Buffy wasn't sure if it was for fucking those guys or counting past five for the first time in her life. “And that is only the guys I fucked. The girls are a different story indeed.”

"Six and half? How can you fuck half a guy?" Buffy asked, making a mental not to ask her about the women she had sex with.

Faith raised a finger into Buffy's face, "I only blew the delivery guy, I didn't fuck him, and so he only counts as a half." Faith looked very satisfied with herself.

"Okay, whatever. But don't you think having sex with six and a half men in two days is a little weird?"

"So, it's been a slow week. What about it? We can't all be blowing strangers and fucking our s*ster when it seems convenient?"

"WHAT?! I DID NOT FUCK DAWN YOU IGNORANT..." Buffy stopped herself and simply turned and walked away.

"Hey B. We done?"

"Yeah, just finish the patrol without me, I have to go check on Dawn."

"Aww Yeah! I understand. Want some... alone time with the s*s, huh?" Faith had a leering tone to her voice.

Buffy stopped and almost turned and charged at her. But if something was amiss then Faith was affected too and she wasn't herself. At least that's the excuse Buffy made for her as she headed home.

Faith watched her leave and, admiring her ass as she walked away, thought to herself that Buffy would be great in the sack. She made a mental not to try and get Buffy Summers into bed. She looked around her immediate and surrounding area saw that she was now fully clothed.

So Faith Lehane took off her top, then picked up the steak, before heading off to engage in a night’s slaying. Without a stitch of clothing on her upper body.

End of Part 3... Continue»
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The Booty Inspector (Part 4) –

The Booty Inspector Part 4 –
“Dick Jone’s Circus PORNO”

by markfayer

Picking up with our protagonist, Dick Jones, the Booty Inspector where we last left off,
He and his Intrepid companion, Junior ,and their two lesbian Love slaves – Tall, dark-Skinned Nubian Sex Goddesses – have gone to the Circus which came into town, and convinced the 4 hermaphrodite Circus Freaks to film a Sex-Orgy with them – the TWIN “PENISED” LADIES: 2 Shemales – little petite, 5 ft tall, ladies with 8 ½ in Long Schlongs, and also the 2 BOXLER b*o’S – 2 Tall, 6’4” Men, Hulky, and Manly, except that they’re hermaphrodites, with tiny, atrophied penises dangling off their Taint, just beneath their Large gaping, full-sized Pussies with working, sensitive Clitorises…

(Inside the Circus Sex-trailer)…Serena, the long-haired Nubian, shoved her pussy into the Boxler man’s face and he began licking an sucking on her pussy Lips right away – he was like a hungry dog who’d found some juicy, tender Clam meat to nibble on-- salivating and drooling, he gobbled that pussy up.
Serena went weak at the knees as the man devoured her clitoris, but, with his strong upper-body, he simply held her up by her thighs and went right on diggin’ her out.
Meanwhile, right next to them, Venus, the Short-Haired Nubian, tenderly approached the Little Penised Lady, seeming kind of timid, she was a bit intimidated by this Pixie-Looking lady with a massive 8 ½ inch Cock hanging off the front of her groin. She wasn’t sure what to do to begin, so she just bent down in front of the Penised Lady, got on her knees so she was face-to-face with the little Pussy-pounder and she proceeded to deeply kiss her –thrusting her long tongue into the lady’s mouth. The two of them, the Nubian and the Midget shemale, proceeded to kiss like lusty Lesbian lovers, and the petite shemale groped and fondled the black Nubian’s large breasts and erect nipples, while simultaneously, the Nubian found her two fingers’ way into the midget’s butt-hole. She was tentative to grab the young lady’s massive boner just yet, it was a sensitive subject, so to speak.

Meanwhile, Dick, watching this go on, was actually cumming in his pants. He hadn’t even had to man-handle his genitals at all, it was such a hot, amazing show, that his Penis started orgasming all of its own accord, and squirting out jizz from within his Long-John trousers.

