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The Roommates Pt2

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The Roommates Pt1

The roommates pt2

When we arrived every light in the house was out.

We figured that 2am was a little late for poor Mark and Josh.

Mark snoring like a lumberjack and Josh

playing soft music and burning inscents burning.

Smiling we entered our bedroom and closed the door.

The next morning Dash and I had ALOT to tell Mark and Josh, but we

hesitated to tell them until we got a feel for what our to new roommates were into,

we decided to start doing little things to gauge how comfortable they were with sex in general.

I decided to start first. Having two white men living in our house was new for us

At first I was a little nervous about testing them,

but I soon lost that nervousness when I saw Josh jacking off

with the door slightly ajar. I turned and ran back to the stairs and screamed his name.

Giving him a chance to cover up or close the door. To my surprise his door was still

open and he was standing in front of the television muttering to

himself and stroking his rock hard cock. It had been a long time since I seen a white cock in person.

Still a little surprised and shocked I bypassed Josh's room and made the decision to go ahead

and play this little game with them. After my shower I text my husband who was still downstairs (doing God knows what)

to let him know what was going on and what I was going do.

He said ok and the game was on. It was hard to decide what would be the best outfit to seduce our roommate.

When I was finished picking through the seemingly millions of choices and getting all oiled up.

I decided to spend some time with our new roommate. I knocked but there was no answer for a couple of beats.

Oh, hello Neeva." "How are you doing today?"

"Im fine." "Just a little drained from the party last night." "We had a great time, but that 2

am thing kicked my butt." I noticed he was wearing just a towel and rocking one major hard on.

I couldn't help but lick my lips at the sight of that monster.

"I was wondering if we could get to know each other."

"Be friends ya know?" "Yeah, I would like that."

Mark took a step back and allowed me to enter, then closed the door behind him.

Before the conversation turned more personal I got one final text from Dash

Dash: Going to the gym

Perfect! I thought to myself. That gives us some major alone time.

I decided to remove my shirt to reveal my bikini top. The poor thing could barely contain my super sized tits.

I could tell Josh was enjoying the view so, I played coy with him for a bit.

Josh, is there something you want to tell me?" I asked with a small smile.

"Yes, there is a lot of things I want to tell you Neeva." "First, I want to ask you where

Dash?" "I believe he is on his way to the gym, I doubt he is gone yet but I can check if you

want?" "No, no," he replied.

Before I knew it Josh was on his knees in front of me pulling my bikini top up and sucking and biting my nipples.

It had been so long since I felt another man's on my silky caramel skin. His strong hands seemed to be everywhere

on my breasts, stomach, ass, pussy. Everywhere.

We had barely begun exploring each other when we heard a light knock at the door.

Josh and I decided to ignore the knock and continue on as if we hadnt heard anything.

Suddenly the door opened and there stood Mark wearing nothing more than a wrist watch.

Not one to be disturbed by the appearance of an unexpected guest.

I motioned for Josh to stand so I could suck his cock a bit. For a moment I forgot Mark was still standing

in the doorway staring at the two of us. "May we help you, Mark?"

"Yeah, I thought you might like an extra pair of hands."

Hahaha, ok.

Mark carefully made his way over to the bed with his cock in hand. "Suck my cock baby"

Before another word was spoken I brought Mark's cock to my lips and started teasing his it with little nibbles

and strokes of my tongue until I felt the head turned a deep purple color.

I ran my tongue down the side of his cock til I reached his swollen balls.

Taking them in my mouth one at a time. Then releasing them with a slight pop.

The constant movement of my tongue was driving Mark crazy.

His moans grew louder as I started to work my tongue faster. Each time my tongue grazed his most

sensitive spots I felt his hand grip my hair a little tighter.He was coming too close to the edge so I pulled back

a bit and gave him a moment. It was now Josh's turn to feel my mouth on his cock.

Josh was much larger than Mark. He was packing a full 10 inch thick cock that I could

barely fit into my mouth without feeling like I was being stretched completely.

I planted a sultry kiss on the head of the thick cock before further inspecting it.

I wanted to take my time with it. Learning ever inch of his cock before I was done.

Josh started to push his cock into my mouth inch by inche until he was touching my tonsils.

As he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth I quickly worked my tongue on the underside of his cock.

It wasn't long before the familiar taste of cum started to fill my mouth, but this was one of many loads I would be tasting today.

Mark wasn't one to just wait his turn so he decided to get down and start licking my tight cunny.

Never had I ever felt a man's tongue darting in and out of my pussy like that.

The sensation seemed to bring something up inside of me; Something primal.

Within seconds I started rocking my hips back and forth on Mark's face. His nose made for a very interesting dildo

Each time I brushed his it I felt lighting shoot through my pussy and up towards my tits. I wanted

to cry out in ecstasy, but with Josh's huge cock in my mouth it was impossible. There would be no loud screaming and

moaning on my part only the muffled sound of his cock pumping in and out of my mouth. Somewhere in between Mark's

amazing tongue fucking and Josh's mouth fucking I decided I wanted someone to record our naughty escapades.

Once the camera was introduced things really started progress.

Josh pulled me up from the floor and commanded me to sit on his cock reverse cowgirl on his small couch.

Suddenly I was impaled by Josh's monster cock.

"Fuck!!" "I never knew black pussy was this good." "Might end up cumming too soon." "Its so tight" he groaned as

he hammered away at my pussy

At first entry I cried as a young girl would with the breaking of her hymen.

When I finally got more comfortable Mark approached and and started tweaking my nipples until they became hard as rocks.

With my pussy completely open and accessible Mark knelt down to rub my clit as Josh piston his cock

in my slippery cunt. I was in heaven. Well I thought I was until my husband came home to find us all fucking like rabbits.

He didnt say a word. He just sat down the on the bed and watch as his young wife was taken by two strapping white men.

He had no objections or judgement. He seemed to revel at the sight of me getting pounded into

oblivion by our roommates. Dash was really getting into it. He had already pulled his cock out and proceeded to stroke it to its full length.

He also began telling Mark where my special spots were and how to get me to cum all over the place. I felt so out of control.

As I bounced on Josh's cock I watched Dash start to undress and stroll over to me. I wasnt sure what to expect. This was our first crack at interactive

a foursome. For a moment I started to feel guilty about being on another man's cock right in front of my loving husband.

I tensed up as he got to me. When I closed my eyes I could feel him grab my tits and start licking and

biting my painfully hard nipples. He had no idea what he was doing to me. My body was going up in flames with ever second

that past. The louder I moaned the harder he sucked.

Three hours had past and the three of us were still going strong.

By now it was mid-day. You could hear the neighbors c***dren running around as well as husbands and wives coming

home from work, completely oblivious to the scene that was playing out in their good friends house.

Everyone in the neighborhood knew they had two male roommates, but had no idea they were all fucking each other.

As if on cue. Josh started cumming. He asked me where I wanted it, but before I could answer he pumped several ropes

of creamy hot cum inside my wanting cunt. It was now Mark's turn, but I was

somewhat disappointed. He wanted to shot his load in my mouth. With my cunt and

my mouth full of cum I waited to see What my husband was going to do.

"Stand up and bend over sweetie." he said. I did as I was told and without warning I felt a hard slap on the ass

and a good size object pushing at my back door. It was my red butt plug. "Shit" I screamed as he pushed the plug deeper.

Once it was pushed all the way in Dash started to fuck my ass and tell me how much of a slut I was.

Normally a woman would be offended, but it only made my pussy throb. Yes Daddy, Fuck my ass"

"FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS" I cried as I started to squirt all over the floor.

The entire room was silent except for my screams and the sound of my pussy juice dripping on the floor.

I hadnt had the chance to catch my breath before Dash snatched the toy from my tight little hole and replaced it with

his own thick cock. The feel of the room with a mixture of pleasure and pain. Gone was the sound of my dripping pussy.

The noise that filled the room was the slapping of my DDDs as well as Dash's body slamming against my ass. With one last

push and grunt Dash filled my hole with cum and that was that.

Spent and worn out we all managed to shake off fatigue and go on our way.... Continue»
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All the neighbors complained when the three young men moved in the
apartment across the hall from mine. The cry went up that the new
comers would play loud music and keep everyone in the building
awake with their comings and goings. Everyone complained but me. I
knew three good looking hunks when I saw them, and these guys were
beautifully built. I studied them carefully as they carried in
furniture, boxes of belongs, and stacks of books and records. They
had stripped down to their shorts, and I longed to lap up the sweat
that ran down their well developed chests and bulging arms. I could
not believe my good luck. I would get to see these guys coming and
going every day!

I decided to offer them some help with the moving. No one has
friends on moving day, and I wanted them to know that I was their
friend. Each one smiled warmly in appreciation, and soon I too had
taken off my shirt and was sweating in the heat. The three were
younger than I by about five years. They were in their third year
in a near by community college. It took me no time to learn their
names and what they were studying. Frank was an engineer student
from a small town in the rural part of the state. Rob was a
business major from a small city about a hundred miles away. Jeff
was an English major from a large city in the middle of the state.
Of the three, Jeff really caught my eye. His build told he had
been on the wrestling team in high school. And although he wore
big glasses, when he took them off and looked straight into my
eyes, I almost dropped the box I was carrying. He was the sexiest
looking of the three, but none of them would I have kicked out of

As soon as all their things were in the apartment, we sat down to
take a break. Frank complained that they had not thought to buy
beer. Hardly had he spoken than I was getting a six pack from my
apartment. The three smiled warmly as I handed them the beer, and
I felt Frank's smile was on the knowing side. Had he already
figured me out? Did he so soon know that I was dying to get into
their pants?

We drank deeply of our beer, and when Frank began speaking, I felt
sure he had my number. "Where are the girls around here? We three
fellows are going to need some action. We can't study all the
time," he said looking at me.

My heart skipped a beat. His message was clear enough. Thanks for
the help moving us in, but no thanks to anything sexual. We are
real men, and we want our pussy.

"I'm afraid I can't help you in that area," I said and paused
before adding, "In love and war, it's every man for himself."

"Well, where do you get yours?" Frank asked with almost a snarl.

"I'll gladly lend you a hand with moving or a beer to drink," I
said with a laugh, "but don't ask me to tell you my sex secrets."

"Why not?" asked Frank in a most unfriendly tone. "What kind of
secrets do you have?"

"Lay off, Frank," said Jeff pleasantly but firmly.

Frank took another swallow of beer, and I felt very uncomfortable
and wanted to retreat. I started to stand. Rob said I should not
leave. I said I had to go, but before I could move Jeff stood and
put his hand on my shoulder and firmly pushed me back to the box I
was sitting on. "You haven't told us the things we really need to
know about," Jeff said with his penetrating smile. "Like the best
grocery stores, the laundry-mats etc."

As I started filling them in on the neighborhood, the tension
caused by Frank began to ease, and soon we were telling jokes and
opening more beers.

When I finally left, they all shook my hand and thanked me for the
help and the beer. I thought for sure Jeff's handshake was
stronger than the others, but I was afraid to look straight into
his eyes. When I tried to release his hand, I realized that he was
holding on to me and forcing me to look him in the face. I almost
melted when I did. This twenty-one year old, blond hair, blue eyed
youth had a powerful stare that moved right to your insides. All
my muscles went weak, and it's a wonder I did not fall down right
in their messy living room.

"You didn't tell us what kind of work you do," said Jeff.

"I'm an English lit teacher at in the local high school," I said

"English is my Major. If I need any help, are you available for

"Sure," I answered thinking this guy was too sharp to need help
from anyone.

"You'd better find out what he charges," said Frank darkly.

I said there would be no charge for friends. As I was closing the
door, I saw Frank rubbing his crotch with a sneer. When I got in
my apartment, I decided to lay low for a while. They might have my
number, but I didn't have to confirm their suspicions with overt
acts of friendliness. Christ! What kind of world is it where you
are afraid to be kind to your neighbors?

Several days later, Rob knocked on my door one afternoon at four
thirty. He had a cup in his hand and wanted to borrow some flour.
He readily took a cup of coffee when I offered it, and I soon
learned about the three's living arrangement. They took turns
doing the household chores. One would cook for several days, one
would clean up the house, and one would do nothing. This was Rob
turn to cook. As we sat around talking, he kept glancing at my
apartment and complimenting me on how it looked. Finally, I
realized he was hinting to see it all. I invited him to see the
other rooms. Like his, my apartment had a master bedroom, a
smaller bedroom, and a bath and a half. I wondered what their
sl**ping arrangement was, but I was afraid to asked.

When Rob saw my king-size bed, he gave away their sl**ping
situation. "That's what we need," he said. He went on to say they
had a double bed in one room and a single bed in the other. As
with the house chores, they took turns sl**ping in the room with
single bed which meant two of them were always sl**ping together.
Rob said that he hated it when it was his turn to sl**p with Frank.
I timidly asked why, and he told me that Frank was a rough sl**per
and that sometimes he -Rob- would wake up and find Frank on top of
him. "I sure would hate to be a women in bed with that big...,"
Rob paused and I could tell he was looking for another word to
replace the one he started to use, "..bastard."

As we looked through the rest of my apartment, I began to get the
feeling that Rob had come to spy me out. When he saw my VHS, he
wanted to know if I had any dirty movies. I told him I usually
rented them. He kept pressing to find if I had any films at all.
Finally, I told him I had only one that someone had given me. He
wanted to see it. I told him there was not time, and he said just
let him see the cover. By now I was developing a strong attraction
to this young man and would do about anything he requested. I
opened a drawer and pulled out the video tape. On the cover were
two men and one woman with little to cover their nudity.

"Damn! I bet this is a hot one," Rob said instinctively touching
his crotch.

I told him we could look at it one night, and as I spoke I was
stealing glances at a large bulge in Rob's pants. Just then a
sharp knock at the door broke our individual thoughts. As I turned
to the door, I realized that Rob had left it ajar when he came in.
Now standing in the door way was Frank with his usual snarl.

"What you got there, roommate?" he asked pointing to the video in
Rob's hand. "You're not planning to look at fuck films when you're
supposed to be cooking my dinner are you?"

Without a word I handed Rob the cup of sugar he had come after, and
he handed me the tape. As they were leaving, I marvelled at
Frank's ability to inflict guilt into any situation. I had a
Sunday School teacher like that once. But apparently guilt givers
come in all shapes and forms.

A few days later I was surprised to find Frank standing at my door
with an empty cup in his hand.

"Sugar?" I asked as coolly as I could.

"No," he said very friendly, "I'm making brownies and it calls for
two eggs. We don't have any."

When I asked why the cup, he hesitated and finally admitted that he
hated to break eggs and asked if I would do it for him. As I was
cracking the eggs, Frank groaned. I asked why he did not like
eggs, and he told me with a shudder that he didn't like anything
slimy. I asked about raw oysters, and he said they made him puke.
With a bit of malice, I reminded him that oysters would put lead in
his pecker. He said he didn't need help in that department. Then
with a hand to his crotch and in hoarse whisper said, "Like I told
you that first day, I'm still looking for some action."

For a split second I wanted to put my hand on that bulging crotch,
but sanity took over, and I brushed the opportunity aside. Surely
this was his way of putting me on trial. Had I fallen for his
ploy, he would have called me a faggot and run to tell his
roommates that he had been right all along. Fuck him, I thought as
I handed him two eggs broken in his cup.

Instead of leaving, he asked to look at the video tape that I had
shown Rob. I got it for him, and he looked at it intently and
shamelessly gave me a profile of his erected dick. He was really
hung, but I refused to give in. It was a trap. I took the tape
from him and promised that maybe he and his roommates could all
come over and look at it sometime. I counted on the safety in
numbers. But Frank actually looked hurt as he left my apartment.
Or was it a look of confusion? He had been so cock sure (I love
that expression) that I was after his dick. Maybe my sending him
packing was a disappointment or a blow to his ego. Funny, I would
have given anything to have blown that big dick of his, and all I
blew was his ego.

The next night at ten o'clock, I opened my door to find Jeff.

"What? No cup?" I asked.

"I want to borrow something larger than a cup," he said with a
smile. "I need a place to sl**p tonight."

Quickly and, I hope, calmly, I threw open the door. Jeff explained
that it was his week to share the bed with Frank and that Frank's
girl friend from back home was there for the night.

"Rather than sl**ping on the floor, I thought I'd take a chance on
your letting me sl**p with you," he said with that smile and
penetrating look that forbad anyone to say no. Certainly, I

I told him to give me a hand making up the guest bed, but when we
went into my room to get the sheets, he saw my king size bed, and
asked why bother with the other bed. Mine was bigger than he was
used to unless I minded sl**ping with him. When I told him I
didn't mind at all, I must have given away the whole truth about my
desire for him. He went to the far side of the bed and took off
his glasses and nailed me with one of his bedroom looks. Next he
slipped out of his tee shirt and waited for me to take off my
shirt. I did so. Next he took off his shoes and sox. I followed
his lead undressing piece by piece, but I could not take my eyes
off his beautiful face and captivating eyes. Soon we were down to
our underpants. He slipped his off with ease, and I almost
stumbled taking mine off, for the first glance at his huge soft
dick swinging below a bush of blond pubic hair was nearly more than
I could take.

"Get in bed," he ordered softly, and I willingly obeyed.

In the few seconds it took me to get in bed, his dick had risen
considerably. When he climbed in bed, he kept climbing until he
was sitting astride my chest, and I was eye balling one of the most
delicious looking dicks I had ever seen.

"Go for it," he said in a tone that was at once both sweet and
demanding. I did not have to be told twice. I slurped that lovely
dick right down as far as I could take it. Instantly, it was rock
hard, and I began maneuvering for a better sucking position. I
took his dick out and replaced it with his huge, warm balls. He
sighed deeply as I sloshed his balls one at a time in my mouth.

When I came up for air, I reached for the drawer in my bedside

"What you getting?" he asked.

"A condom," I said.

"No need," he informed me. "I'm practically a virgin. I only had
one girl in high school, and we always used a rubber."

"No guys?" I asked.

"You're my first. Let's make it good, okay?" he said softly, and
with these word he lifted my head and inserted his dick into my
willing mouth. And as I sucked on that wonderful dick, I knew for
a certainty that he was telling me the truth about his virginity.
In no time he was pumping his dick as far down my throat as I could
take it. Soon he warned me that he was about to cum, and I sucked
harder to encourage him. What a wonderful load it was. Hot,
sweet, and plentiful. I took it all, and when he was finished, he
nestled up in my arms and went to sl**p. I could not even think of
sl**p. I lay there with that beautiful, manly youth -a fucking
wrestler- in my arms wondering what I could possibly have done to
please the gods for such a reward.

During the night I awoke to feel a warm mouth on my cock. When I
turned on the light, he looked up and smiled and went back to
sucking on me. I knew by the way he sucked that he was indeed a
virgin. I had to make several requests that he watch his teeth.
After a while I stopped telling him. It was a sheer pleasure to be
bitten by one so beautiful.

"Hey," he said taking my dick from his mouth, "I can't believe
this. I am about cum without even touching my dick."

I told him it happened that way with guys. Quickly I got our dicks
together, and he beat us off using his two hands around our dicks.
When our cums had stopped shooting and was still flowing over our
dicks and balls, he said he had never realized that sex could be so
good with another human being. I promised him that he had only
just begun and that I could show him a lot more. He smiled and
said he was willing. With that he curled up in my arms a second
time, and with our wet dicks touching, we went back to sl**p.

In the morning I heard him slip out of bed and head for the
bathroom. I went to the kitchen and fixed coffee and wondered what
kind of "morning after" thoughts Jeff was having. When I heard the
shower running, I got a towel and went into the bathroom. "Here's
a towel," I yelled over the noise of the shower. "Thanks," he
said. I wanted him to say something else, but I didn't know what.
As I was going out the bathroom door, he yelled, "Hey, Mike, do you
have that dried cum all over you dick and balls?" When I told him I
did, he asked me to join him in the shower and we could washing
each other off. Jesus, did I get in that shower in a hurry!

Drying off in my bedroom he told me he thought something was
probably wrong with him. I thought, Oh no. Here comes the guilt
shit. I told him nothing was wrong with him, and he asked, "If
nothing is wrong with me, why is my dick hard all the time?" I told
him it was made that way for people like me who like to take the
lead out of other guy's peckers. He laughed and taking his huge
meat in both hands asked, "You want to take some out of me right

Within the minute I had him propped up on pillars in my bed, and I
was between his legs sucking everything in sight. In no time he
shot a copious load of cum down my throat. After I had swallowed
it all, I looked up into those beautiful blue eyes and I almost
cried when he said gently, "Thanks." We looked at each other for a
minute without saying a word while his dick grew soft and fell on
my face.

He broke the silence by asking, "What else you got to teach me?" I
asked if he was really ready, and when he said yes, I lifted his
legs and licked the underside of his balls getting very close to
his clean ass hole. He lifted his legs higher and offered me
anything I wanted. At that point, I felt we both knew what we
wanted, but I stopped licking him long enough to roll him over on
his stomach. Then I began licking first one check of his ass and
then another. Each time I switched to the other cheek, my tongue
came closer to the center and that dark hole that awaited my
attention. When I was within an inch of his hole, Jeff began
moaning and moving his whole body on the bed. Finally, he reached
around with his hands and pulled wide opened his ass checks
revealing to me a hairless hole that was already opening itself and
inviting my tongue to invade it. I paused just long enough to
inflict Jeff with the anxiety of anticipation. Then I plunged my
tongue deep into his ass. As I did, he rose up off the bed and
f***ed his ass into my face.

Next he got on his hands and knees and pushed his ass into my face
and moved up and down. I felt as if my mouth was on a bucking
horse, but I was determined not to lose him, and he sure seemed
determined to stick with me. After about three minutes of the
wildest face fucking I had ever had, he turned and put his arms
around me and flipped me over in the bed. For a moment I thought
he had gone wild, but then I realized I had just been thrown to the
mat by a wrestler. Before I could get up, he climbed up on my face
and pushed his ass right down on my mouth and began rubbing it and
yelling for me to stick my tongue in deeper. I had so much of his
sweet ass in my mouth that I could hardly breath.

After a few minutes of that he quickly got off me and said, "Come
on. You know what we have to do next. Let's do it."

I knew exactly what was next. I told him to lie on his back. As
he got ready, I reached for a lubricant, but he shook his head.
"No grease," he said, "just you and me."

"Okay, Jeff, no lubricant," I said, "but you might as well learn
from the beginning to do it right, and doing it right means using a
condom." As I pulled the rubber over my enlarged dick, I added
truthfully, "I have been with other guys."

He nodding his head understandingly, and I lifted his legs and gave
him once last tonguing before putting my hard dick into his virgin
ass. I was easy. After all, I have a big dick, and it was his
first time. However, he took it like a sport, and soon I was
throwing him all I had and he was asking for more. What a sight I
had. His beautiful face looking up at me with lust, his muscular
body soaking up my hard dick. I leaned over and suck on his tits,
and he almost cried with joy. "I am going to cum," he whispered.
I told him that I was too, and just as we both reached our climax,
our mouths came together in a deep and longing kiss.

When I pulled out of him, he pulled me up on his chest, and I could
feel his warm cum sticking us together. "Guess what," he said.
"Next time you get the bottom." I told him it suited the shit right
out of me, and I asked if Frank's girl friend would be spending
another night. He said she was and he sure hoped he could find
someone to take him in again. No problem, I said.


If I fuck a thousand guys, I'll never forget Jeff's look when I
pulled out of him. His virgin ass had enjoyed the hell out of the
fucking I had given him, and it hadn't taken him long to get used
to my big cock and the pleasures of taking it up the ass. But
when I pulled out, he learned another new thing about fucking:
when it's over, there's an empty place in your ass and in your
spirit. I am not sure I can describe this, but when two guys are
really enjoying fucking each other, regardless of who's top and
who's bottom, there is a union of both body and spirit. And when
the dick and ass separate, there is a moment of emptiness. That's
why when I pull out, I always do some hugging and kissing. That
sort of keeps the spirit of the act alive. People who just fuck
to get their rocks off might not understand what I'm saying, but
let me tell you, Jeff was not the kind of guy you just wanted to
fuck and forget.

"Next time, you get the bottom," he said again cutting to my heart
with both his words and his beautiful blue eyes. I could tell by
the way he said it that he had enjoyed my fucking him, and he
wanted to show that he could give the same pleasure to me.
Naturally, I felt in love with him on the spot. Here was a guy who
wanted to fuck me, not just for his own pleasure, but to give me
pleasure, too. That's what fucking is all about.

Jeff spent the rest of the day with his roommates and Frank's girl
friend. In the afternoon they invited me over for drinks. I had a
hard time being so near Jeff, and tried not to look at him, but he
was the same easy going, self assured athlete. He asked me about
my work, background, and schooling just as if we have not spent the
previous night fucking our eyeballs out. Once when no one was
looking, he winked wickedly. Frank was unusually kind. He made
none of his usual petty remarks. His girl was the typical,
uninteresting yuppie. I could not help but wonder as we sat with
our drinks talking quite properly if she had gagged on that big
dick of his. I suspected that she had not even taken it in the
mouth. In fact, she looked so straight, I was surprised she even
slept with him. Maybe she just gave him a hand job. I was so busy
hoping that Frank had had a miserable sexual experience, that I
almost missed a question he directed at me.

"I hope you didn't mind having Jeff stay with you last night. He
behaved, didn't he?" asked Frank with faked innocence.

"I did not mind, and I can't tell you if he behaved." I said.
"Whatever he did, he did in the other bedroom."

"Oh? I thought maybe you two would sl**p in that big bed of yours,"
said Frank with a more of his faked innocence.

Before I could answer, Frank's girl spoke up, "Don't be silly,
honey, guys don't sl**p together in the same bed."

Apparently, Miss Proper did not know the the sl**ping arrangement
of the three. Hadn't she noticed that there were only two beds, a
double and a single? I decided it was my turn to get in a little
malice. "Some guys do," I said taking another drink.

This caused a conversational pause that couldn't be gapped. I made
my excuses and went home. Jeff saw me to the door and asked in a
voice that all could hear if I was sure I didn't mind him sl**ping
in my spare bedroom again. I also speaking for the benefit of the
others said it was no problem and that all three of them were
welcome to use the room whenever there was a need. Then to add to
the innocence of our relationship, I gave Jeff a spare key in case
he came in after I had retired. I thought it was a nice touch
since nothing would put me to sl**p until I slept in his arms.

I was lying in bed grading English themes when I heard him unlock
the door and come in. My heart skipped a beat. I was speechless.
He came in the bedroom and said nothing. I wondered if he was
having second thoughts about sex with me. Neither of us spoke. We
just looked at each other. Finally, he reached over and pulled the
sheet off my naked body. Still no words were spoken. Slowly and
deliberately he began to undress. First, he pulled off his tee
shirt revealing that muscular, wrestler's chest. He sat down on a
chair to take off his shoes and sox. Then he stood to unfasten his
jeans. He tried to let them fall to his ankles, but because of an
enormous erection, he had to pushed them past his crotch. Then he
just stood there with his pants around his ankles and his dick
pointing straight at me. I knew what he wanted. It was my turn to
get fucked, but I really wondered if I could take that huge piece
of meat. I had never had one that b ig. But when I looked in his
eyes, my fears and anxieties melted. Jeff could do wonders with
his eyes. One soulful look from those blue eyes, and my asshole
relaxed and began to itch for him to fuck me.

He came to the edge of the bed. Still neither of us had spoken. I
rose up on my elbow and took the head of his dick into my mouth and
tongued it good. He moaned softly, and while I was still sucking
his cock, he leaned over and opened the bedside table. I could
hear him taking out the lubricant and a package of condoms. I
sucked him harder and thought thank god he is going to use a
lubricant. The night before he had insisted I fuck him with just
my spit, but then I had eating his ass to the point it was ready
for anything.

I sucked deeper when I felt Jeff's hand on my ass. He pulled open
the cheeks, and I felt a well lubricated finger slip into my ass.
I moaned in pleasure, and I knew that I wanted his dick in me more
than anything else.

Suddenly, a thought struck me, and I jumped up and crawled to the
other side of the bed and turned to face him. On my hands and
knees I said in a firm voice, "You want my ass, don't you? Well,
Mr. High School Wrestler, I'm not giving it to you." A look of
confusion crossed Jeff's face. "If you want it, you're going to
have to take it," I said.

Now Jeff smiled broadly, and said, "That ass belongs to me." I told
him to come get it, and in a flash he was on me. I had never
wrestled before, but I was learning fast. I put up a struggle, but
my efforts were nothing for Jeff. In no time he had me on my back
with my shoulders penned to the bed for the count of three. Next
he flipped over on my stomach and pulled my right arm up behind my
back and sat on my butt. He pushed on my arm until I felt the pain
and then asked, "Whose asshole is this?" Quickly, I told him it
was his. He released my arm and stretched out on my back with his
mouth to my ear and his hard dick up against my ass. He whispered,
"You want me to fuck you? Tell me!" I begged him to fuck me.

"You got to help me do something," he whispered again. "What?" With
a laugh he said,"Help me with this damn condom."

We sat up and faced each in bed, and he let me roll the condom
over his huge dick. God! he looked sexy with that rubber on. I
remembered how I hated it when I first started using condoms, but
now they have become a real turn on. The sight of a rubber on a
hard dick causes my ass to juice up and get ready for action.

It was not an easy entry, but I was determined not to stop him or
slow him down. It was his first piece of male ass, and I wanted
it to be good for him. I knew it would be good for me. He wanted
me on my stomach which is not my favorite position when being
fucked by a giant cock. When I'm on my back, I can always wiggle
away from the full f***e of a pounding dick, but when I'm on my
stomach, there is nowhere to go. Being a wrestler, Jeff wanted
his man penned beneath him, and pen me to the bed he did.

I soon realized I was right about why Jeff wanted me on my back.
Fucking did remind him of wresting. I began to wondered if his
mind was on wrestling me or fucking me. Well, of course, he was
fucking me. That pole of a dick kept reminding me of that fact.
But I also had the feeling he was both wresting and fucking every
guy he had been to the mat with.

I asked him who his favorite wrestling buddy was in high school,
and he said a guy name Phil. Then he started fucking me harder, and
while he fucked, he put his arms under mine and his hands behind my
neck. I assumed it was some kind of wrestling hold. Then he drove
his dick to the hilt in my ass. In that position, I was helpless
to do anything except take every inch of it.

I had a feeling I knew what was going through his mind, so I asked
him how he would like to be fucking his buddy Phil right now. He
moaned and said nothing but by the increase of his pounding dick in
my ass, I knew I had been right. Jeff was in bed with me, but he
was fucking his high school buddy. Yet I didn't care. After all,
I was getting the pleasure of feeling that big dick, not some
friend from the past.

By the time he reached his climax, I was about to blow a load too.
As soon as he had finished, he withdrew and turned me over and
grabbed my dick and pounded it to until flying shots of my cum hit
me on the chin. Then without a word, he leaned over and kissed me
deeply on the mouth. I could feel my wet cum joining our touching
chins. Still leaning over me, he put his head next to mine on the
pillar and sobbed. I asked him what was wrong, but he continued to
sob for about a half minute. Then he raised his head and looked at
me with tears in those beautiful eyes.

"You were right. I was thinking about Phil," he said pausing.
"All those years we wrestled. I wanted to... I think we both
wanted to. I hope you don't mind."

"Why should I mind?" I asked taking a tear from his eye on my
finger and putting into my mouth.

"Because this was my first time, and it should have been with you,
not him," he explained.

"It was with both of us, and I'm glad you shared with me your
thoughts," I said truthfully. For a second I wondered how many
times I had fucked or gotten fucked with my mind or or the other
guy's mind on someone else. At least here was someone who was
honest about his thoughts, and that made the act even more

"Let's get a shower together," he said getting up. "And next time,
I promise that my thoughts will all be on you."

I said it was a deal, and as I got in the shower with him, it came
to me that I had just had the best fuck of my entire life and was
due for another from this hunky, good looking wrestler.

+ + + + + +

Sunday night Frank's girl friend went, and Jeff had no excuse for
spending the night with me. We had a hard time seeing each other
alone, and he finally resorted to calling me on the phone from
school. He could never seem to get away from his roommates.
Wednesday he came over, and while we were discussing whether or not
we could get by with a fast fuck in bed, there was a knock at the
door. Both his roommates were there. I felt sure they were
checking up on us. Quickly, I told them I was just about to call
and invite them over for popcorn. Rob suggested we look at a fuck
film and my VHS. So I popped the corn, and put on a straight fuck
film that I usually show to my straight friends or the to guys I'm
trying to seduce.

It was a boring party. After a few comments, none of the roommates
said anything. I noticed that all three had hardons. I also
noticed that Frank kept cutting his eye both toward me and Jeff. I
figured he suspected something, but it had to be all guessing on
his part. Jeff and I hardly look at one another throughout the
film. When it was over, I told them I had papers to grade and that
had studying to do. As they stood to leave, I saw each was still
sporting a hardon. Jeff and Rob tried to cover theirs up, but
Frank made his very obvious and then said something that surprised

"Hey, that made me real horny. Who do I sl**p with tonight? Oh,
yeah, Rob. How about giving me a little bit tonight?" he said
slapping Rob on the back.

"You just stay on your side of the bed, Frank," said Rob. "Beside,
you had your woman all weekend."

"Hell, that's history. Anyway, she wouldn't even..." Frank paused
and then obviously changed his words, "she wouldn't even begin to
take care of all I got to give." So saying, he pushed forward his
crotch which still showed a fairly good size piece of meat trying
to break lose.

"What he means," said Rob to me," is that she still won't give him
any head."

"Fuck you" said Frank.

"Come on! Let go home," said Jeff. "Mike doesn't need to hear all
this bullshit. He hears it all day from his students."

"Yeah," said Frank, "but they are little high school pricks. We
are big..."

"College pricks," said Jeff, and everyone but Frank laughed.

As they left, Frank made a point of being last, and as he was
walking out he cupped his crotch and said to his buddies in a way
that I knew was for my benefit, "Well, I'm still looking for
someone to swing on this and I don't care who it is."

I couldn't deny that I was a lot more attracted to Frank than the
first time I met him. He had gone from belligerent to caustic to
almost flirting. I guess he just didn't know how to out and out
ask someone to suck his dick. Poor Rob, I thought. He has to
sl**p with Frank tonight.

At eleven I was just finishing grading the last paper when I heard
a light knock on the door. I knew at once that it was Jeff
sneaking away from his roommates. I rushed to the door without
putting anything on. I pulled it open enough to see out, and there
stood Rob. Before I could stop him, he pushed the door open, came
in, and closed it behind him. And there we stood, me naked and him
fully clothed.

I had not turned on the lights, and it took him a few moments to
see that I was naked. My mind was racing for reasons when he said,
"I bet you thought I was Jeff."

"Let me get my robe," I said without answering his question. Going
to the bedroom would give me time to collect my thoughts, but he
surprised me by following me and watching me put on my robe.

"Jeff taught you that, didn't he?" he asked.

"Taught me what?" I asked with my heart pounding. I was cursing
myself for messing around with someone so near home. How would we
ever get out of this?

"Taught you to run around the apartment nude. He's always doing
that and telling us that we are candy asses and ashamed of our
dicks and all kind of shit like that."

"Well, in my apartment I feel I can do what I want," I said
somewhat cooling off.

"Yeah, that's what Jeff says."

"How about you? Do you run around nude in your apartment?" I made
boldly to ask.

"Sometimes," he said slowly, "but only if Frank's not there."

"Why is that?" I asked feeling better by the minute.

"Frank is too grab ass for me."

I couldn't believe Frank to be the grab ass type, but then my image
of Frank was changing for the better. Rob went on to say that he
was wondering if he might take me up on sl**ping in my apartment.
He said he just was not up to sl**ping with Frank. I told him it
would be fine and that he could help me make the guest bed.

"Oh, you don't have to go to that much trouble," he said.

"Well, you certainly don't want to sl**p on a bed without any
sheets on it," I said paternally.

"No, I was thinking I could sl**p here in your bed. It's plenty
big for both of us, if you don't mind," said Rob without ever once
looking at my face. I am glad he didn't, because I was in shock.
Was he coming on to me?

"Hey, do you mind if we look at that film?" he asked. "Not the one
you showed tonight. The other one with the two guys and a girl."

I mumbled yes, and then he blew my mind away. He started
undressing. He took everything off, and I saw standing before me a
beautiful young man with a runner's body and a semi hard, long dick
swinging between his legs.

"You said it was okay to go naked in your apartment, didn't you,"
he asked with c***dlike innocence.

"Of course," I muttered looking at him from head to toe. He stood
just long enough for me to get a good look and then started for the
living room calling over his shoulder for me to take off my robe.
I practically tore it in half getting out of it.

I got the film started on the VCR and the popcorn in the Microwave.
Rob was sitting on the sofa and I on a lazy boy recliner. The
movie was in the introductory stage which meant all the characters
still had their clothes on.

"Do they both fuck her?" he wanted to know.

"Of course."

"I mean at the same time," he explained.

I told him everybody would fuck everybody, and he seemed pleased by
the answer. I went after the popcorn, and when I got back, Rob
patted the place by him on the sofa and told me to sit by him so we
could both reach the popcorn. By then the movie was getting to a
steamy session, and I could not help but notice that Rob's dick was
responding. Sitting beside him made it a awkward to steal glances
at his rise cock. I tried to see it every time I reached for
popcorn, and always caught me looking. When the guys started
messing with each other in the movie, he really started getting
hot. His dick was not large around, but it was a monster in
length. Just the kind that slips all the way down the throat with
ease. Finally, I mentioned that he really had a big dick. He
stared at mine and said I did too.

I was just at the point of reaching for his dick when he asked if I
had seen that movie where the guy put his dick through the bottom
of a popcorn cup so that his girl got a feel of his dick when she
went for popcorn. I had seen the film. He said he always wanted
to try that and did I have any large paper cups. As a matter of
fact, I had some large plastic drink cups that would serve the
purpose. I got one for him, and he pushed the bottom out, stuck
his dick in it and filled it with popcorn.

"Do you want someone to reach for the popcorn?" I asked willingly.

"No," he said with a wicked smile, and I was crestfallen until he
added, "I want someone to eat the popcorn."

I set a world record getting on my knees in front of him. I
started eating the popcorn from around his dick, but could not
wait. I pulled off the cup sending popcorn flying, and before the
last piece hit the floor, his dick was out of sight down my throat
and his whole body was responding in ecstasy. He d****d him legs
across my back and ran both hand through my hair. He whispered
that it was the first time he had ever had his entire dick in
someone's mouth. I gave it a few plunges to the hilt and then
started licking his balls. I asked if the girls couldn't take it
all. After a pause, he told me he had never gone all the way with
a girl and then quickly asked that I not tell his roommates he was
a virgin. Just before going back to his dick, I asked if anyone
else had ever sucked him. He said only his best buddy in high
school. They used to do it after track practice.

I sucked a while longer before asking my next question. Was it
mutual with his buddy? He didn't answer. Instead, he stood up and
gently pushed me back on the carpet. He sat beside me and ran his
hands over my chest and stomach. Then he took hold of my dick,
looked at it for a moment, and leaning over, took it in his mouth.
I almost cummed on the spot. He couldn't take it all. I didn't
expect him to, but he sure sucked dick better than Jeff. I could
tell he had had some experience. After a minute I pushed around so
that I could reach his dick, and we stretched out on the floor and
got into a sixty nine position. In no time he was pumping a hot
load of salty cum down my throat. I wondered if it was the cum or
the popcorn that caused the salty taste. Before I could shoot, he
pulled away from my dick. I figured I had missed my chance. But
he told me he didn't want me to cum yet. He had other plans. At
that point I was more than willing f or him to take charge, and
take charge he did.

"I gotta pissed," he said heading for the bathroom. "Don't do
anything until I get back."

I lay there with a stiff dick and listened to him pissing. Then I
heard him open my medicine cabinet and wondered what he was up to.
Soon I saw him coming down the hall with a tube of lubricant in one
hand and a pack of condoms in the other. "What are these for?" he
asked with a sheepish grin. When I told him they were play things,
he said, "Maybe we ought to play with them."

"Whatever you like," I said wondering if this was a dream.

"I like the way you suck," he said matter of factly, and sat down
on my chest and flopped his semi soft long dick in my face. I took
it at once. God, but I love sucking a soft dick after it has shot
a load. But it was not soft for long. With the encouragement of
my tongue and lips, it regained its stiffness. When it was fully
hard, he began gently to face-fuck me pushing his long narrow dick
all the way down my throat. After a while he pulled it out and
laid it across my nose and between my eyes. I was lick its
underside as he moved up enough to lower his balls in my mouth.

"I love your mouth," he said in a husky voice of sexual excitement.
"What else do you like to suck?"

I figured that was an open invitation. I put my hands on his ass
cheeks and spread them open. When I felt his glory hole, I was
surprised to find it already lubricated.

"Want some of that?" he asked still in that husky voice of aroused

Without a word I pushed him off me and turned him over on his back,
and reached for a condom. As I was putting it on, he said he was
not sure he could take it all but that he would try. But I knew
that his ass was mine, all of it. When I was ready to mount him,
he turned over on his stomach and pushed his ass up in the air. It
is not my favorite position, but I thought maybe it would be fine
for starters. When my dick touched his ass, he stiffened up. I
told him to relax as I pushed first one finger and then another
into his tight hole. "Go for it," he told me. I pressed my dick
into him an inch and then paused. He breathed heavily but said
nothing. I figured he was no virgin to ass fucking.

"Did your track buddy get some of this?" I asked pushing my dick in
another inch. He said yes and pushed back on my dick taking
another inch. After that I couldn't talk for the pure enjoyment of
his ass. It seemed to grabbed every part of my dick and suck it up
into his beautiful body. On my knees I was soon pounding my meat
completely into his willing asshole, and he was meeting my every
thrust gladly. I had to slow down. I wanted it to last.

I pulled out and told him to follow me to the bedroom. As we were
walking down the hall, he said he had never been to bed with a man.
He said his buddy and he used to do it after school in the locker
room, in the car, or wherever they could find a private place. He
got on the bed and again raised his ass dog fashion. I told him I
was going to show him a new way and turned him over on his back.
He looked puzzled until I raised his legs over my shoulders. He
made a little gasp as I pressed my hard cock completely up his ass.
Before he could say anything, I lowered my mouth on his and kissed
him. He didn't respond, and knowing the answer, I asked if his
buddy and he ever kissed. "No," he said, "but I think I like it."
And with those words, he pressed his mouth against mine. With my
dick completely up his ass on one end and my tongue down his throat
on the other end, I was in bliss! In no time I was unloading my cum
in a fireworks orgasm. As I was shooting my last drops, I grabbed
his dick. He yelled that he was cumming, and just in time I
lowered my mouth onto its head and caught it. I had to know if it
was the popcorn or his cum that was so salty. It was the popcorn.
This load of cum was deliciously sweet.

We showered together and curled up and slept in each other's arms.
Once during the night I awoke and wondered about his roommates.
One of them I had been to bed with. Would each find out about the
other? Would that cause a problem? And what about Frank? What would
we do about him? As it turned out, they were questions that would
answer themselves within the week. In the mean time, I went back
to sl**p in the arms of a beautiful youth whom I had truly made
love to.


After one weekend with Jeff and then several nights with Rob,
suddenly I had no one. They were busy with their college work and
activities, and I had my school work: grading high school themes,
going to sports events, and trying to act the role of a dedicated
English teacher. After a few days, I was really getting horny. I
caught myself looking at one of the husky school wrestlers and
thinking of Jeff.

What was going on across the hall? After a few more days, I began
to think something was happening. Maybe Jeff and Rob suspected
each other of going to bed with me. Maybe in a weak moment they
both confessed, and then blamed it all on me. I could just hear
them telling one another that I took advantage of them in a moment
of passion. Or I got them d***k or something. Hell, the truth of
the matter is that they both put the make on me. They had figured
me out and came on to me.

