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The Rich Bitch Part 1

The Rich Bitch Part 1

... ready to own his new rich bitch.??

"That's it!!! I'm gonna shoot! Milk outta me you bitch!" Kyle shouted. He ... ran to the bathroom and Kyle stood there and shook his head. He knew just what to do this spoiled rich bitch....??To ... ... Continue»
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The Rich Bitch Part 3

... all begged for the same thing. Someone to get them out of their comfort zone of being bored rich houseboys and turn ... him even more. 

The thought of him breaking up the relationship with Corey and making Adam his new bitch only added a new ... ... Continue»
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The Rich Bitch Part 2

... and make him his bitch for life. 

The sweat poured off between the two of the oversexed hunks and the bed creaked louder. Kyle ... nbsp;

"Fuck I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna breed this rich boy pussy with my fuckin' seed!" He ... ... Continue»
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The Rich Bitch Part 5

... past the horizon. He walked outside and sat by the pool looking at the stars in the darkest part of the sky feeling the warm ... over to the living room and banged him doggystyle over the couch. ??Then he did something unexpected and carried his bitch up the ... ... Continue»
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The Rich Bitch Part 4

... the boy really hard. Adam screamed out like a bitch in heat and Kyle didnt care if he was hurting the k**. He was determined to get his nut off in the ... yes to being his bitch, but at the moment he was ... ... Continue»
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... . They spread them part exposing his balls. Another woman knelt in front him. She began wrapping the twine tightly around ... Gina removed the harness from her waist. She dropped it to the floor. She began walking around her husband. “I’m now the rich bitch who ... ... Continue»
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Men of the Middle East, Part 1

... took the coat and hung it up and placed the holster on the top shelf of the closet ... thighs and then spread his ass open. The rich, musky scent of a real man’s ass greeted ... the shots of his cum hit the back of my throat. Wanting to taste and savor this rich ... ... Continue»
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The Wrong Bus (Part 1)

... lost.

"Well sissy what is your name?"

"John" I said

"Stupid bitch what is your sissy name? Oh never mind your name ... me. The pain gets worse until I feel
the largest part enter my ass and it close around the end of it
securing the plug inside ... ... Continue»
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The New Doctor - Part 1 -

... THE NEW DOCTOR - Part 5 - Christopher Street BBS - (201) 992-5660

The wrestling team came into the room at 1 PM the same day as the ... it, the LaCrosse Team will be
here in exactly 15 minutes. Would you mind." I thought that bitch... (I ... ... Continue»
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The wrong bus, Part 2

... please give it to the original author her email is at the bottom of the story.

The wrong bus, Part 2
By Sissy Trisha

I ... on the

"Get your sissy ass up in the air bitch!" master whispers into my ear. I
slowly raise my ass off the ... ... Continue»
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"The Man of the House" Part 1

... The emergency room had provided plenty of opportunity to offer care to the rich and famous and the ... that as part of his role as “man of the house,” ... the future might hold. He accepted his role as “man of the house,” but never considered that this was part ... ... Continue»
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Payback Bitch part 1

... of the morning to make the little bitch pay.
Ashley heard the doorbell rang and invited Megan inside when she did she stuck the tranquilizer ... face with the controls in her hand and said
"you little bitch you can either lick my pussy in the next ten ... ... Continue»
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... gently. Molly slides lower until she can see and smell the rich, musky fragrance of Anita's semen filled cunt. Anita's moist, ... argue that the very nature of Joe and Anita draw questions as to the validity of the I-Room. For my part, I deem the I-Room a ... ... Continue»
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Being A Slut For The First Time Part 1

... inside you and you’re going to like it like the little bitch you are!”

All I could say was “yes” louder and ... the most. I couldn’t help but gasp, moan and shout as Chris fucked me f***efully, then slowly, then fast again.

“Take it bitch ... ... Continue»
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... the pub with some friends when i noticed a couple walk in, it was her who i noticed! she was i could tell a dirty bitch ... house , it wasnt far , all the way in the taxi i was gropping her tits ... out and stood next me as the dirty bitch swapped from cock to cock ... ... Continue»
Posted by myperfectwhore 19 days ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Group Sex  |  Views: 1497  |  

"Man of the House" - Part 2

... her. “The most sensitive part is right here,” he said as he pointed out the area underneath the head. “This area at the end is ... the division directors at the hospital had asked her for a date and she decided to accept. Her decision was in part due to the ... ... Continue»
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The Video Store - Part 2 of My Sex Slave Neighbor

The Video Store - Part 2 of My Sex Slave Neighbor

Recap of Part 1

(Found my Married next door neighbor masturbating to a movie I left in her house. Then she spent the whole ... ... Continue»
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Connie The Oral Closer - Part 1

... The Oral Closer – Part 1

I met Connie at the airport lounge. She was from Cochranton, and drove the eighty miles and checked in the night before. She wasn't apologetic about her situation. Her hours have been cut to part time at the grocery ... ... Continue»
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B5 Chapter 24 The Vectrans Arrive - Part 2

... the Bahamas successfully, and they managed to mingle with the population without incident for the most part. To the rest of the ... ... Continue»
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Leaving Chicago for St.Marteen in mid-winter is ... mane with a part on the left, swept back from his forehead over his ears to a neatly trimmed line at the base of his ... ... Continue»
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