Dick, looking on now, turned his gaze back over to the Nubian and the Man-With-A –Pussy – they were tribbing now –rubbing their Pussies together, and it looked that they would orgasm together and spray their pussy Cream onto each other’s’ Pudenda…dick decided to jump in on the action and help them out with some cum of his own, so, as they were tribbing and near to their Climax, he pulled out his famous 9 Inch “Booty Inspector’s Weiner”, he kneeled down next to the Nubian woman who was panting and sweating and flushed with a red color, he proffered his Dong up to her face –she took it gladly and sucked down on it like a Bratwurst. Minutes later, dick screamed for mercy and discharged a healthy load of semen –as it sprayed up in an creamy arch into the Nubian’s face and squirted in a long, thick stream down onto her breasts, the Nubian and the Vagina-ed Man also began to climax from their tribbing, All three of them cried out and shuddered as their hips shook, wracking with Intense pleasure and discharging Sex Creams, Cum and Pussy fluids.

Now, the last couple still going –the short-Haired Nubian princess, fucking with the Petite Little Shemale Penised Lady –by this time they were in side-long 69 position on the ground.
Lying on her side, the Nubian could easily man-handle the Little Lady’s huge Cock and suck it, lick it, stroke it, lick the balls…and the shemale, reverse-way-to and on her side could finger the Nubian’s Pussy, and she was HUNGRY! She buried her face into the Black woman’s big, pink, Swollen Cunt, like she was poking her head down the Rabbit Hole. Apparently she loved the taste of Pussy Juice as she was slobbering and sucking up the Pussy cream, licking her lips, gargling the liquids in her mouth – she was really going for it!

This had everyone else I the room entranced. The shemale Midget was oblivious to the rest of the room, just plunging into the Nubian Pussy, as it geysered and sprayed Pussy Juice up at her face like a hose drenching her…the Nubian, meanwhile trying to suck the Cock down her throat as she was Orgasming and quaking as her Pussy erupted. After 10 long minutes of this Orgasmic ejaculation show, the two finally slowed Down, now bathed in Pussy juice and the Cum from the Shemale’s Dick.
Booty Inspector no.2 – junior, as he was called, yelled out ‘CUT! That’s a Wrap!, ladies and germs!”
And they said their goodbyes and left to go to their respective Trailers.
“Now what Boss?” junior queried to the Booty inspector, Dick jones
“Dick sighed with exasperation. ‘Yeah, it’ll definitely be a shame to lose these 2 Sex Goddesses, but what’s gotta be done’s got to be done.”
. . .
So, off into the Sunset, in their Stagecoach, Dick and no. 2 rode, each with a Nubian Zulu Princess sitting up next to them, clinging to their men, arms wrapped around their waists as the horses Galloped across the Prairie towards the Pioneer Settler town of Rio Piadros.
They bid their Final Farewells later that day at the Rio Piadros Bar&Saloon, as they let the women go, and they took –off back towards their Cave Hide-Out in the Hills.
“Well Boss, that’s another Booty Inspectin’ journey well accomplished this Past Weekend, I’d say”
“yeah junior, we did some good work here. It’s only our fitting duty, the please that booty. And please it we did.”

Yes Sir. Please it we did.”
“Makes me kinda thirsty just thinkin’ about it. What sayz we get Piss-Faced on that bottle of aged Cognac over there in the corner and we brainstorm about what we’re going to do this next week to fulfill our Booty Inspectin’ duties?”
Junior Agreed and they go d***k and passed out, never having discussed any further plans.

(next in the Saga: Dick and Junior stow away aboard a merchant vessel headed to the orient and find themselves trapped amongst a Slave Stronghold of hungry, thirsty Asian Sex-Slaves who must perform their duties at All costs!”
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The New Doctor - Part 1 -

I just graduated from Johns Hopkins Medical School with honors and was doing my
residency at Farmingdale Medical Center in Farmingdale, Long Island. The
hospital was relatively close to my house and had a solid residency program
that seemed to have a lot to offer for a k** just out of medical school. Yeah,
I passed my boards with flying colors, had a girlfriend for a while but she
graduated a year ahead of me and met a Lawyer at Boston General Hospital. I got
over the fact that she was getting it on with another guy, but I was super
busy, meeting other people, working hard. After all, I was being paid close to
$27000 for this residency. I decided not to mope around over this girl and
have a real good time a long time ago. So when I came bac k home, I WAS READY
for it all. And I mean it all.