Friday at lunch I decided I had to make some kind of move. I would
invited the three over for drinks or to look at another fuck film.
That should do the trick. If they turned me down by making up some
lame excuse, then I would know the whole thing was over. I was so
nervous that I gave my classes free time for the rest of the day.
I kept thinking how terrible it would be having to live across the
hall from three people with whom I had an uncomfortable
relationship. Damn it! I should have never gone to bed with
someone so close at home.

By four thirty I already had a couple of drinks and a slight buzz
when I heard someone enter the apartment across the hall. It was
now or never. I finished off my drink and went over and knocked on
the door. Frank opened the door and stood behind it until he saw
it who it was. Then he threw wide the door letting me see that he
was half dressed. "I was about to get a shower," he said scratching
his balls. When I said I would return later, he insisted I come in
and have a beer. "I've been lifting weights at the gym," he
explained. "Let me get a quick shower." He insisted I take my beer
to his bedroom and wait for him to finish.

In no time he was out of the bathroom with just a towel d****d
around his muscular body. He took his time dressing. I think he
enjoyed showing off his stuff. And he had the stuff to show off!
His dick was long even when soft, and he had larger balls than
either of his roommates.

I tried to make small talk while he took the towel and re-dried
himself. He gave special attention to rubbing his balls and dick
thus causing it to rise a little. It was hard to keep my eyes off
that lovely piece of cut meat swinging between his legs. I did not
want him to catch me looking at his long dong, and I could tell he
kept trying to see if I was looking. After a while, I thought,
What the hell? He knows anyway. Why should I try to hide it? When
he finally put on his underpants, he did so right in front of the
chair where I was sitting. I was practically eye level and just a
few feet from a really great looking cock. Then he said he had put
his underpants on backwards and took them off to give me another
view. By then we both were into the game. His dick had a semi
erection, but neither of us verbalized what was going on. He just
showed me his cock, and I looked.

During this dressing and exhibition scene, I managed to tell him
why I was there, namely to invite him and his roommates over for a
drink and a movie on the video that evening. When he asked with a
wink what movie I had to show, I told him innocently that I was
planning to rent whatever movie they wanted to see. He immediately
suggested we look at another of my fuck films. I said fine and
told him to tell his roommates and be over around eight. As he
walked me to the door, he put his arms around my shoulder and gave
me some bullshit about being a good neighbor.

Back in my apartment, I chided myself for giving in to staring at
Frank's dick. It was true that he had me figured out, but I also
had him figured out. Frank was a homophobic of the worst kind. I
was sure that if I ever made a pass at him, he would scream his
innocence in leading me on and most probably do me v******e. If
nothing else, he was sure to brag to his roommates that he had told
them I was a faggot. I was going to have to keep Frank at a
distance. So what if he had a weight lifter's body, a big dick,
and lovely balls?

At exactly eight o'clock, there was a knock on the door. Before
opening it, I checked to make sure every thing was in order.
Popcorn, beer, film in the video. Everything was in order. I
walked slowly to the door with happy expectations of an evening
with three beautiful youths. When I opened the door, Frank stood
there alone with a sheepish grin on his face. I invited him in and
asked if the others were on their way. He ignored my question and
made for he popcorn and beer. I waited for him to settle on the
sofa before asking again.

He explained that both Jeff and Rob had college activities to
attend that night. Then he said rather un-convincingly that he had
forgot they would not be home when he accepted my invitation. "Am
I still invited?" he wanted to know. I told him yes, and wondered
how I was going to play his little game of queer bating all

"Let's look at a fuck film," he said going to the VHS. "Where do
you keep the good one?"

Before I could answer, he opened the cabinet beside the television
and was looking over my collection of porno films. He pulled one
out and said, "This looks interesting. I've never seen one of
these. Can we look at it?"

To my shock I saw he had an all male film. "Anything you want," I

He slipped it in the VHS and turned on the television. The film
showed two college football players after practice. They were
alone in the locker room horsing around. Next they went to the
shower together and played around some more. I had seen it several
times and kept worrying about what Frank would say or do when the
two got down to hard core action. The hell with it, I thought.
After all, he was the one who chose it.

As the two players were drying off, Frank said, "Hey, that reminds
me of getting dressed in front of you this afternoon."

"Yeah, but we didn't do what these two are about to do," I said
trying to warn him of the direction the film was going. Frank
glanced at me with a grin which I could not interpret.

"That one guy has a great...," Frank paused and then said,

"Not as great as yours," I said before thinking.

"I lift weights," said Frank. He's just an actor." His eyes were
glued the screen when to my surprise, he said, "And look at that
big dick he's got."

"Not as big as yours," I said not caring this time.

"Oh, mine isn't so big," said Frank in a tone that admitted the
lie. I didn't say anything. I had gone as far as I dared. In
silence we watched the actors who continued to towel off as their
dicks grew larger by the second.

"Do you really think so?" asked Frank, and then taking his eyes
from the film and toward me, he added, "That my dick is big?"

I assured him it was very big. He smiled and then looked back at
the film for a few minutes. By this time the two athletes had
dropped their towels and one had dropped to his knees and was
sucking the other's cock.

"God, I haven't had a blow job in a long time," Frank said with
heavy breathing.

"Not since your girl was here last week," I made bold to say.

"Shit! She wouldn't suck dick. She didn't even want to fuck."

By now Frank was shamelessly rubbing his cock, and I could easily
see it was fully hard beneath his jeans.

"I thought sure she would have sucked you," I pressed.

"No, she said it was too big. Hell, I hate to go through life
missing blow jobs because it's too big," he said and without
looking at me asked, "Do you think it's too big to get sucked?"

"I don't really know since I haven't seen it," I spoke hardly able
to breath.

"You mind having a look at it and letting me know what you think?"
he asked, unzipping his pants without waiting for me to answer. It
was so hard, he couldn't get it out, and I suggested he lower his
pants which he quickly did while walking over to stand in front of
my chair. I almost fainted when I saw the whole thing standing
hard and long before my face.

"Well, what do you think? Is it too big for someone to suck?" he
asked practically pushing it into my face.

"Shall I try and see?" I asked.

"Go for it," he said, and without waiting grabbed my head and
pushed my mouth onto his throbbing dick.

What a dick to have pushed into your mouth! It was far too much to
deep throat, but it was sure as hell fun trying a few times. But I
quickly gave up that and went for putting a sucking on that huge
cock head. I don't know when I have had such a prick to suck on,
and I really don't think I've ever had anyone who apparently
enjoyed it more. Frank was all motion. Not only was his cock
flying in and out of mouth as fast as I could take it, but he was
flexing his whole body. He would go up on his toes and them
tighten his stomach muscles. He would run his hands through my
hair and then lean over and rubbed my back, and with all this
motion came a constant chatter of encouragement. "Suck it, buddy,
Oh please suck it. I need it. God! That feels good. You're the
best. Take all of my dick you want. It's yours, baby."

His words alone about made me cum in my pants. I could feel juice
running out of my cock. About that time, he made a loud sound, and
yelled, "Jesus! I'm cummng. I'm really cumming!"

And cum he did. It was like a geyser erupting in my mouth. It had
to be the most cum I had ever had in my mouth -and out of my mouth.
There was no way I could take it all, but I manfully tried. When
he finished shooting, he did not pull away but left his softening
dick in my mouth. As it grew smaller, I was able to take more of
it until finally I had it completely down my throat. At this point
Frank leaned down and playfully bit my ear and whispered, "Thanks,
buddy. That was great." And with these words, he pull his dick
from my mouth and throat and went back to the sofa.

I was bone hard and hot as hell, but I also knew that this would be
a critical time in dealing with Frank. I was wondering what his
next action would be. I was prepared for a guilt trip or one of
those "I have never done that before, but those films made me horny
and I couldn't help my self."

It's the straight's ploy of putting the blame on the other person.

When he got to the sofa instead of pulling up his pants, he took
them completely off and asked if the door was locked. I told him
that it was, and he said that he was sorry he came so fast, but
that he could easily go twice if I was interesting. Was I
interested! He stretched out nude on my sofa and was the prettiest
picture of male, masculine beautiful. "Come here," he told me. I
was there in a flash. "Did you get off?" he asked. When I told
him that I didn't, he said, "I like it when someone licks on me.
Do you mind doing that? I mean, you don't think that's weird or

I assured him I didn't think it was weird, and in no time I was
kneeling at the sofa and lapping up on his muscular chest. I was
going good on his right nipple when I felt his hand rubbed against
my dick. "Hey, you got a big one, too," he said. "Let's have a
look at it." I pulled out my dick which was as hard as marble, and
when I went back to sucking on his chest, I felt his big hand
wrapped around my cock. Next he started jerking it. That did it.
I raised up and told him I was cumming, and just before the first
shots fired, I lowered my face into his crotch and rubbed it in his
pubic hair and soft dick.

When calm and sanity returned to my thinking, I wondered how much a
mess I had made on the rug and sofa. I looked down, and he read my

"No, problem," Frank said. "I caught it all in my hand."

And sure enough, I looked at that beautiful hand of his and found
it full of my milky cum. He raised it and rubbed it on my chest,
and then silently lifted it to my mouth and offered me a taste.
I'm not one usually interested in tasting my own cum, but I
couldn't refuse the sweetness of the moment with Frank.

As I touched my tongue to his hand, he winked and said, "I hope you
like the taste, because I'll have another load for you before the
night is over. And he was as good as his word. Next time we did
in my bed.

Frank was not only good during sex but also afterwards. He was no
bang, bang thank you, man fucker. We lay abed and he told me all
about himself. He said he had been mean toward me, because he
always considered homosexual people weird. On his high school
football team all the players talked about what sissies the gays
were, but strangely enough, it was while he was on the football
team that he started jerking off with his buddies. It was an off
the field event. Is always started with individual masturbation,
but it usually ended with mutual masturbation. Frank said he had
jerked off and been jerked off by almost everyone on his high
school football team. Frank would never consider sucking a dick,
but since he and his football buddies had jerked each other off, he
never minded getting me off with his hand. Truth to tell, he
didn't have to do much. After sucking on him, I was ready to go in
a second. It took just a few shakes of that big hand to get me to
the stars.

When I asked about why he had decided to change his attitude toward
me, he said it was due to the girl who had spent the weekend with
him. He had tried all weekend to get some head from her, but she
refused. He decided then that he was crazy to turned down a steady
blow job so near home. "You are going to be my steady cocksucker,
aren't you?" Frank asked ruffling my hair. I didn't say a word but
slowly slipped between his legs and slipped his dick into my mouth
and closed my eyes as I felt his hand slip around my hardening

For next two years, the boys next door kept me in dick, and I kept
them out of cum. The four of us never did it together. In fact, I
never admitted to a one of them that I was sucking the other other
two. I am sure the three all know what was going on, but they
preferred to play it cool. Oh, by the way, which one turned out to
be my very favorite? Which would you have chosen? I never had to
choose as I had them all three every week.... Continue»
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This is a story about two misfits who discover they aren’t misfits after all. They just needed to find the right fit.

Chapter 1

Jakob was pissed! He didn’t want to go on the stupid senior trip in the first place and now, because his dad had to get back to the farm chores, Jakob was more than an hour early for the departure. Moping, he boarded the coach, went about two-thirds of the way down the aisle, and climbed into a seat. He hated most of his classmates and thought that they hated him. He was just a dumb-ass farm boy; they lived in town or in the new residential developments on what used to be farm land. They watched HBO and Showtime; he didn’t even have cable. They had I-pods; he had chores. He had nothing in common with any of them, yet here he was seated on the coach, getting ready for the trip to Disney World. Damn his mother, anyway! Damn this whole fucking idea! He kept his head down, making believe he was looking out the window while the other seniors got seated, joking and laughing all the way down the aisle.

Suddenly, a shadow was cast over him, as someone stood at the empty seat. “Is this taken?”

“Oh, no,” Jakob thought, “this is the last thing I need.” He looked up and almost died. It was Jessie, the most beautiful, sexiest girl in the class—the one with the hottest body, the best breasts, the tightest ass, the hottest legs in the entire county. Jakob looked around; all the other seats seemed to be filled.

“Well, aren’t you going to answer me? I know you weren’t raised to be rude.”

“S…Sorry,” Jakob gasped. “I guess you can sit there. I’m not saving it for anybody.”

Jessie smoothed the rear of her short shorts, noticing all the attention her superbly sculpted ass was getting from her classmates—girls as well as boys. Then she slid into the seat, bumping into Jakob as she did. “Now it’s my turn to apologize. Sorry for being so clumsy. I almost sat right on top of you.”

‘It’s OK, no harm done” Then Jakob turned back to the window, afraid of the reaction a glance at Jessie would cause. When she turned away for a moment he snuck a glance—just a few seconds. Her breasts were magnificent—firm and round , coming to a point where her nipple pressed against the tightly stretched fabric of her bra and t-shirt. Her abdomen was firm and flat; her waist was tiny flaring to round hips. Her legs were long and slender. Where they met was a three-inch space. Oh, that space was so incredibly inviting! Jakob figured she must have dates and boyfriends by the hundreds. It was only a few seconds but his body reacted to the sight. He could feel the denim covering his thigh stretch around his growing erection. Just then Jessie turned back toward him, looked down and smiled. Jakob turned six shades of red in embarrassment. He was mortified, not that he had reacted—that she had so readily found him out. He decided then that Jessie was a real tease.

Finally, the teachers arrived and the coach pulled out, beginning its day-long trip to the park. Jakob tried to shrink against the bus wall—anything to get away from Jessie. However when one is 6 feet, 2 inches tall and weighs more than 200 pounds that’s no easy task. She, however, seemed to take Jakob as a challenge to her femininity. She stretched in the seat forcing her breasts against the straining cloth of her shirt. Jakob looked on in awe. He never thought such thin cotton could be so strong. When she brought her arms down to her sides she brushed against Jakob’s bicep. Her touch felt hot to Jakob; a jolt of electricity surged through him at her touch. Jessie just looked—and smiled.

Jakob was getting really uncomfortable. His erection just wouldn’t go away. In fact, it seemed to grow larger, much to his continual embarrassment and Jessie’s continual amusement. Jessie rose half-way out of her seat and looked around. Most of the other k**s were either sl**ping or engrossed in their MP3 players or video games. She sat back down, turned to face Jakob and said, “You seem to have quite a problem there. I feel responsible. Why don’t you let me take care of that for you?” Her deft fingers fell upon his cock with a vengeance. She rubbed him up and down. “Why are you doing this? Jakob whispered desperately.

“Let’s just say I don’t enjoy seeing another human being in distress, especially when I am so obviously the cause. I am the cause, aren’t I?”

Jakob could barely speak so he just nodded agreement. Shielding with her body she moved her hands up to his belt and in only a few seconds his cock sprung loose. Now it was her turn to be amazed. Jakob’s cock was not less than nine inches long and very thick. She shuddered to think what a weapon like this could do to her pussy. She could barely reach her long fingers around it. She slowly began to stroke this magnificent b**st. Jakob was spellbound by this vixen so determined to jerk him off. Jessie speeded her motions; Jakob could barely breathe in his excitement. A sudden shudder signaled the onset of his orgasm. As Jakob’s cock began to twitch uncontrollably, Jessie leaned forward to take him into her mouth. She had just engulfed the head when it exploded in an orgasm more f***eful and more intense than any he had ever experienced. Stream after stream of hot searing cum rammed into the back of her throat. Jessie just managed to swallow it all then licked all around the tip successfully cleaning it of any remaining semen. She gave his monster cock a final kiss and put it back into Jakob’s pants. She leaned forward, kissed Jakob on the cheek and whispered, “Maybe you can return the favor later.” If Jakob was embarrassed before, he was horrified now.

Jakob had absolutely no experience with girls. Living on the large f****y farm had isolated him from his classmates. This did not mean, however, that he had no experience with sex. He masturbated regularly, sometimes two or three times a day often dreaming of Jessie, and he had fucked Sarah, the f****y mule, any number of times. He could not imagine that a girl could be so forward. The trip wasn’t even an hour old and she had not only jerked him off, sucked up his cum, and licked his cock clean, she had all but invited him to do the same to her. Maybe this trip wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Summoning all his courage Jakob turned to Jessie, looked her in the eye, and said,”OK, why me?”

Jessie turned, “Why not you?”

“You are the most beautiful girl in the class. Hell, you’re the most beautiful girl in the county. Why aren’t you sitting with the popular football stars, or some other jock?

“Jakob, this body isn’t the blessing you might think it is. Most boys are intimidated by me and the girls are either jealous or just hate me because they think I’m so popular with the boys. The truth is…I hardly ever go out on dates. When I do, all the boy can think about is groping me. I’m just as lonely as you are. Different reason, maybe—but just as lonely.”

Jakob could barely believe his ears. Then Jessie continued, “You probably think I’m brazen the way I did what I just did. I was terrified you’d reject me. Yours is the first cock I’ve ever seen, let alone touched or licked.”

Now Jakob was speechless. He had been so jealous of this gorgeous creature, and now he learned she was just as human as he was—just as desperate as he was. He reached out, taking her hand in his. Her skin was so soft in comparison to his calloused work-hardened paw. He looked at Jessie and saw that there was a tear in her eye. He wiped it from her face with his finger. Jakob was what people used to call “raw-boned” in the style of Gary Cooper or Randolph Scott. He had a big frame with large hands and feet. His body was toned by years of hard farm work—digging, lifting, and moving stock. But he was not a hard person. He had a tender sensitive side which he usually showed by his love of nature. He hated hunting because he couldn’t bear killing any magnificent wild b**st. He tolerated fishing only by telling himself that fish were such a low species that they actually caught themselves most of the time. He loved his mother and his s****rs, the only females to date he had ever really known. He really didn’t know if he was doing the right thing; he was afraid he might offend. He was working on instinct because he really had nothing to fall back on, but apparently he did the right things now. Jessie moved in close and leaned her head on his shoulder.

Chapter 2

As Jessie snuggled closer Jakob raised his arm, making room for her. He was careful where his hand fell, making sure it didn’t touch her breast. Jessie looked up at him, kissed him on the cheek, and snuggled even closer. She reached back and took his hand, placing it on the one spot Jakob had tried so hard to avoid—her left breast. “I like to have them rubbed and massaged,” she whispered into Jakob’s ear. Slowly Jakob took her breast into his hand. His hands were huge, but it was all he could do to fit the entire breast into it. He gently squeezed and massaged her, eliciting a moan from Jessie’s lips. He moved his hand up to her nipple. It was rock hard, but extremely sensitive. As soon as he touched it, Jessie squirmed up and planted a hot kiss right on his lips. Her tongue found its way into his mouth where it intertwined with his. It was Jakob’s first real kiss and it was a kiss to remember! Nervously, he looked around to see if anyone had noticed what was going on—all the other k**s were either still asl**p or totally self-absorbed. Satisfied, he returned the kiss with enthusiasm. Jessie had her hand in Jakob’s lap where she immediately noticed Jakob’s cock reacting to her. “Hmmm, we are definitely going to have to do something about this, aren’t we?”

“Sorry, I just can’t help it.”

“You don’t have to apologize. Just take a look at my shorts. I’m soaking wet. You’re having the same effect on me.” Then she kissed him again.

A lot of the k**s started to move about, waking up or just restless so the two new-found lovers decided they had better cool it. They still held hands, but that was all. Before they knew it the coach was making a pit stop. All the k**s exited the bus right behind the teachers to hit the rest rooms and grab a snack. Jakob and Jessie were the last off the bus so they could sneak another kiss. This time Jessie grabbed his hand and put it right onto her wet crotch. “When we get to the hotel…” she looked up and promised. Jakob dropped her hand once they were off the bus, not sure if Jessie would want to be seen in the company of a loner like him, but she grabbed it right back, holding it tightly until they parted at the rest rooms. Before separating she reached up and kissed him right in front of more than thirty classmates. Some of them looked shocked, but Jessie didn’t care. She kissed Jakob again then got onto the inevitable long line to pee. Jakob was done first, of course, so he bought a large coke and some snacks to share from the convenience store. He was already out when Jessie exited the ladies room. She walked right up to him and squeezed his arm. It was the equivalent of an a****l marking its territory—THIS IS MINE, KEEP AWAY! Jakob had never felt better.

A couple of the jocks decided they would make some trouble. They’d teach this farm hick a lesson. Who was he to start up with a babe like Jessie? They stopped him on the way back to the bus. Jakob did his best to elude them, but a confrontation was unavoidable. It wasn’t that Jakob was afraid—he was afraid he’d really hurt someone. One of the boys took a swing at Jakob, hitting him squarely in the stomach. Jakob shook it off like it hadn’t even happened; it had no effect on him. He grabbed the boy by the shirt and lifted him off his feet—all 180 pounds of him! Jakob just held him in the air for several minutes when a teacher arrived. “What’s going on here?” he demanded.

“Oh, nothing, Mr. Kanicky,” said Jessie. “Jakob was just showing the guys how strong he is, right?”

“Yeah, right,” the others said a little too quickly as Jakob slowly lowered the unfortunate adversary. He patted his head and smoothed his shirt condescendingly. “Just a dare, Mr. Kanicky, that’s all.”

“Well, let’s get back on the bus. It’s time to go.”

Once back in their seats Jessie said, “You were incredible. I had no idea you were so strong. You always seem so meek in school.”

“That’s because I don’t like school or any of my classmates. Sorry…I didn’t like any of my classmates, and I still don’t like most of them. Besides, I’m not all that strong compared to some of the other farmers. It’s hard work and long hours. You have to be strong—inside as well as outside—because there are so many things that can go wrong—rain, hail, drought, heat, cold, insects, you name it.”

“If it’s so hard, why do it?”

“That’s just it—the challenge.” Jessie saw for the first time the real Jakob, and she was impressed by what she saw—a real person of real strength, a person who worked hard and loved it. She had a new sense of respect for him. She already lusted for him, now she thought she could even love him. She snuggled up to him giving him a terrific hug.

The rest of the trip was mostly uneventful, but in mid-afternoon Jessie asked Jakob for his jacket. Jakob was puzzled. It was hotter than hell in the bus. Jessie just spread the jacket over her lap. Then she seemed to wriggle around quite a bit. When she was done she took Jakob’s hand, moved it under the jacket right onto her bald pussy. Jessie had removed her shorts and underwear right in front of him. Her pussy was dripping wet. Jakob put his finger onto her slit and moving it up and down made her even wetter. He looked at Jessie and saw that her eyes were closed, her breathing shallow. He’d seen similar scenes in internet porn so he knew he was moving in the right direction. She gasped when he pushed his finger into her and she swooned when he started to rub her clit. Moving his finger in a circular motion he felt her button respond. It hardened as Jessie’s breathing became more rapid. Suddenly, her body shook and shuddered as a powerful orgasm claimed her. Jakob continued his motions until he was sure it had passed. Then he removed his fingers and put them into his mouth. Damn, she tasted wonderfully! They rested, arm in arm, until the bus arrived at the Orlando hotel.

Chapter 3

Once off the coach Jakob grabbed his bag and took Jessie’s, too. He walked off easily under the load. Jakob had only brought a few shirts and shorts, a bathing suit, and something to sl**p in; Jessie had a full suitcase of stuff. Jakob was sure he didn’t want to know what she had in there, but it sure was a lot. Later in the evening there would be strict rules separating the girls rooms from the boys, but now the k**s roamed freely around the hotel. That’s how Jakob wound up in Jessie’s room—alone with only her. The roommates had dropped their bags, redressed in their bikinis, and headed straight to the pool. Jakob dropped her bag and turned to leave. “Where do you think you’re going?” Jessie asked.

‘Uh… I figured you’d want to change and go to the pool.”

“Wrong! I can swim anytime. Right now I want to fuck and that requires two people—me and you! Close the door, lock it, and get over here before I change my mind.”

Jakob did as instructed. He closed and locked the door, making sure to throw the security bolt. Then he turned to Jessie. She moved forward, threw her arms around his neck and initiated a long hot kiss. Jakob’s arms encircled her waist, pulling her even closer to him. “This is fantastic,” thought Jakob; not surprisingly Jessie was having the exact same thought. Jessie broke the kiss and stepped back. She pulled her Tee over her breasts and head revealing a lacy bra which she quickly opened and dropped to the floor. Jakob was spellbound. Her breasts were even more magnificent in the flesh. She just as quickly she dropped her shorts and thong, revealing her cleanly shaven pussy. Even at a distance of four feet Jakob could see tiny droplets dripping from her labia. Jakob pulled at his shirt, dropping it into a pile where it was soon joined by his jeans and boxers. His erection stood at full attention as they once again moved together. Now it was Jessie’s turn to be amazed. Jakob had the body of a Greek god. He never used the exercise room in school. He got his muscles tossing bales of hay like they were softballs.

“Uh, maybe we shouldn’t do this,” he whispered. “I don’t have any condoms.”

“Silly boy, I’m a virgin and I’ll bet you are, too.” Jakob simply nodded. “And,” she continued, “I’ve been on the pill since I was twelve. I guess my mother couldn’t imagine anyone who was as developed as me not wanting to fuck my eyes out. But, here I am s*******n and a virgin—but not much longer, I hope. All my contacts with boys always seemed so wrong; this seems so very right.” She leaned back onto the bed, spread her legs, and raised her knees inviting his entry. Jakob, using his farm sense went to the bathroom where he procured a large towel. Placing it under Jessie, he climbed between her legs. He lowered his head until it was just even with her pussy. He licked her from her butthole to her clit. Jessie responded with a series of gasps and moans. She grabbed his sun-bleached blond hair and pulled his head into her wanting pussy. It wasn’t long before she was experiencing an overpowering orgasm that took over every part of her luscious body. When Jakob reached up to tweak her nipples she jumped a foot into the air, collapsing totally drained onto the bed when she fell.

“Ohmygod,” she uttered between gasping breaths. “I’ve never cum like that before. Don’t tell me you learned that on the farm.”

“No,” he laughed, “I watch porn on the internet just like everyone else.”

“Well, you certainly must have paid a lot of attention. My whole body is tingling, and I’m a wreck.”

‘You still look just as beautiful to me; actually more beautiful,” he said as he leaned forward to kiss her. Their tongues danced with their desire. Jessie reached down between her legs feeling the heat emanating from his rock hard cock. She rubbed the head, now dripping with pre-cum all over her slit. Positioning the head just above her hole she thrust her hips forward forcing his cock head two inches into her. She groaned as the monster started to stretch her vaginal walls. Placing her hands on his butt she pulled him into her. All the while they maintained eye contact, showing each other their want, their need for each other. Jakob pushed a bit further until he met resistance. His cock pressed against her hymen. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he whispered. Jessie’s response was to once again thrust her hips up and forward, rupturing the hymen in an instant. She cried out and tears came to her eyes. Jakob stopped, keeping his cock still in her pussy. He kissed her tears from her cheeks until Jessie pulled his head and lips down to meet hers. Just before they met she whispered to him, “I’m OK, push it in all the way. Please…please fuck me. I want you all the way in me.”

Jakob reared back to gain momentum and pushed forward in several small thrusting motions until his cock had reached the end. His pubic hair was up against her perfect smooth labia. He started a rhythm, slow at first and Jessie matched it. They humped together for several minutes. Although soaking wet, her pussy generated heat and friction for them both. Their tempo increased, Jessie meeting each thrust with one of her own, until Jakob arched his back forcing his cock even deeper into her, if possible. A low guttural growl escaped his lips as his cock throbbed within her. Suddenly, he erupted into her womb. Years of frustration were released as what seemed to be a gallon of cum escaped from his balls, up his erection to drown her womb in hot sticky white semen. Literally millions of sperm rushed into her womb. This eruption was just what was needed to trigger yet another orgasm from Jessie. She writhed uncontrollably beneath her lover. Finally, they collapsed drained and drenched in their sweat.
It was several minutes before either could speak. Just as Jessie opened her mouth they heard noise in the hall and a key in the lock.

“Shit,” said Jakob, “I’d better get dressed.”

“Oh, no!” replied Jessie leaping from the bed. “I want these bitches to see exactly what they’ve been missing. I’ll unlock the door and be right back.” She tiptoed to the door and released the security bolt then ran back to the bed, enveloping Jakob in an embrace from head to toe. She wrapped everything she could think of around him—arms, legs, head—absolutely everything. Then she kissed him. They were in that position when her roommates opened the door.

“What the? Jessie, what the hell?” The three girls stopped halfway across the room.

When Jessie rolled off Jakob the girls got a good view of his body and his equipment, still fully erect.

“Oh my god. Jessie, you lucky bitch, you. Look at the size of that thing. He didn’t put all of that into you, did he?”

Jessie just smiled and pointed to the cum flowing out of her pussy.

“Damn, girl, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much cum in my life.” I wouldn’t mind some of that if you’re willing to share. It was Denise, long acknowledged as the class whore.

Jessie just laughed, “Sorry guys, I got here first and I’m claiming squatters’ rights. You can just find your own cock to fuck.”

The other girls feigned disappointment, but they still couldn’t take their eyes off Jakob’s body. Eventually Jakob rose from the bed, his cock still dripping cum. Denise rushed over and licked it from his tip. Jessie pushed her away. “If anyone’s going to lick up that cum it’s going to be me!” She knelt before Jakob and pushed her lips around his cock. She drank his cum, just as she did earlier and licked the mammoth organ from tip to stem cleaning it as she went. Jakob was more than a little embarrassed. He wasn’t used to standing naked in front of anyone, let alone three hot bikini-clad girls.

“I really think I should be going. It won’t do us any good to get caught like this.” He picked up his clothes and in a minute he was dressed again. Denise went to the door and checked the hall—no sign of the teachers. Jakob ducked out the door and down the nearby stairs rather than wait for the elevator. It proved to be a good decision as three female teachers exited when the door opened.

Chapter 4

Once the door was closed all the girls rushed Jessie for the details; of course they assumed that she was experienced sexually because of the lushness of her body. They just could not believe that she had been a virgin, but they were convinced when she showed them the towel Jakob had so wisely brought from the bath room. They asked when it had started; startled to learn it was just earlier today. Slowly they pulled all the details from Jessie although she was reluctant to tell all. Their eyes went wide when she described how she had jerked him off on the coach then swallowed his cum. They were all ears when she told how Jakob had masturbated her later in the ride. But, mostly, they were incredulous about the size of Jakob’s cock. Jessie described their coupling, intent on making them jealous. And jealous they were. Their boyfriends all had smallish to normal sized cocks in the five to six inch range and none of them could approach Jakob’s girth. When Jessie described the feeling of stretching her pussy walls to accommodate all of his cock the girls swooned with desire. They were totally jealous of Jessie and angry at themselves for never noticing Jakob throughout their years at school.

Jakob called their room and made arrangements for dinner with Jessie. They met in the lobby—all five of them—Jakob and the four girls. It seemed that he had gone from loner to sex god in a single day. They walked to a moderately priced sit down restaurant. They sat at a table for six and when Denise made for the seat next to Jakob she almost got a kick in the ass from Jessie. “Remember what I said, ‘This is mine. Keep away.’” Denise sulked to a seat on the opposite side of the table while Jessie moved in as close to Jakob as the chairs would allow. Jakob surprised them all by offering to pay the whole bill.

“Just because I’m a farmer doesn’t mean I’m poor. I’ve been working for almost ten years and I’ve been getting paid well for almost that long. I just don’t throw my money around.” Again, Jessie was dumfounded—what a prize she had found in Jakob. They strolled slowly back to the hotel. Curfew was 11 p.m. so they had a few hours to spend together, if only they could shake the other girls. Eventually, Jessie lost patience with them. “Get lost,” she said emphatically, “We want to spend some time together—alone.” Reluctantly the three roommates left, catching glimpses of the tent growing in Jakob’s pants; wishing they had Jessie’s luck.

“I have a confession to make, she said just before reaching up for a kiss. Jakob looked back quizzically. “I set up our meeting this morning. I got to the bus almost as early as you did then I waited until the bus was filled before getting on. I wanted to sit next to you and I didn’t think you’d want me.”

Now it was Jakob’s turn to be wide-eyed. “Why would you want to sit with me? I’m just about a total outcast in school.”

“That’s why, plus something my mom told me about men. ‘Still waters run deep,’ she said. I thought about who that might apply to and the only person I could think of was you. This trip was the perfect time for us to get together. I just had to have the nerve to act on my impulses. You have no idea how many times I almost chickened out but I figured I had to be bold to get what I wanted. I had no idea how wonderfully it would all turn out.“ Then, after a pause, “I hope I haven’t said too much and scared you off.”

Jakob never said a word. He simply grabbed Jessie and pulled her to him very, very close. “I don’t care how it happened; I just can’t believe it actually has. Now that I have you I don’t ever want to let you go.”

“Let’s find someplace private,” Jessie whispered and then led him away by the hand. They found some deserted shuffleboard courts with a screen of bushes behind them. There was a small space behind the bushes, maybe three feet by ten. It was there that Jessie led Jakob. They couldn’t get their clothes off fast enough, so intense was their desire. This time Jakob lay on the ground pulling Jessie over him. She descended quickly spreading her labia so they would accommodate his huge man meat. She eased down savoring the sensation of having her pussy filled and stretched almost to its limit. When he was fully in her she waited astride his abdomen, eyes closed and breathing deeply. Jakob reached up to her magnificent breasts. They were at least D-cups and possibly even double-D’s, yet they were so firm and upright. He marveled at the feel of them-- their fleshiness, the softness of the skin encompassing their mass, the hardness of the nipples. She gasped loudly when he took her nipple into his mouth, suckling like an infant. The sensations in her pussy began to get to her. She started to rock back and forth, rubbing her sensitive clit into his pubic hair. As she did so she became more and more excited. Her reaction was to speed up her motions. It became a marvelous self-fulfilling cycle that ended only when she came in a shuddering orgasm. She almost fell onto him but he supported her with his strong arms. Surprisingly, Jakob had not yet cum so he continued his motions in and out of her dripping cunt. It wasn’t long before Jessie joined him, beginning her journey toward yet another mind-blowing orgasm. Jakob reached down between their abdomens seeking her tiny bud. He found it just in time to throw her over the top again. This time he accompanied her to Nirvana, spurting columns of white hot cum from the tip of his cock deep into her cunt and womb.

Once sated, they lay there silently until they heard, “Encore! Encore!” and “Bravo!” Jessie turned around to find her three roommates peeking through the shrubery. They were smiling but embarrassed at the same time. “Sorry, Jessie. Sorry, Jakob, but we just had to see that wonderful tool of yours in action.”

“Yeah,” said another girl, a thin dishwater blond, “and you sure didn’t disappoint us. That looked like so much fun. Jessie, when you lowered yourself onto that huge cock I thought I’d faint. I am so fucking jealous.”

Hell, we’re all jealous, aren’t we?” Denise chimed in. “I’d love to have a cock like that in my pussy. In fact, I’m all wet just thinking about it.”

Jessie looked down at Jakob. “You know, I think there’s only one way to get rid of these three. You’re still hard so….”

“I’m not the cheating kind, Jessie. I’m more than happy with you. But, if it’s what you want…”

Jessie leapt up exposing Jakob’s cock, gleaming with her juices. “OK, who’s first, as if I didn’t already know.”

Denise had her shorts off in an instant as she pushed through the shrubs. She wasted no time lowering herself onto Jakob’s cock. “Oh fuck! That feels so fucking good. Give it to me Jakob. Give it to me hard!” Jakob pushed up until his cock was totally seated in her cunt. She was fairly tight, but not as tight as Jessie—maybe because she was more experienced, he thought. Actually, it was due to the c***d she had given birth to last summer when she was “visiting her aunt.” Denise rode him hard until she came suddenly and with tremendous intensity. She fell forward onto Jakob’s chest.

“C’mon, Denise, give me a chance.” It was Sally, the thin dishwater blond. She was already totally naked, rubbing her pussy in anticipation and trying to stretch it to accommodate this b**st. Slowly and carefully Denise rose with the help of the other girls. No sooner was she out of the way than Sally replaced her. It was a struggle to get his cock into her but with effort and patience the job was eventually done. Using her legs as pistons she rose and fell on his cock. It was a good way to maximize penetration depth. She was so tight the friction was intense despite the wetness of her cunt. Jakob’s girth caused his erection to rub against her G-spot with every stroke. It was only a minute before she shrieked in ecstasy. As she sagged down she was lifted from Jakob and replaced by Stephie. “Be careful, Jakob. I’m a virgin.” The other girls looked at her in disbelief. Stephie had been going steady for more than a year so it was hard to believe. “Joey isn’t very into sex,” she explained. “Sometimes I think he may actually be gay.” What made this so funny was that Joey was always bragging about his sexual prowess. Jakob held her hands as she lowered onto his erection. She was wet enough so that wasn’t a problem, but when he was in about three inches he met the inevitable barrier.

“It’s going to hurt when your hymen breaks, but it will only be a short time before you start feeing good—hopefully very good.”

“OK, what should I do?

“OK, either stay very still and I’ll thrust up or I can stay still and you can fall down onto me. Either way will work.”

“Maybe you’d better do it. I’m afraid I’ll chicken out.” Stephie then closed her eyes and gritted her teeth in anticipation. Only a second later Jakob raised his hips with a sudden movement and Stephie cried out in pain. Jakob held her tenderly until she signaled he should continue. Now he moved slowly until Stephie met his thrusts with counters of her own. Now they moved together, building up steam and speed. Her pussy leaked her juices all over his abdomen and legs, indicating just how eager she was. Stephie was going wild on Jakob’s cock. She rubbed her clit against him with tremendous f***e; Jakob could see how it was growing. Her orgasm was building slowly but steadily. When her eyes glassed over he could tell she was close. A touch of his finger on her clit triggered her. She shook all over and both were surprised when she squirted again and again, drenching him in her fluids.

“Wow, I’ve never done that before. Jessie, if you ever get tired of him, just let me know. I’ll be next in line. You’re incredible, Jakob. Thanks for making my first time so great.” She leaned down and kissed Jakob on the cheek.

They all dressed and just got into the hotel before curfew. With about ten minutes to go, Jessie took Jakob aside. “Good, just enough time for a long kiss,” she said. Jakob looked at his watch. “This is going to be some kiss,” he thought. It was—ten minutes of dueling tongues, grinding lips, and saliva dripping all over. When it was done Jakob spoke, “Thanks, Jessie—for making this trip so wonderful. I didn’t want to come, but now I’m thrilled to be here—with you. I only wish we were spending the night together—not for sex, just to be close to you would be more than enough.” He turned and led her to the elevator. He got off at 2; she at 4.

Chapter 5

The trip went too fast. The couple fucked at every opportunity. They found a small isolated area behind “It’s a Small World” where he picked her up and lowered her onto his erection. He bounced her up and down until they both came urgently. Fucking at the park was difficult and dangerous. There was always the chance they’d be discovered. Then Jakob had an idea. He was eighteen and, with money in the bank, qualified for a credit card which he’d brought for emergencies. He headed for the hotel reception desk and asked if they had a room. He explained he was there with the high school group but he wasn’t getting along with his roommates who were argumentative and snored all night, too. There was one room, a suite with a Jacuzzi, but the cost would be $290 a night. Jakob brought out his charge card without a second’s hesitation and laid it on the counter. The reception clerk was surprised when it was accepted immediately. Jakob asked for two keys so a buddy could join him. Later at breakfast he gave Jessie the key card. “What’s this? she asked.

“The key to our room on the sixth floor, number 612. We have it for the next two nights.”

‘Jakob Johannson, you are incredible. I’m going right back to move my stuff up there. I think it will be easier now than later.” Jessie all but ran down the hall to the elevators. Fifteen minutes later she was back with a huge smile on her face. “Did you see that tub? It’s big enough for two. Hmmm! I am getting some wicked ideas.” Then she kissed him once again.

They had a great time at Disney that day knowing they’d have all night to make love. After dinner they walked up the stairs to the room. Jakob opened the door and carried her over the threshold as lovers have done for centuries. Then he threw her onto the bed. They both laughed, thrilled with the privacy Jakob had attained for them and with the intimacy to come. Jessie jumped off the bed and ran to the tub, filling it with warm water. She returned to Jakob and started to undress him. She held his erection tenderly as he began to undress her. By the time he was finished the bath was almost half full. They climbed in carefully, Jessie sitting just in front of Jakob with her back to him. He reached around her to fondle her breasts, rubbing and teasing her nipples. Jessie purred and turned her head so they could kiss. Her tongue found Jakob’s instantly and they shared a jolt of sexual energy. They were hot for each other—so hot they couldn’t wait. Jessie went up onto her knees and leaned forward making her pussy readily accessible to her lover. Jakob followed suit, kneeling behind her and rubbing his cock against her slit. “Please, Jakob, don’t tease me. Please put it in me. You know what I want.”

Jakob leaned forward sliding his cock head into Jessie’s waiting cunt. Jessie pushed against the tub, trying to increase the speed of his entry. She welcomed the now familiar expansion of her tunnel and the heat of his organ. In just a moment his tip brushed against her cervix. Jakob began to move very slowly. They both loved the sensation their fucking created. The feeling was unequaled by anything either of them had ever tried. As their pace increased water started to spill over the rim of the tub. Somehow Jessie was able to reach the drain and open it. Their pace was frantic now. Jakob was fucking like a dog when, suddenly, Jessie’s body went rigid. Jakob had inserted a wet finger into her asshole. He rubbed the thin membrane between her ass and pussy. The feeling was incredible, more intense than anything they had ever experienced. Thus, was Jessie introduced to the pleasures of anal sex. Jakob moved his fingers as quickly as he was fucking Jessie, maybe faster. Now Jessie’s motions ceased. She held that position for a moment, until it felt like her whole body would explode. And then it did! Her body shook like a rag doll in a hurricane. She had absolutely no control over her movements and would have fallen forward into the water had Jakob not rescued her.

He lifted her from the tub, holding her while he toweled her completely dry. He ignored his own needs while he tended to her. He carried her to the king sized bed and tucked her into the blankets before returning to dry himself. He climbed into the bed expecting to rest, but he found Jessie almost fully recovered and wanting more. “I loved it when you put your finger in my ass,” she said as an introduction to more hot sex. “I’ve seen porn with anal sex and the women always seem to enjoy it. I wonder if we could do it?”

“I’m pretty big, as you already know. I’m afraid I’d hurt you. If we tried it we’d have to take a lot time to prepare. We’d have to relax your butt muscles before fucking.”

“How could we do that?”

“Probably with graduated butt plugs-- I’d put one in your butt and leave it there for maybe an hour, then go to a bigger size, and so on until your butt was used to something close to my size.”

“Seems like a lot of work.”

“It probably is and that’s why I won’t ask you to do it.”

Jessie sat up, grabbed Jakob by the hair and pulled him forward until he was only inches from her face. “The hell you won’t! Do you have any idea how much pleasure you’ve given me—how much you’re going to give me? You are going to continue pleasuring me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Ma’am, Jakob gulped.

“Well, that’s good, in fact it’s great, but I have to do my share, too.”

“Haven’t you? Let me see,” he said counting on his fingers,” first, you jerked me off. That was the best jerk-off I’ve ever had. Next, you swallowed all my cum. That was a first for me, but, hopefully, not the last. Then you fucked me—another first. Then we fucked and fucked and fucked. I’ll never tire of that. I’d love to fuck your ass, but I’m not going to die if I don’t.”

“Well, I think I want you to do it, so there!”

“OK, we can try, but it will have to wait until we get home.”

“Speaking of home, what’s going to happen when we get back?”

“What do you mean? Don’t you want to be my girl? Go steady? Get married?”

Now it was Jessie’s turn to gulp. “Married?”

“I’ve been tossing it around. I kind of like the sound of Jessie Johannson,. What do you think?”


“Sure, but only after college and we get jobs. Of course, we can still fuck in the meantime.”

“You know something? The first time I saw your body I thought we could have beautiful c***dren together. Now you’re telling me you want it to happen. I can’t believe it.”

“Why not? I’ve loved you from afar for a long time I just never thought I’d ever have a chance with you. That’s one of the reasons I hated school so much—seeing you every day in class, at lunch, after school—and not being able to do anything about it almost drove me crazy. I’d go home every day and run to my room so I could jerk off dreaming of being with you. I must have jerked off dreaming of you five hundred times…at least.”

