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The Realtor

Encounter With The Realtor & Her Lady Friend

... the reality agents. So she has the realtor call me and I go unlock and disarm the security system and have to be shadowing the realtor and client the ... ... Continue»
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The Realtor

... to make the appointment with the realtor a week ago, and the day was fast approaching. Poor Greggy had no idea that ... the call.

We drove up to the house and parked on the street. A beautiful Victorian on a brick-lined street. I'd known the realtor for ... ... Continue»
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The Swing Series 10

... the local girls.

I had been looking at some forested land most of the
day with a realtor. He was showing me a beautiful
area in the ... That afternoon, in the realtor's office, we agreed on
the sale-contingent, of course, upon the title search,
water ... ... Continue»
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A Letter to My Wife Becky (The ultimate revenge fu

... needed the paper signed for the realtor. You signed without even looking. I even heard you sigh in relief when I hurried out of the room. You signed the ... ... Continue»
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Open House for Sale

... up for sale. I learned this via the typical realtor "for sale" sign in the yard. Although my wife and I ... the neighbor's house, the realtor greeted me. Much to my surprise and disappointment, the realtor, Jenna, is a woman my wife knows socially in the ... ... Continue»
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Debt of 1000 BlowJobs

... to the wall while I show the house?"

Greg stood in the corner and listened as the Realtor gave the couple a tour of their home.

They whispered excitedly as they examined every room and cupboard. Eventually, the Realtor ... ... Continue»
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mommy its better then paradise

... I was going to do. Other than the clothes I had packed when we came I only had the bikinis the realtor had left for me. I was certainly going to need more than that. True we didn't wear much around the ... ... Continue»
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Encounter With Melanie And Her Friend

... the reality agents. So she has the realtor call me and I go unlock and disarm the security system and have to be shadowing the realtor and client the ... ... Continue»
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... the waterfall, or the.." said the french Realtor.
The man gently grabbed the realtors shoulder, "Sir, we will take it." He walked to his car with the realtor ... ... Continue»
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Poolside Encounter - Part 1

... hang up than the phone rang again. Expecting the Realtor again, I answered "Yeah, Kathy!" The voice on the other end said, "No - it's Laurena!" Gulp! She said she was done for the ... ... Continue»
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Mommy its better then paradise

... the cups of the bra. My breasts filled the cups so fully I wondered if maybe the saleslady had given me the wrong size. I took the ... check the top dresser drawer in my bedroom. He said the realtor ... the realtor had told him that nudity was fairly common on the ... ... Continue»
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my sexy realtor

... in touch with a realtor. She had several places in mind for us to see the first time I ... get to the master bedroom and look out the balcony that over looks the pool. She ... in this place during the summer checking out the hot young girls at the pool. At this ... ... Continue»
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My New Neighbor's Pool and New Pool

... that she could make the appropriate adjustments to not “cause a problem”. She had already asked the realtor if we had c***dren, ... I had the realtor come fill the pool before I moved in so that it would be ready. I swam yesterday, and believe me, the water ... ... Continue»
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Location, Location, Location

... early and checked out the neighborhood and the outside of the house while waiting. The realtor pulled up in a typical realtor car, a silver Lexus. As she got out, I noticed that she was probably in her early 40s and a little on the ... ... Continue»
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Sex Games

... !” Walter shouted when he came to the base of the stairs, “Polo!” Cyrus shouted back ... buried his face in Cyrus’ ass, “unhm, the realtor was downstairs and you just had to ... as horny then as he was now, “the realtor was downstairs… and you just wouldn’t stop ... ... Continue»
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A Hard Day's Night

... the women when a Paddy Wagon backed up. The officer opened the door and as he did so Brian. the realtor, began abusing the ... ... Continue»
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Neighbor Pete,the last of my 3

... my feet I was surprised when my realtor took his cell.Hitting speed dial he just ... he laughed and hung up.Taking the georgous cock by the shaft he rubbed it all over ... thick meat balls deep groaning loudly.Cupping the back of my neck he whispered"I haven't cum ... ... Continue»
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... and readying the morning paper. She was
dressed in business attire with her hair in a ponytail.
Cindy was a realtor and worked ... parted. Steve couldn’t help himself.
He sat on the edge of the bed, leaned down and kissed

Cindy responded ... ... Continue»
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... range and dinning counter.

The biggest perk being the location, for extra spending cash mother had been a part time realtor before and a little after I was born, saw it and just fell in love with it. It was at the end ... ... Continue»
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Afternoon Delight

... the realtor for the property, and she wanted me to help move some things around to show the ... asked me to rearrange some of the furniture to make the house seem bigger, so we ... her exertions. I twitched a few times from the release of my pentup sperm, a ... ... Continue»
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