Rounds for me start at about 5:45 AM. I always was right with my diagnosis and
enjoyed treating the patients. I am usually in the emergency room from about
11:30 AM to about 4:00 most days, and don't get to eat lunch until about 4:15
right before PM rounds which start at 5:00PM. Today though was different. REAL
Different. I was about to take a bite from my burger that I just fixed up with
catsup, pickles, mayo and I here over the speaker "Dr. GoldmanCODE BLUE" Code
Blue means a major emergency was just called in and that the patient will be
arriving at the hospital momentarily. The burger was tossed in the garbage and
off I went (I'm so glad I was wearing my Reeboks) I ran into the emergency room
and listened to the paramedics talk. Apparently, a young man about 17 drove his
car into a telephone pole. They rushed him into ER, he was about 5-weighed
about 150 pounds. The paramedics had his shirt off and h ad started the IV that
Dr. Marcus, the duty doctor, ordered. He was u*********s and it was apparent
that he had a ruptured spleane. I gave him 10mgs. of Lidacane, and started an
IV with Normal Saline because we were going to have to operate. I ordere d a
full bl**d series which would by law go to the State Police to determine if the
k** was driving d***k. All this was done as he was being rushed inside the
emergency room/.When I got him in the room, I was assisted by Drs. O'Thomas,
Vreeland, Smith and Nurse Rodgers. Dr. Marcus the Senior physicians walked in
to supervise and give us,the new doctors any assistance we might need. Nurse
Rodgers stripped the ailing youth by cutting his denim jeans with a sharp
scizzors and then slipping them off. I looked at this body and said, I have got
to save this k**. He was hurting. He was hurting real bad. Dr. Vreeland pointed
out that his strong stomach muscles and his build helped absorb a good portion
of the crash. But, nevertheless the k** was hurting. We added another 5 mgs of
Lidacane hoping to ease the pain as suggested by Dr. Marcus, after reviewing
the ivs. Dr. O'Thomas adm inistered the second iv as I examined his spleane. I
felt a semi-major rupture . We operated. Dr.Hendricks performed the surgery and
I was asigned the case. Later that evening, I met with the youngsters parents
who were in tears in the waiting room. Nurse Albertson had them fill out the
papers prior to surgery and Dr. Marcus spoke to them before I was assigned the
patient. Yes, we had a long chat. You see, the young k** (his name was Ken, by
the way) was driving his brand new 1986 Iroc d***k. His parents denied that
there son had a drinking problem. I showed them the test results,indicating
their son's activities for t he last 48 hours. They denied it. I sat with them
till 3 AM in my office discussing the problem. They finnally conceeded. And,
they enrolled Ken in the AA program we had at the hospital. I was glad I was
able to talk some sense into these people. But as Dr. Marcus pointed out to me
at lunch the next day, itis very difficult for a parent to accept the fact that
their son or daughter is an alchoholic because they immediately interpret this
as their fault. Dr. Marcus did compliment me on my handlng of the patient and
his parents and said he wanted to see me in his office after rounds tomorrow
morning. I was kind of nervous, but because he sounded so pleased with me, I
didn't think it could be anything bad. I ate my dinner (this time a Turkey
Sandwhich with the best Tomatos in the world) and before I left for the day, I
checked on my star patient,Ken. I went in to his room, I noticed he was a
little red in the face, and his pulse rate was a little sluggish. I took his
bl**d preasure and it was sluggish as well. He was partially awake now. I
spoke briefly to him yesterday. But, I don't think he understood a word I said.
I moved the curtain around because the old lady visiting someone else was
getting on my nerves watching everything I was doing. I felt like saying
"Listen Bitch, mind your own Business." But, I didn't have time to get mad or
cau se a fight. AFterall, my main concern was Ken, my patient. I took his
pajama top off and put the stethescope to my ears and listened to his heart and
I found no irregularities in the beat. His byle level was higher than normal
because of his excessive drinking and I felt that because of the last two urine
specimens, there may be a k**ney proble. I removed his pajama pants and felt
his lower abdoman. He was awake now. I stoped immediately and covered him up,
figuring that I should fill this k** in before I start peeking and poking. I
put the BP cuff on him and it was rising, si I reduced the Lidacane IV
(painkiller) and put him on a liquid for a while. I didn't want to give him
solids yet because I wasn't sure what was going on. We got to talking. He was
telling me about the car, the accident, how stupid he was. And at that point, I
pulled the bed rail down and sat on the bed. I put my left hand lovingly on his
stomach and my right hand on his face and talked quietly, gently , and with
compassion. I didn't want him to feel guilty for what he did. He was sick, he
had a problem. He needed help. I said, "Ken, you're going to be ok fella.
You're a tough guy and you made it." He said,"The car, my dad,you saved me,
but I'm dead shit. " I took my hand that was on his chest and started rubbing
his chest softly so that he felt my presence and new that I cared about him and
I said," What you did was stupid, it was probably the biggest mistake of your
life. I spoke to your parents and they seem to be pretty cool about it. Now..
Ken, let's check you out. How do you feel?" He replied with a headache, stomach
pain etc. I said, "let me poke around here, and maybe I can see what's going
on... I took his BP again, it seamed to get more stable as the Lidacane wore
off. That was a good sign. I slipped the pajama bottoms off him again as I
said, "this shouldn't hurt, but tell me if you are in pain." I examined his
testicles to see if they were inside the scrotum or withdrawn due to the
impact. They were normal. He seemed not to be having any pain in the groin
area, and his penis seemed to be quite bruised. I knew it wasn't caused by his
auto accident. I was then wondering what was going on in this k**s life.