“You jerked off dreaming about me? That’s quite a compliment. I wish I could have seen you. After a slight pause, she continued, “Jakob, sweetie, I’d love to see you jerk off. Will you do it for me?”

“I’d rather fuck you but, OK, on one condition—that you masturbate for me.”

Jessie thought about it. This could be really hot, so why not? “OK. You’re on. Shall we make a bet of it? Last one to cum has to give oral to the other and swallow any cum. Agreed?”

“Sounds like a bet I’d love to lose. You’re on! I just want to get some lotion so I don’t get a rub burn. I might want to use this again…and soon.”

Jakob got some complimentary lotion from the bath room and rubbed it liberally over his cock which by now was fully erect. They sat with their backs on the headboard so they could see each other. Jakob started to slowly stroke his throbbing dick. He scrunched down onto the bed so he was more level. He was concentrating on the sensations he was experiencing. Jessie had spread her legs and ran her hand up and down her slit, wetting her fingers. When she moved to her clit a gasp escaped her mouth. She was excited. This was the first time anyone had seen her get herself off…AND she got to see Jakob do it, too!

It was a furious race. In the end there were only a few seconds between orgasms and the combatants were so absorbed in their own pleasure they completely forgot to observe the other. Jakob looked at Jessie and they both laughed. “I guess we both owe each other some great oral.”

“I think you’re right, but just now I see some yummy cum I want to taste.” She licked the head of his shrinking cock first then what was stuck on his hand. Then she moved to his chest and licked her way south to his abdomen. Finally, she cleaned his thighs. Jakob found the experience to be a tremendous turn-on; Jessie loved doing it just as much, even more when she noticed the effect her tongue had on his swelling cock.

“I think I’d better get used to having a continual erection. Being around you does it to me non-stop. I just can’t help it.”

“I’ll be worried about when you don’t get turned on. Hopefully, you’ll be seventy when that happens.”

“No way, I plan to fuck you until the day I die. What a way to go—going while cumming!” They both laughed at the joke, knowing that in doing so they were actually pledging themselves to each other. It was Jakob who said it first. “I’ve never said this to anyone…I LOVE YOU…and I always will.”

Jessie was so taken by this she broke out in tears, but they were tears of joy. She pulled herself to Jakob and hugged him, clutching herself to his chest. “I think Jessie Johannson has a wonderful ring to it. I’ll be thrilled to be your wife. They kissed then for what seemed to be an hour. It was only by accident that Jakob noticed the clock on the bed table. It was after one a.m. They fell asl**p in each other’s arms pledging their love to each other.

Chapter 6

Being young (and in love) they woke early, looked at each other and laughed. Seeing your lover first thing in the morning is usually a shock. Jakob was about to get up when Jessie reminded him of their bet. To be fair she suggested they 69; Jakob readily agreed. Jessie moved up straddling Jakob’s face before literally diving onto his cock mouth first. She attacked his cock with her mouth, but Jakob was not to be outdone. He loved the taste of her and this morning he had the benefit of licking all of her dried cum from the contest. He looked at Jessie who was doing her best to deep throat him, but with little success. He was simply too broad to fit into her mouth. Recognizing this she changed tactics, using her tongue more actively. It wasn’t long before she could see the initial results. She could see the monster visibly throbbing with excitement. Jakob meanwhile had moved his attentions to her clit. He first licked in a variety of directions then sucked the nub between his teeth while actively sucking and licking. There was no way she could resist such an assault. Her body surrendered; the orgasm erupted through her body. She shook and twitched but she never stopped using her tongue on him and soon she saw the fruits of her labors. She rushed to place her mouth over his cock head so she could swallow all his precious fluids. She was disappointed when the flow stopped so she pulled on the cock eliciting a few additional droplets for her tongue. They both lay back exhausted. About seven they managed to rise and share the bathroom without incident. Neither was accustomed to peeing in front of the other but they managed it without embarrassment. Both saw this as an element of trust in each other.

Today was their day at Sea World. Of course, they were arm in arm on the way in. There were no more incidents with the jocks, in fact his assailant had approached him to apologize. Everyone accepted that they were a couple. Jakob noticed a small jewelry store and led Jessie to it. “I want to buy you something—a token of our love.” They shopped for a few minutes until Jessie spied a silver band engraved with two dolphins. It looked like they were kissing. It fit perfectly and they told the clerk she would wear it. Jessie showed it proudly to her ex-roommates. When she told them it was a pre-engagement they were ecstatic. They went together to all the exhibits and shows. In their excitement they failed to notice the “Splash Zone” signs at the Shamu show so of course, they were drenched to the skin. It was just another reason to laugh and enjoy each other. Too soon, the day was over and they returned to their rooms—all except Jessie and Jakob, who retired to their suite.

This was an evening for packing and getting ready for the long ride home. Jessie and Jakob worked fast to complete their tasks. Jakob finished in about three minutes; Jessie took considerably longer, but Jakob helped. They showered together, soaping each other and kissing under the streaming shower. Jakob used the soap on Jessie’s ass cheeks and decided the interior of her ass could use some cleaning, too. He soaped his fingers and slid them effortlessly into her hole one at a time. When she was able to handle the one, he added another. Eventually, he was fucking her ass with three fingers. Jessie held herself close to him for support. She looked up, smiled, and said, “I told you I could handle your cock. A little more practice like this and I’ll be ready for you.” They left the shower, toweled each other, and slipped into the bed. It was a king sized, but they held each other so closely they could have used a twin.

Their kisses were long and deep. They touched each other, rubbing and caressing, in the expression of their love. Jakob pulled Jessie on top of him so they could couple and become one. Jessie was soaking wet and she had adjusted over the past days to Jakob’s girth so the entry was easy. All the same she went slowly—very slowly—so she could enjoy every second of their union. Rather than move and bring each other to climax they slept in this position, waking occasionally to rekindle. Finally, around four a.m. they could take no more—they needed release. A couple of rocking motions by Jessie, matched by Jakob brought on a thunderous orgasm to each of them. It was so exhausting they fell immediately asl**p, still joined together. When they woke again at six there was just enough time for a quickie, another shower, and breakfast before boarding the coach. A surprise awaited them there. Their seats were covered with Valentine hearts and cupids, no doubt the work of her three friends.

The ride home went much too quickly and they found themselves back at the school. Reluctantly, they exited, standing next to their luggage unable to say good-bye. When they saw the Johannson f****y truck approach they quickly kissed and embraced. “Tomorrow…” they said simultaneously, then turned away.

Jakob’s mother was driving and she was more than surprised to see Jakob with a girl. When Jakob entered the truck she asked, “So, how was the trip?”

“Great, Mom. Much better than I anticipated.”

“Was that a girl I just saw you with?”

“Yeah, Jessie Holmes."

“You mean Boobs Jessie?

Yes, but from now on you’ll refer to her as Jakob’s Jessie. We’re in love, we’ll be getting married once we’re finished with college. We’re both going to State so we can be together. After graduation we’ll look for an apartment near campus.”

Jakob’s mother just sat there with her mouth open. It was a good five minutes before she was able to drive home.

... Continue»
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Cheerleader at the mall pt2

Oh yeah. Look at her, she wants a good fucking," the guard said.

Tati squirmed under the guard as her body was overwhelmed by the sensations it felt. She had never had sex before -- contrary to the talk at school -- she was a virgin. She had masturbated many times and had even made herself cum, but nothing as intense as she was feeling now.

The sight of what was going on was intensely erotic. The slender, pretty girl, rapidly becoming filthy from the dirty floor, being pumped by the older, heavier woman while another woman licked at the girl's sensitive breasts. The girl, sweating profusely from the sexual assault, gathered more dust and grime every time she moved.

The clerk lifted herself away from the girl and went to the desk. She too pulled out a dildo and began to strap it on. She walked back over to them and slapped the guard on the shoulder.

"Roll over. I want to get at the sweet ass of her's," she told the guard.

Seeing the dildo strapped to the clerk, she wrapped an arm under Tati's back and lifted her as she rolled over. Tati was now on top of the guard who continued to pump her. The clerk knelt down behind the girl and wiped some of the grime off her backside. Then, she grabbed the girl's ass cheeks and pushed them apart as she guided the head of the dildo to the girl's unprotected anus.

Tati felt the woman handling her ass but didn't realize the new way she was about to be taken. When the dildo shoved into her ass, the girl almost passed out. She exhaled in a burst as she felt the dildo go into her sweet backside. The girl was sandwiched between the two women now, her pussy and her ass filled with the slimy dildo's. So as not to hurt her, the women slowly ground the dildo's into the girl rather than pumping her hard.

The sensation of it all was to much for the virginal cheerleader. She came two times in succession as her body was overwhelmed. But the women kept it up, still fucking the brunette teen with no remorse. The dildo's pushed in and out of her slowly building her up time and time again. It seemed to go on forever and the poor girl almost passed out several times.

Finally, after more than 90 minutes of it, the 2 women pulled the dildos out of the spent girl. Once the clerk had gotten out of the way, the guard pushed the sweaty girl off of her and back onto the floor. Tati laid there on her stomach, even more of the filthy floor sticking to her.

The two women cleaned themselves and got dressed again as they joked about their latest prize. Poor Tati laid on the floor passed out, oblivious to them.

The two women then gathered her up and put her skirt and vest back on her, not bothering with her bra and panties, which they stuffed into a drawer that was filled with other bras and other panties from other young ladies who had made the mistake of shoplifting. Then, they carried her out a back door into the mall parking lot. They had looked in her purse for her car keys so they could find her car in the empty lot. The sat her in the passenger seat still passed out.

The next morning, Tati woke as the sun hit her face to find herself half undressed and in her car. Her body was covered with dried sweat and the grime from the storeroom floor. Her she had her uniform back on, but her vest was open and her bra and panties were gone. She reached under the vest and touched her tender nipples as she remembered how the 2 women had chewed on her. Then, she felt between her legs to her red, swollen pussy. It was so tender that she could barely touch it without cringing. But then she realized how tender she felt on her backside. Rolling in the seat a bit, her hand snaked around her sweet rear end and touched her anus. She jumped as she touched the recently stretched flesh.

Tati pulled her hand back as she sat and looked at the mall, thinking about what had happened to her. It didn't take her long to decide that all her future shoplifting would take place in one store and one store only.... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt2

After Angel's little adventure with the cab driver, she and Jim walked around the corner to the entrance to their apartment. Angel was a little bit worn out, but Jim, having only watched, was pretty charged up. The two climbed the stairs to their apartment on the second floor.

"I have a surprise for you tonight," Jim said to Angel as he gathered her into his arms.

"Oh yeah? What would that be," Angel replied.

"I've got reservations on Tatto's down on Lincoln Road. So, I've taken the liberty of laying some clothes out on the bed for you to wear. I want you especially hot for Tatto's," Jim told her.

Angel flashed her million dollar smile at him as she walked into the bedroom to see what was waiting for her. Lying on the bed, was an outfit that she would wear only on the most special occasions and only to the very best places.

She had found it at a little boutique in New York when she was there interviewing her new agent. The pants were black jean style pants that were made of some velvet-like material. Down each leg, where there is normally a seam, there was a cut-out from each hip all the way to the ankle. Bridging the cutout were strips of fabric studded with sequins. Two long sequined strips ran down the edge of each cutout as well. A matching sequined belt that was about 4 inches wide was included.

The real star of this outfit though was the top. It was basically a bikini top -- South American style -- that was covered with sequins. Being that it is cut in the classic South American style, when Angel has the top on, everything around her comes to a halt. The top literally looks as if it will burst at any moment. There seems to be no chance that the thin straps will stand the strain of Angel's luscious breasts.

The combination of the black velvet pants and the bright sequined top, turns Angel into a nightime star. The sequins dance merrily as they ride her perfect breasts.

"So -- I guess that I'm going to be showing off the goods tonight," she laughed.

"Sweet Angel, I just love to watch the reactions as you pass by people. Sometimes, I'm not sure you understand the effect you have on people. Man or woman," Jim said.

Angel smiled as she began to disrobe and get cleaned up for their night out. Jim sat and watched her as the Latin beauty slowly removed the clothes that the cab driver had removed less than an hour ago. He smiled to himself as he thought about how incredible it was to watch his beautiful girlfriend be taken by other women. Sometimes he felt like he was the winner of the biggest lottery ever.

After awhile, Angel and Jim were ready to head out. They decided to walk to the restaurant. It was the best way to see the sights along South Beach and also the best way for Angel to dazzle the people along the way. She was recognized quite often and would stop and sign autographs happily. The shop keepers along the strip also appreciated her being highly visible as it lent an air of celebrity to the area. Jim had even worked out some deals so that Angel would make appearances in certain bars or clubs in return for comped meals and drinks. It was a good arrangement for both.

As they walked, the usual happened -- a crowd developed. Young college guys would run up to her and cop a quick photo. Some guys even had video cameras and would walk backwards in front of her so that they could film her awesome beauty. Angel took it all in stride and simply smiled and handed out kisses to each one.

While Angel was known pretty well locally, there was always someone who was visiting from somewhere else who had no idea who she was. In fact, quite a few of those people would mistake her for a hooker. She always found this to be amusing and sometimes played along for a laugh. Tonight was no different and several slobby men did approach her. She dispensed with them quickly -- she already had a man. It was a woman that she did not have.

To help things progress, Jim would usually walk a little behind her so it was not obvious he was with her. This helped to bring out the people who were willing to play. As always, it was the women who were the most discreet and the most interesting. They would walk up alongside her as she window-shopped. Small talk would ensue. Perhaps an invitation for a drink, perhaps for dinner. Sometimes, Angel would accept.

The women would want to hold her hand as they sat and chatted. They would scoot their chair close to hers so they could touch her, stroke her hair, be her girl friend. And for that lucky woman who might catch Angel's interest, she would go back to the woman's hotel. In every case, these women would not believe there good fortune to lie with a girl as exquisite as Angel. Imagine their surprise the next time they got a swimsuit catalog in the mail and saw the girl they slept with on the cover. Angel got a kick just thinking of it.

But tonight, Jim and Angel walked together and the tourists only looked from afar.

"Listen Angel, there's a new place that just opened up here on the corner. I'm told it's the hottest shop on the beach. Wanna check it out?" Jim asked.

Angel clutched his arm. "Lead the way, " she replied.

It only took a few minutes to arrive in front of a store that had huge double doors standing wide open. The windows were filled with incredible colorful displays of clothes on totally wild looking mannequins. Music was blasting out the doors from inside. But the most interesting and eye-catching thing about it was standing alongside each door.

There were 2 absolutely gorgeous girls working the door welcoming customers in. Jim and Angel stopped to take a look before they walked in. The two door girls spotted Angel and one of them seemed to recognize her. Jim was checking them out. One was slightly taller, but incredibly, that was almost the only difference.

Both door girls had jet-black hair. Both were nearly 6 feet tall. Both were dressed in red satin jackets and black leather skirts. Jim thought both were absolutely gorgeous, but there was something about them. The slimness of their hips, the width of the shoulders. He couldn't put his finger on it though.

The girls stepped up to Angel and one took her hand.

"You're Angel Enriquez. I've seen your picture hundreds of times, but seeing you in person is divine." the door girl said.

"Yes, divine," the other agreed as she walked behind Angel, her fingers trailing around the model's bare waist.

"We'd like to invite you into LitaLand. We would take great honor in offering our special service to a luscious beauty such as yourself," the taller girl said.

Angel flashed her smile at them both and wondered to herself just what they meant by "special service". The 2 girls took her by each hand and led her inside as Jim followed behind.

The door girls led Angel through the large gothic looking doorway into something that was totally another world. The store was decorated with large red, black, and silver tapestries that hung ceiling to floor. Mannequins were placed on huge pedestals -- some 10ft high. Everywhere Angel looked there were salesgirls that looked and dressed identical to the 2 door girls. Customers were everywhere and they were all young and obviously rich.

The 2 door girls led Angel to a woman who was standing to one side of the store and appeared to be watching all that went on. The door girls, still holding Angel by the hand, spoke to her in a whisper.

"This is Anna. She is the manager of LitaLand. It's our policy to bring special customers to her so that she can personally take care of all your desires. We hope you enjoy yourself."

With that, first one and then the other door girl hugged Angel closely and kissed her. At first Angel was surprised, but then she yielded as the girls kissed her deeply. The seond girl finished and held Angel tightly as she ran her fingers over Angel's soft lips.

"To bad I am at the door tonight, I would love to take care of you myself," she said as she turned to walk away.

As the 2 girls left, Angel turned her attention to the manager. She was quite a tall woman, at least a foot taller than Angel. Still, she was very exotically beautiful. The manager reached her hands out to Angel.

"Ah my dear Miss Enriquez. It is lovely to have someone as beautiful as you in our humble shop. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Anna, the manager," the woman said.

"I hope that you found the service provided to you by our door girls was to your liking," Anna continued.

Angel knew exactly what she was talking about.

"Oh it was totally to my liking," she said as she ran her fingers lightly over her lips, gently touching where the door girls had kissed her.

"Very good," Anna replied. "I have taken the liberty of calling the owner of the store -- Lita herself -- and she is on her way here to personally see to your every need."

The woman stepped up to Angel and wrapped her arms around her. She put her mouth over Angel's and began to kiss her. It was a sight to behold. The woman's arms went around Angel's back and waist, pulling her in tightly. The lovely model was totally in to it and she let the woman probe into her mouth with an aggressive tongue. The woman slyly worked her finger tips to push up under Angel's top to touch her breasts.

As the woman continued to kiss Angel, there was suddenly a commotion at the front door. A loud booming voice could be heard, even above the music.

Anna broke off the kiss.

"Ah, that must be Lita now. Allow me to introduce you," she said as she led Angel to the main part of the store.

As Angel walked around a large display, she was able to see Lita for the first time. Angel was almost startled at the site of a black woman; tall, maybe 6'6"; heavy, maybe 270 pounds; and dressed in the most colorful and bright dress that Angel had every seen. Lita immediately spotted Angel and ran right to her.

"Miss Enriquez, I cannot begin to tell you how delighted that you have chosen to come to our store this evening. You are very well known to myself and all my staff and we relish the thought of personally servicing you tonight," Lita exclaimed as she took Angel's hands.

Angel had to think about that last sentence for a second. Was there a double meaning there? She dismissed it for the moment and flashed her smile at Lita.

"Please call me Angel as do all my friends. I am very happy of the warm reception you all have given me and I can't wait to see more of your store," Angel said.

"My dear Angel, there is more than meets the eye here. Please allow me to show you the VIP section of our store," Lita said as she began to lead the darling girl to a curtain in the corner.

"Are you the boyfriend?" she asked of Jim.

He nodded in reply.

"Well, you may follow along. But please stay out of way there is much to do with Miss Enriquez."

Lita parted the curtain which revealed a large metal door. She unlocked it with a key and let them all pass in. She snapped her fingers at several of the sales girls and the manager Anna. They all quickly went in. Then Lita shut the door, locking it with the key.

Angel and Jim took in the room they were now in. It was an exact duplicate of the store they had just been in. To every detail it was the same. Same decor, same racks of clothes, same mannequins, everything. But, there was one difference and Angel noticed it first.

"Lita, this is fantastic, but I do not see any dressing rooms."

"Lovely Angel, this is our VIP room. We bring such special customers in here one at a time. Only myself, Anna, and my most trusted staff will join the young ladies we bring in here. I find it much more enjoyable and convenient to allow the young ladies to simply disrobe right here in the middle of the room. It makes it very nice to try lots of outfits at one time."

With that, she stepped up to Angel and turned her around. The fat finger found the strap of her top and held the catch.

"Won't you please allow me my dear?" she asked.

"Please do," Angel replied.

With that, Lita released the catch. She held the straps to hold the top in place as one hand went under Angel's arm to the front of the top. She put her hand over one of the cups and gently massaged.

"This is a lovely top. And it looks wonderful on you my dear," Lita said as her hand cupped the luscious model's breast.

The bib black woman pressed herself into Angel's back as she released the top and let it fall to the floor. Angel stood still as Lita's hands slowly rose up and cupped her breasts. Angel watched in the mirror as the big black hands enveloped her breasts, holding them, feeling their wieght.

"What are you doing?" Angel asked as she watched in the mirror.

"I'm so sorry my dear. Your body is just so incredible, I could not resist the temptation to touch you."

The big woman, so much larger than the beautiful and delicate Angel, seemed to wrap around the girl. Her arms held her tightly as the hands slowly massaged the delicious breasts. Angel was starting to feel the effect of the attention her breasts were receiving. The woman seemed to know that Angel's breasts were intensly sensitive and that by controlling them, she could control the girl.

Jim was watching intently as the woman slowly and expertly felt up his girlfriend. It was obvious that Lita was very experienced at this, that she had brought many girls into her VIP room before, and that she had her way with those girls as she was going to have her way with Angel. The big woman had her arms wrapped his beautiful Angel as her hands worked magic on Angel's swollen, tender breasts.

The big woman had the beautiful model totally under her control. After a time, she released the girl's breasts and turned her around. She brought the girl into her huge breasts as she locked her mouth over Angel's delicate lips. The woman's tongue drove into the girl's mouth as she wrapped the girl in a bear hug. Lita kissed the girl so hard and so long that Angel could barely catch her breath.

Finally, Lita broke off the kiss and stepped back from the girl.

"I don't think you're in the mood for shopping. Am I correct my dear?" Lita asked.

Angel nodded in agreement.

"I thought so," the big woman said as she reached out for the girl.

Her fingers slipped inside the front of the girls waistband and pulled her forward. She slowly started to release the 5 buttons on the front of the velvet pants. She then pushed Angel's pants slowly down revealing the girl's slender, tanned legs. She was wearing a very bright white t-back and it literally glowed against her olive brown skin.

The big woman was astounded by the Angel's beauty. She could hardly believe that this incredible girl was now in her store, totally under her control. She could see that the girl was very turned on and was having trouble standing. She motioned for one of the sales girls and pointed at a big curtain that was on one side of the room. The girl went to it and pushed a button that was on the wall.

A soft light came on and the curtain opened to reveal a large round bed. A very large round bed.

"Would you like to join me?" Lita asked Angel. "Or rather, would you like to join us?"

Angel didn't understand at first, but then realized that the sales girls had gathered around her. Before Angel could say or do anything, they led her to the bed and helped her to lay down. One at a time, they each approached her to gently kiss each of Angel's soft but erect nipples. Angel was rapidly loosing control of herself, something that was totally new to her.

The sales girls then positioned themselves around the edge of the bed to surround the delicious Angel. They reached out to her and began to tease her sensitive skin with their long fingernails. Angel was gettting so much stimulus from so many directions that she could hardly stand it. She was practically writhing on the bed and her chest heaving as the girls teased and caressed every part of her body.

"Oh my god, what are you going to do to me? I can't stand this much longer," Angel breathed.

"Don't worry my dear girl. You won't have to wait much longer," Lita said.

She snapped her fingers at the sales girls and even though she did not speak, the girls seemed to know what to do. They began to coax Angel up and to the end of the bed. Then, they slid her panties down over her luscious legs and off. With guiding hands, she was directed to the end of the bed where she stood on her knees facing the head of the bed.

Lita, who had been watching the sales girls as they teased the gorgeous model, now came up to the girl's backside and wrapped one beefy arm around the girl's breasts. The other went lower so that her hand could cup over Angel's sensitive and wet sex.

The moment Angel felt the delicate touch on her cunt, she moaned slightly and laid her honey blonde head back on Lita's shoulder. In effect, she had just given herself to Lita for whatever Lita had in store for her. The big black woman was in control of the body that was desired by men -- and women -- all over the country.

"My dear Angel," Lita whispered to the steaming girl, "You are just so deliciously wet. Would you like some relief? Do you need to cum?"

Before Angel could even answer, Lita pushed one of her fat fingers into the girl's moist slit. Angel's whole body tensed in reaction tothe sudden penetration. The big woman kept a solid arm around the girl's breasts to keep her upright.

The woman slowly and deliberately worked her finger into Angel's vagina. The sensations being sent to Angel's racked brain were almost overwhelming. If she didn't cum soon, she felt she would scream. But all the while Lita worked her finger in the girl, she was very careful to not push the girl over the edge. Angel was still being teased to a higher and higher level of desire as each second passed.

Angel was now openly moaning at the sensations she was feeling. Her head would bow down and then she would toss it back, her hair flowing over her shoulders as the woman's finger drove her up to the edge, but not over it. Angel's arms were extending out in front of her, reaching out, as if grabbing something and holding tight might give her release from the intense sexual tension she felt.

The big woman brought her one arm from around Angel's breasts and placed on the girl's back. Gently she pushed her over so that Angel was now on hands and knees at the edge of the immense bed. Lita kept the pressure on the tortured girl's cunt with her other hand. One finger inside slowly fucking the girl, the other's outside teasing the exposed flesh.

Angel could barely hold herself up. Her arms would buckle under her but she would cath herself and rise up again. Finally, Lita heard the words she had been waiting for Angel to speak.

"Please Lita, please," the beautiful girl begged, "you've got to make me cum. Please, I'll do anything you want, but you have to make me cum."

Lita smiled a devilish smile.

"I think I know just what you need."

She motioned the store manager, Anna, to come over. Lita stepped to one side of the girl. She ran her free hand over the girl's ripe ass, over her thighs, and back up over Angel's back.

"My dear Anna, for doing such a wonderful job with my store, I am making our dear Angel a present to you. You may proceed as you wish," Lita said.

Anna had a look of total sexual desire on her face. She had become a predator in the jungle and Angel was her prey. She was going to have the girl.

Anna began to strip off her blouse, revealing very upright, firm breasts. Jim saw them and immediately thought -- implants. The tall woman placed herself right behind Angel as she reached up under her skirt and removed her own panties. As she was right behind the sexually tortured girl, she began to unfasten her skirt. Jim watched in fascination as he waited to see what Anna was up to.

Suddenly, Anna removed the skirt with a flourish to reveal a hard, thick cock. Anna was a man in the process of becoming a woman, a pre-op transexual. Poor Angel her head facing forward could see none of this.... Continue»
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Kelli and the Masseuse pt2

The hands pulled her shirt over her head. Who was this? She still could not see, but she did not stop the hands as they unfastened her bra and gently pulled it off her. The hands came under her arms and fingertips stroked at the tenderness of her breasts so lightly that it gave her a chill. She looked down and watched as the hands fondled her. It felt so good.

She had to know who was doing this to her. She turned around slowly as the hands held her close and her body was pressed into this person she could not see. A mouth lowered over hers and kissed her passionately. Her tongue pressed into the person's mouth as she let the person kiss her again and again. Finally, the grip was loosened on her and she stepped back to see who was seducing her. Her eyes flew wide open as she looked into the face of Earlene.

Kelli flew up out of her chair and screamed as she was jolted awake from her dream. She ran a hand over her face to push her hair back and realized she was covered with sweat.

This is fucked up, she thought. Now I'm dreaming of this woman taking me.

She sat back down for several minutes as she tried to collect herself. Then she headed into the bathroom and found several sl**ping pills and swallowed them down. She wanted to make sure she would be having no more dreams tonight.


It had been almost a week since Kelli had inadvertently been a witness to the encounter between her friend Natasha and that big bitch Earlene. She didn't like to get involved with other people' business, but the weird dream of her own seduction had not stopped and it was pissing her off. She finally came to the conclusion that she needed to track Earlene down and have it out with her. Kelli thought that her dream was kind of like a guilty conscious, that once she confronted Earlene, it would stop.

Kelli had done some nosing around and was able to get Earlene's home address. She decided that after work, she would head over there and confront her. She had been going over in her mind what she would say; how she knew Earlene had blackmailed Natasha, how she had f***ed her to have sex with her, how she was using the club for her little sex games. She was convinced that Earlene would be begging her not to tell anyone so she would not be fired.

At five pm, Kelli raced out of the office and jumped in her Miata. The little car across town as Kelli followed the directions she had gotten from the internet. As she got closer, she realized that she was going into a pretty bad part of town. The houses were pretty bad with lots of old cars sitting around. On the corners of some streets, groups of people were standing around and they looked at her with a lot of interest. The pretty girl in the sporty car was definitely in the wrong place.

Finally, Kelli turned onto Earlene's street. She cruised down the street for 2 blocks as the numbers got closer and closer to the address. A 2-story house caught her attention and she realized it was Earlene's address. She was about to stop when she realized that there was a Mustang in the driveway next to Earlene's stupid pickup truck.

Ha, she thought. That is Natasha's car. She is probably here cussing the bitch out herself. Good, now I can help.

She parked along the curb and headed straight for the front door. Listening for a moment, it was very quiet. Perhaps Natasha had just got there and the fireworks hadn't yet begun.

Kelli knocked on the door and waited. After a minute or so, she heard the door chain being released and the knob turning. She felt anxious as she readied herself for a big confrontation. Surely Natasha would be just inside and would need help.

Earlene opened the door and looked at the pretty girl.

"Can I help you miss?"

"Oh knock it off Earlene. You know who I am from the club," Kelli said as she pushed into the house.

She stopped short as she looked around and saw no one around. She had thought Natasha would be sitting right there.

"Oh yes, I recognize you. Kelli isn't it? What can I do for you?" Earlene said.

"I know what you're up to Earlene. I saw what you did to my friend Natasha. And I know she is here somewhere. Where is she? I want to see her right now," Kelli said f***efully as she continued to look around the downstairs of the house.

"Yes dear, Natasha is here. I can show you. She is upstairs with some friends of mine. Please, I will show you," Earlene said calmly as she took the girl's hand and led her to the stairs.

The big woman took Kelli upstairs and down a long dark hallway. As Kelli walked, she had the most profound sense that she had been here before. She shrugged it off as Earlene stopped at a door and knocked softly. Someone inside said something, Kelli couldn't quite hear what. Earlene stood aside to let Kelli open the door herself. The girl turned the handle and pushed it open.

Kelli almost lost her breath as she saw what was inside.

Natasha was lying naked on a large bed. Her arms and legs were reaching out towards each corner and her eyes were closed. Two women were there with her. Women like Earlene. Big. Ugly. Older women. And they were taking the Asian beauty.

Kelli stared in bewilderment as she watched one of the women as she held Tasha's legs apart and was slowly licking the girl's sex. Licking as if she were a mother cat cleaning her kittens. Bottom to top, time and again, the woman pushed her tongue over the girl's most tender flesh. As her tongue would pull away to start again, Kelli could see the spittle stretch between tongue and pussy. As the woman's tongue would touch Tasha each time, the girl would buck slightly and make a little moan of pleasure.

Kelli looked towards the top of the bed at the other woman. She was alternately suckling each of the girl's ripe breasts. First, she would bite each nipple and then suck hard down onto the breast, dragging as much of it into her mouth as she could.

Kelli felt a strange warmth on the back of her neck as she stared at the sensual sight of her friend.

"Wha....what is....going...on? What are you doing to her," she stammered.

Earlene spoke from close behind her. She hadn't realized that Earlene was pressed up against her back.

"Natasha is enjoying herself Kelli. She hasn't spoken to you? Well, she came here on her own and has been here for 2 days," the big woman said.

"Two days!" Kelli exclaimed. "No, that isn't possible. Natasha isn't like that. She has a boyfriend."

"Yes, she does Kelli. But, don't you have a boyfriend and you came here too?" the big woman asked.

Kelli didn't reply, she didn't know what to say or how to argue. She was so engrossed at the sight of her friend being taken by the two women that she wasn't paying attention to Earlene at all.

The big women had moved right behind the sweet girl and pressed against her back as she took the girl's shoulders with her hands. With firm but gentle motions, she began to massage the girl. She could feel the girl relax slightly in response to her skilled touch.

"Omigod," Kelli whispered as she watched Natasha writhe on the bed, obviously having an orgasm.

Earlene leaned into her from behind and pressed her mouth close to Kelli's ear.

"Ummmm, isn't it beautiful Kelli? My friends have given Natasha one orgasm after another and she has loved every one," she said as her hands moved down Kelli's arms.

"They make her cum?" Kelli whispered.

"Yes Kelli. Natasha loves it. She has been in that bed since she got here," she said.

Kelli continued to watch not moving her eyes from her beautiful friend. It was such an erotic sight. The young Asian girl lying there so submissively as the two older women used their mouths on her. Kelli felt an arousal within herself that she had never felt before.

As Kelli watched, Earlene's hands moved down the girl's arms and then from her arms to Kelli's waist. Kelli made no move to stop it even if she knew it was happening. The woman tugged at her shirt, pulling it up slighty so her hands could touch the silky bare flesh of the girl's waist. When Kelli still made no move to stop her, the big woman got bolder, pushing the shirt up so she could get her hands on the girl. As she did, she pulled Kelli back into her chest firmly.

Kelli broke her gaze from Natasha to look down at the woman's hands that were touching her own body.

"Earlene, what are you doing to me? Please, let me go. I have never done this," Kelli said, almost in a whisper.

"Kelli, I can feel your body getting aroused. Don't deny it. You want to be touched."

Kelli was quiet as she watched the woman's hands on her bare stomach. She watched as one arm wrapped around her waist and held her firmly as the other arm reached down to the bottom of her skirt and began to lift it. She could feel the woman's fingers as they slid across the skin of her upper thigh. She looked down as the woman pulled the side of her skirt high enough that part of her panties were visible. The woman's fingers eased to the hem of her panties, gently lifting it, and then sliding underneath.

Kelli's head fell backwards onto the woman's shoulder as the fingers slid over her sex. The woman smiled to herself for now she knew that this girl was hers. The auburn haired beauty was going to be her little toy to be taken as she pleased. She held the girl firmly as she eased a finger into the steaming girl's pussy. Kelli seemed to melt into Earlene's arms as she felt the woman penetrate her.

Earlene whispered into the girl's ear, "I'm going to take you into my bedroom now. It's time for me to have you."

"Earlene, please, I'm begging you. I'm not like this. I have a boyfriend," Kelli protested weakly.

"A boyfriend? I really don't care. Because now I am your lover and I can't wait to get my tongue into your pussy."

Kelli moaned and almost fell as she realized that she couldn't stop what was going to happen to her. She let Earlene steer her down a dark hallway that somehow seemed so familiar. They came to another door that Earlene opened quickly and guided Kelli through. The big woman closed and locked the door behind them.

Turning to the slender girl, she began to unbutton the front of Kelli's blouse until it was open and she pushed it off, letting it fall to the floor. Then she found the button on the girl's skirt and released it. The skirt fell easily down the smooth tanned legs to the floor. Kelli made no protest as she let the woman strip her.

Earlene took a good look at the nearly naked girl who stood in just her bra and tiny panties. She wrapped her arms around Kelli and drew her close as she put her mouth over Kelli's. She slowly kissed the aroused girl, letting her tongue ease into Kelli's mouth, pushing the girl's lips apart.

As Kelli let herself be kissed, she suddenly realized that her dream was coming true. She was at Earlene's house. She had come here to stick up for her friend Natasha, but the tables had been turned on her. Natasha was giving herself to these women and Earlene had used the sight of it to seduce Kelli. And it had worked. Kelli was now letting the big woman have her way. There was no waking up from a bad dream this time. This time, Kelli was going to be taken.

The woman broke the kiss and moved around behind the girl as she turned her to a mirror.

"I want you to watch what my hands are going to do to you Kelli. You want to see don't you?"

"Uhhh.....yes....I want to see," the girl whispered.

Earlene's hands came to the girl's chest as she pulled at the clasp of the bra. Easily and quickly it was open and she peeled the bra back, letting Kelli's breasts fall free. She eased the bra off the girl and dropped it. Her hands went back to the girl's chest as she gently cupped each breast and lifted them. Kelli watched in fascination as Earlene began to gently fondle her incredible breasts. The woman gently eased her hands from side to side under each breast, letting Kelly get a good look at what was happening.

"Mmmmmm, your breasts are wonderful Kelli. I've been wanting them for months now. I've been dreaming of doing this to you," she whispered as her tongue flicked into the girl's ear.

Kelli said nothing. She was entranced with her image in the mirror. Her slender body was in the grasp of the big older woman. She watched as the woman fondled her, easing her fingers up to pinch her nipples, making them stand up. Her mind was still in a fog and she tried to make sense of what was happening, but she couldn't. Her body was controlling her and her body wanted to be taken.

Earlene eased a hand down from the girl's breasts and poked her thumb under the waist of Kelli's panties. She pulled them down slowly over the girl's hips before letting them fall to the floor. Then she stood straight behind the girl, taking in the sight of the now totally nude girl.

She's just as I dreamed she would be, Earlene thought. She is incredible and she was so easy to seduce. Coming over here like she was going to cuss me out. As soon as she saw Natasha, she was mine to be taken.

Earlene wrapped a firm arm across Kelli's breasts and held tight as she let a finger push into the girl's pussy. Kelli gasped a breath as she grabbed Earlene's wrist and held on. She wasn't trying to stop the woman, in fact, she was pushing to make the finger go deeper. Earlene smiled to herself.

They stood there in front of the mirror for several more minutes as Earlene made sure that Kelli was totally overwhelmed by the sight of her seduction. She wanted the girl to give herself freely and let her body be taken again and again.

Finally, the big woman steered her to a bed that was across the room. She pushed the girl down until she was lying in the middle, her head propped by 2 pillows. Kelli laid there, her breathing fast and shallow, as she watched Earlene strip out of her own clothes. Once she was finished, the big naked dyke began to crawl on the bed over Kelli's incredible body.

Kelli's mind cleared momentarily as she saw the big woman about to cover her.

"Please, Earlene, you have to let me go," Kelli whimpered.

"It's to late for that my dear. I'm taking you now," Earlene said as she lowered her massive body down onto the slender girl.

Kelli almost disappeared as the big woman covered her. Her legs pushed out to the sides as the woman pushed between them and began to hump Kelli's groin. She wrapped her big arms under the girl's back and pressed her huge breasts down onto Kelli's. Her mouth covered Kelli's and she rammed her tongue deep into the girl's throat as she f***efuly kissed her.

Slender arms flailed on each side as the big woman took the girl. Kelli was so overwhelmed now that she had closed her eyes to let her arousal flow totally through her. She could feel her pussy getting so wet and so ready. She was feeling a sense of desperation in need of release.

The big woman began to slide down the girl so that her mouth could suckle the girl's breasts. Kelli arched her back hard as the hungry mouth devoured her nipples, sucking them in and teasing them with bites. The woman sucked her so hard that it seemed as though she could take half of each breast into her mouth. Kelli wriggled from side to side in the woman's iron grip as she felt the incredible sensation from her breasts.

Easing further down, the woman kissed and licked her way down Kelli's smooth, flat stomach until her tongue reached the small patch of the girl's pubic hair. She teased her tongue through it until she felt it touch the warmness of the girl's sex. Kelli let out a long low moan as the dyke's tongue pushed slowly and deeply into her.

Big hands wrapped under each thigh as the woman brought the girl hard against her face and her hungry mouth. Kelli threw her arms out to her sides and clutched the sheet as she felt a sensation that she did not know. She could feel the tongue inside her, but she also felt the woman chewing and sucking on her sensitive flesh. Kelli came for the first time in less than a minute.

But the woman did not stop. Her tongue worked the girl harder and harder, not letting her relax for even a second. Beads of sweat began to appear on the girl's tanned body as she felt another orgasm building in her. Moments later, she screamed as Earlene's tongue rammed her again, making her cum for the second time.

Kelli moaned and rolled on the bed as the tongue continued to fuck her. Her boyfriend had tried to pleasure her like this but had always failed miserably. Earlene obviously knew what she was doing and she knew how to do it especially well on beautiful young girls like Kelli.

Earlene slowed her tonguing as she let Kelli catch her breath. She wiped a big hand over her hungry mouth as she licked her lips and savored Kelli's taste. The big dyke lifted herself up and began to rummage through a dresser that was behind her. Finding what she was looking for, she slammed the drawer shut and turned back to Kelli.

She stared at the beautiful girl lying before her as she wrapped the big strap-on cock around her hips. She smiled to herself as she got ready to fuck this girl she had been wanting for so long.

Kelli opened her eyes as she realized that Earlene was crawling over her again. She put her hands up to the woman's shoulders, her fingers taking a firm hold. She was looking at the big dyke's face as she felt the tip of the cock push against her sex.

"Wha...," was all she could say before Earlene thrust her hips and buried the cock into Kelli's pussy.

The poor girl screamed and twisted as she felt the huge plastic thing shove deep into her. Earlene held herself up on her hands as she began to rhythmically fuck the sweet girl, her hips pushing down time and time again. She watched the ' girl's beautiful face as Kelli felt each new push.

Kelli let her hands drop from the woman's shoulders and fall to the bed. Her legs, pushed out way to each side, glistened with sweat. Her breasts and stomach, also glistened with both her own sweat and the droplets that fell from Earlene's massive breasts.

Earlene began to lower herself onto the girl again, letting her breasts flatten against Kelli's taut body. The beautiful girl almost disappeared again as Earlene covered her. The big dyke was unrelenting as she continued to fuck the girl.

Kelli was openly moaning and whimpering as her body was taken. Her mind was a total blur with it's only focus being the cock that was ramming into her. She came for the third time when Earlene pushed it in and then paused, holding it deep into the girl. Another scream pierced the air as Kelli was racked by the huge orgasm.

Earlene smiled again. I knew she was going to be good, she thought. She's cum three times and still hasn't passed out. I'm going to enjoy this immensely.

The pounding of the girl's tender sex began again as the dyke continued her assault of the girl. Kelli moaned and writhed continuously as her body responded to every push. Earlene had her arms wrapped around the girl's body and gripped her tightly as her hips bucked down against Kelli's pussy. She covered the girl's mouth with her own and shoved her tongue between Kelli's lips, suddenly interrupting Kelli's breathing.

The girl bucked as she desperately fought for a breath, but the sudden lack of air seemed to trigger another orgasm that rolled over the girl. Kelli wanted to scream again but couldn't since the woman's mouth still covered her own. The combination of the orgasm and her failed attempts to get more air began to wear her down and she felt a wooziness pass over her.

Earlene, sensing the girl was at her limit, began to slow her humping as she watched the girl slowly pass out. She fucked the cock into the girl very gently for several more minutes as she looked at the spent girl's beautiful face. Finally, she pulled the cock out of the girl and eased herself down onto the bed next to her.... Continue»
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Team revenge for losing the meet pt2

I watched him walk through the locker room door, than I heard some keys jingle and a distinct click of the lock. I could barely stand as I stumbled to the shower and fell to the floor. I don't know how long I was out, I was still laying there in the floor when I came around.

I heard the sound of foot steps in the hall and tried to get off the floor, no matter what I did I could not seem to get my limbs to work. Some one twisted the door knob, finding it still lock, I heard the sounds of foot steps running away from the door.

A short while latter I heard the sound of keys jingle and the muted voices of grown men at the door. I watched as the lock on the door turned, fearing who or what was coming I tried to crawl back into the locker area. The door opened and I heard the voice of the old custodian 'that boy has the smoothest boy pussy I ever stuck my dick in.'

'Damn, the boy moved, he didn't get out the door. Let's find him he ain't to far.' I was under the farthest massage table, the sheets were hanging down below the shelve under the table. I had just managed to climb on to the shelve when I saw three pairs of work boots pass by.

The three men was saying something I could barely make out 'I was getting ready to clean this faggot hole when I saw the boy laying there on the floor of the shower. His butt was dripping cum, I pulled him up and put hung his ass on that massage table, I was about to poke my dick in his ass when I saw the prettiest rose bud you ever want to see. Those boys must to have all fucked that little sissy.' I cursed under my breath at the custodian as he told his compatriots what he had done and what he thought had been done to me.

The three of them was heading back in my direction when one of them reached down and jerked the sheet up. I think we scared each other cause we both yelled at the same time. The three of them pulled my naked ass from my hiding place 'see I told you the bitch was as naked as a new born baby. Boy how old are you,' I looked fearfully at that old bastard and told him 'I'm s*******n, y'all better let me go or I'll tell.'

The old bastard grinned at me and told his friends y'all know the age of consent in this state is sixteen. And boy we ain't gonna do nothing to you that them other boy has done. So all you gotta do is turn your tight ass around and bend back over that there table, it'll all be over in a little while.'

The three of them howl with laughter as the old custodian begin to unzip his pants. His semi rigid cock was sticking out from his pants bouncing slowly up and down. I started to back away only to be blocked by the very same massage table I was hiding under.

One of the other men stroked my arm from my shoulder down to my wrist and said 'all we want to do is stick our dicks in your ass and cum once, then you can shower and leave.' The other one chimed in 'if you want you can just suck our dicks till we shoot our loads shit we don't care how you get us to cum.

I tried to jerk my hand away when he seized me f***efully and spun my young butt around and pulled me across the table. The old ass custodian quickly plunged his harden cock deep into my cum drenched anal opening.

I cried out in pain and one of them quickly covered my mouth, the old custodian said 'you ain't gotta cover the bitches mouth, ain't nobody here but us and we ain't gonna let no body hurt this little piece of boy pussy. Not till we are through with it that is,' again they all howl with laughter.

The old bastard slammed into my butt hole so savagely that I thought he had ripped my anus open. When he finally slammed deep into me and flooded my butt hole, I thought that it was over. The other guy had removed his pants and shorts and was now rubbing his rigidly huge cock head up and down the crack of my butt.

I groaned in dreadful fear as his cock head found my anal opening and prodded it, with a push his cock popped through my anal muscle ring into my rectum. I squealed with pain as he plowed merciless in and out of my anus. It seemed like hours that he plowed my butt, when he did shoot his load, in my anus, it was so much that some escaped around his massive cock shaft and I could feel it running down my thighs.

The one holding my arms released them and walked behind me, he parted my buttocks with his hands and said 'OOOWWEEEE, look a there, that little ass show is red up there.' He still stuck his massive cock into my butt and rode me like it was his first time having sex.

My butt was so sore, that with every thrust of the dick in my ass caused me to groan and moan either with pain or pleasure and some time both. The three of these old bastard fucked me for hours. Filling my butt hole with their cum and resting while one of the others filled me, I didn't know old men could fuck so long or so often.

Finally when they had their fill one of them ordered me to suck their stinking cocks and go shower. I could barely stand and they had to help me walk into the shower. Once in the shower I could not stand so they begin to bathe me, this got them excited again and the made me get on my knees and fucked me again, filling my rectum again with their seed.

This time when they had all went a round with me they told me 'you might want to get yourself cleaned up and leave soon we might come back. They showered and dressed I heard them exit the locker room, I barely was able to stand, my legs were rubbery and weak, I didn't know being fucked so much could drain you of your strength.... Continue»
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Horny son for mom in the morning pt2

Here was my mom, the woman I had dreamed about being inside for years now straddling me, her tits fully exposed to my horny gaze. In the past I had a quick glance at moms boobs when she was showering or getting changed but for the first time they were now just inches from my face and I took the opportunity to take in every detail. Her large aureoles looked perfect for her fuller tits. They were light brown and I took in every bump and crevasse in her skin before noticing her hardening nipples. They poked out, standing to attention and begging to be sucked.

I looked back down to my hand that was still holding moms thong which I had soaked in cum moments earlier. Mom followed my gaze.

"You naughty boy" she smirked.

"I wondered where all my thongs were going, how many have you got under here?"

Mom leaned over the side of the bed to look underneath. In the process her skimpy babydoll slipped up her back, exposing plentiful pale flesh on her ass. As she moved things out of the way under my bed, her ass gently jiggled. I wanted at the moment to reach out and grab it but knew I shouldn't be doing that to my own mother, i****t was meant to be wrong after all.

"Get an eyeful" she hollered, still deep in search underneath the bed. I couldn't believe what I was hearing from my own moms mouth. We never talked about sex, or even love lives. I didn't think in a million years she would ever be encouraging to take in a view of her pantie-less ass, bare as the day she was born. I craned my neck, to gain a better vantage of 'Mount Moms-ass' and hopefully sneak I look at the caverns between her legs. Moms legs were still clamped over my body so I couldn't get I total view but again noticed the pubic hair protruding through, as I had earlier that morning. This sight reminded me of the proximity of mom's pussy and restored life to my limp dick. It slowly rose up, filling with bl**d and sexual anticipation. As it rose it brushed the inside of mom's thigh, only causing it to stiffen more. I was creeping towards mom's pussy. I couldn't believe it.

"Oh you are getting excited" mom teased as she felt my dick stroke on the inside of her thigh and emerged from under the bed clutching 4 or 5 thongs in each hand.

"I'm not surprised. You have been busy" She said, presenting me the thongs.

I feeling of deep embarrassment flooded over me as I realised what mom had found and I blushed.

"I'm sor-sorry m-mon" I stammered, unsure of what to say.

"Don't worry sweetie, it's OK. It's perfectly natural to have sexual attractions to your mother. I'm a woman as well" She said, whilst shaking her boobs in front of my face as if to provide proof of her claim.

Her words reassured me but I still felt a bit embarrassed.

"Say, these all feel crusty. Do you ejaculate into all of them baby?"

"Erm, well yeah. I guess" I answered.

"Wow" Mom replied. "Reminds me of how busy I got playing with myself as a teenager"

"And since your Father left she added"

"Mooom" I groaned. Pretending as though my moms admission made me feel awkward when in fact it turned me on beyond belief.

"I'm sorry honey" She said. Looking at me, with head tilt and bottom lip sticking out like an upset c***d.

The sexual tension between us was electric. Although mom had straddled me, my hard cock only inches from slipping inside her, it was clear that neither of us wanted to make the first move. The taboo of i****t sex that would change our relationship forever preventing things from going further despite the sexual nature of the conversation. I wanted to feel my mothers warmth around my cock more than anything I've ever wanted in my life but I wanted it to be a mutual feeling so insisted in my mind, that mom made the first move.

"So tell me son, what sort of things to you think about with your mothers underwear assisting your masturbation sessions?"

"Not your old mother is it?" She inquired with a soft, questioning look.

"Mom, your not old, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever set eyes on with a stunning body to boot" I looked down to her tits to illustrate my point. "Sometimes I think of some other hot moms like my friend Joe's mom, Roxanne."

"Awww, honey, you're so sweet" Mom squealed. "And Joe's mom, Roxy!? You are kinky" She planted a short kiss on my lips and causing her boobs to swing into my chest for a brief moment. Those hard nipples, tracing across my skin.

Realising what had happened, mom looked a bit uneasy an averted her eyes to the pile of thongs she had left on the bed and began to scrummage through them.

"Oh my god! This is my crotchless pair" she exclaimed, with her mouth hanging slightly open in a look of shock, trying but failing to conceal her embarrassed grin.

Mom's own face now went a tinge of red with embarrassment thinking of what her son had been doing to her most intimate lingerie

Looking into her eyes and noticing it, I said "I guess we're even now"

With that we both giggled which cleared the arkwardness.

"I'm going to take these thongs back son. We're short of money at the moment and I can't keep buying new ones

"Don't worry mom, when I start my summer job, I'll have money to buy you lots of new ones. We could even take a trip to Ann Summers" I joked with a smile

Mom f***ed the same shocked face she had earlier, letting her true grin creep through and said "Tut tut tut. Where do you get these thoughts?"

Before I had the chance to respond she added "But I don't think you will be needing my thong collection as an aide anymore"

"Wow" I thought. "Mom really wants to go through with this"

Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted.

"Look at the time!" Mom exclaimed glancing at my bed side clock. It read 8:30

"Come on, we're going to be late for school and work!"

As mom dismounted me I was severely disappointed and full or regret. I should have started fucking her. That might have been the only chance I got. However, my regret didn't have time to last long…

Mom reached for the thong that I had came in earlier that morning. I could see it was still wet as she stepped into it and pulled it up her legs.

"Mom, thats the pair I just…used" I warned her.

"I know sweetie. They'll keep me going until we have time together this evening"

I couldn't believe what my mom had just said and done. She had admitted to wanting to wear her thong soaked in cum. I imagined my seed touching her pussy all drying into her pubes as she sat in the hot summer office all day.

"What a slut my mom is" I thought. I immediately felt guilty about thinking that of her because I wanted our relationship to be more than that but it was the first word that came to mind for her kinky actions.

Mom wished me a good day and I watched mesmerised for a moment as her hips swayed her ass under the sexy fabric of her babydoll as she bang to left the room. I became aware I was nursing a huge boner and quickly stopped mom before she left.

"Mom! Wait!"

"Yes, honey"

"What do I get to 'keep me going' until this evening" Framing her phrase with an air quote motion.

Mom seemed slightly taken back by my boldness but then said "You're right it's only fair"

Reaching for my cellphone that was on charge next to my bed so handed it to me and then said "Here, snap a few pictures"

As I opened up the camera on my phone, mom got ready for the photo by cupping her boobs and squeezing them together whilst pulling a slutty pout with her lips. She then stood up with her legs together and bent over to expose her ass whilst looking over her shoulder and into the camera. Her poses were breath taking, she could have been a professional glamour model. As I drank in the photos I had taken Mom scuttled down the stairs, jumped into her work clothes faster than light and shouted:

"See ya' this evening baby" As the door slammed shut behind her.

Looking at those photos I could have masturbated my dick all day but I was running late so decided against it. As I rushed to get ready I couldn't wait to tell my friend Joe what had happened and share the photos with him! Joe and I had been friends for years and unlike most other boys, our conversations were not about girls we liked at school but our own mothers. We both admitted that we would love to sl**p with, not only our own moms, but each others too. We would discuss the nitty gritty details of what we would do in a four way sex fest with our moms. We were totally perverted. If we had sl**p overs at each others houses then we would raid the dirty laundry basket and steal panties and jack off in them for hours. Things were especially exciting one time when Joe's mom, Roxanne went for a shower. We went into her room and noticed her clothes discarded on the floor include her cute frilly panties that were still warm and held her musky aroma. We then stared in awe at this MILFs body through a gap in the door as she showered.

As I left the house and took the bus ride to school I reminisced on more of the perverted plans Joe and I had come up with. There was the time I purposively split drink over the crotch of joe's 'expensive' new jeans. As planned, mom grabbed a cloth and began furiously wiping the stain, exciting his cock. Then was the time on the hottest day of summer at Joe's house when he disconnected the AC in the house which f***ed Roxanne into stripping into her bra and matching french knickers. Myself and Joe had been hanging around together for so long she had no problems with that and considered me part of the f****y. Little did she know… Our moms also got friendly over the years and kept regular contact and would sometimes go out to bars or a restaurant to catch up.

As my thoughts ran wild I nearly missed my stop. I was 10 minutes late so missed the chance to talk to Joe before school began. Lessons were uneventful and I couldn't keep my mind off mom. I wondered if she would stick to her word this evening or would she have cooled off by then? What did she mean when she said I wouldn't be needing the thongs anymore? Perhaps she would give me a handjob or maybe even suck me off. I would absolutely love this but I wanted our relationship to be more, with full on sex as lovers.

Time passed and soon the bell rang out lunch and I finally saw Joe.

"Joe!" I called across the cafeteria

"Hey Dan" He replied getting closer and taking a seat beside me.

"So how are you and mommy Veronica?" He inquired jokingly.

"Great! More than Great!" I exclaimed.

I then spend the next 10 minutes in a frenzied whisper explaining what had happened that morning as we ate lunch.

After listening carefully Joe said "Come on dude, you don't expect me to believe this do you?"

I reached for my phone smiling that he was about to be proven wrong and presented the photos.

"Wow, look at the tits on that!" Joe exclaimed. "We've been dreaming something like this would happen for ages"

"You need to make sure you fuck her hard!" Joe urged.

"I don't want it to be like that Joe" I retorted "I want this to be a loving relationship that lasts and I need to wait for Mom to make the first move"

"I get you" Joe replied.

"Man, your so lucky though I wish my Mom would do something like that" He said, eyes glazed with the thought of it.

"Well if things work out with Mom I'll ask her to put in a few words. I'll explain our fantasy and maybe it will turn on my mom too" I said trying to console him.

"Woah, really!" He exclaimed, catching the attention of people sitting nearby.

"Keep it down" I ushered. "I'll see what I can do"

The second half of the day was as uneventful as the first. Although, one of my teachers was really quite a hot MILF (or TILF I suppose) and wore a slender skirt suit that seemed vacuumed sealed over her tits and ass. The outfit reminded me of what my mom wore to work and I spend the rest of the day dreaming about the 4 way fantasy. Myself and Joe always regarded my mom, Veronica as the beautiful but classy professional brunette and his mom, Roxanne as the more slutty, wild and 'up for anything' blonde. Joe described how she would bring back men for one night stands and when d***k hear her beg them to 'stick it in her ass' I wondered how they became friends but realised they were women from separate worlds and provided each other with someone outside each world to confide in. Myself and Joe imagined them fulfilling the full spectrum of services in the bedroom. You could make love to mom and feel a tender touch but Roxanne would be there if you needed a dirty hard shag.

However, moms actions this morning shook up that paradigm which I didn't expect but wasn't complaining about. I put it down to mom not getting much sex and she couldn't take it any more. Soon school was over and I began the long bus ride home. Mom worked colser to home so she was always home before me. I wondered how she would greet me and how things would 'get started'. My phone vibrated. It was a text from mom.

"Hey honey. I want to know that your heart is truly in this and not just your willy"

I laughed at the use of the word willy but it turned me on profusely. Mom had not changed her mind. My cock grew extremely hard.

"Of course mom. I love you"

The bus had reached my stop. I ran faster than I had ever run to get home. I only lived a couple of blocks away. When home I set down my bag and jacket but nothing could have prepared me for the sight I was greeted with when entering the kitchen. Mom had modified her modest work outfit into a slutty get up. My eyes met my moms green eyed gaze. She gave a horny grin as my eyes worked my way down her body. Moms brunette locks fell on her shoulders, framing her pushed together breasts, spilling over her buttoned down shirt, which had been turned up and tied beneath her boobs, exposing her slender, toned midriff. This outfit did wonders for moms hour glass figure, as her skirt gripped her curvy hips. I noticed the skirt had been turned up and only fell half way down her sexy thighs. Moms legs were shapely, shaved and seemed endlessly long as my eyes finally fell upon her feet, strapped into red 3 inch high heels. As I walked towards mom I noticed the heel compensated for our height difference and we stared directly into each others eyes. The sexual tension in the room was suffocating.

"Fuck me" Mom whispered putting her arms around me and sinking her tongue between my lips and down my throat. I reciprocated her actions and let my hands wander all over until I found the zipper behind moms skirt. I pulled it down and let the skirt fall over her legs before mom stepped out of it and kicked it across the room. Mom was wearing the same cum soaked thong she had slipped on this morning. The reminder of that kinky action caused my hands to grip her ass, a cheek in each hard and squeeze. This caused a small moan to escape from our locked lips as moms hands undid my jeans and let them slide down. I worked my hands up to moms boobs and began fumbling with the buttons of the shirt. Noticing my difficultly, moms mouth pulled away from the ongoing kiss and shouted "rip it off baby" before sinking her lips back around mine. I did as instructed, completely ripping the skirt from her and discarding it. Moms red lacy bra was a match with the thong and was complemented her red lips and red high heels. My admiring stares were interrupted by moms hands pulling off my shirt. Our half naked bodies now were locked in an embrace like two vines which had grown and intertwined.

I needed to fuck mom immediately. Clasping her ass I lifted her up, she locked her legs around my back and I carried her upstairs, our lips still locked. I bolted past my room, knowing we would need the space of mom's king size. After settling mom on the bed she looked at me with an a****listic gaze. I knew what she wanted.

"Do it" she purred, turning around on all fours and sticking her ass in the air. Mom wanted doggy style.

Pulling the thong aside, I took grip of my dick and aimed it for my mothers entrance between her ass. As I parted her pussy lips with the head of my cock and was tickled by a few sparse pubes she gasped and slowly backed into me. My dick was millimetres away from entering own mom. The same hole I had come out of and was about to come back in. The thought excited me immensely. I could feel the hot humid air around her hole fall on my dick, inviting me in and caught a familiar whiff of her aroma.

I eased in, my thick meat parting her tight vaginal walls, drenching my cock with her copious amount of juices. She let out a loud moan arching her back and pushing herself further into me. She was so tight I suspected she hadn't been fucked since splitting with my fathers. By this point 4 of my 8 inches were in my mom. I watched her face and she groaned in pleasure.

"Oh son, you dick is so thick. I need you in me further" With this she continued to push her ass back into me hoping to consume more of my length down inside her

At this point instinct took over. Hard and fast I plunged the remainder of my dick inside her. As I felt the warm, wet velvet of my mothers hole I let out a low groan which was drowned out by moms shriek as she took all 8 inches inside her. I could barely believe this was happening I was in moms pussy and it felt much better than I had imagined. Mom however didn't seem impressed at me pondering the thought.

"Fuck me!" She demanded looking back at me.

As I pulled out to begin the vigorous fuck mom's dirty talk continued.

"Ah yeah, fuck your mommys tight pussy. Ohhhh, Give me that dick hard son. AHH, that's so fucking good. OOOOOh,Treat your mother like your fuckslut son. I know you want me"

Mom was real kinky and she knew exactly how to turn me on.

"Let me try this move Roxanne told me about" Mom said "She told me it was perfect for dealing with the hard rod of young studs. And I can see you are a very hard stud"

With that, mom sunk her lips down my shaft her lisp were electric and headbobbed my dick a couple of times before putting me on my back and sitting on my dick. More moans and screams of ecstasy as mom began riding my dick with gusto.

"My God, mom you're a pro"

Mom build up a furious rhythm and every time she slid down my shaft, let out a volley of moaning pleasure.


We'd only been fucking for a couple of minutes but I could already feel myself close to coming from the way mom was riding me. I pulled her off onto her back, positioned myself in front of her before lifting her legs. Mom let out a little welp of surprise and a giggle about how she was being man handled by her son before wrapping her heels around my neck in preparation for a piledrive.

"I love you so fucking much mom. Your pussy is so tight and wet for a woman your age" I said, gripping moms toned ass cheeks and lifting her hips in the air to meet my cock.

"You make me wet baby and I'm sure your thick cock has something to do with my pussy feeling tight" mom said as she gripped my dick and positioned it at her drenched entrance.

Looking me in the eye mom whispered "Do Me"

I nearly came right then but contained myself and started fucking moms pussy hard. Her groans came increasingly frequently and louder as we approached orgasm.

"I-I-I'M C-U-MMMMING" Mom Moaned

"So am I mom, where shall I put my load?" I asked knowing that although she was getting on, she could still get pregnant.

"Cum inside me baby"

"But mom, what if you get-"

"I don't care" Mom pleaded "I need to feel your load in my now.

With this my thrusts quickened and mom erupted into orgasm, her pussy tightening and spasming around every inch of my cock, causing it to erupted a rope of cum inside my mothers womb.

"OHHHHHHH FUCK" Mom screamed in total ecstasy.

We both let out long moans as moms tight pussy muscles spasmed and continued to rub out several jets of cum. I had never felt a pussy grip so tight to my cock.

As the orgasm subsided, I collapsed atop of mom, my face resting on her tits and I took in the total post orgasm relaxation. My softening cock remained inside mom and throbbed with every beat of my heart.

"That was amazing baby" Mom said, stroking her fingers through my hair.

"I know it was mom, you're so hot in bed!"

Mom blushed slightly at this but gave me a smile and playful shove.

"I want to fulfil your every desire baby"

With this I explained the fantasies me and Joe had been having for years.

"You little pervs!" Mom said with a shocked smile as I finished telling the anecdote of the time we exchanged photographs of our moms in bikinis on the beach to masturbate too.

"Two horny teenagers, we should have known better" Mom laughed.

"Well, I'm sure we might be able to arrange something" Mom said, pondering how. "Roxy is a very sexual charged woman like myself."

"But for now, I need that cock again, this time you can come in my mouth, I need to taste your seed."

I didn't need to be told twice and with this we went for round two of what would be a very long evening of sexual adventures.
... Continue»
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Virgin used by the nurse pt2

I had an unconformable sl**p that night. the urge to have a wank was overwhelming but the cage on my cock was stopping me .every time i drifted off to sl**p i was thinking about the school nurse. what did she mean by your too tight for now an i will learn you to control yourself?
i got up out of bed an put my laptop on .i needed to get this cage off my cock and google might help . a quick search and all i was getting was pics of women being bossy to men with their willys caged.lots of serch results all of them about something called femdom so i click some, mostly men being humiliated by hot women some of it a bit strange , a girl with a dick strapped to her pushing it up his bum or being made to worship her ass .i click another link ,"mature dominates young man" it said. the video was about a young man an his mum an he was being rude to his mums friend so they tied him up and punished him by playing with his bum hole. i was thinking but isn't that kind of gay , then again it's a woman doing it . it was confusing ,i still needed to cum , i hadn't cum for a full day it's not right for someone of my young age.
Oh fuck i was going to be late the nurse wanted me in for seven , i throw my clothes on brush my teeth an run out the house.
on the bus to school i was looking at the older lady's thinking about the things i had watched , my cock was leaking but still restrained.
I knock on her door ,"come in " she orders
i enter her room an she points to her desk "your a minute late "
"sorry nurse"i mutter . "put your elbows on the desk" . i do as i am told , she is looking hotter the yesterday her nurses uniform almost skin tight an her large boobs spilling out, it's shorter too. as she walks around the room in her big thick heals i can see the bottom of her big bum cheeks wiggling . my elbows are on the desk , she comes behind me and drops my pants, my ass is in the air , she takes the cage off my cock and i go hard instantly ,"Good boy "whispers she pulls my hard cock and swollen full balls between my legs and clamps them in something tight so they stay there and the clamp is making them swell more.
"i am going to spank you now and you will thank me for each one " she told me.
swoosh then crack , the pain was unreal as the cane hit me "thank you nurse" i said . crack my knees buckle as the cane hits my ass again but this time the tip hit my balls " stand straight and thank me" she said. "thank you nurse" i mutter."last one for now" she said. crack not hard this time but equally painful hitting me on my cock as it stuck out erect behind me ."thank you nurse".
she comes behind me an kneels and i feel something cold an slippy being rubbed onto my ass hole ,i feel her finger push its was past my opening and right up into my bum then something hot and wet on my balls , her mouth , she sucked my balls into her mouth and i feel her finger moving deep inside me . she pulls out her finger and puts something else onto my ass its soft but firm and i can feel it vibrating on me, next her mouth moves to my cock and in one she has engulfed me, took me all the way in and i can feel the inside of her throat trying to swallow my cock . she holds me there then pulls back and stands then leans over next to me "there is more of that if your a good" she said , i'm still bent over the vibrator has now slipped just inside me but my tight virgin ass is resisting but with a little more pressure it enters me , its wider than her finger an longer too . she pushers it firmly up my bum and pulls it all the way out again . my hole closes over only to be opened up again by the nurse and her vibrator . i can feel it deep inside me the vibrations are wanking me off from the inside , she takes hold of my cock " i'm going to milk you now " she said as she started squeezing my cock with her slippy hand , i could feel myself about to explode , for the first time a woman was going to make me cum , my head was spinning .
suddenly she stops , i don't cum!!
"answer it she says . crap my phone was ringing
i pull my mobile out of my blazer pocket , "oh fuck it's mum" i say shocked
"than put her on loud speaker" she demands as the sex toy gets pulled from my ass .
"hi mum whats up "
she starts shouting " i went into you room your laptop was on what the fuck is that you where watching ,an i looked at you history ,whats all the femdom whats all the older lady young boy shit "she went on . the nurse was now sitting at her desk "tell her your sorry ,you need help" she whispers ."mum i'm sorry i need help"
"i know you do but what help do you need for this who am i suppose to call your doctor "she screams .the nurse has her legs open and is pulling her thong down " tell her to call me ,tell her i can deal with teenage boys".. "mum you could call the school nurse she might know how to help " ..
"yes "she said "she might know how to deal with hormonal boys of your age i will ring her but this shit is not over" she hung up on me.
"good boy "said the nurse," now come and get you reward". she beckoned me over to her and pushed me down so my head was right by her bald pussy. "no lick it nice an slow" then pushed me towards it . it was dripping and smelt like nothing else i started to lick up an down slowly over her clit and down to her bum crack ,she moaned as l licked her ass and back up to her clit copying what i had see on the internet.
her phone rang in the office , she held my head in place and answered it on speaker phone , it was my mum she explained what she seen on my laptop and the nurse was asking for all the details , her pussy was getting hotter as my mum told her about the strap-on sex " he is a filthy boy " an "how discussing"the nurse kept saying to my mum , i could feel her cumming as l ate her pussy but her voice never faulted she just came quietly into my mouth.
" i think i can help you miss" she said "boys his age have lots of hormones an no release he just needs to be reveled of some of his teenage pressure it's quit normal" she told my mum . "and just how is that done "mum asked
" medical masturbation" she replied."what" mum gasped . "it's not as bad as it sounds, he will just come to my room and i empty him on to a tray , its more embarrassing for him especially as you will have to be present, after all he is only a school boy . i can even instruct you on how to do it if you want "the nurse said " "how about you pop in after school today as i think if he is watching that filth his treatment should start asap"
"ok fine about 4 o'clock then" mum said "yes" the school nurse replied "give me time to get him ready"then put the phone down .
"so you get to cum tonight" she said slyly "and it might even be your mum who makes you do it " my heart sank but my cock was still hard . the nurse took hold of the tip and pinched , i went soft , how dose she control me like that . she put the cage back on my cock pulled up my pants and said "see you at dinner time "
i walked out of her office my bum felt open or broken in and still slippy from the lube and i still had not cum . i was also thinking no hoping mum would cancel the appointment , but she was pretty mad ... Continue»
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Over the River and Through the Woods Pt2

Pam and Ethan's sexploits continue... part 17, Things continue to get freaky at Christmas time

Jeanette followed her cousin downstairs. She had to make an effort not to cross her arms over her chest. Her nipples were hard, knowing that they were going to ask Ethan to fuck them.

“Where is he?” she said.

“I don’t see him yet.”

Jeanette nudged Sheri and pointed. “Look, there he is,” she said, leaning closer and lowering her voice.

“Check out his pants. He’s already got a woody. Let’s ask him. That woody will fix that funny feeling inside you.”

Sheri started toward him. Jeanette followed a step behind, suddenly trembling with apprehension. Her heart fluttered. He was only a few years older than her, but he looked so grownup, like a man, not like the boys she knew. Ethan was tall, taller than her Dad, and he had muscles. His shoulders looked so strong. And those dark eyes made her knees weak when he looked at her. The thought of having sex with him excited her and frightened her at the same time.

She imagined him on top of her, crushing her into the seat of a car and spreading her legs wide, just as Sheri said Richie did to her.

Sheri walked right up to him. Sometimes she was astounded how bold her cousin could be.

“Hi, Ethan. Whatcha doing?” she said.

“Just watching the football game,” he said, and pointed to the television in the living room.

All the men and some of the women were in the living room, watching television. Jeanette knew nothing about football. To her, it was just a bunch of sweaty men running around. Sports never made sense to her. What did guys like about it so much?

“Is it a good game?” Sheri said.

“It’s all right.”

“We wanna talk to you about something.”

“We want to know if you’ll show us what it’s like,” Jeanette said.

“Show you like what’s like?”

Sheri leaned close to him and whispered something in his ear.

Ethan’s eyebrows arched up. “Fucking?”

“Yeah. Wanna come up to my bedroom and show us how?” Sheri put her hand on the front of his pants and rubbed the lump and Jeanette’s mouth fell open. No wonder she got so lucky with the guys.

He looked down at Sheri’s hand, and his mouth widened in a smile. “Sure, I’ll show you,” he said.

They went back up to Sheri’s room. Jeanette’s heart was pounding in her chest, harder and harder with each step up the stairs. She wanted to back out. It was more than she could take. But not now, not when they were so close.

In the bedroom, Sheri dragged Ethan to her bed and made him sit.

“If you want me to show you how to fuck, you have to take your clothes off,” he said.

Jeanette stared at him, trembling. He was right, of course, she just never imagined she would ever get to the point where she would have to undress in front of a guy. She always imagined this would happen on her wedding night, with the man she loved, and it would be the most romantic, happiest moment of her life. She never thought she would do it in her cousin’s bedroom on Christmas in a house full of f****y and guests. She never thought she would undress in front of a guy who was f****y, and she never thought she would have such a burning desire to feel his body touching hers.

“Okay,” Sheri said, in such a playful, innocent way. She took off her sweater and jeans while Ethan watched. His eyes got wide when he saw her tiny, blue satin bra and panties.

“Like it?” Sheri said, and turned to show him the back.

“Oh Yeah.”

They both looked at Jeanette. She felt like she was on a stage, expected to perform for them. She was nervous, but at the same time excited. She liked the way Ethan looked at Sheri. She wanted him to look at her like that, too.

She stepped away from the door and started to unbutton her blouse. Her hands shook. She took deep breaths to calm herself. She was worried what Ethan would think when he saw her naked. She did not have a figure like Sheri. Her body was skinny. Her breasts weren’t much more than bumps that fit in the palms of her hands. And her nipples stuck way out when they got hard. Sheri had such a soft, full body. Her breasts were much bigger and filled her tight bra.

She removed her blouse. The corners of Ethan’s mouth curled up in a smile. His eyes brightened. She unfastened her pants. Her pussy was moist. It felt good, but never as good as when Sheri did it for her with her lips. She was dying to find out how Ethan’s lips would make her feel.

She dropped the pants. Underneath she wore tiny, white panties and a thin, lacy white belt with straps that held up her white stockings.

“Wow. That’s so cool. Come here, let me feel it,” Ethan said. He put his hand on her leg and moved it up the inside of her thigh, over the straps that held the stockings up.

Jeanette sucked in her breath. Instinctively her legs spread. His touch was gentle and warm. His fingers grazed near her mound. She closed her eyes. It was better than when Sheri touched her there, much better.

“Let’s see your’s now,” Sheri said.

She pulled Ethan to his feet and she and Jeanette sat on the bed, giggling. They stared at the bulge in the front of his jeans. He unfastened the button and pulled down the zipper. Jeanette watched his hands like he was a magician performing a trick. His hands reached into his pants. Jeanette held her breath. He pulled it out.

Her mouth fell open. Her eyes widened to take it all in. Ethan’s woody hung almost to his knees, and it was as thick as a coke can. The head at the end was fat and shiny and thick, angry blue veins stuck out all along its length. Sheri’s mouth hung open, too.

“Well, what do you think?” Ethan said.

Jeanette leaned close to Sheri and lowered her voice to a whisper.

“That’s more than eight inches,” she said.

“I know.”

“What are we gonna do?”

Sheri shook her head. “I don’t know. But I think I wanna suck it.”

She put her hand around the end of Ethan's cock and raised it so it pointed at her face. She licked her lips, stuck her tongue way out, and licked the tip. Ethan groaned.

“Put it in your mouth,” he said.

Sheri’s lips parted and she touched them to the end of his thing. It didn’t look like it would fit. The huge head slipped past her lips, straining her tiny jaw as wide as it would go. Ethan groaned harder. Sheri moved her head back and forth. Her lips barely enclosed the flared part of the head.

Jeanette’s mouth opened and emulated Sheri’s movements as she watched. Her tongue licked the head of an imaginary penis in her mouth, and her head moved slowly back and forth, just as Sheri did.

Ethan moved his hips back and forth. He put his hand on top of Sheri’s head. His woody pushed deeper into her mouth. Her eyes bulged out, and she put her hand around it. She squealed, but Jeanette could barely hear it because her mouth was full.

She was shocked. Ethan was so f***eful, shoving his woody into Sheri’s mouth like that. She shivered. Her mouth salivated and she swallowed. She wanted him to be f***eful with her.

Ethan pushed more. Sheri squealed again. Her jaw stretched wide and more of his thing slipped into her mouth. He moved his hips back and forth.

“Do you wanna try it?” Ethan said.

Jeanette nodded, biting her lower lip. He pumped it in and out of Sheri’s mouth a few more times, then took it out. Sheri coughed and wiped the drool from her mouth.

“It’s too big,” she said.

Jeanette stared at the head dangling an inch from her face. It was wet with Sheri’s drool, and it looked enormous. Jeanette didn’t care if it was too big. It was her first woody, and she wanted to enjoy it. She couldn’t wait to feel it push up inside her tiny hole.

She put both hands around the shaft part. The skin was so hot. Under the skin it felt so hard, like there was a bone inside. When she moved her hands back and forth, the skin moved over the bone. Ethan groaned. He must have liked it.

She stuck her tongue way out and leaned forward until it touched the head. The tip of her tongue poked into the tiny hole. Was that where his stuff came out? Would he make it come out while it was in her mouth? What would she do then? Sheri didn’t tell her that part. Besides, she wanted to see it when it came out. She didn’t even know what color it was, or what it tasted like.

She pressed her lips to the head like a big, wet kiss. The spongy head surprised her, too. She thought it would be hard like the rest. She knew now why a boy’s thing was called a woody, but what made the head part so soft?

Ethan pressed it into her mouth just as she hoped he would. The fat head f***ed her lips apart and opened her jaw wide. She was panting as it went into her mouth and rested on her tongue. She closed her lips around it and tried to take more of it into her mouth herself.

He groaned and put both hands on top of her head and pulled her toward him while he pushed himself forward. His woody went deep, all the way to the back of her mouth. Jeanette tried not to scream, but she couldn’t help it. The penis muffled her voice, which was probably a good thing. Everyone downstairs would have heard. She didn’t care if they did. She was so excited to be sucking such a huge woody. She wanted Ethan to f***e all of it in her mouth.

The spongy end touched the back of her mouth and made her gag. She squeezed the shaft, moving her hands back and forth. He kept pushing, shoving against the back of her mouth like he was trying to make it go down her throat.

“Let me do it again,” Sheri said.

Jeanette looked at her out of the corner of her eye. She didn’t want to take it out of her mouth, not yet. She wanted to make his stuff come out so she could taste it. But Sheri looked so hungry, licking her lips. Reluctantly, Jeanette took it out of her mouth.

Sheri put it right into her mouth and sucked, moving her head rapidly back and forth. Jeanette squeezed her legs together. Her mouth filled with saliva again. She still had that funny feeling inside, but it was much stronger. She knew what it was now. It was like a need to have this penis. She would not be satisfied until it was doing her.

She stuck her hand down in her panties to rub her wet slit. She moaned and they both looked at her. Ethan touched her cheek while he moved his penis in Sheri’s mouth.

“Are you horny?” he said.

Jeanette crossed her brows in confusion. “What’s horny?”

“It means you wanna have sex.”

She blushed. If Sheri didn’t have his thing in her mouth, she probably would have laughed at her for being so silly.

“Yes,” she said, turning her face away. It shamed her to admit to a boy that she wanted to love with him. She wanted it so badly, but it didn’t seem like something a girl was supposed to do.

“Are you a virgin?”

She blushed again and nodded. Sheri popped his thing out of her mouth.

“I’m not a virgin. I did it already. Wanna see?” she said. She sat back on the bed and spread her legs.

Jeanette stared at the area between Sheri’s legs. The thin strip of fabric barely covered her pussy lips.

“Do you wanna do it?” Ethan said. He was breathing hard, staring at Sheri’s body. Her big titties stretched the tight bra.

“Yeah, I wanna do it.”

Jeanette wanted to do it, too. She wanted to do it first, because she never did it before. But Maybe she should let Sheri do it with him, to see if his big thing hurt her hole too much. Then she would let him to it to her.

Sheri leaned up on her elbows. “What about Jeanette? Shouldn’t you do her first?”

Ethan grinned. “I never did it with a virgin.”

“M-Me? I don’t think I’m ready,” Jeanette said.

“I think you are. Come on, lay down. Let him do it to you,” Sheri said. She gave her a pillow and pushed her flat on her back.

Ethan was undressing. Jeanette watched with wide eyes. She never saw a boy undress before. She never imagined it would be so exciting to see it right in front of her.

He pulled off his shirt and she gasped. He had incredible hard muscles that rippled when he moved. His long stiffie bobbed up and down and swung side to side. He knelt on the bed, crawled between her spread legs and put his hands on her hips and pulled down her panties.

“Oh God,” Jeanette moaned.

Ethan dropped her panties. “You’re so beautiful,” he said, staring between her legs. He put his hand around his woody and moved it back and forth. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Jeanette stared at his penis. “Yes. I’ve been a virgin as long as I want to be. I want a penis in me and I want you to put your’s there. But you better not hurt me. You know I’m a virgin.”

“I’ll ease it in slow and gentle. I’ll take it real easy. I won’t hurt you a bit.”

She looked deep into his eyes. “I believe you.”

Sheri leaned over and kissed her. “I’m so happy for you. You’re gonna feel so good when it’s done,” she said.

She put her hand around Ethan’s penis and guided it to Jeanette’s warm pussy. The head touched and she flinched. Suddenly, she was very frightened. That thing was going to kill her.

Ethan hooked his arms under her legs, pushing them back. She was pinned to the mattress, unable to get away.

“It’s gonna hurt some, okay?” he said.

Jeanette nodded. Her body trembled. She wasn’t ready for this to happen.

“Relax, don’t be so tense,” Sheri said. She brushed Jeanette’s hair away from her face. She was rubbing the head of Ethan’s woody over her slit and it felt good, like a big, fat tongue was licking her sweet pussy.

The head pushed between her tight pussy lips. Jeanette moaned. She could feel it spread her open. He pressed gently and it went in a little way. It rubbed the spot that felt so good with her fingers and she moaned again. Her cunt leaked more juice over the end of his woody.

Ethan pushed again. His penis slipped an inch deeper, stretching her tiny slit open. Jeanette sucked in her breath. It hurt a little, but it also felt so good. Ethan pushed it in another inch and it stopped against something inside her.

“That’s your cherry,” he said.

Jeanette had always imagined she had a piece of plump, red cherry somewhere inside her, and when a boy put his thing in, it would break the cherry and all the juice would flow out. Now Ethan’s thing was pressed against her cherry, ready to break it open.

It felt so good to have his thing stretching her hole open. She wanted all of it inside her and raised her ass off the bed, but got more than she expected.

Ethan shoved into her at the same time. She felt a sharp pain, then, as everything went black, the last thing she felt was Ethan’s long, thick woody plunging into her body.

Someone was patting her cheek. She heard her name. Someone was calling her. She began to wake up, as if she was coming out of a delightful dream. She dreamed Ethan McCullen was naked on top of her, about to love her with his big thingie. She smiled and felt warm all over as she remembered how big it was. He put it inside her and then ...

Jeanette opened her eyes and looked up into Sheri and Ethan’s faces.

“Wh-what happened?”

“You passed out,” Ethan said.

“Are you all right? Does it hurt too much?” Sheri said.

“Hurt too much?” Jeanette repeated. She looked down. Ethan was still laying between her spread legs. Most of his thing was stuck between the lips of her pussy. She could feel it way up inside her.

“I passed out and you’re still fucking me?” she said. Guilty expressions crossed Ethan’s face and Sheri’s face. Jeanette reached up and touched his cheek. “That is so sweet.”

“Does it hurt?” Ethan said.

She moved her hips. She could feel some pain from stretching, but it didn’t hurt nearly as much as she was told.

“Not much. It feels ... it feels good.” She put her hands on his sides. “Please, love me more.”

His guilty expression went away and his hips moved back, drawing his penis out of her body, then he pushed it back in. Jeanette gasped. He drew his hips back again and pushed it deeper. She gasped and groaned. She could feel it sliding in and out, stretching her pussy to fit around its thickness.

He leaned forward and kissed her. His hips moved slowly back and forth. His hard, muscular body settled on top of hers, crushing her into the mattress just like Richie crushed Sheri on that car seat. She put her arms around him and pulled him down tight. His tongue moved against her tongue in her mouth, and his hips moved back and forth between her thighs.

She closed her eyes. This fucking was the best thing she ever felt. Sheri was right. She was born for loving.

Ethan humped faster and faster. His penis felt like it was getting bigger. She felt herself cumming, just like when Sheri licked her down there, only it was much deeper, much stronger. She arched her back off the bed and bucked her hips up with Ethan’s thrusts and moaned with his tongue in her mouth. Her orgasm shook her body with violent spasms.

He lifted himself off her suddenly and she gasped for air. She felt a warm liquid gush inside, then Ethan pulled his woody out and flopped it on her soft belly with a grunt.

She watched his semen spew from the end of his woody, her mouth open in amazement. She couldn’t believe something that big was just inside her body. It was even more incredible how good it felt. His juices splattered on her belly and her titties and even on her face. Sheri didn’t tell her there’d be so much of it. She couldn’t imagine Ethan doing that in her mouth like Richie did to her. She’d drown for sure.

He stopped grunting and his juices stopped shooting out. Only a last few drops dribbled from the end. It was all over the place, dripping from her nipples and collecting in her bellybutton. She touched it. It was warm and slippery. Sheri said she liked the taste. Jeanette wanted to know. If she was going to let a boy do it in her mouth, she had to find out if she liked it.

She scooped up a thick, white glob and stuck her fingers in her mouth. Ethan and Sheri were watching her. It was bland, and kind of salty. She wrinkled her nose.

“Ew, ick.”

Sheri laughed. “You don’t like it?”

Jeanette shook her head. It was awful, but she didn’t want to hurt Ethan’s feelings. He might not put his woody in her again.

“I like it just fine. You can shoot it in my mouth anytime,” Sheri said. She bent down and licked a glob from Jeanette’s belly, then turned her head up and kissed Ethan.

He closed his eyes and let her put her tongue in his mouth. Her small hand closed around his dick and moved back and forth in a delicate, slow stroke. He couldn’t believe his luck, to have Sheri and Jeanette begging him to fuck them. Jeanette was so incredibly tight. He couldn’t wait to try it with Sheri.

“Do you wanna do it with me now?” Sheri said. “I’ve been on the pill in case someone f***ed me into something. It doesn’t take much to get my pussy wet. I’ll do anything if you ask.”

“That depends. Do you even know how?” Ethan said.

Sheri giggled and spread her legs, exposing the crotch of her panties. “Of course I know how, silly. If you don’t believe me, find out for yourself.”

He put his hand down the front of her panties. Her knees spread wider. His fingers touched her soft, warm mound, and pushed between her pussy lips. She was already wet. His middle finger slipped inside. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes and her pelvis moved against his hand.

“Think you might want to try it?” she whispered. Her plump breasts stretched the front of her bra. The soft flesh spilled out over the tops of the cups.

“I don’t know. You might be pretty tight for me,” he said, as he worked his finger in and out of her hole.

Sheri unhooked the clasp on the front of the bra and let her tits swing free. “If I’m too tight, are you really gonna complain about it?”

Ethan laughed. “Probably not.”

He squeezed her tit with his other hand. She kissed him and lifted her leg and straddled his lap like she was mounting a horse. She reached between her legs for his penis, pressed the head to her tiny opening, and lowered herself on it. Like a delicate, pink flower, her pussy opened and he sank into her moist depths.

She whimpered. It was a tight fit. His cock pushed in slowly, stretching her open. Finally, she settled on his lap and his entire shaft was enveloped within her warm, wet, tight body.

“There, see, I told you I could do it,” she said.

Ethan put his hands on her tits. “I’m sorry I ever doubted you.”

He squeezed her ass and pulled her down, pushing his hips up at the same time. Sheri gasped and whimpered, but never stopped moving her ass.

He looked at Jeanette. She had rolled on her side to watch. His cum ran off her body. One of her fingers rubbed the semen on her small breasts. Her lips were open and he could see her tongue behind them. She saw him looking at her and blushed, looking away with an embarrassed smile. He squeezed her small tit, smearing his cum on her skin. She arched her back and her fingers moved between her spread legs.

Sheri rocked faster on his lap. Her eyes closed, but her mouth hung open, panting and moaning, and her head tilted back. Ethan put both hands on her tits. She leaned back, her hands on his thighs to hold herself up.

“Uhn ... uhn ... oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she moaned.

Ethan was cumming, too. He felt it build and build, then it exploded inside her. She squealed. Her body jerked and twitched as his hips thrust her up and down, and then she fell forward on top of him, moaning softly in his ear, her ass still moving slowly up and down.

“Ethan?” Jeanette said. She was licking her lips. “Will you love me again, please?”