Part 02

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The New Doctor - Part 2 - Christopher Street BBS - (201) 992-5660

I immediately depressed the buzzer and I summoned the nurse, I ordered another
bl**d test for VD and HTLV III. I also paged Dr. Marcus but I forgot it was
Wednesday (he plays golf, only pee-ons like me work on Wednesday) I was lucky
that I was able to see him for lunch. The nurse came in and Ken said, "What are
you doing," at that point, I said just taking a few more tests.He said, "why
all these bl**d tests." AT that point I said, to myself, maybe I don't know the
whole story. I said, Nurse Weatherbee, Dr. Gilcrest, would you leave me and my
patient alone for five minutes. "Yes Doctor", she replied. Dr. Gilcrest said,
"let me just examin him for a minute." Dr. Gilcrest was the Doctor in charge
that evening. I pulled the pajamas off him and Dr. Gilcrest examined Ken's
penis. He first felt the testicles like I did and then began feeling the sides
of Ken's bruised penis. He told me to feel the patients penis and pay careful
attention to the vessels that I see which appear bruised. He said, "Can I speak
to you outside for a momemt," I said,"I'll be right back, Ken. I pulled his
pants back up above his waist and tied the knot to make him more comfortable.
Then I left the room. "Dr. Goldman," said Dr. Gilcrest," I applaud you on your
inquisitive and excellent application of your medical knowledge to this
situation. We need more doctors like you. This boy has been either fucking 20
people a night with that pecker of his or he is jerking himself off since the
day he was born." I said, "I ordered a full scale bl**d test for HTLV-III, and
the various strains of VD." Dr. Gilcrest said,"Well Carry-on Michael, You're a
damn good doctor." <another ego boost> As I walked back into the room, Ken
seemed kind of upset. I sat down on the bed (this was now about 8:45 PM, I had
missed my racquetball game with Dr. Fredricks at the new club I had to join fo
$125.) but I felt thtis was more important and couldn't wait till morning. I
held his hand and said, Ken don't worry, everything will be ok.Now, you've
gotta level with me. I won't tell a sole. I stopped and wanted to examine him
again, I pulled the p.j.s down again, and felt the penis, I squeezed it and
asked if it hurt when I did that, "NO he said", I squeezed his balls, that
didn't hurt either. I knew what he was through. And all I could think was, My
God, this k**; God please help him. Help me help him. As I examined his penis
some more, I said to him, how did it get this way. he said his "girl friend
does it to him." I didn't say anything. I rolled him over onto his stomach, and
propt a pillor underneathh his legs, and pryed his ass hole open and stuck my
finger inside without any lubricant. I felt his prostate and it was not full.
Everything checked out ok.Except his buttocks had little red pimples on it and
lash marks. At that point, I turned him back over and I took an applicator and
put alchohal over his penis and inserted the applicator (a long cotton swab
(like a Q-
Tip) he screemed, as it penetrated through the penis to the p rostrate. I did
it quickly so he wasn't in pain for long. I removed it and still more was
pouring out. I then said, we're going to have to take bl**d, with all your
screwing around you may have contracted something. I felt I didn't need the
nurse. I didn't want her to interfere with my rapport, so I drew the bl**d
myself. Ken was scared, after all, I just stuck a giant Q-Tip up his penis and
now I am going to draw bl**d with the biggest needle he has ever seen in his
life. AS I tied the band around his arm, Ken started to cry. Then it all came
out.(No not the bl**d, he was too upset for me to stick him with the giant
needle.) This is what he said: I needed money so I dance. I dance at La Cauge.
It's fun and you see, they have this mardi gras and all the patrons are allowed
to touch you, pull on your chain, suck you, play with your ass. And that kind
of stuff. I sl**p with someone different every night, Oh God , not AIDS.....
For a resident, this was a tough one to handle, but I dug deep inside of me,
and started thinking like a freind instead of a doctor. I said, "Ken, I know
this may seem strange comming from a Doctor, but... you know what you did was
wrong and that you can get very sick from it. But sometimes we make mistakes,
we are only human, we make mistakes. WE MAKE MISTAKES. But, my friend, let's
not jump to conclusions,let's take one step at a time. Now look the other
way,"I said and when he did,I quickly jabbed the big needle in his arm as he
screamed , cryed and then SHOUTED "I HATE YOU...I HATE YOU...I HATE YOU..." I
removed the needle and he reached up to punch me in the arm (half k**dingly). I
put the bl**d in the vile and put a band aid on his a rm. I patted his head
and rubbed his stomach, I tried to make him feel good as I thought (all those
people touching him, feeling his private parts) I said, I care alot about you
and I don't want you to be sick. OK.Don't worry...OK just don't worry I'll have
the results in the morning. It was eleven PM by then, I got into my car and as
I was leaving the hospital I saw his parents. I didn't ever get home that