Sheri looked at her. “God, she is so horny,” she said, panting. She raised her leg and climbed off, letting his cock slip from her hole.

“I can’t leave a girl wanting.”

He crawled between Jeanette’s legs, licking his lips, eager to put his dick back in her tight pussy. She arched her back to push herself toward him. Her mouth hung open and she stared up at his eyes.

His cock was sticky with cum and pussy juice and hard as a rock in his hand. He lined it up with her tiny slit. She was whimpering like she couldn’t wait to feel it slide in. A drop of white cum leaked from her pussy lips. He pressed the head of his cock to her pink opening and shoved with his hips. Her hole was wet and slick and his cock slid all the way to the bottom.

“Oh ... oh Ethan ... oh Ethan,” she moaned. Her back arched higher off the bed.

Her cunt was wet and tight around his cock. He pulled his hips back and rammed himself deeper. She started to scream and Sheri clamped her hand over her mouth to muffle it, giggling.

“Make her cum like you did to me,” she said. Her fingers pinched Jeanette’s soft nipples.

He wanted to make her cum. He would fuck her until she got off, then he would shoot his stuff inside her. He wanted to see it dripping out of her, just like it was dripping out of Sheri. He wanted to do it to Pam, too. She had the most beautiful pussy, and her tits were so perfect.

He sighed and closed his eyes, moving his penis quickly in and out of Jeanette. If he could put it in Pam’s pussy just once, all his dreams would come true.

Jeanette was moaning behind Sheri’s hand. Her small, slender body undulated beneath him each time he thrust his cock into her. Her legs were clamped around him, like she would never let him go. Her cunt spasmed around his cock. Her moans got louder and faster.

“I think she’s coming,” Sheri said.

Ethan pumped his hips faster, then he was cumming. He grunted. This was the best yet. The fluids drained from his body into her body in one massive rush. Jeanette pulled him down on top of her, squeezing him in her arms and legs.

“Oh yes, Ethan. I can feel it inside me,” she moaned in his ear. “Don’t ever take it out, please.”

He put his mouth over hers and kissed her. How could he ever say no when she begged like that? He would love to fuck her forever, but he had to take it out sometime. He would have to take it out of Jeanette if he wanted to put it in Pam.

He laid on top of her, panting, moving only his hips. She was panting, too. Her fingers combed through his hair. He pushed himself up. Both girls were watching him, as if expecting him to say something. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to say.

He pried himself from Jeanette’s legs. His long, drooping penis slipped out of her hole, followed by a thick stream of cum. She groaned.

“I have to get going,” he said. He got off the bed and picked up his jeans. “If someone catches us up here, we’re gonna get in a lot of trouble.” He pulled his jeans on and stuffed in his wet, sticky dick.

“I know. My Mom and Dad think I’m still a virgin,” Sheri said.

Jeanette gasped and covered her mouth with her small hand. “Oh my God. If my Mom and Dad thought I even stuck my finger in my pussy, they’d like, ground me forever. They’d like, throw me in a convent tomorrow if they knew I’d been loved by you.”

Ethan put his hand on the doorknob and turned back. Jeanette and Sheri looked like a pair of sweet angels, wrapped in each other’s bare arms and legs.

“I’ll see you later girls,” he said.

The girls waved as he went out and closed the door. Pam saw him come down the stairs. He tried to avoid her, but she followed and caught him in the dining room.

“Where did you go? I’ve been looking all over for you,” she said, keeping her voice low.

He looked around, wishing he didn’t have to answer. “I went up to Sheri’s room with her and Jeanette.”

Pam grinned. “What did you do?”

He looked down at the floor. “You know, things.”

“Did you fuck them?”

“I guess so.”

“I’m so jealous.”


“I wanted you to fuck me today.”... Continue»
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Two strangers in the park: Pt2

Part 2: The a*****ion
The following day, I went walking to school as usual and on my way there I daydreamed about what happened after work last night at the park. I suddenly felt my cock become hard as I walked along but I quickly thought of something else so that I wouldn't be caught walking to school with a hard on. After school I walked straight to my job as usual and I was distracted several times throughout the long afternoon, thinking about what could happen if I took the same route home tonight. 

I got out of work and headed out to go home just as it started to get dark. I walked only a few blocks when I noticed a black van that seemed to be following me and I turned to go into the park which I normally crossed to go home. As soon as I turned the corner to go into the park the van came closer to the side walk and stopped as two men ran out towards me. I was frozen in shock and I thought of running away but by the time I turned to go in the opposite direction it was already too late. The two guys grabbed me and blindfolded me before taking me into the back of their van. I heard the doors close followed by voices saying, "Go! Go! Go!..." The van sped off and traveled maybe 5 or 6  more miles before stopping and I was taken by the arms out of the van as the two guys led me somewhere that I had no way of identifying if I was ever asked. We entered a house or an apartment as I heard several new mens voices along with the two more familiar voices of the two men who took me into the van. 

One of the men finally took off my blind fold and he also took off my shirt as I looked around to see 5 other men aside from the one behind me, all around the age of 35 more or less. The man behind me had tied my hands together, then he laid me down on a bed laying on my back and he held my tied up hands above my head as he used more rope to tie my bound hands to the head board of the bed. Once he was finished he felt my exposed, semi muscular, slim upper body and then he started undoing my uniform pants, unzipping them and pulling them down to my ankles. The man was breathing heavily as he brought his hands over to my underwear and he pulled them down too. My small, 2 inch long flaccid, uncircumcised cock was now showing to all six of the men as they were all stripping their clothes off and talking in a strange foreign language. I watched helplessly with my hands tied behind my back while all six men took off their shirts and their pants. Each of them took turns looking at me up and down as I lay naked, bounded to a bed in front of them. 

Once all the men were fully naked they stood in a line around the bed, all facing my smooth young naked body as they stroked their growing semi hard cocks. I knew what was coming next so my own cock also started getting a little hard and it was visibly growing slowly, right in front of all the horny men standing around me. My now semi hard 4 inch long cock bobbed up and down slightly as it caught the attention of one of the men, who came up to my bound naked, skinny, rather boyish body. I stared at him as he stroked his own hard cock at the very sight of a young man's naked flesh such as my own. He looked right at my now 5 inch almost fully hard cock as my bright pink cock head partially poked out of my foreskin. I also starred at his larger 7 inch long, fully hard, circumcised cock as he came closer and placed his hands all over my naked body. The man touched my cock and it reacted becoming fully hard at about 5 and 1/2 inches long. He applied some of his saliva to his hand and he lightly stroked my cock which caused me to moan softly as I closed my eyes for just a second. "Ohh...mmm..." 

The guy turned to talk to the others who all seemed very much turned on by my reaction and soon the man stopped rubbing my cock. He got on the bed in front of me and lifted both my legs, as he approached my body much like a straight man would to a woman. This caused my butt cheeks to spread a bit as the stranger aimed his hard cock to my ass and he pressed his unprotected, thick cock head onto my tight, small pink anus. The man applied a lot of his saliva onto his cock head and then without much warning he pushed in his thickened cock head into my anus as he steadily pushed his long, thick, hard cock deeper into my tight ass hole. I moaned again, "Uhhh!... Uhhh... Mmmm..." The man grunted as he began to thrust slowly into me at first as I felt his entire hard cock slide all the way into my ass hole. "Uhh... Uhh, fuck..."  But he wasted no time as he was soon thrusting faster and harder into my ass. 

While I was being anal fucked by the first guy another man walked up to my face and I looked at him as he stared at my young naked upper body. I was moaning constantly from the way I was being fucked. This new guy came onto the bed and quickly pointed his 6 inch long, uncircumcised hard cock to my mouth. I didn't know what to do as I looking around at the other 4 horny men that were lightly stroking their cocks around us. I had never sucked another boy's cock before let alone taste one so I was taken by surprise as the new stranger told me in plain English, "Open your mouth boy..." I moaned as I felt my ass continue to get used by the man in front of me and the other guy brought his hard cock to my mouth and shoved it inside. "Ohhh, Mmmm!...Mmm..." The new guy grunted as he thrusted his hard, piss tasting cock all the way into my virgin mouth. "Oohhh! Ssss... Uhhh!" He started mouth fucking me as the other man grunted, picked up the pace and he was now pounding my tight ass hole, making smacking noises as his hips slapped against my ass cheeks. "Uhh fuck!... Uhhh it's so good... Ohh fuck! Uhhh! Uuhhhh!!! Uuhhh!!!..." As the man fucking my ass slowed down his thrusting, I felt several streams of his thick, hot cum spilling from his throbbing cock and shooting deep inside of my ass hole. I moaned but it was muffled by the man that was thrusting his hard cock into my mouth. "Ummm... Mmmm!!! Mmm!..." The guy then pulled his shrinking cock out of my used anus as a bead of his semen dripped from my cum filled ass hole. 

One of the 4 guys that were still in line came onto the bed taking the first guy's place in front of me and he pointed his hard, nearly 8 inch long cock to my small anus. He also had darker skin than the guy before him. He grunted as I felt his cock slide in with less resistance then the first man and he slid his whole cock all the way inside of my ass hole. "Uhh!... Ohhhh!" I moaned feeling his cock massage my young prostate, "Mmm... Ummm!" Just as this new guy started to fuck my ass, the man that was thrusting into my mouth also grunted as I felt him thrust faster into my mouth and his cock head hit the back of my throat several times. "Ohhh fuck! Mmmm... Uhhh! UUHHH! Uuhhhh!!! Swallow my cum... Uuuhhh!!!" I felt my mouth instantly become filled with his warm gooey semen so I did as I was told and I swallowed two mouthfuls of that man's cum before he pulled his softened cock out of my mouth. I thought it tasted kinda funny but I didn't have much of a choice and the only thing on my mind was the guy that was now fucking my ass faster and harder as he grunted with every other thrust. "Uhhh... Uhhhh!" My own hard cock bounced around as the man's hips slapped against my ass cheeks and yet another one of the 3 guys left over came to me, reaching over for my hard cock. He wrapped his hand on my hard cock as my pink cock head showed again and he pulled slightly on my foreskin to completely reveal my bright, untouched pink cock head. 

The guy next to me took my cock and pointed it to his mouth when he placed his lips on it as he eagerly opened his mouth to accept my hard young cock. I moaned feeling my cock become fully hard once again in his warm wet mouth while still being fucked hard by the man in front of me. "Ohhh... Mmm.. Yeaa... Uhhh!" The man fucking my ass grunted loud and he was still keeping up his pace, "Uuhhh! Uuuhhhh!!! Ohhh! Fuck! Yea, uhhhhh! UUHHH!!!... Uhhh!" I soon felt his cock start shooting multiple streams of his hot semen mixing with the other man's cum deep inside of my ass hole. The man continued to thrust into my ass while I let out more moans as my cock was being sucked good by the guy next to me. "Ohhh! Uhhh!... Yes! UHHH! Uuuhhhh!!!... UUUHHHH!!!... Uhhh!..." While the man in front of me kept on thrusting into my ass, filling my ass hole with even more of his sperm, I started shooting endless streams of my own semen into the guys mouth while he mercilessly sucked my cock.

As the man's cock shrunk, he pulled it out of my semen filled ass hole allowing a bit of the mens mixed semen to drip from my sore anus and yet another one of the two guys left over came to take his place. There was now only one guy as the last man also came up to me and pointed his cock to my mouth. My cock was now completely soft in the guys mouth and yet he still kept on sucking on it while stroking his own hard cock. The man in front of me had a little resistance pushing in his cock since I had already spilled my cum into one of the guys mouths and my ass was tight again as my muscles clenched together. The man pushed harder into my tightened anus until his cock was all the way inside my used ass hole and once more, my cock sprang up to action.  I opened my mouth as I let out a moan and the last man shoved his horny fully hard, yet smaller, 5 inch long circumcised cock into my mouth. "Uhh... Mmmm...mmm!"

I felt my ass continue to get used while my mouth also got fucked and my cock was still being sucked whether I wanted it or not. The last three guys were having their way with me as the one sucking my cock finally grunted, "Uhhh!...Uuuhhh!!! Uuuhhh!!! Ohhh fuck!!!... Uhhh!" He got knelt on the bed and pointed his cock head to my own cock as he started shooting his warm cum all over my semi hard cock while some landed on the the guys cock that was still fucking my ass hole. This sent him over the edge and the man who was fucking my ass grunted loud, "Uhhh!... UUUHhH! Oh fuck... OH fuck!!! UHHHH!!!...Uhhh... uhhh!" I felt my ass hole become flooded with even more sperm as the man fucking my ass spilled several globs of his warm semen inside of my sperm filled ass hole. Soon enough the man mouth fucking me slowed down and grunted, "Uhhh! Swallow my cum you dirty, filthy boy!... Uhh!...UUHHH!!! Ohhh!!! Uuhhh! Uhhh..." I swallowed all of his cum as it spilled into my mouth, quickly filling it up. I swallowed three mouthfuls of his cum while the man fucking my ass finished letting out all of his sperm inside of me and his soft cock slipped from my used anus as the mens mixed semen was barely contained in my ass hole. I finished sucking and licking up the rest of the man's semen as it dripped from his softened cock. 

The three other men found themselves hungry for more as they took the places of the three that were all done using me up. I once again felt one man put his hard cock inside of my sore, well stretched anus as he thrusted fast into me quickly. The other man came to my face and pushed his hard cock into my mouth while the third guy sucked my cock. As the two guys fucked my ass and my mouth the guy in the middle decided I should have some fun too. After sucking my cock, getting it all wet, the man in the middle got on top of my stomach and grabbed hold of my hard cock as he lowered his ass onto it. I felt my cock head enter another man's ass hole for the first time and it felt really good too. I moaned as the man pushed his ass down onto my hard cock while my own ass hole was being fucked hard and fast by the man in front. "Mmmm! MMM!!!" My moans were muffled by the other guy as he continued to have his way with my mouth. 

I watched from the corner of my eye while the man in the middle pushed his ass down all the way onto my hard cock, as my cock slid all the way deep inside of his ass while and he stroked his own cock. All three guys exchanged grunts and moans. "Uhhh!...Ohhh yea!... Oh, Fuck! Uhhh!!!" The man fucking my ass was pounding me hard, smacking my ass cheeks while his cock tore through my anus with each of his fast hard thrusts. The man fucking my mouth was also thrusting faster into my mouth and I sucked on his hard throbbing cock as best as I could, hoping this would be the last one for the night. The guy in the middle was bouncing up and down on my cock quickly now as I unwillingly fucked his warm ass hole. This continued for only a few more seconds before I was on the verge of another major orgasm and I moaned loud still muffled by the other guy's cock. "Mmmm! Ommm... Mmmm! Uhmmmmm!!! Mmmm!!! Mmmm!..." My cock started spilling multiple streams of my cum deep inside of the man's ass hole while he continued to bounce fast on my erupting hard cock and he was stroking his own cock faster now as he grunted. "Uuhhh! UUUHHhh!!! Uhhhh! Oh, fuck, ye e aa! Uu uu uuhhh!!! Uuhhh!" The man slowed down from moving up and down on my shrinking cock after milking my cock dry as his own cock started shooting a lot of his warm cum all over my chest. The man who was fucking my ass grunted feeling the way my ass hole clamped down on his hard cock while I was cumming. "Uhhh... Oohhh fuck it's so tight! Ohhh!... Uuhhhh!!! Uhhh!!! Uuuhhh!!! Uuuhhhh!..." He thrusted really fast and hard into my tightening ass hole while his cock spilled more and more of his semen inside of my ass, causing some of the mixed cum to leak from my used anus, dripping more onto the bed sheets with every thrust. The man thrusting into my mouth saw the man on my cock shooting his cum on my chest and he also grunted loud as my mouth started to become filled with the first few spurts of his warm sperm. "Uuhhhh!!! Uuuhhh!!! Ohh my! Uhhh! Uuuhhhh!" He pulled his cock from my mouth and went over to the man who had stopped grinding on my softened cock as it continued to rest inside of his warm ass hole. As the man pulled his cock away from my lips his cock leaked out some more of his semen on his way to the other guy and he then put his shrinking cock in the other man's mouth as he remained seated on top of my used cock. 

I watched as the man that sat on my cock kept on sucking the man's softened cock next to me and soon the man fucking my ass hole had stopped and he pulled his used cock from my ass. As I felt his cock slip out from my sore, cum filled, used anus even more of the all the mens semen dripped out of my well fucked ass hole. I felt like a filthy whore who no longer owned his own body and i wondered who would use me next. But when the man sitting on my used cock finally lifted himself off, allowing my softened cock to slip out from his warm ass hole, I saw that we were the only ones left in the room. I saw the guy who had last fucked my ass was now getting dressed and the others were in the living room talking about something. I listened in and they were now speaking english but the next thing I heard shocked me. The guy was saying, "...Yea, don't worry the k!d isn't going anywhere. Whenever you want, just go in that room and do what you want to him. He's ours for the night..." I couldn't believe what I was dragged into and before I knew it, I was their newest sex slave...

I saw a man come into the room that I didn't see before in the group of six men who used me already. He locked the door and he was wearing only his shorts as he came over to my tied up naked body. He roughly kissed me on my lips and told me he loved me as he felt my chest which had dried up semen all over it. I could taste the alcohol from his breath right before he pulled his mouth away from mine and  he knelt in front of me on the bed touching my flaccid cock until I built a slight erection yet again. He pulled out his cock and without spitting on it first, he pushed it abruptly into my sore anus as his cock dove into my ass hole. Yet another cock was inside of me making it 5 different horny cocks inside of my whoring ass in one night so far. I was feeling shame now while my ass was being fucked again by a d***k guy as he had his way with me. He stroked my own semi hard cock as he pumped his hard throbbing cock into my ass hole several times and before I knew it he was panting and slowing down his thrusts. "...Uuhhh... Hu... Ohhhh!!! Shit! Ohhh!!!" The d***k stranger pulled his cock out of my used, cum filled hole and put his cock back into his shorts before walking out. What I saw next was another shock to me, the man paid a lot of money to the man at the door and I know it was a lot because of the bills that were being used. 

Another strange man came in the room locking the door behind him and he went straight to the point. The new stranger pulled out his much larger, 8 or maybe 9 inch long, thick hard cock and he came closer to my bound naked body. He told me to turn around, get on my knees and bend over for him. I did as best as I could without his help to turn around, but before I could get on my knees he was on top of my body with his legs on either side of my thighs and he pointed his cock between my ass cheeks. The stranger pushed the thick head of his long hard cock into my well lubricated anus, as the length of his thick hard cock dove deeper and deeper into my ass hole. I moaned slightly complaining about the size of this mans cock as it entered my sore ass hole. He then abruptly shoved his entire cock deep into my bowels as his hips contacted my ass cheeks and I yelled this time. "Aahhh!!! Ohhh!!! ,Shhsshhh,  Shhit! Uhhh...uhhh..." He fucked me harder than all the other men before him, wasting no time as he pumped his long, hard cock into my ass. I even heard a knock at the door with a man saying, "Hey go easy on him! We don't want anything bad happening like the last time..." I was utterly scarred now but I knew that no matter what I had to stay here and take it. 

The stranger grunted as he roughly thrusted faster and harder into me causing the bed to make rocking noises. "Uuhhh! Oohh yea boy, I'm gonna fuck up that tight little ass of yours... Uuhhh! Uhhh!" He fucked me so fast and hard that my whole body moved with each of his thrusts. The man started smacking my ass and calling me names, "Uhh... You like getting fucked by a real man, huh little boy? You like it when I put my dick up your boy pussy?! Uhhh! Oohhh fuck! Uuuhhhhh!!! Shit! UUUHHHH!!! Uuuhhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhh!!!..." The man continued to thrust his cock deep into my sore ass hole as he spilled a lot of his warm cum with his cock shoved all the way inside of me, filling up my bowels with his sperm. Once he was done he abruptly pulled his cock out of my used anus, as more semen leaked out of my ass hole, dripping down to my balls. I turned to see the man pay the same large amount of money as he left the house. The man collecting the money came in and just as I thought I would be used again, he said, "Alright k!d, time to go back where you came." he untied my hands and handed me my clothes telling me to get dressed fast so we could go. I trembled as I quickly put on my underwear and my pants followed by my uniform shirt. Once I was fully dressed I was blindfolded again and taken out of the room where I heard other sex noises in another room. 

I then realized it was a whore house, and I had only been one of their whores for the night. I was told not to tell anyone about this as they put me in their van and drove off. I was dropped off at the park with my book bag and the van sped off. When I didn't hear the van anymore I took off the blindfold and headed home feeling my sore ass hole, still filled with many, different guys semen. 

When I finally got home my parents were asl**p and they thought I was just hanging out with some friends late at night as I usually do right before the weekend. I took a long shower and went to bed shortly after feeling exhausted. I didn't know what kind of consequences I would possibly have to face since I had unprotected sex with all of those men... But one thing was for sure. I wanted to go back there again sometime soon...... Continue»
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When the Cats Away, Pussies Cum Play

Alica my girl was out of town for the night. I was horny as hell. I laid in the bed on top of the covers, naked. Fantasizing, stroking my dick. Remembering the feeling of her pussy wrapped around my dick. My cock becoming harder and bigger with each stroke. Massaging my balls with one hand. I was in such a deep trance of self satisfaction. My girlfriends roommate Jade who didn't know I was in the room burst through the door. Looking for hairbrush or something she had just got out of the shower. She only had on a pair of panties and a sexy baby doll nightgown.

Shocked but not ashamed both our eyes locked in on one another. Her eyes got big as she stared at my swollen rock hard cock. Much to my surprise instead of running from the room she slowly walked closer. "Don't mind me" she said. "I know how it is when your horny and your
baby is not around. Sometimes ya just gotta take matters into your own hands" she teased with a laugh.

" Ya gotta relieve the pressure one way or another" she added. Still starring at my dick she continued. "Do you mind if I watch? It really turns me on to see a guy jack off. It could be our little secret".

How could I refuse? I was naturally an exhibitionist so her offer to watch only turned me on more. She was sexy and hot to look at. My mind now erased the image of my girlfriend and replaced it with her beautiful, nice big breasted roommate. She had the most awesome pair of
dick sucking lips as well.

As she stood beside the bed watching as I stroked my fat cock up and down. Her eyes were fixated on my every move. Licking her lips she started breathing heavily. After a few minutes her hand found its way between her legs. Rubbing her pussy through her panties I could see a
wet spot growing on the front of her soft pink panties. She had a nice pair of pussy lips that strained against the material of her panties. Beginning to feel my orgasm approaching my grunts and groans became louder. By this time she had pulled her nightie up and was playing with her tits.

Screaming out, "I'm gonna come!" She rushes over to the bed, grabs me by my cock, throws her lips around it and starts giving me one of the best cock suckings I've ever experienced in my life. Sucking the head into her mouth with a hard pucker. Her tongue moved side to side as her mouth went up and down my stiff pole.. Holding my balls in her hand she worked her magic all over my throbbing schlong.

Taking it out just in time to mutter, " I want you to cum in my mouth! I want to swallow all your hot cum. I love to taste thick creamy spunk in my mouth!."

I howled as she frantically sucked me to a frenzy. My dick spurted and splattered a thick hot creamy load of goo into her waiting sexy mouth. She seemed to love the taste of it as she gobbled it up. Taking care not to let a single droplet of my jism escape. Sucking the remnants of my creamy filling up so good it sent me over the edge again releasing another stream of jism. It sprayed out all over her face and neck as she flicked her long narrow tongue along the underside of my dickhead. I was in love.

Wiping me off with a hot towel she said she wouldn't mind servicing me again if Alicia was ever out of town, or if I ever just felt horny and wanted my cock sucked. She also told me that she was a bisexual and liked to share.

It happened again on another lonely weekend. Alicia was away at her mothers for the weekend. Flicking through the channels there was nothing on the tv. Turning the tv off I listened. I thought I heard sexual moans coming from th next bedroom. I quietly walked out into the hallway for a better listen. I was right. They were at it again. Alicia and I had fucked many nights to the sounds of their lesbian lovemaking. I'd always wondered what it would be like to join in the fun. Tonight was going to be that night.

As I quietly crept closer I could see that they had left the rooms door open. I had an amazingly clear view. Her lover was laid in a spread eagle, her long legs high in the air and holding onto her ankles. Jade was kneeling on the floor, with her ass to the wind, eating her lovers pussy out like it was the last meal on the planet, nibbling, sucking and slurping the lovers hot juices as she works over her clit. Jade fingered her own pussy as she devoured her lovers sweet nectar. As I stood in the doorway they both looked at me and beckoned me toward the bed without saying a word.

They had planned it all along. I obeyed as they extended the invitation of a guys lifetime. The lover tells me to wet my dick in the roommates pussy and fuck her in the ass as she continues to get her cunt consumed.

There is nothing like having a hot threesome. Especially when the guy is number one with two hot girls. So I pushed my thick hard dick into Jades shaved, dripping wet and gaping pussy. Getting it nice and slippery wet after a couple of strokes, I unsheathed it from her cock pocket and jabbed that thing quick and hard into her ass, causing her to smack down on her lovers pussy. The image of her lapping away at the other bitches pussy and all that juicy beautifully big ass staring me in the face, it was just too much. My head began to spin as my balls tightened up. Pulling out I shot a creamy hot load of man juice all over her ass and back. She told her lover to lick it all up, off of her, she hesitated for a second, so I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her over and said "she told you to eat it." She voraciously sucked it all up and then showing us her cream smeared face, smiled and swallowed. Jade attacked her and sucked the rest off of her lips.

We continued to fuck like this throughout the rest of the night. Two bi and beautiful cum sluts and one elated pussy eater of a man. By the end of the night we all had aching mouths and sore stiff jaws. Alicia is heading down to Florida with her mother for a couple of weeks, next month. I could only begin to imagine what fun will be surely had. ... Continue»
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The Married Woman I met Online (cont.)

After meeting up with Keri the first time, she was texting me constantly; at least 20 times a day. Although it was a huge turn on getting a blow job from a married woman in her car, I still wasn’t that interested. I figured I’d keep in touch in case I was in need of an emergency booty call, plus it was fun texting her dirty messages.
I came to learn that Keri and her husband hadn’t sex in years and even when they were having sex, he would pre-maturely ejaculate. In fact, Keri said he had never given her an orgasm. Sadly enough, Keri had only been with one man her whole life! She also said that her husband had a small penis and when she saw mine, she almost didn’t what to do with it and that’s why she kind of froze when I took it out of my pants.
After texting for awhile I got Keri to admit she compulsively masturbates (10+ times a day) and that she is horny all of the time. Most nights she wakes up, goes to the bathroom and fucks herself with a vibrator watching porn on her phone. When I asked her what type of porn turns her on, she said she likes to watch men dominating women during sex and being a little rough. She also confessed that her ultimate fantasy is to be talked to like a slut during sex and used like a whore.
Keri was 48, about 20 years older than me, but still very hot. She had what looked like a great body and great tits, but both times I saw her, she dressed very conservatively. She definitely didn’t look like a woman who went around blowing strange guys in her car; she looked more like a woman who worked at a church.
It was a Saturday afternoon and my roommates and I were sitting around watching college football and playing the Xbox 360. I got yet another text from Keri asking me what I was up to. Since I didn’t really plan to see her again, I thought I’d at least have fun. I had already told my roommates about the blow job in the car, so I took a poll with my roommates about how I should respond to her. Now my roommates are great guys, but none of them are very good with women, so they live vicariously through me at times.
“Ask her for a pic of her boobs” one of my roommates shouted, the rest quickly agreed. I laughed at the eagerness in the tone of their voices, but thought what the hell.
“I’m good, a little bored” I wrote “Send me a pic of your tits to brighten up my day.”
She responded “Ok, give me a sec. My husband is in the same room; need to go up to my bedroom”.
I started laughing, showing my roommates her response. None of them could believe a married woman could be such a slut! Well she must have run up to her bedroom, because she sent a picture over in less than a minute. My roommates were still passing my phone around when the pic came in.
“Holy shit b*o” one of my roommates said “she has big ol fat titties, but she is wearing her bra! What the fuck, we want to see titties, not a Victoria Secret catalog”.
I got up and snatched my phone back to see the picture. My roommate was right, she had big tits! Her bra looked like it was under a lot of stress holding them up.
A little pissed that my roommates weren’t satisfied, I texted Keri back “Send me another, without the bra!”
Keri responded “Not sure you want to see them without a bra, they hang a little. You know I’m not 21 right? I have a mom body”.
Everyone in the room almost lost it, myself included! This was starting to get funny, so I decided to play along and see how far I could push it.
“I didn’t ask you for a pic without your bra, I TOLD you to send me one” I wrote “I’ll be the judge of what kind of body you have”.
Ten minutes went by without a response from Keri and I thought I might have pushed too hard. Oh well, at least my buddies got a few laughs. We went back to our game of Madden on the Xbox not thinking too much about it.
After about twenty minutes, I heard my phone chime. I paused the game and walked over to my phone to get the message.
“Holy fuck” I said “She wasn’t k**ding, she does have saggy tits”!
All of my roommates jumped up off the sofa and ran over at the sometime to see. My roommate Josh got to my phone first, than fought off the others as they tried to rip it from his hands. This was hilarious!
Keri’s tits hung down almost to her belly button and she had areolas the width of a softball. I was never really turned on by tits, I was definitely an ass man, but Keri’s tits instantly got me hard. You don’t see tits like Keri’s in Playboy, gravity and having c***dren definitely took its toll on this lady. Maybe it was the way she posed for the picture that turned me on; she looked shy and timid as if she knew I wasn’t going to like them. She couldn’t have been more wrong, I was genuinely starting to get interested.
Praising her for following my instruction, I wrote back “Good girl, I like what I see”.
Although my roommates we’re begging me to write back asking for more pics, I decided to leave it at that and let Keri’s insecurities play with her mind. In my experience with submissive women like Keri, the desire to be dominated by a man is extremely powerful and can influence them to do almost anything, if you ask with the right timing.
I put the phone back down and snapped at my roommates to leave the phone on the counter. Again, we went back to the Xbox and started a new game of Madden. After awhile I heard my phone chime a few times, but I let it be and kept playing the game.
About an hour after I sent my last text to Keri, I got up and went to the frig to grab a beer. On my way back to living room, I grabbed my phone and took a look at the text messages, there were three from Keri:
“Do you want to see more” read the first.
“Hello?” read the second.
“Ok fine, I guess not. I told you, my boobs are ugly” she said in the last message.
As I drank my beer, I contemplated my response. Since we were all having a great time texting messaging Keri the married slut, I thought I’d push a little more.
“I told you I liked them, don’t question me” I said “Send me a picture of your ass, bent over with panties on”.
As I sent the text, I passed my phone back around to my roommates to read. “Hells yeah” Josh yelled, “it’s on now”!
Shaking my head giggling, it was fun to see my nerdy friends get excited like 15 year old boys.
Just as my roommate Mike passed the phone back to me, Keri’s response came over, “I can’t” read the message “My husband and f****y are all home right now, maybe later”?
“No” I said “Go back upstairs and take the picture I told you take, right now!”
I read my response to my roommates and they were almost in disbelief. They all agreed that there was no way she was going to actually do it. My roommate Josh even said “Dude, you can’t talk to women like that, not even you b*o”!
“Five dollars says she is taking off her pants right now and trying to look sexy in the mirror” I replied.
“You’re on” they all agreed.
I gave my phone to Josh and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. A few minutes later, I hear all of the guys in the living room hooting and hollering. “b*o, come in here! She sent you the pic” one of them said.
“I knew she would, never any doubt. Pay up fuckers!” I yelled.
They were all huddled around my phone looking at the pic, “Well?” I asked.
“Dude, she has a nice ass, but she is wearing granny panties” Mike said laughing.
Pissed off, I grabbed my phone back and sure enough Keri sent me a pic of her ass in semi granny panties. Although the panties weren’t awful, they weren’t sexy in the least bit.
I typed back “I don’t ever want to see you in panties like that again, change them and take another pic”.
She immediately responded “I can’t, what if my husband walks in and catch’s me? Maybe later”
This is exactly what I hoped she would say; it gave me a great opportunity to escalate the situation!
“I’m not going to tell you again, do as I say” I told her.
From that point, I knew if she did what I said I could get her to do almost anything I pleased.
It wasn’t long before I got a message back with a picture of her ass in a pink thong, bent over with her hair off to the side.
I knew then that I had her right where I wanted her. Of course my roommates were clueless when it came to this kind of seduction; I thought I might teach them a lesson.
As I passed my phone around to them, they all started fighting for it again to catch glimpse.
I said “I’m going to have her come over here right now; you guys want to listen in on me fucking this nasty little housewife?”
With wide eyes and grins, they all shook there in agreement.
“Give me my phone back and I’ll show you how it’s done” I exclaimed.
I texted her our address and said “My place in 30 minutes, leave the pink thong on and wear a skirt”.
My answer came quickly and in two letters, “ok” she replied.
Up unto this point I was acting pretty cool, showing off to my roommates, but the reality of the situation sank in immediately after getting her reply. Honestly, I was pretty aroused by this point. I had Keri, a mother and housewife, taking dirty pictures of herself all day with her husband in the next room. If that wasn’t bad enough, I had manipulated her into coming over to my apartment in the next few minutes. I remember asking myself if I felt bad for what I was about to do and the answer was…no, not at all!
“Ok” I told my roommates “before she comes over, I’m going to call one of your phones. Answer the call, go into the next room and put it on speaker. I’ll put my phone in my room, next to the bed. That way you guys can hear how badly I’m going to turn this chick out. You might want to get a couple beers from the frig first”. At this point, the guys are almost as excited as I am.
I jumped in the shower as quickly as I could, she would be over any moment. I was in a hurry, but I took special care to really wash my cock and balls, I knew they would be in Keri’s mouth in just a few minutes.
I heard the door bell ring just as I was putting on my jeans. I zipped them up, grabbed my phone and called one of the guys, then left the phone on the dresser under a shirt. I took my time walking to the front door, I wanted to leave her waiting for a bit. I swung the door open to find a very nervous looking Keri, with workout pants and top on. I was instantly disappointed she disobeyed my direct instruction to wear a skirt.
“Come on in” I said, slapping her ass gently as she walked by me, “my room is on the right” pointing to the door.
Keri walked in my room and sat on the bed, clutching her purse tightly in her lap as I closed the door behind us.
“I don’t have a lot of time” she started “Bill, my husband, thinks I’m out at the store grabbing something for dinner tonight. I need to be home in…
“Why” I interrupted, as I walked to the other side of the room, making sure to put some space between us “aren’t you wearing a skirt” in a stern, disappointed tone.
“I don’t usually wear skirts, so I was worried my husband would think something was up” Keri explained.
“I don’t care what your husband thinks, it’s none of his damn business what you wear to my apartment! If you’re going to be coming over here, you’d better do what I say or I won’t have you over again. Do you understand?” I commanded.
“Yes” Keri said meekly while looking down at the floor.
“What did you say Keri, I didn’t hear you? Look at me when I’m talking to you” I said.
“Yes, I understand” She replied.
“Good, next time you disobey me I won’t be so forgiving, I’ll have to punish you!” I said.
Keri’s eyes widened noticeably when I said that I and thought for a split second I went too far too fast.
“I’m sorry I disappointed you, it won’t happen again” she explained.
That reassured me we were still on the same page and I hadn’t over done it. Most people don’t understand what being a dominant man is all about, it’s not just barking out orders like an asshole, there is give and take. Submissives need to be kept on a leash, figuratively speaking. Give them the idea that they’re free to do as they please, but only to a certain point before you rein them back in with discipline. Submissive women disobey in order to be disciplined, which turns them on.
“Good girl Keri, now put your purse down and walk over to me” I said.
I could she her hands trembling as she put her purse down. As she got up off the bed and walked over to me, I couldn’t help but notice her figure. Now that I knew she had massive tits under her workout shirt, I had to remind myself to keep calm.
“Are you nervous”? I asked
“A little” she said.
“Don’t lie to me Keri; you’re shaking like a leaf. Are you nervous?” I asked again.
“Yes I am” She said as she finally looked up at me.
I let her stand there for a moment, looking up at me, anticipating what I might do next. I wanted her to squirm a little and feel the awkward tension that was building up. I finally reached my finger under her chin and raised her mouth up to meet mine and we kissed lightly. Her mouth as dry and cold from being so nervous, but she tasted wonderful and kept kissing for a few minutes. I was mindful not to let my hands touch her body yet, I wanted to fill her senses with anticipation.
I stopped, took a step back and then said “take off your clothes, slowly”.
Keri paused for a second, than obeyed my command. She took a couple steps back, leaning against my bed as she started taking her workout pants off.
“Take your top off first” I said.
She stopped and followed my order. Taking her shirt off over her head, her tits where bigger then what they looked like in the pic she had sent me earlier.
“Now your bra” I said.
As she reached back and unclasped her bra, her tits came bounding out; it was fucking beautiful!
I had never seen such awesome natural sagging tits in my life, I was awestruck.
“Now your pants” I said.
She reached down and took off her pants, she also started taking off her pretty pink panties.
“No, leave the panties on for now” I instructed.
I let her stand there, naked except for her pink panties, for a good minute. I’m not sure who it was harder for, me or Keri. Every instinct in my body was telling me to bend her over my bed and fuck her, but I needed to calm myself down and show how worked up I really was.
After what seemed like an eternity, I said “Come over here and get on your knees”.
Without any hesitation Keri took a few steps towards me and dropped to her knees.
“Unzip my jeans and take out my cock” I said firmly.
Keri unzipped my jeans, reached inside them and pulled my cock out as I had instructed.
She took a few seconds to look at it and then went to put it in her mouth.
“No, not yet” I said stopping her “Do you like my cock?”
“Yes” she said quietly.
“Keri, look at me when I’m talking to you”
“Yes” she said louder as she looked up at me “I like your cock”.
“Have you ever had a cock like this in your mouth before mine”? I said, knowing that my roommates were listening on the phone in the other room.
“No” Keri said “I’ve never given a man a blow job before a few days ago, my husband won’t let suck his and I’ve never been with another man”.
Shaking my head, I asked Keri “Do you want my cock in your mouth right now”?
“Yes” she said looking up.
“Good” I said “I want you to suck my cock gently”
Keri took her eyes away from mine and took another look at cock, then reached up with her left hand and put my half erect dick in her mouth. Keri’s mouth wasn’t dry anymore; she almost salivating as she slowly moved her head back and forth gripping the base with her left hand.
Just then, I realized she had her wedding ring on. I thought to myself, this was another man’s wife in my bedroom blowing me right now! What a chump! The thought was so powerful; I almost blew my load into her mouth right then. I needed her to slow down or might lose it.
“Take my cock out of your mouth and lick my balls” I said.
Keri didn’t hesitate and she started stroking my cock while she licked my balls. This woman caught on quickly, I was impressed. Her hand was gliding back and forth over my dick as I watched her beautiful wedding glimmering in the light.
I suddenly realized I had to get Keri back to her lame husband soon, so I told her to stop, get up, and take her panties off.
Again, she did exactly what I said. As she slid her panties off, I could see that she kept her pussy well groomed, with a cute little patch of pubic hair shaped like a heart. It actually made me sad for a second that this gorgeously sexy woman kept her pussy groomed for a husband who hadn’t fucked her in years.
Damn, what a waste! That was all going to change I thought to myself.
“Go over to the bed and lie down” I told her.
As she turned and walked to the bed, I could see her naked ass for the first time. To this day, it may be the nicest, fattest ass I’ve ever seen; I literally had to pick my jaw up off the ground.
I followed her to the bed and lied next to her and we started kissing again. I finally allowed myself to grab one her tits and it felt like heaven. Most of the women I have been with have fake, bolt on titties, Id almost forgot what the real thing felt like. I moved down and put one of her nipples in my mouth, Keri let out a huge gasp. It was very apparent she had extremely sensitive nipples surrounded by the biggest damn areolas I’ve every seen.
Keri ran her hands through my hair as I suckled on her tits; I could have done that all night, it was bliss.
When I finally picked my head up, I started kissing her again and I positioned myself between her legs with her on her back.
Keri looked down at my cock with lust in her eyes and I could her moist pussy was ready for me to fuck her.
“Do you want to get fucked Keri?” I asked
“Oh my god, yes!” She said
“I want you to tell me you’re a whore first” I asked.
Now I know for sure my roommates are laughing their asses off in the other room and I kind of wanted to ham it up for them a little before I finally stuck it in Keri.
“I’m a whore” Keri exclaimed
“Yes you are Keri, you’re a dirty whore” I told her “and I’m going to fuck you like the little whore you are! Is that what you want”?
“Please fuck my little whore pussy, it’s so wet for you” Keri shouted.
I was actually taken back, I hadn’t heard Keri talk like that. It was clear, she liked to be talked to like a slut!
I stuck my dick in slowly as I told Keri to watch it go inside of her.
I was amazed at how tight her little pussy was. All those years of not having sex with her husband sure tightened back up her pussy after having k**s.
Keri let out a huge scream as I slowly put my dick all the way inside of her. My dick had completely filled up her pussy and I left it there for a second so she could feel the entire thing.
I pulled out slowly, and then rammed it back in the some f***e.
Keri screamed again and said “Your cock is fucking huge, I can’t it all”.
I kept fucking her as she screaming, letting her know I wasn’t going to stop.
“Do like being fucked like this you little whore?” I asked Keri as I was pounding her pussy.
“Yes, holy shit! Keep fucking me please, I’m a whore for your cock” she yelled.
“Have you ever been fucked like this Keri” I asked as started fucking her a little harder.
“No, fuck no! Oh my god, keep fucking my pussy” She shrieked
“Reach down and finger your clit” I said as I took her hand and licked her fingers to moisten them.
Keri did as I said, looking down at her pussy she started rubbing her clit with her fingers as I kept pounding away with my cock.
I could feel her pussy get even wetter as she fingered her clit. I had her legs spread as far open as I could get them and I used my hands to pin her legs back.
“Oh my god, I think I’m going to cum!”Keri said
“Yeah, that’s right you little slut, come for me!” I said
Keri’s legs started squirming and her hips began grinding against her fingers as she moved them faster and faster.
Keri was groaning loudly as she started to orgasm, but then went completely silent as her body began to thrash around. I had to grab a hold of one her legs tightly or she would have knocked me off the bed. She got so twisted up during her orgasm; she pulled herself off my cock entirely. She rolled over on her side, while her whole body twitched. It almost looked like she had electricity running through her body. Finally Keri grasped for air and rolled back over on her back. I touched her leg gently and it looked like she went into another orgasm, kicking her legs up and grinding her hips in the air.
It was the greatest orgasm I’d ever seen in my life. I tried touching her again, but the sensation must have been too great and she pushed my hand off. She laid there for a minute, twitching and trying to catch her breath. I was on the bed kneeling, stroking my cock looking down on this beautiful woman in total ecstasy.
Finally she came back around and got a bearing on her surroundings.
“That was incredible!” she said still out of breath
She sat up and grabbed my cock, stroking it gently. She laid back down on her back and I leaned down and we made out for awhile.
Just then her phone rang and she shot up and asked what time it was.
“A little after 8:00” I said.
She grabbed her phone and said “Shit, its Bill! What the fuck am I going to say? I should have been home already!”
“Let it ring, then call him back in a second” I said.
After the last ring, I said “Call him back and tell him you ran into an old friend at the store and you had been gossiping for awhile”.
“Ok, that’s a good excuse, I can do that” She said with relief.
“I want you to bend over the side of the bed with your ass in the air and put him on speaker phone when you call him. I’m going to fuck you from behind quietly while you talk to him” I said.
“Are you fucking crazy? I can’t do that, not with your big dick inside of me!” Keri said distressed.
“Did you like the way I just fucked you Keri? I asked.
“Oh my god, that was insane! Hell yes I want you to fuck me like that again!” She said.
“Well if you ever want this dick again, you’re going to do exactly what I just told you!”
“Oh my god, ok, but you better not fuck me hard, I won’t be able to control myself” She said.
My cock sprung up like a rocket! I couldn’t believe this shy little housewife was actually going to do it. It was going to be hard for me not to cum, but I had to concentrate.
She leaned over the bed, put her ass in the air and said “I can’t believe I’m about to do this”.
I put my cock in her unbelievably wet pussy and slowly started fucking her again. She let out a gasp again, then reached over, picked up the phone and dialed her husband. She put the phone on speaker, and then put it down on the bed facing her.
“Hello” Bill answered.
“Hi sweetie, sorry I missed your call” Keri struggled to say
“Keri, where the fuck are you? You’ve been gone a long time” Bill said sounding like a whiney sniveling prick.
Little did Bill know that his sweet little shy wife was getting fucked by another man at that very moment. It took everything I had to keep quiet and fuck Keri softly.
“I ran into Cindy at the store and we started talking about the k**s and how everything was going. You know how Cindy is, she just talks and talks and talks.” Keri explained
“Yeah, I know that. Ok, well hurry home were all hungry for dinner” clueless Bill said.
“Ok, I will. Love you sweetie” Kari said.
“Love you too” Bill replied.
Keri reached down and ended the phone.
My cock was about ready to explode! Keri was by far the biggest slut in history, she lied to husband while being fucked by another man at the same time.
“Oh my god, you’re the biggest whore on the planet!” I said as I started absolutely pounding her pussy again.
“Did you like that? Did you like being fuck from behind while you called your husband and lied” I yelled.
“Yes” Keri squealed “I’m a no good dirty whore for your cock!”
“Oh you’re good for something” I shouted “You’re good for me to cum into”
Keri was starting to moan loudly and could feel her playing her pussy again with her fingers.
“Do you want me to cum inside you slut?” I asked f***efully
“Oh fuck, please give me your cum! I want it inside of me!” Keri screamed
I could feel my balls starting to swell up and I knew I was about to cum. I reached down and grabbed some of Keri’s hair and pulled it back. She let out a loud gasp and I pulled a little harder.
“Of fuck, come in me baby, cum in me, cum in me” She repeated
I pulled her hair with both of my hands as I came, calling her a whore as did. I had an orgasm that seemed to last for a minute, who knows how much sperm I deposited into Keri’s pussy. After I had pumped all of my cum into her, I just froze with my dick stuck all the way inside of her. It felt like I blew the top of my dick off, I’ve never felt anything like it.
I slowly let go of her hair then pulled my dick out. I told her not to move, I wanted to see her pussy with my sperm all in it. I told her to reach back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks so I could see her busted pussy. My sperm was already running down her legs, it was an awesome sight.
“Did you like the way my pussy made you cum”? Keri asked.
“Hell yes I did” I said “Now get your shit together and get home to your husband”
Keri came back to reality and started scrambling for her clothes. She reached down to pick up her panties and put them back on.
“No, leave those panties here. They’re mine now” I said.
She put her bra back on, stuffing those massive hanging tits back inside. Then see put back on her pants, stopping to wipe up the sperm running down her legs with her fingers. She briefly looked for something to clean her fingers with and then just decided to lick them clean.
I threw my jeans back on and opened the door as Keri was putting the shirt back on over her head. As we came back out into the main room, all of my roommates were back out in front of the TV. Keri froze for a second as she saw them, than tried to act like it wasn’t a big deal.
“Those are just my roommates” I told her “they’re cool”.
“Hi guys” Keri said awkwardly
Then my smart ass roommate Josh said “Don’t forget to bring dinner home for your husband Keri”. All of them broke down in hysterical laughter.
She turned and looked at me mortified and I said “yeah, don’t forget dinner”.
I opened the door and gave her a light slap on the ass and said “thanks” as she walked out.
I watched her walk down the stairs while my roommates all looked out the front window. Keri looked back as she got into her car and saw all of us looking down on her.
I waved as she sped through the parking lot on her way home.
One of my roommates came over with a beer and gave me a high five “b*o that was fucking awesome!”
We sat around all night talking about how much of a slut Keri was and how the fuck I was able to get her to do all that.
“I don’t know guys, ask her next time she comes over. I have a feeling she’ll be back”
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Old Man Young Tenant, Part 4 Toy time

Old man and young tenant Part 4
The week had gone slowly for Alice as she was anxious to be with William. He had been shopping and Wednesday when she had been to his apartment for supper he had mentioned that he had been shopping and gotten some of the things they had talked about last weekend. Things had gotten a little warm as they cleaned up after the meal but William had stopped it and made her finish the school work.