Part 03

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THE NEW DOCTOR - Part 3 - Christopher Street BBS - (201) 992-5660

We came back inside the hospital, and I said to myself, I need coffee. We took
up our conversation in the cafe. It was a nice hospital cafe with really great
danish. Ken's parents were really cool about the AA treatment program. It was
like a 100 % turn around. They accepted the situation and seamed like they were
ready to deal with it. Especially his DAD. He was ready to go to the special AA
group for parents.

I didn't know what to do, should I tell them or wait for the results....He was
only 16 so if I didn't tell them when they asked I would be breaking the law.
What I didn't have to do was give them all the details. I walked a fine line
between what I must do as a physician and what I must do as a human being. I
decided to stay on the side of a human being because I knew that if I violated
my patient's trust I would no longer be able to help him.

I said, "there were extensive bruises on his body, we are doing some more tests
to see if they were a result of the accident or whether they were not. I left
it at that. I went home to bed.

The next morning I woke up at 7:30 AM and was back on duty by 9AM. I went to
the lab to check out whether the results were in....They weren't in yet so I
decided to do my excercises for the morning... I took the stairs to my all star
patient's room (as opposed to taking the elevator) He was awake and was
complaining of head pains. His face was flushed and his mouth was dry. His
temperature was 104 and he was sick. I ordered a rush on the bl**d tests and I
got the results at noon. Ken was suffering from pnemonia. I found out that he
was not sl**ping at home three or four days a week . Rather he was sl**ping at
a friend's apartmennt in the City where there wasn't any heat. His resistance
must have been low because he was screwing arond every night of the week. I
checked his bruises once again around his groin area and they weren't any
better. I gave him a shot for the pain and proceeded down to the lab when I was
paged for a phone call.

The call was from Dr. Baller's office. Dr. Baller is the person who is in
charge of the hospital. He said he wanted to speak to me at 3 that day. I
thought I did something wrong.... I was worried all day. . . I was thinking
"Did I really fuck up somewhere?" I then put it out of my mind and went down to
the lab where I found out that Ken did not have AIDS. I jumped into the air
with joy and screemed in delight. It was simply pnemonia and we can treat him
for that. In fact it was a light strain of it at that....