He looked across the room at the cute, pretty and really beautiful woman sitting there studying. Man it has been a long time since he felt this way and he liked it.

She looked up and saw him looking at her in a way that made her get all warm and fuzzy. There was a sensation that ran through her body form toe to nose and it was not just a sexy urge now but something else. She was truly happy. Then she thought about Friday night when she would be back and he would show her what he had bought and that aroused different feeling in her causing her pussy to get all warm and wet.

He saw the look on her face and wiggle of her butt in the chair.

“Enough day dreaming young lady back to the books” and he smiled a very knowing smile.
She smiled at him and deep within herself thinking, he knows what was going on in my mind. The ticklish feeling flashed through her body and she smiled as she bent over the books again.

Friday came and she only stayed at her apartment long enough to drop of school books and change into jeans and shirt. As she was leaving her roommates asked where she was off to and she had only said she was going out with a friend as she disappeared out the door. Her roommates were getting a little curious about her absence from the apartment last weekend and then she was gone without telling them anything.

She had run down the hall bumping into a couple of the other tenants before stopping at Williams’s door and knocked excitedly.

“Come in before you break the door down”, crazy woman might as well tell the world we are having an affair or what the hell it is if some old goat is having sex with a, what, hell a c***d. Again the thoughts of what he was doing ran through his head, it’s not right he should not be doing this. Then she was there running up to him jumping up throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him in a way he had not been kissed in a long time. All his doubts vanished in an instant as his arms folder around her and hugged her tightly.

The kiss was hard and her tongue parted his lips and entered his mouth quickly. His hand was on the back of her head and the kiss became frenzied. The feel of her breast and hips pressing against him caused his cock to twitch and harden. His hand moved down and cupped her ass and squeezed the cheek and she moaned softly. His lips moved along her jaw line to her neck and hers moved and bite his ear. Her teeth bit his ear lobe and pulled hard causing him to pull back and bite her neck hard.
It seemed that they wanted to devour each other literally.
The feel of his hands on her body stirred all the passionate needs in her again and she wanted him completely now. Her lips moved down from the ear to neck and back to his lips and then she broke. “I want you now please, I can’t wait any longer.” Her lips kissed the base of his neck and her hand now moved to the front and tore at his shirt.

Her urgent need had made him hot and there was no stopping now as both hands held her ass and squeezed her cheeks hard. It was this way that he carried her to the bedroom while she kissed and bite at his neck and ear.
He threw her on the bed and stripped off his shirt, shoes and pants leaving only his boxers before he bent down to strip her. His hands clumsily undid the buttons of her blouse kissing the bare skin as it showed paying special attention to the cleavage between her sweet tits. She was wearing a plain white bra and as she had not taken any of the new ones back to her place. He unhooked the bra and as it opened up the small pert tits with the very hard nipples bounced up to his lips. The tongue first circled each nipple licking the tip.

“Oh yes suck them, suck them hard now please” she begged him and as his lips closed around a nipple and sucked it deep she moaned loudly and shivered as the passionate sensations racing through her.

Then his lips moved down across her belly kissing sucking and licking. He could hear her moaning and begging for him to hurry. His hands were on her jeans opening and then pulling down off her legs.

He stared down at her now laying there with only the white panties on and the fires of passion burned deep. He pulled down his boxers and his cock jumped up like a young stud.
He thought, god woman you made a new man of me and I love you for it.

He picked up a foot and ran his tongue over the sole lightly causing her to giggle and twist.
“Hey, don’t, I want you to fuck me not tickle” and she used her other foot to rub his hard cock.
He could not believe her using the word “fuck” so freely but it sounded hot coming from her and he move his lips up her leg past the knee up the inside of her thigh. The taste of her flesh was salty as she had not showered and so she smelled of woman and he wanted to passionately eat her. His hand grabbed the top of her panties and f***efully pulled then down. Now she was naked and he quickly buried his face in her pussy.

The desire in him could not be kept in control any longer as he licked the warm wet pussy lips with frenzy. His tongue parted the tight young lips and moved up to the clit which was now a hard little button. She moaned loudly and bucked wildly as his licking and sucking sent the sensation of an orgasm through her.

Her moans and movements made him even more excited as he lifted her legs to his shoulder and then, with one hand, rubbed his cock head against her waiting lips.

The feel of her warm wet pussy lips against the head of his cock sent the most wonderful sensations through him. He could not wait and pushed the head past her lips causing her to jerk with momentary pain. Then he pushed into her part way and started to thrust in and out until he heard her moaning with another orgasm.

The feel of his tongue had given her a small orgasm but then as his cock had started to move in and out of her young tight pussy she had a massive orgasm. She now wanted it all and bucked her hips up to him forcing his cock to drive deep into her.

As she bucked up to him he had dropped down on her and the result was his cock was now as deep into her as it ever had been. He felt the head hit the cervix and her body shudder as another orgasm caused her to moan then scream.

The sensation was the best she had ever known and the scream just happened.

Her orgasm had triggered his climax and his moan mingled with her scream as her pussy was filled with his cum.
He continued to thrust as long as he could but without the pill and cock ring his erection softened quickly. Soon his cock was soft and had slipped out of her. Then as he rolled to his side beside her, “Oh I am sorry but without the pill I just don’t can’t keep it hard very long and I hate to leave you hanging”.

She did not understand his concern, “What do you mean, I had a great orgasm in fact I had several and I don’t care about how long it is, I just love the feel of you cock in me and the cum”. She wiggled at the thought of that and cuddled up to him kissing his neck and ear.

He lay there happy and content wondering what he had done to deserve all this.

“So you went shopping and got me a vibrator and some toys”.

“Yes, I got all sorts of things you asked about”.

“Okay let’s see them” then she was getting up looking around the room.

“First lets clean up and eat, and then we can look at what I got.”

With that they showered, together, playing with each other in a very familiar way as the washing was not scrubbing but more like caressing. The meal was good with talk of school and friends, which caused him some uneasiness as he felt like she was a daughter. They were in the living room setting on the sofa with one of the bags of things he had bought. This feeling was strange to him as she was not his daughter but it seemed he was fucking his daughter or someone he thought of as a daughter.

Dam it, too much thinking and I will get this all screwed up. She is not my daughter, but the thoughts and feelings are really sexy. If she was my daughter I guess I would still be doing her like I am.

They had dressed comfortable as they were staying in and she had put on some of the new clothes. She had on red boy cut panties and a red pushup bra that barely covered her nipples. The blouse was a red sleeveless one. The shorts were black very tight and pulled into her crotch but no camel toe as her pussy was too young and tight.

He smiled as she opened the bag and hauled out the vibrators and a couple of dildos.

“This is a funny looking cock with two ends, how do I use it. Oh and what is this”, as she picked up both a double ended dildo and a small silver vibrator.

“Okay easy now one thing at a time. That is a vibrator and you can use it on your clit or in your pussy and some even use it in the ass.” He picked it up and twisted the end to turn it on and handed it to her.

“Oh wow, that is a weird feeling, so show me” and she handed it to him.

“Okay close your eyes and just feel and don’t say anything”, and then he touched her neck and move the vibrator down opening her blouse to expose the bare skin above her bra. He felt her shiver as she sat back on the sofa and let him move the vibrator lower over the top of her breast.

She loved the feel of the vibrator over her breast and she was getting wet again.

He moves it over the outside of bra so it stimulated her nipples causing them to get hard and he heard a soft moan escape her lips. Then he edged it into the bra move it back and forth over and around the nipples of each breast. She was moaning louder and wiggling as her hands came up and opened her blouse completely then reaching in and pulling out each tit to rest above the bra.

“Oh god that feels so good, oh suck my tits please” and she reached up to grab his head.

“No, not yet, you let me control what we do okay” and he ran the vibrator over the nipples and then down over her bare belly and pushed it under the waist band of the shorts.

She loved the feel of the vibrations and as the vibrator moved down she got hotter and wetter. Then as he opened the shorts and pulled them and the panties down the vibrator followed until it hit the wet lips of her pussy. Her hips bucked up and a loud moan escaped her lips as the orgasm ripped through her causing her body to quiver for a moment. He pulled the vibrator away as she settled back and regained her composure.

‘Oh god that was great and so fast, I want that with me always and its small enough to put in purse so I can take it anywhere, how nice.” She was already thinking how it would be to use at home or heck even at school.

“Easy now, first you do not go around with it in your purse, what happens if you spill your purse. I will only give it to you if you promise to keep it safely in your dresser drawer in the apartment, okay”.

“Oh alright but I can take it out someday right, I thought it would be exciting to do it at school.”

“Oh sure you want a moaning screaming orgasm in the lunch room, nice”.

“No silly, but I was thinking of the library or study hall and I can do it quietly.”

“Well you better practice at home alone until you get the quiet part worked out because right now you are anything but quite when you have orgasm.” He was thinking of the last one and how loud she had screamed wondering if the neighbors had heard.

She reached up and kissed him with a soft loving kiss and again he had those thoughts of her being a daughter. He was shaking his head to clear it as she picked up the double ended dildo holding each cock head in a hand.

“So what does one do with a double headed cock?” as she moved one end to her mouth and licked it suggestively.
“Well this you can use to put in your pussy like a real cock and then you use vibrator on your clit as you move this in and out.”

“Fine but why are there two heads on it and look how long it is, that would never fit in my pussy.” as she waved both ends at him.
He smiled and thought, this is not going to be easy and he was actually a little embarrassed as he took it from her.

“Well, mmmm , let see how do I explain this, maybe we should start with some others.”
“No, you said you would explain it all and I want to know about this one, besides I think I have seen it on the internet, but I want you to teach me.” She had seen just about everything on the net but she wanted him to teach her. She wanted him to do to her all the things she had seen on the internet, besides it was a little fun watching his embarrassment.

“Okay, ah, well see some women like to have sex with other women and this way they can each have a cock in them.” He actually seems to be blushing and she smiled as she reached up and kissed him on the cheek.

“Oh you’re so sweet your actually blushing, I think.” A very special feeling filled her now and she could not understand or explain it.

“Nonsense I am too old to blush.”

He had not counted on the power of a young woman. She had caused many changes in this OLD man the least of which was blushing.

“So each gets a cock in their pussy and they usually sit scissor fashion then move the dildo back and forth. Since I’m not a woman I have not been actually present just seen movies.” He sighed and hoped she did not have a lot of questions and then asked himself, why did I get that one anyway.

“Oh, well I can take it back to my apartment and get one of the roommates to try it with me right”, she waited for him to choke on that as she smiled like a little devil.

“Oh god woman no you do not tell your roommates anything of the sort and further.” He was cut off by a sweet kiss on the lips.

“I was only teasing you I would never tell my roommates anything”, she then thought about why he did not want anyone to know about them and again more questions without answers.
“Ya well you have to stop teasing an old man like that, give me a heart attack.”

“Oh you’re not an old man to me and I would never give you a heart attack” and again she leaned in and kissed him softly with the feeling only love produces.

“So this is only good for two women then.”

“Well not exactly, see I have seen it used by one woman where she puts one in her pussy and the other,……….. well ah the other she put in her butt.”

“You mean she can get that in her ass?” She knew the words and was not afraid to use them but he had been again embarrassed or protective. Again the feeling she was more than just a young woman he was having sex with. “There is no way you could get that in my ass.”

“Ya well that is something we are not going to talk about, so let’s see what other vibrators are in the bag.” He was very ill at ease talking about anal sex with her but she was of another age and nothing seemed to bother her.

“But you promised to teach me everything about sex and such and anal sex it part of that right?” She was not going to let him get out of telling her everything he knew about sex. She saw the expression on his face and realized she had put him in a difficult position. “It can wait till later so don’t get upset, you look so worried” and again she kissed him softly.

The feeling that filled him now was just too wonderful to deny and as she kissed him he enfolded her in his arms crushing her to him. She had to push him back as she could not breathe. She looked into his eyes and saw something that warmed her entire being not just her pussy and she was truly happy.

“Okay now here is a vibrator egg and this is put inside your pussy and the control is here.”
She stood up and took his hand in her hand and the bag with the other. “Let’s go to the bedroom where we have more room.” Once there she stripped and crawled onto the bed taking the silver egg with her. “Here show me what to do”, and she handed it to him with a simple smile.

He crawled onto the bed up to her and then spreading her legs he touched her pussy lightly. He reached into the bag and pulled out the lubricant he had also bought and spread it on the egg before pushing it into her. She wiggled her hip as the egg went in and was pushed deeper by his fingers.

She softly moaned as the egg slipped into her and she could feel his finger touching her pussy lips. She thought, oh god it feels so good when he touches me there and her whole body quivered. Then her body convulsed as he turned on the vibrator buried deep inside her. The sensation was mind blowing and she moaned very loudly while she bucked her hips up. She reached out with both hands and grabbed his hair and pulled him to her kissing him with great f***e. The orgasm was unending as the vibrator did not stop and her body quivered.

He turned it off and she collapsed gasping. She breathed deep and fast just laying there as the reality of what had just happened finally hit her. “Oh god that was the greatest. That was the wildest orgasm I have ever had and so fast. I can still feel that thing and ohhhhh I can move it inside me by flexing my pussy.” She got a very sensual smile on her face as her pussy played with the egg. He handed the control to her and she turned it on to slow making her give out a soft low and very long moan.

She continued to enjoy the egg for several minutes as he looked through the other items in the bag.

The sensations running through her were not new but the method of getting them was and she liked the idea of being so naughty. She was young and really on her own for the first time and she had found someone to show her the really naughty side of life, or so she thought. She thought it would be great to keep the egg in her all the time that way she could just turn on and off as she wanted, but the wire coming out of her pussy might be a problem and she chuckled. She pulled the wire and then reached in and pulled the egg out, “here now let’s see what else you got”.

She proceeded to look through the pile of things on the bed and picked up a small butt plug, “okay let me guess, it goes in my ass”.

“Yes and I suggest you use some lubricant if you’re going to try” and he handed her the tube of KY jelly.

“Okay but you put it in for me” and with that she got on her hands and knees wiggling her cute little ass in his face.

Oh man this is getting very weird but god does she have a cute ass. He put some jelly on his index and middle fingers then some on her bung before slowly pushing his index finger in. After he had gotten the index in completely he added the middle finger and twisted his hand.

At first she did not feel like she was going to like this anal sex but then as the finger went deeper and the other finger entered she relaxed and the sensations of pleasurable sex flowed through her. His other hand was playing with her pussy and soon sexual feelings were filling her body again.

She was moaning and wiggling her hips and flexing her butt muscles around his fingers. Then he took the butt plug and pushed it into her slowly until it was firmly into her. She was moaning as his fingers stroked her clit while the other hand played with her breast and nipple.

The strange new feelings were exciting and so naughty, she was getting fuck in her ass, well almost anyway. She loved the feeling of his hands on her pussy and breast. Then she felt his hips against her ass and as he pulled her hard to his groin she felt the thrill of another orgasm rush through her.

He pulled the plug out slowly and let her relax laying flat on her belly.

She felt exhausted as she had had so many powerful orgasms. She could not believe how many ways there were to have an orgasm and how powerful they could be. She just wanted to lay there as she felt his hands on her bare back starting to massage her muscles.

He looked down at the cute young body before him and all he could think about was touching it. The hands seem to have a mind of their own and the kneaded and rubbed her back and legs and shoulder.

“Okay sl**ping beauty I think you should take a shower.”

She had fallen asl**p under the tender care of this man. “wow that was some evening what time is it?”

“Well its only 11 but I let you sl**p for awhile and before going you might want to shower.”

She did not really want to go but the shower sounded good as she felt very sticky. They showered together and she loved the way he washed her body so completely. She smiled as this time he paid special attention to her butt and made sure all the lubricant was cleaned off and out of her ass.

They dried each other off and as she was drying him she cupped his soft cock in her hand then bent and kissed it. She then took the cock into her mouth and sucked on the head.

“Oh wow easy mmmmmmm that is very nice but you do that and we will be here all night.”

“Well that is fine with me I want to stay here” and she could not help but wonder why he did not want her to spend the night.

“Your roommates will worry about you or will ask all sorts of questions about where you were”, he still was concerned about what people would say about an 18 year old girl with a 66 year old man. Hell he had his own questions of what the hell he was doing. Then every time he saw her, touched her or she touched him all the question flew out the window.

“I will just tell them I spent the night with a friend and leave it at that and if they ask I will just say “A FRIEND” and that is all, so there now can I stay tonight, please.” She reached up and kissed him softly.

What could he say but yes. “Okay you can stay”.

With that she kissed his cock head and then proceeded to lick it and his balls. He could not believe what she was doing or how she knew what to do and then she took his cock deep into her mouth and started to suck. He reached down taking her head between his hands he moved it back and forth.

He threw his head back and moaned as she caressed his balls and then fingered the spot at the base of his cock that sent shocks through his body causing him to shoot what little cum he had, and it was not much, into her mouth. She continued to suck and stroke his cock until it was soft again.

She looked up and smiling she stood up, “I like the taste of your cock and your cum”.

“Oh nice and where did you learn all this?”

“On the internet, you can see everything on some sites and it is very informative”, and with that she squeezed his soft cock very gently.

“MMMMM, I do love your touch and you are a lot better informed about things than you let on young lady” and he pulled her close and kissed her softly on the lips. “Now it is time to put something on so go look at the things I bought you” and with that she hurried into the bedroom.

He had purchased a selection of many items and she tried several. She giggled at the crotch less panties and the bra that just push up the breast with nipples at the top edge. She walked around the room showing off several of the items until she settled on a pair of lace panties and a very thin sexy nightie. Then she went back to the collection of toys.

There was a vibrator with a clit and anal stimulator along with some velvet cuffs. She held these up and smiled at him.

“So when do you plan on using these” , as she waved them at him.

He smiled and thought, god I cannot keep up with this woman’s desires I am just too old but it is sure fun trying. Sitting on the edge of the bed he looked at her standing in the sexy nightie and said, “Sorry my dear but old William is a little worn out, I cannot keep up with your youthful desire, much as I would like to. I am sorry but there just isn’t much left in me tonight.”

She smiled and moved to him taking his hands in hers,”oh please don’t feel you have to do anything now, I am sorry for being so demanding.” She kissed him gently on the cheeks and lips.

“Oh I hope to show you all the toys and well use them with you; on you, but I guess my age does make a difference.” Pulling her to him and laying back she snuggled up alongside him with her head on his chest and arm up around neck and leg over his.

She looked into his face and smiled feeling safe against his warm body. She was spending the night with him and that was enough for now and besides he would wake in the morning all rested and she would have him then.

He woke with a morning hardon which had not happened in a long time and he thought, mmmm nice to have that feeling again and even nicer to have someone close to enjoy it with. The sl**ping woman at his side was curled up with her back to him and rolling over he spooned along her back with his rock hard cock slipping into the crease between her butt cheeks. She wiggled a little and his cock was now between her legs and against the panties covering her pussy. His arm was over her and he just pulled her in close.

She woke as his arm pulled her close to his chest and she could feel his hard cock against her pussy. Flexing her thigh muscle caused his cock to flex and she knew he was fully awake and ready to fuck.

Wiggling her hip back into him said she wanted more and he reached up under the thin nightie and cupped her breast then grasped the nipple between fingers and rolled it. She moaned and pushed her hips back into his crotch harder then brought her hand down between her legs to caress the head of his cock. She wanted a special fuck this morning something she had seen on the net.

“I want you to fuck me now like I saw it on the net, doggie style and then that little vibrator in my ass.” The video she saw had the woman really wild and she wanted that as well, but then she forgot what good actors some of the porn stars are.

“MMM you sure seem to know what you want.” He was not sure quite how to take her knowledge of sex that so far he was enjoying everything about her and this sounded like a good way to fuck. “Okay get on your knees”, and he pulled her panties off and pushed her nightie up. Then he parted her butt and lay down so he could eat her pussy and get it moist. She had the vibrator and handed it to him, which he turned on and rubbed against her pussy. After a few moments of licking and sucking on her pussy lips and clit he got up and parted the butt from behind and rubbed the vibrator against her tight little ass hole. She moaned and wiggled her butt back trying to f***e it into her ass.

“Easy now not so fast I want to enjoy this too.”

“I want it now so hurry up and stick that in my ass and then get your cock in my pussy.” She woke horny and wanting sex in the worst way. She reached between her legs and grabbed his cock and pulled it to her. She then rubbed the head against the swollen pussy lips and moaned deeply. As he pushed the vibrator into her she guided his cock between the wet pussy lips.

Now she had to things entering her at the same time and she quivered all over with excitement. The vibrator was on a slow speed but still enough to cause her to have a small orgasm before it went to full depth and maximum speed.

After his cock entered her pussy he lost all control and with on mighty thrust he rammed it deep into her. This also caused the vibrator to be pushed fully into her ass.

She was moaning and then crying and finally a small scream escaped her lips and orgasm after orgasm surged through her. She was not sure if it was one big long orgasm or several of them but no matter it was the most wonderful feelings.

Oh god I love the feeling of his dick in my pussy but the vibrator in my ass, oh god that is good, and her body quivered uncontrollably.

“Yes you little bitch you, you know how to fuck good, dam you know a lot, oh dam this is good, yes.” And he could not believe how great it felt to have his cock buried deep in her pussy and the vibrator against the whole length of it sending thrills through it in waves.

Oh god I won’t last, yes oh yes, and he shot a massive load of cum deep into her now very wet pussy. There did not seem to be an end to the cum as it continued and he could not imagine where it was all coming from.

He had not pumped that much cum in a long time and now he was flooding her little pussy to over flowing. I was leaking out all around his cock. She bucked and started to squeeze her butt and pussy muscles in an alternating rhythm that made him moan even louder and stiffen then drive harder into her very wet pussy. Soon his cock softened and slipped out but that was not the end as she quickly took hold kissing and licking it clean. She then looked up at him and smiled, “mmmm good morning”.

He was spent and he had not even gotten out of bed yet. As he dragged himself out of the bed and to the shower he kept thinking that he had to get control of things but then she was right behind him naked and pushing him into the shower then grabbing his cock and kissing him passionately. All reason escaped him and he grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her up kissing her deep. This time no matter what his cock would not get fully erect and so they just hugged and kissed then washed each other in the most suggestive way. He cleaned her completely, every crease crevice and crack with special care to certain places.

They dressed, ate breakfast and then she had to go back to her apartment. She had asked if she could take some of the clothes with her and he had relented. As she packed some of the panties and bras in a bag her saw the silver vibrator and egg. Without thinking she just picked them up with the clothes thinking what fun she was going to have this next week.

After she left he had gone in to straighten up the rooms and noticed the vibrator and egg missing and shaking his head thought there was going to be trouble ahead.

** Author note**
I appreciate all comments positive and negative. There will be at least two more parts as there are many toys to learn about and then show to her roommates.
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Seducing my parents pt5

The evening where Angela finally got to make love to her Daddy for the first time, was a pretty special evening for me too. My husband, James, knew exactly where I was going that night, and he knew what I was going to be doing before I left the house. James and I have done this sort of thing before, and my loving husband loves it even more when I get home, and then tell him everything that happened while I was out. I'm pretty sure that my going over to David's apartment, coupled with his being alone with our very sexy daughter, is what ultimately put him over the top and convinced him to finally give into Angela's "charms." I knew it would, and I was right. Most likely you have read about that part already, and hopefully about my first time with my son, so now here is the "rest" of the story.

I will always remember that evening, not just because Angela was finally getting what she wanted, but because it involved one of the more intense moments I ever shared with David. On the night I left Angela and her Dad alone, I was over at David's apartment, only this time I wasn't just fucking my son, I was also there with his three roommates. They weren't part of the original plan, but as it turns out, it was another one of those happy accidents. I should explain that they didn't know I was David's Mom, although one of them figured it out, but I didn't know that until much later in the evening. At the start of the evening, all any of them knew for sure, was that David loved cougars, and I was just one more cougar coming for a little party. Lucky for me, I'm apparently not so old looking, that it prevented me from enjoying all four of them!

The whole experience was personally kind of wild for me on several levels. I was turned on because it was my son and three of his friends, and then I knew that at home, James was going to be fucking Angela for the very first time. I wanted to see James and Angela, but I also knew James well enough to know that if I pushed him, or if he had an audience, he might balk. Nope, that first time needed to be just them, and besides, James and I both were kind of excited about my playing the"hotwife" with David. What we didn't know at the time I left the house, was that this particular "hotwife" was about to enjoy her very first ever "gang bang!"

I will not waste too much space describing everyone, except maybe David, who happens to be 6'2", and in great shape thanks to the Army. As for David's roommates, I won't bother with names, except for the one who suspected something about my being David's Mom. Him we'll call Carl, since I will eventually get around to telling that story too. Regardless, Carl, like David, is also 6'2" and around 180 lbs., his cock is slightly above average size, and he has brown hair and brown eyes. The other two roommates also have brown hair and eyes, so they were similar in description to Carl, except they were more average in height (around 5'10" to 6').

David knew I was coming to play, but he did not know about his baby s****r banging their Dad, he just thought I was wanting a visit for personal reasons, in other words, I was coming over for a little fun in the sack. Anyway, I arrived dressed to play in a black suit jacket, over a black corset, the matching black skirt, black lace crotchless panties (worn over the garter belt), and seamed black stockings. You know, the ones with seams worn up the back of the legs. I even had on the obligatory black "CFMPs," or "come fuck me pumps," after all, I came dressed to fuck, which is what I was going to be doing!

My initial plan that evening was just to come over to David's apartment, have a few drinks with the boys, and then let David take me into the bedroom to have his way with me. I may have even hoped that I could entice maybe one of them to join in to make it a threesome, but I wasn't sure what David would think of the idea. Then on the drive over, I started thinking about the notion of talking them all into joining us, but again was worried about whether David really wanted that to happen or not. Sure, I warned David in advance, and he "said" the idea turned him on, but I think he was still a little surprised that I would actually go through with such a thing. I think I was maybe even more than a little surprised that they all actually took me up on it. (Knowing that Angela was fucking her Dad probably had a little something to do with my behavior, but then again, I won't blame it on that entirely, I really do love to fuck.)

When I first got to the apartment I came in and gave David a nice hello kiss. Nothing too deep or elaborate, but it sure as hell wasn't a "mommy kiss" either. Then I looked around at what was a disastrous mess that David and his roommates called a living room. Before I sat down, there was a lot of scrambling around the room by everyone. The boys were all scurrying around and working hard to pick things up, while David ran off to get me a nice stiff drink. Being the ever gracious host, he was trying to keep up with the pretense that this was a date with a cougar, and not his own mother, so appearances had to be maintained. (I remember thinking how good it was that he didn't have any f****y pictures just lying about the place.)

Finally, when the guys cleared the couch of their coats, dirty laundry, and the empty pizza boxes, Carl invited me to sit down, while one of the other guys offered to take my jacket. I thanked him, but kept it on, since I was having some serious second thoughts about what was or was not going to happen. Thank goodness for the stiff Gin handed to me by David, otherwise the evening might have ended with my leaving without fucking anyone, to include David. I can't explain my discomfort at this point, other than it was just a "feeling" that I was just too old for this sort of thing. More to the point, I was questioning my being attractive to someone my son's age. Fortunately, the evening would prove me wrong on this, but initially, I wasn't so sure about the idea, and was losing some of my confidence in the process.

I honestly enjoyed my drink, it was a little "stiff" but still enjoyable. After noticing that over half of my drink was gone, I began to loosen up, while everyone else was doing their best to talk and maybe even impress me a little. When David got up to get me a second drink, I let the first boy take my jacket, which left me on their couch in my corset top. It wasn't exactly revealing, but it did accentuate my cleavage. I noticed that when I first took my jacket off, the boys all seemed to respond by becoming even more attentive. There was even some "rearranging" of the seating, with one of the guys now sitting just a little closer to me, and Carl sitting in the floor on the opposite side of the coffee table from me. With the courage of the Gin coursing through my system, I was starting to really get into it. As we talked about nothing, I sipped my second drink, and started allowing myself to show more flesh. I know I was flashing lots of cleavage already, and thanks to a little "wardrobe malfunction" you could almost view the dark area around my nipples. Yes, I knew there was a little "brown" showing, and as I moved on the couch, my skirt kept getting kind of "velcroed" to the cushions. When I would shift to talk to someone on the other side, my skirt would ride up a little. After a short period of time, I noticed that the skirt was now high enough to show the tops of my stockings, and the straps of my garter belt. I didn't make much of an effort to pull my skirt back down, and at this point all four of the guys were paying very close attention to my every move. This attention was doing wonders for my confidence, and I have to admit, it was impacting the dampness of my pussy.

Sipping on my now third drink, I realized that something was either going to happen, or I was going to look damn stupid sitting on my son's bed d***k as a skunk. Realizing that I'd better be careful, I backed off a little on the drink, although at this point it really didn't matter. David was the brave one, and he just finally reached over, pulled me into him, and started kissing me deeply. As we started making out, I could feel his hand moving down my back and under the hem of my skirt to cup the cheeks of my ass. I already knew that my skirt was continuing to ride up, so I finally broke the kiss, stood up, and just stepped out of the skirt. I smiled at all of them, and asked them if they minded me getting comfortable. Nobody objected, so I sat back down, and started making out with David again. Here I was kissing my son, wearing just a corset, crotchless panties, garter belt, and stockings, all in front of an audience of his friends.

David continued with the deep kissing as he began moving his hands inside the top of my corset top. Finally, he kissed down my neck and onto the top of my boobs, until he freed first one and then the second of my titties completely out of the corset top. He continued to kiss around my neck and then moved down and began to lovingly to suckle on my nipples. As David was kissing and sucking my boobs, I glanced around the room briefly at the others. Perhaps it was the Gin, but to me it appeared that the others in the room were being stone silent, and staring as if they were in awe of what they were watching. David lifted his head from my chest and looked over at one of his roommates and asked if anyone would like to help him out with one of these "gorgeous titties."

Within seconds I felt another pair of hands on my chest, and when I turned away from David, there was one of his roommates sitting next to me, playing with my boobs. I started kissing him deeply, and David got on the floor in front of me, and started tugging at my panties to get them off me. As I lifted my ass upwards off the couch, so he could pull them down, someone sat next to me and began to suck on my other boob. So, I had one boy on each boob, while David started licking my pussy slit from the bottom up to the clit. I couldn't believe the feeling, especially when Carl just pulled his large cock out, and started jerking himself while he watched from the other side of the room. I smiled and waved him over, and hefted the weight of his gorgeous cock in my hands, as I slowly began to stroke it and lightly trace my fingers over the cock head.

As David was using his tongue to bring me to the first of GOD knows how many cums that evening, I finally begged them to get me off the couch, and to take me to a bed where we could all play. At this point, I KNEW, that I wanted Carl's cock, and the only way to get to it, was to get everyone in an open space. The boys on either side lifted me up, and they literally carried me into David's room where they laid me down on the bed. The moment was virtually perfect, because I now had someone sucking on each tit, and David back between my legs. This time I asked Carl to straddle my head from behind and come even closer so I could start sucking his cock. It was almost too big to do justice, but with my head tilted all the way back, I did my best sliding it past my lips and deep into my mouth. It wasn't long before I felt a different style of tonguing on my clit, and I knew that David had given up his spot. I glanced down, and it was the shorter of the two guys who was now eating me. I couldn't believe the feeling. I had a cock in each hand that I could stroke, a huge cock in my mouth to work on, and a pretty talented tongue working very hard on my clit.

I was starting to lose track of any reality, and each of the young men continued their rotation, until each one had licked my pussy, and I'd had a chance to suck their cocks and keep them stroked hard. Then the fun really got going. As I would keep two of their cocks hard in my hands, and one in my mouth, the first of the guys slid their cock into my pussy. Here I was being fucked, while holding two cocks and sucking another one. I was beyond horny. As one would cum inside me, the next would follow him into my pussy, and I was cumming almost continuously. They kept it going and I would get the cock with the cum and pussy juice to suck on, as they all, with the exception of David, took turns fucking and cumming inside me. The cycle continued, and honestly, I completely lost track of time, and the number of crashing orgasms I experienced that evening. The amazing thing was that even without David actually fucking me yet, the three remaining guys had no problem supplying me with hard cocks. I know for a fact that each of the young men fucked me at least twice, and in one case, the shortest of the three, he got to fuck me three times.

I had never had a gangbang before, but now I knew why they were awesome. It was intense, and I'd never cum so much in so short of time before in my entire life. Then, after taking at least 7 loads of cum, David decided that it was finally his turn. Lying next to me on the bed, he pulled me on top of him, in a "reverse cowgirl" position. Thinking that he was going into my pussy, he surprised me a little when he slid his extremely hard cock into my very wet and slippery ass. Without really thinking about it, I knew then exactly what I wanted, which is exactly what I got. With David now firmly planted in my ass, Carl climbed between my thighs, and stuck his cock into my soaking pussy. Now it was a real DP, and with the added plus of having two cocks aimed at my mouth again. I had one in each hand and alternated between them. David hung in there, and did not cum in my ass until his other two friends had each had a chance to fuck me in the DP. When we finally stopped, it was clear that I was stretched beyond anything I'd ever experienced. As they were all now sitting or lying beside us on the bed, David got me on my knees in a true doggy style fuck. My face was pushed down into the pillows, my ass was in the air, and David began to pound my asshole with all he had in him. He didn't have to slam my ass much before he finally let out a scream and shot his load in my ass. As he fell over me from behind, I collapsed under his weight face down naked on the bed now covered in cum. It was such a grand feeling when David's now softening cock slid very slowly from me, and I could feel the trickle of his cum as it seeped from my now quite expanded asshole.

It was obvious that most of the guys in the room were now spent, and as each one got up off the bed, they stopped long enough to give me a nice parting kiss. Within a few minutes, they had left David and I completely alone so that we could savor the moment. As David snuggled me, I felt his dick twitch against my leg, but I had to go get cleaned up. This was especially true after having David's load in my ass, and GOD knows how much cum draining out of my pussy and onto my legs and thighs. My stockings were completely shredded, and I wanted a chance to pull myself back together, at least a little bit, before anything else happened with David. After some minimal washing, I was about to step out of the bathroom, but David was waiting on me, and I pulled him inside. We took a brief shower together, where he lovingly and gently washed me all over. Just when I thought he and I were about to have a "repeat performance" in the shower, he turned off the water and taking his time he very lovingly dried me off, and then took my hand leading me back into his bedroom.

I laid back on the bed, and he simply stood over me. Smiling down at me, he told me it was an awesome night, and that he really loved seeing me being fucked like there was no tomorrow by that many guys. I told him I loved it too, and then he laid down beside me and started kissing me very deeply again. At one point, he pulled up short and asked me if I would ever do it again with him, and I promised that I would be happy to try it, so long as he was "okay with it." He grinned from ear to ear, and began kissing me deeply again. This time we were making love, and I realized that out of all that fucking, he hadn't actually put his cock in my pussy all night. Now he was going to change that equation, and it was clear that he was more than ready. I was impressed that he had done such a wonderful job earlier of not cumming too quickly in the tight confines of my relatively pristine asshole. Knowing he'd held off and had the one cum already, I also knew that this time would be extraordinary. I was not disappointed. His stamina was incredible, and we made love gently at first, and then with a building passion that would far exceed either of our expectations, we were excitedly fucking one another. As his cock moved in and out, I could feel the shaft up to the head as it continued to pound into me, and with each of his thrusts, I was compelled to hump my hips up against that loving cock. Finally, after quite a while of very passionate love making, I could see him stiffen his entire body as he started cumming deep inside me. The second I felt his cum shooting into me, I too had one more very intense body shaking cum. For the second time of the night, we cleaned up and simply snuggled on the bed for at least another hour.

I now had some serious mixed emotions. On one hand, I wanted to get dressed to head home to see how James and Angela were doing after their first time. On the other, I did not want this to ever stop. Finally, after snuggling and cuddling, I decided that my curiosity about Angela was more than I could stand. Kissing my now sl**ping son on his forehead, I stepped naked off the bed and began looking for my clothes. Unfortunately, or fortunately as it turns out, most of my "street" clothes were still s**ttered all over the living room. Rooting around on the floor, I put on what was left in the room, but after putting on all that I had in David's room, I still wound up having to go out into the living room still pretty close to naked. Well, naked except for the corset (now with a number of cum stains), and my garter belt (also with cum stains). I shoved the tattered stockings into my purse, knowing that James would want to see them later, and I was picking up the rest of my clothes when Carl came out of his room next to their living room. I had just located my panties and was slipping them back on, when he walked out completely naked, with his sexy hard on pointed right at me like a missile.

He wasn't pushy at all, and as I was pulling my panties on, he smiled and thanked me for coming over for such a great evening. I thanked him for a good time, and he then said, it was good seeing me again. I thought, "again?" Now I know why he'd looked a little familiar to me at first. He had been a student of mine quite a few years ago, back when he was in middle school, and he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that David was my son. David must have known too, but for some reason decided to omit that little bit of information. (That would be a discussion that would come later, preferably with my foot in his ass!)
Well that was awkward to say the least, but when Carl saw the look of panic on my face, he told me not to worry. Our secret was safe with him, and he was just happy for a chance to finally get a chance to fuck me. Apparently, he wanted to fuck me when he was a student of mine all those years ago, and this time around, he'd had his chance. He even begged me not to be mad at David, but that it was something he'd wanted so badly, he told David not to "rat" him out. Now at this moment it hit me that the entire situation was beyond hot. Here I was fucking my own son, a former student, and two other guys for my first honest "gang bang." All while my own daughter was fucking her Daddy on the other side of town. This was a mind blowing moment for me, and I simply stood there staring as his cock began to bounce up and down with each beat of his heart.

For different reasons, I don't think Carl could believe how hot it was either, which is why he just couldn't get his cock to go down. I looked at him, and he appeared to be quite genuine in what he said. He made it a real point to make me understand that he'd had the hots for me for years, going so far as to tell me about how he used to "jerk off" in bed at night thinking about me writing something on the "white" board. I smiled and just took Carl by the hand, and we went into his room where I proceeded to give him the best blow job I could, which is when I discovered that David had come in and was now taking pictures. I took my time, and when Carl came in my mouth, I swallowed every drop. He only got a little soft, so I pushed him down and sat astride him, sliding his cock right into my pussy. We slow fucked for at least another 30 minutes before I picked up the pace and began to really bounce up and down on that delicious cock. Once I began telling him how sexy he was, and how badly I wanted to feel his young cock in my "cunt," he wasn't able to hold off anymore, and I felt him cum inside me yet again.

I took that last load and just sat there letting it drain out over his cock and balls. Then I leaned down and gave him a huge kiss as his cock softened inside me. I swear he had a few tears in his eyes, and it was fantastic to see his reaction. As it so happens, the roommates moved out shortly after the gangbang, and David and Carl got another apartment together. For about the next 6 months or so, I would go over to David's apartment for our trysts about once or twice a month. If both of them were there, I would fuck them both, but if not, I just enjoyed the time with either David or just with Carl. When we could though, we would have some really fun threesomes fairly regularly, and each time was fantastic for all of us. James knew all about it, and actually got to enjoy the "hotwife" experience, but then again, he has Angela keeping him happy too!

Now to complete the saga, about Angela and her parental seduction, that night, when I slipped into bed around 4:30 or so that morning, Angela was pretty conked out. She roused up and I kissed her on the forehead before crawling in next to her. It was probably a good thing she was so sl**py, because as I laid there, the very thin dried trickle of residual cum on my thighs was from Carl and David. There was no doubt though that I was right about Angela and her Dad being alone, because she looked so perfect, lying there naked and resting on her Dad's arm. She was curled up, and content, and I'm not sure I've ever seen her quite so happy. The next morning, after a shower, I felt almost human. It was then that I heard all about the evening from Angela, and then from James over coffee.

As James told me about his first time with Angela, I just winked at him, and later, I drove him absolutely nuts by telling him the way I'd spent my evening. (He especially loved the torn stockings, and the fact that I'd been "busted" by Carl!) That night, we had our first threesome with Angela, and I swear James was on overdrive. Not just with Angela, but with me too. I like to think that my "night out with the guys" had a very positive impact on him, since I have no doubt that it was an extremely positive impact on me.
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Carol: My Mentor Part I: Background

This is not exactly a true story, though there is a kernel of truth to it. Rather, it is a fantasy of mine that evolved from the fact that Carol, the heroine of this story, so to speak, actually did make herself totally "available" to me, if you know what I mean, in an attempt to get me to go out with her in college and--at least for public consumption-- become her "boyfriend." I turned Carol down not because I didn't like her or because she wasn't attractive, but rather because she had a well-deserved reputation for being one of the most sexually experienced coeds on campus, and I was relatively inexperienced at that time. Our different levels of sexual experience--and, believe me, we were canyons apart-- terrified me. When you had as little experience in that realm as I had at that time, you just didn't want to set yourself up for comparison to all the cocks to which she had been exposed. Now, I never told Carol that. In part, because I didn't want her to think that I thought she was a "slut." But also because I didn't want to project a lack of sexual confidence to her. Or risk disclosure of my relative sexual inexperience within her wide circle of friends, allies and acquaintances on campus. I mean word about such stuff somehow gets around campus, and you know what they say about a woman scorned. So, instead of owning the problem and being straight with her, I prudently deflected Carol’s offer of "availability" on other grounds.

That’s the "backstory" to this story. What the story, or fantasy-- call it what you will-- is all about is how I "should" have handled Carol’s offer of “availability” and the problem of my relative lack of sexual experience: I should have made her my sexual “mentor".

Carol, My Mentor

Part I: Background Info

Carol went out with a friend of mine, Brian, in college. Both were VIPs on the Greek scene. Carol headed up the inter-sorority council, and Brian was president of a very important frat on campus--one noted for throwing awesome parties where the beer and liquor was plentiful and so were coeds with loose morals.

Actually, Carol's sorority itself was legendary for having s****rs like that. It was reputed to have a secret room not open to anyone but upperclass s****rs, where the girls ranked the frat boys and others--including some teachers and administrators-- on the size of their dicks and bedroom skills. Supposedly, there was a firm rule that no "bad" ranking was permitted unless the s****r doing the ranking personally had carnal knowledge of the guy ranked--or at least had attempted to do so-- on three separate occasions. This was a "fairness" principle known as the "three strikes and you’re out" rule. After all, any guy can have a "bad" night, so to speak, on one or two occasions--especially if he had been drinking heavily, as many college guys do on weekends. But if a guy struck out with a limp dick or couldn’t get it up at all on three different occasions, it was agreed that it would be "fair" to post a "bad" public ranking. Indeed, there was a “duty” to do so to give “fair warning” to the other s****rs. But I digress from my story.

I was a BMOC myself, being head of the student activities board which organized campus dances, concerts and other events. I got to know Brian because the frat presidents frequently made suggestions about what bands or singers the SAB should hire or what other campus events it should sponsor. Being a rock lover, Brian had many and became one of my most reliable “sounding boards” on campus about what bands, groups or singers would attract good crowds and what ones would “stinko,” as he put it. Brian was the consummate “politician” who connected with people easily and knew his constituents—his “public” as he called them—well. His comments and reactions usually proved to be “right on the money” so to speak. Sharing a common interest in music and musicians, and in forging campus alliances with other BMOCs, Brian and I evolved into friends, And with Brian, you got Carol.

I would not describe Carol as having a “gorgeous” face. She had an aquiline nose which was a bit too big for that. But she was good looking. A green-eyed blonde with shoulder length hair and a warm (and sometimes devilish) smile, she was 5”10” and had unimpressively small tits. From the waist down, however, Carol was, indeed, “gorgeous.” She had curvaceous calves and long, slender thighs: legs you just wanted to get enveloped by and lost in forever. And what an ass! I know Carol had a truly gorgeous ass because Brian kept a picture of Carol’s ass in his room. Carol not only knew about the picture, she was actually quite proud of it. Carol majored in marketing, and what better “advertising” could you possibly ask for than having your gorgeous ass on display in the bedroom of a Greek frat president? It was important, of course, that people know that it was her ass, so Carol “owned” the picture and made sure that word of it was well circulated in the Greek community.

One thing you need to know about the Greek campus culture is that status is very important. You could get “status” in many ways: by being the head of an important student organization or Greek institution, being on one of the varsity sports teams, being a star intramural athlete for your fraternity, or just being a good student known to help other b*****rs or s****rs out with tough homework assignments or take-home exams. Of course, sex being the single most important extracurricular activity on campus, you could get “status” just by having a reputation for owning the biggest donk in the fraternity or giving the best head in the sorority --or having your gorgeous ass on display in the bedroom of a Greek frat president. A subsidiary principle of status acquisition was that, if your boyfriend or girlfriend had VIP “status” it reflected directly on you and made you a VIP too. Brian and Carol each had “status” in their own right. But as a couple of Greek VIPs, the “status” they owned in their own sort of doubled-down, and they were kind of like rock stars at all the Greek parties and other events.

Brian’s told me that he and Carol have been going out for almost a year now and have sex about “two or three times a week.” Now he’s never said this, but I’m pretty sure they have an “understanding” that-- although they would go to all the Greek parties and events together and were “boyfriend” and ”girlfriend” and described one another that way-- their relationship was not necessarily intended to be a monogamous one.
I know that, while Brian has been going out with Carol, he’s been banging one of the university secretaries—an affair that has been going on for many months. It’s an “awesome NSA relationship” he’s bragged to me. She’s thirty-five and truly a no-strings-attached fuckbuddy. Every Wednesday at noon, he goes over to her townhouse, and “we lunch on one another” for an hour. Slam, bam, thank you ma’am, right in the middle of the week. She just wants good sex from him and neither expects nor requests any other contact. No phone calls, No birthday or Christmas cards. Nothing. The relationship had started up because one of her much younger co-workers, a newbie in the secretarial pool, had slept with Brian after a frat party and then gloated about the size of the cock she had fucked over the weekend. The secretary, who apparently fancies herself some sort of connoisseur of big cocks, had then seized the initiative. She looked Brian up in the student directory, gave him a call, told him about the newbie’s “testimonial” and shamelessly proposed the Wednesday noon tryst so that “I can try your great, big, bad, rock hard, young, horndog cock on for size.” Brian had readily agreed to the tryst on the phone, sight of her unseen, and has not regretted it. Though “she’s not especially beautiful,” he’s admitted, she’s “not a dog” and has “big tits which I don’t get from Carol.” I get off. She gets off, “quite noisily, I might add,” and there are “no other demands or expectations” Brian smirked. He believes that every young guy should have a “horny, experienced older woman or two” on speed dial. Guys mature sexually in their late teens or early twenties, Brian’s noted, but women don’t reach their sexual peaks until their early forties. He’s already asked the noon girl if she would set him up with a “MILF” friend who would like to “sample” his big cock. “If I could have a fuckdate with a fortyish MILF,” Brian says, “I would forego sex for a whole week” so I would be “ really primed and extremely horny for her.” It would be “deliciously naughty if she were married and wore her wedding ring while fucking me,” says Brian, as the idea of cuckolding some broad’s unsuspecting husband really excites him. His dick’s “astonishing” ability to recover quickly from its last orgasm and rise to please his partners “again and again and again” would surely “ruin the poor bastard’s sex life,” Brian believes, as the cuckold would have no clue why his wife had suddenly become so “disenchanted” with his relatively puny dick and “one and done” lovemaking. I suspect Brian gets some other action on the side besides the noon gal. On more than one occasion he’s told me that “there’s no way my big donk could possibly limit itself to just one or two women.”

I don’t know whether Carol has had a “fuckbuddy” or two of her own while she has been dating Brian, However, he has shared with me that, in her freshman and sophomore years, Carol had been “quite promiscuous.” She was raised in a “very strict Catholic f****y,” according to Brian, and arrived at college ready to unleash years of pent-up sexual frustration and lust that had been building up throughout high school. The “chastity belt came off” as soon as she set foot on campus. The first thing Carol did was post a sign over her bed which read: “Free At Last! Free At Last! Fuck Me Hard!” The second thing she did was go straight to the Student Health Center, get fitted for a diaphragm and buy “several packages” of condoms. The third thing she did was implement her “plan” to lose her virginity to the first guy who commented on her sign. She was in bed with him before she finished unpacking and fucked him for three hours. By the time Freshman Orientation Week was over, Carol had gone back to the health center for more condoms, had done more than a dozen guys, some several times, had been well fucked in all her holes, and had ended up with a sore bottom that reminded her of the week’s “sexploits” every time she sat down. The first few guys she did were relatively inexperienced freshmen like herself. But word about her sign and randy pussy quickly reached Greek upperclassmen who made sure she got invitations to the best frat and sorority parties. She ended the week with a
steady diet of juniors and seniors who competed for her attention and bed. The winners were just delighted to diddle in the middle of a super-horny freshman and teach her new sexual positions and the pleasures of oral sex. The senior who introduced Carol to sex toys and induced her first multi-orgasmic experience received Carol’s grateful tongue and mouth for several days afterwards. At that point in time, her pussy was too sore for more, so he used her other hole also, acquainting Carol with beads and butt plugs and the pain and pleasure of anal sex. Carol quickly discovered that she had a rapacious sexual appetite and a “natural aptitude” for “sucking and fucking,” and enjoyed the “power” it gave her over guys—especially those with Greek “status.” After all, she’s told Brian, “guys are ruled by their cocks, and the power to pleasure inherently includes the power to withhold it.” So “be a good boy” she has warned him. Carol’s guessed that, over the course of her freshman year, she had “averaged three to four guys a week.” Freshmen Orientation Week-- her first taste of sexual freedom-- admittedly had been a binge, “just a total pig out.” She took her sign down and “cut back” to about two guys a week on average as a soph. Word was that Carol was still “very active” sexually in the Greek community early in her junior year when she started going out with Brian. I suppose it’s at least possible that having steady access to Brian’s big, bad, horndog cock had quelled Carol’s appetite for others. But, given her sexual history, I have my doubts that Carol has been completely faithful to Brian during their courtship. However, I don’t think he cares.

Brian tells me that there have been other “rumors” about Carol. People are astounded that her two roommates had been so “loyal” to her during her freshmen and sophomore years despite the “parade” of guys she was constantly entertaining in their room-- forcing the roommates to find study and sl**ping space elsewhere on many occasions. Now maybe the roommates were getting “sloppy seconds” from some of the guys and appreciated Carol’s attracting them. Or maybe Carol was happy to share some of her sex partners and sponsor threesomes with them. Some campus sages, however, speculate that the real explanation for the roommates’ “loyalty” to Carol is that guys are not the only ones she enjoys pleasing with her tongue. Brian observed that, if Carol had slept with her roommates, that would “fit” the “sexual exploration and experimentation” motif which was the hallmark of Carol’s first two years of college. The “Fuck Me Hard!” message of her sign, after all, was not necessarily, linguistically limited to guys. And it was an invitation brazenly displayed on the dorm room wall that directly confronted her two roommates every single day and, quite possibly, came to beguile one or the other of them, or both. And there is the rumor, broadly circulated in the Greek community, that Carol had won the presidency of the inter-sorority council by offering certain “special personal services” to the head of a sorority of mostly lesbian women who provided the swing vote in her election. If the motif of Carol’s first two years of college had been “sexual exploration and experimentation for its own sake,” the motif of her last two years was using her sexual prowess to attain campus status and power. “So that rumor may well be true,” Brian guessed. “I doubt Carol is actively bi-sexual,” Brian concluded,” but it would not shock me to learn that she’s gone down on several women” over the course of her college career “for one reason or another.” He’s never confronted Carol about these rumors because “I don’t care.” Ever the pragmatist, Brian believes that “any homosexual experiences” she had just “improved her oral skills” and make Carol “a better face fuck for me.” ………………………. To Be Continued

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The Initiation

The dorm room was remarkably quiet for move-in week. Occasionally the girls could hear bustling coming from the halls as residents moved carts and luggage through the halls, but inside the only thing audible was the quiet beat from Tamryn’s earbuds. Only two of them had been there for more than an hour. The third resident of their suite was out, and the fourth hadn’t even moved in yet.

At a little past seven the door opened and Nakia walked in clutching a single sheet of paper in her hand. “We got a problem,” she said aloud.

Tamryn took the joint out of her mouth and slowly exhaled a cloud of smoke. Her right foot was tucked under her left leg and she sat on the floor, leaning against the side of the sofa. If there had been a knock at the door she would have disappeared into her bedroom to avoid getting caught—when the door opened she already knew who it was. Already feeling a buzz coming on, she slowly turned her head to her Nakia and blinked.

Renee was laying on the floor facing the ceiling, her legs resting in the cushion of the sofa. She was reading the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly and buying textbooks at the same time. She could easily hear over the music and turned to Nakia as well.

“Whassup?” Renee asked, pulling out her earbuds.

“Number 4,” Nakia answered. “I got a copy of her rental agreement from one of the RA’s.”

“And?” asked Tamryn lazily. Smoke tendrils were curling out of her mouth.

“Not good,” answered Nakia. “Freshman, lives in the sticks somewhere in southern Louisiana. Four-point-O out of high school. Sounds like a real killjoy.”

“Sounds like a fuckin’ nerd,” remarked Tamryn.

“You know what this means, right?”

“What?” asked Renee.

Nakia looked over Tamryn. “You remember Portia? Used to stay on the fourth floor, across from the elevator?”

“I think so. Big bitch, used to fuck with that brotha from L.A.?”

“That’s her. You know what happened to her, right?”


“Joslyn Taylor happened. Portia brought a bottle of cognac home one night and bitch-ass Joslyn reported her. Portia got kicked out the next day.”

“That’s fucked up,” said Renee, sitting upright.

“I know,” Nakia said, taking a step forward. “Portia, Deidre, Ebony and Tanika used to run this shit last year. But after that everybody backed down. Nobody even wanted to bring in a fuckin’ beer after that shit.” Nakia let the paper drop to the floor. “And Joslyn a RA now.”

“Damn,” Tamryn said slowly.

Nakia sighed. “That means no parties, no drinkin’, no sneakin’ in guys after hours.” She stopped and looked at Tamryn. “No more weed.”

“Fuck that shit.”

“I know. We gotta nip this shit in the bud. Make that bitch know who run shit around here.”

“How did we get stuck with a freshman, anyway?” Tamryn asked. Then, after a moment of thought, she turned to Renee. “No offense.”

“It’s alright,” Renee said quickly.

Nakia looked over their new roommate. She and Tamryn had “tested” Renee a couple of days ago--she’d passed easily and was quickly becoming friends with them. Having the right kind of roommates was important after such a bland first year. The two of them vowed to room together for year two and, after their other two selections transferred and dropped out, they were at the mercy of the housing department. Renee had been a lucky find, but this new girl Desiree didn’t look good. At least not on paper.

“When she gets in, we need to get on her ass. Full-on, hardcore interrogation. If we have to we’ll chase her ass out of here. Or we break her. And I mean break her hard.”

“Fuck yeah,” Renee said.

“Whose house is this?” Nakia said, looking at Tamryn.

She blew a huge cloud of smoke out of her mouth and smiled.

“This our fuckin’ house!”

“Damn right,” Nakia said, smiling herself.

The trio chatted about Desiree for another ten minutes, condemning her before even having set eyes on her. Then Nakia left to return to the lobby. She was hoping to get some more dirt on their number four, but she also hoped that the community director was still down there. She really wanted to fuck him.

Nakia stepped off the elevator and was surprised at how many latecomers were just now moving in, only a couple days before classes started. She weaved her way past the carts and tubs and walked behind the front desk (she worked there as an assistant) and was disappointed that both Daniel, the community director, and Rebecca, the RA who had spied on Desiree for her, were both gone. After a couple minutes chatting with the staff she started back to the room, and was almost out of earshot of the desk when she heard someone ask,

“How long is the cafeteria open tonight?”

Nakia stopped and turned around. The girl had a slight, almost unnoticeable Southern accent. Unless she was mistaken Desiree, their Number 4, was standing right in front of her.

Regardless of who she was, the girl was stunning. Utterly flawless. Her body was thick without being fat, with curves that other women would die to have. Her breasts stood out perfectly, making Nakia wondering what type of magic bra she had on to get that effect. Nakia felt a small tingle of jealousy inside and briefly hoped the girl had an ugly face. It wouldn’t be fair if she had the complete package.

She wasn’t the only one checking her out, either. At least two guys had turned their heads to look at her, and a skinny freshman was standing a few feet away ogling her ass. Nakia gave him a dirty look, which he noticed, but he just smiled at her and went right back to the ass.

After another half minute the girl reached forward and grabbed her keys, then turned towards the elevators. Nakia sighed. She was absolutely beautiful. She had one of those flawless, Tumblr-famous faces that looked like it belonged in magazines. Full lips, perfect, natural eyebrows, and hardly any makeup. She was a knockout. Nakia ignored her jealousy and made eye contact with her. The girl smiled.

“Hey,” the stranger said cheerfully, preparing to go around her.

“Are you Desiree?”

The girl stopped and smiled even wider. “How’d you know?”

Nakia hesitated for a second, swearing inside her head, then said, “Your accent gave you away. I’m in 916, too. I’m your roommate.”

The girl gave a short laugh, dropped the handle of her luggage and quickly gave Nakia a hug. “Wow! It’s great to meet you!” she said as Nakia lazily put an arm around her. “What’s your name?”


“Oh, we’re gonna have so much fun this year!” she said excitedly. Nakia could already gauge her personality. She was young, very passionate, and full of energy, which ordinarily would have been good qualities. But it also made her seem innocent, and Room 916 didn’t do innocent.

“Are you a first-year, too?” Desiree asked.

“No. Actually, our other two roommates are upstairs relaxin’—maybe we should wait until we get there before we start the introductions. That way you don’t have to repeat nothin’.”

“Right,” Desiree said quickly. She bent over to pick up her luggage (getting stares from at least two perverts in the process) and they headed to the elevator. When the doors closed Nakia changed her mind and started interrogating Desiree, wanting to get some facts out of her right away.

“So I know you’re a freshman. You meet any guys yet?”

“Guys?! No, I came straight from the airport.”

“They got guys at the airport.”

Desiree laughed. “I wasn’t looking.”

“Hmmmm…so no guys. At least not yet. We’ll find you somebody.”

Desiree only smiled.

“So do you smoke?”

She turned to Nakia. “No. You?”

“Every once in awhile.”

“I’m…pretty sure the rules say there’s no smoking in the building.”

A big red light flashed in Nakia’s head. She’d mentioned rules—not a good sign.

“Yeah, but who would know? Fuck the rules.”

Desiree’s smile faltered only a little. “I guess.”

Once they’d exited on the 9th floor Nakia asked a few other non-essential questions to keep her at ease, then turned the corner to their wing. There the two of them saw a tall sophomore standing outside his room, having what looked like an intense phone conversation. He didn’t raise his head to look at them, but as they passed Nakia noticed Desiree checking him out, hoping to make eye contact with him. Nakia smiled, the gears in her head turning quickly.

Once he was out of earshot Nakia asked, “You want that?”

“Want what?”

Nakia pointed her thumb back over her shoulder. “That dick back there. You want it?”

Desiree giggled, “No!”

“You know you can get that, right?”

“What is it with you and these guys?” Desiree said, a slight twang in her voice.

“’These guys’?”

“Look, I’m just tryin’ to focus on my studies. I promised myself no distractions this year. Not until I get into the groove, y’know?”


“There’ll be time for that later.”

“Yeah,” Nakia said, raising her eyebrows. She’d heard enough. Desiree had failed the test before even walking into 916.

She opened the door and the two of the walked in. Tamryn and Renee were still in the common area and had reverted back to their relaxed positions, but once they saw the new girl they stood up.

“Tamryn, Renee, this is Desiree, our new roommate,” Nakia said calmly. “Desiree, this is Tamryn and Renee.”

“Hi you guys!” Desiree said excitedly. Just as she did downstairs, she stepped up to Renee and embraced her for a few seconds. Nakia used the moment to look at Tamryn and dragged her thumb across her neck. Tamryn nodded, understanding the message clearly. When Desiree turned to her Tamryn put her hand on her shoulder to stop the incoming hug.

“I would, but I don’t wanna fuck up my buzz,” she said coldly. “Welcome to 916.”

Desiree’s spirit could not be put out. “Glad to meet you, Tamryn! So glad to be here!”


“Well, I already heard enough about Desiree, so I’ll leave you guys alone to get acquainted,” Nakia said, turning back to the door. “I’ll be back in a few.”

“OK,” Desiree said, plainly wanting her to stay.

“Oh, by the way, we were talking earlier and all of us are synched up.”

Desiree hesitated. “Synched up? Ummm, what do—”

“We all got our periods,” Nakia said bluntly. “Weird, right? You got yours, too?”

Desiree blushed a little bit. “Oh, umm, no,” she said timidly.

“Oh. Cool. Just wondering.” It was a complete fabrication, but it gave Nakia valuable information. “Be back in a minute.”

Once she left the room Renee and Tamryn let Desiree do most of the talking. Their answers were more-or-less civil. She seemed to ask the usual bullshit most anyone would, but they volunteered little information about themselves. When asked directly the two of them give short replies, revealing as little as possible. They, too, could already see that Desiree was going to be a problem, and they waited patiently for Nakia’s return so they could work out a solution.

Nakia returned to 916 ten minutes later and found everyone in the common room—Desiree was telling a story, and Renee and Tamryn were pretending to be interested. Nakia waited for her to shut up, and when she did Nakia walked over.

“So now that everybody’s here let’s set up some ground rules,” she said, looking right into Desiree’s eyes. The girl didn’t stop smiling for a second.


“First, what happens in 916 stays in 916. Nothing that goes on here gets repeated to anybody. Not to boyfriends, neighbors, and damn sure not to nosy-ass RA’s. Got it?”

“Yeah, sure,” Desiree said. She waited for the others to agree, but no one said anything.

“Second, respect each other’s shit. Don’t take nothin’ without permission. If we ain’t here and you can’t get us on the phone, keep your hands off. Understood?”

“Yeah,” Desiree answered again.

“That’s pretty much it. We’ll work out cleaning schedules and shit later. Now, Desiree, since you the last one here we don’t have your class schedule. Maybe you can get that for us soon?”

“No problem,” she said, still as happy as ever.

"Damn, girl, where’d you get this?” Nakia said, sticking a finger under Desiree’s bra strap. “This is nice.”

“Thanks! Victoria’s Secret.”

“Lemme see it.”

Desiree paused, then slowly pulled her tank off the shoulder, exposing the top part of her bra. It was black with lace at the top, and it wasn’t a push-up. Nakia waved the other two over, and they surrounded her like prey.

“Check this out.”

“Damn,” said Tamryn.

“Fuck, you tryin’ to meet someone?” asked Renee.

“No,” Desiree answered, embarrassed.

“There was this guy in the hallway she was checkin’ out,” Nakia said quickly.

“I wasn’t checkin’ him out, I—“

“She was eyein’ him up. Probably tryin’ to bookmark him for later in the semester.”

Desiree didn’t respond. She pushed the strap of her tank top back over her shoulder.

“Wait, I didn’t get to see the whole thing,” Renee said quickly.

“Yeah, take yo’ shirt off,” Nakia added.

Desiree laughed, thinking they were joking. When she saw they weren’t her eyes widened.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, take it off,” Tamryn said, lifting it up from the bottom and starting to pull it upwards.

Desiree quickly pulled her shirt back down. “I don’t—”

“Relax, girl, ain’t no lezzies up in 916,” Tamryn said, again pulling up on her shirt.

“Strictly dick,” added Renee.

“Straight as an arrow,” Nakia chimed in.

Using little f***e, Tamryn pulled the shirt up over her head while Nakia and Renee got her arms through the holes. Once it was off she carelessly threw it on the floor and the three of them stared at Desiree.

“Whoa, look at dem TITTAYS!” Tamryn said loudly. The other two girls laughed, and Desiree’s face started to heat up. She hated the word “titties”, too, but of course she didn’t say anything.

"Damn girl, are you a D?”


“Are you sure? Them mothafuckas pokin’ out like footballs.” Nakia and Tamryn each put a hand up under a breast and began jiggling it.

“And you say you ain’t tryin’ to get no dick,” Nakia taunted. “Bitch please!”

“I’m not—”

“Is this a matchin’ set?” asked Renee.

Desiree stopped and swallowed. “Yeah.”

“OK, then let us see the panties,” Nakia said. A second later her hands were Desiree’s zipper, and immediately Desiree grabbed her wrists.

“No, guys, oh my God!”

"Stop bein’ so fuckin’ prissy!” Renee snapped. She grabbed Desiree’s left hand and pulled it free, while Nakia dropped the zipper.


Together Tamryn and Nakia started pulling her pants over her ass, feeling them get tight halfway down.

“Oh my God!”

She resisted, but it was too late. The three of them dropped her pants to the floor, and Nakia bent down to pull them, and her shoes, off of her feet. Within seconds Desiree was standing in the common room wearing nothing but underclothes and socks.

The three girls stood and looked at her. She was clearly humiliated, but (amazingly) not angry. Nakia knew she would have slapped someone for trying what they’d just done, and wondered exactly how soft this girl was.

“See? That wasn’t so bad. I don’t see what you so upset about, anyway. You got a perfect body.”

Desiree felt exposed in her boyshort/bra combo, and found it hard to look her roommates in the eye. “I need to go to my room,” she said quickly, turning to her left, but Nakia put her hand on the wall, blocking Desiree’s path.

“Why are you so uptight about sex?”

“I’m not uptight.”

“Yeah, you are. You say you don’t want no guys, but you clearly do. I mean, look at this shit. Now you actin’ like you not comfortable with your body. Are you a virgin?”


“Don’t lie.”

“I’m not.”

“How many?” Renee asked.

Desiree turned to her. “Wha—”

“How many dicks have you had?”

“I—that’s private.”

“Nothin’s private in 916.”

Desiree paused for a second. “I’m—I don’t wanna answer that.”

“Just one?”


“Just one dick,” Renee pronounced. The way Desiree stumbled through the question confirmed it for her, and confirmed it for the other two as well.

“So who was it? Boyfriend? Neighbor? Teacher? Pastor?”

A moment of silence, then, “It was my boyfriend.”

“How many times?”


“Nothin’s private in 916,” Renee repeated.

“Guys! I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“You got a picture of him?” asked Nakia.

“Did he have a big dick?” asked Tamryn.

“Did he make you suck it?” asked Renee.

“Guys, c’mon!” Desiree said, raising her voice a little.

“Answer the fuckin’ question!” Nakia said, raising her voice. She was getting fed up with Desiree’s innocence. “How many times did you suck his dick?!”

Desiree was visibly nervous. Nakia looked into her said eyes and waited, but the answer never came. She had decided to stand her ground. And that was unfortunate, because Nakia was rapidly running out of patience. Quickly she grabbed both of Desiree’s wrists and pinned them, one on top of the other, to the wall behind her.

"Nakia! Let me g—”

“I asked you a question.”

Desiree stammered and stuttered some more, but still didn’t give an answer. Nakia sighed and shook her head, looking Desiree right in the eyes.

“Take ‘em off,” she said quietly. Tamryn looked at Renee and, together, they stripped her panties right off Desiree’s body.

Nakia let her go, and instantly Desiree’s hands went to cover her privates. Her skin was fully flushed at that point, and her eyes wide with shock.

“GIMME MY CLOTHES!” she shrieked, overcome with shock.

“Whew!” Renee screamed, giving Desiree’s rear end a gentle slap. “Look at that ass jiggle!”

“She been eatin’ grandma’s honey-buttah biscuits!” Tamryn added, and all three girls began laughing.

Once again Desiree tried to bolt to her bedroom, but Nakia caught her and spun her back around to face them.

“How many times did you suck yo’ boyfriend’s dick?!” Nakia asked again, getting herself under control. And, again, the question was met with silence. “HOW MANY TIMES?!” she yelled.

“I didn’t!” Desiree confessed, finally and reluctantly giving in. It wasn’t until the words were out that she realized she’d revealed too much.

“WHAT?!” the trio yelled in unison.

“Oh fuck!” Tamryn said, still laughing. “She ain’t never gave a blowjob!”

“You lucky bitch!” Renee said, and she and Tamryn just lost it, leaning on the wall and laughing at Desiree.

Nakia was the only one who managed to keep herself control. She smiled and turned to Tamryn, “Go to my room and look on the dresser. You’ll know when you see it.” She held Desiree by the arm until Tamryn returned with a very large banana. Nakia took it and approached Desiree, stroking the fruit and pointing it at her.

“Looks like class will be beginning a little early for you.”

Just then there was a knock at the door. Everyone except Desiree grew silent.

“Who is that?!” she asked, panicking and struggling to break free from Nakia’s grip.

“Well,” Nakia said, ignoring the question and tossing the banana on the couch, “Sometimes you have to learn on the job.”

“Let me go!” Desiree said, her voice becoming louder. “Let me—”

Nakia clasped her hand over Desiree’s mouth. “Shut the fuck up!” she said, getting so close that their noses were almost touching. “If you don’t want me to drag yo’ ass in that hallway right now you do what the fuck I tell you! You hear me?”

Desiree looked back at Nakia with wide eyes. Tamryn and Renee were holding her by the arms, pinning her against the wall. She reminded Renee of her cat the last time she tried to give it a bath.

“This is not the time to get defiant, bitch. You know I’ll do it. Nod your head if you understand,” Nakia said.

Desiree nodded. Nakia glared at her, then slowly removed her hand from Desiree’s mouth. She whimpered, still struggling, and after a moment she mumbled,

“Why are you doing this?”

“Because you want me to,” Nakia said quickly, “You just don’t know it yet.”

She then turned and walked to the door. “Stand in front of her,” she said over her shoulder. Tamryn and Renee stood shoulder-to-shoulder in front of her, using their bodies to immobilize her and shield her from view of the door. A moment later it opened a few inches and Desiree tensed, but remained trapped.

There was a hushed conversation, then the door opened completely. Desiree shuddered when she saw who it was. Her knees shaking , she put her hand back over her pussy and made another desperate attempt to bolt to her bedroom, but it was useless. She would have emptied her bank account to be somewhere, anywhere except that dorm room

As the newcomer and Nakia walked in their conversation gradually became audible. “…nah, it’s just a little initiation thing we doin’ here. Sorority hazing, off the books—you know how it is. She selected you personally.”

Desiree whimpered as the lie rolled off Nakia’s lips.

“What’s yo’ name again?”


“Marcus, this is Desiree, our new recruit. She actin’ a little shy.” Nakia motioned to Tamryn, and the two of them stepped aside and roughly pushed Desiree forward. She thought she’d burst into flames. It was the guy she’d seen in the hallway on the way upstairs.

She swallowed hard as he watched his eyes wash over her body. She had both hands cupped over her pussy, wanting to run but not wanting to expose her naked ass to him.

“Desiree, this is Marcus,” Nakia said calmly, “The guy you said you wanted to fuck. I got him for you. Now say thank you.”

Desiree said nothing and kept backing away from him.

“Do it,” Renee whispered, giving Desiree a quick shove forward.

“Say ‘Thank you, Big s****r Nakia’”, Nakia said with a smirk on her face.

Desiree raised her head a little and, after a momentary pause, said, “Thank you…Big s****r Nakia.”

“Good. Now get on your knees.”

Desiree paused for a long moment and, after feeling Tamryn painfully sticking a knuckle in between two of her vertebrae, obeyed. When she saw the stranger, Marcus, unzipping his pants, she f***ed herself to look up at him. He slowly pulled out a 7-inch semi-erect dick and gave it a single stroke. He was expecting a blowjob, only Desiree didn’t know how to give one. Not including her b*****r it was only the second dick she’d ever laid eyes on.

She heard Nakia’s voice again, only this time it was coming from behind her. “Put it in your mouth, and watch those teeth,” she ordered.

Desiree raised a shaking hand to the dick in front of her and grasped it loosely in the middle. Her heart pounded as it hardened further in her hands. Slowly she opened her mouth, closed it, then opened it again and touched the bottom of it to her tongue. There was something liquid on it, and she recoiled quickly. Of course she knew what it was, but actually tasting it was a new experience for her.

“Put it in your mouth,” Nakia repeatedly firmly. She was much calmer than she was earlier.

Desiree put the head of his dick back on her tongue and slowly slid less than half of it inside, barely closing her mouth around it. Then she slid it out and repeated twice more before stopping to rest, thinking she had actually accomplished something.

“OK, enough of this,” Nakia said. She pulled the scrunchy off of Desiree’s hair, freeing it, and wrapped her brownish-black hair around her hand. “Open,” she commanded, and when Desiree obeyed Nakia instantly pushed forward, sliding most of Marcus’ dick over her tongue towards the back of her throat.

“Mmmmppfftt!” Desiree gagged and spit his dick out, coughing a little.

“Open,” Nakia repeated.

Desiree did, reluctantly, and Nakia pushed it in five times in rapid succession. She stopped, thinking Desiree couldn’t handle it, but when she heard no gagging sounds she pushed her head on his dick ten more times. This time Desiree spit it out and coughed some more, wiping the spit off her chin with the back of her hand.

“That’s how we suck dick in 916,” Nakia said loudly. “Do I have to show you again?”

“No,” Desiree said hurriedly.

“Then take off the training wheels and give us a show.”

Desiree looked up at Marcus and put his dick back in her mouth. She gave him about ten more sucks, none of which were as good as before. Without turning around she could feel Nakia’s disappointment and started again, trying harder. After a few sucks she heard Marcus moan and kept going, again feeling reassured. But Nakia wasn’t impressed.

“Put your hands down,” she said, frustrated. Desiree could feel her hands in her hair again and dropped her hands in her lap. Nakia rammed Desiree’s head forward harder and faster than before, this time not stopping at all. After trying to spit it out twice Desiree had to turn her head to the side—she must have given Marcus head for almost a minute straight without letup. Her eyes watering, she again wiped her mouth and spoke up.

“OK, OK…just wait…..”

“Don’t tell me to wait,” Nakia said, still cool as a cucumber. “Step yo’ game up.”

And they started over again. This continued for the better part of seven minutes. Nakia repeatedly pushed Desiree’s head onto Marcus’ dick, sometimes hard and sometimes harder, and Desiree kept stopping whenever she needed a break. And the breaks became further and further apart the longer they went at it.

When the girls saw Marcus grunt and throw his head back they knew he was close. Immediately Nakia yanked Desiree’s head back and let go of her hair.

“Alright, get up.”

Desiree paused to wipe her mouth and got to her knees.

Nakia looked at Marcus. “Fuck her,” she said simply.

Desiree briefly looked at Marcus, then turned sharply to Nakia.

“No, wait—”

“Shut up.”

Desiree opened her mouth to protest, but Marcus quickly took a step forward, put his hands behind Desiree’s head, and gave her a hard, heavy kiss on the mouth. Whatever fight that was left in Desiree melted away instantly. Renee even saw her eyes close for a second. The kiss was brief, though. Marcus gently pushed her backwards and lifted her leg, intending to fuck her against the wall. And that’s when Nakia stepped in, again.

“No,” she said, pushing him away, “Fuck her like a ho.”

Nakia spun Desiree around and pushed her back down, making her bend over. “Grab the wall,” she ordered, and when she did Marcus stepped up behind her and grabbed her by the waist. He reached down and stroked her pussy a few times. Desiree moaned. Surprised at how sensitive (and how wet) she was, he wasted no time putting his dick up against her hole and pushing it inside.

“Unff!” Desiree cried out

“Fuck, she’s a talker,” Tamryn said, calling it immediately.

Marcus left it in for a few seconds, feeling her insides spread for him, and started fucking her. Tamryn was right, because on nearly every other stroke Desiree let out a very load moan. She curved her back and bent her elbows, keeping Marcus’ thrusts from pushing her into the wall. After less than a minute she was already creaming his dick, and Marcus sped up. He paused briefly to pull off his shirt, then pushed it back in hard, almost balls deep. And the moans never stopped. Desiree’s roommates didn’t like that she was so loud but had to admit it was quite a turn on. All they had to do was look at her face (what little of it they could see) and they knew she was getting off.

After a couple minutes Renee commented on all the wax Desiree was producing and, just like that, the moans became irregular. Instead of grunting with each thrust they started becoming long and drawn out. Marcus responded and began plowing into her even quicker, his balls slapping against her clit twice a second. Her cum started staining the floor, dripping out of her pussy and off of Marcus’ sack. And then they knew she was cumming, because Desiree wasn’t moaning anymore. She was yelling, and nobody in the room was cold-hearted enough to quiet her.

The orgasms rolled off of her one after another. Some bigger, if loudness was an indication of intensity, and some smaller. By the time they reached the five minute mark Desiree seemed wiped out. It was no surprise—Marcus was nailing her to the wall so hard she could barely support herself anymore. Desiree had started to straighten herself, but Marcus kept pushing her head back down. He was enjoying watching her ass bounce each time he rammed her. Finally she reached back with her right hand, the universal symbol of stop, you’re fucking me too hard. Marcus plunged inside her three more times before pulling out, and the girls were very surprised that he didn’t shoot a load all over Desiree’s ass.

Nakia thought this was a good time to jump back in and reassert her authority. She walked over and started to say something, but Marcus’ attention was completely on Desiree. He turned her around, pushed her back against the wall and gave her a series of kisses, which she eagerly returned. Ten seconds turned into twenty, twenty turned into forty, and forty turned into a minute. Then another minute passed, and Tamryn shifted uncomfortably in place. “Damn,” she said softly, realizing she was more turned on by the kissing than the fucking.

Nakia smiled at the two of them, realizing that the fool was in love. She already knew how this would play out. Marcus would be a fixture in their dorm room now, coming over at all times of the night, fucking Desiree every night while the rest of them listened. Nothing she could do now would stop that.

“Enough,” she said loudly, just because she could.

Marcus stopped, but not because of Nakia. After taking a second to strip off the bra she was still wearing, he led her over to the sofa and lay her down, then raised one leg up and held it in place. Within seconds he had his dick at her pussy and pushed it most of the way inside, resuming the same speed he had earlier. Desiree reached down and gently stroked her clit with her right hand, but her gaze was on Marcus, and his was on her. She started moaning pretty much immediately, and it took less than a minute for her pussy to start dripping again. Tamryn noticed she was staining their sofa, but didn’t want to interrupt them. The rest of the world ceased to exist to those two.

After two minutes Desiree started screaming again and closed her eyes. Cum rolled down between her ass cheeks, making the wet spot on the cushion even bigger. Marcus slowed down ever so slightly and went in balls-deep with each stroke, grunting a bit himself. Seconds later he pulled out and held his dick just under the head. The first cum splurt was rather weak, but flew all the way to Desiree’s chest, landing right in between her tits. The second surge went even farther, leaving a creamy white streak on her neck and part of her shoulder. As he continued shooting he left milky lines up and down her body, covering her nipples and filling her belly button. The last few drops landed just above her clit and dripped down between her legs, mixing with her own cum and (again) staining the couch.

Marcus exhaled heavily , sweat running down his body as he and Desiree stared at each other. It was hard to believe that they had just met less than twenty minutes ago. She was having a hard time catching her breath, having never experienced so many powerful orgasms in such a short period of time. Her heart seemed like it was beating inside of her head, and hearing was difficult for awhile. She vaguely heard Marcus say something (it sounded like he was whispering) before he turned to Nakia, who was also saying…something.

“Time to go.”

Marcus wiped his forehead with his head. “What?”

“Don’t act like you didn’t hear me.”

“You gotta be k**din’ me!”

Nakia looked him right in the eye. “Do I look like I’m fuckin’ k**din’?! Get the fuck out!”

Marcus looked back down at Desiree, who still seemed dizzy.

“I’ll leave when I’m good and ready,” he exhaled.

“You’ll leave right now, or I’ll call campus security and have them arrest yo’ ass. Then you can spend tomorrow movin’ out all the shit you just moved in here.” She pulled out her phone and paused to let it sink in. “Say I won’t.”

Marcus hesitated. “This is fucked up,”

“Yeah, whateva. We know where you live. She’ll call you. Now get out.”

Marcus slowly stood and started to pick up his clothes. Nakia beat him to it, scooped his jeans and boxers off the floor, and threw them into the hallway.

“What the fuck—“

“When I say get out I mean now, not thirty seconds from now,” she said, returning for his boots and throwing them in the hallway, too.

“I’m butt-ass naked!”

“Get yo’ butt-ass naked in the hallway and get dressed, then!”

“Fuck, gimme a towel or—“

Nakia lifted her phone and started scrolling, then tapped the screen a couple of times. “Hello? Is this security?”

Marcus dropped his voice. “OK, OK, I’m gone,” he said quickly. Leaving his shirt behind, he walked into the hallway nude and quickly slipped into his boxers as the door slammed behind him.

Nakia turned from the door and walked towards Desiree, who seemed to be slowly returning to life. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked down at her cum-drizzled body, having forgotten what shame felt like.

“Get me her blanket,” Nakia said. Renee went into the room and retrieved it, and Nakia lay it on top of Desiree in a gentle, motherly way. Then she squatted down and softly brushed the hair from her closed eyes.

“Look at me,” she whispered.

After a moment Desiree’s tired eyes fluttered open.

“I know it doesn’t seem like it, but you’ll thank me for this one day.”

Desiree understood the words but didn’t understand Nakia at all. Part of her hated Nakia. She’d only gotten off the plane from three hours ago, and since then she’d been stripped, humiliated and fucked. Most of her belongings were still in a small corner in the lobby and she didn’t even care. She had a…boyfriend? A fuck buddy? Well, a something living down the hall from her, and she didn’t even know his last name. All of that was Nakia’s fault. Her and the 916 crew. Her roommates. She’d have to change rooms. There was no way she could stay there. Except the dorms were full—the desk assistant had told her that when they were chatting downstairs. No transfers unless approved. Which meant she had to stay. Stay and find a way to live with them, if that was that even possible.

Desiree turned over and faced the back of the sofa. She was exhausted from the flight, the cab ride, and, of course, from getting fucked and cumming a river. Her leg was still shaking and she was too tired to think anymore. Desiree pulled the blanket up around her and within seconds her eyes started to close. She was asl**p less than a minute later.

Nakia stood up, stretched her back, and turned to Tamryn and Renee.

“That was fun,” she said with a smile. “Y’all wanna get somethin’ to eat?”... Continue»
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Old Man Young Tenant Part 6

Old Man Young Tenant Part 6
The return of one of the other roommates had awakened Ann.

Ann was looking at Alice with a very warm smile when Alice opened her eyes. She did not move or say anything for several minute as her body registered all the feeling. She realized she was naked and lying next to another naked girl and it felt sort of good. She liked the feel of flesh against her flesh just like she enjoyed the feel of William’s naked body against her. She saw Ann looking at her in a very pleasing way and thought that William had looked at her in the same way. Now she was confuse and shook her head like she was trying to clear her mind.

“Oh man who is back, they can’t find us like this”. She jumped out of bed grabbed her clothes and tried to tiptoe to the bathroom. Once there she dressed and then went to her room changed clothes and picked up her books. Alice was very confused and need to think and find some answers. Ann stopped her before she got out of the apartment and very gently took her head giving her a kiss, not a friend to friend kiss but a kiss only given to a lover.

“There I hope you are not mad at me for last night but you were so good and I really wanted you so bad”. Ann had developed some special feelings about Alice now and she was a little confuse too as the feeling were not just sexual.

“I’m not mad at you, I am just a confused, and I did enjoy last night which is the reason I am confused and I just need to think so I am going out”.

“MMM, are you going to go to your fellow and tell him about last night?”

“I don’t know what to do but I do need to see him. I don’t know what to say or how to explain but he seems to know so much and I know he loves me”.

“Oh that sounds serious and so who is this lucky guy to have someone like you so in love with him”?

“I can’t say any more now I have to go”. With that she hurried from the apartment and started for Williams place without any thought of hiding her movement.