Back in ER I was telling some of the Co-workers about the case....and they
didn't seem to care. But I did. I went to Ken and said, "Listen k**, I don't
know what you're gonna do, But.... (I wanted to scare the shit out of him so he
would stop screwing around with every gay on the street) you know those tests
that I took yesterday...They say that you are lucky this time. You don't have
AIDS yet. But if you don't stop screwing around with every gay man on the face
of the earth your gonna get it.

I felt the need to give it to him straight. Because what he was doing was
wrong. Not because he was gay, but because he was putting himself at risk of
catching the disease as well as becoming a carrier of it. He was relieved. He
promised not to screw around like he was doing before. But I knew that there
was more to it than meets the eye.

It was 3 PM as I walked into Dr. Ballard's office. It was a posh office in the
new wing of the hospital. Dr. Ballard was an older man in his early 60s and
spoke with a very deep but kind voice. He was considered a real nice guy but
had very strong convictions. I sat down on the sofa and when he came in, the
first thing out of his mouth was, "Michael, from what I hear, you're one of the
best doctors at our hospital, that is why I have recomended you to the Board of
Education. In addition to your regular duties here at the hospital you will be
the school systems doctor.

In addition, to your salary here at the hospital which incidently is now
$32500, you will be paid $11000 by the Board of Education. Your duties will
include doing all school physicals, and being available to the school system if
they have any questions. You start tomorrow at the High School doing routine
physicals for the sports teams. You do this in the morning and take the
afternoon off. You need some time to yourself, after all when I was your age I
never got the wash done either (he was looking at me in my greens (wearing them
because I didn't do the wash) And from now on...though, you'll do the physicals
at the high schools on Wednesday mornings and you'll take the rest of the day
off like the rest of us do.

I was elated.

Part 04

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THE NEW DOCTOR - Part 4 - Christopher Street BBS - (201) 992-5660

It was Wednesday morning, the first day I was to do physicals for The High
School. I thought it was going to be rough, but, you know it was an honor to be
chosen out of all the other residents. So I did it. I kind of enjoyed being
out of the hospital doing something on my own. You supervisors, no
head nurses to deal with, no pharmacy forms to real pain in the ass
things to do. I couldn't help but to think to myself...."is this what private
practice is all about" this is easy. I finally got dressed, I figured that I'd
better wear something decent. So instead of putting on jeans or my green
scrubbs, I put on a nice pair of grey cords, a blue oxford shirt (with a button
down collar of course) and a knit tie. I didn't want to over dresss, but at the
same time I wanted to make a good impression.

I packed my bag the night before, (with my mind I probably would have forgotten
it if I didn't place it in front of the door so I would have to trip over it
when I left)I felt so important. I felt like I was worthy of the assignment. I
was confident. I knew my shit. (I was just a little nervous about how my shit
knew me) Couldn't sl**p that night. It was impossible. Just was up thinking
about what I had to do the next day. But finally around three A.M. I got to
bed. The problem was waking up at 7:15 AM... Knowing that I didn't have to go
to the hospital, I slept in until half past the hour and as usual, I was 20
minutes late at the school. When I walked in, I figured I would just go to the
nurses office. And when I walked in I was greated with "Do you have a pass?" I
started to open my mouth and the nurse quickly snapped, "no pass no
service....get your teacher to give you a pass..." I was cracking up, I know I
look young (Dr. Andrews in OR says I look 16. Little do they know I'm 28) I
said, you must be Nurse Rachet? (My God, Freudian Slip) "I'm sorry", I said,
"I mean Nurse Bachetti. "Now you go to the principal's office right now son or
your going to the Time Out Room for a week. "Oh Shit!" I said in a mumble...but
she heard it, I tried to open my mouth and she cut me off. I continued to say,
"Mam, excuse me, I am not a student here, I am the School Doctor, I was
scheduled to be here. I understand Dr. Marcus made arrangements. But, she was
doing all her paper work and wasn't hearing a word that I said. I screamed
louder, "LADY, I AM NOT A STUDENT. I AM A DOCTOR. Dee Ohh Cee Tee Ohh Rrr. I
spelled it out slowly so she got the message. Then I said, if you would stop
doing what you were doing for one second you would be able to here me out. My
God! I was pissed at this woman. She made me mad. I said, "I'm sorry for
screaming at you, but you are unreal. "I'm sorry k**, your still gonna have to
go to the principals office. I DON'T BUY IT. I then put one of my business
cards in her fat little hand and said, "Nurse, when you need a doctor give me a
call. I started walking out. When she stopped me and said, "Oh, your Dr.
Goldman? I didn't know. Your so young and handsome. We never had a doctor like
you before. I thought you were one of the students trying to put one over on
me. I said, "No Nurse Rachet" I'm a doctor... "Well in that case right this
way..." The boys were scheduled appointments all day. We do the physicals
usually in groups of five. I weigh them, get their height first and then they
all go into you in the second room over there.

Now lets see, we have the soccer team first at 10:00 AM. I tried to make small
talk with the nurse as I went over the medical records of the k**s I was about
to see. The nurse commented "Dr. Morgan never did that.Dr. Morgan did this, Dr.
Morgan did that. " I finally said, Nurse Rachet, if you don't like the way I do
my job then would you find yourself another doctor because I'm not going to
take anymore of your shit. (Definite Attitude Problem)

The soccer team walked in. There were about 25 k**s in all and they were all
placed in the first room it was larger, they sat down on the floor and the
nurse started calling the role. I said, nurse, let me take care of all this ok.
Why don't you go practice your bandages or perhaps count your your cough drops.
She was outraged and walked out of the big room. I walked out with her and
said, "Nurse let me do it my way." I went back inside, and she left me alone
for the day. First I organized it by calling the role, making sure each person
was in the room that should be there, then instead of having the k**s start
undressing and rushing through it, I figured, I should talk to them first and
find out a little bit about them. Also, tell them a little bit about the great
things that they are doing for their bodies by playing soccer and also tell
them a little bit about d**gs, alcohol and the effects they have on playing
soccer. I think they appreciated the talk. They got to know me. And I got to
know them. I said guys, so that I don't fuck Nurse Rachet's papers up here, I
want to do the physicals in the order they appear on this list. Now, to spead
things along, all you guys in here should strip down, take off all your clothes
including your under pants. And would Allen, Davis, Fineberg and Weinberg step
up front here, and if all you guys would stay over on the other side of the
room , we'll be finished in about thirty minutes.

I stood there as all the guys took their clothes off. First came the shirt,
then the pants, the t-shirt, the socks, and most of the k**s left their
underpants on. I didn't want to wisk them away. I wanted to give each of them
the time they needed to check them out. Allen was first, he was a shy boy about
15 years old, had a nice torso and beautiful legs. I noticed the guys waiting
starting to get hard ons just watching the physicals go on. I checked the boy
out, his heart, lungs, I felt his liver and abdomen and then lowered his pants,
(I noticed a lot of the guys pearing on. They were either interested in
noticing what was going on because they wanted to see what was going to happen
to them or they admired their team mates body. I felt his balls and his penis
and later put my finger up his ass to check his prostrate. I then had him piss
into a cup (d**g testing) I did this all day. I was looking at young bodies
14-18 years old, just checking them out. Feeling hard muscles, nicely developed
bodies, putting my finger inside some real tight ass holes.

But these k**s looked like they were having a great time. There they were with
all their clothes off, standing there looking on at their team mates bodies.
Some of them started to laugh when I was feeling their balls and groin and they
made a face when I fingered their ass hole. They seemed like they enjoyed it so
much. I'm sure that I did.

Part 05

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THE NEW DOCTOR - Part 5 - Christopher Street BBS - (201) 992-5660

The wrestling team came into the room at 1 PM the same day as the soccer team
left the office. This time I decided to make it brief as I wanted to get back
to the hospital before p.m. rounds started that night. So I said, Ok guys, my
name is Dr. Goldman, let's do these physicals and get them over with ok. To
save time guys, why don't you all strip down --take off all your clothes
including your underpants, and line up next to each other,