Ann quickly dresses and ran out of the apartment determined to find out where Alice was going. She saw her cross the pool area and followed. As Alice knocked on Williams door Ann was watching from around the corner down the hall. Ann smiled and thought, ah ha now I know where you go.

William opened the door and was a little surprised to see Alice as he thought they had agreed to not get together this weekend as Ann was getting to nosey. “Alice, come in what are you doing I thought we were not going to get together?”
Alice ran to him and put her arms around him and hugged him tight. William sensed that there was more to this and just hugged her back then lead her into the apartment. He took her book bag from her and sat her on the sofa. “Okay tell me what is on your mind, you want a soda”.

“Oh I just missed you and needed to see you”. She was not sure how to tell him about Ann but he seems so understanding about things.

He knew better but thought he would just let her tell him in her own time her own way. “Well I am happy to see you and actually I was missing you and your cute smile”. With that he bent down lifted up her head and kissed her softly at first and then with increasing passion and finished with his tongue. “Oh yes Alice my dear I did miss you”.

She felt a special warmth flood her body with his touch and kiss. His hand had moved from her face to her arm and finally her side and it sent tingles through her body. The kiss was tender, passionate, loving and sweet all in one. She had reached up and grasped his head and now just looked into his eyes.

“Oh William I, well I did something last night and I don’t understand why it happened or how.” Funny but she didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed telling him anything and with that thought she reach out and kissed him softly.

“Well my dear we have crossed many bridges already this one can’t be any more difficult”. He figured that it was that she had told one of the roommates about him or maybe she had taken an interest in some fellow she had met at school. William was not prepared for what she said next.

“Oh William I love you so much you are so kind and well I don’t want to do something to hurt that”. She just wanted to be sure he would not leave her.

“Alice my dear I don’t think there is anything you could do that would change things between us, there might be some adjustment but I will be your friend and as long as you wish your lover”. Wow now that was a statement, there it was “her lover” and he had not hesitated to say it.

“I hope so cause I don’t ever want to lose you” and she kissed him again. “Well you know Ann?”
“Yes the one I got the vibrator for, is she having fun with it?”
“Yes, but well she caught me using mine last night and well I was very hot and she sort of, oh how do I explain it?”

William was a little taken back but he realized she was not going to be able to explain unless he opened the door first. “She helped you have an orgasm, in other words you and her had sex?”

She just stared at him how could he know or understand. “Yes, it just happened”.

“Well was it good, did you enjoy it, did you have your orgasm?” Man this little girl is learning a lot more about sex in a short time.

“Yes actually it was very good and Ann is very nice but I don’t understand how I can have and enjoy sex with you and then with her.”

“Well I don’t understand either but if you are happy then that’s all that matters to me. This might get a little complicated but if you and Ann are good together then so be it I will leave you alone.” He knew this would not last forever how a man his age could continue to satisfy a woman- girl her age.
“Oh no I don’t want that I love you and I don’t want to lose you”. She was afraid now that she might be driving him away. “I just don’t know as I had a very exciting night but I want you.” She reached up and pulled him close and hugged him. The feel of his body next to hers made her feel warm and very good almost like some of the feelings she had with Ann and the confused her even more. “It is just that I don’t know what I feel now or why”.

William shook his head as he could not get it all straight. She seems to like sex with Ann and she also loved him and like sex with him. “So you’re saying you like sex with Ann and me?”
“Well yes I guess so and is that bad or make you mad?”
“I am not mad, maybe a little jealous but will if it make you happy okay”.

“You don’t have to be jealous, she just made me feel good in a different way but you make me feel good all the time and it’s not just the sex with you.” Now it dawned on her what she was feeling. Sex with both of them was good but William made her feel good because she loved him and he loved her.

“Well what do you want to do about this then?” He was not sure what to do now so he let her take the lead.

“I don’t know what to do but maybe is will just sort of go away. I am going to go but please don’t be mad at me about this, okay” and with that she put her arms around his neck and kissed him softly and slowly let her body press against him.

There was no way he could be mad at this cute sexy woman and besides he had learned to make do, get along and roll with the punch. Age does have some advantage as he thought; I am not really jealous more curious.

“Look, I am not mad and I never will get mad at you no matter what, anger is wasteful emotion and I do not have energy to waste. There are a lot of things you have to learn, to sort out in life and well so do I. I am not too old to learn and it seems I am about to get a deeper education with regards to sex and relationships. WE, you and I will learn together. Okay you need to sort things out so go but remember I do love you.” He took her face between his hands and kissed her forehead then each eye; cheek, her nose and finally her lips.

He opened the door and turned her and nodded and then as she started out he patted her ass in a friendly familiar way.
She smiled to herself thinking that all was going to be just fine because William understood EVERTHING. She could have not been more wrong as William was totally confused as to what to do.

Ann was waiting for Alice to return so she could go find the strange lover of hers. She stood at the door to William’s apartment and hesitated a moment doubting her motives but finally knocked on the door.

William opened the door to find a young woman looking at him with searching eyes. She was rather tall and had a full figure with a sort of tough look about her. She smiled at him and simply said” oh sorry I must have the wrong apartment.”

He looked at her and simply smiled, “oh I think you have the right one ANN”.

Her eyes and mouth opened wide in surprise and she started to turn and leave.

“No, stay, you knocked so you must have a reason to see me.”

She did not know what to do and she just stared at him until he reached out and took her arm and gently pulled her into the apartment. Nothing was said as she just let him lead her to the sofa and she sat when he nodded.

“Would you like something to drink? I think you have a lot to say and you might need it.”

“Oh, ah, well sure a coke is fine. What do you mean a lot to say?”

Coming back from the kitchen with a glass of ice and can of coke, “Alice has told me everything or at least I think she has and she is rather confused now.”

Ann took the coke and poured it taking a long time to reply. She looked at this man, William, that Alice seemed to love and who seemed to love her back, but how could that be he was ancient. Then she looked at him closer and rethought that, well he may be old but he does not look so bad in fact he is rather pleasant to look at, but oh man in bed no way but still Alice had found something to give her satisfaction.

“So she told you everything?”
“Yes and now you can tell me your point of view about what is happening.”

“Oh man, I don’t know how to explain it to you, I mean you’re a man and her lover or whatever you are. Look at first I was just teasing and being nosy, then when she got me the vibrator and things took a different twist and I got more interested in her.” She was not sure how to say it or tell HIM.

“You took a sexual interest in her, so what are you a lesbian?”

“No not like that I mean I have dated men and well it has been a really long time. Let’s face it I am not a petite sexy woman and I have not had a man in a long time. There it is, is that what you want to know? I was horny and she is cute and well sort of easy, but hey I like her and she is the sort of person you take too. Well it seems that’s what you did.”

It hit him like a semi truck and the muscles in his gut tightened. Was she right, had he taken advantage of a vulnerable woman? No that was not what he had done, he …… well he loved her.

He smiled softly and simple said,” I would never take advantage of her, I simply love her.”

Ann looked at him and she could see in his eyes that he truly did love her and she thought, I got to find me a man like that. She jerked her head back as the thought that just ran through her mind registered. No way, I do not want someone that old but then she looked at him and the look he gave her made her relax.

He saw her body first tense then twist away then relax. His years had taught him how to read body language and he realized that Ann was confused and wanting. Slowly he sat next to her on the sofa and took her hand.

“Okay, relax,” and with both his hands holding hers hand he started to explain, “ you see at first I just wanted to be Alice’s friend but it turned into more and now I realize I love her and I will do whatever it takes to make her happy and keep her safe. She seems to have found a new set of feelings and accompanying emotions since you and her had sex. I think she likes what she got from you with regards to sexual satisfaction but she is very confused about how she feels about you on personal level.”

“Well at first all I wanted was a good orgasm and I got that but then I started to wonder and well I am not sure how I feel. I want to be with her as, well , what can I say it was good.” She relaxed and leaned back on the sofa and put her other hand on his. She suddenly realized how comfortable she felt next to this man. Now she looked at him in an entirely different light. She was beginning to realize what Alice saw in this man.

“It seems there is no problem here as we both only want Alice to be happy so why don’t we just let her decide what she wants to do. If she wants to be with you so be it and when she wants me I hope you will be okay with that?”

“Man she has got it made then, she gets to have us both but what do I get?”
“You get Alice when she wants you, isn’t that enough? I mean how much more do you want?”
“You’re right that should be enough but somehow I just want something more and I don’t know what, well yes I do but she cannot help me there.”
“Oh, and just what more do you want?”
“I want a man, a real man and not just another asshole like I have had in past.”

“Well you will have to work on that then and maybe look at yourself. Maybe your attitude and behavior attracts the sort you men you do not like. You have to decide what you really want from a man and then figure out where that sort of man can be found. If you want a rough tough bad ass man then the local church social is not the place to go but then if you are looking for loving caring tender man the local skuzzy biker bar is not a good bet. So you have to do some deciding.” He went on to explain many of the things he had learned over the years about the relationship between men and women. Then he finished, all that he has said may not apply to her at all but that she will just have to take and use what she wants to use and discard the rest.

As he was talking Ann had move closer to him and at the end she had her cheek on his shoulder looking up at him with a very soft smile on her face.
She did not realize it but some how she felt very comfortable with him and listening to him made her feel good. She thought about all he had said and realized this was the kind of man she wanted. When he finished talking she did not know why but she just reached up with her hand at the back of his head she kissed him hard and full. Her lips parted and she bit his lip and then let go as she was afraid of offending him and she wanted him to be her friend.

He was taken back but did nothing thinking it would be best to let her decide just what she really wants form him.

“Oh, dear I am sorry I don’t know why I did that. I hope you’re not mad at me?”

He chuckled and then held her chin with thumb and finger and looked at her deeply. “Young lady I am not offended, surprised yes, but not offended. Let’s face it when a man my age is kissed, and kissed with passion, by a pretty young woman he is not offended he is flattered.”

“Oh good cause I like you and want to be your friend and well I was afraid that well.” Before she could finish he bent and very lightly kissed her a short quick kiss.

“Look a lot has happened these past few days and you need to think about things. I do not offend easily and if you want me as a friend fine, but you need to talk to Alice and let her know that you came here. No secrets okay”.

“Okay but I am afraid that Alice will be angry with me and I may lose her.”

“If you think that is going to happen you tell her to come and talk to me or you both come and talk to me”.
“Okay” With that Ann got up giving William one more kiss as she left.

When she returned to the apartment only Alice was there staring at her books. She walked up to her and caressed her hair and just looked at her then said.” Hey I need to talk to you are you busy?”
Alice had just been staring at her books as she could not sort out all the feeling and thoughts going through her now. When Ann came in she had gotten the urge to run up and throw her arms around her and just hug her but thought that would not be right. So when Ann caressed her hair and said she wanted to talk a heavy weight was lifted from her.

“Alice I know about William and I met him”.
“What, how, why oh no you can’t tell anyone,oh please".

“Easy it’s okay and all is safe. We actually had a long talk and it seems we both have some very strong feelings about you and we agreed that making you happy was all either of us waned. He does love you, you know and I sure wish I could find someone to love me that much. I told him about you and me but I guess you have told him everything and he explained some things to me and well I hope you don’t get upset but I would like to talk to him some more. I can see why you love him and why he makes you happy. “

“What did he say, about you and me and what do you mean you want someone like him?”

“Easy I want someone to love me the way he seems to love you. I want someone that is as kind and caring as he is. He seems to understand so much and he is so easy to talk to. He explained that I have to look at myself and change that I am if I want something different. He just knows so much about life, but then hey he has been around awhile I guess. Anyway I want to talk with him some more okay.” She reached out caressed the side of her face and then just bent down and kissed her.

Alice was really mixed up but there was no mixing up the kiss and she liked it and responded by grabbing Ann and kissing her hard and deep.

Both women had pent up urges and so they were soon touching each other all over then the clothes were coming off and then fell on the bed naked entwined in each other. Alice moaned as Ann sucked on her breasts and she could not help but bend around and stroke her hips and legs then spreading her legs probe her pussy which was very wet. Ann was licking then sucking her nipples and breast but when she felt the finger on her pussy she could not help but moan and start to talk dirty to Alice. When Ann called her a little slut she got really turned on and pushed her fingers deeper and then licked the pussy and found the clit. Alice was now sucking on her clit with two fingers in her pussy rubbing the g spot. Ann had an orgasm that was as good as she ever had and then she exploded squirting all over Alice.

Alice was in ecstasy as Ann orgasmed but then when she squirted she did not know quite what to do but it was a real turn on and she reached down and rubbed her own clit fast and hard trying to bring herself to orgasm. Ann felt Alice start to rub herself and quickly turned around and started to kiss her belly and move down and then pulling the hand away she started to lick suck and bit her pussy and clit. Soon Alice had an orgasm and both woman collapsed into each other’s arms and kissed softly.

William was not sure where things were going to go but so far he was doing okay. He was having more sex than he has had in the past 10 years, hell 20 years for that matter and he loves it. As he went down to the pool he held his head high his back seemed to be straighter and there was a different swagger to his walk. He was thinking, sex with a younger partner will do that to you. Just then he saw Rachel walk past and he turned and notices the swing of her cute ass, yes a younger man put that there.

Ann and Alice had talked some but both were not sure what to do about William. Alice had told Ann all about sex with William and as the two of them had just had very passionate sex Alice had not left out any details. In fact the description had caused Ann to get hot and that lead to another hot passionate session. Ann told Alice she could tell her all about fucking William any time she wanted as it was a real turn on and made her feel like she was there with them. That comment made them both stop short and change the subject.

Several days passed before Alice visited William again.

He had been making supper when she knocked and he hollered “Come In” but then remembered it was locked and he had to open it for her.

“Well hello, come in I am making supper are you hungry?”

She looked at him and then all the feeling came back and she just wanted to run to him and hug him, kiss him and oh just touch him all over. “Yes I am hungry but I want more than supper”, and with that she reached out and grabbed him and kissed him hard.

One hand still had a fork and the other was covered in flour, “hey no fair I have my hands full and not with you”.
Still he surrendered to the kiss and bending down for better contact he let her tongue play with his and his cock got hard.

The kiss broke and as her body made full contact with his he felt her leg rub his now stiff cock. Giving a little moan he recovered, “hey I have the oven going and I need to finish the casserole.” He went back into the kitchen and continued fixing the meal. “Say, I got something for you” and he wiped off his hands and took a key off a peg, “here this is so I don’t have to run to answer the door when you want to come here. That is a key to the apartment so you can come and go as you please.”

She was spell bound and just looked at him. He had just given her, her own key to his apartment. She felt all warm and fuzzy and so excited. She smiled and looked at him then the dam broke and she ran and jumped at him throwing her arms around his neck and wrapping her legs around his waist. She kissed him with such f***e and passion he was not sure if he was going to make it.

Her hands played with his hair and head in frenzy while her tongue attacked his mouth. Her legs were around his hips and she was grinding into him as thought there was no tomorrow. He could not resist and put the towel on the counter and grabbed her sweet ass with both hands and squeezed her cheeks hard. The feel of her was just so wonderful he forgot all cares and worries as all he could think about was her naked next to him.

He broke the hold and grabbed the casserole and almost threw it into the oven then turned and grabbed her and kissing her hard. His hands move all over her body and then up under the blouse to cup her breasts. Her nipples were hard as he took them between thumb and finger causing her to moan as he pinched. She had a firm hold around his neck and as he straightened up her feet left the floor and in this manner he walked into the bedroom.

With her still holding his neck and their lips locked together they both started to shed clothes. The need for sex, a good screwing, a really good fuck, was to strong in both that they were naked in no time.

They fell on the bed with him on top. His lips now move from her lips to ear to neck and down to breast and nipples. As he sucked her nipple into his mouth her hands were reaching for his hard cock. The moaning and groaning was loud and strained. She rubbed her pussy with his cock and then parting the lips she arched her back and bucked up her hip. The head slipped into her very wet pussy and she moaned, oh yes fuck me fuck me hard yes”. She had not been so vocal before and it turned William on even more, “ I am going to fuck you so hard you…” and he could not finish as he just wanted to suck on her more as his cock started to pulse.

The feel of her hot wet pussy wrapping around his cock and then the feel as her muscle clinched hold of it made him shudder with passion. She laid beneath him legs spread wide, arms tight around his neck hands grabbing his hair and her lips kissing and biting everything she could reach.

His lips were kissing her and then every part he could reach, eyes, ears ,nose , breast, nipple and shoulder while his hands were first squeezing her tits and nipples then her ass. As he rammed hard and deep his hands pulled her ass to his hips making his cock go as deep as possible. Then he exploded pumping his full load of cum into her pussy. She could feel it squirting into her and it caused her to scream, “ah yes you fucker you give it to me fill my cunt with your cum, more give me more” and her words stirred him to more passionate thrusting until all he had was in her. Now as he continue to thrust the cum oozed out and she felt it between her butt cheeks and it felt good.

They lay together, he very much exhausted and she very satisfied but still wanting some more. She rolled to him and started to kiss and play with his chest hair and nipples and her leg rubbed his now very soft cock.

“MMM that feels so good dear but I think I need to check the oven” and with that he got out of bed put on a shirt and pants and hurried to the kitchen.

Supper was a somewhat quiet meal with general conversation about school and the fact that Alice had been working out at the pool and exercise room. William had notice this as he also worked out occasionally at the pool and he also noticed some of the other men-boys looking at her in that new swim suit.

Later in the living room William had gone and sat in his easy chair without much thought and when she came in not wanting to sit on the sofa alone she sat in his lap. She felt safe and very comfortable in his arms. With her head on his shoulder she just looked at him then kissed his cheek. “I really love you, you know? “

“ I do and I love you as well” and he kissed her forehead. “So how are things between you and Ann?”
“Oh it is just fine well better than fine actually I mean the sex is really good. We have been a little over indulgent I guess seems now we cannot stop touching each other. Once I got over the fear or whatever and decided to just enjoy sex, well I did and do. It’s strange now thought that we just had sex cause when we have sex it is somehow different. No matter cause I love you not Ann” and with that she snuggled into him tighter.

“Actually we had to sort of cut it back some as the roommates were getting a little suspicious and we do not want them to know. There is just not much room or free time for everything.”

“Well then maybe you need to spend more time here with me” and he hugged her.

“Oh I would but school is getting very demanding and well Ann is so close. You know she told me how at first she could not imagine you and me together but I guess after you and her meet and talked she has a whole different opinion of you. She even said she envies me because how we feel about each other and how really nice you are. She actually said she would like to find a man like you.”

“Oh, sure she wants an old man right.”
“Not an old man but a man that is kind, caring and loving and good in bed.”
“Oh so I am good in bed, well I thank you for that but just how does she know that, how much have you been telling her?”

“I hope you don’t get mad but we just sort of ramble on when we are together and after well we mostly talk about sex and I still have things to learn and she is rather knowledgeable.”

“Oh great so I am the topic of your sex conversations, if this gets out I will be in some trouble you know.”
“Oh nobody will know and Ann really likes you so she is not going to say anything.”

“Well I better get back and get some work done”, and with that she kissed him and left.

Back at the apartment she settled down to study and then realized she had a key. She took out her key ring and was putting in on when Ann saw what she was doing and asked? “So what’s with the key?”

Alice no longer was afraid to tell Ann anything and simply said, “ he gave me one so I can get in and he does not have to answer the door every time.”

“Oh that is nice so now you have a key to William apartment, when are you going to move in?”

“Oh it’s not like that silly”, but then she thought how it would be nice to live with him to go to bed with him every night and get up in morning with him beside her. She was dreaming when Ann broke in.

“Hey come back dreamer, so you got a key that’s great cause you know when things get crowded here we could always go there.”

“Oh we could not that would never work he would find out and then I would be in real trouble”

“Oh he is gone most of the time, you know that what with all the things he volunteers for and besides he is into you so much he would let you do anything, heck he does not mind you and me being together. He seems to be really okay with the sex and everything. Hey maybe he might join us.”

That hit Alice hard and she spun on Ann, “what do you me join us, he would never and you think he is just an old man anyway that’s just a crazy idea.” Ann could see the comment had really upset Alice.

“Easy I did not mean anything by it I was only being funny.”

She said that but Ann had started to get some rather kinky thoughts lately about Alice and William. She wondered what it would be like to have a threesome with him but then she thought; probably kill the old fellow but what a way to go.

A week went by in usual fashion with Ann and Alice having sex after school just before the others got back and then Alice being with William on Friday and Saturday. Alice was enjoying sex but Ann was still feeling like something was missing, a cock to be exact.

On Wednesday afternoon the two were having sex when the other roommates returned and interrupted a hot sex session. Because they both were very excited and wanted to continue Ann had suggested they go to Williams’s apartment. At first Alice had refused but as they were both so hot and horny and remembering that William was gone till late, she relented and they went to the apartment.

Alice let them in with her key and they immediately went to the bedroom and started to strip each other. Ann was so horny she just tore at Alice’s clothes kissing her all over as the skin became bare. Alice just swooned with pleasure as Ann kissed her and ripped at Ann’s clothes. Finally both women were down to bra and panties and still their hands move to take off the bras. As hands cupped breasts and started to pinch and pull nipples they began to talk dirty to each other and it got louder the hotter they got. Ann was calling Alice her bitch, whore and dirty slut and telling her how she was going to fuck her and then get every man she knew to fuck her as well. Alice was begging to be fucked, abused in every hole possible. Soon it was two naked women rolling on the king size bed probing every hole possible on each other. Then they split legs and started to rub their pussies against each other in wild passion. As the sensations increased so did the moaning and dirty talk. Ann kept begging Alice to rub her pussy harder and calling her a bitch and slut. Alice just wanted to orgasm and begged Ann to fuck her.

There had been a lot of help at the food pantry and so William had taken off early. As he opened the door he heard strange noises and then he recognized one of the voices. Slowly and quietly he entered his apartment and made his way back to the bedroom where the sounds were coming from and carefully looked into the room.

He saw two woman sitting facing each other with legs split so their pussies rubbed. They were kissing and then sucking each other’s breast and nipples with such passion he instantly got an erection. The sight of the two of them naked was suck a turn on and his mind started to think of all sorts of dirty things he wanted to do to both of them.

The passion rose in both women and soon both were screaming and moaning as they shook and clutched each other tightly. Alice felt the surge rush through her and the juice from her pussy covered Ann’s pussy and legs just as Ann screamed and because it was such an overpowering orgasm she also squirted and covered not only Alice’s legs but her lower body and bedding as well.

The women lay wrapped in each other’s legs and arms just gently touching and kissing. William watched and pushed the very hard erection down as it had gotten tangled in his shorts. He decided to just take the lead and so he walked in.

Both girls jolted to their senses and grabbed the sheet to cover up.

“Hey no sense covering up I have seen you both”, so you needed a place with a little more private to be together did you? Well you sure had a good time but we better get the sheets off the bed and into the laundry.” Ann had really gotten the bed wet with her squirting and now Alice was getting very upset and worried.

“Oh god William I am so sorry I,I,”
“Easy now, we just strip the bed and dry it out and everything is fine.”
“But aren’t you mad about Ann and me here and this?”
“Hey sorry about the bed but I had such a great orgasm I just could not help it, I mean it does not happen often only when I get really hot and have such an intense orgasm.”

“Well it was a very arousing show and there is nothing to get upset about.” He started to pull the sheets and such off the bed but could not help but stare at the two naked women.

Alice felt a little self conscious and started to put on clothes but Ann was very bold and figured this was just the opportunity to see what he was all about. Ann could see the hardon in his pants and so just reached out and gently took hold of it.

“Oh looks like you did enjoy our little show and you still have such a big hard cock. You want us to take care of that?”

“What do you mean, ahhhh, oh that does feel good woman.”
Ann just kept holding his cock and looked at Alice, “hey don’t just stand there come here he is your fellow aren’t you going to take care of his cock? I will if you don’t, it’s so nice and big and hard.” She unzipped his pants and before he knew it she had his naked cock in her hand and quickly bent to kiss and lick the tip. “Oh that is such a taste cock” and then she let her lips slid down the shaft.

William whole body shuddered and he moaned as the desire had built up in him to such a degree that he did not care who sucked his cock as long as it got sucked. “Oh god woman that feels so good” and with that he grabbed the back of her head and pushed ramming his cock deep into her mouth. The show he had just watched had turned him on so that he was on the edge and when he felt his cock sliding into that wet sucking mouth he just let go.

He did not last more than a few strokes before he shot a load of cum into her mouth. She gagged at first and then just swallowed sucking all he could produce. He moaned and his body shuddered as he pumped all he could. Then he collapsed sitting on the bed with Ann between his legs licking his cock with a devilish smile on her face.

“Oh you taste so good, Alice never told me how good it was or hasn’t she sucked your cock and tasted your cum?”

Alice had been sort of stunned at what was happening and only now came to realize what Ann had done. “I have tasted his cum and get off, what are you doing?”

Ann, “Easy, he had a really big hard on from watching us fuck and I just help relieve him of it and besides he sure enjoyed it, right?”

William, “Yes, you do give a nice quick blow job, but I did not expect that nor did I expect to come home and fine you two here. This is certainly made things a lot more complicated.”

Ann, “What is complicated, it is simple now you have two women to fuck.”

Alice.”What do you mean two women that is not why I brought you here; William is not something to just pass around.”

Ann.”Oh come on, he likes sex same as you do and now we can just be a happy sexy little f****y right.”

William, “I think we all need to stop and think about what just happened today and what is going to change. Nothing is going to be the same and I am afraid there may be trouble.

Alice did not want trouble and she just put her arms around William and f***ed him back on the bed lying on top of him, her bare body tight against him. “I don’t want trouble I just want you.” She kissed him hard and deep forcing her tongue into his mouth and seeking his tongue. He responded by wrapping his arms around her and kissing her back.

Ann watched and started to get the sexual urges again. She moved in and started to take his clothes off and as soon as the shirt was off Alice kissed his chest and sucked his nipples. Then both women started to work at getting him naked and soon he was with Alice kissing and licking his chest and Ann paying more attention to his cock. He move onto the bed and on his back then pulled Alice over him so he could kiss her nipples and suck them. Ann had now started to caress his balls and stroke his cock which was getting hard again.

He did not care about anything now except fucking and sucking and it did not matter who was where.

Alice was hot and very excited as she moved around and saw Ann sucking on his cock. It was exciting to see another woman suck her mans cock and this made here pussy want some attention so she squatted over his mouth and soon his tongue was parting her lips and licking her clit. His hands hand found her tits and nipples and she was wiggling with desires.

Ann had gotten his cock hard again and now finally she was going to get fucked by a real cock. Straddling him she parted her lips and sat down impaling herself on his cock without hesitation.

He felt his cock quickly go deep into a warm wet pussy and he then felt the muscles grip it tight.

Oh man that woman has a loose cunt but what muscles she has got. She can strangle my cock any time.
Now there was a real threesome going with Alice sitting on his face with his tongue either deep inside her or licking your clit and Ann impaled on his cock bouncing up and down. Ann took the lead and reached out and grabbed Alice’s tits and then pinched the nipples hard and Alice then did the same to her.

His hand went from Alice’s back to her butt and then pulled the cheeks apart and slowly slipped a finger into her ass causing her to moan loudly and sit down harder on his face. His other hand went to Ann butt and there his finger easily slipped into her ass and she also moaned.

The gyration went on for several minutes as the passion built and then he exploded into Ann causing her to tell him” fuck me you old bastard fuck me hard and deep now” and she shook as her orgasm raged through her body. Alice seeing and hearing what was happening started to reach her peak and then she to shouted “eat me you bastard eat that pussy suck it now finger my ass good” and he did. She too had another orgasm.

Then there was a mass of naked bodies on the bed all entwined with one another. Hands were now moving slowly about touching and caressing.
His limp cock was being touched by first only one hand and then by another. His hands had found two different tits and two different butts to caress.

Then as the haze of passion lifted from his mind he realized that he had now entered a very dangerous but oh god so satisfying a situation. He just lay there thinking about how best to handle this while the two women kissed and touched him all over. He had just cum twice was exhausted and if he wanted to stay alive he had better get up and stop before these two fucked him to death.

“Oh man that was mmmmmmm well it was.” He kissed first Alice with a very special feeling and then reached out taking Ann’s face in his hands kissing her tenderly. “I just don’t know what to do about you.”

“Well you don’t have to do anything really, Alice and I are really really good together and well we can share you as well, and I did not see you complaining about it.”

Alice was a little taken back but she was use to letting Ann direct things and well it had been very enjoyable and so sharing William might not be so bad besides the sex was getting better all the time.

“Ah well let’s just say it was a very interesting afternoon okay and let me go and you two think about this alright.”

Oh man what have I gotten into, how can I handle two of them and without any jealousy. As he got up his head started to spin and he sat down again fast. His heart was racing and there were little spots in his eyes; I better get to a doctor and get this check soon or I could literally fuck myself to death.

End of Part 6
I think there is only one more part left. The story line is getting to long and convoluted.
Thank you for reading. Please leave your comments.
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Jason and Kershaw

Jason and Kershaw were college roommates. Both were straight,
good-looking, well-built athletes, Jason was white of Irish descent,
Kershaw was black. They got along well and often dated the same chicks,
which tended to be co-eds that put out since neither of them were looking
to fall in love, as young as they were.

One night, Jason and Kershaw got d***k over a few pitchers of margaritas
with two girls, Tammy and Sheila. After the girls had a few too many, they
split, but the room mates stayed until they were hammered and staggered
back to the dorm, where they did several shots of tequila and drank beer
while watching a porno tape until they passed out.

The next morning, Jason woke up first, to find himself lying beside Kershaw
on one of the beds. Jason was fully dressed, but Kershaw had his jeans and
boxers pulled down to his ankles, with his long, soft, black, uncut penis
resting limp against his bare thigh. Jason tried to wake his roommate up,
but Kershaw was still out of it. Realizing this didn't look good, Jason
carefully pulled up Kershaw's pants and underwear, then went to the
cafeteria for some coffee.

After Jason left, Kershaw woke up. The last thing he remembered was doing
shots with Jason, after which he must have passed out. He remembered
dreaming that he got a killer blowjob, but that was it. Meanwhile, Jason
was trying to remember what happened to him the night before. Why was his
throat so sore? That never happened before when he got d***k. Even his
jaw ached.

Over the next 24 hours, both roommates slowly recollected what had
happened, but as if through a haze. Neither was sure if it really happened
or was just a very freaky dream. Jason kept getting flashbacks of a long
black cock being shoved in and out of his mouth until a burst of hot cum
shot down his throat. That's when Jason touched his face and found that
something sticky had dried up on his chin. Embarrassed as shit, Jason
rushed to the men's room to wash his face. Eventually, Jason realized it
was Kershaw he dreamed about, but what if the dream really happened? No,
that wasn't possible! They weren't gay. At least, Jason knew that he
wasn't and he was pretty sure that Kershaw wasn't either. Why would he
dream such a thing? Why did he have something crusty on his chin if it
wasn't sperm? The very idea made him sick to his stomach.

Kershaw, meanwhile, was putting his fragmented dream-memories together too.
Was it possible that Jason had gone down on him after he passed out? Nah,
Jason wasn't no freak. But why would he dream about such a thing?

The roommates avoided each other for a few days and never discussed this.
But Kershaw was so troubled that his cousin Mohammad, a Muslim, noticed
something was on Kershaw's mind. After smoking a few blunts, Kershaw came
clean with Mohammad and confessed the strange dream to him. What his
cousin told him was even more disturbing.

According to Mohammad, what probably happened was that when the roommates
got d***k, their natural instincts took over. Whiteboys are inferior to
b*****rs, Mohammad explained:

"Yo roomie must have given in to his natural Caucasian impulses and sucked
yo dick, cuz."

"But he ain't no fag," argued Kershaw, who was very ashamed to think that
it was true, that he had let another man go down on him.

"Don't matter," said Mohammad. "Deep down, all white boys is basically
fags. Didn't you ever notice whiteboys checkin out yo Johnson sometimes?
They jealous cuz Allah cursed white men with little dicks, yo! Think about
it, Nubians gave the world everything: the alphabet, medicine,
architecture. Them Europeans stole that shit from us! We dominate them in
sports, music, everything, b*o! The day gonna come when all white men
admit they inferior to the Black Man and that they messed up the whole
planet tryin to deny it. That's when we gonna see some changes around
here, know what I mean?"

Kershaw said, "I still don't like the idea of another man even lookin at my
johnson, let alone suck it like some bitch."

"But that's what I'm telling ya, whiteboys is bitches. You remember when I
was locked up for 3 years? How you think I got through that shit without
no females? I had whiteboys on my jock all the time. Shit, it didn't
bother me none. I even fucked that whiteboy pussy a few times. A bitch is
a bitch, yo. Now, I ain't sayin I'm proud of that shit, but what the fuck.
Least whiteboys is good for something, see what I'm sayin?"

Kershaw felt a little better, but he still didn't like the idea of a man
giving him head, even, as Mohammad said, it was the natural order of

Poor Jason had no one to confide in. He was tormented by the idea that he
might have sucked cock, and a nigger's cock at that! Jason didn't have
anything against blacks, and didn't consider himself prejudiced, but the
term "nigger" came naturally to him, as he grew up using the word at his
all white high school. Jason didn't know which was worse, cocksucking in
general or putting a nigger's cock in his mouth. If the dreams were true,
maybe Kershaw had ****d him, he figured. Niggers were a****listic when it
came to sex, always bragging about how much white women craved their big
cocks. Their bestial nature explained their prowess in sports, which Jason
had always envied. That had to be it. If the dream was true, Kershaw must
have ****d him. Jason hoped to God that Kershaw didn't remember what
happened that night.

For the rest of the week, the two room mates avoided each other. On
Friday, when they usually headed to the campus pub to pick up chicks, they
both made other plans.

Saturday night, they went to different bars in town and both came home
d***k, drinking to forget what troubled them. Jason staggered into the
room they shared to find Kershaw jerking off to a porno flick.

Kershaw was d***k, not as d***k as that night, but extremely horny. Jason
stood there, staring embarrassed, so fucked up he didn't know what to do.

Kershaw was so horny, stroking his dick in front of his roomie, remembering
everything Mohammad had said, that he said to Jason, "How about another one
of them jobs, man?'

"Jobs?" said Jason, not understanding.

"Yahhh," said Kershaw. "I need one of them blowjobs like you gave me last
time. Talkin about some head, man! Help a brotha out!"

As in a trance, Jason dropped to his knees and took Kershaw's nine inch
black cock between his lips. He knew what he was doing, but couldn't help
himself. He licked the uncut head and sucked on it like a popsickle until
the foreskin slid up and down. He couldn't believe he was actually doing
it. To make matters worse, while he felt Kershaw's long black pipe push
down his throat until he gagged, he could feel his own cock getting stiff!
d***k as he was, Jason wondered why he was doing what he was doing.
Christ, was he really a faggot?

"Yahhh, choke on it, whiteboy," said Kershaw, "Yahhh, that's what I'm
talkin about. Suck the dick! Take it all the way down!"

Jason did exactly as told. Even though it disgusted him, he couldn't stop.
There was something in the way Kershaw spoke to him that he knew he
couldn't refuse, he had to obey. It even felt good having a cock in his
mouth. It felt natural submitting to another man's desires, especially a

Up and down his mouth and throat took that nigger cock, for hours it
seemed. At one point, Kershaw even put his hands on Jason's head and
f***ed him down on his long dick, jamming his sausage as deep as it would

"Suck the dick, whiteboy," Kershaw urged, totally into the pleasure this
tight throat was giving. He no longer cared that it was a guy, especially
seeing how Jason was getting into it,. "You like suckin this nigga dick,
don't ya, whiteboy! C'mon, make me bust this nut, bitch! Suck it good!
Yahhh, like that, suck it, suck it, boyeeee! Suck the dick!"

Kershaw shot a thick load of hot cum down Jason's throat, then he passed
out. Jason went to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet, then stumbled
back to his own bed, but had a hard time getting to sl**p, thinking about
what he had just done and because his own cock was hard as hell.

Jason tried to jerk off thinking about girls with big tits, which usually
got him off, but his mind kept returning to Kershaw's cock. Finally, Jason
couldn't cum until he looked over and saw Kershaw naked on the bed, his
black cock limp but still larger and longer than his.

The next morning, when Jason woke up, he saw Kershaw still naked on the
other bed, but his black dick was fully erect. Jason had to admire
consciously for the first time how much he respected and admitted his
roomie's physique: not an ounce of fat on Kershaw's body, his hairless
chest and abs perfectly ripped, his shoulders and arms packed with muscle,
his hard cock the biggest cock Jason had ever seen, except in porno movies
with Jake Steed or Sean Michaels.

Kershaw said, "Good, you awake. How about some more of that shit. Git
over here and git busy, yo!"

What happened next was the strangest thing of all. Jason got up and
kneeled over Kershaw.

"Suck the dick, whiteboy," said Kershaw. It was an order. He was serious
and Jason felt like he didn't have a choice. He was horny too and he
actually wanted to suck his room mate's cock.

Jason gave head for twenty minutes while Kershaw talked nasty, racial, sexy
shit to him. The more Kershaw ordered Jason to suck his black cock, the
more Jason got into it. The whole time he wondered why he was doing it,
but he couldn't help himself. Damn, he wanted that black cock in his mouth
so bad. Finally, Kershaw shot his load and Jason greedily swallowed every
gooey hot drop!

Kershaw said, "I guess you know this changes everything, boy!"

"What do you mean?" asked Jason, knowing perfectly well what Kershaw was
talking about.

"Stand up and pull down yo drawers," said Kershaw. Again, in a tone that
Jason felt he couldn't refuse. Jason pulled down his white briefs and
exposed his stiff 6 and a half inch, pale, circumcised penis.

"Dayumm, that all you got?" Kershaw laughed. "Cuz was right, y'all is
inferior, aint ya! Dayummm!"

Jason blushed with shame, both at what he had done and being ridiculed for
the size of his manhood.

Kershaw said, "Aiiiight, you know what you are, right?"

"What do you mean?" mumbled Jason.

"You a stone fag, that's what!" said Kershaw. "And you got a thing for
black dick, don't ya! Look at you, man, yo dick is hard as shit. You
really get into this shit, don't ya! Dayumm, my roomie is a fuckin
cocksucker! Let me hear you say it, yo!"

Jason hesitated. Everything about Kershaw's body, voice, attitude, made
him want to submit, but still he hesistated. It couldn't be true! He
loved girls, he wasn't a fag. But the fact was that he sucked a nigger's
dick for the third time, and this time he was cold sober.

"Let me hear you say it, or I'm gonna tell everyone what a fuckin
cocksucker you are!"

Slowly, the words came out of Jason's mouth.
"I.... am..... a.... cocksucker. I guess. Please, man, don't tell anyone
about this shit. I was fucked up! I didn't know what I was doing."

"The fuck you didn't," said Kershaw. " I think you like taking orders from
a brotha, don't ya?"

Jason stood there, not saying anything, but his thin white cock was still
standing at attention, and he knew that Kershaw was right. There was
something about the way that Kershaw spoke to him that Jason knew made him
feel helpless and submissive. Of course, Kershaw knew why. It was because
whiteboys are naturally inferior to black men. A black man would never
suck a dick, but get a white boy d***k enough and he would do anything!
Only now Jason wasn't d***k and he still obeyed him.

Kershaw decided to put his power over this whiteboy to the test.

"From now on, you gonna do whatever I tell you, understand?"

All Jason could do was to nod his head. He was humiliated, but he knew it
was true. Even if he wanted to disobey Kershaw, he feared that his room
mate would expose him for a faggot.

Kershaw decided to put his power to the test. He ordered Jason to lie down
on the floor and give him 50 pushups.

Jason did what he was told, while Kershaw laughed at him, a deep, cruel,
smug laughter of triumph at his mastery over this whiteboy. Mohammad was
right! Kershaw wondered how far he could push his power.

"Lissen up, whiteboy," he said, as an evil idea came to him to test the
extent of his newfound authority. "I want you to crawl on yo hands and
knees into the bathroom and stick yo face in the fuckin toilet! Do it now,

Jason not only did as he was told, he wanted to do it. It was disgusting
putting his face in the water of the toilet bowl, but he couldn't help
himself. The water was cold.

"Drink it up, like you a puppy dog," ordered Kershaw.

Jason obeyed, hating himself, but helpless to refuse, because it made his
cock so hard.

While Jason had his face in the toilet, Kershaw stood over him and took a
long piss, his hot urine splashing over Jason's head.

"Keep drinkin, freak!" said Kershaw. "Drink my fuckin piss."

After Kershaw was done pissing, he made Jason take a big gulp of piss-water
from the bowl, then gargle it like mouthwash and swallow it!

From that day on, Kershaw had total mastery over his white roommate. Most
of the time he just had Jason wash his clothes and buy him beer and pay for
his meals, but some nights when Kershaw was horny but couldn't get any
pussy, he made Jason go down on him.

One night, Kershaw decided he wanted to fuck Jason in the ass. The
whiteboy's ass was so tight that he resisted taking it, so Kershaw tied him
down to the bedposts spread-eagle on his belly and ****d his plump white
ass. He had to gag Jason's mouth with a rag to keep him from hollering.

Another time, Jason returned to the dorm room to find Kershaw hanging out
with two other black friends of his, whom Jason recognized from the
basketball team. At first, Kershaw merely demonstrated his power over
Jason by making the whiteboy go to the liquor store for them, but after
they got d***k, Kershaw proved that his roommate would do anything he told
them to, by making Jason give them pushups on command..

"Shit, this bitch will even suck yo dick, if I told him to," boasted

"You bull-shittin," scoffed Tyrese.

Kershaw smiled and ordered Jason to get down on his knees and open his
mouth. Of course, Jason had no choice but to obey. He was totally under
Kershaw's power.

Tyrese, skeptical, lowered his sweatpants and let his big cock hang out.
It was soft, but still large, about six inches, almost as big as Jason's
cock when fully hard.

"Show yo dick, boy," Kershaw ordered.

When Jason pulled out his cock, it was hard, but nowhere near the size of
Kershaw's or Tyrese's black serpents.

The three black men laughed at Jason. It was funny as hell, not just
seeing a whiteboy do what he was told, but seeing his useless white dick,
as well.

"Now, suck the dick," said Kershaw.

Jason went down on Tyrese and sucked his cock until Tyrese busted a nut in
the whiteboy's mouth.

"Dayummm," said Tyrese. "I want me a whiteboy for a roommate now!"

The other b*****r, Malcolm, wanted his dick sucked too. By the end of the
night, Jason swallowed three loads of hot, thick African sperm down his

For the rest of the semester, Jason was like a slave to these black men.
Whatever they told him to do, he did. He couldn't help himself and he
loathed himself for doing it, all the more because it turned him on.

After that semester, Jason thought it was over. His new roommate, Malik,
was also black, a quarterback. Jason lusted after Malik, but tried to put
the past behind him. He didn't want to be a faggot, a slave to niggers,
even though the memory of his semester with Kershaw haunted him and kept
his cock hard. He hoped it was all over until two weeks into the new
school year, when there was a knock at his door. It was Kershaw, Tyrese,
and Malcom.

"Hey, b*o," said Kershaw to Malik, ignoring Jason altogether. "You lucked
out gettin this whiteboy for a roomie!"

Kershaw and his boys told Malik everything! So, Jason was in for another
semester of hell and pleasure. He never fucked a girl again. He tried a
few times, but couldn't get it up. The only thing that turned Jason on was
black cock and doing whatever he was told, the nastier and the more
disgusting, the more he wanted to do it. Malik quickly discovered the fun
of making a whiteboy stick his head in the toilet and paying for his meals,
not to mention giving head.

After graduation, Jason started hanging out at gay bars and train stations,
to satisfy his insatiable craving for dominant black men to use and abuse
him. Eventually, Jason ended up in the hands of a gay black top, whose
knowledge of torturing and manipulating whiteboys was extreme. Jason had
his nipples pulled and twisted so brutally that they swelled up three times
as big. He started referring to his asshole as a pussy. He not only
accepted being a faggot, he understood what it meant to be a whiteboy in a
black man's world: nothing more than a cocksucking pussy, a slave, a piece
of shit!... Continue»
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