I looked at the guys slowly removing their clothes, their muscles were well
developed and they all were very well hung. Good looking k**s. OK, whose Fred
Andrews?. Fred took a step forward, his dick was hard and wabbling from side to
side as he stepped forward. I said, " ok hop up on the table and lay down o n
your belly. He did, I examined his spine , and slowly went down to his butt. It
was smooth, hairless tight muscular buttocks. I spread his cheeks and looked
inside the hole, discovering it being quite sore, I thought to myself but
didn't say becaus e I didn't want to embarrass him (yet they all were getting
hard standing there watching me pull and poke at their team mates body) "Did
you ever try KY ?" But no, I didn't say it. But this k** didn't pass the
physical either. I called his parents and had them bring him to the hospital
for HLTV tests. This k** was screwing around. He turned over, and I immediately
started examining his genitals. They were hard nuts like walnuts, and his penis
was a stiff 8 inches long, it was not bruised , just seamed like he was just a
bottom man in a fuck buddy party.

Finally, I said, ok next k**.,. Let's see now. Gary Obermeter. Gary stepped
forward he was a short k** only 16 years old about 5-5 120 pounds if that. I
listened to his heart and because he was so small and skinny there was an echo.
To try and get a better sound from my stethescope, I laid him do wn on his back
and placed both hands on top of the piece to minimize the echo. As I did this
he squirmed a little bit, felt a little bit uncomfortable and then relaxed. I
noticed a murmer but didn't think it was a large one. Nevertheless, I noted the
chart. I felt his smooth hairless body from top to bottom, examining the size
of his organs to insure that he had enough ribbing and protection around him
that he would be safe. He was not a very strong k**, but his body was so smooth
and nimble. His ass was like butter, I bent him over and slipped my finger
inside it... he wa s clean as a whistle.

By this time, the guys were getting a little rowdy, the physicals were taking a
year and a day and I was tired, so I just lined them up, side by side, double
rowed, and checked their heart, lungs, genitals, etc. etc. Then, I had them all
turnaround ( the remainder) and I checked the prostrate of each and every one
of them. I noticed them all getting horney, pulling on their cocks, looking at
each other with wrestling eyes. I knew that practice today would be a little
different. As they got dressed I noticed them checking each other out, in fact
one of them said, (I overheard it) that doctor is a cool dude). That made my
day. I left, and went back to the hospital for rounds.

Part 06

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THE NEW DOCTOR - Part 6 - Christopher Street BBS - (201) 992-5660

I just went back to the school to finish the physicals up. Walked into the
nurses office and she was as usual nasty as ever. I kept mymouth shut and
walked into the room and said, ok guys, what sport do you play guys? It was
the baseball team I found out.

I gave them my lecture on d**gs and stuff as the nurse watched with utter
dismay. I was wide awake yet so very tired cause I was up all night in the
Emergency Room pumping some k**s stomach out after she tried to kill herself.
Then, the nurse said, " Dr. would you get on with it, the LaCrosse Team will be
here in exactly 15 minutes. Would you mind." I thought that bitch... (I would
have started it all in a minute anyway. I didn't need her harrassment.)

I said, you guys heard the speach before right? They nodded so, I said, ok guys
just strip down. Drop all your clothes including your underpants. Let's see
whose first? Jeffrey Weilder I called out . He was standing in the back and
walked up slowly to me still with his undies on. I didn't want to embarrass
him. He was a real cute k** only 15 years old. I said to him, just stand here
son as I put my stethoscope to my ears. His body trembled so I sat him down on
the little bed and began to listen to his heart. He had a very small chest
cavity and his skin was very soft and smooth,. I laid him down and ran my hands
over his body, I observed many of the players had errections. Gently I brought
his pants down below his knees and started to feel his cock and his balls. He
wasn't quite fully developed down there. The penis was elongated, however, he
didn't have any pubic hair. He was an adorable little boy though, and the guys
were looking at him with such horney eyes.,.

I checked his rectum out. He didn't like that at all. But, took my finger like
a man. He pulled his pants back up and I said ok lets see if we can move on a
little faster now... John Knoller? John was a tall blonde boy about 6-2 he
weighed about 180 pounds and was built very well. His body was nicely toned and
his genitals were large but in proportion to the rest of his body.

I enjoyed feeling his large cock and his balls which were the size of two eggs.
He had such fine muscle tone and when I stuck my finger up his ass he screamed
in awe as the other guys watched on and felt the vicariousness of the plunge.
They couldn't wait for their turn.
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